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Monthly Poll Stories - 2019

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Hana watched from the shadows, unseen and unheard. Her eyes watched her quarry with great focus, never looking away. These days were wonderful ones, when Zarya did her leg routines. All the squatting, stretching, a sweating, could see the perfect match of muscle and fat that constituted the weightlifter’s rump rippling under her admittedly small, tight gym shorts. She could practically see Zarya's nethers outlined as those small pants grew tight at the bottom of her squats.

The comparatively small Korean girl felt a throb in her lower body, a great need forming in her mind. It was now or never, as she wouldn't be able to stomach walking away from this. She began to slowly slink in, Zarya's back turned, and began to make her move. Nothing had ever escaped her grasp before, her skills too perfectly tempered, so how could this not go her way?

Quite easily, it turned out.

Unbeknownst to the small girl, the Russian woman had known about her recent spying. This whole angle, squatting and showing off her rump, was all an expert ruse to lure the horny Hana from her hiding. Just as she got close enough to try to make a move, Zarya made her own. The door hissed as it closed behind Hana, lock clicking into place as she was sealed in with her muscular friend.

“Like a mouse to cheese,” Zarya said with a chuckle, finishing her squat and placing the weights back on the rack in front of her. “You did not think I would not notice you creeping around? Now, you are locked in here with me… until you pay the toll.”

Hana was awash with a mix of confusion and arousal, swallowing loudly before she could manage any words. “T-toll? What's the price?”

Zarya leaned against the wall, pushing her butt out with a bend of her knees. “Take a guess, and once you do, get started. I would rather not wait all day, but I will.”

It almost seemed too good to be true. Was the weightlifter really just offering herself up? The young gamer drew closer, heart skipping a beat as she saw the outlines of Zarya’s nethers through the tight fabric; she wasn’t wearing any underwear! Hana was practically drooling at this point. She had been waiting for this moment and wouldn’t dare squander it. Zarya chuckled, smirking as her small friend gave in to temptation.

She felt Hana’s lips and tongue get to work, caressing her tender tidbits through the thin fabric that covered her ass. Zarya could feel her attempts to probe into her, her pucker and folds stimulated quite well despite the clothing covering them. What really caught her attention though was the quiet sniffs, that little nose pulling in the sweaty smell the weightlifter had been building up. Hana did truthfully enjoy the smell, the musk of a mature woman, compounded by the scent of sweat after a hard workout. It was addicting, and she wanted more, but didn't know how to make such a bold move.

Zarya did it for her. She slid her pants down for that young Korean, exposing her nethers. Hana barely waited more than a single second to get a taste of the real deal. The tight pucker in front of her had most all her attention, her tongue prodding and pushing against it. To be honest, Zarya was impressed; this horny girl was hitting all the good spots! There was a certain attention to detail, tenderly pressing deeper and deeper with that tongue, all the while making slow, deliberate circles.

The Russian huffed, quite pleased and quite aroused. This was good, very good. It seemed her diminutive friend had earned the next step. Without warning, she began to change gears.

Hana let out a small, startled peep as Zarya stood and shifted her weight backwards, leaving frozen in place like a building were tumbling down on top of her. She was knocked down onto the floor mat that covered the room, her face squished under the heavy weight of the muscular woman's rear. Face bright red, sputtering, and unable to free herself as that sweaty, firm ass pressed down on her, Hana was in a mix of heaven and hell.

There was a dull slap as Zarya landed, her meaty rear jiggling briefly as it connected with Hana's face. She chuckled, rubbing it in, literally, with a shake of her wide hips. The large woman was making sure to shame the would-be deviant, to show how foolish her goal had been. Her nethers smeared a fine film of juice across the gamer's cheeks and lips, the very act itself, combined with the stimulation, making her body quiver.

“Get going, little Hana. Put your mouth to use, or I will put you to work!”

Knowing Zarya, she meant it. Not that Hana was against the idea at all, but she figured, with muscles like those, it was better to give in and indulge. She made sure to do her best, kissing and licking, rubbing against the smooth, warm privates that were so readily smothering her. Hana could feel the raw heat and moisture beating down on her as she made long, dragging motions from front to back, from pussy to asshole. It wasn’t too surprising that Zarya was into this stuff, though the submissive Korean had enjoyed the thoughts of her being the one in control.

The Russian was grinning like a fool, though. Despite the difficulties of her position and the suddenness of the situation, Hana was giving her quite the oral servicing. It was impressive, really. Her body was growing hotter by the second, and it wasn’t just the exercise that had gotten her to this point. She could feel all her muscles tightening, pulsing with arousal, her mind begging for more and more. There wasn't much time until Zarya stepped things up a notch. Shifting her angle, she began to press her backdoor straight down on her small friend.

Her tight pucker was practically shoved right against Hana's nose, the scent of sweat and other fluids of arousal filling her as she breathed deep. This was heaven! Though her tongue couldn't quite reach, nose still quite deep into Zarya's butthole, she acted out of instinct. She brushed all along that sensitive region between the weightlifter's tight holes, sufficiently showing her dedication and eagerness with a slathering of saliva.

“God, you are such pervert,” Zarya chided, grinding her hips against her partner. “Seems you truly are serious… perhaps we take it step further?”

Hana didn't see how it could get any more serious than this, and was immediately proven wrong as her buff buddy changed position once more. Her massive, thick thighs tightened down in her side, strong hands grabbing her legs and lifting them up and backwards until her torso was sticking straight into the air. So much more weight was coming down on her, her body stretched into an oddly arousing, yet straining, position. To put things short, she was in love with every part of it. She felt exhilarated, like she was truly living in the moment!

“Stamina training is important,” Zarya boomed, face flush red. “Let's see how long you can last…”

It truly would be a challenge, a true training regimen. That much was obviously as that titanic butt squished down onto Hana's face once again. Only this time, she had a goal within view. Her tongue did its best, given the cramped space and constant fluids dripping onto her from the wet cooch right nearby, giving tribute was somewhat of a challenge. Hana’s oral muscle circled and prodded the ring above her, occasionally planting kisses as well. She could taste the salty sweat that clung to Zarya's skin, an oddly addicting flavor that she found herself craving as the minutes passed. Granted that she could barely see anything, she wondered if her ministrations were having an effect.

