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Dreaming of Stars

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Itsuka Kendo





Five points. I kick the now-destroyed two-pointer out of my way. I say to it, “Sorry about that. I promised to be the people’s fist, and you were on the receiving end unfortunately.” Its red light flickers before going dim completely. Gotta get more than five if I wanna pass this thing! Let’s hope to God that all of my friends are doing well!

I shrink my fists back to its regular size. It’s no good running around with these massive things. They weigh a ton. Even with my strength training, I can easily throw my back out from the weight of my Big Fists. That’s why it’s smarter for me to use the momentum of my punch whenever my fists are normal-sized, enlarging it just before I hit my target. I can still punch and wave my arms with Big Fists, but that takes a lot of energy. Energy that I need to survive these ten minutes.


All around me are other examinees who’re destroying the robots like I am. No good here, gotta find some place else. This battlefield is large luckily enough, so I take a left turn onto another block. There’s fewer people here, but they’re still a nuisance to worry about. I take another turn, this time to the right. Aha! There’s a nice three-pointer with my name on it. These are “Hard Villains”. Compared to the lesser-valued robots, these ones are outfitted with heavier metal plates. Not to mention that they’re somewhat like a military tank. But, everything has a weakness. The front of it is armored like crazy, but what about its head? If I took a guess, then that’s its weakness. 


I approach the three-pointer at the same time it notices me. It beeps, “Target acquired! Killlll!” Why did U.A. program these robots to say that? The three-pointer rolls forward with one of its metal claws up. Heh, I got an idea! I enlarge my fists over the top of my head right as when it comes roaring down. I catch its claw, bending my knees to help take the force better before wrapping my massive hands around it. Lifting from my legs, I pick this three-pointer off of the ground and slam it behind me head-first, completely shattering the remaining bits of a two-way road. It’s destroyed instantly. Eight points. I shrink my hands again before moving on. That was the only robot on this street from the looks of it. There’s broken robots lining the sidewalk, which means someone already cleared this block. Damnit. Just gotta keep moving! 


“SIX MINUTES REMAINING! TAKE OUT THOSE ROBOTIC VILLAINS FUTURE HEROES!” Present Mic yells after four minutes of finding jack squat. The only thing I see is destroyed robots! How did everyone else manage to take these things out so fast?! I know I’m not meant for speed, but just how many speed-based Quirks are there?! I think I even saw a girl flying above me! I need to find something fast, because eight points aren’t gonna cut it! I need to go deeper into the battle center!


As I take a right turn, I see a silver-haired girl moving her arms up in the air. She… Oh, she has a one-pointer telepathically lifted in the air. She slams her arms down, causing the one-pointer to be immediately destroyed from the force. That’s a really powerful Quirk, maybe could be used on humans. Anyway, I run towards her since there’s a two-pointer incoming. The girl notices too, uses her Quirk on it, and crashes it against a concrete wall. That’s two points for her. I approach the girl and yell, “Nice job! Your Quirk is pretty powerful.”


“Thank you. Ah, I do believe I recognize you somewhat. Master Kendo’s granddaughter? You share his hair color and eyes,” she says. Her voice is quite emotionless. It’s not like Yui where there’s tiny bits of emotion in her voice. But, it’s not everyday that I get recognized by someone. I’m not exactly a celebrity.


“That’s right. Itsuka Kendo,” I introduce myself, batting my ponytail away.


“Reiko Yanagi. Pleasure to have your acqu-”


“KILLL!” Shit, two-pointer jumping in!


“WATCH OUT!” I shout, taking Yanagi’s shoulder and pushing her away. With my other hand, I drive it towards the two-pointer jumping at me. Right at the last moment, I enlarge my fist, shattering the two-point into pieces. It flies backwards where I see a lot more points to grab. It’s so much that I don’t even know how many are there! I check on Yanagi to see if she’s okay, and she is. Not a single scratch on her. I say, “C’mon! Let’s take these out together!” (Ten points!)


I charge at them growing my other hand. Two one-pointers, being the firsts in the crowd, become my next victims as I smash them in one single punch. (Twelve points!) By the end of this, I’ll have enough points to beat everyone else testing! Now, there’s a two-pointer coming at me. I’ll just-!


