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Harry was in Luna’s arms as she walked through the corridors of Hogwarts. She was almost whispering in his ear as she told him of a spell she had found, tucked away in an old book in the restricted section. She had put his cloak to good use at night and was now telling him all about it. 

“-We will need to be in a high place, but that’s alright, there’s this hill that Daddy and I picnic on all the time in the summer. I think that will suit our purpose. We have to be higher than the place we are trying to find. The glimpies prefer to glide.” 

Harry nodded as they walked up to the doors that led outside. Luna was about to open them when he started to sniff the air. 

There was a hint of cinnamon and wood oils that he associated with Blaise in the air. Harry peered about, Blaise hadn’t followed them had he? No, he had been sleeping when Harry had left. Luna opened the door and they walked out, Harry peered at one spot, in particular, that seemed just a bit blurry, but Luna was moving briskly out the door before he could come to any conclusion. 

They moved quickly down the path that led to Hogsmeade and as soon as they were passed the wards. Luna apparated them. 

Harry growled softly in discontentment. Side-Along Apparition was no better in his kitsune form than his human one. He shook his head and Luna bent down to place him on the ground. She knelt in front of him and pulled a book from her bag. 

“Here,” she said, opening to a page and pointing at it, “this is the spell. You need to cast it as it will be your connection to the place that will take us there. As I understand it, it will be alike to reverse apparation-” 

Harry pulled a face but moved closer to look over the spell. 

“-the place will pull us to it, rather than us going there,” she finished. 

Harry read over the page, it was as Luna said, and looked fairly uncomplicated. Except he didn’t have a wand. He would have to do this wandlessly, which was supposed to be almost unheard of for spells of this magnitude. 

Although a voice in his head pointed out that he had been able to perform every other spell he knew without a wand. So really, it shouldn’t be all that difficult. He hoped. He memorised the incantation again and then nodded to Luna. She put the book away and gathered him back up in her arms. 

Harry closed his eyes and focused on wanting the spell to work. He felt that little spark inside him that meant his magic was willingly and he concentrated on the spell and the desire to see his ancestral home. 

For a moment, nothing happened, but then Luna gasped and Harry opened his eyes to see a brilliant blue-white light floating in front of them. It fluttered closer before enveloping them and the world faded around them. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Blaise made his way back to the dorm slowly. Heart growing heavier as he neared it. Questions buzzing in his head with every step. 

Where had Raiden gone? Why had he gone? Why was he with Lovegood? Was he safe? Why hadn’t he taken Blaise with him? Was he ever coming back?

He had no answers, which only caused his desolation to grow. He sighed as he quietly opened the door to the room he shared with Theo and Draco. 

Theo’s curtains twitched and a shaft of conjured light spilled out into the room. 


“Yeah, Theo, it’s me,” he answered, his voice dull even to his own ears as he dispelled the disillusionment spell. 

Theo’s curtains opened wider and the straw-haired teen swung out of bed. 

“What’s wrong?”

Blaise merely shrugged, he didn’t really want to discuss it. Not when he knew Theo would only ask the same questions he didn’t have the answers for. 

He moved to his own bed and sat down, staring at his feet. He was surprised when he felt the bed sink down next to him. 

“Is it Raiden? Is he out for a stroll?”

Blaise looked up at Theo sharply. 

“What do you mean? What do you know?” he asked, eyes narrowing on Theo’s knowing expression.

Theo shrugged, “Not much, just a few nights a week he sneaks out for a walk. He always comes back though.” 

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” Blaise demanded.

“I didn’t know that you didn’t know until last night when I talked to Raiden about it. It seemed as though Raiden didn’t want you to know. He’s just exploring the castle, why is that such a big deal?” 

Blaise huffed a harsh laugh, “Is that what he told you?”

“Well, it’s what I assumed…” 

“He’s not exploring the castle. He’s off with Lovegood. They apparated out of Hogsmeade together.” 

