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Prison Wars

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3 days later bea walked into the rehab center her hands full of paperwork and the laptop and a big smile on her face, she was so happy right now and couldnt wait to see allie and debbie;s face after what she just did, signing in she walked down to allie's room and walked in seeing her 2 favorite girls eating lunch



'hey girls



'hi mum



'hey babe... allie said and smiled when she saw her beautiful girl, bea leaned down kissing allie on the lips



'how you feeling baby?



'tired but okay



'did you do physio?



'yes and they kicked my ass



'oh mum she was sweating all over... debbie giggled 



'thats a good thing baby, the more you move around the more it will help you



'i know but im just so tired now, anyways what you got there?



'oh yes a surprise for my girls



'what is is mum?



'well look at these photos first.... she said handing them to the girls and took out the deed while they did that



'nice place, oh wow a pool, cool, what is this place mum?



'this is our place



'what?.... debbie raised her eyebrow



'i bought it for us, for the 3 of us to live in



'are you serious?



'yep, i just got the deed now, here look.... she handed it to debbie and she smiled when she saw what her mum did, she gave it to allie to see and her eyes went wide



'why is my name here?



'because the 2 of us own the house together



'but, how?



'i bought it outright for all of us, we own it



'but why me?



'because allie novak your the love of my life and i want to share everything with you



'but i dont have money.... she said embarrassed



'you think i care about that allie, i definitely dont, i had no clue about this, about us, i have no idea how to do this in the real world... she said pointing to herself  'did that change your mind?.... she asked hoping it wouldnt



'of course not but babe thats a lot of money



'yea well we sold the other house for a lot so i used it for our new house, this is a new start for all of us 



'when do we move in?



'i have the keys so im going to start buying furniture which i want you both to do with me, online obviously



'sweet, i love online shopping.... debbie said fist pumping making the other 2 to laugh



'are you sure babe? its okay if not, after i get out of here i can go to a shelter and get a job



'you are coming home with us, deb tell her



'yea you are, you dont actually have a choice, its our house.... allie smiled 



'i like how that sounds, our house



'me too



'me 3... debbie chimed in  'sooo shopping?.... bea laughed



'yes i bought the laptop as well, here is my card and start with the lounge room deb



'righto, actually before we start can i go get a thick shake from the cafe?



'sure, get me a coffee please and allie a caramel shake.... she said looking at allie who smiled and the young girl left with her mums card, bea sat on the bed and kissed allie over and over again



'hi beautiful girl, you doing alright?



'its just a lot bea



'i know baby, for me too, im just trying to get us started and a house is the first thing 



'we have a pool? i cant really swim... allie said embarrassed



'dont worry about that i can teach you or we can get you lessons, i promise baby i only want you to be happy, i want to give you everything you want and need... allie smiled



'i just need you bea, always you



'well you have me and you always will



'good, now can i have snuggles..... bea laughed and kicked her shoes before laying down and allie laid in her arms









'has the doctor been?....... bea said as she rubbed her hand up and down allie's arm



'yes, he said probably another couple weeks and than i can leave



'thats great baby



'yea, im kinda bored of these grey walls



'i know what you mean, i cant wait to have our first night together in our new house 



'me too bea..... allie ended up falling asleep so bea rang debbie and told her not to get allie a drink until later on, 10 minutes later debbie returned with her thickshake, a coffee for bea and 4 donuts



'why is it everytime you go to a shop you find donuts?



'donuts are life mum... she said and took a huge bite, bea laughed and opened the laptop



'whatever you say deb, alright lets start shopping and put it in the cart, when allie wakes we can confirm she likes them and than place the order



'sounds good to me mama







Allie woke up snuggled into bea's chest, it felt so surreal to both be out of jail and be together, kissing bea's chest she looked up to see big brown looking down at her




'hey sleepy head, did you have a good sleep?



