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Jade Rain

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Ye Xiu shivered, both in cold and the hilarity of the situation he was in.

Running away from home with his own reckless little brother’s prepared supply? That was a very crazy idea even for Ye Xiu, but it had been a moment of impulse that he took his brother’s backpack, money, and fled.

That was yesterday...

Now, Ye Xiu was completely stranded in a completely new environment that he randomly chose. Ye Xiu admitted it wasn’t like himself to be so impulsive and did not think rationally about it first. But it had been worth it.

Ye Xiu shook his head and blow warm air on his palms as he walked on. Ye Xiu propped up his backpack and smiled thinly, he thought back of his younger twin who was probably feeling so frustrated right now as the guard around the house got tightened. Well, at the very least that reckless idiot would be warm and well fed, unlike him right now.

Ye Xiu stopped before a game center, looking a bit dirty and unkempt, but it was still going by the sound inside. Ye Xiu looked at the darkening sky and shrugged, he was about to enter when he was bumped by several older man who angrily stomped off.

“Ow-!” Ye Xiu exclaimed as he quickly balanced himself to not fall off. He looked up and immediately arranged his expression to show nothing when he saw it was a group of man who didn’t look like good people.

“Get out of the way, brat!”

“Sorry,” Ye Xiu nodded and lowered his head, trying to not attract their interest.

The thug looked at Ye Xiu up and down and Ye Xiu cursed his family’s fashion sense. There was nothing in his closet that wasn’t a branded good and Ye Qiu’s closet was almost identical to his own. Their mother was a part-time designer after all.

“Do you have money?”

Ye Xiu looked up to see their nasty grin and he shifted his feet, calculating his chance to escape uninjured and maybe slow them down to make sure they couldn’t chase after him. Ye Xiu took a moment to thank the God that he foiled Ye Qiu’s plan, if it was his little brother...

“Oi, you lost the bet and harassed a kid, don’t you have no shame?” Another man got out from the game center, he didn’t look any better than group Ye Xiu was facing but his calm undisturbed gaze when he looked down on the group made Ye Xiu calmed down somewhat.

“Wei Chen!” The group growled at the man who puffed out a cloud of smoke rudely at them, Ye Xiu scrunched up his nose in dislike as he also breathed in the smoke.

“Oi!” One man from the group waved his hand to get rid of the smoke on his face.

“Get lost,” Wei Chen said, “Or do you want me to call those brothers of mine to beat you all up?” Wei Chen smirked as he pointed to the back with his thumb.


“If you dare, fight us yourself!”

“Why would I want to use my strength when I have those morons in the back?” Wei Chen blinked as dropped his short cigarette and stomped on it. “Bai Li!” Wei Chen yelled.

The three men flinched, “Damn you!” they cursed as they quickly ran away.

In a few seconds, a tall and buff man came out and Ye Xiu immediately knew why those people chickened out.

“Yes, boss?” Bai Li was a huge man with a height about two meters and a bald head, beside him, the man named Wei Chen looked like a kid.

“Where’s my pack?” Wei Chen turned and asked.

Bai Li immediately took out a pack of cigarette and gave one to Wei Chen, Ye Xiu sweatdropped. So that man was just calling this Bai Li for a pack instead of fighting? “Thank you,” Ye Xiu bowed down for his help.

“Eh?! Boss Wei, what did you do?!” Bai Li cried out.

“Punk! I don’t like the tone you used!” Wei Chen slapped Bai Li’s arm and turned to Ye Xiu, “No problem, what's a rich runaway kid doing outside when it’s getting dark?” Wei Chen asked.



“No, never mind. I was just searching for a place to stay over the night.”

“Stay? Hmm, the game center does open for twenty-four hours...”

“Really?” Ye Xiu brightened up.

Wei Chen smirked, “But if you want to stay over the night, you have to finish a challenge first.”

“Challenge?” Ye Xiu blinked.

“Let’s see if you can beat me in any game you choose. Just one victory is suffice,” Wei Chen laughed.

“Boss Wei, you sadist...” Bai Li murmured. “Don’t take him seriously. That shameless guy is the best gamer in Guangzhou, he just likes to boast. You can stay over if you want.”

