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K irisaki  C hitoge


XXI. The tips of his fingers were slightly calloused

She liked semi-cuddling on a checkered picnic basket under a shady tree in her backyard. It was eighty four degrees, pretty warm, but that didn't stop Raku from taking her hand in his and interlocking their fingers. Chitoge flushed almost instantly, blue eyes flickering around to make sure no one was looking. Thankfully, after nearly five years, the Beehive members were starting to trust Raku and allowed them privacy if she requested it. And she especially requested it because today they just wanted to take a nap in peace.

Chitoge sighed when Raku's thumb rubbed circles on the back of her hand. It was soothing, the way his skin felt against hers, so she moved closer to him and put a leg around his waist. Raku, laying on his back, peeled open an eye to look at her with an amused expression. She shrugged before throwing an arm around his chest and hugging him tighter. It was like hugging a body pillow.

"Your hands have gotten bigger," she murmured softly, holding their joined hands up and fanning out her fingers.

"Maybe yours have gotten smaller?" he fanned out his as well, aligning their palms. The pads of his fingers brushed against hers. "They're starting to look thinner...are you eating okay? Or are you finally starting your 'lady-like' development stage?"

"Shut up," Chitoge scoffed and lowered their hands again, her thumb running over his fingers. "Beansprout."

"Gorilla woman."



"No muscles."

"Too many muscles."



"I love you."

"I love you, too."

XXII. He trusted her with his phone (OTPPrompts)

Which was insanely stupid, in her opinion. He knew that, if he left his phone out in the open, she'd mess with it. The first time it happened was when they were about to have a stay home movie night. He was out buying snacks (his cupboards only had ingredients for cooking) and, in his hurry, accidentally took her phone instead of his own. She had immediately reached for the dark blue phone case when she spotted it but frowned when it asked for a password. Raku never had a password before.

Maybe this has something to do with possible enemies going through his stuff again, she thought, typing in RAKU (or 7258). Didn't work. His birthday...her birthday? His dad's birthday? LOVE (5683)? Hey, it was cheesy, but you never know.

Perhaps...their anniversary? She put in the date and the phone unlocked. Now she knew his password and the fact that it was their anniversary made her heart flutter a little. Just a little.

Once Raku found out, he just shrugged, "I would've told you what it was if you were wondering. I decided to lock it because there have been some disturbances with other gangs lately and, if they got a hold of my stuff, they would see our pictures together. I don't want you getting hurt because they're trying to exploit one of my weaknesses." To which Chitoge vehemently disagreed. She could take care of herself, after all. He consoled her with a pat on the head.


Whenever she got her hands on his phone, she would change the home screen to a picture of herself, be it her hair, eyes, hands, feet, face, whatever. He'd chuckle to himself once he saw the pictures and ruffle her hair. "Cute," he'd say despite it being a close up of her split ends.

One day, it was way too hot to go to the park so Raku took Chitoge to an air conditioned ice cream parlor. They came so frequently that the employees knew their orders by heart so they just took their seats by the window. She held out a hand and he gave her his phone, taking hers in return. He had saved his work files on her phone ("Your screen is large and easier to type on.") and she had her games on his ("The phone is smaller and more comfortable to hold.").

Chitoge slid her finger across the screen, ready to sneak a picture of his face, but she froze. And her smile softened. The background was a picture of them, of when they posed in front of the shrine on New Years.

I don't want to change it this time.

XXIII. He's used to her indecisiveness

"Where are we going today?" Chitoge called from her seat on the couch. "It's date day."

"I know, just give me a second," Raku entered the living room with a booklet in hand. He found it a few days ago in an information booth. Restaurants and attractions and bakeries were listed on the pages and it wasn't hard to find somewhere to go. "How about the new confectionery place on 8th street?"

"Sweets again? We went to a candy shop two days ago. I'm going to get fat."

"Then a movie and lunch at the oriental restaurant?"

