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Beautifully Broken - Open End (English)

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Deep breath in – and a deep breath out.

The cold stone burned beneath his bare feet.

Red shoes – worn out and used, covered with a thin layer of dust and dirt – stood a bit away filled with crumpled paper that was brimmed with smudged ink and tear stains. The text being an unsung hymn to death and about the beauty of the end.

The boy stood with a lazy posture at one of these places which were normally only visited by humans who loved the extreme and even people like them wouldn't be as relaxed and satisfied as the green-haired boy who opened his matching green eyes just this moment with the unbearable wish to witness his future when it passed him by.

He spread his arms like he wanted to embrace this rotten city he looked at with all his heart and never let it go. The city in which he had lived and which had torn him apart and destroyed him.

Even though that wasn’t what he was looking for, nor his objective – no. He wanted to say goodbye because this should be his last act.

His dull and empty and lifeless eyes, that sunk into his skull like the ones of a doll, vanished again behind a thick, black curtain of eyelashes only to be exposed to the wind that howled around the building and the sun that shined down cruelly and mischievously from up above for the last time.

Without any concern he let his weight drag him forward and lifted his feet from the steady stone they rested on.

It was almost like he laughed as the ground came closer, while his end rushed toward him.

But how should he know?

In the end, he only heard a loud crack.

A high ring resonated through his ears.

Everything turned into a blinding white.


Finally, it was over.


Gasping he sat up.

Everything hurt!

Screaming he doubled over, tears streamed down his face as he gasped for air, clutching tightly to his side.

More pain.

Suddenly the lights turned on, they burned ruthlessly into his eyes.

It became noisy.

People. There were white-blue people without faces!

Weights pushed him down, back onto the soft ground; he didn’t even recognize it was there before.

Something pricked his arm and his rabid heart turned sluggish. For a moment he feared it would stop beating at all – it didn’t.

His lungs filled with breathable air, no longer moving in a fast and flat pattern.

His thoughts calmed down and he finally understood that the high noises that were beaten into his skull seconds ago turned slow and quiet.

He lied there, dazed.

Everything was blurry and he knew something was missing.

He just couldn’t point out what.

He was tired.

With a yawn, he nuzzled into the soft warmth.

He fell asleep fast and without noticing it at all.

The doctors in the room looked at the boy with worry in their eyes.

Izuku Midoriya had been found half-dead and comatose behind his school.

He had a severe traumatic brain injury and his right body half, containing: Collarbone, lower arm bones, lower leg bones, ribs, pelvic bone, and the most hand bones were slightly cracked to completely broken.

He had remained comatose for 104 days. It was likely that he lost sight on his right eye and presumably he would be left with a limp and it was to assume that he’ll never be able to use his right hand the same way he used to.

But the worst thing was: He had left his shoes on the rooftop, inside them had laid a suicide note in which the boy explained that he didn’t want to be saved at all costs.

That he had been quirkless, weak, suffered years of violence and abuse, most of it coming from the only person he would call a friend.

His mother didn't trust him and he knew how bad and miserable his future looked like; to die was his best option.

But the letter had been found after the operation started and the doctor couldn’t stop then.
If he had known how bad his patient's life had been he would have probably stopped.

A human who suffered so much shouldn’t be forced to stay alive.

Absorbed in his thoughts the man shook his head.

He swore an oath that he would save every life as long as he was able to.

And this boy deserved a second chance as well.

Death may seem like a solution but it really wasn’t.

The kid was twelve but he had a lot of old, horrible scars littering his body.

Nobody except his mother ever visited but the woman was loving and sweet – they were quite sure that the loss of her son would have been her end.

It was good that Izuku was awake now.

In a month or so Midoriya would be able to leave the hospital. 

His bones were mostly healed already he just needed to learn how to move and eat again.

And about his mentality… well.

Nobody needed to know that this kid actually was in dire need of therapy, he was quirkless after all – he wouldn’t survive much longer.

To make dying easier for him was the biggest act of grace they could provide.


With gritted teeth, Izuku limped out of the Hospital.

His mother had tried to make him use a wheelchair, at least crutches, still, the boy had rejected the help and also didn’t want to be supported by her.

His open and remaining eye flitted around, always searching for some kind of threat.

The other one, the right one, which was left empty and lifeless, was hidden beneath a black eyepatch so that others wouldn't be scared by the sight of his eye and the scars.

The scars at his hands weren’t that easy to cover.

Right now bandages were wrapped around his arms and hands and he had bought some thin gloves although he couldn’t wear them forever.

Inko watched worried as her little baby limped towards their car. 

Each step made him flinch a little bit, yet he tried to suppress it each time.

He no longer looked like a child, rather like an old man - broken and marked by life.

She took a deep breath and put on her best smile before she got inside the car.

“Mum. Please- please say nothing. Please don’t talk. Let’s… let’s just… let’s just drive home, okay?”, the emerald-eyed boy mumbled defensively before his mother could even open her mouth to try to lift the spirits a little.

It hurt her heart but she understood why her son wouldn’t want to listen right now – so she sealed her lips and it remained that way.

The drive went accordingly in a cold, smothering, hopeless and sad silence.

And their arrival at home didn’t make it any better.

Izuku threw his bag over his shoulder and went to his room as fast as it was possible for him. 

Without a word, without food and when she tried to get him because she had made Katsudon he didn’t even leave his room and only told her to leave him alone.

If Inko had known that the drive would be the last moment where she would see her son for a long time she would have insisted that he’ll get out of his room.

But in the way things were she'd go into his room the next day at 14:36 and only find a pile of torn Posters together with broken action figures in the midst of the room.

Every closet would look like it had been emptied in a haste, clothes would be spread all over the space, everything essential would be missing, the window would be left open.

Her child would not be there, the only excuse would be a scribbled text on a crumpled paper on the table.

It would say that he'd be never going to return to his old life and that she'd surely be called to identify his corpse soon – if he finally had some luck in his life.

She’d break down in tears.

She’d go to the police but the investigation would be closed after some years, even though there were signs that he was still alive.

She’d search for Izuku alone but her child would never return.

But Inko Midoriya didn’t even think that this would happen and so she let her son go.


At the same moment the door closed behind Izuku he let his bag hit the ground and looked around in his room hounded when he felt like he was observed and laughed at.

There were All Might posters and figurines everywhere and some other heroes in between.

The "symbol of peace" grinned down at him with his dramatic looks and his fake smile. Stared deep into his soul with his overshadowed eyes and made him freeze.

All these heroes and quirks were absolutely useless!
No hero ever saved him!

On the other side… why should they help him? Izuku Midoriya was a nobody.

In a fit of anger, he ripped the first poster off the wall before shredding it to shards and throwing its remains on the ground.

Hoping wasn’t going to save him!

Clumsily his nails buried themselves into the next piece of paper and yanked it off the wall, tearing another picture in the process as well. Both were turned into snippets with jerking movements in mere seconds.

Tears formed in the corner of his eye and he gritted his teeth together roughly enough to prevent them from overflowing and to make his head hurt.
He wanted to scream and to throw a tantrum, it was his deepest desire to let it out but that would not work in his favor – and so he removed poster after poster violently before destroying it.

On Monday he would have to go back to school and he didn’t want to; he didn’t want to hand himself over to Kacchan and his companions, to embarrass himself in front of the teachers, to be the laughingstock of the whole class!

The figures he collected over the years so thoughtfully were thrown across the room and landed on the ground with a clatter when he threw them down from his shelf with a sudden movement of his arm.

He panted with a heaving chest as he stomped in their direction and raised a foot to stomp down on them.

Never ever again a crack sounded this satisfying.

He ravaged his whole room and destroyed what he could, broke what broke him.

He wanted to flee and forget what he went through because of others! 


That was the solution!

He sprinted towards his desk and scratched his farewell in little words onto a tattled paper before he rushed to empty his closets.

Without any care, he shoved everything he deemed necessary into his backpack: Clothes, money, food, bottles, a sleeping bag, his notebooks, and pencils.

Quickly he looked around.

Did he forget something?

That only one of his eyes functioned made it difficult for him to capture everything with one glance although this made him recognize some things he would have most likely overseen with one quick look.

Everything he did, happened quickly and unheard.

In the end, he opened his window and climbed out of the house.

He wasn’t going to stay dormant any longer!

That’s what he had decided when he started training in the hospital.

Ungracefully he landed on his feet in front of his window and started walking as soon as he rightened his position.

The night had just started and nobody knew he was running away, nobody was going to stop him.

Smiling he pulled the hood of his black hoodie into his face.

Everything will be forgotten soon.

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“Ain'tcha a bit ta young for this stuff, squirt?”


Lazily he removed his eyepatch and exposed his milky green eye with the ghostly green remains of an iris in its middle. 

Two nasty, red scars crossed over it.


He had awoken with the cuts on his face after getting blackout drunk for the first time.


He figured that he did it himself with his own knife while still being on his high.

“Do I look like I give a fuck about my age?”


The man shuddered at the gruesome view and shoved the bottles of alcohol into his hands and received some coins and bills.


Both, Izuku Midoriya and his trade partner left the alleyway satisfied.


None of them knew the other's name nor were they going to remember each other's faces.

Everything went this way for them, as usual.


With a sigh on his lips, the boy shuffled into an alleyway ( you could just write alley) nearby where he had his new “home” next to a big trash container.

Of course, it wasn’t the best place to be but it was way better than the parks where everyone gets (got) noticed and chased away.

The whole city was plastered with flyers and posters of him.

At first, they would mention him in the news as well, yet nobody spends a second thought on another straying kid on the streets.

With a hat, it was easy to cover his noticeable hair and even if it was summer, a lot of people wore Caps and stuff like that.

Thoughtfully he took one of his Notebooks and flitted through the pages as he opened one of the bottles - he didn’t really care about what he was drinking anymore, the only thing that mattered was the percentage.

He had started to sort his information. 

Of course, he knew everything but it couldn't hurt to have some kind of system if he forgot something.

Without hesitation, he took a big swing while he read his collected knowledge.

The alcohol burned his throat but he was way past the point where he needed to gag or cough after drinking and his eyes didn’t tear up by now as well.

Alc was a great thing.

Like an eraser.

Everything one wanted to forget drowns and gets swallowed by euphoria and bravery.


these five bottles were everything he could buy.

Homeless, quirkless and flat broke.


Somehow even someone like him should be able to make money, shouldn’t they?

Again he paged through the notebook.


Each of these quirks was something he would die for.

Even the most useless and dumb one would be his was into society.


Who was he kidding?


His way into society was a burned bridge!

He swallowed his next mouth full in a haste and this time his throat burned.

At least his thoughts were numbed.

Maybe he could work as a prostitute?
He was sure he could steal some of the not-existing clothes or maybe even borrow them?

If he managed that he just needed some customers and he’d have money. That sentence sounds weird.

Skeptically he looked over his arm, touched his face and raised his hoodie to inspect his scarred body half.

There won’t be many men who would be turned on by such a gruesome and pathetic sight, so selling his body was out of option.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! We’re happy to…!”

Surprised he looked up. What’s with this noise?

The voice was drowned out by the city, yet it sounded like a fight announcement.

Slowly he rose from his seated position, still holding onto his bottle like a lifeline before walking in the direction where he heard the sounds from.

After a short walk, he heard cheering and upset voices.

Carefully he peeked around the corner and saw an old, forcefully opened garage that was filled with people.

In the middle, two men were fighting both bled from several small wounds and both of them had some heavy bruises. 

Panting they stood in front of each other before starting with a new vigorousness - like there was a soundless signal.

For a while he just watched from far away then he approached the building and dived into the crowd.

It was obvious for him who was going to win. 

The man with the black hair and some kind of rubber-quirk - it seemed like he could stretch his extremities to his will when he applied the according to force.

It was a small miracle that the greenette in the ring was still standing because his arms, which were turned into swords, had a lot of cracks and weren’t going to work for long anymore.

After mulling over his thoughts for a short while Izuku searched for his last money which he had stored away for dire situations. 

The last money he swore he would never spend on alcohol.

This fight was illegal so it wouldn’t be a surprise if there was some way to bet.

“Hey, Squirt..”

Startled he looked up just to see a woman with rather exposing clothing and right in front of his face were her… yeah...

Heavily blushing he turned away.


The woman smirked and he found that his arms were the safest place to be.


“If you’re going to stay you need to bet or fight.”, was her explanation. She wasn’t even irritated by his behavior.
“Going to do any of that?”

A deep breath then he lowered his safe, safe arms.


“I… I wanna place a bet. The one with the red shirt’s gonna win.”

Hesitating he held out his last Bill.

She laughed. It rang clear and sounded fake.


“Well, aren’t cha a genius, Squirt? Nobody placed a bet on this underdog “Monkey”. 

You’d get all of the money if he wins.”

Was the likeliness of his analysis being correct worth 2.000¥? 

He hoped so.


"Name’s Flora, Squirt."

"Uhm... Flora? How does fighting work? And does it always happen here?”


The woman smiled and bowed down to his level.

“Aren’t cha a curious one, squirt?

As you see, there are fourteen places we switch in between every third day.”

She handed him a map with some marked buildings that had dates written next to them.

“It starts at 23 o’clock and ends at 3 in the morning.

Everyone can fight and can be challenged to fight even though nobody needs to accept the challenge.

If one just says that they want to fight, the winner of the last round is their opponent.


In the ring there are no rules, just don’t try to kill someone.

Quirks are allowed as well as long as they aren’t 100% deadly.


You’re getting money for fighting.

Every minute lesser than the Max of ten minutes gets 25.000¥ and you start with 30.000¥ all the time.”

“If everything’s allowed, would it be okay to use weapons?”

She looked at him confused.

“Nobody without a quirk would be dumb enough to enter this ring.”

“Well, I am.”, he responded.


Flora blinked and smiled knowingly after a moment.

“Knives, shields, brasses and everything like that would be allowed, Squirt.

But only one thing.

And no firearms like guns or pistols.

You sure you wanna fight? It’s illegal after all.”

After some thinking, he nodded slowly.

Monkey had predictable attacks and patterns.

The quirk was simple and ha was bleeding where he had been cut by his opponent.


“I want to fight against the winner of this round and I’m going to use my knife.”, 

he explained while showing the weapon,

“Oh. And please call me Deku.”

“Interesting name, “ Deku”.

I’m going to register your bet and fight.”


After that, he carefully stored away the map in one of his many pockets and concentrated on the fight again.

The greenette was bleeding heavily now from a lot of big wounds while swaying threateningly.


Monkey pulled his arm back again in the now-familiar motion before he let his fist swing forward.

The force of the punch didn’t just throw the other fighter out of the ring, but directly into the land of dreams.

For a heartbeat everything was quiet then the whistles and yeers (did you mean cheers?) started while a lanky man screeched into a Megaphone: “Swordsman Zorro loses against rubber human Monkey!

The one person who betted for this winner, the money is yours, Deku!”

Unbelieving he stared at Monkey who looked around in the garage asking - most likely knowing that nobody would think he could make it.

Flora and a woman with orange hair made it over to him and the stranger shoved a bag filled with money into his hands with an annoyed face.

“Thanks!”, exclaimed the boy from the fight and waved in his direction with a grin.

He returned the gesture after a short time of hesitation and looked up to the woman.
“Would it be possible to bet even if one’s fighting?”

The one who gave him the bag shrugged.


“That’s what most of them do.  And if nobody is rooting for you, not even yourself, then you’ll get half of the betted money.”

For a short while, he thought about that until he came to a conclusion and emptied the content of the bag to its half.

“I bet that I’m gonna win.”

“Good luck, Squirt.”, said Flora and vanished with her colleague whilst he went towards the ring.

Following a sudden impulse, he pulled a black cloth from one of his many pockets and tied it around his head so that it covered his mouth, nose and blind eye before he threw his hood over his head to cover his hair.

He knew there was a reward on his head and there was no honor between criminals.

“And now the quirkless Deku is going to fight against the first winner of the night: the rubber human Monkey!”, screeched the tall man at the border of the ring into his megaphone and made some people laugh.

It hurt to hear these words again but he pulled himself together.


This fight was important if he wanted to make money.


The faster he won the more dough he got.

And they all were going to bet for Monkey.

He was pretty sure that this was the intelligent choice but he would be damned if he didn’t try to aim for the highest goal and maybe even made it.



He checked his grip on his knife for the last time and let it spring open.
Rubber can be cut. 

The methods of his opponent were simple - the young man in the red shirt attacked his foes like a savage bull just like Kacchan.

“Quirkless, huh?”, repeated his combatant.


It was this moment that he saw the scar underneath Monkey's right eye.

“Yeah. Problem with that?”, growled Izuku and crept nearer towards the other over the rim of the ring.

“No. You’re a dreamer. That’s something to be respected.”

Confused he examined the young man in the red button-up shirt.


Respect? Because he won't give up?

He snorted.


Monkey was the first human being that didn’t laugh at him or humiliated him for that.

“Thanks!”, was everything he said before he jumped, the knife secure in his grip, ready to sink it in.

His opponent reacted instantly and exactly like he thought he would: He searched the distance and struck out.

In the same moment where Monkey reeled his arm back, he jumped aside and jabbed his knife into thin air.

Murmurs and cheers rose when his opponent gritted his teeth.

And on the ground remained a trail of thick, red drops.

The whole arm and upper hand of the rubber human were cut open.

He almost felt sorry but what won’t one do for money?

He didn’t listen to his conscience anymore and threw himself at Monkey again. 

This time the ravenette backed off and studied his covered face.

Everyone seemed to hold their breath but it didn’t really matter what the people outside of the fight thought.

He was sure he would win. It was easy. 

Monkey seemed to think that he wasn’t paying attention because he started to launch a new attack - at least he tried to.

Yet Deku twisted out of the way effortlessly and swayed his knife again.

Cussing and panting the young man stumbled backward and took in his damaged, bloody wrists.

The greenette simply grinned beneath his cloth and pulled it down to show it.

He wasn’t unathletic. The constant running away and avoiding hits and the training after his jump left him with a decent amount of muscle and stamina - besides, his opponent was using his full strength which left him vulnerable with exhaustion.

He examined his opponent thorough.

Two, three at most, assaults of the same strength and Monkey would be done for good. But without provoking him he wouldn’t start another attack.

Unfortunately the other had a good idea about his way of approaching an attack.

But if he’d ignore his defenses and start to act purely offensive his opponent might get thrown off but he would leave himself out in the open and he was a rather weak attacker - that was something he would have to work on.

His eyes flitted over the garage.

Nobody said that he couldn't use his surroundings to his advantage.

What should he…?

His hand searched the bag of his hoodie. Jup. The bottle was still there. 

When did he put it there? Would it be okay if he drank, now that he found it?

His hands started to shake.


Stood it really that bad about him? Did this month on the street leave him addicted already?

Well, there was no other reason for him to stand here and brawl for money.

Shortly he mulled over his options of what could happen when he drank in front of everyone.

As fast as he could he ripped out the bottle and cut off the head of the flask with his knife before chucking down the remaining third of its content.

As soon as the last drop left the bottle he threw it away, making it burst into thousands of tiny crystals.

He jumped away even before the flask broke, his knife cutting through thin air.

Monkey screeched. Two fingers splattered onto the ground only a bit away from the glass.

Blood dripped from the blade of Izukus soaked knife and Monkey fainted.

It is a typical reaction of the body to shut down when it lost parts of it.

Smiling he looked at his knife. The color shined in a rather fascinating way and this fight just proved that he wasn’t a dumb, quirkless Deku.

A dreamy smile remaining on his face he looked up when the crowd started to cheer and his victory was called out.


He just won 180.000¥ at least. 

Maybe this (these) fights were going to turn out beneficial.

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“Hey! Y-You - jou h-haf print!”, roared one of the usual, unwelcomed customers of the rather run-down bar.

“What?!”, the voice of the boy, who’d just been shoved away from the counter rudely by the man, pitched and slurred beneath the aggressive tone and harshness.

“Tus - u can’t - hic - yu can’t evn af-afford thus stuff! Stop hoarding the b-bar all yorself alone!”

The kid growled angrily and shoved the man back.


“Piss off! I can pay! And that - that’s all my money! I earned this all alone myself!”


The man burst into hysterical laughter.


It was easy to see that the two brawlers had looked too deep into their glasses but the adult was way more obvious than the boy.

“S-s-stap laughing! You wanna fight?! I - I can fight!”

The barkeeper started to feel concerned that the conflict between the two drunk heads could become out of hand.

And if that happens he would be forced to pull charges and all the money the greenette with the eyepatch spend on the alcohol that he chugged down like others would drink water would be lost.

But if he wouldn’t stop them, the best way to end the night would be with a broken nose and a black-eye.

“Iiii wanna f-fight! Ssomethin’ ‘gainst that - BLÖRB - squirt?”


His face scrunched up in disgust and his lasting eye squinted together as he waved a hand in the air in front of his face.

He held his other hand clenched around his glass filled with rum.

“You-you're annoying!”, whined the boy angrily as if it would discourage his attacker.

“And yu - yu piss me off!”, babbled the grown-up with a shit-eating grin.

He didn’t even know what nonsense he was spurting and Izuku Midoriya wasn’t listening to himself as well.


Both of them had their fill hours ago but they still kept going because their body was used to the toxics of the alcohol.

The man with the beer belly and the hanging cheeks that made him look like an old boarhound developed his alcoholism three months prior after the death of his beloved wife.


Actually, he’d been a nice and loved teacher with good classes that made it usually into high positions - he never stressed the kids or left someone behind.

But being nice didn’t save his wife when she lost control over her car and drove into a building because of a hero fight.

He quitted his job and sunk into a pit of sadness and despair - and here he was, in one of the cheapest flophouses in whole Tokyo and started a fight with a boy who might as well could have been one of his students.

If he just could notice that and wouldn’t be caged in this blurry, upside-down world of alcohol and intoxication.


Izuku Midoriya, on the other hand, did not have the nerves for another problem.


His last evening and this day had been disastrous.

The police had found the garage and burst the fight with the most viewers, his fight because he was a little celebrity in the underground by now.

He couldn’t remember his opponent but he knew that he just defeated the poor bastard when the screams started and the men in black uniforms broke into the room.

He had managed to fight his way through the panicking crowd before he finally found an air shaft and fled through it - but his money was lost. Confiscated and unreachable, most likely part of some investigation.

And now this gross old sack wanted to make problems.

Faster, than anyone in the room would have thought that the greenette could, considering his condition, he drawed a knife and pressed its blade against his attacker's throat.

Every last person in the bar rasted to halt and the barkeeper lost his grip on the glass he’d been polishing, letting it fall to the ground and burst into pieces.

“Tell me one reason why I shouldn’t pull through.”

The boy with the eyepatch suddenly didn’t sound drunk anymore.


The man started shaking as the cloth of his trousers turned dark between his thighs and a puddle appeared on the floor beneath him.

The boy scowled, pulled away his knife and jumped from his chair.

“What a trash dump. I’ll go somewhere else, don’t expect me.”

Izuku may not sound drunk but as he tried to climb the three stairs to freedom he swayed threateningly and needed more than one attempt to get out of the Bar.

The young homeless boy staggered through the alleys cussing like a sailor, searching for a new bar where he could bribe the keeper to forget his age.

Suddenly his stomach twisted unpleasantly and the world started to twist and turn.

Gasping he leaned against a near wall as a ring resonated through his ears and the street winded.

Eventually his gut wrenched and he loudly threw up a lot of liquid.

Again and again his innards spasm to get rid of anything inside them.

Dry heaving he hung at the wall, his arms were shaking and his legs were numb.

The ground crashed against him way too soon.


Still trembling he tried to get up again, yet none of his muscles obeyed.

His stomach coiled again and forced him to double over once more. This time only acid hit the ground.

With all his might and concentration he brought a hand up and wiped it over his mouth.

It reeked and for the first time since he ran away he wished to be at home in his room with the comfortable bed, the soft pillows, the warm quilt and the safe walls, windows, and doors.

A sob broke out of him and he crawled away from his vomit while tears collected in his functioning eye.

His mother. 

He missed her and her heartly, warm and loving aura.

Wailing Izuku rolled himself together and mourned his short and dark childhood.
Despite his fogged over mind and nostalgia, he knew that his life never was a good one.

His hearing altered between being way too quiet and deafening loud and that made his headache worse.

Then he heard steps.

Something white-silver-black came into his field of view and he felt something against his shoulder but wasn’t capable to defend himself.

“Lemme-”, slurred the one-eyed but didn’t get any further because in the next moment the cold, sturdy ground beneath his body was missing.



It was a night patrol.


Nothing new for Ingenium since it was his duty as a hero to ensure people's safety all around the clock.

Although he did not expect something like the problem he stumbled over.

It started when he heard someone cough, heave, and sob in one of the side alleys.

Even if the sounds were rather gross he couldn’t help but be concerned.

There was someone who clearly needed help.


Carefully looking around he went into the street and activated his flashlight.

Only some steps into the city-canyon he heard a rough and stifled “Mum! I wanna go home!” followed by more wailing.

The view he stumbled upon was heartbreaking.


A small figure with a mop of green hair; in a gray, blotchy hoodie and black, dirty and ripped sweatpants was rolled together on the ground, not far away from a puddle of vomit and was whimpering pathetically.

Hastily he strode over to the person.


It was a boy, maybe as old as his little brother. 

He reeked of alcohol, smoke, urine, mildew, and trash. 

Next to him was a dirty yellow backpack that looked like it was filled to the rim.

The kids face was smeared with dirt, his long, curly locks were barely tamed, filthy, tangled and greasy, dark eyebags dug into the skin beneath his orbs, the skin was sickly white, freckles dusted his hollow cheeks with way too present looking bones like bloodstains, a big scar reached from beneath his right ear to the root of his nose and ended over his left eyebrow in midst of his forehead, a second one started at his hairline over his temple, went over his nose and stopped shortly beneath his cheekbone.

And then there was this lumizid, bloodshot, green eye that stared up at him dead and empty and looked filled with agony.

A small pupil that almost didn’t move when he shone into it.

The other eye was covered by an eyepatch underneath which the scars crossed.

He shook his head and picked the child up, while he wrote his agency that someone needed to take over his shift.

The boy defended himself weakly and uncoordinated, tried to protest but he didn’t listen to him.

By now the hero was sure that this boy had an alcoholic intoxication what meant that he needed to be in a hospital. Now.

How did a minor even get the alcohol?

Upset he shook his head and started running. He was as fast as an ambulance if not faster and it could only be beneficial for the kid to be taken care of as soon as possible.

The woman behind the front desk looked up confused as he came to halt right in front of her with the boy in his arms.

“I found him ten minutes ago. He was barely conscious, his pupil hardly reacted to light, he was vomiting and isn’t responsive - and he smells of alcohol. Two minutes ago he lost his consciousness.”, explained the hero as logical as possible, but he wasn’t able to banish the concern in his voice.

This boy was way too young to be on the wrong path.

Yet, here they were and Ingenium could only ask himself when exactly the life of this child went wrong.

“I’ll call a doctor.”, said the woman promptly and hit the buttons of her phone, “He needs to get into the ICU right now!”

It didn’t take long until a doctor arrived together with two nurses, his coat fluttering in his wake.

Tensei laid the kid onto a stretcher and could only watch as the greenette got carted away.

“Would it be possible for me to wait for him? I’m kind of worried about the squirt. He looked so young and like he had a lot of problems.”, mumbled the hero in the direction of the secretary.

She smiled sadly and nodded.

“Go to the waiting room. You're going to be informed if something happens to the boy. Would you know anything about him?”

He took off his helmet and shook his head no.

“I don’t know anything except for the obvious.” 

The lady sighed and started to write on her keyboard.

“Then we’ll need to identify him another way. If you’d like to know we could tell you who you saved today.”

He took the offer gratefully and went to the waiting room.

It may be foolish, but he wanted to know who the green-haired boy was and why he landed on the streets and in his position.

While Ingenium waited next to the families of diverse tragic victims, two important things happen.


Firstly: Izuku Midoriya was in the ICU and was giving the doctors of this night shift a headache.

“Hands off!”


The lifeless body spasmed thanks to the electricity that made the heart start to stuttering beat again.

The brain of the greenette was seconds away from shutting down and giving up - and it made all the other organs give out.

The doctors were fighting to keep their patient alive but secretly they all were asking themselves already who would receive the expression of condolences from the deputy.

There surely would be someone waiting for this kid's recovery in the anteroom.


Secondly: A member of the staff was able to identify the problem child.

One of the medical assistants who helped with the surgery of the quirkless boy one year prior after his jump from the roof was able to recognize him.

Izuku may have longer hair, the scars on his face were new - but it definitely was the same, freckled face.

He offered to use his pause to do some research; interested in what happened to his former patient.

Izuku Midoriya had been declared missing by his mother the same evening of the day he left the hospital.

As soon as they knew that, they called the police that they’ve found the runaway.

And it seemed that this wasn’t the first time that the boy was found.

He had been brought to three different hospitals by twenty-three different heroes, always with alcoholic intoxication.

And every time the boy was missing the day after his treatment without any trace where he could have gone.

And then there was his crime register. 

Only thirteen but there were so many suburban and bigger crimes.

Alcohol abuse, illegal betting, weaponry in public, threatening, mugging, stealing, defamation of a civil servant on duty and many more.

Ingenium was shocked at the news who he found and he insisted to see the young Midoriya when he awoke.

If he ever awakes again”, would have been the doctor's correction if they heard them talk.

But they did not know anything about their patient - still too enraptured with the task of saving a life that refused to be saved.

Izuku had the luck, or misfortune, to be given to the knowing hands of good doctors because they really managed to stabilize him after seven hours of fighting.


“The Name of the boy you saved is Izuku Midoriya.  He ran from home eleven months ago, this time being twelve.  His mother was searching frantically for him.  He’s quirkless and had been a bullying victim ever since his diagnosis.  The day after being released from the very same hospital we’re in right now, because of a suicide attempt going wrong, he vanished and nobody was able to restrain him long enough to give him to the police.  Thanks to you we will be able to bring him to justice before giving him the care he needs.”

Tensei stared at the police officer and the nurse in front of him perplexed.

The boy was indeed as old as his little brother.

But why bring him to justice? Why should someone punish a child with serious problems because no one wanted to take care of it when there was a chance? They should help him!

“What kind of disciplining?”, 

he asked upset and glared at the men in front of him angrily,

“What could a thirteen years old child do to deserve punishment?”

The nurse shrank away from the fuming hero but the policeman stuck out his chest.


“He committed crimes many teenagers wouldn’t do!  The Alcohol abuse, bribery, and stealing are the small things!  This ‘child’ - if you could even call him that, was a part of one of the biggest illegal streetfight rings and was betting there daily! You did not see his last opponent as I did! This boy is not an innocent child!  If you could excuse us, we have a mother who needs to know about the remains and state of her son.”

This being his last word the officer stomped away, leaving an annoyed hero and a scared nurse in his trail who followed the leaving man after an apologizing look towards the man in the armor anyway.

Thoughtfully but still angry the black-haired man stared up at the ceiling.

He wanted to talk to the boy. He’d like to know his story.

“Izuku Midoriya, huh?”, he mumbled. Testing the feeling of the name on his tongue.

This kind was as old as his brother but couldn’t be more different. 

He wondered how the two of them would get along?

No matter what, he would wait right here for Izuku to awake.

Chapter Text

He did not know what woke him up. But Izuku didn’t rise from his light sobering slumber all by himself.

The reason were the steps of a nurse who couldn’t even consider what her visit to the coffee machine at the end of the floor would start.

The dead, green eye just needed to be opened so that the teenager knew where he was.


A hospital.


Swearing under his breath he sat up and carded a hand through his hair in a stressed out motion. Ignoring the vertigo taking over his head with the experience of a pro.

Firstly he took in his own state and was lucky to tell that there were no new scars. 

It was better this way - he had more than enough.

He didn’t wear handcuffs and wasn’t tied to his bed.

Did the staff know who he was? Was the police waiting in front of this door? Did his mother know? The youth welfare office? Kacchan?! Did they bring his personal devil back to him to drag him back to hell again?!

The heart monitor started beeping loudly as his heart's speed picked up and he tried to calm down.

His fear was unreasoned.

There was no way that his past classmates or neighbors would ever be told that he was still alive and kicking.

His eyes wandered to his left arm. There was the typical needle in the back of his hand and another one in the crook of his arm, tying him to an IV-drip.

With practiced movements, he removed the needles and pressed the sheets at the indents in his skin until they stopped bleeding.

After that, he palmed over his face to find the usual oxygen tubes.

With a sigh, he shook his head and removed them as well. Shuddering at the well known gross sentient.

One problem less.

He took in the room.

There weren't any cameras so in that way he was safe.

His eyes stopped searching when they found the chair on the opposite side of the room.

The seat was adorned by his clothes which seemed to be washed, ironed and piled thoughtfully.

A service every hospital had.

Maybe he should show up more often?

NOPE! Bad idea! Stay under the radar and don’t take the risk of human interaction!

Beneath the chair was his backpack, leaned against a wall.

Hasty Midoriya ripped off the remaining cables on his body and rushed over to the chair to dress.

The boy stopped for a short second and let the feeling of his freshly washed hoodie linger on his skin but then he threw on his hood and pulled it deep into his face while grabbing his backpack as a sign to begin his journey again.

At first, he examined the window but to his disappointment, he was only on the fifth or sixth floor and there was a lock at the outside of the frame. 

He tried to move the handle anyway but - just as he suspected - it didn’t budge a bit.

He threw a look at the ground and compared the distance with the one of his first jump.

It was nearer.

His last jump had been from a roof, theoretically, it would have been the seventh floor.


He could try it again…


But with his luck, it wouldn’t end well, again.

May it be his attempt to throw himself in front of a car, (it ended up being a mass collision with four deaths.)

his excessive drinking, (he stopped counting how often he woke up in some hospital.)

or his one try to swallow an overdose of medications. (It never worked out in first place because some damn hero had seen him and made him throw them up before holding a lecture [of course in front of the press] why life was worth living. [He would have gladly started a second attempt after that, right in front of them. But he didn’t have the money to buy more pills.])

Every time when only he, Izuku Midoriya, tried to kill himself he would survive - so someone else needed to do the job because otherwise, he’d never die.


For a moment he considered his options.

He could destroy the glass with a chair or throw another part of the furniture through it and jump out of the window. If Lady Luck was on his side he would finally bite the dust but if she wasn’t and he’d survive, he would end up with even more scars and god knows what kind of additional damage.

Or he could take the route through the hospital towards the main entrance. He could vanish in the crowd, maybe he could even manage to steal some syringes or something like that...

That didn’t sound like his worst idea.

With a phiole of Morphine, an unused syringe or two, a package of prescription requiring pills one could make good money on the streets.

And money was the promise of another high.

Everyone is finalizing the salvation of someone else, that’s the whole magic.

All of this was thought in less than a minute which was filled with mumbling before the greenette started to move and opened the door just a crack - barely enough for him to look outside and see that nobody was in the corridor.

Quietly he opened the door further to get a look at the whole corridor that revealed itself as abandoned.

No human being as far as he could see.

Satisfied the boy stepped out of the room and closed the door behind himself.

When one made it out of their room without being seen they were almost outside. Because after that it was just a matter of acting plain and not to meet anyone who could identify you.

He went down the floor following the signs leading towards the exit, he stepped through a glass door-


“So you really wanna leave like that?”

His muscles rasted to halt and his shoulders pulled up before he turned to face the person that spoke with him.

The man sat leaned against the wall by the door so that he was obscured from Izukus former viewpoint.

He had black hair and wore a white armor, next to him laid a helmet on the ground that reminded one of a train.

Ingenium, he remembered himself, The hero Ingenium looks like that. He’s a member of the Iida-Family who were heroes for many generations. Each and every one of them had a Quirk of type “Engine”. In his case, it was centered in his legs and made them faster and stronger.

Running away seemed to be a really dumb idea.

With a sigh on his lips, he turned around.
“What do you want from me?”

The man chuckled and shook his head.

“I want answers, Izuku Midoriya.”, he stated and tried to look into the boy's eyes, but the half-blind kid avoided his gaze with ease.

Why should such an awesome hero want to talk to him? Surely it was a trap laid by the police so that they’d have his full confession on tape or -

“So I’m an awesome hero? Thank you!”

Startled the greenette looked up and saw Tensei's apologetic smile.

“If it calms you: I’m not really helping with the investigation against you, I’m rather hindering it right now.”,

explained the hero before dropping the bomb:

“If you’re going to answer my questions like I think you will, I’m even going to buy you some time.”

The boy surveyed his surroundings quickly before he tugged his legs beneath himself in front of the older male.

Ingenium was a cool and quite relaxed hero. Many of the people Izuku talked with called him a rather humane guardian of society.

He could be scary if he fought against true villains but towards those ones like them who committed crimes because it was the last thing left for them he acted understanding and reprehensive.

“What do you want to know?”, the teenager demanded.

He wanted to leave the hospital as soon as possible to get somewhere safe - the money he could make if he left the building with the right stuff wasn’t even this necessary.

At the same time, Tensei Iida observed the boy - who was wearing the eyepatch and his hood again - as much as possible.

He tried to imagine his upright and robotic little brother next to this chaotic, broken, haggard boy.

Two uncomparable worlds crashed together and left him the question if his idea would really work out.

But it would be a shame if he didn’t try.

“Is it true that you were bullied since being four and that you were in the hospital multiple times because of that?”, that was the most important question for the adult.

Izuku made himself smaller as he heard what the hero knew and was reminded of his trauma.

He would prefer it if these memories would stay locked away in some box that wasn’t openable to rot in there and never be touched again.


Kids are assholes if someone is different than them.”, he mumbled in a defensive way.

Tensei nodded again.


He had seen what happened to quirkless kids on the playground.

Every time he saw it he stopped them but that saved this kid just for this moment, it didn’t enable them to have a normal childhood.

“What did your mother and teachers do against that?”


The boy with the unruly hair stared at the ground and gritted his teeth whilst tears glazed his eyes over.


“Mum apologized.”, he growled and wished he could ban the hate out of his voice.

He loved his mother from the depths of his heart. He viewed her as a nice, loving, caring and hearty person and she looked after him unconditionally with everything she got.

But. Inko Midoriya never tried to give him what he really needed, yet tried to fill the shortcomings with overbearing in other cases.

And that made him hate her.

“And all the other adults said the same: Boys being boys. Nothing concerning. Let them play.”, he ended his short story of abandonment.

“Why did you run away?”


“‘Course I didn’t die!”, the boy spit into the older males' face.

“‘Course I wasn’t dead! ‘Course I was just some days away from being thrown back into hell!

All of you quirked, you heroes, you are so goddamn lucky and blessed and you don’t even know it!”

Maybe he should calm down a little bit.

“I had one day after leaving the hospital plus the weekend as a period of grace but after that, it would have been my everyday-life.”

He started shaking and his nails dug into the flesh of his arms. The thought of what happened back then was enough to make him feel the horror of his history again.


“Do you know how an explosion feels against your skin? Or how loud an explosion can be? It’s enough to make your ears bleed.

Did you have fourth-grade burns at the age of seven? Or, one day, when we were nine, he made it to the fifth degree. He was so proud of himself.”

He pulled up the sleeve of his hoodie and presented the ragged and glass-like scar at his upper arm, that stood out like a sore thumb.

“Should I have returned to this? To the beating, hitting, kicking, the insults, pain, and destruction? What would be the benefits of that?

It’s been better for me since I lived on the streets.”

Finally, he calmed down and relaxed a bit.


The hero looked shoon from his tale.


And indeed it was happening that Tensei's brotherly instincts were running highwire.

In front of him was a boy just as old as his little brother and he lived through so much sorrow and cruelty.

And no one thought about taking the time to take care of him!

He cleared his throat and shook his head to sort his thoughts before he kneeled before Izuku and ducked himself to see the scarred face of the kid.

“I’m going to be honest with you.

I’ve talked with a lot of people about you and tried to get an idea of how they see you.

The doctors only wait that you’ll appear again and they won’t be able to reanimate you.

The police want to throw you into jail and only to bring you back onto the streets before imprisoning you again.

And a lot of heroes have heard about you - most of them suggest to just leave you where you are because you’re a lost case.”

The greenette showed a big variety of emotions through this explanation, in the end, it seemed that he could not decide between nausea and horror. 

It could have been a funny expression if the subject wasn’t so sad and concerning.

“But the main reason why everyone thinks so bad of you is because of your constant presence.

My suggestion would be that you leave their view and mind.”

Now it was too much!

“And where do you think I should go?!”,

he hisses angrily,

“I don’t have any friends, I can’t afford a flat and I can’t return to mum! That’re no options!”

The raven-haired man rose his hands in a soothing way and tried to make the kid calm down that way.


“That’s what I wanted to say.”, he explained with a smile, not even spending a single thought on the tantrum.
“How would you like it to live with me?

You’d have food, drinks, a bed, clothes, a roof above your head. You could work with my brother's school material.

How does that sound?

You could stay as long as you want.”

The emerald-eyed boy blinked unbelievingly and tried to understand what he heard.



Chapter Text

The question if he wanted to take up the hero's offer was not hard to answer for the teenager.


Of course, he wanted to go with him! He would be dumb if he didn’t!


They split up to get outside and decided to meet at the main entrance.

Izuku thought over thoroughly when he passed a storage room if he really should take something with him but in end he couldn’t stop himself.


His backpack was stuffed full with drugs after that stop and even if he felt kind of sorry he was sure he needed the money he could make if the hero didn’t want to take up with him any longer or another reason forced him back onto the streets.


The remaining way through the hospital went uneventful and it was almost hilarious that he crossed the paths of seven different police officers and each of them even noticed him.


But he wouldn’t mourn over that, the easier the better.

In front of the gigantic building he kept an eye out for the hero but he couldn’t see him immediately and the panic rose in him, that Tensei Iida left him for good and that he never wanted to take him in first place.

“Hey. We can go now.”

The raven-haired man glanced at the blade that hoovered only some centimeters away from his jugular with his hands up in a sign of surrender and chuckled nervously.


“I’m afraid I’ll have to learn not to scare you.”, he offered.

After a short moment filled with shock, Izuku closed his knife and put it into his sleeve.


“This could’ve ended in a disaster.”,

growled the boy into the direction of the adult.

“If I wouldn’t’ve waited for you you would’ve been really happy that we’re in front of a hospital!”

The taller one waved it off and started moving, putting a distance between them and the hospital.


“I’m fine. And you’re away from the streets and out of danger.

Now come.”

They went their way to the estate of the Iida-family side by side in utter silence.


“How are you going to explain that you brought someone like me with you?”, questioned the emerald-eyed boy after more or less twenty minutes of quiet walking.


“My family knows me well. This won't be the first time that someone lives with us until they’ve gained some foothold in their lives. I helped some people with this method.”, explained the hero but it only made his companion look to the side with a bitter expression on his face.

“There’s no way to help me.”, grumbled the smaller one annoyed and made the ravenette perk up.


“Why’s that?”


“I’m quirkless. I’ve missed out eleven months of school and I’ve got a crime-file as thick as my hand.”, 

the boy counted at his fingers and continued ruthlessly,

“Unfortunately I’ve been born without a quirk. I’m deformed and disabled. I'm mentally unstable. Did I mention my quirklessness?”

Anger and sarcasm dripped from his voice like poison and his face was pulled into an unsightly mask of disdain and disgust.

“I know the statistics, Ingenium!

36% of the global quirkless population commits suicide in the age from twelve to seventeen.

In the age from eighteen to twenty-five 64% attempt suicide, but only 27% actually die.

On the other hand, only 1,5% of the quirkless population is able to survive until they are thirty.

91% of the people diagnosed with quirklessness die before their 28th birthday.

More or less 0.7% are actually able to start some kind of charrier after graduating.

And how. Should I . Accomplish something?!”

The hero blinked impressed.


“How did you remember all these numbers?”


“That’s not my point!”


“I know the statistics, though I can’t recite them out of my head.

I think they are the proof that something needs to change.

Then you can be the first quirkless person with a remarkable charrier that dies from age.”, decided the hero in an optimistic tone.

“Pft.”, was the only comment from the one-eyed who looked away annoyed.

“You’re a child and an airhead!”


“Thanks. That would be two good characteristics.”

Izuku breathed in with a hiss and rubbed his temples.


To be alone with this “cool” hero was going to cost him a goddamn lot of nerves.


“We’re almost there.”, exclaimed the older one happily and made the boy inspect his surroundings.

The remaining, green eye became as big as a plate as Izuku took in all of the villas and fancy gardens.


“Your family is rich enough to live here?”, mumbled the boy with the fluffy hair unbelievingly.

“Jup. I hope you’re okay with that.”


“If you’re okay with it.”, was the fast answer.


“Why should I?”, he shoot back but Izuku was already expecting it.


“I might need one night to rob the half of the neighborhood and nobody would know it was me or would even miss something.”, stated the emerald-eyed kid with a shrug.


“It’s almost tempting to try but I think it would be better to leave it be. Only a few people in this area are not heroes.”

The greenette sighed sadly and shook his head.


It would have been too good to be true to get so much money easily.


Silently they crossed a rather plain-looking garden before stopping at the door of a humble mansion.

Izuku felt his nervosity rising within him and he started to seesaw on the balls of his feet - his fight or flight instincts activating themselves and readying him to dash away to get him to safety, shouldn’t he be welcomed.

His chance to actually get away was as good as non-existent but the heroes wouldn’t expect him and would have to start moving first.

And he had his knife, he could throw it. Nope! Bad idea!

Should he really need to, he could take someone hostage.

But it was ass-o'clock in the morning, the sun only started rising so there was no one.


Yet again, he had a variety of drugs and the syringes in his backpack. He could use them to put the heroes out of commission if the need should arise.

And -

His companion opened the door and stepped inside.


“I’m home!”, he hollered into the house and indeed there was an indistinguishable answer to hear.

Who was awake at this ungodly hours?


“Come in, Midoriya-Kun. I’m going to introduce you to my family and show you the guest-room.”


Scared he stared into the corridor.


He should go inside there? Just like that? When was the last time he had been inside a real house? He did not even know how to act! And what if they threw him out on the streets again?

Tensei listened to the mumbling of Midoriya with a frown.

Izukus habit of speaking to himself was partly convenient because it allowed one to almost look into the head of the boy but the thoughts of the one-eyed street kid were negative, dark, cunning and wary.

He was pretty sure that his family would welcome the boy with open arms and not chase him away with torches and pitchforks but the first possibility didn’t seem to exist in the world of the teenager.


He somehow needed to make the greenette to understand that not everybody was out to hurt him.

“Why aren’t you eating with us, brother? We wait for - … who is this?”

That may be a way, too.


Smiling the man turned towards his little brother, Tenya, and introduced the greenette with the wild hair behind him.


“That’s Izuku Midoriya. He’s going to live with us for a while.”

The boy with the glasses examined the one-eyed kid, that squirmed beneath the watchful orbs of the brothers like a fish on a hook in clear uneasiness, interested.

“Hello.”, he mumbled and bowed to greet the other teenager.


Did he do the right thing?


He really didn’t know.


The other boy watched him a while longer before he adjusted his glasses which made them reflect the morning sun for a short second.

The movements of Ingeniums little brother were robotic, wide and choppy.

The blue eyes behind the glasses seemed to be cold and estimating.


The looks didn’t really match the image of a child of his age, was Izukus thought, but he really wasn’t the one to speak or judge.

Because he had the face of an old soldier who served over the years at different fronts.


that ripped the greenette out of his mind,

“I am Tenya Iida. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Midoriya-Kun.”


Skeptically he watched the other boy who bowed in his direction like a mechanic puppet.


“The pleasure is mine… Iida… Kun...”, he tried the words on his tongue and it seemed to be the right thing because Tensei smiled and nodded encouragingly.

“Would you like to stay for breakfast, Midoriya-Kun? It’s more than likely that there’s food for one more person.”, offered the younger brother while the older kicked off his shoes.

The greenette looked away feeling overwhelmed and trying to escape the situation.

He was frightened that he was going to make a fool of himself and he really did not want to go into this house.


The thought to enter closed rooms - claimed territory, not a neutral zone like he was used to - where he couldn’t flee whilst being surrounded by strangers didn’t sit well with him. 


“Uhm… Y-ya know, your bro's idea was nice and I’d really like to take it up - truly! - b-but I think I should go now. I don’t want to intrude and… ah… I - I actually have plans, ya know? Yeah. I’ve gotta do somethin’ really ‘portant to do.

It was a rather crazy idea - a good one! But - but still crazy. I - I really gotta go! Ähm… so… bye! And thanks.”


The whole monologue rushed out of the greenette's mouth in a record-worth time before he took a deep breath while he turned around and lifted a foot to run away.

He really didn't think about a hero who called with a smirk in his voice:

“I’m not sure what you’d have to do, Midoriya-Kun. It’s not like you have a real choice.”

These sentences were the cause of the following two reactions.


Tenya asked himself since he saw the boy with the green hair how he and his brother knew each other.


Their guest with the eyepatch, the scarred face, and the pitch-black eyebags looked shady and threatening even if he acted like the complete opposite.

Somehow it was reasonable that their (guest) was mixed up in some seedy stuff and most likely he wasn’t the best contact either.


Yet his brother thought that this person wasn’t a wholly lost case.


Tenya decided that he wanted to try to help.

Izuku, on the other hand, turned on his heel and set his foot down again whilst he glared at the adult angrily.


He thought that there was some kind of hidden catch but he really didn’t think about being forced to stay.

“I don’t think-”


“Stay for breakfast at least. There is surely more than enough food so you won’t be a burden at all.

And you can still leave after that.”, interrupted the younger brother and made Izuku blink.

In the end, the greenette sighted in defeat and let his shoulders drop.


This was going to be embarrassing.


In hope to find a bit of support, he hugged himself with one arm and stared at the ground as he whispered: “I don’t wanna go in there, I’m scared of the house.”

Tensei didn’t know what to do, this kind of information was overwhelming but his brother reacted fast and discovered a solution for the problem.


“It’s not scary.

But if you don’t want to go inside it would be no problem to let you sit in the garden next to the dining room so that I can fetch you something to eat. 

I’m sure you’re hungry.”

That sounded like a sound compromise and it was true, he was indeed really hungry and had no clue when he ate something proper the last time.


He nodded hesitantly which made the spectacle wearer hop into the bigger shoes of his brother to waddle over to him and show the way to the garden.

“Thanks.”, murmured the one-eyed kid and fiddled with the hem of his hoodie whilst he followed the other boy to a glass wall which showed a modern dining room and an equally impressive kitchen.


The table was already set and an older couple sat there just as Tensei settled on his own chair and explained the situation:

“I brought someone over so that they can live with us for a while.

He looks roughed-up and his history is rather unsettling but that’s the reason why I want him to gain footing again.

He’s as old as Tenya and he deserved better than that ”

The woman, who had bluish-black hair just as hair husband smiled and looked at her oldest son lovingly over the rims of her round glasses.

She exchanged a short glance with her husband which showed that they were having one of those silent parents-conversations where both parties were able to discuss and consider everything in the span of mere seconds.


“Of course he can stay.”, said the father in the end and nodded.

“Where is he, dearie?”, asked the mother and looked in the floor behind her son but couldn’t the room was empty.


Tenya nudged Izukus side and made the greenette stumble some steps forward before he managed to squeal with a voice that was at least two octaves too high: “I-I’m here! It’s nice to meet you!” and bowed so deep that he was standing in a perfect 90° angle in front of the window-wall with tightly shut eyes.

Miss Iida examined the boy with the grey hoodie and black sweatpants. His red shoes stood out noticeably and she came to the conclusion that he really looked unkempt.


But only after the boy rose to stand upright she understood what her son meant when he said “roughed-up”.


Two ugly, big scars crossed beneath a black eyepatch and seemingly covered the most of the right face half of the boy. There were some more small bruises and scars on his face although they were easy to overlook/ignore thanks to the big ones.

His right hand was crooked and covered in marks as well and he favored his right leg almost impalpable which prompted the thought that he was hurt there, too.


His cheekbones were way too visible to look healthy and his functioning, green eye glowed in contrast to the black eyebag beneath it.


His oversized, baggy, patched-up clothes hid his starving state but hung loosely from his frame and sold out its own lie.

It was a gruesome sight because this child looked more like it was dead rather than alive. 


She forced an encouraging smile onto her face and looked at their generously laid table where left-overs were programmed and she knew there were some things that would be thrown away after breakfast.

“Come in and sit with us, little one. Eat something. You look like a stiff breeze is all that’s needed to knock you over.”

The greenette started to bob on his feet and murmured something to himself.


She leaned in his direction to catch some of his words but it was too quiet.


Irritated she looked over to her husband - he just shrugged and shook his head.


“He’d like to eat outside, Mum.”, explained Tenya with a serious look on his face and shot her a glance that showed that he wanted a family-discussion as soon as possible.

“He’d be able to see what’s on the table from here and I’ll just fetch him whatever he asks for.”


She nodded.

“I’ll get the extra dishware.”


“I’ll brew the tea.”, offered Tensei.


The father sighed: “Then I’m going to search the small table and one of the garden pillows.”

“I know where they are, father.”, claimed Tenya.


“Please. No inconvenience because of me. I have my own cup. I don’t want to bother anyone more than necessary.”, attempted Izuku to stop the decisions of the family; unsuccessfully.

With a sigh, he sat down cross-legged as the family vanished into their house.


He was pretty sure that they actually needed time alone to think and talk about the given situation.

He almost hoped that they came to the conclusion to send him away after eating with them. 


But only almost.

Chapter Text

“Who is this poor boy and what did you do to him that he refuses to enter our house?”

Concerned Mrs. Iida rested a hand upon her heart.


Now that they were in the living room they could talk about the boy in their garden.


“We didn’t do anything.”, stated Tenya to set the records straight.


“Well… I forced him to stay for breakfast.”, was Tensei's objection but his little brother beat him to the matter.


“You only said that he wasn’t required for any important matters and that he might as well stay with us to eat.”


Actually I told him in a roundabout way that the only thing that he could do besides staying with us is to turn himself in.”

“Would you please explain to us who this kid is, Tensei! I’m pretty sure I saw his face somewhere.”, interrupted Mr. Iida and calmed his family down this way whilst his oldest son smiled with a sight.


“His name is Izuku Midoriya, he’s thirteen and lived on the streets for eleven months.

He ran from home because he couldn’t handle the bullying any longer after surviving a suicide attempt - he’s been diagnosed as quirkless when he was four and had been bullied since.

If I can trust what I've heard than he’d been mixed up in illegal streetfights for quite a while.

Then there's his alcohol addiction and the problem that he has the habit to drink until he is comatose.

He showed me one of his scars from his time in school; they detonated something right against his arm when he was nine.”

The woman covered her mouth in shock.
That was horrific.



the older brother intervened thoughtfully,

“The other things that I learned about him while we talked.


He’s really intelligent and has an extraordinary memory.

He’s fast and strong and I’m sure there are muscles beneath his baggy clothes, even if one can’t see it; it would’ve been impossible for him to win the streetfights if he was weak.”

Everyone listened carefully before thinking about the heard.

“My holidays are going to end in three days.”,

said Tenya nonchalantly,

“Maybe he could come with me?

I could keep an eye on him and bullying isn’t tolerated at all.

He would have to catch up a whole year but I don’t think that would be a problem.”

Their father nodded.


“That’s a great idea.

He should learn that not everyone is going to hurt him and because he’s quirkless he needs the best education he can get.”

“That leaves the question how we’re going to work with his fear of houses.”, mumbled the brother without glasses before looking around questioningly.


“He is not going to stay out in the open!”, threw the youngest family member into the round.


“What about the cottage? We haven't used it for a while now and it contains a guest room, a kitchen and a bath.”, suggested their mother and gained three pairs of round eyes in return.

“Which cottage?”

“The one behind the tree next to the pond. You know, where you went camping to your birthdays when you were younger.”

The men turned silent in thoughts before one after the other reached the same realization what the woman was talking about.

“Of course! The cottage! That is a wonderful idea, Mum!”

The woman smiled, pleased with herself.

“Now that we solved that problem we should concentrate on our guest again.”

And so they started to move again to finish the chores they decided to fulfill.


The breakfast turned out well and after a while, they even managed to coax Midoriya into the house to sit with them - though he had the conditions that the window stayed open and that he sat right next to the opening.

After eating they lead the boy to the abandoned and dusty cottage which hadn’t been thought of in the past two years.


The kid had been delighted and didn’t stop to thank them for their generosity.

When Mrs. Iida offered to clean the house for him the greenette had been disappointed and almost begged to be allowed to cleanse the house by himself which no one wanted to deny him.

Tenya was sure he’s never seen someone being so happy about being forced to clean and repair a whole house.


It was five hours after that when he returned to the cottage to fetch Midoriya for lunch, and the atmosphere around the building changed thoroughly.


The walls seemed to be freshly painted and the roof had been repaired as well.

The door shimmer thanks to a lair of new varnish.

The doorknob had been polished.

All the windows were only distinguishable because of their reflections.

The curtains were missing and allowed one to see the scrubbed wooden floor and the tiles in the kitchen shone through the glass of the according windows.

All in all the kitchen looked great and appetizing enough to really consider it as a place to cook; because five hours prior he wouldn’t have touched anything that left this place.

The ravenette knocked and the door in front of him was ripped open.

Midoriya grinned happily, his healthy eye glistened with joy and giddiness - and even if his teeth were colored yellow and brown for the most part and practically screamed that they needed to see a dentist - his expression was almost yelling from the rooftops that he was lucky and excited what his life could bring now that it was looking up, it even made Tenya smile slightly.

“You really made a miracle happen to this cottage.”, was his comment as he took in the difference to before whilst Izuku smiled humbly.

“It was a bit to work on but it turned out rather well. Of course, you or someone of your family would have been faster and better than I, still I didn't want to be a burden… and I really enjoyed to do something different.”, explained the greenette and rubbed a hand over the back of his neck nervously.

Tenya shook his head unbelieving.


“Don’t be so hard to yourself. You did more than we did in these last years.”, he disagreed with wide gestures.

The other teen seemed to think about arguing but decided against it and mumbled a meek “Thanks.”


“Oh. By the way, what brought you here, Iida-Kun?”


