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The Emerald Flash(Discontinued/Rewritten)

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"Can I Become A Hero Even If I Don't Have A Quirk?!" This was the question that started it all.

He looks back up to the blonde man in front of him. But all he sees is a look of shock and maybe a hint of hurt pride. Izuku didn't see it though because his
back was turned to the boy. The man responded with "No I don't think you can become a hero without a quirk. I'm sorry, but heroes are constantly risking their lives
to protect the people of this world." He says to the little green boy in front of him. Realizing that he's almost out of time and leaps off in the direction of not

Izuku's now heading down the path to his home. On his way he sees Kacchan. That's nice. It's not. He was beaten up again for trying to say he wanted to be a hero.
Izuku's now walking down a rainy path to his home trying to get home as fast as he can now without getting in any more trouble.

He would have continued to if a bolt of green and gold lighting didn't hit him while he was passing by a power line. Screaming in pain and agony he swears he saw
the bolt slow down just before it hit him and saw everything freeze around him for the few short moments that he was still conscious. The car that had just driven by
immediately turned around and calls an ambulance to deliver the boy to the nearest hospital to see if he can be saved in time.

~Izuku's Hospital Room after surgery

"Now then Ms. Midoriya, as you can see your son is living according to this heart monitor. However his heart has stopped multiple times, it's a miracle he's alive. Even more impressive he managed to survive even without a quirk. The only downside is that he's been out into a coma and with our current technology he'll be out for 9 months." Says the doctor facing towards Inko Midoriya. Said women starts to tear up at the thought of that happening to her little baby boy. He's gonna miss out on far too much of school, he could become invalid, or could even cause him to miss his entire shot at U.A.'s hero course. That would devastate him!

Mitsuki tries to reassure her that everything will be fine and tells her she'll even help with the medical bill. Much to Katsuki's displeasure as he lost a fight trying to convince her not to waste money on a stupid Deku like him. She instantly tells him off and pays the majority of the bill just to show him who's the boss. Luckily her husbands a lawyer so it's nothing too big to worry about.

~9 Months Later After Izuku's Waking Up I The Hospital

Izuku's finally gained some semblance of consciousness, at least he can hear what's going on around him. He hears the fan spinning around him, even if it is a little slower then a normal fan. He hears bed creek when he tries to move but fails to lift his head up. Still too tired. He hears the heart monitor- wait what? At that, he springs up and winces as he feels something gets pulled out of his arm and looks to see that there's a small bag connected to a plastic tube with a needle. He connects two and two together and reality hit's him like a truck. He instantly rushes while removing the heart monitor. Before exiting the room he looks back and sees that the water in a cup next to his bed is floating and the patch for the monitor is floating in mid-air. He writes it off as a Quirk abnormally and leaves to find his doctor office.

Running past many people who seem to be caught in suspended animation while he runs past them. He reaches his doctor's office and opens the door to see his mom waiting there with the doctor holding a palm out like he's explaining something. Izuku doesn't realize whats going on until he's blinked a few times and time resumes back normal.

"-o your son should *blegh*!" says the doctor looking behind the women in front of him seeing the green boy just form out of a green streak of lighting. Inko looks worried at the sudden reaction. Not knowing what happened she turns around and immediately tears up. She luges forward tripping on her own feet due to the lack of calories and lack of sight looking seeing her baby woken up and moving around perfectly fine like he wasn't even hurt in the first place.

"IZUK-WOAH!" She yells as she falls over and begins to attract a pillow from the seat just to her right. But before she could she feels a pair of arms grab her and lift her up into a standing position and start hugging her incredibly tight and sobbing into her shoulder. She joins in and the doctor can only take down notes at the sight he's witnessing in front of him. "Lighting producing super speed. Interesting," he says before looking back up at the pair. "Potential water cannon quirk? No, it's not in their family history."

~The next day and the day Izuku's aloud to leave the hospital

"So Ms. Midoriya and Izuku, it would appear as though he has a super speed quirk. According to our cameras, he's seen as a speeding streak through the halls at what
could have easily caused a sonic boom after some time." Says the doctor to the pair of Midoriya's in his office. "I believe his quirk was awakened during the lighting strike that put him in a coma." he finishes so the pair can process what he said.

"So you're saying my baby has a-a quirk?" Asked the hopeful women in front of him.

"Yes, ma'am. So Izuku what would you like to name your quirk?" Asked the doctor now facing towards Izuku so he can write down the quirks name. It should have been obvious to him. It was to Izuku, he decided to call it Super Speed. Nothing too flashy.

~Aldera High School

"Hey Deku shit I can see that you're finally awake. Lazy ass. Making my old hag pay for your hospital bill." Said Katsuki now seeing the little twerps awake now.

"H-Hey Kacchan. I'm sorry aunty paid for most of the first month but I really had nothing to do with it, honest." Says Izuku.

"Oh, Bull. Shit. Listen here Deku, just because you were in a coma for 3/4 of a year doesn't mean that I'll be going any easier on you." Said Katsuki preparing an explosion in his right palm. But Izuku was stronger now. He had a Quirk! He wasn't going to handle Kacchans shit Anymore! Preparing his super speed he looks for a way to escape without revealing his quirk. "Kacchan it's a teacher!" He says getting Kacchan to bat an eye for just a second. That split second was enough for Izuku to disappear leaving Katsuki dumbfounded thinking he was a bit too stoned at the moment.

"Well, that takes care of that," Izuku says to himself knowing he likely won't get away with that again any time soon.

During the next month that Izuku has, he's been training to take the entrance exam he seemingly transformed during his coma and from training. Despite having no exercise at all beforehand and being in a coma he had absolutely leveled up from before. His no longer skinny body possessed a good set of abs and some nicely toned muscles on his arms. As a way of making up for all his lost studies, he used his super speed to read get through his nine months of missed work. Most of his free time was either strength or stamina training other than that he was reading roughly ten books a second and or catching up on hero news. He's even made a new friend while on his normal jog. He thinks her name was Ururaka Otaku? Oh, Ururaka Ochako! She said she was looking for an apartment in case she made in into U.A. He showed her around carrying her on his back using his super speed. She thanked him for helping her find a place to stay.

He even learned somethings about his powers. He learned that he can break the sound barrier two times before reaching his max speed. He's been taking chemistry biology and forensics so he can learn how to create something that will increase his own speed. It won't be nearly finished until he can get access to the labs at U.A. He also learned that he can defy gravity and run up and alongside walls. He knows he can do much more but not yet.

~U.A Entrance Exam

"I can't believe I'm actually here today." Says and ecstatic Izuku stopping to take in the scenery.

"MOVE IT!. Shitty Deku." Guess who that was. Says Katsuki Bakugou walking by Izuku to the U.A. entrance.

"hey, kitchen..." Says Izuku not wanting his bully to hear him. Shaking himself out of his depressed state he walks towards the entrance behind Kacchan. But then he falls thinking 'or I'll just die'. But before he hits the ground he feels a pat on his back and realizes he's no longer falling. He thinks he may have activated his quirk by accident but looking around he sees a rather bubbly looking girl. She has brown hair, permanent pink blush mirroring both her cheeks and a nice smile on her face. Wow, this girl looks familiar. Oh, wait.

"Hey, Ururaka-san. I almost didn't recognize you." He says setting his position right while dusting himself off.

They stand there wondering exactly what to say now that their both here. Neither of them can think of anything so Izuku says "w-well we should probably head inside
now, don't you think?"

"Y-yeah, let's go, don't wanna be, late now do we." She says with a little stutter at the beginning of her sentence.

~U.A Auditorium

"EVERYBODY SAAYYY HHEEEYYYY!!!" Yells a loud blonde man in the center stage with the spotlight on him. Literally and metaphorically. To his dismay, only one person actually responded to his opening which was just another 'Hey!'

Quickly looking around Izuku can see that he's the only one who replied and quickly blushes brighter than the sun and sits down as fast as he can. Which confuses the blonde next to him making hi think he was on some type of drug today. Which should be weird, if he got caught with a drug he'd never make it into U.A then.


"ohmygodIt'sPresentMicIcan'tbelievehe'sateacherhereIlistentohisradiotalkshoweveryweekI'moneofhistoprankingfansonhiswebsiteIcan'tbelievethis..." Says Izuku going mumbling at faster then the human ear can even pick up. This confused the blonde even more since he swears he saw the nerd's mouth moving a mile every millisecond. which is impossible since the worthless Deku didn't have a quirk.

Izuku's snapped out of his muttering fit by a blue-haired teen raising his hand in an incredibly stern fashion.

"Excuse Me. Mr. Present Mic, On The Hand Out It Clearly States There Are Four Robots As Opposed To The Three Robots You Mentioned Before! If This Is A Typo On U.A's
Part Then It Will Surely Discourage The Reputation That U.A Holds!" He yells out to the hero on the stage.


"I see. My Apologies For My Rudeness!" Replies the teen with glasses while doing a 90-degree bow at the waist.

~Exam Site B

~Ururake POV

"Ok Ochako. You got this. You. Can. Do. This." she thinks to try to bring up her spirits about fighting robots. It doesn't work out too well. She's about to start doubting herself when she feels a hand clap itself on her shoulder. Slightly startled by the sudden contact she turns around ready for a fight but quickly lets her guard down once she sees the green bushy hair in front of her.

~No One's POV

Izuku just got Ururaka's attention but is slightly alarmed when she suddenly puts her hand up in a basic fighting stance. She quickly drops her hands and greets him properly. "Hey, Midoriya-kun. I didn't realize we were in the same test site." She says with a little red on her face and a hand behind her head. "Well sorry for startling you there. I didn't mean to do so just so we're clear." He says trying to ease her nerves.

All of a sudden they hear the same blonde man yell start from on top of a tower. Izuku thinking quickly on his feet (get it) push's Ururaka through the gate and into the city. After little confusion and some thinking time she quickly catches on and instantly follows suit with the green speedster.

Back at the mock cities entrance everybody's confused as to why they did that and just stares at the two running figures. That is until Present Mic yells out "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? THERE'S NO COUNTDOWNS IN REAL LIFE! SOMEONE ALREADY HAS 25 POINTS! GO GO GO!!" Getting the rest of the examines to run in he quickly becomes interested in the green competitor and his double sonic boom running down the city streets resulting in at least another 15 points. That makes 40 points and he hasn't even been a full minute yet and this kids already got a good enough score to get in.

~U.A Monitor Room

"As you can see here, the students clearly have no clue as to how many robots nor points are available to them nor how much space is in the city." Says a mouse bear dog thing in a little blue suit.

An astronaut continues by saying "Indeed. However, we can see that some are rather promising as future heroes." Says the astronaut getting the mouse thing to speak. "Ah yes. There are the ones who use there speed and mobility to find the most robots in the shortest amount of time. There's the ones who use search and sensory to track down their opponents. And then there's the natural born warriors." It says while pointing to a certain trio of screens. "But of course it's the ones who utilize all three of these tactics who deserve to be in our hero course." He finishes while pointing towards a screen with a green blur running down three streets in less then two seconds.

All Might's rather surprised by this. He's currently using his buff form to get a good idea of his future student but even then he can't seem to follow his movements. But he can tell that he's been taking care of any examines who may have been in trouble. He tries so hard to see his face but can't see, to get a good look until he starts physically shaking.

Midnight takes notice of this and decided to ask a few questions. "All Might, you can see that kid right?" She asks with a question mark above her head. Said hero stands still and deflates looking at her with confusion and frustration. "No. Even in my buff form, I can barely follow his movements. But if my math's correct he should have just under 90 points within the next few seconds. Not even considering all the students he's saved from peril on his way through the city. If I add that he'd have around 120 by now and it hasn't even been the 10 minute mark yet." He says in defeat at the thought of there being someone who he can't follow unless he gets his stomach and lung back.

"Well I'd hate to say it, Toshinori. but your not gonna get to see him anytime within the next few moments." Says the mouse thing before pressing a red button labeled 'Kaiju'

~Test Site B

"It feels so good to move this fast. No restrictions, no worry's, no nothing. No, wait, double negative. There is Nothing." Says Izuku while walking around. Looking around in slow motions nice and all but when your this fast it can get pretty boring after a while when nothing new happened. 'I should have bought my phone in here. Maybe I could play that piano game?' He thinks before deciding to test something.

"Let's see here if I run at a continuous speed and leap at roughly 1200 kilometer per hour then if I jump at just the right time then I should-WOAH!" He was cut off by the ground rumbling beneath him knocking him off balance and making him stumble and skid to a stop. Quickly looking around he sees that there's a robot just the size of the buildings above him and is looking right at him. Before it could even react he quickly disappears from it's radar and runs as fast as he can without breaking the sound barrier as a means of not damaging anyone around him from trying to flee the robot behind them, that is until he sees a girl with brown hair with her foot trapped under some rubble.

Seeing this he quickly turns around and moves her out from under the rubble and carries her to the rest of the crowd. She's flabbergasted at what just happened. She was just trapped under some rubble and then as if she teleported she's instant with the rest of the crowd of participants. She turns around to see if there are any clues. She doesn't see any until she sees a circle of green lighting rotating in constant motion.

Just before Izuku reached the sound barrier he faces the zero pointers and jumps as high as he can in this state. Luckily his theory worked, while he's in the air there's a deafening sonic boom just behind him and it launches him forward at an even faster rate then before. Just a few meters away from the zero pointer he tenses his right arm as much as he can and swings at the robot as fast as he can and let's momentum do the rest. 'Shit this is gonna hurt' he thinks as he's falling down alongside the rest of the robots debris.

'Ok. I gotta think fast if I'm gonna get down safely. Maybe if I run along the debris I can get down without killing myself.' He thought glancing towards the closest piece of debris he can reach before hitting the ground. Spinning his arms in a clock ways motion behind him he propels himself to the chunk of metal and begins to run down to the bottom carefully stepping on the pieces of debris trying not to lose his footing. He barely makes it down to a safe distance where he won't die from impact, just a few meters off of the ground he slips and falls face up hitting his head on some of the debris.

Toshinori's stunned by the landing but even more stunned at the fact that this boy was the same boy who told him he was quirkless just ten months ago. He felt so terrible breaking that boys dream and a bit hypocritical since he was once the same as that boy before. What is it with quirkless people wanting to be heroes anyways? But how was he able to move that fast?! Did he lie? That quirk looked a lot like his own from when he was in his prime. Electrical super speed and this boy clearly had super strength if he was able to destroy that giant robot with just one punch. He couldn't have gotten it from him, could he?

He looks back at the judges and sees that four of them gave him 10 making 40 points while two other gave him 9 making 58 and the last four decided upon 8 gaining him a total of 90 rescue points! That's not even including the rescue points he earned during the time he saved other people from different robots. Like when that blonde boy was surrounded. Or the purple midget with balls on his head when he was looking at the other female competitors.

He looks back at the screen with the said boy and sees that he's getting treatment from recovery girl. He hopes she doesn't think that he found a successor without telling her.

Back with Izuku, we can see him getting up with a little dizziness. After clearing out the dizziness by shaking his head a bit, I don't know how that works, to be honest, but it did somehow, He looks around and sees that he's in front of everyone acting like an idiot. So he uses his super speed to get to the back of the crowd. Soon after he just disappeared in the crowd at the end of the day nobody can find him.

~U.A Principles Office

"S-So um Mr. Nezu, sir, shy did you call me here? Is it about the exam?" He asked just as a sudden realization dawned on him. He challenged the Zero Pointer. But he said if you challenge it and 'lose' implying that you only lost if you lost against the robot. But he destroyed it from the head up! He should be fine right?

"That's a very valid question young man. And yes this is about the Zero Pointer. HOWEVER. No, you won't be kicked from the U.A Hero Course" "Huh?" "You see, we said that you'd lose all hope of joining out hero course as a diversion to sway people to not attack the Zero Pointer. However you not only challenged it, but you defeated it within less then 3 seconds. Very Impressive young man. Which is why I would like to tell you that your enrolled in U.A's hero course. And two more questions. How did you get such a powerful quirk? And I'll ask the second depending on your first answer." Says the Nezu repeating what would have been an entire paragraph if not had been he was talking and not talking.

"Well you see about ten months ago. I was caught in a life and death situation when I was struck by a lightning bolt. I want to say that during my coma my body adapted and awakened my quirk. Super Speed and the lighting should also be because of the lightning storm. And" Says the green haired boy before taking in a deep breath "DID YOU JUST SAY I WAS ACCEPTED INTO THE HERO COURSE!?" He yelled out in excitement.

