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Harry woke in the middle of the night to a raging storm. The lightning caused the room to light up in odd intervals, and the thunder sounded deep within his bones. Harry slid out of bed and moved to the window, opening it to see better as the rain lashed heavily against the glass.

He had always loved storms and would often sit for hours watching them. But something felt different this time. Like he needed to be out in it. He watched entranced as a bolt of lightning created a path and struck somewhere in the forbidden forest.

It was so beautiful.

The storm was tremendous. Unapologetic and unaccountable. Utterly uncontrollable. It answered to no-one. It was powerful. It was free.

The thunder rolled and the lightning struck.

Harry knew there was power in the storm, enough that it could destroy anything in its path. But storms were also healing, they cleansed that which they prevailed over and nurtured what grew.

Without conscious thought, Harry turned away from the window and suddenly found himself on the grounds of Hogwarts. He only vaguely remembered exiting the Fat Lady’s portrait.

Tilting his head back he let the rain lash his face. He could feel his nightclothes sticking to his body, the fabric growing heavy and constrictive. He struggled with the nape of his shirt for a moment, before finally pulling it over his head and tossing it aside.

He shuddered at the next rumble of thunder, not in fear, but in anticipation. Even if he did not know what he was waiting for. It felt right to be standing here. In the middle of the storm. He didn’t even feel the cold.

He lifted his arms into the air and gasped as the next bolt of lightning struck him.



~*~*~*~ Harry&Blaise ~*~*~*~

Harry groaned feebly. The sounds of students voices loud and grating against his hearing. He struggled to open his eyes and stand up. Somehow managing to get himself onto all fours. Merlin, it felt like he had been hit by a bus.  

“I think it’s waking up!” cried a voice.

“Oh! Look how cuuuuuuuuuute!” exclaimed another.

Harry blearily opened his eyes and immediately yelped, his voice coming out strange and animal-like as he jumped back. There were three giants surrounding him.

How had giants gotten into Hogwarts? Harry had thought the wards were supposed to keep them out? And- were those, Hufflepuff ties around their necks?

One large hand began to reach slowly for him and Harry stumbled back. Tripping over something behind him. Beginning to panic, and not wanting to get caught by the giants that were masquerading as Hufflepuffs, Harry ran.

He headed for the forbidden forest, it was close. It would lead them away from the school if they tried to follow him and he could lose them in the trees.

It was only once he got to the nearby tree line that he realised he was running on all four limbs. And it was only after he had run deep into the forest that he thought perhaps they weren’t giants after all; and that perhaps it had been him that had grown smaller. The trees on either side of him were huge and the shadows were long. It must have been very early or very late in the day.

He looked down at his hands, only to discover they were no longer human hands. But rather, small paws. Covered entirely in black fur.

‘What on earth?’ He thought, utterly bewildered.

He tried to swivel his head around on his neck to see what was going on with the rest of his body when he stilled.

The forest was quiet.


Something was wrong and wasn’t just him.

He started to spin in a circle, looking for the anomaly and for somewhere to hide when he heard rustling from above him. His gaze tracked upwards, the sinking feeling in his gut was confirmed when he met a glittering eight-eyed stare.

Slowly, Harry started to back away. He didn’t seem all that big, maybe Aragog’s sprog wouldn’t be all that interested in eating him. Especially if he made it hard for it. Harry continued to back up, the Acromantula moving restlessly as he did so. Swallowing hard, Harry sent a quick prayer to whatever gods that were paying attention.

Please don’t let it eat him.

Harry felt a sensation shiver through him. Taking it as a sign, he turned, and ran.

Hearing a furious clicking behind him only spurred Harry to run faster. He could feel something like a tail flaring out behind him but he paid it no mind as he tried to navigate the thick undergrowth of the forest.

But he was unused to this body and that was soon apparent when his foot became entangled in some roots and he was sent sprawling.

He felt something in his paw snap and when he tried to stand and tug free the limb from the tangling vine, the pain sent him to his metaphorical knees. Whimpering, he sank low to the ground and looked about for the giant arachnid. He could hear it clicking and moving about in the trees, it was close, far closer than Harry would have liked, but he might have a minute or two.

Slowly he tried to work his paw free, biting back whimpers as he did. He did not want to draw attention to himself if he could help it.

Instead of tugging on the trapped paw, he tried to bring the other forward to claw at the vine that had wrapped itself around him but that meant putting weight on the trapped paw. It felt like fire shooting through him.

He was about to try and tear into it with his teeth when he heard a victorious shrieking sound. He whipped his head in the direction of the source and swallowed. He’d been found.

Well, he certainly wasn’t going to go out without a fight, he stood his ground as best he could and growled at the oncoming creature.

The Acromantula chittered at him and began to raise itself onto its hind legs, exposing its spinnerets.

Shit, Harry thought. That didn’t sound good.

A shout came from behind him, a spell Harry had never heard of and suddenly there was a lashing of fire between him and the spider. The Acromantula shrieked and backed up quickly and then Harry’s rescuer stepped out in front of him.

With his back to Harry, his identity was unknown, but he was tall and dressed in Slytherin colours. Harry was momentarily struck dumb by a Slytherin fighting an Acromantula.

He seemed to know what he was doing though, as the whip of fire from the end of his wand came slashing back to cut across the face of the beast.

“Be gone!” He bellowed in a deep, commanding voice.

Harry had to admit, it was an impressive shout.

The Acromantula chittered angrily and attempted to leap forward. Only to be met by another whip of flame. After a few more lashes, resulting in large burns and cuts upon the spider. It fled.

His rescuer stood for another minute, fire whip still active on his wand before he muttered something under his breath and it went out. He turned around and his eyes immediately fell on Harry.


The Slytherin’s expression softened and he crouched down before he shuffled closer to Harry.

“Hey there, little fellow. Please don’t be afraid of me. I’m here to help you.”

Utterly perplexed at the turn of events, -and what sort of Slytherin said please?- Harry stood frozen.

Zabini seemed to take this as a good sign and he crept closer still to peer at Harry’s paw.

“You’ve got yourself stuck in some Devil’s Snare, by the looks of it. Hang on, I’ll get you out. Don’t worry.”

Devil’s Snare? Harry peered at what he had previously thought was a bundle of roots. Huh, so it was, it was just so small that he hadn’t immediately connected it to his previous experience with the plant.

Zabini had moved even closer and he slid one hand underneath Harry’s stomach. Harry snarled at the touch, he was not about to just let some Slytherin manhandle him! No matter how small he was!

“Hush, I’m trying to help,” said Zabini, and Harry reluctantly settled. Grumbling under his breath.

It wasn’t as if he could get out on his own anyway.

Zabini pointed his wand at the Devil’s Snare and whispered “ Lumos!

The Devil’s Snare cringed away from the light and Harry whimpered as his paw was released. Evidently, the plant had been holding something in place and Harry was now quite sure that something was broken.

Zabini stood and brought Harry with him. Harry clutched tightly at Zabini's arm with his good legs as the ground zoomed away from him.

“Hey, hey, hush, no need to be afraid, I've got you, I won't let you fall,” said Zabini in a reassuring voice.

Harry snorted, he was a seeker! He wasn't afraid of heights. He just… hadn't been this far off the ground without being in control before. And Merlin, just how tall was Zabini anyway?

“Come on, I'm going to take you to Professor Hagrid and get him to take a look at that paw of yours, see what's wrong with it.”

Harry nodded in relief, Hagrid would know what to do and hopefully, he would figure out that it was him.

Zabini spoke soothingly to Harry the entire way out of the forest, Harry didn't really pay much attention to what he was saying, it was all very generic, but he did pick up on the underlying tone of worry in his voice.

It felt decidedly odd to be worried about in such a way.

Soon they breached the tree line, and Harry spotted Hagrid's hut. It was just starting to get dark and Harry couldn't believe that he had managed to sleep through the entire day. A sudden wave of exhaustion overcame him, and the aches he had been aware of when he first woke were starting to make themselves known again.

The adrenaline must have worn off, he mused as Zabini knocked on Hagrid's door.

Harry heard Fang barking and a muffled call of 'Who's there?’ before the door opened to reveal Harry's giant friend and his dog.

Harry huddled down into himself a little at the sheer size of Hagrid. Harry couldn't remember ever being intimidated by the man before, but by Merlin, it looked like his beard could swallow him whole.

“Zabini isn't it? What brings you here so late?” Hagrid asked.

“Yes, Sir. I found this little guy on the edge of the forest,-”

Harry snorted, edge of the forest his newly furry bottom, it had taken them ages to traipse out of there.

“-And I think his paw is hurt. I was hoping you could look at it.”

Hagrid looked down at Harry and immediately stepped aside, “O’ course! You'd best come in. Set 'im on the table there.”

Hagrid moved aside and let Zabini in. Harry was placed onto said table as Hagrid bustled about the place, grabbing different objects and placing them in his arms to carry back to the table.

Harry looked about the hut from his lofty vantage point. Keeping his one paw tucked against his chest so that he didn't accidentally put weight on it. Even Hagrid’s table was huge. Harry was sure it wasn’t usually this big. On the table, he saw a few odd items, a comb, scissors, a few straggly curls of hair and a large shaving mirror.

Harry huffed in surprise, it made sense when he thought about it. He had never seen Hagrid’s hair or beard ever get any longer, but he’d never had reason to think about it before.

It was handy though.

Harry limped over towards the mirror, wanting to see whatever it was that he had become. He paused as he took himself in. He was a fox. A small fox evidently. Not much larger than a small cat.

He cocked his head to the side, noting that his eyes were still green. His ears were quite large and seemed to be able to move independently of one another, evidenced by the way the flicked towards the noises Hagrid was creating. One of them had a little kink in it, causing the tip to fall forwards. His attention was soon drawn to his tail. Or should he say tails. All four of them. That just seemed excessive, Harry thought with a snort.

“Righ’ then,” Hagrid said, as he thumped into a seat next to Harry.

The half-giant discarded what he had in his hands onto the table and he reached out slowly towards him.

“Hello there, yer quite the looker aren’t you? Do yer want ta come over here so we can take a look at that paw of yours? It looks like ‘urts. We can make it all bett’r fer you.”

Harry sighed, Hagrid’s cooing was expected, he was an animal after all, however that had happened. He limped towards Hagrid’s outstretched hand.

“That’s a good fella, c’mon, that’s it.”

Harry felt Hagrids fingers pat gently over his head and he waited patiently for him to tell him what to do next.

Hagrid’s other hand reached for a book and he flipped through it until he came to a certain page.

“Righ’ Zabini, yeh see this spell here? I want you to cast that at the little guy. It will tell us wha’ injuries we’re dealing with.”

“Me?” Zabini asked surprised, “You want me to cast it on him?”

“Well, yer the one that found ‘im. The one that’s gonna be looking after 'im, yeh? Best know this sort o’ thing. Now, just nice and slow, there’s no need fer nothing flashy.”

Harry watched as Zabini quickly read over the spell and pointed his wand a few times away from Harry.

“That’s it, it’s an easy one. C’mon.”

“It says I need a piece of parchment, Sir.”

“Oh, righ’ righ’,” Hagrid patted his pockets and pulled out a scrap of parchment, he placed it on the table and ran his fist over it a few times to get rid of the worst of the creases. “‘Here yer go.”

Zabini nodded and swallowed. Harry barely had time to think of a swear before the Slytherin began to cast, he tapped the parchment and then pointed his wand at Harry.

Dico injuriam.”

Harry flinched bracing for something to go wrong as an inky looking substance slithered out of his wand. It flowed over Harry, momentarily blinding him before it retreated to the parchment and began to form words.

  • Malnourishment
  • Fractured left metacarpal
  • Fractured left metacarpal
  • Totum corpus muscular strain
  • Left ante pede tundere minutium

“What does all that mean?” asked Zabini.

“He’s broken sum bones in his paw and he’s got sum bruisin’ too. It says e’s strained all of ‘is muscles as well. Dunno, how the little tyke managed that.”

Maybe it has something to do with being forcibly changed into fox, Harry thought acerbically. Or from being struck by lightning. 

“All of them? And he’s malnourished?” Zabini asked.

Hagrid had slid a hand around Harry to bring him closer, his big hands questing over him and feeling for his ribs.

“He is a mite on the skinny side, couldn’a tell yer why though, there’s plenty for ‘im ter eat in the forest.”

Harry felt Hagrid's hand at his elbow, pushing at it gently to get him to bring it out. Harry took the hint and extended the paw as much as he could before he whimpered.

“There’s a good lad, yer alright,” Hagrid said softly.

Harry’s eyes flicked up to Zabini’s face and he saw that it was pinched, his brow was furrowed and he appeared to be chewing on his lower lip.

Harry yelped as Hagrid drew his paw out straight and had to resist the urge to pull it back.

Hagrid made some shushing sounds and started to wrap a shimmering white cloth around his paw.

“What’s that?” Zabini asked, stepping closer and peering at the cloth.

“This? It’s tail hair from a unicorn. They are always losing it on trees and bushes and the like. I weave it all t’gether, makes brilliant bandages for this kind o’ thing. You can charm it t’ harden and it makes a dead handy splint.”

Hagrid finished wrapping Harry’s paw, and much of his leg, before he splashed some water over it, muttering a few words under his breath as he did. Harry felt the wrap shrink and harden around his leg and though it hurt initially, causing him to yelp loudly, and Zabini to flinch. He had to admit that it felt better.

Experimentally, he put his foot down and rested his weight on it. It hurt, but not nearly as much as Harry had expected it too. He tried to express his thanks but the words came out as happy sounding yips.

Hagrid chuckled and scratched Harry under the chin, “Ah, yer welcome litt’e fella.” He then turned to Zabini and fixed him with a firm look.

“Now, yer wanna tell me what really happened?”

Zabini looked caught out, “I told you what happened, Sir.”

Hagrid snorted.

“That there,” he said pointing -rather rudely, Harry thought- at Harry, “Is a kitsune. They aren’t exactly ‘people-creatures’ keep to themselves mostly, until they find one they like for whatever reason. I dunno all that much about them, they’re mainly found in Japan, but I do know you wouldn’t find one on the outskirts of the Forbidden Fores’. Blimey, I’ve been at Hogwarts fer ov’r fifty years and I’ve never seen one before. So giv’ us the truth now.”

Blaise sighed and sat down, “I was coming across the grounds after staying late for Herbology, I was giving some extra care to my project, when I felt this- call. I don’t know how else to describe it. I just knew I had to follow this feeling. I went into the Forest and eventually, I came across this Acromantula, I didn’t even know that we had those at Hogwarts-”

Harry saw Hagrid fidget and shook his head at his large friend.

“-It was after this little fellow, but he was trapped in a patch of Devil’s Snare. So I fought it off. Eventually, it left. I freed him,” Zabini said looking at Harry, “and then I brought him to you.”

Hagrid appeared deep in thought for a moment before he slapped his thighs and stood up.

“Righ’! Grab the little fella then, we need ter go see Professor Dumbledore. And you'll be needing to see Professor Snape too. He'll have some pain potions that will be able to help this little guy.”

“I am in trouble? Professor Hagrid, I was only trying to help!”

“Trouble? What would yet be in trouble for? Nah, we just going to go see Professor Dumbledore about letting you keep yer familiar. It wouldn't do for you two to be kept apart.” Hagrid grabbed his coat and threw it around his shoulders. “Come on then.”

Harry yapped in surprise as Zabini lifted him off the table and back into the cradle of his arms before he followed Hagrid out of the cabin.

“Familiar, Professor?”

“Aye, he musta called you somehow. Only familiars are capable o’ that.” Hagrid said as he began the trek towards the castle.

Harry wanted to protest that he wasn't anyone's familiar and that he hadn't called anyone before he snapped his jaw shut. Remembering the prayer he had sent. Still, he refused to think that it had been answered if it landed him with a Slytherin, and as someone's familiar! Of all the luck!

“Do I need to know anything about his condition? Is he going to be okay now?” Zabini asked.

“Hmm? Oh, yeh, he'll be fine now. It'll take a few weeks or so ter get him to heal up. Can't use magic to speed things up unfortunately, most magical animals don't react well ter human magic. 'is own magic will help out 'n any case. Bring him back inna 'bout a week to change his bandage.”

“Yes, Professor.” Zabini agreed as they climbed the steps to the castle.

“Oh, ‘n don’t let him go changing or anything. That’ll just re-break the bones.”

“Change, Professor?”

“Yeh, yer know, like his size and what not, kitsune’s can get big or small depending on how they feel. Bit like an Occamy. At leas’ that’s what I’ve heard. And he needs to be kept quiet, no running around, ‘owever much he might want to.” Hagrid said sternly.

Harry felt Zabini’s hand run through his fur and he huffed, did this mean he would have to stay a fo- kitsune, whatever he was, until he was all healed?

They made their way to the stone gargoyle and Hagrid gave the password ( curly wurly ) and they stepped onto the everlasting stairs. Slowly winding themselves to the top.

Hagrid was about to knock on the door when it opened, and they were stood face to face with Harry Potter.


~*~*~*~ Art by Q ~*~*~*~ 


Hurt Harry, Slytherin Pillows

Chapter Text

The other Harry, the fake Harry, blinked at them slowly before slipping past them and making his way down the stairs. The scent of radishes flooding his nostrils as 'Harry' passed him. The real Harry tried to stand in Zabini’s arms and growl at the retreating figure, but Hagrid had already ushered them inside.

Harry tried to scramble after his impersonator, but Zabini’s fingers behind his ears were making it hard to continue to care. Comforting himself with the fact that Dumbledore would have surely known it wasn’t him, Harry settled for a moment before he suddenly remembered Barty Crouch Jr as Mad-Eye Moody.

Damnit, he would have to do some investigating and try to expose the person.

Drawing himself from his swirling thoughts, he focused on Hagrid who had begun speaking to Dumbledore.

“-So yer see Professor, this little mite,-”

Harry huffed to himself, was he really that small? So he was a bit, vertically challenged. But did they have to keep harping on about it?

“-Is Mr Zabini’s familiar.”

Dumbledore steepled his fingers under his chin as he looked at Harry. The usual sparkle in his eye was missing and Harry felt disappointed that Dumbledore didn’t recognise him. Resigning himself to having to spend however long it took for his paw to heal, as a fox, Harry sighed.

“The Hogwarts rules say that a student may only have, an owl,-” Dumbledore began.

“‘E’s not a pet Pr’fessor! Those rules don’ matter. The Founders rules about familiars are that they be allowed should a student find theirs!” Hagrid cried passionately.

“Be that as it may,” Dumbledore said placatingly, “We can’t be assured that this creature can behave itself, by all accounts it was a wild animal until Mr Zabini found it. What if something happens?”

Zabini’s arms tightened briefly around Harry.

“He has yet to display any act of aggression, even when hurt or frightened.”

Harry rolled his eyes, he hadn’t been frightened. He had been a little worried, but who wouldn’t be when facing down an Acromantula?

“Of course, in my mother’s most recent stage of grief, she was considering a gift to the school. In the form of another greenhouse. Complete with all of the necessary tools for NEWT students.”

Harry looked up at Zabini, wondering what on earth grief had to do with bribery.

Dumbledore was thoughtful for a moment longer before he relented.

“Very well, but any incident where harm befalls another student, it will have to go.”

“Understood, Sir,” Zabini said.

His arms were still tight around Harry as they left.

Hagrid led them downstairs and into the dungeons, Harry hadn’t realised how late that it had gotten. There were no students in the halls, it must be after curfew.

Hagrid thumped his fist on Professor Snape’s door and he heard Snape call for their admittance. Hagrid twisted the knob on the door and ushered Blaise and Harry inside. He himself didn’t come in, but he did stick his head through the door for a quick explanation.

“Pr’fessor Snape, Mr Zabini’s been with me, we’ve been fixing up his new familiar, he’ll be needing some pain potions fer a couple of weeks, if yer could look after that?”

“Of course,” replied Snape. “Thank you, Professor Hagrid.”

Hagrid nodded and shut the door.

“Come sit down Mr Zabini, and tell me the events of this evening.”

And so Zabini did. Snape summoned a house elf and had him bring a plate of sandwiches and some pumpkin juice.

Harry sniffed eagerly at the plate it had been ages since he had last eaten. Zabini pulled apart one of the sandwiches, offering some of the meat fillings to Harry with his fingers. Harry took the offerings gently between his teeth, feeling very self-conscious of the fact that he was eating from someone’s fingers.

“You’ll find Mr Zabini, that foxes, at least, are omnivores. If he shares any commonalities with his lesser kin, he will need more than just meat. Most magical creatures diets are quite varied.”

“Oh, thank you for the information, Sir,” Zabini said as he began to bring a variety of things for Harry to try. “The spell Professor Hagrid taught me, it also said he was malnourished. What should I do?”

Professor Snape stood from his seat and left the office via a door behind him, he soon came back with two small phials of potions. He sat behind his desk once more.

“This,” he said, pointing at the blue bottle, “Is a mild pain potion, it should help alleviate his pain without making him drowsy. Three drops in the morning and three at night, with food, should suffice. But that also depends on his innate magical ability. If he appears to need more, give him one or two drops as you deem appropriate, do not exceed twelve drops within the revolution of day. Come back to see me if you do not think it is enough.”

Harry frowned at the instructions and then rolled his eyes. Honestly, how hard was it to say twenty-four hours?

“Do you understand me, Mr Zabini?”

“Yes, Sir,” Zabini said as he repeated the instructions back.

Snape nodded and then placed his finger on the green bottle.

“This is a nutrient potion, it should help boost his nutrition. It cannot, however, be used in the place of food, it is a supplement only. A cap full with or after his dinner should be adequate. If after a fortnight there is no improvement, we will revisit.”

Harry nibbled at the bread and a few other things until he felt full. Eventually turning his nose away when Zabini tried to offer him more.

He was offered pumpkin juice next, but Harry had never quite taken a liking to the sweet drink and usually preferred water at meal times. Excepting breakfast, when he usually had tea.

“Perhaps, try giving him some water,” Snape said, his voice soft and as measured as normal, but lacking the bite Harry usually heard.

“Oh, right.” Zabini murmured as embarrassment coloured his voice.

He pointed his wand at the glass and banished the juice, before conjuring a small amount of water. He slipped a measured dose of nutrient potion into it and Harry was happy to discover that it didn’t alter the taste. Zabini leant forward for the pain potion, placing the glass back on Professor Snape’s desk.

Zabini placed a hand behind Harry’s head and tried slipping his thumb into his mouth. Harry struggled and ducked away, what in Merlin’s name did he think he was doing?

“Come on, Tesoro, you need to open up. The pain potion will make you feel better. I promise.”

Oh, Harry thought, well there’s no need for you to go sticking your fingers in my mouth!

He opened up obediently and sat waiting. He heard a snort of what sounded like amusement from the other side of the desk. But it was Snape , so Harry must have heard him wrong.

Zabini dripped the required dose onto his tongue and Harry scrunched up his nose. So Snape could make a tasteless nutrient potion but not a pain one huh? Urgh.

Harry pawed at his snout, trying to rub the taste away when a small piece of bread made it into his field of vision. He gobbled at the offering, licking his lips as it helped to eradicate the taste.

Wondering why they were still in Snape’s office, he lay down upon Zabini’s lap. Seeing as the Slytherin didn’t seem to be putting him down anytime soon, he might as well make himself comfortable. Settling himself so that he could see Snape easily.

“Sir, I’m going to need some accoutrements for his care. May I have a pass to go into Hogsmeade tomorrow? And might I take someone with me?” Zabini asked as he ran over a hand over Harry’s back.

It was actually quite nice.

Snape appeared to think it over before he slowly dipped his head.

“Take Mr Malfoy, as I understand he is ahead in his studies at the moment. He will not feel the loss of one day.”

Snape picked up his quill and quickly wrote a note. He then signed it and placed a wax seal beneath his signature. The wax was a dark green and Harry knew that the image would be of the Slytherin crest. Snape stood and rummaged through one of the many bookshelves that lined the walls of his office before he pulled a slim volume from its position, creating a copy before reshelving it. He handed the letter and the copy to Zabini who stood to take them, arranging Harry to sit in the crook of one arm.

“This book contains the Hogwarts by-laws as they pertain to familiars. I suggest you familiarise yourself with it, as well as appropriating one for yourself. The copy shall only last for a month. Now, off to bed, I will inform Slytherin of your new acquaintance at the morning briefing.”

Zabini gave him an odd little bow as he got to his feet and he left the Potions office.

Leaving Harry to wonder over what Snape meant by morning meeting.

~*~*~*~ Harry&Blaise ~*~*~*~

Zabini had uttered the password for the Slytherin dorms, ( medusae ) and entered, the quiet murmuring ceased for a moment and then resumed, although Harry noticed quite a few eyes on him as they made their way towards a corridor he had never entered before.

He saw Malfoy and Nott stand up and walk towards them, obviously intent on following Zabini. They walked down the corridor, and Harry was interested to see the many portraits that hung on the walls. All of them wizards wearing Slytherin colours, from their robes, or a tie, a scarf and in one case, a very odd hat. They couldn’t possibly be of every wizard that had attended Hogwarts as a Slytherin, so Harry assumed they were simply those that had become famous for some reason.

He wondered briefly if it made him a bad person that he was surprised there were so many. His second thought was; why weren’t the Gryffindor Towers decorated the same? The third and most bewildering thought, why hadn’t Malfoy or Nott said anything yet? Harry knew they were behind them, where were all the questions? The pressing need to know where Zabini had been and why he had a strange fox in his arms?

Zabini stopped at a door with an engraving of an occamy on the silver plate and pushed it open. Harry’s eyes went wide as he took in the room.

His attention turned to the occupants of the room when he heard the door close firmly and Nott muttered the anti-eavesdropping spell.

“Where have you been?!” cried Malfoy. “You were supposed to be back hours ago! We've been worried sick!”

Harry looked up and watched as Zabini turned a questioning glance to Nott.

“He has been. I was merely worried.”

Harry snorted despite himself and Zabini sat them on one of the chairs by the fireplace. He started to explain and Harry tuned out as he stood on his hind legs to examine the room over Zabini’s shoulder.

It was far nicer than the Gryffindor Tower. One wall was fully made up of glass and looked into the lake. A flat outcropping of rock covered completely in algae, sat next to the glass. A few water plants and corals placed just so, that it looked almost deliberate. Had it not been entirely underwater, it would have made a beautiful spot for a picnic. Two large curtains on either side could be drawn across to block the view.

Harry looked about the room, another door to the left of the one they entered and Harry assumed it led to the bathroom. There were only three beds in this room, located on each of the two long stone walls. There was a desk for each of them and there was a large open space in the middle of the room. Lastly, there was a fireplace, which was located next to the door. It threw out enough heat that the room was quite cosy. Three armchairs and a round coffee table sat in front of the fire.

Malfoy and Nott had taken the other two seats while Zabini had been talking.

Harry was impressed, and a bit jealous. They only had to share between the three of them? Where were Crabbe and Goyle? They had their own fireside seating area? And desks? Hermione would be so positively green with envy if she knew about this, she would be able to pass for a Slytherin.

And just like that, Harry's mood soured.

He lay down, still in Zabini's lap, and sighed. He felt Zabini's fingers scratch behind his ears and his body began to relax.

“Then Professor Snape gave me this book on Hogwarts familiar laws and I came back to the dorm.” Harry heard Zabini say.

“Book?” Theo asked.

Harry felt Zabini shift and then saw the book extended in Nott's direction.

“It's only a copy, I have to procure my own soon.”

Nott nodded absently as he began to thumb through the pages.

“So, you're going to keep him?” Malfoy asked. He was leant forward, the to better peer at Harry.

“I feel oddly connected to him,” Zabini answered.

Harry looked up at the dark teen. He did?

Zabini smiled down at him and rubbed a finger under Harry's chin. Harry's eyes fluttered at the sensation, Merlin that felt good. Why didn't people touch each other like this all the time?

“He'll need a name then,” Nott said absently.

A name? He already had a name! But he supposed, it was probably for the best if they didn't know he was Harry Potter.

“Oh! Lucky!” supplied Draco. “Because he's lucky you found him.”

Harry growled, there was no way in hell he was going to let them call him 'Lucky’.

He heard Zabini snort above him, “Not sure he likes that Draco.”


Harry gave another grumbling growl again.

“Mr Fuzzball? Mr Fuzzikins?”

Harry yelped and scrambled to his feet. Shaking his head violently. Oh, shit no! No way. Nuhuh. Fred and George would never let him live that down.

Zabini’s hands gripped him around the waist, holding onto him so that he didn’t hurt his foot. Or probably so that he didn’t step on Zabini’s family heirlooms.

Nott gave Draco a very droll look over the top of the copied book, “Draco, you should not be allowed to name things.”

Harry nodded vehemently, yipping in agreement.

“I was thinking Raiden,” Zabini said as he settled Harry onto his lap again.

Harry squinted up at him. It didn't sound too bad, but he had no idea if it meant anything or not.

“Kitsunes are supposed to be Japanese correct? At the least, they are in a lot of their folklore.”

Theo gave an affirmative grunt but did not look up from his reading this time.

“Raiden is a Japanese god of thunder and lightning. Professor Hagrid said he'd never seen a kitsune before, and there was that big storm last night.” Zabini looked down at Harry, “What do you think?”

Harry pondered it for a minute, there were certainly worse things to be named after than a god.

He gave a soft yip and dipped his head.

Zabini grinned and ruffled the fur on his head.

Grumbling Harry lifted one paw to his head, automatically trying to smooth his hair. Fur. Whatever he called it now.

“It says here,” Nott began, leaning forward in his chair, book balanced in one hand as he ran his finger across the page. “He can accompany you anywhere in the castle that you yourself are allowed to go, even lessons.”

“Really?” asked Malfoy, “How come?”

“It says that familiars are magical creatures with a high order of thinking and because they choose to bond with humans, they don’t take well to be separated for long periods of time.”

“Whatever the reason, I’m grateful for it, I’m not supposed to let him move about too much while he’s wearing the cast. I can’t do that if we are apart all day.” Zabini said as he stood. “We should get ready for bed, it’s getting late.”

He made his way over to one of the beds and set Harry on it. Telling him to stay before he grabbed a few things and made his way through the bathroom door. Harry huffed and folded his head down onto his paws. Even the beds were bigger and softer than the ones in Gryffindor Tower.

Harry watched as the Slytherins got ready for bed, Malfoy and Nott making small talk about Nott making sure to get their work from their Professors the next day and taking proper notes.

Yes, Draco, I’ll make sure I write down all the notes,” Nott said, rolling his eyes as he gathered his pyjama’s. “Honestly, the way you harp on about it, one might think you thought I was incapable.”

“Not incapable, Theo.” came Zabini’s voice, slightly muffled from the towelling off of his hair. “Merely, otherwise inclined.”

“Lazy, you mean,” said Malfoy.

Zabini shrugged at the same time Nott did.

“I’ve told you before, Draco. Just because I like to read-”

“-doesn’t mean you like your classes, yes, yes, yes. I’m going to shower.”

Zabini shook his head and hung his towel over the back of one chair. He drew his curtains closed as he bid goodnight to Nott and suddenly, Harry was alone with him.

Zabini was dressed in only a pair of black, silk, sleep trousers as he clambered under the covers. One leg slid down either side of Harry, lifting him slightly as the covers shifted.

Having no idea as to what to do. Which was quite understandable really, he had no frame of reference for what was happening. He simply stayed where he was.

“Here, boy,” Zabini said softly.

Harry instinctively cringed away. The word ‘boy’ would never be a source of comfort for him. Not with the memories he associated with it.

“Raiden?” He tried next.

Harry figured he really should answer him, Zabini was going to be looking after him after all. He turned his head towards Zabini and made a soft sound. Unused to communicating this way, and not having his own relationships with many animals, he wasn't really sure how he should respond.

“You going to sleep there? Or do you want to get under the covers?” He patted the spot next to him.

Though the dorm was far warmer than Harry would have thought with an entire wall taken up by the lake, and for being located in the dungeons, he did think it would be prudent to be under the covers. He always got too cold at night.

With that in mind, he slowly stood up and made his way to the spot Zabini had indicated. He moved tenderly and with care for his broken paw. Before glancing up once more at Zabini. Did he really want Harry to sleep here with him? Aunt Petunia had always grimaced whenever Aunt Marge had let Ripper into bed with her.

But Zabini just smiled at him and scooched further into the bed, settling the blankets around them so they were both covered.

Harry slowly let himself relax, and he lost the battle entirely when Zabini began to softly stroke his ear. His eyes were fluttering closed when Zabini began to speak softly again.

“I don’t understand how I was able to find you. Did you call for me? Summon me? Why me?”

Harry just stared back at him. He didn't have any answers. He didn't know why, or how, his panicked wish had connected to the Slytherin before him. He was wondering all of that himself.

Zabini sighed when Harry didn't reply and slid his hand down and around Harry's ribs. Pulling him flush against his warm body as Zabini settled them comfortably. The lights were soon extinguished around the bed and feeling an odd sense of home and security, even deep in the Slytherin dorms, even deep in a Slytherin’s arms, Harry found himself easily falling asleep.

For the first time, in a very long time.  


~*~*~*~ Art by Q ~*~*~*~


Harry & Blaise snuggles

Chapter Text

Harry woke the next day blinking blearily. Stretching his legs, he let out a small yelp as he did, the movement reminding him of his broken paw. Opening his eyes properly, he saw the form he was in and the memories of the previous day came rushing back.


stretching raiden


Before he had a chance to do anything though, a movement on his right startled him further and he yelped again as he jumped and jostled his foot.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” a sleep-muffled voice said and Harry looked to the source. Zabini was lying next to him, propped up on one elbow as he gazed at Harry worriedly. “Are you hurting? Do you need more pain potion?”

Harry looked at his front leg and moved it slightly, whimpering a little as pain throbbed through his foot.

“Okay, just give me a few minutes to get ready and then we’ll go to breakfast. You can’t have it without food remember.”

Harry looked back up at Blaise and just blinked at him, unsure as to what to think. The Slytherin seemed to be really concerned about him. It wasn’t something Harry was used too.

He watched as Blaise quickly grabbed a few things before he opened the hangings around his bed and headed for the bathroom. Harry looked about the dorm and saw Nott putting on his tie. The straw-haired Slytherin looked up, and when he saw Harry he smiled.

“Hello there little guy, you doing alright?”

Harry ducked his head and put it between his front paws.

“Blaise won’t take long, I’m sure,” Nott said as he flicked one end of his tie over the other. “He’s too worried about you to primp.”

Tie finished, Nott walked over to one of the beds and pulled the hangings back. Harry saw Malfoy sleeping there, his hair a mess and a fine line of drool hanging from his open mouth. Harry snorted, it amused him to see the pompous prat looking less than perfect.

Nott shook Malfoy firmly, causing the platinum blond to jerk awake.

“Wha-? Whoz’zat?” he groaned groggily.

Harry snorted again.

Nott just jerked the blankets off Malfoy’s prone form and said, “Blaise is up and if you’re going to accompany him to Hogsmeade you better get your arse out of bed.”

Malfoy froze in what had looked to be the start of an impressive tirade and looked over at Harry.

“Oh, right, of course.” He sat up and stretched, stifling a yawn with one fist before rubbing his hands through his hair. “I’ll meet you two in the Great Hall,” he told Nott.

Nott just nodded as Malfoy gathered his things and left in the same direction Zabini had, passing the darker teen as he left the bathroom. Zabini had gotten dressed in record time it seemed as his hair was still slightly damp from his shower and it curled lightly on his collar.

He put his things away and straightened the bedsheets before emptying a shoulder bag of books and parchment onto his desk. Once he had placed a large sack of money, a couple of scarves, and a pair of gloves inside, as well as tucking Harry’s pain potion into a front pocket, he approached Harry again.

“Hey Raiden,” he said softly. “Come with me and we’ll go get you something to eat? Then you can have more pain potion.”

Harry stood and dipped his head, knowing that the fastest, and least painful, way of getting around would be if he let Zabini carried him. He awkwardly hobbled to the edge of the bed, trying not to jostle his leg. Looking up at Zabini, he noticed the Slytherin’s forehead creased with lines of worry. It was a look Harry hadn’t seen directed at him very often, even Hermione, who normally wore that look around Harry, was generally more concerned about the trouble he got into and not him specifically. But then, he wasn’t usually so injured either, at least not anything Madame Pomfrey couldn’t fix within a day.

It was still odd though, especially on the face of a stoic Slytherin.

Zabini bent down and very gently lifted Harry into his arms. Harry barely felt any pain as Zabini adjusted him so that he would be comfortable, his broken foot facing away from the teen’s body. Another novel experience. His comfort coming first. Zabini then went to walk out the door but was stopped by a call from Nott.

“You might want to remember your cloak.”

Zabini’s head whipped to the coat rack by the door he had almost walked past.

“Thanks, Theo,” Zabini said as he moved to gather up the rich sable coat lined with silver fur. He tucked it over the messenger bag and the two Slytherins left the dorm.

The castle seemed a bit deserted and Harry guessed it must have been very early in the morning. As they entered the Great Hall, Harry saw only a handful of other students there. Mostly upper years who were reading as they ate, getting in some last-minute study. The two Slytherins sat down at one end of their table and Blaise tucked himself in so that Harry was able to reach as well as see the food that had appeared when they had.

His newly extra sensitive nose caught the scent of bacon and he sniffed after it approvingly, leaning towards the platter it was on. Zabini noticed and soon the plate in front of them was half full of bacon. Harry watched as the Slytherin cut it up into smaller, bite-sized pieces and then picked up a portion to feed to him.

It was still a little embarrassing to eat from someone’s fingers but the rumbling in Harry’s stomach pushed that feeling away rather quickly.

“At least he’s gentle,” Nott said conversationally, “My Aunt has a crup that would gladly take a finger or three if you tried to hand feed him.”

Zabini hummed, “He’s considerate, that’s for certain.”

Harry huffed unamused, of course, he was considerate, he wasn’t stupid enough to go biting the literal hand that was feeding him. But then he supposed, if this had happened to Ron, the redhead probably wouldn’t care enough to avoid nipping someone with his sharp teeth.

But the thought of Ron brought the accompanying twinge of pain and loneliness that Harry was so accustomed to these days. He quickly diverted his mind to see what else was on the table, after having now eaten a few rashers of bacon.

Spying some fresh looking apples he tried to get Zabini’s attention, it only took one soft whuff and the darker teen’s attention was zeroed on him.

“What is it, Raiden? Do you want something?”

Harry stood gingerly and put one paw on the edge of the table pointing with the hurt appendage at the bowl of fruit. He looked over his shoulder at Zabini and back at the fruit. Zabini shifted slightly and stretched his arm over Harry and he rested his fingertips on a banana.

“This?” he asked.

Harry shook his head and Zabini pointed to the orange, Harry growled lowly, he despised oranges. Zabini then picked up the apple and Harry sat down with a small yip.

Zabini’s soft chuckle came from above him as he leant forward to slice the apple. He pulled a few pieces from the plate and let them lay in his flattened palm on his lap. Harry bent slightly to eat the juicy fruit.

“An apple?” asked Nott, bewilderment showing in his voice.

“Professor Snape said most foxes were omnivores, he postulated kitsune’s would be as well. Specifically, because they are magical.” Zabini answered him.

“Huh, well there you go.”

Silence reigned between the breakfast companions as Zabini fed Harry more apple slices, whilst he ate his own breakfast one-handed.

It was broken by Nott’s voice, though it had taken on a distinctly cooler, more emotionless tone.

“Lovegood, you know this is the Slytherin table, correct?”

“Oh yes, I just wanted to talk to Zabini's new companion,” came a dreamy voice.

Harry looked up quickly to see his friend sitting across the table from them, in his excitement to see her, surely she would know who he was, he tried to scramble onto the table.

Zabini, though confused by his actions, helped him before he could hurt his foot further. Harry had limped halfway across the table when he smelt it. Stopping to sniff the air he started growling at Luna.

Harry felt a comforting hand on his back as Zabini’s smooth voice spoke to Luna, “Perhaps it’s best if you left, Lovegood, Raiden doesn’t seem to like you and I’d prefer not to upset him whilst he is injured.”

“Oh, it’s okay really,” Luna replied cheerily, “He’s just upset because I smell like radishes. We get along quite well normally.”

Harry snorted, he didn’t need to look behind him to sense the confusion in Nott and Zabini, his first few conversations with Luna had been the same.

“Do you know Raiden then?” Zabini asked hesitantly.

“No,” Luna said, happily helping herself to a pear.

“But you said-” Nott trailed off.

Luna smiled, “We only know each other when I don’t smell like radishes to him,”

“So when is that?” Zabini asked leadingly.

“Oh! Never,” Luna replied, her smile still bright.

This was all very well, Harry thought, but he wanted to know why she was pretending to be him. He tried to vocalise this to her, demanding her to tell him why she had taken his hair, how had she even gotten it, and why she apparently brewed Polyjuice potion over the holidays. He forgot, however, about his changed vocals and the only thing that came from his mouth was a series of yips, yaps, and snarls.

Luna just looked at him very solemnly and said, “Because of the nargles.”

That shut Harry up mid yip and he started thinking, of course, someone would start looking for him if he went missing at school, at the very least people would start to wonder where the famous ‘Boy-Who-Lived’ was and it wouldn’t be long before people drew comparisons between Zabini and his new black-haired, green-eyed companion.

And it would be a very bad thing if Voldemort thought he was missing.

Besides, Harry wasn’t really sure he wanted anyone to know what he was or what had happened to him. He wasn’t even sure himself. Maybe though, Luna would know. She had never steered him wrong before and always knew stuff that others didn’t. Generally, before they even happened.

Case in point.

Harry started talking to her again because it seemed she understood what his fox sounds meant.

She took a thoughtful bite of her pear before she answered in a serious tone, “The Blibbering Humdingers always know what happens to their children, they’re generationally telepathic.”

Well, that was helpful, Harry snorted. If it was something to do with his family he’d never find out. From what he’d heard, even the house his parents had lived in had been reduced to rubble.

“Migratory birds have more than one nest.”

Harry inhaled quickly, did that mean what he thought it did?

Luna took another bite of her pear and grinned happily at him.

Well, that could be something. He hobbled forward feeling Zabini’s hand slide from his back as he did and nudged her other hand. She lifted it and he licked her palm in thanks, causing her to giggle.

“That’s... very interesting, Lovegood,” Zabini spoke quietly, the unsurety in his voice showing.

Harry snorted and turned to make his way back to Zabini, his leg was beginning to ache something fierce.

“Oh look, there’s Neville,” Luna said waving to Harry’s other friend.

Neville spotted her and a look of surprise came over his face as he took in where she was sitting, and just who she was sitting with. He came towards them and paused next to her.

“Good morning, Luna, erm, Nott, Zabini,” he said with a nod for the Slytherins.

“Longbottom,” replied Nott for them both as Blaise was busy getting Harry’s pain potion from his bag.

“I was just introducing myself to Raiden, Heir Zabini’s new familiar,” Luna told Neville.

The blond boy looked across the table and spotted Harry. Harry gave him a yip in welcome.

“May I offer congratulations on your familiar, Zabini. From the House of Longbottom.”

“I thank House Longbottom for their felicitations,” came Zabini’s smooth reply as he checked to make sure there was enough potion in the dropper.

Neville nodded and Luna stood up, she reached for the cream and poured a measure of it into a bowl before putting it by the edge of the table, close to Harry. “We should go and have breakfast, it was lovely chatting with you. Also, you should order the fish and chips for lunch,” with that parting piece of wisdom, she and Neville left.

“Well, that was sufficiently weird,” muttered Nott as Malfoy sat down next to him.

“What was weird? Was that Lovegood and Longbottom? What did they want?”

Nott filled Malfoy in as Harry opened his mouth patiently waiting for the measured dose. Zabini didn’t hesitate and dripped the solution onto his tongue. Harry shuddered at the taste and stood up again, balancing on his haunches to lap at the cream Luna had poured.


Zabini scratched at him behind the ears, “That Lovegood is a bit odd, isn't she? She made no sense whatsoever.”

Harry stopped drinking and turned to snap lightly at Zabini’s fingers, growling softly as he did so.

“Don't like head scratches, Tesoro?”

Harry wasn't sure what that meant, but he did actually like the head scratches. So, because he could, he nudged his head back under Zabini's hand.

“Ah,” the Italian said as he resumed rubbing Harry's ears, “You do like head scratches.”

Harry yipped quietly.

“So, you object to me calling Lovegood odd?”

Harry yipped again.

“You didn't seem to like her when she first sat down.”

Harry wasn't sure how to answer, so he went with Luna's explanation and faked a sneeze.

Zabini laughed a warm rich sound that sent shivers down Harry's spine.

Their conversation was interrupted by Malfoy, “We should get going, Blaise. Before we have to fight the other students to get out. I'd rather not spend over half an hour explaining why we are privileged enough to be allowed out for the day,” he sniffed disdainfully.

Zabini drained what remained of his coffee and stood. Holding Harry carefully as he did so. They said goodbye to Nott and waved to Parkinson as she walked in with Greengrass, before heading out to the courtyard.

“Would you mind holding him for a moment while I put my cloak on?” Zabini asked Malfoy.

“Of course, hand the fluffball over,” Malfoy said as he held his hands. Harry stiffened in Zabini's arms and his eyes went wide as he realised what was happening. Malfoy was about to hold him. Malfoy.

Not wanting to be dropped, Harry didn't do anything as Malfoy put his hands under Harry's armpits and held him up for inspection. Twisting Harry from side to side as he looked him over.

“He's a skinny thing under all that fur isn't he?” Malfoy said.

Zabini hummed as he tied his cloak around his shoulders, “He won't be for much longer if I can help it.”

He pulled a scarf from out of his bag and draped it over one shoulder. Harry felt Zabini's hands on him again and Malfoy handed him back. Harry relaxed into Zabini's arms. He had felt very uncomfortable in Malfoy’s grip, not really able to trust his nemesis with his safety.

That thought surprised him because it meant that he did trust Zabini.

He looked up at the tall teen and watched him tuck a scarf around Harry's small body and then manipulated his coat so that it would protect him from the icy wind that sometimes cropped up at this time of the year, even if it was as yet too early for snow. Zabini smiled down at him and rubbed his cheek with his thumb.

“He is cute though,” Malfoy said, his own hand rubbing the top of Harry's head gently. “Even if his fur goes every which way.”

Zabini gave an elegant snort and they set off in the direction of Hogsmeade. Harry's nose and eyes sticking out between a fold of cloak so he could see what was going on.

They walked in silence for a while before Malfoy spoke again, “I think Raiden’s good for you. You didn't look across the hall once this morning.”

Zabini made a noncommittal sound. Harry peered up to see his face was set in a stony sort of way.

“I mean, you do know you haven't a chance, don't you? He is a Gryffindor, they hate us.” Malfoy’s words were harsh, but Harry could hear the clear worry in his tone.

Harry's ears pricked up at that, Zabini was interested in someone from Gryffindor? Scratch that, Zabini was interested in a bloke?

“Your pathetic rivalry with them doesn't exactly help matters, Draco.” Zabini intoned.

“Pathetic? Pathetic? I'll have you know Potter was the one who rejected MY hand of friendship! I told him some families were better than others, granted Ronald is the worst of the Weasley's, but did he listen? No. And now Granger's gone and Weasley hates him and he hasn't anyone to talk to, I think he'd rather enjoy the normalcy of our rivalry, don't you?” Malfoy stated, staring insistently at Zabini.

“I don't think he is enjoying much of anything these days.” Zabini murmured.

Harry was confused, why were they talking about him? Was Harry friends with whoever Zabini had a crush on? A Lumos went off in Harry's head, Zabini had been extremely focused earlier when giving Harry his pain potion. But he hadn't reached for it until Neville came to the table, he hadn't even looked at Neville even when they had spoken to each other. Harry thought it over. He supposed Neville was fanciable, in a way. But Harry knew Neville was straight, and he was pretty sure that Neville and Luna were going to become a couple soon. Poor Zabini, hopefully, he didn't take it too hard.

Harry glanced at Malfoy who was biting his lip as if debating on whether or not to say something. Apparently, Zabini noticed too as his next words were, “What is it? What do you know?”

“I shouldn't really say. It’s-”

Tell me, ” Zabini demanded.

“Blaise, I know you, if I tell you this you'll just end up brooding over it. You already do that enough without me adding to it and it’s not like you're going to act on anything anyway. You already said it was just a silly crush.”

“Draco,” Harry could hear the warning in the growled word.

Malfoy ran a hand through his hair and sighed, “Fine, I only know what Father told me though, I don't know any other details.”

He took a deep breath as if to steady himself.

“Apparently Granger didn't transfer to Beauxbatons as everyone thinks. She died. In whatever went down at the Ministry last year. Apparently, her and Sirius Black were both banished through some 'Archway of Death’ by my Aunt Bellatrix.” He paused again.

“The rest of it Draco,” Zabini said impatiently.

But Harry didn't want to hear the rest of it, he was already caught in the replays of his memory and he burrowed his head between Zabini's bicep and body in a bid to drive out Malfoy's voice.

It didn't work.

“Father said, he said that, that Potter lost it. He tried to run through the arch himself, but Professor Lupin and Longbottom held him back. Apparently, Lupin had to hold him off the floor just to be able to keep Potter from following them. Father said that Potter's screams were heartbreaking, he'd never heard anything so horrible before.”

There was a heavy silence in the air, the only sound was the crunching of dirt and stone underfoot.

“He killed Aunt Bellatrix,” Malfoy's voice came softly. “Didn't even use his wand, his magic just ripped her apart. Father said he’s never seen magic like that before, never even heard of a spell like that. He left then. He said whatever the Dark Lord did to him for leaving wouldn't be as bad as staying would be.”

Zabini had stopped. Both teens had. Harry only hoped that the conversation had finished as well. He didn't even know why they were talking about this. Malfoy had barely even mentioned that Neville had been there so why would Zabini even care?

“Blaise,” Malfoy said pleadingly.

So earnest was he that he caused Harry to look at him in surprise, having never heard that tone from his blond rival before. Pulling himself out of his bout of depression and shoving the thoughts down into the deep dark place in his mind, where all such thoughts lived. Harry then looked up to Zabini's face. It was as if it had been carved from stone it was set so hard.

Wanting to do something nice for the person who was so set on looking after him while he was injured, as well as keep himself distracted, Harry raised himself up, front paws resting on the teen’s chest just under his chin. When Zabini looked at him. Harry butted his forehead against his cheek. He had seen cats and puppies use similar actions with their owners, he hoped it came across as reassuring.

Zabini blinked a few times before his lips twitched into a small smile. So Harry did it again.

That earned him a chuckle and a bigger smile. Harry yipped in encouragement and Zabini scratched him behind the ears.

“Sorry, were we ignoring you?”

Harry yipped again.

“See? I told you he's good for you,” Malfoy said smugly, “Keeps you in the present.”

Zabini rolled his eyes in a fond manner and said to Harry in a conspiring manner, “Never, ever, tell him he's right, he'll be insufferable and we'll never get him through the doorways.”

Harry nodded seriously, causing Zabini to laugh outright.

Malfoy sniffed haughtily, “Well, he seems to be able to understand you. He must be semi-intelligent at least.”

Harry looked at Malfoy and snarled, semi-intelligent indeed!

Zabini laughed again, “I think perhaps smarter than that, given his reaction to that statement. I wouldn’t piss him off if I were you, Draco.”

Harry snorted softly and turned his head away from Malfoy, making it look as if he was deliberately ignoring him. It was actually quite fun to be stuck in this form he thought. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all.

A sudden pressing need to answer the call of nature made itself known and Harry started to squirm uncomfortably. Noticing that they were close to the Forbidden Forest, Harry started to struggle to get down.

“What's wrong, Tesoro?” Zabini asked as he tried to maintain his grip on a squirming Harry.

Harry yapped at him and angled his movements downwards. Zabini moved with him and when Harry's feet touched the ground he shook himself free of Zabini's hands and walked as well as he could with his broken foot towards the forest.

“Hey, Raiden, wait, where are you going?” Zabini called.

Harry turned around and tried to say something reassuring. But his voice only came out as a series of yips. Huffing to himself he continued on his path and walked into the forest intent on finding a tree to water. He heard Zabini and Malfoy come in after him and he quickly ducked under a bush, Merlin, couldn't a bloke piss in peace? He watched them pass and heard them calling for him. Damn it, he was only going to be a minute! Backing up he exited out the other side of the bush and looked for a likely spot. Hurrying over to the tree he pondered the mechanics of what he needed to do. Sure, he'd seen dogs do it a bunch of times, but doing it for himself? That was different. Turning side on, he lifted his hind leg high and fell promptly on his side.


raiden, attempting to pee


Grumbling as he picked himself up, he tried again. Managing to at least fall back on his butt this time. This balancing thing was tricky. Finally getting the hang of it, he let out a long sigh of relief, listening to the soft splash of water against dirt.

He looked down once he was finished and saw the danger that peeing on a slope presented.

Yelping in revulsion, he leapt away from the oncoming mudslide and stumbled over a root, managing to fall down what would have been a small incline for a human, but was more like a hill for Harry’s current size.

He finally came to a stop when he abruptly smacked into a warm, firm, pole. Shaking himself, he looked up to see it wasn't a pole at all and he gulped as he took in the black hindquarters, tanned upper body and long black hair.

Harry swore, a small frustrated growl emanating from him. Seriously, could he not catch a break? If he had to run into a centaur, any centaur, why did it have the most arseholish one? Why did it have to be Bane?

Chapter Text

The intimidating centaur gazed impassively at him for a moment before reaching down to grab Harry behind the neck. Harry tried to scramble away but the loose leaf litter underneath him made it difficult to gain purchase and he was soon hoisted by his scruff to see eye to eye with the aggressive centaur.

“I suppose it's you those two overgrown human colts are looking for. What are you doing away from your Synkardiás anyway?” The gruff centaur asked.

Harry tilted his head at the strange word, but tried to convey what he had been doing, though he was still unaccustomed to not being able to speak, he became petulant when the sounds he heard were not those that he wanted to convey.

Bane, however, found it quite amusing. His lips twitched upwards and he chuckled, the friendly sound surprised Harry into silence.

“Well, then. That is quite the dilemma. Come, I shall take you back to your herdmates.”

The centaur began to walk through the forest, Harry still hanging by the nape of his neck from his large hand. They soon happened upon Zabini and Malfoy, the former of whom was starting to look panicked.

“I honestly do not see why your kind attach yourselves to these creatures, they are so, repugnant ,” Bane muttered to Harry as they approached.

Harry looked at Bane, a little shocked by the casual attempt at conversation from the normally aggressive centaur. He looked back at the two humans and as his gaze settled on Zabini, the thought that Bane was wrong flitted through his mind.

