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The Fate of the Hero of Twilight

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Zelda looks at the clock on the wall of her office. 9:30 it reads, 'shit' she thought 'I have been here for over 4 hours.' She looks back down at her desk that is covered in various forms and diplomatic documents. Before she resumed her reading, a knock came from the door “Come in!” She said. The door open and a guard stepped into her office. “I've received the scouting report from the Zora’s Domain.” He said as walked up to her desk. “And?” She replied with a little bit of anticipation in her voice. “No sign of him, my princess.” He said with some in his tone “I’m sorry.” She let out a sigh of frustration and got from her chair. She walked to the side of her office that displayed a map of Hyrule. Zelda grabbed a stamp that was bellow the map and pressed it on the ink pad. “Check the Arbiter’s Sands next and have caution because some of the remnants of Ganon’s forces are there.” Zelda commanded as she pressed the stamp onto the part of the map that read Zora’s Domain. “As you wish, your highness” The guard responded and quickly exited the room and shut the door behind him. Zelda stepped back from the map to see the whole thing. It was spotted in stamp marks. “Where could you have gone Link?” She said with sorrow as she looked at the map. She put her hands behind her back and look down at the stone bricked floor of her office. She closed her eyes and reminisced of that fateful day where the Hero of Twilight had suddenly disappeared.


Midna stood on the platform of light and faced Zelda and away from the portal back to her realm. She glanced at Link who stood there with a confuse look on his face. She looked at Zelda as her way of saying farewell. Zelda nodded slightly back as her response. Midna turned towards Link with sadness in her eyes. “Link I...” she said as a single tear rolled off her face and in the air guided itself towards the Mirror of Twilight. “See ya later.” Midna said and with that the tear hit the Mirror and began to crack. Link looked at the mirror as it shattered into little pieces. He looked back at Midna as she start turning into particles and seeing them go into the portal till there was nothing left. Link collapsed down to his knees and tilted his head down, his hair covering his eyes. Zelda walked over to him and put her hand on his shoulder. “Link I’m sorry.” She said solemnly. She knew what he was going through. She knew how he feels towards Midna. Link got up and move Zelda’s hand off his shoulder. He slowly walked over to the pile of mirror shards that were scattered across the sand. He knelt down and picked up one of the shards that was on the ground. It was diamond shaped shard that had some of the twili markings on it and had the triforce symbol in the center. He turned towards the princess and walked towards her. He stopped only just a few feet from where she was standing. “One day...” he said quietly as he clenched the shard in his hand. “Link” she said. He snapped his head with his covered with a pained face and tears rolling down his face. “One day I will bring her back!” He shouted and stormed off from the chamber. Zelda turned to try and grab him but she couldn’t. He had to blow off the steam and also handle his grief in his own way. She watched as he climbed on Epona and rode off from the temple.

That was the last time she saw the Hero of Twilight.

Zelda looked back at the clock in her office and saw that it was already 11:30 at night. She stood up from her desk and was about to retire from long day when she stopped in her tracks. She felt an presence in the room. She unsheathed her rapier and pointed it in the direction of a mysterious figure. “Show yourself” she commanded to the figure. The figure started to move towards the light and said with a serious tone “Just like I taught you.” It was a woman who had her white hair tied up in a ponytail with only a smaller chunk that hung just above her right eye. She wore some blue wraps that went cover her entire body and in the center of the her chest had a red symbol that looked like an eye that was crying.

“Lady Impa?” Zelda asked as she sheathed her weapon. Impa walked up to Zelda and nodded. “You look tired” Impa responded. Zelda ran up to her and hugged her. Impa smiled and placed her hands on her back to seal the hug. “What are you doing here?’” Zelda said, pulling away from the hug. “I have some news that you need to here.” Impa responded. With that, Zelda sat back down at her desk to listen to what Impa had to say.

