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I'm in the Band

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Alec took a long drag off the cigarette in his hand, relishing in the feel of the smoke burning the back of his throat. He closed his eyes and leaned his head against the brick wall of the club behind him. He could feel the bass pumping through it. He let out his breath, blowing the smoke from his lungs. He heard the door next to him open but ignored it, assuming it was club goers leaving to get lucky for the night.

He felt a presence next to him before the cigarette between his fingertips was removed. He opened his eyes to see a beautiful man next to him, taking his own drag off the butt. He was mimicking Alec’s pose, his shoulder set snug against his own. His polished fingernails flicked off the ash at the end of the cigarette before placing it in its rightful spot in Alec’s hand.

“You were really good in there,” the other man said, keeping his eyes closed. Alec kept his gaze in front of him, enjoying the small contact of their shoulders. Somehow, Simon had convinced Alec that his talents were just what they needed to get this gig and apparently, he was right. They’d just finished their second to last set a little after eleven and Alec had to get out of the cramped club before doing it all over again.

“Thank you,” he answered softly, taking another drag of his cigarette. He glanced over at the man, taking in his perfectly styled hair and makeup. He was overdressed for a club like this, but Alec had a feeling he wasn’t the type to care.

“I’m Magnus.” He introduced himself, finally letting his gaze fall onto Alec’s. Alec had to take another oxygen filled breath at the eye contact. He wasn’t kidding when he thought the man was beautiful. Magnus turned to lean his shoulder against the wall and Alec was disappointed at the loss of contact.

“Alec.” He mimicked the other man’s pose, flicking more ash off the end of his cigarette before offering it to Magnus. Magnus let his fingers linger as he took the offering from Alec, slowly bringing the cigarette to his lips and taking a small puff. He leaned his head up to exhale and Alec let his gaze wander down his long neck and chest that was uncovered by the unbuttoned shirt the man was wearing. Alec had to stop himself from letting his hand wander over the smooth, golden skin.

“You don’t talk much do you?” Magnus’ gaze landed back on Alec’s before he leaned down slowly to crush out the cigarette on the ground. Alec closed his eyes at how close Magnus was to where he wanted him to be. Magnus tossed it aside before leaning up, only a breath away from Alec.

“I have better things to do with my mouth.” Magnus gaped at the straightforward statement before his lips curved into a small smile. Without another word, he leaned forward and captured Alec’s lips in his. He tasted like whiskey and smoke and Alec could not get enough of him. Their lips moved together slowly, their hands both staying at their sides. Alec needed more. He raised one hand to connect with Magnus’ chest, letting his fingers wrap around the necklaces that adorned him. He tugged lightly, pulling Magnus flush against him.

A small gasp left Magnus’ lips and Alec took his chance, letting his tongue slide against the other man’s bottom lip. He bit down gently, pulling the lip into his mouth before letting his tongue wander further into the hot cave of Magnus’ mouth. Magnus let one of his hands slide into Alec’s back pocket, tugging their lower halves even closer. They both groaned at the contact, their tongues battling back and forth for dominance. Alec lost the fight when Magnus used his hips to push him against the brick wall behind them, eliciting another desperate moan from Alec’s lips.

The door next to them opened, slamming into the wall behind them. A couple, obviously very drunk, stumbled out and made their way through the alley like Magnus and Alec weren’t even there. Alec felt his heart beating faster and his breath panting out of him as his eyes followed the couple down the alley. It was a much-needed breather from one hell of a kiss.

Magnus backed away from Alec, causing a whine of protest from Alec. He would have been embarrassed if he wasn’t so aroused. Magnus grabbed his hand and Alec found himself pushed through a door leading back into the club. Before he could protest, Magnus pulled him through another set of doors leading to the back offices.

“I don’t think we’re supposed to be back here…” The words came out before he could stop them. Magnus chuckled, opening one more door labeled M. Bane. He pushed Alec inside the office, the door slamming shut behind them.

“Do you always follow all the rules, Alec?” Magnus locked the door with a heavy click, his eyes never leaving Alec’s. Alec couldn’t think let alone answer a question right now, so he shrugged his shoulders. Magnus let out another laugh before sauntering up to Alec and pinning his legs against the desk behind them. His knee found its way in between Alec’s thighs, brushing his groin gently. Alec let his head fall back, thrusting his hips against Magnus’. He felt the slick slide of Magnus’ tongue against his neck and gripped the desk a little tighter in his hands.

“Fuck, Magnus.” His tongue made its way slowly up his neck before he felt a nip at his earlobe.

“We’ll get there.” His breath huffed in Alec’s ear, sending a shiver down Alec’s spine. He shook his head to get himself back in the game before sliding one of his hands up to grip Magnus’ hair. His lips and teeth were marking a trail down Alec’s neck, stopping only to nibble on the pulse reverberating in Alec’s neck. He couldn’t stop his hips from propelling forward at every kiss. Magnus left the spot he was working on where he surely left a mark of possession to crash his lips against Alec’s once more.