“The best?” Ye Xiu looked at Wei Chen who raised his head haughtily, but the effect was small as Ye Xiu was the same height as him. “Alright then, let me try you.”

“Eh? You don’t have to...” Bai Li said reluctantly.

“Hahaha! I like positive and determined youth like you! Come on!”


“I can’t believe it...” Wei Chen murmured as his finger twitched to snatch a beer bottle and chug it down. “Not even once I won...” What the hell...?

“I don’t understand,” Wei Chen ignored the sound of cheering around him as he gestured dramatically to himself. “That squirt is like, what? Twelve?-


“And he beat me, someone who is already a veteran...” Wei Chen ignored the exclamation. “Am I dreaming? Is this a nightmare?”

“Just accept it, Boss Wei!”

“Living in denial is not good, Boss Wei!”

“You fuckers, shut the hell up!” Wei Chen yelled to the ten or so guys who were currently carrying Ye Xiu over their head and parade-ing him around the game center.

“Long live little Ye Xiu who managed to beat that shameless tyrant!”

“Long live!”

“Finally, after years under his shameless tyranny, we could finally be able to mock him for losing!”


“You fuckers, I’ll beat you up!” Wei Chen took his worn shoe and threatened, he tossed it back to the floor when his brothers laughed at him.

They finally let Ye Xiu down, the boy was more amused than confused, he smugly crossed his arms, “So, I can stay over for the night, right?”

“Err, sorry brother Ye, but it seems like the game center is going to close at midnight today...” Bai Li spoke up. “They said something was wrong with the circuit and they had ignored it for a week, it should be the time for them to repair it...”

“What?” Ye Xiu’s shoulders sagged.

“Hey, hey, we’re sure we can find you a place to say,” Bai Li assured.

Ye Xiu smiled, where could he find it then? It’s already so late and he couldn’t possibly go around... Everyone thought so. “Can I stay over at one of your houses?” Ye Xiu asked, “Just one night.”

“I want to but... If my mother finds out I’m bringing a ‘bad’ friend home again, she’ll kick me out. You’re not a bad friend, brother Ye! Just... My mother is always like that...” Bai Li said.

“Yeah, my father too...”

“My parents will kill me...”

Ye Xiu blinked, “Wait, you guys still live with your parents?”

“They’re all underage, what could they do?” Wei Chen said as he litted up a cigarette.


“Bai Li over there, despite his size, is only sixteen. Pan Ji is also sixteen. Xiao Hong, Yue Qi, Shang Hua, Shen Jiu are seventeen. The rest who are not underaged, Lou Bing, Yu Ming, Gu Shao, and Ji Ren are eighteen.”

“Oh...” They looked older than they supposedly. “How old are you Old Wei...?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Nineteen,” Wei Chen said.

Ye Xiu observed... The cigarette made him look older... But if Wei Chen cleaned up and get rid of that cigarette, he’d look passable as a twenty-year-old. That was a compliment just so you clear, because Wei Chen looked... older than that.

"He's going twenty this year," Shen Jiu said with his lips quirking up. 


“Boss Wei, aren’t you the only one who lived alone?” Bai Li suddenly piped up.

Ye Xiu looked at Wei Chen who puffed out a cloud of smoke calmly as he looked at Ye Xiu, “My place is not the nicest, but you’re welcome to stay however much long you want.”

Everyone got excited when they heard it and started congratulating Ye Xiu, “You have a place to stay the night for! That’s good for you!”

“Boss Wei’s place is certainly the safest!

Ye Xiu smiled, grateful, “Thank you, I’ll stay just as long as I need,” he said.

In the next day, Ye Xiu came to the other game center with Wei Chen, meeting up with the group of friend.

Next day afterward, everyone could see the boy accompanying Wei Chen playing some games in the game center.

Next day after that, Ye Xiu sat beside Wei Chen as Wei Chen introduced him to new computer online games only to still be beaten by the younger boy.

In the seventh day, Ye Xiu took up a bet in Wei Chen’s stead with a deal of fifty-fifty reward.

A week turned to a month, a month turned to a year.

Ye Xiu never once mentioned anything about leaving.

