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Prison Wars

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allie couldnt believe that she had gotten 10 years for something she never really wanted to get into to start with, although in saying that she wanted to seek revenge for what had happened to her and other woman, she wanted to do whats the police/courts didnt do to take care of them, she wanted justice so when her savior kaz made RRR- the red right hand she was very hesitant but in the end kaz sold it to her as getting justice, now she was at wentworth prison and had just been strip searched which wasnt a big deal to her as in her previous profession a lot of people had seen her body, she was now being escorted to h3 block where she found kaz and all her crew setting up house per say,

walking into her cell she put her laundry basket down and sat on the bed sighing, one good thing about being locked up was she got a bed, roof over her head and food in her belly and to top it off she was housed in the block right next to her idol and top dog, sexy top dog she always said to herself but the top dog bea smith, the reason allie did finally crack and join kaz was because kaz said it was in the name of bea smith and what she did to her abusive husband that made them want to get revenge, being pulled from her thoughts when kaz stood at her door

'im sorry bubba, it wasnt meant to be like this

'i know but it is and we cant change this... allie said angrily, she had tried not to be angry during court and at the other prison they were held at till they got there sentences and were sent to wentworth

'how can i make this better?

'you cant, i just need time kaz

'but we need to stick together

'i know that kaz and i am with you, out there in the grounds i will be with you but im not gonna lie and say we are good right now... kaz nodded

'i understand, we are going to lunch soon

'okay i will be out in a few minutes.... with that kaz left and allie got up and set up her cell, her home for the next ten years, she had no possessions except a photo of her and kaz and a photo of the crew which she pinned up, she dressed her bed and than walked out to the common room and walked with kaz and the crew to the dinner room, looks were thrown at them from anyone that passed but they just ignored them, entering the hall they went to the food bay and loaded up there trays and sat down, kaz looked at allie's tray and there was barely anything on it

'allie you need to eat

'im fine

'bubba you need to eat

'kaz im not hungry so just drop it... just than the door opened and there she was walking in tall, strong, shoulders up, red curls tied up and all eyes were on her, the whole place went quiet as bea led her crew to get food and than sit at what allie assumed to be the top dogs table, once bea began eating everyone else went back to there own food and chatter, allie herself had a few spoons of food but wasnt really in the mood to eat which is weird considering she eats like a horse normally

'wow she is strong... mel said from allie's crew

''she is definitely beautiful... another one said and allie didnt respond she just leaned her cheek on her hand slouched like she was bored or just not interested, although she knew all that about the top dog but there was more to her, much more to her, allie felt like there was someone looking at her so she looked up a little and looked around stopping when she saw it was bea looking at kaz and than herself, she felt her hand get sweaty and her cheeks go slightly red

'allie are you okay? your cheeks are red..... allie looked to kaz and nodded

'im fine just not feeling well, i think im going to go and lay down

'i will come with you bubba

'no, im fine kaz

'you cant be on your own allie its not safe, we have to travel in pairs at least

'i will be fine, no one knows me and im going to the unit..... allie said a little louder than she intended but she was frustrated, getting up she took off out of the mess hall, she decided to just walk around for a while since she needed to get used to where she was and where everything was, she had tried different hallways and rooms finding the library, study area, the outside area which had basketball courts and some chairs and tables for people to sit, she ventured back inside going down another hallway which seemed to be deserted,

unbeknown to her bea had taken an interest in allie when she saw her little out burst in the mess hall so she was following alie to see what she was up to, seeing her walk down the corridor that everyone knew led to a storage room and thats it she followed her quietly,

allie saw a door at the end of the corridor and opened it going in and looking around, as she went to turn around and leave she felt someone smash her into the bench there

'what the fuck are you doing? bea hissed in her ear

'i..i..i...... allie wasnt able to form a sentence as she was petrified

'i wont ask you again... bea demanded

'i was just... looking, im new, i dont know my way around.... bea could feel allie shaking against her own body so she took a step back and let allie go

'turn around... allie turned and saw none other than bea smith, top dog 'whats your name?

'allie, allie novak... bea nodded

'your part of kaz's crew? allie nodded

'yes i am, we... she was cut off by bea putting her hand up to shush her

'i know what you do and i dont condone it, you cant just take the law into your own hands

'you dont understand bea

'really? how so? bea raised her eyebrow, allie wasnt sure if she should say anything but this was bea smith and she wanted someone, just anyone to understand why she did what she did, so she pulled herself up and sat on the silver bench behind her and sighed

'people have always looked at me like im shit because i was a prostitute so i guess it does make me shit, always would be but when i went to the police about being raped they did a piss poor case against him because of my profession, they didnt care they kept telling me that it was my fault for being there in the first place..... allie slouched and hung her head 'i dont know i guess it probably was my fault

''its not your fault allie.... bea said and allie bit her lip as it trembled and tried not to cry, it was still raw and in some way she never dealt with it

'at court he was let off like i didnt matter, like my life doesnt matter, like my rights dont matter so when kaz presented me with the RRH and said we could get revenge on the guy i wasnt sure to start with but i wanted revenge so i went ahead with it, it wasnt half of what i would have thought we would do and he got off lightly, he got bashed and that was it but what i went through... she stopped talking closed her eyes and took a deep breath

'i dont even know why im telling you this? isnt it lagging or something?

'i wont say anything, im the top dog i want people to be open with me, im listening if you want to go on..... bea said and sat down on the floor against the door, hearing another person talking about being sexually vilified made her blood boil but in allie's case it made her heart break, allie sounded so broken and after they finished she would talk to her about getting help,

'i guess its just i thought i would get the help i needed from the police and the courts but a junkie prostitute would always be in the wrong, because when people look at me they see a dirty junkie whore

'your not that allie

'how do you know bea?

'i can see it in your eyes, i think i read people pretty well and i can see your not that at all

'maybe i should just off myself its probably easier, what have i got to live for? 10 years in this shit hole, kaz who pulled me in and got me in here? i got no family, no friends, my parents hate me, i got nothing to live for..... bea watched as allie wiped her tears

'i think your underestimating yourself allie, i feel in life your only given what you can go through, yes you have been going through a lot of shit but you have come through it

'bea i have nothing to live for

'how do you know you wont do your ten years and when you get out find the man of your dreams, settle down, have kids, build a life together

'first of all there is no man of my dreams as im a lesbian

'fine the woman of your dreams, allie you need to get out of your head and make life what it is

'i guess so, so what about you?


'yea you, what do you see in your future?

'hard to say right now, i mean i only have my daughter outside of here

'can i ask you something? you can tell me to mind my business if you want

'go ahead... bea asked interested

'your husband

'ex-husband... bea corrected her

'right, its plastered all over the media what he did to you, what made you snap? what pushed you over the edge? they sat there quietly just staring at each other bea not quite sure if she should be honest or just ell allie to mind her own business, but allie had been honest with her so she would give a little bit

'well as you know he was abusive for a long time but on that night i came home from doing a clients hair and he was laying into my daughter, like bashing the shit out of her and she was barely moving, it ticked something in me and i saw red, i tackled him to the ground and just went for it, every hit, every punch, everytime he hurt me came flashing through me and i couldnt stop, i just went for it till i heard her voice, debbie must have regained consciousness and heard me so i got off him and ran to her, i called the police and ambulance

'how bad was debbie? allie asked

'she had 2 broken ribs, a broken cheek, broken ankle, 3 broken fingers and was covered with bruises from head to toe

'what set it off?

'he was complaining that he was hungry and debbie went to make him something to eat but according to him it took to long so in his drunken state he laid into her, i tell you one thing if i could wish anyone dead it would be him

'what happened to him? bea scoffed

'he ate threw a straw for 3 months after i broke his jaw, he than ended up in prison for the assault on debbie

'what did he get?

'15 years for attempted murder, i hope the pig dies in there

'how is debbie doing after it all? bea was shocked no one really asked much about debbie even her own crew, they ask every now and than how she is when she visits but apart from that there too scared to get into a conversation about the young girl

'it took her about 2 months total to recover, i hate that i wasnt there but i was able to get her a place in the best rehab which helped out a lot, they sent me a letter once a week letting me know how she was doing because debbie would always lie and say she was fine

'she sounds strong?

'she is, she had it tough growing up but now she is flourishing at uni and so smart and beautiful... allie smiled and the smile on bea's face of how proud she is of her little girl, just than the buzzer sounded for yard time and bea stood up

'thats yard time, you should get some fresh air

'i dont really want to see anyone i just want to lay down

'listen allie i think you should talk to dr westfall, she is the physiologist here and very good

'im not crazy

'i know that allie calm down, but your head space right now is not good and you need to talk to someone

'im not good at talking

'you just talked to me for like half an hour

'i got scared you were gonna bash me, your freakin strong, i thought i was gonna go right through the bench... bea chuckled

'i need to be scary so just relax would ya, please allie i need to make sure all the woman are safe and okay, i dont want you to fall into a dark place.... allie looked into bea's big brown eyes seeing only care from her


'good, speak to a screw and tell them to make an appointment

'i will

'good, now go and have a lay down... allie nodded and jumped off the bench and walking out of the door bea held open, they walked down the hall towards the main hall and jjust before they reached the end allie looked at bea

'thank you bea

'for what?

'for being there without wanting anything.... with that allie walked towards her unit as bea went outside and sat at the top dog bench

'bea love everything alright? liz asked, liz a woman who let alcohol take over her life resulting in her killing her mother inlaw and she was now stuck on here for a very long time, although what liz did was inexcusable bea loved the older woman, she was like a mother hen to them all and always made sure bea was okay, eating properly and looking after herself

'all good liz

'did you check her out?

'i did

'well dont keep me in suspense, its just me here the others are playing ball..... bea chuckled

'she is an interesting person liz, all im going to say is watch out for her please, she has had a hard run and may need some help

'no worries love, i will watch out for her, whats her name?

'allie novak, she is part of the RRR

'oh with kaz?

'yea, she is her 2IC, just report to me anything thats out of the ordinary

'got it..... bea ended up joining the basketball game joining boomer, maxine, franky and doreen taking on the 'chinky chonks' as boomer would describe them, they ended up smashing them of course and once they were showered and had dinner they were locked in there unit H1, bea decided on an early night so after saying good night to them all she went to her cell and drew for a bit, it always helped keep her calm and relaxed, she fell asleep after 45 minutes the sketch book on her stomach and the pencil in her hand, liz went to check on her before she turned in and took the book and pencil and placed them on the table and than pulled the blanket to cover bea before retreating to her own cell telling boomer to be quiet because if she woke bea she knew bea would take away her biscuits like she did last time and than bid them all good night herself hearing franky, maxine and doreen laughing as boomer pouted

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A couple days later bea was sitting out in the yard with franky and maxine, she had only seen allie twice and the blonde wasnt fairing any better causing bea to worry about her, she wasnt sure what it was but whenever she looked at allie her heart beat so fast and it surprised her, it was like she wanted to protect the blonde but in saying that she was part of kaz's crew, yesterday she sat watching allie with her crew playing basketball, well allie was just watching from the side line as it was clear she wasnt at all athletic and bea let a little chuckle out when she saw allie try to shoot completely missing and hitting someone in the head with the ball so she was side lined and by the look on allie's face she was relieved for it

bea was bought out of her thoughts when liz came over and whispered in her ear

'go to the showers now, its allie.... bea nodded and stood up

'maxi follow... maxine without a word followed bea as she always did, maxine was very loyal and tough but oh so sweet as well, walking into the showers she felt her blood boil when she saw tina and her crew had allie against the wall she was already bleeding from her mouth, what she hated the most is allie's face and her lack of resisting she put in, it was like she was giving up

'whats going on here? she said loudly and with anger in her voice which boomed through out the shower block causing tina to stop and turn around

'what do you want?

'excuse me? did you forget who is in charge? bea said taking a step forward as did maxine 'let her go

'no she stole something from my girls

'no i didnt... allie managed to choke out as she was slammed to the wall again and bea was sure the force was going to leave bruises on her back, bea clenched her hands trying really hard to keep herself form snapping but tina's face was begging to be hit

'why is it everytime we have new girls you think they stole from you? you must think im stupid catching up to your act, i know what your doing and you better stop that shit real fast, what are the rules tina? are you supposed to come to me?

'yes but... tina couldnt even finish her sentence when bea took a step forward and grabbing at her throat tightly

'LET HER FUCKING GO NOW!!!!!! bea said and she watched as tina's girls let her go and allie slid to the floor holding the back of her head 'get out now... tina's crew ran from the showers leaving tina there on her own with bea

'im only going to say this once and once only considering how stupid you are, you have a problem with someone than come and find me, do not under and circumstances take things into your own hands, do we understand each other? tina nodded and bea let her go and tina left, in that time maxine had gone to allie and helped her to sit on the bench, she saw allie's head on the back was bleeding so she got tissues and held it on the cut

'bea.... maxine said and nodded towards allie and she came over, allie put her head in her hands not caring about her injuries, she was shaking from being scared

'are you okay?

'im fine... allie coughed out

'you have to get your head checked

'its fine, it doesnt hurt... allie stood to leave but she felt dizzy and fell causing bea to catch her

'your not fine allie sit down for a moment... bea gently placed her down and allie groaned as bea checked her head out

'bea she has a decent cut, it needs stitches... bea nodded

'how do we get her to medical without people seeing?

'i dont need to go to medical, i just want to go lay down

'not happening and stop being stubborn

'im not stubborn bea, i just dont want a big fuss

'yea well your probably concussed, what the hell happened?

'i dont even know, i was just walking around for a while and than i came in here to shower but they attacked me

'allie how many times did you hit your head?

'twice i think, i dont know... allie scrunched up her face and closed her eyes

'allie we are going to medical come on... bea and maxine helped her up and left the showers, at this stage bea didnt really care who saw them but luckily they ran into mr jackson the screw

'bea whats going on here?

'allie needs to go to medical... jackson saw bea's hand that was holding the tissues with blood and allie was struggling to stand

'alright follow me... jackson led them to the medical bay the nurse seeing the top dog opened the door and they sat allie on the bed

'whats happened here?

'i fell.... nurse rose rolled her eyes

'a lot of people tend to do that.... she said as she put on gloves and checked allie's head first

'you need a few stitches

'no im fine, no stitches.... she tried to get off the bed but bea held her there

'allie stay here, you need them

'bea i dont want them



'because why allie? allie come on you need to get stitches.... maxine ever the smart one walked over and held allie's hand rubbing it gently

'bea love i think it seems allie might be a little afraid of getting stitches, maybe she just needs some comfort... maxine smiled at allie who had a shy smile on her face

'oh umm okay than

'bea how about i stay with allie and make sure she gets fixed up, you go make sure allie is comfortable when she gets back to her unit..... bea looked to maxine and than to allie

'okay, you will be okay with maxine she is pretty cool... allie nodded

'maxi i will see you later

'of course bea.... bea left and maxine sat on the chair next to the bed 'it will be okay allie, it will be quick okay?

'okay... allie said laying on her side carefully she pretty much ached all over


bea took off and went outside to liz who sat on her own

'liz where is franky, doreen and boomer?

'there at the library, how is allie?

'how did you even know what was happening?

'i went to have a shower but when i opened the door i heard tina yell and they had grabbed young allie and i cant do anything so i came and got you

'thank you liz, she got hurt from tina, tina recons she stole something but i doubt that, tina is just starting shit with people as usual

'typical chinky chonks as boomer would say... bea laughed 'where is allie now?

'with maxi at medical, she has a cut on her head which is getting stitched up, a bruised cheek and im pretty sure bruises on her back, they slammed her so hard liz, im sick of tina's shit going after the newbies just to get leverage like she is in charge here or something

'except everyone knows who is in charge here bea and thats you

'well i think she needs to be bought down a peg or 5

'definitely love

'anyways right now can you come to the canteen to get a few things for allie?

'sure love... they both went to the canteen and bea got an extra blanket and pillow for allie, a heat/cold pack, a few bottles of drink, chips, nute and some chocolate because everyone needs comfort food, while that got sent to her own cell as when the top dog wanted something it got done straight away she and liz went to see dina in g4 asking for a some tablets for pain as allie wouldnt feel well for a few days, she wasnt even sure why she cared so much for the blonde but still couldnt hold back the worry if she tried, once she got a few tablets she went to her cell with liz and picked up the stuff for allie and went to her unit, kaz was there but no one else

kaz was clearly surprised to see the top dog in her unit and raised an eyebrow

'what can i do for you?

'which one is allie's cell?

'why do you want to know?

'because i asked, i have a few things for her.... allie nodded

'that one just there.... she pointed out and liz followed bea inside and put her things down, setting up the bed with the extra pillow and blanket hoping the extra padding would help allie's sore body and back, liz set up the snacks and drinks on the shelf as well as the fruit they got from bea's cell as they ran out at the canteen, just than they heard kaz's shocked voice and looked up to see allie walking in with maxine

'what the hell happened allie?

'i fell is all

'fuck allie your a mess

'gee thanks... allie rolled her eyes which actually hurt her head

'kaz she needs to lay down and with not much noise around her

'oh shit right, sorry bubba, do you need anything?

'just some water please.... maxine walked allie to her cell allie surprised to see bea and liz there, she shuffled in and sat down on the bed kaz bringing in the water and putting it on the table next to her bed

'girls lets leave allie to rest yea.... maxine said and she walked out followed by liz and kaz, maxine closed the door knowing bea needed a couple minutes with allie

'what about bea? kaz asked confussed

'bea always wants to make sure that anyone that gets hurt is okay, just give her a couple minutes.... kaz nodded and sat on the couch reading her book as liz and maxine shared a knowing smile, bea crouched down in front of allie

'are you okay?

'my head hurts

'your back?

'i cant even lie to you its throbbing

'can i see? she asked tentatively and allie nodded, bea stood up and leaned over lifting allie's shirt seeing bruises up along her back, there is no way she got thrown into the wall twice, it seemed at least 6-7 times, putting her shirt back down she crouched down again undoing allie's laces and pulling her shoes off

'i got you some tablets for the pain, just take one right now but at night take 2 to help you sleep, i also got you some snacks, drinks and fruit, there is a heat and cold pack for your back or body even your head, an extra blanket and pillow to help you be more comfortable

'thank you bea, you didnt have to do that

' i wanted to, listen im going to come back tomorrow and check on you but dont do any heavy lifting or anything stupid

'i wont, i feel like i got hit by a bus

'im not surprised those girls are assholes

'i didnt steal anything bea, i swear

'i know that allie, tina she is just.. how do i say it?

'an asshole... allie said and bea smiled

'yea pretty much, look you rest and i will see you soon..... bea gave allie a tablet and some water which she took and than helped her lay down, bea hated seeing allie in pain she groaned a couple times trying to get comfortable, she had began dosing off as soon as her head hit the pillow and bea pulled the blanket up to cover her and went to leave hearing allie mumble

'thanks queen bea... bea smiled and walke dout the cell closing the door behind her

'how is she love?

'asleep although i think we need to pay our little asian friends a visit

'lets get the other girls.... maxine said and bea nodded knowing that tina always instructs her crew to fight bea so she needed back up, as they were leaving the unit she turned to kaz

'dont let her out of your sight

'i tried that, she hates me


'because i got her locked up. i tried to be good with her but she is angry with me which i dont blame her

'just watch her okay

'okay..... with that bea left with liz and maxine going to the library to find the others,

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They had spoken about the asian crew and bea told them what she thought there plan was about tina getting into it with the newbies,

'red are you saying that tina hurts these woman so they need drugs to take the pain away and than they get hooked becoming her permanent clients?

'yep thats exactly what i think

'well fuckin hell, its a shit go but it makes sense, so whats the plan?

'listen up.... bea let them in on her plan and it will take into effect in the next couple days when tina and her crew dont expect it, with that they retreated back to there units for the rest of the day and after lock up they talked more about there plan for tina and her crew,

'ay bea can i punch some tits in? bea smiled

'you bet your sweet ass you can but on my watch

'sweet.... once they sorted there plan they headed to bed


The next day bea had woken up and without waiting for her crew she got dressed and took off to see allie, allie was the first thing on her mind and she was really worried about her, strolling down the corridor a few other inmates nodded to her and said good morning to the top dog which she did the same, unlike some other top dogs bea had plenty of time for the woman, she was there to protect them, to show them the right way to act and be, she would greet them nicely unless you got on her bad side and you would know when that happened, coming to allie's unit she walked in mel and kaz were at the kitchen talking

'allie awake?

'yes, she is getting dressed.... just than they heard something break from allie's cell and they all went running there and swinging the door opened, kaz, mel and bea looked at each other trying really hard not to laugh, allie was sitting on the bed and she was attempting to put her shirt on although she got half way and got her head stuck on the arm hole, she had accidentally knocked off her glass from the table

'stop laughing and help me, please.... allie sulked although she couldnt see who was laughing as her shirt was covering her face

'let me help you... bea said and walked over to the blonde gently fixing her shirt and pulling it down

'oh bea.. thank you

'no problem.... bea smiled at the blonde

'you okay bubba?

'yea im good, thanks

'okay well let me clean this up quickly, are you coming to breakfast?

'im gonna try, dont wait up i will meet you there

'no you cant be on your own

'its fine kaz i will bring her... kaz nodded although she didnt want bea to be around allie, they were getting to chummy for her liking, she cleaned up the broken glass and than she left them to it anyways and went to breakfast with the other girls

'can i ask you a favor? its okay if you say no

'what is it?

'i need to change my pants

'i dont mind helping but allie have you showered? allie pulled a face

'do i stink? bea laughed

'no you dont, i just mean maybe you should shower so you dont have to keep changing and hurting and your hair is a mess though, its all over the place

'yea i guess i should have a shower

'there is plenty of time till breakfast is finished and i need a shower too so how about we go together?

'you, um, want to shower, together? bea's eyes went wide and both of them blushed

'not like that allie, i just meant i can help you shower if you want?

'oh are you sure you dont mind? do you really want to be seen with someone like me?

'i have no problem been seen with you allie, plus maxine would come with us

'okay than, a shower would be amazing

'good...... allie carried her bathroom stuff and towel and they walked to bea's unit and allie sat down while bea got her own stuff and spoke to maxine who came out of her cell a smile on her face

'hi sweety, how are you feeling?

'im okay... she sadly smiled and maxine wasnt stupid she could see the pain written all over her face, the head was manageable but her back was throbbing

'alright lets go... bea said coming out with her stuff

'sure love.... the 3 of them walked out of the unit and towards the shower block, once inside there were a couple girls but scattered off with the presence of the top dog making maxine giggle

'they just run when they see you bea

'i didnt even do anything.... bea said innocently but her smirk said it all, she knew she had a reputation and it definitely helped with her top dog status, maxine looked at allie who was struggling to get undressed and kept huffing and puffing

'allie let us help you

'but you will see me naked

'if your shy we understand but your struggling a lot

'but my body is... she trailed off not able to explain what it looks like, its not just the recent bruises she has gotten but she has scars from assholes that dont know how to keep there hands to themselves or respect others, maxine ever the wise one lifted her shirt off throwing it onto her stuff and pointing out a decent scar on her stomach

'gary my ex boyfriend didnt exactly understand that no means no, i have quite a few of them

'yea and allie as you could probably guess i have my own from harry.... allie nodded and allowed maxine to help her undress and bea and maxine were more than a little shocked by the amount of scars on allie's body, mainly around the stomach and thigh area

'your beautiful allie... maxine said

'no im not, im ugly... she whispered

'no your not allie, your are beautiful and i dont want to hear anymore of that talk... bea said and stepped forward taking allie's hand and leading her into a stall, bea turned the water on and once it was the right temp allie stepped in and bea closed the shower curtain and undressed herself and went to the one next to allie and maxine next to her, allie was able to wash her body but nervously looked at bea with the shampoo in her hand, bea felt allie's eyes on her and turned to see what she had and understood, the wall between them came to there chest so she reached over grabbing the shampoo keeping her eyes locked with allie not wanting to feel more exposed than she already does

'turn around and come back a bit.... maxine smiled to see such caring from bea, she knows its there and she only shows it with debbie and maxine mostly, sometimes even liz but to see her showing it with allie to this point is a whole different thing,

bea lathered allie's hair with shampoo massaging as she went, although very careful not to graze the stitches she got yesterday

'rinse it out allie... allie did so and than handed bea the conditioner and again bea showed so much patience with allie and maxine thought it was so beautiful, everyone thinks bea is this hard person with a black heart but in reality she is soft for those she cares about and clearly allie has managed to get to the top dog quicker than anyone,

'allie wash your body and than rinse your hair... allie nodded and did just that, the hot water was sore on her back so she made it cooler humming which made bea and maxine turn there heads, allie looked over and shyly smiled

'the warm water is too hot

'just make sure its not too cold so you dont get sick

'i wont.... bea and maxine got out, dried them selves and got dressed and once allie was done they helped dry her and dressed than sat her on the bench, allie taking a deep breath

'how about breakfast and than back to bed for a rest? allie nodded at bea, maxine took there things back to there units and came back to the bathroom and they walked together to the food room, there were a few surprised faces to see allie walking with bea and maxine which didnt go unnoticed by allie

'im just gonna sit on my own here... allie went to walk off but was stopped by bea

'no you wont, kaz and your crew have already eaten and out in the yard, i wont let you sit on your own

'but everyone is staring bea,.... allie whispered

'people are always staring in here, you just have to ignore it, come on lets eat im hungry

'okay.... while they were eating bea saw juice look at her confused, bea smirked and continued to eat her food, after they finished bea dumped there trays and than she went over to juices table and leaned on her hands

'top dog

'juice, hope your all well? she asked nodding at her crew

'doin good

'good to hear, we need to talk, i will call for you later

'i will be waiting... bea nodded and than left going to the door where maxine and allie were walking out, they took allie to her cell and settled her in bed giving her a tablet to help with the pain

'do you need anything?

'can you put the pillow behind my back please?

'of course... once the pillow was put there allie felt more comfortable


'much thank you

'anytime, you sleep and if you need me come and get me or get someone to come for me

'i will thank you bea for caring

'i always will... with that bea and maxine left and went outside sitting with franky

'any thing new?

'i can see how she hangs close to the newbies, like she is hovering and checking who is an easy target

'yea i realised that as well, where is juice?

'trying to play ball, she cant even run... franky laughed

'listen tell her i want to see her now in the showers

'got it boss

'i hate when you call me boss

'well ya are... franky shrugged

'yea well i hate it

'sorry boss... franky smirked and bea pushed her as she laughed

'shit head

'ay so there is some gossip going around

'oh yea, like what?

'about you and the blonde, whats the deal with that?

'no deal, she needed help so i helped her, thats it... franky looked at bea her eyebrow cocked

'yea well there is talk about you 2

'i dont give a fuck about what talk there is, we are locked up in this shit hole and woman talk

'true, so ya gonna tell me whats going on than?

'nothings going on franky, i told ya she is new and tina hurt her so i helped her, thats it

'hmm sure.... franky wasnt stupid, the look of bea's face said more than just 'help' but she wouldnt say anything more, jumping off the table franky went to see juice and maxine followed bea to the showers

'so allie is just help?


'you sure about that?

'what do you mean?

'i mean you 2 are pretty chummy and maybe there are some feelings there

'im not gay... bea said unsure if that was even the right thing to say

'what is gay bea? wearing colourful clothes and dancing around, vomiting rainbows? no its not, its not about being gay but if you like allie than its okay

'i dont like her like that maxi... bea stressed

'okay if you say so... with that they walked into the thankfully it was empty and maxine stayed outside to make sure no one entered except juice who came in after a couple minutes

'bea what can i do for ya?

'well i would like to think our agreement is still standing?

'yes it is

'good, i need your help

'im listening

'tomorrow after breakfast i need tina and her crew to stay in there units


'lets just say i have something for them, so can you do this?

'consider it done

'good and i will provide a reward

'i hope its a bloody good one?

'isnt it always?

'yes it is,

'once you see her leave the breakfast room than make them go back to there unit, dont get caught

'got it

'were done here... with that juice left and maxine entered

'how did it go?

'after breakfast juice with get them back to there unit and we can take care of them there

'good, its the only way to teach her a lesson and not get busted by the screws

'miles is on and she has already been compensated by franky

'good, good, alright lets get to work duty before the governor wants to talk to me... bea rolled her eyes and maxine laughed

after work bea went to lunch with her crew and saw kaz and her crew there but no allie, she stopped eating and went over to kaz's table

'where is she?

'still sleeping, i tried to wake her but she told me to piss off so... kaz shrugged

'i told you not to leave her alone... bea hissed

'what am i supposed to do when she tells me to piss off?

'ya fuckin sit on the couch and make sure she is okay, forget it i will check on her..... bea went to maxine and told her she was going to check on allie

'no worries we will be out in the yard

'ay red going to see ya girl? franky chuckled but stopped when she saw bea's face turn cold

'dont fucking start franky

'alright alright im sorry, gee i was just messin around

'i know you were and in our unit i dont care but out here

'yea alright i get it, im sorry

'dont worry about it i just dont want us to have any weaknesses

'we wont, dont worry... with that bea went to the kitchen and the girls there packed some food and handed it to bea than she went to allie's unit, when she got there she peaked into allie's cell and allie was laying on the floor her shirt off but the blanket over her, knocking allie lifted her head and saw bea's face threw the little window and signaled for her to come in which she did, walking in she closed the door and raised her eyebrow

'what are you doing?

'my back is burning so i needed to cool it down

'is it that bad?

'yea, i have really sensitive skin so i bruise like a peach and it gets really hot

'can i do anything?

'not unless you got ice

'no sorry but i did bring lunch

'oh thanks im hungry

'can you sit up to eat?

'yea can you.... allie put her hand out and bea helped her up to a seating position

'do you want to sit on the bed?

'ugh yes if you dont mind helping me up

'sure..... bea put the food down and stood in front of allie lifting her up gently and allie stumbled into bea causing there lips to be inches apart and they both froze, looking into each others eyes, bea could feel allie's breath lingering on her lips and her heart was beating so fast, she looked at allie's lips than back up to her eyes not really sure where to go from here, she was kinda in a daze as allie's lips were so blue, when allie took a bigger breath than normal she came back to herself and pulled back a little clearing her throat

'are you okay? she husked out

'ugh yea, sorry about that

'its fine, here sit down so you can eat... bea opened up the package of food and allie began eating which made bea really happy to see allie's appetite getting better

'so dispense any justice today? bea was a little surprised by the question but the smile on allie's face showed that it was just general talk so bea sat down on the chair

'nah just did some hop scotch.... allie giggled

'hmmm so you were busy?

'yea kinda, ya know just hopin around

'right of course... bea chuckled

'so let me ask you something allie

'go on?

'do you want to stay in the unit here with kaz? allie looked up slowly chewing her food and than swallowing

'i dont have a choice

'everyone has a choice

'even in here?

'with some things yes... they sat quietly for a while till allie spoke

'i owe kaz a lot, she took me off the streets and helped get me clean but she also got us locked up in here, i really dont know bea, im confused about how i feel about kaz?

'are you romantically involved? bea asked hesitantly

'what? no not at all, i see her as a mother or something

'sorry i shouldnt have asked

'no no its fine i just didnt expect it is all, to answer your question i dont want to be here in this unit, i have head the conversations with kaz and the girls and they want to bring the whole RRH in here, like take justice upon any person that does wrong blah blah blah

'oh god, why cant she just do her time and leave it alone?

'thats what i told her when we got locked up at barnhurst, i said we cant change things from in here but in the last couple months she has changed

;how so? allie put the rubbish away and cleaned her hands int he sink than sat back down

'its hard to explain, she has this hard look on her face, like a revenge look and im worried she is going to do something stupid

'so you think she would hurt you?

'i dont think so but i just dont know

'do you want to move units?

'i think if i move it will cause shit

'yea but allie if your not happy i can get you moved

'i just have to suss her out, plus i dont want to go to a unit where i dont know anyone

'i would talk to the governor and get you moved to my unit


'yes mine, that way i can watch over you and my crew are good

'i know, your lucky to have them but that chick with the tats and her side kick are scary

'thats franky and boomer, dont worry about them they just need some getting used to, allie you tell me if you want to move and i will make it happen

'i would love to be in your unit bea but i think its best if i stay here, kaz would go mental not just at me but at you and it would cause some shit to go down

'im not scared of her but i understand, i have to go take care of something but try get out to dinner

' will try, thank you for lunch

'no worries, bye allie.... bea went to see the governor and than went to her unit to chat with her girls going over the plan for tomorrow morning, they went to dinner bea happy to see allie sitting with kaz eating, allie gave bea a small smile which bea returned and than they turned to face there own crews, the smile was not missed by franky or kaz, after lock up bea played poker with there snacks with the girls with boomer coming out on top

'ay more bickies for me bitches.... they all laughed

'well im off too bed. bring your A game tomorrow girl

'will do red, do ya want me to tuck ya in?

'how does fuck no sound... setting them all off laughing as bea stuck her finger up at franky as she entered her cell, she crashed out as soon as her head hit the pillow

Chapter Text

bea hadnt slept much as usual, she had a dream of allie and spent the night worried about the blonde, she wasnt eating much, she wasnt moving around too much either and really wanted to push allie to talk to miss westfall, who had done some good work with bea herself who shut down when she got locked up, sitting up in bed the sun was just coming up which meant it was about 5am so she grabbed her sketch pad and pencil and began to draw, she had been there for some time and when she heard a knock on her cell it made her jump

'come in.... the door opened and franky walked in and sat on the bed

'you didnt sleep well? bea shook her head

'not really, i tried but i just couldnt

'you worried about today?

'nah, tina deserves whats coming, its allie

'what about her? franky sat back getting comfortable allowing bea to be open with her, it didnt happen often but she had seen how they both looked at each other and was interested to know bea's feelings

'dont ya think she is too skinny? she isnt eating much, she doesnt leave her cell much and yes i know i told her not to do too much but she wont even come outside with us

'yea i did pick that up, maybe she is scared of tina?

'could be, actually on the subject im thinking to do it out in the yard

'what changed your mind?

'it needs to be shown that drugs and bashing people is not on, what screws are on? i know the governor and jackson are in a meeting this morning

'miles and a couple new guys

'good, pay them to piss off and move it to the yard

'same plan?

'yes, im sick of tina and her bullshit, i wont have girls hooked on drugs because she is getting them hooked

'agreed, okay so after breakfast?

'yes and speak to juice about the change, tell her to get them out in the yard and she will get a reward for being loyal

'will do.... franky said and they sat there staring at each other, bea squirmed under franky's gaze

'why you looking at me like that?

'i know your a private person red but i have to ask something

'what is it?

'how do you really feel about allie? you like her?


'red dont lie to me

'im not franky, im just helping her... franky scoffed

'im telling debbie that your lying to me

'you will not say a fucking word to her franky... bea snapped and franky chuckled as she got off the bed

'fine i wont say anything to deb, but remember one thing top dog

'oh yea and whats that?

'you may not realize it but i know you better than you think, i can see there is something between you and allie weather you like it or not, its okay if you cant admit it but when you do and you need help organizing your feelings come and find me, honestly i wont tease ya.... franky said sincerely and than left the cell to get ready for the day, bea sat staring at the door for a while thinking about what franky said but shook her head thinking how stupid it would be, she got up and got her shower stuff and went for a shower with maxine and liz than they all headed to breakfast, sitting at her table she looked around juice nodding at her to say she was ready when bea gave the all clear, she looked at kaz's crew and saw allie was looking right at her and they held eye contact for a few seconds before kaz whispered something in allie's ear and bea saw her roll her eyes and turn to talk to kaz, tina left the eating room and bea nodded to juice to follow, bea and her crew dumped there trays and walked towards the door stopping at kaz's table

'allie.... allie looked up and smiled a little 'come with us


'yes, you all should come outside.... allie looked from bea to kaz, back to bea and than kaz who shook her head no, allie didnt really give a shit what kaz said so she stood up to join bea but kaz's hand on hers stopped her

'i said no... allie snatched her hand from kaz's hold

'i dont give a shit what you say... she whispered and walked off with bea and her crew, kaz ended up following them wanting to know what was happening but she didnt like that allie had chosen to walk with bea's crew, going outside bea went to her usual table and they sat down, scanning the yard bea nodded at miles and she left her post with the 2 other guards and it was time, leaning close to allie she spoke

'allie you stay with liz and dont move okay

'what do you mean bea? whats happening?

'just trust me okay? allie nodded 'good, do whatever liz says and stay with her

'i will.... bea got up followed by franky. maxine, boomer and doreen over to the gym area, bea looked at juice and gave the signal and she and her crew grabbed tina and her girls bringing them to the gym area and pushed into the cage and the door was closed with juice blocking it

'i told you tina to not bring in drugs, i have told you and everyone to keep there hands to themselves

'i didnt do shit you fuck bitch.... bea raised her eye brow as she stood on top of the seat

'see it took me a bit to figure out your plan tina and i gotta admit its pretty smart

'what plan? tina said crossing her eyes confident bea had her all wrong

'lets see, you stalk the new girls and find the vulnerable ones, than when you get your chance you bash them and than they look for a pain free recovery which is where you come in with your drugs and fix them right up ay, did you think i wouldnt put it together? i have had enough of your bullshit and your not getting away with it....

'HANG HER!!! someone yelled out from the crowd and a lot of murmurs of agreeance could be heard

'see the woman want you gone, not just me but everyone is sick of your crap, your making the woman addicted with your little plan and it stops now

'you cant do shit to me.... tina said looking around hoping to see a screw coming to break it up but no one was around and the look of fear in her eyes was visible to bea, before tina knew it boomer grabbed her

'come on chinky chonks... she pulled tina towards bea who jumped off the bench and tina was put on it, maxine helped boomer hold tina down as she squirmed

'i wont have you hurt the woman...... bea picked up the weight bar and looked at tina 'after im done with you your gonna wish you were dead, your girls too.... bea dropped the weight bar and punched tina square in the gut first than followed it up with a punch to her jaw breaking it, doreen walked over handing bea a shiv and than going back to where franky was holding tina girls back

'you see tina i gave you so many chances to stop doing your bullshit but its like it goes through one ear and out the other..... squatting close to tina bea pressed the shiv into her arm piercing the skin and dragging it all the way down to just above her wrist, bea didnt want to kill her so getting a vain was not an option, tina screamed in agony the whole time and bea didnt feel bad, 4 woman already died from tina and her drugs and she didnt even care, bea stood up and cracked her neck than turning her head to look at liz and allie, allie looked scared but she needed allie to see this, to see that tina was getting reprimanded for what she did not just to her but to a lot of woman

'fucking bitch.... bea heard and turned to see kim running at her as she got loose from franky's hold, to say kim was about to regret her move would be an understatement, bea picked the metal bar up quick and swung it hitting kim in the stomach and than she kneed her in the face breaking her nose and throwing her down to the floor kicking her a couple more times for good measure,

'stay the fuck down before you dont see tomorrow... kim did stay down, she had no choice in a few hits bea took her out, bringing her attention back to tina the ring leader she picked up the shiv again and did the same thing to her other arm,

'your lucky i dont slice your fucking neck...... bea stood up looking at boomer, franky and doreen who were with the other 3 girls of her crew and nodded in there direction, everyone watched as they all got there asses beat by bea's crew, bea tried not to snicker when she saw the biggest smile on boomer face, that girl loves to fight for some reason, bea leaned on the metal fence watching, seeing they were bloodied and bruised she yelled out

'enough!!!!! her girls pulled back and bea walked towards tina who was trying to get out of maxine's grip, tina saw bea pull out some piece of metal and a lighter

'this is your final warning tina, stop the drugs, stop bullying the woman, stop attacking people, i will leave you with a reminder that you should never cross me.... bea heated up the edge of the metal that boomer found somewhere and pressed it into tina's arm, her screaming pierced through the yard until bea took it off leaving her skin burnt and a permanent scar, it wasnt very big maybe the size of a 20 cent piece but she needed tina to stop her crap and if that meant doing this to save womans lives than so bea it, bea used her foot pushing a moaning and groaning tina off the bench bea looked around at all the woman

'i wont tolerate anyone bringing in drugs, touching other woman without there consent, bullying and so forth, you all know the rules and if you ever have a problem you come and find me.... with that she walked out of the cage followed by her crew and towards liz and allie, bea was worried to see the look in allie's eyes and as she got closer the fear became palpable, bea went to reach out to allie but allie took a step back

'i ugh, i need to ugh... i need to.... she stuttered out before she turned and walked away the best she could, maxine saw bea's shoulders slump and stepped beside her

'she will be okay bea

'she is scared of me

'bea you have to remember she is new here and she hasnt seen any of the bad stuff like this yet, she will come around just give her time... just than the siren rang out and they were told to go back to there cells, obviously miles had seen that bea was done and had set it off, she also deleted the footage from the data base making sure to cover her tracks, bea had sent her and the 2 officers a sizable pay off which she would use at the dogs later on


once everyone was sent to there units kaz made her way to allie's cell seeing she was sitting against the wall a pillow behind her back and the heat pack pushed against her lower back

'what the hell was that allie?

'what was what kaz?

'you following her, how the fuck can you stand there and let her beat those woman? your supporting a crazy bitch

'do you have any idea what tina and her crew have done? did you not even hear bea? ignoring what allie said

'how the fuck can you follow her? where is your loyalty?

'my loyalty? allie scoffed 'i was fucking loyal to you from the start, yes you helped me get my shit together and i will never forget that but you fucking got me involved with your red right hand bullshit and now look where we are sitting, i got ten years year in here and hopefully i can get parole in 6 years but fuck knows

'i told you already im sorry about that but to back bea who just beat up those girls is wrong

'wrong? so tell me kaz is it better to bash woman and get them addicted to drugs? you know if it wasnt for bea looking out for me i would have been on the shit quicker than my feet could touch the floor, i get cravings every FUCKING DAY!!!! she screamed and stood up, she was sick and tired of kaz's bullshit

'so what your turning against your own crew? kaz said

'i havent turned against anyone kaz, your making up your own assumptions, i know first hand what drugs can do to a person, i have over dosed 3 times and if i again i would probably die, is that what you want?

'no but....

'no buts kaz, if tina keeps bringing shit in and hands it out like lollies its only a matter of time till more woman die me included, they all needed to be taught a lesson thats all there is too it, im sure as hell not gonna feel sorry for them

'bea is not a good person.... allie rolled her eyes and shook her head

'you have no idea about who she is

'and you do?

'what i know is non of your business kaz

'you think she is going to fall in love with you or something allie? its not gonna happen

'why the fuck would i even think that? because im into woman, your into guys so does that mean you want to fuck every guy you see?

'well no

'than shut the fuck up,

'allie if she so great why is it you backed away from her in the yard?

'whats it too you kaz? i already told you i will walk with you out there but anything else is not your business, you dont own me

'she is a crazy lunatic allie... that was it for allie, she had had enough

'I CANT FUCKING LISTEN TO THIS SHIT ANYMORE, GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!! she yelled so loud there was no doubt that half the prison heard her including bea which was correct, kaz walked out of allie's cell and allie slammed the door behind her getting the attention from miles

'whats going on over here proctor?

'nothing, all good

'yea well keep the bloody noise down.... kaz just went and sat with mel and her girls leaving allie to herself

when allie slammed the door she began pacing the floor the best she can, she still wasnt moving very well but she was angry with what kaz was saying about bea, she paced for quite some time trying to relax but she just couldnt, she was worked up, stressed, angry, annoyed, hurt and so pissed off, going to her sink she splashed water over her face and took slow deep breathes and eventually it started to work and her breathing returned to normal, she heard a screw yell out 'count' so she went and stood in her door way and once over they were allowed out to go to dinner, allie wasnt in the mood so kaz left with her crew, allie laid down just trying to relax, she heard a tap on her open door and looked up to see bea a worried look on her face

'can i come in? allie nodded and sat up a bit, bea walked in and sat down on the chair beside the bed, silence fell between them for a couple minutes till bea spoke

'i didnt mean to scare you

'i wasnt scared of you bea, i guess i was just more shocked, i know this shit happens in here and you hear all the stories but seeing it first hand just scared me a bit

'so your not scared of me?

'nah, your a little puppy... bea chuckled

'you know if anyone else had said that to me i might have bashed them

'go for it... allie said and smiled that sweet smile that bea somehow loves, bea shakes her head and smirks

'i have bashed people for less

'i have no doubt but im not scared of you

'hmm your about the only one, people think after what i did to harry that im a monster

'your not a monster, i think your quite sweet.... for the first time allie saw bea's cheeks turn pink

'im not sweet

'yea you are, what you did to harry he deserved it considering what he did to you and than debbie, i happen to think your a little puppy with a heart of gold.... bea dropped her head looking at the floor and allie couldnt help but smile at the bashful top dog, allie pulled herself up to sit on the edge of the bed and held bea's hand and luckily bea didnt pull away, instead she held allie's hand

'your pretty great you know allie

'i know.... bea smiled at the cheeky blonde and for the first time bea can see a part of who allie really is

'we should go to dinner

'i am quite hungry

'why didnt you go with kaz?

'oh, we had a fight, im sick of her and her bullshit

'are you sure you dont want to move units?

'i do want to move but not yet bea, if i move she will make a lot of trouble not just for me but you as well

'i can handle her allie, i just want you to be healthy and happy, well as happy as you can be in prison

'i know bea, i will move, just give me some time to get kaz to relax herself

'okay fine, so lets go eat

'lead the way puppy... bea laughed as they got up and left the cell heading for the dinner room, just as they were walking in kaz was walking out and allie rolled her eys, she seemed to do it a lot with kaz

'so you roll out with her ay?

'calm down kaz would ya, im just going to eat

'with her? kaz scoffed and bea wanted to punch the self absorbed bitch in the face but refrained for now

'do you ever stop kaz, im tired or your crap, dont make me regret being with your crew, i dont care about going out on my own if you keep up this shit... kaz shook her head and walked off

'she has problems

'you dont know the half of it..... after dinner they returned back to there own units for lock up, allie didnt speak to kaz or her crew and just decided on an early night, as she lay there in the middle of the night she heard hushed voices so stood up going to her door looking out the little window seeing mel and kaz at the table talking, she wondered what was going on so she listened closely

'kaz are you sure you want to do this?

'yes, she needs to be taught a lesson, you cant just beat up woman

'but she is top dog

'i dont care mel, bea beat her up and tina couldnt even fight back as well as the other woman

'if allie finds out she wont want anything to do with us

'she wont find out dont worry, allie will always be with us im not worried

'so tomorrow in the showers after breakfast?

'yes.... with that allie sat on her bed and sighed

'fuck... she mumbled as she thought about what she just heard, she had to warn bea, laying back down her thoughts went to the redheaded top dog, bea saved her from a severe beating, she has mad sure she was safe and comfortable, allie eventually fell asleep


allie woke up and the count was done, she didnt wait for kaz or her crew wanting to find bea, she went to the dinner room and and looked around but bea was not there but liz and maxine were, going over to them liz and maxine both smiled

'good morning love

'morning, do you know where bea is?

'she was going to see the governor about something

'shit... allie mumbled

'allie love sit down whats wrong? maxine said and allie sat down telling them what she over heard last night

'it will be okay allie, we will go and find bea

'but kaz she is crazy, once something is in her head she will go full force..... allie said worriedly

'you stay here we will find her.... allie watched them leave and she tried to stay but her anxiety got the best of her and left the room looking around for bea, she saw miles walking towards her and stopped

'have you seen bea? is she with the governor?

'no governor got called into a meeting so she wasnt available, smith was going to her cell i think.... allie took off down to h1 walking in she opened bea's cell frustrated when she didnt see her

'where the fuck is she? she mumbled, she decided to do one last check and almost ran to the shower block and opened the door seeing one person in the showers

'bea? she huffed out breathlessly and she turned around

'allie, whats wrong?

'i need to talk to you

'hold on... bea quickly rinsed her hair and turned the water off, she wrapped the towel around herself and stepped out of the shower, allie turned her back to bea as she quickly got dressed

'whats up allie?

'last night i heard a conversation with kaz and mel, they planned on attacking you today after breakfast


'here in the shower block, fuck bea they plan to bash you... bea out her socks and shoes on and patted the bench for allie to sit down, she was clearly on edge and scared

'its okay allie, im not worried about her or her crew

'but kaz is crazy when she gets angry, the things i have seen her do are crazy

'allie just calm down and dont worry about her

'im not worried about her, im worried about you..... just than the door opened and in walked kaz and her crew

'well well look what we have here, the top dog and the trader

'stay behind me......bea whispered to allie and she nodded, bea and allie stood up and bea pulled allie to stand behind her

'what do you want kaz? you bored?

'nah, just been thinking

'oh dont hurt yourself... bea snided back

'im not the one thats going to be hurt, you are and maybe even that bitch behind you

'watch your fucking self kaz, remember what im capable of.... allie said angrily

'oh please allie, i taught you everything you know

'exactly and lets not forget i was the one that did most of the shit on the outside, im not afraid of you kaz, not in the slightest

'you should be allie... kaz said stepping forward but before she could try anything the door opened and bea's crew stepped inside

'oh would you look at that, my girls always have my back.... in no time a huge fight broke out and bea has kaz up against the wall punching her in the face and than her stomach twice causing her to fall to the floor, she than went and helped her girls, allie watched on and in the corner of her eye she saw kaz stand up and and there eyes locked, kaz stepped towards allie

'you will pay for betraying me... kaz launched at allie tackling her to the floor and punching allie int he face, allie managed to over power kaz and flipped them over so she was on top

'i was loyal to you... allie said punching kaz

'i trusted you... she said and punched her again

'you were like my mum... she socked her in the gut, kaz threw her arm up slapping allie across the face and allie fell off and kaz ended up on top of allie again her hands around her throat choking her

'i took you in, looked after you, loved you and betrayed me with that bitch.... allie's face went red and than blue, she was batting away kaz's hands but she had a good hold on her throat, bea turned around to see where allie was once she saw franky and the girls had it under control, she saw kaz on top of allie ad ran to her

'allie... she yelled and ran and tackled kaz off allie and they both hit the wall head first and than the whole world went black

Chapter Text

Bea slowly opened her eyes and groaned shutting them quickly, her head was absolutely throbbing, she heard a voice which sounded a lot like maxine

'bea? bea sweety its me

'maxi... she mumbled

'yes it is, how are you feeling?

'aww my head hurts

'thats because you took a hard knock to the head... bea opened her eyes again slowly trying to adjust to the light, maxine's smiling face came into view

'im gonna be sick.... maxine reached for the bowl and held it while bea threw up

'the nurse is going to get you something for the vomiting, you have a concussion... bea wiped her mouth and lay back down

'is everyone okay?

'mostly, franky and doreen have a few bruises but there fine

'fuck what about allie?

'bea she is at the hospital

'what? why? bea groaned

'do you remember what happened?

'not really, i remember there was a fight but i dont know exactly

'kaz came for you and i guess since she saw allie with you she came for her too, we turned up just as she was about to jump you and we all fought, kaz choked allie pretty badly and allie passed out, you tackled kaz off allie and you both collided into the wall

'how is allie?

'no news yet, im waiting for the governor to come and tell us

'she needs to be okay maxi

'i know sweety

'where is kaz?

'she woke up pretty quickly and was patched up and sent to the slot

'good, she is a snake

'agreed, look here comes the governor... the governor knocked and walked in

'smith, good to see you awake.... just than bea grabbed the bowl again and vomited, maxine handed her a cup of water which she drank a few sips and than lay back down

'are you okay?

'im fine, it will pass, how is allie?

'novak has severe bruising on her neck, face, stomach and back, they have done some tests and we are waiting on the results

'has she woken up?

'yes she has, she is unable to talk, eat or drink due to her injury so they have her on a drip until the swelling goes down

'is she going to be okay?

'your showing a lot of care for this woman from proctors crew smith?

'she is not part of proctors crew, she is part of mine and i want her moved to my unit asap

'smith you cant order me to do that

'you said to me that if i think a woman is in danger than i can get her moved, her own leader did that to her so i want her moved asap, maxine and boomer will come and take her stuff

'fine smith, i will get the paperwork done for you, conway you and jenkins be ready and i will get mr jackson to escort you to her unit to pack her stuff

'thank you governor

'is there anything else i should know smith?

'no, just keep me updated about allie

'i will, get well smith... with that the governor left and bea sighed

'set allie up in the spare cell

'i will bea... maxine turned to the nurse 'when will bea be out of here?

'tomorrow probably

'okay, make sure the curtain is kept drawn and no other prisoners except my crew is allowed in here

'i know, same rules always apply

''good, bea do you need anything?

'im fine thank you maxi, i will see you tomorrow

'you rest up... maxine left and bea was given medication for the vomiting and some pain killers making her fall asleep


The next day bea was allowed out and mr jackson escorted her back to her unit

'how you doing smith?

'pretty bad headache still but nurse says that will go in a couple days, im good other than that, any news on allie?

'yea, she is doing better, the swelling has gone down a little and she was able to drink water

'thats good, any permanent damage?

'no, luckily kaz isnt as string as she likes to think

'do you know when allie will be back?

'no sorry smith, we dont get that information only the governor does

'thank you mr jackson for telling me

'no problem, your good for these woman smith, they need control, substance and someone smart in control and you have that so if i can help i will

'i appreciate that

'well here is your unit, be good smith

'i will try... she smiled as he walked off, entering the unit the girls were all watching tv

'what kind of welcome back is this? they all turned there heads and boomer squealed

'the queen is back

'oh boomer too loud, quietly please

'ah yea sorry bea... they all came over and gave her a hug

'how are you feeling red?

'head is throbbing but apart from that im okay, how are you all?

'we are all good, a few bruises is all

'thats good

'bea love come and sit down i will make you a tea

'that would be great liz, im really hungry can someone get me my snack box?

'i will... boomer skipped off and bought the box back to bea at the table

'thank you boomer, here take this... bea handed her 2 packets of biscuits and she smiled wide

'your a legend bea, thanks

'no worries, here guys dig in im going to get a new stash

'here love.... liz put her tea in front of her and bea took a sip

'thank you liz, so whats been happening?

'its been quiet love, maxine and boomer moved young allie's stuff and set up her new cell

'do you think i did the right thing moving her without her knowledge?

'yea for sure red, she isnt safe there, she showed us all that she isnt with kaz's crew after what happened, any news about her?

'mr jackson told me she has been able to drink a bit of water, no permanent damage so hopefully she will be back soon

'she is a sweet girl that one

'she is liz, i wonder how she is coping with what happened?

'yea it aint easy to have someone who helped you want to bring you down as well

'i know franky thats why i want her to feel relaxed and comfortable when she comes back with us

'dont sweat red we will look after her

'governor said she has bruising on her neck, stomach, face and back

'shit, i didnt realise it was that bad... boomer said 'dont worry bea i will make sure she is okay

'thank you boomer, thank you all for turning up when you did

'hey we are a crew and we stick together... they sat for a little while and bea snacked on some chips and finished her tea

'guys my head is throbbing i need to lay down

'no worries red, i will get you up for dinner

'thanks franky..... bea went to her cell and kicked off her shoes and lay down, she had only been there for a moment when the door opened and franky walked in

'do you need pain killers?

' not right now but can you get me some for tonight please?

'no worries, if you need us we are out here

'thank you... franky left and bea fell asleep quite quickly, franky woke up bea for dinner and together they all went to eat, bea hadnt eaten anything all day except the chips and a tea so she piled on the food not giving a shit what people around her were talking about or anything, her mind was on eating and allie, allie hadnt left her mind since she woke up yesterday, she was worried about the blonde and the effect this would have on her, to have the person you thought of as a mother treat you like that would have hurt a lot, after dinner bea went with boomer and maxine for a shower, while she was washing her hair maxine gasped

'bea what is that? she pointed to her hip

'what is it? bea said trying to get a better look

'a huge bruise

'it does hurt a little but nothing major

'it must have been when you collided with kaz

'i guess so, its nothing to worry about, lets get back to the unit and relax.... count was done and they watched a movie that had come up on tv, bea could finally relax in the comfort of her unit and friends, she was rubbing her head and neck as it was quite painful

' did you take the pain killers?

'yes just now, they will kick in soon

'are you in pain?

'yea my head is just hurting bad

'come here, lay your head here i will massage it.... bea frowned while liz and maxine chuckled

'dont look at me like that just come here, i will help ease the pain a little, just dont tell anyone... bea nodded and lay her head on franky's lap and franky gently massaged her head, bea ended up falling asleep in ten minutes

'should we move her now love?

'no liz, just let her rest here we can move her after the movie... liz nodded, after the movie finished liz and franky helped bea to her cell and she was out like a light


allie woke up not knowing where she was, she tried to talk but it hurt too much, turning her head she saw miss miles there

'hey novak dont talk, doctors orders... allie moved her hand to say what happened?

'you got into a fight with your and smith's crew, from what i hear kaz did a number on you but you also did to her... allie nodded and mouthed 'bea

'she has a concussion and is in medical, will probably get let out tomorrow...

'thank you' she mouthed

allie struggled to swallow even her own saliva but as the day went by it got a little easier, the doctor came in as did the governor and he explained that she had severe bruising on her neck, stomach, face and back but no permanent damage

'thats great news novak, doctor says you should be okay to leave in 2 days, do you need anything? allie shook her head

'no' she mouthed

'okay well smith has requested you move to her unit considering what happened, are you okay with that? she nodded

'yes' with a thumbs up

'okay well they will move your stuff for you and when you come back will be taken to h1, i have to get going but i will see you soon.... the governor left and allie sat watching tv which the governor allowed as this wasnt allie's fault, the governors rule is that if you end up in hospital and started the fight or attack than you dont get any privileges, allie slept the next couple days with bea on her mind


bea had gotten up the next day and went to breakfast with her crew, she didnt eat too much as she felt a little nauseous, she went for a shower and than decided to go back to her unit to rest as her head hurt, maxine, liz and franky sat in the unit talking and playing cards, they were never going to leave the top dog by herself in the unit so sent boomer and doreen outside for a while as they were too loud and if they woke the top dog they would probably get a beat down, they had been playing for about 45 minutes and once finished they just sat there chatting, maxine heard someone at the gate and looked up to see mr jackson with allie and she smiled

'allie its so good to see you.... they all got up walking over to her

'we got her from here mr jackson

'if you all need anything just call out

'will do

'allie love how are you feeling?

'ok.... she croaked out

'its okay you dont need to talk, red's been worried about you?

'where is she?

'sleeping, why dont you come and check out your cell?

'ok... she followed the girls to her cell and walked in, she was surprised to find her table full of snacks and drinks

'red wanted to make sure you had everything so she got you some snacks and drinks, a couple extra pillows and some books so you could read

'can i see her? she said and franky nodded

'yea but dont scare her, she still has a pretty bad headache so dont be loud, not that you can be... franky laughed

'go on love she would love to see you.... allie went to bea's cell opening the door and stepping inside closing it behind her, bea looked so cute snuggled up under the blanket, allie saw the board on the wall had a few photos of who she assumed to be debbie, she was like bea's twin just younger, there was also a few drawings that bea had done of debbie and her crew, grabbing the chair she sat next to bea's bed and stroked her hair, she was a bit worried she would be too close to bea and she would freak out but when bea opened her eyes and saw allie she smiled

'allie, your back

'i am... she husked out

'are you okay? thats a stupid question, your hurt... bea saw the bruises on her neck and touched them with her hand gently

'im ok, you?

'head is hurting but other than that im fine... allie got up and left the cell bea confused as she didnt even say anything, allie returned a minute later a cold clothe in her hands, closing the door she went to bea and put it on her head

'keep it there

'thank you.... bea scooted over and patted the bed 'sit down with me

'you sure?

'yes please..... allie took her shoes off and jacket slowly not wanting to feel extra pain and sat beside bea leaning against the wall, bea lay on her side facing allie's legs

'how are you doing with the whole kaz thing? allie shrugged


'your feeling hurt? allie nodded

'yes, why would she do this? she squeaked out

'i dont know allie, prison changes people even within hours

'yea well she was supposed to be me family

'im sorry you got hurt, physically and emotionally

'thank you for helping me

'i wish i got there quicker

'not your fault bea... bea sadly smiled

'lay down with me.... bea said and lifted the blanket and allie lay down with bea facing her, they lay there staring into each others eyes for a while and bea ran her finger over allie's bruised cheek making allie hiss

'sorry... she retreated her hand but allie grabbed it and held it between them,

'its okay, go to sleep you need rest

'will you stay?

'yes... allie replied, bea was confused with what she was feeling for allie, she felt the need to be close to her, she was scared of allie not coming back, she felt a connection with her and didnt know why, when she woke up and saw allie she felt like she could relax as she was safe right here with her. bea just wanted to look after her and keep her safe and she vowed to do that, bea's eyes began to close and she fell asleep, allie tried to stay awake but with bea's warm body next to hers and the uncomfortable sleep she had in the hospital tiredness overcame her body and she fell asleep. franky peaked through the window and her eyes went wide

'holy shit girls come and see this... maxine and liz went over to see them both fast asleep there hands linked and foreheads touching

'thats sweet

'i knew it, there so gonna get it on

'franky dont push them, allie is fragile and bea is the top dog and you know that being with the top dog would most likely put her in danger and bea wont allow that

'well shit, red wont be able to deny her by the looks of it

'it doesnt seem so does it, i think its great

'me too liz, red needs someone like this in her life

'after harry she definitely does, make sure this does not leave h1 and tell boomer and doreen whatever they see here doesnt leave it

'we know...... leaving the 2 to sleep they cleaned up the unit and relaxed till dinner

Chapter Text

A couple days passed and allie was cleared to start work in the laundry room although bea was really pissed about that, she fought with the governor telling her allie was still not well enough but it was falling on deaf ears, bea was at the steam press when allie walked in with miles and she told her to start folding clothes and so forth, it was just bea and her crew in there as thats what bea wanted, a while back bea told the governor she wanted no one but the h1 crew in there as they work well together, the governor was sick of arguing with the fierce top dog so agreed, bea watched as allie went to the dryer and was pulling linen out and she let out a grunt of pain, maxine also saw it and looked at bea, bea nodded at maxine to get allie to sit down at the sewing machine so it wasnt stressful on her body, maxine went to allie and grabbed her hand

'come on sweety

'where too? allie asked confused

'sit at the sewing machine, it will be easier on you

'but miles told me to go here?

'well bea is in charge and thats where she wants you..... allie looked at bea who smiled and nodded

'well i wouldnt want to upset the top dog...... allie giggled and maxine smiled as they walked over to the table and she sat down, doreen was also there working on fixing things that have ripped

'i dont know how to use this? i only know by hand

'bea will come over in a moment to help you.... allie nodded and within a couple minutes allie felt bea's warm hand on her shoulder and a whisper in her ear

'are you okay? are you in pain?

'a little but im okay

'i thought as much thats why i moved you here, i dont want you hurting yourself even more

'thanks bea

'alright so let me show you how to use this thing...... bea leaned over allie a little and was explaining how to use the machine, bea could smell allie's rose flavored shampoo, she could hear the light breathing coming from allie and when she turned her head to look at the blonde they were so close there lips almost touching,

franky nudged maxine to look at the 2 as they both stopped and just stared at each other

'holy shit..... franky mouthed and maxine nodded knowingly

There breathes mingled for a few seconds and allie's arm tingled where bea's hand was, maxine cleared her throat as she walked passed them and tapped bea on the back, maxine knew better than to let the top dog do something like this out in the open, bea shook her head of the allie daze and stood up looking at maxine throwing a thankful gaze towards her

'umm so do you know how to do it?

'yes thank you bea

'okay well if you need help just call me over.... allie nodded and bea went back to the steam press, allie picked it up quickly and was in her own world for the next couple hours and doreen was surprised how much she got done in such a short amount of time

'how are you going so fast?

'i used to sew when i was younger, only for a couple years with my grand mother but i stopped, i havnt used a machine ever but i like to sew its soothing and reminds me of her

;you dont see her anymore?

'not for some time... allie said sadly

'you miss her?

'every day, i wish she was in my life

'maybe one day... doreen said and allie shrugged

'she would be disappointed with where im at in life, she would be ashamed

'you would be surprised allie, when your apart from family for so long they dont care what you have done or anything like that they just want you back in there lives

'maybe. anyways im not sure she is even alive so..... allie shrugged and that was the end of the conversation, they both went on with there work for another hour before time was called and there shift was over, they were all walking back to there unit to grab there things and go for a shower, once in the shower block they all undressed and got in although allie had been having trouble undressing so maxine has been going with her, bea turned around to pick up her shampoo and saw maxi helping allie and when she looked at allie's body it was covered in bruises and it made her sick to her stomach, bea knew that allie got hurt in the fight but shit she copped quite a fair amount of hits from that stupid bitch

after they finished and dressed liz, doreen and boomer went out to the yard but allie was really tired and bea didnt want to leave her alone so franky and maxine went back to the unit with them, allie and bea were sitting on one couch and maxine and franky on the other watching tv, allie was falling asleep and her head ended up leaned on bea's shoulder, bea was surprised she let allie so close to her but it was a weird feeling, it was like she wanted to be close to the blonde, allie snuggled right into bea's shoulder and bea let her stay there for a while

'ay maybe we should get her into her cell red?

'yea good idea but how?

'maxi help me from the other side... they slowly helped allie up to her feet and allie groaned in pain on her side

'shit sorry... franky said and moved her hand backwards. they all helped to walk her to her cell and lay her down

'i got it from here you 2 can go out to the quad and keep an eye on the girls for me

'you sure red?

'yep all good

'okay.... maxine and franky left and went out to the quad watching out for any trouble, they were both bea's go to girls when she wasnt around,

bea took allie's sneakers off and jacket gently as allie was half asleep

'hows the pain? fucking governor shouldnt have let you go back to work yet.... bea snided

'its okay, dont stress bea

'well your hurt and you shouldnt be working, what was she thinking?

'she was thinking that if if im alone in the unit i wont be safe but when im around you that you and the crew would keep me safe.... bea scrunched up her face and sighed

'well of course i will keep you safe allie, i just know what its like to be hurt and not be able to rest

'i know... allie held bea's hand 'i know bea, i will be okay

'you better, who else will tease me? bea smiled and allie giggled

'dont worry puppy dog i can still do that.... bea chuckled and shook her head as allie smiled

'alright cheeky enough of that, close your eyes and have a sleep....bea said pulling the blanket over allie

'come and lay with me, its cold i need to get warm

'you have 2 blankets

'but body warmth is so much better.... allie said and smirked

'your relentless... bea said shaking her head and pulling her shoes off than she got into bed with allie

'maybe but you love it

'thats debatable.... allie giggled when she pulled the blanket over the red head and snuggled in closer, she knows the top dog is tough and scary to a lot of people but in the short time allie has been locked up with bea she can be very soft and loving

'happy? bea asked

'very..... allie said as moved so close to bea there was no room to move,

'go to sleep

'yes boss.... allie said and not too long later allie was asleep but bea didnt sleep, she lay there wondering how this blonde woman managed to break down the walls she has put in place since being in here, how she got so close to bea? how she could tell allie anything and she wouldnt go blabbing to anyone, how she felt comfortable with her and how the hell she ended up in bed with allie again? she rolled her eyes but then turned to lay on her side to look at the blonde, there was no doubt about it allie was stunningly beautiful, she was sweet and tender, she listened when bea spoke and understood her struggle with being locked up, for some reason she felt like she could tell allie anything and it would be safe. sleep finally did catch her and she slid a hand over allie's hip pulling her even closer than ever


The following day bea was sitting on the bench in the yard watching the basketball game, her crew except for allie who was with miss westfall were going against juices crew, she smiled to herself watching franky run circles around juice, the bigger woman breaking out into a sweat but franky was cool as a cucumber, she relaxed against the wall thinking about the day before with allie, laying in the bed there bodies so close, when they woke roughly around the same time, allie shyly smiled at bea and bea did something completely out of character, lifting her hand she put a lock of allie's golden hair behind her ear than settled her palm on her cheek rubbing it so gently with her thumb, it was a whole different feeling and bea's face flushed slight pink but she didnt move, they stared into each others eyes and bea just really wanted to kiss allie and she was going to till she heard the others in the common area and she jumped out of bed

'we better get to dinner..... with that she left allie's cell,

now she sat there wondering why she had all these feels for the blonde, sure allie was pretty, beautiful even but bea never had felt something like this about anone and she was confused, she kept telling herself 'im not gay' like a chant but bea wasnt stupid, she was feeling something for allie but she wasnt ready to admit it just yet if ever, hearing a cough she turned to see allie standing there

'can i sit?

