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Harry woke with a yawn the next morning and snuggled deeper into Blaise. A Blaise who was apparently sitting up and reading if the sound of a page turning was any indication. 

Harry blinked his eyes open blearily and yawned again. Licking at his lips as he looked up at Blaise. 

Blaise smiled at him fondly and stroked a hand over his head. 

“Sorry? Did I wake you?” 

Harry shook his head, he was fairly certain that wasn’t the case. He looked at the book Blaise had in his lap and saw it was the Potter Grimoire. He sat up to look at and then sent a question mark to Blaise. 

“I woke up a little early,” Blaise said, “Couldn’t get back to sleep so I thought I’d look through this some more. That’s alright isn’t it?”

Harry nodded slowly, of course, it was. But he was worried about the amount of sleep Blaise had gotten. He crawled into Blaise’s lap and gently rested a paw on one of the bags under Blaise’s eye. 

Blaise smiled at him again, “I’ll be alright, one night of broken sleep won’t kill me.” 

Harry huffed but withdrew his paw. He looked down at the book and cocked his head. 

“This grimoire is incredible, Raiden. There is so much magic here, so much history too. And Merlin! The things you could be able to do! I mean, there are powers here, the illusions, foxfire, elemental manipulation…” he trailed off in awe, flipping through the pages. 

“Do you want to learn it?” he asked, looking at Harry questioningly. 

Harry nodded, of course, he did, this was his family legacy but there was also something else he needed to Blaise to know. 

He nosed the book shut for a moment and Blaise gave him his full attention. He had come to a realisation last night as he had drifted off to sleep. As he had replayed those moments with his parents and the fight with Blaise in his mind. 

He brought up an illusion of him and Luna walking out of Hogwarts and he saw Blaise’s lips thin. He bowed his head and whimpered out an apology. Ears back and low as he sank to the mattress. 

“Oh, hey, Raiden. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have jumped to that conclusion either. I should have trusted you more. I should have listened to Theo when he told me you always came back.” 

Harry sat up and took a deep breath, projecting another illusion above him.


Raiden and hearts


Blaise smiled and picked him up, bringing him in for a tight hug. 

“I love you too,” he murmured. 

When he put Harry down and went to start his morning routine, Harry couldn’t work out why he felt disappointed. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Blaise headed for the shower and Harry decided he needed to have a little chat with Theo. He had obviously felt the need to talk to Blaise about Harry’s night-time wanderings and Harry wanted to know why. There was also the matter of why Theo had been so quick to be by his side when pranking the girls, Harry had thought it was simply to help him get revenge but... 

Getting onto Theo’s bed was another matter. He didn’t have stairs like Blaise. So Harry had to employ the same trick he used to get out of the dorms at night. 

Landing by Theo’s feet with a soft thump.

He moved up the bed and planted himself on Theo’s chest, going nose to nose with the sleeping Slytherin before barking softly in his face. 

Theo blinked his eyes up before jerking to alertness. 

“Raiden!” he exclaimed, jolting in place. “What are you doing?”

Harry heard Draco grumble in the next bed over but paid him no mind as Theo rubbed the sleep from his eyes. 

He projected a question mark for Theo to see and held his gaze. Theo stared at it wide-eyed for a moment.


raiden question marks


“How long have you been able to do that?”

Harry tapped his paw on Theo’s chest. That wasn’t important. His question was. 

He flashed through an image of Blaise and then the question mark again. Whuffing insistently. 

“What are you- oh. Blaise told you he knew you left, huh?”

Harry nodded and let the images fade. He settled down to sit primly on Theo’s chest as he waited for an answer. 

“I heard him come back into the dorm after. He was pretty upset that you went off with Lovegood,” Theo said reproachfully. 

Harry nodded and hung his head. 

“Why did you go off with her?”

Harry showed him of Blaise, Theo and Draco sitting around laughing and then one of him and Luna reading together. 

Theo’s brow furrowed as he puzzled it out. 

“She’s your friend?”

Harry nodded. 

