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The darkness was spreading, spilling out of the city center like a broken pipe.

Friends, family, children… They were running, shoving, looking for a way out. Any way to safety.

You were shouting directions, pointing towards the airships parked at the edge of town. In the corner of your eye you watched a building crumble to nothing, crystal pink hearts floating up to the purple and black tinged sky in result.


Screams filled your ears as you watched a mass of these yellow-eyed shadows advance towards a large group of people, your breath hitching in your throat in realization that they were mostly children. Your grip on your staff tightened. You looked around, time seeming to slow down as another group appeared on your right, cornered.

Your ears were ringing, nearly blocking out the shouting of your name from behind you. Regardless, you did not turn back- not yet.


You lifted your staff, a bright yellow light surrounding it, and slammed it to the ground.


The knock-back from the spell nearly sent you to the ground, but you stood tall, your shoulders shaking as you held tightly onto your weapon. The two group of monsters had halted mid-air, giving their near-victims a chance for escape.

You held on for as long as you could, your eyes tearing up as the ringing stopped, and your name was called once more. You looked over your shoulder to see him- it was always him.

A soft smile graced your face and an apology fell from your lips as the spell faded. The shadows turned towards you.

As your staff fell to the ground and the darkness descended upon you, his dark blue eyes were wide in shock, his gloved hand outstretched in your direction.

The cold was like no other-

And the boy’s anguished cry followed you to the dark.


You awoke from your slumber with a gasp, your hand flying up to rest on your rapidly beating heart as you sat up in bed.

The same nightmare- over and over and over again.

You looked out your window at the permanently setting sun, only the clock on your wall allowing you to confirm how early in the morning it was. A sigh escaped you as you clutched the jewelry that hung from your neck.


Unbeknownst to you, the brunette worlds away similarly woke up in a shock, your name falling from his lips in a shout, his hand outstretched. The same nightmare.

His hand moved back to rub his temple, his eyes roving over to the clock next to his bedside before moving to look out the window across the room. The sun had barely risen.

Nearly ten years and the dead still haunted him.