'of course... allie sat down on the seat part of the bench as bea sat right next to her but on the table part, they were quiet for a few minutes and bea wondered how her session went and if allie even wanted to talk about it

'did you see miss westfall? allie nodded

'hmm yea

'are you okay? allie shrugged her shoulders and sighed

'it was really hard to be honest, she asked me about my family and i dont like talking about them

'why not? allie scoffed

'whats to talk about? the fact that they threw me out, the fact that they hate me, the fact that they never wanted me, chose which one. actually it was my parents, i dont blame them really like who would want someone like me part of there family

'i would... bea said making allie finally look up and raise an eyebrow


'i would want you part of my family

'why would you? im fucked up

'ha, who's not allie? everyone has there issues but at the end of the day we are all human

'you would never want me around debbie

'debbie is a smart girl, im sure when she meets you you will find out, she does not judge people at all, she knows better

'you want me to meet her? allie asked surprised

'well she has met the whole crew so she will demand you meet her... bea rolled her eyes, her daughter was really stubborn and wanted to meet bea's whole crew to know she was safe, debbie wasnt too sure about doreen and still isnt but the rest she was happy with

'she wont like me

'allie your too hard on yourself, your a good person

'oh come on bea, look where we are

'prison, most woman in here made mistakes but there not bad people, am i a bad person?

'no, i could never think you are

'well than neither are you and debbie will see that

'maybe..... they sat in silence for another 5 minutes before allie spoke up

'mum and dad never wanted me, they had 2 boys already and i was an accident as they telling me, they made sure i was kept out of the family things most of the time and would only pay attention to my brothers

'what about your brothers? what are they like?

'well there is tony he is the oldest, he was so loving and caring, making sure i always ate, went to school, did my homework, he kept me as safe as he could, than there was james, oh how we bonded together, we were inseparable and my parents hated it, i would follow him around everywhere and if i didnt he would make me, at school when i got bullied by a boy he got into a fight with him and decked the little shit.... allie laughed at the memories of her brothers

'why did you stop contact with them?

'when my parents kicked me out they moved a week later and i lost all contact with them, i had no idea where they went or where they are, god how i miss them, they used to make my birthday so special, this one year i turned 12 and mum and dad had taken off on a holiday somewhere no idea where, anyways they woke me up in the morning with choc chip pancakes, than we went out to the shops and they bought me a new outfit and perfume, than we went to the fair that was happening at the time and we rode all the rides together, stuffed our faces with hot dogs and fries than finished off with ice cream and donuts, it was the best birthday ever

'it sounds fun

'the best time, fuck i miss them.... allie said wiping her tears away and bea moved to sit right next to allie

'hey maybe you can find them?

'in here bea? impossible, i just wish my parents werent such assholes

'they never deserved you allie, your too good for them

'yea right

'im serious allie, your amazing and you deserve better.... allie looked at bea her genuine look on her face

'thank you bea, your a good person too.... bea smiled and nudged the blonde gently

'anyways i have to go call debbie you want to come?

'dont you want privacy?

'in this place? that would never happen, come on and than we can go to the library to get a book

'that would be great actually, i need something to read at night

'some on than... they went to the phones together and bea tried to call debbie but it rang out so she tried a few more times finally leaving a message telling her all was good and she would try again tomorrow. they went to the library and looked through the books they had there, allie picked one up called '3,096 days' which was based on a young girl who was kidnapped and kept hostage for that time it was a true story and allie liked those

'i like this one... allie said showing bea

'hmm looks interesting

'what about you?

'i got this one called 'the rome affair'

'okay cool, should we sit and read for a bit?

'i want to read back in the unit, i dont like being out in the open here

'okay lets go... once they settled in the unit they kicked off there shoes and sat on the couch side by side there feet on the table and a blanket draped over them as it was a little cold and they began reading, thats where there crew found them later on, walking in maxine and lix shared a look and smiled the top dog looked so relaxed with allie beside her, in fact since allie came in apart from the fight fight with kaz and the bollocking with tina, bea is much more relaxed with the blonde around, they were so engrossed in there books that when franky spoke they both jumped

'hey fuckers.... they both looked up with surprised looks on there faces

'shit franky you scared me

'you were too busy to notice we even came in, anyways lets go have dinner

'already? bea asked surprised

'you 2 have been in here for a while now, its dinner time so lets get going before juice eats the place out or boomer disintegrates... they all laughed when boomer pushed franky

alright lets each... after dinner they all went together to shower and than they had count, once locked in they settled for a movie together with tea and bickies and than went to sleep, allie lay in bed smiling as she loved spending time with bea, bea was really sweet to her and fuck so damn sexy, her muscles, strong arms, beautiful face, jaw to die for, body that wont give up and an ass that wont quit, the way bea rubbed her cheek she wanted to lean in and kiss the redhead and she was going to but when she heard the others voices bea pulled back so quick it was like she got burnt, turning over she closed her eyes her dreams full of red hair and brown eyes


bea woke up in the middle of the night to hear someone moving around in the kitchen, she got up and peaked out to see allie getting a cup of water and than sitting on the couch, she had the tv on but was staring into space and lost in her thoughts, bea walked out slowly not to scare her

'allie? allie's eyes shot to bea's and they went wide fear evident in them 'its just me, are you okay? allie nodded

'hmm.... allie responded and bea moved closer to her, bea saw her swipe a tear from her cheek and look down

'hey whats going on? talk to me.... bea said sitting on the couch opposite the blonde, allie seemed so sad and bea hated seeing her like that, after a couple minutes of silent when bea thought allie wouldnt say anything she did

'why does everyone hate me?

'what do you mean?

'my parents hate me and than kaz came into my life and i thought i had a second chance for a mother but she hates me too, am i so repulsive? allie chocked out and began to cry, bea was fast to sit beside allie and pull her into a hug holding onto her tight

'hey hey enough of that, there idiots, your amazing allie, beautiful, sweet, sensitive, strong and so pretty, anyone would be lucky to have you in there lives, i know i am..... bea rocked them for a while waiting till allie calmed down, allie sobs turned to sniffles

'where is this coming from? allie lifted her head and wiped her tears with the back of her hand

'i had a dream about kaz, it felt so real, she was so good to me like she used to be and than she just turned on me and tried to kill me, i guess thats what she wants now

'oh allie i wont let her hurt you, i will protect you

'but i shouldnt need protecting from kaz, she promised me she would look after me and protect me, eventually you will get sick of me and want to kill me as well, its a pattern

'well that shit is breaking right here right now, i want you around, i want you here with me, im not letting you go..... allie swallowed hard at the intensity in bea's eyes

'it cant happen bea, kaz is crazy and would do anything to get to me

'i wont let her, i wont let her near you

'why do you care so much bea? im not worth it

'yes you fucking are!!!!! before bea could think about what was going to happen she pulled allie by her shirt towards her and connected there lips, there lips moved softly against each other, there was no force, pushing or pulling it was just them together feeling each others emotions, allie wrapped her hands around bea's neck and bea's hands moved to allie's back pulling her in even closer, the need to breath made them pull apart slowly but they leaned there foreheads together and there breathing was heavy

'fuck... allie breathed out

'sorry.... bea said

'dont be, i have wanted to do that since i saw you..... bea smiled and rubbed allie's cheek

'your so worth it.... allie pulled back to look into bea's eyes


'absolutely, im here with you, for you but we have to keep this quiet allie

'what is this bea?

'i dont know yet, im confused and i just need time... allie nodded

'i got it, its between me and you, i guess we should go to bed... bea nodded and they stood up, bea walked allie to her cell and left one more kiss to her soft lips

'good night beautiful girl

'good night puppy.... bea chuckled as she walked to her cell and closed the door, bea lay in bea smiling from ear to ear,

'what the fuck just happened? she said to herself, she didnt dwindle long and was just going to let things happen with allie, whatever was meant to happen anyways, pulling the blanket over her body she fell asleep the sweet taste of allie on her lips

Chapter Text

bea stood there tough, strong and mighty, the sweat made her muscles glisten in the light and allie couldnt help but stare, she pulled on the handle of the steam press and put another sheet on and bea had no idea what she was doing to the blonde, after they kissed the night before allie woke up a smile on her face and touched her own lips remembering the touch of bea's lips on her own, the tingling feeling running through her whole body

she watched as maxine stood beside bea and they were talking to each other hush hush, bea nodded at something maxine said as she turned to scan the room, she stopped at allie and winked at the blonde sending allie's head into a fuzzy mess, allie felt her cheeks flush and smiled shyly before turning back to the sewing machine

when maxine went to bea to talk to her she had told her she had tried to call debbie but she herself couldnt get through, bea was worried a little but thought she would try call debbie after work was done,

'maxi when we are done here lets go shower and than it will be phone time again and i will call her

'good idea love, im sure she is fine.... bea nodded, they worked for a further hour and than they were finished

'hey red im taking blondie to her appointment with miss westfall.... bea raised her eyebrow and smirked

'really? wouldnt have anything to do with the great doc?

'no, i just want to escort her

'well maxi and i were gonna take her so no worries franky

'nah its fine red, i will take her.... bea snickered

'sure franky, make sure she is safe.... bea said as she and maxine took off to the unit

'i will no worries, come on boomer..... bea had a shower and went to the phones with maxine and tired to call debbie again but it went straight to her voicemail

'where the fuck is she? bea said frustrated

'im not sure bea but she is a smart girl so try not to worry, lets give it 20 minutes and come back.... bea nodded and they went out to the yard for a while

after franky cheekily flirted with the good doctor she was on her way and allie was in her session with miss westfall having agreed to come again after yesterdays session, she was sitting there her foot tapping nervously

'allie how do you feel after yesterday? allie sighed

'confused i think

'in what way? miss westfall said

'i guess i have been thinking about what you said about my family

'which part?

'about the fact that i didnt choose to be born in that family they chose to have me, oh and my brothers, i was talking about them with bea and god it made me miss them so much, i felt like they were taken from me without warning or any care factor for me or them

'do you want to find them?

'i would love to see them again but im in prison for ten years, i have a life of drugs and prostitution and there is no way they would want to see me in here

'do you think they would be disappointed in you allie?

'definitely, im disappointed in myself, i dont deserve to have them in my life but fuck i miss them so much, if it wasnt for james, tony and my gran my childhood would have been ten times worse

'im sure they would love to see you allie.... allie shook her head no

'i dont deserve to have them in my life, i have done some pretty bad stuff

'yes but your paying your dues, your not a bad person you just did bad stuff

'thats what bea said... miss westfall smiled she had seen the budding friendship between allie and bea grow in the time since she came in and bridget was happy to see the top dog get close to someone

'i just find it hard to believe they would want anything to do with me

'allie in life as an adult we make decisions because we want our lives to go a particular way, but sometimes we struggle against habit which is what you did, your drug habit dragged you into an unforeseen path to destruction that made you end up here, as a child you dont get to chose your path its chosen for you most of the time but you were stuck in limbo

'what do you mean miss westfall? allie said listening intently

'your parents didnt want you so did everything possible to exclude you from your family, thats the choice and path they chose for you, in saying that, that path sent you into the system than the streets and so forth

'what are you trying to say?

'its not your fault allie, if your parents were loving and caring do you think you would have ended up here or drugs, prostitution?

'probably not, i would have had a better run

'exactly, you werent given a choice, what i am saying is if you want to find your family im sure there is a way even from in here and i have no doubt that your brothers and grandmother would be very worried about you but very happy to see you as well, think about the possibility of having a family again

'i will think about finding them miss westfall, thank you

'i hope you open yourself to the good in life as well allie, you have had enough bad to last you 5 lifetimes

'i will try

'good, i think we can see each other in a few days i will make the appointment and someone will let you know, but if you need me earlier just tell a guard

'okay by miss westfall

'good bye allie..... allie walked out and was escorted back to the main corridor by miles

'off you go novak, stay out of trouble

'always miss miles..... allie turned to walk but something caught her eye and turned around to see mr jackson escorting a young girl, she was a little shorter than her, brown curly hair and when she looked up it was like looking at a young bea, they walked closer and allie frowned

'mr jackson is that

'yes... he whispered 'its bea's daughter debbie

'shit, bea is gonna go crazy

'i know

'what the hell happened?

'its up to debbie to tell you, debbie this is allie a very good friend of your mums

'hi debbie, dont be scared it will be okay

'mums gonna kill me

'hopefully not, mr jackson i can take her, bea will freak out less

'debbie you okay to go with allie?

'yea sure

'okay, novak show her the ropes

'will do and mr jackson dont tell the woman

'my lips are sealed.... she nodded and linked her hand with debbie's

'come on debbie lets go to our unit, i share it with your mum.... they started walking and allie could feel debbie;s hand was sweating

'mum is gonna lose it

'she probably will but she will keep you safe debbie.... debbie nodded and they walked to h1, bea was there with franky and maxine and allie cleared her throat, bea looked up a smile on her face which dropped when she saw debbie

'what the hell? she stood up furious and walked towards the pair

'bea stop and give her a chance to explain

'shut up allie, what the fuck is going on? maxine and franky came over to them knowing exactly who this was and franky pulled them all in closer to the table, to say bea was furious would be an understatement, bea was pacing and shaking her head, there was no way debbie could be in prison right now, she stopped pacing and turned to debbie a look of anger all over her face, she tried to speak but just couldnt

'alright bea calm the fuck down would you

'i fucking will not, how the fuck are you in here? she seethed through her teeth

'debbie sit down with franky and maxine i need to talk to your mum.... debbie nodded and allie went to bea and nodded for her to go into her cell, bea was gonna argue but allie wouldnt even let her, she closed the door once they were inside and allie looked at the clearly worked up top dog

'bea you need to calm down

'how the fuck can i? my daughter is in prison

'i know your angry and frustrated but your scaring her, she is petrified and you need to get out of the top dog mode right now and be her mum, thats what she needs..... bea sighed and sat on the bed

'your right, fuck im sorry for being a bitch to you

'its okay, you go out there and be her mum thats what she needs

'when people find out im her mum she will be targeted

'we wont let that happen bea, we will all keep her safe.... bea nodded and stood up

'alright im calm

'good but first.... allie took a couple steps closer to bea and kissed her lips softly making bea smile

'even calmer now... bea mumbled and allie giggled

'come on... they walked out to the common area and bea sat down right next to debbie holding her hand

'im sorry baby, it threw me seeing you in here

'i know, im sorry

'what happened?

'i was at a party a couple nights ago with some friends, it was getting out of control and the police turned up and raided the place, they searched the house and everyone that couldnt get away and someone slipped drugs into my bag so i got arrested, my friends kept saying that i dont touch or do them but the police didnt care

'do you know who it was that planted them?

'this guy from uni, he asked me out a couple times and i told him no but he has been an asshole since i turned him down, said i would pay for it

'whats his name?

'timothy wilder, he is a rich snotty kid, im so sorry mum

'its not your fault come here... bea wrapped her arms around her daughter holding her tight as she cried, rubbing her back in soothing circles 'it will be okay baby dont worry

'how mum? im locked up in here now

'i will take care of it.... debbie pulled back and bea wiped her tears

'you dont worry baby, i will look after you

'we all will kiddo, were all family here... franky said

'listen deb this is a dangerous place and you have to go by some rules, firstly no matter what dont hit that button unless one of us tell you too, secondly dont touch anyone's stuff, thirdly you go no where without either me, franky and maxine, unless i tell you, finally no one is too know your my daughter

'why not?

'i am top dog, they will see you as an easy way to get to me... debbie nodded

'okay mum

'you have to call me bea baby, i know its shit but it needs to happen

'i get it, what now?

'now you set up in that cell there and we will show you around

'come on deb i will show you your room.... allie said picking up debbie's basket and taking her to the spare cell, bea mouthed 'thank you' to allie and she smiled at bea, just than doreen, boomer and liz walked in

'what up fuckers? boomer yelled

'geez booms not so loud ay... doreen said as they sat down

'ay bea who is the new girl? doreen nodded towards debbie and allie

'listen this stay between us and only us but thats debbie my daughter

'holy fuck how did she end up in here?

'some little wanker planted drugs on her, fucking little peasant is gonna cop it

'shit bea this is a dangerous place

'i know and i told her that as well, people cannot know who she is and we need to watch her all the time, although debbie has been doing tai kwan doe for 4 years now so im sure she can protect herself but you know what happens in here

'we got her bea no worries, ay i will punch anyones tits in that mess with her

'thanks boomer, but please make sure no one finds out who she is

'its our secret bea

'we should show her around... they all nodded

'hey deb come on lets show you around

'okay... she walked out with allie and they all left the unit together


bea had gone through everything with debbie and telling her to who to stay away from, she even told her about tina and her drug ring, juice and her grossness and kaz that was in the slot right now, after count they watched tv for a while and than they all retreated back to there cells, bea walked debbie to her cell and hugged her

'im sorry mum, i know your angry

'im not angry at you deb, its not your fault, i will get you out of here i promise.... bea kissed debbie's cheek 'i love you deb

'i love you too mum

'to the moon and back... bea said and debbie smiled before going into her cell closing the door, bea herself went to the kitchen where allie was getting a cup of water, all the others had gone to sleep

'how is she?

'not too bad considering

'and you? bea puffed her cheeks

'worried, she could get hurt in here

'i know bea but we will make sure she isnt alone, we will protect her... bea nodded

'how are you doing?

'getting there, my throat is a little sore and my muscles but apart from that im okay

'good, how did your session go with miss westfall?

'good actually, we spoke about my brothers and gran, im thinking maybe i can try find them

'thats great allie, you need your family.... allie smiled and nodded

'i just hope there not disappointed in me

'they wont be allie, they would be happy to see your safe and okay

'im in prison bea... allie rolled her eyes

'yes but your safe with me, i got your ass, oops i mean your back... allie giggled making bea smile

'im sure you do, alright off to bed good night... allie looked around to make sure everyone was in bed and than leaned in kissing bea on the lips

'good night beautiful girl

'good night puppy dog.... bea chuckled and walked to her cell, once she settled in bed her thoughts went to debbie and the little fucker that put her in here, she would have to get someone to help find this kid and get him to admit the truth btu until than she will keep debbie, allie and her crew safe, together they are stronger than ever, turning over bea closed her eyes succumbing to sleep

bea wasnt sure how long she was asleep but she heard her door creak open and a soft voice

'mum? bea looked up to see debbie standing there

'whats wrong deb?

'can i sleep with you? its scary

'of course, come here.... bea pulled her blanket up and debbie slipped into her mums arms, they snuggled in together and bea kissed debbie's head

'its scary at night here

'it can be, it will be okay baby, i got you

'thanks mum..... debbie pulled bea's arm around herself and snuggled in before falling asleep



bea woke up with debbie practically pinning her down, bea was on her back and debbie was laying on her chest, bea missed waking up like this it was exactly how it would be at home together, when bea and harry used to fight bea used to sleep in debbie's room exactly like this

'debbie we need to get up

'its too early mum... debbie whined and bea laughed as she ran her fingers through debbie's locks

'we have to get up for count remember.... debbie popped her eyes open and sighed

'shit mum i forgot where i was for a moment

'i know deb, i will find a way to get you out of here, listen your friend tiffany her dad's a lawyer yea

'yea he is, why?

'add tiffany to your call log and call her, tell her to get her dad to visit me please


'i want him to help me with something

'okay, i will add her today

'good, you need to talk to mr jackson and he will give you the form

'okay, i guess we better get up... bea nodded and they both got out of bed, they both walked out together being greeted by the others walking around getting ready for the day

'good morning love, we dont have coffee but we have tea, would you like one?

'yes please liz

'sit down, count is in half an hour... they shared a tea and than had count before going to have breakfast, they sat at there table and began eating, bea looked around to see if anyone had eyes on them and a couple girls did, juice came over checking debbie out, scanning her eyes from head to toe, raking her eyes all over the young girls body... bea had made it a point to never talk about debbie to anyone that wasnt her crew, the governor or mr jackson

'well well who do we have here? looks like dessert to me... no one even had a chance to say anything before bea had stood up abruptly her hand going to juice's throat and she was pushed up against a wall, bea tensed her jaw and shoulders

'that is debbie and you or anyone else better not go near her or i will make sure you never walk again, got it? juice'e face was going red so she nodded quickly and bea let her go turning to face everyone

'EVERYONE UNDERSTAND!!! she boomed through the diner room and she saw people nodding there heads yes 'good, lets finish eating... sitting down she couldnt even look at debbie shame written on her face at what she just did, after they finished and dumped there trays they went to there unit so they could grab there stuff and have a shower, allie had seen bea was kicking herself for her over reaction but allie didnt think it was bad, bea was very protective of her crew let alone debbie

'hey franky you guys go ahead we will be there in a couple minutes... allie said as she grabbed bea's hand

'no allie i need... bea tried to protest but allie stopped her

'shush bea... waiting till they all left she turned to bea stroking her cheek 'just relax okay, i know your kicking yourself for over reacting and i wanted to tell you its okay

'its not allie, im top dog i cant freak out like that, someone will find out about debbie

'i know but learn from it yea, take a breather and try not to scare people even if it is hot... bea's cheeks flushed red and she smiled as allie smirked

'im not hot allie

'course you are, your hot, sexy and beautiful now come on beautiful lets get to the showers.... allie walked off bea hot on her trail, once they all showered they were out in the yard and allie wanted to work out a little

'im going to the work out area

'can i come?

'sure deb

'boomer go with them

'yea sweet.... they went to the gym and walked into the cage, allie took to the treadmill on slow, debbie and boomer lifted weights, bea wasnt surprised to see debbie lift close to the same as boomer as she had been going to the gym for a couple years now

'damn red debbie is strong... bea nodded 'she could put me on my ass for sure.... bea, liz and maxine laughed

'anyone could put you down franky

'pfft as if, i could take almost anyone

'yea right, go on liz give her a try... bea chuckled and franky shoved her playfully

'ah piss off ya bitch... bea stood up laughing

'im going to the canteen do you girls want anything?

'get up some cookies would ya

'sure franks, you 2? they shook there heads no so bea left them and walked over to the canteen and lined up, a few minutes later she came back tot he table with a packet of cookies and chips putting them on the table

'thanks red, whats in your pocket?

'something for debbie and allie

'allie ay? what we aint special enough? franky teased

'she just likes them is all

'sure thats what it is

'hey where is doreen?

'visit with her sister, trying to get a new lawyer or something.... bea nodded as she sat down watching over the yard, she was watching debbie and boomer with gloves on throwing punches almost bursting out laughing when debbie threw a punch at boomers face almost knocking her over which by the looks on boomers face she wasnt expecting it

'is mr jackson on today? bea whispered to maxine

'yes he is

'i need to see him, come with me maxi, franky you watch them okay?

'got it red no worries..... bea went through the halls looking for the buff man and finally found him

'mr jackson any idea when kaz will be out of the slot?

'governor said 1-2 weeks so im not sure

'she said anything?

'no she has been quiet

'can you let me know when she is coming out?

'sure smith

'thanks... with that bea walked off maxine following her, they went to check with some girls to check everything was alright and than went back outside and sat with liz and franky

'all good franky?

'all good red, although allie might be pushing herself a bit too much.... she nodded to allie who was now jogging 'she is still recovering and she could hurt herself

'i will get her, in fact its lunch so lets eat..... bea walked over to the cage leaning on it

'girls lunch... boomer stopped straight away and left the cage


'im not done yet bea

'ugh allie your gonna hurt yourself, your not healed yet

'im fine dont worry... bea rolled her eyes

'well you both need to come for lunch so hurry up... debbie nodded and took her gloves off and went up to join franky and the girls, bea went inside the gym and was happy most woman were making there way inside, she stood beside allie and raised her eye brow

'are ya done now? allie chuckled

'not yet

'but im hungry.... allie slowed down the machine to a walk, looking at bea she was just so damn cute

'i guess i could stop for you

'thanks, come on lets go and than we can relax in the unit

'i need another shower after

'im sure you, deb and boomer all do

'are you saying i stink bea smith?

'would i say that? bea smirked

'you basically just did... bea laughed when allie acted hurt

'i didnt say you stink but your all sweaty

'okay fine, lunch, shower, relax.... they did just that and now they were all in the unit maxine and boomer were sitting at the table talking, franky was reading, liz, debbie and doreen were watching a movie, allie was laying in bed and bea had just made tea for everyone handing them out

'im just gonna take allie her tea... bea walked to allie's cell and closed the door behind her

'your tea

'thanks bea.... bea put both there mugs down and sat on the chair close to the bed

''how are you feeling?

'sore but okay

'you over did it

'i dont think so, i mean yes im sore but its not too bad, although it was good to get on the treadmill

'did you used to on the outside?

'yea, i suck at sports in general, cant catch a ball if my life depended on it

'yea i saw that the other day, shocking... bea laughed

'well i cant be perfect at everything

'well obviously

'anyways, so i used to go to the gym only for the last 6 months and i used to walk everywhere

'well the treadmill will do you justice in here

'i hope so... allie reached out and grabbed bea's hand 'can i ask you something?

'sure allie go ahead

'whats the deal with us? its only been like 3 day since you dived all over me.... allie smirked and bea blushed

'i did not dive on you, i just need you to shut up

'oh yea sure, you go with that bea, who wouldnt want all this? she pointed to her body and bea thought for the first time since allie had come in she saw a part of the real allie, the charmer, the funny, kind woman and definitely cocky

'you just think your irresistible ?

'well obviously bea, irresistible and strong, stronger than you..... bea laughed and ticked allie a little not wanting to hurt her and bea yelped and laughed

'ahhh bea please stop... allie wriggled and bea moved forward leaning her knee on the edge of the bed half leaning over allie

'say im stronger

'neveeeeerrrr.... allie said laughing and pulled on bea and she lay flat on top of allie half holding herself up, they were chest to chest, face to face and bea couldnt believe how beautiful allie really was, her eyes were pools of ocean blue water, bea's curls fell over her face as they stared into each others eyes, allie touched bea's cheek grazing her thumb over her cheek

'so beautiful... she whispered, bea leaned down placing her lips to allie's softly, there right hands linked and moved to the top of allie's head, bea holding her in place, allie wrapped her other hand around bea's body as there lips continued to move together, touching, tasting, feeling each other like it was there last breath, bea deepened the kiss when her tongue begged for entrance and it was given immediately, when bea's tongue touched allie's, allie thought she would down right pass out, people say with the right person you see fire works but with bea it was like if the whole world blew up now they wouldnt notice, bea felt dizz from lack of air and pulled back and by the looks of allie she was the same considering she was breathing and panting heavily,

'wow... allie breathed out

'too much? bea asked unsure

'not enough, never fucking enough with you.... bea smiled and placed one more kiss to allie's lips before sitting up and on her knees

'if i dont leave now i wont be able to stop... bea breathed out, allie grabbed the front of bea's jacket making her fall forward back on top of the blonde

'i dont care, i dont want you to stop

'but i dont know if i can do more than just this, kissing

'oh bea i dont care, you do whatever you feel comfortable with i will be here, i just want you.... bea bit her lip trying not to cry but a stray tear rolled down her cheek which allie wiped

'did i say something wrong?

'no allie, no one has ever said they want just me, most people want something from me

'all i need is you bea.... bea kissed allie

'your perfect allie

'tell me something i dont know... she giggled

'you talk to much crap, why dont you stop talking?

'make me... allie countered and with that they were attacking each others lips again

Chapter Text

bea had left debbie with franky and the crew and had basically dragged allie to the closet they first met in, she lifted allie onto the bench and as she stood between her legs they kissed, allie pulled bea in closer as her tongue met bea's and they both moaned at the contact, allie pulled back needing to breath so bea kissed along her neck and allie was losing her mind, the big bad top dog was as hungry for her as she was for the red head

'oh bea... allie moaned as she tilted her head to the side to give bea more access, bea moved her hands up and down allie's back needing to feel all of the blonde in her arms, allie was worried though just in case someone turned up and they got caught, if they got caught there would be repercussions for both of them. it would show that bea is soft and a target would be on allie's back, but allie was so in a daze of the redheads lips that when bea pulled on the hem of her shirt she lifted her arms and bea pulled it off, and just like that bea's embarrassment showed and she blushed bright red when she just stared at allie's chest heaving in her face

'you can touch them... bea looked up into blue eyes and shrugged, her insecurities on show for her to see, grabbing bea's hands she kissed her wrists before placing them on allie's bra covered breasts and left them there, allie's moved her right hand to bea's cheek rubbing her defined cheek

'dont be embarrassed bea, its just me, i know you havent been with a woman before or anyone other than him, nothing needs to happen at all, im just happy to have you with me here... bea nodded and leaned in kissing the blonde's lips and than trailing kisses down to her neck, she kissed every inch of allie's neck possible and allie was a mess, her neck was her weakness and when bea sucked on a particular soft spot her leg twitched and she moaned louder than she wanted too causing her to blush bright red. she could feel bea smile against her neck and suck a little harder, allie was getting really turned on and tried to bring her legs together to get some sort of relief but bea wouldnt let her so groaned in frustration

'dont groan at me... bea said smirking knowing what she was doing to allie and if she was being honest she loved that she had that type of effect with the blonde,

'well your driving me crazy... bea laughed and laid kisses on allie's soft milky chest reveling in the way allie's breath hitches when her lips touch her anywhere, she really loves how allie just melts into bea's touch, feeling bold bea traces the outline of allie's bra with her tongue along her skin

'oh god... allie mumbled as she wrapped her arms around bea's neck, allie has no idea where bea got her confidence from but fuck it was so sexy, although they only had there first kiss a few days ago allie had never felt so wanted by anyone in her life, bea moved her hands to the clip on allie's bra and was about to undo it but a knock on the door stopped her and she lifted her head

'fuck... bea said, if she was caught in here it meant trouble but she sighed in relief when she heard franky's voice

'red get off novak and open the door... they both blushed and bea opened the door slightly

'is it just you?

'yes, let me in... bea opened the door and franky slipped in chuckling when she saw allie pulling her shirt on, bea turned to franky and nervously smiled

'how did you know franky?

'apart from the fact that you both basically eye fuck each other all the time, i also saw you yesterday when you came out of blondie's cell your lips swollen

'does anyone else know?

'maxi and liz know your close but nothing else, you need to be careful

'you thats why we came here, no one knows about this room

'except me and obviously blondie

'well yea, so we just came here to be alone for a while, wait where the hell is debbie?

'relax she is with the others in the unit, boomer is on mini patrol... franky rolled her eyes and her taller friend

'did she ask where i was?

'no, she knows that you go see 'people' as top dog

'is she doing alright?

'she is actually falling into life here fine, juice tried to eye google her but debbie told her to fuck off... allie giggled

'allie its not funny

'yea bea it is, she is exactly like you by the looks of it

'yea but she could get hurt

'listen red we are in jail and anyone could get hurt in here, all we can do is our best to protect each other

'yea i know but... bea trailed off not knowing how to explain it

'but you spent your whole life protecting her and that wont ever change..... allie said and bea nodded


'it will be okay i promise, but right now you need to know kaz is coming out of the slot, jackson told me

'shit okay, lets go to the unit... they left the storage room and walked down the corridor and went to the unit, bea cant believe that since debbie was a child everytime bea walked into the room debbie's face would light up and it still hasnt changed at her age and to be honest bea loved it, she sat on the couch beside debbie

'everything alright deb?

'all good, boomer threatened to punch this girls tits in for bumping into my shoulder

'yea well ya know your the mini so we gots ta protect ya, or bea will bash us.... boomer said and bea nodded

'true, your my little girl and me and the crew will do anything to protect you

'i know mum, sorry bea but im not so little anymore

'you are to me, anyways i have to go do something with maxi i will be back soon, you stay with these guys here

'alright, try not to bash any heads in... debbie laughed and bea shook her head smiling, debbie is far from stupid and knows what happens in prison, she knows bea has to use violence when needed but bea doesnt want her to see it if possible, bea left the unit ,axine in tow and went out to the yard looking around for kaz, they spotted her over with her crew and walked towards them, kaz and her crew noticed the top dog and the crew surrounded kaz to protect her but bea wasnt scared

'a word

'ease down girls its all good.... kaz said standing up and walking about ten feet away from them with bea and maxine

'i want to know if we have any problems kaz?

'i have a problem with you taking allie away from me

'i didnt take her away from you, i moved her away because you tried to kill her

'i only did that because she betrayed me

'you know what kaz she has done nothing against you, she was angry with you because of getting her locked up thats it but you took it to another level

'but you took her away

'she was scared you would kill her, you know what she is like she would never betray you but you betrayed her for no reason..... kaz sighed as she looked at bea

'is she okay?

'physically she is but mentally what you did to her really hurt her, i dont think you understand how much

'i fucked up

'yea you did, why would you think she would betray you?

'i got a letter from someone on the outside and it talked about allie telling you how fucked i am and all the shit we did, how allie hated me and you were turning her against me, and that you shopped us

'i would never do that, i didnt even know who you were till i heard the gossip in here when you got here, as for allie she would never do that to you, even now she would, who was the letter from?

'someone called joan.... bea's eyes went wide 'you know her?

'so do you, well you would have heard about her, joan ferguson the ex governor, she is on parole right now and has court coming up sometime soon, she has been trying to get at me for a long time now,

'i heard about her on the news, why does she hate you?

'because she cant beat me, she should be in prison but she has a good lawyer and he got her on parole for now

'fuck, i really fucked up

'she is using you and allie to get to me... kaz nodded

'i need to talk to allie

'look i dont know if she will talk to you, i will speak to her and see what she says

'please tell her im sorry, i miss her and i love her like my daughter

'i will talk to her, can you bring me her letter, i need to know what she is saying to you

'yea i will bring it later on

'i need to make sure your not gonna cause trouble

'im not, she got in my head with one stupid letter, i should know allie wouldnt do that

'no she wouldnt, you really hurt her and not just physically, i will talk to her and see what she wants to do, bring me the letter later on or give it to franky or maxine

'okay i will find one of you.... with that bea left and was walking back to her unit

'what do you think maxi? do you think she is legit about apologizing?

'i hope so, can see how hurt allie is with just the mention of kaz's name, it wont take a simple apology

'thats for sure, lets get the others and go to lunch i missed breakfast, im hungry... maxine chuckled

'you just sounded like debbie from earlier today.... bea smiled and nudged maxine playfully as they headed inside


later that night after lock up debbie had a headache so bea sat on debbie's bed her head in bea's lap as bea massaged it gently

'mum can i ask you something?

'sure baby

'you know in here your top dog, you bash people and do what you need to do but when we were at home you never fought back against him. why? how did it all start? bea was caught off guard with that question, she definitely hadnt expected it and needed a couple minutes to get her thoughts together

'sorry i shouldnt have asked

'no deb its okay, you deserve an answer to your question... bea took a big breath and looked down into big brown eyes

'when i first was with your dad

'please dont call him that mum

'sorry, when i first was with harry he was an amazing guy, i fell pregnant and we got married, i didnt want to get married i was so young but i didnt have a choice so i did it, i wanted for you to have both your mum and dad, when you were born harry was so happy to have a little girl, you were his princess and he would do anything for you to start with, he owuld feed you, bath you, buy you everything and anything you needed

'how long did that last?

'for 6 months

'what changed mum?

'it started with work, he got promoted and was not only doing longer hours but also ha was bringing work home, he began drinking and his work began getting sloppy and he was put on a warning, from there he pushed himself more and more and at night when he was trying to sleep you would be teething so he would flip out quite a bit

'he would hit you? bea nodded

'yea he did, its not your fault baby its because he couldnt handle the pressure and needed to take it all out on someone

'and you were that someone

'yea i was, he was never happy about anything and i could never do anything right

'but mum your so strong why didnt you leave him?

'i was scared, he would threaten to take you away from me and i would never let that happen

'why didnt you fight back at him?

'i guess because i worried that it would go too far, when you have 2 angry people with sharp things around anything could happen to either of us, i didnt want you to suffer for our mistakes, but that day he put his hands on you that was it for me, he could do whatever he wanted to me but to you that wasnt going to happen, im so sorry that happened debbie, i should have stopped him

'its not your fault mum, i can take a few hits

'you shouldnt have to

'you stayed to protect me, i get that i just wish he didnt hurt you the way he did.... debbie's words hit straight to her heart and bea began to cry and not just a little bit she drooped her face into her hands and really cried, debbie sat beside her and pulled bea's into her arms, debbie hated seeing her mum hurt and in pain and it was clear talking about him was exactly that painful

;im sorry, i failed you.. bea cried out and let debbie just hold her, debbie moved them so they were laying down and bea cried into her beautiful daughters chest as debbie wrapped her arms around her, debbie was the only person bea really and truly trusted so she just laid in her arms and let out all the emotion

'you got nothing to be sorry for mum, your a strong woman and that will never change, your my hero.... bea cried for a while till eventually she slowly stopped and debbie looked down to see her mum had fallen asleep clearly exhausted, debbie herself was exhausted so she too closed her eyes

when everyone headed ot sleep she made a tea and was walking to her cell but stopped at debbie's to check on the smith woman, peaking through she saw them both fast asleep, she put her tea in her cell and went to debbie's cell again and opened the door, they didnt have a blanket on them and it was quite cold so she pulled the blanket up over them both and left them to sleep going to her own cell to do the same


bea woke up the next day having all different kind of feelings, she felt a little relieved that debbie knew some of what happened, there was no need to go into detail, she felt anger against harry and she felt like absolute shit after crying for so long, it was like she had a hang over without the alcohol, turning her head debbie was nestled into her shoulder sleeping soundly but they needed to get up for count, stroking debbie's hair out of the way

'hey deb wake up baby... debbie groaned but slowly opened her eyes

'is it count already?

'afraid so, listen deb im sorry about last night

'no mum dont, you need to stop apologizing for him fucking up, he bought all this upon us not you, please mum stop beating yourself up

'its hard not too

'i know it is but you need to try, maybe see someone

'i have been, miss westfall is a psychologist here and is helping me through this

'good because you are in here for 5 years and than you can live your life but you will struggle with all this if you dont get it sorted

'i will try deb

'good, alright lets get up and do count so we can eat...bea laughed

'your pretty excited for prison food deb

'eh all food im happy with, you cant always get what you want

'when we both get out of here i will make sure your fed well

'just dont let me get fat.... bea smiled

'i just make the food, your the one eating for 5.... bea laughed as she got out of bed and went to the sink washing her face

'shit my face is so red and splotchy and my eyes have bags

'its just from last night

'maybe a day in the unit is needed

'good idea mum... bea went to her cell and they did count, she looked at allie and winked smiling, allie could tell bea had a difficult night, the bags under her eyes, the red face said that she cried a lot last night and she hated that bea was hurting like that

'red whats the plan for today?

'i dont know about you guys but im going to breakfast than a shower and than back here, im too tired for anything today... they all nodded seeing bea's face knowing she needed to rest, at breakfast they were sitting at there table eating chatting away, allie was telling them about this time on the outside when she was at a super market and she farted in an isle and walked off, than a couple minutes later she could hear voices and people were asking who farted? the whole table laughed even bea giggled, the blonde looked so carefree and bea really enjoyed this side of her, just than the door opened and allie looked up her eyes going wide when she saw kaz, she knew she got out but to see her was a different story, bea saw allie change her mood immediately and she stopped chatting with the others and put her head down looking into her plate, her fork was playing with the leftover food, bea tapped her finger on allie's hand to get her attention and she looked up

'its okay... she said to the blonde, she kicked herself for not telling allie what kaz wanted yesterday she just got busy 'we will talk later.... she whispered and allie nodded, once they finished eating they all had showers and than came back tot he unit doing there own thing, debbie had picked up a book from the library with liz and was now in her cell reading in the quiet so bea was happy to leave her be, allie was sitting on the table with a tea with maxine and franky but not participating in the conversation clearly caught up in her head, seeing kaz probably through her and bea really needed to speak to her, going over to the blonde she touched her arm and when allie looked up she smiled

'come with me, i need to talk to you... allie got up and walked to bea's cell and bea followed her

'no one disturb us for a while.... they all nodded and bea went into the cell closing the door, she kicked off her shoes and sat beside allie on the bed there backs to the wall

'are you alright? i know its a shock to see kaz

'i guess im just worried about what she is going to do next

'i spoke to her yesterday but i didnt get a chance to talk to you about it

'what did she say? bea went on to explain what kaz had told her about hte letter and what it said, how kaz thought allie betrayed her and all the rest

'i would never betray her

'i know allie, she let the information get into her head and she feels bad, she brought me the letter and i read it, its pretty crazy to be honest

'but instead of talking to me she just assumed it was all true?

'i guess so, she wants to talk to you

'im, im not ready for that, i cant talk to her right now... allie stressed and bea put her hand on her leg

'hey its alright you dont have to do anything you dont want to, just relax okay... allie nodded and leaned her head on the wall and closed her eyes, she felt very strung out right now and was craving a hit something severe, bea saw the change in her and ran her nails up and down her thigh

'what are you thinking?

'you dont want to know

'tell me please, you can trust me

'i know i can, thats not the problem, i just dont want you to look at me in a different way

'i wont, talk to me... allie took a deep breath and looked at the wall in front of her, she was embarrassed and couldnt look at bea confessing this

'im craving a hit right now, im so disgusting

'hey dont say that, dont even think it, you had a habit and just because you kicked it, it doesnt mean you dont get cravings especially when your stressed

'i hate feeling like this, i cant stop them

'how often does it happen?

'not as much, when i get stressed mostly which in this environment is not the best

'i can help you ya know


'talk to me, come to me when you feel like this

'you already have too much on bea, top dog, debbie, keeping everyone safe, im not worth your time

'stop, dont even think that, you have been doing so well this past week and i wont let you get back into your head like that, being in here is stressful but i always have time for you

'are you sure bea?

'100%, i want to be here for you no matter what, tell me right now what do you need?

'right now im just tired and i know you are too so would you lay down with me?

'of course.... they lay down facing each other and allie's hand was shaking so bea grabbed it and kissed her wrist

'your too good to me

'impossible to be too good to an angel.... allie scoffed and went to reply but bea's lips on her own stopped her 'dont deny it, you cant change how i see you, now close your eyes and relax im here with you, for you.... allie kissed bea's cheek and snuggled in closer to the red head before she closed her eyes and in no time allie fell asleep, bea was lulled to sleep with allie's soft breathing so she too fell asleep her fingers stroking through allie's hair


debbie had taken a break from reading her book to get some water, taking her cup she went to the kitchen and filled up her cup

'hey where is mum?

'she is with allie in her cell, do you need something? liz said, franky, doreen, maxine and boomer had gone to pick up the units commissary

'i just wanted to talk to her about something

'just knock on allie's door... debbie nodded, she went to allie's cell and just as she was about to knock she peaked int he little window and was surprised with what she saw, her mum and allie were fast asleep, there arms wrapped around each other, she had seen her mum close with the blonde and wondered if it was more than just someone in her crew, she had seen the gently touches between them and that they disappear together and hang out together in one of there cells but now looking at them together there was no doubt anymore, something was going on between them, she let them be and went back to her own cell picking up her book and continued to reading she would talk to mum abotu it later on


bea woke up looking over at allie who was still asleep, she rubbed her cheek and kissed her cheek twice before kissing her lips over and over again until allie stirred, allie felt lips on her own and knew it was bea, she smiled and pulled bea closer to herself

'i wish i could wake up every day like this.. she smiled into the kiss

'maybe one day but right now we need to be careful

'i know i just dont like sharing you


'yes, i want you with me all the time and i dont care if it sounds needy, i really really like you... allie said pushing bea onto her back and rolling on top of her

'i like you to allie, a lot

'good to know... allie said and kissed bea, it was just a soft peck and she pulled back smiling 'earlier in the store room, how was it?

'i like it... bea blushed

'you got a bit scared when you took my top off, can i ask why?

'as you said i have never been with a woman and its different, i need to get used to it

;do you get shy talking about this?

'a little bit but i wouldnt talk about it with anyone else but you

'you know bea you can ask me anything? you can do anything with me, to me, you can experiment and i wont judge you, i know its new for you


'of course bea

'what if someone better comes along? bea said insecurely

'better than you? impossible

'nothing is impossible

'in this case it is, bea i want you and only you, i think about only you, i want to touch only you, i dream about only you

'you dream about me? bea said and allie nodded as she pay on her side against the wall locked in between the wall and bea's body, there legs tangled

'i sure do, every night

'what about?

'naughty dreams, nice dreams as well... allie said shyly but she wanted bea to know that this isnt just a fill your day thing for her, she wanted to reassure her

'about how much i want to touch your bady, how much i want to kiss your lips, how much i want to undress you and bring you to the brink over and over again, about how much i just want to show you what real love is, real sex, show you how your supposed to be treated..... allie said stroking bea's cheek

as bea listened she felt the tears spring to her eyes, no one has ever been so sweet to her, allie made her feel comfortable, giddy and dare she say happy, the tears fell and allie wiped them away before kissing bea again and again

'i know your not ready for all that bea and i will wait for you, we can go as slow as you want

'you will get frustrated allie

'maybe, but i happen to think your worth it.... bea smiled and pulled allie's face down to connect there lips

'your amazing allie

'you amazinger

'is that even a word? bea laughed

'it is now

'come on doofus its dinner time... they got out of bed and straightened themselves before exiting the cell, they went to dinner and once there trays were full they sat down at there table and began to eat, debbie had finished so took her tray and dumped it on the cart, as she was doing that someone came up beside her

'hey gorgeous how about a round? debbie turned her head to see juice poked her tongue out, her breath stunk and it made debbie feel sick

'no thanks

'come on love, i could give you the ride of your life

'didnt you get the point when i told you to fuck off earlier

'i like a challenge.... juice said getting closer

'back the fuck away from me you dirty bitch... debbie said but not very loud

'your ass is mine you little bitch..... debbie's anger had hit boiling point and she elbowed juice in the face causing her to stumble back, debbie than turned around and punched her square in the face and then fly kicked her in the stomach sending her flying across the room

'i said dont touch me dirty bitch.... mr jackson came running over and bea tried to but was stopped by her crew and maxine whispered in her ear that no one can know who she is

'your in the slot, lets go.... jackson took debbie out of the hall and down to the slot putting her in one of the cells

'gee debbie your mums gonna go crazy

;just tell her im fine, tell her to relax and dont pop a poo poo valve..... jackson chuckled and shook his head

'you remind me so much of her

'good, she is strong and im happy to be like her

'alright tough guy you will probably be in here for a few days... debbie shrugged

'im not worried, it was worth it

'i will check up on you later

'cheers mr j... he walked off heading to bea's unit knowing she would probably kill juice if she could near her, juice had been taken to medical but he heard over the radio she has to go to the hospital as her nose and ribs are broken,

when he got to bea's unit she was pacing angrily

'smith... bea looked up and walked over to him

'how is she?

'she is fine

'is she hurt?

'hurt? smith she beat up juice without even breaking a sweat, she said to tell you dont bust a poo poo valve..... everyone in the unit burst out laughing even bea had to laugh

'fucking smart ass

'why would she say that? jackson asked interested

'a few years ago debbie and i were at home and i was cooking while she was playing ball in the house, well she broke a window which i told her she probably would if she didnt go out side, anyways i flipped it of course but she turned around and said dont pop a poo poo valve and now anytime she does something stupid or i get angry she says it, freaking little shit... bea chuckled

'tell her she is gonna cop it when she gets out

'i honestly dont think she cares bea, thats girl is ruthless

'dont i know it, just keep an eye on her please my jackson

'of course bea dont worry, she is fine, alright count girls.... once count was done they were locked in and were all sitting on the couches and table except for doreen who opted for an early night

'you okay bea?

'yea i am, juice has approached her a few times and debbie has a short fuse so im not surprised about it, im more surprised about the fly kick, i didnt know she could do that

'she look like bruce lee... allie said making bea laugh

'ah bea, deb beat up juice real good,

'yea she can boomer, she has been doing tai kwan do for quite a while

'that was sick, the fly kick sent juice on her ass.... boomer cackled and bea rolled her eyes, boomer really did love each bashing someone or seeing it happen, crazy woman that one bea thought, they all played cards for a couple hours and than it was time for bed, they all went to there own cells and laid down, bea was hoping debbie would be okay in the slot but she was string and a few days there wouldnt be too hard hopefully, she was laying with her hand behind her head for a few minutes when she heard her door open quietly and allie showed herself, standing there unsure of herself and her pillow in her hands

'whats wrong?

'umm can i lay down with you? allie asked shyly

'of course you can, are you okay?

'yea i just didnt want to be alone right now

'come on.... bea lifted the blanket and allie put her pillow down and laid beside the red head and bea pulled the blanket over them

'holy shit allie your feet are cold

'shit sorry, i have no clean socks and the floor is cold..... bea climbed over allie and went to her shelf with her clothes and got a pair of socks, she pulled the blanket off and put them on allie's feet

'there we go, we dont need you getting sick... bea got back into bed and got comfortable

;thank you babe.... allie said and bea smiled wide, no one has ever called her babe and she really liked it, they were in there cocoon right now so they could say or do whatever they wanted and right now all they wanted was to be close to one another, they shared a few kisses before they both fell into a deep slumber

Chapter Text

bea slept peacefully for a few hours but in the early morning had began to toss and turn and allie had pulled bea into herself calming her instantly, bea kept huffing, puffing and moving around for a while and allie wrapped her arms around the redhead kissing her cheek and bea relaxed once more, but it didnt last long and ten minutes later she began moving around again and to allie it felt like she was sleeping with a child, one thing allie hated more than anything was when she was woken up and when it happened the third time she snapped

'fuck bea im just gonna sleep in my own cell... allie groaned and got up leaving the red head to herself, she had tried to get bea to relax a couple times but it was the middle of the night and she was tired, bea was going to go after allie but she didnt want to get into it with her in the middle of the night and for everyone to hear, it was bad enough that franky knew they didnt want anyone to find out until they were ready for it to come out, she hated that she pissed off allie but she was worried about debbie, debbie had a bad temper just like her and when she came out of the slot she may be seen as a target just for what she did to juice, after a while she ended up falling asleep from exhaustion

When they were standing for count mr jackson came and than they were done, bea walked over to him

'hows debbie?

'lets see, she woke up and did an hour of push ups, than did star jumps for half an hour, had breakfast and now she is annoying miss miles down there by singing at the top of her voice..... bea shook her head with a smile

'so she is fine?

'no issues bea

'did the governor say how long she will be in there for?

'who knows, it was provoked so when the governor is ready

'okay, you will let me know when?

'of course bea

'sweet thanks.... with that bea went to breakfast her crew following her, once seated with there trays she knew allie was pissed at her by the way she didnt even look in her direction, she had to apologize for being a brat in bed but later on, she finished her food and dumped her tray as she had to meet debbie's friends dad matt the lawyer to get his help with debbie's case, she whispered in franky's ear

'im going for a visit, your in charge, watch the girls.... franky nodded and bea left looking at allie's confused face, she went through to the strip search room and than was seated at a table in the visitors room waiting for matt to arrive, it didnt take long and he arrived a couple minutes later, he smiled as bea stood up hugging to man and than they sat down

'its good to see you bea, how are you?

'im good and you?

'good thanks

'how's tiffany?

'she misses debbie, how is debbie going?

'she managed to get herself locked in the slot


'some stupid bitch tried a go at her and she not only punched her but she fly kicked her.... matt laughed

'that girl always shocks me

'me too.. bea shook her head laughing

'so tell me what can i do for you bea?

'i need your help to clear debbie's name, she told me a kid from uni put the drugs in her bag

'well i know they definitely werent debbies, who was it?

'some kid called timothy wilder

'that little punk

'you know him matt?

'sure do, he tried it on with tiffany and i he began to harass her when she knocked him back as well till i embarrassed him at school, i turned up telling him in not so certain words that if he went close to my daughter i would make sure he spent him life in a wheel chair

'shit, that kept him away?

'yep, that was about 3 months ago

'well he asked debbie out and she knocked him back and he said he would come for her so i guess this is his revenge, i have to get her out of here matt, please help me

'i will bea dont worry, after what you did for tiffany i will do everything in my power, im just sorry i wasnt there for debbie

'thank you but its not your fault its that little shits, you were interstate

'well i came back as soon as i could so we will get this punk

'how? bea asked

'well i have some police that im good with so maybe they can bring him in, question him, break him to confess

'do you think he will?

'he might, he might get scared and confess, if not he knows we would be onto him, leave it with me bea and call me tomorrow

'i will thank you matt

'all good, i did want to talk to you about something else, i spoke to tiffany and margaret the wifey and we all agreed that when debbie gets out we want her to live with us till your out

'thats very generous but im not out for 5 years

'thats fine with us, you 2 are family and im sorry i didnt realize what harry was doing earlier than you wouldnt have been locked up

'i hate that i got locked up because of him, i hate that i will be away from debbie but i found something good in here

'really? what?

'i found someone, she is an amazing person, so loving and caring and although its only new she just brightens my day

'oh bea thats amazing to hear, im so happy for you

'thank you matt, dont tell tiffany but you can tell margaret, how is she?

'she is good, worried about you and debbie and told me i need to get debbie out before i even came here... bea laughed

'she is a good woman

'dont i know it, said that once i finish here to go with tiffany and pack all debbie's stuff from her apartment and set her room up at our house, if i dont im in the doghouse, the sofa is not comfy thats for sure

'im sure of it... bea chuckled

'i will try and bring your sentence down as well bea

'can i ask another favour?

'of course

'my umm special friends name is allie novak she was part of the red right hand, she got ten years

'woah thats a lot, i heard about what they did but thats a heafty result

'can you take her case on please? i will pay you anything you need for all 3 of us

'i will do it bea dont you worry about it

'thank you matt, i owe you

'are you kidding, you literally saved my daughters life and in turn mine and margarets, if we lost her we ourselves would be lost

'i would do anything for her and you both

'we know, thank you bea from the bottom of my heart.... he squeezed her hand and than visiting time was over, bea didnt need thanking for tiffany, tiffany was at a party with debbie and her drink was spiked, debbie ended up calling her mum to help her because she couldnt find tiffany after she came back from the bathroom, she told her mum that for the past half an hour tiffany seemed to be completely wasted and all over the place, bea drove there and debbie met her outside, bea had a broken rib from king shit at home but she didnt care tiffany and debbie were her priority, they went looking everywhere but couldnt find her, they checked the bedrooms and eventually came across a room with a few guys in it, walking in she saw tiffany laying on the bed completely out of it half her clothes off and bea lost her shit, she called the police and reported it and within a few minutes 7-8 cars turned up and the party was broken up, debbie had gone to tiffany using her jacket to cover her but she couldnt wake her up, they got her to the hospital and t showed she was drugged with a date rape drug, bea and debbie identified the 5 guys and they were sent to prison for 5 years each, turned out tiffany hadnt been touched and thank god for that, when matt found out he went absolutely crazy and than in court he made sure those little fuckers went to jail, matt would forever be thankful for debbie and bea for what they did, a couple more minutes later would have been so traumatic for his daughter he couldnt even fathom, tiffany was effected by what happened and had gone to a therapist for about 6 months but was doing much better these days, she and debbie had stopped going to parties and kept to going out in on there own or in groups that they trusted,

bea arrived at her unit seeing franky and allie sitting close together whispering, bea didnt like the sight in front of her in fact it made her completely jealous, franky who was a serial flirt and could literally get any woman she wanted was way to close to allie right now but what made it worse was when allie threw her head back laughing at something franky said it made her angrier, she asked herself 'why is franky trying it on with allie? franky finally saw bea and pulled back from allie

'hey red how did it go? bea tightened her jaw and just nodded


'is he going to help?

'yes, im going for a shower... bea went to her cell and got her clothes than walked off ignoring them

'what the hell was that? she didnt even look at me

'i dont know blondie, lets go shower and suss it out

when bea got to the shower block there was only a couple girls in there, she wasnt worried as those girls kept to themselves just wanting to do there time without fighting and getting involved in prison politics, she put her stuff on the bench and undressed than wrapped her towel around herself before heading to the last shower and getting in, hanging her towel on the hook she turned the water to the temp she liked and stood under it for a couple minutes, she washed her hair and her body than rinsed off before closing her eyes as her mind went to allie and franky, 'why were they talking quietly? why were they so close? 'woud franky be better for allie? she was definitely younger and closer to franky's age, maybe allie got bored of her and wanted to move on, she didnt like to admit it but if that was what it was than bea would let her go, they havent been seeing each other for long at all but she really liked allie and if allie wanted franky than there isnt anything she could do about it,

just than harry's voice came in her head and all the crappy stuff he said to her 'your worthless, your shit, your rubbish. i hate you, no one wants you, yous disgusting... it all swelled around in her head and just when she thought it would take over her she heard a soft voice and popped her eyes open and looked around, franky was in the hsower furthest away and allie was in the one next to her looking at her a worried look on her face, no one else there

'bea? whats wrong? bea looked at allie and than shook her head

'why are you here?

'i needed to clean my butt... allie said trying to use humor as she could see something was going on with the redhead, she saw a slight smile on bea's face as bea faced the water

'shouldnt you be over with franky?

'what? why wouild i do that? bea shrugged

'maybe you want to be with her

'babe why would i when i have a fiery sexy redhead.... franky had heard what was said and wanted to give them some privacy so got out and dried off before getting dressed and standing outside the door making sure no one goes in

'she is closer to your age, she is better for you and not messed up.... allie cocked her head to the side and looked at bea, she was clearly fighting with her inner demons right now but she wont let them win, turning her water off she got out of her shower and open bea's curtain before stepping in and closing it behind her,

'allie what are you doing? bea said shyly and turned her back to allie, allie came up behind bea and wrapped her arms around bea's waist kissing her shoulder and leaning her chin on it

'im not looking dont worry... bea stood stiff under the water but didnt move from allie's hold, allie's nails scratched at bea's stomach and allie could feel the muscles contract at her touch

'why are you upset at me? are you jealous?

'no... bea said a little too quickly and allie smiled

'your jealous, its quite cute

'im not cute or jealous... bea pouted and allie giggled

'you are just admit it, its okay to be jealous... it was quiet for a few seconds and allie felt bea relax in her arms

'i dont want to be

'babe its okay to be but so you know nothing is going on with me and franky we were talking about debbie so we needed to do it quietly

'but she is better for you, im messed up

'no your not, you know what i see when i see you?


'someone who is fiercely loyal, a great mother, strong, beautiful, sexy, caring and so much more, i literally could go on all day but we have to eat soon, dont mistake my feelings for you bea they are very strong and even im scared of them

'why? bea asked

'because i dont want to get hurt, i always manage to get hurt and if you do it im scared i will be unfix able.... bea's heart soared at allie's words and found the courage to turn around and wrap her arms around allie's neck pulling her into a kiss

'i would never hurt you allie and im not doubting you im doubting myself, i want this more than anything but im worried im not enough allie, i havent ever had a proper relationship and i dont know what im doing

'oh babe im the same, yes i have been with people but that was for work, this, us two is new for me too and we can learn together, i just need you to do one thing

'whats that?

'let me in, talk to me when your feeling like this even if i think your quite cute when your jealous... bea chuckled and kissed the blonde

'i will do my best, and im sorry about last night moving around and waking you up

'its fine babe but what cause it?

'debbie, she has a temper an when she gets out she could get herself into all sorts of trouble

'she is a smart girl bea, we will watch over her and guide her to keep her head down... bea nodded and giggled when she felt allie's nipples rub against her own,

'thank you, i know you didnt sign up for this

'no no none of that bea, im here with you and for you, well except right now because im hungry

'of course you are, lets get dressed and feed you before you become nothing... bea said and allie laughed, it was weird for bea to be completely naked with allie as she thought she would feel embarrassed but the blonde made her feel special, they both got dressed and left the shower block together and franky was waiting foe them

'everything alright you 2?

'all good franky, im sorry for... franky waved her hands to dismiss the apology knowing about bea's struggles

'its all good, i dont even know why your worried? anyone could walk around naked and blondie wouldnt see anyone but you.... allie blushed and shrugged before nudging the pair to walk towards there unit to dump there stuff and go for lunch before allie melts away


'oh fuck bea... allie moaned as bea attacked her neck, it was the following day and bea had spoken to matt and got some amazing new and she was in a good mood so told franky that she wanted some alone time with allie so franky ushered the others outside to the yard, bea had allie on the bed in her unit and was laying on top of her, there lips were connected for some time and both had there hands all over each other, they had come to the point of both having no top on and allie was really enjoying this side of bea, bea had now pinned allie's hands to the bed above her head and was kissing, licking and sucking allie's neck and chest and allie was a moaning mess, especially when bea sucked on her pulse allie thought she would come just from that touch, bea could feel allie's body shaking underneath her and pulled back breathing heavily, allie's chest and face were flushed red and she too was breathing heavy

'are you okay? bea husked out


'your shaking

'sorry its just im you know

'what? bea said confused and allie had to remind herself that bea wasnt experienced in this area, she smiled and kissed bea

'im really turned on bea, what your doing to me is driving me crazy.... bea blushed brighter than her hair if that was even possible

'allie... she said shyly

'sorry babe i didnt mean to embarrass you but its true, you can feel if you want... bea's eyes went wide in shock not really sure how to reply

'sorry i shouldnt have said that... allie said worriedly 'im an idiot

'no allie your not, i just have never even you know

'touched yourself? bea nodded as she rolled onto her side releasing allie

'yea, i dont know if im ready for that

'thats okay bea, i told you we go at your pace, fuck im sorry i ruined the moment... allie said putting her arm over her eyes and groaning, she was worried that she pushed bea too much

'allie you didnt ruin anything, i just have to get used to this, us and that kind of thing, its not that i dont want to i guess im just worried

'what about?

'about doing it wrong, about making you happy, i dont want to do something... allie rolled on her side facing bea kissing her shoulder as she lightly scratched bea's stomach, she had leaned that was something that bea really liked

'being here with you is more than i can imagine, im so happy i wish i could scream it from the roof tops but i also know that now is not the time for it, what im trying to say bea is that i am happy with you and although this is new for us im here and if taking our time is what you want i have no issue with that... bea smiled and kissed allie

'your too good for me

'not even possible, now come back her and give me some sugar..... bea laughed as allie pulled her back on top of her and there lips met in a searing kiss, they stayed in that position for a while just kissing than talking and more kissing and touching, bea had just moved her hand under allie's bra and made contact with bare skin when boomers voice filled the unit, both of them groaned and scrambled to get up and put there shirts back on and than sit on the bed both grabbing some random book pretending to read and luckily because boomer pulled the door open

'hey bea when is debbie out?

'soon i think, governor said a couple more days

'oh sweet

'yea and boomer knock next time yea? remember we talked about this?

'yea sorry bea, i will try and remember next time

'good, now lets go have dinner.... after dinner they decided on an early night, when allie was laying in bed not too long later her door opened and bea's head peaked in

'any room for me if i dont act like a brat? allie giggled and pulled the blanket up, bea smiled and closed the door before slipping into her bed and snuggling up to allie's warm body

'who knew the big bad top dog was such a cuddler, so soft bea...... allie said and bea chuckled

;piss off, im not soft but you are so i like to sleep comfy...... allie giggled when bea laid her head on allie's chest and wrapped her arm around her mid section snuggling even closer


'very much so, good night beautiful girl

'good night queen... with that they both fell into a slumber



debbie was in the slot 3 days now and the singing was getting on miss miles nerves, debbie had sung everything and anything and miles just kept telling her to shut up and she would for a minute than continue


^^^Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Baby shark!

Mommy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Mommy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Mommy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Mommy shark!

Daddy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Daddy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Daddy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Daddy shark!

Grandma shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Grandma shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Grandma shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Grandma shark!

Grandpa shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Grandpa shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Grandpa shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Grandpa shark!

'woo... debbie sung

Let's go hunt, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Let's go hunt, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Let's go hunt, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Let's go hunt!

Run away, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Run away, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Run away, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Run away!

'for gods sake shut up debbie... debbie laughed and continued

Safe at last, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Safe at last, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Safe at last, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Safe at last!

It's the end, doo doo doo doo doo doo
It's the end, doo doo doo doo doo doo
It's the end, doo doo doo doo doo doo
It's the end!

when she was finished miss miles came to the door and opened it

'my god your annoying debbie... debbie sat up and looked at the screw

'dont know what your talking bout miss m

'its miss miles

'i like miles m better... miles rolled her eyes

'anyways governor says your out so lets go

'sweet.... debbie put her jacket on and skipped out of the room

'i dont know how your mum puts up with you, your a loney

'why thank you.... debbie bowed and laughed when miles rolled her eyes once again

'come on lets go... debbie followed miss miles up the stairs and into the hallway, they walked down a few girls nodding to her in respect for what she did to juice, juice is always trying it on with the girls/woman so they were happy to see her out of action for a while, they walked down the private hallway just for h1 and came to the unit

'smith this one yours? bea had been sitting with allie, maxine and franky playing cards, looking up she smiled

'sure is... she went over hugging her daughter

'she is freakin annoying, my god i wish i could leave her on her own

'what did you do?

'me? nothing... debbie feigned innocent

'nothing? you sung non stop, you only stopped to eat, sleep or work out

'ah dont be like that miss m ya love me, i kept ya entertained... bea could hear the others laughing behind her

'thats debatable, anyways she is all yours smith

'thanks miss miles.. putting her arm over debbie's shoulders they walked into the unit and sat down

'have you been misbehaving?

'always bea... she teased and bea shook her head her daughter had always had a cheeky personality

'alright well how about you come to my cell and i tell you about what happened with matt?

'sure... debbie went to bea's cell and laid on her bed legs stretched out, bea chuckled going into the cell and closing the door, she sat at the foot of the bed and pulled debbie's legs into her lap

'so when did you meet matt?

'a few days ago, he has some contacts with some officers and they pulled timothy into the station, they questioned him for hours and hours, he cried like a bitch especially when his dad smacked him over the head when it came out he was harassing girls

'good, he is a prick, so did he confess?

'he confessed to everything, trying to intimidate tiffany and you and also to setting you up to take the fall for his drugs

'wait seriously? debbie said sitting up stunned

'yep, matt has been doing all the paperwork you will be out in the morning... bea said happily, debbie sat there no reaction on her face and bea was a bit confused to not see her happier

'hey whats wrong? are you not happy?

'its not that mum but i like being here because of you, i miss you so much on the outside

'oh sweet heart i miss you too but you dont belong in here, you get out and go back to uni

'they probably gave my spot away

'no they havent, matt sorted it all out, another thing is that matt, margaret and tiffany all want you to live with them, they could look out for you and look after you, how do you feel about that?

'really? that would be great

'good because they already packed your stuff from your apartment... debbie laughed

'thank you mum, i wish you could come with me

'me too baby, i have 4 years left but matt is trying to reduce my sentence

'that would be awesome, can i ask you something mum?

