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All You Ever Dreamed

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“Katsuki, are you ready, babe?”

Todoroki Shouto checks his face on the mirror again. Slowly he put his black coat around him, because it’s October and it’s chilly. The Alpha stares at his own reflection. It’s just a usual gathering at Midoriya Izuku’s house because the Omega was recently giving a birth. According to his best friend, the pup is a female. Shouto is glad for him, he deserves it. He just hopes that the green haired boy is happy with his new life now. A lot of his friends will be there too. It’s kinda cliche but it feels like a sudden reunion.

“Yeah. I’m ready. Wait a minute,” There’s a clacking sound of shoes behind him and Shouto smiles widely for himself. He turns around, watching his loved one wearing his shoes. Bakugou Katsuki wears a nice red shirt and simple pair of black pants, matching his bright crimson eyes.

“Is it the time already? We’re going to his house right?” Katsuki asks without looking at him, he’s too focused on wearing his shoes.

Shouto nods his head, even though he knows that Katsuki doesn’t see him, “Yeah. They say it’s female.”

To this, Katsuki stares at him, “Yeah?” he asks, fixing his legs before adding, “It’s cool... so he has a daughter now.” He says in a smaller voice.

“Yeah. We should get going tho, it takes an hour from here to Ikebukuro.”


It really took an hour until they arrived at the apartment building. Katsuki looks at it, he knew Deku’s living in such a nice place now. He’s married with Shinsou after all. Even Katsuki’s own is bigger than this one, but at least this place is homey. He can’t wait to see Shinsou’s face when he arrived. He must be shocked. They’re frenemy since high school and Katsuki likes to think that they’re so close, so close to kill each other. That bastard is not bad guy, Katsuki knows it. He’s glad Deku married with the purple haired Alpha. He and the pup will be loved.

He isn’t aware that he’s smiling, until Shouto mention it, “Kat, you’re smiling.”

Katsuki drops his smile, “What? Can’t I be happy for my friend or something?” he snaps, Shouto chuckles.

“I’m glad you consider Izuku as a friend now,” he says when they enter the building.

Katsuki frowns making a disgusted face, “I’m talking about Shinsou.” He grumbles.

Shouto knows that Katsuki and Izuku have some kind of problems since high school –or maybe even before that? He doesn’t know the details but he knows for sure, that his boyfriend doesn’t like the Omega. Shouto hopes they could get along, but God knows better.

When they come inside the house, there are already full of faces they know. All of them stare at the couple with a smile. Kirishima, as always, goes to hug Katsuki first, followed by the fellow Bakusquad members. Shouto’s glad the blond head got a lot of love from his friends. They talk about how cute the baby is or how lucky Shinsou is and Shouto couldn’t help but feeling excited for meeting the baby.

“Hey, Shou,” A tall female Alpha comes to him with a stretch arms. Shouto hugs Yaoyorozu Momo, “Hi.”

Momo chuckles, “I guess you want to see Midoriya now?”

Shouto shrugs, “Well, they’ve been talking about how cute the baby is and I really want to see her now,” he says with a smile, “But I won’t go in without Katsuki.”

Jirou replies him, “He wouldn’t like it but sure.” She shrugs. Jirou Kyouka is one of Katsuki’s friend that Shouto couldn’t really understand. They’re called ‘those dark emo guys’ along with Shinsou and Tokoyami since high school. They share the same music taste and Shouto can see how close they are.

“Well I’m sure he would like it.” Shouto says and he could see Jirou wants to reply him again. Momo rubs his hand on the Beta’s waist calming her down.

Finally Katsuki comes to him, saying sorry that those fucking nerds (not his words) were taking too long to talk to him. They’re being led by Shinsou Hitoshi to the room, the Alpha releases some protective pheromones and Shouto is so much understand why. Katsuki throws the other Alpha a smirk before entering the room.

The scent of soft green tea and vanilla melted in Shouto’s sense. The scent that used to calm Shouto down. Katsuki seems to not sense it at all as he just stands behind Shouto all the time. There is Izuku resting on the nest (bed) with his beloved baby next to him. He’s smiling so wide to the couple and Shouto’s heart filled by fond feelings.

“Kacchan, Shouto,” he tries to get up but Shouto quickly tells him not to. He continues, “You guys come!”

Shouto walks to him, making sure to not being too close, “Of course we would come.” He says then looks at the bundle of pup right on Izuku’s right side.

“What a beautiful pup...” he says with a soft voice and almost make Katsuki growls.

Shouto sighs, “Kat, please be kind.” He says to his mate, rubbing his hand to Katsuki’s tiny waist.

Izuku chuckles, “Kacchan’s just being protective.” He says and Katsuki holds his urge to growl at him.

Katsuki needs to be calm because there’s a fucking pup right in front of him that looks at him with the curious big purple eyes. She’s his best friend’s child and Katsuki doesn’t want to look so mean to her. Goddamit why does she looks like that purple haired fucker with a cuter nose and eyes?! Indeed, she’s so cute and Katsuki couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey there...” he whispers.

“She’s so cute, right?” Izuku laughs a bit, rubbing his hands to the baby’s tummy and Katsuki shrugs.

“She’s a baby, she’s supposed to be cute.” He answers and Deku laughs.

Shouto touches the baby’s cheeks making the little lady giggles, “Hey, little one. You’re so pretty. Look like your Mom.” Shouto releases some fond pheromones without knowing that Katsuki’s staring at him.

Katsuki can’t smell it. But he knows the fond smile plastered on Shouto’s face when they’re talking. Deku’s laughing too at his lame jokes. Katsuki snorts, looking down at his feet. He hates to think that his mate was probably still couldn’t over his past. But he doesn’t want to doubt his mate so he just watches them silently. But the more he watches, the more he feels useless. He decides to silently make his way to the door, closes it with a soft click.

He sighs.

“It’s hard, huh?”

Katsuki looks up to Shinsou Hitoshi who’s standing right in front of him with a cigarette between his lips. He smirks at Katsuki who huffs a breath. The purple haired Alpha speaks again, “The other guys already went home.”

Katsuki shrugs, “Yeah, no shit, Sherlock. Shouto and Deku talk too long, I was getting impatient so I go out first.”

Shinsou smiles, “What can we do? They’re ex-lovers anyway.”


“Ah, I need some air...” Shinsou groans and making his way to the balcony far away from the room. Katsuki smirks and follows him.

Once they lean on the metal bars, Shinsou speaks again, “Two months, huh?” he asks, looking up to the darkened sky.

Katsuki looks down on the busy street of Ikebukuro, “Yeah,” he answer shortly. He knows what Shinsou was talking about. He’s going to be married with Shouto in two months and he, to be honest, doesn’t know how or what to feel. He feels happy of course, but somehow, he feels like something is missing. He decides to change the subject.

“Your pup is cute,” Katsuki smirks and Shinsou laughs out loud, “Thank you, I know I’m cute.” He replies slyly and Katsuki smacks his arm, “The pup, not you, fucker.” He says again and Shinsou laughs even harder.

