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Prison Wars

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bea hadnt slept much as usual, she had a dream of allie and spent the night worried about the blonde, she wasnt eating much, she wasnt moving around too much either and really wanted to push allie to talk to miss westfall, who had done some good work with bea herself who shut down when she got locked up, sitting up in bed the sun was just coming up which meant it was about 5am so she grabbed her sketch pad and pencil and began to draw, she had been there for some time and when she heard a knock on her cell it made her jump

'come in.... the door opened and franky walked in and sat on the bed

'you didnt sleep well? bea shook her head

'not really, i tried but i just couldnt

'you worried about today?

'nah, tina deserves whats coming, its allie

'what about her? franky sat back getting comfortable allowing bea to be open with her, it didnt happen often but she had seen how they both looked at each other and was interested to know bea's feelings

'dont ya think she is too skinny? she isnt eating much, she doesnt leave her cell much and yes i know i told her not to do too much but she wont even come outside with us

'yea i did pick that up, maybe she is scared of tina?

'could be, actually on the subject im thinking to do it out in the yard

'what changed your mind?

'it needs to be shown that drugs and bashing people is not on, what screws are on? i know the governor and jackson are in a meeting this morning

'miles and a couple new guys

'good, pay them to piss off and move it to the yard

'same plan?

'yes, im sick of tina and her bullshit, i wont have girls hooked on drugs because she is getting them hooked

'agreed, okay so after breakfast?

'yes and speak to juice about the change, tell her to get them out in the yard and she will get a reward for being loyal

'will do.... franky said and they sat there staring at each other, bea squirmed under franky's gaze

'why you looking at me like that?

'i know your a private person red but i have to ask something

'what is it?

'how do you really feel about allie? you like her?


'red dont lie to me

'im not franky, im just helping her... franky scoffed

'im telling debbie that your lying to me

'you will not say a fucking word to her franky... bea snapped and franky chuckled as she got off the bed

'fine i wont say anything to deb, but remember one thing top dog

'oh yea and whats that?

'you may not realize it but i know you better than you think, i can see there is something between you and allie weather you like it or not, its okay if you cant admit it but when you do and you need help organizing your feelings come and find me, honestly i wont tease ya.... franky said sincerely and than left the cell to get ready for the day, bea sat staring at the door for a while thinking about what franky said but shook her head thinking how stupid it would be, she got up and got her shower stuff and went for a shower with maxine and liz than they all headed to breakfast, sitting at her table she looked around juice nodding at her to say she was ready when bea gave the all clear, she looked at kaz's crew and saw allie was looking right at her and they held eye contact for a few seconds before kaz whispered something in allie's ear and bea saw her roll her eyes and turn to talk to kaz, tina left the eating room and bea nodded to juice to follow, bea and her crew dumped there trays and walked towards the door stopping at kaz's table

'allie.... allie looked up and smiled a little 'come with us


'yes, you all should come outside.... allie looked from bea to kaz, back to bea and than kaz who shook her head no, allie didnt really give a shit what kaz said so she stood up to join bea but kaz's hand on hers stopped her

'i said no... allie snatched her hand from kaz's hold

'i dont give a shit what you say... she whispered and walked off with bea and her crew, kaz ended up following them wanting to know what was happening but she didnt like that allie had chosen to walk with bea's crew, going outside bea went to her usual table and they sat down, scanning the yard bea nodded at miles and she left her post with the 2 other guards and it was time, leaning close to allie she spoke

'allie you stay with liz and dont move okay

'what do you mean bea? whats happening?

'just trust me okay? allie nodded 'good, do whatever liz says and stay with her

'i will.... bea got up followed by franky. maxine, boomer and doreen over to the gym area, bea looked at juice and gave the signal and she and her crew grabbed tina and her girls bringing them to the gym area and pushed into the cage and the door was closed with juice blocking it

'i told you tina to not bring in drugs, i have told you and everyone to keep there hands to themselves

'i didnt do shit you fuck bitch.... bea raised her eye brow as she stood on top of the seat

'see it took me a bit to figure out your plan tina and i gotta admit its pretty smart

'what plan? tina said crossing her eyes confident bea had her all wrong

'lets see, you stalk the new girls and find the vulnerable ones, than when you get your chance you bash them and than they look for a pain free recovery which is where you come in with your drugs and fix them right up ay, did you think i wouldnt put it together? i have had enough of your bullshit and your not getting away with it....