“I thought you didn’t like her? That day at breakfast…”

Harry shrugged. Playing it off as a change of mind. It wasn’t Theo’s fault he didn’t know he was Harry Potter and hence one of Luna’s friends. 

“Alright then,” Theo responded slowly, “You gonna get off me now?” 

Harry shook his head and Theo huffed, settling back into his pillows. 


theo and raiden


“What else then?”

Harry showed him the prank again and cocked his head.

Theo went quieter than Harry thought possible for him to be. He was so soundless normally that Harry would have bet good galleons he couldn’t be more so. But somehow Theo managed it. 

“I abhor them,” he said finally, his voice like a ghost between them. 

It was the choice of words that struck Harry as much as the way he said it. Such a visceral declaration, so carefully chosen as to let him know the utter depths of Theo’s detest for them. Yet, whispered so softly, as if he didn’t just hate them but feared them too. 

Unsure what to do Harry lay down and gently touched his nose to Theo’s chin. Theo’s hands lifted up and started to stroke his back. Harry didn’t normally let anyone beside Blaise pet him quite so intimately, usually only leaving himself open to head scratches, but Theo seemed to need that intimacy at this moment. 

“I don’t expect you to understand…” he said quietly, “though Blaise seems to think you understand everything…” 

He went quiet again and Harry nudged into his hand again to reassure him. 

“I’m Asexual, Ace,” he said at last. 

Harry chirped inquiringly at the unknown term. Maybe it was some kind of wizarding thing?

Theo huffed a laugh, “It would probably be weird to you, particularly as an animal, but I have no desire for sex. To mate,” he added unnecessarily. 

Undoubtedly to account for Harry’s ‘animal instincts’. 

“I mean, it’s not as if I haven’t tried it. I did once. With a bloke from Beauxbatons in fourth year, because- well… everyone was doing it. And it was fine… good even. But just- not something I need.” He sighed heavily. “For what felt like the longest time, I thought there was something horribly wrong with me. That there was just something fundamentally off about me. I didn’t seek out sex. I wasn’t aroused by anyone, not even people I thought were attractive.” 

Theo glanced across to Draco’s bed and then whispered conspiratorially to Harry, “I mean... Draco’s a bit of a cad and well… he was always talking about how much he loves it and the girls he was with, and all the other boys in Slytherin too. Except for Blaise, he’s only had eyes for one Gryffindor since we started Hogwarts, but he’s probably told you all about him.”

Harry nodded morosely. 

Theo sighed again, “Anyway, it wasn’t until Draco and I stayed at Blaise’s for a week over the summer and I was up late one night, reading in the library-”

Harry’s tails twitched in amusement, that didn’t seem like Theo. No, not at all.

“-and Blaise’s mum has the BIGGEST collection of books on sex and sexuality you’ll ever find. So I started reading some and I came across this book that described the different spectrums of sexuality and- and I had never felt so relieved . There it was. Written in black and white. A name that explained everything I felt. Asexual. Ace for short.”

A little smile came over his face as he lost himself in the memory and Harry suddenly felt like he was intruding… Theo had just opened up to him in an extremely a private way. Harry suddenly felt incredibly guilty for the future betrayal Theo would probably feel if Harry was ever revealed as Raiden. 

“There are a lot of ways to interpret it - but for me, it took off so much pressure and I didn’t make a secret about hiding it, to begin with. Blaise and Draco, Blaise’s mum, they were all incredibly supportive and they’ve never treated me any differently, well, except they make sure to hug me often.”

Harry nodded slightly at that, he had noticed that Draco and Blaise would often pull Theo into a hug for seemingly no reason. Draco would often cuddle platonically with Theo or use his lap as a headrest while they studied. 

“Blaise’s mum was the one who helped me come up with a way to tell my father, I thought he would be furious with me because I have no intentions of marrying someone. I don’t need a marriage. I'd like a romantic partner, I still want someone to love but I don't want that love to necessitated by sex. I don't want that as a factor in my relationship with someone. For now, though, I have my friends and that's enough.” 

