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Ryan wished he could be more confident and recently, the urge was eating away at him, texting with Luke so much had been making him want to talk through video chat or even arrange to meet in person. He trusted Luke, after all, he kept Jon's identity close to his chest, no-one else in their group knew what he looked like. Ryan knew it wasn't a trust issue, it was his confidence standing in the way. He knew how good looking Luke was and, in comparison, he felt like a speck. Ryan had always been a little self-conscious about his looks, even if people complimented him, he shied away from it.

Despite that though, Luke was his best friend, someone who Ryan felt deeply for and he wanted to share more with him. Even if Luke didn't feel entirely the same towards him, he thought it would be worth it just to be open. Ryan had even travelled to North Carolina a few times, hoping that being there would give him the push that he needed but he'd chickened out, hadn't even told Luke he was there and when he saw him, he just sat and admired from a distance.

The only person who knew what he was doing was Mark, who kept telling him to get his butt into gear and whenever they got into Siege all together, Mark would poke fun at him that Luke always questioned what it meant, Ryan would just reply, "Just about some dude who was flirting with me. 'Rilla keeps saying I should take up the offer." It worked too, Luke ended up playing along with the jokes and Ryan knew, it was all light-hearted fun, but it made him want to meet Luke even more.

Even a week later, the idea hadn't left Ryan's mind and he'd bought plane tickets without thinking about it. It wasn't even until he was in the Uber, heading for the airport, that he shot a quick text to Luke, 'This is weird, but I'm coming to Greensboro for a few days. I'll let you know when I land.' Then Ryan turned off his phone and tucked it into his pocket, he didn't want to see Luke's reply yet, not until he got to North Carolina. Then at least if Luke turned him down, he could just pretend to be another tourist and look on wistfully.

Luke checked his phone as soon as he heard the text alert, ignoring Jon making faces at him, "Is that your boyfriend again? I swear, you only text Ryan that fucking quick," Jon's words didn't even reach Luke, he just kept reading the words over and over, "Dude, did he send a dick pic or what?" Jon looked over Luke's shoulder at the message, "You need to take him on a date!"

"He isn't my boyfriend, he just said he's visiting here, he never said he wanted to see me."

Jon laughed, ignoring the look that Luke shot him, "He said he'd tell you when he lands! That obviously means he wants to see you. The way Ryan flirts with you, even if you say it's a joke, he clearly likes you."

"We're friends, Jon. I haven't even seen his face."

"Maybe he's more comfortable doing it in person. Will you just reply to him! If you leave him hanging he might change his mind."

Luke hated to admit when Jon was right, especially when it had anything to do with someone he liked because Jon had been right far too many times. So he plucked up the courage and typed out a message, 'That's awesome, I'd love to meet up somewhere with you if you'd like? Or I can pick you up at the airport? It's not far from where I live.' Then he locked his phone and pushed it onto the table, "There okay! Now he can turn me down." Jon just grinned, like he knew more than what he was letting on.

Ryan didn't think about his phone until he reached baggage claim, while he was waiting, he turned it back on and checked to see if Luke had replied. The message had his heart soaring and he quickly texted back to say that an airport pick-up would be nice, before grabbing his case and bag. Ryan found a cafe and decided to get himself a hot chocolate while he waited when his phone buzzed, he quickly checked it, 'On my way, be about five minutes, I'll let you know when I'm there.'

Ryan sent a simple, Okay. in reply, he decided against telling Luke where exactly he was in the airport, that could wait if Luke turned up. So he sat there, scrolling through Twitter and nursing his hot chocolate. When the next message popped up on his screen, Ryan smiled, 'I'm here, are you at baggage claim?'

'No, I'm at the cafe.' No reply came, so Ryan put his phone away and watched as the crowd filtered around the airport. Luke soon came into his vision and God, he still looked better than in photographs, it made Ryan swallow, ducking his face a little behind his to-go cup. Luke looked around the cafe, like he was lost and confused, which made Ryan remember that he'd never even sent a picture so Luke knew who to look for. He reached for his phone, stopping as Luke held up a sign: Ryan/Ohm, was written perfectly, surrounded by little hearts that seemed to have Luke embarrassed. So Ryan stood up, slinging his bag onto his shoulder and grabbing his case, he quickly made his move, holding tight onto his drink like it was helping to boost his courage. Ryan couldn't help but giggle when he reached Luke, "Who put you up to that Toonzy?"

Luke seemed surprised and Ryan wondered if this really was a bad idea. Luke let his eyes trail over his friend, swallowing a little before he spoke, "Ryan!" He was glad it sounded natural, "It was Jon, he drew on it, don't ask me why," Luke shook his head, tucking the sign under his arm, "Do you want me to grab something?"

"Sure, thanks," Ryan handed over his suitcase, Luke smiled and hinted for them to leave. Ryan happily followed him, the nerves he'd been feeling had evened out and happiness began to fill him, he was glad that Luke seemed comfortable with this, "Sorry if I'm taking up your time."

