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Shut up Yoongi!

Shut up!!!

"Aaaaa... Aaaaa... Aaaaahhhhh..."

The beautiful boy with flawless pale skin was trembling in pleasure.

He hated it.


And hate was not even enough to describe how he felt right now.

It was unwanted.

He didn't want to feel any pleasures from this at all.

Yoongi cursed himself.

He cursed himself for his pathetic life and his pitiful family who only faced nothing but suffering and pain, every single day, but they still choose to endure their ill-fated lives for the sake of each other.

He didn't expect this to happen.

He never even imagined that one day he would end up in this position out of desperation.

Yoongi felt disgusted.

He felt filthy,

Extremely pathetic and worthless.

Here he was, selling his own virginity to someone he didn't even know,

And letting that stranger touch and manhandle him however that man wanted, was beyond sickening and dreadful.

"Ah.. Ahhh.... Nnghhh... Fuck! Fuck! Aaaahhhh....!" Yoongi whimpered; his body was quivering for the nth time in less than an hour.

This is fucking disgusting.

Shit! Shit!!

Yoongi's body started to heavily shaken the moment he felt the man was rubbing his already leaking dick.

He clenched the bedsheet tightly in his fists, tugging it whenever he tried to stop himself from drowning into the lustful pleasures, while trying so hard not to let another moan or whimper escape from his pretty lips by biting the pillow.

....And another strained moan escaped - full with the unexpected ardor of satisfaction.

Yoongi then shut his eyes as tight as he could, internally cursing his damn soul for letting himself moan like that.


Stop moaning or else you are nothing but a fucking slut!

The beautiful pale boy stopped himself from silently crying, leaving his soft cheeks stained with already dried tears.

Another finger inserted into his butt hole, making every muscle in his body become more tense than before.

And the moment those three fingers started to move inside him, and kept on attacking his sweet spot, Yoongi couldn't help but moan louder and louder each time those fingers hit his spot.

I hate my life.

I fucking hate my damn cursed life!

I detest every single thing that has happened to us!

Yoongi kept on cursing his life.

This damn life led to nothing but non-stop misery and torture.

The beautiful boy could feel a new set of tears now dampening his flushed cheeks due to his extreme dissappointment in life.

We should just die, shouldn't we?

They treat us like animals, anyway..

and I...

I have lost the only think I protected my whole damn life.


We're pathetic...

Yoongi's lips started to tremble. He pressed his palm onto his trembling lips as hard as he could, hoping that the man who was going to fuck him wouldn't hear his heartbroken whimper.

For fuck sake, Yoongi!

Stop crying!

This is nothing.

You've been through things worse than this.

You need the money...

You fucking need this money!

Yoongi took a deep, long breath, trying so hard to ignore how aching his heart felt right now.

Here he was,

being so fucking desperate,

for the sake of the people he loves in his own little dark world.

And the desperation led him to sacrifice the only one thing he cherished the most about himself,

His dignity.

His damn dignity made him remember that he was also a human being.

But he lost it now.

He lost that dignity for the sake of his mom and his little brother.

"Fucking pay the money your slutty sister stole from our boss or else we will kill your mom and sell you and your brother as prostitutes!"

One of the men strongly cupped his chin with his big rough hand.

The man angrily spat those words before he kicked the poor boy in his stomach several times, ignoring the fact that the boy was almost collapsed.

Yoongi silently hissed, trying his best to sit up on the floor but failed miserably.

He glanced towards his little brother, Hoseok, who was unconsciously lying on the floor after being hit mercilessly by those gangsters, before he looked at his mom who laid a few meters away from him, already turning pale due to her blood lost.

This was their third time in a month, trying to run and hide from those gangsters who harassed them for over a year now, demanding them to pay the money that his elder sister 'stole' from their boss.

And unfortunately, those thugs always found them within days,

And the nightmares kept on repeating over and over again.

"Speaking about sending them to the slut house, how about we do some 'tasting' before we decide whether they are worth enough to be sold as prostitutes ," the other man suggested, eyeing Hoseok who was lying on the floor with lustful eyes.

He then crouched down beside Hoseok who was still unconscious, starting to knead the boy's ass cheeks while hungrily touching all over his body.

"I'm gonna fuck him so goo-"

"Stop touching him you bastard!!!" Yoongi barked furiously.

He tried to move towards them, ignoring the fact that he was bruising and bleeding, just to save his younger brother from being sexually harassed, but was stopped by strong arms that were holding his shirt from behind.

A strong fist landed on his jaw, adding more wounds to his already wounded face.

Yoongi's body started to tremble the moment he realized someone was already on top of him, eyeing his body up and down a few times before the man started to rip open his shirt.

"Such a beautiful boy. You will be so fucking good for me ," the man growled before he started to kiss and suck Yoongi's neck, tainting the flawless skin with a deep purplish hickey.

Yoongi started to freak out and felt terrified all at the same time.

He tried so hard to push the man away from him, while screaming as loud as he could, begging the man to stop from doing what he did at that moment.


A loud slap sound echoed throughout the small apartment's living room area and another few smacking sounds followed soon after.

"Fucking shut up, you slut!" the man angrily barked before he landed another slap near Yoongi's bleeding lips.

He moved his hands towards Yoongi's pants, ignoring the fact that the boy was still screaming and crying out loud, begging him continuously to stop.

"Stop!!! Please stop!!!! I'll pay. I'll p-pay the money-"

Yoongi choked, still trying to push the man with his shaking hands but he stopped when the man grabbed his wrists and pinned those above his head,  just before the bastard let out a chuckle from his filthy mouth.

"And why should I listen to you? Your pretty tight hole will be so fucking good for all of us. I can imagine how great to fuck you all... night.....long, screaaaaaming and begging us to stop continuously ," the man whispered near Yoongi's ear while biting his earlobe, licking it a few times before he continued his words.

"...After all, you don't want us to bang your beautiful little brother instead, right?"

And at that specific time,

those specific cursed seconds,

Yoongi could feel his heart stop the moment that thug mentioned about his brother.


His teary eyes widened as he looked straight at the man's smug face in horror.

Yoongi's mind was busy, trying to decide what was the best to do at that time.

Should he sacrifice himself and let them molest him instead of Hoseok?


He should, right?

He would.

If that's the price to protect his precious little brother.

'Hyung will always protect you, Hoseok-ah. Just trust hyung. Okay?'

That promise he made to his brother kept on ringing in his head, giving him the strength to tell them his decision.

Taking another long breath just to ease his shattered soul, he slowly responded with his already hoarse voice.

"P-please... L-leave him alone... Use-use me... P-please don't touch him... Not-not him!"

"You shouldn't space out like that when you're with me. I hate people being disrespectful like this!"

The man who was fingering Yoongi growled, slapping the pale butt cheek once before he turned the boy's frail body to face him.

"Hey," the man slowly whispered, rubbing Yoongi's wet cheek with his thumb.

Yoongi was still spacing out; face emotionless with his eyes resembling nothing but a dead soul.

He then blinked his eyes slowly, only to gape widely after he realized he was facing the still fully clothed man who was on top of him.

"Oh God. I-I... Master, I'm s-sorry... I-I will be good. I promise. I...I didn't mean"

Yoongi started to hyperventilate.

He was panicking at the stupid mistake he made just now.

It's a rule,

a written contract that clearly stated the 'virgin petal' should serve his master as best as he could or else he wouldn't even get another chance to serve as a 'petal' anymore.

Yoongi was still hyperventilating; staring at the guy who was on top of him with his teary red eyes.

"Master, please, I-I'll be good-"

Yoongi stopped the moment that guy slapped his hands away, when he tried to touch his shoulders.

"Don't touch me," the man lowly growled, glaring at Yoongi who was already fidgeting.

"C-can you please give me another chance.."


I'm desperate...

I need that money to survive...

"P-please...." Yoongi slowly whispered, pleading to the guy who paid for his service to give him another chance.

He couldn't be kicked out from this room now.

Not now.

He knew the rule well enough.

Once the customer cancelled on you, the club would automatically kick you out and there would be no second chance.


And that's one of the reasons why the 'club' remained exclusive and superior among those who were in the underground world.

The ash grey haired guy just kept quiet, eyeing the beautiful naked body with his lustful eyes.

Licking his lower plump lips while he stared deep into Yoongi's swollen eyes, he then leaned down to slowly whisper his words to the still trembling guy.

"What's your name again?" he asked before he started to nibble Yoongi's earlobe.


"Hey Yoongi. You should be glad for being this fucking beautiful," the man huskily replied, sucking the skin behind Yoongi's ear before he slowly ran his tongue towards the flawless pale neck.

He kept on kissing and sucking the pretty neck, licking it soon after, before he moved towards the untouched skin on the other side, just to stain it with another set of deep purplish hickeys.

"Promise you'll be good for me?" the man slowly whispered before he looked at Yoongi's anxious face nodding his head, eyes sparkled with gratefulness, even though he knew very well that this would never be the few small things in his life that he would be thankful for.

"Good," the man contentedly replied, smirking before he landed another wet kiss on Yoongi's chest.

"But I hate it if you go mute on me," he continued, gripping Yoongi's cheeks with his hand.

"I'm sorry, Master. I-I promise I will be good for you," Yoongi replied, trying his best to keep the eye contact.

I should just let us die, right?


Mom and Hoseok mustn't die...

They deserve to live,

They deserve to at least experience a little bit of happiness in this life,

And I need to make it happen.

I have to...

I will.

"And fucking stop calling me Master. I hate it!" he impatiently replied, gripping the pale cheeks harder, making the slightly trembling boy look straight at his face.

"I... What should I call you then?" Yoongi slowly asked, struggling to move his mouth.

The guy cockily smirked, starting to rub his palm on Yoongi's semi-hard dick.

"Jimin. Call me Jimin."

The guy chuckled when he felt Yoongi, who was beneath him, start to tremble the moment he wrapped his fingers around the boy's almost hard cock.

"....And I want you to scream my name as loud as you can the moment I fuck your tight virgin ass all....night....long...," Jimin slowly whispered the words with his cocky smirk, licking his beautiful plump lips while eyeing the beautiful virgin meat beneath him.

Yoongi nodded.

His eyes widened when he remembered the other guy's words before.

"I hate it if you go mute on me..."

"Ji-Jimin... I will. I will scream your name t-the moment w-when you... when you fuck me..."

You have to do this, Yoongi...

After all...

"I promise..."

We have to survive...

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A week before the incident

"Hoseok-ah, have you and Mom had dinner yet?" Yoongi whispered, tightly clenching his phone while flicking his shaking pupils, looking everywhere just to make sure that nobody was around.

The store where he was working now was empty, but Yoongi never let his surroundings trick his instinct, especially after what he and his family had painfully went through almost his whole life.

So instead of letting his guard down, he kept on checking all around, both inside and outside the store, holding his trembling hands together in hopes that he could at least stop himself from shaking in fear.

Damn it Yoongi!

Stop trembling!

You are worthless if you are weak like this.

Noona is not around anymore, so you have to protect them now.

Mom and Hoseok need you.

We.. You have to be strong, Yoongi.

Yoongi internally cussed at himself, just like he always did whenever he felt like he was nothing but a piece of shit. He always seemed to need his older sister to protect him, ever since he was a child, because he was always being a weak and a sick little boy.

Sometimes he would ask himself why was he even born, because he continuously thought that he was nothing but a burden to his mother and older sister. They also needed to pay for his large amount of medical bills when he was younger.

Thankfully, his health became better and that made him capable of working two part time jobs to earn money, just enough for his family to survive.

He gulped a few times, inhaling a long, deep breath, just to decrease his thumping heartbeat.

Yoongi was scared, very scared and there was never a second in his life that he had ever felt safe and secure.

"Hoseok!" He half shouted, half hissed. Yoongi started to feel his anxiety build up inside his small, frail body; always afraid that something might happen to his mother and little brother while he was not with them.

He glanced at the entrance of the convenience store, just in case he had to greet new customers who came in.

"Yes hyung. I'm sorry. Mom told me to tell you to come back early today. It's not safe to be out late. We already ate and we saved it for you too. Mom cooked us Kimchi fried rice and fried eggs. I think today was our lucky day because everyone who watched me dance gave me at least 500 Won, so I got enough money to buy us eggs and rice, hyung!" Hoseok beamed excitedly, clearly showing how happy he was with his small accomplishment.

It's not easy for Hoseok to earn money just by dancing in the street. To be honest, it's even a miracle if he comes back home earning enough for them to buy food, or help with the bills.

Sometimes he could only bring as little as 3000 Won, even though he danced for hours, but mom and Yoongi would always show how much they appreciated the youngest's effort to help them financially.

It's unfortunate, to be honest, but they had to accept their doomed, fated lives.

If only they were not in this shitty life that was full of misfortunes and misery.

Yoongi always thought that Hoseok was good enough to be on stage, showing the world how talented and great he was as a dancer.

He is gifted.

Hoseok has an inborn talent as a dancer and no one can deny that fact, especially those who see the way his body moves whenever he starts to dance.

Yoongi smiled lovingly at how his precious little brother sounded right now - Hoseok is happy, very happy, and Yoongi couldn't be grateful enough to think that at least they could still smile today.

"Alright. Please tell Mom that hyung will come back early today. I just have to wait for another hour before someone else comes for their shift," Yoongi replied, still in his hushed tone.

His body then tensed the moment he heard the bell ring, indicating that someone was entering the shop.

Peeking at the glass door, he only sees a figure wearing a black hoodie, covering his face with a black mask entered the store, slowly moving towards the food shelves.

"I think I have to go now. Tell mom I love her, and I love you too, Hoseok-ah. Bye!" Yoongi quickly ended the call, shoving his old phone into his back pocket, before he craned his neck to look at the customer who was standing behind one of the shelves.

The man, Yoongi assumed, based on his body size, proportion and posture, was slowly walking behind the shelves, making some sounds that made Yoongi feel uncomfortable.

He started to feel uneasy and tense by how suspicious the new customer was acting.

Glancing at the clock on the wall, indicating it was fifteen minutes passed eleven, Yoongi internally sighed, praying to God to protect him from any harm tonight. What he really needs now is to live, in order to keep his little world safe and sound.

His dark little world consisted of his mom, his little brother and himself. His noona was part of it too, but she suddenly abandoned them a year ago, just like how their father left them thirteen years ago.

Grabbing a blade knife that he kept in his back pocket with his trembling hand, Yoongi gulped down the thick lump that he felt in his throat since the moment he started to feel suspicious of the man.

Could he be...

He couldn't be...

Those thugs wouldn't even dare to come here.

This is not their place... He's got to be someone else...

Furrowing his eyebrows while thinking that probably the man was just a random thief, Yoongi wrapped his fingers tighter around the knife handle, preparing himself for any misfortune that he might eventually face.

It didn't take long for the customer to run towards him, slamming the counter with a lot of junk food and drinks.

Yoongi gasped with surprise while pointing the blade towards the offender, only to let out an annoying huff when he saw the shit eating grinning face of the 'black hoodie guy.'

"Hey beautiful," the guy greeted with a wink, removing his mask, while admiring Yoongi's irritated face.

"Jackson! Don't do that ever again. I could have accidentally hurt you, you know?!" Yoongi hissed, smacking Jackson's head with his palm before he quickly shoved his blade knife back into his back pocket.

He glared at Jackson who was now laughing out loud. The guy was leaning his body at the counter, just to avoid himself from falling down on the floor from the uncontrollable laughter.

"Yoongi, you are so cute and adorable, you know? Now I think I might end up falling in love with you" Jackson cooed, pinching the smooth, puffy cheeks while smiling adoringly at the latter.

Yoongi puffed out an air while slapping the hands that were still pinching his cheeks, feeling flustered and uncomfortable with the unexpected act coming from the other guy.

"Stop talking bullshit, Jackson. We both know you are in love with my noona since the moment you laid your eyes on her" Yoongi sharply replied, rolling his eyes when he heard Jackson was playfully responded with 'ouch' for a few times, just to make sure Yoongi hear him loud and clear.

"Yes, but have anyone ever tell you that you are prettier and more attractive than your noona? To be honest, you are so beautiful, Yoongi. It's a waste that no one can never see your beauty because you are too busy hiding yourself" Jackson asked with a wink, resting his chin with his fist while staring dreamily at Yoongi who was now busy scanning the items.

Yoongi just snorted, shaking his head a few times before he shoved the plastic bag that was full with junk foods and drinks toward Jackson, who was still staring at him.

"Stop, Jackson! Don't be creepy. And no, I'm not pretty nor beautiful. So stop with your pathetic attempt to flirt with me" Yoongi gave a short breathy laugh, before he lightly pushed Jackson away from his counter.

"Ah, now I'm hurt! Stop rejecting me, Yoongi!" Jackson teasingly replied, holding the plastic bag and started to pace towards the glass door. He then stopped, before he glance at Yoongi through his shoulder, "Say hi to your noona, Yoongi. I miss her. It's been awhile since we see each other. See you soon, okay?"

Yoongi just silently watching him as he went out from the store, clenching his hands just to ease his aching heart.

"I miss her too. Noona, where are you?"


Yoongi ended up alone in between dark alleys, pacing nervously towards the direction to his house. He ended up having to work overtime because the person who was supposed to work after him didn't come with unknown reasons.

It's already 2 am in the morning, thus, it was normal to have quiet and empty streets right now. Most shops are already closed since 12 midnight, only some convenience stores like the one he works, clubs and bars are open at this hour.

He froze the moment he heard someone was shrieking not far away from his spot. Taking a deep breath, with a thumping heart, he slowly turned towards his right, only to twist his neck back to look at the opposite direction.

"Fuck! Fuck! Urghhhh... Your cock is soooo good. Sooo good... More, more.."

Yoongi winced the moment he heard both of them moaning and panting, talking dirty towards each other. He scrunched his face in disgust, trying to forget the image he saw a few seconds ago.

There, a few meters away to his right, were two men fucking against the wall.

Yoongi was so sure that the one who was pressed against the wall was a prostitute based on the clothes he wore.

And he pitied the whore because he was so sure that he wouldn't be able to walk properly afterwards based on how rough he was being fucked. It's not like Yoongi knows how it feels being a virgin himself, after all.

But judging by the way the other guy was being fucked, even a virgin could predict what would happen right after the whore reached his climax.

Fucking hell.

Yoongi muttered curses non-stop while slightly jogging, trying his best to leave as fast as he could.

It's disturbing, to be honest, having to see those kinds of things almost on regular basis, especially if he has to go back home after midnight, but that's how he lives his life and as far as he hates it, he can't do anything about it.

Hugging his favourite black sweater to protect himself from the night breeze, while fixing the mask he wore since the moment he stepped out from the store, he stopped his pace again, when he felt his phone vibrating inside his back pocket.

"Hello, Hoseok-ah. Hyung-"

"Hyung, when are you coming home? I-I don't feel good," Hoseok whined, trying to hide how anxious he felt.

Yoongi kept on walking, flicking his eyes at every direction just to make sure he wouldn't end up faced with an unwanted event, or even worse, bumping into people he and his family had avoided for so many years.

"Hyung is on the way home now. Just be patient, okay? Why aren't you asleep yet? It's late now," Yoongi slowly whispered, trying to calm his little brother who sounded in distress, while trying to ease his own nervousness as well.

"I-I can't. I just can't. I don't know. I just think that something bad will hap-"

"Where's mom, Hoseokie?" Yoongi abruptly interrupted, still is his hushed voice.

"Uhm.. Mom? M-mom's asleep now, hyung."

"Okay, just wait for me. I will be there in 5 minutes, okay?"

"Okay hyung. J-just be safe, okay?"


Yoongi then stopped, instantaneously ending up the phone call when he heard a few voices not far away from the place he was walking now. One of the voices sounded like he was in pain, begging the others to stop from hurting and torturing him.

P-please, please protect me..

H-hoseok and mom are waiting for me now..

Yoongi silently whispered, hugging his phone close to his chest.

He slowly walked straight, hoping that he wouldn't end up bumping into whatever shit was happening between those men up ahead.

But only after a minute later, he stopped, feeling his body going cold and numb.

Yoongi could feel his heart pounding loudly inside his chest, matching with how his body trembled furiously.

There, right infront of his shaky pupils, stood two men, pointing guns at another heavily bleeding man who was now laying on the ground.

"Do Hun-shi, please don't make this difficult for you. We just asked you a very simple and easy question," one of the guys calmly stated, pushing the other guy's index finger upwards with his foot before he stepped hard on it.

Yoongi was so sure the guy broke his finger based on the cracking sound he heard. But then again, judging at how wounded he looked now, Yoongi knew well that he already had more broken bones than that.

"I asked you a question, Do Hun-shi," the tall, broad looking guy repeated, still in his eerily calm voice. His foot was still stepping on the broken finger, pressing it firmly, even though the guy he called Do Hun was screaming in pain.

"I.. I don't k-know! I swear I don't!"

"You know, the moment Prince arrives and you still deny that you have the information about the diamond, he will never think twice to shoot right through your thick skull. I'm giving you a sneak peak at how you will end up in a few minutes more," the other guy just shrugged, crouching down beside the still screaming guy. He pointed his gun at the guy's face, before calmly making a 'bang' sound using his pouty lips.

After a few screams and pleading for them to release him, still denying that he knows nothing about the diamond they were asking for, Yoongi decided he shouldn't listen to any of this in the first place.

Taking a deep breath, he slowly took his steps back, eyes never leaving the three guys who hadn't notice him yet.

He quietly counted his steps, careful enough not to make any noise to avoid unwanted attention.





He then stopped when he felt something was pressing at the back of his head.

Something metal.

Abruptly, he turned his heels faster than he should, making himself almost trip toward the ground.

It felt like his soul just left his frail, pale body the moment his eyes landed on the metal that was now pressing against his forehead.

A gun.

It was a gun.

Taking a deep, long breath, he shifted his shaky pupils to look at the figure who was pointing the gun at his forehead.

It was a guy, a young guy who was the same height as him. This guy with silverish-grey hair was wearing a black leather jacket, matched with his tight leather pants.

His sharp looking eyes were glaring straight at Yoongi's hidden face, digging in an imaginary hole based on how he unblinkingly stared at Yoongi.

He made a clicking sound using his tongue, which made Yoongi avert his eyes to look at his pouty, plump lips.

Only with a blink later, Yoongi was already being pressed against the wall with a hand wrapped tightly around his neck, the gun still closely pressed against his forehead.

"Who are you?" the guy asked with his stern voice, coldly glaring at Yoongi's widened eyes.

"I... I..." Yoongi gulped, repeatedly opening and closing his mouth. He gasped for air the moment he felt the hand was choking him stronger than before.

"I asked you a question. A simple one. Who are you?" the silverish-grey haired guy repeated his question, digging his nails at Yoongi's pale neck, which obviously would leave him with marks and bruises.

"I'm... I'm Y-" Yoongi stopped, shifting his eyes to look the other direction, avoiding the cold stare the moment he remembered what his sister and his mother told him about giving out his personal information.

"Yoongi-ah, Hoseok-ah, you have to promise noona something, okay?" the pale, flawless skin girl squeezed Yoongi's hand, before she did the same to Hoseok's hand as well.

She then fed Yoongi a piece of kimbab, smiling at Hoseok when the youngest took his own piece of kimbab to feed himself.

"Promise you what, noona?" Hoseok curiously asked, taking another piece of kimbab before he shoved it into his still full mouth.

"Both of you need to promise not to easily give your personal information to anyone. Not even your name. Okay?" she replied, wiping Hoseok's mouth with her shirt sleeve, before she did the same to Yoongi, who eventually whined soon after, mumbling that he was already a big boy.

"I will still think of you as a baby, you know? I don't care if you are already 15 now, you are still a baby," she cooed at the pouty Yoongi, kissing his soft cheek afterwards which earned her a cold glare from the latter.

She giggled afterwards, making Hoseok who was 13 years old that time giggle along with her.

She then went serious again, cupping both Yoongi's and Hoseok's cheeks with her palms, continuously shifting her eyes at her two beloved brothers.

"I'm serious. Promise me, never let strangers know who you are easily, okay? Mom also wants you to do the same" she repeated her words, more stern this time, which made her two brothers nod their heads simultaneously.

"I promise noona," Yoongi replied, hugging his sister, before he pulled Hoseok to join their bear hugs.

Yoongi was forced out from his trance the moment he felt something was pressing harder near his head.

He flicked his eyes back at the figure in front of him, biting his lips just to gather his courage to answer the question.

Think Yoongi.




Which name should I use?

"Youngjae!" he half squealed, half shouted the moment he noticed the guy was about to pull the trigger.

He then heard the man muttering lines of profanities, the moment he noticed the other three guys were looking at their direction.

Yoongi's eyes went wide when he saw one of the guys, the one who was crouching down near the wounded man, quickly walk towards them.

"Prince?" the guy slowly called, ping-ponging his eyes towards both of them. He had dark brown hair covering his forehead, which probably didn't match the fact that he was also holding a gun.

"You should fucking check your surroundings, Choi!" the man who was called Prince snapped, squinting his eyes when he saw the other guy was scratching his nape while muttering a slow sorry.

Without any warning, the silverish-grey haired guy just pulled off the mask that was covering Yoongi's face. He then froze for a few seconds the moment his eyes landed on the beautiful, pale skinned boy.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, calmer than before.

The dark brown haired guy lifted an eyebrow, looking amused at what he just saw. He then chuckled, but gulped soon after when he realized that 'Prince' was glaring at him.

"I'm asking you-"

"I was just walking here to go back home. I.. I didn't mean to eavesdrop or anything. I p-promise I will keep my mouth shut," Yoongi stared deeply onto the other dark brown orbs. He refused to blink his eyes, afraid that his unshed tears would roll down his cheeks.

That was the last thing he wanted to happen; crying pathetically infront some random thugs whom he unfortunately met.

"And how can I know you are not one of those people from another gang?What if..." he trailed his gun down Yoongi's jaw, pushing it slightly towards the pale skin. "What if you are one of them, spying on us?" he calmly asked, trailing his gun down towards Yoongi's neck before he moved it back to press against his forehead.

"I-I promise y-you. I'm.. I'm not in any gang," Yoongi pleaded, praying internally. He hoped he wouldn't end up dead here in this dark alley, the last thing he hoped to happen to him, beside any harm towards his family.

"I promise yo-" Yoongi then stopped when he heard an excruciating scream coming from the same spot he saw a few minutes ago.

"Prince" the brown haired guy whispered. He then nodded and started to walk towards the two other men after Prince whispered something to him.

"I.. Can you please let me go? P-please-"

Yoongi gasped the moment Prince wrapped his fingers around his pale neck, choking it once before he trailed his fingers upwards, brushing them a few times against Yoongi's pale cheek.

"I will let you go. But don't ever dare come across me again. And if you really are one of them, I will make sure that I will be the one who will kill you slowly," he looked straight at Yoongi's shaking pupils, licking his bottom lip with ease, as if he didn't just threaten someone a few seconds ago.

Trailing his hand downward, rubbing his palm slowly on the other's chest while the other hand still pressing the gun at Yoongi's forehead, he then licked his bottom lip again before he continued.

"I really hate people who betray me, you know? So just to make things clear, if I know you are the one who make things difficult for me, I will kill you as painfully as I can until you beg me to just let you kill yourself"

Not gonna happen.

I will make sure I live as long as I can just to protect mom and Hoseokie.

I will live until I have no reason not to.

Yoongi internally responded to the guy's words, never leaving his eyes looking at the man's face.

It's not that he was in one of the gangs, nor that he even cared to tell anyone about the things he just saw. He had alot of other shitty things he had to face and deal with afterall.

It was just that the words made him realize and remember his vow to keep on fighting, living his life and making sure to protect the people he loves are safe until his last breath.

Yoongi took a deep breath, nodding his head a few times without breaking the eye contact.

Gulping his dry throat after he felt his heart wasn't thumping as fast as before, he opened his mouth to respond to the latter's words.

"I promise," he whispered his words, exhaling a long breath after the guy removed his gun, before he pushed him slightly towards the road.


That was the last thing Yoongi heard before he forced himself to run as fast as he could.

Chapter Text

Jungkook and his assistant managed to track down the bastard who dared to even think about playing tricks with them, telling their boss that he knew where the Sapphire diamond the Park family had been looking for, for almost a year now. He was just trying to save his pathetic ass from paying his debt to The Casino, the one that belonged to the most powerful and terrifying family around, The Park family.

Prince got into a lot of trouble from his father, who told him that he should find the diamond by hook or by crook, because it was worth more than anyone could ever imagine.

So when a man suddenly came telling them that he knows where the ever so mysterious, most wanted Sapphire is, they let him slip out from The Casino with his 1 million dollar debt, just to give him a chance to come back the next night with the Sapphire he had promised.

It ended up with him not showing up, nor producing the most wanted Sapphire he dared to offer in the first place.

Well, not that any of them expected it to happen anyway. Just the feeling of tracking down people who tried to mess with them always gave them the twisted thrill they sought after.

One of their gang members, Kang Taehyun, their genius hacker, managed to trace the guy, Kang Do Hun, which ironically happened in less than an hour. Jungkook and his assistant then went to the place he was, after they got the order from Prince - Park Jimin, the sole heir of The Park empire.

"He's only a few meters away from you guys. Thirty meters to be precise. I didn't see anyone else with him. I will report if I see anyone suspicious," Taehyun informed.

"Man, I never imagined having hidden CCTVs in this area would make our job easier than it already is," the younger boy, Jungkook's assistant, muttered alone, eyes still observing every inch of the secluded area.

"Shut up, Beomgyu. If Prince heard you belittle his idea-"

"Which I didn't," the younger boy replied, fast enough to cut Jungkook's words. He even glared at Jungkook, which earned him a chuckle from the elder.

"You did. You told me before that Prince hyung would only waste his money if he installed CCTVs in his areas-"

"Taehyun, you better shut up before I cut your tongue out once I finish this job," Beomgyu threatened, which earned a dead silence from the others.

Jungkook chuckled once again, shaking his head in disbelief at his youngers' antics. These motherfuckers-

"Eagle, Baby bird, the target is now talking on the phone. He's five meters away, just near the left corner, right in front of you!"

"I hate my code name," the younger thug mumbled slowly, pouting when he felt Jungkook's hand ruffling his dark brown hair.

"Noted. Let us know when we can move," Jungkook carefully whispered, eyes still trailing all over the area, just in case there was someone else in the alley.

"Target already ended the call. He is now walking toward your spot."

And just in the blink of an eye later, the target, Kang Do Hun, carelessly walked towards the two crooks, eyes still fixed on his phone screen.

He froze the moment he saw the two figures standing in front of him, but decided to ignore them, leisurely walking past them.

"Mr. Kang," Jungkook calmly called, stretching his arms upwards while waiting for Do Hun to turn around to face him.

"I think you forgot about something," Jungkook continued, shoving his hands inside his pockets once the man was looking at him.

"Who the fuck are you?" Do Hun spat, eyes glaring with the same amount of poison from his voice tone. He stepped a few steps backwards just to get more of a gap in between himself and the two of them.

"You don't have to know who we are, Do Hun-shi, you just have to tell us where the fuck is the Sapphire you promised us last night," Jungkook calmly replied, hands now were stretching backwards.

As soon as Do Hun heard the word 'Sapphire' pass through Jungkook's smirking lips, he turned around and tried to run as fast as he could, trying so hard to save himself from getting caught by those thugs.

"One.... Two.... Three...."

Three seconds later, Jungkook took out his GLOCK 19 complete with a silencer, his new semi automatic handgun he bought along with a few other gang members, and like an expert, he aimed it precisely at Do Hun's left thigh.

"Bang!" Jungkook mockingly shouted, that should have been heard if he hadn't put the silencer on as soon as he fired his gun, snickering the moment he heard the man grunt in pain when he fell to the ground soon after.

"Brainless like other maggots, as always," Beomgyu chuckled, slowly following Jungkook from behind. The moment he was a step closer from the laying body, he pressed his foot on the wounded thigh, ignoring the cries and pleas from Do Hun who was now screaming for help.

"I don't think that's a good move, Do Hun-shi," Jungkook snickered, kicking the man's jaw a few times, contrasting the excruciating sweet tone he used when calling his name.

And that made the man spit a pool of blood, along with two broken teeth.

"I-I don't know w-what y-you are talking a-about," Do Hun replied, grunting in pain. He tried to sit up, but miserably failing from doing so when Beomgyu kicked him right on his face.

Jungkook snickered, pushing his foot on the man's neck, compressing his right carotid artery as hard as he could.

"Are you trying to cut his oxygen supply? Trust me, you need to make sure both of the Carot-"

"Shut up, Owl," Jungkook sharply replied, cutting Taehyun's words in a harsh way which made the younger gulp in fear before he quickly muttered an apology.

Beomgyu just giggled, which obviously was not the right time to do so.

Not when he still had his foot on the wounded thigh, not when Jungkook was trying to crush the man's neck with his foot, and definitely not when they still needed to get the information about the Sapphire from the middle aged man who brought it up last night.

"Don't try to talk shit to us. You were the one who brought that up. If you know nothing about it, you wouldn't have even mentioned about the Sapphire," Jungkook spat, foot still pressing on Do Hun's neck.

"I... I...." Do Hun choked, trying his best to gasp for some air.

"You what?" Jungkook calmly asked, already pointing the gun at Do Hun's right thigh.

"I c-cannot... I cannot t-tell you-"

Do Hun couldn't manage to complete his words, ending up screaming at the new excruciating pain coming from his right thigh the moment Jungkook shot it with his gun.

"Do Hun-shi, please don't make this difficult for you. We just asked you a very simple and easy question," Jungkook calmly replied, pushing the guy's index finger upwards with his foot before he stepped hard on it.

And that made Do Hun cry in pain. He was trembling in fear, biting his already wounded lips just to stop himself from crying out loud.

He knew so well he eventually would end up dead here, but what was waiting for him once he opened his mouth was a lot worse than this.

"I asked you a question, Do Hun-shi," Jungkook repeated again, still in his eerily calm voice. His foot was still stepping on the broken finger, pressing it firmly, ignoring how loud Do Hun was screaming.

Jungkook and Beomgyu knew that Taehyun would inform them if anyone was near their radius, securing a specific amount of circumference based on areas covered by the CCTVs.

If only they knew that Taehyun was being interrupted by one of his assistants, seeking for his opinion on how to trace a new gang who was trying to sell drugs in one of Park's areas without seeking for any permission - not that they would get it even if they asked.

And that tiny carelessness made their best hacker accidentally overlook the presence of a new figure who was walking toward the scene.

"Do we need to cut off one of your fingers first, then? You know we won't think twice to do it as long as we get the information about the Sapphire," Jungkook growled, stomping his foot at the broken finger before he pressed it harder than before.

"I.. I don't k-know! I swear I don't!"

"You know, the moment Prince arrives and you still deny that you have the information about the diamond, he will never think twice to shoot right through your thick skull. I'm giving you a sneak peak at how you will end up in a few minutes more," Beomgyu just shrugged, crouching down beside Do Hun who was still screaming. He pointed his gun at the guy's face, before calmly making a 'bang' sound using his pouty lips.

"Please, I b-beg you... I-I... I can't tell y-you-"

"So, does it means that you are lying to us about not knowing shit about it?" Jungkook raised an eyebrow, already pointing his gun at the pleading guy's leg.

"I swear, I just.. I just know the na-name.. I-I never saw it... I swear!! I don't h-have any information about it!"

"Wrong answer," Jungkook responded, giving a signal to Beomgyu who was looking at him with a knowing smirk plastered on his pinkish lips - ironically too pretty, considering he was one of Park's most talented young hitman and Jeon, who was Prince's righthand man's mentee.

And a blink of an eye later, Beomgyu's foot landed on the guy's groin, kicking it several times despite Do Hun's excruciating screams and pleas.

"What do you mean you couldn't get the shipping deal?" Park Jimin hissed, fisting his hand in anger.

He paced himself towards the specific place Taehyun informed him through text ten minutes ago, eager to get any information about the Sapphire.

To be honest, his father didn't tell him the reason why they have to own the diamond yet, but he knew for sure once they got their hands on the Sapphire, his father would eventually tell him what the big deal was - not that he expected it to be an easy task for the old man to tell him either.

Everyone knows they are not very close with each other, but because Jimin is the sole heir to his empire, the old man needs to be in good terms with his only son.

"You know it's a huge deal, Solar. No, I don't fucking care. Get that deal by hook or by crook. I will send Suho to go with you tomorrow to Japan to make a deal with them," Jimin replied, voice still stern and serious.

"Prince, you know I've been working with your family even before you got the throne. It's impossible. They will ask us to make a trade with something ridiculous. You know everyone is eyeing for The Casino and Sakura, and once they get their hands on either of these two, you know it can affect the whole Park's Empire!"

"Do I need to go along with you two, then?" Jimin raised an eyebrow, his tone went low and deep.

"No, no. You have to deal with more important deals here. I just think I need to bring Hani along as well-"

"Why do you have to bring our best brain along-?" Jimin stopped, exhaled a breath the moment his brain processed the idea.


Jimin clicked his tongue, rolling his eyes in annoyance, knowing that the female on the other line was proudly smirking in triumph.

"Do you need me to provide a sniper to come along with you as well?" Jimin sarcastically offered, snickering the moment he heard the response coming from one of his trusted persons.

"As if I'm not a sniper myself," that's the last words Jimin heard before his eyes trailed on a black hooded figure who was standing still in front of him.

He looked at the reason that made the person freeze, muttering curses the moment he realized what was happening a few meters away from them.

"I have to go," he quickly mumbled to his phone before he abruptly ended the call.

His gaze snapped back towards the figure, assuming it was a guy, eventhough the body frame was too small to assume if anyone were to take a quick glance at him from behind.

I guess we have to get rid of two bodies instead of one tonight.

Licking his tongue in pure eagerness and anticipation, he secured his fingers to take out his gun from under his thin, black shirt, securedly placing it inside a gun holster around his waist.

He silently stood there, eyeing at how the guy was slowly walking backwards, completely unaware of his presence a few meters behind him.

Jimin leisurely pointing the gun toward the guy, aimed exactly at the back of his head while shoving his other hand inside his leather jacket's pocket.

And a few seconds later, the moment the guy's head was touching his gun, Jimin smirked, anticipating the fear he would see on the latter's eyes.

The guy turned his heels way too fast, almost tripping forward, but he managed to balance himself from falling on the ground.

The first thing that caught Jimin's eyes was the latter's own set of sharp and sparkling eyes, ones that could make you find peace and serenity whenever you looked at them.

It's a pity how those eyes looked scared and dead right now, but Jimin still found them calming and soothing.

It feels like home.

The Prince frowned, unable to think of any logical reason why he felt that way. They had never met, he was so sure he would remember if they ever had.

Pushing away those feelings that he always thought were vulnerable and weak, because he never allowed himself to feel that way about anyone, especially to a stranger he never met, he pushed the metal he was holding firmer against the guy's forehead.

He averted his gaze slightly downward, realizing that the man who was still covering most of his face with a mask was already staring at him with wide eyes.


For the first time in a longest time ever, the heartless Prince felt peace - the unwanted feeling he'd been avoiding the moment he knew that he would be the one who would rule the ever so powerful Park Empire.

He stared at the guy who he'd just met, noticing that he had a beautiful, pale complexion and Jimin had always loved this kind of skin - reminding him of one of his most beloved people, his mother.

It's frustrating and infuriating the way Jimin's intention to kill the guy on the spot completely changed the second they made eye contact a moment ago, which made him hate the fact that he met this guy in this kind of situation.

And he never wanted to meet anyone who could make him feel this way.

It's unneeded and could only bring unwelcome casualties, which was the thing that Jimin avoided for a long time, knowing this could be his weak point for his countless rivals and enemies.

"Tsk!" Jimin angrily clicked his tongue, frowning deeper the moment he noticed the guy was staring at his lips.

With a blink later, filled with rage and a little bit of insecurities, Jimin pushed the guy towards the wall, wrapping his fingers around the guy's neck while his other hand was still pressing the gun against his forehead.

"Who are you?" Jimin asked with his stern voice, coldly glaring at the latter's widened eyes.

"I... I..." the other gulped, and Jimin was so sure that he was contemplating the answer, based on how he was gaping at him right now.

He pressed his fingers harder around the neck, earning a choking gasp for some air from the masked guy.

Jimin hates liars, and he could detect that the man was thinking of some bullshit answer to his simple question.

"I asked you a question. A simple one. Who are you?" Jimin repeated his question, digging his nails around the pale neck, which obviously would leave him with marks and bruises.

"I'm... I'm Y-" the other guy stopped, shifting his eyes to look at the other direction, avoiding the cold stare Jimin was giving him right now.

A liar.

This bastard is trying to lie to me.

The silence that came from the masked guy only made Prince become more enraged and furious, making him decide to shoot him in his head if he didn't respond soon.

He was about to pull the trigger, killing him with a bullet straight into his skull, when he was stopped with a voice.

"Youngjae!" the guy half squealed, half shouted, and Jimin could feel the other was trembling in fear.

His voice. I want to hear his voice again.

"Shit! Fucking shit!" Jimin cussed, hating the fact that not only was he enchanted with the guy's eyes, but he was also affected by his soothing voice.

It made his heart beat faster, and no one in this world has ever made his heart beat that way before.

"Prince?" he heard Beomgyu carefully call him, a little bit of hesitation in his voice. Jimin could see the young guy was ping-ponging his eyes towards the both of them.

"You should fucking check your surroundings, Choi!" he snapped, almost growling when he realized how angry he felt at his vulnerable self right now.


Hell, he even hates to associate that word to himself.

It portrays one's weakness, and a powerful person like him should never feel that way.

"Sorry Prince. I should have checked better," Beomgyu slowly answered, almost mumbling. He could see the man was scratching his nape, trying so hard to avoid any eye contact with him right now.

Jimin just sighed, taking a deep breath to calm his own rage. He knew so well that this was not the right time to be furious at his subordinate, a talented one to be precise. It was not a good time when they were in front of the mysterious masked man, and especially not when they were about to figure out about the jewel they were searching for, for a year now.

Feeling curious and suspicious who the masked man might be, just in case the guy was really their threat, without wasting any seconds, he pulled the mask away from his face.

I'm doomed.

I'm so doomed.


What a beautiful face.

Jimin could feel his breath hitch the moment his eyes landed on the beautiful face, almost angelic to be honest, if not because of how terrified the other looked right now.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, calmer than before.

He could hear Beomgyu chuckle, but immediately stopped when the man realized that his boss was glaring at him.

"I'm asking you-"

"I was just walking here to go back home. I.. I didn't mean to eavesdrop or anything. I p-promise I will keep my mouth shut," the guy who introduced himself as Youngjae stared deeply into his eyes. Jimin could clearly notice how the other guy was trying so hard not to cry.


"And how can I know you are not one of those people from another gang? What if..." Jimin trailed his gun down the other's jaw, pushing it slightly towards the pale skin.

He enjoys this.

He really does.

He feels excited at how the guy was trembling under his gun, the sense of dominance and power makes him feel riled up all at once.

"What if you are one of them, spying on us?" Jimin calmly continued. He trailed his gun down towards Yoongi's neck before he moved it back to press against his forehead.

"I-I promise y-you. I'm.. I'm not in any gang," the beautiful guy pleaded, almost desperate.

"I promise yo-" the guy stopped, wincing the moment he heard an excruciating scream coming from a few meters away.

"Prince," Beomgyu called.

"Go settle with Eagle, there. I will come in a moment. I need to settle some things with this guy here," Jimin ordered in a whisper.

He then looked back at Beomgyu, and the guy just nodded without further questions before he started to walk towards the two other men.

"I.. Can you please let me go? P-please-" the pale guy suddenly pleaded, making him feel unsettled excitement once again.

He wrapped his fingers around the pale guy's neck once more, smirking in pleasure when he heard he was gasping in fear. He choked him for a few seconds before he trailed his fingers upwards, brushing them a few times to feel the smooth, pale cheek.

"I will let you go. But don't ever dare come across my path again. And if you really are one of them, I will make sure that I will be the one who will kill you slowly," Prince looked straight at the other's shaking pupils, licking his bottom lip with ease when he saw the guy started to look less tense than before.

Trailing his hand downward, rubbing his palm slowly on the other's chest, while the other hand still pressed the gun at his forehead, he then licked his bottom lip again before he continued.

"I really hate people who betray me, you know? So just to make things clear, if I know you are the one who makes things difficult for me, I will kill you as painfully as I can until you beg me to just let you kill yourself."

He then lifted his gaze upwards, only to meet with a pair of orbs that started to have a flame of determination.


I should just keep him, shouldn't I?

Fucking his brain s out until he never dares to have that useless determination again in his eyes.

How dare you gave me that kind of look, you fucking shit.

He then saw the guy inhale an air before he slowly nodded his head, eyes still dared to not break the eye contact.

I should let him go before I can't stop myself from dragging this guy to Sakura.

Jimin then looked at how the man gulped, seeing how his throat moved up and down before his soothing voice hit his eardrums again.

"I promise," the guy whispered his words, exhaling a long breath after Jimin removed his gun away from his skin.

And Jimin, the supposed to be  heartless Prince, the fearful Park's heir, for the first time in his life was letting someone leave without any scratch on their skin. Though most of the time, which was 99% precisely, those who were unfortunate enough to meet him in this kind of situation would always end up dead in his hands.

"Go!" Prince quickly ordered, pushing the guy toward the opposite road.

He silently watched as the guy ran as fast as he could, leaving the scene that almost ruined his own life.

Prince just stood there for a minute, making sure the man already left for good, before he shifted his sight to look at his real deal.

A loud scream echoed for the nth time from the supposed guy named Do Hun, who was bold enough to offer something that they were looking for just to avoid from paying his huge amount of debt to the casino.

Jimin chuckled, feeling the humor of the guy's stupidity.

He leisurely dragged his feet towards the three of them, welcoming the targeted man with his foot pressed on his broken fingers.

"Hello Do Hun-shi. It's a pleasure to meet you," Jimin sweetly greeted, offering a smile when he noticed Do Hun's eyes widened in terror.

"So, have you told my guys about the thing I'm looking for yet?" Jimin continued, placing his foot on Do Hun's neck the moment Jungkook moved his foot away.

"I... I don't.. I ca- cannot tell you," the guy choked, gasping for an air after Jimin pressed his foot harder against the already bruising neck.

And that only earned him a few kicks to his face, making his already bleeding face added with more sets of wounds and a few new broken bones.

"Wrong answer," the Prince replied, voice too calm for the other guy's own good.

"I can't-"

"Eagle, I heard our Do Hun-shi here has a wife and a new born baby, right?" Jimin interrupted, eyes still haven't left the wounded face.

He chuckled the moment he saw Do Hun's eyes widen in horror the moment he heard Prince mention about his beloved people.

"P-please... Please... Don't hurt t-them.. They know nothing a-about this!" Do Hun pleaded, almost shouting in desperation.

"Aha, so now you want to confess that you actually know about it?" Prince raised an eyebrow, noticing how the guy's determination just crumbled into pieces.

"I-I can't t-tell you. T-they will kill me and my family."

"Oh? Really? Then you think I can't do that too? Say, Do Hun-shi, instead of killing them quickly, I can make you watch how painful I'm going to make them feel in front of your eyes before I kill you too," Jimin replied, now crouching down to press his gun on the guy's jaw.

"P-please... N-no-"

"So, do you want to tell me about that Sapphire or not?"

"I... I swear I know nothing. It's... I heard about it from someone I met for-for my drugs."

"Okay, go on. I'm listening," Prince replied, pressing his gun harder on Do Hun's cheek.

Do Hun suddenly screamed, wincing in pain the moment he felt someone was stepping on his wounded thigh.

Jimin could see Beomgyu was pressing his foot on the wounded thigh from his peripheral view, before he cocked his head back towards the screams.

"Continue. Don't waste my time" he repeated his question, tapping his gun on Do Hun's lips that were filled with lacerated cuts.

