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Baby Ducky

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Why does All for One want him to accept an unworthy successor? No matter what, whenever he looks at Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains he can only see someone weak and inferior.

Someone who pales in comparison to his original master. A tiny little ant who he could easily squash with his pinkie if he really wanted to.

And yet that’s not what All for One wanted.

“I can’t- No matter how much I want to follow your orders I can’t! He isn’t worthy of your legacy!” He would find himself shouting to the sky, tears streaming down his face.

It had been months since he confronted All for One’s successor, and even with one of the doctor’s High-End Noumus giving Endeavor a run for his money, he just couldn’t accept this. Couldn’t see why All for One chose someone so weak and dependent as a successor.

Wouldn’t he prefer someone who could stand on their own? Someone who can bring the people together and still have the power to stand on their own two feet? Someone who can fly out of their nest with no problems?

When he saw Tomura and the state he and his League of Villains was in, he kept wondering why All for One chose him.

All these thoughts flooded through his head as he worked his way through the city, crushing buildings and seeing the people run in fear as various heroes came in to put a stop to him. Though to no avail, even as a hero with a centipede for a head worked to restrain him with limbs that matched said head.

Somewhere in the distance he could see a green blur move faster than the eye can track, probably someone with a speed quirk who was more focused on evacuating while the centipede hero and others worked on the fight.

He brought an arm up, pulling off the centipede arms that were trying to restrain him. “Why is everyone so weak? First a failure of a successor, and now this?” He threw the centipede hero to the side, turning his focus onto the others.

Once more raising his arm, he prepared to slam it down when a black substance suddenly wrapped around it to pull him back to where he already caused destruction.

Turning his head back to see which hero had done this he blinked to see someone who looked even smaller than the heroes who were trying to fight him. Small and clad in green.

The green blur? But didn’t he have a speed quirk?

He tugged his arm against the boy, only to have him somehow hold his ground and tug with strength that seemed almost unnatural.

Speed. Strength. This black stuff coming from that boy’s arm.

Multiple quirks, something that few can even handle safely.

Then there was the look on the boy’s face. Something that reminded him so much of-


Gigantomachia gave another cry as he turned around to fully face this child and went right up to him. The child who, like a little rabbit, tried to run back after releasing the black substance only for Gigantomachia to block his path.

He then picked the small child up gently, sat down, and pulled him in for a gentle hug.

This was the successor All for One should have picked.

Yes, this is going to be his new master.

His new master until All for One breaks out.