Shaking his head to clear himself of such intrusive thoughts, he let out a low whine to attract the Slytherin’s attention. Zabini spun in their direction, wand in hand. Harry watched as Zabini’s gaze settled on him and then flicked to Bane. He swallowed hard and then slowly moved to put his wand away, showing his empty hands once his wand was in his pocket. Malfoy hadn’t taken his out and he stepped behind Zabini as he eyed the situation carefully.

“Thank-you, Chieftain, for finding my familiar,” came Zabini’s smooth voice.

Bane pawed the ground with one hoof as he snorted, “I did not do it for your gratitude wizard. ” He said with disdain. “I did it for the Kitsune.”

The darker teen nodded slowly, “Of course, I did not mean to presume, might I approach?” he asked gesturing at Harry. His gaze barely leaving Harry's hanging form as he spoke.

Bane squared his shoulders as his deep voice reverberated through the trees.

“You may.”

Zabini shoulders seemed to slump in relief though his face did not betray him and he moved quickly to close the distance between them. He reached for Harry and was soon holding him securely against his chest once more.

Harry felt a large rush of relief and overwhelming safety as he settled back against the familiarity of Blaise's chest. There was something else though, a warm, tugging sensation on his magic. He mouthed playfully at Blaise's fingers in welcome, to try and put the other teen’s mind at ease that he had not run away.

“A word of advice, young wizard.” Bane said as Blaise made to move off, the latter turning to look at the centaur again. “Kitsune are incredibly private, shy, animals. Next time your Synkardiás needs a private moment for his natural needs, do not follow him into the forest. Not all who dwell here are as forgiving. I certainly won't be a second time.”

Harry barked at Bane as the big centaur made to move off, he exchanged a look with the hybrid and tried to convey his thanks. He barked again, a question this time and the centaur grinned ferally.

“Firenze is not the only one who reads the stars, little fox. It was not only he who was destined to meet you again. I look forward to watching your tricks.” And with that parting comment Bane faded into the trees, his dark colouring and tanned skin blending almost immediately.

Blaise and Malfoy quickly headed out of the forest and once they had breached the tree line Malfoy stopped.

“Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Natural needs? Natural needs? We went traipsing through the Forbidden Forest, risking our lives in the process, because Raiden needed to take a piss?” He squawked indignantly.

“Oh calm down, Draco, don't be so dramatic,” Blaise replied as he kept walking, leaving Malfoy to catch up.

Dramatic? DRAMATIC? I'm not being dramatic!” Malfoy cried as he caught up to Blaise. “I’m merely stating the fact that we were mere moments from death at any given point in time, all because your familiar needed to take a leak!”

Blaise rolled his eyes and Harry snorted, laughter dancing in his own emerald gaze. He watched the two interact with amusement as they continued on their way to the wizarding village of Hogsmeade.

~*~*~*~ Harry&Blaise ~*~*~*~

The rest of the walk to Hogsmeade had been largely uneventful, but Harry had actually enjoyed watching the two Slytherins interact without their customary masks. They bantered freely and teased one another without being hurtful. They truly seemed to be great friends. It made Harry's heart ache at the thought that his own friendships were not as easy as that anymore.

Hermione was gone. Ron wanted nothing to do with Harry anymore because of it and truthfully, if Harry was to look at their relationship objectively, it wasn't a very good one. It hadn't been since fourth year, but that only seemed to make the pain worse.

Harry was about to settle in for a long bout of brooding when they walked into a pet store. The smells that assaulted him had him sitting up straighter to get his nose higher in the air.

“Something smell good?” Blaise asked softly.

Harry shrugged, it wasn't good or bad, there was just so much .

He lifted his nose and looked about, taking in the sights of the store. It wasn't one he had been in before. The street they had turned down was actually one he hadn't investigated. Hermione had once whispered to him that it was a particularly rich street and so they had avoided it out of deference to Ron.

Harry noticed that Malfoy splitting off to wander over to the owl section, probably to browse the treats on display. Blaise activated a charm on one of the shopping baskets and it was following them around the store. Harry watched with interest as Blaise selected various items and placed them into the floating receptacle. Several different types of fancy hairbrushes and combs were followed by a pair of golden-edged nail clippers.

Blaise wandered the aisles adding various items along the way until he came to bed and cage section. Harry tensed up, surely he wouldn't get him a cage, would he? He wouldn't lock him away, would he?

Unable to stop himself from trembling, Harry started to whimper.

His actions were immediately noticed and Blaise promptly knelt down in the aisle so he could see Harry better.

“Hey now, shhh, Tesoro. What's wrong?” He asked as he ran long slow strikes down Harry's back.

Harry couldn't answer him though, he was stuck in a state of fear, fear of being locked away as he had been at the Dursleys. He pressed himself against Blaise unconsciously and just stared at the closest cage like it was going to devour him.

Blaise had started looking for the source of his distress and he soon realised what Harry was fixated on. Getting to his feet quickly, he left the aisle in a hurry and headed to a seat near the front window of the store.

Now that the cages were out of Harry's sight, he began to relax, though his body was still trembling. He felt fingers under his chin, tilting his head up and he met Blaise's hazel eyes. “Raiden, I will never, ever, lock you in a cage. I promise.”

Harry's heart skipped a beat as the words penetrated his mind and soul. He whimpered slightly.

“Tesoro, I promise, no cages.”

Seeing the strength of resolve in Blaise's strong gaze, Harry nodded. He leaned into Blaise and let the teen run his hands through his coat as he calmed down.

They were found a few minutes later by Malfoy, who was followed by his own floating basket.

“Blaise? What are you doing? I thought we were shopping?”

“We are, but we were down the bed aisle and Raiden had a bit of a- panic attack, I think is the best way to describe it,” Blaise answered.

“Panic attack?!” Malfoy said alarmed, “Is he okay?”

Harry felt another hand join Blaise's and it started to scratch him lightly behind the ears. He rumbled softly at the gentle petting he was receiving. He had never been calmed like this before, it was wonderful.

“He's okay now, but evidently he doesn't like C.A.G.E.S,” Blaise told Malfoy.

Harry rolled his eyes at the spelling out of the offensive word but smiled to himself nonetheless.

“Would you mind going down there and picking out some beds for me?” Blaise asked.

“Of course, I was just coming to find you to tell you there seems to be a decent book section here. You might be able to find something on Kitsunes.”

“Thanks, Draco,” Blaise replied as he stood, Harry relaxed in his arms once again. “I'll check them out and the meet you at the counter?”

Harry watched Malfoy nod and they parted once more.

Blaise made his way over to the bookshelves in the corner and started to browse the titles. They'd only been there for a few moments when they were approached by a middle-aged wizard in well-dressed robes. His hair was prematurely salt and peppered, and his skin was tanned as if he spent a lot of time outdoors. He spoke in an even, cultured manner.

“Can I help you, young sir?”

Blaise turned around and Harry watched as the man's eyes went wide as they looked at him.

“Well, isn't he a beauty?” The man asked as he bent down to Harry's eye level. Harry peered back at the man watching him as curiously as he himself was being examined.

“He is,” Blaise agreed, “I was hoping to find a book or two with information on his species?”

The man hummed and stood up, he walked his fingers over a few titles before drawing out a thick volume.

“This is the only thing I have in the store currently, Kitsunes are rare, very rare, creatures and so there isn't a lot of information that has been reliably certified. This book has a chapter dedicated to them, but it is mostly conjecture and myth.” He said as he handed the book to Blaise.

Blaise shuffled Harry slightly so he was only being supported with one arm, as he took the book and perused the covers.

“Is there nothing else?” Blaise asked as he placed the item in his basket.

“There is a tome, a compendium, if you will, that contains everything ever published about Kitsune. My understanding is that it is quite a lot to go through, as it includes a lot of copies of Ancient Japanese writings.” The older man said.

Blaise hummed, “I would appreciate you tracking down a copy, arduous or not, I would be interested in reading it.”

The man smiled and his gaze settled on Harry once more, “I suppose you would be. Perhaps you could write something yourself one day? Seeing as you have a close relationship with one.”

“Perhaps,” allowed Blaise.

“Was that all you were needing today then?” The proprietor asked.

“I think so,” Blaise said as he glanced around once more.

“If I might make a suggestion?”

Blaise stared at the man impassively for a moment, before inclining his head.

The man moved off towards the counter and Blaise followed him. He stopped at a rack and held up a long piece of cloth. “A sling is a standard accessory for some familiars. It allows you to keep them close, whilst letting you keep your hands free. And as it is open on top, they are still able to see, hear and interact as they wish.”

Blaise took the offered piece of material and moved to the counter. Laying it upon the surface to inspect it closer, he placed Harry on the counter as well, allowing him to inspect it.

“What do you think, Raiden?” He asked softly.

Harry pawed at the material, it had a strong, rectangular base that was padded, and short, soft sides. Nosing at the material he found he could easily breathe through it and he stepped inside, he looked at Blaise and the darker teen lifted the sides to give Harry an approximation of what it would feel like.

Harry waited for the feeling of claustrophobia to set in, but as the sides did not extend above his neck, he found himself to be okay. He turned around inside the space. It was tight, but the fabric walls moved with him and allowed him that freedom of movement. He ducked his head and lay down, the sling being just the right length for him to do so. He sat back up and Blaise arched an eyebrow at him.

Harry yipped in agreement. He liked it. At least this way he wouldn’t get left in the dorms often, like most other pets. He would still get to see Hogwarts and even interact, at least with Blaise. He would have to find a way to repay the Slytherin someday.

Blaise looked at the man, “We'll take three,” he said.

Harry blinked up at him in surprise, three? Surely that was excessive? He could only sit in one at a time!

The owner grinned and showed Blaise the others he had in stock and Blaise ended up choosing four different styles.

Harry just shook his head in bewilderment.

By the time Blaise had finished with slings, one of which the strap was made from the hide of a Hungarian Horntail, which gave Harry a perverse sense of satisfaction, Malfoy had made it back to the counter. He levitated no less than five different beds onto the counter as well as two baskets full of other items. Harry couldn't see into the basket as the sides were quite high from his vantage point.

Blaise came back and picked Harry off the counter to put their own purchases down. “And you thought I was going to buy the store Draco,” he snickered.

Draco shrugged, “Well you’re buying the beds. I got one for the common room, our dorm, travel for when we're on the train and a couple for you to take home over the holidays.”

Blaise looked the beds over and nodded, “It should do for now.”

For now? Harry thought incredulously. Bloody hell, five beds would last him for years , decades even . Besides the fact that he wasn't planning on staying like this for that long!

Blaise paid for his purchases quickly and told Draco he would meet him at another store, Harry didn’t recognise the name. Draco just nodded with a knowing look and they left, Harry still didn't get to see what the blond prat had brought. He didn't even have a pet, just an owl.

Blaise tucked his cloak around Harry again and they walked out into the cool air. Walking past a couple of shops, Blaise pushed open a handsome, walnut door. Harry looked around curiously and noticed all types of cloaks and furs hanging from hooks on the walls. Wondering what they were doing in here, he waited with Blaise for the owner to appear.

When she finally did, Harry was surprised to see she was quite young, as if she had only just graduated from Hogwarts.

“Olivia, a pleasure to see you today,” Blaise said, his voice suddenly smoother and yet Harry thought it felt colder as if there was an unimpressed edge to it.

Harry looked up to see Blaise smiling, but one that was very different to all the ones he had given Harry so far. Harry frowned to himself as he watched the interaction.

The girl giggled and her cheeks pinked, Harry would have raised his eyebrows had he been able to, was Blaise flirting with her?

“What can I do for you today, Blaise? And shouldn't you be in school?”

She fluttered her eyelashes at the dark-skinned Slytherin, Harry grumbled to himself quietly. It looked like she was trying to dislodge a piece of grit from her eye. That, or she was having a seizure.

Blaise leant forward slightly and Harry watched as a smirk grew on his lips, “You wouldn't tell anyone now would you, Olivia? Our little secret, right?”

She giggled again and Harry found himself hoping for that seizure.

“Of course! But how did you get out?”

Blaise straightened again, “I was allowed out to shop for a few things for my new familiar.” He told her, indicating Harry in his arms, though he didn't unwrap him from his cloak.

“Oh!” She cried out and suddenly she was leant forward over the counter, her folded arms pushing against her breasts and emphasising them.

Harry grumbled to himself again. He didn’t like her. Although, if pressed, he wouldn’t have been able to say why.

“He's so cute!”

She reached her hand forward to pet him and Harry shrank back against Blaise. Moving to hide behind the cloak.

“He's somewhat shy,” came Blaise's voice.

Harry heard a hint of amusement in it and poked out his head just enough so he could look up. Blaise quirked his lips at him and winked.

“Oh, that's okay,” came the reply. “What do you need for him?”

“Well, as you know, the Slytherin dorms and common room are quite draughty and cold-”

Harry looked at him disbelievingly, they were warmer than Gryffindor Tower! They had their own fireplace!

“-I wanted to get some nice furs to put in his bed and such.”

“Oh, of course!” Olivia gushed, “Don't worry, we'll get you set up with some nice warm and cosy furs. Yes we will!” she said to Harry before flouncing off.

Harry stared after, shocked into stillness by her need to speak in baby talk to him. After a moment he shook his head and growled softly in her direction. He heard Blaise snort and he looked up to see the Slytherin smirking at him. Harry pointedly looked away from him, earning another amused sound.

The silly girl, Harry refused to think of her as anything else, returned with an armful of furs. She started to lay them out, chattering about different varieties and sizes as Harry and Blaise looked at them. Blaise immediately vetoed several, citing the fur inferior. Harry couldn't tell the difference and just shrugged internally. Soon there were only a few choices left and Blaise pulled them all in front of Harry.

“Any you like, Raiden?” He whispered softly at Harry so the silly girl wouldn't overhear.

Harry looked up at Blaise, it's not like he knew anything about fur. Deciding to go with colours he liked, he nosed at the silvered grey with black spots and the brownish-gold coloured one. Blaise nodded and started talking to the girl about ribbons of all things.

She quickly left to go into the back room and Blaise held up a blueish black fur, “What about this?” Harry shook his head and Blaise put it down, “Any others you don't like then?”

Harry considered the question and looked over the choices once again. He ended up shrugging his small shoulders, he didn't hate any of the others. They were all fine to him.

Blaise just hummed and fingered a few more furs. When the girl came back they started talking about designs and patterns. Harry rolled his eyes, this was getting boring, fast . He squirmed in Blaise's arms and the Slytherin diverted his attention from the girl back to him. Harry whined and Blaise nodded, looking back at the girl he said, “That should be enough for now, can I wait here for them?”

She smiled and nodded, saying she would be back in a few moments she directed them to a small waiting area in the corner.

Blaise took a seat and turned Harry so they could look at one another, “Are you getting hungry?” he asked, his voice thankfully back to normal.

Harry shook his head, and Blaise tilted his head to the side, “Thirsty?” Harry shook his head again and yawned widely. “Ah, you’re getting tired,” Harry just repeated his earlier actions and mimed yawning again before looking pointedly in the girl’s direction.

Blaise chuckled, “You’re bored?” Harry yipped in acknowledgement, Blaise leant forward so their faces were almost close enough to touch and spoke softly, “Me too.”

Harry cocked his head to the side, but they were interrupted by a jingle at the door and they both looked to see Malfoy walk in. “Ah, there you are, got what you need?” he asked as he came to sit next to them.

“It’s just being fixed up now,” Blaise replied, “You took longer than I expected.”

Malfoy just shrugged, “Stopped in a couple of stores.”

He and Blaise continued to chat about what they were likely to have missed in class that day so far and around twenty minutes later, the silly seamstress came back out.

“Ah Blaise,“ she said warmly, “I have it all here ready for you,” indicating the package she was holding.

Blaise gathered Harry up again, and he and Malfoy stood to make their way over to the counter. “Thank you, I really appreciate it,” Blaise said, that odd, smooth voice making an appearance once more.

Olivia giggled again and waved a hand at him. She rang the total up and then said to him, “Normally that would be five hundred and nineteen galleons and thirteen sickles, but I put it through at a bit of a discount and waived the ‘on demand’ fee. So that will three hundred and seventy-four galleons, four sickles and two knuts.”

Harry’s jaw dropped at both amounts, Blaise was spending how much on what amounted to be blankets for him? Even with the discount it was a stupid amount of money.

Blase however didn’t bat an eyelash, neither did Malfoy for that matter, “Thank you so much, I really do not expect such a generous discount though, I wouldn’t want to get you into trouble,” Blaise told her with a smile on his face, one Harry noted did not reach his eyes.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” she giggled, “I just wrote them off as inferior stock, it’s no big deal.”

“Well, you have my gratitude,” he told her as he authorised the purchase through a Gringotts form. He shrunk the parcel down and placed it in his pocket, “Thank you for your prompt service today,” he said as he left a few galleons on the counter as a tip.

“Oh, it’s no problem, really, and um, I mean, you could owl me? Whenever you like,” she said, her cheeks going red.

“Of course, the next time I need furs, I’ll come straight here,” he told her as he and Malfoy walked out the door.

Once it had shut behind them, Blaise made a noise of disgust as Malfoy laughed. “Merlin, every time.”

Blaise just sneered, “It’s sickening the things people will do for a pretty face and a smile,” he spat as they made their way back towards the main street of Hogsmeade. “How do you think Higgs will take it?”

“Higgs will be fine, he’s been wanting to break that betrothal for positively ages! You know that’s why he asked you. And I doubt it was just your looks. Your mother was on the front page of the society pages again this week.” Malfoy pointed out.

Harry looked up to watch their faces, Blaise snorted, “Yes, apparently an island in the Mediterranean is the next thing on Mother’s wishlist.”

“Oh, just think of the snorkelling opportunities!” Malfoy said as he threw an arm the other teen's shoulders, jostling him and Harry slightly, “We might even see herds of wild hippocampi!”

“I could care less about the snorkelling opportunities, so long as the island was self-sufficient and I don’t have to put up with the public on a daily basis,” Blaise told his friend.

Harry blinked up at him, Blaise didn’t like the public either? His mind wandered back to Slughorn’s impromptu gathering on the train, they never had gotten around to discussing why the Slytherin had been present. Was he famous or something too? Harry was starting to regret not knowing more about his peers.

They made their way to Three Broomsticks where they did indeed order the fish and chips, which was just as well really because just as they were served, the chef was called away on a family emergency and they had to close the kitchen. Blaise and Malfoy had exchanged significant glances as they ate quietly.

Harry had eaten some of the fish and Madame Rosmerta had brought out a small bowl of fruit at a polite request from Blaise. Harry had eaten around the slices of orange, nosing them to one side, and instead devoured the blueberries and strawberries in particular. Before they left, he begged Blaise for some more pain potion as his foot was starting to ache again.

On their way out of town, they stopped at Honeydukes and spent a large amount on sweets, before finally heading back to the castle.

~*~*~*~ Harry&Blaise ~*~*~*~

The trip back to the castle was uneventful and Harry just listened to the conversation between the two friends. They had evidently been friends for years, even before Hogwarts and it showed in their interactions.

Once they entered the castle, they made their way to Professor Snape's office to let him know of their arrival. With only one lesson left of the day, History of Magic, and with Snape muttering about how it was a waste of time anyway, he allowed them to return the common room and their dorm.

Before they could enter their room though, Malfoy stopped Blaise. “Can you do a mass levitation charm before we go in?”

Blaise cast him a puzzled glance, “On what?”

“Everything,” Malfoy replied.

“Everything,” the darker teen clarified with a raised eyebrow.

Malfoy rolled his eyes, “Yes, Blaise, everything. Do you have flobberworms in your ears?”

Blaise was still puzzled but cast the charm, “I can't hold it all for long, be quick, whatever you’re doing,” he said as he watched Malfoy rummage in one of his bags.

“Aha!” Malfoy cried as he pulled something out, throwing it onto the floor in the middle of the room he cast a reversal spell at it and Harry watched as it quickly expanded to cover the floor.

“Carpet, Draco, really?” Blaise asked amused as he let the furniture settle back onto the floor, atop the now plush, exuberantly soft, surface.

“I was getting sick of walking around on cold, hard floors,” the blond sniffed.

“Uhuh, and it has nothing to do with the fact that you don't want Raiden to have to walk on cold, hard floors,” Blaise said knowingly.

Draco scoffed, “Of course not! It was purely for selfish reasons! But if he so happens to receive some benefit from it as well, perhaps somewhere to play, all the better.”

Harry was stunned, he couldn't believe this, Draco Malfoy had brought carpet. FOR HIM . So he wouldn't get cold, so he would have somewhere to play.

He was in a state of mild shock as Blaise put him down on his bed and started to unpack some of things he had purchased today. Harry's eyes went wide as he saw the end result of all he had brought for Raiden, for him.

He watched as Blaise set about enlarging two sets of stairs. One of which he sent through the door leading to the bathroom. The other he set up at the foot of his bed. Harry hadn't even seen him put those in, hadn't seen Blaise purchase something to make his life easier in this form.

Draco came over then and upended one of the bags onto the bed and a whole range of toys came tumbling out. Spilling across the bedspread as Blaise laughed, “Seriously, Draco?”

“Well, I couldn't not get him something, and then I couldn't decide,” Harry looked between them, then back at the floor with its new carpet, and back to the bed with the stairs at the end and the quilt covered in toys and soft plush teddies, remembering the beds and the grooming items, and then the ridiculously expensive furs, he whimpered.

It seemed that first whimper would not be his last, and he could not hold them back even if he tried. His distressed noises immediately gained him the attention of the two who had showered him such affection and Harry was suddenly scooped into Blaise's lap.

“Raiden? Tesoro, what's wrong?” he asked, but Harry was unable to answer him, fat tears leaked from his eyes and he just buried his head between his paws as the sobs racked his small body.

Crying was different in this form, not that Harry had much experience, he hadn't cried since he was a very small boy and his Aunt had whacked his arm with a frying pan when he burnt the breakfast.

Harry couldn't bring himself to care about the strange sounds coming from his mouth, not when his mind was busy comparing the treatment he had received in the last twenty-four hours from people who had no reason to care for him, with the treatment he had received from his blood relations.

He figured this would be similar to how Sirius would have raised him given the chance. That thought only brought about a new wave of sorrow as Harry thought about Sirius and Hermione.

He felt hands running over his body, trying to calm him down as voices filtered into his ears.

“What's wrong with him?” Draco asked worriedly.

“I don't know, he's not hurting, he had some pain potion at lunch- Tesoro, please, what's wrong?”

Harry couldn't answer him, just buried his head under Blaise's jumper as he tried and failed to control himself.

“What can I do?” asked Draco.

“Find Professor Hagrid? He might know. Or have some idea at least,” Blaise said.

“On it.”

Harry heard his reply, and the door open and shut before Blaise sighed, and shifted around on the bed to put his back against the headboard. He pulled his knees up to bring Harry up closer to him, to lie on his chest rather than his lap. Shifting his jumper to cover Harry more thoroughly and so his head could poke out of the neck.

Harry blinked up at him, pitious little sounds still coming from his mouth as he tried to regain control. Blaise's worried look didn't help matters as it only further highlighted the difference in Harry's previous caregivers. He tucked his head back under the soft wool jumper and eventually, his plaintive cries gave way into an exhausted sleep, as gentle hands stroked him and a soothing voice murmured to him.


 Trembling Kitsune!Harry

Chapter Text

Harry woke sometime later to soft voices surrounding him.

“Is he okay now?” Draco asked.

“He fell asleep, I think he wore himself out. He hasn't woken up yet.” Blaise answered.

“Professor Hagrid is on his way, he had to finish putting away the bowtruckles from his last class.”

Harry felt the movement of Blaise’s body as he nodded.

“Do you know what was wrong?” He heard Nott ask.

“No,” replied Blaise, frustration clear in his voice. “We had just gotten back into the dorm and we were unpacking his new things when he just started whimpering. I have no idea what started it.”

“Have yeh asked 'im?” Came Hagrid's deep voice, the door creaking as it opened.

“No? Not really? I asked him if he was hurt, but he just got louder.” Blaise told the half-giant.

“Hmm… I have an idea of what it migh’ be, Mr Malfoy here tol’ me what yhe've been doin’ today and what he's been doin’.”

“What?” asked Blaise worriedly.

“I think he’s heartsick,” replied Hagrid.

“Heartsick?” Draco queried in confusion.

“Sad,” interpreted Nott.

“Aye, sad, but mor’ than that” Hagrid agreed.

Harry cracked his eyelids and peeked up at Blaise's face, the dark Slytherin was worrying his bottom lip between his teeth.

“But why? Why would he be heartsick? Is it something I've done? I've only tried to make sure he has everything he needs.”

Harry shifted under the jumper, he didn't want Blaise to blame himself for Harry's breakdown. He crawled out of the neck of Blaise's jumper and rubbed his head against the Slytherin’s cheek, wanting to reassure him somehow.

Blaise startled slightly, but he looked at Harry with concern, “Raiden, you're awake. Are you okay?”

Harry made a rumbling noise and butted his head against Blaise's cheek again before giving him a slow nod.

“Can ye tell us wha’ happened, little fella?” asked Hagrid. Harry looked over at his big friend and the other two Slytherin's before meeting hazel eyes again.

Blaise lifted a hand and scratched Harry gently behind his ears.

“Please? If you can?” he asked softly, “I want to know so I can help you.”

Harry leaned into the comforting touch, while he made up his mind, if he told them why he'd been upset, he'd be telling them things he hadn't outright told anyone. But it was the concern in Blaise's eyes that made up his mind, no-one had really looked at him like that before.

Harry crawled all the way out of Blaise's jumper and sat primly on the bedspread, tails curling around his feet as he nodded.

“Okay, so what made you so upset?” Blaise asked. Harry stood and walked down gingerly down the stairs with care for his hurt paw. He paused on the bottom step he reached out to gently graze the carpet.

“The carpet?” asked Draco, surprise and dismay in his voice, “The carpet upsets you that much?”

Harry shook his head and climbed back up the stairs, he moved over to the toys and teddies. He lay down next to one of the stuffed animals, a hippogriff, and placed his head on its back.

“You don't like the toys?” Draco then asked, his voice sounding hurt.

Harry whined, that's not what he was trying to say.

“You do like the toys? And the carpet?” Blaise guessed and Harry nodded with a yip.

“That doesn't explain-”

“Let him finish, Draco,” Blaise interrupted.

Harry got up and went to the bag Blaise had yet to finish unpacking, and pulled out some of the brushes and necessity items. Not knowing how to express himself he sat up on his back legs and tried to tap his chest with his paws.


Harry nodded, and then fell forwards, his unhurt foot landing on a brush.

“Yes, it’s all for you.” Blaise told him a little wrinkle between his eyebrows.

Harry walked over to Blaise, unsure how to tell him how much he liked the things that Blaise had brought, just to take care of him , no-one had brought him stuff like this before. Harry didn't even own a comb.

Coming up with an idea, Harry climbed into Blaise's lap and stood so his front paws rested on Blaise's shoulder and then he licked his cheek.

It was kind of a strange and intimate gesture, but Harry wasn't sure how else to portray how much it meant to him. He leant back slightly waiting for Blaise's interpretation.

“Are you saying thank you?” Harry nodded and then whined it wasn't quite everything he wanted to portray. “And you like them?”

Harry shook his head and repeated his action, wondering if it was weird that he thought Blaise tasted good, and when had he started thinking of him as Blaise? Or Draco as Draco for that matter.

“You really like the brushes and stuff? More than the toys?” Blaise guessed.

Harry yipped and his tails waved slightly.

Draco apparently needed more clarification, “So you like that he brought you beds and brushes more than you like the toys?”

Harry shrugged and nodded.

“That's weird,” Draco said but he didn't seem to be put out by it.

Harry sat back down in Blaise's lap and waited.

“So, you were upset because you like the things we brought for you?” Blaise asked, his brow still creased in confusion.

Harry shook his head and then tilted it to the side, wondering how to explain this. Catching sight of some silver on Blaise's wrist he nudged at the watch.


Harry didn't answer Blaise as he jumped off his lap and sat on the bed with his back to him.

“Before Blaise,” Nott said after a moment.

Harry yipped and waved his tails as he nodded to Nott, the other Slytherins raising their eyebrows in his direction and he shrugged.

“My sister loves charades.”

Harry snorted and their attention turned back to him. He stood and moved into an aggressive stance and started growling, snapping his jaws together for an added effect before shaking and laying down. He covered his eyes with his paws and whimpered.

“He's talking about the time I found him, and the acromantula.” Blaise said to the others.

Harry sat up and shook his head.

“You're not?”

Harry shook his head again.

“So, there were others that were mean to you? People? Creatures?” Harry nodded again, then yipped, and shook his head on the last one.

“Did you live with them? Were you their familiar like you're mine?”

Harry felt a shiver run through him when Blaise laid claim to him, but he ignored it to answer the questions. He nodded sadly to the first and then vehemently shook his head to the second.

“Why did you live with them if they were mean to you?” Nott asked before anyone else could.

Harry tried to think of a way to answer, first he curled up on himself and tried to make himself smaller, but they didn't understand. Next, he rolled on his back and waved his paws in the air, trying to show that he didn't know how to walk, they still couldn't guess. Frustrated Harry huffed before alighting on another idea, one which would have made him blush if he had been human. He was still mortally embarrassed, but at least they couldn't tell.

He moved over to Blaise and took one of his fingers in his mouth, he mimicked sucking on the digit and it finally clicked.

“You were a young, a baby,” he said in sudden understanding.

Harry yipped again, thankful someone had finally gotten it.

Blaise scowled, “What did they do to you?”

Harry shrunk down a bit, he hadn't planned on saying any more than that they had been mean to him.

“Tesoro, please,” Harry looked up at him and whined, Blaise cupped his jaw and rubbed his cheek with his thumb.

“They locked you up didn't they? That's why you don't like cages.”

Harry just nodded.

“What else?”

Harry sighed and pulled away slightly, he turned to nuzzle at his stomach.

“They didn't feed you?” Harry whined and hovered a paw just on top of the bedspread. “They only fed you a little?”

Harry bobbed his head.

Looking around to try and figure out how to mime what else, he hobbled over to the toys Draco had brought. He picked up a stuffed horse in his mouth and moved it to the centre of the bed, before pushing a box behind the equine. Harry lined up next the stuffed animal and leant his body forward like he was pulling something.

“They made you work?” Draco guessed. Harry yipped at him and sat down, hoping they wouldn't press further.

“Is there more, Raiden?” asked Blaise.

Harry dipped his head and looked away.

“Please,” Blaise repeated softly.

Harry made the mistake of looking at him. The quiet plea in his eyes caught him off guard and he moved to sit in front of Blaise. Lifting a paw he brought it down fast, hitting the bed as hard as he could for his current size, which wasn't very hard, but they seemed to understand the point. He then whimpered to drive the point home.

Blaise's face became stormy and his eyes flashed, Harry as caught up as he was in Blaise's gaze kept 'talking’ to them. He sat up on his haunches again and tapped his chest with both paws.


Harry dropped one paw and used the other to tap against his heart.

“Heart? Love,”

Harry then dropped back down to all fours and shook his head.

“They didn't love you.”

Harry let out a whimper against his will.

Suddenly, he was caught up between two strong arms and hugged tightly.

“You don't have to worry about that anymore, tesoro. I love you already, and I will never, ever, let anyone, treat you like that ever again. I promise, Raiden.”

Harry stilled against the declaration, and the resounding confirmations from Blaise’s dorm-mates and then snuggled deeper into the embrace. Burrowing his head into the crook of Blaise's neck, he soaked up the comfort he was being shown.

There was a quiet silence for a moment, the only sound that could be heard was Hagrid's loud sniffling.

“I still don't understand why he was so distressed earlier though,” Draco said, breaking the silence.

“Me either,” replied Nott.

“Ah, I do,” replied Hagrid, “Poor little tyke.”

The three Slytherin's looked at Hagrid, he shifted uncomfortably before seemingly coming to a decision.

“Yeh all know about me mum, after that blasted Skeeter woman’s article.”

They nodded.

“What ye's, and everyone else, dun know is about me Dad.” He took a moment took look at them all sternly, “If I hear one word of this outside of this room, I'll know who was talking about ’t. There's only one other soul alive that knows me story.”

The all nodded, even Harry, who had heard Hagrid speak of his dad before, but this seemed to be different.

“Me Dad had a big heart for a wee man, I was taller than him by the time I was six, and I used ter put him on the dresser when I was annoyed at 'im.” He chuckled and the others did too, “but he only lived long enough ter see me get my Hogwarts letter. He died in me firs’ year see. After that, well, I was sent to an orphanage in London. Wool’s it was called.”

Harry tensed up at the name, he remembered it from his 'lessons’ with Dumbledore over the summer holidays.

“The other kids there, they were mainly muggles and well, I can't blame 'em, they didn't understand did they? An’ I couldn't exactly tell them I had a giantess for a mother. The matron there though, she was a cruel ol’ bird. I feel horrible about it, but I was glad when I heard she'd been murdered. Best thing to ev’r happen to that orphanage.” He was quiet for a moment, lost in his thoughts.

“You said mostly muggles?” Nott asked, in an awkward attempt to get him speaking again.

“Huh? Oh, aye, there was another lad there with me, he was one of your house actually, went by the name Tom Riddle. Charming enough fellow when he wanted summat, but cold too. He's the reason I was expelled in me fifth year. Yer see, I was raising, well, that don't matter, but that was the time the Chamber of Secrets was first opened, and a girl in our year died. He was a prefect and he knew I was friends with what people call ‘dangerous creatures’, so he framed me. Took me to the Headmaster and told them he'd caught me openin’ it.” Hagrid sighed.

“I was expelled an’ sent back to the orphanage, only, they weren't too happy ta see me and they sent me packin’, I'd no money, no wand, no way of knowing where me next meal was coming from. I lived on the streets for about a year. Luckily with me size I wasn't often bothered, but it was lonely alrigh’ and there's no-one who's gonna befriend a dang’rous homeless person.”

Hagrid gave them all a long look and his gaze settled on Harry.

“I started walking one day, not even sure of where I was going. Took me weeks, but I ended up in the Forbidden Forest and I ran into Ol’ Ogg who was the groundskeeper of Hogwarts at the time. Saved him from Aragog, and he gave me a job as his assistant. Went and argued with the Board and everythin’. That was the first night since I'd been expelled that I'd eaten a proper meal and slept in a warm bed. I cried meself to sleep that night at the kindness Ogg’d showed me, with relief that I wouldn't hafta go back to the 'orrible way I'd been living with no-one who cared to care abou’ me. An' when yeh haven't cried in a long time, when terrible things hav’ been happenin’ to yeh, sometimes yeh find yeh can't stop. I'd wager yer little Raiden’d be the same.” He ended with a nod in Harry's direction.

Blaise looked down at Harry and made a questioning sound, “Was that what happened to you? Why you were so upset before? Because we were so nice to you?”

Harry, who had not yet taken his eyes off his big friend simply nodded. He wriggled in Blaise's hold and the teen let him go. He walked to the end of bed and whuffed softly at Hagrid.

The big man chuckled wetly and held his hand out for Harry to climb onto. Harry was amused to see just how dwarfed he was by the man's palm. Hagrid lifted him up to eye level and gently stroked his head with one finger before setting him back on the bed.

Harry made his way to Blaise, putting his paws gently on his knee. Blaise smiled at him and Harry jumped delicately into his lap, even if he wondered why his stomach was fluttering.

Hagrid beamed at the sight. “Righ’ you lot'd bett’r get off fer tea. Zabini, I'll send up a house-elf for yer both, and inform Professor Snape you'll be stayin’ in, if yer want?”

“That would be good, thank you, Sir,” Blaise replied, “I would appreciate some quiet time with Raiden right now.”

Hagrid nodded, “Alrigh’ then, and don't, 'sir’ me, it's just Hagrid, 'less we’re in class. You just holler if yer needin’ me again. An’ make sure ye come by in a few days for a fresh bandage.”

Hagrid waved before he headed out the door, having to duck to get through the unaccommodating frame.

“You know, he's not as bad as Father always led me to believe. Once you get past his accent and attire, of course,” Draco said thoughtfully.

Nott snorted at Draco’s phrasing, “Of course, come on, let's go get dinner, I'll fill you in on what you missed today. We’ll see you later, Blaise,” he called as they made their way out.

Blaise just gave them a short wave before flicking his wand at the door to close and ward it. He flicked it again to shift the bags and items from their earlier excursion onto his desk. Scooting lower on the bed so he could lay down, he brought Harry up to lay on his chest.

Harry stretched out sphinx style, unsure as to what was going to happen now. He hadn't really been alone, and without purpose, with Blaise yet. He cocked his head and waited.

Blaise put one arm up behind his head as he began to talk, the other hand running softly through the fur on Harry's side.

“So I take it you can understand me, us all, perfectly well?”

Harry quickly thought through his options, he could lie and say no, but that would be no doubt lead to a very boring day to day existence. Besides, with his storytelling just now, it was kind of obvious, so he nodded.

Blaise's lips twitched into a small smile, “What do you think about not letting that on to anyone outside this room? Let people assume you don't understand them. They'll underestimate you, us, that way.”

Harry tilted his head further to the side in consideration, it would kind of be like pranking everyone he thought and it could be quite useful for a number of things. Besides, it was probably best if he didn’t appear to human around people, especially as Luna wouldn’t always be able to be around to be ‘him’.

He barked and let his tails wave about to show his appreciation of the idea.

“Excellent,” Blaise grinned, “Next thing, maybe we should come up with some code sounds? Something to let me know when you need a private moment perhaps? So we don't end up in another situation like in the forest this morning?”

It was a good idea Harry thought, and it would give him a chance to get away for a few minutes at a time when he needed to without anyone worrying about him. He ended up giving two short, soft whuffs, followed by a slightly louder bark.

“So, wuff wuff, BARK, that's your signal for a private moment?” Blaise clarified.

Harry yipped and Blaise nodded.

“What about if you're hungry? I don't want you to go hungry at any stage.”

Harry stood and put his nose in the palm of Blaise's hand and snorted softly. He then came back to lay in his previous position, he had just settled when a house-elf popped up holding a large tray of foods and drink.

“Alright then, we can come up with more later as we think of them. For now, let's eat.” Blaise said as he sat up.

He maneuvered Harry to sit in the space between his crossed legs. Blaise took the tray from the elf and thanked her. She curtsied before popping away again.

Blaise lifted the lid off the food and Harry's mouth watered at the sight of an extra large helping of roasted chicken and vegetables. Blaise chuckled when he saw Harry lick his lips and he picked up the side plate and began filling it with some smaller pieces of chicken and various vegetables. He then balanced the plate on his crossed ankles as he speared a piece of chicken for himself.

Harry bent to the task of eating and when he emptied his plate, Blaise placed a second helping onto it after feeding Harry a few drops of pain potion. Harry managed about half of that and only because it tasted so good. Blaise moved the plate when Harry was done, asking him if he was sure he'd had enough.

Harry rolled over and exposed his straining belly for an answer.

Blaise laughed and scratched at the offered skin.

And oh sweet Merlin, it was glorious. No wonder dogs rolled over so willingly for belly rubs. They were fantastic!

Harry felt his eyes roll into the back of his head and he let out a little rumbling sound as Blaise's fingers dug into his soft belly. His eyelids slid half closed and he sighed in contentment. He heard Blaise make an amused noise and he tried to glare and growl at him. He did. But all he succeeded in doing was to emit a louder contented rumble.

Soon, Blaise finished his one-handed meal and he resumed his previous horizontal position. Harry reluctantly moved back to his spot on the Slytherin’s chest.

Merlin those belly rubs were going to be addicting.

“Do you want to come to classes with me tomorrow?”

Harry nodded, it would be too boring to sit around here all day tomorrow otherwise.

“Can you do magic?” asked Blaise curiously.

Harry shrugged, how was he supposed to know? He had no way of vocalising spells and no wand to cast with, not that he had tried to cast anything.

“You don't know?”

Harry shook his head.

“But you have magic?”

Harry nodded, he could still feel his core, feel the well of magic inside. He was just somehow trapped in another shape. One he would need to figure out how to get out of, though he wasn't sure how he was going to manage that.

Blaise hummed thoughtfully, “Can you read?”

Harry gave him an affronted snort and curled his lip warningly, Blaise held his hands up placatingly.

“Alright, alright, I just wanted to know if you needed me to read to you or if you wanted to read along with me?”

The young wizard reached for his wand and summoned the book he had purchased from the store. Harry moved to lay on the pillow next to Blaise's head. Forelegs resting on the Slytherin's shoulder as Blaise opened the book to sit on his chest.

The book was beautifully illustrated but was clearly designed to be more a collection of myths and tall tales, rather than anything educational. He and Blaise read slowly together, Blaise dutifully turning the pages or waiting when Harry indicated he wanted a little extra time to absorb the information. Certain paragraphs and phrases stayed with him as they read.


~*~ Kitsune’s are generally benevolent, but they have a moral code all their own. They are tricksters, Kitsune’s often delight in tricking others. The most common and well-known way is for a Kitsune to trick a human into marriage. Upon discovery, a Kitsune will leave, never to be seen again. They answer only to themselves, or their spouse, and should they grant favours, they can be double-edged. It is said a reward from a Kitsune is invaluable and worth more than any material possession, but this is not always the case.

~*~ The tale of Nimro proves this:
Nimro was a fisherman, and after catching a water-based Kitsune in his net, he bargained for its freedom a wish. He wished for money to free him from his poverty. The Kitsune made good on that wish, and he received his gold and a new house with it. As his father was killed the next day and he inherited it.

~*~ Fox-spirits have a ball, it is generally small and white, and ordinary to look at. If you can get your hands on it, they will do anything to get it back. There are no reputed reasons as to why they have one, or what it is for. Though some say they use to store their magic whilst in human form.

~*~ Kitsune’s love innocence, they will always protect a child or those with pure intentions. It may have something to do with their own virtue. As for all their mischievousness, Kitsune’s are leary of matters surrounding sex. A Kitsune will not even spy on those bathing.  

~*~ Kitsune’s are vain creatures, and if you dirty one, they will have an immediate need to clean themselves.

~*~ Kitsune’s can shapeshift; some can change their size, others into anything that can be found in nature. Some can even take on a human appearance. If you ever suspect that a person is really a fox spirit, get them drunk or sedate them. Kitsune’s struggle to hide their tails and the lessening of control will often expose them.

~*~ Foxfire is an accurate symbol for the free-spirited Kitsune, they can create balls of fire for offence, for light, but also as a toy.

~*~ Kitsune’s have power over the elements, and control the weather and create massive storms, of lightning, fire and ice. They can also cause rain on clear days.

~*~ A Kitsune’s magic is stored in it’s tails. It is said the more tails one has, the older and more powerful.


Blaise closed the book with a sigh, “Well, he did say it wouldn't be very helpful.” He turned his head to look at Harry, “Though it did say Kitsune are very fastidious, is that true?”

Harry cocked his head not quite sure what Blaise was talking about. His mind was still stuck on sorting out all that they had read. He wasn’t sure what to make of it all.  

“Come on then, you are filthy after doing Merlin knows what in the forest.”

And before Harry could protest, Blaise had picked him up and a impervious charm was cast on his bandage. He watched helplessly as Blaise gathered a few things and they were soon walking through the other door in the dorm.

Harry was a little confused when it led into a hallway with three other doors instead of a shared bathroom. They stepped through the door closet to them and Harry noted the plaque on the door read 'Zabini’. They entered the room as the thought crossed his mind ' they have their own bathrooms ?’

His jaw dropped open as he looked around the room. It wasn't overly large, but everything in the room was ostentatious. The bath rose up from the ground and was carved from stone and could easily fit two people sitting side by side, and the overhanging shower head was the size of one of Hagrid's dinner plates.

The sink was set into a long stone bench on the left and the loo was on the right. Harry noted a set of steps, the same as Blaise had brought for him for the bed, alongside it.

Blaise headed to the bench and placed his bundle down. He grabbed one of the fluffy looking towels from a nearby shelf and set it on the riser easing access into the shower/bath. He placed Harry on the towel and moved to turn on the water.

Harry could not stop looking around the bathroom, taking in the polished silver fixtures and snake edged mirror. No wonder Malfoy was such a git if all their bathrooms were like this. His gaze wandered back to Blaise and watched as he riffled through a variety of bottles placed neatly on his counter. He soon found the one he was looking for and turned back to the bath, adding a measured dose to the running water. Harry stood up on his hind feet to peer into the bath, trying to see what the potion had done. He blinked at the water, amazed at what he saw, it had turned an iridescent gold. So soft, it looked like molten satin.

He huffed, impressed at the sight and then turned back around to see Blaise in the middle of tugging his shirt over his head. Harry's eyes caught on smooth skin and spectacular abdominal muscles.

Blaise's head appeared as he threw the shirt into a basket in the corner. His hair was ruffled from the static and his hands moved towards his belt. Unbuckling the length of leather and placing it on the counter with a click.

The sound jolted Harry to his senses and he blinked rapidly to clear his mind. Realising that Blaise was now unzipping his trousers, Harry let out a high pitched yelp and his ears flipped forwards to cover his tightly shut eyes.

He heard Blaise chuckle lowly, a shiver running down his spine at the sound.

“Protecting your virtue are you?”

Harry snarled remembering the story but did not lift his ears. It didn't seem right that he should see such intimate parts of the other when he was like this. When Blaise didn't know who he really was.

Blaise chuckled again and Harry heard soft footsteps padding towards him.

“Come on then, I'll protect your modesty.”

Harry huffed and then felt himself being lifted. He heard the water switch off and then a soft splash of someone getting into the tub. Surely he didn't intend on them bathing together!

Apparently though, it was exactly his intention as Harry felt his fur begin to get wet. He was arranged into a position on Blaise's - bare! - chest mimicking the sphinx-like one he had been in earlier. One of Blaise's hands was cupping his haunches to keep him from slipping completely under the water.

Blaise laughed again and Harry felt the vibrations rumble under him.

“There now, crisis averted and your virtue is intact.”

Harry made a grumbling sound under his breath and lifted one ear to peek at Blaise. The prat was grinning at him and as Harry could only see his face, he let the other ear go with a huff, flicking his chin up and to the side.

“Oh come on, you're just too cute when you're all innocent,” Blaise said, grin widening.

I'll show you innocent, Harry thought and lifted his paw to bringing it splashing down. Water flicking up to drop onto Blaise's face.



harry and blaise in the bath


Blaise sputtered and laughed again, his face brightening in delight. He sloshed a gentle wave of golden water in Harry's direction. Harry quickly stood to avoid getting water up his nose and Blaise smirked at him.

Harry would have smirked back when his next idea hit him, instead, he just closed his eyes and started to shake his body vigorously as he had seen many canines do.

Hearing Blaise curse rather imaginatively, he brought himself to a stop. He leant in until he was nose to nose with the other teen and yipped happily, tails waving in the air behind him.

Blaise snorted, “Alright, you win you little monster.”

Harry yipped again and sat down, tails swirling happily in the water behind him. Blaise brought a hand up to scratch behind Harry's ears and Harry leant into the gesture. A purrlike rumble emanating from his chest.

Blaise smiled softly at him and Harry, unsure as to how to handle the gentle expression, looked around. Deciding to investigate the water more closely, he peered at it and batted a paw against the surface to see if it was as thick as it looked.

“It's a potion my mother made, it hydrates the skin and softens the hair. I'm hoping it will make yours lie flat.” Blaise said, his voice teasing. “If not, well, I'll just have to start experimenting.”

Harry snorted, if Blaise wanted to spend his free time engaged in a useless endeavour, then he was welcome to it. Hermione had given up on his hair in fourth year when after the Yule Ball, she had used her leftover over Sleakeasy’s to try and tame his locks. Her eyes had shone with victory for about ten seconds before his hair had returned to its normal state.

“My mother will be able to help if we haven't got you sorted by the holidays.”

Harry cocked his head, Blaise's tone was full of confidence.

“My mother is brilliant, incredibly, smart and the most beautiful witch I've ever seen. Obviously, I take after her.” He said with a self-satisfied smile at Harry.

Harry rolled his eyes at Blaise and snorted softly.

His face fell and Harry grew worried at the sad look on his face. “I’ve never told anyone this,” Blaise started to say, “But there’s a curse on my family.” He made a face after that statement, “Well, it’s not supposed to be a curse, but how else can I see it?”

He stared into thin air and Harry brought him back to the moment by thrusting his nose under his chin. Blaise looked at him with a small smile and continued, his hand stroking down Harry’s back as he spoke.

“One of my ancestors, long ago, brewed a potion to reveal to her upon first sight, her one true love. The potion lingers still in our veins and I saw mine during the Sorting Ceremony in our first year.” Harry was intrigued, he’d never heard of such a thing, but the way Blaise spoke and the sadness that lingered in his voice gave Harry no doubts that his story was true.

“My mother saw my father when they first started at Hogwarts and they were inseparable until his death. She got her revenge on the men that killed him though. In every way possible.” Blaise looked down at Harry and bit his lip softly, “She married many of them, charmed them with her personality and some with potions, and then she killed them. All in ways that would never implicate her. People speculate naturally, she’s up to husband number eleven now.”

Blaise paused for a moment before continuing, looking as though a weight was coming off his chest as he did so.

“There were only four men responsible for my father, but she said she was bored and that it is quite thrilling to manipulate and then rid the world of despicable men. She never goes for anyone innocent. She makes sure that they are evil, that they have caused pain and suffering to others. Usually, people who lead underground organisations, there was one man who was the head of a veela smuggling ring, another was a creator of addicting, poisonous potions. One was even a politician who believed that magical creatures should be rounded up and kept in zoo’s, and the laws he was trying to implement and nearly succeeding with, were absolutely heinous. I can’t say I like it, her hobby,” he said, his nose scrunching up in a way Harry actually thought was quite endearing, but she’s my mother and she loves me more than anything.”

Harry wasn’t sure how he felt about Blaise’s story, his mum sounded like some of the vigilante superheroes Dudley kept comics on. What she was doing sounded wrong, but if it stopped bad people from doing bad things...

Blaise sighed heavily, his chest rising and falling, causing Harry to move with it. “He’s a Gryffindor and he has no reason to like Slytherins and many reasons to hate us,” he said quietly and Harry realised the conversation had changed back to the topic of Blaise’s love.

And he’s straight, Harry thought, thinking of Neville blushing whenever he saw Luna. Poor Blaise. Harry shifted a little closer to the only human occupant in the room and looked at him sadly, a whine emanating from his throat in commiseration.

Blaise just continued his petting absently as he spoke to Harry, “I don’t think he would even give me the time of day once school is over. He certainly wouldn’t now. Not with the way the world is and with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named around. He’s going to fight him, I know he will. It’s just who he is.” Blaise sounded both proud and worried all at once and Harry suddenly ached to give him a consoling hug. “I’m going to help, as much as I can, it’s going to be hard though, trying to do something to help and keeping myself safe at the same time. I don’t have anywhere that I could really hide if my true leanings are discovered. I can’t join the Order of the Phoenix. For starters, I highly doubt any of them could look past my school robes to trust me enough. For another, I don’t really agree with everything they stand for.”

Harry cocked his head to the side, and an inquiring chirp sounded in the back of his throat, he had never heard what people thought about the Order and hadn’t realised, until now, they stood for anything other than defeating Voldemort.

Blaise looked at him properly and smiled, he put a hand behind his head and lounged a little further into the tub. The water rising over Harry’s back as he did so.

“They want to elevate muggleborn ideals to the exclusion of pureblood ones. They want to ban the rituals and wizarding holy days and only allow muggle ones, like Christmas and Halloween. Dumbledore has already initiated that particular practice at Hogwarts, trying to manipulate and control people into thinking they are bad as they grow up. I mean, yes, some of the current laws pertaining exclusively to purebloods are bad. Like the right to say no to questioning under veritaserum when suspected of a major crime. Either no-one should be exempt or all should have the right. But it also doesn’t mean all rituals should be banned just because they call for a little blood.” Blaise sighed, “I’m getting off topic, you are entirely too easy to talk too.”

Harry wasn’t sure what he thought of everything Blaise had said, he had never given any consideration to what the war was actually about. No-one had ever spoken to him about it like this before. All he had known was; Voldemort wanted to kill him, and then more recently, if Harry wanted to live he would have to kill him first.

He was still lost in thought when Blaise conjured a small jug and dipped it in the water. Lifting it to pour the golden water carefully over Harry. Harry yipped in surprise and quickly shut his eyes against the flow. He heard Blaise’s chuckle and felt him running his hand through Harry’s fur, freeing any debris and ensuring he was clean before lifting Harry out and placing him on one of the fluffy towels Harry by the side of the bath.

Harry felt the water sliding over him and instinct took over and he started to shake himself again. His injured paw lifting up so he wouldn’t hurt it and causing him to stumble. Much to Blaise’s amusement if the stifled snort was anything to go by.

Harry opened his eyes and watched as Blaise tipped the water over himself and then grabbed a bar of soap and began running it over his body. Harry didn’t realise just how avidly he was watching until Blaise turned to him with a wink.

“If you still want to protect your virtue, I’d look away now.”

   Harry in the bath not looking at blaise                 

Harry gave a startled yip as Blaise began to rise out of the bathtub, water streaming off his body, and his ears flicked forwards to cover his eyes once more. He listened to Blaise’s amusement and heard the sounds of the bath draining away and what he assumed was Blaise drying off. He felt hands wrap around him and jerked in surprise as he was lifted and then placed on another surface.

“Sorry, I should have warned you, you can open your eyes now though.” Blaise’s voice came from above him. Harry peeked out and saw Blaise was wearing a pair of those silk pants and nothing else. Thankful that he was covered, even if he wasn’t exactly modest, Harry relaxed and Blaise began to towel him off thoroughly, but gently too. Harry watched him in an amused way as Blaise picked up one front paw, and gently rubbed the towel over it before switching to the other.

Harry backed up warily though when he saw Blaise point his wand at him. The wand was quickly diverted away when Blaise noted this and a comforting hand slid under his chin. “Hey, it’s okay, I just want to cast a small drying spell. Just to get the last of the water out of your coat. Okay?”

He watched Harry earnestly as he made up his mind. Harry nodded slowly and braced himself, the charm came and swept through his coat with a small whoosh of magic. Harry felt all tingly from the feel of Blaise’s power though he couldn’t put his paw on why.

“See? Not so bad was it?” Blaise asked and even though his voice was even, Harry could hear the worry there.

He stood up and butted against Blaise. His head coming into contact with his muscled stomach. Harry grumbled to himself internally, who had a body that hard in real life?

The tension seemed to leave Blaise and he quickly packed up his things. He picked Harry up and they left the room. Blaise began to set up one of the beds right next to his, the new bed stood off the ground on a little stand and was level with Blaise’s own mattress. He piled it with furs and settled Harry into it, placing the hippogriff toy next to him. He climbed into his own bed and summoned a textbook and began to read after tossing another easy smile at Harry.

