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After he was done with his training for his "One for All" quirk, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya was exhausted and returned to the dorm late afternoon to rest up. When he entered the building and headed towards the elevator, he was greeted by Denki Kaminari.


“Hey Midoriya, how’s it hangin’? You’ve been training? I see you look very tired out,” he said.


“Yeah, I have. Been training since noon,” Deku replied. “So how’s it been for you?”


“Nothing much,” Kaminari answered. “Listen, I actually came to tell you something. It’s about our class rep. He’s been acting really strange lately. I mean stranger than usual.”


He told that their Class 1-A Representative, Tenya Iida, was not his helpful and yet loud self.


"I just asked him to help me with my homework, but he just turned me down and said that he 'wasn’t in the mood,'" said Kaminari.


Deku found it odd that Iida would not help out since he usually assisted his fellow students when it came to schoolwork or hero training. He remembered that Iida was a bit distant lately. In fact, he declined to eat lunch with him and Ochaco Uraraka today, yesterday, and the day before yesterday, which he claimed that he was not hungry.


"I also kinda heard him crying last night. It sounded like it since I heard him right through my bedroom walls," said the electric student.


Worried, Deku decided to check up on Iida.


"Thanks. I'm going to check up on him," said Deku before he headed inside the elevator.


He headed to the third floor where Iida’s room was located. While he was walking through the hallway, Deku wondered, “Why would Iida be so down lately? He hasn’t been like this since the incident with his brother.”


Tensei Iida, formerly the Turbo Hero Ingenium, was the type of hero that Iida looked up to and inspired to be. All Tensei wanted to do was to save people as quickly as possible and believed that was what it took to be great hero. Not only that, he also valued teamwork, which he was known to have a large number of sidekicks in his hero agency, Team Idaten, and gave each one a specific purpose to help rescue those in need.


His hero career came to a tragic end after his encounter with Chizome Akaguro, known as the Hero Killer: Stain, which Tensei was brutally attacked and was left to be paralyzed from the waist down. Tensei's attack and paralysis left Tenya devastated; his number one hero had lost his battle and can no longer be the hero that Iida looked up to and loved.


Iida's friends were very concerned about his well-being after his brother's attack and told them not to be worried while he put on a brave face, but it just was facade. He became angrily motivated from his brother's incident to seek only vengeance against the person who was responsible for what happened. He took his internship at Hosu City, the place where his brother was attacked, to hopefully find and kill the bastard Stain. The hunt for the Hero Killer did not went accordingly to plan and Iida was about to be murdered by his brother's attacker, but thankfully he was saved by Deku and Shouto Todoroki. During their fight, Iida heard Todoroki's words and found his resolve to be the hero that Tensei wanted his younger brother to be and to continue the Ingenium legacy. After that, the three young heroes brought Stain to justice.


When he got to his room, Deku raised his fist to knock on the door, but immediately stopped when he heard Iida in distress. Deku couldn’t help it, but he wanted to listen in. He placed the right side of his head on the door to know what was happening to his friend. It sounded like he was talking to someone, probably in the phone.


“Niisan, I can’t… I cannot stop thinking about the incident… I haven’t fully forgiven myself for what I have done! I was so foolish for the endangerment of my fellow classmates and myself! All because I wanted to seek vengeance for what happened to you!” Iida breathed heavily. “I still think about the days of you saving people from danger! Many, including myself, wants to see you as a hero again… but it is useless to think about it right now!” he started to sob. “Why!?… Why did it had to happen!? Tensei…!” Iida continued to cry.


Deku had a sadden expression after he listened to his friend’s pain. He understood how it felt to acknowledge the end of your favorite hero, who touched and inspired many. He wanted to do something to help Iida out, but words probably would not be enough. If he was able to, Deku wanted to go back and to prevent the attack on Tensei.


All of the sudden, Deku remembered rumors a few weeks ago about the Support Division, specifically Mei Hatsume, was coming up with a device to travel back in time. Even though it was a bit over the top, Deku saw this as an opportunity to go to the past. He wanted to go back a few days before the Sports Festival to convince the older Iida sibling to come to the event. He believed as a result, to prevent the incident and to help to resolve Tenya's issue out.