"Ki-Ki Woo. Nam Ki Woo. He-he goes with.. with T-Rex among us. H-he.. he owns.. he owns a mechanic shop in Dobong-dong."

"Owl, start searching for Nam Ki Woo from Dobong-dong," Jungkook silently ordered Taehyun, nodding to himself when he heard the guy responding with a short 'noted'.

"And how can I know if you are not lying?" Prince raised an eyebrow again, which earned him a grunt from the latter.

"I'm not lying for fuck sake! I swear I'm not lying! I heard him talk about this on his phone with his gang member when I was waiting for my drugs, you son of a bitch!" Do Hun raised his voice in disappointment, feeling irritated at how the thugs were physically, emotionally and mentally torturing him.

"Manners, you bastard," Beomgyu growled, stepping on the guy's stomach once before he stopped when he saw Prince was raising his hand.

"Gang member, you say, huh? Which gang member? And I thought you already knew that place is mine? How could he be in that area if he belongs to another gang?"

Do Hun gasped, closing and opening his mouth continuously. He realized he just gave away information that was supposed to be a secret.

Well, not a secret anymore now.

"I don't know-"

"Stop lying, you bastard," Jimin interrupted, rolling his eyes in annoyance before he fired his gun at the guy's right ribs, which earned him an excruciating painful scream before the latter was gasping for air.

"I can't- I can't tell y-you that. It-it will jeopardize my family's life for-for real. I-I already told you about Ki Woo. That-that should be enough for y-you to g-get the S-Sapphire."

"Prince, Owl already tracked the guy. He owns a mechanic store in Dobong-dong. This bastard is telling the truth," Jungkook informed, eyes still fixed on the laying body and his boss, before he started to look around the area, just in case someone uninvited, again, came out of nowhere.

"Good. We will go there to meet him tomorrow," Prince nodded, standing up from his spot before he shoved his gun back into its holster.

He then turned his head towards the now laughing Do Hun, who looked like he had just lost his mind.

"What's so funny right now?" Jungkook asked, almost growling while stepping closer toward the laying, wasted guy.

"This. This is funny. I can't believe I just lured the ever so fearsome, powerful Park into a trap. The moment you start to entangle yourself into this mess is the moment your life will be doomed like hell," Do Hun continued to laugh hysterically, almost like he really had lost his mind.

"What do you mean?" Beomgyu asked, frowning his face in a mix of anger and confusion.

"I mean what I mean. P-probably, The Park's are not as smart and not as powerful as people think. I hope you rot in hell. Just wait for my wife to seek revenge and when that happens I will celebrate your cursed life in hel-" Do Hun then stopped, eyes widened with his jaw hanging open the moment Jimin shot him straight into his skull.

"Tell Shownu to dispose of this shit right now, and go to this bastard's house and kill his fucking wife right away. I don't want any unwanted bitch suddenly coming for revenge. For all we know, she might have something to do with the gang," Prince ordered, shoving his gun back into the holster before he turned around to look at his trusted subordinates.

"And the infant?" Beomgyu asked, stretching his arms upward.

"Take it to the orphanage, the one that my family has sponsored for awhile now. Those motherfuckers there won't even ask anything about it," Jimin replied while scrolling his phone.

"Calling one of your whores now?" Jungkook chuckled, smirking the moment Jimin cocked his head to look at him.


"I saw the tent in your pants ever since you walked over here. The masked guy you met tonight gave you a hard time, right?" Jungkook quickly asked, not giving his boss any chance to give some bullshit answer.

"Shut the fuck up, Kook," Jimin grunted, knitting his eyebrows deeper the moment he heard the youngest was snickering too.

"Hyung, the guy is beautiful, I tell you. He could even qualify as an Angel in Sakura, an expensive one," Beomgyu added, which only earned him a cold glare from Prince.

"That pretty, huh? No wonder Prince let him go. He should save someone beautiful just in case he is one of the Angels in Sakura," Jungkook shook his head in disbelief, while tapping his phone screen to send a text to Shownu, one of their members who is responsible to clean up their shit.

"Speaking about Angels, I think I know exactly where I should go now," Prince light-heartedly replied, shoving his phone back into his pocket.

"Going to fuck someone from the Sakura now, huh? I guess your lines of whores aren't good enough, then?" Jungkook raised his eyebrows, smirking when he realized how annoyed Prince's facial expression was right now.

"I don't fuck anyone more than once, you dipshit" Jimin frowned, crossing his arms in defense before he quickly swatted his right-handed man's head.

"Ah, you should have your own personal slut, just in case tho," Jungkook suggested, raising his eyebrows toward Beomgyu who was quiet for awhile now, asking for his junior to back up his 'genius' suggestion.

"Why would Prince stick with one slut when he can enjoy fucking anyone he wants in Sakura? That place exists for reasons, tho," Beomgyu replied, frowning his eyebrows together while waving his hand to make his point.

"Genius. Kook, learn something from your mentee, alright?" Prince smiled in triumph, patting Jungkook's shoulder a few times before he ruffled Beomgyu's hair. He then started to walk, only to stop after a few steps later.

"See you in Sakura later after you kill this bastard's wife and deal with his kid. The sluts are on me, tonight."

With that, Prince casually walked out from the dark alley towards his car, only to drive himself toward his favorite place to fulfill his lust and sexual desire, the most exclusive, heavenly, intoxicating place that belongs to him, The Sakura.

Chapter Text

Yoongi could feel his legs were about to give away, but he kept on running.

He ran and ran, without looking back, even when he felt like he couldn't run anymore.

It was horrifying and terrifying.

He almost died!

FUCK!!!! I almost died!

I cannot die.

N-not now!

Yoongi almost tripped, the moment he felt how fast his heart was beating, thinking how the thug almost shot him straight into his skull.

He stopped, coughing so hard while panting the moment he arrived in front of his run down building.

Yoongi felt like puking; it was too overwhelmingly scary.

"I almost died...," Yoongi whispered alone, crouching down just to take some breaths.

He inhaled and exhaled a few shaky breaths, just to freeze the moment he heard someone screaming coming from the building.

A thin line appeared in between Yoongi's brows and after a few seconds later, he froze the moment he realized that it was his mother's voice.

"M-mom? Ho-Hoseok?" His eyes widened in realization, afraid that what they had been trying to avoid their whole lives was coming back to them; and it hasn't even been ten days since the last time they ran away from those gangsters.

And this time, those thugs were associated with his older sister, whom they haven't seen for a year now. They've been hunting down his whole family, asking them to pay a huge amount of money that his sister owed.

It's devastating to be honest, running from gangsters that had continued bothering them ever since he was nine years old. They tried to separate themselves from those kinds of people, but why did they keep on coming to them to torture their lives?

If only his father hadn't left them stranded like this...

"M-mom!! Ho-hoseok-ah!!!" Yoongi shouted, calling his two most treasured people in his life, as he took the stairs towards the fifth floor.

He was panting hard, still not fully recovered after his first encounter with the thugs in the dark alley, but nothing could compare to how his heart felt like it could jump from his rib cage the moment he saw their flat door was opened.

He glanced at his neighbours who were peeking to see the commotion through their windows, only to close them and pretend like they heard and saw nothing, the moment they noticed Yoongi was looking at them.

"No one will protect us. No one will stand for us. No one will fight for us. We are the ones who have to protect each other. We only have each other now and forever. Never trust anyone. Never!"

"T-they.. They have been here for.. for thirty minutes now," a girl he never talked to before softly whispered from a small crack through her flat door, before she slowly closed it.

Her soft voice brought Yoongi out of his trance, making him subconsciously nod his head before he started to enter his home.

And Yoongi froze, feeling like his soul almost left his body, the moment he saw Hoseok trying his best to stop a group of three men from sexually assaulting their unconscious mother.

"Don't you fucking dare touch my mother!" Hoseok yelled, fully screaming out of rage while shielding their mother's half exposed body with his hoodie sweater from those sick, cruel thugs.

One of the three men then pulled Hoseok away from their mother, before he pushed him with strong force towards the other men.

The man then tugged the sweater away from their mother's body, revealing her almost naked upper body with only her bra still covering her breasts.

And that was the moment when Yoongi quickly stepped in between the disgusting male and his unconscious mother who was laying on the floor.

Yoongi could feel his body trembling when he heard Hoseok was screaming in pain, begging for the crooks to stop from kicking and punching his body continuously, and at the same time Yoongi only realised that his mother was unconscious. She had blood loss from the stab wounds on her abdomen and more cuts on her arms and legs.

"M-mom.. Mom!" Yoongi anxiously shouted, with a trembling and shaking body.

He was pressing all over the wounds, trying so hard to stop the huge amount of blood that kept on flowing out of her body.

One of the men with a scar on his left eye then forcefully pulled Yoongi's hair from behind, dragging him a few meters away from his initial spot.

"L-let go of me! Bastard! Let go of me!!!" Yoongi screamed, swatting the crook's hand as hard as he could, which only ended with him getting a few hard kicks in his stomach.

"Fucking pay the money your slutty sister stole from our boss or else we will kill your mom and sell you and your brother as prostitutes!"

The man strongly cupped Yoongi's chin with his big rough hand.

The thug angrily spat those words before he kicked Yoongi in his stomach several times, ignoring the fact that the boy was almost collapsed.

Yoongi spat a pool of blood, glaring at the man while wiping the remaining blood that stained his lips and chin with the back of his hand.

"Don't you fucking dare even look at me, you son of a bitch!" the man furiously kicked the boy's face and abdomen, ignoring how weak and weary the frail yet beautiful boy looked.

He looked like he was almost dying with the constant hits on his small body.

Yoongi silently hissed, trying his best to sit up on the floor but failed miserably.

He glanced towards his little brother, Hoseok, who was unconsciously laying on the floor after being hit mercilessly by those gangsters, before he looked at his mom who lay a few meters away from him, already turning pale due to her blood loss.

If.. If only I had come back home earlier..

P-probably I could have avoided Mom and Hoseok from facing some shit like this.

This is all your fault, Yoongi!

Yoongi kept on internally blaming himself, cursing at his own uselessness in keeping his little world safe from these demons.

This was their third time in a month trying to run and hide from those gangsters who harassed them for over a year now, demanding the payment of the money that his elder sister 'stole' from their boss.

And unfortunately, those thugs always found them within days,

And the nightmares kept on repeating over and over again.

It's frustrating and infuriating because neither of them knew what money those thugs were talking about and the fact that his sister didn't come back for so long made Yoongi feel both worried and angry.

"Speaking about sending them to the slut house, how about we do some 'tasting' before we decide whether they are worth enough to be sold as prostitutes," the other man suggested, lustfully eyeing Hoseok who was lying beside him on the floor.

And Yoongi felt his body tense the moment those words digested in his brain.

Slut house..






"Hoseok! W-wake up! Hoseok! Please wake up! Don't you fucking dare touch him!" Yoongi continuously repeated those words, raising his voice as loud as he could, only to be stepped on his stomach.

The bastard just totally ignored Yoongi, lustfully eyeing the boy who had his shirt slightly lifted up, revealing his smooth, toned abs. He then crouched down beside Hoseok who was still unconscious, starting to knead the boy's ass cheeks while hungrily touching all over his body.

"I'm gonna fuck him so goo-"

"Stop touching him you bastard!!!" Yoongi barked furiously.

He tried to move towards them, ignoring the fact that he was bruised and bleeding, just to save his younger brother from being sexually harassed, but was stopped by strong arms that were holding his shirt from behind.

"Fucking let go of me!" Yoongi screamed, trying to tug his shirt back just to stop the other man from touching his little brother.

"Hoseok-ah, wake up! Hoseo-"

He was about to swat the hand off his shirt when a strong fist landed on his jaw, adding more pain to his already wounded face.

Yoongi's body started to tremble the moment he realized someone was already on top of him, eyeing his body up and down a few times before the man started to rip open his shirt.

It's disgusting and terrifying at the same time, and those two feelings didn't even reach a quarter of what Yoongi felt right now.

"Such a beautiful boy. You will be so fucking good for me," the man growled before he started to kiss and suck Yoongi's neck, tainting the flawless skin with a deep purplish hickey.

Yoongi could feel how his body was starting to tremble the moment he saw how the man was eyeing his body.

Yoongi could even see how the thug was licking his lips full of lust, eyes eager to devour his body in no time.

He tried so hard to push the man away from him, while screaming as loud as he could, begging the man to stop from doing what he was doing at that moment.


A loud slapping sound echoed throughout the small apartment's living room area and another few smacking sounds followed soon after.

"Fucking shut up, you slut!" the man angrily barked before he landed another slap near Yoongi's bleeding lips.

He moved his hands towards Yoongi's pants, ignoring the fact that the boy was still screaming and crying out loud, begging him continuously to stop.

"Stop!!! Please stop!!!! I'll pay. I'll p-pay the money-"

Yoongi choked, still trying to push the man away with his shaking hands, but stopped when the man grabbed his wrists and pinned them above his head, just before the bastard let out a chuckle from his filthy mouth.

"And why should I listen to you? Your pretty tight hole will be so fucking good for all of us. I can imagine how great to fuck you all... night.....long, screaaaaaming and begging us to stop continuously," the man whispered near Yoongi's ear while biting his earlobe, licking it a few times before he continued his words.

And Yoongi felt sick and disgusted for the nth time, trying to stop himself from his urge to puke out his stomach content, even though he hadn't eaten anything since lunch.

"...After all, you don't want us to bang your beautiful little brother instead, right?"

And at that specific time,

those specific cursed seconds,

Yoongi could feel his heart stop the moment that thug mentioned about his brother.


His teary eyes widened as he looked straight at the man's smug face in horror.

Yoongi's mind was busy, trying to decide what was the best thing to do.

Should he sacrifice himself and let them molest him instead of Hoseok?


He should, right?

He would.

If that's the price to protect his precious little brother.

'Hyung will always protect you, Hoseok-ah. Just trust hyung. Okay?'

That promise he made to his brother kept on ringing in his head, giving him the strength to tell them his decision.

"Hyung, let's protect each other, okay?"

"No... Hyung will be the one who will protect you"


"No but. I'm your hyung and a good hyung will always protect his little brother"


"I promise, Hoseok-ah. After all, we only have each other and mom in this world. We don't have anyone else to count on"

And that second, the moment when he remembered all the memories with his precious little brother was the time when a single tear dropped to his cheek.

Mom... Hoseok...

Please live...

I... I don't know whether I will still be alive after this...

But one of us should live..

N-no, no..

Both Mom and Hoseok should live...

Yoongi knows so well that there is a possibility he will be dead while those thugs ravish his body.

He knows well that they will continuously fuck him even though his body can't take anymore.

And living in this scary neighborhood where they dump the body they kill without any problems, and even raping their own family members when other neighbors can hear how the victims screamed and pleaded for them to stop.

And this is normal. It's their norm that people in the neighborhood don't even bother to feel anything about it anymore.

I.. I'm sorry, Mom..

Hoseok-ah, hyung is sorry..

We-we promised that we w-will survive as long as we can..

But I have to do this...

Please.. P-please survive for the sake of us..

Please survive for me...

I.. I love you..

Both of you...

Taking another long breath just to ease his shattered soul and at the same time gathering all this strength to face whatever things that will happen to him, Yoongi slowly responded with his already hoarse voice.

"P-please... L-leave him alone... Use-use me... P-please don't touch him... Not-not him!"

And right after he spit those words out, in a blink of an eye later, all the six men were already crowding him like hungry hyenas surrounded a poor, weak fawn.

It was horrifying, how they started to touch Yoongi's body, slurping their drool in anticipation.

"Fuck! I can't wait to fuck him out. Let's just fuck him raw. No lube, no condom. Must be so fucking good seeing him in pain. Afterall, a slut shouldn't get the chance to feel any pleasure," one of the men whispered, already rolling one of Yoongi's brown nipples with his fingers.

And Yoongi could feel two of them hungrily palming his clothed dick, desperately taking turns on feeling his soft cock.

The beautiful boy bit his lips as strong as he could, already tasting the iron of his blood because of how hard the skin was bitten.

And Yoongi bit harder when he felt someone already kneading his butt cheeks as soon as they tugged his pants off.

Y-you have to do this, Yoongi.

You have to or else they will do it to Hoseok or-or Mom.

You have to!

He then tensed the moment he felt a thumb already rubbing over his rim, pushing away his internal scream to protest those disgusting men from lecherously and sexually touching his body.

B-but then..

They will aim for Hoseok instead...

Yoongi internally telling himself continuously, giving himself the strength to what ever might be happening starting from that moment.

T-this is worth it, Yoongi.

It's worth it.

And the moment when one of the guys was ready to touch his dick, while another one almost was ready to press his finger inside Yoongi's hole, they were being stopped by the sound of their phones ringing non-stop.

"Fucking hell," one of them silently cussed, fishing his phone from his black jacket's front pocket.

His eyes widened the moment he realized who was interrupting by calling him.


"You dipshit! Shit head, where the fuck are you and your men?!" a loud voice growled from the other line, making the man flinch in fear.

"W-we... we..."

"Don't you fucking dare tell me all of you useless pieces of shits are fucking some sluts right now!" the man, who they called as their boss raised his voice higher than before, giving those men a silent threat as to what might happen.

"NO! N-no boss. We.. we are collecting debts fr-from people h-here," the thug was shaking, silently telling the other men, who were there also, to freeze on their spot to let go of the beautiful, pale boy that they were holding down just minutes ago.

"Come back to the office this instant! We gotta figure out who the fuck killed my gang member. I give you thirty minutes or else I'm gonna fucking shoot everyone's dicks the moment I see you as well as your men's faces! Keep that in mind!"

And with the last threat that came from their gang leader, the line went silent, indicating that their boss already ended the phone call.

"Fucking hell," the thug silently cussed, dragging his rough hand to push his hair away from his face.

"What's wrong?" one of the members, with a silver front tooth asked with an anxious voice.

"We have to leave. Let's just come back again later," the man with the black jacket responded, already pacing towards the still opened door.

He then quickly turned, eyes glared directly at the naked body.

"You should fucking feel lucky that I got that call. You better fucking get the cash before we come back again for the money. Remember boy, we will never think twice to harm you and your family," the man added, before calling the other men to quickly get out from the house.

Yoongi just blinked, silently staring at the ceiling with his chest still rapidly moving up and down, trying to calm down a little bit so that he could think what to do next.

Taking a deep breath, he then glanced at the door, just to make sure that all the thugs already left before he slowly brought his aching body to move.

"Aa-aahh..." Yoongi hissed, wiping the tears that were threatening to slide down from his burning eyes.

"Move, Yoongi. You have to move, now!" Yoongi slowly whispered, grabbing his pants beside him.

You can do this.

Ignore the pain.

You have to do this before its all too late.

It was painful; physically, emotionally and mentally and the fact that his ankle was twisted because of how rough those thugs were didn't help him at all. His beautiful, flawless pale skin was now coloured with red and purple bruises, along with a few cuts on his lips and his face from all the beatings he received.

Pushing his body from the floor, silently still hissing in pain, Yoongi then forced himself towards his still bleeding mother when he noticed that Hoseok was passed out but breathing steadily.

"M-mom.. M-mom, w-wake up. We.. I will try to catch a t-taxi now, Mom. P-please don't give up yet, Mom," Yoongi pleaded with his hoarse voice, trembling hands still trying to stop the blood from gushing out from his mother's stilled body.

"We have to go now if you want to save your mother's life" a sudden voice suddenly echoed from the door, making the trembling boy jolt in surprise.

Yoongi quickly snapped his gaze to look at the door, furrowing his eyebrows when he realized the voice belonged to the girl who told him about the thugs in his house earlier.

"W-who are you?" he asked, hands still pressing the bleeding wounds.

"Ye Ji. Seo Ye Ji. Just let me help you for now. We have to hurry up if you want your mother to still live. I got a car. Let's go. NOW!"

With that, the mysterious girl who he never saw before quickly entered the house, lifting his mother on her back, before she immediately asked for Yoongi's help to support Hoseok on the other side of his body.


Jimin leisurely got out from his black Bugatti, smirking the moment his eyes landed on the cursive letters along with a pink Sakura flower above the main entrance.

He could smell the ever so intoxicating fragrance even twenty meters away from The Sakura, an exclusive harem where all the beautiful yet sinful pleasures lived in the centre of Seoul.

Jimin smugly smirked when two huge bouncers stopped him from entering the club.

"ID or club card," one of the bouncers briefly asked, holding out his hand for either of the cards to be handed to his palm.

Jimin scoffed, tilting his head to carefully observe those two men.

Guess they still don't know who I am, huh?

It's not surprising if only a few people know who he is; Park Jimin, the one who owns the most powerful Park Empire.

There are only a few people who know his face, where most of them ended up dead before they could even walk a few steps away from him.

It's thrilling when you can be mysterious, yet powerful at the same time.

People only talk about how mighty and ferocious he is, the faceless king who rules the huge empire, but Jimin finds it endearing how people still find him scary and terrifying even without meeting him face to face.

"Prince," that's what he said before he leisurely scrolled on his phone.

"ID or club card" the bouncer repeated, voice more stern than before.

"Why would the owner of this brothel have to show you anything to enter his own harem? Besides, look at the long line behind me, you don't want to ruin my business, do you?" Jimin raised an eyebrow, eyes staring straight into the man's surprised yet cautious eyes.

"Bell, can you please come here for a minute? Someone is claiming that he owns Sakura," one of the bouncers informed through the walkie-talkie, asking for someone named 'Bell,' which obviously a nickname of one of the brothel's employees.

A woman with a voluptuous body appeared three minutes later, holding a pink martini glass in her hand. She was wearing a transparent red, short shirt, revealing the black lacy bra inside.

Jimin trailed his eyes downward, appreciating also the black shorts that were hugging those thick, perfect thighs.

He smirked, licking his bottom lip before he lifted his gaze to look at the woman's face.

"It's been awhile since you have come here and all you did was eye-fuck me. Shouldn't you greet your noona like the gentleman you are?" she scoffed, slowly sipping her drink.

Jimin replied with a smirk, winking his eye before he nodded his head toward the two bouncers who were silently observing them.

She then turned her head to look at the two bouncers, arching an eyebrow before she shoved her martini glass towards one of them.

"Later come and meet me. Need to teach you a lesson just so that we won't get into any more trouble in the future. Meet me at my office once we close the club," the woman told them in a very calm voice, but with a little bit of venom.

Once she earned a nod from the two men, she quickly wrapped her fingers around Jimin's wrist, carefully dragging the powerful guy into the exclusive brothel.

It was majestic, as always.

The moment Jimin stepped inside the building, a soft, alluring fragrance that had a tinge smell of floral with sweet vanilla and honey was lingering in the air.

The lights were dimmed, with most of the lights basically pink and purple, making the place more enticing than it actually was.

"What's tonight's show? Something fun?" Jimin casually asked, looking around the small hallway they had entered before they stopped in front of a huge door guarded by another two bouncers.

"Aerial Silks performance tonight, with your favourite doll performing it," the woman shrugged, letting a breathy short laugh the moment she noticed how Jimin was scrunching his face in disgust.

"Hey Hwasa. Looks like you are chauffeuring someone tonight?" one of the bouncers greeted, flashing his friendly smile to both of them.

"Is this how you are running my harem, Hwasa-shi? Or should I call you Bell?" Jimin teased, clicking his tongue in disgust soon after.

Ignoring the teasing from The Sakura's co-owner, Hwasa just smirked, turning her attention towards the two bouncers who were guarding the main door before they could finally enter the exclusive club.

"I guess 'The Prince' is up for a field trip tonight," she replied, earning two pairs of widened eyes from the bouncers.

"Is-is this... the.. the Park.. Park.."

"Can we enter now?" Jimin almost growled, irritated at how slow the process was just to enter Sakura.

They really make The Sakura as exclusive as it can be, don't they?

"Ah.. Yes, yes. So-sorry Prince," one of the bouncers nervously replied, pushing his card on the sensor to open the door.

And the moment the door was opened, all the captivating and enchanting things that one could only imagine were welcoming them like royalties, as they walked past them in the building.

All the five senses; visual, smell, auditory, taste and touch would be fulfilled to every customer in the building, leaving them extremely satisfied. This would only bring them back wanting more.

"Don't you think it takes a lot of process and time for the customers to enter this place?" Jimin questioned, already sitting inside one of the private rooms for guests who want to have fun in the main area.

"Did you loose any profits the last few months? Nope. Your cash from this place only increased day by day. People know what's worth their money and time, Prince," Hwasa calmly replied, offering him a glass of whiskey, the best from the bar.

Jimin just clicked his tongue for the second time in less than five minutes, obviously feeling annoyed at the feisty response he got from one of his trusted people in Sakura.

"Darling, Prince, you know I mean no harm, right? Besides, it's for Sakura's own benefits. People only feel interested for a long time in things that are hard to get, and trust me, this baby right here is one of the hardest things they can get," the woman smirked, leaning her body on the comfortable sofa while sipping her new glass of martini.

"So, who's the doll you were mentioning earlier? My favorite? Which one?" Jimin curiously asked, eyes still glued on the female in front of him while chugging the alcohol in one go.

"Sexy body, handsome face, always gives us great shows, and a good boy for you in bed. Ahh.. and one of the most expensive angels here in Sakura," Hwasa hinted, grinning from ear to ear the moment she saw how Jimin started to become interested.

"The Aphrodite?" Jimin snickered, which also earned him a loud snort from the woman who was trying so hard not to choke on her drink.

"That's off limits, Prince. You know crystal clear about it," she replied, pointing her beautifully manicured index finger just to make her point clearer.

"Doesn't mean that I never fucked him before," Jimin shrugged, pouring his third glass of whiskey without any thoughts about the thing he just said.

"And that's for the joined contract for this Sakura, I believe," the female retorted, defending The Aphrodite which is also the co-owner of The Sakura.

"Whatever. He's the best fuck I've ever had," Jimin winked, leaning his body on the sofa comfortably.

"Well, can Kai make it up to you then?"

"Kai? He's available? I thought he already has a master so that's why he's apart of the angels now?" Jimin asked, arching his eyebrow in full curiousity.

"Their one year contract already ended and Kai refused to continue his contract with the former master. So, he's free for you to fuck with all night long," Hwasa replied, already scrolling the tab on her lap.

"I can book him for you once he's done with the show. He's the one who will perform the Aerial Silks performance tonight. Damn, man. You have never had your own personal angel, have you? And the fact that you can own anyone in this place. Unbelievable," she offered, mumbling the last few words before she lifted her eyes to look directly at him.

"You know I'm not the type who fucks the same person for a long time-"

"You can still fuck the other petals and angels even if you have your own personal angel-"

"But then I still have to fuck the same person at least once a week just because I make that person exclusively mine. And you know I'm not that kind of person," Jimin replied, lighting the cigarette in between his two fingers before he took a long drag.

Hwasa just kept silent, twisting her lips while scrolling the tab. She's trying to find any great petals or angels that might make the man in front of her interested at least a little bit.

Park Jimin is a man that is very hard to please and she knows extremely well about it.

"Hmmm.. are you up for females tonight? Or probably you can have two or three angels or petals-"

"How about the virgin petals? Anyone interesting in that area?" Jimin calmly asked, taking another long drag on his cig before he took another sip of whiskey.

"The virgin petals.. I don't think anyone is up to your standard and taste at the moment," Hwasa shook her head, pushing the inside of her cheek with her tongue, clearly unhappy about it.

"Tsk, and I thought my brothel was one of the best in the world," Jimin scoffed, spreading one of his arms on the sofa while using the other hand to lift the cigarette to his lips.

"Nothing's wrong with the virgin petals we have right now. It's just you have such high demands of them. That's why all the virgin petals you have slept with always end up being the petals for a while before other masters take them to be their angels," the female responded, slightly mumbling her answer.

"And that's not my problem, I believe. As long as I pay the exact amount I offered through the bidding, I'm free to do what I want. Besides, I own this place. Technically, everything is all mine, including all the petals and angels here. You too, Hwasa noona. Too bad we already established this platonic shitty sister-brother relationship here, or else-"

"Or else, I'm still not gonna let you fuck me, Prince. You know very well I don't roll on that side, right?" she quickly butt in, smiling brightly the moment she received a huge grin from Jimin.

"And that's why I like you the most here. You are that 0.01% who never aims for my dick here in Sakura."

Hwasa scrunched her face in disgust, laughing out loud the moment Jimin threw a few chips at her.

"Anyway, don't forget to introduce your girl to me when I come here next time. I'll make sure I'm not horny when I meet your fiancé whenever you are ready to introduce us," Jimin offered, winking his eye when Hwasa confusedly gaping at him.

"I always have eyes and ears in all the places I own, my darling," Jimin playfully mocked, already pushing his body from the sofa to stand up straight.

"So, book that Kai along with the angels I always have whenever I fuck him," he added, fixing his leather jacket just to make himself more presentable.

"How many?"

"Three. Choose the ones I usually enjoy to play with. You know me best."

Hwasa nodded, scrolling and tapping the tab to search for the specific angels to serve Prince for tonight.

"All done. You just go and wait at Kai's room on the forth floor and I'll be sending those angels for you to play with while waiting for Kai to finish his performance," she informed, pacing her feet to stand next to Prince who was standing near the door.

Jimin nodded, fishing his black card from his jacket's pocket before he gave it to Hwasa.

"My men will come here soon. The tab is on me tonight. Give the card back to me once you're done running the bills," Jimin informed, already moving his legs to get out from the room.

"Oh, and noona," he added, turning his full body towards the woman who was slipping his card inside the tablet's case,

"Whenever you get a new virgin petal that reaches my standards or at least fulfills my tastes, feel free to inform my man so that we can join the bidding."

Hwasa smirked, winking her eye to the smiling Park Jimin as her silent promise to do so in the future.

"Let's wait and see who's the future beauty that will catch your attention, Prince," she silently whispered, snickering alone, before she walked toward the main hall on the first floor where all the petals passionately entertained their customers for the night.

Chapter Text

Yoongi quietly stared at nothing in particular, patiently waiting for the doctor to update about his mother's condition in the operation theatre.

Bouncing his legs anxiously while biting his nails, he prayed to every deities he could think of to save his mother's life.

It was scary; everything that had happened was terrifying.

He almost lost his mom, almost lost Hoseok,

He almost lost the sole reason why he wants to live,

His life, everything that he has in this world, everything, devoted only to his mom and little brother.

He didn't mind sacrificing himself, even his own life to save the people he loves and cares for the most.

Yoongi hissed at the pain he felt on his ribs the moment he accidentally pressed the bruise with his arm, shaking his head while mentally telling himself that he should worry about his mom and his still unconscious little brother more than himself.

"You should go and ask the doctor to check on your wounds."

Yoongi cocked his head up to look at the girl who helped him and his family, just silently looking at the girl who calmly sat beside him.

"They'll be fine. Don't worry. I'm sure they'll be f-"

"How could you say that so carefree?Are you even sure that they are going to be alright?" Yoongi interrupted with a weak voice, almost like an inaudible whisper. He refused to look at the girl's face, who he could see from his peripheral view, was staring intently at him.

"I don't. But isn't it better for us to hope for the best?" the girl calmly asked, eyes still glued hard on the beautiful yet wounded boy beside her.

She was observing the boy since an hour ago; right after she was done checking on the younger brother of his.

It was heartbreaking.

The sight of the milky white skinned boy was totally upsetting and disturbing.

The boy was definitely injured and in pain himself. There were even lacerating cuts all over his face and body, yet the boy just ignored them and patiently waited for the doctor or nurses to give any updates on his family.

"So, can you please like.. go and check your wounds now? I'm sure your mom and your little brother would feel sad if they see you like this. You don't want them to be sad, right?" the girl added when she realized that the pale boy just kept quiet, and didn't respond to her words earlier.

"W-why.. Why are you helping us?" Yoongi asked with a hushed voice, eyes still refusing to directly look at the girl.


"Why.. Why did you h-help me and m-my family? W-we.." Yoongi shook his head, a thin line appeared in between his eyebrows.

"No. Even the people we know wouldn't want to help us. Why would a stranger like you want to help us? We.. I.. I don't have anything to offer you-"

"I don't want anything. I just want to help you and your family," the girl insisted, face starting to frown in agitation.

Why is it so hard for this boy to accept my hospitality, dammit!

"And is that it? You just want to help?"


"You don't think I'm that stupid to trust you, right? I might be poor and desperate, but I'm not stupid!" Yoongi cut in, too venomous for someone who is poor and desperate.

And for the first time, Yoongi lifted his eyes, coldly piercing straight into the girl's eyes.

He still looked scared and horrified, but the determination to protect his family was equally the same.

No one will protect us without expecting anything in return.

The girl, Seo Ye Ji, seemed to figure out what was playing inside Yoongi's chaotic mind.

She scanned his features a few times, thinking he may be very timid, but deep down she knew that he was nothing but a brave and courageous boy who would do everything to protect the people he loves, his family.

Carefully, she held out her hand, offering a handshake with a huge smile plastered on her face.

"I'm Ye Ji. I'm Seo Ye Ji," she introduced herself, still waiting for the boy to shake her hand.

Yoongi hesitantly raised his hand, only to clasp his hands together in his lap.

"You know by offering your name and a handshake, that won't make me believe you," Yoongi retorted with a cold glare.

Ye Ji bit her lips, her face so ascertain to gain trust from Yoongi. She was about to open her mouth, wanting to offer something so the boy would believe her, when suddenly Yoongi added with his still cold voice.

"Thank you for your help. I.. I will try to pay back your money for.. for the medical expenses but please leave now. I don't want to endanger your life with whatever shit we are facing now and.. and I don't know.. You could actually be one of them. Who knows?"

Yoongi frowned, bleeding lips turned downward. He ignored the same expression that was now painted on the girl's face.


"Please leave, Ye Ji-shi-"

"I know your sister."

Yoongi tensed, eyes widened the moment he snapped his neck to look at the girl who just claimed to know his sister.

His sister...

His sister who suddenly vanished a year ago, without leaving any trace or goodbye message.

Slowly, his shocked eyes turned into an intense gaze, silently observing the long, black haired girl who was watching him carefully and attentively as well.

Cautiously, eyes still maintaining the eye contact they made since a minute ago, Yoongi opened his mouth, wanting to ask her the question that haunted his mind since the moment his sister disappeared.

"My sister.. Where.. Where is she? And how did she end up having any connection with the gang that hunts us ever since she went missing?"


"I didn't see you last night, Kook. There's no bills from you too. Were you even at The Sakura last night?" Jimin asked, eyes still glued on the iPad he held to study some of the confidential documents he received from Hani.

That brainiac successfully closed the deal with the huge Japanese company for the shipping trade they were aiming for since a month ago.

Damn. Solar was so right to bring Hani along to Japan.

Jimin smirked, feeling all proud and pleased with the outcomes from his underlings.

He really has the best people as his assistants and subordinates; that's very important to maintain the power they already have right now.

He flicked his eyes to look at Beomgyu who snickered at Jungkook, before he shifted his sight to the other boy who was silently driving the car.

"Do I have to repeat my easy question, Kook-ah?"

Jimin asked in a rather calm and sweet voice, and that dangerous tone usually has been used whenever he's about to move in on his prey.

The young hitman gulped, shifting his eyes to look between the road in front of him and the rearview mirror to look at the image of his boss who was still looking at his tablet.

Jungkook kept on ping-ponging his looks until he was met with an intense stare from Park Jimin from the mirror.

The stare was deadly cold and Jungkook knew so well that The Prince was scanning his every movements, even the way his eyes looked at the road, just to figure out whatever shit he did last night.


"I.. I tried to find her last night. I.. I think I saw her, at the ground floor of The Sakura," Jungkook quickly answered, chest rising up and down too fast the moment he remembered what he saw last night.

The image of a black, long haired girl, with a short dark blue bodycon dress kept on playing in his head ever since he saw her last night.

He gripped the steering wheel as hard as he could, knuckles turning white as the grip hardened every single second.

"Who-" Beomgyu was about to ask further but was interrupted by their boss who was sitting in the back seat, now fully interested to know more about Jungkook's interesting night.

"You saw her at The Sakura?" Jimin asked, putting the iPad down on the car seat, now fully focused on his most talented hitman who he already thought of as his little brother.

And Park Jimin doesn't have a younger brother.

Jungkook gulped once more, trembling hand running through his black hair, before he tugged it hard. He let out a shaky breath before he opened his mouth to answer the question.

"She.. I saw her when I was about to order my drink. She was talking with a guy, probably a customer? I don't.. I don't know. Fucking hell, I'm not even sure if it's her. It's been so long since I saw her, hyung," Jungkook sighed, chewing on his bottom lip to ease his anxiety.

He then turned the steering wheel to turn left the moment he saw the signboard to the place they were planning to go, fingers still wrapped hard around the steering wheel.

"Do you.. Do you think.. Do you think my noona works there? Do you think she.. Do you think she's one of the petals in The Sakura because.. because she can't be apart of the angels if she's roaming around the ground floor, r-right?" the hitman asked, eyes staring straight onto the Park Jimin's who was still looking at him.

"Your noona entertains the customers in The Sakura?" Jimin asked, eyes slightly wide, taken aback with the new information he just got from Jungkook.

Jungkook shook his head, pressing his eyes closed for a second before he opened them to look at the road.

"I'm.. I'm not sure. I.. I hope she's not.. I can't.. I can't imagine she's sleeping around with some bastard-"

"But hyung, you said your noona was in the ground floor, right? Meaning that she's a petal. Petals don't have to sleep around-"

"Unless she's being rejected to be part of the angels by the first person she'd serve," Jimin slowly mumbled, interrupting the youngest's words while frowning alone.

"P-Prince... Hyung.. You.. You don't think that.. t-that you've slept with her before, right?" Jungkook cautiously asked, silently praying that Jimin was not the one who fucked his noona and ended up rejecting her to be his angel - the regular things he did whenever he won the virgin petals' bidding.

It's always like that.

Whenever there are bidding events in the club for those who want to bid for the fresh meat, Jimin will always, always win if he finds the virgins are beautiful enough to catch his attention.

But only to end up throwing them away right after he devours their first time.

It is sick and twisted, taking people's virginity and finding it pleasurable and satisfying, especially the way he treats them in bed, but Prince always thinks it's fair because he pays them a huge amount of money to entertain and satisfy his sexual cravings.

And he will always make sure to never sleep with the same person more than once, unless that person is damn fantastic and willing to fully submit in bed - even if he treats them like less than a human.

And even then, those petals and angels were never accepted to be his exclusive ones.

A deeper thin line appeared in between his brows, eyes darting everywhere while he tried to remember if he had fucked anyone that at least resembled anything like Jungkook before.

"I don't think I've ever slept with any girls resembling you. You've showed me her picture before. Even if that picture was taken six years ago, I'm sure that I would recognize her as soon as I laid my eyes on her."

Jungkook just nodded, dragging his lips in between his teeth. He didn't dare to question more, too scared that he probably would offend his boss.

Is it..

Is it really noona I saw last night?

She.. She didn't end up living with a good family if she has to work there to live?

A light touch from Beomgyu on his shoulder making him slightly flinch, a wondering mind suddenly being dragged into reality.

Right across the road, on their right side, there was a medium sized mechanic shop with bold huge letters spelling REX written using red and black graffiti spray paint on a huge wood board right in front of the wire gate.

Turning the wheel to the right side, Jungkook carefully slowed down before he stopped once the car was parked beside the road.

"Kook-ah, don't worry about it, yeah? I'll call Hwasa later and ask her about your noona. Just tell me some details about her and ask Owl to scan her current picture and email it to me, so that I can forward it to Hwasa," Jimin suggested, trying to give some assurance to the younger.

Right now is not a good time for the hitman to lose his focus, considering the job they're about to do, especially because Jungkook is one of the best on the team.

And being part of Park Jimin's gang, losing one's focus, is never allowed.

The young hitman flicked his eyes to look at Prince from the rear mirror, taking in a deep breath, before he nodded his head to agree with Prince's suggestion.

"Good. Now, let's go," Jimin ordered, opening his car door and starting to walk towards the shop, leading the two hitmen who were very attentive with their surroundings.

Entering the mechanic shop, it seemed pretty normal, just like any other similar shop - except this one had too many luxurious and expensive cars scattered around the workshop.

Jimin smirked, eyes carefully observing every single area in the medium sized workstation.

"Interesting. Don't you think so?" the smirk didn't leave his plump lips, twisting his neck to look at his two loyal hitmen from his shoulder.

Beomgyu just silently nodded, hand securely grabbing the gun grip under his dark brown leather jacket.

He quickly glanced at Jungkook who seemed nonchalant, stretching his arms backward before he popped his neck, still looking calm and relaxed.


The moment the youngest was about to open his mouth, he was interrupted by a sound of metal clinking, just right under a cherry red Porshe Panamera.

A guy with a huge scar on his temple, starting on his right cheek and ending on the right angle of his chapped lips, suddenly stuck his head out from under the car, raising an eyebrow before he offered a grin towards the three men who were looking back at him.

"Hello. What can I do for you?" the guy, who Jimin assumed was probably Nam Ki Woo himself, carefully got out from under the car, slowly standing up while wiping his dirty hands on his already dirty jeans.

Jimin, while alertly eyeing the guy up and down a few times, carefully observed as the guy wiped his sweaty temple with a small towel hanging nearby.

Leisurely shoving his hands inside his back pockets, Jimin started to walk around the workshop, openly looking around the area while ignoring the hard stare from the other guy.

After a minute that felt like hours passed by, the young gang leader clicked his tongue, before he tilted his head to make eye contact with the mechanic who was still cautiously eyeing him and his other two hitmen.

"I want to meet with Nam Ki Woo. Is he here now?" Jimin asked, full of composure. His lips lifted on the right side to offer the guy a small smile.

If only the mechanic knew what was hidden behind that sweet smile belonging to Prince, pacing around the workshop, he would probably run for his life.

"W-what do you want f-from him?" the mechanic answered, slightly trembling. He eyed the three guys who were standing a few meters away from him, eyes already searching for something to use as his weapon.

"Tsk, if I were you, I wouldn't do what you are thinking of doing right now. And you don't need to be so scared. It's a simple and easy question. I just want to meet Nam Ki Woo," Jimin cooed, almost purred and that made the whole atmosphere become tense.

"H-he's not.. He's not h-here. And I'm not afraid of you," the guy with a huge scar on his face replied, fingers already wrapping around a huge size spanner.

Jimin raised his eyebrow, glancing at his two men who seemed to be alert with what was happening right now.

Only a few seconds later, a buzz vibrated in his black leather jacket pocket, indicating that his phone was receiving either a call or a text message.

Fishing out his phone while his eyes still fixed on the guy who started to fidget in front of him, Jimin glanced at his phone screen, getting a text from Taehyung. He quickly opened the text message with an image attached to it.

What he received from his genius hacker made the gang leader snicker, glancing at the man with a spanner in his hand once, before he shoved his phone back into his pocket.

He cracked his neck from right to left, producing snapping sounds from his slightly stiff joints, before he looked directly into the man's widened eyes, almost looking like he already knew what was going to happen next.

Raising the left side of his lips to form a grin to match with his raised eyebrows, Jimin eyed the man up and down for a few times before he started to open his still grinning lips.

"Guess I've already found who I'm looking for. Why didn't you just tell me you are Nam Ki Woo? Or should I call you T-Rex like the other pathetic gang members of yours do?" Jimin said with a smug yet dangerous tone lacing on his words, eyes still refusing to break the eye contact he held with the guy he was hunting for.

And his words made T-Rex eyes widen in horror, cursing under his breath before he raised his hand to throw the spanner aiming straight for Jimin's head.

T-Rex didn't realize that the two other guys already aimed their guns at him, both shooting straight at his right hand and arm, forcing him to release the spanner down with a loud grunt before he even got the chance to swing it towards Park Jimin.

What he did was a huge, deadly mistake.

Because the next thing that happened was Jimin giving him a full force, roundhouse kick straight on his face, making his head twist to the left, before the man started to feel like he was blacking out.

Ki Woo tried to steady himself, shaking his dizzy head while blinking his eyes continuously, but another strong force landed on his right temple, the moment Jimin decided to add another vicious spinning hook kick right on the latter's head.

A pool of blood started to spill from his right temple, but the guy was too busy trying to stand up the moment his body hit the floor right after Jimin kicked his head.

Running his pink tongue across his bottom lip, Prince just scoffed, pushing his strands of hair backwards before he took out his gun.

"What a bold, stupid bastard we have here," Jimin scoffed, looking at his well polished shoes before he raised his darkened eyes to look straight at the whimpering bastard.

"Bird, bring me those chairs. We are going to have some fun times for awhile. I wonder how this motherfucker can bear with pain and torture. And close this motherfucker's workshop. Now." Jimin snickered, but the mocking smile left his lips the moment Ki Woo started to talk.

"W-what do you want f-from.. from me?! You fuckers don't even know who you are messing with right-"

Before he even finished his words, he abruptly stopped the moment Jungkook decided to step on his mouth, digging his heel on the wounded lips before he decided that he should rest his foot there for a minute or two - depending on how fast Beomgyu dragged the two chairs from the office, which unsurprisingly was very fast.

Pulling the worn out man's hair so that he could stand on his feet, Jungkook harshly pushed the man on the plastic chair the moment he got the order from Prince with a subtle nod.

Beomgyu moved fast by tying a bungee rope around Ki Woo's hands at the back of the chair, before he did the same with the man's legs right after he closed the workshop's entrance.

Jimin took another chair to sit in front of him, a meter or two away from his prey before he started to ask the very first question he wanted to ask since last night.

"Is it correct that you know about the Sapphire we are looking for?"

And the mention of the Sapphire made the man tense in his seat, eyes widened in terror before he started to squirm his body, trying to free himself from the tight grip of those ropes.

Jimin just sighed, slouching his body forward before he lifted his head to look straight at the bloody face.

"I hate wasting my time on stupid things like this. And I'm a man with very thin patience, so, for your own sake, tell me. What do you know about the Sapphire?" Jimin tries again, hands already itching to release his first bullet for today.

Nam Ki Woo kept on shaking his head, eyes refusing to look directly at Jimin's face.

He mumbled some incoherent words, before Jimin could distinguish what he was saying.

"I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know-"

"Ki Woo-shi" Jimin growled, but before he could complete his sentence, the guy lifted his face and spat his blood right on Jimin's face.

Beomgyu quickly gave him a punch right on the face, a few seconds before Jimin stood up and cupped the man's chin firmly with his fully jewelled fingers, before he directly spat at Ki Woo's bloody face.

Prince then raised his right leg, before strongly pressing his heel into the man's thigh, wiping his own face with the towel Beomgyu gave him a moment ago, eyes still glaring daggers into the latter's horrified ones.

This motherfucker is really testing my patience, isn't he?

The next thing Jimin did was very sudden and quick.

He pressed his gun on Ki Woo's left thigh, before he fired the bullet and it went straight into the screaming man's flesh.

He then hit the man's nasal bridge with the gun grip, making the man's face turn sideways.

With a harsh force, Prince gripped Ki Woo's hair, forcing the trembling guy to look directly at his fiery eyes.

"Try to do some funny thing one more time and I'll make sure I torture you till death," Jimin hissed, roughly releasing the man's hair before he sat back on his chair.

He popped his neck once, before he leaned forward to look straight into Ki Woo's shaking pupils.

"Nam Ki Woo-shi," Jimin purred, offering him a sinister smile before his face went back to his usual cold expression. "Tell me what you know about that Sapphire," Jimin growled, eyes fixed to look at the Rolex on his wrist.

"I believe you have ten seconds to start telling me whatever information you know about that damn diamond. And just to make it crystal clear, I never lie about torturing you if you start to pull some bullshit again," Jimin added, eyes still on his watch, silently doing the countdown.











A loud, excruciating scream echoed throughout the shop the moment Jimin shot his gun, precisely shooting at Ki Woo's right ear.

It's a good thing that Jimin already prepared his gun with a silencer or else probably people could hear the gunshot sound echoed around the area.