"Yes, I did say you were accepted. And with a rather impressive score as well. You Izuku Midoriya placed First place with 87 villain points. But that's not all. You see U.A wouldn't let those who wouldn't risk there lives to protect others be rejected as a hero. Which is why we have a secret system here at U.A. RESCUE POINTS!" Says the Principle with sparkly letters on a flash card at the end. "Izuku Midoriya, after a short period of time and analyzing the footage of the exam the judges have decided that you scored a total of 124 rescue points. Bringing your point total to a record-breaking 201 points. Congratulations Midoriya. You have beaten the previous record by a total of 47 points. Which was All Might's by the way."

Izuku's erupting with tears at the idea of him being the top competitor to ever score in U.A's entrance exam and being the only one to score in the 200's region.
He can't wait to get home and tell his mother.

"So Midoriya. DO you know about All Might's secret?" Asked the Principle.

"Well yeah. I found out shortly before I was struck by the lighting bolt. I was hanging on his leg when he had hardly anytime left. He deflated and he explained to me how he got his injury. He didn't tell me who did it though." Replies Izuku receiving a confused look from the principle. "That it?" "Yes" was all there was to it. So after receiving his message directly from the principle, Izuku leaves to go inform his mother of his score.

~Aldera High School Principle Office, A Week After Exams

"I can't believe it you two. You both made it into the number one hero school in Japan. Especially you Midoriya. It's a miracle!" Says the Aldera High Principle.

"Neither can I Mr. Principle."

~Behind Aldera High School

"Alright, Shitty Deku. What the hell did you do to get into U.A?!" Yells Katsuki getting the smaller teen to stare at him with a look of fear on his face.

"I-I D-Din't do anything K-Kacchan. I S-Swear!" Replies said teen with a stutter and voice crack


Izuku responded by grabbing the blonde's hand and looking up at him with determination in his eyes.

"Kacchan. I got in on my own accord. I deserve to be in U.A. I'M NO GONNA LET YOU PUSH ME AROUND ANYMORE!"

~Midoriya House Hold, First Day of School

"Did you remember to pack everything?! Your books? Your pencils? What about your Hanker Chief? Your Hanky?!" Says Inko Midoriya getting her son to respond "Yes Mom, I was sure to get everything last night!".

As he opens the door she calls out again with "WAIT! Izuku there's one more thing I want to say before you go." "Whaattt?" "I love you and that you're really cool. Now go have a nice day at school. Make lots of friends and try to get a girlfriend while you're there okay?" She says.

Not even realizing what she said at the end of her sentence he replies "Ok Mom. I'll see you later!" He says righ before giving his mom and speeding off at a speed that would have any normal person neck leaving behind a lighting streak for his mother to stare at before going to see what's on TV and hearing a sonic boom about a mile out.

~U.A Halls

Izuku's just arrived at U.A speeding through the halls while looking for the specific classroom labeled 1A. "Ah, There it is." He says entering the room still at breakneck speed and setting all of his items. Once he's done he turns around to see there only two other people in there with him. One's a girl with a spiky ponytail and the others a heterochromic teen with half white half red hair and a scar over his left eye. He decided to go speak to them.

"So I guess you two must be the recommended students? I didn't see either of you at the entrance exam. I'm Izuku Midoriya by the way." He says holding out a hand for each of them to shake.

The heterochromatic teen refuses and just says his name is Todoroki while the other shakes it while replying with "Hello Midoriya. My names Momo Yaoyorozu. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Then a blue-haired teen walks in setting his own stuff down not to far away from the other two people in the room. He quickly moves over to the others to greet them with his hand held out and a rather firm posture. "Greeting my fellow U.A participants. My Name is Iida Tenya and it is my pleasure to make your acquaintance." He say to the other three teens in the room. It went fairly similar to how Izuku's did. Todoroki said his name. Mom repeated her previous statement.

But what really got His attention when Izuku said "Hello Iida. My name is Izuku Midoriya. It's a pleasure to be here with you as well." He says shaking Iida's hand.

"I hope we can get alon- Wait did you just call yourself Midoriya? That means your the one who destroyed the zero pointer! It's an honor and privilege to work
here with you and have the same base as quirk as you!" He says bowing at a 90-degree angle.

"I think you're taking it a bit to far here Iida. All I did was out of impulse. I really didn't do to much." Says Izuku trying to make Iida stand straight again.

"Your modesty is very humbling but you scored the highest score in U.A history surpassing All Might's by almost 50 points." This get's the attention of the other two people in the room and everyone else who had entered in that time. This included a pink girl and spiky red head a purple haired girl with headphone wires connected to her ears and a raven headed boy.

"HE SURPASSED ALL MIGHT'S SCORE BY 50 POINTS!? WHAT TYPE OF QUIRK DOES HE HAVE?!" Shouts the pink girl looking at the green boy in front of her.

"Yeah what amount of manliness is that!? I mean it's not every day that something like this happens." Says the redhead with wide eyes at the thought of someone beating All Might.

"Hey! Are you gonna tell us what your quirk is or what?" Says the purple haired girl.

"MY FELLOW CLASSMATES! It is rude to commence in a conversation with someone without even introducing yourselves first." Says Iida trying to follow the mandatory procedure of mannerism.

"Right. Well, Midori I'm Ashido Mina and this guy's Kirishima Ejiro." Says the pink one pointing towards the red-headed one.

"I'm Jiro Kyouka. now will you tell us about your quirk? I'm getting impatient." Says the Purple haired teen.

"Right well, my quirk didn't show up until just recently so I can't say too much about it. But I do know that it increases my speed many times over and it produces an electrical stream behind me as I run."

"Really? It's so simple powerful enough to defeat the Zero Pointer?" Asks Kyoka staring at the teen in disbelief.

"Well it does let me go up to almost Mach three so I can produce 2 sonic booms. I used that quite a bit in the test." He says while holding a hand on the back of his head.

Then a few more students walked in. Two blondes. One has a black streak in his hair the other is sparkling like a diamond. The other a purple haired midget latching onto a frog-like girls leg with drool coming out his mouth.


"200 pointer? Wait do you mean Izuku Midoriya? As in the IZUKU MIDORIYA?!" Yelled the more animated blonde of the group.

"Ah yes. The Emerald Streak of light that saved me. That was quite the fabulous performance you put on. You could have done a bit better at the end."

"Well I'm still getting used to them so expect a few mishaps every here and there, hehe." He responds

The purple midget comes up to talk to him and starts resorting to some rather perverted things. Like "YOU LUCKY BASTARD! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY GIRLS YOUR
GONNA GET SURPASSING ALL MIGHT LIKE THAT!?! DON'T TELL ME YOUR PLANNING TO BUILD A HAREM!! YOU HAVE TO GIVE ME AT LEAST HALF THE GIRLS YOU GET!!!" Was all he said before getting slapped by a tongue courtesy of the frog girl from before.

"Sorry about him. He's always like this, gero." 'Gero?', were the collective thoughts of everyone in the room. "So your the famed 200 pointer of U.A? You don't seem like very much if you ask me. But that could very well be proven wrong in due time. Gero." She said leaning in real close making the boy blush.

"Why are you blushing? Gero?" She said before realizing how close there faces were with her tongue sticking out and joins in on the blushing and quickly steps back.

Everyone starts giggling at the scene before them exempt from Todoroki and the raven looking boy.

"pfft. OMG! You both look just like each other with your green hair and red faces! You know that!?" Yells Ashido pointing at the pair before them.

Next, a boy with a tail walks in along with a boy with six arms and a mask covering most of his face.

"Hey, I recognize you! You're the one who took on that giant robot!" Yells the one with a tail causing the masked one to look at him in aspiration. Not that it was obvious through his mask.

A few minutes pass and a few more people walk in. Everything's going on until the final blonde walks in and spots the worthless Deku sitting with the other extras. Obviously, he scoffs and sits as far away as possible abruptly placing his feet on the table. This gets a tick mark on Iida's forehead. He quickly stands and very sternly walks over to the desk the blonde is sitting at.

"Excuse me, kind sir. I'm afraid that I'm gonna have to ask you to kindly remove your feet from this desk. It is disrespectful to the craftsmen and our seniors that sat at this desk before you." He says while looking at the blonde before him.

"HEH!? Did your old school shove a stick up your ass? Or were you born with it?" He asked in a most vulgar way. As Yaoyorozu would say it with a hand over her mouth.

"Huuhh. Let me start over. I'm Tenya Iida from Somei Private Academy." He says to the blonde trying to get on his good side.

"Somei?! So your an elitest ay?! I'm gonna have a good time tearing you a good one!" Says the said blonde with a hint of danger in his eyes.

"You'd threaten me?! Your own classmate?! Are you sure you're in the right place?" Iida asks with a look of shock in his glasses.

At this point, Izuku decides to intervene with his expertise on the blonde. Placing a hand on Iida's shoulder he looks up at him and says "Iida, it's not gonna work he's just gonna do what he wants. Believe me. I've known this guy for years." "YEAH, FOUR EYES! Listen to the shitty Deku!"

"Hey! It's Izuku! I guess I should thank you for helping me out again shouldn't I?" Says Uruaka getting Izuku to question her antics. 'First name basis already huh?'

"Oh hey, Ururaka-san. No, you don't have to thank me for all that. I was just acting out of impulse." He responds

"C' mon Midori! Can't you act out of an impulse for the rest of us~?" Says Mina biting her lower lip while winking at the green boy and leaning against him.

"If your here to make friends and flirt you can get out now." Everyone present looks out the door and an invisible girl shouts "IT'S A TALKING CATERPILLAR!?"

The creature rolls to the front of the room and stands up to full height and unzips the front of itself. Apparently it wasn't a caterpillar but someone in a sleeping bag.

"I'm Shota Aizawa and I'm your homeroom teacher. Now hurry up and put these on and meet me outside-" He says before Izuku quickly grabs his and changes in the males dressing room and instantly appears in the classroom in the time it took the class to blink. Apparently, he also took it into his own design because now instead of the normal blue now it's green with a little leather glint to it. Probably so it doesn't burst into flames. This really pisses Katsuki off now.

"DEKU!? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!? HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING YOUR QUIRK FROM ME FOR THIS LONG!?" He yells while running towards the door where Izuku is. He was prepared for this but what he wasn't planning on was for his teacher's damn scarf to wrap around him and deactivate his quirk.

"I would suggest not using your quirk unless it's a mutation or Midoriyas. His is just because I can't seem to remove his for some reason." The teacher says before letting go of the blonde nuke and instructing everyone to hurry up and leave.


"It took most of you 8 minutes to get outside. That's irrational time wasted. By the end of this semester your gonna start to become more rational. Under stood. Right now today we're gonna have a quirk apprehension test. Midoriya what was your toss ball score in middle school?" He asked the green boy. Said boy responds with 25 meters with a little redness on his cheeks and a few giggles from the purple haired girl next to him.

"Here's living proof at the irrationality of today's government to create the illusion that not everyone equal. While Midoriya scored over 200 points on the practical he didn't do so well in previous years. Now, step up to the circle and throw the ball using your quirk this time. Do whatever you need just don't leave the circle.

He does as told. He grabs the ball and in the blink of an eye he starts spinning in a sonic boom emitting circle until there's a chain of deafening booms and
he's thrown the ball.

"Now this is what I would call plus ultra." He holds up the device in his hand it shows a distance of 940.5 meters.

The class immediately burst out in cheers like "We get to use our quirks?! This'll be so much fun!" or "Wow talk about easy. Surely we'll all do better than before." That was until Mister Aizawa silenced them with "Fun? Do you think that you have three years to become top pro heroes and your calling this 'fun'? Then I'll have some fun to. How about this, whoever comes in last will be deemed to have no potential and expelled from U.A. Understood?" He says getting most of the class to become depressed.

"Now that that's out of the way lets move on now. Bakugou your up next." He said to the blonde who then scored 705.3 meters after using an explosion to launch the ball.

~50 Meter dash

Everyone was certain that Izuku would have no problem here. He's the faster of the two speed oriented students in the class. This is proven she he crosses the area in 0.13 seconds with Katsuki coming in at 4.13 seconds, Iida coming in at 3.04 seconds, Tsuyu coming in at 5.58, Ochako at 7.15 Ayoama at 5.51 and Mina at 5.28.

~Hand Grip

For this one Izuku grabs the handle and starts vibrating his hand causing the machine to pick up multiple places of pressure. In the end, he ended up with 170.23 kilograms do to the vibrations that gave some of the girls nose bleeds. The only 3 people to beat him were Katsuki and the guy with 6 arms, Katsuki blew it up and the other got 540 kilograms of pressure.

~Repeated Side steps

Izuku again dominated. He used his super speed to vibrate as fast as he could and ended up with the score of infinite. The midget ended up with a score of 120 side steps every ten seconds. Nobody else really did very much in this one though.

~Sit Ups

Izuku again did the best using his super speed to do at least 50 sit-ups every second ending up with a score around the 600 hundred mark. Uruaka couldn't keep up at all. All she could think about was what level of training he did to get this good. She suddenly got a large blush on her face. Most of the girls did better than some of the other boys.

~Pull Ups

The only male who couldn't score any more than 2 was Mineta. Made sense if you looked at him at all you'd see he couldn't don't have to much muscle to work with.

~Forearm strength

Katsuki just blew up the punching bag while Izuku punched straight through it with his super speed. No one else really stood out except for the sword Yaoyorozu made and stabbed through it.

~After all is said and done

"Istead of going throught the list of names I'll just show you." He then projects a holgram with a list startign with Midoriya, Yaoyorozu, Todoroki, Bakugou, Iida, Shoji, Sato, Kirishima, Ashido, Asui, Tokoyami, Ojiro, Ururaka, Sero, Kaminari, Jiro, Hakagakure, Koda, Aoyama, Mineta.

The little Midget couldn't believe it. He was on the floor crying his eyes out. He even starting ranting on about how he didn't even get to touch any of the girl's assets. He made a vow that before he left he'd grope Momo's breast at least once before leaving. He tried to do so as well. Buuuut, Izuku was suddenly carrying the girl bridal style to keep him away from her. Holding her head in place so it didn't snap he was vibrating his feet whenever they got stuck and dispersed the ball that was holding him in that spot. Eventually, he got sloppy and wasn't able to get his foot free in time. So using his other foot he would have kicked him in the jaw using his super speed. Luckily he didn't have to because Aizawa used his capture weapon to restrain the purple midget and drag him to the principles office to have him expelled.

On his way out he turned around to say "Oh, by the way, that's all for today. Feel free to head to the classroom and introduce yourselves. After that lunch will be at 13:00(1:00) so head there when it's time. I'm taking my nap." He said lazily dragging the crying Mineta away carefully avoiding any females who could be targets.

"Thanks, Midoriya. For not letting that thing touch me." Said Yaoyorozu with a blush on her face. She hid her lip trying not to act too shy around him.

"Oh, it's no big deal. I've never really liked people like him anyways. I was 100% percent prepared to knock his teeth out with my other foot if I couldn't get out in time." He said looking back up to Yaoyorozu who was now blushing even more than before.


"So we all know each other quirks for the most part but what we don't know are each others personalities are like. Except for Bakugous." Says Kyouka to the rest of the class receiving a nod from most of them.

Ashido decided to take the lead with "Well My names Ashido Mina. But you can all call me Mina. My quirk is acid and I like the color pink and the movie Alien." She says while holding up a thumbs up.

"Well, then I guess I'll go then. My name is Yaoyorozu Momo. My quirk is called creation and I like cake and sweets."

"My names Todoroki and my quirks called half hot half cold. But I'll never use my fire in combat."

"My names Ojiro Mashirao. My quirk is tail and I like martial arts."

"I'm Sato Rikido and My quirks sugar rush and I like cooking."

"My names Mezo Shoji and my quirk is dupli-arms. I like the simplicity of things."

"I'm Jiro Kyoka. My quirks earphone jack. I like music and instruments."

"Hi! I'm Ururaka Ochako and I like sweets and moichi and my quirks called Zero gravity."

"Greeting my fellow classmates. My name is Iida Tenya. My quirks name is 'Engine' and I like to follow the rules."

"Hello. My names Kaminari Denki. My quirks electrification and I like video games and music."

"My names Kirishima Ejrio. My quirks is hardening and I like all things MANLY!" He finished with hardening his entire body.

"Hello. I'm the fabulous Aoyama Yuga. My quirk is the amazing 'Naval Laser' and I like cheese."

"Uh- uh, hi. My n-names Koda Koji. My quirks Anivoice. I like birds."

"Ribbit, My names Asui Tsuyu but you can call me Tsuyu. My quirk is frog and I like green."

