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It was all but a dream

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You watched as the knife was stabbed into his heart. His eyes widening in shock and fear. You tried to run to him to help him, but it was no use. You felt frozen, unable to move; your body feeling sluggish and unnatural. All you could do was watch as he fell to the ground, sputtering out blood. You watched as he lay there preparing to die. You tried to reach out to hold him, but his body disappeared into the abyss that had seemingly come out of nowhere. You let out a shrilling scream only for it to come out muted, no sound leaving your lips.

It was all but a dream.

No a nightmare.

One that scared you to the depths of your core.

You awoke violently, thrashing your covers and hyperventilating as you felt tears wet your cheeks. You felt a large hand touch your back and another grab your waist as they pulled you in a muscular chest, you started to sob silently as the man held onto you and stroked your hair.

“ Another bad dream?” Bakugou asked softly, voice low and gravelly.

You nodded into his chest, feeling as though your breath was knocked out of your chest from the sudden wake. You clinged onto his shirt, breathing in his scent as you relaxed into him. Your hands wandered up and down his back as you pulled yourself closer to him, just to make sure he was still here.

Bakugou pushed you off lightly, holding your shoulders as he looked into your eyes, searching for something. You could still feel the wetness of your tears, your eyes still stinging from near panic attack. “ Can you fucking tell me already what these dreams are about?” Behind the somewhat malicious words, were concern and worry for your well being, “ You’ve been having these dreams for weeks ever since you got into that fight with that bastard of a villain. Would you like explaining to me what happened that day. I can’t watch you wake up every fucking night because of nightmares. I’m not even able to fucking help and it’s killing me fuck-.”

The tears prickling the corners of his crimson orbs, the expression on his face told you everything. It was true, he was worried about you ever since you had started waking up in the middle of the night crying and hyperventilating and it wasn’t getting better. It broke you seeing your husband scared and worried for your mental health especially when he always put up a strong, fierce front to the world. It all but made you cry again, surprising the ash-blonde male in front of you.

“ I-I’m s-sorry Suki. It’s just-” You choked out a quiet sob, your hand covering your mouth hastily to silence your cry, embarrassed for how weak you looked to the male. He tightened his hold on your shoulders rubbing circles into your skin with his thumbs, “Why are you apologizing?”

You took in a shaky breath as you tried to regain your composure to explain everything, you owed him that much, “The villain I fought while I was on patrol… He had the ability to exploit my worst fears and make them into a visions or dreams. I was able to apprehend him, but the damage was already done. It, it was too much, even when I’m awake it’s all I can see.” A single tear rolled down your cheek as Katsuki reached out and wiped it with the touch of his finger, still watching you expectantly, “ What are you so scared of?”

You looked into his vermillion, scarlet eyes, those eyes; you loved them, they were the first thing that captivated you upon your first encounter with him. Your hand found its way to his cheek, cradling it gently as you brushed your thumb along his cheekbone, “ Your death.”

Those two words seemed to hit Bakugou hard, his eyes widening into saucers, “ M-my wh-”

“ My biggest fear is losing you, watching you die in the field. I wouldn’t know how to live without you. I wouldn’t be able to deal with it and having it on repeat constantly, on my mind every single day, 24/7. It’s driving me insane. It’s killing me; having your death on repeat. Watching how my mind comes up with different ways of torturing me with your death. I-I just don’t know what to do.”

Bakugou had pulled you into him, his body radiating warmth and safety. His embrace tightened, his hold on you strong. Your head fell into his chest, his chin resting atop of your skull. You were surprised for a moment, but returned the hug unhesitantly.

“ You’re never going to lose me. You’re stuck with me until we’re both fucking old people. I’m always going to be here, to protect you. Remember that we’re in this together. Don’t be holding stuff in, you got to tell me what’s on your mind. If you want, we can go to a therapist and maybe they can help you with these shitty nightmares.” His voice was soft and low, only a whisper, as if he was reassuring not only you but himself as well.

His words made you feel hopeful, for the first time in a long time you felt better. You sighed happily, smiling into his chest, “ I love you so much Katsuki. I’m so lucky to have you.”

Bakugou’s expression showed the smallest smile his eyes glancing down to the woman he held in his arms, “ Love you too idiot.”