Harry’s head was tilted to the side as he studied Theo, he would have thought his father would be angry with him too. Theo was a pureblood… if he didn’t marry, he couldn’t have children… What would happen to the Nott line? Weren’t purebloods all about keeping the bloodlines alive?

“That is so weird you can do that, I still want to know how,” Theo said, his eyes fixed above Harry’s head. 

Harry looked up and realised he had projected the image of a baby without meaning too. He would have to be careful about this new ability now that he knew he had it. 

“And of course I’ll have a kid. Maybe more than one. I think I would like being a father. That’s what Blaise’s mother helped me with. I can adopt an orphaned child - if they’re a half-blood or more, a blood adoption will purify their magical heritage and they’ll be considered a Nott. Or I can opt to have a surrogate. There are ways of making a family without using the traditional methods.”

He tapped Harry lightly on the nose and grinned at him, “Merlin, you picked a heavy topic to talk about early in the morning.”

Harry nodded slowly and yet, Theo still hadn’t told him about the girls. He brought up the illusion of them standing in their doorway again. 

Theo’s mouth twisted and he scowled, “I told you I didn’t hide it at first, once I had told my father that summer and he knew I had no intention of not having an heir. He was quite supportive. I don’t think he quite gets it but- he’s happy to allow me to do as I wish, his only stipulation is that I have an heir before I’m thirty.” Theo sucked in a breath and continued, “So when we came back to Hogwarts I didn’t hide my newfound identity, partly because I was finally happy with myself, and partly because I wanted people to know I was ‘off the market’ so to speak. I wasn’t comfortable with people hitting on me, or trying to whisk me off into broom closets and such, so I thought I would put a stop to it."

Theo paused for a moment, seemingly collecting his thoughts. 

"Some… the girls, in particular, took offence. Thought that I was being selfish. That I was taking something away from them. My Family name, and money, most importantly. They thought that because I’d had sex before and somewhat enjoyed it, meant I was making it all up. They thought I couldn’t be both gay and asexual at once. That it had to be one or the other.” 

Theo ran a hand over his face before resuming his petting of Harry’s coat. 

“Pansy, Daphne and Tracey, they were insulted that I wouldn’t consider one of their brothers as a spouse, and Pansy and Daphne’s brothers are bigger slags than Draco is. Pansy brother, Phillip, doesn’t care what he shags, so long as he's 'getting some' while Deondre is gay and slept with almost the entirety of his Hogwarts year and the one either side. Anyway, they thought it was my duty to marry one of them. Being that they’re both Sacred Twenty-Eight Families and I’m the only Nott Heir. They’ve been talking about it since they found out I slept with Louis. How they could marry me off to one of their brothers and get access to my money and wealth without having to marry me themselves. Like it’s their right to decide my fate for me.”

Theo’s face darkened quickly, like a sudden summer storm.

“After I gave them all a right bollocking about it. Blaise caught them trying to slip me a love potion. I take the antidote to Amortentia every week now.”

Theo shuddered under Harry and Harry recalled the violet coloured potion he took once a week and he growled. Angry that these girls thought they could do something like that. 

Hermione had strong views on love potions, well, she had strong views on just about everything, but her view on love potions was that of rape. She said that if a person couldn't say yes in their right frame of mind, then it was a crime. Harry rather agreed with her, once he and Ron had gotten her to calm down and actually explain what she was going on about. She had come back from the library one afternoon, positively vibrating with rage. Speaking so fast, that even they hadn't been able to understand her and Harry and Ron had years of practice listening to Hermione's rants. 

"Raiden?" Blaise called and Harry lifted his head to yip in Blaise's direction. 

Blaise had just come from the bathroom. Dressed in his school slacks and an unbuttoned shirt. 

"What are you doing?" Blaise paused in doing up his shirt and looked at Theo assessingly. "You alright, Theo?" 

Harry tried to clue Blaise in by tucking his head back into Theo's neck in a hug-like move. 

"I was just telling Raiden about why I dislike the vapid whores," Theo said. 

Blaise nodded minutely began walking towards them. 

"Budge up." He demanded, lifting the blankets of Theo's bed and crawling in next to him. 