“Gosh, I thought I might die.” The Alpha says.

Katsuki laughs, “Imagine the headline news Famous Detective Found Died by Laughing and Choking a Cigarette. That would be hilarious.” He smacks his own thigh, “But really, she’s beautiful.”

Again, a silence fills the air.

“Must be nice, huh? Being a father?” Katsuki asks in a small voice, tasting a little bit bitter taste on his tongue.

Shinsou couldn’t hold his feelings as he smiles so wide, “And a husband, you forget about that. It’s incredible. Really. The moment that the doctor said the baby and Izuku were fine, I felt like fainting. When I hold her for the first time I almost cried. She’s just... the best gift I’ve ever got. Winning Izuku’s heart is so hard, you know.” He smiles, remembering how Izuku cried at him so happily that they got a daughter, that they’ve become parents.

Katsuki snorts, “You’re too much.” He shakes his head.

Shinsou huffs a laugh, “You’d never know the feeling, Kat. It’s just amazing.”

Katsuki blinks. He suddenly stops laughing, and just smiles looking at his own foot again. Shinsou is true, tho. There’s no reason to snap at him or make any excuses. He would never feel the joy of being a parent with his state, and he accepted it since a long time ago. It’s not like he’s desperated to have his own pups, but maybe, just maybe, it would be nice to have a brat running and playing around in his too big apartment.

The Alpha feels the frustrated scent around Katsuki. He almost looks sad and Shinsou thinks about what he said before. Maybe it’s too much to talk about his own happiness of being—let’s just not talk about parenting anymore. He should’ve thought about Katsuki’s feelings too. With a sigh, he places a hand on Katsuki’s back. Shinsou puffs a smoke, “You’re thinking too much.”

He speaks again, “Kat, I want you to be happy. Whatever the fuck options you take, or whatever the fuck choices you decide. I don’t give any fuck about what would happen, but if that fucker hurt you, I swear I’ll mess his pretty face really bad.”

Katsuki snorts, “How sweet.” He answers, “I’m useless, you know.” He shrugs as he could see Shinsou frowns. He doesn’t let the Alpha answer him so he just speaks again, “You’re right that I couldn’t imagine how it feels to have my own family. I’m not offended.”

“Kat,” Shinsou frowns, “Listen, you’re not useless. I don’t like seeing you talking so low about yourself.” When Katsuki doesn’t reply, Shinsou speaks again, “Kat, you—”


They don’t realized Shouto coming out from the room.

“Yeah?” Katsuki turns around and Shinsou smiles as if he doesn’t talk about messing his pretty face before. Shouto rubs Katsuki’s cheek, “It’s getting late, we need to go home.” He says, looking at Shinsou behind Katsuki.

The other Alpha nods, “Yeah, you guys need some rest. We’ll wait for the invitation.” He says with a teasing smile and gets pinched by Katsuki right on his rib.

“Ow! That hurts you fucking—ow!”

“Take that fucker!” Katsuki is a blushing mess now ‘cause that bastard teases him. He groans, “Let’s just go home and leave that fucker alone.”

Shouto chuckles, “We’ll see you guys again.” He says as Katsuki grumbles.

Shinsou could only stare their car is getting away from balcony. Whatever might be happened, Shinsou hopes Katsuki’s okay.

Winning his heart is really hard, Katsuki. Really, really hard.



A week later, Katsuki’s sitting in front of his computer after spending 4 hours at his studio. He stares at some orphanage websites that he opened before. He bits his lips, clicking one by one, searching for the most trustworthy one. They’re going married in the end of the month and Katsuki couldn’t help but feeling excited. They might not have their own pup, but they sure could adopt, right? The thought of Shouto’s smile when he told him about Deku’s pup makes him decide to do something.

Shouto is an Alpha. It’s just his instinct to have this kind of desire. Of course he would like to have pup, of course he would like to be a father. Katsuki himself, he doesn’t really care about being parent. He’s a Beta, he isn’t designed to bear any brat inside him, or being the one who plant the seed. So since his childhood, he didn’t know the feeling of expecting a perfect family. He just loves what he loves, and hates what he hates. He knows that sometimes he’s being difficult to Shouto, saying that he doesn’t really mind to live just two of them. Making them easier, he thought. But after that night, when Shouto looked at Shinsou’s pup with such a fond smile, Katsuki decided. Maybe, it’s worthy to try and have some pup too. Shouto could be happier.

Katsuki blushes at his thought.

Enough. He quickly put the orphanage phone numbers on his notes and shuts his computer down. He sighs. Why does he be bothered just because a fucking pup? Like... he never feels like this before. He didn’t really care about perfect family the social taught him, he just wanted to live happily with his loved ones. He groans. Too much thinking in the middle of day. He quickly grabs his phone, texting Shouto that he might be come home earlier and should he come to Shouto’s office or not.

After a complete 5 minutes passed, Katsuki decides to just go to Shouto’s office. It’s a little bit farther than their apartment but whatever. Katsuki hasn’t eaten yet so maybe they could take lunch together.

When he arrived at the office, he meets his soon to be father-in-law. Todoroki Enji is still all tall and buff, laughs and talks too loud. But at least he’s honest and knows that sometimes he’s being annoying. That’s what Katsuki likes about his father. He told Katsuki about their fashion project in Seoul and Katsuki is glad. He knows his own parents are super famous designers but still, he’s glad that Todoroki Corp. wants to help them. His father left after giving him a pat on his back.

Shouto’s office is in the very end of the hallway, with a big wooden door and his name on it. Katsuki casually walking to the room, greeting some of the workers and finally opens the door, “Shou?”

He comes inside, walking with a sigh. He drops his full of sketch bag on the couch and makes his way to Shouto who nowhere to be seen. Then he hears a small laugh from the balcony, Katsuki smiles to himself.

“Shouto?” he calls the Alpha who turns his head to him. The wide smile on Shouto’s face reminds him on that night when they come to Shisou’s house. All sweet and soft smile that Katsuki’s rare to see. “What are you doing?” he asks.

Shouto chuckles, “Kat, I don’t know you’re coming.” He says calmly putting his phone away from his ear, “I just called Izuku and Ruby. They are having fun cooking some lunch.”

Katsuki frowns, “Ruby?”

“Yeah, the pup’s name.” Shouto smiles, softly humming as he comes inside the office.

Katsuki hates the ugly feeling inside his chest. It’s nothing. Shouto is just being friendly to his friend, so Katsuki doesn’t need to worry. He quickly turns his head and follows his mate.

“Babe, why are you here this noon?” Shouto asks, sitting on the couch and pats his side, “Sit here.” He commands.

Katsuki shrugs, “I just want to see you, I guess. And maybe grab some lunch together. I texted you before, but you didn’t read it so...” he smiles, trying his best not to snap at his mate because of some childish matter.

Shouto gapes at him and suddenly feeling guilty. It’s true that Shouto didn’t read any message because he was so busy video calling Izuku and Ruby. The Alpha sighs, “Babe, I’m so sorry, really.” He grabs Katsuki’s hand and squeezes it, feeling it trembles a little.