Harry was at a bit of a loss at what to do. He looked around for a bit and then yawning widely he settled his chin on the hippogriff plushie and soon fell asleep, the long day, belly full of food and the warm bath catching up with him.

harry and beaky plushie

Harry woke in the middle of the night, shivering lightly. He had a blanket thrown over him, but his small body was not putting out enough heat to keep him warm. He stood up, still half asleep, and grabbed the Buckbeak lookalike in his mouth. He made his way towards a slumbering Blaise and nosed under the blankets. He settled next to Blaise’s warm chest, his back against the darker boy and Beaky pillowed under his head. Sighing contently, he drifted back off to sleep. Just before Morpheus took him under completely, he felt Blaise shift a little his arm moving to surround Harry as he mumbled something into his pillow. Feeling warm and safe, Harry fell into a deeply satisfying slumber.

Chapter Text

Harry woke to gentle strokes on his head. Blearily blinking open his eyes, he saw Blaise smiling gently at him. His stomach did a little flip and he wondered if he was hungry.

“Can you wait a bit for breakfast and your pain potion? There’ll be plenty of time, but there’s a couple of things I’d like to do before we go, plus there’s the weekly briefing with Professor Snape.”

Harry’s sleepy mind struggled to process Blaise’s words. Eventually, he nodded, a huge yawn cracking his jaw as he did so.

Blaise grinned at him and promptly rolled right off the bed.

Harry yelped and dashed to the edge, ignoring the ache in his paw as he looked down to see if Blaise was okay.

He sat in confusion at the edge, watching with his head tilted as Blaise went through a series of push-ups, sit-ups, and various other exercises. Finally, Blaise stood up, a light sheen of sweat causing his skin to glisten, highlighting the definition of his body.   


blaise, push ups


“Okay, I’m going to shower, I’ll be back in a minute,” he said, flashing a grin at Harry before ruffling the fur on his head and leaving the room.

Harry grumbled and shook his head, settling the wayward strands of fur. He hobbled over to the stairs by the side of Blaise’s bed and slowly made his way down, engaging in his own series of stretches when he reached the bottom.

He decided to explore the dorm a little and slowly hobbled his way around, his nose helping to learn more about his surroundings.

He discovered for instance, that two house-elves, their scents similar and yet distinctive enough for Harry to discern between, had cleaned the quarters while they slept and a great many of Draco’s belongings smelt oddly of extremely sugary apples. Theo’s scent, however, was heavy with dark chocolate and musty books, whilst Blaise’s worldly goods -and he himself- smelt of expensive wood oils and cinnamon.

After inspecting the room, and grudgingly accepting morning ‘hello’ pats from Nott and Draco, Harry limped his way towards the bathrooms.

By the time he had made it across the room, Blaise was just exiting the hallway.

“Raiden?” he asked.

Harry gave his little signal bark for some private time and Blaise nodded.

“Alright, will you be okay?”

Harry huffed and left him there, not acknowledging the ridiculous statement. Would he be okay? Of course, he would be okay. He knew how to use a bathroom! Sure, he’d fallen flat on his back and then into a centaur yesterday… but that was then!

He nosed open the door, thankful Blaise had left it ajar and shut it mostly closed behind him. He was able to make his way up the small set of stairs leading up to the toilet with relative ease.

He only began to regret his decision when he realised climbing onto and then perching on a toilet seat with only three working paws was a bit troublesome. He managed it though. Only very nearly plummeting into the bowl twice.

On the steps once more, he reached for the chain with his mouth and grasped the metal in his teeth. He overbalanced, and the steps slid on the smooth tile causing him to fall forward and towards the ground.

A muffled yelp came as he jolted on the end of the chain. The toilet flushed loudly and he let go of the chain to land heavily on his furry butt.

kitsune!Harry swing on the toilet chain

Harry stood up and was shaking himself vigorously when he heard a muffled coughing sound. He looked up to see Blaise peering at him, his eyebrows raised and lips rolled tightly together as his crinkled eyes darted from the dislodged steps to the still swinging chain and a disgruntled looking Harry.

“Everything alright?” he asked, voice tight.

Harry narrowed his eyes at the amusement in his tone and huffed, looking pointedly away. He heard Blaise come further into the room and watched as he reset the steps close to their previous position; if a little nearer to the chain. He drew his wand and then murmured a sticking charm.

“Come on then, Silly,” he said as he turned around.

Harry whuffed in annoyance and then hobbled out of the bathroom as if nothing were amiss.

Blaise caught up to him in the hall and plucked him up from behind.

“Here. You know you’re not supposed to be walking around much,” he said as he scratched Harry behind the ears.

Harry tried to remain miffed, but, Morgana’s cotton underdrawers, Blaise knew the right spots to scratch.

“Everything alright, Blaise?” asked Nott as they entered the dorm.

“Yes, R-,”

Harry took that moment to take one of Blaise’s fingers between his teeth and apply gentle pressure.

Blaise looked down at him and Harry tightened his grip just enough that he understood the message.

Blaise snorted. “Everything’s fine, Theo,” he said as he grinned down at Harry.

Harry let his finger go and snorted righteously. There was no need for the others to know about his little, mishap.

The three Slytherin boys were soon dressed and walking out of their room together, Harry snug in one of the slings Blaise had purchased the day before. They were joined in the hall by Crabbe and Goyle. The two hulking brutes took up nearly the entire corridor by themselves.

“What’s with the overgrown rat, Zabini?”

Harry growled at the connotations and bared his teeth menacingly at Goyle.

“You’ll find out soon,” Blaise said.

Harry looked up at him surprised, was that disdain in his voice?

Goyle sneered and shouldered passed them, rudely jostling Draco and Theo.

“Urgh,” Draco said, pretending to wipe the sleeve of his robes clean, “I really hate him.”

Harry’s eyes went wide as he looked back and forth between them all.

“Thinks he’s all special now because his Father let him get marked over summer.” Nott sneered. “Kissing robes must have deluded him.”

“Come on,” Blaise murmured to the two of them, “we can’t talk like that here.”

They followed after the two bulky boys and stepped into the common room. They had barely arrived when the main entrance opened and Snape entered.

The entire room fell silent and Harry realised that the entirety of Slytherin House was present.

“Good morning, Slytherin.”

“Good morning, Professor Snape,” they chorused.

“As you are no doubt aware, Greenhouse Six is currently closed, due to- ineptitude.”

Harry snorted, ineptitude indeed. A Ravenclaw had mistaken a bag of Stymphalian bird droppings -that a seventh year had brought in for a research study- for Dragon dung and fertilised the entire greenhouse, poisoning all of the plants and soil.

“-due to that misfortune, all classes that would have been taken in Greenhouse Six will now be in Greenhouse Five. Please make sure that you note that on your timetables, I’ll not have any of you looking like blundering Gryffindors.”

Harry screwed up his nose but as he went to growl, two thoughts struck him. He couldn’t blow his cover, and Snape was probably right. He doubted many of the Gryffindors would remember until they were actually standing in front of the quarantined greenhouse. He settled for a soft disgruntled huff that went unnoticed instead.

“-Remember the weekly study help is on Friday’s for two hours before dinner. I have spoken with Professor Slughorn and I will have the potions ingredients needed in next week’s lessons available for you to familiarise yourselves with, this will be of particular benefit to the sixth years.”

The were nods amongst the students and Snape continued.

“It has come to my attention that there has been an increase in bullying amongst the first and second years towards Slytherin students, I ask the fourth years to take a group of students under their wing for the next few weeks, hopefully, the mere presence of an older student will be enough to deter this ugly behaviour. If. It. Does. Not. You are to come, immediately , to me and I will ensure that the perpetrators are given their... due.”

Harry was impressed, he had never realised that this kind of thing happened in Slytherin. Did it happen in the other houses? Why didn’t it happen in Gryffindor? Harry could help but wonder how different the house of lions would be in McGonagall showed up once a week to tell them what was going on. The differences between Slytherin and Gryffindor were highlighted to him once more. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that, as Slytherin seemed to be coming out on top.

“One more important matter, and as you are aware from Professor Dumbledore’s, illuminating, speech last night. Blaise Zabini was gifted by magic this week, in the form of a familiar.”

Snape beckoned him forward and Blaise came to stand at the front. Harry felt everyone’s eyes fall to him and he tried not to shift under the weight of their interested stares.

“Mr Zabini’s familiar is a kitsune. You will all have the opportunity over the year to ask about him. But I ask you not to overwhelm the creature or hinder Mr Zabini’s schooling. We are Slytherin’s, use your decorum. If Mr Zabini and his familiar are in the common room, you may ask questions, do not touch without permission. Outside of the common room, and in his dorms, you are not to bother them. That will be all, now, remember, we are Slytherin, we are proud, we are ambitious-”

Harry saw the students straighten from their perusal of him and return to their attention to Snape.

“-We are cunning, we are smart, we are determined, and out there, we are one. Have a good week, my office door is open, always.”

With that parting comment, he turned and left the common room, cloak billowing behind him.

Blaise was immediately joined by Draco and Nott and they left after Snape. Harry was thankful, as some of the students looked like they were about to start pinching his face. Especially the girls.

It didn’t take them long to reach the Great Hall, and less time for Pansy Parkinson and Daphne Greengrass to slip into the bench across from them.

“So, Blaise,” began Pansy, “Spill.”

Harry could almost feel the eyeroll coming from Blaise as he pulled Harry out of the sling and onto his lap.

“I have a kitsune familiar. His name is Raiden. I found him. End of story.”

Parkinson gave Blaise the stink-eye as Greengrass tried to get Harry’s attention by cooing at him.

“Come on, Blaise, details!” she whined.

“Pansy, darling, if I wanted the entire school to know everything I would tell you, but alas, I don’t.”

Harry snorted and looked up at Blaise, giving a small yip in approval.

Blaise smiled down at him and scratched him under the chin, Harry’s stomach did that odd, hungry flipping thing again and he turned his focus to the table instead, sniffing at the selection the house-elves had laid out today.

Blaise pulled a small side plate towards the edge of the table and began to fill it with small bits of crispy bacon, apple and a few other pieces of fruit. Including a few slices of orange.

Harry carefully balanced on Blaise’s knee and put one paw on the table. He quickly nosed the orange off the plate before the juice could leak through and taint the rest of the meal. He looked back at Blaise reproachfully.

“Alright. No oranges. More strawberries?”

Harry nodded as he picked up a piece of bacon in his mouth and began to eat his breakfast.

Blaise tipped a few extra strawberries onto his plate along with a scoop of scrambled eggs. He poured Harry a small saucer of milk and then set about making his own breakfast.

Harry ate in silence from his plate, listening to the chatter of the students around him. Parkinson continually tried to press Blaise for details on him before growing bored and turning to draw Greengrass into other gossip from around the school.

Nott was catching Blaise up on what had happened in their classes from the day before while Draco was quite actively engaged in Parkinson’s and Greengrass’ conversation.

Harry startled at a shuddering thump on the other side of Blaise. The action caused the table to rattle and his saucer of milk to quiver. He peered around Blaise’s arm to see Millicent Bulstrode leaning heavily on the table as she used one hand to practically poured food onto her plate.

“Morning, Millicent,” said Parkinson in a far sweeter tone than Harry had ever heard out of her mouth before.

A grunt was her reply as Bulstrode swiped a piece of toast and lathered it heavily with marmalade.

Harry watched, almost entranced, as the big Slytherin girl devoured her food faster -and yet far neater- than even Ron.

“Later, squibs,” she said as she stood, banging her hands on the table. Departing almost as suddenly as she had came.

Harry watched her leave, slack-jawed at the spectacle. He was suddenly, vividly, reminded of second-year when he had to pull Bulstrode off Hermione in that farce of a duelling club. He wondered now how he managed it.

A warm breath tickled his ear and he looked up to see Blaise’ quite close to his own, his lips in Harry’s ear.

“That’s Millicent Bulstrode. No-one messes with her. No-one. What she won’t do to with her wand, she’ll finish with her fists. Just- stay clear of her alright?”

Harry nodded seriously and accepted the torn off piece of raspberry toast Blaise shared with him.


~*~*~*~ Harry&Blaise ~*~*~*~


Seeing the castle from waist height was decidedly different, and Harry found himself wondering if this is what Professor Flitwick saw everyday. Next he wondered if that made him a bad person. Giving up the train of thought before he could come to any conclusions, Harry found himself lined up in front of the Transfiguration class.

Nott was repeating the incantation from the day before to Malfoy. Blaise was idly scratching behind Harry’s ears and Harry himself was wondering if it was possible to die from affectionate touches.

Just when he thought the hypothesis was about to be tested, Blaise’ fingers stopped. Harry looked up to see what was the matter but Blaise had his blank face on and even Draco and Nott had stopped speaking. He looked out and spotted the sixth year Gryffindors coming up the hallway. Dean and Seamus jostling Ron and joking about. Neville walking alongside them with a small amount of amusement on his face. Though he kept throwing worried looks behind him.

They lined up along the other wall, seemingly oblivious to the Slytherin students in front of them.

“-I’m telling you, Ron, the size of me fist it was.” Seamus cried, shaking said fist in Ron’s face.

“There’s no way,” laughed Ron, “get out of here.”

Harry felt a pang at Ron’s laughter. Trying to recall the last time it had been so free. He supposed Ron really was better off without him and Hermione. His thoughts started to meander towards depressed when Draco spoke up in his bored tone.

“Yes. Please do.”

“Piss off, Malfoy.” Ron sneered.

“You first, Weasel.”

Ron just turned his back on Draco and continued talking to Seamus.

“What? Can’t back it up now that Scarhead’s not attached to your hip?”

Harry felt Blaise stiffen beside him and silently agreed. Even Blaise seemed to realise it was a mistake to mention Harry to Ron. He saw the backs of Ron’s ears redden and his fist clench, and just as Harry started to count down to the imminent Ronsplosion. The door to the Transfiguration classroom opened.

“Come along sixth-years. Class is about to begin,” McGonagall said primly.

They hastily made their way inside and Harry saw Ron shoulder check Draco as they squeezed through the door at the same time.

Blaise, Nott and Draco all took their seats together at one table of four. Bulstrode rounding off their numbers but refusing to engage with them.

“Must you, Draco?” muttered Blaise.

“You say that like it’s not the natural order of things, Blaise.” Draco replied as he sat in the seat next to Blaise.

Harry looked across the table to see Nott rolling his eyes, obviously sharing a look with Blaise. Blaise slipped a hand inside his sling and sat Harry on the table. One arm curling around him as the other toyed with one of his tails. Harry really wasn’t too sure on what was expected of him in a classroom. He had never seen a familiar before. Unless you counted Fawkes, which was not particularly helpful. Possibly the basilisk was a familiar once too, but he was pretty sure he shouldn’t be modelling his behaviour after that either.

So he sat. And waited. And wondered why there were shaving mirrors on all of the tables.

Professor McGonagall had barely started to introduce the days lesson when the door banged open and a bedraggled looking Harry Potter walked in. His- Luna’s robes were hanging half off one shoulder and good merlin, is that really what his hair looked like from another person’s perspective?

“Two points from Gryffindor, Mr Potter. Be on time in the future.”

His doppleganger, Luna, offered a nod towards McGonagall who simply raised an eyebrow at him… her? and Harry/Luna moved to the back of the class to sit alone at an empty table.

Harry watched himself, sadly. He remembered all to well this year so far, glowering at the table as if the very wood grain had offended him.

While Luna didn’t glare half as well as he did, there was still quite a moody air about him as she sat there, dragging the tip of his wand along the table top as McGonagall continued her lecture. Harry’s mind stuttered to a halt as he stared at his wand. How had Luna managed to get a hold of that? How had he not even thought about it since he had left the tower? Had it really been over two days since he had set foot inside the Gryffindor common room?

His thoughts were whirling when he caught sight of Draco leaning towards Blaise.

“Looks as though he’s been dragged through a bush, late for class, hasn’t even bothered to take out his parchment. Had that been one of us we would have had detention by now.”

Blaise gave a non-commital grunt and busied himself with his quill, elegantly taking notes from McGonagall’s words.

Harry frowned. McGonagall wasn’t like that, that was Snape.

He let his thoughts drift away as he focused on the class. Even if he couldn’t really do anything, it didn’t hurt to pay attention, at least he wouldn’t have to make up the missing time when he was finally able to get back into his own body.

Whenever he managed that.

The practical part of the lesson soon rolled around and Harry watched as Blaise, Draco, Nott and Bulstrode set about trying to change the colour of their hair. At least the mystery of the mirrors was solved. Draco managed it first, his hair turning an inky black. Nott managed to get the majority of his hair purple, though some straw coloured patches were still noticeable. Blaise eventually managed to transfigure his eyebrows green and silver before turning to look at Harry.

“What do you think, Raiden? Can you do it?”

Harry blinked rapidly, it had not crossed his mind to try. Luna had his wand. How was he supposed to do it?

Blaise turned the mirror towards Harry and he peered at his reflection. He supposed he could give wandless magic a try. It was supposed to be quite difficult, but Blaise was looking at him so imploringly, and Draco was sitting there with a expectant smirk on his face. The inky black strands framing his face somehow managing to convince Harry that he truly didn’t think he was capable of it. Scowling with determination, he glared at the mirror, envisioning where his eyebrows would be and thinking about how much easier this would be if he were more like Tonks.

He felt his magic surge, but instead of through arm like he generally expected, he felt the prickling sensation in his tails. Pushing the odd sensation aside, he muttered the spell in his mind and yipped in amusement as twin arches of magenta scored themselves above his eyes.


kitsune!harry with pink eyebrows


It wasn’t exactly what he was going for, but as he reflected, he hadn’t really been thinking of anything, so he would count it as a win. He looked up at Blaise and huffed proudly.

He was met with crinkled hazel eyes and Blaise looked as though he was trying very hard to keep his composure. Draco however, seemed to have no such compunction and started to laugh loudly. One fist clenching as the other slapped itself over his mouth.

Harry looked over to Nott to see his reaction and the blond streaked, purple haired Slytherin’s eyes went wide and he began to snigger.

Silence fell over the table as McGonagall’s shadow fell over them. Her gaze was sharp as she took in what was before her.

“Two points to Mr Zabini and Mr Malfoy, for good spell work. Two points from Mr Nott for shoddy spell work. Miss Bulstrode, you have yet to even attempt the spell, five points from Slytherin.”

She turned and strode over to the next table and Bulstrode’s face set into stone as she pointed her wand at McGonagall. Harry, acting on instinct, quickly jumped onto her arm as she cast, the spell going awry and catching McGonagall's socks instead, turning them a lurid yellow and green.

Bulstrode looked down at him and scowled, “I wasn’t gonna hurt her, Fuzzmeister.”

Harry gulped, and he could feel the tension around the table.

“But, this is probably better, she won’t see them till the end of the day now. Won’t be able to tell it was me. Thanks.” she relented gruffly.

Harry nodded and quickly made his way back to Blaise. Both of them seeming to let out a sigh of relief. Blaise cast the counter on Harry and then himself just as the bell rang and they were soon headed to their next class. Luna was the first one out the door and Harry didn’t see himself again until potions class.

~*~*~*~ Harry&Blaise ~*~*~*~

The rest of the day passed similarly and Harry saw different sides to almost all of his teachers. Professor Sprout seemed to pity the Slytherins, she gave Nott ten points for simply being the first one to pick up his trowel and during the one daytime astronomy class they had a week, Professor Sinistra was even more aloof than usual.

Binns was certainly the strangest though. He had taken one look at the waiting sixth years and vanished through the chalkboard. Though, there really wasn’t much of a difference and Harry daresay they actually learnt more. Some of them at least. Blaise, Draco and Nott at least quizzed each other out the textbook quietly, the Ravenclaws following suit as the Hufflepuffs napped and the Gryffindors bludged.

Professor Flitwick, he had squeaked so loudly upon seeing Harry that he fell off his chair, much as he had in Harry’s first year when he had called his name. He had waved off the classes chuckles and after introducing the topic had come over to pelt Blaise with interested questions about Harry. To which he answered as best he could.

Wanting to impress the inquisitive Professor, Harry concentrated on the empty glass in front of them and filled it with water.

Flitwick clapped his hands together, “Oh! That’s marvellous! He can do magic then?”

“It appears so Professor, he even gave himself eyebrows in Transfiguration.” Blaise replied.

“That’s so very interesting! I’m simply fascinated, do you think-”

Professor Flitwick never did get to finish his thought, as at that moment, Seamus somehow managed to set fire to his glass.

“Mr Finnegan! How do you manage to do this every time? We are working with water today. Water.

“Sorry, sir,” Seamus shrugged sheepishly.

Professor Flitwick shook his head and mumbled under his breath, “For steel’s sake it’s glass, glass shouldn’t be able to catch alight.”

The class progressed as normal after that and they were soon on their way to potions.

Surprisingly, the teachers who remained unchanged in their behaviour, regardless of how professional that behaviour arguably was, were Professor’s Slughorn and Snape. Snape still clearly favoured the Slytherin’s and derided the rest as much as he could and Professor Slughorn still prioritised interesting and influential students and ignored the rest as much as possible.

Harry noticed this within in the first ten minutes of class. He had been sitting on a seat next to Blaise’s potions bench sharing it with Blaise’s book bag. They were working on individual potions now that they were in sixth year, and Slughorn had immediately come over to talk with Blaise about how having a familiar was both a blessing and a curse.

“Back when I was a student a friend of mine, Gustavol Jucutto, he had a Chimera take a fancy to him. It was quite the news back in the day!” Slughorn said jovially, before something seemed to dawn on him, “Well, until it grew to be around the size of a cottage and he started to be refused entry into most places. He eventually had to retire in a secluded sanctuary of the Poconos.”

An awkward silence descended over the table as Slughorn eyed Harry speculatively.

“He’s not going to grow any bigger, do you think?”

“No, sir, I don’t believe so,” Blaise replied.

Slughorn nodded, “Good, good, such a shame if he did.”

With that parting comment, he wandered off to start his rounds on the classroom and Harry exchanged a look with Blaise. Very deliberately rolling his eyes.

Blaise snorted and started to fetch the various ingredients they would need. Harry tilted his head curiously at some of the ingredients, they weren’t ones they had used before and he could readily admit now that Snape’s idea of bringing them to the common room was a good one.

He leant in to look closely at a suspicious looking flower. It was an odd colour, or rather, it had odd patterns, it appeared to be a fuschia sort of colour at first glance. But closer inspection showed blue smudges on the petals. Petals which were tipped in aqua and pistil had a peculiar swirling effect.

Harry was inches away and about to inhale its scent when it was suddenly snatched away from him.

“Don’t sniff that, Raiden.” Came Blaise’ deep voice. “This is a Rosenmord flower, it’s not exactly deadly, but it will put you to sleep for around a week.”

Harry reared his head back and made a note not to go around smelling new plants just because he could.

He watched Blaise shift things around on his desk before taking out a quill and some parchment. He began to take notes from the board as he waited for the cauldron to heat up. He was talking to Harry and explaining everything he was going to be doing in a quiet voice when a scuffing noise startled them.

Harry turned to see himself throwing his book bag onto the desk next to them and dragging his cauldron out before heading to the storage room to grab ingredients. His eyes followed Luna and he wondered if he always looked that terrible? Surely not?

He turned his attention back to Blaise and away from his troublesome thoughts about himself and noticed the broken quill in Blaise’s hand. It looked like he had clenched his fist so hard that it had snapped between his fingers.

Huh, must startle easy. Harry thought, he stuck his nose into Blaise’ bag and rooted around for a spare quill. Coming back out a moment later with an eagle feather held gently in his mouth. He whuffed softly at Blaise to get his attention and waved his tails when Blaise smiled at him.

“Thanks, Raiden. Sorry, let’s get back on task.”

The rest of the lesson passed fairly simply, Blaise seemingly able to concentrate so avidly that their potion turned out brilliantly. Slughorn even gave them extra points.

As Blaise packed away his things and returned the unused ingredients to the cupboard. Luna/Harry approached their table muttering to Harry as she passed.

“Meet me in the unused classroom across from the Slytherin Common Room at midnight.”

Harry dipped his head in acknowledgement and watched as he/she squeezed past Blaise as he came out of the ingredients cupboard.

Wondering as Blaise picked him up, how he was supposed to do that.


Blaise&Harry - potions


~*~*~*~ Harry&Blaise ~*~*~*~


It was ten minutes to midnight. Ever since his realisation in classes today that he could still do magic, Harry had been practising little things. Like the tripping jinx on Goyle when Harry saw him shoving past a third year girl causing her books to fall out her arms. Or the Tempus spell every ten minutes since Blaise and the others had fallen asleep. That had been a little after nine. But now it was eleven fifty pm and Harry had to meet Luna. He extricated himself slowly from where he had been curled under Blaise’s arm and made his way down the stairs. He ducked out from Blaise’s curtained off area and made his way over to the door and cursed.

In all of the complications he had thought of that might happen on the way to or from his meeting with Luna. A door handle had not been one of them.

He glared up at the offending object and considered his options. He had to get on level with it. He discarded a few options before finally hitting on a likely candidate. Thank Merlin he could still cast spells. He screwed up his eyes in concentration and willed the incantation in his mind.

Wingardium Leviosa

Feeling his feet lift off the ground, he opened his eyes and stifled a yelp. It had worked! The door handle hovered in front of him and Harry pressed his good paw down on the lever. Thankfully it worked, however the magic of the spell functioned, it seemed that it ignored basic principles of physics which could have resulted in him rocketing higher. A thought that had briefly worried him.

Managing to pull the door open and maneuver himself outside the room whilst floating was tricky, but he managed. He gulped when he realised he would have to cancel the spell and fall, but he wasn’t a Gryffindor for nothing. He held his injured paw to his chest and hoped for the best.

He landed heavily on the stone floor and wheezed as the wind was knocked out of him. Shaking off the hurt, he started his odd little three-legged trot down the hallway and out of the Slytherin boys dorms. He paused at the entrance to the common room and sighed in relief when he saw no night-owls up studying or reading. He moved through the shadows, just in case someone did decide to get up, and then out the hidden section of wall that was the Slytherin entrance.

He hoped Luna had a plan to get him back inside.

The door to the unused classroom was ajar and a soft flickering light came from within. Harry made his way towards the room and stuck his head around the door. Yipping when he saw Luna sitting cross-legged on a pillow.

“Hi, Harry!” she said with a grin.

He came over to her and she waved her wand at the door, shutting it behind him.

“I thought you might have a few questions, and we can’t really talk any other way.”

Harry nodded and sat on the other cushion she had placed in front of her.

“I went and got your things from your dorm during breakfast the day after you changed. Neville tells me the passwords sometimes in case he forgets again.”

Right, Harry said, scowling as his words were mangled into animal sounds again.

“I can understand you, Harry,” Luna said gently, “it’s a Lovegood gift to be able to understand all living creatures.”

That information surprised Harry but he persisted nonetheless and asked her what she knew and how she knew what would happen.

Luna hummed for a moment, “Not very much more than you, I could see that you were going to need my help and that I would need to become you for short periods of time. That’s why I spent all summer brewing lots of Polyjuice. I didn’t know what was going to happen to you, but it makes sense doesn’t it?”

Harry looked at her askance, how did him turning into a kitsune make sense?

“Your father was quite the prankster, it’s fitting.”

Had Harry still be human, he would have been chewing his lip, as it was he simply stared down at his feet. His father was a kitsune? He remembered the book talking about kitsune’s being mischievous. It did make a certain kind of sense.

“I think maybe if we could find the Potter house, not the little cottage in Godric’s Hollow, but your ancestral home. There might be some more answers there.”

Harry’s stood to attention, an ancestral home? Like Grimmauld Place?

Luna nodded eagerly. “I think so. Unfortunately, I don’t know how we would find it, it would likely be hidden or could only be accessed by blood wards. I’ll do some research and see if we can come up with a way to find it.”

Harry jumped off his pillow, into Luna’s lap and stuck his nose into her cheek. It was odd, but he couldn’t think of another way to show her how much this meant to him.

He felt her arms wrap around him and hold him tight.

Eventually, he pulled away and sat back on the cushion, embarrassed by the display.

“So,” Luna’s voice came, a cheeky edge to it that made Harry look up. “How is it living in the Slytherin dorms?”

Harry shrugged his shoulders, it was alright, it was different than he had expected and it was certainly odd to see his Slytherin yearmates in such a different light. He wasn’t sure why she was leering at him though.

“Oh! I brought this, the glimpies said it would help me get you back into the Slytherin dorms.”

She rummaged in her bag and pulled out a familiar square of parchment and Harry’s heart sped up. She unfolded it and lay it down between them.

Harry stepped forward and wondered how to activate it without a wand. He put his paws on the edge and thought hard about the words needed. Hoping that it would respond the same.

“Ooo! Look!” Luna cried.

Harry watched as the inky lines took shape around the castle and the familiar footprints showed up. He quickly located them and then the Slytherin entrance. He watched as a little speech bubble popped up near the door and the word ‘ Callidus’ appeared.

“That is a very smart parchment,” she said.

Harry nodded and thought the closing phrase and the map wiped itself clean.

Luna folded it up and tucked it back in her bag.

“I hope you don’t mind me using your things, Harry,” she said somewhat nervously.

After a moment's thought, Harry shook his head. It would only help Luna be him and then a sudden crushing thought overcame him. What if something happened to Luna?

Luna’s hand curled around his cheek. Sensing his sudden distress.

“I’ll be fine, Harry, nothing is going to happen to me in the castle and Dumbledore has given me, well you, permission to only attend which classes I want to. You have no assignments to do and full permission to hide away.”

Harry cocked his head, how the hell had she managed that?

She grinned at him, “I threw a rather large temper tantrum in his office and then ran home a few strong truths, mainly that learning about trivial spells was not going to prepare you for Voldemort and that you would be dedicating your studies as you saw fit. Oh, and you have full access to the restricted section.”

That was actually a rather good idea, Harry told her, in more of his little barks.

“It will be good, you can have a break and learn more about yourself and your powers as a kitsune,” she said.

Harry yipped his thanks and they left the room. Luna let him into the Slytherin dorms and it wasn’t until Harry was snuggled back up by Blaise’s side that her words struck a chord within him.

What if being a kitsune was the power Voldemort knew not?

Chapter Text

Two weeks had passed by and Harry found himself so very entangled and content with life in the Slytherin dorms that it was sometimes hard to imagine it had been different.

Each morning saw Blaise doing his routine, which Harry dutifully oversaw to ensure this wasn’t the morning Blaise hurt himself, followed by breakfast, lessons, and then dependant on the day, either studying in the library, their dorms, or outside. Weekends saw a similar routine but Blaise usually left Harry with Draco or Nott for an hour or so while he left for a run around the lake. Sometimes they would sit in the Common Room. Blaise in a chair by the fire and Harry comfortably wedged between his leg and the arm and as far from Parkinson’s reach as possible. The unholy glint in her eye when she looked at him had not yet abated.

His paw was mostly healed, the break was gone and it was now only wrapped as a precaution and support as he strengthened it. It had led to Harry having a lot more freedom in the dorm and Common Room and a less worried Blaise whenever he disappeared for a private moment. Hagrid had continually checked in on him, Blaise having stayed behind after Care of Magical Creatures a few times over the last couple of weeks to have his leg rewrapped and Hagrid had taught Blaise some spells he could use to monitor Harry’s healing and health. All out of a book of course. No pink flowery umbrella in sight.

Harry had continued to meet with Luna every few nights and she would often bring books and scrolls from the restricted section with her. Harry had learnt quite a few nifty spells from those books as they tried to find a way to search for a hidden magical property. They were yet to have any luck.

Harry had been surprised yet pleased to find his magic responded so well to him in this form. He had hardly had to think of the incantation or the spell before he felt his power surge. He had taken to practising every chance he could, often using targets Luna conjured or the girl herself as he ran through every spell he knew. It had been strange, relearning the spells without the use of a wand, but they came to him easier now than they ever had.

Blaise had thought Raiden to be simply amazing whenever Harry used magic in front of him. Which he took every opportunity to do so, and not because Blaise would give him this warm smile and gentle pats whenever he did right, no. Never. It was simply because he was practising. At least, that was what Harry convinced himself. .

Tonight Harry, Blaise, Draco and Nott were seated on the floor in front of their own private fire in their dorm. They had pushed the coffee table out of the way and a pile of the latest sweets sat in the middle. The sweets were from Fred and George’s shop, which had opened with fantastic success, and Harry was filled with a smug sense of pride as to what the twins had managed to achieve.

Nott picked up a red jube and popped it into his mouth. Chewing quickly and then swallowing he spoke a few nonsense words, his voice coming out deeper and more intimidating than the straw-haired boy's usual tones. The three boys cracked up laughing and Nott used what time he had left to impersonate Snape.

“Mr Nott- If you are- late- to one of my- classes- again. I will personally - transfigure all of your books- into timepieces.”

Harry snorted as the rest of them laughed, his tails waving in merriment, from his place next to Blaise. His back legs splayed out behind him and within petting distance of Blaise’s hand.

He remembered that particular threat from a few days prior. Nott had a bad habit of getting caught up in his reading and just sitting down somewhere. Usually only remembering himself when the corridors became deadly silent.

Blaise selected a candy and launched into an impressive impersonation of Madame Hooch. Complete with transfigured hawk eyes.

Just as Draco reached for a purple coloured candy, the door to their rooms flew open and Crabbe and Goyle stood there. Their hulking forms filling the entire doorway. They pushed their way inside and Goyle threw a newspaper at Blaise.

Blaise just barely managed to catch it in time.

“Seems like your mum bit off more than she can chew this time around,” sneered Goyle.

“Yeah, wonder how she likes the view from inside a cell. I hear that Nurmengard’s pretty cozy this time of the year.”

Harry watched as Blaise’s face set into stone and he simply glowered at the two intruders.

“Mummy can’t keep you safe from the Dark Lord when she’s bending over for Grindelwald behind bars, you’ll be marked just like me before the end of the school year.”

“Piss off, Goyle,” drawled Draco sounding bored, “you make the room stupider just by being in it.”

“Least I can get into rooms, unlike your Daddy. Can’t leave his own bed to shower if I hear correctly. Dementors seem to like him.” Goyle sneered.

Draco yawned exaggeratedly and the two hulking boys left. Nott shot a locking spell at the door as it slammed shut.

“What was he talking about Blaise?” he asked.

Harry looked up at Blaise to see him pouring over the Thursday evening edition of the Prophet. He sighed in relief when Blaise’s shoulders became relaxed as he read on.

“It’s nothing, it’s old information, about the time she was pulled in for questioning over that Middle-Eastern shit-stain. Obviously, they have nothing better to write about.”

Blaise threw the newspaper to Nott and he began to read.

“Fucking Goyle though,” Draco muttered, “every chance he gets, he’s in here reminding of us what’s going on there.”

“It’s not like we have much of a choice,” Nott replied mildly.

Draco scowled, “I fucking hate my grandfather. If it hadn’t have been for him, I’d be sitting neutral and probably in France.”

“Would you abandon us so easily, Draco?” Blaise asked.

Draco flapped a hand at him in annoyance, “You know what I mean,” he threw himself back against the chair behind him. Stretching his long legs across the floor. “I hope Potter’s got a bloody ace up his sleeve.”

Harry’s heart started to pound, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Draco Malfoy wanted him to win?

“You really think he can do it?” asked Nott, tossing the paper into the fire.

Draco shrugged and Harry’s heart twisted at his next words.

“If he still had Granger, absolutely. She might have been a teacher’s pet, but she’s got a brain underneath all that hair.”

“I think he can,” said Blaise quietly, reaching out to pull Harry into his lap, stroking him softly as they talked.

Harry looked up at him, wondering what was going on in Blaise’s mind, wondering why he thought Harry could defeat Voldemort. The room fell quiet, only the sound of the fire popping and crackling away filled it.

“Do you think we could help him?” Blaise asked, his voice seeming to reverberate between them.

No-one said anything for a long moment until Draco spoke.

“How? He wouldn’t trust us. Not in a million years.”

“Maybe we could anonymously slip him information?” Nott suggested.

“Maybe,” Draco allowed, “we’d have to have the information first though.”

They all seemed to sigh at once. Their thoughts were clearly depressed. Harry wasn’t sure what to make of the conversation that had just taken place. Though he was oddly touched by it. Feeling the need to do something for them, to try and bring them out of their mood at least he climbed out of Blaise’s lap and headed for the sweets.

Pointedly eating one, he barked, the sound that came out gaining a snort from Blaise.

“He sounds like you, Draco.”

An idea crept over Harry and he lifted a paw to his chest and reared backwards pretending shock. He yelped again and both Blaise and Theo laughed.

“Oh come on, that is nothing like me!” Draco exclaimed, one hand on his chest and the other waving in Harry’s direction.

Harry took the cue and tilted his head back so that his nose pointed upwards. He lifted his tails in the air and began to prance about in a large circle. Putting as much snootiness into his actions as possible.


candy harry


“Oh, that is definitely you!” Theo cried, wiping the wetness from his eyes even as he fell onto his side.

Harry stopped in front of Blaise and yipped happily. Blaise reached for him and pulled their faces close together.

“Thank you,” he whispered, before tucking Harry into his arms and scratching behind his ears.

Something warmed inside Harry at Blaise’s obvious approval. The three Slytherin’s chatted amiably for a while but it wasn’t much longer until Harry and Blaise were ensconced behind Blaise’s curtains and falling asleep. Harry curled into a ball underneath Blaise’s sheltering arm.


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Harry was sitting on a desk in the front row of the History of Magic classroom. Watching the lesson in front of him with rapt attention. This might have seemed unusual, but with Binns’ regular disappearing act every lesson, the students had gotten creative. After Draco, Theo and -surprisingly to Harry- Ernie MacMillan had locked out the Gryffindors out of the classroom, -all except Neville as he was a ‘good sort’- the other houses had proceeded to ‘act’ out scenes from the textbooks. The Ravenclaws had tended towards long, dramatic monologues. The Hufflepuffs, fun facts interspersed with bad puns. The Slytherins, well, Blaise was currently trying to ‘drown’ Draco in an illusion of a village pond created by Theo.

“You’ll not get away with this! I will have my revenge! You wizards will forever - blmpfgh - remember the name of Urg the Unclean!”

It was in the middle of this that Professor McGonagall walked in. Ron, Seamus, Dean, Parvati and Lavender flanking her as her lips thinned beyond mild irritation.

“What in Godric’s name is going on here?” she asked.

Blaise immediately let go of Draco’s collar to help pull him upright before he moved to scoop Harry off the table and into his arms.

“Where is Professor Binns?”

“He hasn’t been here for a few weeks now.”

“We don’t know.”

“He just leaves every lesson.”

Replied the class as one.

McGonagall drew herself up, shoulders settling back as she looked them over.

“And not one of you thought to inform a staff member? Not you Mr Malfoy? Or you Mr MacMillan? You’re both prefects.”

“S’not like we learn anything anyway,” Ron muttered behind her.

McGonagall turned to glare at him.

“That is not the point Mr Weasley. All of you will be spending detention with me tonight after dinner.” Her eyes lingered on Blaise and Harry for a moment. “You will be scrubbing the trophies in the Trophy Room. Mr Zabini, I suggest you find alternate arrangements for your familiar tonight.”

With that parting comment, she left.


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Classes had finished for the day and they were heading downstairs for dinner. Nott’s nose buried in a book as Draco complained to Blaise about the unfairness of McGonagall’s detention.

“-I say, it’s not like she even asked, Bloody Binns, where he’s been sneaking off too. We all know it’s not the bloody afterlife, he’s still around for all the other year levels. Why is it just us that he packs off for, hmm? And why are we the ones punished for it? It’s not right is what it is-”

Harry tuned him out, Draco could go on for hours when he thought he had an audience and Harry wasn’t all that interested. He was almost convinced that Nott’s reading habit was purely because of Draco. But sometimes, when he crept back in or out at night, Nott would be awake, the light spilling gently from between his curtain folds. Harry was never sure at these times if Nott knew he left. The straw-haired boy had never let on that he knew, but sometimes when he watched Harry with Blaise, he had questions in his eyes.

For now though, they were heading for dinner and then the three Slytherins would be off for detention with McGonagall. Harry wondered what he would do to pass the time? Maybe take a kip in front of the fire in their dorm. Perhaps practise some magic. His thoughts wandered over what he could do with his alone time when they happened upon Nearly Headless Nick.

They were approaching the corner, about to turn down the next corridor when Nick glided around the corridor. He flew to a dead halt, startled by their appearance so badly that his head fell onto his neck.

“Oh! Cheerio!” he cried, his voice oddly high.

Nearly Headless Nick spun on the spot and flew away so quickly, he appeared to blur before their eyes. He didn’t even bother to reaffix his head.


nearly headless nick


“So much for that Gryffindor courage,” Draco snorted as they began to walk once more.

“What do you suppose that was about?” Blaise asked.

Draco shrugged elegantly, “Merlin knows,” he said in reply as they clattered down the stairs, “but something seriously odd is happening with the ghosts.”

Nott grunted his agreement and they joined the bustling crowd as they made their way to the Hall and their table.

They had almost finished eating, Blaise still slipping Harry bits of roasted chicken with his fingers, when Parkinson and Greengrass sat down opposite them.

“So Blaise,” Parkinson started with a winning smile, “the gossip tree has it that you three are needed in detention and that dear, sweet, little Raiden isn’t welcome.”

“Yes, that’s right,” Blaise replied.

Harry narrowed his eyes as Parkinson’s grin grew wider. He wasn’t sure he liked where this was going...

“Well, seeing as I myself don’t have detention to serve, History of Magic is such a waste, I would be happy to babysit for you tonight if you would like?”

Harry straightened up horrified. Oh no, oh no no no no! He looked up at Blaise hoping that he wouldn’t buy into her schemes. That Harry could at least persuade him otherwise.

But Blaise wasn’t looking at him, McGonagall had just walked up alongside them, the rest of the History of Magic sixth-years trailing behind her like ducklings.

“Come along, Mr Nott, Mr Zabini and Mr Malfoy.”

Blaise stood and held Harry out across the table to Parkinson, “thanks Pansy, he should be alright until I get back, and if he isn’t, he’ll let you know what he needs. Just listen to him.”

Harry’s eyes went wide and he struggled briefly in Blaise’s grip but Parkinson’s hands had already tightened around his waist and with an affectionate ruffle of his ears, Blaise left.

Harry gulped as he looked up at a pug nose, glittering brown eyes and a victorious smile.


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Two hours later and Harry thought he was in hell. Inside the lowest circle, the one specifically reserved for traitors. He wondered when Blaise was going to join him.

He had thought when Parkinson finally got her claws onto him it would be bad, but he hadn’t thought it would be like this. He hadn’t realised she had been training exclusively in torture techniques. He hadn’t realised she would only be one of three tormentors.

They sat in a circle surrounding him. Their legs crossed, knees touching, forming a bastardised Dark celtic triquetra around him. Their sole focus was him, and he couldn’t escape. Greengrass had hold of one of his paws wielding the instrument of shame. Davis was behind him, and Merlin only knew what she was doing, but from the insistent tugging on his fur and tails causing inappreciable amounts of pain to infiltrate his body, he was assuming it was not good and that he truly did not want to know.

Parkinson, the queen bitch herself, Bellatrix Lestrange’s understudy, had her hand wrapped around his chin as she poked at his eyes. Finally setting down her wand-of-black-goopy-death, she grabbed a bottle and started to spray.

Harry struggled but was unable to fight them off. He screwed his eyes shut and ducked his head beneath his front leg so the foul potion couldn’t be inhaled.

The sound of the door slamming open gave him hope, finally! His torture was over! Blaise had come to save him at last! But it was soon dashed when he saw it was only Bulstrode. He yelped when Davis suddenly pulled on one of his tails, startled by the door.

“Oh! Millicent! You scared us!” she cried before turning her attention to Harry and petting him heavily as she cooed, “oh, poor baby, I didn’t mean to hurt you! Naughty Millicent scared me and I didn’t mean to pull your pretty tail! No, I didn’t!”

Knowing he had to do whatever he could to get out of this, he couldn’t take the torture and the baby talk, Harry looked beseechingly up at the tough Slytherin. Hoping that maybe somewhere under her callous exterior she had a soft spot for animals and could save him.

“Looks like, you lot aren’t the only ones that are scared,” Bulstrode said as she stalked over to one of the beds.

“What is that supposed to mean?” asked Greengrass snootily.

Bulstrode snorted and waved at Harry.

“Your victim doesn’t look too thrilled with what you lot are doing, and dear sweet Circe, it hurts to look at him.” she pointedly turned her head away and screwed her eyes shut.

Harry felt the hands on him waver, maybe this was it! His chance to escape! He tensed but was thwarted as Parkinson’s hand closed over his nape. He let out a string of expletives at his missed opportunity.

“Nonsense, Millicent, he looks darling!”

“He’s a he,” Bulstrode remarked as she wrestled her thick dragonhide boots off.

“Kitsune’s, any magical creature, shouldn’t be forced into the strict gender roles that we wizarding folk have foisted upon ourselves.” Davis responded coolly, “I would have thought you of all people would understand.”

Harry gulped and tried to duck down, he didn’t know Bulstrode all that well, and even he could tell that Davis had crossed a line. Bulstrode’s face became stormy and her wand was in her hand and slashing towards Davis before a snidget could take off.

Davis leapt from the ground shrieking just as the door opened once more, seeing his chance, Harry flew out from under Parkinson’s loosened grip and bolted past Blaise and Draco before either one of them could say anything.

He was fast! He was free! He was a black blur down the girls' hallway and across the common room floor before anyone could spot him! He didn’t give a flying broomstick if he messed up his paw again! He had to escape!

He raced up the boy’s corridor and was magicing the door open before he reached it. Slamming it shut with a reverberating bang behind him as he dove for Blaise’s bed and the safety of the covers.

He heard Nott’s startled expletive but was positive he hadn’t seen Harry before he was safely ensconced underneath the blankets.

“Raiden? Is that you?” Nott called.

Harry heard his footsteps getting closer and growled warningly. He grabbed the underside of the blanket and started to yank it tighter around his body. Balling himself up so that no-one would see.

“Are you alright?”

Harry growled again, louder this time.

“Okay, okay, I’m backing off,” Nott replied and in his mind’s eye, Harry could see him holding his hands up in surrender.

Harry heard their door open again, and Blaise’s worried voice.

“Is Raiden here? Have you seen him?”

“Yeah, I think so. Either him, or there’s a pissed off Chimera under your blankets. What happened?” Nott asked.

“I left him with Pansy and the girls,” sighed Blaise, relief colouring his voice.

Harry listened as he came closer and felt his weight sink onto the bed. He growled again, even as he heard someone rummaging in one of the drawers.

“Raiden?” came Blaise’s concerned voice, “Are you in there? Can you come out?”

Harry let his growls do the talking for him. There was no WAY he was coming out. Nuh uh. No how.

“If you don’t come out, I can’t fix whatever is wrong.”

Harry fell silent. Damn Blaise and his stupid logic!

Slowly, he began struggling to get out, but if he was coming out, he was damn well going to give Blaise a piece of his mind.

He felt a gentle pressure near his head and blinked as the cover lifted up.


Harry’s lips were curled back over his teeth in a snarl as Blaise continued to gently unwrap him. He could see the effort it was taking for him to not to laugh though and it only fanned his ire and utter humiliation.



harry in ribbons


Harry froze, as did Blaise, and he turned slowly towards the sound.

Draco was standing there, gently smoking camera in hand.

Harry lunged forward, his teeth clacking together as he tried to reach Malfoy. He was caught around the middle by Blaise’s hands and lifted into the air. Blaise tucked him under one arm, trying to shush him.

“Come now, Raiden, you don’t want to hurt Draco.”

I bloody well do! Harry snarled again.

Blaise started petting his ears gently as he settled a still struggling Harry into his arms. Harry let himself be calmed, and he admitted -only to himself mind- that maybe he didn’t want to hurt Draco.

“Okay, come on, let’s get a proper look at you and see about fixing you up okay?” Blaise asked gently.

Harry nodded against Blaise’ taut stomach and sighed heavily.

Blaise’s arms moved from around him and gently stroked over back. Harry turned to see the damage as Blaise picked up one of his tails, wincing at the sight of all those ribbons and the bright sparkling glitter that was floating around him and stuck in his coat.

Blaise pulled gently on the ribbons and undid them. Draco came to sit gingerly next to them and helped, spelling away the glitter and the goop that Pansy had put on his face. Nott helped by gathering up the ribbons as they were divested from Harry’s fur.

When Blaise pulled the last one from around his neck, he scratched softly at Harry’s cheek.

“There now, all better.”

Harry leant into Blaise’s comforting hand and whimpered. Blaise’s brow furrowed and Harry shook his head. It wasn’t all better. Not yet.

“What is it, caro? What’s wrong?”

Harry gingerly held up one of his paws, hanging his head in shame as bright pink nails came into view. He heard a snort and a muffled thump from behind him. Nott had obviously stifled Draco’s laughter somehow.

Blaise gently spelled away the varnish until no traces were left and Harry squirmed his way onto Blaise’s lap. Thoroughly exhausted from his horrifying ordeal, he fell quickly asleep.


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Harry woke in the middle of the night to a full bladder, he quickly navigated the bathroom, much more adept now, and made his way back into the dorm. He was surprised to see Nott sitting cross-legged on the floor waiting for him.

He approached him warily and cocked his head.

Nott brought a small box into view with a finger to his lips and a wicked smirk. He lifted the lid and Harry hurriedly backed away as he saw what was in it. He peeled his lips back in warning, not yet wanting to wake Blaise, but having no compunctions about doing so if needed.

Nott shook his head and whispered, “You’ve got the wrong idea. I don’t know where you normally go at night, I don’t follow you, it’s your business if you want to explore the castle.”

Harry tilted his head back to the side, confused once more, why hadn’t Nott said anything to Blaise? He looked pointedly at Blaise’s bed before cocking his head once more.

Nott shrugged, “It’s your business, just try not to get him implicated in anything okay? Don’t get caught sneaking around or he might have to give you up, and I don’t want that.”

Harry tilted his head further to the side, damn it was going to crick soon, but he wanted answers.

“You make him really happy. He’s never been this happy before.”

Harry waved his tails gladly before the guilt set in. What would happen when he found a way to change back? He didn’t want to be responsible for Blaise’s pain, not when he had been so wonderful to Harry.

“Anyway, I don’t know if you had plans to wander tonight, but I was thinking, maybe you would want revenge instead.” The wicked gleam was back in Theo’s eyes as Harry caught on to the reason why Theo had kept the ribbons.

His lips pulled back in a ferocious smile, baring all his teeth he trotted towards the door, his co-prankster right behind him.

Chapter Text

Harry felt rather smug when the entirety of the Slytherin dorms were woken by high-pitched shrieking. He stretched lazily as Blaise pulled his wand from under his pillow and jumped out of bed, taking a protective stance in front of him. Something went all tight and fluttery in his chest when he realised that. 

Draco came tumbling out of his bed, hair in disarray, wand in hand and one foot still caught in his bedsheets. 

“Is that banshee?” he asked blearily as the shrieking continued. So high and keening that it was unintelligible. 

Theo’s curtains opened and there was a smirk that matched Harry’s thoughts as he emerged. 

“No, just Pansy, Daphne and Tracey.” 

“What? Why?” Blaise demanded as pounding footsteps echoed up the corridor.

Theo shrugged, “You’ll see.”

A hammering on their door drew their attention and Pansy’s voice came through the thick wood. 

“BLAISE!! You bloody well open this door and let me in!! I’ll have your guts for garters if you don’t take this curse off me this INSTANT!!” 

“Off of US!” corrected Daphne’s voice. 

There was some bickering, and some sounds of a person being shoved before the hammering started again. 


Blaise exchanged a few looks with Draco and Theo, they all tightened their grips on their wands and Blaise charmed the door open. 

The three girls tumbled in, evidently having been leaning on the door. Harry peeked around Blaise and couldn’t hold back his snort at seeing the mass of red and gold upon the threshold to the dorm. 

“What in Merlin’s name-?” Blaise began. 

Pansy struggled to stand upright, her dressing-gown in disarray as she glared at Blaise. It was not as threatening with the child-like lion’s face painted upon her cheeks and brow, the whiskers comically long. Her hair was bright red and adorned with ribbons, her skin was subjected to a similar treatment, it was tinted gold and the sparkling spray that they had used on Harry had been liberally applied. Daphne and Tracey had suffered a similar fate. It almost hurt to look at them.

“You did this to us!” she shrieked. “Take it off!!” 

Harry glanced at his new dorm-mates and could see they were struggling to contain their laughter. His eyes alighted upon Draco’s dresser and he smirked again. 

Casting a levitation spell, he activated the camera and snapped a photo of them. 


pranked pansy


More shrieking ensued as they tried to cover themselves, but the photo was already taken and Harry let it drop on to the bed behind Draco. 

Pansy recovered first and stepped forward venomously. Looking for all the world like a snake instead of a lion. 

“Take it off, Blaise.” 

Blaise held up his hands, “I didn’t do it, Pansy, as amusing as this is, it wasn’t my idea. Have you tried finite incantatem?” 

Have you tried finite incantatem?” Pansy said mockingly, “How stupid do you think I am? Of course we tried it!! And a hundred other things! It won’t budge!

Huh, Harry thought, he hadn’t expected that. He had wanted it to last until he saw them at breakfast, until everyone had a chance to see them, but he hadn’t really expected that it would. He had assumed they would have been able to get rid of it by now. 

 “I don’t know what to tell you, Pansy,” Blaise said, “It wasn’t me. I don’t know how to remove it.” 

Pansy’s eyes darted around the room and they lit upon Harry’s face from where it stuck out from behind Blaise. 

She pointed at him dramatically, “YOU did this! You ungrateful little mutt! ” 

Harry growled at her. Yeah, he had. That didn’t mean there was any need to go casting aspersions on his species though! He was a fox! A Kitsune! Not some common mixed breed dog!

She started to storm towards him. Only to be stopped by Blaise. His wand pressing into her shoulder threateningly. 

“You won’t hurt Raiden. If he did do this, it was as much as you deserved for doing what you did to him last night. I left him with you thinking he would be safe . That you would look after him. Instead, you treated him like a doll . Like a thing. You should be grateful that he sought justice for himself. Because I assure you, my vengeance would have been far worse.”

Pansy sneered at him, “Step aside, Blaise! This is between me and him!

Harry saw her wand come up towards Blaise, faster than they had anticipated and he reacted instinctively. 

Within the space between one moment and the next, Pansy was thrown back, head over heels to crash into the other girls and Harry was stood between them and Blaise. Growling ferociously.  

They took one look at him and fled. Shrieking and wailing renewed. 

