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Prison Wars

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3 years later



The last 3 years have been crazy, allie healed really well from the damage the fight did to her body, she went through 6 months of home rehab but eventually was able to walk on her own and without a cane



debbie had finished uni and with her mum had opened up a hair salon/coffee shop that was doing amazing, they had drummed up so much business after allie had organized a huge opening day



franky, boomer, liz and maxine have all been out of jail for a little while, apart from franky who passed her bars to be a lawyer the others were hired in debbie and bea's shop



They held poetry nights every friday night, they had special days where franky made her special caramel swirl buns, while debbie, liz and boomer ran the coffee shop maxine and bea ran the salon out the back, it was great and working together made it easier because they all trusted each other



Allie herself had surprised bea with wanting to have her own boutique, she told bea that when she lived on the streets she would always pass them and was envy of the nice clothes that she thought she would never have, bea made it happen for her though, she took out a small loan and made it happen presenting allie with the keys a year ago only 4 shops down from there cafe/salon



'hey maxi im just going to go see allie, you alright to hold the fort?



'no worries sweety, you take your time



'thanks maxi..... bea went to debbie who was marking the counter 



'where are you off too mum?... debbie smirked knowing exactly where she was going, everyday since allie opened the shop bea goes at exactly 3.30 with a caramel shake and donut to allie's shop



'you know where



'yea i do. here the order is ready



'thanks deb, i wont be long



'okay..... debbie shook her head at her mum and smiled, debbie had noticed when they all started living together that the blonde had a huge impact on her mum, she was always smiling and giggling, allie would chase her around the house both of them laughing, she would always find them in the pool when it was hot or snuggled on the couch when it was cold, they fell asleep on the couch together quite a few times snuggled into each other like there life depended on it and maybe in there case it did. she loved the relationship and what it represented, it helped her with her own at times, debbie and will have been strong since day one, they are stupidly happy and debbie had an announcement to make to them all so grabbed her phone to send a message to everyone



'hey mofos, bbq at our place tonight at 7, its friday night so party time, byo alcohol 



once she sent it she called will who picked up after a couple rings



'hey beautiful



'hey babe, you at work?



'yea just on lunch, thanks for that by the way, its my favorite.... debbie made will lunch whenever she could because she knows how busy he gets and has no time to go out and get something, she made him chicken with rice and mushroom sauce



'no worries babe, so i messaged everyone for the bbq tonight and all the responses are coming through as yes, you ready for it?



'i think so, im scared what your mum and allie would say



'me to to be honest, but its time to tell them



'true, alright what do you need me to bring?



'can you go to the shops and i will send you a list, i will get the ice on my way home



'no deb, i dont want you to carry anything heavy, i will get it, just write it on the list



'are you sure?



'of course baby girl, i will bring some sweets as well



'you too good to me



'no way babe, your too good for me



'i love you will



'i love you too babe, i gotta get back to work but i will see you later on



'bye.... hanging up debbie put her phone down and served the next customer





Allie was hanging up some clothes when the door opened and in walked bea 



'hey babe



'hey baby, be careful up there, its dangerous.... bea said putting the shake and donut down than holding the ladder



'im fine babe, im coming down..... she carefully stepped down and into bea's arms kissing her  'hi..... allie smiled



'hi to you, i missed you



'i missed you too, i bought you a snack



'i can see... allie said than continued to kiss her woman again  'but i would rather have you.... bea giggled when allie squeezed her ass



'allie we cant, behave yourself



'ugh fine but later



'im yours



'good, did you see the text debbie sent?... allie said sitting down  taking a bite of her donut



'yea as i was walking here, wonder what its about?



'dont know but i love a bbq babe, i loves me some ribs.... bea laughed



'i know you do, i will make sure deb gets them



'why thank you, here eat... she shoved the donut at bea who rolled her eyes and took a bite



'fuck deb makes some good donuts



'true that babe, so you excited for our weekend away this week?



'i cant wait, its been a long time since we got a couple nights alone



'make sure you bring albert 



'why did you name it that alli? its weird..... 2 years ago allie and bea have been experimenting with sexual contents and found the vibrating strap on was there favorite, allie thought it was a great idea to name it 'albert'



'its cute,... bea shook her head



'well i will make sure to pack it



'good, because i want to fuck you so hard your eyes will roll to the back of your head.... bea shivered when allie ran her finger across her chest



'cant wait... bea croaked out, she stood up and cleared her throat  'i got to get back to work, behave yourself baby



'i will try



'you do that.... kissing allie she left the shop laughing when allie whistled loudly, getting back to the shop she grabbed a coffee



'hey deb allie said to tell you to make sure you have ribs for tonight



'i do dont worry



'what do you need me to do?



'can you actually pick up the meat for me? i ordered and paid for it but they are going to marinate it all and than we can put it straight on the bbq



'sure thing sweetheart, what is tonight about anyways?



