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Prison Wars

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2 weeks later



Bea had just picked up the ring she was going to propose to allie with, she had everything ready and just had to do one more thing that bea felt was really important so was heading to the cafe to meet them, parking the car she got out and headed inside looking around, she smiled when she saw allie's grandparents and brothers sitting at the booth and headed towards them



'bea sweetheart its so good to see you



'you to maria, all of you..... she hugged them all and sat down, they ordered food and drinks and maria pattered her hand



'as much as we love you whats this all about? we have ever had lunch altogether like this



'hmm yea i know, well i guess the best thing to do is show you.... she pulled the box out of her pocket and put it on the table, they all went quiet and maria picked it up 



'can i open it?.... bea nodded and maria did so, she gasped 



'i want all of your permission to ask all to marry me?.... she asked and maria looked up



'of course you can bea, your the best thing to ever happen to my grand baby, she is so happy with you and the life you 2 have built together, you have our full blessing, all of us



'thank you so much



'now tell us how your going to do it..... bea smiled and went on to tell them what debbie had helped her organize







allie had just arrived home on a saturday to see debbie sitting at the table



'hey deb where is your mum?



'out at the moment, she said she will be back to pick you up at 5 for your dinner plans



'okay cool. what time is it now?






'alright well im going to shower and start getting ready



'alright, would you like a beer or something?



'not right now thanks deb, you feeling alright?



'yea im good, a bit tired so im going to lay down



'are you going to be alright on your own tonight deb?



'oh yea, will is coming after work and we are going to have dinner together



'okay good, well im off....... allie went upstairs and jumped into the shower taking longer than normal as she had to shave, drying off she put her robe on and went to hers and bea's room and began doing her hair, her phone beeping showing a text message from bea



'hey beautiful girl, sorry i wasnt there when you got home but i have a few things to do, behind the door there is a dress i got for you for tonight and matching shoes in your closet in a box, i cant wait to see you, i love you so very much baby xxoo..... allie smiled and stood up going to the door seeing a bag hanging, she unzipped it and gasped and ran her fingers over the fabric



'its beautiful babe, i love you too, see you soon xoxo..... putting the phone down she finished off getting ready and finally coming into the kitchen with 2 minutes to spare, taking a big breath she herself was nervous, they were celebrating there anniversary and allie herself had something special for bea and was very nervous to give it to her, hearing the front door open she heard bea gasp as she turned to face her



'allie you look absolutely beautiful



'well thanks to my amazing girlfriend that got me this beautiful outfit.... allie said and twirled, 'you look amazing in your suit babe....  bea walked closer and kissed her on the lips



'your girlfriend is very lucky to have you



'i think im the lucky one



'we are both lucky, you ready to go?



'are we going to eat because im so hungry?



'yes we are, come on baby.... they held hands and left the house, bea opened the door and allie slid into the car and than got in herself



'so where are we going babe?



'you will see, why dont you put some music on



'sure thing..... they mostly listened to music for 20 minutes till bea parked the car in front of allie's favorite restaurant 



'babe we are eating here? i love this place but its expensive 



'i know you do and its a special occasion so let me spoil you, stay there a moment.... bea got out and walked around to the other side and held the door open putting her hand out which allie took and got out of the car



'you ready to go in?



'yep, lets go babe.....they walked in and bea gave her name



'please follow me.... the hostess said and they followed her to the table and she pulled out the chairs for them



'ladies i will tell you the specials tonight, we ahve a duck with mash, asparagus and red wine jue, we also have fish with fig puree, cauliflower and cheese with cheese dressing, and lastly we have vegetarian lasagna with a garden salad



'it all sounds good  



'you know what, bring us all 3 specials as well as a bowl of hot chips and 2 sides of mushroom sauce



'babe thats a lot of food.... allie said



'i know but you want them all so we get them all to share... bea said holding allie's hand



'your the best bea



'you are



'awwww... the waitress said and they both looked up 'you 2 are so damn cute... they both giggled



'thanks, alright so thats our order and allie red wine?