“You're doing what?” Zelda said with a surprised tone in her voice. “You heard me.” Impa said, leaning back in her seat. “Since I’m helping with the investigation of Link I thought that it would helped to rebuild the Shekaih Tribe to protect you.” ”I don’t need protection. I already have my royal guard to protect me.” Zelda stated. “You need to improve your security in case another rampaging tyrant decides to take over.” Impa said with a eyebrow raised. Zelda knew she was right. The guards didn’t stand a chance against Zant when he invaded Hyrule Castle. Before she could speak, the door swung open as the same guard from earlier ran into the office. He panted as he stopped in front of Zelda’s desk. “Who’s this?” Impa sneered as she she inspect the guard. “He’s the leader of my reconnaissance crew that searching for Link.” Zelda said “What is it?” The guard pulled out a small leather bag and set it on Zelda’s desk. “You need to see this.” The guard said still trying to recover from the run to the castle. Zelda lifted the flap of the leather bag and gasped at what was in the bag. She pulled out the remains of a olive green tunic. In certain spots it was covered in blood but most of it on the left side. “Where did you find this?” 
Zelda commanded. “We found it near the remains of a dark forces camp.” The guard responded “We believe that the Hero of Twilight is dead.”

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Zelda’s face was in shock as she heard what the guard had said. She slumped down into her desk chair and stared blankly at the olive green tunic. ‘There’s no way’ she thought ‘He can’t be gone.’ “I don’t believe it..” she mumbled. Impa sighed and walked over to the guard and stared at him with a cold glare. “Did you or your troops find any physical evidence that supports these claims?” she demanded. “No…”the guard mumbled, shifting his feet every so slightly. “We just assum-” Impa grabbed the collar of his armor pulled him closer and glared “It is wrong to make assumptions!” she spat. The guard started to vibrate from nervousness from the sheikah’s fury. Impa breathed in a slow breath and removed her grasp on the guards armor. Impa walked over to Zelda, who was still in shock looking at the tunic.

Impa placed her hand on Zelda’s and spoke quietly “Zelda look at me.”

Zelda slowly looked at her old master. Tears starting to form in her eyes.

“We are going to find him.” Impa said “One way or another. If the assumptions are correct, then he should be given a proper burial.”

Zelda slightly nodded and looked back at the tunic in front of her. She sniffled and neatly folded the tunic and placed it back into the satchel.

Zelda walked over to the guard and held out the satchel. “Here.” she commanded. “Take this to the Lake or Ordon.”

“Why there?” the guard asked while slinging it over his armor.

“Because it needs to be healed.” Zelda said calmly. “I want you and your men to continue to look in the desert.”

“Understood, princess. It will be done.” the guard responded. He bowed quickly and left the room.

Zelda looked back at Impa and spoke in her natural, calm manner. “Make your own investigation in the desert to find him. He is our only chance to stop the dark forces right now. Our army isn’t fully prepared yet for another attack.”

Impa bowed and looked back up “Of course, princess. I will find him.” She gently put one arm around Zelda’s shoulder. “Let me take you to your chambers. You have been working non-stop on paperwork and you need your rest from this sudden news.”

Zelda nodded and her and Impa walked out of the office, into her chambers. Impa removed her arm around Zelda, walking to the door. “Goodnight princess.” Impa said and closed the door.

Zelda went and put on her night clothes and climbed into her bed. She stared at the drapes that covered the ceiling above her bed and her mind began to wonder. She remembered seeing him for the first time, in his wolf form while Midna was sitting on his back talking to her. She remembered seeing the determination in his eyes, his blue eyes screaming the feeling of courage. Zelda softly smiled and glanced out her window, seeing the rolling hills of Hyrule Field. She closed her eyes and said to herself in her head.

‘He’s alive.’

‘I know he is.’


Zelda opened her to see a blue, partly cloudy sky. The cool breeze drifting across her face and she stared up at the sound of the land. She got and looked around. It was a plain grassland that stretched as far as she could. She turned around and saw a medium sized tree with a slouched figure slumped against the base. Zelda started walking over to the tree.

‘Could it be’

The sky started to go black.

‘No it can’t be’

The grass started to transform into sand that flowed with the breeze.

‘But it looks so hurt’

She could feel her feet sink a little and slip on the ground.

