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The Misfits

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The Misfits consisted of 6 members, or at least that's what people think.

The members are Momo, Tokoyami, Shoji, Satou, Monoma, and Shinsou. They are feared, and that's something everyone could say about them.

The only other gang in the school was called The Dekus, and they were mostly known for being nice and sweet, and the only gang in the entire town that the Misfits made peace with.

Their members are Midoriya, Todoroki, Iida, Uraraka, Tsuyu, Koda, Ojiro, Hakagure, Mei, Kendou, and Aoyama.



The first day of school, for their junior year was going to be amazing, Momo had decided, she had been the one left in charge, by their leader.

She was someone their leader knew he could trust to run his gang, the one he created in their middle school.

"So, when are they getting out of juvie?" TetsuTetsu asked as he sat at their table and immediately started to eat.

"He told me it would be at least 2 more weeks," Momo announced to the table as they looked at her for a response.

They knew it was wrong to keep things from the other gang in their school, but they didn't have a choice, they made a promise that they wouldn't tell the Dekus until they asked.

And that's exactly what was about to happen.

They watched as Iida and Midoriya walked over to their table, Momo and Tokoyami stood up to greet them as always.

"We have a question... Do you guys have any other members of your gang? I know that a rule about gangs states you need more than 8 members," Midoriya's voice was sweet and unthreatening, as always.

"Yes, they're in Juvie," Tokoyami answered for her, as he sat back down, and started to eat his food again.

"Are you the leader of the Misfits or are you like the leader's co-leader or what?" Iida asked as he looked around the table.

"Actually I'm his 7th choice as his replacement while he's in Juvie. All 7 of his first picks are in with him," Momo explained as she looked at the two members of the Dekus in front of her. She knew why her leader wanted peace with them.

It was because he grew up with Midoriya and they were close until he was put into a different foster home, where he lost all hope.

"We will be on our way now. Thank you for telling us, Momo," Midoriya said as he smiled at them.

She looked around the table and thought more about what they looked like, they were all unique in their own ways, they all had a lot of tattoos and piercings.

She, herself, had over 10 tattoos, and she had her nose pierced with a skull stud in it, she had huge hoops in her ears, and she had her belly button pierced. She also always kept her long black hair in a high ponytail.

Tokoyami had a lot of tattoos covering his body, and he had a simple eyebrow piercing and tongue piercing. He had black hair in the styled like a mohawk.

Shoji had quite a few tattoos as well, and he had quite a few piercings as well, he had his eyebrow pierced, his septum, he had spider bites {a type of lip piercing}, gages in his ears, an industrial piercing in his right ear, and he had his right nipple pierced. He had white hair, in a low cut fashion.

Satou had exactly 13 tattoos, and a few piercings, he only had gages in his ears and his septum pierced. He had his brown hair in a loose fashion down to his ears.

Monoma had over 10 tattoos, and he had his nose pierced with a simple black nose ring in, along with snake bites, and he had studs in each ear, with a helix piercing in his left ear, and an industrial in his right ear. he had blonde hair that was right above his ears and it was loose.

Shinsou had exactly 17 tattoos covering his body, and he had exactly 5 piercings, and those were both his ears, he wore studs, a labret, and both of his nipples pierced. He had purple hair with an undercut.

They weren't exactly people like the Dekus would want to be seen with, sure a couple of them had tattoos and piercings, but their tattoos and piercings were nothing compared to theirs.

"When will you talk to one of them again?" Monoma asked as he looked up at their replacement leader.

"I talk to Kiri when I get home, and he will be telling me the day they get out," Momo said as she smiled, she was happy that her best friends were getting out.

She remembered the day that she met Baku and Kiri, they were foster brothers, always hooked at the hip, never going anywhere without the other. Soon the small circle of friends they created became bigger as she, Kami, Mina, and Jirou joined them.

And it gradually got bigger as they got into middle school, where they met the rest of their gang. They created the gang after learning that everyone in their little group had been harassed, assaulted, or in foster homes, and they spent days trying to find the perfect gang name.

Until they settled on one, the only one that described them.


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There was a new boy at the school named Daiki, and he already made some friends, in the form of Mineta and Tsuburaba. They were both bad news and both perverts and people who were always trying to get into the gangs.

And they were never accepted.

For obvious reasons.

"I can't believe the new student is friends with those perverts," Momo said as she watched them walk through the lunch line. She then went to get an apple.

"He isn't anything like them, he seemed so nice when I met him," Tokoyami said as he glared at Mineta, he was always calling them bad names because they were in gay relationships.

Momo was in the middle of bending over when she felt a hand touch her ass, she immediately yelped and the boys in her gang were immediately standing up and walking over. All the students that were around the area cleared out.

Mineta was standing right behind Momo, and he was smiling, Daiki andTsuburaba were standing back a few feet back, watching and smirking.

Tsuburaba started to walk away when he realized that Tokoyami, Shoji, Satou, Monoma, and Shinsou, but Daiki was still standing there.

"Hey, pervert! Get away from her!" Tokoyami yelled at Mineta, then turned to Daiki, who was still smirking, as if he was going to fight back.

"S-S-Sure thing, I-I'll be leaving now," Mineta said as he turned tail and ran while grabbing Daiki's hand and pulling him along.

"I can't believe that happened!" Momo screeched as she looked around for Mineta, to see if he was still in the lunch room, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"I can't wait til Baku or Jirou beats the holy hell out of him," Monoma said as he smiled at his friends.

"Man, they would beat the holy hell out of him wouldn't they?" Shinsou asked as he smirked, thinking about that time in Middle School when Baku threw a kid down a flight of stairs because he called Kami a stupid fag.

The boy was out of school for a few weeks and came back to school with a neck brace and he had a broken leg.

Baku was protective over his gang, anybody with two eyes could see that, but there was one thing no one had the balls to do, and that was talking about Kami.

"Baku would kill that prick," Shoji said as he looked at Momo, who was still fuming. He didn't blame her, Mineta hasn't tried to do anything to her in nearly a month since Tokoyami threatened to fry him on a grill, and feed him to wolves.

"Maybe he needs to be taught a lesson," Satou said as he looked around the table, and he saw some surprised looks. He didn't blame them, usually, he was quiet and just went along with the others.

"What kind of lesson?" Shinsou asked, already wanting to get into some trouble. Shinsou was a troublemaking, he always had been. He liked pulling pranks then acting like he hadn't done it.

"One he won't ever forget," Satou said as he looked at Tokoyami, and smiled. Tokoyami immediately knew what he was talking about.

"We should wait until our favorite couple comes to school, they will be all over each other and then Mineta will definitely say something and Baku would give him a beating he will never forget," Tokoyami said as he smiled at the gang. He saw sure that this was basically assistant suicide because they were going to let Mineta do it.

"That's perfect, with how much Bakugou hates homophobes, Mineta will definitely get a beating," Shoji said as he looked around at the gang.

It was settled, Mineta would be dealt with.

By their leader when he returned.

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"Why do you think Daiki hangs out with that creep?" Satou asked Tokoyami, the only one at the table that has a class with the boy in question.

The group was in the library, where they go every day for their two free periods, after lunch, and hang out.

"I really don't know. The only thing I know about him is that he's been bouncing around from foster home to foster home, he reminds me of Bakugou before he met the Kirishima's," Tokoyami said as he leaned on his head over on Shoji's shoulder and took a deep breath.

"Maybe Daiki is actually a closeted pervert and none of us picked up on it?" Momo suggested as she thought more about it.

"He doesn't seem like the kind of person who would peep of the girls or anything like that," Monoma said as he wrapped a lazy arm around Shinsou's shoulders.

They just sat there talking for a bit, before Shinsou actually spoke up about the topic, about something he noticed.

"At lunch, he just stood there smirking and talking to Tsuburaba, and he was still talking even after Tsuburaba ran off. And he was always holding onto to one of their sleeves of being guided by one of them," Shinsou said as he thought about everything he observed.

This made Momo think harder and she finally came down to a conclusion.

"He's blind. He doesn't see anything that Tsuburaba and Mineta are doing, he's just there and everybody immediately thinks he's in on it," Momo said as she got up, and started walking out of the library.

"Momo, where are you going?" Tokoyami asked as he too stood up and started to walk after her.

"To talk to Daiki, he has a free period in the gym, and he won't be with Mineta or Tsuburaba, because they have to make up a class for this period," Momo said and this caused the rest of the gang to st6and up as well and follow.

They walked to the gym in silence, and once they got there, they saw Daiki up in the bleachers, with his headphones in, just staring straight ahead.

Momo gestured for the boys to follow her to the boy with messy short curly sandy blonde hair, and as they drew closer to him, Momo stopped and turned to talk to the boy behind her.

"We don't want to spook him, so I will go up there and gently touch his shoulder to get his attention," Momo said as she walked up the bleacher, Tokoyami followed her halfway up, then stopped.

Momo was slow, she didn't want the boy to jump at the sudden contact or get scared, so she gingerly sat beside him and slowly raised a hand to place it on his shoulders. She watched as he quickly reached up and pulled his headphones out of his ears.

"Did I miss the bell ringing?" He asked, his voice was sweet, gentle. Momo had no idea how someone like this would be friends with Mineta, of all people.

"No, I came to talk to you," Momo said in a kind and sweet voice, so she didn't make it seem like she was going to threaten him.

"Am I in trouble?" He asked as he turned to her, or at least where he thought she was.

"No, I just wanted to know why you hang out with Mineta," Momo said as she kept her hand on his shoulder.

"He's my cousin and I'm staying with him now. He promised my Aunt that he would keep me out of trouble. I didn't even know I had an Aunt or a cousin until last week, I was thrown out of my last foster home because I kept bumping into things," He explained and Momo felt bad for him, he couldn't even see what Mineta was doing.

"Today at lunch, were you aware that while you were talking to Tsuburaba, that Mineta walked over to me and started to touch my bottom?" Momo asked as she tried to stay calm and not go find Mineta and beat him up.

"What? No! I don't like perverts, they're disgusting!" Daiki practically yelled as he stood up abruptly and tried to walk down the stairs and he nearly fell, but Tokoyami caught him.

"Hey, it's okay," Tokoyami said as he sat the boy back down on the bleachers and tried to calm him.

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize," Daiki said as he tried to hide his face in his hands, and disappear, "At my old school, boys use to trick me into walking into the girl's bathrooms and locker rooms, so I guess I should've expected something like that to happen again."

"Hey, you can hang out with us," Momo said as she looked at the group, who all nodded, they all thought that Mineta was the scum of the earth.

And this confirmed it.

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The gang was at their usual table the next day for lunch when they saw Daiki trying to maneuver his way into the lunch room, but Mineta was making it hard for him. Momo was watching, in shock, as Mineta deliberately guided Daiki into a wall.

"We have to intervene, this is fucking ridiculous," Monoma said as he got up from the table and started to walk over to the entrance of the cafeteria.

Mineta didn't notice Monoma coming over to them.

And then Monoma heard the words coming out of Mineta's mouth.

"Can't believe I let you sleep in my room, you faggot!" Mineta said as he then shoved Daiki into a wall, this time. Monoma flipped out.

"Hey, stop that, right fucking now!" Monoma yelled at Mineta, who then turned tail and ran.

"Hey Daiki, it's Monoma, are you okay?" Monoma asked the boy, who was hyperventilating.

"No, I think I'm going to have a panic attack!" Daiki yelled a little too loud as he reached out to steady himself.

Back at the table, the other members of the gang got up and were walking over to the two boys as they noticed that Daiki was having a panic attack.

"Hey, Daiki, it's Momo, do you want me to take you to the school nurse?" Momo asked and right after he just nodded yes, she gently took his arm and guided him down the hallway, with Tokoyami and Monoma following her while the others stayed behind.

Momo was on her last straw, she was ready to kill Mineta. What he was doing to Daiki was wrong, and completely uncalled for.

"Why was he doing that to you?" Momo asked as she caressed his hair and was talking calmly to him as they walked to the nurse's office.

"He found out that I have a crush on TetsuTetsu..." Daiki said as his eyes filled up with tears.

"So he was bullying you because you're gay?" Tokoyami asked as he growled slightly. He was well aware of Mineta's homophobia, but bullying his own cousin? That was low, even for a guy like Mineta.

When they finally arrived at the Nurse's office, she immediately had the boy lay down and try to calm himself.

Momo, Tokoyami, and Monoma were then asked to leave, and when they did leave, Tokoyami was fuming.

"We need Bakugou to whip his ass now!" Tokoyami practically yelled, and he never yelled. It took Monoma and Momo by surprise.

"No kidding," Monoma said as he looked at Tokoyami and Momo, who were probably already planning out Mineta's murder.

"And we only have 2 more days until they get out," Momo said as she smiled, thinking about Jirou.

Daiki was signed out of school.

But he made sure to get Momo's phone number, in case something happened.

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Momo was laying in her bed when her phone buzzed, she immediately hopped out of her bed. She knew who was calling her, she wasn't dumb. She grabbed her phone and answered it. It was Daiki.

