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What could have been

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Midoriya Izuku was 4 years old when he realized hero's weren't all that they were cut out to be on t.v. Him and his mother, Inko, had gotten caught in a villain attack on the way home from shopping. There were fire's everywhere, and people were running around in a blind panic. The front part of their car had gotten squished by debris, so his mother pulled him along behind her as she tried to get them to safety. Izuku felt himself be pushed away from his mother as he looked up at her with wide, terrified eyes. He didn't even realize he was screaming, all he could here was a loud ringing in his ears, until suddenly, everything came into focus.


Izuku stared in growing horror at the spot his mother once stood, as there was now nothing but a large blood splatter and a disfigured limb peaking out from the rubble that had crushed her. Izuku crawled shakily over to the arm that was supposed to be attached to her. He grabbed it shakily and shook it gently. No response. He shook it again, harder this time, as tears began to well in his large eyes. No response again.

"K-Kaa-san? Kaa-san pwease!"

Izuku begged for his mother to respond to him, but all he got was silence from the blood and rubble. Izuku could hear the ever growing panic around him, could hear the ongoing fight between a villain and Endevour. The villain didn't have a fire quirk. No, this was done by the hero. As this realization crashed onto his 4 year old mind, He snapped, and he cried out.


Fat tears rolled down his face as he banged the ground with his tiny fists. He screamed until his throat became hoarse, His fists becoming soaked red with the blood of his mother, and his own as the scrapes on his arms from banging the ground began to bleed. Everything had happened too fast for his young mind to comprehend. He collapsed into the ever growing pool of his mothers blood, next to her dismembered limb, and all he knew was darkness.


Izuku woke blearily, sirens blaring loudly around him, His fuzzy eye sight made out the shapes of paramedics as they rushed him to the hospital. Ash fell from his hair as he blearily looked around. There was too much noise, and he could barely see anything, his eyes rolled into the back of his head and knew nothing once more.

The next time Izuku awoke, it was to the beeping of a heart monitor and white walls. He looked around slowly, panic slowly rising as he searched for his mother, visions appearing in his mind of her death. His heart rate spiked, causing a nurse the rush into the room to attempt to calm him down.

"Shh it's ok! No one's going to hurt you here!"

He raised his bandaged arms to her, crying his eyes out as he screamed.

"Where's my Kaa-san!?"

The nurse's eyes softened with sadness and she sighed quietly. She walked over to his shaking form and slowly hugged him close, his mind shutting down at her next words.

"Your Kaa-san is gone i'm afraid little one. She wont be coming back"

More tears welled up in Izuku's eye's as he began to cry on the nurse, who could only offer silent comfort. He slumped in the nurse's arms, falling back to sleep in exhaustion. The nurse layed him down on his bed and left him to rest in peace.


Izuku stared up at looming form of the orphanage as the social worker chattered next to him about how he'll love it and fit right in. The place was pretty faraway from his old school, so it would be a completely new start. Maybe he could make some new friends?

He was so very wrong. The moment the kids found out that he was quirkless, they all turned on him. treated him like he was fragile. Like he would break at any moment. like he was weak. Izuku hated it. This feeling of Helplessness. When he finally started back up at school, the bullying started all over again. The kids either fun of him, or ignored him completely. Izuku couldn't tell which was worse. The jabs and fights, or to be completely ignored. To be denied his existance.

Izuku was 10 years old when he finally made his first friend. The kids name was Kaminari Denki, and while he was funny, the students picked on him for the fact that he 'short circuited' if he over used his quirk. Kaminari didn't care that he was quirkless, and Izuku and he became fast friends, further out-casting the two from the others. It was a late afternoon day when they were 11 that they had a conversation that would change their very future's.

"I hate that everyone treats us like crap! Everyone keeps treating me like an idiot and people keep picking on you! i hate it!"

Kaminari was on another of his rants as he got angry at the treatment the 2 friends received. Izuku, as per usual, stayed quiet as he listened, a small smile on his face. He had been thinking lately. He knew the hero society was corrupted. If someone like Endevour could be the no.2 hero, Then something was very very wrong. Izuku decided he was about to propose his, probably, most insane plan yet.

"What would you think about being Villains?"

Kaminari stopped talking, turning to look at Izuku in shock, before that bright smile that Izuku loved spread across his face.

"And get revenge on these bastards!? Hell yeah! We could whip this society into shape!"

Kaminari pumped his fist in the air, a determined glint entering his eyes. Izuku Nodded happily, and together, they began to plan. They trained themselves, in both mind and body. They began to fight back against their abusers, and both took up martial arts. With Izuku's guidance, Kaminari quickly began to make leaps and bounds with his quirk. Izuku snatched a gun from a police officer when they were 13, and began to practice with it. Also when they were 13, they began to take down small time hero's, slowly catching the police's attention. The 2 were assassins, striking in the cover in darkness. Now, at 14 years of age, they believed themselves to be ready to make a truly public appearance.

Izuku grinned into the Mirror as he admired his villain outfit. The outfit consisted on knee-high combat boots, which had knives hidden in them. Dark green, Baggy, Camo pants covered his legs, filled to the brim with Pockets full of different medical supplies and a belt with syringes was at his waist, the syringes filled with different poisons. Izuku's shirt was a black long sleeve turtleneck, with a dark green sleeveless sweater on top of it. He had the hood pulled up, showing floppy rabbit ears. To top off the outfit, a black mouth guard rested on Izuku's face, which highlighted his forest green eye's, making them look eerie in the dark. Izuku slipped on leather finger less gloves as he walked out the door, Meeting Denki in the hallway of the small base they had made for themselves.

Denki had on black tinted sunglasses, Black headphones with a transmitter in it, (Which Izuku's mouth guard also had) a white t-shirt, and on top of that he had a long trench coat. The trench coat stopped at his knee's. On the back was his tanto, which he could run his electricity through to increase cutting power. Denki wore black jeans and black ankle high combat boots to top it off. His hands were wrapped up in gauze. Denki grinned at Izuku and shot him finger guns.

"Like what you see~?"

Izuku flushed, which was thankfully hidden my his mouth guard, and scowled at Denki. He scoffed loudly.

"Never in a million years."

Which caused Denki to pout and cling to Izuku like a monkey.

"But last time you told me i looked bad ass! you said that you liked itt!"

He whined, Causing Izuku to sigh and pry Denki off of him, though you could see the obvious fondness in his eyes. He started walking towards the exit, prompting Denki to quickly follow behind him. Izuku walked to the door, grabbing a satchel on his way out the door, which held their gear. Izuku walked next to the door and slung his sniper rifle onto his back, and slipped his pistol into his pocket. He tossed Denki a pistol from over his shoulder, knowing that he would catch it. Denki stuffed the pistol into his pocket and grinned, his arms resting behind his head casually.

"We ready to head out, Izuku?"

The excitement was clear in his voice. Izuku turned to Denki and grinned manically.

"Let's show the world we're here!"

And with that, the two took off.

They landed on a building above a busy plaza, Denki's goggle's easily spottng their target, Native. Denki and Izuku nodded to one another as Denki took off to join the crowd and Izuku set up his Sniping spot.

Denki jumped down into the crowd, causing the people near him to scream loudly and jump, easily catching Native's attention. He cautiously approached Denki, taking in his outfit and wondering if this kid could possibly be a villain. Denki suddenly leaped at the Hero, quickly pulling his Tanto out and charging it full of lightning. Native managed to jump out of the way quickly, but got a deep gash on his arm. He gripped his arm as he hissed in pain, the Electricity from the sword coursing through his body and slowing him down. Native heard the Villain Behind Him chuckle darkly.

"Is that all you can do Native-San? I have to say, i'm rather disappointed."

Native turned to glare at the the child villain, but froze in fear as he stared into the wide crazed eyes of the child before him. Denki kicked Native in the chest while he was frozen, knocking him onto his ass. Native quickly tried to stand, but couldn't as a sword was suddenly stabbed into his stomach. He screamed loudly as electricity coursed painfully through his veins.

Denki smiled as the hero beneath him screamed, and looked to all the civilians around him who were holding up their phones and recording him. He could hear a helicopter overhead, and suddenly found that there was a spotlight on him. Denki laughed loudly.


Denki jumped away from native, taking his sword with him and cutting all the way up native's chest as he leapt out of the way of death arms. Denki grinned up at hero, who had a murderous look on his face.

"Who are you!?"

Death arms yelled at Denki, who's grin only got wider.

"Oh me? Well you can call me Kairo!"

Denki put his fingers in his mouth, and whistled as loud as he could, startling the hero infront of him, who quickly screamed in pain as both his legs were shot out from beneath him. He collapsed to the ground, another bullet being shot into his right shoulder, causing him to scream out in agony. Denki laughed gleefully, and walked back over to native, keeping a careful eye out for more hero's. Denki knelt down to Native, who was bleeding heavily and gasping painfully on the ground. Denki reached down and ripped out his left eye, causing native to scream in pure agony. The crowd around him was frozen in fear, until they heard the catchphrase everyone knew all to well.

"Do not fear! Why? FOR I AM HERE!"

All might in all his muscled glory landed in front of Denki, who quickly got into a fighting position. Before anything could happen, a loud BANG sounded in the air as all might was shot in the shoulder, giving Denki enough time to make his way back up to Izuku. Everyone looked up at him as he made it back to Izuku who stoically looked down at everyone. Everyone knew where the shots were coming from now as Izuku shouldered his Rifle. Izuku spoke, his voice echoing out to everyone below him.

"Let this be a warning. You don't know who we are. you don't know where we are. You never see us coming. Beware, Hero's, your time is running short!"

And with that, the two disappeared, even though All might tried to follow them, with his injured shoulder, they managed to loose him. All might cursed. This wasn't good. Not good at all.

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Izuku and Denki quickly arrived back at their base, coughing from running so quickly without break in their need to loose all might.

"That was Amazing!"

Denki jumped up and down, adrenaline slow to leave his body. Izuku chuckled as he got up and put the guns away. He threw a towel at Denki, who grunted in confusion.

"You're covered in blood. go take a bath or something will you? Before you stink up the place"

Denki rolled his eyes and grumbled to himself as he went to do as he was told, knowing that Izuku was more then a little bit of a neat freak.

----- At U.A -----

Nedzu stared at recordings of the 2 new villains, his brow creased his worry. Aizawa Shota AKA Erasurehead sat next to him, also looking at the video.

"The blond haired one seems to have an Electricity emitter type quirk, but the other one is a complete unknown, other then knowing he can shoot a gun"

Nedzu looks over to Aizawa.

"What worry's me is the fact that those 2 couldn't be older then our second years at most, probably younger. What in the world could have made them turn to villainy at such a young age?"

Aizawa frowned and sighed. He honestly didn't know. But he sure as hell wanted to find out.

"It doesnt matter. Those 2 killed native, and temporarily incapacitated Death arms and they made it look easy."