A low, deep moan told her all she needed.

Zarya was loving it, to say the least. Her bulging muscles rippled as pleasure shot up her spine again and again. Not only was Hana doing a decent job given the literal bind she was in, Zarya, quite frankly, loved domming people like this. To exert so much control over someone so much smaller made her feel a bit like a bully, a very horny bully, at that. It gave her such a sexual high that she could barely ever stop once it had begun.

Having such a dedicated tongue prod and push past her pucker certainly helped, too. It was almost getting unmanageable. Hana was getting deeper by the minute, having finally pushed past the resistance, and the bliss Zarya was feeling increased in kind. She was giving into it, pressing down hard and harder, trying to get Hana every fraction of an inch she could as she sputtered and did her best under increasing pressure. Her face was becoming quite covered in fluids, beads of it rolling and dripping onto the floor under her, and her endurance was running out. It was either finish Zarya off here or risk truly getting smothered by the muscular beauty.

She doubled down on her efforts, tonguing the weightlifter's hole as best she could. Zarya’s thighs were tightening down around her, body bearing down from above. Short on breath, Hana managed to do the (seemingly) impossible. The Russian woman began to quiver and quake, the raw pleasure finally overwhelming her control. A deep moan reverberated throughout Zarya’s body, a small spray of juices coating the young gamer’s face as she finally met the climax she craved. It was like a weight was lifting off her shoulders, even as hers bore down on the ‘tiny mouse’ she was leaking fluids onto.

When it all finally came to a close, Hana’s arms were spread-eagle and stretched out. She was out of energy, eyes hazy even as Zarya lifted off of her. Face wet and mouth sore, Hana had had more than her fill for the day. All she could do now was pant and reflect on it all; it wasn’t like she’d be able to go anywhere soon.

“Perhaps next time you will learn that eyes are often bigger than stomach… bigger than you can handle,” Zarya taunted, laughing as she pulled her pants back up and left the room.

Hana knew it wasn’t size, but preparation. She’d get the drop next time, she was sure of it.

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Midna felt as antsy as ever. This impish body already had her restless and eager to revert back to normal, but having her personal needs cropping up in the middle of it all was causing troubles. She was already a bit mischievous, doing whatever she wanted whenever, and not above flaunting herself. This Twili was a queen, after all. If she wanted to vent her frustrations, she ought to be allowed to do it however she pleased.

For Link, he was hardly in a good position himself. Problems with friends aside, being changed back and forth from a wolf form was playing with him in ways he didn't care for. To top it off, Midna was getting awfully flirty lately. She would rub against him, show herself off, and do all sorts of little signals that were impossible to not notice. That is, while they remained small. They grew with frequency and intensity until they were outright painful to put up with.

Link had his own urges, after all, and Midna wasn't helping.

However, on this night, things came to a crossroad. She had forcefully reverted him to his canine form, out in the forest, of all places. He didn't have much say and was used to it at this point, but her actions after had him speechless. Not that he could talk at all. Midna bent over in front of him, spreading her cheeks to show off the pinkish nethers that hid between them.

“Well, ‘hero’, while I would rather not fraternize in such a way with you, we each have our needs. So, let's both be adults, or rather imp and dog, and work out these repressed feelings before I go crazy.”

Link was weary of her words. Was this some taunt? Perhaps something making fun of his current form, his inability to act the way he preferred? He didn't really appreciate it, but he was still a man. Albeit, a man in a dog's body. Link couldn't stop his mind from doing what was natural, as he looked over to see what she was doing, his member growing to full size underneath him. There was no lying, he liked what he saw.

“You just going to stand there like a dummy? Or are you going to shove that thing where we both want it?”

Link figured there was nothing to lose, any consequences could be dealt with later. He walked over and began to rub his member against her folds. They felt better than he'd ever imagined, soft and smooth. Midna was growing more impatient by the minute, clearly not a big fan of such prolonged foreplay. Shaking her hips didn't give him the sign, so she had to be more vocal about it.

“Just stick it in, you dumb mutt! Push it in or you're staying like that for a whole week!”

Link was alarmed, to say the least. If Midna said it, she meant it. In his haste to do as told, drawing back and then coming down hard, he had forgotten to do one thing: aim. The impish woman cried out, a large cock suddenly burrowing deep into her rectum, where it didn't belong. She tried to get him to correct it, but the air had been knocked from her lungs. Midna couldn't stop her companion even as he began to thrust, thoroughly reaming the wrong hole. However, as she was given a proper, if not misaligned, humping, things began to change.

Discomfort became pleasure, her nerves lighting up in delight as her insides were massaged by the constant thrusts of her companion's hips. Midna's face was bumped down into the grass, every slap of their hips pushing her deeper to the dirt. Given the strange circumstances, she found herself enjoying the rough loving she was getting. She had asked for one thing and what she had gotten instead wasn't too bad, either.

Had anyone been wandering near the place where they were conducting their business, they would no doubt have heard interspersed growls and moans as Link pounded away at his companion. Midna's ass was beginning to feel loose and ready for full speed. She grunted as his pace quickened, her pucker unable to properly grip a single thing after so much usage. Her voice, and subsequently her angry tone, faded away as time passed. The rough, ass fucking had finally silenced the rowdy imp, doing what no one else ever could.

As the minutes passed, and Midna’s asshole grew warmer and wetter, the two were nearing their ends. Link couldn’t hold back, not with how tight she was, and his comparative size was secretly driving her crazy. She held onto her pride, never once begging, even though she was always so close to doing so as she moaned through her still-grit teeth. However, she did worry about what was coming; she could feel his member throbbing inside her rectum and knew just how close he was.

“Hey, you stupid dog, pull out before you go! Don’t you dare pump that stuff into-!”

She was cut off as Link plunged in to the base, his knot swelling and plugging her tight. Midna couldn’t object anymore than she already was; she was stuck where she was for the immediate future. The imp had more than that to worry about. His cock pulsed and twitched, his balls beginning to empty out everything they’d been holding. Given how pent-up he had been from all her teasing, it was quite a lot, to put it simply. Her moans could no longer be suppressed as her colon was flooded with thick, hot cum.

