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Texting (Or coming back to earth and trying out cell phones doesn't work out quite as well as Peter Quill hoped)

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Peter, why are we doing this? We have communicators that are much more efficient than this technology.


You know you dont have to address me as Peter, right? I know you're talking to me. I'm the only one here. You dont have to type my name out when you're texting me.


Texting? Don't tell me you've picked up more earth idioms. And you didn't answer my question.

its rude to not accept gifts when people worked so hard on making and personalizing them for us.


You know damn well Stark didn't 'work hard' on these. Our normal lines and methods of communication are much more secure than these 'gifts'.

Why are you so adamant we use them while here on earth? Our technology works better on earth than earth technology does.


Did you know that just being in the presence of a magnet can damage these things?

You don't even have to throw it at them.


Stark almost had a panic attack when I got too close to his sensitive technology while holding a magnetic object.

He literally called his computers sensitive.


No wonder terrans don’t have space travel. All it takes is a magnetic field to render all their advanced technology space junk.


huh. Weird.




what did I say about the name thing? You are directly messaging me and only me, you dont have to type my name dude.


There is no proper way to convey just how much 'I am done with this shit' I put in your name just then.

Just tell me why you keep making a big deal about us using these phones, or I will rub a magnet all over this thing and ruin it forever.


I dunno, it's just kinda cool. Earth was all old school when I left, and its changed so much. From what I remember. From what even existed back then. It's cool that theyve got some world wide web thing. I've been told that the internet is pretty much ubiquitous to the human existence, and this didnt even exist when I was a kid. All our technology we use in space has always been at the same level and hasn't changed much since longer than the both of us have been alive. Space technology has just always been space technology. This stuff though, its changed so much and brand new things that are like comic books fantasy things are just normal now. It hasn't always been that way. It's cool, I dunno, comparing how it used to be with now though. Seeing how people communicate this way instead of a telephone in the wall that only had numbered buttons to press and audio. Its fun finding out what's considered normal these days. This place reminds me of Xandar more than the earth I grew up on. I just wanted to, you know, see what's normal and do that while we're here. It's like learning about a new culture.

It really is learning about a new culture. So that's why, I guess. Doing the local thing. Thought it sounded nice.