“Ah, yes. We’re having lunch.”,

told the taller boy and pointed into the direction of the main building,

“We also wanted to talk to you about your stay.”

The smile on the face of the emerald-eyed boy became forced and the happy light left his eyes, too.


“Ah… yeah. Of course.”, mumbled the small teen and it sounded like he actually said, “ I don’t wanna have any problems ”.


Tenya felt like shaking his head at Midoriya's reaction.

The boy didn’t even try to see something positive and always jumped to the worst-case-scenario which was an awful trait, really.

On the other hand, maybe when one wanted to survive on the streets they had to be wary of everything and everyone to stop hope from rising within - and eight years of bullying might just install the same mindset: Don’t trust!


What a sad life. 

He wasn’t really jealous of Izukus experiences.

“May I enter and have a look at your work before we go to eat?”, asked Tenya in a try to lighten the mood.

And he had to admit it, he was curious how Izuku equipped the place and what his backpack had contained.

After walking through the door one stood immediately in a rather big room with a dark, wooden floor, cremé colored walls and an anthracite-colored couch. There were a glass side table and a wooden dining table that was surrounded by chairs made of dark grey leather.


This room led to two different ones.


On to one side, there was a kitchen with white tiled walls and a black tiled floor. It contained some medicine cabinets, a rack, a counter with four bar stools, an oven, a stove, a fryer, a fridge, a toaster, a microwave, and a dishwasher.

On the other side were the bedroom with a bed, a nightstand, a dresser a shelf and a wardrobe.

Everything was colored black and white.

The bedroom led to the bathroom which encloses a claustrophobic small shower, a toilet, and a sink. Everything except for the ceiling was covered in tiles.

It was wonderful to see the cottage in its old glory and Tenya wondered why they abandoned it in first place.


At least it found some use now instead of being occupied for some special cases.

Interested he looked at the notebooks that were placed on the shelf of the room.


It were notebooks like they were used in school, yet their titles gave away that they were not used to learn the normal subjects.

Evey booklet read: ‘Quirk Analysis’ followed by a number.


For some reason they only started to count at fourteen and although the teen couldn’t imagine a possible reason for that he really did not want to just ask.

“If - well - uhm - if you’d like to read one… .You can read page sixteen from book nineteen if you’d like.”, offered Midoriya after a while of stammering and Tenya was too curious to not have a look.


Easily he found the notebook and opened the named page.

It was… astonish?


Overwhelmed he flittered over the page that was dedicated to his older brother.


There were so many things written down.


He had to correct himself.

This was not amazing - it was creepy.


Someone with dishonest ideals and plans would be able to defeat Ingenium in a span of mere seconds with this information.

Again he eyed the shelf that was filled to the half.


In every one of these notebooks were this analysis of persons, page after page they were ripped into pieces and dissected to find every crack, fault, and failure.

Ha shudder whacked his body and suddenly he was utterly scared at the thought to turn around and meet those cutting, green eyes the other boy possessed.

He didn’t want to be torn to pieces and screened the same way as these people in the notes.

But he held himself together, pushed up his glasses and placed the notebook in the same place he took it from.


“We should go now.”


“How would you like it to go to school again, Izuku-Kun?”, asked Mrs. Iida with a calm smile after they finished eating.


The greenette observed her face critically before he shrugged nonchalantly.

“It wouldn’t hurt but I won’t return to my old school.”


Mr. Iida harumphed.

“We thought about sending you to Tenya's class. He is enrolled at Somey-Junior-High-Private-Academy. It clearly wouldn’t hurt to catch up with kids of your age and to continue learning.”


Tensei smirked and leaned towards Midoriya.


“I went to that school as well.”,

he whispered conspiratorially,

“Filled to the brim with Nerds and Snobs, hard rules and complicated subjects but really good.”

“So you’re a Nerd.”, asked Izuku and made the other gasp for air in a mock-offended way.


“I won’t tolerate -! On the other side, my brother is one.”

Everyone around the table laughed at their childish bickering.

“I’m a nerd, too.”,

explained the greenette giggling. His eyes screamed ‘It hurts!’ but he won’t have it and let that ruin the perfect mood,

“A ‘shitty nerd’, to be precise. But he wasn’t completely wrong, Tenya-Kun would be able to confirm this, he saw my notes.”

The second favorite insult Kacchan had used for him made his stomach churn but he still remained smiling bravely - not willing to sadden the best day of his life.

Tenya shifted forwards and pushed up his glasses in a wide motion when he started to talk about the books, his hands moving in the way that made him the person he was.

The whole family listened interested and their guest explained shyly the full story of the books.

Noon blended into eve and the stray gladly lend a hand to help to prepare the dinner.


The evening was heartily and warm, a euphoric whirl that satisfied him more than every alcohol or won fight could.

“If you’d like I could show you your page and we could figure out how to counter some of your weaknesses.”, he offered with a laugh to the hero who saved him.


“If you’d like to I won’t say no.”

Chapter Text

Three days are damn short.


But long enough for Izuku to find his place in the life of the Iida family and to get everything he needed for school.


His eyebags actually started to fade after the last two nights where he slept on a soft and comfy bed without any nightmares.

But the last night left his functioning eye bloodshot and his eyebags returned to their original state.

Because he didn’t close his eye for one second this night, the reason being that he was way too nervous.


He might have had a small drawback and left the neighborhood to return to his old district to get some bottles after abandoning the thought of sleeping.

And maybe there were three of these eight bottles in his room, well hidden and not easy to find if you weren't actively searching for them, the other five were god-knows-where and empty.

He was lucky that he didn’t look like he had had a few too much.


“Good morning, Mid – are you okay?”

Okay. He looked like it.


He reeked of alcohol and feces, the second because of his nightly journey.

Further than that he was swaying on his feet.

He sobered up mostly over the span of the night but he still felt a bit intoxicated.

“‘M sorry. I panicked.”, he mumbled and stared at the floor in shame.


The sight of the unkempt, tired out of his mind and still slightly drunk Izuku was a completely new experience for the family.

They’ve only seen him sober and distracted enough to not think about his addiction.


And the last night the withdrawal symptoms hit him like a fucking sledgehammer - and so he stood there, knowing that he needed to attend to school in one hour and not enabled to go there.

His sight glazed over and he fought a sob down.

One could only see he was crying thanks to his slightly hitching and trembling shoulders.

Mrs. Iida flew towards the boy to cheer him, her more or less adopted son, up.

They really haven’t thought about Izukus problems because they never seemed to be immediate. 


But now they were right in front of them. 


And they really shouldn’t be.


In a matter of seconds, the greenette was enveloped in a group hug and started to wail loudly.

“W-what’re we goin’ to do? I can’t go to school like this! B-but if I won’t… I - I don’t think I ever will!”

Tensei patted his back encouraging.

“Everything’s going to be fine, bud. We’ll fix you in no time! And I’m pretty sure I know some people who could help you to sober up with their quirks if everything goes south.”


The emerald-eyed boy looked at the family as tears collected in his eyes. He sniffed and the tears flowed over as he bowed sobbing.


“Thank you!”


“Have fun and good luck!”


“Are we going to have!”, yelled Tenya. Wholeheartedly focused on the first part.


Izuku murmured a dark: “Are we going to need.”, completely fixated on the second part.

“Don’t disappoint me!”, was the last comment Tensei threw after them which triggered the little brother to square up an answer that they won’t, whilst the greenette - friendly as he was - replied with a risen middle finger.

The hero laughed and closed the door.


Izuku Midoriya really had his own and very interesting personality.


His notes were in-depth and helpful but equally concerning.


He convinced the boy to pick out all the information about his sidekicks and copied them to hand them out.

It’s always good to try to learn and grow.


Even for Izuku, who forbid it himself as a punishment and an act of self-hatred - even though he would never admit it.


The kid had potential.


He took in the sight of the stack of papers on the table thoughtfully.


Indeed, great potential.

Even if it was threatened to be destroyed by insomnia and drowned out by alcohol.


Frightened he stared up at the school building.


The ground seemed to shake rather roughly.


Was there an earthquake?


No. Tenya stood upright and stiff next to him, giving him a concerned look.


Which would mean that he was shaking.


A heavy chunk of led seemed to rest on his chest with the intention to crush him.


Desperately the greenette gasped for air and stumbled some steps back on his quivering legs.

“I - I can’t do it!”, 

gasped Izuku breathless,

“I can’t go there! I don't want to go inside! Please, let’s just go away!”


His voice cracked in his panic and he was so desperate - Tenya did not know how to act.

His new… friend… started to hyperventilate and shook even harder.


He was having a panic attack.


The boy with the glasses touched the smaller one's shoulder gently and lead him away from the building before he seated him on the curbside with gentle force and sat down next to him.

“Everything is fine.”, he told with a soothing voice and left his hand hovering above Izukus shoulder - well knowing that physical contact was bound to worsening the panic attack.

“Take a deep breath, hold it and breath out for twice the time.”, he tried to work the other boy through the breathing exercise calmly.


It wasn’t working and he pulled out his mobile.


It was rather ridiculous but he talked with his parents about situations like this just yesterday and that he was afraid about something of this kind happening, Izuku voiced the same concern.

His parents questioned the internet about possible solutions because they weren’t this well informed either.


They have discovered different posts from people who said that they had panic attacks every so often thanks to their mental illnesses and that they knew some short videos that helped them a great deal.


He downloaded the moving pictures instantly and sent them to his whole family - just in case.


Now he was left to hope that this advice was no fake.

He held the phone in front of Izukus face. 


A blue dot that moved smoothly and slowly and left an infinity-sign in its wake.


A green eye focused on the screen and followed the movement that was displayed.

It took some seconds but the smaller boy breathed normally again and wasn’t shaking so hard anymore.


So this really worked.


He switched to the other video.

It read ‘breath’ beneath a thin line.

The line expanded to a triangle, to a pentagon and folded out to bigger and bigger forms before it collapsed into the line again. Rinse, repeat.


It took quite some time but it worked.

The boy started to breathe in rhythm with the expanding and collapsing of the line and the trembling stopped.


Still, he returned to the first film once again to occupy the one-eyed-kids mind a bit longer.


“Thanks.”, mumbled Izuku after looking away and taking a deep breath on his own.


He was glad that Tenya had been with him or he would just have collapsed in the middle of the sidewalk helplessly.


On the other hand...
He would never have tried to visit a school on his own.


“No need to thank me.”, replied the taller teen and glanced at the clock.


There were still seventeen minutes left until the lesson started.


Enough time for Izuku to regain his bearings before they registered.

Considering the panic attack he would need to call his parents to explain to them that they have to talk to the principal that the one-eyed student is some kind of special case… and they would need to find a good therapist.


Thoughtfully he observed the other teen next to him.

He still looked small, fragile and exhausted.

His brother really hadn't thought this through, had he?


The teenager was not some kind of stray dog that could be brought to a nice and caring family after patching him up or an acquaintance who lost all his money because of a rough divorce and just needed some months to cry himself out and regain footing.

A kid with this kind of history needed professional help!

Not some hero-family that tries their best without knowing a thing!


But it was too late.


And it only left him with the question if he could start a new attempt to get the greenette to school without a second break-down.

“We need to go in there, don’t we?”, asked Izuku like he could read thoughts with a funeral voice.




Maybe this will do.


“I’m gonna try again; but if I won’t succeed you’ll call your parents that I’m going to come back and you’ll go to school alone.”, decided the emerald-eyed boy and stood up with a determined frown.


“Well then. Here we go to hell.”, growled the small kid to himself and fixated his eyes at the ground whilst he stalked straight forward towards the building he feared the most.

It was just like returning to the ring! Exactly!

It might be a different form to fight but it’s still a battle: School vs. Students.


His muscles relaxed a bit at the thought even though it was just a short boost of confidence to get himself onto the school grounds without a mental breakdown. 


He wanted to succeed in this!

One gave him, a quirkless runaway and alcoholic, a second shot! He couldn't throw it away!


Nervously he looked up.


He indeed stood in front of the main entrance!

He made it!


Overjoyed and grinning he turned towards Tenya who walked after him at a normal pace.




“I’ve seen.”, replied the ravenette seriously.

Side by side they entered the building and Tenya gave him a fast tour before they went to the office to enroll him.


“Hello, Iida-Shounen. Oh - and you’re Midori-Kun?”

The office lady greeted them with a friendly smile and pulled the necessary sheets out of varying stacks.

“It is rather uncommon that kids change schools for the last year but in case of your adoption, it is rather understandable. 

And your certificates were excellent.”,

chattered the woman away and then looked up with a smile again.

“This is your schedule and a map of the building, I marked your classrooms.

But Tenya will look out for you and help you surely considering you have the same one.

Should you like to enter some clubs just talk to one of the teachers and return here if you got accepted.”

The greenette nodded quietly and listened concentrated.

“That was everything important.”, she said and send them on their way.



“You’ll get a new classmate today.

His name is Zuko Midori. I expect you to be friendly and respectful.”


Immediately the students exchanged some conspiratorial looks.

A lot of the girls and some of the boys thought the same:

It was exactly such a situation with which a romance novel started.


And they all hoped the same: It was going to be their story.


The door opened and a small boy with green, wild, tousled and curly hair entered the room.


His skin was pale which was why even the person in the last row could see that he had freckles.

The school uniform hung loosely from his frame and he limped on his right leg.


Immediately the half on the teens waiting for their true love story lost their interest.


Not their type.

Too thin.

To unkempt.

This dwarf surely wouldn’t be it.


Next to the teacher’s desk, the boy turned towards the class and most of them drew in a shocked breath when he finally lifted his head.


Half of his face seemed to be made of scars and - oh my god! - was this an eyepatch?!


A few of them noticed the gloves that did not belong to the uniform but most of them were to busy to stare at the destroyed face of their new classmate.

"Hey.", gasped the mentioned boy.


His whole body was trembling and he was using all his nerves to stay put and not storm out of the room like his instincts wanted him to do.


There was too much attention on him and the looks on the other teen's faces showed that they either thought he was a creep or that they were pitying him.


Bravely he gritted his teeth and bowed.


“My name is Zuko Midori. I look forward to working with you. Please take care of me!”


His voice was a bit too high pitched and trembling turned into full-blown shaking - yet it was a start.


“If you want to talk to him, please wait for a break. 

You can sit next to your brother.”

Izuku nodded and did as told, even though he tried to keep everyone in his field of view as he walked to the table next to the window in the second row.


But nobody attacked him.

No one threw something at him or muttered an insult.

There was no attempt to trip him and no bag being pushed onto the passages so that he would stumble over it.


Everyone was peaceful.


That was… something. It was odd.


Confused he sat down and pulled out his pencil case.


“With this being done we can start. I’ll check the attendance.



Izuku - or Zuko, like he was called now - relaxed and let his eyes wander through the class with the white walls and wooden floor.


This was the place where he was going to stay the next hours and days of his life?


A small smile found its way on his lips.


And even if some thought that his dreamingly look and relieved smile were suspicious, he couldn’t help himself but be happy. 

These fights were so much easier than the ones on the streets.

He could start again and do something with his life.


Nothing would be able to stop him.

Chapter Text

Happiness is such a frail thing. 

That was a saddening truth the whole Iida family had to learn too soon.


Midoriya became… unpleasant after emptying his hidden alcohol stock (he managed to ration the three bottles over the span of five weeks) and being forced to stay sober.


At school, the teen masked his irritability as good as he could but as soon as he entered his own familiar 80 qm home and sometimes even in the main building he couldn’t keep the act up any longer and let everyone feel that he missed his drug.

Tenya thought it was annoying.


Of course, he knew how addiction worked.


Of course, he knew: Izuku couldn’t do anything against the withdrawal symptoms and bad mood.

He knew that their stray was doing rather well, considering how deep down he’d been.


Still, he thought it was rather provoking.


Tenya thought long and thoughtfully about Izuku's situation and listened to a lot of different opinions. Then he decided on his own one.


The boy was the only one responsible for his misery.


He could have changed schools.

He could have sued his bullies - should have! Considering how bad it has been!

He could not have jumped. That had been his, and only his, decision alone - and if someone asked for Tenya's humble opinion it had been dense, no matter how intelligent the greenette was.

He could have stayed home.

He couldn’t have started fighting.

He couldn’t have started drinking. 

He shouldn’t have started drinking!

The fact that the other teen did all that meant only one thing:

Izuku Midoriya was a weak-willed person with little to no endurance.

And that didn’t even include that the one-eyed was a criminal.


At first, Tenya was willing to turn a blind eye on this knowledge but Izuku just wouldn’t stop to chew his ear off about missing the high of the adrenalin crimes brought with them and it made him think that the smaller one didn’t even want their help.

And now he would talk about exactly that.


“Why did you bring Izuku here?”


His brother pondered about his question and looked out of the window lost in thoughts.


“He needed help.

When I found him he was lying in an alley on the merge of death and he would have died if I wouldn’t have helped him.

And nobody else was willing to provide help.

Izuku hates himself more than anyone else in the world and because of that he doesn’t grant himself his own life and I… I thought that this is a misguided and abandoned child that doesn’t deserve to die.”

He observed Tensei for a long time before he decided to tell the truth.


“I admire you. I hope I’ll be Hero someday that somehow compares to you because even then I’d be better than the most - but right now you just act like a fool.”

His brother looked up startled.


“How did you reach this conclusion, Lil bro?”

The choice of words sounds easy but the older one's voice was serious and his expression showed that he was listening to Tenya.

“He doesn’t belong in our world.

I see how he’s fighting morals and conventions every day, still longing for his old life but he can’t return because he learned the comfort of luxury.

I think you should not have taken him with you, or at least should not have kept him.”

“I asked myself time and time again if my decision was a good one, you know?”,

explained Tensei with a sigh and ran his fingers through his hair,

“And maybe I would have done him a favor if I’ve left him in that alleyway or in the hospital.

But just think about it: We’re so lucky to not be him. 

I’m sure we would be so happy if someone would have mercy with us if we were in his shoes.

He has his knicks and quirks, of course, guaranteed more than others and he isn’t even fitting into our society anymore.. but shouldn’t he have a nice life at least?”


It was late evening. 


Izuku actually slept already but a nightmare of Kacchan woke him up and robbed him of his sleep.


He went to the main building in the hope to talk to Tenya or Tensei, maybe Mrs. Iida, if one of them was awake. 

At least he’d make himself a hot chocolate and then he’ll watch TV to distract himself - then he heard the voices.


“...ou should not have taken him with you, or at least should not have kept him.”

Silently he crept closer and found the two brothers in the living room.

The younger on a chair, the older one on the sofa.

“I asked myself time and time again if my decision was a good one, you know? And maybe I would have done him a favor if I’ve left him in that alleyway…”

Izuku flinched away like the words burned him.
He’s heard more than enough.


He was annoying!

He was in the way!

He should have died!

As fast as he could he stumbled away from the door and through the garden.


Four months of school.


Four months of a peaceful life.


Four months of frail happiness and luck.


Four months until he got on everybody's nerves and wasn’t welcome any longer.


Four beautiful months - but now they’re over.


He ran to his - no, wrong. It never was his . It belonged to the Iidas’ - he ran to the cottage where he spend the last four months of his life and slammed the door shut behind him before he sunk against it, gasping for air and tears streaming down his face.

He would have to gather his stuff - again.


Sobbing and trembling he started to work.


He sorted his goods and chattels, what he really was going to need and what just would be in the way; what really was ‘his’ and what actually belonged to the Iidas.

With that done he started to fill everything into his backpack.

The yellow bag was filled too soon.


It meant that it was time to go.


With a sigh on his lips, he pulled up his hood. 




He hasn't done that in quite a while.

The tears were still flowing.


Looks like it was over now.


He looks around and pulls out a pen and paper.

I am afraid I caused your family a lot of difficulties and brought you inexcusable amounts of grief.

I hope I will be able to pay back all the money you have invested in me  - yet I do not think that it is going to happen.

How should a quirkless, homeless, teenage drunkard amount any money at all?

I wanted to thank you for four astounding months even though they must have been hell for you.

Thank you, that you took me in that day, Ingenium, even if you regret it by now.


~ Sincerely, Izuku Midoriya

And like this, he left.


He left behind the cottage and ran through the garden, climbed over the wall that enclosed the property until he stood on the streets again.


Some of the neighbors that knew him and still were out in the night greeted him, hs returned their greetings.

Some of them started to Smalltalk with him.

These people didn’t know who he truly was. They only knew that he tended to go on walks in the evening.

They thought his name was Zuko Midori and that he was the adopted son of the Iidas.

And they surely thought he had a powerful Quirk.

He left the district that belonged to the rich and blessed ones and wandered through the town until he was surrounded by familiar Skyscrapers, streets overflowing with cars and peoples, tainted air and the noise of the city.


A sigh left his mouth whilst he kept walking to get to his own area.

To the filthy and labyrinth-like winding streets that were filled with trash and feces and threateningly overshadowed by decaying houses blotched with Graffiti.

A bitter smile pulled at his lips and made them quirk upwards a bit when he found ‘his’ trash container.

But it vanished when he noticed the big figures in ‘his’ alleyway.

They hid their faces in the shadow of their hoods and wore sunglasses as well as filter masks.


The greenette froze.


The more of a disguise someone wore the more trouble they meant until they were such a big fish that their pure presence was threat enough.

It was a rough-and-ready guide on the streets and he always abused in his favor with hiding his identity.

And now there were five persons that did not just act like they were dangerous.


It was something he could just sense.


“... owe me 1.950.000.000¥ and you bring lousy¥?! Are you kiddin me?!”


Maybe he should correct his view on this situation.


Four of the figures were threatening the fifth one that wasn’t hooded and pressing themselves against the wall behind them while clutching forcefully at the small briefcase.

Most likely it contained the named sum.


“I was told that this is enough with the message that your goods are of bad quality. There were too many deaths. Refine your formula and you can demand such sums again.”


The voice of the messenger was cracking and trembling and Izuku could sympathize with him just too well in his hideout.


He wouldn’t like to deliver such a message because one must almost every time -


The man at the wall screamed bloody murder.


- _ pay with one's life for delivering them.

The one who was most likely the leader of the group - he guessed they were drug dealer - had both of his hands on top of the head of the message man.


The smaller man was still screeching as if he was burned alive but he wasn’t moving or trying to get away instead he stood there, frozen, like a statue.

Izuku tilted his head to the side and pulled out one of his notebooks.

If he was to see a quirk he might as well use the opportunity.

It seemed that he needed both palms to have contact with his victim to activate his Quirk.

Maybe it was needed to touch the head. 

It appears that it causes terrible pain to the victim while paralyzes it.

Maybe poison?

Or thought control?

He wasn’t sure - and if this wasn't frustrating!


The envoy was whimpering to be released by now.

The maybe-leader pulled his hands away and one of his comrades touched the victim shortly on his shoulder, making him slump together and hit the ground. 


Interested the emerald-eyed boy threw a glimpse over the container.


Jup. That was definitely a corpse.

The shirt of the dead man was burned where he had been touched before he died.

And his skin looked like he had been hit by a bolt of lightning.

Was the killer only able to electroduce living objects? Or had it to be a conductor? Or was it only the touch? 

There had to be some weaknesses!

How does his body react to water? Did he have to charge?


“Ya hear this?”


He froze. 

Did he mumble again?


“I heard it.”, growled the leader and searched the alleyway.

“Turn the whole place upside down. I don’t need any witnesses.”

Izuku smiled and put the notebook away. No witnesses, huh? Seemed like he had to die today.

How sad; how tragic.


He just can’t show that he is actually happy about this and then they would do all the work for him.


His hands risen in a sign of surrender he stepped out of his hideout. His eyes were fixated on the ground and he tried to tremble.


“Please! Don’t hurt me! I won’t tell anyone! Just let me go!”, he “begged” with a whiny voice and sniffled. 


All four of them turned towards him.

“A child. A goddamn brat.”, barked one of the two that didn’t do anything.


But the leader removed his hood and pulled down his mask to show that he was grinning.


“Deku! If this isn’t my favorite quirkless out there!”,

said the man,

“I saw your debut when the pirates still were a thing and I have to admit I was impressed.”


Stunned he stared at the group.


He showed his face.
That could mean that they were going to kill him or that they would spare his life to force him to work for their group.

He hoped it would be the first option but his gut-feeling told him it would be the second one.

“I’m glad you liked it…?”, was his murmured answer whilst he tried to figure out a way to get himself killed.

Was that even possible by now? 


“You look unhappy, my friend.

Yet, compared to how bad you looked like when you stood in the ring the last time one would like to think that you’re overflowing with energy and happiness.”, declared the leader as he leaned against the container.

The greenette looked away and shrugged.


“I escaped barley when the Pirates were busted and I got completely drunk the day after that. 

The Alc really wasn’t enough no matter how much I drowned. 

I found I really have some kind of tolerance limit after all.”,

he huffed amused,

“My body shut down and I had the ‘luck’ to get saved by a hero. 

They shouldn’t have wasted their money and supplies on me to ‘save’ my life, I know I would’ve bitten the dust that day.

But NOOOO! They have to keep me alive!”

He stared at the dirty concrete frustrated as if it was the grounds fault that he had these problems.


“When I woke up I wanted to find the next bar and try again but this hero waited for me and told me he wouldn’t tell the police that I ran if I go to live with him.

So I do it.

His family was sickening nice! All the money they spend on me…

And right now they’ve talked about how they rather would get rid of me.”

He took a deep breath and looked at the man in front of him in the face. His expression was sympathetic.


“So I ran and I wanted to return to my old place and here I am.

And I really would appreciate it if you’d just end me right now because every suicide attempt of mine fires back.”

With this, he ended his little statement and considered the thought to fall on his knees for good manners.


The blonde smirked and looked at his comrades before he leaned into Izukus space.


“Okay, listen. I’ve got something that might kill you if you’re lucky. Whaddaya say?”


A glimpse of hope sparked within him at the thought of deliverance.


“What is it? I’ll take everything!”

Chapter Text


Groaning he held a hand against his forehead and tried to ignore the pain that seemed to split up his skull.


It wasn’t working.


He felt just like after his first drunken night but way worse.

It was almost comforting to know that his body couldn’t handle everything.


He sat up and looked around despite feeling dizzy and examined his surroundings.

He did not know this room but he really didn’t care where he was exactly.


Floor and walls made of concrete didn’t leave any way for the sun to enlighten the room instead some flickering fluorescent lights did her job, giving the room a sickening look that mashed just too well with the scruffy smell and dusty air.

Tattered pleather furniture that had its best time left long behind were scattered through the hall, there were some punching bags and other gym equipment that wasn’t going to kill someone because of its age, like weights and barbells.

The furniture that wasn’t right in his line of sight looked better.

There were: A table made out of plywood, some of this stackable chairs, an old TV, one of the oldest Playstation models that existed (but it was in an excellent condition.), a coffeemaker which was likely to be the most expensive thing in the room and a small, outdated microwave that had a high chance to explode with the next use.


“Well? How ya feelin’ after yar first flight, Deku?”


Groaning he threw an arm over his skull which seemed to be three times bigger than it should be.

“Like shit.”, he rasped and tried to clear his throat but that scratched his vocal cords even more.

He had no idea who he was talking with but the voice sounded some kind of familiar.


“You’ve got some booze here? I’d like a bit.”, he still sounded like a fucking crow but it wasn’t as hoarse as it was some seconds ago so he was just going to count it was a win.


The stranger chuckled, the quiet sound still hurt his head.

“Finally down and already starting again?”


He shrugged weakly without removing his arm from his face to save his eyes from the fluorescent lights.

“Of course. Best cure and makes you forget the most.

I’m gonna bite the dust someday if I keep up, just you wait.”


Izuku heard the sound of rustling clothes getting nearer.

“Why so complicated, squirt? You’d bite the bullet any time?”

The stranger sounded truly curious and perplexed.


He wasn’t judging that Izuku had a death-wish which was a new experience for the boy because until now everyone strived to keep him alive.

“It’d go wrong. Just like everything else I tried.”,

for a moment everything was quiet,

“You’ve got some more of this stuff?”

The man grinned.


“Sorry to disappoint you, squirt but you’ll have to pay for every next shot.”

“How? I’ve got nothin’ to pay with and I don’t know any other ring to fight.”, even if he was listing facts, he was whining and, yeah, he was trying to get drugs through pity.

Yet, his trading partner was unimpressed.


“Figure something out.” 


With a sigh, he took his arm off his face and looked around.


He might be able to make some more money but after spending that it would be over.

“Where’s my bag?”, he asked and searched the warehouse for the yellow backpack without moving from his spot.


“Right next to you.”


He looked down and indeed, there was his bag on the ground next to the sofa and looked pretty and untouched.

He used all his strength just to lean down and pull the backpack onto his lap, his arms were weak and trembling and he got nauseous as soon as he lowered his head  - but he managed to get his loyal companion on top of him.

The greenette opened it and found everything in exactly the same way he packed it.


Without searching he pulled out the pills, vials, and syringes he got from the hospital and suddenly he was really glad that he didn’t listen to his conscience.

Grinning he held up the goods and watched as the brown eyes of the man in front of him grew wide.

“Everything unopened and unused, directly from the hospital.”, he explained smugly and spread the theft over his lap.

“I could’ve used this stuff to give me the golden shot.”, mumbled the one-eyed boy and felt really, really dense.

Appalled from his own ineptitude he smacked his palm against his forehead and flinched hissing when it hurt more than he anticipated.


“What was I thinking that I just stored this stuff?! It’s so fucking strong I would’ve died in mere seconds!”

When he opened his eye, ready to end it right there and now, his treasure and ticket to make it out of this world had vanished.


Confused he looked around and saw the drugs floating in front of a man who sat at the table and he hadn’t seen until now.

The redhead whistled impressed and placed the vials and packages on the table.


“You’ve really got something here, squirt. If you wanted to die happily the Morphin would’ve been your best friend; but you don’t own it any longer.”

“Give it back!”

"Nope. I’m not going to let potential like yours die when I just found it. You’re going to make us rich, little Deku.”


“I won’t!”


A bottle of scotch floated towards him and gently settled down on his lap where the drugs lied some seconds ago.


“You can’t bribe me with something like that.”, the boy said coolly but he felt how his throat turned dry and begged him to screw the flask open to still the thirst .

“My addiction isn’t that bad.”, said the greenette next, mostly trying to convince himself more than anyone else.


Both men just smiled knowingly and waited.


And he knew that they didn’t have to do it long before his control slipped and he’d start to chug down the content of the bottle like it was the only water in the midst of a desert.


“What potential? I’m quirkless. I’m an alcoholic. I’m a minor, blind on one eye and constantly limping. What could I provide that no one else has.”

He tried to buy some time, to distract himself from the problem lying patiently in his lap.


“The reason why we’d like you to be a part of our group? You’re a survivor! I did some research and to live after so many suicide attempts - serious attempts - that’s impressive. You’re almost unkillable like a cockroach - maybe that’s your quirk?

Doesn’t matter.

I need tough guys for this gang who know how to survive on the streets, are able to fight but still know how to use their brain.

You cover all of these points.

And none of my boys would be able to just go into a hospital and steal so much and get away with it.

You’re a natural!

Listen: I’m gonna get ya everything ya want: Alc, Drugs, Cigarettes, name it and you’ll receive and you’ll never have to think about your life again - that only thing you have to do is to do everything I tell you to.

Sounds like a deal?”

He knew it was dumb but if he was able to collect all his rewards he might be able to finish himself off in a rather nice way.


And with thought, he took the hand the blonde held out for him.



It’s impossible to collect drugs - once you’ve got a taste you can’t stop, Izuku had to learn this the hard way. 


Another thing he forcefully learned was that all these goods that made him forget his problems were slowly but surely destroying his brain - rendering him useless.




In contrast to everyone else in the hall the boy who was screamed at did not flinch, not even when an empty bottle busted on the wall next to his face.


He knew this kind of violence since he was four. He knew even worse and it was not like he cared for himself or his body.

“I should pull your plug.”, growled the man coolly and finally got the attention of the one-eyed brat.

“No! Please don't ! I won’t survive it! I’ll do what I can!!! But please don’t leave me on the dry!”, he begged and saw the devilish smirk on the lips of the blonde grow.


“What’s your use by now?

If you set one step into a hospital you get recognized. You’re no good for a fight because everyone is afraid of you by now. And if you’d deal with drugs… -”


“I know, I know! “You’d rather use it for yourself than to make money outa it.” I am aware! But - but - I - I-I could...”

“Exactly, squirt. There's nothing you can do, you’re useless. Scram!”


The smallest and youngest member of the gang stood there leaned against the wall like a wax figurine, his remaining eye wide open.


He started to shiver whilst his head ran a thousand plans the second, analyzed them and deemed them not fit.

He had to do something that they would have to keep him!

He had to do something that everything remained as it used to!

He couldn’t survive one day in the real world without any protection!

Begging and crying wasn’t an option.

On the other hand, if he was annoying enough they might kill him…




Their leader still was a sadist (which fitted his quirk pretty well) and the guy knew that Izuku wanted to die more than anything else. He would let him live just to amuse himself with the knowledge that Izuku was out there suffering on the streets.


He could threaten them that he was going to sell them out to the police. But he wouldn’t do it. They were his safest drug and alcohol source and he wasn’t going to destroy that. 

And he would confess his own crimes as well.

For a short while, his rushing mind remained at this thought.

Why not try to commit suicide again? Who said he was going to survive again?


The answer was frightening simple. 


He strived his next fix and the next bottle more than his death.

All these intoxicants were draining his life slowly and someday he was going to waste away beneath the severity of the side effects but until then addiction clutched so him tightly in its claws that he’d willingly life.

Was he going to do something against that?




“INFORMATION!” , he screeched frantically and made everyone stare at him like he lost his mind.

Which was kind of ridiculous - he lost his sanity long ago.


“I - I have information about Heroes, Villains, Gang members, Vigilantes, and Policeman! I know the weaknesses and strengths of their Quirks and personality!

I know their fighting styles and strategies and I have plans on how to fight them!”

His heart was fluttering in the cage of his ribs like a little bird seeing a cat in front of its cage.


Scaredly he shut his eyes tight, yet still felt all these eyes resting on his skin like acid, slowly burning him.

“... what did you say?”


“I own the analysis of several thousand persons…?”, he framed it like a question even though he was telling the truth.

“Prove it.”


He nodded hesitantly and slinked towards his room which had been off-zone for the whole Gang. That had been one of his conditions to be part of their group.


For the first time since he entered he left the metal door open and let everyone see his simple, chaotic room - filled with bottles and syringes, with dirty laundry on the floor and stacks of books everywhere.

But the really important thing was the shelf which was one of three pieces of furniture in the room. 

It was filled to the brim with notebooks, every single one of them looking like the other.


Izuku shuffled his way through the room to the shelf and picked out some of the books that didn’t look any different than all the other hundreds around them. 

Then he returned to the speechless group and spread them out on the table and open one page of each one.

Endeavor, Toxic Chainsaw, Eraserhead.

Stunned they stared at the extensive notes the boy had made, then at the author of the books.


They had a goldmine right in front of them and this dumb, addicted brat didn’t even recognize the power he held in his hands.

Information like the ones they saw written down right in front of them were worth more than gold or drugs, even diamonds couldn’t compare to these notebooks.

The smile that grew on the lips of their leader was false and smug when he looked towards Deku who was reading one of the pages with a frown and mutely moving lips.




Immediately the boy with the wild hair jumped and stared at him with a round eye.

“Congratulations. You’ll never have to work ever again.”, said the blonde and his disgusting grin stretched even wider.


Their stray really revealed himself as valuable. 


And what a value it was.

Chapter Text

“I can't do this.”




“I wanna go back.”


Annoyed the older one ripped the mask from his face and turned towards the teen who was clutching a machine gun sobbing.


The green, shoulder long stands were greasy, dull and touted.

No one had made an effort to try to care for the curly, tangled locks - it was painfully clear to see.

The skin that already had been pale was from a porcelain color by now which made it look like there was no blood running through its veins.

Apart from that, the skin's texture resembled wax which made the boy in it look like some macabre puppet.


The eye that wasn’t covered by a black eyepatch was bloodshot with a wide, unresponsive pupil and strangely dim like it was covered with a dark fog.

Beneath the lifeless orb lied a black abyss - the word ‘Eyebag’ long since being too harmless - sinking deep into the boy's skull and making him look like a dead rather than a living person.


The arms of the boy were hidden beneath thick, white bandages where spots of blood shimmered through. If someone would take their time to unwrap the fabric they would find scarred and punctured skin;

mercilessly broken by razors, knives, fingernails, and syringes again and again in a desperate attempt to end one's own life - unsuccessfully.

Black, heavy clothes hung from the thin, shaking frame of the frail body that wasn’t aware of being in a different state than being hungry and cold.

All those soft layers didn’t fulfill their purpose of warming the kid and also weren’t covering that this boy wasn’t anything more than a skeleton standing on the brim of death.

Still, he was here and held a weapon in his arms that was most likely to throw him off his feet and to break all of his bones easily with its recoil.


Izuku Midoriya was a wreck.


But he wasn’t going to complain.


It heightened his chance to die immensely.


But until his fate was sealed he would have to work, sadly.


“Quit the crying and concentrate! It’s your goddamn plan!”


The skeleton flinched scaredly and the tears ceased.

He knew that it was his idea that brought him into this position.


He had pondered about it long enough to think through every possibility and planed an outcome for every different way to ensure that it wasn’t going to fail.

But he hadn’t thought that they would pick him for the open space.


It was possible, of course.


He had planned without Quirks and added them afterward as a possibility.


Yet, here he was, mere heartbeats away from taking over another Gang.


Soon there would be the blood of dead people on his hands and every drug and booze - that he would really like to have now - was hundreds of meters away and thusly not helpful.

An electric spark was the signal to start shooting the clueless prey and he could already see the man with the electric-quirk.


A little flash could be seen. 


Izuku closed his eyes and clutched the rifle tighter but didn't shoot like he should but tucked the barrel beneath his chin.


Finally, they had given him a real chance to die.

He wasn't going to throw away his shot.


Just as he wanted to pull the trigger his body froze and refused to move like it was under the influence of a Quirk.

"Ain't you beauties looking important up here? I think I'm gonna take you two to the Boss.", he heard a feminine say behind his back.


Of course, he was so unlucky!


The woman walked into his field of view and drew in a shocked gasp at the sight that awaited her.

At the same moment air filled her lungs he felt his muscles responding to his commands and he moved his finger to pull the trigger to finally end this.


Mere millimeters away from freedom and the woman's Quirk blocked his movements again.

She stared at him and exhaled - that seemed to be a condition for her Quirk to work.


She approached him and wrestled the rifle out of his grip.


His companion used the opportunity to run away.

But the funniest thing was - right now his plan started working and he was rather proud of that.


No. He actually couldn't imagine anything better.


As soon as he could move again he gripped his head and started laughing maniacally whilst the first screams rang through the air paired with shots and the sound of diverse Quirks being used and activated.

They were dying down there.

Just like he planned.


And here he was, up above them and alive.




"What ya laughing about, squirt?!", growled the woman.

He held his belly as tears ran down his cheeks and dripped on the ground.


"I -",

he gasped for air and rubbed his sleeve over his eyes, still fighting for his breath,

"I - haha - it was my idea. This whole plan. I figured - I figured it out so that everyone has to die. That I die. And here I am, living again! Haha! It's - It's so - so fucking hilarious!"

Again he started to laugh.


The woman who had found the teen observed him skeptically.


It was easy to see that his mind was separated from the total breakdown by a mere thread.

He was broken and she was pretty sure that he was balancing on the line of madness.

Because that his head wasn't working the right way was noticeable.


She wouldn't like it if this brat would die.
His group had fought for their lives and he just wanted to throw his own away?!

A life was too precious to just be ended like that!

The redhead waited until the laughter died down and then he grabbed the boys way too thin wrist to pull him to her Boss.

He would have an idea of what to do.


"What was your task within your old group?"


He giggled while trying to loosen his bonds.


"I am quirkless, sir. Quirkless, an alcoholic, and a drugster. I had no purpose. I was decoration."


"I'd doubt that. You were an excellent fighter in the ring of the Pirates."


"That was half a year ago. I haven't fought for quite a while and, as one can see, I'm not able to any longer."


He started to giggle again and didn't even try to stifle it. Why should he?


"I've been told you're the one who planned this."


A green eye glowed ghostly in the twilight of the room and the lips of the skeleton-like boy pulled into a crazy grin.

"Why of course I planned it. Who if not I? Nobody else would have thought about every little detail."


Izuku crooked his head and thought for a while.

"You've got some dope? Booze, maybe? A bed? I'll sell everything I know for some repose.", he offered to chortle.

The "Boss", like the man was called by everyone, nodded and the woman who captured Izuku freed him before shoving a bottle of the wanted neurotoxin into his hands.

Immediately the greenette took a mouthful before wiping his mouth with a satisfied smile as the familiar taste lingered on his tongue.

"I know y'all.",

he explained and pointed at the woman who had found him,

"As a free example:

Naike Kuraiko. Only child. Her father left the family when she was six and went overseas. She killed her mother herself with thirteen. Right now she's twenty-three and hasn't been seen in public over four years.

Alias: Aether.

Her Quirk enables her to paralyze people at will as long as she exhales and has them in her field of sight.

Mostly useful for distance and wide-range attacks, defense and distraction.

The limit is five persons a time and she can choose if there are more in her field of vision.

The biggest problem is that she has to hold her breath and exhale for a long time which renders her almost useless after physical strain.

And if there are only five or fewer people in her field of vision she paralyzes them all, no matter if enemy or ally."

Everyone stared at him stunned.


"This enough? Or do ya want some more? I could keep this up the whole day.", he said the quirkless boy with a smug grin and chugged down the whole bottle's content.

"That would be enough. May you accompany me to my office? I think, there are some deals we could make, Surveye."

The atmosphere changed as suddenly as the Boss used the friendly and complaisant tone.

He felt sick as he heard the name the gang had given him for his work.

The Boss seemed to recognize his way to formulate information.


But the teen wasn't going to complain. 

Finally, someone treated him like an equal and adult.


"Of course.", he answered and stood up to follow the man.


One might ask themselves if Izukus life turned for the better after this fateful meeting and talk.


The boy wasn't sure himself.


He demanded the full board as a price for his work and the better someone took care of him the better was the information he provided.


He couldn't convince himself the start a new suicide attempt.


Annoyed he glared at his potential host and client.


This guy who looked like some blob of green goo or slime thanks to his Quirk was living in an abandoned part of the canalization!

It was fucking disgusting.


"I want the patrol-routes all over Musutafu.", gurgled the thing.

He knew Sludge. He had notes on him but he really had hoped that it would be a bit better than this .


"I'm afraid I won't be able to work with you. This -", 

he made a movement that included his whole surroundings,

"Is simply not enough as a payment."


"I'm perplexed.", 

told the greenette with a smug smirk, 

"How did you find out how to contact me, Tsunagu Hakamata?"


The hero grimaced.

He was rather displeased that he even had to talk with this villain and broker but sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do.

"There had been leaked a lot of information about me and my sidekicks… and you're the source.", gritted the man out.

The one-eyed teen who had been wandering around in the guestroom to inspect everything in it looked towards the hero in mock astonishment.

"Is that so?"

The small boy's grin turned devilishly.

"Did you have problems to defend yourselves?"

The hero only growled but this response was more than enough.


"You know me so you know the conditions and the price."

"Nobody will ever learn what you look like and where you are at the moment.

You define the price at first."

It seemed so simple.


It confused the hero to learn that this broker wasn't trying to gain more but he could actually figure out how this way of payment came to be.

"So, what do you request, Surveye?"

"What do you desire, Best Jeanist?", was the kid's response and it made the adult shudder as he felt like someone stepped over his grave.

"Destroy all your notes about me and my agency."


The green eye glistened threateningly and almost seemed to glow as the teen let himself fall onto the bed - suddenly no longer interested in the furniture.

"I'm going to give you my books that you can do with them whatever pleases you. But, darling, this is going to cost something.

Three weeks. The full board. Dope, booze, food, clothes, everything and as much as I want… and a haircut.

And you're going to delete everything your agency had found out about me so far."

The man wanted to protest. He really wanted to. But he was sure that there won't be an agency with data anymore if Surveye kept going with giving out information.

The hero took in the wild, matted curls of the broker and nodded. 

He was in dire need of a haircut, that he won't deny.


Izuku stared at the walls right in front of him silently.


Somewhere in the distance - for him unreachable - shimmered the building of UA-high.


Some hours prior there has been news about how All Might has fought and captured sludge after the villain attacked a middle schooler.


Izuku recognized the victim in the news and he had wished that All Might hadn't been there to save the day.


Kacchan could have kicked the bucket for all he's worth!

He should have!

Someone like Katsuki Bakugo just did not deserve to be saved!

And even less by somebody like All Might himself!

For a long while, he just stood there and stared at the bottle in his hand.

It was blurry, his head was spinning and the ground was swaying.

Colors burned too brightly and mixed into a distorted world that was bearable for Izuku.

In a fit of rage, he threw the flask against the wall that was surrounding the school grounds.


If it hadn't been for this asshole he could have stayed home!

He would not have lost his eye nor his hope!

He still would be able to believe in heroes and rescue and that there was some grater relive than the next fix or another empty bottle!


Someday he would get his revenge. Kacchan wasn't going to be lucky all the time.

With a sigh, he took in the sight of the shambles on the ground.


His last bottle.


And no more money to buy a new one; why should he own money?

Normally they were killing each other to require his services.

But a lot of villains had vanished.

The gangs laid low.

The groups and organizations disappeared.

Heroes tried to stay clear of him.

So there was only one solution to not stay dry: To rob a kiosk.


Grumbling he made his way into the city.

When he finally found a decent place without any cameras, a lot of alc and a sleeping clerk he couldn't believe his luck as he let some glass bottles slide into his bumbag and under his hoodie and strode towards the exit, taking some chocolate-bars on his way as well.

Yet as soon as he trespassed the cashier the old man harrumphed and scratched his bearded double chin.


"'M afraid you've got something with ya that ya need to pay for, squirt."

This nickname everyone picked for him was starting to get on his damned nerves!


"Please. I own no money. They're just three chocolate-bars.", he begged and showed the man this half of his theft.

"So ya think 'm dumb? I see a drunk head 'f I see one. Ya drag the smell of booze behind you over a mile, brat. Just hand over tha bottles and scrum! I'll leave you the bars."

The greenette shook his head.


"I need this stuff. But I'll leave the chocolate."


"Than I can't let ya leave."

If Izuku had known what was hidden behind the counter he wouldn't have even thought about entering this shop.


The man had the body of a spider below his waist.


Shocked the teen took a step backward, towards the exit when the man stood up before he trashed around and fled out of the door.

He was sure that the man was faster then he was even as untrained as he was if he wasn't going to save himself in the crowd where that adult had to pay attention that he wasn't hurting someone with his spiky legs.

He ran over the abandoned street into an alley in the hope to make it towards the pedestrian zone in time. 

When he took a turn his speed almost threw him off his feet but he managed to catch himself in time and continued running.

He wasn't even thinking about leaving the bottles behind as he forced his body to move faster.

Suddenly his feet stuck to the ground and he fell with an alarmed scream.

The glass broke beneath the weight of his body and he felt the hellish sting and the burning sensation as the shards buried themselves in his abdomen.

Screeching he withered on the ground and stayed lying on the ground as sobs shook his body and tears flowed over.


Behind him, he could hear the clatter of the spider-legs on the concrete.

He heard the cashier approaching and tried to sit up with a groan; but screamed tortured in the same moment the glass cut through his flesh and made alcohol drip into his wounds whilst the blood flowed out of them.
Immediately his arms cased to work and he barely caught himself before he was impaled again.

His feet were freed from the glue and someone turned him onto his back. 


Above him stood the man and examined shocked the bloodied hoodie.

"Sorry squirt. There's nothing I could do for ya now.", with these words the old man went away without a glance over his shoulder.


He forced himself to forget the little boy he left behind to die.

But the sight of blood would haunt him forever.

Yet there was one thing that burned itself into his brain and subconsciousness to rob him of his sleep every other night even more:

The relieved, yet somehow hysterical laughter of a person who was euphoric from the depths of their heart that they were about to lose their life, that followed him down the street.

Chapter Text

It was cold for a night at the beginnings of the summer. 


He stood above the lively night of the sleepless city at one of these places which were normally only visited by humans who loved the extreme and even people like them wouldn't be as relaxed as him as he crouched on the rim of a rooftop and looked down to spot a new pray in order to reach his goal. 


But those blood-red eyes that cut through the shimmering night like the ones of a falcon spotted something different from a hero who carried this glorious title undeserved.

He crooked his head as he watched how the door of a kiosk was ripped open by a boy who almost fell out of it before running down the street towards the more lively part of the district like death himself was looming behind him. 


At the same moment, the boy's feet hit the ground of the other side of the street the owner of the shop forced his body out of the doorframe and chased the kid.


So it was likely that he was a little thief who thought he could escape the owner's web that ran through the whole store.

How naive.


But he continued to watch the display. His gut telling him that something terrible was about to happen.


The boy wasn't looking behind himself - so he wasn't completely dense.

The color of the kid's hair was easy to spot and so he traced the boy on his way and how he abandoned falling last second when he scampered around a corner.


He seemed to be fit and rather agile, not bad for a brat.


He took in the white bandages covering the thief's arms and looked at his own arms which were surrounded by the same material.


What was the kid's reason?

In the next moment, a blood-curdling scream pitched through the air.

Instantly he concentrated on the chase again.


The legs of the runaway were coffined by cobweb but he didn't think that that was the reason for this screech.

This was a sound his victims made when he rammed his sword through their body.


The boy tried to stand up but collapsed again with a sickening scream and stayed on the ground as he shook from sobs.

He remembered that this kid was a thief. 

What did he steal and how had he tried to carry it?


Red eyes fixated on the fallen greenette.

His pursuer finally found the kid and rolled him onto his back with one of his many legs.

And then the shopkeeper just went away and left the alleyway after freeing the thief's legs. 


The boy started to laugh and the sound made even the adept killer shiver.

It wasn't creepy, no.

It was a lough like you only found it in in the depths of your worst and most dreaded nightmares - it was horrific.


But the boy remained laying on the ground, moving as little as possible. 


Something went wrong and he decided that he had to confirm what exactly it was.

At the same moment, he decided his body moved and jumped from 'his' rooftop to the next one until he stood over the kid, then he climbed down the building the practiced movements only to finally land in an alleyway that was filled by grotesque giggles.

Slowly he crept through the shadows towards the boy. 

A light breeze carried a certain smell in his direction, the scent of blood and mud mixed with the stinging stink of alcohol.


Immediately he stepped out of the shadows and rushed to the injured.

Now he had a pretty good guess what happened and what was going on.


Indeed there laid the thief on his back and gasped for air, one hand firmly pressed against his belly, his hoodie was blood-soaked and the kid already laid in a black shimmering puddle.

And with a ground like that, the extent of the puddle was nothing to go by.

The brat could have only lost a drop or a whole liter and it would still look the same!


But the kid was - to his amazement - breathing with open eyes and still babbling and giggling slurred and indistinguishable words. 


Hesitantly he knelt down next to the small boy and examined him a bit more intensely.

Eyebags, pale skin, freckles, one green eye, a lot of scars, hollow cheeks, thin wrists, and visible bones.


Spontaneously the murderer examined the injured kid and tugged lightly at his hoodie.

Whatever had been hidden in his belly pocket, it broke through the fabric and buried itself in the boy's body.

And in the same moment where the clothes were moved the same would happen the source of the injury which would likely cause the kid to bleed out or cause the injury to infect.

The brats fogged over eye cleared up when he leaned over his face to see if he could answer and still think straight.



he breathed and laughed weakly,

"Who would have thought that I getta meet a celeb in my last seconds?


H-herokiller Stain. 

Quirk: Bloodcrude.

Depending on the blood type the effects last differently long.

0 is the shortest, followed by A, AB and finally B with eight minutes of paralyzation.

You need to ingest the blood of the person orally." -

The boy closed his eye and drew in a wheezing breath.

- "It is unknown how many can be controlled by the Quirk but it is more than one.


The cons are: You have to draw blood. Close range fighting. The need to carry a weapon. You need a sturdy body to fight. It isn't clear how much time is left. One is prone to catch diverse sicknesses and illnesses that are transferred through blood.


Is… is everything… c-correct?"

This was such an insane situation. 


"Yes. Everything's right."


"You're going to stay with me t-till... till it's over, Mr. Stain? To… to die all on my own… is… kinda… scaring me.", murmured the kid and smiled like it was a warm and sunny day and they were best friends.


Than the curlyhead laughed breathlessly and mumbled: "And… here I… I wanted to die the whole… the whole time… and now… now I'm actually g-gettin'... gettin'... s-scared."

Stain took in the boy who couldn't be older than twelve and was still talking about dying like it was a welcomed change of pace and his short lives' biggest dream.

"What's your name?", asked the man and sat down in a more comfortable position.


If he was going to be the last person this kid had, then he wanted to know which name he had to remember.


"Izuku Midoriya… Deku… S-surveye… ch-choose… choose whatever y-you like."

Each of these names rang a bell.


"Who would have thought that I was going to stay with a celebrity through their last seconds.", he joked by using the boy's own words.

"I've heard a lot about these names. Always sounded like you're a decent survivor, fighter, and thinker."

The greenette smiled, it was filled with pain.


His functioning eye clouded over again and turned glassy.


"Haa~ well. You… do what… what…  what you've gotta… do… ain't you?"



whispered the killer just loud enough that it was audible for the dying kid,

"That's what you do."

It was uncommon for him to feel something like compassion.

On the other hand: Did a little boy really deserve to die?

No kid deserved to die no matter what they wanted to be.

And just this moment was so intimate and filled with trust.

The bond that flickered into existence between Stain and Izuku was so much deeper than ordinary friendship of love.

The killer saw this person in their last and most vulnerable moments without being the cause.

Again and again, the emerald eye fell shut just to be ripped open again as the boy gasped for more and more air in the hope to draw out the end a bit longer. 


The murder considered to help the kid and end his agony by giving him the deathblow but everything inside of him struggled against this thought.

He only knew one thing that he wanted to do.


After a short moment of hesitation, the man collected a bit of blood on his finger and flicked his tongue over it.


The boy's muscles went slack immediately and his breaths became calmer.

He picked up the frail body carefully and cradled it in his arms gently as he ran, always thoughtful of the wounds the kid suffered.


"I'm… o…", murmured the greenette against his chest and it took some time until Stain understood.

Bloodtype 0. He had two minutes until the boy's body could move again and most likely worsen the situation.

But now he could keep an eye on that.


In the same moment the kid's muscles cramped up again he licked up a bit more of the blood and kept the boy paralyzed for 120 seconds more until they reached one of the so-called "villain-district"s where the only difference to the Ghetto was that they were a bit cleaner but still run down and dangerous.


The killer stomped up the stairs to his flat where he just kicked down the door. 


To his regret, he normally laid low and didn't collect any favors so he knew not a single person with a healing Quirk which would be beneficial right now.

So he could only use his own, few medical skills.

Stain rushed to get his first-aid-kit and everything else he had collected over the years before washing his hands.


After that, he cut open the hoodie and stripped the sticky fabric stripes off the kid's skin.


It looked like a miracle that the boy was still alive.

He was starved and there were seven big glass shards as well as the whole bottleneck buried in his flesh.

Thoughtfully he inspected the wounds and licked up a bit more blood when his Quirk lost its grip again.

He used a wet cloth to wash away the dried and smeared blood and started to remove the small chips with a tweezer.

At the same time, he tried to figure out what to do with the big shards.


It would be the best to use stitches and that was a procedure he was actually familiar with and that he had used for himself multiple times.

Even if Izuku was going to bleed out or catch an infection or whatever then he had at least tried to keep him alive.

And no matter what was going to happen to the boy, the shopkeeper would have to die.

This bastard was even worse than all these fake heroes he usually hunted.

The herokiller took a deep breath and pulled out the first shard.


The boy whimpered but wasn't able to defend himself and Stain was so relieved that the greenette was forced to just lie there and take everything because that was a lot of blood and if he would have moved it would have been so much worse.

With fast movements, the killer cleaned the wound and made the stitches. Then he moved on to the next shard until he was finally through.

Izuku survived this and even though he shed liters of tears, it was still better than him kicking the bucket in some lonely alleyway.

Stain started the water boiler with a sharp look fixated on his patient as the power of his Quirk evaporated.


The white cloth of the bandages stayed white and wasn't drenched in blood which meant that everything went fine and that he could fully concentrate on the hot water which he filled into two mugs. One had a tea bag inside the other, contained sugar.


"You're really though, squ-"


"Don't. Please don't call me 'squirt'. Please. I… I really can't hear this nickname anymore.", begged the teen and made the adult halt for a second.

"Very well. Then I'm going to call you Midoriya.", decided the black-haired man with a nod and watched as the kid calmed down. 


"Call me Izuku. I think after everything that has happened it would only be fair."

The killer gave an approving nod after a short time of thinking and gave the Broker the mug with the sugar-water.


"It's going to taste awful.", 

warned the adult,

"But your body needs the liquid and the energy so you're about to drink a lot of water and this stuff for the next hours."

The teen grimaced at the mention of water but still, he nodded dutifully and swallowed a mouth full out of his mug.

The man felt an amused smile creep onto his lips as he saw the greenette's disgusted face whilst he gulped down the sickening sweet substance.

When the mug was emptied he fetched a water bottle for the kid.


"Thanks.", mumbled Midoriya somberly.

"How shall I call you? 'Mr. Stain' and 'Stain-sama' sound strange after a longer time."

"My name's Akaguro Chizome.", said the red-eyed murderer after a while.


"Chizome-kun.", decided the curlyhead with a light smile and opened the bottle.


For a long time they just sat there next to each other on the old, green sofa while Izuku emptied the bottle with small glurps.

As soon as it was empty the murderer got the whole package and placed it next to the kid before sitting down. 


The water flowed down the drunks' throat like resin but he kept drinking and took the next flask without complaining after finishing.


"You won't move much for the next weeks so that the wounds and stitches can't be ripped open again. I'll let you stay so long.", explained the herokiller after the boy finished the third bottle.