'anything.... bea wasnt expecting for what debbie was asking

'whats the deal with you and allie? bea's eyes went wide and she blushed bright red 'before you answer dont lie to me just tel me the truth... bea nodded, she waited a minute to get her thoughts about the blonde right

'i dont really know how to answer it to be honest, what i can say i that i really like her, she makes me feel special and wanted which i havent had before apart from you

'how long have you been together?

'not long, a couple weeks

'are you happy? debbie had never seen a more genuine smile on her mum before

'absolutely, are you alright with this? i know its weird seeing me with a woman

'oh no mum thats fine, i dont care who you date as long as they arent assholes like him

'she is far from it, she gentle and sweet

'well than im good with that

'how did you even find out?

'before i went in the slot i came to talk to you but when i looked through the mirror you were both sleeping, your hand was in her hair and you were holding each other, it was cute... she laughed as her mum blushed

'your like a school girl mum, all this blushing

'i cant help it, trust me i tried...debbie made kissing sounds to tease bea and bea pushed her playfully before sitting on top of debbie and tickling her

'AHHH MUM STOOOP.... debbie laughed and bea stopped and kissed debbie's cheek sloppily

'oh thats gross

'you know whats gross deb? your breath

'well its not like they were quick to let me shower or brush my teeth

'yea i know, lets get to the showers and than lunch

'woo hoo lunch... debbie pushed her mum off and jumped off the bed going to her own cell to get her shower stuff and wait for her mum, the other girls came as well with them, at the showers they all got cleaned up debbie taking extra longer to get the yuk smell off her and than they got dressed, a few minutes later they joined boomer, liz and doreen at there lunch table with there trays

'hey min your back, have fun?

'the best booms, like a holiday there...boomer laughed she loved the little brunette, she was fiery and cheeky

'hey bea i head from a couple girls that juice was back today... boomer said and bea raised her eyebrow

'really? boomer nodded 'no one is to leave debbie alone at any time, we travel together if possible if not 3 minimum. everyone got it? they all nodded in response, once lunch was done they all went outside and sat at the table, debbie wanted to work out as did allie so boomer went with them, the others watched not far from them and there was only 3 others in there and they werent known to cause trouble, as the girls began there work out bea watched on closely making sure no one shifty approached them, it was all good until juice came out to the quad and bea on her feet walking towards the cage with the rest of her crew, juice must have seen debbie and headed the same way, just as she was about to enter the cages bea yanked juice by her top and juice staggered backwards seeing it was the top dog, bea stood the furious, red faced, her eyes could kill you if you looked long enough and juice knew she was in shit

'didnt i already say to stay away from debbie? allie heard bea's voice and turned to see juice and bea, she grabbed debbie hand and bought her over to the weights so she didnt see what her mum was about to do

'bea its not... juice tried to argue but bea didnt even give her a chance

'dont even try it, debbie is part of my crew and you know better than to touch anyone in my crew

'yea but... juice tried again but bea punched her straight in the face and than a hit followed to her stomach which with her broken ribs caused her to fall back in pain, bea came over to her and crouched down

'you just got lucky juice, cross me again and your life is done... with that bea stood up kicking juice in the face which she already had a broken nose from debbie and stood back, the governor came out mith mr jackson, miss miles and a couple other officers

'what is going on here smith?

'she fell governor, she seems unstable

'she fell? the governor asked knowing that bea did this to her but she is top dog she needs to use violence sometimes for the inmates to listen

'yes governor, isnt that right girls? bea asked to the quad and a roar of yes governor came out

'guards get lucy to medical... with that they took juice and they left back inside

'clumsy fucker... bea said causing everyone to laugh even debbie, kaz hated violence but juice was a vile disgusting person so she had no care factor for her at all, they all went back to what they were doing, bea wasnt worried juice would go to protection for a while so was out for a bit, looking over at the cages allie was spotting debbie on the bench press, bea mouthed 'thank you' to allie and she returned a smile back,


'hey bea can we like have a party tonight? ya know for debbie, boomer had asked as bea entered the cages

' thats fine, you got any brew?

'yep a full batch

'alright allie and i will go get some snacks

'sweet bea thanks

'come on allie... they left the cages and bea told franky she was in charge before going

'a party? how can we party in here? allie asked

'well boomer makes brew in here, the only actual person that does and if we dont use it she sells is to other girls

'home made brew? is that safe?

'its gross but safe, you will get sloshed if you have a lot so be careful

'no worries bea if there is one thing i can do is handle my drink, im ruthless.... bea chuckled as allie flexed her arms... once they got a bunch of snacks which bea probably went over board for but her crew will eat them in the next few days than they headed back and dumped them all, boomer had picked up her brew and bought it to the unit and put it in the fridge to keep it cold and all the others were waiting for them, they went to dinner and than they had lock up, boomer took out her brew and poured everyone a cup and handed them out

'get them into ya girls... boomer said and both allie and debbie pulled faces taking there first sips

'oh thats foul, how do you drink this shit?

'dont have much choice in ere, your mum can get us some good stuff sometimes but not not always so this is what we get... boomer shrugged

they were well into the party a couple hours, bea and franky were talking about how to deal with 'the freak' as she was named by boomer, doreen, maxine and liz were having a d&m, boomer was fiddling with the music and debbie and allie were pretty much drunk sitting on a single couch, somehow both laying sideways with there legs hanging off, they were drunkenly talking about god knows what, they were giggling and had 2 packets of chips between them eating away, bea smiled when she saw them clink there cups and down there drinks, bea was happy they got along

'fuck red they look smashed

'cause they are

'should we cut them off?

'there not gonna last much longer are they... just than they both heard a song they liked and attempted to get off the couch to go dance but they both fell down laughing

;oh god, this is gonna be a mess red

'its fine franky lets them enjoy it, im just happy they get along

'you seem happy

'because for the first time in my life i am, my daughter is leaving tomorrow thank god and i have allie, it feels surreal, like i dont deserve it

'oh you so do red, just think of it as the light at the end of the tunnel... bea nodded and smiled when she saw debbie and allie moving around dancing together, another hour passed and debbie was passed out on the couch so bea went over to her and gently woke her up, she with the help of franky got her into bed and tucked in

'thanks franky

'no worries, do you need help with blondie? she nodded towards allie who was still dancing, everyone else had gone to bed

;nah all good

'okay night red

'good night franky... bea went over to the little stereo and turned it off

'baaaabe why did you do that? bea smiled and moved closer to allie

'because its bed time

'with you? allie asked

'if you want?

'i want, i definitely want

'come on than

'wait where is debbie? she needs to go to sleep... allie said looking around

'i already put her to bed, everyone is asleep so we have to be quiet.... allie let bea pull her into her cell and she closed the door

'shuuu bea, your too loud... bea laughed

'sorry... she rolled her eyes

'babe its cold

'its because you were sweating when you danced, your clothes are wet, get undressed and i will give you something to wear... allie took her top off fine but her pats were another issue, she fell back on the bed and bumped her head

'oh thats gonna hurt in the morning

'shit are you okay allie?

'im fine, i didnt even feel it

'well there is no damage, no cut or anything

'i got a thick head babe... allie said knocking on her head

'i guess so, alright here wear this

'cant i just sleep like this? do you mind? allie slurred

'its fine by me but i thought you were cold?

'you will warm me up...... bea nodded and once allie was laid down properly she got into bed, they laid there for a few minutes and bea liked the feel of allie's skin so close to hers but she wanted more, she boldly got out of bed and took her shirt and pants off leaving herself in her bra and panties like allie, they snuggled in close to each other and fuck it felt amazing



'i told you i could hold my drink.... bea chuckled and kissed allie on her forehead

'your unstoppable allie

'you best believe it babe... allie mumbled as her tired eyes closed, bea followed a few minutes later

Chapter Text

Debbie was to be released in the afternoon after lunch which was a good thing considering both debbie and allie were hungover out of there asses, while franky and maxine got debbie up bea got allie up and out of bed for count, they were both grumpy and pissed off to have been woken up, as they leaned against the door frames the others couldnt help but giggle as allie fell asleep against hers as mr jackson called out names














'hmm... debbie grunted

'novak? no answer 'novak? he said a little louder but still no answer, he walked into the unit closer to allie and he saw she was asleep

'NOVAK!!!! he yelled and allie woke with a start and tried to stand up but fell over her own feet landing on the floor, everyone cracked up laughing even mr jackson

'good to see you here novak

'thanks mr jackson that hurt.... she groaned

'call your insurance company... he laughed as he left the unit going to the next one, bea took pity on the blonde and went over to her, allie was laying like a star fish

'you need to get up

'im fine here bea

'you will get sick on the floor

'no i wont im good... maxine came over as well looking down at allie

'sweety you need to get up, the floor is for rats and im pretty sure your not one

'im too tired, can i just go back to bed? she said turning on her side and closing her eyes, the 2 woman giggling

'no no come on, we will help you up... allie groaned but let them help her up, once on her feet they put her to sit on the bed

'now can i go to sleep?

'no shower and than food, it will help

'i think im still drunk

'your hungover most likely, i told you boomer's stuff is strong

'but im ruthless bea, i can drink anything

'yea well now your hung over and you need to get cleaned up and eat

'are you saying i stink? allie pouted

'no but it will help you feel better, franky has some headache tablets so that will help as well

'ugh fine lets go than

'good girl... they all went together to the showers first, they showered and went to breakfast, allie could only stomach some toast but debbie seemed to be doing better than her, maybe because allie had 3 drinks more, either way once they were finished they all went back to the unit so debbie can pack her few things and allie could have a rest, once allie was in bed and asleep bea went to debbie's cell and sat on the bed

'im really going to miss you baby

'im gonna miss you too mum, hopefully matt can get you out of here quicker

'maybe, either way you will watch your back out there? let matt and margaret look out for you

'i will mum i promise, you need to look after yourself in here as well, i want you back in one piece

'i will dont worry baby, i love you deb

'i love you too mum... bea pulled debbie into a tight hug for a couple minutes not wanting to let her little girl go but knowing she had to, pulling back they both wiped there tears and smiled

'you feeling alright? you still hungover?

'mostly okay, just a little queasy but im good

'did they say what time you will be going?

'straight after lunch i need to go to the exit where the strip room is.... bea nodded

'we will all take you even mcdrunky over there... they both laughed

'omg mum when mr j scared her and she fell i almost peed myself of laughter

'me too, she was so confused... they laughed harder, once there laughter died down debbie's face turned serious

'listen mum when it comes to allie i know its scary but i see the way she looks at you, its obvious she really likes you

'i like her too but i am scared

'dont let what harry did dictate your life, he is gone for 25 years and cant hurt you, allie will not hurt you

'i know, i just need time to get my head around it all

'what does she say to that?

'she said to go at my pace

'thats good mum, just dont push her away

'i will do my best

'thats all i ask, you deserve to be happy as well... bea stroked debbie's cheek and than kissed it

'when did you become so wise?

'probably since i had you as a mum... she smiled and hugged her mum... once they were done they sat in the common room watching tv for a couple hours and than allie finally woke up and trotted out of her cell and came and sat beside bea laying her head on her shoulder

'feeling better blondie?

'yea, still got a belly ache and a headache but not as bad thanks

'well lunch is almost up and than we gotta say good bye to mini red

'alright just let me get dressed i wont be long... allie came wondering out dressed, her shoes on and her hair slicked back into a pony tail

'lets go... they had lunch which allie ate a little extra than they headed towards the exit room, as they were walking down the long ass corridor bea had a niggling feeling in her stomach like something didnt seem right and her eyes kept looking around for danger but she didnt find any, they kept walking and as they turned the corner it all happened so quick, 3 girls from juices crew ran right into them and they all stumbled together except for one which they now know had a shiv, she grabbed debbie by the shoulder pulling her closer and stabbed her twice in the stomach

'thats for juice... she said and ran away followed by the other 2 girls, bea and her crew looked around to see everyone was alright and it was allie that was the one to see debbie fall to the floor and came beside her

'fuck bea look... bea turned her head to see debbie's shirt full of blood, she dropped to her knees by debbie's body

'oh my god baby

'm.. mum... debbie groaned

'someone press the fucking panic button!! she yelled which doreen did, allie took off her jacket and pressed it hard on debbie's stomach

'debbie baby its okay, help is coming, im so sorry debbie, stay with me debbie

'bea keep talking to her, she has lost a lot of blood... debbie kept closing her eyes but bea tapped her face and talked to her

'dont you dare close your eyes, you talk to me deb, mums right here, debbie talk to me about uni, about anything please... seeing debbie was losing consciousness was the worst thing ever for bea, the rest of there crew watched on and were unable to do anything, debbie's eyes were closing again

'no debbie, wake up please, debbie wake up baby im right here, dont leave me... bea cried, debbie didnt wake up and bea held debbie in her arms rocking her back and forth, screaming and crying for her little girl, other people that had seen what happened had stopped to watch as bea broke down, they heard debbie call bea mum and were surprised to say the least, the guards came running with the governor and will tried to get to debbie


'bea we need to take her to medical

'she cant die... bea cried as she kissed all over debbie's face

'we will do our best but i need to take her... bea looked at allie and she nodded

'bea let them take her, she needs medical.... but bea just didnt want to, maxine and franky went to bea and literally had to pry her away from debbie's lifeless body, mr jackson and allie pulling debbie away from bea and mr jackson picked up debbie and ran to medical

'NOOO DONT TAKE HER, BRING HER BACK... bea cried and tried to fight off maxine and franky 'please bring her back... she cried harder

'fucking hell governor get everyone away from here... franky snapped, the governor was about to protest but saw the state smith was in so she instructed the guards to send everyone to there cells and get them locked in, bea sat on the floor crying into her hands covered in blood,

'my babygirl... she cried, allie went over to her and crouched down

'bea look at me... bea looked up into allie's eyes and the look allie got from bea broke her heart 'lets go to medical so you can sit with her

'im not allowed to... allie turned to the governor

'governor i know its normally not allowed but please its her daughter? the governor nodded

'okay come with me smith... bea got up and took allie's hand

'please can allie come? please governor... she begged and vera didnt have the heart to say no she had never seen bea so broken and the way she clung to novak was definitely something new

'okay lets go.... as they followed franky, maxine, doreen, liz and boomer all told her to be strong and that debbie would be okay, they got to medical and they were working on debbie, she was allowed to sit by her bed and hold her hand and allie stood beside bea a hand on her shoulder, as they worked on debbie bea stroked her hair and cheek

'mummy is right here my babygirl, im right here, you have to wake up baby i need you, i cant live without you.. bea said wiping her tears

'she is strong bea, she will get through this

'what if she doesnt? how can i go on without her? i cant allie, i just cant live without her..... bea cried again, the ambulance officers came and once debbie was stabilized she was put on a bed to get taken out

'wait please... bea said and went to debbie kissing her cheek

'i love you baby, to the moon and back... pulling back she held debbie's hand till she couldnt anymore and with that debbie was gone, bea held herself and fell to the floor crying, her beautiful babygirl got hurt because of her, she could lose debbie, a life without her daughter is a life not worth living, she cried and cried and she felt like she was dying herself, how could someone be so cruel to take her daughter out like that, she felt allie kneel next to her and engulf her in a hug, bea clung to allie like her life depended on it and maybe it did,

'allie...bea cried out loudly

'i got you bea, im right here, shuu it will be okay

'i c..cant live with..out her...... bea stuttered out as she cried

'you wont have to, debbie is strong and she is in the best place for her right now..... mr jackson, the nurse and the governor watched this all play out

'should i give her something to calm down? the nurse asked the governor

'NO!! allie yelled 'no dont, she needs to be aware, give her sometime thats her daughter for fuck sake

'its okay nurse she doesnt need anything, nurse go for a break please and close the door behind you... the nurse nodded and left, 'mr jackson the blinds... he nodded and pulled them so they were closed, vera went over to bea and crouched down

'bea, allie is right she is in the best place for her, she can get all the medical help she needs.... bea looked up and nodded

'you and novak are covered in blood how about i escort you to the showers to get cleaned up and than you can come to my office and we can call the hospital? normally vera can be a hard ass but knowing how close smith is to her daughter and the fact that she keeps the prison in check she doesnt mind breaking the rules for her

'allie will come with me?

'yes she can

'okay... mj jackson helped bea up along with allie and vera took them to the showers, while they showered bea continued to cry, vera was waiting outside for them standing guard so when allie saw that bea was struggling she went to bea's showers and stood behind her hugging her, bea turned around and threw her arms around the blondie and cried into her shower

'it will be okay bea, she is strong like her mum and she will fight this... she felt bea nod against her shoulder, bea began to slowly get a hold of herself and pulled back

'thank you for helping her... bea sniffled

'i didnt do anything

'yes you did, you stopped her losing blood, thank you.... bea kissed allie and hugged her

'lets finish off and go to the governors office

'im scared, what if she doesnt make it? bea choked out

'nothing can keep her down babe, dont jump to conclusions, lets wait for some news... bea nodded and they got dressed and followed the governor to her office, they sat down and mr jackson walked in with 2 bottles of water and gave them to allie and bea

'listen bea im finished my shift so im going to head over to the hospital

'thank you mr jackson, i appreciate that, can you please give her a message for me?


'tell her i love her to the moon and back

'i will.... once mr jackson was gone vera called the hospital and after been transferred 3 times she finally got someone

'hello this is dr o'shea

'hi dr im governor bennett from wentworth correctional prison and you are looking after one of my prisoners, well ex-prisoners

'yes debbie smith right?

'yes thats correct, i have with me her mum bea smith and she would like an update on her please? vera had the doctor on loud speaker for bea to hear

'sure. well the knife or whatever it was pierced the kidney so she is in surgery right now, she has lost a good amount of blood but who ever's quick thinking of holding something over the wounds was very smart and its because of it that debbie has a chance... bea squeezed allie's hand and mouthed thank you,

'doctor how long will surgery take? bea asked

'around 4-5 hours at this time, we are also giving her a blood transfusion due to the amount of blood loss she had

'doctor will she be okay?

'its 50/50 chance miss smith but we are doing all we can for her

'thank you doctor

'governor i will call you once i know more

;that would be great, one of my guards will be there any minute please keep him informed, his name is will jackson

'i will, talk soon good bye... with that the phone call was disconnected

'its good news smith... bea nodded

'governor is debbie no longer a prisoner? can she have visitors?

'thats correct, she is no longer a prisoner and can have visitors

'can i please call someone to go be with her?

'yes of course here.. she slid her phone over and bea picked up the receiver and dialed the number she knows would do anything for debbie


'matt its bea

'bea, how are you calling me? is everything okay?

'no its not

'whats happened?

'its debbie, she was just about to leave but someone in here stabbed her twice

'what the fuck?

'they took her to the hospital, she is in surgery, please can you go?

'of course we are on our way, dont worry bea we will look after her

'i cant lose her matt, she is my life

'i know and you wont, i will make sure of it

'whoever did this will go down, dont you do anything stupid i will take care of this

'but.. bea tried to protest but the next thing she heard was margarets voice

'you listen to me bea, if you get yourself into more shit you will stay in there longer and your daughter needs you, let matt take care of it.. bea nodded

'okay, you look after my girl, tell her i love her to the moon and back

'we will, we have her bea i promise

'thank you

'talk to you soon bea... the phone disconnected and bea hung up

'thank you governor, you have done more you are supposed to

'thats your daughter bea and im sorry she wasnt protected the way she should have been

'i cant blame you, i blame myself

'are you going to tell me who did this?

'i cant, i need to talk to my lawyer matt first and than we will see, im no lagger

'i know your not, just dont do anything that will get you kept in here longer

'i wont. governor i need to go to my unit

'i will let you know when we have more information smith

'thank you... miss miles escorted allie and bea to there unit and unlocked the doors

'im sorry about debbie, smith, if i find anything out i will let you know

'thank you miss they walked into there unit the crew jumped up and came over to them

'any news? bea didnt speak she just went to her cell and closed the door so they all looked to allie

'bea spoke to her doctor, the shiv pierced her kidney and she lost a lot of blood, debbie is in surgery and will be for 4-5 hours

'those fucking bitches need to be dealt with... boomer said angrily as she wiped a couple stray tears, in the time debbie was there the 2 of them got really close, maxine patted her shoulder

'its okay boomer,

'nah thats fucked up, debbie aint do nuffin to no one, juice deserved what she got the dirty rapist

'i know boomer, why dont you go sit down and relax and lets keep our voices down so bea can rest... boomer went and sat on the couch angrily

'hey hows red?

'she is a mess, she barely stopped crying and she blames herself

'its not bea's fault its that bitches fault, how the hell did this even happen? anyone remember?

'i do... liz said

'come on girls lets sit down cause it all happened so quick and i want to know... they sat around the table and looked at liz

'so we were walking down the hallway after lunch and as we turned the corner they collided with us, me dors, boomer and bea lost our footing and landed on each other which is obviously what they wanted, allie, you franky and you maxi fell together, not completely but stumbled, when i turned around to see what had happened i saw one of juices girls grab debbie and pull her closer and thats when she stabbed her and than they ran off

'so they bumped into us to distract us to get to debbie?


'surely they didnt think they could get away with it? liz asked

'yea red is gonna lose it over this... they all nodded

'what do we do now? liz asked

'now i think allie you should go and be with bea and the rest of us just have to wait for news... maxine said

'i was going to go to her anyways

'if you 2 need anything just call out

'actually franky do you have any more headache tablets?

'yea sure give me a minute... franky returned with a few tablets and allie took a couple and took the others with her to bea's cell along with some water, she peaked in to see bea laying on her side facing the wall, she opened the door and slipped in closing it behind her

'babe? bea turned her head a little to see allie there 'here take these you probably have a headache.... bea nodded and sat up swallowing the pills with some water

'thank you, will you lay with me?

'of course... bea scooted closer to the wall and allie lay behind the redhead wrapping her arms around her, bea put her arm over allie's holding it tight, they were silent for a while and allie thought bea fell asleep till she spoke

'what if i lose her?

'you wont lose her bea, she is strong, she has reason to fight, you, she loves you so much and would never leave you

'i cant live without her

'you wont have to.... allie pulled the crying redhead into herself and held her till she calmed down and even than she didnt let go, after some time bea had fallen asleep as the crying and the events of the day took hold of her, allie too wasnt faring any better and she dosed off not too long later, franky had checked on them and saw them fast asleep so pulled the blanket over them and even getting allie's as it was quite cold and draped it on top and leaving them to rest, hopeful for some news soon


matt had arrived at the hospital with margaret and had gone to the emergency desk

'im matt flower and i need to see debbie smith

'are you family?

'yes, im her uncle and her lawyer

'okay, it says she is still in surgery but let me get her doctor.... matt and margaret waited ten minutes when a middle aged man came out

'hi im dr o'shea debbie's doctor

'im matt, her uncle and lawyer, how is she?

'the knife pierced her kidney so she is in surgery getting it repaired, it wast too deep which is a good thing, she has also lost a lot of blood so we are giving her a blood transfusion, she will be out of surgery in about 3 hours, i will take you to a private waiting room and i will update when i know more

'thank you doctor... they were shown to a room and the doctor told them he would be back with more news

'matt we need to call tiffany

'where is she?

'in class and normally i wouldnt call her but if something happens to debbie and she isnt here she will hate herself

'okay lets call her... scrolling to there daughters number matt pressed call and put it on loud speaker

'hi dad whats up?

'hey sweet heart can you talk for a moment? its important

'sure just give me a second to step outside... they could hear her tell the teacher she needed to take an important phone call and she was excused, once seated outside on the bench she lifted the phone to her ear

'alright dad im back, whats up?

'listen baby i have some bad news, debbie was attacked today at the prison

'what? are you serious?

'unfortunately yes

'what happened?

'she was stabbed twice, we are at the hospital now waiting for news

'is she okay?

'she is in surgery baby, were not sure whats going to happen.... they could here there daughter crying and wished they could be there to hug her

'listen tiffany i want you to get a taxi and come here dont worry about uni right now, debbie needs you

'im on my way dad

'okay, we love you sweety

'i love you both too, bye... hanging up they waited for tiffany to come, they would have picked her up but they themselves had there car in the shop as well as tiffany's getting serviced so they took a taxi as well, a few minutes went passed and some guy walked in, he was dark, tall and buff

'who are you?

'im will smith the deputy governor at the prison

'than you want to tell me what the fuck happened today? matt said standing up

'its being investigated, at this point in time we are not sure but right now im here because i told bea i would give her an update

'you spoke to bea?

'yes just before i left the prison

'how is she doing?

'not very good as expected, i had just finished so i thought i would come here

'someone will pay for what happened, i can guarantee that... matt fumed

;i hope so, i want nothing more, debbie is an amazing young lady and should never have been in prison to start with

'no she shouldnt have... matt sat down trying to calm down, he was beyond angry right now

'matt calm down its not mr jacksons fault

'i know, im sorry mate its just not right

'no its not, if i can help in any way please dont hesitate

'thank you and bea would be thankful your here..... will nodded, just than the door flung open and tiffany walked in

'mum, dad... she went over and hugged them

'its okay sweety

'i cant believe this

'i know tiff but deb will pull through

'she has too dad, i dont want to lose my bestfriend

'you wont. come on sit down we are waiting for news.... tiffany nodded and the 4 of them sat quietly for quite some time, at least 5 hours passed and they were getting more and more worried, the doctor walked in eventually and they all stood up

'how is debbie?

'she did really well, we repaired the kidney and gave her a blood transfusion

'will she be okay?

'she will make a full recovery matt

'is she awake?

'not yet but they are settling her in her own room right now and you can go and be with her

'when will sh wake up? tiffany asked

'within a few hours, follow me and i will take you to her... they all followed the doctor to debbie's room and were let inside, tiffany held her hand straight away as did margaret

'oh sweet girl we are right here for you... margaret said

'i have a message from bea for debbie if you dont mind? will asked and margaret smiled and took a few steps back

'of course, go ahead... will stepped closer and whispered in here ear

'debbie you wants wants me to tell you she loves you to the moon and back, you recover and get better and i will look after your mum for you... he kissed her cheek and stood up shy smile on his face

'i will let you guys be with debbie

;thank you for coming, that would have meant a lot to bea and debbie

'anytime, i will visit again soon... with that will left and decided to call the governor to update her in case the doctor hasnt yet, debbie may not be an inmate but this was attempted murder and it happened on the grounds of the prison, once he had spoke to the governor he headed home for a much needed rest


allie had woken up a couple hours later and seeing that bea was completely out of it she tucked her in and left her to sleep, exiting the cell she went and sat at the table and liz bought her over a tea

'bea still asleep love?

'yea, she just cried herself to sleep, i wish i could do something for her

'not much you can do blondie but just be there for her, actually everyone come and sit down at the table would ya... they all sat down and franky spoke

'we dont know whats gonna happen after today, bea may want revenge? she may leave it in the governors hands? we have no idea what she is thinking but no matter what you have to stand by her, one of our own was hurt today and not only that it was red's daughter, the top dog, what we need to do now is back her up no matter what, you all know she would never put any of us in danger so whatever she does your either with her or your not, she needs us now more than ever, everyone got it? they all nodded agreeing

'anyone have any questions?

'ah yea i do.. boomer said putting her hand up like a child

'what is it booms?

'well when is bea gonna tell us she is rootin blondie? allie's eyes went so wide and the others snickered

'well boomer thats up to blondie and red dont ya think?

'i guess so

;so until than you say nothing about it, when they decide to bring it up they will, and dont go telling anyone outside of this unit, got it boomer?

'yea yea i got it

'good, anyone else?

'who is in charge right now? doreen asked

'i am until bea says otherwise... franky said

'okay well its dinner do you think we will get let out?

'nah miss miles says we are in lock up till they say other..... just than dinner was bought by a couple girls and miss miles, frnaky went up to the gate

'miss miles any news?

'no doyle, when there is i will come down

'cheers... bea didnt come and eat even if allie did try like 3 times so they put her food on a plate they had for when she was hungry, there trays were taken and they were sitting around the table mostly reading books and boomer and doreen were watching tv, bea came out of her cell and went to the kitchen, she wasnt talking to anyone so liz went over to her

'here love let me do it for you...she said seeing bea struggle with opening the box of tea, she took one out and put it in bea's cup

'are you hungry love?

'no thanks... she shook her head 'what if i dont see her again? bea whispered and liz turned to face her holding bea's face between her hands

'your girl is built on strength, both mentally and physically and you will see her as soon as she is better, what you need to do right now is think of all the good things about her when she was younger and even how she pissed off miss miles in the slot... bea smiled the littlest smile 'debbie is cheeky and funny and you remember all the good times until you see her again which will be soon... bea nodded

'good, now not eating is not good for you so how about a little bit? bea shrugged feeling extremely vulnerable right now

'you go to your cell and relax and i will get young allie to bring you something to eat okay?

'okay... bea took her tea and went back to her cell closing the door, she put her tea down and sat on her bed her back against the wall and her legs outstretched, a couple minutes later the door opened and allie walked in with a plate and put it down in her lap

'do you want to be alone?

'no, you can stay, i would like you to in fact... allie took her shoes off and sat on the bed pulling bea's legs into her lap

'this is more than a little bit... bea said making allie smile

'thats mummy liz, she said you need to eat... bea nodded and began to eat, she ate slowly but before she knew it she had eaten it all, allie took the plate and put it on the table before taking her position up again, bea leaned her head against the wall and just stared at allie as allie massaged bea's feet and legs and bea couldnt be more great full for allie, they have grown close since they met and bea had been worried and scared about allie and getting hurt but seeing how she helped debbie today and been there for her she wasnt worried, she was thank full for meeting the blonde woman, she grabbed allie's hand and they just stared at each other

'what do you need? what can i do for you babe?

'your doing it, just you being here is what i need, thank you

'anytime beautiful... bea smiled and her eyes to closed again and she fell asleep, as allie was about to lay her down she heard the gate so got up to see who it was and walked out of the cell

'have you got news?

'i do, can you tell smith to come out here... allie went inside and stroked bea's cheek

'bea wake up


'wake up the governor wants to talk to you... bea's eyes shot open and she went out the the gate

'governor you have news? how is she? bea panicked

'debbie is out of surgery and it went well, they repaired her kidney and gave her a blood transfusion and she is responding well, the doctor thinks she will make a full recovery.... bea released the breath she had been holding and the girls all clapped and cheered

'thank you governor

;also your friend matt is there with his wife and daughter and they are with debbie in her room, they refuse to leave and the hospital needs permission from you for them to stay with her

'yes yes there family they can stay with her, when can i talk to debbie?

'when she wakes up i will let you know


'good night smith, good night all.... the governor left and the girls all hugged and cheered

'this is great news red

'it really is, thank god my babygirl will be okay... frnaky hugged the redhead

'you can rest easy, but ugh let me talk to you would you? bea nodded and franky went with bea in her cell

'whats up?

'what do you want to do about what happened? juice and her girls?

'is that who it was? it happened so fast

'yes, liz told us what happened and it was her girls and they said it was for juice... bea nodded and tapped her chin

'im gonna do this 2 ways, firstly im gonna make sure my lawyer charges all 3 of them with attempted murder and second there all gonna get whats coming to them just not yet

'you want juice out?

'i want juice out, im gonna make sure she is completely fucked up for life for what she did

'we are with you all the way red, family for life

'family for life... bea repeated, that had been there motto for a while now and they always stuck together, they came out of the cell and bea went to allie and grabbed her hand

;come to bed... allie raised an eyebrow at bea showing affection in front of there crew

'bea everyone can see

'i dont care, your my girl and thats all there is too it

'but... allie tried to argue thinking that bea wasnt ready to tell people but bea smiled and leaned in kissing the blonde, franky and boomer whistling

'live sex show? woo hoo... bea flipped her off and they all laughed, liz and maxine came over hugging the pair

'so your finally telling us?

;'how did you know?

'you sneaking into each others cell isnt exactly subtle.... they laughed

'we are really happy for you both

'thank you girls

'you look after our girl? maxine said

'always... allie smiled and blushed a little

'oh bea she is just too freaking cute

'i know aye... bea laughed 'hey guys i dont want anyone else knowing out of here, the only ones that know is debbie, my friend matt and his wife, so secret for now

'no sweat bea we got ya and im s happy debbie is gonna be alright

'me too boomer, alright we are off to bed good night

'night.... they all said, bea and allie were laid in bed not too long later facing each other

;how are you?

'im happy to know it all went well but i need to talk to debbie to really know if that makes sense

'it does, hopefully tomorrow babe

'hopefully.... they both yawned at the same time laughing

'definitely time for bed, good night babe

'good night beautiful girl

Chapter Text

Bea woke up in a fowl mood after a restless night of so called sleep, she ended up having a crazy nightmare of debbie causing her to wake up in a fright in the middle of the night by allie, she was sweating from head to toe and her breathing was rapid, bea had to change and they moved to allie's cell after that, they left the food room having just finished breakfast and now they were all heading out to the yard, allie was going to work out but after the rough night decided to stick by bea as they all did, they were all chatting along for a while just basking in the sun as was the whole quad but in a split second the whole place went quiet and bea's interest went from looking at the sky to scanning the quad and her eyes fell on the one person that she could kill with every inch of her body, juice was being escorted into the yard by miss miles and sent on her way, they all watched as juice walked over to her crew and sat down, juice looked up at bea and smirked

'they must have let her out of protection.... franky said

bea's jaw tensed as did her whole body, allie grabbed her hand under the table trying to get bea to calm down, bea turned her head looked into allie's bright blue eyes

'bea stay calm right now, she will get hers i promise

'but she hurt debbie, i want to fucking kill her..... bea seethed out

'that will just get you locked in here for life and where does that leave debbie? she needs you, i need you.... allie begged and bea gave a small nod


'i promise you we will get her and she will regret the day she was born.... bea nodded and took a deep breath, bea felt a nudge in her side and franky nodded her head to the bunch of woman coming towards her kaz leading the pack

'we know debbie is your daughter, we all know that she was only trying to protect herself against juice, i hate violence more than anyone but we all stand by you and you do what you need to do for debbie, for justice, for your little girl and for all the woman she has violated and harmed, we are with you.... kaz along with every other woman in the quad except for juice and her girls placed something on the top dogs table from chips, chocolate, biscuits, a couple bottles of scotch, lollies, food and anything else they could hand over out of respect for bea and debbie

kaz went to walk off but a hand on her arm stopped her and she saw it was allie

'thank you

'it was nothing

'it wasnt nothing kaz, debbie is the most important person to bea and to have that happen to her was brutal, you standing behind her on this makes me very thankful to you

'i would feel exactly like bea if anything happened to you, i miss you

'i just need time kaz

'i know you do but please know how sorry i am for what happened, i let some crap get in my head and without even thinking i went off on one

'it aint the first time... kaz laughed

'dont i know it

'your very hot headed

'im working on bettering myself allie, im seeing miss westfall

'im happy to hear that kaz, i better help them get all this stuff back to our unit.... kaz nodded and smiled before walking off with her crew, allie went to the table helping to pick up all the things

'you okay? bea asked

'yea, i just need time

'i know allie, im here for you... allie smiled

'thank you..... as the table was cleared off and were about to walk off bea stopped them

'wait girls...... bea jumped on the table and all eyes were on her from all the woman


'hey red where do you want all your stuff?

'hide the alcohol and the rest you can all share, maybe put it in the kitchen cupboards and we can have it at night for dessert or something

'there is so much here, we will be feeding for like 2 weeks

'it just goes to show how many people respect and love you bea, and its good to know that they all stand behind you... maxine said

'yea im glad they do too,

'do you have a plan in the long run bea?

'not yet but i will soon enough, right now thou im going to the gym to work out, i need to burn off my frustrations

'i want to as well.... allie said

'anyone else?

'i think everyone but me and doreen love so lets all head out there... they followed bea back outside to the quad and over to the gym cage, allie hopped on the treadmill, franky, maxine and boomer were lifting weights and bea was doing her own weights on the seat working her legs and arms, they had all been in there for an hour and franky, maxine and boomer were finished as it was getting quite hot as the sun shone down on them, bea and allie didnt stop though and bea watched as allie ran full throttle, allie always said she was not good at sport especially anything to do with balls but fuck she can run and bea was surprised how fast, she was completely covered in sweat and lost in her thoughts as she continued to run on the treadmill, another 20 minutes passed and bea wanted to finish but allie kept saying a bit longer so bea came up with a plan, she smirked before grabbing 2 dumb bells and positioning herself right in front of allie and began doing squats with them for a bit, she than put them aside and dropped down and began doing push ups like it was the easiest thing to do

allie's watched bea to the front of her and as she squatted her ass was definitely something to look at, than she started doing push up and allie was a mess, bea's muscles were shining like never before and shit her legs were so string, actually all of bea was strong and what she would do to be wrapped around the redhead pushed up against the wall and making out, 'damn' allie thought, she couldnt concentrate anymore and she let out a groan and pushed stop for the machine to slowly begin to slow down,

bea heard the machine slowing down and allie groan meaning her plan worked, standing up she looking at allie a smirk on her face and allie realized she did it on purpose

'that was on purpose you little shit... she said quietly so bea could hear

'maybe... bea shrugged 'but it worked, im tired and its really hot out here, im covered but your not, you ran for ages and you were stuck in your head and not listening

'sorry i was just thinking about stuff

'anything i can help with?

'i would tell you but you would blush as bright as your hair.... bea quirked an eyebrow intrigued

'tell me

'fine, i wondered what it would feel like to be picked up by you and wrapped around your whole body, your lips on mine, your tongue wrapped around mine....she smiled to herself when bea did in fact blush a bright red, she got off the treadmill using her shirt to wipe her face

'maybelater... she whispered 'shower time bea..... she walked off and bea followed her shaking her head, allie really is cheeky, they went to the unit and got some clothes and toiletries and took off to the shower block, walking in the rest of there crew were there just finishing off

'hey red we are going to the unit unless you want us to stay?

nah were good, just watch the girls yea?

'no worries... by the time they left allie was already in the shower and bea stripped off and went into the one right next to her, as they were showering allie kept looking over at bea, not checking out her naked form just looking at her face allie had a lot of respect for bea and would never check her out while naked, well not unless they were in bed together, looking over at bea a couple times she winked and bea smiled

'stop it cheeky

'dont know what your talking about

'hmm sure you dont... they continued to shower and bea looked at allie as she let the water fall over her

'allie your cheeks are really red are you feeling alright?

'a little head ache but nothing major

'i think you were in the sun too long, you should listen to me ya know

'what are you going to do if i dont? allie purred thankful no one was around... bea looked at her and quirked an eyebrow

'i can be very dangerous

'oh yea. do your worse... bea leaned over the wall and put her hand behind allie's neck bringing her closer and there lips met in a very hot and passionate kiss taking allie's breath away, bea pulled back winking as allie was panting

'how was that?

'that was fucking lethal, shit lets shower and get back to the unit so i can see more of this danger you speak of.... bea chuckled, they finished and once they dried off and dressed they left the shower block, as they walked down the hall bea heard her name so turned to see miss miles and the governor coming towards her, panic came over bea as she thought about debbie

'whats wrong? is it debbie?

'nothing is wrong but i need you to come with me

'is it debbie?

'i just need you to come with me smith, we wont be long

'allie can you take my stuff back and miss miles cane you walk her to the unit

'im not a baby sitter smith

'remember who your talking to yea, take her to the unit now.... bea said angrily




'play nicely... the governor really did try not to react but she had to smile as allie wriggled her eyebrows

'but bea i love a woman in uniform

'allie get to the unit

'yes boss..... allie left with miss miles and bea followed the governor to her office, once inside the governor sat behind the desk and motioned for bea to sit down

'pick up the phone someone wants to talk to you... bea frowned and wondered who it was till she picked up the receiver and put it to her ear


'mum... bea's heart was beating so fast

'debbie baby are you okay? debbie's voice was very hoarse and rough but she was alive

'im sore but im okay, are you alright? the girls?

'there all good, we are all worried about you

'tell them im okay and not too worry, you didnt get hurt did you?

'no i didnt it was just you, do you remember what happened? who it was?

'yea it was juice's girls but how?

'so i spoke to a couple girls earlier and one of them had come out of protection earlier and juice told her if she didnt pass a note to her crew that juice would come after her, she was scared so she did it

'its not her fault mum

'i know baby, she apologized so many times as she hadnt read the note out of fear and she blames herself for what happened to you

'who was it?

'anna from f block

'i dont blame her for being scared juice is a disgusting vile bitch

'that she is, dont worry about her deb i will take care of her... bea knew she was saying all this in front of the governor but she didnt care to be honest, juice and her girls attacked debbie and they will pay for it


'yes baby?

'i was really scared, i thought i was going to die

'me too deb but you didnt and you will recover and build a life for yourself, all charges have been dropped and that little fucker is in jail

'good, i love you mum

'i love you too deb, to the moon and back

'to the moon and back... debbie repeated

'so you need anything deb?

'i got matt, margaret and tiffany here looking after me, i wish you could be here but i know that cant happen

'im sorry i cant be there, i wish i could as well

'mum just promise me something

'whats that?

'that you wont do anything stupid, dont do something that would keep you in there longer, i need you out here with me mum

'i promise deb

'good, oh and mum mr j came and visited me today and he bought me flowers, he is quite the hunk... bea rolled her eyes sometimes debbie reminds her of allie the way she likes to flirt

'he is so fine mama... she could here the others laughing in debbie's room

'deb you cant do anything you know?

'i know i cant, well for now anyways

'lord help us... bea said and debbie giggled

'oh mum i fucking love ya you know

'i love you too and stop swearing

'your so bossy mama

'yea yea, anyways i have to go but you take care and let matt and them all help you

'i will oh and they moved all my stuff to there house so when i leave here which wont be for at least a week i can go straight there

'thats good deb, lean on them and let them in

'i will, gotta go mum the doctor is here, love you bye

'bye babygirl.... hanging up bea leaned back and breathed out a sigh in relief, when she heard debbie was okay she still coudlnt rest till she spoke to her and now that she did she was relieved

'thank you for letting me talk to debbie governor

'its no problem smith, i hear she is on the road to recovery

'yes, debbie said she will be in hospital for about a week but she has some good support, i just i could have been there for her

'im sorry smith i cant do that

'i know and i understand, governor i have a question for you

'go on

'why is juice out of protection so quick? and why didnt i know about it?

'i should have told you im sorry abotu that, as for her being out lets just say i know she was the one to organize all this

'how do you know?

'i had a video in the mail today of what happened, seems whichever guard they paid off to delete any footage has more respect for you than them, the video showed everything from the assault

'attempted murder governor

'right attempted murder, a copy has been given to the detectives in charge of the investigation and they will in contact soon about the next step

'thats good to know but it doesnt answer my question, why let her out?

'lets just say that its because of juice that i have to live with something for the rest of my life, she has hurt too many woman and needs to be taught a lesson....bea nodded

'as much as i want to go for her i dont want to be charged with something else

'you tell me when and i will make sure there is no evidence, you have my word.... bea stood from her chair and looked at the governor

'good chat governor and thank you again

'miss miles will take you back to your unit.... she walked with miss miles and half way bea spoke

'thank you for handing in the video that way i can get justice for debbie

'how did you know it was me? miss miles had been worried that bea would be angry for helping juice out but she didnt know what was going to happen and when she saw the stabbing on the video she knew the right thing to do was to hand it in

'you were working but you werent around for a while, i have eyes everywhere miss miles

'i didnt know what was happening

'i know otherwise you would be in medical now... miles knew that

'im glad debbie will be okay

'me too..... they arrived at the unit and just before bea walked in she stopped and faced the guard

'i will make sure you are rewarded for helping me

'thats not why i did it

'i know and thats why im doing it, because of that footage debbie can have a fair trial, i reward when necessary.... with that bea walked into the unit and to the table where maxine, boomer and franky were playing cards

'everything alright red?

'yea, i spoke to debbie

'how is she?

'sore but okay, recons she will be in for a week or so, matt and his family are there to support her

'thats so good to here red, your girl is strong

'she sure is, so where is allie?

'laying down, by the time she got here she had a pounding headache

'alright im gonna check on her... bea walked to allie's cell and opened the door slowly before slipping in and closing it behind her, allie was fast asleep but bea could see her cheeks were still red, she walked over to her and felt her cheeks and head knowing it was quite warm, allie must have felt her touch and fluttered her eyes open

'hey babe... she husked out


'what did the governor want?

'i spoke to debbie, she is sore but recovering, will spend a week in hospital but she will be okay

'thats great news

'yea it is, allie your very hot

'thanks babe your hot too... bea smiled

'no i mean hot like warm, how are you feeling?

'my head hurts and a little queasy

'i think you have heat stroke, let me get you something.... bea left the cell and returned a few minutes later with a cup of cold water with ice, a cold wet clothe and 2 tablets

'here take these

'what are they?

'aspirin, franky got them from one of the girls, we keep a bunch in the unit for headache's, stomach aches, high temps and things like that, it will help you.... allie nodded and sat up taking the pills and than laying back down, bea put the clothe on her forehead and allie moved over for bea to lay down with her, bea leaned up on her elbow as she held the clothe to allie's head

'i should have listened to you, it was hot out there. im an idiot

'your not an idiot but you you should have listened, its not like we can do the whole 'no hat no play' crap, we dont get sun often but when it comes its hot

'i feel crappy... allie said moving closer to bea and wrapping her arm around her

'i know but hopefully this will help, close your eyes and go to sleep you need to rest

'im not tired.... allie mumbled as she fell asleep, bea chuckled and kissed her head before getting comfortable, she wrapped her arms around the blonde and decided to have a little nap before dinner


As they sat down for dinner in the food room the woman were loud as they chatted away to each other, bea and her crew were talking about doreen's little boy joshua and how he has started to walk

'how old is he now love?

'he is 10 months maxi, oh i miss him so much.... she said showing the girls photos of little joshua

'he looks like nash thats for sure... said bea

'yea he does.... before anyone could say anything else the woman went quiet when the door opened and juice and her crew walked in and over to the food bay, juice pisked up a tray and went to the line to get served, when the girl shook her head no she nodded towards bea

'give me some food you chinese bitch

'top dog says no

'i dont give a fuck what she says, give it to me now.... juice's voice boomed as she turned to face bea a smirk laying on her face

'you got a problem juice?

'yea i want to eat and these bitches wont let me

'i already said that you and your crew wont be eating.... bea stood up taking a few steps towards juice getting in her face, she couild smell her disgusting breath and it was making her sick

'i warned you and everyone to not touch my girls

'she had it coming

'she protected herself from scum like you, you should learn to keep your hands to yourself juice you may just lose them.... juice swallowed hard at the intense look in bea's eyes,

'you not only hurt one of my girls your hurt my daughter and for that you will pay, not eating will be the least of your problems..... bea took a few steps away from juice and said over her shoulder

'brush your teeth and shower your stinking up the place..... bea heard the snicker coming from the woman but what she really heard was allie's giggle, she could tell that from a mile away

'girls.... she said and they all followed her out of the room and back to there unit

'that was sick bea... boomer bounced around making bea shake her head and smile this woman was just to funny sometimes, boomer always love to see a fight and even be involved but when bea fought she was like a proud mama, bea fought with strength, power and with everything in her, they arrived at there unit and it was time for count, once mr jackson had finished bea went up to the gate as he was locking it

'mr jackson i just want to say thank you for visiting debbie again i really appreciate it

'its no problem bea, i thought if i get updates whenever i can and pass them to you this would be easier for you to know everything

'i really do appreciate it and debbie does too, i spoke to her today

'how was she?

'sore but okay, doc says she will be there for a week probably and than she is moving in with matt and there family

'thats good they could keep an eye on her

'yea there all really good to her

'well i gotta keep going night smith

'good night.... bea went to the kitchen to make a tea, once she made it and for anyone else that wanted she took it and sat on the couch, she only just realized allie wasnt around

'where is allie?

'she is in her cell, she still isnt feeling well love, i just gave her a couple more of the aspirins to take and she is laying down

'i should check on her.... bea went to the cell entering quietly, allie's head lifted from the pillow


'hey are you okay?

'i just feel a little crappy... bea walked over and sat on the bed touching allie's forehead and cheeks with her hand

;your still a little warm but not as much, have you been drinking water?

'some but not heaps

'allie you need to stay hydrated, here drink this... she said handing allie the cup and she sculled the water

'oh can you get me more please i am really thirsty.... bea returned with a cup of water with lots of ice

'that will keep it cold for you

'thank you babe

'let me get my tea and i will sit with you

'no its okay bea, sit with the others im just gonna lay down and read for a while anyways

'are you sure?

'yes, i have been hogging you and they probably miss you, hang with them for a while and than come to bed after

'okay if you need anything you call me

'i will..... bea kissed allie than left the cell and went back to the couch

'she alright red?

'yea just too much sun, i should really tell the governor to put a cover over the gym area

'yea even a tarp to keep the sun out would help

'i will talk to her tomorrow about it, anyways what are we watching?

'dirty dancing, we only missed the first 20 minutes

;oh sweet..... they pulled out some snacks and nibbled on them, boomer went and asked allie if she wanted any but she declined and thanked her, after the movie finished they all retreated to bed, bea walked into allie's cell and allie was sitting up leaning against the wall, the book she was reading on her lap and she had fallen asleep, walking over she put the bookmark in and put the book aside before gently laying the blonde down

'bea..... allie grumbled and bea rubbed her cheek soothing her

'shuuu im right here, go to sleep.... allie was back to sleep within seconds, bea kicked her shoes off and her pants and jacket and slid into the bed beside allie, allie instinctively put her arm over bea's stomach and pulled bea closer in her sleep, bea smiled it was a different feeling when someone you lay next to actually wants to be there, wants to pull you closer, wants to kiss you, wants to touch you. harry only wanted to hurt her, to use bea like she was nothing so it was very different, stroking allie's warm cheek she kissed it before settling down more comfortably and closing her eyes in fairy land


A couple days later bea was sitting out in the quad thinking about debbie and the little fucker that got her locked up in here, if it wasnt for him juice wouldnt have gotten to debbie and she would never have been hurt, she needed to teach the little jacked up little fucker a lesson, she thought about it long and hard and she thought of something but that would mean asking someone she hated for a favor, standing up she looked at maxine

'maxi come with me, franky you and boomer look after the girls i have to do something

'no sweat red.... maxine followed bea to there unit and bea went to her cell sitting at the little table and began writing, she had told maxine of her plan and although it wasnt the best one they were hoping this person would come through for her after everything thats the least they could do, bea wrote the letter anf folded it up hiding it in her hoody

'we need miss miles

'i think she is near medical the last i saw

'lets find her..... they walked towards the medical unit and they ended up finding miss miles

'miss miles i need something from you

'whats up smith?

'i need you to deliver a note

'to who?

'you still connections at walford prison?

'yea why?

'i want this delivered to an inmate..... she said sliding it subtlety



'as in harry smith, you ex-husband?

'yes thats right

'what the hell smith? why would you want to be in contact with him?

'its about debbie so just do it would ya, there will be something special put into your account

'how much?

'you do it today and its $200

'okay fine, my shift ends in 30 minutes and i will go straight there

'good. later miss miles.... they walked off heading back outside

'do you think harry will do it?

'who knows maxi, i mean its the least he can do to help his daughter

'yea true, how will we know if it gets done?

'im sure matt will be told as he is debbie's lawyer

'fingers crossed........


linda miles met with one of the guards she had a friends with benefits relationship with outside the prison

'hey i got to be quick whats up linda?

'i need you to give this to harry smith

'why? what is it?

'its from the top dog, his ex-wife and mother of his kid, he needs to read this

'yea alright pass it here.... he hid it in his jocks and smirked at linda

'so tonight?

'yea 9.30 be at my place and dont be late

'yea i know you hate waiting, see you than sexy

'stop calling me that trent

'cant help it, especially when your riding me, like god damn girl you got skills.... he laughed as linda rolled her eyes

'bye trent.... he laughed as he walked back inside, he got through the detector no problems and went to to the bathroom to get the note out, putting it in his pocket he went on his way to find harry, harry was in his cell which was easy to find

'smith... harry looked up

'what do ya want screw?

'here.... he threw the note on his bed 'a message from your wife


'what ever a message from her about your daughter.....harry didnt waste any time and picked up the letter and he knew straight away it was from bea by the hand writing, he read the letter telling him about what happened with debbie form the kid that planted drugs on her to ending up in jail, juice and what she did to debbie being in hospital. but what really got him was the one sentence that hit him straight in the heart

'you have hurt me and debbie more than you could ever imagine and right now its time to do something for us, get that little fucker and teach him a lesson


harry folded the letter and hid it away, since being locked up he had thought about what had happened with bea and what he put her threw and he had felt bad about it, when he finally got sober in jail and his thoughts were clearer it gave him the chance to ting about everything, the way he hurt bea, the words he used to hurt her, the names and beating he gave her and he understood why he was in jail, he had come to terms with the fact that he deserved to be in there and he had chosen not to appeal his sentence, standing up he needed to get revenge for debbie and get this little punk. he cracked his neck and knuckles before leaving his cell searching for him

Chapter Text

harry walked out to the yard and leaned up against the wall scanning the area, harry had his own crew who was very loyal to him, all 5 men came over to join there leader

'smith whats going on?

'that new kid tim where is he?

'over there with blake, he is a cocky little fuker

'whats he saying?

'talking about all the sex he had on the outside and the sluts he fucked

'any girls names? harry asked

'he mentioned 3, tiffany, mariah and debbie.....harry clenched his jaw trying to keep his anger in, harry knew debbie's friend tiffany and knew that tiffany and debbie were not like that

'fucking little prick

'harry whats up? how do you know this kid? harry told his crew about what bea had written in the letter

'what do you want to do?

'he will pay for it, bring him to the shower block in 5 minutes

'we got you harry.... harry went with 3 of the guys inside and headed to the shower block, they waited a few minutes and than 2 of harry's guys walked in pushing timothy inside as well pushing him towards harry

'what the hell? timothy huffed annoyed and confused

'do you know who i am kid? timothy shook his head

'why should i give a shit? harry stepped closer and laughed

'i am debbie's dad, the so called slut you fucked.... timothy physically went white and took a step back

'dont go any where you little fucker.... one of harry's crew said pushing him back towards harry

'why do you speak about debbie like that? why the fuck did you plant drugs on my daughter?

'i was just messing around

'messing around, well i think its time for you to mess around with the big boys.....harry nodded to the boys and they all went in teaching timothy a lesson


bea was lifting weights a few days later and allie was running on the treadmill, bea told allie to not run on the treadmill after having sun stroke a couple days earlier but allie promised to wear her hoody and bea had to agree given how stubborn the blonde was, bea saw miss miles lean up against the cage and bea went over to her pretending to pick up another weight

'a message for you smith, my contact says that harry took care of business, timothy wilder is in hospital with a broken leg, broken arm, 3 broken ribs, broken jaw and covered in bruises and cuts.... bea nodded

'thank you miss miles i hope you enjoyed your reward?

'sure did smith, went all in on black and doubled it... bea laughed

'good call

'good doing business with you smith

'till next time...... bea went back to the bench press and allie looked at her confused, bea winked and mouthed 'later' before finishing off her set, they worked out for an hour before they went inside to have a shower and were now having private time in allie's cell laying together on the bed kissing and playing with each others fingers

'so what was that with miss miles?

'well harry did what i asked for the first time in his life, timothy is in hospital and he will be for some time

'good, serves him right the little fucker.... allie replied

'im glad he was taken care of, now debbie needs to recover fully and all will be good

'well you need to get out of here as well

'you too allie, ten years in here is too long..... allie shrugged

'i cant change that

'well matt will try and hopefully get you out asap

'maybe but as long as your out of here to be with your daughter than thats okay.... bea shook her head and rubbed allie's cheek

'your coming with me, i will break you out of here if i have to

'oh yea? what your gonna make a big prison break for me?

'damn right i am, im gonna come in and drug every single person and than carry you out of here, than im gonna get debbie and we will all skip the country and live in paris or france and live on all the beautiful bread and cheeses that they have.... allie giggled and kissed bea's lips

'your so fucking cute, i would go anywhere with you

'yea? bea said unsure

'absolutely, your my beautiful bea

'your my sexy alliecat.... bea blushed at what she just said but the big smile on allie's face said it was okay


'yea alliecat, i think it suits you

'i love it, now come give me some lovin'...... bea giggled and connected there lips, it started off with soft pecks which turned more sexual when bea pulled allie on top of herself and allie slipped her tongue into bea's mouth caressing bea's tongue, they both moaned at the contact and bea was loving the feeling of allie's full body weight on top of hers, bea's hands went under allie's shirt feeling all over her soft and warm skin, allie pulled back and looked bea in the eyes

'are you okay? bea smiled and tucked a lock of hair behind allie's ear and nodded

'more than okay but i would be better if we got rid of this... bea said slowly lifting allie's shirt and allie sat up pulling her shirt off and signaled to bea's as well which bea was happy to do so, once she got her shirt off allie lay back on top of bea there lips connecting in a passionate kiss, allie pulled back a little and kissed down to bea's neck and sucked softly on her pulse not wanting to come on full on not wanting to scare the sexy redhead, allie was surprised to feel bea's hand move to allie's bra and undid the clasp and pulled the straps down her shoulder and allie looked into bea's eyes

'are you sure?

'yea im just not sure how far

'thats okay, you tell me to stop if you dont want to go any further

'okay babe..... pulling off her bra she tossed it aside and bea sat up unclipping hers

'let me babe.... allie pulled the bra strap off bea's shoulder following it with kisses to bea's warm skin than did the same to the other and throwing it somewhere in her cell, allie looked at bea's beautiful breasts and it made her so wet, bea laid in front of her so beautiful and looking at her like no one had ever done before,

'come here..... bea said and giggled when allie wriggled her eyebrows cheekily before there lips connected again, the kiss was different and allie was so turned on at this so called innocent woman who moved her hands to allie's ass squeezing it in her hands

'bea... allie moaned as she rolled her hips, she as trying to go slow but bea turned her on so much it was hard, she kissed down bea's neck and chest and than sucked on bea's erect nipple pulling it into her mouth and than going to the other one paying the same attention to the right nipple as well, she felt bea's hand behind her head to tell her to stay in that place and pay more attention, allie had assumed this was the first time bea had her breasts treated so nicely as there was no way harry was anything but rough

when bea loosened her hand from allie's head allie moved down kissing every part of skin she could touch peppering it with kisses, she kissed down to her stomach loving how bea's muscles jump where she kisses and licks, rolling her tongue around her belly button she than kissed down to bea's teal trackies she had on biting on the edge pulling them back letting them flick back to hit bea's skin and bea hissed in pleasure

bea got lost in her thoughts for a moment and her thoughts went to debbie, it didnt feel right to do this right now as much as she wanted to, debbie was still hurt and she couldnt do this right now, she felt allie's hands on her pants and put her hand on allie's shoulder

'wait stop... allie looked up and pulled back worried she did something wrong

'im sorry bea, im so sorry i shouldnt have pushed you...... allie said scared

'no no allie its okay, it just doesnt feel right

'did i do something? allie asked and bea rubbed her cheek

'no sweet girl you didnt, dont get me wrong i want to but it doesnt feel right with debbie being so hurt, im sorry

'dont be, i understand and its okay, i would never push you to do anything you dont want to

'i do want to but i need to know that debbie is okay

'i get it beautiful.... allie sat up and reached for there thrown clothes and handed bea hers and they got dressed, bea felt bad for putting allie through that and she sat there quietly staring at allie

'im so sorry

'hey enough of that okay babe, your worried about debbie and thats understandable, i shouldnt have pushed.... allie said mentally kicking herself

'you didnt push allie, i just need some time is all, i promise you i really want to be with you.... bea crawled over to allie who was now sitting on the edge of the bed and sat in her lap wrapping her self around her kissing her over and over again

'you didnt push anything, i want you allie i really do but it feels wrong when debbie is laying in a hospital bed hurt.... allie laid her head on bea's chest feeling her heart beat

'i understand, when its right

'it will be amazing because it will be with you... allie nodded

'yes it will, how about a snack?

'sure... before bea could climb off allie stood up and walked out of the cell carrying bea both of them laughing at there antics, she sat bea on the bench in the kitchen and they both giggled

'you may be strong but your such a lightweight babe

'as long as im strong thats fine with me

'you definitely are, now what do we have?

'check in the cupboard.......allie opened the cupboard and was surprised

'there is still so much left bea, do you want biscuits, chocolate, lollies, chips or toffee?

'chips please

'here you go and i will have some chocolate, lets sit on the couch and enjoy some quiet time together.... allie picked up a giggling bea and went to the couch putting her down and plopping down next to her, allie put the tv on and was happy to see ren and stimpy the cartoon on

'oh i love this show... allie giggled at a funny part and bea couldnt help but stare at the blonde, allie turned to look at bea and saw her staring


'your just so beautiful.... allie down right blushed, she wasnt even sure why but she guessed anything that comes from bea's mouth and the way she says it just means so much to her, she stole a quick kiss and than turned and scooted back leaning into bea's arms and bea wrapped her strong arms around the blonde, they werent worried about anyone that wasnt in there crew coming passed because this is h1 territory and everyone knows not to come up this hallway unless they have a death wish, the last girl that did that bea literally dragged her out to the quad and threw her to the ground warning her in front of everyone that no one was allowed there and since than no one has been so its keeps bea happy, they sat together for some time till there crew came in franky and boomer whistling

'hey love birds what you doing?

'just hanging out franky, we were quietly watching tv... bea raised her eyebrows

'yea alright alright i will be quiet but first red we have to figure out what we are going to do with juice because the governor warned us about starving them, says she doesnt want a death on her hands

'i have a plan

'what is it love? maxine said coming over and sitting on the arm chair of franky's sofa

'well................ bea went on to tell them her plan and it will be dealt with tomorrow, franky was to tell the governor who would have a meeting taking most of the guards out of the equation and the ones left could be paid off easily and justice will be dealt



bea was in her cell sitting on the edge of the bed lost in her thoughts, the plan was in progress and franky had already spoken to the governor and now the other girls except for allie who was in the kitchen staying away from bea since they had an argument, bea didnt want allie involved in it all and didnt even want her seeing what was going to happen and allie wanted to be involved especially since it was in retaliation for debbie to which it had cause them to fight last night, they spent last night in there own cells and havent spoken since,

bea looked up when she heard someone at her door

'you ready red? bea nodded

'yea, lets do this.... following franky out of her cell she stopped and looked over at allie who just scoffed at her and turned her head, allie was pissed that bea was treating her like a kid, so many people treated her like that and there was no way she would let her girlfriend do the same

bea took a big breath and than walked off following franky out of there unit and towards the exit for the yard, coming outside boomer, doreen, maxine and now franky were right near juice and her crew ready to grab her, liz was sitting down watching as bea would never put her in danger and never wanted her involved, nodding at franky and her girls they grabbed juice and her girls and bought them over to the cage pushing them all in followed by bea and her crew, they tried to get out knowing that bea would annihilate them and kaz and her crew stood against the door blocking it

'get the fuck out of the way blondie

'not happening, you need to pay for what you did...... unbeknown to bea and everyone else allie was standing just inside the building watching on, she wanted to see what bea was going to do since she kept her away, watching on she saw kaz and her crew blocking from juice leaving


'juice you touched one of my crew and not just that you put a hit on her and she was hurt, your very lucky she will be okay because if you killed my daughter i would make sure you would be killed ten times over in the most painful way and throw you in the gutter like the trash you are.... bea spat out, juice visibly shook to see the intensity in the top dogs eyes,

'bring her here.... bea said and boomer and doreen bought juice over to the bench press and sat her down,

'oh im going to enjoy this..... bea said before punching juice in the face and than doreen and boomer pushed juice down and boomer sat on her to keep her there, doreen and franky pulled the weights of the weight bar and handed it to bea, bea was calm but it was like 'the calm before the storm'

'i told you not to touch my girls, in fact i warned you not to touch anyone anymore..... bea said taking a step back and swinging the metal bar striking juice across her legs causing her to scream out, bea hit her 2 more times before stepping back and taking a breath, she turned her back to juice as she cried in agony and her eyes found allie's who was trying to hide, bea didnt like that allie was watching but she also knew that being part of bea's crew she had to be involved, plus allie was stubborn as hell, nodding to allie to come over allie did so and walked towards the cage and kaz allowed her to get inside before closing the gate again, allie was worried for brief moment that because she disobeyed bea's orders she would be copping it as well but when bea beckoned her over and whispered in her ear she calmed down

'i dont like that your here but your part of my crew, if your up for it take over boomer..... allie nodded and went to boomer

'boomer you, franky and maxine bring those bitches over to me...... as they were doing that bea continued

'juice i wont tolerate you touching any woman ever... she said swinging the bar across her abdomen twice, juice could do nothing but take it and in reality she knew it was coming but fuck was she hurting, bea looked at the other girls

'take care of them, im not wasting energy on those bitches..... with that juice's girls were completely pummeled by bea's crew, bea turned back to juice as she knew without juice's word her girls would not have acted

'stand her up.... bea said to allie and doreen so they did so and bea just went at it laying hit after hit after hit on juice, punching her in the face multiple times, the chest, stomach and head

'drop her down....bea huffed out and they did taking a step back from the mess juice was in, doreen handed bea a shiv and bea crouched down beside juice

'you touch anyone again and you will be 6 feat under before you could say boo..... bea said and dragged the shiv down juice's cheek and both arms making sure not too go too deep but that she understood..... juice was a screaming mess and looking at her crew they were just as bad, standing up she kicked juice one last time so hard that there was no doubt her recovering ribs would have more damage and than some, she looked at her crew and nodded for them to follow bea out of the cage stopping at kaz

'thanks for your support

'they deserved it, thanks for not killing them... bea let out a small smile before walking off towards there unit, within a few minutes the alarm had gone off causing the whole prison to go into lock down, all the woman had watched and seen what bea and her crew did but they didnt give a shit about juice or her crew, almost every woman in the prison had run ins with them and juice was always hands on,

when they got back to the unit they all had to ice there hands especially bea which one of them was bleeding, she was in her cell a towel over her hand trying to stop the blood when her door opened and allie walked in, she grabbed bea's hand lifting her to her feet and putting it under warm water to clean it out making sure it doesnt get infected, she than wrapped a clean clothe around bea's hand and told her to sit down on the bed, allie some dressings and a bandage along with a bottle of detol she knicked from the medical unit a couple days ago and pulled them out of her pocket and began cleaning the wound

'its going to sting... bea nodded and allie dabbed the detol and bea flinched

'ah fuck

'sorry baby but i dont want it to get infected especially in this rat infested shit hole.... bea smiled at allie calling her baby, she knew allie was mad at her but her fixing her hand showed her she still cared

'im sorry allie, i shouldnt have spoke to you like that

'your right you shouldnt have, so many people treat me like a dumb kid and you did just that

'i know, i just didnt want you to see all the bad shit in here especially me doing all that, that was brutal

'it was but its not like they didnt deserve it, bea im not a stupid kid, i lived on the streets, i saw and have been threw a lot of shit

'i dont see you like that allie, your smart, beautiful, amazing and i forget that you went through so much, i guess i want you to be innocent

'bea you know we are in jail right? they both laughed as allie finished off the bandage kissing her hand

'i know allie i just dont want you to see that shit, im sorry i hurt you that was never my intention

'i forgive you on one condition

'whats that?