'i would like just some water right now



'me too, thank you



'great i will put your order in, wont take too long girls.... the waitress walked off and put through there order 



'so tell me about your day? hows the shop?



'yea it was good, i opened for a few hours and received a delivery, sorted some stock and had a donut for lunch



'allie, that is not lunch



'i know but some of the shops were closed today because its the weekend so i just got a donut and coffee



'so your really hungry?



'babe im starving, i need food stat



'here let me butter you a bread roll



'thank you bea..... luckily there food had arrived 15 minutes later and they absolutely loved everything, bea knows allie can eat but she ate like her life depended on it, her poor baby was so hungry and bea had to make sure that she made allie lunch for the future



'oh im stuffed babe..... allie said and rubbed her belly



'so no desert?... bea raised and eyebrow



'well you know, i gotta have a little somethin somethin.... bea giggled



'how about we share something?



'that would be great babe..... they shared a desert and than bea paid not letting allie look at the bill, grabbing allie's hand they left the place and got into the car and bea began driving



'where are we going?



'just for a drive, you up for it?



'as long as your there im happy to go anywhere



'good to know..... bea pulled up at the beach not too long later and they got out



'take your shoes off allie, we can walk on the sand



'alright babe..... they put there shoes in the car and locked it before taking allie's hand and walked onto the sand, bea knew exactly where she was going and they walked along the sand



'you know allie i have never been happier than i am than im with you



'you make me happy too bea... bea smiled, they were getting closer to the racks where everything was set up with the help of bridget and franky, bea was so nervous as they rounded the racks and allie saw a patio area fully lit up with fairy lights and candles



'bea whats all this?



'come with me allie.... they walked up the few stairs and stood in the middle of the heart shaped candles, she turned to face allie  and took a big breath



'allie today signifies the first day we got together all those years ago, the way you kissed me that day made me feel so special, there hasnt been a day since that i havent felt loved by you, i love you more than anything and i have a question for you.... she took a step back and pulled out the box from her pocket and kneeled down on one knee




'ALLIE NOVAK WILL YOU MARRY ME?....... bea said so nervously she felt like she would throw up



Allie stood staring at bea, she never thought bea would be the one doing this, she watched bea's nervous face and decided to put her out of her misery, she herself dropped to her knees in front of the redhead



'bea i cant believe you did all this for me, but i need to show you something.... allie put her hand into her bra and took out the ring she had herself



'you beat me to it, i wanted to ask you bea......bea chuckled and took a breath






'your just too greedy... allie laughed  'bea smith will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?



'i asked you first allie



'i guess you did, well my answer is definitely yes, now answer my question



'my answer is definitely yes, of course its yes allie..... they laughed and put the rings on each other fingers



'were engaged..... allie beamed 



'yea we are baby, i love you so much



'i love you too babe, what now?



'i got us a room at a hotel for the night



'great, lets go i really want you in my arms, naked.... bea giggled when allie pulled her hand and they rushed to the car



'babe lets get going



'alright baby..... they arrived at the hotel 20 minutes later and bea checked them in and they went up to there room, the second the door closed allie jumped into bea's arms and kissed her so sexily that bea moaned loudly



'take me too bed babe, i want to fuck you...... they spent the night making love, bea taking out there toy bringing allie to the brink over and over again before they fell into a deep slumber







The next day they arrived home in the afternoon to an excited debbie who was in the kitchen



'so? how was your night?



'amazing, were engaged.... allie said showing the ring to the younger girl who squealed and jumped into there arms



'oh my god im so excited, wait mum... she said taking her hand seeing another ring  'where did this come from?



'oh deb sit down and we will tell you what happened..... they sat down with some hot chocolate and explained how the night went and that they both proposed to each other



'woah thats so cool, are you both happy?



'more than anything.... allie said and wrapped her arm around the redhead



'thats so freaking cute, so now were all getting married, how is this going to work?