Aizawa grunted. He was going to have put aside his soft spot for children if he ever had to fight those two, they were murder's and villains after all.

---- At the League of Villains Base ----

Shigaraki shrieked with laughter as he watched the broadcast of Izuku and Denki, Kurogiri watching from the side lines.

"Now THEY know how to deal with Hero's! I like them!"

"Would you like to extend an offer to join the league to them?"

Kurogiri asked, making Shigaraki contemplate that for a moment.

"No, not right now. i want to see what they do on their own first."

Shigaraki had a crazy glint in his eye as he watched the screen, a predatory smile appearing on his face.

--- At Izuku and Denki's PLace ---

Izuku grinned as he scrolled through the internet, grinning at all the chaos that he and Denki managed to create. He laughed at all the ridiculous theory's people where already creating even though they had only debuted less then 24 hours ago. Denki came in with a confused look on his face, a towel on his head and only wearing sweatpants. He walked over a plopped down next to Izuku looking over his shoulder and the screen on his phone. He grinned

"We caused quite the stir didn't we?"

"We sure did"

Izuku unknowingly leaned into Denki, yawning sleepily. Denki chuckled from next to him and wrapped his arms around Izuku's shoulders.

"Sleep for a bit. We've got nothing else to do and it's late anyway."

Izuku nodded sleepily, already falling asleep on Denki, who turned on the T.V and put on a random movie to watch while he waited for sleep to claim him aswell.

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Izuku walked casually around the market, picking up groceries for his and Denki's base. He listened to all the people around him gossip about him and Denki, loving the fear he could hear in their hushed voices. It's been a week since that day, and him and Denki have been planning on who they wanted to target next. They were thinking about going after Mt.Lady, who had made her official debut earlier that day. That was for another day though, as tonight, They where going to go restock their supplies.

As Izuku was passing a window filled with T.v's, he caught sight of what they were broadcasting. A villain with a sludge quirk was keeping a middle schooler hostage. The kid's quirk was causing alot of damage as he attempted to bread free, and Izuku couldn't help but feel like he's seen it somewhere before. Izuku shook his head and continued on his way home, 4 bags of groceries in his arms. Izuku yelled as he slammed the door to the base open.



Denki came running down the stair's like a lunatic, almost running into the wall in his hurry to get food. As Izuku set the bags on the counter in their Kitchen, Denki began searching them. On the second bag he made a sound of accomplishment as he pulled out instant ramen and began to make it. Izuku sighed and shook his head as he began to put the food away.

"I don't understand what your obsession with ramen is."

"Ramen is the food of the GODS!"

Izuku just turned and gave Denki a deadpanned stare before sighing in exasperation. After putting all the food away, Izuku went to his room, leaving Denki whistling in the kitchen by himself, and hopped onto his computer, beginning to message their weapons dealer.

Shinrin: Is everything ready for tonight?

???: Ofcourse it is.

Shinrin: Good. Me and Kairo will be at the usual spot by 8. Don't be late.

???: Wouldn't dream of it. See you both tonight

Izuku sighed and leaned back in his chair, Stretching. He scrolled through different websites, The last of the real ones by Fallout Boy blasting in his ears. Downstairs Denki had claimed the couch, ramen in his lap, and put on Godzilla to watch as he ate, seeing as their was nothing better on. Just as Denki was about to take a bite of his ramen, there was a knock at the front door. Seeing as how the base looked like a ordinary house, even if it was in a shifty neighborhood, the two got strangers knocking at their door every once in a while. Denki groaned and put his ramen on the table, getting up and heading for the door.

When Denki opened the door, He was surprised to see no one there. He looked around for a bit, looking for the culprit, before sighing and turning around and closing the door. Or, He would have if he didn't hear a soft meow coming from behind him. Denki slowly turned back towards his door, and looked down, noticing there was a box on their front step. Kneeling down and opening it up, revealed that there was 3 kittens inside the box. a Calico with Amber eyes, a pure black cat with green eyes, and a dusty white cat with blue eyes. Denki stared down at the 3 kittens, completely dumbfounded. The kittens stared back him, the black one pawing at the side of the cardboard box that they were trapped in. Snapping out of his confusion, Denki picked up the box and brought the kittens into the house, setting the box down on the couch he was previously sitting at.


Denki heard the sound of a door opening and closing before foot steps made their way downstairs. Izuku walked into the living room, an irritated look on his face before he spotted the box. he pointed at it.

"What the fuck is that?"

"Kittens, Apparently"

As he said that, one of the cats meowed as it tried to get out of its prison. Denki turned his gaze back to the kittens to see that it was the black one that was attempting to make an escape. Izuku looked on incredulously.

"Kittens? why do you have Kittens Denki?"

"Someone left them on our front step. What do i do with them Izu? Leave them outside?"

"What? no, we'll take them to an animal shelter later. It's not like we can keep them anyway, we're way too busy to take care of a pet, there's no way we could take care of three."

Denki shrugged and moved the box to the floor, keeping the top open so that he could keep an eye on them. He sat back down and began to eat his Ramen, patting the spot next to him, silently asking Izuku if he wanted to join him. Izuku shook his head and went back upstairs, going back to whatever it was that he was doing before Denki had called him down.

Time passed quietly for the two villains, as before they knew it it was already time for them to head to the meet up spot with their weapons dealer. Denki and Izuku donned there villain outfits, each armed with a pistol, and quickly headed out. As they arrived at their destination, they noticed that there was a truck outside, signalling that their dealer had arrived already. They opened the door to the ware house, and walked in casually. In the center of the room stood a girl. She had long brown hair and was wearing a female bartender uniform. She opened her eyes, revealing violet iris's. She grinned at them as they approached.

"Heyo! Long time no see! I've got your usual stock all ready here!"

She patted the two large duffel bags beside her, and held her hand out expectantly.

"Now, My payment please~"

Izuku reached into one of his many pockets and pulled out a bundle of cash and tossed it too the mysterious girl, who caught it easily. Denki and Izuku looked through the duffel bags to make sure everything was there as the girl began to count the money.

"A pleasure as always you two~"

"Yes, a real pleasure Naiya"

Izuku said sarcastically, which earned a scoff from the girl.

"C'mon now Shinrin! i know you both love me~!"

"Love you? Sounds fake but ok"

Denki grinned at the girl as she laughed. She pocketed her money and began heading to the exit.

"I would stay longer, but i have a appointment to get to. Later Boys~!"

And with that she was gone, leaving the two villains alone.

"Crazy Bitch"

Izuku muttered under his breath, causing Denki to snort. They picked up a duffel bag each and began the trek back to their base.

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The next day saw Izuku and Denki walking down a street towards the animal shelter, Denki carrying the box of kittens. as they approached the shelter, Denki sighed sadly.

"You sure we cant even keep one of them? They're just so cute!"

"For the last time Denki, No! We would end up killing it anyway"

Denki sighed again. He knew Izuku had a point, they would end up killing the poor thing if they kept a kitten, but that didn't mean Denki had to like it. In the night that they had had the kittens, He had grown quiet attached to the black one. Denki left the box of kittens on the doorstep, giving the black one a kiss goodbye before he stood up and walked back over to Izuku to leave, who was standing impatiently on the sidewalk.

Once back in the safety of their base, they began to plan for tomorrow night's attack. Seeing as how Kamui woods and Mt.Lady patrolled the same area, they decided to kill two birds with one stone and kill both of them. Izuku pointed to a spot on the map of the two hero's patrol route that often had a lot of people.

"We'll strike here. Cause a ruckus, draw them too us, and strike. You're going to have to course so much electricity into kamui that you set him on fire, which may take a moment, so in that time, i'll keep mt.Lady off you, sound good?"

"Sounds great! You're always soooo good at planning Izuku!"

Izuku scowled and hid his face as he blushed, ignoring Denki laughing behind him as he turned and stormed out of the room. Izuku walked into their weapons room, picking up a hand gun and going to the target range next door. He started up the range after putting on earmuffs and began to rapidly take down targets. Denki sometimes thought that Izuku secretly had a quirk like the hero Snipe's, but Izuku knew he didn't, he just had very good aim and hand to eye coordination. Izuku pulled off his earmuffs once he was done and went to check his score, noticing with satisfaction that he beat his previous record. He put the gun away and cleaned up the shooting range before heading down to the kitchen to make himself something to snack on and a cup of coffee. As Izuku searched the kitchen for food, his mind began to wonder. He wondered what his life would have been like if he had never lost his mother. He wondered what his Mother would think of him now. Probably disappointed he decided. Izuku snapped out of his thoughts as he head the sound of the ps4 being turned on, and popped his head into the living room to see Denki starting up Fallout 4. Izuku rolled his eyes and went back to looking for food.

---Time skip---

The day of their plan arrived faster then they thought it would. As the two stood on top of a roof, looking down at the sea of people below them, They looked to each other and grinned. Izuku pulled a grenade out from his pocket, and tossed it down to the people below him. It created a loud explosion, causing people to scream and panic as the ones closest to the explosion were injured. The screams attracted the attention of Mt.Lady and Kamui woods, just like they thought. Izuku and Denki nodded to each other and jumped down to the chaos below them. They landed and rolled in sync, lessening the impact, Izuku pulled out his AR, Pointing it at Mt.Lady, and Denki quickly engaged Kamui in combat, sending strong jolts of electricity through his body with each hit, causing the man to scream in pain.

Mt.Lady stared at the poker faced greenette as he pointed a gun at her head. She gulped in fear, but tried to mask it with a look of determination. She could tell by the small upturn to his lips that she wasn't fooling him. He charged at her, swiping a knife that she didnt know he had at her neck, a wicked and insane grin on his face. She managed to dodge, but still got hit in the arm, causing her to hiss in pain. She didn't have time to dwell on it though as Izuku was on her again quickly, swiping at her as she only just managed to not get her eye taken out. Suddenly, Izuku switched his grip on the knife and brought it down, Plunging it into the hero's left shoulder, causing her to scream in pain, which had caused Kamui woods to falter in his dodging to try to look at her, which ended up costing him as Denki shot so much lightning into him that he didn't even have time to react before he was burning. He screamed as he fell to the ground, blearily looking up at the sadistic grin of Denki before gasoline was poured ontop of him, causing the fire to get bigger and causing Kamui to scream. He couldnt hear anything anymore except his own voice, and all he could feel was the fire burning him down to his very bones. Denki laughed manically as he looked down at the burning hero, Before keeping an eye out for people who may interfere with Izuku's fun. He made sure to keep an eye on Kamui though, in case that somehow didn't manage to kill him.

Mt.Lady suddenly fell to the ground, Limp, as the paralyzing poison that was on the knife finally set into her system, causing Izuku to laugh in joy and Her to look at him in terror. The knife was roughly pulled out of her shoulder, causing her to scream, her head the only thing not paralyzed. Izuku grinned and tied her up, gagging her and putting a bag over her head as he hoisted the hero onto his shoulder. He shouted to his partner

"Kairo! We're running out of time! Head back to base, we'll make an example out of her yet!"

