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Hajime sighed. After a long day at work he wanted to relax, maybe do some more work and chill with his cat. The last thing he wanted to do was drive his girlfriend to meet Mitsuru and his probably just as annoying boyfriend.

Why he agreed to a double date with his loud, obnoxious childhood friend was beyond him. It was probably because his long, blue-haired girlfriend scared the crap out of him. Sure, he found her attractive, she was a beautiful woman, but Hajime was beginning to think that she wasn’t really his type. He seemed more interested in shorter “cute” people. He never liked to admit it but he did enjoy cute things. Cats, stuffed animals, and apparently his type in significant others. But he couldn’t find a time to break it off with, partially because she was scary and partially because he didn’t know how she would take it.

It took years of Kiji convincing him to finally ask her out, and when she said yes, he found out that Kiji was right all along, that she was madly in love with him. And he didn’t want to be more of a douche than he already was by breaking up.

He finally pulled up into a parking spot and sighed, leaning back in his seat. They were extremely early, just how Hajime liked it, but he knew this meant room for conversation.

“You know if you really don’t like it, we can leave.” Momoko spoke up, but he knew she really wanted to try this double date out. It’d be the first double date either of them had been on and she was the more social one. This somehow meant a lot to her.

“No, I’m good.” He reassured her.

What he didn’t know was that she wanted to meet his childhood friend. It’d bring her one step closer to meeting the family.

Suddenly Mitsuru popped up in front of the windshield waving wildly. Hajime sighed. Why couldn’t Mitsuru be normal for at least 5 minutes? They got of the car and Mitsuru greeted them.

“Samon got us a seat.” He explained as if Hajime already knew his boyfriend’s name. But Hajime decided to be civil and nodded, Mitsuru leading the way. Mitsuru glanced back an awful lot, but Hajime assumed it was so he wouldn’t have the chance to dart when he wasn’t looking.

When they reached the table a short, red headed man looked up at them, smiled, and jumped to his feet.

“Ah there you are! It’s weird sitting at a table by yourself and not ordering anything.” He looked up at both Hajime and Momoko and Hajime realized how adorably tiny he was. A pang of guilt hit him as he thought that. His date was Momoko, so why did Mitsuru’s date have to be undeniably his type.

Samon bowed and introduced himself and they returned the greeting (Momoko accidentally reached and pat his head).

They went through their date, lunch and a movie, and Mitsuru quite often looked at them, and Hajime couldn’t help but glace at Samon.

‘Maybe he knows I’m looking at his boyfriend’ Hajime guiltily thought during the movie.

“Hey Hajime.” Mitsuru whispered. Hajime sighed, annoyed but agreed to comply, following Mitsuru out and into the lobby.

“You never told me you had a pretty girlfriend.” Mitsuru said poking at him playfully. Hajime sighed. This conversation will either make or break his relationship with both his childhood friend and his girlfriend.

“I said she was attractive.”

“Yeah ‘attractive’ my ass, she’s beautiful!” Hajime shrugged and Mitsuru frowned.

“Why aren’t you being protective? Another man is complimenting your girlfriend.” Hajime sighed.

“To tell you the truth, I’m not that attracted to her.”

“WHAT?! HOW?!” Hajime closed his ears from the outburst, but answered anyways.

“I guess, she’s just not my type.” Mitsuru’s jaw dropped.

“If she’s not your type than who is?” ‘Your boyfriend’ Hajime thought.

“I don’t know short and cute?”

“So like Samon?” Hajime chocked on his saliva. He’d been found out so easily. “Ah that’s what I thought.” They stood and silence and right before Hajime suggested they head back in Mitsuru made an astounding offer.

“How about we try to trade?”

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Much to Hajime’s chagrin Mitsuru had suggested a double date. But that’s not what upset him, he was guiltily excited at the chance to see Samon again. The destination of the date, however, is what threw him into despair.

As they stood in line to enter the amusement park Hajime decided to take his mind off the horrible crowds to think or Mitsuru’s master plan. He could still remember the shocking offer Mitsuru had made at their last double date. And the conversation they had after it.

“What!” Hajime had shouted incredulously, “you can’t just-just trade partners.” “Why not?” Mitsuru, ever the positive one, questioned.

“Because there are two sides to a relationship! We can’t force them to like us. Plus, it seems rude to just trade.” Hajime was shocked he was the nicer one in the conversation, but someone had to point out the facts.