'yea, sorry i fell asleep



'its fine, i knew you would, you were so tired from physio



'yea i was, what are you 2 doing?... she said signalling to debbie who was on the laptop



'we are looking at furniture, we put a few things in the cart but wanted your opinion as well



'its your house babe you can have whatever you want



'its our house allie, we will all decide together how to decorate, didnt we already talk about this in prison?... bea asked her eyebrow raised, allie knew what bea was talking about, a couple months ago they were talking about what they would do when they got out of jail, the first thing was get a house and than maybe a business as well, they talked about decorating the house with debbie and all having there own input, they would have a games room with a pool table and a couple arcade games, or do it in the garage and make it a hang out place for drinking and that kind of thing, that way if one of them didnt feel like drinking or hanging out with anyone they could go inside the house and relax in peace, she remembered thinking it was a pipe dream



'i remember, i also remember you saying we can have a big tv and hang it on the wall... bea smiled



'yep with surround sound, come on baby lets do some shopping.... together they made a huge order online to be delivered in 5 days, bea wanted to get the house sprayed for bugs and than painted and professionally cleaned 



'ok so we need to choose which of the 2 couch sets we have here, the red retro one or the black suede one? mum?



'im not fussy to be honest, you 2 choose



'the red one.... allie and debbie said in unison and they all giggled



'sounds good to me, deb make sure that has the recliners with them



'yes it does mum



'good, here is my card pay for it please



'okay and than we can do beds and electronics...... they chose beds with bea deciding she wanted a big king size bed just because she could, its her first proper bed and her own that she will share with allie, no one to wake them up, no 'count is in ten minute'..... nothing to ruin there time together and although it will be an adjustment for all 3 of them they didnt care as long as they were together 



'so i put them all to be delivered on saturday at 12



'sounds good deb, now its dinner time, what do you both want to eat? i will go get it



'you stay mum i will go, here just me my keys please



'thanks deb, baby what do you feel like?



'maybe chinese or thai food?



'sure thing i will see whats around, see you both soon...... debbie left and bea kissed allie's cheek



'you feeling alright? your a little warm



'yea im good, they have me on these nerve tablets so it might make me a  little warm, plus having a sexy woman like you close to me doesnt help.... allie wriggled her eyebrows and giggled when bea blushed



'so naughty



'you dont know the half of it babe, i cant wait to get out of here and home with you and deb



'me neither, its a big adjustment but we will make it work, oh a heads up deb likes to put music on loud and dance around the house, she used to do it when harry went away for work, i remember coming home from work one day and she didnt even know i was there because the music was so loud, she was dancing around jumping on the furniture and i just stood there watching, it took her like 5 minutes to finally realize i was there and than she came up and shimmied against me before taking my hand and making me join in, it was great when it was just us 2, she was so different with him around, sometimes i wouldnt hear here for hours and i would have to go looking for her to make sure she is okay



'she was quiet 



'very quiet, she didnt want to set him off for any reason



'i get that, she was scared like you were..... bea nodded



'i wish i got out of there years ago



'babe you couldnt



'i should have tried



'bea let me ask you something, if you tried to get away from him and he caught you what would have happened?



'for sure he would have killed me and probably debbie, if not her he would use her as his own personal slave, yea alright i get what you mean allie, im glad i was there to protect her



'exactly, although i fucking hate what you went through with him and i would kill him if i saw him im glad your here with me, with debbie and we can have the life we have always wanted too, i know i havnt got money or my own house, car or anything really, but  can offer you my honesty, my truth and my love to you



'i dont want anything but that allie, i dont care about possessions i just care about you and debbie..... they shared a few kisses before of course allie couldnt help herself and her hands made it to bea's ass holding it firmly in her hands and thankfully under the blanket because debbie walked in



'omg put each other down will ya.... debbie giggled when her mum went bright red and hid her face in allie's neck



'your so cute babe



'im not cute, this stupid blushing..... she mumbled and the other 2 burst out laughing  'i hate you both



'you love us mum and ya cant deny it



'ugh whatever, now what did you get for us?



'thai food, lets see i got mum hokkien noodles with beef, i got allie pad see ew with chicken and i got myself duck in black beef sauce and i got us special fried rice to share, mum in the second draw beside the bed there are plastic plates, forks, spoons and cups



'yep here we go.... they settled down with there food and began eating



'oh and i got us deep fried ice cream and its in the freezer here, it wont be warm but its still good



'i have never had that deb, what is it?