'HANG HER!!! someone yelled out from the crowd and a lot of murmurs of agreeance could be heard

'see the woman want you gone, not just me but everyone is sick of your crap, your making the woman addicted with your little plan and it stops now

'you cant do shit to me.... tina said looking around hoping to see a screw coming to break it up but no one was around and the look of fear in her eyes was visible to bea, before tina knew it boomer grabbed her

'come on chinky chonks... she pulled tina towards bea who jumped off the bench and tina was put on it, maxine helped boomer hold tina down as she squirmed

'i wont have you hurt the woman...... bea picked up the weight bar and looked at tina 'after im done with you your gonna wish you were dead, your girls too.... bea dropped the weight bar and punched tina square in the gut first than followed it up with a punch to her jaw breaking it, doreen walked over handing bea a shiv and than going back to where franky was holding tina girls back

'you see tina i gave you so many chances to stop doing your bullshit but its like it goes through one ear and out the other..... squatting close to tina bea pressed the shiv into her arm piercing the skin and dragging it all the way down to just above her wrist, bea didnt want to kill her so getting a vain was not an option, tina screamed in agony the whole time and bea didnt feel bad, 4 woman already died from tina and her drugs and she didnt even care, bea stood up and cracked her neck than turning her head to look at liz and allie, allie looked scared but she needed allie to see this, to see that tina was getting reprimanded for what she did not just to her but to a lot of woman

'fucking bitch.... bea heard and turned to see kim running at her as she got loose from franky's hold, to say kim was about to regret her move would be an understatement, bea picked the metal bar up quick and swung it hitting kim in the stomach and than she kneed her in the face breaking her nose and throwing her down to the floor kicking her a couple more times for good measure,

'stay the fuck down before you dont see tomorrow... kim did stay down, she had no choice in a few hits bea took her out, bringing her attention back to tina the ring leader she picked up the shiv again and did the same thing to her other arm,

'your lucky i dont slice your fucking neck...... bea stood up looking at boomer, franky and doreen who were with the other 3 girls of her crew and nodded in there direction, everyone watched as they all got there asses beat by bea's crew, bea tried not to snicker when she saw the biggest smile on boomer face, that girl loves to fight for some reason, bea leaned on the metal fence watching, seeing they were bloodied and bruised she yelled out

'enough!!!!! her girls pulled back and bea walked towards tina who was trying to get out of maxine's grip, tina saw bea pull out some piece of metal and a lighter

'this is your final warning tina, stop the drugs, stop bullying the woman, stop attacking people, i will leave you with a reminder that you should never cross me.... bea heated up the edge of the metal that boomer found somewhere and pressed it into tina's arm, her screaming pierced through the yard until bea took it off leaving her skin burnt and a permanent scar, it wasnt very big maybe the size of a 20 cent piece but she needed tina to stop her crap and if that meant doing this to save womans lives than so bea it, bea used her foot pushing a moaning and groaning tina off the bench bea looked around at all the woman

'i wont tolerate anyone bringing in drugs, touching other woman without there consent, bullying and so forth, you all know the rules and if you ever have a problem you come and find me.... with that she walked out of the cage followed by her crew and towards liz and allie, bea was worried to see the look in allie's eyes and as she got closer the fear became palpable, bea went to reach out to allie but allie took a step back

'i ugh, i need to ugh... i need to.... she stuttered out before she turned and walked away the best she could, maxine saw bea's shoulders slump and stepped beside her

'she will be okay bea

'she is scared of me

'bea you have to remember she is new here and she hasnt seen any of the bad stuff like this yet, she will come around just give her time... just than the siren rang out and they were told to go back to there cells, obviously miles had seen that bea was done and had set it off, she also deleted the footage from the data base making sure to cover her tracks, bea had sent her and the 2 officers a sizable pay off which she would use at the dogs later on


once everyone was sent to there units kaz made her way to allie's cell seeing she was sitting against the wall a pillow behind her back and the heat pack pushed against her lower back

'what the hell was that allie?

'what was what kaz?

'you following her, how the fuck can you stand there and let her beat those woman? your supporting a crazy bitch

'do you have any idea what tina and her crew have done? did you not even hear bea? ignoring what allie said

'how the fuck can you follow her? where is your loyalty?