“I thought he didn’t like Lovegood,” Theo murmured, after a moment of heavy silence. 

“He seemed pretty content with her carrying him off tonight.” 

“Where do you think they go?” 

Blaise shrugged, “Nowhere he wants me with him.” 


“Just leave it, Theo. If he wanted me with him, he wouldn’t be sneaking off.” 

“He might be helping Lovegood with something personal. It might be her that doesn’t want you to know.” Theo pointed out. 

“Maybe, go back to bed Theo. We won’t know anything until he comes back. If he comes back.” 

“He loves you. Of course he’ll be back.” Theo said, he stood and squeezed Blaise’s shoulder. “Get some sleep, things will be better in the morning. You’ll see.”

Blaise snorted but nodded anyway. He shucked his robe and crawled beneath his blankets. Falling heavily onto his pillows. His eyes fell on the soft hippogriff toy that Raiden seemed to be the fondest of and he sighed, wondering how long Raiden would be and if he could stay awake until then. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


The bright light that surrounded them had started to fade and Harry started to blink the spots from his eyes as he tried to ascertain where they were from their surroundings. 

They were in some sort of large entrance hall. The drapes were drawn over the windows and the only light was from the wall sconces that had lit upon their arrival. Harry stepped out from Luna’s arms and he heard her get to her feet. He walked slowly through the room, looking about the understated finery around them. 

Marble and timber were the predominant materials that made up the room, and the only decoration were the etchings of cherry blossom trees that adorned each wall. The etchings seemed to be done in real gold from the way they shone in the torchlight. 

“It’s beautiful,” Luna breathed. 

Harry couldn’t help but agree. 

He approached the nearest door and as he drew closer, it opened for him. The room beyond lighting up to reveal a combination of portrait gallery and library. Harry’s eyes went wide, and he almost faltered to a stop before he was running. Running as fast as his legs could carry him. To the very end of the long room. 

That was where he stopped. Where he rose onto his back legs, resting his front paws on the wall as he stared at the large portrait in front of him. At his parents. 


James and Lily portrait


“Harry? Is that you, son?” 

Harry’s tails waved at his father’s words, too awed to reply properly. 

“Oh, Harry!” cried Lily.

She moved off the chair she was painted with to the front of the frame. Hands pressed against the canvas as she looked down at Harry. 

Harry couldn’t help the tears that pricked his eyes. He barked his greetings as his eyes roved their every detail. From the Gryffindor coloured curtains, his mum’s fiery tresses, his dad sans glasses. There were runes carved into the buttons of their robes. A light breeze tossed the branches of the trees outside of their window. He could see now, that he didn’t just have his mum’s eyes. But her long fingers as well. 

“I see you got the family genes,” James said with a grin as he came closer to stand with Lily. One hand on her shoulder. 

Harry nodded. 

“Can you change back? So we can see you? See how you’ve grown?” Lily asked. 

Harry shook his head and was grateful when Luna spoke up. 

“He can’t Mrs Potter. He doesn’t know how. We came here looking for answers.”

And we got so much more than that. Harry thought. 

“Who’s this?” James asked, his tone light and teasing, “Your girlfriend, Harry?” 

Harry shook his head vehemently. Trying to convey just how much Luna was not his girlfriend. 

He saw his parents exchange a glance. 

“Harry… you haven’t… how many people know that you’re a kitsune?” James asked. His voice suddenly very serious.

Harry looked back at Luna, wishing for her to answer for him. 

“No-one sir, it’s just me. Luna Lovegood. Harry’s been stuck like this for nearly a month now, and he’s been staying with a boy named Blaise. But Blaise and his dormmates don’t know that he’s Harry. They just think he is Blaise’s familiar. They call him Raiden. I’ve been polyjuicing as Harry occasionally so that people don’t get suspicious of Harry Potter’s absence and Raiden’s appearance.” 