It felt good, amazing even! Not that she would dare admit it. Her fingers dug into the ground, muscles pulling tight as she was forced into her own, embarrassing orgasm. This foolish Hylian had made her come. This momentary shame was overshadowed by the fact that even a minute later, Link’s orgasm was still going. Perhaps it was some sort of side effect of his bestial form or because of the influence of the Twilight, but, in either case, it was having an interesting effect on the small, impish woman. She could feel the pressure building in her bowels, her gut swelling as spunk filled every inch she had and then some.

Her stomach distended under the sheer volume that was filling her, her small belly getting bigger with every passing second until, thankfully, Link’s flow petered off and finally stopped. He tried to pull out, her swollen stomach bouncing as he attempted to yank himself out, but that knot of his kept them intimate. Whether or not they wanted it, they were stuck together in a way they could never have predicted.

Out of breath, Midna grumbled at him, trying to turn so she could give him her trademark glare. “You better be thankful that you were… adequate, or I’d punish you for doing something so… so craven to me.”

Link couldn’t respond, given his current state, but he would likely have given a similar response in kind.

“Though,” Midna continued, changing her tune. “If you can control those impulses, I don’t see why we can’t make this a more regular occurrence…~”

She most likely had more rules in mind and was simply tempting Link so she could exact more control, but how could he resist after something like this? He nodded the best he could, earning a pet on the snout as they laid and waited for this frustratingly long coitus to finally end. Depending on one’s point-of-view, the next ten minutes they spend fidgeting about was either wonderful or aggravating.

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The patter of rain could be heard outside the cement lined cellar that the Chaldean team had been using as a base. It didn't offer much, but it kept everyone away from trouble and out of the elements. Archer and Avenger were out, scouting about or some sort, while Saber was left to watch over the young Master. He was a bit scrawny, a tad effeminate, yet a decent person. Not that she'd admit the last part or spin the first two in any positive way.

All that was important was that he had her attention and was good enough that she felt compelled to join into contract with him. She slowly walked over to the one bed, peering down at him. Gudao was sleeping soundly, despite the strain from all the recent events. Artoria envied him a bit, being so calm like this, it was natural as a corrupted Alter to do so. Looking up and down him, making sure he wasn't being disturbed, she noticed something peculiar: the blanket was bulging upwards.

Despite her smarts, Saber was curious, perplexed even. She began to peel away the blankets, looking for what was causing it. It didn't take long, however, and she was kicking herself for being so dumb. The bulge was nothing artificial, but six inches of all-natural meat standing at attention. Normally, her regular self may have ignored it and put the blankets back, but as an Alter, she saw a reason to pick on him, especially as he murmured something in his sleep.


His dreams had wandered too far, his words were proof enough. Saber's short temper kicked in and she quickly tossed aside the covers. Gudao rose from his slumber but was far too slow. By the time his sensed returned to him, Artoria hand his hands handcuffed to the head of the bed and his pants removed. His shameful erection was on display and his Servant was preparing herself to dole out his punishment.

"Master, to have such dreams about your own Servant? How detestable! To think you can have your way with me is but a fantasy. Instead, I shall have my way with you!"

The only light in the room was glaring down from directly above him, making him incapable of seeing beyond his bed. He squirmed about, trying to get away. Gudao wasn't sure what she had planned, but he didn't want to find out. For all his struggle he got nowhere and only annoyed the Alter further.

"Come now, do you really think you can escape? Running from punishment only amplifies its necessity…"

She wasn't wrong, in her own strange way. With his hands locked to the bed he couldn't even get out of it, anyway, much less run away. He simply waited, both interested and a tad fearful of what she had in store. Saber, not one for subtlety, made it immediately apparent as she climbed into the bed, spread his legs, and slapped her strap-on down next to his own stiff cock. It was far bigger than his own, covered in bumps and raised rings. Gudao was still and silent as she rubbed against his trembling member.

"Come, now, don't you like what you see? Look how much bigger I am, compared to your scrawny size." It was exactly fair, given hers wasn't even real. "Doesn't stop me from doing this though."

The young Master quivered as she lifted his hips, positioning the toy directly against his backdoor. He gasped as she began to push, slowly thrusting it past what meager resistance his hole could muster. His body went rigid as it began to reach deep inside him, every bit of texture rubbing his walls. Gudao was groaning, gasping for air by the time Saber hilted inside him, his member leaking precum across his stomach. It was so deep!

"Well, Master, aren't you going to beg? I can't continue unless you do. Master/Servant thing, I hope you can understand."

She was making things up, but it didn't change the fact that his body wanted it. That he wanted it.

"S-Saber, I command you t-to… to… fuck me…"

She laughed, grabbing him by the hips in preparation. "I'm guessing that's the best I'll get. Wimpy, but good enough. Now, get ready, because I'm not stopping until you come, like the shameless pervert you are."

Gudao held onto the head of the bed, fingers wrapping around the bars he was cuffed to as she began to thrust. Pleasure coursed through his whole body as she began to roughly fuck him, as promised. The air was constantly escaping his lungs, her hips smacking his hard and fast. He had never thought something like this would happen, getting his own pucker stuffed, but he never thought it would feel this good, either.

Despite being the Master, he was hardly in charge, being actively reamed by his Altered Servant's massive toy. It smacked hard against his prostate, making his toes curl as spurts of fluid shot from his tip. She was practically milking him, making him fire off before even being close. Worst of all, is he was loving it more and more by the second. He hoped this wouldn't devolve into some sort of nightly ritual, but invading thoughts began to sway his opinion. This all felt too good, like he was slowly forming an addiction to the sensations.

It wasn't long until he was moaning, his flow of precum increasing as his arousal spiked. The metal bed creaked and groaned under the force of Saber's thrusts, as if on the verge of breaking apart. That wasn't far off from how he was feeling, the ecstasy he was in was pulling him apart, mind and body drifting away from one another as his ass was assaulted by his own Servant. He couldn't take any more, he was at his limits! His hole was so stuffed, prostate bullied to an endless extent, that it had been a miracle that Gudao had held out for so long.

"S-Saber, I-I'm coming…!"

"Of course, you couldn't last long, just come already you lazy fool."