“Excuse me, mind if I borrow this?” A blonde-haired boy suddenly runs in front of me, taps my shoulder. I briefly catch a glimpse of his smug smile before he turns on the balls of his heel like a ballet dancer. In one elegant motion, his right fist grows to the exact same size as mine, taking out my target with a powerful punch. Afterwards, it shrinks. He uses the same hand to pat the dust off of his clothes, turning around to face me. He copied my Quirk! That’s his Quirk, isn’t it? Bowing slightly, he greets Yanagi and I, “Neito Monoma, ladies. We might be fighting for a spot of U.A., but you two can’t defeat that horde by yourselves. Let’s join forces, shall we?”


I grumble, having my gigantic hands dragging across the ground, “Fine. We don’t have time to argue. Oh, but… If you try something, Monoma, I won’t hesitate leaving you to the wolves. Got that?” Something about this guy exudes arrogance. He seems like the type of man who would taunt me endlessly until the day I die. Monoma nods and faces the horde with Yanagi and I. He pats her shoulder too. It seems he can copy more than one Quirk by physical contact.


Yanagi and Monoma levitate pieces of concrete and metal behind them. Yanagi says, “Stay back, Kendo. Else, you’ll be torn much like these machines.” I nod and let them loose. They send their projectiles towards the robots, shredding the front-liners to pieces. They wail in robotic pain before their comrades charges in closer. That’s a lot of points right there! Now, it’s my turn! I rush in with my Big Fists back, punching the lights out of a two-pointer. (Fourteen!) Monoma and Yanagi follow behind me, taking a direct approach like me. 


I jump in the air and bring my fists down like hammers onto a three-point’s head. (Seventeen.)

A one-pointer thinks it can kill me, so it leaps while I’m on top of my latest victim. I grab it and (quite brutally) tear its head off. (Eighteen.)

I leap off of the three-pointer and into a crowd of a two and one-point, striking both of them with a fist each. (Twenty-one.)

A two-pointer tries to sting me with its scorpion-like tail. I dodge it, letting the stinger embed itself in the concrete before I give it a nasty uppercut. (Twenty-three.)

A one-point rushes its claw at me, but I dart above him and smack my foot against it, leading up with a downwards punch. That’s another one down! (Twenty-four.)

I land back on my two feet. Oh, there’s another one-pointer who’s almost destroyed, but it’s still functioning. Painlessly, I kick its lights out. (Twenty-five.)


“Kuhahaha! I expect nothing less from the granddaughter of Master Kendo, and the daughter of Golden Hand! Masterful fighting there! If only I could be skilled as you!” Monoma compliments me? No idea. He could be patronizing as hell, but he seems genuine about it. He’s a confusing man.


“Indeed. Monoma was surprisingly strong with his Quirk. He has some degree of skill in adaptability, but he is not as strong as you are, Kendo,” Yanagi, much more clearly, compliments me. She is much more nicer than this guy. I mean, why the hell is Monoma smirking like that?! Is there something on my face?


“Thanks guys. Guess we should split up no-”





Oh my God! There’s the zero-pointer! It’s loud, massive, and absolutely out of my league! Bad news is: It’s on the street across from us! The only thing between us and that thing is a row of buildings! Even worse, the buildings are structurally weak, so they could come crashing down at any moment! Monoma states, “Well, that is quite large.”

“No shit Sherlock! We gotta get back to the entrance! These buildings will fall on top of us if we don’t move!” I tell them, shrinking my hands and leading them the way out. There’s no chance in hell that I’m going face-to-face with the giant. We gotta take a detour. We might run out of time, but we won’t die in the process! I take these two down God knows how many blocks, but the zero-pointer keeps on stomping towards us! Is this thing targeting us specifically?! God! Why can’t this be easy for once?!


Yanagi yells, “We need to hurry! The Arena Trap is gaining distance! Monoma, how are you doing?” Monoma is running like hell behind me. He doesn’t seem the most athletic, but he’s faster than Yanagi.