"Wassup? I'm Sero Hanta my quirks called Tape and I like hanging out with friends and neat trends."

"My names Fumikage Tokoyami. My quirk is Dark Shadow and I like the darkness."

"Hakagakure Toru here! My quirks pretty obvious, transparency and I like sweet the color pink."

"Hello Everybody. My names Midoriya Izuku. You may all know me as the 200 pointer but please think nothing of it. My quirks called Super Speed and I like
my mom's cooking." Certain people started thinking about how to get his mom to teach them how to cook.

"HELLO EVERYBODY! I'm Ashido Mina, my quirks Acid and I like the Alien movies."

"Look here assholes. I'm the next N.1 hero Bakugou Katsuki and I make things explode. I like blowing things up."

Since Mineta was being expelled he wasn't aloud back in class 1A's hero course. So their teacher will be bringing a new student to class 1A after the sports festival.

~U.A Lunch Room

"Thank you Mr.Lunch Rush!" Says the green haired speedster getting a nod from the Lunch Hero Lunch Rush after receiving his katsudon. Sitting back down with the little group of friends he accumulated back in their homeroom he sits right between Mina and Ochako and across from Iida who has Tsuyu and Kirishima at his side and Jiro just beyond that. Mina decides to engage in a little conversation.

"So Midori, you said that your quirk only recently manifested? How'd you know it manifested?" Asked the pink skinned girl beside him.

"Well, that's a very interesting story actually. You see I was walking home from school after it started raining and during that, I was passing by a power line when it got stuck. The lighting hit me as well and that's when it manifested. Really dodged a bullet there. It's because it manifested when the bolt hit me that I survived. Luckily I was only put in a coma for roughly nine months and because of the healing factor, it gave me I was able to recover during that nine-month period. When I woke up I instantly ran around the hospital as fast as I could looking for my doctor not even realizing that everything else was frozen around me."

"IZUKU!? YOU ALMOST DIED?!?!" Yells Ururaka not even realizing she called him by his first name.

"Midoriya! You nearly die and all you can say is you 'dodged a bullet' and then talk about it like nothing happened? Honestly, I can't believe you're so laid back about this." Says Iida while pushing his glasses up.

"I can concur. Midoriya you should be more considerate to the people around you. You're here to become a hero after all." Says Yaoyorozu now arriving with her plate.

"For real man. As manly as that is to brush off getting struck by lighting the way you do you sure don't get when you need to hold back do you?" Says Kirishima

"Well, I've never really had too many friends so I guess I could be a bit blunt at times. hehe" Says Izuku with a little blush on his face.

"Anyways, I'm just glad that you did live. Don't know what I would have done about that little pervert if it weren't for you." Says Yaoyorozu looking towards Izuku from the other side of Tsuyu.

"You know~ I just realized that all the girls~ are here because they wanna get closer to Midori. Especially you Ururaka~. So bold to call him by his first name like that.~" Says Mina while pointing towards the brunette in question earning a blush from her and very other girl at that table.

"I'm just playing guys! It's not like he's the little pervert who tried touching Yaoyorozu. I doubt he's trying to get with every girl in school. Although~ I'm half certain that you'll be getting quite a few lady friends once everyone realizes your the one who bested All Might's score~" Right after that she gets a small look in her eyes of what could have been amusement at making her friend look like a strawberry. It didn't end there because she decided to call out to everybody present in the room telling them that he's the one who beat the U.A hero course record. Some remained indifferent but to Izuku's dismay everybody else who hadn't already met him flocked to him. What was that old saying? Like a moth to a flame?

"SO YOU'RE THE BASTARD WHO SCORED OVER TWO HUNDRED POINTS?! MY NAME TETSUTESTU TETSUTETSU FROM CLASS 1B! SO THAT MAKES YOU MY INSTANT RIVAL!" Yells a boy made of pure metal with another metal kid was holding him on his shoulders. Could they be brothers? No, they look nothing alike. Maybe one of them has a copy quirk?

Next, a girl with orange hair walked up and gave an apologetic smile after kicking the two metal guys down. "I'm sorry about what they did just then. They can get a little competitive. I'm Kendo Itsuka by the way." Said the girl with an orange ponytail.

"Ooohhhh~ So you're the guy who destroyed that zero pointers in test site B, right? I can't wait to see what I could do to you~~" Said a girl with curly green hair just longer then Izuku's. Izuku understood what she was implying by that. Like the typical shounen protagonist, he is he starts blushing a deep red.

"Setsuna you must seize this behavior at once." Said a girl with vines for hair. Soon after she placed her hands together in a praying type of manner and closed her eyes and started saying "Oh please dear lord. Please forgive this lost lamb for her sinful act." She repeats this while making an occasional cross shape with her hands.

"Sooo, Midoriya, I was just wondering what your quirk was. It must be really strong to have beaten All Might's high score right?"

"My quirk is just super speed. I'm just barely able to break the second sound barrier before I start to get tired. The only downside is that it increases my metabolism so I have to ea alot to stay awake." He answers to the Orange haired girl before him making her ask "That it?" then giving her a nod.

"I kinda utilized the sonic booms I make in combat as away to do more damage to my opponents. So yeah that's it."

After that the rest of the people who were wantign to speak to the boy decided to start asking questions. That is until he was called over the intercom to see the principle.

~Principles Office

"Evening Mr.Nezu. Is there a reason why you wished to see me? I'm not getting expelled am I?" Ask's the green haired boy to the mouse bear thing.

"No no, my boy. You see I actually wanted you here today to introduce you to someone you may already know." Said the principle

"Really? Who?" "You may come in now!" They said over one another.

What really got Izuku nervous was when a tall skinny man with blonde messy hair, blue eyes and black sclera around them cam in and sat down next to the principle. It took Izuku a minute to realize who it was and when he did he instantly got tense and a little annoyed being reminded of when he told him he couldn't be a hero.

"Young man I would like to apologize for what I said a year ago. I would like to make it up to you, give you some news and make a proposal." Said the blonde man.

Izuku seemed to calm a little at hearing this. He still didn't let go of his grudge though. He still wasn't the biggest fan of All Might after that after all.

"Young man. I would like to tell you that I'll be working here at U.A as your heroics teacher this year. Our first class will be tomorow so be sure to have your hero suit set up. Got that?" Said the blonde man trying to ignore the small bit of lighting coming off the teen at the joke he tried to make at the end. He continued with "And lastly I would like to offer you my quirk." This really got the boy to drop his guard. He instantly started a mumble session again about how you can't pass on quirks unless you inherit it from your parents. He was stopped when All Might chopped him on the head with saying "Shut Up."

"My quirk's name in 'One For All'. It's the ability to cultivate power and pass it on from person to person. I'm the 8th holder and if you accept, you'll be the 9th." He said holding out both hands to his sides trying to be as flashy as possible.

The boy sitting across from him knew what he had to say. "All Might. I won't be accepting your power at least not right now. I just woke up from a coma for nine months and discovered how to properly use my powers as they are now. I don't think I could handle your power on top of that. I'm also still a little sore from our talk 10 months ago. Given time, I'm sure I'll accept the power you're offering me but just not yet." He said trying not to best not to be rude to the symbol of peace.

"I see. Wise decision there young man. Just know I have one more candidate who can already use there quirk to the fullest. So unless you want to lose this chance be quick. Not that I'm trying to rush you or anything. Oh also that's an incredibly powerful quirk. I couldn't even see you moving at the practical exam." He said causing Izuku to go wide eyed at the revelation at being even faster then the Symbol of Peace, All Might!

After a few more minutes of explaining and small talk he was finally dismissed to head back to class with his friends. Shortly after that the school day ended and everyone headed home. Of course Izuku kept getting stopped by the other students in the hall asking for his number and asking if they could get to know him better. He made quite a few friends that day. If he'd known that getting hit eighth lighting would result in all this he would have held a lighting rod a long time ago!

Chapter Text

~Second Day of U.A High

"So Midoriya? Why id the principle call you into his office yesterday? Did you do something?" Asks Jiro walking alongside Mina and Izuku towards their heroics class.

"It was just to explain a few things about being the top student in the hero course. Apparently me and the people who got in on recommendation have the option to use the school gym at anytime for quirk and physical training after school alone with two other people of our choice. I know that Momo chose Ururaka and Tsuyu but I don't know about Todoroki. He might not have ven chosen anyone at all." He wasn't in the wrong by saying that either. Shoto hasn't really spoken to anyone or opened up at all.

"Well then could you take us then? Since your not really that close to anyone else besides Iida-kun?" Asked Mina before a sudden realization dawned upon her. "Hey Guys!? Didn't Mr.Aizawa say that we'd be getting a new student to replace Mineta? Who do you two think it could be?" She asks gesturing towards the other two people beside her.

"I remember him saying that we'd be receiving a transfer from either class 1B or another hero course from a nearby high school. I remember home saying he and some other teachers would be personally interviewing the candidates to take up the empty seat. He said it'd be sometime next week." Says Izuku answering the pink girl.

They soon entered their homeroom after seeing a person with reptilian like features leave the principle office. They walked in during the middle of a conversation. "-nd so that's how I floated my base ball into space. Oh! Hi Izuku! I was just telling the others about how I learned about my Quirk!" Says Ochako while frantically waving to her new friends whom had just walked in the door.

"Ya'know, Ochako-chan, yo usure do like calling Midori by his first name don't you? Maybe there's more than what you two are leading on here?" Teases Mina getting real close to Ururaka's face making her blush and try to look away. "N-no we only m-met one time off of campus and We didn't really do much. He showed me around town and we exchanged n-names. We d-didn't even m-meet again until the entrance exam." She says trying to hide her embarrassment with her hair. For some reason she thought that covering the bottom half of her face with the hair framing her face.


"Ashido-san, you know you really should look into your priorities. Honestly you’re here to become a hero after all." Intervenes Yaoyorozu. "Aahh come on YaoMomo! Loosen up a bit." Complains Mina before getting real close to whisper something in her ear. "After all, we were all thinking about Midori vibrating. Weren't we? Just imagine that sen-""That's Enough!" Yells Yaoyorozu with a red face shoving Mina away from her ear and making Ochako squeak in surprise. "H-Honestly Ashido! You really know no boundaries! Do you!?" "Oh no I have a limit. It's just set far out of your reach." Replies Mina with a teasing tone and a hand trying to imitate where it is. It didn't really do very much since she couldn't really reach much higher then a few inches above Momo's head. It was at this moment that their homeroom teacher walks in.

"Okay everybody take your seats. Now I'm sure your all excited for your heroics class today. And no I'm not the one teaching it today. I'm taking my nap." He say while closing his sleeping bag making everybody swat drop.

Mina decided to start the conversation with "W-Well with that out of the way, I wonder who our heroics teacher is going to be." She says making something in Izuku's head click in place. 'wait. All Might's teacher here, the number one hero is teaching at a hero school and starts teaching the day our heroics class starts? All I can say is this is going to be a rather interesting call period.' He thinks in an exasperated tone of voice. If that that's even possible.

A few minutes pass and Jiro swears she can hear someone running down the hall at breakneck speed. She was about to say something about it when all of a sudden the door swings open and "I AM COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!!" He yells in a fashion that is anything but normal. And so let the shouting commence "Holy Crap! All Mights Teaching U.A This Year?!""THAT'S SO MANLY!""We're Sure To Become Top Pro Heroes With The Symbol Of Peace Teaching Us!""IT IS AN HONOR TO BE I YOUR PRESENCE ALL MIGHT!!""I'M GONNA BEAT YOU SOMEDAY!! ALL MIGHT!!" Guess who said that last one. All Izuku could do was sit there while all the while being conflicted with whether or not he should start warming up to his childhood hero or if he should still remain quiet.

"Alright Alright Everybody! For Today’s Class We'll Be Commencing" Pauses For Dramatic Affect. Drum Roll "COMBAT TRAINING!" He says while holding up a card with said words on it. 'I know that people are gonna get excited about using their quirks but this is just ridiculous Kacchan...' Thinks Izuku while staring at the menacing form of Katsuki Bakuogou who somehow managed to get the kanji for menacing to float around him with a red aura around. Ignoring that and looking back to All Might he continues "Now Now! I Know Your All Very Excited! But The Most Important Part Of Being A Hero IISSS, LOOKING GOOD!" He says as 20 panels open in the side of the wall with one being empty.

~Males Changing room

"Ya'know Midoriya," Starts Kirishima "I think your quirks really manly. I mean your so fast that I don't think that anyone's gonna beat you. Unless Todoroki can freeze you in place or someone catches you off guard." He says with a toothy grin. Seriously? How are all his teeth so sharp? "Well There's more than just that ya'know. If Iida can react fast enough to notice me before I get him or the bomb then I'll be easily knocked over. Pretty big size difference here." She says while pointing his thumb over to Iida.

"I'll do my best to keep my guard up. And yes. There are too many unknown variables in our battle trial. This is part of being a hero. You must adapt to being against this kind of pressure!" Says Iida supporting Midoriya’s idea. "So anyways Midoriya-Where'd he go?" Says Sero with a very confused look on his face while looking around. "He really does like doing that doesn't he?" He says with a defeated sigh.

~Mock City

"I wonder when they'll arrive. I can't risk them seeing me in this form." Says the skeletal form of Toshinori Yagi while grabbing at his side. "Speaking of which. Why can't you teach in your skeletal form?" Turning around he sees Izuku in his future hero costume. He's currently wearing a green suit with the bottom half being black separated by a light gold lighting bolt that also wrapped around over his shoulder. His mask was connected to the rest of the suit and had a pair of orange goggles and two golden lighting bolts coming out the side of them. It was mostly fitted to the rest of his body and had a little shine to it. It was probably made to be frictionless so it didn't burst into flames.

"It's better to be like this so people don't question what my quirk is. Remember how I told you I could give it to you and it would make your quirk faster? If everyone knew that then criminals and money hounds would be all over my successor once they learned who it was. It's also so that people don't see how weak I am after my injury. I never told you how I got that nasty scar did I? Or rather who gave it to me?" He asked the green speedster. “You see, the man was named ‘All for One’ the same name as his quirk. While his quirk was able to take quirks it made One for All his natural enemy. He was able to destroy my entire stomach by using a bone manipulation quirk to stab a hole in my stomach. I was able to deal just about as much damage to him as he did me. Hopefully that means that He’s dead now unless he also had some type of healers quirk in his army. But if he did, that means that you’ll be one of the few heroes able to fight against him.” He says while holding up a finger to the young speedster. It was at this moment that the rest of the students entered wearing their costumes.

“There You Are Midoriya! Was Wondering where ya’ went!” Says an excited Ejiro while wrapping an arm around said boys shoulder. “Dude are you ever gonna get over that speeding disappearing thing?” Asks Sero while walking up to the green haired teen only to receive a sarcastic shrug. “Wow Midori Your Suit Looks So Cool! And shiny to!” Says Mina trying to get a good profile on her friend. Soon everybody else decides to start sharing each other’s costumes. Yaoyorozu decides to stick to her group of friends. Everything’s going fine until Mina decides to point out her costume to Izuku. Whispering to her green friend while the rest are discussing heroes and such she says “You know Midori~ I bet Yaoyorozu wouldn’t be to mad if you were take a few peeks at her costume. And if I were to dress like that, would you like that?” Getting the idea of two girls like Mina and Momo both dresses like that gave him a blush and a little red coming out of his nose.

“Alright, Alright. I know you all want to talk about how your costumes look and all but it’s time to address the lack of people i the room so I’ll be placing Midoriya on a team of 1! If there are any more questions than ask now.” Says All Might holding a stack of papers in his buff form.But he made the mistake with the asking questions part though.”Sir! How will we be selecting teamS?””Will we be expelled if we do badly?””Is my cape not fabulous?””How much can we kill the other team?!” He absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of questions his students were asking him. “ENOUGH! *ahem* Now then Iida, it will be picked by random lots because you won’t always be paired with someone you know. Ururaka! No you will not be expelled for not having combat experience. And I’m not aloud to share opinions on my students costumes. If there are any more then please ask one at a time.” He says getting his composure back together.

“NOW THEN! HERE ARE THE LOTS! Will everyone pull out one letter. And then we will determine who will be paired against who!” He says holding out a box with the letters A through J on them.

The teams ended up being Todoroki and Shoji, Fumikage and Asui “Call me Tsuyu”, Ashido and Aoyama, Bakugou and Iida, Ururaka and Yaoyorozu, Kirishima and Jirou, Kaminari and Hanta, Ojiro and Hakagakure, Sato and Koda, And Midoriya on his own. Typical.