“No need, Shou. What are we? Fifteen? We’re adults now. This kind of thing, doesn’t really bother me anymore.” Katsuki says, rubbing Shouto’s hand.

“Okay,” Shouto smiles, “So, what about we get some lunch and then you could help me with my paper work?” he says teasingly.

Katsuki rolls his eyes, “Come on, you really need to work your ass, Shou. I need to talk to father after this.”

“No, you’re not.” Shouto laughs.

Katsuki snorts. Yeah, it’s just stupid that he thought Shouto would hurt him. He’s stupid.



“Look at how small and cute her fingers are...” Shouto beams, looking at his mate with a smile. When his mate doesn’t answer, he decides to show him his phone.

Shouto shows him a picture of Ruby and Izuku again. They’re just so cute and so perfect for Shouto to see. What a perfect family picture with an Alpha like Shinsou and Omega like Izuku with their small pup. If Shouto being honest, he would love to have them as well. It’s not that Shouto wasn’t satisfied by his life now –he has Katsuki, his mate and soon to be husband (or wife) but sometimes, just sometimes (it’s really rare to happen), he feels un-complete. He couldn’t tell Katsuki what he feels because it’ll cause them to fight, Katsuki would say something about living just two of them is better and Shouto doesn’t want to argue with the blond. He would blame himself if Shouto angry and Shouto doesn’t want that. Really.

“Shou, you show me more than 5 times already. Just eat, your dinner will be cold.” Katsuki says with a sigh, pushing Shouto’s phone away from his sight back to the owner. Shouto blinks. Well, maybe 5 times is really too much. He silently puts his phone back to his side.

“Sorry, babe.” He says softly, and it’s worthy because Katsuki smiles at him telling him that it’s okay, they’re cute tho.

The pup will be a month in 4 days, now she could grab a thing with her tiny hands. Shouto knows because he often calls Izuku just to see Ruby. No, Shouto doesn’t have any love for Izuku anymore, well it’s more like an affection of friend or something. Izuku’s got himself a perfect mate and husband than Shouto could ever been, and Shouto’s glad for it. He really is.

“Ruby is going to be a month now, do you think we should buy her something?” Shouto asks. Katsuki stops eating, he puts back his spoon to his plate. Again, Shouto could see his little hand trembles. Is he sick or something?

“Babe?” Shouto tries and this time, Katsuki is looking at him. The blond smiles, “Hmm... What do you think we could give her? I don’t know much about pup.”

Shouto smiles, he’s glad Katsuki answers him with a perfect answer. Well, not perfect but it’s much better than his swear. “I don’t know either. Maybe we could give something to Izuku?”

Katsuki frowns a little, “Why Deku?”

“Well, he’s a mother now.”

Katsuki is silent for a few second before eating again, “Maybe I could give him some stupid lactation milk or some shit, I don’t care.” He says as he shrugs.

“Oh, that’s a good idea. I can ask my sister about the product brand.”

It’s nearly a month that they’ve met Ruby and Shouto is still going on talking about her in every chance. Katsuki couldn’t help but feeling jealous over it. Really, it’s so childish that he feels petty about a fucking pup. But Katsuki couldn’t blame Shouto for feeling like that. He understands.

He hasn’t contacted the orphanage yet, because well, he’s not officially married now. So he’ll just wait until their reception to tell Shouto about his planning to adopt some pup. Ah, really. Thinking about it makes him blushes a little. He couldn’t help but feeling a little bit excited –just a little bit, about the adoptive thing he’s been working on. He even asked Eijirou –an Alpha and Mina –a Beta about their own adoptive pups and both of them were gladly willing to help. Katsuki is sure blessed by wonderful people in his life.

The next morning Katsuki is going to meet Eijirou and Mina for the talks. Also, he’s been checking their mariage invitations design and paper via email and they’re going to be ready in a week. He couldn’t wait to tell Shouto about it. Finally, they’re going to be... Katsuki blushes, shaking his head. It’s still too early to be this happy.

His focus goes back to the stove. He’s cooking some breakfast, just a simple tuna sandwich and veggies, nothing much. And maybe he will make two cups of coffee. He takes two plates, putting the sandwiches on them and brings them to the table. It’s still chilly, as expected from October. Shouto wasn’t in bed when Katsuki’s awake. He might be taking shower.

“Morning, babe...”

Katsuki turns the stove off, pouring some hot water into glasses, “Hey, babe... you’re already awake? It’s still 7...” he says, stirring their coffees.

Shouto stands in front of him with his full work clothes, he pecks Katsuki lightly on the temple. Katsuki smiles. He couldn’t smell it, but he is sure Shouto is in a good mood.

“I need to go to Izuku’s house first, Shinsou is in overseas for three days and Ruby is sick.” He replies Katsuki’s answer with a calm tone, slowly shifting his body to grab his phone on his pocket.

Katsuki hates the pain that slowly creeping up his heart. He answers him in a calm way, trying too hard not to snap, “She’s sick?”

Shouto nods, “Yeah. I’ll take them to the hospital first and then go straight to work.” He says, smiling, “Is it okay?”

Katsuki couldn’t help but frown, “Is it really... that necessary?” he asks in a small voice.

Shouto is taken aback by his response. Necessary? Of course it is. “What are you talking about, Katsuki? There’s a pup who’s sick. She’s barely a month now.” Shouto asks in a frustrated way but he manages to say it calmly.

Katsuki rubs his head, “Well, Deku can just call someone else. Why does it have to be you?” he asks, moving his legs to the table.

“Kat, they’re asking me for help. I can’t just abandon them like this.”

Katsuki looks at him, again, Shouto sees his hands tremble. But he’s too occupied by the face Katsuki gives him. A face that Shouto’s already forget, the pure anger face. “You sure? It sounds like you want to spend your day with them, tho.” He says in a low tone and Shouto couldn’t help but growls at him.

But then he stops. He sighs, shaking his head before walks away and grabs his coat on the back of the door. “Katsuki, I’m not arguing with you this morning.” He simply says, “You need to cool off, maybe going out to meet some pups will make you feel better.”

And the door closed.

Katsuki grabs the front of his shirt, right on his left chest with a trembling hand.

Two plates of sandwiches and two cups of coffees were left untouched.



A Beta couldn’t have a pup. Katsuki is aware of this since he’s three. He knows that he shouldn’t treate other genders differently. Just because you could bear a child or even knock someone up, doesn’t make you any better than the others. Sadly, Beta is only consisted of 20% of population so there’s a lot of accidents going on between Alpha and Omega. Making them have some unplanned pups everywhere and Katsuki is sad. He’s sad that the innocent pups need to bear their parents’ sins and sorrows in such a young age. Maybe they didn’t even understand the pain yet.

“Here, it’s the place. Let’s go...” Kirishima Eijirou smiles widely at him.

They come to the most recommended orphanage Mina told them before. The mom of three pups said that the pups there were all super cute and healthy so Katsuki didn’t need to worry about stuffs. But Katsuki doesn’t feel any worry. He doesn’t care about their condition, he just want them to be loved.