Her belittling sent him over the edge, his jewels tightening up as they uploaded all they could. His mind blanked out, body going slack. Though, despite finally climaxing, she was still forcing him to follow her rhythm. Every thrust allowed another spurt of cum to coat his chest, his prostate being squeezed like a sponge by the toy lodged in his colon. Gudao had never shot a load as big as this, his chest soon plastered with spunk, dirty with the evidence of his so-called punishment. Even when his orgasm began to wane, he was still shooting, being actively drained by Artoria until he was completely and utterly dry.

By the time he came to, Saber had already begun to clean up. She was licking up the mess, sucking up heaps of sperm of his navel. Her eyes met his, glaring at him as if to tell him to never speak of what they had done. Gudao knew that behind those eyes, she had enjoyed it, too. Yet, there was still one last surprise in store for him. As she worked his way up his body, practically laying right next to him, she pulled his head in for a kiss. His eyes went wide as she forced a small mouthful of his own seed onto his tongue, swallowing it almost immediately out of surprise. It was sticky, salty and bitter, making him gag a bit from being so unprepared.

She snickered at his reaction, cheeks blushing as Saber herself realized what she had done.

"H-How was that? Put you in your place, huh?" She stammered, covering her tracks poorly. "Now, I don't think I'll have to worry anymore about you dreaming naughty things about me, right?"

He nodded nervously, knowing it would have the opposite effect. Gudao kept his mouth shut as she nestled in next to him, apparently determined to wait out the rest of the night with him. It was nice having her warm body pressed up against his, but worrisome in its own way. Perhaps he could say something to bridge the gap, so to speak.

"I bet that all tasted really good, huh?" He asked, stumbling into a death trap of his own making. "Maybe we can do it again sometime?"

Her only reaction was a glare, though her cheeks still rosy. Gudao didn't say another word, Saber watching him as they both slowly drifted off into sleep.

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"Master, why are we tying my hands up again?" Passionlip asked with genuine confusion, as she sat down on the edge of the bed. "You said it was for a game, right?"

"Sorta," Gudao responded, dancing around the subject. "We're going to play a love game and it requires one person's hands to be tied."

"A love game!?" She exclaimed, looking as happy as ever. "I'd love to do that."

He finished the bindings, simple rope holding her massive claws behind her. It wouldn't actually hold her, Passionlip could break it if she wanted, but knowing it was for a love game was all the reasoning she needed to play along. Gudao, though, was getting more excited by the second. Lip was, without a doubt, the bustiest Servant he had in Chaldea. Her massive chest was hard to not stare at, the soft mounds always jiggling with the slightest of motions.

Gudao had craved this moment for so long, but knew that the compactor hiding between her breasts was an issue. Nothing could escape it, at least at first. He had talked her into training herself, to allow anything to pass between her chest without fear. She had taken it to mean something else, but, once she had perfected the technique, he had moved his plans forward. With a moment of truth, everything now in place, he pulled aside the thin fabric that barely held back her gigantic mammaries.

They spilled out, dropping as gravity finally won the neverending battle it had been waging. Gudao, likewise, let his pants fall and expose his manhood to the air. He was already stiff, as hard as could be given the view he had and the ideas swirling in his mind. The time was upon him and he couldn't be more excited.

"Oh my… Master, you're twitching so much," Lip said with concern in her voice. "Have you not been taking care of your needs?"

He chuckled at her words; she was simultaneously an airhead and attentive. "I've just been saving up, Lip. I want to show as much passion as I can… want me to start?"

She nodded, visibly eager to begin. Gudao knelt down and finally grabbed a handful of what he had been craving. Her soft, large chest was heavenly, as perfect as perfect could be. His fingers sunk into her skin, her firm, lower layers welcoming his tight grip. He began to knead and squeeze, pulling on her breasts to Lip's enjoyment. Weak moans escaped her mouth, cheeks flush red as he played with her chest.

His mouth instinctively latched onto her areola, suckling on her teat, tongue covering her nipple in saliva. Gudao swapped back and forth, making sure both breasts were equally slobbered with spit. Lip was still moaning, her arms quivering as her Master showed her the love she had always wanted. Her mind was still splits between the reality of what was happening and the premise of this being a game. In either case, she was enjoying it.

"Lip, you're so soft and perfect," he murmured, using his tongue to play with her nipples. "You sure another dozen goddesses weren't used as your base?"

"N-no, Master, just the ones you know about…"

She was blushing almost as red as a tomato. This was his moment to take it further and he was quick to act on it. He stood, tossing aside his pants and bringing to bear the burden he'd been packing away for the last few minutes. His manhood was stiff as stone, twitching with need, only inches away from what he desired. Gudao's cock ached for just a touch, but he was going to go all the way.

Holding her breasts together, he slowly, yet firmly, slid between them. He shuddered as the silky smooth, feather soft feeling of her boobs enveloped him. This was instant heaven, his fingers were already drumming her skin in anticipation. Gudao, waiting little time, began to thrust straight into her valley, thinking of little else than his own physical satisfaction. Lip, though, wasn't left out. The sensations, and just the close proximity of her lover's manhood, had her quivering in delight.

Her cheeks were still bright red, small moans escaping from her mouth as sweat beaded up on her fair skin. This extra liquid acted as perfect lubricant, serving to ultimately heighten the experience in a never ending cycle of bliss. Gudao was in love and so was Lip, both vying to feel that carnal climax they both craved. While it would be a harder task for Lip, her Master had little trouble.

His hips began to shake, legs locking as his frantic thrusting earned him just the first of many orgasms. Mana-rich seed erupted deep inside her chest, filling the space and painting it all white. Yet, it didn't end there; a loud squelch echoed through the air as his cum came spraying out from both ends. It covered her top side and dripped from the bottom, onto her thighs. Lip could feel the heat seeping into her, the mana soothing her Spirit Core, giving her plenty of pleasure to boot.

"Oh, Lip, you really are perfect. I don't have the vocabulary to properly praise you… but I can speak with my actions instead."

Gudao was still hard, still aching for more. He lowered Lip backwards, onto the bed and straddled her waist, to gaze down at the aftermath of his first load. With gravity gaining hold of her large, soft mamarries, he could see the mess he had made between them. Thick wads of seed glazed every inch of her valley, strands bridging from one side to the other. Her already pale skin was almost pure white, most of it smeared and stained with spunk. It made his whole body throb, heart skipping a beat as his set his mind on what he wanted next.