'my loyalty? allie scoffed 'i was fucking loyal to you from the start, yes you helped me get my shit together and i will never forget that but you fucking got me involved with your red right hand bullshit and now look where we are sitting, i got ten years year in here and hopefully i can get parole in 6 years but fuck knows

'i told you already im sorry about that but to back bea who just beat up those girls is wrong

'wrong? so tell me kaz is it better to bash woman and get them addicted to drugs? you know if it wasnt for bea looking out for me i would have been on the shit quicker than my feet could touch the floor, i get cravings every FUCKING DAY!!!! she screamed and stood up, she was sick and tired of kaz's bullshit

'so what your turning against your own crew? kaz said

'i havent turned against anyone kaz, your making up your own assumptions, i know first hand what drugs can do to a person, i have over dosed 3 times and if i again i would probably die, is that what you want?

'no but....

'no buts kaz, if tina keeps bringing shit in and hands it out like lollies its only a matter of time till more woman die me included, they all needed to be taught a lesson thats all there is too it, im sure as hell not gonna feel sorry for them

'bea is not a good person.... allie rolled her eyes and shook her head

'you have no idea about who she is

'and you do?

'what i know is non of your business kaz

'you think she is going to fall in love with you or something allie? its not gonna happen

'why the fuck would i even think that? because im into woman, your into guys so does that mean you want to fuck every guy you see?

'well no

'than shut the fuck up,

'allie if she so great why is it you backed away from her in the yard?

'whats it too you kaz? i already told you i will walk with you out there but anything else is not your business, you dont own me

'she is a crazy lunatic allie... that was it for allie, she had had enough

'I CANT FUCKING LISTEN TO THIS SHIT ANYMORE, GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!! she yelled so loud there was no doubt that half the prison heard her including bea which was correct, kaz walked out of allie's cell and allie slammed the door behind her getting the attention from miles

'whats going on over here proctor?

'nothing, all good

'yea well keep the bloody noise down.... kaz just went and sat with mel and her girls leaving allie to herself

when allie slammed the door she began pacing the floor the best she can, she still wasnt moving very well but she was angry with what kaz was saying about bea, she paced for quite some time trying to relax but she just couldnt, she was worked up, stressed, angry, annoyed, hurt and so pissed off, going to her sink she splashed water over her face and took slow deep breathes and eventually it started to work and her breathing returned to normal, she heard a screw yell out 'count' so she went and stood in her door way and once over they were allowed out to go to dinner, allie wasnt in the mood so kaz left with her crew, allie laid down just trying to relax, she heard a tap on her open door and looked up to see bea a worried look on her face

'can i come in? allie nodded and sat up a bit, bea walked in and sat down on the chair beside the bed, silence fell between them for a couple minutes till bea spoke

'i didnt mean to scare you

'i wasnt scared of you bea, i guess i was just more shocked, i know this shit happens in here and you hear all the stories but seeing it first hand just scared me a bit

'so your not scared of me?

'nah, your a little puppy... bea chuckled

'you know if anyone else had said that to me i might have bashed them

'go for it... allie said and smiled that sweet smile that bea somehow loves, bea shakes her head and smirks

'i have bashed people for less

'i have no doubt but im not scared of you

'hmm your about the only one, people think after what i did to harry that im a monster

'your not a monster, i think your quite sweet.... for the first time allie saw bea's cheeks turn pink

'im not sweet

'yea you are, what you did to harry he deserved it considering what he did to you and than debbie, i happen to think your a little puppy with a heart of gold.... bea dropped her head looking at the floor and allie couldnt help but smile at the bashful top dog, allie pulled herself up to sit on the edge of the bed and held bea's hand and luckily bea didnt pull away, instead she held allie's hand

'your pretty great you know allie

'i know.... bea smiled at the cheeky blonde and for the first time bea can see a part of who allie really is

'we should go to dinner

'i am quite hungry

'why didnt you go with kaz?

'oh, we had a fight, im sick of her and her bullshit

'are you sure you dont want to move units?

'i do want to move but not yet bea, if i move she will make a lot of trouble not just for me but you as well

'i can handle her allie, i just want you to be healthy and happy, well as happy as you can be in prison

'i know bea, i will move, just give me some time to get kaz to relax herself

'okay fine, so lets go eat

'lead the way puppy... bea laughed as they got up and left the cell heading for the dinner room, just as they were walking in kaz was walking out and allie rolled her eys, she seemed to do it a lot with kaz

'so you roll out with her ay?