"Hmm, but we've seen all the movies that came out already."

Raku sighed, flipping through the pages again. Usually, he took charge on deciding their dates beforehand so that this back and forth situation wouldn't happen, but he said that he felt a bit controlling and wanted her to choose this time.

"Then...visit the animals at the school and then street vendors at the park?"

"Ah, I heard that the vendors all went on a holiday together."

"Let's take a road trip to the beach then."

"It's like a two hour drive though-yah, let go of my hand! Where are we going?"

"We're going to walk around the streets and go to the first place we see, okay?" he interlocked the hands together. "And when we're done, we'll go to the first place we see after ten minutes. So we don't have to decide anything."


XXIV. His eyes still wander

It's become routine now, hanging out every Sunday with the entire crew. Even Ruri didn't complain when all eight of them (occasionally ten when Yui and Haru can make it) get together. Today happened to be Sunday and Chitoge arrived a few minutes ago.

"Hm, is everyone here except for Miyamoto-san and Onodera-san?" Marika wondered, going on her tippy toes to look around the mall. "It's strange. They're usually never late. Oh wait, they're coming now!"

Chitoge whirled around to see an out of breath Kosaki running their way with a much calmer Ruri trailing behind her. "Sorry," Ruri's eyes almost burned into the back of Kosaki's head. "She was taking too long, trying to choose an outfit. But she looks nice, right, Raku?"

"Huh? Oh, y-yeah, you look nice," his eyes snapped up to her face. Chitoge didn't miss the way he was checking her friend out and it didn't sit well with her at all.

"Really? Thank you!" the blush on Kosaki's face was obvious. "Should we get going then?"

The group set out towards the movie theater, but Chitoge lingered in the back because Didn't they used to like each other? Her lips twisted into an unsatisfied frown. She wasn't the jealous type, not usually, but she couldn't help feeling insecure at times like these. If Raku fell for her friend before, who says he can't fall for her again?


The sound of her name made her look up. It's Raku with his hand reaching for her, expectant. She hesitated on taking it, but he interlaced his fingers with hers anyway. As if he knew what she was thinking about, he brought her hand up and kissed her knuckles. "She looks nice, but you look nicer."

She shoved him away, joking, "I thought I looked the nicest?"

XXV. He really hates cancelling. (wushu723 on FFN)

Raku was supposed to pick her up, but it's been nearly an hour and traffic wasn't even that bad. Chitoge dialed his number and brought the ringing phone up to her ear. On the sixth ring, he picked up.

"Hello?" his voice was groggy. "Chitoge? Ah, shit, I'm late, aren't I?"

"Just a little," she dug the toe of her shoe into the ground. "Hey, are you okay? You sound a bit sick. We can postpone this for another day, you know."

"Nah, I'm good," there was the sound of shifting fabric. "I'll be there in a bit. Besides, you were looking forward to going to the aquarium so don't worry about me, okay?"

"Maybe we should just have an in home date. Watch a movie or something."

Despite her being willing to compromise, Raku said that they should follow through with the original plan. As he said, he arrived at the aquarium in about twenty minutes and they made their way into the building. She tried to focus on the brightly colored fish swimming in the glass displays, but the fact that Raku's eyes seemed a bit unsteady worried her. His posture didn't look stable, either, and he's stopping to lean against the wall every ten feet. Finally, she can't take it any longer and ordered him to sit down on a nearby bench. Hushing his protests with disappointed click of her tongue, Chitoge felt his forehead and she was right: he has a fever.

"You're so stupid," she exclaimed, pulling him to his feet and trying to find the entrance. "You should've stayed in bed instead of coming out here. And no, it doesn't matter if I wanted to come to the aquarium today. We can come any other day once you get better. But if your fever gets worse because you decided to not listen to what your body needs, then that's a lot more cancelled dates."

"Sorry," he mumbled. "I just thought that you'll be sad that you can't see the dolphins or something."