'well we spoke about it this morning and decided on small and intimate, on the beach and sooner than later



'makes sense mum, i think we were gonna do the same, i want to be able to fit into a dress before i get too fat so we were thinking in 2 months.... bea's eyes went wide



'2 months deb? shit thats not long



'i know but i have already started with the list



'well we can help in any way deb



'that would be good because will works so much so he can only do a couple things



'we can definitely help, show us your list



'no no firstly we need to have an engagement party for you both



'we dont need that deb



'we have to at least do a bbq with the closest? come on, tonight.... seeing debbie was excited they agreed to a small bbq



'okay fine, but nothing too big






'alright what can we do?



'the shopping, i will write you a list and i will text everyone



'you and your bbq's deb



'ya know i loves me a good bbq mama



'that i do........ debbie gave them the list and they headed off to the shops while called franky to come over and help, she had text everyone and they were all in, no one knew but debbie and of course allie's family since bea asked them for permission




bea and allie were strolling through the isles collecting everything on the list debbie gave them, also grabbing a few extra things for house they needed



'babe can we get ice cream?



'of course allie, which one do you want?



'them 2.... allie pointed and bea picked up the 2 boxes and put them in the trolley



'anything else?



'umm the cheesecake.... allie said so cutely that bea just had to kiss her



'anything for you baby, now lets finish shopping, i can see your tired and you need a nap..... allie nodded, they arrived home 45 minutes later and packed everything away, franky and debbie were out the pack setting up some tables and chairs as well as cleaning



'hey guys we are going to have a nap if thats all right?



'thats fine mum



'do you need help with the food?



'no, franky is going to do the food prep



'okay, if you need us just come and wake us



'no sweat red go and relax..... bea grabbed allie's hand they went to there room. bea undressed allie leaving her in undies and a t-shirt



'get into bed baby



'your coming right?



'of course..... they both slid into bed and pulled the quilt over themselves



'you warm enough?



'yep... allie said snuggling into bea's chest, she smiled when she felt bea kiss the top of her head..... 'this is my favorite position



'well i mean we have had many positions..... allie giggled



'your so naughty babe



'me? never, im innovent



'yea yea you keep telling yourself that.... allie mumbled as her eyes closed



'go to sleep..... bea whispered, they both fell asleep







'fiance..... allie whispered into bea's ear  'hey fiance wake up..... she giggled when she kissed bea on the nose and the redhead scrunched up her nose before opening her eyes



'hey babe, you gotta get up



'hmm, what time is it?



'its 5.30, we gotta shower and get dressed before anyone else comes



'okay, you get started i will join you soon.... allie smiled and undressed her self throwing her clothes at bea



'cheeky little shit..... bea mumbled when allie jiggled her ass walking into the bathroom, bea stretched her body and than threw the blanket off and headed into the bathroom undressing as she went, wrapping her arms around the blonde from behind she kissed her neck



'took your time babe



'did you miss me?



'i always miss you bea.... allie turned around and put her arms around bea's neck  'did you sleep alright?



'i slept perfectly because you were there, i cant believe i get to spent the rest of my life with you.... allie blushed



'stop it.... she said shyly



'baby are you blushing? aww thats so cute, i love when you blush



'shut up bea, its not cute



'oh yea it is, its so sexy



'shut up babe..... bea giggled when allie tickled her sides



'allie stop it



'make me...... bea did just that when she kissed the blonde, not just any kiss, it took the blondes breath away, bea didnt stop there, she made sure allie came in her hands twice before they finished there shower



'fuck.... allie said laying on the bed naked with her hand over her eyes



'you right there allie?



'hmmm, you too good at that babe



'too much?..... bea asked pulling allie's hand away looking nervous



'never, i can never get enough of you being this close to me



'good, now get dressed



'yes boss.....  they got dressed and headed out to the kitchen



'hey you sleepy heads are up



'hey franky, do you need help?



'you could set up the snacks, there on the table there



'sure thing, where is deb?



'having a shower, will just got home so there getting showered and changed



'okay, i will do the snacks, baby why dont you go and get ice for the drinks?



'no worries, do we need anything else while im out?