Grabbing her massive breasts, he brought them back together, sandwiching his member once more between them. His previous load worked perfectly as lubricant, the sticky, slippery fluid keeping the tight space wet and primed for the second round. Once again, his hips began to move to his own rhythm, soft slaps echoing in time as his hips connected with her large, pliable bosom. He watched from above as his head poked through with each thrust, her cheeks growing redder with every second. Her eyes didn’t leave from the spot from which he was poking through, as if already waiting for what was to inevitably come.

To say the least, that wasn't what was most prevalent in Gudao's mind. All he could think of was how tight and silky smooth her chest was now that he was really in the thick of it. His previous load was getting thoroughly smeared around, the sloppy sounds of wet flesh rubbing together getting louder as it spread out further and further.

"How's it feel, Lip? Like having me so close like this?" He teased, leaning in close.

"O-oh, Master, it's wonderful… my heart feels like it's going to jump out of my chest…!"

"We can't be having that," the young Master chuckled. "Perhaps I can offer something to help calm you down?"

Lip let out a shy peep, turning away as she realized what he meant. The first time had been quite wonderful by itself, but a second was practically pampering. She couldn't say no, not to something so special. In reply, she simply nodded, too excited to say a word. All she could do was watch as her Master shifted his position, raring to race for the finish, just for her.

He raised his kneeling position, squishing in as close as he could to her cavernous cleavage. Gudao left at least an inch or two, the rest of his member still fully enveloped by her chest. Truthfully, it had been hard to wait this long before going all out, but those expressions of hers were well worth it. With his hands balancing his body, his face looming above hers, body leaned forward as far as his balance would allow, he resumed for the final time.

His pace was hard and fast, easily doubling his previous. Such small space between him and his lovely, endowed Alter Ego let his work his hips as fast as he could feasibly manage, his own legs holding her large bosom in place. Chills ran up his body, spine twitching with delight as pleasure coursed through him. This was just another layer of the heaven that was Passionlip, the cutest of all the Sakura Five.

"Oh, that's perfect, Lip…!" He exclaimed gasping for breath as the sensations began to overwhelm him. "I hope you like mana; I've got so much stored up just for you! Going to give you a fine necklace with it, if all goes well!"

"J-Just do your best, Master," she replied softly, weakly moaning as her sensitive chest rippled rapidly. "I'll love anything you give me…"

"Then get ready, because here it comes! O-open that pretty little mouth of yours, let's see how good I can aim!"

The knot in his loins, the pressure deep inside, was coming loose. He could tell just how much was coming, and he knew exactly what he was going to do with it all. Gudao held himself in her mammaries, buried deep, grunting as the first part of his load began to travel up his length. There was a deep gurgle from within the space between Lip's breasts, a foreshadowing of what was to come.

She could barely react as a massive surge of seed squirted out from every angle, spraying across her navel, her stomach, and even flowing over the top of her mounds as it tried to escape upwards. This however was the moment he had alluded to just moments ago. Lip could feel the tension building, leaning forward and opening those pretty, pink lips for what she had been promised.

The last, final, explosive load came erupting out of her bosom as his head slipped into the open. Strands of sticky cum landed all across her neck and face, large portions landing in her open mouth. What didn't hit their mark could be said to have do just as well, Lip's cheeks and eponymous lips were stained white, her purple hair given a dash of white as a few, extra excited shots flew further than expected. It lasted far longer than expected and, when finally done, she looked as if she'd tripped face first into a very special sort of cream pie.

"T-... thank you, Master," she mumbled as she painstakingly swallowed what her mouth was holding. "I couldn't be happier…"

Short on breath as well, Gudao chuckled, wiping the sweat from his brow and sliding off of his Servant. "It's the least I could do for someone so dedicated… and beautiful to boot too."

"All these compliments will make me melt away, you know…"

"Well, it's a good thing I can summon you back, good as before said melting, right?"

She pouted, unable to get a win in this silly game of flirts. Lip knew she'd have to be the one to treat her Master to a special surprise treat eventually, but for now this arrangement would work perfectly.

Chapter Text

The sounds of waves and distant gulls served as the perfect backdrop for you and your companion's vacation. Far from any responsibilities, Laegjarn, and by proxy you, were enjoying the wonderful views. She had never seen the ocean before, her home nation devoid of any large bodies of water, and you had never seen her out of her armor. Taking the opportunity, she had seen that a custom swimsuit was made for her, your eyes benefitting with every second that she wore it.

It hugged her so tightly, tastefully designed in every way, emphasizing her body perfectly. You could see the muscles rippling under that soft, bountiful form, her assets just as generous. Just looking at her buttocks or chest for but a second polluted your mind with perverse thoughts. If you could act on them, you would in a heartbeat, but it would be inappropriate to just outright proposition her like that.

As luck would have it, Laegjarn would be the one doing that. Your mind spacing out with your unmentionable thoughts, you failed to see her approaching you.

"You seem to be rather enjoying yourself," she murmured, kneeling down next to you so she could look you in the eyes. "And I have a feeling it isn't the the beach you've been looking at all this time."

Your eyes followed her as she looked down at your swim trunks, which had been shamelessly tented after harboring all those adult-oriented ideas. You stammered to get even a single word out, but she shushed you with a finger.

"I suppose I can't blame you," Laegjarn whispered sensually. "It does honestly feel a bit good to know this outfit is so well made, and perhaps I do owe you a bit for taking me here, to see such wonderful sights. How about… I repay the favor…?"

She wormed her hand down into your pants, firmly grasping your stiff member. Laegjarn laughed as you winced, pleasure hitting the base of your brain like a train. The woman stroked your length, toying with you a bit before letting you have a bit of control. Peeling off your pants to expose your cock, the warrior leaned in to grant you a wish.

"Tell me, what's the one thing that you'd die to try with me? I'll let you do anything you can dream of.~"

What came out of your mouth wasn't what she expected; you practically blurted it out without a second thought. She laughed, completely caught off guard, but soon had an intrigued look on her face. Laegjarn wasn't one to judge, having committed already to whatever he was going to choose. It just was something wholly unexpected.

