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Win a date with Arthur Pendragon

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Win a date with Arthur Pendragon


7 years ago...


“Great party Morgana.” Gwen beamed.


“Thanks Gwen,” Morgana clinked her glass with Gwen’s.


“Merlin so nice to see you, glad you came.” Morgana embraced him.


“Yeah, well Gwen talked me into it. Plus I thought I deserve a little fun.”


“You do indeed.” Morgana smiles at him.


“He also came hoping someone else would be here too.” Gwen said to her. The two shared a knowing look.


“Ah yes a certain blonde brother of mine.”


Merlins eyes widened. Was it that obvious?


Merlin had a crush on Arthur for years. When they first came to high school Arthur was the first person Merlin met, they ran into each other and Arthur was a prat. It took a while but Merlin eventually fell for him and now he doesn’t know what he’d do without him. His mother told him he was being a bit dramatic since he was only 16 and he had the rest of his life to find someone but that wasn’t true. Merlin’s father had found a job in Ireland, and they didn’t know whether to move or not, so Merlin told himself he was going to tell Arthur how he felt, otherwise he would never have done it. Plus if it goes wrong he’ll be going to Ireland anyway so he can hide away. Not the best option but at least he could escape.


“Merlin’s going to tell him.”


“Oh my god.” Morgan gasped.


“I wish the best of luck to you. I think he likes you, you know. He’s very private but he treats you different to everyone else.” Morgana supported. He liked Morgana, he was going to miss her.


“Thanks Morgs. Do you know where he is?”


“I think he’s on the balcony with Valiant.”


“Ugh Valiant.” Merlin spat.


“I know.” Gwen turned up her nose. Valiant was a bully and a damn right mean guy, he bullies Merlin because he thinks he’s a so called “nerd”. Joke was on him, Merlin’s not smart at all. Well he was in some things, like biology, but that’s only because he studied hard for that as Merlin wanted to be a doctor, like his father.


Anyway, Valiant was just a bad guy and Merlin didn’t like him, nor did Gwen or Morgana but Arthur was popular, and so was Morgs and they tend to stick to other popular people - like Valiant - even if they are jerks.


But either way Merlin was going out there and telling Arthur how he felt, even if Valiant was gonna laugh, it was something he had to do.


“Okay I can do this, here I go.” Merlin said but stood still. He could do this.


“You’re not moving.” Gwen laughed.


“I’m just preparing.”


“Do it before we all get old.” Morgana complained. Gwen laughed.


“Okay, Okay, I’m going, wish me luck.”


“Good luck.” They both chimed.


Merlin moved his shaky legs over to the balcony of the Pendragon penthouse suite, he could see Arthur and Valiant talking leaning on the balcony looking over the city. Merlin smiled, he could imagine himself and Arthur being out there on a date. Merlin’s heart skipped at beat at the thought.


He knew he was doing the right thing.


Merlin walked towards the balcony door. It was open, Merlin was about to announce his presence when he heard his name.


“Who else is coming to this party then?”


“I know Gwen is coming with Merlin.”


“Ugh, Merlin.” Valiant grunted.


“Why do you hang out with that nerd?”


“I don’t really, my sister does.” Arthur responded. Merlin frowned, he hangs out with Merlin all the time. Why was Arthur lying to him?


“What does she see in him? Has she seen his ears?” Merlin’s ears weren’t that big.


“God knows, I mean he so weird.” He was weird was he? Why was he weird? Arthur thinks he’s weird?


“And poor.” Valiant added


“And poor, Well his father’s a Doctor, he wants to become one as well.” Arthur told.


“Yeah like that will happen.” Valiant scoffed.


“Yeah Merlin’s too shy and meek, won’t get very far with that.” Arthur said.


“For a moment there I thought you liked him, especially with the way you act around him.”


“Merlin? Nah I would never. We’re on two different pages, I could never like Merlin.”


Merlin let the tears slip. He could listen to this anymore. He got his answer and he didn’t even have to ask. Merlin had to leave he had to go. Merlin made run for the door.


“How’d it go?” The two girls asked as he passed them. He tried to ignore them and leave but they stopped him.


“Merlin?” Morgana pulled his arm spinning him to face her.


Gwen gasped. “Merlin what happened?”


Morgan’s face turned to stone. “What did he say?”


“It doesn’t matter, I’m going to Ireland anyway, I love you both,” Merlin yanked his arm out of Morgana’s grip and walked away.


“Merlin!” They called after him. But he was done with this bullshit. He needed a new start away from rich prats like Arthur Pendragon.