He answers, “Swell! When I woke up this morning, I never expected to outrun a giant machine of death! But, here we are, aren’t we?! I should have known U.A. would put us up to this!” Monoma lets out a loud groan before asking me, “Kendo! Are you sure we’re running towards the entrance?!”


“I hope to God that we are! I saw others running in the same direction as we are! It must be the right way! I-?!”




The zero-pointer stomps again. The building besides us crumbles slightly, its walls cracking from the impact. Pieces of concrete snap off, falling around all around us, exploding in clouds of dust and debris. I stop running and move out of the way, pulling Yanagi behind a ruined car for cover. A few agonizing seconds later, the clouds disappear. I look up from the car and… Where’s Monoma?! I shout, “Monoma! Are you alive?!”


“Barely… Help…” Monoma whimpers underneath a slab of concrete. Shit! Thank goodness he’s still alive! Yanagi and I run over to him. I activate my Quirk, trying to lift it off of him but it's too heavy even for me! Yanagi, being a quick thinker, uses her Quirk to slightly lift it up. She can’t levitate it fully, but it’s enough to let me pull Monoma out. I hoist him over my shoulder, nodding to Yanagi to get the hell outta here. As we sprint, the zero-pointer turns and walks away from us. Monoma, despite being injured, says, “Thanks, K-Kendo… You’re a dependable woman…”


“Save your breath for Recovery Girl. We’re not out of the woods yet,” I tell him. When we finally reach the entrance, a lot of other testers are there too with medical staff on standby. It seems they got the same idea too. I approach a stretcher with Yanagi, putting Monoma on it. My fists go back to its normal size… Guess this is it for my exam. Twenty-five points total. Let’s hope that’s enough to get into U.A.. Meanwhile, Monoma is just smirking at me. I tell him, “There’s something weird on your face. You should wipe it off.”


He replies after he coughs some dust up, “That weirdness is pain. I can’t feel my legs, but I’m alive as alive can be. Thank you again, Kendo. You might even be a better Hero than your father.”


“Idiot, no one can be as great as him. Now, if we’re in the same class, Monoma… I’ll be keeping a close eye on you,” I reply, crossing my arms.


Yanagi adds on, hanging her arms like a ghost, “So will I. Frankly, you seem like a mischievous man. Those eyes are that of a schemer and a plotter.”


“I’m flattered!” Monoma exclaims, then he coughs again. That cough sounded a lot more painful than the last. It’s what he gets for speaking that loud after being crushed.


“Please, just shut up,” I say.






Sanji Inochi



Well Present Mic, I don’t want to be rude but I can’t find any robots to smash! For the past five minutes, I ran around the city finding nothing! All I saw was wrecked robots and other testers having the same problem as I am. Damnit! There’s no way I’m gonna get into U.A. at this rate! I can’t worry, I can’t stress about it! Just gotta keep running and searching! If I stop now, I’ll get overwhelmed by doubt! There’s no way I can do that! So, I just need to keep running!


“KILL! KILL! KILL!” Oh thank God that something wants to kill me today! A one-pointer is in front of me about ten meters down the street. This should be easy! I can’t afford to slow down though, so I need to end it with one strike without losing my momentum! “SLAUGHTER! EVISCERATE! KILLLLL!”


The one-pointer lurches forward with one of its gray metal claws above my head. I drop to my knees, skidding myself under it. I spin behind me and use the momentum to crack the one-point in half using my quarterstaff before sliding back onto my feet. That’s one point for me! Not enough for U.A. unfortunately, so I need to keep fighting!




I don’t who’s shouting, but that was coming from my left! If any luck, there’ll be leftover robots for me to destroy! I turn the corner, sprinting in-between two dilapidated buildings. On the other side is a sizable lot. I think this area was a courtyard since there’s a fountain in the middle. No time to admire it though! There’s a three-pointer in front of me. I can barely see a man behind it screaming and punching this thing, but he isn’t doing a thing from the looks of it. I should help him out! I yell, jumping on top of the three-pointer and whacking the top of its head. The metal bends in slightly, but it isn't dead! It wavers slightly, being stunned. So, I hit it again, and again, and again! Each time, the metal caves in more and more before I decide to stab it using one end of the staff. It wasn’t the correct way to use a staff, but it put the three-point out of commission! 