Wei Chen never once asked about the time limit of ‘as long he needed’.

The two continued to coexist like a pair of shameless brothers.

And then Glory happened and as always, it was Wei Chen who dragged Ye Xiu into the new game, it was akin like a race to them, who would be able to master the new game faster than the other, Ye Xiu always won that.

They created Blue Brook together, made a name of themselves inside the game as the number one Battle Mage One Autumn Leaf and number one Warlock Swoksaar, stealing other people’s bosses shamelessly. Naturally, when Wei Chen told Ye Xiu about his intention to make a Club for the professional league, Ye Xiu followed along. Helping Wei Chen with the new Club, Blue Rain, as its vice-captain under the name of Ye Qiu (He had no choice but to take his twin’s ID as the time was too tight).

Even while obviously knowing Ye Qiu was not Ye Xiu’s name, Wei Chen turned a blind eye and said he would pretend to be amnesia at some point, so even if Ye Xiu got caught, he wouldn’t be involved. Ye Xiu rolled his eyes.

Together, they entered the Alliance.

Together, that word was not only reserved to Ye Xiu and Wei Chen alone then. Wei Chen was very busy as the captain whilst Ye Xiu was left busy as the vice-captain, and it wasn’t only about them anymore.


“See? From this point of view, if your opponent chose to dive to the front with a tilt to the right, they would be able to dodge your Headwind Strike smoothly, that’s why I told you to change the...” Ye Xiu explained patiently to the prodigy Wei Chen had found and dragged from the game.

“I see, If I lessened the by a small margin and controlled it to this  side, would it be perfect?” Huang Shaotian, the baby boy of Blue Rain, pointed at the screen and displayed his brilliant deducing ability.

“That’s better,” Ye Xiu nodded.

“Would you be able to dodge it?” Huang Shaotian asked.

“If I don’t know it beforehand, it might be a bit harder,” Ye Xiu said. “By the way, how long do you plan to sit on my lap, Shaotian?” Ye Xiu asked.

The younger boy aged fifteen was putting half his weight on Ye Xiu’s left thigh, “It’s clearer this way,” Huang Shaotian said solemnly.

Ye Xiu sighed, since the day Wei Chen brought him here, which was eight months ago, and in the exact same day Ye Xiu beat him back in the game, this boy seemed to be extremely attached to Ye Xiu... “Huang Shaotian, you’re heavy,” If it was six months ago, when puberty hadn’t yet hit Huang Shaotian so hard, Ye Xiu might not mind it at all.

Huang Shaotian sighed and stood up, Ye Xiu rubbed his numb thigh and also stood up, “Continue your training, you don’t want to be eliminated in the test by the end of month,” Ye Xiu reminded.

Huang Shaotian snorted disdainfully, “No one can beat me in this camp, even some of the Blue Rain’s pros also couldn’t- ow-!”

Ye Xiu pushed Huang Shaotian’s head down and ruffled his hair, this boy, it was good to be arrogant, it was essential to shake your opponent’s confidence, Ye Xiu and Wei Chen were arrogant in their own shameless way. But Huang Shaotian’s arrogance was pure unadulterated arrogance, there was no humility in there, not even a shred of sympathy, that kind of arrogance wasn’t something Ye Xiu nor Wei Chen wanted to see in the future of Blue Rain.


Huang Shaotian and Ye Xiu snapped their head to look over the sound, as well everyone else, a boy hastily squatted down to retrieve his aluminum thermos, he bowed at Ye Xiu, “I’m sorry, vice-captain, I accidentally dropped it,” the boy said politely.

“It’s fine. Is it broken?” Ye Xiu asked kindly.

“No, it’s fine,” the boy shook his head.

Huang Shaotian sneered at that boy, his gaze was filled with disdain, “Though, this month, maybe that guy will be finally kicked out,” Huang Shaotian harumphed.

“Shaotian,” Ye Xiu reminded sharply. This kid, he didn’t know what to do to shape him to be more humble and sympathetic!

Huang Shaotian rolled his eyes, there it was, the shadow of Huang Shaotian’s arrogance that he rarely displayed before Ye Xiu and Wei Chen. “He’s a dead weight, dead last, it was only through sheer of luck for him to be able to cling on.”