Denki and Izuku jumped from building to building, heading back to their base as Mt.Lady could only imagine all of the horrible things they were going to do to her.

Arriving back at base, Izuku and Denki headed down to their basement, Tying Mt.Lady to quirk canceling shackles. The bag was pulled off of her head by Denki, leaving her staring into terrifying electric eyes.

"I'll leave her to you! Do what you will with her, but remember, leave our message"

Denki waved him off, and as Izuku left, he grinned sadistically at Mt.Lady, who was slowly gaining her mobility back. Denki walked over to a tray that was covered in different torture weapons, causing Mt.Lady to tremble in fear. Denki walked over to his victim with a scalpel, and began to carve words on her stomach. He ignored her screams of pain as he concentrated on not going too deep, he doesn't want her bleeding out on him just yet after all. He made sure to go painstakingly slow, so that his victim would be in pain for as long as possible. and if sometimes he went a little deeper then he should have? well who's going to complain, she'll be dead by the end of this anyway.

Denki backed up, Looking at the words he had carved into the hero's stomach, admiring his work.


Denki nodded in satisfaction. He walked over to the table and hovered his hand over all the different weapons before picking up a spiked whip, walking behind Mt.Lady as she shook and shivered as she cried. Denki grinned sadistically and whipped her back roughly, eliciting a scream of pain to rip through her as pain racked her body. He whipped her back again and again, each lash getting a cry of pain from the women. Blood dripped down her back from the open wounds, and her body knew nothing but pain. She shook in fear as she heard Denki walk up to the table again, setting the bloody whip on the tray. He walked to the side of the tray and picked up a bucket of water, Walking over to the bloody hero as she looked at him fearfully through half lidded eyes. He doused her in the water. He set the bucket down, walking back over to the tray and picking up a syringe full of a pale blue liquid. He stalked back over to her, injecting the concoction into her body.

"W-what... wh-at did you j-u-st..."

She could hardly speak, her voice hoarse from all the screaming she had done. Denki grinned at her cheerfully and clapped his hands together, like a little kid.

"Oh~ that was just a little something so that you don't pass out on me!-" His eyes and grin darkened "Because your pain is about to get worse~!"

With that said he tightly gripped her arm and shot electricity through her entire body. She screamed as white hot pain ripped through her body. This was so much worse then what he was doing before! Each time she got even remotely used to the pain, Denki would up the voltage. Eventually, there was so much electricity in her veins that her entire body was constantly twitching, which aggravated her already painful wounds. She was surprised she wasn't dead yet. Denki sighed as he grew bored, and unlocked the girl's chains, causing her to collapse onto the floor as she couldn't support her own weight. She looked up at Denki with as much energy as she could muster, and Denki just smiled at her

"I've grown bored. you're no longer fun. Time to say goodbye, Hero~"

and with that, Denki placed his hand on her head and fried her brain as slowly as he could, so that all she would know as she died was unbearable pain. Her body still twitched even though she was dead due to the electricity and Denki hoisted the body onto his shoulder, heading back up the stairs. he spotted Izuku sitting on the couch, writing in a book. He whistled, catching the greenette's attention. Izuku grinned at the corpse on Denki's shoulder.

"Ah good! You're finally done! it's been over 2 hours!"

"Ahaha! Sorry~ i got a little carried away!"

Denki looked sheepish as Izuku just rolled his eye's at his friends antics. He stood up and began heading towards the back door, motioning for Denki to follow him out.

"As long as she has the message somewhere on her body, i don't care"

"She does~ don't worry, it was the first thing i did! Do you really have so little faith in me, Izu~?"


As Izuku spoke he gave Denki a deadpanned stare which only caused the teen to laugh. They sneaked around the city, the darkness of night giving them the perfect cover. They hopped from building to building, until they arrived at the police station. They stopped on the roof of the building and simply dropped the corpse on their front door step, The Hero's wide terrified expression there for all the world to see. With their job done, They quickly headed home.


Toshinori Yagi was already having a bad night. A new hero had been murdered and the other had been kidnapped by Kairo and his mysterious partner. As Toshinori paced the lobby of the musutafu police station he head a loud thud from outside, and screams quickly followed it. Afraid of another villain attack, he ran outside and almost tripped over the thing that the people were screaming about. He looked down in horror and looked straight into the wide lifeless eye's of Mt.Lady.

He screamed.

Chapter Text

Toshinori Yagi sat in the police station, his leg bouncing up and down in his impatience as he waited for tsukauchi. It had been about two hours seen he found Mt.Lady, and the message that was carved into her stomach. Kairo and his mystery partner were quickly becoming the police's biggest problem, especially if they kept this up. Yagi looked up at he heard the door to the detective's office open up and he was waved inside. Once seated, he set grim eyes upon his friend and asked if they found anything.

"We determined her cause of death as her fried brain. The words carved into her stomach are hours old, so we believe they were done first. Since she was electrified, we believe that Kairo is the one who tortured her."

Yagi grimaced as he bowed his head in respect for the fallen hero. Absently, he reached up and rubbed his injured shoulder, which was healing nicely, but he knew he would feel the phantom pains for months. With the new school year starting soon, and these two new villains, his already busy schedule is about to get even busier, he just knows it. The detective continued

"We interviewed the people who saw the body, and they say they saw two shadows running along rooftops away from the scene."

"So, we just missed them is what your telling me."

Tsukauchi grimaced but nodded "


Yagi stood up and left the station and began heading somewhere, his friend staring after him worriedly. He cant get these two by himself, he knows this. He needs help, and he knows just the people to get help from.


As the morning light began to leak through the curtains of the bedroom, Izuku slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed was the warm body pressed against his. He looked down and smiled softly at Denki, who was snoring softly in his arms. Izuku leaned over and looked at the clock, noticing it was only 7, and that Denki was not going to be getting up for a few more hours yet. Wiggling out of his lovers hold, Izuku slipped out of the room quietly, bare feet making barely any noise as he walked. as he reached the bottom of the stair's, he stopped dead in his tracks as he spotted the envelope sitting innocently on the floor by the door. They don't get mail. Izuku slowly walked over to the letter, eyeing suspiciously. He picked it up, and flipped it over. The writing on the front was neat and tidy, and was addressed to him and Denki. Opening it up, Izuku pulled the short letter out and began to read.

Dear Kairo and Shinrin (How did they know his name?)

We are the league of villains. We saw what you did to Kamui woods and Mt.Lady.
You have skill, and drive. On Behalf of our leader, we would like to extend an invitation to join us.
If you're interested, meet us at the red light district in kamino ward. We'll find you.

Sincerely, KuroGiri
Izuku stared at the letter, his face contemplative. A League of villains huh? He'll have to talk to Denki about this, he decided, but it was worth checking out at the very least. Setting the letter on the table in the kitchen, Izuku got to work brewing some coffee and making breakfast.

"Did you send the letter, Kurogiri?"

"I did, i dropped it off at 6 this morning."

"Good. I do hope they accept our request to meet, it would be such a shame to waste all their potential!"

Shigaraki chuckled darkly as he looked at a picture of the two villains, a menacing grin on his face
Toshinori Yagi gulped nervously as he stared at the towering form of the nighteye agency. He hasn't properly spoken to his old sidekick in years, but he needed his help. Walking in, Yagi talked to the secretary to let Nighteye know that he was here. After being let in, Yagi took a deep breath, and opened the door.

"It's been a long time, All Might"

Yagi flinched at the use of his hero name as he laughed nervously

"It has indeed, Sir! Now, i did get your message about a candidate for OFA, but that's not exactly why i'm here..."

"Your here because of those two new villains, correct?"

Yagi released a sigh as he nodded. Sir motioned for him to sit. As he took a seat, Sir handed him a folder. With questioning eye's, Yagi opened it to see the smiling picture of a blond haired boy with electric eye's.

"Why are you showing me this?"

"This kid disappeared 2 years ago, His Quirk? Electrification."

Yagi's eyes widened as he dug further into the file. Sir smirked

"I believe we've found out who Kairo is"

Next to the picture of the smiling boy, was the name Kaminari Denki


In a dark room, only lit by a computer screen, a blond haired boy sat flipping through websites. Finally, he stopped on one. He looked at the name of the Orphanage, Shinzuku Orphanage, and began to flip through the files of the kids that lived there. He had to go back a few years to find them, but he finally found the person he was looking for. He Grinned widely in triumph.

"I found you, Deku"

Chapter Text

Denki stared at the letter in front of him warily as he reread it for the fifth time. He looked up at Izuku and then back down at the letter in his hands.

"I just dont get it. From the sounds of it, these guys are big shots. We're just two small time assassins, why in the world would they want to recruit us?"

"Denki, Love, Light of my life! You're not seeing the bigger picture! they dont want to recruit us because of what we currently are, but because of what we can become! What we have dreamed of becoming since we started! They see our potential to change the world!"

Izuku waved his hands in air as he explained, a wild grin on his face and a crazed look in his eyes. The more he thought about it, the better the idea sounded. There was only so much that he and Denki could do on their own, so joining forces with others who possibly shared their ideals? It would be a dream come true! Denki's eyes lit up as he began to understand what Izuku meant.

"I mean, yeah but... what if this is a scam? Izuku, they found out where we lived, and we only debuted like, a week ago. What if this is some plot to kill us?"

Izuku stopped as he began to think about that. The thought had briefly gone through his head before, but he's heard stories about these people. They had more resources and money then they did, and Izuku firmly believed that this was worth the risk.

"If they try to kill us, we simply have to kill them! Besideees! it's not like they said we couldn't come armed!"

Sighing Denki relented, and agreed to the meet up. He wasn't entirely sure about this, But Izuku had a point. Eventually the two were going to hit a road block in their plans and then they would need outside help either way, and if this turned out to be the real deal? They would be set. With that in mind, The two got ready for the meet up that night.


Shigaraki and Kurogiri waited atop the tallest building in the district, keeping an eye out for the two Assassins. As the clock chimed twelve, Kurogiri finally spotted the two cautiously entering the district.

"They have Arrived, Shigaraki."

"Good. Go get them, will you?"

With that, Kurogiri disappeared in a swirl of black mist.
Slowly entering the district, Izuku and Denki cautiously looked around. They didn't know what they were looking for exactly, as the letter only said that he would find them. Just as they were about to continue looking, they saw black mist appear in front of them, which shifted into the form of a man. He bowed to them in greeting.

"Hello. I am Kurogiri. I am glad that you decided to meet with us. If you would step through the portal, i will take you to our leader"

Izuku muttered something about warp quirks that Denki couldn't quiet catch, before the two were stepping through the portel. Suddenly, instead of being on the ground at the entrance to the red light district, the two were now standing on the tallest building in the area. Denki Looked around, his mouth in the shape of an O, while Izuku stared straight at Shigaraki, who spread his arms out invitingly.