“Yo, Inochi! That was mine!” Tetsutetsu suddenly exclaims. Crap, I didn’t expect to see him of all people! He looks different though. His skin is the same color as steel. That must be his Quirk. A Hardening-type. I get off of the three-pointer to greet him once again. Also, there’s a ton of robots here, but their attention is on a green-haired woman. She’s standing in front of the fountain with her hands together like she’s praying. Tetsutetsu and I watch her as her hair suddenly moves on its own, digging itself into the ground. Instantly, it emerges underneath all of the robots, entangling them in her vine-like hair and destroying this courtyard even further. She crushes them, gaining a ton of points at once. Okay, even though she seems like a nice woman, she has a terrifyingly strong Quirk. Tetsutetsu tells me, “That’s Ibara Shiozaki! Pretty freaking strong, right?! Anyway, how many points d’ya got, Inochi?!”


I cringe, shaking my head. “Four, counting the one I just destroyed. Sorry, by the way. For five minutes, I couldn’t find anything. I need to step it up.”


“Jeez, bad luck huh? Too bad Shiozaki destroyed all of the damn things here. Oh wait, there’s one still kicking. You should take that one, man,” Tetsutetsu points out, and actually points out a simple one-pointer near us. 


“What about you? I mean, we’re both fighting for the same thing, Tetsutetsu. You might need that point more than I do,” I say as I walk up to it with him. He laughs and bangs on his chest, creating a loud clang that echoes off the walls.


“I got forty-nine points! That’s more than enough! C’mon, you seem like a pretty decent guy than the other knuckleheads here. Did you see how they treat others? Like trash! It’s pretty messed up,” Tetsutetsu implores, and I guess I’m taking this. I nod before I put my foot on the one-pointer’s head, gently crushing it. It whines in pain before it falls completely limp. That’s five points… Only five measly points.


“It’s a good sight to finally see honest and selfless men,” Shiozaki approaches us. Upon closer look, she’s a really beautiful woman. It’s like she was pulled from a fairy tale. Wonder how many points she earned? “Many men and women here are devoid of these traits. They indulge in a self-sacrificial career for their own selfish desires.” She has a religious way of speaking, doesn’t she? I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s a Christian, or a Catholic to be specific.


I say, “Personally, I wouldn’t admonish them, but we don’t have time to argue. Who knows how much time we have left before the exam ends? We should-!”


“THREE MINUTES REMAINING! THINK YOU CAN ESCAPE THE ARENA TRAP?!” As soon as I said that, Present Mic answers my exact question. We got three minutes left- Wait a second?! Did he just say “Arena Trap”?!




“Uhh… We got a problem,” Tetsutetsu obviously states since the Arena Trap, or the zero-pointer, comes to life. It emerges taller than the buildings surrounding us, standing tall as a giant. Compared to us, we’re ants. It’s the same color as the other robots too: dark green. From the size alone, I’m no match for it. Not yet, at least. We have to get the heck outta here before the buildings crumble around us! 


I gesture towards where I came in, yelling, “We have to run! We’re too close to the zero-pointer!” I start running there, resting my quarterstaff against my shoulder. Tetsutetsu and Shiozaki follow behind me. We-!





“WATCH OUT!” Tetsutetsu shouts, grabbing me by my back collar and yanking me back. The building to our left crumbled a few massive pieces off, nearly killing me. If Tetsutetsu wasn’t here… Ugh, never mind! The debris is blocking our exit! We gotta find another way and hope to God that we don’t die! “You okay, Inochi?!”


“I’m alive! But, we still need to get the heck outta here!” I answer, frantically looking around. 


Shiozaki points to a building with an open floor, leading out to an empty street on the other side. “There!” she says, immediately running towards it. This time, Tetsutetsu and I follow her into the building, jumping through a concrete window frame. Is it me, or does this seem a lot larger when I’m inside it?! Damnit, it’s no good! I hear the zero-pointer stomping with no mercy! Each time it stomps, the ceiling above us cracks like a spider web, crumbling just enough to pile our shoulders with bits of concrete. It’s no good! We’re nearly halfway there to freedom, but it’s not good enough! We have to run faster!