“Even then, luck is a part of someone’s ability, apologize to Yu Wenzhou,” Ye Xiu pointed to the boy who just dropped his thermos who pretended to be ignorant in the corner.

“Who? Oh, that’s his name?” Huang Shaotian crossed his arms petulantly, “Don’t want to.”

“Shaotian, remember what I told you about sympathy?” Ye Xiu said patiently.

“How could you sympathize with that? He’s like a robot, coming, going, always lost in training yet somehow managed to stay every month,” Huang Shaotian said.

“Now you’re resulting in insulting his personality too, you’re treading on a thin ice, young man,” Ye Xiu said strictly.

“But Old Ye!”

“Apologize to him.”

“Sigh... Fine!” Huang Shaotian looked at Yu Wenzhou petulantly. “Sorry!” He said half-heartedly before turning away and sat down on his computer.

Ye Xiu sighed, this was really the case ‘every family had a problem child’, in this case, Blue Rain’s problem child was undoubtedly Huang Shaotian. “What kind of apology is that?” Ye Xiu asked gently as he patted Huang Shaotian’s head, the petulance on Huang Shaotian’s face eased up a lot at the gesture. “Say it again, ask it with more sincerity, wait for Yu Wenzhou to answer, okay?”

Huang Shaotian frowned but because Ye Xiu asked it so nicely, he couldn’t reject him. He nodded.

Ye Xiu turned to Yu Wenzhou, “Yu Wenzhou, listen to what Shaotian wants to say,” he called out to the boy who pretended hard to look like he wasn’t aware of anything in the room.

Yu Wenzhou raised his head hearing Ye Xiu calling out for him.

Huang Shaotian inhaled and exhaled, Ye Xiu laid a hand on his shoulder to encourage him, “I’m sorry for calling you dead last,” Huang Shaotian said indifferently, but it was much better than the explosive forced ‘sorry’ earlier.

Yu Wenzhou nodded, “I forgive you...”

Huang Shaotian looked at Ye Xiu to gain his acknowledge, Ye Xiu nodded, “Alright then, don’t fight again in the future, okay?”

Huang Shaotian nodded rapidly and Yu Wenzhou went back to his training.

After a while, the atmosphere turned back to its usual harmonious one, Huang Shaotian left his training again in favor to follow Ye Xiu around until lunch. You think he'd stop at lunch? Of course no. Huang Shaotian followed Ye Xiu to the cafeteria reserved for the pros.

Yu Wenzhou sat in the cafeteria for the camp member and opened up his lunch, he took out his chopsticks and was about to start eating when a sudden commotion came from the pros’ cafeteria. It wasn’t a bad kind of commotion, more like commotion created with by excitement.

“Oh my God, HUANG SHAOTIAN!!!” That sounded like captain Wei Chen.

“Hahahaha!!! I’m the greatest! You have to make it as perfect as possible!” That was undoubtedly Huang Shaotian.

“Huang Shao, you’re squeezing the captain, ah!” That sounded like senior Fang Shijing.

“Old Ye-!” The voices didn’t sound clear anymore and Yu Wenzhou sighed. Amongst everyone in the training camp, only one person ever allowed to blend in with the pro players. Huang Shaotian was indeed a rare prodigy, Yu Wenzhou didn’t blame the club from cherishing him a lot.

Jealous? Of course Yu Wenzhou was jealous. Everyone in the training camp was jealous of Huang Shaotian, the boy himself knew this, but what can be done? This treatment only came with talent and future usefulness. Huang Shaotian was a future third god of Blue Rain, not even an heir, but a new god.

Huang Shaotian had the future qualification to stand side by side with the Battle God and the Number One Warlock.

Whereas, Yu Wenzhou? He was simply a dead last that always survived the elimination somehow. Even the manager who managed the camp member couldn’t seem to remember his name and only referred to him as ‘Hey you.’ In the whole club, it was probably only vice-captain Ye Xiu who remembered his name, and that was because vice-captain had an excellent memory.

Yu Wenzhou’s expression did not change as he began to eat his lunch.