This is something I have to do, for Iida’s sake,” Deku said in his mind.




The next day, after school, Deku walked to the Support Division workshop to ask Hatsume about the device. As he almost approached the room, the doors were blown away by a sudden explosion, which astounded him. Then immediately, he became more astounded when Hatsume showed up awkwardly close to him.


“Heh heh heh… Hey Midoriya! I jus’ finished building one of my new babies! You wanna see them!?“ Hatsume asked excitedly.


Deku replied with a nervous smile, “Um, no thanks. I’m actually here to see the time traveling device that I heard you made.”


“Heh heh… I just finished creating it. However, I need someone to test it to see if my baby works,” she said.


"I'll do it!" said Deku. 


Deku volunteered to test the invention out, to Hatsume’s delight. She gave him the instructions on how to operate the device. He understood and promised to message her about the results before he left.


He held and looked at the invention, "Here's my opportunity to go back to help Iida."




He later went to the neighborhood where the Iida’s residence was to be located. He set the time and date where he wanted to go back and then pressed the start button. Thus, he witnessed the space-time continuum reversed fast in seconds; many days and nights came back in seconds while the citizens around the area walked backwards in fast motion.    


When the space-time motion stopped and went back to normal, Deku checked his phone to be sure that he was at the time-and-date destination and he was.


As he walked towards Iida’s house, he saw Tenya, in his blue training gear, was opening door. Deku hid immediately and hoped not to be seen by him since the plan had to go without fail. Tenya was set to leave and told someone in the house that he had to train. After he shut the door and left to go practice, Deku came out and headed straight to the residence.


He went towards the front door to ring the doorbell and then Tensei Iida - The Turbo Hero Ingenium - opened the door.


When the older Iida sibling appeared, Deku became ecstatic with stars in his eyes and a huge smile in face to meet Ingenium right in front of him, but then immediately regained his composure for a bit and remembered what he needed do.


Tensei, wondered who was this bushy, green haired kid, asked, ”Hi, can I help you…?”


Deku introduced himself as a classmate and friend of Tensei’s little brother, which brought a delight smile to the older Iida sibling. He was happy to meet one of Tenya’s friends from school, especially since he heard such great things about them.


Deku came up with an excuse on why he was at the Iida residence at this moment, "Is your brother home? I need to borrow one of his class notes."


Tensei replied, "Tenya left a while ago to go train and would not be back until later."


“I see... Guess I'll message him about them." Deku changed the subject, "You know your brother is pretty diligent when it comes to being a model student and a hero-in-training...”


"Yeah, I know," said the older Iida sibling with a soft smile.


Their conversation went on for a bit until Deku brought up the real question he needed to ask Tensei.


“By the way, are you coming to the UA Sports Festival? It’s gonna be huge and it will be great to see you show up and cheer for your brother,” Deku asked, in an attempt to convince Tensei.


“I’m not sure that I will make it on that day since I'll be busy. I mean I really love to, but…” Tensei tried to explain, but Deku interrupted.


“Please, can you at least think about it! This would be great for your brother as well to see you, his number one hero, to cheer for him!" Deku said in an imploring tone. "It’s… one of the most important things for him, for all of us! He looks up to you! You inspire him; he’s working hard to be a great hero like you! Do it for him… I mean… I’m excited that All Might will be there because he’s my number one hero and he inspires me! So, please consider going! This would mean everything to your brother! Please reconsider!”


Tensei blinked and paused for a bit, “…You’re a bit strange, but you know what… You've made a valid argument. I should consider going to cheer for my little brother and I know that he will love that. I know he looks up to me and it does drives me to do my better; I have to make sure to make him proud. So… I will do the same for him. I’ll do what I can to clear my schedule and have my top sidekicks to cover for me." He said with a genuine smile, "So hopefully, I will be seeing you and Tenya in the Sports Festival. Do your best out there!”


"Thank you, Iida-san. I'm sure your brother will love that. It was nice meeting you!" said a satisfied Deku.