"Another ten seconds for you to open your filthy mouth now," Jimin repeated his words, eyes now flicking to look at his hitmen, silently telling them what to do next.

And as on cue, Jungkook came with a diagonal-cut pliers in his hand, harshly took off one of Nam Ki Woo's shoes, before he put one of his toes in between the cutters.

"PLEASE! Please! I.. I will.. I will tell you everything but.. but promise me you will let me live!" Ki Woo begged. He sounded very desperate to stay alive, but wouldn't anyone do the same thing too?

Jimin smirked, leaning back on his chair with one arm resting on the chair's top rail, eyes still observing the frightened man.

He pretended as if he was thinking about it, even though everyone except Nam Ki Woo already knew what would happen at the end of the interrogation.

Rubbing his chin with the gun's barrel he was holding, Prince let out a sound from his throat, agreeing to Ki Woo's plea without having much thought about it.

He jutted out his chin, signalling the tremoring man to start talking.

"I.. I don't know wh-who e-exactly was m-making the deal with me. T-they asked me to-to make a specific key lock f-for.. for something confidential. They.. They didn't tell me anything a-about it, so-so I don't know even the slightest what they are d-doing with the lock," Ki Woo answered, taking a few gulps in between his trembling words.

Jimin raised an eyebrow, making eye contact with Jungkook and Beomgyu who were mirroring his facial expression.

What kind of bullshit is this?

Doing something as confidential and important without even knowing for whom and what it is for.

Jimin let out an exasperating sigh, shaking his head with a minacious laugh, mocking the foolish answer from Nam Ki Woo.

"Eagle," Jimin signalled, nodding his head to allow Jungkook to press the pliers, cutting the man's right second metatarsal.

A long, loud cry pierced through the air as soon as Jungkook cut Ki Woo's second toe effortlessly, making the wounded man sob heavily.

"I told ya I'm a man without any patience... nor having a heart with empathy. Let us try one more time, shall we Ki Woo-shi?" Jimin offering a small, pleased smile once Ki Woo slowly nodded his head. The man was biting his quivering lips as hard as he could, trying to remain conscious and stopping himself from letting out loud sobs continuously.

"I.. I just h-heard about the Sapphire as the k-key for the specific l-lock they asked me to build.. w-when I accidentally was eavesdropping on their c-conversation. I.. I didn't mean t-to. I swear!"

"And why would they ask you to build the lock when they could ask other professionals to do it for them? And what made you agree to build the lock for that damn Sapphire even without knowing who you are dealing with?" Jimin pressed other questions, eager to fulfill his own curiosity.

Ki Woo looked hesitant to answer the questions. He bit his bottom lip, eyes wandering all over the floor, looking as if he was trying to find a smart answer for the questions asked by the unknown mobster.

Damn it!

How could they know about his identity without him learning even a single name from the people who were now torturing him throughout their interrogation?

Ki Woo's mind ran wild, thinking almost everything he can; from the knowledge he has about the Sapphire and other confidential information, to who the hell is assaulting him right now and will he still be alive after these men get all the information they want from him.

His mind comes back to reality when Jimin snaps his fingers in front of his face, making the man blink his eyes several times before he lifts his eyes to look straight into Jimin's intense gaze.

"So, ready to answer my questions just now?" the Park's Prince asked again, hands already playing with the trigger of his gun.

Ki Woo gulped once, before he opened his mouth, eyes carefully flicked to look at the two men who were standing on his left and right side.

"T-they.. They promised me an-an easy life. And.. there's.. there's nothing I want in this world but an easy life."

And Jimin internally scoffed, feeling slightly sad because this poor man is only seeking for an easy life - which unfortunately will end soon.

Still playing with the gun he was holding, Jimin nodded his head, signalling the man to continue by gesturing his gun up and down for a few times.

"They.. provided me this.. this workshop.. a-and.. some m-money and-"

"And why did they choose you?" Jimin cut in, satisfied enough with Ki Woo's answer because it didn't surprise him anymore.

Jimin is never surprised if people do anything just for power and money, because that's what he's been indulging with ever since his father showed him this side of the world since he was ten.

Ki Woo hesitated again, eyes staring at his lacerated toe.

He then lifted his head when he heard a sound of metal clanking against the floor.

With widened eyes and a gaping mouth, Ki Woo gulped, eyes begging for some mercy when he noticed the ash gray haired man was swinging a long metal bar in front of his face right after he put his gun back into his jacket pocket.

"I.. I was.. I was the o-one who designed it a-and.." he gulped, searching for some air to fill into his suffocating lungs, eyes still trailing at the metal that swung by his face.

"The largest mobster in.. in Hong Kong..."

"Kong-Sang.. Kong Sang Group?" Beomgyu whispered, eyes looking at his boss's facial expression.

"Y-yes. B-but the one who asked for the S-Sapphire lock is.. is another huge gang f-from Japan."

Jimin lifted his head, eyes looking straight into Ki Woo's pleading ones. His eyebrows knitted together, trying to process all the new information he received a few seconds ago.

It.. It can't be!

The Sapphire is worth more than they expected to be?!

It must be very valuable, more than they could imagine because there is no other possible reason for another huge gang from another country to involve themselves like this if it wasn't that treasurable.

A deeper thin line appeared in between Jimin's brow, his mind running wild to figure out why such a huge gang from Japan has anything to do with the Sapphire.

"What kind of lock is it?" Jimin asked, fingers tightly wrapped around the long, thick metal.

"The.. the shape of a diamond.. M-medium sized. N-not too small, n-not too big," Ki Woo replied, almost sobbing another cry when he felt someone pressing a gun at the back of his head.

"Who asked you to do it? Is it the big boss himself?" Jimin pushed another question, face still plastered with a deep frown.

This time Ki Woo quickly shook his head, repeatedly denying Jimin's assumption.

"I.. I don't know who the b-big boss is.. T-they sent.. they sent someone. T-the same person comes to me for a-any deal.."

"Any information about that person who did all the dealings with you?"

Ki Woo shook his head, looking everywhere but the man who was standing before him and that was enough to convince Jimin that this guy was trying to tell another bullshit story again.

And in a blink of an eye, the long, thick metal rod swung right at Ki Woo's face, making his head twist to his right.

He let out a loud curse, spitting his already broken teeth along with a pool of blood.

Taking a deep breath in between the hiss sound he let out because of the pain he felt all over his body, Ki Woo started to open his mouth, words strained because of the unbearable pain he suffered right now.

"I.. I n-never saw his.. his face. H-he always comes w-with a full mask to co-cover his face. I.. I only k-know his n-name. Only his name! I sw-swear!"

"And what is his name?"

"Jimin. He told me his name is Jimin!"

And that made Jimin suddenly turn frozen on his feet, feeling the tense nerves already running all over his muscles.

He eyed the other two, who also were stunned with the unexpected information they gained.


Somebody is trying to silently ambush me.

Damn it!

Jimin paced back and forth, pushing his hair away from his forehead a few times before he flicked his eyes to look at Ki Woo, who was silently observing him.

"What else do you know?" Jimin asked, still pacing his feet in front of the other three.

"T-that's all. That's all, I promise!" Ki Woo quickly replied, body already feeling weak because of the blood he lost.

"You don't have any clue where they hid the lock and the Sapphire?"

"Why-why would I know? T-they only hired me to custom make the l-lock. I.. I haven't even see that damn Sapphire!"

"And which gang from Japan asked you to custom make the lock?"

Ki Woo debilitatedly shook his head, eyelids starting to feel very heavy.

"N-no. I.. I only k-know the per-person who met me introduced himself as.. as Jimin. N-no family name. Just.. Just Jimin. C-can you let me.. let me go now?"

Jimin nodded, raising an eyebrow before he smirked.

"Eagle, why don't we let go of Ki Woo-shi, now? He must be terribly exhausted and in pain, yeah? We don't want to prolong his suffering any longer," Jimin cooed, already turning his heels to walk toward the exit.

And as soon as Jungkook saw his boss already on his fifth step, he pulled the trigger, shooting right in the middle of the guy's skull.

Turning his head to look at Beomgyu who was already scrolling his phone, with a smirk on his face, he opened his mouth, ordering his mentee the regular task.

"Call Shownu. Tell him to clear this place right now. Make sure this place is as clean as your own bedroom-"

"Fuck off," Beomgyu protested, earning a snicker from his mentor, before Jungkook continued with his order.

"And the body, make sure no one could ever find even a strand of hair belonging to this corpse. You got it?"

Beomgyu nodded, phone already pressed on his ear before he started to speak to Shownu, who was answering his phone call.

"Eagle" Jimin called, turning his head to look at Jungkook who was already standing on his right, "Tell Owl to check all the CCTVs around this workshop and everywhere nearby clearing everything the CCTVs recorded for the past two hours and change it with another recordings. I'm gonna call Solar and Hani and try to figure out who the hell was hiring Ki Woo to make the lock for that damn Sapphire and which bastard was bold enough to easily use my name like that!"

With a single nod from Jungkook, Jimin started to walk towards the exit, leaving his men to wait for Shownu and their cleaning team to arrive at the crime scene, while he started to work on figuring out who the hell was behind all these unwelcomed, puzzling catastrophes.


"How do you know my sister?" Yoongi asked right after dragging Ye Ji out from his mother's ward room, eyes trailing on Hoseok who was sleeping by his mother's bed.

"Wow, yes, nice to meet you too," Ye Ji retorted, in a very sarcastic tone before she swung the plastic bag she held right in front of Yoongi's face.

"I bought you some chicken soup with ginseng! I bought extra just in case Hoseok wants to eat too!" she beamed before she wrapped her fingers around Yoongi's wrist, wanting to pull him back inside the room.

"No! No! I won't even allow you to be here unless you tell me how the hell do you know my sister?" Yoongi protested, heels digging deeper in the floor, refusing to move even an inch.

Ye Ji was about to open her mouth, face looking a little bit stressed, but soon her attention seemed to focus on the almost faded wounds on Yoongi's face.

She eyed him for a solid one minute, which Yoongi felt like ages, before she started to voice out the question that was floating around inside her head.

"Yoongi, it's only been a day. How.. How is it possible for your wounds to heal this fast?" she curiously asked, eyes still lingering all over Yoongi's face.

Yoongi opened his mouth to answer her question, only to close it back soon after, repeating the action a few times.

Furrowing his eyebrows, he then decided to shrug off her question and repeated his question for the third time.

Ye Ji was about to argue, but decided to give in with a long, loud sigh.

Massaging her aching temples before she landed her butt on the nearby bench in front of the room, she looked at Yoongi who was glaring at her, and with another deep, long sigh, she gave a small gesture for him to sit beside her.

Taking a deep breath while looking right into Yoongi's cautious eyes, she started to open her mouth, answering the question that he asked since yesterday.

"I.. I met your sister w-when.. when.. Goddamnit!" Ye Ji cursed under her breath, taking another deep breath and exhaled another long air, before she continued.

"She saved my life. I-I almost died.. b-but she saved me. She saved my life and I owe her my life. I'm trying to save yours now, hoping that.. that this is enough to repay all the good deeds she did to me. I... I..." Ye Ji stopped, choking on her own tears while her body started to tremble.

Yoongi was just about to comfort her, carefully leaning in to place his hand on her shoulder, when suddenly she abruptly stood up, bowing her head while muttering a slow sorry before she started to walk away.

Yoongi let out a long sigh, mindlessly letting his mind run free, thinking about all the problems he and his family are facing right now.

He then started to think about Ye Ji, the girl who suddenly came into their life, offering help just because she wanted to repay his sister's good deeds before.


Where are you?

Do you eat and sleep well?

Are you happy right now?

I hope you are happy wherever you are...

"I miss you, noona..." Yoongi slowly whispered, now outside, head lifted to look at the fading stars in the sky, overshadowed by the lights from the buildings and streets.

He took his own sweet time to walk through hundreds, probably thousands of people, making the night seem alive and free.

A few drunkards tried to approach him, but he successfully dodged them by instinct due to his past experiences with people who tried to touch him.

He carefully observed the street while pulling his black sweater tighter around his body, seeing all kinds of people roaming in the street.

It's safe.

Yoongi feels safe because of all the people who are crowding the area he is walking in, loud booming noises coming from the nightclubs and bars along the street, cars honking once in awhile and the sound of giggles and rambling words coming from people who are drunk and already spending time with their future one night stands.

It's safe here.

At least safer than those dark and scary secluded alleys he had to use whenever he came back from work.

And this is safer than those houses they had to leave everytime those thugs successfully traced them down.

This feels safe,

but Yoongi never felt more scared and dejected.

It's scary..

Having no place to call home is scary..

What happened five days ago was frightening.

"I'm scared..." Yoongi whispered to himself, quickly wiping the tears that threatened to slide down his cheeks.

He remembers when he thought about killing himself, right after he convinced Hoseok and their mother to do the same, but it felt so wrong and he never hated himself that much before.


We should live..

We should..

We should at least feel happy and free even just once.

Even.. Even if we only feel that for a short time..

Mom and Hoseok...

They have all the right to feel happy and blissful ..

To live without any fear..


We have to survive.

Yoongi's train of thought was being interrupted when somebody accidentally bumped into his body, making him almost fall on the ground if the other man didn't catch him by his waist.

"Careful there!" said the man with a slightly annoyed tone, before he suddenly stopped the moment his eyes landed on Yoongi.

"Oh! I'm.. I'm sorry. Are you.. Are you one of The Sakura's angels?" the tall man with light brown hair asked, slightly flustered and a little bit agitated.

He quickly released his grip on Yoongi's waist, taking a few steps backwards so that he could give Yoongi some space.

Furrowing his eyebrows, slightly confused with the man's question, Yoongi just gaped, contemplating walking away from the man who was still staring at him.

"I don't know what you are talking about," Yoongi muttered, already turning his heels and starting to walk away.

"You're not?! I can't believe it!! You could be a very damn expensive and popular angel, you know?" the man shouted right after he turned his head left and right to make sure that there was nobody that heard him.

And his words were enough to make Yoongi abruptly stop from walking, quickly turning his body to face the man who was grinning at him.

"W-what exactly is.. is an angel? And.. and what is The.. The Sakura?" Yoongi carefully asked, slightly fidgeting when he realized that the guy was checking out his body.

"That.. well, we have Bell to do all the briefing. I'm just doing my part," the guy who Yoongi still doesn't know whether he should trust or not calmly answered, pushing his light brown locks away from his eyes.

Yoongi just nodded, still thinking whether it's a good idea or not to ask further about it.

He's interested; and Yoongi rarely easily feels interested this fast.

"H-how.. How much can a person get in a day?" he asked in a quiet tone, almost as if he's whispering his question.

"Come. Follow me. Don't be afraid. I'm Ong. I can't tell you my full name yet. Not until you are part of The Sakura. I'll tell you once you agree to join us," the man, who introduced himself as Ong explained, already holding Yoongi's hand and taking him toward the direction he came from earlier.

"Well, in The Sakura, depends on how popular you are but then again, when an angel is chosen to be exclusive to a specific master, which is our VVIP clients, then their incomes will be based on how much their masters want to give them, which is obviously alot!" Ong added, taking Yoongi's hand in between his hands before he squeezed for a few seconds.

"And as for the virgin petals-"

"Virgin petals?" Yoongi interjects, raising his eyebrows in full curiousity.

He let Ong drag him down the road, mind already trying to weight the pros and cons in agreeing to take the offer.

"Virgin petals are those virgins who want to be a part of The Sakura. We will hold an auction session, usually once in a fortnight, which means the next session will be in two days," Ong explained, looking over his shoulder to look at Yoongi once before he looked straight back on the road.

"Does it.. Does it mean t-that.. that they are selling their.. their virginity?" Yoongi gulped, feeling a huge lump already blocking his airway.

He eyed the man, Ong, who was still guiding him with gentle fingers wrapped around his wrist.

"Yup," that was all he answered before he took both of them to the left, entering a street that was filled with colourful lights on both sides of the road.

Goosebumps fell all over his body the moment he heard Ong's response.

Yoongi felt his hair stand straight up the moment he realized what place they were going to now.

And those feelings, the goosebumps were not good ones - it's the complete opposite of pleasing ones;

The ones he felt whenever he thought about those thugs who were hunting them;

The ones whenever he felt like he's going to lose his family, his only little world who gave him the strength to keep on living.

Yoongi shook his head, trying not to think about all the dark thoughts he was having.

He decided he should focus on the street, trying his best to observe the walk as much as he could with the new views he had never seen before.

Yoongi noticed there were many luxurious cars entering and exiting the place, and many kinds of motorcycles filling the streets.

He observed the surroundings, nothing creepy nor scary there except now they were walking in front of a very huge casino.

With slightly parted lips, Yoongi just stared at the building, interested to know everything that was happening in the casino.

He's not into gambling - his life is already filled with nothing but bad luck, but something about the casino just flicked some interest in him.

"We are not going there now. Probably in the future when your master wants to bring you along, you can go there. Soon. I promise," Ong winked, a cheeky smirk plastered on his already sweet face.

Yoongi didn't react nor answer. He simply just looked at the beautiful surroundings.


How can a place that probably is filled with every single sin that a human can do can be this breathtakingly beautiful.

"How much can a virgin petal earn from selling their virginity?" Yoongi suddenly asked the moment he realized he hadn't asked the most important question yet.

Ong just shrugged, rubbing his chin with his fingers before he turned his face towards Yoongi.

"Well, minimum would be somewhere around 11 million won-"

"11 million won?!!" Yoongi shrieked, almost screaming his lungs out. He dumbly gaped at Ong, trying to process the information he just got from the latter.

"That's the minimum price. We can go up to a billion won. Depends on how much those people want to offer during the auction."

"B-billion.." Yoongi repeated in a very hushed tone, frowning his face to decide what's the best thing he should do right now.

A very pleasing and alluring odor suddenly attacked his smell receptors, making him lift his head to look at the source of the very wonderful smell.

The smell that was filled with lust and desire.

His eyes caught a huge sign, proud and bold cursive letters spelling, The Sakura, with a sakura flower at the end of the letters decorating the huge entrance of the building.

In another meter or two, they already had arrived at the place.

The exclusive brothel based on what Ong had told him.

A brothel.

A whorehouse that they upgraded so that people who seek pleasure and lust will see it as their heaven.

It's pathetic.

But Yoongi is pathetic himself - a very desperate one to be blunt.

"We're here! The Sakura, the heaven that many people can only dream about." Ong beamed, slightly excited.

Yoongi just slowly nodded his head, eyes still trailing every single inch of the building.

He then rolled his eyes to look at the long line towards the entrance, where all the people from every background, gender and social status, were lined up to enter the place.

It's amusing, how these kinds of people could possibly kill each other when they are outside of this place, but now can peacefully stand close to each other.

"It's.. It definitely l-looks like a very exclusive p-place," Yoongi started with a hushed voice.

"I told ya. This is the place where people call their heaven," Ong nodded, a wide smile still plastered on his face.

They were silent for awhile, with Yoongi carefully observing the surroundings while Ong was quietly looking at Yoongi.

"So..." Ong started, squeezing Yoongi's wrist to get his attention.

With a kind smile on his face when he saw Yoongi was looking at him, he continued. "Are you interested in joining us?"

Yoongi was baffled with the sudden question, before his terrified and nervous eyes turned into determined ones.

He took a look at the brothel one more time, feeling all the debts that his family owed heavily pressed onto his shoulders.

You just have to be here until you pay that damn ten billion won they've been asking for since forever..

You can do this Yoongi.

You can.

Mom and Hoseok are counting on you.

They are your responsibilities now.

"I have to do this..."


Yoongi took a very deep, long breath. He took it as if he wouldn't have the chance to breathe like that anymore.

With a shaking voice, a slightly trembling body and a terrified heart, Yoongi tightened his fist, digging into his skin to ease his nerves.

He took another long breath, before he looked straight into Ong's bright eyes.

"L-let's do this. Bring me to the person who I'm supposed to meet with now."

And with a small jump, Ong gently wrapped his hand back around Yoongi's pale wrist, leading him to the place where all lust and sexual desires meet.

The ever so exclusive brothel,

The one they claim as heaven on earth.

The one and only,

The Sakura, who belongs to none other than Park Jimin.

Chapter Text

"Come on! Don't be scared. We won't bite," Ong stated with a slight teasing voice, offering his hand for Yoongi to hold as he guided him.

He was a bit hesitant, glancing at the two bodyguards who were guarding the second main entrance, as Yoongi and Ong easily passed by the first one.

He didn't take the man's hand, only slowly nodded his head before he motioned to Ong to keep on walking.

"Is Bell still here?" Ong asked. He seemed in friendly terms with the two bodyguards by the way he talked with them; very friendly and relaxed, and not intimidated by how huge and frightening they were.

"Yes. She's with her girl in her office. Sarang came two hours ago. They should be about finished with whatever shit they are doing inside," one of the bodyguards, who looked a lot younger and taller than the other one, answered with a straight face.

Yoongi mentally observed and started taking mental notes about his surroundings, assuming that Bell is someone whom everyone in the brothel fears or respects - or probably both.

He noticed the bodyguards right away, then didn't look back again, after seeing both of them eyeing him up and down several times, then noticed how Ong looked at them while shaking his head and grinning.

"Who's this? Never seen him before. If he's one of the angels, I'm pretty sure I would remember this one," the older bodyguard remarked, eyes expectantly looking at the still grinning Ong.

"Told you that you are that pretty to be our angel," Ong said, as he quickly turned his head and winked at Yoongi, only making the boy flinch with a scowl on his face.

"Yes, he's new fresh meat. Gonna ask them to confirm whether he is really qualified to be a virgin petal. Though there is no doubt in my mind about this virgin, I mean," Ong just shrugged, confidently responding to the question without even considering that Yoongi was just half a meter behind him.

The two bodyguards were now eyeing Yoongi again, scanning his features without any words, and that was enough to make Yoongi feel slightly sick and intimidated.

"How much longer do we have to stand here?" Yoongi asked while wrapping his black sweater tighter around his small body, glaring at the two bodyguards who were still lustfully staring at him.

"Your future angel here is definitely gonna be one of the exclusive ones. Guess those expensive angels here in The Sakura are gonna have a new rival soon," the older bodyguard chuckled before he swiped Ong's card on the sensor to open the door.

"I know right? I always bring the best!" Ong smugly replied, doing his overdramatic bow before he opened his arms wide to welcome Yoongi as they entered the ever so grand and exclusive whorehouse.

Yoongi doesn't care. Whatever shit name the other people call this exclusive club - heaven, paradise, home, high classed brothel, even The Sakura itself, he still firmly knows that this is still just a glorified whorehouse.

Except, this is a very luxurious environment and has a first class quality to it, only for the elite, and worth the time and every dollar that is spent just to experience this place.

And Yoongi is so sure that what he calls whores inside, are never, ever referred to as whores themselves.

People worship them, showing nothing but adoration and love, and obviously are lusted after. They treat the petals and angels of The Sakura as goddesses, spending huge amounts of money, begging to have their consent to touch and hold them.

Yoongi has just stepped inside for only less than three minutes, but within that short period he could understand it all - he read how things worked inside this exclusive brothel, just by glancing at the main area where both customers and the brothel's workers mingled around to fulfill each other's desires.

And he could see clientele wearing very expensive suits and jewelry, showing that they were definitely the elite.

He was about to sneak a look at the performance in the middle of the huge area before him, but quickly tensed when he felt someone poking his arm.

"I know it's interesting here, the main playground, but we have to continue on to do what we have to do first. Bell is next. She needs to give us a green light, then maybe later when you are established you can watch those performances as long as you want to," Ong explained, still in his friendly manner. He offered his hand for Yoongi to hold, again, but Yoongi just nodded his head before he quickly shoved both hands inside his sweater pockets.

"You really act like The Aphrodite themself, huh? Not like I'd ever met them before, but I've heard words about them from those who've met or seen them before," Ong shrugged, still with a warm smile on his face before he started to walk.

"T-them? What.. Who is The Aphrodite?" Yoongi cautiously asked, eyes already looking at everything that had caught his eyes - from the beautiful chandelier hanging down from the ceiling, to the huge, cherry red marble bar nearby, almost looking like it was made with crystal.

He glanced at a few beautiful boys and girls who wore revealing and scandalizing clothes as they walked past them, with a wink and smile on their faces when they met Ong's eyes.

"Ah, nothing. That's not what you need to know now or should worry about. Now, come, follow me."

Yoongi just obediently followed him from behind, quietly walking towards a secluded hallway at the right side of the brothel. Ong then swiped his card on the scanner at the right side of an elevator, before the doors opened wide to welcome them in.

Ong then pressed his card again on the other scanner inside the elevator. He was about to press his password when suddenly he stopped, twisting his neck to look at Yoongi.

"Can you please just turn your body away for a minute. This is confidential," he sweetly asked, smiling wide when Yoongi said nothing but obey the request.

The keypad didn't make any sound to avoid anyone from figuring out the employees' passwords without directly looking at it, and that's when Yoongi realized that this place is perfect - this place is the safest place for him to presently be.

He just needs to figure out where to hide his mom and Hoseok for awhile, before he can fully pay the money to the thugs who keep hunting and torturing all of them.

"Yoongi? Come. Let's go," Ong softly called, guiding the increasingly tense Yoongi to the left side of the hallway.

The hallway itself..

It looked very exclusive and chic. The wall was painted glittering black, almost like a million stars adorning every step in the hallway.

The lights here were white, unlike the red, purple and pink lights downstairs which created the atmosphere to build up the already present lusts among their customers.

But nothing was as extravagant as the floor that they were stepping on now. It was transparent. Yoongi could see everything through the floor that was happening downstairs in the main playground, that was earlier described by Ong.

He tried to remember whether he could see the upper floor when he was looking at the chandelier while downstairs, only to realize that this had to be a one sided-mirror floor, where everything was visible looking down and through.

And Yoongi raised his eyebrows while trying to suppress a smile, admiring how cool, yet pretty, the view of this floor was, before he bit his lips the moment he noticed Ong was about to turn around.

"Quick. Pull your hoodie up over your head. I want to make her gasp the moment she lands her eyes on you," Ong said with a wider grin, eyes sparkling with excitement.

Yoongi internally wondered whether this man was always happy, or was it just a facade to hide his hurt, while pulling his hoodie over his head.

"Now let's show her how you really look like The Sakura's future angel," Ong excitedly added with small claps, before he knocked on the huge, dark brown Mahogany door.

"Hwa- Bell!" he corrected himself after he cleared his throat, knocking the door a few times until they heard a muffled female voice from behind the door.

It only took a few seconds for the door to be opened and Yoongi was slightly taken aback when he realized that no one was standing in front of them.

"It's.. an automatic door," Ong cheekily winked, when he realized Yoongi was still gaping, before he jutted out his chin to silently ask Yoongi to follow him from behind.

"Hey Ong," a lazy, sultry female voice greeted them, before a giggling voice, belonging to another girl, echoed soon after.

"Hello Ong," the girl with a dark bob with fringed hair, who was sitting on the other's lap, was still giggling as she waved her hand from behind the huge wooden table made from Mahogany.

"Did I interrupt anything?" Ong asked, although he sounded nonchalant about it, already making a beeline to sit on the cherry red leather couch inside the medium sized office.

And the office screamed chic and feminine, along with luxury and power.

Yoongi secretly looked around the office, noticing there were a few tall shelves made with snakewood filled with files, probably confidential information about the club itself. The wall was painted with dark red and gold to match the black marble floor that has half covered with a huge faux fur rug in soft beige.

"Nope. We're already done and fully satisfied," the bob haired girl answered with a wink, before she tilted her head to look at Yoongi who was awkwardly standing in front of the already closed door.

"Ah! Right" Ong snapped his fingers, before he stood up and quickly wrapped his fingers around Yoongi's wrist to pull him forward.

"Bell, look what I've brought for you!" the guy was slightly bouncing on his feet, anticipating his boss's reaction once she landed her eyes on Yoongi.

"Babe, I need you to move now. Need to take a good look at that beauty over there," the woman with long, dark brown hair remarked, landing a kiss on her girlfriend's cheek, making the girl giggle again before she stood up from the other's lap.

The woman, whom Ong called Bell, stood up and confidently, while wearing her silver platform heels, walked directly toward Yoongi, who was silently staring at her.

She crossed her arms as soon as she stood before Yoongi, tapping her own chin while eyeing Yoongi up and down for a good minute.

Bell hummed, glancing at Ong who was excitedly waiting for her response, before she took another look at Yoongi.

And with a smile that reached her eyes, she nodded just as soon as she started voicing out her thoughts.

"Beautiful. As beautiful as our exclusive angels. Where did you find him?" she turned her head to look at Ong, before she looked back at Yoongi.

"On the streets?" Ong replied, more like a question, and chuckled when he noticed that Hwasa was raising an eyebrow at him; probably thinking that Ong just wanted to lie some shit as a joke.

"Now is not the right time, boy," she rolled her eyes, before she walked around Yoongi's figure, still scanning every inch of his body.

"It's true! Right Yoongi?" Ong suddenly asked the still quiet Yoongi, making the pale skinned boy turn his head to look at Ong who was already looking at him with wide eyes.

"Y-yeah," Yoongi answered in a hushed voice, almost inaudible, before he looked at the woman whose alias was Bell, who was already standing before him.

"Which brothels have you worked at before?" Hwasa curiously asked, eyes looking straight into Yoongi's sparkling ones. She noticed as his cat like eyes widened in shock.


"He's fresh meat, noona. The freshest of meat. Can't wait to know who's gonna be the one to hit the jackpot this Saturday night," Ong interfered, cutting in on Yoongi's words before the guy could even finish his answer.

"Virgin Petal?" Hwasa raised an eyebrow, looking back at Yoongi for a few seconds before she turned her head to look at Ong.

"But you told me you met him on the streets, though?"

"We.. I accidentally bumped into him earlier, when I was searching for new petals around the city. Guess I'm always lucky. Fate really loves me like that," Ong shrugged, smugly smirking when he saw how Hwasa was looking at him.

"Yeah, yeah. Even I know you always bring the best - besides Chungha and Dae Hwi, of course," Sarang interjected out of the blue. The Sakura calls Sarang, Hwasa's girlfriend. She rested her chin on Hwasa's shoulder while she winked at the already annoyed Ong.

"Don't remind me of my closest rival, please and thank you," Ong huffed, already landing his butt on the couch, as he rolled his eyes for the second time at Sarang who was still teasingly grinning at him.

"Hello Yoongi. I'm Sar- Wheein, Hwasa's favorite girl," she introduced herself, offering her hand for Yoongi to shake. She ignored the way Hwasa was looking at her, knowing really well that she didn't agree with revealing their real name to strangers.


"He doesn't look dangerous. Relax," Wheein winked, landing her lips on Hwasa's cheekbone, before she ping-ponged her eyes to look at Yoongi and her own extended hand.

"Come on, pretty boy. I won't hurt you. Except if you are planning to fuck with the club.. Then, I might be the one to kill you myself," Wheein grinned, taking Yoongi's cold hand for a handshake, before she doubled over to laugh at her own joke.

And Hwasa knows really well that Wheein was not joking. This bitch really is one of the best snipers she ever met and the fact that they are now lovers is something that she sometimes finds amusing.

"Wheein, stop it. Don't scare him like that," Hwasa warned, shooing the still laughing girl to sit on the couch, before she invited Yoongi to sit beside Ong who was already drinking a glass of champagne.

"So, you are a virgin?" Hwasa simply asked, watching the pretty boy who was uncomfortably squirming in his seat.

"It's okay. We are.. good people. We always protect each other, so don't worry," Hwasa added, even though her words really didn't help Yoongi at all.

Yoongi was glaring at his own lap, mind already filling with terrifying thoughts.

W-what if..

What if this is all wrong?

W-what if..

What if this is not the right thing to do?

W-what will mom and Hoseok think of me when they know what I'm doing right now?

Yoongi internally slapped himself, only to shoot a glance when he felt Ong poking at his cheek.



Yoongi gaped, looking at the other three who were staring at him.

He saw how Wheein was cheekily smiling at him, already telling Hwasa how confident she was about him still being a virgin. Hwasa just hummed, making circles on Wheein's thigh with her beautifully manicured thumb, eyes warmly staring at the still fidgeting Yoongi.

"Y-yeah," Yoongi whispered his answer, eyes still glued on the floor.

"Hmm?" Hwasa asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm.. I'm still.. still a virgin."

Hwasa hummed again, tapping her index finger on her chin before she asked her next question.

"And why is a virgin like you suddenly wanting to sell your virginity here? You don't seem like someone who wouldn't want to do it if you're not desperate enough. May I know why?" Hwasa asked, already spreading her arms on the backrest.

And the moment he heard the question, Yoongi slightly tensed. He tried his best not to react to the question, afraid that the club wouldn't accept someone with huge problems like him - someone who is already being hunted by a gang, someone who is always in danger.



Think, Yoongi!

Yoongi gulped, eyes already looking at Hwasa and Wheein who were staring at him, patiently waiting for his answer.

"Well..." Yoongi started with a gulp, already feeling a lump in his throat.

"I.. I have financial problems... M-money issues... I-I have to pay for.. for my mother's hospital bills, m-my college fees and.. and my brother's art school as well," Yoongi half lied without telling the full truth.

He really needs the money to pay for the hospital fees and the cash borrowed from the girl he doesn't even know. Being in more debt is the last thing he needs right now.

After all the shit he and his family had to face, trusting someone that easily really doesn't really sit well with him - not when he knows that people might take advantage of their desperation and vulnerability.

Hwasa only stared at him, didn't comment anything more at the answer he gave her, just silently scanned his features once more before she nodded her head.

"Oh, very well then. Well, we just have to go through some basic procedures and The Sakura's policy just to confirm whether you are qualified to be a virgin petal or not. It's something we do whenever we accept anyone who wants to offer themselves as virgin petals during our monthly auctions," Hwasa explained, not directly looking at Yoongi as she busied herself tapping on her phone.

They offered Yoongi a drink, even a snack, but the boy quickly declined, not fully trusting them yet, afraid that they might have some wicked plan for him - and Yoongi really didn't need that right now, not when he's presently in a very secluded and private area of the club.

Five minutes later, two guys, looking extremely beautiful and young, probably around Yoongi's age or younger, entered the room right after they knocked on the door.

"Vernon, Wooshin, come. Need you to confirm something for me," Hwasa greeted, jutting her chin towards Yoongi who was already looking at them.

"Fresh meat? Beautiful. Who scored this? Ong hyung?" the man who seemed like a foreigner asked, already approaching Yoongi.

"I think someone like him should be called a virgin petal instead of fresh meat. Don't you think so?" the other guy who just came suggested, glancing at Yoongi with a smirk on his face.

And Yoongi swore he saw the other guy's eyes suddenly transform into sparkling black for a few seconds, before they changed back into normal human eyes.

"W-what are you.. What are you doing?" Yoongi asked the moment he realized that both guys were already crowding him, faces coming closer to his throat.

He flinched in mortification, face scowling in a mixture of discomfort and distaste, quickly pushing both guys to move away from him when he felt wet, warm tongues licking his neck.

"We've got a new virgin petal here, boss. Smells and tastes extremely delicious too. I wonder who will be the lucky one who will throw a huge amount of cash to earn this prize," the guy who looked like a foreigner smirked, winking at Yoongi the moment he moved away from him.

"Ah.. Tastes delicious? You rarely say that, Vernon. You never have said that before," Hwasa commented, pointing her index finger to make her point clearer.

"He really does. I think even our Aphrodite would agree if only he was here now," the other guy, who Yoongi knows by now as Wooshin retorted, looking at Yoongi before he glanced back at Hwasa.

Yoongi just silently observed and listened to their conversation, feeling slightly uncomfortable with how they commented about how he smells and tastes as if he's not even in the same room as them.

He wiped the spit off of his neck with his sleeve, scowling his face in disgust when he realized that both of them just licked his neck without asking for his permission.

"Sorry. They're just like that. They don't think too much as long as they do their job. They didn't mean any harm," Ong softly whispered, giving Yoongi a small smile.

"Are you sure you want to do this? Y-you don't seem to even like people touching you. You know that you have to sleep with whoever bids the most during the auction, right?" Ong added, voice still low, ignoring the fact that there was another discussion going on just a few meters away from them.

Yoongi just stared at him, scanning his face to search for any facade, but all he saw was nothing but sincerity.

I have to.

I don't want to do it, I never wanted to do it at all...

But I have to...

Yoongi nodded once, full of determination, before he answered back with a hushed tone.

"It's okay. I.. I can do it. I just.. just have to be prepared."

Ong was about to say something when suddenly Hwasa's voice beamed inside the room, already looking at them.

"Ong, bring Yoongi to the special room for our virgin petals. Vernon and Wooshin will go with you while we are waiting for Jennie and Nayeon to come. I've already called them. They'll be there in ten," Hwasa informed, quickly dismissing all of them out from her room before she fished out her phone and started to search for a specific name from her contacts.

"Already found what you were looking for?" Wheein suddenly asked, smirking before she dragged on her cigarette, chuckling when Hwasa only answered with a wink.

Taking the cigarette in between her girlfriend's fingers, she took a long drag herself, smoking it the moment the certain person answered her call.

With a smug grin on her face, she quickly talked without even properly greeting the person.

"Prince, I've found the perfect person for you this time. Just come and join the bidding during the auction this Saturday. It will be fun and thrilling, as always," Hwasa explained, kissing her lover's lips as she listened to Prince's response.


"Hey, handsome," Hwasa winked, the moment Prince and his usual assistants, Jungkook and Beomgyu entered the club. Her right arm was securely placed around Wheein's waist, while the other hand was holding her glass of champagne. Her girlfriend was always eager to watch the auction, especially this one, since she knows that one of the virgin petals would definitely catch their boss's attention.

Jimin just nodded, although his face didn't seem interested enough for today's auction.

He was still remembering when Hwasa suddenly called him, while he was having a meeting with his hackers to search for that imposter Jimin, the bastard who dared to use his name and did the deal with Nam Ki Woo about the Sapphire.

Jimin's mind was still thinking about the matter, even now, especially when his highly gifted and skillful team of hackers still to this day can't seem to trace anything about that mysterious person.

Hell, they don't even have any clue about who they are trying to trace now.

"Prince, trust me, this is worth it," Hwasa suddenly spoke, pulling Jimin away from his busy mind.

"Better be worth it. You called me during my meeting just to convince me to join today's auction, and I still have work to do, but again, you were so forceful for me to join tonight," Jimin replied with a little bit of venom in his tone, eyes coldly glaring at the two lovers who dared to pull their arrogant grins at him.

"I saw that beautiful boy myself. I'd join today's bidding for him myself if I wasn't already a woman with a commitment. But it's okay, boss. You can choose to ditch tonight's auction now, but don't come for our necks when you realize how regretful you'll be once he is in bed with someone else. And trust me, whoever fucks him tonight will surely take him as their exclusive angel," Wheein teased, smirking when she sees how Prince is still mockingly scoffing at her words before he chugs his whiskey in one go.

"How beautiful is he?" Beomgyu suddenly asked, starting to feel curious about this virgin petal they were talking about. He swirled his own alcohol in his glass, eyes wandering to look at the two girls who stood behind the bar.

"As beautiful as The Aphrodite?" this time Jungkook added, eager to learn about the boy whom they claimed to be extremely attractive.

Hwasa cheekily smiled, pressing her lips against her champagne's glass before she answered in a tease.

"That's up to Prince to decide. But whether he's interested or not, I'm sure we're gonna score big cash today. So no one's losing anything tonight," Hwasa shrugged, glancing at her employees who were responsible to take charge in preparing the hall for the auction.

"Who's gonna be the host for tonight's auction?" Jimin suddenly asked while scrolling his phone, shoving it back into his back pocket and motioning to the girls to pour him another glass of whiskey.

"Yohan, our newest kid. He's not really that new, though. Already worked from behind the scenes but he's been doing the hosting for three sessions now," Hwasa explained, pouring the liquor into Jimin's empty glass.

Jimin just hummed, remembering the fact that he hadn't joined a bidding session for awhile now, having so much to do with his family business, both legally and illegally.

Plus, Hwasa told him that the new virgin petals they received for those past months he didn't participate in were not his type, not good enough for her to drag him into joining the auction.

That's why he's here now, half-heartedly forcing himself to join the auction, tempted enough to have a little bit of curiosity about what the new virgin petal looks like, because Hwasa kept on calling him to remind him about tonight's bidding session.

Jimin started to trail his eyes around the club, glancing at the people who entered one by one from the entrance.

He scoffed when he saw some familiar faces, some of them were politicians and CEOs of big companies, even popular celebrities already taking steps toward the auction hall.

Of course, none of them are interested enough to play in the main playground on the ground floor, or having fun in the upper floors with the angels, even the exclusive and expensive ones.

Not when they get the chance to taste the fresh, new meat; the virgin petals once they win their bids tonight.

Deep down inside, Jimin knows that probably some of them are gang leaders, close nemesis' from rival gangs, but they never reveal their faces, always making sure to have their dogs do the dirty work.

"Prince," Jungkook slowly whispered, eyes flicking fast to silently motion toward a person who caught his attention.

Jimin, knowing what Jungkook is trying to do, slightly turned his head to look at the person, raising an eyebrow when he noticed a group who was entering the auction hall.

"The Kim's?" he calmly asked, rolling his eyes to look at Hwasa who was also glancing at the same person.

"I guess so? Weird. They don't usually send their underdogs to join the auction," Hwasa shrugged, sipping her champagne while still glancing at their guests who started to fill in the auction hall.

"What do you mean? They're regulars now? Why didn't I know about this?" Jimin frowned, almost annoyed at the fact that no one told him about his closest enemies visiting the club.

He glared at Jungkook and Beomgyu who were now tense in their seats, before he rolled his eyes to look at Hwasa who was still standing behind the bar. Wheein already left a few minutes ago when she spotted her friends entering the club.

"The Aphrodite will take care of it-"

"He knows?"

"He'll deal with them if they start to act fishy or do something that can threaten The Sakura," Hwasa added, face full of confidence and fully assured.

"The Aphrodite knows about this?" Jimin repeated his question, feeling angrier than before. He clenched his fists, trying so hard not to burst in anger, not wanting to make a scene and gain attention from everyone who was already inside his brothel.

Not when he knows that most of them are still trying to figure out who is the powerful man behind this most exclusive and expensive whorehouse, knowing very well that this is not the only dirty deal he has in his possession.

"Of course he knows," Hwasa replied with a frown, confused with the man's question.

"He owns half The Sakura, remember? He protects everything in The Sakura, from the bodyguards out there," she pointed her index finger toward the entrance, "to the petals and angels, even all the employees here, including me," she ended with her nail digging into her chest, before she used the same hand to hold her glass again.

"Eagle," Prince called, voice stern and filled with rage and anger.

"The Aphrodite contacted me to warn him not to tell you or else," Hwasa interjected, gulping down her dry throat the moment she met with Prince's cold eyes.

"He dares to threaten me now?" Jimin asked, trying so hard not to break the glass that was still in his grip.

"No. NO! Prince, why are we even discussing about this here? You know it's not safe to talk about such things in public, right?" Hwasa carefully replied, feeling every single hair on her body stand up the moment her eyes met with Jimin's since a few minutes ago.

"You know why we can talk about this here. I know no one can hear us now, Hwasa. Not when you put down that invisible glass in this room. That's why no one is even glancing at us now. I know this place like the back of my hand. I own this place, remember?"

The girl kept silent for awhile, looking at Prince through her eyelashes, before she let out a defeated sigh.

Massaging her temples with one hand, she slightly slumped forward and started to mutter her words.

"He's not trying to ruin The Sakura, Prince. You know The Aphrodite will do everything to keep this place safe. I didn't ask for his decision to allow The Kim's here. I'm still his subordinate, remember? Yours too. But I'm sure he did it with good reasons. Good ones."

"He still should have asked me first. I still own 65% of this place, not half," Jimin gritted his teeth, eyes still glaring daggers at the three of them.

"Eagle, Bird, I thought both of you would at least be loyal to me. Should I doubt you now?" he spat, waiting for any of them to respond to his question.

"We are. All of us are loyal to you. Hwasa noona told me that The Aphrodite is doing this to keep this place safer-"

"And shouldn't you ask me that first before you make the decision to keep quiet about it yourself?" Jimin snapped, almost growling, interrupting Jungkook mid sentence.

"I'm sorry," the younger softly mumbled, hanging his head low, not daring to look at Prince's face.

"P-prince.. It's.. It's my fault-" Hwasa tried, but soon stopped when Jimin snapped his head to glare at her.

"I don't fucking care who's fault it is, but make sure none of you guys ever do this again. Whatever happens in this fucking brothel, update me!" Jimin warned, eyes trailing to all three of them with rage.

The other three just nodded, all looking everywhere but at Jimin.

It was intensely cold for a few minutes, air thick with tension in the room, when suddenly Beomgyu slowly lifted his eyes to look at Jimin under his lashes.

"Prince hyung, you... you know I love you, right? I really do. I really, really, really.."

Jimin scowled, looking at Beomgyu who was looking at him with puppy eyes, before he opened his mouth with disgust.

"Urgh, Beomgyu. Sorry to disappoint you, but you know I can't fuck you, right? It's unprofessional. You're pretty, but nope. Need to keep one of my best hitman with me. Sorry, again to disappoint you," Jimin spat, trying his best to suppress his urge to laugh, but he did it anyway when he saw how the youngest's face scrunched in disgust.

And that made the other three erupt in laughter, doubling over when the boy's face turned beet red.

"That's not what I meant, hyung!"

Still laughing with his whole body, Jimin took a deep breath, wiping the tears from his eyes after his hard laughter.

"That's a good one, kid. Thanks for making me laugh. I haven't had a good laugh for a long time."

Hwasa and Jungkook were glancing at each other, silently telling each other to say something to Jimin who seemed to be in a better mood than before.

"Prince, you know we're sorry, right?" Hwasa softly asked, half scared to look directly at Jimin who was sipping his whiskey.

"Don't do it again. Never, ever keep things from me again. I mean it," he sternly warned, without the same rage he had before.

"I won't. We won't. We promise," Jungkook replied, as quickly as he could, face full of determination.

Jimin flicked his eyes to look at Hwasa and Beomgyu, seeing the same determinations in their faces.

"Promise!" all three of them said simultaneously, smiling at Jimin when they saw a small smile on his lips.

"Hwasa, open my viewing box now. Gotta prepare to throw some cash around for the pretty boy you have been gushing about for two whole days," Jimin ordered, already standing up from his seat.

Hwasa nodded, quickly tapping to order her subordinate to open the viewing box.

Looking at Jimin who was already fully standing beside his chair, Hwasa smirked, cheekily winking at him before she opened her bright, red lips.

"Have fun, Prince. Tonight, it's gonna be one of the most memorable nights for you at The Sakura."

With that same smirk on his face, Jimin scoffed, starting his pace and walking toward his private box for the bidding.


"Yoongi?" a girl wearing a short, dark pink asymmetrical dress gently called, making the boy who was in a trance quickly snap his head to look at her.

"I have to shampoo your hair now. Just wanted to let you know so that you won't freak out," she explained with a kind smile, before she slowly poured a good amount of shampoo on top of Yoongi's already wet hair.

"I.. You don't have to help me with this. I.. I can do it myself-" Yoongi then stopped, furrowing his eyebrows, trying so hard to remember her name.

"Jennie. I'm Jennie. Make sure you remember my name because Nayeon and I are gonna take care of you now, just to make sure you will look as pretty and desirable as possible," she replied, gently massaging the boy's soft, black hair.

Yoongi just weakly nodded his head, trying his best not to turn bright red, slowly dipping his body lower into the huge bath tub.

He scrunched his face, staring at the rose petals that were floating on the water, along with the alluring smell that came from the scented oil they put earlier into the bathtub.

It's strange he thinks, because he's being treated like a king now, only to end up as a slave to someone who will buy his virginity only two hours from now.