After remembering that Aizawa had already expelled someone he decides to continue. “Right! Now then the first people up ARREEE, TEAM D AS HEROES AND TEAM J AS VILLAINS. Wait there’s only one so it’s VILLAIN!” He says looking back at who team J was.
“Right! Now if Midoriya and team D would make way to their positions!” He says loudly.

~Bomb Room

“Right. SO i’m up against Iida and Kacchan. How should I approach this? If I can keep Iida at bay for long enough I’ll do just fine. But then there’s bakugou. Maybe I could create a funnel to redirect his explosion? THAT’S IT!”

~Outside The Mock Building

“Bakugou! I was told by Midoriya that you’ve known him since preschool. How do you think we should approach this?” Asks Iida while holding out a robotic hand. “Easy four eyes. I go in and blow up the building until I hit him. And then we win. After all a shitty deku like him can’t even hope to beat me.” He says trying to assert his dominance over the nerd. “Bakugou. You know very well that we don’t have a chance at defeating him if we don’t try to work together.””LET THE TRIAL BEGIIINNNN!” They hear over the intercom. Literally milliseconds later Bakugou’s already heading for the door when a green field of lighting. It doesn’t take long for them to realize what’s happening and instantly Bakugou sends an explosion into the lighting only for it to go straight up.

“THE HELL! DIE!” He yells sending a flurry into the lighting. What they can’t see is that Izuku’s actually using quick whirlwinds to send the explosions he’s generating upwards. After a few more explosions and kicks being thrown upwards and back Izuku gets bored of listening to the slowed screams of murder and decided to wrap Bakugou in his own capture tape.

“YOUNG BAKUGOU IS OUT!” Looking back Iida sees that Bakugou is tied up with his mouth covered and hi hand tied behind him as as a way to prevent him from screaming again. Iida is overwhelmed by the pure speed that his opponent is demonstrating before him. Deciding he needed to try one more thing he aims his engines upwards and shoots himself through the air above Midoriya. “You May Be The Superior Student To Me! BUT I WON’T GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!” Shouts the flying Iida aiming at a landing point. Unfortunately he hadn’t planned for what he’d do after and Izuku instantly circled around him and tied him up similar to how he did so to Bakugou except his mouth wasn’t covered because of the helmet.

Untying Iida and carrying Bakugou with Iida’s help they start a conversation. “As expected of the man who bested All Might’s score. But I was still hoping to have gotten a bit further then the door.” He says in a defeated tone. Making Izuku look back and say “Don’t worry about it Iida. I hadn’t thought about anything if you had actually managed to get past me. Wasn’t expecting you to fly over me like that.” He says reassuring Iida.

~Observation Room

Seeing the two speedsters and a tied up blonde All Might decides to move on to the next part of his trial. “Alright! Can anybody tell me who was the MVP and where they can improve?” He asks getting Yaoyorozu to raise her hand while standing on her tippie toes. Like she needed to. Calling on her she proceeds. “Izuku was the MVP. He not only protected the bomb but captured both the other participants on his own. Iida did what he could while Bakugou was to narrow sighted to see that he could have used an explosion to fly up to the bomb room. Of course Midoriya also could have improved on his inw strategy in the case that could have happene-””Actually” Says Izuku cutting her off “I had the support department make me stop watch that could tell me the exact time to the final decimal. If he did fly up to the bomb he wouldn’t have been able to reach it before I captured him.” He finishes silencing the entire class.

“R-Right. Well Then! Young Midoriya has passed the trial with a perfect score! Can anyone else tell me what they could have improved upon?!” He asks still in shock at how far ahead the 2 thought ahead. Midoriya was no surprise since he could think of any solution in a matter of milliseconds, but Yaoyorozu was a complete surprise to him. After learning that no one else had anything to say he decides to move on. “Next! Can Team A and Team H move to your positions!” He said signalling said teams to the room.

After all was said and done the only other team that stood out was the recently stated team A since Todoroki froze the entire building. They were told that they’d be receiving their grades in home room tomorrow before dashing off “LIKE A HEROOO!!!”

~Just After All Class Had Ended
Everyone was finishing packing up when Mina decided it would be a good idea to get to know each other. “Hey Guys! What do you all say we get to know each other a bit more? I mean most of us are gonna be getting to know each other eventually so why not right?!” She says to everyone in class excluding Bakugou and Todoroki. “Sorry Ashido-san I don’t think I can. Maybe some other time? But today I got a family meeting when I get home. I’ll see you all tomorrow.” Says Yaoyorozu before bowing and exiting the classroom. However some others including Izuku, Ochako, Kyouka, Tooru and Tsuyu. “Okay Gero. But where should we go? We can’t go to my place, too many people would be there and there’s not very much room. Ochako-chan?””Sorry, but my place isn’t big enough either, it’s a one bedroom apartment.” She says a bit sheepishly before Izuku gets their attention. “Maybe we can go to my place. My moms a real good cook and she’s been waiting for me to bring home friends for a while now. Besides I’m sure there’ll be plenty of room if that’s the main issue here.” He says before realizing that it’s nothing but girls that’ll be visiting his house. Regrettably Mina picked up on his inner crisis and did her usual thing. “Ooooh~ Geez Midori. Didn’t expect you to invite all of us girls to your house so soon~” She says making Midoriya stutter out “I-I w-as-sn’t-t in-nsin-sinuat-ting a-anyth-thing b-by th-that. I-I w-was j-just t-trying t-to-GAH” He says getting slapped on the shoulder by MIna who had an incredibly biggest dhit eating grin on her face. “Don’t Worry About It Midori!! I Know You WOuldn’t Try Anything Like That! I’m Sure We’d All Be Happy To Meet Your Mom!” She says before grabbing her bag and asking Izuku to lead the way to his place.

~Midoriya Household, 16:48

“Okay gu-girls When my mom sees all you here she’ll probably start crying and hug everybody here just for being my friends. So yeah please don’t get freaked out.” Says Izuku trying to prepare them. As soon as he opened the door and announced his presence he was immediately asked how his day went. After some fonding over her son she saw that he bought 4 girls and a set of floating clothes back home and immediately could tell that they were here to spend time with him. Coming out of her doting fit she decides to introduce herself the girls.

“H-Hi there. Sorry I didn’t see you before. My names Midoriya Inko. I’m Izu-kuns mother. I hope you all treat my son fairly and I hope you all get a turn at him.” She said assuming they were all here because they all had crushes on him. This made Ochako and Jiro turn incredibly red.

“N-NO! I-I m-mean no I-I d-don’t have a-a crush on y-your s-son. B-But I can’t speak for everyone else here.” Says Ochako looking down and feeling a bit conflicted about if she did have feelings for him or not. “Oh no Ms.Midoriya. We’re not here because we like him. I just thought that it would be a nice idea to get to know our new friends a bit more. Unfortunately everyone else left before I could think of it though.” Says Mina convincing the older women that she didn’t have a crush on her son. Yet.

“Oh. Well I-I’, sorry for insinuating that you all wanted my son. But if any of you do end up falling for him then come let me know. Got that?” She asked while holding up a thumbs up and showing off the ‘Midoriya Smile’. It was then that they realized where Izuku got his cinnamon bun from. “Well since Izuku didn’t warn me that he was gonna have guest over I guess I should go and get more groceries. Any requests?” Ochako instantly replies “I Want MOICHI!” And then starts blushing realizing that she had just blurted that out while hopping up on Jiro who just leaned forward a bit with a confused face. “Alright. Well if that’s it then I’ll be leaving then. I’ll be back in about thirty or so minutes depending on how things go. See you all later, AND NO FUNNY BUSINESS WHILE I’M GONE IZUKU!” She yells being unable to resist teasing her son about the fact that he bought over 5 girls. Instantly everyone blush’s. Some harder than others. Jiro, Ochako and Izuku are the three who blush the most while Tooru is just well Tooru. Typical.

“Aaanywaaays. Now that she’s gone. Look What I Bought!” Says Mina pulling out a few games she had in her bag. They were mostly just a bunch of Alien games and some nintendo game, you know, like Zelda games, Mario Kart, Smash bros. All the good stuff.

The author didn’t feel like writing about the games so he decided to later when they started conversing with one another. “Sooo Izuku. Earlier your mom said that she thought we all liked you. I was just wondering what type of girls do you like?” Asked Ochako while continuously telling herself ‘it’s not cause I like him. It’s not cause I like him.’ Eventually Izuku answers with a little blush on his face. “W-Well Ururaka. I guess I like it when girls just try to be themselves. Of course they’re are some girls that I don’t like as well. But there aren’t very many of them.” He says getting the rest of the girls attention. They all become interested in how they can do their best to be them while still making him fall for them. Not that any of them would admit that to themselves or anyone else. So they all decide to pick on him a bit. “Hey Izuku! If that’s the case then which one of us do you like the most?” Asks Tooru getting a little close to his face. Izuku can only stare at the invisible girl in disbelief at the question and a bit more red as well. “W-Well I-uhh I-I don’t know h-how to answer that Hagakure. I haven’t known you all that long.” He says stuttering at the beginning. The other girls excluding Ochako aren’t having this so they all decide that by the time they’ve left he’ll have picked his favorite girl.

However that would have to wait since Mama Midoriya just arrived with the groceries. “Hey Izuku Honey! Be A Dear And Help Me With The Groceries, Would You?” She calls up to her son. So not wanting to be apart of the current conversation he decides to use his super speed to get there faster and use his walking speed to carry the groceries back up. Ya’know, so he doesn’t crush everything in the bags. Totally the reason. But while he was gone the girls decided to state their proclamations of war. So Mina starts it off with “I’m claiming him as mine before we leave here. You all got that?” Right after this declaration the other girls all screeched “WHAT?!” Some in anger and some in embarrassment. “You can’t just claim him before any of us even got to fully know him!””Yeah Mina! It’s Not Fair!” Yell Kyouka and Tooru now confirming their own proclamations while Ochako is just thinking if this was because of her question. “You know Gero. We could all hold a competition for this. The person who has warmed up to him the most would have gotten to know him the most gero. Meaning that they’d automatically be his best friend. Or at least best friend when it come to the females of our class. Threatening Gero.” Says Tsuyu confirming that all the girls here all want to be his first.

At the front door we can see Inko reacting to her ‘Mother Senses’. Opening the door she can see what’s going on. The fact that her mother senses went off at the same time that all the girls in the living room were glaring at each other. Well she couldn’t tell for the invisible one but she was pretty sure. Now seeing that Izuku’s mother is inside now they all quickly back down and act to the best of their ability that nothing had happened between them. She instantly become very happy and gains a little smirk on her face.

“Hey Mama Midori! We were wondering what your gonna be making anyways!” Yells Mina across the room waving frantically at the door. “Mina if you could please not yell indoors and I was thinking about making Izuku’s favorite. Katsudon. I’m sure you’ll all love it to. Oh speaking of Izuku, could you help me with the cooking while I set up the table?” She asks Izuku as he finishes setting the grocery bags down. Giving a quick nod as an answer he speeds to the kitchen with tw or so bags in tow. Once that’s all said and done They all decide that it would be nice to eat in a little circle in the living room.

“Wow Midoriya! This is really good! Where’d you learn to cook?” Asks Ochako in between bites of pork. “Well I learned everything I got from my mom. But I’m certain she’s a better cook than me.” He says rubbing the back of his head. Mina see’s how Ochako reacted and takes a bite. It immediately melts in her mouth. And not because she put acid on it, she honestly thought it was that good. “Izuku! I’m not asking you but demanding you to do this for me.” She says in a dark tone of voice while looking down. It honestly intimidated him as he stuttered out “Y-yeah s-sure Ashido-s-san. What do you n-need?””First of all I want you to call me Mina and second” pause for dramatic affect. Everyone’s quiet as if someone was just murdered in front of them. “I WANT YOU TO MARRY ME RIGHT NOW! WE’LL HAVE A NICE LITTLE HOUSE AND YOU’LL COOK JUST LIKE THIS EVER NIGHT! WE’LL HAVE TWO BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER THE END!!” She yells as loud as she can in one breath and surprising the author since he didn’t screw up in spelling beautiful just then. ‘Holy Shit’ was the collective thought as Izuku’s face goes completely white as she registers what she just demanded of him. “I-U-I-Mi-Mi-I-Do-I-I-Y-Uh-GAH!” He stutters before getting pulled into a hug by his mother while she was releasing a flood out of her eyes. “MY LITTLE IZUKU ALREADY HAS A MARRIAGE REQUEST! OH I KNEW I WASN’T IMAGINING THINGS WHEN I SAID YOU’D BE HERE FOR MY LITTLE IZU!” She yells suddenly making Mina stare confusingly at her before realizing what she just blurted out. “I-I I D-D-Didn’t Mea-Mean to say th-th-that out l-loud.” Nobody knew she could blush or stutter till this very moment. Tooru, Tsuyu and Ochako didn’t like that she had just admitted to falling for Izuku just because he was a good cook. Buuuttt, they decided to speak their thoughts as well. Tooru starts “Izu-kun! That’s Not Fair! I Want To Marry You To!” Next Ochako. “Yeah Izuku! I want you to cook for me to!” Tsuyu decides to speak her mind, for the norm. “I was already liked you. A-as a friend but if they get you then I want some to. Gero.” Jiro’s about to pass out at the thought of Izuku marrying her so she decides to keep silent. Inko gets even more excited because of all the grand babies she’ll get if they marry, but she remains silent for the time being. She’ll speak more to him about it later. For now she has to worry about how they’re all gonna get home. As if he read her mind Izuku asks the question “So u-uhm, how are you all gonna get home? I mean I could run you all home but I don’t know where any of you live.” He says a bit sheepishly after failing to shake off his anxiety. Inko decides that this is her chance to start playing matchmaker with 5 girls and 1 boy. It’ll be a bit difficult but a mother like her won’t stop until she got what she wants. “Oh well we have plenty of room here! I’m sure that Izuku wouldn’t mind you all sharing his room. Of course the door would have to be open and to keep things fair. Everyone gets to share the bed. Of course the door will have to be open and I’ll be making periodic checks but it’ll work.” Everyone instantly starts blushing. “M-MO-MOM! I-I DO-DON-DONT THINK TH-THATS A GREAT IDEA!”Surprisingly Mina was next to agree. “I-I r-really d-don’t think w-we sh-should e-either. I-I say that we all get s-sleeping bags and I-Izuku gets his bed.” Inko pouts since her plan didn’t work. “Well fine. But your all sleeping in his room. Izuku be a dearest and go get get 6 sleeping bags from the store. Your getting one to.” Before the author cou-”Yes ma’am!”-ld finish the next sentence he was heading to the store with a couple hundred yen.

~Mall Camping Section

Izuku’s more or less hyperventilating at the idea of sharing a room with 5 other girls. “I really hope they’re kidding about marrying all of them. I don’t think that’s even legal is it?” He says nearly passing by the sleeping bags. “Agghhh shite. There’s only 5 left?! What do I do now?! I’d better call mom and figure something out.” He says pulling out his phone.

~Message Screen

Mom- And we’re having spaghetti tonight.

Izuku- Hey Mom? There’s only 5 sleeping bags left.

Mom- Well then forget about them they’ll have to share either your bed or the couch.
And the couch isn’t big enough for all o them to lay on.


Izuku- Super Speed

Mom- Your replied fast

Izuku- Just that fast

Mom- Wait how?

Izuku- No.
Mom- Stop That!

Izuku- This is fun

~Midoriya HouseHold

“Right. So girls Izuku said there’s not enough sleeping bags for everyone. Sooo, your all sharing his bed anyways!” After processing that information they all blurt out. “WHAT?!” Jiro continues “C-Can’t we just have the couch? I-I’m not that comfortable sharing a bed. At all!””Nope! Sorry. There’s not enough room on the couch for all of you.” After hearing that they all just gave up and decided to go with it. After a few moment of waiting and blushing Izuku finally arrives back home and due to the fact that there’s a school day tomorrow they were all told to head u[ to Izuku’s room. Izuku opens the door to…. A rather plain bedroom? Apparently after being told he couldn’t be a hero he decided to get rid of some of his All Might merchandise. He still had an action figure or two, some shirts and poster on the wall but now most of it was replaced by other people like Inginium, Thirteen(that caught Ochako’s attention), Kamui Woods, Death Arms and some other heroes. “Wow you really are a hero nerd aren’t you?” Asked Ochako staring at the thirteen poster. “Well it used to be filled with All Might merch, but I guess I just grew out of that phase after a while. Made a couple million yen off of it as well. You wouldn’t believe how much a signed All Might prime card would get people attention. Sold it to some guy in America. Paid a nice two mill as well, equaled up to over 2 billion yen. Be he didn’t expect that to equal up to that.” Everyone falls for him gain. “IZUKU! How Can You Say You’ve Got All That And Not Even Care!” Yells Ochako getting jealous at how much he had just from one card. “If that’s what you got from a signed All Might prime card then I wanna know how much you got all together.” Says Kyouka but Izuku didn’t get to answer since Mina jumped on him begging “Izuku! You are definitely taking ALL of your girlfriends shopping this weekend!” And then blushing at calling herself and everybody else his girlfriend. “I-I-I’l-ll t-take you a-all shopping this we-weekend but I don’t think we’re all d-dating at this point.” He stammers out trying to get out of Mina’s grasp.