Merlin took out his phone.


“Mum can you pick me up?” He sniffed.


“Of course, Hun what’s wrong?”


“Nothing. I’m fine.”


“Merlin.” She used that tone™.


“Il tell you when you come get me.”




“Also tell dad to take the job, I don’t mind finishing my last year of high school there.”

“We can discuss this when you’ve got a clear hea-“


“No, it’s a great opportunity for dad and I shouldn’t be standing in his way. We have to go.”


“Okay we’ll talk about it when we get you.”




“I love you see you soon.”


“I love you too.”


Merlin shouldn’t run from his problems but he was 16 and his heart had been broken. His friendship was a lie! Had Arthur hated him this whole time? He couldn’t believe it. What else was fake? Morgana? Gwen? He didn’t know anymore, he just had to leave.




Morgana marched onto the balcony, she was in the mood to kill.


“Hey Morgs,”


“Don’t talk.” She spat.


“Hey beautiful.” Valiant winked at her.


“Valiant you either leave via the door or I’ll kick you off the balcony!” She roared. Valiant flashed an apologetic smile ran out the door.


“Morgana what’s going on?”


“Don’t play dumb with me! You know what you did.”


“I honestly don’t know what you’re on about.”




“What about him?


“You hurt him!”


“How can I hurt him I haven’t even see him tonight!”


“What? He came up here to talk to you and then the next thing I knew he was running out the door crying his eyes out.”


Arthur’s eyes widened, “Fuck!” He cursed.


“The fuck did you do?” Morgana glared at him.


“Ok, Well, Valiant doesn’t like Merlin, so we were bad mouthing him because I didn’t think Merlin would come to talk to me and hear me say things I don’t mean! I said them to keep my reputation!”


“What did you say?” Morgana asked through gritted teeth. Arthur told her what he had said. Morgana started to hit him. Her brother was such an idiot.


“Oh god Morgs, ow that hurts!


“Well you hurt my best friend!”


“I’ve really fucked up haven’t I?”


“Yes you fucking have! Merlin was coming here to tell you he loves you and you fucking blew it!”


“He loves me?”


“Well did. You just broke his heart and now he’s moving to Ireland and you won’t see him again!”


“Fuck, where is he?”


“Long gone.”


“Shit, I’ll phone him.”


“He probably won’t answer, let’s face it baby brother you’ve fucked up and you won’t get a start over.” Morgana shook her head disappointedly. She thought her brother was better than that. Clearly she was wrong.


“What time is it anyway?” Arthur asked.


“Almost midnight.”


“Is that when dads supposed to come home?”


“Fuck. We haven’t even learned our lines yet!”


“It’s okay dads probably paid the director so we’ll probably get the part anyway.”




They were so screwed.




7 years later (the present)...


“No!” Arthur snapped. “No, I refuse!”


He was not going to sink that low.


“This is the only way to get your reputation back up.” Morgana told him.


“It can’t be.” Arthur whined. Why couldn’t there be another way.


“Arthur in the last two years you have partied, done drugs at clubs, you have destroyed hotel rooms, got into fights with bouncers, punched members of the press, argued with co stars, starting more drama, the list goes on! Let’s face it, you’re an A list celeb brat!” Morgana listed.


Okay so maybe Arthur hasn’t been the best person these last couple of years. The fame got to him, he let it go to his head and now he was paying for it.


“Some might say there’s no coming back from that but with this competition it could make people see you are good.”


“But that means I have to take some random person on a date, like why can’t I just donate money to charity,” Arthur asked. There had to be bother option. Arthur didn’t want to date anyone. He was young, he was fine to sleep around for now, he was only 23. And yes while along the winner on a date and wooing them why a camera crew film it, would get him some credit back but was it worth it? There had to be simpler options.



“We already do that! You have to start changing your attitude Arthur otherwise you’re going to be hated by everyone, despite your film success.”


“The Camelot trilogy, are amazing films and people love me for it.”


“Well if you want to be in the spin off film you better fucking get your arse in gear and make a fucking change.”


“Children.” Uther said entering his office, silencing the two.


“Morgana did you tell him about the deal?” Uther asked as he sat in his chair opposite the two.




“And?” Uther turned to Arthur expectantly.


“I think it’s stupid but I’ll do it.”


“Good boy.” Uther smiled at him. Smug bastard, Arthur thought.


“Right Morgana we shall launch this competition right away, open it to both males and females from the ages of 18 to 30. Arthur you have to work your ass off to woo this person in front of the camera, you have to be charming,”


“I’m always charming.” He argued. The two rolled their eyes.