‘It's been so long’

She was only a few feet away from the figure, before she looked around her surroundings again and realized where she was. It looked like the inside of a cave. Stalagmites and stalactites littered the inside of the cave and the figure was leaning against a large stone in the cave. She looked at the mouth of the cave to see a raging storm of sand.

‘Gerudo Desert’ Zelda thought as she looked out the mouth of the cave.

She heard a small groan and that dragged her attention back to the mysterious figure. She walked a little bit closer for her eyes to start adjusting to the darkness in the cave and to see more about the figure. When her eyes finally adjusted, she gasped. The figure was covered and sitting in a pool of blood that had started to dry up. The figure looked and was looking straight at Zelda.
That’s when Zelda recognized who it was. She looked into the piercing blue eyes of the figure. The same set of eyes that had the fiery passion and courage she remembered. Now they had lost that fire just sadness and deprived of hope.

“Ze..l..da?” the figure shakily let out of its chapped mouth.

Tears started to stream down Zelda as she figured out who it was. Before she started making a move, her vision started to fade. Zelda tried to reach out to him but she couldn’t, she was being pulled away.

“…” he said as he started to disappear. “You… know... where... I am…”

After that her vision fell to black.



Zelda woke up, screaming. She was covered in sweat, panting heavily. She sat up realizing what had happened. She found him. Zelda started to get out and pulled out parchment paper from her desk and started to write down a letter. While she was writing it, a guard slammed open the door.

“Princess you are alright? Are you hurt? We heard you screaming!” the guard said, distressed from the commotion, hand around his sword ready to strike at any intruders.

“I’m fine just fetch me the Gerudo scout captain.” Zelda responded, finishing the last bit of the letter. “I need to give this to Impa.”

“I’m already here.” Impa responded while sitting in the chair in the corner of the room.

The guard rushed out of the room, leaving the two of them alone. Zelda sighed as she crumpled up the paper and tossed it on her desk. “You should have made your pressence more prominent.” Zelda said sternly.

“I found your struggle to be humorous so I just lurked in the shadow.” Impa responded back with some carefree in her voice. “I am getting a feeling that the letter was for me?”

Zelda looked at the crumbled paper and then back at Impa. “Yes. I didn’t know if you were already out of town.”

“My apologies princess. I was going to head out this morning, but you woke me up instead.”

“Anyway, I had a dream and I found him.”

Impa rose an eyebrow while looking at her. “Oh? Looks like your powers are getting stronger princess.” she stated.

“I believe that as well.” Zelda responded. “The letter was to summon you again.”

As she said that, the guard from the other night walked into the room and bowed. “You summoned me princess?”

“Yes. I did. Gather your recon team and prepare to ride out.” Zelda commanded walking to her wardrobe pulling out a set of gear. “Prepare my horse as well.”

“What for?” The captain questioned.

“I will be joining you on the recon mission as well as Impa.” Zelda said while making sure her gear was in good shape.

“Of course, princess.” The guard said before bowing and leaving her chambers.

Zelda walked around a divider that was placed in her room and started to prepare for the mission. Impa was on the opposite side and started to stretch and began tightening loose straps that were on her outfit.

She coughed to make sure she got the princesses attention “So you know where he is, what else did you find out in your dream?”

“Well he’s in a rough condition. Covered in blood and I don't know how long he will last.” Zelda said over the divider.

“We will get him princess. Trust me.” Impa restated.

Zelda walked out in lifted adventure boots that stop just below her knee. She wore a simple brown tunic that had the hylian crest spread across her upper chest. She braided her brown hair and tied it into a bun at the back of her head. “I know.” she said looking down and taking a long shaky breath. “It’s just I looked in his eyes and they looked like they were voided of life.”

Impa walked over to the princes and placed her hand on her shoulder. Zelda looked up to see Impa giving somewhat of a motherly look, soft smile with caring eyes. Zelda had a small smile knowing that her former master was there for her.

“You ready?” Impa asked. Zelda nodded in confirmation. After that they both exited the room and started to make their way to the stables.