"Momo?" He questioned, his voice sounded raspy as he talked.

"Daiki, what's wrong?" Momo asked as she walked through her house, and to Shinsou's room, where Monoma has been sleeping for nearly 3 months.

He was kicked out of his house and ended up living with Momo and Shinsou, who were roommates. Momo and Shinsou were emancipated, so they could live on their own and they did.

Monoma was a light sleeper, so he would awake as soon as she opened the door. She needed his help if something was wrong.

"Mineta kicked me out of the house, and his mom isn't here. She left for work and will be gone for a week," Daiki said as he sniffled.

"Are you crying?" She asked, worried about her new friend, who was clearly upset at the whole thing with Mineta.

"Before he kicked me out, he kept saying I should kill myself. I'm considering it, I've been sitting at this curb for over an hour now, contemplating if I should just jump off a bridge or walk out in front of a bus," Daiki admitted as he sighed, and let his head fall onto his knees.

Momo wanted to kill Mineta, he had no right to tell people to kill themselves.

"Listen, Mineta is just a little bitch, don't listen to him. Give me your address, I'll come to pick you up and you can stay in my guest room," Momo said as she walked into Shinsou and Monoma's room.

Daiki gave her the address of where he was and she saw that Monoma was awake and was looking at her strangely as he held onto Shinsou tighter.

"Daiki is in trouble, we need to go get him," Momo said to the boy, who gently nodded before kissing Shinsou on the forehead and rolling out of bed. He quickly took off his sleep pants and slipped on a pair of bleached ripped jeans, he left on Shinsou's purple shirt and put on a pair of black and white Nikes.

"What happened?" Shinsou's groggy voice asked from the bed, where he was looking at Monoma, who was putting on his shoes.

"Daiki's in trouble," Monoma answered as he leaned over to Shinsou to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"Is he okay?" Shinsou asked as he sat up, and looked at Momo, who had her phone in her hand and was obviously the one who talked to the boy.

"I don't really know. Mineta kicked him out of the house. His Aunt will be gone for a week due to her work. And before Mineta kicked him out, he told him to kill himself and he's considering it," Momo explained the best she could as she looked at the shocked expression on Shinsou's face.

Monoma looked at Shinsou again, and watched as he got up and walked over to the closet, and got out a pair of jeans and his black Converses.

He took off his PJ bottoms but left his black sleep shirt on. He quickly got dressed and walked around the bed to where Monoma and Momo stood and nodded his head.

"Let's go get him," Shinsou said as he walked past them and out the door. Momo and Monoma weren't shocked by his behavior, he always got this way when someone tells someone else to kill themselves.

"Come on," Momo said as she walked out as well, followed by Monoma, who had to get the car keys because he was the only one who remembered that they needed to drive a car to get Daiki.

They drove for nearly 45 minutes before they found Daiki, he was, in fact, sitting at a curb, and he had 2 suitcases beside him. He was definitely crying, too.

They parked the car and quickly got out.

"Hey, Daiki, we're here. You can come with us," Momo said as she grabbed one of his suitcases and lifted it up and Shinsou did the same with the other one.

"Do you mind?" Daiki asked he wanted to know if she minded if he used her guest room for a week, and this made her laugh.

"I told Shinsou he could my other guest room and he hasn't left in nearly a year," Momo joked as she started to walk back to the car.

They loaded the suitcases into the car before piling into the car and driving back to Momo's 5 bedrooms, 3 bathroom house. It was fairly big, and it was perfect for her and her roommates.

They were back at the house 45 minutes later and after they got Daiki settled in, they all went back to bed.

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Tokoyami and Shoji had the most accepting parents out of all of the gang, mostly because their parents are ex-gang members. But they were both bullied for liking boys and for being in a gay relationship.

Monoma's parents didn't care that he was in a gang, it was the fact that he liked boys and girls that his parents kicked him out of their house.

Shinsou's adoptive parents were abusive and didn't like him, for many reasons.

Momo's parents just flat out abandoned her when she was 16 because she was in a gang and dating a girl.

Satou's parents are never around, they are constantly gone and barely know anything about him, other than his friends are troublemakers. And when he was a kid he was molested by his Aunt and Uncle.

Of course, the main members of the Misfits also had bad experiences, but they hardly ever talked about it.

They only thing they knew about Bakugou's home life was that he was raped multiple times by his foster siblings, and he was abused and neglected. But that all stopped when he was taken in by the Kirishima's.

Kaminari was abused and starved for years by his foster uncle.

Mina was raped by her brothers, and she was almost sold to an older man to settle her father's debt.

Sero was constantly neglected and starved by his parents.

Jirou was raped by a bunch of men after she came out as Lesbian. The men were hired by her parents to try and turn her straight.

Kirishima never really experienced any abuse from his parents, but his teacher in 6th grade raped him for months before he told Bakugou, who told Kiri's parents, who immediately informed the school.

The Misfits took in broken and damaged people.

And that's what Daiki is.

Momo had thought long and hard about it.

She would talk to Bakugou about it.

"Hey, how would you guys feel if I asked Baku if Daiki could join us?" Momo asked as she sat down at their table.

"We'd be okay with it," Tokoyami answered for both hi, and Shoji.

"I second that," Monoma said as he wrapped an arm around Shinsou, and pulled him to kiss his cheek.

"I'm okay with that," Satou said as he smiled, slightly.

"Okay, I'll talk to Baku tonight, and explain things to him," Momo said as she smiled, she was always happy to help someone out.

Tokoyami was about to empty his tray of lunch when he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

Daiki was talking to TetsuTetsu.

"Guys, look," Tokoyami said as he pointed to the two boys, who were both blushing and looking at everywhere, but each other.

Then suddenly TetsuTetsu said something and this made Daiki snap his head up and his smile brightened as he looked to TetsuTetsu and answered whatever questioned he asked.

TetsuTetsu then gave Daiki a big hug and sat down with his friends, who were smiling at him.

When Daiki came over to their table, Tokoyami and Shoji made room beside them for him to sit, and he was guided to the place to sit by Tokoyami. He immediately sat down and started smiling brightly.

"So, what was that about?" Momo asked as she leaned forward and smiled at the boy, who was blushing so hard the tips of his ears were red.

"Tetsu asked me out and I said yes! OMG, I need a cute outfit! I need to go shopping before 8 o'clock tonight!" Daiki started to panic as he talked to them.

"Aww, you two will be adorable! I will help you with the outfits," Momo said as she smiled at the boy.

Chapter Text

Daiki was freaking out.

He didn't know how to pick out an outfit.

He couldn't even see if he looked presentable.

But thankfully he had Momo.

WIthout her, he probably would've accidentally thrown on sweats.

Momo was shocked to find out that Daiki had tattoos and he had his right nipple pierced.

"You have tattoos and a piercing?" Momo asked as she looked up at him.

"Yes, I got them when I turned 16," He answered as he thought about his ex-boyfriend, who went with him.

"They're really pretty," Momo complimented them then continued, "Where did he say he was taking you?"

"To a pizzeria," Daiki said as he smiled slightly and blushed.

Momo immediately got out a pair of bleached ripped skinny jeans, with a v-neck black t-shirt, and a pair of dark blue converses. SHe knew what kind of style would fit him. And there was one other surprised that Tokoyami and Shoji got the boy.

And it was on the way.

After Daiki was ready, she got a text from Tokoyami saying he was 5 minutes away. She smiled at the text and went to the front door so she could unlock it for Tokoyami and Shoji.

"Hey, why are Tokoyami and Shoji here?" Monoma asked as he walked into the living room, and looked at Momo, who was standing by the door.

Momo brought her phone out and texted Monoma about the gift that Tokoyami and Shoji got for Daiki.

"That's so nice of them," Monoma said as he walked back through the house and back to his and Shinsou's room.

Tokoyami and Shoji walked in and handed a box to Momo and left. Momo smiled when she saw the box. She was so happy they were able to find the special glasses that can let blind people see. But it did cost a pretty penny, and they were able to afford it, after combining their cash.

"Hey, do I really look okay?" Daiki asked as he used the wall to guide himself to where Momo was.

"Yes, you look fantastic. I got a surprise for you!" Momo explained as she walked over to him and took the glasses out of the case and put them on his face.

He blinked his eyes a couple of times and he nearly started to cry as he saw Momo, she had long black hair and it was down, and she had tattoos and piercings. She was beautiful, in his opinion.

"Wow, I can see," He said as he started to actually cry.

"Are you okay?" Momo asked as she wrapped him in a hug. He hugged her back and started saying 'Thank you' into her shoulder.

"You're so very welcome," She said as she let him go and looked at the clock.

"Hey, he should be here any second," Momo said as she smiled at him.

He blushed deeply and looked towards the door.

That's when the doorbell rang.

Daiki looked at the clock and it was exactly 8 o'clock.

"Come in," Momo yelled and Tetsu opened the door to see Daiki crying while wearing a pair of glasses.

He knew that Daiki was blind, so he knew what kind of glasses they were.

"You got a pair of special glasses for the blind," Tetsu said as he smiled at the boy.

"Wow, you're so handsome," Daiki said under his breath as he looked at the boy in front of him, he had white spiky hair, and pretty eyes, he had a few tattoos that were visible, and he had his septum pierced, along with gages in his ears. He was wearing a simple light blue v-neck shirt, with a pair of black skinny jeans, and a pair of black and white vans.

"Thanks, babycakes, let's go," Tetsu said as he held his hand out for Daiki to take. Daiki blushed as their hands met and they headed out of the door, with Momo wishing them a good time.

While Daiki was out on a date with Tetsu, Momo got a call from Bakugou, and when she answered the phone she was happy that it was their leader.

"Hey, Baku can I let Daiki into the gang?" Momo asked almost immediately.

"The one you fucking told me about? The blind one?" Bakugou asked, then he thought about Momo telling him about the boy's crush on Kiri's cousin, Tetsu.

"Yes, he's on a date with Tetsu right now, and Tokoyami and Shoji got him special glasses for the blind, so he can see," Momo then went on to explain what's been going on between the boy and his cousin, Mineta.

"Yes, he can join the damn gang, it sounds like you all fucking like him, if you guys like him then we probably fucking will too," Baku said as he was told that his time was up.

Momo hung up and went to tell Monoma and Shinsou the news. She knocked on their door and heard a faint 'Come in.'

"Hey, Bakugou said Daiki could join the gang," Momo said as she smiled at them. Shinsou smiled back at her and he was glad because he liked the boy, not like that, but in a brotherly way. The same was said for Monoma.

The mismatched family was slowly getting bigger.

Chapter Text

Momo was still up at 2 in the morning when Daiki got home, she was worried about him, very worried because she thought something happened to him.

She was right.

Something did happen.

"Hey, you okay? What did he do to you?" Momo asked Daiki as he walked in, looking depressed as fuck, in Momo's opinion.

"Tetsu didn't do anything, the date was perfect. What happened after he went home is what made me upset. Mineta showed up and he wasn't shy about sharing his feelings about me being on a date with another boy. I found out he followed Tetsu and me there and watched," Daiki explained as he sat down on the couch, "Also, he is ugly, I'm not surprised, even his voice matches."

Momo laughed at the last part as he said it.

Mineta was in fact, ugly. He had purple hair, that he styled into balls upon his head, and he had one tattoo of a pin-up girl on his forearm, and he had his tongue pierced, but he was also very short, at just 4'9.

"You're right about him being ugly, and not just on the outside," Momo said as she sat down beside him. SHe was going to comfort him the best she could,

"But other than that, the date was fantastic. The reason we didn't go to a fancy restaurant was that he wasn't sure what I liked, and he wanted us to have a good time, so he took me to a pizzeria that had an arcade in it," Daiki as he smiled brightly, "We also shared our first kiss in the photo booth."

"Aww, that's so cute!" Momo gushed as she made a mental note to tell Tetsu thanks for making sure Daiki had a good time.

Momo and he turned in for the night and Momo was mentally preparing herself for the next day, the day that everything would finally be put back into place.

The next morning, Momo got up and put on her favorite high waisted ripped denim shirt that went to her lower thigh, with a skin tight low cut sky blue crop top, and she put on a pair of black strappy high heels, with a 6-inch heel.

"Hey, are you guys ready?" She asked as she walked down through the hallway, and started to knock on doors when no one was coming out.

"Yeah, we're coming," Monoma said after she knocked on their door.

Everyone was going to dress their best, and she knew that Baku, Kiri, Kami, MIna, Sero, and Jirou were going to be dressed in their best too.

Monoma came out first and mumbled something about Shinsou being in the shower. Monoma had on a light blue v-neck, with a pair of ripped skinny blue jeans, and a pair of dark blue converses, that were definitely Shinsou's. He also had on a leather jacket, to complete his outfit.

"You ready to see them?" Momo asked as she sat down at the kitchen table and smiled at Monoma, who was starting to make coffee.

Chapter Text

School started off as an ordinary day.

The only difference was that the Misfits were kinda dressed up.

Tokoyami had on a plain white t-shirt, under a leather jacket, with a pair of baggy black jeans, with a pair of white converses.