“What’s Going On Over There? You All Better Not Be Doing Anything Naughty!” Yells Inko from down the hall. “NOTHING MOM!” Izuku yells back and looks back to the other in the room with him. “W-We should probably go to s-sleep now.” He says pointing over to his bed. They all comply, a bit more reluctantly then others.

~The Next Morning

“*Yawning Noise*” Izuku wakes up trying to get up but sees that there’s a group of half naked females in bed with him. After realizing what happened and why they’re all here he pass’s back out again and falls to the side hitting his head on something hard. “Ow” He hears before looking to his side and seeing that he just head butted Ochako in the nose witht the back of his head. This little amount of movement got Mina to stir around and wake up. After looking around she realized that she was dressed nearly naked in bed with a boy her age. Screaming in surprise and embarrassment she falls out the bed and wakes up every other girl in the bed with him. “I-IZ-ZUKU WH-WHAT ARE Y-YOU D-DOING H-HERE?! WAIT THIS ISN’T MY ROOM! WHY AM I IN YOUR ROOM?!” She yelled getting rid of all the drowsiness and shortly after making them all blush and “B-BAKA!” And cover his face in a pillow while they all scattered looking for their school uniform in the basket. The reason they were all only wearing underwear in the first place was because Inko had insisted that she do their laundry before school tomorrow.

After that whole episode they all insisted that Izuku make them breakfast as an amendment for waking up before them and seeing them like that. He complied and made breakfast. Shortly after they finished Inko decided to show them all pictures of them cuddling together. Luckily she had decided to take pictures of them under the covers to avoid further embarrassment. They all decided to leave as soon as possible and head to school.

~U.A Campus

Getting to U.A had been a hassle that morning. They all got pulled over by the media asking if they could give any details about how the #1 Hero was teaching at U.A. Izuku didn’t say very much but the others did. “Wellll? He’s super muscly?””He stand out alot!””He wore his silver age costume. Gero.” ‘Gero?’ “It was a huge surprise! I wasn’t expecting him to be here at U.A!” Luckily when they got on campus the U.A barrier system had kept them out.

“I still can’t believe she took those photos.” Tooru complains. Ironically she’s the only one who wasn’t actually seen in the photo but still mad nonetheless. “Well look lively everyone here come Iida.” Says Mina trying to act natural as to not look suspicious in front of the strictest person in class. “Midoriya, Ururaka, Jiro, Ashido, Hagakure and Asui! It is good to see all of you!” He says in a robotic fashion while doing a cross between jogging and walking to their home room. “H-Hey Iida. Nice to see you to.” Says Izuku waving to his fellow speedster. “What a coincidence you all arrive at the same time! Does this have something to do with the party Mina had planned?” He asks in his robotic fashion. You know what. When ever Iida speaks just assume it’s gonna be robotic okay? They hadn’t thought about that. So they decide to just tell half the truth and say “W-Well yeah actually. Everyone decided that they’d spend the night at Mina’s house. Well all except for Izuku. Ya’know for obvious reasons.” Says Ochako making Tsuyu whisper nice save at a decimal that no one would hear from how high Iida is at the time. “Right. Well I’m glad Midoriya made the right decision. Wouldn’t look good if he spent the night with five other people from the opposite gender.” He says as if he knew what had happened. But if he did then he would have already told a teacher or cascaded them himself. Deciding to not dive into it anymore they head to their first class with Aizawa.

~Class 1A Homeroom

Aizawa rises from behind his desk like a zombie man and looks around. Seeing that only one seat is empty he continues with his only class. “Right. So regarding yesterday’s battle trial’s all I have to say is, Mina. Be careful with your acid. If you had hit Aoyama and not his cape then he would have injured. Todoroki, if that were a hospital or something similar then you would have lost instantly. And Bakugou, it’s not always about the fighting. Have a less one track mind. No heroes a one trick Pony. And one more thing today you’re picking a class president.” He says as the entire class erupts in hands and cheers. “Pick Me! You’ll Need Someone Manly For That Job!””The Job Of Class President Can Only Belong To Someone As Fabulous As Muah!” And etc until Iida says “The Job Of Class President Should Be Held By The Most Capable Student Among Our Peers! We Must Hold This DEMOCRATICALLY!” He says not hiding the fact that he wants to be class president at all. Not wanting to miss anymore sleep Aizawa settles it with “I don’t care how you do it. Just make it quick before my nap is over.” He says before his eyes roll back in his head and pass’s out about instantly. “R-Right. Everybody, write down your candidate on a flash card and we’ll tally them up. Yaoyorozu if you’d make a box to hold the cards.” He says gesturing for the girl to make a box.


After voting the board read only two names that stood out. The first being Izuku with 6 votes and Yaoyorozu with 3 votes. Everybody else either got 1 or no votes at all. “HOW DID I-”glances at girls from yesterday “You know what. That was a dumb question.” He says before sitting back down. After that the rest of the class either looked down defeated or started praising Izuku for becoming class president. “Wow Midoriya! You must be real popular with the ladies to have gotten 5 votes from them!” Says Kaminari grabbing the attention of the five girls and Midoriya. “H-How’d you know they voted for me?!” Asks Izuku with a light blush that was soon joined by the girls. And yes call the author lazy but he doesn’t feel like typing all of their names repeatedly so he decided to refer to them as the girls and plus or minus one depending on the situation. This is where Sero comes in and says “It’s kinda obvious. You got 6 votes and they all got Zero. but we don’t know if it was you, Iida or Todoroki who gave you the 6th vote. Any idea?” He asks the group of girls and Izuku when Iida join the group. “It was me. I believed that it was best if Midoriya was class president. No one’s been able to beat him yet. Not even All Might. And he clearly has a quick processing ability if he’s able to see while moving over two times the speed of sound. As much as I wanted to be the class president, I had to give it to Midoriya. But that doesn’t explain why he got all the other votes from or for whom he voted for? Mind sharing?” He asks the girls plus Izuku. Luckily Izuku was able to intercept Mina before she leaked that they all had a crush on him. “I voted for Yaoyorozu. Since I didn’t really consider your justification. That and she seemed more capable then Todoroki as class president since he’s not to social.” He says before gesturing for one of the other sto explain a reason for their votes without involving the crush or incident from yesterday or that morning. So Ochako starts off “W-Well I guess it was something similar to yours. He has proven to be the most capable student here when it comes to all that. The girls here also agreed with that.” This pleases Iida seeing that he didn’t really expect them to see it that way either. “I see. Well this just proves how prestigious U.A if it has accepted students such as yourselves.”

After that the day wasn’t really interesting. Everything was pretty much review from yesterday and some stuff from middle school. Well Except for the announcement of a field trip tomorrow and an alarm going off during lunch hour. Izuku easily calmed them down by running around the exit making them all stop in their tracks so he could make them all look outside. He also decided it would be a good idea to get the other girls addresses so he didn’t have the same problem with yesterday. They wouldn’t be able to guide him if they couldn’t see where he was going and he didn’t know his way around anywhere except for Musutafu.

~Midoriya HouseHold

Izuku’s just walked in the door when his mother starts asking how his day went with his girlfriends. “So honey, how was your day with those 5 lovely ladies?” She asks making Izuku stutter out “I-I do-don’t know what your talking about m-mother.” He says silently cursing himself for calling her mother. He only does that when he’s trying to hide something. And She Knew That! “Yeah right Izuku. Now tell me! How’d your day go with your girlfriends. I’m playing multi match maker so you have to tell me everything.” She says practically demanding that she knows every little detail about his relationships with them. “W-Well they voted for me as class president and I defused a little trouble at the school. Some people might be a little suspicious though.” He says before actually processing what his mother last said. “WAIT! You WANT me to have all those girlfriends!?” He asks and she quickly shakes her head. “Izu, honey, I know that you don’t really have that much self confidence in you and that’s why I’m doing this, to help you become a better person than before. You can’t be he number one hero if your not able to give a few speeches and believe in yourself now can you? Besides, You know very well that all mother’s want to their sons to grow up happily and that I want LOT’S of grand babies to spoil.” She says making Izuku’s face tear up before he starts hugging her. She hugs back and says “Now Izu. I want you to start seeing them as soon as possible and be sure to let all the other boys know that they’re there for you and you alone.” She says trying to convince Izuku to let it be. He looks up to her with a look of determination in his eyes and says “Okay Mom! I’ll wait till the time is right and I’ll get them all. For you and so I can become the person you say I can be!” And then as if he lost all of his determination from before he blushes and says “b-but I don’t know about all th-the grand b-baby’s you w-want me to give you though.” He says looking down and away from his mother. She’s not having THAT, it’s the main reason she wanted all of them to marry anyways! “Izukuuu. You will give me my grand babies when they’re born! And I WILL spoil them!” She says playfully and forcefully telling Izuku he that he will be in that type of relationship with all of them. After that they just spoke a bit more and ate. Waking up in the morning Izuku remembers that he has a field trip for heroics today and scrambles to get ready. Not that anybody could tell since he was moving faster than a speeding bullet but he still did so anyways. After a few exchanges of words and a wish “Of good luck on your field trip” Izuku instantly breaks the second sound barrier trying to make it to his school on time. He wasn’t having a good day today. He woke up late, took a full minute to get his tie on, even with his super speed and he missed his train so he’d have to run the couple hundred kilometers to get to school on time. He just barely made it on time before the late bell rang. Forgetting to show up in his hero uniform today he was told to go change and be back in less than 30 seconds or they’d be leaving without him. He did so in 3.

Now in the U.A parking lot Iida decided to take it upon himself to direct everyone onto the bus in a 1 boy and one girl to a seat. Unfortunately for him it was a different kind of bus formatting then what he was use to and failed at his self assigned task. After a few minutes of Tsuyu decides to ask Iida a question. “Hey Iida. Your quirk looks alot like Ingineums doesn’t it? Except for where the engines actually are located that is.” She says making Iida look at her with an awestruck before saying “W-Well actually Asui””Call me Tsuyu Gero.”’Tsuyu, my family comes from a long line of pro heroes.””Don’t tell me.””He’s My Elder Brother!” He says standing up from his seat. Looking around he sees that the bus is still moving and silently curses himself for breaking safety regulations and sitting back down. Nobody gets any chance to say anything before the bus comes to a stop and Aizawa saya “Alright everyone look sharp and welcome to the USJ.” He says causing everyone to start thinking it has the same name as ‘Universal Studios Japan’.

Getting off the bus they’re shortly met by the Space Hero: Thirteen. “Right everybody. Now that you’re here. Let me explain a few things before we go inside. You see while quirks are able to save many people, they can just as well be used to harm and eve kill others as well. Take Bakugou for example. While he’s training to be a hero he also has a quirk that could be used for murder””Damn right””r-right. Anyways easily used for murder and could be wanted by many terrorist groups. Or my quirk for example. My quirk, black hole, while I use it for many rescue missions, it can also be used to kill many people at the same time. That’s why trained hard with it so I could protect the people I save instead of harm them.” He says while explaining why they’re here. Ochako only got the gist if it since she was internally squealing. Izuku honestly thought it was pretty adorable to see her like that.

Leading the students into the building Aizawa starts to explain what they’ll be doing. That was until he sees a purple mist appear in the middle of the building and a hand emerges out of it. This confuses the students until Kirishima asks “Mr.Aizawa? Are those the people we’re supposed to be saving?” Looking back to his students he says “Thirteen, take the students and run! Those aren’t actor or training dummies! Those are real villains!” The students begin to run until the same misty warp gate from before appears in front of them. Not knowing what the thing could do to the they all stop dead in their tracks. Seeing that he was able to intimidate them enough the warp gate begins to talk. “Greeting U.A students. We are the league of villains and we’re here to see the ‘Symbol of Peace’ take his last breath.” But looking around he doesn’t see the the said man isn’t in sight anywhere. “But it would appear the guest of honor isn’t present today. Oh how sad. I guess that means I’ll have to send all of you to your graves.” He says as he begins to expand the purple mist. Kirishima and Bakugou won’t be going down without a fight and try to pin him down. Unfortunately they miss and 13 can’t attack the man with them in the way. “Oh that was a close one. You may be students still but your still students at U.A. Truly golden eggs if ever I did see one.””Kids, MOVE!” Yells 13 trying to prepare his quirk for use. With them out of the way the he opens the lid on his fingers holding back the black hole. Unfortunately he quickly regrets his decision since the mist villain opens a portal between the black hole and himself and places another directly behind the hero.

“Da-Dammit. Students I’m sorry I wasn’t able to protect you. N-Now run!” Were his final words before collapsing to the ground. Ochako goes as fast as she can to help take care of her favorite hero and is relieved to find that he is still alive. But is quickly met with despair when the villain opens portals around and under her friends sending and seeing most of them disappear. She’s especially frightened when she sees Izuku failing to avoid portals when they continue to appear in front of his wherever he goes and shortly after disappears along with most of the class. After that all that’s left is Iida, Shoji, Koda, Sato, Mina and herself. Thinking quickly Mina and herself ask Shoji if they’re still in the building to which he replies “Yes. They’re scattered but They’re all still here for the most part.” He says making the two females reply sigh in relief.

~Flood Zone

“-AT THE HELL!” Yells Izuku as he starts falling the portal that he failed to avoid. Looking down he sees that he’s directly above the flood zone and is now a few centimeters above the water. Using his super speed to create a mini whirlpool and whirlwind to propel himself up just enough to the point that he can catch his footing on the water. Realizing that he is now running on water he speeds around looking at his surroundings. Seeing that Tsuyu is on the boat he decides it would be best to go ahead and bring her back to shore. The villains are dumbfounded, one second there was a girl and boy both wearing green suits and all of a sudden, in a flash of green light, they’re gone? “HEY! Where the hell did they go?! I was getting hungry!” One of the villains yell out only to get kicked in the head by one of the green kids from before. Right as it happened they see the green for a few milliseconds just above the shark man but disappears just as fast. Shortly after all the surrounding villain begin to get knocked out by the green light and while some are trying to go under the water they’re quickly taken out by the speedster. The only one that was able to escape was a giant shark man who’s eyes gained a predatory look. Izuku’s hit’s can’t do anything against him and he is quickly swatted away by the shark man.

“Well, well, well, look what we got here. A green little brat who thinks he can beat me. In my own domain. But lemme tell you somethin. When in the water my body goes through a transformation and I go from being the average human to what you see before you. Now then. Let me get a taste.” He says swimming to the green speedster. “Well If All I Have To Do Is Get You Dry, THEN LET’S TRY THIS!” He says before running around the villain and creating a whirl pool around the villain until eventually all the water is eventually being parted into an unnatural circle around the villain. The villains in shock. Literally. Now that he’s out of the water he begins to shrink down into his humanish form. The only thing separating him from a human and fish are the gills on the side of his rib cage. Not wasting any time Izuku runs from one side of his whirlpool and clothed lines the villain making him fly back a few feet. This process continued for a while until the villain was lying unconscious. Apparently his little stunt grabbed quite a few peoples attention. Because the shark villain is now being bought through another portal. Seeing that the coast is clear (pun intended) he reappears next to Tsuyu at the edge of the flood zone where he sees a bird brained monster holding his homeroom teacher down in a crater.

“Tsuyu. I’m gonna get that thing off of him and while I’m keeping him busy you get Mr.Aizawa out of there got that?” He asked making Tsuyus eyes go wide. “Izuku no. I saw Mr.Aizawa get pounded by that thing and heard the leader say it was genetically engineered to have multiple quirks JUST so it could beat All Might.” She whispered harshly trying to tell Izuku off. “I can see he’s strong. But remember who bested All Might’s score? Now off I g-” He gets cut off by a hand reaching out to touch his and Tsuyu’s face. Not letting the hand touch either of their faces he grabs the man wrist and… gets bitch slapped into a wall? Luckily Aizawa had erased the mans quirk before he could touch either of their faces.