“Shaotian, we’ll get the detail to you later-“ Ye Xiu said as he tried to pry the boy, whom he swore a reincarnation of a koala, off of his arm and drop him in the training room.

“Give me a little spoiler! Please, please, please, please, please! How did it look? Is it beautiful? It should be beautiful, right? What about the name? Is the name good?!” Huang Shaotian pleaded.

“What do you think would be a good name?” Ye Xiu asked curiously.

“I don’t know? Yellow Leaves?”

“I'm glad the name is chosen randomly by the system,” Ye Xiu stated.

“Is it beautiful?!”

“Shaotian, it’s still in blueprint-“

“Is the current design beautiful?!”


“As beautiful as your Evil Annihilation?” Huang Shaotian mentioned the Silver Weapon of One Autumn Leaf, the one that Ye Xiu had created with the help of a colleague and Wei Chen.

“My Evil Annihilation is a spear, yours is a sword, it can’t be compared...”

The other trainees in the room were dumbstruck as they listened to the conversation, Troubling Rain will be getting a Silver Weapon?! They all gulped down in jealousy, the treatment to a future god was certainly can’t be compared.


“Let’s start the training!” Ye Xiu said as he pushed Huang Shaotian into the room, Huang Shaotian crossed his arms.

“Does it have an element?” Huang Shaotian asked.

“Focus on your training, if you do not get better, you can kiss bye to your unmade Silver Weapon,” Ye Xiu said.

“But I already finished all my training,” Huang Shaotian whined. “Repeating it every day made me bored out of my mind!”

“Let’s do a partner training, then. Everyone made a group of two, I’ll oversee you all,” Ye Xiu urged Huang Shaotian off.

Huang Shaotian huffed as he crossed his arms, “Who wants to be my partner?!” He exclaimed.

No one answered him as they all picked their own close friend to be their partner, even if Huang Shaotian was popular, no one truly wanted to PK with him. They would absolutely be beaten, why would they want to be Huang Shaotian’s canon-fodder when the vice-captain was watching? They would rather show off their skills with their friends.

Huang Shaotian sneered disdainfully, “I’m a free man! I’ll just sit and talk with you, Old Ye!” Huang Shaotian beamed up at Ye Xiu whose eyes twitched.

“Actually, I don’t have a partner yet,” a calm voice suddenly stopped Huang Shaotian from finally spending time with Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu and Huang Shaotian turned to look. “Ah, Yu Wenzhou. See, Shaotian? Little Yu is free, go on and pair up with him,” Ye Xiu ushered smilingly, at the very least he didn’t have to spend time here listening to Huang Shaotian’s chatter until his ears numb.

Huang Shaotian’s eyes were cold as he glanced at Yu Wenzhou dismissingly, “Forget it, nothing could be learned by fighting him,” he said indifferently.

Yu Wenzhou remained unfazed. In reality, he also didn’t want to pair up with Huang Shaotian. But he had no friends and everyone had chosen their own partner. No one was left, so Yu Wenzhou had no other option. In retrospect, this might be a good chance, pairing up with Huang Shaotian guaranteed his chance to be observed and taught by vice-captain Ye.

“If even you can’t learn something, at the very least he’ll learn something. Come on, everyone here is a friend, you should help each other,” Ye Xiu said patiently.

Huang Shaotian sighed long-sufferingly as he pouted at Ye Xiu, he turned his head to Yu Wenzhou and away from Ye Xiu, “Fine, fine, this young master will teach him something,” He said, half-whining, half-resigned. However, the eyes he used to look at Yu Wenzhou were cold and disdainful. His tone and expression clearly differed from each other.

‘How professional,’ Yu Wenzhou mused, slightly admiring Huang Shaotian’s acting skill.

“Go on,” Ye Xiu patted Huang Shaotian’s head and Yu Wenzhou could clearly see the coldness in Huang Shaotian’s eyes eased a lot after the gesture.

“Fine, fine,” Huang Shaotian shrugged lightly as he walked past Yu Wenzhou to go to his computer. Huang Shaotian tilted his head, “I’ll destroy you,” Huang Shaotian whispered coldly when he passed Yu Wenzhou and lazily plopped down on his chair.