After he left, Deku went to an area close to UA that it was not too public. He then set the device to the present date and time and pressed the button with the continuum fast-forwarded and then stopped to the present.


To be sure that his plan went accordingly, Deku took out and looked into his smartphone to see news updates about Ingenium.


The recent news showed Tensei, in his hero costume, saved a woman and her child from a sinister villain, and was being taken to police custody. Ingenium was also answering questions from reporters in live footage that was being provided.


"Everything is rest assured for the safety of the woman and her child. They will be treated immediately and I hope they will be make a full recovery from this incident. I also have to keep doing my best to make my brother, Tenya, proud! Thank you!" The older Iida sibling ended the interview before he took off.


After he viewed the news, Deku gave a sigh of relief; happy that Iida’s older brother was alright and was still an active pro hero.


While he looked on to his phone, Deku noticed the time and it said 7:15 am. He realized that he had not checked the time settings of the device properly. So class was about to start soon.


He immediately went back to the dorms, freshened up, got ready and left his room.


Before he exited the building, Deku decided to check up on Iida.


He headed upstairs towards Iida’s room and knocked on his door. “Iida, are you there?” Deku called. There was no answer. He knocked again and there was still no response.


Since Iida was not in his room, Deku assumed that his friend was probably in the classroom already since he had a habit to be there earlier than everyone else.


Deku then exited the building and grabbed some bread from the cafeteria since he was not too hungry.


To be sure he spotted Iida, Deku glanced through the lunchroom, but he was nowhere to be seen. So he strongly believed that his friend was in class. He left and headed off to the classroom.


Deku walked through the hallway to Class 1-A’s door and opened, “Good morn- huh?”


When he opened the door, there was no one in the classroom. Deku, with a confused looked, was wondering what was going on; Iida was nowhere to be found. He muttered to himself for a moment, while other students had entered the classroom, to think about where Iida could possibly be until Uraraka startled him.


“Hey Deku! How’s it goin’?” said while she smiled.


“Oh! Uraraka, you scared me,” Deku said while he caught his breath. “Anyway, I was looking for Iida. Have you seen him around? I thought he would be here right now.”


Uraraka, with a confused and yet sad look, said, “Umm… Deku, Iida doesn’t go to our class anymore...”


“What? What do you mean?” Deku with a concerned expression.


“…He is no longer in the Hero course,” she answered. “He is part of General Studies.”


“What!?” Deku gave a shocked expression. “I have to go right now!”


Deku was about to rush off, but he was stopped with a lassoed rope around him.


“Midoriya, where do you think you’re going? Class is about to start in a few minutes,” Momo Yaoyorozu said with a rope, created from her forearm.


“But Yaoyorozu, I…”


“Midoriya... As Class 1-A Representative, it’s best that you remained here and not go anywhere at this point. Whatever it is that you need to do right now, you can do it later," said Yaoyorozu with a solemn tone and expression. "My apologies.”


In Deku’s mind, he was shocked from what he heard. “Wait... Yaoyorozu is the Class 1-A Representative now!?


“...You’re right. I’m sorry,” said Deku as he removed the rope around him and headed inside the classroom towards his seat before class began.


During class, while he took notes, Deku wondered why Iida was in General Studies at this moment. He then began to question if the time-traveling plan backfired. In the same time, his eyes stared at the empty desk ahead of Uraraka’s.




As class finally ended, Deku immediately grabbed his stuff and rushed out of the classroom. He ran immediately to the General Studies division to see his friend.


When he got there, Deku spotted Hitoshi Shinsou, “Shinsou, have you seen Iida?”


“Yeah… he is still in the Class 1-C room,” Shinsou answered while he pointed.


Deku shook his head and headed towards the classroom that Shinsou pointed out. Deku got to the door and opened immediately.


“IIDA…” Deku shouted, which gathered the students' attention, and then had a devastated expression.


He was in a state of shock, with his gasp covered by his right hand, when he found his friend Iida, on a wheelchair.


Iida, whom was talking to a fellow student, checked who was calling his name. He turned his head for bit to the direction from where he heard the shout. His expression was surprised then to delight.  