Shoji had on a black wife beater tank top, under a tan leather jacket, with a pair of semi skinny blue jeans, and a pair of Doc Martens on.

Satou had on a green t-shirt, under a denim jacket, with a pair of boot cut blue jeans, and he had on a pair of Timberland boots.

They were happy about their friends getting out of Juvie.

"So, when will they be here?" Satou asked Momo, who was sitting beside him in their history class.

"Lunch, or at least that's what Kiri told me last I talked to him," Momo said as she listened to the teacher about the lesson.

By lunch, everyone in the Misfits were on edge, they felt like something was off. And that's when they heard it.

"You fucking pervert! Don't fucking touch her again!" It was definitely Bakugou, Momo would know that voice from anywhere.

And now Daiki was on edge.

He remembered that voice.

He remembered his foster brother from his foster home when he was a child.

"Katsuki?" Daiki mumbled as he started to almost cry.

Katsuki Bakugou, the boy who made their foster parents beat him instead of them beating on the blind boy.

The boy who saved him from an early death.

"You know Bakugou?" Tokoyami asked as he looked at Daiki, who was now crying.

"Yes, he was my foster brother when we were 7. He saved me, more than once," Daiki said through his tears.

Then everyone watched as 6 people entered the cafeteria, and Mineta ended next, his nose was bloodied and he had a swollen eye.

The first one was a boy, he had blond short, spiky hair and red eyes. He had many tattoos and piercings, he had an Erl, which is a nose piercing, snake bites, an industrial piercing in his right ear, and gages in each ear {He also has another piercing that no one can see, and that's a Prince Albert}.

He had on a grey v-neck t-shirt, with a leather jacket on, with a pair of ripped skinny jeans, with a pair of black combat boots.

The second one was holding the blond boy's hand, and he had blond hair as well with a black dyed lightning bolt on the left side of his hair, and he had goldish yellow eyes. He had tattoos and piercings. He had a stud nose piercing on the right side of his nose, he has gages in his ears, and an eyebrow piercing {And he has both nipples pierced}.

He had on a yellow v-neck t-shirt, with a denim vest over it, with a pair of skinny blue jeans on, with a pair of black converses on.

The third was another male, he was black, and had red hair and red eyes. He had many tattoos and piercings. He had a hoop nose ring in the right side of his nose, a labret, which is a lip piercing, and he has studs in both ears.

He had on a red v-neck t-shirt, with a pair of regular black skinny jeans, with a pair of timberlands on.

The Fourth was a girl, with a pixie cut and pink hair, and she had yellow eyes. She had tattoos and piercings too. She has a stud in the right side of her nose, a Monroe lip piercing, and gages in her ears. {She also has a belly button piercing and hip dermals.}

She had on a skin tight light blue low cut t-shirt, which is tucked into her high waisted shorts, and she has on a pair of dark blue high top converses.

The fifth was a girl, as well, with a short hairstyle, her hair was a dark purple and her eyes were too. She as well had tattoos and piercings. She had her nose pierced, a hoop in the right side of her nose, shark bites {which is a lip piercing}, and she had gages. {She also has her nipples and clit pierced, but no one can see that, but Momo and the man who pierced it}.

She had on a band shirt, that was cut up in the back, it was AC/DC, with a leather jacket rolled up to her elbows, with a pair of high waisted ripped shorts, with a pair of knee-high black converses.

The sixth was a male, with black semi ear length hair, covered by a beanie, and he had blackish eyes. He had tattoos and piercings. He had gages in his ears, an eyebrow piercing, and a simple lip piercing.

He had on a grey beanie, a dark yellow v-neck t-shirt, with a pair of simple baggy black jeans, and a pair of grey Doc Martens.

"Who are they?" A group of girls beside the Misfits were asking each other, and drooling over the boys.

"Woah, they're hot," Some boys were saying about Mina and Jirou.

Momo was the first to get up, followed by Tokoyami, and the rest of the Misfits and everyone was watching as they approached the newcomers.

"Jirou, baby girl," Momo greeted as she wrapped her arms around Jirou and kissed her. The kiss was returned with a passion.

"Katsuki?" Daiki questioned as he walked up to the blond boy.

"Daiki?" Bakugou questioned after he looked at the boy for a moment and realized who he was. He smiled as he moved forward and hugged him, "I'm fucking glad you made it out fucking alive."

"Me too, but the reason I made it out alive was because of you," Daiki said as he and Baku let go of each other.

"You two know each other?" Kami asked as he looked between them, not in a jealous way, but in a curious way.

"Yes, before I was fucking adopted by the Kirishima's, I was in another damn foster home with Daiki, the foster parents were awful to him, and tried to beat him up, because he was blind and didn't know he was trouble. I took the beatings for him," Baku explained to his boyfriend as he looked back at Daiki, who was smiling slightly.

"You saved my life," Daiki said as he smiled.

"How come you faggots are allowed to show PDA, but I can't touch the girls I like?" Mineta asked as he looked at them in disgust.

"What you do is not PDA, it's sexual harassment," Daiki said as sneered at the boy, who now looked a little terrified.

That day was interesting, but it was just the beginning.

Chapter Text

"What do you mean sexual harassment? Has he also said sexual things in front of you?" Mina said as she looked at Daiki.

"He doesn't just say sexual things, he also touches girls inappropriately," Momo said as she looked over at Mineta, who was now shaking, from the glares shot at him from the gang.

"Has he fucking done or said anything to you?" Bakugou asked Momo, who looked down as he nodded. Bakugou's face turned dark.

Kaminari just removed his hand from Bakugou's and smirked. He knew what was about to happen. Bakugou was pissed off with Mineta, and now Mineta just had to hope Bakugou would give him mercy.

"You're fucking dead, now!" Bakugou yelled as he grabbed Mineta and slammed him into the wall, and as he repeatedly knocked his head against the wall, the Dekus had approached, to see what all the ruckus was about.

Midoriya gasped when he saw Kacchan. It had been nearly 7 years since he last saw him.

"Kacchan?" Midoriya questioned and his voice made Baku stop beating on Mineta. So Mineta was saved by the precious cinnamon roll of the school.

"Deku?" Bakugou questioned as he turned around and smirked slightly. There standing not even 10 feet away from his was his childhood best friend.

They just smiled at each other, before Mido lunged forward and hugged Baku, without warning. Todo just smiled at his boyfriend as he hugged the Blond.

"Kacchan, meet my boyfriend," Mido said as he pointed at Todoroki, who was smiling at his cinnamon roll.

"Hi, you can't fucking call me Kacchan, you can call fucking me either Katsuki or Bakugou or Baku," Bakugou said as he held his hand out for Todoroki to shake.

They shook hands and Mido smiled as he looked at the linked hands.

"Well, this is my boyfriend, Kaminari, you can call him Denki, Kami, or Kaminari," Bakugou said as he wrapped an arm around Kami's shoulders and kissed his cheek.

"Hi, Kami," Mido said as he smiled at the boy who was wrapped in Baku's arms, and most likely wasn't going to get out of them anytime soon.

"Hi," Kami said as he smiled back, and this caused Baku to smile down at him.

"So, what are we going to tell the teachers what happened to Mineta?" Daiki asked as he pointed at Mineta's unconscious body. His head was a little bloody and he was definitely going to have a concussion.

"Just say that someone else did it," Kiri said as he wrapped his arm around Mina, who was smiling.

"So you're the leader of the Misfits?" Iida asked as he looked at Bakugou, who was glaring at Mineta's body.

"Yes," Bakugou said simply as he looked at Momo, as to ask her where they can sit.

She gestured for them to follow her and they did, to a back table and it was big enough for all of them.

Chapter Text

"So what can you tell me about the League?" Bakugou asked Momo as soon as they sat down at their table.

"Well, from what we gathered, they were waiting for you to get out of Juvie before they made their move," Tokoyami said, he was the one who spied on them for days before he got the information, from Dabi, who has been spying on the League for about 2 years now.

"So Dabi is doing exactly what we want him to do?" Baku asked as he thought about what he must've had Dabi do to gain such a high ranking within the gang.

"Yes, he's sleeping with their leader, Shigaraki, to get the information," Shoji said as he looked at Baku, who was thinking.

"Should we tell Todoroki that his brother is actually still in the Misfits?" Kaminari asked as he laid his head on Baku's shoulder and looked around the table.

"Wait, who is the League?" Daiki asked as he looked at bakugou, who was still thinking about everything Dabi must've done to get the information they needed.

"The League is another gang that was dropouts. They want to rule the school, but they never could declare war on us, because Bakugou was in the slammer, and because our leader wasn't here, they couldn't battle for superiority," Satou said as he looked around the table, "Their leader is Shigaraki, the right hand is a man named Kurogiri, and the rest are Dabi, our spy, Toga, a very unstable girl, Twice, he has Split Personality Disorder, Spinner, he's a little deformed, Magne, a transgender male to female girl, and finally there's Muscular, a man who's kinda scary."

"So the League is sorta like us? Misfits?" Daiki asked as he looked around confused.

"No, they're nothing like us. They actually run drugs and guns in the city, we try to stay out of that life," Kiri said as he looked at Bakugou, who was in deep thought, still, "Hey, Bakubro, you okay?"

"We should probably fucking tell Todoroki, and maybe get Dabi the hell out of that place," Bakugou said as he looked around for any objections.

They were all on the same page.

"Okay, I'll tell Todoroki," Bakugou said as he stood up and walked over the to Dekus.

"May we help you, Bakugou?" Iida asked as Bakugou approached, and stood there.

"Yes, may I fucking talk to Todoroki?" Baku asked as he looked at Deku, who was sitting halfway onto Todoroki's lap.

"Yes, Todoroki, Bakugou needs to speak with you," As soon as Iida said that Todoroki, he sat up straight and got up.

"Let's go talk in the hallway," Todoroki said as he gestured for Bakugou to follow him.

"I need to fucking tell you something," Bakugou said as he looked down, slightly, "Dabi wasn't kicked out of the Misfits."

"What do you mean? He left you guys for the League," Todoroki said as he looked at Bakugou in confusion.

"I asked him to go fucking spy on them, while I was fucking locked up," Bakugou said as he looked down, in shame.

"So, he didn't betray his gang? Why are you telling me this now?" Todoroki asked, confusion written all over his face.

"He didn't betray us. I'm telling you this because we're pulling him out, we got all the information we needed," Bakugou said as he smirked at Todorki, who was obviously not angry, just confused.

"Is that all?" Todoroki asked, then continued, "May I tell Midoriya this?"

"Yes that is fucking all, and hell yeah, I don't want you to hide things from each other," Baku said as he looked at Todoroki, smirked, then walked back to their respective tables.

Bakugou was glad that was fucking over.

"How did it go?" Mina asked as he placed a hand on Bakugou's arm and rubbed in a comforting way as a mother would.

"Surprisingly well. He understood, but was a little confused," Bakugou said as he looked around the table.

There was a ding of a phone and Daiki brought his phone up to his face, then smiled like an idiot,

"Who's that?" Kaminari teased as he looked at their member, who was in his opinion like an adorable puppy.

"Tetsu, he asked me if I wanted to go on another date tonight... What should I say?" Daiki asked as he looked at the people at their table.

"Tell him that you want to go on a triple date, with Bakugou and Kaminari and Kirishima and Mina," Kiri said as he smiled at his bros and girlfriend.

"Are you okay with that, babe?" Kaminari asked Bakugou, who smirked.

"Yes, tell him you want to go to that fucking new seafood restaurant," Bakugou said then smirked, "Tell him that Bakugou and Kaminari will pay."

"Okay, thanks guys," Daiki said as he smiled.

He was finally fitting in, and he already loved them like family.

Chapter Text

Dabi's job was easy, find out when the League was going to try and take over the school. He figured before he even went in that they would try while Bakugou was locked up.

But he didn't have the rank required to know all of the details, he was the last member to join, so he wasn't told the important details.

Only that the wanted to take over the school.

So he came up with a plan, one that would definitely get him the details he needed.

And that was the sleep with the leader.

He remembered when he told Momo, who immediately told him he had to tell his boyfriend. His boyfriend is a non-gang member, but he isn't a stranger to gang related things. His little brother was in the Misfits after all.

His boyfriend is a senior at UA High, his name is Hawks.

He remembered the day he told him of his plan.



They were sitting in Dabi's apartment, on the couch after Dabi called him and told him he had something important to ask him.

Hawks was well aware of his betrayal being fake.

"Babe, I have to raise in rank to get the details the Misfits need... I've come to the conclusion to sleep with the leader," Dabi had said and he watched Hawks' smile turn into a frown.

"But what if you get feelings for him?" Hawks had asked as his eyes started to water.

"Baby, that would never happen, I've loved you since we were 6 years old, nothing could tear us apart then and nothing will now," Dabi had said as he grabbed Hawks' hand and brought them to his lips to kiss them.

Dabi was a very attractive man, he had red hair that he had dyed black and he had a messy hairstyle and turquoise eyes that were easy to get lost in. He had many tattoos that covered the majority of his body, he had shark bites which was a lip piercing, he had 3 studs in the right side of his nose in a triangle, he had gages, and Hawks was in love with his Prince Albert piercing.