They meet the head of the orphanage –a very skinny old man, but his smile could cure any cancer. Katsuki and Kirishima come inside the office and openly saying about adopting thing. Toshinari Yagi –the old man, laughs whole heartedly at Katsuki’s confession about loving a pup and maybe having them in his life isn’t that bad. With a solid agreement that Katsuki will come again in a month, they left with a satisfied smile.

“So, you’re happy now?” Kirishima asks, looking at his best friend. Katsuki finished putting his seatbelt on.

“The hell, Shitty Hair. I’m just trying to be a decent human for a while, you know.” He says in a small voice and Kirishima purrs softly. It’s just Katsuki’s thing to sound so small when he’s being honest.

They drive to Katsuki’s studio. After Katsuki turn his computer on, he starts to work on his design, being a designer for some famous brands make him happy and tired at the same time, but he doesn’t want to complain. He loves his job.

He checks some emails, seeing one with an attachment on it and he smiles. It’s the final design for their invitation and Katsuki couldn’t help but feeling excited again. He quickly texts Shouto to check his email because Katsuki’s sending the design now. He doesn’t wait for the reply, casually sending the email forwards to Shouto. He goes back to his work.

Nothing’s really happened today, just a few co-workers coming by to give him their reports and some chat. Katsuki is nearly forget about the invitation. He checks his phone after gathering his stuffs. He frowns, looking at the blank screen. There’s no message from Shouto.

Ignoring the heavy feeling inside his chest, Katsuki decides to go home. Maybe, he should cook cold soba. Because he was being super childish this morning and oh God Katsuki hates to admit it but yeah, the pup’s sick. She’s Katsuki’s best friend’s daughter –she’s Shinsou’s daughter! And Katsuki shouldn’t act like that to them. Deku too, as much as he hates the nerd, Katsuki knows he’s not wrong. It’s common to ask your close friend when you’re in trouble and of course Shouto would be the best choice. Katsuki was being immature and he’s making Shouto angry with him. At least he should make it up to him by making him his favorite food.

He sighs, closing the door of his car and make his way to his apartment. When he opens the door, as expected, there’s no one inside. Katsuki quickly takes a shower, not minding his dead phone and quickly working on his meal. It’s barely 6 in the evening and Shouto usually comes home at 9 so he has a plenty of times.

Katsuki yawns again. It’s already midnight and Shouto hasn’t come home yet. He checks his phone, and sighs. No messages, no replies, no calls, nothing. Katsuki sighs again, he just needs to wait again. Right before he places his head on the table, he hears the door opened.

Katsuki quickly stands up. Shouto is putting his shoes on the rack when he spots Katsuki. With a tired smile, he greets the blond. “Hey, you’re still awake, Kat?” he asks tiredly.

Katsuki nods, “I make dinner.” He says slowly, looking at Shouto’s tall figure that walks past him. Shouto nods at him.

“You could eat it alone, I’ve already eaten with Izuku and Ruby before.”

And the pain comes back again to his heart. Katsuki stares at Shouto. He couldn’t help but feeling jealous –extremely jealous about them. What’s with this whole perfect family thing he saw? He said he would go straight to work right? Why did he eat with Deku and his pup until this late?

“Why... are you eating with them? You’re with them this whole day?” Katsuki doesn’t mean to raise his voice but the raspy sound echoed the room.

Shouto sighs, “I’ll explain tomorrow, let’s just sleep.” He speaks softly.

Katsuki shakes his head. It’s already been a painful morning for him, he doesn’t need a painful night to complete it. “You... have you seen my message?” he decides to ask.

Shouto frowns at him, “I don’t, I’m sorry. I’ve been in the hospital.” He speaks again, “Ruby is sick and she needs attention.”

Katsuki is tired of it already. “You... sure you don’t have any feeling for Deku anymore?”

Shouto stares at Katsuki disbelievingly, “Kat... What the hell are you saying just now?”

Katsuki looks down at his feet, “You sound like you still love him.” He says softly almost whispering.

“I don’t!” Shouto says, “Kat, please, it’s late already and we’re both tired. Let’s just sleep and I’ll explain tomorrow, okay, baby?” he tries to touch Katsuki’s hand but the latter doesn’t budge.

Katsuki shakes his head, “I couldn’t help but feeling jealous now, could I? Calling other’s first name casually as if... as if you guys are still together!” he snaps, “It’s been a painful morning for me, and I made mistakes. I just want to...” he couldn’t find any words to describe his feelings. He feels pathetic as he run his fingers through his hair.

“So what?” Shouto asks him in a cold tone, “You want me to abandon them alone? Let the pup sick and the mom who couldn’t even go anywhere alone at their house? What if something happen?”

“They could have called someone else!” Katsuki almost yells.

Shouto sighs trying to explain, “A pup needs a special treatment when they’re sick, and her father is far away. She needs an Alpha protective pheromones to calm her down. Don’t you understand?”

Katsuki doesn’t want to admit yet he’s still arguing, “There’s a lot of fucking Alphas out there. I don’t know such a thing! That’s too complicated, and too annoying!” He snaps.

“You really don’t understand, do you?” Shouto snaps at him, “Of course you wouldn’t understand, you’re just a Beta afterall.”

Shouto has expected a punch, or maybe a yell. Shouto didn’t realize how painful his words are until he sees tears rolling down at Katsuki’s face. He looks hurt and sad and the room filled with a burnt gloomy scent. A million arrows stab Shouto’s heart in a painful way. Shouto’s lips tremble, he just said something awful to Katsuki and he couldn’t bring himself to say something. It feels like his body is frozen, he only could stares at Katsuki’s sad face.

“I’m... sorry.” Katsuki says between his tears and quickly turns around.

Shouto’s still frozen on his spot, hearing the front door shuts.

He touches his chest, it hurts so much that a single tear wets his cheek.



Katsuki didn’t come home for 2 days already. Shouto is worried. So worried that he couldn’t get himself up to go to work as usual. He couldn’t contact Katsuki at all. He’s been gone to his studio, asking his co-workers, asking the Bakusquad member but all of them said they didn’t know and would help Shouto to find him.

It’s true that Shouto was angry at the blond. Being judged for loving you ex was harsh for him. He only loves Katsuki now, doesn’t he say it a lot? But of course Shouto couldn’t completely blame Katsuki for all of this. He knew that Katsuki is jealous, but he decided to ignore it and just do what he thought is right. Although Katsuki was the one who’s being childish, Shouto should have calmed him down instead of arguing.

He sighs.

Again, he tries to call Katsuki’s number. As expected, nothing happens. Just an annoying provider’s voice telling him Katsuki doesn’t want to answer. He couldn’t live like this. He grabs his phone, gets up from his chair and wears his coat. It’s no good, he couldn’t work like this.

Fifteen minutes later Shouto’s arrived at Momo’s apartment –it’s so big and fancy, just how rich the female lawyer is?! He push the bell button waiting for Momo to open the door. A few second later a not too familiar female voice answers him. Jirou Kyouka opens the door for him with a blank face. She smells good as a Beta and no wonder that Momo would like to mate her. That’s how he feels about Katsuki too.