James and Lily seemed to relax a little, but they were still very clearly worried. 

“Harry,” James began, “being a Kitsune is as dangerous as it marvellous. There are people who would seek to capture you. Control you. If only for a time. There are myths, put forth by the Kitsune people to try and limit this, namely that a kitsune can only grant three wishes to the person that can steal a kitsune’s ball. The ball is a lie. As are the wishes. They are something you must conjure whenever you feel yourself in that kind of danger. Your opponent will focus on that. Giving you an advantage. If they do manage to steal it. They will believe you can only grant them three wishes and once these are fulfilled they will let you go.” 

James sighed and scrubbed his painted face, “There is so much I need to teach you. There is so much for you to know.”

James eyed Luna for a moment, “It’s the school term though, isn’t it? You’ve snuck out.” 

Harry nodded. 

“You really can’t turn back, love?” Lily asked. 

Harry shook his head sadly and Lily looked to her husband. 

“It shouldn’t be this difficult, son,” he said, “You just have to think of who you are and will yourself to turn back. Just close your eyes and think of yourself, what you look like and you’ll turn back.” 

Harry did. He sat down and closed his eyes. He thought of who he was, Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived. He scoffed mentally. Turning his thoughts to his appearance instead, he didn’t get further than his scar before his thoughts turned to Voldemort and the war. Of losing Hermione and Sirius. Losing his parents.

He opened his eyes to see if he had changed at all, but he was still the same. Still a kitsune. He whined in disappointment.  

“You just need practise, Harry,” James told him with a confident grin, “You’ll get there.” 

Harry’s tails waved a little at the strong belief his father had in him. 

“In the meantime, you can use illusions to speak your thoughts. All kitsune, no matter how newly discovered, can create illusions.”

Lily took over the explanation at Harry’s confused noise. 

“It’s like a picture, Harry. An image projected from your mind. Whatever you want. Think of someone from school. Someone you would like us to meet. A friend. See their face and will us to see it too.”

Harry’s first thought of Ron and Hermione, his very first friends at Hogwarts. But the loss of Hermione was too painful, Harry didn’t want to see her image or answer the questions his parents would ask. The souring of his friendship with Ron, left the redhead out too. 

The only other person he could think of, that he would want to introduce to his parents, was Blaise. And it was suddenly very important to Harry, that they approved of him. 

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes again. Bringing a memory of a weekend Blaise to mind. He willed for his parents to see how Blaise looked after him. How gentle and wonderful, how studious and intelligent he was.

Blaise had been sitting in an armchair by the fire in their room, dressed casually, no house colours, and Harry was stretched out in his lap. Blaise idly carding his fingers through Harry’s fur and tails as he read a supplementary text for Transfiguration.  

“Oh my, now he’s handsome,” said Lily suddenly. 

Harry opened his eyes again to see that astoundingly, it had worked. There, in front of Harry, was the exact picture he had been thinking of. He saw his parent's exchange knowing glances for a moment before they turned back to Harry. 

“So is this the Blaise that you’ve been staying with Harry? The one Miss Lovegood mentioned?”

Harry nodded. 

“Is he your mate? Your chosen?”

Harry cocked his head and projected a question mark to his parents. 

Luna stepped forward, “Mr and Mrs Potter, the hour grows late… I know how much this must mean to you all, but we need to get back soon. Our absence will be noticed otherwise.”

James inclined his head toward Luna, placing a reassuring hand on his wife’s shoulder. 

“Of course, of course.” James turned back to Harry, “We will be here, waiting for you. Come back to us over the holidays. We will talk more then. Perhaps you can bring this Blaise and introduce us properly.”

Harry nodded, he knew Luna was right, but oh it hurt to be away from them. Especially now when he could know them. 

“There’s something I want you to have, Harry. Take it with you. But you need to know, that you can only share it with one person.” 

Harry nodded seriously. 