Yu Wenzhou’s face was calm as he sat beside Huang Shaotian and prepared for the match.

After looking through everyone’s matches, Ye Xiu went up to Huang Shaotian. Huang Shaotian was the future god of Blue Rain, so he could only put more attention to the boy than any other member.

The match hadn’t even started yet as Huang Shaotian patiently waited for Ye Xiu to come over, he only started the match when Ye Xiu was walking close.

Yu Wenzhou silently inhaled as he calmed down his nerve.

Huang Shaotian’s fingers abruptly blurred in a flurry as Troubling Rain charged furiously at Yu Wenzhou’s Warlock.

Ye Xiu stopped, “Xiao Qin, that Dragon Tooth is a step too late,” Ye Xiu commented on the boy he was passing. He looked another kid and shook his head, “Xiao Yang, stop with the acrobatic,” he lectured and continued on his way.

“Oh? Brilliant placement!” Ye Xiu nodded in approval when he saw Troubling Rain was trapped in Hexagram Prison. The Warlock continued to furiously attack the sealed Blade Master, in a few short seconds, Troubling Rain broke free and leaped towards the Warlock.

Shadow Steps. Five shadows appeared and dashed at Yu Wenzhou, the tapping sounds of Huang Shaotian’s keyboard resounded within the room. The Warlock defended and managed to kill one shadow under Huang Shaotian’s control but the other four managed to attack him and knocked him back.

However a Shadow Flames shot out from the Warlock’s staff before he got knocked off, Troubling Rain couldn’t dodge and could only accept the damage. Troubling Rain was lit in fire.

Ye Xiu rubbed his chin and smiled when he saw Troubling Rain’s health was at eighty six percent. Huang Shaotian’s health never went under 85 when he fought against his fellow trainees.

Huang Shaotian knew that too and sent a sword light to Yu Wenzhou’s warlock and retreated until the six seconds fire extinguished. Huang Shaotian was too fast for Yu Wenzhou to follow, he could only summon Chaotic Rain.

Huang Shaotian clicked his tongue, Troubling Rain twisted, stepped aside, akin like dancing, to avoid most of the spells. Yu Wenzhou raised his staff once more however Troubling Rain released Headwind Strike his way, his sword spun as he slashed it down Downwind Sword Slash.

Sword Mastery.

Troubling Rain lunged forward as the Warlock recovered, the Warlock jumped back and Troubling Rain followed with an upward slash, another than another, Sky Plunging Blade, another slash.

Yu Wenzhou panicked slightly. Vanishing Steps. The trick Ye Xiu just showed Huang Shaotian about a week ago, Yu Wenzhou knew about it because he demonstrated it with Huang Shaotian. Yu Wenzhou had taken a great interest in that trick because the required high awareness and skill, moreover, according to Ye Xiu, Vanishing Steps was something he had invented and so far, only a small number of people could do that.

A ‘trick’ that played with its victim, a trick that made its victim completely under the attacker’s mercy, he didn’t know Huang Shaotian could do it in just a week!

“Beautiful,” Ye Xiu praised, feeling extremely pleased that his charge learned so fast.

Yu Wenzhou grew determined, he couldn’t just be Huang Shaotian’s complete stepping stone. After a few attempts of twisting and covering his blind spot, Yu Wenzhou finally found the leeway and broke away from Troubling Rain’s imperfect Vanishing Steps. However, in the end, Huang Shaotian simply ended him with a slash as his health had been reduced by a lot.

“Very good! That Vanishing Steps is beautiful, you improved a lot, Shaotian,” Ye Xiu praised the boy. “There are still many flaws but that’s okay, the only one who could do it perfectly is currently only me.”

“Of course! I’m awesome, right?!” Huang Shaotian smiled triumphantly.

Ye Xiu turned to Yu Wenzhou, “Little Yu is good too. Normally, people would feel too panicked to think clearly but you could break out of it,” he generously praised. Towards the young ones, Ye Xiu was never stingy of praise. “But your hand speed is not up to Shaotian, that’s why you lost terribly.”

Ye Xiu patted the said boy’s head who chuckled at Ye Xiu’s praise.

