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With Pleasure

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Getting some privacy is exceedingly rare in a household with six brothers and two busy body parents. If a good moment for some alone time ever presented itself, one of the six virgins were quick to enjoy the opportunity. As it turns out, sometimes an empty house and a couple of mags still weren't good enough. Todomatsu found this out the hard way. He learned his lesson one afternoon, returning to a near empty home after he'd left to enjoy the sunlight. Thinking he had the house to himself, he hurries upstairs, antsy to have some fun. He wasn't expecting to see anyone else in their shared bedroom. The second he opens the door he gasps, frozen in place. Osomatsu is inside and staring right back at him. His pants are bunched up at his ankles, hand wrapped firmly around his dick. Both brothers would have probably died from the awkwardness embracing them if Osomatsu hadn't broken out of his statue-like state to beckon Todomatsu over.

Stupidly, Todomatsu approaches his brother with shaking legs. His eyes look at anything else but Osomatsu.

"You wanna be good and get me off?" Osomatsu asks, licking away a drop of sweat on his parted lips. His former look of surprise melted away, quickly replaced with a much more relaxed grin. He spreads his legs just a bit wider as he peels his hand off his cock. "Just do it and I'll forget this ever happened."

Todomatsu squirms, uncomfortable. He hunches his shoulders and shoots a glance at the door. He looks back at Osomatsu, drinking in the expectant look his brother is giving him. Going against his better judgement, Todomatsu sinks down to his knees beside him. He ignores the smug smile he receives as he reaches down and curls his fingers around Osomatsu's length. A brief bout of disgust hits him over the slickness that greets his hand from the copious amounts of lube Osomatsu applied to himself. He works his cock with slow strokes, face burning. His brother is happy with it all the same. Osomatsu leans into him with a loud groan of approval. His tongue darts out and touches Todomatsu's cheek. Todomatsu gasps, his movements faltering. Osomatsu presses several wet kisses to the same spot before he's shoved back.

"Don't touch me..." Todomatsu spits, an incredulous look upon his face despite his averted gaze. Osomatsu smiles in a shy manner, nodding his head as he rests his palms on the floor. Assured he's not going to be on the receiving end of any more kisses, Todomatsu picks up his pace somewhat. He adds in a few odd squeezes near Osomatsu's base, thumb meekly rolling over the drooling head. His brother shivers.

"Wow...Totty, your hands are so...soft." Osomatsu rolls his hips up into Todomatsu's fist with a moan. His breath grows heavier at the squeeze he gets in reward for his comment. "I--It feels so much better now that you're doing it..." He trails off, panting.

Todomatsu doesn't respond. His heart thumps madly in his chest over Osomatsu's elated moans and sighs. Why am I doing this? He brings his hand up and covers his mouth to hide the sight of him biting at his lip. Whatever situation Todomatsu had gotten himself into, he knew it just got worse at the erection straining in his shorts. The butterflies in his belly went into a frenzy over his many mixed emotions. Todomatsu didn't have too much time to dwell upon his feelings. A single cry of his name brought his attention back to the present.

He glances over to see why his name was said. Osomatsu's eyes remained fully focused on the other hand stroking his dick. Sweat rolls down his forehead and face, eyes half-lidded. His tongue lazily hangs out of his open mouth, droplets of his own drool staining his hoodie. Osomatsu bucks his hips up with vigor as he claws at the ground, toes curling. With a few more thrusts and moans, Osomatsu's eyes roll up somewhat, his body quaking. Todomatsu promptly feels something hot and wet roll over his fingers and down the back of his palm.

Todomatsu gives a few more half-hearted tugs. He's transfixed in the moment, finding his brother to be extremely hot with the state he's in. Todomatsu soon gathers himself and tears his hand away from Osomatsu's softening length. He brings his hand up to stare at the mixture of liquids coating it. The mere sight makes him impossibly hotter. He stands as Osomatsu gathers his breath.

"Hey, Totty..." Osomatsu sighs, sprawled out with his arm across his chest. He's already half-asleep. "You're a good little brother."

Todomatsu was gone the moment Osomatsu finished speaking.

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After such an unforgettable run-in with his brother, Todomatsu dreads the possible outcomes. His mind can't help but drift back to when Osomatsu walked in on Choromatsu, and teased him- mercilessly- for days, until a quarrel that spread to the rest of them put an end to his shenanigans.

He wouldn't actually do that again, would he...? It's hard to not convince himself otherwise, regardless of the promise Osomatsu said in the heat of the moment. So far, it seemed as if he kept true to his words. None of the other four, and, thankfully, their parents, made any hints of knowing what had gone down between the first and last born. Only Osomatsu would. He'd show it with lax grins and touches that lingered a bit too long. Sometimes he'd grope himself when they were alone, earning frustrated hisses and glares from the target of his jokes. Othertimes he'd go so far as to whisper excuses for Todomatsu to stay at home with him, none of which were things any normal siblings would do to each other.

It's clear he doesn't mean a single word he says. Todomatsu knows he's only messing with him. Said knowledge still wouldn't stop his face from going bright red should Osomatsu make those joking little passes at him. He wasn't sure why the hell these unwelcome feelings were even sprouting up. Osomatsu said he'd forget about it, so why couldn't Todomatsu bring himself to do the same? He mentally kicks himself over his mind bringing up the fairly recent memory, a frown shadowing his face.