'first if all dont block me out like that again

'i wont i promise

'second thing is i want a kiss and not just any kiss, like a bea smith kiss.... bea smiled and pulled allie into her lap and planted the most sexiest and dirtiest kiss allie had ever experienced taking her breath away, bea' good hand was under allie's shirt scratching her stomach and her other hand pulling allie even closer, pulling back allie leaned her forehead on bea's breathing heavily

'holy fuck, that was definitely worth the fighting.... bea laughed

'good to know... allie sat back a little and smiled

'your beautiful

'you are.... bea countered and pecked allie's luscious lips again

'your cute...... allie said and giggled, god that giggle is to sexy bea thought

'are you okay? after all that?

'i am, they deserved it not just for what they did to everyone but debbie especially, how is she? any updates?

'i havent spoken to her since the first time but mr jackson has been going to see her daily and brings me updates, he said she is recovering well and should be out in a few days

'thats great news bea, so she is moving in with matt and the family?

'yes, mr jackson spoke to matt and he helped matt set up debbie's room and pack up all her stuff

'you know for a screw he is pretty cool

'ye he is, i know i can trust him

'agreed, you know i was pretty jealous of him when i first got here

'why? bea asked confused

'because i saw how close you 2 were and i thought you were fucking him.... bea scoffed

'as if i would, why would you think that allie?

'he would always talk to you, whisper things to you as well

'yea he is telling me the gossip

'i know that now but when i first came i wanted to punch him out

''oh yea?

'yep, damn i had it bad for you since before i even came here, so sexy with your curly red locks, strong muscles, gorgeous eyes, beautiful face and rocking body..... allie said kissing bea's neck

'all that ay

'allie that and more, now look at me im straddling the big bad top dog... allie said lifting her head when bea laughed

'whats so funny? allie said smiling

'you, your just so fucking cute.... bea held allie's face kissing her over and over again

'so you think we are gonna be locked up for a while?

'yea at least the rest of today and maybe even tomorrow

'well i hope they bring food soon im hungry

'aww you poor thing, should we snack?

'yes please...... allie jumped off bea and they walked out of bea's cell

'everyone alright?

'all good red, no injuries

'as if they could anyways... boomer said, allie went and got some biscuits and bea made tea and the 2 of them shared the single couch seat with allie in bea's lap, franky and maxine smiled when they saw how cute they were as allie snuggled into bea's chest and they watched tv together

'your just one little puppy dog aint ya red? franky said as she laughed

'but i would still beat the crap out of you franky

'dont i bloody know it.... franky mumbled making them all laugh, they took lunch and dinner in there unit and than watched a movie together before retreating to there cells, bea joined allie in her cell this time snuggling up together under the blanket

'its fucking cold tonight

'i know babe, should i get the spare blanket?

'i will get it where is it?

'on the book shelf down the bottom.... bea grabbed the blanket and spread it over the bed and slid right into it again

'much better

'i hope they let us out tomorrow

'me too but i doubt it, governor needs to be seen like she is taking action

'but she was in on it right?

'yes she was but its all show for board

'ah yes makes sense, i guess its more private time with my girl... bea smiled

'it sure is..... just than allie yawned


'hmm i didnt sleep well last night, i missed you

'well go to sleep beautiful girl, im right here.... allie pecked bea and than turned over being the little spoon and they both succumbed to sleep

Chapter Text

A week had passed since juice and her girls were beat up, the whole prison was in lock down for 2 days which no one really had a problem until some woman began to smell and bea had to confront the governor for the showers so she lifted the ban and allowed the prisoners to roam the prison, it was much more peaceful since juice and her girls were in hospital and all the woman felt it, the following few days went by and bea and her crew were sitting on the top dogs table after breakfast just chatting when mr jackson came over

'smith visitor for you... bea scrunched her face up in confusion

'who is it? i dont know anyone

'you will find out, lets go i dont have all day.... bea stood up and looked at franky and maxine

'you 2 are in charge, watch over the girls

'we will love dont worry.... bea followed mr jackson quietly down the hall and to the visiting room, there was no one there and bea wondered what was going on

'sit down your visitor will be here in a minute

'where is everyone?

'stop asking questions smith and sit down

'fine, your so grumpy you need to get some.... flew out of her mouth and will raised an eyebrow as she went bright red, he didnt say anything but go over to the doors and opened it, bea watched as he put his hand out and another one went in it, the next thing she saw was her beautiful daughter hobbling in with a cane and mj jackson helping her, tears fell down bea's face as she jumped up and went over to her smiling daughter

'oh baby i cant believe your here, can i hug you? bea asked nervously but excited

'of course mum but gently...... bea wrapped her arms around her daughter trying not to squeeze her as much as she wanted to, she missed debbie oh so dearly and was so happy she was here, pulling back she held debbie's face between her hands and kissed her all over it making debbie giggle

'are you okay? are you in pain? do you need anything?

'mum one question at a time... debbie laughed 'firstly i need to sit down i get tired easy

'shit yea okay come on, i got her mr jackson

'yea thanks mr j.... bea helped debbie over to a table and sat her down before she took the seat opposite and than took debbie's hands

'so how are you?

'im doing alright, i got out yesterday and went to matt's house, they have been so good and tiffany and margaret never left the hospital except once when they went home to pack a bag, matt had no idea what to get them, they set up my room with my j's help, he is pretty great mum

'yea he is

'he is kinda hot too... bea rolled her eyes playfully

'keep it in ya pants deb..... debbie burst out laughing

'oh shit mum i think you have been hanging out with allie too much... bea nodded

'she is a bad influence that one

'but you love her.... bea raised an eyebrow

'no no its too early for that

'but you really like her?

'so much deb, never ever felt this way

'im happy for you mum, both of you

'thanks baby, so how are you travelling along?

'well the doctor said i will need the cane for a week or so, i started physio today because i was in bed not moving for so long and my muscles kind of ceased up

'how did it go?

'it was fine, he wants to get me into a pool tomorrow

'is that safe?

'he says yes so i trust him

'thats good, so tell me what else is happening? do you need anything? money? anything?

'i have your card to your bank account so no im good for money even though matt and margaret wont let me pay for anything, although mum there is one thing

'what is it?

'i need a car for when i go back to uni, im further away now not by much but enough to have to catch 2 buses

'so buy one, i have plenty in my account for you to buy a car

'i dont want to use your money i was thinking i want access to my savings that you saved for me?

'no deb not yet, just use my money its just sitting there doing nothing, when i sold the house we sold it for much more than what we bought it for, almost double so there is plenty for you to get your own car, please deb dont argue about it, im stuck in here and i cant do much physically but i can look after you financially, i always wanted to go with you to get your first car... bea said sadly

'dont worry mum there will be plenty of firsts we can have when your out, i promise.... bea nodded

'go buy a car, i dont care how much you spend

''oh so i can get a ferrari? debbie giggled when bea's eyes went wide

'maybe not that extravagant but a nice one at that

'well how about this one? debbie said pulling out a piece of paper from her pocket showing it to her mum, it was a yellow jeep and looked really nice

'thats nice deb, if your happy with it than so am i, i added you to my bank account so just transfer the funds when your ready but get matt to go with you so they dont rip you off

'actually margaret will probably be better, she is a hard ass.... they both laughed

'thats true, listen deb you get whatever you want because all my life there has been nothing good except for you, everything i did was for you and i want you to have a good life, if its a new car you want than get one, if you need new clothes, a phone whatever it is i am so happy to pay for it because your my light in this dark world..... debbie fanned her eyes

'oh mum stop your gonna make me cry

'sorry but i just love you so much and im so happy your on the mend

'i love you too mum..... taking a deep breath and moving slightly to get comfy as staying in one position was extremely uncomfortable

'so juice, what did you do?


'really? you sure about that because i saw juice and her girls at the hospital yesterday as i was leaving, they were out of it and chained to the bed, they clearly had a beating and im guessing that was from you

'would i do that? bea acted innocent and debbie laughed

'yes you would, seriously thank you mum

'anytime baby, no one messes with my family.... debbie nodded knowing this to be true

'so how are the girls?

'there good, you know how they are loud and annoying at times but i love them

'and allie? how is she?

'she is a stubborn one that one

'give you a good run for your money

'you bet ya

'she is good for you mum

'yea she is, i just..... taking a deep breath 'i just cant explain how i feel about her

'thats okay, just give yourself time to feel the feelings and enjoy them

'i will, so how long you got here?

'i dont have long actually, mr j is giving me the stink eye and margaret is outside waiting for me so i have to get going

'i hate to see you leave but im so happy i saw you

'me too mum.... standing up they shared a loving hug and bea couldnt kiss debbie's cheeks enough

'i love you so much deb

'i love you too mum

'listen write to me yea, i know its hard to visit but i really enjoy your letters so i would love more

'sure mum, oh look the cutie is coming over

'you ready to go debbie?

'i am mr j.... she said taking his hand 'oh lucky me to be escorted by you... mr jackson chuckled

'deb i love you baby

'love you too mum, matt will visit soon

'okay bye baby

'bye mum.... bea watched as mr jackson escorted her to the door and opened it to see margaret there and she took over with debbie and than came back to bea who was wiping her tears

'you okay smith?

'i just hate seeing her in pain and i hate being in here

'of what i hear matt is working on your case so hopefully some good news soon enough


'lets get you back inside..... jackson led bea out to the quad and she went to her table where the others were laughing, bea sat down next to allie and nudged her leg causing the blonde to turn around a huge smile on her face

'hey your back, everything alright?

'yea, i saw deb.... this got all there attention and they turned to face bea

'really? how is she?

'she got out of hospital yesterday and is walking around with a cane, she started physio today because she was in bed for quite a while so her body is quite sore and tense but she seems to be holding up alright

'thats great news red

'it really is love, young debbie will be better soon enough.... said liz

'oh i was so happy to see her, i miss her so much

'im sure you do love, as long as you know she is getting better and safe than its okay to be apart for a while, soon enough you will be out of here and living the life you always wanted

'thank you liz.... after a few minutes allie stood up

'im going to the library to get a book anyone want to come?

'i will blondie, i need one for my course

'alright we will see you all at lunch.... she smiled at bea before turning and walking inside with franky, they walked down the hallway and into the library, it was small but it had a variety of books

'what you lookin for blondie?

'something interesting, a romance maybe

'alright im just gonna be right here so i will find you in a minute.... allie nodded before going down a couple isles, there were a few other woman in the library but no one of significance, allie was looking through the books when one caught her eye and she pulled it out, she was reading the back of the cover to see if she liked it when franky came up beside her

'what ya got?

'this seems good, im gonna take it, what did you get?

'this textbook

'fuck how old is that book? its been bashed over and over again

'i know but i dont have a choice, i need it

'yea i guess so, maybe i should get a novel to read im sick of magazines

'there is a pretty decent selection... they stood together going through a few of them and franky found one she liked, just as they were about to turn to leave they both felt hits to the back of there heads and everything turned black


bea and her crew were walking towards lunch when the ringer went off around the prison


'what the hell happened?

'no idea love

'shit what about allie and franky?

'get to your units now.... they heard miss miles voice boom from behind them before maxine could say anything, so they headed to there unit and bea became frustrated when franky and allie werent there, the ringer had turned off and mr j was at the gate doing a roll call

'smith, conway, birdsworth, jenkins and anderson

'where are franky and allie? bea asked

'sorry smith i cant say

'what do you mean you cant say? you better tell me where the fuck they are? mr jackson was about to slot bea for her outburst but decided against getting on the bad side of her

'look smith there both in medical

'what the hell happened?

'all i know is they were attacked in the library but i dont know any details

'well than i suggest you go and find some out before i burn this WHOLE PRISON DOWN!!!!! she screamed with fury

'alright smith calm down, i will go find out

'and i want to see them asap

'i will speak to the governor

'i dont care if you speak to the god damn prime minister just sort it out and sooner then later.... bea snapped and mr jackson nodded before leaving, bea went to the table and flipped it over and screamed

'FUCKING BITCHES....., maxine went over to bea and put a hand on her shoulder

'honey calm down this is not helping... bea took a deep breath and turned to face the taller woman

'i know but you know

'i know love its allie and franky, your girlfriend and best friend..... bea nodded

'hopefully mr jackson will give us some news soon bea..... doreen said


'listen go to your cell and draw for a bit and when mr jackson comes back i will call you

'yea okay, thanks maxi.... bea slumped her shoulders as she walked to her cell closing the door and sat on the bed, picking up her drawing pad and pencil she needed to clear her head of this anger but it was a struggle, her thoughts kept going to franky and allie and what happened to them, she been drawing for an hour when there was a knock on her door and it opened to show maxine

'bea mj jackson and the governor are here... bea got up and almost ran out to the closed gate

'are they okay? what happened?

''there not saying what happened which isnt a surprise, all we know is they got hit in the back of there heads and novak got a couple kicks to the stomach, they both blacked out but they have woken up, smith i need you to tell them to go to the hospital to get checked out, hopefully its just a concussion but they could have a brain bleed and we need to rule it out

'yea okay lets go.... bea followed them to medical and saw allie laying on her side clutching at her stomach and franky was laying her hand over her eyes

'well look at you too... they both looked up to see the top dog standing there

'red are you guys alright?

'were fine, what happened? bea said walking closer to them and grabbing a hold of allie's hand, allie looked like she was in a lot of pain so she rubbed her back

'we dont know, we were looking at books and someone hit us from behind, the next thing we know it all went black and than we woke up here

'fucking pricks, i will get whoever did this

'we know you will red

'so how are you doing franky?

'just a headache im fine


'im good... was all she said

'yall a bunch of liars ya know, get your asses to the hospital and get checked out, before you try and argue with me if you dont do as i say there will be repercussions.... they both huffed

'fine.... they responded

'good and dont give them a hard time, just get checked out just in case

'like we have a choice

'well you dont franky so get over it..... bea leaned closer to allie and kissed her forehead

'you be good okay and i will be waiting for you when you get back

'okay..... bea nodded at mr jackson and he came into the room

'there both going to the hospital to get checked out, mr jackson you will look after them?

'of course, i will be taking them myself

'good. i will see you 2 soon enough, bye girls

'bye.... allie and franky said as the top dog went back to her unit with miss miles


They were locked up for the rest of the day and bea was in her cell laying on her bed staring at the ceiling, she had been thinking all afternoon about who would do this to allie and franky and was coming up blank which frustrated her, she just wanted to scream and punch something she was so angry but she needed to stay calm, taking a deep breath to relax her body she closed her eyes to go to sleep but even that was becoming to damn hard, she tossed and turned for about 20 minutes before she got frustrated and was about to get up when she heard the gate open than close and than her own door to her cell opened and there stood allie

'allie... she breathed out like she had been holding her breath since she saw her

'hey babe... bea got up and went over to the blonde

'how are you? are you okay?

'a concussion and some bruising but im fine

'come here... allie went into bea's open arms and allowed herself to feel the redheads body pressed up against hers, a couple of the nurses at the hospital treated her like a murderer as if she and franky didnt deserve to be treated so they chose to just not interact with them and wanting to get back to the prison, pulling back she kissed bea's lips

'i missed you

'i missed you too, are you sure your okay?

'im fine bea dont worry

'how can i not? you and franky were attacked, where is franky?

'gone to her cell, she has a concussion as well and she was tired, she has been quiet since the hospital

'okay i will talk to her tomorrow, do you want to sleep with me or in your own cell?

'with you please if thats okay?

'of course, i want nothing more, let me get your pj's from your room..... bea returned with allie's pj's and put them on the bed

'umm can you help me please?


'just slow please..... bea gently pulled allie's shirt off and her mouth fell open to see the bruising on her stomach, most of her stomach had dark bruising which made bea's stomach churn, running her fingers over the outside of it she sighed and shook her head

'its not that bad bea

'yes it is, how much does it hurt?

'about a 8 out of ten

'im gonna get the fuckers who did this to you and franky.... bea said and allie stroked her cheek

'just relax babe, we are both okay, now can you help with my shirt im cold...... allie took her bra off throwing it aside and bea helped her put her shirt on, she changed allie's pants and they both got into bea's bed together, bea laying on her back and allie laying with her head resting on her chest, bea had put on the extra blanket as it was pretty cold, running her fingers up and down allie's back and threw her hair

'are you warm enough?

'yes i am thank you...... they were quiet for a while and when bea looked over at allie her eyes were slowly closing, she was happy allie wasnt hurt more but she had wondered who would do this, was there new girls that came in that she didnt know of? after what happened to juice surely everyone knew not to mess with her crew, deciding to leave it right now she closed her eyes and snuggled into the blonde



when they woke up the next morning franky was in an extremely bad mood, they were in lock down still so they were stuck in the unit and had to entertain themselves, franky had gotten up and made herself a tea and boomer and maxine tried to talk to her but she ignored them and went back to her cell, when allie and bea came out of there cell bea looked around

'where is franky?

'in her cell, she isnt talking to anyone

'why not?

'we dont know bea, she came out and made a tea and didnt say anything, maybe your the one to talk to her

'yea okay i will, allie why dont you go and sit with boomer and boomer be gentle with her

'i will no worries..... bea went to franky's cell and without knocking she entered and closed the door behind herself leaning against it, franky looked up from her book to see bea standing there

'whats wrong? franky shrugged and didnt say anything, bea sat on the bed and looked at franky again

'tell me whats wrong franky

'i didnt protect her

'what? bea said confused

'allie, i should have protected her but look what happened

'franky you got attacked from behind, what were you supposed to do?

'i should have kept her safe and i didnt, what kind of right hand am i if i cant look after just one of our crew? i think i should step down and let maxine step up and doreen or boomer next, i cant protect the family like im supposed to

'what kind of horse shit is that franky? your the best right hand i could ever think of having and i wouldnt trust anyone else, you, your my go to person and always will be so stop trying to put yourself down and accept it, you didnt stuff up, how could you when someone did a dog act and came from behind you both, no franky im taking it and wont accept it

'but bea

'no buts franky, you know exactly how to protect all of us and i will happily put you in charge, if you saw them coming would you have done something?

'of course

'so than whats the problem? yes you both got attacked, yes your both hurt, no its not your fault and no your not stepping down, im gonna give you some time to really think about this and i will be back and you better have something better to say, if you dont change your answer i will take a break and put you up to be top dog.... bea said standing up and walking out of the cell and went to sit down next to allie

'everything alright?

'she blames herself for what happened

'thats crap

'i said the same thing, just leave her be for a bit and i will talk to her later again, how are you?

'hungry, where is our breakfast? allie sulked making bea smile

'im sure it wont be long little piggy.... bea laughed wrapping her arm around allie and kissing her cheek, maxine and the others watching on as bea and allie giggled and whispered to each other, allie was at the kitchen making a tea when there breakfast came and bea laughed when allie tried to hobble quickly to the gate but due to her injury she was slow so bea went to help her, taking the trays to the table everyone sat down and began eating, bea picked up franky's tray and went to her cell pulling the door open, franky didnt even look up so bea left it on the table

'eat or i swear franky i will make you clean the whole unit.... bea sighed she was trying the whole tough love thing but franky was so damn stubborn, joining the others at the table she began eating

'how is she love?

'she didnt even look at me liz, she is beating herself up after what happened yesterday

'you know what you need to do bea.... bea nodded, she knew but it was a last resort considering what had happened between franky and miss westfall but she wasnt going to let franky kick herself for something that was out of her hands, there trays were collected not too long later by mr jackson and 2 prisoners that had good behavior, bea nodded to mr jackson so he told the girls to move to the next unit as he moved aside to talk to bea

'whats up smith?

'i need franky to have a session with miss westfall

'she needs to request it smith

'i dont care, i want her to have a session with miss westfall somehow

'the only thing i can do is get miss westfall to come down here for a talk with doyle


'yes should be okay, just dont say anything yet

'i wont, make it happen.... he rolled his eyes as he walked off, sometimes bea was just too demanding for her own good but he would do it because, well, its bea the top dog and they need her onside to run this prison, everyone knows that smith runs this prison so its best to be on her good side,

after breakfast allie lay down on the couch as her tummy was hurting, bea went over and sadly smiled

'your hurting?

'its fine

'i have something to help with the pain, you want some?

'its not strong is it? like narcotics?

'no its not, they will help and make you a little tired

'okay..... bea went to her cell to get a couple tablets and filled a cup with water from the kitchen and went to allie who swallowed them and drank all the water before laying down again

'thank you

'your welcome, here up your head.... bea sat on the seat and allie laid her head on her lap running her fingers through her blonde locks

'hmm that feels nice

'do you need anything?

'im perfect right here with you.... they stayed like that for some time but allie fell asleep after half an hour, maxine came over with bea's blanket from her cell and draped it over the blonde

'we dont want her getting a chill

'thank you maxi

'do you need anything?

'a tea would be great please, allie was up half the night tossing and turning

'from the pain?

'yea, i hate what happened to her and franky and when i find out im gonna bash those fuckers

'any thoughts? maxine asked as she made bea a tea, all the others were in there units doing there own thing, having the gates closed today was fine by her because bea and her crew could relax and energize themselves

'any newbies come in? i dont think it was anyone that was already here

'hmm let me think.... maxine made the tea and bought it over to bea

'thank you

'no worries, now lets see newbies? ah yes there was 2 new girls that came in a couple days ago

'why didnt the governor tell me? bea sighed

'maybe with the whole juice thing and debbie as well she didnt want to bother you

'it must have been one of them, have you seen them?

'no i havent but when we are allowed out i will find out who they are, i only found out about them yesterday and i was going to tell you but than the bell rang out so i forgot, sorry

'no no its fine, its not your fault the governor should have told me, find out what you can about them and get back to me asap, i bet anything one if not both did it

'i recon your right, the other woman in here respect you and your rules to touch anyone of us


'alright i will go digging for information, im going to have a lay down so if you need me call out

'im good thanks maxi, im just gonna let her rest its what she needs

'she does indeed, first kaz now this, the poor girl needs a break.... bea nodded

'we need to stay closer to her, we all need to travel in a pack for a while. i have this bad feeling something is gonna happen, its freaky

'we will tell the girls we need to travel together as much as possible, i trust your instinct

'you always do

'because your always annoyingly right.... maxine said making bea chuckle 'im going to lay down....... bea sat there happily stroking allie's hair, back, arms and anywhere she could reach to keep her calm and watched tv, she gently put her feet up on the little table and after a while she ended up falling asleep her head leaning back on the wall, liz came out and smiled at the sight in front of her, she got allie's blanket and covered bea the best she could and told the others to be quiet, she looked int he little window to franky's cell and wondered if she should go in and talk to her, franky was laying on her side her back to the door, liz decided to leave it and went to her own cell


In the afternoon allie woke up in a fright and sat up quickly and was panting, she sat up so quickly it caused her pain to her stomach

'ah fuck....the movement plus allie's voice cause bea to wake up and seeing allie in pain she slid closer and wrapped her arms around her

'shuu its okay, just breath through it... allie leaned back into bea's chest laying her head on her shoulder, bea rocked allie knowing how much the stomach hurts to be kicked in it as that was one of harry's favorite places to hit her,

'i sat up too quick

'dont touch it just lean your weight on me and try and relax allie, i got you im right here

'it hurts

'i know it does, i wish i could take it away from you

'just having you here is enough, all i want is you

'im here for you, always.... maxine and liz were at the table reading a magazine when they saw the whole thing play out and they both cringed when allie moaned in pain

'the poor girl would be hurting quite bad

'she sure will but bea will look after her

'yea but maxi out there when the lockdown is up how will she move around?

'we will have to help her, the governor said no work duty

'that good but bea wont let her stay here on her own, the gates wide open and woman walking around

'i have an idea but im not sure how bea will take it or the governor in fact

'well bea will flip shit if allie isnt protected

'yea, actually i want to see the governor where is a screw.... going to the gate she saw miss miles

'miss miles i want to see the governor

'what for?

'not for you to worry about, take me to see her

';fine..... she unlocked the gate and maxine stepped out

'l will be back soon... she said to liz and a confused bea and allie who were still on the couch....maxine followed miss miles to the governor's office and knocked, hearing a 'come in' she opened the door

'conway for you governor

'send her in miss miles... maxine came in and sat down and the door was closed

'what can i do for you conway?

'as allie wont be able to work for a few days so she can rest we need a way to keep her safe, bea will go mental if allie is left alone for anyone to get to her while we are at work duty

'okay, any ideas?

'yes actually, i think one of the guards can lock allie in so therefor no one can get to her or disrupt her recovery

'no one goes down your hallway unless told so, is that necessary?

'yes if you want bea to co-operate, i know that you and the other screw know about bea and allie being romantically involved and if bea sees allie can be attacked any minute than we both know that she will refuse to go anywhere we also know that bea can cause quite the stir when needed

'yes i know

'so do we have a deal?

'okay fine, i will get mr jackson to come and lock her in and check on her every half an hour to make sure she is okay, but conway remember this is a prison not a baby sitting service

'i know that, but governor remember that things dont go the way bea wants them too this prison would not be so tame and i cant hold her back when she lets loose

'is that a threat conway? maxine rolled her eyes

'of course not governor, its just the truth

'okay fine lets smith know novak will be locked in

'thank you governor, one more thing when is the lock down up?

'tomorrow morning, i need to show the board that im taking action


'conway tell me whats going on with doyle? i have been told she isnt eating and isnt coming out of her cell

'lets just say can you please ask miss westfall to come and see franky asap

'let me see if i can get her now.... she dialed a number and spoke a few words before hanging up, the door opened a few seconds later and in walked miss westfall

'hello ladies, what can i do for you?

'miss westfall can you please go and see doyle, she isnt doing to well

'of course governor, i was just finishing off a few things which are now done so i will go now,

'good and take conway back with you

'no problem..... maxine walked out of the office and they walked together down the deserted halls

'so whats with franky? whats going on with her?

'yesterday she and allie got attacked in the library and she is upset with herself for allie getting attacked

'like she blames herself?

'yes thats right, she is very down miss westfall, she has spoken a few words to bea and isnt eating

'hmm okay, i will have a chat and see if she will open up but after what happened with us im not sure if she will

'just please try..... they got to the unit and walked inside

'miss westfall im glad your here.... bea said signalling for her to come closer

'maxine filled me in so im going to talk with franky

'thank you for coming, i tried but she just shut me down, should we go to our cells so you could talk out here?

'no i think she would be more comfortable in her cell

'we are going to go to our cells anyways and close our doors to give you privacy, just knock on my cell when your done

'i will..... they all scattered to there cells and leaving bridget to hopefully help franky, bridget knocked on franky's door and opened it, she slipped in and leaned against her table

'go away.... franky said her back to the door still not wanting to talk to anyone, what she didnt realize is that it would be the woman that she felt a strong connection with

'we need to talk

Chapter Text

franky turned on her back and looked over at the sexy doctor, 'god she is so sexy' franky thought, they stared at each other for a few seconds before franky spoke

'what do you want?

'i heard about what happened to you and allie

'yea and?

'and i wanted to see if you were okay

'like you care... franky scoffed

'why wouldnt i care? just because of what happened between us you think i dont care? dr westfall asked

'you sure as hell dont show it

'you think so franky? you think i dont see you or watch what your doing?

'why do you even give a shit?

'because i care about you

'you got a funny way of showing it doc, like really dont waste your time on me

'your not a waste of time franky, i care a lot about you. probably more than i should since you know

'what? since we fucked, since i stuck my tongue down your throat, it was just a fuck doc

'do you have to be so crass about it? bridget rolled her eyes 'you know it was more than that

'than why did you stop talking to me? stop having sessions with me? why have you been ignoring me?

'because i work here and we shouldnt have done what we did

'what do you want me to say? franky said sitting on the edge of the bed rubbing her temples and sighing, she had a huge head ache and she was just so tired

'does your head hurt? franky nodded and bridget pulled the door closed and put her folder down on the desk and came and sat beside franky rubbing her back

'its fine

'its not fine franky, have you taken anything?

'yea about ten minutes ago, it should kick in soon..... franky dropped her hands and turned to face the doctor 'why are you really here?

'bea asked me to come and talk to you, you havent been yourself

'she worries to much

'doubt it, why are you in here sulking? bridget said causing franky to chuckle as bridget always got straight to the point with her

'what do you want me to say? i failed allie, she got hurt because of me

'how do you figure franky?

'i told red that i would look after her and the crew whenever needed but when we got attacked i couldnt do anything

'because they came at you from behind

'yea but still

'no franky.... the doctor cut her off 'you cant do that, you dont get to do that to yourself, you both got attacked from behind leaving you no choice but to take it, your both fine and in a couple days will be recovered, if bea isnt angry with you than you shouldnt be angry with yourself..... franky sighed


'there is no maybe about it franky, i know you and if you could have protected allie than you would have, stop beating yourself up about it, gee your so stubborn... franky smiled and shook her head

'your kinda hot when your bossy gidge

'franky.... bridget warned

'what? its true, how about you cheer me up like i know you can? franky said putting her hand on bridgets knee basically under her skirt

'franky it was a one off

'now thats a lie, we did it 3 times and i remember you saying no one had made you come so hard in your life.... bridget licked her lips, it was true that is what she said but fucking a prisoner wasnt her best idea, she got caught up with franky and feelings had definitely formed between them and if she were honest they were still there, if she could just take franky and walk out of this place and be together she would, franky saw that bridget wasnt going to answer so she asked another question

'if i got out of this shit hole would you want to be with me? bridget's face softened and she looked franky dead in the eye before nodding

'you know i would franky, you know it wasnt just fun with you, we both developed feelings but we cant act on them again

'why not? franky said moving her hand between bridgets legs and grazing her fingers on her panties causing bridget's breath to hitch

'we cant franky

'i want you, i have never wanted anyone more gidge.... franky moved closer and kissed bridget on the lips, she wanted to push franky off but it was so hard, franky's fingers found there way into her panties and she was rubbing her clit, before anything else could happen bridget pushed franky away and stood up

'we cant franky

'you want to

'its not the point, i could lose my job... she turned to pick up her folder but before she could move franky had stood up and pushed bridget up against the door her lips kissing her neck

'your driving me crazy gidge, i just want you, thats all i ever wanted.... bridget leaned her head back on her shoulder as franky's lips attacked her neck, she grabbed one of franky's hands and guided it down into her skirt and franky took it from there, they both knew they shouldnt be doing this but neither could help it, as franky's fingers slammed into her bridget's body shook with pleasure


once finished bridget turned around and kissed franky

'how the fuck did that just happen? bridget shook her head

'its my charm.... bridget laughed

'yea i guess so, you need to get out of here franky

'i know gidge, my lawyer is working on it, i have been in here for 5 years already and he is trying to get me out, i want out of here and to be with you

'me too but this cant happen again in here, we could both end up in here and i wont be in a suit anymore

'im sorry i know gidge, i would never want to hurt you

'im hurt because your in here, you get out of here and we can make a real go of this

'im on it gidge

'promise me something franky


'dont beat yourself up about this, what you need to do is find out who it was and why, dont let this bring you down, get back to the annoying franky that we all know and love... franky laughed

'im annoying am i? franky said teasingly

'sometimes but i can deal with it, i have to go but set up a session when you want

'i will gidge...... she helped bridget rearrange her clothes so she looks professional and than bridget left the unit, franky laid on her bed laughing at what just happened, oh how she was falling for the sexy doctor and she just wanted out of this place and live her life with her, turning on her side she pulled the covers over her and finally felt the guilt of what happen release from her body and tomorrow she would find out who the fucker is that did it.


allie and bea were laying on the bed both reading something of there own, bea got them a novel each to read while laying in bed

'do you think dr westfall could get through to franky?

'if anyone can its her, she and franky have a special bond

'a special bond? allie asked confused and thought for a minute 'wait a minute, are you saying that franky and the doc are like together? allie said shocked

'not together but there is something between them

'like what?

'well you promise not to tell?

'of course, spill the beans babe..... bea chuckled at how excited allie got

'they developed feelings for each other and they hooked up a few times

'woah thats crazy, an inmate and a screw, so are they like together?

'no, they want to be but they cant in here, franky has to get out of here

'thats a shit go, seeing the person you want to be with almost daily but not being with them

'yea its hard for franky, she was a womanizer and now she has sworn off woman in general, hasnt been with anyone but the doc since

'how long ago was it?

'6 months ago

'maybe there getting it on now in there..... allie wriggled her eyebrows

'good luck to them as long as it brings franky out of her funk

'yea true

'you cant tell anyone babe..... allie's mouth fell open and she turned her whole body to face bea

'why are you looking at me like that?

'you called me babe

'no i didnt.... bea blushed

'oh yes you did, you called me babe and i love it, say it again..... bea laughed, she knows she did, it just flew out but it felt right, allie's smiling face right now said it meant so much as well

'come here babe'.... bea said and allie moved closer there lips connecting in a soft sensual kiss, allie pulled back and tucked a stray curl behind bea's ear and stroked her cheek with her thumb

'your so beautiful

'your beautifuller.... bea replied causing allie to giggle which was like music to her ears

'your amazing...... allie said and bea blushed as she pulled allie into a hug laying down on her back and pulling allie to lay on top of her, her head on bea's chest

'your heart is beating so fast bea

'it beats for you....bea said and tears sprung to allie's eyes, bea felt her shirt wet and lifted her head to see allie wipe tears

'why are you crying babe?

'its just, that was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, you make me feel so wanted and cared for

'you are wanted, i want you with me always.... they shared a few loving kissing before they got comfortable and began reading again, allie fell asleep after ten minutes her head still on bea's chest, bea continued to read a little more before she too dosed off her book falling on the bed beside them, maxine had come to talk to bea about something but when she saw the cute sight before her she just pulled the blanket over them and went back to her own cell telling boomer to keep it down, a relaxing day in would let franky and allie recuperate properly but tomorrow they would find out who hurt the girls and get revenge


The next morning lock-up was lifted so after breakfast they went out to the yard and sat at the table, franky again didnt come which highly pissed off bea but she would talk to her again later

'allie love how are you feeling?

'a bit of a headache but im fine liz

'how about the tummy? i saw you didnt eat much at breakie

'its just really sore when i eat liz, its fine

'allie you need to just rest and relax so you can heal, so no gym for a while

'yea i know, the boss already told me... allie nudged bea who just smirked at allie's comment, bea herself had been watching the yard especially the 2 new girls that maxine had pointed out to her, both girls didnt really belong to a crew and was just chatting and hanging out with whoever they wanted, one was a blonde and the other a brunette and the brunette haired one looked over at bea, she winked and smirked before turning back to talking to a couple of girls in another block, as bea kept her eyes on them she heard boomers voice

'hey franky's out... bea watched as franky came out and stood about 4 feet from them scanning the yard, bea knew that look she was on a mission so bea got up and walked over to her

'whats going on?

'i know who it was


'lets just say a couple of our 'friends' from another block heard them talking about it in the shower block.... bea nodded

'its them there, the new girls

'how do you know red?

'just a feeling, the dark haired one winked and smirked at me

'there dead.... franky went to walk off but bea grabbed her arm


'nah im going for them

'yes we are but we are about to be thrown in the slot so just give me a minute.... bea went to her table and whispered in maxine's ear

'look after the girls especially allie.... maxine nodded

'of course, dont worry

'i never do

'whats going on? allie asked bea

' no matter what happens stay with maxi okay allie? allie nodded knowingly, bea smiled at allie and than hardened her face going over to franky

'lets go.... they walked over to the girls and bea grabbed the dark haired one slamming her up against the wall and franky doing the same with the blonde

'whats the fuck? they both chocked out

'dont you know by now to never mess with my crew.... bea's eyes burned into hers

'i dont know what your talking about

'the fuck you dont, the question is why did you do it? the girl smirked

'a message from your friend

'oh yea, which one?

'joan.... bea tightened her jaw and pulled back just a little

'yea well tell the freak to go fuck herself.... with that bea and franky went on to bash the 2 bitches laying punch after punch till they fell to the ground and than began kicking them, mr jackson pulled bea off one of the girls and another officer pulled franky back

'thats enough your both in the slot

'it was fucking worth it... bea said 'dont mess with my crew bitches or your dead next time... bea and franky were walked towards the door and bea could see the worried look on allie's face

'its okay... she mouthed to the blonde and with that they were taken down to the slots and thrown into the cells, the bells around could be heard and everyone was escorted back to there units, bea paced for a while not sure what she just heard, joan? how the fuck do they know her? a message? what the fuck?

'RED.. HEY RED WHERE THE FUCK ARE YA? franky yelled and bea came to her door looking out of the little glass panel

'franky you alright?

'yea yea all good, that was fucking awesome, sweet upper cut you have there, havent seen it in a while... bea chuckled

'its good to have you back franky

'oh its good to be back, but hey what the fuck the freak?

'i know franky

'i wonder how they know them

'SHUT UP IN THERE!!!! a screw yelled

'OR WHAT? YOU WILL THROW US IN THE SLOT...... franky yelled causing bea to laugh

'dont worry about him red, so the freak sent them in here?

'maybe, i dont know but right now lets just do our time and get out of here it stinks here

'agreed...... they could hear clinks of high heels 'oh shit the governor, your in shit red

'whats new...... bea sat on her bed and than the door opened seeing mr jackson and the governor

'to what do i owe the pleasure governor?

'what was that about smith?

'just a little payback governor

'for what?

'for attacking my crew, i sure as hell was not going to stand by and not retrieve payback, those bitches had it coming

'did they say why?

'interestingly yes, it was a message from joan... vera's eyes went wide as did mr jackson's

'you gotta be kidding?

'nope, what i dont know is why, you got any ideas? is she still out there?

'yes, she is on bail, dont know how but she is.... bea nodded

'do a check would you governor, find out what she has been up to, we need to be ahead of her, i know you both dont want her in here

'no we dont smith, alright but this stays between us

''well franky as well but agreed

'fine i will get mr jackson to see what is happening with her, i hope for all our sakes she isnt planning anything

'you and me both governor.... with that bea was locked in and the governor and jackson left

'mr jackson follow joan and find out what she is up to

'what about my shift governor?

'i will get someone to cover dont worry, stay low and dont let her see you

'got it.....


when they got to the unit allie was visibly upset, not that bea was fighting because allie had seen plenty of fights in and been in but the fact that now bea was in the slot sucked big time, she sat on the couch sighing

'it will be okay love, there both okay

'i know but what about me?


'i miss her already.... maxine smiled, happy to know that bea has someone special for her waiting for her to come back

'she wont be in there for too long, till than you have us

'but i cant snuggle with you's

'i can see if boomer wants to snuggle? maxine wriggled her eyebrows making allie giggle

'i would rather sleep alone she snores

'ah yes true, dont worry allie we will stick together.... allie nodded sadly and than turned her eyes to watch tv for a while, the rest of the day went by and at work duty came by allie was locked in her cell and as mr jackson wasnt there another guard was sent to watch over her although now the 2 girls responsible were now in hospital it was just a precaution, if bea found out they didnt do what they said they would all hell would break loose, the governor was smart enough to know that bea smith has a lot of power in here and anything she wants to happen... does so there is no messing with her, allie slept for most of the time and when she woke the crew were back which she was happy to see, they had dinner and than came back to the unit for lock-up, once finished allie opted to lay in bea's bed reading,

she could smell bea's strawberry shampoo on the pillow because thats the one that debbie has been sending to her since she came in here, debbie sends bea a care package once a month which has bea's favorite shampoo and conditioner as well as a vanilla body soap which allie just loves and has been using herself, after bea found out how much allie loves it she had asked debbie to send her double for allie which debbie is happy to do, allie dug her nose into the pillow smelling the delightful smell of the redheads hair, she read for a while but couldnt really concentrate as she missed the warm body pressed up next to her, oh how she missed the beautiful redhead, pulling bea's red blanket over her body she felt the tears rolling down her cheeks, she tried to cover her face when there was a light knock and the door opened, liz wasnt a stupid woman so knew what allie was doing, she came over and sat on the bed beside the blonde

'can i do anything?

'i just miss her, im being stupid

'no your not, you 2 have created a very special bond between you, its okay to miss her but remember she wont be gone long

'i hope not, surely its not normal to miss someone like this?

'of course it is love, in this unit you have been stuck to each others hips since you met and now she isnt here, im sure she misses you too

'you think?

'absolutely, you dont worry about her and look forward to seeing bea when she gets out... allie nodded

'thank you liz

'no problem, do you want a tea or something?

no thanks im just gonna go to sleep

'alright if you need anything just call out

'i will, good night

'good night..... liz patted allie's leg before getting up and leaving the cell going to her own,


after 2 days in the slot bea was bored, she had worked out as much as she could working up a sweat, push ups, sit ups, jumping around punching the air like she was ready for a fight, all of that and now she was bored and she missed allie terribly, all she wanted to do is grab allie and kiss her, she had woken up from a very raunchy dream with the blonde and had to clench together her legs at how turned on she felt, groaning she had to find a way to burn of the tension so she did star jumps until she heard franky's voice

'oi red what you grunting about in there? getting ya self off ey? bea came to the window and scowled at the smirking woman

'fuck you franky

'if you want babe, lets talk to the governor and see if we can share a cell

'ugh no thanks im good, i have someone much better than you

'you wound me red, what does allie have that i dont?

'a brain to start with.... franky burst out laughing, even bea had a good laugh at franky's expense of course

'dont be like that red, tell me what she has? bea smiled and shook her head

'she is smart, funny and her comebacks are just brilliant, she is mind numbingly beautiful

'i gotta agree with that for sure red, what else? franky wanted to know all about bea and allie, she wanted bea to be able to express her feelings and if she could do it to franky than she would be able to do it with allie,

'she is strong, stronger than most people i know, she doesnt take any shit from people and her heart is pure, i know it sounds stupid because we are in prison but its true, allie has been through a lot and even after all of it she is so sweet and she keeps me relaxed, i trust her with my life.... bea shrugged like it was a realization she just came too, she trusted allie more than most and thats hard to do, bea doesnt trust easy so thats a huge thing

'you love her dont ya? bea looked at franky like she grew 2 heads

'nah its too early for that, lets say i like her a lot

'im happy for ya red, now if we could just get the fuck out of here you could get back to your girl

'i recon, im so fucking bored

'me too.... as if there prayers were answered mr jackson came to both of there cells and opened the doors

'your both out, governor said she wants to see first though

'yea sweet lets go... they followed the guard to her office and he knocked and entered

'smith and doyle for you governor

'send them in and you can stay as well mr jackson... all 3 walked in and franky and bea sat on the chairs in front of the desk

'about time governor we were bored

'it was only a few days doyle, i let you out because you behaved but if your not careful i will put you back

'not necessary miss bennett, how did the look out go? bea asked

'mr jackson has been following her for 2 days and its interesting to say the least

'what do you mean?

'mr jackson... she signaled and he began talking

'i followed her to her lawyers office first and she was there about an hour before she came out pretty angry, she than drove to someone's house and a chubby bold guy answered the door and she went in, i went on foot around the house to try and look in and i saw her giving him an envelope and he opened it pulling out a wad of cash, he put it in a safe and than they spoke but i couldnt hear, he kept nodding to what she told him and not long later she left going home, the next day she went for a drive and ended up at this area where homeless people hang out mostly teenagers and kids, she went up to a kid, he was maybe aboriginal decent, about 15-16 years old and gave him some food and money before leaving and going home, she stayed there for the rest of the night

'i wonder who the kid was?

'yea and what she wanted from that guy? franky said

'whatever it is its not good

'definitely not, governor can you ask my lawyer to come in please? asap, i need him on this woman to see what she will be trying to do

'sure, i will get him in tomorrow if he is free

'great thank you governor, anything i should know about?

'well you might want to know about the girls you put in hospital

'sure why not

'the dark haired girl is kylie, she has a broken arm and fractured jaw, the blonde girl is tania, she has a broken leg and a broken jaw

'well they deserved it, they shouldnt have come after my girls

'i dont condone it but i understand the way it needs to be.... bea nodded

'thank you governor, can we go now?

'you can, your crew are in work duty right now except novak who is in the unit resting, she put up quite a stink today i nearly slotted her

'why? what did she do?

'complained about you being in the slot and began mouthing off to miss miles

'you were gonna slot her for mouthing off?

'novak made assumptions that miss miles is a sex worker..... the governor said and franky burst out laughing causing bea to hold in a laugh

'its not funny doyle

'lighten up governor, she just wants the top dog back you know there close

'i am aware but she needs to watch her mouth, next time i will slot her

'i will make sure she behaves governor

'good, okay your free to go, doyle you can go to work duty and smith im allowing you this once to go and see novak because if i dont im not in the mood to hear her mouthing off again

'i appreciate that miss bennett.... mr jackson took bea to the unit and opened the gate for her to step in

'you have a couple hours work just started, i will walk up and down here and keep this locked

'thank you mr jackson.... he locked the gate and bea went to allie's cell opening the door but allie wasnt there so she went to her own cell, she opened the door and stepped inside closing it behind her, allie was laying facing the wall

'go away i dont want to see anyone.... bea smiled this girl was just too cute

'is that how you welcome me back... bea asked and allie turned around seeing bea standing there smiling so she got out of bed and jumped into bea's arms

'bea i missed you so much.... bea held allie from under her ass as allie kissed all over bea's face

'i missed you too beautiful girl.... allie kissed bea smack bang on the lips over and over again, bea walked them to the bed putting allie down but allie didnt want to let go and pulled bea with her so she lay on top of the blonde there lips still connected, bea pulled back and rubbed allie's cheek

'are you okay?

'yea but i missed you, i havent slept since you went to the slot

'im sorry but i had to do it

'i know, they were the girls that attacked franky and i

'yes and they needed to be shown not to touch my girls

'im your girl?

'your my only girl... bea replied and kissed allie, there tongue's danced together in a heated kiss before bea sat up on her knees remembering allie's was hurt

'what are you doing?

'allie your stomach

'its fine babe

'show me

'its nothing, its fine

'allie show me... allie huffed but lifted up her shirt, the bruising had gone darker in one area but in another it was getting better as it went yellow, gee they have have kicked her a few times, bea touched it with her fingers and when it came to a really sore part allie hissed and jumped a little

'fuck sorry, see babe your hurt and you need rest

'its boring on my own

'well im here now so lets make a deal

'what deal?

'you have to promise to rest the next 3 days to completely heal and i will be here when you do so your not bored?

'fine like i have a choice... allie huffed crossing her arms over her chest, bea smiled and crept up beside the sulking blonde and kissed her neck

'dont sulk im just trying to look out for you

'i know but i missed you

'and im here now, once your all better we can make out like teenagers and you can also get back to the gym, how does that sound? allie softened and dropped her arms turning to face bea

'yea okay that sounds okay but dont get yourself in the slot again or your in the doghouse.... bea chuckled

'the slot is like the dog house

'well than no more kisses if you end up there again

'righto boss, come here and lets get some rest, i didnt sleep well either....... they shared a few soft kisses before allie turned around her back to bea and was the little spoon, bea wrapped her arm around allie pulling in as close as possible and they both decided on a nap

Chapter Text

A couple days later later allie had been cleared for work duty but light so she was sitting at the sewing machine sewing up some sheets, bea was typically at the steam press and the others were scattered around the laundry doing other stuff

'novak the governor wants to see you.... miss miles said as she walked into the room


'i dont know just come on..... allie stood up and walked towards the officer

'boomer goes with her.....bea's voice boomed from behind the steam press causing allie and the strew to turn around

'no smith, governor only wants novak

'i dont give a shit, my crew are not to be on there own so its either boomer or franky? bea challenged and the guard knew not to mess with bea

'fine jenkins lets go

'what about me miss miles?

'your annoying doyle, stay here..... they all chuckled even bea

'boomer watch over allie yea?

'no sweat bea.... bea gave allie a little smile before allie turned on her heels following the guard and boomer, they arrived at the office and miss miles knocked than entered

'novak and her guard dog jenkins for you governor

'thank you miss miles, tell jenkins to wait outside the door we wont be long.... allie walked in and the door closed behind her

'allie please take a seat.... allie sat down looking at the governor with a confused expression

'what am i doing here governor?

'a letter came for you, it wasnt delivered it was dropped into our mail box

'who is it from? i dont know anyone outside of here

'do you know a anthony novak? allie's eyes went wider than she ever thought they could and her heart began beating fast, she hadnt heard that name for so long but she knew exactly who it was but how did they know she was here? she must have not realized she went mute because the next thing she saw was the governor was beside her shaking her gently

'allie... she snapped her fingers in her face 'allie snap out of it.... allie shook her head and turned to look at her

's..sorry governor

'are you okay?

'um i dont.. i dont understand

'do you know who that is?

'ah yea, thats my brother but we havent seen each other in years, we lost contact so long ago.... the governor nodded as she handed allie a plastic cup of water and than went to sit behind her desk

'well it seems he found you, i have read it as all mail gets read but seen as it was dropped in the box i did it personally

'is it bad? she asked hesitantly

'i think you would be surprised

'shit i already am, after so long, can i.. can i have it please?

'of course, work detail finishes in 20 minutes so just go back to your unit with jenkins and take time to read it.... she said handing it over to allie

'thank you governor, i appreciate you taking the time to call for me in regards to this

'no problems allie, if there is nothing else you can go

'nothing else, thank you.... with that miss miles took boomer and allie back to the unit

'ay blondie whats that?

'a letter from my brother

'ya got a brother? is he hot? allie giggled

'i dont know boomer, i havent seem him in years

'why not?

'its a long story, sorry booms i just need some time on my own to read this

'yea yea no worries, im gonna have some tea and bickies, ya want?

'no thanks, i will be in my cell....... allie went to her cell and closed the door, she took her jacket and shoes off before sitting on her bed against the corner, she took a big breath and than took the letter out

'To my dearest sister





allie hugged the letter to her heart willing the tears to not fall, she couldnt believe what was in the letter and she wanted more than anything to see them but she was worried about there reaction to her past, drug, alcohol and prostitution and than there was all the shit with marie


bea had come back from work unit to boomer sitting watching tv

'where is allie?

'in her cell, she wanted to be alone

'why? what happened?

'she got a letter from her brother

'oh shit, is she okay?

'dont know, she went in there to read it

'bea love why dont you go check on allie and we are going out to the yard

'yea okay, thanks maxi..... boomer and the crew followed maxine out to the yard and once gone bea went to allie's cell and opened the door, allie was in the corner wiping her eyes of what bea correctly assumed were tears

'allie are you okay? allie looked up her eyes filling with tears again

'bea i need you.... bea went over to the bed and sat beside her blonde beauty and pulled her into her arms

'its okay baby i got you, im right here.... she rocked them for a little bit till allie finally calmed down

'sorry i got your shirt wet... she said wiping bea's teal top

'dont worry about that, are you okay? boomer said you got a letter form your brother

'yea i did, here.... bea took a couple minutes to read through the letter

'allie this is great

'is it? when i tell them what i have done they wont be so excited to see me

'allie they know about your past and anthony clearly states he doesnt care what you have done because he loves and misses you

'yea but bea there is much more that only kaz knows about, i cant start fresh without telling them both, they will hate me im disgusting

'no your not allie

'i am, i hate myself sometimes when i think about it

'tell me

'what? allie said confused

'tell me what you went through, if you want

'i dont want to

'why not?

'because i dont want you to hate me..... allie whispered and dropped her head not wanting to look at bea as she was ashamed, bea put her finger under her chin and lifted so they were eye to eye

'i could never hate you allie, if you want to to tell me i will listen, i here for you and with you, you can trust me

'i know..... allie breathed out, it was silent for a minute before allie began speaking

'when i was kicked out of home i didnt know what to do, i had very little money so i looked for a shelter and i was given a spot but it was only for 3 months, i had 3 months to get my shit together

'but you were so young

'yea i was but that was there rules. anyways i tried to find work but it was really hard for a couple months as i was young and no one wanted to hire someone young, eventually i found work as a kitchen hand washing dishes and in my spare time i would clean cars for extra money so i could save up to get my own place, i couldnt share because no one wants to live with a kid so i had to get my own place but when my 3 months were up i didnt have enough money and they werent allowed to keep me on but they did find me another shelter, i moved there and for the first couple weeks it was fine but a new girl came to live there and she hated me for some reason, she would talk down to me, call me names, she even trashed my room twice and than one day i got my wages from work and i finally had enough, on my way home i got something to eat and than i went to the shelter to get the rest of my money and go to talk to this lady who i had met 2 weeks before and she had a place for me, fixed rent, fully furnished and cheap so she held it for me and i was so excited to get my own place, i cleaned so many cars and dishes my hands were aching and very dry but it was worth it

when i got to the shelter i went up to my room and it was an absolute bomb site, it wasnt only trashed but i had clothes ripped up and photos of my brothers destroyed and to top it off all my money was gone, all of it like it didnt exist, i knew it was that girl so i charged into her room and she was sitting on her bed a smug look on her face and i confronted her

'what did she say? bea asked

'she said and i quote 'finders keepers' i was so angry and we got into a huge fight, i broke her nose and 2 fingers and she broke 2 of my ribs as well as my arm, we were yanked apart by the security we have there and it was all blamed on me so i was told to pack my shit and leave, i tried to tell them what she did but because i was in her room and i threw the first punch i was to blame, so i packed my few things that werent destroyed and left the place, when the anger dulled down the pain came full ball so i went to the hospital and i ended up staying there for a week due to my injuries, they tried to help me out through these church people but due to me being gay they werent interested in housing an abomination

'wow thats rediculous

'i guess everyone has there own ways bea

'yes they do and they can go by the bible or god or whatever but the bible also says 'do not judge' and thats exactly what quite a few people do, i just hate that you went through that

'that was the easiest part, it doesnt get better so be prepared unless you want me to stop?

'i dont, keep going please.... allie nodded

'so after the hospital i had 2 broken ribs and a broken arm but no where to go so i went to a park close by with my back pack and slept there for a while, i had my last paycheck so i was trying to eat just little bits whenever i needed and i would fill up my bottle with water from any tap, i also used chewing gum to tame my hunger because i had no idea what to do next, it took 4 weeks for me to heal properly and i went back to the hospital to get the cast removed, at that time i hadnt eaten for 3 days so they gave me a hot meal and than off i went again, that night i was walking around trying to find food when i took a wrong turn and ended up on some strip that looked dodgy as hell, there were woman dressed in barely anything and guys driving passed and picking them up, i knew what it was and what they were doing, one of the ladies came over to me and asked if i was lost and i told her i was fine, she asked if i had eaten and i told her i ate today and than 3-4 days ago, she was really nice and offered me some money but i didnt take it because i dont take charity, i was stubborn and didnt know any better

'anyways we got into talking and she told me what happens on that street, all the woman are prostitutes trying to earn money to eat and live, i told her i wanted in because i cant keep living like this, she told me no but i finally convinced her to let me do it, she was the as they say 'boss' in the area, she was blonde and pretty and had this aura about her, her name was marie and she said i could be one of her girls but i told her i dont work for anyone but myself so she just let me be, so i started selling my body and i hated it more than anything, after a few weeks i got roughed up from one of the new guys and marie helped clean me up, i was still living on the streets sleeping wherever i could so she took me to her place and cleaned me up, the pain was bad so she offered me something to help, i didnt realize that it was ice till later on, i went back to work the next day and i found myself craving ice so marie would supply me and i would sleep with one of her regular guys for a hit and do my own thing, after 2 years i got roughed up again but worse than before, the guy tied me up and bashed and raped me and than left me for dead

'im so sorry that happened to you.... bea said taking her hand

'i guess it comes with the job.... allie shrugged

'no allie it doesnt and its not part of it, what you did for a job wasnt ideal but you did what you had to do to survive

'maybe, anyways so marie found me and rushed me to the hospital, i had broke ribs, broken jaw, broken wrist and covered in bruises and blood, i was in the hospital for a month and marie was there for me the whole time, we built a good relationship at that time and i trusted her, after i was let out she asked me to live with her and her son danny and i agreed because she said she would look after me, in a matter of 3 weeks we had gotten a lot closer and started sleeping together and than she moved me into her room, it was a huge mansion and apart from the 3 of us others would come and go but marie told me it had nothing to do with me so i just went on with life, marie not only fed me she also clothed me, put a roof over my head, looked after me and gave me drugs whenever i needed or wanted, we would get high and than be together. sorry you probably dont want to here that

'its your past and i asked to here about it, go on

'danny was 11 at the time and we got close, always hanging out and i was able to take him out to the movies, bowling, beach anything we wanted to do marie was happy to let us but i didnt find out until later that the car and phone she gave me were tracked so she was watching every move i made down to the last detail, we were together for almost 2 years and i was mostly happy but one day danny went into his mums room which was now ours and he found this passage area,like he pulled a book from the bookshelf which no one ever uses and a door opened up and we saw a camera room, cameras for the whole house inside and out, plus in my car and the tracker for my phone, what i saw on some of the cameras were not to be seen by danny so i covered his eyes and told him to go to his room which he did so, after he left i sat on the chair and i couldnt believe what was happening, they were different rooms of the house and she was running the prostitution ring from there now, i know thats how i met her but it was out in the street and she had also told me she stopped because she didnt want danny to find out what she was doing as he was at the age to understand

'so she was running it in her own home? with her son there?

'yep, but it wasnt just that it was happening, a few of the girls were getting hit and smacked around and forced which was clear to see, i wanted to talk to marie but before i could move she came into the room and started going crazy at me and we got into a fight, i told her it was wrong what she was doing especially with danny in the same house, than she pressed some button and 2 huge guys came running into the room and she told them to take me to a room and get me ready, i was confused and tried to fight them but they were so strong, i ended up in a bedroom and tied to the bed, all my clothes were cut off and guy after guy were sent in to do whatever they wanted with me..... allie bit her lip as tears fell down her cheeks, bea the sweet woman that she is wiped her tears and rubbed her cheeks

'you dont have to go on allie, its hard for you to relive

'it is but i need to finish this now that i started

'okay im listening

'it went on for 3 days to start with, i was tied, raped and slapped around a few times, i never saw marie in that time but after 3 days she came into the room and cut the ties off as she sat next to me handing over a sandwich, an apple and a bottle of water, i remember her saying 'this is what bad girls get' 'you betrayed my trust' she went on about her doing everything for me and that i didnt deserve it, she got her security to take me for a shower and get me cleaned up before going back to the same thing, it went on for a further 2 weeks until one of the guys who had just started as security for her saw how bad i was and he told marie that i was dead so she told him to dispose of me, he was actually a new guy and wanted to give me a chance so he had lied to her, he told me to play limp and got me out of there and into his car, he drove me to the hospital and left me on the seats outside apologizing for being so hurt, he had literally saved my life and i wish i could see him again, his name was mathew fletcher, if it wasnt for him i would be dead

'so a passing nurse found me and called for help, i was in the hospital for 2 months from my injuries and physiological issues, i had to undergo counselling before they could let me go but my counselor ended up being kaz which to be honest was the first person in my life to help me, i had no choice but to get clean but it was so bad i dont even know how i did it but with kaz's help i got threw it, when i was released from hospital kaz said i could live with her for as long as i needed which i was so great full for, i ended up relapsing 2 weeks later but kaz stayed by my side to get clean again cleaning me up and never leaving, when i finally told her everything i went through she was so angry at marie and the guys for taking advantage that she created red right hand, i didnt really want to be involved but i felt like i owed it to her after everything she did for me

'you know she regrets getting you involved allie?

'i know she does, to be honest going after the guys that did that to me felt good and that i was getting justice, as you know we ended up getting caught and going to barnhurst for 3 months than here where i met this sexy redheaded topdog...... bea giggled and blushed

'the whole thing is crazy allie, where you are now to where you were is such an achievement, yea okay your locked up in here but its not the end, you can do your time than get out of here and make a new start in life, your young

'thats true but now when i look at my life im glad i got locked up

'why is that?

'babe i got a sexy girlfriend and a family, on the outside up until i found kaz i had no one, i thought marie was my family but she clearly wasnt.... bea smiled

'well me and the girls definitely love having you around, you go alright... allie smiled

'gee thanks babe

'are you okay? after telling me everything?

'yea i am, thanks for listening, but bea now do you understand if i tell anthony and lance they will be so disappointment and disgusted

'you dont see it do you allie?

'see what? allie said confused

'your one of the most amazing people i have ever met and i am so lucky and happy to have met you.... allie blushed bright red and bea chuckled

'oh look how beautiful you are when you blush

'baaabe... allie nudged bea playfully in the shoulder

'your so cute..... bea wrapped her arms around allie pulling her close and kissing her lips

'your brothers would be proud to see how far you came from nothing

'ya think?

'i know baby

'i love when you say that

'say what?

'baby, hmm say it again.... bea smiled

'baby... bea whispered

'hmm again... allie said and bea chuckled

'come here baby.... bea pulled her forward and before allie could react bea flipped them and allie's back hit the mattress and she was giggling

'bea your so strong

'i hope so, cant be top dog and be a weak bitch

'your never weak, your the strongest person i know.... allie ran her hands up and down bea's strong arms, bea leaned down and kissed allie slipping her tongue in caressing allie's tongue only pulling back to breath

'fuck your good at that babe

'as are you... bea countered

'can we just lay down for a while please bea?

'of course baby.... bea laid down half on top of allie and there legs crossed, both of there arms around each other and they got comfortable, they were laid there for about ten minutes and bea thought allie had fallen asleep until she heard her croaky voice

'thank you for being here for me..... allie said and bea could hear the sniffling in her voice so squeezed her tighter and kissed her cheek

'anytime... bea whispered back, by the time the girls came back to the unit they were both asleep and liz put the blanket over them both and left them to sleep



The next day allie was walking down the hallway going to work duty, she was on her own because she went to see mr jackson about putting her brothers on her visitors list and calling list, he said it would be approved in 2 days which was fine by allie, she was passing the closet where her and bea first met, the one where allie was scared and turned on when slammed her up against the bench and she couldnt help but smile, she got scared when she had taken a step passed and than someone grabbed her around her waist and covered her mouth before dragging her into the closet, she tried to fight it but stopped when she heard the sexy raspy voice that owned her heart

'its me allie, calm down baby... allie stopped fighting and bea moved her hand so allie could turn around

'you scared the fucking crap out of me babe

'sorry but i needed to get your attention

'and you couldnt just call my name?

'where is the fun in that allie? plus i was trying to do it quietly because we sure as hell dont need others finding out about us yet... bea chuckled

'well you got me here now what can i do for my queen? allie bowed cheekily

'hmm i just wanted to do this... bea said kissing allie on the lips

'well dont stop now it was getting good..... bea laughed and pulled allie closer as there lips attached into a soft kiss

'babe how about work duty? we will get in shit and i dont want to go to the slot

'dont worry about that, i already paid off miles, she loves those horses

'good riddance i say, the more time i get with you the happier i am

'just what i love to hear baby.... bea said lifting allie onto the bench and she stood between her legs

'damn that was hot.... bea smiled before kissing allie as her hand ran under her shirt on her back scratching lightly, allie moaned as bea's tongue glided along her own, they stayed there for the next 15 minutes making out like teenagers and bea felt allie's legs tighten around her body and bea wondered why she kept doing it, pulling back they were both panting

'whats wrong?

'nothing.... allie said flushed

'why do you keep clenching your legs? bea asked totally oblivious, allie knew about bea's sex life, well so called sex life meaning she wasnt able to have an enjoyable one so the confusion on bea's face right now was really cute,

'lets go back to the unit yea?

'yea okay but be subtle

'i will try, let me go ahead and you trail a little behind, i will meet you in your cell

'okay... once last kiss to bea's lips allie slipped out of the closet and couldnt help but to make one last smart ass remark

'hey were coming out of the closet.... bea giggled and shook her head at how cheeky this girl was, after a minute she too walked out and followed allie's path, when she got to the unit she went straight to her cell and closed the door behind her, allie used her finger to summon bea towards her which bea happily did so pulling off her jacket, t-shirt and shoes leaving her in trackies and singlet, she laid down on top of allie her the bottom half of her body slipping between allie's legs, they began kissing and again allie's knees clenched around her body so bea pulled back

'allie whats wrong? is it me?

'no, well yes, i mean oh my god.... bea took in allie's flushed state

'do you want to stop?

'no, ugh i dont know how to say this because im never shy of this kind of thing

'what do you mean?

'im wet.... allie said and it clearly didnt click for bea

'do you want a towel? bea asked unsure

'no babe i dont think you understand, im wet, us kissing and being this close is turning me on

'oh..oh OHHHH.... it finally dawned what allie was meaning, what allie didnt expect was what bea said next and she thought she might come just from these words

'c..can i feel? allie looked at her intently before she nodded, what allie didnt know is that bea had spoken to franky about sex a couple days ago and got some pointers which were helpful but also embarrassing due to it coming from franky in general because she kept being vulgar which who franky is,

'yea....allie replied, bea ran her fingers over allie's cheek down her bod and into her pants and panties, bea was met with warmth first and than wetness, she knew this was a good thing from what franky told her, the wetter the better, she rubbed a finger over allie's clit and allie inhaled deeply,

'babe... allie moaned out, there eyes were locked the whole time and bea literally watched as allie's eyes turned black, bea pulled her hand out and licked it clean

'yum, i want more.... allie's mouth went dry but her mound double in wetness for sure

'are you sure your ready for this? bea nodded

'i am, i have wanted to for a few days and now that your healed nothing is holding me back, unless you dont want to?

'oh yes yes i do bea

'its just i never did this but i really want to

'bea im so turned on right now that anything you do will set me off, just go with your instincts... bea nodded, she kissed allie first before sitting up straddling allie's hips, she moved her hands down to the hem of allie's shirt and looked up at allie for permission

'can i?

'yea... allie said, allie came up a bit and bea pulled her shirt off followed by her bra throwing them wherever they landed and looked down at the beauty in front of her

'beautiful, absolutely beautiful... allie blushed bright and bea couldnt help but smile, leaning down she peppered kisses all over allie's neck and chest before pulling a nipple into her mouth and allie moaned out, bea moved from one nipple to the other paying them both some attention, bea kissed down her torso stopping at allie's belly button and swirled her tongue around it before looking up as her fingers trailed along her pants

'may i? allie nodded unable to form a sentence so bea scooted down and pulled allie's pants and panties off dropping them to the floor

'bea.... allie breathed out

'yes baby?

