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Prison Wars

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allie couldnt believe that she had gotten 10 years for something she never really wanted to get into to start with, although in saying that she wanted to seek revenge for what had happened to her and other woman, she wanted to do whats the police/courts didnt do to take care of them, she wanted justice so when her savior kaz made RRR- the red right hand she was very hesitant but in the end kaz sold it to her as getting justice, now she was at wentworth prison and had just been strip searched which wasnt a big deal to her as in her previous profession a lot of people had seen her body, she was now being escorted to h3 block where she found kaz and all her crew setting up house per say,

walking into her cell she put her laundry basket down and sat on the bed sighing, one good thing about being locked up was she got a bed, roof over her head and food in her belly and to top it off she was housed in the block right next to her idol and top dog, sexy top dog she always said to herself but the top dog bea smith, the reason allie did finally crack and join kaz was because kaz said it was in the name of bea smith and what she did to her abusive husband that made them want to get revenge, being pulled from her thoughts when kaz stood at her door

'im sorry bubba, it wasnt meant to be like this

'i know but it is and we cant change this... allie said angrily, she had tried not to be angry during court and at the other prison they were held at till they got there sentences and were sent to wentworth

'how can i make this better?

'you cant, i just need time kaz

'but we need to stick together

'i know that kaz and i am with you, out there in the grounds i will be with you but im not gonna lie and say we are good right now... kaz nodded

'i understand, we are going to lunch soon

'okay i will be out in a few minutes.... with that kaz left and allie got up and set up her cell, her home for the next ten years, she had no possessions except a photo of her and kaz and a photo of the crew which she pinned up, she dressed her bed and than walked out to the common room and walked with kaz and the crew to the dinner room, looks were thrown at them from anyone that passed but they just ignored them, entering the hall they went to the food bay and loaded up there trays and sat down, kaz looked at allie's tray and there was barely anything on it

'allie you need to eat

'im fine

'bubba you need to eat

'kaz im not hungry so just drop it... just than the door opened and there she was walking in tall, strong, shoulders up, red curls tied up and all eyes were on her, the whole place went quiet as bea led her crew to get food and than sit at what allie assumed to be the top dogs table, once bea began eating everyone else went back to there own food and chatter, allie herself had a few spoons of food but wasnt really in the mood to eat which is weird considering she eats like a horse normally

'wow she is strong... mel said from allie's crew

''she is definitely beautiful... another one said and allie didnt respond she just leaned her cheek on her hand slouched like she was bored or just not interested, although she knew all that about the top dog but there was more to her, much more to her, allie felt like there was someone looking at her so she looked up a little and looked around stopping when she saw it was bea looking at kaz and than herself, she felt her hand get sweaty and her cheeks go slightly red

'allie are you okay? your cheeks are red..... allie looked to kaz and nodded

'im fine just not feeling well, i think im going to go and lay down

'i will come with you bubba

'no, im fine kaz

'you cant be on your own allie its not safe, we have to travel in pairs at least

'i will be fine, no one knows me and im going to the unit..... allie said a little louder than she intended but she was frustrated, getting up she took off out of the mess hall, she decided to just walk around for a while since she needed to get used to where she was and where everything was, she had tried different hallways and rooms finding the library, study area, the outside area which had basketball courts and some chairs and tables for people to sit, she ventured back inside going down another hallway which seemed to be deserted,

unbeknown to her bea had taken an interest in allie when she saw her little out burst in the mess hall so she was following alie to see what she was up to, seeing her walk down the corridor that everyone knew led to a storage room and thats it she followed her quietly,

allie saw a door at the end of the corridor and opened it going in and looking around, as she went to turn around and leave she felt someone smash her into the bench there

'what the fuck are you doing? bea hissed in her ear

'i..i..i...... allie wasnt able to form a sentence as she was petrified

'i wont ask you again... bea demanded

'i was just... looking, im new, i dont know my way around.... bea could feel allie shaking against her own body so she took a step back and let allie go

'turn around... allie turned and saw none other than bea smith, top dog 'whats your name?

'allie, allie novak... bea nodded

'your part of kaz's crew? allie nodded

'yes i am, we... she was cut off by bea putting her hand up to shush her

'i know what you do and i dont condone it, you cant just take the law into your own hands

'you dont understand bea

'really? how so? bea raised her eyebrow, allie wasnt sure if she should say anything but this was bea smith and she wanted someone, just anyone to understand why she did what she did, so she pulled herself up and sat on the silver bench behind her and sighed

'people have always looked at me like im shit because i was a prostitute so i guess it does make me shit, always would be but when i went to the police about being raped they did a piss poor case against him because of my profession, they didnt care they kept telling me that it was my fault for being there in the first place..... allie slouched and hung her head 'i dont know i guess it probably was my fault

''its not your fault allie.... bea said and allie bit her lip as it trembled and tried not to cry, it was still raw and in some way she never dealt with it

'at court he was let off like i didnt matter, like my life doesnt matter, like my rights dont matter so when kaz presented me with the RRH and said we could get revenge on the guy i wasnt sure to start with but i wanted revenge so i went ahead with it, it wasnt half of what i would have thought we would do and he got off lightly, he got bashed and that was it but what i went through... she stopped talking closed her eyes and took a deep breath

'i dont even know why im telling you this? isnt it lagging or something?