'you will find out tonight mum, now go back to work



'yes boss.... bea laughed and walked back to her shop






Will arrived hands full with shopping, bea helped him and they put everything on the benches in the kitchen



'thanks bea



'no worries, what do we have here?



'i dont know, deb sent me a list so here it is, where is she?..... just than debbie walked into the kitchen



'im right here babe... she kissed his cheek  'thank you for getting everything



'no worries baby



'deb what are you making?



'salad, potato bake and ceasar salad



'sounds good, how about i make the potato bake and you make the salads?



'sure mum, babe why dont you have  a shower and relax?



'i will thanks.... will went to debbie's room to get some clothes, he doesnt live with them but he does stay sometimes and has clothes there for when needed



bea was cutting up the potatoes when she felt arms snake around her waist and soft lips on her neck



'hey babe do you need help?



'im good thanks, when did you get home?



'about 20 minutes away, i had a shower and now im here, how about i make you girls a drink?



'yes please, i will have a scotch and coke



'deb beer?



'no thanks, just  a coke for me with lots of ice




'coming right up.... allie made there drinks and than the guests came so she let them in and greeted them, franky, bridget, maxine with her partner, boomer, liz, matt, margaret and there daughter, allie's grandparents, brothers, wives and kids,  and some other friends



'where is red?



'there all through there, go on.... an hour later they all sat down to eat dinner, bea smiling as she watched allie pile her plates with ribs and than sat down to eat like no ones elses business. they enjoyes dinner together and than cleaned up



'alright so what is tonight about deb? you have kept us in the dark long enough



'alright franky i will tell you, hey babe come here.... will came and stood next to debbie and all eyes were on them



'okay so we have couple of things to tell you all, first thing first is..... she pulled something out of her pocket and put it on her hand



'will asked me to marry him and  said yes..... everyone jumped up and cheered, congratulating the couple



'you have more news deb?.... allie asked



'im 2 months  pregnant.... bea and allie's mouth fell open in shock, debbie nervously waited for there reactions, bea walked to her daughter and held her face between her hands 



'im so proud of how far you have come



'your not mad?



'definitely not, im so happy for you, both of you, im going to be a grandma



'yea you are mum..... they hugged for a while and than allie and the rest of them gave there congrats to the couple



'cheers to will and debbie, congratulations of your engagement and your little bundle of joy.... franky announced and they spent the night celebrating, allie, bea and franky thought it was a good idea to get plastered and bridget had to take a drunk franky  home



The next day bea and allie woke up completely hung over, allie groaned and put her head on bea's shoulder



'i cant handle the light babe



'me too, we forgot to close the blind



'you do it



'allie you do it... bea moaned



'please bea, i just cant



'ugh fine.... bea got out of bed carefully and closed the blinds than got back into bed



'much better, thank you, my head is throbbing



'me too 



'here lay back i will massage your head bea..... bea did just that and moaned when allie's fingers ran through her hair



'its feels so good baby, thank you





'happy to do it babe, we really should have some aspirin and have a shower



'i know, i guess we should and than we can come back to bed



'good idea..... they got up and had a shower together, both helping each other as they were a little unstable, heading downstairs debbie and will were there



'morning mum, allie, how you feeling?



'like death all warmed up.... debbie giggled



'you hungry? will is cooking.... allie groaned



'i cant stomach that



'me neither, i think some fruit will do better for us



'let me cut it up for you mum



'no deb i will do it, you need to rest



'mum im pregnant not dying



'no i know but just sit down, it was a big night



'fine... debbie huffed  



'so how are you feeling deb? any morning sickness?



'yep lots, for the last month



'how the hell did i miss you being sick?... bea said and shook her head confused



' it normally happens when im about to shower so you cant hear it over the water



'im sorry deb, i should have known



'oh mum i hid it on purpose, we wanted to announce it in our own time, we needed to be sure it would take



'what does that mean deb?.... debbie looked at will who nodded



'8 months ago i fell pregnant but i lost it 4 weeks in



'oh baby im so sorry... bea went over to her and hugged her not so little girl... 'im sorry you went through that



'it was hard but we got through it, i didnt tell you because you have been through that and i didnt want to upset you



'deb im your mum and i want to be there to support you no matter what, both of you



'thanks mum but we are okay, we are both so happy about this little one, the doctor says its doing well



'thats great deb, it you need anything just let me know



'thanks mum, you both should go rest allie is falling asleep.... bea smiled as allie was leaning against the fridge her eyes closing



'yea alright, come on babe lets go to sleep.... allie nodded and held bea's hand as they went back to there room, bea made allie have some fruit and took a couple aspirin than laid down, bea sat up against the wall eating her fruit and rubbing allie's head as she watched some tv, allie had laid her head in bea's lap and had fallen asleep quite quickly, once bea finished her fruit she decided she needed to get debbie and will a baby gift and an engagement gift, scrolling through online she knew she wanted to buy a cot and changing table for the baby and maybe a gift basket, as for the engagement she wasnt sure and would allie to help her with that one, putting her phone down she laid down and pulled allie into her arms causing her to moan



