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Trip to the Happiest Place On Earth

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“So who else is excited about this trip? 'Cause I am!” Soren exclaimed excitedly. “I haven't been there since I was little, I wonder how much has changed!”

“Yeah we can tell.” Gren chuckled as he glanced at his phone to make sure they were still on the right path to the theme park. So far so good, they hadn't gotten lost- yet. “Any place in particular we should visit?”

“Any place is fine as long as the lines aren't too long.” Corvus replied from the backseat. “But I have to ask, are we all going to be grouped in one big group with the others or are we just going to split into groups?”

“We'll decide when we get over there.” Gren chuckled and glanced at the rearview mirror where he could see both Marcos and Crow Master asleep. “Someone wake them up, we're almost there.”

Soren, who was sitting in the front with Gren, twisted around in his seat to grab Marcos’ knee and give it a quick shake. “Dude wake up! We're almost there!”

Marcos sat up with a snort, his eyes snapping right open as Crow Master gave a small yawn and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“How long?” He asked sleepily. “Sorry if I fell asleep, I just couldn't sleep last night.”

“Too excited?” Soren asked and his friend nodded. “Same here! But I ended up falling asleep close to midnight. Hey I should play my playlist so you two can remain awake for the rest of the trip and everyone can get into the spirit of going to Disneyland!”

“Go for it.” Gren said as Soren was already grabbing the AUX cable to plug his phone into the car speakers. “Just not too loud, I have to pay attention to the road.”

The rest of the car ride consisted of Soren singing a bit off key, everyone trying to get Corvus to sing along, and Gren trying to focus on the road while the other four either sang or tried getting Soren to change songs when they saw they were close.

“Can someone check to see if Amaya and Runnan got their groups here?” Gren asked as they were getting close to the parking lot booth. “So we can meet up?”

“Runaan says they're getting close, and Janai says they're already here.” Crow Master announced as Gren rolled up to the parking booth to get their ticket.

The group soon managed to get a good parking spot near the top level and proceed to unpack their things from the car.

“Sunscreen everyone, don't wanna repeat what happened at SeaWorld!” Corvus said tossing a bottle at Marcos, who scowled at him.

“Please don't remind me.” He muttered as he opened the top to squeeze some onto his hand.

“I packed some! We can just apply some after a few hours!” Soren said handing Crow Master his own from his bag. “Claudia had me pack extra just in case.”

“You put some on too Gren, otherwise Amaya and Janai are gonna try applying too much if they see you don't have any!” Corvus teased as Marcos tossed Gren the container.

“Ha ha,very funny.” Gren muttered, shaking his head. “They just did that one time and you're all never going to let me live it down are you?”

“Now you know how I feel!” Marcos laughed as he dug around his bag before pulling out a cap. “Come on, before we have to wait too long for the trams!”

The five of them made their way out of the parking lot to the downstairs area where park visitors were awaiting the trams. They spotted Janai and Amaya, who was holding onto both Callum and Ezran by their backpacks and made their way over.

“Can you tell her to let go of my backpack?” Callum asked when they got close. “I feel like I'm wearing one of those child harnesses aunt Amaya used to put on us when we were little.”

“No because she is not going to risk either of you getting lost in this crowd.” Corvus replied.

“Hey I see Runaan!” Soren exclaimed and pointed towards the elevator area. “GUYS WE'RE OVER HERE!”

“You don't have to shout.” Janai scolded as Runaan, Rayla, Tinker and Claudia came into view and hurried towards them.

[Who put those Minnie ears on you, Runaan?] Amaya signed, a big smirk on her face when she noticed what was sitting on the said elf's head.

“Rayla.” Claudia replied with a giggle when Gren translated the question. “I had them in my bag and she convicted him to put it on, he's been trying to take them off since we parked but Tinker keeps slipping them back on.”

“This feels ridiculous.” Runaan muttered.

“Don’t be ridiculous, it looks adorable on you.” Tinker scoffed. “By the end of the trip I bet you'll by a set of your own.”

“He's blushing!” Soren laughed when the elf's cheeks bloomed with embarrassment.

“Can we just go already!” Runaan yelled, grabbing Tinker and Rayla by their hands and pulling them towards the lines awaiting the trams.

“Watch, by the end of the trip he will definitely forget about being embarrassed and get a set of his own ears.” Corvus laughed as the group moved to follow them.

“I'm betting so as well.” Janai laughed.