'calm down kaz would ya, im just going to eat

'with her? kaz scoffed and bea wanted to punch the self absorbed bitch in the face but refrained for now

'do you ever stop kaz, im tired or your crap, dont make me regret being with your crew, i dont care about going out on my own if you keep up this shit... kaz shook her head and walked off

'she has problems

'you dont know the half of it..... after dinner they returned back to there own units for lock up, allie didnt speak to kaz or her crew and just decided on an early night, as she lay there in the middle of the night she heard hushed voices so stood up going to her door looking out the little window seeing mel and kaz at the table talking, she wondered what was going on so she listened closely

'kaz are you sure you want to do this?

'yes, she needs to be taught a lesson, you cant just beat up woman

'but she is top dog

'i dont care mel, bea beat her up and tina couldnt even fight back as well as the other woman

'if allie finds out she wont want anything to do with us

'she wont find out dont worry, allie will always be with us im not worried

'so tomorrow in the showers after breakfast?

'yes.... with that allie sat on her bed and sighed

'fuck... she mumbled as she thought about what she just heard, she had to warn bea, laying back down her thoughts went to the redheaded top dog, bea saved her from a severe beating, she has mad sure she was safe and comfortable, allie eventually fell asleep


allie woke up and the count was done, she didnt wait for kaz or her crew wanting to find bea, she went to the dinner room and and looked around but bea was not there but liz and maxine were, going over to them liz and maxine both smiled

'good morning love

'morning, do you know where bea is?

'she was going to see the governor about something

'shit... allie mumbled

'allie love sit down whats wrong? maxine said and allie sat down telling them what she over heard last night

'it will be okay allie, we will go and find bea

'but kaz she is crazy, once something is in her head she will go full force..... allie said worriedly

'you stay here we will find her.... allie watched them leave and she tried to stay but her anxiety got the best of her and left the room looking around for bea, she saw miles walking towards her and stopped

'have you seen bea? is she with the governor?

'no governor got called into a meeting so she wasnt available, smith was going to her cell i think.... allie took off down to h1 walking in she opened bea's cell frustrated when she didnt see her

'where the fuck is she? she mumbled, she decided to do one last check and almost ran to the shower block and opened the door seeing one person in the showers

'bea? she huffed out breathlessly and she turned around

'allie, whats wrong?

'i need to talk to you

'hold on... bea quickly rinsed her hair and turned the water off, she wrapped the towel around herself and stepped out of the shower, allie turned her back to bea as she quickly got dressed

'whats up allie?

'last night i heard a conversation with kaz and mel, they planned on attacking you today after breakfast


'here in the shower block, fuck bea they plan to bash you... bea out her socks and shoes on and patted the bench for allie to sit down, she was clearly on edge and scared

'its okay allie, im not worried about her or her crew

'but kaz is crazy when she gets angry, the things i have seen her do are crazy

'allie just calm down and dont worry about her

'im not worried about her, im worried about you..... just than the door opened and in walked kaz and her crew

'well well look what we have here, the top dog and the trader

'stay behind me......bea whispered to allie and she nodded, bea and allie stood up and bea pulled allie to stand behind her

'what do you want kaz? you bored?

'nah, just been thinking

'oh dont hurt yourself... bea snided back

'im not the one thats going to be hurt, you are and maybe even that bitch behind you

'watch your fucking self kaz, remember what im capable of.... allie said angrily

'oh please allie, i taught you everything you know

'exactly and lets not forget i was the one that did most of the shit on the outside, im not afraid of you kaz, not in the slightest

'you should be allie... kaz said stepping forward but before she could try anything the door opened and bea's crew stepped inside

'oh would you look at that, my girls always have my back.... in no time a huge fight broke out and bea has kaz up against the wall punching her in the face and than her stomach twice causing her to fall to the floor, she than went and helped her girls, allie watched on and in the corner of her eye she saw kaz stand up and and there eyes locked, kaz stepped towards allie

'you will pay for betraying me... kaz launched at allie tackling her to the floor and punching allie int he face, allie managed to over power kaz and flipped them over so she was on top

'i was loyal to you... allie said punching kaz

'i trusted you... she said and punched her again

'you were like my mum... she socked her in the gut, kaz threw her arm up slapping allie across the face and allie fell off and kaz ended up on top of allie again her hands around her throat choking her

'i took you in, looked after you, loved you and betrayed me with that bitch.... allie's face went red and than blue, she was batting away kaz's hands but she had a good hold on her throat, bea turned around to see where allie was once she saw franky and the girls had it under control, she saw kaz on top of allie ad ran to her

'allie... she yelled and ran and tackled kaz off allie and they both hit the wall head first and than the whole world went black