“It’s the Potter Kitsune Grimoire. It has all of the details about the powers you have, or could have. It’s the detailed journal of our families history. Though it doesn’t mention any names, you need to make sure you don’t put any names in it either.”

Harry tilted his head, why wouldn’t their names be in it?

“The decision was made to keep names out of it, just in case the book ever fell into the wrong hands. There are symbols in the journal that detail each Potter Kitsune, not everyone gets the inheritance, and they match the symbols on our family tree.”

James knelt next to Lily, placing the back of his fingers against the canvas. 

“Take my ring, Harry. You can open the Grimoire whenever you want, it will recognise you, but the person you show it too will need the ring to access it. There’s only one ring like this, and it cannot be duplicated. So be careful who you give it to.” 

Harry jumped up onto the small settee in front of his parent's frame. He hesitantly reached out with his muzzle, moving as if to take the ring from his father’s hand with his teeth. 

Suddenly it was in his mouth, the sharp, tangy taste of metal. He heard a rustling sound from behind him and looked. 

Luna was fiddling with something around her neck. She brought her hand forward and Harry saw a chain swinging from her fingers. 

“Here,” she said, “I’ll put it around your neck.” 

Harry whuffed softly in acceptance and Luna knelt in front of him. Gently she took the ring from his mouth and slipped it onto the chain. She then clasped it around Harry’s neck and hit the chain with a shrinking charm so it wouldn’t slip off. 

Harry tried to peer down at where it sat underneath his chin but he couldn’t see it. He did, however, feel the weight of it against his chest. 

“You’re a good friend to our Harry, aren’t you Miss Lovegood?” Lily asked with a smile.

“Oh, yes, Mrs Potter. Harry was one of my very first friends, there isn’t much I wouldn’t do for him,” Luna replied. 

“You might want to duck, son,” said James. 

Harry was about to give a questioning yip when the portrait started to swing open. Harry quickly threw himself on his belly as it passed over his head for behind the portrait, was a room. 

Harry stood on the settee once more and then using his front paws to lift himself, scrambled into the room. 

It wasn’t overly large, but it was filled with books and artefacts, some jewellery as well. It was there, upon a pedestal in the centre, that Harry saw the book his dad had mentioned. 


kitsune book


It had a forest green cover, with brown leather strappings and golden fixings. With a golden face stamped into a black background. Harry levitated it off the stand and brought it back out with him. 

The portrait closed behind him, clicking into place as he set foot on the ground again.

“Did you get it, Harry?” Luna asked. 

He looked quizzically at her. 

“It’s invisible to anyone who does not possess a kitsune inheritance or the ring,  Harry,” said James. “You two should get going, but make sure you come back and visit your mother and me soon.” 

Harry nodded vigorously. Of course he would come back. He felt Luna’s hands around his waist, and then the crushing sensation of apparition. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


They had made their way back into Hogwarts without arousing any suspicion. For which Harry was thankful. His heart still ached with the knowledge that he could know his parents. Even just the facsimile that was their portraits. 

Luna left him at the entrance to the Slytherin common rooms with the whispered password and Harry quickly trotted inside. His book floating behind him and the ring bouncing on his chest. His thoughts were racing with ideas of what he would ask his parents the next time he saw them. He slipped quietly into their rooms, softly shutting the door behind him. 

A quick glance around the room showed a light coming from underneath Blaise’s curtains. 

Harry paused briefly, it was odd. Blaise was usually a heavy sleeper. He was never awake when Harry returned from his wanderings. 

Approaching the bed with care, Harry nosed under the curtain, letting the book fall silently to the heavy carpet. He made his way up the stairs and was about to step on to the bed when the sight of Blaise staring despondently at the canopy above drew him up short. 

He whuffed softly, questioningly and Blaise’s face turned to look at him. 

“Oh, you’re back,” he said dispassionately.