Hawks was very attractive as well, he had ash blonde hair that was kinda spiky and beautiful brown eyes that reminded Dabi of chocolate. He had some tattoos as well, and piercings, he had a labret, with his septum pierced, he had an industrial piercing, diamond studs in each ear, and he had his nippled pierced, something that he did the moment that Dabi got his Prince Albert.

"Promise me, you won't fall for him," Hawks said as the tears seeped out of his eyes as he looked at the man he loved the most.

"I promise," Dabi had said as he leaned in and kissed the tears off of Hawks' red cheeks, and then finally kissed his lips.


Dabi was able to keep his promise, Shigaraki was disgusting.

He had almost shoulder length pale blue hair and dark red eyes. His skin was always dry and peeling, it made Dabi feel sick. He had tattoos, and piercings as well, he had a simple lip piercing, with a stud in the left side of his nose, and he had gages in his ears. Dabi felt sick at the thought that he slept with him.

"Man, I just want to get out of here," Dabi muttered to himself as his phone rang.

He was shocked as he looked at the caller ID.

Chapter Text

Bakugou was at Momo's house, and so was Kaminari, they were there for a simple reason, to get Dabi's number of his new phone.

"Momo, where is it?" Baku asked as he looked at the girl he considered his sister.

"It's saved in my phone, it's 889-772-6161," Momo said as she looked at Baku, who was typing the number into his phone.

"I'm going to go ahead and call him," Bakugou said as he sat down on her couch and Kaminari flopped right down onto his lap and nuzzled into him.

Bakugou waited as it rang.

"Hello? Is that really you, Bakugou?" Dabi's voice came through the phone, and Bakugou was tempted to no say 'no', but didn't.

"Yes, you asshole, it's really me," Bakugou said as he wished he could hug the man who he has yet to see since he got locked up nearly 3 years ago.

Dabi was one of Bakugou's best friends, but he never met his family, Dabi always said that his father was an asshole and abused his other siblings, but he was able to escape. Dabi used to tell him that he wished he could've taken them with him, but he didn't get a chance.

"It's good to hear that you're fucking out of Juvie, man," Dabi said, Bakugou could practically hear the smile from the other, "Why'd you call?"

"Well, it's about damn time you got out, you've finished your damn job," Bakugou said, as he smiled, he was happy to tell Dabi that he didn't have to keep his cover anymore.

"So I can leave right fucking now and never have to come back to this place?" Dabi asked as he sounded a little confused.

"Yes, you don't have to fucking stay with the League anymore, we got all the damn information we need," Baku said as he petted Kami's head, which was now in his lap.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Dabi said as he hung up, Bakugou turned and smiled at Momo and nodded. She smiled back and nodded, while Kami was looking between them, confused.

"Are you two having a secret relationship that Jirou and I weren't aware of?" Kami asked, clearly joking around. Bakugou and Momo laughed.

"Babe, I think you fucking forget that Momo is strictly into pussy and I'm strictly into dick," Bakugou said as he leaned down and kissed his boyfriend.

"Okay, baby," Kami said as he smiled up at Bakugou and Baku smiled back as he leaned back down and gave Kami another kiss.

"If you two start making out on my couch, I will murder you both," Momo said as she walked into the kitchen and started to make tea.

She was just getting done pouring the tea into cups, when she heard giggling, giggling that was definitely Kaminari. At first, she was angry, thinking they were fucking on her couch, but what she turned around and saw made her take out her phone and take a picture.

Right on her couch was Bakugou, holding Kaminari on his lap, back against chest, and Bakugou's mouth whispering jokes into the other's ear.

She knew they were jokes by the way Kaminari was giggling.

"What jokes you telling him, Bakugou?" Momo asked after she secretly took about 10 pictures of the two. Bakugou looked up at her and smiled, slightly.

"Why did the chicken cross the road, Momo?" Kami asked and she smiled, softly. It was too cute, he was seated on Bakugou's lap and now telling the jokes that Bakugou was telling him.

"Why?" She asked back as she sat the tea on the coffee table and sat down in the recliner.

"To get to the slut's house. Knock Knock," Kami said and Momo already knew where the joke was going, but she couldn't help it.

"Who's there?" She asked as she watched Bakugou smile from behind Kami's head. It was kinda hard to believe that their big bad leader was dating Kaminari sometimes, but then there were times like these that make her believe that they were the cutest couple in their gang.

"The chicken," Kaminari said as he giggled again and turned to look at Bakugou, "Was that the right way to say it, babe?"

"Sure as hell was, baby boy," Bakugou said as he looked at Momo, who was smiling softly.

Momo was happy to be in the Misfits and this just reminded her about why the Misfits were who they were. They took in the weirdos, the people who just don't fit in, the people who were abused, the people that no one else wants, and they make them family.

But then there were gangs like the League that make her sick because they don't think of each other as family, but as acquaintances, people who don't care about each other.

Chapter Text

Bakugou and Kaminari ended up staying the night with Momo, Daiki, Monoma, and Shinsou as they lost track of time.

But it was all good because he texted Dabi and informed him that they would be meeting at Momo's house the next day.

So he had to be there anyway.

The next morning, Kaminari woke up, his entire body was trapped. His back was pressed up against Bakugou's chest, and Baku's arms were wrapped around his torso, and his right leg was swung over Kami's.

Kami was completely trapped.

But he didn't mind. It's been a while since they've been able to cuddle without getting interrupted.

"Hey baby stop thinking so fucking loud," Bakugou's raspy sleepy voice filled the silence, and the voice went straight to his southern region.

"Well, I need your attention," Kami said as he felt Bakugou's hold loosen so he can turn around and be face to face with Baku.

"You always have my damn attention," Bakugou said as he used one hand to cup Kami's cheek and pull him into a soft morning kiss.

And of course, that kiss turned into something more.

In the next room over, where Monoma and Shinou's room is, they heard the entire exchange.

"Man, why do they go at it like dogs this early in the morning?" Shinsou complained as he looked at the clock.

It was fucking 5:30 in the damn morning on a Saturday!

"Well, baby, they couldn't do it when they were being interrupted every 10 minutes in Juvie," Monoma said as he tried to imagine a life like that, not being able to have the chance to completely worship his lover's body or even cuddle in peace.

"Well, it doesn't mean they have to be so damn loud," Shinsou said as he heard Kaminari moan out a loud 'Daddy'. As soon as Shinsou heard it, he hid his head under his pillow.

It was embarrassing.

Listening to your best friends having sex.

Monoma just simply wrapped his arms around Shinsou and pulled him against his chest, and Shinsou rested his head on Monoma's chest and tried to only pay attention to Monoma's heartbeat.

"Now, go back to sleep baby," Monoma said as he carded his finger through Shinsou's hair and kissed the top of the boy's head.

Shinsou just hummed and lightly kissed the bare chest of Monoma.

Across the hall was Daiki, he was on facetime with TetsuTetsu, who was going for his morning run, and he couldn't hear anything thanks to his headphones, but Tetsu kept looking at the camera weird.

"Babe, what's wrong?" Daiki asked as he adjusted his glasses and tried to get a better look at his boyfriend, who looked tense.

"Who's moaning Daddy over there at Momo's?" Tetsu finally asked after almost 5 minutes of complete silence.

Daiki looked horrified as he took his headphones out and heard obscene moaning and the words 'Harder Daddy', 'Yes! Faster', mixed with 'Oh Baby Boy' and 'You look so good, baby'.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't realize that Bakugou and Kaminari were having sex!" Daiki started to apologize to Tetsu, who was starting to laugh.

"You're so adorable. Stop saying sorry, babe. It wasn't your fault, you didn't know," Tetsu said as he smiled at Daiki, whose horrified face slowly turned into a smile.

And of course, Momo had sound canceling earplugs in, so she didn't hear a damn thing.

Chapter Text

After Baku and Kami were done with their activities, Bakugou grabbed his phones and searched for the contact, 'Hawks'.

He had to tell him the news.

Hawks was always an understanding guy.

Always has been.

He clicked the name quickly and brought the phone up to his ear.

"Hey," The voice on the other end of the phone said, and Bakugou smiled.

"Hey, it's Bakugou. I was calling to tell you that Dabi is officially done with his job. He will be at Momo's here soon, around 10," Bakugou said as he smiled at Kami who was putting on his shirt.

"That's great news! Am I welcomed to come?" Hawks asked, and Baku felt bad, Hawks always asked if he was welcome to come to gang gatherings. Bakugou felt like he needed to address the damn issue.

"Hawks, any gang gathering, you are welcome to fucking come to it, unless I or Dabi say otherwise. You don't need to ask," Baku said into the phone, trying to explain it to Hawks, "Hawks, even if you're not in the gang, and just dating a member, you're still family."

Bakugou also needed to tell Daiki this, considering he's dating a non-member as well.

"Just be here at 9:30," Bakugou said as he hung up.

Kaminari, who saw that Baku was finally off the phone, grinned and then ran full force from across the room, and onto the bed, to jump on Bakugou.

Baku laughed as Kami collided with him.

"Okay, baby boy, fucking move! You're going to crush me to death," Baku said as he shoved kami off of him, and then proceeded to climb onto of Kami and kiss his lips before getting up and putting on an extra shirt he brought with him, which was a simple black shirt with the phrase 'Go Die!' on it in white, then he put on his ripped jeans, and a pair of dark blue converses.

Baku looked over at Kami and laughed, Kami had on Baku's shirt, just a simple black one with a skull on it in white, and he had on a pair of Adidas pants, and a pair of yellow converses. Bakugou couldn't help but smile at his oversized shirt on his boyfriend, who was holding it up to his nose to smell it.

"Babe, are you really fucking smelling my shirt?" Baku asked as he chuckled lightly at his boyfriend, who blushed from being caught.

Soon it was 9:30 and a knock came to the door, the rest of the gang were already there, Bakugou and Kami were sitting in the loveseat, Kami sitting on Baku's lap, and Baku had his arms around Kami's waist. They have their legs out, taking up the rest of the space on the loveseat. They were not talking, just resting against each other.

Kirishima and Mina were sitting on the floor, mina with her legs over Kiri's and Kiri rubbing her calves, while they talked about some TV show they watched the night before.

Monoma and Shinsou were on the other loveseat, across the room, with Shinsou stretched out across it, with Monoma sitting up straight with Shinsou's feet on his lap, while they talked about a book they were reading together.

Tokoyami and Shoji were sitting on one of the couches, just sitting next to each other, with their shoulders touching and their thighs, while they talked to each other in whispers, and their hands were intertwined.

On the other side of the couch, of the same one that Toko and Sho were on was Daiki and Tetsu, who were holding hands, and facing each other, talking about taking a run together the next morning.

The last couple of their gang that was in the house was Jirou and Momo, they were in Momo's recliner, Momo was sitting in the recliner, while Jirou was sitting on top of her, and Momo had her head resting on Jirou's shoulder, as they talked about food and music.

And finally, Sero and Satou were sitting on the last couch, just having a conversation about their tattoos and why they wanted them, a conversation they've had a few dozen times.

"I'll get the door," Kami said as he hopped off of Baku and headed towards the door. When he opened it, there stood Hawks, he was wearing a light blue shirt, with a pair of bleached baggy jeans, and a pair of Doc Martens.

"Hey," Hawks greeted as he looked at Kami.

"Hey, come on in," Kami said as he opened the door wider and let Hawks in.

Hawks came in and sat on the other end of the couch from Satou and Sero, who waved at him and he waved back.

"Dabi said he will be here in 10 minutes," Bakugou said after he looked at his phone and got done typing on it.

The room felt heavy, they weren't sure how Dabi would react seeing that Hawks was there, that was one thing they were worried about, none of them knew if they have seen each other since Dabi basically became a spy or if he knew about Dabi sleeping with Shigaraki to get information, so they didn't know what damage may be needing control.

He never told Momo whether or not he told Hawks about his plan to sleep with Shigaraki, he only told her that he would think about it.

Dabi only told them that he would forever love Hawks, no matter what.

He never told them if he told Hawks anything.

Chapter Text

Hawks was having a conversation with Daiki and Tetsu when the front door opened.

"Hey," Dabi greeted as he walked in and sat down beside of Hawks, who instinctively leaned into his side.

"Hey babe," Dabi said as he leaned down and kissed the forehead of the other.

"So he knows about everything?" Momo asked, wondering if he did take his advice and tell Hawks about his plan.

"Yes, Momo, I know about him sleeping with the leader of the League to get information," Hawks said as he now realized why everyone was so tense about him being there.

They thought he didn't know.

"So, you're the new member, Daiki, right?" Dabi asked as he held his hand out for Daiki to shake, which he did and nodded.

"Yes, and you're Dabi, right?" Daiki asked as he smiled at the older teen.

Tetsu and Hawks were looking lovingly at their own boyfriends.

"So adorable," Tetsu muttered as he looked at Daiki's smile.

"Indeed," Hawks mumbled as he stared at Dabi's face.