Izuku nodded quietly to show that he understood.


"How comes that somebody so young is sick of living?", asked the man without any judgment in his voice, just interest.

The greenette played with his fingers and thought about his answer thoughtfully before he started to tell:

"My life… hmmm… no… so… uhm… … It isn't easy when you're born without a Quirk, everyone knows that.

And my life was… cruel.


They bullied me since I was four because of my diagnosis.

But I still wanted to become a hero which made my… best friend? Can I call him that? - doesn't matter - it annoyed him; and he let me feel that.

And then he started to tell me how I would be better off dead than alive.


And someday I… listened to him.


I lost the ability to see with my right eye because of the impact and after being released from the hospital I ran from home because I didn't want to return to how things were.


I lived on the streets, started drinking. And then I added the fights and bets because I needed money.

A hero found me in an alleyway after I almost drank myself to death.


He took me to his home and he and his family took care of me but then I heard what they said about me behind my back.


So I returned to the streets where I was discovered by a Gang that took over my care and gave me everything I wanted… I… I don't really remember anything that happened there… I was fully intoxicated my whole stay…

Then they died and I had to provide for myself and this time… it's… ah. It's a blur. I can't remember the most - only snippets here and there.

Today was the first day where I was all on my own after quite a time and… well… hah… you see how it turned out.

And… hm… I… well… I really have no idea what I'm going to do with myself now."

Stain eyed the boy in front of him and couldn't help himself but to find this half-dead, deeply buried will to survive in the functioning, green orb.

Even if Izuku thought he had given up - there was a part of him that was still fighting grimly and was refusing to go down.

"You wanted to be a hero?", questions the adult for clarification.


The greenette shrugged.


"Yeah. But someone like me can't be a hero. That's something even I got by now."

The herokiller shook his head and held his hand out for the injured.


"But what if you could? You wanted to change something. What if you could do something to better our society? How far would you go for that?"

Izuku was perplexed.

His functioning eye was wide open as his lips moved silently.

Then his shocked expression changed to something determined and the teenager took Stains hand.

"I'd stay alive for it."

Chapter Text

It only took five hours for the withdrawals started to appear.


In the span of the next eight days, the teenager was tortured by all kinds of symptoms and begged the murderer more than one time to just kill him because living like this was worthless.


The only thing left for Stain to do was to carry the boy into his bathroom and calm Izuku's body with his Quirk before he could hurt himself anew or by ripping his wounds open again.

The greenette already knew after a short time why he never had wasted a thought on going to rehab.


At first, the light tremors were annoying but manageable. But a harmless trembling evolved to outright spasms.

The headache was another caliber but he could work through it. Yet, it spread until he felt like someone was drilling a screwdriver into his skull and brain.

When he started to vomit he firstly made jokes about it but then he suffered from the stomach cramps too much to get out a single funny word.

Sometimes he threw up fifteen times an hour but to his luck, it did not happen often.

The fever was the last straw. 

He felt so unbelievable cold like he was standing butt-naked at the north pole, yet he continued to sweat without a stop. His clothes stuck to his skin and were soaked the second he was changed into new ones because the sweat dripped down his body like a torrent.

He was not able to eat, still, Akaguro forced liquids and foods down again and again just so that he could hurl it into the toilet yet again.

It didn't matter if he wanted or not.

And then there was the pain. 

All burning and suffocating pain.


He gave his best not to scream but at some point his resolution just… broke and he couldn't stop it any longer. 

It hurt too much.

The pain was too big.

His grip on time slipped and the concept got lost. 

His way to reckon time was the change between nightmares and cruel hallucinations he forgot seconds after receiving them.

He only remembered the pain and fright.

On one side he was kind of mad of the killer that he was holding him captive with his Quirk but, on the other hand, he was glad that he wasn't hitting and kicking thin air instead of just calmly lying here.

Something told him that Stain did more than just keeping him quiet and alive.

Except from that, it ensured that he wasn't the only one who was tried and half dead.

Stain had to stay awake the whole time and only two minutes to fall into a light sleep again and again until he was ripped away from his rest because his Quirk deceased working.

But the murderer didn't stop, no matter what Izuku told him.


And so they endured the unbearable torture together.


Day by day.


Hour by hour.


Minute by minute.


Second by second.

All the highs and lows. 

Phases that looked like it was finally over and periods that made it seem like there was no end at all.


And then, someday, Izuku awoke with his head in the lap of the man who watched over him those past days restlessly.

Stain had fallen asleep against the bathtub and just looked utterly exhausted.

Sleep lured the boy back into its arms after some short moments but the boy felt at the edge of his consciousness that he wasn't in pain and that his body was still without the help of the murderer.

The men awoke eighteen hours later after catching up as much sleep as their bodies could take and they were so happy to see that it really was over.

Their bones hurt because of the cold, hard tiles and the uncomfortable positions they stayed in for the last week - but the knowledge of Izuku being clean covered the ache up flawlessly.

It was different and odd to think and see clearly and only now the teen realized how blurry and distorted his senses were over this past one-and-a-half year.

They only stayed awake for four hours where the both of them drank as much as possible and stuffed their stomachs with everything they were able to swallow - both were a rather small amount in Izuku's case - because they didn't have time to take care of their bodies for this past days. 

Then they went to sleep again.

Izuku got the bed and Akaguro took the sofa. 

They were out of it for fourteen hours but they had to catch up to forty-eight hours of rest and they actually needed so much more time filled with calmness just to work through the test.

It took two days until they found a healthy routine and three more days before the killer let the kid walk around because his wounds healed enough to stay closed. 


The greenette was weak and cadaverous.

There was no fat in his body and his previous wiry muscles simply ceased to exist which made even small distances and his own bodyweight almost unbearable.
Not until ten days after Izuku was allowed to stand by himself on his own two feet the herokiller started to cocker the teenager seriously.

He made the effort to buy or steal fresh groceries for his almost not existing cooking skills which he invested in preparing named groceries.

When the greenette had enough stamina and strength to carry a box of water up the stairs all by himself Stain took it as a sign to start training him. 


And he was exactly as harsh and merciless as Izuku feared he would be.



Izuku hurried to save himself with a downwards motion from the incoming hit but he wasn't fast enough and lost his footing when Stain hit his shoulder.

Heaving the emerald-eyed boy turned on his back and stretched all fours away from him whilst his chest rose and fell harshly.


It already went like this for hours.

He had been naivé to think that he was able to duck and dodge thanks to his history.

And normally it was exactly that case bit his teacher was unbelievable fast and didn't leave him any other option than to take the beating.

"Already done?", asked Stain amused.


The ass was completely unaffected and wasn't even breathing any harder or something like that.

The teen stared up to the adult bitterly.


"I have no muscles, no strength, no stamina. What do you expect?", was his growled reply as he got to his feet again so that he didn't look like a hopeless case.

"You're doing great for a starter. And you are indeed good with dodging.

Which was kind of to be expected with all these fights you've already fought.

Wasn't it your strategy in the ring?"

The greenette stroked some stray locks out of his face and nodded. 

"Jup. I always dodged and used the second where my opponent was caught in the momentum of his movement to get them with my knife.

It didn't work all the time because of their Quirks. But then I didn't even take up the fight or gave up, or placed a bet on my opponent."

Stain nodded thoughtfully and sat down beside his student. 


Izuku had been fast to ensure that the murderer knew that he wasn't just about to be nursed back to health and trained before he was thrown out in the big, wide world again. 

"You're getting older.",

explained the boy one evening with a brooding expression on his face,

"Even if you're fit and healthy right now, someday your body won't be able to do as you command. 

And what happens then?

You most likely won't be able to catch all these phonies until then.

And when this day comes I'll take over your legacy; and until then I'm going to help you."

Even it was a low blow to remind the man of his age and mortality; Izuku wasn't wrong, that was something Akaguro had to admit.

But he hoped that he could disappoint the teenager with being in need of a protege.
But it also couldn't hurt to have an aspirant should the need for it arise.


"Come on. Let's get in some more exercises before sunset.", demanded the one-eyed with renewed energy and jumped to his feet.

That was something that made the villain think highly of his charge.

Izuku did everything he could and then a notch more than required.


Over these past days, it wasn't a rare occurrence that he found Izuku with water bottles or other objects he used as dumbbells. It also happened regularly that the boy tried to do sit-ups, push-ups or squats when he thought that the murderer wasn't looking.

Right now he was limited because of his injuries and condition but soon they could start with the real training and the ravenette wasn't the only one who strived to finally do some more.



"You should try to revive 'Surveye' again.", offered Stain three months later with a stuffed mouth.

They were having breakfast and the greenette almost lost his grip on his cup because of the shock.


Coughing Midoriya tried to calm down because he just didn't almost spill the tea but also choked on it as well.

"WHAT?!", he exclaimed as soon as he was able to breathe normally.


His mentor just shrugged and swallowed his food.


"You should get more active as Surveye again. The media are going crazy because there wasn't any news of you and by now everyone is trying to figure out who 'you' are. All the villains that had been caught in the span of time Surveye vanished are being accused to be him."

Izuku stared at his bowl filled with creamed rice and fried egg abashed.

"I don't like Surveye. He wasn't my idea but just a name someone else figured out to sell my books with.", mumbled the teen defensively and his teacher understood how important this part of Izukus identity was.

It was the part that represented Izuku's addiction the best.


"If that is the case then you should free yourself from this image. Reinvent Surveye, make him be what you want him to be, what you want to be.

Because I think we both agree that 'Deku' is dead, don't we?"

The greenette nodded lost in thoughts and his curls bounced with the movement.

Often Stain ruffled through the untamable stands when Izuku did something really good.

Someday Izuku even said that the killer wasn't a father for him but that he almost filled the parental role, or at least more than anyone else ever did.

"That's true. Deku is no more. But how do I make people understand that I have been Surveye and that I'm still him? I changed a lot over these past months."

They talked the whole day about what Izuku could do to look like Surveye without falling back into old mannerisms.


In the end, they agreed that the thing that made Surveye to Surveye was his knowledge.
This oodles of information that ensured that the one who had them and used them was able to win every fight.

How exactly he acted like and what payment he demanded wasn't so important compared to the quality.

It was late evening when Izuku got the enlightening idea that made his remaining eye shine brightly from excitement.

Soon he was surrounded by an ocean of crumpled and torn paper, but two pages filled with detailed pencil sketches of a mask and a symbol that looked like his blind eye.

He must have dozed off after his creative phase because Akaguro found the boy in the midst of the night leaned over the dining table in his sleep, his head resting atop of his arms as he breathed softly.

Carefully he had picked up his protege and laid him down on the sofa where the boy slept normally.


After tucking the boy up the murderer let his fingers roam through the flattened hair to fluff it up again.


The brat had grown close to him over these past months, no question, and the man just couldn't abandon the thought that he could have been an amazing hero of life would have been a bit nicer.

Chapter Text

Surveye's back!

Dodgy Dealings?
Did some hero agencies really make deals with the shady broker 'Surveye'?

The heroes are helpless!
The 'herokiller: Stain' had this month more kills than ever before! Could 'Surveye' be the key to his success?


Giggling Izuku paged through the different headlined of the news at some kiosk.

Everywhere word was spread about Stain and Surveye.

About his sensei and himself. 


He reached a small magazine that was famous for conspiracy theories and grew quiet.

This is the reality behind Surveye!

With a frown, he reread the headline and skimmed through the number but he didn't reach the pages about himself.


"Ya gonna buy something now or not?", grumbled the owner of the shop annoyed.


"Yes… uhm… I… I'd like to buy this one.", he stuttered and handed the magazine over to the woman.

"That's 200¥."

The woman didn't look so delighted about him buying the cheapest magazine, but it was this one that captured his attention.

He roamed through a nearby park until he found a free bench and sat down.


It was summer, he would have gone to high school soon.

But he got a way better teaching than any school could ever give him.

He opened the magazine intently and skimmed through the articles about missing and vanished people, about suspicious villain activities and other theories - although he did indeed find some true stuff: The 'League of Villains' did truly exist and was rather new but it still seemed to have some supporters in high places with a lot of power.
He himself rather wanted to stay out of business like that - at least until he found the Surveye article; and froze.

At the top of the page was a photograph of one of his notebooks!

And it was one of his revised versions with his sign!

Number 47!

He brooded over that.


His new notes had only been available for two weeks.

He helped Stain to pick his victims and eliminate them for five weeks.

He only distracted them or stopped them from running away like the cowards they were, but no hero blood sullied his hands - at least not directly.

He shook his head to sort out his thoughts and return to his old line of thought.


He only sold six notebooks and each and every one of them went over the counter for vast sums of money.

He had thought for a long time before he decided on his favorite way of action. 

This way he could afford a better flat in one of the good districts of the city and they won't have to rob stores now and then because they ran out of food and didn't own the money to buy more.

But it seemed like his plan went wrong.

The mysterium of Surveye is no Quirk but the simple collecting and analyzing of data.  

He really couldn't stand this article.

The fear of the Broker "Surveye" is still haunting everyone after heroes of the high end of the rankings had suddenly been defeated by weak and unknown villains.

The knowledge of Surveye existing has only been brought to society's attention through hearsay and rumors and caused turmoil and panic.

By now it is sure that Surveye is a true and real person and not a group and even if the scoundrel is hiding: He can't erase the knowledge about him and he can't stop his customers from talking when they think that some information aren't important enough to be kept.


A scrawny, most likely half-blind, limping, minor who is brilliant but nonetheless an addict who sells everything stored in his brain for food, shelter, and drugs.

But yet, a long time after vanishing one of his notebooks turned up at a crime scene (p.12).

Signed with a symbol we baptized the "survEye" and filled to the brim with dangerous information that brings the final conclusion that proves in our opinion that Surveye indeed is quirkless.
Because every fighting plan is built around the base of quirkless fighting and then wich Quirks would be suitable to fight.
And why should he write down his knowledge like this if not for himself?

Nothing but hot air, is what we say. 


Surveye is going to be captured soon.

Angrily he ground his teeth.


So much for a change of reputation! Nothing changed!

He shoved the magazine in his bumbag without any care and jumped off the bank.

His hands were clenched too tight fists and were trembling from anger as he tried to convince himself that he did not want to start a fight.

He had to talk to Stain about this article. His mentor surely had some ideas about how to react to this news.


Still on his way out of the park he froze and pulled the booklet out of his pocket.

Beneath the text was the name of the author and the source of the picture written in small print.

And there was more about the 'crime scene' in this magazine as well.

He scanned the text about the crime as fast as possible.


Well. Looks like he earned more money.

His patron had been killed and the only thing that had been stolen was his notebook which had been found at the exit of the alley where the kill had taken its place.

Probably lost by the escape.


He shook his head. 

This was annoying. 

Now he had to search for his notebook because he couldn't leave it in the hands of some random person who didn't swear by their life that they would keep his knowledge a secret.

If everyone knew what this book contained he would have written it all in vain.


And it was one of his important ones about Sir Nighteye and his Sidekicks.

He fished his mobile out of his pocket and took a course towards the villain-district.


"Hello, Sensei.

You mentioned another broker you knew besides me, do you know where I could find him?

… … …

Ah… so that's it.

Thank you so much!"


He closed his mobile again and went home.

Akaguro wasn't at their flat this moment and he needed his costume if he didn't want to yell from the rooftops who hid behind Surveye.


Izuku stared at the building in front of him filled with interest.


It was just as filthy and run down like all the others surrounding it.


Without a glimpse of hesitation, the masked boy opened the door and limped into the boozer.


Silent conversations filled the moldy, dusty and stifling air. It reeked of cigaret smoke and alcohol.

It's been a while since the scent of alcohol filled his nose and he would have been a liar to not admit that he had indeed missed the pungent smell.

Nobody took notice of him but he wasn't the one to complain about that - the less attention he got, the better.


The barkeeper was not unknown to him.

It was Kurogiri, also known as ‘Black-Mist’, who was, if his information were to be trusted, one of the big players in the League.


 He had heard time and time again that the man was playing barkeep in his free time but he hadn't thought that it was going to be such a lively establishment.

Curious the teen looked around.

It looked like the most pubs did, only the TV and the sofa were unique.


The latter was occupied by a man with silver-blue hair who played some kind of videogame that seemed to be kind of… bloody.

His whole body was covered in dead hands.

Izukus gaze lingered on the splayed pinky of the gamer and this small gesture was all the confirmation that this was Shigaraki Tomura, the leader of the league of villains, on this old piece of furniture.

He would stay clear of this guy if given the chance. 


All the faces in the bar were at least familiar, each linked to a special Quirk; in the best cases, he even knew their name.

A lot of them were wearing disguises or costumes so he wasn't sanding out in his clothes.


Silently he took a seat at the bar and leaned forward.

"What can I get you?", asked the misty man who was flourishing in his job.

"Water, please. It's only been three months since I'm clean."

He felt how the older man was looking at him with new eyes but he got his water without further question and sipped at it.

"I haven't seen you before. 

It is rather uncommon that someone strays into here and your clothes would make one think that you are indeed are acquainted with the work of the patrons of this Bar.", stated the man.

His voice was polite and it were only observations he said. Kurogiri wasn't forcing the greenette who was hiding behind his mask and hood to anything.

"True. I am familiar with this kind of milieu.", 

confirmed Izuku and emptied his glass,

"And that is the reason why I'm here. I heard it would be possible for me to find one of my colleagues here. I'd like to talk to him because of different work specific complications he might be able to clear up for me through his experience, as he has been far longer in this job than I."

"Might I get to know your colleague's name? Maybe I would be able to get him for you or to offer you another way of meeting up."

It was calming to talk to this villain. 

The conversation brought a pleasant kind of diversion into the life of Stains aspirant to talk this civilized and polite.

"As far as I know he goes by the name Grian."


"As far as you know?"


"Indeed, as far as I know.

I didn't have the luck to meet him before but I dare to call him my colleague with the reasoning that we're still from the same profession.", exemplified Izuku with a smile.

He felt the skepticism rolling of the barkeeper in waves.

"He isn't in the house this evening but it is likely that he's going to visit one of these coming days. If you'd like to I'm going to tell him that he should contact…?"

The teen knew the man behind the counter was lying. 

It was a friendly rejection.


"That would be too friendly.", replied the one-eyed with a sweet voice and decided to play this game until the very end.

Kurogiri did not like the new tone of the masked man in front of him. 

It sounded friendly and smooth and wasn't fitting into their surroundings at all.

The villain knew dangerous people when he saw them, or else he wouldn't have survived his job as long as he did and this man, as harmless and soft and plain as he seemed to be, he had this kind of vibe that spoke of a well-hidden and controlled threat that made the part-time-barkeeper weary.

He only had noticed the limping figure when they stood in front of the counter and were about to sit down.

The order of a simple water had stunned him and he actually was about to start with the typical 'One drinks no water in a bar'-speech when the new arrival beat him to it with his explanation.

But it offered the question of why someone out of their midst should try to fight their addiction and become clean.

Kurogiri finally decided that polite Smalltalk was the best way to gain some information about the stranger but the man immediately cut to the point and left as good as no opening to analyze.

The only thing the right-hand man of the LoV could gather was that the masked man had a silver tongue and the ability to talk about one thing without saying anything at all.

"Please tell him that he shall contact Surveye. I think I'm going to hear if he's asking around for me.", said the young man with a silent laugh and crooked smirk before he slid off his barstool and landed on his feet with a muffled 'thump'.

"And coming from experience: You bar is really nice and clean, I've seen and smelled way worse.

Thank you for your hospitality, Kurogiri, second-in-command of the League of Villains. I wish you the best of luck to reach your dreams.

Don't forget to talk to Grian for me."

By now it was completely quiet and everyone ogled the masked boy with the long capuchin which he hid beneath.


So that was Surveye?

Soon hushed whispers about how they imagined the broker to be, what they thought about his costume and what one expected him to be filled the room.

Kurogiri on the other hand just stared at the boy.

He knew from Grian that Surveye was a druggie and a drunkhead, or, well, had been .

It seemed like the boy changed the tracks of his life.


Kurogiri sighted,

"He's in a private room in the back. If you'd like to, I can show you the way.", he called after the young broker who stopped in the middle of the room on his way to the exit before turning around with a smile.

"Thank you very much, Kurogiri."

The villain was sure that if he had a real body he would be having goosebumps and shivers.

So he guessed correctly.

If the boy wanted to, his pure presence could make one feel fear.


The first time Grian heard something about Surveye he had been pissed - that, he remembered clearly.


A short time after that he lost a fourth of his clientele to the other broker and thusly a lot of money.  


When the door to the conference room in the back of the bar was opened by black fog the man thought that Shigaraki finally stopped to play his damn videogames to do some business but instead Kurogiri waved a small, limping, hooded person with an eyecatching mask inside.

"This is Surveye.", introduced the barkeeper and the masked man nodded towards the bearded, "He wanted to talk to you."

And then the warpgate left the two brokers alone in the room.


The smaller one sighted and threw off his hood before shedding the coat, folding it and draping it over his arm.

Grian raises an eyebrow whilst he chewed on the filter of his cigarette, he didn't even taste the bitterness on his tongue.

Surveye was wearing almost the same clothes as Stain, this crazy maniac.

The man with the gray hair eyed the weapons, belts, barbs, and bags that made up the most parts of the costume.

Surveyes arms were wrapped in bandages as well and the small man wore black gloves that covered his knuckles in metal-barbs as a replacement for brasses.

This costume was more throughout than Stains even though just a little.

And all the arms were intact and new.

Yet Surveye didn't appear threatening with his gear.
The white mask that covered the upper half of his face had only one lens which hid one of his eyes. Over the other eye were just two red lines crossing each other which probably should represent scars and he couldn't discover any part where the other could see through.

But Grian had only one thought after taking in Surveyes appearance: Great. Another lunatic.

It would be a lie to say the broker took care of his clients. 

Everything he cared for was the money.

Maybe one could pay him to be nice but nobody had tried that so far.

The masked guy with the wild, curly, green hair sat down on the couch opposite of him.


"Whaddaya want, shorty?", grumbled the gray-haired man and flicked off the ash of his cigarette.

"I want to make a deal.

Information for Information. Or for money. Most likely money after everything I heard."

Grian knew thanks to this short speech some things about Surveye:

  1. He was a child, the voice was too high for an adult.
  1. The boy tended to say his thoughts out loud.
  2. The brat had some brain and he wasn't sure if he liked that.

    The masked cleared his throat and pulled out one of those silly conspiracy theory magazines, but then the man read the headline and grinned.

    He had heard about this article and even helped a little to bring it to live.

    The journalist had paid a lot so that he hired the buyer and gave the murderer a tip.

    "Unfortunately my first customer had gone walkabout.",

explained Surveye and sounded mildly miffed at most,

"Not exactly bad by itself but my notebook is somewhere out there, wandering through universal history and makes everyone try to guess my identity.

You have the best connections to find persons and items, as far as I know, and I'd like to use this network.

I want Yoki Kani and I need this book before it causes any more damage!"

The broker had to rethink about his harmless "colleague".

Surveye could be immediate if he wanted to be. At the last words, he had lost his composure and let loose an aura comparable to Stain.

"I understand.", placated the older man and leaned back with a smirk whilst he took a deep breath and let the smoke of his cigarette fill his lungs.

Nothing was more calming than a good dose of nicotine.

"If we're going with info for info, what gain would I have? And how much can you pay?"


He had to find out which option brought him more profit.

"I could pay 40.000¥.",

mumbled the boy with a dark look on his face which had Grian stifle a laugh when he saw how the other twisted his mouth,

"If you really need it I could spare 58.000¥ but I'd actually like to have something to live from.

As for the information:

I'd give you my number and you could always ask me about single persons. I would cost but I'd give you a discounter.", explained the masked teen and shrugged,

"You'd just have to tell them that you've got this information from me."


Ah. So that's the catch.

Surveye was on the best way to make it big but to get up there he had to show that he was ready to play with the big boys and if someone like him, Grian, would use information of this brat it would mean exactly that.

But the broker had to choose.

The boy said it: either-or, not both.

The man with the gray hair examined his opponent.


Surveye would get up into the Olympus with or without his help, it would merely slow him down a bit and when the brat was one of the big players he actually could save a lot of money and that made it more than worth it.


He pulled out his phone and skipped through his contact details where he filed every one of his clients.

"Yoko lives here in Musutafu, XxX-Street, Number 79 and has her agency on the eighth floor.

She isn't married or engaged and her parents live in Shibuya.

She has three coworkers she meets every Saturday in a café near her house.

Your little notebooklet has to be with her or the police."

Grian went through the whole text so fast that even Izuku Midoriya had his problems to follow.

The boy repeated the address for himself and nodded.


"So: Money or info?", he asked and the seasoned broker grinned at the question.


The one-eyed hoped from the depths of his heart that it would be the second choice, Stain and him wouldn't be able to live with an empty wallet right now.

"Information, shorty. Those are our job."

Izuku grinned and held out a gloved hand for the adult.

The man took his hand and shook it lightly.

It was a twisted alliance that was formed at this moment because both of them knew how dangerous Izuku Midoriya, alias Surveye was for Grian and how much the broker wanted to get rid off of Stains protege for that.

But both of them smiled over the facts like they weren't standing between them like a high marble wall.

Chapter Text

Izuku worked through everything he could get his hands on.

Read every thriller about the topic, watched every episode of every crime series that could give him a hint, movies, police notes he got from a hacked server.

He had everything double and triple-checked and analyzed.

Everywhere was a mistake.

That was the point.

He had to do it flawlessly. It had to be perfect.

But that seemed simply impossible!

Groaning he buried his head in the mountain of paper stacks on his desk that was surrounded by three computers and two laptops.

He was driven to despair.

He had tried to find a method on how to let a person vanish from the face of the earth and even found a book with the title: 'How to get away with murder - simply: How to let someone disappear forever'.

But as good as the methods and hints in the book were, he couldn't stirrup this wasp nest that way or he would get stung very badly.

Wasp nest? Damn shit, this publishing house was a fucking hornet nest holding some especially aggressive specimens!

If only one hair was to be placed in the wrong way and lying in the wrong place these maniacs would notice it and would be starting an inquisition that could end with his capture. And he couldn't allow himself to be captured now.

So it had to be either an open kill or a suicide.

But if he killed them on the open street, he wouldn't gain anything, because he'd contradict his own ideals and move more into the public eye than he wanted to.

He could force others to commit the murder - with his knowledge and contacts it would be a trifle - but it seemed wrong to him. It was his problem, not that of others. 

That's why he also told Akaguro just the large scope of the situation and told his teacher he wanted to clean up the situation himself.

Stain had been impressed. 

If his father had seen him now he definitely wouldn't be anymore.

So it had to be a suicide - but to force somebody into committing suicide was extremely complicated.

The person had to be vulnerable to blackmail.

Had to have a family, that they loved more than anything else, or something more valuable than their own life.

Therefore the person had to be already confronted with the manner of death, so he could acclimate with the thought fast. 

It gives one the possibility, to decide for oneself when to end it and how and the majority of the society nevertheless likes to end its life rather self-determined, instead of getting forced into it.

But only a few people hate their life enough to throw it away voluntarily. 

And as far as he knew, this woman didn't have anything that was more valuable to her than her life.


Hectically he dug through his notes until he found the notes he made on 'Sherlock'. 

The first episode. The one with the cab driver.

Maybe he could do something like that.

This way he could eliminate the whole publishing house. A mass suicide of conspiracy theorists wasn't anything new or surprising. 

He only had to prepare everything for Saturday.


Relaxed he sipped on his cocoa with cream and marshmallows.
It was more than earned. 

It was a beautiful morning that wrapped the streets in soft, warm light and let the fog over the parks and meadows fade away. 

Besides him, there were only the staff of the coffee shop and a young woman in sports clothes who bought herself a fruit smoothie.

He thought about ordering her drink next, it looked very delicious. 


Izuku was rather proud of himself.


After days and nights filled with research, phone calls and planning he only survived thanks to energy-drinks and coffee he was free to say that his journalist-problem was about to be solved.

The little bell above the door tinkled clearly and brightly when the small ambiance was entered by four people. 


Three women and one man.

One of the women had lilac tentacles instead of hair and another had a third eye on her forehead which wasn't blinking but still following movements.

The only remarkable thing about the man was his eye-catching clothes and a styling that hollered 'gay' all over the place as if it necessary to stay alive.

He was able to identify the woman who entered last as Yoko, she had the showiest Quirk with hooves instead of feet.

The shop got livelier after the arrival of the little group that sat down at the table behind Izuku which had been reserved.

He didn't really focus on his preys in favor of relishing his hot cocoa which had cost him much more than he actually would have liked but it was totally worth it.

With a closed eye, he took the next nip.


"So, what did you find?"

"I've looked into Surveye a bit more. There are rumors of him changing his path and becoming clean."

"I've heard something similar. And I've been told that he finally appeared in public under his name, it was to find another broker. It seems that he's searching for his notebook."

"And I've read said notebook. 

This guy is seriously sick in the head! Each spread is filled with him taking apart Quirks, fighting styles, mind, and life of a person and he's writing down pointers how to use all that against someone.

To think that he's selling something like that without considering the consequences! And I've got number 47! That means that there are at least 46 more!"

The man, who was sitting right behind Izuku whistled.


"The squirt doesn't seem to have any hobbies."



"Jup. I've grown curious as well and listened around. Everything we wrote was confirmed. Male, minor, limping and everyone is saying the same: he's friggin small."

The women started to giggle and the one-eyed who listened in on all this without being noticed gritted his teeth in annoyment.

Yes, he was small, what's the big deal?! It wasn't making up his whole life! He would grow someday!


"So this is going to be a special-edition only about Surveye?"

They mumbled their confirmations.


"Could I get you something else?"

The teenager flinched at hearing the voice of the nice waitress.


"W-wah? … ah… uhm… yes. I'd like this red fruit smoothie."

Damnit! He didn't even notice that he finished drinking because of listening so intently to the conversation.

The woman smiled friendly and went to fetch his order.


"... read something out loud of this notebook!"

He froze at hearing the whispers behind his back.


"But… okay. So-"

And then Yoko read his notes about Sir Nighteye and he couldn't stop himself from making a face when he heard the journalists' comments.

They really didn't grant him his hard work.

He got his second-order and paid for it directly after receiving it just like he did with the first one.

Every time he wanted to yell that they understood something wrong he swallowed a bit of his drink instead and lightened his mood this way.
The smoothie was really delicious. 

Fresh and fruity with a lightly sour and a sweet note.

It tasted like raspberry and pomegranate even though the greenette was pretty sure to sense some cherry as well but he wasn't entirely sure.  

But after a time his smoothie was, sadly, empty and he didn't have the money for another so he had to listen with clenched teeth how the four behind him badmouthed his second identity.

And then they finally grew quiet to get ready to go.

He followed the little group more or less unnoticed to the house of Yoko.

He waited some more minutes after the adults entering before he rang her bell.

"Hello?", sounded a distorted female voice through the intercom, "Who's there?"

Izuku cleared his throat.


"Hey. I… uhm… I heard you talking in that Café and… well… so… I- I'm a really big fan of your magazine a-and… I think, I think you're right! And… well… uhm… I - I would like… I want to help! I saw Surveye! With my very own eyes! I heard him talk! He's INSANE! And… well..."

"... enter."


A quiet buzz signaled him that the door was open and Stains student opened it without a second thought.

It was easy to play the fanboy. 

It was exactly that way he reacted to heroes for ages.
Now that he thought about it it seemed stupid but he's been too naive to realize how dumb he acted.

The man of the group welcomed him with a serious look and guided him up the stairs silently.


From now on everything would have to work out correctly.

His breath was a little shaky.

Don't lose your mind over this, Izuku! You'll make it! This are just some dumb citizens.

He wished his inner herokiller was right but he knew that his Senseis voice was lying for his sake.

The fact that he heard voices was lost in the panic.



And then he sat on a comfortable sofa with a hot chocolate in his hands the four journalist opposite to him and eight little tins in his bumbag which seemed to weight several tons by now.

"So… you saw Surveye?", drawled Yoko skeptical with raised eyebrows and scorn in her eyes.

"Y-yeah! He… I am… well…. I'm a vigilant… and… there's this bar for anyone who isn't green with the laws and who wants to meet people with the same experiences.

I couldn't see very much of him - he's rather plain - but he ordered water and was limping badly.

Because of my… side job… I'm pretty observant.

He talked to the barkeep and started to walk away a short time after, then he said who he was and that he wanted some message to be delivered. Everyone grew silent because… he's like, a phantom! A legend! No broker was able to stay as hidden as him!"


Was that enough? It had to be enough.

"A-ha. I don't believe you.", said the woman with three eyes, she sounded patronizing.

With a sigh, his shoulders and head fell and he started to play with his gloved fingers.

"OCD?", asked the woman with the tentacle hair and pointed with one stand at his hands.


"W-well… where… where I come from it's reaaaally dirty and I want to hide my hands as well. They're unsightly.", he mumbled rushed.

Was he over-egging to pudding? He was pretty sure he was.


"Show me your face, squir-"


"Do. Not. Call. Me. Squirt!", he growled and threw a look with murderous intent at the group from beneath his hood,

"I hate being called that! I hate that my work and talent gets forgotten because of my height!"

The other adults flinched back but Yoko stayed still.


"Please take off your hood."

Angrily he shoved it down from his head and showed his blind eye, his scarred face. Things, a kid of his age shouldn't have.

His functioning eye was boiling over with anger, hatred, and scorn while the other one was staring straight ahead without seeing anything at all.

The sight was a shock for the journalists and the woman with the three eyes ran out of the room to not vomit in her friends and bosses living room.

It took some time until they accepted the sight they saw.


"Your eye...", 

whispered Yoko unbelievingly, 

"Your eye… like… like in the notebook. I don't understand… what?"

His smile was thin and the mood in the room was tumbling as the three-eyed woman returned.


"Of course you don't understand.

I was pleased with the attention I received but sadly you badmouthed all my work and dragged it through the mud. And right now you own something that belongs to me and saw something that wasn't dedicated für your eyes.", 

his voice was smooth like silk and sharp like a scalpel and at the end of his little speech he pointed at the notebook that was lying on the table,

"I invested a lot of time and patience in this notebook. I do that for all my notes but you had nothing better to do than to ridicule it!"

He took a deep breath to calm down and only then he pulled out eight transparent tins that were tied together in pairs and placed them on the table.

"One pill is poisoned the other is sugar.", he explained with a smile as he saw the confused expressions,

"All the pills and tins look exactly the same you can examine them if you want. I don't know which of the two tins contains which pill."

- No. He knew. -

"If you want to escape this flat living you only have to take the correct pill. I'm going to tell each of you one important thing about me and then you're allowed to choose. I take four pills, you only one. Each poison is unique and lethal and kills in a matter of a minute without any antidote.

If you don't want  to play my game-"


-He drew his knife and buried its blade in the table with one slam -


"- I'll kill you this way and you won't even take a secret to your grave."

He leaned back in his seat and a sickeningly sweet smile adorned his scarred face in the cruelest way.

The four looked at each other and nodded hesitantly.


"We… we're going to do it."



Slowly he stood up and walked towards the first woman in whose ear he whispered: "I'm quirkless and I was bullied and abused for it since being four."

The second woman heard the following: "I didn't kill a single person directly, no poison, no firearms, no knives - you'd be the first."

The man: "My birth name is Izuku Midoriya. I am fourteen and I almost died 38 times, most of them through my own hand."

And Yoko: "I stopped taking drugs after the herokiller Stain choosing me as his successor."

With a false smile that didn't even try to reach his eyes, he sat down in front of the group.

"You've all heard reasons why I want to die..."

– he started to move the tins on the table. Some of them he pulled closer to himself and others he nudged towards his victims. It was simple psychology and analyzing –

"... and why I want to live."

The last tin found its place and he looked into Yoko's dark eyes before ending with a: "And now, decide."

He didn't worry and was completely relaxed instead while one after the other grabbed the deadly pill.

Humans aren't complicated to manipulate, Quirk or no Quirk and with his intellect, Izuku had the upper hand in mind games like this one.

"Well then.", the greenette took the four tins he decided to be his from the start.

"Just take in in the mouth, bite down and swallow. If it's sweet you're safe.", he explained happily and demonstrated with all four pills at the same time.

Satisfied he tasted the pure flavor of icing on his tongue while the journalists took their pills and swallowed.

They all looked so relieved.


"Ah, yes.", 

he said with a smirk and stood up,

"Maybe I should have mentioned that the poison tastes like caramel."

It was hilarious to see their confusion turn into realization as four pairs of eyes widened before the symptoms started to kick in.

He packed away the tins neatly while the bodies on the floor and sofa twitched and gasped for air.

They were already dead when he cleaned the sofa before taking his notebook and the mug he had sipped at so that he finally could leave the flat.

Without being noticed he left the house and went down the street.

It took three days before the rotting corpses had been found thanks to the smell.


It was a group suicide of fanatics which was only mentioned in a sideline of the newspapers.


But that had been his plan.

Chapter Text

The news weren't just a shock for Akaguro and Izuku, no, they threw them completely off track.


All Might was going to teach at UA!


They spend hours just discussing this event without reaching a real conclusion.

It was just… unexpected? Sudden? Alarming?


Why should a great hero like All Might try his hand on problem children in puberty?

It didn't really fit their knowledge of All Might but they were able to spiff it up for themselves.


If the greatest hero in the world was about to teach the new generation the students had the chance to copy their teacher and thusly to become true heroes.

So they told themselves - until now.

Izuku stayed up the whole night trying to hack UAs Server and the list of the accepted students had been too much for him.

At the moment he saw the familiar faces on the pictures his world collapsed and broke into shards.



Stain awoke to some kind of noise.


Still disorientated and drowsy he sat up and listened closely to identify the sound.

It was a choking and sobbing, mixed to an ugly expression of human weakness.

He jumped out of his bed and rushed into the next room where he found his student shaking on hand and knees in front of his desk while heaving again and again.

The boy's body shook in uncontrollable spasms as his tears hit the ground where they formed a little puddle.

The herokillers eyes settled on the computer screen which was displaying pictures from several kids about Izukus age.


None of the faces nor their names rung a bell.

The greenette gagged again and stroked the hair that stuck to his sweat-soaked forehead back with trembling fingers.

He was paler and looked sicker than normally.


Akaguro picked his protegee up from the ground and carried him to the bathroom.
It awoke rather unpleasant memories but that didn't matter.

"You think you'll make it without me for a short time? I'm just going to clean up and then I'll be back, okay?"

The one-eyed teen nodded with an exhausted smile and doubled over the toilet he was kneeling in front again just in time to empty his nonexistent stomach contents into it.

That the herokiller was someday going to clean up someone else's puke for them was never a thought that crossed the noirette's mind before.

But it was likely that nobody thought about him that way.

Still, he was doing it right now: Concentrated, fast and thoroughly.


Izuku needed him right now, that , the man knew.

It wasn't unusual but the teen had been better these past months since they've met.

The murderer remembered the rough start:

The days and nights where he clutched to the paralyzed body close to odder the boy some warmth, protection, and comfort.

After that Izuku had been so small, weak and vulnerable.

He couldn't help but to let this broken genius who threw away his dreams to chase something that would make them look like they came true into his heart.

And when he finally had nursed the boy back to health he had been reinvigorated and was filled with ambition but he lacked self-esteem and was about as dangerous as a fawn in the headlights of a car.

The boy had unlearned over the time to use this smart head of his.

But the training brought back the confidence Izuku missed.

Slowly the teen started to become more daring - and then they went into town together to check how the teen was going to react to crowds without the cushion of a drug flowing through his veins.

Izuku had a bad panic attack close to the one he was suffering right now.

These seizures grew rarer and weaker over the past months.

That Midoriya was having an attack yet again wasn't good.

As fast as he could the killer returned to the bathroom and tried to make the curlyhead who was lying on the ground heaving and gasping calm down before bringing him into a more comfortable position.

That was everything he could do.

It took around two hours before the one-eyed picked himself up and stood up to brush his teeth so that the taste of acid and vomit wasn't lingering in his mouth any longer.

After that, they sat together on the sofa with a light tisane to drink and the younger one rolled up in a smooth blanket Stain bought after the kid's first panic attack for exact situations like this.

The boy was staring at the steam that was curling upwards from his mug lazily before collecting into a little cloud before vanishing numbly.

"This list...", he croaked softly and pointed towards the screen to underline his statement,

"... it is a list of the accepted students of UA. They aren't going to teach hero-hopefuls, they are going to create monsters. All Might is going to teach the wrong people the wrong knowledge."

The greenette shivered and his eye reflected fear and panic.


"The boy who sent me back onto the street and my bully are on it!"

Stain understood what was going om.

The children that were to go to UA-High this year were such a rotten and impractical material that nobody would be able to from them to something usable.
And Izuku was terrified of facing a whole generation of brutal phony-heroes who were trained by the best of the best.

"Do not fear, Izuku. Nobody is going to hurt you again. We're going to free the world of them as well."


Surveye was staring at his orange juice sombrely which was standing untouched in front of him on the counter in a small glass.


He was a regular in Kurogiris bar by now but still, his appearance was a cause for whispers and turmoil.


It was frustrating and painful to be so close to his old intoxicant and savior - but he seemed to have a masochistic streak because here he was, forcing himself, again and again, to confront himself with his addiction without falling into old habits.

"Your mood is even worse than normal.", observed the mist-man behind the counter and leaned against the bar in front of the masked teen.

"Hm", grumbled the young broker, not wishing to talk about his problems.


"If you want to tell someone, I'll gladly listen."

The greenette simply looked away and nipped at the juice he had been nursing this whole time.

"Jo! Kurogiri! I wanted to ask something bout that thing we'll do next week."

That sparked Izukus interest.

Information still was money in his business.
If the league was planning something he could make money out of it.

Maybe offer some information on a special price?

It would be a big win to gain some of his knowledge for less than 20.000¥ by now.

There were only a few who were able to afford a whole Surveye-notebook.

Sadly the conversation got lost in the noise of the bar but he was able to snatch some words like 'All Might', 'USJ' and 'special weapon'.
Still, he acted like he was bored and just sipping at his drink.

Until somebody clothed in black sat down on one of the free stools next to him.

Actually, Izuku wanted to chase the person away when his head shot up with his mouth open. 

But he will never defend the seat because all the words he wanted to say remained in his throat.

Shigaraki Tomura was sitting next to him and looked down onto him with a wide grin on his lips.

The hairs on his arms rose and the one-eyed teen quickly averted his gaze to the counter again.

The man beside him was just as dangerous as his…… - he really had to talk to Stain about in which kind of relationship they were - if not even more dangerous.

"You're Surveye, aren't you, you little rat?"

He silently nodded.


The pattern of the wood was really interesting figured the teen out.


"And you're the freak who knows everything about everyone's Quirk."

After a short moment of hesitation, he nodded again.

He really did not want to be on the bad side of people with high positions in the league.

"What do you know about UA?", hissed the young man next to him


For a long time, Izuku just observed the counter.

Did he really want to look away from this beautiful wood pattern? 

He would have to, as saddening as it was.

A rasping sound from the direction of his seatmate made him cast a quick side look.

Shigaraki was clawing away at his neck. The skin was chafed, reddened, irritated and scabrous. 

Some parts were suppurating while others were overgrown with scab.

"I… I know everything about the teachers.", murmured Izuku to distract Shigaraki.
He knew this kind of behavior from himself.

"And I have some rough information about the hero course-students: Names, family, former school, class A or B, how many points, Quirk.

But their limits, weaknesses, talents, techniques, potential, and disabilities… I have no idea.

Expect for two. I know everything about two students."

With beating heart he waited for a reaction.

"U~hum...", Shigaraki didn't sound amused.


Beads of sweat collected on his forehead and the greenette was rarely so thankful for his mask as right now where it was covering his fear.

"O-of course I c-could collect more data! With… with the needed funds I could get onto the school grounds and… and observe the students! Survey the training, hack the server and work through the recordings! I'd just n-need some... some kind of distraction to get inside! It won't cost! Only 1.500.000¥ for the notes of all students of class A and B!"

The man with the silver-blue hair suddenly grinned.


"Looks like you're not only an annoying brat."

Izuku felt a stone that weighted tons fall from his heart.

He wasn't going to be turned to dust!


"How comes that you've already analyzed two students?"

The broker's shoulders stiffened for a short moment before they fell.

"That is not your business and no concern for anyone.", hissed Surveye defensive but his body language remained submissive.

"¥ if you tell me."


"Only for this one information?", questioned Izuku just to be sure.

Shigaraki seemed irritated when he snapped his reply: "Of course for this Info! For what else?!"


"I've known one of them since I've been born.

I've lived for four months with the other one. 

We didn't part in the most pleasant way."

Izuku told as little as possible and the expression of the villain showed him that he rather shouldn't act like that and instead reveal his past.

"Katsuki Bakugo.

Our mothers were friends and we were neighbors. He has an impressive Quirk that allows him to generate explosion - perfect hero-material if the adults are to be believed.

I wasn't owning an obvious Quirk and Bakugo was not happy about breathing the same air as me. He told me being dead would be better for me than being alive. And someday I listened to him."
- he shrugged -

"I lost one eye and broke my whole right body half by to the fall and that's the reason I'm limping."

Shigaraki still watched him expectant and made him sigh.


"Tenya Iida is the little brother of Tensei Iida who found me give or take a year after running away from home. I managed to fuddle myself comatose when he picked me up and brought me to a hospital.

Later he smuggled me out of the hospital and brought me home to his parents, this way I met his younger brother.

We went to the same school for four months, lived on the same property, spend a lot of time beneath the same roof and then I heard how they talked about me when they thought I'm not there. So I returned to the streets."

The leader of the league nodded and took in the drinks on the shelf.
"1.500.000¥ and¥ for the notebooks and your story. What do you want for the teachers?"

"Oh… uhm… The notebook originally costs¥ with¥ pawn."

Kurogiri returned to their part of the counter and started to polish the glassware.


"And if you'd help with the evaluating and planning of your analyzations what would that price?"

Tomura's demands turned out to become more specific with every question and the greenette had a pretty good guess where this was going.

"If you want to attack UA to get rid of the students and teachers I'm going to give you a discount of¥ total as long as I am to be involved in the assault and are allowed to take over the command if I deem it necessary.

And you have to get me onto school grounds."

He held out a hand for Shigaraki to shake, knowing well what kind of risk he was taking but the older one accepted it with a splayed pinky so that Izuku was left unharmed.

It was almost more than the broker wished for.

"Tomorrow, at 10 o'clock, in front of the bar, no minute later. And we'll get you onto UAs grounds."

Chapter Text

"You want to cooperate with the League so that they do your work for you without them even having some kind of ideal?"


Izuku looked up from his computers which were displaying blueprints and photographies of the USJ.


Stain was still trying to talk him out of his plans for tomorrow.


"I do it for the information!",

he growled irritated,

"I'm just going to hand over Kacchan and if I'm lucky Tenya's going to bite the dust but the rest of the class is going to survive. They have the chance to become true heroes in the future and I'm not going to erase this kind of potential."

His eyes landed on another screen that displayed one of the students of class 1A.

The boy's hair was split into two halves, one of them white, the other one red. He had a grey and a blue eye both of them cool and sharp and then there was this big scar that covered the upper part of the right half of the boy's face. It was a burn.

The name was Shouto Todoroki. 

He was Endeavor's youngest son. His mother was in a mental asylum. They committed her there, after defacing her son like that and causing that he grew blind in one eye.

He had three older siblings and his oldest brother was missing.

Izuku was especially excited to meet this young hero who obviously owned a Quirk that was the perfect combination of his mother's and father's Quirks.

Half fire, half ice.


A divisive character and most likely a similarly conflicting life.


That was something Izuku wanted to see in action.


Kurogiri had brought Izuku behind the wall while there were hundreds of reporters standing in front of the gates, desperately trying to get an interview with All Might.


He ducked out of the trees and kept himself low to sneak towards the building until he found an unguarded backdoor.

It wasn't hard to pick the lock and enter the room behind the door, which appeared to be a utility room for cleaning products.

He looked around for a short while and discovered another door that led farther in.


There was an incredible noise outside. Apparently, the tumult in front of the complex triggered some sort of alarm.

Giggling he darted through the big building, which plans he knew like the back of his hand while running past the main-floors that were filled to the brim with panicking students trying to flee to the outside.

Brainless cowards.

He rasted to halt and took in a special detail with confused interest.


Tenya was hanging upon one door like the mannequin on the 'Exit'-sign and was yelling at the students beneath him to calm down.

What a hero...

The boy with the glasses saw him thanks to his elevated position and frowned.


Izuku couldn't stop himself and even if it was childish, silly and absolutely untypical for him, he grinned as he blew a raspberry at the little brother of his former host before rushing away with his coat fluttering in his wake.

He had to hide behind corners and in empty classrooms, before he finally reached the room with the main-server and hurried to collect as much of the data as possible on his Laptop.


Shortly he eyed the computers that surrounded him before he gave in with a sigh to his need for attention and pulled out two bottles of spray paint out of his backpack.


A lot of Hackers left some sign when they cracked a system.

Why should he don't do it?


"Is everything all right, Iida-kun?", asked Ochaco her friend concerned.


The ravenette sat on the ground and looked like he had seen a ghost.


"I thought I saw some masked figure at the end of the hallway.

For a short moment they looked like… . We should inform the teachers that there is an intruder on school grounds."


To Izuku's dissatisfaction, the retreat was way more complicated than entering but he somehow managed it to reach the meeting point to the right time. 


He couldn't watch the lessons but the stolen records should do.


As soon as he's walked through the vertiginous nothing that was Kurogiris Quirk he stood in front of the barkeep and Shigaraki Tomura.

"Well?", asked the silver-haired greedily and reminded Surveye of a small, needy child that was drilling its parents for its favorite sweets.

"I've got the needed records.

I'll get going and watch everything. I'll come to the bar again over the night to talk about the plans for tomorrow."

The misty man nodded while Shigaraki started to pout but still accepted it.


The greenette hasted away, his mop of curls bouncing with every swinging step.

It didn't take too much time until he arrived at his mentor's flat.

Stain spends most of his days in the armory or sleeping.
Since Izuku bought a real flat in a good district the herokiller stayed inside for daytime and only trespassed the threshold if it was in dire need.

And so the killer had a lot of time to take care of his swords and knives which were in an excellent state after being replaced.

Humming in satisfaction Izuku sat down at his work desk and started his Laptop before connecting it to his computer and let the data collected in the form of notes, comments, videos and pictures flood his mind.

Hours flew by, unnoticed and unseen, buried beneath a mountain of mumbling and the scratching sound of an eagerly wielded pen.

Two students he delayed, not willing to find out something new about them - on the other hand, he watched everything about Shouto twice, observed every little detail, played all the videos in slow-motion to pick up every even so little movement.

Endeavor's son was… professional in his behavior for someone so young.

Yet he was suppressing the fire-half of his Quirk and that was making the quirkless teenager rather mad.

He would do anything for any sort of Quirk and this spoiled brat was refusing to accept his ability!

But he could work with that.

He could give him a good lesson if he was so set to deny his fire. 

He would just have to set him on the right path and make him accept his Quirk.

These thoughts made the one-eyed startle.


Why would he want his enemy to be stronger?

Again the examined the picture of Todoroki and crooked his head a bit while reaching out with one hand the touch the image of the other boy on the screen.


It was a beautiful ability and he wanted to see it in full bloom

Or was it this look that sent shivers down his spine because it looked like one of a Veteran who served on multiple fronts and saw all the pain and despair already?

Again he took in the deadpan expression on Shoutos face.


Yeah. That would have to be it.


The boy with the heterochromatic eyes had exactly the same look as he himself had when he had a good day.

Maybe Endeavor's son saw some more bits of hell then everyone else.


With a deep sigh, the greenette placed his head on his desk, just a bit too fast but he didn't complain about the muffled pain that shot through his skull for a short moment after that.

He needed it; he really had to concentrate.


After half a minute of being slumped over his desk limply and calmly, he sat up suddenly and started to work on the next student.

Despite everything he still had a deadline he wanted to hold.

He was going to stretch himself with aching shoulders and neck three hours later with a new notebook lying in front of him filled with thorough thought plans what to do with the students so that they weren't going to hinder or annoy anyone.

With the best mood and the feeling that he reached a goal Izuku went on his merry way towards the bar again.


After all, he only had one night to construct a masterplan.



"So… what is your reason for this attack? What is the goal we're working towards?", asked the greenette and wished desperately for some kind of glasses at the moment just so that he could glance at Kurogiri and Shigaraki over their rim exactly like all these therapists in movies did because the both of them were sitting in front of him in this way - but no glasses would fit over his mask.


"All Mights death. We want to kill him."

Izuku who had been smiling softly felt how his expression became tense wanted to force another mien onto his face but he had enough control over himself to hide his tantrum beneath a businesslike smile.

"Aha… what exactly makes you think you would be able to defeat All Might, the strongest hero of our time?"

Shigarakis red eyes shined in glee and when Izuku looked into this crazed orbs it was easy for him the remember the old days; Kacchan and the constant pain.

"We've got something really special!", 

explained the grown-up toddler delighted and stood up,

"You've got to see it or you won't understand."


Surveye couldn't even protest before he sunk into the nauseating portal of Kurogiri only to be spit out and land ungracefully on his rear.

Hissing the greenette rubbed his hurting back and sat up to survey his surroundings.

It was a rather dark room he'd identify as a warehouse which was only lit dimly by some blurry light sources.

"Come.", called Tomura excited and guided the teen deeper into the labyrinth made of science items.

At some point loud stomps got hearable and the ground shook with every closing in step.


"Tomura?!", yelled the youngest panicking and looked around chivvied for some kind of escape-route but the young man stood there completely relaxed when the gigantourmus figure rushed out of the shadows.

It didn't take long before this thing came to a slithering halt in front of the leader of the League and stared at him with empty eyes.


Disgusted the one-eyed boy eyed the open brain, the empty eyes and the blackened, rotten skin that stretched over mountains of muscle mass.

What the fuck is this?!


"This is Nomu.", explained Shigaraki like his Quirk didn't just enable him to degenerate things but read thoughts as well.


"Okay! Good for them! What do have they to do with anything!?", his voice was around three octaves too high and he spoke so fast that he almost didn't understand himself while he crept backward.

"Nomu is stronger than a human. It's dense and you have to give really easy and precise orders but he can take in more than anyone else. And the best: It has multiple Quirks.", explained the madman who was petting the monsters beak like it was a harmless lapdog!

Izuku tried to look at the situation rationally to make his pulse calm down.


Multiple Quirks? That was possible? Well, looked like it had quite a prize considering the state the Nomu-thing was in.

And a monstrum like that would leave quite the impression when being used by a debut.

He observed the Nomu and felt the little stands on the back of his neck rise.

He would be able to acquire a taste for this thing he wasn't crazy enough for that. 

But that was a really special piece they just placed on the playboard.

"And you think your… Nomu… thingy… could do something against All Might?"


Shigaraki nodded confidently and turned towards one of the many computers.

The silver-haired man just had to press one key to make the screen come alive again to play some Videos of Tests that were made with the monster.


Yes. It would be able to take on one of All Mights hits with regenerating the - likely slight - damage.

"Then… I'm going to build the plans around Nomu.", said Surveye after a long time if thinking while his lasting eye rested on the test results.


Yes. That he was going to do.


A small smile crept onto his lips.


What a power.

"Well then. Bring us back I need my notes to plan.", he told Shigaraki with a rather uncommon eagerness but he really wanted to see how this fight was going to end.

 But he was sure that All Might would win.

Shortly after Izuku sat together with the leaders of the League in a completely empty bar and talked about battle plans.


The students had to be kept occupied: The best would be if everyone was left in the zone that weakened them the most with opponents that were the strongest in this kind of surrounding.

Eraserhead was going to be there.

He should be attacked with a big scale of mutation Quirks and it would be most efficient to use the Nomu as well to either take him out of commission or kill him entirely before the fight got out of control.

All Might sometimes missed in his lessons as far as Izuku knew which was why they had to take precautions for that case that he wasn't there for the attack.

The best course of action then would be to let Tenya Iida run to get help - All Might would arrive sooner than anyone else.

Even though he didn't like the thought to let the boy go.

They had to take care of No.13 as well. It would be the easiest way to get rid off the hero with his own weapons.

One of Kurogiris portals would be used so that the hero destroyed themselves with their own Quirk.

If the Nomu wasn't going to be able to take a stand against All Might and instead be used as some kind of oversized punching-bag they'd retreat immediately so that nobody was going to be captured.


They would do the same if more heroes would come to aid.

And if there were going to be more teachers Izuku would be gone and Shigaraki had to see what he'll do on his own; although the masked suggested to not even start the attack then.

Shigaraki would have the command but Izuku underlined clearly that his plans offered the highest chance to be victorious and if the silver-haired refused to act reasonable Surveye would gladly block the leader's communication device and use the fighter to get rid of the heroes and students as he willed.

And in this case, he would draw his sign over the whole scene to tell the world that he was stronger than the League of Villains and that he used them to reach his own goal

Actually, Izuku hoped that Shigaraki Tomura would have a temper tantrum so that he could take the control. 

That would make Stain really proud.

Chapter Text

Tenya Iida - Entrance
Momo Yaoyorozu - Entrance
Hitoshi Shinso - Entrance| Danger! (Don't talk!)

Toru Hagakure - Flood (kill)
Mashirao Ojiro - Flood
Eijiro Kirishima - Flood

Tsuyu Asui - Fire
Fumikage Tokoyami - Fire| Danger
Shouto Todoroki - Fire| Danger!!! (can generate Fire!!!)

Uraraka Ochaco - Downpour
Denki Kaminari - Downpour
Katsuki Bakugo - Downpour| Danger! (Highly Aggressive)

Yuga Aoyama - Mountain
Rikido Sato - Mountain
Mina Ashido - Mountain

Koij Koda - Ruins
Mezo Shoji - Ruins

Kojoka Jiro - Landslide
Hanata Sero - Landslide
Minoru Mineta - Landslide


Kurogiri read the list of the students for the five-hundreds time just to be sure how they looked like and where they had to go.