"So, you're into that, huh? It's a tiny bit weird, but it sounds fun… have at it, then. Do what you crave most.~"

She sat down, lifting her arm to expose what you had so quickly shouted out: her smooth, soft pits. You jumped onto your knees, the perverted thoughts that had been stewing in your mind surging to the front and commanding your body to move. Laegjarn watched with a keen curiosity as you began to bury yourself into the supple flesh. Your tongue dragged across her pit, the taste of sea salt nipping at your tongue. The texture was surprisingly pleasant, you truly hadn't expected this to feel so good! It was addicting to have such a basic desire fulfilled, even more so with someone as beautiful as Laegjarn.

"Jeez, you really are an animal, aren't you? I bet you want to do more than just lick it, too."

It wasn't a secret as to what she meant by that. Your quivering erection had gone on for far too long, springing free and more than ready as you yanked down your shorts. You didn't hesitate to big rubbing your stiff sausage against the soft skin, your whole body bristling with pleasure. She watched you, intrigued, as your thrusted your cock up and down her pit, feeling a bit aroused herself from such a passionate display of desire. Gods, you really were losing yourself to the feeling of it all!

And it was only going to get better.

Laegjarn was learning fast as to what made you tick. She made a move, one that would have you pleasantly pleased, and brought her arm down so that your manhood was stuck in her armpit. It was so sudden that you halted your motions, letting the sensation of being in that warm, tight space seep into your mind. You quickly realized what to do, clutching her shoulder as you began to pump your member back and forth. If what you had felt before was heavenly, this was something beyond comprehension. 

Your precum was coating the inside her pit, punctuating your motions with wet, slick sounds. You fucked her armpit, nearly delirious as the knot of sorts formed deep in your loins. Brain and balls craving an exquisite release. Tongue threatening to hang out of your mouth, your pace was getting clumsy and staggered. It wouldn't be long now. 

"About to pop? Better make it a big one, really stuff my pit full of your cream," Laegjarn goaded, knowing the right things to scratch your itch.

Those words were the only thing left you needed, her wet, slick armpit had done all the rest. With one final thrust, you buried yourself under her arm, making sure that you didn't poke out the opposite end. Your body trembled, your hands clutching her shoulder for support as you unpacked your baggage into the tight, soft space. The warmth of your load expanded outwards, ever squeeze of your muscles pushing it further and further until it encompassed your member and oozed out around her arm. You could barely hold yourself straight, the bliss so overwhelming that you could barely balance, only able to right yourself once your climax came to an end.

Laegjarn cooed, pleased at just how much you'd let loose. She lifted her arm as you slipped free, numerous, sticky strands of sperm dripping down her side. It really was a mess, thick wads clinging all over her skin. Laegjarn smiled, impressed with the number you had done on her, fingers playing with the gooey stuff while she turned towards you.

"That was as surprisingly fun as the idea itself had been. I wonder what other ideas that brain of yours has; I might just need to do that again sometime."

Chapter Text

The lapping of waves, the churning tide of the ocean, filled the air. Not even fifty feet away was the shimmering, blue sea, the sweltering sun shining down on the sand from up high in the sky. A simple, yet effective, umbrella shielded you and your lover from the direct gaze of the celestial body, allowing you both to lounge to your hearts' content. Tamamo's tails swished about, her ears occasionally twitching as she dozed, not a care in the world. 

You couldn't help but watch the woman, she was as radiant as ever. Her slim, but curvy body was laid bare to the world by her bikini. It clung tightly to her, sometimes coming perilously close to slipping off. Tamamo always seemed jealous of another certain Servant, always trying to beat that blonde girl to the punch on fads, even if said fad was as simple as wearing a bathing suit. Yet, with all that said, it wasn't her 'assets' that got most of your attention, but her round, protruding belly.

A night of passion months past had proved the age old question: could Servants get pregnant?

Despite the much delayed realization that your past actions had had such an outcome, you had embraced it wholeheartedly. Now, most everywhere you went, your self proclaimed foxwife followed, doting and being doted upon. Tamamo had become far more relaxed these months, the prospect of motherhood making her especially affectionate and eager for any coming her way. A nice beach vacation had made sense to the both of you; it would give time off and opportunities for fun.

"Something catching your eye, dearest husband?" She asked her her familiar, singsongy tone. "Is the heat getting to you or is that bulge foreshadowing something… exciting ?~"

You hadn't realized it, but your mind had wandered a but further than you had thought. Your shorts were tenting, your member struggling against the fabric. Upon that realization, your mind filled with fun, exciting ideas. All of which your foxy wife would no doubt love. Sliding closer, her lips met yours as you bent down to plant a few, quick kisses. She moaned weakly as your hands cupped her breasts, engorged and swollen from all the hormones running through her body, milking having built up inside over the past few months.

This wouldn't be the first time you had helped Tamamo 'empty the tanks' nor would it be the first time she enjoyed it. She squealed in delight as you straddled her body, hands grasping at her soft breasts. You squeezed and kneaded them, even these small, gentle motions proving enough to make them slip out from under the tight bikini top. Your fingers slowly worked up to her puffy areola, going for the proverbial, white gold.

Tamamo moaned as milk sprayed from her teat. It splattered across her bosom, coating your hands more and more with each squeeze. The opaque, warm breast milk ran down across her chest, pooling in the contours of her body and wetting the towel beneath her. Her cheeks blushed a brilliant red when your urges took control and you began to lick your hands clean.

“Husband, you’re embarrassing Tamamo! Please don’t keep teasing your wife…”

She wanted you to get to the main action. Something you would happily oblige her. You lowered your shorts, bringing your manhood to bear, shoving it right between her milk-coated breasts. Given the increased size, her chest easily smothered your member, buried deep in those soft pillows. This was something that the both of you had come to enjoy lately: a wet, milky paizuri.

You didn’t start slow, figuring the foreplay was more than over. Your hips slapped gently against her chest, cock peeking out right in front of her face as she looked between them. The slick sensation of sliding between her mounds was fantastic, the slippery milk only making it all the better. So, you figured, why not add some more to the equation?

Not slowing your pace even one bit, you made use of the hands that had been holding her bosom tight together. Once more, you squeezed those wonderful milk jugs, streams of precious mother’s milk coating you both for a second time. While you were mostly the one benefiting, Tamamo was undeniably aroused. To have her sensitive breasts stimulated so much, her beloved husband’s dick squeezing in right between them, this was truly a slice of heaven!