A knock interrupted them.

Dabi immediately stood up.

"Were you guys expecting someone?" He asked as he looked at Bakugou, who was now also standing, and he seemed to be quite alarmed as well.

"Babe, who is it?" Kaminari asked as he stood up and went towards the door.

Before he could open it, Bakugou grabbed him and made him go back to the living room, and Dabi now stood behind Bakugou, both had on brass knuckles and both were ready for a fight.

Bakugou silently counted to three and opened the door, there stood Mineta and who they think is his mom.

"We would like it if you could please get my nephew," The woman said as he stood her ground.

"Who is your nephew?" Dabi asked as he glared at the woman.

"How many boys are in there that you need to ask that question?" The woman asked as she glared back.

"Quite a damn few, considering this is a fucking gang and family gathering," Bakugou said as he glared, he knew the woman.

She was the one who claimed to be Daiki's aunt.

And she was in fact just as homophobic as her son.

Who do you think taught him to be?

But she always acted sweet towards Daiki, so he would trust her more.

"He joined a gang of fags?" Mineta squealed as he looked at his mother and his mother's mouth was wide open, gapping.

"You should get off of our property," Momo's voice was heard as she walked up to the door, and glared at the woman and purple haired boy.

"Your property? Where are your parents, are they aware that this is a gang?" The woman asked, hoping that there were adults that could shut this thing down.

"Yes, I own it. My parents are well aware of the gang," Momo said as she glared at the intruders. Her parents may not approve of her life decisions, but they funded the gang.

"What kind of parents are accepting of their kids being in a damn gang?" The woman asked as she continued her glare off with Dabi, "And not to mention hang out with older people."

"Actually I'm 18, not that much older, miss," Dabi said as he glared even harder. He didn't like the woman.

The rest of the gang was now standing behind Momo, and they didn't look happy. Tokoyami made Hawks, Tetsu, and Daiki stay in the living room.

"I suggest you leave, now," Kaminari said as he came up to stand by Bakugou, who glared at Mineta, one last time before the two turned around and walked away, angrily whispering to each other.

And that was the start of the drama with the Mineta family.

Chapter Text

"Did that really just happen?" Momo asked as she looked around, she couldn't believe it. That woman actually tried to stand up to an entire gang.

"Yes, it did really fuckin happen," Dabi said as he growled, that's when Bakugou realized that Dabi had looked at the woman like he knew her.

"Dabi, why did you look at that damn slut like you knew her?" Bakugou asked Dabi, who then sighed and rolled in eyes in annoyance, not at Bakugou, but because of the woman.

"Keiko Mineta is the gun supplier for the League. She works at a gun factory where they make bullets. She lies to her son and tells him that she's a businesswoman when in reality, she's helping gangs get guns and selling them on the black market," Dabi said as he looked around the room, "I was the one in charge of meeting her every Thursday to get the guns. It became my new position after I slept with the leader. He made me the top man in charge of weapons."

"So, you sabotaged their weapons, didn't you? Before you left?" Kaminari asked, hoping that the man did.

"Fuck yeah. I am not going to leave over 45 AK-17s in their hands," Dabi said as he looked around the room, and then he remembered that Hawks was in the house, and he suddenly smiled.

He walked back into the living room and saw that Daiki was curled into Tetsu and Hawks was rubbing the boy's back in comfort.

"Hey, it's going to be okay. The gang won't let her take you," Hawks was saying as Daiki sobbed into Tetsu's shirt.

"He's right, Daiki. We won't let that bitch get anywhere near you, and that includes her son," Dabi said to make himself known.

Dabi then crouched down in front of Hawks and brought a hand up to his cheek, and guided Hawks into a kiss.

The kiss was sweet, the kind that they hadn't had in a while.

"What else do you know about the Mineta family?" Kiri asked as he walked into the living room, the rest of the gang following.

"From what I gathered, Keiko is married to a man that helps the League get funding from drugs. I never learned or heard his name. But I do know he wants to take Bakugou out, and he's hired men inside Juvie to kill you, but they never succeeded," Dabi said as he sat down on the couch, beside Hawks.

They watched as Dabi sighed, and he slouched back.

"Do you know anything about the son?" Mina asked as she sat down in the floor, and everyone returning to their seats.

Daiki had stopped crying, and now had a glass of hot tea in his hands, thanks to Momo. He was now quiet and listening.

"From what she told me, he wants to join the League," Dabi said as he looked down, and then back up, "He's also a pervert, and she thinks that's what's going to get him into the gang because they're all a bunch of freaks."

The rest of the gang in the room were shocked.

"I thought he wanted to join the Misfits or the Dekus," Tokoyami said, Mineta was always running his mouth about wanting to join one of them.

"I don't have an answer for that," Dabi said as he looked around the room.

Hawks noticed that Dabi was starting to get stressed, so he calmly laced their hands together, and Dabi's body started to calm down and relax.

"Any more fucking surprises we should know about the damn League?" Bakugou asked and Dabi looked down again.

Dabi had one more, and they weren't sure how they would take it.

Chapter Text

"I have one more thing to say," Dabi said and this caused all heads to snap towards him.

"Well, tell us," Bakugou said, still angry about the Mineta Family being at their doorstep.

"Well, Shigaraki liked to talk after 'that', and he told me that he wasn't even the real leader of the League, it was a man who called himself 'The Master'. All I learned about him is that he's exactly 30 years old, and Shigaraki is his adopted son," Dabi explained, and everyone in the room looked shocked.

"Why would a 30-year-old want to take over a school?" Momo asked as she looked at Dabi, who suddenly looked uncomfortable.

"Shigaraki told me that the man owned a lot of apartment buildings, so maybe he wants the school, so he can open up an apartment building?" Dabi suggested as he looked more uncomfortable.

"Dabi, what's wrong?" Kaminari asked as he noticed the boy getting more and more tense and uncomfortable.

"I just remembered something that he told me, something that he wanted from you," Dabi said as he pointed to Bakugou.

"What the fuck does he want from me, besides my damn territory?" Bakugou asked as he growled, and looked even more pissed than he was.

"He wants to take away your pride, your joy, and your lover..." Dabi whispered, but even though he whispered, he was heard by everyone.

"My pride? My joy? And if he comes anywhere near Kami, I'll fucking end that bastard!" Bakugou exclaimed as he gripped Kami tighter.

"I think taking away your pride and joy means your territory and your gang," Jirou said as he looked at Bakugou.

The rest of the gang were shocked, this master was going to try and take everything away from them.

Bakugou just sat there and started to pull Kaminari closer to him, he couldn't bare the fucking thought of someone else's hands on what's his. Especially Kaminari, if anyone touched Kami, then they would die, simple as that.

And he also was protective of all his gang, his friends, his friends, that's what his gang is to him. If this Master even touched a hair on their hands, then whoever did it, would die.

"You okay?" Daiki asked from across the room, and he looked a little scared.

"Yes, I'm fine, but this Master guy won't be after I'm fucking done with him," Bakugou said as he looked around at his family.

Yeah, he would dare someone to touch his family.

They wouldn't be leaving alive.

Chapter Text

Everyone had left, except Bakugou, Kaminari, Momo, Jirou, Monoma, Shinsou, and Daiki, and Momo was standing in the kitchen making dinner for them.

"What are you thinking about babe?" Jirou asked as she wrapped her arms around her girlfriend's waist and kissed her shoulder.

"About what Dabi said. What does this Master guy have against Baku?" Momo asked as she looked into the living room, where Bakugou and Kaminari were too engaged in their own conversation to be listening to theirs.

"Listen, that master guy obviously is a creep if he's holding some kind of grudge against a teenager," Jirou said, she really did think he was a creep, what kind of guy wants to be in a gang war with a teenager?

"He probably is a creep. And the fact that he wants Kami to himself, means a pedophile of sorts, and I don't think Bakugou took that very well," Momo said as she remembered what Bakugou said, and it's true, he would kill anyone who touched Kaminari as he does, and the same could be said vice versa.

And surprisingly, Kaminari gets more jealous than Bakugou, she was surprised when he learned that.

"I know from experience that if that Master guy touched Kami in any sort of inappropriate way, Bakugou will kill the bastard," Jirou said, remembering back in Middle School when a boy tried to kiss Kami and Bakugou put the boy in a body cast.

It was part of the reason he went to juvie and a few other things.

"We all know that Bakugou would skin someone alive if it involved Kami, but we all know he thinks of all of us as his family, and he would protect us with everything he has," Momo said, as she started to make the spicy curry.

Momo then saw that Shinsou and Monoma had joined the other two in the living room, Bakugou and Kaminari were still on the loveseat, and they were still cuddled together, with Kami sitting between Bakugou's open legs, and his back resting against Baku's chest. They were whispering to one another, and it didn't look like jokes were being told.

Kaminari was blushing up a storm, and Bakugou was smirking evilly

Shinsou and Monoma were sitting on the couch closet to the loveseat, and Monoma was laying down, with Shinsou laying on top of him, and Shin had his head on Mono's chest, and Mono had his hands in Shin's hair and Shin was talking.

Daiki was in his room, probably on facetime with Tetsu, and this thought made Momo smile, because when she first met him, he was so shy, and didn't really know how to interact with other people.

"Hey, Momo, what is for dinner?" Mono asked as he looked into the kitchen, and was still calmly stroking Shinsou's hair, as Shin basically purred and leaned into the touch.

"Spicy Curry," Momo answered, as she looked over at him, and smiled.

Daiki then walked into the living room, and flopped down on the other couch and started typing on his phone.

"I think Tetsu is annoyed by me," Daiki said, with a few unshed tears in his eyes, and this caused both Baku and Kami to stop whispering to one another and look at Daiki.

"Why would you think that? He was so sweet and caring to you today," Kami said as he looked at the boy.

"I was talking to him about Pokemon and he suddenly just hung up on me, and he won't return my texts," Daiki said as he started to cry.

But Bakugou could tell something was off, Tetsu wasn't that kind of person.

So something must've happened.

Chapter Text

Daiki was silently sobbing as Kaminari rubbed his back and tried to reassure him. They weren't exactly sure what was going on, but Bakugou had left and took Monoma with him and had called Kirishima, Tokoyami, and Shouji to meet him at a park not far from the school.

"Kami, do you know why they left?" Momo asked, still confused, and remembering what happened not even 15 minutes ago...



"Hey, come with me, Monoma. Shinsou, make sure no one leaves this house," Bakugou had said soon after Daiki had told them that Tetsu just hung up on him.

"Baby, what about me?" Kami asked as he stood up and looked at his boyfriend.

"Baby boy, I need you to stay here and comfort Daiki, and make sure no one comes into this house," Bakugou had said as he kissed Kami, quickly and got his cellphone out.

"Hey, Kiri, meet me at the park by the school," He said then quickly hung up, he repeated this action with Tokoyami and Shouji.

"At least tell us what you are doing," Jirou said as he looked pleadingly to one of her best friends, as he shoved his phone into his pocket.

"Just making sure that nothing more is going on," Baku had said as he and Monoma walked out of the door.


"I think he's going to take a small group and search where Tetsu does his night runs, which is where he was when he hung up on Daiki," Shinsou answered instead of Kami, obviously already had an idea of what was going on.

"Do you think him hanging up on me wasn't on purpose?" Daiki asked, obviously very insecure.

"Yes, Tetsu is a very sweet and caring boy, he would never hang up on you, even if you were annoying him," Kami said, trying to make the boy feel better.

"But who would-" Daiki cut off his own sentence as he looked around, and then his eyes went wide.

"What is it?" Momo asked as she walked over and knelt down in front of the slightly crying boy.

"I think I know what happened..." Daiki said as he looked around the room.

"Well, tell us, so we can tell Bakugou, and he can find Tetsu," Shinsou said as he walked over and sat beside of Daiki and rubbed his back as well, as Kami now held his hand in support.

Daiki took a deep breath and started to talk.

Chapter Text

"I think that Tetsu was taken by my crazy Aunt and cousin," Daiki said as he looked around the room.

"That would make sense," Momo said, the more she thought about it.

"Yeah, and they both seemed pretty pissed that you left," Shinsou said, as he got his phone out and started texting.

"Who are you texting?" Kami asked as he looked over at Shinsou.

"Monoma and Bakugou," Shinsou said, as his phone alerted him of a new message, he read it then looked around the room, "Yeah, they already figured that out. They found Mineta's phone where Tetsu was, and the screen was cracked, so Tetsu put up a fight. They also found Tetsu's phone, it was also cracked, and it looked like it had been run over."

"So that would explain why he wasn't returning my messages and calls," Daiki said as he looked down at his phone.

It was clutched in his hand so tight, his knuckles were white.

"See, he wasn't annoyed by you. You don't have to worry about that," Jirou said as she walked back into the room, she had gone to finish dinner while the rest comforted Daiki.

"Is dinner done?" Kami asked as he looked up at Jirou.

"Yes, it is," Jirou replied as she looked at them.

Over at the park, Baku, Kiri, Mono, Toko, and Shouji are checking the phones to see if anything would give away anything.