'its not fair that i am naked but you have all your clothes on.... bea chuckled

'i guess i should make it even.... allie isnt sure where this confident woman came from but she was definitely excited to see and hopefully have all of bea, she watched as bea stripped herself of her clothing and blushed when allie's eyes ran all over her body, she was now kneeling between allie's legs gently rubbing her hands up and down her soft creamy skin

'your so soft... bea said and allie shyly smiled, she doesnt know why but bea can make her feel like a shy teenager, bea began to kiss her way up allie's legs nipping and sucking in different areas and she could feel allie shaking

'your shaking.... bea said without stopping her lips trailing up

'its cold.... allie responded as her breathing got heavier, bea had to admit seeing allie like this was something else, franky had told her to go with her instinct, 'you cant break her' she said so bea was doing just that, as she got to allie's thighs she spread her legs open further and looked down to allie's mound to see allie was dripping wet and bea now understood it was from her and very much a turn on, bea looked up and smirked with confidence before she laid on her stomach and took her first swipe and allie bucked into her mouth straight away

'oh goooood...... allie moaned as bea continued her assault on her, bea licked softly to start with wanting to get accustomed to this new thing she was doing, she circled her tongue around allie's clit before sucking it into her mouth, allie must have liked that because she moaned louder and put her hand on the back of bea's head to hold her there, it was rough knowing this was all new to bea and allie would never want to scare her but fuck bea was amazing with her tongue, bea wasnt scared when allie held her in place because franky had told her everything that could and would happen, franky said if they hold your head in place it means concentrate on that area so bea did just that, she paid a lot of attention to her clit rolling it around again and again

'you taste amazing.... bea mumbled and bea was sure allie got wetter just from that, fuck having allie like this was more than she could imagine and couldnt wait to do this all over again, bea had her hand over allie's torso and could feel the muscles react to her touch, allie's breathing was getting heavier and franky's words came into her head again, 'when she is close push 2 fingers inside of her and that will elevate her orgasm, so bea did that and after a few thrusts and combined with sucking on her clot allie's whole body stiffened and she moaned out bea's name pulling the pillow over her face for others not to hear, bea worked her through her orgasm and than she fell back limp against the shitty mattress, bea pulled out of her and sat back looking at allie's chest heaving as she breathed, the pillow was still over her face so bea crawled up beside her and moved it

'are you okay? allie nodded but didnt speak just yet unable to form a sentence, she pulled on bea to lay on her chest and bea did just that listening to allie's heart beating so fast, after about 15 minutes allie found her voice

'that was amazing babe.... she croaked out her voice course, bea looked up and smiled


'yes, no one has ever done that for me

'what? bea asked confused

'looked after me, cared for me, i know this is all new to you and maybe even scary but you are fucking amazing babe... bea chuckled and kissed allie

'and you taste fucking amazing

'i bet you taste better... allie said flipping them so she was on top of a giggling bea

'allie.... bea squealed

'its your turn beautiful, are you sure your ready? bea nodded

'i am but im nervous.... allie stroked the side of bea's face

'do you trust me? bea nodded

'absolutely allie

'just go with me, if you get scared just tell me to stop, no problems and i wont be offended.... bea nodded

'okay, i trust you allie... allie kissed her lips

'good...... allie was always going to do this slow knowing some of what bea had told her about her past, they kissed for a couple minutes slow and sensual and allie slowly rubbed the sides of bea's body to see where she would react badly to anywhere imparticular, it went fine so allie pulled back a little and smiled at the beautiful woman below her, she moved her lips to bea's neck and chest kissing and sucking on her pulse point feeling bea's pulse beating in her mouth, she kissed down to her breasts and sucked on her nipples eliciting moans to escape bea's mouth and allie was loving it, after paying some much needed attention to her breasts she moved down to her stomach kissing all over and than bea froze so allie's pulled back

'sorry are you okay?

'yea no im sorry, i didnt mena to freeze

'are you okay?

'yea, its just on the right side i have a scar that has some really bad memories connected to it.... allie looked down and saw the scar, it was about 10cm's long and angry looking

'can i? allie asked and bea nodded, allie first ran her fingers over the angry scar before she kissed it, bea felt tears spring to her eyes to have such tender hands on her especially on her scar, bea never let anyone close to her except debbie and now allie, bea touched allie's cheek and she looked up

'im ready.... allie smiled and nodded

'you sure?

'yes..... allie started all over again from kissing bea's lips, her neck, chest, breasts and than stomach before she moved lower to lay between bea's legs, she looked up at bea once last time and took a very slow and tentative swipe of the divine taste of the red head, she heard bea's intake of breath and the gentle moans which she loved, she licked softly and gently not wanting to scare bea and not being rough and fast, she could feel bea's body change as her orgasm started to build upon her

'fuck allie..... bea moaned and allie took that as she was close so she pushed 2 fingers into bea and it didnt take long for bea's body to bound up as the orgasm hit her like a tidal wave, allie held her down the best she could but watching bea come done beneath her hands was so sexy to watch

'i got you babe, i promise..... allie kept her fingers inside bea and moved up to hold bea in an embrace as she went through the motions, eventually bea had calmed down and allie removed her fingers and wrapped both arms around the beautiful redhead as she began to relax and snuggle her face into allie's neck, after a few minutes bea's breathing returns to normal and she looked at allie

'thank you

'for what babe?

'for treating me the way you do.... allie smiled

'your a queen and i plan to treat you like one, how was it? do you feel okay?

'i feel amazing baby, your amazing

'your amazinger... allie countered causing bea to giggle, they shared a few kisses before bea began shivering

';cold? allie asked

'yea..... allie pulled the blankets over them and together they fell asleep happy to be with each other

Chapter Text

bea woke up first when she heard the count for ten minutes, turning her head she saw allie practically laying on top of her there legs entwined and allie's arm wrapped securely around her waist, a smile came across bea's lips when she remembered what they did, for the first time ever bea felt so safe with someone other than debbie

harry was so mean, angry and abusive to her that she had put up stone cold walls and never let anyone in, yes sure she had her crew which she really did love like family but when allie came into the prison there was something different from the start, that first time in the closet when she had allie pinned up against the bench wondering what she was doing or who she was had bea's nose full of allie's addictive scent, her hair smelt like strawberry and bea was enticed from that moment, she felt it in her gut and the butterflies had made there first appearance in forever, when allie told her who she was and they started talking she found it easy to open up to the blonde, she hadnt told allie the whole story about her and harry but she had told allie more than she had told anyone else even her lawyer

her lawyer begged her as well as debbie to open up about what had happened between her and harry to lessen her sentence but bea refused saying she would not be humiliated by him anymore, the news had already caught onto what had happened by gossip and that was enough, bea had seen the headlines 'battered wife takes revenge 'beaten mother loses it' and her favorite 'woman takes on abuser, she didnt mind them because they were all true, harry had pushed it too far and he made her snap, he could do whatever he wanted to her but when it came to debbie that was not happening, she lost all control when he put his hands on her and if it hadnt been for debbie calling out to her to stop she would have killed him, it wasnt like he didnt deserve it and debbie needed her mum, when she heard debbie's voice she went over to her and held her while she waited for the police and ambulance, debbie and harry were taken to the hospital and bea went with debbie although later that day bea was arrested, luckily matt and margaret stepped in for bea and looked after her, helped her get her own place and keep her studies up, they have her over twice a week for dinner and margaret always sends over an order of shopping for debbie to keep her fridge and cupboards full,they counted bea and debbie as family and would do anything to help, although now debbie lived with them and bea was extremely thankful for that

bea was greatful that matt had gotten her a light sentence of 5 years for self defense instead of the attempted murder charge they had originally tried to hit her with but after looking at bea's medical files and photos of injuries she had been taking for years the charge had lessened, matt also got harry put away for longer than he would live so bea was happy about that, a lot of information came out about bea and harry's relationship but she would hold onto the worst of it as she didnt want people to judge her for staying with an abusive guy with her daughter, she didnt want to be called a bad motherfor keeping harry around, the thing that people dont understand is when your in that position its so hard to leave because he always threatened to hurt debbie knowing thats her weekness, she was bought out of her thoughts when soft lips kissed her cheek and bea smiled as she turned to face allie

'good morning beautiful.... fuck.. allie thought her morning voice is so sexy

'good morning babe, how did you sleep?

'really well, you?

'i always sleep well cuddling up to a sexy redhead.... bea chuckled 'are you alright with everything that happened between us? allie asked unsure

'i definitely am, thank you for caring for me, for looking after me

'i always will, you did the same with me, no one has ever treated me like you have.... bea smiled and kissed allie

'we should get up for count allie

'but your so comfy... allie groaned

'i know but we kinda have to, how about you and me later? we can snuggle

'sounds good..... they both got up and got dressed before going to there cell doors, bea blushed when her eyes looked over at franky and she winked and than laughed

'you done there doyle?

'yes mr j.... after count they went to breakfast than to the yard, allie, boomer and maxi went to work out, liz and doreen went to the unit to get a magazine and bea and franky sat at the top dogs table

'so red how was your night? bea blushed red and franky laughed

'that good ay? bea nodded

'it was great franky

'so you 2 finally sealed the deal?

'dont be an asshole franky.... bea warned

'im not i swear, i really want to know how it went

'well than yes we did

'so how was it? was it one way or did you reciprocate?

'both ways, i actually started it

'well good ole red started it ay, so how does it feel to have a woman lose control under your finger tips?

'fucking amazing, i was so nervous but thanks to your tips i think i did alright

'oh i know you did especially when i got up to get some water and i heard blondie moan your name.... bea blushed even more redder

'oh god.... bea groaned

'yea she said that too.... franky laughed when bea nudged her shoulder

'fuck off.... bea laughed along with her

'so little miss 'im straight' has a lady boner ay? always knew you had it in ya, everyone does

'yea yea smart ass, god franky i feel like a teenager with her

'love would do that to ya

'nah its too early for that franky, we are still learning about each other

' im happy for you red,,,, doreen and liz came out and joined them and they all laughed when they looked at the cage and saw boomer using allie as a weight bar

'there trouble together

'oh tell me about it, boomer really likes blondie

'im glad she fits in with you all franky

'was there really any doubt, i mean allie literally gets along with everyone,

'yea true

'hey red look new inmates.... they looked over to see a group of woman following the governor and mr jackson, normally it was just a couple screws so wondered why miss bennett was leading the pack, her question was answered when she saw one of the woman, the woman who is pure evil and has come for bea and franky since day one

'is that the fucking freak? franky said standing up with bea, everyone in the quad went quiet for a few seconds till they all started chanting

'FREAK FREAK FREAK FREAK FREAK FREAK!!!!!!! bea and franky stood watching the woman chant, spit and call out names towards the freak,

'THATS ENOUGH!!!! bea's voice boomed though out the yard and they all stopped, 3 prisoners stepped in front of the governor not wanting to let the freak in

'move prisoners...... they werent budging so bea whistled and got everyones attention, she nodded her head for them to get out of the way and they did, the governor walked passed her and nodded a thank you, when the freak walked passed she smirked at bea and bea went to launch at her but franky held her back, by now allie, maxi and boomer had come over as well

'who the hell was that? allie asked

'lets go... bea said and they all followed her to the unit, bea paced a few times as everyone took a seat

'did the governor tell you about this bea?

'no dors, how the fuck is she here? she is supposed to be out side till her trial and if she was to end up inside it would be at another prison

'who is she? whats happening? allie said worried to see bea so angry and worried.... bea stopped pacing and went over to allie sitting down

'that woman is known as the freak, did you ever hear im the paper or news about the governor setting the prison on fire and an inmate died?

'yea, wait thats her?

'yep but there is so much more than that allie

'like what?

'why dont i make tea and we can explain everything to allie love?

'thanks liz...... they were seated at the table in there unit and they all told allie about the freak, from the fire to jess and she trying to kill franky and bea and also threatening debbie

'fuck, she is dangerous and why would they let her back in here after her history?

'dont know babe, fuck the woman are gonna want to kill her, what a fucking mess

'what do we do bea?

'maxi the first thing is to talk to kaz?

'kaz? allie asked surprised

'yea, the letter kaz got from joan from outside well that joan and i need to talk to kaz to warn her

'alright lets go talk to her, we are trying to get our relationship back to what it was and she will ruin it all

'i wont let that happen allie, i promise, come on lets go.... they entered the unit a few minutes later, kaz's girls saw them and approached them to attack but bea stood in front of allie protecting her

'dont even think about it or your dead

'down girls its okay allie is family

'but what about what happened in the showers?

'that was on me, allie is and always will be family.... kaz stood up going over to bea and allie

'plus this is the top dog and you dont want to mess with her, she has a mean right hook..... allie giggled and bea rolled her eyes 'girls give us a few minutes.... they all nodded and went to there cells

'we need to talk

'come sit down girls.... bea and allie joined kaz on the couch

'so whats up?

'were you in the yard today?

'nah, we went to breakfast and decided on a quiet day inside, why?

'you know the letter you got from joan?

'yea the freak right?

'yea thats her, well she is in here with us..... kaz's eyes went wide from shock

'are you serious? i had someone get me all the info on her and she is dangerous

'yea she is

'you cant back her kaz.... allie said worried, kaz put her hand on allie's knee

'dont worry bubba i wont, i know i let her get in my head before but my emotions were all over the place but now i have my head screwed on, i fucked up but that wont happen again, im with you bea and i will do whatever you need me to do, i want to make a mends with you allie its important to me.... allie nodded

'i know and i appreciate that, dont think i dont because i do its just hard to trust you after everything

'i understand bubba but dont ever forget that i love you, your like a daughter to me.... allie gave a small smile

'your like a mum to me, right now though we have a big problem and thats the freak, bea whats the plan?

'im going to speak to the governor and find out why she is back in here, she is supposed to be on bail or some shit like that, in the mean time you and your girls stay alert and dont let her get in your head, she is smart

'it wont happen, im with you bea and i will prove it

'good, stay weary and stay away from her

'got it

'alright come on allie lets go talk to the governor

'do you mind if i stay and talk to kaz? bea looked at allie and than at kaz who kaz a small nod

'i dont mind but wait for me and i will come back and get you

'we can walk her back to the unit bea, i promise i wont leave her alone

'if anything happens to allie i promise you wont live another day..... the look in bea's eyes scared the crap out of her and she nodded

'i promise i will look after her

'alright i will see you back at the unit allie

'okay bea..... bea stood and went off to find a screw to take her to see the governor




To say vera was pissed would be an understatement, she had gotten a phone from the board saying joan had been arrested for trying to buy a gun therefor breaking her bail conditions and was being bought to wentworth prison, vera didnt even have a chance to warn bea as the brawler was only a few minutes away, when she bought joan through the gates all hell broke loose and she was greatful bea took control of the woman, when she took joan to the cell which she was housed with the new girls because of her history she didnt even wait to hear what she had to say and went back to her office, there was a knock on the door half an hour later and she called for them to come through


'smith for you governor

'send her in miss miles, thank you.... bea stepped inside and the door closed behind her, the governor could tell how angry bea was and sighed

'i didnt know she was coming till a few minutes before she got here otherwise i would have, i dont want her here as much as you dont

'i know, fuck, what the hell happened?

'she was caught trying to buy a gun

'jesus christ, what the hell for?

'your guess is as good as mine smith..... vera rubbed her temples and bea finally took a seat

'what are we going to do? when is her trial?

'in 5 days, maybe i should slot her?

'if you do she will use it against you, she could bribe an officer and they will let her out

'i still need to find out the dodgy ones

'i recon its mr stewart

'he is a good officer smith

'is he though, arent they all supposed to be? bea challenged and vera sighed

'i will find out, im not stupid smith i know they take bribes but there is a difference between making an extra phone call and getting drugs in here

'true, anyway with joan i think you just have to have eyes on her all the time, watch what she does and see who sh talks to and definitely track her phone calls

'yea im already doing that

'the woman hate her governor, they want to kill her, there is only so long that i can hold them back

'i know, thank you for stepping in earlier

'your a good governor, i dont want you losing your job 'thank you smith

'all we can do is wait and hope she doesnt make a move but we both know she will its just a matter of time

'agreed, all eyes need to be on her

'all eyes on her..... bea repeated like a mantra and left the office, the officer took her to the unit and no one was there not even allie so she went and sat in her cell sketching, she had been there for some time and before she knew it she was staring a a pencil version of the blonde beauty, she smiled at how beautiful allie was and for how thankful she was for allie coming into her life at the most weirdest circumstances, after so much heartache and violence allie showed her care, love, comfort and beauty, allie showed her hands are for loving not hurting, she hummed and closed her eyes her thoughts going to what happened between herself and allie yesterday and how great it was, her eyes popped open when she felt the bed dip and she saw allie lean down kissing her on the lips

'you looked so cute i didnt mean to wake you

'you didnt, i was just resting my eyes, how did it go with kaz? bea said playing with allie's fingers as she got comfy at the end of the bed pulling bea's legs onto her lap

'it was good, we had a really good talk about what happened with the red right hand, joan and everything else, we talked about staying away from joan and having each others backs

'do you trust kaz?

'honestly not like i used to, i want to but its hard, she read a letter and instead of coming and talking to me and you she jumped to conclusions because she thought you were taking me away from her

'i would never do that, i just want to keep you safe

'i know babe i told her that, she asked about what was going on between us

'what did you tell her?

'i told her i liked you but you wouldnt look twice at me like that

'why didnt you tell her the truth?

'to protect you, to protect us and the crew, if joan hadnt come in now i probably would have told her but i cant completely trust her yet, i want to but im struggling

'i get it, she broke your trust and hurt..... allie nodded sadly

'yea she did, she knows that and she knows i cant trust her right now

'how did she take that?

'she understands that she has to earn it back

'allie its clear how much she loves you. i know first hand how convincing joan can be and im not surprised she got to kaz so easily, i underestimated her but now i know better and hopefully kaz does as well

'kaz and the girls are going to walk the prison and see what joan has been up to

'good the more eyes on her the better

'agreed, now i need something from you babe

'whats that? bea said and smiled when allie crawled on top of her bea and lay between her legs

'gimme some sugar..... bea giggled and kissed allie

'your so cheesy allie

'ah you love it

'maybe..... allie smiled and kissed bea a few times

'where is everyone? the unit is empty

'not sure but they better be altogether, did kaz bring you back?

'yes her and the crew did, we chatted for a while and there going to report everything they see back to you

'thanks allie.... allie laid her head on bea's chest and hummed in delight at the sound of bea's beating heart in her ear, bea ran her fingers through allie's blonde locks and they laid there comfortably in each others embrace, bea's fingers were humming allie into relaxation and allie was loving it especially when bea went under her shirt and tickled around her back, her nails scratching wherever she could reach and bea could feel allie's body getting heavier on her own meaning she was slowly falling asleep, bea herself was also falling asleep until voices were heard through the unit and bea's cell door opened causing them to jump

'hey red, shit sorry i didnt mean to scare ya.... bea groaned

'whats up franky?

'i just wanted to tell you the freak is out of her cell

'come in and close the door would ya..... franky came in and sat on the chair, allie was going to get up and leave them to it but bea put her hand on her back silently telling her to stay

'what was she doing?

'sitting with some of the new girls

'she talk to anyone?

'no, she kept scanning the yard probably looking for you.... bea nodded, we came in because kaz said she would watch her

'okay good, just keep your eyes open and if she puts one foot wrong tell me

'will do, we are going to lunch you coming?

'allie you hungry?

'not really, im so comfy so im not going anywhere

'me too, we are good franky but stay together 'will do.... franky walked tot he door and turned to look at them

'you know, you two are freaking cute

'get lost franky.... bea said and franky laughed as she left the cell closing the door behind her and calling to everyone to go for lunch, allie looked up and smiled

'you are cute ya know

'no im not allie

'yea you are, your such a cute munchkin... allie said pinching bea's cheek

'allie im the top dog, i could bash anyone in this prison including you, now you think im cute?

'hmmm now i think your hot and sexy.... bea laughed when allie crawled higher and kissing bea slipping her tongue intot he redheads mouth making bea moan, bea's hands went to allie's ass squeezing it and it turned allie on even more as little moans fell from her lips, in no time at all they were both naked and bea had allie straddling her lap and riding her fingers

'fuck bea.... allie moaned as she bounced on bea's magic fingers

'who's your top dog? bea husked and she pulled out and pushed in 3 fingers hard and fast

'you, fuck, you, you always you.... allie managed to get out before her body shook and trembled in bliss, once bea helped allie ride out her high she fell limp in bea's arms, she laid her head on bea's shoulder and bea kissed her head

'surely you have done that 1000 times, you too good at that.... allie asked lazily

'nope, never before but i must say i absolutely love it, having you like this is my arms is amazing

'hmm me too... they heard voices int he unit and bea pulled the blanket up in time to cover them when the door opened

'ay bea.... boomer froze in her spot at the scene in front of her, they were covered but it wasnt hard to figure out what they were doing, bea went bright red and allie was making sure they were covered

'fucks sake boomer how about knocking...... bea hissed. maxine came over and saw the situation in front of her so she patted boomer on the shoulder

'come on love lets leave them to it

'ah, yea sorry bea

'its fine just leave and knock next time

'yea shit sorry, happy fucking.... she said before turning and walking over tot he couch, allie giggled and maxine snickered

'thanks maxi

'no worries, we will be out here love

'okay... one thing bea was not shy about is being in an undressed state in front of maxine, she trusted her more than anyone and understood bea's feelings which was scary at times but she loves her beautiful friend

'maxi tell her to not go blabbing

'i will, they all know not to say anything to anyone

'thanks.... maxine smiled than closed the door, bea could hear maxine telling them all to knock before going into bea and allie's cell no matter what and for boomer to keep her mouth quiet

'that was so embarrassing..... bea groaned

'maxi wont say anything

'no but boomer definitely will, franky will have a field day with this.... allie giggled and lifted her head kissing bea

'well now your going to have to keep your voice down, can you do that? allie said kissing along bea's jaw and neck

'al....allie.... bea stuttered out

'we cant, not with them out there

'of course we can, listen they put the volume for the tv loud, i need to touch you babe and i want to feel you.... bea nodded and allie rolled them so she was on top, bea had obviously been turned on because she didnt last long but allie didnt care because bea looked fucking sexy in this state, they lay there for some time snuggled under the blanket until allie sat up

'i need a shower, you coming?

'yea sure..... once they were dressed and allie went and got her stuff the rest of the crew decided on a shower as well so they all went together which bea was happy for so they can stick together, in the showers there were a couple other girls there but thats about it, they all took a stall next to each other with allie and bea taking the furthest from the door just in case, allie cheekily looked over to bea's stall checking her out and wriggled her eyebrows in appreciation of the masterpiece in front of her and bea shook her head

'do you mind?

'not at all babe, i quite like the view..... bea chuckled and washed her hair of the shampoo and conditioner, when bea was done she got out and wrapped the towel around her body and the others werent far behind, when they were all dressed they were about to walk out when the door opened and in she walked, the most evil woman bea had ever met or ever heard of the freak

'smith its been a while

'not long enough

'i would say just enough time, dont worry i wont be here long, after my trial i will be back as the governor and the smith, your done, dont ever thing you will walk out of this prison unless its in a body bag.... bea's nostrils flared and she got right in the freaks face

'red she is not worth it..... franky said and held bea's arm pulling her back a bit, bea walked backwards her eyes never leaving the freaks and than left the showers with her crew in tow, bea walked into her cell and slammed the door shut throwing her stuff on the bed before punching the wall splitting the skin and causing it to bleed

'should one of us go in there? allie said worried

'i think you should go love

'me? what the hell am i going to say to her? she might deck me

'no she wont love, she would never hurt you

'no sorry i didnt mean it like that, i know she would but she is so angry... maxine nodded and smiled

'she is, the freak always gets to her and she had tried to kill bea and franky and has even threatened debbie


'yea so i think just go in there and calm her down, she will be fine in a few minutes

'okay.... allie opened the door and slipped in closing it behind herself, bea was leaning on the window seal and breathing heavily

'not now franky

'its me babe.... allie could see the tension on bea's shoulders and she was trying to calm herself down, allie took slow steps towards bea and put her hands on her back and shoulder rubbing it softly

'you okay?

'yea sorry

'you dont have to apologize babe, i just want to make sure your okay

'she just gets me so crazy.... allie saw bea's hand was bleeding

'your hand babe, come on let me fix it for you.... bea turned around and nodded before leaning into allie and allie wrapped her arms around the fiery redhead

'it will be okay babe, you cant let her get to you the way she does, the freak knows she can rial you up so she does it

'but she is dangerous

'i know and the best we can do is stick together and protect each other against her, call matt tomorrow and tell him to keep a close eye on debbie till the trial 'shit debbie i need to call him now.... well you have 5 minutes till the phones close.... with that bea ran out of her cell and towards the phone, she got to the phones and there was still a long line so instead of waiting she stepped to one and grabbed the receiver

'sorry i need it jane

'its fine go for it bea.... the young girl said, she had a lot of respect for bea and even though she is the top dog bea would always wait in line like the rest of them and wait for her turn so it must be important 'thank you jane i appreciate it.... bea smiled before pushing in matts number

'hello bea?

'yea its me

'everything alright? you never call this late

'the freak is back in here, please watch over debbie closely for me

'of course bea. she is still healing so one of us is always with her.... bea breathed out a sigh in relief

'thank you matt

'all good, how the hell is she back in there?

'got caught trying to buy a gun

'fucks sake, its alright bea we got debbie but you need to watch yourself, maybe go into protection till her trial

'i cant do that, im top dog and my girls need me

'okay well watch your back

'i will

'PHONES ARE CLOSED!!!! one of the screw said

'i gotta go matt, thank you

'we are family, dont worry about debbie im following her around like a bad smell.... bea chuckled

'okay bye talk soon, give debbie and the girls my love

'i will see ya bea..... bea hung up and headed back to her cell for count, she got there just in time and they were locked in for the night, she was dragged to allie's cell

'sit down so i can clean your hand..... bea nodded, allie bought out a little kit which had antiseptic wipes, cream, bandages and bandainds, allie cleaned and bandaged her hand

'did you get to the phone in time?

'yea, i spoke to matt and he said someone is always with debbie at all times because she is still recovering either way so she is not alone

'thats good, the sooner her trial happens the sooner she can fuck off

'true, i just think she will make a move before that

;you think so bea?

'yea but i dont know what

'well than we stay vigilent

'exactly, everyone needs to stay together no matter what

'i think everyone knows that but you need to stress it to them bea

'i will

'good now your hand is done.... she said kissing bea's hand softly and bea smiled

'thank you babe, sorry if i scared you

'you did a little but i get why you flipped out, just remember you have me and the girls plus the whole prison is behind you

'thank you, your the best you know?

'i know.... allie said and bea giggled before kissing allie

'so modest

'one does try, alright come on go talk to the girls and i will make you a tea and i may even get you bickies chocolate ones? bea asked and allie laughed

'if you behave

'i will be good, well i will try.... they both laughed and walked out of allie's cell, bea went and sat down on the couch with maxine and the others were on the other couch

'you alright hun?

'im good maxi, you know she just gets in my head and i flip out

'i know love

'listen guys she has her trial in 5 day and the governor told me she wont be here after that, there talking 1-3 days of a trial at the moment but nothing is definite, as you all know im a witness probably the main one and she will try and come after me

'ay bea maybe she like got back in here to come after ya? cause you know she is crazy like that.... boomer said and they all nodded there heads, sometimes boomer does what bea, franky and maxine say and there are other times where she says things that make complete sense

'you may be right boomer, shit what now red?

'alright so i know we have been keeping tight together but now it will be more so than ever, we do our best to travel in a group at all times, showers, eating, outside and where we need to go even to your session with miss westfall, everyone understand? she looked around as everyone nodded

'good and doreen i want you to ring nash and tell him to take josh away for a week or so till we know its safe, your a witness as well so they could be in danger

'do you think she will go after them?

'anything is possible with her, actually franky you still got he phone?

'yes i do

'good let doreen call nash '

will do...... doreen called nash and he said if the top dog says to go into hiding for a bit he will so he is going to his brothers for a bit in another state and doreen said she would call him when its all clear allie and liz made everyone tea and boomer bought out some biscuits but bea pouted because they werent chocolate so allie went to her cell and returned with 2 packets of chocolate biscuits giving one to the other girls and one for bea and her to share, bea smiled wide and and kissed allie

'thank you babe, these are my favorite how did you know?

'i just listen to you, you happen to be my favorite subject.... bea laughed and pulled allie to sit on her lap and they enjoyed the quiet for a while, sometime later they all headed to bed and bea dragged allie to her cell, they stripped to undies and a tshirt and got into bed together,

'shit its cold tonight

;i know, i dont mind the cold but this is ridiculous

'i should get my blanket from my cell..... allie got up and ran to her cell half naked and grabbed her blanket before running back to bea's cell, she put the blanket over the top and got in, bea was giggling when she saw allie's butt jiggle

'you got a nice little butt babe.... bea said squeezing allie's ass making her giggle, the y snuggled together and fell asleep

Chapter Text




a couple days later allie wasnt feeling very well and had thrown up when she had woken up, bea had told her to tell the guard that she was sick and should miss work duty but allie insisted she was fine so now they were in the laundry, bea's eyes were zoomed in on allie who looked quite pale, she was sitting on the chair using the sewing machine as the others did the other work and bea was of course at the steam press, allie looked pale and was clearly sweating making bea very worried, no one apart from bea's crew and officer miles was in the laundry, bea felt someone come up beside her and she turned to see maxine


'bea, allie isnt looking very good


'i know, she threw up this morning but insisted she was fine to come to work even though i told her not too


'maybe she should go lay down


'i will go check on her, can you dot he press?


'sure.... bea went over to allie and rubbed her shoulder before crouching down in front of her


'allie you need to go to medical, your sick


'bea im fine, probably just a bug


'even so you need to be in bed at the least 


'im..... allie stopped and bolted to the bin and threw up, bea followed and held her hair and rubbed her back


'miss miles i need to take her to medical


'let me get a guard smith.... within a few minutes mr jackson turned up


'whats up miss miles?


'novak is sick, she needs to go to medical.... she nodded her head towards bea and allie, allie was leaning on bea's chest and bea stroked her back


'alright novak lets go... allie went to walk but she was unsteady so bea grabbed her again


'mr jackson i need to go with her, she can barely walk


'alright smith come on..... they got too medical a couple minutes later


'whats happened here?


'she has been throwing up


'alright lay her down, i will do some checks..... she checked allie's temp and blood pressure


'she has a high temp, looks like a virus, has she eaten today?


'just a couple bites of toast


'alright, she is dehydrated as well so lets get her to the overnight room and i will give her some antibiotics and put her on a drip...... bea practically carried allie there as she was so weak, the nurse put in an iv and started the fluids needed


'bea bowl... bea reached for the bowl and held it as allie threw up twice and than laid back down groaning


'is it normal to throw up so much?


'yes, with viruses it makes you throw up all the good stuff from your body, these fluids and the antibiotics will help with that


'she is sweating a lot nurse


'thats normal as well, bea she will be going through the motions for the next half an hour or so, we got it early which is good


'cant you stop her from vomiting?   bea said her heart breaking at allie being sick


'yes, im about to give it to her.... the nurse said pushing through the medication in allie's iv, 'this will help her stop vomiting and help her sleep


'is she contagious?


'its a possibility, you may not want to be around her right now


'im staying


'bea i dont want you getting sick


'dont you worry about me, lay back and relax


'here bea you can put this on her head...... the nurse said handing bea a cold damp hand towel and bea put it on allie's forehead and than stroking her cheek


'thank you bea...... bea smiled and kissed allie's hand, allie threw up once more before finally falling asleep


'how long will she be asleep for?


'a couple of hours at least


'will she be okay?


'in a few days she will, sometimes viruses take some time to get out of the system but the medication will help her


'can i stay with her?


'its up to the guard.... bea turned around seeing mr jackson 


'i know its not aloud but please can i stay with allie?


'im sorry smith i cant let you


'but she doesnt like being on her own, she will be scared


'let me ask the governor.... bea nodded, mr jackson radioed the governor asking and explaining what bea had said as he walked to the hallway, comign back in a few minutes later


'smith your a lucky woman


'i can stay?   she said hopeful


'yes you can as long as you behave


'i will, thank you mr jackson and tell the governor i said thank you as well... jackson nodded and went to the hallway to walk the halls a bit


'bea she is comfortable now and will be asleep for a bit, so you can have this and i will be just over there making some notes.... she said handing bea a magazine


'thank you nurse..... the nurse sat down and bea wondered where this great nurse came from? the last one nurse ratshit as boomer happily named her as she was complete shit at her job and just didnt care, thankfully they got rid of her and bough tin this new nurse




'yes bea... she said turning to face her


'whats your name?


'oh, im nurse rose, im new here but im learning who everyone is


'thank you for looking after allie, as you can tell we are together and the guards and governor know plus our crew but no one else, im top dog and it could be dangerous for us


'i understand bea dont worry, governor bennett has informed me about yours and allie's relationship, my lips are sealed


'thank you.... the nurse went on to do some paperwork as bea read the magazine




allie woke up a couple hours later turning her head to see bea sitting there reading a magazine and holding her hand


'bea... she croaked out and bea shot her eyes up


'allie, how are you feeling?


'i feel groggy


'thats the medication, do you feel like you want to throw up?


'no i dont, water please


'sure.... allie poured some water into a cup and helped allie sit up to take sips


'thank you... she said laying back down


'anytime, do you need anything?


'im cold


'let me see if they have another blanket..... just than the nurse walked in


'allie how are you feeling?


'groggy and cold


'thats good, the medication is fighting to kill the virus so you sweat it out


'can she have another blanket nurse?


'sure i will get one for you... the nurse returned with another blanket and a pillow as well 'here we go lift your head a little bit allie.... allie did so and bea tucked the pillow behind her head and than put he blanket over her tucking allie in


'thank you nurse


'no problems, now allie im nurse rose a new nurse here, i have given you antibiotics for the virus and some fluids


'when can i leave?


'i think tomorrow most likely as long as everything is okay


'but i dont want to stay the night


'but allie your not well enough


'babe you need to stay to get better


'but bea i dont want to


'why not?


'because i dont want to sleep on my own..... allie said softly and bea run her finger down her cheek, allie was so vulnerable and it hurt bea to see allie hurt


'it will just be one night and tomorrow you will be back with me


'i hate being on my own


'i know babe, just one night and i will be back in the morning.... allie nodded  and didnt say anything else, she turned on her said facing bea but covered her head with the blanket, bea could hear her sniffling after a couple minutes and there wasnt another time she could remember that she hated being in this stupid place, if they were out of jail bea would spend the night cuddled up to allie holding her tight to make her feel safe, seeing the time it was getting late and bea had one idea that maybe would help, she stood up and kissed allie on the head


'please dont be upset allie, i hate when your hurting, just remember im with you always...... allie didnt say anything


'i will see you soon babe, bye....... bea felt allie reach out and squeeze her hand before letting go and bea left the room seeing mr jackson walking the hall


'i need to see the governor please


'alright follow me..... they left medical and walked down the hall tot he governor's office and knocked


'come in..... mr jackson opened the door


'smith for you governor


'let her in and close the door behind you please.... bea walked in and sat down on the chair


'how is novak doing smith?


'she is upset




'she is scared, she is scared to sleep alone


'what do you mean?


'governor allie has told me about her life and her time on the streets, she has also told me when she was asleep on a cardboard box that a guy came and took advantage of her, she is afraid of being on her own


'i didnt know that bea


'no one does but me and kaz, in our unit she either sleeps in my bed or me in hers, it completely freaks her out on her own


'so what can i do to help?


'let me stay with her, i know its not protocol but allie has nightmares when she is on her own, please governor i will do anything if you let me stay with her.... the governor was surprised by what bea had told her about allie but it made sense considering her past


'i dont need anything bea, i wouldnt want allie having nightmares making her even worse, you can stay




'yes you can, go with mr jackson and get what you need from your cell and go be with allie


'thank you so much governor, you have no idea how much i appreciate it


'you really like her dont you bea?   bea blushed and vera smiled, bea nodded


'more than i can even explain


'im happy for you, alright off you go with mr jackson, i will get dinner delivered for you both in medical soon


'thank you governor.... mr jackson escorted her to her unit where the rest of the crew were


'bea love how is young allie?


'she has a virus, there pumping her with antibiotics and fluids to flush it out of her, she stopped throwing up which is good


'poor love


'yea, im gonna stay with her in medical, i got permission from the governor


'thats good red, we know how much allie hates sleeping alone


'exactly, so i just have to grab a couple things and i will see you tomorrow, franky your in charge till i say different


'no sweat, go take care of your girl.... bea grabbed her red blanket, her book and 2 bananas she was saving and went with mr jackson back to medical, when they got there bea crept in quietly as mr jackson went to tell the nurse of the governors decision, allie was still in the same position as she left her so she walked over to her 


'allie?   allie moved the blanket slowly seeing bea there


'why are you back? i thought you left?


'i did, i went to talk to the governor and i asked her if i could stay with you in here for the night


'she said no right?


'wrong, she said yes


'did she really?


'she sure did, now i bought us our red blanket and a banana for after dinner, can you scoot over please.... allie moved over making room for bea who slipped her shoes off and got in beside the blonde, she threw the red blanket over them both and allie lay her head on bea's chest and they snuggled together


'thank you bea, i was scared.... allie whispered


'im right here for you beautiful girl, how about i read for us?


'yes please...... bea read for the next 40 minutes till there dinner came, allie hadnt eaten all of it but she managed a quarter and she kept it down which was good news, once they finished eating they relaxed back as they were and bea read for another hour till they were both falling asleep, she put the book down and ran her fingers up and down allie's back, they were quiet for a while till allie decided the speak




'hmmm... bea answered back, 


'i dont want to scare you away with what i want to say to you


'you can tell me anything allie.... she felt allie nod her head against her chest


'i love you, i know it might be too soon but i cant help how i feel about you.... bea went quiet for a few seconds and allie was afraid she had said the wrong thing and was going to take it back


'im sorry i shouldnt have said it, i freaked you out.... allie tried to pull away but bea wrapped her arms around her and held her tight


'you didnt freak me out allie i just didnt expect it thats all


'i couldnt hold it in anymore, i had to tell you and you dont have to say anything back because your probably not ready if ever but


'i am ready.... bea stepped in stopping allie from rambling


'wait what?   allie said


'i am ready, allie i love you too, its crazy because i have never felt this way but i do, i love you allie..... allie smiled wide


'i love you too bea, i would kiss you but i have really bad breath.... bea giggled and kissed allie on the head


'your so beautiful


'bea as if i am, i stink, im sweating and white as a ghost


'still beautiful.... allie rolled her eyes but smiled


'you love me.... bea smiled


'i sure do


'say it again....bea laughed


'i love you allie, you heart, your soul and your stinky breath


'i love you too..... allie yawned struggling to keep her eyes open


'tired?  allie nodded


'hmmm yea


'go to sleep beautiful girl, i will be right here




'i promise......  allie closed her eyes and was asleep in a couple minutes, the nurse walked in not long later and smiled at bea


'you 2 are cute together.... bea blushed and smiled




'do you need anything bea? i will be here all night but doing paperwork in that room there


'do you mind bringing the table closer in case allie wants water during the night


'of course, do need you need another pillow or blanket?


'no were fine thank you


'okay, i will give her another round of antibiotics and fluids as well as something to help her relax into a deep sleep


'okay thanks... once the nurse did what she needed she left the room switching the lights off but leaving the door open and the light on there, bea pulled the blankets up and over them and she too closed her eyes and fell asleep




allie was let out of medical the next day on the strict instructions that she rest for the next 3 days, drink plenty of fluids and take antibiotics which bea assured the nurse she would make sure would be done, bea escorted allie back to there unit where franky was sitting watching tv


'hey blondie your back, how ya feelin?


'like crap


'yea allie you need to be in bed, come on babe


'i will get you some tea.... franky said as bea took allie to her cell


'here let me help you with that.... bea said seeing allie struggle with her zipper on her jacket


'i need a shower bea, i stink


'okay let me get franky to come with us..... bea walked over to franky who was in the kitchen waiting for the water to boil


'hey franky allie and i need to shower, can you come?


'sure i will make this after


'thanks, where are the others?


'they are out in the yard playing ball, kaz asked about allie


'what did you tell her?


'i told her she was tired and resting, she didnt seem convinced


'i will talk to her, any news on the freak?


'nah, she is keeping her head down at the moment


'good, i need to concentrate on allie right now, alright lets go..... they went to the showers and bea kicked the 3 girls out when she walked in and they scurried off


'franky you stand guard, dont let anyone in.... franky nodded and walked out, bea turned to see allie who was sitting down and her head leaning on the wall




'yea but i dont know why, i feel so drained


'the nurse said it might happen because of the medication, lets get showered and get back to our unit..... allie nodded, 20 minutes later they walked out freshly cleaned and franky walked with them to there unit, bea got allie settled in bed with her red blanket and franky came in with a tea


'thanks franky


'no sweat, do you need anything else?


'no thanks


'alright well im just out here if you do.... bea nodded and closed the door behind her


'lay down with me?


'of course.... bea kicked her shoes and jacket off and slipped in beside allie pulling the blanket up over them both


'are you warm?


'yes thanks... allie said snuggling up to bea


'good, close your eyes and get some rest


'okay.... allie fell asleep not too long later and bea stayed up reading her book



franky was sitting on the couch watching tv when she heard someone at the gate, she turned to see kaz standing there


'what do you want kaz?


'i want to see allie, where is she?


'sleeping right now


'why? i heard she went to medical, what happened?


'she has a virus but she is getting better


'i want to see her?


'you cant, she is sleeping, doc said she needs rest so leave her be....... just than allie's door opened and bea walked out 


'whats going out here? your too loud


'i want to know whats wrong with allie, i want to see her


'she has a virus and spent the night in medical


'is she okay?


'she will be, she is taking antibiotics and needs lots of rest and quiet which you 2 arent helping 


'sorry i was just worried about her, i need to see her


'you can see her but dont wake her


'i wont.... kaz went to allie's cell and saw allie sleeping peacefully, she could tell she was unwell because she was pale


'are you sure she will be okay?


'yes, the nurse said in a few days she will be fine


'do you need anything for her?


'maybe some fruit, gastrowater would be good but we can get it


'let me see what i can do....kaz said and left the unit


'she is such a pest sometimes


'yea but she loves allie so we deal with it


'i guess so, anyways you need to eat red, go have lunch


'i need to stay here for allie


'i am right here if she needs anything, go and eat


'alright i wont be long, if anything happens hit the panic button




'yes, i dont give a fuck what anyone thinks


'alright.... bea went to the mess hall and put a tray of food and sat down with her crew who had finished basketball and were now starving


'hey bea hows allie?


'tired and feels crappy but she will get there, lets try keep the volume down in the unit yea?


'yea course bea, we will look after her ay, she is a cool chick.... boomer said nudging bea who smiled at her big goofy friend, when they finished lunch they all went back to there unit bumping into kaz and her crew on the way


'i got something for allie


'walk with us back....they all awkwardly walked to the unit and franky eyed them walking in


'gee you all look like the mafia, all awkward and shit.... franky said making them laugh as she broke the tension, the last time they were all together like this they were fighting but after some words by both leaders of the crew and for allie they agreed they were on the same team, they must have been loud because allie's door opened and a sick looking blonde walked out


'hey you okay bubba?   allie nodded


'im fine kaz


'here i got you a few things.... kaz went to hand them over to her but bea stepped in front of her


'show me first..... bea was very protective of allie and she still didnt trust kaz


'im not gonna hurt her


'i cant be sure, let me see first


'fine.... kaz pulled out 2 small bottles of gastrowater, some ginger tea and soothers


'happy now?


'dont get smart kaz, after what happened you cant really expect me to trust you so easily


'yea alright i get it, can i give it to her now?


'yes you can.... allie watched on and loved how protective bea was, she had never had someone be like that for her and it was a major turn on even in the state she was now, stepping around bea she walked to allie


'here bubba these should help you recover


'thank you kaz, i appreciate it, should i even ask how you got them in?


'probably not, just know there clean and unopened


'thank you


'no worries, you go lay down and rest, if you need anything send one them to come and get me


'i think i will be alright but thanks


'later bubba, get better soon.... with that kaz and her crew left, bea turned to allie and smiled


'do you want me to make you a tea babe?


'yes please


'okay go and sit down....... allie went over to the couch holding onto maxine's arm and sat down, boomer flicked through the channels finally stopping at the midday movie, bea made a tea for allie and went and sat beside her putting the tea on the table


'thank you


'anytime, can i do anything?   


'yes actually..... allie got up and slowly turned around sitting on bea's lap and laying her head on her shoulder, bea smiled and kissed her head while running her fingers up and down her back




'much better..... maxine came over and put the red blanket over them both to keep them warm


'thanks maxi


'no worries love.... they spent the majority of the day in there unit just relaxing and making sure that allie was looked after, the governor agreed for them to have dinner in there unit so allie could at least try and eat something, bea and allie were laying in bea's bed after lock up facing each other, allie had a different look in her eyes and she shyly smiled


'what?  bea asked confused by allie's behavior 


'you love me.... bea smiled and nodded


'i sure do


'even with all the fucked up shit i did?


'why wouldnt i allie? you mean so much to me that i cant even explain it, your past is exactly that your past, i love you for your strength, for you vulnerability, for you beautiful heart and of course your sexy ass.... allie giggled when bea squeezed her ass


'i love you too bea, for everything you are, strength, beautiful, shy, giddy, sweet, caring, loving and not too mention your sexy body.... they both laughed


'i want everything with you allie, in and out of prison


'so this isnt just a gategay thing?   allie asked unsure


'definitely not, its not just because your here and i need someone, i fell for you and nothing will change that.... allie smiled and kissed bea's cheek before snuggling into the beautiful redhead and they both fell asleep








































Chapter Text







2 days later allie was mostly back to feeling normal which bea was happy about, bea had gotten some intell from kaz that joan was definitely planning something as she had seen her talking to some of the more shifty girls in the prison, money had definitely exchanged hands so she was trying to do something and whatever it was wasnt good by any means, bea and franky had just finished there shower and were getting dressed


'what do you think she is up to red?


'dont know but im sure she is coming after me


'thats without a doubt, your testifying in her trial in a couple days and she will do anything to stop you


'thats what im worried about, franky promise me that if anything happens you protect allie no matter what


'i promise i will


'make sure all the girls are taken care of


'i will red


'good, come on lets get back to the unit and go for lunch..... as they walked down the hall towards there unit they wondered why the it was so empty


'something isnt right franky, where is everyone?...... she said looking around and before franky had a chance to talk someone hit them both from behind causing them to fall to the floor, bea was out but franky wasnt and she tried to get up or see who it was, she heard foot steps and when they came to stop in front of her she looked up and knew exactly who it was


'my my francesca doyle on the ground like a cockroach


'you will pay for this you freak


'its nothing personal francesca but i will not spend the rest of my life in prison..... franky saw those same girls that kaz had reported right beside the freak and made a mental note of those faces, with what looks like 6 girls against a now knocked out bea and herself seems unlikely to go well, when she saw the nod from the freak she knew it to be true, franky was knocked out by a kick to the stomach due to the pain, all 6 of the girls rained punches and kicks into the 2 toughest woman in the prison but unbeknown to them they would regret it due to who was around the corner



kaz and her crew went to h1 to check on allie, walking in allie was sitting on the table reading a book


'hey bubba how are you feeling?


'hey kaz much better, thanks for the supplies they really helped


'no worries, where is the queen?


'went for a shower with franky, actually they have been gone for a while


'wanna go look for them?


'sure, hey girls lets go find bea and franky


'sweet as.... boomer said and followed along with maxine and liz, they walked down one hallway than another chatting and than they heard commotion, allie knew that voice and ran forward the others following, as they turned down the hallway leading to the showers the sight before her made her want to throw up, bea and franky were lying in a pool of blood with the freak watching on as the other girls laid into them


'you fuckers.... boomer said bounding forward taking care of business as she always does, the others all followed and a full on brawl began, the freak tried to run but allie had ran and jumped on her back punching her in the head repeatedly


'you fucking bitch.... allie said as she tried to take the big unit down but the freak was too strong, the freak flipped allie and threw her on the ground with a big thud, the freak tried to run again but allie was up quickly tackling her to the ground and once she had her pinned she laid punches into her putting all her mite behind them, she had been so concentrated on taking out the freak that she didnt even realize the panic button had been pushed until she felt arms around her waist pulling her up


'to the slot novak


'get the fuck off me...... she elbowed mr jackson and he let go so she ran to bea and dropped to her knees


'bea wake up, baby wake up please.... and again the guard came and picked her up and allie looked around seeing the guards breaking up the fight


'let go of me and take them to medical, bea, franky wake up.... but neither of them moved


'allie stop fighting and calm down, its okay i will make sure there okay..... she heard kaz say and allie looked at kaz  'i promise bubba.... allie nodded




'i got them allie, its okay........ allie and 2 of kaz's girls were taken to the slot, the others were all headed to medical even the freak, allie did a good number on her and she was out cold as well


'mr jackson we need to get franky and bea to medical


'alright conway give me a hand, you 3 get the others to medical as well... mr j picked up bea and maxine grabbed franky and they ran off to medical, kaz followed making sure to check on the 2 woman





bea opened her sore eyes and looked around, for a moment she thought she was dreaming but turning her head she could see 2 people


'bea, hey bea your alright, your in the ambulance, do you understand?.... bea nodded


'allie?...... she mumbled and tried to get up


'woah smith lay down, allie is fine, she wasnt hurt... mr jackson always the one to be there for not just her but her daughter and there crew




'franky was hurt, she is in the other ambulance with miss miles, we will be at the hospital soon and get you both checked out


'what happened?


'i will explain it to you later on, right now just know allie is safe and you and franky are on the way to the hospital




'i just spoke to her, she is on her way with matt


'thank you... with that bea relaxed as much as possible considering she was in pain, her whole body was sore which means that most likely there was a fight, she remembered last that she and franky were walking down the hallway but something didnt seems right, it was dead and than.... thats it, thats all she remembered, the ambulance stopped and the back door opened and she was rolled out followed by mr jackson and than the next 2 hours were filled of loud voices, tests and fixing her up, bea was in and out of sleep not bothering with what they were saying, bea had been through  beating after beating from harry so a little fight at the prison didnt mean shit to her, plus she was doped up on medication


It was some time later when bea was rolled into a room


'jesus red you look like shit..... she looked up to see none other than franky laying in a bed next to her


'oh and you look sexy right?..... bea mumbled causing franky to chuckle but stop quickly when she held her stomach  'you alright franky?


'hmm.... she said taking slow breaths


'what the hell happened?


'dont know.... franky shrugged and sent a soft nod in the guards direction to say they were listening and bea nodded


'smith, doyle the doctor will be here in a moment to tell you about your injuries


'fun times mj jackson... he sadly smiled at them both


'do you girls remember what happened?






'of course not, alright he wont be long.... a few minutes later a tall man with dark brown hair walked in


'miss smith and miss doyle how are you both feeling?


'sore... they both replied


'im not surprised, from what i here there was a fight and you were both involved


'dont remember


'me neither


'alright well let me tell you the damage, miss doyle you have a broken rib, sprained wrist and a severly bruised stomach as well as bruises and cuts all over your body plus a concussion.... franky nodded


'miss smith you have a fractured cheek bone, also a broken rib and severly bruised stomach, you have a bruised eye socket and also cuts and bruises all over your body as well as a concussion.... bea nodded


'great fun times ahead


'im sorry you both got hurt, how is the pain now?


'pretty bad


'me too


'alright we will give some pain medication


'when can i go back to the prison?


'we need to keep you both for a few days


'i cant, i have court tomorrow


'no you dont smith, ferguson was hurt pretty badly so the date has been moved for 3 weeks.... bea nodded


'okay.... just than there was loud voices out in the corridor


'I WANT TO SEE HER NOW, GET YOUR DAMN HANDS OFF ME...... bea knew who it was


'mr jackson thats debbie


'i will get her dont worry........ he went out to the hallway and took care of the situation and than a limping debbie came into the room followed by matt and mr jackson


'mum are you okay?


'im fine baby, sit down your still recovering... matt pulled a chair closer and helped debbie sit down


'are you sure your okay? what happened?


'dont know, i cant remember


'what are your injuries?


'nothing too bad, i broken rib and some bruising


'do you need anything?


'im good deb thanks


'how about you franky, you okay?


'im good deb, sprained wrist and broken rib, nothing to worry about, how are you healing up?


'getting there


'thats good


'is allie okay? the rest of the crew?


'everyone else is fine.... debbie breathed out in relief 


'you had me worried mum


'sorry baby but im okay, a bit bruised is all, how are you doing?


'not bad, matt took me for a check up today and im healing up well


'thats good, thanks matt for looking after her


'of course bea, your both family, do you need anything?


'i just need you to keep an eye on this one


'no worries about that, she isnt aloud to leave the house without me... debbie rolled her eyes


'like a leech mum... bea chuckled


'good, so what have you been up to?


'not much mum, have mostly been at home with margaret and have had a couple friends come over, it was only a few days ago that i could manage to get out of the house, went to get food and pay my phone bill


'did you get around alright?


'not too bad, its still quite sore but getting better


'thats good... mr jackson walked in and debbie turned and blushed before facing her mum again, even he blushed a little, what the hell was that?, bea thought and would get to the bottom of that when everyone wasnt around, the doctor gave both bea and franky some pain meds and franky had fallen asleep not long later


'deb you should get home so you can rest


'but i want to stay with you mum


'i know baby but you need to rest as well, you seen me and im okay so please get home to bed


'alright... debbie huffed  'do you need anything?


'im okay deb, you make sure you listen to matt and margaret


'i will


'bea i will take deb home and get her settled than i will be back... bea nodded


'okay thanks matt..... as debbie was walking out she didnt miss the look between mr jackson and debbie again so once there was only him in the room and the door closed she sat up


'what the hell was that mr jackson?


'what?.... he asked confused


'you and debbie, you both blushed and you exchanged looks.... he rubbed the back of his neck shyly and looked at the floor, bea watched him and a thought came into her mind


'wait, have you and debbie..... she started but was stopped


'no we havent anything


'well what the hell is going on?


'you cant tell anyone


'tell me.... bea demanded


'we have been messaging back and forth


'since when?


'since she got hurt, it started just me checking on her and than we just got to chatting




'and nothing, we havent seen each other till just now


''you like her?.... bea asked not sure if she wanted to know but needed to, not sure how to even feel about this situation, he nodded


'yea... he sighed


'your 13 years older than her


'i know.... he sighed  'i told her that


'what did she say to that?


'said that you and novak are 10 years apart.... bea scoffed


'little shit


'plus i told her im in a weird situation with being an officer in the prison and you as well


'are you aloud to date her? i mean she was in prison


'i am aloud because all her charges were dropped.... bea nodded not knowing how to feel about this, she dropped her head back against the pillow


'well fuck, i mean she is old enough to make her own decisions but she is still my little girl


'i know, we havent done anything and i was going to talk to you about this i just wasnt sure how


'i have to think about this mr jackson, this is so fucking weird


'take all the time you need.... bea nodded


'where is allie?


'in the slot




'when we saw the fight she was going mental on ferguson, we had to slot her


'is she hurt?


'just bruised knuckles is all, she was angry more than anything and worried, she cried over your body.... bea bit her lip to hold in the tears


'keep her in the slot


'i plan to keep her there till you get out


'good, when do you go back to the prison?


'a new guard will come here in an hour so i will go back and finish my shift


'can you pass a message to maxine?




'tell her she is in charge until i get back


'will do, i will let you get some rest and come see you tomorrow.... bea nodded, her head was full of so many different things that she couldnt contain them so she closed her eyes and went to sleep




bea woke with a freight and looked around


'hey red calm down, you were having a nightmare, you okay?...... bea nodded


'yes... she croaked out, she sat up trying to get comfy


'wanna talk about it?


'its allie


'jackson said she is fine


'i know but she could have been really hurt, when someone is close to me they are a target and im worried


'you worried that the freak will go after her?.... bea nodded




'but no one knows about your relationship


'maybe not but they may have seen or heard something to out us, sometimes we arent exactly as careful as we should be, plus everyone can see that allie and i spend a lot of time together


'so what are you saying red?


'i think i need to take a step back from her


'red you cant do that, you both love each other


'exactly and i would never want her to get hurt because of me, i couldnt handle that


'bea your underestimating allie, she has been on the streets, fought all the fucked up guys and gotten her hands dirty when she needs to


'im just so over it franky, the freak has go me backed into a corner, i know this is her im not stupid


'your right it was her


'how do you know?


'i wasnt knocked out straight away, once we got hit over the head she came and stood in front of us with the girls from c-block, thats when they all started laying into us and than i blacked out, not sure how but i overheard miss miles on the phone in the ambulance telling someone that novak had pummeled the freak and put her in hospital which is why she was in the slot


'really?.... bea couldnt help the smirk on her face


'yes really, listen bea i know your worried but pushing her away wont do you any justice, we stand together and fight her and those bitches that helped her


'i need to think about this franky, i need to figure out our next steps


'dont think bea, just know and go with your gut, we trust you as our queen bea and will follow your lead


'well right now we are stuck here for a few days and when we go back i will sort this all out.... franky nodded and smiled when the door opened and bridget walked in


'are you 2 okay?


'were good gidge, a few bumps and bruises is all, any news on our girls? this one here is worried


'allie is fine, she is in the slot and told the governor and i quote 'go fuck yourself unless you have news on bea'


'charming blondie we got right there... they all giggled


'she is okay thou?


'yes she is bea, upset and angry but okay


'the rest of the girls?


'i checked on them, axine has a huge bruise on her cheek but thats it, 2 of kaz's girls got hurt but nothing major


'they were there?


'yes so of what i got from your crew and hers you 2 went for a shower and were taking a while so kaz suggested they go find you both, they heard noises and hurried up and when they turned the corner they saw joan and some other girls beating you up, kaz's crew and your all jumped in and fought them off allie being the one to take on joan, of what boomer told me proudly migh ti add is she tried to run but allie jumped on her back taking her down and it went from there, allie did no hold back and had to be dragged off by mr jackson


'you should be proud of your girl red


'you really should bea but in saying that she might have outed your relationship..... bridget said




'she got loose from mr jackson's arms and went to your body holding you and calling you baby, if anyone heard it would be out there from those girls


'i dont care anymore, i dont care who knows about us as long as they are all okay


'they are


'what about those other girls that were beating us up?


'there in hospital, once kaz and boomer took them on they never saw daylight, according to boomer..... bridget rolled her eyes at the joy able character 


'see red they all got our backs...... bea nodded and smiled


'can you give allie a message please?


'of course


'tell her i love her so much and when she comes out i will be waiting for her, also tell her im fine just a concussion


'i will tell her, it will hopefully calm her down from swearing at everyone


'here's to hoping, so have you 2 eaten?


'no yet gidge


'well how about i sneak in some proper food before i go back to the prison?


'yes please


'okay i wont be long...... bridget returned and hid the food in her bag before entering, she pulled out burgers and fries with  coke


'oh yum, your the best gidge


'thank you dr westfall


'no problems, i will check on you both tomorrow im going back to work....... bea and franky scoffed the food and rested the remainder of the day




bridge signed back into work and went to the governor's office to give her an update


'so just those few injures, there fine?


'yes they are governor


'thank god for that, joan?


'there still working on her, she was in surgery when i left, said they will call you when they know more


'thanks bridget


'sure, im going to go and talk to allie


'good she has been a menace since going into the slot


'im sure she has, we just need to give her an update on bea and she will calm down, you have to remember the last time she saw bea she was out of it


'yes thats true, alright give her the update and tell her she is in there a week


'will do.... bridget went to the slots and the guard opened allie's door, she was sitting on the bed her back to the wall


'if you dont have news im not interested... allie said without looking up


'i do actually.... allie turned her head to see miss westfall standing there  'can i come in?


'sure.... she nodded at the guard to close the door and bridget sat on the bed


'how is she?


'she is awake and okay




'a broken rib and a concussion


'really? she really will be okay?


'yes she will be....... she heard allie release a breath she had clearly been holding  'she said to tell you she loves you very much and when you get out of the slot she will be waiting for you.... allie smiled


'thank you miss westfall, i really appreciate the update and message


'no worries, governor says one week in here


'thats fine by me as long as bea is okay, how about franky?


'she has a broken rib as well as a concussion, they both will be fine and will be in hospital for a few days


'good there safe there, how about the freak?


'no news yet, she is in surgery right now.... allie nodded


'okay, thank you


'no problems, i will see you again soon allie


'bye miss westfall...... the doctor left and went to her office to start on her notes for what happened today, it sure will throw a spanner in the works for the big trial in 3 weeks



Chapter Text






a week had passed since bea and franky were beat up and allie was in the slot, bea and franky had come out of hospital and returned to the prison, they spent another day in medical but was than released back into general and there crew was watching over them, allie herself had served a week and thankfully mr jackson had just opened her slot door


'your out novak


'about time, i was getting bored


'governor had to make an example of you because of joan


'whats happened with her?...... allie said putting on her jacket 


'she is in a coma, had a bleed in the brain so had surgery and its a wait and see situation


'good, bitch deserves it


'i will choose to ignore that but i get it, come on..... he followed her up the stairs and down the corridor and into the main one, allie smiled when she saw the beautiful redhead standing there waiting for her


'i got her from here mr jackson, thanks


'no worries smith.... he walked off and allie looked at bea


'are you okay?


'im fine, some sore ribs but im good


'thats good


'listen allie we need to talk, lets go to the unit no one is there..... allie nodded and followed bea, they walked silently and allie could tell bea was a little standoffish with her and she was worried, they got to the unit and bea sat down so allie sat opposite her at the table


'whats up?


'i have done a lot of thinking the last few days


'okay.... allie said confused


'i think us 2 together is not working out


'what the hell bea


'im sorry allie but i think we were dreaming to think we could be together




'its a fact, since we got together i havent been concentrating on the prison and the woman


'so im a distraction?... allie scoffed loudly, trying hard to keep the tears at bay


'its not what i mean


'yes it is bea, you always call the shots with us and im happy to go with you because i know how hard it was to be with me considering your history, but this..... allie stopped and shook her head before looking back at bea   'this is bullshit, your scared


'im not scared allie, i just think we were wrong for each other and you should be with someone else.... allie stood up and walked towards her cell grabbing some clothes and toiletries, she came out and looked at bea in the eye


'you wanna be done? fine than we are done, its clear you never loved me because you dont treat someone you love like this...... before bea could respond allie stormed off and left the unit, bea sat there stunned and upset, she had thought about this long and hard and when she decided to end things with allie it wasnt because she didnt love her, in fact it was the opposite, she loved her so much that she didnt want her hurt again because of bea, she needed to keep allie safe and for allie to say she never loved her felt like a kick in the guts, bea jumped when she heard franky's voice


'hey red everything alright? i just passed allie who looked really upset


'we broke up


'oh for fucks sake red i told you not to do that


'i had to franky, you should know more than anyone that being with me, close to me or in my crew makes it a dangerous situation


'we are all here to protect each other, now she is off in the showers on her own with no protection because she is so upset she wants to be alone, i sent boomer to follow her but soon enough she will tell her to piss off


'i will watch her franky but thats it, i cant have her hurt, everytime she goes to the slot she gets time added to her sentence, im also going to talk to the governor and tell her that the fight was my fault and allie was just protecting me


'i already spoke to gidge she said she talked to the governor about not adding more time for anyone including allie so dont worry about that, what you need to worry about is how your gonna feel when allie moves on to someone else


'i will have to deal with it 


'are you going to put her in another unit?


'no i want her here so i can keep an eye on her


'you really hurt her red, she was crying when i tried to talk to her..... bea bit her lip and went silent, the last thing she would ever want to do is hurt allie, she felt the tears roll down her own cheeks


'i never meant to hurt her


'i know you didnt.... franky said putting an arm over her  'just leave her be for a bit.... bea nodded


'im just going to go and lay down for a bit franky, tell boomer to stay with allie please when she is out of the unit


'we will watch her dont worry


'thanks....... with that bea stood up and went to her cell, she made it as dark as possible and kicked off her shoes and slid into her bed, she pulled the blanket over herself and cried like she had never cried before, she felt sick for hurting allie so much but it was something she felt she had to do to keep her safe



allie left the unit and had passed bea and boomer who tried to talk to her but she ignored it, she continued on to the showers and walked inside dumping her stuff on the bench, she stripped down and got into one of the shower stalls and turned the water on she washed her hair and body but than just stood under the water for a while not realizing boomer had walked in and was sitting on the bench, boomer could hear allie crying and she hated hearing it, allie and boomer had gotten really close and she saw allie as her best friend so seeing her so upset was shit, something must of happened with bea? she thought and would ask franky later on, the water turned off and allie stepped out the towel around her


'what are you doing here boomer?


'you shouldnt be alone


'im fine, you should go be with bea


'nah franks said to stay with ya, are ya okay? im here for ya, ya know


'i know booms thank you, bea and i broke up


'oh thats shit, ya were real good together


'thanks booms, i guess it was never real with us, maybe i was just someone to fill her days


'nah not bea, lots of girls in here tried it on with her all the time before you came in but she never liked any of them, when you came in she changed, it was good, like she smiled more and was happier


'well to me it feels like she never loved me booms..... allie said getting dressed  'she made me feel like we werent important to her, like i was nothing


'im sorry blondie.... boomer said patting her back


'thanks booms, anyways i just want to go out and get some fresh air


'lets go.... they went back to the unit and allie dumped her stuff and went outside to the quad and sat down with liz and maxine


'hey love your out


'yea finally i was bored as shit in there


'im sure bea is happy to see you out?.... liz said and allie scoffed


'oh yea so happy that she broke up with me..... liz looked at maxine who raised her eyebrow before looking back at allie who had a face of thunder


'did she really?


'yep, i was clearly never important to her


'i doubt that sweety, bea has just got a lot on her right now


'and i dont? joan could die and i would be in here for life, im already spending ten glorious years in here and to top it off bea dumped me like she never even loved me.... allie said bitterly 'oh and im still trying to repair my relationship with kaz, life is just fucking fantastic.... allie said sarcastically


'allie love why dont you go and work out? it will help


'yea alright...... allie walked off to the cage and started on the treadmill


'did you girls know this was happening?


'no maxi, franks and i walked past blondie and she was upset so she told me to follow her and stay with her, blondie told me she is so hurt by red and thinks she never loved her, that red was bored and looked to allie for comfort and shit


'bea would never do that.... liz said


'i know, i will talk to bea when we get back to the unit


'good idea maxi love....... they watched on as allie worked herself to the bone for a solid 2 hours, she was dripping in sweat and was visibly frustrated


'what are you girls up to?...... franky said as she and bea had came out and sat beside them


'allie, she has been working out for 2 hours....... bea watched as allie ran on the treadmill at full speed,, there eyes locked for a few seconds and the next thing they saw was allie press stop on the machine and it slowed the speed, allie walked out of the cage and passed there crew not looking at them and went inside


'booms go


'got it franks..... boomer followed allie and franky looked at bea


'she hates me franky


'she doesnt hate you but she is hurt


'listen love boomer told us she talked with allie before


'what did she say?


'allie thinks that you never loved her, she feels used i guess


'i wouldnt liz


'we know that love, she just needs time.... bea nodded


That night after count they were locked in for the night, allie was sitting on the couch with boomer watching a show and bea was making a tea


'does anyone want one?.... she asked around, everyone said yes except allie who didnt answer  'allie?.... she tried again but the only thing allie did was get up and go to her cell, bea sighed before going back to making the hot drinks, she handed them out to everyone


'im going to bed


'already? its early


'im tired franky


'alright, night red


'night all.... bea took one last look at allie's cell door before retreating to her own, she got changed and got into bed picking up her sketch book and pencil, she drew for quite a while and when she finished she saw a picture of the beautiful woman that will always hold her heart no matter what, she looked at it long and hard before placing a sweet kiss to it and than put it on her table, she finished off her tea and turned over pulling the blanket over herself and crying herself to sleep, she felt broken hearted for losing allie but she needed to keep allie safe and this was the best way





4 days had passed and to say the tension in the unit was high would be an understatement especially after the day before. the whole crew were walking to lunch when they overheard a couple girls talking about bea and allie being in a relationship, but the next thing they said really got to bea, she heard one of the girls say allie was sexy as fuck and she would root her anytime, any place, bea had the girl up against the wall in a second hissing in her face, the girls eyes full of fear


'do you have something to say?...... bea said in the young girls face


's..sorry bea, i didnt mean to talk like that about your girlfriend


'she isnt my girlfriend, dont fucking talk about her like that..... bea seethed


'i..i..i im sorry..... bea released the young girl when franky put her hand on bea's shoulder and whispered for her to calm down, she took a step back and the girl coughed, allie started walking off and stopped beside the girl


'never know, im single so you may have a chance with me..... she than walked off leaving bea open mouthed while the girl ran off, bea's face went red with anger and ran to allie grabbing her by the arm


'come with me, now


'let go of me


'now allie


';fine..... allie huffed and they walked off


'franky i will meet you guys soon...... they all nodded and watched the 2 walk off, bea took allie to the cupboard they first met and pushed her in there


'what the hell was that allie?