“Did you really think that we wouldn’t notice one of the players taking down a mini boss one his own? Honestly you’re probably the highest level npc here right now. Now you said that my you bested All Mights score? And that you’d be able to defend against my Nomu? Well we’ll just have to see about that now won’t we? Nomu, kill him.” The man with a hand on his face said snapping his fingers at the green boy in front of him. The Nomu then charges at the boy as fast as All Might and attempts to crush the boy between him in the rock. Izuku on the other hand decides to not let that happen and shortly after he reappears a few meters away from the wall he was previously in. The Nomu sees this and charges at him again but with Izuku being slowed down by his injury after being slapped into the wall he struggles trying to avoid the monster of a bird. Yeah remember those lighting bolt on the sides of his mask, yeah no those are also there so he can listen to music while he’s on patrol or gets bored. He decides to put on “Another Way Out” by Hollywood Undead. Don’t ask he just wanted to.

The two of them are equally matched when it comes to speed, but if they were to clash then Izuku would be killed ‘Dammit. That first hit really got me. I need to think of something fast!” Thinks seeing the Nomu appear just in front of him he thinks he can hear the hand man say something ‘persistent brat.’ But it’s to obscured by the wind rushing past his face.

‘Dammit. I’m gonna die if I don’t go faster! Faster! FASTER!!!” He thinks as the lighting around him starts to increase until he looks back and sees that the Nomu has come to come to a complete stop in mid air. Looking around he sees that everything’s frozen and judging by the fact that everything is starting to turn grey he assumes that even light has come close to a stop for him as well.

‘What the hell? I’m moving faster than light!? That should be impossible!’ He thinks as he starts to move around. Not even the audio player that the girl from the support course made him is keeping up with him. Unfortunately when he starts to move around his costume also starts to burn. Which should also be impossible, it was made to be frictionless! Meaning that it couldn’t burn. Looking back he sees that his lighting has also changed from green to a light blue as well.
Even the pain in from before has stopped even though he hasn’t healed quite yet. Basically his only thought through all of this is ‘What the hell?’ But he can figure all this out later. Right now he needs to stop these Villains!

~Everyone Else’s POV

“I-Izuku. N-No.” Tsuyu croaks out watching him speed around and watch as the Nomu as the hand villain called it chase him around trying to hit him but miss by a single strand of green hair. At least some people are enjoying this since the hand villain is now laughing gleefully watching the Nomu chase Izuku around.

“HEHAHA YES NOMU! GET THAT LITTLE BRAT! SHOW HIM THAT THE LEAGUE OF VILLAINS ISN’T A LAUGHING MATTER!” He shouts out to the monster attempting to kill Izuku. But all that glee disappears when Izuku’s lighting disappears and is replaced with blue lighting and he starts to go faster. “WHAT THE HELL! WHY DID HE GET EVEN FASTER! Was this the final boss the whole Time!” Saus the hand villain scratching his neck until it eventually started bleeding. “NOME! KILL HIM! NOW!”

~USJ Entrance

“Ochako-chan, look. Is it me or did Izuku’s lighting change colors? And did he speed up?” Asked Mina pointing down to the blue streaks of lighting striking at the Nomu.

After getting a look at what she’s talking about she says “I-I think your right. What happened? Has he been holding back until now?”

“I don’t know but I think that He might actually win this! GO GET’EM MIRODRIYA!” Says Sato cheering on his class president.

~Izuku POV

Izuku’s still confused as to what happened to his speed. Not that he’s complaining but by this point he’s burned some of his skin, lost the top half and the ankles down on his costume and he’s not receiving the information fast enough to process it but he can tell that he’s clearly broken several bone. “DAMMIT!! I CAN’T GIVE IN HERE! IF I DO THEN I’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO BECOME THE #1 HERO! I HAVE TO GO BEYOND! PLUS! UULTRAAAA!” He shouts in super speed while giving damage to the Nomu faster than it can regenerate from the impact of Izuku’s fist, the burns he’s receiving from the friction of the air currents he’s producing with his speed and the continuous bone crushing sonic booms he’s producing. “AND I’LL FINISH YOU OFF WITH THIS ATTTAACCKKK!” He says before creating a vortex around the Nomu and leaping at it with his fist held out. As his fist collides with the Nomu’s face, it’s beak shatters into pieces and causing the rest of it’s head to explode in it’s final moments. Seeing as his job was done Izuku can only stand there in pain and soreness as the light around him begins to come back and the trail of lighting catches up to him while turning back to green. Looking back towards the hand man he can see that he’s irritated but he can’t think about that now since All Might just bust in through the door and took down the rest of the villains who were still standing, hit the hand off the other guys face and grabbed him, Aizawa and Tsuyu in the blink of an eye. The sudden movement caused Izuku to wince a bit. Normally he’d be fine with his new body but he still had broken ribs, arm and a migraine on top of that. He can hear All Might say something about how he needed to capture the remaining villains but he was his top priority right now. But he couldn’t think about that right now all he could think about was the blinding blue light in front of him as he felt himself fall into what seemed like nothing and all he said before closing his eyes was “I’m sorry… I couldn’t… guys… mom… all might…” and he passes out.

~Everyone Else’s POV

Izuku had just defeated the monster with his new found speed and was now on the verge of collapsing until the door flew open and heard someone say “I Can’t Believe This Happened While I Was Resting. I Was Finishing A Meeting With The Principle When I Ran Into Iida On My Way Here. I Instantly Realized What Had Happened And Came As Fast As I Could. And Now. You Don’t Have To Fear Any Longer. Why?” Tears off tie for dramatic affect “BECAUSE I AM HERE!!” He said before disappearing and reappearing with three people in his arms and setting them down in before the rest of the students. What they saw truly horrified them.

“I-Izuku. What’s happening to you?” Says Ochako in between sobs while watching her injured friend slowly fade into blue sparks. Once they all got a good look a what she was referring to, they heard him mutter something about how he was sorry for something but couldn’t tell what it was. They all could only stand there in despair and inability to do anything about their friend slowly evaporating one blue speck at a time until he all of a sudden disappeared all together. All Might seemed to get real pissed and decided to charge back at the villains leader.

“DETROIT! SMAASSSHHHH!” He yelled swinging his fist at his 100% power but was caught off guard by the portal redirecting the fist into his stomach and sending him flying back into the staircase shaking the entire building and causing some of the glass from the ceiling to fall. It was at this point that Bakugou and Kirishima to come running out of the collapse zone and see that All Might had been beaten and there was a headless villain in the center of the building.

“WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!!” Yells Bakugou ready to blow up the building if he didn’t get a explanation.

“Young Bakugou. Everything will be explained in due time. But for now head back up to the rest of your class. You to Kirishima. I’ll go roundup the rest of the students.” He says getting out of the crater he put in the staircase and sprinting off to the other zones to look for students.

Now at the top of the staircase Bakugou, Kirishima and apparently Todoroki and Torru weren’t too far behind were all caught off guard by the crying faces of everybody present at the time. Wen they asked for an explanation Sato came up to them and explained everything to them. After that Kirishima looked almost ready to join them while Todoroki looked at himself ashamed that he couldn’t do anything to protect his president. But Bakugou was the one who reacted the most violent out them. He started crying even harder then some of the girls present. He wouldn’t admit it but he was so mad that his childhood friend, who he had just entered their dream school with, had just died before he could even properly make an amends with him. He’d most likely say that he was upset that the shitty nerd was able to surpass All Might before he did.

~Every News Station In Japan

“And now for our top story of today. Yesterday we were informed that U.A had been attacked by a group who had named themselves the “League of Villains” Apparently they had a genetically engineered super weapon made specifically to “Kill All Might” But was defeated by a student named Midoriya Izuku. This child was the top of his class and had surpassed All Might’s score in the entrance Exam for U.A high school.” Wiping a tear from her eye she continues. “Unfortunately this boy had suffered serious injuries during his fight while supposedly ‘moved faster than the speed of light’ according to experts and died shortly after All Might arrived on the scene. No other students were hurt but the body of Izuku Midoriya wasn’t able to be recovered after the students said ‘It was like he just evaporated’. His funeral will be held and a monument built in his honor. Officials say that he will be remembered as ‘The boy who not only surpassed All Might but Saved him as well.’ It will be built in the hall of heroes and will be placed alongside the only the #1 h-heroes.” She says while losing her composure a but at the end. “And now for the weather.”

~Izuku’s Funeral

“Hello Aunty Inko. I’m s-sorry for your loss and for how I treated Izuku when he was alive.” Says Katsuki with his head down.

“It’s o-okay Katsuki. I always knew but Izuku always told me not to get mad at you. Ya’know he always looked up to you and even after the years of bullying you put him through, he still believed you were his friend.” She says making Katsuki’s go wide and then tear up.

“I-I’m still gonna apologize. And now I’m gonna make a promise to myself. I’ll become the number one hero, not for myself or my pride, but I’ll become a hero because he was the one who saved no only me but everyone at the USJ. I promise you I’ll be the one to save everyone this time. Just like him.”

“I’m glad to hear that my son’s inspired you Katsuki. I just wish he could see you now. He’d be so happy to h-hear th-those words.” She says tearing up while remembering his smiling face.

“Inko. I-” Katsuki starts but stops knowing that he would only make things worse.

Then Mitsuki, Inko’s best friend, comes over to help her friend back to her feet. “Come on Inko. It’s almost time for the speech’s everyone’s going to make in your son’s honor. Don’t you want to hear what they have to say?”

Grabbing a hold of herself before anything else could happen she nods yes and walks to her seat.

Once the speech’s start She’s the first one up. “My son as many of you know was a very caring person. He loved everyone no matter who they were. He admired heroes and only wanted to do his best to save people. It looks like he got his wish huh. Not only did he love everyone but he was loved by many and hated the idea of harming others and showing off. In a way he really became the hero he wanted to be. Not only will he be missed but I hope that he’s never forgotten.” She says looking down to the rest of the people in the room. This included all of class 1A, his teachers and the top five pro heroes excluding Endeavor.

Next up was Mitsuki. Katsuki’s mom. “I know that many people here thought only the highest of Izuku and now you’ll only think higher of him. I wish that he found a special place in all of your hearts after what he did that day even if you only knew his for a short period of time.” She finished walking off the stage.

Next up was… All Might. “I know better than anyone that Young Izuku deserved the chance to become a hero. I’m ashamed as the symbol of peace and his teacher that I wasn’t able to protect him. But that’s why I along with the rest of the heroes here in Japan will be hunting down the league of villains and put a stop to whatever they plan to do.”

~A Nearby Rooftop Not To Far From The Funeral

We see a trio of people, two dressed in military grade armor and covered in swords, one wearing a black leather trench coat and patch work skin. One of the two covered in swords and a red scarf around his head says “He was a true hero. If I ever find the league of villains, it’ll be the last. From now on we’re not only hunting fakes but we’re hunting the league of villains. If either of you two find them, inform me and we’ll kill them together. Understood?” Receiving two heads nodding he looks back to the funeral.

“Boss. If we were to fight him for any reason, what would we do?” Asked the other armored man with lizard like skin.

“We wouldn’t be able to do anything. He’s bested a monster made to kill All Might and surpassed him as well.” Says the one with patchwork skin.

~An Unknown Location

“Right. We’d be forced to surrender. Now let’s go before we get caught.” Says the pairs leader turning around and leading the other two away from the funeral.
‘Where am I? Why am I here? Did I die? Did everybody survive?’ Is all Isuku can think as he floats around the space he’s currently in. Shortly after opening his eyes everything starts to take the form of Izuku’s home town. Musutafu.

“What the hell?” Is all he has to say looking around at the city now materializing around him. That was until he saw a figure walk up to him. A figure that he recognizes all to well. “M-Mom?” He says as he starts to tear up. Right now he’s looking at his mother from just over a decade ago. She’s just slightly taller than Izuku and is smiling down at him. But it’s not the smile of a mother. Not the one Izuku remembers.

“No Izuku.” She says in a voice with a echo startling Izuku a bit. “We’re not you mother. We are the speed force.” She says still looking down at Izuku.

“Sp-Speed force?”

Chapter Text

“Sp-Speed Force”

“Yes, Izuku. We only took the form of your mother since she is the closest person to you. But in due time that may change.” Said the silhouette.

“Well then, can you tell me what I’m doing here? And where ‘here’ is?” He asked looking around at the fully formed city around him.

“You’re here for an explanation as to why your lighting turned blue.” It “We are the source of your power. Your ‘quirk’.” It says as it begins to walk away motioning for him to follow.

“What the people call quirks is the result of a multiverse-wide particle accelerator implosion.” It says getting a confused look from the boy. “Hugh… look the particle accelerator was the result of another speedster’s experiment to create another hero named ‘The Flash’. That’s where all your ‘quirks’ come from. But your power’s are completely different from anyone else except for a few others in your universe. You’ll be meeting one very soon.” It says as if trying to give a warning.

“But that doesn’t explain where I am or how I got here.” He says still a bit worried for his friends.

“If you're worried about your friends, then don’t. They’re all fine they’re attending your funeral right now. And might I say, you’ve really become quite the celebrity.” It says with a little smile on his mother’s face.

“FUNERAL?! CELEBRITY!? BUT I’M NOT DEAD YET AM I!? I HAVE TO GET BACK AND CLEAR ALL OF THIS UP!” He yells looking around for a door. Surprisingly enough there was none.

“Don’t worry young man.”. “I’ll let you go as soon as I’m done explaining.” It says holding out a hand to calm him down.

“Now. As to why your lighting turned blue. a person’s speed is based on the color of your lighting. Fastest to slowest it goes white and black as the fastest followed by blue, purple, red, green and yellow. In that order. The reason you went to blue so fast was that you forced a stronger connection to us and in turn, your body couldn’t adapt fast enough to the change in speed and you began to burn while running.” It says while gesturing for the child to follow it.

“You see you’re not the only one like yourself throughout the multiverse. There’s an infinite number of universes, each branching off of the other. They all have the same basis for human life. Each time you make a decision it creates an alternate universe for every other possible decision you could have made. For example. Here’s a universe where you were born with a quirk that gave you what could be classified as black magic. In this universe, you were born roughly 200 to 300 years early as the son of the man who nearly killed All Might. In this one, you were born with a quirk that let you regenerate even after dying and after seeing your mother killed before your own eyes, you joined forces with Stain and started killing ‘fake heroes’. And in this last one your a fictional character who is being written by a 15-year-old boy with long hair and red tips at the end of his hair.” It says explaining just how insignificant his own existence is. Looking at a clock on a lamp post.

“It would appear I’ve been holding you here for half a week now. In this conversation alone. I do believe I should send you back but before I do know this. Soon you will meet someone with powers the same as your own. You’ll have to fight them and probably even kill them in the future. And no All Might’s Quirk won’t make your super speed any stronger and don’t go testing that speed drug on anything until you’re CERTAIN it’s complete.” It says holding a finger out to the young boy and poking him on the chest. This little gesture was enough to make Izuku get thrown back and reenter the 2379th universe.

~Universe 2379, Izuku’s Universe

Nemuri Kayama or better known as Midnight was a simple woman. Well, kinda, she was a pro-hero known for being almost every teenage boy's wet dream, and some girls to an extent, don’t wanna leave out the homosexuals. Back on track, she was a simple hero, she saw a criminal, she beat a criminal. Very painfully. She saw a cute boy, she seduced a cute boy.

This boy was different though. He was pale skinned and had green everywhere else. He was currently standing above some criminals she was chasing down an alleyway in the dead of night. Had to, Aizawa was still injured.

But four things really stood out to her. One, orange goggles. Two, the golden earpieces. Three, the green lighting that sparked off of his body every now and then. Finally, the fact he was vibrating at a ridiculous speed kinda turned her on. Typical.

Bringing the shaking down a couple hundred notches, the boy looks up to her, and says “Hello, Midnight-sensei. Good to see you again. I think.”

Rearing back from shock, and nearly tripping over her high-heels(who thought it would be a good idea to let her wear those into combat!? And how was she running?!), she says “Midoriya?!”

“Yep, that’s me!” And true it was. He had a few minor changes to his suit though. While he kept the goggles and earpieces, the rest had almost completely changed. It now consisted of a dark green body suit with a lighter green outline separating it from the metallic exterior going up to his legs and wrapping around his shoulders. His cowl was the same as before, just the fools gold on the side of his head was real now so it glimmered in the light.

“B-But How!?” She yells rushing over to his side to inspect his costume. “Where’d you get the costume? And How’re you alive? The footage showed you die!”