Another girl, who he already remembers as Nayeon, just entered the bathroom with a giddy smile, as she waved around two medium sized balls in her hands.

"We're gonna have some fun now, Yoongi! Look! Bath bombs!" she quickly informed, before she threw the blue and pink balls into the water, making the colors beautifully spread inside the huge bathtub.

"Don't be scared. We won't hurt you. And we won't touch you in any inappropriate places. We promised you, yeah? And see, we didn't even touch you, right?" Nayeon said with a smile, knowing so well that the boy is scared and uncomfortable with what is going to happen to him in a few hours.

She knows, and she also is aware that Jennie, her partner knows.

They know because they have already been doing this job for four long years now.

"And we'll make sure you look beautiful tonight, as beautiful as an angel should be, yeah?" Jennie added, still massaging the boy's scalp. She smiled at Nayeon who was already smiling at her.

"You're gonna be here for.. another ten or fifteen minutes more and then we need you to go under a quick shower to clean your.. umm.. hole? Just to make sure it's clean, yeah? That part, you have to do yourself, okay?" Nayeon, who was already sitting beside the bathtub cautiously explained, trying her best not to make the boy freak out even more.

"Yoongi, it's okay to be scared but.. We promise, all the customers here, especially those who are joining the auction as the bidders, have been into thorough background checks. They are not good people, most of them are gang leaders and mobsters, but they always treat their angels nicely. Our Aphrodite always makes sure everyone in The Sakura are safe and protected, we promise you that," Jennie added when she noticed Yoongi didn't talk much, only responding to their words with nods.

"P-promise?" Yoongi asked with a hushed tone, looking nervous and scared. He didn't look directly at the girls' faces, but they didn't comment about it, only offering him their very warm and sweet smiles.

"Promise," the girls said simultaneously, offering their pinky fingers to Yoongi with a giggle.

Yoongi just stared at their well manicured nails for awhile, before he interlinked theirs with his, feeling a little bit calmer and relaxed.

"Thank you," he added, right after Jennie continued to wash his hair. He offered a smile when he felt Nayeon's hand gently squeeze his hand before she told him that she's going to prepare the clothes he's going to wear.

"I'm done with the hair conditioner as well. Now, I'm going to wait for you outside. Just take a quick shower to clean your cute butt then we're going to apply some body lotion for you, yeah? You don't have to go out naked. There, I've already prepare your bathrobe. Now, hurry up, yeah?" Jenny explained with care, patting his still wet hair before she walked out from the huge bathroom.

Yoongi softly sighed, standing up from the bathtub before he quickly headed toward the shower right beside the bathtub.

"A-are you.. are you guys sure I.. I should wear this?" Yoongi hesitantly asked, frowning his face while glaring at his own reflection in the mirror.

He is wearing a very loose, white silk shirt, with a few upper bottons unbuttoned to reveal his left shoulder and collarbone, after Jennie gave him a very long, convincing speech.

Nayeon matched the white silk shirt with a pair of black, tight hotpants and fishnets, laughing out loud when Yoongi shrieked in mortification.

"W-why.. Can't I wear.. Can't we choose something decent?" Yoongi asked, pulling the hotpants down, hoping they would at least reach his knees.

"Don't! Stop! What are you trying to do Yoongi? The pants won't be longer, you know?" Nayeon laughed , swatting his hands away, before she wrapped a white lacy choker around Yoongi's milky white neck.

"Awwww... so pretty! As beautiful as an angel, yet adorable as a fresh petal," Jennie beamed, giddily bouncing on her heels, before she did a little touch up on Yoongi's face.

She applied a thin layer of lip gloss on Yoongi's pouty lips, and a little bit of light pink blush on his pale white cheeks. She rechecked his eyeshadow, nodding in approval when she saw that the dark brown makeup set beautifully on his eyelids.

"Can I have something else to wear-"

Yoongi stopped the moment he heard one of the girls' phone ring, biting his bottom lip with a thin line appearing in between his brows.

"Okay. We're going out now. Y-yeah, yes Bell! He looks ethereal, I promise. Okay, bye," Nayeon ended the phone call, before she turned her body to look at Yoongi, as Jennie was fixing Yoongi's hair.

"Okay, Yoongi. It's time for you to shine! We'll watch you from the screen here. Lots of lucky lucks!" Nayeon beamed, gently wrapping her fingers around Yoongi's wrist and pulling him toward the stage.

Yohan offered a smile when Yoongi slowly walked towards the center of the stage.

"Stay calm, okay?" he softly whispered after he leaned closer towards their last virgin petal for the night, squeezing his hand before he let go and moved him toward the podium.

Yohan took a glance at Hwasa who was already resetting her laptop screen for their finale's bidding session, offering a smile when the woman nodded her head in approval.

"Okay, now, let's welcome Suga, our last beautiful virgin petal for tonight!" Yohan started the introduction, his right arm opened wide to show Yoongi, who was fidgeting on the stage.

The pale skinned boy didn't even look up, eyes fixed downwards to dig a hole into the black marble floor with his mind wondering at the moment, when did they decide on his nickname? - Suga.

"Have you planned on your nickname yet, Yoongi?" Ong gently asked, pouring him a glass of apple juice before he sat down beside Yoongi.

"N-nickname?" the boy frowned his face in confusion, observing the drink for a while before he took a small sip, eyes still glancing at Ong who was already looking at him.

The guy nodded his head with raised eyebrows, interlacing his fingers before he slouched forward to rest his elbows on his thighs.

"You need to have a nickname here, Yoongi. Mine is Ong. I'll tell you my real name when you work here for real. We can't reveal our real names here, Yoongi. So, have you thought about any nickname yet?"

The boy pouted, eyebrows knitted closer together. He tried to think of any ideas, trying to be a little bit creative so he won't end up with a lame nickname, before he slowly starts shaking his head.

"Baby! How about Baby?" Jennie suddenly beamed out of nowhere, jumping up and down in excitement while dragging Nayeon with her to enter the room specially prepared for The Sakura's virgin petals.

"We already have plenty named Baby in this club, Jennie," Nayeon explained while rolling her eyes, but soon she scrunched her nose to offer a smile the moment she saw the other girl was already pouting at her.

"Honey? How about Honey?" Nayeon offered her idea, taking Jennie's hand in hers to pull her toward the couch.

"Honey is also common, honey," Ong retorted with a little bit of sass, smirking when he saw the girl was scowling.

A thin line appeared in between Yoongi's brows, trying to comprehend what the others were talking about.

"S-so, we.. we should.. we should choose s-something catchy, r-right?" Yoongi suddenly asked, gaining the other three's attention on him.

"C-can.. Can we u-use.. Is it okay if we use Gloss?"

"Gloss? That's.. That's a bit flashy, Yoongi," Nayeon quickly replied, offering a small smile.

"Yeah. We.. We want.. something to represent you. Something that will portray you as angelic and innocent. Something that The Sakura's angels should be." Ong interjects, sipping his glass of red wine while taking a glance at Yoongi.

"Suga. Let's name him Suga," Wooshin who appeared out of nowhere suddenly spoke, making Yoongi slightly jump in his seat.

"Suga?" Nayeon asked with a raised eyebrow, pingponging her gaze towards the two men who were leaning against the wall.

"Yup. Suga. He's as white and as sweet as sugar. And everyone always craves for sweets, don't you think so?" Wooshin added, his lips slightly twitched upwards to form a smug smile.

"He smells sweet, and tastes sweet. I've never meet anyone who is this attractive, even for creatures like us," Vernon, for the first time spoke, eyes already fixed to look at Yoongi who was turning his head to look at him.

"Suga. We should ca ll him Suga, just like sugar but without the R. Trust me, people at the auction will be head over heels for this one. Like, wildly crazy for him," Vernon added, winking his eyes at the still gaping Yoongi.

"One hundred million won!" Yohan beamed, raising his arm to ask for another bidder, flashing his smile to the guests who were raising their numbers.

Yoongi blinked a few times, slightly shaking his head for the first time, raising his head to look at the crowd.

And at that specific moment, he heard loud gasps coming from the bidders, before the hall started to turn chaotic and crazy with people starting to raise their voices to make higher bids to own the beautiful boy who was timidly standing on the stage.

Jimin tensed in his seat from the private upper box inside the auction hall, eyes widened the moment he saw the boy's beautiful face who was standing on the stage.

He heard Jungkook silently mumble a word, fucking beautiful to be exact, while Beomgyu hummed, agreeing with the older hitman.


Hwasa really wasn't playing when she said that she scored big time with this one.

Prince chuckled, an lustful smirk played on his beautiful, plump lips.

What a great boy to fuck today.

He brushed his bottom lip with his index finger that was beautifully adorned with two silver rings.

Jimin was about to press his bidding button, fully aware that the bidding is already at two billion won, when suddenly a specific face he saw a week ago in that secluded alley flashed inside his mind.

"P-Prince hyung," Beomgyu whispered, eyes still trailing on Suga, before he twisted his neck to look at Jimin who sat frozen on his spot.

"T-this.. this is the one. The one we met last week in the alley!" the youngest hissed, pingponging his eyes between the fidgeting boy on the stage to his boss who was already pressing his bidding button.

"Three point five billion won from our guest via online!" Yohan yelled, looking at Yoongi with a huge smile before he turned his face to look at Hwasa who was trying to suppress her own smile.

"Prince?" Beomgyu called, face already frowning in confusion. He blinked at another raised hand from a bidder downstairs, a young man with a well tailored suit, offering three point six billion won to own the boy for the night, before he snapped his neck at the sound of tsk coming from his boss.

The same facial expression also plastered on Jungkook's face, confused at Prince's annoyance at the new bidding.

He knows very well that Jimin loves to win during the auction, especially if the virgin petal they offer is beautiful enough, but he never sees his boss this intent to make a new bid.

A phone call came, ringing loudly inside the bidding arena. Hwasa answered the phone call, talking in a hushed voice as the deal was made, before she whispered the new offer to Yohan who was already leaning his body closer to her.

"A new bidder just made an offer. Four billion won from the bidder via a phone call! Anyone want to make a higher offer?" Yohan beamed, voice echoing, filling the hall.

Jimin's eyes fixed on the boy, Youngjae, as he remembers the name correctly, running his wet pink tongue along his lower lip, before he pressed another offer.

Seems like I'm such a fucking lucky guy, as always.

We meet again, angel.

He smugly smirked the moment Yohan was yelling his offer to the public.

"Five billion won coming from a bidder via online!" the guy who was hosting the auction was now jumping excitedly, fully aware that none of the virgin petals in The Sakura had ever reached this price.

Hwasa on the other hand was biting her bright red lips, trying to stop the urge to pull up her shit eating grin, knowing so well who was making the offer.

She supressed herself to look at the specific box upstairs, not wanting to risk revealing Jimin to the other bidders.

Yoongi froze at the center of the stage, body heavily shaking and trembling as he realized that the price kept on going up, higher and higher.

It's was almost unbelievable and totally crazy,

how his virginity could cost five billion won right now.

What kind of crazy person spends that amount of money just to take away someone's virginity?!

Yoongi internally asked himself, before he turned his head the moment Yohan continued to talk.

"Five billion going once! Five billion going twice! Five billion going.. thrice! Congratulations to our bidder!"

Loud cheers roared inside the huge room, along with clapping and laughter filling the area, making Yoongi start to hyperventilate.

This has now become scary.

What he dreamed would be just like his worst nightmare is finally happening soon, probably minutes from now by an unknown bidder.

He feels his gastric juices start to build up inside his stomach, feeling it rise toward his esophagus.

It doesn't feel good now because he knows this is really happening and he feels like he wants to puke.

A soft hand comes to pat his shoulder, helping him to ignore the nauseous feeling he now has.

A pair of eyes, warm and excited meet with his scared ones.

It's Hwasa. The girl who he met once two days ago.

He knows by now that she's one of the most powerful people in the brothel.

Taking a deep breath, he tried his best to carefully listen to the words she spoke.

"Suga, I'm going to take you to your room. Don't worry. When it's all over I'll take care of you tomorrow, okay?" she gently offered, probably trying her best to soothe his anxiety right now.

Yoongi just weakly nodded, realizing the sole reason why he has to do this in the first place.

Mom and Hoseok..

I have to save them..

I have to do this..

This.. This will end probably faster than you think, Yoongi.

Just do it.

Do it for mom and Hoseok..

For our free, happy lives in future..

With a new determination flashing in his eyes, he firmly nodded his head once, before he obediently followed Hwasa toward the backstage.

Jimin was smiling wide, his widest smile ever in his life.

It's almost ridiculous how his smile reaches his eyes.

Jungkook and Beomgyu just kept quiet, glancing at each other before Jungkook decided to ask the question that was playing inside his head.



"Did you just make that offer? The final one?" he carefully asked, eyes wide looking at Prince who already stood up from the black sofa.

"Yes, I did."


"For no specific reason."

Jungkook frowned, trying his best to understand what the guy was trying to propose based on the words he said.


"You guys can choose to stay and have fun, or go and continue with our work at the office, and find the bastard who used my name to do his job. We'll meet tomorrow to discuss about the Kim's. I want to know what The Aphrodite is trying to do here."

As Jimin sternly gave them orders, he didn't even look at the hitmen, being too filled with anticipation as he walked toward the door.

Chapter Text

"Come on, Suga. Don't be scared. I promise you everything will be alright. I will come to see you tomorrow morning, yeah?"

Hwasa offered a smile, along with a promise for Yoongi's safety. She held out her hand to hold Yoongi's the moment the elevator's door opened, which the boy took, hoping that it would at least ease his anxiety.

It was scary.

What Yoongi felt now was similar to how it was when the thugs were threatening to rape and sell him and Hoseok a week ago.

He was still in a daze, standing still in the middle of the elevator, when suddenly he jolted the moment Hwasa wrapped her fingers around his pale wrist.

"Suga, come. We only have another fifteen minutes to get you prepared for your master. Ong already gave you some briefing about how it's going to be if the bidder wants to keep you as his permanent angel, right? You will be exclusively his depending on the contract you signed. Some will only be for a year, others even up to seven years," the girl explains, already dragging Yoongi through the top floor of the building - the 30th floor.

Yoongi, as always, loves to appreciate anything beautiful that catches his eye, now observing the surroundings of the floor.

It was totally different than the 2nd floor where Hwasa's office was located, and the 4th floor, the virgin petals' floor, which cannot be compared with what he is seeing now.

One wall is painted with golden paint, sparkling as if it is actually gold itself, with exclusive paintings on the other sides of the walls.

It's bizarre yet interesting how the painting is stretched along the wall, as if there's a story behind the art itself.

Yoongi wishes he could stop there and observe the beautiful art, but someone like him doesn't have the luxury to do so.

So, he internally hopes that one day he can sneak to this floor again, just to appreciate and try to understand what the artist tried to express through his exquisite drawings.

Yoongi then lifts his head to look at the expensive chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, completely making the floor look as luxurious as possible. He lets Hwasa drag his hand toward the end of the floor, eyes still looking at the ceiling. He notices that even the ceiling is painted with sparkling white, as if tiny diamonds were adorned from above, making it look like stars were made of millions of diamonds.

He gasps the moment he notices movement from the floor, almost as if everything beneath the glass could move as well.

Yoongi grins as wide as he can, flashing his adorable gummy smile when he finally realizes that the image he sees through the glass floor is actually moving.

It is a shooting star, the brightest one he saw among the millions of stars, like a galaxy through the glass floor.

It helps.

Being amused and excited about the interior of the floor helps him to calm down facing what's to come.

He glances at another moving star on the floor, realizing himself that he is smiling so wide and bright.

And Yoongi finally knows that having these kinds of feelings - amusement and having fun with his surroundings, helps to ease him so much.

He doesn't have those feelings of wanting to die rather than having sex with the bidder anymore.

As Yoongi takes his time enjoying every movement of the stars on the floor, Hwasa stops from walking, making the beautiful boy halt in his steps as well.

"He loves the stars so much," Hwasa remarks, smiling at Yoongi who looks a little bit surprised at her sudden comment before she continues, "the owner of The Sakura loves looking at the stars alot. He loves the idea of the universe."

Yoongi doesn't reply, only nods his head as his response.

To be honest, he really doesn't want to know or care about anything in this brothel, especially about the person who he will never get to know at all - Yoongi is very sure that there is no reason for someone who owns such an exclusive whorehouse, along with the huge casino a few meters from the building, would even notice his existence.

The only way to be noticed is if he accidentally fucks up his job in this elite club, or his sister gets into more unknown debts from another gang who still hasn't found them yet.

He is dragged back to reality when Hwasa starts to pull his wrist again, before they stop in front of a very huge Mahogany door.

"Suga, you know what you have to do now," she winks, grinning at Yoongi, as he turns his body to look away from the door, waiting for the girl to swipe her card on the detector and key in the password to enter the bedroom.

"I'm done!" Hwasa beams, bouncing on her heels, taking Yoongi's hand to bring him into the huge bedroom.


Yoongi slowly gasps, eyeing every single inch of the bedroom.

It is.. majestic and beautiful.

The walls are painted different shades of soft grey, making the large room look cozy and warm.

There is a gigantic painting on the main wall of the bedroom, almost covering the whole area.

Yoongi squints his eyes as he tries to decipher the message behind this very beautiful painting. It looks ancient, almost a few hundred years old, but still in pristine condition.

Yoongi sees the image of a man with a pair of beautiful black, huge wings, embracing another man, almost like protecting him from something, or someone.

Yoongi, who feels strongly drawn toward the painting, is about to step forward, only to cease his movement the moment Hwasa calls him to come closer.

"Suga, come. Choose. Which one do you prefer to wear?" she asks, waving two sets of pajamas in front of his face.

There is nothing extreme or outrageous about the pajamas; nothing could be compared with what he is wearing right now.

Both are made with expensive and high quality silk and would be beautiful on his body despite whatever color he was going to choose; pink or soft grey.

He is about to open his mouth, already preparing an answer with his mind, when suddenly Hwasa shoves him the pink pajamas with a warm smile plastered on her bright red lips.

"Pink. I think you will be better in pink. Trust me," she winks, hanging up the grey pajamas.

Yoongi just dumbly gapes at the girl who is now walking toward a dressing table, looking like she is searching for something, before he lands his eyes to blink at the pink pajamas in his hand.

I guess.. It's going to happen now..

Yoongi starts to feel sick, again, despite successfully pushing away that feeling a few minutes before.

He takes a deep, long breath, filling the thick tension into his lungs.

He's nauseated.

This is nauseating.

He can feel his legs about to give out, feeling like he probably could fall down on his ass right then and there, and with the remaining clarity in his buzzing mind, he quickly sits on the nearby bed.

And the moment he rests his palms on the smooth, high end, dark blue silky bedsheet, he then realizes that what he is doing right now is not okay.

This is all so fucked up that he can't think of any good reason to give in his defense if anyone should ask him why.

While having his head down, he then notices that the floor is the same as in Hwasa's room made of black marble, looking very classy and expensive. He then turns his head, observing the bed he is sitting on right now and realizes it is a king sized canopy bed.

The bed itself is eerie and intimidating.


This whole room is scary..

What kind of dipshit have you gotten yourself involved with, Min Yoongi?

Yoongi bitterly chuckles at his damn self, internally pitying his pathetic life.


What kind of sins has he done in his past life to have resulted in this kind of life?

He knows that it will be okay if he doesn't have either a happy or peaceful life, or money or friends, but not having at least something good seems so cruel and brutal.

The only thing he's thankful enough for is his family, mom and Hoseok, and even his elder sister who has abandoned them.

Yoongi, who is currently in a daze, continuously cussing his damn life, slightly jumps on his spot when Hwasa suddenly squeezes his shoulder.

His lips are still trembling when he makes eye contact with Hwasa's calm yet strong eyes, gulping a huge lump in his throat when the woman starts to speak.

"Suga, lets make sure you are ready since your Master is on his way."


Yoongi is left alone in the huge, daunting room.

He sits in the middle of the bed with his legs bent beneath his body, silently waiting for the one who just bought him an hour ago.

He takes deep, long breaths continuously to calm himself, pushing all the thoughts of bolting and running away out of his mind.

Whenever his thoughts suddenly crash into his mind, Yoongi scolds himself, telling himself that this is the only option he's left with to save his family.

He emptily stares at his pink silk pajamas, trying to hide his left shoulder and collarbone by fixing the top that is slipping down, but then freezes the moment he hears someone knocking on the door - ten knocks to be precise.

Hwasa had told him before she left that the bidder, his master for tonight, would knock ten times after he bought the virgin petal, just to make sure that the petal would be ready for him to enter the room and serve him throughout the night.

Yoongi feels like his body is denying every breath from entering his lungs, mind hazy and body trembling, the moment he realizes that the door is slowly opening.

He tightly closes his eyes, head hanging low, refusing to meet his doomed fate at this moment.


Just let me keep my dignity just for a little bit more..



"Angel, don't you think it's rude to not look at me when I enter the room?"

A slightly familiar, low voice suddenly echos throughout the quiet room, making Yoongi involuntarily cock his head to look at the man who is standing right in front of the bed.


Jimin snickers, a small and short laugh leaves his plump, pinkish lips.

"Yeah, it's me. And there's you again, Angel," he smirks, narrowing his eyes to look at his virgin petal.

Yoongi gasps, feeling his heart beating frantically, the moment he lands his already widening eyes on the man who is snickering at him.

A quick flashback of what happened a week ago in the dark alley suddenly fills his mind, making his already shivering body tremble vigorously.

"I will let you go. But don't ever dare come across me again. And if you really are one of them, I will make sure that I will be the one who will kill you slowly..."

Yoongi's eyes widen along with his already gaping lips, as he quickly tries to stand up from the mattress and move away from the guy who threatened to kill him a week ago.

His sudden movement causes him to fall straight on the floor, causing a loud thud sound that makes the man who paid for his services let out a breathy, short laugh.

"Oh, Angel. I didn't expect you to be like a clown as well tonight. But.. that's not what I'm here for. I didn't pay a huge amount of cash for you to entertain me that way," Jimin chuckles, pushing his tongue against his cheek, before he lustfully runs his tongue along his upper lip the moment his eyes land on the exposed shoulder and collarbone belonging to the virgin petal.


You are so beautiful..

So fucking beautiful just for me tonight.

Jimin is eye-fucking the boy who looks like a scared kitten, internally stripping the boy's clothes off one by one, imagining how fuckable he'll be once he's bare and naked.

"W-what.. I.. I didn't mean.. I swear I didn't mean to come across you e-ever again.. P-please.. Please don't k-kill me.. I.. I beg you.." Yoongi suddenly pleads, voice wavers in fear. He doesn't even lift his face, too afraid to make eye contact again with the man who is still standing a few meters away from him.

Jimin doesn't respond, only ends up tilting his head sideways, while still eyeing the beautiful boy, trying so hard to understand the words sputtered by the virgin petal who looked so scared the moment he entered the room.

Jimin squints his eyes, still fixed on the boy who still doesn't look him straight in the eyes, before he raises both eyebrows the moment he realizes what he'd said to him in the alley the week before.

"Aaahhh... So.. Are you a masochist or do you prefer it to be quick and uninteresting?"

Yoongi is still gaping, head already jerking upward to look at the man - reminding him of one of the previous scary and twisted thugs who was after him and his family.

"That.. That's not what the club promised me," Yoongi replies, now looking at the man, hands already clenched to form a fist.

"..And what did The Sakura promise you, beautiful?" Jimin let out a soft chuckle, legs already moving to be closer to the boy who is taking a step backward each time he takes a step forward.


"S-stay away! Don't come closer! Don't you ever dare come any closer!" Yoongi warns, voice raising higher while glaring daggers at Jimin, pointing an index finger at his Master. This only makes the Prince coo at how adorable Youngjae is looking right now, all feisty, yet beautiful at the same time.

Jimin just smirks, ignoring the rage that is coming from the pale skinned boy, legs still stepping forward to make their distance closer than before.

"D-don't.. Don't c-come clos-"


"W-what?" Yoongi blinks a few times, looking dumbly at Jimin who is already in the process of taking off his leather jacket.


Jimin repeats his word again in a husky voice, eyes still deeply staring at the gaping Yoongi.

Yoongi doesn't even move, wide eyes still glued at the man who is eyeing him in a tense gaze, feeling that he's being slowly engulfed by him.

"If.. If I strip.." Yoongi stops, tightly shutting his eyes while inhaling a deep breath to try to ease his thumping heart. He then opens his eyes to look directly into the other man's eyes, licking his already dried bottom lip. "If I strip, you.. you promise me you won't kill me?"

The Prince raises his eyebrows, not expecting the virgin petal to say such a thing.

Before whenever he had decided to bid on attractive and beautiful virgin petals, they would always try to lowkey beg him to take them as one of his exclusive angels.


Or simply try their best to flirt with him, filling his cold, loveless heart with nothing but a strong, yet brief, desirable lust.

Jimin laughs louder this time, making the virgin petal slightly jump on his feet.

Jimin is still laughing, wiping a tear that is threatening to fall.

It has never occurred before,


No stranger or acquaintance has ever made him laugh this easily before.

This is interesting.

You are interesting.

Yoongi is still looking straight into his eyes, trying to hide his shaky hands under his pajama sleeves.

Jimin lets out a huff, stretching his arms while cracking his neck, motioning Yoongi to start stripping by jotting out his chin.


D-dear God..


Please protect me..

Yoongi takes a deep and shaky breath, filling his already suffocated lungs.

With his trembling hands, slowly, he starts to unbutton the pajama's top buttons. He can see that this thug is already sitting on the bed, eyes tensely eyeing every single movement made by him.

The moment he drops the silky pink cloth on the floor, he can see that Jimin is eyeing his bare upper body up and down, running his pink, wet tongue across his bottom, plump lip - making Yoongi tremble even more than before.

He feels like crying.


He already feels the burning sensation behind his eyes, making them moist enough to form tears to drop down against his smooth, flawless cheeks.

Jimin licks his lips again, eyes already widening the moment he sees the naked skin belonging to one of the most gorgeous boys he's ever seen in his life.

He can feel his dick twitching inside his already tight pants, cursing the innocent boy who seems like he doesn't even realize what he's done to the Prince.

Jimin internally growls, hating the fact that this boy is affecting his body, mind and heart this badly.

He lifts his already darkened eyes, raising an eyebrow when he notices the boy just standing before him, still wearing the silky pajama pants.

"Youngjae?" Jimin calls his name for the first time, making the boy confusedly frowning at his face.

"W-who? Y-Young-"

Yoongi blinks his eyes, bewildered with the name muttered by his Master.


"I.. Who?" Yoongi tries once again, rubbing his left arm to warm his already cold skin.

"Y-" Jimin stops, tilting his head while raising his sculpted eyebrows when his brain already is processing what's going on and a sudden realization hits him.


This motherfucker...

Jimin clicks his tongue, tilting his head once more before he looks straight into the virgin petal's questioning eyes, pressing his tongue against his inner cheek.

"You lied, didn't you?"

"W-what?" Yoongi frowns deeper than before, pupils rapidly shaking when he sees the anger in the other man's brownish orbs.

In a blink of an eye later, Jimin is already storming toward Yoongi, wrapping his fingers around the boy's slender neck, slowly tightening them until the boy lets out a choking sound.

"You lied to me that night, didn't you?"

Yoongi makes another choking noise, trying so hard to gasp for air. He feels his lungs screaming for any air, shaky hands trying so hard to pull the other man's hands from his neck.

"I.." Yoongi loudly gasps, tears starting to slip from his eyes. He takes another strained gasp, inhaling the little amount of oxygen he has while his hands are still trying to slap away at the hands that are closing his airway.

"What's your real name, Angel?" Jimin asks, voice excruciating low with hands still choking the angel.

He loosens his grip, giving the chance for the beautiful, yet lying bastard, to inhale some air, waiting for the boy he bought for the night to answer his question.

Yoongi's eyes widen, realizing that he's forgotten about the fact that he lied about his name and has fucked up big time.


Shit shit shit shit!

You are stupid, Yoongi!

So so so stupid!


I didn't even remember the name I told him before.

Yoongi is being dragged away from his internal thoughts when he feels the man clenching his fingers harder against his skin.

"Still thinking about continuing to lie to me?" Prince growls, a hand already moving from Yoongi's neck to his chin, holding it firmly to look directly into his darkened eyes.

"No! N-no-"

"Then tell me, what's your name?" Jimin orders, still holding his angel's chin.

"Suga.... I mean Yoongi! I.. I'm Y-Yoongi," he answers with a quavering voice, matching well with his trembling body. He cusses himself for still crying, too afraid to end up dying tonight.

"P-please.. Please don't k-kill me.. I.. I'll do.. I'll do anything. I'll do it b-but please don't kill me," Yoongi begs with tears still flowing down his cheeks, hating the fact that he has to be this low tonight.

How pathetic can a person be?

How disgustingly useless can a soul be?

Yoongi is still crying, too scared that he can't protect his family if he's dead before the sun rises tomorrow.

"You'll do anything for me?" Jimin questions with a raised eyebrow, smirking when the Angel before him quickly nods his head, making some of his tears drop on Jimin's hand.

"Answer me!" he growls, tugging his hand that is still on Yoongi's chin, making the boy tremble even more than before.

"Y-yes! Yes Master! I.. I'll do anything you ask me. I'll do it!"

A side of Jimin's lips raise in satisfaction, slowly releasing Yoongi's chin before he runs the back of his hand against the smooth, yet damp, cheek.


Yoongi lifts his face, eyes widening in confusion, but still obeying, slowly kneeling on the floor with his trembling legs.

He quietly follows the man's movements with his eyes, secretly observing the man who is walking toward a nightstand desk. He then quickly drops his gaze the moment his Master turns and walks closer to him.

He was still looking at the floor, not daring to raise his face, as he hears the man standing before him unbuckle his belt.

He hears the sound of a zipper being unzipped, closing his eyes tightly shut, trying to ignore his trembling hands on his lap.

Yoongi rubs his right thumb with his left one to make him less anxious once he hears a plastic wrap being torn open, and a rustling sound before a snapping sound echoes throughout the quiet room soon after, gulping a thick lump that sticks in his throat when he realizes that this is it.

It's happening now.

It's happeni-

"Look at me," Jimin demands with a low voice, almost breathy when he orders the petal to look at him.

The moment Yoongi slowly lifts his face, his eyes slightly swollen with tears, he stares deeply into his eyes. Jimin's breath hitches, loathing the fact that his dick is already hard, covered now with a condom, even without touching and laying a hand on the boy yet.

He clicks his tongue, frowning his face in scepticism, wondering why he has gotten so affected by a boy he barely knows.

Damn, Angel.

You even took me off guard even the first time I saw you in the alley last week.

What's so special about you, hmm?

He snickers the moment he sees Yoongi trying to look anywhere but at his dick, then decides to tease the boy a little by brushing his length against the boy's soft, pink lips.

Jimin gasps, muttering a slow fuck, the moment he feels his cock twitching in excitement, cussing the damn boy for the nth time for affecting him this much.

He hates it.

He feels extremely frustrated over the fact that Yoongi can make him feel this way - even the Aphrodite took some time to make him this hard and eager.

Pushing his thoughts away, hating the fact that it makes him feel weak and that the virgin petal is getting the upper hand in this room, he forcefully pulls Yoongi's chin so that those fuckable pretty lips are wide enough to take his length, quickly thrusting his dick into Yoongi's wet, warm mouth.

Yoongi gags, feeling another set of tears already slipping down from his swollen eyes. He looks at his Master's face, frantically shaking his head when the man tugs his dark, black hair and starts to fuck into his mouth.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!

"So good. S-so so good for me, Angel," Jimin slurs, throwing his head backwards while keeping on thrusting his hips, pace differing up to his liking.

He grunts the moment Yoongi accidentally brushes his tongue against his protruded veins, before the boy briefly sucks, only trying so hard to slurp his spit from drooling too much.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Jimin chants, growling those words each time he deep throats the boy, who is now feeling tears on his face, along with drool slipping down his chin.

Jimin can't bring himself to deny how beautiful the boy looks right now - pretty lips starting to get red and swollen, all breathtakingly gorgeous, just for him tonight.


Only for tonight.

A new weight of feeling starts to build inside Jimin's heart, making it feel as if his ribs are starting to tighten around his already gasping lungs.


A feeling...

His eyebrows knit closer together, unexplainable irritation and anger starting to form inside of him.

He harshly tugs the beautiful virgin petal's hair, making a choking and gagging sound come out from Yoongi's mouth.

The Angel looks completely wasted, yet again too beautiful for Jimin's heart to take and endure.

Yoongi is gasping for some air, pushing all the thoughts of wanting to vomit right then and there, feeling absolutely disgusted with what he's facing.

He can still feel the throbbing and twitching dick in his mouth, even when the man already has pulled out his still hard cock just a minute ago.

Yoongi doesn't dare look up, too afraid that he might get violently sick, the moment his eyes land on the cock just a few centimeters away from his face.

J-just for tonight, Yoongi..

Only.. Only for tonight..

Y-you have to do this..


This is nothing compared to all the things that have happened to you before.

He gasps the moment he feels a hand cupping his stained cheeks, forcing him to look at his Master's face.

Yoongi tries to look away, darting his eyes to look downward, despite the man tightening his hand, making his cheeks and lips squish out more than before.

"Look at me!" Jimin growls, bringing his face closer to Yoongi, giving the other boy no other option other than to look straight into his eyes.

He can smell the sweet scent from the boy's body, making his painfully hardened dick twitch a few times more.

Damn you, Hwasa!

Jimin internally cusses, moving his face closer toward the trembling boy.

Yoongi is shaking, so much that even Jimin can feel the shiver running through his body. The Prince smirks, feeling the power he craves since the moment he laid his eyes on the boy running through every blood vessel inside his body.

He wraps his fingers around the pale wrist, pulling the boy to stand on his feet, before he palms his hand against the Angel's still clothed dick.

"Still soft, hmm?" Jimin asks in a hushed voice, smiling when he hears a sharp gasp coming from the boy's swollen lips.

Yoongi is tense, clenching his hands to form fists, trying so hard to stop himself from shaking too hard.

He doesn't give any response, knowing too well why he hasn't gotten hard.

It is disgusting.

I feel disgusting..

I am.. disgusting..

He bites his quivering lips, trying so hard not to let out a sob.

He feels sick,

and he knows so well that this is not even the real deal yet.

Pushing his thoughts away, he quickly jolts the moment he feels a pair of wet, warm lips already latched onto his right nipple, licking, biting and sucking so hard that Yoongi feels it could detach from his body.

"Nnghh.." a strained moan slips from his already gaping lips the moment his Master rolls his other nipple with his two fingers, the other one still being sucked and nipped.


He stops himself, biting his lips so hard while madly shaking his head, trying to deny the pleasure that starts to slip into his body.

Don't.. Don't make any sound.

You.. You are not a whore, Yoongi.

You.. You are not a whore!

You are just a pathetic soul, trying your best to protect your family!

It starts to be too much.

The pleasure he starts to feel right now is too much.

The pleasure he doesn't even want to feel in the first place.

Yoongi is already shaking and unconsciously trying to push the man's face away from his chest, which in return makes Jimin abruptly pull away to glare at him.

"Don't you even dare to lay your filthy hands on me," he warns, voice laced with a venom that he intends to wound the boy with.

Yoongi flinches away, moving his trembling hands to hang by his sides, the word filthy already filling his mind.

Filthy hands..


I am filthy..

I have never felt this dirty before..

He shakes his head, fighting with every will he has to stop any tears from spilling again.


Don't cry.

Don't start to cry.

Not in front of this man.

Never ever in front of him again.

He warns himself, continuously reminding his mind that this will end soon - he prays so hard that the torture will end very soon tonight.

He lets his Master manhandle him; letting the man harshly pull his silky trousers down, revealing his still soft dick.

A shiver runs down his spine the moment he sees the other man's eyes darken, eyeing his body up and down a few times with a very lustful stare.

Just for a moment, Yoongi..

Just for a while...

You need the money.

This is the only thing you can do now to save mom and Hoseok..

He can feel his body shaking in fear the moment his Master runs his hands over his skin, feeling the soft skin of the back of his neck, slowly down to cup his ass.

Yoongi's eyes widen for a second, before he tightly shuts his eyes, refusing to look at the craving smile plastered on the other man's face, when he kneads and massages his ass.

"Fuck, Angel. I can't wait to fuck you right now, hearing you scream so hard when I fuck into your virgin hole." Jimin whispers, mind already intoxicated with lust and desire.

He quickly pulls the boy before shoving him onto the mattress, pressing his lips on Yoongi's neck.

He gives a wet kiss all over the neck, leaving a few hickeys here and there, before he moves downward toward the boy's beautiful collar bones.


He has never felt so eager like this before,

Not even when he fucked The Sakura's best Angel the whole night a few times before.

He feels his cock twitch again the moment he hears a few gasps coming from the boy's pretty lips, making him lift his head to look at the petal who is covering his mouth with his trembling hand, trying to muffle his sounds.

Sucking another mark on the boy's throat, he lifts his body, only to twist the boy around to be on his hands and knees.

"Stay like this. Don't move," he warns, waiting for the boy to answer with a slow 'Yes, Master' before he stands up to grab the bottle of lube that has accidentally fallen on the floor.

Yoongi steadies his body to be still, knowing so well how weak his limbs feel right now.

He is still trembling - Hell, the trembles are worse than before.

He doesn't know what to expect, non-stop telling himself that this will end soon, telling his mind and heart that he has to do this for the money in order to protect his family.

I'm not doing this without a reason.

It's okay, Yoongi.

It's okay.

Everything will be okay at the end of the day.

A sharp pain suddenly shoots up through his spine, along with a loud spanking sound filling the bedroom.

He gasps the moment he feels a hand spanking his other ass cheek, leaving a burning sensation against his already reddened skin.

Jimin smiles, feeling another wave of lust travel down his length the moment he sees how the boy is shaking, trying his best to keep still on all fours.

He slaps his ass again, enjoying how it bounces everytime he spanks the cheeks, and getting fully satisfied the moment Yoongi drops his body on the bed, unable to support his body with his hands anymore.

Licking the back of the boy's body once before he uncaps the bottle of lube, Jimin then stops when he has a flash of an idea popping in his mind.

He never has done this before - too strict on not involving any mouth and saliva in his anal sex whenever he visits The Sakura, but the unbearable desires filling his soul right now make him go against his norm.

He leans in, bringing his three fingers toward the boy's lips, before telling the boy to suck and soak them with his spit.

Yoongi slowly opens his lips, choking a little bit the moment he feels three fingers pushed into his mouth, as he slowly sucks the fingers, letting them soak heavily with his saliva.

Yoongi hears Jimin hum as he pulls his fingers out before shoving them back into his mouth, doing it repeatedly for a minute or two.

Satisfied with how wet his fingers are with the boy's spit, without even warning the petal, he then slowly pushes a finger into the virgin's tight hole.

Jimin hears a choking sound coming from Yoongi's lips, licking his lips the moment when his finger is inserted into the tight hole until it is knuckle deep.

Jimin slowly pulls his finger away, before he pushes it back into the petal's ass, enjoying the view he witnesses with his eyes.

Yoongi is still making choking sounds, feeling the uncomfortable burning sensation on his rim. He presses his eyes shut, too embarrassed to even think that this man is fingering his ass right now, unconsciously shaking his head everytime the man pushes his finger inside Yoongi's hole.

"Can't wait to fuck you so hard, Angel," Jimin whispers, pushing his second digit into the still tight ass, before he quickly thrusts and scissors his fingers in and out, making the boy's body tremble vigorously.

The Prince smirks the moment he hears a long moan coming from Yoongi.

"That's it, Angel. Moan for me," he chuckles, fingers still quickly moving inside the petal's pink hole.


Shut up Yoongi!

Shut up!!!

"Aaaaa... Aaaaa... Aaaaahhhhh..."

Yoongi's body starts to tremble in pleasure.

He hates it.


Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!

It is unwanted.

He didn't want to feel any pleasures from this at all.

Stop moaning!


"Ah ah ah ah ah ah!"

He keeps on moaning, his body is pushed harder on the mattress everytime the fingers bury deep into his ass.

This is so disgusting!

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!

"Aaahhh.. Fuck!" he hisses, shaking legs feeling like jelly the moment his Master's fingers hit a bundle of nerves in his ass.

Yoongi feels disgusted.

He feels filthy,

Extremely pathetic and worthless.

"Ah.. Ahhh.... Nnghhh... Fuck! Fuck! Aaaahhhh....!" Yoongi whimpers internally; his body quivering for the nth time in less than an hour.

This is fucking disgusting.

Shit! Shit!!

His body starts to heavily shake the moment he feels his Master's hand rubbing his already leaking length.

He clenches the bedsheet tightly in his fists, tugging it whenever he tries to stop himself from drowning into lustful pleasures, while trying so hard not to let another moan or whimper escape from his pretty lips by biting the pillow.

He's fucked up the moment those fingers hit his sweet spot, again.

....And another strained moan escapes - full of the unexpected ardor of satisfaction.

He mentally cusses non-stop, feeling completely disappointed with himself for being so low by feeling the pleasure right now.

You are nothing but a whore if you feel any pleasure from this, Yoongi...

A teardrop finally slips from his wet eyes, tainting his tear stained cheek for the nth time.

He can feel the fingers moving in and out from his rim, sometimes the gap widened, probably making his hole ready to be fucked.

He jolts and can feel his body shaking everytime those damn fingers recklessly hit a spot in his ass, making his soft cock start to be semi-hard after five minutes of fingering.

"A-ah.. Aaahhh..."

Yoongi then shuts his eyes as tight as he can, internally cursing his damn soul for letting himself moan like that.


Stop moaning or else you are nothing but a fucking slut!

The beautiful boy stops himself from silently crying, leaving his soft cheeks stained with already dried tears.

Another finger inserts into his hole, making every muscle in his body become more tense than before.

And the moment those three fingers start to move inside him, and keep on attacking his sweet spot, Yoongi can't help but moan louder and louder each time the fingers hit.

I hate my life.

I fucking hate my damn cursed life!

I detest every single thing that has happened to us!

Yoongi keeps on cursing his life.

We should just die, shouldn't we?

They treat us like animals, anyway..

and I...

I have lost the only thing I protected my whole damn life.


We're pathetic...

Yoongi's lips start to tremble. He presses his palm on his trembling lips as hard as he can, hoping that the man who is going to fuck him won't hear his heartbroken whimpers.

For fuck sake, Yoongi!

Stop crying!

This is nothing.

You've been through things worse than this.

You need the money...

You fucking need this money!

Yoongi takes a deep, long breath, trying so hard to ignore how his heart is aching right now.

Fuck your dignity!

The world..

Your world is a damn one for you to curse it!

Fuck it!

He tightens his fist that was still tugging the sheet, before he is numb the moment he remembers the nightmare his whole family needed to face a week ago.

"You shouldn't space out like this when you're with me. I hate people being disrespectful like this!"

Prince who was fingering Yoongi growls, slapping the pale ass once before he turns the boy's frail body to face him.

"Hey," he slowly whispers, rubbing Yoongi's wet cheek with his thumb.

Yoongi is still spacing out; face emotionless with his eyes resembling nothing but a dead soul.

He then blinks his eyes slowly, only to gape widely after he realizes he is facing the still fully clothed man who is on top of him.

"Oh God. I-I... Master, I'm s-sorry... I-I will be good. I promise. I...I didn't mean"

Yoongi starts to hyperventilate, he can feel his body trying to engulf as much breath as possible the moment he realizes what is happening.

He starts to get panicked, remembering the rule to be a good virgin petal to his Master is to serve the man with pleasure as best as he can.

Yoongi is still breathing rapidly, staring at the guy who is on top of him.

"Master, please, I-I'll be good-"

Yoongi is trying to grab the man's shoulder, only to stop the moment the guy slaps his hands away.

"Don't touch me," Jimin lowly growls, glaring at Yoongi who is already fidgeting.

"C-can you please give me another chance..?"


I'm desperate...

I need that money to survive...

"P-please...." Yoongi slowly whispers, pleading to his Master.

He can't be kicked out from this room now.

Not now.

He knew the rule well enough and couldn't even think what other options were left for him to earn a huge lump of money.

He needs the money and has to stay as part of The Sakura as long as he can.

His Master, the good looking ash grey haired man just kept quiet, eyeing the beautiful naked body with his lustful eyes.

Licking his lower plump lip while he stares deep into Yoongi's swollen eyes, Jimin then leans down to slowly whisper his words to Yoongi who was still shivering in anxiety and fear.

"What's your name again?" he asks before he starts to nibble on the petal's earlobe.


"Hey Yoongi. You should be glad for being this fucking beautiful," the man huskily replies, sucking the skin behind Yoongi's ear before he slowly runs his tongue towards the flawless, pale neck.

Jimin keeps on kissing and sucking the pretty neck, licking it soon after, before he moves towards the untouched skin on the other side, just to stain it with another set of deep, purplish marks.

"Promise you'll be good for me?" the man slowly whispers, satisfied when he sees the boy quickly nod his head.

"Good," Jimin contentedly replies, smirking before he lands another wet kiss on Yoongi's chest.

"But I'll hate it if you go mute on me," he continues, slipping his hand upward before he grips Yoongi's cheeks with his hand.

"I'm sorry, Master. I-I promise I will be good for you," Yoongi replies, trying his best to keep eye contact.

I should just let us die, right?


Mom and Hoseok mustn't die...

They deserve to live,

They deserve to at least experience a little bit of happiness in this life,

And I need to make it happen.

I have to...

I will.

"And fucking stop calling me Master. I hate it!" Prince impatiently replies, gripping the pale cheeks harder, making the slightly trembling boy look straight at his face.

"I... What should I call you then?" Yoongi slowly asks, struggling to move his mouth. He tries to bite his mouth to avoid any whimpers slipping out, but it is impossible to do so when the man's hand is holding his cheeks.

The Master cockily responds, starting to rub his palm on Yoongi's semi-hard dick.

"Jimin. Call me Jimin."

Jimin chuckles when he feels Yoongi, who was beneath him, start to tremble the moment he wraps his fingers around the boy's almost hard cock.

"....And I want you to scream my name as loud as you can the moment I fuck your tight virgin ass all....night....long...," he slowly whispers, with his cocky smirk, licking his beautiful plump lips while eyeing the beautiful virgin meat beneath him.

Yoongi nods before his eyes widen when he remembered Jimin's words before.

"I'll hate it if you go mute on me..."

"Ji-Jimin... I will. I will scream your name t-the moment w-when you... when you fuck me..."

You have to do this, Yoongi...

After all...

"I promise..."

We have to survive...

And a blink of an eye later, after he hears a noise, almost like a growl coming from Jimin, Yoongi is being manhandled to get into his former position again.

Yoongi tries so hard to register what is happening, blinking his eyes a few times while holding his body up with his four limbs, before he feels the lube inside his hole.

Yoongi starts to tense, taking a sharp breath as soon as Jimin slams hard into his ass, completely bottoming out in him.

The beautiful petal curses himself, the man and his damn dick, his pathetic life and everything he can think of, the moment he feels the sharp, unpleasant pain around his rim.

It's awful.

The man's dick inside his ass feels awful and sickening. Yoongi could vomit right then and there, right at that moment, when he feels his stomach twisting and churning - his body completely rejecting the man who is probing and feasting on him right now.

He lets out a suppressed sound the moment that Jimin starts to move; slowly in and out, taking his own pace to fuck Yoongi's tight hole.

He tightly shuts his eyes, trying so hard to ignore how painful it is; how dreadful it feels like everytime the other man's dick moves into his hole.

"Fuck, Angel. S-so fucking good. So so fucking good," Jimin pants, wrapping his fingers around the boy's waist, making sure that his ass is in the right place.

He keeps on fucking into Yoongi, hands firmly holding his waist as hard as he can, even when the boy's hands already give up, making the petal's body already lie flat on the bed.