“Midoriya…!” He turned his chair and wheeled himself in front of Deku to get closer. “What brings you here at this moment? …Midoriya? …Is everything alright?” Iida asked with a confused look while looked up at his friend.


Deku did not know what to say at this moment. He was stunned to see Iida disabled. In his mind, Deku questioned, “Why… why is Iida sitting on a wheelchair? T-This is not what it suppose to happen!


He then quickly snapped out of it and gave a response. “Um… Everything is going well,” with an optimistic tone. “I’m here… to see if you want to hang out right after school… That’s if you’re not busy.”


“I’ll be happy to join with you! It is actually been quite some time since I accompanied anyone after I transferred from the Hero Program!" Iida smiled while he moved his left arm up and down like a dog wagged its tail. "Also… I don’t have any other activities to do since…” Iida began to look down a bit, but then quickly got up as he smiled again. “My apologies! I’ll be happy to come along, Midoriya!”


"Great! I'll meet you at... uh... the hallway by the entrance," Deku suggested nervously.


"Very well! I will see you then and keep up with your studies!" said Iida with a smile.


Deku bid farewell before he left the classroom.


While walked back to the Hero Division, Deku was lost in thought from what he discovered. “Why is Iida disabled!? Why? This is not what it suppose to be…


His thoughts were then interrupted when he returned to Class 1-A.


“Hey, Midoriya! Why did you ran off class like that?” Ejirou Kirishima asked with a concerned look. Uraraka, Kaminari and Yaoyorozu also joined in. Along with Todoroki and Asui Tsuyu.


“Oh… um… I just went to General Studies to see Iida. Just to see how he is doing,” Deku answered with a sympathetic expression.


After he gave his answer, everyone looked at each other with concerned and sad looks.


“H-how’s he doing? …We haven’t seen that much of him after his transfer,” Uraraka said with a nervous tone.


“He is doing great. I’m going to hang out with him after school,” Deku answered.


He then realized to what Uraraka also said. “…Wait, what do you mean you haven’t seen him that much? How long ago did Iida got transferred?” Midoriya asked curiously.


Everyone was confused about Deku’s question like on how unaware he was to the past events. However, Yaoyorozu shedded some light for him anyway.


“Midoriya…” Yaoyorozu spoke in a sympathetic tone, “Iida got sent to General Studies shortly after everyone returned from their Hero Office Internships. He was transferred due to his disability from the injuries he received during his time.”


“We were shocked to hear the news of what happened to him, but we don’t know the full details of it. Kero,” Asui said with a sad expression.


“The injuries… were so severe that even Recovery Girl can’t do anything to fix them. These injuries also ended his chances of becoming a pro hero,” Uraraka with a sad tone. “We tried talking to him to see if he was alright, but he kept saying that he was fine while putting on a brave face.”


“Yeah… We know he was deeply hurting, but he did not want to express what he was going through,” Todoroki said.


“Man…” Kirishima said with tear pricks in his eyes while closed and a tightened right fist. “We still don’t understand why something like this had to happen to him. Whatever that reason was, he still didn’t deserve it! He had what it takes to be a great hero!”


"Yeah... I still remember that he wanted to become a great hero like Ingenium, his older brother. ...I can't imagine what they are going through after what happened," said Uraraka, who still had the sad expression.


“Yeah, Iida was an impressive guy. I mean we are still impress about what his quirk can do, especially in the Cavalry Battle at the Sports Festival. He really surprised us from what he did back there,” Kaminari said to lighten up the mood.


“That’s right,” Uraraka said with a light smile. “We were surprised about that. You guys ended up winning first place in that round because of Iida. He was big help for you guys.”


Kaminari and Momo both nodded in agreement.


“There is more to it for what he has done, you know,” Todoroki pointed out. “He did help everyone out during the USJ incident when things were about to get out of hand with the villains. If it wasn’t for him, to be able to escape and come get help, All Might and the other pro heroes would’ve not come and save us.”