Surveye explained it for at least twenty times and pointed it out again and again:

Everything depended on this first step!

These kids wanted to be heroes. They would fight and do everything to save others.


The man couldn't help himself but to wonder at the words of the masked one. 

The greenette had sounded rather strange when he talked about fighting and rescuing.

As if he wanted to convince himself.


The bar slowly started to fill. 

More and more Villains in their costumes and with their gear trickled inside and made last arrangements.

When everyone had arrived Tomura held a little speech.

That also had been Surveyes' idea - to heat up the mood before the fight and to show everyone that they were vouching for something big; that it was worth to fight.

"Today's the great day where we show the world that we don't have to hide

Today we're going to leave the shadows behind and stand proudly for everything that's ignored!

The abandoned, castoff and forgotten that we are to this world are going to demand justice!

And we're going to start with that man who is said that he cares for everyone but still hunts and maims and locks away people like us!

We're going to win because power and revenge are on our side!"

The Nomu which was locked away in a room in the back roared like it wanted to underline it's master's words and the man could see how Surveye who was leaning against a wall in the darkest end of the room started to nod slowly.

Kurogiri didn't trust the masked teen. 

He was like All For One, just without a Quirk.

But his intelligence matched the one of Shigaraki's adoptive father - and that was dangerous.

It was likely that he would have to get rid of Surveye in the foreseeable future so that he couldn't develop into an untamable risk.


"Open the portal."


Right now he shouldn't concentrate on Surveye. At the moment the greenette was on their side and thusly no danger.


Izuku was the last to walk through the portal.

He didn't know where Kurogiri would let him out but he hoped that it would be in some distance to all the fights.


Of course, he wasn't so lucky and stepped out of the black mist that dissolved directly after him being outside next to Shigaraki.


"Eraserhead and No.13… the schedule we took yesterday said that All Might should be here as well."

All the villains started to approach the students at the entrance, just as he planned.



A short glimpse showed him the underground hero Eraserhead who yelled at the group of villains angrily.


In one smooth movement, he snapped down his microphone and pulled the red scarf to fasten it at his mask so that nobody could see that he was the one giving commands when Tomura was occupied.

"Where is he? We've taken on with all this trouble… we've gathered so many of our friends to bring them along… you can't tell me that All Might… the symbol of peace… isn't here. 

I wonder… will he come if we kill the kids?", Shigaraki was on the brim of a mental breakdown, that Izuku could pick out easily.

The man really was an overgrown baby.


Looks like his humble self was needed.


"Eraserhead is about to attack. Everyone with a mutation, stay ready, while the rest retreats. Everyone who was chosen for a zone goes there right now.

Kurogiri, would it be possible for you to take me with you to the entrance?

I think I'll have the best view from there."

"Of course."


Izuku saw able the witness the start of Eraserheads fight on the Plaza before darkness swallowed him again to spit him out.

Kurogiri planted himself in front of the students and No.13 and stretched out to his full height so that the greenette was hidden well behind him.

"I am afraid I can't let you go.", explained the mist-man in a false regretful tone and Izuku bit down on his lip to not laugh.


This was going to be fun.

"Hello, we are the League of Villains. I apologize for the circumstances but we have decided to infiltrate UA, the base of all heroes.

We are here because we hoped to resolve something with Mr. All Might. We wondered if this might be the opportunity to obliterate him."

- It really was astonishing how polite Kurogiri was to everyone. -

"Wasn't Mr. All Might supposed to be a Supervisor for this point of time? Maybe there had been changes.

Well… that being said… my duty didn't change."


There was one problem with Izuku's position.

He also wasn't able to see the students.
It was too late when he noticed that Kacchan and a redhead with a rather revealing costume were gone - in exactly that moment he already heard the explosion and saw how Kurogiri flinched. 

"I BETCHA DIDN'T THINK WE'D SCREW YOU BEFORE YOU'D DONE SOMETHING!", screamed the boy whose arms looked like they were made out of stone.


Was this Kirishima?

He looked completely different than before.


"Kurogiri. You've been attacked by Kirishima and Bakugo.", explained Izuku to the shadow so that he knew who the redhead is.

"That truly was impressive. It shows that you're not just ordinary students but the 'golden eggs' of the heroes."



Kurogiri expanded at No.13's yell around the whole group.

"You're going to be dispersed, tortured and slain. Every! Last!"

After that, the black mist thinned out and Kurogiri fell back to the entrance to collect his strength.


Izuku knew by now that it was exhausting for the man to transport a lot of people to a lot of different places over long distances.

The four lasting persons stumbled backward and looked around in panic.


Izuku grinned behind his scarf and didn't langer make an effort out of hiding behind Kurogiri.

"Who are you?", growled Hitoshi and took some steps in their direction.


The greenette held a finger in front of his disguised mouth and shrugged.



"They won't answer you, Shinso-kun.", said Tenya with a murderous glint in his eyes.

How long had it been since they've seen each other? 

In this year a lot of the ravenette has changed.

Izuku nodded and held up his hands in a movement that could be interpreted as a 'sadly'.

"Classprez!", called No.13 suddenly.


"Yes, Sir!"


So Tenya was the class president?

Yeah. That sounded just like him.

Izuku couldn't help himself but to smile proudly.

This boy had almost been something like his brother back then.


"Run back to school. Tell them that the alarms didn't start and that we're being attacked."

"But! Wouldn't that violate my responsibility as a class president."

"Run you damned emergency-exit!"


"Use your Quirk to save lives!"


"Is it wise to talk about one's plans in front of the enemy?", questioned Kurogiri amused.

Izuku whispered: "Watch out. No.13 is about to attack. In the same moment they point at you you've got to open the portal."

"Don't you understand? We can talk in front of you because you can't act on it!", yelled No.13 and pointed the finger with the opened cap at the mist-man who already had been prepared and thusly was able to capture the hero in the suction of their own Quirk.

At the same moment Iida started to run and Izuku did a weak attempt to throw a knife at the messenger while Kurogiri stretched out a loose billow of smoke to reach him.

Of course, both attacks didn't work.


They needed All Might here.


"Kurogiri, I need to get to the control panel of the building. I want to ensure that nobody leaves this building unharmed."

Momo and Hitoshi just stared in horror as No.13 was ripped apart more and more.


With a smile, he pulled down his scarf.

"But before I leave I should introduce myself in the name of politeness since I know everything about you Hitoshi Shinso and Momo Yaoyorozu."


The eyes of the hero-hopefuls grew wide but they remained silent wich Izuku took as his clue to hint at a mocking bow.

"My name is Surveye. I am a broker and the herokillers protegee." 

- nobody knew that.


He straightened himself.


But Kurogiri would tell it as soon as this fight was over.

But then people should know. -
"I was engaged by the League of Villains to create the plan to your extinction and I wish you the most of fun while fighting for your life.

You are impressive students so I expect a dignified death with a spectacular end from you."

The students flinched and the greenette barked a laugh before taking a step backward through Kurogiris portal just to stand in front of the control center.

The beautiful thing about the USJ was that every zone had a catastrophe-mode.


He just wanted to use the one for the landslide-zone but this one was the most dangerous one.

Because it simulated what the zone should prepare you for.


Normally the Modi were just used for third years because younger students didn't have the strength or the understanding to react accordingly.

He pressed the red button beneath the word 'landslide'.


If the far distance a roaring and rumbling were hearable.


He threw himself into the chair in front of the screens of the Security-Cams.


This was fine. He was going to stay here.


And whilst Izuku Midoriya was watching the recordings, relaxed and satisfied, the students of UA-High had to fight for their very own life.


In the Shipwreck-Zone Tooru had been grabbed by two villains with Fish-Quirks and was dragged underwater by them and struggled not to drown.


She had been dropped shortly above the lake and floated unharmed on the surface but the water surrounded her body which made it easy to spot her. 

In the same Zone Eijiro had found himself on the waterslide the stream pressed him underwater the very same moment whilst he collided with rocks and driftwood.

But as soon as he tried to save himself with his Quirk it took all his power not to drown.

Mashiro stood dripping wet on the ship by now.

He got away rather easily and now he knew that he could use his tail to swim as well as some kind of paddle and it made him even faster than normal swimming.

Still, he was alone and he couldn't see anybody else around.



The fire-zone wasn't better.


Tsuyu had been placed in a burning room and was coughing and heaving on the floor while her body heated up uncontrollable.


She tried to crawl through the room for some kind of escape but she knew how dangerous it was for her to be in this place - it was likely that she wouldn't be alive in one hour.

That was the only thought that kept her searching.

Fumikage stood in front of several men and women with gas-masks and bright flashlights that they directly pointed at him.

The only flames brightness was already weakening dark-shadow and the additional light left his companion about to be as useful as a little chick and the only thing he had left was not to die, yet his enemies' eyes told him that this wasn't going to be an easy mission.

Shouto also met a terrible fate. The fire melted his ice before he could use it for mobility and besides that, it had caused an explosion when it touched some kind of pebble.

He had collected some of the stones and froze them. They also detonated.

Some kind of material that reacted with water had been spread over the whole area and left him nothing more than his fire and his own body.

He had to get away as soon as possible everything reminded him too much of his father.



In the downpour-zone Ochaco also had to fear for her life. Except that the terrible 'weather' which was simulated could cause a cold or pneumonia she knew that the woman from before was still following her and this madwoman said that she wanted to slit open her throat!

In the midst of the street, Denki had a bigger crisis.

He was surrounded by villains and was drenched in water. If he was going to use his Quirk here everyone who touched the water would get a deadly electric shock and he wasn't a good enough fighter to just punch his way out of here.

Bakugo was still in a haze as he unbelievingly cradled his hurting cheek.

Whoever had planned this ambush really did think of everything.

He already was over-chilled which meant no sweat. He also had nothing in his costume and everything that build-up at the start of the attack had been used or washed off.

He was as good as quirkless and surrounded by a group with functioning Quirks and weapons.

But he would somehow fight his way through it. 

If at least Kirishima would be with him...


In the mountains, Yuga sat lost and lonely on a little plateau without any way to climb down.

And he didn't even want to try to jump because it would break all the bones in his body.

And his Quirk wasn't strong enough to reach the next plateau.

Which meant that he would have to wait.

Rikido had found himself together with Ashido in front of some scarp surrounded by villains. They tried to keep up their defenses but only hitting wasn't enough in face of being outnumbered.

In the end, Mina saved Sato with dragging him through the battlefield and over the swing bridge which she corroded with her acid.


If she just would have noticed that they were on the wrong side.

On the bright side: They were safe and it would take a lot of time before someone made it over the canyon.



Koji was somewhere in the middle of a destroyed and run-down city that looked like it just had lived through an earthquake. He had tried to find some animals to help him to find a way out but there was nothing! Not even spiders and insects strayed into such an environment!

Scared he crouched when he heard heavy boots. Then the steps stopped and the building he was hiding inside started to growl threateningly.

One of the students who truly suffered was Mezo.

He had appeared beneath a building that was about to topple over.

his left arms were crushed beneath metal and stone and he could feel his broken bones, the squished muscles and the blood that flowed out of the big wound.

He fell unconscious thanks to the pain and it was the biggest mercy that could have happened to him.


The first thing Kojoka thought when she was placed somewhere else was, that they were in a group and that there was no enemy in sight.

Of course, it could have been better than to have two of the more perverse boys with her but she could live with that.

And then the noise started. 

She felt how her ears started to bleed as the racket became louder and louder.

She doubled over under the pain, still trying to identify the sound.

Hanata was shocked when the rumbling started. Just a bit later Jirou next to him covered her ears while blood dripped down between her fingers. 

Then he saw the wave coming towards them. As fast as he could he grabbed everyone within his reach and saved them behind a small house before the mud and debris rolled down to their sides.

In the landslide-zone, Minoru was trapped beneath the soil and tried to dig his way out of it so that he wouldn't suffocate. He was too tiny. Too weak. He would… he didn't want to die!


Again and again, the monster drove Aizawa's head into the concrete which showed cracks by now.


No.13 was wailing in agony in the background and there was almost nothing left of their suit and soon they'll destroy themselves completely.

The sight of the underground hero turned blurry as the Nomu - so had the guy with the hands called this thing - let him collide with the round once again.


Everything hurt and it was only a matter of time before his body shut down and left him unconscious.

Suddenly the silerhead calmed and put a hand to his ear.


"... oh? That's good news!",

the corners if his sick grin reached out from under the mask that covered his face,

"Splendid news for you, Eraserhead. In the future there'll be two students less to care about. The tendencies for even fewer students is rising."

Horrified the man with the long hair ripped open his eyes. What did these villains do ?!


The screams in the background stopped.


Shouta didn't have to look to know that No.13 left the world of the living at this moment. 

Chapter Text

Izuku left the control room only after he made sure that nothing could go wrong.


He had watched the girl with the improved hearing and the boy with the tape-quirk as they dug out the small guy in the diapers.

Minoru Mineta was obviously dead. Suffocated. Maybe he bled out considering that he had this big hole in his head.

And then there was this invisible girl whom he had ordered to kill. She was too dangerous to let her stay alive.

He got an uncontrollable laughing fit when he watched the aghast look on Kacchan's face on one of the screens.

His childhood enemy didn't know what happened to him and looked like he would cry like a baby when he was forced to retreat.

Because of this, the green-haired was in the best mood, when he went to the fire-zone to start a fight with Shouto.

He probably had a death wish, but he wanted to talk to the teenager. He wanted to know, if Shouto Todoroki just wanted to take over the heritage of his father.

It wasn't hard to find the bigger boy once he entered the zone.

Shouto was already close to the entrance and drubbing with a few villains who were guarding the exit.

“Go away from him, he is mine.“ he murmured in his headset and immediately the four left Todoroki alone, who fell panting on one knee and opened his mouth to protest.

A strong fighting will. Remarkable.


said Izuku and waved his hand at the future hero, 

“my name is Surveye, I'm pleased to finally meet you in person, Shouto Todoroki.“

The other stood up and mustered him with narrow eyes. 

Izuku saw that as an 'Okay' to talk further.
He wanted to talk to Shouto since he had heard of him.

“I have to admit, I'm really fascinated by you!

It is an incredible Quirk you've got there; you could easily defeat All Might himself!"
- Todoroki flinched -

"So it's like that...", mumbled Izuku quietly.

"So you are, as far as I know, your dearest father's fourth try to break free from All Might.

Must be shitty to be more of a possession than a human. Especially in the eyes of your own father.

And that stuff with your mom is understandable, too.

She burned the half that reminded her of her husband. He likely abused all of you.

Tze! Looks like there is some reason for me to become Stain's successor. 

So, Shouto Todoroki, do you refuse to use your fire to oppose your father?"

The eyes of the boy in front of him were wide open, still, the teen with the burn scar nodded.

Carefully and cautious Izuku drew closer to the student and inspected the eyes closer.

A winterly grey, like it was seen on snowy mornings in the sky and an intense turquoise, that was only matched by paradisiacal mountain springs and lakes, and heavenly beaches.

The red scar tissue, like it was typical for burns underlined this impressive color and smoothed out the red of the hair and made the white stand out.

"You really are beautiful.",

said Izuku fascinated,

"I think I never saw something as wholesome as you. It's sad that you have to suffer because of your father."

With a breathless laugh, he drew himself away from the boy who only stumbled away after their eye contact broke and pulled a hand through his wild curls.


"I'm sorry. I've actually seen so many pictures of you, all these videos.

I should have been prepared but you've got me defenseless.", he explained with a lopsided smile.

Shouto hadn't been able to follow for quite a while and actually stood somewhere next to himself and screamed at his body to do something.

To kiss this prince charming, flirt back, attack him, run away, something!

He remained standing where he was.

"Why do you want to be a hero? Do you really want to surpass All Might? Or Endeavor? Is it for money? Fame? Fans?"

Shouto shook his head and finally was able to use his mouth.


"I… I want to… I want to get rid of my father, yes. But it's more important that I want to help people who nobody else wants to help. People like me."

That was what Izuku wanted to hear.

And this voice…! 

He had to suppress a shiver.

It really was a voice worthy of Shouto.

With a smile, he took off his mask and looked up at the hero.


"So you would have saved me before I had blood on my hands?"

Shouto examined the boy in front of himself closely.


Besides some small scars on Surveyes face, there were two big scars that crossed over a blind eye with a fluorescent green iris.
The other eye was also green but a darker color, more like leaves of a tree where the sun shone through while you looked up to them from down beneath.

It was easy to see: The teen in front of him had hard times and many sleepless nights behind him.

And even if the greenette curlyhead was limping, he moved smoothly and the form-fitting top showed off the hard, well-trained muscles that were hidden beneath it.

"Would you have needed to be saved?", the teenager with the mismatched colored eyes asked and turned the villains smile into something pained.

"I'd like to say: 'Ask the ones who caused it, you know them.' But I don't know if my plan's good enough to kill them or if they actually could tell you. And by then everyone would know who is hidden behind this mask and it would be really complicated if I'd return to the living where they just declared me to be dead six weeks ago.

So… yes… I would have needed help.

When I was a little, helpless, dreaming Deku, I needed help.

When I thought a Quirk is everything that you need in life and that heroes are the greatest, then I would have needed a savior.

And now I don't need any heroes. I'm quirkless, so what?

But I almost wish, someone saved me back then and prevented my jump, but… again… I was just a shitty nerd and the freak, Deku.", 

Surveye sighed and his shoulders sank down before he continued,

“And now I'm Surveye, apprentice and heir of the Herokiller Stain. A famous villain and broker.
I gave the League of Villains the plan that claimed three people's lives by now and I helped Stain with fifteen kills."

Shouto wasn't sure if he should be disgusted or sad. 

So he just felt a confusing mixture of both.


Surveye was as old as him.

This boy in front of him had a similar scar and also was half-blind, just like him.

He didn't have a family at all, only a murderer who was teaching him.
But he was free and could do whatever he wanted.

"I will ask.", he stated rather suddenly and made the villain freeze.


"W… what?"


"I'm going to ask around in class if they knew someone who truly needed help."

Surveye started to laugh.

It sounded broken and raw as if the last time had been an eternity ago.

"Go on asking I bet nobody remembers me."


"And if they did?"

The look of the one-eyed became somber and serious, that slight smile vanished entirely from his lips.

"Then I'd like to know… 

Oh! And if you'd like to contact me because you'd like to train, or get some information or need some other kind of help - maybe with your father or stuff...",

Surveye held out a small card to him,

"Just give me a ring. And please don't call me out.

This is the best I could do with my life."

And when the villain was about to go away he turned back towards him again.


"Oh and… you can leave the fire-zone unhindered. I'll withdraw all fighters form this area. Besides you, there are Tsuyu Asui and Fumikage Tokoyami. He's fine just some knife wounds but nothing that's gonna kill him or disable him permanently. I would be more worried about the girl. If she won't be saved soon her time'll run out. So go out there, be a hero and do your duty! She's inside of one of these houses."
- Surveye pointed at three fiercely blazing buildings at the side of the street -

"I'm sorry that No.13, Mineta Minoru and Tooru Hagakure died and I hope you weren't close to them. If they did, my condolences."

And with this, the greenette disappeared between billows of smoke and flames while pulling his mask down.


Shouto simply stared after Surveye, Stains heir, for a while and tried to get rid off of the feeling of being understood but he couldn't.

This other teen had acted just like he wanted to but never would be able to.


Only after that, he rushed towards the houses Surveye pointed out.


He knew this was some kind of test but it was the first one he really wanted to pass.


When All Might arrived he stood in front of chaos.


Tenya told him that it was bad, though 'bad' wasn't the word he would have gone with.


Eraserhead was lying unconscious in the middle of Plaza bleeding all over the floor while a strange bird-monster crouched about him.

"Have no fear. Why? Because I am here!" , he called and pulled all the attention towards himself.


Hitoshi and Momo were the only ones besides the other hero and all these villains on the plaza, all the other students were missing.

Both of them had scratches, wounds, bruises, and bumps.


The hero felt the anger boiling over within him.


To attack adult, skilled heroes was one thing but to knowingly lay hands on defenseless children because of their future work-wishes was more than just wrong or evil!

With one jump he got to his students and colleague and carried them to the exit.


Yaoyorozu had red, swollen eyes and looked like she cried bitterly and the normally tired Shinso seemed to be deeply disturbed.

"T-they… them… you… All Might!", the girl only sobbed and clutched him closer whilst the boy just sat there like some kind of puppet or a victim of his own Quirk.

"They're dead… I can't believe it… they can't be dead… that was a ruse, wasn't it? They can't kill students… or teachers… that's impossible… they're not dead…"

The symbol of peace listened to the incoherent babbling with concern.


These students truly saw someone die, that was a fact. And now they think that everyone had met the same fate.


"Please stay here and stay calm.", he mumbled urgently, 

"Keep Aizawa alive until backup arrives, they're on their way."

After that, he stood up and just as he wanted to jump into the battle again a surprisingly hard grip closed around his wrist.


"Please wait! The villains… they said… they… they said… they would… they would… kill… you… that's what they said… they wouldn't… nobody says something like that without reason.

I-it threw Aizawa-Sensei around like a toy. Please stay and wait.", said Hitoshi, his eyes looked splintered and unfocused.

And suddenly the hero understood what was going on: His students were bait!


He gritted his teeth. This was sick! And it sounded too much like something he would do!

Somewhere in this building were all the missing students. He only could hope that they were fine because firstly he had to take care of the head of the attack.

He jumped down in a flash and wanted to tackle the man covered in hands but the bird monster jumped between them and… just took the Detroit Smash.

Again and again, he tried to land a good hit but the monstrum healed fast and was hard to injure.


And before he knew what was going on, the creature gripped him hard and pressed him onto the ground without a way to defend himself.

The man who actually should have received the punch stretched a hand out towards hin 


"That would mean: Sayonara, All Might, Symbol of Peace."


And then there was fire and ice.

The monster was swallowed by ice while a wall of fire rose between his face and the hand.

At first, he thought about Endeavor but it was Shouto who looked at him with utter determination.


The hero freed himself from the frozen grip and rushed towards his student.

"Tokoyami is a bit away, carrying Asui. She is hurt badly and overheated and breathed in too much smoke. I'm fine - just some bruises. 

But Tokoyami has around twenty knife-wounds - I've bandaged them all but it's provisionally.

I know there have been three deaths already and there shouldn't be anymore! May I fight at your side?"

Toshinori was shocked.


Todoroki was bearing so awful news and he acted like it was something normal.


No. He looked shaken but hid it away and locked it up.


"Don't interfere more than absolutely needed and do everything to ensure that you won't be injured, Todoroki-Shounen."

The boy nodded and took a fighting stance while the number one hero dashed forwards again and let hits rain down on the monster.

The bird-monster was driven backward more and more and All Might almost looked exhausted when the green-grey figure appeared at the side of the plaza with a red scarf wrapped around his neck and pulled over his mouth.


Shouto didn't need a second to recognize Surveye.

And then black mist materialized behind the flung away Nomu before All might could pounce again. 


The blonde hero looked around confused.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! THAT IS MY ROUND! YOU CAN'T JUST BARGE IN!", screeched the hand-man abruptly and Surveye walked out of the shadows.


"Strategic retreat, Shigaraki. I'm saving you your debut."


And in the next blink, the silver-haired man was swallowed by mist as well.


"I wish I could apologize for the deaths and the circumstances.",

rung Surveyes voice softly,

"But I think it's a fair price to witness such a fight. I am a big fan of you, All Might. And it seems like I'm going to be Shouto Todoroki's greatest supporter, too."


"What kind of Madman are you?!", growled the hero and made both of the teens flinch.

"Ah… of course...", 

whispered the greenette in a short moment of distraction,

"I apologize, I let my excitement to finally meet you get the better of me."

- With that he straightened up and smoothed out his clothes -


"I qm the one who planned this whole attack and collected the data for it.",

explained the masked but raised a warning finger in the end,

"But I'm no part of the League of Villains, just as my Sensei.

That, I want you to know. 

I'm the successor of Stain and today I got rid of two unworthy students sadly they were not the ones I really wanted to die but it could have struck the wrong ones as well - someone who didn't deserve to die."

Shouto had an uncertain feeling that the green eye that was hidden behind the one-way-glass was resting on him.


"Stain? The herokiller Stain has a hair?!", asked the famous hero in alarm.


The one-eyed shrugged.


"It seems that he's got me.

Should he be forced to retire I'll take his place and stand for our ideals as long as it's needed for the world to accept them.",

he explained,

"I'd like to ask you for one favor.

This was the debut of the League of Villains. Please don't tell someone I'm part of this headless farce."

Shouto had to bite down on a chuckle and he saw the earnest smile Surveye wielded when the small teen held out his hand for the twice as big hero.


"All students that are going to strive towards the ideals of 'willingness to help' and 'selflessness' don't have to fear me. I can't speak for my Sensei but I've already got one save-person more. I'll do my best to keep my Sensei away from all the good heroes I just need your word that -"

All Might smacked away Surveyes hand and the small boy flinched away as if the hero had pulled back his fist.

"I've got it! Okay! Message received! I'm going!", hissed Surveye and stomped away angrily before disappearing behind a tree.

"Sensei? May I say something?", inquired Endeavor's son cautiously.


All Might only grunted and started to walk toward the shipwreck-zone.

"You've just made a really dangerous and powerful enemy that we didn't need to have.

He was the one who figured out the plans on how to kill No.13, Mineta and Hagakure."

The hero froze.


"What did you just say?"


"Mineta, Hagakure and the hero No.13 are deceased because of the plans of Surveye and the hands of the League of Villains.", repeated Shouto as calmly and slowly as possible.

He didn't saw anyone die and he was happy about that. 

He knew that he lost two classmates and a teacher forever but he didn't see their corpses yet.


"And these villains ran away before they could be put to justice!"

The younger one had a slight feeling that the hero was about to cry.


"It's okay… you don't have to hide your feelings.", he mumbled and touched the man's arm.

But the symbol of peace shook him off and left him standing alone.

Chapter Text

"Sensei, I'm home."


He left his shoes in the hallway and shed the coat that hid his costume.


"Good.", Stains voice was drenched with hidden and suppressed anger and Izuku swallowed drily.


Looks like the news already showed what had happened.


Indeed the boy found the killer in front of the TV which displayed how ambulances and hearses drove away from the USJ.

"They didn't mention you at all.", said his Mentor and the trembling knees of the kid gave away.




"There wasn't a single word considering Surveye, these corpses are on the Leagues card if the news is to be believed. You're so damn lucky."

With his eye wide open Stains successor stared at the wooden floor and processed what exactly he was being told.

In the eye of the public, he hadn't even been there.


He was almost relieved that he still was only a "harmless" broker and not the evil genius that assisted in the murder of a hero and two kids.

He actually considered placing his sign in the control-room but then he thought about the consequences it could bring and didn't do it.

There were three students and one teacher who knew that he was the head of the attack and they could spill that every second.


"A penny for your thoughts, Midoriya."

"It's nothing important, Sensei.

That… that was a one-time-thing I'm not going to let myself be associated with the League.

Please forgive me that I was dumb enough to create this plan, I just wanted these students… the school… and… I shouldn't have done it."

He crouched over the floor to the man to kneel in front of him and press his forehead onto the floor.


"Hey, it's okay. Stand up and sit down. But don't forget what you learned today."


Izuku nodded enthusiastically and sat down next to the killer on the sofa.

"Even if nobody knows… these corpses are in my closet and their blood on my hands.", mumbled the greenette and observed his palms like he could see the blood that soiled them.


"No. Your hands are clean right now.",

told Stain disinterested while he zapped through the TV-channels,

"You haven't slit anyone's throat or rammed a knife into their heart but it isn't going to stay that way.

The sports festival is approaching, the climax of the hero-societies culture. We're going to bust the party."

"As you wish, Sensei. I'll support you to the best of my ability."

Both men flinched when the phone of the greenette started to ring.


He rushed to dig out the device and took the call.


"Hello, Surveye on the blower. What can I do for you?" 


"Ya still haven't saved my number?"

"Ah... Grian. No. I don't save any numbers so that they can't be tracked should I somehow lose my cell or if it's taken."


"Damn you and your foresight.", grumbled the man on the other side.

"None the less I was wondering why there wasn't your name on the news."


"Not only you.", 

replied the curlyhead somberly,

"But I'm not going to complain. I want my own debut.

On another note: What do you want, Grian?"

"Straight to the topic, as always.

I already transferred 500.000¥. I wanna know which one of the students is the most dangerous now that you've seen them all in action."

"Bakugo Katsuki.", he answered without batting an eyelash.

It was a half-lie but Grian didn't have to know.


"By the way, his information is for free.", 

added Izuku as an afterthought,

"If somebody wants to know something about him they'll get a copy of his pages costless."

The man on the other end started coughing like he swallowed something the wrong way.


"Wait a sec… WHAT?! I heard that wrong, didn't I?! You just give away information about the most promising future hero of UA without any kind of payment?! YOU?! "

"He's the most dangerous. Not the most promising."


"My my… you really hate that guy."

After that, the greenette just ended the call without saying goodbye and sunk deeper into the cushions.


Just as it felt like he could calm down his mobile started to ring again.

Stain, who already had been dozing off, fell from the sofa whilst his protege pressed the green button in aggressive annoyment.




"Oho! So you did save my number this time?"



"Is your boss with you right now?"


"... I beg your pardon?"


"Stain? 'S he with you?"

"Why do you want to know?", asked the one-eyed suspiciously and threw a glance at the adult who was lying on the sofa again and shifted around to find a comfortable position.

"Because Tomura is taking apart the bar cos we couldn't find him on the streets nor his old flat which is, by the way, completely destroyed, decayed and abandoned."

"We haven't been living there for almost four months.", explained Izuku with a shrug.


"Then how can we contact you?"


"Search.", growled Stains student annoyed and ended the call again before blocking Grian for the next 24 hours.

"What's going on?", grumbled Stain irritated by the noise because he really needed to sleep before he made the final step in Izuku's training tonight.

"The League's looking for you.", explained Izuku and started to mumble with one hand on his chin just how it was typical for him when he was thinking about something really hard.

"Then they can keep looking.", he said in a frigid tone and turned onto his side.

Tonight nobody important was going to die. 

The first kill is something important of course but not as much as one might think because it's messy, ugly and most disgusting.

Killing actually is something one has to practice and bring to perfection.


The real first kill that matters is the one you make on your own and still want to show the world.


Shouto sat calmly at his table when a wholly bandaged Aizawa entered the classroom.


Besides him, there were only Ojiro, Iida, Yaoyorozu, Shinso, Aoyama, Ashido and Bakugo.


Everyone else was at the hospital or with consulters.

"We're going to continue with classes.",

told their homeroom teacher and sat down on his table,

"But not today.

It is remarkable that you came even though yesterday's events happened and you actually weren't expected to come.

I'll be real with you, the sports festival is going to take place and if you are capable to participate you'll have to do it.

But today we're just going to talk."

"About what?!",

growled Bakugo and jumped to his feet, his bandaged arms and hands were braced on the table plate,

"There's nothing to talk! We should train so that we can blow away those fucking villains brains the next time they attack!"

He had fought the medics when they wanted to treat him and they had tranquilized him to treat him.

Yet Shouto heard that his classmate actually had threatened to run rampage if they weren't going to release him after being awake again.

Momo broke down into tears at Katsukis screaming and Hitoshi covered his ears with a whimper.


Shouto sighted and placed his heads on his arms.

The number of his classmates was going to shrink now that they knew how dangerous it could become.

Somebody touched his shoulder and the boy with the split hair looked up to see Aizawa in front of him.


"How are you, Todoroki-Shounen?"

"I'm fine compared to everyone else. One of the Villains in the fire-zone seemed to be in a higher position.

He sounded like a stalker when he spoke with me but he let me go after talking and gave me a hint where Tsuyu-chan was and how it stood about Fumikage-kun.

He also told me who died. I told the police about him.",

Endeavors son considered what to say next and finally decided to tell what haunted him all the time,

"Surveye took off his mask in front of me."

The whole class stared at him by now but he simply ignored it and touched his scar.

"He also had a really bad scar on his face and it almost seemed like… it was like I was standing in front of an evil version of myself - it wasn't even his looks it was just his expression and the way he said the words he said."

"The chance is high that you reminded him of himself, too.",

declared Aizawa,

"Meetings like this are something one never forgets and one shouldn't forget.

These villains are the ones that show us what we would be if we choose the wrong path."

"I don't think it was his free choice to become what he is but more like that, he was forced into his role.

He told me that he was quirkless and that this was the best he could ever become."


An awkward silence fell over the class but Bakugo disturbed it with a mumbled: "These quirkless people all are fucking idiots!"

"They indeed seem to be prone for wrong decisions.", agreed Iida with Bakugo.


Neither the students nor the teacher understood what was going on.

Tenya and Katsuki had the same opinion on something?!
Why out of all people this two who fought all the time about everything!?

"I'd like to say: 'Ask the ones who caused it, you know them.'" , rang Surveyes voice through his memory.

The reason why a teen around his age became a villain were soon-to-be-heroes.

It was Iida and Bakugo. Shouto just knew it.


"Maybe we should concentrate on the statistics about quirkless people in our lessons then.", 

concluded Aizawa and sat down at the free table next to Todoroki,

"I'll ask if the computer lab is free. To take a look at the new enemy sounds like a reasonable plan."


Nervously Izuku looked around in the alleyway.


Stain stood next to him with a hand on his shoulder to calm him down.


"You know what you have to do?"


The greenette swallowed drily and nodded while he corrected his grip on the knife in his hand.


His heart was beating away in his chest and threatened to burst.

"Do you feel that? How your heart beats?"


And again he only nodded, weaker this time.


"Good. Every kill is like a race; your heart against theirs.

In the end, only one will beat - make sure it is yours."

The teen let out a trembling breath before smiling shakily at his Mentor.


"Close your eyes and concentrate. She'll arrive soon and then everything's up to you."

The one-eyed boy nodded shortly and took some deep breaths until his heart beat calmly and his brain was provided with air again. 


He heard the steps of the false heroine from the entrance of the alley and kicked a trashcan over before throwing himself against a wall while clasping a hand in front of his mouth and yelled a muffled 'help!'.

Stain nodded and watched his students ploy.


Midoriya always had been a good actor and used this ability to lure in a lot of heroes.

The steps of the woman came nearer and the murder leaned against the wall with an attentive look on his face.


Izuku choose the woman after finding out that she didn't rescue multiple children even though they were raped on the open street on her route while she had her patrol.

As soon as the woman was in sight, Izuku pulled down his mask and stood still.


"Who are you?", asked she with a trembly voice as she rested her hand on the wall next to her.


The greenette turned around, his scarf fastened at his mask.


"Good evening. My name is Surveye and you are lucky to have the chance to pay for all your sins with losing your life for a worthy cause."

The woman stumbled backward and made an attempt to open her mouth but Izuku already charged at her and caught her in a matter of seconds.


He held one hand over her mouth and used the other to press the blade against her throat.

"I know everything about your Quirk and you're not going to use it!", hissed the teen whilst the woman trashed around in his grip and tried to get away from him.

He placed the blade more firmly against her skin and dragged her deeper into the alleyway.


Stain followed his protegee to ensure that the kill went as it should.


The boy threw the brunette woman with small bleeding wounds on her neck on the floor.

The murderer was impressed.


Izuku damaged the vocal cords of the heroine 'Banshee' without causing her to bleed out.

Izuku straddled the woman's belly the hand that held the knife shook line a dry twig in a storm and it was easy to see that the boy was sweating bullets.

The woman croaked and shook her head with big, teary eyes.

Izuku took two sharp breaths before he stabbed the woman the first time and buried the knife in her body.
Blood surrounded the wound and the teen pulled the weapon out of the flesh before he looked up to Stain, searching for help.


But the herokiller only gave his successor an encouraging nod.

Izuku had to find out on his own how to continue.

The masked boy turned his face towards his sobbing victim and crooked his head a  bit to the side.


He felt how his chest tightened and it got hard to breathe.

Fear rose inside him.

What should he do?! What did Stain do?!


Stab again.


The killer made his prey suffer for all their misdeeds until they took their last breath.

With trembling hands, he clutched his knife tight and struck out again.


The sound of a blade cutting through a body is obnoxiously beautiful.

The resistance that is created by bones, tendons, skin, and muscles is fascinating in a macabre way.


The coppery scent of blood and the smell of urine is something disgusting and intoxicating at the same time.

The sobbing and trembling of the victim, the fear and despair that radiates off them make the moment hellishly celestial.

The squelching, ripping and screaming when he tore the blade out of the wound it caused sent shivers down his spine.


And still he couldn't get enough - so he took more.

Again and again, until the figure beneath him fell limp and stopped to struggle.

Gasping for air he straightened himself and closed his eyes, his head leaned back.


His heart was beating rapidly and with every deep breath, it became slower until it throbbed with a constant and steady beat.

It felt like it was beating for the first time; like it was a whole new heart.

For a long time, he just sat there. 

After a while, the body beneath him turned cold but he couldn't find the power to force some kind of order on his muscles.


And then everything crashed down like a house of cards, the high was blown away like a misty cloud was by the wind and he ripped open his eyes, pulled the mask off his head and stared at the dead person beneath him.

There was so much blood…


She wasn't breathing…


Her eyes…


Izuku swallowed and felt how his stomach churned.


Swaying he stood up and stumbled away from the corpse.

A hand held out a bucket for him and he didn't ask, he just grabbed it and emptied his stomach into it.

Panting and shaking he stared at the street between his knees and tried to forget what her eyes looked like.

Did he laugh when he did this?! 

Please don't let him have laughed!


But he did not know.


The first tears fell but they stopped as soon as they started.

There was something black… shimmering… sticking to the… to the… bucket. Was this… was that really… could it be… blood?

With a startled sound he tried to get away from the bucket, yet his hand touched something cold, sticky, slabby.


His eyes grew bigger and bigger and he slowly turned his head towards his hand which was completely blackened. 

Just as black as the puddle it rested inside.


His lungs struggled to fill themselves with air as he took one gasping breath after the other to finally breathe.

He felt dizzy as the shaking became worse.

Everything was spinning and blind spots appeared in front of his eyes.

A smack and a sudden pain dragged him out of his tunnel of panic.


He looked up to Stain in distraught who watched him with a serious face.


He finally could breathe again. 


Tears collected in his eyes.

"D-d-DAD!", sobbed the boy and threw himself at the legs of the man, clawed his fingers into the black pants and shut his eyes tight while crying to somehow escape this nightmare.

Fingers threaded their way through green curls to his scalp and made him relax a bit.


"You did good, Izuku. But you still have to finish.", explained the other killer gently and loosened the teens' grip gingerly.

With tear-stained eyes Izuku looked up to his mentor, his lower lip was trembling.


The man knelt in front of his protegee who didn't even seem to realize that he just called him his father and continued to pet his untamable hair.


"Look at her, Izuku.

Look at what you've done. 

Accept it. You did something good. You revenged twenty-five children who lost their innocence and their lives. Nothing about this is wrong."

Finally, the smaller one calmed down and nodded weakly before he let himself be pulled onto his feet.


"I'll be right behind you.", whispered Stain and rubbed the boys back.

Izuku took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a couple of heartbeats before he turned around determined and examined the false heroine who got the right punishment.

He did the right thing.


The teacher observed his student from a short distance and nodded.


When he found Izuku Midoriya, alias Deku, on the Streets he had been nothing but a small boy who had been born with nothing.
A kid that owned nothing except for his terrible past and a brilliant head on his shoulders which he didn't know to use.

Now there was a proud, young man with a set aim and knowledge about his abilities standing in front of him.


This green eyes glowed in the darkness. 


"I finally understood Sensei. We can leave.", said Izuku as he walked towards him.

It was almost a little painful for the man to realize that they were back into the teacher-student relationship and not in the father-son one anymore.


From the wall, the two men left in their backs a black-shimmering crossed through, blind eye stared after them.

Chapter Text

It took one week until all surviving students of class 1A were back in class.

The mood was… tensed. If you wanted to word it nicely.


The teachers tried to make it as bearable for the students as possible, but everyone deals with his trauma in a different was and teacher of UA knew that just too well because they all went through these phases already.

There were people like Katsuki Bakugo, who bury themselves under their hate and worked until they break down, only to stand up again and continue this self-destroying method.

Others gave up after they realized what had happened: Hanata Sero left the school, to distraught by the finding and digging out his best friends body.

Then, of course, there were the ones who cried until they had no more tears left to shed and sank into a deep hole of sorrow.

Momo Yaoyorozu apparently was one of this kind of person.

Some became completely apathetic and did nothing more than the things they deemed necessary, talked less and behaved cold - like Kojoka Jiro.

Mina Ashido, on the other hand, was the type to cope with grief by laying all fault on herself and let nobody talk her out of it.

Hitoshi Shinso was one of the few students that really made it to the phase of acceptance in a short time and said 'We should remember them, but not let them control our lives.'.

And then there was Shouto Todoroki.

The boy was a mystery for the teaching corps.

Plans were made to test for various personality disorders because something like that would explain the unmoved behavior of the boy the best.

But yetYet the teen refused any kind of conversation or test and they couldn't force him 


Aizawa told the other teachers with Shouto said to him in the first lesson after the attack and many guessed that it was PTBD.

And when the heroine Banshee was killed the same night the heroes were shocked.


Surveye left his sign by the corpse as well as a letter that the whole of Japan had down pat.

"As a result of years and years of tormention, I focused upon the root of the deceitfulness of our society completely and decided to eradicate it.

I was the one who gave the 'League of Villains' the plan they used to attack the USJ and I am neither proud nor Ashamed that two students and one pro hero died because of my thoughts.


Yet, I will never repeat the Mistake again to serve another goal than the one of my Mentor and I, which is noble on its own and sublime compared to the one of the League.

A lot of heroes are guilty of ignoring 'insignificant', 'worthless' and ' people such as I' in their greed for fame and gaining.

In the end, a true hero is marked by impartial selflessness and helpfulness, just like All Might and one of his students possess.

I, Surveye, declare war to all the phony heroes as the successor of the Herokiller Stain.

I will destroy each and every one of you - by aiding my Sensei, by acting against you personally and by making others fight you with my knowledge."

It was repulsive to read the text, still, Aizawa dragged his students through an analysis of the letter so that they had a chance to understand who they fought against and why.


Shouto had started a more in-depth conversation about the message of the killer with his homeroom-teacher when their lessons were over.


The interest Endeavors son showed regarding Surveye was concerning because it was unrelatable.

Nobody but Shouto knew what was on his mind but a lot of people wanted to know what the villain had told Todoroki in the USJ Incident.

This meeting definitely shifted some levers in the teens head but if it was for better was rather questionable.

Shouto began to start fights with his classmates now and then - especially Tenya and Katsuki - and already got detention because of it.

Four days after the attack he arrived at school with a new haircut.
The half that had been red was dyed black, paired with an undercut, some ear studs, and piercings.


Everyone noticed the change of style; nobody knew what to make of it until Shouto did something else that wasn't typical for him exactly the same day:


He used his fire while training.


Stain took Izuku out with him every night after his first kill to watch for some more phony-heroes before ambushing them to kill or maim them.


At the start, the one-eyed teen wasn't capable of leaving his victims alive and when he finally left one alive he couldn't stand it and gave them the mercy stroke in tears.

It took three more nights until he managed to just grit his teeth and go away while the wannabe-hero wailed and begged in the alleyway.

In his downtime, he prepared everything in his room for UAs sports festival.

Everywhere hung back-white festoons and flags, like soda, chips, popcorn, chocolate, and other snacks were hoarded, he also purchased diverse noisemakers which were favored to spur on contestants of such festivities.

His computer was working constantly so that he could buy the first ticket when the shop finally opened.

He agreed with Stain that they would attack one hero in Hosu in the night before and they also rented a hotel room for one week so that they could spread their message there.

Izuku was delighted when Shouto actually contacted him two days before the sports festival and asked him in their call if they could meet in the city the next day.

Of course, he agreed.

The next morning the greenette stoop up at three o'clock in the morning because the shop was about to open and he was proud to say that he was the first to buy a ticket, and not only a simple ticket but one of the most expensive ones with a seat that allowed a perfect view on displays, stage, and hero-box.


Only then he went to take a shower.




Pleading the one-eyed stared up at the ceiling. 

It didn't give him a sign nor an answer regarding his despair.

The problem was as follows:

He had absolutely nothing to wear but he also couldn't go to a date naked.

Behind him the contains of his wardrobe were spilled over the whole floor.


He had held every top in front of him, tried all his trousers - everything looked like utter shit!
Even his favorite clothes looked unsuitable to him - it was a white hoodie with a print saying 'Formal Suit' and black sweatpants - and he was sure that he would even wear them if he was ever going to receive the Nobel Prize!

He dug his fingers into his curls and tore his hair.


He had one hour to get to the Café and it took more or less ten minutes for him to get there and he was struggling with his clothes!

He felt like screaming.

Maybe he really should scream? 

There was a slight chance that it lured in some kind of good-fashion-fairy or something like that.


So, it was easy to say that he was panicking - thoroughly!!!

Was it silly that a serial killer and representative of a precious ideal was getting crazy because of his clothes like every average teenager?


He still couldn't do anything about it.

He rummaged through the mountains of cloth once again and searched for something that was more or less date-appropriate, unsuccessfully.

"Shit. Fuck, fuck, fuck! What do I do?!"


A desperate laugh rose in his throat.


"Should I cancel?! I can't do that! … or can I?"

He drove his fingers through his locks and let his eyes roam over the messy piles.


It doesn't have to be absolutely stunning.

Spontaneous he took a white, blank hoodie and black jeans (his only one) which had a lot of pockets.


When he stood in front of the mirror he giggled hysterically in a sudden fit of morbid humor.

Looks like he chooses to go to his first date with the Jeff-The-Killer look and he also had knives!

Just more than this simple, harmless kitchen knife.

With a sigh, he threw some cold water at his face to calm his nerves and to get rid off the red spots on his skin.


This could only end in a disaster.

He hurried to tame his hair at least a bit but it didn't really work.


In the hallway, he stepped into his red shoes that disrupted the JTK-Look.

He left a scrawled message on the table where he explained that he would be back before ten pm and that he had enough money on him and then he already was through the door and jumped down the stairs with fast steps.


He just needed seven minutes to reach the Café and was nine minutes too early, as his pocket watch told him.


Jup. Pocket watch.

Like the rabbit from 'Alice in Wonderland' even though it was way smaller and silvered brass.

It was a beautiful specimen that he got for an almost insulting prize in some antiquities-shop that closed two days later. 

Izuku found it rather relaxing to hold the watch in his hand rather than to carry it around his wrist all the time.

This way he was forced to stand still for a moment and to concentrate for a second to see what time it was.

He let the clock glide into one of the many pockets of his trousers before he entered the shop and looked for a separate table.

He didn't wear his hood and also had no surgical-mask as he did sometimes.

Today he hid only his eye and scars with some bandages.
It wasn't really needed to add that he never did this before which was why he felt uncomfortably exposed.

It only took a short wait which he spends with surveying the Café until Todoroki opened the door and looked around searching.

As soon as he saw the villain sitting in the back of the Café his face lit up only to turn sinister when he saw the bandages.


Izuku was mentally hitting himself after seeing Shoutos concerned face.


Surely he was thinking that the one-eyed had injured his face again because of it.

"Hey.", he greeted the other boy with a smile when he approached, "Sorry if this -"

- he pointed at the white cloth that hid half of his face -

"- frightened you. I just wanted to avoid that everybody sees my face."

He observed the other boy while he was standing there, looking hot.

The UA student had brushed his black'n'white hair towards the black side so that it was easy to see that he got some piercings this week.


He had a black stud and two metal circles through his outer-ear.

Shoutos clothes were a black leather jacket with some chains and barbs, a white shirt beneath with a light-grey print of a human skull that looked more like it had been drawn with water on the cloth.
Paired with this was black jeans with some rips and a washed-out look and, last but not least, black Converse with barbs and a jeans-look.

Izuku might have stared a bit too long and maybe bit down onto his bottom lip a little too noticeable. 

But who could blame him?


said the taller one as he sat down on the opposite bench,

"I hope you didn't wait too long. And thank you that you came. It did startle me but if nothing happens you might as well remove it."

The one-eyed blinked several times before he asked again just to be sure: "You want me to take off the bandages?"

The mismatched teen shrugged.


"I'd like it if you did. The last time we met I couldn't see you in a good light and I'd like to do it now.

But you can let them stay if they are important to you."

The greenette thought at the speed of light considered Pros and Cons and finally reached up to open the knot that held the cloth together.

"I'll take it off but you still have to stay and you can't run away. You had your chance to spend the day with me and without my scars!", warned Stains protegee and started to unwind the bandages.

Shouto smiled at him when he finished.


"Why should I run? You look good."


The redness crept up Izukus cheeks unhindered and the greenette was sure he was as bright as a ripe tomato right now.

"What can I get for you?", asked the waiter who found time for the curious couple in the farthest corner.

"A-ah. Uhm… hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows, p-please.", stuttered Izuku and turned even redder.

"A latte macchiato for me.", ordered Shouto with disinterest and the waiter disappeared as fast as he came when he realized that the taller one wasn't going to become any friendlier.

The smaller one couldn't help the thought that their looks and their behavior actually looked like their roles were reversed.


He himself, Izuku Midoriya, the lovely, goody two shoes hero who helped everyone and was always nice and Shouto Todoroki, the cold villain who ignored everyone and hustled his minions if he wasn't working on making some heroes life living hell.

He laughed quietly. The picture was grotesque but he still could imagine it.


"What are you laughing about?"

"Oh… uhm… well, it's nothing big. I just thought that we both act like reversed roles. You: the bad guy, me: the good one."

Shouto chuckled and Izukus heart did some uncoordinated jumps which maybe even made it appear in his eyes.

"If I am the bad guy I should try to use all my newly learned knowledge to blackmail you.",

smirked Shouto amused before his mood turned serious,
"Tenya Iida and Katsuki Bakugo both knew a quirkless boy, who, if they are to be believed, made some stupid choices. They are the only ones in my beside me who know someone without a Quirk.",

started the son of Endeavor their conversation and was sure he picked the right names when Surveye flinched.

"Here's your order.", said the waiter quietly and hastily sat down the mug and the glassware before the delinquent could go for his throat.

"Thank you.", replied Izuku friendly and the man just nodded towards his direction after another feral glance towards Shouto before he fled towards the counter.


The greenette smirked.

"You terrify him, Todoroki-kun."


"If he's so easy to scare it's not my fault.", grumbled the other teen with crossed arms before he concentrated on the main reason why they met and braced his arms on the table whilst his free hand gripped the glass filled with a coffee that looked like it came out of a picture book.

"Anyway, considering Surveyes Quiklessness and the derogatory remarks of the both of them about quirkless people we worked on this subject a whole week:

Questioned people on the street, talked to teachers, contacted people who are involved, analyzed statistics worked through the laws - everything you can imagine.",

he nipped at his drink and continued,

"I have to admit I was surprised and appalled at the same time.

When you have a Quirk you forget that there are people without one.

None the less I had some interesting conversations with the principals of two different middle-schools about the only quirkless student they ever had.

Sadly they couldn't give me any names but they told me at the first school that he only stayed until he was twelve and then after some tragic incident on the school grounds he went missing until today.

But I found out something else.

Katsuki Bakugo was a known delinquent besides being a declared bright future candidate for heroics.

The first title takes root in, besides his all-day mannerism, his violent behavior towards this quirkless student."

Izuku observed his cocoa with the greatest interest whilst he stirred it with care but he still nodded and hummed when Todoroki made a pause to test if he still was listening.

"So. The second school was an expensive private-school where one Tenya Iida went to. Here I was able to find the name 'Zuko Midori' for the quirkless student because there is a trophy displayed where he's named as -"


"- the first student with the full mark in every exam of this school." ,


whispered Izuku at the same time as the other boy said it out loud and shot a glance upwards,

"I know.

I stunned them all. I just wish I could have seen their faces."

The teen with the heterochromatic eyes smiled softly when the villain finally said something on his own.

"The interesting thing was: This time everything seemed to be good for the boy.

He had been adopted by the Iidas, had a nice brother who took care of him, was intelligent, athletic - even though he was disabled - his behavior was impeccable; still, he vanished two months before the exam without any trace just to return on the dot to participate and shellac all the students.

But when he should get his certificate he didn't arrive and so it was handed to the Iidas."

Shouto drank another sip and observed Surveye over the rim of his glass but the villain was simply sipping away at his drink, his mug clutched tightly in both his hands and he wasn't willing to lower it.

The hero-hopeful sighted and placed his glass on the table once again.

"I had been wondering if Zuko Midori had been Bakugos victim. It took some time but you've left me another trail: Deku."

The one-eyed choked at his sip and set down his mug, coughing.

"I was sure I heard the name somewhere before you said it so I searched the internet and found a quirkless streetfighter who was a big shot in the ring almost two years ago because his fights had the tendency the be impressively intense and surprising. He made a lot of money with illegal bets but also fought often while being drunk and always reeked of alcohol."

Izuku had his head on the table and looked like he wanted to disappear.
His ears were red. 

It was easy to see that he was embarrassed.

"Behind the pseudonym, Deku stood according to the police a minor named 'Izuku Midoriya' who went to the same school as Bakugo and ran away after surviving a suicide attempt that destroyed his right body half as well as his eye. After that, he had been found the time and again with alcoholic poisoning or after other suicide attempts and had been delivered to hospitals where he vanished as soon as he woke up.  In the span of time where Zuko Midori lived with the Iidas, Izuku hadn't been sighted a single time.

And now tell me that everything is just a coincidence." 

Chapter Text

Izuku glurped and his eyes flitted over the other teens face.

In the end, he let out a deep breath with closed eyes and decided to just get over with it. 


"It is no coincidence. How could it be one? There are too many coherences to not be one."

Shouto blinked, stunned, he had expected that he would have to build more pressure.


"My name is Izuku Midoriya.", explained the one-eyed with a pained smile as he reached out a hand for the other who shook it after some moments of confused hesitation.

"I'm fourteen years old. My mother is Inko Midoriya, I never met my father.

My professions are Broker and Murder but I really wanted to become a hero when I was younger.

I was heavily abused by Katsuki Bakugou for eight years.

I lived on the streets for thirteen months and for four months with the Iida-family until Tenya said that it would have been better if I had stayed in the gutter.

I am through with an alcohol and drug withdrawal and the person you're seeing in front of you is the product of such a history.", explained the greenette curlyhead objectively but nonetheless pleasantly to get through the topic without any kind of conflict.

Shouto examined him lost in his thoughts until he nodded.


"I think I should reciprocate somehow.", mumbled the taller teen and sipped at his coffee once again.

"In the abstract, you already know everything: My father has a screw loose because he failed to surpass All Might. 

Because of that, he forced my mother to marry him and to bear his children until he got one that was stronger than All Might himself.

I am the product.

He calls me his 'masterpiece' in the rare cases where he isn't mad at me or beating me up.

I got my Quirk when I was five and he instantly started to "train" me.

After passing out the first time my mum tried to fight against Endeavor and to protect me - he wasn't pleased with that outcome and got even more brutal.

In the end, mum couldn't take it anymore.

She feared my father and my left side more and more.

Finally, she poured boiling water over the 'unsightly' half of my face and was put into a mental asylum.

I was left alone with my begetter and he gladly reminded me that I belonged to him.

Thanks to Endeavor I didn't have to take the entrance exam even though I could have made it.

Still, I held onto my resolve that I'll become a hero with only using the Quirk of my mother… until… well… until you arrived."

For the first time in his life, Shouto saw a genuine and blinding smile.

Surveye was happy and even though the smaller ones smile looked a bit odd it expressed pure happiness.

"I'm so glad I could help you! It's your Quirk!

It's dumb that your… that this… this - this waste combustion! - told you something different! You don't belong to anyone!"

Shouto barked out a peal of laughter and rushed to press a hand in front of his mouth when it was followed by giggling.

He liked the name the villain had for Endeavor, it was well-fitting.

Izuku drank his cocoa and smiled softly whilst he waited for four Shoutos peals of laughter to stop.

It took some minutes but he wasn't about to complain.

"Thank you… that you… told me something so important, Todoroki-kun. It's a big display of trust."


"Call me Shouto."


"Only if you call me Izuku."

Endeavors son shrugged and nodded.


"I don't see why I shouldn't, Izuku."

The killer was lucky that he choose to wear long sleeves because otherwise, Shouto could have seen the goosebumps he caused by saying his name.

They descend into a calming silence for a while, simply sipping on their drinks and following their own, separate thoughts.

"Did you train for the sports festival?", asked the villain in interest after finishing his hot chocolate and caught the UA student off guard.



"Well. I've bought a ticket for the festival - can't let something like that pass by.

It had its price but my wallet could handle it rather well."

The boy with the bi-colored hair crooked his head.


"I already decided to win at all costs. I'll use my Quirk to its full extent and I'll give my best, there's nothing else I can do."

Izuku stroked his chin in thought.


"And what if I give you the chance that you can do more?", offered the broker with a sly grin.

Shouto didn't have to think about this possibility.


"I'd gladly accept your help."


"Great! So… do you know who is holding the pledge this time?"

"The students pledge? Me. Why?"


"Because I know something with which you can make Kacch - Katsuki really angry.

Drag his method to win through the mud, if you do this then he'll be blinded by anger through the whole festival and make the wrong choices if the situation is delicate.

Say, that a forcefully compelled victory is no victory at all and that you can't rely on violence and recklessness to get you to your goal."

The taller boy nodded thoughtfully and mumbled embarrassed:

"I actually don't have any kind of pledge, I'm not good with words.

Maybe you could help me…?"

The healthy eye of the broker shimmered in excitement and he pulled out a notebook and a pencil before he bends himself over the table and placed it in the middle so that Shouto could see it as well.

"We'll make it work. It has to be short and catchy and leave a good impression. The provocation for Kacchan, and maybe Endeawhore, has to be subtle and should sound like an ideal to everyone else.



It took almost an hour until they had an acceptable text.


In the meantime, the boys were joking, drank and talked about everything under the sun only to return to more serious topics again.


Still, they never abandoned the main topic beneath their chatter and banter.