"I want to hear you!" he insists, slamming his shaft deep and hard, making Yoongi scream into the pillow.

Jimin keeps up the pace for a few minutes, one hand already tugging the petal's hair so that he can listen when Yoongi screams everytime he fucks deep and hard.

The room is filled with continuous skin and fluid slapping sounds - the rhythm differs every few minutes depending on how fast and hard Jimin likes to please himself, along with the Prince's panting and the Petal's screaming and strained voice.

He is still facing upwards, tears already slipping down his cheeks with drool on his chin, screaming so loud everytime he feels the extremely torturing pain.

Was it supposed to be this painful?

Ah! Ah!



Yoongi tries to move away, legs already moving to crawl away from this man who was fucking him, but he ends up being locked in his spot, the moment the guy crashes his body with his own on top of him, firmly holding both Yoongi's wrists with his own hands.

"W-where do you think you are going, Angel? D-do you think I will let you go when I can fuck you this good? F-fuck!!!" he hears the man hiss, nipping at his earlobe, before he starts to ram faster into his already burning hole.

He keeps on screaming, begging the man to slow down, only to end up getting more marks on his back while Jimin rams his dick even faster and harder than before.

Jimin is seeing red.

His mind is so full of too much excitement and pleasure, and all he can think of is to fuck harder and harder, feeling all the delicious feelings seeping into his body.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!!" Jimin chants each time he rams into the already swollen and reddened hole.

He fucks hard and fast, slowing his pace the moment he feels his dick twitch, threatening to cum.

He doesn't want to end this.

Not yet.

He doesn't want to end this fast.

Jimin throws his head backwards, jaw hanging open, while huffing each of his breaths, along with his continuous pants.

He shuts his eyes closed, feeling how fucking pleasurable it is everytime his beautiful petal clenches the muscles around his dick, making his mind go crazy for a few seconds.


Jimin's quickly opens his eyes, shaking his head to push away the ridiculous thought.

I'm only going to use him tonight.

Only for tonight.

He's never gonna be my Angel, just like the other virgin petals I fucked before.

"Enough! E-.. Ahhhh!!! P-please.. Pleaseee!"

The non-stop pleads coming from Yoongi pull Jimin back from his thoughts.

He is in a daze for five minutes and yet his pace doesn't even get slower than before.

He growls the moment he feels that the boy beneath him tries to move away again, his fingers quickly wrap around the boy's nape, shoving his face into the pillow.

He thrusts his dick hard and fast for a couple of dozen times, before he lets go of the boy's neck, pulling the petal's body to lay on his back right after he pulls out his dick.

Trying so hard not to make himself come despite fucking the boy continuously for one hour straight, Jimin quickly removes the condom, throwing it aside as he moves his body before he sits himself on Yoongi's chest.

"Open your mouth"

Yoongi shakes his head, feeling utterly disgusted to even think about sucking the dick that was in his ass for a torturing long time.

"I said open your mouth," he repeats, voice low, demanding the petal he paid to follow his command.

When he realizes that Yoongi only ends up biting his lips, eyes looking anywhere but at him, a wave of rage starts to build in his chest.

He harshly pulls the boy's chin to open his mouth, before he quickly shoves his length inside Yoongi's trembling mouth.

Yoongi really feels sick inside when Jimin enters his mouth, head fixed to maintain his spot when Jimin starts to hold his head still, continuously deep throating him even though Yoongi gags.

He can feel the drool coming out from the corner of his lips when Jimin starts to increase his pace, feeling the twitching every now and then.

His jaw starts to get sore after his mouth is being fucked for minutes, internally hoping that the guy would at least come as soon as possible, thankful enough that at least his bleeding hole wasn't suffering any longer.

It was five minutes later when Yoongi decides that it's best for him to do something to end this tormenting night.

Make him come.

Make him come!

Yoongi takes a deep breath through his nose, closing his eyes as tight as he can, before he starts to suck Jimin off.

He forces himself to deep throat the man, running his tongue along the throbbing shaft before he sucks the head again.

It takes him exactly a minute later, when he feels Jimin tugging his hair, and pulling his head, before he hears the man letting out a long, satisfied moan, as Yoongi is tasting and feeling warm liquid fill his mouth.

He can feel the dick starting to soften inside his mouth, as he reluctantly swallows and gags, patiently waiting for the man to pull his dick out from his wet cavern.

His mind is hazy, as hazy as Jimin's right now, and yet only one of them enjoyed and received extreme pleasure for the past two hours.

The petal didn't come, his dick was still soft despite the long hour being fucked.

Yoongi slowly moves his body away, head resting on the mattress to look away from the bidder.

He winces the moment he tries to move one of his legs, feeling extremely painful in the entire lower half of his body.

He hears the zip sound again - only then realizing that he's the only one naked while the other man remained fully clothed.

You are so filthy and dirty..

So pathetic and pitiful, huh Yoongi?

He internally is laughing at himself, mocking his damn life that has led him to this.

Quickly wiping his tears away, as well as the mess around his mouth, he quickly hisses and abruptly jerks the moment he feels someone pinching his ass a few times.


Jimin calls, waiting for Yoongi to look at him.

The used boy slowly raises his eyes to look at the pleased and satisfied face belonging to the man who fucked him without any mercy, continuously reminding himself that the man had all the rights to do so based on the contract he signed earlier.

He sees how the man looks, licking his lips while eyeing his well-used ass; as he dares to insert his fingers again, moving around inside for another five minutes.

Yoongi presses a hand against his trembling lips, shaking his head while stopping himself from letting out a moan.

He doesn't want to give the satisfaction the man is still craving, feeling that his duty has actually ended the moment his bidder came after fucking his mouth non-stop.

"You're so special, you know that, Angel?" Jimin whispers, now fingers already out from the swollen hole, and then uses the same hand to caress Yoongi's pink cheeks after being spanked numerous time.

He leans closer, despite noticing how the beautiful petal starts to move away, before he gently kisses the boy's neck once.

"I'll come back again for more. I'll come back again, for you."

Jimin slowly whispers, kissing the petal's neck once more before he walks out of the room, leaving the wasted Yoongi all alone inside the quiet room.

Yoongi only weakly blinks his eyes, idly staring at nowhere, waiting for the door to completely close; waiting for his Master to leave him alone in that room.

And the moment he hears the door close, his body unconsciously moves, using his elbow to support his body before he vomits on the marble floor.

Wiping his mouth with the back of his trembling hand, Yoongi then starts to shiver even more when his mind starts to remember the last words Jimin told him before the bidder went out and left him alone.

"H-He's c-coming b-back.. He'll come back for m-more.. T-that bas-bastard.. H-he will c-come back for me..."

Chapter Text

It was only a few minutes after he left The Sakura, but Jimin already wants  to go back to the brothel and continue to feast on Yoongi all over again.


his sweet, beautiful and gorgeous Angel, Yoongi - looking and sounding pretty and innocent, yet is the best Angel who could ever fulfill his lust and hunger.

Jimin scoffs, still truly not accepting the fact that the virgin petal he thought he would wreck for a night is already intoxicating his body and soul; wanting and craving to take over the smooth, milky skinned boy, over and over again.

He clenches his jaw, along with the steering wheel in his hand, disgusted with the idea of being obsessed over some virgin petal he bought to entertain him for the night.

Jimin is in his messy thoughts, trying to push the image of Suga, moaning and screaming while looking as ethereal as an Angel just for him, when suddenly his phone rings.

He tsk-s the moment he flicks his eyes at the small build-in tablet in his car to look at the caller's ID, as the phone ring starts to mess up his brain even more.

Clicking his tongue once more, he then decides to answer the phone call, his brows knitted together when the first question from the caller greets him.

"Prince? I.. Is it true that you already left Sakura?" Hwasa straight forwardly asks, not even bothering to start with any formal greetings, knowing too well that they already passed that kind of shit long ago.

Another click of the tongue comes from Prince, before he cracks his neck twice, trying so hard not to lash out at the woman whom he already long ago took as his trusted, close friend.

"Prince? Is it true-"

"Yes, Bell," Jimin sighs, rubbing his throbbing head with his fingers before he uses the same hand to grab tightly onto his steering wheel.

"Why?" Hwasa shrieks, taking a deep, long breath before she continues, "D-did.. Is there something wrong with the virgin petal? Did he make you upset or displease you in any way? W-wait, he's not attractive enough-"

"Hwasa, chill," Jimin butts in, briefly chuckles at how frantic and panicked the female sounds.

Hwasa will always be chill and usually acts like she's never afraid of him, but she will always be the first one to get anxious whenever Prince gets upset or unsatisfied with the services in The Sakura.

Jimin just smirks again, literally picturing how agitated the female must look right now.

"Then why?" Hwasa hisses, whispering her words with irritation. She still can't think of any reasons for Prince to leave The Sakura this early.

Prince never leaves this early - especially when he's feasting over new meat he bought, especially being that expensive.

Suga is the most expensive virgin petal to date, beating Jisoo, Yuri, Bora, Kai and Daniel; some of the best Angels in The Sakura.

Jimin sighs, feeling irritated at the question for no reason - and that was enough to make him aware that Yoongi, oh his beautiful and innocent Yoongi, is so bad for him.

Yoongi is trouble; a hassle he would have to deal with if he let himself be enchanted by the boy.

Yoongi is definitely going to drag him into things he has avoided his whole life before.

And it's not going to happen.

Jimin will make sure by hook or by crook that it won't ever happen.


"I don't like him," he quickly answers, speeding his sports car towards one of his meeting places with his trusted people - a fully secured forty stories building, which is also one of the private buildings especially built for their underground business own by The Parks.

Hwasa frowns, shushing her lover, Wheein, who is drunkenly twirling in front of her, before she nervously whispers her next words.

"Prince, I.. I seriously didn't expect the boy to be t-that bad. I'm so sorry. He.. He's very beautiful so I thought you would like him as a petal. Sh-should we get rid of him from The Sakura and only pay him one tenth from the total amount of money you paid-"

"Pay him full price. Don't even take a penny from him," Jimin orders, pulling down his car's window to show his face to his fully trusted five guards, complete with snipers in front of the main gate, before he starts to drive off toward the private parking space especially for him.

"W-what?! Prince, shouldn't we take one billion won from the total amount of the money you paid just now-"

"Just give him the damn money, Hwasa!" Jimin sighs, already tapping at his phone to inform his arrival to both Jungkook and Beomgyu.

"You know that's not how we do things in Sakura, Prince. We treat every Virgin Petal, Petals and Angels here fairly. That's one of the reasons why we are very exclusive and one of the best in the world. Unless-"

"I'm not gonna take him as my exclusive Angel," Jimin interrupts, pushing back his hair before he tugs at it a few times - clearly wanting to end the conversation as soon as possible.

"Then I can't do that"


"So, should we place him as our Angel as soon as possible? He's still going to give us good money," the woman quickly cuts in, sipping her pink martini while smooching her girlfriend's kiss swollen lips; already excited to present The Sakura's latest Angel to their VVVIP clients.

"Keep him as a Petal. Let him play around in the main playground under your careful watch, but never let anyone touch him, ever," Jimin warns, sliding his card on the private door's card scanner, before he presses the password for the door to open.


"Should I put your Sarang back as our whorehouse's Angel, Bell? Or do you think that I should send her to guard my warehouse in the USA instead?" Jimin threatens, smirking in triumph the moment he hears the woman cursing under her breath.


"Just do what I say, Hwasa" Jimin replies with a sigh, already walking toward his private elevator before he scans the same card and presses another password.

He never has argued about something petty and small or unimportant with the woman before, opting to just dump the virgin petals he uses without any doubts and hesitations.

He will usually just tell Hwasa whether the virgin petals he beds with are cut in or out to be apart of the Angels, and those who don't are free to either step out from the Sakura or work as their Petals in the playground area - the place where they only entertain the customers while those people drink, dance or watch the brothel's shows for the night; and obviously the payment the Petals get are so much lower than the Angels.

Angels are those who are wanted by the men and women who enter The Sakura. Some belong to their Masters who decide to take them as their exclusive Angels - meaning that they will usually bed the Angels whenever they visit The Sakura, and the Angels will be pampered and treated like royalty; depending on how much money their Masters are willing to spend for them.

Non-exclusive Angels, on the other hand, can be fucked by any clients depending on their ranks and prices, and those who are very popular and highly demanded can reject whoever they want - which is unusual because Angels in Sakura rarely reject any VVVIP clients.

"Prince, I just want to let you know that I'm not fully in agreement with this and I'm sure Aphrodite will not happy with this either. Suga has a very high potential to be one of the best we have in Sakura," Hwasa sternly says, clearly disapproving the request.

It's unfair - especially for Suga himself. That boy clearly has the potential to be one of their best and most expensive Angels, but some bastard who has his high belief on not getting any exclusive Angel, decides to keep the beautiful boy chained without even planning to make him as his exclusive one.

Jimin scoffs, pushing his tongue against his inner cheek before an evil smirk plasters on his beautiful, plush lips.

"Hwasa, my sweet, dearest Hwasa. Don't you think it's a bold move of you to talk about being fair among the whores we have in the sluthouse, when I gave you permission to take Sarang to be fully yours just because she's just like you?" the man spat his words in a very hushed voice, making a shiver run throughout the woman's body.


"Or should I give The Sakura an order to have Sarang as one of our magical Angels again? You know those kind of Angels' prices, right? And the fact that we only have a few that are not exclusive ones. Imagine what a shitload of money we'll get once those bastards know that we added a new one, the one that used to be one of the best," Jimin chuckles, pushing his hair away from his face.

It was quiet for a good one minute, before he heard Hwasa cursing from the other line.

"I hate it when you threaten me like this, Prince! Damn you!"

"And I really, really hate it when you think you can tell me what to do and what not to do," the guy retorted with a smirk, feet already stepping into the thirtieth floor of the building - the usual place where he and his trusted subordinates and closest friends usually meet for a meeting or just to chill and hangout together.

It was silent for another minute - Jimin can practically hear Hwasa's mind, trying to plot any sleek thoughts to win the argument. That woman is always so sneaky and witty; one of the reasons why both Jimin and the Aphrodite chose her to take care of The Sakura.

The Sakura, the place that can hold one's power, can also become the main cause for a powerful person's downfall; and such a powerful yet dangerous place like that needs someone like Hwasa to protect and care for it.

The female sighs, rubbing her throbbing temple, sipping another sip of her martini, before she opens her already twisted lips.

"Fine. I'll keep that boy away from our clients. But just to warn you, make up your mind on what to do with Suga before Aphrodite comes back. Both of us know that Suga will definitely be our Sakura's treasurable gem and Aphrodite won't appreciate it if you chain him without officially claiming him as yours. And if you think the playground is safe for him, oh Prince, just so you know, it isn't. We all know our regulars, even those with exclusive Angels, love to play around in the main area."

Jimin clenches his jaw, visualizing how the woman smirked the moment she ended her words.

Go to hell, Hwasa!

Damn you!

"Is there anything else you want to add, Prince?" the woman continues with her venomous sweet voice, and Jimin knows well that the woman is planning some plot to free Yoongi from him if he's not planning to keep him for good.

Taking a deep breath, before he loudly exhales, he starts to cautiously scheme his plan; refusing to let that hard headed woman do whatever she's planning right now.

"I'll pay him daily with the interest the brothel usually gets-"

"Make it double for both Suga and Sakura," Hwasa quickly interrupts, sniggering proudly when Jimin cusses her out loud.

"That Sakura belongs to me, for fuck sake!"

"Yes, that's good for you; even for us in Sakura. But Suga is not yours, yet. You are the one who did this to yourself."

"You are the one person who knows best that I don't take exclusive Angels at all," Jimin snaps, almost growling. He is even pissed when Hwasa dares to laugh right after that.

"Prince, I love you but to be honest, I bet with my own genius brain and great instinct that you will crawl back to him in less than a week. Why make things harder when you can even claim him now? Make him exclusively yours so that you can freely fuck him all you want- wait, it's not you who doesn't like him. It's him who rejected you? Isn't it? Suga didn't beg you like the other Petals and Angels, did he?" Hwasa gasps, palming her opened mouth with her hand, feeling completely amused with the thoughts she came up with.

"Shut the fuck up! No one has ever denied me before-"

"No one but him. Isn't it why you want to chain him? Want him to beg you too?" Hwasa scoffs, starting to realize what is going on between Prince and Suga, and the reason why her boss won't let him go yet.

"We'll talk about this later," Jimin quickly replies, tightly clenching his phone in his hand and trying so hard not to let his anger blind his mind.

"Alright. Whatever you say, Prince. But I just want to let you know that he has the right to reject you-"

"He wouldn't. I'll pay him-"

"He has the right to reject you to be his Master after tonight. There's no exception for you. I want him to feel safe and know that we won't force him to become someone's Angel without his agreement. We / never / force / our / Angels, remember?" Hwasa wittily smirks. She sometimes really can't understand what's playing around in her boss's mind.

But then again, that's what makes Jimin the powerful Prince Park - his enemies really can't predict his mind and actions.

Jimin clicks his tongue in annoyance, narrowing his eyes in displeasure. He really hates it when Hwasa reminds him how she always keeps her Petals and Angels safe.

"Fine. Just put one or two to watch him. Don't let anyone touch Suga, understand?" Jimin warns, sliding his card and another one password in front of the door he's planning to enter.

He suspiciously squints his eyes when he hears Hwasa giggle at his words.

That bitch fucking dares to giggle at his order!

"Alright, Prince. I'll ask someone to look out for your Angel. Anyway, let's make a deal. I'll keep an eye out for your Suga, and you promise me that you won't dare to lay a finger on my Sarang. I thought you liked her as much as you like me?"

"Yes, I do. I'll see you later," Jimin quickly ends the call, cursing at Hwasa for the nth time, when he hears the damn female laughing at him before he ends the call.

Shoving his phone back into his pocket, he then opens the door, only to realize that Beomgyu was eavesdropping on the conversation.

"Bird" he sighs, slapping at the back of the younger's head before he walks toward the black couch.

"Eagle and Owl told me to eavesdrop on the conversation!" the boy quickly defends himself, rubbing the sting that was still radiating throughout his skull. He glares at the other two when he hears both Jungkook and Taehyun laughing at him.

"You're the dumb one. We didn't even force you. And the fact that you are my best mentee. Can't believe one of Prince's best hitmen is this idiot!" Jungkook chuckles, before he sips his beer. He winks at Beomgyu when the boy poutily sits beside him, hand still rubbing his still aching head.

Taehyun just smirks, giving attention back to his laptop, fingers still fluidly pressing on the keypads.

"Back early, Prince?" Jungkook raises an eyebrow, eyeing the guy who was massaging his head while slouching on the couch, face looking stressed and tense.

"He's keeping the Petal," Beomgyu states in a matter of fact, sipping a glass of water belonging to Taehyun who is scowling at him.

"You'll keep him?" Jungkook asks curiously, resting his elbows on his knees. He carefully observes the distressed male before him, before he flicks his eyes to look at the other two boys who are already paying attention to the laptop screen.

"Can we just talk about anything other than the boy I fucked less than thirty minutes ago?" Jimin sighs, pushing his hair back in distress.

"If you say so, Prince," Jungkook raises his hands in defense, before he turns his head to look at Taehyun who is squinting his eyes at the screen.

"Got anything on the Kim's yet? Why did they join the auction today? Anything suspicious?" Jimin quickly asks, waiting for any of them to answer his questions. He snaps his fingers toward Beomgyu to get the boy's attention, before he motions with his hand to get him a glass of liquor.

"Didn't find anything suspicious about them. Monster doesn't even step into Sakura, if that's what you wanted to ask. Only his people, and eventually one of his best snipers and right hand men as well," Jungkook replies, stretching his arms upward before he takes out a pack of cigarettes out of his jacket pocket.

"Huh?" Jimin scoffs, taking a drag of his cigarette before he takes a glass of iced vodka from Beomgyu, motioning the kid to sit back in his former spot.

"Didn't expect that bastard to enjoy the sluts in my whorehouse," Jimin shrugs, slowly exhaling the smoke out of his plump lips.

"One of the best sluthouses in the whole damn world," Jungkook corrects him before he chugs down his drink, hissing at the burn in his throat soon after.

Jimin snickers, shaking his head before he sips his spirit, eyeing his best hacker who is quietly tapping on the keyboard.

"What about that bastard who used my name? Still searching for their whereabouts?" Jimin continues with his question, waiting for Owl who was still focusing on the laptop to reply to his question.

"Nope. We're still searching for any of his information. Anything. We can't even trace his recent whereabouts," Taehyun calmly responds, glancing at Prince once before he flicks his eyes back on the screen.

"Damn, we can't even figure out that bastard's nationality right now. It seems like that Jimin is like a ghost or some shit like that," Beomgyu adds, pressing his body against Taehyun to get a better view of the screen.

He didn't even notice when Jungkook stopped from taking another drag of his cigarette, or when his boss stops from sipping his liquor, leaving the glass pressed against his lips.

Jimin then lifts his eyes to look at Jungkook, who was already staring at him with huge eyes.

"It.. It can't be, r-right? That imposter couldn't be the thing we assumed him to be, right?" Jungkook hisses, tapping his cig against the crystal ashtray, before he decides to press the cigarette butt and leave it inside the crystal bowl.



"I hope he's not the one we are assuming right now. That, and even if he is one of them, we have to figure out what kind of creature he is and why is he using my fucking name to do the shit he's doing right now. And I'm fucking sure he knows well about the Sapphire we've been searching for!" Jimin hisses, already standing up from his spot after he drinks his glass empty.

"Owl, keep looking for that bastard, whoever or whatever creature he is. I'll call Hani to help you out. Eagle, Bird, let's go. We have to search for someone who probably knows about that bastard," Jimin orders, before he quickly walks out from the room with his two best hitmen.


Hwasa carefully steps into the room the next morning, quietly tiptoeing towards the wrecked boy who is still sleeping on the bed, fully covering his body with a thick, fluffy blanket.

She slowly drags the dressing table's chair and places it next to the bed, attentively eyeing the boy's features up close with her chin resting on her fist.


No wonder Prince likes you so much.

Such a beautiful boy just for a cold hearted man.

I know you were a special one when I saw you for the first time.

A creature like me always know s when we meet someone special like you.

Hwasa scoffs, knowing so well that was one of the reasons why she won't let someone as cold and heartless as Prince toy with someone as special as Suga.

She loves Prince, already has taken him in like a brother, but sometimes the guy is just so heartless, so cold - but she can never blame him for becoming someone like that. Someone who was raised to be a person who has to hold the responsibilities to take over the huge and powerful Park Empire.

A small smile starts to form on her lips, the moment she sees how cute the sleeping boy scrunches his nose, smacking his lips a few times, before he starts to roll over on his back.

A wince comes out from the still swollen lips, making Yoongi abruptly wake up from his deep slumber.

He tries to slowly move his legs, biting his lips to stop from wincing again.

A soft, sudden touch makes the boy jerk away, face quickly raised upward only to meet with a gentle face of Hwasa.

"Does it hurt? Are you still hurt?" the woman gently asks, patting the boy's messy hair, before she stands up to grab a bottle of mineral water for Yoongi to drink.

Yoongi slowly and carefully pushes his body up, hissing whenever he feels a sting on his rim, and dull pain in his ass.

With a shaky hand, he gratefully takes the bottle from the lady, forcing the water down into his sore throat - probably from the deep throating and the non stop screaming from the last night.

"W-was.." he starts with a hoarse voice, clearing his throat a few times before he starts again, "Was it su-suppose to f-feel like that?"

He asks in a hushed voice, feeling very embarrassed with himself. He doesn't even lift his face to look at Hwasa, opting to play with the bottle on his lap instead.

"P-probably because it's your first time and it's with a stranger, sweetheart. It will be better next time-"

"N-next time?!" Yoongi abruptly turns his face to look at Hwasa, eyes widening horrifically at the idea of getting fucked, again.

"You don't want it?" Hwasa gently asks, eyes fixed on Yoongi's, thinking how bad it was last night that makes the boy this scared of the idea of being fucked again.

Yoongi quickly shakes his head, silently pleading to the woman to not make him their Angel.

"But your bidder wants to keep you," Hwasa offers a witty smirk, before slowly turning her lips upside down when she sees Yoongi shaking his head faster than before.

The poor boy is even trembling in fear.

What the hell did Prince do to this poor boy last night?!

"C-can.. I can reject him, r-right?" Yoongi slowly asks, internally hoping that Hwasa will say 'Yes, Suga. You can.'

But his hope dies when the woman just offers him a small smile full of sympathy, taking his hand into hers.

"He is letting you be our Petal for the time being. So, you don't have to worry. No one can touch you for the time being."

"He.. He's not taking me as his exclusive Angel?" Yoongi asks, relief radiating all over his face.

And Hwasa,

That woman tries so hard to suppress any laughter to slip from her hot pink lips.

It's surprising,

For the first time ever, a new Petal just hating the idea to be Prince's exclusive Angel when everyone in Sakura begs the man to even look at them.

"S-so, so that means I can.. I can reject him, r-right?" Yoongi adds, making the woman before him burst into a huge, fat laugh.

"Awwww Suga, I don't think he will accept no as an answer," Hwasa replies, still laughing at Yoongi who looks dumbfounded with her answer.

She takes a card out from her purse, stopping mid action at the next words spluttered by Yoongi soon after.

"B-but.. But I don't.. I don't want to be his Angel.. S-should I quit? If.. If I quit, I.. He can't force me to be his Angel, r-right?"

"He can if he wants to. But then, you won't get a huge lump of money if you quit and end up as his fuck whore. If you stay here, you'll get a lot, and I really mean it, a lot of money whenever he touches you. And besides, The Sakura will always protect and take care of you. If you leave, we can't protect you," Hwasa explains, hoping that the boy will choose to stay at The Sakura.

She gently takes his hand and puts the card on his palm, making Yoongi raise an eyebrow in question.

"Your payment for last night. It's in here. The owner owns the bank as well. So it's easier for all the employees in The Sakura to get their payments through the bank transaction. Each time a client pays you for any of your services, we'll put it straight in here," she adds, tapping the card with her well manicured nails.

Yoongi takes the card, eyeing the dark red card for a few seconds. His mind is still thinking what he should do next.

S-should I stay?

B-but.. But Hwasa said that if I leave, they c-can't protect me..

And.. this is still not enough to pay the whole debt.

B-but then, I'll be nothing b-but a slut..

"No one calls anyone here a slut, Suga," Hwasa suddenly speaks, making the boy almost jump on his spot.

D-did she just read.. Did she just read my mind?!

"And as my defense, if you ever think I did, no, I didn't. I can't read your mind, unfortunately,"

Yoongi tilts his head in confusion, eyeing the woman who is grinning at him.

"S-so.. if I stay-"

"You will stay?" Hwasa quickly interrupts in excitement, clapping her hands once before she waits for Yoongi to continue with his words.

"If I stay.. Is it.. Is it possible for my b-bidder to stay away from me?"

Hwasa arches an eyebrow at the question, amazed with how determined the boy is to reject someone as desirable and fucking attractive as Prince.


This is more fun and amusing than I thought it would be, huh?

Lifting an angle of her lips to form a witty smirk, she slowly leans toward Yoongi before she whispers, "Yes, you can."


"Run, hide. Run and hide as best as you can. But, that will only make him want you even more," she winks, blowing a kiss before she stands up and leaves the room.


It was bearable to walk and take a long bath after he laid on the bed for a couple of hours more.

Yoongi checks himself in the mirror, letting out a relieved sigh when the hickeys on his neck and collarbones are almost gone. He thanked every deity he could think of, being extremely grateful for always healing so fast - something that is not normal for a mere human to have but his family always told him that it's a gift; a gift he should keep as a secret.

Carefully wearing the long sleeved, pale blue dress shirt and well fitted black pants, not too tight and not too loose, just right for his lower limbs, Yoongi internally thanks The Sakura for being so thoughtful about the clothes they prepared for him to leave the club for that day.

Hwasa told him earlier that he can get some rest for tonight and he'll officially become their Petal and start working tomorrow night.

Carefully, he glances at the surroundings - the place is still as beautiful and majestic during the day, even without the fun and thrill and lust that filled the building the whole night before.

It is almost empty, except for at least ten workers who are cleaning and polishing the ground floor - the playground as he heard them call it, and a few bouncers and bodyguards who are guarding the place.

Yoongi then hears a few whispers and happy giggles, craning his neck to look at a few people whom he assumes are some of the Petals and Angels from a huge glass window that is separating the hallway and the private room, having breakfast together in one of the rooms in The Sakura's private area.

The smell of pastries and savoury food suddenly hits his nose, making his tummy suddenly make a grumbling sound. He quickly wraps his arms around his abdomen, trying so hard to suppress the sound from becoming too loud before he quickly tiptoes to leave the private hallway.


A familiar voice suddenly greets him from behind, making the beautiful snow skinned boy suddenly stop from walking away.

He turns his heels to look at the boy who did the auction last night, Yohan if he remembers correctly, offering the boy who was beaming at him a small smile.

"Good morning, Suga-ssi. Wanna grab some breakfast with me?" the boy asks, offering his hand to take Yoongi's.

Yoongi didn't take the boy's hand, opting to just offer another small smile before he brought his hands behind his back.

"Ah, sorry," Yohan quickly apologized, taking his hand back before he scratches his nape, feeling embarrassed and slightly scared of making the brothel's latest Angel uncomfortable like that.

Suga must be The Sakura's latest Angel by now. There's no way someone as beautiful and soft looking and attractive like him is not their exclusive Angel.

"It's.. It's okay," Yoongi replies with a brief response, fiddling with his fingers that he still hides behind his back.

"So, still wanna grab breakfast with us? Don't worry, most Angels are kind, especially the exclusive ones. Well, they should be because they don't have to compete to get the clients' attentions," Yohan explains, motioning Yoongi to come with him with his hands to enter the breakfast hall.

Yoongi is hesitant at first, doesn't even take any steps from his spot, before the other male who is already taking a few steps away turns around to face him.

"Don't worry Suga-ssi. They won't do anything mean to you. Jealousy and rivalries are normal among Petals in this brothel, but they never act on it. That's one of the rules here in The Sakura. Act mean and nasty among Petals and Angels, and you are out from this household without any hesitation. And trust me, not many want to get kicked out from The Sakura. This place is their precious heaven in the middle of this scary world out there," Yohan offers a kind smile, making Yoongi feel a little bit safe and comfortable. 

He rarely feels safe, but strangely this place gives him the warmth and security he craves at this moment.

"Is.. is it really.. Is it really okay?" Yoongi asks in a hushed voice, flicking his eyes to look at the door in front of them.

"It's okay. Don't worry. You can sit with me, okay?"

Yoongi just nods his head, peeking at the other guy's action through his dark bangs.

Yohan knocks three times, saying his name out loud when a person asks for his name, before the door opens, revealing two buff males before them.

"Ah, you brought along The Sakura's latest gem, I see," one of the men stated with a smile, nodding his head toward Yoongi before he closes the door behind them.

The chattering and laughing sound in the room suddenly stops, making Yoongi curiously lift his head to look around the room, internally cussing himself while quickly ducking his head down when he realizes that everyone is staring at him.

It was eerily quiet for a minute or two, before an attractive man with beautiful sun kissed skin starts to speak.

"Look who's joining us for breakfast this morning! If it's not our Suga-ssi, the one who beat Jisoo and I as the highest priced Virgin Petal!" the male beams, snapping his fingers twice, before he calls Yohan to bring Suga to join them.

"Come," the boy gently whispers, waiting for Yoongi to walk first before he follows him from behind.

He pulls a chair out for Yoongi, waiting for the still scared boy to sit first, before he lands his butt on the chair next to Yoongi, sitting in between the latest Angel and another high ranked exclusive Angel.

"I'm Kai. We had the same bidder, but apparently he bid you higher than me," the same beautiful male who invited him to join their table spoke once more, cheekily winking his eye when Yoongi lifts his head to look at him.

"He's silently taking you as his tightest rival now," a female next to Kai interrupts, and Yoongi gasps at the moment he makes eye contact with the breathtakingly elegant girl. He swears that he just saw the girl's eyes turn into a bright flaming red for a few seconds, before they turned back to normal looking pupils after she blinks her eyes. "I'm the said highest paid Virgin Petal, or used to be. I'm Jisoo," she introduces herself with a poised wave, smirking when she sees Yoongi still gasping in shock.

"And I'm Yuri," another girl who is sitting next to Jisoo spoke, poking her snake looking tongue out, giggling when she sees how Yoongi almost jumps on his spot, looking horribly terrified and shocked.

"Stop teasing him!" Kai warns without any bite in his tone, rolling his eyes while cheekily smirking, before he lands his eyes back to Yoongi.

"They just love to tease new exclusive Angels, that's all. Don't pay attention to them," Kai continues, before he tilts his head to ask Yoongi another question.

"So, you're his exclusive Angel now?"

Yoongi frowns his face, before he slowly shakes his head, eyes still looking straight into Kai's glistening ones.

"Ah, what a relief," the boy sighed soon after, ignoring the way the other Angels are glaring at him.

"No offense, but I'm aiming to be his exclusive Angel. He beds me the most so I assume he likes me the best in The Sakura," Kai added, ignoring the frowning face from Yoongi.

"He fucked me thrice, before my Master took me as her exclusive Angel," the other male suddenly spoke, sipping his apple juice before he takes a bite of his turkey sandwich, ignoring Kai's scowling face.

"I'm Daniel, by the way. And I think I like you, Suga-ssi" the male adds, offering Yoongi a warm smile.

Suga nods his head, offering an awkward smile.

Hell, this is awkward.

Being at the same table with the people who Jimin has fucked as well.

What could be more awkwa-

"I used to beg him to bed me before my Master took me as hers. I told Bell to promote me to him. I even told her to let him know that I was one of the most highest paid Virgin Petals, but I guess he prefers dick over vagina. Like, trust me. If he loves ass, he wouldn't mind us females, right?" another attractive girl spoke, voice chirpy and excited, before she shoves a spoonful of bread pudding into her mouth.

"I don't think he likes dick, he never sucked mine," Daniel mumbled.

"He never sucks mine either. Never ate my ass as well. Imagine those fuckable lips eating my ass.. I swear I will come right here and now," Kai sighing, resting his chin on his palm, aggressively stabbing his fork in the chicken breast on his plate.

And that was enough to make Yoongi feel extremely uncomfortable.

Is it normal for people to talk about their sex life openly?

And the fact that they are talking about the same guy who used to fuck them.

"I heard about the sex he had with the Aphrodi-"

"Okay! That's enough for today. I don't think it's appropriate to talk about this in front of Suga-ssi, right, Angels? And don't you think you will get into a lot of trouble if Bell hears you light-heartedly talking about those people?" Yohan quickly interrupts, stopping Jisoo from talking further about the Aphrodite's sex life.

They shouldn't be talking about the Aphrodite nor the Prince in the first place, but some Angels are so bold to discuss about their sex life among themselves - but never mentioning specifically with whom they bed with. And whenever they step out from The Sakura, they act like they know nothing about their Masters and other clients.

That's how loyal and obedient the people in The Sakura are; how protective they are among themselves.

The Sakura is their safe place, their little heaven, and they will do anything to protect the place from any external threats and dangers.

"Sorry," the other five Angels slowly mutter their apologies, silently blaming each other for starting the topic in the first place.

It was uncomfortably silent for a moment, before Yoongi clears his throat and excuses himself to get his own plate of breakfast. Yohan follows soon after, right after he glares at the Angels who were lowering their heads and silently eating their breakfasts.

"I hope you guys will think many times before you talk about our bosses like that. No one should know anything about them and that's one of your responsibilities to keep it that way, understand?" the boy warned one last time, waiting for the Angels to apologize once more and promising to give a thought before spitting anything out of their lips, before he plastered a smile and approached Yoongi who was confused to pick between the grilled salmon or fried chicken - which he ends up having both on his plate.


Yoongi is beaming while looking at the food he packed for his family from the brothel - grilled salmon, fried chicken, some pastries and a big box of apple juice; food they have never had the luxury to eat a lot of before.

He hisses whenever he feels the sting around his still swollen rim, opting to ignore it because of how excited he is to see how thrilled Hoseok will be when he sees the food soon.

He silently hopes that his mom is already feeling better, and afraid that the thugs are going to trace their whereabouts. He plans to rent a more secured apartment with the money he got from selling his virginity last night, and use at least half of it to pay on the debt.

He was about to walk out from the hospital elevator, face still beaming with happiness, when suddenly he halts in his steps the moment he hears someone mentioning his mother's name.

Yoongi quickly hides behind a nearby wall, feeling his heart frantically thump in fear. Both his mother and little brother are on this floor, a few rooms away from where those thugs are presently standing.

God, please protect us all.

I beg you.

Please protect my mom and Hoseok.

Please keep them safe.

"Where's that damn woman and her kids! I'm sure they won't be too far away," the man with a huge tiger tattoo on his huge arm cusses, telling another man who had a bald head to ask the nurse at the counter about the woman and her two sons.

He fishes out his phone from his back pocket, dialing some number before he places the cellphone against his ear.

"Bazooka, did you find them yet?" the tattooed man asks, eyes widened in anger probably after he heard the answer coming from the man on the line.

"Fucking find them now before the boss decides to kill us all! If only those idiots didn't leave them last week!" the man almost shouts, giving a middle finger to the old man who told him to keep quiet.

"What did you say old man?" the thug snaps, making the old man shake his head before he quickly walks away.

"Find them now or else I will fucking kill you myself!" the thug yells on his phone, before he ends the call with a cuss on his lips.

Yoongi carefully takes a few steps back, almost screaming in fear when a hand suddenly covers his mouth.

"Shhh.. keep quiet," the voice whispers, making the boy twist his head to look at the person who was standing behind him.

"Y-you?" Yoongi hisses, ducking his body low when the girl presses a finger to her lips and tells him to keep quiet.

"W-what.. What are you doing here?" Yoongi hisses, looking back from his shoulder to check whether the thugs are coming closer, before he takes a few steps closer towards Ye Ji who is checking their surrounding.

"I told you I'm gonna protect you and your family. Your sister saved me before. It's my turn to save her's now."

Yoongi furrows his eyebrows, clenching the bag filled with food, before he opens his mouth and starts to hiss.

"The only thing you can help me with is to tell me where the fuck my sister is,"

"I don't know. I'm searching for her too!" Ye Ji interrupts, before she quickly pulls Yoongi to hide behind her when she hears footsteps coming closer toward them.

"Shh.. Keep quiet," she slowly whispers, before she tightly wraps her fingers around Yoongi's pale wrist.

"Ye Ji-ssi-" Yoongi then quickly presses his mouth shut, the moment the two thugs stop right in front of them; one of them was facing toward both Ye Ji and him.

He clenches his eyes shut, only to slowly open them later on when the two men keep on talking, totally ignoring their presence before them.

A thin line appears in between his brow, ping-ponging his gaze between the two men and the girl who is standing in front of him, before he presses his gaping mouth with his hand, mind already racing a hundred miles per second.

He carefully eyes the girl - her skin starting to sparkle; purplish blue pixie dust is covering all over both of them.

She stands straight, hands still tightly yet gently wrapped around Yoongi's wrist, ignoring the fear radiating from the boy who starts to terrifyingly shake behind her.

The two men are still standing right before them, discussing the next place they were planning to search for Yoongi's family. All four of them are standing in their spots for another six minutes, with Yoongi silently gulping his spit once in awhile, heart tampering in uneasiness and terror.

He silently eyes the two men when they enter the elevator, before he harshly tugs his hand away from Ye Ji.

"Who- W-what are y-you?" he hisses, taking a few steps back when he notices that the girl's skin is still sparkling.

"I.. I will tell you later. Not now. Now is not a good time" she replies cautiously, bringing both hands in defense.

She didn't want to scare Yoongi - that was the last thing she hoped would happen if she's being honest to herself. It will just make things more complicated. The hard-headed boy will definitely tell her to stay away from his family if that's the case and by doing so will only endanger his family and himself even more.

"D-did.. Is that why they can't find mom and Hoseok? B-because you hide them? Ju-Just like you hid me?" Yoongi whispers, taking a deep breath before he lifts his eyes to make eye contact with the girl, who he knows well now is not just a normal human being.

That girl just made them disappear, or invisible? He couldn't figure that out yet; and her skin is sparkling with the same pixie dust that was surrounding both of them earlier.

Ye Ji slowly nods her head, before she quickly speaks, hoping that the boy won't push her away.

"P-please, I.. I come with good intentions. I.. I really want to protect you and your whole family. I did protect them and you, r-right? Y-you can trust me" she pleads, face looking so desperate while begging the boy to let her be near them.

"W-what do you want in return? I told you I can't offer you anything" Yoongi replies, still in a hushed voice. His mind is still racing, trying to figure out the female's real intentions.

"I told you I want nothing! I.. I just want to protect you just like how your sister used to protect me."

Yoongi carefully eyes the girl for a while; her skin is no longer sparkling. He lets out a sigh before he passes the food bag toward Ye Ji who is confusingly frowning her face.

"Please give this to mom and Hoseok. I need to make a quick call," he asks with a soft voice.

Ye Ji gasps in shock, nodding her head while taking the bag full of food offered by the boy before her.

Yoongi is about to turn his heels, leaving to a more private area in the hospital, when suddenly the girl quickly spoke.

"Y-you didn't seem to be that shocked w-when you saw me.. you saw me in my semi-form just now.. Y-you.. You look shook.. b-but not as mortified as I expected you to be" she mumbles her words, eyebrows still knitted closer together.

Yoongi looks at her from his shoulder, before he tilts his head, thinking of the appropriate answer for her question.

"Did my sister know.. about you?" he carefully asks, eyes sharply gazing on Ye Ji's who is starting to shake a little.

The girl swallows a thick lump in her throat, before she nods her head a few times.

"And how did she take it?" Yoongi calmly asks, waiting for the girl to reply to his question.

"She.. She was shocked too but only for a while. She knew about it when she was.. when she was trying to save my life" Ye Ji explains, fiddling with the bag's handle she is holding, before she lifts her face to see Yoongi offering her a kind smile.

"She did? I'm surprised, to be honest" Yoongi smirks, shaking his head in disbelief.

"...And why's that so?" Ye Ji asks, tilting her head in anticipation for the boy's answer.

"Because when we were little kids, my sister and I saw a very beautiful angel with a pair of black wings trying to save our dad's life when he was killed by a gang of mobsters."

And with that, he starts to drag his feet away, leaving the girl who is gasping in shock.


Yoongi quickly fishes out his phone from his pocket, searching for a specific name from his contacts, before he quickly taps his phone screen to call the number.

It took a few seconds before the person picked up the call, opting to keep silent until Yoongi greeted him first.

"Hello? Jackson? Are you there?" Yoongi slowly whispers, furrowing his eyebrows when the male sounded a little bit distressed.

"H-hey baby" Jackson briefly replies, didn't speak alot like usual - which was kind of weird and suspicious.

Yoongi was still frowning. He starts to have an instinct that something was not right. He keeps silent for a few seconds before he starts to speak his next sentences.

"Jackson, I'm planning to buy a gun. Can you help me choose one? Or is it best if I just buy it from your shop instead-"

"NO! No. Don't come. L-later! Later, okay?" Jackson quickly butts in, sounding panicked and anxious.


"I'll call you back. Okay, baby? And.. and I'll help you with grocery shop-shopping as well. Just.. I'll call you back, okay? I promise."

Yoongi is about to reply when suddenly the phone call abruptly ends, making the boy start to think whether he should follow the boy's order or go against it.

Something is wrong, I'm very sure that something is definitely wrong.

Jackson quickly ends the call, putting his phone on the table with a trembling hand. He can feel the metal pressed to the back of his head, making his shiver worse than before.

"Now, are you going to cooperate with me or not? Or.. should we do it the hard way? Maybe we won't hurt you, you know? Wait, you did know about it because we fucking did this before," the man who is leisurely sitting in front of him offers in an eerily calm voice, making the boy start to shake even harder.

"I.. I don't know-"

"Bird, pass me one of the best guns you can find right there," the man orders, motioning his hand toward a built in showcase glass cabinet filled with guns and rifles to the boy who was already walking towards the cabinet.


"You know I always try to be as kind as possible with you, right Jackson?"

"I.. I really don't know-"

"You mean to say that you don't know where your boyfriend is right now?"

"He's not my boy.. he's not my boyfriend anymore. N-not after you killed.. killed his bestfriend," Jackson whimpers in fear the moment he feels the man behind him, Eagle, pressing the gun harder against his skull.

"Ah, Vince? That bastard tried to shoot me first. I just wanted to ask where he hid my stolen coke, but that stupid boy dared to point a gun at me" Jimin scoffs, offering his hand to take a sniper from Beomgyu - a Barrett M82 to be precise.

"Prince, p-please! I.. I beg you-"

"Tell me where's Mark and I will let you go, with a few conditions of course," Jimin smirks, already pointing the rifle toward Jackson who can't even stand straight anymore. The terrified boy can feel his legs shake vigorously, gulping his spit the moment Prince points the rifle straight at his face.

"I swear I don't know! I don't know! He.. We didn't talk anymore after he.. after he left me! I swear, Prince! I swear!" Jackson begs, he begged for his fucking life!

He can't die yet - not yet.

There are a few people he still needs to protect. 

He ducks his head low, tears already dropping down onto the floor, already picturing how his grandparents will mourn over his early death - that is if the scary Prince ever lets his grandparents see his corpse.

He snaps his head to look at Prince who is playing with the rifle, seeing how the man is calmly sitting on the chair despite him holding the sniper rifle like that.

"Ah.. Fine. Then, I guess I just have to get straight to the point then," Jimin snickers, licking his bottom lip before he pushes his tongue against his inner cheek, eyeing the trembling boy with an eerie smile on his face.

"Tell me where's BamBam, and I'll let you go,"

"Bam- What.. what do.. what do you want from him?! He.. He has n-nothing to do with our.. with our world! He.. he-"

"Tsk, you talk a lot for someone who's about to die" Jungkook growls, smacking the boy's head with his gun before he pushes the gun back into the boy's head.

"Jackson, I ask you for the last time, where the fuck is BamBam?" Jimin still asks in a calm, yet cold voice, pointing the sniper back right at the boy's head.

"W-what.. What do you w-want from him?"

Jimin snickers, clicking his tongue once, before he looks directly into Jackson's trembling eyes.

"Wrong answer, Jackson."

And a sound of a gun shot suddenly echoes around the weapon store, followed by an excruciating scream coming from no one other than Jackson himself.


Chapter Text

The sound of a gun shot echoes throughout the shop, following the sound of terrifying screams coming from Jackson who is trembling in fear.

The poor guy who has a gun pressed against the right side of his skull is already pissing in his pants; having his whole body shake in fear when he realizes that the bullet passed only a few centimetres away from his head.

"I swear I don't know!!!" Jackson shouts, face already wet with tears. He lets out a gasp when he feels the gun pressed harder against his skull, before he dares to lift his shaky eyes to look at Jimin who is nonchalantly looking at the sniper in his hands.

"Again, wrong answer" Jimin lets out a low chuckle, pointing the sniper back toward Jackson who is already trembling in fear.

He is about to pull the trigger, licking his bottom lip full with anticipation while flashing his usual evil smirk at the terrified Jackson who is already kneeling before him.

Jackson is already a crying mess, begging for Prince's mercy continuously.

"P-please.. Please Prince.. I.. I beg you.. I.."

Jackson then stops, inhaling a sharp breath when he hears the guy behind him pulling a trigger after Jimin nods his head, motioning his hitman to do the job.

Jungkook is about to release the shot, eyes flashing in excitement, but he quickly stops when suddenly Jimin raises his index finger, signaling his man to not fire the gun.

"This is no fun, right Jackson?" Prince asks in his eerily sweet voice, winking his eye before he continues, "How about I give you three days to fucking find BamBam and bring him to me or..."

