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A Night of Freedom

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Lynne's eyes slowly opened as small rays of sunlight crept through the curtains and danced across her face as it rose in the sky. Not quite ready to wake, she snapped them shut, willing herself to drift back into euphoria for a while longer. Memories of the previous evening came floating back as if they were a dream and she lost count of how many times she drifted in and out of sleep.

Her eyes fluttered open again a while later and she rolled over onto her other side to avoid the light. As she closed her eyes and adjusted into her new position, she felt an arm slide under her neck, perfectly filling the gap between it and the pillow. She smiled at the added comfort in her dreamlike state, pulling the blanket over her shoulders and nestling in.

A hand reached down to cup her breast as another arm wrapped around her waist, gently pulling her backwards. She nuzzled against the warm body behind her, pressing into it like a puzzle piece finding its match and began to drift away again. She felt the tickle of warm breath and stubble on her back as the body behind her gently stirred and she was amazed by how lifelike her dream was.

The hand on her breast began to play lazily with her nipple, gently rolling it until it was hard before moving to the other side. The hand on her waist splayed its fingers across her stomach, moving tantalizingly slowly downwards, resting at the top of the soft curls between her legs. Her hips instinctively gave a small buck and she felt something soft and warm pressed against her rear begin to grow, spreading her cheeks ever so slightly.

Soft lips caressed her neck before gently nibbling on her earlobe as the hand on her breast squeezed and began to gently pinch the nipple between its fingers, making her wonder if the dreams that had been floating through her mind all morning were perhaps real memories. She reached up to the fingers on her breast, curling around them to pinch herself again, but hesitated, afraid to wake up if it were all just a dream after all. The hand on her curls moved back to her waist, slowly sliding down her thigh towards the back of her knee, giving it a slight push forward before disappearing behind her.

"Good morning," a voice purred into her ear and she felt something warm throb as it began to slide between her folds. "Divine…" Lucifer moaned softly as his hand returned to her leg, lifting it a little higher. "So wet for me already I could just slide…" his length slowly made its way to her clit, stopping just before he touched it "…right…." he slid back in the other direction "…in…" he finished as the head of his cock teased against her entrance.

Lynne was certainly awake now but struggled to speak, feeling spellbound by desire. She whimpered softly and grabbed hold of his arm, grinding against him, eager to be made whole again. He dipped his head inside and a quiet moan escaped her lips. "Did we learn nothing last night, Miss Gardner?" he murmured as he pulled out and went back to torturously sliding between her lips. "I am not yours to just take as you see fit."

His tip rubbed punishingly lightly against her clit, eliciting another moan. He continued his ministrations, applying more pressure to her nub with each passing, and a familiar wave began to crest inside her. Feeling her body begin to stiffen, he slid himself back towards the void she so desperately wanted him to fill. "Please," she begged as the ache inside her grew nearly exasperating. "Please, Lucifer, stop teasing me. I need you. Inside me. Now. Please!"

"Well since you asked so nicely, I suppose I should oblige." He began to push slowly inside her, drawing staggered breaths from Lynne's lips until she was finally filled. He continued his tantalizing pace as he drew back and pushed into her again and again, his pace increasing ever so slowly with each thrust.

She rolled her hips against his, meeting him thrust for thrust, pushing him as deeply into her as he could go, and softly moaning each time he hit her summit. He reached around and started to rub her clit, and her nails dug into his arm, holding on for leverage as she ground against him, increasing their momentum.

"Yes, that's it darling, take what you want from me," he cooed into her ear as he felt her tightening around him and found himself dangerously close to the peak he hadn't sated the night before. The overwhelming force of his release closed in around him and he frantically tried to hold it off until she had found hers.

 "Come for me, Lynne. Come for me now." Ever obedient, she slammed him into her once more and rode her wave of ecstasy, crying out his name as it crashed around her. Without giving her even a moment to relish in it, he turned her over onto her stomach and grabbed her hips, lifting her up and using his knees to separate her legs as he plunged into her again.

His grip on her waist tightened, guttural sounds escaping from his throat as he pounded mercilessly into her. His movements became jagged, desperate, and moments later his voice filled the room as he exploded into her.

 She felt a breeze rush through the room as a warm glow began to surround her, as if a strong wind had blown the curtains open to allow the morning sun to shine in on their coupling. The feel of his stream rushing into her center pushed her over the edge again, her cries of pleasure joining his as they echoed around the room.

Lucifer collapsed against her, panting heavily into her back, and Lynne relished in the feeling of his body weighing down on her and his warm seed dripping down her leg as he began to soften inside of her. She closed her eyes and laid down underneath him, fully spent and sated. His breathing slowly steadied, and he kissed her cheek as he rolled to her side, the whisper of his sleeping breath lulling her back into a dreamlike state. As she slowly drifted back to sleep, she felt something soft and almost feather-like wrap around her shoulders, filling her with warmth and peace.