Harry flicked one tail and slammed the door behind them. 

Feeling inordinately pleased with himself he turned back towards Blaise, tails lifting to show his good mood but he stopped and cocked his head when he saw the looks on everyone’s faces. 

“Raiden-” Blaise began, his voice tinged with awe and just a tiny bit of fear. 

Harry hesitated, Blaise was scared of him?

He ducked his head down low and whined, his whole body drooping, he had only wanted to protect him. He couldn’t let Pansy hurt Blaise for something he had done. 

“Did he-” Draco started, “Did he grow overnight?”

Harry was confused, grow? Who grew? 

His focused on Blaise once more as he moved closer. Blaise knelt down in front of him and Harry cocked his head, how were they the same height? Blaise always towered over him, even when they were sitting together. 

His eyes went wide as he put it all together and he started to spin on the spot, investigating his body. 

He had grown! He was bigger! How in Merlin’s decrepit boxers had that happened?

Blaise’s chuckle drew him to a stop. 

“I don’t think he meant too,” he said, answering Draco’s question, he tucked his fingers under Harry’s chin and scratched, “Did you, Raiden?”

Harry shook his head vehemently. 

“I guess this was what Professor Hagrid meant about not letting you change. Can you change back? Become smaller again?”

Harry wasn’t sure, he wasn’t sure how he had even gotten bigger in the first place. He whined again. 

“Hey, hey, it’s alright, we’ll figure it out,” Blaise said kindly, he moved and wrapped his arms around Harry, pulling him into a comforting hug.

Harry squeezed his eyes shut. All he could think was that he didn’t fit as well against Blaise now that he was bigger, he wanted to be small again. So he could snuggle up to Blaise with the comfort and ease that he did before. 

An odd sensation crept over him and he felt Blaise lurch forward. He yelped and opened his eyes to see a surprised Blaise towering over him once again. He spun around, he was small again! Hurray! 

He leapt into Blaise’s lap and pushed his nose up into his neck. Snuffling happily as Blaise laughed and curled his arms around him properly. Hugging him tightly to his chest. 

“Well,” Draco drawled, “Looks like all it takes is a hug. Isn't that just like a children's tale? I’m going to go shower. Today looks to be spectacular if the girls can’t get those spells off.”

Blaise snorted into Harry’s fur and stood. 

“So what did happen last night?” he asked Harry with a raised eyebrow. 

Harry looked over to Theo and yipped. 

Theo immediately held his hands up, “Hey, don’t look at me, it was all your idea, I just kept the ribbons.” 

Harry coughed derisively. 

“Alright, and maybe the Gryffindor colours were my idea, but the rest was all you.” 

“Theo,” Blaise said exasperatedly. 

“What? The little guy wanted revenge! Who was I to deny him? I had to make sure someone watched his back didn’t I?”

“And it has nothing to do with how much you dislike those girls?” Blaise said knowingly. 

Harry looked at Theo with reproach, last night hadn’t just been about helping him?

Theo’s face morphed into a scowl, “I admit, I certainly enjoyed them getting their just rewards, but it wasn’t only about that. If Raiden had said no, I wouldn’t have made him do it. You said it yourself, you were planning to do something to them too.” 

“What if he gets in trouble for it though? What if they take him away from me?” Blaise asked, his hold on Harry tightening briefly. 

Harry blanched, despite Theo’s warning the night before, he hadn’t really given much thought to anyone separating him from Blaise. He growled warningly. 

Theo smirked and nodded towards him meaningfully. 

“I don’t think he’s about to let that happen, Blaise.”

Harry jolted and looked back up into Blaise’s worried face. He licked softly at his cheek to get his attention and once he had it, he burrowed deeper into his hold. Blaise sighed and stroked a hand comfortingly over his fur. And Harry wondered how he was ever supposed to regain his human form and leave this. Leave Blaise. When becoming a kitsune was the best thing that had ever happened to him. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


The day progressed as usual and soon Harry and Blaise were wandering down the halls towards the library. Blaise was carrying Harry high in his chest so that he could whisper to him without anyone overhearing. 

“You know, I had a thought earlier, in Transfiguration. Maybe, instead of trying to befriend him -” 

Oh , Harry thought, they were back to talking about Neville, a sinking feeling in his gut made itself noticed and Harry wondered what it meant to be so attached to Blaise after just a few weeks. That he already felt Blaise’ predicament so keenly for himself. 

“- I could befriend his friends. You know, be nice to them, study with them. Then maybe one day. They can tell him what kind of person I am and I’ll have an in.”

It seemed like a reasonable enough idea, Harry thought, but he really didn’t think it would help. He had seen the way Neville and Luna had been looking at each other lately and he was loath to allow Blaise this false hope. He didn’t think there was anything he could do though, except perhaps be there for Blaise when he realised. 

They were about to turn into the library corridor when someone ran into them from behind. Blaise fell onto his back, having twisted to make sure Harry would be alright. A flurry of papers cascaded around them and Harry heard the other person gasp in shock. 

“Oh, I am so sorry!” exclaimed Neville, “I didn’t see you! I really didn’t mean too-”

“It’s alright, Longbottom. No harm done,” Blaise said as regained his footing. 

He quickly checked Harry over as he stood, “You alright, Raiden?”

Harry nodded, his heart was still pounding from the sudden jolt of adrenaline, but he was otherwise alright. He loosened his grip on Blaise’s arm and breathed out, letting his tense muscles relax again.

“Is he okay?” Neville asked anxiously.

“He’s alright,” Blaise replied, “He’s probably just a little shocked is all.”

“Oh, of course,” Neville said, automatically reaching a hand towards Harry before halting it in its tracks. “Erm, is it alright- can I pet him?” 

Harry yipped, pushing his nose towards Neville, he wasn’t about to let his friend feel bad for scaring them.

“That’s a yes,” Blaise chuckled “he’s quite fond of pats.” 

Harry gave Blaise the side eye as Neville reached forward to gently stroke his head. 

“He’s so soft,” Neville breathed. 

“Yes,” Blaise replied simply. 

Neville started to rub at one of Harry’s ears and he couldn’t stop the rumble that started in his throat.

“I’m sorry for knocking you down,” Neville started, smiling gently at Harry, “if there’s anything I can do to apologise, please let me know.”

“Well,” Blaise said, “I was looking for you actually, I was wondering if you would be able to help me with my Herbology essay? The one due at the end of the term?”

Harry reared his head back to look at Blaise. Cunning he was, playing on Neville’s sympathy and getting him to tutor Blaise. Obviously, he was abandoning the ‘get to know his friends plan’ but Harry supposed this was too good an opportunity to pass up. 

Neville grinned at Blaise, “Sure! Of course!” 

And just like that, as Neville picked up his papers and the three of them headed towards the library, Harry felt a snarling in his chest that he could not ignore. Nor work out where it came from.


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Harry found himself lying on a study table, tucked away in one of the corners of the library,  paws folded and head rested upon them as he watched Blaise and Neville study together. After working through the opening for their Herbology essays, Blaise had offered to give Neville some pointers in Transfiguration. 

Harry couldn’t really fault Blaise for offering, Neville was terrible at Transfiguration. But the entire time he watched them together he felt conflicted. Blaise was stoic but somewhat more open than he usually showed to people other than Draco, Theo and himself. Though he guessed that he didn’t count. He wasn’t Blaise’s human friend. Blaise would probably want nothing to do with him if he told him he was Harry Potter and had been living with him in disguise all this time. 

Harry’s feelings were all mixed up and at conflict with one another, negative feelings for both Blaise and Neville warring within his head and chest. He was annoyed at Blaise for pursuing Neville when Neville clearly wasn’t interested. Oh, Neville was being nice enough, friendly and he laughed at Blaise’s little jokes and returned a few of his own. But he didn’t tell Blaise that he was dating Luna, or anything of the sort. He wasn’t flirting either, but Harry was still mad at Neville too. 

His gut was all twisted up, and he was sure it was because he knew how all this was going to end. 

He huffed in agitated despair. Blaise was going to end up broken-hearted after a brief stint of thinking that he had made headway. It was cruel. And Harry’s chest burned at the thought of it. 

He heard a thump at the end of the table and he looked over his shoulder to see what it was. It was himself, plonking down into a seat a few chairs away from Blaise and Neville. 

“Hi Harry,” Neville said tentatively. 

Luna grunted in his direction as she pulled some parchment from Harry’s bag. 

“Potter,” Blaise acknowledged. 

Luna looked up at Blaise and for a moment, Harry thought she wouldn’t say anything. He turned out to be right though, as she merely nodded at Blaise, lifted an eyebrow at Neville and then opened a textbook. Immediately hunching over it to start reading. 

Harry scowled to himself, he wasn’t that grouchy, surely?

He turned back to Blaise and Neville to keep watching them, and he noticed that Blaise’s eyes would often stray over him to look slyly at Luna. Harry wasn’t sure why he kept doing it, perhaps he expected Harry to suddenly notice his Slytherin uniform and start yelling at him to get away from Neville? 

Harry had to admit, before being turned into a kitsune and living in the Slytherin dorms, it was a likely theory. 

It was on one of those times Blaise looked up to peer at Luna, that he sucked in a sharp breath and seemed to choke. 

Harry frowned and turned around to look at what Luna was doing and what had caused that reaction in Blaise. 

His upper lip pulled back in a silent snarl when he saw that she had one of Harry’s sugar quills in one hand and was gently sucking on the end of it as she read from the textbook. 

You weren’t supposed to suck on sugar quills! You bit them off and chewed them! Wasn’t she aware of what that kind of thing did to teenaged boys? The connotations it had?! And Blaise was gay! He didn’t need that kind of distraction when he was trying to befriend the one he was in love with. Even if the whole idea was doomed. 

Harry stood up, intent on snatching the quill from her. Though he wasn’t really sure why he was doing it, if Blaise focused on him- Luna- dammit, Luna posing as him, then he might forget about Neville. 

But he couldn’t do that to Blaise either, it seemed wrong, to let Blaise moon over Luna, wait-himself, when he wasn’t himself, when he was Luna, Neville’s girlfriend, or something. Harry wasn't sure, but it wasn’t right, he knew that much. It would only make the whole confusing mess, messier. 

Growling softly and shaking his head as he stalked down the length of the table towards his doppelganger, he barely registered Blaise calling for him. He walked right up to Luna and snatched the quill from where it was gently waving in her hand as she was writing down a few sentences with his teeth. Putting it between his front two paws, he chewed on the end, quickly demolishing the feathery sugary object.

Raiden, ” came Blaise’s hissed reprimand. “ Raiden, get back here, if you want sugar quills, I’ll buy you your own!” 

“It's alright,” Luna said in his own voice, “I’m happy to share.” 

She reached towards him and scratched him behind the ears. 

Harry scrunched his nose, it was distinctly odd to be petted by yourself. He looked reproachfully at her.

No more sugar quills!! He yapped. 

“Alright, here you go,” Luna reached into her bag, his! His bag! And pulled out the other sugar quill to hand to him. 

Raiden , ” came Blaise’s distressed command. 

Meet me tonight, ” Luna whispered to him. Her other hand curling around her chin to disguise her movements.

Harry took the quill from his/Luna’s outstretched hand and with one last perfunctory nod to make his point clear and show he had heard her, he made his way back down the table to Blaise. 

“Nice kitsune,” he heard his voice say to Blaise.

“Oh, erm- thank you,” Blaise replied. 

Harry looked at him, head cocked to the side, it was the first time he had ever heard Blaise at a loss for words. Had he been that worried about who he thought was Harry, might do to him? 

Harry looked at Blaise some more, climbing over his books to peer into his face, were his cheeks darker? Harry looked at Neville who seemed just as bewildered by the whole thing. 

“We should go,” Blaise muttered, quickly packing up his things and tugging at the sugar quill in Harry's mouth, tucking it away into his bag. “Thank you, Longbottom, for your help.” 

“No worries, Zabini, thank you for yours.”

With a nod, Blaise picked Harry up off the table and practically ran out of the library. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Blaise didn’t slow down until they were almost back to the Slytherin dorms. He ducked into an abandoned corridor and sequestered them in a shadowy nook. 

Harry watched him intently as he sagged against the wall and slid to the ground. Eyes closed as he muttered softly. 

“I was not prepared to speak to him. I should have expected… I should have planned… I probably made a fool of myself.  Especially running out of there like that. Dammit!”

Blaise smacked his head against the wall.

Harry honestly thought he had been doing okay, at least in so much as making Neville into a potential friend. Wanting to comfort Blaise a little, he moved to put his front paws over Blaise’ shoulder and tucked his nose under Blaise’ chin.

Harry felt him sigh heavily. 

“And what was with the sugar quills, huh? I didn’t know you liked them.” 

He absently scratched at Harry’s neck.

I was trying to help you, you prat, Harry thought disgruntledly. Even if Neville will never look at you that way. 

That squirmy angry feeling was back in Harry’s stomach and he huffed against Blaise’s neck. 

Startling a laugh out of him. 

“That tickles,” Blaise chuckled. 

He sighed again and started to run his hands over Harry’s back and through his tails, effectively turning him into a puddle of goo.

“I suppose it’s all probably a waste of time, I don’t think he’ll ever look at me like I want him too.” 

Harry lifted his head and met Blaise’s eyes. He didn’t have any answers for him. He touched his nose against Blaise’s chin in hope that might do something to lift his spirits. 

He felt warmth run through him as Blaise looked down and smiled at him. 

“At least he liked you right? That’s good. Because I don’t know what I would do if he didn’t. You are far too important to me. As far as I am concerned, you are not negotiable as a part of my life now.”

Harry leant into Blaise’s petting hand further, he felt rather the same way. But Blaise’s confession left him worrying about the future. The question that had been bugging him on and off all day coming back to shift restlessly in his mind again. When he was no longer a kitsune, would Blaise still want him?


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Blaise was almost asleep when he felt Raiden pull himself out from underneath the blankets and his arm. He blearily cracked open an eye and watched as he made his way down the stairs, assuming he was taking himself to the bathroom, Blaise settled again. 

A muffled thumping had him alert again, he grunted and rolled over, seeing that Raiden had simply missed a step he flopped back into bed. Intent on falling asleep before his adorably clumsy familiar got back. Silence filled the room until he heard the soft opening of a door. 

That was odd, the sound was coming from the wrong direction for the bathroom. It sounded like the door that led out to the common room. Blaise rolled over silently and pushed his head through the curtains hanging around his bed. His eyes adjusted to the scant moonlight that filtered through the Black Lake and he saw Raiden’s tails disappearing through the door. Frowning, he slipped from his bed to follow him, grabbing his wand and his seldom-used bathrobe. 

He padded silently up the hall, eyes fixed on Raiden’s tails as he padded through the halls. Sticking to the shadows with familiarity, as if he had done this many times before. 

Raiden paused before the common room, glancing around to see if anyone still remained awake before crossing the floor to the door. He charmed the stone open and Blaise ran forward on his bare feet to catch it with his fingers. Holding it open just enough so that he could peer through the crack. 

He angled his head and caught a glimpse of blonde hair, and a voice, somewhat familiar in its cadence.

“There you are, I’ve been waiting.”

Blaise frowned and took a chance to open the door a little wider. 

Luna Lovegood stood in the hallway, crouching down to pick Raiden up in her arms. His familiar went without fuss and Luna started to walk away from the Slytherin dorms. 


luna and raiden


Hesitating, unsure as to what was happening, Blaise followed them, an ache beginning to develop in his chest as they walked further and further away. He clinched his robe tighter around his body as he made his way up the silent corridors towards the Great Hall. He couldn’t overhear the words Lovegood was saying, but she was speaking softly to Raiden as they walked. 

Soon they came to the main hall, the great oaken doors that led out to the grounds were in front of them. Lovegood approached them, a small skip in her step as she drew nearer. Her hand extended to tug on the iron ring as it settled in her grasp. 

What were they doing outside? It would be harder for Blaise to follow them out there, not as many shadows or corners to hide behind. 

Thinking quickly, he cast a disillusionment spell upon himself and moved up to flank them. 

Raiden’s head poked out over Lovegood’s elbow. His nostrils flaring softly and Blaise suddenly wondered if he could smell him. He held his breath and took a step back, just in case. 

Lovegood opened the door, with one furtive look over her shoulder, and the three of them ducked through. 

Outside it was crisp, bordering on chilly, but the moon was almost full and bright enough to light their way. Wherever they happened to be going. 

Lovegood and Raiden were silent as they moved quickly towards the path that would take them towards Hogsmeade. Blaise becoming more and more curious, as well as worried, about what they were doing. Raiden was clearly willing to go with Lovegood, and that realisation twisted fiercely in Blaise's chest. 

Just as soon as they breached the Hogwarts wards, Lovegood and Raiden apparated away. 

Leaving Blaise to stare redundantly at the place they had been, wondering if he would ever see Raiden again. 

Chapter Text

Harry was in Luna’s arms as she walked through the corridors of Hogwarts. She was almost whispering in his ear as she told him of a spell she had found, tucked away in an old book in the restricted section. She had put his cloak to good use at night and was now telling him all about it. 

“-We will need to be in a high place, but that’s alright, there’s this hill that Daddy and I picnic on all the time in the summer. I think that will suit our purpose. We have to be higher than the place we are trying to find. The glimpies prefer to glide.” 

Harry nodded as they walked up to the doors that led outside. Luna was about to open them when he started to sniff the air. 

There was a hint of cinnamon and wood oils that he associated with Blaise in the air. Harry peered about, Blaise hadn’t followed them had he? No, he had been sleeping when Harry had left. Luna opened the door and they walked out, Harry peered at one spot, in particular, that seemed just a bit blurry, but Luna was moving briskly out the door before he could come to any conclusion. 

They moved quickly down the path that led to Hogsmeade and as soon as they were passed the wards. Luna apparated them. 

Harry growled softly in discontentment. Side-Along Apparition was no better in his kitsune form than his human one. He shook his head and Luna bent down to place him on the ground. She knelt in front of him and pulled a book from her bag. 

“Here,” she said, opening to a page and pointing at it, “this is the spell. You need to cast it as it will be your connection to the place that will take us there. As I understand it, it will be alike to reverse apparation-” 

Harry pulled a face but moved closer to look over the spell. 

“-the place will pull us to it, rather than us going there,” she finished. 

Harry read over the page, it was as Luna said, and looked fairly uncomplicated. Except he didn’t have a wand. He would have to do this wandlessly, which was supposed to be almost unheard of for spells of this magnitude. 

Although a voice in his head pointed out that he had been able to perform every other spell he knew without a wand. So really, it shouldn’t be all that difficult. He hoped. He memorised the incantation again and then nodded to Luna. She put the book away and gathered him back up in her arms. 

Harry closed his eyes and focused on wanting the spell to work. He felt that little spark inside him that meant his magic was willingly and he concentrated on the spell and the desire to see his ancestral home. 

For a moment, nothing happened, but then Luna gasped and Harry opened his eyes to see a brilliant blue-white light floating in front of them. It fluttered closer before enveloping them and the world faded around them. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Blaise made his way back to the dorm slowly. Heart growing heavier as he neared it. Questions buzzing in his head with every step. 

Where had Raiden gone? Why had he gone? Why was he with Lovegood? Was he safe? Why hadn’t he taken Blaise with him? Was he ever coming back?

He had no answers, which only caused his desolation to grow. He sighed as he quietly opened the door to the room he shared with Theo and Draco. 

Theo’s curtains twitched and a shaft of conjured light spilled out into the room. 


“Yeah, Theo, it’s me,” he answered, his voice dull even to his own ears as he dispelled the disillusionment spell. 

Theo’s curtains opened wider and the straw-haired teen swung out of bed. 

“What’s wrong?”

Blaise merely shrugged, he didn’t really want to discuss it. Not when he knew Theo would only ask the same questions he didn’t have the answers for. 

He moved to his own bed and sat down, staring at his feet. He was surprised when he felt the bed sink down next to him. 

“Is it Raiden? Is he out for a stroll?”

Blaise looked up at Theo sharply. 

“What do you mean? What do you know?” he asked, eyes narrowing on Theo’s knowing expression.

Theo shrugged, “Not much, just a few nights a week he sneaks out for a walk. He always comes back though.” 

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” Blaise demanded.

“I didn’t know that you didn’t know until last night when I talked to Raiden about it. It seemed as though Raiden didn’t want you to know. He’s just exploring the castle, why is that such a big deal?” 

Blaise huffed a harsh laugh, “Is that what he told you?”

“Well, it’s what I assumed…” 

“He’s not exploring the castle. He’s off with Lovegood. They apparated out of Hogsmeade together.” 

“I thought he didn’t like Lovegood,” Theo murmured, after a moment of heavy silence. 

“He seemed pretty content with her carrying him off tonight.” 

“Where do you think they go?” 

Blaise shrugged, “Nowhere he wants me with him.” 


“Just leave it, Theo. If he wanted me with him, he wouldn’t be sneaking off.” 

“He might be helping Lovegood with something personal. It might be her that doesn’t want you to know.” Theo pointed out. 

“Maybe, go back to bed Theo. We won’t know anything until he comes back. If he comes back.” 

“He loves you. Of course he’ll be back.” Theo said, he stood and squeezed Blaise’s shoulder. “Get some sleep, things will be better in the morning. You’ll see.”

Blaise snorted but nodded anyway. He shucked his robe and crawled beneath his blankets. Falling heavily onto his pillows. His eyes fell on the soft hippogriff toy that Raiden seemed to be the fondest of and he sighed, wondering how long Raiden would be and if he could stay awake until then. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


The bright light that surrounded them had started to fade and Harry started to blink the spots from his eyes as he tried to ascertain where they were from their surroundings. 

They were in some sort of large entrance hall. The drapes were drawn over the windows and the only light was from the wall sconces that had lit upon their arrival. Harry stepped out from Luna’s arms and he heard her get to her feet. He walked slowly through the room, looking about the understated finery around them. 

Marble and timber were the predominant materials that made up the room, and the only decoration were the etchings of cherry blossom trees that adorned each wall. The etchings seemed to be done in real gold from the way they shone in the torchlight. 

“It’s beautiful,” Luna breathed. 

Harry couldn’t help but agree. 

He approached the nearest door and as he drew closer, it opened for him. The room beyond lighting up to reveal a combination of portrait gallery and library. Harry’s eyes went wide, and he almost faltered to a stop before he was running. Running as fast as his legs could carry him. To the very end of the long room. 

That was where he stopped. Where he rose onto his back legs, resting his front paws on the wall as he stared at the large portrait in front of him. At his parents. 


James and Lily portrait


“Harry? Is that you, son?” 

Harry’s tails waved at his father’s words, too awed to reply properly. 

“Oh, Harry!” cried Lily.

She moved off the chair she was painted with to the front of the frame. Hands pressed against the canvas as she looked down at Harry. 

Harry couldn’t help the tears that pricked his eyes. He barked his greetings as his eyes roved their every detail. From the Gryffindor coloured curtains, his mum’s fiery tresses, his dad sans glasses. There were runes carved into the buttons of their robes. A light breeze tossed the branches of the trees outside of their window. He could see now, that he didn’t just have his mum’s eyes. But her long fingers as well. 

“I see you got the family genes,” James said with a grin as he came closer to stand with Lily. One hand on her shoulder. 

Harry nodded. 

“Can you change back? So we can see you? See how you’ve grown?” Lily asked. 

Harry shook his head and was grateful when Luna spoke up. 

“He can’t Mrs Potter. He doesn’t know how. We came here looking for answers.”

And we got so much more than that. Harry thought. 

“Who’s this?” James asked, his tone light and teasing, “Your girlfriend, Harry?” 

Harry shook his head vehemently. Trying to convey just how much Luna was not his girlfriend. 

He saw his parents exchange a glance. 

“Harry… you haven’t… how many people know that you’re a kitsune?” James asked. His voice suddenly very serious.

Harry looked back at Luna, wishing for her to answer for him. 

“No-one sir, it’s just me. Luna Lovegood. Harry’s been stuck like this for nearly a month now, and he’s been staying with a boy named Blaise. But Blaise and his dormmates don’t know that he’s Harry. They just think he is Blaise’s familiar. They call him Raiden. I’ve been polyjuicing as Harry occasionally so that people don’t get suspicious of Harry Potter’s absence and Raiden’s appearance.” 

James and Lily seemed to relax a little, but they were still very clearly worried. 

“Harry,” James began, “being a Kitsune is as dangerous as it marvellous. There are people who would seek to capture you. Control you. If only for a time. There are myths, put forth by the Kitsune people to try and limit this, namely that a kitsune can only grant three wishes to the person that can steal a kitsune’s ball. The ball is a lie. As are the wishes. They are something you must conjure whenever you feel yourself in that kind of danger. Your opponent will focus on that. Giving you an advantage. If they do manage to steal it. They will believe you can only grant them three wishes and once these are fulfilled they will let you go.” 

James sighed and scrubbed his painted face, “There is so much I need to teach you. There is so much for you to know.”

James eyed Luna for a moment, “It’s the school term though, isn’t it? You’ve snuck out.” 

Harry nodded. 

“You really can’t turn back, love?” Lily asked. 

Harry shook his head sadly and Lily looked to her husband. 

“It shouldn’t be this difficult, son,” he said, “You just have to think of who you are and will yourself to turn back. Just close your eyes and think of yourself, what you look like and you’ll turn back.” 

Harry did. He sat down and closed his eyes. He thought of who he was, Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived. He scoffed mentally. Turning his thoughts to his appearance instead, he didn’t get further than his scar before his thoughts turned to Voldemort and the war. Of losing Hermione and Sirius. Losing his parents.

He opened his eyes to see if he had changed at all, but he was still the same. Still a kitsune. He whined in disappointment.  

“You just need practise, Harry,” James told him with a confident grin, “You’ll get there.” 

Harry’s tails waved a little at the strong belief his father had in him. 

“In the meantime, you can use illusions to speak your thoughts. All kitsune, no matter how newly discovered, can create illusions.”

Lily took over the explanation at Harry’s confused noise. 

“It’s like a picture, Harry. An image projected from your mind. Whatever you want. Think of someone from school. Someone you would like us to meet. A friend. See their face and will us to see it too.”

Harry’s first thought of Ron and Hermione, his very first friends at Hogwarts. But the loss of Hermione was too painful, Harry didn’t want to see her image or answer the questions his parents would ask. The souring of his friendship with Ron, left the redhead out too. 

The only other person he could think of, that he would want to introduce to his parents, was Blaise. And it was suddenly very important to Harry, that they approved of him. 

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes again. Bringing a memory of a weekend Blaise to mind. He willed for his parents to see how Blaise looked after him. How gentle and wonderful, how studious and intelligent he was.

Blaise had been sitting in an armchair by the fire in their room, dressed casually, no house colours, and Harry was stretched out in his lap. Blaise idly carding his fingers through Harry’s fur and tails as he read a supplementary text for Transfiguration.  

“Oh my, now he’s handsome,” said Lily suddenly. 

Harry opened his eyes again to see that astoundingly, it had worked. There, in front of Harry, was the exact picture he had been thinking of. He saw his parent's exchange knowing glances for a moment before they turned back to Harry. 

“So is this the Blaise that you’ve been staying with Harry? The one Miss Lovegood mentioned?”

Harry nodded. 

“Is he your mate? Your chosen?”

Harry cocked his head and projected a question mark to his parents. 

Luna stepped forward, “Mr and Mrs Potter, the hour grows late… I know how much this must mean to you all, but we need to get back soon. Our absence will be noticed otherwise.”

James inclined his head toward Luna, placing a reassuring hand on his wife’s shoulder. 

“Of course, of course.” James turned back to Harry, “We will be here, waiting for you. Come back to us over the holidays. We will talk more then. Perhaps you can bring this Blaise and introduce us properly.”

Harry nodded, he knew Luna was right, but oh it hurt to be away from them. Especially now when he could know them. 

“There’s something I want you to have, Harry. Take it with you. But you need to know, that you can only share it with one person.” 

Harry nodded seriously. 

“It’s the Potter Kitsune Grimoire. It has all of the details about the powers you have, or could have. It’s the detailed journal of our families history. Though it doesn’t mention any names, you need to make sure you don’t put any names in it either.”

Harry tilted his head, why wouldn’t their names be in it?

“The decision was made to keep names out of it, just in case the book ever fell into the wrong hands. There are symbols in the journal that detail each Potter Kitsune, not everyone gets the inheritance, and they match the symbols on our family tree.”

James knelt next to Lily, placing the back of his fingers against the canvas. 

“Take my ring, Harry. You can open the Grimoire whenever you want, it will recognise you, but the person you show it too will need the ring to access it. There’s only one ring like this, and it cannot be duplicated. So be careful who you give it to.” 

Harry jumped up onto the small settee in front of his parent's frame. He hesitantly reached out with his muzzle, moving as if to take the ring from his father’s hand with his teeth. 

Suddenly it was in his mouth, the sharp, tangy taste of metal. He heard a rustling sound from behind him and looked. 

Luna was fiddling with something around her neck. She brought her hand forward and Harry saw a chain swinging from her fingers. 

“Here,” she said, “I’ll put it around your neck.” 

Harry whuffed softly in acceptance and Luna knelt in front of him. Gently she took the ring from his mouth and slipped it onto the chain. She then clasped it around Harry’s neck and hit the chain with a shrinking charm so it wouldn’t slip off. 

Harry tried to peer down at where it sat underneath his chin but he couldn’t see it. He did, however, feel the weight of it against his chest. 

“You’re a good friend to our Harry, aren’t you Miss Lovegood?” Lily asked with a smile.

“Oh, yes, Mrs Potter. Harry was one of my very first friends, there isn’t much I wouldn’t do for him,” Luna replied. 

“You might want to duck, son,” said James. 

Harry was about to give a questioning yip when the portrait started to swing open. Harry quickly threw himself on his belly as it passed over his head for behind the portrait, was a room. 

Harry stood on the settee once more and then using his front paws to lift himself, scrambled into the room. 

It wasn’t overly large, but it was filled with books and artefacts, some jewellery as well. It was there, upon a pedestal in the centre, that Harry saw the book his dad had mentioned. 


kitsune book


It had a forest green cover, with brown leather strappings and golden fixings. With a golden face stamped into a black background. Harry levitated it off the stand and brought it back out with him. 

The portrait closed behind him, clicking into place as he set foot on the ground again.

“Did you get it, Harry?” Luna asked. 

He looked quizzically at her. 

“It’s invisible to anyone who does not possess a kitsune inheritance or the ring,  Harry,” said James. “You two should get going, but make sure you come back and visit your mother and me soon.” 

Harry nodded vigorously. Of course he would come back. He felt Luna’s hands around his waist, and then the crushing sensation of apparition. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


They had made their way back into Hogwarts without arousing any suspicion. For which Harry was thankful. His heart still ached with the knowledge that he could know his parents. Even just the facsimile that was their portraits. 

Luna left him at the entrance to the Slytherin common rooms with the whispered password and Harry quickly trotted inside. His book floating behind him and the ring bouncing on his chest. His thoughts were racing with ideas of what he would ask his parents the next time he saw them. He slipped quietly into their rooms, softly shutting the door behind him. 

A quick glance around the room showed a light coming from underneath Blaise’s curtains. 

Harry paused briefly, it was odd. Blaise was usually a heavy sleeper. He was never awake when Harry returned from his wanderings. 

Approaching the bed with care, Harry nosed under the curtain, letting the book fall silently to the heavy carpet. He made his way up the stairs and was about to step on to the bed when the sight of Blaise staring despondently at the canopy above drew him up short. 

He whuffed softly, questioningly and Blaise’s face turned to look at him. 

“Oh, you’re back,” he said dispassionately.

Harry cocked his head to the side, not understanding why Blaise was so upset. He stepped onto the bed, stretching his neck out to nose at Blaise’s hand. He was usually so happy to see him. 

Blaise promptly rolled over, his back to Harry as the light went out. 

Harry halted again. Was… Was Blaise angry with him? A sudden sharp pain lanced through his chest and Harry was filled with an urge to find out what was going on. 

He moved forward hesitantly and rose up to rest his paws on Blaise’s shoulder, pushing gently and whuffing again. 

Blaise rolled over onto his stomach. 

Harry huffed. He jumped over Blaise’s back, glad for his improved eyesight. He could see relatively well at night. He moved up the bed and pushed his nose into the crook of Blaise’s neck. Blaise grunted and turned in the sheets again. 

Harry rumbled low in his throat. Blaise was being childish. Well, so could he. 

He tugged Blaise’s hair. His ear. The sheets. Still, Blaise ignored him. Continually rolling over and hiding his face and feigning sleep. Harry finally managed to get Blaise on his back and he jumped onto his chest. Paws on his shoulders and nose to nose as he growled. Thoroughly fed up now at Blaise’s continued evasion.

Slowly, Blaise opened one eye. 

“I didn’t know you cared so much,” he sneered. 

Harry frowned, this was not the Blaise he knew. He growled a little more, needing to know more. 

“Why aren’t you still off with Lovegood? I know you’ve been sneaking out to see her at night.”

Harry rocked back a little, Blaise had seen him with Luna? That explained why he had smelled him before they went outside!

“Yes, I know. So go on, I won’t stop you. No-one chooses me in the end. Why should you be any different?”

Blaise’s self-loathing tone made Harry angrier than anything else he had said and he moved again to glare into Blaise’s eyes. 

I DON’T choose Luna! He thought angrily. I choose YOU, you prat! 

Blaise just stared back unblinkingly and Harry growled in frustration. He hated not being able to communicate with Blaise! 

He stilled. Maybe he could. The illusions…

He took a few steps back and tried to conjure the same image from before. The one he had shown his parents. 

Blaise’s eyes went wide as the image appeared. His jaw fell open as he took it in before it snapped shut in a mulish manner. 

“Yeah, I take care of you, so what. I bet Lovegood would too.” 

Harry huffed again and moved to try and push himself under Blaise’s hand, but Blaise just tucked them under his armpits. 

“Why haven’t you done this before?” Blaise asked angrily, “Or is it just something you do with her? I get to feed you and she gets the magic? Is that it?”

Harry shook his head vigorously. Urgh! How was he supposed to explain?

He thought of another image, one of Luna this time, but in a teacher's robes. 

Blaise was silent for a moment as he looked. 

“Lovegood taught you how to do this?” he asked softly. 

Harry shook his head and made a seesawing motion with his paw. 

“Can you explain it to me? Please? I’m listening now.”

Harry huffed, but tried to think of a way to show Blaise so that he would understand.

Harry made as if to walk down the stairs and then conjured an image of two kitsune. 

“Lovegood’s a kitsune?”

Harry shook his head and changed the image slightly, adding a smaller kitsune to the image and then he tapped his chest. 

A look of recognition came over Blaise’s face. 

“She knows your parents?”

Harry nodded.

“And you went to see them?”

Harry nodded again. 

Blaise’s shoulders fell, “Are you going back to them? Is this goodbye?”

Harry shook his head and taking the chance that Blaise wouldn’t push him away this time, crawled into his lap. Blaise let him in and gently began to pet him. 

“Why not?”

Harry rose up onto his hind legs, his ears drooping down as he conjured another image. 


One of two headstones.


“Oh Raiden, I’m so sorry,” Blaise murmured. 

He gathered Harry close and pressed him tightly to his chest. Harry burrowed into him. Pushing his nose up behind Blaise’s ear, he snuffled softly. He had needed this he realised, needed this with Blaise. He pulled back and pushed his nose against Blaise’s cheek. Inhaling softly before he gently broke out of Blaise’s hold. 

He knew who he wanted to share his family’s book with and it wasn’t Luna. 


Harry lifted himself onto his back feet and pawed at his throat. 

Blaise lit his wand again and Harry repeated the action. Blaise leant forward, his fingers brushing against Harry’s chest. 

“What’s this? A ring?”

Harry yipped. 

“Is it yours?”

Harry nodded again and then tugged gently on Blaise’s hand with his teeth, pawing at the ring again. 

“You want me to put it on?” 

Harry exuberantly nodded his head again. 


Harry huffed and landed back on all fours. He headed to the edge of the bed and levitated the book, floating it over to land in Blaise’s lap. 

“Where did you get this?” Blaise asked and Harry showed him the picture of the kitsune family again. “This was your parents? This belongs to you?” 

Harry yipped and waved his tails. Blaise tried to open the book and Harry rolled his eyes with a grumble. He sat back up in front of Blaise and lifted his chin again. Blaise’s brows drew together in thought and he reached slowly for the chain around Harry’s neck, unlatching it and slipping the ring free.

“Do I need to wear this to open the book?” 

Harry’s tails waved as he chirped in acknowledgement. Blaise looked the ring over slowly and Harry sighed internally. He let out a huff of air and Blaise looked at him. Harry brought the image of Luna up again, this time with a big red cross through the centre. He cycled through a few other faces, Draco and Theo, Snape, the Slytherin girls with even bigger crosses that made Blaise’s lips twitch in laughter. Finally, he let the image linger on the first one he had shown Blaise. The one of the two of them curled together in an armchair. With no crosses to be seen. 

Blaise smiled slowly, “Okay, I get it. This is just something for you and me is it?” 

Harry perked up, now Blaise was getting it!

“For no-one else?” 

Harry shook his head. 

“And you’re not leaving me for Lovegood?”

Harry made sure Blaise saw him roll his eyes before he shook his head rapidly from side to side. 

“Alright,” Blaise said softly and he slipped the ring on his finger. 


The Ring


Harry instantly felt a connection to Blaise, like he knew exactly where he was, regardless of that fact he was sitting directly in front of him. He shook his head a little to rid him of the sensation and crawled into Blaise’s lap so that they could look at the book together. 

The book was full of spells and charms. Blaise flipped through it steadily and he and Harry drank it in. It was beautifully illustrated, and the handwriting changed steadily as they progressed through the book. 

“This is amazing,” Blaise breathed, “I mean… wow…” 

Harry could only nod in agreement. 

There was so much information to take in and it all seemed to be very instinctual. As if the writers just assumed that the reader would be able to do it. As they neared the end, the book started to change in more noticeable ways. The end of the book was divided into sections, the pages of each section were lightly coloured as if to make them stand out from the rest of the book. 

Harry stood and put his paw on a page wanting to see why they were so different. He felt Blaise lean over him to see what he was looking at but he kept on reading. This particular page had some very detailed information on kitsune interactions with ghosts. 

Well now, Harry thought, Isn’t that interesting. 

“We’re going to be spending a lot of time with this book,” Blaise murmured.

Harry made a noise of agreement as he nudged at Blaise’s hand wanting him to turn the page. 

Blaise shut the book instead. 

Harry turned in the circle of Blaise’s legs and huffed up at him. 

“It’s late, we should sleep. Once classes are over tomorrow we can read more.”

Harry snorted, Blaise was right. Merlin only knew what time it was. Blaise slid the book under his pillow. 

“Come on, let’s get some sleep,” he said, patting the bed beside as he lay down. 

Harry grumbled under his breath but moved to lay beside Blaise. Sighing contently as Blaise wrapped an arm around him and pulled him tight against his chest, covering them both with the blankets. Harry drifted off quickly, feeling safe and wanted in the circle of Blaise’s arms.

Chapter Text

Harry woke with a yawn the next morning and snuggled deeper into Blaise. A Blaise who was apparently sitting up and reading if the sound of a page turning was any indication. 

Harry blinked his eyes open blearily and yawned again. Licking at his lips as he looked up at Blaise. 

Blaise smiled at him fondly and stroked a hand over his head. 

“Sorry? Did I wake you?” 

Harry shook his head, he was fairly certain that wasn’t the case. He looked at the book Blaise had in his lap and saw it was the Potter Grimoire. He sat up to look at and then sent a question mark to Blaise. 

“I woke up a little early,” Blaise said, “Couldn’t get back to sleep so I thought I’d look through this some more. That’s alright isn’t it?”

Harry nodded slowly, of course, it was. But he was worried about the amount of sleep Blaise had gotten. He crawled into Blaise’s lap and gently rested a paw on one of the bags under Blaise’s eye. 

Blaise smiled at him again, “I’ll be alright, one night of broken sleep won’t kill me.” 

Harry huffed but withdrew his paw. He looked down at the book and cocked his head. 

“This grimoire is incredible, Raiden. There is so much magic here, so much history too. And Merlin! The things you could be able to do! I mean, there are powers here, the illusions, foxfire, elemental manipulation…” he trailed off in awe, flipping through the pages. 

“Do you want to learn it?” he asked, looking at Harry questioningly. 

Harry nodded, of course, he did, this was his family legacy but there was also something else he needed to Blaise to know. 

He nosed the book shut for a moment and Blaise gave him his full attention. He had come to a realisation last night as he had drifted off to sleep. As he had replayed those moments with his parents and the fight with Blaise in his mind. 

He brought up an illusion of him and Luna walking out of Hogwarts and he saw Blaise’s lips thin. He bowed his head and whimpered out an apology. Ears back and low as he sank to the mattress. 

“Oh, hey, Raiden. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have jumped to that conclusion either. I should have trusted you more. I should have listened to Theo when he told me you always came back.” 

Harry sat up and took a deep breath, projecting another illusion above him.


Raiden and hearts


Blaise smiled and picked him up, bringing him in for a tight hug. 

“I love you too,” he murmured. 

When he put Harry down and went to start his morning routine, Harry couldn’t work out why he felt disappointed. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Blaise headed for the shower and Harry decided he needed to have a little chat with Theo. He had obviously felt the need to talk to Blaise about Harry’s night-time wanderings and Harry wanted to know why. There was also the matter of why Theo had been so quick to be by his side when pranking the girls, Harry had thought it was simply to help him get revenge but... 

Getting onto Theo’s bed was another matter. He didn’t have stairs like Blaise. So Harry had to employ the same trick he used to get out of the dorms at night. 

Landing by Theo’s feet with a soft thump.

He moved up the bed and planted himself on Theo’s chest, going nose to nose with the sleeping Slytherin before barking softly in his face. 

Theo blinked his eyes up before jerking to alertness. 

“Raiden!” he exclaimed, jolting in place. “What are you doing?”

Harry heard Draco grumble in the next bed over but paid him no mind as Theo rubbed the sleep from his eyes. 

He projected a question mark for Theo to see and held his gaze. Theo stared at it wide-eyed for a moment.


raiden question marks


“How long have you been able to do that?”

Harry tapped his paw on Theo’s chest. That wasn’t important. His question was. 

He flashed through an image of Blaise and then the question mark again. Whuffing insistently. 

“What are you- oh. Blaise told you he knew you left, huh?”

Harry nodded and let the images fade. He settled down to sit primly on Theo’s chest as he waited for an answer. 

“I heard him come back into the dorm after. He was pretty upset that you went off with Lovegood,” Theo said reproachfully. 

Harry nodded and hung his head. 

“Why did you go off with her?”

Harry showed him of Blaise, Theo and Draco sitting around laughing and then one of him and Luna reading together. 

Theo’s brow furrowed as he puzzled it out. 

“She’s your friend?”

Harry nodded. 

“I thought you didn’t like her? That day at breakfast…”

Harry shrugged. Playing it off as a change of mind. It wasn’t Theo’s fault he didn’t know he was Harry Potter and hence one of Luna’s friends. 

“Alright then,” Theo responded slowly, “You gonna get off me now?” 

Harry shook his head and Theo huffed, settling back into his pillows. 


theo and raiden


“What else then?”

Harry showed him the prank again and cocked his head.

Theo went quieter than Harry thought possible for him to be. He was so soundless normally that Harry would have bet good galleons he couldn’t be more so. But somehow Theo managed it. 

“I abhor them,” he said finally, his voice like a ghost between them. 

It was the choice of words that struck Harry as much as the way he said it. Such a visceral declaration, so carefully chosen as to let him know the utter depths of Theo’s detest for them. Yet, whispered so softly, as if he didn’t just hate them but feared them too. 

Unsure what to do Harry lay down and gently touched his nose to Theo’s chin. Theo’s hands lifted up and started to stroke his back. Harry didn’t normally let anyone beside Blaise pet him quite so intimately, usually only leaving himself open to head scratches, but Theo seemed to need that intimacy at this moment. 

“I don’t expect you to understand…” he said quietly, “though Blaise seems to think you understand everything…” 

He went quiet again and Harry nudged into his hand again to reassure him. 

“I’m Asexual, Ace,” he said at last. 

Harry chirped inquiringly at the unknown term. Maybe it was some kind of wizarding thing?

Theo huffed a laugh, “It would probably be weird to you, particularly as an animal, but I have no desire for sex. To mate,” he added unnecessarily. 

Undoubtedly to account for Harry’s ‘animal instincts’. 

“I mean, it’s not as if I haven’t tried it. I did once. With a bloke from Beauxbatons in fourth year, because- well… everyone was doing it. And it was fine… good even. But just- not something I need.” He sighed heavily. “For what felt like the longest time, I thought there was something horribly wrong with me. That there was just something fundamentally off about me. I didn’t seek out sex. I wasn’t aroused by anyone, not even people I thought were attractive.” 

Theo glanced across to Draco’s bed and then whispered conspiratorially to Harry, “I mean... Draco’s a bit of a cad and well… he was always talking about how much he loves it and the girls he was with, and all the other boys in Slytherin too. Except for Blaise, he’s only had eyes for one Gryffindor since we started Hogwarts, but he’s probably told you all about him.”

Harry nodded morosely. 

Theo sighed again, “Anyway, it wasn’t until Draco and I stayed at Blaise’s for a week over the summer and I was up late one night, reading in the library-”

Harry’s tails twitched in amusement, that didn’t seem like Theo. No, not at all.

“-and Blaise’s mum has the BIGGEST collection of books on sex and sexuality you’ll ever find. So I started reading some and I came across this book that described the different spectrums of sexuality and- and I had never felt so relieved . There it was. Written in black and white. A name that explained everything I felt. Asexual. Ace for short.”

A little smile came over his face as he lost himself in the memory and Harry suddenly felt like he was intruding… Theo had just opened up to him in an extremely a private way. Harry suddenly felt incredibly guilty for the future betrayal Theo would probably feel if Harry was ever revealed as Raiden. 

“There are a lot of ways to interpret it - but for me, it took off so much pressure and I didn’t make a secret about hiding it, to begin with. Blaise and Draco, Blaise’s mum, they were all incredibly supportive and they’ve never treated me any differently, well, except they make sure to hug me often.”

Harry nodded slightly at that, he had noticed that Draco and Blaise would often pull Theo into a hug for seemingly no reason. Draco would often cuddle platonically with Theo or use his lap as a headrest while they studied. 

“Blaise’s mum was the one who helped me come up with a way to tell my father, I thought he would be furious with me because I have no intentions of marrying someone. I don’t need a marriage. I'd like a romantic partner, I still want someone to love but I don't want that love to necessitated by sex. I don't want that as a factor in my relationship with someone. For now, though, I have my friends and that's enough.” 

Harry’s head was tilted to the side as he studied Theo, he would have thought his father would be angry with him too. Theo was a pureblood… if he didn’t marry, he couldn’t have children… What would happen to the Nott line? Weren’t purebloods all about keeping the bloodlines alive?

“That is so weird you can do that, I still want to know how,” Theo said, his eyes fixed above Harry’s head. 

Harry looked up and realised he had projected the image of a baby without meaning too. He would have to be careful about this new ability now that he knew he had it. 

“And of course I’ll have a kid. Maybe more than one. I think I would like being a father. That’s what Blaise’s mother helped me with. I can adopt an orphaned child - if they’re a half-blood or more, a blood adoption will purify their magical heritage and they’ll be considered a Nott. Or I can opt to have a surrogate. There are ways of making a family without using the traditional methods.”

He tapped Harry lightly on the nose and grinned at him, “Merlin, you picked a heavy topic to talk about early in the morning.”

Harry nodded slowly and yet, Theo still hadn’t told him about the girls. He brought up the illusion of them standing in their doorway again. 

Theo’s mouth twisted and he scowled, “I told you I didn’t hide it at first, once I had told my father that summer and he knew I had no intention of not having an heir. He was quite supportive. I don’t think he quite gets it but- he’s happy to allow me to do as I wish, his only stipulation is that I have an heir before I’m thirty.” Theo sucked in a breath and continued, “So when we came back to Hogwarts I didn’t hide my newfound identity, partly because I was finally happy with myself, and partly because I wanted people to know I was ‘off the market’ so to speak. I wasn’t comfortable with people hitting on me, or trying to whisk me off into broom closets and such, so I thought I would put a stop to it."

Theo paused for a moment, seemingly collecting his thoughts. 

"Some… the girls, in particular, took offence. Thought that I was being selfish. That I was taking something away from them. My Family name, and money, most importantly. They thought that because I’d had sex before and somewhat enjoyed it, meant I was making it all up. They thought I couldn’t be both gay and asexual at once. That it had to be one or the other.” 

Theo ran a hand over his face before resuming his petting of Harry’s coat. 

“Pansy, Daphne and Tracey, they were insulted that I wouldn’t consider one of their brothers as a spouse, and Pansy and Daphne’s brothers are bigger slags than Draco is. Pansy brother, Phillip, doesn’t care what he shags, so long as he's 'getting some' while Deondre is gay and slept with almost the entirety of his Hogwarts year and the one either side. Anyway, they thought it was my duty to marry one of them. Being that they’re both Sacred Twenty-Eight Families and I’m the only Nott Heir. They’ve been talking about it since they found out I slept with Louis. How they could marry me off to one of their brothers and get access to my money and wealth without having to marry me themselves. Like it’s their right to decide my fate for me.”

Theo’s face darkened quickly, like a sudden summer storm.

“After I gave them all a right bollocking about it. Blaise caught them trying to slip me a love potion. I take the antidote to Amortentia every week now.”

Theo shuddered under Harry and Harry recalled the violet coloured potion he took once a week and he growled. Angry that these girls thought they could do something like that. 

Hermione had strong views on love potions, well, she had strong views on just about everything, but her view on love potions was that of rape. She said that if a person couldn't say yes in their right frame of mind, then it was a crime. Harry rather agreed with her, once he and Ron had gotten her to calm down and actually explain what she was going on about. She had come back from the library one afternoon, positively vibrating with rage. Speaking so fast, that even they hadn't been able to understand her and Harry and Ron had years of practice listening to Hermione's rants. 

"Raiden?" Blaise called and Harry lifted his head to yip in Blaise's direction. 

Blaise had just come from the bathroom. Dressed in his school slacks and an unbuttoned shirt. 

"What are you doing?" Blaise paused in doing up his shirt and looked at Theo assessingly. "You alright, Theo?" 

Harry tried to clue Blaise in by tucking his head back into Theo's neck in a hug-like move. 

"I was just telling Raiden about why I dislike the vapid whores," Theo said. 

Blaise nodded minutely began walking towards them. 

"Budge up." He demanded, lifting the blankets of Theo's bed and crawling in next to him. 

Blaise grabbed Theo's wand from the dresser and sent a stinging hex at Draco before settling down and wriggling an arm under Theo's shoulders. 

Harry snorted as the blond awoke with a yelp and looked around a sneer and an insult on his lips. One that quickly dropped away as he took in the sight on Theo's bed. 

He staggered ungracefully out of bed and made his way over. Burrowing under the covers and curling up on Theo's chest. Theo began absently petting his hair and Draco was asleep again within a minute. 

Harry snorted and stood up, shaking himself lightly before moving to lie in the small space between Theo and Blaise. 

"Everything alright then?" Blaise asked after a moment.

Theo hummed, "Yes, it's rather unburdening to talk with Raiden. You were right, he's a good listener." 

Blaise smiled and reached down to scratch Harry behind the ears and Merlin, but did it feel nice. 

"And you Raiden? You alright?" 

Harry shrugged and Blaise looked at him concerned. Harry conjured an image of Theo taking the love potion antidote and he growled softly again.

Blaise's mouth twisted unpleasantly, "Yes, that upsets me too."

Theo sighed, "It's only another year and then I never have to see them again if I don't want too." 

Blaise merely hummed but he didn't comment further. 

"So how long has Raiden been able to do the picture thing?" Theo asked. 

Blaise looked down at Harry who nodded in return. 

"Since last night, it's what he was doing with Lovegood. She taught him apparently." 

"Did she? Raiden said they were friends." 

"It seems that way," Blaise replied. 

"You two made up then?" Theo asked. 

Harry looked up at Blaise, ears down and back in a ploy to look pitiful and sad. 

"We did," Blaise said and Harry yipped excitedly. 

He stood up, waving his tails in the air and barking playfully at Blaise, wanting to drag them all out of the morose feeling that had settled in the room. 

Draco grumbled and put a hand over his ear. 

Harry lowered himself onto his front legs and barked again when Blaise began to grin. 

"You want to play do you?" he asked. 

Harry grinned back and wiggled his hindquarters getting ready to pounce or run as necessary. Blaise suddenly lunged for him, dislodging Theo and upsetting Draco at the same time. 

Harry barked, jumped over Draco and then leapt to the floor before dashing to the other side of the room. 

"Think you can get away that easily?" Blaise called as he disentangled himself from the sheets dragging them from the bed as he did. 

Draco cursed and flailed as the warm blankets were torn off him.

Theo's laughter rang out around the room and Harry couldn't help the grin as he continued to dodge Blaise's outstretched hands. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Eventually, they were all ready for the day and they left their room only to enter a commotion in the common room. Snape stood in the middle of the room, arms crossed and scowl in place as Pansy, Daphne and Tracey stood shouting at him. 

Harry’s eyes went wide at the display. 

Finally, the girls stopped complaining, perhaps finally aware of their actions and the deadly quiet in the room. 

“One hundred points from Slytherin at this entirely unseemly display and the disrespect you have shown your Head of House,” Snape said into the silence. 

The gathered Slytherins gasped and began to hiss. 

“I gave permission for you three to miss a day of school to rid yourself of these spells. Madame Pomfrey, Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, Professor Dumbledore and myself were all unable to remove them. It is our combined belief that the spells will only cease once the intent behind their casting has been fulfilled. You three were the ones to incur the wrath of a magical creature. You were even warned by Miss Bulstrode to cease your treatment of Mr Zabini’s familiar.”

“But Sir!” cried Daphne. 

“No. You will go about your daily duties. Attend meals, classes and your prefect duties, Miss Parkinson. Failure to do so will incur further lost points and detention with me.”

The three girls were obviously unhappy but they acquiesced and left the room.

Blaise approached Professor Snape, Draco and Theo with him. Harry tucked into one of the many carriers Blaise had purchased for him. 

“Thank you, Professor.”

Snape looked down at Blaise, his gaze shifting to Harry momentarily. 

“Your gratitude is unwarranted. Their behaviour is not your failing. Nor is the retaliation visited upon them something we can prosecute your familiar for. Kitsune are notorious for their… pranks. I would advise, however, if you have a measure of control over his actions, that you ask him to refrain from over-indulging in those… shenanigans whilst you remain at Hogwarts. We cannot legally separate the two of you but it would make your time at Hogwarts easier.”