Jimin stops, raising his eyebrows while poking his tongue at the angle of his plushy lips, rolling his eyes to look straight into Jackson's trembling pupils, "I'll kill your beloved, sweet grandparents right in front of you-"


Jackson's head suddenly turns to the left side, feeling a stinging pain on his cheek with a bloody taste on his lips, before another backhand lands on the other side of his face.

He shakes his head, feeling slightly dizzy with the slaps he has received, before he lifts his head only to see Beomgyu ready to give him one last smash on his face.

"You know I can kick you straight on your face, or.. my guys here can do it for me,
but lets just say I'm extra generous today, hmm? You go and bring BamBam to me in three days and I will let your grandparents live. Don't even think about asking for another gangs' help, you don't want to risk your grandparents having an extremely painful death, right?" Jimin threatens the boy with his terrifyingly sweet voice while he stands up from the chair, lightly slapping Jackson's cheek a few times before he calls his men to go to their next destination.

Beomgyu kicks the sniper a few meters away from the chair while Jungkook pushes Jackson's head with his gun's grip, reminding him one last time about his due date before the two of them go out from the gun shop.

"Prince, where are we heading next?" Jungkook calmly asks, twirling the car key in his index finger while waiting for his boss's order.

Jimin is looking at his phone, furrowing his eyebrows in displeasure before he tsks at the text he just received.

"Send me to my father's mansion. I need to ask him about the Sapphire."

It is ten minutes after Jimin and his men left the scene when Yoongi arrives, face furrowing in confusion when he sees a 'closed' signboard hanging on the shop's wooden door.

He presses the bell a few times, waiting for Jackson to answer the door but it doesn't happen.


This shop rarely closes unless they have some emergency going on.

Jackson said that he often eats lunch in the shop while waiting for his customers so that's why they don't have resting hours.

Did something happen?


Yoongi calls, knocking on the door after he tries to peek inside the shop from the medium sized glass window situated beside the door.


Yoongi stops when the door opens, only to gasp in surprise to see his sister's friend's face is painted with bruises and a cut on the right side of his lips.

"Yoongi, what are you doing here?" Jackson hisses with wide eyes, glancing at the outside's surrounding before he pulls Yoongi to step inside his shop.

He quickly closes the door, locking it with his still trembling hands before he turns around to look at Yoongi who is frowning at him.

"What happened, Jackson?" Yoongi slowly whispers his question, eyeing the bruises and cuts on Jackson's face and hands.

He suspects that there must be some bruises as well on the other parts of the guy's body, but Yoongi cannot tell whether it's true or not because Jackson is wearing a dark brown long sleeved loose shirt and sweatpants, which is odd because Jackson always loves to show off his well built body.

"N-nothing, Yoongi. S-so, what's up? Why are you here?" Jackson quickly asks, internally cussing himself for stuttering, before he lifts his face when Yoongi clicks his tongue.

"I know something is wrong. What did do you do now, Jackson? What other troubles did you get yourself into now?" Yoongi presses, crossing his arms while waiting for the other boy to answer his question.

"I did nothing, Yoongi! That's the problem! I did fucking nothing and.. and now I have to find someone to save my ass!"

Jackson is already sitting on the chair, harshly rubbing his face a few times before he roughly tugs his blond hair, extremely suffocated with his situation right now.

He couldn't risk his grandparents's lives...


But then, searching for BamBam when that person is not even apart of their world means he is asking for a death sentence from that other 'creature.'

What is Prince up to right now?

Why does he need to find and deal with an elf now?

And knowing so well that Prince is not only looking for just a normal elf, but BamBam, the next in line for the throne in the elves' land makes Jackson's stomach twist anxiously.

He's looking for the next ruler of that type of magical creature, the elves' future king; and knowing The Parks so well, Jackson knows that it will never be good news to face with.

He's stuck in the middle of a death end.

There's no doubt that either way he will only face with death but then, at least he still has some hope from the elves, right?



Or... Maybe he will end up being killed by the elves themselves and his grandparents will never know about it.

Taking a deep breath while cursing out a few lines of profanities, Jackson then abruptly stands up with a new set of determinations in his mind.


"Yoongi, have you seen Mark these past few days? Weeks? Or.. during the last couple months?"

"N-no. I only saw him when he was with you and I only saw you when you bought stuff at the convenient shop I work at or whenever you came to pick up my sister" Yoongi answers with a thin line in between his brows, twisting his lips in discomfort when he remembers about Mark, Jackson's ex-lover.

He knew they were lovers because Yoongi once caught those two fucking behind this store when his sister asked him to get some mysterious box from Jackson one and a half years ago.

And the last time Yoongi saw him, Mark was shouting at Jackson's face, cussing the guy out for defending Yoongi's sister.

Mark always screams trouble in Yoongi's opinion.

He's the one who brought Jackson and his sister into the gang world and now look at them - his sister ended up missing without any news for months and Jackson involved himself with deep shit that Yoongi didn't want to know about.

"Fucking shit!" Jackson curses, punching his head thrice with his fist before he stops, taking a deep breath just when he looks straight into Yoongi's eyes.

"You need guns, right Yoongi? I'll give you the best guns I have in this store. Just promise me you will take care of yourself and your family. I probably won't be there to help you."

"As if you always are there to help me anyway," Yoongi snorts, mocking the guy with his sarcasm.

It was quiet for a moment, with Jackson looking like he was having something in mind - probably planning something, anything to save himself and his grandparents while Yoongi quietly looking at the guns and snipers laying neatly inside the glass counters and on the wall.

Yoongi doesn't know anything about weapons - he is not his noona, but he needs to pay attention to it now.

He needs to do this for the sake of his family's safety.

He is their protector now, and he will make sure to shield and guard his family till his last breath.

That's his promise.

Yoongi is eyeing a few guns inside the glass counter, but then he quickly turns when he hears Jackson is pulling a trigger behind him.

Looking at the other boy with wide eyes, heart beating hysterically fast while staring at Jackson's slightly disturbing smile, Yoongi then takes a few steps back when Jackson points the sniper he held at him.

"You are looking for guns, I will give you these guns for free. I'll teach you how to shoot them before I have to leave town tonight to search for someone. Let's go downstairs, Yoongi."


It was his fourth day working as the Petal in The Sakura, but Yoongi already knows that he wouldn't want to be stuck here forever.

He will only stay probably until he successfully pays his sister's debts and is completely sure that he has enough money to provide for his family.

It is hard to leave the hospital, especially when his mother and Hoseok are starting to ask about his new job, probably starting to feel curious about the sudden cash Yoongi has.

"Do you need to leave for your job again tonight, hyung?" Hoseok asked, feeding their mother with the chicken and rice porridge the hospital provided. He took a glance at Yoongi who was walking around the hospital room.

"I have to. We need money, right Seok-ah" Yoongi calmly replied, placing a set of extra clothes inside his backpack.

He doesn't need it for his time in Sakura, he needs these clothes to wear when his shift ends the next day to go back to the hospital.

"Can't you.. Can't you find another job, Yoongi? Probably one that doesn't require you to work at night? Mom is just very concerned about you, Yoongi-ah. You always leave for work at 4.30 pm and only come back the next day at nine in the morning-"

"That's because they provide us breakfast, mom. I told you, right?" Yoongi quickly interrupted, trying to lessen his mom's worries.

"Ah! The grilled beef burger you brought this morning was delicious, hyung!" Hoseok excitedly beams, flinching in pain when their mom pinched his arm.

"Hoseok-ah, I thought you were concerned about Yoongi's working hour?" their mother, Min Hyeri glared at her youngest son, before she rolled her eyes to look at Yoongi who was already done packing.

"Yoongi, it's still dangerous out there. Y-you know that they are still hunting for.. for us, r-right?" his mother tried to convince him, but then she sighed in defeat when Yoongi only replied by placing a kiss on her head.

"I'll take care of myself, mom. I promise. I.. I already have that settled with Jackson and Ye Ji. So you don't have to worry, yeah? Just make sure you tell Ye Ji if you want to go somewhere. Don't go anywhere without her, okay? And that applies to you too, Seok-ah" Yoongi warned, giving a glare at Hoseok to make his point clearer before he pinched his brother's cheek when Hoseok replied with a smile and an okay sign with his fingers.

"I'll go now, mom. I love you"

"Suga? Suga?" Daniel calls, waving his hand in front of the Petal before he offers a cheeky grin when Yoongi shifts his glance to look at him.

"Hi!" Daniel greeted again, now pulling a cute male who was busy talking to a few customers to greet Yoongi.

"This is Sung Woon but he goes by Sky as his nickname here" Daniel whispers, looking around just in case anyone is eavesdropping.

"Hi! I'm so excited to meet you!" Sung Woon beams, offering his hand for a handshake which Yoongi hesitantly takes.

"He's an Angel too" Daniel informs, lips still splitting to form a smile.

"Ah.. And what are you doing here? C-can Angels roam around here? I thought yours are upstairs?" Yoongi confusedly asks, body suddenly spasms when he feels someone running their fingers against his bare tummy.

He really hates his outfit right now - a light peach coloured crop top to match with very tight jeans with a huge hole exposing his left upper thigh.

Screw Jennie and Nayeon for offering themselves to dress Yoongi up even though he is not even an Angel!

Usually Petals don't have personal specific dressers or makeup artists, leaving them to dress up by The Sakura's general stylists and beauticians, which still is enough to make them look very pretty - just expected by The Sakura to provide only the best boys and girls in their highly exclusive brothel.

But here Yoongi is, being excitedly dolled up by those two pretty girls just to make him look extremely beautiful despite only being a Petal.

Nobody in The Sakura dares to question about the special treatment Yoongi gets because they know that everything in the brothel only happens with Hwasa's approval and asking the woman's decision is something that never crosses their minds because the woman takes very good care of them.

Besides, Yoongi is the highest paid Virgin Petal to date so who dares to even complain about it?

He deserves every single special treatment in the brothel.

And everyone in the brothel agreed that if it was someone else who won the bid, Yoongi would have ended up as his bidder's exclusive Angel.

Too bad it was that specific someone who is famous for not having an exclusive Angel who won Yoongi that night.

"Angels can roam around anywhere here in Sakura. Just don't come close to certain private floors. We'll get into big trouble if we do that" Sung Woon winks, eyeing the man who still lingers around Yoongi.

That unknown man is a good looking man, nobody will disagree about it but the hunger and thirst linger around his face and body language disturbing Sung Woon alot, especially when he knows so well that Petals don't have to sleep with the customers without a special request from the brothel - and that formal request needs to get consent from the Petals themselves to be forwarded to Hwasa.

Some pleas even involve their Aphrodite to give the green light.

They are now in the calmer section of the main playground, surrounded with piano and saxophone played by The Sakura's talented Petals.

There is a more exciting area at the opposite side of the ground floor, with loud music booming around and explicit performances by Petals and Angels, depending on the schedules decided by The Sakura.

Yoongi heard that in five minutes time there will be a strip dancing performed by Kai and another five Angels, making this area quieter than before.

He's not a big fan of that area, having people groping and squeezing his ass carelessly when he dances with his customer on the dance floor on his first day and that's probably the reason why he's not earning much right now.

He knows its normal for the Petals to be groped like that, especially when the customers just walk away instead of trying to touch more.

Yoongi quickly turns around when he feels hot breath on his nape, only to meet eyes with a young guy who is looking at Yoongi with heavy lust in his eyes.

"Hey pretty. Are you an Angel? I'm hoping you are not an exclusive one" the guy greets, running his tongue across his lower lip while waiting for Yoongi's response.

Yoongi flinches again when he feels the guy's hand on his cheek, taking a few steps back when he notices that the guy is trying to move forward.

"He's not interested. Please go away" Daniel states, wrapping his fingers around Yoongi's wrist before he pulls the boy to hide behind him.

"And who are you, gorgeous? Judging from the hickeys on your neck, must be an Angel"

"An exclusive one" Daniel retorts, glancing at Sung Woon who seems to look around to find their bodyguards.

"How about I make that beauty over there my exclusive one? I'll pay as much as he wants me to" the customer offers, still eyeing the beautiful milky skinned guy who seems to glare at the floor with a frown on his face.

He is about to take another step forward even though both Angels tell him not to when suddenly he feels someone grabbing his arm.

"Eun Ho-ssi, the Petal is not interested. I'm sure you know it's against The Sakura's rules to force Petals and Angels to serve you if they don't want to. You have been our regular for three years now, I'm sure you know this information so well" Yohan explains, fingers still tightly wrapped around Eun Ho's arm.

He only let go when Eun Ho harshly pulls his arm away, clicking his tongue in annoyance before he eyes Suga one last time.

"I'm only trying to convince him to be my exclusive Angel. It will be such a waste for a beauty like him to not be an Angel" Eun Ho replies, licking his tongue when he sees Yoongi's crop top suddenly sliding down, revealing his left shoulder and collar bone.

"What say you, Petal?" Yohan asks in a very tense voice. He looks at Yoongi with an unreadable facial expression, silently hoping the Petal won't reject the offer.

He knows that it won't happen though, even if the Petal agrees - that's the silent rule that Hwasa told him when she asked Yohan to silently look out for Suga a few days ago.

"I'm.. I'm not interested" Yoongi slowly replies, but still dared to lift his head to look straight at the customer's face.

Eun Ho scoffs, letting out another tsk before he tries to move himself toward Yoongi.

"I'll pay you 1.5 million won every single time you sleep with me" Eun Ho tries to offer again, eyes pleadingly looking at the Petal who was now glaring at him.

"I said I'm not interested" Yoongi quickly replies, voice louder than before.

Eun Ho opens his mouth to say more, but then stops when he sees Hwasa is already standing beside him, squeezing his shoulder in a firm grip.

"Is there anything I can help with, Eun Ho-ssi" Hwasa asks in a polite manner, flashing a smile towards the guy who already scrunches his face in distaste.

"I want to write a formal request for having this Petal as my exclusive Angel" said Eun Ho, face full with determination.

Hwasa took a quick glance at Yoongi who glares at the customer with a scowl on his face, clearly not wanting any business exchange with the hard headed man.

Clearing her throat, Hwasa then calmly wraps her hand around Eun Ho's arm.

"He's unavailable. He currently belongs to one of our VVVIP and I can assure you that you don't want to have any problems with that VVVIP," Hwasa starts, leaning closer to Eun Ho's ear to whisper her next words. "That VVVIP really hates if anyone touches anything that belongs to him. It can risk yours and your family's lives"

Eun Ho's face suddenly goes pale, all limbs feel cold at the words spoken by the brothel's manager.

He turns his face to look at the smiling Hwasa, feeling extremely terrified at the possibility of fucking up with the wrong person.


"How about this, Eun Ho-ssi. Our Angels are beautiful, I tell you. I will show you some of our Angels that I think you'll like and you choose which one you are interested with. How's that?" Hwasa suggests, face still flashing with her pretty smile.

Eun Ho takes a quick peek at Yoongi, the breathtakingly attractive Petal who caught his attention since the first time he saw the beautiful Petal three days ago but after a quick thought, he then turns to Hwasa and nods his head, agreeing to accept the lady's offer.

Taking another glance at Yoongi, Eun Ho then starts to step away toward the bar after telling Hwasa he will wait for her to discuss about the Angels there.

"Are you okay, Suga?" Hwasa gently asks, fixing the clothes that dropped off Yoongi's shoulder.

"I'm fine it's just that.. I.. I thought the customers couldn't touch me-"

"He touched him. I saw when he felt Suga's bare skin" Sung Woon interrupted, glancing away when Hwasa turns her face to look at him.

"Is it true, Suga?"

Yoongi quietly nods his head, biting his lower lip in nervousness.

Am I in trouble now?

Will Hwasa kick me out?

"Has it happened before? Has any other customer touched you inappropriately before?" Hwasa asks in a very concerned voice, glaring at Yohan who is anxiously looking at him.

"No. It's just him and some when I was dancing on the dance floor but I couldn't recognise them well because of the crowd. B-but some have asked me whether I'm interested to be an Angel" Yoongi shrugs, knitting his eyebrows together while internally counting the numbers of customers who have asked him to be their Angel.

"How many?"


"How many customers have asked you to be their Angel?"

"I... Ummm.."

"It's okay, Suga. Just tell him" Daniel supports, gently squeezing Yoongi's arm once before he lets it go.

"He's the twentieth person who has asked me tonight-"

"And now it is only eight pm. Oh wow!" Sung Woon cuts in, looking at Yoongi with wide eyes.

"Why are you not even an Angel, Suga?" he adds, sparkling eyes staring at the beauty with fondness.

"We'll talk about this later, okay? Just.. Please don't accept anyone to be your Master for the time being, okay Suga?" Hwasa gently pleads, glancing at Daniel before she quickly fixes the boy's hair.

Yoongi just obediently nods his head, offering a small smile when Hwasa offers a glass of Martini to him and the other two Angels.

"I have to go now to deal with Eun Ho. Don't let the customers touch you if you are uncomfortable, yeah? And I've checked, you already have served five so far, correct?"

"Yeah, I just have a little chat and sit with them for awhile before they go to the other Petals. I'll talk to you about it tomorrow, if you don't mind?" Yoongi hesitantly replies, scratching his nape before he takes another sip of his Martini.

"Yeah, I would love that. Just come to me when you see me, okay?"


With a gentle squeeze on his shoulder, Hwasa takes a few steps away from them, signalling Yohan who was quietly observing the conversation to follow her.

"What are you doing? You are supposed to protect him!" Hwasa half whispers half hisses when they are far from the three boys.

"I'm sorry. I went to pee for a few minutes and when I came back to my spot, I saw Eun Ho already trying to touch Suga" Yohan slowly explains, tugging his hair a few times while waiting for his boss to scold him.

"I've told you not to leave him alone. Eyes should be on him every single second the moment he steps out on the playground. You know Prince will kill you if he knows that someone touched Suga, right? I don't want you to get hurt, Yohan!"

"I know! I'm sorry. I promise it will never happen again"

"You better, Yohan. I've told you what to expect from Prince if you mess up, right?"

"Yes, I remember, Bell. I.. I will try my best. I'm sorry again" Yohan replies, voice lower than before. His head hanging low, too embarrassed to look at Hwasa straight on her face.

"Just make sure he's safe. If you need anyone to be your backup, just let me know, hmm?"

Yohan slowly nods his head, quickly goes back to his former spot to keep an eye on Suga once Hwasa leaves to meet Eun Ho.

I cannot mess this up.

Don't you dare mess this up, Yohan!

Or else.

Prince will definitely kill you.

It was an hour later when Daniel and Sung Woon had to go back to the Angel's floor because their Masters already arrived, bidding their goodbye to Yoongi and promising him that they will talk again.

And Yoongi,

the beautiful Petal is left alone again.

He is quietly looking around the playground area, sipping his lemonade, a safe drink to prevent himself from getting drunk.

Gulping his remaining drink in one go, he then decides to find his next customer, wanting to earn as many tips as possible.

The only maximum amount he earned the past few days was 300,000 won per night, struggling to get customers to entertain because he's still new and wouldn't allow them to touch him inappropriately. Besides, most customers wanted to bed the Angels so it was hard to find someone who just wanted to have Petals to serve them.

He said he will pay 1.5 million won per night.

It will be easier to gather the money for the debt if I just be an Angel, right?

And.. And you don't have anything to lose anymore, Yoongi. After your experience with that thug, there must be nothing worse than that.

Should.. Should I just ask Bell to let me be an Angel?

She will allow me, right?

Yoongi was still in his deep thoughts when suddenly a tall man with blond hair suddenly appeared, standing right in front of him.

The handsome man offered a smile, tucking Yoongi's hair behind his ear before he stepped away to carefully look at Yoongi.

"Hey Angel, can I buy you a drink?" he gently asked, motioning Yoongi to sit on the bar stool beside him.

Yoongi silently observes him up and down a few times, nodding his head in agreement before he lands his butt to sit on the stool.

"What do you want, Angel?"

"I'm a Petal"


"I'm a Petal" Yoongi repeats, looking straight into the man's amusing eyes.

"Aaahh.. That's unfortunate. Someone gorgeous like you should be an Angel" the guy winks, raising his finger to call for the bartender to order their drinks.

"Champagne?" he offers, smiling when Yoongi nods, before he orders a glass of brandy for himself.

"So, what's your name?" the guy starts, turning his body to fully face Yoongi.

"Suga. You?"

"I'm Jin" he replies, hand already resting on Yoongi's waist.

It's not threatening and Yoongi doesn't feel uncomfortable so he just lets Jin put his hand on his waist for the time being.

"I saw you, at the auction. I was bidding for you but your price got too high so I stopped at 1.5 billion won before someone came and chopped my head off" Jin jokes, letting out a short chuckle before he gently pushes Yoongi's drink towards him.

Suga is quiet, silenly sipping his sprite while taking a few glances at the handsome man before him.

"It's not that I'm not interested, it's just that I might be in trouble if I spent that amount of money for a bidding, not that I don't want to. You are worth it" Jin suddenly spoke, smirking in triumph when he sees pretty pink blush adorning Yoongi's chubby cheeks.

"You're so cute, you know that, gorgeous?" the handsome man added, hand bold enough to caress Yoongi's cheek.

Jin was about to wrap his arm around Yoongi's waist, wanting to bring the Petal closer to him but stops when he notices someone is approaching them through his peripheral view.

Turning his head toward the person, hand still lingering on Yoongi's bare waist, he then flashes a smile to the familiar face.


"Kim Seokjin-ssi" Yohan greets, offering the man the same welcoming smile.

He is quiet for a few seconds, glancing at Yoongi who looks suspiciously calm with the customer, before he turns his head to look at Seokjin who is eye-fucking the Petal.

"Is everything okay here?" Yohan tries, side glancing at Yoongi who silently sips his drink.

"Yeah, I'm just appreciating a beauty over here. Probably can win him to be my exclusive Angel. Who knows" Jin nonchalantly answers, shrugging his shoulders before he runs his fingers to brush on Yoongi's smooth cheek.

A shiver runs down all over Yoongi's body, not having this experience with anyone touching him like that.


Probably it's okay if I serve him as my Master.

He bit his lips, mind running a thousands miles per second, contemplating his life choice right now.

Screw dignity and being a prude!

He should have been over it the moment he let that bidder.. that scary thug to fuck his holes without even caring how embarrassed and worthless he feels.

That man didn't even look at him like he's a human being, fucking him mercilessly like he's just like a fucking toy!

There's nothing to lose.

Not anymore.

You need the money, Yoongi.

As long as you get the money, it's okay.

Mom and Hoseok will be safe and.. and they can live happily like they deserve.

It's okay, Yoongi.

And.. And Jin doesn't look like he will hurt you..


Yoongi quickly shakes his head, leaving his thoughts when he feels someone squeezing his arm.


Yohan tries again, giving a small smile when Yoongi finally lifts his head to look at him.


"How about you? Are you okay? Is everything fine here?" Yohan asks, smiling a little bit when he saw Yoongi's cute pout - probably trying to understand his question better.

"Yeah. Everything is fine. It's.. It's alright, I guess?" Yoongi replies, biting his lips when he sees Jin smiling wider at him.

"If you need anything, just let me know, okay? I will be nearby so don't worry. But.. Jessi called me about the club's filing system and I have to go upstairs for a few minutes, if that's okay with you?" Yohan informs, only starting to walk away after Yoongi replies with a soft 'okay' and him telling Yoongi to take care of himself while he's upstairs for a few times.

"Ahhh.. Personal bodyguard?" Jin calmly asks as soon as Yohan walks a few meters away from them.

Yoongi just shrugs, opting to play with the lose thread around his pants' hole.

"Well, it's normal to have one.. or maybe a few if you are the most expensive Virgin Petal, tho"

A thin line appears in between Yoongi's brows, suddenly feeling uncomfortable at the mention of him being the most expensive Virgin Petal in The Sakura.

"And what about it?" Yoongi asks, brows still forming in agitation.

"Just asking, feisty. Don't be too defensive about it. I'm one of the bidders, remember?" Jin replies, fingers tapping on Yoongi's bare waist, before he rests his hand on the Petal's thigh.

Jin boldly caresses Yoongi's bare thigh through the hole in his pants, smirking before he lifts his head to look at Yoongi's face.

"I wonder who's the one who won the bid that night" said Jin, who was still caressing Yoongi's thigh eventhough Yoongi tries to brush his hand away.


"Can you tell me who it is... the one who won you that night?" Jin asks in a very sweet voice, another hand now caressing Yoongi's cheek.

"I.. I don't know" Yoongi stutters, now trying to move away from Jin.

"I think you know just enough" Jin whispers, hands now gripping tight on Yoongi's waist.

"I.. I really don't-"

"He said he doesn't know about it, Jin" a female's voice suddenly booms from Jin's back, hand pressing a pocket pistol against Jin's side.

Jin lets out a short chuckle, smirking before he pushes his tongue against his inner cheek.

"Momo-ssi, long time no see" he scoffs, letting out a short laugh when he feels the girl pressing the gun harder on his waist.

"I don't think it's a good idea to shoot me here, sexy"

"Oh babe, you don't know how excited I am to shoot you right now" Momo replies, peeking at Yoongi from Jin's shoulder, before she opens her maroon coloured lips to speak her next words.

"Let go of him, Jin"

"Put your gun away from me first, princess"

"I'm not your Princess" Momo tries to hit Jin's head with the back of her gun but couldn't do so when her wrist is being held tight by Jin.

Leaning closer to Momo who is glaring daggers at him, Jin then sweetly whispers his words near the girl's ear.

"You were my Princess when we f-"

A slap landed on Jin's cheek, making the guy bitterly chuckle before he tightens his grip around the girl's wrist.


He then stops, twisting his head to look at his back. Yoongi is already standing up, wanting to walk away from whatever shit is happening right now.

"Suga, where are you going?" Jin asks, offering a smile which Yoongi is now feeling uncomfortable with.

"I think I should go. I.. I don't think I should interrupt-" said Yoongi, who was now looking around the area. There are only ten people in the area but everyone doesn't seem to pay any attention to them, too busy with their own business.

Besides, nobody wanted to deal with unnecessary fight in The Sakura - too scared to be blacklisted by the club and involved in fights outside the brothel.

"Nah.. You're not interrupting us, sweetheart. Just a short greeting in between exes" Momo interjects, harshly pulling her hand from Jin's tight grip.

"Don't you dare come close to him" Momo quickly hisses at Jin, standing up from her stool while putting her pistol inside her leather jacket's pocket, before she walks closer towards Yoongi.

"Hi pretty, I'm Momo" Momo greeted along with her friendly smile, offering her hand for Yoongi to shake.

Biting his bottom lip with a bit hesitancy in his soul, Yoongi carefully takes her hand for a short hand shake which earns a giggle from the girl.

"You're cute. Guess me and my ex have the same taste in boys"

Yoongi just awkwardly nods his head, too stunned to even do anything.

Is this really the way how underground people greet their exes?

By pointing a gun at each other?

"So, you are new here?" Momo starts, glaring at Jin who was trying to push her away.


"I have never seen you before?"

She then stops when she hears Jin chuckle behind her, turning her head to look at Jin who is now lighting his smoke.

"Stop pretending to be an idiot, Momo. I know you're lying" Jin says, blowing smoke right in the girl's face.

Scrunching her face in disgust, she then shifts her attention back to Yoongi who is still standing before her.

"You're an Angel?"

"Petal. Which is impossible because he's the most expensive Virgin Petal in Sakura as of last week. Couldn't imagine an expensive Virgin Petal couldn't make it as an Angel" Jin comments, ignoring the glare that comes from Momo.

"I'm not asking you-"

"I'm just telling you what other people in Sakura's know. Well, at least those who are rich enough to even join the auction"

"And why would you help me with that?"

"Aaaahh.. So.. Are you here trying to spy on him?" Jin guesses, hand closer to his lips to take another drag of smoke.

Momo blinks her eyes a few times, lips opened and closed for awhile before a scowl appears on her face.

"Just fuck off, Jin! How can I spy on someone who I didn't even know until tonight? Just stop with your bullshit now!"

They were glaring at each other for a good two minutes, before they heard someone clearing his throat; trying to get their attention throughout the tense air between the two of them.

"I have to take Suga to meet someone now," Yohan starts, offering his usual smile when he finally gets the attention from Jin and Momo.

"Oh, really? That's sad because I was just about to get to know him" Momo replies, mirroring the same smile to Yohan before she glances at Yoongi who is now standing beside the boy.

"Ah, maybe later, if Suga agrees to it," Yohan gives a short reply, motioning Yoongi to follow him towards the entrance of the bar.

"See you later, gorgeous" Jin sweetly speaks, landing a chaste kiss on Yoongi's cheek, which makes the boy slightly jump on his spot.

I take back my words.

I don't think I want him to be my Master.

He.. he seems suspicious.

Why did he even want to know about that thug?

"See you wherever we see each other, Petal," Momo starts, leaning closer and she wraps her arm around Yoongi's shoulders for a loose hug, before she whispers her next words.

"Watch your back. Don't easily trust people, okay?"

She then lets go of Yoongi, winking her eye before she takes a few steps away from him.

"Bye!" she adds, letting out another giggle when Yoongi quickly waved his hand before he follows Yohan to go towards the more crowded area.

Momo was about to take her steps when suddenly Jin harshly tugs her arm and pulls her to the more private area inside the large room.

"What the hell do you want from him, Momo?!" Jin growls, glaring at the girl who was now pushing him away from her.

"And what are you planning on doing with him?!" Momo hisses, having the same glare on her face.

"That's none of your business!"

"Ahh.. Is it having to do with your gang?-"


"It's weird, isn't it? Having the Kim's most trusted right-handed man and a very sharp sniper at that suddenly interested in the most expensive Virgin Petal in Sakura-"

"Momo!" Jin warns with his threatening voice, fingers gripping the girl's cheeks, stopping her from uttering her remaining words.

"One word about me, my identity and The Kim's, and I will never think twice on shooting you and your whole gang right in the skulls, get it?" he whispers, brushing his lips against Momo's soft cheek before he roughly lets go of her face after the girl quickly nods her head.

"I hope you keep my words in your pretty little head, hmm?" the guy continues with a sweet voice, smirking when Momo only glares at him.

A phone call suddenly interrupts their moment together, making Jin take a few steps away from Momo as soon as he sees the caller's ID.

"Yes King," he answers, winking at Momo who obviously knows who is on the phone, before he shifts his attention back to the caller.

"I'm out now. Nothing's fun here anyway. Someone just spoiled it for me" Jin replies before he ends the call.

Glancing back at Momo who is still looking at him like she's planning for his burial, the guy then leans in closer, leaving a peck near the girl's lips which makes Momo roughly push him away.

"Fuck off!" Momo almost shouts, wiping the area that has been kissed by her ex with the back of her hand, which also ironically was the sniper from the other big gang in the underground world.

"I hope we won't meet here again, Momo. Not when I'm aiming for Suga to be my exclusive Angel right now. Keep it in mind before you do something stupid that will only end up with death" Jin warns, glancing at the girl from his shoulder before he fixes his leather jacket and starts to walk towards the room's entrance door.

I wouldn't let you be near Suga.

Not when it's obvious that you only want him for something else.


After having a long lecture by Hwasa and Ong about calling for Yohan if things getting uncomfortable and threatening, Yoongi ends up staying at the Angels' main floor the next night.

It was slightly uncomfortable and worrying for Yoongi because first, he's not apart of the Angels and second, he's so sure that most customers on this floor wouldn't even need his service at all.

Why would they need him when they can straight away pay for the Angels who would end up in bed with them for the next few hours?

Suga is biting his straw, nervously listening to the words said by the Angels around him.

"So, obviously you don't need to be very expensive for you to end up as an Angel. As long as you are good in bed, the bidder will definitely make you an Angel."

"Don't you think it's weird being sold in an extremely high price but not ending up as their exclusive Angel? Are you that bad, Suga?"

"Hush you, darlings. Prince bought me too when I was a Virgin Petal. He's just like that, you know? But I think if anyone deserves to be his exclusive one, it will definitely be me!" Kai suddenly interrupts, beautiful face smug while uttering his words.

"You served him more than four times, yeah? I heard he usually won't sleep more than once with the Angels; guess he favours you the most" a pretty Angel responded, letting out a hum before he munches a slice of watermelon.

The Angels' floor is definitely different than The Sakura's main playground on the ground floor where Petals compete with each other to grab the customers' attention.

Here it is more relaxing and calm, soft music lingering around the whole floor and the Angels seem so chill, having them do more explicit stuff with their Masters and customers on the Angels' upper floors or their designated rooms in the brothel.

More exciting and loud stuff happens on the main playground anyway, and the Angels are free to go there when they don't have to serve their Masters and customers, so there is no need to complain about the serene atmosphere they have on their floors.

Besides, most customers who wish to spend time with the Angels will choose the available ones with Hwasa and her assistants anyway, so again, no need for the tense and competitive air between the choosen Angels to suffocate the whole floors.

"How was it spending time with Prince? He never chooses me though" an Angel named Ai pouted, resting her chin on her fist while waiting for someone to respond to her question.




Yoongi internally answers her question, glancing at the few Angels who seem so eager to answer her.

"He's fantastic!"

"I loved it when he choked me. Almost make me cum whenever he fucked me hard"

"Oh! Oh! And when he spits on my butthole. Fuck! Now I hope he comes here right now and chooses me to be his fuck toy for tonight!"

Yoongi scrunches his face in disgust, silently judging those Angels who seem to be too desperate to have Jimin to fuck them again.

What masochists.

I would have rather had someone else to win me that night than having him fuck my holes like I'm an object.

"Is he a great kisser?" another Angel, a boy with a minty green coloured hair curiously asked, making Yoongi turn his head to look at him.


"I.. I don't know.."

"Has he kissed you before, Kai?" another Angel who was one of Prince's fuck holes hesitantly asks, making the said Angel suddenly turn bright red.

"Uhh.. W-well, everyone knows that he doesn't kiss and.. and he doesn't eat us out-"

"What?! Then you missed the most fun and the great part of it!" Yenny complains, frowning her face with the news she learned about the brothel's owner.

Yoongi suddenly snorts, feeling that the whole conversation itself is funny before he nervously gulps the lump in his throat when he feels that all the attention is on him right now.

"What's so funny?" Kai asks, raising his eyebrow while glaring at the only Petal on the floor.


"You're not trying to make fun of us, right?" Andrew, one of the Angels with a mix blood spits his question at Yoongi, face clearly upset with the sudden snort coming from the newcomer.

"NO! No! I... Ummm..."

Think, Yoongi!


Just say anything!


"I was only wondering what it will feel like to have a kiss" Yoongi half lied - not that he is curious about what a kiss feels like.

But looking at the reality of his life right now, he's not sure whether he will even have the chance to feel romantic love and be in love with someone.

As long as his mother and brother live, he doesn't care about some impossible and useless fairytales.

"You have never been kissed before?" Kai gasps, the scowl on his face suddenly turns into a surprised facial expression.

"Really?" a girl asks, placing her palm against her pink glossy lips to hide her shock.

Yoongi slowly nods his head, eyes carefully trained on every Angel that is staring at him.

Is it weird to not have been kissed before?

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah?" Yoongi replies, tilting his head in confusion when the Angels still look at him like he grew another head or something.

"W-what does it feels like?"

"What does what feel like, Suga?" a voice, an eerily familiar voice is suddenly on his ear, a pair of strong arms wrapping around his waist, making Yoongi shudder in fear.

He quickly twists his body to look at the person who is hugging him, eyes turned wide when he sees him standing only a few inches away from him.


"Care to share what are you talking about?" Jimin asks the Angels who are now staring at him, arms returning to snake around Yoongi's slim waist.

"Suga asked us what it feels like to have great sex" one of them teasingly answers, unaware of the changes of Jimin's facial expression.

"Aaahhh.. I see.." Jimin calmly responds, fingers now pinching the bare side of Yoongi's body, making the Petal yelp in surprise because of the little pain on his skin.

"His Master didn't pleasure him well, I guess?" Jimin adds, right hand now snaking inside Yoongi's baby blue crop top, ignoring Yoongi's effort to step away from him.

"I don't know. Prince is always fantastic in bed but Suga seems like he's not impressed with him" Kai shrugs, which makes Yoongi frown in confusion because...


Does.. Does nobody recognize him now?

They.. They don't know what Jimin looks like?!

W-what's happening?

This.. This is weird-

"Suga?" Hwasa's voice quickly pulls Yoongi away from his trance, making him abruptly twist his head to look at Hwasa who is standing beside Jimin.


"This is your customer for.. for tonight. We'll discuss this at the private room before you serve him tonight" Hwasa explains, motioning Yoongi to follow her with her hand.

"And Angels, don't just sit around here and gossip all night. Try to charm the customers on the ground floor. Who knows maybe you can be an exclusive one later" she adds, before she starts to walk towards the private section of the floor.

"Bell, I thought you said that I don't have to serve him anymore!" Yoongi hisses, turning around to see that Jimin is looking at him with a very intense gaze.

"You don't but he still has the right to give his proposals to you"

"What do you mean?"

"Jimin wants to suddenly make you his exclusive Angel, Suga" Hwasa sighs, eyes still looking straight.

She didn't need this.

Nobody needs to deal with this right now to be honest.

Not when her baby is sulking because she refused to let her join some suspicious club who stole other people's shoes to transform them into an 'art',

not when she has to deal with some customers and Angels who complained about their disagreements in doing some mild BDSM in bed,

not when Prince suddenly came to the club and demanded for Suga to serve him for the night,

and obviously not when Suga told her about her promises on not making Suga serve Prince if he didn't want to.


"Is everything alright, Suga?" Jimin's breath suddenly is on his ear, making Yoongi suddenly stop walking.

Jimin slowly snakes his arm around Yoongi's waist, enjoying the shiver that he feels on Yoongi's body.

"Nervous, huh? Want me to give you some great sex?" Jimin chuckles, clicking his tongue before he looks straight into Yoongi's trembling eyes.

"I think you should think twice before you want me to pleasure you, Suga" he warned, squeezing the Petal's waist hard which ends up with Yoongi slapping his hand away.

Yoongi just keeps quiet, taking a quick pace towards the private section without even acknowledging the man's existence.

Jimin tries to grab Yoongi's arm as soon as all three of them arrive at the private section, but the Petal quickly tugs his arm away and turns to glare at Jimin.

"I don't want to be your exclusive Angel. The Sakura told me that I can say no to anyone who I don't want to serve, so I want to tell you that no, I'm not interested in being your exclusive Angel" Yoongi quickly sputters his words, gulping in panic when he notices Hwasa is tense beside him.

He turns to look back at Jimin, only to end up being more anxious than before when he sees the man's facial expression becoming more furious than ever.

Jimin is glaring at the Petal, gaze hardening to look at the boy who dares to reject him without fear. Clenching his jaw just to suppress his inner turmoil and anger at that time, Jimin shifts his gaze to look at the pale Hwasa who is stupidly gaping at Suga.

"Hwasa, out" he orders, voice sounds so cold and low.

"W-what?" the girl blinks in confusion. She knows so well how Jimin looks like when he's pissed. As far as he never has killed anyone in the brothel, he does things that make everyone know where their places are.


"P-Prince, y-you know that he's new and.. and he doesn't k-know anything, r-right? I'll teach him well l-later, o-oka-"

"Hwasa" Jimin interjects, tilting his head to look straight into Hwasa's shaking pupils.

"Y-yes, Prince?"

"Before I get fucking pissed at you, and you really don't want me to turn berserk here, get the fuck out before I lose my patience!" Jimin growls, eyes still coldly looking directly into Hwasa's.

Taking a shaky air into her lungs, Hwasa quickly squeezes Yoongi's shoulder, taking a short glance at Jimin who is still eyeing her before she ends up leaving the room soon after.

Idly looking at what happened before him, the interaction between those two, Yoongi then silently hides his sweaty palms under his sleeves, heart beating so loud and fast that he's scared the scary man in front of him can hear.

"Well, well, well.. Now we're alone, I dare you to repeat it back" Jimin starts, cracking his neck twice, before he takes his steps towards the Petal who is now taking a few steps away from him.

Yoongi is trembling in fear, cussing himself out for being unnecessarily bold just now. He gasps in horror when he feels himself already pressed against the wall, eyes looking everywhere except at the piercing eyes belonging to his bidder.

Jimin comes closer, resting both hands beside the Petal's head, caging him against the wall with his firm body.

"Yoongi," Jimin starts with his low, honey drip voice, smirking when he senses the fear from the other boy.

"You shouldn't say that to me, you know? All you have to do is be obedient and you won't have any troubles at all" he continues, eyes looking at Yoongi who is now turning his head to look away from him.

Yoongi is shaking, he can feel his knees weaken but he refuses to back down, pretending hard to make himself look brave and strong.

This guy, this heartless thug treated him like a useless object when he touched him last week, and Yoongi doesn't want to have to deal with it anymore.

The cash is good but Yoongi can simply get anyone in this brothel to be his Master, and as bad as it can go, it wouldn't be as much of a nightmare as what he experienced during his night serving as the Virgin Petal.

He had heard through the grapevine, other exclusive Angels' Masters treating them as treasures and they all are taken care with the best treatment they could ask for.

So why must he be stuck with a monster when he can choose to have someone better to be his Master?

Yoongi lets out another sharp gasp when he feels his dick being palmed by Jimin who is now smirking, eyes glinting with some mischievous evil plan.

Jimin keeps on rubbing Yoongi's dick, biting his bottom lip when he feels the dick slowly becoming semi-hard - a satisfaction suddenly blooming in his chest.

"You want me to pleasure you? Be my exclusive Angel and you'll be pleasured by me" Jimin slowly whispers, brushing his lips against Yoongi's smooth white skin before he starts to suck his earlobe, tugging it once before he moves away just enough to look at the trembling Petal.

"P-please.. I.. I shouldn't.. I don't want to serve you.."


"I don't want to be your exclusive Angel. Y-you... I shouldn't serve you.." Yoongi replies, voice so slow that Jimin almost can't hear him. The Petal didn't even dare to lift his face, too scared to look at the man's face.

"Why? Are you scared?" Jimin asks, brushing his nose at the crook of Yoongi's neck, enjoying the sharp breath coming from his Petal, sounding so scared and weak.

It was quiet for a moment, too quiet that made Jimin lift his head, only to meet with Yoongi's wet teary eyes.

Don't cry, Yoongi.

Mom said it's okay to be scared but don't cry..

Don't let this man see you cry again..

Taking a deep, shaky breath, Yoongi slowly opens his pouty lips, eyes now looking straight into the other pair of brownish orbs.

"Y-yes. I'm scared. You make me scared"

Jimin's eyes went big, taken aback with the confession said by Yoongi.

He never had any Virgin Petal or Angel say such a thing to him.

Usually they all just say how they just want to submit, wanting him to fuck them rough and hard while begging to be taken as his exclusive Angel.

No one ever rejected him or freely told him that they were scared of him straight to his face.

You're different, Angel.

And very enchanting..

Jimin stares at Yoongi who was now still looking into his eyes. A smirk suddenly forms on his plush lips, hand slowly raised to caress Yoongi's smooth cheek.

The Petal abruptly flinches at the contact, face turning away with eyes closed when he notices how close Jimin's face is with his.

Prince just lets out a low chuckle, still smirking when he sees how the beautiful Petal still refuses to open his eyes even though Jimin already has stepped away from him.

"I'll give you a week to give me your answer, Angel" says Jimin, eyes raking all over Yoongi's body, mentally eye-fucking the breathtakingly gorgeous Angel before him.

Still turning his face away from Jimin, refusing to make eye contact with the scary thug, Yoongi then responds with a struggle to keep his voice steady, "W-what if.. What if I don't want to?"

"You will, I'll make sure you'll come and beg me to be your Master"

"I won't" Yoongi replies, voice sounding stern and assured.

Another short breathy laugh comes from the pretty plump lips, making the Petal turn his head to look at Prince who looks amazed right now.

"You know you only make me feel more excited to have you when you act like this, Angel"


A few knocks on the door stops Yoongi from finishing his question, confused eyes rolling to look at the room's door.

Jimin lets out a tsks before he makes a beeline to press the intercom after he sees Beomgyu's face through the small screen beside the door.

"What do you want, Bird?" Jimin sighs, fishing his phone out from his pocket to look if he has any texts from his people.

"I have something to tell you, Prince. Are we good to talk now?"

Jimin tilts his head, pushing his tongue against his inner cheek before he turns his body to look at Yoongi who was just idly standing in the room.

"I'll be out in three" Prince quickly replied, now taking his steps to walk towards his future exclusive Angel.

"I can't wait to bed you again, Angel" Jimin slowly whispers once he's close enough, leaving an open mouth kiss against Yoongi's bare shoulder before he brushes his lips at the back of Yoongi's ear.

"We'll meet again, Yoongi" Jimin says one last time, leaving Yoongi alone inside the room before he closes the door.

Jimin lets out a deep sigh, turning his body to face his hitman who is scrolling his phone, face frowning in distress.

"What's the matter, Bird?"

"Owl.. Owl said he already found someone who might know about the person who pretended to be you"

And that was enough to make Jimin quickly leave the brothel, head filled with plans on what to do with the person who was bold enough to use his name.

-End of Chapter Nine-

Chapter Text

"What do you mean you don't exactly know what Prince looks like?" Yoongi slowly whispers, brows knitted together in confusion before he looks around to see if anyone was eavesdropping on their conversation.

Daniel and Jihoon gulp, chewing on their bottom lips before Jihoon starts to speak.

"Well, I don't know. We Angels can't really recognize him even if he just sits next to us for an hour."

"But we know it's him once Bell brings us to his floor. Only Prince uses that floor to bed his Angels" Daniel adds, which earns a nod from Jihoon.

"But we all know he's very, very attractive... and so fucking hot! His dick..." Jihoon says while moaning in pleasure, sucking hard on the cherry red lollipop before he releases it with a loud pop.

Yoongi just scrunches his face, slightly disgusted with what the young Angel just told him.

Yeah, he is a dick.

An awful one.

"Why did you ask, Suga? Can you recognize him or something?" Daniel curiously asks, eyes still glued to Yoongi while munching his roasted chicken salad.

"NO! N-no. I.." Yoongi gulps, trying so hard to spit out his lie. "I thought I was the only one.. Y-you know? For not recognizing him after.. after that."

"Did he dick you that good, Suga?" Jihoon snorts, laughing along with Daniel who giggles at his words.

"Did.. Did he dick you good?" Yoongi retorts raising an eyebrow at the Angels because no, he still couldn't understand why the Angels, including the exclusive ones were so whipped for someone who treated them like fucking toys.

But then again, probably they love to be treated like that during sex.

Probably Yoongi just hasn't gotten used to it yet.


Probably that's how sex is supposed to feel like.

But if that is how he supposes to feel during sex, then he doesn't think he really likes sex afterall.

"Are you even listening to me, Suga? I'm already horny and semi-hard right now just by remembering how fuckingly awesome he fucked me. Too bad it was just one time and that one time was when he won the bid" Jihoon shrugs, sipping the lime juice belonging to Daniel earning him a finger flip on his forehead.

"He won you?" Yoongi asks, slowly munching his fish fillet while eyeing at Jihoon who is now looking around The Sakura's dining room - probably looking for something to eat or trying to find someone else who is more interesting to chat with.

"The bidding. I was his Virgin Petal too. Just like you. But my price was only up to 999 million won. Not as expensive as you" the adorable Angel lets out a sigh, fumbling with his fingers on the table.

Jihoon then lifts his head, eyes carefully staring at Suga who is now silently eating his fish fillet.

"What?" Yoongi slowly asks with raised eyebrows, mouth full of food.

"What does it feel like? Being the most expensive Virgin Petal up to date? To be honest, we never thought someone would be worth more than three billion won. They tried to raise Jisoo's price up to 3.1 billion won but no one bid her up to that price so.. yeah" Jihoon replies, eyes excruciatingly observing Yoongi's features up and down for a few times.