Sure enough, when they opened Mineta's messages, there were multiple texts to his mom about how they were going to keep Tetsu in their basement.

Until Daiki came to his senses and stopped associating with gangs.

"Why would she want to stop Daiki from being in a gang, but encourages Mineta to join one?" Toko asked as he read the messages out loud to the group.

Bakugou thought for a couple of minutes, and then it dawned upon him.

"She wants the damn money from him living in her fucking house, which would fucking explain why she was pissed when he left," Bakugou said as he started to text on his phone.

"Who's texting?" Monoma asked as he looked towards the other.

Baku looked down at the texts, it was Dabi, wondering if he needed any help.

"Dabi, he wants to fucking know if we want help," Baku said as he looked around his little group and decided that yes, they would need help to get Tetsu back.

Dabi sent back a simple okay, and he would be at the park in a few minutes.

This was now a rescue mission.

Chapter Text

Dabi was quick to get to the park, he knew that the boys would need him, in case the League helped in any way to kidnap Tetsu.

He had Hawks drop him off, and he met the boys by a big oak tree.

"So what's the plan?" Dabi asked as he approached them.

"We need to have more information on the layout of the house," Monoma answered, as he looked to Dabi, who was looking around when he spotted it.

"Dammit," He muttered as he picked up a phone that was not Mineta nor Tetsu's.

"Who's fucking phone is that?" Bakugou asked as he looked at Dabi's expression.

"Toga's," Dabi answered as he turned it on and opened a message that was on the screen, "They're putting Tetsu in Mineta's basement, but they're not planning on hurting him, they're just seeing how we will react to a kidnapping."

"So, he will be okay?" Kirishima asked as he took the phone and read the message as well, then he passed it around the group.

"Here's the address," Tokoyami said as he strolled up into the messages.

And they were off to rescue Tetsu.

"It looks like only the Mineta's are here," Monoma said as he looked around, looking for other cars.

"Toga just helped kidnap him, the League won't get their hands dirty too early," Dabi said as he looked at the house, and that's when he saw the woman, she was looking out of the window.

"Are they waiting on us?" Tokoyami said as he spotted the woman as well.

"Seems fucking like it," Bakugou answered as he growled.

Back at Momo's, Hawks had arrived and was helping Momo make tea.

"So, what's going on?" Momo asked Hawks in a hushed voice, knowing that Dabi would give Hawks more information than he should.

"All Dabi told me was that he thinks that the League is involved, he's a little worried," Hawks answered, and Momo could tell he was holding back on something, so she calmly placed a hand on his shoulder.

"You can tell me," Momo urged as she rubbed his shoulder.

"Dabi said that if anyone is involved, it would be Toga. And she's very dangerous, and he's worried if she's involved then Twice is too, and those two working together would cause trouble for the boys," Hawks said as he carefully picked up two cups full of tea and carried them to the living room.

He handed one to Daiki, and another to Kami.

He then walked back into the kitchen to get his own, and Momo was still in there, playing with the hem of her shirt.

"Are you okay?" Hawks asked as he approached her in a calm manner and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Bakugou is angry, Daiki is scared, Dabi was undercover for years, so we don't know where he stands, Kami is worried about Baku, and everyone is scared of what this Master guy will do to us," Momo said as she turned around and had unshed tears in her eyes.

"Listen, Bakugou is angry because some guy is trying to steal what's his, Daiki is scared that Tetsu is going to get hurt, Dabi will always be loyal to you guys, he trusts you all, and would never betray his family, Kami is worried because Baku is his boyfriend, and yes, everyone is scared because this Master dude wants to take away everything you guys know," Hawks said as he wrapped Momo in a hug and rubbed her back in a calming manner.

After the hug ended they went back to the living room, where Hawks' phone was ringing.

It was Dabi's name on the screen.

Chapter Text

Bakugou, Kirishima, Dabi, Monoma, Tokoyami, and Shouji couldn't find the basement entrance in the front of the house, so they wanted to know where it was.

"Hey, can one of you call and see where exactly the basement entrance is?" Kirishima asked as he saw Bakugou's annoyance.

Bakugou was getting more annoyed the longer they waited. He was worried about Tetsu, and how they were treating him, and he was angry that someone would actually mess with his gang.

"I'll call Hawks, he can ask Daiki," Dabi said as he pulled his phone out, and everyone watched as he quickly contacted Hawks and his boyfriend answered immediately.

"Hey, baby, ask Daiki where the basement entrance is," Dabi said to Hawks, and it sounded like Hawks was talking on the other end, and Dabi was just humming.

"Thanks, babe," Dabi said as he hung up, and looked at the group, "he said that Daiki said that it's in the backyard, and it's connected to a storm cellar, and that's the best entrance."

"Okay, we'll go through the storm cellar, then," Monoma said, as he looked back at bakugou, who was looking at the house.

"Okay, Dabi, Kirishima, and myself will enter the fucking basement, the rest will fucking stand outside and keep watch," Bakugou said as he started to walk towards the house.

That's when they watched Mineta and his mom exit the house, and they heard them start to talk, and it was more like a yelling whisper.

"No, son, listen, we need to go meet up with Shigaraki, this was your ticket into the gang! You did your part perfectly! And they won't find Tetsu, we didn't leave any evidence behind that it was us!" His mom whisper yelled at him as they entered their car.

"Well, mom, I just don't think we should leave him here alone!" Mineta replied in the same voice, as he entered the car.

As they drove away, the group looked at each other, shocked, and then back at the car that was now speeding down the road.

"Is this really going to be this easy?" Shouji asked as he looked at Bakugou, who looked slightly shocked like the rest of them.

"I really think it is. And Mineta hasn't noticed that his fucking phone is missing?" Bakugou asked as he looked around the group and continued to walk to the backyard.

They walked to the storm cellar entrance and they were a little surprised to find that the cellar wasn't locked or secured.

Bakugou opened the door and they were met with stone like stairs, Bakugou went down first, followed by Kirishima, then Dabi and the rest stayed outside.

"Tetsu, you down here, man?" Kirishima called out and almost immediately they heard muffled speaking.

They all ran towards it and were met with the sight of Tetsu, tied to a chair, duck tape on his mouth, and he had a shiner on his right eye, but other than that he was okay, no blood or torn clothing, nothing.

Dabi started to untie him, while Bakugou ripped the tape off his mouth and Kirishima was looking around, to make sure there was no one else down there.

"Are you okay?" Dabi asked Tetsu as he finished untying him.

"Yes, just a little bit of a shiner, nothing else," Tetsu said as he looked at Dabi, Bakugou, and Kirishima, who were all looking at him.

"How did you get the shiner?" Kirishima asked as he looked at his cousin.

"Well, I wouldn't answer their questions, and they got angry after I called this blonde a crazy bitch because she kept licking a knife, and I guess the one who hit me other it was her boyfriend," Tetsu said, and Dabi nodded, he knew it was Toga and twice now.

"You were right, Toga and Twice were both fucking here," Bakugou said as he looked at Dabi, who was definitely not happy.

"Be happy you only got a shiner, Twice has killed a guy over Toga, and all the guy did was look at Toga wrong," Dabi said, as he made it clear that there was no joking in this situation.

"We need to fucking go!" Bakugou finally yelled as he pointed to the exit of the storm cellar.

When they walked out, they saw Monoma, Tokoyami, and Shouji all standing there, still watching out.

"We good to go?" Monoma asked as he looked at the four coming out of the storm cellar.

"Yes, come on. let's get out of here," Dabi said as he walked out of the backyard first, and the others followed.

Tetsu was glad that it was over, especially after all the crap he received from Mineta for being gay, while he tied to a chair, and unable to defend himself.

Chapter Text

Hawks was sitting beside of Daiki, and talking to him.

"Hey, don't worry, Bakugou, Kirishima, Monoma, Tokoyami, Shouji, and Dabi will get Tetsu back, and they'll be back soon," Hawks said to Daiki as he rubbed his back and got him more tea, and gave him tissues to wipe his tears.

"Hey, Hawks is right, Tetsu will be fine, and I'm sure the boys got him out by now," Kaminari said as he sat back down beside him, after going to get something to drink.

They sat like for a little bit before Hawks's phone rang.

"Hey, Momo, can you answer that for me?" Hawks asked as he looked at Momo, and then to his phone, which was on the coffee table.

"Sure," She Answered as she picked up his phone and started talking.

"Hello?...Yeah... He's talking to Daiki... Is he okay?.... Yeah, I can come to get you all," Momo talked into the phone and then as she hanged up, she looked at everyone in the living room, "Tetsu is okay, they boys got him out. They need me to come to pick them up."

"Okay, we'll stay here. Wait, is Tetsu staying the night with us?" Shinsou asked as he looked up at Momo.

"Yes, he is, he can't go home this late at night," Momo said as she grabbed Hawks keys to his car and went outside, to go and get the boys.

She drove to the spot she was supposed to meet them. Sure, Monoma had taken his truck, but it was only a 3 seater, and they had 2 more people with them, Dabi and Kirishima.

She was told that Kirishima was also staying with them because it was too late to be rolling into his mom's house.

With the boys, they were at the park, where they were saying bye to Tokoyami and Shouji, who were going to the totally opposite way than them.

"So, how long until Momo gets here?" Monoma asked as he looked at Dabi, who had talked to her.

"She didn't say, she just said she would come and get us," Dabi said as he sat down on a tree trunk.

About 10 minutes later, Momo pulled up and they all left, Monoma and Bakugou, in Monoma's truck, and Kirishima, Dabi, Tetsu, and Momo, in Momo's car.

When they got back to Momo's house, they were greeted with Daiki running outside, and jumping into Tetsu's arms.

It was cute, Momo decided and took out her phone, to take a picture.

Kaminari walked up to Bakugou and pulled him into a kiss. Momo decided it was cute and took a picture.

Shinsou walked up to Monoma but didn't make the first move, Monoma did, by pulling him by the waist and put his hands in Shinsou's hair, and pulled him into a kiss. Momo took a video of this cute moment.

"Okay, let's fucking go inside now," Bakugou said as he parted with Kaminari, and started walking towards the house, with Kami under his arm, and nuzzled into his side.

This was just beginning of the League messing with the Misfits.

Chapter Text

They walked into school, and they were immediately hit with rumors of new students. Bakugou looked over at momo, who shrugged.

She didn't know they were getting new students, and she worked in the office on her free periods.

"Are you sure, you haven't heard of new students?" Kirishima asked as he looked over at Momo, who was looking around.

"Yes, I would've been the first person to know, usually I am the one who escorts the new students around. Maybe they're just rumors," Momo said as she and Jirou laced hands and continued on down the hallway to their first class.

Bakugou slung an around Kami's shoulders and started to walk down the hallway, and along the way, Kami put his hand in Baku's back pocket.

"Do you think they're just rumors?" Kirishima asked Monoma, who was standing right behind him and Mina, with Shinsou under his arm.

"I don't really know, maybe, but we should know by lunch," Monoma answered as he and Shin continued to their first period.

Tokoyami and Shouji just laced hands and nodded to Kiri and Mina before walking away, to their classes.

Satou and Sero had already walked sometimes during their talk.

"Babe, come on! We don't have time to worry about rumors, we can't be late to class," Mina said as she grabbed Kiri's hand and started pulling him to their class.

Satou and Sero were in their first period, Math when the teacher started talking about 2 new students, who would be in their class.

"They won't be here until tomorrow," The teacher said as she smiled and looked down at her clipboard.

"Their names are Himiko Toga and Tomura Shigaraki," The names caused Satou and Sero to look at each other.

"We have to tell Bakugou ASAP!" Sero said loudly to Satou, who nodded.

"Yeah, we do! This is bad!" Satou said with just as urgent.

Satou and Sero spent the period worried.

Members of the League were going to be going to their school, most likely under the orders of whoever this Master was, and they were most likely just going to make Bakugou angry.

Satou and Sero immediately bolted out of the classroom just as the bell rang.

They ran to the English class that Bakugou and Kaminari were exiting, and they caught them just in time.

"We know who the new students are!" Satou yelled, and this caused Baku to stop dead in his tracks and looked to his friends.

"Who?" He questioned as he looked at them.

"It's Toga and Shigaraki," Sero answered as he looked at his leader and best friend.

"Are you sure?" Kaminari asked, surprised at the news.

It was no secret that the League were all dropouts, so them willing coming back to school was surprising.

"Yeah, our Math teacher announced they would be in our class," Satou said as he looked at them, and pointed back to the Math room.

So the mystery was solved, there would be new students.

And they were going to cause trouble.

Chapter Text

After school, the Misfits met at Momo's house, which is basically the headquarters of the gang for the time being, until they are allowed back at their old one.

"So, is it true?" Momo asked, as she looked at Bakugou, who was still sitting still, with Kami rubbing his back and kissing his cheek.

It was the only thing that kept him from blowing up.

"Yes, Toga and Shigaraki are going to fucking pose as students," Bakugou gritted through his teeth, and he growled.

"Hey, it's okay..." Kaminari said, as he leaned over and started whispering in Bakugou's ear, to keep him to going straight to the League's headquarters and fucking killing them all. Momo looked around and noticed that 2 of their members were missing.