Blaise grabbed Theo's wand from the dresser and sent a stinging hex at Draco before settling down and wriggling an arm under Theo's shoulders. 

Harry snorted as the blond awoke with a yelp and looked around a sneer and an insult on his lips. One that quickly dropped away as he took in the sight on Theo's bed. 

He staggered ungracefully out of bed and made his way over. Burrowing under the covers and curling up on Theo's chest. Theo began absently petting his hair and Draco was asleep again within a minute. 

Harry snorted and stood up, shaking himself lightly before moving to lie in the small space between Theo and Blaise. 

"Everything alright then?" Blaise asked after a moment.

Theo hummed, "Yes, it's rather unburdening to talk with Raiden. You were right, he's a good listener." 

Blaise smiled and reached down to scratch Harry behind the ears and Merlin, but did it feel nice. 

"And you Raiden? You alright?" 

Harry shrugged and Blaise looked at him concerned. Harry conjured an image of Theo taking the love potion antidote and he growled softly again.

Blaise's mouth twisted unpleasantly, "Yes, that upsets me too."

Theo sighed, "It's only another year and then I never have to see them again if I don't want too." 

Blaise merely hummed but he didn't comment further. 

"So how long has Raiden been able to do the picture thing?" Theo asked. 

Blaise looked down at Harry who nodded in return. 

"Since last night, it's what he was doing with Lovegood. She taught him apparently." 

"Did she? Raiden said they were friends." 

"It seems that way," Blaise replied. 

"You two made up then?" Theo asked. 

Harry looked up at Blaise, ears down and back in a ploy to look pitiful and sad. 

"We did," Blaise said and Harry yipped excitedly. 

He stood up, waving his tails in the air and barking playfully at Blaise, wanting to drag them all out of the morose feeling that had settled in the room. 

Draco grumbled and put a hand over his ear. 

Harry lowered himself onto his front legs and barked again when Blaise began to grin. 

"You want to play do you?" he asked. 

Harry grinned back and wiggled his hindquarters getting ready to pounce or run as necessary. Blaise suddenly lunged for him, dislodging Theo and upsetting Draco at the same time. 

Harry barked, jumped over Draco and then leapt to the floor before dashing to the other side of the room. 

"Think you can get away that easily?" Blaise called as he disentangled himself from the sheets dragging them from the bed as he did. 

Draco cursed and flailed as the warm blankets were torn off him.

Theo's laughter rang out around the room and Harry couldn't help the grin as he continued to dodge Blaise's outstretched hands. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Eventually, they were all ready for the day and they left their room only to enter a commotion in the common room. Snape stood in the middle of the room, arms crossed and scowl in place as Pansy, Daphne and Tracey stood shouting at him. 

Harry’s eyes went wide at the display. 

Finally, the girls stopped complaining, perhaps finally aware of their actions and the deadly quiet in the room. 

“One hundred points from Slytherin at this entirely unseemly display and the disrespect you have shown your Head of House,” Snape said into the silence. 

The gathered Slytherins gasped and began to hiss. 

“I gave permission for you three to miss a day of school to rid yourself of these spells. Madame Pomfrey, Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, Professor Dumbledore and myself were all unable to remove them. It is our combined belief that the spells will only cease once the intent behind their casting has been fulfilled. You three were the ones to incur the wrath of a magical creature. You were even warned by Miss Bulstrode to cease your treatment of Mr Zabini’s familiar.”

“But Sir!” cried Daphne. 

“No. You will go about your daily duties. Attend meals, classes and your prefect duties, Miss Parkinson. Failure to do so will incur further lost points and detention with me.”

The three girls were obviously unhappy but they acquiesced and left the room.

Blaise approached Professor Snape, Draco and Theo with him. Harry tucked into one of the many carriers Blaise had purchased for him. 

“Thank you, Professor.”

Snape looked down at Blaise, his gaze shifting to Harry momentarily. 