After that Endeavors son practiced the intonation some times, as well as his expressions and the choreography through the speech with Izuku who had some knowledge of how someone presents themselves appealing.

"Oof… that's done now.

Wouldn't have thought it could be so hard to figure out a nice and short speech.", huffed the greenette and stretched.

Shouto stared at the piece of paper that contained the tested result of their work with dread.

"And I still have to do the hard part.", said Shouto in unease.

"Rubbish! You'll win this with your right hand tied behind your back!

None of them is as dangerous as me or the man in whose house you live in."

The taller teen froze but then his expression turned determined and Izuku knew he said the right thing to encourage the hero-hopeful.

"So… is there something else I could do for you?",

mumbled the one-eyed and observed the boy in front of him before he found his answer,

"Of course! How much do you know about the Quirks and abilities of your classmates, Shouto?"

The boy with the heterochromatic eyes shrugged and looked to the side in an indefinite gesture before he admitted:

"Not very much."

Izuku shook his head and sighed. That was going to be quite a bit of work.

"You know what? Let's make a short trip to my place so that I can fetch my notes so that we can work through everything. It won't hurt to know a bit more about your opponents, no matter how strong you are.

A good plan can beat every opponent, no matter how strong."

"You would have to know best, Deku.", teased Shouto but froze when he saw the expression in the green eyes of his acquaintance.

"Yes. I know best."


The heroics student felt a cold shiver raced down his spine.

He just saw a demon behind this friendly facade.

In the background, the smaller one gave the waiter a sign with a friendly smile and said that he wanted to pay.


"This is where you live?", inquired the UA student when they stopped in front of a house in one of the better parts of town and Izuku pulled out his keys.


"Jup. All mine. Wanna come inside?

But I can't guarantee that you won't meet my Dad if you do.", warned the smaller one and opened the door.


Shouto laughed.


"Hey. I spend my free time with Surveye. What does it matter if I meet Stain or if I don't? "

"Where you're right..."


The curlyhead held the door open and made a motion for is guest to enter.

"We own the top floor.", was his explanation whilst he closed the door and he already heard how Shouto started to climb the stairs.

He rushed to follow so that he could open the other door.


"Tadaa. Home sweet home. Places your shoes there and give your jacket to me."

Izuku shuffled through the entryway like a headless chicken before he finally guided the other teen to the kitchen.


"Would you like some tea? Water? Coffee?"


"Tea's fine. I don't have any preferences."

Izuku nodded and put on a kettle while he searched for his favorite fruit-tea.


When Shouto saw the tea he chuckled slightly.


"You're a sweet tooth, aren't you?"

The villain turned red and fixed a tea-bag.


"Nah… yeah. Kinda.

I just really don't like acerbic tasting stuff.

Spicy food is great. 

And I try to keep away from foods that can ferment……….

and I talking complete nonsense right now.

I'm so sorry. I never had a guest in my whole life and I'm freaking out because of that.", babbled the one-eyed stressed.

The taller teen patted Izuku's head in a soothing manner.


"Everything's fine. Calm down. I also never visited someone in my whole life."

"Izuku? You're already back?"


The greenette stared up at Shouto in panic.


How would Stain react if there was a UA STUDENT in their home?! 

What should he do?!

He had tried to act normal and hoped that Stain would just accept his early return.

"Y-yes. I'm back. It didn't take so long.", yelled Izuku and wiped over his forehead when steps closed in.

Or would it be better if he hid Shouto somewhere?


"Ah. Here you are. … and who's this?"



"Shouto Todoroki, Sir. 

I'm glad to meet you.

I am a good friend of Izuku and he wanted to help me with my speech at the sports festival tomorrow.", introduced the other teen and bowed in Stains direction.

The Herokiller looked rather overwhelmed.


"Friend?", he parroted and threw a questioning look at his successor who gave him a wobbly smile and a weak nod.

"Todoroki. As in, Enji Todoroki, alias Endeavor?", inquired the herokiller finally and Shouto gave a somber nod.

"Yes. Endeavor fathered me but I'd like to stay clear of this topic, if possible. I am not him."

The killers' eyes widened slightly and the man nodded slowly.

"If you say so.

Make yourself at home, Todoroki.

All friends of my son are welcome under my roof." 


"Thank you.", mumbled the teenager and got a mug with fruit-tea shoved into his hand from the mentioned son as well as Stain.

"I threw in some ice-cubes so that it's easier to drink.", warned Surveye and played with his fingers until he pulled himself together.

"W-we… we'll be off to my room, then." 


"Do you really want him to see your room now? ", questioned the killer amused and made the curlyhead rest to halt like a deer caught in the headlights.


Right. There's been something.

"Y-you know what, Shouto? Change of plans. Let's use m-my office instead.", stuttered the villain and turned on his heel before he took his friend's wrist and ran off into the opposite direction of his own room.

The adult followed the duo with his eyes and shook his head.


That was going to turn out to be something as well.


"So, what exactly is your relationship with each other? Do I have to prepare the typical parent-conversation about "protection and safety" ?"


The masked boy jumped away from his adoptive father and held up his hands to defend himself while he was waving them about.

His ears were a glowing red and gave away how his face looked like.


"N-NO! Oh god! No! Please don't! So - it isn't like that! I - I… he! Th-there's nothing! I don't even know him this long! We only talked two times! I'm not even gay! Why would you think - NO!"

For a short while it was silent and then Izuku mumbled: "And I don't need the talk . I know everything."


The ravenette chuckled quietly and ruffled through the shorter one's hair.

"Then this is said and done. And now concentrate, someone's arrived."

Izuku looked down into the alleyway from the fire ladder to see a hero with a flashlight passing through.

The costume seemed familiar but he didn't quite know why.


"Do you want to go first or is it my turn?"


"Go have some fun. The first one's yours and then you'll already have to leave if you want to watch your friend at the festival tomorrow."

Surveye nodded and pulled his Katana out of its holster to jump down from the platform of the fire ladder in one fluid motion and land behind the hero in the alleyway.

The sound of the impact alerted the hero who turned around fast and made Izuku freeze when he finally recognized the costume.


With a high clatter, the weapon hit the ground after sliding out of the hand of the young killer.

Hastily he ripped down his mask and scarf from his face.




The hero flinched away and the flashlight hit the ground before rolling towards the sword.



Chapter Text

Ecstatic the greenette waved between various stands and tried every food he got his hands on and also helped Mt.Lady out of a financial crisis with a little donation.


It was kind of funny that a wanted villain helped a hero and wasn't recognized by their group. 

Especially if one considered that a lot of the heroes were actually hired as guards for the students and to prevent another villain-attack.

Izuku was one of the first to claim his seat and he really wasn't sorry for sitting between all these high society gentleman and ladies who observed him like he was some kind of disgusting insect.

He had a bag with him that was stuffed to the brim with the provisions he collected over these past couple weeks as well as some placates that had Shoutos name and some dumb spurring-on encouragements scrawled on them.

(The one where he wrote 'I love you!' with some hearts was left untouched and would be burned shortly after the festival.)



Everyone started to cheer at Present Mics voice.





The stadion was rioting and Izuku did the same as everyone else.




The volume decreased worryingly and the students who entered the stadion looked upset and annoyed.



These students looked aggressive and belligerent, if not resigned.


The villain actually started to be concerned about how this generation was going to end up if their school degraded them like this.

On the other hand, it would be easy to make all this ignored students turn against their school and it was likely that they would defect to the enemy at the slightest promise of revenge.


These students were determined and confident.

They walked upright and waved at the audience even though nobody really paid them attention.


These students looked like they didn't even need the pathetic cheers they received. 

They were professional and concentrated and not even slightly interested in the excitement surrounding them.

Nerds , thought Izuku suddenly.

He was sure that he would have fitted well into this course.

"It's time for the Pledge!", called Midnight as she climbed the stage in front of the students.


She wore her hero-costume and a lot of the attendees started to undress her with their eyes. 

The greenette only shook his head. 

This behavior was unnecessary.

"Todoroki, if you would?"


Some students looked around in confusion and started to whisper, seemingly they have supposed it would be somebody else.

Shouto stood in front of the microphone and took in the sight of the arena before a smile tugged at his lips when he noticed the villain.

Izuku felt like his heart was going to stop. This look… this eyes.



"I pledge to give my best.

I hope everyone agrees with me when I say that this tournament shouldn't stand in our way of cooperating when we're heroes.

And because of this, I request a fair game where everyone keeps in mind that a violent victory isn't the way of becoming number one - such a victory is simply wrong and leaves no winner at all.

Good luck and may the odds be in your favor."

Everyone cheered and Shouto left the stage but Izuku saw the death-beames Katsuki tried to shoot at Endeavors-son with his eyes.

Looks like this part of their plan worked out flawlessly.


"Let's take a look at the first game of the sports festival folks! In this round, the contestants always shed the most tears!"


The one-eyed focused on the screen that displayed the competitions.


It simply was an algorithm that picked out one of fifteen different games and if Izuku did everything right then it should show -


"AN OBSTACLE-COURSE!", declared Midnight and Izuku jumped up from his seat with a loud "Yes!" which gained him some odd looks.

He had been right!


"All eleven classes participate at the same time for these four Kilometer long race.

You take the route around the station.", explained the teacher the rules that were shown on the screen behind her.

"And because we think a lot of liberality there aren't any rules!"


The broker wanted to rise again and protest.

That wasn't any kind of liberality!


But nobody seemed to care of think the same and because of that he decided to stay calm - until further notice - and these rules meant that Shouto would have an advantage.

The students got to the start-line.




Every single one of them dived for the tunnel that leads outside.


He clenched his hands into fists in agitation whilst his eye was glued to the screens of the stadion.

Shouto was the first to leave the bunch behind and run freely whilst everyone else was frozen in the tunnel.


The first obstacle was overcome: the rough first selection.

His eyes wandered below to the arena of the stadion and he blinked at confusion at the students that stayed behind.


They were members of the Management, Support, and Gen.Ed. courses who sat on the grass where they either talked with each other or watched the race, just like the audience.

What was wrong with this school that they made their own students feel so helpless?


Shouto was far ahead of everyone else but he knew that his classmates were following him in some distance.


But most of the students surely didn't make it out of his ice by now.

Slithering he halted in front of the second obstacle.




In fact, the giants that reportedly had been used at the end of the entrance exam.

Shouto knew the story of his classmates that they had been told to just run away from the thing and that they had done exactly that until the time was up and half of the fake-city had been destroyed.

Shouto waited until one of the robots noticed him and moved towards his direction. As soon as the machine was in an unstable position he froze it over and ran between the monstrosity legs and thusly passed the obstacle unharmed.

A short time after he felt the ground shaking beneath his feet from the impact and heard the deafening noise of bursting metal plus the appropriate explosions as well as some muffled screams.

He would take the first place! 

Not for himself or for Endeavor but for Izuku who was watching him right now !

This villain didn't need a hero to defeat him bur a hero to return his hope and believe in rescue.

And Shouto wanted to be this hero for the one-eyes!


Panting he stopped in front of the next obstacle.


Was this a GORGE?!

How did this madman of UA recreate a whole fucking Canyon?!


Why was he even asking?


A short glimpse over the shoulder ensured that nobody was in visual range before he examined the canyon.

All over it were thick ropes and connected the individual plateaus.

It would be easy to move with his ice and it would be the fastest way to cross the obstacle.


But he wouldn't let it be so simple for everyone else.

With a wide movement, he summoned his flames and started to burn down all the other ropes expect for his "own".

Only then he jumped onto the rope and let his ice carry him over the depths.

When it was molten it would leave the material brittle.

He heard the faraway noise of the masses inside the stadion as he continues to run towards the fourth obstacle.


Seriously? A minefield? Surely not deadly but if he froze it over he would leave a path for everyone to use.

This was just an awful joke to slow everyone down.

With a sigh, he stoped down and created a path with a thin layer of ice that would melt easily.

When everyone else arrived nobody would see anything on the ice or the water and they wouldn't know that a part of the minefield wasn't working anymore.

Shouto was already halfway over the minefield when he heard the explosions and the yelling.


Still running he looked over his shoulder and saw that his hunch was right.


Bakugo flew towards him like a rocket.

An insult screaming and cussing human rocket.

Another sigh left his lips as he shook his head and ran a bit faster.

Until now he didn't really have to pour much effort into this and even if the other teen was gaining there still was a noticeable distance between them.

The cussing behind him got louder when the entrance into the arena was mere meters away.

From far, far away he could hear the mines detonating when the first students arrived at the minefield but he didn't care for any of the explosions, not the close ones nor the distant.

He would come in the first place, for Izuku!


With gritted teeth, he started to sprint and listened as Bakugo stared a triad that contained expletives only.

Slowly but surely it became pathetic and annoying.


In the same moment, his foot touched the ground of the tunnel he lifted his left hand and rose a thick wall of ice in front of the passage and ran without looking back.




The stadion went wild with whooping and cheers.


His eyes wide open he looked around as he walked towards the middle of the arena where he let himself fall to the ground heavily.


He still could continue.

He just got warm.


But Izuku worded it like this:

"If you want to win you have to act like every round was your last and like you already gave your all."

And he would be a fool not to listen.

Chapter Text

He had to wait for eight minutes until the 36 best arrived.


He thought it was almost insulting that they still were called the "best" because the whole school finished in two big chunks.

01. Shouto Todoroki 10.000.000
02. Katsuki Bakugo 3.000
03. Ibara Shiozaki 2.500
04. Juuzou Honenuki 2.000
05. Tenya Iida 1.900
06. Fumikage Tokoyami 1.800
07. Eijirio Kirishima 1.700
08. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu 1.600
09. Mashiro Ojiro 1.500
10. Yousetsu Asawe 1.400
11. Tsuyu Asui 1.300
12. Mezo Shouji 1.250
13. Rikitou Satou 1.200
14. Ochaco Uraraka 1.150
15. Momo Yaoyorozu 1.100
16. Mina Ashido 1.050
17. Koji Koda 1.000
18. Kojoka Jiro 950
19. Sen Kaibara 900
20. Kosei Tsuburaba 850
21. Denki Kaminari 800
22. Kojiro Bondo 750
23. Reiko Yanag 700
24. Hitoshi Shinso 650
25. Itsuka Kendo 600
26. Jurota Shishida 550
27. Shihai Kuroiro 500
28. Yui Kodai 450
29. Hiryu Rin 400
30. Nirengeki Shoda 350
31. Kinoko Komori 300
32. Togaru Kamakiri 250
33. Neito Monoma 200
34. Pony Tsunotori 150
35. Setsuna Tokage 100
36. Mei Hatsume 50

Everyone else was out.


Shouto stood up and shuffled towards the stage where Midnight was standing again.


"That was that! Congratulations to all the winners the next game is going to be - !"

The slot-machine spun again until it finally halted.



Shouto couldn't believe it. Midoriya was right once again.


They also figured out a plan for this game in beforehand and he knew who he had to ask.

"The rules are just like for a regular cavalry battle.

Get together in teams from two to four and at least one has to be carried by the others.

Everyone receives a headband; steal the bands of the others and protect your own.

However! There are going to be points according to your achievements in the previous round with one exception: The first place is worth ten-million points!

Only the four best teams get into the next round!"

Shouto felt how his face distorted into an expressionless mask.


Surveye hasn't thought about something like this.

Everyone fixated him with their stares and he knew he had a problem because everyone would be too scared to be part of his team and every other team was going to attack him from the start.


"You've got fifteen minutes to find your teammates."



Shocked Izuku stared down at the playfield.


This was unfair!


Like this, it was impossible for the first place to get decent allies because everyone who was strong enough would join forces to get the headband.


He watched as Uraraka approached Todoroki and stayed with him after that.


That was good. She had been a part of their plan.


Shoutos next move was to make his way towards the Support girl and it seemed like she was suicidal enough to actually join the both of them.

Not as they planned but a good idea none the less.


Yet, the team was not complete, they still needed one more member, someone who would become a strong frontline or was able to cover a longe range.

He was interested who it was going to be.


"Why can't we have a pause right now?!"


Shouto cursed silently as both girls watched him with something akin to mild curiosity.


"Why would you need a pause already?", questioned Mei.


"I'd like to call a friend of mine! He knows who I have to ask and how.", was his dejected explanation.

"I didn't know you have friends, Todoroki-kun."


The boy flinched at Ochacos words.


"I know. I really wasn't acting nice towards any of you.

It's thanks to my friend that U  even understand something like friendship.

I hope I'll be able to befriend with some of you in the future.", told the teen as he let his searching eyes roam.

The smaller girl smiled.


"I'm happy for you that you finally found someone and I'd really like to be your friend."



He searched his path through the groups until he stood in front of Momo who looked lost.


"Do you think you could create something to steal the headbands of the other groups? We still need a rider.", he asked and pointed towards his other teammates.

Momos face lit up.


"I could create some kind of snag to pull off their headbands. Thank you so much! Nobody seemed to want to add me to their team."

"Welcome to the team.

Hatsume-san, do have something which could allow the whole team to use Uraraka-chans Quirk?

It's Zero-Gravity and allows her to free everything she touches with all five of her fingers from gravity and other physical influences."

The brunette girl stared at Shouto stunned because he knew so much about her Quirk.

But the other teen was concentrating on using his newly learned knowledge to create a decent plan that would allow them to reach the next round.

"Yes. I've got something. Time to test my babies!"


"Very well. We should give everyone the fight they're searching for and switch over to defense soon after. I'm going to defend us with my fire and ice and I'll attack the other teams to distract them."

They discussed their strategy into depths, just like all the other groups, before Present Mics voice called out the end of the preparation-time: "OOKAAY! TIME'S UP! EVERYONE INTO FORMATION!"


Momo climbed to the shoulders of the other girls with Shoutos support and Urarakas Quirk as help before he got into position and she tightened the knot of the headband.


"Some groups are truly simple-minded and predictable… but I also see some interesting ones. We should stay tuned."



Present Mics voice hasn't rung out completely before the group stood in front of an angry attack of more of less all teams, but that had been predictable from the start.

Shouto rose a wall of ice around them and let the other teams collide with it which made one team of class B actually fall.


 "Oh! Not even ten seconds into the game and one team's out!


Well, team Tokage looks like a duo isn't as stable as thought.


Thusly nine teams remain!

And whilst all the teams are tearing each other apart, it seems that team Yaoyorozu is chilling behind the ice-wall it fled behind in an impressive escape!


Are they going to relax with their out-of-reach-10.000.000-points or are we going to witness some kind of action?!

This is so exciting!"


Shouto decided to ignore Mic.


The wall actually just had been a reflex to save himself and he had no idea what he should do now.

The girls in his back seemed to grow restless as they waited for him to call the shots.

He pulled a grimace.

Strategies were Izukus thing. 

He was there for freezing and burning stuff… wait!

That could actually work!


"Okay. I've got an idea."

He turned towards his teammates.




Izuku watched in interest what his friend did down below in the arena.


Even if the ice-wall protected them and made the group hard to reach he feared that this move had been an act on instinct rather than a planned gambit.

When they, or more like he himself, created strategies for the sports festival he hadn't thought UA would be bold enough to declare Shoutos Team the target for everyone.


Of course, Shouchan could wait-out the game behind his wall, nobody would be able to get near his points but firstly: Sooner or later some ambitious team would be able to break through and secondly: he wouldn't live up to his promise at the beginning that he would give his all.

Yet, if they left the safety of the wall everyone would infest them.


It was most likely that Bakugos Team would get through the ice.

However… a Team of class 1B just had stolen their headband and now they were chasing them in that typical way Bakugo had: brainlessly screaming insults while throwing explosions around.


Izuku wasn't quite sure if he should laugh or cry in face of this ludicrousness.

It was absurd to watch but more than that it was saddening that a Pomeranian with rabies had better chances to become a hero than most members of society.


His eyes wandered to Shouto again who seemed to discuss something with the girls of his team.

He was curious what his friend thought up but it looked like nothing was going to happen soon so he would concentrate on the other teams until then.


This event was for him better than eastern and Christmas combined. 

He was able to watch so many future-heroes and to analyze their fighting style like never before.


The only sad thing was that he couldn't use or even bring his notebooks because that would be too suspicious.

He would just remember everything and write it down later, that wouldn't be too hard.




"Everyone's ready?", asked Shouto his team.


The girls nodded confidently and Yaoyorozu tied the rope she had created around her waist before Uraraka touched her with all five fingers to make her body weightless.


The black-haired girl floated upwards until she hung some meters above her group and was just high enough to glimpse over the wall.


"So?", demanded the group on the ground but she just rose a hand to sooth them a while longer.


The other teams were too busy with each other right now and ignored the ice-fortress because of that completely.

They didn't seem to think that they could make it through.

But she was patient.


With a little blast from Hatsumes rocket-shoes, she drifted towards the edge of the ice-wall just so that her head was over the rim.


 The other side had been taken over by chaos which made it impossible to distinguish one single person in this mess.


The positions of the ranking were changing constantly.


Though team Monoma were still on place two since they stole the points from Bakugo but they were too distracted to not be blown into pieces by him to make any more points.


Where she got distracted by the fight she didn't notice the black thing that raced into her direction from the side, until Dark Shadow fell upon her, snatched the headband and vanished again.


Frustrated she hit the wall but Fumikages team was still in reach.

In the same moment where she pushed herself away from the wall, she yelled "Todoroki, now!" and readied herself to attack.


Shouto had seen Dark Shadow but the Quirk had been too fast for him to hold him back so he already had ignited his fire and heated up the wall. 


As soon as she was in a safe distance he concentrated his full energy on the wall and made it plainly explode with the sudden temperature change which caused that the whole field was covered in ice shards and spikes.


Team Fumikage which had been right in front of the wall had almost been thrown over if it hadn't been for Ibara who covered them with her plant-hair.


But Yaoyorozu already came upon them from the sky like a goddess of revenge who rode on the firebeams of Hatsumes rocket shoes.


With a battlecry she grabbed the two headbands after effortlessly breaking through the plant-defense with her speed, she barely stopped herself before hitting the ground while her team already pulled her back to them with the rope.


Shouto all the while had to protect his team from angry attacks of Dark Shadow but he used his knowledge that the Demon-Quirk wouldn't dare to get near to his fire as it would grow weaker.


In exactly this moment hell broke loose. 


Monona, who had waited the whole time that two teams got engaged into a severe fight, fell upon the remains of the losing team like a vulture by throwing his own team between the other two, closely followed by Bakugo who gave up on reclaiming his own headband and instead focused on the 10.000.000.


Shouto only saw how Monomas team was forced to stop their attack because of Kaminari who used Tetsutetsu as a conductor to electrify the whole group and how Ibara protected herself and Fumikage with her Quirk before the explosions took over his sight and he could barely block them with his ice. 


"One more minute!"


Shouto was astounded that Present Mic somehow managed to be heard over the noise and the loud explosions but the declaration gave him a sliver of hope.

Only one more minute until they were the winners!


But now the other teams started to surround them and he lost the view of how many actually attacked them. It was a too high risk to stay here, they had to get away!


"Okay, time to go, girls!", he called so that his team could hear him over the noise.


Uraraka made them all weightless and Yaoyorozu started her shoes again.


As they took off he let his ice creep around d the other teams until he willed it to rise into a perfect circle that closed off most of the teams and forced their attackers to turn onto each other.



And again Team Yaoyorozu gets away with a spectacular vanishing-act. Looks like we already know who the winner is! In mere seconds the fight is over and our teams stand again in front of an ice-wall.

Oh man, that has to be frustrating…

Oh well, looks like one team refuses to just take it - or, at least their rider."


Shouto turned around just to see Bakugo flying towards him with his explosions… again.

With a sigh, he activated his ice and waited for Bakugos attack. As soon as his hands were close enough he touched them to freeze them over and let Bakugo pummel to the ground.


But the blondes team managed to catch him.



What a game! You won't see a tension like this every day, folks! And now! Let's take a look at our winners:

First place! And who would have expected something different - Team Yaoyorozu!

Second place - and after all their struggle more than deserved! - Team Fumikage!

Third place, thanks to the reclaimed headband and complete destruction of the thief - Team Bakugo!

The fourth-place goes to Team Shinso!

Now we're going to prepare everything for the duels in the last round and you've got the chance to participate some games but until then - BREAK!"



After a pause of one hour had been declared so that the competitors could prepare themselves for the duels that were a part of the sports festival every year the arrangements were displayed on the stadium screens.

Shouto Todoroki would fight in the first round against Mashiro Ojiro.

Kaminari against Shinso.

Katsuki Bakugo against Ochaco Uraraka.

Tetsutetsu against Kirishima.

Tenya against Mei.

Tokoyami against Momo.

Mina against Ibara.

Ayoama against Asui.


It looked like it could turn out quite interesting.


With a smile, Izuku stood up and left his seat.


Except from that, he needed to write some things down, he wanted to talk to Shouto.


"Listen, you damn half'n'half bastard! You, with your shitty scar and your arrogant ass, won't stand in between me and my medal! This first place is mine, you son of a bitch! Understood?!"


All the boys in the changing-room stiffened as a result of the aggressive declaration of war.


But nobody expected the inferno that the affected person ignited which forced Bakugo to back off against the wall; also did nobody expect the icicle that shot from the ground suddenly and halted with its spike mere centimeters away from the throat of the provoking teen.

Todoroki stood in some distance right in front of Bakugo and his eyes were glistening with murder intent.

He was panting. His fingers twitched as if it took his full concentration to not move his hand forward and to not gore the other like a piece of meat.

"Make fun of me.

Insult me! Insult my scar, my behavior, my manners!

But don't you dare, don't you ever dare, to say a bad word about my mother!"

The temperature in the room fell some degrees and everyone got goosebumps whilst their breath turned into little clouds of mist when it left their mouths.

Suddenly Todoroki, who was infamous for his nerves of steel, didn't seem to be so calm and stoic but rather frightening, like a powder keg about to explode.

It made Katsukis notorious tantrums look harmless and like nothing more than the whiny screaming of a toddler.

In the next second, the ice melted and evaporated and the teen with the monochrome hair fled from the room head over heels, leaving his frightened classmates behind in crushing silence.

"Bakubro. I'm truly sorry to say but this time you've fucked up big time."

Even the normally insensitive Bakugo had to admit that to himself as some little explosions crackled in his palms.

He had seen the eyes of Endeavors son.


The other boy would not have had a single problem with impaling him right then and there in front of everyone, and that was terrifying.


Everything between himself and his death had been two centimeters.

This damn icy-hot bastard had every screw loose!


Actually, Shouto had gone into the hallway to relax and calm down.

But just like it is when you don't feel good: there always came more.

In this special case, the unwanted addition was his darling dear father who approached him.


"I'm proud of you, Shouto, that you finally left your childish behavior behind and accepted my part of you.

What you did in the obstacle course was an excellent move.", boomed the waste combustion - as Surveye had baptized Endeavor so fittingly - and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Disgusted he screwed up his nose and lifted the man's famble off his body with two fingers.

"I didn't accept you. I just understood that I'm destroying myself when I suppress a part that's fully mine. That has nothing to do with you.

And I really would appreciate it if we could keep our rate of physical contact as low as possible.", explained the son for his father coldly.

"Whatever. The important part is that you become a hero. To surpass All Might will be easy as soon as you become a pro."


Endeavor didn't bulge.


He ranked his creations rejection and his process of finding himself as irrelevant and insignificant.

Shouto continued his path but now in an even worse mood.


Until he heard something behind him.

Uneven steps, the second one always a light scuffle.


Izukus steps sound exactly like that!


He threw a glimpse over his shoulder and indeed, there was the one-eyed and walked with his limp into Endeavors direction.

And his sperm-donor still hasn't moved an inch.


"What do you want here, squirt? You're not one of the students.", growled the 'hero' at the small teen who didn't even flinch.

"Oh… Endeavor!

Fascinating to not see you through a screen, I must say. Didn't have the honor to watch a fight! 

I'm on my way to my friend. Thought he would like a bit company considering that his father's watching everything critically and that his classmates aren't the nicest people to be around."

Shouto turned off to a side-hallway to listen to the conversation.


His old man seemed to be irritated.


"Your… friend?"

"We're only good friends.",

explained the greenette with a smile,

"Though I'm pretty sure that his old man wouldn't be amused if he would fall in love with someone of his own sex.

But I don't know his preferences. He doesn't know I'm gay either."

Endeavor shuffled a bit away from the smaller one as unnoticeable as possible.


Shouto knew that Izuku knew that he was eavesdropping and he asked himself if the one-eyed boy was telling the truth or if he was just having fun with playing this excuse of a hero for a fool.

"Would have to be the reason why someone crippled you like that.", grumbled his father and the hidden listener suddenly had to fight with the urgent need to freeze over his father.

But the villain took the comment with grace and scratched the back of his head with an awkward smile.

"No no, that's not it. Ya see, my life wasn't nice to me. That I'm limping and defaced like this is thanks to some students of 1A. I was heavily abused in elementary- and middle school by one of them because of my quirklessness."

It sounded so easy from Izukus lips.
So thoroughly blithe as if he was only talking about bad marks in a test.

As if it was a trifle.

Endeavor was taken by surprise and suddenly this situation seemed to make him uncomfortable.

"Uhm… I'm sorry. My… my condolences."

The hidden listener had to bite down onto a knuckle to stifle the laughter that rose in his throat when he saw the overwhelmed face of his tormentor.

"It isn't your fault.",

said Izuku with a smile that could blind the sun,

"But you could do your best to prevent that others have to suffer the same fate as my friend and I: To be tortured and abused by friends and family.

After all, you're a hero, aren't you, Endeavor?

Have a nice day, Sir."

With these words, the curlyhead limped past the hero who was twice as tall as him and gazed after him with a perplexed expression.

"Ah. Hello, Shouto. Here you are.", greeted the villain as if Endeavor wasn't on the hallway any longer.

This made the sirens wail in the teenagers head but he reminded himself that it was unnecessary.

If push came to shove he already, was on the same level as his sperm-donor, that was a prediction by Surveye himself.

"Hello, Izuku. I wanted to go on a little walk, care to accompany me?"

"Of course I'd like to! If I'm allowed?"


"I wouldn't ask then."

"In that case, let's go!", exclaimed the smaller one and grabbed his arm to pull him away.


Laughing he stumbled behind Stains successor.


"Izuku! We -we have to go into the other direction, airhead!"

"Oh… uhm...",

the greenette loosened his startingly secure grip around the arm of the hero in training,

"Maybe it would be better if you take the lead."

"Yeah, it is."

Shouto had no problem at all to ignore his father as he passed the hero again with his friend as they talked about some kind of funny nonsense.


"So, you are gay?"


The greenette turned red and looked at the ground in shame which was actually confirmation enough.


"Uhm… w-well… it's just… I'm afraid that I have a crush on a boy… so the thought is pretty close that… and… yeah."

He ruffled through the wild curls to calm the villain down and gave him a friendly smile.


"Everything's fine.

You are who you are and love who you love.

And because you kind of asked about my preferences: I have no idea.

This stuff never really interested me. Though I'm pretty sure that my old man is about to lose some nerves about that because he surely will expect me to carry on his precious genes that are anchored in me."

Izuku shook his head over this thought and his expression displayed a mixture of disgust, concern, and incomprehension.

"Your father sucks! Like, really! I hate to look at this dumpster-fire! He doesn't deserve his position as number two!"

"That's him, it's not like somebody could do something about it.", said the student.

For a while, they walked side by side in silence but the taller teen grew slower and slower as he sank into himself before he finally stopped with hanging shoulders and head, his hair fell into his face and covered his eyes and he wrapped one around himself in some kind of hug.

Immediately Izuku was by his side and rubbed his back between his shoulders with an anxious expression.

Was everything becoming too much for Shouto? Maybe he should say that his friend fell ill and take him home so that he could recover in a calm environment? Well - at least one that wasn't so antagonistic.

"You've known Bakugo for a long time."


This assertion came out of nowhere.

What had Kacchan, this heartless bastard, done now?!



"That means that you know a lot about him."


"Well. It's been ten years that we had a civil interaction and two years until I had seen him the last time.

But I think I'm pretty much in the picture."

"But you've got him in one of your notebooks?"


"Yes, I have. Shouto, what's going on?"

The taller boy lifted his head a bit and Izuku could see unshed tears and a sea-deep pain, ice-cold hatred and boiling bloodlust in his eyes.

Hesitantly he smoothed his thumb over Shoutos cheek only a hairsbreadth away from his scar.

The future-hero closed his eyes and snuggled his face into the young killer's hand with a relaxed breath.

"I want to kill him.", whispered Endeavors son quietly but to Stains student, this sentence sounded like an endlessly tempting and sweet lover's oath that he finally lost his heart wholly to the young man in front of him.

Chapter Text

He took a deep breath before he stepped out into the arena.


The audience was cheering and he could hear that Present Mic. was screaming some kind of introduction.

He let all these sensations rush through his mind, not willing to leave his little bubble of relaxation and freedom.

It hadn't taken long until all his walls had crumbled and he had broken down crying in front of the villain and told him with sobs shaking his voice everything he had brushed off until then. 

And Surveye just had taken care of him and gave him all the time he needed to calm down again.

The rest of the break had been spent by sitting on the abandoned stairs, laying in each other's arms and soaking in the comfort that came with the closeness of each other.

Izuku had given him a kiss on the head and a wish for good luck with the fights before he returned to his seat.
After that, he had gone away but their time together left a nice feeling of warmness; of warmness, dried tears and calmly beating hearts.

Ojiro was standing on the opposite end of the concrete-platform.


His teil was twitching lazily like one of a cat that was sleeping in the sun.


His classmate seemed to be confident.


He wondered what made him think he could win this…?

"The rules are easy but listen closely!

If you can get your opponent out of bounds or immobilize them, you win.

You always can give up.

Should there be the danger of one being injured we're going to stop the fight.

Understood? Good!"

The woman took a step backward and cracked her whip.



Immediately he left his bubble behind and spread his arms wide as Ojiro charged at him.


As soon as it started it was over.


With one smooth movement, he created a dome of fire so that his opponent could not flee by jumping and at the same time his ice rushed towards the other teen to catch and trap him.

He let his arms sink and examined the small iceberg that was increasing his classmate and immobilizing him.

"Ojiro, are you still able to fight?", questions Midnight, most likely a formality.

"H-how s-sh-should I?", asked the blonde with clattering teeth.


"Ojiro is unable to fight, our winner is Todoroki!"

The victor already had melted a big part of the ice and turned around with a stoic expression as Ojiro freed himself from the remaining layers of frozen water.

The stadium was silent.


But then one person started to clap and to cheer.

Shouto watched how his father went to the parapet and added his own claps. 


Hesitantly the crowd followed and slowly the clapping gained in volume, the teen couldn't fight a little smile.


Thank you, Izuku.


The next fight was Shinso versus Kaminari.


The combination actually gave everyone a good idea of how it went.


As the fighters stood in front of each other the one with the lilac hair just yelled: "On a good fight."


"Yeah-…!", and the rest of the surely enthusiastic answer was replaced by an empty look.

"Walk out of bounds."


Immediately the marionette turned around and did as said. 


"Kaminari is out of bounds, our winner is: Shinso!"

And again the excitement was limited.


Then there was the fight of Bakugo and Uraraka.


As soon as everyone saw this soft, sweet, little girl nobody, thought that she would stand a chance against this aggressive guy down there and they found their confirmation when Bakugo pounced at her and threw an explosion that was strong enough to rip open the concrete.

Uraraka dodged effortlessly and tried to fight her way through to him to touch him. One tap and the fight would be over because Bakugo would be floating and unable to move and that would be her victory but the boy jumped out of her range with his explosions and forced her to back off again.


This game of cat and mouse repeated itself for a while. Every time Uraraka got close to Bakugo he would vault himself away and attack her with explosions from the distance as she tried to dodge them with more or less decent success.

Izuku couldn't keep a peal of laughter down.


All these people were so fixated on the fight that they didn't look up where all this rubble Bakugo created was hanging above the field like a spread out carpet and just waited to rain down on earth.

And Kacchan was the most stupid of them all for not rethinking his action for one single time and instead just firing like berserk which already made the audience dislike him who couldn't understand how he could just aim one lethal blast after the other at his frail opponent.

The teachers started to trounce the people that this still was a competition and that Bakugo was only using as much power as it was necessary for his view.

That calmed the audience down for a short while -


- and then Ochaco Uraraka let gravity take over again.

Everyone was perplexed when suddenly all this rubble rained from the sky and Izuku really had thought that Kacchan was going to be buried beneath the boulders - not that he would have had any complaints about that.

But the blonde had grown stronger over time. With a grow he aimed an explosion skywards that pulverized all the rubble and send a shockwave through the whole.

The greenette jumped up from his seat with unbelieving eyes as he witnessed Bakugos new power.

These dimensions were inhuman!



The smoke was blown away and the brunette girl tried to stand up again. But her legs refused to carry her any longer. She placed all her hopes on one card and didn't think that the blonde would crush them to dust.

Yet still she tried to continue fighting, to somehow win in some way, but her legs gave away beneath her.

She crumbled to the ground and had to be carried away on a stretcher.

And Kacchan could not refuse to give her an acknowledging nod. Her plan had been damn well and if he had been anyone else it would have worked. But he wasn't "anyone else". He was the number one and he would show that everyone.

He grinned.


Izuku grimaced. 

Kacchan still had this grin.

This expression.

This devil-like eyes.


The applause was cautious but this time for a different reason.


There definitely happened too much in this duel.



Tetsutetsu versus Kirishima.


What could one say about this match?


This fight was… exiting.


At least in the first minutes.

In the beginning, it was entertaining to watch two boys try to one-up each other when they actually could have thought against their reflection in the mirror or a copy of themselves.

But after a while, it grew tiring and boring.


With a sigh, the greenette pulled out snacks and drinks out of his bag and handed them out to the people sitting around him while he started a bit Smalltalk to just have to do something.

And it was rather amusing to talk to all these people until the opponents down below finally knocked each other out.


After that, the talking stopped and everyone started to concentrate on the festival again but the villain dared to call this his good doing for this day.


The next fight was Tenya against Mei and the greenette was begging mentally that the inventrix would kick the youngest member of the Iida family out of the race just so that his pride gained a big crack.


But what he got was so, so, so much better than a simple 'defeat', as the broker had to learn.

It was suspicious that the boy with the glasses entered the ring with this strange mechanism and it was this moment that Izuku got the feeling that they were in for something amazing.

And then Mei started her show and Tenya became her unwilling centerpiece.

While he was running at her, telescopic stilts came out of her shoes and transported her into a safe distance.


But that didn't stop Tenya who started a new attack at Mei, she dodged with the same ease and made the audience take notice of the agility of her invention as she started to promote all her "Babies" which surely gained the interest of the people in the higher ranges.


Laughing the one-eyed pressed a hand onto his mouth.

Tears were streaming down his face and he just tried to keep as quiet as possible.

It did not work.


He had reached this point of a laughing-fit where one was clapping with trembling shoulders and waggling back and forth while crying without getting any air or letting out any sound so that one just looked like a mentally retarded Seal.

He took a deep breath and wiped the tears off his face, it still wasn't really over and he was just proud of himself that he somehow managed to stay in his seat.

Nobody seemed to be mad with him that he had laughed like that - he really had not been the only one.

Mei would stay in their all memory and that had seemed to be the actual goal of the inventress with the dreadlocks.

She had made the perfect advertisement for her inventions on the biggest stage she would ever be able to find.

It was easy to see that the student was wholeheartedly satisfied with herself and her act when she exited the battleground and thusly let Tenya Iida win who looked like he was on his wit's end.


And if that wasn't a beautiful sight for Surveye.


The duel: Tokoyami versus Momo turned out close to what Ojiro and Todoroki were like.


The girl tried to keep up in the fight but she was pushed out of bounds in mere seconds.

Izuku couldn't quite understand why she failed.


She had had more than enough time to prepare her Quirk. She could have planned a flamethrower, a torch and a lighter, a flashbang, or something similar over the break and even created it then and not just throw together a simpleminded shield when she already was in the middle of the fight.

The black-haired girl was lacking the needed intelligence and precaution. She didn't do what her Quirk almost demanded with the way it functioned: "planning".


Maybe the broker would somehow let his information reach her - of course only in exchange with the right sum.


He'd see.


Ashido versus Shiosaki and it was over rather soon.


The girl with the plant-hair didn't really have a chance against her opponent.


Ashidos skin was covered in acid and made her something comparable to being untouchable.


Ibara tried, of course, to capture her rival with her hair to chuck her out of the competition but the pink-skinned girl melted her way through the vines and slid over the other girl to shove her out of the border.



The Fight of Aoyama and  Asui was most likely the favorite of the audience in the first round with just the right amount of action, Quirk usage and length that it couldn't be called a brutal massacre or an unspectacular overpowering.


Asui presented her flexibility and agility when she jumped around on the platform until Aoyama was seconds away from passing out because of his bellyache and then she just threw him out of bounds with her tongue.


After that Midnight explained that Eijiro Kirishima was awake again and ready to fight while Tetsutetsu Testsutetsu still was lying unconscious on the med bay.

Thusly the redhead was the winner.


And this was the end of the first round and the combinations for the second were:

Shouto versus Hitoshi.

Bakugo versus Kirishima.

Iida versus Fumikage.

Tsuyu versus Mina.

And it could not have been any better in Izukus opinion because after all, he heard from Shouto he knew that Katsuki Bakugo had for the first time in his life someone who really could be called a friend and this person was no one else then Eijiro Kirishima.


How would the two of them deal with fighting each other?

Surveye was sure that the things Kacchan was about to do to his 'buddy' were about to hurt the other badly, in every way.



Shouto knew that he could win the next duel without much of a problem but there still was the question of 'how exactly'?


It wouldn't pay off to use his Quirk against this classmate.

It could end up looking like the fight of Ochaco and Katsuki: brutal, ruthless, unfair.


He couldn't really agree with this opinion because he knew from which wood his classmate was carved off - and it was way harder than what the most of them had.

He, if he had been in Bakugos stead, just wouldn't have had blown up the whole ground and given her a chance to create this meteorite shower.

So he would have to win this fight with his fist if he didn't want to end up as a monster as well - not that martial arts really were a problem for him, thanks to his father.

He gritted his teeth when he recalled all the hours of training.

The continuous drilling until his muscles burned and threatened to rip beneath the strain, where he more than once had to double over and throw up after a nasty punch or kick in the stomach, where he often ended up with a bloody nose or a black eye and then was just left lying in the training room.

A hero had to stand over such things like pain.


The hate bubbled up within him and he dug his nails into his palms before he did something uncontrolled.

It surely would be easy for him to beat Hitoshi up.




"You really lost your cool there when Bakugo mentioned your old woman back there. Is that a sore point?"


Shouto would wipe this smug grin off Hitoshi's face soon enough.


Without responding to the other he started to move.


"Just wanted to mention… it really looked like you wanted to spear him so I think it must be rather important to you. What did you even think when you did this? Did you really want to kill him?"

I still want to kill him .


The words remain unsaid.


The purpelette got into a fighting stance and started another try with insulting his father, his siblings, himself and finally his mother.

But he bit his tongue.

He wouldn't lose because of something like this!

Hitoshi threw the first punch and it was way more precise than Shouto would have guessed.

Not that it would be any problem for him but it left the question: Whence?

He would never get the answer even though it was simple.


Hitoshi Shinso got training out of his classes from a certain underground-hero and teacher who thought that he had potential.

But nobody could surmise what Endeavor did to his son since he had been a little kid.

Shouto had clenched his hands to fists, the thumb outside, just how he had learned, and at the moment where the puppeteer wound up, he already moved out of the way and used the same movement to aim for the liver of the other boy.

But he couldn't make an impact because his opponent jumped back just in time.

But he saw in Hitoshi's eyes that the other teen didn't have expected him to have combat training as well.

He didn't hesitate and followed to other to use a kick.

It hit and his classmate tumbled to the ground but stood up again, although with a bit of trouble, before he could attack again.

"When… how… why do you know how to do this?!"

He shrugged and loosed his neck a bit before he challenged his opponent to fight on with a silent gesture.

"I'll never get you to answer, will I?"

A shake of the head and a straight punch in the face were his confirming answers.

The purpelette stumbled backward.


"Do you want to beat me to whole way out of the ring?!"

A mocking smile and another kick, though, this time it was supported with fire, were everything he got.

Hitoshi flinched backward.


Soon they would reach the bounds.

Determined the teen with the antigravitational hair ducked and pounced at Shouto.

He could dodge the punch, pursued, blocked, used his fire and ice to force back his opponent.

Never attack. Never ever attack and make it look like a slaughter.

But he still could show the other his respect and that was only possible by using his Quirk.


And then Hitoshi stepped out of bounds, in the same moment he turned around.

The fight was over.


"Shinso is out of bounds, the winner is: Todoroki!"

This time there was no need for a villain to start the applause and cheering, it came on its own.

"How could you do that? I practice day and day for multiple hours in a club and on my own since I've been eleven. You were better than some of the adults there!"

Shouto threw a glance over his shoulder and replied after a little while: "I had a ruthless teacher for a long time, Shinso-kun. You learn; and may it be just so that you don't have to vomit onto the mats after five seconds."

With that, he went away.


Bakugos second fight shocked and disgusted the audience to same parts.


In the end, he would remain in their heads as a savage demon.


For a certain greenette, one-eyed villain who had mixed himself into the crowd the screamed "DIE!"s and "PERISH!!!"s awakened nothing more than childhood memories.

Kacchan had, like it was typical for him, just mindlessly started to attack Eijiro and hadn't even spent a single thought that his opponent was his friend and his biggest help in reaching this last stage.

Every explosion was lauder, bigger and stronger as the one before and for a long time, it seemed that it didn't affect the redhead at all.

But then the stone-like skin began to crumble and gave way to the soft and vulnerable one.


And Natsuki found his target.


Izuku had watched in some kind of morbid fascination how his childhood friend mutated to the devil himself and fired one blow after the other.

How he used even more power, more sweat, and energy, to create even more heat and pressure until the other boys' Quirk couldn't withstand any longer and he was blown out of bounds with some ugly injuries.


Ejiro Kirishima had to be carried away on a stretcher as well as Katsuki Bakugo stood in the midst of the battleground with an expression of pure rage on his face and looked like wrath himself.

The ovations were formal and forced.

It was rather that the audience-members were afraid of the crazed teen with the explosion Quirk and that he would go after them if they didn't clap and acknowledge his 'victory'.

Silent and with crossed arms Izuku witnessed this tragedy.


His expression was melancholic and lost in thoughts.

He remembered how Katsuki always, even when they were younger, always made everyone do what he wanted.

He examined the gloating and smug face he made and felt an unpleasant pain he couldn't quite locate.


What kind of a monster; a demon; what kind of villain, had this hero-school created?


When it was Tenya versus Fumikage Izuku would have betted all he owned that the boy with the bird-head would win.


Well, looks like even Surveye could be wrong on occasions.


But how should he have known of this attack?


In the same moment the battle started, Dark-Shadow pounced for his prey… only that his opponent t wasn't there any longer.

Tokoyami was tackled at such a high speed and shoved out of the field before he could even think about using his Quirk.



When Ashido and Asui fought everyone seemed to be sure that the pink girl would win, only Surveye was convinced it would be the frog-girl.


His reasoning was simple.


Mina was excitable and hasty which was for an opponent like Tsuyu who was level-headed and throughout an easily found weakness.


The fight was more of a game of catch where the greenette girl let the other female glide through the arena while avoiding her acid until she threw her out of bounds with a kick in the back. 



After that Shouto had to fight against Tsuyu and Katsuki would compete against Tenya.


In the same moment, the start was called and Shouto activated his Quirk, she said calmly that she was giving up because his Quirks were her biggest weakness and she didn't want to get seriously injured in a fight that was already lost.


Bakugo dodged Iidas special-attack with one explosion and sent him out of bounds with another.


Considering this the semi-finales were the fastest and, more than anything else, the most boring round.




Midnight stalked onto the stage and declared how everything was going to continue: "And with that, we've got our fourth and third place with the reason that Iida Tenya had to leave the competition early because of family reasons.

Shouto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugo are going to fight against each other to determine the first and second place.

Before that there's going me a break of thirty minutes so that the competitors can prepare themselves undisturbed."


Immediately Izuku stood up and looked at Shoutos father who stayed where he was.
At least the dumpster-fire had so much trust regarding his son.

The one-eyed rushed out of the stands and into the corridors of the stadium until he found the room that was signposted as Todorokis and his heart dropped somewhere close to the Earth's core.


Kacchan stood in the door frame.

Chapter Text

"Hey! Icyhot! What the fuck you doin' in my room?!"

"This one's mine. You picked the wrong door. I almost took yours by accident as well. Sorry about that."



The blonde looked outside of the door for the sign and truly, he had picked the wrong door.

"Doesn't matter! Either way, don't you dare to hold back! Don't even think about it! Or I'll kill you! Understood?!"

The teen with the monochrome hair shrugged and gave the hint of a nod but then his eyes fixated on something behind Bakugo and widened a bit.

Immediately the blonde spun around and saw nothing more than a wall in front of himself.


His eyes wandered downwards and he saw green, curly, tousled hair and felt how little explosions were created in his palms.


That couldn't actually be true!



The small guy in front of him flinched and trembled as he tried to take up as little space as possible.

"Please don't hurt me! I don't have a strong Quirk! Please! I didn't want to - I…! I didn't mean to stand in your way!", squealed the boy and hurriedly stumbled to the side without looking up.

"Look at me when I talk to you, pisser!", growled the explosive teen and made the other one, yank his head up.

Green curls, green eyes, freckles.

The Scars, the eye bags, and the blind eye were new but he was sure.


"M-me? W-what… I… I don't know you! I promise it was somebody else! I - I just - I'm only - I…!"


A cold hand pushed Bakugo who was seconds away from blowing up the boy in front of him out of the way.


"Zuko, what are you doing here? We actually should be alone."


Katsuki stiffened.

Was Shoutos voice actually warm and friendly? What had happened to their class ice-prince?!


Wait… Zuko?!


"What's your name?!", he snapped at the curlyhead.

"Z-Zuko I-idori!", stuttered the greenette and grabbed for Shoutos hand.


"Com' on, Bakugo, you're scaring him. He's completely harmless."

The blonde observed the two of them and huffed in a derogatory manner.


"Reminded me of an old acquaintance. Quikless shitnerd. Always thought he could tell me what's good and what's bad.", explained the delinquent and examined the pair in front of him again.

"I'm gonna leave you scar faces alone then but don't you dare to let me hear how fisheye here sounds like when he gets fucked!", with the words he went away, although he flipped them the bird for good measurement.

As soon as he was out of sight Izuku relaxed and smiled at the taller one.

"That went pretty well."

Shouto lifted one brow at that. It seemed that their definition of 'well' was rather different even though it had some resemblance.

"Well? That was even worse for his normal behavior."


The eyes of the greenette grew round and big and he pointed in the direction in which Bakugo vanished.


"What?! That was bad? H-he talked normally with me! That was more than well!"

"What did he do to you?", asked Shouto aghast and pulled the boy into the cleared room where a table stood in the middle with a mug with some red liquid was standing.

"Oh! Uhm… U th-think that's something that one should show.", mumbled the one-eyed boy as his cheeks were dusted with a light red.

"Then show it to me. I hate him either way and I'm going to show him what it is to be hated by me soon."

The functioning eye of Izuku looked a bit overclouded as he stared up at him with an empty expression.


"Are you okay?"


The smaller one shook his head to wake up again before nodding.

"Ha… that...that's going to be strange.", mumbled stains successor lowly and pulled off his hoodie.


"Don't mind all the scars on my right side, they're from my jump and the… this… the padded ones? - ya know, these ones that are ragged and ugly, they're from the ring or from the streets." 

The teenager with the heterochromatic eyes said nothing and let his view roam over his friend's torso.

That was tough.

Even with his standards and experience.

There were too much, too big, too noticeable ones so that you could even ignore or overlook one of these scars.


But three caught his eye.

The two crossing cuts in Izukus face.


A big burn scar on his upper arm that looked like someone ripped out a bit of his flesh or detonated something very close.

This one had to come from Bakugo.

And then there was one on his stomach that was made of multiple short, deep cuts.


"What happened when you got this one?"

"This? Oh… that's the one of when Stain found me. I stole some stuff from a store and the owner is after me. By now I actually know that I fell because of spider silk. And when I fell all the bottles I had on me… broke and impaled me. And… well… actually, they left me behind in this alleyway to die but then Stain came across me and took me home and patched me up. So I owe him my life in more than just one way..."

And all that started because of Bakugo, it was his fault that Izuku preferred the streets and death over his own home and life.

Hesitantly he reached out to brush his fingers over the healed injury but he pulled back before Izuku could notice.


It was rude and nothing somebody should do without some kind of allowance.

"Actually I wanted to cheer you up before the fight.",

explained the villain crestfallen,

"But I'm afraid I did nothing of that sorts.

It's not much but I'd say you should do everything possible to get Kacchan out of bounds. Don't knock him out because then he'll get what he wants.

He starts all his attacks with a right hook, after that he goes backward with one explosion and fires a bigger one from a safe distance.

Try to cool him down and to freeze his sweat because he can't generate Explosions without it.

Oh! And injure his wrist because they have to withstand the pressure of the detonations.

I hope that's going to help you a little bit."

Surveye smiled encouraging and hugged the taller teen (he still wasn't wearing his hoodie.)

"You are my hero, Shouto.

You've already done more for me than most humans ever did.

I hope that you're going to be the one to put me into jail or kill me.

No one else than you should do that for me."

The happiness that rose with the two first sentences was crushed beneath the meaning of the second two.


"Please don't say that. I'll neither kill you nor capture you. You don't deserve that. I'm going to do what a real hero should do and save you."

The one-eyed teen stepped backward and examined him.


"Maybe you'll even be able to accomplish that.",

admitted/acknowledged/allowed the curlyhead finally,

"But you'd have to sacrifice a lot for that and I don't know if I'm comfortable with that idea.

The fruit tea was a great choice, by the way."

Then he gave Shouto a quick peck on the cheek before he disappeared out of the room while pulling the hoodie over his head.

The student touched his cheek where the other boy's lips had brushed over his skin.


Did you do something like that as friends?

He had seen how the girls gave each other kisses on the chooks… but he'd never seen any boys do it.

Izuku surely meant well. 


With a smile, he grabbed his tea and took a sip.


For some seconds he was back in the homely flat of Stain and Surveye with a mug in his hand and the both of them in the smallish kitchen.

This couple hours had been more of a home for him than everything he had been a part of by now.


"Todoroki? It's about to start."


The noise was deafening.


The second thing Shouto noticed was that the battleground was even higher than before.


Without hesitation, he climbed the stairs and saw himself opposite of Katsuki who seemed the have reached the stage at the same time as himself.

"Well? Had fun with your 'friend'?", asked the blonde hostility.

he shrugged and looked in the direction where he remembered Izuku sitting.

It didn't take long for him to notice the green mop of curls between the other spectators.

"Shake your hands, to a fair fight!"

Instantly he went on towards the middle whilst the blonde took some seconds until he started moving.

"Please don't let this destroy our as good as nonexisting relationship even more.", he said as he reached out his hand for his classmate to shake.

"Just come at me with everything you've got!", growled his opponent and swat his hand away.

The whole stadion gasped as Bakugo turned around and strode black towards the line.

The dual teen stood there for some more heartbeats before he let his arm fall to his side and returned to the start position with gritted teeth.

All the members of the audience, it didn't matter if they sat in front of a TV or in the ranks, every single one of them observed with a shudder how the atmosphere changed from politeness to hate.

In the span of a heartbeat there burst out so much rage, disapproval, and detestation from the son of Endeavor that it could be nothing else but destructive.

"The rules are still the same and now: FIGHT!", with the last word the teacher whisked herself into safety, just in time, because in this split second the UA students charged at each other like two well-trained fighting dogs who had waited for hours to finally be committed.

Bakugos right hand shot forward and Shouto touched the arm with his right.

Instantly the boy with the explosion Quirk was covered in a thin layer of ice that slowed down his attack just enough for Shouto to move out of the way again.

They pounced at each other anew, flames flickered past the blonde, the ice melted, a new layer was created.


Again and again, this alternation of lasting coldness and short heat that only brought more cold with it repeated itself.

Katsuki cooled down more and more as his explosions grew weaker until they were almost nonexistent.

The audience started to cheer with new vigor as they noticed that the terrible demon was about to be defeated.

Bakugo looked around unbelieving before he attacked again.

He would win and earn the first place!

He would become number one!

He would prove to anyone that he was the best!

With an angry exclamation he struck out, his hand cracked and he stumbled backward with a string of curses.

This damn Half'n'half bastard had increased himself in ice so that he broke his hand!


Again he tried to charge and get closer to his opponent but his arm was swiped to the side before a fist collided with his face and he got a kick against his temple.

Fire flickered to life and forced him to retreat. 

Shouto stood in the middle of the hellish inferno with a smug smirk.

His pulse was racing and he felt how a little bit of sweat collected in his hand again.



He vaulted towards the damn whore's'son, wound up, but his hit connected with thin air and he landed gracelessly on his feet, but he still was standing! And he would stand in this damn ring until the very bitter end! They would have to carry him away on a stretcher!

And then he saw the eyes of the taller teen and flinched.

That was pure insanity that burned within them!

Insanity and bloodlust.


In the next moment, he was thrown backward and flew through the air and he couldn't stop his fall! 

His arms were frozen but he couldn't just…!


He still had time!

He smashed his hands together to burst the ice, wiped over his forehead and somehow managed to catch himself before he crossed the line.

He was panting and shivering.

His body was hypothermic, his heart was beating away in his chest and he knew the next was about to come and it might be the one to kick him out.

He would not be conscious when he was defeated.

Todoroki should give his all and give him the finale he deserved!

In the next moment, he looked up and saw his classmate not even a meter away from him.


Fire and ice surrounded Todoroki like the wings of a goddamn angel of revenge and there was this look on his face again and Katsuki just tried to stay standing and to not let his knees buckle.

Right now he wasn't the number one! The bastard still hasn't won!

With a battecry, he charged again.

His body was too cold, he could forget his Quirk in a state like that, but he still had muscles and fists that could do the talking!


