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Hamsters: Origin

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Being a pro hero and a university student at the same time was exhausting, and sometimes, Bakugou Katsuki felt, being in a relationship with Todokori Shouto was just as annoying as having to sit through lectures where he learned nothing. But unlike his courses, which he would drop without a second glance if he had a chance, the relationship was nice most of the time, and they hardly ever fought, which seemed to be a surprise to everyone who knew them. Every time it happened, he had to bite back the urge to remind people that Kirishima was dating Aoyama, which to him was much more surprising. Nobody had seen that coming.

One of the good things about their relationship was that they had settled into a nice routine, which suited Bakugou just fine. They worked around each other’s schedules and split the chores, and if one of them needed the other to cover for him, it was a simple fix. Sometimes Bakugou himself was surprised at how well they seemed to work together. A few years ago, he would have scoffed at the thought.  

“I’m home,” he called, sliding his shoes off and walking into the apartment after a frustrating day dealing with stupid groupmates for a project. He hated group work. “Oi, Todoroki!”

“Welcome home,” Todoroki called monotonously from the bedroom.

Bakugou grabbed Todoroki’s coat and marched into the room, tossing it onto him unceremoniously. Todoroki pulled it off of himself, and blinked at him. “Are we going somewhere?”

“Yes,” Bakugou said. “We’re going out to eat.”


“It’s your birthday, isn’t it, dumbass?”

“Oh. Right,” Todoroki said. Bakugou rolled his eyes.

“C’mon, then. I haven’t got all fucking day.”

Todoroki complied, mouth quirking into a tiny smile. “Where are we going?” he asked.

Bakugou shot him an annoyed look. “Are you trying to be cute? Where do you think we’re going?”

Todoroki’s eyes lit up, and Bakugou bit back a smile. Todoroki showed more emotion now than he used to back in high school, but it still made Bakugou feel like he had won something when he elicited expressions of happiness from his boyfriend. He was going fucking soft.

They made it to the restaurant that reportedly had the best soba in town, and was one Todoroki had been wanting to try for a long time. They had never gone before because it was expensive, but Bakugou had decided that Todoroki’s birthday was a good enough reason to go, and so he had booked a reservation at the place a week ago, and they were soon seated at a very nice private booth decorated in red and white. Todoroki raised his eyebrows at Bakugou once they had ordered and the waiter had left. “Wow, you even got the place decorated. If only high school you could see you now.”

Bakugou snorted. “That brat would insist I’d been hit by some bullshit mind quirk.”

They talked about school and work as they waited for their food, which took a pleasantly short time to arrive. The meal was just as good as the reviews had claimed, and they were both very satisfied by the time they left the place. On the way back home, they passed by a few stores, and it took Bakugou a second to realize that Todoroki had stopped outside one of them. Frowning, he looked back to find his boyfriend gazing through the window of a pet shop. He walked back to join him.

“What’re you staring at?”

Todoroki pointed at a sleeping hamster. “Let’s get one.”

Todoroki had never, ever shown any interest in getting a pet, least of all a hamster, so Bakugou had to take a step back and give him a searching look to try to figure out if he was joking. It was difficult to tell when Todoroki joked, since he often delivered them with a deadpan expression, but Bakugou liked to think he was fairly good at recognizing them by now. Except for this time. “What the fuck?” he asked, giving up. 

“Can we?”

“You want to get a hamster?”



Todoroki shrugged. “I’ve always wanted a pet.”

“You’ve always wanted a pet?” Bakugou echoed. “And you’ve never brought this up before today. What the fuck?” he repeated. Todoroki looked impassively back at him. “You know how to take care of a hamster?”

“No. Do parents know how to take care of a baby before they have one?”

“That’s…a surprisingly good argument,” Bakugou admitted. “Do we have time for a fucking pet?”

“Midoriya said they’re not very difficult to take care of.”

“So I have fucking Deku to blame for this.”

“So can we get one?”

Bakugou let out a deep breath through his nose, and opened the shop door. “Let’s see how much it’s going to fucking cost us.”