“If you fail, you won’t be working on the new Camelot spin off film. I’m sick of the press printing pictures of your recklessness, not only is your reputation on the line, mine is as well, so you better succeed boy or I swear I’ll make you regret all the times you fucked up!” Uther seethed.


“I’m sorry for embarrassing you father, I mean it. It’s just the fame getting to my head that’s all. I’ll change, I will, I promise.” Arthur smiled. He didn’t really mean those words he just wanted to keep his father happy.


Arthur’s lifestyle was great, sex, parties and the odd fight here and there but to be fair that press guy deserved that punch, he was hitting on a girl while the cameras were off and wouldn’t leave her alone, so Arthur decked him. Of course the camera crew only caught him punching the guy, but the girl knew Arthur was in the right, even slept with him to prove it.


This competition was straight forward enough, pick someone for him to date, let him woo them and never seen them again right? I mean what are the chances Arthur would actually like this person anyway? He wasn’t an easy man to impress. But Arthur needs this for his reputation he’s doesn’t want to become the next Justin Bieber. Although he has made a come back with some good songs. Maybe Arthur should get into music?


“Good I’m glad you see things my way.” Uther said more calmly. “Also I’ve decided that it shall be a week you have to spend with this person, a date is too short of time to get someone to do a nice interview about you.”


“A week!”


“You’re right I might make it two-”


“A week is good enough.” Arthur accepted.


“Good. Oh and Morgana, I have another modelling job for you, it’s for Nike.”


“More sports stuff?” She frowned.


“Yes but it’ll have to do for now. We also have to build you rep back from those leaked videos.”

Morgana squirmed at the mention of the past. Morgana had made a sex tape and her good for nothing ex boyfriend leaked it. They had to pay him to deleted it and remove if offline. But some people have copies because they’re pervy little fucks. Arthur still wants to kill Cenred for that.


Arthur was just glad that Morgana is finally dating Gwen after years worth of pining for each other.


“It wasn’t your fault.” Arthur patted her knee, in some sort of comforting way. They’re awkward with feelings towards one another that isn’t rage.


“Right children get out my office, we have jobs to do and I have a script writer coming in at 11 to draft the spin off.”


“Yes Father.” The two deadpanned.


“Love you, now get out.”


“You too.” They hummed and left. Arthur had to decide what he was going to plan for these dates, his career depended on it.




“In other news, ‘Camelot’ Star Arthur Pendragon has launched a competition for one of you, lucky people to spend a week with him to get to know the real him. All you have to do is apply online and be within a chance of winning the time to get to know the sud himself. Resident bad boy started off on good terms until late 2016 when he went a little rouge but this competition is here to prove he’s actually a good guy, could you be the one to tame this bad boy, enter now by...”


Merlin sat staring at the screen in shock as his flat mates beamed.



“Oh my god, Arthur Pendragon, I want to date you!” Freya screeched.


“I wouldn’t mind a piece of that.” Gwaine admired.


“Neither would I.” Will agreed.


“What about you Merlin?” They all turned to him.


“Hell no.” Merlin said with disgust, Turing off the tv.


“Why not?”


Merlin didn’t want to tell them how he broke his heart. He’s come along way since then. His family had moved to Ireland and they were happy. Merlin finished his last year at high school and went to college where he met Gwaine, they dated a while but decided to stay friends and occasionally boned when they’re both single. His father died as soon as he finished college, Merlin decided he didn’t want to study medicine anymore. The reason behind it had changed since he only wanted to prove Arthur wrong after that night. He decided to study music since that’s what got him by after the heart break. He had taken piano lessons and poured his pain into the music.


He and Gwaine moved to England to go to Exeter uni and met Will and Freya at University, and now the four of them live together doing their masters degree in music. They can all play lots of instruments but Freya is best at bass, Will on drums and Gwaine has actually got a good singing voice and can play the Guitar. Merlin though knowing piano the longest, could also sing and play the guitar well too. In fact they started a band together and they play every so often at the on campus bar.


Things were fine, he had avoided his old life, even when he found out Gwen was at the same uni. He only chatted to her if he saw her but it wasn’t usually for long and they avoided certain subjects. He’d only heard what Arthur’s been doing from the news reports, so he did keep up with him and listened to his flat mates discuss him. But this is where it all goes wrong with this stupid competition because now he actually has to interact.


“He’s a dick anyone could see it.” Merlin decided on. They had to believe his disgust since Merlin’s never agreed with any of the things he’s done.


“Yeah But still he’s famous and probably not that bad.”