And again he took more hits than he even thought to dish out and then there was a clod hand wrapped around his throat.

Shouto tilted his head to the side as he examined Katsukis blood-red eyes, which were blown wide, filled with panic and had tears glistening in their corners.

Even when the other boy bared his teeth and growled, cursed, spit, tried to hit him, he looked and acted rather pathetic.
'None of them is as dangerous as me or the man in whose house you live in.' , echoed Izukus words in his head and he only understood now how right the broker had been.


He loosened his grip and let Bakugo fall onto his knees before he enveloped himself in the warmth of his fire for the last time to thaw himself and threw the blonde out of the ring and over the edge of the platform.

In the same moment where the other threatened to land he send out his ice to catch Katsuki and 'save' him.

"Bakugo is out of bounds. And thusly Shouto Todoroki is our winner!"

This applause surpassed each and every one of the previous ones.


With a shout of joy, he jumped up from his seat and ran to the railing, took a deep breath, formed a funnel with both of his hands so that it was ensured that everyone could hear him when…




This cannot be…!



Everything grew quiet as Izukus voice echoed through the stadion as Endeavors did shortly before.


Panting he stood there and felt the eyes of the whole arena on himself.

But he just swiped a bit of spit out of the corner of his mouth as he still caught his breath and mumbled: "Holy shit that felt good."

Then the murmuring started as Endeavor stomped away.

Izuku knew that he would stand in front of the "Hero" a second time soon and that it wouldn't end as lenient as the last time.



Present Mic struggled to somehow save the situation which was truly admirable because that was what true heroes should dom






Izuku heard heavy steps behind his back and smiled weakly.

"I know you want to beat me to a pulp, Enji Todoroki, and I am sure you've got some questions for me and surely you hate me, but, trust me, that one is mutual.

But please let us watch the ceremony before we fight or do something else, we owe Shouto that much."

A grunt was the only reply he got before the man positioned himself next to him.


"What is wrong with this brat?!", asked the hero dumbfounded when he was the person the second place of the pedestal.

The villain next to him chuckled: "That Kacchan for one. Maybe he doesn't want his medal because he didn't earn his position with full power."

– he threw a glimpse at the adult beside him –

"You two really do have some things common."

Katsuki Bakugo was gagged and his hands were captured in a box as he was chained to a metal post and fought against his bondage like a madman as he panted and screamed into his gag.

Todoroki on his podium inched towards Asui who looked, in spite of her rather expressionless face, proud with herself and satisfied, as well as a bit marveled.

Shoutos expression was composed, lost in thoughts and pensive.

"I should have yelled at the garbage-fire later. Now he's concerned. Should I try to gain his attention so that he knows that everything's alright?

On the other side, his disappointment of a father is hard to ignore. Everything is surely going to turn out just fine. I hope he's, at last, a bit happy…" , mumbled the greenette curlyhead without noticing and Endeavor actually wanted to punch the damn brat for his insults but then he thought about all the people surrounding them and this one, functioning eye that was tacked solely on his masterpiece and he could see that this boy know rather well about the worth of Shoutos being and was admiring him for it.

"Asui-shojo, your skill, and cool mind helped you through all your battles reliably - work on canceling out your weaknesses and continue to trust your abilities. You did really well.", 

said All Might as he hung the bronze medal around the girl's neck before he pulled her into a hug and added, 

"You are going to become a brilliant heroine."

The symbol of peace went to the other side of the pedestals and seemed to be a bit overwhelmed by the sight of Bakugo.


Everyone could see the quizzical look on the pro heroes face as he whispered an unheard question to which Midnight gave an unknown answer that satisfied the muscular man more or less.

"Bakugo-shounen. You gave all your schoolmates a hard fight and gave your best until the very end. Although it wouldn't hurt to work on your vocabulary and temper."

He took off the students gag and Izuku had to stifle a burst of laughter when he saw the regret on All Mights face as Kacchan spit out a flood of insults and profanities.

When the number one hero tried to award the second place with his medal the teen writhed as much as he could and finally the hero found a solved both problems with one action as he gave the student the medal by shoving it into his mouth and effectively shut him up.

"Todoroki-Shounen. Your commitment and your efforts, your will to combat but also your willingness to help, like when you saved your opponent from a bad fall at the end of your fight are admirable.

You've improved a lot over this past weeks and showed everyone today how much dedication and diligence actually pay off.

I am pleased to hand the gold medal for the first place over to you out of all my students."

Todoroki reverently bowed his head and received his medal.


After a hug, All Might stepped backward and called out: "And now, let us all say it together, two words."

"PLUS ULTRA!", yelled the hero together with the whole audience.


"All Might-Sensei."
– the audience froze when Shouto spoke again. –
"May I ask if someone of the audience could join me?

He helped me a lot today in more than one aspect and he deserves a bit of the spotlight and the praise as well."


"Oh… uhm… sure. I'll fetch him. Where is he?"

"Next to Endeavor."

"... oh."


The number one hero looked around and Izuku just stared at Shouto.

His head was empty because:





All Might jumped and landed on Izuku's other side which made him flinch away from this even taller and bigger man, he felt tiny and dwarfish between these two herculean heroes.

"A-a-all... All M-might! R-right – right in front of me! I think imma faint..."


The whole body of the greenette was quaking and couldn't decide if he should flake out, barf, screech or run away.


"Are you the boy Todoroki-Shounen mentioned?"


He nodded helplessly and the man picked him up with a broad grin.

Surrounded by these strong arms he felt like a damn toddler.

And then the hero jumped back down again and placed him next to his friend gently.

"Are you all right, Zuko? You look a bit pale in the face."

"Please hold on tight and pinch me. I think I going to throw up. All Might talked to me. I don't know if Endeavor killed me and I got to heaven or if I'm dreaming.", mumbled the boy slurred and swayed threateningly.

Immediately his hero placed a supporting arm around his waist to steady him.

"I'm going to change your story a little bit.", murmured Shouto and Izuku was too addled to understand what he said.


"This is my best friend, Zuko Idori. He is an orphan, quirkless and disabled, as everyone can easily see.

His right eye is blind and he can't use his right leg like he should because he injured both severely when he tried to get away from the bullying by jumping off a roof.", Shoutos steady voice echoed through the stadion thanks to the microphone Midnight had handed him.

"He was abused since he was four years old and didn't see any means in staying alive after nine years of suffering and tried to end his life because of that.

He never met his father and his mother never took care of him and even the hospital he was admitted to barely took care of him and refused to give him the needed psychological help because he is only quirkless.

This boy is through an alcohol and drug withdrawal! He did both on his own after living in the streets for over a year where he chased one high after the other.

Zuko's smart, he was the one who actually wrote the speech I gave at the start and he figured out a lot of things that happened today through the festival.

So I'm asking myself: Why did he have to suffer? Because of a whim of nature?

Or because our society is so blinded by the glory of our powers that we don't see what kind of destruction they cause?!

I hope each and every one of you looked at my friend closely who deserves this medal much more than I ever could because all the thing he fights every day of his life are at last twice as hard as what I fought against only today.

He helped me when nobody else even noticed that I was in need of help, so, if he isn't a hero, who else would be one?

Thank you for listening.", 

with these words, the teen took a step back and made a move to take off his medal. Panicking Izuku caught his different tempered hands and held onto them.

"Sh-shouto. That's… that's truly… really nice of you...",

he explained with tears in his eyes.

On the spot where he stood before was a puddle of saltwater.

"... but please don't do anything stupid by giving me this medal. You're emotional! I… I am honored but I am not intended for touching something of this worth.

It's wonderful that you won, that you can bear it while I know that you've earned with a bit of my help… no! You can only wear it because of your own power! I-I'm not involved at all! It's yours! It's yours!"

Everything the smaller boy stuttered was displayed over the whole stadium and he flinched hard when he heard the reverberation of his own voice with a racing heart.

This was WRONG!

He didn't belong here! He didn't deserve to stand in the floodlights, to stand next to Shouto! He shouldn't be out in the public eye where everyone could identify him.

He felt nauseous and presses a hand in front of his mouth to not throw up in the same heartbeat.

"Shouto. I have to get away!", he begged quietly but none the less insistently.

His friend seemed saddened but nodded and helped him down onto the ground and lead him to the next restroom where he somehow managed to save himself just in time in one of the stalls before his stomach turned his insides out.

"That was truly impressive, Todoroki-Shounen.", he heard All Mights voice say in some distance.


Shouto sighted.

"Not really. I'm afraid I made him look like a fool and I caused a panic attack - I just wanted to do something so that he didn't have to suffer so badly any longer."

"That is the main trait of a good hero: They butt their nose into stuff that shouldn't concern them at all.

You made a lot of people rethink their opinions today, Todoroki-Shounen."

Izuku thought the hope in Shoutos voice when he asked: "Do… do you really think that, sir? That I changed something today?" was beautiful.

"I'm sure you did."


Izuku flushed the toilet and stumbled out of the cabin. Hurriedly he washed his hands and drank some mouths full of water to get rid of the bad taste before he shuffled towards the heroes.

"I am happy if at least one person does something for people of my kind.", he said with a smile and made both males turn in his direction.


I have to give you my thanks. It seems that you helped this student quite a lot.", told the teacher and made a move to bow before him, Surveye, of all people.

He rushed to stop the hero.


"Please! Please don't bow for me! Not… not for me ! Everyone else you respect but not me! My mentor would be ashamed to see you bowing!"

Speaking of Stain…


He pulled out his pocket watch.

He would have to return to Hosu soon.


Soon he would be the cause of another massacre and it was possible that he would lose his mask in foreseeable time as well if everything continued as it did and then Shouto would be in for a real fix.


He took a deep breath.

"Could I ask you for a favor, Sir? Please take good care of Shouto and help him to stay on the right path, don't waste your energy on lost cases. He is going to need our support more than someone like a Bakugo.", he suggested to All might with a deep bow.

His eyes were on Shouto when he straightened again.
"I have to go now.

My sensei and I, we're going to spend the next weeks in Hosu, we got there yesterday but I returned to witness the festival.

I wish you the best of luck for your internship, Shouto. Please pick a nice agency. I'm sure you're going to be swamped.

Until next time."

With a smile, he placed a hasty kiss on Shoutos other cheek and disappeared before he did something dumb like turning himself in or kissing the other boy for real.


Not now.


Not yet.


Not when he wasn't the number one.

Chapter Text

Suddenly everyone was talking about him.

Everybody knew about him, some just started talking to him when he was walking and asked him about Idori-kun and how he's doing.

He always explained the same:

His friend left the city spontaneous for multiple weeks, most likely to lay low before he attracted too much attention. 

But something else captured his notice even more than the sudden friendliness of all those people: Tenya Iida returned to class two days after the sports festival surrounded by a somber aura.

His brother had been attacked by Surveye and Stain in Hosu if the Media were to be believed. Nothing else was beknown.

"How is your brother, Iida-kun?", he asked finally silently as he stood in front of his class president.
Leave it to him to rub more salt into the wound with false concern and niceties.

"He is well compared to every other victim.

He only received a heavy hit to the hit and the Surveye had been carved into his back.

He will be able to return to heroics when his injuries are healed but nobody knows when he will awake.", explained the boy with the glasses without using a single, small gesture.

"Sit down. Today your lesson is going to be about something different than you're used to.", said Aizawa bored and started to write something onto the blackboard.

Shouto was relieved to see that his teacher had finally been freed from his bandages and that the only mark left was a small scar on his face.

Promptly everyone went to their table and took his seat and watched how he wrote down names and numbers.

"Here you can see how many Agencies inquired you for the internships. Everyone without an inquiry will have to decide for one of the forty agencies that work together with our school.

Read everything carefully and decide before the weekend."

Shouto Todoroki: 5.214

His eyes grew as wide as saucers.

He had 5.214 requests! 

Which meant that there had to be countless international addresses. Holy…! That was something…

Ochako Uraraka: 2.854
Tsuyu Asui: 2.636

Fumikage Tokoyami: 2.595
Hitoshi Shinso: 2.192

Those were the four best after him, though it did surprise him that Ochaco was so popular.

But he did not begrudge her for that, she was strong and determined.

And then a smirk crept onto his lips - almost everyone got an inquiry with Aoyama being the loser on the board with just one single request.

But one name was not even listed: Katsuki Bakugo.

It was almost hilarious. But it seemed like the whole hero community decided to side against the brute of class 1A.

Eraserhead distributed the piles of letters together with the papers of the forty main-offers that were free for everyone.

He paged through his pile fast and soon felt his head buzz with all the information.

There were some pretty famous names and it was hard to tell who would be able to teach him the most.

In the managed to reduce the small mountain to an eighth by sorting out every Agency that was further away than two hours of flight and also throwing out everyone that fitted too well to him.
He wanted to learn something and see new ways of approaching problems.

Maybe he should try 'rescuing' and look into how exactly he could help people with his Quirk in case of catastrophes?

His eyes landed on a rather cheap letter. 

'Gran Torino,

Speed-hero, retired'

He examined the envelope for a short while before he placed it on the pile for the shortlist.


"Now that you're not far away from your internship it's time that you think about your hero names.", explained Midnight as their homeroom teacher crawled into his sleeping bag.

"I'm sorry, but why isn't Aizawa-Sensei doing this with us?"

The hero peeked out of his bag to answer: "I'm not good with this stuff. I didn't choose my name by myself as well."

With these words, the thought was let go.

"Thinking about your name to have to keep some things in mind, like:

It should be short and easy to remember. You want to sell yourself and that won't work with an endlessly long name.

Your name has to represent you, remind of you and show a bit of who you are.

And always check that you don't steal someone else's name or that there's a book or movie who has the same name as you, it would be best if you check this with your mobiles.

It is more than okay to choose something that means something to you and always keep in mind that this is going to be what you're called this whole year if not even longer."

After that, the teacher gave them whiteboards to write their names onto.

Almost everyone whipped out their mobile phones to do some research and some other started writing immediately.

He thought for a long time what really was important to him 

He would love to show that he was freed from his father and that he left his past behind.

'Deliverance', 'Riddance' and 'Liberation' were words that sounded fitting and if he chooses an English name he still would point towards Endeavor.

Another word was added to the list as he thought about the man who fathered him.
Fray, like 'dispute', 'battle'.

Endeavor, after all, meant 'effort' and Shouto couldn't help his thoughts but jump to fighting at this word.

Maybe he should fuse two words?
Frayation? A mix of 'fighting' and 'freedom'?

"Midnight-Sensei? May I call someone?", he asked quietly when the teacher walked past him.

"You can go onto the hallway, Todoroki-Shounen.", she offered with a smile and he rose with a nod to exit the classroom.

As soon as the door was closed behind him he dialed Surveyes number.

"Hello? Surveye on the blower. What can I do for you?"

He couldn't force his smile away.

"Hey. I'd like some help with my hero name."

"What…? Oh! Hello, Shouto. I don't know if I can help you with that but I'll try. Do you really want me to help you with such an important decision?"

"Who if not you?", countered the hero and the villain on the other end sighted.

"You have a point. So: Got any kinds of ideas or are you completely clueless?"

Shouto pulled out a scrap of paper with his four words, though he had scribbled 'Surveye?' and 'Deku?' onto it as well before he had left the room.

He would love to pay his tribute to the villain and remind of him even if it was just in a subtle way but he had no idea regarding this thought.

"I'd like to take something that reminds of you, besides that, I found the words 'Fray', 'Liberation', 'Riddance' and 'Deliverance'. I thought about 'Frayation', but it sounds a bit strange and I don't think everyone will understand the actual meaning."

He could hear Izukus mumbling, silent and hard to understand, but it was obvious that his friend was trying to find a solution for his problem.

"Maybe if you scratch the 'N' you'll like it more, 'Frayatio' sounds like a whole other thing.

I'm a bit concerned that your style is too close to your fathers and that you chain yourself to him with that although the basic idea is remarkable.
Split-Hero Frayatio... Split-Hero Frayation... part-Herd... nah... half-Hero, halves-Hero...?
Know what?
Let's stick to the first version: Split Hero… and now the name...
Frayation? It certainly doesn't sound bad.
Hmmm... Suuuurrrveeeyee~

I have no idea how they figured out my name back then but it's kinda obvious… I mean… survey, like observing fits me pretty well and my eye is noticeable and it just fits.
And you said that you want a hint at me...

Know what?! Fuck it! Take it! The idea is great! It is your idea! And it's your name! I won't figure out something better and it's really good!

He had some problems with following the broker's way of thought.

"So… I should take the name?", he asked to make sure.


Said his friend on the other side of the mobile determined,

"You didn't come up with this name without any thought!

It stands for something that is important for you. The fight for freedom. Split-hero: Frayation.

… I've gotta go prepare some things for tonight."

That made the hero-hopeful perk up.
"Speaking of that. Was that really you with Iidas brother? In Hosu?"

For a long time, the other was silent but then Izuku started to talk again: "Yes. That was me. I had to stop Stain from killing him. The consequences… weren't pretty but I am sure that Tensei doesn't remember seeing me."

"Why were you so nice to him?", he asked, still not understanding.

"Oh… well...",

Izuku seemed to struggle to find the right words,

"... I… I think I owed him that much. He didn't throw me into jail but let me get away… that… that was a favor I had to return."

"I understand."

And he really did. The grenette still owed the older one of the Iida brothers his life so he saved the others live as much as he could in return.

"I really have to go

Stain is still mad because I caught so much attention at the sports festival.

I'm sure we'll meet soon again! See ya!"

And then he could only hear the beeping that showed him that the call was over.

With a thoughtful expression and his eyes still glued to the mobile, he returned to the classroom where some of his classmates looked in his direction when he opened the door.

"Who did you talk to, Todoroki-kun?", asked Ochaco with a friendly smile.

"Zuko. I asked him what he thought about my idea."

Mina jumped into his line of sight and looked up at him with interest.

"Oh! You call each other by first names! How scandalous! So?"

He smiled slightly.

"He wasn't quite sure at the start but in the end after a bit of thinking he liked it."

Katsuki, who had his chair standing on its hind-legs as his feet were crossed on the table, left one arm to swing in the air as the other was placed over his eyes — but not he lifted the arm that blocked his sight and stared at Shouto hostilely from the sidelines.

"Pft! Your Boy-Toy gave you the green light.

Almost looks like he's your mother with how much you're clinging to him."

"Come on, Bakugo! This is really getting…! Just stop attacking everyone and to insult everyone and everything, that's really uncool! And furthermost Todoroki-kun didn't do anything to you!"

"Ha!", the blond lowered his arm completely and took his feet from the table which resulted in the chair crashing down before the delinquent stood up with a threatening body language.

Shouto subtly placed himself a bit more forward until he stood right next to Ochaco, both of them already adapted a much less obvious defensive stance.

"It looks like everybody got a name! Sit down and then we're going to talk about them.", interrupted Midnight before the fight could even start.
"So, who would like to begin?"

All the hands stayed down.

"Kirishima-shounen. How about you?"

The redhead shrugged and stood up.

"All right."
– he placed the board on the table and turned around so that everyone could see what he wrote –

"I choose the name 'Red Riot."

"Inspired by the hero 'Crimson Riot', yes?"

"Yup. He's my idol."

"That's pretty good.

But I'll also make the people expect a lot from you."

"I can take it."

Aoyama had a whole sentence instead of a name and it was shortened to 'Sparkle' in the end.

Tsuyu called herself the 'Rainy season heroine: Froppy' which was rather cute and a good pick.

Momo Yaoyorozu chooses the name of the 'everything creating heroine: Cerati' which was easy, simple and on the point.

'Alien-Queen', from Ashido was replaced with 'Pinkie'.

Ochaco got a lot of praise for her name: 'Space heroine - Uravity'.

Mashiro Ojiro took the rather obvious way by calling himself 'Martial Arts Hero: Tail-Man' closely followed by Rikido who choose 'Sugar-Man'.

Kojoka settled for the name of her Quirk and thusly became 'The Hearing Hero: Earphone Jack'.

Denki named himself 'The Stun-Gun Hero: ChargeBolt' and was proud that he actually added the explanation for his name as well.

Shouto copied this idea and also wrote down the words that made up his own name.

Mezos idea to call himself 'Tentacole' did not really surprise anyone.

Koij chooses 'Anima' and Fumikage had the interesting idea to pick the name of the god of the night 'Tsukuyomi'.

And then there was Bakugo.

"I had two ideas.", explained the blonde before he presented his first pick.

'Lord of Explodo-Kills'

Shouto snorted and hurried to slap a hand on his mouth but his classmates also bit onto their lips, shaking with stifled laughter or were complaining loudly about the name.

Midnight looked rather distraught, mainly because the previous process had been really good, yet Bakugo just had to blow up - in every matter of the word - the party, just like his typical behavior.

"That might not be the best idea.", she said carefully and the boy shrugged, erased his first name and started to write something different.
"I don't really like the idea because I hate this person from my childhood from the depths of my heart but I'll just hope that he is going to get mad when he sees it.", declared Katsuki and Shouto knew immediately whose idea it actually was.

Everyone was silent when they saw the new title.

'Nuclear hero: Ground Zero'

"This one's really good.", whispered Mina disbelieving and Denki nodded with wide eyes.

Bakugo exploded.

"Ya tryin to make fun of me?!!", he screamed combatively but got chased away by their teacher with the words that he should keep his second choice because it was really good.

The next one up was Hitoshi who went to the desk and placed down a board with the words 'Control hero: Puppeteer'.

"That went better than I expected.", told their teacher and looked around.

"And now only Iida and Todoroki are left. If you'd please share your names with us?"

Tenya stood up first and strode to the teachers' desk stiffly.

"I choose the name 'Bequest' inspired by my brother, Ingenium."

Midnight nodded thoughtfully before she asked: "Both can be translated as 'purpose' and 'inheritance' if I'm not mistaken?"


"Todoroki, if you would show us your name?

He went to the front nervously and presented his whiteboard to the class but glanced to the side quickly.

"I decided to call myself the 'Split-Hero: Frayation'. The name is made of the words 'Fray' and 'Liberation' with the loose translation: battle for freedom.", was his explanation after which he waited to be corrected or rejected with a beating heart.

"Your name is really good. It's easy to see that you have thought a lot about it.", said Midnight reassuring.


He was the first to leave the classroom and came upon a rather untypical view as soon as he opened the door. 

All Mights face was right in front of him.

"Hello there, Todoroki-Shounen. I'd like to talk to you for a short while if that's possible?"

"Uhm... yes?", he mumbled confused and closed the door behind himself before he followed his teacher.

"You received the request of a hero called 'Gran Torino'.", started the hero.

He nodded and interrupted the symbol of peace: "That's true. I considered him for my shortlist. He's a retired hero."

All Might started to shake and turned his back towards him. 

Still confused he crooked his head to the side.

"You have to know that he taught one year at UA-high. Gran Torino was my homeroom teacher.", explained the adult and almost sounded something like scared.

This man had to be really impressive.

"B-but there is no better teacher than him, so if you choose him your chances for a good career are high."

"I will think about and consider it."

Chapter Text

Irritated Izuku brushed the dust off his pants. 


He and Stain stood in the middle of Kurogiris Bar after being interrupted rather harshly in their mission of the night and teleported to this place.


"It seems it's true: Surveye is Stains lapdog.", snickered Shigaraki amused and leaned forward on his barstool. 

The greenette growled and made a move to grab for his katana but his Mentor stopped him.


"We agreed that we would talk with them if they found us.", he reminded his student which made the one-eyed boy lose his aggressive body language but he stayed alert and vigilant.

"It may be that you said that you will never follow another goal then your teachers', Surveye, but I am inclined to think that we all chase for the same one.", started Kurogiri.

"That's not true."

– the greenette ducked lower again to return to his attack stance –

"You want to kill All Might. One of the few remaining, true heroes. I just want to get rid of all the phonies."

"Oh well… yet we also strive to change society as we know it so that there won't be any more false heroes and we are convinced that the only way to reach this outcome is to dispose of this symbol of false peace."

"So you want us to help your little club because our ideals seem to go into the same direction at first glance? You are the people we despise the most.

Villains that create havoc and smash everything into bits without any thought, like toddlers throwing a temper tantrum, and defending their behavior with faked explanations and arguments they don't take seriously.", replied Stain as his protege nodded.

Tomura started to claw at his neck and soon blood was collecting itself beneath his chapped fingernails.

"You're annoying.", remarked the silverhead and stretched a hand out to reach for the herokiller who already knew what would happen if this man-child would touch him.

In the span of a heartbeat the leader of the league of villains had been thrown onto the ground with a blade stabbed through his upper arm.

Izuku had crept up behind Kurogiri and thrown a knife at the man, in the same moment the mist-man moved to help his charge Stain already had pulled the knife that had been logged into the wooden floor next to him and licked up the blood.

"Kurogiri! Do something about them!", vociferated the in hands covered man on the ground as he tried to get free again.

"I deeply apologize! It seems… like… I can't move.", hissed the warpgate through clenched teeth.

Surveye was rummaging through the bar's stock at the meantime and finally decided to help himself with pouring a glass of orange juice before sitting down on the counter and let his legs dangle as he drank with all the calm in the world.

"We have no sort of gain by entering your little party. The only thing it would accomplish is dragging our ideals through the mud and you would start to hunt down those few heroes that are on the right path because they are your biggest threat.", stated the greenette and placed his glass on the counter with a bit more force than actually needed.

"This is simply about formalities."

Izuku froze and felt a nasty shiver crawl down his back. It felt like someone smashed a cooled egg on his head.

This voice sounded… unpleasant.

He did not want to meet the person it belonged to and was thusly relieved to see that it came from the TV in the bar.

"Your names have power in our circles.

If one could say that you are members of the league it would have a better name and you would actually be able to spread your ideals and principles further."

Student and teacher exchanged a certain look. 


This new person had some good arguments but they weren't necessary the words they wanted to hear.

"You're going to say we were members anyway, aren't you?"

"The rumors orbiting around you seem to have a peak of truth, Surveye. You really are smart and able to recognize a person's true intention.", told the voice of the computer with a slight chuckle.

The one-eyed pulled a grimace. 


Normally he liked compliments.

"We have plans for tonight.

Hosu's filled with frauds that have to be cleansed of the society. They come crawling, like the termites they are, looking for us on their search for fame and money.", explained Stain - seemingly without any context but Izuku understood - he wanted to go ahead as long as the night was young.

The greenette translated: "We want to go back. Kurogiri shall return us to Hosu as soon as he's able to move."

"And what if I could bait even more fake heroes to roam on the streets?"


"Under the condition of us becoming a part of your group?", questioned the teen the voice.

"Under the condition of you becoming a part of our group.",

confirmed the man who was sitting far, far away in a laboratory,


"We won't join you.", said the herokiller and stood up.


It was a lost discussion from the start nothing would make the murderers change their point of view.

Kurogiri finally could move again.

"Return them to the place where you found them, Kurogiri.", ordered the voice.


Immediately a portal opened and the herokillers walked through it without throwing even a single glance over their shoulder

Shigaraki was still lying on the ground when he started to scratch at his neck.

"They annoy me.

I don't wanna use them as a stepping stone, wanna get rid of them with their damn ideals!

Sensei, I wanna kill them."

"Stay calm, Tomura.

I have created tree more Nomus and you still got the first one.

Should you attack Hosu with them you'd be able to do something about the herokillers. We only need the rumors and their ideals. In the end, it doesn't matter if they really joined us or not."

That was exactly what Shigaraki had wanted to hear.



"Damn phonies!", growled Stain and made a move for the final strike.


Izuku was not with him.


Surveye was some alleys down the road and waited for some false hero who was looking for them to gain fame.


Before he could finish his movement something crashed into his side with extreme speed.

Promptly the herokiller reeled back and punched the mask off the face of the person who has attacked him


In the distance a blood curdling, animalistic screech was hearable.

A glimpse upwards showed him a winged monstrosity.

Nomus were attacking the whole city.

But Stain ignored that fact and concentrated wholly on the boy in front of him who was no longer wearing a mask.

"A student. A child wearing a heroes armor.", mumbled the man,

"Go home, little man. That is not your fight. Return when you think you're worthy."

He couldn't help the feeling that this face looked familiar but he had someone to finish off and so he went back towards his prey and once again moved for the final strike.

Yet again the student jumped in between but this time he recognized him, recognized the Quirk, the armor, the face.

He jumped high and let the metal cap oh his boot collide with the arm of the boy which broke almost instantly.

"Ingeniums brother… of course. But you are weak compared to him."


"It sounds like Surveye underestimated his power.", summarized Stain and pulled his Katana away brim the boy to cut through his upper arm.

"My protegee was sure that Ingenium would be awake by now."


"He isn't! I'm going to kill you and Surveye square with!"


The herokiller shook his head. He finally understood why exactly his successor had been so convinced that most of this hero class was going to be rotten.

"You're just another of these fakes. I actually thought of letting you get away but you're already lost.",

explained the murderer,

"You see this man over there?"
– he pulled up the teens head so that he just had to see the hero at the wall –

"If you really had a heart for becoming a hero you had let go of your revenge and tried to save him: Just like a hero is supposed to do."

The youngest member of the Iida family was rendered speechless.


Stain didn't waste any more words and instead rose his blade to slit open the kid's throat so that he wouldn't have to suffer at least.

A flame rushed at him and made him jump out of the way before he could kill the pupil.

He actually suspected to see Endeavor when he looked up but it was his son who ran towards his classmate and placed himself in front of him.

"How are you two?", asked the newcomer without looking at the persons he spoke to.


"I'm slightly injured and I can't move.", explained Native.


"Go away, Todoroki! This is my fight!", yelled Ingeniums brother who was lying on the ground, paralyzed.

"I'm here to save you, dumbass!", roared Shouto at the injured teen.


Stain's eyes grew wide.


Izuku had been right all the time.


Even if he had watched the interactions of his student and this boy with a little amount of scepsis, he hadn't really believed the one-eyed with one thing until this very moment; but Shouto Todoroki truly had the marks of a true hero.

Endeavors son had the potential to become exactly like All Might.


"I wish we were in your kitchen with a cup of fruit-tea and would not have to fight.", said the boy with the dual-toned hair but still took a fighting stance.

"You are free to go away. I only want to kill these frauds, not you."

The teen shook his head.


"I'm afraid I can't go away then."


The killer charged at the hero-hopeful who didn't hesitate to activate his Quirk and created a high wall of ice to save both victims of the adult.

He looked at the wall.


It wouldn't take long for Stain to break through or get over it but it would have to be enough to get Iida and Native to safety.

He quickly kneeled down beside his classmate and picked him up where he seated the wailing ravenette leaned onto a wall.

"Run away as soon as you can move and get help ! I can't match him! He's too strong and too fast, I only can hope that Surveye won't arrive soon because I'm going to fight to survive already. Do you understand?! Swallow your pride and make yourself useful!", with these words Shouto felt the other UA-student sitting there and raced back into the alleyway just in time to stop Stain from killing the paralyzed hero with a burst of fire.

Heterochromatic eyes widened when the fire cleared and all he could see was shattered and butchered bits of his ice.

But the thing that made him reel even more was the familiar white half-mask with a green lens and two red stripes covering the other eye.


"Shou- ah... no. Frayation, am I right?", said the greenette and stood next to his mentor with his hands folded behind his back.


"Father, I killed a hero named 'Manual'. Sadly no more victims arrived, all these 'heroes' are way too distracted by the Nomus."

Stain nodded and pointed his Katana at Shouto who took a step backward.

This scene, this atmosphere - it was frightening.

Soon heroes would arrive but until then he was screwed.

Izuku crouched next to Akaguro, ready to attack his friend.

If Shouto really wanted to earn his name as a hero he would have to fight against Surveye and Stain.

The hero student understood.

The herokiller made the first move by throwing a knife at Todoroki which nicked his cheek.

The adult followed right behind his weapon and tried to lick off the blood of the hurt student - but before he could achieve his goal Shouto was already burning and forced the murderer to retreat.

Surveye followed his mentor and engaged Shouto in a fight for a longer time in which the UA student got the feeling that his Quirk was absolutely irrelevant.

I did not matter how he wielded his fire and ice, the young killer parried and used them against him

Panting Shouto fell back after having his arm cut with a knife by his friend and receiving a laceration on his head thanks to a chunk of ice.

He couldn't stifle this feeling of betrayal as the blood oozed out of the wound and dripped down his face.


The greenette righted himself, breathing heavily.

"Stop! He's mine! You've got a chance to make yourself a picture of him and I know which conclusion you reached! You get All Might! Frayation is mine!"

Shouto whirled around just to witness how Stain cleaned the knife he had thrown at him on the leg of his pants.


"So be it. But don't overestimate yourself."


"I won't."

After that, the fight started once again.


A sleek, smooth dance of brutal elegance traversed by silver blades, cold glistening ice and the flickering heat of fire.


And Shouto simply couldn't understand.

Why did they even fight? What for? About what?

All the time he had to defend himself and Native because Stain still tried to kill the pro hero and Endeavor's son couldn't allow that.

He wouldn't be able to call himself a hero if he could!

And after an eternity some silver-white colored thing raced through the sidestreet and made all the fighters lose their concentration for one second in which it grabbed Native and zoomed out again.

"You can't be serious!", growled the grown-up killer and started to jump up between the buildings,

"Surveye, I'll go, looking for new prey!"


Ice raced up the building and increased the killer to his hips.

"Izuku! What is this all about?! I don't want to fight against you!"

The greenette lifted his mask and swiped with his bandaged arm over his sweaty face.

"It has to be done! It's to cleanse our society! If you are able to defeat me I'm going to stay in prison. If you kill me, I'll finally die!", the smaller teen looked up at him with tears brimming in his eyes, a hand pressed onto his chest and his face so unbearably open and honest.

"I love you, Shouto!"

He felt nauseous.


Every little part of this was so wrong, twisted and grotesque.

He knew he had to concentrate, but how could he?



The white thing that had brought Native to safety had been Tenya who was finally able to move again.

Before anyone was able to react the one-eyed teen had been tackled by the boy with the glasses and was thrown onto the ground.

The blue eyes of Ingeniums little brother grew round and as wide as saucers.

"M-midoriya? But... how? What?!"

The killer grinned.

"Well? Was there a big party when you finally got rid of me? How did you celebrate? You surely were happy that I returned to the streets where I actually never should have come to you in first place ! ", the last words he all but spit into the taller boys face.


The student had been completely taken by surprise.


He did not expect to see a familiar face.


Not this face!

Not the boy who had gone to school with him for four months and whos framed degree was hanging on the wall near the entry, right next to the trophy that also belonged to him.

"We… we searched for you so long. We didn't know what was going on. But..."



The hero in training flinched at the hateful exclamation.



But not anymore, Tenya. I have a goal. A purpose! I am going to, everyone who is like Kacchan, everyone who is like you, I'm going to kill each and every one of you false heroes!"

He was just about to bury his knife in the guts of the ravenette above him when he was ripped away from him.

Shouto was running away and he took Tenya with him.


Maybe not the worst idea, now that Izuku thought about it.


This fight was over and it might be for best if he reclaimed his father now

Nibley he climbed the ice pillar until he crouched on the edge of the rooftop next to his mentor.


"Are you alright, Dad?", he askes worried and handed the man one of two throwing knives he had drawn, so that the black-haired killer could help him chip-off the ice.

Akaguro sighted and took the weapon while the greenette already got down to work.

"My legs are numb but I don't think I received serious damage.", he informed his son before he started to work as well.

"Frayation is strong."


For a short, while the one-eyes stilled before he answered: "That, he is. And the principles of a hero are burned into his very soul. I wouldn't be surprised if he was able to surpass All Might someday."

"It's totally okay that you fell in love with him, my boy. But please don't let your feelings poison our goal. In the end, the big picture is more important than a single heart.", continued the murderer.

"I know that.",

said the emerald-eyed boy serious,

"I also don't plan to lead him onto the wrong path or to abandon my duty. I know that this society has to be corrected and cleansed, Dad. I know that better than most."

For a long time, there was only the scratching of metal on ice to hear and the cracking when pieces of the frozen water broke off.

"I'm afraid it's still not over. It is likely that they called reinforcements and that they wait for us.", mumbled Izuku as Stain regained more and more of his freedom.

The man managed to pull his leg out of the ice and wrenched at the other. As soon as both of them were out of their prison they gave away beneath his weight and left the adult crumbling to the ground with a frustrated grunt and growl.

"It's possible. And because of that, we should rally our strength as much as we can. We won't leave this city effortlessly."

Surveye knew what his adoptive father was saying and nodded although he wanted to disagree. Akaguro couldn't leave him so soon.

"But we can try, Dad."

Everything would turn out alright.

He just had to hope.

Chapter Text

They had fifteen minutes of peace on the rooftop before they could hear the voices. 

A lot of voices.

In a situation like this, it had to be heroes.

Izuku closed his emerald eyes and tried to stay calm.

But he heard it and he knew that if he were to look down onto the street he could see it - there were too many pro heroes for him and Stain to defeat.

And even if they could get their hands on the blood of every single person it wouldn't be enough.

There was no way how they could return home together.

"I'll go and look if the other side of the street's free.", he said with a small and broken voice as he stood up.

There was nothing else he could do if he wanted to do something.

They didn't even have some kind of hostage they could use to extort their freedom.

The was no exit.

If they were to try to get away over the roofs, some of the fakes would give then the chase and they would be forced to leave their back open.

"If we're already forced to fight I at least want to decide when!", hissed the teen with a trembling voice through gritted teeth.
Not only was his voice trembling - his whole body was.

He was scared about what was to come.

"Izuku. Com'ere.", said the man quietly and opened his arms, instantly the boy threw himself at the killer and hugged him tightly, still trembling, with tears in his eyes and silently whimpering.

" 'm scared!"

"Izuku. Izu- Izuchan... please. Look at me."

The boy froze.


He looked up at the man he owed his life to with a tear-stained face.

"Listen to - no. Don't look away. Look at me and listen.",

Stains voice sounded fatherly, was filled with concern, but the worst was that it sounded like a goodbye,

"That's it… I'm here. You're a strong kid, it's okay to cry, crying is no weakness - fear is not as well. You're allowed to be scared."
– calloused fingers searched their way, like they did every so often, to his scalp and cradled through the thick green curls with a familiar motion and the silent promise of home –
"Even I am afraid sometimes. But that can't stop you. You have to continue fighting until you've left your fear behind. Please look at me… it's like I said: you're allowed to cry.

I know this is even worse for you than it is for me but I'll miss you, Izuchan. You've grown into a smart and bright and young man and become the son I never had.

I am glad that I can call you a part of my life and that you brought some change into it.

Do what you think that it's right. Follow your conclusions and your intuition. You're going to be greater than I ever could have been.

I am sorry that you have to lose your family once again but trust me when I say that I'll be with you.

I try everything so that we can leave together today but if we can't..."

The man's grip grew tighter and he pressed the boy who still was embracing him even closer.

The herokiller Stain couldn't prevent that his shoulders shook but it was silent and the tears were seeping into the cloth that was tied around the man's head as a mask.

Nobody would ever know that this monster, cried in this night on top of this building.
Nobody except for Izuku Chisome, who kept - especially this - memory close and protected it like his dearest treasure until the end of his life.
The memory of his first proper farewell with a beloved person.


he sobbed and clawed his fingers into the clothes of his teacher and father,
"C-can't w-we just - just s-s-stay h-here?! I - I - I d-don't want y-you to, to g-go aWaY!"

This was how the camera-team in the helicopter found them:

Kneeling in front of each other, hugging clutching each other tight, Surveye sobbing uncontrollably and wailing loudly filled with despair.

And it would be a lie to say that it had not been a heartbreaking scene – because seeing how this child was crying in panic and clinging to the killer like he was the only safe thing in his life caused a little sting in the hearts of the journalists even though people of their profession were famous for their lacking compassion.

Izuku was the one to loosen his hold first and he took a deep breath as he lifted his mask to rub away his tears.

In the end, he cleared his throat to get rid of the lump in it and sniffled a last time before he reclaimed his villain-persona.

They had to get away alive and uncaptured and he was the one who was most likely to throw together some kind of plan for that.

"So… we're outnumbered; we only have one Quirk on our side which potentially could paralyze big groups but only with a lot of small fights; we don't own the most modern weapons and thanks to our position we're sitting on a silver platter.", 

summed the broker their situation up,

"The League won't interrupt this. They send their Nomus to lure in all these heroes and they only wanted us so that we fall tonight and make them the center of the spotlight. That has been their plan from the very beginning.  We have no one else how would support us and I refuse to destroy Shoutos charier before it even started!  We're surrounded by trained fake heroes and a real hero and the police as everything gets live-reported.", towards the end he slipped into his usual habit of mumbling.

Stain listened closely while the teen was arguing a plan out with himself.

But every plan got destroyed when a winged Nomu shot over the smoke-filled sky, dove in the direction of the heroes and grabbed just Todoroki out of the bunch.

"I'm going to save him! Improvisation is a plan as well!", yelled Surveye and shed his Katana as he ran towards the edge of the roof and threw himself at the flying monstrosity.

His teacher sighted and prepared to fight.

Izuku had said it himself: They were fighting a losing battle and had no chance of getting away unharmed.
They just could try to leave the world like they entered it:

Screaming and kicking and covered in the blood of another person.

He watched as his heir offed the Nomu with a well-placed cut to the open brain and made it pummel, yet what followed wasn't something he would have expected.

Midoriya grabbed Todoroki's hair and wrenched him onto his feet, a blade pressed against his throat.

"DAD! I've got our way out!", he screamed at the top of his lungs and Stain understood .

The greenette decided to use his friend as a living shield and a hostage so that they could flee.

Pretty sly and truly not the worst idea.

He jumped down from the rooftop and rushed towards the one-eyed boy who was giving him a baby smile.

"I'm really sorry, Shouto. I wish it was somebody else but I can't lose my father. You understand that, don't you? I finally have a family, I can't lose that again.", murmured Izuku hoarsely with tears brimming his eyes against the taller boy's shoulder who just nodded tensely and couldn't convince himself to use his flames just now.

"You can't stay obedient much longer. They know about your Quirk and that you could chase us away easily, right now one could say that you're scared and confused but in a while that excuse won't work anymore.", explained the villain quietly as he slowly crept backward, still holding Shouto tight while Stain checked that they didn't stumble over something.

Izuku was right.

Shouto didn't think any longer and hissed: "I'm not going to become the ticket to freedom for criminals!"

With these words, he activated his fire and made both villains make a run for it.

Both of them were extraordinarily fast but they didn't know that there was one hero who was even faster.

Izuku almost didn't notice the yellow blur that races towards them and when he saw it, it already was too late and the thing had crashed into Stains back and made him fall.

The boy stopped running but left his knees bend and only turned halfway towards his savior - ready to start running at every second again.

"RUN! I'll take care of these fakes!"

Surveye took a step towards his father and caused with this movement that all the heroes concentrated on him and started to activate their Quirks.

The bottom lip of the boy wobbled and even with the mask, it was easy to see that he was about to break down in tears.

"YOU'RE NO HEROES! YOU'RE DAMN FAKES!", was everything that he screeched before he trashed around and left his father behind.

The heroes looked at each other in confusion because this boy just ran away but Gran Torino who previously had made Stain fall was launched into his colleagues whilst the herokiller stood up, panting.

"You're horrendous lowlifes, every last one you pro heroes! You and all these villains who run free with their power and abuse it without any goal!

Our society has to be purged and cleansed off those troublesome parts! So I have to be stained by the blood of my enemies to create a better world! Somebody has to take upon that burden and carry it and Surveye understood this!

He will ensure that every fraud, every fake, everyone who didn't earn to live their life will receive the judgment and punishment that this savaged and blinded society won't give them.

Our… our goal will win and the only hero who will be able to stop me is All Might! A true hero!"

The killer froze, standing in the middle of the street.

Later they would find out that Gran Torinos attack broke one of his ribs and punctured his lung and he was forced to swallow his own blood and used his Quirk on himself.

But his speech had been recorded by the journalists spread around the world like a wildfire.

Izuku would break down crying as soon as he reaches his flat and closed the door behind himself.

Surveye was a coward and even if everybody knew by now that there was a teen beneath his mask, but nobody knew that he was just a kid; an intelligent, broken and lost boy who was now locking himself away in the bathroom to live through one of the worst panic attacks he had in his whole life and which he actually would have needed help for.

Shaking he crawled away into the smallest corner.

Hyperventilating he tried to stifle his tears and sobs.

With agitated hands, he loosened the bandages on his arms, was ripping them away rather than taking them off.

Fingernails scratched over scarred skin and buried themselves deeper into his flesh, trembling wildly as he tried to chase away the feeling of horror and guilt that circled through his body.

He was useless!

So damning useless!

His fist collided with his skull and he didn't even try to stop himself.

Screaming he curled in on himself on top of the cold tiles, tears flowed down his face like little streames, blood covered the grey stone as he hit the ground again and again and banged his head against it.
It hurt but it was something familiar and a grounding anchor in this chaos.

In the end, he fell unconscious and stayed motionlessly lying on the ground - but this time nobody would come to pick him up and carry him to his bed, that would never happen again.

Yet, after waking up and dragging himself to his bed Izuku at least dreamed of it.

Chapter Text

"The state right now is highly questionable.",

he summed up the situation for himself,

"That stain had been apprehended didn't calm the people down but riled our society up.

All those people who needed a reason for their crimes found them in Stains speech and this videos just can't be deleted from the internet!"

The mice-like creature plodded alone through its office as it worked itself up to a headache by thinking about how it should reply to Surveyes message.

"Surveye won over the hearts of the people with his parting with Stain And the fact that the Herokiller sacrificed himself for this kid earns some more sympathy-points."

The principal stopped walking and looked out of the window.

"The agency he attacked was rumored to employ greedy impostors. Every single one of them more than one headline by not helping somewhere when they should have.

With this, this brat, of course, underlined his message once more and everyone thinks he's helping!

All those good heroes that died because of him are gladly ignored and the fact that Ingenium is awake and healthy again doesn't make it any better."

The not identifiable animal with heightened intelligence returned to its finish-less way through the room.

"If we were to say that Surveye was not only the one behind planning the Leagues attack at the USJ-Incident but that he was there as well and leading the attack we would surely convey that he was the one killing those students and teachers but the school would be thought to be completely incapable because he still is quirkless! "

He had to calm down. Screaming wouldn't help in any kind of way – but it was so nerve-racking.

Surveye was intelligent, no question.

The boy behind the mask was more than just a programmed and groomed killing-device but also a genius.

Nedzu knew of Surveyes notebooks. (Every good hero worth their cent knew about Surveyes books.) The notes were legendary and Best Jeanist almost lost his whole Agency to that information.

He had told him that he had acquired ' his' notebook and destroyed it but the former lab-rat suspected that this book was existing again by now if it wasn't even better than before.

They had placed him an antagonist on the other side of the board who was rather dangerous.

By now Surveye was at a close level to All For One and that was alarming, threatening and frightening.


What would this kid become when he grew up?

'UA-High teaches two students in their hero-class A who long ago wasted their chance to become heroes. I demand that you set a warning example with them that this scum of society, does not get a chance at performing such a valuable profession.' , he repeated Surveyes message in his mind.

The interesting thing was that the killer had not mentioned a single name.

In theory, they could kick out whoever they longed to and say that they were the claimed students.


But that was not what the killer was having in mind.

Nedzu was sure that Surveye wanted the school to do thorough background checks on its students so that they would remove the right individuals.

It looked like that Stains heir was convinced that the misdeeds of these students were harsh enough that the school just couldn't ignore them and would see itself forced to move its hand.

The open accusation put the principal under some extra pressure.

He had to do as the masked villain demanded but if whatever he was about to find really was so bad that it required an expulsion everyone would say that Surveye had the school in his control and that they were weak.

A well placed and not easily recognizable predicament if someone lacked the foresight.


But in the end, UA had its own figure on the field to use against Surveye: Shouto Todoroki, alias Frayation.

Stain's successor seems to be doting on the student and he had confessed his love to him whilst the Hosu-incident, as Enji's son has reported.


The animal sighted at the thought of Shouto.

Endeavors son turned out to be one of the problem children of this year.

The meeting with Surveye, then the thing with Todorokis friend at the sports festival.


His phone rang and he jumped onto his chair to reach it.

"Hello, this is Naomasa.

I have looked into Zuko Idori, just like you asked me.

The boy never existed. But there is one Zuko Midori who had been adopted by the Iida-family and seen filed as missing four months after.

He looks a lot like Todoroki-shounen's Zuko."


"The analogy is high enough to consider them being one and the same person?"


Butt what makes me wonder is this: Zuko Midori just seemed to start existing someday. No birth-certificate, no illnesses, no dentist-visits and then, suddenly, from one moment to another there were diplomas of a school that belongs to an orphanage and he got adopted. And I called the orphanage -"


"I will make a guess and say that they never had this boy in their custody?"



"Thank you very much, please continue to keep an eye out for information."

With these words, he ended the call and the principal stared at the table plate for a while to sort his new knowledge.

Shouto was friends with a ghost. The boy he presented at the sports festival did not exist. Yet whole Japan had seen and heard the teen.


It would be for best to ask Tenya who seemed to be in the midst of this game either way. He would just have to wait until Iida-shounen returned to school.


In the dark bar, Shigaraki was sitting in full costume on top of one of the bar-seats as Kurogiri was polishing some glasses behind the counter.


Further in the back, in the darkest corner was, if someone was paying close attention, a third figure to see who had sat down comfortably on the ground and watched the scene closely through green mirror-glass.

The door of the bar opened and gave free the view at a man with a smug grin, a missing tooth, a cigarette in the corner of his mouth, grey hair and a lilac blazer.

Grian sensed immediately that there was one more visitor then actually should be and a short reflection of the bars' light in the back of the pub proved his gut feeling as true.

The only question now was what Surveye was doing here when the actual task was to present new members to the League.
But he didn't find any more interest in this question and instead gave his suggestions a sign to enter the room.

"So, here they are. Come On, introduce yourselves.", he ordered and let the brats do the first step.

A quiet rustling was coming from the black corner.

The girl with the cat-like eyes and the blonde hair that had been tied to two messy buns gave a playful bow with a wide smile that displayed her sharp carnies shamelessly.

"My name is Toga Himiko. I am a big Fan of Stain-Sama. I love Stainy. I wanna become Stainy! I wanna kill him.", explained she exuberant and with a lot of enthusiasm while her notably rosy cheeks turned to an even redder tone.

Grian jumped into action to make the girl look better so he could sell her more easily. Because, in the end, it only was about the dough he would get when he brought possible members that would be accepted.

"You remember this bloody kills that talked about for some time now? The credit belongs to her."

Shigaraki could accept the girl that stood around with her knife and that creepy smile and turned to the male part of the duo because of that.

"And he didn't really achieve anything remarkable for now.", 

continued the broker the explanation, 

"But he's devoted to Stains ideals thorough."

He had black, wild and spiky hair, wore a black, worn coat and had noticeably turquoise eyes.

And that were the normal things about him because then there were these big chunks of dead, burned flesh that looked like they had been stapled to his skin by him when they threatened to fall off.
The parts beneath his eyes, his whole lower face half and throat, as well as parts of his arms were made out of violet scar tissue.

"And who're you?", growled the silver-haired at this rather grotesque fellow.


"That's none of your interest.", was the passive-aggressive reply.

"Hey, you think you're really grown up.",

hissed Tomura and pointed at Himiko,

"The little girl over there looks like she isn't even going to middle school and was clever enough to tell us her name!"

The man shoved his hands into his jacket pockets before he answered: "Right now I go by Dabi."

Shigaraki started to scratch at his neck. It was obvious that he disliked the rebellious attitude of the ravenette.

Unnoticed by everyone Izuku started to move in the background, stood up and stepped closer but still kept himself in the safety of the darkness.

"I wanna know your real name! That can't be that hard!", nagged Tomura and made alarms wail in Kurogiris and Grian's head, although it was for different reasons.

"I have exactly these types of people in front of me I despise the most!"
– a finger was pointed at the girl–
"Annoying, ridiculous brats"

– the pointing device wandered to the male –
"And bigmouthed assholed who think that they are better than everyone! I'm not interested in you any longer!"

The deadly hands reached out for the two persons and in the same moment the girl drew her knife and the man let little blue flames flicker to life in his palms, yet before anyone could attack anybody a knife shot through the air and struck the wood of the shelves between two expensive Whisky bottles.

Kurogiri actually opened portals in front of all the squabblers which would have distributed their hands all through the room and theoretically allowed him to sever their limbs but the figure that finally strode into the light rendered such measurements unneeded.

"I like them.",

said the masked teen and shifted the one-way glass that covered his functioning eye upward,

"I actually like them quite a bit and if you plan on wasting such a potential, Tomura, I'll take them on board."


Both recruits crooked their heads to the side but Dabi was connecting the dots faster than Toga because his eyes grew wide and with only a few big steps he crossed the room and stood in front of the small killer.

"Y-you are…! It's an honor to meet you! I wouldn't have thought… I..!"


Smiling the greenette shook the man's hand and was very glad that his mask hid his discomfort.

It was rather unusual in their circles to have real admirers and fans.


Still smiling he twisted his hand free from the ravenettes grip and bowed into Himiko's direction.

"If I might introduce myself: I am Surveye. Stains adopted son and heir. Right now I'm working on gathering a group of people who sincerely value the ideals of my father and Shigaraki Tomura-san was so nice to let me keep an eye on the recruits of the League because of the confusion that arose with our recruiting-messages."

The blonde girl blushed harder and started to pant a bit as her eyes fixated themselves on the greenette.


He was perfect!

His mask allowed to see some scars on his face and she knew that there, beneath this white disguise and the bandages and the layers of cloth, were so many more injuries hidden.


Surveye limped to Grian and pulled out a pen and paper.

"Money or information?"


The broker shook his head and placed an arm over the boy's shoulder who didn't even seem to notice the gesture.

"Money, pipsqueak. Not everyone is so well hidden that they just can buy a Villa and some companies."

The masked teen shrugged and scrawled after that a proper number on the cheque.

"One just has to be careful and have a lot of aces and passports up their sleeve, Grian. Though, I'm afraid that my mask is about to receive a big crack - just a little marginal information at the side.", said the curlyhead before he handed the note with the sum over to his colleague.

"The great Surveye is sensing his revelation? That I'm going to witness this… so I'll finally lean wich face is hiding behind this mask and how I can call you.", the older male patted the teen's shoulder and walked out into the night.


Tomura was long gone and only Kurogiri was left, still standing behind the counter.

"Therewith I still can recruit two more of your potential members should I see the need arise.", reminded Stains heir before he asked: "Would you be a dear and return us to where you picked me up?"

The man didn't react to it but the requested way opened.

"Thank you.",

said the greenette to the barkeep before he looked at his new recruits,

"Go on ahead, I'll follow you."


Toga and Dabi alike walked through the mist without a second thought.


They stepped out of it in some side alley in one of the nice districts and Toga was really excited to know what they were here to do.


Grian had mentioned a Villa. Did Surveye really own one?

The smaller one waked out of the portal behind them and the fog vanished.
Immediately the boy took off his mask.

"I know you!", she exclaimed surprised. That was the little friend of the winner of the UA-sports-festival, she was sure!

"There's nobody anymore who doesn't know me one way or another.",
grumbled the one-eyed and cradled his fingers through his wild locks,
"But that doesn't matter. Come on, there's still a ten-minute long walk to my house and I don't want to be late for dinner."

Both villains actually had problems to keep up with the smallest of the group and had to rush after him with heaving chest so that they didn't lose him.


The most embarrassing thing about the situation?

Surveye continued talking the whole time and didn't even get out of breath.

"How you call yourself, what crimes you committed previously - that's all the same to me and the others. The only thing we are interested in is how you behave now.
Besides myself, there are three others who look like me. Don't dare to make fun of them - or…!

If that's resolved...
You'll be able to see how exactly the structure of the house looks like when we arrive - I'm sure somebody will show you around if you ask them.
There are five regular meals each day, three of them being hot ones. You are not forced to participate any of them, but should a concern arise because you don't eat or drink at all I won't have a problem with knocking you out and leaving you in front of a hospital."

– in the way the boy said it, it sounded like he already had to do it – 


"Four people take care of the food and these groups are changed weekly. This duty includes: buying groceries, washing the dishes, to set the table, to cook and to clean the kitchen and dining room.
There are rooms of four and you have to take care of the tidiness yourself in agreement with your roommates, of course.

And we perform a big-cleaning every second week.
In case of your laundry: An exact plan is displayed in the utility room, or ask someone to explain it to you, I don't feel like doing it right now.
Training room and Game-Lounge are open 24/7 and can be used as much as pleases you, you just have to fulfill your chores.
We stand up at 8:30 and when you go to sleep is your decision."

Eventually, he became thoughtful and mumbled quietly: "Was that everything? I've got the feeling that I forgot something except for the rules… what did I just…?"

Surveye walked a bit slower and both villains took a deep breath when they finally managed to catch up and got a pause to catch their breath but then the teen speed up again with the words "Oh, yeah! That was it!"

"My office and my room are off-limits. Should I catch someone who enters unbidden or hear about it or see it on the CCTV, you're dead. Except it was some kind of emergency.
Now, we've finished that.

So… most of the members of the Villa are quirkless. That doesn't mean that they are useless, weak or lesser than you in any kind of way. They are human and that is enough!
If somebody in the hose needs help: help them! 

If you ask for support somebody will help you as well.
Nobody gets attacked just for it or for fun! If you enjoy to off fakes: that's perfect. But I will not tolerate the killing of civilians!
Should you want to kill people you still have to train for two weeks and to ask me for permission and then I'll give you your target, or targets - depends on what you feel like.
Dad did not hesitate to punish me when I planned something like that and I'll use exactly the same punishments for everyone else.
And with that: We're finally there. Welcome to your new home."

With a blinding smile, the broker presented the two villains his villa; their new place to live.


Chapter Text

************** Flashback *************


How long it took until the police removed the video of Stain's speech unsuccessfully from the internet?


Three days.


Who long it took until Midoriya began to participate in the editing, copying and spreading the message of his teacher?


Eighteen hours.


Until the League brought out their video which was contradicting Surveyes?


Twenty-one hours.