Harry cocked his head to the side, not understanding why Blaise was so upset. He stepped onto the bed, stretching his neck out to nose at Blaise’s hand. He was usually so happy to see him. 

Blaise promptly rolled over, his back to Harry as the light went out. 

Harry halted again. Was… Was Blaise angry with him? A sudden sharp pain lanced through his chest and Harry was filled with an urge to find out what was going on. 

He moved forward hesitantly and rose up to rest his paws on Blaise’s shoulder, pushing gently and whuffing again. 

Blaise rolled over onto his stomach. 

Harry huffed. He jumped over Blaise’s back, glad for his improved eyesight. He could see relatively well at night. He moved up the bed and pushed his nose into the crook of Blaise’s neck. Blaise grunted and turned in the sheets again. 

Harry rumbled low in his throat. Blaise was being childish. Well, so could he. 

He tugged Blaise’s hair. His ear. The sheets. Still, Blaise ignored him. Continually rolling over and hiding his face and feigning sleep. Harry finally managed to get Blaise on his back and he jumped onto his chest. Paws on his shoulders and nose to nose as he growled. Thoroughly fed up now at Blaise’s continued evasion.

Slowly, Blaise opened one eye. 

“I didn’t know you cared so much,” he sneered. 

Harry frowned, this was not the Blaise he knew. He growled a little more, needing to know more. 

“Why aren’t you still off with Lovegood? I know you’ve been sneaking out to see her at night.”

Harry rocked back a little, Blaise had seen him with Luna? That explained why he had smelled him before they went outside!

“Yes, I know. So go on, I won’t stop you. No-one chooses me in the end. Why should you be any different?”

Blaise’s self-loathing tone made Harry angrier than anything else he had said and he moved again to glare into Blaise’s eyes. 

I DON’T choose Luna! He thought angrily. I choose YOU, you prat! 

Blaise just stared back unblinkingly and Harry growled in frustration. He hated not being able to communicate with Blaise! 

He stilled. Maybe he could. The illusions…

He took a few steps back and tried to conjure the same image from before. The one he had shown his parents. 

Blaise’s eyes went wide as the image appeared. His jaw fell open as he took it in before it snapped shut in a mulish manner. 

“Yeah, I take care of you, so what. I bet Lovegood would too.” 

Harry huffed again and moved to try and push himself under Blaise’s hand, but Blaise just tucked them under his armpits. 

“Why haven’t you done this before?” Blaise asked angrily, “Or is it just something you do with her? I get to feed you and she gets the magic? Is that it?”

Harry shook his head vigorously. Urgh! How was he supposed to explain?

He thought of another image, one of Luna this time, but in a teacher's robes. 

Blaise was silent for a moment as he looked. 

“Lovegood taught you how to do this?” he asked softly. 

Harry shook his head and made a seesawing motion with his paw. 

“Can you explain it to me? Please? I’m listening now.”

Harry huffed, but tried to think of a way to show Blaise so that he would understand.

Harry made as if to walk down the stairs and then conjured an image of two kitsune. 

“Lovegood’s a kitsune?”

Harry shook his head and changed the image slightly, adding a smaller kitsune to the image and then he tapped his chest. 

A look of recognition came over Blaise’s face. 

“She knows your parents?”

Harry nodded.

“And you went to see them?”

Harry nodded again. 

Blaise’s shoulders fell, “Are you going back to them? Is this goodbye?”

Harry shook his head and taking the chance that Blaise wouldn’t push him away this time, crawled into his lap. Blaise let him in and gently began to pet him. 

“Why not?”

Harry rose up onto his hind legs, his ears drooping down as he conjured another image. 


One of two headstones.


“Oh Raiden, I’m so sorry,” Blaise murmured. 

He gathered Harry close and pressed him tightly to his chest. Harry burrowed into him. Pushing his nose up behind Blaise’s ear, he snuffled softly. He had needed this he realised, needed this with Blaise. He pulled back and pushed his nose against Blaise’s cheek. Inhaling softly before he gently broke out of Blaise’s hold. 

