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Running into You - Gochi Week 2019 - First Date

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It was a normal day for Goku Son. Well as normal as the past fews months could get he was 17 and met his birth parents for the first time a few months ago.

He was just your average high schooler before Gine and Bardock came into his life. Or mom and dad? He didn't exactly feel comfortable around them yet so he did lunch with them once a month.

Anyway today was normal. He got up and took a jog to school with his best friend Krillin but it wasn't enough for him, so as per usual he was heading to do a second run around the track.

When he got to the track though someone was already running and he smiled. He headed off after them and caught up quickly. "Hey it's nice day ain't it?" The girl had headphones on so he tapped her shoulder and waved.

The girl jumped, tripped on the shredded tread of the track, and fell down. Her walkman tumbled to the floor and she tore headphones off. "Oh shoot! Are you alright? I didn't mean to scare yah I just wanted to say hi! I'm Goku!"

"Goku Son?" She gasped and tried to get her walkman to work. "Oh no."

"I'm really sorry I can fix it I think. What's your name?"

"My name? We know each other from junior high? We went to the same martial arts school and boxed together." He just blinked at her and laughed nervously. "You know what forget it. Silly me thinking the great Goku Son would remember me!" She stormed off and the bell rang.

At lunch Goku was stuffing burgers in his mouth with one hand and inspecting the walkman that the girl left in a fit of anger.

"What's with the walkman Goku?" Krillin asked placing his tray down.

"I ran into a girl and she broke it and she's mad at me so I wanna fix it. I gotta ask Bulma, I’m no good with this stuff." He said still chewing. He was quiet for a little while and a blush colored his cheeks. "Krillin?"

"Yahhh?" He looked at Goku with a raised brow.

"This girl she's well really cool. Like she runs and we apparently went to martial arts school together. She boxes and she's really pretty."

"Shes like a total ten?" Krillin asked.

"Krillin you know I don't like playing Yamcha's game! It makes girls sad remember when Launch was in a good mood and she cried because Tien didn’t get the game right. That was so sad and then when she was in a bad mood it was scary. Anyway she has this like long black hair and she just looks nice. Do you remember anyone like that when we trained with Roshi?" He stuck his hands in his navy blue hoodie pocket.

"No. I remember Bulma and Launch fan gurling over Yamcha and Tien but that's it."

"No not a fan a fighter."

"There was Ox King's daughter but she's not really like that. I don’t remember her name though she used to wear the weirdest outfits. Remember she had like a huge crush on you and those super intense braces. Everyone call her princess and she hated it!"

"I don't remember that or her to be honest." He rubbed his chin.

After school Goku stopped by Bulma's dorm, running walkman in hand. "Bulma! Can you fix this?" The door swung open and she was lounging in her underwear fixing something.

"Goku seriously?" She yelled tugging on some shorts.

"Well you left the door unlocked. Please I made someone drop it on accident." He pouted and she sighed.

As she was fixing it she asked "Who is it for?"

"I don't know. Well kind of. It's a pretty girl at school. She dropped it and I wanna give it back to her."

Bulmas jaw dropped "No way you have a crush." She jumped up and down and hugged the teen would had grown much taller than her.

"Bulma I barely know her though."

"No way thats so cute Goku ask her to prom!"


"Yah that dance that Yamcha and I went to our. Senior year. It would be like the perfect first date." She blushed as she reminisced.

"Oh and you wore that awful blue dress."

"It was teal! And I was hot! I should've won prom queen too." She bit.

"Maybe you should've picked a different dress."

Her eye twitched. "Do you want me to fix it or destroy it?"

"F-fix." He said quietly rubbing his head.


Goku left earlier and earlier to try and catch the mystery girl to give her back her walkman. But he didn't see her.

He sighed and put it back in his locker for the 3rd time this week. Surely someone had to know her right? He was walking down the hallway looking at the ceiling when someone dropped a bunch of fliers all over the place.

Goku got down and helped pick them up. When his hand brushed over the other person's they mumbled sorry and pulled their hand back.