Blaise nodded and Harry felt a little cowed by his impulsive behaviour. He lifted himself out of the pouch slightly, hanging his paws over the edge and gave Professor Snape his most apologetic look. 

Snape looked down at him once more and shockingly, trailed a finger over his head just once. Harry froze. Had Snape just… had Snape just pet him?

Harry tuned back into what Professor Snape was saying and 

“- sure to bring him to my quarters soon for his check-up.” 

“Of course, Sir.” 

Professor Snape nodded and then moved out of the common room, his cape billowing behind him. 

It was then that Harry saw Goyle standing in the corner of the room, a dark and menacing look on his face. 

Thoroughly creeped out, Harry retreated back into the bag and Blaise and the others left for breakfast. 

Draco took the lead as they walked out of the common room and Theo and Blaise flanked him. Harry had always wondered why but now he wondered if it was to divert attention from both Blaise and Theo as if Draco was protecting them with the Malfoy name. 

They passed a huddled Pansy, Daphne and Tracey, the three girls obviously nervous about entering the hustle and bustle of the Great Hall. They sneered at Blaise and Harry as they passed. 

“Don’t worry about them, Raiden,” Blaise murmured as he dropped a hand to rub behind Harry’s ears, “I won’t let them hurt you again.”

They had just sat down and Blaise was beginning to dish up some of Harry's favourites when a hush fell over the Hall. 

Harry tried to crane his neck at what caused the disturbance, though he could hazard a good guess. Unable to see from his viewpoint, he hopped up onto the table and onto Blaise’s shoulder. 

Raiden!” Blaise hissed. 

Harry felt his hand come up to steady him as Blaise straightened up. 

He snorted as he saw the three Slytherin girls standing in the doorway to the Great Hall. The chins jutted mulishly in the air as if daring anyone to say something about their very Gryffindor-ish appearance. 

“Oi, Greengrass!” yelled a voice, “This your way of saying you wouldn’t mind riding my broom after all?”

A round of guffaws came from the Gryffindor table and Harry looked to see one of McLaggen’s friends slapping him on the back.

“Fifteen points from Gryffindor, Mr McLaggen!” called Professor McGonagall, “for crude language!” 

She turned to the three girls, “Ladies, please take your seats.”

Pansy, Daphne and Tracey made their way to the end of the Slytherin table and sat down. Several others inched away from them as if the hexes might be catching.

Harry snorted again and then jumped lightly into Blaise’s lap. 

“You’re very pleased with yourself aren’t you?” Blaise asked him as the whispering and gossip started up around them. 

Harry waved his tails slightly. He was. After hearing Theo’s story this morning, Harry was feeling particularly vengeful toward them. 

As breakfast wound down though and the last of the late-risers made it into the Hall, the hexes began to fade. 

“So what do you think the trigger was then? Or do you think Raiden’s spell just wore off?” Theo asked as they made their way to class.

Blaise shrugged, “I don’t think it was his magic failing. Raiden’s pretty powerful I think.”

“It was the humiliation,” Draco said as they lined up, “at least, I think so, he wanted everyone to see them like that and everyone only did at breakfast. Think about it, kitsune myths are always about just desserts.” 

‘Huh,’ Harry thought. 

Draco might be right, he had thought that when he had cast the spells. He remembered thinking he wanted everyone to see them. 

“Is Draco right, caro?” Blaise asked looking down at Harry. 

Not having any other plausible answer Harry nodded. 

Blaise smirked, “Well, then. I’d say your prank was a success.”

Harry yipped up at him and accepted Blaise’s pats until they filed into the classroom under the strict observation of Professor Sinistra. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Harry and Blaise were walking along an empty corridor later that night, looking for an abandoned classroom to practise some of the spells from Harry’s grimoire in.

Blaise was clearly nervous and Harry wondered if he had snuck about at night much before. Harry suddenly wished he could lend him his cloak and the map of they were going to make a habit of this. 

Well, perhaps not the map, for it would tell who he was he was sure. 

Instead, Harry pressed his nose into Blaise’s hand, trying to soothe him and Blaise scratched at his ears in return. They soon came to a junction in the corridors. 

“Which way do you think?” Blaise asked softly. 

Harry craned his neck and then gestured to the left with his paw. If they went that way, they would come across the room he and Luna used. There were pillows there.

“Alright,” Blaise whispered, heading where Harry pointed. 

They approached the room Harry sought and he yipped quietly. 


Harry nodded and Blaise pushed the door open quietly. 

Harry yipped questioningly when he saw Luna waiting for them. 

"Lovegood? What are you doing here?" Blaise asked.

Harry could feel Blaise's whole body tense at her sudden appearance. 

She held up her hands peacefully and then gestured for Blaise to sit on the cushion next to her.

"I just wanted to talk to you about last night, I'm sure you have questions." 

Harry looked up at Blaise as he was clearly considering his options. Eventually, he moved to sit beside her. 

"How close are you and Raiden?" he asked.

Luna smiled serenely, "I consider him one of my first and dearest friends." 

Harry's heart twisted at her words. 

"You've known each other a long time then?" Blaise asked. 

Luna shook her head, radish earrings flinging madly. 

"I didn't meet him until last year." 

"Right," Blaise said, "So, where did you go last night? What do you two do every night? Why didn't I know anything about it? I mean, he's my familiar isn't he? He called for me when he was in trouble with that Acromantula. Not you." 

Harry whimpered and curled in on himself. The pain that cracked in Blaise's voice was like a white-hot lance of guilt through his chest. 

"Kitsune's aren't familiars, Blaise. I can call you Blaise can't I? I mean, we have a mutual friend after all." Luna said. 

Harry sat up quickly. Startled at her words. Surely she wasn't going to tell Blaise?

"What do you mean they aren't familiars?" 

Luna shrugged, "It's something you two will have to figure out together." 

"Lovegood," Blaise said warningly. 

"Luna," she replied sweetly, "You wouldn't be asking me to betray someone's trust, would you? Oh dear, that simply wouldn't do." 

Harry heard Blaise grind his teeth together and he sat there frozen, wondering what was going through Blaise’s head. He looked up at him worriedly.

Blaise was looking down at Harry, “I don’t understand, if he’s not my familiar, then what is he?”

“You’re his chosen. The centaurs call it Synkardiás. ” Luna said happily. “It is wonderful really.”

Harry remembered now, his conversation with Bane and from the look on Blaise’s face now. He did too. 

“So what… Raiden chose me?”

Luna shook her head and Harry was thoroughly confused. 

“Magic chose to bring you two together. It’s up to the both of you to stay that way.” 

Blaise snorted softly, “You make it sound as if we’re soulmates.” 

Luna just smiled enigmatically but only Harry saw it. He cocked his head at her, there was no such thing right? Because if there was, what about Blaise’s family potion? What about Neville?

“Neville asked me to Hogsmeade this weekend,” Luna said mildly and Harry stiffened. 

“Did he? That’s nice for you, Lovegood.” 

Harry looked up at Blaise, the bland uninterested tone was not what he expected to hear. He had thought Blaise would have gotten all jumpy and upset at the mention of Neville. 

“Perhaps you should do the same?” she prompted. 

Now Blaise tensed. 

“Excuse me?” he asked, his voice deadly and soft. 

Luna shrugged, “You might be surprised, just because he’s a Gryffindor, doesn’t mean he hates Slytherin’s. I think he actually rather likes them now. He’s had a rather unique experience with some of them lately.” 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Blaise said, “I don’t like anyone in Gryffindor.” 

“Of course not! But we aren’t talking about like are we?” she said as she stood up, “Something to think about.”  

With that parting comment, Luna left. 

Leaving Blaise and Harry to sit thoroughly discombobulated.

Chapter Text

It had been a few weeks since that bewildering conversation with Luna and only two days before the Christmas break; and Harry was currently stretched out in front of the fire, tails flipping idly as he watched Blaise studying with Draco and Theo. 

He yawned lazily, jaw cracking as he stretched. He rolled on to his back, flicking his tails to lay straight before he slowly sat up, placing one paw either side of his fluffy posterior appendages. 

He and Blaise had been reading the section about Kitsune specific powers lately and Harry was interested in the foxfire he was supposedly able to conjure with them. According to the book, the fire was a ball of bright, hot, light which could be used as either a devastatingly destructive force, or a toy. 

Apparently, it was only as harmful as it’s creator wished it to be. 

He pawed idly at them, he hadn't really looked them over before, always seeming to have more important things to think about. But there they were, four long, black, fluffy tails. It had been a little disconcerting in the beginning, to have new body parts; but now Harry wasn't sure what he would do without them. They played a major part in his daily communications with Blaise, flicking them side to side to show when he was amused or happy. Holding them tense and low when he was frustrated or angry. Curled tightly against his body when he was upset, or loosely when he was content. Upright or flicking forward when casting magic. 

He flicked them experimentally, one at a time to see the depth of his control over them. According to the book, each tail was representative of a different branch of magic inherent to kitsunes. It's why the book was divided into different sections. 

The book began with powers and abilities that all kitsunes were capable of, then branched into different specialized abilities.

That wasn't to say that all kitsune couldn't learn all the branches of magic, Harry wasn't limited to the four branches he had tails for already. If he studied hard enough, trained long enough, the book had said he would grow more tails. Nine seemed to be the limit though. At least in the Potter line. Harry wasn't sure if there were more branches (tails?) or not. 

The conundrum he had at the moment was figuring out what specialties the tails he had currently were for. He had no idea. 

At the beginning of each tail chapter, there was a single page that contained only emblems. Some chapters had more emblems than others and some only held two or three emblems. Harry was sure that the emblems were representative of the kitsune members of the Potter family, and that it showed which Potter's had achieved which tail masteries. Who each of the symbols belonged to though, he wouldn't know until he was able to compare them against his family tree and it was a concept he was unable to explain to Blaise even with his newfound projection ability. 

He pawed idly at one tail and wondered again, what specialties the Potter's had deemed worthy enough to ensure they were passed on down the generations. 

The book taught him that natural inclinations for certain branches of magic were able to be passed down the generations if enough of his ancestor's possessed the ability. Which basically translated to, some tail masteries would be easier for Harry to learn than others. 

"What is Raiden doing?" 

Theo's voice pulled him from his musings and he looked up to see them all staring at him. 

"He's just thinking," Blaise replied, dropping his hand down and wiggling his fingers. 

Harry stood and walked over to him, tails swaying softly as he rubbed his head against Blaise's palm. He stood on his back legs, front paws on Blaise's knee and Blaise leant down curling his hand around his ribcage to lift him onto his lap. 

"Thinking? About what? Dinner?" Draco snorted softly. 

Harry rumbled softly and flicking one tail, he sent a stinging hex at Draco. 

Draco jumped in his seat and yelped loudly, rubbing his elbow as he sent a small glare Harry's way. 

Blaise and Theo both laughed and Harry sat smugly in Blaise's lap. Tails flicking from side to side. 

"C'mon Draco," Blaise said, "you should know better than to insult magical creatures." 

"You would have thought after that incident with Buckwing he would have learned his lesson," Theo chimed in. 

Draco threw up his hands, "I didn't mean it like that! Just- what's he got to think about? It's not like he's got studies to worry about, or relationships, or the Dark Lord-" 

Draco cut himself off abruptly and the previously companionable mood swung to a tense and fearful atmosphere. 

Harry felt Blaise's hands on his back still and watched as Theo's shoulders tensed. 

The silence in the room grew more and more palpable until Theo finally broke it with a whisper.

"I hate this."

"I know," Blaise rumbled softly. 

"How could you know, Blaise?" snapped Draco waspishly, "your family isn't tied up with the Dark Lord, one portkey and you're off to sunny Italy and away from all of this." 

"Draco," Theo said placatingly, "you know that's not fair, this affects Blaise as much as the rest of us." 

Draco sneered and stood up, "oh yes, because of his precious crush , and what's he doing, huh? He's hardly in class and looks as though he's one moment away from offing himself. The Dark Lord's going to win ."

Stalking away from them all he climbed into his bed and magicked the curtains shut. 

Theo sighed and looked at Blaise, "you know he doesn't mean it-"

Harry looked up worriedly at Blaise, Draco's words didn't make sense, his description didn't fit Neville at all… maybe Harry had been wrong and it wasn't Neville that Blaise was interested in after all. But then… who was it?

Blaise was holding up a hand to stop Theo from saying anything further. 

"It's alright, Theo. We both know Draco will apologize in the morning. I just wish I knew what was stressing him out so badly. He hasn't breathed a word to either of us."

"It has something to do with his letters from home but he burns them right away, I've no idea what they say and whatever it is, it's not something that my father knows about, I asked him about it when I saw him in Hogsmeade the other weekend." 

Blaise merely hummed in response. 

"Draco's right about him though, he looks terrible… are you sure-"

"Sure about what, Theo?" snapped Blaise, "sure that I can't approach him? Sure that he would just turn me away? Sure that I can't help him? Sure that no matter how I look at it, I have no idea what to do? Sure that I'm still in love with him and it's killing me to see him like that?

Harry was looking rapidly between Blaise and Theo as they glared at each other.

Theo threw up his hands after an anxiety filled moment and sighed in exasperation, "well fine! If we aren't going to talk about this like rational people, at least try to make some sort of plan, then fine! I'm going to bed too!" 

With that, Theo snapped his book shut, gathered his things and disappeared behind his own curtains. 

Blaise fell back against his seat and Harry turned in his lap to better gauge his emotions. His face was drawn and shuttered and he had a stubborn set to his mouth. 

Harry hadn't realised how tense everyone had been lately, but he was suddenly reminded of the glares Theo directed at newspaper headlines, Draco's burning letters and insistence that everything was 'quite alright, thank you' and Blaise's sometimes mulish and forlorn demeanour in their classes and the corridors. 

He wondered how much of a toll this was really taking on the three friends if they always kept their walls up and he felt incredibly guilty at his reluctance to be the 'Chosen One' when it was having this kind of effect on people he had come to care about. People he wouldn't have thought twice about before, considering them to be on 'the wrong side' as it were.

Harry moved and curled himself on Blaise's chest, tucking his nose under Blaise's chin. He received a small huff of amusement in return and Blaise's hand on his back, petting him softly as they watched the fire die down. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


The next day found the three Slytherin's very subdued as they walked to breakfast. Not one of them had said a word to the others as they readied themselves for the day. Though, Theo - ready first as he always was - waited patiently for the other two. 

Blaise set Harry in his sling and then leant on the wall by the door as Draco slipped his shoes on and shot a spell at the laces. Once they were all ready, they left together. 

Harry was struck again by the differences between Slytherin and Gryffindor. Had he had the same kind of fight with Ron and Hermione, they all would have stormed off from one another, leaving the others to fend for themselves, Slytherin's seemed to stick together no matter the argument. 

He was contemplative for the rest of the morning and he wondered what he could do to fix this rift between them. It was the last day before the holiday and he wasn’t about to let them all go on their separate ways still mad at each other. Eventually, he hit upon an idea, and after lunch, during Blaise's Arithmancy class and Draco's spare, he begged off going, yawning wildly and blinking sleepily at Blaise. 

Blaise chuckled, "are you tired, caro?" 

It was the first thing Blaise had said all day and Harry nodded. He looked over at Draco pointedly and gave Blaise a hopeful look. 

Blaise's lips twisted slightly but he sighed and nodded. 

"Draco?" he asked quietly.

Draco turned to him in surprise and raised an eyebrow. 

"Raiden is tired, would you take him back to the dorm with you?"

Draco nodded and after he had finished eating, held his hands out for Harry. 

Blaise handed him over without fuss and Harry whuffed a soft goodbye as he went back to the dorm with Draco. 

It didn't take long for them to reach the Slytherin dorms - what with Draco's long strides - and Draco set him down on the floor by the chairs taking a seat on the ground himself and pulling the little table toward him as he rummaged for an assignment to work on. 

Harry freed himself from the bag and shook his coat out. Once that was taken care of he trotted over to the table and jumped onto it. Planting himself firmly on top of Draco's assignment. 

He received a scowl from one-time school rival - Harry was sure he would never again be able to compete in the rivalry they shared to the same degree as he once had - and Draco tried to push him off. 

"What are you doing? I'm trying to work here." 

Harry lay down, to make it more difficult for Draco to budge him and sent him a variety of images, one of Draco yelling at Blaise, a question mark, and then of Blaise and Theo's fight.

Draco's scowl increased and Harry growled softly in return. 

Draco sighed and threw his quill down, crossing his arms across his chest as he sat back against the seat of the chair behind him. 

"You're not tired, are you? You wanted to ambush me." 

Harry shrugged and tilted his head as he waited for an answer. 

Draco sighed again and ran a hand through his hair. 

"Well, I don't know how much Blaise has told you about what's going on in our world. But there is this supremely awful being. He wants to take over the wizarding world and he wants to eradicate the Muggleborns and muggles. My family and Theo's are caught up on his side. My father and I are trapped there by my grandfather and I know that Theo's father was bullied into joining. He lost his wife, Theo's mother, the first time he refused."

Harry sat up at that. That was horrible! 

Draco, however, didn't seem to notice Harry’s reaction as his eyes were trained unseeingly on the fireplace behind him. 

“It’s just…” Draco sighed, “it all seems so hopeless, I’m being pressured to provide as much information as I can about Dumbledore and Harry Potter. Father sends letters every few days asking if I’ve heard anything or seen anything useful.” 

Draco’s knees came up and his head dropped into his hands.

“I’m so torn, Raiden, on the one hand, I want to do everything I can to ensure Mother and Father’s safety, he screwed up on a mission last year; he failed to retrieve something the Dark Lord wanted. The only reason he survived was because he wasn’t identified at the Ministry. But on the other hand, Blaise is my best friend, he’s the brother I always wanted, I can’t do something like that to him. And for another thing, I don’t want the Dark Lord to win this war, but one look at Potter and I wonder if we’ll even make it. He looks so completely beaten already. How are we to have any hope at all?”

His voice was so small that Harry was frozen in place. He had never expected to see such a vulnerable side to Draco Malfoy of all people. 

Unsure what to do, how to comfort him, Harry jumped down from the table and tentatively placed a paw on his ankle. 

Draco stilled momentarily and then hastily wiped the unfallen tears from his eyes and looked at him. He found a tentative smile for Harry and reached out to gently scratch behind his ears.

Harry leant into it because, well, he had come to accept head scratches as a part of the way people interacted with him - nothing to with how bloody fantastic they felt. No. Not at all. 

He sighed softly, there was this huge part of him that felt guilty in accepting the comfort though - because surely they would come to hate him if his secret was revealed?

Draco stretched his legs out in front of him and summoned a rug, spreading it across his lap he patted his thigh. Tentatively, because Draco had never allowed Harry to sit on his lap before, Harry crept up onto him. Sighing heavily, Draco scooped him up and pulled him close. Resuming his petting until Blaise and Theo returned. 


raiden and draco


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Harry had almost drifted off to sleep under Draco’s quiet ministrations when Blaise and Theo came in from their last class. He yawned sleepily and made his way over to Blaise, stretching his back legs as he went. He rose up onto his haunches as Blaise leant down to pick him up. Rumbling softly Blaise greeted him. 

“Look, Draco-” Blaise began, only to be cut off.

“No, it’s I who must apologise,” Draco said, discarding the blanket as he stood. “I’m- under a lot of pressure from father at the moment and I’m sorry. There was no excuse for me to be so cruel.” 

Blaise moved and enveloped Draco in a hug and Harry squirmed in his arms to keep from being crushed, “It’s alright, Draco, I forgive you.” 

He pulled back and turned to Theo, “and I’m sorry too, I know you were only trying to help.” 

Theo grinned back and clapped Blaise on the shoulder, “It’s alright, I won’t hold it against you.” 

“I had best get going,” Blaise said, summoning the sling from where Draco had dropped it, “It’s Raiden’s last check-up before the holidays.” 

Both boys nodded and Blaise and Harry left the dorm and made their way to Professor Snape’s office. Harry smirked inwardly as he felt the tension Blaise had been carrying all day, lift. 

They didn’t have far to go. Professor Snape’s office was very close to the Slytherin Common Room after all, and after a curt, ‘Enter’, Harry and Blaise stood before the dour man. 

“Ah, Mr Zabini, come.” 

Snape led them over to the scales he used to weigh Raiden. Harry had long since gotten over the humiliation after having been through the experience so many times already. 

He flinched at the cool metal but sat still as the scales balanced themselves. 

Snape hummed and made a few calculations before he ran his hand down Harry's back and sides. 

"He seems to be in much better health. The fat on his ribs is much thicker and his coat is shinier."

"It's still a mess though," Blaise said disgruntledly, "I've tried potions, lotions, I brush him two to three times a day and it's still-" he waved a hand to Harry indicating the waywardness that was his fur. 

Harry snorted in amusement, Blaise had tried all those things and more, he only succeeded in causing himself more frustration. Harry had taken a small sense of satisfaction from defying his endeavours. 

Snape hummed softly and appeared to be thinking hard about something as he eyed Harry. His eyes were narrowed in thought and Harry remembered then that Snape knew legilimency. He looked away quickly, hopping out of the scales as an excuse to avoid Snape's gaze.

"In my storeroom, there is oil called 'Endeavour of a Lily' it may be useful to you. A… friend… of mine created it."

Harry couldn't stop his head from snapping up. Legilimency be damned. Snape had something made by his mother?! He still called her his friend?!

"Oh! Thank you, sir!" 

Harry heard Blaise walk off toward the storeroom but he couldn't stop staring up at Snape. He cocked his head to the side and knew that he was projecting again. 

Snape's eyebrows rose and had Harry not been so shocked, he would have thought surprise looked quite funny on Snape's face. 

"You want to know why I am giving this oil to Mr Zabini and yourself?" Snape asked, his voice incredulous.

Harry nodded vigorously. 

Snape pursed his lips momentarily before he answered. 

"My friend… she was… an exceptional person. Caring, smart, and she could not abide bullies - for the most part. You… remind me of her."

Not knowing what to say, or project, Harry ducked his head in thanks. 

Snape hummed in response and Harry was reminded of Snape's Order position - and how helpful he could have actually been had Harry merely trusted him. 

Taking a chance, Harry projected the tense situation from the day before. He included Theo's worried looks at the papers, Draco's burning letters, and Blaise's morose expressions. He ended it with the Dark Mark and a questioning head tilt. Hoping he had done enough to convey his worry. 

Snape's brow furrowed in thought.

"You are more intelligent than I thought you would be," Snape murmured mildly. 

Harry huffed at him, even seeing this kinder side to him, Snape was still a bastard.

"I don't know much about your kind, but I doubt there is much you can do, a young, untrained kitsune like yourself. Just do your best to keep those you care for safe." 

Harry grumbled, that was a given, but he supposed there wasn't much else Snape could really tell him. He was just a magical creature - he was no one special as Raiden.

As Raiden, no-one expected anything of him, no-one believed he could do anything for the war, no-one had hope. 

He thought of the 'act' Luna was putting on as him. Of how he himself had been before this change had taken him. 

Maybe people needed to believe in someone. 

His thoughts remained introspective as Blaise came back to collect him. Harry barely heard Blaise say thank you to Snape and he waved a paw absently in the potion professor's direction. 

That night, Harry stayed up all night reading. He had dragged the grimoire out from under Blaise's pillow and crawled under the bed - rather thankful that the house-elves evidently cleaned under here. 

He pulled one of the furs Blaise had brought down with him and then set about trying to conjure the foxfire he had read about so he would have light and warmth to read by.

He managed it with little hardship, concentrating hard on the outcome and then flicking his tails to rub rapidly against one another had very quickly produced a somewhat desired effect.

It was different than Harry had imagined. Instead of just one ball of fire, there were several. They floated around him lazily and when Harry batted one with his paw, it bounced away before returning to its place. 

The fire was merely warm to touch, though it expressed warmth. The small fires glowed white in their centre, but the exterior flames shifted in colour as he watched them. 

Pushing aside the questions that arise, for now, Harry began to read. perhaps he would find the answers there. He would not be the uneducated and untrained kit Snape thought him to be and he could practise at Blaise's Manor the very next evening. 

With purpose and a renewed sense of determination, Harry set to his task. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Harry was nearly finished reading when the bed shifted above him and he heard Blaise sleepily calling for him. He barked in reply and watched as Blaise's upside-down head appeared over the edge of the bed. 

Harry's tails waved in greeting and he chirped in concern when Blaise's eyes went wide and he fell over the side of the bed. 

He rushed to Blaise side and nuzzled at his cheek anxiously until Blaise gently pushed him away.

Blaise rolled over onto his stomach so that he was face to face with Harry.

"Have you been up all night?" 

Harry glanced to the side and cast a tempus charm, nodding guiltily when he saw that it was Blaise's usual waking time. 

Blaise looked underneath the bed, seeing Harry's little nest and the book laid out. 

"You've been reading this entire time?"

Another nod. 

"And you managed to get the foxfire spell to work?" 

Harry yipped.

Blaise pulled himself into a sitting position, "Show me?"

Harry crouched his front legs like the book had taught, sinking into a stronger pose and flicked his tails like he had the night before. The balls of foxfire quickly sprang into existence and began their slow circling once more. 

Harry sat and huffed proudly at the awed look on Blaise's face. 

"This is amazing!" He began to reach out toward one before he froze and looked at Harry, "Can I touch them?" 

Harry nodded vigorously and Blaise reached forward once more. Delight shining in his eyes as the flames fluttered around his fingers. 

Eventually, the sounds of Theo and Draco rising drew them out of their little bubble and Blaise - for once - skipped his morning workout and rushed to get ready. Packing the last of his and Harry's things before they headed out for breakfast.


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


They finished breakfast early - mostly due to the fact they really only had each other to say goodbye too and they would be riding the train together - and they left the Great Hall before the rush to walk leisurely down to Hogsmeade Station. 

Feeling a need for a little exercise after a long night cramped in a reading position, Harry intimated to Blaise that he wanted to get down and once set upon the path he began to trot beside the three Slytherin teens. The path to Hogsmeade was charmed to resist the snowfall from last night, so it was a dry and easy walk and Harry -relishing the chance to stretch his legs - began to run. 

It felt freeing as he ran ahead, occasionally looking back to make sure he hadn’t strayed too far. He occasionally leapt into the air to catch at the softly falling flakes of snow, mainly to hear Blaise’s chuckle at his actions. 

Spotting a particular flake, Harry sped up. Leaping he twisted for it and caught it in his mouth triumphantly, however, he failed to take into account his landing and he flumped into a large soft pile of fresh snow. 

The snow in that particular spot was deep and Harry was soon buried in a light coating of it. He yelped in surprise and pushed himself into a standing position. Unfortunately, he still couldn’t see out of his little predicament and so he tried to jump out. Only succeeding in making his little hole wider. He answered Blaise’s worried call with a loud bark and tried to jump out again. 

This would be so much easier if I was bigger. He thought and then suddenly he felt his magic surge and he was standing above the snow. Gratefully he shook out his coat. 

Much to Blaise’s sudden displeasure. 

Harry stopped his shaking when he heard Blaise’ shout and he looked up to see Blaise not two steps away, ducking behind his hands to protect himself from Harry’s shaking. He had obviously been about to find Harry and rescue him from the pit of snow he had fallen into. 

Struck with a sudden jolt of mischief, Harry grinned to himself and leapt for Blaise, catching him around the waist and pushing him to fall back into the snow. 

Blaise landed with an ‘oof!’ and his arms came up to encircle Harry’s ribs. Harry yapped delightedly and licked Blaise’s face to annoy him further. 

Blaise screwed up his face, quickly tightened his hold and rolled with Harry in the snow to pin him down. 

Laughing, Blaise dashed his hair out of his eyes and wiped his face, “You think because you got all big you can get me that easily?”

No, Harry thought, but I can like this. 

Concentrating hard for a moment, Harry thought about what he wanted and he started to shrink back down. Yipping softly he brought his front paws up to his chest and let his ears fall back. 

Groaning Blaise sat and gathered Harry in his arms, “That is so not fair.”

“You’re so whipped, you mean,” Draco drawled while Theo made a cracking motion behind him. 

Blaise retorted quickly and the three bickered good-naturedly as they walked the rest of the way to the train. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


They made it onto the train and into a compartment, Harry sharing a bench with Blaise and lying on a blanket next to him. Their door was ajar as students were still climbing aboard and Harry was idly listening to the conversations in the corridor about people’s plans for the holidays. 

The whistle blew and the train started to inch forward when Harry heard a familiar cursing. 

“Bloody hell! Hurry up, Ginny!”

There was a bit of thumping and muffled sounds of two people suddenly clambering on board before they came to a stop outside their compartment. 

Harry listened, his heart aching as heard Ginny’s voice again.

“Merlin’s knickers, Ron! This is what happens when you leave all your packing until the last minute!”

“Oh, leave off, Ginny, you sound just like Herm-”

Ron’s voice suddenly cut-off and a hushed silence fell in the corridor and in their cabin. A quick glance showed Harry that his new companions were shamelessly eavesdropping as well. 

“You know it’s alright to talk about her,” Ginny said softly. 

Ron only snorted in reply and Harry rolled his eyes. Surely Ginny knew her brother better than that !

Ginny sighed, “We should probably go find, Harry-”

“He’s not coming,” Ron said quietly. 

What?”  Ginny demanded. 

Harry winced at the dangerous edge her voice had taken.

“Ron, I swear, if you told Harry not to come-”

“I didn’t, alright!”

“No, you just didn’t talk to him at all did you?” 

Harry could hear the sneer that was sure to be on her face. 

“He’s our family , Ron!”

‘Oh, right, because I suppose you asked him then?”

There was an uncomfortable silence before Ginny spoke again. 

“You know what happened between us. It’s... awkward.”

Harry glanced back at Blaise’s sudden intake of breath, cocking his head in confusion.

Ron snorted, “Hasn’t stopped you from snogging Dean’s face off in the common room, has it? Like some-”

There was the sound of a slap and Harry saw the Slytherin’s tense. 

“You dare finish that sentence, Ronald Bilius, and my wand will be the last thing you see.” Ginny hissed. She breathed in deeply and continued, “You know full well that as much as I hoped for something between Harry and I- I’ll always be your little sister. I’ll always be the girl that needed saving to him. That’s not what Harry needs. He needs someone that will save him. And I-” Ginny’s voice grew thick, “That’s not me.” 

Ron sighed heavily and there was a soft thump as if someone suddenly leant against a wall. 

“I know, I’m sorry. I am. I’m- it’s just- She’s gone, Gin. Gone. Never coming back. And- we couldn’t even bury her. We can’t even acknowledge...”

“I know you loved her,” Ginny said softly. 

“Not like that.” Ron admitted, “I know everyone thought so, but not like that.” 

Silence reigned and everyone inside the cabin seemed to be frozen in their seats, afraid to breathe too deeply and disturb the moment outside. 

Harry chanced a glance out through the door, angling himself so he could see. Ron leant against the wall just across from them, and Ginny stood next to him, her head on his shoulder. 

He saw Ron swallow hard and suddenly Harry couldn’t stand to look anymore.

“She was like my sister, Gin. Like you. Except, bossier, more level-headed, not as prone to hexing, prettier too- oof!” Harry didn’t need to imagine the elbow to his ribs, even if Ron had been trying to joke, “The both of them, they were my best friends.”

“Well, Harry’s still here. I don’t get-”

“How am I supposed to be his friend now, huh? She’s not here, Gin!”

“You can’t blame, Harry! It wasn't his fault!” Ginny cried, outrage beginning to colour her voice. 

Harry hunkered down, he knew Ron blamed him. He knew it. He had seen it every time Ron looked at and tried to open his mouth. 

“I don’t blame him, Ginny.”

Harry bolted upright. 


“It’s just, it’s always been the three of us - I know it took us until that thing with the troll to really let Hermione in, well, took me… But it’s always been the three of us, Gin. I don’t know how to be his friend without her too… She was so much better at all that emotional stuff and I know he needs that... but every time I look at him, I see her standing there and-” 

Ron’s voice went tight and he broke off. The door slid shut in front of them. 

“I think that’s enough,” Draco said quietly. 

Harry looked up at him in surprise, he hadn’t thought Draco would be the one to close the door. But Harry was pleased he did, he wasn’t sure he could listen to anymore. 

Ron didn’t blame him?  

Harry didn’t know how to process that. Slowly he stood up and made his way over to lie in Blaise’ lap. Grateful when Blaise started stroking his back, Harry soon fell asleep to troubled thoughts and the gentle rocking of the train.

Chapter Text

Harry woke after a few hours to a subtle shifting beneath him. He looked to see Blaise digging in his pocket for some change. 

“Sorry, caro. I didn’t mean to wake you.” 

Harry yawned and nodded. Sleepily, he moved off Blaise’s lap so he could greet the trolley witch, who cooed in Harry’s direction while Blaise selected an assortment of goodies. 

As Blaise came back to sit beside him, he noticed Bulstrode in the hallway. She had come up in the other direction and had now loaded herself up with pumpkin pastries and chocolate frogs. She glanced up to see him looking and the corner of her mouth tweaked upwards for a moment. Paying for her things, she strode into their compartment and sat down on Harry’s other side. 

“‘Lo, squibs,” she greeted as she bit down into a pastry. She looked down at Harry as she chewed. Swallowing, she said, “Hullo, Fuzzmeister.”

Harry nodded toward her and unexpectedly she held out a pumpkin pastry for him. She shook it gently when he took a moment to look between her and the pastry. Gingerly he reached forward to take it gently with his teeth. 

Blaise cleared his throat, “So, Millicent, what, uh, have you been doing?”

Millicent snorted, “Sending Higgs to the poor house. The stupid arse still thinks he can beat me in chess.” 

She reached into her pocket and withdrew a sizeable bag, shaking it so that it jangled loudly with coin. 

“Bloody hell, how much did he bet this time?” gasped Theo. 

Millicent smirked, “56 galleons, 15 sickles and 23 knuts.”

Harry whuffed around the last of his pastry in surprise, and Millicent looked down at him as she put the bag away. 

“Whaddaya say? Wanna game?” she asked him. 

Harry shook his head violently and she laughed. He suddenly wondered who would win between her and Ron. 

“What have you lot got planned for the holidays?” she asked, “apart from avoiding the obvious?”

Draco spoke first, “Mother and I plan to go on an extended shopping vacation in Paris.”

“Mostly staying at the Manor, my father has a few family things to teach me before I come of age.” Theo said. 

Everyone then turned to Blaise, “I expect we’ll spend much of it relaxing in one of our manors,” he turned to Theo and Draco, “though you’ll be invited to spend a day or two with us, if you like.”

Harry put his paw on Blaise’ leg as Draco and Theo readily accepted. When Blaise glanced at him, Harry jerked his head in Millicent’s direction. He wasn’t sure what it was that made him want her there, but he felt she was ostracised by some within her house. Blaise, Theo and Draco spent little time in the common room, and had obviously never reached out to her before. The other girls were either mean to her - Daphne, or intimidated by her - Pansy. 

But she had stood up for Harry when he had been captured and tortured by the other girls in her room. He felt he owed her something and there was just something about her that Harry liked, she was unapologetically herself - which was rare, even rarer for a Slytherin. 

Blaise raised a subtle eyebrow at Harry who dipped his head in response. 

“That- goes for you as well, Millie. You would be welcome to join us.” 

Millicent was obviously surprised, but she replied all the same, “I’ll look for your owl then.”

Blaise nodded and soon the conversation turned to school subjects, the boys including Millicent as much as each other in their discussion. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Eventually the train pulled into King’s Cross station and they began to get ready to depart. Millicent ruffled Harry’s head and was first out of the door, brow perplexed as she turned back to bid them goodbye. 

“Later sq- folks.”

The door slid shut behind her and Draco shook his head. 

“If anyone had told me that we would share a pleasant train ride with Millicent Bulstrode one day, I’d’ve had them checked for the Imperius Curse.”

Blaise snorted as he gathered Harry up and settled him in the crook of his arm. 

“You’re not wrong.”

“It was a good though, wasn’t it?” Theo mused, “she certainly knows a thing or two about transfiguration, and I wouldn’t mind a peek at her Astronomy notes either.” 

They started to walk out of the train, Blaise holding Harry high enough that he wouldn’t get jostled by the crush of students. 

“Of course you want to look at her notes,” Draco said, and even though Harry could only see the back of his blond head he knew Draco was rolling his eyes. 

“It’s not as if I’m going to look at anything else!” Theo retorted.

Draco snorted in agreement. 

“I think,” Blaise began, “that you two are still looking through your first-year eyes. I think she’s hiding quite a lot under those robes. She’s not the same round-faced little girl she was back then.”

Theo and Draco both stopped to look back at Blaise. 

“Please tell me you’re joking,” they said together. 

 Blaise shrugged, “I’m just saying, right set of robes, the right haircut, she could Daphne a run for her money.” 

“He’s not joking,” Draco whispered. 

“He’s gone round the bend, quick check him for the Imperius, Draco.”

Harry snorted, he didn’t necessarily agree with Blaise, but then - he hadn’t been accessing her either. Perhaps Blaise had seen something the others missed?

Blaise tisked at his friends, “My mother taught me to look past what people think they see, I’m telling you, there’s something there.”

“Yes, well you think that Po-” 

Theo elbowed Draco in the ribs, “Not out loud you idiot!”

Draco and Theo began squabbling furiously and Blaise sighed as he began to steer them both outside and onto the platform. 

“I’ll owl you both,” he cut in when it looked as if Draco and Theo wouldn’t stop. 

Draco broke off, “Of course, sooner rather than later, yes?”

Blaise nodded. Theo reached up to rub Harry behind the ears and bid them goodbye, heading toward his father who had his hand raised. 

“There’s mother, I’ll see you, Blaise. Raiden, you look after him, don’t let him get mopey,” Draco warned. 


But Draco ignored him as he pointed a finger at Harry, “I mean it.”

Harry nodded seriously. Why would Blaise get mopey at Christmas time? He would be sure to keep a lookout for any signs of discontent and be sure to distract Blaise if such a thing happened. 

“We’re going now, say goodbye to Draco,” Blaise said as he began to walk away. 

Harry stuck his head around Blaise’s arm and barked back to Draco who grinned and gave a small salute before stalking off toward his mother. 

Harry looked up at Blaise and waved his tails. 

Blaise looked down and shook his head, “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” 

Harry just cocked his head, he would be the judge of that. 

Blaise huffed in annoyance and then tightened his grip on Harry before activating a portkey.


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


They landed in a grand foyer and Harry looked around curiously. The manse was obviously of a Tuscan style, with the warm stucco walls, greenery, large windows and half walls and Harry could feel the effect it had on Blaise. His entire being seemed to relax in a way he never did at Hogwarts. 

“Blaise! Mio Caro!” cried a voice and Blaise turned toward it. 


Harry looked curiously at the woman who glided towards them. She was tall and willowy. Her skin was a flawless olive and her dark hair was piled into glorious, cascading waves upon her head. Her robes were deep purple and cut to show off her curvaceous figure. 

She reached them quickly and pulled Blaise into a tight hug, squishing a cringing Harry into her exposed cleavage as she did so. 

“Oh, my darling boy, it is so wonderful to see you! Let me look at you,” she pulled back after a long crushing moment, and Harry chanced the moment to breathe unhindered by bosom. “Oh, you’ve grown again! I know you have! And you are all the more beautiful for it. Come, sit with me, and tell me all about what you’ve been up to and this darling new familiar you’ve gained.”

“It’s good to see you, Mamma. You look well.” 

“It’s this wonderful new brew I made,” she said smoothly as she led them to a sitting room, “it’s practically divine.” 

She settled onto a settee and patted the space beside her and Blaise settled into next to her. He pulled Harry out from his sling as he did so and set it on the floor next to them. 

“Mamma, I’d like to introduce, Raiden. Raiden, this is my mother, Carla.”

Harry sat on the couch politely, his legs together and his tails wrapped around them as he dipped his head toward her.

“Oh, he is carino! Such an adorable creature.” She reached out a hand to stroke it over Harry’s head and fondled one of his ears. “And he has been good company for you?” she asked Blaise. 

Blaise nodded and began telling his mother all about his year so far. She called for a house-elf and had even had a small plate prepared for Harry with his favourites. He had been surprised at first but then realised that Blaise must have told her at some point during his letters. 

Harry had eaten his fill and was now settled back on Blaise’s lap, contemplating a nap as Blaise and his mother talked while gentle hands stroked his back. But it was Clara’s next question that reignited Harry’s attention. 

“And your love? How is he? Have you spoken to him?”

Blaise stilled and Harry lifted his head.

“Once.” Blaise cleared his throat, “We spoke once, I wasn’t prepared however and... “ 

“Darling it’s alright. Have faith, it will all work out as it’s meant to. Now, why don’t you go wash up before dinner, hmm? We’re having your favourite.”

Harry looked up to see Blaise smiling gratefully at his mother before he reached down to lift Harry and carry him to his room. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Dinner was an interesting affair, Carla Zabini had commissioned a special chair for Harry, well Raiden, to sit in. 

Carla was telling Blaise of what had been keeping her busy these past few months. Mainly some obscure research into kitsune's for him. She seemed to have a lot of contacts all over the world from the way she spoke. 

"- and then of course, Marcus - that dull friend of Miguel's? You remember him?”

“Number six, yes,” Blaise nodded.

“Well, he pointed me towards Aiko Takahashi. Now, he was certainly worth getting to know. He gave me some very interesting cuttings as well as some transcripts I'm sure you'll be interested in reading, mio caro." 

"And what did that cost you?” Blaise asked. 

Carla raised an eyebrow in Blaise’ direction. 

“Alright,” Blaise asked, with a little laugh, “What did it cost him?”

Carla smiled and Harry decided then and there that he would never get onto the wrong side of Carla Zabini. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


The days passed pleasantly for Harry and Blaise, and more often than not they could be found out in the large garden practising with the Potter Grimoire. Whenever they weren’t lazing about on one of the many hammocks and napping in the soft midday sun that is. Though the weather was cooling, it wasn’t yet snowing wherever it was they were.

“Alright,” said Blaise as he studied one of the pages while Harry stretched lazily, “it says here you can literally breathe fire if you wanted to. Do you want to try? That could be very cool.” 

Harry stood, stretching his back leg out before nodding and making his way over to the book to peer at the passage Blaise was pointing at. They had already worked this morning on being able to control his little lanterns easier, Blaise had even been able to juggle with them at one point. They had also found that with a little thought and effort, Harry could set them spinning around him to deflect any incoming attacks. Blaise had started with small projectiles; such as sticks and a few stones until Harry had pressured him into shooting stinging jinxes at him. 

Now, after a post-lunch nap, they were going to work on some more kitsune based powers. Harry was almost certain that if he had powers Voldemort ‘knew not’ than these would have to be it. Wouldn’t they?

He propped his front paws on Blaise’ knee so he could read better. He remembered this passage from his last night at Hogwarts. The drawing of the building-sized kitsune breathing a fiery tornado was not an image you soon forget. Harry wondered which of his ancestors it was. 

“It says to feel the fire in your belly, to breath in deeply. Every breath is supposed to feed it. To fan it. Can you do that?” 

Harry tilted his head to the side as he looked the page over once more. Meeting Blaise’s gaze he shrugged and moved to a clear area. Making sure to face away from anything potentially flammable. 

Taking a deep breath in, he closed his eyes and began to focus on the feeling of warmth inside his body. Blaise’ voice was a soothing mantra in the background as he guided Harry to keep breathing deeper, to let his breaths fan the fire building in his stomach. Harry felt himself sink into a lowered pose. His weight settling in his shoulders as he sank. The heat in his stomach built, it burned it’s way up and he opened his eyes and his mouth to let the fire roar out of him…

Only to cough and sputter on smoke. 

He heard Blaise cough delicately behind him, but when he turned to look he only wore an encouraging smile. 

Turning back, Harry tried again. Taking a few extra breaths this time he lifted himself up to push some extra force through his body and…


Growling in frustration he tried again, and again until finally - nearly a half an hour later - he produced sparks. He was so surprised, however, by the sudden licks of tiny flames that he launched himself backward and tumbled head over butt into Blaise’ lap. 

This time, Blaise was unable to hide his smile in time and Harry growled at him, petulant and shamed that he hadn’t been able to achieve anything shown in the book.  

“I think it’s time for a break anyway. We are supposed to be meeting Theo in town soon.” 

Grumbling Harry made to get out of the circle of Blaise’ legs but Blaise scooped him up and lay down with him in the grass. Placing Harry on top of his chest in their usual fashion. 

“Don’t be too disappointed you didn’t get it right away, you’re still a young kitsune, I think - we never have been able to work out how old you are - and this looks like it could be pretty advanced magic. You’ll get the hang of it one day I’m sure.” 

Harry huffed and set his head down on his paws, tails swishing in annoyance. A Patronus was advanced magic too and yet he had managed that in his third year. 

Only after a little time and the certainty that you could do it, thanks to a time turner, a traitorous part of his mind said. He huffed again, annoyed with himself. 

Blaise laughed at him, “Come on, I’ll buy you something pretty to make you feel better alright?”

Grumbling, Harry flipped his tails in reluctant agreement. He didn’t see how shopping was supposed to make him feel better but, he did agree that a break might be a good thing. Chuckling still, Blaise stood and went inside to find his mother. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


“Theo!” Blaise called, “Over here!” 

Harry watched as their friend turned from where he stood on the steps to the local Gringotts branch. He hadn’t ever thought Gringotts had more than one branch but he supposed it was rather silly of him not to realise that would be the case though. Carla had dropped them in the main shopping district - knowing they would be safe with Theo’s father. She planned to meet back with them. She had gifts to collect, she had told them with a wink. 

“Blaise! Raiden!” Theo greeted happily as they approached. “Father, this is Raiden, Blaise’s familiar that I told you about.” 

Harry looked up at the imposing man and swallowed, he was very tall. Theo’s father leant over to peer down at him and Harry held his head high. He felt conflicted, he knew this man was a Death Eater. Knew he had been present in the graveyard two years ago and yet… Theo said he was kind and Blaise had said he had been coerced and threatened into the position. 

“He certainly is a scrap of a thing isn’t he?” Theo’s father asked his hand reaching out to ruffle Harry’s head. “With fur as slovenly as an unkempt puffskein.”

Harry could practically feel Blaise’s grimace as he said, “I’m working on it, sir. So far it has resisted all of my attempts to tame it.” 

Theo’s father chuckled, “So it would seem! Come on, then, let’s get our business with Gringotts out the way and then you two lads can start shopping.”

As they entered the establishment, Harry was instantly aware of the hush that came over the goblins and how they seemed to fixate on him. He watched as one goblin went running off through a guarded door and he wondered what kind of trouble he had gotten himself into now. Did the goblin race have something against kitsune?

Blaise seemed to notice something was amiss as well, as he lowered Harry into his sling and let his arms dangle casually at his sides. 

“Blaise?” asked Theo softly, “What’s going on?”

Before Blaise could answer however, they were approached by a scowling elder goblin. 

“Mr Zabini, if you would please follow me?” 

“Not until you guarantee his safety, I’m afraid,” said Theo’s father smoothly. 

Harry craned his head back to see he had stepped up behind Blaise and placed his hand on his shoulder. 

“It is not his safety he should be concerned about Lord Nott,” hissed the goblin.

“Ah, but it is mine. Guarantee he will be in the same condition when he leaves, or you will be answering to more than just me.” 

Harry stared up at him. Had he just threatened the goblins with Voldemort? For Blaise Zabini and his familiar - Harry Potter? If he could have, Harry would have laughed. 

The goblin sneered and after a moment finally answered, “His safety is guaranteed-” 

Nott nodded and they fell in line behind the goblin as he led them down a hallway and into a large room. Harry’s heart started to pound and he began to scrabble in the sling, the room was full of armed goblins and Blaise and the two Notts were walking straight into it! 

Blaise’ hand came down to soothe him but Harry ignored him, trying in vain to jump out from the sling. But it was too late they were through the door and surrounded. 

“-should he leave,” the goblin jeered as the door clanged shut behind them. 

There was a shimmer in the air and Harry felt Blaise’ tension rise as he froze in place. Had he not seen the goblin warriors before? 

“Hand over the kitsune, and you will be free to go,” demanded a new goblin.

He stood tall and proud. Taller than any goblin Harry had ever seen, he stood as tall as any man. His armour polished to its brightest shine with a spear in one hand and a battleaxe in the other. His face hidden behind a pointed helmet. He looked like a leader, a general of some kind. 

A roar sounded around them and the goblin warriors clanged their weapons against their shields. 

“What right do you have to make this demand of me?” Blaise sneered right back. 

“The Interdependency Accord of 1208.”

The What? Harry thought in bewilderment. 

“You will free the kitsune from whatever enslavement you have placed upon it, leave it with us and you will be free to go.”

“He’s not under any enslavement! I’m not going to just hand him over to you!” Blaise retorted. 

“Blaise, this Interdependency thing,” Theo muttered quietly, “It’s between sentient creature nations, I don’t know what’s in it, I don’t think any wizard does. But it’s real, and we’re on goblin sovereign soil at the moment.” 

Harry frowned, he wasn’t about to let some stupid law no-one knew about seperate him from Blaise. Quickly, he leapt out of the bag and onto the floor. Ignoring Blaise when he called his name, Harry stepped forward. His fox fires springing to life around him to circle himself and Blaise. He planted himself firmly in front of Blaise and glared up the goblin leader. 

If you even dare try and take me from him you will regret it! He barked out. 

The goblins all paused as their leader knelt in front of Harry. 

“You are with him of your own free will?”

Of course I am you nitwit! 

There was a gasp from the collective goblins and Harry thought belatedly that perhaps he shouldn’t have called the most ferocious looking goblin he had ever seen, a nitwit. 

The goblin in front of him laughed and threw his axe to the ground as he stood. The other goblins following suit and sheathing their weapons. Harry was not yet so convinced and he remained in his position, fires still spinning idly around him and his Slytherin. 

“You will have to forgive us,” the goblin said, as he drew his helmet from his head. “It has been centuries since one of your kind has been seen so openly in human companionship. We assumed you had been enslaved like the days of old. We only meant to offer you our aid as agreed.” 

Harry’s jaw dropped, and the shocked gasps he heard from behind him were of no surprise, as the being in front of them was no ordinary goblin. He looked like a man. His hair ash-blond and teased to great heights. His looks were androgynous and ethereal. The spear in his hand twirled and reshaped itself into crystal-topped sceptre, his armour respun into bejewelled robes, pants sinfully - cringingly - tight. 

The goblin that had led them into this chamber came forward to stand in front of the man. 

“My I present, our leader, Jareth Gringott, King of the Goblins, Master of the Labyrinth, Ruler of the Underground.”

Harry heard a sharp intake of breath that sounded as if it belonged to Theo as a throne appeared behind the Goblin King and he sank down to slouch in it. His chin on his hand as he watched Harry with keen interest. 

“So, little kitsune, tell me. What is your story? Tell me, why this… human.” 

The King’s eyes flicked up to view Blaise with disdain before they settled on Harry again. 

Harry was beginning to wonder, between the centaurs and now the goblins, if he really were simply a creature. Was this how he would be viewed now? Was this why the Potter’s had hidden their lineage so thoroughly? The contempt the wizarding world held for creatures seemed to be replicated right back from the creatures themselves. Would he be fated to hold the same views? Would people see him as nothing more than a creature now? 

Would Blaise?

No. Harry shook himself. No, Blaise wouldn’t, he was fairly sure. Even if Blaise never forgave him for posing as his familiar, Blaise wouldn’t think less of him for being what he was. Of that, Harry felt certain. And who was this king to look down on humans so much when he was one himself?

You’re human, he snarled out and there was a bristling reaction from around the room. 

“On the outside perhaps. The things we do for love,” The Goblin King said, exasperation hinting in his tone.

So what? You hate that you had to change for the one you love? Harry asked.

King Jareth swung forward, his feet landing on the floor as his eyes bored into Harry’s, “You know nothing of what you speak!”

Yeah- well- neither do you! Harry yapped back, his lips pulling up into a silent snarl as his frustration leaked through. He hated convoluted conversations where every sentence meant more than one thing.

He looked down thoughtfully at Harry and the others, his brow knitting together pensively. 

“You’re young,” he said at last, leaning back against his throne. “You will learn, love is nothing more than temporary insanity. I will be here when your world falls down. I’ll be the one who tells you so, little magic user .”

Harry froze at the implication, that this King knew what he really was, and Jareth’s eyes gleamed with victory. 

“So?” he purred.

Harry thought over his options frantically, before finally settling on the truth. 

I’m stuck. 

The King’s mouth pursed and suddenly he was laughing, The goblins surrounding him laughing joining in. 

“Oh, I do like a joke, but tell us the real reason. Come now, you’re among friends.” His sharp grin did nothing to reassure Harry of the fact.

It’s the truth , Harry gritted out, his hackles raising, trying to dissolve the goblins laughter. 

“Your highness,” came Theo’s voice and Harry turned to see him step forward, “whatever it is that Raiden’s told you, it’s most certainly not a joke. He cares deeply for Blaise, and I can say as someone impartial to the relationship that Blaise cares as much - if not more - for Raiden. Ever since he found him, they’ve been inseparable.”

Jareth’s gaze fixated on Theo and he raised his eyebrow, as if surprised at the wizard’s audacity. 

A goblin guard stepped forward, spear jabbing toward Theo. Theo’s father lunged forward, putting himself in the way, upper lip lifted in a sneer.

Harry reacted quickly, pushing at his fires to include Theo and his father within his protections. 

Looking back to the goblin king, Harry replied again, I’m- I’m an orphan and I don’t know how to change back.” ‌‌

Jareth leant back in throne, smile in place as conjured two glass balls and began to spin them in his hand. “When we recognise the soul within us, we become ourselves.” 

Harry cocked his head, what kind of convoluted fuckery was that supposed to mean?

“Your highness,” came Blaise’ voice, “As Raiden has no doubt told you, I have not enslaved him, are we free to go?” 

Jareth looked up at Blaise, but his words were for Harry, “perhaps I can see a little of what you do. There is something…” 

The centaurs called him my Synkardias, Harry said, hoping to glean some answers and lay a claim, but Jareth only snorted. 

“The centaurs are foolish, sentimental fools. The stars do not hold all the answers.” 

Harry snorted, and what, your balls do?

Jareth smirked and threw one of the balls at Harry. It bounced toward him before rolling to a stop and Harry peered into it. His eyes widening as he saw images of himself and Blaise entwined around each other. Some were of him as he was now. Others… had him in his human form and still another showed him caught between his two states. 


Harry/Blaise - hammock

Harry & Blaise - sexy


Harry sent one of his fires at the ball when he heard Blaise step up behind him. There was no need for anyone to see that!