Yoongi just shrugs, gently pushing his already emptied plate, mind now starting to plan on the next food he wants to eat - probably some waffle with caramel sauce and vanilla ice-cream.

"Are you special or something?"

"Jihoon!" Daniel hisses, eyes glaring at the Angel who is now resting his chin on his fist.


"Don't. We don't talk about it" Daniel sternly replies, face clearly disapproving at the words said by the other Angel.

"It's not like a big secret or something. He will know about it sooner or later" Jihoon quickly answers with a frown on his face, before he pops his lollipop back into his mouth.

"Jihoon!" Daniel repeats, voice sterner than before. He clenches the fork he is holding, eyes still refusing to break eye contact with Jihoon who is mirroring his facial expression.

"W-what? What is it that I cannot know about?" Yoongi slowly interrupts, making the two Angels abruptly twist their heads to look at him.

"It's nothing, Suga. You will know about it later, when you spend some more time here in The Sakura. Bell herself, or maybe our Aphrodite if you are lucky enough will tell you about it themselves. So please don't worry about it for now" Daniel answers with a smile on his face, clearly trying his best not to make Suga feel curious about it.

"I still can't understand why we can't talk about it. He's probably one of them" Jihoon mumbles, frowning at Yoongi before he stands up and walks towards the desserts' booths.

"Yoongi? Yoongi? Are you okay?" Hyeri calls her son for a few times, bringing Yoongi back to reality. She raises an eyebrow to Yoongi, who is blankly blinking his eyes at her.

She observes her son for a minute, waiting for Yoongi to say something - anything; especially because he seemed to be lost in thought and stared into space for the past twenty minutes.

"Ah! It's n-nothing, mom. It's.. I was just thinking about bringing you and.. and Hoseok for a vacation. Would you love to have one?" Yoongi stutters, internally cussing himself for always sucking at lying to his mom. He then quickly ducks his head to cut his grilled beef before he shoves a spoonful of rice into his still full mouth.

Hyeri just lets out a sigh, her eyebrows pulling closer together while still attentively studying her eldest son's body language.

Yoongi is keeping a big secret from me..

She then turns her gaze to look at Hoseok who is slowly eating his food, probably indulging the tasteful and delicious foods he never has had the chance to eat before.

I'm so sorry, Yoongi-ah.. Hoseok-ah..

Mom is so sorry for being unable to be a good mother..

I'm so sorry you ended up being my sons when you deserve to live happily..

I'm so useless and incompetent..

If only..

If only both of you ended up born from a better woman...

A single tear suddenly drops down her cheek, but she quickly wipes her teary eyes before her sons have the chance to notice it.

She doesn't want to burden her sons even more - she's lost her only daughter who lives all her life protecting the whole family; Hyeri doesn't need Yoongi nor Hoseok to sacrifice themselves for her anymore.

Taking a deep, shaky breath, Hyeri then turns her head to look around at their new apartment.

It was a lot better than what they were used to - with a larger sized apartment, additional two rooms and an extra bathroom when they used to have only one bedroom with one small bathroom since forever. The buildings also are very secured, complete with guards at the entrance gate and also inside the buildings.

"Mrs. Min, are you okay?" Ye Ji quietly asks, leaning closer to the elder woman when she notices that Hyeri was deep in thought.

"Mom, are you okay?" Yoongi then asks, making Hoseok stop eating his food too to look at their mother.

Looking around the apartment once more, Hyeri then lands her gaze towards Yoongi who is sitting across the table, offering a small smile to her beloved son who she knew so well would do anything for the family.

"Can I ask you something, Yoongi-ah. I.. Mom is not angry, just curious" Hyeri starts, putting her chopsticks on her bowl filled with chicken ginseng soup.

Yoongi nervously gulps his remaining food, taking a few deep breaths before he slowly nods his head, patient yet anxiously waiting for his mom to ask her questions.

"W-where did you get this much money to earn this apartment, son? I'm.. I'm worried-"

"Mom, I told you. I'm not selling drugs or involved with gangs. I'm not physically fit for it. I don't even like fighting, remember?" Yoongi lets out a short breathy laugh, offering his adorable gummy smile to his mom.

He rarely smiles, especially that precious gummy smile of his, but for his mother, he will even sell his soul to the devil.

Hyeri responds with a smile, eyes full of love when she looks at Yoongi.

But the answer is just not enough.

She knows her son is still hiding something from her.

"Then, what kind of work do you have now? We don't even have money to even rent something smaller than this even when all four of us are working before. You bought this place, right Yoongi? I know nothing about houses and real estate, but I know this apartment cost a lot" Hyeri leans forward, slowly mouthing her thanks when she feels Ye Ji rub her arm, before she rolls her eyes to look at Yoongi.

"I.. I work with.. I work with Ye Ji" Yoongi lies, biting his tongue while silently apologizing to his mom for lying to her.

Ye Ji just looks at Yoongi with a raised eyebrow, trying so hard to read what Yoongi is trying to do, before she turns her head to look at Hyeri with a smile on her face.

"He.. He helps me with.. with my business. I give him his three months salary in advance so that he can pay the down payment for this apartment" Ye Ji lies, briefly glaring at Yoongi before she shifts her eyes back to Hyeri.

Fairies don't lie unless we have to!

Damn it, Yoongi!

Why did you drag me into this when I don't even know what you up to?!

"Ye Ji-ah" Hyeri gently calls, placing her hand above the girl's hand.

Ye Ji abruptly snaps her head to look at the woman, blinking her eyes a few times before she realizes she is out in trance for a while.

"Y-yes Mrs. Min?"

"Call me mom, Ye Ji-ah"

"M-mom" Yoongi interrupts, biting his lips when his mom just glares at him.

"She helps us a lot, Yoongi. If.. If she wasn't there when they attacked us a few weeks ago.. Probably.. Probably we would already be dead-"

"Mom!" Hoseok glares, clicking his tongue disapprovely, eyes already wet with tears.

"Mom.." Yoongi slowly whispers, blinking his tears away before he stands up and makes a beeline towards his mom, wrapping his arms around her fragile little body.

"I'll do everything I can to protect you and Hoseok. I'll do anything, mom" Yoongi continues, kissing his mother's hair continuously before he sniffles, wiping his tears and snot with the back of his hand.

The beautiful pale skinned boy lets out a breathy laugh when his mom coos and kisses his wet cheeks a few times, tightening his hug around his beloved mother.

"I'm so so lucky to have you and Hoseok and your sister as my children. I don't know what good deeds I've done in the past to be so lucky" Hyeri mumbles her words in the crook of Yoongi's neck; her smile is the widest in years even when tears start to stream down her cheeks.

"No mom. We're lucky to have such a great and strong woman to be our mother" Yoongi replies, pulling Hoseok up from his chair to embrace his world in his arms, feeling so light and safe for the first time in years.

"Even if I die now, I won't have any regrets. Well, I hope your sister will come back to us before I close my eyes but other than that, I'm the happiest right now. I got to feel living in a very comfortable and big apartment with my beloved children which I never even dared to dream before, having us and Ye Ji eating breakfast and lunch together.. and look! I even get to eat all the foods I wish I could eat before I leave this world! Chicken ginseng soup, abalone.. you even brought me some good korean beef yesterday, Yoongi. I'm so happy. I'm so so happy"

Hyeri beams, wiping her tears with her sleeve before she laughs - and she hasn't laughed and felt this blissful for years!

Yoongi flashes his happy gummy smile to his mom, wiping her tears away with his thumbs before he cups his mother's face with his hands.

"I'm so happy that you are happy, mom. I'm so so so happy too!" Yoongi beams. His face now wet with fresh tears continuously streaming down his cheeks even though he tries to wipe them away.

Even if I have to sell my dignity away just to make you smile, I'll do it all over again as long as I can see you happy like this, mother.

As long as you and Hoseok are happy, I'm happy..

Even if it means I have to die..

As long as both of you live, I'm happy.

"But.. You have to live for as long as you can, mom. It means nothing without you in our lives" Yoongi adds, now crouching down so that he can look straight into his mother's eyes without straining her neck by looking upwards.

"Don't worry. If I die, I'll be Hoseok's and your guardian angel. I'll make sure I will protect you from heaven up there" Hyeri replies with the widest smile she could give to her world; her precious sons who are too kind and pure for the evil world they live in.

"Mom, stop talking about death already, yeah? Now I don't feel like I have any appetite to eat. See, even Ye Ji noona doesn't eat her food" Hoseok pouts, making Ye Ji slightly taken aback with the unexpected attention she gets from the precious family before her.

It was beautiful.

They are those who have beautiful souls for this scary world.

It's tragic.

How someone as precious and pure hearted like them can end up being stuck in their reality nightmare?

But then again, Ye Ji herself is a fairy who was being abused by her own mortal dad, continuously blaming her for the death of her mother.

Her mother was killed by a group of gangsters when she tried to save Ye Ji who was fifteen years old at that time from being raped and sold on the black market.

And even when her mother was a fairy herself, she couldn't fight those twelve disgusting monstrous men by herself.

Those who had tore Ye Ji's clothes even when she cried and begged them not to.

Those who mercilessly tasted her body before her mother came just in time when they wanted to rob her virginity away.

And what is more powerful than a mother's love?

A furiously angry mother at that, as well.

Her mother decided to use the forbidden spell that her kind of fairies shouldn't do because of the limits their bodies could hold.

The warehouse suddenly exploded, killing every single bastard inside of it - except her precious daughter whom she shielded with her own soul, making a barrier with flowers and tree roots and barks until the whole explosions ended.

Ye Ji still remembered after the shield slowly broke down, a very huge beautiful butterfly suddenly appeared out of nowhere and touched all over her face - as if like her mother was giving her one last kiss like she always did every single morning and night, before that butterfly slowly disappeared into sparkly dust.

"Ye Ji darling, are you okay? Hushh sweetheart.. Don't cry. You have us as your family now" Hyeri whispers, hugging the girl in her arms, which is enough to make the girl whimper louder than before.

Ye Ji peeks over the woman's shoulder, looking at Yoongi and Hoseok who is warmly smiling at her, and she responds with the same smile even though her eyes are still wet with tears.

I'm gonna protect your family now, my bestfriend.

You saved me from my hellish life.. and now I'm going to safe yours as well.

"Thank you, everyone. For accepting me.. I'm sorry if I'm being a burden-"

"You practically saved us from death, Ye Ji noona. So stop!" Yoongi quickly interrupts, making the whole table burst in laughter.

It was blessful for the whole hour, eating and talking and laughing together like there was nothing else to worry about.

It feels like heaven.

The feeling that they haven't feel for years!

That's it,

until Yoongi's cellphone suddenly rings.

"Hello?" Yoongi greets, smiling at his family before he stands up from his chair, making a beeline towards his bedroom.

"Hello, Jackson?" he tries, eyebrows knitting together when he hears nothing but a huff of air once in awhile.


"Y-Yoongi. H-hello.. Y-Yoongi?" Jackson stutters in a very hush voice.

He sounds anxious, scared and distressed, rapid loud breath echoing from the other side of the line.

"Are you okay, Jackson?" Yoongi asks, suddenly feeling panic at the way Jackson is responding to his words.

Something is off.

Something must be totally off.

Jackson never sounds scared and terrified like this.


"H-help.. Can.. Can you please help me, Yoongi?" the boy sobs, voice still sounding very quiet and horrified.

"What happened?" Yoongi asks, feet already pacing towards his wardrobe to search for a shirt and a pair of jeans.

"I.. I think.. I think they are going to kill me, Yoongi" Jackson sobs, before suddenly the line goes quiet again; except for the quick breath coming out from the frightened boy.

"K-kill you?! What the fuck have you done this time, Jackson? Where are you now?" Yoongi asks, placing his phone in between his ear and his shoulder while wearing his jeans, patiently waiting for his friend to answer.

"At.. at my shop. P-please hurry. I... I don't want to be dead, Yoongi. My.. My grandparents.. I have to take care of them-" Jackson sobs in between words, ending his words with a whimper before he stops himself from being too loud.

"I'll go there now, yeah? Just wait for me" Yoongi quickly ends the call, grabbing his keys and wallet before he dashes out from his room.

"Where are you going?" Ye Ji, who was standing in front of Yoongi's room spoke, grabbing his arm so that she could stop him from walking away.

"I.. I need to meet with a friend-"

"A friend who was threatened to be killed?" Ye Ji raises an eyebrow, eyes challenging the boy to say more shit to her.

Yoongi's eyes widen, quickly pressing his palm against her mouth with shaky eyes looking around the area.

"What are you doing?! I.. I don't want mom and Hoseok to know about this! They will be worried sick!" Yoongi hisses, palm still pressing over the fairy's lips.

Ye Ji ends up pushing the boy, glaring daggers at him before she wipes her mouth with her hand.

"You made me drool!" she starts, eyes still glaring at him.

"You talk too loud!" Yoongi whispers, putting his index finger against his lips to tell her to keep quiet.

Ye Ji just rolls her eyes, huffing some air before she opens her mouth. "They're in the kitchen. Don't worry, they won't hear us"

"Are you sure?-"

"Yes I'm sure! I already put the spell around this building, remember?"

"But that doesn't mean they can't hear our conversations!" the boy tiredly hisses his words, before he starts to take his steps.

"Where are you going?" Ye Ji quickly asks, wrapping her fingers around Yoongi's wrist to stop him from walking away, again.

"Saving my friend"

"I'm going with you" said Ye Ji, voice sounds determined and stern.

"W-what? You don't have to. I can go by myself. And.. and you have to look out for my family" a thin line appears in between his eyebrows when he utters his words, clearly disapproved with Ye Ji's plan on going with him.

"Yoongi, are you even listening to yourself? Someone wants to kill your friend! And I bet that someone is not even alone!" she replies while waving her arms everywhere, as if to make a point with her answer.


"S-sorry. Sorry," Ye Ji whispers, putting her index finger against her lips before she continues, "let me follow you. I can hide you if someone sees you"

"What about mom and Hoseok?" Yoongi asks, worried about his family's safety.

"They will be well hidden and safe as long as they stay inside the house. Just tell them to just stay here and don't go anywhere" Ye Ji suggests, lips splitting to form a smile when Yoongi nods his head.

"They will be safe as long as they stay here, right?" Yoongi asks again just to make sure his family is secured no matter what.

"Yup!" said Ye Ji who hops on her feet while following Yoongi who is heading towards the kitchen.

"Mom, Hoseok-ah" Yoongi calls, smiling wide when he sees his mom poking Hoseok's dimple while his little brother washed the dishes.

"Mom, I'm going to meet a friend. Ye Ji noona will follow me. Can you promise me to stay home until we both come back? I think there are plenty of foods here so you won't have trouble if you get hungry, yeah? And-"

"Don't order any deliveries because we don't know if they will pretend to be the delivery guy. We know, hyung" Hoseok laughs, rolling his eyes at Yoongi who is still looking at them.

"Yeah, son. We'll be fine. Don't worry about us" his mom added, turning her body to face Yoongi who has standing behind them.

She takes a few steps towards Yoongi and wraps her arms around his small frame, rocking them side by side.

"Please always take care of yourself and stay safe, yeah? Promise me you will be living a very very happy life. I love you, Yoongi. Soooo much. Thank you for being my son. Thank you so much for being a very very good son. I'm a very lucky woman" says Hyeri, letting out her blissful laugh while wiping at her tears.

"Mom... Don't say that.. Why are you suddenly saying all of this?" Yoongi frowns, wiping his mom's tears away.

"I'm just feeling so thankful and happy, son. It's been so long since I have felt this happy. I just want to let you know that you make me so happy like this. I have no other regrets other than not having all my children with me now" Hyeri replies, wide smile still plastered on her bright face.

She then leans in to kiss her son's temple, before she pats Yoongi's hair a few times.

"Now go. Take care, Yoongi. Mom will always pray for your happiness. Remember I will be yours, your sister's and Hoseok's guardian angel? I'm doing it now!" Hyeri jokes, which earns her a good laugh from her sons.

"Take care, hyung! Don't come back late!" Hoseok adds while looking at Yoongi over his shoulder, hands still busy washing the dishes.

"I will. Call me if you need anything!" Yoongi replies while tying his shoes, nodding his head to tell Ye Ji to go out first.

"I'll drive my car so that we can go there faster. Let's go" the girl quickly replies, tightening her shoelaces once before she jogged towards the door.

It took them at least forty minutes to reach Jackson's gun store despite all the traffic on the road.

Yoongi was nervous the whole ride; heart clenching in nervousness when he recalled how scared Jackson was during the phone call.

His fingers itched to dial his friend's phone number, but he thought that it would only jeopardize Jackson's safety if the guy forgot to set his phone on silent.

He couldn't lose Jackson like he lost his sister.

Jackson reminds him of all the fun memories they shared with his noona.

And the fact that Jackson promised him that he would help him search for his elder sister once their situation became secured - which Yoongi believed would be soon because of the amount of money he successfully gather from his job in The Sakura.

It's not a lot, but he's so sure he will get more once he proposes his plan to be an Angel to Hwasa next week. He still needs the strength to talk about it to Hwasa, still needs to make sure he's brave enough to reject the monster Jimin as his Master.

They are standing in front of Jackson's gun store, peeking into the empty looking store while glancing around once in awhile, feeling suspicious because of how quiet and empty the place is.

"Where's your friend? Do you think he's hiding from those who tried to harm him?" Ye Ji asks, eyes looking around the empty road.

A thin line appears in between Yoongi's eyebrows, panic heart frantically thumping inside his ribs.

Where the fuck is Jackson?!

I'm.. I'm not too late, am I?

He.. He's still safe, right?

Yoongi is still peeking into the store, index finger pressing the bell, hoping that Jackson would appear from behind the store to open the door as usual.

But it didn't happen.

There's no one who answered the door with the store looking eerily quiet and dead even after he rang the bell and knocked on the door for ten minutes straight while Ye Ji guarded the surrounding.

"Yoongi-" Ye Ji starts but stops when Yoongi raises his hand at her, quietly telling her to wait for a bit when he feels his phone buzzing in his pants' pocket.

Frowning confusedly while looking at the caller ID, he then quickly slides the phone's screen to answer the call.


"H-hyung... H-help" Hoseok croaks, hiccuping and sobbing in between words.


As soon as the door closed, Hyeri quickly runs towards her son who is still washing the remaining dishes.

"Hoseok-ah, let me help you wash the dishes. Go and wear something appropriate for us to go out" Hyeri beams, already taking the plate from Hoseok's hand.

The boy frowns, twisting his lips in disapproval and dumbly staring at his mother who looks so happy and excited.

"W-why.. Mom? Are.. Are we going out?" he hesitantly asks, washing his hands before he takes a nearby towel to dry them off.

"Yes. Now go. We don't want to come back later than them" says Hyeri while rinsing the plates, hands now taking the chopsticks in the sink to wash them with soap.

"B-but.. Hyung said-"

"We don't need him to know. I want to bake him a cake. Tomorrow is his birthday but I'm sure Yoongi is already forgetting about it because of.. because of what has happened to us..." the woman stutters, forcing a thin line on her lips to form a half-hearted smile.

"Shouldn't.. Shouldn't we wait for.. for Ye Ji noona? Hyung says she should be with us whenever we want to go outside" Hoseok debates, clearly disagreeing with his mom's suggestion.

It's dangerous.

It is still too dangerous for them to let their guards down even though Yoongi tells them that everything is going to be better.

They still don't know how much better their situations are compared to a few weeks ago.

"It's.. It's not safe, mom-"

"Do you want to accompany me or do you want me to go alone?" Hyeri threatens, lips upsetly pouting.

"But hyung says..." Hoseok stops, gulping a huge lump in his throat when Hyeri turns her face to glare at him, making Hoseok quickly nod his head even though he is so sure Yoongi would scold him once he knew about it.

"Al-alright, mom. Just.. Just give me five minutes to get ready" says Hoseok who is now walking towards his bedroom.

And twenty five minutes later, they are already outside to the nearest store with a few plastic bags in hands.

Hyeri even buys a pair of moon and sun necklace lockets for both Yoongi and Hoseok which she already had eyed two days ago when she was out with Ye Ji - happily telling Hoseok that these were their lucky charms. She used the money Yoongi gave her yesterday to buy her necessities which she strongly believed that she needed nothing in this world other than for her children to be save and happy forever.

"I put all my luck in these lockets so that both you and Yoongi could have very happy and blessful lives with no pain at all" Hyeri beams, telling Hoseok to keep the small locket box with him.

Hoseok receives the box with shaky hands, eyes already wet with tears. He tries to blink the tears away but is unable to do so once he opens the box, revealing a pair of silver moon and sun shaped lockets beautifully placed on a small dark blue pillow.

"Mom... You don't need to," Hoseok hiccups, wiping the tears on his cheeks before the takes a deep breath to continue his words, "Thank you so much, mom. I will keep this forever"

The boy tries his best to stop crying, but Hoseok is always the emotional one in the family, so he keeps on crying even when Hyeri hugs him to tell her son not to cry.

"Hoseok-ah, you are a baby, my baby. But please be strong so that you and Yoongi can protect each other. You have to be strong for your brother, Seok-ah. Be a strong man. I know you are"

Hyeri was now laughing while wiping her own tears with her sleeves, gently slapping Hoseok's wet cheeks while telling him not to cry.

"Now, stop crying, big man. You are my strong son, remember?" Hyeri pouts, letting out another laugh when Hoseok scrunches his face.

Hyeri was about to grab her plastic bag again, but then she stops once she remembers that they forgot to buy wrapping paper for the present.

"Seok-ah, can you please buy the wrapping paper?"

"Mom, we don't need wrapping paper" Hoseok whines, lightly stomping his feet to protest.

Hyeri laughs again, shaking her head before she pinches her son's still wet cheeks.

"I want to make it extra special. It's been awhile since I have the luxury to buy presents for my beloved children" she explains, smiling widely when Hoseok slowly nods his head with a grunt.

"Just stay there, mom. Don't go anywhere!" says the boy who is now running towards the store.

Hyeri is standing beside the road, smiling giddily while planning all the surprises for her sons in her head.

It is then when someone approaches her from behind, careful steps so that she won't hear him.

"Hyeri-ssi" a low, hoarse voice suddenly calls her from behind, making the woman snap her head to look at the person.

Her eyes widen in horror, inhaling a sharp breath before she takes a careful glance at the man with tattoos on his chest and above his eyebrow.

"Y-yes" she stutters, taking a glance at the store, praying so hard that Hoseok will take his time buying the wrapping paper.

"I think you should follow me" he starts, approaching the trembling woman, pulling her towards a nearby black car.

Hyeri quickly pulls her arm away, looking around only to realize nobody is paying attention to what is happening to her.

She tries to shout but the tattooed guy quickly presses his hand to shut her mouth, but then he grunts in pain when Hyeri bites his hand.

The woman is frantically taking to her feet to run away, trying her best to run across then street.

But then..

The moment she steps her foot on the road, a car suddenly comes out of nowhere and hits her - making her fragile thin body float in the air before she crashes down, body harshly hitting the ground.

She floods with her own blood, red fluid coming out from her crushed skull and ribs.

It is painful all over her body, breaking bones wounding her internal organs, making her choke with her own blood whenever she tries to inhale an excruciatingly painful breath.


I can't believe I get the chance to be my children's guardian angel this soon..


I didn't even get the chance to bake Yoongi's birthday cake..


Hoseok will be fine alone at home when Yoongi works, right?

They.. They will be fine, as long as I come back here to be their guardian angel, r-right?

B-but... Is someone weak and useless l-like me worth enough to dream of becoming my children's angel?

I've.. I've been nothing but a burden to.. to these kids who I was supposed to.. to protect w-with my life..

I'm sorry..

M-mom is so sorry for not being a g-good mother to every.. every single one of you..

Hyeri then takes a few shallow breaths, only to cough out blood the moment she tries to inhale for the third time.

Weakly lolling her head to her right side, her already hooded eyes then go slightly big, noticing how her youngest son is shakingly looking at her from across the street.

Hoseok is glued to the floor, too scared and shocked at what is happening right in front of his eyes.

He had just went out from the store when he heard a loud shrieking sound coming from cars' tires, before a loud thud echoed soon after.

The boy can feel his knees weaken, almost too weak to support his body to stand still; but then, even if he's scared right now, he should try his best to fight for his mom's life.

He needs to be strong so he can protect his family too - just like his brother.

Hoseok is about to take his step towards his mother but he suddenly stops when he sees his mom struggling to mouth her words.

"R-run.. R-run..." Hyeri weakly mouths her words, blood still spilling out coming from her pierced lungs to her mouth.

She then takes another painful shallowing breath, before she offers a small smile, enough to assure to her son that it's okay to leave her now.

"I.. Mom l-loves y-you.. T-tell Y-Yoongi I love him too.. S-soo much.." she continues, tears streaming down her bloody cheeks even when her lips are still beaming with her small smile.

It was then when the tattooed man suddenly approaches her already limp body, waiting to release her last breath.

And in a blink of an eye later, Hoseok who is already hiding behind a nearby tree, body trembling in fear with his face red with tears takes out his phone with his shaking hands to record his mom's death.

He recorded everything - every single minute of it despite holding the phone with trembling hands and blurry eyes because of all the tears from the excruciatingly pain he was feeling right now.

Hoseok managed to videotape from the moment the tattooed guy leisurely walks towards his mother, saying something with his disgustingly smug face, to the moment he mercilessly and harshly stamps his foot right on Hyeri's neck to end her life from the broken neck.

Hoseok was now pressing his hand against his quivering lips, forcing himself to stop from heartbrokenly shouting and whimpering out loud - mourning over the loss of his and Yoongi's reason to live.


I.. I'm sorry...

I'm sorry...

Hoseok keeps on chanting these words, hardly pressing both hands on his lips after he shoves his phone back into his pocket.

And with his already blurry and swollen eyes, he carefully observes the two men talking to each other before one of them notices there is someone who is hysterically screaming at them.

The person is about to dial his phone, probably to call the cops when suddenly a gun sound echoes throughout the area, having the person who witnessed the accident gets shot straight into his skull.

Hoseok is slowly trying to hide himself from those two murderers but suddenly jumps when he feels someone covering his mouth.

"This place is dangerous. We can't do anything whenever these things happen because those thugs own this area" an old man explains, now hiding himself to sit beside Hoseok.

"They won't harm us if we don't interfere with their business. Or else.. We might end up like those poor souls over there. I don't know you but I think you should quietly run now. Someone is looking for you and that woman along with another boy" the old man continues, cautiously whispering his words while looking around their surroundings.

He quietly turns to look at the street, pulling Hoseok to crouch down even more to hide better when he notices the two thugs still looking around.

The monsters then got back into the car like nothing happened, heartlessly driving the car over the two dead bodies, which makes Hoseok clench his fists in anger and rage.

He is about to stand back up to go to his mom, his heaven, the reason why he's fighting to live... but then is stopped when the old man wraps his fingers around Hoseok's wrist.

"No!" the old man hisses, pulling Hoseok towards his right.

"Those dead bodies will be taken to the nearby hospital. You can go there to retrieve the dead body but again, be careful. Just in case those thugs send anyone to spy on you. Now go! Run and hide yourself for now. Go to the hospital tomorrow if you want"

"C-can you please.. Can you please call.. call the ambulance and tell the hospital about them-"

"Yes! Now go!" the old man whispers, pushing Hoseok who is still trembling toward the right side of the road.



I'm sorry..

I'm so so so sorry..

H-hyung will know what to do, right?


You.. You are such a piece of useless shit, Seok-ah!

The boy mentally cusses himself, blaming himself for the death of their mother.

If only..

If only he was capable to fight and defend himself..


Probably their mother wouldn't die just now..

If only..

If only he is strong and brave...

Still cussing himself while wiping his still teary eyes and wet cheeks with the back of his hand, Hoseok keeps on running, praying so hard that they can take their mother's body from the hospital for a proper burial.

It was when the boy is about to turn to his left side after three minutes of running when suddenly he spots a few familiar faces standing inside the alley.

Those were the thugs who were after them for his sister's hellish debt!

Quickly turning his body to run towards the other road, Hoseok then runs faster when he hears numerous loud steps chasing him from behind.

"Bastard! Stop right there!" one of the thugs shouts, telling the other men to run faster to catch Hoseok.

'Please be strong so that you and Yoongi can protect each other.

You have to be strong for your brother, Seok-ah.

Be a strong man.

I know you are'

Hoseok is choking in tears when he keeps on repeating his mother's last words in his head, trying his best to make those words his strength right now.

He can't give up - not when he still has Yoongi whom he should protect.

Yoongi hyung cannot be alone.

You need to live, Seok so that you can help hyung take vengeance on mom's death.

If you die now, hyung will be so lonely that he will probably end up killing himself.

Try to stay alive as long as you can, Seok!

Hoseok keeps on running, thanking his body for moving even though his mind and heart are so weak right now.

"You better stop now or else we will torture you once we catch you!" one of the thugs threatens, already sounding tired and exhausted.

But Hoseok chooses to ignore, feet fast taking continuous big steps so he can escape.

It was then when he starts to recognize the place - his noona's old place where she told them was her safe place.

Quickly taking a glance behind just to check if he was far enough and the thugs were almost out of sight, Hoseok forces his legs to run faster so the thugs won't see and follow his trail towards his noona's hiding place.

It is a minute later when he sees an old apartment - the same one where they resided during the last attack.

Taking the stairs to climb up to the ninth floor, Hoseok then quickly sees his sister's place at the end of the floor.

'Come there whenever you guys need to hide. It's okay. My roommate is okay with it'

His sister talked about it one time while helping their mother cook in the small old kitchen.

Taking the keys out from under the vase, Hoseok then unlocks the door and enters the empty apartment as fast as he can.

Just right after he locks the door, he mentally, emotionally and physically loses it.

Sobbing and whimpering sounds echo throughout the small space, coming from Hoseok who is slowly sliding down and leaning against the door to cry his heart out.

He keeps on crying, letting out all the sadness that is still suffocating his chest but then he quickly stops once he hears footsteps in front of the door.

Quietly standing up from his spot with his palm firmly pressed against his quivering lips, Hoseok then makes careful footsteps towards the room - internally grateful because the room's door is open.

As soon as he closes and locks the room door, he then quickly fishes out the phone from his pocket with his still trembling hand, sending the video he recorded to Yoongi before he takes a deep long breath and presses dial.

"Seok-ah?" asks Yoongi who answers the phone on its second ring.

Hoseok inhales another deep breath, biting his lips from letting out a sob, before he starts to open his mouth.

"H-hyung... H-help" Hoseok croaks, hiccuping and sobbing in between words.

He then starts to let another sob come out from his swollen lips, sniffing back his snot before he continues.

"T-they.. Mom's d-dead.. They.. They killed.. They k-killed mom a-and.. and now they are chasing after me. T-those thugs.. T-they.. They want t-to kill me too. I.. I took a v-video w-when.. when.." Hoseok stops, now sounding too broken and so sad, that he only can manage to whimper instead of utter his words.

"I took the video when mom told me to run. I couldn't recognize those bastards who killed mom. I took the video so we can recognize them if they try to approach us" Hoseok informs with a still sad voice but he sounds very furious when he spats those words.

I'm gonna kill them.

I'm gonna kill them one day.

Yoongi is silent on the other side of the line for a minute long; probably trying his best to process Hoseok's words.

Every single painful word.

The younger then hears a sharp inhale of air from Yoongi, before the elder clears his voice just to avoid from sounding too broken.

"H-Hoseok-ah, w-where are you?" Yoongi asks in a very calm voice, trying so hard not to make his younger brother become even more scared and panicked.

Hoseok knows this.

He knows his hyung too well.

Yoongi only sounds so calm just to make him calm, even when the elder is struggling to hold all his emotions inside.

"H-hyung, y-you know we on-only have each other n-now.. Y-you can c-cry, hyung. I'll b-be there whenever y-you need s-someone. W-we only h-have each o-other.." Hoseok says, biting his lips too hard so that he won't cry too loud.

He can't jeopardize himself like that, can't let those bastards catch and kill him right now because Yoongi still needs him to be the reason to live.

"I'll send Ye Ji noona to save you first, okay, Seok-ah? Can.. Can you please send me y-your location so that I can g-give it to Ye Ji noona?"

"O-okay.. I'm.. I'm s-sending my l-location now, hyung" Hoseok retorts, shaky hands now pressing his location to send it to Yoongi.

"H-hyung.." he then starts again with his sad voice, waiting for Yoongi to answer.


"T-take care and.. and please s-stay safe.. W-we only have each other t-to be our reason to live and.. and survive now. We.. We have t-to survive.. For the sake of m-mom and.. and noona.." he slowly whispers, too hushed for anyone to hear.

He then hears another sharp breath from Yoongi, silent for a few seconds before his hyung responds.

"Then please stay safe, Seok-ah. Ye Ji noona will be there to save you. Hyung loves you" Yoongi says before he quickly ends the call.

It was silent for another minute when Ye Ji decided to ask Yoongi what did Hoseok tell him on the phone.

"N-noona, can.. can you h-hide us right n-now?" Yoongi asks in a very low voice, too hushed to even sound broken.

Ye Ji then nods, offering her hand for Yoongi to hold but the boy just collapses himself on the floor, leaning his back on the shop's wall with his face hiding behind his arm.

Letting out a soft sigh, still clueless about what happened, Ye Ji then chooses to press her foot beside Yoongi's leg - the gesture is enough as a contact to hide Yoongi inside her sparkling orb as well.

Another thirty seconds of silence but then that silence suddenly is replaced by an excruciatingly painful whimpering sound, coming from Yoongi who is now shaking in tears.

He keeps on crying, letting the tears keep on wetting his cheeks, internally mourning for his mother's death.

He keeps on screaming in tears, punching his aching chest while continuously apologizing to his mom; blaming himself for unable to protect her good enough.

He can't even watch the video yet, can't  think he would be strong enough to watch it right now.

Rocking his body while continuously biting the skin around his thumb, hiccuping whenever he tries to take another breath, Yoongi then snaps his head to look upwards when he feels Ye Ji squeezing his shoulder.

"Y-Yoongi, what happ-"

"Mom's dead. They.. Those thugs killed mom" he replies with a hoarse voice, swollen eyes looking straight into the fairy's eyes.

Ye Ji takes a step away, almost breaking the orb that hid Yoongi, but then she stops herself from swaying, taking a few deep breaths to calm herself.

"Y-your mom.. Your mom is dead?"

"H-Hoseok said.. Hoseok said the thugs killed her and.. and now they are after S-Seok..." Yoongi replies, roughly wiping his tears with his hands, before he slowly stands up on his feet.

"We should save him!" Ye Ji says, already taking Yoongi's hand in hers so that he can still be inside her invisible sparkling orb.


"What?! Yoongi-"

"Y-you go and... and save him. I.. I need to go somewhere" Yoongi cuts in her words, swollen teary eyes still maintaining an eye contact with Ye Ji's.

"What?! NO! You have to come with me so that I can protect both you and Hoseok!" Ye Ji hisses, fingers still tightening around Yoongi's small wrist.

"I.. Please trust me, noona. P-please. I.. I need to do this. I'll stay safe. I promise. I have to do this to keep us safe" Yoongi explains, tugging his wrist away until Ye Ji finally lets go.

Frowning her face, still wasn't convinced with Yoongi's words, Ye Ji then opens her already twisted lips to utter her words.

"How can I know you are safe and still alive?" she slowly asks, knitting her eyebrows closer to each other.

"I'll come back home tomorrow noon-"

"Tonight. Come back home tonight" she interjects, hands already unlocking the door.

"Can't tonight. I have to work tonight. I'll come back home tomorrow noon. Now go! Hoseok needs you"

Yoongi says, legs already starting to run towards the opposite direction.

I have to do this..

For the sake of Seok..


"Y-Yoongi.. Suga, are you sure?" Hwasa sighs, frowning her brows while carefully looking at Yoongi who is now looking like a mess.

The boy is panting and sweating the moment he enters The Sakura, ringing the bell to her floor and begging to see her right then.

"Suga, are you okay? Do you need our help-"

"NO! Just please call my bidder and tell him I agree to be his exclusive Angel as long as he agrees to start and bed me tonight with a few conditions. I.. I can give him a few conditions, r-right?" Yoongi asks, still panting.

Please please please..

Please help me, Bell.

I'm desperate again..

I need the money now..

I need to pay those thugs as fast as I can..

His swollen wet eyes pleadingly looking at Hwasa's, shifting his gaze away when his boss seems to try to read him.

"B-but why now? Why are you suddenly agreeing when you clearly told me you don't want to be his exclusive Angel?-"

"You don't need to know why!-"

"I have to know why! As long as you are apart of this god damn brothel, I have to know every single thing about my Petals and Angels! You know I want to keep this Sakura as your safe haven, right?!" Hwasa raises her voice, sounding so serious and stern.

Her face slowly turns soft again when she sees Yoongi already trembling in fear, biting his lips to stop himself from crying again.

"Suga.." she sighs, wrapping her arms around the boy's small frame.

"Tell me what's wrong" she continues, gently patting his head while still hugging the boy.

"I.. I need the money now. I.. I desperately need the money" Yoongi croaks his answer in a hoarse voice, hanging his head low and letting his tears drop on the floor.

This will be my last time crying.

This will be your last time being this pathetic, Yoongi.

You have to be stronger than before.

Mom is looking at you from up there...

You have a guardian angel now..

A beautiful one..

"Suga," Hwasa calls, dragging Yoongi back from his trance. The boy just hums his answer, patiently waiting for Hwasa to continue her words with a thumping heart.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" she asks one more time, letting out a sigh when she lets go of his body.

"I am. Can you please tell him to come and bed me tonight? Please tell him he needs to pay me a good amount of money to make me his exclusive Angel"

Hwasa nods once, before she takes her cellphone to call Yoongi's future Master.

"Hello Prince, please come to The Sakura tonight"

And that was the moment when Yoongi knew that he already sacrificed his whole dignity for the sake of money.

I need to live.

We have to live.

Hoseok has no one other than me..

It's okay, Yoongi-ah.

Mom will still feel proud of you..

Yoongi is now standing inside the eerily huge room - the same room he spent the night to have his first time, heart thumping loud and hard inside his ribs.

He checks himself in the huge mirror, internally flinching when he sees how he is dressed right now.

Yoongi is wearing a transparent white shirt, letting his Master see his body through the loose shirt. He wears very tight black leather hot pants, covering his bare legs with black lacey stockings.

And Yoongi twists his pouty lips in distaste the moment his eyes land on the lacey choker along with a small bell tightly wrapped around his slender pale skin neck.

Nayeon and Jennie then completed his look with soft peach eyeshadow, soft pink blush and a pinkish gloss to make him look prettier.

I think this is how cursed my life is, huh?

Finally selling myself to the person I rejected last week for the sake of that damn money..

You are just so pathetic, Yoongi.

So, so, so pathetic.

But you have to do this now.

You can't afford to lose Hoseok too, Yoongi.

You'll die if you lose Hoseok too.

Yoongi is still idly staring at the mirror when he hears the door being opened, knowing so well who is entering the damn room.

He takes a deep long breath a few times, gathering himself some strength to face the monster who would be his Master - the heartless man whom he knew wouldn't even give a damn about him.

"Yoongi" Jimin calls with his honey-like voice, sounding eerily sweet that makes Yoongi shudder in fear.

"Don't you think it's rude for you to not look at me, your Master" Jimin continues with a snicker, running his wet tongue along his bottom lip while eyeing Yoongi's body with hungry eyes.

"You are not my Master yet"


"I said, you are not my Master yet" Yoongi replies louder, clenching his fists to his sides, before he turns around and see Hwasa standing behind Jimin along with a tablet in her hand.

"Prince, Suga, are you ready to discuss about the agreement contracts now?" Hwasa starts, looking at Prince who is still eye-fucking Yoongi, before she shifts her eyes to look at Yoongi who tries his best not to tremble in fear.

There's something you are hiding from me, Suga.

Something big and important.

I'll make sure I'll know about it sooner or later before it's too late to help you.

The woman then lets out a few coughs, clearing her throat before she opens her deep violet colored lips.

"I think we should start now. Suga, come. Please sit here so we can professionally discuss the contract" Hwasa starts, patting the sofa and nodding to Yoongi to sit beside her before she turns her head only to find Prince already sitting on the opposite black leather couch.

Yoongi silently nods, glaring at Jimin who is smirking at him, before he lands his butt on the couch and takes a small pillow to cover his thighs.

"Shall we start now?" says Hwasa who is now switching on the handy camera directed towards the three of them for the purpose of the contract discussion - one of the reasons why Prince really was against the idea of owning his own exclusive Angel before.

Hwasa knows she doesn't need it - knows so well that her abilities are far greater than the digital video but The Sakura will need it if they have to deal with humans; needs it if something bad happens to the Angels even though she knows so well that those kind of things have never happen before.

"Now, we would like to hear all the regulations from Suga first before we continue with Prince's"

She nods at Yoongi who is still fidgeting, continuously gulping the lumps in his throat and trying not to shake too much.

Not when Prince is intensely staring at him from the sofa placed right in front of him.

Taking a deep breath, Yoongi bites his bottom lip once, before he slowly tells his rules and regulations to be Jimin's exclusive Angel.

You can do this, Yoongi..

Be.. Be brave..

You have nothing to lose now.

"I.. I would like J-Jimin," he stops, gulping when he sees Jimin raising his eyebrows, looking amused when he mentioned his name. Yoongi then turns to Hwasa who stops typing and looked shocked because no one in the brothel beside her, Wheein and The Aphrodite dared to call Jimin's name in front of him.

The Angels always have called him Prince even when he's not around, even though sometimes they accidentally slip, which rarely happened.

"I would like him to pay me to be his exclusive Angel the same amount he bought me as.. as his Virgin Petal. And.. And," Yoongi stops, taking another breath before he nervously licks his lips, "he has to pay me at least five million won everytime he beds me"

"I'll pay you seven million won every time I fuck you" Jimin cuts in, winking his eye before he shifts his gaze to Hwasa who is already frowning, fingers still tapping at the tab.

"The money is for your mom's hospital bills and the schools' fees, right?" Jimin adds, hard gaze at Yoongi's small feature.

Yoongi just nods his head, shifting his eyes to look elsewhere other than the brown orbs who is still staring at him.

Mom's dead..

He.. He doesn't know mom's already dead..

It means.. It means it's not him who killed m-mom, right?

"Suga?" Hwasa calls, carefully looking at Yoongi who is blinking his eyes, pulling himself back into reality.

"Is there anything else you want to add?" she asks, eyes still not leaving Yoongi's.

Yoongi quickly nods, head hanging low so that he wouldn't need to look at anyone.

"I.. I hope that The Sakura will keep me safe. J-Jimin won't hurt and harm me-"

"I won't," Jimin interrupts again, ignoring the hard gaze coming from Hwasa who then turns her concentration back to the tab.

Yoongi just gapes, blinking his eyes before he nods, putting some of his trust into the brothel and his Master - the kind of trust that is just enough for Yoongi to let another person fuck him senselessly.

"Is there anything else you want to add, Suga?"

Yoongi slowly shakes his head, before he suddenly sits straight, snapping his head to look at Hwasa.

"C-can I add something else later?" he hesitantly asks, pingponging his eyes between Hwasa and Jimin who is giving him a hard stare.

"You can, as long as I agree to it too" Jimin replies, raising an eyebrow towards Yoongi who briefly looks at him before the beautiful Petal turns his head to look downward and says a hushed 'okay'.

Hwasa nods, fingers professionally still tapping on the tablet, before she looks at Jimin and nods her head, silently signaling the guy to start giving his words for the contract.

Smirking smugly while running his thumb along his plushy plump lips, eyes still lingering at Yoongi's nipples through his see-through white shirt, Jimin then opens his mouth with smooth honey-like voice to tell them his rules.

"I will help you with your money issues... To pay for your mother's hospital bills, your college fees and your brother's art school as well. But..." Jimin stops, slyly lifting the angle of his lips to form another smirk.

"B-but?" Yoongi asks, sounding like a whisper; too nervous to wait for his future Master to finish his sentence.

"You have to give me something else in return."

"And what is it?"

"Your body belongs to me. You'll pay me back by being my slut. Every single inch of your body belongs to me and I get to do anything I want whenever I fuck you"

"....W-Why would I do that? W-why would I agree making myself as your property? Y-your sex toy?"

"I just told you what you'll get in return." said Jimin, who was raising his eyebrow as if he dared Yoongi to deny his words.

"F-fine. I-I'll do it." Yoongi gulps, nodding his head to reassure Hwasa who is waiting for his approval.

"But with one condition.." Jimin adds, biting his lips to stop himself from smiling when he sees Yoongi starting to tremble in his seat, again.

Can't wait to fuck you, beautiful.

I can't wait to drag you to bed now and fuck you like there's no tomorrow.

I'll break you.

I'll fucking ruin your body just like how I always want to.

"And.. And what is your condition?" Yoongi replies with a slightly hoarse voice, still trying so hard not to look weak even if he's scared right now.

"I'll let you know when Bell is out" Jimin replies, raising an eyebrow at Hwasa before he nods his head towards the door.

Hwasa then responds with a short hum, saving the agreements and asked them to scan their fingers on the tablet to seal the contract before she stands up from the leather sofa.

"I'll leave now. Suga, you can come to me if you need to alter anything from the contract. Prince?" she calls, offering a small smile while nodding her head, before she walks towards the door.

It was silent for a good one minute after Hwasa closes the door, with Jimin now licking his lips while eyeing Yoongi.

"Now Angel, wanna listen to my other rule?"

Yoongi quickly nods his head, taking a deep breath before he lifts his eyes to look back at Jimin.

"You can't fall in love with me. Never. I don't want any emotional attachment with a slut I pay to serve as my fuck holes"

"As if I would ever fall for you" Yoongi quickly retorts, face looking offended with the words.

A monster like you..

A heartless monster like you..

I'll never fall in love with someone like you.


Even if I die and come back to life again, I will never fall in love with someone like you.

Jimin replies with a hum, licking his lips once before he stands up from the couch.

He loosens up his tie, unbuttons his dress shirt before he raises his head to hungrily gaze at the gorgeous Angel.

His gorgeous, fuckable exclusive Angel.

"Good. Now, strip."

-End of Chapter 10-

Chapter Text

Rated : E ( Explicit ) 🔞🔞🔞

Yoongi is trembling.

He can hear his heart frantically thumping against his ribs, slowly feeling suffocated at the damn decision he just made out of desperation.

Is there anyone in this world who has a more pitiful and curseful life than I do?

I.. I really hope no one has a more painful life than me.

I barely survive mine, how could someone who had to face something worse survive theirs?

If only..

If only not because of Hoseok now..

I'd rather kill myself than have to serve this heartless monster again.

Yoongi just quietly stands on his spot, shaking pupils looking at his Master who is taking his time to unbutton his dress shirt.

He quickly wipes his already sweating hands on his see-through white shirt, internally cursing himself for nervously sweating before the man who just insulted him as nothing but a fuck hole - and that was enough to make his whole body shiver in fear.

I'm.. I'm just.. just n-nothing b-but a fuck.. fuckhole...

Yoongi starts to feel more scared and terrified than before. If.. If his Master only thinks of him as nothing but his fuck hole, does that mean he will treat Yoongi like his fuck toy?; as his pleasure object that he can do whatever he wants without even acknowledging Yoongi as a human being?

A.. A human being...

Am I..

Do they even think of people like us as human beings?

They never treat us as one..

Does that mean that we are nothing but just a bunch of useless breathing creatures?

After a blink of an eye later, realizing the cruel reality he had to face his whole life, the Angel bitterly is laughing at himself, at his pathetic damn self.

Who am I - No. What a desperate thing am I to even dare to have that kind of hope?

I'm here as nothing, anyway.

You already lost yourself as a human being when you lost your dignity and honor for the sake of money, Yoongi.


What even is dignity for you when you let some monster fuck you senseless, using you as his fucking object just to pay off some damn debt that killed your mom?!