She gasped and looked at Bakugou.

"Where are Tokoyami and Shinsou?" Momo asked, completely in fear, especially after what happened to Tetsu, and Tetsu isn't even in the gang.

"Last time I saw Shin, he was talking to Toko, I'm not sure about what, but they left together after school, and told us to tell them about the meeting later," Monoma said, as he thought more about, he got his phone out and looked for a text from Shin, and saw none, that was weird, Shin always texted him when they weren't around each other, since they both had separation anxiety, and it's been nearly 2 hours since then, and when he realized this, the panic set in.

"Hey, it's okay, they are probably just busy," Shouji said this to cover up his own worry, he couldn't think about Toko getting hurt, because if he did, he might end up being angry, and him angry is not good for anyone.

But his worry was definitely setting in.

"Where would they go?" Jirou asked. mostly to herself, as she looked around the room, and noticed Daiki look up in sudden surprise.

"I remember Toko saying something about a trail. He was going to go walk it, soon, but that was a couple of days ago," Daiki said the last part sadly, as he looked down again.

"Wait, they trail near the park?" Monoma asked, as he looked over at Daiki, who looked up again.

"Yeah," Daiki answered, and Monoma's face lit up.

"Shinsou has been going and hiking that trail for a little while now, he was talking about how kittens were up in there, he likes to go and feed and water them," Monoma said as he let out a sigh of relief.

Shouji's worry went down some, but he still felt like something was wrong.

"So about Toga and Shigaraki?" Sero asked as he looked over at Bakugou.

"Just play fucking nice, don't fucking provoke them, and if they try to provoke you, fucking ignore them!" Bakugou commanded, as his gut twisted with sudden worry about Shinsou and Tokoyami, the feeling of worry that they were in trouble.

But he chose to ignore it because maybe it was just from the recent kidnapping of Tetsu that brought it on.

But Bakugou's gut feelings are never wrong.

Chapter Text

The next of school was a little hectic.

Tokoyami and Shinsou never came home the night before.

And Monoma was about to lose his mind. Momo had to shove sleeping pills down his throat so he would sleep.

And Shouji was no better, he just wanted to find his boyfriend. He ended up crashing on Momo's couch because he couldn't stand staying in an empty apartment.

"So, are we sure they are missing?" Mina asked as she looked concerned as she looked at Monoma and Shouji.

Monoma was obviously wearing Shinsou's sweatshirt and his sweatpants. And Shouji just looked tired as hell.

"Yes, they didn't come back last night. That's very out of character for both of them, and the fact that they didn't text any of us," Momo informed as she looked at bakugou, who looked pissed off.

"Okay, here's what we're going to fucking do, Kirishima, Dabi, and Jirou, you three with come with me, to check this damn trail. The fucking rest of you will watch Shigaraki and Toga," Baku said as he pointed a look to a table about 6 away from there's where the two League members sat, eating lunch.

"So, we're ditching?" Kiri asked as he looked at his best friend.

"Yes," Bakugou answered firmly as he got up, emptied his tray, and walked out of the cafeteria, Kiri, Dabi, and Kirou followed.

Momo just sat there, with Satou, Sero, Mina, Shouji, and Monoma, who were all looking at her, expecting her to stay something.

"Momo, why didn't he take either of us?" Monoma asked, as he looked down and started to smell Shinsou's sweatshirt.

"That's why. You're too attached and Shouji is too," Momo said, knowing that Bakugou would get distracted if the two were with him.

"Yeah, Momo is right. It's better if we stay here," Shouji said, as he leaned back and tried to relax, it wasn't working out.

Bakugou, Kirishima, Dabi, and Jirou just arrived at the entrance of the trail, and they saw Tokoyami's car. It was started, and it sounded like it had been on for a while.

Kiri got into the driver's seat and turned off the car, and looked around in it. He managed to find Shinsou's phone in the passenger seat unlocked and the contact for Bakugou up.

"I've got something!" Kiri yelled from the car, as he watched Baku and Dabi inspecting the trail, they both turned around and walked to the car, and Jirou walked up to the passenger side and opened the door, to get in.

"What is it?" Dabi asked as he was handed the phone, and then after he looked at it, he handed it to Bakugou, who scowled as he saw it.

"Fuck, I swear if those bastards hurt them, I will fucking kill them all," Bakugou growled out as he handed to phone back to Kirishima.

Bakugou should've trusted his gut the night before... and went looking for them.

Chapter Text

Back at the school, Momo and Monoma were in their free period and they were spending it in the library when Toga walked in.

She sat one table away from them, and by this time, Momo and the rest of the gang had been informed that Tokoyami and Shinsou had been kidnapped.

"So, I guess by now you all know that we have the black haired boy and purple haired boy," They heard Toga say in a whisper as if to conceal that she was talking.

"You took them?" Monoma asked angrily as he stood up, Momo immediately stood up, and started pulling Monoma out of the library.

"You can't start a fight. You heard what Baku said, just ignore them," Momo said as she took Monoma's hand and pulled him down the hallway.

When Monoma heard that Shinsou had been taken, he didn't take it well, he ended up having a panic attack and accidentally hit Sero straight it the nose, and broke it.

And when Shouji heard that Tokoyami had been taken, he just sat there and suddenly looked, even more, lose than before.

"Listen, I know you love Shin very much, but violence isn't going to get him back," Momo said as she pulled the boy into a hug, and kissed his temple.

"I know, it's just I don't know how to fucking function without him," Monoma said, his voice muffled against Momo's shoulder.

Momo just nodded and kissed the top of his head.

In a classroom not far from Monoma and Momo, Shouji was completely ignoring Yamada-Sensei, as he looked out the window, wondering where Toko was.

He was not paying attention when the teacher called his name, so Mina reached up, from behind him, and gently shook him.

"Say World War 2," Mina said as she got his attention.

"World War 2," He said as she told him to.

"Correct!" Yamada screamed, as he turned around and wrote the answer on the board.

Shouji was not paying attention to anything in class, so he didn't notice that Shigaraki was sitting right beside him.

"So, want to know if the black haired boy and purple haired boy are okay?" Shouji heard from beside him and he turned fast, to see Shigaraki smiling creepily at him.

"You little-" Shouji was cut off by Mina, who grabbed him and started to walk out.

"Miss. Ashido, where do you think you're going?" Yamada asked as they were making their way to the door.

"Shouji isn't feeling well, sir!" She yelled as they got out into the hallway.

They walked down the hallway little ways and ran right into Monoma and Momo, who were talking quietly.

"Hey, guys, we have a problem!" Mina announced as she approached them with a furious Shouji.

"What's wrong?" Momo asked as she saw how angry Shouji was.

"We think the League have Shin and Toko," Mina said as she sat down, and Shouji followed the action.

"Yeah, we know. Toga told us, who told you?" Momo asked as she looked between Mina and Shouji.

"Shigaraki," Shouji growled as he crossed his arms.

Momo sighed and texted the information to Bakugou.

Now that they know for sure that the League have Shinsou and Tokoyami, maybe they can do something about it.

Chapter Text

Bakugou called an emergency meeting at Momo's after school, and when he, Dabi, Kirishima, and Jirou walked in, and in their hands, they had car keys and phones, Monoma sorta had a breakdown.

Daiki sat on his right and Kami sat on his left, and they were both rubbing his back, and whispering comforting words to the boy.

"Listen, they won't hurt them, because they know that we will retaliate, and they don't want that," Bakugou said as he sat Shinsou and Tokoyami's phones on the coffee table, and Kirishima put Tokoyami's car keys beside of them.

"So, they really were taken?" Momo asked as she looked in concern at Monoma, who was not fairing well.

And then she looked at Shouji who still had a lost look in his eyes, and it hurt her to see them like that, and she could tell that Bakugou felt the same as he growled low in his chest and looked at her.

"Momo, the gang will be staying here, and if you have to go out, go in fours or threes, no exceptions," Bakugou said as he looked at each member.

When his eyes landed on Shouji he sighed, and when his eyes landed on Monoma, he felt like crying. He couldn't stand to see his gang like this.

And it was his fault.

Kaminari saw the gears turning in Bakugou's head as soon as they started, he knew that look, and he knew his boyfriend.

"Katsuki, it's not your fault," Kaminari said softly, using Bakugou's first name, even, to show that he was being sincere and that he should listen.

"Denki, it is... He's after me, may I should just give up our territory, maybe he'll give them back," Bakugou said as he looked down, and sighed.

"No, we are not just going to give up out territory, Tokoyami and Shinsou wouldn't want that to happen, no matter what," Momo said as she stared straight into Bakugou's eyes.

"Then, maybe I should just give myself to him, maybe that'll work," Bakugou said as he looked at Kaminari, whose eyes were now filled with tears.

"No, I already almost lost you once, and I won't let it happen again," Kami said, as he almost started crying, he remembered all those fights in Juvie where Baku was sent to the hospital because he was shanked or beat up.

"But I need my gang to be whole again, you're my family," Bakugou said as he looked around the room, at everyone.

"Katsuki Bakugou, stop blaming yourself, it wasn't your fault," Dabi said as he made direct eye contact with Bakugou.

Bakugou just sighed and sat down, and soon enough, Kami walked over and sat in his lap, and leaned down to whisper into his ear.

"Please, never leave me," Kami's words about brought Bakugou to tears, but he held them back, as he wrapped his arms around the boy, and pulled him into a protective embrace.

"I won't, I would never leave you," Bakugou whispered back, as he lightly kissed Kami's neck, in a non-sexual manner, more in a comforting manner.

Momo watched the entire thing transpire.

She has watched a lot of things happen in her time in the gang, she's watched relationships form, she's watched them go through tough times, and she's watched them at their best moments.

She could tell you when all of them are at their happiest.

Jirou is at her happiest when she's listening to music and sharing it.

Bakugou is at his happiest when Kami is in his arms.

Kaminari is at his happiest when he is in Baku's arms.

Kirishima is happiest when he is being manly and feeling important. He also is happiest when Mina is around him.

Mina is happiest when she is feeling confident and important. She is also happiest when Kiri is around her.

Sero is happiest when shopping for new beanies and when he is talking about something that interests him.

Dabi is happiest when he is around Hawks or his siblings or the gang.

Satou is happiest when he is baking.

Daiki was at his happiest when he is talking to Tetsu or talking about Tetsu.

Monoma is happiest when Shin is in his arms or anywhere near him.

Shinsou is happiest when Mono is holding him or anywhere near him.

Tokoyami is happiest when he is helping other people.

Shouji is happiest when he watches Tokoyami smile.

And herself, she is happiest when her family is happy.

Chapter Text

The next day at school, Toga and Shigaraki didn't show up.

But someone else did.


And he wouldn't stop bugging Monoma or Shouji the whole day.

"Where is he now?" Baku asked Monoma, who was frustrated and angrily running his hands through his hair.

"He was in the library, I'm pretty sure he's stalking Shouji and me," Mono said as he leaned his head on Momo's shoulder, who was sitting right beside him.

"What has he been saying?" Momo asked softly, as she rubbed his back.

"He kept talking about how the absence of Toko and Shin is very suspicious, and that he's seen them," Mono said as he scowled, and went to get up.

"No, you're staying here with Momo," Baku said as he stood up and had Mono sit back down.

"Why?" Mono asked as he looked confused and looked at Momo. She just shrugged her shoulders.

"Because I don't need anyone committing murder right now. I need to find Shouji," Bakugou said as he walked out.

Shouji was in his history class, and he just so happened to have Mineta in that class. He was already angry at the fucker.

"So, how long has it been since you have seen Tokoyami?" Mineta asked as he smiled at the male.

"Shut up," Shouji said, for the hundredth time, since entering the classroom.

"I mean, I just saw him last night. He wasn't in very good condition, but the boss said that him being hurt will make things go in our favor," Mineta said as he chuckled.

"I thought I told you to shut the fuck up!" Shouji finally lost his cool and yelled. Everyone in the classroom turned and stared at him. He rarely raised his voice or cussed, so it came as a surprise to his classmates in the room.

"Shouji! Principal Office!" The teacher yelled as they pointed to the door.

Shouji got up, got his things, and walked out.

He couldn't handle another comment from Mineta.

"Shouji?" He heard someone from behind him, he turned and saw Baku, who looked relieved to see him.

"Yeah?" He asked as the leader approached him.

"Please tell me that Mineta isn't dead," Baku said as he looked him in the eyes.

"No, just terrified from me yelling at him," Shouji said as he turned around and started walking again.

"Where are you going?" Baku asked as he looked confused.

"To the principal office, I got in trouble for yelling at Mineta," Shouji said as he just continued to walk.

Bakugou decided to follow him, and when he was out of the office, he came out, holding a piece of paper.

"What's that?" Bakugou asked as he pointed to the paper.

"It's a note from the principal, she stated that Mineta is not allowed to talk or be around me," Shouji said as he turned and started walking back to the classroom.

Bakugou knew his gang could handle themselves, but he doesn't want them to get hurt, or put in jail, or worse, killed.