'oh can you pick up the sweets, deb ordered them they just need picking up



'sure thing, wont be long.... allie walked out of the house and drove up



'so red you gonna tell me what tonight is about?



'hmm nope not yet, you can wait like the rest of them



'oh come on tell me, im your bestie



'doesnt matter, you will find out later on



'ugh fine..... franky finished the rice and helped bea put the snacks out, a meat and cheese platter, crackers, a bowl of lollies and a few bowls of chips



'alright thats all set up, how about a drink red?



'sounds good..... within the next hour everyone had turned up and was enjoying drinks and snacks, boomer and will were on the bbq and allie was sitting on bea's lap when her phone rang



'its the prison.... she said looking worried, allie had been seeing kaz once a fortnight since she got out, they had fixed there relationship and were better than ever



'answer it allie



'im just gonna go inside



'okay.... allie walked inside and answered, coming back out 20 minutes later bea looked up



'whats wrong? is it bad? did something happen to kaz?



'umm well she is being let out



'what? how?



'that was vera bennett, she said that for the last year kaz has been working with the fbi to get control of the drug situation in wentworth, it had gotten really bad so they asked her as the top dog to get on board and help them take the supplier down, it ended up being supplied by a chinese drug lord and thanks to kaz they have been taken down. tina, kim and there group were running them inside and the whole operation has been broken up



'wow, so they cut her sentance?



'yes, her and her crew will walk out tomorrow free



'wow, thats huge, thats amazing news baby



'it really is, i got to speak to her for a couple minutes, i told her about us



'what did she say?



'she is stoked, says she cant wait to celebrate with us



'me too, we will pick her up tomorrow, do you know what time she will be let out?



'after lunch, about 1



'okay, we will go pick her up



'she needs a place to live, there setting her up in the bedsit, the other girls all have people to stay with 



'she will live with us






'of course allie, she is family and we have the room



'thank you, i love you bea



'i love you too, now lets get the rest of the food set up because the meat is nearly done, debbie looks tired.... they both looked over to see debbie snuggled into franky on the swing seat



'yea okay, she needs to rest for a while..... they set up the food with bridget and the meat was set out, everyone piled on the food and ate, everyone trying to find out what the night was about and allie just said one word  'family' 



They were having desert an hour later when franky gasped loudly causing everyone to look, she and allie put thre rings on and bought out desert at the same time



'what the hell is this?.... franky said holding bea's hand



'well.... bea said putting her arm around her fiance



'well what?



'i proposed to allie and she said yes, she also proposed to me the same night and i said yes, so we are engaged..... everyone cheered and jumped up congratulating the happy couple



'im so happy for you red, you deserve it.... franky whispered in her ear, bea squeezed her tightly



'thank you franky, you made this happen, you saved my life and i could never thank you enough



'i would do it all over again



'i know..... allie pulled out the champagne and poured everyone a glass except debbie



'i just want to say how happy i am to have bea in my life, i never thought i would find the love of my life and i am so happy i did, i love you babe, now and forever



'i love you too allie.... they shared a sweet kiss and everyone cheered, a few hours later debbie had fallen asleep on the swing seat



'hey bea im going to get deb to bed and than i will come back out to clean



'its fine will i got it, take care of my girl, do you need help?



'no im good thanks... will picked up debbie like a feather and walked inside to there room



'hey red bidge and i will help clean up before we leave



'thanks franky, oh by the way kaz and her crew get out tomorrow



'what? how did that happen?.... bea went on to tell them what allie had told her



'wow, thats awesome red, allie would be so happy



'she is, so much has changed and i couldnt be happier



'you deserve it red, all of it



'im beginning to believe it franky,....... they all cleaned up and once franky and bridget left the other 2 headed to bed, allie practically flopped into bed fully clothed



'im so tired



'i can tell baby, here let me help you undress..... bea stripped them both down and got into bed sharing kisses