“You’re right!” Kirishima said while he clenched his fist tighter. “He did what he had to do to save us. He did what a hero needed to do. Not only that, he was really smart, too. He knew to how to handle things when they go out of control. It’s why he was our Class Rep!”


“I agree...” Momo said with a sympathetic smile and tone. “...He was excellent as our Class Representative… We’re just thankful for what he has done...”


"Yes..." Uraraka slowly nodded with a sad smile. "I also still remember he told me not be ashamed of my goal when I become a pro, even though I believed it didn't reflect as a reason to be a hero. He was still a great friend to have..."


Deku, through the entire discussion, had a blank stare and did not know what to say. He then began to grab his chest when heard his classmates expressed about Iida in the past and on how they missed him. From there, Deku started to feel guilty for what happened.


The discussion then ended when Present Mic showed up and then told the students to sit at their seats as class began.




It was after school right now, Deku packed up his books in his bag and was set to leave to hang out with Iida. Before he left the classroom, he overheard Mina Ashido's discussion with Satou Rikidou, Yuga Aoyama, Mashirao Ojirou, Kouji Kouda, Fumikage Tokoyami, and Touru Hagakure.


“Man, I’m still bummed out that we didn’t get our Hero Licenses!” she shouted.


“It’s frustrating that almost half the class failed the exam, let alone the first round. If we didn’t get separated or at least be able to reunite, then we probably would’ve pass,” Tokoyami said with his arms crossed. “Even some of the best have failed as well.”


“Yeah, I still can’t believe that Todoroki and Bakugou didn’t pass theirs… Well at least we got some remedial courses to make up,” Hagakure pointed out.


“Oui ma chérie,” Aoyama agreed with a wink while he sparkled.


They continued to reflect on their failures at the License Exam.


After he heard what they said, Deku remembered that Iida did helped the remaining class pass the first round of the Provisional License Exam. If he hadn’t gave Aoyama the courage that he needed, which led the twinkled student to indirectly gathered everyone to unite and helped one another, then half the class would have failed to achieve their hero licenses. Sadly, in this case, it did.


He sighed for a bit and began to walk away, but Uraraka stopped him for a bit.


“Hey Deku, I know you are on your way to hang out with Iida. Can you… please tell him that we still thinking about him?” she asked with a concern look.


"I will," Deku nodded and headed off to the school entrance.


As he was walking down the stairs to the entrance, he saw Iida was waiting nearby the shoe lockers with passing students around.


Iida saw Deku walking down from the stairs. He wheeled himself to get closer to Deku. “Midoriya, are you ready?” as he stared up at his friend’s face with a light smile.


“Yeah, I sure am,” Deku answered with a smile back.


“Would it be alright if we hang out at my residence?” Iida suggested.


“Not at- Wait, you don’t live in the dorms?” Deku asked curiously.


“…No. I still live at home with my family. Due to my physical condition… I believe it is best suited for me to stay with them,” Iida answered in bit of a sad tone.


“Oh, right… I’m sorry, Iida,” Deku said with a worried tone as he supposed to remember to be sensitive about Iida’s disability.


“It’s alright. Now let’s go, my mother is waiting for us outside,” Iida said with a light smile.


Deku nodded with a smile, too.


As they were about to leave, Deku went behind Iida to help to push his wheelchair, but Iida stopped him. “Midoriya… it’s quite alright. I’m... able to do this myself,” Iida reacted in a somewhat indignant tone and began to clench his chair handles.


“But Iida, I…” Deku tried to explain, but Iida interrupted him.


"I said it is okay...!" Iida said while he clenched his teeth.


"Iida, it is the least I can do to..." Deku tried to reason, but an angry Iida interrupted.


“I SAID I AM ALRIGHT! I DON’T NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE FOR THIS! OKAY! I CAN DO IT MYSELF!” Iida shouted aggressively as he pounded one of the chair handles with his right fist, which agitated Deku and also caught the attentions of the students that were passing by in hallway. He then calmed himself down immediately after his outburst. “I-I’m so sorry, Midoriya… I-I shouldn’t have reacted in that way. You’re only trying to help. I just don’t…”


“It’s okay, Iida, you don’t need to explain,” Deku said sympathetically. “…So let’s go. We can’t keep your Mom waiting,” Deku in an optimistic tone.