And she wanted more and more.

“Husband… since you enjoy your foxwife’s milk oh-so much… perhaps I may be treated to some of the kind I love?~”

It was a request you couldn’t refuse. Not that you’d last much longer, anyways. You were honestly reaching your limit after just a few minutes; it just felt that good . Giving it your all, you thrusted, squeezed, and grunted your way to the finish, barely restraining yourself as your climax began to break. Lifting up and leaning forward, you were just inches away from her face. Tamamo opened wide, tongue rolled out and ready to accept your offering. 

Thick, sticky ropes of the 'milk' she had been craving began to spurt from your tip. It covered her lips, smattering her tongue white until it rolled back into her mouth. She moaned weakly as a few, extra enthusiastic strands raced lines up her face, forcing her to close one of her eyes. To be given such an offering for her beloved spouse, words couldn't describe how happy she was. When you finally calmed, breath heavy and ragged, you watched as she swallowed the small mouthful you had given her, a soft, satisfied gasp escaping her lips as it rolled down her throat. 

"It's a good thing there was no one spying on us, my dear," she murmured, slowly cleaning herself up. "I don't think we would have been able to stop. Tamamo might need some more 'lotion', if you have any, though."

For her, you would always have some at the ready. It seemed you wouldn't be doing much swimming at all today and couldn't be more fine with the idea.

Chapter Text

The knight pulled anxiously at the leg hole of her outfit, trying to pull it out straight. A gentle hum filled the air as she rode the elevator up to the penthouse floors above her. Mordred wasn't looking forward to the meeting; asking her father for money was never an easy task. Yet, she had a craving for food that her meager wages couldn't cover. One would think being forced into a bunny outfit and made to serve drinks to high-rolling gamblers in the casino below would be worth something, but not to Artoria, it seemed.

As the doors opened, the tightly-dressed knight made her way into the bedroom, where her father no doubt waited. Sure enough, as she opened the doors and peered into the room, Artoria was already waiting on the edge of her bed. Mordred never knew how she did it, always knowing when she would come around asking for extra pay. Swallowing her pride, Mordred made her way forward, ready to do what was needed to secure the funds she needed.

"Fa… m-my king, I would… like to-"

Mordred's stuttering was cut off promptly.

"Your cravings truly are shameful, Sir Mordred," the Ruler-class Servant said plainly. "I am still willing to give you what you desire but you must put forth some extra effort."

"I… whatever needs be done, my king…," her voice trailed off as her mind wandered, knowing just what was in store.

"Good, you should know by now what you must do. If you wish to fill your stomach with food, I will first fill it with my divine seed."

Artoria, wearing an outfit not far off from her knight's, slowly pulled on the zipper at her crotch. Her other hand pushed the crimson knight down to her knees holding her close for the great reveal. There had been a bulge between her legs since Mordred had walked in, the tight outfit giving it a defined outline that she had barely been able to avoid staring at. It only took a few tugs to let loose the lance Artoria had hidden away, her plump, royal jewels dangling below. The massive cock slapped firmly against Mordred's face, an odd, mixed look of arousal and distaste plastered across her face.

Mordred didn't desire this sort of thing consciously, but her body betrayed her in an instant. Her heart beat faster, breathing growing heavier as blood rushed through her body. She could feel dribbles of precum dripping onto her face, the overbearing heat of her father's phallus radiating over her skin. There was no way to stop what had been so trained into her, Artoria's special regiment kicking into effect. Slowly, her mouth opened, tongue and lips gracing the smooth, tight pouch and the fat orbs that were packed away inside. That hot, potent package was too tempting and, as a dutiful knight, she let it fall into her mouth.

The normally rebellious Mordred was helpless before her king, her one wing spot being all this attention she was finally getting. Even if said attention wasn't of a wholesome nature, she didn't care. Her mind was going blank as that massive rod grew to full length across her face, her whole body craving what was to come. Artoria, a domineering grin forming across her face, reached around her knight and grabbed her ponytail at the base. She pushed Mordred against her body, grinding her royal rod across the girl's face.

"I can always count on your to polish my jewels, righ, Sir Mordred?" Artoria asked, the prostrating girl moaned in agreement. "Good, good. Let's make proper use of your skills…"

The bunny king pulled her cock-hungry subordinate off of her, spit-covered balls audibly popping out of Mordred's mouth. She enjoyed that drunken look on the knight's face, waiting no time to the girl straight down onto her cock. There was a brief gurgle, a cough as air escaped the submissive's mouth, as Artoria forced every inch down her throat. A king didn't wait for convenience, but took what the wanted when they wanted. In this case, it was getting some deepthroat from her willing and eager knight.

Tears formed in Mordred's eyes as the blissful strain waned. She slowly was able to accommodate her king, even as they began to thrust their rod into her face. Spit dripped from her lips, throat swabbed rhythmically by her lord's phallus. Mordred couldn't help but moan, she found a strange pleasure in being used so roughly. The feeling of fat, spit-smeared balls slapping against her chin made her bristle with excitement, among other things. It was shameful to admit but it was arousing to no end.

A heat of her own began to build in her crotch, the fabric of her outfit tightening as her arousal built. Some would say 'like father, like son' in this situation, as Mordred had her own swelling member, struggling to escape its trappings. All she wanted to do was grab hold of it, stroke it until she burst, but the knight wasn't given a. chance. She had to hold onto her king's legs as she was roughly and thoroughly facefucked; there was no room for self-pleasuring right now.

Mordred would simply have to live with the growing wet spot in her crotch as her father tested her throats limits. Small, faded lines were forming as the tears in her eyes blurred the small line of mascara she so begrudgingly wore, large wads of saliva clustering and dripping from her chin. She hoped her king approved, the look of abject lust on Artoria's face having to do for now.

"Good work, my little cocksucker" the dominant woman said with a grin. "I think a small reward is in order. Not only will I offer to pay half of your feast, I will… give you… this as an appetizer!"

The strained speech should have been a sign, but the crimson bunny wasn't paying attention as the royal jewels she loved so much tightened and her king began to pump a steaming load down her throat. There was so much, so fast, every squeeze of Artoria's prostate sending a massive wave, that it couldn't fit. Her divine seed was thicker than could be handled, causing a fast and abrupt build up that Mordred couldn't possible stop. She sputtered and groaned as cum erupted from her nostrils and her cheeks puffed out, spraying across the Ruler's crotch.