“Come in, Todoroki...” Jirou smiles at him, gesturing him to come inside. It feels so nostalgic to be called by his family name.

Shouto comes inside, greetings Momo who just make some coffee. She asks if Shouto wants some too which is replied by a yes. They’re soon sitting on the couch, Momo and Jirou in front of him asking how is he doing and stuffs.

“Is there anything you want to say or?” Jirou asks him in a light voice and Momo hushes her.

“Kyouka, it’s not good to rush your guest like that.” She frowns shaking her head at her mate’s behaviour.

It reminds him a lot of Katsuki. So straightforward, no chit chat, the what’s the problem tell me and let’s search the solution type of a person.

Shouto decides to tell them everything, starts from what happened inside the room after Katsuki left until now. Shouto doesn’t think Katsuki would react so badly about his relationship with Izuku. He thought Katsuki was over it. He thought maybe Katsuki could understand that even if they’re ex-lovers, they shouldn’t be enemy and still being friends. He didn’t think Katsuki would openly judge that he still in love with Izuku.

And when Ruby’s there, Shouto couldn’t help but feeling fond and adoration for the little pup. He doesn’t mean to release so much protective pheromones that time. But Katsuki couldn’t smell him so it shouldn’t be a problem. Now that Shouto spend his time on Ruby –and Izuku, he thought Katsuki would understand that it’s just an Alpha instinc to protect. His father wasn’t there at the moment and Shouto isn’t an asshole who left his friend suffering alone.

But again he thought, of course Katsuki wouldn’t know that. He doesn’t know how strong Alpha and Omega relationship is, or how needy it can be. He’s a Beta, he didn’t have any Alpha Omega kind of education from school. He doesn’t feel rut or heat or the urge to just mate with some random people all suddenly. Shouto should’ve told him much earlier about that too.

“And he’s just a Beta, he couldn’t understand that.” He finishes his rant.

A hard, painful slap sound echoed the room.

Shouto blinks, his cheek feels stung. He has expected a slap before, and maybe a tons of complaints. But he didn’t expect it to be Jirou who slapped him. From the corner if his eyes Shouto sees Jirou standing. Hand’s slightly reddened, trembling badly.

Momo gapes at her mate, “Kyouka!” She almost yell.

“Just how arrogant you Alpha and Omega could be?!” Jirou yells inside the room. Head low, she continues, “Just because you meant for each other, doesn’t mean we are not worthy to be loved.” She speaks in low tone.

A silence.

“K-Kyouka, baby, what are you---?”

Jirou speaks again, “Did you know how painful it is? To know nothing about this shitty universe? We aren’t designed to give pups,” she inhales, “Nor giving a birth to one. We didn’t have any choices since we’re born. We just feel nothing.”

Both of her hands fisted, trembling so bad and the two Alphas start to worry. She still continues, “We couldn’t smell anything so we couldn’t understand how our mates feelings.” She said in small frustrated voice, “We couldn’t understand the dynamic, we couldn’t feel anything. We can’t satisfy a rut or heat. We can’t calm our mates down. Nothing. We are useless and we knew it.”

Momo frowns, “Kyouka—”

She hisses, “So we try, try, so hard to understand our mates as best as we could. Because we can’t smell anything we learn about how you guys reacted, or your behavior or just simply your expressions.”

She laughs painfully, “We couldn’t understand anything without being told to. It’s more hurt when we know that we’re not enough for our mates. We could never be enough.”

The smaller female runs her fingers through her hair, “I couldn’t believe I say this,” she sighs, “It’s hard to not know anything about your mate. So when... when we’re in love, we didn’t expect anything from our mates.” She says, “We love our mates without knowing their scents are, without expecting a perfect family that we couldn’t imagine. That we thought... both of us are enough.”

This time their eyes meet, Shouto could see the purple glassy eyes staring at his soul. She speaks again, “Why did you expect something a Beta couldn’t give?” she hisses, making her way to the front door and slam the door shut. The two Alphas cry in silence.



“Kat, are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital?”

Kaminari Denki asks the Beta in bed for four times already. Katsuki came to his apartment in the middle of the night, drenched in rain, crying so hard. Denki felt worried and rushed him inside, he asked the Beta what is wrong but he wouldn’t tell. It’s already two days and Denki kept telling lies to Todoroki that he didn’t see Katsuki at all, in fact, he’s here laying on is bed with a fever.

“Babe, I bring Eijirou and Mina over.” The Omega turns his head, looking at Sero Hanta –his mate with worried eyes.

“He’s still trembling, I don’t know what to do...” he says in low voice looking at flushed and trembling Beta.

Hanta sits in his side, touching his pack member’s head, “Holy shit, Kat, you’re burning!” he hisses. Just what the hell that Todoroki bastard doing to his friend to make him break down like this? Hanta stands up, shaking his head.

“I’m done, I’m going to talk to Todoroki about this.” He says, feeling overprotective about his pack member.

“Don’t...” a soft trembling voice stops Hanta from his thought.

Katsuki coughs again and Hanta couldn’t help but worry, “Kat, you don’t tell us your problem but I can see that this shit is all about your mate. I’m not gonna lie to him again and tell him you’re sick.” He says and releases a frustrated, protective scent. Denki whimpers at the scent and makes him calm.

“Holy moly, what’s with the all angry scent here?” Eijirou frowns when he comes inside the room. He suddenly gasps, rushes into the Beta who’s now panting form the heat of his skin. He’s all red, coughing non stop when Eijirou touch his forehead.

He looks at Denki, “You didn’t tell me he’s this sick~” he whines, feeling so useless that he doesn’t know his friend’s sickness.

Denki sighs, “He was still okay this morning,” he pets the Beta’s head, “Maybe because of the rain.”

Mina comes in, “Babe, what’s going... Katsuki?” she rushes inside, touching Katsuki’s trembling hand. “He has a bad fever, we need to bring him to hospital.”

“I’m fine...” Katsuki tries to get up, “Really. I’m sorry for making you guys worried...” he says and coughs.

“Baby...” Mina touches his forehead, “Let’s go to hospital, yeah? We need to get you checked up.” She whispers. Katsuki shakes his head.

“I’m okay... maybe with some sleep I could be better.” He smiles, but with his tired eyes all his pack members couldn’t stop worrying.

Hanta sighs, “Okay, but I’m still talking to Todoroki.” He stands up from the bed grabbing his phone, ready to call the pretty faced bastard who hurt his friend.

Katsuki’s eyes widened, “No!” he says, “Please. Don’t call him yet... I will do it myself. Later...” he says in small voice. “Don’t.. please don’t be mad at him at this moment.. It’s all my fault.”

“What do you mean?” Eijirou asks, “Baby, what do you mean?” he frowns. Smelling some problems with their relationship. He releases some angry, frustrated scent that affects Hanta as well. Denki whimpers at the overprotectiveness.