"Dude, I'd be sat in the house playing games, don't worry about it. I'd much rather spend time with one of my friends," They reached Luke's car, where he put Ryan's case into the trunk, soon followed by Ryan's bag, "Where are you staying? Do you want to go get checked-in? Then we could go downtown for food and hang out."

"Yeah, that sounds like a plan."

Ryan's smile dazzled Luke and for a second, he forgot what he was doing. He quickly closed the trunk and they climbed into the car together where Luke had Ryan put the hotel details into his GPS then they were heading off, the radio playing quietly, "So, if you don't mind me asking, what brought this on?"

"You're my best friend, I felt like visiting anyway, try those pecan pies you rave about and I thought it was a good chance to see you."

"I'm really glad you did and that you trust me. I figured you'd be a cool guy to hang with and, dude, you never told me how hot you are," Luke chuckled, shooting a wink at Ryan. He was sure he saw Ryan's cheeks turn a little red and it made his stomach flip, "What are you planning on doing while you're here then?"

"I honestly have no idea, I only really planned on meeting with you." Ryan laughed, rubbing the back of his neck. Now that he'd said it out loud, it sounded strange and Ryan had to distract himself by drinking more of his hot chocolate, it had cooled down a bit, which he was grateful for.

Luke felt a little flustered. He was glad that, out of everyone in their group of friends, Ryan wanted to show his face to him and in person too. It truly meant a lot to Luke, he could understand how something like this would be tough and take a lot of courage, "Hey, I'm glad you did! I know you're a cool guy, but I always thought hanging out in person would be nicer," They finally reached the hotel and Luke found a spot to park. They clambered out of the car and grabbed Ryan's things from the trunk. Luke locked the car and they made their way inside, "Looks like a nice place you've found."

Ryan smiled, they reached the desk and Ryan supplied his information to the receptionist, "Please feel free to ask for more towels and we can be reached over-night if you need help with anything else."

"Thank you," Ryan and Luke headed to the elevator together, taking it up to the third floor. The room door was second on the left and Ryan scanned his key, letting them into the room. Luke had a little poke around, leaving Ryan to slide his backpack and suitcase into the wardrobe. Ryan finished off his drink and dumped his cup into the trash, "At least it's a decent room, I've been to places where it looks nice outside but it's trash inside."

"Yeah, I get that. If you're feeling hungry, I know this great place we can go."

"Sounds good to me, you're a perfect tour guide."

Luke just laughed, shaking his head, "If you say so. Come on," Ryan grinned and they headed out together. Ryan knew Chicago well but Luke manoeuvred the roads with ease and they quickly reached downtown, "Let me know if you there's any shopping you want to do while you're here, I have some good recommendations."

"Your style is beyond me, I think I'm doing okay," They reached the cafe that Luke had mentioned so they took a seat and began looking through the menu, "Pecan pie!"

"You're supposed to get dessert after not first." Luke grinned, Ryan just rolled his eyes and went back to looking at the menu. Luke took a second to fully appreciate Ryan, he was attractive and fanart was actually really close to what he looked like, with the addition of a pair of glasses. That only added some adorableness to him, which only seemed to make him sexier and Luke had to lick his lips, the things that were running through his head were a little too explicit for a public place. He quickly decided to distract himself by looking at what he could eat.

They both eventually decided and Luke went to order for them, ignoring Ryan's protests, Luke thought it was nice to treat his friend especially as his first time in town. When he returned to the table, he merely grinned at Ryan, "You didn't have to do that Lukey."

"You're more than welcome, I gotta treat you at least once while you're in town."

"Fine, but if you're ever in Chicago, you need to hit me up and I'm treating you to life-changing pizza."

"Oh Ryan, don't talk dirty to me like that," They chuckled together, soon their food arrived and Luke changed their conversation to something more menial, "How was the flight?"

"Same as always. Crappy film on, nothing interesting," Ryan shrugged, smiling at Luke. They dig into their plates, catching up with little things that had happened for them over the last few days since they'd last talked. Once they'd finished eating, they sat there, enjoying the noise of the cafe, Ryan gushing over how cute his new dog was, "I was really sad to be leaving him back in Chicago, I don't like being away from him, he's like my baby."

Luke chuckled at that, but he could understand. Whenever he went away for anything, he hated not being able to take Candy and he missed having her running around him, "That really doesn't surprise me. I'm happy for you Ryan, I'm glad you were able to get a new dog. I know Buddy will always hold a special place in your heart, I'd be devastated if I lost Candy."

"It's still hard, but Tiny makes me happy. So, Mr. Lukey, are you gonna show me the sights?"

Luke swallowed heavily, Toonzy always drove him insane but Lukey was ten times cuter. Hearing it from Ryan for the second time today made him want to kiss Ryan, and he would have done it right there if the table wasn't in the way. He got control on his thoughts and figured he could show Ryan around, maybe build up the confidence to say something to Ryan, "I have a really nice place to show you," Ryan smiled, nodding. They finished up their drinks, then headed out. Luke led the way to a near-by park, it was barely filled with the colder weather. He watched Ryan take in the sights, "You should see this place in the summer. When all the trees are in bloom."