“I’ll tell you later. Right now, just take me to somewhere I can sleep. Traveling through dimensions is kinda... tiring…” He says before slowly passing out and falling onto the R-Rated heroine. Luckily he was passed out, cause he’d probably die of embarrassment after bouncing off her breast and into her arms. To her, he was surprisingly light.

“Wait! No no no no. No, you can’t just say you traveled through dimensions and not tell me more! Izuku!” She yells at the teen holding his face in her hands. Realizing he wasn’t gonna wake up for a while, she drives him over to her place. Had no clue where to find his mom’s apartment, and she couldn’t just take him to the U.A dorms, they weren’t finished yet.

Once there, she realized that she also didn’t have any extra bedrooms or a very comfy couch, and in her mind, and most of the worlds, this boy deserved a whole fuck ton of appreciation. She’d just have to sleep on the couch tonight!

Removing his new hero costume, which luckily was a two-piece set, she places him in her bed. She also got kinda nervous since he was a minor and if anyone found out about this, she’d probably have to go to court. And the fact that he already had an impressive build at such a young age kinda tempted her to sway him over now so she didn’t have to deal with trying to get him on her side later when he grew up.

She had a long enough day taking care of Aizawa’s part of town, and the fact that she found a walking and running corpse, was kinda unsettling. She was far too lazy and far too tired to wear anything proper to bed so she just simply removed her dominatrix suit and white leotard leaving only her panties left for her to wear. In what she would consider sleepwear, she walks to the room she let Izuku in, snatched a blanket, and quickly left to go pass out on the couch.

She lied there for a few hours, and could not sleep at all. “Fuck this.” She says grabbing the blanket and walking back to her room. Fuck the law she was getting her beauty sleep. She also forgot to put a bra or a shirt on before passing out in the bed.

Within the next three hours, Izuku was woken up by the sound of an alarm clock to some side of the room. Reaching over to the left side of his bed o smack it a few times, he finds his hand empty to his confusion. Sitting up, he sees that this wasn't his room. There was a lump in the bed to the right, and the alarm clock was just past that.

Rolling over to the other side of the bed, not realizing he was now on top of an older lady, he slaps the alarm clock off of its pedestal and locks eyes with a dark-haired female.

“Midoriya? What’re you doing?”

Realizing the position he’s in, he jumps back and falls off the bed and looks over the bed frame with a red face with purple lighting sparking off of him. Unfortunately, he made a mistake, cause she was also sitting up and staring back at him with her upper half bare as the day she was born.

Closing his eyes, his lightning sparks purple twice as much and says “MIDNIGHT! WHY’RE YO-HUMPH!” He gets cut off by a hand covering his mouth and a worried Midnight looking directly at him.

“Don’t say a word about this to anyone. If this got out then I’d lose my job as a pro-hero. These walls aren’t soundproof you know.” She says shaking in her skin.

Removing the muffle from his mouth, he looks back at her and whispers screams “Why am I here(!)? I said take me somewhere I could sleep peacefully. This isn’t peaceful(!)”

“Pro’s like me don’t get as much as you think. Remember, I work as a teacher for half the day. I didn’t have anywhere to put you. And the couch isn’t comfy at all.”

“But Why’re You Naked(!)? And where’s my top half?” He says looking around to find t sitting on a chair on the opposite side of the room.

While he was getting hit top half back on, Kayama also stood up to go make something to eat. It was way too early for this.

With the boy in the room trying to recover with the assumption she went to go get some clothes on, she entered the kitchen and retrieved some eggs and bacon. After a few minutes, the boy also came out of the bedroom and entered the kitchen and instantly regretted doing so.

She hadn’t put any clothes on and had her back facing the doorway where he came from leaving her red panties open for him to see.

She could literally feel his eyes on her, and decided to give him some more “eye candy”.

Turning around in a sudden burst, making her breast juggle giving him a nose-bleed, she says “What’s wrong, Midoriya~ Never seen a girl naked before?”

“Th-That’s Not The Problem!” “Don't Yell.” “I’ve seen girls naked before, they were just my age and had a top on. Which You Don’t!”

“Oh. Ooohhhh~ So the problem is that you’re a virgin~” She says walking up to him with a sway of her hips.

Rubbing his chin with a single finger, she says “Maybe seeing a grown woman like this is just a bit too much for you~ Or did you get rid of Mineta so you could have all the girls to yourself?”


“How many times do I have to say stop yelling?” She says before removing her hand and standing o her full height. Letting out a sigh, she goes to her room saying “Fine, I’ll go get dressed. You have a meeting today and the sports festivals in a few days. Be prepared.”

She left with a little wink leaving him to his thoughts and the smell of bacon. Knowing she was gonna take a while to get back, he decides to go ahead and finish up her breakfast.

A few minutes pass, and he’s just about to finish cooking. He didn’t notice the person walking up behind him and wrapping her arms around his neck.

“I didn’t know you could cook. Is it any good?” She asks taking a single strip of bacon.

“My mom taught me.”

“Ooohhh~ A mama’s boy~ Maybe you could call me mama before we leave?” She says pressing her chest against his back. Oh yeah, remember the whole “dimensional travel” thing from last night, she sits down at her little table and says “So about last night, when are you gonna tell me about the whole dimensional travel thing? Or is that tipity top secret?”

“It’s not.” He says placing a plate of food in front of her. “When we get to U.A I’ll explain everything to you and the teachers. Also, don’t be too surprised, I’m still kinda tired. Oh, I added a few extra spices to it, hope you don’t mind.”

They ate in relative silence for the next few minutes with Midnight looking up at him after every other bite she took. Izuku didn’t waste time eating, but she spent as much time possible on each and every bite. How did he manage to do this again?

After giving her compliments to the chef, she looks at her clock and sees that she’s roughly an hour late. That prompted to use Izuku as a form of transportation. He wasn’t allowed to use his quirk on his own, but the law technically didn’t apply to people who’d been dead for a week and he was under the supervision of a pro-hero. He also didn’t have a choice seeing as she was forcing herself into his arms. Literally.

“Midnight-sensei, you know if I carry you like this I could break your neck, right?”

“Well, it’s either this or we take my bike and get stuck in traffic while everybody in Japan sees you before tomorrow.”

“Well then, let’s at least find some other way to carry you.” He says before disappearing into a blur leaving her in the air for a few milliseconds. Returning back to his normal state, he had repositioned her with his hand behind her head and the other supporting her back. If you watch the recent X-men movies, you’ll know where this is from.

Running his way to U.A wasn’t as exhausting as it usually was this time. Maybe cause he was using the same speed limit he had before, or it was because he had more stamina after dying? All he knew, was that the speed-force had upped his speed after spending a week in there.

He also had enough time to stop a few robberies and muggings on his way there. Midnight couldn’t tell the difference, to her he was just moving at a constant rate and tripping over his feet every now and then. That’s what happens when you run at speeds reaching past Mach 3.

Arriving at the U.A gate, he passes by a group of students who he recognizes as Ochako, Mina and Tooru. Kicking his speed up to his max limit and entering Mach 4. Letting Ms. Midnight go for just a few seconds through the air, he plants a kiss on all of their cheeks. He thinks he kissed Tooru on the cheek, couldn’t quite tell from that angle.

While he was grabbing the lady from the air again, carefully placing a hand on her head and back, he speeds off but not before looking back to see a pair of smiles on their faces and tears start to form in their eyes.

Without Midnight knowing any better, he drops her off in the principals with Aizawa in it office and hides behind her and uses her hair as a shield.

Spitting his tea out like to how the Midoriya’s tear ducts work, the principal apologizes to Aizawa for splashing him and asks “Ms. Kayama, how and why are you in my office all of a sudden?”

“I-Uh-Iz-I-Iz, dammit, why’d he have to do this?” She asks with blush and rubbing the back of her head. Turning around and having a small side conversation with something green, she says “Ahem, right. I’m sure you’re both wondering why and how- you know what. Never mind. Here you go.” She says throwing a boy covered in green out from behind her.

Spinning in circles and forming a green tornado, covered in green sparks with a few golden highlights. Unraveling in front of the desk and revealing the green-haired speedster.

“Hey, Nezu, Aizawa-sensei.”

Spitting his tea out again, he apologizes to Aizawa again, and says “Midoriya-kun?! Why’re you here so soon!? And where’d you get the new costume?”

“He, hehe, yeah… about that, dimensional travel is a bit complicated and weird and confusing and basically…” He says going into a monologue about how he entered the source of his power. He also explained where quirks came from and how they were the result of some irresponsible scientist somewhere on earth one. Heh, irresponsible he says.

“Well, I see.” Begins the principal. “I suspected that you’d come back, after all, no one’s ever died and turned into a few blue ashes and fade into nothingness. But the thing is, we’ve already got a group of scientist working on your case.”

Perplexed by the statement, and by the origin of his and their powers, Midnight asks “Mr. Nezu, what do you mean by that? We all know just how smart you are, but surely no one could have suspected that there was a way to bring him back.”

“Ah yes, I and Mr. Aizawa were just talking about this.” He says holding a paw out to the bandaged hero. “As you can see, he’s asleep now. But I had asked a few other people to help out on this case after using a few favors. I’ve called three of the world’s top scientist and myself included. We’ve been studying the USJ for any abnormalities, and we think we may have found something just last night.” He says directing the student and teachers to the USJ.

They got a few stares, and everyone knew for a fact that they were gonna start some rumors casually walking by with someone who was meant to be dead. Luckily, that’ll be somewhat cleared up tomorrow.

Arriving at the USJ, they cross through the police tape and into the school crime scene and find a man with brown hair, a girl with blonde hair, and one other girl with light blue hair. The last one was wearing a uniform for another hero school.

Izuku, letting his fanboy show, quickly recognized the first two and the girls uniform.

Blurring up to them at breakneck speeds, he fanboys out an “OH MY GOD YOU’RE DAVID SHIELD AND YOU’RE MELISSA SHIELD! IM SUCH HUGE FAN OF YOUR WORK AS A SUPPORT AGENT! And You’re His Daughter The Next Natural Prodigy In The Support Business!” He says moving back and forth between them and shaking their hands.

“Wow wow wow wow, slow down speedy Gonzalez.” Says the elder man pulling his hand out of the teen's glove. “Now, you shouldn’t be here right now. This is a restricted area and you shouldn’t e using your quirk so freely.” He says with an authoritative finger.

“Oh, right. You two don’t know who I am. My name is,” “Mr. Shield, he’s with us. Specifically me.” Interrupts the R-Rated hero.

“Oh, Ms.Midnight. Sorry, didn’t realize you had a child.” He says rubbing the back of his head. “But isn’t it highly illegal to bring a child here and where’d he learn to mutter so fast?”

“Oh no. He’s not mine, he’s a student. And I’m honestly surprised you haven’t picked up on it yet. His name is-” “Izuku Midoriya!” Says the blonde teenager.

“I’ve Heard SO much about you. You’re all the news was talking about for a week after the USJ! And how’re you here? We haven’t opened the anomaly yet.” She says pointing to a machine that a girl with pink hair was working on while the blue-haired girl instructed her on what to do. They had frequent arguments.

“Hatsume-san, you do realize that my intelligence far exceeds yours. I do believe I exceed your handiwork, especially when I’m drinking my tea.”

Flipping her goggles up, the pinkette says “Ah but it doesn’t matter as long as my experience with babies exceeds yours.” Says the pink-headed girl before flipping her goggles back down and going back into the box.

“That would be true if all your “experience” didn’t consist of explosions. Which is my main concern.” She says sitting back down and taking another sip of her tea. “And Stop Calling Them Babies! We’re trying to bring someone back from the dead!”

“Can you both stop yelling? You’re giving this old man a headache.”

“Sorry, Shield-sama.” Says the blue-haired kid with a bow at the waist.

“Right, with that out of the way. Hatsume,” Melissa says. “I would like for you to meet the person we're supposed to be looking for. Meet, Izuku Midoriya.”


Standing up, letting out a breath, and puffing out her chest, Hatsume gets up and marches over and planting a finger on the their chest and says “Look here, you Can Not ask me to build you a reality warping baby, provide me with the resources to build it, and give me an assistant, and then tell me to give up! I’m still gonna build my baby, and you Will Not Stop Me!”

“Hey! I’m not a simple blonde so don’t talk to me like that!” Shouts the blonde. “We never said you had to stop anyway! We were just telling you-” “Oh yeah, I heard that Midoriya was alive. Kinda hard to miss a celebrity you went to school with, isn’t it.” Interrupts the inventor with a flick of the hair and returning to her work.

“Wait What!?” Shrieks the blue-haired girl jumping out of her seat. Why she bought a chair with her, no one knows, but hey, adds in some nice comedy.

I think.

Anyway, after hopping out of her chair, the blue-haired girl sprints over to the green-haired speedster and begins inspecting him and his costume.

“How? It should be implausible for you to be here!” she says pulling his arm up to inspect the lining of his suit. “And what type of alloy is this? I’ve never seen anything like it. Did you really cross over the dimensional plane? With speed alone?”

Now the old him wouldn’t be able to answer with any girl inspecting his body like this. But this one is different since he had been in enough more extreme situations with girls that just one wouldn’t be enough to get through to him. Especially one that was fully dressed.

On that note, he says “Well yes and no. I think I was in the space between universes. And I’m pretty sure-” “I’m gonna cut you off right there.” Says the principal before he could spill anything else.

“Ms. Intelli, I’m afraid we can’t share too much information with you just yet. We still have yet to fully access the situation now that Young Midoriya is here. I hope you can understand.” He says with a small bow.

Placing a hand on her chin, the newly named Intelli says “Yes, well I’m afraid I must concur with that statement. It could cause quite the panic if anything important got leaked, and it would ruin the reputation of U.A if their intel got leaked by another school.”

“Yes, it would.” Repeats the principal. “But if everything checks out, then we’d be happy to share our data with you. I’d be happy to see what you and Hatsume-san could do with that information.” He says gesturing to the machine the two were working on.

“Ahem.” Exclaims Melissa. “Aren't you forgetting someone? Surely I could be more effective than her since I could easily get in contact through Uncle Might. After all, this is the only time we’ve met someone capable of such a feat and it would be a miracle to find someone else who could even attempt this.”

Taking a sip of her tea, Intelli lifts up her monocle with a smirk and says “Oh it would be convenient, but you forget one more thing. I have a quirk, unlike you. And one that allows me to increase my own intellectual level. Surely someone such as Midoriya-kun would be more pleased to have someone like me by his side.” She says taking one more sip of her tea.

“Surely he’d want someone who had to work for their position instead of being defined by some snot-nosed brat.” She retorts trying to prove her superiority. With a flick of her hair, she spins around and starts trying to enact what her impression of Intelli would be.

“Oh, look at me. I’m in a top hero school because I got lot’s of money and my parents always spoil me. Oh, what’s that? You’re quirkless? Oh, I simply have to feel bad for you because you can’t compete with my powers.”

Izuku was getting kinda depressed with all this. Sure he had powers Now, but he also only got them around a year ago, of which he was asleep for most that time. And even then it wasn’t exactly a quirk, it was just a special power. And Melissa did have a point, they’d probably never find someone who could cross dimensions.

That got Izuku thinking, if he could cross over dimensions by running really fast, would he have more special abilities unique to only him?

He’ll think on that later, for now, let’s just get the two girls away from each other.

“Um, actually, I just only recently awakened my quirk. So I think I’m gonna go ahead and say that Shield has a point.” He says getting the pair to stare at him in surprise.

“WHAT?!” They both scream in unison running over to the boy in question.

“What do you mean you were quirkless up to a year ago?! No One’s quirk has THAT as their base power!” Intelli shouts swinging her arms in the air.

“And how’d you trigger it? Usually, in a later bloomer, their quirk awakens after a life-threatening trauma experience. You must have come within millimeters of your life to get a quirk that strong!” Exclaims Melissa with hand gestures for every word.

“Yeah! And what was the trauma? Did you fall off a building? Are you that boy who got hit by lighting? That would explain the electrical streak that follows you when you run.”

“Yeah! What she said!”

Okay, this was new. He was used to people talking to him now, but this was a bit excessive. The kept asking him questions about how he was this fast, what his maximum speed was, what he was thinking when he was ‘dying’ and other stuff like that. Eventually, they were instructed to get off of him by David and to get back o work.

“Geez, they really don’t like each other, but they have so much in common.” He says with hand scratching the back of his head.

