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Super Mario Kart: Pokemon/Super Mario Kart: Pokemon 2 N-Sane Edition

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BREAKING NEWS! Luigi and Coco were hit very hard with separate $1,000,000 fines, after they were caught throwing several bricks towards Yuli and Bayonetta. Furthermore, Mario and Crash had suffered separate $500,000 fines, the second-highest, the current SMK drivers in the Bustling City crowd had separate $100,000 fines, Ryo and Runa had a $200,000 fine, and finally, Ash, Jeanne, and Lanette were fined $50,000, due to their words on commentary.

Because of the incident, known as #Brickgate thanks to Dawn, Tracer and Mei had to make permanent changes, to make things fair. From now on, Kart Madness crowds would no longer stay at Ronin Warriors' Tokyo, Honno City, and Bustling City, if Yuli and Bayonetta, Mia and Rei (Kill La Kill), Ryuko and Satsuki, and Ragyo and Nui could end up as a Top-4 seed. Also, if any of the four duos would end up as the highest remaining regional seed before the Sweet 16 round, the changes would effect that as well.

Updated AP Poll Rankings:

1. Mario and Luigi
2. Ryuko and Satsuki
3. Yuli and Bayonetta
4. Ragyo and Nui
5. Mia and Rei (Kill La Kill)
6. Crash and Coco
7. Nitros Oxide and Dingodile
8. Pit and Jeanne
9. Mai and Videl
10. Peach and Daisy
11. Selene and Plumeria
12. Jak and Keira
13. Nessa and Bea
14. Bulma and Tights *
15. Fran and Penelo
16. Mako (Kill La Kill) and Nonon
17. Red and Red's mom
18. Peachette and Pauline
19. D.Va and Mercy
20. Gohan and Pan
21. Tawna and Pinstripe
22. Sonia and Oleana
23. Joni and Leslie
24. Duck Hunt Duo
25. Cloud and Aeris *

* (N)ot (I)n (T)ournament

Thursday's games:

(10) Mako (Kill La Kill) and Nonon vs. (14) Fran and Penelo (Honno City) (West region) (CBS Channel)
(2) Ragyo and Nui vs. (3) Nitros Oxide and Dingodile (Coco Park) (East region) (TBS Channel)
(1) Ryuko and Satsuki vs. (13) Joni and Leslie (Honno City) (West region) (CBS Channel)
(1) Crash and Coco vs. (4) Mia and Rei (Kill La Kill) (Coco Park) (East region) (TBS Channel)

Friday's games:

(6) Peach and Daisy vs. (15) Duck Hunt Duo (Royal Raceway) (Midwest region) (CBS Channel)
(1) Mario and Luigi vs. (13) Sonia and Oleana (Mario Kart Stadium) (South region) (TBS Channel)
(9) Peachette and Pauline vs. (13) Nessa and Bea (Royal Raceway) (Midwest region) (CBS Channel)
(2) Yuli and Bayonetta vs. (3) Pit and Jeanne (Mario Kart Stadium) (South region) (TBS Channel)

Top 16 updated odds to win national title:

Yuli and Bayonetta: 1/2 odds (No. 2 seed)
Ryuko and Satsuki: 2/1 odds (No. 1 seed)
Mario and Luigi: 2/1 odds (No. 1 seed)
Crash and Coco: 2/1 odds (No. 1 seed)
Ragyo and Nui: 2/1 odds (No. 2 seed)
Peachette and Pauline: 10/1 odds (No. 9 seed)
Mia and Rei (Kill La Kill): 10/1 odds (No. 4 seed)
Pit and Jeanne: 15/1 odds (No. 3 seed)
Nitros Oxide and Dingodile: 20/1 odds (No. 3 seed)
Peach and Daisy: 25/1 odds (No. 6 seed)
Fran and Penelo: 30/1 odds (No. 14 seed)
Duck Hunt Duo: 40/1 odds (No. 15 seed)
Mako (Kill La Kill) and Nonon: 40/1 odds (No. 10 seed)
Nessa and Bea: 55/1 odds (No. 13 seed)
Sonia and Oleana: 55/1 odds (No. 13 seed)
Joni and Leslie: 75/1 odds (No. 13 seed)

End of Chapter 87