“I’m just... jealous of him being so protective about Deku and his pup.” He says it, frowning at his childishness and ready to get scolded or laughed at. “It’s really stupid, trust me. Of course he wants a pup right? That’s why I want to adopt some... when we’re already, you know...” Now Katsuki himself starts doubting his decision to marry the Alpha. He shakes his head, he loves the Alpha. He’s not going to let this stupid jealousy makes him doubting their relationship again.

“You should see his face everytime he talked about Deku’s pup.” He sighs, fidgeting his trembling hands, “I know it’s not Deku’s fault, or the baby’s fault. It was just me... I’m so stupid to let my temper controlled my mind at that moment.”

Mina hugs him, “Oh, my baby...” she rubs his head against Katsuki and both of the Beta don’t know that they release a sad, sweet and burning scents. The Alphas sigh affectionately. Denki smiles at the Betas.

Hanta is still frowning as he speaks, “But he shouldn’t be mad at you... an Alpha should try to calm their mates too, you know.” He rubs Katsuki’s head.

Katsuki tells them everything, “Ruby is sick. The pup. And he spent his day with Deku and Ruby. I’m...” he sighs, “Yeah, I’m jealous.”

“He said that I’m only a Beta. What can I know about Alpha and Omega relationship?” he says, half-heartedly laughing at his own stupidity. Hanta and Denki bit their lips.

“I know, I would never be enough for him... I would never satisfied his rut or....” Katsuki inhales, feeling tears starts to fill his eyes again, “I would never get pregnant with his pup.” He sighs, blinking his tears away.

Mina frowns, suddenly reminded by her suffering long time ago for being so useless. She hugs Katsuki, burying his head on her chest, “I know... I know. I understand.” She’s trembling with sobs.

That’s when Eijirou snaps, “Enough!” he stands up, grabbing his jacket and makes his way outside the room. Hanta follows him almost immediately. Denki smells their mixed angry scents and he rushes after them.

Eijirou has enough of it. He shakes his head, and the pain from knowing his friend’s suffering back at him. When he mated with Mina, he didn’t expect anything from the Beta. Because he loves her, loves her so much that he doesn’t care about anything else than her happiness. He doesn’t want her –or any other Betas feel like they’re useless just because they couldn’t get pregnant or giving a knot. They deserve to be loved and Eijirou would gladly treat them like that!

He couldn’t believe Todoroki said that to Katsuki, knowing how much Katsuki hates his ex-mate. He’s making his way to the couch to grab his car key but Hanta’s scent stops him.

“Ei,” the other Alpha says, “Hey, calm down.” He tries to release some friendly scent that Eijirou would glad to melt but not now, the red-haired Alpha looks so mad and about to explode.

“Calm? No, I will break that bastard’s head and make him realized his mistakes.” He growls. Hanta growls back, “You’ll make Katsuki worries.” He says.

Eijirou growls again, “You think it’s okay for him to make Katsuki feels like shit, too?”

Hanta frowns, his anger is back, “No!” he barks, “I’m angry too! But Katsuki is sick we need to make him comfortable! We’re pack!” he says angrily.

Eijirou growls, “Just...” he hisses, “I don’t want anyone feel hurt just because of this shitty dynamic. Everyone deserves to be loved and not being compared to.” he shakes his head. Hanta sighs, “Hey, me too.” He strokes Eijirou’s back softly.

Mina knows Katsuki could hear their arguments outside the room. She could only hug Katsuki tightly on her chest, covering his ears from the Alphas growling sounds.

“Guys,” Denki speaks making the Alphas realized his appearance, “I think we should cuddled up!” He offers, trying hard to stay cheerful despite the pain inside his heart. They hurriedly come back to the room, Hanta grabs a lot of blankets from the drawer.

“I don’t care about fever, it can go fuck itself,” Denki says when they’re all cuddled.

Mina giggles, still with tears, “Yeah! Who cares for being sick!” she says cheerfully.

The Alphas coo at their members. Katsuki, still coughing says, “I will be better next day, I promise I would never make you guys worry again...”

The small pack cuddled up, sharing sweet caring scents and make Katsuki sleep.

But it’s not getting better. At all.

Mina is the first to wake up, her side is burning so hard that she could think about Omega’s heat. She looks at Katsuki who frowns, trembling so bad with burning skin. She hurriedly wakes her pack members and both the Alphas wake up almost at the same time. Denki rubs his eyes when Hanta shakes him up.

“What’s wrong?” he asks with hoarse voice.

Mina speaks, “Hurry, we have to bring Katsuki to the hospital!” when she told them that, three males wake up and she put some blankets at Katsuki’s trembling body and Hanta quickly holds him up to his arms carrying him outside. Eijirou quickly goes out to prepare the car and Denki opens the door.

“Goddamit!” Eijirou curses when they’re stopped at traffic light. Hanta beside him rubs his arm, “Calm down. It’s raining, we need to be careful.” He simply says. The female Beta is holding Katsuki with Denki at his other side at the back seat. They couldn’t help but worry about the Beta between them.

After 20 minutes, they arrived at the hospital. They meet Iida Tenya at their way to the receptionist and the blue-haired Alpha asks them to follow him. He’s about to go home because his shift is already ended but for his friend, he would do anything. The ex-class president hurriedly asks some nurses to help him, bringing Katsuki to the room.

“Wait outside, please.” He says to Eijirou who saying he wants to get inside too. Tenya adjusts his glasses, “We all worried about him, but we need to stay calm first, Kirishima.” With that, the Alpha turns his back on them inside the room.

Denki decides to go to the administration section with Hanta while Eijirou and Mina stay in front of the room. Mina speaks for a few second, “I think we should call someone...” she takes her phone from her jeans pocket, not bothers to wait her mate’s response.

She calls him, and after a few second he picks up, “Hello?”




It’s almost late when Shouto comes home.

His head is pounding so hard, his heart aches painfully with so much worry, guilt and regret. He’s burying his face at his pillows with Katsuki’s clothes on it. What’ve been Jirou talking about before makes him awares of Katsuki’s situation. Why did Shouto mate with him if Shouto’s expecting things he couldn’t do?

His phone buzzed. Shouto’s got texts from Izuku and his father almost at the same time.

He sighs. After going to Momo’s house his guilt grew heavier and heavier. He just wants to burry himself on Katsuki’s clothes to make him calm again. With a tired, glassy eyes, he looks at his screen.

Izuku: U.A Hospital, room 20. Hurry, now!

Shouto frowns, did Izuku change the hospital room? He quickly gets up feeling a panic creeps up his heart. It’s not about Ruby. Shouto’s heart beats so fast, he quickly dressed up while opening his father’s message.

Father: You and I need to have a long talk, young man.

Shouto cringes, it never be a good message. Without wasting any time he goes to the hospital. It takes him 30 minutes –damn traffic and rain! He quickly goes to the room, not bothering asking the nurse of receptionist. The room is on the end of hallway at the second floor. Shouto runs like a mad man, not caring his messy look as he’s arrived at the hallway. There are his friends, sitting at the chair, a sad and frustrated looks on their faces. His father is there too, with arms folded on his chest, glaring at Shouto with pure disappointment. Shinsou is the one who notices him first. But before Shouto could mutter any word, Shinsou walks to him and a hard punch landed on his face.