Of course I'd be thinking about it. Todomatsu squirms in place, growing warm and uncomfortable. The odd feelings only worsen since he's with the rest of his siblings. Save for Karamatsu, that is, who slipped out unnoticed a while ago. Todomatsu glances up from his phone. Osomatsu is staring right at him with playful bedroom eyes. His brother may be messing around, but it's unfortunately enough for his body to react in all the wrong ways. Todomatsu slips his phone into his pocket as he stands and tugs childishly at the bottom of his hoodie.

He leaves without so much as a backwards glance, silently thankful that no-one said anything. Todomatsu only has one destination on his mind right now. The bathroom. It's the perfect place to quickly take care of himself and not worry about anyone barging in on him. He stopped bothering trying to hide his visible hard-on now that he's in the hallway. Once he reaches the cracked bathroom door Todomatsu simply shoves it open and shuffles in, disregarding the first warning sign that someone may be inside. A loud gasp greets his ears shortly after his entry. There's the second warning. Todomatsu freezes in place as if he were a deer in headlights, an equally stunned Karamatsu staring back out at him from the tub.

With how flushed and sweaty his brother's face is, it doesn't take too long for Todomatsu to realize what he'd interrupted.

"T-Todomatsu!" Karamatsu hisses, sinking into the water until just his blushing face remains above. "Can't you knock?"

"You're the one who left the door cracked open!" Todomatsu spits out in reply. He mentally curses himself for not bringing up the will to tear his eyes away from his brother. Deciding to just forgo any kind of sense, he meekly shuts the door, his pulse quickening as he fishes his hard cock out from his jeans. The sheer amount of shame on Karamatsu's face stirs the same cocktail of confusing emotions he felt when assisting Osomatsu in getting off.

Todomatsu offers him an unsure and shaky grin while stripping himself down to join him. Karamatsu doesn't speak, he only whimpers as he sinks even lower, trying to hide the obvious way he's looking Todomatsu up and down. Sure, they've seen each other naked hundreds of times before, but somehow, Karamatsu feels different about it now. It suddenly seems taboo as his slightly younger brother steps in and settles down, already stroking himself the moment he's engulfed in the warm and soapy water. He flinches over Todomatsu's hand sliding up his leg as he moves closer, mouth parted while he pants, soft little huffs and sighs of pleasure. 

"I'll keep this between us..." Todomatsu breathes out; pawing at Karamatsu's chest.

His brother finally musters up the courage to look him in the eyes as he resumes touching himself, his interruption long since forgotten. Much to his grand alarm, however, Todomatsu gets even closer as he bats his hand away and sidles up against him, chests nestled against each other. Karamatsu can't hold back the startled gasp that leaves him once Todomatsu's hand closes around both of their dicks, stroking up and down in a steady and careful rhythm that leaves him groaning.

Damn, his grip is firm...

"Totty..." Karamatsu lets the nickname slip in a grumble which trails off into a moan.

Todomatsu chuckles mostly to himself, studying Karamatsu's face in the extremely close proximity he has to him. His brother's eyes dart back and forth, from the water to the body practically straddling him. His eyebrows curved upwards in worry, sweat and water dripping down his ruddy face. Todomatsu even notes the slight wobble in his lip and how his eyes are watering somewhat. He enjoys the way his sibling visibly struggles to keep his noises low while Todomatsu strokes both of their cocks.

"This is nice, Karamatsu-niisan." Todomatsu says, his other hand straying up Karamatsu's thigh.

Karamatsu's eyes slowly fall closed at the oddly pleasant touch and his hips roll up. Todomatsu rocks against him, the water making it beyond easy for him to pick up his formerly measured pace. He speeds up to a near frantic rhythm, Karamatsu responding in turn with urgent bucks of his hips, his hands finally moving from their frigid stillness to grip Todomatsu by the shoulders. They thrust and drive against each other in tandem, pretty much fucking Todomatsu's hand. Water sloshes from the violent movement of the brothers supposedly cleaning off inside. Todomatsu's half-lidded eyes are quickly blown wide as his brother surges forward.

Their lips meet in an unbidden kiss; Karamatsu making water run over due to wild thrusts of his hips, nails digging in deep to Todomatsu's shoulders. His cock twitches and throbs harshly in his brother's jerking palm, water growing cloudy from his cum. Todomatsu follows shortly after with a muffled moan.

Karamatsu relaxes then, breaking the kiss with a gasp from the heavy realization of what he'd just done settling in. Hot shame overrides any buzz an afterglow provides. Mortified, he yanks his hands away as if he'd just been burned, and gawks at Todomatsu as he shrinks in on himself.

"I...I'm sorry!" He splutters. "I don't know wha-"

Now it's his turn to freeze up as Todomatsu kisses him with the same intensity he had just moments ago. It doesn't last nearly as long, but with the affectionate way Todomatsu is looking at him as he draws back, Karamatsu knows he's not in any serious trouble with him.

Karamatsu spends the remainder of his bath doting over his brother, sharing gentle kisses with him while enjoying his company in full. Todomatsu gets out first, visibly calm as he searches for a towel. Karamatsu remains in the tub to watch. The mood changes once his brother turns to face him, suddenly grim.

"Promise me you won't tell anyone what happened." Todomatsu says. It's more of a command than anything else. His expression softens somewhat once Karamatsu gives him a curt nod of his head. With that settled, he gives him a parting kiss before putting his clothes back on and returning to the rest of their brothers.

He ignores the knowing look Osomatsu gives him as he sits beside him.