And how much time it took for Stains heir to get into the headlines after his teacher officially was brought to jail?


Twenty minutes.

"- it is a high possibility that the killer and broker 'Surveye', who is thought to have had a familial relationship to the 'Herokiller Stain', is the culprit behind this attack."

The news were flooding the whole city.


Fifteen minutes ago somebody had entered a rather small heroangency. They had sabotaged and locked the doors and windows sometime previously and today they had cut down the wiring of the building.
The doors had been closed from the inside and the Surveye had been scrawled over the front door in red paint.

The massacre that was taking place inside these walls had been planned to the point and the rather weak heroes that had been in the office were butchered one after the other with frightening accuracy.

Panting the killer swiped the blood off the glass of his mask so that he could see again.

That was number eleven which meant that there were two to go.


With quiet, yet on the blood-soaked carpet hearable, wet steps, the one-eyed wandered through the rooms.

Everywhere corpses were lying around with twisted arms and legs, dead eyes and cut open throats.

The people who had owned a physic Quirk had lost this body part and the two cases of mutations were defaced and sliced into little pieces so that they would be hard to tell apart and identify.

Izuku found a lot of good parts in his life as a murderer.

And one was that he finally could let quirked people suffer from the hate he felt for them.

The mask covered up well how exhausted the killer looked like. His eyes were bloodshot, glassy and puffy, beneath them were black eyebags, his lips were chapped and his skin was the same unhealthy pale tone like back when he had been with the Gang.

But he didn't let his agony reach the outer surface by grooming himself meticulously and to perfection.

His hair was washed, cut and combed, he was as well trained as always, the bandages at his arms were replaced each day, his laundry had been done just as often and his weapons were in their best condition since he got them.

He couldn't afford the luxury of letting himself go. He had a purpose, a duty that he had to fulfill.


He rested to halt and closed his eye.

One of the most important lessons that Stain though him: Always use all your senses.


Suppressed, gasping breaths reached his ears combined with silent whimpers.

He found his missing targets.


His expression was serious when he pulled the little closet over and stomped a hole into the back of it.

He had heard the clatter and the yelps when the wooden box fell and knew where which person was.
With a single one fluid motion, he rammed his blade though the wood and impaled one of the heroes, the other one was exactly beneath his foot and was trembling and sobbing pathetically.

Damn fakes!

Surveye took his shoe from the cracked shoulder of the man beneath him and bend down to pull his last victim for the day out of the closet.


The man was taller than the teen and one would have thought he also was stronger than the small boy in front of him, but it wasn't like that.

With ease Stains, successor pushed the hero against the wall where the man just kept standing and trembled of fear.

"Y-you're not g-g-going t-to g-get a-away w-with this! A-all M-m-might is g-going t-t-to b-b-bring y-you t-to justice!", yelled the man in panic before he got pinned to the wall with the blade.

The masked villain had driven it through his shoulder.

"I should hope so. You have to know I am a big fan of his.",

said the boy and for a heartbeat, a smirk crept onto his lips before he turned serious again and mumbled quietly, just for himself to hear: "Killing is not for fun. You mustn't feel any kind of joy by doing it. Or you're no better than the ones you despise."

The hero had the feeling that his heart was about to jump out between his ribs or burst. It beat too fast, too much blood flowed through it, with too much pressure.

This boy… this child - this killer was seconds away from murdering him or maiming him permanently and that was so wholly surreal and frightening.

It could not happen. 

It must not happen!
It could not be true that a teen had so much blood lust, murder intent, hate and sadism inside of him.

"You were the one to create this hellhole.", told the smaller one after straightening his mind again and pushed up the green mirrored glass covering his left eye with his gloved hand so that the man was able the intelligent, glowing, tired, bloodshot emerald.
"You were the one to gather this group of beatniks and let them terrorize the city.

I am going to leave you alife - for now at least - so that you can tell everyone about what I did. And so that you can bring them this message: 'UA-High teaches two students in their hero-class A who long ago wasted their chance to become heroes. I demand that you set a warning example with them that this scum of society, does not get a chance at performing such a valuable profession.'

I want to hear exactly that in the news, today! Word for word! Understood?!"

The man nodded panicked.

He would do everything just to stay alive.

The green-eyed boy smiled and patted the adult's cheek just a bit too harsh before he pulled a long, serrated knife from his upper-leg holster.

The sobs, the trembling and the loud begging of the man soon were replaced by a terrible screeching that was even hearable on the outside and forced down a shudder at every one's back who was within earshot.


"Dammit! I let myself go again.", mumbled the curlyhead and dragged both of his hands over his face.


The man was alive; however he was also paraplegic and his hands were missing, plus the addition of cuts littering his arms from his wrists to his shoulders in grotesque, mindless patterns that screamed of sadism and schadenfreude.


Right now Surveyes message was repeated over and over on every channel. A lot of analysts were taking his words apart in talk shows and examined them for the smallest of detail.
Criminologists and heroes were questioned about Stains heir. The opinions were close but it was interesting to see who stayed professional as others openly and shamelessly screamed their opinion into the world.

And the worst thing: There still was no answer from the school.

UA surrounded itself in silence and made every reporter and journalist freak out.

The greenette sat on his sofa in front of the TV and watched one of the analyses that were a bit more interesting than the others and wasn't so far fetched.

His thoughts wandered back to the moment where he finally let go of his last victim.


He really had to pull himself together to not let his newfound side, which had fun when he killed people, get free reign.
He would have done whatever and if Stain still would have been with him he would have suffered a true punishment.

Normally the older killer had been like a father to him and caring but this one time Izuku said that he could try to kill a civilian as an exercise, that had changed rapidly for one week.
He had to sleep in the supply closet without a futon, a blanket or a pillow, got less food (just enough that he didn't lose his form) and his drinks which only had been water for this week, had been rationed, he wasn't allowed to use the TV, computer, mobile, phone or books, and his mentor refused to talk to him.

Of course, he had known that it would happen. Akaguro had explained to him in detail what exactly he had done wrong and why the punishment would be like it was.
But if one were to say that Izuku had endured it without any complaints would be lying, yet he had understood and accepted the timeout the punishment had been and lived through it suffering silently.

The worst thing about it in his opinion? 

That he couldn't talk to anyone at all because he also had been locked away in the flat.
None the less he wished that he would have to go through this torture once again.

Everything would be better than the knowledge that his father… - then the knowledge that his father was locked away into jail so that he could be out here.

He doesn't really deserve to represent these ideals and goals and to carry them on. For that, he found it too satisfying today to cut open all those people.

Thoughtfully he looked at his mobile.

If he should call Shouto?

Was he even allowed to?

He would like to meet up with his friend.

Maybe he should bring a little present to the hospital where Shouto was staying?

That did not sound like a bad idea.

And with this decision, Izuku grabbed his jacket, put on his shoes and went out to get a little something for his darling hero.


Being rather proud of himself the greenette exited the shop.

He got a small gift made out of three flowers that meant as much as 'Love ya' please get well soon' .

The teen had to admit that he had no idea if that was true but in the end, the goodwill is the important part, ain't it?


The other half of his gift was books.


Back in the past, it had been a big series that exited a lot of teens but by now the mass-produced literature was scarce and had a high antique worth - especially if they were signed by the author just like the five books he got thanks to his contacts.

He hoped that the 'Percy Jackson' books were to Shoutos liking but it sounded like his friend might be able to identify with some of the characters. 


So with a splendid mood, he went on his merry way to the hospital in which Shouto was taken care of with a heavy wooden box and a bouquet.

It had been a while since he had seen one of these from the inside.

Nervously he looked up to the roof of the hospital when he stood in front of it.

And it hit him like a brick why it had been so long.

He hated hospitals.

His memories surrounding these places were bad, dark and distorted by alcohol, pain, and drugs.

Sighing he pulled up his face-mask with a print before covering his head with his hood.

He knew which room Shoutos was and he just had to get there unnoticed and hope that his hero did not hate him enough to call the police.

As unsuspiciously as it was possible for him he mixed himself into the crowd and truly, nobody paid him a second thought when he walked through the lobby to the wing for the patients.

In the hallways of this part, it was much calmer but the villain feared to uncover himself, should there be any cameras of staff close by.

There was nobody in front of the door to Shoutos room but he was sure that it was the right one because there, on this little sign beneath the room number, was the name 'Shouto Todoroki' .

Looked like it was a one-person room.

After a short moment of hesitating and a deep breath, the murderer knocked at the door and waited insecurely for the allowance to enter.

"Who's there?"

He frowned. That was not Shoutos voice.


Hesitantly he opened the door and saw a doctor changing the bandages around Shoutos head.

The thought that he was the reason for this wound made a little needle pierce his heart.

"Zuko Idori. I am a friend of Shoutos and I thought I should visit him after hearing that he got injured. But looks like I arrived at an unfitting moment. I'll wait in the hallway until you're ready, sir.", he said, though his voice became quieter toward the end and then he went out again and sat down at the wall opposite of Shoutos room.

He knew it was a big risk that he took because the other teen could tell the doctor everything, but he trusted Shouto.

After a while, the door opened and the man in the gown seemed to be surprised by finding him here on the floor.
"You can visit Todoroki-san now but try to not agitate him."

"I'll be extra careful.", confirmed Surveye with a smile and stood up before he picked up his wooden box and flowers.

Before the man could say anything else the boy limped past him into the room where Endeavor's son was waiting for him, sitting upright in his bed.

"What do you want, Izuku?", asked Shouto cooly as soon as the curlyhead closed the door behind himself with a foot.

The smaller teen shrugged, laid the flowers down on one of the tables and opened his box which did not only contain the books but also a small plastic-vase.

Without reacting to the question he went to the bathroom, filled the container with water, added the fertilizer the nice lady had given to him and placed the small bouquet in the life-giving liquid just to place the artistic vase on Shoutos side-table.

After that he fetched the wooden box and placed it on a chair he pulled into Shoutos reach.

"I hoped I could talk to you.",

mumbled the one-eyed and looked the floor uncertainty before he continued,

"And I wanted to apologize. Because of me you are injured and couldn't finish your internship."

The UA-student pulled up a brow at that.
"And because of that, you risk getting caught and being locked away just like your dear father?"


That started the taller one.


The villain rushed to change the subject by stalking towards his box and opening it.

"I g-got you a bit more than just flowers!", he choked out and felt how the sweat started to cover his forehead.

He hoped Shouto would like his gift but he could not be sure… and what if Shouto already owned the books?
His father was Endeavor , number two hero and on the list of the most-well-earning people of the world. Of course, he had the money to buy stuff like that.

His sweaty hands slipped off the polished wood and the box fell shut while the broker chewed on his lower lip with a miserable expression.

He wanted that his friend liked the books but it was more likely that Shouto would throw them after him as he chased him away as soon as he saw them.

Nervously he started to fidget with his fingers until a cool hand placed itself on top of them.

Scared the greenette rose his head but Shoutos hard expression as softened.

"Show it to me before you start beating yourself up over it.", said the other boy in a calming voice and gave Izuku the courage he needed.

"O-o-ok-kay.", stuttered the smaller one and opened the box anew after wiping his hands dry on his trousers.

When the box was open his eyes stayed disbelieving on his shaking, scarred hands.

Where were his gloves?!

His thoughts started swirling and he felt how the panic attack closed in from behind with a shed knife and ready to bury the poisoned blade in his mind once more.


He couldn't move anymore.

He heard Shouto sigh and then there was a pair of white medical gloves in his line of sight. 


He took them gratefully and pulled on although it took a while because his hands were twitching with nerves and he just couldn't keep them calm.

"Th-thanks.", he took a deep breath and let his nerves calm down before he concentrated on his actual task.

"Thank you, Shouto. I have been a nervous wreck those past days. Without… without Dad I can live, of course – but… it is… hard . He always took care of me… ya know?", he forced himself to a painful smile beneath his mask before he lowered his gaze onto the five books.

"It was a bit difficult and a bit expensive, I actually had to pay and tell quite a lot that they gave them to me but I've been told that it would be worth it. They are casebound, first edition and each and every one is signed."

Bi-colored eyes grew round as Shouto understood what Izuku was hinting at.

With a shameful smile, Surveye pulled out the first of the books: 'The Lightning Thief' TM

"It's in English, so in the original language and by now these little treasures here are true rarities.

I thought you would have fun reading them but then I remembered how rich you actually are and that you can buy even older, better and unusual books and that you might actually own these ones already and -"

He couldn't continue any further because he was pulled onto the hospital-bed for a hug.

"Thank you, Izuku. That's really nice of you that you got me something so valuable.", whispered the taller one and the villain turned beet red.

Stuttering Stain's successor tried to convey that it was only half as nice as Shouto made it look like and that it wouldn't be able to make up for the fight, but that he was happy that Shouto liked it so much… all the time the teen with the burn scar simply smiled and waited that his shady friend talked himself out.


It was late evening when Izuku left the hospital.

Shouto had asked him to keep him company and he had been more than happy to oblige after finding out that the hero in training did not hate him. 


Halfway to his home, he was surprised by a black mist.


"Surveye. Shigaraki demands to talk with you.", told Kurogiri him with crossed arms.

"This overgrown toddler really can't do more than demand.", grumbled the teen and simply disregarded the villain.


"I had been allowed to use force, should you not cooperate."

The broker froze before he turned around ever so slowly with a horrific grin on his lips.

"I'd like to see that."

The insane sound of Surveyes voice did not go unnoticed by the second-in-command of the League and the cloudy figure wavered to express his discomfort.

"But -",

started the disguised boy and his voice suddenly returned to harmless and happy again,

"I'll come with you so that whatever won't happen. Though I had to return home firstly to change into my costume because I don't want to stand in front of Shigaraki Tomura like this if it is avoidable."

"I'll bring you there.", aid the warpgate and Izuku already felt an objection from on his tongue.

He did not want the League to know his home.

On the other hand…

The Villa was long since finished. He could just move into the house where he wanted to live for months by now.

"I live on the highest floor in house number YY in the street XYXYX."


"Sounds like you don't have to fear about your money.", commented Kurogiri a bit surprised as he opened his portal.

"I earn much, much more but I have this ridiculous habit of hiding away all my money.", confessed the teen with a shrug and went on ahead just to walk into the entrance of his home.



said the masked teen smiling with opened arms as if he saw an old friend after years of being apart,

"How are you, buddy? How can I help you this time?"

The older one gritted his teeth behind his hand-mask, annoyed by the attitude of Surveye.

"Your video. Take it down. Leave the media alone! Your massacre today destroyed all of my plans!"

The teen looked up from his mobile in surprise, he had started fidgeting with the thing as soon as he had sat down on the barstool.

"You are able to plan?", he asked amused and Shigaraki's hands twitched as the longing to just place his fingers on the smaller one's throat and watch him fall apart struck him.

"Yes.", he hissed instead and reminded himself of Sensei's words that this brat was an important part of their plans without even noticing it.

The one-way glass of the mask reflected the lights of the bar when the boy crooked his head to the side and his smile turned dangerously sharp.

"If it is like that you simply can tell me about them and I'd gladly try to work around them."

That was another thing Sensei had warned Tomura about.

Surveye was likely to try to gather information so that he could sell and bend them how he pleased.

Slowly the silver-haired male realized which kind of position Stains heir inhabited in this game.

All Might was the final boss. 

All those other heroes were mini-bosses.

The students were the updated mini boss-generation in the making - should they grow old enough to take this place.

Sensei was his tutor and advisor.

The minions were his pieces to play with.

He himself was the player.
In the beginning, he thought that Stain and Surveye were nothing else than merchants and side-quests because they were no simple NPCs but he had been wrong .
This was not a simple RPG but a Multiplayer and Surveye was another player.

Of course, that made him a passive foe but more than everything else it made him dangerous and a wild card.

"My plans are perfectly fine and you're just going to interrupt them if you help those damn UA-brats or save a hero."

The greenette grinned smugly before he said with a honey-sweet voice: "One never can be sure what happens next, Deathhand. But - how would you feel about a deal?"

The leader of the League thought about it for a while.

A deal sounded interesting .


"What do you have to offer?"

"I take my video down and I give you information on class 1A.",

started the greenette and walked towards the silver-haired until he stood in front of the elder with a risen pointer finger,

"And in return, I will be allowed to watch when your recruits present themselves. Every time when people stumble into to become a part of your group because they followed the call of my father I want that Kurogiri fetches me instantly at a place I decide to bring me here.

I'll be so free to take the four recruits that seem to be unfitting for the League under my wing."

The Herokiller held his gloved hand out for the future symbol of fear to shake while he used his free hand to push up the mirror glass so that his healthy eye was open to be seen.

"Deal?", asked Izuku grinning.

Tomura grabbed his hand, his pinky spread away.


They shook their hands once and Surveye pulled back first with a pleased grin on his face that the villains knew from Grian.


"Well then.", said the greenette and clapped his hands to rub them against each other before he shoved them into one of his may pocket and pulled out some papers.

"The promised information. Should I find it in the hands of a person who is not a member of the League you're all dead. But this condition of mine is common knowledge by now, isn't it?", with that, the boy turned around and gave them a lazy wave as a goodbye.


Slowly the game started to gain speed.

Chapter Text


After leaving the bar, Izuku searched for a hardware store that still opened at such an hour.

After a bit of asking around - because Goggle-Maps didn't want to do as he wanted it to do - he actually found such a shop and purchased a sledgehammer.

It was a rather dumb idea that he had but it might actually work.

He just needed some people who looked similar to him so that he wasn't the only possible suspect for Surveye.

Everyone and their dog knew that Surveye was small, male and limping.

Nobody knew about the scar or knew that he was half-blind, but someone with enough brain could interpret it thanks to his mask and his symbol.

So, what did a right-minded villain and criminal with sane common sense do?


Head out and mutilate some people that fitted into the profile so that they had exactly the same traits as one-self.

It wasn't really hard to find a group of homeless.
People without Quirks made up a majority of the street dwellers so finding that feature was easy as well.
Homeless in his age were a bit harder but there still were a lot because most understood that their life was useless and awful around the age of twelve to sixteen. 

It was the height that made it complicated.

Izuku though it was insulting that there were no boys of his height.
What was so bad about only being 158 centimeters high?

Was it so hard to grow small? 

Couldn't hey just… stop at some point?

But after about three hours of searching, he finally got lucky.

A group of teenage homeless in the ghetto, each and every one of them had to be thirteen to eighteen years old if he guessed right and six of then were about his height.

Yet there still was the question about their Quirks.

"May I sit with you?", he asked with a cautious smile.

He had taken off his mask as soon as he had left the villain-district and most of his costume was hidden by his coat.

He just had to hope that nobody recognized his boots.

"Of course. Everybody who asks is welcomed at our little fire.", said one of the older ones and moved a bit so that the new arrival was able to sit down on the cardboard beside him.

Izuku pulled off his yellow backpack that he had shoved full with foods and drinks. There was no better bait on the streets.

"Y'all hungry?"

He made a show out of opening his bag and pulling out some contents for Sandwiches. All the teens surrounding him looked at the greenette like he just grew a second head.

"Yeah, we are. Where did you get this from?"

He scratched the back of his head and pulled out some cutting boards to hand them out together with the groceries.

"I work.",

was his explanation,

"It might not be the best choice but it gets the dough and I don't have to stay in the streets any longer. But I know what it's like and I thought I'd do others a little favor and spend a bit money on filling their stomach."

The group didn't care about Izukus job, they were too engrossed in working through the brought supplies.

A girl wanted to give Izuku some of her food but declined with a thanks and by explaining that he already ate (which he did).

"Thanks for the meal!", cheered one of the younger ones who had caught Izuku's eye.

The boy had black, tousled hair that covered his right face-half, he looked rather frail and made a disturbed as well as a disturbing impression.

"No need to thank me. But I have one question: Why are you all here? Because I ran away from home back then because I'm quirkless and I didn't want to disappoint my mother anymore."

"Oh! We're all quirkless here - except for Luke. But he had a 'villains-Quirk' according to his mother.", said the boy and Izuku had to concentrate with every fiber of his being to not grin broadly.

He just hit the Jackpot!

"What Quirk is it exactly?"

"My Quirk enables me to control a person for a week after kissing them.", explained Luke who had been the one who had made space from him to sit with the group.

Izuku's eyes grew round and he once again had to pull himself together although it was so that he did not pull out a pen and a notebook instantly and interrogate the older teen for more information.

"That's pretty powerful. You could use it as a police officer to go to undercover missions or to make criminally confess.", concluded the one-eyed and threw the shepherd of the group off his trails.


He nodded excitedly.

"You could do so much with it, it's dumb that you were cast out.",
the green orbs glowed with the shine of the bonfire,
"How would you feel of achieving something with your Quirk? To work for a bigger goal? To save people?"

Everyone around to fire became skittish and skeptical and adopted a tense posture but Surveye did not let himself be deterred and made an excessive movement that exposed his weapons and costume for the blink of an eye.

"I have been searching the whole week for such a nice group like yours! I'd like to help you. You deserve the help! Just like you deserve acceptance and friendship."

"Who are you?!", growled Luke without paying a single thought to the exited speech. He had seen the knives, the swords, brasses, and the barbs at his boots - this boy in front of them was way more dangerous than he looked like.

"My name is Izuku Chisome, but I am also known by the names Izuku Midoriya, Zuko Midori and Zuko Idori."

Everyone became quiet. Multiple names always meant that at least one of these identities was trouble.

"Who else are you?"

The silence was crushing and hung over the previously happy bonfire like a stone of overwhelming weight that was seconds away from dropping down onto them.

Izuku closed his eye, the other one stayed open and stared ahead lifelessly and suddenly reminded every child of a new symbol of horror.

"I am Surveye.

And I am searching for people who were abandoned by society and heroes although they never deserved it. I am searching for people like you because I strive to make a change."

He reached his hand out to Luke with a pleading look. 

But the older simply examined the other boy with a frown.

Surveye, herokiller, broker, monster, Stains son and student - quirkless, yet still dangerous.

Hesitantly he opened his mouth.

"And what… do you want from us?"

The greenette lowered his hand with an annoyed expression on his face. It looked like he did want to keep his cards close to his chest.

"I want that you to move into my house. I bought a house a while ago and set it up so that I could use it as quarters when more people joined my father's ideals. 

I want to train you.

I'd teach you how to fight so that you can survive in a world of Quirks. 

And I want to make some of you my doppelgangers."

The last part was understandable for all of them. Some would have to get mutilated the same way.
And wasn't the pain a fair price for a roof, fare and a chance?

And even if it did sound crazy.

Yes. It was a totally acceptable price.

"Who do you want as your doubles and are you going to give them medical treatment?"

"I would pick two.",

said the greenette and pointed at the two smallest boys of the group, who had rather long and wild hair - one of them was to boy caught his eye at the beginning,

"And of course you will receive the needed medical treatment for your wounds. I am not able to send you to a hospital because that would be conspicuous but I am able to treat you and I will only copy the worst of my injuries."

The group of eleven exchanged one last look before Luke held out a hand to Izuku.
"Your offer sounds good. We will support you as much as our abilities allow."

The teen smiled at them all after that and they felt like their hearts were about to melt. The smile was open, euphoric and sweet, and brighter than any sunray could ever shine.

Then he took the offered hand and shook it.

"Well then. I'd say we should head towards our new home, don't you think so?"


It had been a long time since one of their group had seen the insides of a house and now all of them stood together in the entryway of a small villa and tried to understand how they got so lucky to be here.

"Please take off your shoes and put your jackets there.", demanded Surveye and they rushed to comply with his wishes.

It was strange to be so close to a criminal and killer willingly but he gave them an unbelievable chance and that made it easy to ignore one massacre or another where nobody died who one knew anyway.

"Everything is furnitured and ready to use.", told the greenette and took off his gloves before he vanished in the insides of the building.

The skin that had been hidden beneath the black leather had looked grotesquely disfigured and traversed by scars that were easy to spot.

The youngest of the group, who had been chosen as one of the lookalikes, glurped.
Would Stains successor maim his hands so badly as well or would he be spared of this pain?

The knowledge about what was going to happen to him did not allow him to enjoy the situation like the rest of his family.
The other chosen one stood at the side with a distraught expression, too, well knowing what was heading towards them.

"Okay, you can enter. I'm going to show you around.", said – how did he call himself again… Shisoma? Chisore? Chisomi? Chisome! - said Chisome-Sama friendly and gave them a sign to enter further.

There was a big kitchen with two dishwashers, a double-door fridge, an extra cabinet as the freezer and two ovens. 

The dining room, which was placed right next to the kitchen, was oversized and just contained one, long table with more than twenty chairs.

The living room had two of its walls covered in corner-sofas each booth with its own coffee-table and the opposite wall with the door was reserved for the huge screen whilst the other wall was made out of glass and allowed everyone to see the big terrace and a well-structured garden.

Then there was the bathroom, the entrance-way, and a lumber-room.
There was also Chisome-Samas office on the ground floor, and although he just let them throw a glimpse in it, it still left the biggest impression.

It had been really austere and oppressive compared to the other rooms with the white, creme and grey tones with black, green, blue and red accents so that they did not look monotonous. 

But there the floor had not been made out of light wood or grey tiles, but black stone.

The walls had been white but it had looked threatening combined with the dark-brown-red wooden table, the sky-high shelves filled with books, notebooks, folders and booklets and the black leather-chairs with iron-frames.
Even the multiple screens of more than one computer on top of the second table plate behind the first one made the room look even stricter and even the television that hung in one of the corners did not change that.

The one-eyed had hinted that he would likely spend most of his time there if he did not do anything else.

The tour brought them to the basement next. Down there was a training room, an armory, a storage room, and a wash kitchen. The last room was containing four washing machines, four dryers, and a secret passage.

Surveye had shown them how they could enter the hidden tunnel and explained what it should be used for.
It was a way to an underground bunker and a way outside.

Should the heroes or the police ever find them it would allow them to leave the house immediately without being followed because the tunnel was sprinkled with explosives they could detonate as soon as they reached its end.

After that, they went up to the second floor which was made up of four bathrooms and ten bedrooms.

Each bedroom had enough space for four people to live amongst each other without another and the bathrooms were like the ones in youth-hostels made for group-usage.

Surveye had been ashamed when he explained that nobody got their own restroom. But at least it was easy to explain: One half for females and the other half for males. This way nobody gets into each other's way.

The top floor contained a small bed-chamber and a smaller bathroom for Surveye. 

The main part of this story was a gaming-room with things like a billiard table, foosball table, table-tennis table, poker table, Carrera-track, some comfortable armchairs and stools that belonged to a counter that was a rather luxurious copy of some bar, as well as a striking balcony that allowed one to look at the skyline of the city.
It made up for the bathrooms more than enough.

"Alright then, settle in. Shower or bath like you wish. I have enough money to cover the costs. Raid the fridge, tomorrow we'll go to the city to buy new clothes for all of you.", ended Chisome the tour but when Mikumo Akatani, alias Yamikumo, tried to go on his merry way he was stopped by the greenette's hand around his wrist. His green eye was hard like a diamond and cold like the frozen water of a mountain-lake.

"You will stay with me. I'm going to start with you."

He felt how his knees became weak and his throat choked itself.

He really didn't want to. 

He was terribly scared and would have loved to break down in tears or run away screaming.
But he bravely clenched his teeth and nodded shortly which made the killer smile weakly and ruffle through his hair.

"It's okay to be scared and it's okay to cry.", said the one-eyes and made the smaller boy stiffen.

"I apologize for the pain that you are going to suffer for the next months previously - but I promise you that they are going to stop.

I will help you."

Chapter Text

It turned out that the small community of Surveye's Villa was rather… special.

Izuku Chisome – or, Chisome-Sama, how everyone called Stain's son when he wasn't around – was adored by his fosterlings like a godhood. By some of them more than by others, yet Toga and Dabi couldn't help themselves but develop a certain kind of fascination towards the one-eyed teenager as well.

It was something about his behavior that drew in every person who got in contact with it in his orbit and made them feel loved and to strive for more of this feeling.

Still, the whole group was living for gossip, tittle-tattle, and rumors - especially if they involved Surveye.
Conspiracy theories to facts, everything was known and gladly discussed when the greenette wasn't within ear-reach.

Mikumo Akatani, who demanded that everybody called him Yamikumo, was the worst out of all the tattlers.

Luke proudly held onto second place.

And the bronze-medal belonged to the whole Villa.

Although Dabi had to admit that he wasn't standing on the winner's podium, just like Surveye himself.
But he already had decided to catch up.

"So. How's your first week with us been?", asked Luke as he stirred in a pot with curry.

Yamikumo had prepared a second, smaller pot all by himself that was quietly simmering and because Dabi had taken care of the cutting of the indigents together with Toga they now had time to simply talk.

"Oh? Are you worried about us? Why cute~♡"
Himiko did not really change but she had grown to – could one really dare to say it like that? – … to be almost something like down-to-earth .
"But, to answer your question, Luke-chan. My start was a bit rough. My roommates didn't like me at first although I'm sooo nice. But Izuchan rightened everything and now we're the best friends~"

Toga remembered her first days where she had settled down and set everything up.

All the boys were cute, the other girls were easygoing.

But for some reason, her roommates refused to interact with her more than absolutely necessary.

Although it was just Izuku who knew the reason had been that Toga had been suspicious for the others.

The knowledge to share a room with a crazed serial killer was something else then to live under the same roof as a murderer and Himiko's roommates hadn't found a good coping mechanism.

And because of that Izuku had gone ahead and done something about it. In the form of a girls-night. 

One afternoon he had grabbed the four women and dragged them to the city to buy make-up, shoes and dresses (yes, Chisome as well).

After that, they stayed in a small, fancy Café and talked about hot guys and how one's dream boyfriend should look and be like.

About evening they returned home where Surveye had herded them into his own bathroom to do their make-up and style their hair (the question why he could do this was left unanswered.) and then send them away to put on the dresses they bought.

It had been quite a shock when a girl with green hair and a blind eye, dressed in a gown that looked suspiciously like Izuku's strode into the girls' room on fifteen centimeter high stilettos to pick them up for somewhere.

In the end it actually had been Izuku Chisome who insisted that they called him 'Izumi' before escorting them to a bar that was popular among teenagers where he kept a close eye on the group of four to ensure that they didn't drink too much, didn't injure anyone or started more than an intense making-out session.

It had been a nice evening and even if they only returned around four o'clock in the morning, giggling and snorting, their high-heels in their hands and swaying; the ice between Toga and the other girls had melted.
In the end, the sadistic killer still was a simple and normal girl.

Toga was wondering if she would be able to convince Izuku/Izumi to do something like that again because it really had been fun.


"I'm glad. What about you, Dabi? How was it for you?"

"You're one of my roommates, why don't you tell me? Although I think I settled down quite well. It's pleasant to be here. Way better than… than before ."

The other man smiled and nodded.

"You did indeed settle in pretty well and I have to let you know that you're a comfortable roommate."

"There are only few here who miss 'before'.", threw the Surveye-double in and tasted his curry.


"So? Tastes good?"

The boy with the black-green hair nodded and held out the small spoon for Dabi.


Luke's electric-blue eyes grew wide.

"That's no good idea, buddy! Leave it be if you'd like to stay alife!"

But the black-haired made a dismissive hand gesture and took hold of the spoon with a little "thanks" as Yamikumo told him that Luke was exaggerating.


Without anticipating anything bad the young man with the fire Quirk put the Curry into his mouth – 

his eyes became as wide as saucers as sweat started to collect on his forehead and he forcibly tried to swallow because he didn't want to show weakness by spitting out the food –

and regretted it instantly.

It adjoined to a miracle that his throat, mouth, and tongue weren't burned away.

Gasping Dabi reached for his throat and bolted for the fridge to jank open one of the doors, grab a milk carton and empty it in a few hasty gulps. Only when he drowned the very last drop he didn't feel like there was a fire burning in his guts.

Yamikumo and Toga were laughing like there was no tomorrow, was the first thing the oldest member of the group noticed when he finally could concentrate on something different than the burning sensation of the Curry in his throat.

Luke simply shook his head with a defeated expression.

"Sorry, Buddy, 'm afraid we all have to learn this the hard way. Akatani and Chisome are the only ones who can consume this hellish stuff without dying instantly. You took it much better than most of us, respect."


Panting the raven-haired with the turquoise eyes swiped over his mouth with the back of his hand and closed the fridges' door.

"Did… did they even do this to you?"

The brunette man shrugged and gave him a plaintive smile that was telling more than enough.
Yes. Yamikumo had done exactly the same thing to Luke.

Dabi sighed and shook his head.

"So… Surveye likes spicy food and guys. What else does he like?"

"Crossdressing!♡",  was Toga's excited answer.

"Shouto Todoroki."

"All Might."

"Come on. I just wanna take part in conversations. Tell me some things that will get me somewhere."

The youngest in the group grinned.
"So you wanna know the best of the best stuff and the newest of the new? Well, my dear pupil, let me introduce you to the hidden arts of gossip factory."

The fire-user commented on the words of the greenette by rolling his eyes.

"So… the biggest secret surrounding Chisome-sama would be… hmmm..."

"How would it be if you stopped your guessing and instead served the food? Lunch is starting in five minutes and we have a new member. And I planned to take you all to the mall today for a shopping spree after finishing lunch."

After Surveyes words they rushed to comply with his wishes.


"Hello, my name is Spinner. I'm glad to meet so many who follow Stains ideal and I look forward to living together with you."


"We're going to split up to groups of four. Nobody's going to do misbehave and nobody will leave anyone behind! And there's enough money so don't even think about stealing!

We're going to meet up in two hours at the entrance and everyone who's done will return home with the purchases while the rest can do whatever they want to do. Any complaints?"

Everyone shook their head after Izukus instructions and he gave them a rewarding smile.

"I'll take Yamikumo, Dabi and Toga.
Luke, Spinner's yours."

The named people nodded as the others started to form groups.

Some of them were changed by their leader so that some of them had the chance to make new connections or that fights could be avoided, but after a little bit of fine-tuning, he gave the green light after repeating that they had two hours.

At another entrance of the mall, a group of students entered the building with the plan to buy everything necessary for their upcoming school trip.

And then again somewhere else in a small side-alley between two shops a black portal opened and one single person strode out of it, filled with annoyment that they had yet lost another pawn right in front of their very own eyes to the enemy.


Shaking his head, yet with a light smile on his lips, Shouto followed his classmates into the mall.


It had been Ochaco's idea to take him with them and Tenya had supported this decision with all his might. How could he have said 'no' when he actually wanted to gain friends?

"It looks like everyone except for Bakugo-kun is here, I'm just going to suppose that he didn't change his mind and decided to not participate.", summarised the boy with the glasses while making his typical arm-movements.

The class discussed who of them needed what and split up shortly after with the compromise to meet up later at the same spot and Shouto was somehow left behind all on his own before he even could catch up mentally, but he didn't think about it as something bad  he knew that all of them were close by and that nobody had something against him being with them.

He reviewed his shopping list mentally. He did not really need anything but some knickknacks.

An arm that dropped on top of his shoulder ripped him out of his thought of plans for the nearby future.

"Act normally.", rumbled a scratchy voice, which was why he just caught a glimpse of the man in the black hoodie out of the corner of his eye.
The stranger lifted his head and heterochromatic eyes grew round. Shigaraki, League of Villains, Nomu, attack against All Might! That was the man with the hands!

Subconsciously he noticed the scar at the mouth of the older man, the chapped and dry lips, the blood-red eyes; but his upfront mind just thought one thing: AAAAaahhhh!!!!

Four fingers placed themselves around his neck and the picture of Aizawa-sensei's skin crumbling beneath this thingers flashed through his mind.

Yet, nothing happened. It was likely that five fingers were needed to activate the Quirk.

"At the very same moment you do something funny I'm going to run amok. What do you think, how many can I kill before the heroes show up? Fifteen? Twenty? Twenty-five? Do you want to try?"

The youngest Todoroki swallowed and shook his head slightly.


"Well then, let's talk. After all, you're Surveye's lapdog."

He wanted to disagree but no tone left his tongue. It looked like world has traveled through the villains quarters that Stain's "son" had placed his claim on him.

"Hello, Shouto! What are you doing… here…? — Who are you?!"

The boy with the two-toned hair would have liked to break down in tears in the same moment he caught a glance of the familiar form of Izuku.

"Oh… I'm just a friend of his.", said Shigaraki with such a friendly smile, that it was almost possible to see flowers and sparkles fly around him.

The boy with the green curls shook his head and exposed the lye with the following words: "You can't be his friend. I was his first friend and I know his classmates. You're none of them and you're also no other UA-student. So take your hand off his throat."

Shigaraki froze but finally loosened his grip and lifted his fingers off the skin of the hero-hopeful.

Cautious, but still fast the bi-colored teen distanced himself from the villain and walked towards his friend where he took cover behind the smaller boy.

"Tomura Shigaraki, also known as Tenko Shimura. The official leader of the League. Surveye warned us about you."

The young man with the silver-blue hair froze and examined the teens who had planted themselves between him and the UA-student.

Both of the recruits Surveye had taken and two small, pale boys with freckles, green curls, and scars crossing over their right eye.

"We have the allowance to eliminate you at every given moment.", clarified one of those tiny bastards whose hair was cut to a ridiculous emo-style that his injured eye more or less.

Tomura took a step back as he felt the hatred that was aimed at his direction.

He rushed to get away before something could happen and vanished without another word into the crowd.

And although the small group didn't see it, he would return to the place where Kurogiri had dropped him of and would get picked up there.


Relived the student took a breath and hugged his friend from behind.

"Thank you, Izuku. You just saved my life for a second time."


The one-eyed killer smiled and patted one of the arms that surrounded his upper body.

"No problem, Shouchan. I am glad when I can help you and I really can't stand this guy."

"Doesn't he know who you are?"


"No. And he will never find out."

Toga crept up behind the couple with a grin and jumped onto Shouto's back, where she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders.

Reflexively the teen's muscles tensed and managed to avoid making them fall this way, but he had to take his arms off Izuku who instantly turned around to see what had happened.

"Toga-chan. Could you not? And stop smelling him, you're not going to get his blood!"

Giggling the girl slid down the boys well trained back that she had clung to and walked towards the half-blind villain with a bounce in her step as he watched her annoyed.

"Come ooon, Izuchan~♡ only a bit. Just a taste. I'll even tell you what he tastes like~ You could try for yourself if you wanted to.", purred the girl and send shivers down the spine of Endeavor's son.


How could anyone talk about someone else's blood so enthusiastically?!

The tallest of the group, with the burn-scars in the face and most likely over the rest of his body, hit the blonde against the back of her head and pulled her away from the greenette.
"He doesn't want you to kill his Lover, you stupid fool!"

Surveye and Frayation both turned red at this remark.

"Could we please stop talking about killing and blood out in the open? We're in public, not at home and here is a bunch of future wanna-be heroes running around who wouldn't like to hear people talk about corpses.", growled the smallest of Izuku's companions, who looked a bit like the emo-version of Stain's son.

"I am so sorry, but… who are you?", asked the heterochromatic teen into the round of grotesque comrades and pulled all their attention at him.

"So, how would it be if we sat down for coffee or tea and introduce each other in peace?", suggested Izuku with a smile and took Shoutos hand.

Dabi shrugged. 

"Is fine by me."

Shortly after that they found themselves in a Sunbucks-shop and sat down in a far-away corner, each of them armed with their favorite drink.

The youngest of the Todoroki's observed Izuku's friends a bit closer.

The blonde girl who had chosen an Iced Caramel-Macchiato took a sip of the drink with a smile.

Her smile had something threatening in it, especially with her unnaturally pointy carnies which looked dangerously sharp.

The young man with the black, spiky hair and the burn scars had picked an Espresso Con Panna gewählt, while the Izuku-double had decided for a Premium Hot Chocolate.

Izuku himself had a Chai Latte and he had, in his opinion a rather classy drink, with an Espresso.

The tallest of the group started the introduction.

"By now I go by the name Dabi. It's nice to see you again, Shouto."

Everyone stared at the ravenette in confusion, except for Surveye, who smiled sadly at his cup when he saw the incomprehension in the two-toned eyes of his friend.

"It's okay to explain it to him.", was everything he said quietly and still the black-haired male with the turquoise eyes flinched as hid the broker had hit him.

"How do you know?", he asked almost soundlessly and started to fidget with his fingers.

"Your eyes. And then I thought about what happened to the others and that allowed me to explain the wounds. I knew someone was missing and it was easy to understand that everyone would have done anything to satisfy him."

The oldest teen simply nodded as he stared at the table and swallowed drily. He looked like he would break down in tears at any given moment.

"Would you like us to go away for a bit?", questioned Izuku with a soft and smooth voice but Dabi shook his head no.

"I really didn't expect… I… I… I missed you, little brother."

Toga choked on her drink.

Chapter Text


He must have not heard right!

That had to be a misunderstanding!

A joke!

Yes, that had to be it, they just wanted to –


It was no hoax, was it?

"My birth name is Touya Todoroki.",

explained the man with the black hair quietly as he lifted his gaze shortly time and again in an attempt to read Shouto's expression but he didn't dare to look at the familiar and yet so different eyes of his parents for a longer span of time,

"I… I actually was Enji's favorite before you. I am so very sorry that I couldn't save you. I should have… been there! Th-there's so much… I could have changed things - should have! I should have kept you away from what happened but… I had been too weak.

And then… Mum should have saved you, not me. She should have saved herself rather than her wayward son. And when… when… I wanted to return ‐ really! I wanted to make up for everything, catch up and work through - but I was scared. Officially I'm a villain, a criminal. I never really did something bad to someone, but..."

A hand placed itself on his own and made him Stop in his ranting.
Silently the tears dropped down onto his lap and he felt like he had swallowed a rag.


"It's okay.",

said Shouto and the voice of his youngest brother sounded warm and understanding,

"If anyone knows what it's like to be the favorite of our old man it should be me and I have a good guess what happened to you. And I'm glad that at least one of us got away from him. It shows that everyone of us will be able to leave him behind someday.

It's not your fault what happened and I would never blame you, just be happy that you didn't have to suffer any longer."

The ravenette rose his head and nodded with round eyes as tears continued to drop down, unstopped.

And then Dabi smiled and it was one of the brightest ones the world would ever see.

"And you knew?", asked Shouto after a while with a husky voice.


The greenette smiled weakly and shrugged.

"There would have been no use to throw you two together into a room any sooner. I knew he was your missing brother the very same moment I laid my eyes on him – but he wasn't in the right state and you were neither, you were not ready to see each other back then. I think I would have waited until after your summer-camp to introduce you, but this is a way as well."

Bother, Dabi and Shouto threw some nasty looks at the Broker, but he smiled like this death-threats were not happening.
"Do you want to leave it with your own family-reunion or my I introduce you to my new family?"

The dual-male crooked his head to the side.

"Your family?"

Izuku beamed at him and pointed at the other teens.

"I've got a new family! They all are my family! We take care of each other. Everybody helps everybody and everyone supports our community. Surveyes-Villa is really beautiful. You should come and visit us sometime soon and see everything for yourself!"

Shouto nodded smiling and took a sip of his coffee.
"I'd like that but what do you think about introducing the rest of your group? It seems like everybody knows me already."

Toga waved him off giggling and she held a hand in front of her mouth.
"It's hard to know nothing about you, sweety~ But I could tell you everything I've heard. My name's Toga Himiko but please, call me Toga-chan, I'm a good friend of Isumi here."

Izuku turned read as his friend observed him with a lifted brow.

Isumi was, as far as he knew, a girls' name.

"It's no crime to be a Crossdresser, Toga.",

threw the youngest of the group into the round as he examined his fingernails before he looked up and bowed shallowly into Shouto's direction,

"I go by Yamikumo. It's nice to finally meet you."

The taller teen returned the bow and while Toga, who sat between Touya and Yamikumo, started to tell them giggling about blood and hot boys, a blue and a grey eye observed a half-blind boy who was drinking tea.

Crossdressing, huh?

That was not Shouto would have thought of Izuku. On the other hand, the small teen was filled to the brim with surprises and nobody would guess that he was the infamous Surveye.
Surveye… who apparently was the owner of a Villa that was home to a lot of teenagers.

"Surveye's-Villa?", murmured he so that only Izuku could hear him, not wanting to interrupt the conversation of their companions.

Stains son nodded with a smile and placed his almost empty cop on the table.

"Yes. I always wanted to have a Villa and so I commissioned one so that we could move there someday. A few days after Dad was… captured… I found a group of homeless, quirkless teens on the street and I invited them home. Some days later another group arrived. A bit after that Dabi and Toga joined and today we got a new arrival."

Endeavors son chuckled lightly.

It sounded a lot like Izuku to help perfect strangers in every way he could.

His gaze wandered over the scar on the boy's face who he had mistaken as Izuku for a short second when they met.

The villain followed the look of his hero.

"He lips as well. This scar is rather common by now but only a few are unable to walk normally."


"Because now I am not the only suspect. They knew what they got themselves into."

"It's still cruel."

The green eyes became clouded with a dark mist of sadness and shame.

"I know.", whispered the smaller boy and rushed to finish his drink and to not let his remorse boil over any longer.

Shoutos eyes found a clock in the shop and grew round.

He only had a couple minutes left until he had to be at the meeting point!

Hastily he drowned the remains of his Espresso and stood up.
"I am so sorry but I have an appointment with my classmates. I have to go now!"

"We'll tag along.", decided Touya/Dabi and stood up as well while he put on his coat in one, single, fluid movement.

Toga and Yamikumo drowned their drinks as well and got onto their feet as a signal that they were ready to go.

The last one to stand up was Surveye who walked over to Shouto and came to a halt next to him.

The UA-student observed the villains he had befriended with before he gave them a smile.

"Let's go."

On their way to the venue, the teens had no time to talk because they really had to rush because the youngest member of the Todoroki-family refused to meet up late with his "hopefully-soon-to-be-friends" and disappoint them.

They were there a lot earlier then most of the class but Tenya, Hitoshi, Ochaco, and Momo were already there and waiting and turned around as soon as they heard the steps that closed in fast and purposefully. 


Izuku simply overlooked the teen with the glasses who he knew from the past. Right now he was Zuko Idori, Shoutos first friend and the boy who had made Endeavor's son use his fire.

Yamikumo turned to be a really useful companion because like this the younger brother of the Iida's could not be sure if he really had Izuku Midoriya standing in front of him.

"Hello, Todoroki-Kun. On the point, truly laudable. Who are your companions?", greeted the ravenette.
He still used these robotic movements just like back then, noted the greenette.

"My name is Toga Himiko♡~ please call me Toga-Chan~"


"I am Akatani Mikumo, but please call me Yamikumo. Pleasure to meet you."

"Zuko Idori. I am so glad to finally meet you all in person! Shouchan told me so much about you and I saw you all at the Sports festival - is was amazing."

Izuku's smile was blinding and happy and forced a smile on the students' faces as well as they all thought the same thing: Shouchan?!

"So, you are Todoroki-kun's friend he was talking about the whole sports festival through.",

concluded a rather small girl who had her milk-chocolate colored hair cut to a bob and soft facial features before she bowed in the direction of the greenette,
"My name is Ochaco Uraraka. It's a pleasure to finally meet you."

Smiling the one she had spoken to nodded and then the introduction-round went on; and every time when new students arrived it started once more for the villains but the four teenagers didn't let themselves be disheartened and repeated their names over and over again together with how happy they were to meet the members of 1A. 

"There's a cinema close by. We thought about going there and getting tickets before doing something together while we wait. Would you like to accompany us?"

Izuku's eyes lit up and Toga jumped at the blonde boy with the tail who had suggested the plan.

The male villains glanced at each other and shrugged or nodded.

"'Course. Why not? We'd just have to inform our living-group that we plan on staying out a while longer.", explained Yamikumo.

The class exchanged questioning and skeptical looks at the word 'living-group'. These strangers did not look old enough to take care of themselves, yet they still followed the four teens when they started to head towards their meeting spot.


"It is stunning that you got through to Todoroki-kun so easily.",

told Uraraka with a friendly smile while she walked between Idori and Iida,

"I wouldn't have thought that I'd ever hear somebody say his given name, even less a nickname , without being blast-frozen!"

The greenette giggled and shook his head.

"Shouchan is pretty sociable when he feels understood and accepted. You have to give him some time but he is one who searches contact rather fast because he is sealed off most of the time. A lot of people I know are like that.", was his explanation and made both of Endeavors sons huff scoffing.


Yamikumo laughed quietly when he heard that. "You talk about them like others tell tales about their dog."

The one-eyed stared at the one who spoke wide-eyed before he turned red and looked around in the group hectically as he tried to explain stuttering how he actually meant it.

Everyone except for Zuko and Tenya had to laugh when they saw his behavior.

Ashamed, with a tomato-red head and glowing ears the curly-head hid behind his arms.

"Which school are you going to?",

asked Tenya the group of strangers and made all of Todoroki's friends freeze so that both boys who had walked behind Shouto, Ochaco and Zuko ran into them.

The expression of the greenette who obviously was the unofficial leader of the small group was like just had seen a horrifying ghost.

"School?", he asked with a pressed voice and a haunted look which made Bequest narrow his eyes in suspicion. Zuko Idori did not just look like Izuku Midoriya but also acted exactly the same way the quirkless individual had.

But then he saw the other's faces. Each and every one of the newcomers looked terrified.

"I can't return to school.", said the blonde girl with a smile and for the first time the smile looked forced.

"Too high of a risk.", growled the black haired teen with the burn-scars as he observed the visitors of the mall tensely.

The other greenette was hyperventilating and his seeable eye was squinted together as Zuko tried to calm him down with Shouto's help.

Well… that was also a way how to answer a question.

His classmates looked startled, only Shouto reacted to the behavior of the other teens like it was something normal and did everything possible to defuse the situation.

"I apologize! That question was uncalled for."

Zuko raked his fingers through his curls and smiled weakly, wobbly, forced.

"No no. Please don't apologize. It was a perfectly regular question, you couldn't have known..."

The ravenette model student nodded curtly and straightened out of his 90° bow.

"This seems to be a rather intense topic.", mumbled Mina a bit away from Koyoka who nodded silently and observed the other teens.

"I'd really like to know what exactly's going on with them.", whispered Ochaco who had went over to the other girls of her class to make space for the small, strange group.

"It would be indecent to ask. This is their matter.", hissed Momo as she glanced at the odd group time and again - nobody had chased away Shouto and their classmate didn't look like he thought he should leave his acquaintances alone.

"I'm sure that's something that you'd rather tell good friends than perfect strangers ~quero."

The girls nodded and opened their round a bit so that Denki and Sato could stand with them.

"What do you think of this?", asked the blonde with the bolt in his hair.

"Of what exactly?"

The boy with the electricity Quirk made a vague motion with his hand towards the noticeable group.

"Everything. Todoroki's new "friends" ; their reaction to one, single, harmless word; this living group they're supposed to meet with soon. Who says that they're no villains and that we're running straight up into a trap?! Probably these four are searched criminals and were inviting them to watch a movie with us!"

That was a though that hadn't crossed the hero-hopefuls minds before.

"I actually just wanted to say that something about this Idori is odd.",

mumbled Rikido meekly after this big speech of Kaminari,

"He had this certain kind of vibe… and the others are so strange as well. And I don't mean this good-strange but rather this stay-away-strange. It's not nice to break one's promise or to cancel a date but I'd like to uninvite them."

Now Tenya approached the gossip group as well.

He looked serious and unhappy.

"I noticed something that you won't like but I'd ponderously request you to sever any contact with these newcomers."

"What did you find, Rep?"

"We don't really want to interact with them anyway."


The ravenette looked surprised but he accepted his classmate's opinion gratefully because it just supported his own.

"The scars Idori-kun and Yamikumo have – I've seen them, or rather: the symbol, somewhere else before.",

explained the class rep somberly for his classmates who listened closely,

"My brother had the crossed-out eye cut into his back, next to him was a message that he would be thankful for it someday. The same symbol is found in every crime scene caused by Surveye. It is called the ' Surveye '. They are henchmen of Stain and his son."

Chapter Text

The group of Surveye's-Villa met on point.


Nobody was even a minute too late and it was almost stunning for the to-be-heroes when suddenly six groups of four seemed to emerge out of thin air and collected at the same spot as if there had been an unnoticeable signal.

They all looked so… plain. Even if some of the teens were limping and if more of them had the scar crossing over their eye.
The only one who stuck out of the group like a sore thumb was a young man who looked like a humanoid-lizard.

Zuko greeted the group with a smile and asked one after the other if everything went well and if everyone bought what they should.
Every team had fulfilled its task effortlessly and Tenya felt a pang of jealousy in his heart when he had to witness that this most-likely-to-be-villains were better at working together than them, the next generation of heroes.

"So: Who'll go home now?"

Some hands rose and those who had come forward were soon holding all the purchases which had been given to them in a short span of time and an orderly fashion. The older and stronger ones had to carry more and heavier things than the younger and weaker teens.
It was the display of a perfectly synced community and their behavior bordered on collective consciousness which was frightening and eerie to watch, but on the other hand so extremely stunning.

Imagine how they could fight together.
The thought scared Tenya and the ravenette shook his head harshly to chase away the scenes that started to form in his mind.
It might not be enough to defeat All Might himself but if such a large group were to work together in perfect harmony and without any need for communication they would be able – with or without Quirks – to defeat one strong opponent or a smaller group with stronger members.


said Zuko with a smile and looked around as one part of his group went to the train station and the other split up again to enjoy the rest of the day and the night,

"We're ready to go."


The little brother of Ingenium closed his eyes for a short moment and took a deep breath.

He respected Zuko – just to avoid saying that he was afraid of him – and didn't want to land on the greenette's bad-side by being unfriendly or rude.
Still, each following interaction of this stranger with the class was too much of a risk.

"I am terribly sorry but we, as a class, talked one more time about inviting you and reached the collective conclusion that it would be safer for everyone to part our company here."

Zuko's expression was one of bafflement for a few seconds before he lowered his head and his wild curls cast a shadow over most of his face.

"Oh… I… I understand."

He looked up again with a forced smile on his face that pushed his cheeks up in a way that looked painful. In his eyes was a dull glint of tiring resignation which caused most of the students to feel bad, and then Idori-kun did one thing that was like a kick in the stomach.


He bowed.

"Thank you, that we could spend some time with you. It was an honor to meet future top-heroes and to talk to them as well – especially for us. We'll be on our way now. Surely it would not be good for your reputation to know people who spend most of their lives in the darker grey-zones."


After that, the small teen straightened again and vanished big, long strides in the wild maelstrom of colors that the happy mass of people was and left the class of future heroes behind with a feeling of regret and Shouto with a letter for the class-president.

The bi-colored boy harrumphed to gain the attention of his classmates as he joined them.

"Zuko left this for you, Iida-kun."

Hesitantly the ravenette took the letter with was made out of a heavy, rather antique-looking paper that seemed to be quite expensive.

'In the end, you won't get rid off us, class 1A.

To a well future cooperation! And thank you that I was able to see Shouchan so early again. 

I hope you'll pass the next test better than this one.

And congratulations on passing the exams, when we're talking about examinations already!
<X> '

Confused he read the text.


Then he read it a second time.


The sign obviously was the 'Surveye' .

He swallowed dryly.

"Todoroki-kun. Are you sure that your… friend… is no villain?"

Endeavor's son simply shrugged as if he wanted to say: 'And even if?'


Tenya cleared his throat and said loudly what Zuko had left them behind as a letter. 


Momo frowned.
"Which test?"

"Quero ~ did he really sign with the 'Surveye' ?"


"They are... ... . . . getting rid off?!"

Were the questions the class president was able to understand in the chaos, and he only deciphered them with a lot of effort.

"We should wrap up this outing as soon as possible and return home to prepare for our school trip. It would not be wise to stay out in the open where we're easy targets to attack."

Everyone nodded and the group dispersed in a matter of a few seconds because everyone gladly rushed to get themselves to safety.

Sighing Shouto shook his head and looked around to find the villain. He would not let his first outing in his life be ruined.

For a while he wandered around aimlessly between shops, families, and groups until somebody brushed against his arm and he turned his head just to stand in front of Yamikumo.

"So you didn't turn your tail like the rest of your awesome classmates?"

The taller teen shook his head and the double of his best friend grinned like a skull.
"Up to spending a bit more time with us?"

He nodded and was grabbed at his wrist by the younger at the very same moment and pulled through the mall until he stood in front of a familiar, small group once more and finally could relax.

Together they wandered through the mall, left the place after some time to saunter through the streety of the city instead.

And Izuku could tell a lot about their city.
For every alley, every shop, every dark side-street he seemed to have his own, little story.
Nice memories seemed to be a rarity but each showed why Izuku Chizome was who he was and Shouto soaked up every word like a dried sponge would soak up water.
He really wanted to understand his friend better.

"... it was almost ridiculous! I mean, picture this: I, a small, half-blind, homeless kid stood there with nothing more than a pocket knife between a group of grown-up thugs and this young lady who was almost strangling me with her grip and this- haha - this guys were seriously trembling in their boots! Out of fear! Because of me! I mean, how pathetic can one be?"

"Oh! Oh oh oh oh~! Did you kill them, Izuchan? Did you? Did you?!"

"No. It went down like this: ..."

Touya bumped his arm lightly against Shouto's to gain his baby brother's attention.

"It pretty interesting to listen to him, ain't it?"


"Yeah… compared to his my life looks soooooo… so harmless."

"I'm rather happy to not be in his skin.",

said the ravenette affirmative,

"But I also wouldn't want to be in yours. Why don't you move out? I'm sure Zuko would have a way to remove you from the heartburn legally."

"And where should I go then?", inquired the younger brother quizzically, although the nickname for his father made the corner of his mouth twitch upwards for a bit.

Their conversation had gained the attention of the group.

"You're always welcome in the Villa, Shouchan! You could move in with us every day you'd like to, we have enough free beds."

What a temptation.

"I don't think Fuyumi would allow me to. And to convince Endeawhore would be a chunk of work.", was his mumbled reply.

Izukus expression was one of plain excitement and he stumbled towards his friend like a clumsy puppy.
"No no! It'll work out! I'm sure you'll be allowed to live with us! After all, we're a therapeutical-institution for children and adolescents with traumatic-/violent-/ and abuse-history! You would fit in perfectly!