Shouto is stumbling backward, his back hits the white wall with Shinsou looming over him with a pure anger expression. The purple haired Alpha growls, making Sero and Kirishima growls too.

After coming home Hitoshi went instantly to the hospital where Izuku and Ruby at. Before he and Izuku grabbed dinner, he was receiving a call from Mina. Hitoshi, without a second thought quickly went to the room after telling Izuku to text Todoroki. Fortunately, he was in the same hospital as they are. Hearing Katsuki’s sick is already terrifying for him, but the fact that the Beta is now unconscious makes him angry even more. It’s all because of this bastard’s fault.

Shinsou doesn’t give Shouto chances to speak as he punches him again. Katsuki’s pack members were silent, except a tiny gasp Mina gives when Shinsou punches the other Alpha in front of him. Todoroki Enji shakes his head, pinching his forehead for a sudden headache.

“I’ve told you not to hurt him, haven’t I?” Shinsou hisses at Shouto. Shouto could feel a warm liquid that he knows as blood, draining from the corner of his lips and forehead.

Shouto doesn’t know what to say. He breathes too harsh from running and all he could think is Katsuki. “Where is he?” he asks with a shaky breath.

Shinsou sighs, still with angry eyes staring at Shouto, “Inside.” He hisses, letting Shouto go from his hands. As much as Hitoshi hates the Alpha, he’s still Katsuki’s mate and Katsuki needs him now. So he lets go, but after their meeting, Hitoshi will give the bastard what he deserves.

The creak sound of the room’s door makes all the head turns over it. Iida Tenya massages his temple but with a smile plastered on his stiff face, it’s enough to confirm that Katsuki is okay. The young doctor glances at Shouto first and gesturing him to come closer. Shouto walks to him, ignoring the glares he received. Tenya’s expression changes, he looks serious.

“What in the world did you do to make him like this?” he asks Shouto who’s confusedly answers him with a what.

Tenya shakes his head, “Bakugou is stressed, too much until his body couldn’t take it. He has a very bad fever and dehydration because of the lack of water and crying too much. The fever makes him sweats a lot and makes it worse. You know how dangerous a stressed Beta could be, right?” the doctor sighs before adjusting his glasses, “Omega and Alpha could be cured with medicines or each other’s scents but not with Beta. They need special attention, not only physically but also mentally. Because unlike us, Beta couldn’t feel and smell scents.”

Shouto blinks at the ache of his heart. A heavy atmosphere fills the air.

“S-So... Is he alright?” Mina asks after a few second.

Tenya smiles at her, “He’s completely alright now. Just need a serious medication and he will be free tomorrow.” He says and turns his head towards Shouto again, “Come with me for bandage.”

When all the people sigh a relief in unison, Shouto comes inside the room. He still could hear his father talking about the hospital’s administration and decides to go with Katsuki’s pack member to handle it. But Shouto ignores it as he sits beside Katsuki. Katsuki’s lying there, an infusion liquid on his right injected to his body. Shouto feels his eyes watering. What the hell was he doing? Instead of arguing, he could’ve hugged Katsuki and told him to sleep, or simply... simply kissed him and told him he wouldn’t do it again.

“I can’t believe you hurt him, Shou.” Tenya is back at him with a bandage to take care of his face.

Shouto sighs, “I know... I couldn’t believe myself either.”

Tenya shakes his head, “You love him too much to hurt him.” He speaks, not moving his gaze from the medicine in front of him.

Shouto huffs a small laugh, “But I did.” He whispers.

Tenya stops for a while, looking at his best friend’s expression, “I’m sure there’s a reason for everything.” He says.

“Yeah,” Shouto smiles, “Thanks.”

“But you need to be here until he’s awake.” Tenya gives him a stern look, “Don’t blame yourself for this to happen, but don’t leave him alone ever again.” He says, leaving Shouto with a sleeping beauty inside the room.

Shouto takes Katsuki’s cold hand on his own, squeezes it tightly but makes sure it doesn’t hurt either. He kisses the back of Katsuki’s pale hand as a single tears rolls down his face. he murmurs softly, “I love you, baby.” He kisses it again and closes his eyes ignoring the stung pain on his face.

“Shou...” it’s faint but Shouto could clearly hears it. Shouto opens his eyes and looks instantly at Katsuki who stares at him in tired but shocked expression.

Shouto cares the blond’s face, “I’m here, baby...” he whispers. Katsuki’s eyes are watering as he cries, silently muttering i’m sorry over and over again. Shouto shakes his head, bringing Katsuki’s hand to his face again and kisses it.

“I’m sorry for being...” he sobs, “ immature.”

Shouto suddenly feels like he’s drowning. He can’t breathe as the guilty feelings eating him up. Katsuki wasn’t wrong for being immature, he was jealous and Shouto was the one who ignored it. He holds Katsuki’s hand, sighing as he whispers, “I’m sorry... I was stupid back then.” He looks at Katsuki with a small smile, “I love you, Kat... only you. And always be you.”

Katsuki trembles, “I’m sorry...” he whispers and Shouto nods.

Shouto wipes his tears as he says, “We could talk about it later, you need to get rest first...” he calmly says, though his heart hurts like crazy. He touches his loved one’s forehead, “Baby, you’re burning...”

Katsuki shakes his head, “I’m fine...” he says and Shouto doesn’t believe him.

“Lying is bad you know...” Shouto cares the soft hair, “Should I call Tenya?”

Katsuki shakes his head, “No, I need you now...” he weakly protests and Shouto smiles fondly at his mate. He kisses Katsuki’s forehead, then his cheeks and his scent gland.

“Okay.” He whispers back.



“Todoroki Shouto, I can’t believe I raised a huge ignorant Alpha like you.” Enji massages his temple, sitting down at his chair before looking back to his beaten up son.

Todoroki Rei sighs sympathetically, rubbing her son’s back as she answers her husband, “It’s not Shouto’s fault.” She smiles, “Tho it’s also not Katsuki’s fault too. They just need to open up to each other.” She continues to rubs her son’s back.

It’s already a week since the incident and Katsuki is fine now, but he needs to get rest more due his extreme dehydration. Shouto comes home to his parents. They’re gathering inside the living room of Shouto’s parents house, along with Fuyumi –his sister and her husband Tensei, and of course his two brothers Touya and Natsuo. Enji shakes his head but doesn’t comment at his wife’s words. He simply sips his coffee again.

“I’m sorry, Father. I’ll make sure I won’t do it anymore.” Shouto says, head low with a sigh before running his fingers through his face.

“If you know your mistakes then it’s okay...” Fuyumi says, caressing her pregnant belly. Shouto smiles at her.

A snort could be heard as Touya covers his mouth with his hand. The older Alpha smirks at Shouto, “You look like shit,” he says looking at Shouto’s face. “Got a big fight with your little Beta’s pack, huh?”

