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"The summons came." He said.

She stared at the man in front of her. Eerily similar to herself with red hair, nose, green eyes, and the same chin were in both of their faces. She stills remembers the first time she met him when she was sixteen. His first words was, "You look like mom." Though she knows now he never meant to say that, but back then she thought of him as... odd.
She bit her bottom lip as she glances to her son who would be one in a few weeks. It had been two weeks ago since they had moved from their last location and the man in front of her had offered her family one of his latest project he's been doing as a home for their protection. Thankfully, the home was finished but did not have any utilities approve yet and they had to rely on elven magic to be able to hide without nobody picking up magic. James often complained about not having water or pluming but he has been slowly realizing the importance to hide their son than their needs. Except...

"What now?" she asks afraid of the other war brewing in another continent. Different from the war the plagues the British Isles while the homeland - as she often calls it - is plagued with famine, diseases and possible destruction of last ancient kingdom who has not fallen yet.

"I'm leaving you access to several other homes that you can hide and are more develop than this one," the redhead male said gazing at the empty space. War had taken its toll upon them and now, he was needed in another one despite not being allowed to actively support this one. It would be a great cost if he did though and he could only help by helping others hide from the Dark Lord and his forces. The redhead, though, wanted to stay and to protect his nephew from everyone who tries to kill him. His sister needed him but if he did not respond to the call; then, he will put everyone's future in danger.

"Lily," the redhead whisper to her, "you'll have to be careful on what you are doing. Magic is ancient and the mother of all of us but we must understand that love for Magic and others will always prevail. Lily... Magic is powerful and so is love. Remember that. Always believe."


That was the last time she ever spoke to him. Lily Marie Potter nee Evans gaze at her son, Harry James Potter, for the last time.

"Mommy will always love you," she whisper to him as she hold him tightly. James, her love, had fallen not too long ago and had told her to do whatever she needed if she was Harry's last defense. Both agree long ago that they will find out the traitor for once and for all but... Tears fell as she heard him coming.


Her lips tremble as she laid the last kiss on Harry's forehead. "Mommy loves you..."
She stood and cover her mouth from whimpering as tears fell. She was the last defense. The last... and she would not let him touch her Harry. She was the last and did what the only thing she could do now. She gather her magic and slowly push it downwards and did what was asked of her a year earlier. She believed.

When the Dark Lord enter the room, he never realize what she had done and what would happen to him afterwards. Her sacrifice and love for her son granted her one wish and Mother Magic claim her sould and let her magic protect her son from evil. Mother Magic also gave the little boy her blessing for having Fate and Death battling over the little boy. Thus, nobody realize Lily's self-sacrifice created the most powerful soul magic ever existed that very will know it as ancient magic. Nobody will known besides the redhead man as he was the one to guide Lily Potter towards ancient magic.


Despite Harry being in the care of his awful relatives, in a distant land, his uncle unknowably offers the minimum protection as much as it could from family magic and offer him comfort in December nights. For his resilience, Harry will given a boon by Death and Fate respectively by keeping his uncle alive and to know family love again. Harry will eventually learn the great lengths his parents, especially his mother, did for him in order for him to be able to laugh, love, and live again and again because that is life.