"Welcome! I'm so happy you two came! I'm such a big fan of what you two do~!"

Keeping his face blank, Izuku crossed his arms as he narrowed his eyes at Shigaraki.

"I am Shinrin. My partner here is Kairo. It is a pleasure to meet you...?"

"Ah! where are my manners! Im Shigaraki Tomura, The leader of the League! My partner here is Kurogiri, The league's transport!"

"A pleasure... Now, you wanted to recruit us? Why? and what exactly is your 'League's' Goal?"

Izuku couldn't see it behind the hand on his face, but a grin spread across Shigaraki's face. Izuku stared straight into Shigaraki's red eye's, trying to make sure the man wouldn't lie to them for whatever reason. It never hurts to be cautious after all.

"Straight to the point, huh? Good, i hate idle chit chat. We want to recruit you because i see the potential you two have. You two, on your own, have single Handedly killed 12 hero's, and permanently crippled dozens of others. You even had the audacity to shoot All Might! Most would simply run from him. Let's just say that you impressed me... As for our goal? We want to change this retched world... This society is corrupt. Unjust. Ofcourse, Humans don't change so easily... no no no, if this society is going to change... Then the terms 'Hero' and 'Villain' must disappear! And it all starts with the death of All Might! With the fall of the Mighty Symbol of Peace, People will begin to listen! to change! and After all Might, All other hero's are next!"

Shigaraki's crazed eye's felt like they were staring straight into Izuku's soul as he talked, his gesture's getting wilder the further along he went. Izuku Smirked.

"A big goal you have there. And how, per say, are you going to kill All Might? He's practically Invincible."

"Now that would be telling. If you join us though, I'll show you exactly how we'll kill him"

Shigaraki extended one of his hands.

"So, what do you say?"

Izuku locked eye's with Denki as they seemingly had a conversation with there eye's before Izuku Walked up to Shigaraki and shook his hand, Shigaraki making sure not all his fingers were touching him.

"We have a deal, Shigaraki. We're in."

Several miles away, in an Apartment and sitting at a desk looking over files, Yagi Toshinori Shivered, feeling as if Something horrible had just happened.
Bakugou Katsuki filled a backpack with supplies, clothes, Money, His laptop, everything he thought he would need. He was going to get chewed out by his parents when he returned, but he needed answers dammit. With that said, he slung the backpack over his shoulder and quietly opened his window, climbing down the side of his house and heading in the direction of Shinzuku, The last place Izuku Midoriya was seen.

Chapter Text

Izuku and Denki stared at the entrance to the seemingly run down bar in bemusement. They shot each other an uncertain look, before Izuku shrugged and walked inside after shigiraki, Denki trailing after him quietly. Izuku whistled as he looked around the Bar.

"The outside looks like shit, but damn, this place is nice" Izuku glanced over to Shigaraki as he chuckled. Noticing his staring, Shigaraki motioned for him to sit down next to him. taking the seat warily, Izuku turned to Shigaraki

"So, where are me and Kairo sleeping?" Izuku Asked, taking a sip of the drink Kurogiri had given him. His eyes widened in surprise as he tasted Vodka in the drink. He looked over at Kurogiri wide-eyed, while all He did was wink at Izuku with a knowing look in his glowing eyes.

"We have rooms set up upstairs for you. Tomorrow, ill show you around the base, and bring you up to date on our plans. Oh, and i guess we'll get your stuff from your place too." Shigaraki said the last bit offhandedly, like it wasn't important, Which Izuku guessed, to him, it wasn't. Izuku nodded, chugged the rest of his drink, before heading for the stairs, Denki trailing behind him.

When they were finally in the safety of Their room, having forgone the other extra room, They sat down on the floor. Izuku had his back on the wall, while Denki leaned against the frame of the bed.

"They seemed... Nice? i guess? a run down bar certainly wasnt what i was expecting, anyway." Denki said. Izuku snorted off to the side

"Me neither. Hopefully tomorrow will shed some light on our situation. I hate being kept in the dark like this." Izuku spit that last bit out like it was poison in his mouth. Sighing, Izuku stood up and walked over to the bed, Denki's curious eyes following after him. Izuku smirked and pulled Denki up, causing the boy to yelp and trip over his own feet. Instead of falling on the floor like he thought he would, Denki opened his eyes (When had he closed them?) to see Izuku's softly smiling at him, his soft hands running through his hair gently. Denki blushed and shot Izuku a dirty look, getting a chuckle out of the younger boy.

"Don't look at me like that. When was the last time we did something like this? Just sitting or laying and cuddling, listening to the other breath and falling asleep in each other's arms?" Izuku asked, and Denki looked away. It had been more then a year since they last had time to themselves like this, and now that they were apart of group, time's like this may happen more often, or very rarely. Denki felt a hand cup his face gently and make him look up at Izuku, Who's viridian eyes seemed to almost glow in the moonlight.

"Let's just... enjoy this, ok? We've both been so tense lately, and we're in a new place and we're both paranoid so lets just... stay like this. get lost in each others eye's like we used to, ne?" Izuku knew just what to say to get the butterflies going in his stomach. Not to mention that smile. Denki hasn't seen Izuku smile like that in over 2 years. It was... relaxing. Made him feel safe.

"Okay. whatever you say. Just... don't let go, okay?" Denki buried his face in his boyfriends chest as Izuku chuckled, and simply held him tighter. With Izuku's hand running through his hair, and the comforting heartbeat in his ears, Denki drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

The next morning, Izuku woke up to the sun burning his eyes. Moving his head, Izuku groaned and tried to move, but found that he couldn't, seeing as how a very cuddly Denki was clinging to him, Denki's head resting on his chest, no doubt listening to his heartbeat. relaxing, Izuku chuckled softly and began to play with his boyfriends hair as he waited for him to get up.

Hours later, Denki began to wake to the feeling of someone playing with his hair, and a steady heartbeat in his ears. Smiling, Denki looked up at Izuku sleepily.

"Hey...*Yawn* Izu" Izuku smiled and leaned down to Kiss Denki. The kiss certainly woke him up. Sitting up, Denki stretched, popping his back in the process. Grinning, Denki got off of Izuku and stood up, beginning to do some light stretches to help him wake up fully. With the weight on him now gone, Izuku stood up and walked over to the dresser in the room, and began to pull out their weapons to equip (He hid them there last night). When the were done putting there weapons away, Izuku looked over to the clock to see that it was now 10:30.

"Dammit. i hope we havn't kept them waiting" Izuku cursed. Izuku and Denki quickly made their way downstairs. When they got to the main part of the bar, Izuku began to apologise

"I'm Sorry if we kept you wai-"

There, on The T.V on the wall, sat All for One.

"Hello Boys"

Chapter Text

Al for one smiled at them through the screen. He normally didn't do this, but he wanted to gain the boys trust as fast as possible. The 2 were strong, but they were also wild cards.

"It's nice to meet our newest additions. My name is All for one, but you can call me Sensei."

Izuku narrowed his eyes at sensei, His gut screaming at him to tread carefully. This man, even through a screen, screamed danger and power all at once. it was... intoxicating to say the least. Before he could respond, Sensei spoke again.

"Midoriya Izuku, Quirkless, Kaminari Denki, Quirk: Electrification. Correct?" Denki shivered from his spot beside Izuku, the mans knowledge of their quirks frightening him. Izuku however, was not afraid. " That's right. I've heard whispers of you before. The man who can give and take quirks."

Sensei chuckled. "Yes, that is i. It's been so long since someone has recognized me so quickly. i can see why Tomura is so taken with you two now" Izuku didn't know if that was a compliment or not, so he chose to ignore it for now.

"Shigaraki said he would explain to us properly what plan he has today." Shigaraki took over at that point. " Ah yes! Sit down and i'll tell you!" Shigaraki seemed like a kid in a candy store with how excited he seemed to be.

"Our main goal is to kill All Might. Sensei has been engineering a creature to be able to fight the man. our only problem is pinning him down to one location." Seems simple enough to Izuku.

"Ok, seems simple enough. i can see why Pinning down his location would be hard. Got any thing else on the man? Mine and Denki's civilian names arn't known so we can try to track him down if need be." Shigaraki seemed delighted by that answer, and Sensei hummed in thought.

"Well. There is his quirk. His quirk is able to be passed down to someone he chooses. It can't be forcefully taken, but it can be forcefully given. You could try to trick him into giving you the quirk, Izuku" Izuku raised his brow. "Why me? Because im quirkless?" Izuku hated his quirklessness being the sole reason for him to do something. Seeing his glare sensei raised his hands in a placating manner.

"All might himself was quirkless before inheriting one for all. i figured he may be able to resonate better with you then Denki. Why, do you not want it?" Izuku scoffed at the idea "Hell no!i want to prove to this world that Quirkless people are not weak! how can i do that if im given a quirk!? Let Denki have it!" Denki sputtered from next to him, his eyes wide "B-But i don't want it! My own quirk is hard enough to control!" At Denki's words sparks flew between his hands randomly. Sensei laughed at the two.

"Well, why dont you have one of you hold onto it then, and give it to someone else later? Unless you have a friend who would like it?" At Sensei's words izuku's face turned thoughtfull. there were a few kids his age that he's been meaning to try to turn, one would especially be good for weapons manufacturing.

"Well, there are 3 kids i've had my eyes on for a year now that i wanted to join me and Denki. They would all make great villains, though two of them are set on the idea of heroics. Though perhaps i could make one of them a spy for us? though how would we go about convincing them to join us?" Izuku delved down into a mumble fit, the others around him except Denki not being able to understand a word he said. Denki broke him out of it by talking though.

"Todoroki Shouto, Shinsou Hitoshi, and Hatsume Mei, right? Endevour's son, the boy called a villain, and the inventor genius. You've been watching them for awhile now." Shigaraki scratched his neck as he spoke up

"Endevour's youngest? Turning him to villainy would be such a blow to the man's pride. i like it" Shigaraki grinned widely. he really like the idea of that, though probably only beause it would hurt endeavor. "Though who are the other two?" Izuku ended up explaining

"Todoroki i dont think would be that hard to turn, since Endeavor is abusive and neglectful. Shinsou would be harder, since he's dead set on proving the people who call him a villain because of his quirk wrong. His quirk, Brainwashing, would be very beneficial for us. as for Hatsume, all she really cares about is showing off her inventions. We give her a sweet enough deal and i doubt she'll turn us down."

Shigaraki grinned wickedly "An Inventor huh? That would be beneficial. would she be able to make us healing items though?" Izuku nodded. He brought up the profile's he kept on the 3 from his phone, and handed it over to Shigaraki to look through. As Shigaraki devled through there files, his laughter got increasingly louder.

