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Trip to the Happiest Place On Earth

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"Treehouse!" Ezran and Aanya yelled as they ran towards the large staircase leading up into the leafy canopy.

"I never thought I'd see a child as serious as Aanya would get excited over a giant tree." Gren comments as their group followed the two kids and the three teens who had ran up the stairs after them.

"Ezran loosens her up, and his carefree attitude is rubbing off on her." Soren says as they begin climbing up the stairs after the kids, as they were squealing in excitement over some of the character displays.

"THEY HAVE A GIANT SPOTTED CAT!" They heard Rayla scream from ahead.

"Guys be careful!" Gren yells. "The steps are slippery!"

The kids seemed to be having too much fun on the large swaying rope bridge, Rayla and Claudia bouncing on it rapidly to make it shake while Ezran and Aanya screamed in joyful terror. Corvus of course had refused to cross it until the girls stopped bouncing and practically ran across it to reach the other side. Of course once he was off they jumped back on to give the other men a hard time crossing.

"Alright, after this one we go on one more ride." Gren said as he pulled his phone out to find a message from Amaya. "Your aunt says you all have school tomorrow and we can't stay so late."

"Aw come on!" Callum groaned.

"Hey at least we had fun, right?" Ezran stated as they exited the treehouse. "So what attraction are we all going on after this?"

"Pirates of the Caribbean?" Crowmaster suggests and Rayla went pale. "Or maybe not."

"The Jungle Cruise is nearby, we can go on that." Soren suggests. "And so is the Enchanted Tiki Room as well, so Rayla could go in there with someone else."

"I'm not going to sit in a pitch black room full of screaming animatronic birds and flowers!" Rayla protests. "If I wanted to do that I could have stayed in Crowmaster's house!"

"It's honestly not even bad, it's a rather calm ride." Marcos points out.

"Just cruising through a river, going under a waterfall, avoiding hippos and elephants." Soren adds and Rayla made a face.

"Then I'm not going on." She states. "Come on, the adults are waiting."

"There you are!" The heard Ethari yell as the adults came into view. "Come on, Amaya decided to pick our last ride that she thinks even you would like Rayla!"

The group followed him down the road until they came to a large attraction with a large line where all the adults, including Aanya's mothers were waiting outside for them.

"Ooh what ride is this?" Claudia asks, leaning back to read the sign of the ride. "Oh...wait is Amaya sure about this ride?"

"We've talked to the ride operators, it's a safe ride that even Runaan agrees will be fine with Rayla." Janai says as Rayla went pale.

"Oh no no no, there is no way I am getting on that boat!" She yells and steps behind Ethari. "I got motion sick from stepping into the Small World ride!"

"You'll be fine, it's not like that Splash Mountain ride." Runaan tries to assure her. "Come on, we all haven't had a chance to get on something together all day, at least give it a chance."

"Nope! I'll just go on Indiana Jones by myself, that's nearby!"

"Know what, this was a bad idea." Ethari agreed as he quickly stood up. "I'll just stay with Rayla while you all get on the ride river cruise ride."

"What? No, you were so excited to get on!" Rayla stated and gestures to the boat. "You shouldn't have to leave because of me! Forget it, I'll get on and deal with my seasickness."


"I'll be fine Callum! If worse comes to worse, I'll just puked over the side of the boat."

"Please don't." The ride attendant nearby muttered.

"Are you sure?" Marcos asks. "Claudia mentioned you got sick just stepping into the Small World boat.

"I can handle it!" Rayla insists and gulps nervously. "I...I suppose I'll have to try and get over this fear at some point. It's not fair if I have to hold you all back."

"If you don't puke I'll buy you some ice cream." Soren offers. "Or even if you do I'll get you some just to make you feel better."

"Ice cream sounds delicious." Ezran states quietly.

"Fine, if Rayla doesn't puke I'll buy all you kiddies, including Aanya and Claudia ice cream. Two scoops!"

"And we'll have to deal with the ones on a sugar high." Runaan mutters as the kids cheer. "Come on then, in line."

Once they got to the front of the line, Rayla was already feeling nauseous, but she tried to ignore it. And it looked like the ride attendant had some motion sickness bags on the boat, probably for the tourists who got sick easily, so that was a plus at least.

"This won't tip over, right?" Janai asks as she sat herself between Gren and Amaya as everyone else was seating themselves.

"We've never had an accident aboard the ride that involved it tipping over. Puking, yes. Someone falling out of the boat, witnessed it happening three times." The ride attendant assured her and stepped on. "Alright ladies and gentlemen, keep your hands, arms, feet and legs inside the boat at all times, hold onto your belongings and enjoy the ride!"

Rayla practically clung tightly to the pole next to her while pressing herself against Runaan as the boat sped forward. She tried focusing on the floor of the boat as the attendant rattled on about what was going on around them and what sort of things they were going to see on their jungle cruise.

"Here, if you feel sick drink this." Rayla opened her eyes to see Aanya holding out a water bottle to her. "I get car sick sometimes and find drinking water kind of helps."

"Thanks." Rayla mumbles as she accepts the bottle, twisting the cap to take a quick drink.

"On your right up ahead it seems like we've found that expedition crew we lost a few days ago!" The attendant announced loudly. "And it looks like they're playing with a rhino and a couple of hyenas as well."

Rayla looks up to see what looked almost like real humans trying to climb up a tree surrounded by strange dogs while a rhino was nearly poking the human closest to it with it's horn. It was a rather humourous sight that kind of made her feel a bit better.

"Hey look, lions!" Claudia yells as what looked like a cave came into view with little animatronic lion Cubs playing nearby while two adults were standing over what looked like a dead zebra.

"These look so real, hard to believe they're just animatronics." Runaan says softly with a chuckle. "See? The ride is not so bad now, is it?"

"I suppose." Rayla admits. "I guess I kind of overreacted a bit with Small World."

"Nah, you couldn't really help it. Maybe next time if we ever come here with Ethari, and maybe your parents as well we can try the more safer water rides to help you get over your fear. Oh look, elephants."

Rayla looks over the side to see large animatronic elephants playing in the water next to a large waterfall, one even playfully squirting water in their direction and making the kids and some of the adults laugh.

"Feeling better Rayla?" Callum asks and she nods. "Looks like Soren owes us all ice cream!"

By the time the boat had made it back to the docks, Rayla never thought she'd feel relieved to step on solid ground again. So far she hadn't felt the need to throw up during the ride, and she actually got to enjoy the scenery with everyone else and take a few pictures to send to her parents. And now that she was back on solid ground and not feeling like throwing up the food she ate earlier, she was ready for the ice cream Soren promised them.

"Hope you plan on keeping your promise Soren, because I'm now craving some cookies and cream." She says with a grin. "I didn't even puke once during the ride, so I still get that ice cream!"

"Triple scoop for you then, if you can stomach it." Soren says with a laugh. "Come on, I'm buying!"