This kiss was anything but slow. Their tongues found each other immediately, messily swirling against the other, taking in the tastes. Magnus’ hands slid down Alec’s sides, sliding back until they found his ass. He lifted him up onto the desk with ease, slotting himself between Alec’s thighs. Their hips grinded against each other’s with no rhythm as Alec let himself explore Magnus’ neck. He sucked gently on the protruding adam’s apple earning a low moan from Magnus. His shaky hands slid up Magnus’ chest and over his shoulders, pushing the poor excuse for a shirt out of the way. He pulled away only to take in the toned muscles before him.

“Like what you see?” The teasing tone in Magnus’ voice made Alec chuckle lowly in his throat only to be strangled by a moan as Magnus bit down on his collar bone. Magnus’ hands moved their way under Alec’s shirt, pushing the cloth up slowly. He leaned down to place small kisses on every inch of new flesh he uncovered. Alec moved his hands back onto the desk, leaning his head back in pleasure until he raised them so Magnus could remove his shirt. Their lips collided together once more, both of them pushing closer together at the new feeling of skin on skin. Alec pulled back but only to speak.

“God, I need you.” His hands reached out to fumble with Magnus’ belt before Magnus’ hand stopped him.

“Me first.” Alec’s breath caught in his throat as Magnus dropped to his knees in front of him, licking his lips. He reached down to stroke a hand through his hair as Magnus placed lazy kisses on his stomach. His lips moved lower until they reached the button of his jeans, his hands coming up to undo it and slide the zipper down just as slow. Alec groaned slightly at the slow movements, tugging Magnus’ hair with his hand to tell him to speed it up. He rested his cheek on Alec’s thigh, his fingers tracing up and down the undone zipper.

“Magnus,” he sighed breathily as Magnus’ fingers toyed with the waistband of his jeans. The low chuckle that left Magnus’ throat echoed onto Alec’s thigh. He closed his eyes tightly, sighing when he felt his jeans being tugged down. Finally.

“So impatient,” Magnus said lowly. He brought down Alec’s briefs with his jeans, letting his cock spring out. His eyes widened slightly at the size and he unconsciously licked his lips again. “Can I taste you, Alec?” Alec nodded fervently, both hands gripping the edge of the desk once more. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the golden ones in front of him. Magnus kissed a small trail over his thigh, skipping over to the other. Another groan left Alec’s lips as he watched Magnus tease him endlessly. He didn’t say anything until Magnus’ tongue flicked across the tip of his cock, giving himself a small taste of Alec.

“Oh, fuck.” Magnus kept his eyes on Alec’s, sucking on the soft tip and letting his tongue swirl circles around the opening. Alec licked his lips at the sight, letting one of his hands rest gently on Magnus’ cheek. Magnus brought his cock into his mouth a bit further, the head pressing against the inside of his cheek so Alec could feel it. Alec’s breath was coming out in gasps now as he stroked the head of his own cock through Magnus’ skin.

Without warning, Magnus moved his head to suck more of Alec’s cock into his mouth. His hands gripped Alec’s thighs tightly, kneading them with the rhythm of his head rocking back and forth. Alec had never seen anything so arousing. His hand had moved into Magnus’ hair, gripping it softly as he guided Magnus’ mouth deeper and deeper onto his engorged length. Magnus pulled back abruptly, his eyes gazing into Alec’s.

“You can push my head. Please…” Alec nodded before Magnus placed his mouth back onto his cock. Magnus went as far as he could go on Alec’s cock before Alec pushed him a little further. The tears in Magnus’ eyes and the feel of his throat constricting over his cock nearly pushed him over the edge. He let Magnus pull back slightly before he thrust into his mouth again and again, fucking it until the tears in Magnus’ eyes started falling. He could see the trail of makeup down his cheek and wiped it away with his other hand. Magnus was gripping his ass now, one of his fingers gently probing at Alec’s hole. He let out a groan as one of Magnus’ fingers pushed inside him, gently rubbing at his prostate. He could feel his orgasm coming on, so he pulled Magnus off of him, pulling him so he was standing again.

“What…” Magnus started before Alec leaned forward to crash their lips together. Alec could taste himself on Magnus’ tongue. He could taste his cigarette smoke and his cock, and the combination was driving him wild. He pulled away, his forehead resting on Magnus’. He used his thumbs to wipe away the tear tracks on his cheeks before reaching down to stroke a hand down the front of Magnus’ leather pants. He could easily feel his arousal through the thin fabric.

“I want you to fuck me.” He said simply, his hands already pushing the pants down Magnus’ thighs. Magnus nodded quickly, aiding Alec in removing the tight pants. They both laughed softly at the effort. Magnus turned Alec around, leaning him over the desk before walking around and reaching into one of the drawers. He pulled out lube and condoms and placed them on the desk next to Alec. At Alec’s raised eyebrow, he smirked.