"Oh there perfect! Todoroki would be great as another power house, Shinsou for espionage, and Hatsume for gear!" Izuku grinned, proud that he was able to find such gems. Izuku snatched back his phone, and pulled up the file on Todoroki.

"We should go after Todoroki first, especially since he's already going to be going to U.A. I know his schedule, and I'm friends with him on a chatting app, So meeting up with him wont be that hard." All for one chuckled, the others turning to him

"It looks like you all have a plan then. Tomura, you have ertainly found some good ally's. Don't lose them." Shigaraki grinned at the praise from his Master, and turned to the two teenagers.

"I like the plan you made. Do whatever it takes to get those 3 on our side." With a wicked grin the boys stood and went back to their room to prepare.


Once in their room, Denki collapsed on the bed with a groan.

"I know you'll be going to meet Todoroki on your own, does that mean you want me to go after Hatsume or Shinsou?"

Izuku looked thoughtful for a moment. "Hatsume. I feel like it will take us both to convince Shinsou" and with that they both got ready. Izuku slipped on a plain white T-Shirt with a green hoodie on over it, and some black cargo shorts. Slipping a knife into his pocket and putting his red converse on he walked out the door. Denki following after him in a Jolteon hoodie and black ripped jeans and combat boots.
Sitting on a bench in a park near the Todoroki residence, Izuku waited patiently for his 'Friend' to show up. If this went well, he hoped he could become actual friends with the boy, because if this went sower he would either have to do brain damage or kill him, and he really didn't want to do that.

Footsteps from behind made Izuku turn his head and smile. He waved "Hey, Todo! Man, it's nice to finally meet you in person, haha!"

Todoroki Shouto wasn't exactly sure what to think when his online friend had asked if he wanted to meet up at the park near his house. They had been talking for a little over a year and just a month ago he had shared his story with his friend. He had been so understanding and had promised to help him in any way he could. Honestly, Todoroki didn't know what he would do without his friend. He waved back

"Hello, Midoriya" He never was one for speaking verbally. Midoriya grinned and patted the spot next to him, a sign for Todoroki to sit down.

As Todoroki sat next to him, Izuku pulled a file out of his sweater and handed it to Todoroki. Confused, Todoroki opened it to see a large amount of evidence against his father for child abuse and neglect, along with some old photo's of his mom to go with spouse abuse. Todoroki stilled.

"How did you get all this...?" Todoroki wasn't entirely sure he wanted to know

"I have my ways. I'm good friends with a info broker. Cost me a pretty penny for all that, but i think it was worth it if it means helping you" It cost Izuku alot for that. Giran really wasn't playing around though, and he did do the job, so Izuku couldn't really complain. Izuku watched as Emotions flashed through Todoroki's eyes..... Confusion, Anger, gratitude. Seems Todoroki didn't really know how to feel.

"You know, it pisses me off that people like Endeavor get to walk free and do stuff like this just because they're a supposed 'Hero'. Before Quirk's appeared, he never would have gotten away with this. Before Quirks, it didn;t matter what the reason was, attacking people Physically or mentally was against the law. It didn't matter who you were, or why you did it, you were always in the wrong. Hurting another human is wrong. Ofcorse, knowing that and doing it anyway with no remorse no longer makes you human in my eyes."

Shouto Looked at Izuku, confusion swirling in his dual colored eyes, along with aprehension.

"Don't you want your father to pay for his crimes? The Hero's of this world are all so rotten. It's why i admire Stain so much, he's doing the work no one wants to admit needs to be done! people like your father should not be given a position of power! Just like a human's worth should be decided by their FUCKING Quirk!"

Now, Shouto knew his friend was quirkless and honestly couldn't care less, but seeing his friend like this now, really began to shed him in a new light. Shouto wanted to understand what his friend went through. He knew quirkless people were not treated fairly. they were seen as lesser beings, as if they were disabled. as if they weren't human anymore. It was cruel and Shouto hated it.

"I don't like the way this world is going, Todo. That's why i want to change it! if people ar't going to open there eyes, i'll make them! I'll show this world that the Quirkless arn't weak, that we are all still HUMAN!" Izuku abruptly stood up, and held his hand out to Shouto, who looked as surprised as he felt.

"I know this is going to seem really bad, but i want you to trust me. This world isnt going to change through heroism alone. Everyone needs to change, villains included. Most people become villains because they cant make it in out cutthroat society. That's why we need to change it! We'll be the hero and villain that change the world! We'll lead by example! Todoroki Shouto, i know what im asking you is alot, but i want you to join the league of villains as out spy. So that we can take down this corrupted society and rebuild it! And it all starts with the fall of all might!"

Shouto didn't know what to do. This was all happening so quick. He wanted people like his Father to get punished, he wanted it badly, but did he want it enough to work with villains? His friend did make a compelling arguement though. While All Might was great, Shouto understood that while he stood tall nothing would change. He wasn't sure if this is what was right, but this is what he felt was right for him. He stood up, and grabbed Midoriya's hand with a determined look in his dual colored eyes

"Where do i sign up?"

Chapter Text

Walking through a mist portal into a bar was new experience Shouto never thought he would have. Looking around the Bar, Shouto took notice of the mist man behind the bar, probably the one who warped them here, and a young man with a hand on his face sitting at the bar, looking at him and Midoriya with a crazy glint in his one revealed red eye. Shouto shivered and hid behind Midoriya and bit. Midoriya waved happily at the two.

"Shigaraki, KuroGiri! i got Todoroki~! Is Denki back yet?" Kurogiri shook his head. "Not yet. you weren't gone for very long." Midoriya shrugged before turning to Shouto. "Come sit! when Denki gets back we'll explain to you what it is we want you to do!"

Taking a seat the bar, Todoroki observed the villains around him. Shigaraki seemed... creepy, but so far Kurogiri seemed nice. He just hoped he didn't make the wrong choice.

Denki waited outside the front door to a lab. Hatsume had told him to wait for her here. Hatsume was... an oddball, to say the least. There was no way she wasn't atleast a little crazy, Denki refused to believe she wasn't.

Just before he was about to give up and barge inside, Hatsume came sprinting out the door, a maniacal grin on her face as she stopped in front of Denki.

"Hiya! I'm Hatsume Mei! You're Kami-something or other, right!?" Denki sweatdropped. Did she seriously not remember his name? they had been chatting for over 3 months! (Though that was mostly about the kinds of support gear Mei could make him).

"Uh... yeah. Kaminari Denki. Nice to finally meet you in person, Hatsume-San. Now, how about we go somewhere more... Privet to talk, ne?" He tilted his head to the side, a charming smile plastered on his face as he offered the eccentric girl his hand. Hatsume ignored his hand and happily began to drag him to her house, explaining that her parents were away and that they could chat in her lab. Denki didn't think she would actually bring him to her house, had the girl never heard the phrase 'Stranger Danger'? or did she just not care? Denki shrugged and followed after her. Whatever, wasn't his problem where they talked.

After settling into the Lab, Denki whistled. "Impressive. you've got a nice set up here, Hatsume-San" Hatsume grinned even brighter, if that was even possible. "I know right!? i'm so happy my parents got me this space to make all my beautiful babies!" Right. Denki forgot that she called her inventions babies. Denki hummed.

"Well anyway, i wanted to ask you something, Hatsume. What is your opinion on today's society?" Hatsume turned to Denki, an unnaturally serious look in her eyes. "That's kinda a deep question don'tcha think? Well whatever. i wouldn't say im happy with our society, but i guess i'm not exactly against it? I don't really know how to explain it..." Denki hummed. he could work with this.

"What about hero's and villains? to me, while there are good hero's out there, most of them arnt. everyone feels so safe with the hero's around, that everyone turns a blind eye to all the people suffering. most people who go on to become villains are forced into it, did you know that? they felt they had to turn to villainy because our society denied them the chance to support themselves."

Hatsume stared at Denki intensely, a searching look in her eyes. "You're Kairo, arn't you?" Hatsume asked. Denki's eye's widened momentarily, Before a wicked smirk crosses his face

"Wow! you're smarter then i thought! tell me, how'd you guess who i was?" Hatsume rolled her eyes, she seemed uncaring that she was in the presence of a villain. "It wasn't that hard. your hair is a dead give away. you're either confident in your ability to escape, or stupid to go out with hair that recognizable." Denki laughed nervously, scratching the back of his neck. "Yeah, you have a point there."

"Tell me, what do villains want with little ol' me?" Denki smirked "Straight to the point huh? Fine. Me and my partner joined a proper cause! a group of others who share our belief's. We want you to join us. you would make great tech support, and what better way to show off your... 'babies' then to let us use them? not to mention the hero's will only limit you. they wont let your genius flow free. with us though, we'll allow you to make whatever you desire. We'll be funding you, so to speak."

Now, Behind Mei's eccentricity, there was a calculating mastermind. Deep in her heart, she knew that she wouldn't be able to make some of her idea's because of the rules. These villains were offering to find her inventions, use them to their fullest potential, and allow her to make whatever she wanted. this seemed almost too god to be true, there had to be a catch to this. "What's the catch huh?"

Denki's grin turned feral. "You wouldn't be able to return to your old life. you would have to say goodbye to everyone you care about and devote all your time to us." That wasn't so bad, Mei reasoned to herself. It could be worse, it's not like they were asking her to kill her family after all. though she knew that refusal to join would lead her straight into the arms of death. She sighed and shrugged.

"I don't really have an option here do i? alright, i'm in."
Denki kicked the door in, screaming- "HEEEEEEEEEEY I'M BAAAAAAACK~!" He sauntered in, Mei following closely behind him, carrying two duffel bags of all the stuff she wanted to bring with her. She looked around, her eyes zeroing on a dual toned boy her age who looked as out of place as she felt. All the eye'sin the room were on them.

"Denki! good your back, i was getting impatient! i arrived an hour ago! so slow~!" a tall boy said, his emerald green eye's looking at Denki lovingly. Mei guessed this was Shinrin, Denki's partner in crime. Denki pulled her over to sit next to the dual colored boy, while He sat himself next to his partner.

"Gomen, didn't mean to take so long! Hatsume-San had alot she wanted to bring with her, haha! anyway, Shigaraki, why don't you explain to them why they're here! ya'know, since you're the boss~!" Shigaraki scoffed and rolled his eyes at the eccentric blonde, scratching at his neck irritably.

"Listen up because i'm only going to say this once. Your here because we need more members, and Kairo and Shinrin think you'll do well with us. They're both just as new here as you two are. Todoroki, we want you because we need a spy. someone on the inside. Hatsume should already know why she's here." Hatsume nodded at that, shifting uncomfortably as Shigaraki's red eye looked at her.