The King laughed, “perhaps in this case, the centaurs are right. They are occasionally.” 

Enough of your riddles and tricks! Are you going to help me, or can we leave?! Harry growled. 

“I can’t help you.” Jareth replied, “only you can help yourself. That said, if there is anything else I can do for you?”

Harry considered this for a moment and sat down, he held a paw over his mouth.

“You will have my secrecy.”

He then projected an image of a scroll with the numbers, 1208, he wanted to read the damn thing if it held information pertaining to him and his relations with our creatures. 

Jareth nodded and snapped his fingers at one of the goblins standing nearby. They quickly left the room, returning moments later with what Harry assumed was the Accords. The goblin approached Blaise, handing him the parchment scroll as Jareth spoke again. 

“You will not be able to open this, human. It is intended only for the kitsune.” 

Harry looked up to see Blaise nod and tuck the scroll into his bag. 

Jareth’s attention returned to Harry and his expression seemed to soften for a moment. “It was a privilege to meet you, young one. Perhaps we can meet again? Under less stressful circumstances.”

Harry considered this, it could be handy to know such an important figure, and really the conversation hadn’t gone badly at all. Apart from the damn riddles. He nodded. 

Jareth inclined his head in return before calling for a goblin, “Wrocs!” he called, “show these people out. Ensure they have what they need.”

With that, the Goblin King nodded once in Harry’s direction and then faded from sight.

A voice echoed from around the room, “Remember all I have said, young one.”

Harry turned around and quickly covered the small space between him and Blaise, leaping up into his arms when he was close enough. Blaise hugged him tightly and Harry tried his very best to burrow into his neck. Merlin that had been nerve-wracking.

Harry could feel how tense Blaise was beneath him, his body taught and trembling faintly. 

The other goblins began to march from the room and their original guide came toward them, three scrolls of parchment in his hand. 

“You will each sign one of these,” he said, “it is a binding enchantment that says you will never speak of his highness's likeness outside of your present company.” 

Blaise, Theo, and his father quickly signed and they were escorted out of Gringotts, all four with a bag of gold for their trouble. 

“Well,” said Theo’s father, “I don’t know about you boys, but I could use a stiff drink and something sweet to eat.” 

Blaise and Theo fervently agreed and Theo’s father led them toward a nearby establishment. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Later that afternoon, after Harry and Blaise had returned to the manor, Harry was watching as Blaise put away the few things he had purchased after their exciting experience in Gringotts. 

They were now seated in the window seat of Blaise’s room and Harry had the distinct impression Blaise was collecting his thoughts. 

“So,” Blaise said after a long moment, “Do you want to tell me what in Merlin’s name that was all about?”

Guessing that he was talking about their time with the Goblin King and not that Harry had snuck a few packets of sugar quills into Blaise’s shopping cart, he sighed and pondered what exactly to say about the situation. 

Using his illusions, Harry showed a scene containing the Goblin King and himself, question marks over his own head.

“You asked some questions?” Blaise guessed.

Harry shook his head.

“For help?”

Harry yipped softly. Showing yet more images. 

“The king only gave you riddles? You don’t know what he meant?”

Harry shook his head and huffed in exasperation. 

“Do you think it’s likely this will happen every time we go to the bank ?”

Harry snorted and shook his head. 

Blaise sighed and reached forward to scratch Harry behind the ears, “alright then.” 

They sat for a moment, Blaise gently petting Harry as they soaked up the quiet company of each other. 

Eventually, Blaise pulled back, “Mother wanted some help this afternoon with the tree, we should head down.” 

Harry nodded and stood up to stretch before hopping down to follow Blaise down the stairs. They spent the rest of the afternoon helping Carla decorate the manor for the holidays. Harry had quite a bit of fun putting his levitation charms to use while hanging decorations on the tree. 


harry decorating a tree


When he finally fell into bed with Blaise, he had thought he would be too exhausted to do anything but sleep, but his mind now freed from menial tasks whirred over his earlier conversation with Jareth, the Goblin King. 

He couldn’t stop thinking about the images he had seen in the crystal balls Jareth had conjured. And the words Jareth ahd said about love would not stop running through his mind. They all seemed to lead toward one startling conclusion and Harry wasn’t sure that it could be true. Could it?

Could he really be in love with Blaise?

Chapter Text

Harry woke early on Christmas morning to a tapping sound. Yawning, he stretched and looked around when it came again. 

Tap, tap, tap. 

Realising where it came from, he looked to the window to see Hedwig sitting on the sill. He looked to where Blaise was still sleeping, face soft and peaceful in the early morning light. The strange warm feeling he had been feeling the past few days was rising in his chest again. Shaking it off, he charmed the window open to admit his owl. 

Hedwig fluttered in, landing on Blaise’s bedside table and Harry moved from his position beneath Blaise’s arm and the covers to nudge under his chin. Gently waking Blaise from his slumber. 

Blaise rolled onto his back, softly mumbling under his breath as he stretched. 


Harry barked softly and nudged at Blaise again, drawing his attention to their visitor. 

Blaise turned to his side and froze. Body rigid, as he looked at Harry’s friend. 

Frowning to himself when Blaise remained Harry nudged him again. It was like he had never seen an owl in his bedroom before. He nudged Blaise again and it seemed to bring him out of his frozen state, if not the stupor he had fallen into.

Blaise reached for Hedwig hesitantly, fingers clumsily untying the ribbon around her leg and Harry wondered if perhaps Blaise was coming down with something. He had never displayed such actions before. Blaise was always composed when receiving his mail, almost always composed his everyday life. The only time Harry had seen him like this was after he had been studying in the library with Neville.

Slowly, Blaise took the offered gifts from Hedwig’s leg and he quickly swung out of bed to fetch some treats for her. When he returned to the bed, he spoke in a husky, broken sort of voice. 

“Did- Were- Are you needing a reply?” 

Hedwig shook herself, feathers fluttering and lying still. She came forward to preen Harry’s hair and he let her. Used to the action after so many years before she made her way to the window and swooped out across the grounds. 

Blaise watched Hedwig leave before returning his attention to the parcel in his lap. Harry pressed against his side, sensing that Blaise was in some sort of upheaval. Though he did not understand what exactly had upset Blaise so much, Hedwig was no threat after all… she had brought presents. That was a good thing right?

Harry nudged at the packaging, trying to engage Blaise’s absent attention.

“Hm? Oh, right. We should open it, huh?”

Harry yipped and Blaise pulled slowly at the string that kept the parcel together. 

 It fell open to reveal a letter alongside a ribbon strewn with butterbeer corks, and a hunk of weird blue stone. 

Harry cocked his head. Luna’s gifts often needing explaining, and while he knew what the butterbeer corks were for. The stone needed some explanation. He looked up at Blaise’s face and almost snorted at the confused expression he wore. 

Seemingly, Blaise too needed an explanation for Luna’s gifts. 

Taking the corner of the letter gently between his teeth, Harry tugged it to gain Blaise’s yet again stagnated attention. 

Numbly, Blaise took the letter from Harry and opened it, murmuring softly to Harry as he read it. 


Dearest Raiden and Blaise, 

I hope that the azurite and butterbeer corks serve you well. I know what it is like to be infested with Nargles and it is my hope these will leave you with a clear mind and conscious thoughts. 

My love and well wishes to you both, 


Luna Lovegood. 


Harry furrowed his brow, how was it that Luna knew what he was going through even so far away? Wondering what Blaise thought of her gift, he turned to see what he thought. Only to see Blaise’s brow furrowed in confusion as he read over the letter a second time. 

“Lovegood?” Blaise said, as if to himself, “this is from Lovegood?” 

Harry whuffed softly and Blaise looked to him. Sighing softly as something dawned over his features. 

“These are for you aren’t they? You’re Lovegood’s friend. Potter is her friend. He likely doesn’t have many people to send gifts to this year so he let her use his owl. My hopes were up for nothing.”

Harry frowned as Blaise set Luna’s gifts aside roughly and stalked toward the bathroom. Frowning after him, Harry wondered what it was that had gotten Blaise so upset. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Blaise was still in a somewhat distant mood as they headed downstairs. Harry had submitted to a thorough brushing and grooming session in the hopes it might clear Blaise of his agitated state. He had tried what he could, cuddling up to him, nuzzling his neck. Nipping at his fingers. Blaise had borne it all with a wistful smile and an absent gaze.

Harry was determined to right the funk Blaise had woken up to. Even if he had no idea what it was about. 

They bypassed the dining room and headed instead for the living room that they utilised most everyday. Harry knew the tree filled one corner and he figured the Zabini’s, like most people, opened their presents before breakfast. 

They entered the room and Blaise curled up on the lounge closest the fire. The logs immediately caught fire and Harry shifted to curl into the space in front of Blaise. Unsure how to pull Blaise out of this melancholy mood he seemed to be caught in, Harry merely allowed himself to be swept into the moment. He lay quietly as Blaise pulled his fingers through his coat and twisted his tails through his fingers. Eventually, as the dawn brightened the sky, Carla entered. 

“Happy Christmas,il mio amore’s!” she cried as she swept into the room. 

Harry was glad for her presence as she immediately seemed to sense the melancholy that had entered Blaise and strove to pull him out of it. 

Within moments, Blaise was sitting upright against his mother, hugging her and sounding quite present as he wished her a Happy Christmas. 

“And Buon Natale to you as well, my darling. Now tell me, what has you in such a mood already? You haven’t opened any presents so it could not have been anything Grandmother Corinna gave you.”

Blaise tried to smile and huffed without amusement, “It’s nothing, mama. Come, we have gifts to unwrap.” ‘

Blaise reached for his wand, but Carla’s hand stayed any spells he might cast. 

“Darling, talk to me.”

Blaise sighed and let his wand fall, “Mother…”

“Blaise,” she replied, her tone growing firm. 

He sighed again and pulled Harry into his lap. Wanting to find out what troubled Blaise so and to give him what strength he could, Harry leapt easily into his arms and thrust his nose into Blaise’s neck. 

He felt Blaise’ hand in his ruff, fingers massaging gently behind his ears as Blaise searched for the words he wanted to say. 

“I received an owl this morning… I thought it might be- But it wasn’t. It was merely a mutual friend of Raiden’s.”

“I see,” said Carla softly, and Harry felt her draw Blaise into her arms. “You know already there is nothing to be done for it. You had planned not to do anything until at least school and this… unfortunate circumstance was behind you.”

Blaise snorted and Harry watched with some amusement as Carla cuffed him lightly behind the ear. 

“Love happens according to our destinies, my darling. I do believe that fate will bring you together one day.”

Blaise smiled at his mother and hugged her tightly. Suddenly, Harry felt far too much like a voyeur for this intimate moment between mother and son. Wiggling out of his position on the couch, he jumped down and headed toward the tree. Nosing amongst the presents and pushing them out to be within reach. 

He stuck his head out from under the tree when he heard Blaise’s quiet laugh. 

“I think perhaps Raiden has the right idea, Mother. Let’s open our gifts shall we?” 

Blaise stood and Harry smiled to himself when he saw Blaise offer his mum a gallant bow, extending his arm to her to help her off the couch and settle her on a cushion near the tree. Blaise plucked one of the gifts Harry had already brought out and handed it to his mum, Harry came out to sit next to Blaise, tails curling around his feet as he watched them open their gifts to each other. Blaise had gotten his mum a lovely collection of scarves and expensive perfumes. While he himself received beautiful cloaks and a fine set of gloves. 

Soon, Blaise turned to Harry, a gift in his hands. “Now, you don’t think we’d forgotten about you do you, my tesoro?” 

Harry felt a warm flutter roll through him as Blaise placed the gift in front of him.

“This is from mother.” 

Harry looked to Carla Zabini, surprised that the woman had thought of him. He had of course gotten his own gift for her, but somehow it had not occurred to him that she would think of him. 

Delicately, he pulled at the ribbon that held the present together. The paper fell away as he did so, evidently not stuck down to make it easier for him. He cocked his head at the carry case of potions. 

“I’ve been working on these since Blaise wrote to me about the... unrulyness… of your fur, sweet Raiden. I’m sure something here will tame it for you.” 

Harry snorted softly. Amused at how concerned they seemed with making him presentable. Granted he had never really tried to do anything about his hair, but he always assumed it to be a lost cause. The few photos he had of his father only furthered his belief. Because if his mother hadn’t been able to tame it for their wedding day, what hope was there? Blaise had tried the potion Snape had given him already and while it had made a mild difference, it clearly wasn’t as much as what Blaise had been hoping. What he assumed his mother had hoped when she had begun her endeavour.

Still, he chuffed his thanks in her direction and snuck under the tree to retrieve the gift he had gotten for her. He placed it in front of her and accepted the pat she offered in thanks. Her fingers gently curling behind his ear. 

“When did you-” Blaise began, “Is this what you were off doing with Theo the other day?” 

Harry yipped, pleased that he had managed to surprise Blaise. Honestly, he hadn’t thought he had managed to do so. He stuck his nose in the air and offered Blaise a little toothy smile, only to receive a snort of amusement in return. 

He nudged the gift toward Carla again and she opened it to reveal a delicate silver bracelet. It contained just the one clear stone, but Harry had learned how to push his fires into it. There was a process described in his Grimoire, in a section about protective powers inherit to Kitsune. He figured with her… hobby, it certainly couldn’t go awry. And he knew Blaise worried for her. 

Her hand flew to her mouth as she lifted the lid, and she gasped at what it contained. She quickly offered it to Blaise who obliged by placing it on her wrist. 

Harry was taken completely by surprise when she suddenly swept him up into her arms. Hugging him tightly as she pressed kisses to his head, uttering her thanks and compliments about it’s beauty as she did so. Unused to such attention, Harry squirmed in her hold until he managed to wrest himself from her hold. 

He snorted as he landed back on the floor. 

“Sweetheart, look! It’s so beautiful!” she cried. 

“It certainly is, Mother,” Blaise agreed, arching an eyebrow in Harry’s direction. “Raiden seems to have good taste.”

Harry huffed and headed back under the tree, emerging with another gift in his mouth. He trotted over to Blaise and held it out for him. He hoped Blaise would like it, he had done a little snooping and seen Blaise didn’t own anything quite like this. Harry had initially shied away from buying anything for Blaise in the same store as the gift he had gotten for Carla. It had made his unexamined feelings for Blaise twist in his chest. That was until he had spied a particular cabinet behind the counter. 

“For me?” Blaise asked, and Harry nodded, the gift swaying a little in his mouth. 




Gently, Blaise reached for the green and silver packaged gift. His deft fingers slid under the paper edges, lifting the light sticking charm Harry had used, only to reveal an object wrapped in white tissue paper. Harry watched in trepidation as Blaise unwrapped the paper revealing the ornate wand guard. 

The brown leather was ornately made. White jewels had bestrewn it so that at first glance it looked more showy than useful, but Harry had imbued those stones as well and he would show Blaise later the spells he had used. The jewels now shone with a blue shimmer achieved only from his fires. Upon close examination, you could see them flicker underneath the surface. 


wand bracer


“Raiden,” Blaise whispered, his voice hushed with awe. “This is beautiful… and- I can feel you in this. Your magic…” He looked at Harry questioningly.

Harry dipped his head for an answer. Reverently, Blaise set the wand guard aside and gathered Harry into his arms. Instead of fighting the hold as he had done with Blaise’s mother, Harry sank into Blaise. Burrowing his nose into the crook of Blaise’s neck and sighing with contentment. 

Blaise liked his gift. 

Eventually, Blaise pulled back and summoned a box from beneath the tree. It was a flat, square box. Covered in black velvet, it had the name Raiden , engraved in the front. Harry couldn’t think what it might contain. 

Blaise set the gift on his lap but he didn’t take his hand off it as he took a deep breath. Harry looked up at him, brow furrowing as he realised Blaise was nervous . About what, he couldn’t guess. Why would Blaise be nervous about a gift?

“Raiden, I- I ordered this weeks ago. Before we had that run in at the bank…” Harry felt his confusion rise, what did that have to do with anything? “I didn’t think what it might mean to you… That it- well, I don’t want to- to own you. I don’t want to think yourself kept or trapped by this… If you don’t like it, I promise I won’t be offended. And I’ll get you anything you like…”

Still having no idea about what Blaise was going on about, Harry put his paw atop Blaise’s hand. Nudging it aside a moment later. Whatever it was, Harry knew Blaise hadn’t gotten him something Dark or bad. 

Blaise took a deep breath and slowly he opened the case, the hinges stiff enough that Harry had to hold down the bottom to help open it. The lid slowly came up to reveal a delicate golden pendant, bestrewn with emeralds. Harry stared at it for a  long moment, it was gorgeous. Whatever it was. His eyes roved over it before he noted that it took up only a small amount of space inside the box. His eyes focused quickly and he soon noticed the long loop of leather and the golden clasp at the top of the box. A necklace, he decided. Before realisation dawned on him a second later. 

A collar. 




What he was looking at was a collar. 

He looked up at Blaise, startled, before his gaze was quickly drawn back to the object at paw. He could feel the anxiousness rising in Blaise and he now understood his earlier rambling. The goblins had been mad at Blaise for capturing him, for enslaving him. Blaise thought this would be a symbol of that. 

He didn’t know the desperation that had suddenly filled Harry when he realised what it was. What it symbolised. That he could belong to someone. That by wearing it, it showed there was someone who wanted him. Wanted him for just being him. For no other reason than that they loved him. 

Needing to put Blaise’ mind at ease. Harry yipped and stood, his tails waving with happiness. He nudged at the box and at Blaise’s hand, before projecting an image of himself wearing the collar. 

Blaise let out a relieved sigh, “You like it then?”

Harry yipped again and nodded. Nudging his hand again. Blaise chuckled. 

“Alright, alright.” 

He reached into the box and drew out the collar. The green gems glinted in the light as Blaise turned it over in his hands. He opened the clasp but before Harry could move Blaise had turned it so Harry could see the inside. 

“I had it enchanted,” he said, pointing at some runes, “it should grow and shrink with you. I didn’t want it to choke you, or hinder you from doing that.” 

Harry nodded his understanding, but stopped Blaise from moving when he noticed an inscription on the other side. He leant in, nose almost pressing against the leather as he read the words. 

Love you always, my tesoro, Blaise x

Harry looked up at Blaise. His heart doing a funny clenching thing in his chest. Blaise just smiled at him, his gaze open and full of love as he smiled at Harry. 

Harry sat up straight, chin lifted high so Blaise could easily fix the collar around his neck. He spent the rest of the morning curled in Blaise’s arms or lap. Refusing to do anything but bask in the warmth and love he was so freely offered.

The only thing to spoil the morning was the niggling feeling of guilt that Blaise didn’t know who he truly was. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


After opening the remaining gifts from their family and friends, and eating breakfast, Blaise had penned a letter to both Theo and Draco, complaining of their joint gift. A picture snapped of him and Harry curled in bed together, one lazy weekend morning. Blaise had been curled on his side, one arm flung over Harry who lay on his back, head tucked up under Blaise’s chin, front feet and tails curled around Blaise’s arm. 

The good natured complaint was made more amusing by the fact the photoframe now stood pride of place on Blaise’s bedside table. 

Blaise had spent nearly an hour after that writing long thank you notes to family members for their gifts. Harry had lain atop his desk occasionally biting at Blaise’s quill when the frown on his face threatened to become to deep. The rest of the day had been spent reading in the library next to the roaring fire, Carla with a book whose cover depicted a busty woman and a topless man in a sort of swooning embrace and Blaise had the transcripts his mother had managed to procure. 

Reminded of his own thing he wanted to research, Harry had gone searching through the extensive library the Zabini’s kept. He had wandered the aisles, occasionally floating himself to read the titles, until he found the row of books he had been looking for. Delicately, he extracted the book and took it back to the sitting area. Blaise arched a questioning eyebrow at him when he saw the cover but Harry merely shrugged and hopped onto the couch, leaning the book against Blaise’s thigh so he might read comfortably. 

It took much of the afternoon, and many turns back and forth of the pages, but Harry was eventually able to use the book about the Greek language to decipher the word Bane had used in regard to him and Blaise.  

Synkardias: hearts in synchrony.

Harry closed the book as he pondered what it meant. Did it mean… soulmates? That seemed to be what Bane had alluded to, when he talked of Harry’s ‘kind’ attaching themselves to humans. Now that he thought about it, it seemed a little like the Veela myth - of which Fleur had assured Harry was a falsehood. Or did their hearts literally beat at the same time? What would be the purpose of that? But then there was what Luna had said too. About Blaise being Harry’s chosen - whatever that meant. She had made it seem like soulmates could be real. And if they were real… Did that-?

He had tried not to let his thoughts dwell too much on the question that had been haunting him since he had met the Goblin King. But he found now, that he perhaps couldn’t escape it. 

He looked up at Blaise, studied him as intently as Blaise was studying the sheets of parchment in his hands. 

Blaise’s warm eyes always seemed to stir emotion in him. Emotions Harry wasn’t used to feeling, emotions with a depth he couldn’t fathom or name. Swallowing hard, Harry poked at that ball of something in his chest, approaching it with a Hermione-like quality he tried to examine it. It was all about Blaise, he thought. This warmth, this dual feeling of neediness and contentment. Harry was loathe to pull himself from Blaise’s side. Sure that if he were to do so, he would miss him terribly, like a limb or something equally as important. 

He thought back to all his outings with Luna, how he had always looked around for Blaise, as if expecting him to be there. Finding himself irrationally disappointed when he wasn’t. He thought of his favourite moments with Blaise, and they were all seemingly mundane moments. Bathing, napping, sitting quietly together by far, Blaise’s long clever fingers working through his coat or twining around his tails. He compared this feeling to others he held for his friends. For Ron, Hermione, Luna, and though the first two were tinged with bitterness and sadness, they were not quite as strong as what he felt for Blaise. 

He recalled the feeling he felt for Sirius, the warm glow of feeling loved by his godfather, and that too while it filled him with warmth, paled to what he felt for Blaise. 

His heart began to pound a little faster, and he felt his eyes grow wide. This- He- He was in love with Blaise. 

As the realisation crashed over him, he wondered how he could be so daft? He wondered when it had happened? How long had he been feeling like this? He gave up after several moments of frantically trying to pinpoint exactly when. Ultimately deciding that it really didn’t matter, as it didn’t change the fact that he was in love with Blaise.

And Blaise was in love with someone else. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


When it came to dealing with feelings he didn’t know how to handle, Harry usually just shoved them away somewhere he didn’t have to think about them. It often left him broody and surly. And Blaise had noted his change in demeanour almost instantly. It certainly didn’t help Harry to forget about his realisation when Blaise doted on him so charmingly. So, Harry soon realised he was simply going to have to live with his feelings. 

Giving into them was easy once he decided too. He soaked up the attention Blaise gave him and it was easy to be affectionate with Blaise in this form. Harry would rub against him cat-like, lick at his cheek when Blaise pulled him in for a cuddle, or bat at his hands playfully. 

Knowing all the while he was likely only making it harder on himself. But the smiles and the soft looks Blaise gave him made it almost worth it. 

It had been two days since Christmas, and they were currently in a comfortable sitting room waiting for the arrival of Draco. Theo had just come through and he and Blaise were chatting about small pleasantries while Blaise used a golden-toothed comb to untangle the non-existent knots in Harry’s fur.

They all looked up when the floo whooshed to life. The green flames signalling an arrival. Harry stood and stretched, allowing Blaise to stand to be ready to greet Draco. They all froze, Theo and Blaise both halfway to standing when Draco stepped through and then all but collapsed on the ground. 

Draco’s friends rushed instantly to his side, Blaise calling out for his mother to help. Harry remained frozen as he watched Draco’s body spasm. He knew those twitches… He knew what caused those trembling jerks… His heart began to pound. He hadn’t even thought...

“Draco,” Theo said, his voice imploring and worried, “Draco, what’s wrong?” 

Draco pushed himself to his feet. Brushing away their concerned hands. 

“Nothing, nothing. I’m fine.”

“You are not.” Blaise snarled, “What’s happened? Are you ill? You’re never ill.”

“No, seriously. I’m fine, let’s get on with our visit shall we?”

Draco moved toward one of the couches but drew up short when his eyes landed on Harry. 

Harry became aware that he was growling now, the rumbling fury in his chest that someone had done this to Draco. In his own home. Where he should be safe. Where he wasn’t because… because…

It all fell into place. 

Voldemort was at Malfoy Manor. Harry snarled as his vision clouded. Voldemort was at Malfoy Manor. He felt his muscles roil beneath his fur. Skin prickling as energy picked up around him. Voldemort was at Malfoy Manor and he had held his friend under the cruciatus curse. 


angry raiden



Harry was barely aware of Blaise’s voice as it called out to him. It felt soft, distant, in the face of this sudden knowledge. Draco wasn’t safe. Harry couldn’t protect him. Again. He couldn’t protect those he cared for. He wasn’t smart enough, didn’t know enough. He couldn’t even free himself of this form he was trapped in. And what had he been doing? Just a few weeks ago he had vowed to study harder, but here he was lolling around playing at intimacy he couldn’t have. 

He felt useless and stupid all of a sudden. 


A sudden hand behind his ears and Blaise’s sharp voice pulled him out of his thoughts mid-growl and he realised he didn’t have to look up to meet Blaise’s worried gaze.  He had grown again in his anger. Unable to comfort Blaise right now, Harry stepped down from the couch and made his way toward Draco, absently noting that charge he had felt along his skin had disappeared. 

Draco stepped back hurriedly, but Harry didn’t let it deter him as he pushed his nose into Draco’s chest and shoved him back into the couch. Satisfied only when Draco was seated. He conjured blankets, despite the warmth of the room and covered Draco liberally with them. 

He turned when he heard someone enter the room, relaxing minutely when he saw it was Carla. He barked to make sure he had everyone’s attention and began to project a series of items they needed. 

“Chocolate, calming potion, muscle relaxant, and a… throat soother?” Theo asked.

Harry barked again and turned back to Draco. Doing his best to glare him into telling them what had happened to him. 

Draco tisked, turning his head away from Harry. “Mangy interfering mutt,” he muttered. 

Harry growled again. 

“Raiden,” said Blaise quietly, “What exactly is it you’re worried about?”

Harry moved into Draco’s line of sight again. Pressing forward till he was nose to nose with Draco. When he only received a glare in return he switched tactics, dropping his ears and softening his eyes, he whimpered, glancing at the others before looking back at Draco. 

Draco’s jaw tightened briefly and he pressed his lips together before releasing a gusty sigh. 

“Fine, you win. I’m suffering the after-effects of the cruciatus curse.”

Shocked gasps met his haughty statement and there was a sudden flurry of movement as everyone hastened to summon the things Harry had asked them for. Harry himself nodded at Draco before he moved away to let the others in to fuss. Watching them, Harry firmed his resolve. 

He was going to find a way to destroy Voldemort and he wouldn’t allow himself to become complacent again. 

He slipped away upstairs to pull his grimoire from where Blaise had hidden it in a secret compartment in the lid of his trunk. He spent the next few hours absorbed in reading whatever he could find in it that spoke about Dark Magic. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


It had been a few hours and though Harry’s anger had faded somewhat, his determination hadn’t. He had yet to stumble onto anything that would help him defeat Voldemort, but he had found something that might help his friends. 

The time he had spent in the Slytherin dorms had shown him that their families, at least their immediate families, did not want to follow Voldemort. They wanted their own lives. They had been forced into following one way or another and Harry would do what he could to help. 

He had just finished scribbling some notes - thank Merlin for Quick Quotes Quills - and he took the scroll in his mouth and began the trek across the manor back to Blaise and the others. 

“Raiden!” Blaise exclaimed as he stuck his head in the door, “there you are! Where have you been?”

Using his illusions, Harry showed Blaise that he had been reading as he came toward him. Shrinking down, Harry leapt up onto the couch and released the parchment when Blaise reached for it. Watching as Blaise unfurled it, a small frown creasing his brow. 

Hazel eyes flitted across the page and Blaise’s thoughtful gaze morphed into one of shock and surprise.

‘“What is it?” Theo asked. 

Blaise glanced up at his friends before returning his gaze to the parchment. Harry flipped his tails nervously as he watched Blaise reread the parchment before wordlessly handing it to his friends. 

Draco ripped it from Blaise’s hands in his eagerness to read what Harry had been working on and he and Theo huddled together as they scanned the page. 

Eventually, they both looked up, eyes wide as they settled on Harry. 

“Are- are you serious?” Draco asked numbly.

Chapter Text

Flicking his tail, Harry turned the page of his grimoire, glad that Blaise had charmed a fake cover onto it so he could continue reading it on the train. He wondered if Blaise had done it because Harry had been so engrossed in the tome ever since Draco’s attack. He had focused on little else - apart from training with the spells they found. 

They hadn’t been travelling for long when the door rattled open admitting Millicent to their number. Harry absently noted her placing her bag on the luggage racks before she took a seat beside Draco. 

“He’s still at it?” she asked, “Didn’t he spend all holidays reading?”

Harry heard Blaise sigh, but didn’t look up as he continued reading the paragraph he was on. 

“If he wasn’t reading, he was practising. He spent more time working these holidays than Vaisey did on those Quidditch maneuvers last year.” 

Millicent raised her eyebrows in surprise, “You’re kidding?”

Blaise made a noise of disagreement, “I wake up and he’s reading, I go to sleep and he’s reading.” 

Harry looked up at the faint worried edge to Blaise’s tone. He hadn’t meant to worry him. He stood up for a moment, shaking out his limbs before twining himself in Blaise’s lap. He pushed his nose into Blaise’s neck and snuffled there briefly to bring a smile to his face. 

“You’re working too hard, my tesoro, and I don’t even know what for… We’ve already perfected that spell as much as we can.”

There was a sudden snapping of fingers and they all looked to Draco, “Oh! That reminds me, Uncle Severus replied, he will see us after dinner at eight in his office.” 

“Oh, good,” replied Theo, “I should be able to write to father tomorrow then.”

Harry yipped to let Draco know he was pleased before jumping off Blaise’s lap to return to his grimoire. If they were able to set this in motion, he was going to need to come up with a real plan for Voldemort soon. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


The trolley witch had been and gone and Harry looked up curiously when he saw Blaise standing.

“Need the bathroom, Raiden?” 

Thinking for a moment, Harry nodded, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Blaise gathered him up into his arms and opened the door. 

“Hold up, I’ll come with you,” Draco said. 

Millicent snorted, “I thought it was only basic witches that went in groups to the bathroom?”

Harry and Theo both huffed in amusement, Theo quickly schooling his face when Draco sent a glare his way. 

“I’ll have you know I merely need to stretch my legs after having sat for so long.” Draco replied snottily. 

Millicent just shrugged and twinkled her fingers at him as they left. 

“I don’t know where Bulstrode gets off sometimes,” Draco muttered as they made their way down the corridor. “Honestly, why you kept inviting her over these holidays is beyond me.”

“You didn’t think she was so bad when she was helping you with that transfiguration essay.”

“I didn’t say she wasn’t useful ,” Draco shot back, ears pinking slightly. 

Harry snorted softly, sharing an amused look with Blaise. They both knew that Draco actually quite liked having Millicent amongst them. For all her rough exterior she had fit in amongst them quite easily. Providing levity and snark on a level that Draco in particular thoroughly enjoyed. The two had bantered and bickered all holidays.

They soon came to the bathrooms and Draco ducked into the only open compartment ahead of Blaise, who rolled his eyes good-naturedly at his friend. 

Upon Draco’s exit, Blaise shot a few cleaning spells into the stall and set Harry upon the seat before shutting the door to give him his privacy. Barking when he was done, Blaise then deposited him in Draco’s arms while he himself used the stall. 

Draco wandered down the corridor somewhat, listening at doors to see if there was anything worth overhearing. He paused at one door and Harry’s own ears perked up at the hitched breathing. Draco nudged open the door a crack, and Harry tried to peer inside discreetly but Draco had already thrown it open. 

“Weasley! Are you honest to Merlin crying ?”

Harry’s jaw dropped open and he suddenly bristled in anger toward Draco, really? Was he really going to tease Ron about this?

“Oh, fuck off, Malfoy.”

“I don’t think I shall, this is a rare sight indeed, whatever could have you so upset? You get hand-me-downs for Christmas again?”

Within the span of a second, Ron was up and inches away from Draco’s face. 

“Oh, boohoo, Weasley doesn’t have two galleons to rub together, sing a new fucking tune, Malfoy. You don’t know a bloody thing,” Ron growled, his face screwed up in anger, his eyes bloodshot from where he had been holding back tears.


“No! You know what? Yeah, I was crying, so bloody what? My best friend is dead. My other best friend isn’t talking to me and I don’t know how to help him. My father is in hospital because he was severely attacked and they don’t know if the treatments will work.” Ron was breathing heavily now, body trembling as he held himself back. 

“I’m sorry- I didn’t-”

Ron laughed harshly, “Oh fuck off, you’re sorry? You? Draco-fucking-Malfoy? The day you actually feel sorry for someone is the day the stars go out.” 

Draco was about to retort when Harry felt them pulled back. He glanced up to see Blaise’ impenetrable face. 

“I think that’s enough,” he said quietly, pulling Draco into the hall. 

“Too fucking right it is,” Ron shot back, “keep him away from me.”

The door slammed shut, hard enough to rattle the glass and Harry could feel Draco’s chest rising and falling. Blaise towed them along, ducking his head into various compartments before pushing Draco into an empty one. Harry felt Draco’s hands clenching and unclenching around his body as he tried to regain control of himself. 

For a long while, neither of them said anything until finally Blaise sat down on the bench opposite Draco. 

“How long have you liked Weasley?”

Harry’s jaw dropped open. How long had Draco what now?! He craned his neck around to look at Draco’s face. Surely Blaise was wrong - Draco didn’t...?

Draco was staring stonily at the ground. 

Oh, bloody hell. Harry thought, the voice in his head sounding eerily like Ron. 

“I don’t know,” Draco eventually mumbled. 

Harry was certain his eyes were about to pop out of his head, his mind was so boggled. 

Blaise hummed thoughtfully, “Maybe it’s time to stop pulling his pigtails?”

Draco snorted derisively, “Sure, maybe I’ll just start ignoring his existence instead and stare at him longingly across the Great Hall. That will make him notice me. Of course, why didn’t I think of it before?”


“Come on then, let’s hear from the all-knowing oracle on the subject.”

Harry watched as Blaise’s lips thinned. He knew it was a bad sign. Knew that Draco knew it too, but still Draco kept talking, his voice as cutting as a hex despite the way his hands shook around Harry’s ribcage.

“You can’t even talk to him, Blaise. Let alone look at him most of the time. You know he doesn’t even know you exist right? You’re just a snake to him. You can pretend all you like that you’re waiting for ‘the right time’ but really? You're just a bloody coward.”

Harry quickly gathered they were no longer talking about Ron when Blaise sucked in a harsh breath and Harry knew Draco had gone too far. He suspected Draco knew it too because Harry could hear him swallow suddenly.


“I’d like Raiden back now, thank you,” Blaise said, voice so cold as to be almost frozen as he stood up. 

Draco handed Harry over willingly, “Blaise- I-”

But Blaise was already gone, stalking out of the compartment back toward the one they shared with Millicent and Theo. Harry shifted in Blaise’s arms to put his paws on his collarbone. Licking his cheek gently to offer what comfort he could. Blaise sighed and cradled Harry’s head, rubbing their cheeks together as they re-entered their compartment. 

Draco followed them not long after but Blaise refused any attempt Draco made to speak with him. Instead engaging Millicent in a lengthy game of wizard’s chess. 

Eventually, they all silently changed into their school robes and headed for the carriages. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Dinner was an awkward affair. Blaise was still ignoring Draco who was now pouting mulishly as Millicent and Theo tried to drag either of them into conversation. Harry, who was still coming to terms with Draco’s apparent feelings for Ron, was rather quiet himself as he gently took food from Blaise’s fingers. 

Soon enough, they found themselves walking from the feast back toward their dormitories. Millicent left them with her customary goodbye and departed for the library citing the need to look something up to complete an essay.

Harry felt himself jolted in Blaise’s arms as he was jostled from behind.

“Oh! I’m so sorry! My robe…”

“It’s alright, Longbottom,” Blaise replied, “No harm done, again.” 

Neville laughed nervously, “I am sorry. Uh- good holiday?”

“Perfectly. Yourself?”

“Pretty good, all considering. Bet this one got spoiled, huh?” Neville asked a fond sort of smile on his face.

Harry whuffed an affirmative as Blaise replied in like. 

Neville chucked Harry  under the chin, “well, see you around, Zabini.”


Harry watched for a moment as Neville wandered off toward Gryffindor Tower before looking up at Blaise. Blaise was entirely unaffected by the encounter. He showed no signs of the distress he had after that time in the library. It really wasn’t Neville that Blaise was in love with. Which was odd, because the only other person that had been there was Luna…

“Come on, Blaise. We’d best get down to see Professor Snape if we want to be on time,” Theo called.

Harry’s train of thought was quickly derailed as he remembered what they were supposed to be doing tonight - and how important it was. 

Blaise quickly caught up to where Draco and Theo were standing and the three of them made their way to Professor Snape’s office where they were almost immediately admitted. 

Professor Snape directed them to the seating area he kept in front of the fireplace. 

“So what, pray tell, has the three of you requiring me so early upon your return?”

“It’s this, sir,” Blaise said as he reached into his pocket and withdrew the parchment Harry had been working on for the past few days, “Raiden, he approached me with it. I think he intends to use it, though he agreed to let you see it first.”

Snape took the parchment, shooting Harry a curious look before he unravelled it. 

Harry watched as his eyebrows rose bare millimeters, and felt quite smug to know he had managed to shock Snape. 

“How in Salazar’s name-”

Snape broke off to summon a bottle of firewhiskey and he quickly poured himself a glass. Fingers bone-white around the knuckles were the only indication of his nerves.

“Uncle Severus?” Draco asked softly after a few more minutes had passed, “do you think it’s possible?”

“It certainly appears to be. I’ll need to research it some. Check the arithmancy and we’ll need a test subject… Come back tomorrow night, and we shall see if it works.” 

He glanced up to see them all staring at him.

“I believe I am correct in thinking your fathers would like to be here for the results?”

“Yes, sir.” Theo and Draco responded in unison. 

“Very well, I shall contact them,” he pursed his lips for a moment before exhaling through his nose. “I shall require you to damage a cauldron in class tomorrow.”

Harry cocked his head, as Theo agreed for them. Why did they need to damage a cauldron? What would that achieve?

But before he could formulate a question, Blaise was standing and making his way to the door. 

“Mr Zabini,” Snape called and Blaise turned back, “do you think he can really do it?”

Harry met Blaise’s eyes and Blaise smiled softly, “Yes, sir. I really do.”


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Harry woke to the shifting of the mattress beneath him. Blearily, he blinked his eyes open to see Blaise sliding to the floor for usual morning exercises. Sleepily, Harry dragged himself across the bed to oversee the practice as was his usual wont. When Blaise turned his head up to smile a breathless ‘good morning’ at him, Harry flipped his tails and yipped a quiet hello back. 

He had always thought Lavender and Parvati a bit shallow and empty-headed whenever they would giggle at a passing good-looking bloke. But with his newfound awareness of his feelings and orientation, Harry now wondered if he merely had been jealous instead. Jealous that they could so openly and brazenly show their appreciation for what they found attractive. 

Even if he wouldn’t go about it quite the same way. 

“Come on,” Blaise said softly as he stood, gathering Harry in his arms. “It’s early, we’ve got time to try out one of mother’s potions before breakfast.”

Bathing with Blaise had not become any easier for Harry, he still covered his eyes - even when Blaise poked fun at him for it - whenever they entered the bathroom together. It was such a common occurrence that he was now able to make his way around the bathroom here at Hogwarts and at Blaise’s home without incident. Doing so now, he made his way toward the bath just from the soft whoosh of water as it filled the tub. The rustle of clothes told him Blaise had disrobed and the quiet clanking of glass let him know Blaise had selected a bottle from the basket Harry had been gifted with. 

Truly, he couldn’t care less what his fur - or hair - looked like, but it seemed important to Blaise and his mother. Blaise padded in his direction as Harry carefully made his way up the steps built into the bath. The water shut off and a hand curled under his midsection again, lifting him to Blaise’s chest as they sank into the warm water. The pop of a cork and a gentle splash filled his ears before Blaise’s amused voice rumbled near his head. 

“Water’s changed, my tesoro, it’s safe to look.”

Harry’s heart thudded a little harder at his words, but he peeled his folded ears back from his eyes. He stuck his nose in Blaise’s ear, startling a laugh from him as he sank back into the water, Harry perched upon his chest. Blaise reached for the jug they kept on the nearby ledge and began scooping water to softly spill over Harry’s head and back. 

Cocking his head as Blaise absently ran his fingers through Harry’s coat to dislodge non-existent bits of dirt, Harry wuffed softly to gain Blaise’s full attention. When he met Harry’s eyes, Harry showed him an image of Draco. 

It had been sufficiently awkward between them all the night before. Theo unaware of what it was that had caused the rift between his friends had tried to speak to them both but received nothing but frosty glares from Blaise and averted eyes from Draco. 

He had gone to bed in a huff, asking them to ‘sort it out’ but Blaise had only disappeared with Harry behind their curtains, reading until he deemed it time to turn out their lights. 

Harry had snuck out at one point to use the bathroom and upon his return, approached Draco who was staring moodily into the fire. He offered a small amount of comfort, nuzzling at his hand, before returning to Blaise and sleep. 

Now, Blaise sighed, his hand stilling as it curled behind Harry’s ear. Not wanting the affection to stop, or for Blaise to grow too despondent, Harry nudged his wrist, encouraging him to begin petting once more. 

Blaise’s lips twitched before his pensive look returned, but he resumed his earlier movements.

“Sometimes,” Blaise began quietly, his voice barely audible in the large stone-lined room, “sometimes I think Draco’s right.”

Harry made a soft concerned noise and pushed his nose into Blaise’s palm. 

“I mean, I can barely catch his eye let alone speak with him. That time in the library? Merlin, I was such a fool running out of there with barely more than a sentence exchanged between us-”

Harry thought perhaps he and Blaise remembered the library incident differently, but then it wasn’t Neville was it? It was someone else... - he tuned back into what Blaise was saying.

“-ter. Bloody bravest of Gryffindors and I can’t even summon the courage to be around him for more than five minutes.” Blaise snorted sarcastically. “Fates a bitch if she thinks we’re supposed to be soulmates.”

Harry let the subject drop as Blaise rinsed him off and set him on the waiting towel while he got himself ready for the day. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Breakfast had been as awkward as the night before in their dorm, but at least this time Millicent was there to call them out on it. It had started with Blaise ignoring Draco’s odd comment about the weather and his request to pass the salt. 

“Oh, for fucks sake. Who bloody cares if you two had a fight? You’re Slytherins! Not some pansy-arsed Ravenclaw with their knickers in a twist.” She growled at them. “Fight in private.”

Harry blinked at her, but felt Blaise’s deep inhale. Miraculously, he pushed the salt in Draco’s direction.

“You might need your cloak for Herbology,” muttered Blaise. 

 Harry watched as Draco’s shoulders seemed to relax just a little as he shook salt onto his eggs. Bewilderedly wondering what in the world had just happened. Harry looked to Theo for some sort of explanation but he was merely smiling into his potions textbook. Giving up on the knowledge of what had just transpired, Harry nibbled at the strawberries Blaise placed in front of him.


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Classes, for the most part, had been good, With no satisfactory reason for Binns’ continued absence from their class a substitute teacher had seemingly been hired. Professor Rupert Giles seemed well informed in many areas of wizarding history, and for once, their class did not revolve around goblin wars. 

He presented himself as a bit blustery, irredeemably British, but the steel that had laced his tone when he caught Seamus making crude drawings in the corner of his textbook promised he was quite capable of handling a class of teenagers. 

They were exiting the class for lunch when Professor Giles stopped Blaise and Harry. 

“Mr Zabini, might I have a word?”

Blaise paused and nodded to Draco, Theo and Millicent, indicating they should go ahead and that he would join them after. 

“Professor? Did I do something wrong?” Blaise asked as the last student exited the classroom. 

“No. No. Quite the contrary. I was wondering if you might perhaps take lunch with me? I must admit, I have quite the curious interest in your companion.”

Blaise tensed some and Harry narrowed his eyes as he placed his paws over the slings edge. 

“I studied kitsune in Japan for a few years as a young man,” Professor Giles explained as he waved a hand toward his desk where a house-elf with the Hogwarts crest began placing a few dishes of food. “After an unfortunate incident while I was studying at Oxford. I went to Asia, travelled a bit before settling in Japan. It was there I learnt a great respect and appreciation for history, but also for magic. It truly is a gift that we have.”

Professor Giles moved to sit behind his desk and Blaise hesitantly joined him. His posture stiff even as an elf appeared with a high chair similar to the one Carla Zabini had designed for Harry back at the Zabini residence and another chair similar to the one Blaise now sat in. 

“I couldn’t agree more,” Blaise replied, his tone giving nothing away. 

“Will your companion join us in human form?”

Harry’s eyes went wide, this professor knew ???

“Raiden is a kitsune, sir. Not a human. I know there are myths and legends that might indicate otherwise, but they don’t appear to be true from what Raiden and I have been able to discover.”

Harry’s heart was thumping wildly in his chest as the professor looked thoughtfully at him. The elf disappeared with the chair, leaving only the high seat for his use. 

“That is interesting,” Professor Giles said mildly, “the kitsune I met were capable of multiple forms. Perhaps your-?”

“Raiden,” Blaise supplied.

“Raiden,” Professor Giles nodded, “simply hasn’t learned them yet.”

“Perhaps,” Blaise said, though it was clear by his tone he didn’t believe Professor Giles.

There was a stretched silence between them as they set food upon their plates. Blaise lifted Harry from his sling and placed him on the chair so he could reach his own food. 

It was Professor Giles that began the conversation again. “There was a woman I grew quite close to while I was there. I helped her research her family tree as she believed herself to be the only living member. We were eventually able to find that an ancestor of hers had fled to England after they had been discovered. Now, back in that time a kitsune, when discovered, would be forced to flee. People were not as… ah- open-minded… back then.” 

Harry watched as Blaise took a long sip of his drink.

“We were only able to find that they did arrive in England and that they remarried. To whom we couldn’t find out. I have correspondence I have been entrusted with, to pass onto her descendants. I was hoping that perhaps your Hitotsu no Kokoro might know who they are?”

“My Hi-to what?” Blaise asked, his tongue tying on the unfamiliar words. 

“Your Hitotsu no Kokoro , your Raiden,” Professor Giles said, gesturing at Harry. 

“Professor… I’m sorry, but Raiden is an orphan. His parents died when he was a baby I believe, and the people who raised him… I’ll not subject him to their presence for anything. Even if they did know.”

Blaise’s hand found its way into the ruff of Harry’s coat and he leaned into him, eyes feeling suspiciously wet as he looked up into Blaise’s warm expression. Knowing in his very soul that Blaise would never let any harm come to him. 

Professor Giles put his cup down and sighed, “That’s unfortunate. I am sorry that you have lost your family little one.” He said, turning to Raiden giving him a soft smile. Turning back to Blaise, “How are you protecting your Hitotsu no Kokoro?”

“Sir?” Blaise asked, confused. 

“You must know that kitsunes are very rare and powerful creatures. People are going to want to find him and take him from you. Whether they are evil or not. They will want to use him for their own gain.” Giles said, his look darkening.

“Sir, is this why you came to Hogwarts? Because you heard I had Raiden?” Blaise asked. His hand winding deeper into Harry’s fur.

“Oh no. No, Albus got in contact with me asking if I would like the position. Honestly I was surprised that Binns finally moved on,” Giles chuckled, picking up his cup again, taking a sip before he continued. “No, I was getting nowhere in my search for the lost relatives so I figured I should take a break. Then return to it with fresh eyes when the summer holidays arrive. I was surprised to even see a kitsune in Hogwarts at all. I’m also surprised that Albus didn’t mention it when I arrived. Seeing as he knows it’s an area of interest to me,” Giles said. 

The silence between them deepened and Harry leant forward to take a bite of the sandwich Blaise offered him.

“Sir,” Blaise said, “Do you know what became of Professor Binns?”

“No, no Professor Dumbledore, simply told me he had moved onto ‘the next great adventure’.”

 “Right, of course.” Blaise replied. 

“I have noticed in kitsune lore, however, that ghosts and kitsune have a - well for the lack of a better term - fraught history. Ghosts seem to both aid kitsune and flee from them. It’s a fascinating debate amongst historians.”

Harry snorted, fascinating, right - boring sounded more apt to him. 

“I’m sure,” Blaise demurred

The bell rang and Blaise stood, “thank you, Professor, for lunch, and your time.”

“Oh of course,” Professor Giles said as he stood, “perhaps you would like to join me again?”

Blaise nodded politely and picked up Harry, replacing him in his sling. He bid the professor goodbye and they left for their potions class.  


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


It was nearing the end of potions class and Blaise had just finished stoppering the phial with their group potion - Snape had arranged for them to work in three’s today - when Draco shook something out of his sleeve. Harry briefly glimpsed the bright packaging of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and Blaise grabbed Harry, spinning quickly to protect him. 

There was a loud bang and several fireworks spewed out limply from the cauldron. Whatever they had reacted with in the cauldron had made them droopy and mud-like.

“Zabini! Malfoy, and Nott! The three of you will have detention tonight scrubbing cauldrons and tomorrow night writing an essay on the importance of the sleeve tightening charm in NEWT level potions.”

Well, Harry thought to himself, mission accomplished. Whatever it’s for.


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


There were many students in the corridors as they made their way to Snape’s private rooms that night for ‘detention’, and the halls echoed with their voices as they made their way to their common rooms, or the quidditch pitch for practice, or to the library for study. But Harry could pay them no mind as his heart was thundered in his chest and his mind raced. 

Could he really do this? Could he really remove the Dark Mark from someone without incident? Snape had brought someone for him to practise on, in case it didn’t work out the way they hoped, if his calculations and theories were not correct. 

It was that thought that made Harry nervous. He didn’t want to be responsible for someone’s death, even if they were a Death Eater. But that wasn’t the only thing holding him back. This person was presumably someone who had signed up to be a Death Eater, not someone who had been forced into it. Someone forced to do the horrible things Voldemort commanded of them like Theo and Draco’s fathers. Or someone like Snape who had blindly joined in a misguided effort to be accepted and regretted their decision almost immediately. Who put their life in danger everyday to right the wrongs they had committed. 

He tucked his nose into the crook of Blaise’s arm in an attempt to shut the world out for a moment, to drown out the noise from the sea of students. His thoughts were so inwardly focused that he barely registered Blaise’s comforting hand on his back. His long fingers rubbing gently through his fur. 

A door shut and the general hubbub of Hogwarts was cut off. Harry drew his head out from Blaise’s arm and looked around. They were in Snape’s personal quarters, not his office, and Harry saw both Lucius Malfoy and Theo’s father there sitting in plush chairs by the fire. 

“Lucius and Theoden,” Snape began, “meet Raiden, Mr Zabini’s familiar.”

“We’ve met,” Theo’s father said with a nod toward Harry. 

Harry looked toward Lucius and his hackles instinctively began to rise as he met Lucius’ cool gaze. He couldn’t help it. There was a history there between the two of them after all. They held each other’s gaze for a long moment and there was a sudden flicker of recognition in Lucius’ eyes. Gone so suddenly that Harry wasn’t sure anyone else had seen it. 

“There is something unnervingly familiar about him,” Lucius began, “does he remind anyone else of our dear Mr Potter?”

Harry tensed in Blaise’ arms, Lucius had figured him out? He knew?

Clearly startled by Lucius’ words, Snape, Draco and Theo all turned to look at Harry. 

“Well, I suppose, Father,” Draco began slowly, “they have similar eyes, and Potter has black hair, but I don’t see how that matters any?”

Lucius hummed, “and how is Mr Potter? Has he been attending all your classes?”

“Yes,” Theo replied, “well, most of them, he’s on some sort of different timetable. He spends a lot of time studying alone. We’ve all seen him though.”

“Has he met your Raiden, Blaise?” 

Harry glared at Lucius who only smirked at him in return. 

“Yes he has,” Blaise replied. “Near about everyone in Hogwarts has. What are you getting at, Mr Malfoy?”

“Nothing. Nothing whatsoever,” replied Lucius before he looked toward Snape, “Severus, I withdraw my earlier objections. Suddenly, the impossible seems entirely… probable.”

“Because Raiden reminds you of Potter?” exclaimed Draco, “What kind of logic is that?”

Lucius shrugged, “My own logic, Draco. Perhaps one day, I will share it with you.”

His eyes locked again with Harry’s as he said this and Harry lifted his lip in a silent snarl, recognising the threat in Lucius’ words. Lucius, much to Harry’s chagrin, only smirked back at him, saying nothing more as he relaxed into his seat.  

“Well, if we’re all agreed, let us move to the other room.” Snape said and he turned to lead the way, robes billowing behind him. 

Harry grumbled to himself beneath his breath as Blaise followed after Snape. 

They entered another room, one completely bare of anything on the floor and Harry realised it was Snape’s personal brewing room from the stains on the walls and the magical vent in the ceiling. It had been completely cleared out except for one body that sat chained in the corner. A very familiar body, with an iron cuff engraved with runes clasped around a silver hand. 



Harry began to growl, unable to help the visceral reaction at seeing the man who had betrayed his parents in such a helpless manner. His vision tinted red, and he didn’t realise he was struggling in Blaise’s arms until he heard his name called. 

Raiden! ” 

He stopped struggling and looked up into the worried eyes of Blaise. 

“What’s wrong?” Blaise asked softly.

Harry turned his head back to Pettigrew and his chest rumbled again. Forcing his gaze away, he stood in Blaise’s hold and pushed his head beneath Blaise’s chin. Then he made motions to be set down. Blaise let him go and Theo shut the door behind him as the last one into the room. 

“Do you think he was reacting to the Dark Mark?” Theo asked.

“No, Mr Nott,” Snape replied, “otherwise he would have reacted to our presence.”

“Oh, right,” murmured Theo, a faint red dusting his cheeks. 

“It is more likely that there is a history between this piece of scum and- Raiden,” Lucius said and Harry glared up at him when he paused before his name.

“A history?” Blaise asked, “what kind of-” 

Harry turned when Blaise trailed off, and saw the darkening expression on his face, wondering exactly what it was that Blaise was thinking.

“Raiden,” Blaise said very slowly, “is this person responsible for what happened to you?”

Had Blaise phrased it any other way, Harry would have been able to disagree, would have been able to shake his head. As it was, he could only tell Blaise the truth and he dipped his head instead. 

Blaise moved so fast, Harry didn’t even see him draw his wand. A sudden flash of light was the only thing he saw before Draco and Theo grabbing a hold of Blaise and struggling to keep him from casting anything else. 