The girl adjusted her glasses. "Oh hey it's you the girl from the track. I’ve been looking for yah.” He blushed and smiled.

The girl grabbed the fliers. "Yah the girl from the track." She turned to walk away.

"Wait! I-I had a friend fix your Walkman it's in my locker." He said shyly and she turned back around with a furrow in her brow. "My friend is good with that stuff. She does like science and stuff like that." He chewed on his lip nervously.

"Oh. Okay that was really nice..." they both awkwardly stood there.

"Can I help you put those up maybe?" He asked pointing to the stack of fliers.

"Oh! That actually be helpful I can't reach the bulletin boards up high very well. They are for prom ticket sales next week."

"Are you going to prom?" He blurted out.

"I don't know maybe." She said with a shrug. "It's not like anyone has asked me." She let out a light sigh. “I don’t know what I really expected.”

Goku was putting up the fliers and she was tapping some to the lockers. "You know I never gotcha name. I'm sorry if we met before I bonked my head pretty good as a kid so sometimes I'm a bit forgetful." He chuckled with his hands stuff in his hoodie pocket.

"Well it's silly why I didn't tell you." Her face turned bright red.

"I'm sure it ain't bad, please tell me." He begged and pouted for emphasis.

She rolled her eyes. "Okay so like I didn't tell yah because I looked really different then but my name is Chichi my dad is Ox King you know--"

"The boxer! Oh sweet! Wait Chichi that name you were the girl in the class before me right? Sometimes we would spar together. And I told you I'd like to marry a girl like you someday." His face turned red and they both nervously giggled.

"Yah that's why I didn't say anything. I figured you only said that cuz we were young and I was the only girl into fighting at the time." Chichi’s smile started to fall.

"Nuh uh you were always nice to me and you used to bring me cookies. I loved the peanut butter ones." He rubbed his stomach. "I just didn't really understand the kind of commitment I was talking about."

"Then I moved away for a bit and we lost touch." She reminded him.

"Sounds like the theme of my life lately. But here you are now maybe we can hang out more." He said bashfully. "Unless you're still mad at me."

"I don't think I was really mad but just hurt?"

"Well that’s worse. I'm real sorry but you seem nice and I'd like to know you Chichi."

They both blush. "Sure I think I'd like that too. Can I come get my walkman?" She asked and he nodded waving her over.


Goku caught up with Krillin to meet for their first class as per usual he wore a navy blue hoodie, gym shorts, and orange running shoes.

"Yo Goku what's the deal? You've ditched me two mornings in a row."

"Oh Chichi and I are running together. We might sign up for a marathon together for after graduation."

"Ohhh boy you got it bad Goku."

"Got what bad?"

"A crush! You really like her. Are you gonna ask her to prom?" Krillin pointed to the fliers.

"I wanna Bulma said it be a good first date. I ain’t ever been on a date but I know that I like ChiChi. I mowed some lawns this weekend and I got enough for tickets but I don't own fancy clothes." He sat in his desk and pulled a notebook out of his backpack.

"Borrow from Yamcha."

"Are you gonna go?" Goku asked tapping his pencil on the desk.

"I don't know, waste of money for someone who goes by themself, but it is senior year so probably. You should ask her sooner rather than later. What is she gets another date?"

"True maybe I'll ask her after school we were gonna go on a run through the park anyway."

Goku was well liked for his goofy upbeat personality but he wasn't like the other popular kids. He hung out with his good friends and that was it.

So when a girl after school cornered him by the ticket table asking about his prom plans he shook her off his arm and walked to Chichi.

"What you don't want to hang out with princess snake." She huffed.

"Well no..." he rubbed his head, a mix of hurt and confusion on his face. "Chichi I think I really like you and I’d like to take yah on a date. I know it's kind of early since we started hanging out but do you wanna go to prom together?"

"Me? With you?" He nodded at her sheepishly rubbing his hands together. "Yes. I think I like you too Goku." She held her hands together and bat her eyelashes at him. His heart ached but not in a bad way.

"Great!" He smiled and gave her a hug. "Just as a heads up I don't got like a fancy car or nothing."