"What exactly would i be doing as a spy? Endeavor doesn't tell me much about hero work, so i can't see that being what you want." At Shouto's words, Shigaraki laughed. "No, it's not. Rumor has it that All Might himself will be teaching at U.A this year. We need you to spy on U.A for us." Shouto nodded, showing he understood, and fell silent once more. Izuku clapped his hands to get everyone's attention.

"Well, this has been exciting and all, but now that they know what they are going to be doing, we should get Todoroki back home before Endeawhore realizes he's gone, and we need to get Hatsume-San settled in now." Izuku smiled pleasently, but Mei had a feeling it hid alot more. "Kurogiri, be a dear and pleaseeee open a portal for todoroki back home?" Izuku batted his eyes at Kurogiri, making the man of mist chuckled as he opened the portal. "Of course."

Before Shouto could step through the portal though, Shigaraki spoke. "Also, do remember, if you even think about betraying us, i'll turn you to dust" To emphasize his point, he turned the glass that previously had his drink in it to dust. Shouto shivered but nodded and walked through, the portal closing behind him. Shigaraki turned to Izuku "I'll let you show her to her room." With that, Shigaraki walked away to his own room to play video games. Hatsume visibly relaxed once he was gone, causing Kurogiri to chuckle.

"He may seem scary right now, but you'll get used to it. Welcome to the league of villains, Hatsume Mei." WIth that the ethereal bartender walked off, leaving the three teenagers alone. Izuku held his hand out to Hatsume, startling her slightly.

"I'm Midoriya Izuku, AKA Shinrin. It's nice to meet you in person, Hatsume-San. Come, i'll show you to where you'll be sleeping." He motioned for her to follow him and Denki as they went further into the bar. Mei followed silently, lost in her own thoughts. They stopped infront of a plain looking Oak door. Midoriya motioned to it.

"This is your room. Me and Denki are right next door if you need us. Shigaraki is down the hall, but i wouldn't bother him if i were you, and Kurogiri is... somewhere, ya'know i don't actually know where kurogirir sleeps. does he even need to sleep?" Before he could go into a mumble fit, Denki stepped. "Questions for another time, Izu. Well, we'll be going now! Make yourself comfortable, Hatsume-san! Later!" With that, the two walked off into their own room, leaving Mei alone with her thoughts.

Mei walked into her new room. She looked around at the plain walls and sighed. She set her bags down and slowly began to unpack. As she worked through her two bags, she pulled out a picture of her and her parents. She stared at it for what felt like hours, until a small tear landed on the picture and snapped her out of it. Putting a hand to her face, she realized she was crying. She laughed hollowly at that. Setting the picture on the night stand next to her bed, she took in a deep breath to help calm herself.

"What have i gotten myself into"

Chapter Text

The Next Day, All the resident's of the Bar sat at the Bar, discussing ways to Win Shinsou over. Izuku and Denki sat next to each other, Izuku Drinking some Coke with rum in it, and Denki simply sipping on some water. Shigaraki sat at the other end, Looking at the portfolio of the boy Izuku had given him. Mei, well she was sitting in the corner, as far away from the others as she could get. Izuku found it rather funny.

"He wont agree if he thinks he's becoming a Villain. our best bet would be to convince him he's being a vigilante, which technically, he would be. He will have a moral code, he wont be able to actually kill anyone, He won't have it him. we need to convince him that by joining us he's 1. Becoming a vigilante, and 2. Changing things." Izuku said, his tone flat, but you could vaguely hear the frustration in his voice. They had been there for over an hour, after all. Shigaraki groaned and scratched at his neck irritably. "Who would go to convince him then? as the girl pointed out, Kairo is too obvious." Izuku rolled his eyes at Shigaraki. "Who else would go? Me, duh. Denki is more then capable of watching Hatsume-san. In and out. i would be swift." Shigaraki scowled at Izuku before relenting. "Fine. You'll go then. but you better watch your fucking tone, brat" Shigaraki stormed out of the bar, glaring at Hatsume as he passed causing her to shrink in on herself in fright. Izuku sighed. "What a child" He mumbled. Kurogiri watched Izuku as he stood up and went for the door.

"Watch yourself out there, Shinrin. you may be good, but you are still a child." Kurogiri said, something akin to worry in his voice. Izuku grinned back at the mist man and held up a bottle with clear liquid in it. Quirk suppressants. "No need to worry. I've come prepared" With one last sharp toothed grin, Izuku was out the door and on his way. Denki sighed and turned to mei, who watched him cautiously. He walked up to her and held out his hand

"Wanna play some cards or something to pass the time?" Denki asked, an almost friendly grin on his face. Almost. Nodding slowly Mei sighed and accepted his hand. "Might as well..."

Shinsou sighed as he nursed his cup of coffee, waiting for his... 'Friend' to show up. Greenie had never wanted to meet up with him before, so Shinsou found this a little bit out of character for him. Though, he mused taking a sip of his drink, there is a first time for everthing. Though why Greenie wanted to meet him at an abandoned park at ass o'clock in the morning, Shinsou would never know.

Hearing footsteps approaching him, Shinsou turned and waved at his green haired friend. "Hey, Greenie" He spoke, voice monotone with tiredness. Izuku grinned. "Hey, PurpleCat. Though, My name is Midoriya Izuku, just so ya know." Shinsou grinned casually at the seemingly friendly boy. "Shinsou Hitoshi" And with that, the two boys talked for over an hour, just talking about silly things, like Shinsou's pet cat, Aria, or the Crazy things Izuku and his Boyfriend had gotten up to when they were younger. With every story and every laugh, Shinsou relaxed more and more around his friend, His eye's shinning with genuine happiness. Shinsou has never really gotten to sit and talk with someone like this before, it was... Nice, he decided. Calming.

"Hey, Shinsou? If you could change the way our society is, would you?" Izuku asked, a genuine curious look in his jade eye's. Shinsou looked stumped for a second, caught off guard by the rather deep question. He though for a moment. "Well... I guess i would. There's plenty of things that could be changed about this society. Like the fucking quirk discrimination." At the mention of the Discrimination, Shinsou scowled, a Lonely look in his violet eye's. Izuku almost felt sorry for him. Almost. After all, Izuku knew what it was like. To be Discriminated against for something you couldn't control. "You want to go to U.A Right? Hero Course? How are you going to get in? The practical exam is really biased against physical quirks, Being robots and all." Izuku asked. Shinsou shifted a bit.

"Honestly, i don't know. I doubt i'll be able to take on robots, even with the physical exercise i've been doing the past few month's. It's so stupid." Shinsou glared at his reflection in his almost empty cup. Izuku nodded. "It is. It isn't fair. People like you and me, with so called 'villainous' or no quirk at all are being discriminated against, while the people with the so called perfect quirks get to do whatever they want. I don't think people even realize that the suicide rate's are going up each year. It's sad really, pathetic what our society has turned into." Shinsou looked at Izuku weirdly."Where are you going with this exactly?" Shinsou asked, getting a laugh from Izuku.

"What i'm getting at, is what if you became a vigilante? because let's face it. Your not going to pass the physical exam, and i bet quirk discrimination is even worse in hero schools. So why not take it into your own hands? prove to the world that your not a villain! Change the way the world see's people like us!" Izuku stood up, his hands in the world and a slightly insane look to his eye's. Shinsou scoffed. "First of all, Vigilantism is illegal, second of all, How? I'm not strong enough to take on villains!" Izuku grinned down at Shinsou and held out his hand to the purple haired boy. "That's where i come in. I'm apart of a group of villains that are aiming to change the world. tare down our current society and build it back up again, where people like us wont be abandoned, ignored, Forgotten, ever again! Where people like you, Can be a hero! You could even be the new symbol of peace if you wanted to! We can train you up, teach you what you need to know. All we ask of you, is to do a few things for us. Be the new face of the society we are trying to create. And it all starts with the fall of ALL MIGHT!" Izuku's grin was wide and sharp, the insane look in his eye's from before very prominent now. Shinsou stared at him in shock before realization came to him. His friend was a villain. Shinsou looked down. The offer was tempting. He wasn't asking him to be a villain himself, just a vigilante. a hero of the people. The face of a new society, huh? Shinsou looked up at Izuku, a cautious but determined look in his eyes. "I'm in. But i'm not killing anyone for you!" Izuku's grin turned feral.

"That's fine, recruit."

After being missing for a week, Bakugou returned home to his worried parents. He was grounded for 2 months but Bakugou decided it was worth it. While he hadn't found what he was looking for, he found a clue. an Old photo of a boy with messy green hair, and another boy with electric eye's and a lightning bolt in his hand. Bakugou would recognise that lightning hair anywhere, as it was the hair of the new villain Kairo. Deku was Kairo's mysterious partner, He just knew it
And with that, Months Flew by. Shinsou was introduced to the rest of the league and he quickly moved in. He was trained by Denki, who quickly became his best friend with his quirky antics that helped keep Shinsou off the fact that he was surrounded by villain's. Mei was introduced to her new workshop, which was stocked with some of the best equipment in the world, courtesy of Sensei ofcourse. With a brand new lab and no restraint's holding her back, Mei quickly adapted to her new situation and she flourished. Shouto on the other hand, grew closer with Izuku instead. Izuku was his best friend, and he told the boy everything.

Turned out that after finding out (Somehow) That his little brother was working for the league of Villains, Dabi showed up and demanded to join. He quickly became the leader of his own squad, which was named the 'Vanguard action squad', Which consisted of him, Denki, and Izuku as of the moment. Dabi and Shigaraki grew closer together, no matter how Much Shigaraki would deny it and say the older boy annoyed him, you could tell he was fond of the scarred boy. With his run away brother now apart of the league, Todoroki relaxed even further, and quickly adapted to the spy training Sensei assigned him. Since Shinsou still needed more training, he sadly, wouldn't be able to make his Debut as a Vigilante yet, he also couldn't decide on a name, which was a bit of a problem. Denki was no help there as Izuku was the one to come up with their names.

By the time His first day of U.A Arrived, Shouto felt he was ready. Walking through the door to his classroom, Shouto was immediately greeted by a tall, blue haired boy with classes, his hands moving in a chopping motion. Ignoring his classmate, Shout walked to the back of the class and took a seat. He didn't want to get attached to them, and his reputation as a loner would only help this fact.

About an hour later, as Shouto was Definantaly early, all his classmates had arrived and there teacher, Aizawa Shouta, Told them to change into their gym uniforms and meet him outside. While Shouto was confused, he did as asked. Walking outside, shouto joined the rest of his classmates on the field.

"Bakugou. You got first in the entrance exam. How far could you throw the soft ball?" Aizawa asked the blond haired boy. "About 70 M's, i believe." Bakugou replied. Shouto watched Bakugou carefully. Izuku had told him about his explosive childhood friend, So it wasn't a surprise to see him here, it just made his job harder, as he knew the boy was extremely perceptive.