“Your gratitude is unwarranted. Their behaviour is not your failing. Nor is the retaliation visited upon them something we can prosecute your familiar for. Kitsune are notorious for their… pranks. I would advise, however, if you have a measure of control over his actions, that you ask him to refrain from over-indulging in those… shenanigans whilst you remain at Hogwarts. We cannot legally separate the two of you but it would make your time at Hogwarts easier.”

Blaise nodded and Harry felt a little cowed by his impulsive behaviour. He lifted himself out of the pouch slightly, hanging his paws over the edge and gave Professor Snape his most apologetic look. 

Snape looked down at him once more and shockingly, trailed a finger over his head just once. Harry froze. Had Snape just… had Snape just pet him?

Harry tuned back into what Professor Snape was saying and 

“- sure to bring him to my quarters soon for his check-up.” 

“Of course, Sir.” 

Professor Snape nodded and then moved out of the common room, his cape billowing behind him. 

It was then that Harry saw Goyle standing in the corner of the room, a dark and menacing look on his face. 

Thoroughly creeped out, Harry retreated back into the bag and Blaise and the others left for breakfast. 

Draco took the lead as they walked out of the common room and Theo and Blaise flanked him. Harry had always wondered why but now he wondered if it was to divert attention from both Blaise and Theo as if Draco was protecting them with the Malfoy name. 

They passed a huddled Pansy, Daphne and Tracey, the three girls obviously nervous about entering the hustle and bustle of the Great Hall. They sneered at Blaise and Harry as they passed. 

“Don’t worry about them, Raiden,” Blaise murmured as he dropped a hand to rub behind Harry’s ears, “I won’t let them hurt you again.”

They had just sat down and Blaise was beginning to dish up some of Harry's favourites when a hush fell over the Hall. 

Harry tried to crane his neck at what caused the disturbance, though he could hazard a good guess. Unable to see from his viewpoint, he hopped up onto the table and onto Blaise’s shoulder. 

Raiden!” Blaise hissed. 

Harry felt his hand come up to steady him as Blaise straightened up. 

He snorted as he saw the three Slytherin girls standing in the doorway to the Great Hall. The chins jutted mulishly in the air as if daring anyone to say something about their very Gryffindor-ish appearance. 

“Oi, Greengrass!” yelled a voice, “This your way of saying you wouldn’t mind riding my broom after all?”

A round of guffaws came from the Gryffindor table and Harry looked to see one of McLaggen’s friends slapping him on the back.

“Fifteen points from Gryffindor, Mr McLaggen!” called Professor McGonagall, “for crude language!” 

She turned to the three girls, “Ladies, please take your seats.”

Pansy, Daphne and Tracey made their way to the end of the Slytherin table and sat down. Several others inched away from them as if the hexes might be catching.

Harry snorted again and then jumped lightly into Blaise’s lap. 

“You’re very pleased with yourself aren’t you?” Blaise asked him as the whispering and gossip started up around them. 

Harry waved his tails slightly. He was. After hearing Theo’s story this morning, Harry was feeling particularly vengeful toward them. 

As breakfast wound down though and the last of the late-risers made it into the Hall, the hexes began to fade. 

“So what do you think the trigger was then? Or do you think Raiden’s spell just wore off?” Theo asked as they made their way to class.

Blaise shrugged, “I don’t think it was his magic failing. Raiden’s pretty powerful I think.”

“It was the humiliation,” Draco said as they lined up, “at least, I think so, he wanted everyone to see them like that and everyone only did at breakfast. Think about it, kitsune myths are always about just desserts.” 

‘Huh,’ Harry thought. 

Draco might be right, he had thought that when he had cast the spells. He remembered thinking he wanted everyone to see them. 

“Is Draco right, caro?” Blaise asked looking down at Harry. 

Not having any other plausible answer Harry nodded. 

Blaise smirked, “Well, then. I’d say your prank was a success.”

Harry yipped up at him and accepted Blaise’s pats until they filed into the classroom under the strict observation of Professor Sinistra. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Harry and Blaise were walking along an empty corridor later that night, looking for an abandoned classroom to practise some of the spells from Harry’s grimoire in.