Shouto glares at him, “Shut up.” He growls.

“Looks like you couldn’t protect your mate, better give him to me. I’ll be so much better than you.” He says mockingly and gets a painful jab on his rib by his mother.

“Touya, careful with you words.” The Omega shakes her head. Shouto frowns at his brother, he knows that his brother likes Katsuki since the first day they met, but of course Shouto wouldn’t give him to his stupid older brother.

Shouto stares him with narrowed eyes, “Fuck off.” He hisses.

Natsuo laughs nervously, “Come on guys... We’re brothers, no need to fight.” he rubs the back of his head, “But Shouto, you know sometimes this topic is really sensitive for Betas. Even if it’s just misunderstanding, I can see why Katsuki is afraid, you know.” The Beta says and smiles at his younger brother.

Shouto stares at his Beta brother and a pain of guilt comes back again. How could he become so stupid? He rubs his hands in his face but the scent of his mother calmed him a little.

Rei speaks softly, “Now, enough of this talk. Shouto understands his mistakes and that’s all we really need to hear. Shouto needs to go to somewhere right?”

Oh, right. Katsuki has told him about the orphanage and the adoption (it made Shouto extremely happy and guilty at the same time). Katsuki thinks so much about him and Shouto barely could see it; he’s the worst Alpha ever. But then it doesn’t matter. They’re going married in two days and Shouto is ready to be a father of the twins. They already decided to adopt unnamed twins pups at the orphanage and today Shouto needs to pick them up.

His father stands up too, “Then I’ll go to the building, making sure the decoration is all right!” he roars a laugh.

Rei smiles at her big family, “I’ll contact Mitsuki then. It’ll probably need sometime until they’re back from Paris.”

“Yeah, I’ll go to the orphanage.” Shouto says, getting up from his position.





Katsuki sighs with narrowed eyes. He looks down to his beloved twins with a scowl. “How many times I should tell you, brats? Call me Papa.” He tells them before turning his head to his mirror again, checking his face.

A red-haired pup blinks his big crimson eyes, “But Katsuki is pretty! Papa told us to call you Mama!” he says looking at his twin, “Right, Nayuki?”

White-haired pup nods, “Yeah, Mama Katsuki.” He says with his blank face and flat voice.

Katsuki sighs again, giving his full attention to his sons, “We’ve been living almost a year now, how could you guys still call me Mama?” he shakes his head.

Shouto –that fucking Alpha, laughs at the front seat. There’s a birthday party at Midoriya Izuku’s place. Ruby is a year old lady now and Shouto couldn’t help but ask Katsuki to come again to his house. Katsuki rejected (of course, what’s new?) but then Natsuki and Nayuki begged him at the same time, told him that they missed Uncle Deku and Uncle Toshi. For the sake of his pups, Katsuki said yes. They’re inside the car, driving to Ikebukuro in the middle of the day. Katsuki took a day-off, so did Shouto.

“Kat, just let them call you that for a while.” Shouto says, looking at Katsuki through the front mirror. Katsuki shakes his head.

“I am not female, beside, I’m not giving birth to this brats.” He frowns, fixing his make up again. Shouto sighs, an old pain comes back to his heart. Suddenly reminded his mistakes a year ago, Shouto could only stare at the road.

“But, Katsuki loves us so it doesn’t matter!” Natsuki’s high voice chirps inside the car, making Katsuki stares at the big eyed boy and smiles. Katsuki pats Natsuki’s head.

“Don’t be such a big head.” He says.

Nayuki tugs his sleeve, “Me too. Pat.” He says, looking at Katsuki with his blank face.

Katsuki smiles, hugging both of them on his lap, “Of course I love you.” Then kisses them right on their temples. “But I’m serious, please call me Papa too from now on, yeah?” he whispers to his sons. Shouto could hear him. He lets a smile formed on his lips.

When they’re arrived at the house, as expected there’s a lot of people already. Natsuki and Nayuki run forward when they see Uncle Ei and Aunty Mina, Katsuki could only smile and puts his present on the desk. Shouto comes to congrats the couple and Ruby, Katsuki doesn’t bother to follow him. But of course they would come to him. Katsuki sighs when Hitoshi, Deku and Shouto come to him. Little Ruby at Hitoshi’s arm.

Katsuki smiles at the baby and rubs her cheek, “Happy birthday, little lady... you know you’re gonna get bigger now, huh? Be a good daughter to your parents and a good friend to your friends, yeah?” he whispers, kissing the tip of Ruby’s head and the pup giggles, kissing Uncle Katsuki on his cheek.

“Kacchan, thanks for coming! You look brighter with your kids now.” The green haired man smiles widely. Katsuki only shrugs, “Yeah, course.” Then gazing away from the happy couple.

Hitoshi pinches his cheek, “Don’t be so rude to my wife.” He says and Katsuki frowns.

“Fuck off, fucker.” He murmurs and Shouto hushed him, “Kat, language.” He frowns but Katsuki shrugs, decide to join his pack members leaving the three adults.

Mina and Eijirou hug him almost in sync, Katsuki only laughs at them. Sero and Kaminari joins with their pup. Kaminari was giving a birth two months ago and Katsuki is glad he could accompany the Omega on his due date. The pup is male, they gave them name Hikari. Katsuki commented at how feminine the name is but then he remembered his own name and they laughed.

“Lord, this party is sure crowded.” Sero comments with his arm around Kaminari. The Omega nods his head, “Course, they have connection everywhere.”

They soon sit on the chairs around them and casually chat about their lives, letting the brats running around like crazy. Natsuki and Nayuki come to them, resting their body on Katsuki’s legs hugging him tightly.

“Oh look, who are these heroes?” Eijirou comments at Katsuki’s brats and they immediately throw themselves at him.

“Uncle Ei!” they said in unison and three other brats come to Katsuki. Eijirou and Mina’s pups are all male too, they’re 2 years older than Natsuki and Nayuki now. Katsuki rubs their head when they ask Katsuki to play with them.

“Come on, Uncle Kat!” the oldest whines followed by his brothers.

Mina laughs at them, “Oh, no, boys... Uncle Kat is in no mood to play~” she coos and the brats pout at Katsuki.

Shouto joins them a moment later with Tenya, Momo and Kyouka. Katsuki hugs his long-time friends. Kaminari speaks after a few chit and chat they share, “Momo, I heard you will adopt pups too?”

Momo, blushing hard, nods her head and Kyouka chuckles. The Beta answers Kaminari’s question, “Yeah, we planned to adopt two.” She says, looking at Katsuki and replied by a fond smile.

“Well, I guess in our next reunion, it will be much crowded.” Tenya comments, making all his friends laughs at the same time.

Shouto puts his arm around Katsuki’s waist, kissing his husband’s cheek softly. He looks around him, his friends and their own happy families gathering, sharing loves without minding about state, dynamic or anything else. They’re just human with a desire to love and to be loved, having a little world of their own loved ones. Shouto is blessed with a wonderful family, wonderful mate (now husband) and wonderful sons.

And it’s all he ever dreamed.