“Oh I bet he is.” Merlin said bitterly.


“Never mind old sour puss here. We can all sign up.” Gwaine grinned. That should be fun, if one of them wins Merlin would have to see Arthur. Great, not. Merlin might have to ‘coincidentally’have to fly back to Ireland that week to see his mum.


“Well I can’t.” Will sighed.


“Why not?” Freya asked.


“I have a boyfriend, stupid Mordred.”


“I have a girlfriend but I’m still signing up.” Freya beamed. Hmm could they still sigh up? Merlin wondered. Merlin typed in the website to sign up. There’s a bunch of stupid questions on there.


‘Single? If not, then don’t sign up.’ Like anyone would listen to that.


‘What’s your type of guy?’ God.


‘What’s your perfect date?’  Stupid.


It’s too cheesy, for Merlin’s tastes.


“Well I just checked out this website and you have to be single, just in case and I quote ‘fall for the bad boy dragon’.” Merlin read aloud.


“Well shit. Gwaine it looks like it’s just you then.” Freya said disappointedly.


“I’ll win him with my charm.” Gwaine winked.


“Yeah right.” Merlin scoffed.


“One of the questions is ‘how many sexual partners have you had?’ you might as well write the whole fucking uni down.” Merlin teased making the other too laugh.


“STI central with our resident fuck boi. How do you get all those people to sleep with you?” Will asked amazed.


Gwaine smirked. “Well why don’t you ask Merlin here?”


“You guys slept together!”


“Have been for the past 6 years.”


“No way.”


Merlin blushed. “We used to date but couldn’t make it work, so now we just have sex when we’re both single and ain’t getting any.” Merlin reasoned. It’s not like it’s a big deal. It’s just sex.


“That doesn’t make it sound better.” Freya laughed.


“How could we have not noticed?” Will frowned disappointed in himself.


“Well you guys bang your partners at their place so we’re free to do what we want.” Gwaine answered.


“What’s the big deal though? I’ve slept with both of you.”


“Yeah Well this is different, you wouldn’t think two good friends would.”


Gwaine scoffed; “Better than one nights stands,”


“Ironic coming from you.” Will argued.


Touché.” Gwaine narrowed his eyes. They burst out laughing.


“Let’s just drop this stupid thing.” Merlin said laughing also.


“Okay but all seriousness, I know you hate him but wouldn’t you wanna fuck him?” Will asked.


“Yeah like hate sex!”


“I wanted to, once.” Merlin mumbled.




“Nope wouldn’t even do it.” Merlin said Louder. That was a close one.


“Well why not still enter? Just a bit of fun, right?” Gwaine shrugged.


“Nope it really isn’t.” It wasn’t for him anyway.                         


“Come one you’ve not dated anyone well since me.” Freya said. She had a point he hasn’t dated since second year University, and that was two years ago. But Arthur Pendragon was not an option. What would he do if he won? He’d punch the guy in the face, and it’d be on TV, not bad.


“I not looking to date. I’m happy fucking Gwaine until the right one comes along.”


“And I’ll happily take the fucking because Merlin is really good.” Gwaine winked at him.


“Exactly, so let’s turn this crap off and watch a film.”


“Camelot?” Will suggested with a smirk.


“Don’t make me come over there.” Merlin laughed.


Come anywhere you want darling.” Gwaine tease.


“That’s it, you’re dead.”


“I’m so scared.” Gwaine laughed before running a Merlin chased him.




Later on that week...


“Gwaine Merlin told us he didn’t want to do it!” Freya hissed.


“I know, I know. But as much as I like fucking Merlin, you guys were right, he’s not dated and in years so this might be his shot.”


“You do realise, Merlin said he hatedthe guy right?” Will said.


“Well how bad can he be, it’s not like Merlin knows the guy.” Gwaine shrugged.


“He might do.” Freya said. Will and Gwaine shared a look before bursting out laughing. Freya rolled her eyes at them.


“Yeah right. Like Merlin would know anyone interesting.” Will laughed.


“This might do him good.” Gwaine continued when he’d stopped laughing.


“He gets to be on tv and date a fit guy.” Will added.


“Besides what are the odds of him winning?” Gwaine said. Freya frowned.


“Fine.” She huffed.


“Besides it’s just a laugh right?” Will said light heartedly.


“Yeah exactly,” Gwaine nodded.


“I suppose you guys are right. He might find it funny if he doesn’t win and the odds of him winning are slim as you said.” Freya admitted.


“Good, now come on help me choose a picture and fill out these questions like Merlin would.”