Forty-five minutes later, they walked out of the shop with a hamster.


“Todoroki-kun told me you two got a hamster,” Midoriya said cheerfully when Bakugou leaned into the frame and blocked Todoroki from the webcam.

“Yeah, and I have you to thank. Fucking Deku,” Bakugou said. The hamster had bitten him when he had tried to pour some feed in the cage, and he was already regretting everything.

Midoriya—damn him—just laughed. “Have you named the hamster yet?”

“No,” Bakugou said. It hadn’t occurred to him, and he bet it probably hadn’t occurred to Todoroki either.

“Kacchan, you need to name your hamster. It’s a part of your family now.”

“We should name him,” Todoroki said, pushing him away out of the frame. Bakugou let him, and laid his head against his left shoulder instead. He blocked out their conversation and drifted off, Todoroki’s warmth lulling him to sleep. Todoroki patted his cheek to wake him up later, and Bakugou moved, grumbling. “We have to name the hamster. Then you can sleep.”

“Fine. We’ll name the fucking hamster.”

Todoroki looked at him expectantly, and Bakugou narrowed his eyes at him. “You want me to come up with it? This entire thing was your idea.”

“Izuku,” Todoroki said promptly.

“What the fuck,” Bakugou said reflexively. He was about to veto the decision, but then he paused and thought about it. A smile spread on his face.

“You’re making that face,” Todoroki said.

“What face, Half-n-Half?”

“Your villain face.”

“I do not have a villain face.”

“Hmm. We’re naming it Izuku.”

“It’d be hilarious to tease the hamster and say I annoyed Deku,” Bakugou said.

“You are not going to tease Izuku.”

Bakugou scowled. “Fine. But I will tease Deku about naming the hamster after him. He’ll be annoyed when we tell him.”

Todoroki raised his eyebrows, but didn’t say anything.


It turned out that Midoriya did not, in fact, feel annoyed at the fact that they had named their hamster after him. Instead, the annoying bastard had the audacity to be touched by the whole thing. He had actually teared up when Todoroki had delivered the news. Disgusting. But it was too late to do anything about the name now.

Izuku had only just begun to start liking Bakugou when Bakugou arrived home one day to find two hamsters in the cage instead of one. He walked into the kitchen, where Todoroki was cooking. “Why the fuck do we have two hamsters now?”

“Oh, you met Soba,” Todoroki said.

“You got a new hamster and you named it Soba,” Bakugou said.

“Yes,” Todoroki replied.

“Where the hell did you get the hamster from?”

“The pet store. Izuku needed a friend.”

Bakugou shook his head. “You just wanted another one,” he said.


Bakugou rolled his eyes. “Soba, huh? Of course you’d name it that,” he said, and laughed. It turned out that Izuku really had just needed a friend, because Bakugou no longer got scratched at or bitten when it was his turn to clean the cage or give the hamster food and water. Who knew Soba would have such an effect on Izuku, he thought, and cackled internally.


“Welcome back,” Todoroki said. Bakugou froze at the door, not having expected Todoroki to already be home. He stood up quickly, his hand moving to his pocket. “You didn’t have an umbrella? Is your pocket…squealing?” Todoroki asked, frowning at him.

“I had to fucking bring it home, okay?” Bakugou snapped, removing a shivering hamster from his pocket. He had found it in a box left out in the rain, and somehow hadn’t been able to leave it behind. Fucking soft.

Todoroki said nothing, and just held out his hand. Bakugou handed the hamster over, which promptly sank its claws into Todoroki’s skin. Todoroki winced. “We’ll have to trim the claws.”

“We’re keeping it,” Bakugou said, crossing his arms.

“Of course. Another friend for Izuku and Soba.” Todoroki dried it off and trimmed its claws. It was a feisty hamster, and left him with a couple of deep cuts that needed cleaning. “What are we going to name it?” he asked as Bakugou disinfected the cuts.

“King Murder Claws,” Bakugou said.

Todoroki raised his eyebrows. “You know all our hamsters are female, right?”

“Your point being?”

“King Murder Claws it is.”