'oh its so yum allie, they have a big ball of ice cream rolled in coconut crumb and deep fried, than its topped with topping and you can have it hot or cold



'sounds interesting



'your gonna love it, hey so i spoke to will and he said the girls are all doing good, they are mostly staying in the unit or the library working on there appeals, kaz has warned everyone away from them so they can concentrate



'even boomer?



'especially boomer, she has been in there for so long and thought she had no hope to get out but franky found something in her case that might cause them to drop her charges, dont know what but your going to visit in a couple days mum so you can find out



'i will, i hope they get out of there



'me too babe



'me 3.... debbie said her mouth full only to be scolded by her mum



'i swear deb you would think i raised an animal sometimes.... debbie shrugged



'i love food



'dont i know it



'i cant wait till you start cooking mum, oh your the best cook



'its been so long deb it might take some time to get the swing of it



'thats fine i cant wait, hey allie can you cook?



'does toast count?.... bea and debbie giggled at how cute she sounded



'aww babe dotn worry i can cook for both of us



'well i can make pasta with cream sauce and spag bowl



'perfect, just like you.... bea said kissing allie, both laughing when debbie faked gagging



'your a shit you know deb



'but ya love me mum



'lord help me i do, so how is loverboy?.... bea said turning the tables on her cheeky daughter, debbie blushed just like her mum does



'oh man  your a blusher too, thats pure gold



'shut up alliiiiiiie.... debbie whined



'alright alright we will come back to it but tell us about you and will



'its been great, we have been seeing each other since i was in the hospital



'he better be treating you well or im gonna bash the shit out of him.... debbie rolled her eyes



'you been hanging around boomer too much mum



'well its true though




'i know and so does he, he was so scared about you finding out about us that he almost called it off, but i told him my mother wont hurt you, isnt that right?



'maybe.... allie giggled as her girlfriend crossed her arms over her chest



'mum... debbie sighed



'if her hurts you i will literally tell boomer and she will bash him at the prison....allie snorted and than laughed, this woman of hers is just too damn cute



'babe stop, we understand debbie is your daughter and you want to protect her but will has been nothing but good to not only her but me, you and the girls..... bea sighed, she doesnt like the fact her daughter is growing up and is dating someone, but in saying that she knows deep down will would look after debbie




'fine, when we are in our new house we can have him around for dinner or something.... bea grumbled



'thanks mum, time for dessert... they had dessert and allie loved it






'oh yea its the best, oh shit angry nurse is coming we need to get going, the visiting hours are finished.... bea nodded and went to allie kissing her lips



'i love you so much and if you need anything just call me 



'i love you too babe, be safe and sleep well



'you too, bye..... waving bye bea and debbie left and allie pressed the nurse button and she walked in a few minutes later



'hi all what can i do for you? are you in pain?



'no im okay right now but i need to use the bathroom, can you help me please?



'of course.... allie used the bathroom and than got back into bed with the nurses help



'do you need anything?



'yes actually, can you talk to my doctor and physio about doubling up my physio sessions



'so you want twice a day?



'thats right, i need to get better and i need to push myself



'okay i will speak to the doctor and we will see what we can sort out for you



'thank you nurse..... the nurse left and allie watched a movie for a while, only pausing it once when bea rang to check on her, she knew bea would call the redhead just couldnt help herself, they chatted for a few minutes till allie was falling asleep on the phone so bea left her to rest, allie put her phone on charge and turned over pulling the blanket bea got her up and over her body and fell asleep