'i have never been happier



'me too allie, i love you so very much



'i love you too beautiful..... they fell asleep not too long later







3 months later debbie was married to will, it was a beautiful wedding, bea and allie were able to walk her down the isle, she had a cute medium baby bump but looked absolutely beautiful in her dress




a few months later debbie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, she was a little dark like will, had blue eyes which no one is sure where they came from but debbie says it comes from her grandma allie, she also has little curls that were like debbie and bea, she was healthy and happy, her name was andria bea alice jackson




3 months later bea and allie tied the knot at the beach, they had gone back and forth for a while as to how they would get married and decided the beach is the best place, they spend so much time there and allie really wanted an outdoor wedding, bea of course wore a white suit with black heels but did have a blue handkerchief in her pocket and a blue tie to match allie's blue eyes




allie had on a beautiful mermaid wedding dress with silver heels, her hair up with a few strands hanging around her face, bea cried when she saw her beautiful bride and was happy to be spending the rest of her life with her 




5 years later bea and allie decided to adopt a young boy called jack, young jack was 7 years old and had lost his whole family in a car accident, it took about a year for the young boy to finally let his walls down and accept allie and bea as his new parents




In this time bridget and franky married and bridget gave birth to twin boys alex and allie, both had bea as there middle name and westfall-doyle like there parents, they were cheeky and now 5 years old, they loved rumbling with bea and especially loved hanging with there aunt boomer, 




boomer herself had fallen madly in love with the last person that would happen with, maxine, boomer and maxine were also married and boomer was now happily pregnant with maxine's baby after maxine had frozen sperm from before transitioning 




liz had been hit with dementia 3 years ago and had deteriorated quickly, 8 months later she had passed away and they all grieved there dear beloved mother




kaz had come out of prison a different person to who she was going in, she wasnt angry at the world so much and decided to put herself to good use, she along with her crew opened up a huge shelter for battered woman and children, she also had a shelter for men that needed help, she no longer hated men and because she let down her walls has now got an amazing man that takes her as she is, crazy and all as allie would say




it has now been 10 years since bea and allie have been out of prison and what a decade it has been, they have invited everyone to the beach for a bbq, it wasnt cold or hot but perfect weather to just relax, everyone turned up at roughly the same time, bea was sitting on the blanket when she heard them all yell





'BEA BEA BEA...... she turned her head to see the twins, debbie's daughter, there son jack who had spent the night with debbie all running towards her, they jumped on her and she tickled them and laughed




'hey you little buggers..... they loved bea, in fact everyone around them right now was family, one big dysfunctional family. they had all eaten and than were having donuts, canolli's and profiteroles for dessert, allie was sitting between bea's legs leaning back into her chest stuffing her face, allie hadnt changed, the blonde like debbie thought 'food was life' so she wasnt surprised to see allie comfortably eating and enjoying herself




'do you want another one allie?




'a canolli please, there so yum.... bea passed her one and kissed her cheek




'you know allie








'although i hate how i got there, going to jail was one of the best things to ever happen to me








'yes, what i did to him, he deserved it and much more..... harry had been killed in prison 5 years ago because he thought he was king shit and took on top dog, he was taken out completely and no one shed a tear for him, not even debbie




'he sure did babe




'i wish i never put debbie through that either, it was hard for her




'im sure it was but look at her babe, she is so happy and if she didnt meet will in jail she wouldnt have her perfect family




'thats true, i always think about the day i met you




'shit when you pushed me into that storage and held me against the bench, i fucking shit myself....bea chuckled




'yea sorry about that, i had to make sure you werent a threat




'i know and i forgive ya




'gee thanks, anyways i remember when you turned around to face me, i was captivated for sure








'yep, your eyes were so blue and i was immediately addicted




'i have to admit i knew who you were from the papers, when i saw you i fell in love with you straight away, im so happy i went to jail, crazy right




'i think we are both crazy, but im so crazy in love with you allie and i wouldnt change a thing




'me too babe, i love you more than i can ever show or say, your my world




'and your mine, prison was a war and we all won..... leaving a kiss to allie's cheek she looked over the family, everyone was laughing, smiling, giggling and messing around, prison may have been a war but her and her  warriors came out on top, love conquers all







THE END!!!!!