Blaise was clearly nervous and Harry wondered if he had snuck about at night much before. Harry suddenly wished he could lend him his cloak and the map of they were going to make a habit of this. 

Well, perhaps not the map, for it would tell who he was he was sure. 

Instead, Harry pressed his nose into Blaise’s hand, trying to soothe him and Blaise scratched at his ears in return. They soon came to a junction in the corridors. 

“Which way do you think?” Blaise asked softly. 

Harry craned his neck and then gestured to the left with his paw. If they went that way, they would come across the room he and Luna used. There were pillows there.

“Alright,” Blaise whispered, heading where Harry pointed. 

They approached the room Harry sought and he yipped quietly. 


Harry nodded and Blaise pushed the door open quietly. 

Harry yipped questioningly when he saw Luna waiting for them. 

"Lovegood? What are you doing here?" Blaise asked.

Harry could feel Blaise's whole body tense at her sudden appearance. 

She held up her hands peacefully and then gestured for Blaise to sit on the cushion next to her.

"I just wanted to talk to you about last night, I'm sure you have questions." 

Harry looked up at Blaise as he was clearly considering his options. Eventually, he moved to sit beside her. 

"How close are you and Raiden?" he asked.

Luna smiled serenely, "I consider him one of my first and dearest friends." 

Harry's heart twisted at her words. 

"You've known each other a long time then?" Blaise asked. 

Luna shook her head, radish earrings flinging madly. 

"I didn't meet him until last year." 

"Right," Blaise said, "So, where did you go last night? What do you two do every night? Why didn't I know anything about it? I mean, he's my familiar isn't he? He called for me when he was in trouble with that Acromantula. Not you." 

Harry whimpered and curled in on himself. The pain that cracked in Blaise's voice was like a white-hot lance of guilt through his chest. 

"Kitsune's aren't familiars, Blaise. I can call you Blaise can't I? I mean, we have a mutual friend after all." Luna said. 

Harry sat up quickly. Startled at her words. Surely she wasn't going to tell Blaise?

"What do you mean they aren't familiars?" 

Luna shrugged, "It's something you two will have to figure out together." 

"Lovegood," Blaise said warningly. 

"Luna," she replied sweetly, "You wouldn't be asking me to betray someone's trust, would you? Oh dear, that simply wouldn't do." 

Harry heard Blaise grind his teeth together and he sat there frozen, wondering what was going through Blaise’s head. He looked up at him worriedly.

Blaise was looking down at Harry, “I don’t understand, if he’s not my familiar, then what is he?”

“You’re his chosen. The centaurs call it Synkardiás. ” Luna said happily. “It is wonderful really.”

Harry remembered now, his conversation with Bane and from the look on Blaise’s face now. He did too. 

“So what… Raiden chose me?”

Luna shook her head and Harry was thoroughly confused. 

“Magic chose to bring you two together. It’s up to the both of you to stay that way.” 

Blaise snorted softly, “You make it sound as if we’re soulmates.” 

Luna just smiled enigmatically but only Harry saw it. He cocked his head at her, there was no such thing right? Because if there was, what about Blaise’s family potion? What about Neville?

“Neville asked me to Hogsmeade this weekend,” Luna said mildly and Harry stiffened. 

“Did he? That’s nice for you, Lovegood.” 

Harry looked up at Blaise, the bland uninterested tone was not what he expected to hear. He had thought Blaise would have gotten all jumpy and upset at the mention of Neville. 

“Perhaps you should do the same?” she prompted. 

Now Blaise tensed. 

“Excuse me?” he asked, his voice deadly and soft. 

Luna shrugged, “You might be surprised, just because he’s a Gryffindor, doesn’t mean he hates Slytherin’s. I think he actually rather likes them now. He’s had a rather unique experience with some of them lately.” 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Blaise said, “I don’t like anyone in Gryffindor.” 

“Of course not! But we aren’t talking about like are we?” she said as she stood up, “Something to think about.”  

With that parting comment, Luna left. 

Leaving Blaise and Harry to sit thoroughly discombobulated.