He knew who he wanted to share his family’s book with and it wasn’t Luna. 


Harry lifted himself onto his back feet and pawed at his throat. 

Blaise lit his wand again and Harry repeated the action. Blaise leant forward, his fingers brushing against Harry’s chest. 

“What’s this? A ring?”

Harry yipped. 

“Is it yours?”

Harry nodded again and then tugged gently on Blaise’s hand with his teeth, pawing at the ring again. 

“You want me to put it on?” 

Harry exuberantly nodded his head again. 


Harry huffed and landed back on all fours. He headed to the edge of the bed and levitated the book, floating it over to land in Blaise’s lap. 

“Where did you get this?” Blaise asked and Harry showed him the picture of the kitsune family again. “This was your parents? This belongs to you?” 

Harry yipped and waved his tails. Blaise tried to open the book and Harry rolled his eyes with a grumble. He sat back up in front of Blaise and lifted his chin again. Blaise’s brows drew together in thought and he reached slowly for the chain around Harry’s neck, unlatching it and slipping the ring free.

“Do I need to wear this to open the book?” 

Harry’s tails waved as he chirped in acknowledgement. Blaise looked the ring over slowly and Harry sighed internally. He let out a huff of air and Blaise looked at him. Harry brought the image of Luna up again, this time with a big red cross through the centre. He cycled through a few other faces, Draco and Theo, Snape, the Slytherin girls with even bigger crosses that made Blaise’s lips twitch in laughter. Finally, he let the image linger on the first one he had shown Blaise. The one of the two of them curled together in an armchair. With no crosses to be seen. 

Blaise smiled slowly, “Okay, I get it. This is just something for you and me is it?” 

Harry perked up, now Blaise was getting it!

“For no-one else?” 

Harry shook his head. 

“And you’re not leaving me for Lovegood?”

Harry made sure Blaise saw him roll his eyes before he shook his head rapidly from side to side. 

“Alright,” Blaise said softly and he slipped the ring on his finger. 


The Ring


Harry instantly felt a connection to Blaise, like he knew exactly where he was, regardless of that fact he was sitting directly in front of him. He shook his head a little to rid him of the sensation and crawled into Blaise’s lap so that they could look at the book together. 

The book was full of spells and charms. Blaise flipped through it steadily and he and Harry drank it in. It was beautifully illustrated, and the handwriting changed steadily as they progressed through the book. 

“This is amazing,” Blaise breathed, “I mean… wow…” 

Harry could only nod in agreement. 

There was so much information to take in and it all seemed to be very instinctual. As if the writers just assumed that the reader would be able to do it. As they neared the end, the book started to change in more noticeable ways. The end of the book was divided into sections, the pages of each section were lightly coloured as if to make them stand out from the rest of the book. 

Harry stood and put his paw on a page wanting to see why they were so different. He felt Blaise lean over him to see what he was looking at but he kept on reading. This particular page had some very detailed information on kitsune interactions with ghosts. 

Well now, Harry thought, Isn’t that interesting. 

“We’re going to be spending a lot of time with this book,” Blaise murmured.

Harry made a noise of agreement as he nudged at Blaise’s hand wanting him to turn the page. 

Blaise shut the book instead. 

Harry turned in the circle of Blaise’s legs and huffed up at him. 

“It’s late, we should sleep. Once classes are over tomorrow we can read more.”

Harry snorted, Blaise was right. Merlin only knew what time it was. Blaise slid the book under his pillow. 

“Come on, let’s get some sleep,” he said, patting the bed beside as he lay down. 

Harry grumbled under his breath but moved to lay beside Blaise. Sighing contently as Blaise wrapped an arm around him and pulled him tight against his chest, covering them both with the blankets. Harry drifted off quickly, feeling safe and wanted in the circle of Blaise’s arms.