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The Final Thoughts of Clara Oswin Oswald

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She was dying. She knew that much. She may not have had the brains to lock the TARDIS door behind her, but she knew her own body well enough to tell when she wasn't going to make it. But that was alright. She didn't mind dying, if the Doctor was okay.

As she was going, she remembered the first time she met him, she thought that there was something familiar about him. The next thing she thought was God, what a chin on him.

Now as she was dying, she had a strange vision. She was in a strange place, with the smell of soufflé in the air. She was talking to a picture of the Doctor, but, no it wasn't a picture, it was moving, and talking. She was telling him to run.

As he was by her bedside now, she said the same thing she said to him in her dream. "Run," she said softly. "Run, you clever boy. And remember."

Now as she breathed her last breath, she had an odd thought. At least this time, she thought, I'm human.