"Throw the soft ball using your quirk. I don't care what you do, just don't leave the circle" With that command, Bakugou took the ball and walked into the circle. Swinging his arm, and with a shout of "DIE" The ball was sent rocketing forward with a explosion. Aizawa turned to the rest of the class to show the boy's score. 705.5 M's. "Your old schools had you do these same tests without the use of your quirks. That's impractical." The class began to murmur in excitement, someone saying that this would be fun in the backround. Shouto didn't know who. Aizawa glared at the student's.

"Fun you say? Fine. Whoever comes in last will be deemed to have to potential and will be expelled immediately" With that threat, The test's began. Shout breezed pas them no problem, Getting second place overall, only behind the other recommended student, Yaoyorozu. In last place was a girl named Hagakure. In the End, no one was expelled. At the end of the day, as Shouto was walking through the halls to leave, he ran, quite literally, into a girl. She fell, and being the gentleman he is. He helped her back up.

"Forgive me, i wasn't paying attention to my surrou-" He stopped as he looked into her Golden eye's. His heart rate sped up and he blushed lightly. She waved a hand in his face and he jumped back slightly. She giggled. "Gee, you were frozen there Mister! was there something on my face?" She tilted her head in confusion, causing her bangs to cover her face slightly. She was smiling, which showed off her fangs. The buns in her fair bounced as she giggled again. "Either way, thanks for helping me up Mister! What's your name? I'm Toga! Toga Himiko!" She held her hand out to shake, Which he took nervously. "T-Todoroki Shouto, Toga-San." She grinned up at him, causing him to nearly stop breathing. "Well it was nice to meet you, Todoroki-Kun! But i have to go home now, Bye!" and With that she ran off. Todoroki stared after her all the way until she turned the corner. His heart rate slowly went back to normal again and all he could say was one thing.

"Well, Shit"

Chapter Text

Shinsou knew what his mission was. He had been training for this relentlessly for the past 10 months. He couldn't afford to fail, He didn't WANT to fail!

Over the months he trained with them, the league had very quickly become the family he never had. Sure, Maybe they weren't the best influence on him, seeing as how he didn't really care about killing people anymore, but could you blame him? no, not really. Living with them had twisted his morals sure, but one thing hadn't changed. He wanted to help people. If that meant killing a few hundred to save a few thousand? Well, no one will miss them. He certainly won't.

Sitting in U.A's cafeteria at Lunch, Shinsou observed the hero course student's. They were a... unique bunch, if shinsou was honest, but not in a bad way. Despite only knowing each other for a few days, they talked as if they were all old friends. Hearing the sound of someone sitting next to him, Shinsou looked up and into the dual colored eye's of Todoroki Shouto. His teammate. Shinsou smirked.

"How's the hero course, pretty boy?" Shinsou asked, a teasing look in his eyes as he said the nickname. "Boring, other than the first day. We have our first heroics class after this with All Might, It is sure to be... interesting." Shinsou hummed to show that he heard him, but was otherwise not paying attention. Instead, Shinsou was sneering at a grape haired boy who was trying to look up the girls in his class's skirts. "They actually let a pervert in here? He's bordering on sexual harassment" Shinsou huffed. "Trust me, no one in the class likes him." Todoroki responded, glaring disdainfully at the short boy.

Standing, Shinsou gave Todoroki a nod. "Well, i have to leave. Good luck in your heroics class" With that, Shinsou walked out the cafeteria doors. Walking down the winding hallways, Shinsou mulled over ways to complete his mission.

His Mission? Get All Might to make him his Successor.

Doing this would be no easy task, Shinsou knew. It was going to take a lot of hard work. The only problem was that Shinsou doesn't interact with the teacher. He doesn't teach any of the gen ed classes, So unless he literally just bumps into him while walking around, he was going to have to wait till the sports festival to get his attention. Hopefully he won't have chosen a successor by then.

Sighing, Shinsou entered his classroom. Best to mull this over later.

Reading over the file for the tenth time since he's seen it, All Might sighed and leaned into the back of his chair, groaning. Why did this all have to be so confusing?

"Still reading over that damn file?" Aizawa asked, walking over to the blonde man, a cup of Coffee in hand. Nodding, All Might looked at Aizawa. "I Just don't get it. It says here that he was a happy go lucky kid, What made him turn to villainy? His a child dammit!" Honestly, All Might just wanted this whole mess to sort itself out. In His frustration, all might rubbed the scar on his shoulder, from where he had been shot.

Name: Kaminari Denki

Age: 15

Hair: Blonde with a black lightning bolt

Eyes: Yellow

Height: 5'6

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 29th

Blood Type: O

Quirk: Electrification

Status: Missing

Overview: Kaminari was known to be bright and bubbly, always trying to make friends and chatting with others at any given chance. Kaminari was known to be a prankster and loved to tell joke's. Kaminari's best friend is Midoriya Izuku
Setting the blond Electric user's folder down, All Might picked up the other folder Sir Nighteye had given him.
Name: Midoriya Izuku

Age: 15

Hair: dark Green

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'9

Gender: Male

Birthday: July 15th

Blood Type:O

Quirk: Quirkless

Status: Presumed Dead

Overview: Midoriya is a shy, timid boy who has a habit of mumbling his thoughts aloud. While not very strong physically, Midoriya has amazing analysis abilities. His best friend is Kaminari Denki.

Rubbing his temple's as Aizawa looked over the folder's, All Might felt as if he had aged 10 years just by reading the File's. This was going to be a long year, wasn't it?

Chapter Text

Todoroki stood to the back of the group, Watching the monitors intensely. It was his first heroics class and All Might was as loud and annoying in real life as he was on T.V. Knowing the man was slowly dying brought a barely noticeable smile to the dual haired boy's face.

Focusing back onto the screens, Todoroki watched his loud blonde classmate tare through his opponents, The brunette with the gravity quirk and a orange haired girl who could enlarge her hands. Neither of them impressed him very much, But his angry classmate was one to watch out for.

Bakugou Katsuki. Furrowing his eyes at the name, Todoroki racked his brain for where he had heard it before. He swear he's heard it before.

Disregarding it for the moment, Todoroki continued to observe his classmates. They were all strong, that he had no doubt, but he needed to pick out the most dangerous one's. Bakugou definitely makes the list, Along with Yaoyorozu. He was thinking of adding Iida and Tokoyami, but he would need to observe them further before he came to a decision.

Walking out the door next to his partner, aa tall boy named Shoji, Todoroki smirked lightly. While he was here, why not put on a bit of a show, hmm?


Watching from inside the observation room, Class 1-A watched as Todoroki told Shoji to stand back, Confused.

"Is he trying to do this Solo? is he crazy?" Ashido Mina asked, her eyes swirling with confusion. Was her classmate that good, or was he just overconfident?

Mina got her answer in the form of Todoroki freezing the entire building. With his opponents frozen in place, Todoroki's team won with the shortest time out of the whole class.

The class swarmed Todoroki after that, though the boy couldn't care less about the attention. When he saw the fear in Mineta's eyes when looking at him, and the wary looks some of his weaker willed classmates shot him, He knew he had gotten his point across.

Todoroki Shouto was not someone to be messed with.

Walking down the halls, Shinsou kept a constant look around his surroundings. He was on his way to the Teachers lounge to get the schedule, he just needed for Shigaraki to create the diversion. While the teachers were preoccupied with the press, Shinsou would slip and out of the room as quickly as he could. Hopefully it wouldn't be too difficult to find.

Right on cue, The alarms began to blare. Watching from further down the hall, Shinsou watched all the teachers scramble from the room in varying forms of panic as they went to deal with the 'Intruders'.

Slipping into the room quietly, Shinsou walked over to ErasureHead's desk, carefully but quickly shuffling through the papers, trying his hardest not to move them too much less the teacher become suspicious. Shinsou grinned as he opened the top right drawer. There, sitting on top of a mini mountain of other papers, Was Class 1-A's Schedule. Taking a quick picture of the whole thing, Shinsou put everything back into place and fled from the room. Just in time as well, as not even 10 minutes later the teachers returned.

While walking back to his class, Shinsou sent the Schedule to Kurogiri who would forward it to Shigaraki.

Shinsomniac: Mission accomplished (1 file attached)

Shoving his phone into his pocket, Shinsou lazily strolled into his classroom without a single care in the world, His classmates none the wiser to his activities.


Hearing the ping from his phone, Kurogiri looked up from washing the dishes to look at it. Seeing as Izuku and Mei were already sat at the bar, Talking animatedly about support items for the green haired villain, Kurogiri got Izuku's attention.

"Shinrin. That should be Shinsou, mind checking that for me?" Grinning widely, Izuku picked the phone up, smile only going even wider (somehow) as he read the message.

"Looks like we have a break in to plan Kurogiri. We have 3 days before our first opening appears" Izuku's grin stayed on his face as he set the phone down, Getting a slightly wary look from Mei.

While the inventor was getting used to them, She was still uncomfortable with their creepy wide grins.

Looking over the attached files, Izuku looked at the class that he knew Shigaraki was going to want to attack. USJ, Huh? This should be Interesting


Izuku grinned wickedly, His eyes wide in insane excitement. Oh he just couldn't wait to tell Denki!

Chapter Text

While everything else was happening, Denki was out recruiting thugs. Most were easily swayed by the pay check it would give them, others though, like the group in front of him, would not be so easily swayed. "Alright, If the fat paycheck isn't enough, then what will it take to get you to join? Your buddy over there with the jamming quirk would be invaluable for the operation." Denki asked, slightly annoyed by the thugs. They weren't even good enough to be classified as villains, as all they did was rob stores and the odd bank. They hadn't been caught because of the before mention jamming quirk.


The thugs looked between each other uneasily. The paycheck would keep them going for at least another 6 months, but taking out AllMight? They weren't sure they up for that. That just sounded like a world of hurt to them. " This whole crazy plan of yours just sounds like a world of hurt!" The no named thug yelled, making Denki sigh irritably. "Look, fella's, you won't be the ones fighting All Might. you won't even be anywhere near him. YOU will be fighting the students, keeping them away from the plaza." Denki explained, his eye twitching slightly. These guys were getting on his damned nerves.


The thugs looked between each other once again, a little more at ease. The lead Thug sighed and held out his hand. "You've got a deal then, Kairo. We're in" Denki grinned wildly, shaking the thugs hand. "FINALLY! I was beginning to think you would never agree! Now, meet us here when we call you. We dont care what your doing, Just BE there" Denki said, a pleasant smile on his face that was fake and promised a world of hurt if they didn't show.


Saying their goodbye's, Denki walked back towards the bar, flipping a switchblade in his hand absentmindedly as he walked. Everyone stayed out of his way of course, being who he was, but you never know when someone will be dumb enough to attack.



