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The Time Falling Bodies Take to Darkness

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Bakugou was trapped, his arms bound behind his back as sharp claws dragged down his torso, shredding the fabric of his hero costume to ribbons. A searing pain exploded across his chest and stomach as beady black eyes loomed above him, taunting him.

Two matching wounds punctured Bakugou’s bicep, oozing venom thick like molasses. Bakugou tried to thrash beneath the villain’s hold but his arms and legs were frozen. The paralysis from the venom was taking hold.

“After chasing you for so long, it will be a pleasure to watch you die. Bakugou Katsuki,” a voice hissed. A forked tongue lashed out to stroke his face, acrid breath overwhelming his senses.

Bakugou couldn’t speak. Couldn’t scream. His vision blurred and his tears mixed with blood from a long gash on his brow. The villain on top of him shifted, his weight pushing against fractured ribs as an ebony tail slithered up to circle Bakugou’s throat.

His eyes rolled back, black motes fuzzing his vision. His mind flickered with an image as he began to lose consciousness.

Forest green hair and emerald eyes. More freckles than he could ever count sprinkled over a sunbeam smile.

His mate.

Izuku. Izuku, I’m sorry. So sorry…

Bakugou jolted awake, eyes open but everything around him was black. The ringing in his ears mixed with the sound of rain against a window, pulling him from the fog of his nightmare. Lighting flared across the room a few seconds before a boom of thunder brought him the rest of the way back to reality.

He gulped for air, his brow covered in sweat, the pungent scent of fear swirling around him.

The warm body next to him shifted and a pair of thick arms reached from beneath the covers to pull at Bakugou’s middle, tucking him in the curve of a well-muscled chest. He’d been sharing a bed with Izuku for five years now and the action was habitual, but the comfort it normally brought was allayed by stifling fear.

Izuku nosed at the gland on Bakugou’s neck, nudging him so he could bring his throat down and rub their necks together in a calming gesture. Bakugou’s blood rushed as pheromones shot through him.

Despite the way his muscles relaxed instinctively, his mind was still a wasp’s nest of unease.

“Kacchan,” Izuku’s sleepy voice mumbled into Bakugou’s skin. “I’ve got you. You’re safe.”

Bakugou pinched his eyes shut and tried to let Izuku’s words sink in.

He didn’t remember Izuku showing up to the scene, but grainy footage from a nearby security camera recorded the dramatic rescue. Bakugou, pinned beneath the villain, unable to struggle, and Izuku, a streak of light that blurred across the frame, arriving just in the nick of time to knock the villain out with one devastating punch.

The video went viral and Bakugou watched it more times than was probably wise, unable to look away. Each view had added to the seed of fear buried deep within him— what if Izuku had been a minute late, what if it had been Izuku instead of me, what if I died, what if I died, what if I died...

At first, he’d been numb. Then he’d pretended he was fine so that no one would worry. But finally, a few nights after the attack, the fear manifested in an ugly nightmare that pushed his trauma to the surface.

It took root after that, present in the way he left a trail of lights on throughout the apartment to fend off any semblance of shadow, in how his thumb hovered over the “call” button on his phone when he was anywhere by himself.

In the recurring nightmare that plagued him night after night.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Izuku had been his anchor, holding him steadfast, always patient and understanding. Bakugou was just so fucking grateful to be alive that it nearly took his breath away when he thought of his mate. Each smile from Izuku was painful, each kiss a tender reminder of everything he stood to lose.

His fear even tainted this most sacred part of himself, and he hated it.

“Breath with me,” Izuku said, propping himself up on his elbow to look over Bakugou’s shoulder. His chest rose and fell in a slow, steady rhythm and Bakugou did his best to match it.

“You’re safe.”

Izuku’s fingertips brushed Bakugou’s cheek, the soft pad of his thumb tracing the underside of his jaw, trailing down the column of his throat to dust over the mate mark on Bakugou’s gland. He stroked the crescent shapes, whispering small reassurances. “It’s just a nightmare.

"I’ve got you. You're safe.”

It took a few moments of breathing like that, of listening to the storm outside and letting Izuku’s warmth envelop him before Bakugou managed to peel his eyes back open. Izuku’s knuckle brushed a stray tear away from his cheek as he pressed a feather-light kiss to Bakugou’s high cheekbone.