The cracks get wider! More dust is falling on our shoulders! I throw my quarterstaff away. It’s dead weight to me! I run ahead, faster than I thought I could ever run! Somehow, I reach an open doorway. Tetsutetsu catches up to me and I push him out of the building. I look back at Shiozaki-!!!




Another stomp. The ceiling is on the edge of collapsing completely. The weak pillars, the only things that keep us alive, are about to give in. In fact, a chunk of debris fall in front of Shiozaki, not yet taking the whole ceiling down. She trips and falls! Damnit! Without thinking, I let my legs carry me to her. I throw her arm over my shoulder as I do my damn best to get us both outta here alive! Tetsutetsu’s out the doorway with his hand extended out to us! He yells, “HURRY UP!”


The ground starts to shake. My feet go off-balance for just less than a second, but I keep running forward with Shiozaki. I swear, this is not how I wanna die! I never been one to be petrified in the face of death, but this?! This is just crazy! The entire building is about to come on top of us! C’mon, not yet! You won’t collapse now, right?! Just hold on until we’re home free! Until Shiozaki is safe!


Almost there! I can almost reach Tetsutetsu’s hand! I-!!!





Before I know it, the ceiling topples down like a house of cards. My arms move on their own, pushing Shiozaki to Tetsutetsu as I hear, I feel everything behind me coming down. I’m almost outside. I can feel the sunlight on my body. Almost there...


I close my eyes.


But, I don’t get crushed. I feel something tight wrapping around my wrist before I get pulled so hard that my shoulder dislocates itself. My entire body gets hit with warmth as my back is forcibly dragged across the hard, cold pavement. I’m outside… I’m outside, aren’t I? Slowly, my eyes flutter open to the blinding sun before two distinct figures come into focus… My heroes… Tetsutetsu and Shiozaki. They saved me… Shiozaki, at the last second, used her Quirk to pull me out.


Tetsutetsu lends his hand. With my good hand, I clapse it and stand up, relocating my other arm. I grit my teeth and groan, staring at the now-destroyed building. It collapsed inwards on itself thankfully. Now that I think about it, the last stomp… was it really a stomp? It was much louder than the other ones. In fact, the earth shook so much that it could’ve been a really bad earthquake! What happened…? Shiozaki asks me, “Inochi, are you okay? You nearly died.”


“I’m fine. Thank you for saving me, you too Tetsutetsu. Without you guys, I would’ve been the first recorded death in U.A. High,” I say, laughing slightly. Tetsutetsu pats my back and smiles widely with really jagged teeth like Tokage.


“Nah man! It was just Shiozaki! But, I’m happy as hell that I’m alive!” Tetsutetsu exclaims, also getting a somewhat of a glare from Shiozaki. He nervously chuckles, turning to a crowd of other examinees walking on a street. “I think that Arena Trap is gone now. Better get to Recovery Girl and get your arm checked up, Inochi! C’mon!”


“Mhm. And before I forget, thank you for rescuing me, Inochi. I hope that I see you in my class,” Shiozaki tells me before we follow the crowd. We get to see what happened: The Arena Trap is down. Someone defeated it. Everyone says a green-haired boy punched it with a really powerful Quirk. Present Mic announces that the practical exam is over… Damnit, only five points. I can’t get into U.A. with that… As much as I hope, it’s not enough…


Once I reach Recovery Girl, I say goodbye to Tetsutetsu and Shiozaki, wishing them luck on their results. These two are kind, and they have powerful Quirks. They deserve to be in the Hero Course. Anyway, I approach Recovery Girl, holding my once-dislocated shoulder. I say, “Uhm, Miss Recovery Girl? I dislocated my shoulder, but I relocated it. I’m just here to-”


“Just ‘Recovery Girl’, and say no more, Inochi,” she replies, somehow knowing my name! She gestures me to bend down on one knee before she plants a kiss on my forehead, healing my arm and any scratches on me. “For goodness sake, you’re too tall for your own good. I’m a shrimp compared to you, boy.”