They both left the UA building and headed to the van that Iida told it was their ride. Deku greeted Iida’s mother and helped her younger son into the vehicle before they driven off to the Iida residence.




In Iida’s bedroom, Deku, reminded himself to be sensitive and to make sure he didn't treat Iida differently.


“So… you've seen Ingenium in the recent news?" Deku smilingly asked, hoped to excite Iida.


"I have! Tensei did a great job defeating that villain and saving the woman and her child!" Iida said enthusiastically. "The way he used his Rocket Charge to accelerate at full speed and kicked that villain at his abdominal area was impressive!" 


"It was! Ingenium did an amazing job!" Deku agreed with excitement as well.


They continued to talk about Tensei Iida and their favorite heroic performances from him until Deku brought up a question to see how Iida was dealing with the transfer from the hero program.


"So how’s General Studies going for you?” said a curious Deku.


“To be blunt, it is mostly educational courses that helps prepare for those who aim to go to a university or specific pursuit. So I don’t have any problem with the work that I have been given. I still perform academically well, as I did when I was part of the hero course,” Iida said. “Speaking of that, I heard some of you performed well for your Provisional Hero License.”


Deku explained about the License Exam to Iida and who passed.


“I see… I’m glad that most of you, especially you Midoriya, passed and received your licenses," Iida said in an encouraging tone. "Though I'm incredibly sorry that the rest didn’t. I’m surprised the fact that Bakugou and Todoroki didn’t receive theirs either. I mean, both are talented with their quirks, and they were the final two participants in the Sports Festival,” Iida said.


“...By the way, how’s Yaoyorozu doing as your class representative? I heard she took over after I left,” Iida asked curiously.


“She’s doing great. She’s a bit strict at times though, but she’s doing a great job in her role!” Deku answered.


”I am glad everyone is doing well… sort of,” Iida said with soft smile and then gave a small sigh. “I still reminisce the days of being with you all,” he said nostalgically. He then went on about on how he missed his old classmates, especially on Uraraka at times laughed at him.


“Yeah, and I still remember the first time we met,” Deku smiled nostalgically.


“That’s right, I didn’t think highly of you during the Entrance Exams,” Iida remembered. “I foolishly thought you were up to no good, but you weren’t. You proved yourself to be a hero when you saved Uraraka from that Zero Pointer, while I just ran away like everyone else. I really misjudged you there, Midoriya. You showed your determination and conviction of what a hero should be,” he said with a soft smile.


“…Thanks, Iida,” said Deku as he had no words to say after that.


They continued to reminisce the days when they were together as classmates, included the times of the training exercises and the Sports Festival, until Deku excused himself to the restroom.


Before he went to the restroom, Deku was curious to know what caused Iida's disability. He was aware what Yaoyorozu said that it was caused by the injuries he received during his internship. He began to realize that it was similar to what happened to Tensei, before the past was changed, and felt that the Hero Killer: Stain was probably responsible for what happened. Deku didn't want to ask Iida directly about it since he did not want to bring down the mood, even in alternate universe. His curiosity, plus the guilt, was making Deku to grab his chest more tight.




After he exited the restroom, Deku saw Tensei in the dining room where he was going over his hero reports. “Hi Iida-san! I heard you saved the day again! You’re incredible!”


“Thanks, Midoriya. It’s great to hear that from Tenya’s friend. I have to keep on going of being hero and making him proud,” Tensei said with a smile.


During their small interaction, Deku's curiosity was getting the better of him and it was making him to want to ask Tensei about the whole incident.


“…Hey, can I ask you something?” Deku with a concerned tone.


“Yeah, what’s up?”


“What happened… Sorry...” Deku wanted to ask Tensei about what happened to Tenya, but nervously withdrew his question.


However, Tensei knew what Deku wanted to ask. “…You want to know about what happened to Tenya, do you?” with a sad expression.


“It’s alright, you don’t have to share what happened...”