When Denki walked through the entrance to the bar, Izuku descended upon him with a passionate kiss. Shocked but not really surprised, Denki kissed back, Wrapping his arms around Izuku's neck while Izuku's hands slinked around his waist. Breaking the kiss, Izuku smiled down at Denki happily. "I've been waiting for you! You weren't back when you said you would be so i got a little worried!" Izuku said, Nuzzling Denki affectionately. Denki Laughed


"I'm okay, Izu! Just had some trouble getting one group to join up is all. Buncha cowards" Denki mumbled that last bit, But Izuku had still heard. Izuku laughed and pulled Denki over to the bar, Sitting the blonde next to him." Cowards or not, they'll prove to be useful. Anyway, we have our date of attack. Mind sending it out to our new recruits?" Passing the date over to Denki, The blonde grinned. 


"USJ, Huh? Sounds like fun!" Denki said, texting the date into the burner phone and sending it out to all the people he recruited, which was A LOT. "Anyway, im exhausted, so i'm heading to bed. Night Izu~!" Denki called out, leaving to go upstairs to the two's shared room.


Walking in, Denki collapsed onto the bed with a tired huff. Turning onto his side, Denki got comfortable and relaxed, as much as he could anyway, and drifted off into a dreamless sleep for the night, not even waking when Izuku joined him in bed a few hours later.



The next day while at School, Todoroki ran into the blonde beauty again. Watching her from across the hall, he watched as she chatted with another blonde, this one male. She swayed from side to side absently, which made the buns on her head bounce evr so slightly. Todoroki was mesmerized by her. Her sharp canines, almost like fangs, Her bright golden eyes, her pink dusted cheeks, even the way she held herself, like she knew something nobody else did, it amazed him. He didn't even realise he had been staring for such a long time until Shinsou hit him upside the head.


"Dude, you've been staring at that girl for 10 minutes. Might wanna stop before she notices, if she hasn't already." Shinsou said, mirth in his normally dull voice. Todoroki glared at the insomniac, knowing that he was being teased. Todoroki huffed but looked away. "Sooo~ Who's the blondy that caught your eyes?" Shinsou asked, smirking. He was curious.


"Her names Toga. Toga Himiko. She's in gen ED i believe. Must be in 1-D if she isn't in your class. "Todoroki said. Shinsou shrugged, agreeing, as he knew the pretty blonde was definantly not in his class. He would remember a face like hers, or the blonde boy she was talking to for that matter. "You have good taste, Good luck" With those words of wisdom, Shinsou walked away, hands in his pockets and posture slouched. Todoroki glared at his back.


When he went to turn around and walk away, he turned to find Toga smirking at him. She stumbled back in shock as the girl giggled. "Soooo~ You were staring for quite some time~ Wanna explain that pretty boy~?" She asked, playfulness in her eyes. Todoroki blushed lightly and stumbled over his words. "Well- uh- uhm... uh... Sorry?" That sounded more like a question but he rolled with it. Toga giggled again.


"You're funny. Here, why don't you meet me down at the cafe on sakura way on saturday at noon, and we can chat, Ya?" Before todoroki could even say anything, she slapped a piece of paper into his hands and skipped away, humming. Baffled and flustered, Todoroki looked down at the paper she had given him.


it was her phone number


Todoroki's face burned brighter than even his fire.

Chapter Text

Saturday came faster than Shouto would have liked.


The dual haired boy dug into his closet in search of nice looking casual clothes to wear, turning his room into a giant mess in the process.


Sitting on Shouto’s bed was Izuku, who was there to make sure Shouto didn’t look like an idiot. Izuku watched Shouto tare through his closet with mirth, a smirk on his face as he watched his Friend.


“You’re turning your room into a mess, Sho” Izuku commented. Shouto looked up at the mess he had made and sighed. Turning to Izuku, Shouto’s eyes begged for help.


Laughing, Izuku stood up and began to pick up articles of clothing that had been tossed to the floor. “You want to look nice, but not overly nice as this is just a cafe.” Izuku said as he walked through the room “Compliment her, too. To show you’re interested, but don’t over sell it. Or be creepy.”


Shouto groaned “I know that!” Izuku only laughed, shoving clothes into Shouto’s arms. “Change into this and then i’ll do something to your hair and get you some cologne.” Sighing, Shouto made his way over to the bathroom to change.


Looking in the mirror, Shouto had to hand it to Izuku, He looked amazing. He wore a white button up shirt, which was hidden under a soft black pullover hoodie, along with nice dark blue jeans.


Walking back into his room, Shouto saw Izuku waiting for him. Izuku grinned at Shouto as he looked him up and down. “Damn Sho, you clean up nicely. If i wasn’t already taken i would go after you myself haha.” Izuku joked as he walked over, getting an embarrassed blush from Shouto. “D-Don’t joke like t-that!” Shouto said, hiding his red face with his hands.


Izuku chuckled and pulled Shouto over to the desk. Izuku picked up a pair of round glasses in a black frame and handed them over to the dual coloured boy. “Put those on. It will give you a dark but cute vibe.”


Putting them on, Shouto looked at Izuku in confusion. It’s not like he needed glasses after all. Izuku nodded, happy with the look, and sprayed Shouto with some Cologne. Shouto coughed. ”Now all you need is some shoe, Sho!”


Izuku ran back over to Shouto’s closet, digging through his small shoe pile. Shouto sat on his bed, scrolling through his phone absently. Really though, he was just trying to hide his nervousness. He’s never done something like this before after.

Grinning in triumph, Izuku whirled around to face Shouto, a pair of blue converse in his hands. Shouto looked at the shoes in surprise, not even knowing that he owned a pair of converse.


Slipping the shoes on, SHouto admired himself in the mirror as Izuku grinned beside him. “You look great!” Izuku complimented him “Now, you better hurry! Don’t wanna be late, right?” Looking at the time, Shouto cursed and ran out the door, Izuku’s laughter and words of “Knock her dead!” Fading as he ran out the door of the bar to head to the train station.

Back at the bar, Izuku walked out of Shouto’s room and walked down into the bar’s man area. Sitting down in front of Kurogiri, Izuku looked over at the game console that sat in Shigaraki’s hands. “Whatcha playin?”


“Pokemon sword” Shigaraki answered, not taking his eyes off the screen. Izuku smiled. “Nice. I’ve always liked the Pokemon games. Havn’t played one though since white and black game out.” Izuku said nostalgically.


Shigaraki looked at him curiously through his blue bangs. “You play pokemon?” Izuku grinned. “Yeah! Well, used to anyway. After abandoning the orphanage, me and Denki never really had time for Video games. Or the money to buy them for that matter.”


“That sounds like a very boring life.” Shigaraki remarked. Izuku chuckled “Sometimes.” He said “But we found ways to entertain ourselves when we weren’t working.” Looking forwards again, Izuku noticed that Kurogiri had placed a milkshake in front of him.


Shigaraki stared at Izuku for a few more minutes, eyes furrowed in thought. Izuku looked at Shigaraki curiously. “Something on your mind?” Izuku asked curiously. “What’s it like…” He started softly “Being in a relationship? Being with someone like that…” Izuku looked surprised at the question, but smiled.


“It’s nice. Sure, there are rough patches where we fight. But all in all? I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Being with someone you love just brings a certain amount of happiness to your life that nothing else can give you” Izuku explained. Shigaraki looked confused still. Izuku chuckled


“You’ll understand once you find someone who makes you feel that way.” Shigaraki scoffed. “I’m incapable of feeling like that” He growled out. Izuku raised an eyebrow at him. “Incapable, hmm? We’ll see about that.” And with that, Izuku took his milkshake and walked away, Shigaraki staring at him in confusion as he left.

Back with Shouto, The dual haired boy was standing anxiously outside the Cafe, Waiting for Toga to show up. Periodically checking his phone and switching his weight from one leg to the other, it was easy to tell he was nervous.

“Hey, Todoroki!” Head shooting up at his name, Shouto looked over at Toga, who was running at him from down the street with a grin. Shouto blushed lightly as he took in her appearance.


Knee high black lace up boots, Red skirt, topped with a pink sweater crop top with a red heart in the middle. Blonde hair up in buns and light makeup and She looked like an angel straight from heaven to Shouto.


Standing in front of him now, Toga grinned. “You look nice! I like the glasses! They’re super cuuute~!” Toga said, causing Shouto to blush brighter. “T-Thank you! You look A-Amazing!” Shouto stuttered nervously. Toga giggled. “Thanks! Now c’mon, let’s go in!” Taking his hand, Toga pulled Shouto into the Cafe.


Claiming a seat for the both of them, Toga looked at Shouto with a small grin, one of her fangs poking out of her mouth. “Sooo~ Why were you staring at me before?”


Shouto laughed nervously. “Haha… Well you see… u-uh… uhm… I just… ijustthinkyou’rereallypretty” Shouto stammered out quickly. Toga blinked for a moment, trying to process his quick words. She blushed lightly once they registered and she giggled.


“Awww Thank you! You’re not so bad on the eyes yourself you know” Toga flirted, and Shouto flushed brightly. Shouto brought his hands up to his face and attempted to hide as Toga laughed again.


“Awww you’re so easy to tease~!” Toga cooed, making Shouto groan in despair as he tried to sink into his seat. Looking between his fingers, Shouto watched the way Toga’s golden eyes lit up when she laughed, and how she seemed to have an almost permanent dusting of pink to her cheeks. 


“S-So uh… Who was that guy you w-were talking to before? W-when you invited m-me out…” Shouto asked nervously. Toga smiled brightly “OH! That was Jin! He’s a friend of mine” Toga explained. Shouto nodded


And so the two continued to talk. As they talked Shouto got more and more comfortable and slowly stopped blushing and stuttering at every little thing, To toga’s disappointment. She found it endlessly fun to tease him.


As the two talked, they hardly noticed the time passing around them. That is, until Toga’s phone rang. Confused, She picked it up. “Jin? Is something wrong?” She paused, And Shouto assumed that Jin was speaking. “Wait. Really!? Oh I’m so sorry! I’ll be home soon, OKay?” She spoke quickly, and Shouto tilted his head in confusion


As she finished her conversation, She smiled apologetically at Shouto. “It seems we’ve let time slip us by, haha. I have to go now, i’ve been out a lot longer then i said i would be.” She explained. Shouto pulled out his phone to check the time and cursed softly. “Yeah, i should probably head out too.”


Smiling, Toga stood up from her seat and walked over to Shouto, Giving him a peck on the cheek. Shouto blushed and looked up at Toga in Surprise. She was blushing too “This was fun. Let’s do this again sometime, kay? See ya!” She hurried out of the Cafe, leaving Shouto in his seat.


Bringing a hand up to his cheek, Shouto Smiled goofily. Walking out of the cafe to begin the trek home, Shouto walked with a skip to his step.

On the other side of the City, Shinsou stood on top of a large building. Sweating, Shinsou cursed as he dodged another swipe from the capture weapon that was trying to tie him up.


Across from Shinsou, Stood the towering, glowing red eyed from of Erasurehead.