'what was what?..... allie said unfazed by bea's anger, she knows bea would never hurt her so she wasnt worried


'you wanna go with her? is that what you want?


'im free to do what i want bea, isnt that what you want? throw me away like i was never important to you, yea well maybe i will go be unimportant to someone else now, maybe i should just go through the woman one at a time, get my fuck on, use and move on, yea thats a great idea........ the look in bea's eyes was a mixture of hurt, pain, anger and so much more


'you really think i never loved you allie? you really think i would treat you like that allie? you really think you werent important to me?


'but you did bea, one minute you say you love me and the next you break up with me, what kind of bullshit is that? you didnt even discuss anything with me, you just did it and i had to deal with it, you made me feel so low, worse than anybody has ever made me feel bea.... bea softened and slouched


'i didnt mean to allie, i just want you to have a good life, to be happy, to be loved


'i had all that with you and so much more but you literally broke my heart, i feel like you stomped all over it and you dont even care


'of course i do


'you have a funny way of showing it bea, you made me feel unloved and i wasnt important to you and never was


'its not like that, you mean so much to me allie but its so dangerous being with me


'i knew all of this before we got together, i know i am a target but together we are stronger, you never gave us a chance, now i have to deal with this in my own way, everything that i thought we had, we shared and we were is gone in a split second because you broke us, so if i want to be with someone else you cant complain.... bea nodded


'im sorry allie.... they both had tears rolling down there cheeks


'so am i


'you have nothing to be sorry for allie


'im sorry i was such a disappointment for you.... with that allie wiped her face before leaving the cupboard and heading to the lunch room, she put some food on the tray and sat down with there crew bea joining them a few minutes later, the others exchanging a look in worry for them both, they both looked tired probably from lack of sleep, they had both been heard crying and now there eyes were red and bea looked like she was gonna explode 


back to the current day the tension was high in the unit and everyone could feel it, allie and bea had been tip toeing around each other and ignoring whenever they could, allie had just finished her workout and had a shower before putting her stuff in her cell


'i will be back later.... she said to the others


'boomer go with allie... franky said


'no no its fine, i would rather be on my own


'you need someone with you blondie


'no im fine franky, im meeting up with someone...... this got bea's attention and stopped reading her book and looked up from the couch


'who?..... franky asked


'just a girl from f block


'blondie they are the druggie block, all the junkies are from there


'i know franky, i wont do anything we are just going to hang out


'you have to take boomer with you


'i dont need to


'take it this way, you either take boomer or red?.... allie's eyes went straight to bea and she really wanted to say bea so badly but she couldnt, she wouldnt hurt bea like that, to see her with another girl is not right, no matter how much bea hurt her


'fine booms come on.... boomer got up taking 5 monte carlos and her bottle of water walking out


'look after her booms


'no sweat franks...... boomer and allie left the unit


'are you okay red?


'she deserves to be with someone that can look after her and that can really be there for her, if this girl is it than good luck to them


'dont put up a front because of us, we are your family.... bea nodded


'im just gonna read in my cell


'okay i will get you for dinner..... bea went to her cell and sat on her bed her back to the wall, she was hurting so bad right now and tried not to cry, she knew if she did start than she wouldnt finish so she stayed as tough as she could and continued on her book, 


boomer and allie walked out to the quad and allie scanned the yard seeing melissa on the bench near the garden


'booms stay at this table, i will just be there


'alright blondie but if i see trouble im picking ya up and taking ya back to the unit.... allie nodded and walked towards the table, melissa looked up and smiled


'allie you came


'yea, can i sit?


'please do.... allie sat down and smiled  'how are you? you seemed to have worked out hard today


'yea i needed to let out some stress


'do you feel better after?


'a little bit, how about you? do you work out?


'i play sports, well when im not locked up


'what do you play?


'soccer, hockey and i do some swimming


'wow your really athletic


'i try to be but since coming in her its hard to keep up my exercise


' you have to compromise a bit, ran on the treadmill, do some weights, things like that


'maybe tomorrow i will try...... they talked for another hour getting to know each other and than allie and boomer went to there unit to get there crew for dinner, bea was quiet at dinner and just pushing her food around, in fact so was allie, she knows how much she loves bea and this melissa woman is more of a fill in than anything, allie feels lonely and needs someone to talk to and hang out with, allie sees it as there crew is bea's crew before allie even came along, allie has only been around for a few months so she knows they would stick by bea and thats what bea needed, her crew standing behind her no matter what and allie was happy bea had that, so melissa is just more for comfort than anything but she wouldnt want to hurt bea in the process, she sighed and pushed the tray away


'im going back to the unit


'wait for us allie


'why bea? im fine


'we wont be long, please just wait..... bea's voice sounded so tired and allie herself felt just as crappy so instead of arguing she leaned on her hand waited, after the others finished they went back to the unit, mr jackson did the count and than locked the gates for the night, allie was sitting on the couch her legs up on the table and her arms folded watching tv with everyone else except for bea who was in her cell cleaning up, once she finished she came out to sit down but the only seat available was the one next to allie, little did she know the others did that on purpose, it was time for these 2 to get there shit together, they were better together than apart, bea looked stood there not sure what to do, she didnt want to sit next to allie if she didnt want her, allie sensed bea's dilemma and picked up the pillow nodding for bea to sit down which she did, it was awkward as usual but they managed to watch a whole movie together, when they retreated to there cells bea and allie shared a look of sorrow before going to bed for a restless night




'franky love bea would be so pissed if we got involved, they need to sort this out for themselves


'i know liz but its been almost 2 weeks and our crew is falling apart because red got stuck in her own head, you cant possibly think there better apart?


'absolutely not franky but bea will go crazy 


'i dont care to be honest, there both walking around angry, hurt and you know we both hear them crying at night in there cells


'i know, what is your plan?


'its not a good one to be honest but its the only one i have, are you in?


'of course i am, maxi as well but leave doreen and boomer out of it


'good idea, alright you know the hallway store room they used to go to?




'well i think we should lock them up in there and let them sort there shit out


'oh lord there gonna go crazy at us


'i dont care liz, they should be together and if reds stubborn ass cant see that than i will push them to do so


'alright what do you want me to do?


'im going to get allie there first and i need you to go tell red i need her help and bring her to the same place, im basically going to push them in there and lock the door


'when do you want to do it?


'now, i just spoke to miles and gave her some cash to keep the hallway there clear for a while


'alright lets go.....they went out to the yard and franky went to the cage where allie was working out


'blondie lets go?




'i need you, come on.... allie nodded, bea always told her if maxine or franky ever told her to do something it should just be done, she wiped her face with her shirt and followed franky inside, she was surprised they ended up at the same store room bea and she would sneak into


'get in there and stay quiet


'should i be worried?


'i would never put you in danger blondie


'i know franky but this place


'i know its where ou and red used to come, i just need you to go in there and stay there


'okay.... allie went into the small room and sat on the silver bench against the wall waiting


liz went over to bea who was sitting with boomer and doreen


'bea, franky needs you


'is she okay?


'im not sure, she just asked me to get you.... bea nodded and followed liz inside and down the hall, they came to the store room where franky was waiting outside the door


'whats wrong franky?


'we have a problem in there that we need to sort out.... franky said pointing to the closed door


'what is it? is someone hurt?


'they definitely are and they need your help, go on.... bea opened the door and felt a gentle push on her back so stumbled in her eyes locking with allie


'allie? what the hell is going on? are you okay?


'im fine, franky told me to come in here so i did..... bea frowned and went to push the door but it was locked


'franky what the fuck?


'sorry red but you 2 need to sort yourselves out, the crew is falling apart and so are you both 


'franky open the fucking door


'not happening, we talked about this situation and you havent fixed it so your both staying in there till its sorted


'im gonna fucking get you for this.... bea said angrily


'thats fine by me, have fun i will be back, oh and dont bother yelling out for someone to open up i paid off miles to not let anyone down here, bye red...franky and liz walked away, bea huffed stood staring at the door


'must suck to be stuck with me.... she heard fall from the blondes lips, bea turned around to see allie laying down on the bench looking at the ceiling


'it doesnt suck


'you sure about that bea? i mean you did everything in your power to get rid of me and now look at us.... that stung she had to admit but whats worse is seeing allie so hurt, she sighed and stepped closer to allie


'im sorry allie, i never meant for you to feel like that


'than why do it bea? you told me family for life, but im an outsider, thats your crew not mine, they will always have your back but i dont feel like they will for me


'why would say that allie? of course they would


'they were your family since the first time you came into this prison, me, i just came in a couple months ago and its because of you i came into your crew but with us not being together i feel like im on my own again


'they follow you everywhere allie


'what?..... allie said confused and turned her head


'i make sure one if not more is with you or follow you everywhere


'i never realized, why would you do that?


'to keep you safe, allie you gotta know that me breaking up with you is not because i didnt love you or anything like that, you were right, i got scared that someone will hurt you and i couldnt cope with that..... allie sat up and swung her legs over the side


'isnt that my decision to make bea? i knew all the risks and i didnt care because you are the most important person to me in my life, i cant even explain how much i love you, your everything to me


'i dont deserve you.... bea whispered as she sat down on the chair looking down, allie got off the bench and crouched down in front of bea and grabbed her hand


'why would you say that? im nothing special bea, im just a person looking for my better half, i found that with you, what do you want bea?.... the question that had been on bea's mind for a while now


'i want you allie but im scared you will get hurt


'bea do you feel this..... she said putting bea's hand on her chest and she nodded 'my heart beats for you, i dont exist without you


'im sorry... bea chocked out as tears trickled down her cheeks,  'im so sorry i hurt you


'i know, if you want us than im willing to give us a go but you have a lot of making up to do bea..... bea nodded 


'i want you allie, i always have and i always will because i love you so much


'i love you too babe....... allie straddled in bea's lap and connected there lips, they both moaned at first contact feeling like they could breath again, when allie pulled back she wiped bea's cheeks


'you have to talk to me bea, you cant do this again its not fair


'i promise i will, i just want you safe allie


'i want the same for you as well........ they stayed in that position kissing for a while but it wasnt enough for either of them


'wait bea we cant, im so sweaty i was working out


'i dont care baby, please i need to feel you, i need to know you here with me...... bea's voice dripped of arousal and fuck allie couldnt do anything but pull her own top off and bea undid her bra, bea had allie moaning as she rode her fingers in her lap


'oh bea so fucking good


'i love you beautiful girl..... bea husked out and that was all it took to push allie over the edge with allie moving her hips faster  to drag out her orgasm, allie was breathing heavily in bea's ear and bea held her tight


'i love you so much allie


'i love you too...... allie breathed out, once allie had recovered she pulled back and smiled  'i missed you babe


'i missed you too, it wont happen again, your my everything allie


'and you mine, i better get dressed before franky comes back and im naked


'she is not allowed to see you naked, only i am.... allie giggled and bea missed that sound, once allie was dressed she sat on the bench and bea did too


'can i ask you something?


'sure babe.... allie replied 


'that girl you have been hanging out with 


'its nothing bea, i promise she really is just a friend, she has a boyfriend on the outside and we were just looking for companionship, she is engaged and will be married as soon as she is out of here


'so no kissing or anything?


'definitely not, i kinda did it to make you jealous


'you shit head.... bea said and nudged the blonde 


'did it work though?


'of course it did, as if i want anyone else near you


'than it worked out didnt it, anyways are you okay if i keep her as a friend?


'im not your keeper allie


'i know but i want you to be comfortable with who i hang out with


'im fine with it


'good...... they kissed over and over again and than the door opened


'well well well if it isnt the love birds, i take it you sorted shit out


'we did franky but im still gonna get ya..... bea got off the table and ran at franky, franky got scared and was gonna run but instead of bea attacking her she threw her arms around her and kissed her cheek


'thank you for doing this, i need it


'ah red all good, i told ya family


'umm excuse me, hands off my girl franky.... allie said coming out of the store room and the other 2 laughed


'alright blondie i got it, so is this going to be kept quiet?


'no, i want everyone to know that allie and i are together, we just have to have each others backs


'we always do


'well lets go show the prison who the bosses are in here......... allie took bea's out stretched hand and they walked down the hallway



Chapter Text







They walked out hand in hand there whole crew behind them, all heads turned towards them when bea stopped and turned to face allie than pulled her into her own body there lips connecting, the quad went silent and once bea pulled back she looked around before speaking


'allie is my girlfriend, if anyone touches her or my crew be prepared to feel the wrath of my anger..... she looked around and stopped at kaz who had her eyebrow raised and arms crossed


'she doesnt look happy allie


'dont worry babe i will talk to her..... allie said walking off with boomer following as if its unsaid words, boomer had become allie's security and barely let her out of her sight which bea was happy with, a few woman came up to bea as she sat at there bench


'nice catch bea, she is a hotty.... bea chuckled and nodded her thanks than they were left alone


'its about time you sorted yourself out love, poor allie was really struggling


'i know liz, im sorry for causing so much shit in the unit, i have a lot of making up to do to allie


'im sure some lovin would be a great start.... franky said wriggling her eyebrows


'shut up franky.... bea shoved her and the others laughed


'its great to see you happy bea


'thanks dors, although guys this does put a bigger target on us


'hey we run with the top dog so we are always a target, by the way red have you spoken to allie about the freak?


'what do you mean?


'i mean if the freak dies allie goes down for murder.... bea's eyes went wide, she had completely forgotten about all of that in the last couple weeks


'fuck, any news on how she is doing?


'nah not yet


'maxi can you speak to jackson please


'no sweat i will go now


'i will come with you maxine


'me too.... doreen and liz said and they all got up and walked inside


'i wonder how that is going over there


'it looks pretty heated, should i go over there?


'yea lets go red.....franky and bea stood up and strode over there


'i cant fucking believe your with her, your going to get yourself killed... kaz hissed


'no i wont kaz, take it down a notch would ya


'you have a huge target on you because your dating bea


'i dont care, im not going to hide who im with anymore, we love each other and thats all there is too it.... allie had just realized bea was standing beside her


'baby everything okay?


'its fine bea, im trying to explain to kaz that i am safe with you


'i wouldnt let her get hurt kaz, surely you know that by now?


'i do know that, im not saying you would hurt her bea im saying she is a target for those that want to get to her


'i would do anything to make sure allie is safe


'i cant help but worry


'i worry as well and after the last couple weeks i now know for sure that allie is my everything, i would die before i let anyone hurt her


'how about the fight? she is looking at murder charges if joan dies


'i know, i will do everything to protect her kaz.... kaz huffed and rubbed her brow before turning to her crew


'girls give us a few minutes, i need to talk to allie, bea and franky.... they all nodded and went to the basketball court, kaz nodded for them to sit down at her bench, bea sat down and pulled allie into her lap, franky sitting beside them


'i know your really worried and so am i to be honest, i actually broke up with allie 2 weeks ago because of that, what i stupidly didnt realize is how much i hurt her in the process, i love allie, i love her so much that being without her hurt more than anything


'really?.... allie said turning to look at bea


'yes baby. i cant live without you


'me neither... bea smiled as allie kissed her cheek


'please bea look after her, i need to know she is safe


'i promise you kaz i will, im trying to get her out of here asap


'good, she doesnt deserve to be in here... kaz said and bea nodded as she kissed allie on the shoulder  'i will watch out for her as well bea, make sure the girls know to look out for danger


'thanks, our biggest issue is the freak, if she dies allie will be in here for a long time, if she lives she comes back in here and all hell will break loose, i sent maxi and the girls to find out whats happened with her... bea said turning to see maxine coming over and sitting down with liz and doreen


'how did you go?


'she woke up about 5 days ago, seems to be fine apart from a broken arm and bruising, jackson recons she will come back some time this week


'how about her court case?


'that will start in a week or 2


'thanks maxi, alright kaz get your crew over here please.... kaz nodded at them on the court and they all came over


'woah this is weird, both crews together... allie said causing bea and kaz to chuckle


'alright so the freak is coming back in the next few days, we dont know what her plan is but we know she is up to no good, always be with someone, be aware and be prepared for anything, if you hear anyone talking let me know, anyone know about the new girls?


'i do actually... allie said  'there a drug gang from the outside, apparently they got caught running a shipment of drugs by boat and got into a shoot out with the FBI who's radar they were on for a while, 2 agents died and one of there own girls were killed, they were arrested and bought here, but the kicker is really important 


'which is?... bea asked intrigued how allie knew all of this


'the one with the brown hair always in a pony tail is the freaks niece 


'holy shit, how do you know all that baby?


'cant reveal my source but its all true


'okay well we know how they are connected now, good job baby, so when she comes back she will form with them again, how many are there?


'4 and with joan 5


'okay, we need to keep ourselves safe till her trial, once she is found guilty she will be moved to another state


'are you sure?... kaz asked


'yea, thats the deal i made with the lawyer, i would testify as long as she gets moved


'okay but bea she will move on us for sure


'i know she will, the best thing to do is stay within your crew and have each others back, you hear anything tell me, franky or maxine.... they all nodded and everyone dispersed, allie tugged on bea's arm causing her to stop


'whats wrong baby


'i want to go to the unit, just me and you... bea nodded


'okay, franky we are going to the unit to talk


'no sweat red..... allie and bea walked inside and to there unit allie leading them to her own, she closed the door and kicked her shoes off than laid on the bed bea following, once comfortable they lay facing each other


'whats wrong allie?


'nothing is wrong, i just think we need to talk about a few things


'so do i, i just didnt think you were up for it straight away, i thought you might be tired


'i am tired, i feel like i havent slept in a month


'im sorry baby, im sorry i broke us like that, i will do anything to make it better


'i know you will, i have forgiven you bea but i do feel hurt that you could just drop us like that, i need you to understand that your not alone anymore, im here with you and i always will be


'i know you are, sometimes its just so hard, i had to fight him all the time at home, my world revolved around keeping debbie safe away from him


'and now your fighting to keep me safe as well


'exactly and i wouldnt change that but it doesnt make it easier because the freak is all kinds of fucked up, but having you back in my arms is everything to me and i wont stuff it up again, i will make sure your happy allie, once joan is dealt with its just me and you


'i love you babe


'i love you to my beautiful girl...... they spent the next hour talking through all the issues, problems and fears, than they went to dinner than the showers before going back to there unit as they had count and were locked in, bea sat on the couch while allie made them a tea, she came over and put them on the table before making herself comfortable on bea's lap the red blanket covering them as the whole crew watched a movie, bea had her arms wrapped around the blonde stroking her back, half way through the movie allie was fast asleep her head resting on bea's shoulder


'she looks dead to the world red


'yea she hasnt been sleeping much, i can hear her almost every night out here watching tv


'maybe tomorrow you 2 should both spend the day in the unit and get some much needed rest


'i think thats a good idea franky, i feel so tired.... bea signed and leaned her head on allie


'i know you are, listen lets gits the freak sorted and than get you and blondie out of this place


'all of us franky


'all of us, come on let me help you get blondie to bed.....alliea leaned heavily on bea and franky as they walked her to her cell and into bed


'i got her from here franky, thanks.... bea undressed allie and put on a clean shirt before tucking her in, kissing allie on her head she went to leave but allie's hand on her own stopped her


'stay, please babe.... allie said through her tired eyed


'okay baby just let me get changed.... bea returned in a couple minutes and got in bed behind the blonde wrapping her arms around the blonde holding her tight


'i love you babe


'i love you to beautiful...... bea kissed allie on the neck and they both succumbed to sleep




3 days later bea and allie were sitting on the grass in the quad against the wall, bea was watching the yard while allie was watching the redhead, bea took a sip of her water and looked at allie


'why are you staring at me like that?


''your lips look a little dry babe, i could wet them by sitting on your face..... bea gasped than blushed


'baby... bea said shocked but completely turned on, last night they lay in bed and after a 2 hour fuck fest they admitted to each other there sexual fantasies and bea's was exactly that, allie sitting on her face while she made her come


'hmm, i was just thinking we could go to the unit and tick off your number one from the list




'absolutely, in fact i insist


'come on than..... they got up and giggled as they went back to there unit, bea telling maxine to make sure no one comes to the unit for a while, going into bea's cell they stripped each other of there clothes as they kissed, once naked allie tucked a curl behind bea's ear


'are you sure you want to do this babe?


'i definitely do, i just dont know how it works.... bea said shyly


'well you lay down first and i will crawl on top of you, my knees will be on either side of your head and the rest is up to you, can you handle that?


'can you?....bea countered feeling nervous but excited, bea lay on the bed staring up at allie who kissed bea than crawled up the bed and straddled bea's head, she didnt lower herself yet not wanting to scare the redhead


'are you okay?...... allie said as bea wrapped her hands around allie's thighs and pulled her down


'yep, you?.... allie moaned loudly as bea took her first hard lick, she felt allie tremble lightly


'fuck yes babe..... bea went at it like she had been craving allie was water and she was dying of thirst, stroking her clit over and over again feeling allie's juices falling into her mouth and down her chin, allie held onto the wall trying to get her bearings as bea assaulted her mound, when bea pushed her tongue inside allie threw her head back and let out one of the most sexiest moans bea had ever heard


'please babe, i need you to make me come


'ride me.... bea mumbled and allie did just that, more grinded than anything, she grinded bea's face slowly first but she just couldnt hold on, bea moved one hand and pinch allie's nipple as the blonde grinded on her face


'fuck fuck fuuuuuuuck..... allie moaned as she came harder than ever before, it felt like it was going on forever as she gushed all over bea's face, eventually she slowed her movements and lifted herself slightly, bea pulled herself back and sat up letting allie straddle her lap lazily, bea reached for the towel and wiped her face of the juices and than wrapped her arms around the blonde tired woman rubbing her back, she could feel allie's heart beating fast against her own


'fuck.... allie husked out 'i have never come like that before, your fucking amazing babe


'so are you beautiful girl.... bea laid them down and pulled the blanket over there sweaty bodies, allie was already falling asleep and ea was happy to just hold her, they napped for a little bit than allie had her wicked way of the redhead bringing her to the brink 3 times leaving bea breathing heavily


'you okay babe?.... allie asked rubbing her tummy


'yea, what the hell was that?


'i just needed to touch you and i couldnt get enough, sorry was that too much?... bea shook ehr head


'no it just surprised me, you touching me could never be enough


'good, now you get to rest for a bit than we need to go and eat im hungry


'of course you are.... bea laughed,





20 minutes later they left the unit and went tot he food room where there crew were, they all ate and than left heading to there unit, about half way bea stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her, the woman that has bought so much evil to bea's life, The freak was back, she smirked at bea and than followed miss miles to medical


'back to the unit now..... bea said and they followed her quick stride, they arrived back to the unit and bea was pacing up and down shaking her head, maxine looked at allie and nodded towards bea knowing she is the only one that can calm her down, allie walked to bea and wrapped her arms around her feeling her shake


'its alright babe, together we will beat her.... she said rubbing bea's back


'she is right red, we all got this.... bea held onto allie  'we will give you some time.... franky said and they all went to franky's unit and sat down together


'its okay bea


'she is just so fucked up and i know she has some kind of plan


'she may have but we will stop her in her tracks as well as those other bitches, i got your back babe, we all do


'i know, thank you... bea said pulling back and kissing allie on the cheek  'anytime i see her i feel like the devil is around, its creepy as fuck


'maybe we should call her 'the creep' instead of the freak...... bea giggled


'yea maybe, alright get the girls out here and lets just run over things again to make sure...... the others came out of franky's cell and sat down, bea made sure to stress that no one should be alone, tell bea exactly what the freak is doing as well


'im going to talk to the governor so you guys stay here


'babe you cant be alone


'i wont be, boomer and doreen are coming with me, come on girls. baby i wont be long


'okay, be careful


'i will..... bea went to find a screw


'i need to see the governor


'she is busy


'i dont remember asking, take me to her now..... bea said her shoulders arched and jaw clenched 


'fine, follow me..... they went to the governors office and he knocked before opening 'smith for you governor


'send her in


'girls stay out there, backs to the wall..... bea walked in and closed the door


'what can i do for you smith?


'why didnt you tell me the freak is back?


'she isnt due back for a couple days


'well i just saw her being escorted into the medical unit


'you must be mistaken


'im definitely not


'hold on a moment..... the governor picked up the phone receiver and and called down to the medical unit


'this is the governor, who is there at the moment?


'banks, medal and ferguson


'why wasnt i informed she was back?


'im not sure governor, mr channing bought her in


'how long will she be there?


'i will release her tomorrow if you clear her


'okay, thank you nurse rose i will be down shortly..... hanging up she looked at bea


'mr channing bought her in, i didnt even know about it


'why the hell is he involved in this?


'well i have been suspecting he is involved with her in some way, mr jackson said when he was watching joan before she ended up back in her channing had stopped by her home


'are they together? eww.... bea said making the governor laugh


'agreed, im not sure whats going on to be honest smith, he obviously is involved in some way i just dont know how...... as they continued there conversation allie, franky, maxine and liz were heading outside as allie had a need to work out, as they walked down the hallway her eyes went wide when she saw channing, she knew exactly who he was and so did kaz and the girls, he had kidnapped allie and held her captive for about a month forcing her to work as a prostitute and shooting her up to keep her immobile, he himself raped allie repeatedly over the period of the 4 weeks, one day allie fought the security off and managed to escape ending up running into kaz, kaz had watched him from a far until she was ready and attacked him single handedly for what he did to allie


'who is that blondie? isnt that channing?.... franky said seeing allie freeze, but no answer so franky pulled on her arm and they went back to the unit, when they got there allie sat on the couch her head in her hands and began to cry


'he cant be here..... she kept saying, they all tried to calm her down but nothing was working, she just kept crying and crying  'he cant be here.... was all they got from her


'maxi, liz you both sit with her i will be back


'you cant go on your own love


'i have to.......franky ran out of the unit and towards the governors office looking for bea, she got there and boomer and doreen were standing outside


'where is bea?


'with the governor


'we need her now, get her out.... she said to the guard


'we cant do that doyle, you can wait


'you get her out now, if she finds out you didnt get her you will be on her radar and im sure you would hate that.... he huffed


'fine... he knocked and opened the door


'smith doyle needs you, says its important


'its allie... franky yelled


'sorry governor i got to go


'its fine we covered everything, go on... bea left the office


'whats wrong franky?


'we dont know, she saw channing and freaked out, she wont stop crying


'where is she?


'in the unit


'lets go.... bea went as fast as she could without getting slotted and entered the unit seeing allie bawling on the couch, she went over to her and crouched down in front


'baby whats wrong?


'why is he here?




'channing, he isnt a good person..... allie cried trying to calm down


'firstly look at me and take deep breaths, slow your breathing down..... it took a while for allie to stop crying but eventually she did  'good girl, now tell me how you know him?


'in private


'okay come on.... bea helped her up and they went to her cell, they sat down and allie told bea everything about what he did to her and the brothels he owns


'bea he takes girls off the streets and puts them to work weather they want to or not


'and you were one of them?


'yes i was, i cant, i just cant deal with him bea, i have trouble sleeping because of him


'wait is that who you have nightmares about?


'yes, he did things to me i will never forget


'come here baby... bea pulled her into a hug holding allie as she cried  'i got you, i wont let him hurt you ever again...... allie cried herself to sleep on bea's shoulder, bea lay her down and put her red blanket over her before leaving the cell and sitting at the table with the others


'is she alright red?


'i can only tell you guys so much, you guys all know channing?..... she continued when they all nodded  'allie knows him from outside, she is petrified of him


'wait i heard something about him, he takes girls off the streets and puts them to work in his brothels.... franky said and bea nodded  'allie was one of those girls?.... bea closed her eyes and bit her lip, her girls had been through so much and she would die before letting anyone hurt her including herself


'he is not allowed anywhere near her no matter what, i will kill him 


'red you cant do that, you have debbie to worry about.... bea nodded


'i know, what he has done to her is atrocious and you wouldnt even do it to your enemy


'bea we have your back no matter what, he wont get near her


'thanks doreen, listen there is something going on here for sure, channing bought the freak back without the governor knowing, she thought she was coming back in 2 days so was as surprised as i was, she is going to let me know about when her court case starts and when she comes back to gen pop, until than stick together and stay close


'we will love, does young allie need anything?


'she cried herself to sleep, i have never seen her so distraught liz


'poor love, we are all here for both of you, we will take care of those 2.... they all nodded


'sweety why dont you go and lay down with her, im sure she would appreciate a warm body


'yea okay, can you guys tell kaz i want to talk to her after dinner


'we will. go on love....... bea went into her cell and her heart broke, allie's face had dry tears and was red and puffy, she crawled over her and allie must have felt her body so turned over and dug her face into bea's neck, bea wrapped the blanket tight around them knowing how much allie loved that, she stroked her cheek 


'i will look after you beautiful girl..... she just lay there holding the blonde not wanting to let go








Chapter Text





A few days later bea returned from her appointment with dr westfall to see everyone in her unit sitting on the couch chatting, everyone except allie


'hey guys where is she?


'in her cell, red i tried to get her to come out but she wont without you


'okay, we need to go to lunch so give me a few minutes to get her


'no sweat red.... it was 3 days later and allie had nightmares every night since seeing channing, for some reason he had been around the prison everyday since as well which pissed off not only bea but the governor, the governor was not a stupid woman and knows what channing does but has never had the evidence to take him down, bea had come to her yesterday and told her about allie and channing and how she knew him, so to keep allie safer she had put miles and jackson to guard there unit till bea came up with a plan and they got more information as to how he fits in with ferguson


walking into allie's cell she could here the sobs wracking through her body and bea's heart broke, she could understand because if she had to be around harry again she would be the same way, bea vowed to protect allie no matter what, she pulled the door closed and laid behind allie causing her to jump


'its just me baby


'bea... allie cried out and turned around her face going into bea's chest as she cried 


'i got you baby girl, i promise i wont let anyone hurt you again...... allie calmed down after a few minutes and pulled back, bea kissed her soft lips


'are you okay?


'sorry, i dont know why i cant control my emotions


'its okay allie, i would be the same if harry was around, i want you to know your safe with me, kaz is patrolling our corridor like the mafia as well.... allie giggled and wiped her face


'she hates him, probably as much as i do


'im not surprised, i had a good conversation with her yesterday, i honestly think you can trust her allie, she wants to do good by you


'i know she does its just hard


'i get it, how about you wash your face and we go get some lunch?


'im not really hungry babe


'well if you dont eat i wont either


'bea you cant do that, you need to eat


'as do you, i go where you go.... allie sighed


'fine, lets go eat


'good girl...... allie washed her face and bea wiped it dry before pulling allie into the most loving kiss and hug


'i love you allie


'i love you too babe.... they walked out of the cell together


'come on girls lets go eat...... they walked together closer than normal making sure to have allie covered on all angles to make her feel safe, they reached the lunch room and entered, lining up they got there food bea making sure to put extra food on allie's tray and than they sat down at the top dogs table and began to eat, some general chatter about doreen's son and debbie who boomer had just called


'hey boomer did she say she recovering okay?


'yea she is good bea, she went to the hospital yesterday and doc said she is doing better, said she can walk properly now


'thats great, i will call her after lunch to check on her..... bea looked up when the door opened and kaz walked in with her crew, she sent her crew to get food and kaz came over to bea's table crouching down between bea and allie


'you doing alright bubba? i cant imagine how hard this is for you


'im worried he will come after me


'we wont let it happen allie, you got bea and your crew, me and my crew plus bea's minions as well watching over you, i promise your safe


'what if he tries to take me? he is in charge


'i dont give a shit, even if i have to drag you to the slot with me baby we will keep you safe.... allie nodded


'thank you, both of you


'we got you, after this how about we go work out, all of us together?


'sounds good to me, allie?


'okay, we will meet you out there kaz


'good.... kaz left them to eat and went to her table sitting down at her tray which one of the girls got for her


'girls make sure you watch out for allie, she is our priority no matter what, if you see channing follow him and tell me and bea what he is up to


'we got it boss....after lunch both crews met at the cage and began working out helping each other at the same time, allie worked out like never before, she was dripping sweat as she ran on the treadmill, bea was standing in front of her lifting weights making sure to stay where allie could see her, after a couple hours the 2 crews went to shower together, bea and kaz figured there was safety in numbers so thought if it made allie feel safe than she was happy to have kaz ride with them, after showering they ended up at bea's unit watching tv, blankets were on the floor for the extra people but bea and allie were given the bigger couch to snuggle together, debbie had sent a new care package for bea and sent in 5 new dvds so they watched step brothers knowing how much allie loved that movie


later that night they were locked in and allie wanted an early night so laid in her bed while bea was drawing in the common room, allie's door was open so she could see bea if she needed her, every now and than bea would turn her head to see allie staring at her and smile, bea winked causing allie to giggle, allie nodded her head for bea to come over and she did, putting her book and pencil on the table she stood up


'im going to bed... she said over her shoulder as she went to allie's cell closing the door, kicking her shoes off, she pulled off her jacket and pants and got in beside the blonde there lips connected in a kiss


'what are you trying to do to me allie?,...... bea breathed out


'what do you mean?


'everytime i looked at you, you have bedroom eyes.... allie laughed, the first proper laugh she had in ages


'what can i say babe, i wanted you in my bed right now


'well ya got me, now what can i do for you?... allie grabbed bea's hand guiding it down her stomach and into her panties


'i need you, i need you to touch me bea, please.... allie begged needing the redhead more than anything


'i got you baby.... bea spent 3 hours bringing allie to oblivion over and over again, she wanted her to forget about her problems, forget about channing, forget about the freak and know that she is loved and wanted by bea, bea still felt really guilty for what she did to allie and she would do anything to make it better, they both fell asleep wrapped in bea's red blanket which allie stole from bea's cell the cheeky little shit




Bea woke to lips on her stomach, kissing and licking and it felt amazing, she opened her eyes and ran her fingers through blonde locks


'what are you doing?... she husked out and gasped when allie gently bit her skin before soothing it with her tongue


'whats it look like babe?


'it looks like trouble to me... allie giggled


'me? never babe, i just want to show you how much i love you.... the announcement came over the speaker


'count in ten minutes, count in ten minutes


'we, we dont have time.... bea moaned out when allie breathed into her mound


'i can do plenty in ten minutes if your up for it?....she asked, it astonishes bea how much allie cares and respects her body, for so long bea never had a choice in life as harry would just take what he wanted but allie was different, bea smiled and nodded


'thats all i need.... allie said as bea through her head back when allie took a long swipe of those trickling juices, it didnt take long and bea was a heated mess when allie was done with her, when they were standing at there doors for count bea had to lean on the wall as the orgasm had really taken over her body and she felt so lazy and tired, bea giggled


'something funny novak?


'no miss miles, just admiring the view.... allie winked at bea who blushed bright red causing there crew to laugh


'keep it in your pants novak


'come on miss miles, you should try it, it tastes oh so good... she wriggled her eyebrows


'no thanks, alright your all done and novak stay out of trouble


'always miss miles, hey if you need someone i can find you a hot girl for ya


'no novak, gee does she ever stop?


'definitely not, baby behave


'im trying but its just so hard, miles is hot and needs to get laid


'oh my god.... miss miles said walking away


'fuck red you got yourself a fire cracker


'dont i know it franky, alright lets go shower guys.... after they showered which bea could really say that allie is such a perv, taking the stall next to hers, looking over the wall and checking out bea every now and than and even reaching out and tapping her on the ass as bea giggled, as they dressed allie took it upon herself to pat bea down with her towel before letting her dress herself, now they just sat down for breakfast and they were both playing footsies under the table and holding hands


'ugh do you 2 ever stop?


'jealous boomer, you want some of this too


'hell no, im strickly dickly, i aint no lezza.... she said so serious that the whole table erupted in laughs, bea was so happy to see allie's frame of mind change and a smile on her face, the last few days have been hard for her but bea wont let allie feel like this because of some pig, they went to the library after and decided to sit down and relax for a while, franky needed the computer to finish some of her study work for the week and the others decided to get some new books to read, allie was sitting on a bean bag chair which was ripped and half the stuffing was missing but she managed to get comfy with her book, bea and liz were looking for books and boomer went with doreen to call nash and her son josh


bea finally picked one out and wondered over to the seating area sitting at the table beside allie, she opened her book and began to read, franky looked over half an hour later to see how cute they were, although bea was sitting at the table and allie basically on the floor right next to her as  bea's hand had fallen over the side and instinctively she was running her fingers through her blonde locks and without even realizing allie was leaning into her touch, it was a great sight to see, both woman have gone through so much crap in there lives but they found love and comfort in each other, a couple hours later they all had a book to read and went back to there cells, allie was excited to continue reading so went to her cell for some quiet knowing how loud boomer could be


'baby im just going for a walk with maxi to talk to kaz


'take boomer with you please


'how about you? you need protection too


'and i have it, franky, doreen and liz are here with me plus mr jackson is walking up and down our hallway


'okay i wont be long, if anything happens press the panic button


'i will dont worry


'hard not too..... bea kissed allie once, twice, three times causing the blonde to giggle


'babe go im fine, i have the girls here... allie said gently pushing bea towards the exit


'okay..... bea walked out with maxine and boomer on her trail, they walked down the hall and stopped at kaz's unit seeing the blonde sitting on the couch talking with her crew, she looked up and saw bea


'oh hey i was just coming to look for you, come in


'hey kaz.... they walked in and kaz's girls got up letting the top dog sit down 'any news?


'i have had some of my girls on the outside keep an eye on channing


'what did they find?


'well they managed to find out where 3 of his brothels are, they wanted to storm them but i told them not yet


'yea thats good, we need to have enough on him to take him down for good


'agreed, so they also went to joan's house which happens to be in the name of joan and channing together


'seriously?... bea said surprised


'yea, are they together?


'no, channing is married and goes for the younger girls on the side anyways


'hmm girls like allie..... kaz said and bea nodded angrily  'are they related?


'could be, i never thought of that, can you get your girls to find out more information on them both, see if they can find out about there families, birth certificates, parents, anything will help, i will pay anything kaz i have money


'dont worry about the money i have that covered, i will call them today and get them to move on it quickly, one of them can visit when they have what we need


'good idea


'so how is allie going?


'she seems to be doing better, flirting with miles and even boomer.... bea rolled her eyes and kaz and the girls laughed


'yea but ay, i aint no lezza, she aint got no hope yea.... boomer said causing them all to laugh


'we know booms dont worry.... maxine said


'does she need anything bea?  anything at all?


'i dont think so, she is looking for some entertainment so she isnt outside too much unless its too eat, shower or work out, she just got a new book from the library so that will help for a little bit


'she loves to read,  i will see what i can do


'thanks, i better get going got too see a couple people and dont want to leave her for too long


'alright i will let you know when i know more, by the way is joan still in medical?


'yes, she might be released in a couple days


'okay, will keep an eye out


'us too, later kaz...... bea went to see a few other girls she can trust but none had any new info so they went back to the unit, franky and liz were sitting on the couch watching tv


'hey franky where is doreen and allie?


'doreen had a headache so went to lay down and allie is still reading in her cell, how did it go with kaz?


'maxine can you fill them in please, i want to lay down my back is really sore for some reason


'sure sweety, do you want something for it?


'yes please.... maxine came from her cell giving bea a couple tablets


'thank you maxi, im just gonna lay down with allie


'no worries love, i will get you up for dinner if you fall asleep.... bea nodded and than went to allie's cell opening the door


'hey babe your back..... allie said as bea closed the door


'i am


'everything go alright?


'kaz has the girls on the outside looking into channing and joan, apparently they own a house together, also they found out about 3 brothels


'woah thats crazy about the house, its good about the brothels, we have been trying to find them for so long


'i guess with you and kaz locked up in here he is getting clumsy


'looks like it.... allie watched as bea put 2 tablets in her mouth and drank water swallowing them


'hey you okay?


'my back is hurting so bad


'the lower part or the top?


'lower part, normally it happens when im due for my period but i dont get them anymore


'why not?


'harry, once day he hurt me pretty bad and i ended up having to remove my uterus, i dont get the pain often but when i do it feels so sharp


'come lay down babe i will massage it for you, take your shirt off, in fact take everything off except your undies... bea did just that and lay in front on allie on the bed, when allie started bea hissed


'sorry babe


;its okay, i know you would never hurt me, just be gentle please..... allie started again but much more gentle, she could still hear bea  groan in pain but after 20 minutes it was less and less


'i have a heat pack bea, once i finish im going to get the hot water bottle filled


'you dont have to do that


'i want to, my girl doesnt deserve this pain


'thank you.... bea mumbled against the pillow, allie massaged for almost an hour and seeing bea's sleepy eyes she kissed her back than climbed over her and got her hot water bottle


'i wont be long... she whispered and left the unit, she boiled the kettle and than put the water in it being very careful


'that for red?


'yea, she is pretty sore


'does she need anything?


'i gave her a massage but it looks like she might fall asleep, so maybe just some quiet in the unit


'yea no worries, were gonna watch a movie anyways, tell her i have something stronger if she needs it


'i will, thanks franky.... allie went to her cell and pulled the door closed behind her, she got back in beside bea whose eyes were rolling around looking so tired, she put the hot water bottle on bea's lower back


'here we go, it should help


'thank you for looking after me baby, your the best


'its cause i love ya, i love looking after you my beautiful bea... bea smiled and kissed allie;s cheek than put her head down 


'close your eyes babe


'dont go anywhere please... bea mumbled


'im right here.... bea yawned and then her eyes began to close, allie pulled the blanket over them both and they fell asleep




The next day bea and her crew were sitting on the benches out on the quad talking, they had been to breakfast and were now getting some fresh air but it was really cold that day, allie snuggled into bea's side who happily put her arm around the blonde and kissed her on the head


'its fucking freezing babe


'i know, news said this morning we are getting a huge cold front


'well its definitely here, my nipples could cut glass.... bea chuckled


'i will warm you up 


'you always do babe, hey how is your back?


'still sore but not as bad as yesterday thanks to you, that massage was wonderful


'im happy to give you another today, actually i insist of running my hands all over you... she whispered in bea's ear making her blush


'how can i refuse an offer like that..... they both laughed, allie's eyes went wide when she looked over at the gate


'bea look.... allie nodded and bea turned around to see a screw bringing the freak into the yard, bea and joan's eyes zoomed in on each other and allie felt bea freeze


'babe stay calm, dont let her get to you, kaz has one of the girls coming today with crucial information... bea nodded


'i know, she just gets under my skin, with everything that has happened i dont trust her


'i get it, by the looks of it she is back in gen pop and doubt she will make a move straight away


'yea but she wants to get rid of me allie


'i know she does and i wont let that happen, kaz is seeing stacy very soon if not now and when we find out the new info we can move on from there, dont do anything stupid now


'yea okay...... they watched as joan went into the quad and sat on a seat her back to the wall, her eyes were scanning everywhere and she was always looking at bea and allie, bea and had enough so she stood up


'lets go inside girls, its too cold out here..... they all nodded knowing exactly why bea wanted to go inside, they went to there unit and sat around the couches and table


'any plans red?


'not yet, we need to see what kaz comes up with first, we need to know how channing and joan know each other


'its so weird they do babe


'yea but there both as twisted and fucked up as each other so it makes sense as well.... allie nodded as bea sat in her lap


'thats true, kaz wont be long hopefully and we can get a bigger picture, any ideas when the court case is babe?


'no, actually has mr jackson walked passed here recently?


'not sure red, oh look there he is


'give me a sec girls... bea jumped up and walked towards the hall 'mr jackson can i talk to you for a minute?


'whats up smith?


'joan is back out in gen pop


'i heard this morning


'any idea when her court case starts?


'not sure


'can you go find out for me please?  i need to know


'yea alright, i will go find out now, i wont be long


'thank you mr jackson..... he walked off heading to the governor's office and bea went back into her unit and to the kitchen making a tea, they all saw bea rubbing her back and massaging it, in fact they had seen it all day yesterday and today


'you alright red?


'hmm, yea im fine.... maxine went up beside her and rubbed her shoulder


'sweety why dont you go lay down for a while, let allie give you a massage to help with the pain


'it just hasnt been this bad in a long time, in fact since surgery a few years ago


'it might be the fight that happened, maybe it got injured?


'yea maybe, i will talk to the nurse about it sometime


'sooner than later is better, come on take your tea and go lay down


'go babe and i will follow you... bea nodded


'okay.... they could all see how much pain she was in and they hated to see it, 


'come on boomer lets go for a walk


'where too maxi?


'to see nurse rose, lets see what she has to say about bea's back, franky we wont be long


'no worries, be careful yea?


'of course, allie why dont you go check on bea


'already on my way... allie said getting up and heading to bea's cell, she closed the door behind her seeing bea sitting on the bed


'babe lay down i will massage you.... bea pulled her shirt off and allie wriggled her eyebrows and smirked  'yummy


'stop it cheeky... bea chuckled


'i cant help it, your fucking stunning.... bea blushed as she lay down on her back looking up at allie


'come here beautiful girl.... bea put her hand out which allie took and pulled the blonde to lay down on top of her there lips connecting 


'bea you need to be turned around so i can massage you


'im fine allie, im laying down and im comfy, i just want you


'im right here but i would rather you not in pain so please turn over, i want to help


'okay fine... bea said knowing allie wouldnt give up, she turned on her stomach and allie began massaging her back and bea had to moan as it felt like heaven considering how much pain she was in, she didnt want to tell anyone because the top dog needs to be strong and in control so she just put up with it, half an hour later there was a knock on bea's cell door and the door opened a little


'its just me sweety


'come in maxi... maxine walked in and closed the door smiling as she watched allie massage her best friend


'so i just got back from the nurses office


'why? are you okay?


'im fine, i spoke to her about you




'yes you, your back pain


'oh, you didnt have to do that, im fine


'your clearly not, anyways she has booked you in for an mri scan to be done at the hospital tomorrow


'i cant go maxi i need to


'i dont want to hear it bea... she cut her off  'your back pain has gotten worse since being in jail obviously so your going


'but maxi


'no bea, your going and thats all there is to say about it.... bea huffed


'fine.... allie giggled


'your such a sook babe, its for your own good


'but i need to be here for you and the girls


'dont you worry about young allie, we are here and we arent leaving the unit tomorrow unless its to eat and shower, it will only be for a few hours and you need this


'okay, thank you maxi


'no worries, alright well shall we all go shower?


'yes please.... maxine left the cell and bea sat up putting on her t-shirt


'thank you baby, it feels so much better


'good, im glad, a hot shower will help


'absolutely........they had a shower and than came back to the unit where kaz was waiting for them


'hey bubba you doing alright?


'im good kaz not gonna let him bring me down again


'good girl, can we all talk bea?


'sure come in..... both crews settled around bea's unit and the 2 leaders sat at the table 'how did you go?


'well stacy definitely came through, channing and joan are brother and sister, same dad but different mothers so different surnames, apparently they were disconnected for a long time but about ten years ago they got connected again, they teamed up to run the brothels together


'thats fucked up


'yea it is, stacy got into joan's house and found a bunch of paperwork to do with the brothels, names of girls there and gone, girls they 'got rid of' for trying to escape or talk to police, there drug suppliers, guys and girls that work for them and run the businesses


'a full on ring, drugs, kidnapping, murder. i didnt realize it was this bad


'me neither bea, there was also photos of joan with channing and his family, she went through her computer and she was goggling ways to dissemble bodies and fucked up shit like that


'jesus christ... bea breathed out


'what do you want to do?


'we need to get her out of this place, she needs to be in a mental institution not jail


'yea and for fucking life, scum... allie said angrily, she had a feeling when she was held captive by channing there was someone else involved but she never found out who, now she knows and she is angry, really angry, she stood up and her chair fell back


'allie where are you going?


'to confront her... allie said storming off but bea was too her feet and at the gate wrapped her arms around allie holding her tight


'no dont allie


'i have to, i have a right to


'i know you do but you cant now, its too dangerous


'i dont care, i fucking hate her, she helped him keep me locked up and made me do things.... allie said as her voice broke, bea hated this for her, she hated to see how much hurt allie carried from what happened to her, 


'i got you baby and i promise she wont get away with this, she will pay for it, all of it.... she felt allie relax and turned her around to face her, she held her head between her hands


'i promise you my beautiful girl that i will get her, you will get your revenge.... allie nodded as bea wiped her tear stained cheeks and than pulled her into a loving hug


'bubba we will all get her, we are here to help


'thank you kaz, do you guys mind leaving us for a bit, i will come find you later on


'sure bea, if you guys need anything just ask


'keep an eye on her and channing, he is still around,  i want to know who he is talking to and what he is doing


'we got you, talk soon.... they all left and bea pulled allie with her to her cell and closed the door, she took off allie's clothes leaving her in nothing and doing the same for herself, there was something that she knew allie liked when feeling down and thats skin on skin contact, with them both naked they got in bed and bea wrapped her arms around the blonde and held her tight, she knows what allie heard about joan running the brothels with channing was a lot to take in and she would be there to help soothe the pain as best she can, bea sang to allie, she used to do it for debbie when she was sick or upset and seeing how angry and hurt allie was she decided to sing to her hoping it would help


It did help and allie stopped crying and relaxed into bea's chest, she eventually fell asleep and bea pulled the red blanket over them tightly as not only was it cold but allie loved it and bea wanted her to feel comforted


Bea vowed to get revenge for allie more than anything, she would make sure she and the girls are safe and that channing and the freak were taken out for good,   pulling allie even closer if that was possible she kissed her head and relaxed more so just wanting to hold the blonde while she slept and thinking of ways to get around this whole mess, there was only one and she would proceed to to finish this off sooner than later




Chapter Text







A few days later allie was sitting with bea and there crew at the top dogs table in the quad, they had finished breakfast a little while ago and were just sitting talking right now when mr jackson came over


'novak you have a visitor


'huh? who? i dont know anyone.... she said confused


'i dont know novak, come on lets go.... allie looked at bea and frowned


'what if its channing?.... she whispered to her


'dont worry baby, jackson knows better, i spoke to him and he hates channing so wont put you in harms way, its okay baby


'okay.... allie kissed bea's cheek and followed mr jackson inside and down the hall


'do you know who it is mr jackson?


'yes i do.... he looks at her worried expression and knowing what bea had told her he spoke again 'hey dont worry so much, it has nothing to do with him.... allie smiled and nodded


'here we go novak go on in to the visitors room.... allie walked in and there were just a few people in there, she scanned the room for anyone that she knew and when her eyes landed on them tears sprung to her eyes and her hand went over her mouth and she held in her tears, she walked towards them and they both smiled, it was her brothers tony and james


'is it really you allie?... one of them said and she nodded


'we have been looking for you for so long allie, we cant believe we finally found you.... one of them said 


'i ..i cant believe your both here, i have missed you both so much


'we missed you too.... they couldnt hold it in any longer and both of allie's brothers threw there arms around there sister who they have missed so very much, they all cried together and normally they werent allowed to hug for so long but mr jackson and the governor knew of the story so let them be


'how are you even here?


'your girl set it up for us, she spoke to the governor and mr jackson and set up this visit... allie smiled and wiped her tears


'of course she did


'you got a good one there allie... the boys said wiping there own tears 'told us if we hurt you she will come after us even if she is locked up... they all laughed and sat down


'she is very protective thats for sure


'we are glad you found someone special


'she is everything to me


'we can tell, we are so happy to see you allie


'even after everything i have done?.... she asked unsure


'we wish you never had to do any of that but its not your fault its mum and dads


'so you still see them?


'not really, once a year at xmas where they perceive to have the best marriage ever and put up a huge front when in reality mums doing dads business partner


'no way?


'oh yea al but you want to know what the best bit is?


'go on


'its ironic really, dad has been dating a man for the last 4 years


'shut the fuck up, are you serious?




'after banging on his bullshit about me being gay and kicking me out he is gay himself?


'gayer than miss courtney act


'wow, im actually gobsmacked 


'we were too when we found out but whatever, we barely see them which is better than way.... allie nodded


'tell me about you both.... tony and james told her about work, there partners and there kids


'i have a niece and a nephew?


'you sure do and they know about you




'we have photos from when we were younger and we tell them stories all the time about you


'were do they think i am?


'we tell them your away, there only 5 and 6, you will meet them soon enough


'i cant wait, tell me how gran is?


'she isnt doing too well allie


'what happened?


'about 6 months ago she fell ill and she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she had a double mastectomy and is now going through chemo... allie felt her heart drop into her stomach, her gran had always been her go to person, when she was kicked out and got hooked on drugs she was too embarrassed to ask for help


'is she in hospital?


'no she goes to chemo twice a week right now, its takes a lot out of her


'i miss her so much, does she know about me?


'she does




'yes allie everything


'does she hate me?.... allie whispered


'she could never hate you allie, she said she would love you no matter what you have done, she misses you so much


'i miss her more than i could explain, how about grandpa?


'oh he is still an old codger that one, keeps telling us we got lucky with our wives and doesnt know what they see in us.... they all laughed


'oh so still the same than?


'absolutely, that guy would never change...they laughed, they spent an hour talking and catching up, they hadnt even realized that the room had emptied of the other visitors, mr jackson came over to them


'its time guys


'time for what?.... allie said


'for the switch


'what?.... allie said confused


'allie wait here for a moment.... tony said and he went with mr jackson to the entrance and they opened the double doors which never happens, allie looked over and within a few seconds allie felt like she couldnt breath when she saw her gran and grandpa walking through, allie completely broke down as they walked towards her the biggest smiles on there faces


'oh my sweet girl come here... her gran said and allie threw herself into here loving arms, they all cried together as the grandparents peppered allie with kisses and encouragement of love, it took a few minutes for allie to calm herself down and she pulled back, her gran wiped her tears


'we have missed you so very much my sweet girl


'i have missed you both so much as well, how is this even possible?


'bea set it all up, she tracked down your brothers first and than us, her daughter debbie helped her, oh that girl really loves you allie


'i love her too, so much


'we are glad you found your person


'thank you, come sit down... they sat down with the boys 


'your wives let you out ay?


'yes grandpa, we got a hall pass.... they replied and laughed, her gran held allie's shaking hands


'you should have come to us allie?


'i wanted to so bad but i just felt so rejected and dad and mum said you wouldnt want someone like me around, when i ended up on the streets i had to do stuff i never dreamed of and i really wanted to come to you but i was embarrassed


'you shouldnt be, do i hate what you went through? without a doubt but i love you so very much and i wish we could have been there for you


'although i hate what i went through i would do it again because it bought me here, yes im in jail but i found the love of my life in here, bea is the best thing to ever happen to me, i dont think we would have met on the outside


'i can see that, she talks so highly of you and warned us all not to hurt you.... allie giggled


'she tends to get like that


'she is a lovely girl as is debbie


'you met debbie?


'oh yes, i was in the hospital getting chemo when she came and visited me, i told her stories about you when you were younger


'oh gran... allie blushed 'i hope they werent embarrassing ones


'of course not sweety...she smiled


'so tell me how your treatment is going?


'its going well, so since surgery i have been doing chemo twice a week and it is shrinking


'thats great gran


'yes it is, i got for a check-up in about 2 weeks and we will know more than


'i would like it if you kept me updated


'of course allie, we just found you again and we wont be going anywhere, bea put all our numbers on your call list so call us whenever, we also put money in your account for you to buy whatever you needed


'you didnt have to do that


'we wanted to... her grandpa said  'we missed out on too much with you and it wont be happening again allie, we gave mr jackson a couple care packages and they are in your cell 


'thank you... they spent another hour talking and laughing until it was time 


'thank you for coming gran and grandpa


'glad we could be here, we love you our little buttercup... allie giggled she hadnt been called that since she was younger


'i love you both too... she hugged her brothers next


'we will be back to visit soon al


'cant wait, i will call you all when i can 


'okay sis.... they shared there good byes and left, allie was strip searched and than led back out to the quad seeing her crew playing ball, she saw bea standing over by the cages watching on, she strode over towards bea who must have sensed allie and smiled, allie had this determined look on her face and bea was worried for a moment but when allie grabbed bea and kissed her so hard taking her breath away all thoughts left her body, bea wrapped her arms around the blonde woman holding herself up, there were cat calls and whistling coming from everyone else around but they didnt care as they got lost in each others embrace, pulling back allie rested her forehead on bea's as they breathed heavily


'i fucking love you so much bea


'i love you too allie


'i cant believe you did all that for me, brothers and my grandparents


'i just want you to be happy baby..... bea said rubbing allie's cheeks


'i have never been happier in my entire life and thats thanks to you and deb


'deb was so excited to meet them all, we havent got family so she took yours... allie giggled


'she can anytime she wants


'how was it?


'babe it was amazing, i have a niece and a nephew, 2 sister in laws, my grandparents are just amazing


'yes they are, they told me they missed you so much allie


'they told me you set it all up for me, why?


'because you deserve to have them in your life baby


'thank you so so much, now you have to come with me i need to show you something


'okay, hey franky we are going to the unit


'no sweat red..... they held hands as they went to the unit, as soon as bea closed her cell door allie's lips were on hers as they both began to undress each other, she laid bea down on the bed and smiled


'im gonna make sure you forget your name babe, i love you... allie said laying on top of bea


'i love you... bea moaned out as she felt allie's fingers on her clit.... allie spent the next few hours thanking bea and bringing her to the brink more times than she remembers


'god allie what was that for?.... bea said breathlessly 


'a thank you for what you did for me today


'i know how much you missed your family and you deserve to have them in your life, i know i put you through shit recently and i cant apologise enough for that so i hope this makes up for it


'it definitely does by a thousand percent babe, your one in a million bea... bea smiled as allie pecked her lips over and over again, allie giggled when she saw bea struggling to keep her eyes open




'hmm, after what you just did to me do you blame me?


'not really babe, sorry


'you dont look it allie... allie shrugged


'cause im not, to be honest tasting and touching you like that is my favorite thing to do, but i guess now you can rest babe


'come here.... bea opened her arms and allie fell into them snuggling up to the redhead before they both closed there eyes






bea felt her body trembling as she was waking up, hands were on her breasts and she had the best sensation going right through her body, popping her eyes open she looked down to see allie laying between her legs


'what are you doing?..... bea husked out releasing a moan at the same time


'waking you up


'fuck allie.... bea moaned out as allie sucked her clit not so gently, bea's hand went to the back of the blondes head holding her in place, she could feel it from her toes running through her body, she was so close to coming that with her free hand she put a pillow over her face and she moaned all kind of words, her legs clamped around allie as the orgasm tore threw her body, allie crawled up bea's shaking body and plopped down beside her, she moved the pillow and looked down at bea who was breathing heavily


'sorry babe i just couldnt help myself.... bea smiled and shook her head


'i love you allie, i hope you know know how much


'i do babe and i love you too, forever and ever and ever and ever... bea laughed


'for that long ay?


'oh yea babe, now that i have met you there is no one else, your stuck with me


'even when we get out?


'especially when we get out bea, if you try to get rid of me i would find you and sit at your front door till you take me


'i will never get rid of you allie, you know all my secrets


'oh thats all kinds of leverage... bea chuckled at allie's thinking face  'so i can just blackmail you to stay with me?


'i guess so


'oh lucky me


'shut up and kiss me.... allie did just that and connected there lips in a loving kiss, jumping when there was a loud knock on the door


'you done fucking red? we gotta talk


'shit, allie pull the blanket up... once the blanket covered them she called out


'come in franky.... franky opened the door and slid in before closing it and sat on the chair, she had her signature smirk on her face and was thinking the dirtiest jokes


'dont even think about saying something gross franky, i swear i will bash you... franky put her hands up in surrender 


'alright alright red calm down i come in peace


'first for everything, so whats up?


'the freak, i saw her talking to kaz


'did you hear the conversation?


'nah but it looked pretty heated on kaz's side, she was clearly not happy and slapped the bitch across the face


'kaz must of confronted her about the letter


'probably, to be honest im not surprised kaz went off at her after trying to come between her and blondie here


'yea but she was so quick to think i would betray her.... allie said sadly and bea rubbed her cheek


'i know blondie but since she had her talk with bea kaz has been there, we turn a corner and she is following to make sure your safe, you go to see miss westfall and kaz stands out  side the door than follows us back to the unit to make sure you dont get attacked, im not saying you have to forgive her straight away but she is trying


'i know franky, im just hurt and im trying to deal with those feelings


'i get it, so red what do you want to do?


'lets go see kaz before dinner and find out what was said


'yea good idea, get dressed than


'get out first


'what? i want to see you getting dressed


'your really cruising for a bruising.... bea said and franky laughed when she threw a pillow as she walked out the cell


'babe you will be careful right?


'of course allie, i will take franky and maxi with me, i will be back to get you guys for dinner


'okay... they both got up and got dressed and shared a few kisses before bea left with maxine and franky, they arrived at kaz's unit seeing her making a tea


'hey kaz


'oh hey bea whats up? allie alright?


'yea she is fine, franky saw you exchange words with joan.... kaz nodded


'yea i did, i was going to come tell you after dinner but your here now


'what did she say?


'wanted to talk about the letter, allie and you, she went on about the fact that allie is trying to make a deal with the prosecutor and say that i was the only one in the rrh so she can get out of here, said that you were helping her and that i confessed to you all that stuff


'kaz we wouldnt


'i know that bea, i also know that allie wouldnt want to be on the outside now that she found you 


'thats very true..... maxine said


'yea im not stupid bea i know she is trying to play me, she needs people in her corner but im definitely not one of them, my girls arent either


'you slapped her?


'sure did, she called allie a couple names so i snapped, she is lucky i dont break her fucking arm.... they all nodded knowing she deserved more than a slap


'how did it end?


'i told her to stay the fuck away from me, you and our crews, she said collateral damage will be seen. god she sis so creepy


'definitely, alright thats good kaz, we can see now she is worried and she needs people in her corner but most woman in here know what she has done and will stay clear, the ones that we need to worry about is the new girls so lets all keep an eye out for them ay?


'you got it bea


'alright i better get back to the unit the girls would be hungry


'no worries, oh how is deb doing?


'better, she still has some physio to do but is getting better each day


'good to hear


'yea, see ya kaz


'later..... they walked back to the unit and grabbed the other girls and went to dinner, once they ate they showered and count was done so they were locked in for the night





The next day bea had almost ran to the phone really wanting to talk to her daughter, picking up the receiver she dialed her number


'hey deb


'mum im so happy to hear your voice, how are you?


'im good and you? how are you healing up? are you in pain? do you need anything?.... debbie giggled at her mums questions


'slow down mum, im good, healing up well and can walk on my own so no more stick, physio is happy with my progress and says i will be good in a couple weeks


'thats great deb, you back to school yet?


'yes but its hard, walking the steps has been really hard so today i had a meeting with the dean and she suggested i do the normal classes that dont involve going up the stairs and the rest i can stream in the library on my laptop till im able to do them by myself


'thats good deb, you shouldnt push yourself too much


'i wont plus margaret has been feeding me very well so i have to get out every now and than or i will become fat.... bea giggled


'you could never get fat deb plus you will get back to working out soon enough


'hopefully, so how are the girls? how did allie go meeting her family?


'the girls are good, oh deb you should see allie, she has the biggest smile on her face since than, she was so happy and greatfull


'im glad, her nan is great, she has chemo today so im just arriving at the hospital to hang out with her


'thats nice of you deb


'yea she is really cool, oh mum she has been telling me stories of when allie was younger that are so funny


'oh i wish i had the time to hear them all


'i will write to you mum and tell you everything properly


'sounds good deb.... bea giggled as she felt allie stand behind her and wrap her arms around her waist


'hey beautiful... allie said 


'was that allie?


'sure was, hey babe its deb


'let me talk to her mum


'alright hold on.... bea gave allie the phone


'hey deb


'hey allie how are you?


;im good, im going to meet your nan at the hospital she has chemo today


'thank you for being there for her and thank you so much for helping to bring us together


'happy to do it, she is so cool to hang with


'she definitely is, give her my love and tell her i will call her in the afternoon, what time does she finish?


'about 12.30 and than i will take her home and we have lunch together so try call her about 2


'no sweat, here finish off with your mum there is only a minute left, bye deb


'see ya... allie hands the phone to bea


'hey deb you make sure your looking after yourself and doing everything the doc says


'i will, gotta go mum love you


'love you too deb.... hanging up bea turned to a smiling allie


'why are you waling around on your own allie?


'why are you?.... allie countered


'im the top dog and people wont mess with me


'well i grew up on the streets so im not scared of anyone, plus the guard dog is right there..... she nodded to boomer who was slouched tiredly against the wall


'good now lets go eat


'oh yes please im hungry


'of course you are allie. come on..... they grabbed there crew and went for breakfast than we out to the yard but something didnt seem right to bea, they sat at there table but bea's eyes were looking everywhere


'red whats wrong?


'something is not right franky....... just than they saw a few bottles of some liquid and they were on fire flying over the fence and when they fell they set a fire to wherever it was


'fuck, franky get the girls back to the unit now..... before they could move about 20 things dropped in the yard and it began filling with smoke so no could see anything, bea heard a scream and tried to feel around 


'allie? allie where are you?.....she yelled out






Chapter Text



Allie felt 2 sets of arms drag her away from bea and the group, she could hear bea yelling out


'allie, allie where are you?


'bea..... she managed to get out before a hand covered her mouth and she was punched in her side


'shut the fuck up bitch..... when they went inside most of the hallways were full of some kind of smoke and she could barely see, but whoever had her knew exactly where they were going, by the trail allie was pretty sure it was the kitchen and it was confirmed when she entered and came face to face with the one and only


'oh my my the queens princess is here to play


'what the fuck do you want freak?.... allie spat out and was punched in the stomach by one of the girls holding her, she finally saw who it was and it happened to be a couple of the new girls that had hurt bea and franky in the fight, allie groaned as the 2 girls held her up


'oh my dearest allie you dont need to say anything unless i ask you a question... joan said as she put on a pair of black gloves, from what allie had been told joan does that as a signature thing with intent to hurt someone, allie was definitely worried, she tried to fight off the 2 girls but as 4 more joined them in the kitchen but allie was outnumbered and had resolved in a beating, a few hits to the stomach, allie was on the floor covering her head the best she could and than it stopped


'get her up girls.... she was dragged up to her feet and joan came closer


'this is what happens when you back the wrong person.... joan sneered


'bea is a million times better person than you could ever be.... allie said and spat the blood at joan's feet


'hmm i dont see your queen anywhere here trying to protect you


'i dont need bea to protect me, thats the difference between you and her freak, she isnt a dog and this is now twice just recently that you have taken dog shots, firstly attacking franky and bea from behind and now this, what do you even think is going to happen? huh? you think by hurting or killing me bea wont testify?.... allie laughed  'i guarantee you she will not back down because she aint no pussy bitch like you


'oh i beg to differ my sweet child, bea's weekness is you and i know she would do anything to protect you


'fuck you freak, bea will put you away for life in the crazy hospital where you belong.... allie felt a strong sting as joan slapped her across her already sore cheek


'you will not speak to me like that, your a junkie street whore with no morals in life, you think what you and bea have is love? hmm, i guess  dreams are free.... allie knew what joan was trying to do and that was for allie to turn on bea and that would never happen


'do you not realize that this right here is your last hope, i mean instead of hurting me you should have just escaped, wow you really are stupid.... this made joan seethe and she nodded at her girls to beat on allie again, allie for sure knew she had a few broken ribs now and her breathing was struggling, that last beating was brutal to the gut with the kicks, but she didnt care, allie would do anything to try and keep bea safe


'see allie what you forget is i am not worried about bea because i have my own plans for the queen bea


'you dont fucking touch her bitch.... allie said trying hard to keep her balance as she felt dizzy


'oh dearest allie how you think you can stop me is beyond my knowledge, anyways you have your own fate to deal with.... joan said as one of the girls handed her a syringe, allie saw it was pink and she had been told from boomer and the girls about pink dragon from a long time ago when franky used to peddle drugs, it was lethal in small doses but the syringe had almost 5 times the normal amount anyone would use, allie paled and joan and her girls laughed




'of you?? never bitch


'im going to enjoy this, hold her down... joan said to the other girls as she stepped to allie and held out her arm, allie felt sick and she just wished she could see bea one more time before she gave into her death





bea was freaking out, she couldnt feel or hear allie anywhere, the smoke was thick, the alarm was going off, the woman were yelling and screaming the smoke was hurting there eyes


'close you eyes guys, EVERYONE CLOSE YOUR EYES!!!...... she yelled  'CLOSE YOUR EYES AND GET ON THE FLOOR, STAY THERE TILL THE SMOKE DISAPPEARS!!!!!!!!..... she yelled to everyone listening


'red where is allie?