"It still looks nice now, besides, I bet it's full of people in the summer. I like this, it's nice and quiet," Ryan turned to Luke, smiling softly, "There's a beautiful view too."

"Yeah, it's really nice," Luke licked his lips, Ryan was staring at him, no longer paying attention to the park and it made Luke's heart beat a little quicker, "I don't think I've ever truly had the chance to appreciate the view so much before," Ryan felt his cheeks heating up, he had a feeling that Luke wasn't talking about the park and he knew he'd been talking about Luke, he felt happy that Luke might actually feel the same about him. Maybe their flirting wasn't so harmless after-all, maybe there was a meaning behind it all, "I'm so glad you came to visit me."

"Me too, I wish I did sooner."

"That doesn't matter, you're here now," Then Luke stepped closer, Ryan held his breath and when Luke touched his face, he held his hand, blinking up at him. Luke soon leaned in and kissed Ryan. Ryan gripped Luke's hand tighter, pulling him closer and deepening their kiss, Luke melted into the feeling, rubbing his other hand gently over Ryan's back and when they broke the kiss to catch their breaths, they couldn't stop smiling at each other, "I really like you, Ryan, thanks for trusting me."

"I like you too, I'll always trust you," Luke entwined their fingers, they walked through the park together for a while until it started to get dark. Then they headed back together, Luke left his car running, eyeing up Ryan for a moment, "Do you want to come up? We could order pizza and chill."

"Yeah, I'd like that," Luke smiled, he cut the engine and they hopped out of the car together, quickly heading up to Ryan's room. They made themselves comfortable and Luke found a decent pizza place that they could order from, ignoring the look that Ryan shot him, "This is as good as you'll get, sorry Ry."

"If it's approved by you, I suppose I can give it a try," Luke chuckled, softly pressing a kiss to Ryan's lips. Ryan held onto Luke's shoulders, Luke paused for a moment, removing Ryan's glasses and placing them to the side, along with his phone, "Luke?"

Luke touched Ryan's face, running his thumbs over his cheeks, "I love your eyes, they're beautiful," Then he kissed Ryan again, they tumbled down to the bed together, Luke's hands wandering over Ryan's body. Their tongues moved together, Luke pressed himself into Ryan's warmth. Ryan gasped into the kiss as Luke's finger's danced across his stomach, the kiss broke with the movement and Luke soon began trailing kisses along Ryan's neck, his cock reacting to the way Ryan gasped and groaned softly. Then Luke slowly pulled away, breathing heavy, he went to adjust himself, grunting when Ryan's hand swiftly moved to his cock, "Ry."

Ryan looked up at him and Luke groaned. His eyes looked even more stunning, darkened by lust, "Yeah, Lukey?"

Luke had to close his eyes and breathe, this was too much, he didn't want Ryan to feel pressured to do anything just because he couldn't keep his cock under control. He gently grabbed Ryan's wrist, pulling his hand away, "Ry, you don't need to."

"I know, but I want to." And before Luke could say anything else, Ryan had shaken his hand free and set to freeing Luke's erection. Ryan curled his fingers around the girth, slowly jerking the length. Luke shifted their position so he could lay on the bed. Ryan bit his lip as he watched how Luke's face changed with the pleasure, his groans building as Ryan changed how he moved his hand. He set a steady rhythm, smirking as Luke's hips bucked upward into his hand. Ryan steadily increased the pace, licking his lips when he heard Luke gasp, Ryan leaned down, closing his lips around the head as Luke jerked, spilling into his mouth.

Ryan swallowed then sat back, grinning as Luke looked at him, panting softly. He fixed Luke's pants then laid beside him, pressing his face into Luke's neck, "Baby, you gotta let me repay the favour."

"Later, I promise," Luke smiled, he pulled Ryan into a kiss, which Ryan quickly broke, "Hey, I just--"

"I ain't a bitch Ryan, I'll kiss you whenever. I don't care where your mouth has been unless it was on someone else, then we'd have issues. I want you to be my boyfriend, I want us to grow. I'd like to visit Chicago and I'd love if you'd want to come back here."

Ryan chuckled, he let Luke kiss him and he savoured every second. When they pulled away to breathe, Ryan spoke, "I'd love that. I wanna tell everyone that you're mine, they can keep their grubby mitts off you," Luke couldn't help but laugh at Ryan's words, wrapping his arms tight around his body, "I mean it!"

"Same goes for me Ry, I ain't letting you go." They smiled at each other, happily cuddling together. Ryan was so glad that he decided to let Luke know he was coming to North Carolina, he was sure Luke felt the same too. Their happiness felt untouchable. They both knew they'd do anything to make things work out between them, all that mattered was how they felt, nothing could change that.