“Thank you, senior,” Yu Wenzhou nodded politely.

“Your playstyle is uncannily similar with Old Wei, of course, far less shameless. Are you learning by watching him?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I am...” Yu Wenzhou nodded.

Ye Xiu smiled, seems like this one is very steady, maybe he should tell Old Wei about it. Though, Wei Chen's shamelessness was not something that could be copied, tracing back to his mafia background... Ah, let's not go there. Ye Xiu shook his head to get rid of the memory, “Alright, everyone had done a good job, now let me-“

“DAMMIT NO!!! FUCK OFF!!” Ye Xiu paused when he heard the usual yell of outrage and stormy curses. “YE QIU!!! YE QIU, WHERE THE FU-!?”

“FUCK OFF, PRETTY BOY! YE QIU, COME HERE! YOU HAVE AN UNINVITED GUEST! QUICKLY DISPOSE HIM!!!” Wei Chen cursed and demanded as soon as he opened the door to the training camp’s training room.

“Scum! Pipe down! You don’t want to be downgraded as a shrilly banshee!” Ye Xiu snapped automatically.

“That’s Shaotian!”

“Take that back!” Huang Shaotian yelled indignantly.

“Shut it!” Wei Chen snapped before gazing at Ye Xiu unimpressedly, “Bitch, get rid of your trash if you don’t want it. At least dispose of it properly!”

“What are you talking about?” Ye Xiu furrowed his brows but a head popped into the room from behind Wei Chen, Ye Xiu sighed.

“Ye Qiu! I come to play!” A handsome youthful face, always smiling and so cheerful, who else would it be if it wasn’t the youngest captain in the Alliance, Excellent Era’s captain, the one and only God of Gunners, Su Muqiu.

“Don’t you have a life?” Ye Xiu said bluntly.

“Why? Do you want to build our lives together?” Su Muqiu beamed.

“Can I be the one who destroys it?” Wei Chen asked coldly.

“Haha, Old Wei, your old side is showing up again,” Su Muqiu chuckled.

“What are you doing here?” Ye Xiu crossed his arms. “We’re still in the middle of the season.”

“I got work,” Su Muqiu replied as he went up and pulled Ye Xiu into a friendly bro-hug, patting Ye Xiu’s back and pulled away. “I’m here for a photo shoot,” Su Muqiu winked.

“You’re modeling now?” Ye Xiu raised his eyebrows.

“No, usually I don’t like this kind of job but when I heard it’s in G City, I instantly accepted it to see you,” Su Muqiu grinned. “Oh, and of course to see you too Old Wei,” Su Muqiu reassured as Wei Chen’s nose scrunched up in disgust.

“Is that redness on your chin a make-up?” Ye Xiu asked cautiously as he looked at the little redness on Su Muqiu’s chin.

“No, that’s your captain’s doing,” Su Muqiu winced as he rubbed his chin. “Ye Qiu, Old Wei almost punched me when I greeted him. I didn’t even do anything wrong!”

Ye Xiu turned to Wei Chen who shrugged indifferently, “He suddenly pulled me into, quote, bro-hug, unquote.”

“You’re awful, I was just being nice. My face is my money income you know, if I got disfigured, you absolutely have to take responsibility,” Su Muqiu pouted.

“Tch, pretty boys and their face value,” Wei Chen said resentfully.

“Jealousy doesn’t suit you, Old Wei,” Su Muqiu mocked.

“So what if I’m jealous? I’m still the champion of the first season!” Wei Chen shamelessly boasted.

“Bastard, why did you suddenly bring up that fact?” Su Muqiu’s eyes twitched. “Have some shame, If I was the one who got thrashed by Old Han in the semi-final, I would feel embarrassed!”

“You got thrashed by One Autumn Leaf in the final!” Wei Chen retorted.

“Pfft, who got thrashed by the noob rookies of Hundred Blossoms in the opening match?” Su Muqiu ridiculed.

“Ye Qiu, bring out the trash!” Wei Chen hollered. “Bring him out, far, far away. Dump him somewhere away from Blue Rain!”

“Is that a consent for Ye Qiu to transfer to Excellent Era?” Su Muqiu blinked innocently.