'i dont know, i heard her call my name but i cant see her anywhere, this has joan written all over this


'definitely, the smoke is going just give it a minute


'its raining franky


'thats good, see the smoke is going, tell everyone to use the rain water to clean there eyes and than lets go look for allie...... after bea announced it to everyone her crew followed her inside except for liz who as peer worker was to take care of the woman


'its still smokey in here so be careful girls


'where too red?


'lets try the showers, maxi and doreen go check the unit and than meet us at the showers... they all ran off and when they reached the bathroom allie was no where to be seen


'fuck, where is she?


'there are so many places to go but we need to think where joan would go to hurt her?


'i can only think of one place


'the kitchen.... they both said in unison, doreen and maxi came a minute later


'she isnt in the unit


'we think the kitchen


'lets go and quietly..... franky, doreen, maxine and boomer all followed bea towards the kitchen, they walked into the diner room and could hear noises, bea put a finger over her lips to tell them to be quiet and they all nodded, she directed boomer and maxine to go to the back door entrance and watch from there, bea crept closer to the door and looked through the little window seeing a bleeding allie being held up by 2 girls, 5 others girls around and joan standing in front of allie with what bea could tell was a syringe in her hand filled with pink stuff


'thats pink dragon... franky whispered  'if she injects allie with that she will die instantly


'fuck, im going to fucking kill that bitch


'you cant because you will spend life in here, but here to protect yourself... franky said giving bea a shiv  'maxi and i have one as well... just than the door opened for the diner room and vera walked in with mr jackson, they went to talk but bea shushed them and pulled them to where they are


'what is going on?


'joan and a few of the new girls have allie in there, she has a syringe full of pink dragon


'i thought that was destroyed?


'guess not


'yea and the dose is huge governor


'so whats the plan?


'you and mr jackson should go and contain the other woman, i need to finish this once and for all


'be careful smith, i will call for the ambulance for allie


'please do so.... vera and jackson left knowing they broke protocol but bea knows what she is doing and they trust her.... bea took a big breath


'red you need to go now she has the needle at allie's arm




Allie couldnt believe after everything she has gone through this is whats going to kill her after getting and staying clean, she felt joan graze the needle against her skin before stopping at her vain


'goodbye you dirty slut, your love will be with you very soon.... allie braced herself but before joan could inject both doors flung open and everyone jumped in a freight


'get the fuck off her now... bea kicked joan sending her flying, the 2 girls that held allie let go of her and she fell to the ground, franky, doreen boomer and maxine went on to fight the other girls but bea's eyes were set on joan


'you fucking bitch.... as joan was already on the ground bea dropped on top of her and laid punch after punch, breaking her nose, cheeks and joan's whole face became bloody


'you dont fucking go near my girls, you dont go near allie, you fucking die bitch...... bea was lost in her mind as she continued on, to the stomach, chest, head not realizing the shiv fell out of her sleeve


'bea.... she heard faintly  'bea stop.... she heard again and pulled back breathing heavily, she turned around to see allie coming too and reaching out for her


'allie..... bea breathed out and went over to her  'im here baby, are you okay?


'yea just a little bruised, help me up please... bea helped her up and they looked at the others still caught up in fighting, what they didnt see is joan pick up the shiv and get up


'you will die now.... joan said as she ran at bea, allie pushed bea to the side and joan crash tackled allie to the ground the shiv piercing her stomach, joan pulled it back and stabbed allie 4 more times before bea was able to get up and pull joan off


'what the fuck did you do?.... bea said and in anger  'YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!..... she grabbed the syringe with the drugs and injected it into joan's veins, joan smiled and than closed her eyes, the others watched on and bea dropped the syringe and fell to her knees at allie's body


'baby im here


'bea, b..bea its okay


'im sorry, im so sorry.... bea cried 'stay with me okay, help is coming.... doreen ran out of the kitchen to go find help, returning with vera, mr jackson and a couple other guards, vera was shocked to see allie in such a state


'miss miles the ambulance is here go and bring them in, mr jackson use the towel there to stop the bleeding, you 2 guards get the other prisoners to medical,..... bea was holding allie's hand and running her fingers through her blood soaked hair


'dont leave me allie, please baby i cant do this without you


'your strong... allie said trying to breath 'your my.. strong girl, no matter what happens you get out of here and be with debbie


'and you, i wont live without you... allie coughed up blood and the 2 ambulance officers came into the kitchen seeing an absolute blood bath


'just work around her for now....vera said and they nodded


'allie please stay with me, help is here now... allie lifted her hand and rubbed bea's cheek


'i will never ever stop loving you bea, the best thing i ever did in my life is love you


'i love you too


'we need to get going, she needs surgery now..... mr jackson and bea helped load allie on the bed and began rolling her out, in this time one of the guards had thrown a blanket over joan's body after confirming she was dead, franky had grabbed the syringe and wiped it of bea's prints and put it in joan's hand so it would be ruled as a suicide, bea had been through enough and her whole crew had her back, they all saw what had happened and franky whispered to them 'the freak did it to herself'.. they all nodded


'governor can i go with her please?.... bea said crying


'im sorry smith not right now, i will try and organize to get you there later on once things have calmed down, you need to see her off here.... bea leaned down and kissed allie


'i love you beautiful girl, you come back to me and stay strong


'i love you too...... allie replied before they exited out of the prison, bea's crew had followed them and now had bea surrounded as she fell apart in franky's arms


'your girl is strong red, she will bea this


''she sure is love, lets go get cleaned up, is that okay governor?


'yes conway, let me get a couple guards to escort you because we are in lockdown now


'thank you..... they were able to get cleaned up and were now sitting in there unit, bea was in her cell hugging allie's jacket hoping to all hell that allie made it through 





vera wiped her brow as bridget and will sat in her office talking about the events 


'so joan's body has been taken away?


'yes governor, they will do an autopsy and let us know tomorrow what the cause of death is 


'which is obviously an overdose


'exactly, she had the syringe in her hand when we found her, it has been bagged for evidence


'i could care less that she is dead to be honest


'i have to agree with you vera... bridget replied


'bridget i think it would be good to see bea at some stage


'i will make sure to see all of h1


'good, thats good


'governor i rang debbie to let her know what has happened


'how did she take it?


'lets just say debbie's anger is as bad as bea's, she will contact allie's family and they will go to the hospital


'better you than me will, debbie is a feisty one, we nee to figure out a few things


'first one is food because the kitchen is closed for the rest of the day


'your right bridget, any ideas?


'its dinner time soon so i suggest to order pizza for the woman, i know its not normal protocol but we have no where to cook and if need be i will pay for it


'no need for that bridget although i appreciate it, we have petty cash, i think after today the woman would enjoy a treat, 90% of them are still struggling with there burning eyes.... bridget and will nodded


'has anyone told kaz?


'not yet, governor i think i should grab maxine to go break the news to her


'thats a good idea will, after your done i will order pizza for each unit, 8 units plus our staff i will order 70 pizzas, i will order now and when your done will if you can go with miss miles and the van to pick them up please?


'yes of course governor


'thank you, you can go and get maxine...., he arrived at the h1 unit and unlocked the gates


'how is allie mr jackson?


'no news yet franky sorry, i came to see you maxine


'what can i do for you?


'we need to tell kaz about allie and think its better coming from you


'yes i think thats a better idea, now?


'yes please


'okay, franky you watch out for bea 


'will do.... they walked to h3 and will unlocked the gate letting maxine in


'what the hell happened maxi?.... kaz said angrily


'kaz you and the girls should sit down, i will tell you everything




'mr jackson im okay here, can you maybe go and check on some of the other woman


'alright you got 20 minutes... he locked the gate and left


'what happened?...... maxine went on to tell kaz and the crew about what happened with allie, the fight, joan and allie being stabbed, kaz had tears rolling down her cheeks


'how could she do this? allie didnt hurt anyone


'i know love, joan has always been very dangerous but we thought she would go for bea not allie or anyone else


'how is allie?


'we know she needed surgery but thats all we know


'will she be okay?


'im not going to lie to you kaz she is in a bad way, by the time we found her she had been beaten up pretty badly.... kaz shook her head


'she doesnt deserve this


'i know love, allie she is a strong girl and all we can do is stay positive


'how is bea?


'not good, she is a mess and hasnt stopped crying, she blames herself because joan was going for her but allie pushed bea out of the way


'its not her fault its joan's


'i know but bea cant help it, she always takes the blame on herself when anyone gets hurt but when its allie


'its much worse..... maxine nodded 'what can we do?


'pray for allie, pray she makes it through this, when the lock down gets lifted check on the woman and make sure they are okay


'my eyes are fucking stinging from the smoke


'keep putting water on them, wash them out as often as possible, it will stop in a couple hours


'okay, please keep me updated about allie


'of course we will, stay positive girls.... maxine left the unit a minute later and went back to her own, bea had cried herself to sleep so let her be right now




debbie had gotten the phone call from will about what happened to allie, he wasnt sure about the whole story but what she got from him wasnt good, she was already at the hospital with allie's nan as she was getting chemo, she was nearly finished and the nurse was taking out the needle when the call came through so debbie went to the hallway to take the call, coming back her face was pale with worry


'everything okay love?


'no not really, sit down for a minute i need to tell you something


'is it allie?.... debbie bit her lip and nodded, the older lady sat down and debbie slid a chair closer and took her hand


'something happened at the prison and allie was hurt


'how badly?


'its bad, she got stabbed 5 times.... the old lady gasped as tears filled her eyes


'where is she?


'at this hospital actually, lets go down to emergency and find out how she is


'my poor darling... the older lady maria said as she walked with debbie


'allie is strong and she will fight this, she has too, she has her family back and mum would rather die than live without her




'absolutely, i know what mum is like and she has changed so much since she met allie, allie is her person and she would be hating herself right now for allie getting hurt


'i hope she is okay


'lets go find out... they arrived at the emergency department and went up to the receptionist 


'hi how can i help you?


'we are after allie novak, she came in from wentworth prison


'are you family?


'this is her grandmother maria novak


'give me a moment to check the system.... the lady scanned the computer and read through some of the notes  'okay so allie is in surgery right now and will be for some time


'does anyone know what happened?


'not as yet im sorry, it will be a while till we have any news so maybe you can go get a coffee or something to eat


'we will, here is my number, im debbie 


'and who are you to allie?


'my mum is her girlfriend


'is your mum here?


'no she is in jail and unfortunately unable to come here


'no judgement here my sister is in jail


'really? whats her name?




'doreen anderson?


'thats her


'i was in there for a bit and she was in my unit


'wait you were in bea's unit?


'thats my mum


'wow small world, your mums a top chick and helped nash get a job when he got out, allie is your mums girl?


'love of her life


'thats sweet, alright debbie i have your number and i will call you when i have news, there is a quiet room just down there so you you can get food or drinks and go sit in there, it has a tv, a couple couches and tables


'great, maria here just finished chemo so needs to rest


'but please let me know how my grand daughter is doing when you can


'i will miss novak.... debbie went to the quiet room and set maria up on the couch


'im going to get us food, anything inparticular you want?


'im not fussed debbie


'okay i wont be long.... debbie returned 10 minutes later and placed the bag on the table


'i got you a pasta and some hot chips with gravy, 


'thank you sweet heart... they began eating and maria huffed  'what if allie doesnt pull through, we just found each other again, she has your mum who loves her so very much


'we have to think positive maria, i know allie, i have seen what she is like and she wont give up and neither will we


'we have to stay positive, thank you for being here debbie


'im glad i am, now should i call your husband and allie's brothers?


'yes please, here use my phone.... debbie called them and they were shocked to hear allie was stabbed and in hospital,


'there on there way, so right now we wait..... maria nodded 




will and a couple other inmates handed out the pizza to each unit so franky went to see if bea was hungry, she knocked but no answer so opened the door and than closed it behind herself, she thought bea was asleep till she heard her speak


'i want to be alone


'bad luck because you shouldnt be alone right now


'please franky i cant do this right now, i just cant.... franky moved closer and sat on the bed rubbing bea's back


'hey im not here to annoy you, im worried about you


'im not the one hurt allie is, she was so hurt franky... bea said her voice caught in her throat as she began to cry again


'i know red, she didnt deserve any of it but we cant change it either, the reality is allie was hurt but she is so strong and would never leave you


'if she comes through this i wouldnt be surprised if she dumps my ass, i dont deserve someone like her, she is too good for me


'thats enough of that shit red, your a good person and you deserve allie, she loves you and she protected you


'i wish it was me thats got hurt not her


'i wish it was none of us, it wasnt our choice, it was the freaks, thats what your forgetting red, the freak did all this


;im probably going to get life after killing her


'you didnt kill her, we were all there and we saw her do it to herself after being enraged that she couldnt kill you


'but the syringe has my prints.... bea said turning to face franky


'i wiped them, im not letting you go down for something like that, we all have our story straight so no need to worry


'i love you ya know franky


'stop cracking onto me red, im taken.... bea smiled and shook her head


'you couldnt help yourself could ya?


'not really, now come on the governor got us pizza




'yea well we cant use the kitchen, its a crime scene, so food and relax till we hear some news, and before you argue with me allie would kick me ass for not looking after you.... bea nodded


'okay..... they sat at the table and began to eat, it was quiet and no one knew what to say until of course boomer broke the ice


'allie woulda loved the pizza ay, its her favorite.... bea nodded and smiled


'yea she would booms


'ay the blondie is top chick and she will beat this and come back to annoy us yea.... boomer said and they nodded and agreed


'thats right booms, blondie is tough and will come back stronger than ever..... after dinner they kept the rest aside for later or tomorrow and than they had count


'mr jackson any news?


'no sorry smith, debbie, allie's nan, grandpa and brothers are at the hospital, debbie has been keeping me informed if anything changes and i will let you know


'thank you.... after count bea headed to allie's cell and saw allie's jacket there, she put it on and bought it to her nose 'smells like her'... bea said to herself, she laid on the blondes bed hugging the pillow


'come back to me beautiful girl, i love you.... she said staring at the sketch she drew for allie a couple weeks ago, it was of the 2 of them sitting on the couch and allie absolutely loved it, thanking bea by kissing her all over her face and bringing her to the brink time and time again, soon enough after the exhaustion of the day bea had fallen asleep, franky went to check on her a little while later and saw bea was asleep but didnt want to leave her on her own, she grabbed bea's red blanket and threw it over her and than set herself up on the floor just in case bea needed someone



Chapter Text







Bea opened her eyes and the first thing that came to mind was allie, her poor girl was so hurt because the freak wanted revenge on her, the image of allie struggling to breath as mr jackson tried to stop the bleeding from allie's stomach, hearing coughing she looked over her bed seeing franky staring up at her


'what are you doing here franky?


'i just wanted to make sure i was here in case you needed someone... bea nodded


'thank you, i really appreciate it


'no sweat, how you doing?


'i just cant believe that allie got hurt because of me


'its not because of you red, its because the freak wanted to do something to stop you in your tracks, she knows the best way to get to you was allie


'its not fair, allie doesnt deserve it


'she definitely doesnt, but red she is strong and she will fight this


'what if she cant franky? what if i lose her??.... bea said as tears rolled down her cheeks, franky sat up and wiped them down


'hey dont think like that, i think what you dont realize red is allie would do anything for you and i bet she made sure to keep the freak with her instead of going for you, she wouldnt be able to live with herself if you got hurt in any way


'i hate this franky, i feel so numb and lost


'i get it red, come on just stick with me today, hopefully we get some news today... bea nodded, they got out of bed and count was soon done before they headed for a shower as a crew, kaz and her girls were in there and bea felt bad seeing kaz's face knowing she probably cried most of the night for allie


'any news bea?


'not yet, hoping some time today..... kaz nodded


'can we do anything to help?


'yea, if you see woman playing up or starting stupid fights step in please, my head is really not in it right now


'no worries bea we got your back




'we are going to go to breakfast and than sit out on the yard..... bea nodded and kaz left with her crew, bea and the girls all washed up than dumped there things at there unit before going for breakfast, after eating which bea didnt really have much except half a toast, they retreated back to there unit knowing bea wasnt up for being outside, bea lay back down on her bed the others sitting on the couches leaving her be




debbie and allie's family had been pacing around the waiting room for the last 8 hours waiting for news on allie


'why is there no news yet?.... allie's brother tony stressed out


'its a long surgery love, just sit down and take a breath.... he nodded


'sorry gran, its just you know, we just got her back and we cant lose her


'i know sweet heart, hopefully we get some news soon... it was about another hour later when 2 doctors came out to them


'how is she?


'it was a long surgery but she is stable right now, we had to cut out part of her liver which was damaged, she had a collapsed lung and her bowel had to be repaired


'will she be okay?


'she is stable right now but she is in a coma, we need to give her time for her body to recover


'will she wake up?.... debbie asked


'i need to be honest with you guys, she is not in a good way and has had a lot of damage, the next 72 hours are very critical and we will keep her in a coma


'so you dont know if she will wake up?


'correct, its up to allie to wake up


'can we see her please?


'yes of course, please follow me.... they followed the doctors to allie's room where a guard from the prison was there, walking in they all had tears in there eyes, allie looked like a zombie and very pale. her nan went over to her grand daughter and held her hand


'oh my poor darling, you rest now sweet heart and we will all be here for you... she said running her fingers through allie's blonde locks, 


'im going to go to the prison and see if i can get a visit with mum, i will update her on allie


'good idea love, you give your mum our love and tell her we are with allie all the time


'i will, i will come back later on, do you guys need anything? i have my car with me


'debbie sweet heart if you dont mind can you get us all some dinner please?


'of course, anything you fancy?


'anything is fine love, here is some money


'dont worry about it i got it, i will be back later on..... debbie left the hospital and got into her car calling will


'hey deb hows allie?


'she got out of surgery after like 9-10 hours, she is in an induced coma for now and the next 72 hours are critical, they had to cut out a part of her lung that was damaged, her lung collapsed, her bowel needed repair and she lost a lot of blood so she is getting a blood transfusion


'fucking hell


'yea its not good, i was wondering if i could see mum today and tell her about allie?


'give me a minute to ask the governor....a couple minutes later he came back to the phone 'hey deb can you come soon?


'sure, i will be about 20 minutes


'alright see you than




bea was laying in her bed when there was a knock on the door, it opened and mr jackson was there


'smith you have a visitor?


'who is it?


'dont know, come on i dont have all day.... bea put her shoes on an followed him down the hallway to the visitors room and he opened the door


'go on in and sit down


'there is no one in there... bea said surprised


'i know smith, go on..... bea huffed but went inside and sat at one of the chairs wondering what the hell was going on, she watched as mr jackson went to the main door and opened it, what bea didnt expect is for debbie to walk in, when she did bea fell apart as she stood up and wrapped her arms around her beautiful daughter


'i know mum, its okay.... debbie held her mum as she sobbed into her shoulder for a good 6-7 minutes, bea pulled back and wiped her cheeks


'sorry deb i soaked your jacket


'dont worry about that, i get it, allie... bea nodded


'i dont even know how she is


'i do, lets sit down and i can tell you..... debbie explained everything to bea about allie's condition


'fuck she is in a bad way


'she is mum, her body needs time to recover, its up to allie to wake up.... bea shook her head and put it down on the table


'what did i do to her deb? how could i let her get so hurt?..... debbie put her hand on her mums head


'you will not blame yourself for this mum, its that bitches fault and if she wasnt dead i would kill her myself.... debbie with such fierceness that bea shivered as she lifted her head


'i wish i could see her


'i know mum, not right now because of everything going on since the big fight but maybe soon


'hopefully, you will keep me updated wont you?


'of course mum, im going back to the hospital with dinner tonight to sit with her family


'who is there?


'her nan, grandpa and both her brothers


'use my card to pay for anything they need or allie needs


'no mum i have money


'please deb, i need to do this since i cant be there myself, i need to feel like im doing something... debbie nodded




'can you give allie a message for me?


'of course


'tell her i love her, and tell her she will always be my seahorse


'seahorse?... debbie asked confused and bea smiled


'allie told me once that seahorses link tails so they dont lose each other, she is my sea horse... debbie giggled


'you 2 are so soft... bea laughed


'shut up you little shit... they both laughed together


'alright i promise to give her the message, do you need anything?


'not right now, just watch over allie for me


'of course mum, i gotta go, have to go shower and dress before going to the hospital


'okay baby, thank you for coming


'no worries mum, call me tomorrow and i will give you another update


'okay.... they hugged and debbie left, bea was taken back to her cell and told her crew about allie 


'the poor love, she is a strong one that allie 


'yea liz is right sweety, lets get to dinner and than you can rest.... bea nodded, they came back after dinner which comprised of telling kaz and her crew about allie's condition and having some much needed food, bea opted for an early night and again franky slept in the cell with her not wanting bea to be alone




It had been 5 long excruciating days since allie had surgery and she still hadnt woken up, the family as well as bea were losing hope, bea hadnt been able to go and see the blonde as the governor wanted bea to go when she woke up but after the phone call she just had she had to call in mr jackson


'yes governor?


'get smith for me please


'sure... he left and walked down to h1 seeing them all sitting there


'smith the governor wants to see you?


'why? is it about allie?


'im not sure, come on... bea followed him to her office and knocked


'come in..... he opened the door


'smith for you governor


'thank you mr jackson, close the door behind you... bea walked in and vera signaled for her to sit down which she did


'is this about allie?


'yes it is


'has she woken up yet?


'im afraid not bea, i spoke to her doctor and its not looking very good, they dont think she will wake up... she watched as bea wiped the tears falling down her cheeks


'surely there has to be something that can be done


'they have done everything they can but allie lost a lot of blood and her injuries were catastrophic, listen smith im going to organize for you to go and see her, the doctor thinks you should say your goodbyes.... bea shook her head


'i..i cant say goodbye to her... she cried out, 'she has to be okay.... the governor felt like she could throw up seeing the big bad top dog in such a state, sobbing into her hands


'im sorry bea, do you want to go?.... bea looked up and nodded


'i have to, as hard as it would be i have to go, do i have time to get cleaned up? i was working out before


'sure, go and get cleaned up and i will get mr jackson to come and get you in an hour...... bea left the office and went to her cell telling the girls the sad news, maxine of course could see her struggling so grabbed her hand


'lets get you showered and ready to see your girl sweety..... bea nodded, franky and maxine went with bea to the showers and when they came back maxine brushed her curls and put it up showing off her defined cheek bones, knowing allie absolutely loved it like that


'how can i say goodbye maxi? i felt like im gonna have a complete meltdown.... maxine sat in front of her friend


'just because the doctors have said its time it doesnt mean it is, you go in that room and pepper her with kisses, talk to her, make her feel your presence 


'and if she doesnt wake up? 


'than you remember the beautiful times you had together, you keep her in your heart every single day


'i could never forget her


'i know sweet heart, look mr jackson is here to take you, give allie our love.... bea nodded and they went out of the cell


'you ready smith?


'i hope so.... he cuffed her hands and than together they left the prison in the prison van, they arrived at the hospital 20 minutes later and began walking inside, bea's hands were still cuffed till they got into the lift and he took them off


'alright smith we go only to allie's room.... bea nodded, they stepped off the lift and into icu passing all the rooms, bea looked ahead and saw debbie with a couple guys so she walked quicker, debbie throwing her arms around her mum


'oh mum im so happy to see you


'me too deb, how is she?


'not good, im sorry mum... debbie said pulling back  'mum this is allie's brother's james and tony, guys this is my mum


'the girlfriend, damn i gotta say my sister has good taste, your freakin gorgeous.... debbie giggled as her mum blushed bright red


'umm thank you, im sorry about allie


'you got nothing to be sorry for bea


'its my fault


'no its not, we know what happened and we know who did this


'but they were trying to get to me


'that may be true but you were trying to do the right thing and keep that crazy animal behind bars so she didnt hurt anyone else, we would have done the same.... bea nodded, just than an older lady came out of the room


'maria this is my mum bea, mum this is allie's nana... bea went to shake her hand but the older lady pulled her into a hug


'oh my sweet girl you have been the best thing to ever happen to our allie, she loves oh so much


'i love her too.... bea said hugging the woman just as fierce


'how about you go in and see her?


'please.... they all stood back as bea took a deep breath and began walking into the room, she gasped when she saw allie looking so sick laying in the bed, tubes coming out of her and upon going closer she was pale, bea picked up one of her hands and kissed it


'oh baby im so sorry, you got caught up in my bullshit and now your laying here.... bea bent down kissing allie on the forehead  'i love you beautiful girl, i love everything about you, please dont leave me, you have to get better, your family need you, debbie needs you, i need you... she said as her voiced croaked


'i need you to come back to me allie, please baby... bea said kissing all over allie's face, she was struggling to control her emotions but how can anyone expect her too


'your the love of my life allie novak..... she said and put her forehead on allie's 'i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you... she kept chanting as the tears continued to fall from her cheeks to allie, bea wiped them and sadly smiled


'im making a mess of you baby...... she stroked allie's cheeks and continued to kiss her, the machine making noises made her jump


'whats going on?.... she said as the room was flooded with nurses and doctors


'miss i need you to wait outside


'no, i want to know whats happening


'miss please go outside..... debbie and allie's brothers came into the room


'mum come outside and let them work


'i wont leave her, not again


'smith out now


'no mr jackson.... she yelled and had to physically be lifted as she was holding allie's hand and be taken outside yelling for them to leave her with allie, yelling for allie to wake up, the whole scene unfolding was so heart breaking for everyone involved, debbie had to be comforted by tony to see her mum so hurt as she was losing not just her girlfriend, her lover and best friend


out in the hallway mr jackson was trying to calm bea down as she tried to escape his grip, she was trying to get back in the room


'let go of me, she cant be alone


'smith calm down


'i wont until im with allie, let me go... she tried to fight him but he was way stronger than him and she knew that


'mum please calm down.... debbie said tears rolling down her face


'if you dont calm down smith im taking you back to the prison... this got bea's attention and she stopped fighting him off and fell to the floor in a heap crying, sobbing and holding herself, debbie went to her mum and held her


'i cant lose her... she sobbed out


'i know mum, i know.... they stayed like that for about 15 minutes till the doctors came out of the room, mj jackson helped both woman off the ground 


'how is she?  what happened?


'there was a spike in her heart rhythm


'what does that even mean?


'well its actually a good thing, originally her heart had been under a lot of stress because of the long surgery and the injuries, now its responding to something, who was in there with her?


'mum was


'and you are?


'allie's girlfriend


'what were you doing before it all happened?.... bea wiped her face and sniffled


'i was kissing her forehead and stroking her cheeks


'hmm, i have heard it happen before but never seen it


'seen what doctor?.... allie's nan asked


'im not sure what its called but i have seen a couple studies where someone is in a coma and respond to a loved one, like there trying to fight to stay in the world


'what does this all mean?


'well we are going to do some tests right now and see if there is any differences from now to earlier


'can i go with her?


'sorry smith you cant, you need to stay here... bea sagged her shoulders


'mum i will go with her, if thats okay with you guys?..... she said looking at allie's family


'of course love, we will be here with your mum.... they rolled allie out of the room and bea stopped the bed to kiss allie on the forehead


'i love you beautiful girl.... the doctor saw the jump on the machine and he was astonished, he had never seen it but if this was the way to keep his patient alive and bring her back than that was fine with him


'we wont be too long guys.... they nodded and debbie followed the bed with the doctors and nurses


'bea sweet heart come and sit down.... maria took bea's hand and they sat down  'since we need to wait for some news how about you tell me about you and allie?


'what do you want to know?


'everything.... bea smiled the whole way through telling maria about the beautiful allie novak, how they met, how they got together, how allie constantly flirts with her, how they have built such a strong relationship and completely trust each other, the brothers went to the cafe and got them all a coffee and some chips to share, mr jackson was there the whole time listening to them talk but staying quiet, he had relieved the guard that was there as the governor told him they could stay for as long as they needed and he was happy to do so, an hour later allie was bought back to the room with debbie


'how did it go deb?


'good i think, they did all different tests and the doctor will be in soon with the results, right now we can sit with her


'bea sweet heart you go and spend time with her


'i would like it if we all went maria, allie would too..... they wll went into the room and bea sat beside allie and held her hand, she would whisper in allie's ear and maria would smile, the only thing she wanted in her life was for her 3 grand children to find there one, the boys had done so and clearly so had allie, although bea and allie's love was beyond anything she had ever seen and it was beautiful to watch.



The doctor came in a while later


'so how is allie?


'im actually astonished with the results i have here, we do tests every 12 hours to see the function and these latest results have changed significantly, both brain and heart activity has gone up


'does this mean she will wake up?


'its definitely looking positive, i dont want to give you false hope but if she keeps improving like this than its a definite possibility.... it was like the all took a deep breath the same time, bea leaned closer and kissed allie's cheek


'you hear that baby, you keep fighting and come back to us, we are all here for you


'i will leave you guys but if you have any questions please dont hesitate to call me


'thank you doctor... once he left bea turned to mr jackson


'how long do we have here?


'im not in a hurry bea,  we still got a while... bea smiled in thanks 


'well i think on that positive note tony and i are going to get some food for us all


'good boys and call your gran father and tell him the good news, also ask him to bring my bag in



'okay gran, well will be back..... maria grabbed bea's hand 



'our girl is very strong and she is fighting t get back to you bea


'i need her back, i know thats selfish but its true, i cant go on without her


'you stay strong sweet heart, our girl will get there..... bea sadly smiled and leaned over kissing allie on the cheek before resting her head on allie' hand she was holding, hoping with everything in the world allie can make it through




Chapter Text






bea was able to stay at the hospital for 24 hours total which she was very great full for, it was now time to leave and get her back to the prison so she was now saying a teary goodbye to the beautiful blonde


'you listen to me baby, you do everything you can to fight for your life, you make sure you come back to me and your family, i love you so much and i cant wait to see you again.... bea kissed allie over and over again and than put her forehead on allie's inhaling her sweet smell, after a couple minutes she kissed allie one more time than stood up


'i love you beautiful girl.... she nodded at mr jackson that she was ready


'mum i will be here with allie always so i will keep you updated


'thanks deb... she said hugging her daughter  'i love you


'i love you too mum, matt is going to see you at the prison today, said he has to talk to you about something




'bea sweetheart our girl will get through this, you stay strong in there


'i will maria....bea hugged allie's grandparents and brothers before preparing to leave, as she was walking out of the room she came face to face with another couple


'who are you?..... bea asked but by the sky blue eyes the guy had and the blonde hair the woman had bea knew, she knew and she was angry


'who the hell are you?... they snided back, maria had walked up beside bea


'why are you 2 here?


'to see our daughter


'you lost the right to call allie your daughter a long time ago.... bea scoffed out 'you shouldnt be here


'she is our daughter, we have a right to be here


'no you dont actually, you kicked her out because she is gay right? well im her loving girlfriend, proxy and next of kin im not allowing you into the room.... bea said


'you cant do that


'of course i can


'she is our family


'oh give me a break with this bullshit of trying to be her parents now, your not her family, us here are her family, the girls in the prison are her family not you 2, your both fucking pathetic human beings, allie deserves so much better


'and she got it with us.... maria said, debbie came over as well stroking her mums back


'its alright mum i got it from here, you have said there not allowed in to see allie so i wont let them in


'thanks deb, i gotta go.... she kissed debbie on the cheek than pushed passed the shocked couple followed by will jackson, as they walked to the car will smirked and looked at bea




'your such a mama protecting her cub.... bea laughed


'cant help it, allie is my family and she has told me she never wants to see her parents again no matter what so im going to make sure i do right by her, i am her eyes and ears right now till she is better


'you 2 are good together


'thanks.... they arrived at the prison 30 minutes later




Back to allie's room debbie was blocking the door making sure allie's parents didnt enter


'we have a right to see our daughter? she is hurt.... a loud groan came from inside the room as tony stood up


'dont you both get it? after what you did to allie why would she want you anywhere near her, the reason bea is her next of kin is because bea is the one person allie feels she can trust with her life right now, do you know who her second next of kin is?..... he asked and they shook there heads


'of course you dont, its debbie who is bea's daughter, because of you 2 gran and grandpa, me, my brother and our families have not been able to have allie in our lives, because of you we lost our on so much time with her, the things she endured were horrific and she ended up in prison, which is probably the best thing for her ever because she found her one and only, she found family and she found us again, so do me a favor and piss of because not only does allie not want anything to do with you both neither do i or my brother, your own mother as well, we are under enough stress as it is and dont need you both here adding to it


'but we want..... the mother started but james stood up


'i dont give a fucking shit what you want.... he snapped,  he wss over them being here causing even more harm than good  'we cant fucking do this right now, just go.... the mother huffed


'fine but we will be back


'well you wont be allowed in the room, mum said you cant and i will make sure that wont happen


'this isnt over.... the father said and they both left, maria turned to debbie and hugged the young girl


'im so happy that allie has you and your mum, its great to see people in her corner


'we are family, we stick together, alright im going to get coffees, james do you want to come for a walk?


'sure... she saw how angry he was and thought a walk would do him well, they left the room and went for some coffees




bea arrived back at the unit after she was strip searched and had spoken to the governor thanking her for allowing her to spend time with allie, walking into the unit boomer and franky were sitting there


'hey red hows your girl?


'i would rather tell everyone together so i dont have to repeat it, where are they?


'they wont be long, gone for showers, come sit down i will make ya a tea.... bea eyed franky suspiciously 'what? i can be nice sometimes... bea chuckled and sat down, franky made her a tea and sat down with the redhead, boomer pulled a packet of biscuits from god knows where


'want a bickie? there allie's favorites so i got this packet for ya.... bea smiled and took one


'thanks boomer..... bea sat back enjoying her treat waiting for the others to arrive, they did and sat down on the couches 


'so love tell us about allie?


'well it wasnt looking good when i got there, debbie told me to be prepared to say my goodbyes, it was hard, it was so hard but they let me sit in the room with allie saying my goodbye, but the machines began to go crazy


'what happened?


'they kicked me out of the room


'i bet that went down a right treat


'you know me franky


'oh i do, probably got carried out kicking and screaming... bea's smile said it was exactly true, she went on to tell them about bea's voice bringing allie the ability to fight, her stats were getting better so there was hope, she than told them about allie's parents turning up


'how the fuck did they even know she was there red?


'maybe the news, i watched a little tv and the fight was all over the news because of a death


'makes sense


'anyways as allie's next of kin and proxy i was able to give instructions to ban them from the room which debbie said she would make sure it was done.... franky cracked up laughing and everyone looked at her


'im sorry to laugh but can you all see debbie standing at the door so little but so mighty, she would kick there asses if they tried to enter.... they all laughed


'very true love, okay so allie will be okay?


'nothing is definite liz but its looking better than what it was


'thats good to hear, will you be able to go see her again?


'i hope so but who knows, it all depends how allie progresses, i can call debbie, maria and her brothers whenever i want for an update, the governor added them to my call log


'thats good sweety, what do you need from us bea?


'i just need a few quiet days to get my head around everything, so maxi do you mind stepping up for a few days


'of course not sweety


'thanks, with the freak gone there is no immediate danger but still watch over yourselves


'we will bea


'good, boomer can you go tell kaz i need to see her please, she deserves an update


'yea sweet, i will go now


'i will come with you love.... boomer and liz left the unit, maxine rubbed bea's leg


'how are you doing?.... bea bit her lip feeling all kinds of emotions, a couple tears rolled down her cheeks  


'it was so hard seeing allie like that, so hurt and i couldnt do anything about it


'you were there and thats all she would have wanted bea, that girl loves you and she will fight to get back to you


'i hope so..... boomer and liz came back a few minutes later


'they are at work duty now but kaz will come to you at dinner


'thanks guys, if you dont mind i need to lay down


'of course red go on... bea thanked them and than got up going to her cell, she had allie's jumped so she put it on smelling her scent and smiled at the last time they lay in bea's bed, allie was tickling bea cheekily as she was trying to draw on her sketch book causing bea to giggle and than jump on allie, it started as kissing and ended with both of them shaking after there intense orgasms, laying in her bed she touched the picture she drew of allie that was on her wall, god how she missed her blonde hair beauty, laying on her side she didnt realize how tired she was and soon enough was fast asleep, franky checked on her not too long later and put the red blanket over her and left her to get some much needed sleep




3 days later bea was on her way to the governor's office after being summoned by miss miles, matt hadnt been able to make it to see bea the other day as he had been so busy with bea and allie's cases that he just didnt have the time, he was working hard to get them both out of prison and allie's seemed to be the strongest at the moment, miss miles knocked and after hearing a 'come in' the door opened


'smith for you governor


'send her in and close the door behind you... bea walked in and sat on the chair opposite the governor


'smith i have just been speaking to allie's doctor


'what happened?


'after a lengthy discussion about how to proceed with everything i have decided to send you to the hospital to stay


'why? i mean i appreciate it but what happened?


'allie's stats keep fluctuating and the doctor thinks having you there full time will help her


'has she woken up yet?


'not yet, they are hoping with you there it will motivate allie to wake up


'will i be on my own?


'no, i will have a guard with you at all times,  you will have a bed set up in allie's room


'so i stay there there until what? something changes?


'thats right, when your with allie or talk to her her heart monitor goes off meaning she knows its you, we are hoping this will help her


'anything i can do to help allie i will do it


'great, go to your unit and pack a few things and than mr jackson will take you in about an hour


'thank you governor.... bea went to the unit and sat her crew down telling them what the deal was


'so maxi and franky your both in charge, do not stray from the rules, stay alert girls and always travel together no matter what, if you need to pass a message to me find mr jackson when he is on shift or the governor


'no worries red we got it, you go and look after your girl... bea packed a few things and an hour later they arrived at the hospital, going through the same checks they went up to allie's room 


'mum your back.... debbie said jumping up and hugging bea


'i am deb, governor said i can stay here for a while, i will be sleeping in here with allie, doctor thinks it will help allie wake up


'thats a great idea love.... maria said hugging the redhead


'maria and i are going to go for lunch so you spend some time with allie mum


'okay sweet heart


'i will bring you something to eat mum... bea smiled and they left the room leaving bea to sit down and take allie's hand


'hi beautiful girl, you still being lazy and sleeping i see, dont you think you slept enough... bea smiled rubbing allie's cheek, will was watching from the door and when bea touched allie's cheek he saw the machine lines go up, he was very surprised, he thought the plan the doctor and the governor made was crazy but seeing this in front of him definitely changed his mind, he took a seat on the chair just outside the room


2 days later, allie had shown significant improvement but hadnt woken up yet, every time bea spoke or touched allie the monitor would go crazy, debbie had uni so it was maria and allie's brothers there that day


'bea love why dont you have a shower and than when you get out the boys and i will go get some lunch


'okay, i definitely need a shower..... bea had a shower in the bathroom in allie's room and when she came she sat on the same chair


'feel better?


'much thanks


'alright we will be back soon bea..... bea nodded and the 3 of them left the room, bea grabbed allie's hand and for some reason it was sweaty, she thought it was just the medication and kissed her cheek


'hey my beautiful girl arent you sick of sleeping, i mean you look cute and all but its been long enough baby, come back to me okay..... bea traced patterns on allie's palm for a few minutes and hummed to a random song on the tv. what she didnt expect is for allie's hand to close over her fingers, she looked up and saw allie fluttering her eyes open and she looked scared


'allie, allie your awake, its okay baby im right here dont be scared... bea reached for the nurses button not wanting to bea out of allie's eye sight and the nurse came in


'everything alright bea?


'she is awake, allie is awake


'i will get the doctor.... the doctor and 2 nurses came into the room


'hi allie im your doctor, blink once for yes and twice for no.... he threw all kinds of questions at the blonde and bea watched as allie did her best to answer them


'bea im going to need you to wait outside... bea went to leave but allie held her hand tighter


'she wont let me


'alright just stay where she can see you.... bea nodded   'alright allie your stats look great so im going to pull the tube out of your mouth, do a few coughs for me..... after a couple minutes the tube was out and allie was having a coughing fit, bea poured a cup of water and put a straw in it bringing it to her lips


'small sips baby... allie took a few sips and than laid back down taking bea's hand again


'how do you feel allie?


'tired... she croaked out


'are you in pain?


'yes, stomach


'thats to be expected, you had a huge surgery but your on the mend, your throat hurt?


'yes... she said


'thats normal, it will feel better in a couple days, i will give you some more pain meds but for now just relax and let everyone else take care of you


'what happened?... allie managed to say


'im going to let bea fill you in on everything, if you need anything just buzz for us... allie nodded and the nurses and doctor left, allie turned to bea and wiped the tears rolling down her cheek


'dont cry.... allie croaked out 'dont be sad


'im not sad baby, im happy your awake..... bea leaned down placing a kiss to allie's lips 'i love you


'love you... allie said, just than maria and debbie walked in


'oh my little girl is awake, im so happy to see those big beautiful eyes of yours... maria said coming over and stroking her cheek  'you gave us quite a scare, you doing okay?


'okay..... allie said


'i knew you would wake up, you needed to come back to us


'how long was i gone?


'you were in a coma for 2 weeks.... allie's eyes went wide


'your okay baby, you have a long recovery but you can do it.... bea said 


'debbie... allie said reaching for the young girl 'you okay?


'im good, you? in pain?


'yea, sore... allie managed to say


'she cant talk to much just yet, the tube was in for a while so her throat is quite sore


'makes sense, i will get you some lollies for your throat, it helped me a lot


'thanks.... allie's eyes kept closing but she was fighting to stay awake


'its okay baby, you go to sleep, you need your rest


'dont go


'im right here, if i go i will tell you, close your eyes beautiful girl.... bea sat beside allie and ran her fingers through her blonde locks, there eyes were locked till allie's closed and she fell asleep


'im just so happy she woke up


'me too maria


'im going to call my husband and the boys, there going to be so happy.... maria went outside and debbie sat with her mum


'you alright mum?... she asked as bea wiped her tears


'yea deb, im just happy she finally woke up, i was really starting to worry if she ever will


'she has too much to lose to leave us, she loves you too much to go anywhere... bea smiled and hugged her daughter


'thanks for being here for allie


'of course mum, we are family


'yes we are


'here now you have to eat, i got you roast pork with hot chips, veggies and gravy


'oh yum, actually can you go get something for mr jackson as well, he has been out there all night


'i already did, got the same as you but chicken, he doesnt like pork


'how do you know that?... bea asked as she opened the box of food


'we went on a date


'when was this?


'the nights before allie got hurt, it was really nice mum, he was sweet and opened up doors for me, pulled the chair out, a complete gentlemen 


'he better be or i will get the girls to bash him..... debbie giggled at how protective her mum was over her


'relax mum he is a good guy


'i know deb but your my little girl and anyone around you needs to be good


'i know, i know, he is okay


'okay but if not i can fix him up..... bea said shoving some food into her mouth


'cause your the top dog right?


'right deb.... they both laughed, allie groaned and moved slightly, bea put her hand on her arm and rubbed it gently


'its okay baby shuu, go to sleep.... allie took a deep breath and fell into a deep slumber, maria came in and sat down


'the boys and hubby are on the way, there so excited but i told them they have to come in quietly as allie is resting


'good idea maria, so tell me how your treatment is going?


'really well actually, i had a check up yesterday and he thinks i could be in remission 


'how will they know for sure?


'if the numbers are right in 2 weeks than its confirmed


'fingers are crossed for you maria


'thank you love, you know i just want more time with my grandkids, allie, james and tony plus the great grandkids


'there a blessing arent they?


'more than anything..... bea finished eating and than allie's brothers and grandpa came 


'did she really wake up?


'she did james, she has a very sore throat so cant really talk, she is sore and tired but yes she woke up


'thats great, the color on her face is already coming back to her


'agreed james, lets sit back and wait for her to wake up..... they waited just over an hour when allie mumbled


'bea... she said and bea stood up


'im right here baby.... allie slowly opened her eyes and blinked tiredly 'there are those beautiful eyes i adore, look your brothers and grandpa and here..... allie turned her head and they were there smiling at her


'hey sis im so happy to see you awake, dont talk we know it hurts but know we are all here for you..... allie nodded and smiled


'allie my sweetheart grandpa is here with you always, you rest and get strong


'thank you... she croaked out, she turned to face bea




'im not sure allie i need to find out.... bea pressed the button and the nurse came in


'hey guys what can i do?


'allie wants to have a shower


'im sorry allie not yet, we can give you a clean down.... allie's eyes went wide, even though a lot of people have seen her body previously she only wanted bea to now, bea saw this of course and smiled


'can i do it for her? 


'yes of course bea, i will get the cart and water


'with that been said i think we should all leave and give bea and allie some time together


'thats a good idea gran, allie we will be back tomorrow okay?


'okay... they all kissed allie on the cheek and left


'mum i will see you tomorrow, just be prepared im pretty sure you will be going back tomorrow.... she whispered not wanting to upset allie


'i thought as much, thanks deb, go home and get some rest


'i will, oh i ordered food for you and it will be delivered to mr j about 8, its for the 2 of you to eat


'thanks deb, love you


'love you too, good night, night allie.... allie waved and than it was just them 2


'im going to grab the cart to clean you.... bea returned and spent 45 minutes cleaning allie the best she could, debbie had given her some perfume so sprayed some on allie to help, not that she smelt or anything but allie was worried, once done bea explained everything that happened with the fight, to the hospital visit to almost losing allie, allie remembered bits and pieces but bea told her the rest


'thats enough of all that its time for you to go to sleep baby


'your hand.... allie said and bea wasnt sure what she meant, she gave allie her hand and she put it on her chest just over her heart 'beats for you.... bea smiled and kissed allie


'i love you so much


'love you too


'love you more.... allie smiled


'cheeky.... she said, allie fell asleep not too long later and would out for the night, bea had dinner with mr jackson and than she took laid on the couch beside allie's bed and went to sleep



Chapter Text






The following day allie was caressing bea's hand and kissing her anywhere she could reach



'i dont want you to go bea, please dont



'im sorry baby but i have too, governor has let me stay here for a few days but now your awake i have to go back



'but i will miss you



'oh baby i will miss you too.... bea said stroking allie's cheek  



'i wont see you for ages, i have to heal and than do physio.... allie said sadly



'i know allie but when your ready to come back i will be waiting for you with open arms



'and sweet kisses?..... bea smiled, this woman could not be any more beautiful if she tried



'and sweet kisses too, i love you sweet girl



'i love you too babe, make sure you stay safe in there



'i will, with her gone things are back to normal, whatever normal is for prison, you be strong and get through this, its going to be hard allie but i know you can do it



'i will try



'good girl..... kissing allie 2 more times she smiled and wiped allie's cheeks 'dont cry baby, your too beautiful to cry



'i love you so much




'i love you too, now you listen to the doctors and if you need anything debbie will get it for you, she has my keycard



'i will be fine thanks, can i call you?



'i will call you, i have spoken to deb about particular times you will be available so i will call you everyday



'make sure you dont go to the slot



'i will do my best



'good, one more kiss please.....bea smiled but kissed allie and than went to walk out stopping when she heard allie









'your my one and only, i will see you soon beautiful, i heart you




'i heart you too.... bea blew a kiss and allie caught it slapping it on her cheek and allie did the same bea putting it on her cheek



'ugh were so cheesy.... allie said causing bea, debbie, will and maria to laugh



'we are but i dont care, i love you and i will call you tomorrow, bye baby



'bye babe... with that bea left with debbie and will



'mum you be safe in there okay



'i will deb, with joan gone the prison has calmed down, make sure if allie's parents turn up they dont go inside unless allie wants them too



'i will make sure



'also if she needs anything 



'i will get it mum, calm down i will look after her



'i know you will, come here..... she hugged her daughter and kissed her head 'i love you deb



'to the moon and back mum, now go because matt will be there in an hour



'okay, bye....... will drove bea back to the prison and parked the car, bea sighed



'i wish you didnt have to come back here bea, you dont deserve to be locked up



'thanks mr jackson, hopefully matt has some good news in regards to mine and allie's cases, hey when we go in can you take me to kaz's unit first, she needs an update on her



'yes of course, lets go..... bea went through strip search and than mr jackson walked her to kaz's unit, kaz was sitting on the couch with a cup of tea just staring into space



'im good mr jackson, thanks..... he walked off and bea walked into the unit



'kaz... her eyes shot up 



'your back, how is allie? is she still in a coma?



'she woke up yesterday



'did she really?.... eba saw the tears in the blondes eyes and took a seat



'yes she did, she has a long road ahead of her but she seems to be doing good.... kaz let out a breath she didnt realize she was holding and the tears rolled down her cheeks and she was quick to wipe them



'im so happy she is awake, i couldnt lose another person



'she has a lot of physio to do but she will get there, hey are you okay?



'i just had a visit with my sorry excuse for a mother, my dad passed away



'oh shit, im sorry kaz, were you close



'allie didnt tell you?.... kaz frowned



'the only thing allie told me about you was how you helped her get clean and off the streets, as well as how you guys got locked up.... kaz nodded



'um, well you would understand more than anyone i guess, when i was younger, my dad.... kaz took a deep breath, the only person that knows is her mum and allie  



'you dont have to tell me kaz



'its okay, umm well when i was younger my dad raped me for years, from age 6 till i was 14 when i ran away from home, its weird because i hate him for what he did but i love him so much



'i cant imagine how your feeling now kaz, all the emotions are going to come up and before you start lashing out like i normally do go and talk to dr westfall, she is very good and really understanding



'thanks bea, i would prefer if you dont tell anyone, only allie and my mum knows



'i wont say anything, did your mum know when it was happening?



'i told her when i was 9 but she said i was lying, she knew but she wanted to keep him happy so just ignored it



'as a mother if anyone touches debbie in anyway i will lose it, harry threatened to all the time just to keep me in check but he didnt till that last day



'what happened?



'i came home late and when i walked in there was blood everywhere, my heart dropped so i ran inside looking for debbie and found her with harry on top beating her, she was already knocked out, i lost it, i just saw red and tackled him, someone must have called the police because the next thing i remember is being in cuffs and getting taken away



'and debbie?



'was taken to hospital, she spent 2 months in hospital, i was done with harry at that moment, he could do whatever he wanted to me but he knew never to touch debbie, so i had been saving photos of injuries for years as well as a journal detailing exactly what had happened, he was put away for 20 plus years and i got 7 years i think, i could have gotten less if not a slap on the wrist but i didnt want to air my dirty laundry in court



'im really sorry you went through all of that, but listen bea, you have a daughter and now allie, you need to be out of here, if you have to tell the court everything than do it, look at all the shit you went through so far being in here. get out of here and be happy with your family



'i need to find a way to get allie out of here



'i will find a way, its the least i could do for her after everything thats happened



'i think your right kaz, i need out of here and its time for me to get my own justice, my lawyer is coming in today so i will talk to him



'good, you deserve to be free



'thanks kaz, tomorrow i will talk to allie just before lunch, meet me at the phones and you can say a quick hello



'cheers bea.... with that bea left the unit and went to her own seeing franky 



'hey franky



'red your back, hows allie?



'she woke up yesterday, has a long road of physio but she is strong and will get through it



'thats great to hear



'yea, where are the others?



'at the library they should be back soon



'well i have a meeting with my lawyer now, can you give them an update on allie and i will tell you guys everything when i get back



'yea sweet no worries, its good to have you back red









matt was sitting in the lawyers room when bea walked in



'hey bea its good to see you... he stood up and hugged her



'you too matt



'i heard allie woke up, thats great news



'yes she did, how did you find out?



'debbie told us when she came home last night



'how is deb really going? i spent some time with her but i didnt really have time to talk properly



'she is doing really well bea, a couple more weeks of physio just to strengthen her legs and core muscles but apart from that she is good, margaret is making sure she is eating and she has been cooking all day for debbie to take food for allie and all her family



'im sure they would appreciate that, so whats with this meeting?



'well i have been looking over both yours and allie's case, so lets start with yours, i want to fight the charges but i really need for you to think about telling the courts what really happened during your marriage, you need to paint them a picture of who harry is and what you went through



'okay.... bea said and he raised an eyebrow



'okay? as in you will testify and tell your story.... bea nodded



'yes i will, i know i wanted to keep what happened a secret but someone today told me that i have to get out of here for debbie, for allie and for my family



'im definitely happy to hear that bea, alright i will get the paperwork lodged and push for a quick trial



'okay, what do you need from me?



'i need you to write down what your going to say, go over it over and over again so you can memorize it, its going to be hard and the lawyer for the state will go hard on you and judge everything you say and you need to be ready for that



'i will, unfortunately its all dented into my mind but i will write it down so i dont forget anything, how about allie?



'im working on hers, i have a meeting with some of the rrh about allie's involvement in it all, i am fighting to get her charges dropped



'i hope so matt, she shouldnt be in here especially after what happened to her



'of what debbie told me she will be in hospital and than rehab for a while so i will move quick



'thank you for everything matt, bill my email and debbie knows how to pay you



'dont worry about that bea, right now though you need to go back to your cell because you look like shit and need some sleep.... bea chuckled



'oh fuck off asshole..... he laughed, they always joked around like this and bea was happy to be able to do it a little  'alright im going but you look after my daughter



'yes boss, i will come see you when i have a date for court



'thanks.... bea left and was strip searched than went back to her unit, unbeknown to her kaz was meeting with matt about allie



walking into the unit everyone was happy to see her and hugged the redhead



'ay franks told us allie woke up, thats awesome ay



'yea it is booms, she will have a lot of physio to go through but she is doing well considering



'she has big muscles so she be alright



'yea she will booms, how have you guys been?



'no dramas love, franky and maxine have made sure to keep the woman calm



'yea ay except for that newbie from yesterday



'what happened?



'she is just a young girl love, had an episode and freaked out, she is scared



'whats she in for?



'car theft i think



'where is she now?



'in medical, i gotta say red she was petrified and completely lost it



'lets go see her franky.... franky followed bea to medical and looked through the window, she was just a young girl maybe debbie's age, franky nodded at the nurse who came out to talk to them



'hey bea i heard allie is doing well?



'yea she is, woke up yesterday, i want to say thank you for helping her that day, if it wasnt for your quick thinking she would not have made it



'glad i could help



'tell me about this girl?



'her name is stephanie, 20 years old, scared as can be, they bought her in yesterday and i gave her something to calm down, she slept through the night but she is a little anxious today



'okay thanks nurse, im going to see how she is.... bea and franky walked in and stephanie looked up



'hi im bea



'your.. your the top dog



'yea i am, you dont need to be scared we just want to see how your doing, this here is franky and she is second in command, you can come to us for anything you need



'im scared to go out there, that big woman keeps making weird gestures to me..... bea and franky looked at each other and knew who they were talking about 'juice' 



'how about we show you around and introduce you to a few girls, its okay we will protect you... the young girl nodded and took bea's outstretched hand, she put her shoes on and they walked outside onto the quad bea pointing out the groups and same names, they came to juice and the young girls stoo behind franky, bea went up tp juice and grabbed her ear twisting it



'hey what the hell?



'juice come with me.... juice took a few steps closer to franky and stephanie 'juice this is stephanie, she is new and young, you will not under and circumstances touch her, go next to her, make gestures to her unless there nice and polite, do i make myself clear?



'yes yes its clear



'and that goes for your boys as well, i expect you to watch out for her and not terrorize her, got it.... bea seethed and twisted her ear even more



'ah shit, i got it, we will watch out for her... eba let go and kicked her in the ass



'good now get lost.... juice walked off rubbing her ear 'okay now i want you to meet someone stephanie, come on.... they went inside and to kaz's unit



'hey kaz everything alright?



'yea all good, who's this?



'this is stephanie, she came in yesterday and is having a hard time, i was hoping i could get her moved to your unit?.... bea said hoping kaz caught on to the scared look in the young girls eyes



'absolutely, hi spephanie im kaz, this here is mel, thats dana and that boof head is andy.... they all waved at her



'hi, umm you can call me steph



'nice to meet ya steph, come on in a meet the girls, we will look after you no worries.... she looked at bea and bea nodded so steph went into one of the cells with mel and the others girls



'thanks kaz, i will speak to the governor and get her moved here, she is just young and juice is being an asshole to her, i took care of her but she needs someone that can look out for her



'no worries, since allie has been gone from our unit we needed another girl, i will watch her dont worry



'great, im going to the governor now to make the change...... bea and franky went to the governor's office will miss miles and was let in



'please take a seat smith and doyle... they did so  'what can i do for you?



'firstly the new prisoner stephanie, i want her moved to kaz's unit, she is young and needs someone to watch over her and kaz will do that



'yes thats fine, what else?



'i want to say thank you so much for allowing me to be with allie



'from what i hear smith its because of you she woke up, the heart wants what it wants as the doctor put it



'im so happy she woke up and i was there, it means so much to me that you let me be there



'happy to do it smith, you look after the prison and i will look after allie, starting with her rehabilitation center, there are 3 to chose from here are the pamphlets, i need you to chose one.... bea looked through them with franky



'which one is the best one?



'the westmead private hospital, its got great reviews and my mother was there for a while when she broke her hip 8 years ago, obviously she passed since than but she made a quick recovery with there help



'okay go with them, in my personal belongings i have my keycard in there, attach it to allie's file to take whatever payment they need



'will do smith but since it happened in the prison we will cover 75% of rehab for allie



'thats great, well can i ask you a favor governor?






'she is going to be there for a while, i was wondering if i write some letter and draw her a few things you would be able to take them to her or have one of the officers take them to her?



'im sure we could manage that smith, but they need to be read before leaving here



'i understand



'good now go get some rest, you can have dinner in your unit tonight so you dont have to deal with everyone, as for stephanie i will do the paperwork so you can get her moved asap




'thank you governor..... bea and franky went to kaz's unit telling her they could get steph's stuff and set her up in her new cell, they than went back to there own unit and bea flopped on her bed, she really was tired and her eyes were burning because of it, maxine came in a few minutes later



'do you need anything sweety?



'im okay maxi just tired



'well you get some sleep and i will wake you up for dinner



'thank you.... bea was asleep within a few minutes the exhaustion from the last few weeks finally taking its toll on her






The next day they were all outside in the yard, things were calm and the girls had left bea on the top dogs table on her own as she wanted to write down her statement for the court case, she probably should have done it inside in the quiet but she needed some fresh air and this was her best bet, sitting down with a pad and paper she took her mind back to the day she first met the sorry excuse harry became, he was sweet, maybe even too sweet, she didnt like him in that way but he just kept pushing and she was young and naive so when he kept asking to take her out she finally just said yes



after there first date she wasnt into him because of the way he acted, he had been rude to the hostess at the burger place and very full of himself so she distanced herself from him for a few weeks but of course he never gave up, he tried again and again and bea told him she wasnt interested because of the way he spoke to people and he apologized and begged her to go out again, she did and it was the worst but best thing she did, worst because from there harry claimed her as his own, but best because she got her little girl debbie



If bea were honest with herself she would have killed herself years ago if it wasnt for debbie, her little girl was her world and that would never change, when harry would raise his voice with little debbie in the house she would go running for bea, no matter if bea was in the kitchen or laundry she knew debbie would come to her because she would get scared and need her mums hugs, she remembered a time when debbie was 10 years old and harry had been gone for 2 days and turned up at home drunk at lunch time, it was sunday so debbie was home, harry had come in yelling at bea to make him food and get hom more beer, debbie was out the back playing on the swing bea made her that was connected to a tree, when she heard his voice she jumped off and ran inside going to her mum who was in the kitchen cooking, she wrapped her little arms around bea's waist and bea rubbed her back trying to soothe her



'its okay sweetheart im right here



'why is he so loud mum?



'dont you worry about him, here you take this plate to your room and eat some lunch , put your headphones on and watch a movie



'will you be okay?..... bea knew what was coming and she hated lying to her daughter but needed her to be safe and not hear it



'i will be fine sweet girl, you enjoy lunch i made your favorite



'thanks mum, love you



'to the moon and back....... debbie had gone updtairs and done as her mum told her, surprising though harry was so drunk that after a couple hits he passed out and bea was thankful



now though as she sits in the quad head up looking at the clouds she had to write everything down, it was important not just to the courts but to herself that once she started telling them she had to say it all, she had the photos and journal to back up all her stories for at least the last 7 years and had kept them in a safe, she told matt yesterday where they were and told him where the key and safe was in the house to take it and keep it for safe keeping, her head turned sideways when she felt someone come up next to her



'hey red i know your busy but i thought you could use this.... franky slid over a packet of chips and can of drink 



'thanks franky



'hows it going?



'im trying to remember everything her did to me and deb from the very first day



'reliving it must be hard?



'it is but its something i have to do, not just for me but for debbie and allie, we all need to be out of here



'agree with that



'when is your appeal franky?



'in 1 month



'what does your lawyer say?



'he thinks i have a good chance of getting out but i dont want to get my hopes up, i need to be smart about how i do this appeal



'i hope you get out franky, i hope our whole crew does



'i dont think boomer will for a while, i have lodged an appeal on her behalf to lighten her sentence but im not sure how it will go



'how long she been in here?



'6 years, a long time and she deserves to be out, she hasnt had a fair shake of life and i want to give her that, if i get out i want to make a stable home so she can have somewhere to go when she does get out herself



'your a good friend franky.... the brunet waved her hand around



'nah she is, her sister and mum are complete assholes and i wont let them ruin her again, so she will live with me



'thats a good idea franky, hey what time is it? how long till lunch?



'about 20 minutes



'i have to go call allie before lunch



'go on, we will meet you in the lunch room..... bea jumped up and went inside seeing kaz there holding a phone for her



'i thought you forgot bea



'nah i just lost track of time sorry, i was writting down my statement for court, im going to appeal and tell them the truth



'thats great bea, i know it will be hard but you can do it



'thanks kaz, alright lets call..... bea pressed in her code and than debbie's number






'hey deb its mum



'hi mum how are ya?



'im good deb and you? you eating?.... debbie giggled 



'yes mum im eating, i always eat



'yea true



'you want to talk to allie?



'yes please.... it went quiet for a moment till she heard the angelic voice of her girlfriend



'hey babe



'hey baby, how are you doing?



'im okay, throat is much better, i managed to eat half of my breakfast and go to the toilet with the nurses help



'thats great baby, im so proud of you



'thank you, how are you? any trouble in there? dispense and justice?...bea chuckled



'no dramas, all is good, do you start physio today?



'yes just in bed with legs 



'slow and steady yea, the doctors know what they are doing



'i know babe, i miss you



'i miss you too baby but at least we can talk to each other



'true but i miss your kisses and hugs..... allie giggled and bea laughed when they heard debbie fake gagging



'tell my daughter that when i see her im going to give her a sloppy kiss for being  cheeky



'i will babe



'hey allie i have kaz here she wants to talk to you



'yea sure put her on but dont go anywhere i want to talk to you again babe



'i wont, im right here, hold on a minute......she handed the phone to kaz



'hey bubba how you doing?



'im okay, stomach is very sore but im doing okay, how about you?



'im good, bea sent me a new girl yesterday so she is in our unit now, she is young and scared so we will make sure she is looked after



'well if anyone can look after her i know you can kaz, just make sure your smart about your decisions



'i will bubba, alright i better let you talk to bea before her time runs out, bye, love you



'love you too.... the phones went back to bea



'im back baby



'i miss you so much babe, i dont know how im going to cope without you bea



'me too allie, just know that when your better i will be waiting for you



'you wont find someone better than me?.... allie said so insecurely that it hurt bea's heart



'allie novak there is no one in this whole world, whole universe better than you, even if you decide to never be with me there will never be anyone else, your it for me baby and i love you so much.... allie sniffled



'thats the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me bea, i love you to



'oh shit allie my time is running out, i have to go



'okay, be safe



'i will, you too, love you and give my love to deb



'love you too, bye 



'bye..... bea hung up and looking at kaz who had an eyebrow raised and a smirk on her face






'your so fucking soft when it comes to allie, oh big bad top dog is a soft cock..... bea laughed and pushed kaz playfully



'fuck off asshole, you better not tell anyone



'who am i gonna tell, your secret is safe with me



'your with me too.... bea said meaning about kaz's dad



'thanks, well im going to take stephanie to the library so see ya later, thanks for letting me talk to allie



'no worries, oh and i have paid for allie to go to the best rehab center, she will go tomorrow or the day after



'i appreciate that, i have some money saved so if you need help let me know



'its all taken care of but thanks, i will keep you updated about her progress



'thanks soft dog.... bea laughed when kaz ran down the hallway trying not to get beat up by bea, wow how there relationship has changed, at one point bea would have probably killed kaz for what she did to allie but if allie could forgive so could she, kaz is like a mother figure to allie so for her she would keep her promise to allie and be on good terms, but if she crossed bea or allie again there would be problems




Chapter Text





6 weeks had passed and although bea and allie had spoken to each other daily it wasnt enough and they missed each other dearly, right now though allie hadnt had a call from bea in a couple days and she was starting to worry, allie had been moved to the rehab hospital 4 weeks ago and each day was doing better and better, allie had been cleared of any charges from the fight that landed her in hospital as had bea as it showed the freak killed herself deaming it a suicide, vera fought tooth and nail to clear both woman and was happy with the final result



what no one knew is the massive sacrifice that kaz had done for her daughter allie and vera had just pulled up to the hospital to give her the news on that as well as bea, getting out of her car she entered and signed in before being told where allie's room was, walking in a few minutes later she saw allie and debbie there



'hello novak how are you doing?



'better each day miss bennett, is everything okay? you dont normally come here



'everything is fine but i have some news



'is it about bea? i havent spoken to her in a couple days, is she okay?



'she is fine, in the slot for a week






'got into a fight with juice, needless to say bea didnt even break a sweat and juice ended up with a broken leg, juice deserved it so i only gave bea a week, but dont worry she is fine



'good, thats good, so what news do you have for me?




'kaz really came threw for you



'what do you mean?



'kaz made a new deal with her lawyer and took all the blame for the red right hand, she said you had nothing to do with it



'what does this mean?



'it means all your charges have been dropped and kaz will be doing 5 years in prison, she took a plea deal and showed them where the evidence is but they had to leave you out of it 



'she did that for me? i mean i know i was angry with her for dragging me into it but still



'yes she did it for you, your free allie, all you have to do is when you leave this hospital you have to come back to get signed out and than your free... allie nodded but frowned



'your not happy with that?



'i am, its just bea, i dont want to be without her, its been hard enough



'i understand novak, im not sure if i should be telling you this and i know debbie knows but bea is appealing her case, and not just that she is giving testimony and everything that happened to her






'yes, her date has been set for the 15th june



'next monday, can i go to her court date?