“It was so real,” Bakugou whispered.

“I know.”

“I never thought I’d see you again.”

“I know.”


“You started talking in your sleep after the first nightmare. You said my name. Said you were sorry.”

Bakugou was silent for a moment, eyes dropping away.

“It’s the closest I’ve ever come. To dying”

When he glanced back up, Izuku’s eyes were mossy and it dawned on him that he wasn’t the only one tethered to his memories.

Bakugou stretched to press their lips together. They were still for a moment, their mouths pliant and gentle. They hadn't slept together since before the accident and it showed in the way they melted against each other, their moans lost amidst the patter of rain and rumble of thunder.

Izuku shifted, giving Bakugou room to roll onto his back and he swung his leg over Bakugou’s hips, straddling his body. Their kisses deepened, Izuku’s arms framing Bakugou’s face.

Bakugou sank into the warmth of Izuku around him, letting the other alpha’s scent cover him like a blanket. Beneath Izuku, he was hidden and protected. Nothing could touch him.

For a moment, all was right and good.

But a split second later panic flashed beneath Bakugou’s blood, accompanied by a bone-chilling spike of terror. Any second this would be taken from him and he would be left alone, Izuku forever out of his reach. This was only an ephemeral pleasure, a blink on the cosmic spectrum of time that would die out almost as quickly as it began.

One day, be it old age or a villain’s attack, something would force them to say goodbye.

Bakugou growled in frustration as if he could will the dark thoughts away. Izuku swallowed it down, pressing him deeper into the mattress. He let the sharp scent of Izuku’s desire flood his senses, drowning himself in the only thing that could burn away his fear.

Bakugou’s fingers tugged at the hem of Izuku’s tank top, bunching it up so he could slide his palm along the toned muscle of Izuku’s abdomen. Izuku shivered and gasped and the sound of his mate’s pleasure was like a healing balm. Bakugou chased down each whimper and moan, hands exploring Izuku’s chest as his knees fell open to better slot their bodies together.

Izuku slipped a hand into Bakugou’s hair and a knee between his thighs, his leg pressed insistently against Bakugou's cock. A delicious heat ricocheted between them and they wasted no time tearing away the rest of their clothes.

A white flash of lightning illuminated glimpses of hard muscle and bare skin. The glands at their throats were wet and they broke from kissing to slide them together. The slick oil made them sticky as their scents combined to cloud the room in a vapor trail of pheromones so pungent Bakugou was surprised he could still breath at all.

Izuku nipped at his jaw, licking a trail down the column of his throat, glossy lips biting marks across Bakugou’s chest and ribs. He reached the peak of one sharp hip bone and sucked.

Bakugou held his breath, waiting for the next flash of lightning so he could see Izuku in his full glory. Izuku’s lips fluttered along his knot and licked the underside of his shaft, Bakugou’s knees bent as his feet dug into the mattress so he could grind against Izuku’s velvet tongue.

Izuku swallowed him whole and Bakugou cried out, his head falling back into the pillows. He felt Izuku’s thumb press against the gland on the inside of his right thigh and his other hand circle Bakugou’s cock to hold it upright as he began his assault.

His pace was furious, and Bakugou’s hands dug into his hair, tugging at his scalp as he fucked Izuku’s throat.

There was nothing graceful about the way they moved against each other. Nothing sweet or loving in their touch. The only thing that mattered was the molten heat that cresting between them. The hard shell of their grief and anxiety had cracked under the pressure of their longing and the desire and desperation oozed out to smother them.

Izuku pulled off Bakugou after a minute, intent only on preparing him as quickly as possible. He ducked down, eating Bakugou open with broad strokes. Bakugou felt the blunt edge of a finger push past his entrance and his breath caught in his throat.

Izuku’s mouth worked around his finger, adding another and another until there was little resistance.

When he was satisfied, Izuku rose up on his knees.

“Gimme your mouth, Kacchan.”

Sparks flared to life in Bakugou’s belly and he scrambled up, finding Izuku’s cock in a burst of lightning and promptly pulling it between his eager lips. Bakugou let saliva pool at the corners, sliding along his shaft so he could coat the hefty length, his fist curling around Izuku’s base.