“Hey, Midoriya.” He says to the boy. “You know how I and All Might have worked together.” He says flashing his official support license. “And when he called telling us about someone who surpassed his score, she instantly said she wanted to see you in person. Also, don’t be surprised if she calls you by your first name, we’re American.”

“O-oh,” He says scratching the back of his head. “I knew they had different customs, but that’s a bit unexpected, to me anyway. Oh yeah! I’m planning to visit America after I get my provisional license, tell me, do I need a cowboy hat or a fake afro? What kind of music should I listen to? Old town road? I’ve heard it’s very popular over there!” He says pulling out-wait where’d he get the pen and paper?

“Okay, now you’re just stereotyping me.” He responds with just a little annoyance. “No one from where I live wears a cowboy hat. Although I can’t speak for Texas and Alabama, haven’t visited either. Just dress like yourself, you’ll do fine. If you ever find yourself in California, come find me.” He says giving him a pat on the back.

“Well geez, you make me sound like the bad guy when you put it like that, but what should I expect then?”

“I think I’ll leave that part to Melissa, speaking if which, here she comes again.”

“Izuku!” Shouts the previously mentioned girl running over to him. “Izuku, you said that you were quirkless, what’s your opinion on them now?”

Well then, that’s quite the question. He never really thought too much about it, even before he had his powers.

“Well,” He begins “I guess that they have potential to be great. With enough hard work and luck, then they’d have plenty of opportunities. Now when it comes to heroics, they have more capabilities then you might think.” He says with a finger held up to the girl.

“When I was missing, I saw quite a few timelines, dimensions, a whole lot of things, and I saw someone dressed in a bat suit.” He says mimicking the ears with his hands. “He used a set of gadgets, martial arts, stealth, and vehicles to fight, all because he didn’t have powers of any type, just so he could help people.”

With a blush and sparkles in her eye’s, the girl hugs him whilst chanting “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Surely you have an idea how much I needed to hear something like that!” She says before dashing off to finish the machine. But not before turning around and putting a little peck on his cheek.

Leaving him to just his thought’s, he stares at her while thinking ‘Wh-what? What’d I do to deserve that? And why is this happening to me?’ Don’t worry, sooner then later it will be answered. Maybe.

He’ll think on that later, right now, the teachers were taking him back to the school to reintroduce him to class 1A.

Getting annoyed with how long it was taking them to drive there, he decides to pop out of the car real quick and just run the rest of the way there. He arrived in the teacher’s lounge and decided that he’d just wait there.

“By all that is influenced by the Speed Force! Could you go any slower!?” He says staring at the clock tick by at a 500 times slower rate then it would for literally ANY other person. Speaking of time, isn’t it time for the heroics class?

OH SHIT, IT IS! That’s a PERFECT way to pass the time, he can just watch whatever lesson they’re doing there!

Running just below Mach 1 as to not alert any of the students, or to not break any of the window’s with a sonic boom, he quickly dashes through each of the sites. Gamma, Beta, Alpha, ah, they’re in Alpha, as in A for All Might!

Running along the path to where ever they are, he finds some people who he doesn’t recognize, namely, some from class 1B. He finds some guy with glasses and an animal like form He wore nothing but a pair of pants and some goggles.

The next was a girl, who he remembered from the first day in the cafeteria. Her name was Ibara Shiozaki. Again, hero costume, she wore a plain white robe with barely visible boots underneath. To him, it seemed kinda flashy while at the same time not being flashy. But wouldn’t a robe constrict mobility? Maybe her hair could make up for it with how versatile it could be?

Not too far from her was another pair he recognized from the cafeteria. The metal men, except now his suspicion was confirmed! The one he thought to have a copy quirk, now also had iron skin and yellow vines coming off his head! He Did have a copy quirk!

The final one, a short girl with a mushroom themed suit with a LOT of hair covering her face. Her quirk was kinda obvious, and so was her path since it was literally covered in mushrooms and emitting a plume of noxious gas.

Izuku was n’t fortunate enough to see this before going up to inspect her hero suit a bit more. So he inhaled quite a bit of it and later passed out while crashing into the mushroom girl.

~Kinoko POV

She was having a nice stroll through the battlegrounds while sprouting some toxic shrooms that would temporarily render someone out.

And she could have continued if someone with green, curly hair didn’t fall on top of her. She assumed it was Setsuna from the tight body suit and the fact that it had some bumps on the side. But I thought her suit was blue? Why is it green?

“Tokage-chan! Get Off Of Me!” She wales from under the unconscious greenette. It wasn’t until she finally managed to roll him off of her, that she got a good look at him. Looking at him for a few moments of silence, she finally recognizes him as the boy who beat the Nomu at the USJ.

“M-MIDORIYA?!” She shrieks with her skin turning white like a ghost from shock.

Coming around the corner is the vine-haired girl, Ibara. She was alarmed by her friend's shriek thinking she may have run into someone from class A. Well, she wasn’t wrong, she too was alarmed by the sight of the unconscious speedster.

“MIDORIYA!?” She echoes with her skin and vines also turning white.

After calling over Jurota, the beast guy, they bring him back to the main room, where they find All Might, Vlad King, All Might, and the rest of Class 1A.

“All Might!” Shouts the trio of students with the green-haired speedster on Juruta’s back.

“What’re You Three Doing?!” Questions the blood hero. “You’re supposed to be-wh-Where DId He Come From?!” He shouts pointing to the unconscious hero-in-training with the rest of the students joining in on the shock shortly after.

“We don’t know, Kan-sensei!” Replies Jurota setting the young hero in down for the rest of the class to see.

With everyone crowding around the unconscious body, they all began to ask questions such as ‘Is this a dream?’, ‘Didn’t he die?’, ‘Is he dead?’. ‘Poke it…’, and ‘Did he pull a Jesus?’. That last one got the attention of Ibara.

But one thing was going through Katsuki’s mind. It consisted of questions, confused stutters and a good amount of cursing.


“Now, Every one!” Announces Al Might, holding a hand in the air. “I know this is all very exciting and very confusing for all of you, but for now, we must remain calm and-” “Rational?” Says the bandaged mummy walking through the doorway with Midnight and Nezu following shortly after.

“All Might, it would be best if we explained things. Although some things would have to be left out for legal reasons.” Says Ms. Midnight.

After a long, tedious, and confusing conversation which had gotten interrupted by many students with questions and just as many repeats of he story, they reveal that he was found “unconscious” last night by Ms. Mayama, Midnight, and has been under the pro-heroes watch ever since. It’s also revealed that they’ll be moving into the dorms as of tonight.

They were then excused for the rest of their classes and instructed not to tell ANYONE about this. Not until he’s officially living again.

Back in the teacher's lounge, All Might, Nezu, and Midnight are discussing what they should do about Izuku’s situation with him also being present. Aizawa went to go to sleep for a few hours before dealing with the paperwork.

“So Izuku,” Begins the skeletal form of All Might, “As you should know by now, you’re legally dead. We can reverse that by pulling a few strings, what’s more concerning, is how do you plan to announce to the world that you’re alive.”

“Of course, it’ll be during the sports festival,” He replies with a confused look. “Where else would it be?”

“Whether or not you do it at the festival is irrelevant.” Stats the principal. “What’s important, is HOW you do it.” He exclaims receiving the same look from Izuku with Toshinori’s added on top of it.

“Midoriya-kun, you’re the one confirmed is to have come back from the dead! You simply HAVE to announce to the world that You Are Here!” He says with a final clap of his hands. “Now, while you were off spying on the hero classes, I was preparing a script for you to follow during the festival!” He says handing him a stack of flashcards.

“Ahem, I’m not sure that you should make a script like that. If I remember correctly, you scheduled for him to say “Back in a flash” during the first event.” Midnight points out in a matter of factly, but also a bit nervous.

“Oh don’t worry, I’ve already finished improvising it.” Says the green speedster flashing them a note pad and pen.

“And why did you want me to “vibrate” during the second event?”

“Oh, that’s quite simple, actually, you see, when you vibrate each of your molecules at a certain rare, you can essentially become a ghost and pass through walls.” Replies the principal giving them a demonstration on his digital notepad, whatever you’d call it. “I originally got the idea from a third-year student who could the same thing with his quirk.”

“Okay, that’s reasonable, but why do you want me to dominate EVERY aspect of the competition. Beleive it or not, I’m not a showoff.” He says shrugging his shoulders.

Confused as to why anybody wouldn’ show off in the number one sporting event in the world, Midnight asks “But Izuku, the whole point of the Sports Festival is TOO SHOW OFF if you don’t, then how’re you gonna get any offers?”

“I think you two are forgetting something,” Says the skeleton, “All he has to do is make an appearance, say “I AM HERE”!” He says buffing into his hero form momentarily. “And hen he’ll get every offer within Japan, and no ones gonna hesitate since he can literally just travel halfway across Japan in, what, an hour? And probably get some from China and Korea. They’re only like five hundred, seven hundred miles away from Tokyo?”

This actually bought shock to all of their faces. They each wanted to figure out just how long it would take Izuku too travel between countries. He and Nezu instantly started researching just how long it would take for him to travel across the globe.

Hey, Izuku, what’s your tops speed?”

“Mach 3.7. Pretty sure that’s around 2800 miles an hour.”

“Good,” They say returning back to their calculations to which the two other occupants can only sweat-drop. Looks like these two are gonna get along real nice.

“I Got It!” They both exclaim over top of each other.

“It’ll take me roughly eight to nine hours to travel the Earths circumference, at my current speed!” Izuku says with a bit too much excitement.

“And it’ll only four and a half to reach America!” Nezu says with an equal amount of joy and.

After a short thought process, the two heroes, Midnight and All Might(just realized they rhymed) let a yell of confusion going “EEEEHHHHHH?!” Much to the annoyance of Izuku and Nezu.

“Yes, and judging by his speed and height, he should have no problem running on water either, nor running up walls. Not that running up walls is necessary since he can walk through them, hypothetically speaking.” Says the principal with one paw held out.

“R-Right, it’s still just amazing how fast you can run…” Says the skeletal hero leaning back with a hand on his forehead. “I don't think I was that fast, even in my prime.”

“But wait, wouldn’t he run out of stamina before actually making it all the way to America?” Asks Midnight with a finger on her chin.

“No, actually. When I run, everything slows down for me, including how fast my stamina drains. So the only real downsides are my metabolism and tunnel vision.” Explains he speedster spinning in a chair a the highest speed he could do without breaking it. Since it was designed for super-heroes to sit in, it looked like he was the Tasmanian devil off of Looney toons but green.

“What next, you’re gonna say you age slower as well? Or can you throw lightning?”

“Who knows? Maybe.”

“Okay, now you’re just being a smart ass.” Says Midnight trying to grab his chair but only getting dragged along with him. How was she holding on?

“WAAAHHHHH!” She yells spinning off the chair and hitting a wall. Oh son of a bitch, motion sickness.

“I’m not cleaning that up.” Says Izuku stopping the chair from spinning. “Can I keep this?”

Now, and it’s getting pretty late.” Says the principal. “Do you want to go see your mother? Or go ahead and set up your room.”

“And now you’ve got me on that. The thing is, I would have gone to my mom last night, but I don’t know how she’ll react. It’s not every day someone comes back from the dead.” He says making a certain person sneeze somewhere on Earth 2365. Just fourteen universe away. Take a guess at who it is.

“Well, Young Midoriya,” Begins the skeletal hero, “If you really don’t think you can meet her yet, then you can wait to spend some time with her after the Sports festival if you really want to.”

“Yeah Midoirya, just imagine how’d she react after seeing you in the sports festival.” Says the R-Rated hero.

“So I can find it safe to assume you'll be going over to decorate your dorm room?”

“What will I do with it? I don’t have a bed in there yet, and I can’t just take my stuff from my Moms house. She’ll think someone robbed her.” He says receiving a seductive look from Midnight.

“Well~ You could always spend the night at my place again~ You were rather straight forward this morning~,” She says with a wink.

Did he have a say in the matter? No, he couldn’t sleep in the office with the principal’s office, and All Might had to get a smaller apartment after his injury to avoid any suspicion. So yes, he had to spend the night at Midnights again. Tell me, should he just start calling her Nemuri at this point?

Answer, yes. She started calling him Izuku around halfway back to her place ad she insisted he calls her Nemuri, or at least Kayama. If neither of those, Mistress Midnight. He settled for Ms.Kayama.

“Don’t call me Ms, it makes me feel old. I’m only 31, ya’ know.” She says tapping him on the forehead.

“Just make sure you wear some actual clothes, and one thing does NOT Count!”

“If you yell again, I’ll wear nothing and tie you to the bed. And you do not want that.”

Shivering in his suit, he notices that he has nothing to wear and something tells him that he shouldn’t be shirtless around this lady.

“Ms. Kayama, you wouldn’t happen to have anything that would fit me, would you? I’ve been wearing this thing all day today.” He says tugging at the collar a small bit.

“Yeah yeah yeah, I’ll find something, you just focus on making something to eat. If you need to get anything from the store you can find some money on the counter in my room.”

“Ooooohhhhhkay, any request for the chef?”

“Beef stew?”

“Why not.”

The following meal went similarly to the night before, he ate, she ate while taking her sweet precious time with each and every bite. With them finishing up, Midnight went over to her closet to see if there was anything she could give them would actually work.

Walking out of her room, she throws a black long-sleeve t-shirt and a pair of jeans at him with him fumbling to catch it. Spinning around in an electric tornado, he quickly puts the clothes on and folds his costume neatly on her couch. Turning back around, he’s met with a sight we really didn’t need.

Hey, it wasn’t as bad as last night, this time she had a bra on.


“How many times do I have to say no yelling? Now come one, it’s a pro’s duty to watch the news. Kind of.” She says plopping on the couch and switching through channels.

“Today, there have been multiple sightings of a green lightning bolt, zooming through Tokyo along with multiple apprehended criminals along its path. While all hostages and would be victims have been successfully accounted for. We’ve held multiple interviews with each of them. And are some now,” Says the TV journalist switching over to an interviewed citizen.

“What can you tell us about this “Streak”?” Asks the anchor man holding a microphone to the woman's face.

“I can’t really tell you much, but I know that whoever, or whatever it was, was certainly heroic. And fast too.”

Flipping over to another, the same reporter asks “Is it true you have a recording quirk? If so, could you tell us in high detail what happened?”

“Well, I can’t really say very much, not even I can keep up with a lightning bolt.” Says the women with a low chuckle. “But I know that the person had an orange faceplate and puffy green ha-” She says before the TV gets cutoff.

“Okay, it’s obvious that it was you.” Says Nemori stretching her arms with a yawn.

“You can’t prove that.” He says before feeling a quick clasp around his wrist.

“You’re right, but how about we just get some sleep. You’re gonna need it for tomorrow, it’s the sports festival after all.” She says leading him to the bedroom where she then locks him on the bed with a pair of handcuffs.

“Wh-What’re you doing?”

“Well isn’t it obvious? I’m arresting you for vigilaniism~” SHe says getting comfy next to him making him blush a very deep red before deciding to press herself up against him, more than she already was, making him vibrate again.

For the next hour or so, he was used as a human vibrator for one of his teachers until she finally passed out and fell asleep on top of him. The closest thing to losing his virginity he’s gonna get for a while.

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Okay, so firstly, let me point out that this story isn't gonna be completely abandoned, just gonna be rewritten with a new title is all. I've recently been stressed out by a lot of things involving exams, friends, family, etc. and I think that's messed up the writing a lot more then it may have already been. I originally planned to write the sports festival, but I also wanted to add a few changes to it that I wanted to keep in it, so I'll be leaving it off here. This was also my first/second fanfic(still not sure which one), so it was mostly a way to gauge peoples reactions to certain things so I could get a bit more experience in writing. So I'll bring it back under a new title, eventually, but not for a while. Still need to work on some English, grammar, and social skills. Until then, have a nice day? I guess?

Also, the thing with the harem ordeal was also somewhat an experiment. I wanted to see just who I would fit in it, and close to none of the girls I've had in the story has quite done what I planned. So I have an idea about what this ship will be in the rewrite.

Now have a nice day.

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Concerning the rewrite itself, I'm considering adding a mini arc for simple character development. Instead of skipping the first nine months I'll make it so he wakes up a bit earlier for that mini arc.

I wanna involve a time traveling OC so I can make it so Izuku didn't save Bakugou so All Might doesn't give him OFA. Izuku won't be receiving OFA at all either

I plan on adding an OC based off of someone from BNHA Vigilantes and an OOC Melissa fir obvious reasons.

Basically, I'm gonna be making lots of changes and, as I said before, it won't be an Izuku x Harem again cause I found out exactly who I want Izuku with.

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