Artoria clicked her tongue, disappointed her knight couldn't hold it all. She kept the girl crammed tight to the base until she was through, letting her swallow it all before getting the air she needed. Mordred was in a sorry, delirious state, her face a mess of spit and sperm, and this wasn't the end for her. Her king lifted her to her feet, taking her across the room and bending her over the corner desk. Quivering in excitement, her legs could barely keep still as her king grabbed the zipper on her lower back and pulled it all the way to the front.

Her shameful erection was finally in sight, dangling, stiff and dripping with arousal, in front of her lord. Artoria disapproved. 

"Something so unseemly should remove you as one of my knights. A knight of the round should think about pleasuring their lord before pleasuring themselves!" She exclaimed, grasping the engorged prick, making Mordred gasp. "I shall forgive you this one time… if you can refrain from touching it. For if you do, I'm taking away some of your pay."

The pay was the reason Mordred was here, to secure that massive meal she had been craving. It seemed like such a distant goal, the pleasure drowning it out, but she had to hold fast. She didn't get paid much, so any dock on this reward meant a decent chunk was coming out of her normal wages.

"Y-Yes, my king," she stuttered in reply, her cock aching for any bit attention it could get. "I shall give it my a-all."

Artoria hummed in approval, grabbing her willing and ready knight by the hips. Her fingers dug into Mordred's toned, muscular form, lining up that small, tight backdoor with her massive member. She didn't give her knight a chance to prepare, using the cum that still clung to her shaft as makeshift lubricant. It wasn't a very effective type of lube but it got the job done. Mordred's fingers dug into the desk as her ass was forcefully spread to its upper limits. Inch by inch, hot thick meat invaded her colon, burrowing deeper with every passing second. Little, hard thrusts did the job well enough, getting the king all the way to the base with a loud, meaty slap.

She gave her subordinate a firm slap across the ass, no doubt leaving a mark under than tight outfit, before truly laying into her. Artoria took what was rightfully hers, laying claim to every available inch of Mordred's aching asshole. The submissive girl could barely stand as her prostate was smacked over and over by that large, thick tip. Long, thin strands of precum were almost squirting out of her with every thrust she took, her mind finding it harder to resist stroking it to completion.

Mordred could already imagine it. Fingers curving around her shaft, squeezing and squishing the soft, sensitive tissue, the skin rolling beneath her digits as she jerked herself like a lust-drunk fool. A small part of her wanted to degrade herself in such a shameful way. To be ridiculed was just another form of attention, something she felt she never got enough from her ever distant king. Perhaps it would be worth it, though, a small monetary sacrifice for something else she craved. No matter the choice or their outcomes, it seemed she couldn't wait any longer.

Reaching a hand back under herself, she clumsily grabbed her rigid womanhood and began to furiously stroke. Pre ran out of her like a river, making a spiderweb on the floor as her body rocked and shook from the rough reaming she was getting. Artoria wasn't surprised, rebelliousness was in Mordred's nature, but she had to be strict. It wouldn't do to be a lax ruler.

"What a terribly slutty knight I have here. To think she can't go a few minutes before touching herself, even when told not to," Artoria chided, giving another strong slap across the hopeless girl's ass. "It seems I'll just have to fill you so full that you won't be hungry enough to eat that meal!"

The king redoubled her pace, slamming hard and fast into that tight, hot hole. Her knight moaned loudly through clenched teeth, knees shaking as she continued to yank on her length. It would be worth giving up that extra money, this felt amazing! She felt full, her ass stimulated nine inches deep by the heavenly cock burrowing around inside it. Mordred wanted to come, she frantically tried to reach the high, high point of ecstasy. For her, the thing that gave her the most excitement wasn't just her hand wrapped around her shaft or the rod testing her limits, but the heavy, full orbs smashing into her own.

Artoria was, rightly, almost double her size. Girth, length, virility, Modred was dwarfed in all ways, and to feel those big balls pressing against her own, showing their supremacy over her average sized pair, it was a sense of domination that a small, perverse part of her loved. Perhaps the greater, more logical parts of her didn't care for it but, in a situation like this, logic was hardly called for. Both women knew it wouldn't be much longer, as Artoria admittedly wouldn't last with an ass this tight clenching around her.

"Looks like it's time, my hopeless knight. I hope you're prepared for your meal, as I'm going to be feeding it to your in reverse!"

Mordred barely kept her balance as one, final heavy thrust threatened to knock her off balance. Her king's jewels pressed tight against her rump, pulsing as her whole body tensed and released. Sticky, boiling hot seed spilled into the crimson knight's colon, flowing deeper as the volume increased with each rope of sperm deposited inside her. She had been waiting for this, the proverbial feather to push her to the limit, her grip now too weak to do much more than finish herself off. The rebellious girl almost went completely limp as her own cock began to unload onto the wood flooring below her.

It was nowhere as much as her king's volume but a respectable mess all the same. A small pool formed between her legs as her member went limp, drooling cum as her lord unpacked the last of her own load. Artoria sighed in relief, slowly easing out with a wet, messy sound as cum-slickened flesh rubbed together. There was a gurgle as spunk spilled from Modred's loose hole, splattering loudly onto the floor and making a puddle that far dwarfed her own.

Artoria wiped her member off on her knight's cheeks, slipping it back inside her tight outfit. 

"At least you're good for this much, Sir Mordred. Here's roughly seventy-five percent of what you would no doubt ask for," she said in her usual, stern tone as she stuffed a thick roll of dollar bills into Mordred's loose asshole, plugging the deluge of cum. "I ducked you for lacking restraint, but this should be generous enough for such a mistake…"

"T-Thank you, m-my king," she stuttered quietly, body shaking as it struggled to recover. "I s-shall put your gift to good use…"

Mordred was left alone as the king returned to her business. She had to pry to cum-stained bills from her hole, attempting as best as she could to use her shaky fingers to clean the paper. It was plenty enough to put towards her desired, personal feast, ass still leaking seed as she zipper up her bunny suit and hobbled out towards the elevator. People would no doubt be staring at her strange walking, but there was no helping it. Anyone would have trouble walking after serving her king.