“Fuck! Get out of here! Ye Qiu, this one is not normal either!”

“No one in the Alliance ever been normal, except maybe Wind Howl’s rookie who you scammed earlier this season,” Ye Xiu tried to remember the name. Hm, he had the same surname as Old Lin Jie...

“Lin Jingyan?” Wei Chen raised his brows.

“Yes, Old Lin,” Ye Xiu nodded.

Wei Chen’s face turned strange, “That guy is not normal either, you know?”

“I think it’s already established that if it’s human, breathing, and a Glory pro player, it’s not normal,” Su Muqiu said. “So, about the transfer. Winter Transfer Window-“


“NO!” Someone else refused the offer fiercer than Ye Xiu. “Old Ye stays in Blue Rain! You can go back home now and enjoy your number two place,” Huang Shaotian hugged Ye Xiu’s arm and stuck out his tongue to the God of Gunners.

“Aiya, this little junior is certainly not polite, different from our Mucheng. Another reason why you should transfer, Ah Ye,” Su Muqiu smirked.

“Ah Ye?!” Huang Shaotian gasped.

“Su Muqiu, damn you! You know I’m allergic to pet names!” Wei Chen gagged.

“Security!” Wei Chen and Huang Shaotian yelled in sync.

“Woah, woah, calm down, let’s not make gossip. What would fans think if the God of Gunners was seen being kicked out of Blue Rain?” Su Muqiu wiped his tears of laughter. “Let’s forget the transfer joke. Ye Qiu, want to go on a date?” Su Muqiu said bluntly.

“No,” Ye Xiu replied bluntly.

“Ye Qiu, how could you be this cruel to me?” Su Muqiu sniffed dramatically.

“First of all, you know Old Wei is allergic to romantic ask out,” Ye Xiu gestured to the wheezing man on the couch near the entrance, he looked like a step towards death, “The cure is a blunt refusal,” Ye Xiu said bluntly as Wei Chen slowly gained his breath.

“Second of all, didn’t I already tell you that I would never go on dates with you unless you won a 1v1 against me?” Ye Xiu crossed his arms.

“But I already gave you sixty-eight victories! Can you show pity some pity to me?!”

“I beat you sixty-eight times,” Ye Xiu said.

“Phrasing matters,” Su Muqiu cited. “Also, I’ve helped you make that baby your One Autumn Leaf always carried! Can’t you count my merit in it?!” Su Muqiu said.

“That’s the only reason why Excellent Dynasty and Blue Brook are still in a cool relationship in the game, didn’t we frequently divide out our share for you back then?” Ye Xiu said.

“Yeah, but that was before I know you’re hot in real life too. I mean, I already like you before we met, but love in the digital world is sometimes hurt, so my logic held me back. But logic sucks, I should have trusted my instinct when it screamed ‘Secure a date!’ back then,” Su Muqiu rambled.

“Don’t you have work to do?” Ye Xiu’s eyes twitched.

“Shit. I’m going late, thanks for reminding me, sunshine!” Su Muqiu looked at his watch and cursed as he hugged Ye Xiu again and patted Wei Chen’s shoulder on his way out.

Ye Xiu sighed tiredly, “Alright gather up, forget about the training, I’ll lecture you on how accepting stranger’s help in the game is very beneficial until you meet them in real life. So try hard to not meet them in real life,” Ye Xiu said seriously to the training camp members.

“Or pretend like you just bought the account if it was your main account,” Wei Chen said.

“Right,” Ye Xiu nodded. “And don’t listen to your bad friend when he told you to just go with the flow.”

Wei Chen, as if he wasn’t the one who encouraged Ye Xiu to keep asking Su Muqiu’s help back then, nodded solemnly, “Beware of scams.”

Ye Xiu rolled his eyes. Sometimes he felt like a lone babysitter in this place, Wei Chen definitely didn’t help.

Still, Ye Xiu still stayed as long as he needed. And Wei Chen welcomed Ye Xiu as long as he wanted.

Ye Xiu turned to the camp members and shook his head, “Also better to not listen to what Captain Wei is saying.” There were many things he needed to do in Blue Rain. He didn’t think he would leave anytime soon.