Tensei sighed, “It’s fine… I’ll tell you what happened. I normally don't like talking about it, but I'll explain.” He put his papers and laptop aside before he told Deku of what happened.


“After the Sports Festival, I was really proud of Tenya on how far he went; I did not care that he didn’t win the whole thing, being placed third was good enough for me. Seeing him on the podium smiling while holding his medal, I couldn’t be anymore proud of him. After that, I told him that I will give him an offer to intern at my hero agency, Team Idaten. He was so excited to have the chance to work for his number one hero,” Tensei said with a sad smile.


He continued, “When he showed up, he acted like his robotic self when he met my sidekicks, to which they took a liking to. Not only that, he did well on his first day. We all thought the whole week would go well, but it did not.”


Tensei gave another sigh with his eyes closed before he continued. “On the second day, we received reports of a villain nearby in Hosu City. All of us went on patrol, including Tenya, to find him, the Hero Killer: Stain. I gave everyone an order to call back up immediately since how dangerous this villain was. When I was looking around parts of the city, I got a call from Tenya. I immediately answered, but there was no response. I got very worried and decided to go look for my little brother, hoping that he was alright. When I reached to an alleyway, I saw an individual coming out of the shadows taking off. I was about to give chase, but when I looked down… and saw…” Tensei stopped to breathe for a bit and tears were coming out of his eyes while he made a right fist.


After he took a deep breath and sorted out his feelings, Tensei continued. “I saw Tenya on the ground... on a pool of blood... I almost collapsed when I found him... I didn’t want to believe what I saw because it looked like my little brother was...” Tensei closed his eyes again and didn’t want to finish the sentence. He continued, “I immediately called for emergency to have him be saved. In the hospital, the doctors told my family and I that Tenya pulled through. We were so relieved that he was still alive, but the comfort didn’t last long when they said that Tenya’s spinal cord was heavily damaged from the attack,” his voice began to break. “He became paralyzed; his dreams of becoming a hero ended! We were all left devastated! Our Mom took it the worst of all, Dad was shocked and didn’t know what to say! For me, I blamed myself for what happened; if I had not given Tenya the offer or told him to standby when we had to look for this DAMN BASTARD, then none of this would have happened!”


Deku stared blankly after he heard what happened to his friend. He believed in what he thought was the right thing to do, didn’t fix anything at all. In fact, he believed he ruined Iida’s life. He immediately asked, "...H-how did Iida-kun felt about the incident?"


Tensei responded after he calmed himself down shortly, “Tenya blamed himself for putting his family through such a crisis. After that, his school life wasn’t the same. He hated being viewed different. The students gave him unwanted sympathy and asked about what happened, which he didn’t want to tell the same tragic story repeatedly. It got worse when he was told that he had to be moved from the hero program since he was paralyzed from waist down, especially since his engines were in his calves. He didn’t like what was happening, but he understood. He was so depressed!”


“At times, however, we still try to see the bright side after the incident. I mean, he still with us. He managed to keep up with his studies. For the most part, we see the smile on Tenya’s face whenever he gets excited to hear the news of me saving the day. It gives me another reason why I have to be hero and it is worth it... To see his smile is a relief...” Tensei looked up in the ceiling and started to tear up. “It’s a relief to see Tenya smile after what happened...!”


After he weeped for awhile and wiped off his tears, Tensei then looked at Deku with a soft smile, “Midoriya… I want to say thank you. Thank you so much being by my brother’s side after what happened. It’s just great to see Tenya's friends to stand by him!”


Deku nodded and said, “Iida-san… You will alway be a great hero for your little brother. No matter what, you will always be great.”


“Thank you,” Tensei said with a soft smile.


After their conversation and his curiosity was cleared, Deku left the dining room to return to Iida’s room. Before he returned to the room, Deku still grabbed his chest from the guilt, which became worse when received gratitude from a hero like Tensei.


There was normally a good feeling whenever anyone received gratitude for a good deed. It made Deku felt more guilty instead since he believed that he was partially responsible for Iida’s disability, thus his dreams to become a hero had to end.