Expelliarmus! ” cried Snape, and Blaise’s wand soared from his hand toward their potions professor who caught it deftly. “You are very lucky you didn’t go for anything Darker than that, Mr Zabini. Otherwise, Hogwarts wards would have detected it and you could have jeopardised everything that we are trying to do here.”

“He deserves far worse than that! ” Blaise spat, ripping his arm from Draco’s hold and straightening his robes. Theo let go of him once Blaise had nodded at him, seemingly having regained some of his composure and glaring down at Pettigrew.

Pettigrew who had gained some nasty looking lesions across his skin and who was moving in a way that suggested he was in quite a bit of pain. 

Draco swallowed audibly, “Why isn’t he screaming? Saying anything?” he asked softly. 

Snape sighed, “I have him under a silencing spell. I have had since the Dark Lord gifted him to me as an assistant.”

“Once we are done here,” Blaise said, his voice still in that low dangerous tone from before. “Will you gift him to me? Send him home to mother so that he may answer for his crimes?”

Harry frowned, he didn’t like the direction that Blaise’ thoughts had turned, though a part of him was pleased with the way Blaise had reacted, what he was asking for now wasn’t right. 

He barked, attracting their attention, and he shook his head at Snape. 

“Raiden,” Blaise began, but Harry barked again and repeated the gesture. 

Lucius snorted, “he’s as righteous as a blasted Gryffindor.”

Harry flicked a tail and sent a stinging hex toward him, Lucius only chuckled as it hit him and raised his hands in quiet surrender. 

“Perhaps,” Theoden began, “it would be best if we just got started?”

Harry nodded and began to approach the silently whimpering Pettigrew, he was grateful as a jet of red light flashed past him, stunning the rat and he sent a grateful look at Snape. He began by vanishing the sleeve covering Pettigrew’s left arm and then he sat, quietly gathering his power as he thought about the spell. 

He knew that he would need to remove the tie to Voldemort, but he was loath to remove the mark altogether. Pettigrew was the key to Sirius’ exoneration, and alive or dead, Harry wanted that for his godfather. 

Closing his eyes, he let his magic creep out of him, let it reach for the Dark Mark. He let it sink into Pettigrew’s arm and envelope it. The magic was murky, and revolting. It made him want to gag, to pull away. But he had to do this. Slowly, he picked through the spells, undoing each one until there were only two left. Turning his attention to the magic that linked back to Voldemort and away from the one that held the design for the tattoo, he severed the connection and held his breath. 

There was nothing, no backlash, no rage. No hint of acknowledgment. So Harry retreated, he pulled back on his magic and returned back into himself. 

He shook himself out, needing to rid himself of the awful sensation of Voldemort’s magic.

“Is that it?” asked Theoden, “are you all done?”

Harry nodded and stretched, as Snape swept forward and began to check his work. 

“It is, he did it,” he said quietly, his tone hushed and awed in a way Harry never thought possible. 

“But the mark…” Theoden said, “it’s still there.”

Snape shook his head, “Only the magic needed for the tattoo, everything else, the call, the connection. It’s all gone. This is nothing more than a magical tattoo now. 

“And that is simple to get rid of,” Lucius said, striding forward, his wand slipping out from his cane. 

Harry leapt in action immediately, springing forward to stand between Lucius and Pettigrew, teeth bared and a growl in his throat. 


Lucius faltered, and stared down at him, “did you leave it there on purpose? Why?” 

Harry sent his images up, showing him prison bars and Dementors. 

“You want to hand him over to the authorities,” he sneered. 

“Raiden,” Blaise said coming forward and kneeling in front of him, “this man hurt you, why wouldn’t you want him to pay for what he did?” 

Harry shook his head, and just reprojected the image, meeting Blaise’s eyes and begging him to understand. 

“Maybe,” Draco began, “maybe he believes the dementors are punishment enough?”

“Shut up, Draco,” Blaise snapped, his attention never wavering from Harry’s. 

“Raiden?” Blaise asked again. 

Frowning to himself, wondering how to make Blaise understand, Harry projected the process which Pettigrew would have to undergo. Amelia Bones, sitting in front of the Wizengamot, the newspaper articles there would be, and then finally; Azkaban. 

Blaise sighed and reached out to stroke Harry behind the ears, “fine, we will do it your way.”

Harry yipped happily, and nuzzled into Blaise’s hand for a moment, before turning to Lucius and nodding to the floor. 

Lucius only raised an eyebrow at him in return, “Seeing as there was no backlash of magic or unseemly mess. I will not subject myself to the floor beside this vermain. We will return to Severus’ quarters.”

Harry rolled his eyes, but they all returned to the main room and Harry began the process with both Lucius and Theoden. 

It seemed the process when they were awake was mildly painful as they both winced a few times as Harry worked and Lucius even swore as the connection was severed. Harry let the mark fade from their arms and they both drank a restorative draught that Snape handed them as a precaution. 

“Here,” Snape said, placing two coins on the table, “these are keyed to the call, you will need them until you can safely extricate yourselves from his clutches. I took the idea from an enterprising young student.”

Harry swallowed down the lump in his throat at the casual mention of Hermione and he looked away when Lucius and Theoden stood from their seats and picked them up. 

Theoden thanked Harry before he pulled Theo into a hug and disappeared through the floo.

Lucius surprised Harry when he knelt in front of him, bringing their eyes more on level as he said, “I won’t forget that you did this for me. Thank you.”

Harry dipped his head and Lucius stood, guiding Draco to a corner in the room and murmuring to him. It was clear to Harry that the others couldn’t hear what Lucius was saying, but Harry’s hearing was better than theirs. 

“Why are you fighting with Blaise?” Lucius murmured quietly.

Draco sighed, “it’s personal, Father.” 

Humming in return Lucius looked at his son thoughtfully. “You need to make up with him. I know how important he is to you.”

Draco shrugged. 

“I mean it, Draco. It is clear to me you regret this angst between the two of you, Fix it and be happy my son. Malfoy’s do not suffer.”

Draco sighed again, but he nodded and Lucius embraced him, and Harry could have sworn he whispered something in Draco's ear before he bid them all goodbye, and followed Theoden through the floo. 

“Well, I suppose it’s your turn, Professor,” said Blaise and Snape just sighed and sat down in a chair.


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


They hadn’t stayed in Professor Snape’s quarters for long after Harry had removed Snape’s Dark Mark and they were just entering their dorm when they saw the Bloody Baron and Peeves going through Blaise’s belongings. Well, Peeves was going through their things, tossing them gleefully across the room while the Baron watched. 

“What are you doing? ” exclaimed Blaise as he set Harry on the floor. 

The Baron and Peeves both froze and then slowly turned toward them. Their eyes stilling on Harry. 

Then with one thought, they both turned to flee through the wall. 

STOP! ” Harry cried out, and his magic reacted with him. He could feel it, as though he had cast a net, trapping the two ghosts and holding them with his will alone. 

Answer Blaise’s question,” he growled.

The two ghosts began to tremble and Harry could feel them trying to flee. He grit his teeth and growled, trying to stop them from going. Trying to make them obey . They would tell him what he wanted to know. They would tell him. 

The book had said they would.

“What is Raiden doing?” Theo whispered. 

“He’s stopping them from leaving,” Blaise murmured in awe. “He’s holding them in place.”

“How is that possible?” 

“It’s an inherent trait in all kitsune,” Blaise said, “they can learn to manipulate and control ghosts.”

“Is that why all the ghosts have been avoiding us? Why Binns is no longer teaching?” Draco asked. 

“It’s my best my guess at this moment,” Blaise replied. 

Harry ignored them and instead bore down further on his will. 

Tell us why you were going through our things!”

He could feel them struggling, could feel their desperation to defy him, he felt his power growing to match them. He could feel the surge of magic, could feel a burning in his tails as the magic reached a crescendo until suddenly, they stopped and Harry almost stumbled at their unexpected compliance. 

The Baron turned and Peeves sighed gustily and moved to float on his back, arms paddling through the air. 

“We were here to find something precious to you, to use in exchange for a bargain.”

Blaise looked at Harry and then back to the ghosts, “what kind of bargain?”

“Exemption from servitude to your kitsune.”

“Servitude- Raiden wouldn’t do that!” 

The Baron looked at Blaise disapprovingly, “and yet, he holds us here against our will even now.”

Harry blinked rapidly and released his grip on the power he still held onto. 

I’m sorry,” he yipped. “ But you have to understand, you all keep running away from me, and then you’re going through our things? Trying to steal from us? I hardly know what my powers are capable of, let alone what it means to be a kitsune. I promise to try not to force you into anything, but you could help me understand.”

The Baron shared a look with Peeves who then zoomed off through the walls, “all ghosts are intrinsically aware of the kitsune - for they have power over the spirit world. As creatures of light and dark, of earth and air, of water and fire, they alone have the power to excise us from this world should they become - displeased - with us.”

“Well, if Raiden promises not to excise you against your will? Would you stop disappearing on everyone and leave our things alone?”

Harry nodded rapidly, showing that he agreed with what Blaise had said. 

The Baron regarded them steadily for a moment, before he finally bowed his head, “we have an accord.”

And then he disappeared through the wall after Peeves. 

“What the fuck was that all about?” Draco exclaimed. 

Blaise shrugged and flicked his wand at his belongings, righting everything the two ghosts had displaced. 

“I don’t know,” he replied shortly. 

Harry trotted straight over to the bed, immediately clambering up the stairs he began to nose around the bottom of the bed, relieved when he found the grimoire still hidden in place between the mattress and the foot of the bed. Still invisible to all eyes that weren’t his or Blaise’s.

“Does Raiden look different to you?” Theo asked, Harry looked up to see Theo cocking his head to the side, looking at him strangely. 

Blaise stopped what he was doing and came to sit on the bed beside Harry, his hands reaching for him. Harry went to him immediately, butting his head beneath Blaise’s palm and submitting to his inspection. 

Blaise’s hands moved over him in a sure and calm manner. Checking him for anything and everything. Finally, his fingers splayed and ran through his tails and that was when Harry felt a difference, he looked over his shoulder to see what Blaise saw and what his brain was telling him. 

He had five tails. 

He had grown another tail. 

He flipped them experimentally, all together and then one by one. But the fact remained the same. Somehow, he had grown a fifth tail. 

“He only had four of those before right?” Draco asked. 

Blaise grunted in assent. 

“Right, well, I’m going to bed, before this night gets any weirder.” Draco muttered. 

Theo sighed, as he watched Draco shut the curtains behind him, “I think he’s got the right idea. Thank Merlin tomorrow is Saturday. I think we could all use the sleep in.”

“Good night, Theo.” Blaise replied absently, and Harry whuffed the same sentiments as Theo replied and headed for his own bed. 

Blaise flicked his wand and the curtains snapped shut around them. 

“Do you think it’s your ghost tail? Did you exert enough mastery over them to gain it?”

Harry shrugged and dipped his head, and shrugged again. He wasn’t sure, but nothing else really seemed to fit the facts. It had happened as he was demanding them to submit to him, he doubted it could be anything else. 

“Right.” Blaise scrubbed his face, “Well, tomorrow we’ll check the book, but for now, we should sleep. I’m exhausted.”

Harry nodded, and pushed his nose under Blaise’s hand again, letting Blaise pet him quietly for a few moments before Blaise got up and changed into his pyjama’s. 

Blaise slipped beneath the blankets and Harry quickly jumped in after him, accepting the silent offer from Blaise as he held up the blanket. He snuggled close, his head resting on Blaise’s extended arm, Blaise’s other arm wrapping securely around his ribs, and together they sighed and fell blissfully asleep. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Harry woke the next morning to Draco’s voice.

“Blaise? Blaise come on, wake up.”

“Go away , Draco.”


“I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Well, you know what? Too bad. I’m your friend and I’m going to damn well apologise so this isn’t hanging over us every damn day!”

Harry heard Blaise sigh and he opened his eyes as Blaise shifted in the bed. 

“What do you want to say, Draco?” Blaise sighed. 

“I wanted to say that I’m sorry for what I said. About you and Potter, that was uncalled for.”

Harry sat up suddenly, Draco what, about what and what?

“I was out of line when I suggested you were a coward, I know the reasons you have for not approaching him. I just- it boggles my mind how you can just wait all these years. You haven’t so much as looked at anyone else. I mean, at least Weasley knows I exist- Shit sorry, that’s not how I meant it- I- I don’t even know what I’m saying.”

Blaise sighed and he picked up Harry, failing to notice how tense he was as he set him on his lap and answered Draco. 

“I know you don’t, it’s a family thing. There’s only one person for us Zabini’s. No-one else will do. And Potter… he’s it for me.”

Harry felt as though his heart was beating out of his chest. Blaise was- he was- was he saying that he was in love with him? That the person Blaise considered his soulmate was Harry Potter? 

“And you’re just content to wait?” Draco asked. 

Blaise shrugged, “what other choice do I have, Draco? He’s so focused on his goal of destroying The Dark Lord. He won’t even look at Slytherins thanks to you.”

Harry noticed Draco wince. 

“The best thing I can do is try and support him from the shadows, and maybe after the war, after all of this is over and house colours don’t matter anymore, I can ask him out for a cup of coffee. Get him to see me. The way I see him.”

Draco sighed, “I’m so sorry, Blaise, I never should have said what I did. I can’t imagine the strength it must take for you to do this everyday. I’ll- I’ll try to be better, to Potter, to his friends. Though I don’t know that I can hold that promise for Weasley, I do love it when he goes all red the way he does.”

Blaise snorted, “I won’t tell you how to act around your crush if you do the same for me. But thanks, for the rest of it.”

Draco smiled at Blaise, “I love you, like my own brother, I hate to fight like this.”

“Me too.”

They were quiet for a moment which suited Harry just fine as he tried to focus on slowing the hammering in his chest. 

“Theo and I are going to head for breakfast, will you join us?”

Blaise shook his head, “not today, I’m going to laze in bed for a while.”

“Alright, then we’ll see you at lunch.”

Blaise nodded and Draco left. 

Harry waited until he heard Draco and Theo leave the room, and then he looked up to meet Blaise’s gaze. 

Blaise tipped his head to the side, his brow creasing slightly as he asked, “are you okay, Raiden?”

Harry honestly didn’t know, his brain seemed to have stalled, he couldn’t get past the same reverberating thought, was Blaise in love with him?

He saw Blaise’s eyes flick upward and he glanced up to see that he was projecting an image of himself, his human self. 

“Potter? What about him?”

What do you mean, what about him? Harry screamed internally.

He sent another message, intentionally this time, just a heart and a question mark. 

“You knew I loved him,” Blaise began, and Harry shook his head, “But I told you?”

Harry shook his head again and sent a bunch of question marks above his head. 

Blaise paused thoughtfully. 

“You didn’t know who I was talking about,” he said at last. 

Harry nodded, confirming Blaise’s statement. 

“Well,” Blaise said, “that’s who it is. Harry Potter. My true love’s curse who will probably never give me the time of day.”

Blaise sighed, and fell back against his pillows, staring at the canopy above them.

“He’s brilliant Raiden. He’s kind and brave, beautiful and strong. Did you know, last year, he stormed into Ravenclaw tower and cowed them all into leaving Lovegood alone? Apparently there was some really terrible bullying going on in there but no-one could prove it and Lovegood didn’t see the point in standing up for himself. So he went in there and called them all a bunch of bullies and cowards and said that they would answer to him if they ever harmed her physically or verbally again. I paid Terry Boot ten galleons for that memory.”

Harry blinked, he had?

“It’s a hell of a lot, sorting through the gossip to get to any facts about him, but he’s smart. And he’s resourceful, watching him against that horntail in the tournament… it was one of the worst and proudest moments of my life. He’s just, he’s spectacular, Raiden. He’s got this messy black hair, that used to just look a mess and now looks more like he’s just been shagged, these brilliant green eyes - quite similar to yours actually - and his mouth… do you know, he bites his lip when he’s trying not to curse a teacher out? Or when he’s sorting through something in his mind. It’s endearing, maddening, but endearing.”

Blaise shifted on the bed, “and he loves sugar quills, I don’t think he gets them often, but when he has them, they're gone so quickly. Maybe that could be a courting gift I get him one day. An everlasting sugar quill?" Blaise mused.

Harry began to feel his skin itching with something like guilt, he wasn’t sure if he should stop Blaise from talking, surely this wouldn’t be something Blaise would tell him if he wasn’t in this form? He would never tell him these things if he really knew that he was Harry Potter.

Blaise looked up at him, “Raiden? Are you alright?”

Harry shook his head, he wasn’t sure. He felt hot, too hot, and he could feel his body moving, shifting, and then suddenly in the blink of an eye, he was larger than he could remember being in a long while and Blaise was staring up at him in shock and horror.

He looked down at himself, yelping when he saw smooth flesh, human limbs. He scrambled to the end of the bed, pulling part of the comforter with him in an attempt to hide his sudden nudity. He was pressed up against the bedpost, chest heaving as he looked wildly around. He felt his tails twitch and he looked over his shoulder to see all five appendages wavering slightly. He reached out with one hand touching them gently, it was odd to feel the fur beneath his fingers, odder still to register the sensation in his tail in this form.

“Raiden?” came Blaise’s cautious voice and Harry’s ear flicked toward him.

Harry began to look in his direction, but his hand lifted and touched his head, feeling for the pointed ear that was now attached to his skull. His hand drifted down the side of his face to wear his human ears would sit, only to find them missing.


He lifted the blankets, checking over his arms and everything else to see what else was different, what else had changed. How had he changed? How had he managed it? Why now when he couldn’t before?

“Potter?” asked Blaise and Harry’s whirling thoughts crashed to a halt at the pained tone in Blaise’s voice.

Oh merlin, merlin, fuck!

He inhaled shakily and looked up to meet Blaise’s eyes. Not in the least bit prepared for what he saw there.

Hurt. Betrayal. Confusion.

“I-” he rasped, he swallowed, and tried again. “I’m so sorry, I’m so, so sorry.”

Blaise’s face quickly became a hard impenetrable mask and his eyes were no longer warm and inviting, but cold and hard instead.

“What are you sorry for exactly? For spying on me? For using me? For overhearing my secrets? For accidentally turning back? For sleeping in my bed?

“No, Blaise, I-“

He cut himself when Blaise flinched at the use of his name.

“Please,” Harry whispered after a long, quiet moment. “Let me explain, I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.”

“No? So you didn’t have someone polyjuiced as you wandering around and occasionally going to class so you could be here spying on us. On me?”

“That’s not what happened! I would never!”

“But you did !” Blaise roared as he stood, hands clenched at his sides.

Harry bit his lip and looked down. Blaise was right and oh gods, how this had gotten so messed up…

“You did , and- and- I trusted you! I shared things with you. Things I never would have, and you’re sorry?!

Harry felt his eyes grow hot, but he refused to allow any tears to show.

“I didn’t know, okay? I didn’t know that I was this- that I was a kitsune, and I shared things with you too alright?” Harry looked up at him then, intent on not allowing Blaise to completely roll over him. “No-one else knows about my family, no-one else-“

“I don’t want to hear it,” Blaise snarled.

Harry stood up too. Dragging the blanket with him, the black fur that Blaise had brought him all those months ago, to preserve at least some dignity.

“Well, you’re going to! I had no idea okay! I just- walked out into that storm and was struck by lightning! The next thing I knew I was racing for the forest and being attacked by an acromantula! And then you saved me . I didn’t come to you. I didn’t rock up on your doorstep-“

“No, but there was a call. You called me.”

Harry threw up one hand, “Well! You answered! I didn’t know it was you! I was just praying for someone, anyone to help! It was damn luck, or fate, or whatever you want that made you get that call! And then my paw was broken, and I couldn’t change back even if I knew how! Which I didn’t!

Blaise scoffed, “right, you expect me to believe you’ve been stuck like this for months? The Great Harry Potter, stuck as a kitsune.”

Harry stiffened and there was a fragile silence in the air before he whispered, “I thought you didn’t believe in that.”

Blaise glared at him, his eyes narrowing dangerously, “Get out.”

Harry felt the words hit him like a physical blow. “Blaise…”

But Blaise overrode him, “I guess the legends were true, once a kitsune is revealed, their treachery really can’t be forgiven.”

Harry stared at him, each of his words carving into him like a knife, this wasn’t his Blaise, the Blaise he knew, the Blaise he had fallen in love with. He didn’t think there was anything he could do to get him back. But he did know that, right now, Blaise hated Harry Potter, and so did he in that moment. Harry Potter only ever screwed things up. 

Only ruined things for everyone.

Things were so much easier as Raiden.

He felt his skin heat up again but he knew now what was happening and he embraced it. The change enveloped him quickly and he was soon on all fours again. He looked up at Blaise, but the tiny part of him that had hoped Blaise might forgive him like this was crushed by the weight of Blaise’s glare.

He swallowed and tried to speak, surprised when this time, his words seemed to project to Blaise instead, as if he was speaking inside his mind. The way Blaise straightened his spine in surprise only confirmed that suspicion.

I never meant to hurt you, Blaise. I only fell in love with you.”

GET OUT!” Blaise roared and Harry did, his heart tearing at the pain in Blaise’s voice.

He scrambled for the door and it flew open before him, slamming shut behind him until he was standing alone in the Slytherin boys dorms corridor. His heart breaking and his eyes feeling as they were about to spill over. A plaintive sound left his mouth, and the pitiful cry he heard was so discordant in his ears that he fell against the wall limply.

It couldn’t have gone worse.

Harry knew that no matter how he had planned it, it wouldn’t have gone well , but he was fairly certain it couldn’t have gone worse.

He could have thrown hexes at you. His mind helpfully supplied, and he supposed that was true. But there was also the possibility those were still coming.

He heard a door open and he scrambled up right, intent on running if it were Blaise. But it was only Goyle, the hateful fucker. So Harry just growled at him, and eyed him as he walked past. Huffing to himself as Goyle walked past him, he stared longingly at the door. He wondered if Blaise would ever talk to him again. If maybe-


Later, Harry wouldn’t even remember being hit with the stunning spell. But the aches in his body would certainly remind him of his carelessness.

Chapter Text

Luna had a bad feeling. She hated bad feelings. Some bad feelings told her when a nasty surprise was waiting in her dorm – though she hadn’t had one of those since Harry had yelled at the blubbering humdingers in Ravenclaw Tower. Other bad feelings told her when an animal was in distress, and she would find them to help them or bring them to Professor Hagrid if they were beyond her capabilities.

This bad feeling though, this one was like the one she had felt right before she had seen her mother for the last time. It wasn’t quite the same, but it gave her a similar sort of cold shiver.

Hiding in one the alcoves in the Great Hall, she stood partially behind a suit of armour so she could see what was going on. To see what was about to happen.

She didn’t have to wait long.

Gregory Goyle came storming up from the Slytherin dorms and he was making his way to the doors to the outside. She didn’t know why he was responsible for the feeling, but she knew it was him. She pulled Harry’s cloak out from her pocket, pulled it around her shoulders and followed him.

She kept her distance as they walked toward Hogsmeade, he could just be headed there to do something illegal, but her bad feeling insisted it was something more than that. So she kept on. They crossed the wards and Goyle ducked into the trees, Luna broke into a brisk trot, so she didn’t lose him. She caught up to him just in time to see him lifting his left arm and shaking back the sleeve to reveal an ugly, widely-feared tattoo.

He was pressing his finger to it when she saw it. Saw the reason for her bad feeling. There, hidden in the folds of his robe. Black tails hung out from the pocket.

He had Harry!!

Before she could move, before she could pull her wand from behind her ear, he was gone and she knew that he was taking Harry to  him.  To Voldemort. 

She had to get to Blaise.

Turning, she ran back to the castle. Running so fast she slipped in the snow. She went sprawling into a drift, Harry’s cloak fluttering up over her head. Getting to her feet, she pulled the cloak from around her shoulders as she started to run again. She was tucking it back into her bag even as it banged against her side. Finally reaching the castle, she hurried inside, her fear growing as she pushed herself to run harder.  

Was Blaise even alright? Had Goyle hurt him? Killed him? Oh, she hoped he was okay! How had Goyle been able to get the drop on both of them? It was just so illogical. So improbable. Harry and Blaise separately were powerful wizards. More than a match for Goyle. Together, the odds should have been near zero.

She raced down the corridors toward the Slytherin dorms. Pushing past Malfoy and Nott as they were no doubt making their way back from breakfast, she skidded to a halt in front of the Slytherin Common Room. Uncaring as to how she might look, arms flailing and body dipping low as she brought herself to a sudden stop.

She closed her eyes and  pleaded  with the castle. Opening herself up to its magic and showing it what she desired. Hogwarts was sentient; it understood the needs of its inhabitants. Able to create new rooms and dorms. She hoped it would let her in if her desire were great enough. The grating of stone met her ears and she murmured her thanks to the castle as she ran inside. Glancing around only once to ascertain her surroundings before making her way to the boy’s dorms. Several startled exclamations followed her, but she ignored them all. 

She hammered on the door where she could feel the traces of Harry’s magic and prayed to any listening deities that Blaise could hear her that he wasn’t lying unconscious. Or worse.

The door opened beneath her fist and Blaise stood there, still in his pyjamas.  

“Thank the plimpies you’re alright,” she said as she barged in. 

“Lovegood, what in Merlin’s name are you doing?” Blaise asked as he shut the door behind her. 

“I came straight here. I had to make sure you were alright, Raiden’s gone-”

She stopped as Blaise let out a stifled, pained sound and she cocked her head at him. “You  are  hurt. What happened? What did he do to you? Have you been to see Madame Pomfrey?”

“I don’t need a Healer, Lovegood, I’m fine. But wherever  he’s  gone. I don’t give two flying fucks.”

Luna peered at him again. The wrackspurts were flying around him in a swarm, beating their appendages against his brow. 

“You’re lying, why are you lying?”

“I’m not the one who lied! I’m not the one who hid things and  pretended.

“Pretended? Who pretended?”

Blaise scoffed at her, “Oh, don’t stand there and act like you didn’t know. You must have known. He said you saw things, you know. And I figured it out now; you got to see the world through his eyes, didn’t you?”

Luna couldn’t believe how angry Blaise was, what had happened here? 

“Tell me what happened, how did Go-”

“He  CHANGED BACK! ” Blaise roared,

And suddenly it all clicked into place. 

“He changed back, and he- he’s been  LYING  to me. He  kept  this from me. He’s been here, and you’ve been covering for him. With what? Polyjuice? You’ve been attending classes for him so that people saw him, so they didn’t know that he was here with me,  spying  on us? For what purpose? What were you two planning, huh? What were you hoping―”

“Oh, grow up!” Luna snapped, effectively cutting off any further tirade. 

Blaise stared at her in complete shock. 

“He lied to you? He  didn’t know how to tell you the truth.  He  physically  couldn’t tell you the truth until I managed to get him into the Manor! He was  stuck . He didn’t know how to shift back. Kitsune learn from their family. Skills are passed down from parent to child. And  he doesn’t have anyone to learn from!

Blaise swallowed heavily, a look of realisation passing over his face as he stared at her. 

“Why else do you think there haven’t been sightings of kitsune in the world for over a century? Why the spottings there have been, are so poorly documented that they can’t be trusted as fact? They’re highly coveted, so they keep themselves hidden. Keep their abilities hidden so that the exact thing I fear has happened  doesn’t happen.”

Blaise didn’t say anything as she picked up steam. Her father had always said it was a dangerous thing to allow a descendant of Ravenclaw to build up momentum; now she saw why. 

“He  trusted  you to keep him safe! He called to  you  because his magic knew you loved him! Do you know how few people there are in this world that feel that way about him? That he feels that way for? That he can just instinctively give himself over to? He gave you the key His family heirloom. The key to all their secrets. There’s only one, and he gave it to you. Not to me, not to any of his friends. He gave it to  you .”

Blaise was pressed against the wall; she hadn’t realised she had been advancing on him until now. He looked down at her and had she been in any sort of mood other than this one, she was sure she would have found the difference in their heights comical. 

“What did you say to him?” she said, and she could feel her upper lip curling and didn’t resist the temptation to leave it like that. 


What did you say to him?” 

“That’s none of your business,” Blaise said as he glared down at her. 

“Oh, I think it is, whatever you said had him so discombobulated that he was attacked!”

Blaise’s face went through a complicated array of emotions before he finally murmured, “I told him to get out.” 

Luna slapped him then. 

She couldn’t help it. Her hand just reacted almost as if it were acting on its own. 

“He’s in trouble,” she hissed. “He needs our help!”

Blaise only gaped at her, his hand pressed against his cheek. 

“I came here because I witnessed Goyle making off with him. We need to act fast because wherever he went, I’ll bet anything that he’s taken him to Voldemort.”

There was a sharp gasp from behind them, and Luna spun, her wand in her hand like lightning as she eyed their voyeurs. 

Nott, Malfoy, and Bulstrode stood there in the doorway, looking at them with wide eyes. 

“What in Morgana’s silken bustier is going on?” Nott demanded.

“Voldemort has Raiden, and we need to find him,” Luna snapped, she whirled back to face Blaise. “I’m going to get help. I’ll be in the Room of Requirement within half an hour. And what I  see  is if you’re not there, you won’t ever see him again.”

She stalked out of the room then, intent on finding Neville and anything else she could rustle up. She couldn’t see exactly what was about to happen, but she knew that both Harry and Blaises’s future happiness hinged upon it. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


“Blaise,” Theo began, as Millicent shut the door behind him. “What was Lovegood doing here? She came tearing down here like there was a hungry chimera after her…”

“And she slapped you!” Draco exclaimed, “she― she just― slapped you! Across the face!”

“Raiden’s gone missing,” Blaise said, heavily as he sank into one of the armchairs by the fire. “Goyle kidnapped him.”

The others all came back down to sit around him in silence until Theo broke it.


Blaise pressed his fingers deeper into his hair. 

“What do you mean how?” Draco snapped, “he took Raiden! What does it matter how?”

“No, he’s had ample opportunity to do that before, but Raiden and Blaise are both powerful. How did he manage to do it?”

“Blaise?” Draco asked when he didn’t answer.

“H-Rai- we fought. He left.”

“What could you have possibly fought about?” Draco asked, and Blaise shrugged. 

“Well, we need to go get him,” Millicent said, standing up and loosening up her shoulders. “Where’s this requirement room Lovegood mentioned?”

“Seventh floor corridor,” Draco said, “We should get going-”

“We’re not going,” Blaise said.

They all stared at him agape.

“What do you mean we’re not going?” Draco said. “It― it’s Raiden.”

Blaise sneered and looked away from them all.

“What exactly did you fight about?” Theo asked. “What could have happened that you don’t want Raiden back?”

‘Because he’s not Raiden!” Blaise snapped, and they gaped at him. “He’s not Raiden, and he’s not my familiar, he’s not who any of us thought he was!”

Blaise stood up and stormed over to his bed, flinging the curtains shut behind him. He didn’t see the significant looks the others traded as he sat heavily on the mattress, on the rumpled sheets, his head in his hands.

He didn’t know what he was supposed to do, what he was supposed to think. He felt so betrayed, so lost. So worried.

He shoved that part down, why should he feel worried? Raid- Harr- he had lied to him! Had kept things from him, had- had- loved him.

He shoved that thought away too.

He couldn’t trust it. There was just no possible way. Was there? And all that stuff Lovegood had said… Now that his anger was abating… a lot of it made sense. But it still didn’t explain why he had lied to him. It wasn’t like they couldn’t communicate, Raiden,  Harry , could have told him.

Betrayal swelled in his chest again, mixing with the love he held there for Harry. It all swirled together with his anger, the shock, with the vulnerability he felt at being exposed as he had. 

Blaise looked toward his side cabinet. At the photo that sat there. 

He was sleeping in the photo. But Raiden moved as he heard something. Likely the click of the camera disturbed him, and he shifted beneath Blaise’s arm, opened his eyes, looked at Blaise, and then shifted closer; his nose tucking up beneath Blaise’s chin. Photo Blaise smiled in his sleep and tightened his hold on Raiden before the photo looped again.

He sat there and watched it play over, and over and then over again.

His mouth firmed, and he inhaled deeply. Whatever his feelings for Harry, he couldn’t leave Raiden to whatever fate awaited him. To whatever Goyle had planned for him. To whatever Voldemort might do… 

Quickly he pulled on a pair of dragonhide trousers, and a loose-sleeved shirt. He snagged a vest from where it hung over the back of his chair and summoned the heavy-duty duelling robes that had been a gift from one of his uncles, fastening them around his body before he opened the drawer of his bedside cabinet. Pausing for a moment as the wand holster Raiden had given him for Christmas looked up at him. Shaking his head, he locked up the emotions that threatened to overflow; he wouldn’t be able to think if he allowed them to take over. He needed clarity and objectivity for now. 

The rest could come later.

He had just finished buckling the guard and was slipping his wand into it when his curtains were thrown open. He looked up to see Theo standing there with a belligerent look on his face.

“Look just because you fought― oh. You’re coming?”

“Yes,” Blaise said, striding out into the room to see that Theo and Draco were both dressed similarly.

Millicent perched on the armrest of the couch, arms crossed against her chest as she inspected the nailbeds of her fingers. She had transfigured her own robes to be thicker, more impervious. It wouldn’t last forever, and it wouldn’t be as good as proper dragonhide spelled to resist damage and curses, but it would be better than nothing.

Blaise sighed and looked at them all, “Look, we’ll go, and we’ll save him if we can. But that doesn’t mean I want him back. For now, I don’t want to talk about it, and I really don’t want your opinions on it all. But, if you’re going to come... You should know the truth.”

“That we’re going to go save Harry Potter?” Theo asked.

“Wait- what?” Draco exclaimed. “Potter? How― oh,” he smacked his forehead. “Not really, Raiden. Father’s little jabs last night. Raiden has been Potter all along? But why? Who’s been masquerading as Potter then?”

Blaise chose to ignore most of his questions and stuck with the last one. “Lovegood. Are you sure you all want to come?”

Theo nodded, “You’ll never forgive yourself, or us if we don’t ― and we can help keep his cover, I’m assuming it’s important that he does, otherwise Lovegood would never have pretended to be him in the first place.”

Blaise nodded jerkily and looked at Draco. 

Draco shrugged, “now’s as good a time as any to declare aside, Father’s out. We can escape if we need to, and going on a rescue mission for Potter, well, that puts us firmly on the side of ‘good’ in anyone’s book.”

Millicent coughed something that suspiciously sounded like Weasley behind her hand and Draco glared at her. 

“What about  you,  Millie?” Draco sneered, “Are you going to save Potter too?”

Millicent looked at him blandly, “Fuzzmeister is the Fuzzmeister, whatever form he’s in. I’m game.” 

“Well,” Blaise sighed, “let’s get going.”

Everyone took a deep breath and nodded at each other, and then they swept out the door. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


It took them very little time to make their way up to the seventh floor. The four of them made quite the imposing sight and easily cut through any swath of students in their way. 

It was Blaise that pushed open the door and came across Lovegood kneeling on the floor, sorting through a large box of what appeared to be joke products. 

“What’s all this?” Millicent asked, “I thought you were going to get help?”

“I did. This is everything I could summon of the Weasley Wizard Wheezes in the school.” Luna replied. 

“And how exactly are skiving snackboxes and canary creams going to help us?” Theo asked. 

“Well, I thought we could use the Peruvian Instant Darkness powder and the fireworks, maybe the portable swamp. But you’re right; those could come in handy too. Do any of you know the  ventrem satiata  spell? The spell Healers use to give unconscious patients potions?”

Millicent raised her hand and the boys all looked at her. 

“What?” she sneered, “I’m studying to become a medical magizoologist. Is that so hard to believe?”

“Nope, not at all actually” Draco said, “you’ve always had a soft spot for animals.”

Millicent glared at him. 

“Here,” Luna said, throwing a bunch of things into a small pouch, “Snackboxes, canary creams, and daydream charms too, it will at least distract anyone we might run into.”

Millicent nodded, “Give me some of those wetstart fireworks too, I can see those being just as useful.”

Blaise almost choked, it was smart, certainly wouldn’t leave any traces of dark magic or spell work, healers charms by definition didn’t leave a magical trace. His respect for ― and fear of ― Millicent increased tenfold. 

“Here,” Luna repeated, throwing the rest of them a bag each, Blaise peeked inside to see it full of nasty little surprises, decoy detonators and darkness powder. Lovegood was right; these would come in handy. 

“I thought you were going to get back up,” Draco said. “No Gryffindors joining us?”

She shook her head as she stood up, “too much explanation required, we’d never get there in time. Neville is covering for us. And there will be other help to meet us there.”

“And where exactly are we going? And how are we getting there? The seventh floor is a fair way from the front doors.” Theo pointed out. 

“Blaise can get us there,” Luna said, looking at him with her wide blue eyes. “He has something that ties him to Raiden. It will portkey us through any wards.”

“How can you be sure of that?” Blaise asked, but his thumb found the ring on his finger nonetheless. The ring Rai- Harr-  he  had given him. 

“It’s old kitsune magic, it’s stronger than almost anything.”

“Stronger than Hogwarts wards?” Blaise asked incredulously, that  would  be incredibly impressive. 

Luna gave him a half-smile, half smirk, “How do you think Hogwarts wards got so strong in the first place?”

“As much as I would love to know what you know, Lovegood. We should probably save this discussion for another day,” Theo said.

“Theo’s right,” Blaise murmured, “The longer we wait―”

“So let’s get going then,” Draco interrupted. “Do whatever it is you need to do and find him.”

“Hold onto me,” Blaise said quietly, “I’m not sure how this works.” 

They all crowded around him, holding onto his shoulders or his coat. Looking down at the ring on his finger, he turned it from where it had slipped to the side. He let his defences fall and tried to focus on finding Raiden. 

He tried for several long moments to seek out the connection to Raiden. Looking for the link that they apparently shared. Finally, in a fit of frustration, he growled and ran his hands through his hair. He felt a reassuring squeeze on his shoulder and he looked sideways at Theo. 

“What is it you’re trying?” he asked. 

“I’m trying to find the connection between us, but there’s nothing. I can’t―”

“Maybe don’t look for the link?” Theo suggested, “Maybe look for him.”

Chewing on the inside of his cheek for a moment, Blaise turned the suggestion over in his mind. He had tried focusing on the connection first, because he didn’t  want  to think of him. Didn’t want to dwell in the memories he had with him. They were all too fresh, the hurt too real. 

But he did, he remembered Raiden bounding through the snowdrifts, wholly encased by it. So happy to be free and healed. He thought of feeding Raiden, finding out his likes and dislikes, how he vehemently disliked oranges and would always push them out of the bowl if they managed to find a way in. He remembered Raiden’s breakdown in the dorm after their shopping spree. How he told Blaise of his family, how plaintive his cries were at being shown care and love. He swallowed hard, he remembered the way Raiden had leapt into his arms after opening Blaise’s gift at Christmas. How he snuggled into him. 

A lump formed in Blaise’s throat and a warmth spread in his chest. That was when he felt him, felt Raiden. Felt Harry. He was scared. Worried. 

Feeling a sudden urge to be by his side, Blaise let that need fill him. Let it encompass him. Let it take him. 

The world around him blurred and spun, and then suddenly, they were standing in front of Malfoy Manor. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


When Harry woke, it was to a searing headache and body pains. He held back the whimper that wanted to escape as he opened his eyes slowly into slits. Unknowing of his situation, he wanted to take no risks if he could help it. The first thing he noticed was that he certainly wasn’t anywhere in Hogwarts. Wherever he was, it was fancy. Opulent. The second thing he noticed was that he was in a cage. 

The bars were imbued with a lot of magic. Escape wouldn’t come easy, picking the spells apart would take longer than he figured he had time for. The sides of the cage barely left him room to turn around, to stretch out and the rising fear was hard to keep at bay. 


Harry in a cage


Trying to focus on anything else, he peered out into the room. From his position, Harry guessed he had been placed on some sort of table, he certainly wasn’t on the ground. He was able to easily see Goyle kneeling in front of a large, throne-like chair. An older man at his side looked proudly down at him. From the resemblance, Harry guessed it was his father. In the throne itself sat Voldemort. His snake-like visage still firmly in place and Nagini coiled patiently in his lap.

“You have done well.” Voldemort said, his voice sibilant as it spread throughout the room. “Tonight, you shall be rewarded by joining my inner circle.”

“My Lord, it would be an honour, thank you.” Goyle replied. 

“Leave me now, I have business with the creature.”

“Of course, my Lord. At once my Lord.” Both Goyle’s replied, bowing before they left.

Harry hastily shut his eyes and tried to keep his breathing even as the sound of the door closing reached his ears. He heard the shifting of cloth, a dull thud, and then soft footsteps making their way toward him. 

“What a magnificent prize, Nagini.” Voldemort said, parseltongue hissing from between his lips. “When it awakes, I shall be able to derive all manner of wishes from this creature. Never did I think I might ever see one with my own eyes.”

“Can I eat it, Master?”

Voldemort chuckled as Harry’s blood ran cold. “Perhaps, not for some time yet though, my love. I wish to get all I can from this creature before we dispose of it.”

Harry forcibly held back the shudder and listened to Voldemort walk away, he cracked open an eye, just a sliver, to see Nagini’s head almost pressed against his cage. Tongue flicking between the bars. Voldemort was several paces behind her, seating himself behind a desk that hadn’t been there before. Parchments and quills appearing as he began some type of correspondence. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Draco’s father still maintained the wards around the Malfoy home and they managed to slip in through a hidden tunnel and up to Draco’s room with ease. While he had added extensively to the wards, the Dark Lord apparently felt the task too menial to subject himself to. Draco told them that keeping the list of approved names was enough for the Dark Lord to feel secure ― that he believed no-one on it would dare to bring in anyone the Dark Lord himself would not be pleased to see. 

This was how, after having been in Draco’s room for all of a minute, Lucius found them. 

“What are you all doing here?! Are you mad?” he snarled. 

“No, Father. We had to come. Goyle― Greg, took Raiden.”

“I know, he’s already handed him to the Dark Lord. How did this happen?”

They all glanced at Blaise, before Draco continued, “It isn’t important. What’s important is that we get him back. Father… we’re here to rescue him.”

Lucius’ eyes narrowed. “So suddenly you’re a Gryffindor? You came charging in here―”

Draco drew himself up and scoffed, “We hardly charged, and it’s why we came up here. I knew you would come, we need to know what you do before we can safely make a plan.”

Lucius swore impressively under his breath for a moment. “What is it you think you can do?”

“Wait until the Dark Lord sleeps, incapacitate as many people as possible and get back to Hogwarts with Raiden.”

“And what of your mother and I? We will be blamed for this!”

“I was thinking you could go to France, hide amongst the cove― company there.”

Blaise frowned, what was it that Draco had almost let slip then? Was there something he was keeping from the rest of them? He would have to try and find out later, he couldn’t worry about both that  and  Raiden.

“You’re choosing aside.” Lucius stated, his tone flat and showing nothing of how he felt. 

Draco swallowed, straightened his shoulders and nodded definitively. “I am.”

“For what reason?”


Lucius’ brow furrowed and then his eyes went wide. “You said―”

“I know what I said. I didn’t think you would approve. So I was trying to buy time until I could figure out the perfect way to tell you.”

“Perfect way to― Son, it doesn’t matter who it is. It’s not as if it would be a Weasley.” Lucius chuckled, but when no-one joined him he looked at Draco in shock. “You’re not… which one?”

“Ronald,” Draco said shortly. “Father… we don’t have a lot of time.”

“Right, of course.” Lucius scrubbed his face and then marched forward and hugged his son. “Everything will work out, you’ll see. I’ll go speak to your Mother, she’ll pack. He’s in the ballroom, Raiden and the Dark Lord both. Don’t engage . Go, see, plan. I will meet you back here and we will do this together. There are seven Death Eaters in the house tonight, your Uncle’s included. Be careful, all of you.”

“Uncles?” Millicent asked, her voice a whisper as Draco directed them into what appeared to be the walls themselves. 

“Rodolphus and Rabastan. Rabastan was born sterile, so they couldn’t arrange a good marriage for him, especially as he was a ‘spare’. When Rodolphus’ contract was being finalised with the Blacks, Bellatrix walked in and said she wouldn’t marry Rodolphus without also marrying Rabastan, said she had ingested a Portkey that would whisk her away at a seconds notice and she would use it to embarrass the Lestrange’s by absconding from the wedding before the vows could be said if they didn’t agree.”

Theo whistled lowly, and even through the worry churning in his gut, Blaise had to agree it was a good threat. It would have been a huge insult to the Lestranges if their promised bride fled the wedding and the marriage vows. It would have told the entire pureblood society that the Blacks ― one of the most powerful wizarding families at the time ― didn’t think the Lestranges worthy of respect. 

“It was perhaps the only kind thing my Aunt ever did,” Draco said, his whisper carrying back to them. “Raymus Lestrange was making noise that once Rodolphus was married, there would be no more need for a useless spare.”

“Nevertheless,” Blaise said, speaking up for the first time since they had left Hogwarts, “they are all formidable opponents. We need to be careful.”

The others agreed with him and they travelled the rest of the way in silence. Blaise only knew that they were close because of the high pitched cry that met his ears.


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Harry should have known there was only so long he could pretend to sleep for. He was ‘woken’ by the vigorous application of a cruciatus curse. The surprise by which the curse took him meant he couldn’t keep the howl that ripped itself from his lungs at bay. 

It echoed around the marble room and once the curse lifted, Harry looked up, panting, into the smug, red eyes of Lord Voldemort. 

“Time to wake, little kitsune. It’s time to give me everything I ever dreamed of.”

Harry swallowed. Hard. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


“Blaise, no!” Theo hissed. 

Both he and Millicent had hold of his shoulders, keeping him back from charging through the wall. 

Blaise growled in return. “You can’t expect me to stand here and listen to that! He’s hurting him!”

“If you go in there now you’ll only get yourself killed! Idiot.” Millie snapped. 

“Come on, it’s not much further to the voyeur section. Then we’ll know what we’re dealing with.” Draco murmured. “This way.”

Blaise violently shrugged both Theo and Millicent off and followed after Draco, stopping only when they got to a slightly larger, partially lit area. The light spilled through from the room next door. A one-way spell allowed them to see through the wall and into the room beyond. Golden ears hung on the wall behind them, obviously charmed to capture conversation. 

“Come now, you’ve had a taste. Do you really need more to persuade you?” The Dark Lord’s voice came rasping through the room and they all shivered as it washed over them.

Blaise moved closer to the glass to gaze into the room beyond and his chest rumbled with rage. “He has him locked in a cage!”

“Blaise, wait!” Draco said harshly, his arm thrust quickly across Blaise’ chest to stop him. 

Blaise looked down, he hadn’t even realised he had been striding forward, ready to blast the wall apart. 

“Blaise, that’s the Dark Lord. The  Dark Lord.  We won’t stand a chance alone. Wait,  please.

“I― I’m sorry, I didn’t realise, it’s just…”

“We know,” Theo said softly. “We know. But we all need to keep our heads.” 

Crucio! ” 

Blaise flinched at the incantation, and grit his teeth as a series of yelps filled the air once more. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Harry lay at the bottom of the cage, panting. Trying to catch his breath as the spell lifted. He had no idea how he was going to get out of this. If there was even a chance… maybe he could lie… a memory came back to him then, a whispered snatch of conversation. 

The ball is a lie.

His father’s voice floated in his mind and Harry tried to collect himself, tried to gather what he could of his magic. Concentrating hard, he visualised something he could give to Voldemort. The only thing that sprang to mind were the shimmering crystal balls that the Goblin King favoured, he focused on that and poured as much magic into it as possible. Maybe it didn’t just have to be a lie. 

Maybe it could be more than that.


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


“What is that?” Millicent asked, pointing to where a glass-like ball rolled out from the cage they were keeping Raiden. 

“It’s a kitsune’s ball.” Blaise murmured. “It’s three wishes.”

“Wishes?” Draco asked. 

“He’s trying to buy himself time.”

Millicent cleared her throat. “Speaking of, I’m going to keep crawling through these walls, see if I can’t find some people to… incapacitate.”

“I’ll come with you.” Luna said. “We shouldn’t split up too much. We’ll be back soon. The help I sent for... it shouldn’t be too far away.”

Blaise gave them a curt nod, unable to take his eyes off of Voldemort and Raiden. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Voldemort laughed, and the dry sound made Harry’s skin crawl. 

“I thought that it would take more than that to make you give it up. I was only just starting to enjoy myself.”

Harry snorted and dragged himself to his feet, focusing as hard as he could to see through the bars. Voldemort snatched the ball from where it lay and peered at it intently. 

“There is power in this,” he hummed, “some sort of containment spells… This is my guarantee that you will do as I ask? Exactly what I wish?”

Harry nodded slowly. 

Voldemort stared into the depths of the ball once more, the minutes ticked by as he no doubt pondered his options.

“Then I wish for more power. You will boost my core, strengthen me. So that no other may stand against me and call themselves equal.”

Harry shook his head, and Voldemort snarled. Flying at the cage in a rage, he picked it up with one hand and flung it across the room. 

“How dare you deny me!” he roared.

Harry scrambled to stay upright in the cage, but it tumbled down toward the floor and he yelped as it hit. He was just starting to stand, just about to gather his wits to project an image to trick Voldemort into freeing him when the wall across from him blew inward. 

Rubble reigned down around the room and Voldemort cried out in wordless fury. Through the dust, Harry was able to make out five familiar figures. His heart thumped heavily in his chest as the scene cleared and revealed those he counted as friends ― and Blaise. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


“I couldn’t find all that many,” Millicent said, as she and Luna returned, “wherever they are, they weren’t somewhere we could reach.”

“And my message got through, our back-up has arrived. Just in time too I think.” Luna noted, looking through the wall at the Dark Lord and Harry as if she could see something they couldn’t.

Blaise felt his chest rumbling, he had no idea what they were going to do. No idea how to get him out of there. No idea how they were all going to survive this… 

Suddenly, the Dark Lord roared and Raiden’s cage was flung across the room. All doubts and concerns fled Blaise’s mind and his wand was in his hand faster than he could blink. The wall in front of them crumbled and Blaise was striding through the haze of dust. 

“Shit.” Theo murmured, but Blaise felt his friends ― and Luna ― come to stand behind him. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


“Let him go.” Harry heard Blasie growl. 

If Voldemort had been a lesser person, Harry would have said he blinked. But as it was, there was only a moment’s pause before Voldemort began to laugh. 

“You― you dare to come in here and demand  anything  of me? Do you think you will walk free from here?”

Harry barked, trying to draw Blaise’s attention to tell him to run. To draw Voldemort’s attention away from his friends, from his mate. To do… well anything that wasn’t confined within this cage. 

No-one looked. No-one even glanced his way, and then Voldemort’s wand flashed. The pale yew wood slicing through the air toward Blaise. Blaise’s wand rose to the occasion and he deflected one, then two curses. But the third swept him up. Caught him in some sort of glittering web and Voldemort smiled. 

“You would have been a worthy addition to my ranks, young Zabini.” Voldemort said, silkily. “Your mother is a formidable woman. I can see she has passed some of her skill onto you. Pity.” 

With that last word, Voldemort jerked his wand and Blaise sailing into the wall. 

Harry watched with wide eyes as Blaise connected solidly with the marble surface. Something cracked with an ugly sound and Harry growled. something started growing inside him. Warmth spread across his breast. It surged along his skin. His vision blurred and cleared all at once. His focus narrowed on Blaise’s still form. Ascertaining that he was at least breathing.  

Voldemort thought that he could hurt Harry’s  mate  like that and  get away with it?!

 “Now, Draco, Theodore… Are you really here t―”

An inhuman sound cut off Voldemort from whatever he was about to say. A sound that emanated from deep within Harry. A sound akin to a howl, but much more profound. 

Much darker. 

Distantly, Harry realised the cage surrounding him was slowly crumbling away. That it fell to nothing around his feet. He knew he was growing, knew the telltale tremble by now that indicated his size was changing. He growled again and took a single step forward. His eyes locked on the bright, glaring red of Voldemort’s apparent shock. 

A door to Harry’s left burst open, and he turned toward it, ready to pounce, to attack. But it was only Snape and Lucius Malfoy. 

Harry reverted his attention to Voldemort and took another step forward. 

Voldemort actually faltered, before his countenance hardened and he sneered at Harry.

“I wish for you to obey my every direction, you will do as I command.”

Voldemort raised his wand and Harry took another step forward coming into the shadow of a nearby pillar… and vanished. He moved instinctively across the room through the shadows to stand in front of Blaise. His teeth snapped in the air and the torches in the room flickered, some of them blowing out in the non-existent wind. 

Robes whirling, Voldemort spun to face Harry once more and held up the ball Harry had given him. “I command you!”

A low  nck-nck-nck  sound emanated from Harry’s throat, something not unlike a laugh in his human form. With a flick of a tail lightning lanced between the space between them to strike the ball, turning into nothing more than glittering dust that fell between Voldemort’s outstretched fingers. 

“What―” Voldemort began.

A wind sprang up around him, whipping the dust into a glittering wall that surrounded Voldemort. Encasing him within a containment ward of Harry’s own making. 

Harry snorted and then his voice boomed around the room.  “You know nothing of kitsune, Tom. The ball is just a trick. A ploy and nothing more. You truly think that you can control a kitsune? That we are something that you can use?”  Harry made that laughing sound again.

“But you hide! You cower away like beaten  dogs !” Voldemort snarled as his eyes darted over the magic surrounding him. “You have been hunted to extinction!” 

Harry shook his head, his unruly fur shaking with him. Somewhere in his trip through the shadows to stand in front of Blaise he had come to possess a sense of knowledge. He just  knew  somehow that Voldemort was wrong. Snippets of information from his family grimoire came back to him as he spoke. 

There are more of us than you can possibly know. We do not hide because we are scared. But because of you and those like you, those that seek use us. You think that kitsune can be enslaved? We who made the first mountains? That created life, and light, and love? We who delved deep into the oceans to carve out the land and skies themselves? We who manipulate all energy, all matter, to project our own truths?”  Harry laughed again.  “It is not I who should be scared, Tom. It’s you.”

Voldemort sneered. “I will not cower before a  mutt.”

“You are the one that should be afraid.”  Harry repeated.  “I will destroy you, Tom.”  Harry said as he took another step forward.  “For everything you took from me, my life, my parents, my friends. And for daring to hurt my mate.” 

Something in his voice must have made an impression as Voldemort slashed his wand through the air. 

Harry snarled and registered the casting of two separate spells. One that seemed to radiate a pulse throughout the room and no doubt the Manor, and the other brought down the ward Harry had placed around him. 

He had hoped it would last longer than that.

Another slash of Voldemort’s wand, and fire began to trail behind it like a whip. With another flash of his wand, that fire went lashing toward Harry’s friends.