2 weeks later and allie was coming home finally, in the last 2 weeks a lot has happened, allie had upped her physio to twice a day for every second day and the improvements really showed and although she is going home her physio will continue for a few more weeks most likely, bea and debbie with the help of will, matt, margaret and there daughter had helped them setting up the house



will built a ramp to help allie out on the front 3 steps as well which bea really appreciated, in that time bea was outside doing the garden and they got to know each other better, bea learning that will had lost his wife in a car accident 4 years ago and debbie was the first person he had seen since she passed, will opened up about the stupid things he did like drinking himself stupid and even getting into the white powder for a few months but his very good friend kicked his ass and will stopped all the crap and concentrated on work and being a better person, bea was surprised her opened up so much to her but thought that maybe he wanted bea to know that he wasnt just some dickhead that doesnt have his head screwed on, he works, owns his car and house, also has a farm out in the country that he goes to sometimes to take time out of the rustle and bustle of the city, bea appreciated his honesty so opened up to him about a few things with harry, they built a mutual respect since than and have been getting on well which debbie was thankful for as was allie because neither of them wanted to play referee for them



The house was painted a light sky blue and it looked absolutely amazing, will and matt did the painting while bea got into her art and went out with debbie to choose a few pieces for the house



Now debbie was at home with will, matt, margaret and tiffany there daughter setting up for a bbq for allie's home coming while bea went to the hospital in the car she had just bought the day before, they had debbie's to use but she was going back to uni so bea and allie needed a car and bea remembered allie talking about her favorite car so wanting to make her woman happy went out and got one, it cost a bit but bea didnt care as long as allie was happy, heading inside the rehab she signed in and went to allie's room smiling when allie walked out of the bathroom 



'hey baby



'babe your here, i missed you... she went to bea and wrapped her arms around the redhead kissing her lips, allie was able to walk but very slow and with a cane, she was improving everyday



'i missed you too, hmm you smell so good allie...., bea said rubbing her nose on allie's neck



'i just got out of the shower



'you smell delicious, are are you ready to go?






'okay well you get a head start i will grab your stuff and catch up, are you sure you dont want a wheel chair?



'no babe i want to do it myself, i just might take a while



'i dont care about that, i would wait forever for you



'babe.... allie giggled.... 'that was so cheesy and cute as fuck..... bea laughed



'get going, here put your jacket on



'thanks.... bea packed allie's stuff while allie began walking out, bea caught up about half way with allie's bags thrown over her shoulder, somehow debbie had gotten allie so many clothes that there were 2 soccer bags full



'where is your paperwork allie?



'i have to get it from the front desk



'okay.... once they got the paperwork and thanked the staff for there help they walked outside and to a bench



'allie sit down i will bring the car around



'okay babe..... bea pulled up in the red audi and allie's mouth fell open



'holy shit babe you bought this?



'i did, i got it for us 2






'because we need a car



'but this one?



'i remember you telling me you loved this car so i got it for us.... bea said putting allie's bags in the car and helped allie get in before getting in herself and began driving



'this is amazing, its so clean.... bea laughed



'everything in this car and you look at how clean it is.... allie giggled



'cant help it, babe its beautiful



'so you like it?



'i love it, not as much as you but i still love it.... she grabbed one of bea's hands and kissed it, they arrived home not too long later



'this is home baby



'its nice, i want to see inside..... they burst out laughing when debbie ran outside and stacked it as she ran towards the car... 'your daughter is so clumsy



'oh i know, she falls from the air touching her.... debbie opened the door huffing



'im so happy your home



'its good to be home, are you okay deb? you took a big fall



'ah yea im good, come on lets go inside...... she helped allie out of the car and they walked up towards the house



'stairs, shit



'its okay, will built a little ramp watch...... debbie pulled out the fold up ramp and allie smiled






'i know right, come on.... they walked up the ramp and inside the house bea right beside them, she dropped the bags and began showing allie around with debbie



'so what do you think allie?



'this place is amazing babe, the colour looks really good in here as well



'yea i thought the same, come out the back we are having a bbq with matt, tiffany, margaret and will



'oh cool, im very hungry



'of course you are..... bea smiled, debbie went ahead and made room on the special seat they got for allie



'hey your home, welcome home allie



'thanks matt.... they all greeted the blonde and than sat down to eat, allie looked at bea as her hair blew in the slight wind, a big smile on her face as she laughed at debbie being a clown, this is what allie ever wanted, a family, a roof over her head and to be with the most amazing woman in her life, bea turned her head to see allie watching her



'your staring allie



'i know



'stop staring



'never, i love you.... bea smiled and kissed allie



'i love you too