“Heh, sorry… How do you know my name?” I ask her, stretching my arm.


“You’re one of Saki’s kids. How could I not know? I don’t talk to that idiot much, but I do keep tabs on him and his family. Jeez, I have some things to say about the Kendos. Do you know how many times Kaito, may he rest in peace, landed himself in my office? Every single time, he fought men trying to woo Hayami when they were your age. And every single time, I would scold him, but it never worked! I don’t know how that man didn’t get himself expelled. Oh, don’t get me started on Sasaki and Tatemi. We were all students in U.A. together. These two wouldn’t confess their mutual love for each other until graduation. Graduation! Now, chances are, you and Itsuka will be joining U.A. as the next Pros! I wonder what hell you two will bring me… Inochi? You don’t look happy.”


“Because… I didn’t do so well. If you know Master Kendo personally, then you know why. I tried my best, Recovery Girl,” I softly tell her, looking down at the ground.


“I know. I’m not too well-informed on the application process, but you’ll get in. Even though you’re not technically Quirkless, you’re the best one I seen. Now, if you excuse me, I need to scold Midoriya. He’s the one who brought the robot down. Have a good day.” With that, she walks away with her comically large syringe. Midoriya, huh? Well, he almost killed me, but it wasn’t his fault. Doesn’t matter though, that’s it. That’s the entire Entrance Exam. Better find my friends. They surely did better than me.


I follow the crowd again. I go through the same halls until I’m back outside where I was before. Kendo, Kodai, and Ojiro are there waiting for me. They see me and wave. Naturally, I wave back and smile, trying my best to hide my disappointment. They walk up to me with Kendo asking, “Inochi! Glad to see you’re still kicking. How did it go? Personally, it went great because I got twenty-five points. Yui has thirteen while Ojiro got seventeen. Oh, where’s your quarterstaff?” Wow, that’s a lot frankly. Lot more than me.


“Long story short: Arena Trap. And I did pretty well. Got enough points to get into U.A., I’d say,” I answer, lying. It’s good enough that everyone believes me. Might be because all of them, even Kodai, are stoked about their results. Of course they would believe me. Besides, I don’t want to bring them down when they’re smiling like that. I don’t want to make this all about me, so I ask Kendo, “How did your exam go? You can tell it on the way to the Dojo.”


“Oh, I will. I met this guy who copied my Quirk. Seems like a real nice man to say the least,” she recalls as the four of us start walking back.


I try my best to listen, but the only thing I do is worry.




A week passed. Despite Kendo asking me to ask Tokage to ask her “connections” to ask U.A. if they know we got in. It’s a lot of asking, but none of it worked. It got as far as Tokage before she shuts us (mainly Kendo) down. (I ended up seeing Tokage’s father for the first time through a face call. That wasn’t the most pleasant experience.) I don’t know where Tokage has her connections, but I don’t feel like asking. I’m honestly not fond of that word now. God, Kendo’s been on edge for the past week. Every time I see her, she’s either tinkering with her motorcycle or viciously training at the Dojo and being way too excited to beat me in a spar. Kodai keeps telling us that she’s nervous for the results. I can definitely see it in her eyes. It’s a little change in how her eyes look, but it’s very noticable. And with Ojiro, he’s been a bit jumpy. Every time his phone chimes, he immediately takes it out and be met with disappointment. One time, he nearly dropped his phone in the river. At least, that’s what he told me. Hayami and Master Kendo keep telling us (again, mainly Kendo) that we’ll get into U.A., but I have a good feeling that I’m not. Kendo? For sure. Kodai and Ojiro? Of course. Not me though. I’ve been repressing hope for the past week, having fake optimism replace it, answering questions about my exam with vagueness, et cetera. After all, I want to make sure that I don’t get in my friends’ way.