Calling upon the fire itself, Harry  yanked  with his magic and pulled it away from them. Taking control of the spell to send it back to Voldemort. A noise at the doorway distracted Harry as Voldemort’s Death Eaters poured into the room, giving Voldemort himself enough time to dispel the fiery flames. 

“Kill them! Kill them all!” Voldemort cried. 

The Death Eaters reacted without hesitation and began to attack Theo, Luna, Millicent and Draco. Lucius and Snape leapt into the fray to defend Harry’s friends, causing confusion for a few short moments. 

“Traitors!” Bellatrix hissed as she dodged a spell. 

Drawing in a deep breath, Harry concentrated on the power he and Blaise had been training with. He breathed in deeper than ever and felt the anger and fire in his gut ignite. With a roar he let it out. Flames of all sizes raced from his throat toward the bulk of the Death Eaters and Voldemort, giving his friends cover and time to ready themselves. Theo and Draco were already on the defensive before Harry’s flames died out and Millicent was pointing her wand at something in her palm and whispering rapidly. Harry couldn’t spot Luna but he hoped that she was safe as Voldemort drew his attention again. 

Harry leapt to the side, dodging a unknown blasting hex that would have hit his chest and growled. Lightning danced across his vision and then arced toward Voldemort only to be turned into a great ball of energy and sent back toward him. Instinctively, and with a huff of air at the ball, Harry dissolved it, and let that energy bleed back down into the earth. 

“You defy the very laws of magic with your existence.” Voldemort hissed.

No,”  Harry replied, “ You missed the point, I AM the laws of magic.” 

With that, Harry concentrated his magic at Voldemort’s feet and great tendrils of green shot up from the ground, winding themselves around Voldemort’s legs and reaching for his arms. 

The sounds of battle raged around them, shouts and spell cries littered the air as did the booming effects of those spells. But for all that, Harry still heard the soft voice behind him whisper. 


He turned his head and saw Blaise lifting himself off the ground, his arm hanging awkwardly at his side, but the grip he held on his wand was firm. 


Blaise, prepared to fight


“Raiden! Look out!” Blaise cried, Harry whipped around to see a spell flying toward him. 

Voldemort had banished the plants in Harry’s inattention and sent his own spells back. Harry projected a shield in front of him with little thought and took the brunt of the attack full on. It hit the shield with enough force that Harry went tumbling back to land beside Blaise. Growling, he brought himself to his feet and as one he and Blaise attacked. 

Blaise with showy, powerful spells that drew Voldemort’s attention and Harry with defensive efforts to trap him, hold him, inconvenience him in any way. But Voldemort was a formidable foe for many reasons and he met them equally. 

Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw Theo fall. And Lucius was hit by a curse that took him too long to dispel. 

Help the others. ” Harry thought at Blaise, as he sent another warding hex at Voldemort. 

“No, Raiden―”

HELP the others. They need you.”

“YOU need me.” 

Harry paused while Voldemort shook off the ward and looked at Blaise. 

I do. But not for this.”  

Blaise’s jaw firmed, and he looked almost like he had back in the dorm, and Harry’s heart clenched. 


And with that, Blaise turned and began to duel with Dolohov, drawing his attention from where he had cornered Draco. 

Harry tried to push his emotions aside, but they only served to fuel his anger at Voldemort. He turned his attention back to the bastard at hand and watched dispassionately as Voldemort tore through the last web of his ward. 

“It’s time this was over.”  Harry said aloud and launched himself at Voldemort. 

He flew across the space and Voldemort had no time to react before Harry’s paws hit his chest, throwing him back onto the ground where more vines waited to ensnare Voldemort’s limbs. They wouldn’t hold for long, but then… Harry didn’t need them too. 

With a low growl, Harry locked their eyes together and his tails began to sway hypnotically behind him. A soft pulsing light played over his fur, and Voldemort’s eyes went wide with what could only be called wonder. 

This is where it ends, Tom.”  

With those last words, Harry fell into the dark recesses of Voldemort’s mind and began to systematically destroy everything he found. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


A dark cobbled street, loud sirens in the air and explosions nearby. 

A rundown shack with a snake nailed to the door.

Three muggles, alike in features, dead on the floor. 

A bowl of thin gruel. 

A feast at Hogwarts.’

The dark mark, draw in ink on parchment. 




A world where Voldemort ruled supreme and everyone else cowered before him.

Harry tore through every one of Tom Riddle’s thoughts and memories, hacking through the ties that bound themselves to Voldemort, the ties that Harry could see stretched back to his Death Eaters. He cut through them, severing their link to their master and continued to search until he finally felt what he was looking for. The source. The well of his power. His life force. 

Thinking of all the destruction Tom had wrought upon so many, the utter devastation he had caused to everyone. The blight he was on wizard and humanity alike… Harry began to drain it away. No-one deserved life if this was what they would do with it. He was an affront to everything life stood for. 

Voldemort put up a struggle, but after the initial protest... he was no match for a Kitsune’s anger. 

Harry frowned at the confusing network in front of him. Voldemort’s life force seemed to split into a multitude of directions, it appeared he had tried to tie himself down. To anchor himself somehow. Harry sneered at the feeble attempt to hide from his death. 

This won’t save you, Tom.”  he said as the connections began to close. 

First, a locket melted into a golden puddle, then a cup followed in much the same manner. A jewel set into a crown of some kind cracked, and then shattered into pieces. Nagini reared up and hissed, but then fell to the earth in a garden bed somewhere, belly exposed and clearly dead. 

Voldemort’s struggles increased, almost frantic to throw Harry from his mind. 

A pain lanced through Harry and he felt his concentration torn as he fought to bear down on his task. Voldemort’s vain struggles split his attention further and Harry reached out with everything he had to finish his task. A voice seemed to whisper in his ear. 

“You can do it. Harry. You can do this.” 

With the voice urging him on, Harry grit his teeth and growled and the pain evaporated from him like a mist leaving the moors. His mind felt clearer than he could ever remember before. Harry tore at the last remaining threads of Voldermorts life with renewed energy and then withdrew himself from the corpse beneath him. 

He stood there, panting heavily. It had taken a lot more energy than he thought to wrest Voldemort’s life from him. 

The plants receded into the ground and Harry looked up beside him to see Blaise watching him from across the room. Blaise was okay. A glance showed that the Death Eaters that had been attacking were no more. They lay in awkward positions around the room, and Harry’s friends all stood before him. Hurt, bruised, but victorious nonetheless. Harry found Blaise’s eyes once more...

And then the world went dark around him.


Chapter Text

Harry felt himself drifting in and out of consciousness. He wasn’t sure for how long he slept but when he woke it was in an unfamiliar room and it was almost dark. Either early morning or late evening. He really wasn’t sure. But that was what the light outside his window seemed to indicate. 

He moved in the bed with a groan, his body protesting his efforts to sit up. He was surprised to find himself in that same partial form he had been in when he had inadvertently revealed himself to Blaise. 

“Stay still, Potter. You’ve suffered quite a lot of magical exhaustion.”

Harry’s head whipped around at the sound of his most combative Professor and he winced reflexively at the movement. 

Snape sighed exasperatedly and handed him a potion. 

“It’s a pain reliever. You didn’t need much healing after the battle. A few scrapes and bruises but nothing serious considering.”

Harry took the phial and looked at it cautiously. His magic reached out instinctively to check it before he downed it in one go. 

“”Considering what? That I finally defeated Voldemort?”

Snape’s face spasmed briefly but he looked at Harry with a raised eyebrow nonetheless. “Yes, quite.”

“How is everyone? Are they okay?”

“They are all well, despite their foolish recklessness to save you from your own idiocy.”

Harry scowled at him. 

“I was kidnapped. And I could have gotten out of there on my own. I had a plan at least. I didn’t ask them to come.”

Snape surveyed him for a long moment before he answered. “No. No you did not. But they love you―in their own ways―and so they will follow you into what feats of idiocy you manage to get yourself into. You would do well to remember that.”

Harry frowned. “Is that… some sort of twisted compliment?”

“Not at all. An admonishment if anything.”

“Glad to know you haven’t completely changed then.” Harry muttered as he fiddled with his blankets for a moment. 

Silence reigned for a long time before Snape finally spoke again. 

“We are at Potter Manor. Miss Lovegood insisted on us being here until we were able to ascertain what happened at Malfoy Manor. What can you tell us?”

Harry sighed and leant back against the headrest. 

“Voldemort’s dead. I severed him from all his followers. And I drained his life force. From himself and all the ties he had.”

“Ties?” Snape asked sharply, his body stiffening. 

Harry’s eyes narrowed. “Yes, ties. I don’t know how or what he did, but he bound his life to a few objects. Not that it mattered. I was able to find them easily.”

“What exactly is it that you did?” Snape asked. 

Harry sighed and looked down at where his tails peeked out from under the covers. “I suppose the kitsune is out of the bag. But I won’t tell you all the details, Snape. All you need to know is that Voldemort is dead and there’s no way he can come back.”

Snape seemed to relax minutely into his chair. 

Harry fidgeted with his covers. “Where… Does… Do they all know?” he finally settled on. 

Snape nodded. “It seems they knew before they arrived. They’re all here. Draco, Mr Nott, Ms Lovegood and Ms Bulstrode have all been asking after you. Wanting to know when you awoke. Making quite the nuisance of themselves.”

Harry nodded slowly. 

“And… erm… Blaise?”

Snape gazed at him perceptively. “Mr Zabini is also here. I will not deign to meddle in your non-existent romantic affairs.”

“Right.” Harry said, swallowing hard, looking down at the sheets that were pulled tight across his lap. “Right. Sorry, sir.” 

Snape sighed and shifted uncomfortably in his chair. 

“I have spoken with your parents' portrait…” Harry looked back up at him in surprise. “It seems that Sirius Black was not your only legal guardian. There were two others. Alice Longbottom… and… myself.” 

Harry gaped at him. 

“You… you’re my godfather ?”

Snape dipped his head in an approximation of a nod. “It seems so. Your mother and I… We were very close during our childhood and many of our school years. I never got on with your father, but the fracturing in your mothers and my relationship was staged.”

Harry’s mind raced with the new information. “Staged? So what? You could become a spy?”


Harry’s hand balled into fists. “Did you know? This whole time… Did you know?”

Snape shook his head. “No, no I did not. Though if I had, I cannot say if that would have changed anything between us. I had a role to play while the Dark Lord still lived.”

Harry swallowed down the anger and bile that tried to rise in his throat. What Snape was saying made sense… but he couldn’t rectify it with the knowledge that Snape was someone his mother had trusted his care too. 

“I don’t know what to say.” Harry said at last.

“Neither do I.”

It was that comment that made Harry look up to see the honest expression of confusion and anxiety etched into Snape’s sallow face. 

“Seeing the traits you displayed as a kitsune, the open acceptance of your Slytherin peers... Perhaps I have made many misjudgements of your character.”

Harry set his jaw and nodded. He could see the olive branch Snape had extended and if what he said was true… perhaps Harry could meet him halfway. 

“Being in Slytherin house… Seeing you interact with your students, and seeing the side you showed me when I was hurt and sick… Perhaps I can see too that there is more to you.”

They sat in silence together, weighing the others words against past actions. Until finally Snape spoke. 

“We may not have the relationship your mother had once hoped for. But perhaps we can try?”

Harry nodded. “I think… I think I might like that…”

Snape nodded and pulled a second potion from his robes. “Well then, take this. It’s a mild sedative. You still need rest to get over your exhaustion. When you’re properly rested we can discuss a plan to explain your absence and your plans for the future.”

Harry nodded and took the phial from Snape’s outstretched hand. “Thank you, sir.”

Snape stood and swept toward the door. He paused there for a moment and sighed heavily, muttering under his breath before he spoke aloud to Harry. “Mr Zabini has been outside this door since we arrived. He has said nothing to anyone. But I imagine he feels a sense of betrayal and hurt about your secrets.”

Harry smiled wanly at Snape’s back. “I thought you weren’t getting involved, sir?”

Snape shot him a glare over his shoulder and exited the room with a little extra force in his usual flounce. 

Harry’s smile dropped as he left and he wondered what it meant that Blaise was worried enough to stand guard at his door but not to see him?

His thoughts going nowhere, he downed the phial and fell back into dreamless sleep. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


When Harry woke next, it was in the late afternoon to see Draco and Theo sitting at his bedside talking quietly amongst themselves.

“He―” he broke off with a cough and then tried again. “Hello. Er―  Hi.” he finished lamely. 

“You’re awake!” Theo exclaimed. “We brought food. Thought you’d be hungry by now.” he said as he handed Harry a tray filled with fruits and a bowl of oatmeal. 

“Thanks,” Harry said quietly as he began to eat, wolfing down the food as his hunger made itself known. 

“We thought you were going to sleep yourself into a coma.” Draco griped once he had finished most of the food in front him, though with none of the nastiness Harry was used too.

“Sorry.” He shuffled up the bed again. “I am sorry. I―”

“Lovegood explained.” Draco interjected. “She said you weren’t able to change back, or tell us who you were.”

“No. I mean, that’s right. But… I still lied to you.”

Theo held up a hand and made a seesawing motion. “You did. But not in an unforgivable way. At least… not for us.”

Harry bit his lip and looked away guiltily. 

“Blaise.” he said quietly. 

“Potter… Harry… Look.” Draco began. “I― Is there anyway you could have told him? I know you must have figured out how he felt about you―”

Harry’s heart dropped at the past tense. 

“―is there… do you think you might feel the same way?”

“Does it matter now?” Harry whispered, “he hates me.”

‘I don’t think he hates you, Harry.” Theo began, and Harry snorted. “I think maybe... “

“I don’t need platitudes, Theo.” Harry interjected. “If Blaise doesn’t want to see me then... that’s that. You can tell him I won’t impede on his life anymore.”

Even as his heart ached to say the words, he knew he would stand by them. He wouldn’t inflict anymore pain or hurt on Blaise if he could help it. And if that meant staying away from him then that’s what Harry would do. 

“What does that mean? Are you coming back to Hogwarts with us?” Theo asked. 

Harry shrugged. “Who knows? It’s not like I need to be there. And I can’t like this at least.” He said gesturing to his tails. 

“Can’t you change?” asked Draco.

Harry shrugged again. “I need more control to be fully human.”

“Then why not come back as Raiden?” he persisted. 

Harry shook his head. “I― no. I can’t. It… Just no, Draco.” 


“Leave it, Draco.” Theo murmured. 

Draco scowled and stood. “Fine. I’m going to see Severus, he asked us to let him know when you were awake.” 

Harry stared at Draco’s vacant seat as he left the room and he and Theo sat in silence for a long time. Finally, Theo gave a heavy sigh and came to stand at Harry’s side. Prodding Harry gently with his finger he said. 

“Budge up.”

“What― Theo…”

“Move over. I’m serious.”

Harry did as he was told and Theo climbed onto the bed beside him and wrapped an arm around Harry’s shoulders. They sat there like that for a while, and Harry was reminded of just how nice it was to accept physical comfort from someone. He relaxed slowly into Theo’s half hug and rested his head against his shoulder. 

“Do you like Blaise?”

“What?!” Harry asked, body tensing suddenly, not ready at all for Theo to ask that of him.

“Do you like Blaise? Could you love him?”

“I― Theo...”

“Yes or no, Harry.”

Harry sighed, “I already do.” he admitted.

“Then tell him. He’ll come around.”

Harry tried to push himself away from Theo but he had a surprisingly strong grip. “I already did. Look, you don’t know what happened…”

“No. I don’t. Why don’t you tell me?”

Harry gave an annoyed exhale through his nose and shoved Theo to the side so he could glare at him properly. “Fine. You want to know? I realised I fell in love with him over Christmas. Then yesterday we were lying in his bed, and he was telling Raiden that he was in love with Harry Potter and telling me all these little reasons why. And then I changed back. All of a sudden, with no warning, I was just lying there on top of him, completely starkers. And to top it off, he accused me of lying to him. Of betraying him. Of trying to find out his secrets. I tried to explain, told him that I loved him. He told me to get out. That he couldn’t forgive me.” 

“I guess the legends were true, once a kitsune is revealed, their treachery really can’t be forgiven.”


“So go on, Theo. Tell me how to fix that.” Harry said, glaring at him. Barely aware of the hot tear rolling down his cheek.

Theo opened his mouth and then closed it again. Clearly at a loss for words. 

Harry nodded and looked away, his fears confirmed. “I’m tired. You should go.”


“Please, Theo. There’s nothing you can do, alright?”

Theo sighed and his hand rested momentarily on Harry’s shoulder. “I’m still here for you. You’ve become my friend over these last few months. I don’t want to lose that.”

“You won’t.” Harry said softly. “But you’ll probably have to settle for a penpal.”

Theo sighed again and squeezed his shoulder. “We’ll see, Harry. We’ll see.” he said as he moved off the bed.

Harry’s eyes tracked him to the door and when it opened he was able to see into the hallway beyond. 

Into the shining hazel of Blaise’s gaze. He leaned against the wall opposite Harry’s room, his arm in a sling and his gaze stormy. 

And then the heavy wooden door closed between them. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Harry spent hours that afternoon agonising over everything that had happened between him and Blaise. Replaying every moment they had shared over in his mind. A physical ache panged inside him with every fresh thought or remembered memory and when he flipped over on the bed, he felt the weight of the collar Bliase had given him. 

The one with the inscription that read “ Love you always, my tesoro, Blaise x”  

He had feigned sleep when Luna and Millicent had visited, not wanting to speak to anyone and had finally fallen into a true fitful sleep as the sun began to set with his hand clasped around the pendant. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Blaise stood outside Harry’s door, unable to push himself over the threshold and into his room even though he knew that Harry had been waking in fits and starts since they had returned. But just as he could not enter the room, he could not walk away. So he remained, leaning impassively against the wall and doing his best to ignore those around him when they tried to urge him to speak to Harry. 

He didn’t know what he wanted. Didn’t know how he felt about… anything anymore. His whole perspective had been turned upside and inside out and Blaise didn’t know what emotions he could trust.

Sighing silently to himself for the umpteenth time he stretched out his newly healed arm. Professor Snape had insisted on a sling even though Blaise felt it unnecessary, but a stern look from his Head of House and he had capitulated. Now, he scoured his feelings, utilising every inch of occlumency he had gathered over the years to analyse what exactly it was that he was feeling. 

Hurt. Anger and betrayal as well. But mostly hurt. He was hurt that Harry Raiden hadn’t felt that he could be trusted with his secret. After everything they had shared together… He had trusted Lovegood. But not him. And they were supposed to be familiars…

His eyes widened fractionally, even the Goblin King had worked it out, and even then Raiden had sworn him to secrecy. His heart ached and his anger flared again. Breathing deeply, he recentered himself and continued his self-appointed exercise. 

It hurt that in all the ways Raiden had learned to communicate, he had still not told, or even tried to tell him, not even that he was Harry Potter… but human?

He was hurt that the person his family’s curse declared to be his only true love could not trust him. 

Anger at himself for Raiden’s kidnapping. Anger at Raiden for being the reason for their fight in the first place. Anguish for the way it had been revealed. Anger toward himself for not noticing the clues and putting them together like Lucius Malfoy had.

But all in all, he still felt love for Harry Potter. And he still loved Raiden. But he was having trouble melding those two views together. To see Raiden as Harry… To know Harry was Raiden… 

With his thoughts so inconclusive and continually swirling in his mind with no end in sight, he decided there really was only one thing to do. 

He was going to have to talk to him. 

Pushing open the door in front of him, he stilled momentarily. The moonlight that filtered through the open window gave off enough light that Blaise could see him as he slept. 

His brow furrowed at intervals, and his limbs would kick and jolt. But through all his movements, his hand never let go of the pendant he wore around his neck. 

A fluttering feeling swelled in Blaise, but he pushed it aside. Unwilling to muddy his thoughts further, Blaise closed the door behind him and leant against the door. Waiting as patiently as he could for Harry to wake. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Harry woke to true nightfall. It was dark outside, and he could see the stars in the sky as he had neglected to draw the curtains before he fell asleep. He stretched slowly and knew he was far too awake to fall asleep again. Perhaps he could get up and see about finding some more food.

He moved to sit up, his fingers releasing their tight grip of his pendant to brush it lightly into place as he leant back against the headboard. His eyes drew up to look around the room and he froze in place as he saw Blaise standing in his room. 


Blaise standing in Harry's room


His arm was still in the same sling he had seen earlier and his face was still set in that same unreadable expression and Harry felt himself swallow reflexively. 

Neither of them spoke, both seemingly afraid to break the silence between them. Instead, it grew heavier with each passing moment. 

Finally, Blaise spoke.

“I reacted instinctively the other morning. I’m prepared to hear you out now.”

Harry blinked at the curt words, and then his anger rose and he found himself ripping back the blankets so he could stand freely and ball his fists together. 

“Oh, you will, will you?” he snarled. “What. Now that you’ve had people in your ear all day? Or is it that you think you owe to yourself? Why now and not when it mattered?”

“This isn’t easy for me you know!” Blaise snapped. 

“Well, it sure isn’t easy for me either!” Harry yelled back. “Do you really think any of this has been easy for me?”

“I think that being carried everywhere and having your every need attended too certainly isn’t a hardship!”

Harry heard the low, rumbling, warning growl in his throat and from the way Blaise’s eyes sharpened, he did too. 

“What else was I supposed to do, huh? In case you forgot, I was injured to the point of being unable to walk that first month or so! Everyone thought I was your familiar! I couldn’t just up and leave!”

“You could have. Once you got better, you could have left. You didn’t have to drag this out!”

“Would you have let me?” Harry retorted. “As much as I wanted to stay, you didn’t want me to go either.”

“You could have told me.”

“How? How could I have told you? I didn’t even know I could project images until Luna brought me here to meet my parents for the first time. And what would those images have looked like? Trying to explain something as complex as ‘I got stuck in a kitsune form and I don’t know how to change back, oh by the way I’m Harry bloody Potter, please don’t hex me’?” Harry panted out. He sucked in a breath and tried to regain his temper. “I didn’t know I could project my voice until that morning. I haven’t known half of the things I can do until I’ve already done them! In case it failed to escape your notice, I have no bloody idea what I’m doing!

“That doesn’t mean you didn’t violate my trust! I told you things in confidence…”

“And so did I! I gave you all my secrets, Blaise. All of them except my name. I told you things I―things I haven’t spoken about to anyone.

“I told you that I was… that I loved you!”  

“No you bloody well didn’t! Not once did you ever say my name, I would have remembered that!” Harry snapped back. “Up until the moment I changed back I thought you were in love with Neville!”

Blaise looked at him incredulously. “Neville? As in Longbottom? Where in Morgana’s silken underwear drawer did you get that idea from?”

Harry threw up his hands, “I don’t know. Maybe it was when you avoided eye contact with Neville and focused on giving me those pain drops. Or when you ran away from him in the library!”

“I didn’t… I ran away from you! Well, Lovegood as it turns out.” 

Harry tugged fruitlessly at his hair. “I didn’t ask her to do that. Just as I didn’t ask her to go to Dumbledore and adjust my timetable. She did that to draw suspicion away from the fact ‘Harry Potter’,” he said spitting his name with a small degree of venom, “was missing and a black-haired, green-eyed kitsune had showed up.” 

Blaise was silent and Harry didn’t know what else there was to say. His tails twitched agitatedly until he sighed and sank sideways onto the bed. He leant over, bracing his elbows on his knees and resting his forehead against his hands. 

“I’m sorry. I hated lying to you. Every minute of it. But I just didn’t know what else to do and then… then I realised I’d fallen in love with you and that was just a whole new depth of despair. I never imagined you would feel that way about me and I thought I could be content to just spend the rest of my life as your kitsune.” 

Soul-baring words were so much easier spoken when he was looking at his knees he thought. 

“That morning… I still didn’t know what triggered it. But suddenly you were saying all these wonderful things about me. About how I am as a human and then.” he waved hand indicating the madness that had ensued. “I understand if all of this means you never want to see me again. If that’s what you want, I can do it. Probably.”

Harry didn’t dare look up as Blaise’s footsteps drew nearer. He could see the tips of Blaise’s shoes from between the inner edges of his thighs. 

“I don’t… I don’t want that.” Blaise said quietly, and suddenly Harry could hear his heart beating twice as loud in his ears. “I’m sorry too. You blindsided me when I was exposed and I felt like I had to protect myself. I didn’t want you to hurt me… So... I lashed out at you… and I ended up hurting both of us.”

Harry tentatively looked up and his eyes met Blaise’s, searching them for whatever meaning Blaise was getting at. 

“Harr― Raid―” Blaise huffed, “I don’t even know what to call you…” he admitted quietly. 

Harry swallowed around the nerves that had risen in his throat and he stood up. With Blaise this close to the bed, the were almost touching, the space between them so small as to be negligible. 

“I like it when you call me yours.” he whispered. 

Blaise inhaled sharply and a sudden hungry look developed in his eyes, with movements almost too fast to track, he had one hand delving into Harry’s hair, and uncaring of his sling moved to grab Harry’s waist and pull him into a fierce kiss. 

Harry went willingly, using Blaise’s momentum to wrap his arms around his neck. Holding himself tightly to Blaise, unbelieving that this was really happening. At the press of Blaise’s tongue against the seam of his lips he moaned into the kiss. They moved in sync with one another until Harry pulled back, panting slightly. 

Blaise let his head drop so their foreheads rested together as their breathing evened out. 

“So,” Blaise said, “Longbottom? Really?”

Harry flushed and made to draw back from Blaise, punching him gently in the shoulder. “Prat.”

Blaise smirked and reeled him back in. Kissing him again.

A soft rumble emanated from Harr’s throat and he felt Blaise smile against his lips.

“Are you purring?”

“Am I not allowed to be happy?” Harry asked. “Voldemort’s dead, I’m somewhat human again, and apparently... in love.”

Blaise hummed happily. “That makes two of us.”

“Really? You’re only somewhat human?” Harry asked. 

Quick as snake, Blaise’s hand shot out and smacked Harry lightly on the bum. 

“I meant that I’m in love too.”

Harry felt his eyes sparkling, and a grin stretched across his face. “With Neville, right?”

Blaise nodded seriously. “Yes, with Neville.”

Harry laughed delightedly and drew Blaise back down for a kiss. Quite content to never stop. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


By unspoken agreement, Harry and Blaise had migrated to the bed and now they lay there quietly in one another’s arms. 

“So, this is different,” Blaise said, as he trailed his fingertips over the exposed flesh of Harry’s arm. 

“Yeah. Tell me about it.”

Blaise huffed quietly in amusement and a slow smile spread across his face. The one Harry had only ever seen when it was just the two of them. His heart fluttered in his chest and he shifted minutely in the bed, inadvertently pressing himself closer to Blaise. His eyes drifted over the planes of Blaise’s face, trying to catalogue if there were any differences seeing him with new eyes. 

Raising his hand, he gently stroked a finger across Blaise’s cheek. Blaise captured his hand and pressed a kiss to his palm. A slow smile spread across Harry’s face and he lifted himself up into a better position for a kiss. 

The kiss was slow and lazy. A soft glide of tongues. A passing brush of lips. Harry’s world narrowed to that room. That bed. That kiss. Blaise’s hand slid down his back and his fingers thread through the tails Harry had yet learned to command. 

A low, shuddering groan resonated from deep within him and Harry felt his bones turn to liquid as he melted beneath Blaise’s touch. 

“Feel good?” Blaise murmured against his mouth.

“S’good.” Harry managed to say, though his words were more slurred than usual. 

Blaise rolled them slightly so that Harry was sprawled over him and then ran both hands through his tails. Harry groaned and buried his face into the crease of Blaise’s neck. He could feel arousal stirring within him. Knew that if Blaise continued…

“Stop.” Harry gasped, “You need to stop.”

Immediately Blaise’s hands lifted to settle on his waist instead. 

“Why? Was I hurting you? Are you alright?” his voice took on a distinctively worried tone as he went on. 

“No, it’s fine. Good. More than. And that’s― well.” Harry lifted himself onto his elbows, bracing them against Blaise’s firm chest. “That’s kind of the problem. If you keep going… we might find ourselves somewhere we aren’t ready to be yet.”

“Oh, oh. ” Blaise said, his eyes lighting up as he understood what Harry was saying. He smirked. “Well, I’ll have to file that away for later.”

Harry felt his face flush and he ducked his head briefly. One of Blaise’s hands rubbed soothingly against his back and Harry relaxed back into his touch, feeling pensive as he did so.  

“Something on your mind?” Blaise asked quietly.

Harry felt one of his ears twitch and knew he had given himself away somewhat. 


Harry & Blaise in bed


“It’s nothing. Well, not nothing, but it can wait.”

“Tesoro,” Blaise murmured, “you can ask me anything.”

He cocked his at Harry then, and Harry assumed it was in response to the blazing smile he felt stretching across his face.


“You called me ‘tesoro’. I just… I wasn’t sure if you still would.”

Blaise hummed. “Well, despite our tiff―”

“Tiff?” Harry asked with a raised eyebrow.

Blaise carried on as if he didn’t hear him. “―I still think of you that way. You are the treasure that lights up my life.”

“Blaise, I―I feel the same way. Without you… I don’t think I would have been able to find the meaning in my life, or the strength to fight. I don’t want to envision the rest of my life without you.” he finished quietly. 

“Neither do I. How about we agree to never find out?”

Harry smiled, a soft, slowly curling smile that tucked itself into the corners of his mouth. “Yeah. Let’s do that.”

Blaise’s response was to kiss him. Long drawn out kisses that seemed to last past the stars themselves burning out. When they finally drew apart. Blaise asked him. 

“So what was on your mind?” Blaise asked as he reached up to brush some of Harry’s hair away from his face. Trailing his fingers through Harry’s hair and scratching gently at the base of his ears. 

Harry snorted softly, absently leaning into Blaise’s hand as it worked its pleasant magic. “Seems silly now. But I wanted to know where we stood. Officially, I mean. What we are to each other. I didn’t know how to ask without sounding like some fourth-year Hufflepuff.”

Blaise laughed. “It’s an easy thing to answer. I’m yours”

“And I’m yours,” Harry replied as Blaise drew him down toward him again.

Chapter Text

It was nearing lunchtime when Harry and Blaise finally decided they should pop the little bubble they had been living in. 

“We really should go,” Harry said for perhaps the fourth time as he pulled away from their most recent snog. At least they had made it out of the bed and were actually standing and ready to walk out. If they could only drag themselves away from each other for long enough to do so. 

Blaise hummed and dragged his nose along Harry’s neck. “We should.”

Harry reached up to wind Blaise’s hair around his fingertips and tugged him into a proper kiss. 

Eventually, Harry’s stomach growled and Blaise pulled back with a laugh. “Was that you, or your stomach?”

Harry shoved at him none too gently. “It was my stomach, I’m hungry. We missed breakfast because of your ‘just five more minutes.”

“Oh,” Blaise replied arching an eyebrow, “and your ‘just one more kiss’ had nothing to do with that?”

Harry shook his head. “Nope.”

“Of course not,” Blaise snorted. 

“C’mon.” Harry said, tugging Blaise toward the door. “We both need to eat.”

Blaise pulled on their joined hands and dragged Harry back to him. “Just five more minutes?” he murmured. 



Harry really thought he should put up more of a protest, but as his lips met Blaise’s, he couldn’t think of a single reason why. 

They were just getting into the kiss when the door suddenly burst open beside them to admit Draco, Theo, Millicent and Luna. 

“Sorry, Harry. But have you seen Blaise―” Draco trailed off. 

“I think he has.” snorted Theo. 

“Probably a lot of him.” Millicent drawled as her eyes lingered on their dishevelled clothing. 

Harry flushed red and readjusted his stance so he was standing more naturally next to Blaise, rather than plastered all over him. 

“Soooo… does this mean everything’s okay between you two?” Draco asked, his eyes darting from one to the other. 

Harry felt Blaise’s hand slip into his own and he looked up to see Blaise smiling at him.  

“Yeah, yeah it is,” he told them.

“Oh, thank Circe,” Draco exclaimed. “I have no idea what we were going to do otherwise. Lock you in a broom cupboard together or something.”

Harry tensed, his hand clenching briefly around Blaise’s for a moment. 

“Well, I’m glad it didn’t come to that.” He said tightly. Only Blaise seemed to notice his demeanour, however, and his thumb rubbed reassuringly over Harry’s thumb. 

“Come on, lunch is ready,” Theo said, waving them out of the room. 

Luna pulled Harry into a quick hug. “I’m so happy for you. And very glad that I won’t have to hurt my hand on Blaise’s face again. At least, not for a while.”

Blaise rubbed his jaw tenderly. “There’ll be no need for that, Lovegood.” 

“Well, not because of Harry again, no.” Luna agreed. 

“Wait. wait, wait, wait. Luna slapped you ?” Harry asked, eyes wide with surprise. 

“It was a good one too.” Millicent called from in front of them. “I can still hear it.”

Harry was still trying to wrap his mind around sweet, gentle Luna slapping someone when the girl in question patted his arm reassuringly. 

“It’s alright, Harry. Someone had to make him see reason. He just needed a nudge is all.”

“Right.” Harry said. “Well, no more slapping my mate, alright?” 

The word slipped out of his mouth without him realising what he had said and he drew up short. 

No-one but Luna and Blaise had heard him say it and Luna walked ahead with the others to give them a moment of privacy. 

“Mate? As in?” Blaise asked. 

Harry shuffled on his feet, and looked around for some reason to ignore what he’d said, to put off answering. He sighed when he couldn’t find anything and succumbed to the idea that the truth really was better. For everyone. 

“I… I dunno. It just slipped out.” Harry said quietly. “I haven’t found anything like that in the family grimoire, but…” he trailed off. 

“But what?” Blaise prompted.

“Well, I dunno… the centaurs… Bane called you my Synkardiás.” Harry bit his lip. “I looked it up in your library once. It means―hearts in synchrony.”

Blaise nodded slowly. “Soulmates then perhaps?”

Harry shrugged and inhaled a shaky breath. “Maybe? I don’t know… I mean. Is this all too much? This kitsune stuff? I feel like I’m drowning in it let alone you, and does that make this―” he gestured uselessly between them. 

“Hey, shh.” Blaise said, stepping closer to Harry, and cradling his face with his hand. “It’s alright. We’ll figure it all out together. And if it does turn out to mean soulmates… Harry… I told you about my family’s curse. The potion. I’m not opposed to the idea. It would be all sorts of wonderful, really.”

Harry let that turn over in his mind for a moment. “Yeah, yeah it really could be.” 

Blaise smiled again, that beautiful, wonderful smile, the one that had begun for Raiden only and now included Harry, and he leant down to capture Harry’s lips in a chaste kiss. 

“Oh, for heaven’s sake. Will you two come on already?” Draco griped, striding back toward them and dragging them along by their shirtsleeves.


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Harry entered what he assumed was the dining room of Potter Manor to find Snape already seated along with Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. 

“Glad to see you are up and about, Mr Potter,” Lucius said. “Are you well?”

“I feel fine now, much recovered. Thank you for asking, Mr Malfoy.” Harry replied as he found a seat. Feeling a little uncomfortable as people’s eyes lingered on his tails and ears. 

“It is we who should be thanking you,” Narcissa said in her quiet way. “First you save my husband and our closest friend from their marks, and then you… you defeated the Dark Lord.”

Harry shifted in his place. “Yeah, well. It had to be done right?”

“Indeed.” came Snape’s voice from his right. 

Food appeared in front of them and Harry almost leapt for the platter of sandwiches, quickly filling his plate. They ate in silence for a while, and then Snape turned his keen attention on Harry. 

“As of this moment, the Wizarding World is not yet aware of Voldemort’s demise. Many of his Death Eaters have been captured however when they succumbed to a fainting illness in the middle of the day.”

“You mean, you haven’t told anyone yet?” Harry asked. 

They all shook their heads. 

“We wanted to wait until you had recovered enough to talk about it. We will all support whatever version you wish to tell. What you want to do.” Lucius said. 

Harry looked around the table, to see them all nodding in agreement. It was a heady sort of power. 

He rubbed his brow, inadvertently rubbing his scar. He drew his hand away to look at his fingertips, half expecting to see them covered in blood despite the knowledge that his scar would never hurt again. 

“I don’t know what to say. What I want to do…” he finally said. “I just know that I’m tired. So tired of being in the public eye. This is only going to exasperate that.”

“You are a hero. Whether you like that or not.” Lucius told him. 

Harry scowled at him. “Well, I don’t like it. Everyone is going to applaud me for this. For killing a man . I don’t care that it was in self-defence. Or for the greater good. Or for whatever other reason. I still feel like a murderer. Again .”

“Harry,” Blaise murmured, but Harry shook his head. 

“You don’t get it. None of you. To be in that spotlight? For something you don’t want? This will be worse than when everyone thought I was the Heir of Slytherin, worse than the Tournament. Worse than the accusations of last year. I’ll be hounded for interviews. From the Ministry, the newspapers, and the public alike. People will want to know . I’ll be mobbed at Hogwarts. I won’t have any peace. And what happens if I can’t control myself? If they find out I’m Raiden? My Dad said that there are reasons why kitsune remain hidden. Reasons why we don’t reveal ourselves and if I’m found out… That ‘fame’ will only intensify. Who knows what people will want from me? Will want to do to me. I’ll never have any peace.

He buried his head in his hands, elbows on the table in front of him. “I just want to have a normal, quiet life. I never wanted any of this,” he whispered. 

Blaise came around the corner of the table to kneel beside Harry. Placing a comforting hand on his shoulder and his knee. 

“We’ll figure this out, I won’t let that happen to you.”

“How? How are you going to do that?”

Theo cleared his throat. “I might actually have an idea…”


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~



It is with great pleasure that this reporter informs you that the wizard known as ‘Lord Voldemort’ has been defeated for good. Two nights ago, Harry Potter along with Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Draco Malfoy, Theodore Nott II, Millicent Bulstrode, and Luna Lovegood, were part of an altercation that ended with the demise of Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Lord Voldemort at the wand of Harry Potter. What follows here is a verbatim interview with the wizard himself. 

RS: You-Know-Who is really dead? This isn’t like what happened sixteen years ago?

HP: No. Back then, Riddle had the means to escape death. This time, I ensured he did not. 

RS: can you elaborate?

HP: I have. To Minister Scrimgeour, Head Auror Robards, and the Head Unspeakable. You can be assured that though the information is classified, there is no doubt that he will ever be able to come back. Riddle is dead. He is gone. For good. 

RS: Are there any details that you can give us? What can you tell us about what happened?

HP: I was kidnapped by one of Voldemort’s Death Eaters. They brought me to Malfoy Manor where Riddle was holding Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy hostage for the use of their home and wards. My friends, Blaise(Zabini), Draco(Malfoy), Theo(dore Nott II), Millicent(Bulstrode) and Luna(Lovegood) found out about my disappearance and sought to rescue me. With their help, I was able to free myself from the imprisonment Tom kept me in and overpower him. They―along with Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape―challenged and duelled the Death Eaters that Riddle kept in the manor.

RS: Why did you take so long to report the death of You-Know-Who?

HP: Please stop calling him that. It makes him into a bogeyman. A dark mystery, when he was nothing more than an insane, power-hungry man. We took so long to report it as I spent much of that time recovering from magical exhaustion. 

RS: Are you okay now?

HP: I still tire easily, even with all the training I had this year, it was no easy task to battle a wizard as great as Riddle. 

RS: You make it sound as though he…

HP: I make him sound like nothing more than what he was. Tom Riddle was an evil, twisted man. He murdered countless people. Wizard and muggle alike. He was responsible for the deaths of thousands more. He used the Unforgivable curses on anyone, including his own followers. No-one was safe from his horrid attention. Riddle was a great wizard. In the sense that his skill and power were extraordinarily far above average. Do not mistake common colloquialism for my intent and twist my words, Rita. 

RS: Yes, well… moving on. What do you intend to do now?

HP: I intend to rest. I am removing myself from Hogwarts and the public for the rest of this year. Possibly even longer. I intend to take any exams necessary externally and have already arranged this with the Ministry. 

RS: Are you going to become a recluse? You don’t think you owe it to society to remain?

HP: I don’t think that a sixteen-year-old teenager owes wizarding society anything, Rita. My ‘fame’ such as it is, comes born from personal tragedy. I am famous because my parents died. It is not something I enjoy being reminded of on a daily basis. 

RS: You are famous for more than that now. You defeated one of the most infamous Dark Lords of our history. The people will want to thank you. You are a hero now.

HP: I don’t feel very heroic. If they wish to, they can thank me by remembering that I am a person first, and not their idol. They can thank me by never mentioning it to me again and allowing me to live my life in peace. I killed Riddle because he would have killed me if I hadn’t. It was more about survival than anything else. The whole experience was terrifying. I was scared for myself, for my friends, for what it would mean if I failed. My hands are soaked with his blood, and I have nightmares of all the times he has tried to kill me in the past. For everyone else his death may be a cause for celebration, but for me, it is something I would like to put behind me. I do not want to live my life constantly reminded of the worst things that have ever happened to me. 

RS: I… 

HP: I don’t want every detail of my life written in the papers, like some muggle celebrity. I want to be able to shop, to eat, to go out for a cup of coffee with my friends without being hounded by well-wishers or photographers. Is it so much to ask that now I am finally free of a madman who has sought to kill me from before I was even born, to actually live? 

RS: No, Mr Potter. No, I don’t think that it is too much to ask.


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


Harry walked into Hogwarts on his own. The Potter Lordship ring on his finger to help hide his extra features as he had not yet been able to control them for long enough to do what he needed to do otherwise. 

After that first meal with Severus and the others, Harry and Blaise had retired to the library to see his parents. His mother had cooed over how handsome they both were and his father had been prone to roguish winks and outright grinning. 

They had spent many hours there, talking to his parents about all kinds of things. A large portion of their time had been taken up by explaining everything that had ever happened with Voldemort, and his inheritance. 

He hadn’t been able to stay much longer, unable to put off the pressures of the real world for long. But he had made his promises to them to come back as often as he could, and Blaise had suggested Harry could have an adjoining portrait made that they could hang in the Room of Requirement. So he could easily spend time with them whilst still at school to learn all he could from them. All the things he should have been taught growing up. 

But for now, Harry climbed the stairs to the main entrance of Hogwarts. Students who were about this early in the morning all stopped to stare at him. Some even openly gaped at him as he made his way toward the Headmasters office. None approached him however and the stone gargoyle that guarded Professor Dumbledore’s office leapt aside for him almost at once. 

Riding the stone stairs to the top, Harry reflected on the article that had graced the front page of the paper today. Sirius had finally been declared innocent and Peter Pettigrew was to face the Dementor’s Kiss for his numerous crimes. The Ministry had awarded Sirius with a monetary reimbursement for his false imprisonment, but it all went to the Black estate as Sirius was unable to claim it for himself. 

Harry fiddled with the Black ring on his index finger absently. What he wouldn’t give for his godfather to be here. 

The news that Severus was also his godfather had been shocking, and in truth, it still hadn’t really sunk in for Harry. But they were both trying to move on from their past. It helped that they had Lily and Draco to mediate things between them. 

Knocking on the door to Dumbledore’s office, he was admitted entry and Harry came to take a seat in front of the old, wizened Headmaster. 

“Harry, my dear boy. Lemon drop?”

“Erm― thanks, Professor.” Harry said, taking the sweet and popping it into his mouth. Sucking softly on the sweetly sour candy. 

“I saw the article, and of course Minister Scrimgeour came to see me. He thought I might have more information.” Dumbledore stated after a few long moments.

Harry nodded. “I thought he might. Sorry.” 

“What is it you’ve come to tell me, Harry?”

Harry sighed, and scrubbed his face. “I’ve come to say that I’m done. Done with Voldemort, done with school.” He took a deep breath. “Done with you, sir.”

“My boy?”

“I know that you’ve tried to look out for me. That you did what you thought was right. But sir, your decisions regarding me have never been for me. They’ve all been for the ‘greater good’. Living with the Dursley’s. Not telling me about Sirius. Forcing me to participate in the Tournament. Not trusting me with information. There’s more, but I don’t want to dwell, sir. I want to move on. I don’t want my life to be for the greater good anymore. I want my life to be mine.”

“Oh, my boy. I am so sorry.” Dumbledore said, and when Harry met his eyes, he saw genuine sadness there. “It was never my intention―”

“I know, sir. I do. I get it. You were thinking of the big picture. But just because I understand, it doesn’t make it okay. ‘Harry Potter’ is leaving Hogwarts, and I don’t think I will be back.”

“You intend to stay as Raiden then?” Dumbledore asked, his eyes twinkling.

Harry felt his muscles tense. “You know?”

“I was very good friends with your grandfather once upon a time. I accidentally stumbled upon him once when he was changing. He swore me to secrecy. I took an Unbreakable Oath to never speak about it to anyone outside the Potter line. I had thought it skipped you when you didn’t show signs of it in your first year.”

Harry didn’t know what to say and simply remained staring at Dumbledore unfathoming of the situation he found himself in.

“You are more than welcome to remain at Hogwarts as Raiden, Harry.”

Harry blinked, remembering the last conversation they had in this office. “You weren’t going to let Blaise keep me at first. Why?”

Dumbledore chuckled. “I was always going to allow you to remain masquerading as Mr Zabini’s familiar. But I had to put up a protest. It would have been suspicious if I had not.” 

“Right. Of course. Big picture.” Harry replied. “I should go, Professor. Thank you.”

“No, Harry. Thank you . I very much hope that you will have the life you wish. You deserve it, dear boy.”

Harry nodded silently and left his office. 


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


They had been back at school for a few weeks now and Harry had easily slipped back into the role of Raiden outside the Slytherin boys dorm room. 

Inside was a different story. He still slept in Blaise’s bed, though they had enlarged it somewhat. He still lounged in front of the fire and curled himself in Blaise’s lap upon occasion. But he spent much more time in his unusual hybrid form. Learning to switch back and forth seamlessly, learning to retain his solidly human state for longer and longer periods. Talking with Blaise, and with Theo and Draco. He studied alongside them, taking notes from topics in the classes they attended together as well as reading from his family grimoire. A few times a week, he and Blaise would head to the Room of Requirement and practise spells in his kitsune form. 

Luna, and sometimes Neville, would join them for lunch at the Slytherin table and once the other students realised that the teachers didn’t mind, they too had started to switch tables. 

Once a week, after dinner, Harry would go to Professor Snape’s office and they would attempt to connect as Harry’s mother had hoped. After their first disastrous, mostly silent, try. Harry had mentioned how he never really understood potions because he just didn’t understand why so many things were the way they were and Snape had leapt at the opportunity to teach him. One on one, and starting from the basics, Severus proved to be a patient teacher and as Harry started to question him in-depth about different procedures and substitutes, they were working on building toward an amicable relationship. After each successful brewing, Severus would recount a story or two for Harry about his mother, and a few times, those stories would feature his father as well. 

There was only one relationship that Harry found himself constantly thinking about and he really didn’t know what to do about it. And the longer he left it, the harder it seemed to get.


~*~*~*~*~ 💕 Harry&Blaise 💕 ~*~*~*~*~


So what are we doing?” Harry silently asked Blaise for the third time as they walked along the corridors of Hogwarts towards the Room of Requirement. 

They had trained just yesterday with some of a kitsune’s illusion tricks and Blaise was supposed to be studying for his Charms exam the next day.

“I told you, you’ll find out when we get there,” Blaise murmured. 

Harry huffed and laid his head down on the crook of Blaise’s arm. They finally reached the room and Blaise hesitated outside the door that had already formed. 

“Look,” the nervous quality Blaise’s voice had taken on made Harry sit up in his arms and look at him intently. “I know I’m springing this on you. But I didn’t think you’d do it otherwise, and you owe it to yourself to sort this out. One way or another.”

Harry didn’t have time to ask him what he meant before Blaise was opening the door and entering the room. He scanned the area quickly, looking for any hint of what Blaise had planned when his eyes fell on Ron. 

Ron stiffened when Blaise entered, his hand instantly going for the wand in his front pocket.

“Zabini. You were behind the note?” 

“I was. We have a mutual friend in common.” Lifting Harry to look him properly in the eye, Blaise murmured loudly enough for only Harry to hear. “Talk to him, I’ll be right outside if you need me.”

With that, he placed Harry on the floor and left, closing the door behind him. 

“What in the name of Merlin’s bloody ballsack is going on?” Ron demanded. 

Harry’s heart thundered dangerously in his chest, nerves rising up and threatening to take over. How would Ron react? What would he do? And even if his reveal went well… what in Godric’s name would they talk about?

Swallowing hard, Harry stepped forward and let himself change. The transformation was much easier now with more practice and the knowledge of what made it happen. He thought of being Harry Potter, who that was and what he did in his human form and Raiden melted away. 

Ron gaped at him. His mouth hanging open unattractively as he stared.

“Er… Hullo, Ron.”

Ron’s blue eyes rolled up in the back of his head and he collapsed in a heap. 

Stunned momentarily, Harry raced forward and checked his friend. Satisfied he was only unconscious, Harry levitated him onto the couch and waited for him to wake.

Fortunately, it was only a few minutes and Ron was groaning, his eyes fluttering open. 

“Harry? Is that really you?” Ron asked, running a hand through his hair as he sat up. 

“Yeah, mate. It’s really me.”

“And you were that foxy thing that’s always hanging around with Zabini? I didn’t dream that?”

Harry shook his head. “No, you didn’t. It turns out my family has some kitsune blood. I got stuck like that for a while. I couldn’t turn back.”

Ron nodded, his mind clearly racing as he connected all the dots. “So that’s why you pretty much disappeared. Who was that, that was walking around as you then? Polyjuice right?”

Harry nodded. “Yeah, Luna’s idea.”

Ron sighed and leant back against the couch. “So… Zabini? How does he fit in?”

“Well, turns out he’s something of a soulmate. Apparently, kitsune can identify the one person most suited to them.”

“Like a veela’s love?” Ron asked. 

“I guess, I don’t know all that much about Veela.”

“I only know what Bill told us about Fleur. Wasn’t much, mostly I remember Ginny and Mum being all pissy about how they thought it meant Bill didn’t have a choice.”

They fell into silence and it stretched uncomfortably between them for a long time. 

“Ron… I…” Harry began, his mouth snapping shut when he didn’t know how to continue. 

“Yeah. I know.” Ron’s voice was strained and Harry chanced a look at him. “Shouldn’t be this awkward right? We’re supposed to be best mates.”


“Why didn’t you tell me? When all this happened?”

“I couldn’t even communicate properly. Blaise and the others didn’t even find out until a couple of weeks ago. Luna knew though. Somehow.”

Ron snorted. “Yeah, well she knows just about everything, so that’s not surprising.”

Harry nodded, a grin tugging at the corner of his mouth. 

“The others?” Ron asked. “Malfoy, Nott, and Bulstrode?”

“Yeah,” Harry said. “I know it must seem weird to you, but they were really good to me when I was stuck. Really good to me still.”

“You’re living in the Slytherin dorms? Does Dumbledore know?”

Harry nodded again. “Yeah.” he swallowed hard around a sudden lump in his throat. A sudden need to steer the conversation toward the thing that had kept them separate all these months. “Look, Ron...”

“Don’t.” Ron interrupted. “Let me say something first.” he leant forward and looked Harry in the eye for the first time. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you. After… well, you know. I just, I look at you and…”

“See her.” Harry finished for him. “It’s the same for me you know? I can’t look at you without seeing her swatting you over the head with Hogwarts: A History .” 

Ron snorted. 

“I should have been there for you too,” Harry said quietly. “We should have been there for each other. Hermione’s probably cussing us out.”

Ron huffed a laugh. “Well, you know us boys. Emotional range of a teaspoon and all.”

Harry laughed and with that, the ice that seemed to separate them melted. Their conversation was still stilted in places, but the fragile thing their friendship had become, became more and more solid as they talked. Though Harry was happy they weren’t fighting, and that Ron seemed as glad as he was to be reconnecting, he had an inkling that their friendship would never quite return to what it had been. And perhaps that was okay. Perhaps that was just part of moving on. Harry was just glad that he wasn’t losing Ron altogether from his life.

Time seemed to phase into nothing as Harry told Ron everything that had happened over the past few months. From his inheritance, to seeing his parents, to the truth about Voldemort's demise. 

Eventually, there was a knock on the door and Harry cast a guilty tempus charm. “That’s probably, Blaise. We’ve been here for hours.”

Ron nodded. “Let him then, I suppose it’s time your boyfriend passed the best mate test.”

Harry groaned and rolled his eyes, but got up to let Blaise in any way. 

“Hey, sorry. We kinda lost track of time.” Harry said as he took Blaise by the hand and led him over to the couch he had been sitting on. “Er, Blaise, this is Ron. Ron, Blaise.”

Ron and Blaise nodded at each other as they sat down. 

“So, the upcoming Hufflepuff game against Ravenclaw should be interesting?” said Ron. 

Harry laughed, “By Merlin, never change, Ron. Never change.”

And with that, the conversation flowed naturally. Ron slipping in a few pointed questions now and again to test Blaise’s answers. At one point, a house-elf popped into the room with a plate of burnt biscuits. Explaining to them that he needed to hide them from the Head Kitchen Elf. Ron took them off the grateful elfs hands and polished them off before the elf returned with a platter of tea and pastries for them all to share. 

Eventually, they had to leave. Blaise reminding Harry that he had promised to help Draco with his patronus for the DADA exam on Friday.

“Right, shit. I forgot.” Harry said as they all stood together. “We’ll catch up again?” he asked Ron. 

“Yeah mate,” Ron said, stepping forward to awkwardly hug Harry. Slapping his back a few times for god measure. “I like him.” he said quietly in Harry’s ear.

“Thanks, Ron.” Harry replied. 

“Look after yourself, Harry.” and with that, Ron nodded to Blaise and left the room. 

Harry and Blaise were quiet for a moment as they watched the door swing shut and then Blaise took Harry into his arms. 

“You alright?”

Looking into Blaise’s concerned eyes, Harry nodded and relaxed fully. His form shifting into that comfortable state between Harry Potter and Raiden. “Yeah. Yeah I am. Thank you, for organising this. I wouldn’t have done it on my own.”

Blaise reached up and brushed a stray strand of hair from Harry’s face. “You’re welcome.”

“How’d you know I wanted to see him?”

“You’ve been muttering about him in your sleep. And I remembered what we overheard on the train that day. I thought perhaps you both just needed a push.”

Harry hummed and lifted himself onto the balls of his feet, and he pressed a kiss to Blaise’s soft lips. When he drew back, Blaise rubbed a hand reassuringly over his lower back. 

“Come on, we should be going.” 

“In a minute,” Harry murmured, pushing Blaise back down to the couch and straddling his lap. “We’ve got time. Lots of time.”