'shuuu its okay baby.... alie snuggled into her chest and bea loved this, she loved when allie reached out for her in bed, or she always needed to be close to her no matter what she was doing, bea absolutely loved this woman and knew she would want to spent the rest of her life with her, she needed to make allie hers forever, she had to talk to debbie but she knew debbie loved allie and wouldnt have a problem with it, it was time, it was time to ask allie to marry her






The next day bea and allie were both back to there usual self, allie was even being cheeky when bea was trying to make dinner and the blonde was behind her with her arms wrapped around the redhead and kissing her neck, her wondering hands making there way under bea's t-shirt and having a mind of there own



'allie you gotta stop that..... bea said huskily, she was definitely turned on but couldnt do anything about it as debbie and will were due home any minute and dinner was nearly ready



'i cant help myself, i want you so much right now, fuck i want you all the time, if i could roll you up and put you in my pants all day and night i would... bea giggled, this chick was so random 



'i mean it does sound good baby but im going to burn the food if you dont stop



'ugh fine... allie said stepping back  'what can i do to help?



'set the table please.... allie began to walk off  'but allie?







'later tonight in bed, im gonna fuck you till you forget your name.... allie wriggled her eyebrows and did a little happy jiggle before going and setting the table, the door opened a few minutes later



'mum were home



'in the kitchen deb.... debbie and will walked in a few seconds later kissing her mums cheek



'smells good mum, what are you making?



'steak  with mash and mushroom sauce, allie also made a salad



'yum, do we have time for a shower?



'yes, make it quick



'yes boss, come on babe we can shower together.... debbie giggled as will blushed, she always embarrassed him and secretly her loves it, he did the same in front of there friends, 20 minutes later they were all sitting around the table eating dinner



'oh mum its so good



'thanks deb



'ahem... allie coughed  and debbie rolled her eyes



'yes allie your salad is great as well



'i worked hard on it



'it shows



'hey deb after dinner do you guys have any plans?



'nope, but i do want something sweet



'well how about you come for a drive with me to get something?



'sure mama...... allie and will cleaned up while debbie went with her mum to the cake shop, debbie side eyed her mum, she looked to be overthinking and worried



'alright whats wrong mum?



'hmm, no nothing



'come on mum its me, i know you and something important is on your mind so out with it



'alright but no one knows, you have to keep this to herself



'yes yes alright, tell me



'i want to ask allie to marry me.... bea said and put the car in park in front of the cake shop



'seriously? thats freaking awesome mum






'of course mum, what are you worried about?



'well you firstly



'me? mum i love allie and im surprised it took you so long



'so your okay with it?



'absolutely, its time to make it official, you have my full blessing



'thanks deb... bea smiled and than frowned






'shit, i have to ask her, what if she says no?.... debbie let out a belly laugh at her mums face



'oh mum she would never say no, she would have married you the first day she met you



'maybe not the first day, i pushed her up into the bench in the storage room.... debbie laughed



'your such a bad ass mum



'i had to be



'i know, anyways allie would never say no, so how are you going to do it?



'i have a couple ideas let me tell you.....  y the time they arrived home bea had a good plan in hand thanks to her amazing daughter, they sat down to have dessert together with allie pulling bea into her lap, debbie made gagging noises when she could hear allie being totally cheesy with bea



'shush up you little brat, i will tickle you deb



'na uh mama, im pregnant and my bladder isnt my best friend, i will pee myself.... everyone laughed at her serious face expression even will



'babe stop laughing, you know its true



'i sure do, especially after last sunday



'babe shuu.... debbie tried to keep him quiet



'oh what happened last sunday?.... allie asked and smirked



'yes deb what happened?..... bea said



'if i tell you, you cant tell anyone



'fine, go on



'we were at the park and will was pushing me on the swing, it just hit me that i needed to pee and will stopped the swing and helped me off, we were walking to the toilet which by the way is way too far from the equipment, anyways i was on my way there when a kid came over and started talking to me, asked me like 20 questions and eventually i had to rush off and by the time i got there it was too late



'you pee'd yourself?



'i peed myself mum, i had to get will to come home and get me a change of clothes and wipes to clean up, it was so embarrassing



'dont worry about it babe, the baby is pushing on your bladder, just try be more weary next time



'i know, i will, anyways im tired can we go to bed babe?



'sure, come on, night girls



'good night..... bea said and they went off to bed



'are you ready for bed allie?



'im not tired bea



'who said anything about sleep, come on gorgeous.... bea pulled allie up and they went to there room, bea making good on her promise by bringing allie to the brink multiple times causing her to eventually pass out, bea snuggled into the blondes tired body and kissed her chest



'i love you beautiful girl.... she too closed her eyes and fell asleep with the thoughts of the proposal