So, I’m here, standing outside my home for the past five months. I went out for a walk to clear my head, but I’m back now. I wonder once I get the news, the news I’m expecting, what would change? Would Master Kendo kick me out? Will I go into the General Department? Only God knows the answer. And that answer could be in this very mailbox. I open it and there’s one single letter inside. I take it out and see a U.A. wax seal on it. Yup, this is it. I shake it around, and there’s something inside. It’s not paper, but it’s some sort of disc. My heart should be pounding, but it’s relaxed. I know the results, so Kendo will be thrilled. I unlock the front door and go inside, taking my shoes off. I hear Kendo and Hayami talking in the kitchen with Master Kendo laughing. He’s probably watching his shows. Once I come in, Kendo pokes her head out to greet me. I announce before she asks, “I’m sorry, but there’s only a letter with a U.A. wax seal. It’s nothing important-”


“Nothing important my ass!” she snaps, immediately taking the letter out of my hand. I nearly fall down from how fast she took it! Hayami helps me up and we immediately run into the living room where Kendo tears the letter in half. I stand behind the couch, watching as a metal disc plop onto the table. All of us watch intently as…!


All Might appears as a hologram! Wait, All Might appears?! He’s wearing a really snazzy suit! Why is he telling us our results?! Anyway, he exclaims, “I am here! As a hologram! Before I tell you your results, I will be attending U.A. as the heroism teacher!”


“Oh dear God, Toshi will kill his students,” Master Kendo mutters under his breath.

“Toshi can go to school but never bothers to visit us,” Hayami adds on, pouting. Wait, they know All Might personally?!


Despite those comments, he continues by asking what I assume to be off-stage workers, “Is that all I have to announce? Really? Great! Anyway, as I was saying! Your results, Young Kendo! You must’ve studied well because you passed your written portion of the Entrance Exam with flying colors!”


The entire room goes silent. We all know what All Might will say next.


“For your practical portion, you scored twenty-five Villain Points total! It’s better than ninety-five percent of the examinees! That is why I am excited to say that you will be continuing the Kendo family legacy at U.A.! I-!”


Hayami and Kendo scream in excitement, cutting All Might off. Master Kendo plugs his ears while I smile, patting Kendo’s shoulder. I try my best to tell her that I’m proud, but Hayami is currently blowing my eardrums out. I knew it though. All Might didn’t even address me. That means I failed. I think… I think it’s showing on my face, since Hayami puts a hand on my shoulder...


“Okay! I think the scheduled screaming is done.”


Heh, All Might is always the one who inspired me… Guess I can’t be as great as him… I-


“Now, how could I not mention Young Inochi? I admire you, frankly. You’re much like myself! More than you realize. And, not to mention you have the wit as well! It’s clear in your written portion actually, because you passed! Now, as for your practical portion… I regret to say that five Villain Points is not enough to enter U.A. High School.”


Dammit… Just as my hopes were rising in my chest… Why did U.A. make All Might say that?! It’s no u-


“If that was all. You see, how can a prestigious school like U.A. grade students based on combat ability alone? Aren’t Heroes risking their lives to save the public no matter the cost? Wouldn’t you say that’s lip service? How can we judge future Heroes without judging their genuine selflessness? So!” The screen changes to display two single words: Rescue Points. What… What are these?


“Rescue Points! A committee of well-respected judges gave these points out to the selfless who saved others without a second thought!” The screen cuts to two separate videos: Kendo saving Monoma with Yanagi, and me, saving Shiozaki and Tetsutetsu. I never told them about it. God, the look they have right now...


“Itsuka Kendo: Forty points! You are fifth on the overall ranking!” Oh my God... She really did kill the Exam! The screen shows the leaderboards! I see Tetsutetsu, Shiozaki, and that Midoriya who brought the zero-pointer down!


“And Sanji Inochi: Also forty points. Do you know what this means, don’t you?”


I think I do! But... But, God! This actually can’t be happening!


“Young Inochi, you will be joining Young Kendo to U.A High School!”


His words... it made my legs go numb, almost making me tumble over the couch. I try everything I can to focus on All Might, the actual All Might, who’s smiling at me. I’m going... I’m going to U.A.!


“Quirkless or not, use your determination to be a Hero! I will say this again! Use every ounce of your courage and strength to be the Hero you wish to be! That applies to you as well, Young Kendo! Be the people’s fist just like your father! The master martial artist exactly as your fine grandfather!”


He extends a hand out like he’s here in this very room. “Now come, my future Heroes! This will be your hero academia!”