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Snowing/gosh one-shots

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Josh was coming home from filming manifest without a break for two weeks.

As he pulled up on the driveway he saw his kids and beautiful wife standing outside by the door. Josh got out of the car and before he could do anything else his two boys came racing towards him almost knocking him over with their force when they collided with him. He lifted them up and game them kisses that turned into giggles as he tickled them a bit.

-daddy! Come inside and look at my new set of LEGO, says oliver and Hugo agreed and was equally excited to show him his new toys.
- I’ll be there in a while, why don’t you go and take out all of your toys and I’ll just unload my stuff first, josh said as he let the boys go and they proceeded to run into the house past their mother as fast as they possibly could.

Josh took his bags out of the trunk of the car and walked towards the door. Before he reached the door, where Ginny is standing, he dropped his bags and picked up the pace. When he reached Ginny his arms went around her waist pulling her close, kissing her deeply, as he gently lifted her up in the air twirling her around. In results of that he earned a soft giggle from her. He slowly let her down, not letting her go for one moment. Josh stopped kissing her for a second to pull back and just marvel at her.

-what are you looking at? Ginny asked.
-what? A man isn’t allowed to marvel at his absolutely breathtaking wife for two seconds without being questioned? Josh joked back.
Ginny just smiled at that and leaned closer to kiss him.

The happy family spent the rest of their day spending time together until it was time for the small ones to sleep.

Later that night josh and Ginny is heading upstairs.

Ginny giggled as joshs’ hands were around her waist and as he kept kissing her. He gently pressed against a wall, her legs went around his waist as he carried her to their bedroom.

Long into the night the only thing you could hear was soft sighs, laughs and moaning…