“This is my desk. I always come prepared.” He leaned his body over Alec’s, his lips gliding down his spine and his fingers gripped at Alec’s ass. Alec pushed backwards slightly, indicating he needed to be touched. Magnus complied, squirting a small amount of lube on his fingers before thrusting two deep inside Alec. Alec’s back arched at the intrusion, a loud moan escaping his lips.

“Fuck, Magnus!” Magnus’ fingers pushed in and out of Alec’s tight hole, scissoring around to prepare Alec for what was to come. Magnus was still leaning over Alec, his tongue licking at a spot on the back of his shoulder before biting down roughly. He added another finger at the same time, distracting Alec with two different types of pain. Alec couldn’t get enough of him. “Please!” He cried, reaching his hand back to grab onto Magnus’ waist. Magnus’ tongue caressed the bite mark on Alec’s shoulder as he pulled his fingers out. Alec moaned at the loss, but his moans became louder once Magnus pushed his condomed cock against his aching hole.

“I got you.” He said softly, guiding his cock slowly into Alec. Alec loved the pain that came along with being filled. He pushed his hips back urging Magnus to keep going. Once Magnus’ hips were flush against his ass, he wiggled his body to feel more, to feel something.

“Please, Magnus, fuck me please!” Magnus rested his hands on the small of Alec’s back, pulling out a bit before thrusting back into him. Every motion of his hips caused a gasp or moan to leave Alec’s mouth. Magnus loved that sound. He loved hearing Alec beg for his cock.

“Beg for it, Alec.” He slowed his thrusts, his hands running up and down Alec’s sides and around to his stomach. “Beg for me to touch you.” His fingertips grazed Alec’s length so softly, Alec wasn’t sure if he was imagining it. He felt his stomach heating up at his impending orgasm as Magnus thrusted harder into him.

“Please, Magnus. Touch me! I’m so close. Please, touch my cock!” He pleas were desperate and frantic, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. All he wanted was for Magnus to stroke his cock so he could finally feel the release he’d been wanting. Magnus stroked up and down his abs and chest, pulling his cock almost all the way out of Alec before pushing himself back in with force. Alec whined at the feeling, reaching back again hold Magnus’ side. “Magnus, please!” When Magnus felt his own release building, he let his hands grab the base of Alec’s cock, squeezing tightly before stroking up and down in time with his thrusts. They were losing their rhythm and becoming sloppy but neither of them cared.

“Cum for me.” Those simple words had Alec falling apart, his orgasm hitting him with gusto. The grip of Magnus’ side tightened as his cum shot out of him, falling onto Magnus’ hand and his own stomach. Magnus leaned over Alec’s body, biting into his shoulder as his own release swept through his system. He filled the condom, pounding at Alec’s used hole while still stroking his cock. Alec was whining from over stimulation but couldn’t ask Magnus to stop. He felt so good pressed against him, his cock warming inside his aching hole.

When Magnus was finished, he collapsed onto Alec’s back. He noticed the flaming red mark on Alec’s shoulder and kissed it a couple of times, licking it to ease the pain. He hadn’t had an orgasm that good in forever and got a little carried away. He pulled himself out of Alec, discarding the condom in the trash can beside the desk. When Alec didn’t move from his spot on the desk, he chuckled softly. He ran a few kisses up and down Alec’s spine, his hands stroking at his sides.

“I’m okay. I’m good.” Alec said softly, pushing himself off the desk. Magnus leaned against it next to Alec who mimicked his pose, letting his head fall onto Magnus’ shoulder. Magnus couldn’t resist reaching up to run his hands through the tousled hair.

“Well, that was…” He didn’t have any words. The laugh that left Alec’s lips informed him that he didn’t either.

“Yeah…” Alec stood up, stretching his arms over his head. Magnus let his eyes take in the man in front of him. He really had a wonderful body. His eyes landed back on Alec’s, a teasing smirk on his lips. “Like what you see?” Magnus rolled his eyes as Alec mocked him before grabbing a fistful of his hair and pushing their lips together again. This time, they kissed lazily, delighting in the feel of used lips and soft tongues. They could feel each other’s warm skin at every movement. Their hands exploring untouched territory languidly. The knock at the door pulled them out of their trance and Magnus groaned, pulling his lips away from Alec’s.

“Hey, uh, Magnus? Have you seen our bassist? We’re on in 10 and he seems to be missing.” Magnus saw Alec tugging on the last of his clothing. He followed suit, pulling his pants up his legs. Before Alec could reach the door, Magnus reached up and smoothed out Alec’s messy sex hair, pecking him on the lips one more time. Alec smiled and Magnus could’ve sworn he saw pink on his cheeks. He opened the door to Simon and Clary, both with amused looks on their faces.

“I told you they’d find each other.” Clary yelled, punching Simon in the shoulder. Alec winked back at Magnus once before closing the door between them. Magnus couldn’t wait for them to finish their last set.