Chapter Text

After the events that happened at school, Bakugou called a meeting, at Momo's house. Baku couldn't believe that they would go as far as to kidnap 2 members of their gang.

When the meeting was about to start, there was a knock on the door. When Kirishima opened the door, he was met with the sight of Midorydia, Iida, Tsuyu, Koda, Ojiro, Hakagure, Mei, Kendou, and Aoyama.

"What's wrong?" Kiri asked as he noticed that both Mido and Tsu were both crying, and not very coherent. Iida stepped up and looked at Kiri.

"We have a situation," He said, as he looked behind Kiri and to Bakugou, who was watching.

"Come in," Baku said as he saw the 2 crying teens.

The Dekus walked in and they all settled in the living room. Mido and Tsu settled down together and were crying into each other's shoulder, Mei and Iida sat down with each other and held hands, Ojiro and Hakagure sat beside of Mido and Tsu and rubbed their back, Kendou sat down beside of Mei, and Aoyama sat down on the other side of Iida.

"What happened? Where's Todoroki and Uraraka?" Dabi asked as he noticed his brother and his brother's friend were missing.

He was already fearing the worse.

"They got took, in broad daylight, by Toga and Twice," Kendou explained as she cautiously looked at Mido and Tsu who were not doing very well.

Bakugou looked around the room, everyone was looking to him.

He was used to his gang looking to him as though he was supposed to know what to do, not 2 gangs, one of which is his own, and another who he is allied with. And the worst part was that lives were on the line.

If he didn't make the right choices, people he and the gangs cared about could end up dead, and he would be responsible.

It was as if Kaminari knew what he was thinking. Kami took his hand into his and then leaned over to kiss his cheek, softly, to calm him.

"We need to try and get a location on them. I want to kidnap Mineta, as soon as possible. I don't think he'll live long," Baku said as he looked to his gang, knowing that the Dekus was too sweet and kind to do this. And he respected that.

"What can we do?" Iida asked as he looked at Bakugou, who was obviously trying to keep them out of the plan.

"Stay here and look after the house, they know this is where most of us live, so they may come and try to spook us," Momo said, knowing that was the safest thing the Dekus could do.

Iida smiled, maybe Bakugou wasn't trying to keep them out of the plan, he was just giving the hard stuff to his gang.

Iida knew that he would have to lead the gang, with how Mido is acting, and with Todoroki gone, he is the only one who can. He is the third in command.

"Iida, make sure that they do nothing stupid, like go looking for Todoroki and Uraraka," Dabi said, as he walked out the door with Bakugou. They were the last ones of the Misfits to leave.

As they left, Bakugou felt something was wrong, deep inside his gut.

Chapter Text

Bakugou and Dabi went to the bad parts of town, where the other worse gangs communicate, searching for him.

Momo and Jirou went to the park.

Satou, Daiki, and Sero went to his regular hang out, the ballpark where the cheerleaders practice.

Kaminari, Mina, and Kirishima went to Mineta's house.

Monoma and Shoji went to the school, where he last was.

Baku and Dabi took the most dangerous of the locations, and they couldn't find him anywhere, and it just made them more worried, when he noticed that none of Shigaraki's gang was out and about either.

"Where do you think they are," Dabi asked as he looked at his leader.

"I don't know. I was sure this was where he was," Bakugou said as he looked around at all of the buildings.

"Maybe they already Mineta. He has outlived his purpose," Dabi said as he looked around as well.

"What was his purpose?" Baku asked as he looked at Dabi.

"To provoke us," Dabi said it as if it was obvious.

The next was Momo and Jirou, they were at the park, where the women of the town normally did yoga and jog. He liked to watch them in their exercise clothes. And he's admitted to it on more than one occasion.

"Where do you think he would be?" Jirou asked her girlfriend as she looked around the park, to where the women were.

"Wherever the hottest women are," Momo said as she nearly gagged thinking about it.

"Eww, he's so disgusting," Jirou said as she took Momo's hand and started to walk further into the park.

Satou, Daiki, and Sero were at the ballpark, where the boys would practice their ball skills, and where the cheerleaders practice their cheers. The girls were always in their uniforms or in spandex short and sports bras, which is why Mineta liked to hang out there. So he could perv on the girls.

"Where is it he likes to hang out and watch from?" Daiki asked as he looked around at the surrounding places to watch the cheerleaders.

"I really don't know," Sero said as he always was looking around.

"Let's fan out and look around," Satou said as he started to walk away.

Kami, Kiri, and Mina were at Minet's house, where he would go if he was in trouble, and they had a feeling he was in trouble.

Kaminari was the first to enter the house, followed by Kiri, then Mina, who they had made stay in the back of the line, in case something happened.

"It's a pretty good-sized house," Mina said as she looked around the living room.

"Maybe we should split up?" Kiri suggested as he looked at his friend and girlfriend.

"Good idea. I'll take the upstairs, Mina search here, on the ground floor, and Kiri, you search the basement," Kami said, taking the lead, and then walking towards the stairs.

Monoma and Shoji went to the school, where Mineta was last seen.

"So do we know where he was last at in the school, like location-wise," Monoma asked Shoji, who was walking into the school.

"Yes, his last class is Shop Class, come on," Shoji said as he led the way.

Before they even made it to the shop classroom, Monoma's phone rang.

"Yeah?" He answered.

"We found Mineta," It was Kaminari.

Kaminari told them to come to Mineta's house and the scene that awaited them would be kinda terrifying but relieving.

Chapter Text

Kirishima was just down in the basement, he was at the bottom of the stairs when he heard the muffled screams, he raced towards the back of the basement, and when he got there, he started yelling for Kami and Mina.

"Kaminari, Mina, get down here, now!" His voice echoed throughout the house and they heard him.

The two rushed down the stairs to where he was.

As soon as Kami saw what was waiting, he pulled out his phone and hit his speed dial, which is Bakugou.

"Yeah, baby?" Baku answered.

"We found Mineta and the others," Kami said as he smiled as he looked at them, tied to chairs, but they were beaten.

"Call everyone and just tell them you found Mineta, don't tell them you found the others," Baku advised him as he hung up.

Kaminari called everyone who was in the MIsfits and told them he found Mineta and told them to come to the Mineta Household.

When Bakugou and Dabi arrived, they went right to the basement and started to help untie them.

"Are you okay?" Bakugou asked Shinsou, who looked slightly worse than the others, and Bakugou knew that was probably because he started being a smartass to the League members and wouldn't answer any questions.

"Yes, just sore. Where's Neito?" Shinsou asked as he looked at his leader.

"He's on his way. We didn't tell them we found you all yet," Dabi answered as he started untying his brother, who was being a little asshole and yelling at him through the tape over his mouth.

"Where's Izuku?" Todoroki asked as soon as the tape was gone.

"He's at Momo's, he's okay, just distraught," Dabi answered as he and his brother hugged and then helped Uraraka.

"Tsu is with him too, right?"She asked as the tape was removed from her mouth.

"Yes, they're both safe," Baku answered as he started untying Tokoyami.

"How did Mezo handle it?" Tokoyami asked as he looked at his leader.

"He almost killed Mineta," Baku answered as he looked at his friend.

"Someone already beat him to it," Kirishima's voice echoed through the basement, and reached his best friend's ears.

"Where is he?" Baku asked a she looked around the dim basement.

"Over here," Kiri said as he started walking deeper into the basement, where TetsuTetsu was held.

When Bakugou walked behind him, he finally saw the blood.

Mineta was lying with all of his limb spread out, with multiple cuts throughout his body and his head was cut off. Bakugou could tell the killer was an expert killer, and that only pointed to 3 members of the League, Toga, Spinner, or Twice.

"Who was it Dabi?" Bakugou asked the man beside him, who was also looking at the scene.

"It was Toga, this matches her other killings she's done," Dabi said as he looked at the body of Mineta and then flipped it off, Bakugou followed.

They then walked upstairs, where Mina and Kami were making the others of the gang wait for them to come up.

When Shoji and Monoma saw Tokoyami and Shinsou, they were rushing to them, and as they embraced them, they were careful of their wounds.

"Can we please go see Mido and Tsu now?" Uraraka asked in her broken voice as she looked at Bakugou.

"Of course," The leader of the Misfits answered, as he took off his hoodie and wrapped it around the girl, who was shivering.

When they made it back to the house, they helped Todo and Uraraka inside, and when they entered, they heard crying.

As soon as they walked into the living room, they saw why they were crying.

Bakugou's gut twisted, he knew finding them was too easy.

Chapter Text

The person that laid on the floor beaten was Hawks, the last person that Dabi ever wanted to see like that. And he knew it was a direct message to him.

That they knew everything. And they knew who he was close to.

"Hawks!" Dabi yelled as he rushed to him and sat down beside him.

"Baby," Hawks was able to gasp out through a busted-up lip and maybe a broken tooth. Dabi was hesitate to touch Hawks because of the bruises.

"When was he brought here?" Baku asked as he looked at Hawks.

"About 10 minutes ago. We didn't know anyone was outside until we heard the tires squeal and Hawks yell as he was thrown down," Iida explained as he looked at the leader of the Misfits.

"It was definitely them," Kiri said as he looked at Baku, who nodded.

"We need to get him help," Mina said as she looked at Hawks.

Everyone in the room looked at her, she was concerned, they could tell by the way her face looked, and how she had tears in her eyes.

"We need to clean him up," Kami said as he walked into the kitchen and wetted a washrag. He walked back in and gave the washrag to Dabi, who was distraught.

Dabi cleaned Hawks's face as best he could without hurting him.

While that was happening, Todoroki and Midoryia were reunited and cuddling and reassuring each other that they were okay.

"Baby, I'm here, I'm okay," Todoroki was whispering into Mido's ear and held him close, reassuring him that he was there.

"I love you," Mido whispered as he clung to Todo.

Uraraka was being held by Tsu, who were whispering to each other.

"I love you so much. It's okay baby girl, I'm right here," Tsu was whispering into Uraraka's ear as they wrapped their arms around each other and were kissing each other.

"I love you too sweetheart," Uraraka said as she kissed Tsu's cheek and then her lips.

Dabi was now bent down and whispering into Hawks's ear as he kissed his slightly bruised cheek, and held his hand.

"I love you, baby boy," Dabi was whispering as he kissed and caressed Hawks's face.

"I love you too," Hawks said as he squeezed his hand.

Bakugou was looking at them and wondering what he did to deserve his family, as he looked around the room at Kaminari, Kirishima, Mina, Jirou, Momo, Sero, Satou, Tokoyami, Shoji, Monoma, Shinsou, Daiki, and Dabi, the people who were in gang were important to him, as well as their out of gang lovers and that included TetsuTetsu and Hawks.

And both of them were kidnapped, because of the gang.

And the gang was planning revenge.

Chapter Text

The Dekus left sometime after the Misfits came back. They didn't want to be involved in talking about revenge.

Baku stood in front of his gang, and he was obviously pissed off.

"They not only came after us, but they came after people that are not even in the gang," Baku explained as he looked at Hawks, "What should we do as revenge?"

Everyone looked at each other, and Kiri stood up, along with Kami.

"We think that the gang should get revenge by taking 2 of theirs," Kiri explained, then he looked at Kami.

"And those 2 members should be Toga and Twice," Kami said as he looked at his boyfriend, who was looking at them.

"Good choices, and since they are always together, it should be easy," Baku said as he nodded at the two.

"So it's agreed? We are going to basically kidnap Toga and Twice?" Momo asked as she looked around and everyone nodded.

"Keigo, would you like to go and lay down?" Dabi asked as he looked at his lover, who was kinda struggling to stay sitting up.

"Yes, please," Hawks said as he looked at Momo, "If you don't mind."

"Go ahead. The 3rd door on the right," Momo said as she smiled at the boy.

Dabi quickly helped Hawks to his feet and guided him to the room. Once he was laying down on the bed, Dabi kissed his forehead.

"Sleep, baby," Dabi said as he lightly caressed Hawks's bruised cheek, "We'll all be right in the living room."

"Okay, I'll call out if I need help or anything," Hawks said as he lightly smiled at his boyfriend.

Dabi walked back into the living room and saw that TetsuTetsu was leaving.

"Should we let them leave?" Dabi asked and this caused Baku to look at him.

"No. Tetsu, you are staying here for a few days," Baku said and this caused Daiki to look at the leader, "Go to Daiki's room, while we talk, please."

Tetsu nodded and walked to the room.

"Is everything going to be okay, Baku?" Daiki asked and Baku smiled lightly, trying to convince not only Daiki but himself.

"Yes," Baku started off by saying, "But before it is, we need to execute this plan. And once we do that, we should be able to cut the head off this snake. Once the head dies, the whole snake does."

Daiki nodded and Kami put a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry," Kami said as he smiled, and nodded at Daiki.

Everyone looked at Baku, and Tokoyami asked the question.

"When will we be executing this plan?" Toko asked as he looked at the leader.

"This Saturday," Baku said as he looked at every single member of the gang.

He will always protect his family, forever, until his last breath.