When Deku entered inside, Iida wheeled himself closer to Deku and asked him on what he talked about with Tensei. Deku admitted that he asked Tensei about the horrible incident and what his little brother went through.


“I’m so sorry, Iida. I needed to know what happened. I didn’t want to ask you directly because I didn’t want you be miserable when we’re hanging out. It looked like you were having a good time and I didn’t want to ruin it,” Deku said with a sincere tone.


“…It’s okay, Midoriya. I understand,” Iida said in depressing tone. “It’s true that I went through a depressing state after the incident. ...If I was wiser and made no attempt to take on the Hero Killer alone, then all of this would have been prevented. Because of my foolishness, my friends and family were put through such distress, asking why it had to happen... It is also true that I hated being viewed differently from what occurred. People gave their unwanted sympathies and questions on what happened made myself to be more discouraged, which then build up my anger. The anger that I was building up came out when lashed out at you when tried to help. Also, my dreams of heroism had to be taken away, and I cannot perform normally as I did back then.”


“...Despite all that, I am still here,” said it with soft smile. “Midoriya… it did made me happy that you took time to be by my side. It was a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time. I also have appreciated that you tried your best to not treat me differently, hoping that it made me comfortable to be around company. ...You’re a wonderful friend. I must thank you…”


“Iida… No matter what happens, everyone will always be by your side. Your family, your friends, and myself will always be there,” Deku said with an encouraging tone, which Iida nodded in agreement.


After he spent his time, Deku then bid farewell to the Iida family and headed off.


When he left the residence, the guilt became overwhelming to point that Deku grabbed his chest and dropped to his knees while tears were coming out of his eyes after he received more gratitude as a good friend, which he began to doubt. He did what he thought was right, but it brought misery to his friend instead. Not only Iida, others were also affected by this; their fellow classmates were saddened about Iida's injury and transfer. In fact, almost half of Class 1-A failed to get their hero licenses because Iida couldn’t be there to help.


"Iida... I'm so sorry! I'm so, so sorry!"


Shortly, Deku then remembered that he still had the time device in his room at the UA dorms. He decided to use the device to undo what he had done after he realized that nothing had been fixed.




He returned to the dorms. While he walked back to his room, Deku noticed that if he undid everything, Tensei will no longer be active as a hero. He stood still for awhile and thought about him, “Iida-san… I’m so sorry, but you will always be a great hero for your brother. No matter what.” He then returned to his dorm room and activated the device.


After he used the device to undo his mistake, Deku needed to be sure that everything was back the way it should. So he decided to visit Iida’s dorm room.


When he left his room, he saw Aoyama in the hallway. Deku remembered that almost half of Class 1-A failed their Licenses Exam in the other dimension. To be sure that the problem didn’t occurred, he asked the sparkling student, “Hey Aoyama, how did you do in your Hero License Exam? I’m just curious...”


“Well Monsieur, when everyone got separated, I went into hiding after losing two targets. I was about to give up until Iida showed up and gave me courage. Merci to him, it led me to unite the rest of our class and pass the first round. After that, everyone got their licenses, except Messiers Todoroki and Bakugou,” said Aoyama.


“I see… Thanks Aoyama, that’s what I needed to know!” said a relieved Deku before he rushed off.


“No problem. Adieu,” said the twinkling student with a wink.


While on his way to see his friend, Deku remembered to keep his promise to Iida, even from an alternate universe, that he will always be by his side. Deku knocked on the door, hoped his friend was there. The door was opening and there was Iida.


“Midoriya, how can I help you?”


Deku, with a relieved smile, replied, “Nothing at all… I was checking to see how you’ve been. So… how is your brother?”


Iida answered excitingly, “Everything is going great! I just heard he’s making excellent progress!”


Deku was happy to hear the news, but felt sad in the same time to know that Tensei was inactive. “I’m so sorry, Iida-san...


Deku immediately said, “That’s great to hear Iida...” He then asked nervously, “Uh… Iida. Would it be alright if I can meet your brother? I heard he’s a great guy and… he’s a great hero to you. He will always will be.”


Iida happily agreed, “I am certain that he would like that!”