Izuku had his hair in a vice grip, thrusting into Bakugou’s mouth with sharp, quick motions.

“Enough,” Izuku said in a strangled voice as he pushed against Bakugou’s chest, urging him back. Bakugou pulled off with a smack, wiping away excess moisture with the back of his hand.

Izuku lined himself up, the head of his cock catching on the rim of Bakugou’s entrance. He pressed in slowly and didn’t stop until he was buried to the hilt. Izuku’s invasion of his body pierced the anxiety still swathed around Bakugou, releasing a sob that rivaled the thunder. He was submerged in a sea of fire.

The recognition of how precious this was in the face of his near-death experience turned Bakugou into a ravenous creature, made for this singular purpose. There was no future and no past. Nothing existed but the weight of Izuku’s body filling him.

His eyes were open, but he could not see. And then Izuku began to move, thrusting with a sense of urgency that matched Bakugou’s own. When he swung his hips forward, Bakugou arched to greet him.

The dark room quickly filled with the sounds of their bodies clawing at each other.

Bakugou’s hands grappled for purchase on Izuku's back, knees pulling up and out to give Izuku better access. Izuku's arms curled around Bakugou's shoulders and he held him close as he fucked into him.

Tears pricked the corners of Bakugou’s eyes and he brought his hands to Izuku's face, pulling him down so their lips could meet.

The heat inside him twisted and he kissed Izuku with a growing tenderness. His desire was too hot, his need too wild.

Bakugou began to cry and Izuku slowed his pace. He kissed the moisture from Bakugou’s face, and Bakugou held onto him like a lifeline. He kissed Bakugou’s cheeks and chin, before moving on to his throat. Sensation overwhelmed him and just when he felt like he was lost to the depths of his emotion, Izuku bit down on Bakugou’s mate mark, enough to draw pricks of crimson from him.

Bakugou whined, his cock twitching.

“Izuku!” he sobbed out. “I love you! I love you, I love you .”

His voice was ash as he muttered out those three words like a mantra. Izuku might have answered, but Bakugou was too far gone to hear. He could only focus on the delicious throbbing of his mate marks and the slide of Izuku’s cock inside him.

A hand wrapped around his shaft, pumping in time with Izuku’s hips. Bakugou rocketed onto another plane of existence as his orgasm shattered every aspect of his reality. He came with a shout, cum splattering between their bodies.

Izuku thrust into him, sinking his knot into Bakugou’s entrance, his ass still spasming with ripples of pleasure. Izuku bit down again as his hips stuttered.

“Katsuki!” he groaned. He gasped open-mouthed against Bakugou’s neck, his knot pushing in and swelling as he came.

Bakugou’s ears were ringing and he blinked rapidly, trying to breathe as his heart knocked around his chest, body wrecked.

“I love you.”

He could feel Izuku’s breath on his skin, but couldn’t respond, his climax rendering him completely frozen. “Kacchan?”

Izuku pulled back to look at him, not that he could see much in the darkness.

“Are you alright?”

Bakugou nodded.

“Yes,” he croaked. “I love you, too.”

Izuku hummed and laid back down, careful to keep his weight off Bakugou even as he covered him from head to toe.

They stayed like that for nearly half an hour. Occasionally Izuku would press his lips to Bakugou’s temple, but otherwise, they remained locked together.

Izuku’s knot finally released and he was gentle when he pulled out. He went to the bathroom, leaving Bakugou alone in their big bed.

Despite the fact that his heart still ached, Bakugou felt better than he had since the incident. Life was short. One day, they would be permanently separated, and there was nothing Bakugou could do to change that.

The only thing he could do was hold these intimate moments close, fold them into his being so that they carried him through the bad thoughts.

Izuku returned and helped Bakugou to the bathroom. When he made it back to the bed, Izuku held the covers open for him. Bakugou climbed in and matched his breaths to Izuku’s. His body was sore, his skin flushed, and his mouth swollen. The evidence of Izuku’s love was all over him, his throat baring Izuku’s mark.

Bakugou held onto that thought, and it eventually carried him to sleep deep enough to keep his nightmares at bay.