'i wont say anything, im the top dog i want people to be open with me, im listening if you want to go on..... bea said and sat down on the floor against the door, hearing another person talking about being sexually vilified made her blood boil but in allie's case it made her heart break, allie sounded so broken and after they finished she would talk to her about getting help,

'i guess its just i thought i would get the help i needed from the police and the courts but a junkie prostitute would always be in the wrong, because when people look at me they see a dirty junkie whore

'your not that allie

'how do you know bea?

'i can see it in your eyes, i think i read people pretty well and i can see your not that at all

'maybe i should just off myself its probably easier, what have i got to live for? 10 years in this shit hole, kaz who pulled me in and got me in here? i got no family, no friends, my parents hate me, i got nothing to live for..... bea watched as allie wiped her tears

'i think your underestimating yourself allie, i feel in life your only given what you can go through, yes you have been going through a lot of shit but you have come through it

'bea i have nothing to live for

'how do you know you wont do your ten years and when you get out find the man of your dreams, settle down, have kids, build a life together

'first of all there is no man of my dreams as im a lesbian

'fine the woman of your dreams, allie you need to get out of your head and make life what it is

'i guess so, so what about you?


'yea you, what do you see in your future?

'hard to say right now, i mean i only have my daughter outside of here

'can i ask you something? you can tell me to mind my business if you want

'go ahead... bea asked interested

'your husband

'ex-husband... bea corrected her

'right, its plastered all over the media what he did to you, what made you snap? what pushed you over the edge? they sat there quietly just staring at each other bea not quite sure if she should be honest or just ell allie to mind her own business, but allie had been honest with her so she would give a little bit

'well as you know he was abusive for a long time but on that night i came home from doing a clients hair and he was laying into my daughter, like bashing the shit out of her and she was barely moving, it ticked something in me and i saw red, i tackled him to the ground and just went for it, every hit, every punch, everytime he hurt me came flashing through me and i couldnt stop, i just went for it till i heard her voice, debbie must have regained consciousness and heard me so i got off him and ran to her, i called the police and ambulance

'how bad was debbie? allie asked

'she had 2 broken ribs, a broken cheek, broken ankle, 3 broken fingers and was covered with bruises from head to toe

'what set it off?

'he was complaining that he was hungry and debbie went to make him something to eat but according to him it took to long so in his drunken state he laid into her, i tell you one thing if i could wish anyone dead it would be him

'what happened to him? bea scoffed

'he ate threw a straw for 3 months after i broke his jaw, he than ended up in prison for the assault on debbie

'what did he get?

'15 years for attempted murder, i hope the pig dies in there

'how is debbie doing after it all? bea was shocked no one really asked much about debbie even her own crew, they ask every now and than how she is when she visits but apart from that there too scared to get into a conversation about the young girl

'it took her about 2 months total to recover, i hate that i wasnt there but i was able to get her a place in the best rehab which helped out a lot, they sent me a letter once a week letting me know how she was doing because debbie would always lie and say she was fine

'she sounds strong?

'she is, she had it tough growing up but now she is flourishing at uni and so smart and beautiful... allie smiled and the smile on bea's face of how proud she is of her little girl, just than the buzzer sounded for yard time and bea stood up

'thats yard time, you should get some fresh air

'i dont really want to see anyone i just want to lay down

'listen allie i think you should talk to dr westfall, she is the physiologist here and very good

'im not crazy

'i know that allie calm down, but your head space right now is not good and you need to talk to someone

'im not good at talking

'you just talked to me for like half an hour

'i got scared you were gonna bash me, your freakin strong, i thought i was gonna go right through the bench... bea chuckled

'i need to be scary so just relax would ya, please allie i need to make sure all the woman are safe and okay, i dont want you to fall into a dark place.... allie looked into bea's big brown eyes seeing only care from her


'good, speak to a screw and tell them to make an appointment

'i will

'good, now go and have a lay down... allie nodded and jumped off the bench and walking out of the door bea held open, they walked down the hall towards the main hall and jjust before they reached the end allie looked at bea

'thank you bea

'for what?

'for being there without wanting anything.... with that allie walked towards her unit as bea went outside and sat at the top dog bench

'bea love everything alright? liz asked, liz a woman who let alcohol take over her life resulting in her killing her mother inlaw and she was now stuck on here for a very long time, although what liz did was inexcusable bea loved the older woman, she was like a mother hen to them all and always made sure bea was okay, eating properly and looking after herself

'all good liz

'did you check her out?

'i did

'well dont keep me in suspense, its just me here the others are playing ball..... bea chuckled

'she is an interesting person liz, all im going to say is watch out for her please, she has had a hard run and may need some help

'no worries love, i will watch out for her, whats her name?

'allie novak, she is part of the RRR

'oh with kaz?

'yea, she is her 2IC, just report to me anything thats out of the ordinary

'got it..... bea ended up joining the basketball game joining boomer, maxine, franky and doreen taking on the 'chinky chonks' as boomer would describe them, they ended up smashing them of course and once they were showered and had dinner they were locked in there unit H1, bea decided on an early night so after saying good night to them all she went to her cell and drew for a bit, it always helped keep her calm and relaxed, she fell asleep after 45 minutes the sketch book on her stomach and the pencil in her hand, liz went to check on her before she turned in and took the book and pencil and placed them on the table and than pulled the blanket to cover bea before retreating to her own cell telling boomer to be quiet because if she woke bea she knew bea would take away her biscuits like she did last time and than bid them all good night herself hearing franky, maxine and doreen laughing as boomer pouted