'i think we can arrange that novak, your free to go but i know the hospital says you have another 6 weeks of rehab



'yes thats right but even if i have to go in a wheel chair i want to go



'we will figure out a way to get you there to support bea



'thank you governor, wow im actually free of all charges, thats so crazy, can you give kaz a message from me please?



'yes of course



'tell her she will always have a special place in my heart and when she does come out i will be waiting for her



'i will be happy to tell her



'can you also give bea  a message?






'tell her she is in the doghouse..... debbie giggled and the governor smiled



'i will let her know, she will love that one



'i have no doubt, thank you governor, i appreciate everything you have done for me and for bea and debbie



'happy to help, the 3 of you should never have been inside, i dont see many happy endings so its good to see, lets get bea out and all will be right



'absolutely..... the governor spent another 15 minutes talking to allie and debbie and than left to go back to the prison, entering the gates she signed in and headed down to kaz's unit seeing her sitting on the couch






'yes governor



'i have a message from allie.... she whispered and told kaz what it was



'thank you governor..... vera nodded and left the unit going down to the slot where bea was being held, the guard opened the door and bea was doing push ups but stopped when vera walked in



'smith how are you holding up?



'doing alright governor



'thats good, i have some news for you



'okay, go on... bea said taking a seat on the bed, the governor told bea everything kaz had done and that allie was free of all charges



'thats amazing governor, have you told her?



'yes, i just came from the rehab and she is happy but sad as well



'sad, why?



'because of you, she doesnt like that she will be free and you wont



'well did you tell her about my appeal?



'i hope you dont mind but i did, she was excited and really proud of you for doing it, she knows how hard it will be but she said to stay strong and she loves you... bea smiled



'im trying



'oh and she has another message for you, because you got sent to the slot your now in the doghouse..... bea chuckled and rolled her eyes



'whats new, im always in trouble



'dont i know it smith, alright look i will do you a favor, when everyone goes to sleep i will get you up to the phones to call her, just this once and than you will have to wait till you get out of here



'thank you governor, i really appreciate it...... with that vera left and went back to her office having so much paperwork to get through, as well as a meeting with her peers







The following monday bea was dressed in her business suit and in the holding area under the courts, she was nervous and wasnt sure if she could do this, she had spoken a little to allie yesterday and she had reassured her that it would all be okay and be strong



'bea how are you feeling?



'nervous as hell, i dont know if i can do this.... bea said wiping her hands on her pants



'it will be okay bea



'i dont know if i can do this without allie, can i call her quickly?



'yea alright here..... he handed his phone to bea and she called debbie's phone



'hey mum are you alright?



'im okay deb, can i just quickly talk to allie please..... she could tell by the sound of her mums voice that she was nervous and needed to talk to allie for help



'yea sure hold on a minute.... handing the phone to allie she held it to her ear, bea had no idea that debbie and allie were there, as well as mr jackson, the governor and matts wife and daughter, all there for support



'hey baby you alright?



'i dont know if i can do this allie, im so scared, telling everyone what he did to me is so hard and embarrassing 



'bea you have nothing to be embarrassed about, what you went through was horrific and as much as you will hate telling the courts you only need to do it once, once so they know the truth than its on record, your so strong my beautiful bea and i love you so very much



'i love you too allie, thank you for talking to me, i wish you were here



'me too baby, dont worry and trust matt



'okay, i have to go, bye baby



'by beautiful... hanging up she gave matt his phone back



'alright ready to go?



'i think so... bea straightened her suit and once the gate was unlocked she followed matt out to the court room and sat down not even looking around, she was nervous and fidgeting when they bought harry out and sat him down, he snarled at bea and bea visibly shook, she felt a hand on her shoulder and turned around seeing allie, her blue eyes and blonde hair making her look so beautiful



'allie your here



'of course i am, i had planned to come the whole time but i wanted to surprise you.... bea leaned over and hugged her as she sat in the wheel chair, she could feel bea shaking a little from how nervous she was so rubbed her back



'your okay, your safe, he is not getting anywhere near you, your strong, your beautiful and you can do this.... bea nodded her head against allie's shoulder



'i can do this.... bea said pulling back slightly and kissing allie on the lips, looking to the side she saw her daughter



'your a cheeky one arent ya deb??,....... debbie giggled



'it was so worth it to see the look on your face mum



'im glad your here deb but im not sure if you should be, a lot of the stuff im about to say will be very hard to here



'i know it will mum but i need to know, i honestly need to know what he is really like



'are you sure?



'absolutely, if it gets too much i will leave and wait outside



'okay deb, come here i have missed you.... she hugged debbie and kissed her cheek, looking over her shoulder she saw allie's family walk in



'allie look who is here.... allie turned her head and smiled, she should know her family would turn up for bea and debbie



'bea the judge is coming in....... matt said and bea turned back around and stood up



'PLEASE RISE FOR THE HONORABLE JUDGE HILTON......  the bailiff said as he walked in and to his chair



'everyone please be seated..... once everyone was he continued  'this is an appeal for bea smith against harry smith, are both parties ready?



'we are your honor, i will be representing for bea smith.... matt said



'as are we your honor, i am representing harry smith



What a grueling day it had been, harry had been put on the stand and between him and his lawyer bea's name had been absolutely annihilated, but matt wasnt worried because he expected that, his questioning back to harry had angered him as bea had seen him before plenty of times, but the last questioning really got harry on the back foot



'mr smith the day you were arrested and charged what had happened?



'bea and i got into it



'for what reason?



'she came at me



'okay but why? a normal person doesnt normally go at someone for fun, so please mr smith what was the reason bea came at you?



'she is just crazy like that.... matt nodded and continued



'is it true mr smith that bea had walked in on you assaulting your daughter?



'it was a little push thats it, bea overreacted 



'she overreacted, a push you say. well i have the medical records of debbie smith yours and bea's daughter, i would like to put it into evidence your honor.... he gave a copy to the judge as well as harry's lawyer




'it says here that debbie had not only blacked out but had 2 broken ribs, a broken cheek, a broken ankle, 3 broken ribs from trying to fight you off and was covered from head to toe in bruises and was bloody, i dont think thats a 'push' as you say, in fact mr smith when bea walked in and seeing her beautiful little girl being laid into by her sorry excuse of a father bea lost control and went for you, bu tin reality you knew that would happen because you had threatened to go after debbie in the past just to keep bea in place, she was scared for her daughters life so always did what you wanted and took whatever you dished out, what type of man does that to anyone let alone to the woman raising the daughter....... taking a deep breath he smirked as harry's face dropped in shock 



'no further questions for mr smith your honor..... matt wanted to paint a picture of harry's character and by the looks on the judges face it worked in there favor....debbie had been called up to talk about her parents marriage, the bruising and injuries she had seen on her mum throughout there marriage, also to talk about the day in question that set bea off



'debbie what do you think would have happened if your mum didnt come home at the time and take the action she did?



'honestly he would have killed me, if mum didnt beat him up and just took me to the hospital and lied about it or something he would have started hitting me on a regular basis because there would be no consequences for his actions



'debbie please tell us how you feel about your father and also how you feel that he is in jail for his crimes?



'when i found out he was in jail i was happy, he took years away from mum and hurt her so much that he doesnt deserve to be walking the streets, why should someone that put his hands on someone else, hit her, beat her, abuse her and rape her be allowed out in society, the best place for him to spend the rest of his life is jail, as for how i feel about my father? well i dont have a father anymore, i dont think i ever had a father to be honest, he never did things with me, he never talked to me, he never did anything for my birthday, go to the park with me or even read with me, he is not a father, he is a sperm donor, my mum bea smith is both mum and dad



'even in jail debbie?,...... matt asked



'even in jail she made sure i had everything food, school fees paid, a car to drive around in, people to watch over me, when i was living on my own i dont even know how she organized it but every week on sunday afternoon she would have shopping sent to my place so i didnt have to worry about it, you see my mum isnt a normal mum, she is strong, she is powerful, she is beautiful and courageous, i could go on forever but we could be here for ages, my mum did what she did to protect me and i have and always will love her, she is my hero.... looking at bea she smiled and bea wiped the tears from her cheeks



'thank you debbie, you may step down...... that could not have gone more perfect for them, debbie spoke about her mum of being a true hero showing how great beas character was, the others called was miss bennett, mr jackson, miss miles and even allie's grandmother all used as character references



'your honor i would like to call miss bea smith to the stand please..... bea stood up and turned to look at allie who smiled



'i love you so much



'i love you too babe...... bea replied and than walked up and sat down on the stand, harry's lawyer tried so hard to bring bea down and show she deserves to be in prison and should serve out her sentence but when it was matts turn he broke it down for bea having discussed it previously



everyone listened intently about the abuse bea suffered at the hands of harry smith, it was scary, it was gruesome and many people had tears rolling down there cheeks that such a monster exists in society, when it came to a really bad part debbie couldnt hold back anymore and cried as she exited the court room, bea stood up



'debbie!!!!.... debbie was out of the court room



'miss smith sit down.... the judge ordered 



'i cant, thats my daughter i need to make sure she is okay, if you have kids your would understand.... he nodded



'lets break for lunch miss smith



'thank you your honor...... bea was taken down to the holding cell and debbie was bought down to her, debbie went into the cell and straight into bea's waiting arms



'its alright sweat heart...... bea held her not so little girl for a while till she calmed down and pulled back



'im sorry mum..... bea wiped her cheeks



'there is nothing to be sorry for



'i interrupted court  



'i dont care about that, i care about how you are, are you alright?



'i guess i didnt realize how bad things really got with you both



'i know sweet heart, im okay now



'will you be thou?



'i think so, i have been seeing the psychologist in the prison and i will continue if i get out



'thats good, are you hungry?



'yea a little



'okay well allie's nan went to get some food so i will bring some down to you, allie cant come because there are too many stairs



'thats okay, im just happy she is here



'me too, alright i will be back



 'okay and when we go back to the court room i dont want you in there deb, there is much more you shouldnt hear



'im not coming back, i called shane to come and meet me and we are going to the pub across the road till the verdict



'i havent seen little shaney in so long



'yea well a lot has happened with him and is now back, he misses you too



'i miss him as well



'i know mum, i will be back with food...... bea kissed her daughter on the cheek and let her go upstairs, matt came down and sat with bea talking about what will happen next, debbie dropped off food for them both and left them to it, they were called back to the courtroom half an hour later



As bea continued on the stand telling her story allie finally understood why it was so hard for her girl to tell everyone the truth, it was so hard to hear and a million times worse to go through, debbie was right, bea is strong and a hero



it was the end of the day and debbie and shane made there way into the court room and sat down beside allie's wheelchair 




'EVERYONE PLEASE RIDE FOR THE HONORABLE JUDGE HILTON...... everyone rose and than sat down when he told them too



'This case baffles me how it has gone so far and no help was rendered for this woman and her child, miss smith please stand i have a question for you.....bea and matt stood up



'miss smith had you called the police for help?



'yes i had your honor, they told me to get an avo against him, a piece of paper would do nothing to protect debbie and myself against him, he said i was his property and if i ever called the police he would kill me and debbie, i could not put my daughter at risk like that, if i put an avo against him he would do just that, your honor if i could speak freely.....  the judge nodded



'please do so miss smith



'The laws in place for domestic violence are out dated and do nothing to protect us, a piece of paper to someone that is known for violence doesnt scare them, things need to change, laws need to change, the police need to change how they approach the abuser and do whats right not for the law but for the one being abused, i like many other men and woman was stuck and couldnt get out, i knew if i left he would come after us, we need more safe places to go, we need action to be taken again the abusers and we need to be heard, ask us what we want? ask us what do we need?  an avo does absolutely nothing and never will, we need justice for us, for our children, for everyone



'thanks miss smith, i appreciate hearing your side of everything that has happened, i will definitely be doing more to change how the police and laws are that we follow, please remain standing for the verdict..... he cleared his throat







'im so proud proud of you babe



'i cant believe it allie, thank you for giving me the strength to get through this, i couldnt have done it without you.... bea hugged her blonde beauty and breathed in her scent, it always calmed her down



'bea we need to get you to the prison to get you signed out



'allie when i get out i will come to the hospital



'are you sure?  dont you want to do something else?



'nope, i want to be with you and deb and i know she will be with you



'true mum.... bea laughed



'alright i will see you in a couple hours, i will bring something for us to eat



'okay babe, you be safe



'i will, i love you



'i love you too






Bea arrived back to the prison and was sent off to her unit for the last time to pack her stuff



'so how did you go red?



'all my charges were dropped



'thats fucking amazing, so when do you get out?



'now, i just have to pack my stuff



'oh love im so happy for you



'thanks liz, i just cant believe it



'well you never should have been in here red, its time for you to really be free and live your life the way you were always supposed to



'thank you franky, thank you to all of you for the support you have shown me, now franky im not going to put you as top dog, in fact non of you 



'why not?



'because you all have appeals coming up in the next 3 months and if you get in trouble they go out the window



'true, so who are you putting in charge red?..... bea smiled and told them and telling them the reasons for her decisions, she packed hers and allie's few things and walked out to the yard and going over to kaz



'so how did it go?



'my charges were dropped, im leaving now



'thats so great bea, im really happy for you



'thank you, i also want to say thank you for what you did for allie, thats a big thing you did for her and it could have back fired big time



'i know, i was looking at 20 years but i made a deal telling my lawyer i was the one in charge of the red right hand, my girls here decided they didnt want out of here without me so they like i got our sentences reduced to 5 years, allie doesnt deserve to be in here



'no she doesnt, she is very great full to you kaz and she will come see her when she is better



'she doesnt have to if she doesnt want to, i know i hurt her a lot



'you did but you also looked after her and took responsibility for rrh, this situation has rebuilt your relationship and she loves you



'i love her too, so now your leaving who is in charge?



'oh your about to find out..... bea stood on the top dogs table and got everyones attention 






'bea me?



'yes you kaz, i know you will look after the woman and you want whats best for them, speak to the governor and my crew about helping you set up some things to keep the woman entertained and out of trouble, i have to go but be safe and we will visit soon enough



'tell allie i love her and if she needs anything she knows where i am



'i will...... bea walked to the exit and said her good byes to her girls



'listen you all have appeals very soon and i will be at every one of them, when i get a phone you can add me to your call list and call me when you can, look after each other and please help kaz if you can



'we got it red no worries, you look after your girls and we will look after ours..... she hugged them all and almost stopped breathing when boomer picked her up into a big bear hug



'boomer put me down, i cant breath.... they all laughed



'smith you ready?..... mr jackson asked



'i definitely am, bye girls..... they waved as bea exited the prison and was walked to the gates



'i dont ever want to see you in here ever again bea



'you may see me to visit but thats about it






'well actually i could be your mother in law...... his eyes went so wide and bea burst out laughing  'well your dating debbie so your stuck with me.... he chuckled



'yea i guess so



'once things have sorted it will be good to get to know you better mr jackson



'its will now, and yea it will be, your rides here...... she turned her head to see debbie running towards her a big smile on her face



'MUM!!!! ..... debbie squealed and jumped into her mums arms



'oh sweat heart im so happy to see you



'you too mum..... bea put her daughter down and laughed when she leaned over and kissed will on the cheek



'your a big tough guy but such a softy on the inside..... debbie giggled



'oh get lost smith



'alright come on deb, lets leave the big softy to get back to work.... bea laughed as she got in the car  'see you soon will......they waved and debbie drove off



'so mum where too?



'the hospital but i need to get food, im dying for some real food



'alright what do you want?



'a burger, a big one.... debbie laughed



'alright there is a place connected to the hospital that does great burgers but dont you want to shower and change?



'yes i do, shit i dont even know where we are going to live deb



'i spoke to matt he said we can both stay with them till we figure it out, im sure you dont want to stay at our old house?



'definitely not, alright lets quickly go tot he shops so i can get a few items of clothes than i can shower at matts and than hospital



'sounds good mum...... a couple hours later bea was clean as a whistle and they were pulling up to the hospital



'this is a nice place



'yea it is mum, there kitchen has coffee, hot chocolates and some snacks for free



'cool, food first though..... they got take away and bea had to get some flowers and a teddy for her girl,  than bea followed debbie up to allie's room, when she walked in allie smiled so brightly that bea couldnt help but match it



'oh baby im so happy to see you



'me too allie, i have missed you so much



'i missed you too



'here these are for you..... she said handing over the flowers



'thank you, there beautiful, gran can you put them in a vase please



'sure love, its good to have you out bea



'thank you maria, im stoked to be out and with my girl



'umm when are you gonna kiss me?..... allie asked and bea laughed



'right now... leaning down she kissed allie one, two, three times and allie sighed happily



'i missed you so much



'i missed you too babe, are you hungry? i bought us burgers and chips



'im starving, dinner was crappy and smelt weird so i just had a couple bites



'oh dont worry babe i got you, and you too maria.... bea handed out the food and they all enjoyed it together, maria, allie and debbie laughed as bea stuffed her face like she had never eaten in her life



'babe breath



'sorry, im just so hungry and its so good



'well now that your out you can eat whatever you like



'i cant wait to start cooking again, i miss cooking for my little girl



'im not little anymore mum



'no i guess your not, well i have so much to do for us to start our lives together



'just take it each day as it comes mum.... bea nodded, debbie and maria left a little while later and bea was tracing allie's palm



'its so crazy were both out



'yea it is and no charges as well



'yea, i cant thank kaz enough, she took the fall for all of it



'i think after the big fight in the kitchen she realized you should not be in there so did everything in her power to get you out of there, her and the girls have to do 5 years minimum



'hopefully they get out after that and get there shit together



'i think they will, kaz has changed in the time she has been locked up, i made her top dog



'really? why not franky or maxi?



'because they all have appeals coming up and i didnt want it to effect them in any way



'makes sense



'so tell me about your recovery?..... allie told bea everything, how often she does physio, what she does, the fact that she started swimming which is the best physio for her and everything else in between, bea wasnt allowed to stay as it was a private rehab but they let her stay for a couple hours extra and than she headed for matts house in a taxi, when she got there they welcomed her with cake and coffee, they chatted for a while and than bea went to bed with debbie, they were sleeping in the same bed and bea was quite happy with that, she missed out on so much time with debbie that it was time to make it up, bea mentally made a list of things she needed to do before allie got out of hospital, need to get a place first, furnish it, buy a car for her and allie, a bike for sure unless her one at the old house is still okay, although harry probably destroyed it, they need to go shopping for clothes and anything they would need, overall it wont be easy to set up fresh but it will be worth it because bea will have the family she always dreamed of, her, allie and debbie, she threw her arm over debbie and fell asleep with a smile on her face







Chapter Text







3 days later bea walked into the rehab center her hands full of paperwork and the laptop and a big smile on her face, she was so happy right now and couldnt wait to see allie and debbie;s face after what she just did, signing in she walked down to allie's room and walked in seeing her 2 favorite girls eating lunch



'hey girls



'hi mum



'hey babe... allie said and smiled when she saw her beautiful girl, bea leaned down kissing allie on the lips



'how you feeling baby?



'tired but okay



'did you do physio?



'yes and they kicked my ass



'oh mum she was sweating all over... debbie giggled 



'thats a good thing baby, the more you move around the more it will help you



'i know but im just so tired now, anyways what you got there?



'oh yes a surprise for my girls



'what is is mum?



'well look at these photos first.... she said handing them to the girls and took out the deed while they did that



'nice place, oh wow a pool, cool, what is this place mum?



'this is our place



'what?.... debbie raised her eyebrow



'i bought it for us, for the 3 of us to live in



'are you serious?



'yep, i just got the deed now, here look.... she handed it to debbie and she smiled when she saw what her mum did, she gave it to allie to see and her eyes went wide



'why is my name here?



'because the 2 of us own the house together



'but, how?



'i bought it outright for all of us, we own it



'but why me?



'because allie novak your the love of my life and i want to share everything with you



'but i dont have money.... she said embarrassed



'you think i care about that allie, i definitely dont, i had no clue about this, about us, i have no idea how to do this in the real world... she said pointing to herself  'did that change your mind?.... she asked hoping it wouldnt



'of course not but babe thats a lot of money



'yea well we sold the other house for a lot so i used it for our new house, this is a new start for all of us 



'when do we move in?



'i have the keys so im going to start buying furniture which i want you both to do with me, online obviously



'sweet, i love online shopping.... debbie said fist pumping making the other 2 to laugh



'are you sure babe? its okay if not, after i get out of here i can go to a shelter and get a job



'you are coming home with us, deb tell her



'yea you are, you dont actually have a choice, its our house.... allie smiled 



'i like how that sounds, our house



'me too



'me 3... debbie chimed in  'sooo shopping?.... bea laughed



'yes i bought the laptop as well, here is my card and start with the lounge room deb



'righto, actually before we start can i go get a thick shake from the cafe?



'sure, get me a coffee please and allie a caramel shake.... she said looking at allie who smiled and the young girl left with her mums card, bea sat on the bed and kissed allie over and over again



'hi beautiful girl, you doing alright?



'its just a lot bea



'i know baby, for me too, im just trying to get us started and a house is the first thing 



'we have a pool? i cant really swim... allie said embarrassed



'dont worry about that i can teach you or we can get you lessons, i promise baby i only want you to be happy, i want to give you everything you want and need... allie smiled



'i just need you bea, always you



'well you have me and you always will



'good, now can i have snuggles..... bea laughed and kicked her shoes before laying down and allie laid in her arms









'has the doctor been?....... bea said as she rubbed her hand up and down allie's arm



'yes, he said probably another couple weeks and than i can leave



'thats great baby



'yea, im kinda bored of these grey walls



'i know what you mean, i cant wait to have our first night together in our new house 



'me too bea..... allie ended up falling asleep so bea rang debbie and told her not to get allie a drink until later on, 10 minutes later debbie returned with her thickshake, a coffee for bea and 4 donuts



'why is it everytime you go to a shop you find donuts?



'donuts are life mum... she said and took a huge bite, bea laughed and opened the laptop



'whatever you say deb, alright lets start shopping and put it in the cart, when allie wakes we can confirm she likes them and than place the order



'sounds good to me mama







Allie woke up snuggled into bea's chest, it felt so surreal to both be out of jail and be together, kissing bea's chest she looked up to see big brown looking down at her




'hey sleepy head, did you have a good sleep?



'yea, sorry i fell asleep



'its fine, i knew you would, you were so tired from physio



'yea i was, what are you 2 doing?... she said signalling to debbie who was on the laptop



'we are looking at furniture, we put a few things in the cart but wanted your opinion as well



'its your house babe you can have whatever you want



'its our house allie, we will all decide together how to decorate, didnt we already talk about this in prison?... bea asked her eyebrow raised, allie knew what bea was talking about, a couple months ago they were talking about what they would do when they got out of jail, the first thing was get a house and than maybe a business as well, they talked about decorating the house with debbie and all having there own input, they would have a games room with a pool table and a couple arcade games, or do it in the garage and make it a hang out place for drinking and that kind of thing, that way if one of them didnt feel like drinking or hanging out with anyone they could go inside the house and relax in peace, she remembered thinking it was a pipe dream



'i remember, i also remember you saying we can have a big tv and hang it on the wall... bea smiled



'yep with surround sound, come on baby lets do some shopping.... together they made a huge order online to be delivered in 5 days, bea wanted to get the house sprayed for bugs and than painted and professionally cleaned 



'ok so we need to choose which of the 2 couch sets we have here, the red retro one or the black suede one? mum?



'im not fussy to be honest, you 2 choose



'the red one.... allie and debbie said in unison and they all giggled



'sounds good to me, deb make sure that has the recliners with them



'yes it does mum



'good, here is my card pay for it please



'okay and than we can do beds and electronics...... they chose beds with bea deciding she wanted a big king size bed just because she could, its her first proper bed and her own that she will share with allie, no one to wake them up, no 'count is in ten minute'..... nothing to ruin there time together and although it will be an adjustment for all 3 of them they didnt care as long as they were together 



'so i put them all to be delivered on saturday at 12



'sounds good deb, now its dinner time, what do you both want to eat? i will go get it



'you stay mum i will go, here just me my keys please



'thanks deb, baby what do you feel like?



'maybe chinese or thai food?



'sure thing i will see whats around, see you both soon...... debbie left and bea kissed allie's cheek



'you feeling alright? your a little warm



'yea im good, they have me on these nerve tablets so it might make me a  little warm, plus having a sexy woman like you close to me doesnt help.... allie wriggled her eyebrows and giggled when bea blushed



'so naughty



'you dont know the half of it babe, i cant wait to get out of here and home with you and deb



'me neither, its a big adjustment but we will make it work, oh a heads up deb likes to put music on loud and dance around the house, she used to do it when harry went away for work, i remember coming home from work one day and she didnt even know i was there because the music was so loud, she was dancing around jumping on the furniture and i just stood there watching, it took her like 5 minutes to finally realize i was there and than she came up and shimmied against me before taking my hand and making me join in, it was great when it was just us 2, she was so different with him around, sometimes i wouldnt hear here for hours and i would have to go looking for her to make sure she is okay



'she was quiet 



'very quiet, she didnt want to set him off for any reason



'i get that, she was scared like you were..... bea nodded



'i wish i got out of there years ago



'babe you couldnt



'i should have tried



'bea let me ask you something, if you tried to get away from him and he caught you what would have happened?



'for sure he would have killed me and probably debbie, if not her he would use her as his own personal slave, yea alright i get what you mean allie, im glad i was there to protect her



'exactly, although i fucking hate what you went through with him and i would kill him if i saw him im glad your here with me, with debbie and we can have the life we have always wanted too, i know i havnt got money or my own house, car or anything really, but  can offer you my honesty, my truth and my love to you



'i dont want anything but that allie, i dont care about possessions i just care about you and debbie..... they shared a few kisses before of course allie couldnt help herself and her hands made it to bea's ass holding it firmly in her hands and thankfully under the blanket because debbie walked in



'omg put each other down will ya.... debbie giggled when her mum went bright red and hid her face in allie's neck



'your so cute babe



'im not cute, this stupid blushing..... she mumbled and the other 2 burst out laughing  'i hate you both



'you love us mum and ya cant deny it



'ugh whatever, now what did you get for us?



'thai food, lets see i got mum hokkien noodles with beef, i got allie pad see ew with chicken and i got myself duck in black beef sauce and i got us special fried rice to share, mum in the second draw beside the bed there are plastic plates, forks, spoons and cups



'yep here we go.... they settled down with there food and began eating



'oh and i got us deep fried ice cream and its in the freezer here, it wont be warm but its still good



'i have never had that deb, what is it?



'oh its so yum allie, they have a big ball of ice cream rolled in coconut crumb and deep fried, than its topped with topping and you can have it hot or cold



'sounds interesting



'your gonna love it, hey so i spoke to will and he said the girls are all doing good, they are mostly staying in the unit or the library working on there appeals, kaz has warned everyone away from them so they can concentrate



'even boomer?



'especially boomer, she has been in there for so long and thought she had no hope to get out but franky found something in her case that might cause them to drop her charges, dont know what but your going to visit in a couple days mum so you can find out



'i will, i hope they get out of there



'me too babe



'me 3.... debbie said her mouth full only to be scolded by her mum



'i swear deb you would think i raised an animal sometimes.... debbie shrugged



'i love food



'dont i know it



'i cant wait till you start cooking mum, oh your the best cook



'its been so long deb it might take some time to get the swing of it



'thats fine i cant wait, hey allie can you cook?



'does toast count?.... bea and debbie giggled at how cute she sounded



'aww babe dotn worry i can cook for both of us



'well i can make pasta with cream sauce and spag bowl



'perfect, just like you.... bea said kissing allie, both laughing when debbie faked gagging



'your a shit you know deb



'but ya love me mum



'lord help me i do, so how is loverboy?.... bea said turning the tables on her cheeky daughter, debbie blushed just like her mum does



'oh man  your a blusher too, thats pure gold



'shut up alliiiiiiie.... debbie whined



'alright alright we will come back to it but tell us about you and will



'its been great, we have been seeing each other since i was in the hospital



'he better be treating you well or im gonna bash the shit out of him.... debbie rolled her eyes



'you been hanging around boomer too much mum



'well its true though




'i know and so does he, he was so scared about you finding out about us that he almost called it off, but i told him my mother wont hurt you, isnt that right?



'maybe.... allie giggled as her girlfriend crossed her arms over her chest



'mum... debbie sighed



'if her hurts you i will literally tell boomer and she will bash him at the prison....allie snorted and than laughed, this woman of hers is just too damn cute



'babe stop, we understand debbie is your daughter and you want to protect her but will has been nothing but good to not only her but me, you and the girls..... bea sighed, she doesnt like the fact her daughter is growing up and is dating someone, but in saying that she knows deep down will would look after debbie




'fine, when we are in our new house we can have him around for dinner or something.... bea grumbled



'thanks mum, time for dessert... they had dessert and allie loved it






'oh yea its the best, oh shit angry nurse is coming we need to get going, the visiting hours are finished.... bea nodded and went to allie kissing her lips



'i love you so much and if you need anything just call me 



'i love you too babe, be safe and sleep well



'you too, bye..... waving bye bea and debbie left and allie pressed the nurse button and she walked in a few minutes later



'hi all what can i do for you? are you in pain?



'no im okay right now but i need to use the bathroom, can you help me please?



'of course.... allie used the bathroom and than got back into bed with the nurses help



'do you need anything?



'yes actually, can you talk to my doctor and physio about doubling up my physio sessions



'so you want twice a day?



'thats right, i need to get better and i need to push myself



'okay i will speak to the doctor and we will see what we can sort out for you



'thank you nurse..... the nurse left and allie watched a movie for a while, only pausing it once when bea rang to check on her, she knew bea would call the redhead just couldnt help herself, they chatted for a few minutes till allie was falling asleep on the phone so bea left her to rest, allie put her phone on charge and turned over pulling the blanket bea got her up and over her body and fell asleep







2 weeks later and allie was coming home finally, in the last 2 weeks a lot has happened, allie had upped her physio to twice a day for every second day and the improvements really showed and although she is going home her physio will continue for a few more weeks most likely, bea and debbie with the help of will, matt, margaret and there daughter had helped them setting up the house



will built a ramp to help allie out on the front 3 steps as well which bea really appreciated, in that time bea was outside doing the garden and they got to know each other better, bea learning that will had lost his wife in a car accident 4 years ago and debbie was the first person he had seen since she passed, will opened up about the stupid things he did like drinking himself stupid and even getting into the white powder for a few months but his very good friend kicked his ass and will stopped all the crap and concentrated on work and being a better person, bea was surprised her opened up so much to her but thought that maybe he wanted bea to know that he wasnt just some dickhead that doesnt have his head screwed on, he works, owns his car and house, also has a farm out in the country that he goes to sometimes to take time out of the rustle and bustle of the city, bea appreciated his honesty so opened up to him about a few things with harry, they built a mutual respect since than and have been getting on well which debbie was thankful for as was allie because neither of them wanted to play referee for them



The house was painted a light sky blue and it looked absolutely amazing, will and matt did the painting while bea got into her art and went out with debbie to choose a few pieces for the house



Now debbie was at home with will, matt, margaret and tiffany there daughter setting up for a bbq for allie's home coming while bea went to the hospital in the car she had just bought the day before, they had debbie's to use but she was going back to uni so bea and allie needed a car and bea remembered allie talking about her favorite car so wanting to make her woman happy went out and got one, it cost a bit but bea didnt care as long as allie was happy, heading inside the rehab she signed in and went to allie's room smiling when allie walked out of the bathroom 



'hey baby



'babe your here, i missed you... she went to bea and wrapped her arms around the redhead kissing her lips, allie was able to walk but very slow and with a cane, she was improving everyday



'i missed you too, hmm you smell so good allie...., bea said rubbing her nose on allie's neck



'i just got out of the shower



'you smell delicious, are are you ready to go?






'okay well you get a head start i will grab your stuff and catch up, are you sure you dont want a wheel chair?



'no babe i want to do it myself, i just might take a while



'i dont care about that, i would wait forever for you



'babe.... allie giggled.... 'that was so cheesy and cute as fuck..... bea laughed



'get going, here put your jacket on



'thanks.... bea packed allie's stuff while allie began walking out, bea caught up about half way with allie's bags thrown over her shoulder, somehow debbie had gotten allie so many clothes that there were 2 soccer bags full



'where is your paperwork allie?



'i have to get it from the front desk



'okay.... once they got the paperwork and thanked the staff for there help they walked outside and to a bench



'allie sit down i will bring the car around



'okay babe..... bea pulled up in the red audi and allie's mouth fell open



'holy shit babe you bought this?



'i did, i got it for us 2






'because we need a car



'but this one?



'i remember you telling me you loved this car so i got it for us.... bea said putting allie's bags in the car and helped allie get in before getting in herself and began driving



'this is amazing, its so clean.... bea laughed



'everything in this car and you look at how clean it is.... allie giggled



'cant help it, babe its beautiful



'so you like it?



'i love it, not as much as you but i still love it.... she grabbed one of bea's hands and kissed it, they arrived home not too long later



'this is home baby



'its nice, i want to see inside..... they burst out laughing when debbie ran outside and stacked it as she ran towards the car... 'your daughter is so clumsy



'oh i know, she falls from the air touching her.... debbie opened the door huffing



'im so happy your home



'its good to be home, are you okay deb? you took a big fall



'ah yea im good, come on lets go inside...... she helped allie out of the car and they walked up towards the house



'stairs, shit



'its okay, will built a little ramp watch...... debbie pulled out the fold up ramp and allie smiled






'i know right, come on.... they walked up the ramp and inside the house bea right beside them, she dropped the bags and began showing allie around with debbie



'so what do you think allie?



'this place is amazing babe, the colour looks really good in here as well



'yea i thought the same, come out the back we are having a bbq with matt, tiffany, margaret and will



'oh cool, im very hungry



'of course you are..... bea smiled, debbie went ahead and made room on the special seat they got for allie



'hey your home, welcome home allie



'thanks matt.... they all greeted the blonde and than sat down to eat, allie looked at bea as her hair blew in the slight wind, a big smile on her face as she laughed at debbie being a clown, this is what allie ever wanted, a family, a roof over her head and to be with the most amazing woman in her life, bea turned her head to see allie watching her



'your staring allie



'i know



'stop staring



'never, i love you.... bea smiled and kissed allie



'i love you too






Chapter Text







3 years later



The last 3 years have been crazy, allie healed really well from the damage the fight did to her body, she went through 6 months of home rehab but eventually was able to walk on her own and without a cane



debbie had finished uni and with her mum had opened up a hair salon/coffee shop that was doing amazing, they had drummed up so much business after allie had organized a huge opening day



franky, boomer, liz and maxine have all been out of jail for a little while, apart from franky who passed her bars to be a lawyer the others were hired in debbie and bea's shop



They held poetry nights every friday night, they had special days where franky made her special caramel swirl buns, while debbie, liz and boomer ran the coffee shop maxine and bea ran the salon out the back, it was great and working together made it easier because they all trusted each other



Allie herself had surprised bea with wanting to have her own boutique, she told bea that when she lived on the streets she would always pass them and was envy of the nice clothes that she thought she would never have, bea made it happen for her though, she took out a small loan and made it happen presenting allie with the keys a year ago only 4 shops down from there cafe/salon



'hey maxi im just going to go see allie, you alright to hold the fort?



'no worries sweety, you take your time



'thanks maxi..... bea went to debbie who was marking the counter 



'where are you off too mum?... debbie smirked knowing exactly where she was going, everyday since allie opened the shop bea goes at exactly 3.30 with a caramel shake and donut to allie's shop



'you know where



'yea i do. here the order is ready



'thanks deb, i wont be long



'okay..... debbie shook her head at her mum and smiled, debbie had noticed when they all started living together that the blonde had a huge impact on her mum, she was always smiling and giggling, allie would chase her around the house both of them laughing, she would always find them in the pool when it was hot or snuggled on the couch when it was cold, they fell asleep on the couch together quite a few times snuggled into each other like there life depended on it and maybe in there case it did. she loved the relationship and what it represented, it helped her with her own at times, debbie and will have been strong since day one, they are stupidly happy and debbie had an announcement to make to them all so grabbed her phone to send a message to everyone



'hey mofos, bbq at our place tonight at 7, its friday night so party time, byo alcohol 



once she sent it she called will who picked up after a couple rings



'hey beautiful



'hey babe, you at work?



'yea just on lunch, thanks for that by the way, its my favorite.... debbie made will lunch whenever she could because she knows how busy he gets and has no time to go out and get something, she made him chicken with rice and mushroom sauce



'no worries babe, so i messaged everyone for the bbq tonight and all the responses are coming through as yes, you ready for it?



'i think so, im scared what your mum and allie would say



'me to to be honest, but its time to tell them



'true, alright what do you need me to bring?



'can you go to the shops and i will send you a list, i will get the ice on my way home



'no deb, i dont want you to carry anything heavy, i will get it, just write it on the list



'are you sure?



'of course baby girl, i will bring some sweets as well



'you too good to me



'no way babe, your too good for me



'i love you will



'i love you too babe, i gotta get back to work but i will see you later on



'bye.... hanging up debbie put her phone down and served the next customer





Allie was hanging up some clothes when the door opened and in walked bea 



'hey babe



'hey baby, be careful up there, its dangerous.... bea said putting the shake and donut down than holding the ladder



'im fine babe, im coming down..... she carefully stepped down and into bea's arms kissing her  'hi..... allie smiled



'hi to you, i missed you



'i missed you too, i bought you a snack



'i can see... allie said than continued to kiss her woman again  'but i would rather have you.... bea giggled when allie squeezed her ass



'allie we cant, behave yourself



'ugh fine but later



'im yours



'good, did you see the text debbie sent?... allie said sitting down  taking a bite of her donut



'yea as i was walking here, wonder what its about?



'dont know but i love a bbq babe, i loves me some ribs.... bea laughed



'i know you do, i will make sure deb gets them



'why thank you, here eat... she shoved the donut at bea who rolled her eyes and took a bite



'fuck deb makes some good donuts



'true that babe, so you excited for our weekend away this week?



'i cant wait, its been a long time since we got a couple nights alone



'make sure you bring albert 



'why did you name it that alli? its weird..... 2 years ago allie and bea have been experimenting with sexual contents and found the vibrating strap on was there favorite, allie thought it was a great idea to name it 'albert'



'its cute,... bea shook her head



'well i will make sure to pack it



'good, because i want to fuck you so hard your eyes will roll to the back of your head.... bea shivered when allie ran her finger across her chest



'cant wait... bea croaked out, she stood up and cleared her throat  'i got to get back to work, behave yourself baby



'i will try



'you do that.... kissing allie she left the shop laughing when allie whistled loudly, getting back to the shop she grabbed a coffee



'hey deb allie said to tell you to make sure you have ribs for tonight



'i do dont worry



'what do you need me to do?



'can you actually pick up the meat for me? i ordered and paid for it but they are going to marinate it all and than we can put it straight on the bbq



'sure thing sweetheart, what is tonight about anyways?



'you will find out tonight mum, now go back to work



'yes boss.... bea laughed and walked back to her shop






Will arrived hands full with shopping, bea helped him and they put everything on the benches in the kitchen



'thanks bea



'no worries, what do we have here?



'i dont know, deb sent me a list so here it is, where is she?..... just than debbie walked into the kitchen



'im right here babe... she kissed his cheek  'thank you for getting everything



'no worries baby



'deb what are you making?



'salad, potato bake and ceasar salad



'sounds good, how about i make the potato bake and you make the salads?



'sure mum, babe why dont you have  a shower and relax?



'i will thanks.... will went to debbie's room to get some clothes, he doesnt live with them but he does stay sometimes and has clothes there for when needed



bea was cutting up the potatoes when she felt arms snake around her waist and soft lips on her neck



'hey babe do you need help?



'im good thanks, when did you get home?



'about 20 minutes away, i had a shower and now im here, how about i make you girls a drink?



'yes please, i will have a scotch and coke



'deb beer?



'no thanks, just  a coke for me with lots of ice




'coming right up.... allie made there drinks and than the guests came so she let them in and greeted them, franky, bridget, maxine with her partner, boomer, liz, matt, margaret and there daughter, allie's grandparents, brothers, wives and kids,  and some other friends



'where is red?



'there all through there, go on.... an hour later they all sat down to eat dinner, bea smiling as she watched allie pile her plates with ribs and than sat down to eat like no ones elses business. they enjoyes dinner together and than cleaned up



'alright so what is tonight about deb? you have kept us in the dark long enough



'alright franky i will tell you, hey babe come here.... will came and stood next to debbie and all eyes were on them



'okay so we have couple of things to tell you all, first thing first is..... she pulled something out of her pocket and put it on her hand



'will asked me to marry him and  said yes..... everyone jumped up and cheered, congratulating the couple



'you have more news deb?.... allie asked



'im 2 months  pregnant.... bea and allie's mouth fell open in shock, debbie nervously waited for there reactions, bea walked to her daughter and held her face between her hands 



'im so proud of how far you have come



'your not mad?



'definitely not, im so happy for you, both of you, im going to be a grandma



'yea you are mum..... they hugged for a while and than allie and the rest of them gave there congrats to the couple



'cheers to will and debbie, congratulations of your engagement and your little bundle of joy.... franky announced and they spent the night celebrating, allie, bea and franky thought it was a good idea to get plastered and bridget had to take a drunk franky  home



The next day bea and allie woke up completely hung over, allie groaned and put her head on bea's shoulder



'i cant handle the light babe



'me too, we forgot to close the blind



'you do it



'allie you do it... bea moaned



'please bea, i just cant



'ugh fine.... bea got out of bed carefully and closed the blinds than got back into bed



'much better, thank you, my head is throbbing



'me too 



'here lay back i will massage your head bea..... bea did just that and moaned when allie's fingers ran through her hair



'its feels so good baby, thank you





'happy to do it babe, we really should have some aspirin and have a shower



'i know, i guess we should and than we can come back to bed



'good idea..... they got up and had a shower together, both helping each other as they were a little unstable, heading downstairs debbie and will were there



'morning mum, allie, how you feeling?



'like death all warmed up.... debbie giggled



'you hungry? will is cooking.... allie groaned



'i cant stomach that



'me neither, i think some fruit will do better for us



'let me cut it up for you mum



'no deb i will do it, you need to rest



'mum im pregnant not dying



'no i know but just sit down, it was a big night



'fine... debbie huffed  



'so how are you feeling deb? any morning sickness?



'yep lots, for the last month



'how the hell did i miss you being sick?... bea said and shook her head confused



' it normally happens when im about to shower so you cant hear it over the water



'im sorry deb, i should have known



'oh mum i hid it on purpose, we wanted to announce it in our own time, we needed to be sure it would take



'what does that mean deb?.... debbie looked at will who nodded



'8 months ago i fell pregnant but i lost it 4 weeks in



'oh baby im so sorry... bea went over to her and hugged her not so little girl... 'im sorry you went through that



'it was hard but we got through it, i didnt tell you because you have been through that and i didnt want to upset you



'deb im your mum and i want to be there to support you no matter what, both of you



'thanks mum but we are okay, we are both so happy about this little one, the doctor says its doing well



'thats great deb, it you need anything just let me know



'thanks mum, you both should go rest allie is falling asleep.... bea smiled as allie was leaning against the fridge her eyes closing



'yea alright, come on babe lets go to sleep.... allie nodded and held bea's hand as they went back to there room, bea made allie have some fruit and took a couple aspirin than laid down, bea sat up against the wall eating her fruit and rubbing allie's head as she watched some tv, allie had laid her head in bea's lap and had fallen asleep quite quickly, once bea finished her fruit she decided she needed to get debbie and will a baby gift and an engagement gift, scrolling through online she knew she wanted to buy a cot and changing table for the baby and maybe a gift basket, as for the engagement she wasnt sure and would allie to help her with that one, putting her phone down she laid down and pulled allie into her arms causing her to moan



'shuuu its okay baby.... alie snuggled into her chest and bea loved this, she loved when allie reached out for her in bed, or she always needed to be close to her no matter what she was doing, bea absolutely loved this woman and knew she would want to spent the rest of her life with her, she needed to make allie hers forever, she had to talk to debbie but she knew debbie loved allie and wouldnt have a problem with it, it was time, it was time to ask allie to marry her






The next day bea and allie were both back to there usual self, allie was even being cheeky when bea was trying to make dinner and the blonde was behind her with her arms wrapped around the redhead and kissing her neck, her wondering hands making there way under bea's t-shirt and having a mind of there own



'allie you gotta stop that..... bea said huskily, she was definitely turned on but couldnt do anything about it as debbie and will were due home any minute and dinner was nearly ready



'i cant help myself, i want you so much right now, fuck i want you all the time, if i could roll you up and put you in my pants all day and night i would... bea giggled, this chick was so random 



'i mean it does sound good baby but im going to burn the food if you dont stop



'ugh fine... allie said stepping back  'what can i do to help?



'set the table please.... allie began to walk off  'but allie?







'later tonight in bed, im gonna fuck you till you forget your name.... allie wriggled her eyebrows and did a little happy jiggle before going and setting the table, the door opened a few minutes later



'mum were home



'in the kitchen deb.... debbie and will walked in a few seconds later kissing her mums cheek



'smells good mum, what are you making?



'steak  with mash and mushroom sauce, allie also made a salad



'yum, do we have time for a shower?



'yes, make it quick



'yes boss, come on babe we can shower together.... debbie giggled as will blushed, she always embarrassed him and secretly her loves it, he did the same in front of there friends, 20 minutes later they were all sitting around the table eating dinner



'oh mum its so good



'thanks deb



'ahem... allie coughed  and debbie rolled her eyes



'yes allie your salad is great as well



'i worked hard on it



'it shows



'hey deb after dinner do you guys have any plans?



'nope, but i do want something sweet



'well how about you come for a drive with me to get something?



'sure mama...... allie and will cleaned up while debbie went with her mum to the cake shop, debbie side eyed her mum, she looked to be overthinking and worried



'alright whats wrong mum?



'hmm, no nothing



'come on mum its me, i know you and something important is on your mind so out with it



'alright but no one knows, you have to keep this to herself



'yes yes alright, tell me



'i want to ask allie to marry me.... bea said and put the car in park in front of the cake shop



'seriously? thats freaking awesome mum






'of course mum, what are you worried about?



'well you firstly



'me? mum i love allie and im surprised it took you so long



'so your okay with it?



'absolutely, its time to make it official, you have my full blessing



'thanks deb... bea smiled and than frowned






'shit, i have to ask her, what if she says no?.... debbie let out a belly laugh at her mums face



'oh mum she would never say no, she would have married you the first day she met you



'maybe not the first day, i pushed her up into the bench in the storage room.... debbie laughed



'your such a bad ass mum



'i had to be



'i know, anyways allie would never say no, so how are you going to do it?



'i have a couple ideas let me tell you.....  y the time they arrived home bea had a good plan in hand thanks to her amazing daughter, they sat down to have dessert together with allie pulling bea into her lap, debbie made gagging noises when she could hear allie being totally cheesy with bea



'shush up you little brat, i will tickle you deb



'na uh mama, im pregnant and my bladder isnt my best friend, i will pee myself.... everyone laughed at her serious face expression even will



'babe stop laughing, you know its true



'i sure do, especially after last sunday



'babe shuu.... debbie tried to keep him quiet



'oh what happened last sunday?.... allie asked and smirked



'yes deb what happened?..... bea said



'if i tell you, you cant tell anyone



'fine, go on



'we were at the park and will was pushing me on the swing, it just hit me that i needed to pee and will stopped the swing and helped me off, we were walking to the toilet which by the way is way too far from the equipment, anyways i was on my way there when a kid came over and started talking to me, asked me like 20 questions and eventually i had to rush off and by the time i got there it was too late



'you pee'd yourself?



'i peed myself mum, i had to get will to come home and get me a change of clothes and wipes to clean up, it was so embarrassing



'dont worry about it babe, the baby is pushing on your bladder, just try be more weary next time



'i know, i will, anyways im tired can we go to bed babe?



'sure, come on, night girls



'good night..... bea said and they went off to bed



'are you ready for bed allie?



'im not tired bea



'who said anything about sleep, come on gorgeous.... bea pulled allie up and they went to there room, bea making good on her promise by bringing allie to the brink multiple times causing her to eventually pass out, bea snuggled into the blondes tired body and kissed her chest



'i love you beautiful girl.... she too closed her eyes and fell asleep with the thoughts of the proposal 








Chapter Text








2 weeks later



Bea had just picked up the ring she was going to propose to allie with, she had everything ready and just had to do one more thing that bea felt was really important so was heading to the cafe to meet them, parking the car she got out and headed inside looking around, she smiled when she saw allie's grandparents and brothers sitting at the booth and headed towards them



'bea sweetheart its so good to see you



'you to maria, all of you..... she hugged them all and sat down, they ordered food and drinks and maria pattered her hand



'as much as we love you whats this all about? we have ever had lunch altogether like this



'hmm yea i know, well i guess the best thing to do is show you.... she pulled the box out of her pocket and put it on the table, they all went quiet and maria picked it up 



'can i open it?.... bea nodded and maria did so, she gasped 



'i want all of your permission to ask all to marry me?.... she asked and maria looked up



'of course you can bea, your the best thing to ever happen to my grand baby, she is so happy with you and the life you 2 have built together, you have our full blessing, all of us



'thank you so much



'now tell us how your going to do it..... bea smiled and went on to tell them what debbie had helped her organize







allie had just arrived home on a saturday to see debbie sitting at the table



'hey deb where is your mum?



'out at the moment, she said she will be back to pick you up at 5 for your dinner plans



'okay cool. what time is it now?






'alright well im going to shower and start getting ready



'alright, would you like a beer or something?



'not right now thanks deb, you feeling alright?



'yea im good, a bit tired so im going to lay down



'are you going to be alright on your own tonight deb?



'oh yea, will is coming after work and we are going to have dinner together



'okay good, well im off....... allie went upstairs and jumped into the shower taking longer than normal as she had to shave, drying off she put her robe on and went to hers and bea's room and began doing her hair, her phone beeping showing a text message from bea



'hey beautiful girl, sorry i wasnt there when you got home but i have a few things to do, behind the door there is a dress i got for you for tonight and matching shoes in your closet in a box, i cant wait to see you, i love you so very much baby xxoo..... allie smiled and stood up going to the door seeing a bag hanging, she unzipped it and gasped and ran her fingers over the fabric



'its beautiful babe, i love you too, see you soon xoxo..... putting the phone down she finished off getting ready and finally coming into the kitchen with 2 minutes to spare, taking a big breath she herself was nervous, they were celebrating there anniversary and allie herself had something special for bea and was very nervous to give it to her, hearing the front door open she heard bea gasp as she turned to face her



'allie you look absolutely beautiful



'well thanks to my amazing girlfriend that got me this beautiful outfit.... allie said and twirled, 'you look amazing in your suit babe....  bea walked closer and kissed her on the lips



'your girlfriend is very lucky to have you



'i think im the lucky one



'we are both lucky, you ready to go?



'are we going to eat because im so hungry?



'yes we are, come on baby.... they held hands and left the house, bea opened the door and allie slid into the car and than got in herself



'so where are we going babe?



'you will see, why dont you put some music on



'sure thing..... they mostly listened to music for 20 minutes till bea parked the car in front of allie's favorite restaurant 



'babe we are eating here? i love this place but its expensive 



'i know you do and its a special occasion so let me spoil you, stay there a moment.... bea got out and walked around to the other side and held the door open putting her hand out which allie took and got out of the car



'you ready to go in?



'yep, lets go babe.....they walked in and bea gave her name



'please follow me.... the hostess said and they followed her to the table and she pulled out the chairs for them



'ladies i will tell you the specials tonight, we ahve a duck with mash, asparagus and red wine jue, we also have fish with fig puree, cauliflower and cheese with cheese dressing, and lastly we have vegetarian lasagna with a garden salad



'it all sounds good  



'you know what, bring us all 3 specials as well as a bowl of hot chips and 2 sides of mushroom sauce



'babe thats a lot of food.... allie said



'i know but you want them all so we get them all to share... bea said holding allie's hand



'your the best bea



'you are



'awwww... the waitress said and they both looked up 'you 2 are so damn cute... they both giggled



'thanks, alright so thats our order and allie red wine?



'i would like just some water right now



'me too, thank you



'great i will put your order in, wont take too long girls.... the waitress walked off and put through there order 



'so tell me about your day? hows the shop?



'yea it was good, i opened for a few hours and received a delivery, sorted some stock and had a donut for lunch



'allie, that is not lunch



'i know but some of the shops were closed today because its the weekend so i just got a donut and coffee



'so your really hungry?



'babe im starving, i need food stat



'here let me butter you a bread roll



'thank you bea..... luckily there food had arrived 15 minutes later and they absolutely loved everything, bea knows allie can eat but she ate like her life depended on it, her poor baby was so hungry and bea had to make sure that she made allie lunch for the future



'oh im stuffed babe..... allie said and rubbed her belly



'so no desert?... bea raised and eyebrow



'well you know, i gotta have a little somethin somethin.... bea giggled



'how about we share something?



'that would be great babe..... they shared a desert and than bea paid not letting allie look at the bill, grabbing allie's hand they left the place and got into the car and bea began driving



'where are we going?



'just for a drive, you up for it?



'as long as your there im happy to go anywhere



'good to know..... bea pulled up at the beach not too long later and they got out



'take your shoes off allie, we can walk on the sand



'alright babe..... they put there shoes in the car and locked it before taking allie's hand and walked onto the sand, bea knew exactly where she was going and they walked along the sand



'you know allie i have never been happier than i am than im with you



'you make me happy too bea... bea smiled, they were getting closer to the racks where everything was set up with the help of bridget and franky, bea was so nervous as they rounded the racks and allie saw a patio area fully lit up with fairy lights and candles



'bea whats all this?



'come with me allie.... they walked up the few stairs and stood in the middle of the heart shaped candles, she turned to face allie  and took a big breath



'allie today signifies the first day we got together all those years ago, the way you kissed me that day made me feel so special, there hasnt been a day since that i havent felt loved by you, i love you more than anything and i have a question for you.... she took a step back and pulled out the box from her pocket and kneeled down on one knee




'ALLIE NOVAK WILL YOU MARRY ME?....... bea said so nervously she felt like she would throw up



Allie stood staring at bea, she never thought bea would be the one doing this, she watched bea's nervous face and decided to put her out of her misery, she herself dropped to her knees in front of the redhead



'bea i cant believe you did all this for me, but i need to show you something.... allie put her hand into her bra and took out the ring she had herself



'you beat me to it, i wanted to ask you bea......bea chuckled and took a breath






'your just too greedy... allie laughed  'bea smith will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?



'i asked you first allie



'i guess you did, well my answer is definitely yes, now answer my question



'my answer is definitely yes, of course its yes allie..... they laughed and put the rings on each other fingers



'were engaged..... allie beamed 



'yea we are baby, i love you so much



'i love you too babe, what now?



'i got us a room at a hotel for the night



'great, lets go i really want you in my arms, naked.... bea giggled when allie pulled her hand and they rushed to the car



'babe lets get going



'alright baby..... they arrived at the hotel 20 minutes later and bea checked them in and they went up to there room, the second the door closed allie jumped into bea's arms and kissed her so sexily that bea moaned loudly



'take me too bed babe, i want to fuck you...... they spent the night making love, bea taking out there toy bringing allie to the brink over and over again before they fell into a deep slumber







The next day they arrived home in the afternoon to an excited debbie who was in the kitchen



'so? how was your night?



'amazing, were engaged.... allie said showing the ring to the younger girl who squealed and jumped into there arms



'oh my god im so excited, wait mum... she said taking her hand seeing another ring  'where did this come from?



'oh deb sit down and we will tell you what happened..... they sat down with some hot chocolate and explained how the night went and that they both proposed to each other



'woah thats so cool, are you both happy?



'more than anything.... allie said and wrapped her arm around the redhead



'thats so freaking cute, so now were all getting married, how is this going to work?



'well we spoke about it this morning and decided on small and intimate, on the beach and sooner than later



'makes sense mum, i think we were gonna do the same, i want to be able to fit into a dress before i get too fat so we were thinking in 2 months.... bea's eyes went wide



'2 months deb? shit thats not long



'i know but i have already started with the list



'well we can help in any way deb



'that would be good because will works so much so he can only do a couple things



'we can definitely help, show us your list



'no no firstly we need to have an engagement party for you both



'we dont need that deb



'we have to at least do a bbq with the closest? come on, tonight.... seeing debbie was excited they agreed to a small bbq



'okay fine, but nothing too big






'alright what can we do?



'the shopping, i will write you a list and i will text everyone



'you and your bbq's deb



'ya know i loves me a good bbq mama



'that i do........ debbie gave them the list and they headed off to the shops while called franky to come over and help, she had text everyone and they were all in, no one knew but debbie and of course allie's family since bea asked them for permission




bea and allie were strolling through the isles collecting everything on the list debbie gave them, also grabbing a few extra things for house they needed



'babe can we get ice cream?



'of course allie, which one do you want?



'them 2.... allie pointed and bea picked up the 2 boxes and put them in the trolley



'anything else?



'umm the cheesecake.... allie said so cutely that bea just had to kiss her



'anything for you baby, now lets finish shopping, i can see your tired and you need a nap..... allie nodded, they arrived home 45 minutes later and packed everything away, franky and debbie were out the pack setting up some tables and chairs as well as cleaning



'hey guys we are going to have a nap if thats all right?



'thats fine mum



'do you need help with the food?



'no, franky is going to do the food prep



'okay, if you need us just come and wake us



'no sweat red go and relax..... bea grabbed allie's hand they went to there room. bea undressed allie leaving her in undies and a t-shirt



'get into bed baby



'your coming right?



'of course..... they both slid into bed and pulled the quilt over themselves



'you warm enough?



'yep... allie said snuggling into bea's chest, she smiled when she felt bea kiss the top of her head..... 'this is my favorite position



'well i mean we have had many positions..... allie giggled



'your so naughty babe



'me? never, im innovent



'yea yea you keep telling yourself that.... allie mumbled as her eyes closed



'go to sleep..... bea whispered, they both fell asleep







'fiance..... allie whispered into bea's ear  'hey fiance wake up..... she giggled when she kissed bea on the nose and the redhead scrunched up her nose before opening her eyes



'hey babe, you gotta get up



'hmm, what time is it?



'its 5.30, we gotta shower and get dressed before anyone else comes



'okay, you get started i will join you soon.... allie smiled and undressed her self throwing her clothes at bea



'cheeky little shit..... bea mumbled when allie jiggled her ass walking into the bathroom, bea stretched her body and than threw the blanket off and headed into the bathroom undressing as she went, wrapping her arms around the blonde from behind she kissed her neck



'took your time babe



'did you miss me?



'i always miss you bea.... allie turned around and put her arms around bea's neck  'did you sleep alright?



'i slept perfectly because you were there, i cant believe i get to spent the rest of my life with you.... allie blushed



'stop it.... she said shyly



'baby are you blushing? aww thats so cute, i love when you blush



'shut up bea, its not cute



'oh yea it is, its so sexy



'shut up babe..... bea giggled when allie tickled her sides



'allie stop it



'make me...... bea did just that when she kissed the blonde, not just any kiss, it took the blondes breath away, bea didnt stop there, she made sure allie came in her hands twice before they finished there shower



'fuck.... allie said laying on the bed naked with her hand over her eyes



'you right there allie?



'hmmm, you too good at that babe



'too much?..... bea asked pulling allie's hand away looking nervous



'never, i can never get enough of you being this close to me



'good, now get dressed



'yes boss.....  they got dressed and headed out to the kitchen



'hey you sleepy heads are up



'hey franky, do you need help?



'you could set up the snacks, there on the table there



'sure thing, where is deb?



'having a shower, will just got home so there getting showered and changed



'okay, i will do the snacks, baby why dont you go and get ice for the drinks?



'no worries, do we need anything else while im out?



'oh can you pick up the sweets, deb ordered them they just need picking up



'sure thing, wont be long.... allie walked out of the house and drove up



'so red you gonna tell me what tonight is about?



'hmm nope not yet, you can wait like the rest of them



'oh come on tell me, im your bestie



'doesnt matter, you will find out later on



'ugh fine..... franky finished the rice and helped bea put the snacks out, a meat and cheese platter, crackers, a bowl of lollies and a few bowls of chips



'alright thats all set up, how about a drink red?



'sounds good..... within the next hour everyone had turned up and was enjoying drinks and snacks, boomer and will were on the bbq and allie was sitting on bea's lap when her phone rang



'its the prison.... she said looking worried, allie had been seeing kaz once a fortnight since she got out, they had fixed there relationship and were better than ever



'answer it allie



'im just gonna go inside



'okay.... allie walked inside and answered, coming back out 20 minutes later bea looked up



'whats wrong? is it bad? did something happen to kaz?



'umm well she is being let out



'what? how?



'that was vera bennett, she said that for the last year kaz has been working with the fbi to get control of the drug situation in wentworth, it had gotten really bad so they asked her as the top dog to get on board and help them take the supplier down, it ended up being supplied by a chinese drug lord and thanks to kaz they have been taken down. tina, kim and there group were running them inside and the whole operation has been broken up



'wow, so they cut her sentance?



'yes, her and her crew will walk out tomorrow free



'wow, thats huge, thats amazing news baby



'it really is, i got to speak to her for a couple minutes, i told her about us



'what did she say?



'she is stoked, says she cant wait to celebrate with us



'me too, we will pick her up tomorrow, do you know what time she will be let out?



'after lunch, about 1



'okay, we will go pick her up



'she needs a place to live, there setting her up in the bedsit, the other girls all have people to stay with 



'she will live with us






'of course allie, she is family and we have the room



'thank you, i love you bea



'i love you too, now lets get the rest of the food set up because the meat is nearly done, debbie looks tired.... they both looked over to see debbie snuggled into franky on the swing seat



'yea okay, she needs to rest for a while..... they set up the food with bridget and the meat was set out, everyone piled on the food and ate, everyone trying to find out what the night was about and allie just said one word  'family' 



They were having desert an hour later when franky gasped loudly causing everyone to look, she and allie put thre rings on and bought out desert at the same time



'what the hell is this?.... franky said holding bea's hand



'well.... bea said putting her arm around her fiance



'well what?



'i proposed to allie and she said yes, she also proposed to me the same night and i said yes, so we are engaged..... everyone cheered and jumped up congratulating the happy couple



'im so happy for you red, you deserve it.... franky whispered in her ear, bea squeezed her tightly



'thank you franky, you made this happen, you saved my life and i could never thank you enough



'i would do it all over again



'i know..... allie pulled out the champagne and poured everyone a glass except debbie



'i just want to say how happy i am to have bea in my life, i never thought i would find the love of my life and i am so happy i did, i love you babe, now and forever



'i love you too allie.... they shared a sweet kiss and everyone cheered, a few hours later debbie had fallen asleep on the swing seat



'hey bea im going to get deb to bed and than i will come back out to clean



'its fine will i got it, take care of my girl, do you need help?



'no im good thanks... will picked up debbie like a feather and walked inside to there room



'hey red bidge and i will help clean up before we leave



'thanks franky, oh by the way kaz and her crew get out tomorrow



'what? how did that happen?.... bea went on to tell them what allie had told her



'wow, thats awesome red, allie would be so happy



'she is, so much has changed and i couldnt be happier



'you deserve it red, all of it



'im beginning to believe it franky,....... they all cleaned up and once franky and bridget left the other 2 headed to bed, allie practically flopped into bed fully clothed



'im so tired



'i can tell baby, here let me help you undress..... bea stripped them both down and got into bed sharing kisses



'i have never been happier



'me too allie, i love you so very much



'i love you too beautiful..... they fell asleep not too long later







3 months later debbie was married to will, it was a beautiful wedding, bea and allie were able to walk her down the isle, she had a cute medium baby bump but looked absolutely beautiful in her dress




a few months later debbie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, she was a little dark like will, had blue eyes which no one is sure where they came from but debbie says it comes from her grandma allie, she also has little curls that were like debbie and bea, she was healthy and happy, her name was andria bea alice jackson




3 months later bea and allie tied the knot at the beach, they had gone back and forth for a while as to how they would get married and decided the beach is the best place, they spend so much time there and allie really wanted an outdoor wedding, bea of course wore a white suit with black heels but did have a blue handkerchief in her pocket and a blue tie to match allie's blue eyes




allie had on a beautiful mermaid wedding dress with silver heels, her hair up with a few strands hanging around her face, bea cried when she saw her beautiful bride and was happy to be spending the rest of her life with her 




5 years later bea and allie decided to adopt a young boy called jack, young jack was 7 years old and had lost his whole family in a car accident, it took about a year for the young boy to finally let his walls down and accept allie and bea as his new parents




In this time bridget and franky married and bridget gave birth to twin boys alex and allie, both had bea as there middle name and westfall-doyle like there parents, they were cheeky and now 5 years old, they loved rumbling with bea and especially loved hanging with there aunt boomer, 




boomer herself had fallen madly in love with the last person that would happen with, maxine, boomer and maxine were also married and boomer was now happily pregnant with maxine's baby after maxine had frozen sperm from before transitioning 




liz had been hit with dementia 3 years ago and had deteriorated quickly, 8 months later she had passed away and they all grieved there dear beloved mother




kaz had come out of prison a different person to who she was going in, she wasnt angry at the world so much and decided to put herself to good use, she along with her crew opened up a huge shelter for battered woman and children, she also had a shelter for men that needed help, she no longer hated men and because she let down her walls has now got an amazing man that takes her as she is, crazy and all as allie would say




it has now been 10 years since bea and allie have been out of prison and what a decade it has been, they have invited everyone to the beach for a bbq, it wasnt cold or hot but perfect weather to just relax, everyone turned up at roughly the same time, bea was sitting on the blanket when she heard them all yell





'BEA BEA BEA...... she turned her head to see the twins, debbie's daughter, there son jack who had spent the night with debbie all running towards her, they jumped on her and she tickled them and laughed




'hey you little buggers..... they loved bea, in fact everyone around them right now was family, one big dysfunctional family. they had all eaten and than were having donuts, canolli's and profiteroles for dessert, allie was sitting between bea's legs leaning back into her chest stuffing her face, allie hadnt changed, the blonde like debbie thought 'food was life' so she wasnt surprised to see allie comfortably eating and enjoying herself




'do you want another one allie?




'a canolli please, there so yum.... bea passed her one and kissed her cheek




'you know allie








'although i hate how i got there, going to jail was one of the best things to ever happen to me








'yes, what i did to him, he deserved it and much more..... harry had been killed in prison 5 years ago because he thought he was king shit and took on top dog, he was taken out completely and no one shed a tear for him, not even debbie




'he sure did babe




'i wish i never put debbie through that either, it was hard for her




'im sure it was but look at her babe, she is so happy and if she didnt meet will in jail she wouldnt have her perfect family




'thats true, i always think about the day i met you




'shit when you pushed me into that storage and held me against the bench, i fucking shit myself....bea chuckled




'yea sorry about that, i had to make sure you werent a threat




'i know and i forgive ya




'gee thanks, anyways i remember when you turned around to face me, i was captivated for sure








'yep, your eyes were so blue and i was immediately addicted




'i have to admit i knew who you were from the papers, when i saw you i fell in love with you straight away, im so happy i went to jail, crazy right




'i think we are both crazy, but im so crazy in love with you allie and i wouldnt change a thing




'me too babe, i love you more than i can ever show or say, your my world




'and your mine, prison was a war and we all won..... leaving a kiss to allie's cheek she looked over the family, everyone was laughing, smiling, giggling and messing around, prison may have been a war but her and her  warriors came out on top, love conquers all







THE END!!!!!