"Me neither." She laughed. "I'm really excited. You’re the nicest guy I've ever met."

"Thanks." He looked at her as she bat her eyelashes behind her glasses lenses. "Say you still up for a walk or a run?" She nodded and shoved the ticket box into the arms of the girl flirting with Goku.

Once their run winded down Goku grabbed her hand to lead her to a little pond and didn't let go. She laid her head on his shoulder as he talked about his family.

"I know this is all weird stuff. It's weird for me too. I'm supposed to meet my brother for the first time when he gets back from his mission. I don't know what to think sometimes. Atleast they stopped pushing me to call them ma and pa."

"That sounds really hard. And I can't imagine calling you Kakarrot." She crinkled her nose.

"I know right! It's kind of cute how Gine says Goku though she really struggles. She says in sayian the u is said different. I will say though her cooking is amazing so atleast dinner isn't awkward. Apparently I eat like a sayian whatever that means." He chuckled.

"Well it's about balance right? That's a part of you but it shouldn't stop you from being who you are now."

"Yah I think so. Thanks for listening it's so odd no one really gets it. And it's stressful like I have these plans for the military but I don't wanna be in special ops like my brother."

"Then don't, do what you want....Goku will you write me when you leave. I think I'll really miss yah."

"Of course I'll miss you too." He could feel his heart pound in his chest and his body ease up as Chichi laid her head back on his shoulder.


Goku had borrowed a suit from Yamcha like Krillin suggested and luckily it fit. Chichi told him she was wearing purple so he bought a purple tie at the thift store.

After talking to bulma he bought her a wrist corsage and what he referred to as the ‘weird matching thingy’.

Chichi's dad agreed to drive them and Goku walked over since Chichi didn't live super far away. His grandpa helped him press his outfit before he left and gave him a big hug.

"Oh wow Goku you've grown into a young man. She's excited for her first date." The man bellowed. "Chichi is just finishing up come sit down." Ox and Goku caught up and Goku listened to his tales of training years back.

When Chichi came down the stairs in a simple long lavender dress Goku could feel his chest tighten and him lose his breath. "You look really pretty." His smile was bright and they both blushed.

Ox teared up seeing his only daughter all dolled up and hugged her tight. After taking about a dozen photos Ox drove them to the venue.

Goku reintroduced Chichi to Krillin and he spent the rest of the night with Chichi at his side. They had shared several dances and she even taught him a few. It was fun seeing her take the lead and learning something new. He really wanted to show her how much she meant to him and he was nervous.

He had never kissed a girl. He always closed his eyes or turned his head when Bulma and Yamcha inevitably ate each others faces off. Now all he could think about was kissing ChiChi.

Looking at Chichi stirred feelings in him he didn't know even existed. She had in just a week invaded his thoughts and captured his affections.

He had clearly zoned out because Chichi tugged on his hand and nodded to the stage. "Goku they just called your name for prom king." She smiled and clapped as he walked up to the stage.

When it was time for prom king and queen to dance Goku took the crown that humorously smushed his hair down and placed it on top of Krillin's fedora.

Chichi was sitting at a table drinking some water and he put his hand out. "Your not gonna dance?"

"Nope not if it ain't with you." He smiled and they swayed to a slow song. She laid her head on his chest and he felt at ease. The world around him was spinning but with Chichi it felt okay and like it be okay.

When their eyes met he tilted her chin up gently with one knuckle. "Chichi can I kiss you?" He asked.

She nodded and when he leaned in she paused and pushed back. Goku panicked did he misunderstand? "I've never kissed before, this is my first date ever." She said looking into his eyes for something.

"Me too or me not too? I haven't kissed anyone before and this is my first date ever." He said with a chuckled. She seemed relieved and they both leaned in.

When their lips touched he felt his whole body electrified. Chichi wrapped her arms around his neck and he pulled her in just slightly. It was exploratory and a little awkward but she ended the kiss with a gentle peck on his lips. He knew if they stuck together everything would be fine. It was then he decided with great certainty that ChiChi would be his first date and his last.