And of course, Mitsuru came up with the plan to make Momoko fall for him and Samon to fall for Hajime. By double-dates. And even though Hajime outwardly rejected the idea he secretly hoped all would go according to Mitsuru’s plan. That’s why he agreed to go on more double-dates.

Once (finally) inside the two couples studied the map. Well, mainly Hajime and Momoko.

“Come ooon. Can’t we just wander?” Mitsuru asked, the pent-up energy waiting to explode. His arm was wrapped casually around Samon’s shoulders and Hajime couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. Unbeknownst to Hajime Momoko was jealous too, but for a different reason.

“I know,” Mitsuru started, “why don’t I go with Momo Chan-”

“Don’t call me that.”

“And you go with Samon chan.” Mitsuru continued undisturbed by Momoko’s interruption

“Why would we do that?” Momoko questioned “Shouldn’t we all go together?”

“But you guys take forever~” Mitsuru complained, “You need us to loosen you up a bit.” And with that Momoko didn’t put up a fight in being dragged by Mitsuru

‘He’s right’ she thought to herself. She knew both her and Hajime happened to be a serious couple. And sometimes, she wondered if that was a good match.

“So, you and Hajime huh?” Mitsuru asked, “what do ya see in him?” Momoko looked confused at the random question, “Well since we’re not with our partners we can at least talk about them, right?”

Momoko agreed and looked up thoughtfully

“I guess, ever since I met him, I thought he was really cool.” Mitsuru nodded, “So I guess,” She turned red, “I’ve liked him since I met him.” Mitsuru silently cherished the wording. She said like not love. He did have hope.

“Well what about now?” Momoko had to consider the question. She knew Hajime would always be cool, but after she had him it wasn’t as great as she had pictured. Sure, he could be more romantic then she thought he could be, and surprisingly did like to cuddle occasionally. But it seemed like he didn’t quite put in as much effort as a man in love would. And that’s what Momoko wanted in the near future, a man that loved her enough to stop what he was doing to give her attention. And, she might have overly romanticized what they could have been.

Of course, she couldn’t dump this all on Mitsuru though, they just met and telling her boyfriend’s best friend wasn’t the ideal person.

On the other side of the park Hajime wondered what to say. Luckily for him, however, Samon thought of it before him.

“So, what do you wanna ride first?” Samon said while looking around, and Hajime had to admit that the man in front of him was adorable. Hajime shrugged in response and Samon froze.

“Is that… an ice cream stand?” Samon’s eyes lit up with excitement and he quickly looked up at Hajime. “Can we go there instead?” And if Hajime wanted to say no there was no way he could to that face. It was undeniably cute, and being harsh to him was the last thing he could do. Unable to speak from the cute overload Hajime nodded his head. Samon grabbed his arm and dragged him to the line, the gorilla man not putting up a fight. After Samon got his delicious treat and they found a bench to eat at, Hajime remembered Mitsuru’s plan. He had to get closer to Samon in order to seem more appealing, of course without overstepping any boundaries Samon was still technically dating even if his boyfriend was currently thinking about another person.

Hajime began to realize how rude this plan really sounded. Two already taken men attempting to trade their unnoticing SOs. He felt a pit in his stomach. Should they really be doing this?

He glanced at Samon licking his ice cream and thought maybe it was actually the right thing to do. After all, Mitsuru probably wouldn’t treat Samon the same way as Hajime could; and Hajime probably wouldn’t treat Momoko the same way as Mitsuru could. Hajime tried to shake his thoughts away; there were too many variables to this plan. He wasn’t sure if they should call it off.

“Hey Hajime.” Samon spoke, pushing him out of his thoughts, “How are you and Tsuru friends? You’re complete opposites.” Hajime was prepared for that question, it was asked pretty often when people were in their company at the same time.

“He just never stopped following me around.” Hajime was surprised to hear Samon laugh, and he was happy too. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever heard and seen. His mouth open just enough to see cute little fangs, hand close to covering it completely for modesty, eyes closed, eye-lashes curled up perfectly tears beading at the tips, and the perfect sound of a happy monkey. Hajime stared in awe as Samon wiped away the tears.

“Sorry, I have an overactive imagination.” He said while catching his breath, “When you say something as vague as that my mind can run wild.” Hajime shook his head, there was no need to apologize. And seeing that Samon went happily back to his ice cream. He wondered now what was happening inside that brain of his. Judging by how funny Samon took Hajime’s statement he could literally be thinking about anything. And his unpredict ableness drew Hajime even more into him. It was almost like an addiction now. And he hoped Momoko wouldn’t get hurt.