And.. And you almost.. almost lost Hoseok as well.

For what should I live for if the reasons for me to live are no longer with me?

N-noona, what have you done to us?

I.. I thought you.. you loved us?

You always told us you loved us..

You love our family..

Y-you will.. you would do anything to protect us..

B-but we.. we're broken n-now, noona..

Yoongi blankly blinks his eyes, ignoring the stinging sensation behind his eyes - too numb to even cry right now.

He feels empty.

But that emptiness soon turns into disgust when he feels Jimin carding his fingers through his hair, slowly tracing those fingers to tightly cup his cheeks.

A pair of brown eyes, full of lust and want are staring deep into Yoongi's trembling eyes.

"Angel" Prince starts, eyeing Yoongi up and down while his hand still tightly squeezes the Angel's smooth pale cheeks. He runs his wet pink tongue over his plump lips, slowly running his other hand to caress Yoongi's nipple through his thin dress shirt.

"Don't you think you are being rude to me again, hmm?" the Prince adds, smirking when Yoongi snaps his head up to finally look at him.


"You are spacing out, again. I told you I hate it!" Jimin growls, hand now harshly tugging the Angel's dark raven hair, forcefully yanking Yoongi's head backwards.

Yoongi gasps, ignoring his desire, his internal scream to just punch the man right in his face for hurting him like that. The pain on his skull is excruciatingly stinging, burning throughout his scalp down to his neck.

J-just endure this, Y-Yoongi..

Y-you.. You can't mess this up.

H-Hoseok.. Y-you have to protect him.

He's your.. your only family left.

T-the.. The reason why you want to live now.

The only reason...

The Angel shuts his eyes closed while taking a deep long breath, feeling the warm breath hitting against his jaw before he feels his Master's wet tongue now licking his earlobe, hand now slowly stroking his ass.

"Are you just going to stand here and keep quiet? I told you I hate it when you go mute on me" Prince hisses, aggressively pulling the Angel's hair again before he forces Yoongi to kneel before him.

Still grabbing Yoongi's hair with his hands, harshly tugging it once in awhile, Jimin then pushes the Angel's face against his still clothed cock, forcing Yoongi to lick his semi-hard boner.

Yoongi can feel his body starting to heavily tremble, shaking lips forcefully sucking at his Master's clothed dick, tasting the slightly rough clothes against his tongue.

He feels his cheeks start to wet with tears, forcing his eyes closed even though he can feel the monster keeping on jerking his head back, probably wanting him to look straight into his lustful eyes.

"Look at me!" said Prince while pulling his Angel's hair, forcing Yoongi to stand back on his feet.

Yoongi seems to be so lost in his thoughts, in his own world. He doesn't even react to the stinging pain on his skull. His mind was just too full thinking and cussing at his damn self.

W-what did I do in my past life to be s-suffer like this?

Why are we suffering like this?

Is this world worth for us to suffer this much for the sake of living?

"You don't want to do this, Angel? Wanting so bad to tell the other whores in this slut house how I can't satisfy you, hmm?" Jimin coldly spits in frustration after the Angel seems too idle for his own liking, leaning his face closer until only a few centimetres away from Yoongi.

Prince's warm breath hitting the beautiful milky skinned boy's face, making the boy feel suffocated with the minty smell that is hitting his nose.

But Yoongi is still blinking his eyes blankly, pupils unfocused while staring at nothing in particular.

Prince growls, feeling extremely furious and upset with how Yoongi doesn't respond to any of his words, doesn't even spare a glance to even look at his face and that is enough to make him feel extremely frustrated.

"Yoongi" Jimin hisses, holding the boy's chin to level the Angel's blank eyes straight at his, waiting for awhile until Yoongi finally looks back at him.

The Angel then gasps, almost falling his butt flat on the floor if not for Jimin securedly holding Yoongi's slim waist with his arm.

"M-Master" Yoongi starts but then stops when he notices Jimin is raising an eyebrow, stern eyes  fixedly looking straight at his.

"J-Jimin," Yoongi tries once more, gulping a thick lump in his throat with his body trembling like crazy - too scared with his scary curse fate if Jimin isn't happy with how he starts to space out, again.

"I'm.. I.."

"Want me to call some other Angels to please me?" Jimin replies, plump lips brushing against Yoongi's smooth neck.

"W-what?" Yoongi breathes out his words, feeling goosebumps all over his body - and it is nothing but terrifying and sickening.

"You see, I can call other Angels to join us, yeah?" said Prince in his honey silky voice, watching how Yoongi's eyebrows furrow in confusion.

Prince chuckles, a hand now is caressing Yoongi's bare ass cheeks after having some difficulty to insert his hand through the damn tight hot pants.

"Ahh.. They haven't told you that I sometimes will have four Angels all at once, hmm?" Jimin chuckles, licking his bottom lip while he kneads Yoongi's ass, a finger now slipping in between the butt cheeks.

Yoongi gasps, legs about to give out when Jimin forcefully inserts his middle finger knuckled deep into his hole, feeling a sharp pain around his rim when the man starts to slowly drag his finger in and out without using any lube.

"I'll ask you one last time" Jimin starts again, now threatening to insert his second finger into the hole, sliding his tongue from Yoongi's already sweating neck up to his wet cheek, enjoying the taste of salt from the Angel's sweat and tears.

"Do you want the other Angels to join us tonight? I probably would ask you to suck their cocks while I fuck you so damn hard, Yoongi. Wanna be everyone's cock slut instead of only mine?" Prince threatens, a tip of his index finger already pressed into Yoongi's tight hole while his middle finger stays knuckle deep, enjoying the warm tight muscle around his bony yet thick phalanx.


I'm not going to share you with anyone.

No one.. No one can lay their fingers on you.

You're mine.

All mine to fuck so damn good.

Yoongi quickly shakes his head, hands gripping hard on Jimin's shoulders despite having a cold glare from his Master.

He has to hold Jimin despite himself internally screaming no; he needs to have any support he can get to avoid himself to fall down onto the floor.

The Angel knows his legs are already weak from the painful fingering in his ass, biting his lips to stop himself from whimpering while looking at his Master with his teary wet eyes.

"Answer me. I don't need you to do pathetic eyes like that" Jimin lowly whispers, nipping at Yoongi's jaw and chin while his two fingers still slowly drag in and out from the still unlubricated hole.

"J-Jimin, h-hurt" Yoongi whimpers, taking a deep shaky breath before he swings his arms around Jimin's neck and hugs him as tight as he can, supporting himself from dropping himself on the floor.

Jimin stops, two fingers still knuckled deep, before he sucks a hickey behind Yoongi's ear and repeats his question.

"I asked you, and I'm gonna repeat my question again. Will you pleasure me alone or do you want me to call more Angels to serve me-"

"I'll p-pleasure you. I.. I'll do it! I'll pleasure you" Yoongi quickly interrupts his Master's words, earning a few twists inside his rim, making him unconsciously bite Jimin's shoulder with a sob.

Tearful eyes widen in fear the moment he hears a growl coming from Jimin before his still trembling pupils shut closed the moment Jimin tugs his head away from his shoulder.

"I told you not to touch me with your filthy hands, how can you think you can bite me with your same filthy mouth, slut?" Jimin growls, pulling the Angel's hair harder than before.

"I'm.. I'm s-sorry. I'm s-s-sorry" Yoongi pleads, body now crashes on the floor the moment he unwraps his arms from Jimin.

A hiss along with a whimper comes from the pink pouty lips, hands clenched into a fist the moment he feels the pain around his stinging ass elevated even more.

Isn't it pathetic, Jimin?

You call me filthy when I'm the one you chose to be your ever first exclusive Angel.

This.. This filthy body is the one you chose to pleasure your disgusting lust.

Yoongi just glares onto the floor, internal rage and self loathing mixed into one, hating the cruel life he has to endure.

He then flicks his teary eyes to look at Prince's the moment that man crouches down to level his eyes with Yoongi's, clenching his jaw to suppress his disgust and anger the moment Jimin lifts his hand to caress Yoongi's trembling lips with his thumb, ignoring the tears that dampen his pale cheeks.

You are a monster.

A heartless, cruel monster.

Yoongi internally spits those words, eyes still glaring onto Prince's lecherous eyes even when the man leisurely pushes his thumb into Yoongi's mouth.

"Suck" Jimin demands, smirking in satisfaction when Yoongi obeys even though his eyes are shedding tears, angry eyes glaring daggers into Jimin's.

So fucking hot, Angel.

So, so, so fucking fuckable.

Prince just stares at Yoongi, feeling the Angel's wet warm tongue swirling around his thumb, along with the trembling lips and a few drops of tears dropping on his hand.

They keep on with that position for another one minute or so, until Prince just can't take it anymore; feeling his shaft rock-hard the moment Yoongi accidentally sucks his thumb hard.


I'm gonna fuck you so damn well, Angel.

Gonna show you how I fuck you good, hmm?

Jimin grunts, can no longer bear with how fucking hard his cock is. He quickly pulls Yoongi's arm before he lifts the boy and throws him on his shoulder, kneading his perky ass as he walks towards the king sized bed.

He slaps Yoongi's ass cheek a few times, enjoying the vibration he feels through Yoongi's trembling body.

Prince gently places Yoongi on the mattress, thumbs wiping the tears that are still dropping down on the Angel's wet cheeks and that gesture is enough to make Yoongi snap his head up.

He stares at Jimin with wide eyes, eyebrows furrowing closer together; confused why Jimin would wipe his tears away.

"W-why.. W-what are y-you doing?" Yoongi asks, turning his head away before he drags himself further towards the middle of the mattress.

Jimin stops, lifting his eyes to look at Yoongi who is gaping at him, hands roughly wiping his tears away.


W-what am I doing?

Prince was confused himself.

Never before cared about a slut he paid for him to fuck however he wanted to.

But this Angel..

This beautiful and innocent Angel really did something to his heart..

His mind and soul.

And Jimin, the Prince, the ever so cold, heartless and emotionless Prince hates to have someone who can make him feel any unwanted and unnecessary feelings like that.

Who are you, Angel?

Why do I always feel things whenever I look at you?

Jimin suddenly snaps from his trance the moment Yoongi moves closer, seeing the Angel freeze in fear at his spot.

"M-Mas.. Jim.. I'm s-sorry. I'm sorry" Yoongi slowly whispers, hiding his trembling hands in his sleeve, making the thin white shirt slip down to reveal one of his shoulders.

Jimin eyes trail to the pale white skin, totally ignoring the words coming from the scared Angel.

His focus is now on the bare skin belongs to no one but Yoongi, hungry lust starts to fill his mind, heart and soul.

"Kneel" Prince slowly breathes out his word, hooded eyes already looking at Yoongi who is cautiously crawling on the mattress towards him.

The boy is too naive.

Min Yoongi is too innocent to live in this scary world.

He doesn't even realize what he has done to the cold-hearted Prince, doesn't even notice how Jimin's lustful eyes are staring at his arching back when he crawls toward his Master.

You have to do this, Yoongi.

"Fuck!" Jimin whispers to no one but himself, hands already unbuckling his black leather belt before he quickly takes off his pants.

You have to do this.

F-for the sake of H-Hoseok.

For.. For the sake of m-mom too.

W-we.. We have to bury m-mom p-properly t-to h-honour her..

M-mom.. Mom has every single r-right to have h-her own r-resting place...

Yoongi slightly jerks his body away when he feels a hand already cupping his chin with a thumb rubbing against his still quivering bottom lip, making the Angel abruptly pull out from his inner thoughts.

His eyes widened the moment he starts to get his grasp back on his reality, having Prince's hard cock being only a few centimetres away from his lips.

Yoongi quickly turns his head away but is restricted by the grasp on his chin, pulling his face closer until his lips brush against the slit.

"Fuck!" Jimin curses, licking at his plump lips the moment Yoongi's beautiful lips touch his cock's head.

It's euphoric. 

The way Yoongi's soft lips touch his dick makes him go crazy.

"Open your mouth" Jimin orders, making eye contact with a pair of still teary eyes while his hand gently pulls Yoongi's jaw to open his mouth.

With shaky breath, Yoongi slowly opens his mouth, scratching and pinching his bare thighs to ease himself from vomiting in disgust right there and then.

Yoongi hates it.

He hates sucking dick like this, being used as a fuck tool to fulfil one's twisted desire, especially Jimin's who he knows will degrade him even more.

It's disgusting and sickening - the way Jimin slaps his hard shaft a few times on Yoongi's lips before he slowly slides it into Yoongi's mouth.

Jimin doesn't move, opting to rest his cock inside Yoongi's wet cavern, licking his lips the moment his eyes landed on the image of Yoongi's pretty mouth now wrapped around his dick.

"Blow me" says Jimin with his silky honey voice, his lips arched a little when he sees how Yoongi's wide eyes suddenly shift to look at his.

"I said, blow me" Jimin repeats, fingers now grabbing Yoongi's hair but it doesn't hurt like before, just enough to guide Yoongi to start moving his head.

The Angel, who is beautifully kneeling on the mattress, starts to slowly move his head back and forth for three heavenly good minutes before he starts to tightly close his eyes, shaking his head the moment he tastes Jimin's precum hitting his taste buds.

And the sound of the tiny bell coming from his lacey choker makes it even filthier and more unbearable.

Yoongi tries to push Prince away, both palms already pushing his Master's abs the moment he felt the dick inside his mouth starts to twitch, precum leaking more and more everytime the dick hits his throat.

"N-no. N-no!" Yoongi gasps, words muffled caused by the dick still full inside his mouth.

Another twitch against his throat making the Angel almost feel like puking, hands try to grab Jimin's dress shirt to stop his Master from keeping on fucking his mouth.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck you!" Jimin hisses when he sees how Yoongi is drooling before him, cheeks wet with tears while swollen wet eyes desperately stare at him.

A few tugs on his dress shirt only makes him go crazier, lolling his head backwards before he reaches the soft strands of Yoongi's hair, frantically guiding the boy to increase his pace.

"Fuck! S-shit! Shit! F-f-fuck!!!!" Jimin chants with each thrust, deep throating his Angel with animalistic pace, ignoring the choking and gagging sounds coming from Yoongi.

Yoongi is trembling, each thrust inside his mouth burns his throat. His hands now grabbing Prince's dress shirt, hanging on it like his life line, submissively letting Prince push and pull his head harder and faster every single thrust.

"So so so good. Fuck, Angel. Such a good slut. Such a good slut for me" Jimin sighs, feeling himself cumming deep inside the Angel's throat in satisfaction after a whole ten minutes of fucking his mouth.

Yoongi is trembling - feeling a new set of tears shed against his still wet cheeks. He feels some of the liquid that was mixed with his saliva drip down on his chin but he can still taste most of the cum that is now filling his mouth.

His weak body is now swinging forward the moment Jimin let go of his hair, swollen mouth still wrapped around Prince's already soft cock.

"Fuck!" Jimin cusses, pushing his sweaty hair away from his eyes the moment he pulls his cock away from Yoongi's lips.

Yoongi is just blankly blinking his eyes, vision looking nowhere, already too tired to have a clear mind.

His jaw is hurt, along with his pride and dignity.

He can still taste the man's seed in his mouth, still feel some of it drip down from his lips down to his chin and neck.

He feels filthy.

Feels nothing other than a fuck hole.

I can't believe I'm ended up in this position for the sake of living..

Why.. Why can't we just live normally?

Living happily together in one roof..

W-with mom and.. and noona and H-Hoseok..

J-just.. H-happy..

Tears are dripping down his cheek, tears that represent his broken heart and soul.

He felt useless, worthless.

The way he could do nothing but let Jimin fucked him however he wanted made him feel disgusted with himself.

W-would m-mom feel.. feel p-proud of m-me if.. if she saw me l-like t-this?

Yoongi doesn't even have the time to pity himself as he gasps, almost feeling like he can have a heart attack the moment Jimin manhandles him to lay down on his back against the mattress and quickly tears away his thin white shirt to reveal his snow white beautiful skin.

Jimin harshly pulls his legs until his thighs reach the side of the bed, hungrily licking his lips when his hands unzip the Angel's tight leather hot pants.

With a few harsh tugs of his tight pants later, Yoongi is now fully naked, soft cock laying limb on his inner thigh.

"Want to feel pleasure, hmm?" Jimin growls, index finger already rubbing Yoongi's puckered hole, already inserting the tip of his finger.

He slowly inserts his finger, hole slightly loose from his fingering earlier. Prince can see how Yoongi silently hisses, face turned to look sideways instead of his face - something that other Angels would never do.

"Look at me" Jimin grunts, one finger deep inside Yoongi, while his other hand is holding Yoongi's chin.

"H-hurt" the boy sobs, still refused to look at his Master.


"H-hurt" Yoongi croaks, trembling hand holding around Jimin's wrist, trying to pull his finger out from his ass.

"You'll be a good slut for me if I treat you good?" Jimin asks, whispering his words near the other's ear, nibbling and sucking the Angel's earlobe as soon as he finishes asking.

Yoongi quickly nods his head, hand still tightly wrapping around Jimin's wrist.

"What did I say about touching me with your filthy hand?" Jimin hisses, stern eyes ping-ponging between the Angel's teary eyes and his trembling hand which is now slowly letting go of his wrist.

"S-sorry" Yoongi whispers, letting out a relief breath when Jimin slowly pulls  his finger out.

Jimin retreats himself away from Yoongi, making a beeline towards the night stand to retrieve a bottle of lube and a condom.

He coats his index and middle fingers with the lube right after he rolls a condom over his shaft, hooded eyes looking straight at the pretty face.

He slowly rubs Yoongi's pink hole, licking his bottom lip when he sees Yoongi's eyes shut close, hands already clenching on the bedsheets.

Yoongi's breath hitches the moment he feels Jimin's two fingers inserted into his hole, biting his bottom lip to stop himself from whimpering at the burning sensation around his tight muscle, thighs trembling the moment Jimin starts to slowly drag his fingers in and out of his rim.

"Nnghh... Fuck!" Yoongi moans, too late to stop himself from doing so the moment Jimin's fingers hit his bundle of nerves, ass unconsciously jerking upwards everytime Prince continuously hits his prostate.

D-don't react.

P-please please please don't react..

Y-Yoongi, d-don't be a w-whore.

A-argh argh arghh!


S-s-shit! Shit! Sshh-ffuck!!!

"Ah! Aah! Aarggghh.. F-f-fuck!" Yoongi moans, rolling his head side by side to deny the pleasure he starts to feel the moment Prince starts to stroke his still soft shaft as well.

Yoongi's body starts to twist, eyes prickled with tears the moment Prince wraps his lips around his nipple, alternating between sucking and biting while both hands pleasuring Yoongi's hole and dick all at the same time.

Yoongi slowly opens his eyes after Jimin releases his nipple from his damn lips, eyes trailing at his own dick which was now started to twitch.



Y-Yoongi, you can't.. y-you can't f-feel p-pleasure f-from t-this.

Y-you'll end up being a s-s-shit slut if you s-start to f-feel p-pleasure from this!

"S-sstop, please stop!" Yoongi croaks, trying to push Prince's head away with his already weak hands but then sobs the moment Jimin bites and sucks his nipple harder.

"Feeling good?" Jimin mumbles, mouth still loosely wrapped around Yoongi's now perked nipple, warm breath hitting the skin.

He starts to insert his third finger, dragging it back and forth, scissoring the Angel's hole open while his other hand thumbing at the leaking slit.

"F-ffuck fuck! No no no no nnngghhhh!!!" Yoongi sobs, vigorously shaking his head, trying to ignore the building up pleasure on his lower limbs.

Prince keeps on fingering and scissoring his rim, increasing the pace every single time Yoongi lets out a strangling moan, arching his body in pleasure despite his head continuously shaking to mentally deny his body reaction.

Prince keeps on toying with the Angel's body, ignoring his now hardened dick, enjoying how Yoongi's body completely arched in his unwelcoming pleasure, swollen lips parted with drools on his chin.

"J-Jimin, please p-p-please s-s-stop, nnghhh!!!" Yoongi sobs, gasping in between words. His whole body trembled the moment a thread of white liquid shooting up from his cock, painting his tummy and chest with his own seeds. 

He was breathing hard, vision blurred with lips slightly parted with drools, trying to grasp at the effect of his first ever post-orgasm.

Yoongi was still lost in his own orgasm bliss when suddenly he feels something pressed against his puckered hole.

He snaps his head forward, only to meet with Jimin's hungry eyes, now biting his lips while slowly pushing his shaft into Yoongi's still clenching hole.

"N-no no no" Yoongi whimpers, new sets of tears shedding from his red eyes while quickly shaking his head. He tries to push Prince's chest away, legs kicking at the surface of the mattress, only to have Jimin press deeper.

He holds Yoongi's quivering thighs to spread them open, pulling the boy's limp body forward before he  pushes his cock further until he bottomed out inside Yoongi.




"H-hurt... H-hurt-" Yoongi sobs, taking his whole damn remaining energy to lift one of his hands to press against his quivering lips, whole body still shaking at the new sensation, a mix of pain and pleasure were spreading all over his body.

Y-you are.. you are a monster.

"Aaahh! Ah! H-hurt!" Yoongi chokes on his words, one hand weakly tries to shove Jimin's body away from him while the other hand still pressing hard against his own parted lips.

And Jimin...

The heartless, bastard Prince..

Quickly thrusts into Yoongi's swollen hole, pulling the Angel's limp body towards him every time Yoongi's body moved further away due to the impact of his animalistic thrust.

"Ah! S-stop! No more! P-p-please s-sstop!" Yoongi begs, trashing and turning his body so that he could get away from Jimin.

His body couldn't take it anymore.

It's just too much.

Too much.

He's still over sensitive from his last orgasm, and the burning sensation around his still tight hole from the sudden ramming from Jimin make it even worse.

Yoongi manages to get away from Jimin, turning his body to crawl further away but a sudden pull on his leg makes him gasp in surprise.

He is about to turn around, trying to look at what Jimin is trying to do, but a sudden slam into his hole was enough to know that he's about to be fucked senseless.

"You think I will let you go, huh? I'm not done with you yet, Angel. Not yet. Gonna destroy you and your innocence tonight" Jimin growls, pistoning hard and fast into Yoongi's ass.


The poor soul, trying his hard to pull himself away from Jimin.

He can feel the bastard's dick twitching inside his ass, hands kneading and slapping his butt cheeks every single time Yoongi tries to crawl away.

"S-so good. You are so so so good for me, Angel. Worth every single cash I throw at you" Jimin grunts, lifting one of Yoongi's leg to wrap around his waist while the boy lays with his front still pressing on the mattress.

It's impossible.

The body position he forces Yoongi to do while he fucked him is impossible for someone who doesn't have enough experience.

But Prince doesn't care.

Yoongi makes him go crazy and a crazy Jimin with lust and want filling his sense only wants to fuck Yoongi as hard and as long as possible.

Yoongi is screaming along with the bell on his choker ringing every single time Jimin thrusts into him, begging Jimin to stop, clawing and tugging at the bedsheets while his mind cussing at the man and his damn life continuesly.

"H-hurt.. S-stop.." He whispers those words, one of his cheek now on the mattress, eyes blinking heavily at the clock on the bed side table.

It's almost 12 midnight - which means Prince has been fucking him senseless for an hour straight.

Yoongi is now laying weakly on the mattress, letting the man manhandle and fuck him however he wants.

He forces his eyes closed, letting the tears slide against his already wet cheeks. He bites his trembling lips as hard as he can, trying so hard to stop any sob from spilling out from his swollen mouth.

It is when Prince starts to increase his already animalistic pace that Yoongi snaps his eyes open with a loud gasp leaving his mouth, eyes automatically landing on the clock, again.

The clock strikes exactly 12 midnight, which means a new day has begun.

A loud sob, almost like a whimper spills out from Yoongi's lips.

It's already March 9th, his birthday.

And he starts the day of his birthday naked and being fucked by someone who doesn't even see him as a human being.

H-h-happy Birthday, Y-Yoongi.

M-mom, I.. I'm s-sorry I.. I h-have to..

"Ahhh!!! Aaaahhh!!! Nghhh.... Ah!" Yoongi starts to jerk, feeling unexplainable pleasure running down his whole body the moment Prince keeps hitting at the same spot, eyes rolling back with drools starting to spill from his mouth.

"F-f-fuck! Fuck!"

M-m-mom, I.. I'm s-s-sorry..

I'm s-so s-s-so sorry s-starting my b-birthday l-like t-this...

Being s-shit! Being s-so pathetic l-like this.

I'm s-sorry..

I'm t-too desperate n-now.

Y-y-you.. Y-you will f-forgive m-me, r-r-right?

Yoongi's body starts to convulse, having another wave of orgasm despite his mind, heart and soul detesting and hating every single second of it.

He starts to scream and cry again when Jimin keeps on ramming his hole, not bearing another round of over sensitivity.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuckkk!!!" Jimin chants with every hard and deep slam, releasing his cum inside the condom, feeling satisfied when he sees how Yoongi's body is still shaking because of his extremely over sensitivity.

He keeps his already flaccid cock inside Yoongi's tender hole, sucking and biting his marks all over Yoongi's sweaty back.

The Angel just closes his eyes, trying so hard to ignore the feeling of warm wet tongue licking down his sweat all over his back.

He slightly moves when he feels Jimin's warm breath hitting his neck, pressing his face hard on the mattress when Jimin sucks a few hickeys with a deep cuckle that comes after.

Slowly, Jimin starts to pull out with a hiss coming from his lips.

Yoongi just lays on the bed motionless, closing his eyes with tears continuously wetting his cheeks.

I hate myself. I really really really hate myself.

Why don't you just kill me?

Why am I not the one who get killed?

I hate myself!

I hate, I really really hate-

He stops, body tenses the moment he feels a hand caressing his ass.

N-no no no no no no.

P-please no.

I.. I can't d-do this anym-more.

N-not now.

P-please n-not now.

His breath hitches when he feels a pair of soft lips leaving a trail of kisses from his spine up until his shoulder, hand still softly massaging his excruciatingly aching buttocks.

"You're so good, Yoongi. So so so fucking good. I'm gonna wire your money now, Angel. Can't fucking wait to come for you again soon" Jimin whispers, blowing air onto Yoongi's wet cheeks before he pulls his body away, throwing the cum filled condom into the trashbin and leaving the room.

And the moment the door closes, a loud painful heartbroken whimper echoes against the walls of the huge room - the sound of a desperate good hearted boy who has to destroy his own dignity for the sake of living.


Yoongi stays in his position for an hour long, cheeks already stained with dried tears with eyes and mouth still swollen and starting to sting.

He lets out a soulless sigh, eyes flicking to look at the clock - showing that it is already ten passed two in the morning.

"I need to give them the money now" he lowly whispers, slowly blinking his eyes to push his sleepy head away.

I have to do this.

I have to do this quick.

Don't need them to try hurting H-Hoseok again.

Yoongi carefully lifts his body up, hissing and biting a sob the moment he feels extreme pain and unpleasant sore on his lower region.

Prince really fucked him hard; didn't even have any mercy towards the Angel.

"I hate him. I hate him so much!" Yoongi chokes out his words before he lets out another hiss, trembling hands pushing against the mattress, trying so hard to support his extremely frail and weak body.

He almost screams the moment his legs give out when he tries to stand up, butt landing straight on the carpeted floor which is enough to make tears shed from the red-rimmed eyes.

"H-hurt.. H-h-hurt..." Yoongi cries, resting his now wet face against the mattress, too painful to even try to stand up again.

He can't feel his legs, all he feels is the continuous stabbing and prickling pain on his butt from the heartless and ruthless fuck he got from Prince.

He keeps on taking long and deep breaths, idly waiting for the pain to at least lessen a little.

His mind is blank - too full to even think of anything.

How he had a nice breakfast with his mom this morning, only to realize it was the last time he had the chance to do so. And the most heartbreaking part is that he wasn't there to be with his mom when she needed him the most.


His sweet, innocent baby brother who is too kind for their scary world.

He needs to do everything he can to protect Hoseok's life now. Anything. Even if he needs to sacrifice his own life, as long as Hoseok lives, then it's okay. He is Yoongi's only family now after he already lost both his mother and sister.

I.. I have to m-move f-fast.

N-needs to.. to pay those b-bastards their m-money so they will f-finally leave H-Hoseok alone.

T-they.. They will k-keep t-their p-promise, r-right?

And with that thought alone, and the determination to protect his only family now, Yoongi forces himself to stand up with a tear slid down his cheek.

He ignores the pain, chanting 'it's okay' continuously while supporting himself with the nearby furniture to make a beeline towards the bathroom to wash his filthy body.

It was torturous. The fact that he has to support his body against the tiled wall when he has to take a shower, hissing and whimpering in pain while wearing his clothes and has to deal with a limping gait.

Yoongi carefully steps into the ground floor of The Sakura after he cashes out all the money he received from Jimin for the night, silently hissing in pain whenever he tries to increase his speed, tiptoeing his steps towards the back door.

He didn't notice two pairs of eyes were observing him and the black bag he was hugging from the private room, too occupied to think about how he could ask for Ye Ji to accompany him and at the same time keep Hoseok safe from any danger.

Fishing his phone out from his pants' pocket with a slightly trembling hand, he then bites his nail while waiting for the person to pick up his call.

Yoongi keeps on massaging his bum, glancing at every direction to check if anyone was around. He didn't know that someone already stood up next to the black tinted glass window right behind him, carefully staring every single small ministrations he did for the past five minutes.

"H-hello?" Yoongi slowly whispers his words the moment Ye Ji picks up her phone.

"Yoongi? Thank goodness! We are worried sick about you. Where are you?!" Ye Ji whispers, probably didn't want Hoseok to hear her words.

"How's.. How's my brother?" Yoongi asks with hesitance, too scared to know the reality he might have to face. He keeps on biting the cuticle around his thumb, biting any hiss from leaving his lips whenever he moves his legs carelessly.

Ye Ji lets out a sigh, the sounds of breath hitting the phone.

"He told me to stay with you. He.. He was so scared, Yoongi. He still is. He's asleep now. I.. I can make him sleep for awhile while I'm out and put some protection charms around the house. Give me your location and I'll be there" Ye Ji suggests, voice still in a whisper.

Yoongi exhales an air, feeling a little bit relieved with her suggestion.

He hisses when his butt accidentally presses against the huge mirror behind him, doesn't know that it is actually apart of the window for the private room.

"T-thank you. I.. I'll send you my.. my location and.. and I.. I need you to accompany me to.. to meet t-them. I.. I need you to be with me so.. so that if anything happens, y-you know what to do, r-right?" Yoongi stutters, too nervous thinking about any possibilities that might happen to him the moment he meets those despicable thugs.

He quickly ends the call right after he tells Ye Ji that he would send her his location. Gently rubbing his still sore ass once again, he slowly limps his steps towards the back door, heart frantically thumping against his ribcage.

He carefully steps out from The Sakura, completely didn't know that Prince quietly was observing him from the window - standing so close that he could even listened to Yoongi's conversation with Hwasa's help.

He leisurely sips his rum, intense eyes still glued to Yoongi. His body still smells like sex and Yoongi, doesn't even bother to go for a shower like he usually does, enjoying that smell sticking on his body.

He narrows his eyes as he watches Yoongi limping towards the exit door especially designed for those who are apart of The Sakura, pulling out his phone before he dials a certain number.

"Prince?" Bobby answers right after the first ring, dragging a smoke from the cigarette in between his two fingers, waiting for Prince to tell him his order.

"Still in the Casino?" Prince starts, flicking his eyes to look at Hwasa who is gasping at the text she just received, seems to be nervous for reasons - lots of reasons.

"Yup. I'm with my boys now. Anyone specific for us to spy on?" the boy curiously asks, already signalling another four guys to follow him towards the elevator to get ready for the upcoming ambush.

"I want you to follow this one Angel from Sakura. My Exclusive Angel, keep that in mind. Small frame, beautiful round face with slightly chubby cheeks, pale skin, raven black hair, cat eyes. He is wearing a black hoodie with dark grey jeans. The Angel just went out from Sakura's back door" Jimin describes his Angel in detail, taking his time to make a beeline towards Hwasa.

"I'll send you the Angel's picture for confirmation. Already told the others just incase there will be more than one person-"

"Good. Update me as soon as possible" Jimin interrupts, raising an eyebrow at Hwasa when the woman starts to light her cig with slightly trembling hands.

"I'll inform Scotts and Fallon to guard the Casino. We are already out now" Bobby informs right before Prince ends the call, gesturing the other four boys to get into two separate vehicles just incase they have to split up later.

"Bell," Prince starts, taking another sip of rum from the snifter, putting his phone on the table just incase he gets any news from Bobby.

"Y-yes, Prince?" Hwasa stutters, internally cussing herself for whatever shitty reasons she has to deal with now. She knows Prince very well; knows how he hates it if his people try to hide anything from him.

But Hwasa knows nothing; except the fact that Suga just cashed all his money out ten minutes ago.

The Sakura never restricts the Petals and Angels with how they manage and spend their money, so Sakura never makes it hard for the workers to withdraw their money from the brothel's money machine.

But no one in The Sakura ever takes all their money out from their bank accounts here and that was enough to make Hwasa to feel nervous and agitated.

She really has zero information about Suga, thinking that he is a harmless innocent boy who is desperate enough to sell his body.

"H-he took out all his cash from today's payment and.. and the money he received before" she starts, trying so hard to hide the trembles of her hands.


"S-Suga.. I just received his bank transaction update. Y-you know we have a system that will alarm us if.. if anyone in this brothel withdraws more than ten million won, r-right? He.. Suga just cashed out all his money from his account in The Sakura" Hwasa gulps, eyeing how Jimin's facial expression slightly changes into rage.

"You tell me now, Bell. Why the hell did he withdraw all the cash he just received tonight and all the other nights and quickly went out from Sakura eventhough he's limping like that?" Jimin spit his words, clenching his jaw to suppress his anger.

"I.. I swear I don't k-know"


"Prince, I swear with my own life I fucking don't know why he did that!" Hwasa retorts, clearly frustrated but still laced with a very thick fear in her voice.

Prince pushes his tongue against his inner cheek, mind already racing miles per second, trying to figure out what Yoongi is up to.

"Tell me everything you know about Suga" he asks with his eerily calm voice; enough to make every single hair on Hwasa's body stand in fear.

"I.. I already.." she gulps, taking a shot of tequila hoping it's enough to ease her nerves. 

"I swear Prince I already told.. tell you everything a-about him" she starts, forcing her shaking pupils to look straight into Prince's intense eyes, knowing so well that he would doubt her if she didn't do so.

"He didn't tell you why he joined the auction in the first place?" Prince interrogates, making himself comfortable on the expensive black leather couch.

He gestures Hwasa to pour him another drink into his snifter, cracking his neck on both sides while waiting for the female to answer his question.

Hwasa offers him his glass of rum, pressing her remaining cigarette onto a crystal ashtray, before she leans herself slightly closer towards Jimin.

"He told me he needs money for his mom's hospital bills and his brother's art school and his own collage fees. Telling me they're struggling and desperate for money. I didn't sense any ill intentions coming from him except that he really wants to help his family. Besides, Suga has a pretty face. Me and Wheein knew you would want him the moment we saw him entering my office" Hwasa carefully whispers her words, silently observing Prince's facial expression.

"Who was the one who brought him into Sakura?" Jimin asks, raising an eyebrow at Hwasa who is sitting on the opposite couch.



"You have never seen him before. He's too busy scouting new Virgin Petals whenever you visit the club" Hwasa explains, hands now busied tying her hair into a ponytail.

"You trust him?" Jimin calmly asks, taking another sip of alcohol while crossing his leg.

"Y-yes. He's good. Never has made any problems before" Hwasa nods her head, totally confident with her answer.

"How about the guy who you asked to keep an eye on Suga?"

"He's new but I'm sure he's clean. That kid is good in fighting but he's not a part of any gangs. Not even yours"

Prince tilts his head, resting his beautiful plump lips against the glass rim, mind now working fast to form another question.

He was about to open his lips for the next question when suddenly his phone screen lights up, indicating a text message received from Bobby.

He quickly grabs his phone, pressing the notification before his eyes land on the image sent by one of his trusted subordinates.

A smirk forms on the Prince's usual cold face, pleased with the good job done by his underlings.

He then types his next order, telling his man to follow Suga and give him the updates about the Angel later. He shoves his phone into his pants' pocket before he lifts his head to look straight onto Hwasa's trembling form.

"Bell" he starts, lifting an angle of his lips to form a small smile.

"Y-yes, P-Prince?"

"Say, if Suga is really a threat to either me or anything related to me, I'll make sure Wheein will serve this brothel as a slut again by tomorrow night" Prince warns, voice still smooth like the glazing honey while he spits his words, before he stands up and leaves the room.


Yoongi keeps glancing around the dark alley once in awhile, hissing when he feels his sore ass burning with every single step he takes.

He doesn't notice Bobby, Chan and Song following him from behind, being too good with their usual jobs as Prince's spies and hitmen.

Yoongi keeps on walking, praying so hard that Ye Ji has already arrived at the location they've promised to meet at.

It is already early morning, 3.45 a.m to be exact, making the street almost empty if not for the bars and nightclubs that are still open.

Two drunk men approach Yoongi, ogling the pretty boy with hungry eyes.

One of them starts to wrap his fingers around Yoongi's thin wrist, trying to pull Yoongi towards a darker alley.

Yoongi resists, planting his feet on the tar road, harshly tugging his hand away from the drunkard before he swings a fist straight onto the drunk man's face.

The other drunk man tries to hug him from behind, but doesn't get to do so as Yoongi quickly lands his foot on the man's crotch, elbowing the man's face when the drunk man still tries to grab his clothes.

Yoongi quickly runs as the two men are grunting in pain, ignoring the sharp sensation radiating on his lower limbs.

To be honest, Yoongi is still too sore, weak and tired to deal with any of this bullshit, but he has to pay those bastards right now in order to retrieve their mother's body in the hospital without any danger coming from the gangsters.

He can't risk wasting any more seconds; too scared that  these bastards will do terrible things to his mother's body if he acts too late.

So here he is, asking Ye Ji to accompany him to meet with those bastards who tried to rape him, Hoseok and his late mother a few weeks ago, and the damn bastards who tried to kill Hoseok yesterday.

Y-you can do this, Y-Yoongi.

You can do this.

You have to do this.

Y-you need to pay those bastards their money for you to claim mom's body early this morning.

Ye Ji.. Ye Ji noona will h-help and hide us if.. if they try to trick me, r-right?

Yoongi mentally gives himself a talk, trying so hard to push away his fear.

He tightly hugs the black bag near his chest, waddling in pain towards a slightly quiet and darker alley.

"Do we need to at least break their hands for touching boss's Angel?" Chan slowly whispers his words, side eyeing the two drunkards who are still cussing at Yoongi for beating them like that.

Bobby doesn't reply immediately, turning his head only to see a few hidden CCTVs belonging to Prince's, lips slightly tilt to form a snicker.

"No need. We don't want Prince's Angel to notice that we are following him. There's CCTVs here. If Prince wants to deal with them for touching his Angel, he can do it later. We have more important stuff to deal with now" Bobby slowly mouthes his words, eyes looking at his watch screen, sending their current location to Dongjun and Monbin who are driving the cars.  He quickly shoves his ear piece into his ear, just incase he has to call for any backup after he looks around the place.

Where the hell is he going now?

Bobby quickly stops the other two from walking further, eyes cautiously eyeing at Yoongi who seems to stop walking.

The three men quietly hide themselves behind one of the walls of a nearby building, faces furrowing in confusion when they realize that Suga is talking, almost whispering to himself.

"Man, that's creepy as hell! Are you guys sure Prince didn't fuck a psycho?" Song whispers, eyes wide opened when he sees Yoongi still talking alone.

"Say that in front of Prince and I'm sure you end up having your tongue fed to his dog" Chan sniggers, giving a middle finger when Song tries to smack his head.

Bobby is still eyeing the pale skinned boy with the black hoodie, eyebrows knitted together when he sees the Angel seriously talking alone in the middle of the dark, quiet alley.

Damn, Prince.

I really hope he's not talking to a ghost or something.

I'd rather fight humans than ghost, man.

Yoongi lets out a sigh the moment he spots a small amount of sparkling dust along the tar road - knowing that Ye Ji is leaving her trail for Yoongi to follow.

He keeps on walking, already forgetting the stinging pain on his lower limbs especially his butthole and inner thighs, too nervous to deal with the gangsters alone.

They.. They won't kill me, r-right?

They won't try to h-hurt me, r-right?

They.. They only want their m-money, and.. and I'm here with the money.

Yoongi is too immersed in his thoughts, almost letting out a scream when he feels someone touching his shoulder.

"Yoongi!" Ye Ji hisses, still hiding herself from anyone to see.

"Ye Ji noona?" Yoongi slowly calls, looking around only to find himself alone in the alley.

"I'm here. On your right" Ye Ji informs, frowning her face at the hickey just behind Yoongi's ear.

"Y-Yoongi, where.. what were you doing just now?" she asks, eyes trailing to look at all the hickeys that Yoongi tried to hide with some concealer.

"I.. I was working" Yoongi answers, trying his best to not sound too nervous.


"Y-yeah, work. W-why?"

A thin line in between Ye Ji's eyebrows appears deeper than before, trying to push away the urge to ask Yoongi about the hickeys that are tainting his neck.

She doesn't mention about it, knowing it's not a good time.

Instead, she blows an air at Yoongi, making him slightly feel chill, healing all the bites and marks on the once flawless skin.

"Ye- noona?" Yoongi slowly calls her again, after he doesn't get any response from her for awhile.

"I'm still here" the fairy responds, extending her arm forward to squeeze Yoongi's shoulder again.

"Y-you.. You will p-protect me, r-right? I.. I can't.. I can't leave Hoseok alone.. I.. I cannot die yet, noona. N-not yet-"

"Stop talking nonsense and put your trust in me. I'll hide you as fast as I can. I even brought our guns along with me, just incase we have to protect ourselves"

"Our.. Our guns?" Yoongi hisses his words, heart thumping hard inside his chest.

"I know you have a gun, Yoongi. I'll teach you how to use it well later. I'll even teach Hoseok if you let me too" the girl replies, eyes carefully checking the place, just incase someone suddenly wants to attack Yoongi.

"D-do you think they will let us go once they.. they have the money?" Yoongi hesitantly asks, chewing his lips while nervously waiting for the girl to reply - hoping that her answer will at least easing his mind.

He starts to walk towards the direction of the gang's warehouse, body starting to shake in fear.

But it's okay.

It's okay.

He has Ye Ji to help and protect him if anything happens to him.

"I.. I don't know. B-but, if they break their promise, I'll be the one who will kill every single person who tries to touch you and Hoseok" Ye Ji promises, hands already clenched to form a fist, still angry with the sudden and cruel death of Yoongi's mother.

"T-thank you, Ye Ji noona. Y-you really remind me of my n-noona. Instead of protecting us, how about you teach us how to fight, yeah?" Yoongi mouthes his words, now coming closer towards the said warehouse. 

He gulps a lump in his throat the moment the warehouse is only a few meters away from him - already seeing some thugs drinking and playing cards together while guarding the area.

Yoongi takes a shaky breath, trembling limping legs walking towards the main gate.

"What can we help you with, pretty?" one of the thugs smirks, obviously eye-fucking Yoongi the moment he stops in front of them.

"I.. I want t-to see Chul" Yoongi replies with a stern voice, ignoring the way those guys are ogling at him.

"And.. why do you want to meet Chul?" a skinny thug full of tattoos all over his body asked, hands trying to touch Yoongi's buttocks but the boy quickly takes a few steps away from him.

"I have some business to settle with him" Yoongi replies, face remaining stoic. He didn't want to let the thugs know how scared he felt right now; didn't want them to even have the pleasure to feel like that.

I'm scared.

I'm so so scared right now.

M-mom, if.. if you heard me..

P-please protect me, mom.

You.. You promise you will be our guardian angel, r-right?

Yoongi gulps, hands now tightly clutching the black bag, hoping that all their suffering would end soon.

"Ask for his name" a deep voice comes from the walkie talkie, making one of the thugs jerk his head for Yoongi to answer.

"I.. I'm J-Jung Hyeri's son-"

A loud laugh suddenly comes through the walkie talkie, making Yoongi tremble on his spot.

"Aaaahh.. My fucking whore-"

"I have the money now. I.. I want to pay it now so that you won't bother us anymore" Yoongi quickly interrupts the bastard's words, making Chul suddenly stop talking.

It was quiet for awhile, they didn't get any response from Chul through the walkie talkie.

A few minutes later, a man suddenly comes out from the warehouse; body build as muscular as Jackson's.

He has a scar on his left eyebrow, with slightly short stubble on his jaw and chin.

He stands before Yoongi, hungry eyes looking at the boy's frail and delicate body.

I'm going to fuck you so good tonight.

Gonna keep you to myself.

Gonna wreck you so bad that you can't even crawl.

Such a naive, beautiful boy.

Chul unconsciously licks his lips, staring at Yoongi's buttocks before he lifts his head to look at the beautiful face.

"Ah, Hyeri's son. Let's do our deal inside, shall we?"

And Yoongi, the innocent Yoongi just nods his head, shaking legs start to follow Chul towards the warehouse.

"Shit! Fucking shit!" Song hisses, clenching his fists in anger.

"Bobby, you better call Prince now" he continues, red eyes now glaring at Bobby's confused eyes.

"Okay. I'm already calling him. B-but chill, man. Don't get pissed off like that" Bobby hisses, phone already pressed against his ear.

"I don't know why the Angel is dealing with that Gecko gang, but whatever it is, we have to enter there first. He's dealing with Chul"

"Who's dealing with Chul?" Prince asks through Bobby's ear piece, lifting his index finger towards Solar and Hani who are talking about their shipping deals with their latest business partner from Japan.

"Your Angel, Prince" Bobby replies, eyes wide when he sees Song already wearing his brass knuckles on both hands. He then checks the loads in his gun, jerking his head to tell the other two to quickly head towards the warehouse.

"That bastard is one of the Gecko's gang leaders. Bobby will send you the location. We're going to go now. Your Angel is in danger" Song quickly spits his words, already standing up and starting to step away from the tree.

"Solar already sent the location to Eagle. We're going now. And what danger?" Prince asks, already loading his gun while making a fast beeline towards his bungalow's huge garage through its elevator, forwarding the audio records to Jungkook.

"We better go now. I don't think we can save Angel if we don't move now" Song already pulls the other two towards the main gate, telling Chan to tell Dongjun and Monbin to come fast.


"That bastard ogled at Prince's Angel the same way he looked at me seven years ago, when he raped me for three months straight. We need a back up. There's going to be at least another eighty bastards inside that warehouse-"

And just when they stop right in front of the main gate, facing the four bastards who are guarding the main entrance for the warehouse, a gun shot suddenly is heard from inside the building.

"Gonna use a faster way now" Chan spits, firing his gun straight into two of the men's skulls, ducking his head when the other two start to fire their guns. One of them quickly runs towards their booth, hand quickly pressing the emergency button to inform the whole gang about the sudden ambush.

Another two gun shots echo inside the warehouse, making the three boys desperately try to get into the building but are stopped by the five huge men who are suddenly appearing at the entrance door.

"Prince, hurry! I'm going to keep my ear piece on" Bobby hisses, before he quickly attacks one of the bouncers with an axe kick after he successfully avoids a punch from the big sized man.

He turns his head to his left seeing Song trying to fight two bouncers at same time after his gun is kicked away by those men.

"I'm gonna be there in ten. Eagle and the backups will be there in six. Stay alive, all of you. And make sure the bastard doesn't even lay his finger on my Angel" Prince growls, fingers tightly wrapping around the steering wheel.

He presses his foot on the sports car's accelerator to speed his way towards the said warehouse, clenching his jaw from the extremely anger he feels right now.

You better fight that bastard, Angel.

Better try your best to protect yourself.

I'm coming for you now.

-End of Chapter 11-