“MM Hajime?” Samon looked back at him. “You ever feel like you’re dating someone you don’t plan on marrying?” Hajime was in shock. He was not expecting that. He nodded his head in hopes that this would go his way

“I mean.” Samon continued, “I like Tsuru, I really do but-” He looked up forlornly, “I don’t think we’re compatible.” Samon looked up at Hajime and suddenly got frantic seeing Hajime’s resting bitch face, “I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m not out to hurt your best friend. It’s just he’s not serious, I’m not serious sometimes. A-and we both agreed to date cause we’re fun people. A-and-” Hajime cut him off there raising his hand to stop him

“I understand, that’s just my resting face.” Samon breathed a sigh of relief.

“I don’t know how to break it to him though.” Samon said looking forlornly at the ground, “I don’t want to ruin our friendship you know?” Hajime nodded

“As his friend, I think you’ll be fine.” Samon smiled at the reassurance.

“Thanks.” A small silence enveloped the two, and if Hajime wasn’t dating, he surely would have kissed him. It was Samon who eventually broke the silence.

“Let’s get on some rides.” Samon said hopping onto his feet, “We gotta get our money’s worth right?” Hajime smiled and nodded, his once cynical attitude towards lines and crowds vanishing for this moment. Spending time with Samon made all negative parts of this trip bearable.

But before he truly relished spending time with Samon guilt-free, he knew he’d have to do the hardest thing imaginable to mankind. Break up with his scary girlfriend

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Momoko sat nervously next to her boyfriend. She didn’t want to admit it but recently, she’s been thinking more about a certain sunglass wearing loudmouth, even during their dates.

It was crazy, ever since Momoko met Hajime she pined over him, and once she got him, she thought she’d be the happiest girl in the world. But her state on cloud 9 didn’t last forever. And she found that when she didn’t have him, she imagined him a little differently than he actually was. Romanticizing, it can make the real deal seem so… dull. Was that the right word? Momoko wasn’t even sure at this point, but she kept feeling guilty when her boyfriend’s best friend kept popping into her head. And now her they were, at Hajime’s house, on his sofa, because he said he had something important to talk to her about.

It sounded serious, and she prayed it wasn’t a marriage proposal, which was crazy because Momoko a few years back would have prayed for it to be a proposal. The fact was, if he asked for her hand in marriage, she would say yes. Hajime’s ego was rather large, and a rejection might hurt him more than it might hurt other men. She just wouldn’t be able to say no.

“Momoko.” Hajime’s voice resounded in the room, snapping her out of her thoughts. Momoko turned to look at him, swallowing the lump in her throat. “I think we should break up.” Momoko’s eyes widened, and tears began to form.

But it was the strangest thing, she was crying happy tears. Her romantic feelings for him been replaced with feelings for someone else.

Hajime, unaware of the true reason for the tears, panicked. He was terrible at consoling people, probably because he couldn’t remember the last time, he, himself, had cried.

“Ah, I mean, if you want to stay together-” Momoko shook her head, interrupting his thought process

“I agree.”

------------------------------------------------(8) ------------------------------------

A number of years had passed before Hajime and Momoko met and exchanged words.

“You’re beautiful.” Hajime spoke trying to break the tension.

“Thank you.” She smiled playing with the skirt of her white dress. It was her wedding day, and Hajime as the best man knew he had to comfort her, after all Mitsuru was a ball of excitement not nerves. Samon, the man of honor, had tried to no avail.

Despite Momoko’s beauty and cheery blush, Hajime couldn’t help but glance at Samon. His boyfriend was perfect, cutely fixing the dress that was already fixed just so Momoko was reassured that everything was perfect.

“Hajime go away.” Samon said lifting one hand to shoo him away, “I’m the man of honor.” His pride was so cute that Hajime stood frozen, smiling like an idiot until Samon looked up from the petticoat and shooed him more vigorously.

“We both landed our match huh?” Mitsuru asked grinning at Hajime as he entered the room. Hajime agreed, but frowned.

“Are you really going to wear your sunglasses at your wedding?”


“I hope Momoko doesn’t regret this day.”

“Nonsense! She loves my glasses!”

The wedding went along beautifully, bride and groom smiling rosily until the end.