I have some guys from the child protective services on my side, I could send them to your home because of child abuse and neglect and use this suspicion to blackmail your begetter into handing you over to us if he doesn't want an official trial!"

Toga and Yamikumo were nodding along enthusiastically and only the Todoroki-brothers looked skeptical but then Shouto felt a smile creep onto his lips and nodded.
"When are we going to start and how soon do I need to pack?"

Izuku cheered and jumped into the air with a victory-pose which made all the people around them look at them weirdly but the group simply laughed.

Whoever said that villains couldn't be funny was wrong.

Delighted the serial-killer began to tell his hero-friend about the rules in the Villa, what the building looked like, how the people there were. And then he started to talk about the gaps and shortcuts in the Protection of Young Persons Act.

An endless flood of words bubbled out of the mouth of Stain's adopted son. Sometimes they were understandable, sometimes just silent mumbling - at some point, the other villains turned away in an annoyed-amusement because they already knew this behavior of their leader but Shouto simply let the other talk; as long and as much as he wanted to.
It was nice to just listen, especially because he never repeated himself.

Izuku was always thinking onwards, a bit further ahead, a bit more complicated than before – there was no chance for him to say something two times.

The people were throwing wry looks at the greenette but he was so deep down in his very own mind that he did not notice and his taller companion already made it his purpose to save his friend from colliding with others with gentle pushing and pulling.

And still, he was listening intently.

It was such a pure, unsullied form of rapture that one couldn't struggle against it.


And when his new friends accompanied him to his house together with two workers of the CPS to discuss him moving into the Villa with his family he couldn't just send them away and so they came with him, although he did ask Touya and Toga to wait outside.

His brother didn't complain and almost seemed relieved.

The girl was disappointed but accepted it in the end and waited in front of the door with a pout.

Fuyumi though the idea was – instead of what Shouto expected – not bad but was rather keen that her little brother could live together with his friends at a place with other teens who could understand what he went through.

His father hated the idea but the officials and Izuku presented enough blackmail-material so that the "hero" was forced to crumble.


They arranged that Shouto's supervision was to be transferred to the manager of the Villa and that he would move there the very next day and that he could take everything of importance for him with him exactly the same day, although he had to promise that he would spend every Saturday with his family - it was not hard to promise that.

And so it came that Izuku arrived the next day with all the occupants of the Villa so that they could meet Shouto and help with carrying his things.

Chapter Text

"Are you sure that you want to drive with you class and not with us? I'm positive that our training-camp is going to be just as good as yours, if not even better."

"Yes, Izu, I'm sure. I still am a UA-Student and I can't simply refuse to go to lessons."

"Meh... okay. I hope you'll have fun on your way through hell. I am convinced that your school doesn't have anything fun in mind.", giggled the boy with the curly hair as he closed the trunk of the bus they had rented. 

It was planned for all the occupants of the Villa to make a trip to a mountain cabin that belonged to a hero-quartet that offered training for schools if one could pay the price.

"But we'll drive you to UA! I insist!"

Shouto sighed but accepted his fate and entered the car.

As he had found out there were ideed five residents in Surveye's-Villa that knew how to drive, yet only two of them actually had a license and only one of those had been aquired in a legal way and only three of those five people were old enough to drive legally.

Consequently it was Spinner, the only one who really-really was allowed to, who sat behind the steering-wheel and started the motor of the vehicle after checking that everyone was in their seat.

"Well then, my friends! Layover UA and then we're driving through in one go!", called the lizard-human thrilled and stepped onto the gas pedal.

Everyone cheered and spurred on their driver, Shouto felt himself smile crookedly.

The past month where he had stayed with the Villa had been the best time of his life and he had let down his walls without really noticing it.

He was smiling more, was more relaxed, did not flinch as much as he tended to do; physical contact was still a sensitive topic but when it happened that Dabi or Izuku brushed up against him, he did go up in flames or freeze everything without wanting to.

Their "not-really-but-still" kind of shabby VW-Bus stopped in front of UA's gate where the far more modern vehicles that would bring the students to their camp were waiting.

Izuku and Dabi got off together with Shouto to help him with wrenching his bag out of the trunk.

The ravenette ruffled through his baby brothers hair before disappearing inside the piteously colorful vehicle while the leader of the Villa stayed with their newest member to escort the bi-coloured boy.

Everyone in class 1A tensed when they recognized the mildly familiar figures that were accompanying Shouto.

Izuku followed his friend to the border of the school grounds where he gave him a quick peck on the cheek before he turned his back to the hero-students and returned to the rundown bus.
He turned around one more time and waved with a broad grin.

"Have fun, Shouchan! Take care of yourself and learn as much as you can!"

The everyone's shock Shouto responded with a hearty smile and returned the gesture with the same enthusiasm.
"Will do! Take care of you and everyone as well, Zu! We'll see each other again in three weeks!"

More than one had to pick up their jaw from the ground after that.

As Shouto was talking with his classmates Izuku watched from the distance with a cold stare and halted in the middle of the passageway of the bus so that everyone could see him and clapped his hands.

"I'd like to have your undivided attention?"

Everything became quiet.

"Thank you. So:
As you all know, we're going to visit a summer-training-camp that takes care of hero-schools regularly. We are going to help with educating the UA-hero-courses and will train in the meantime. Everyone who has a Quirk are going to be trained by the heroes there to use them. I expect more from you than to just mind your own business and ignore the heroes - this is our chance to open their eyes and we're going to take it. Understood? Perfect. But don't forget, we're on vacation. Have fun if you see the chance!"

Everyone was hoping and making their agreeance known.


With a sigh he dropped onto his seat and massaged his temples with closed eyes.

He would like to allow the members of the Villa to have a nice stay where they could befriend normal teens and reconnect with outside world while growing stronger.

But his sources and his instinct were telling Stains' heir something else.

His father had advised him to listen to his gut-feeling which was why he had kept his ears wide open and asked around more thoroughly over the span of this week.


The League had denounced the contract with him and he had visited the bar immediately after that and destroyed everything that was linked to his notes with acid and made their video of his father disappear from the internet.

But now he had no idea who belonged to the ranks of the league, which resources they had and contacts.

The underground is – more than anything else – a minefield where one wrong threat or movement could cause a full blown war .


And Shigaraki was getting better. He had understood that a simple "I kill what I hate" won't cut it and that made him a stranger opponent.

Surveye knew that the target of the League was in the ranks of class 1A but the only question left was: Who?
Shouto? Momo? Ochaco? Tenya?... Katsuki?

Hastily he grabbed his notebook and started to write.

But of course it was Katsuki Bakugo! The monster of the sports festival that somehow should be tamed and shaped to a pro hero.

Kacchan had scared the people badly and nobody really had accepted that this monstrosity that was raging down there in the arena should save them someday.

A lot of them had said that this boy there had more potential as a villain rather than a hero and if that really were to happen… then the whole hero-society would have a problem because everyone would point at UA-High, one of the roots of heroism!

So simple, yet so brillian!

He just had to prevent it; even better – use it to his advantage!
A clear statement and maybe a small demand...


"Are you the youth-group for Quirkless/ToBes - history of violence & abuse victims?", asked Ragdoll cheerful and let her unfocussed eyes brush over the group.

"Yes, Ragdoll-Sama. That, we are. We're happy to meet you and Tiger-Sama."

The woman laughed and made a dismissive movement with her hand that looked a lot more eye-catching thanks to the cat-paws of her costume than it would have with her bare hands.

"It's alright, kitten. Just call us by our hero-names."

The kids nodded and relaxed a bit more and Tiger, who had stood further away until now, took it as a sign that he could approprach.
It had been a measure that his colleagues had decided for, that he should leave a bit air for the kittens so that they wouldn't feel threatened because of him.

But he saw that this whippersnappers were tough. They wouldn't be scared because of someone like him, each one if them looked too confident and sturdy for that.

"I am the leader of our living group.", explained a boy with green hair, scarred face, one blind eye, and freckles smiling,

"My name is Zuko Idori, it's a pleasure to make acquaintance with such a good hero-group as yours. We hope we'll be able to learn a lot more about teamwork from you.

How would we be able to help with the heroes lessons? There was something mentioned about it in the E-Mail…?"

"You were the one Pixie-Bob wrote with?"

The teen nodded and closed his eyes as he gave them a broad grin.

"Zuko here, is taking care of everything in the house on his own." , explained a black haired male with burn-scars over his whole body and rested one half-dead hand on the smaller boys shoulder.


The adults blinked, stunned. That was not what they expected. They had counted on a professional supervisor but it looked like there were only children and adolescents.

"About how you could help us: Please climb down here and hide in the forest. The class 1B is going to arrive soon and we'll send them down to you. They will to try to get through the forest to the lodge, and you will have to stop them."

All the kids nodded and looked at the heroes as if they were soldiers who were getting orders from a superior.

"And when can we get to the lodge?", asked the lizard-human who stuck out in the group like a sore thumb.

"As soon as the first of the class B arrives."

The teens chuckled and giggled behind their hands and the one who as likely to be the oldest of the group shook his head disappointed.
"Yes. But if we wait for that it'll take up the whole span of the trainings camp. And I don't think the UA-students are able to survive this long in a forest."

"We will give you a signal with Mandalay's Quirk around six o'clock, that you can stop fighting and come to the lodge should that really happen, kittens."

"Are we allowed to use our Quirks?", asked one of the elders, he had honey-coloured hair.

"Of course. The other class is going to use their Quirks as well!"

"And everyone else can use their weapons?", inquired Zuko – no. Wair. That wasn't Zuko. The leader of the group was still standing at the side of the one with the burn-scars and the blonde girl with the cat-eyes.

Tiger nodded affirming. 


"If you've brought them with you, you are allowed to use them. Idori-san checked in about this beforehand. But you should prepare yourself now and get on the way."

"And don't injure anybody! I will know it if you do something you are not allowed to!"

The group walked to the bus and the few ones who seemed to form some kind of inner-circle distributed the harmless arms as well as fake-blood to the group.

"Well then. The fake blood is going to help to identify which students had been hit, how often and where. I will present a detailed report of the fights after the exercise. Analysing of fights and Quirks is a little hobby of mine that I'd like to refine.", disclosed the one-eyed leader of the troop while the occupants of the Villa already were on their way down, after that he gave a playful salute and climbed after them.


"You just have to get to the lodge. There'll be food! We'd reach it around four o'clock. Kittens who'll be there before five get something to chew.", informed the woman delighted.


The students looked at each other, filled with determination and started to climb down the cliff. 

Only when they reached the middle Ragdoll yelled some important triviality after them.
"UA isn't alone here this time! There is a group of 28 in the forest! But only four of them have Quirks. On the other hand, they have, knives, rifles and guns, but only the not-lethal version! Yet again, most of those kids grew uo of the streets so don't underestimate them!"

A lot of the students froze, two lost their grip and one fell out of the air where he had held himself with his Quirk.
As soon as the first of them landed on the ground shots rang through the forest and one could only witness how red spots bloomed on their chest and head.


The class B had been carried to the lodge point six o'clock by the occupants of the Villa.

Each and every one of them was unconscious and artificial blood from top to bottom and wouldn't it have been for their unscathed skin one would have thought that they had been dead or at least severely injured.

Zuko brought a notebook to the teachers and the Pussycats the very same evening which contained detailed records of the behaviour, character, fighting style and the usage of the Quirk of every student, and also the proposal to do the same thing with class A.

It was a terrible to see his class like that for Vlad Kind and Eraserhead requested the leader of the Villa to repeat the exercise with his own students and of course Izuku complied.

Right now he was standing in the changing rooms to the bath, all the students and the boys of the villa were in there, enjoying the hot springs and he was scares that Katsuki or Tenya would be able to identify him over his scars.

With a deep sigh he brushed his fingers through his hair.

It was more likely that the members of class B killed him before Kacchan could after all he had been the one to knock them all out.


With a plain, black towel wrapped around his waist he entered the foggy outdoor area.
Nobody noticed that he had arrived before he was gliding into the water close to Shouto and Dabi.

"Hey.", he mumbled quietly and stared at the water.

Beneath his ribs his heart was pumping his blood away with an unusual enthusiasm with which it wanted to ensure that he had a headstart should he want to make a run for it.

The one and only person who had seen all his scars had been his father.

He was not quite sure if he was ashamed of them, in the end they were the prove that he survived – each of this injuries was caused by an attempt to end his life that did not succeed, after all – but it was awkward to show them so openly in front of friends and strangers.

"Yo, Boss.", greeted Dabi and lifted his and to a two-fingered-salute as a lazy grin adorned his lips. 


The youngest of the Todoroki's smiled warmly and nodded instead of a hello.
"Hey, Zu-Chan."

"Zuko! My buddy! This madmen here won't accept that we defeated them!", wailed Yamikumo from the other side of the pool where he had discussed with some hero-students heatedly. 


The greenette blinked slowly and crooked his head to the side with his brows pulled up.
"That would be new news for me.", he said nonchalantly.

"Great heroes you are! Can't even live with being defeated!", heckled Luke.


Stain's successor shook his head waded through the water without any strain to reach his Double.
His eyes examined the body of the other boys and he wouldn't even have to be trained in that to see how weak the UA-students were.

Disapprovingly he clicked his tongue and shook his head.

"It was foreseeable that you would lose against us. The Villa exists since more or less four months and we trained all this time without avail so that we were able to perfect our teamwork. I'm almost two heads smaller than most of you and still I have three times as much muscle-mass."

That made a lot of the boys look a bit closer.

"How manly is this?! What regime do you have? And since when do you train?!", called a redhead with pointy teeth and toppled towards the villain like a overzealous Golden Retriever.

Tetsutetsu from class B followed Eijiro Kirishima on the foot and soon after they were deep down in a conversation with Izuku and Sato, who had entered shortly after, about different exercises and their pros and cons and how one could change them to work out better.

Yamikumo observed Stain's adopted son with a shrug and started to talk with Denki, Asawe and Kosei about pranks they could drop on different students. 

Yes, he had a humor that was pitch black and he fancied to view thing in a pessimistic way, but to precipitate other into ruin brightened up his day and made - if he was to be believed - his life worthwhile again.

Luke started to converse with Tenya and Spinner dragged a bunch of the students into an animated chat and all the other members of the Villa followed shortly after, chiming in comments about their favourite themes and soon gaining some collocutor. 

In the end Fumikage, Shouto and Touya were sitting far away from everyone else and watched them as they were being social creatures.

"Ewww… interpersonal contact. I think I'll drown myself.", grumbled the ravenette and dived underwater and let bubbles soar up.

Both UA-students stared at the bubbling water for a while then they started laughing.

Chapter Text

The occupants of the Villa had to share their rooms with the UA-students of both classes, only girls and boys were separated.


In the boys' room, both classes were trying to stay away from each other as much as possible while the villains took up most of the space between them depending on which group they got along with better.


Only Izuku Chisome stayed away from everyone else. Each time Katsuki Bakugo or Tenya Iida said something he took it as a clue to make himself a bit smaller. 

He did not know why they didn't identify him but he was scared of the moment when they did.

In the next room, all the girls had sat down in a big circle to chat.

Which colour fit whom and why?

Which kind of clothes was ideal to fight in?

How could one perfect their costume?

Which of the boys was the best fighter, the hottest, and who would be the best catch?
What kind of techniques did the boys have down to a notch and where were they themselves better?
Which weapon fits the own fighting style the most and what did that tell about your personality?

Usal girl-stuff, as it is.

"Sadly I'm not good with this stuff.", told Toga with a regretful smile.

"But Zu-Chan's an ace with make-up, hair, and clothes. Maybe she'll visit us over here, should she feel like it!"

"... Zu-... Chan?", asked Kendo with a tense smile.

Ochaco beamed at the prospect of meeting more girls of the Villa. They were amazing fighters!

"Didn't you call Idori-San that?", questioned Tokage worriedly.


"The Boss's a crossdresser.",

explained one of the girls of the Villa with a smile,
"He's not into women, should that be your concern. He went on a trip with Toga-Chan, Sakushi-Chan and I for a whole day.
Shopping and to a Café, after that home to dress up and for styling and then to a Club. When he dresses as a girl he's Izumi - he even acts differently."

"Although one should not underestimate Izumi, she can kick your ass while wearing Stilettos, no prob!", quipped a girl with the Surveye-scar and a rather fresh-looking scar on her right cheek that obviously had been stitched.


"True. Don't you have this scar from a private training lesson with Izumi? Though you did get away rather fine, even if it doesn't look nice."

The scarred girl took in the one who had talked for a short moment before recognition lit up her eyes.
"Right! Something like this happened with you as well!"

The redhead nodded and lifted her shirt so that everyone got a good look at an older scar that went from her bellybutton to her hip bone.
"It was a stupid accident, shouldn't have gone so close while Zuko was having a nightmare."

"But when one doesn't wake him up he gets such a bad mood in the morning.", chirped one of the younger ones and made every girl of the Villa nod.


The students of UA-High exchanged some certain looks before they steered the conversation to lighter grounds in the most subtle way, but they all remembered the little stories of the violent behavior of the legal-guardian.


The next morning at four-thirty in the early morning all groups were standing around the heroes.


The heroics-students were a heartbeat away from falling asleep while standing upright, although class B looked a bit better than class A.


And then there was Surveye's elite.

Some of them were yawning from time to time, there were a few of them who hadn't got the chance to do their hair but every one of them looked fresh and completely conscious.

"Okay, I'm going to make this short: Bakugo, throw the ball."

Some students started the mumble and whisper excitedly and Kirishima exclaimed that his friend would be able to throw the ball a mile wide.

Izuku observed the scene stonefaced although he hid eyes in the shadow of his hair.


With a scream that was overpowered by an explosion, the blonde hauled the ball as far as he could.

Aizawa held up a device with a nightmare-worthy girn that disclaimed a 709,87m long distance. 


Only two meters more than at the beginning of the year.

Izuku rushed to hold a hand over his mouth to hide his grin and stifle a giggle. Poor Kacchan, he must feel devastated.

Indeed did Katsuki look rather irritated and not pleased with his achievement.

"What did you expect? Yes, you fought a lot and learned cool techniques and stuff but your Quirks still are on the same level - or did you use them so much in the past time that everything hurt and you felt nauseous even at the thought of ever using them again?"

Shouto did indeed feel like vomiting when he remembered his own training; both, his father and Izuku were ruthless - but in other stances and ways.

"I want Dabi to throw a ball as well.",

proclaimed the greenette with crossed arms,

"When he arrived he was able to throw 592.77 meters with his Quirk - sadly, it melted our gauge."

Aizawa simply threw a ball at the black-haired teen who easily grabbed it out of the air and rolled his shoulders and head before he took stance at the same place where Katsuki stood seconds ago.

"Let's see what your training from hell archived, Zuko.", was his barely hearable, mumbled comment as he threw the ball straight up in the air a couple of times to test its weight.

At the remark of the boy, Shouta's brows shot up to his hairline but he still did not really expect what came next.

The blue-eyed male spun around to gain speed like when one would throw a discus and let the ball fly with a yell and an explosive flame - and the projectile disappeared somewhere in the blue of the sky.

Only some seconds later he could hold up a display that showed 940.13 meters. 


Dabi grinned smugly and cracked his neck. 

Zuko did not look as convinced from the performance and started to gnaw at his thumb as he breathed something to himself that nobody understood. In the end, he still nodded minimally and smiled.

Shouta noted to himself that the ravenette only really relaxed after the assuring smile before he explained how everything was going to continue:

"Well then. Everyone with a Quirk is going to receive individual training. Zuko can change it whenever just tell one of the heroes when you want to try what he says. Everyone who's quirkless is going to get trained by Mandalay and me in teamwork, hand-to-hand and usage of weapons."

After that the day became hell. The training each group was dragged through was tiring and degrading.

Izuku certainly had not been wrong when he said that one did not want to use their Quirk after that.

Shouto felt like he was about to pass out at any given moment and his head felt weirdly stuffed thanks to the constantly changing temperature. But he gritted his teeth and froze the water in which he was sitting once more.

Katsuki hissed and cursed as his skin touched hot water and turned red at the contact.

It burned. 

It did not matter if he was creating explosions, if the water boiled in his skin or if the overheated flesh was brushed by the air – it burned.

Ochaco swayed and tried her best to keep the content of her stomach down there a while longer. But her body refused to cooperate and she doubled over, shaking. It was exhausting enough for her to simply not let herself fall into the pool of sick in front of her feet.

"Maybe you should sit down for a short while.", told a quiet voice and then there was an arm slung around her shoulders and the girl was lead to the edge of the woods.


Through the veil of tears that covered her doe eyes, she was able to see a gloved hand with some golden candies.

"Take all of them. They help against nausea and repress your gag-reflex."

Her fingers trembled when she attempted to take the sweets and the that she actually managed to pick slipped out of her weak grip.


The stranger's hand caught the candy before it even got close to the ground.

"Open your mouth."

She did as she was told without even thinking about it and all three treats were placed on her tongue before warmed leather touched her yaw and closed her mouth for her with gentle pressure.

Soon the taste of bile was replaced by the spicy flavor of ginger and the sweetness of honey.

And indeed, her stomach calmed down a bit and she found the strength to wipe away the tears which had streamed over her face.

"Better?", asked Zuko with a smile as his hand rubbed soothingly over her back.

Ochaco cawed a "Yes, thanks." which made the greenette beam for a short second.

"They banned me from training because I was able to defeat Eraserhead, Mandalay, and Tiger.", he told with a regretful tone while his eye was strictly staring at the practicing heroes.


She blinked.

He had been able to… defeat heroes in one-on-one battles?

"Did you know that some members of the Villa are afraid of you?", questioned Ochaco as she watched Tsuyu climbing.
She used the same tone as Zuko.

"They would be stupid if they were not afraid. We're no heroes, Uravity. And I - out of everyone who lives in the Villa - the least."

He looked away from his point in the nowhere and noticed Hitoshi who was doing his exercises and also looked like he was about to collapse.

"Go back to your training when you feel better.", he told her and threw a 500-piece-bag of the ginger-honey-candies at her.
Then he stood up and went over to the purple-haired boy who was swaying alarmingly by now.

Just as Hitoshi was panting and trembling and about to give in to his unpoised legs the greenette arrived and steadied him by placing one of his arms behind his neck.

"Come on, buddy. Let's take a little break.", said he cheery with an upbeat tone to his voice which made the insomniac let his head hand with a groan.

It was only 11 am and most of the class already were at their end.

The taller one of the gravity-defying-hair-duo got lead away to a tree by the smaller one where he sat him down so that he could lean against it comfortably.

"Why weren't you doing any Quirk exercises?", asked Zuko with big, round, confused eyes.

"My Quirk had been classified wrong - it's 'strength of will' and not 'brainwashing' . As soon as I started my training I started to develop super strength and superstrength.", groaned the purplette with the fuzzy hair.

"And so they decided to - just like the hero-school, it is - train the part of your Quirk that's viewed as heroic. Morons. And you can count yourself right in with them! Why did you not refuse this plan?! You don't have to work with your muscle mass but with your voice and the intricacy and capacity!"

– for a short moment did the greenette give the UA-student a once-over –
"Are you able to stand again?"

With a plaintive sound that came from the depths of his soul forced the boy with the lilac hair himself onto his feet.

"Good. Let's work with the important part of your Quirk; besides that, I'll give you some special lessons on how to comprehend situations quickly and estimate people so that you know when it's worth to start talking and when it's most efficient to strike."

Izuku dragged Hitoshi to Tenya who he stopped without any kind of regard or consideration.

"Order him to run just like he did before.", commanded Stain's heir and made Eraserhead's and All Might's favorite student blink in confusion.

"Uhmm... hi, Iida-Kun."

"Hello -"

"Run, just like you did before."

Immediately the boy with the glasses turned around and started to run again.

"Hmmm... Shouchan and Kacch- and Bakugo-kun have to feel what they're doing. It wouldn't be fair to use Uraraka-san and Tokoyami-kun depends on his consciousness as well. Who could we take…? Who would…? Oh! Come with me!"

And with these words strode the leader of the Villa over to Aoyama and made Hitoshi take control of him.

One after the other was pulled under Hitoshi's Quirk and he was forced to keep his classmates' exercises going, but soon he realized that the idea of creating his own army with his Quirk had been a really dumb one.
It took up his whole concentration and self-restraint to maintain this state and it was almost as if his "marionettes" were feeding off his own power and stamina because soon he was sitting against a tree with heaving lungs while sweat was cascading down his body in little rivulets and it felt worse than All Might's and Aizawa's training combined.

"Keep it up.", growled Zuko commanding and he would have liked to break down in tears at exactly this moment, but Iida was slipping out of his grasp and he couldn't let anybody go before he got Zuko's order to do so. (He was afraid of what would happen if he did.)

It burned. His head was filled with throbbing magma. The nose-bleeding started two eternities ago and he almost did not feel the liquid that was flowing over his lips to drop onto his clothes from his chin.

"Let go."

And that, he did.


It was only hours later when the purplette woke up on a sofa just to get an expression of compassion from Tenya together with a bowl of self-made Curry.


"Shouchan, heat up the Curry for me.", demanded Izuku and the taller teen had to duck out of the way to net ram the bowl into his nose which was held in front of his face. 

He took the food out of the hands of Stain's heir without further questions and warmed it up to its original temperature.

The curlyhead thanked him for that and vanished into the forest which had been entered by the kid that was with the Pussycats sometime earlier.

It was something so typical for the green-eyed teen that he had to smile.


The boy obviously hated quirked people and heroes – how convenient that he none of both.

Silently he placed the bowl of Curry next to the boy who was sitting in a safe distance to the cliffside.

"Eat. But be cautious, I've been told it's rather spicy."

The kid made a flippant and annoyed sound before turning his head away.
"Piss off you damn wannabe hero! This is my secret hideout, you shouldn't be here!"

"Don't wanna… and I don't belong to UA either."

That made the child stop and look at him in confusion.
"You don't?"


The greenette shook his head, smiling.
"No. Nobody of the Villa does. We don't long to become heroes as well. Besides that, most of us are quirkless and the few who have Quirks wish that they weren't born with 'em.", 

explained the killer with a friendly expression before he slid the bowl closer to the kid and sat down nearer as well,
"But before we continue talking, eat, little one. I will tell you everything you want to know afterward."

The boy with the cap nodded and dug in which the teen commented with a brotherly pat on the shoulder.

"Thath ipf tafty!", exclaimed the smaller boy excitedly and started to shovel the food into his mouth. 


Izuku chuckled and waited patiently until the heroes-son had finished and sat the bowl down.

"What's up with this Villa, Nii-san?"

The term of endearment made the older boy grin dopey and he placed an arm around the younger one's shoulder to shelter him from the cold wind that started to dance over the mountain.


"Can I tell you a secret?", asked he with a low voice and a conspiratorial smirk.
The black-haired boy nodded enthusiastically.

"Did you ever hear of Surveye?"

The boy's eyes were as round as saucers when he nodded.

"He owns the Villa. Rather: I own her."

Kouta looked like he wanted to run away, be he stayed where he was, still sitting.

"Y-you are... uhm... S-surveye...?"

"Jup. My actual name 's Izuku Chisome but right now I go by Zuko Idori, which is a hint at my birth name from before I got adopted."

"Do they all know that you… you know… kill people?"

"The members of the Villa do, the guys of UA don't; they don't have to, do they? I mean, it is kind of UA's fault that there are so many people in the Villa. Would heroes not make everything about Quirks there would be more respect for the Quirkless, and, who knows? Maybe, if they would not make everything so dependant on Quirks, then it might not be so tempting for some to become villains. And then this whole bloody circle of murder, death, and vengeance would come to an end."

"That's exactly what I'm saying the whole time!” 

– the boy started to fidget with the visor –

“Uhm… could I move into the Villa and life with you? I like the Pussycats, b-but…"

Smiling he took the red cap the boy wore to ruffle through the tousled, black hair before placing it lopsided on the former hairdo.

"If you want it, I could talk to the Pussycats if they'd be willing to hand your custody over to the Villa, how does that sound?"


The greenette clapped once with a grin on his lips and stood up.

"Well then, buddy, let's go back down before it gets late or they start getting concerned.", announced the villain beaming and lifted the boy onto his broad shoulders.

The way down through the forest was layered with peals of laughter, stories, and jokes until they stood in front of the lodge and Izuku put the boy on his own two feet again.


Before they split up later he told his new little friend exactly one more thing:
"You can talk to every member of the Villa you want to, whenever you want to. I'm sure they would be happy to spend time with you."


Chapter Text

Izuku was sitting in the kitchen together with the heroes and told them about the training improvements he had thought out, as well as the progress of the students he had watched and how their Quirks worked exactly.


He also mentioned his progress with Kouta, who had wanted Izuku to take him to bed earlier, and that the boy had asked him to try and get the heroes' permission to move into the Villa.

The Pussycats were excited about the openness of the boy, but the thought of giving him to mentally unstable Teenagers without an adult supervisor displeased them greatly.

“I would put your class through the same hell as the B tomorrow evening.“ he explained to Shouta Aizawa with a smile that made the teacher jealous.
“I would like to do it with the whole class instead of the 'test of courage'. You could move that one to the day after tomorrow.“

Pixie-Bob crossed her arms.
“Why don't you do your thing the day after tomorrow?“

The boy put his elbow on the table and rested his chin on his fist while fixating the heroine with his ghostly, lifeless and his, none the less creepy, working eye. 

His free, scarred hand reached for his cup and Zuko calmly drank a sip of his tea before he held the cup next to his face and explained:
"My Villa is much more trained than the brats of UA-High but still, after two days of intense training they are exhausted and not in the shape I need them to be in to throw a functioning assault at 1A. Let's don't forget that most of us still are quirkless."

The heroine had to gather all her nerves in order to not break under the feeling of bloodlust and danger and her colleagues had sweat on their foreheads as the green-haired boy put his cup down.

The sound of pottery hitting wood was unbearably loud in the tense silence.

“It's really getting late Idori-Shounen. Shouldn't you go to bed now as well?“

“I'm used to staying awake for two days and catching up in one night.

It makes the nightmares go away, you know?“

The adults were getting an uncomfortable shudder.

The boy looked out of the window with a melancholic look on his face and mustered the dark forest.
“Sometimes I miss my second eye.“ he said thoughtful and made the adults pale even more, “My leg as well – I mean, I still have it! – but it would be nice to be able to move it without pain.“

He sighed and traced the scars around his eye with his finger.

“But in the end, I can only thank myself for all the wounds on my body.

I'm grateful for the man who picked me up from the street that day, he cured me and lead me on the right path. He did so much for me and I will do everything possible to help others the same way he helped me… ah… I think I'll leave now.

Have a good night and a refreshing sleep, I will use the time to cook for tomorrow and train a bit.“

After the boy had walked away the teachers exchanged a look.

“The boy likely has the biggest mental issues of the whole group.“, stated Vlad dryly.

Shouta looked out of the window, that Zuko had looked out of as well.

"We can't exclude that. Heavy self-mutilation doesn't tend to be a sign of a healthy mentality. Who knows how all this kid grew up?"

Ragdoll tapped her chin. She was a lot calmer than usual. 

"All these kittens' of the Villa are in pain. Some are hurt worse than others, but Zuko and Dabi are worst."

Tiger examined the round before staring at the table. He had been beaten by Zuko in a matter of minutes. Eraserhead had been the one of them who fought the longest - it was suspicious.


Out of all the Pussycats, he always was the odd-one. The one who fought close-combat, the one who relayed on his muscle, the only man. But even he got a weird feeling from the one-eyed and he was sure the gals did as well.


"I really don't like it that he's hitting on Kouta.", growled the man and Mandalay nodded approvingly.

"It's going to end badly if we hand him over to the Villa."

"Kouta's staying with us."

"Are you sure about that still being your choice?", questioned Shouta somberly and Kan crossed his arms in front of his broad chest next to him.
"Zuko already has your boy on his side and he definitely won't leave him behind."

"We still have to try!"

"It not like he could just take him away."

Aizawa lifted a brow at that comment but left it by that. How could he even explain to them that he felt like the Villa had ripped Shouto Todoroki away from him?


The students of class A stood in front of Zuko in exhausted agitation who was grinning at them lazily while looking down at them to assess them.


Tenya could not help himself but to feel uneasy beneath these familiar eyes. He knew that Zuko Idori actually was Izuku Midoriya and thusly Surveye as well. But he would never dare to say it out loud and admit what happened in the past.


His brother was a hero without any kind of miss-step or failure – at least in his opinion – and it would stay this way.

Zuko Idori simply looked a lot like Izuku Midoriya and that did not matter.


The boy who was standing in front of them and telling them the instructions for their assignment was a silent hero who provided shelter to the abandoned and welcomed them with open arms.
Surely he was not the drunkhead, streetfighter, stalker, criminal, killer Izuku.

"Okay! I want you all to give your best! Quirks, tricks, fighting dirty, everything's allowed. In the end you only have to follow a path that's marked with glow sticks through the forest. I'm going to hide in the forest with the Villa and we will try to 'kill' you”, 

one could hear the quotation marks easily in his voice,
"Knocking out and immobilizing is welcomed but please, please send a signal with the two-way radio when you do."

– he demonstrated on his own device how to send a signal –
"Go in there together or on your own. We don't care, the only thing that's important is that you don't get hit."
The grin of the greenette came straight from a nightmare as he waved at them a last time before vanishing in the shadows of the trees.

"Well then, at least we should try to overcome this obstacle in our way to become heroes together, just like class B.", exclaimed he and wanted to give the signal to move when Todoroki-Kun opened his mouth.

"As soon as we enter this thing we're going to be considered fair game. They are going to shoot us from afar and will only get closer when they become bored. At least we don't really have to keep a lot of Quirks in mind."

That was… concerning - to say that much at least.

Todoroki looked around.
"Tokoyami-kun, Uraraka-san, I'd like to call upon your assistance."

And so it came that the whole class was beneath a slim dome of ice which was floating some centimeters above the ground and held and lead by Dark Shadow.

Soon they could hear the first shots and something red that looked disgustingly close to blood spread over the thin ice that the dome was made of.

"Daaaamn, Shouchan! You're noooo fun! You're a spoil-sport!", yelled Zuko from the depths of the forest and three bullets burst exactly where Shouto, Tenya, and Katsuki were standing.

The boy with the glasses couldn't help but shudder. He felt exactly like that day when he met Stain.


"Baby bro, you forgot a little something."

This voice was way too close for comfort and he could hear Todoroki cussing quietly.


That was not good.

"When you trap yourself like this then you can't run away."

Blue flames flickered to life at the front of the ice-dome.


Immediately Uraraka dropped the dome and the first cracks spread over it.


Tokoyami broke through the top and Kirishima flung his whole body-weight against one of the sides while Bakugo blasted his way through the flank. Sato, Ojiro, and Mina did the same thing as they did. Uraraka vanished with Asui's help through the hole in the top. Finally, Iida started to react and made a dash for the closest hole to get away.

Outside hell had broken loose.

Blank ammunition flew through the air wildly and sometimes with horrifying accuracy and only missed rarely their, or at least some kind of, target.

Yet, some of the members of the Villa were not staying on the sidelines but rather staging a bloody massacre with his classmates.

Ojiro looked like he had been cut at all his vital points and laid on the ground, unmoving only to be heaved onto the back of one of the girls of the Villa and get carried away by her. 


Denki tried to electroduce everyone around him without frying his brain only to get hit by a bullet right between his eyebrows which made his concentration snap.

Mina had some bloodstains here and there but nothing concerning as she created an escape route through the forest, to the way they should walk and to the finish line, and left behind a swath of steaming and sizzling and crumbling plants.

Kirishima and Bakugo cut their way through the thick of the fray side by side. Explosions destroyed any kind of ammunition and kept attackers away while hardened skin kept their backs clean of knives.

Tokoyami, Asui, Shoji, and Uraraka were not in sight.


He spotted Aoyama who was in a position comparable to Ojiro's.


Something lilac flickered at the edge of his sight and he was sure that this something was Shinso. 


Kojoka rushed in to help Denki who wasn't actually ‘dead’ according to the rules and fled together with him to Yaoyorozu who had entrenched herself behind a big shield and a tree.


“Frayation! Onto a new battle where you can't just run away from!”, rung Zuko's voice over the battlefield mixed with hysterical laughter. 


Shouto shook his head as he confronted Izuku while a small space formed around them in the midst of the turmoil. 


“This time without any fathers to hold us back.”, was his counter and he could see in Izuku's eyes how much the memory pained him.


“My father NEVER held me back!”, screamed the one-eyed and pounced at the other boy with whom he had fallen in love with a knife in one hand and a small-bore-gun in the other. 


Shouto met him in the middle.


The knife slipped off an ice-increased arm and the first shot was deflected with a hand that was covered in flames.


Both boys bared their teeth in feral grins as they crashed again and again to exchange hits and kicks.


One again the fight was more similar to a dance of deadly precision where none of the dancers could allow themselves even one single misstep.


Izuku burst into laughter when he sidestepped a ray of fire that shimmered blue-ish.

“That's it, Shouchan! Show me that you're strong enough to bring me to my father!”


Endeavor's son growled and steadied himself with his hands on his thighs to catch his breath for a few seconds.


“Do you really think that they'd be dumb enough to put the two of you into the same cell!?”, was the reply he threw at the smaller teen before activating both halves of his Quirk at the same time to at least leave a scratch at the curlyhead.


But Surveye just laughed and jumped into the thicket of the woods. 

“One still can hope, Shouchan!”


“Surveye?! Here're villains! I've just seen Muscular walk by! I think there are more, he seems to communicate with them over a radio!”


The greenette almost fell from the branch he was running on. 





“Follow Muscular! Thank you for your service!”


He wrenched his mask out of the hood of his hoodie and grabbed the headset.

“This is a message from Surveye to all members of the Villa! The League has been sighted!

The plan is: 19 24 7 3 13! I want that Tenya will never walk again and that Kacchan's unconscious in our trunk in the end! We scram!”


“I-izu? What's going on?”


A green eye cut through the darkness of the forest and glued itself to Shouto who had come to a halt behind the killer.


“You have to decide now, Shouto. Are you going to stay at UA or are you going to come with us, back to the Villa? If you want to stay with us then you'll have to pull your weight.”


He stared at the murderer appalled. 


Decide? Now? Just like that?


Actually, he already had decided. He did not want to lose his new home.


“What do you want me to do?”




Shouto stood next to Touya and starred ahead unmovingly.

Kota clung to him while the death-wails were still ringing in his ears and numbing his mind.


“Go with your brother and take care of Kota!”


That had been his order. 


And it had been worse enough.


Touya, no, Dabi just burned a man to death. The ashes on the plateau in front of his feet were the ones of a corpse that had been a living and breathing person a minute ago. 

His brother shook his hand which was slightly scorched. 

“Come on, Shou, we have to get to the bus. Take the half-print with you.”


He nodded mechanically and picked the little boy up so that he was able to wrap his legs around his waist and hide his face against his shoulder.


They walked their way back through the forest in silence. Again and again, they heard short messages when one of the Villains or one of the members of the Villa died.


“Here're Dabi and Shouto. Muscular's out of the way and the boy's safe. We're taking him with us.”


“Good. Meet up with Spinner at the bus.”


“Here Yamikumo. Lost three to ‘Mustard’ . Some goddamn middle schooler with a gun. Task fulfilled, three besides me are alife and none of us are hurt.”


“Report from Luke. We neutralized ‘Mr. Compress’ . One's dead. Nobody hurt. Task fulfilled.”


“Here Toga! Lost all six teammates to ‘Moonfish’ and I'm injured! I can't get close to him and need help!”


“Surveye speaking. We just got rid of ‘Magnee’ and ‘Twice’ and search for ‘Shigaraki’ and ‘Kurogiri’ . Yamikumo, you're going to help us.

Luke, Dabi, help Toga! Shouto shall take Kota to the bus. Toga, stay covered until support has arrived!

Is there any progress with the student-problem?!"


"Here Kakuma. I just left Tenya Iida in the care of his class, he is paralyzed from waist down. His spine is broken, I ensured that.”


“Here Sakura. I brought Katsuki Bakugo to Spinner on the bus right now. He is restrained, gagged and unconscious. Shall we join you, Surveye?”


“No. Stay on the bus.


Hey, Spinner. You're going to get company. As soon as I give notice you're going to leave the bus with Bakugo with the excuse that you're going to put him into the trunk. Take him to the vehicles of UA, we're going to take one of them.”




Shouto listened to everything and a hole formed in his guts when he thought about everything that was happening in the woods right now. 

There were people dying. Izuku was letting so many members of the Villa die purposefully.


19 means divide


Kouta clung to him with all his might as he carried him to the school buses. The little boy was shaking and crying. He would love to do the same.

There were people who he should actually help.


24 stands for: Search the enemy


He heard it when Izuku gave Spinner the sign. It happened just while he was wrapping the kid he was taking care of into a blanket on the backseat so that the little one at least had a bit of safety in midst of all this chaos.


7 demands that one kills the enemy at sight


The message that Toga and his brother successfully killed Moonfish with Luke and two others reached him right when Spinner got to the bus and both girls started to speak frantically about who their bus was being abducted by Kurogiri. 


3 means that one fights until death


The line cut some minutes before the message of the injury of Tomura Shigaraki and his escape through Kurogiri reached them. It didn't take long for the survivors of the group to reach the bus and for them all to drive back to the Villa which was going to be frighteningly empty now.


Shouto held onto Kota the whole drive as he looked out of the window blankly.


13: Whoever dies, dies - bodies are left behind


And now he just couldn't look away from Bakugo's limp figure which was chained to a chair in the basement.

Chapter Text

At one point everything came together.

At some certain spot, all those lines and paths met and were inseparable.


One false choice made this fragile house of cards that he had built over the past years in alleged safety crumble.


And it was for sure that this pile of dust which had been eight kids not long ago was involved somehow.


He shouldn't have presumed Nedzu to be the only one in the world to know how to win such a game. 

But he wouldn't have thought this third person to live in Japan as well.


On the other hand… Japan had risen to unforeseen heights with the era of Quirks.

A small country that held onto the elite of heroes and technology, of course, the main part of the game-board was here.


He turned his head into Tenko's direction who trembled as he held onto the stump that had been his hand some time ago while Kurogiri wrapped new bandages around it.


Now there was only one member of the League who wasn't disabled in some kind of way. 

A shame, considering, that everything had seemingly gone so well.


Almost all of his hideouts had been stormed by the police. 

A little hint from Surveye that these places belonged to a Villain more powerful and more dangerous than he himself was.


He was deep in his thoughts as he listened to the news on the TV where they were talking about the horrifying turn a summer-camp-trip had taken.


He wasn't quite sure if he shouldn't have placed a bit lower on the list of priorities the police and heroes had.


By now he was tempted to say that he was something akin to frightened by Stain's protege.




Yamikumo pointed the camera at the chair Katsuki Bakugo was sitting on.


For the members of Surveye's Villa, he was the proof for how rotten the society was. He was on the same level as Endeavor after they listened to Shouto's and Touya's horror stories of their childhood.


"Waiky waiky~", singsonged Toga and patted the cheek of the blonde boy.


The prisoner started to move with a silent groan and blood-red eyes blinked awake before they stayed open and round and simply stared at the scene in front of them.


A quiet "what the fuck" that sounded like it spoke from the depths of Katsuki's heart was uttered before he finally woke up completely and tried to fight against his restraints with the goal to get away from Toga's face.


“Nawww~ ain't he just a cutie?♡”, 

squealed the girl and placed her elbows on the armrests of the chair so that she could lean her face comfortably against her hand and observe Bakugo closely,

"Just try to imagine how he would look with a bit of blood on him."


The temperature of the room immediately dropped multiple degrees and Shouto, who had hidden himself away in a far-away corner, rubbed his right arm without attracting attention when slight goosebumps started to cover it.


He only knew Toga as a hyperactive, friendly girl with a fable for blood and knives and a tendency to get a crush on people a bit too easily. Of course, he knew that she was a killer but this was the first time where he actually saw this part of her personality. Somehow he wished he still could see her as the old Togachan.


“Well, Kacchan? How is it to be the weak one for once?”, asked Izuku from the background with a slightly risen voice. 


Blood red eyes grew big and round as Bakugo fixated his former childhood friend with an unbelieving look. 


“So it really was you… What do you want, Deku?!”


“Not my name.”


The blonde gritted his teeth. 








“Right, but not what I want to hear.”


Everyone besides Shouto in the room snickered when Bakugo pulled a grimace.


“How should I call you then, fucker?!”


In the same moment, his lips formed the insult Toga had hit him. 


The bound teen's head was ripped to the side. Blood dripped from his lip and he spit out even more of it. A bloody tooth clicked when it touched the ground.


"Let me think… how many of my primary teeth did you knock out again, Kacchan?"


Red eyes were trained stubbornly onto the ground as the hero student started to shake in his seat.



Toga looked at Izuku in interest and anticipation who nodded with a sick smile on his lips which made her squeal in excitement before she pulled back her fist.


Four hits later there were three bloody teeth on the floor. Bakugo's face was swollen, his lips had burst in multiple places and a good half of his jaw was covered in scrapes and bruises.

Slabby the life-liquid dropped from his mouth and when he finally rose his head again it was easy to see the new tooth gap.


Shouto inspected the small bodyparts on the ground with little interest. 

An incisor, a canine, and a molar. One of each, so to say...


“I'll go to my room.”, declared he silently.


Izuku looked at him and nodded with an absent-minded smile. Right now there was something else to concentrate on.


“Sleep well, baby bro.”


“Nighty nighty~”, singsonged Yamikumo and Toga.


Shouto walked to the door and looked back one more time before leaving the room. 

Katsuki stared at him with unbelieving eyes.


He took a short moment to take in the form of his former classmate one more time from top to the bottom.


“Have fun, Izu. The two of you surely have a lot of catching up to do.”


The thick steel-door snapped shut loudly behind the boy with the monochrome hair and he started to climb the stairs with a dark look in his eyes and his lips pressed into a thin line. 


He did not want to witness what would come next.

After all the saying went: "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."




“So… do have a name for me now?”,  asked Izuku interested. 

He had pulled up a chair in front of the blonde and placed it the wrong way round so that he was sitting with his legs spread and his head resting on the backrest.


“Surveye.”, croaked Kacchan and coughed a bit before spitting out some more blood. 


Smiling he patted his childhood friend's cheek.

“There we go. Was that so hard? And now, say sorry for everything you did to me.”


The hero student starred at him with a mixture of confusion and offense.

“Fuck you! You're just a worthless quirkless criminal! I don't owe you anything at all!”


The greenette shook his head and clicked his tongue.

"Toga, go get the table. Dabi, free his right hand and secure him."


The girl jumped up and vanished into the shadows followed closely by the greenette as the man strolled up to the prisoner and freed the right hand from the boy it had been caught in. 


As soon as he gained that much freedom Katsuki tried to ignite an explosion… tried being the operative word, because nothing happened.

Grinning the black-haired man held his hand into his field of view and showed that it was covered in some white powder.


“Chisome-Sama would never be so naive to free you without any kind of security. Did you really think he would do nothing about your Quirk?”


Bakugo struggled to rip his hand away from the older male so that he could defend himself at last for a little bit but then the crazy chick already returned with a metal-table and helped scarface with pressing his hand onto the cold material.


 And then Deku returned with an insane smile on his lips and a mad glint in his eyes.

He carried a metal-bat over his shoulder and in the same moment where ruby-red collided with emerald-green the prisoner knew what was going to happen to his hand.


In panic, he fought against the chains that bound him to the chair and the fingers that dug into his arm and wrist. He started to curse and scream. His heart was rabbiting away and beating all the way up to his throat.


He was scared. 

So terribly scared what things Deku would do to him in his delusion. What Deku's lackeys would put him through. That he'd never see the old hag or his father ever again. That he'd never return to UA. That he saw Ejiro for the last time in this damned forest. He was terrified by the thought that this room was going to be the last place he will ever see.

He did not want to die! And not like this!


Deku's scarface was right in front of him and these horribly dead eyes were staring right into his own. His breath got lost somewhere on its way to his lungs and suddenly there was no more air.


“But, you know, Kacchan?”


Oh god, please stop calling me Kacchan. Please just stop.


“I am actually quite happy that you didn't' apologize.”


No! Nonono! Please don't!


“Otherwise I wouldn't have had a reason to do this. But look at it this way, everything that is going to happen to you from now on is your, and only your, fault.”


I am sorry! I'm sorry, okay?! I'm an asshole! I'm going to apologize! Ask again! Please ask again!


The curlyhead gripped the bat with both hands and lifted it high over his head.


The tears finally flowed over.


“But, you know, Kacchan? I never got the chance to say thank you!




A scream.


Ringing in his ears.


More tears.


It hurts!


The stained bat was dropped to the ground.


Hair was gripped too hard and a head yanked up. 


The silhouette was hard to see, blurry as it was. 


Sobs battered against his ribcage.


“Because it is only thanks to you that I jumped back then, that I lost my eye, that I crippled myself and it is only thanks to you that I started to drink and do drugs. You were the one to screw my pain tolerance up into unimaginable highs since our childhood and you made me so much stronger by doing that.

So… thank you that I could meet my father and finally become a person who is worth something.”




“Hello, Nedzu. How can I help you?”


“Good evening, Detective. How sure are you that my student is held captive by the League?”


Tsukauchi sighed in exhaustion and dragged his free hand through his hair az first and then over his face. 


"It is likely but we can't say for sure, on the other hand, there's nowhere else where he could be. And we don't know much more about the Villa except that twelve teenagers died."


That… certainly was news.


“How… did they die?”


The policeman looked at the pictures of the dead kids in front of him and felt how something throttled his heart and throat.


“There is a reason why nobody except for Tenya Iida of class one A was getting hurt. The students of the Villa started a suicide attack. They died and dragged the Villains with them. There might be even more bodies in the forest and we just hadn't found them by now.”


It hit the principal in his stomach in a rather unpleasant way. Yes, he was sadistic and had a tendency to make his students and employees suffer from time to time when the moment was right; but not once in his life he would have thought about demanding others to kill themselves or dying for a cause; he treasured his own life too much to do something like this.


“We know thanks to Surveye where All For One is hiding right now although we are feeling rather skeptical about Surveye's cooperation… he still is our best chance.”


“He betrayed All For One?”


“They never worked together.

Surveye did his own thing from the very beginning.”


“Yes, of course. Thank you. Please keep me informed.”


After a short goodbye ended the principal the call and stared at his deck, both of his paws pressed together. 


There were a lot of things that did not fit together. He needed an overview, a general outline.

Who is Surveye? What is his goal? And how did he plan to reach it?


He was sure that the was a point where everything comes together, that there was this one certain spot where all lines and paths met and were inseparable. One point that combined all the things that happened over these past years, where everything began.


Contrary to popular belief he actually was not even close to being omniscient. But it pleased the principal to witness unknown things time and again and to learn more and more. Yet, in cases like this one where he had to fill big gaps omniscient sounded so incredibly tempting.

In hindsight, he'd always chide himself for even wishing something like this albeit it couldn't be avoided completely.


What did he even know?


One of those tiny threads that Surveye's overwhelmingly big net was knotted with had to lie in his hand/paw. He just had to tug at it.


With an unreadable face, the chimera stirred its tea and stared at the brownish-liquid of the black-tea.


He would have to review everything.


Surveye appeared almost exactly two years ago.


The first three months there was nothing know of him beside him being a part of a drug ring and that one only could buy his notebooks. 


After these three months, the group vanished and Surveye was the only one left. Like a phoenix rose from ashes he rose out of the remains of his former gang and started to take control of the whole underground and the hero-industry – for six weeks at least. In this span of time, there was also little known of him.


Here and there rumors started. People liked to brag that they hosted the Surveye at their humble homes but there was nothing else they could tell and the bragging started days after Surveye already left. Of course, some heroes told more but they all became victims of bad accidents while they fought, leaving them dead or unable to work any longer.


And then, exactly ten months before the entrance-exam of UA-High Surveye vanished without any clue.


During this time of absence, a lot of people were sure that the villain had been caught but then the scandal around his new notebook arose and a small publisher for a conspiracy theory magazine jumped at the chance to rip off the Broker's mask.


It didn't work.


They had been found days after their death in the flat which had also been used as an office.


The main part of the public was convinced that it has been suicide because there had been no signs of a fight and obviously there had been no other person in the flat.


But the principal had never thought the same.

Why should a group of convinced journalists kill themselves in the middle of the preparations of the article about their sensation? And how should they have purchased the poison which had been truly unique?

No, Nedzu was sure that somebody had helped them along. That Surveye had helped them along.


Then more and more things got out about Surveye because the villainous broker appeared more and more in public.

A child with unbelievable power.


And then there was the USJ-incident. 


Surveye had been according to Yaoyorozu-Shojo and Shinso-Shounen there from the very beginning and had said openly that he belonged to Stain. 

And in the end, Toshinori had interacted with Surveye in Todoroki-Shounen's presence.


The broker had told them that in his opinion, not his preferred victims had died and some weeks later he demanded that two students of the hero-course get expulsed. Likely the two students he couldn't kill.


Add to this his fascination with one Shouto Todoroki which had been displayed multiple times.


In some ways, Surveye was more harmless than his adoptive-father because he did not long to kill every hero and did accept it that people needed to provide themselves to cover their basic needs – then again he was way more powerful than Stain and this gave him the ability to reach more people and kill more heroes.  


So what linked Surveye to UA-High were Shouto and those two mysterious… one mysterious student!


Because number two was no one else than Tenya Iida!

But who was number one?


Shouto talked with Surveye at the USJ. Shortly after appears Zuko Idori at the sports festival and had so many similarities with the missing Izuku Midoriya and also certain parallels with Surveye.


Izuku Midoriya who was known for being an alcoholic and Surveye who changed his whole image in the span of one month and got clean and dry!


Izuku Midoriya who lost in a suicide gone wrong one eye as well as the ability to walk effortlessly and Survey, who was blind on one eye and known for limping, just like Zuko Idori. 


Izuku Midoriya who went to the same school as Katsuki Bakugo.

But how did Tenya fit into this picture? 


Shouto started fighting with just these students and now the boy lived with Zuko in a Villa that had disappeared. He was with Surveye.


But where is Katsuki?

With the League or, too, with Stain's successor?

Chapter Text

As ya'll know, I'm form Germany.
I love close to Wuppertal if you should be able to know where this is, it's in the wetsern side of the country the closest big city is Köln.
Actually, my city is more of a village and everything was nica and dandy until...

Until that changed in the last month.

The first bad thing that happened was that two bloody pig heads were found on the grounds of a mosque that is build right now.

Yesterday the whole train station was covered in radical right-wing parols and Hakenkreuzen and Nazi signgs and sayings; inside, outside, the walls, the floor, everything was covered - which is especially saddening because the train startion had just been renovated and was so beautiful.

But today... today happened something worse.
Suddebly, shortly before the first lesson was finished our teacher returned after getting something and said that we mustn't leave tge room as she closed the curtains.
She explained that outside the schoolbuilding was filled with men of the SEK (SWAT) were out there with bulletbroof wests and machineguns.
She tpold us that everything was fine and that we would be safe as longs as the alarm doesn't start.

Still, in this half of an hour where we were trapped in this classroom a lot of people cryed.

It was... horrible. I didn't cry. At first at least. Only when I held my best friend in my arms the tears came.

In this moment, when you're sitting in this room without a way out and with no idea what is happening outside there are so many thoughts racing through your head and... it is awful. And so terrefying and cruel.

The reason why I'm telling you this is because I want to change it, not only for Germany, but the whole world; I know I won't archive much but still...
I don't know but please thing about what I just told you for a little while. Let it sink in.

Don't make other people go through the same shit.
Today, hundereds of kids and teenagers were traumatiesed, and their siblings and their parents as well and and that's not normal, not nice, and certainly nothing to be proud of!

One of this thousands of thoughts that raced through my brain back then was this one:


Doesn't this stuff only happen in America?


And... it is terrible. This knowledge that primary students have to prepare themselves for shit like this, that this happens so much more often, that it's almost saddening everyday life  — and that we're about to copy this habit as well...


So... If you think about doing shit like this.


May it be a joke where you say that you're gonna really do it or may it be that you're seriously thinking about it:




Thank you for listening.


Chapter Text

Izuku's eye was fixated on the multiple displays in front of him in unbroken concentration.

At the moment Eraserhead and Nedzu were explaining side by side that Kacchan was no danger for the public and that he would not side living group and in safety.

And that was the problem.

Shouto had never called the school.

Yet, Nedzu still knew where he was.

And Izuku did not like that.

He did not know how many of his cards had been identified and turned over by the principal and besides that, he had to concentrate too much on his games of chess, checkers, and poker than he could pay attention to something as trivial as Cluedo.

The police had surrounded the last hideout of the League of Villains and were now calling the heroes for help.


Ragdoll's Quirk!

How could he forget something like that?!

When he went to the summer camp he had played right into the heroes' hands and he did not even realize!

Ragdoll just had to cling to the feeling of Kota's presence and she would be able to find the Villa! And they couldn't flee because even if they ran away there would be a heroine on their heels, chasing them until the very day they died!
Well, looks like she had to perish, then.

For a long time, he stared at the table in front of him before he looked up at the screens with determination in his eyes.

He knew that the game was starting right now and that it would also end soon.

All cards were open to see. Every figure stood in its place. And the last piece had been set.

Now it was only a question who was about to be unmasked as a lier first, about who made the first wrong decision, about who would act too hastily.

Think ahead was the name of the game; hold fast onto the very last trick and the dirtiest of tactics.


Mere seconds later the door flew open.

"You called, Chisome-sama?"

"Who did you kiss during our stay at the summer camp?"

The blonde male seemed confused but started to rattle off a list of names.

Slowly the greenette nodded and placed his elbows on the table before pressing his fingers together in front of his face.

That was something he could work with.


If Naomasa Tsukauchi were to say that he expected any of the events that happened in the past hours, he would lie shamelessly.

Everything turned towards an uncertain path from the point where Surveye decided to sell out the League of Villains and All for One.

And then suddenly Nedzu called and told him that he had figured out the identity of Surveye's and layed out a precise timeline in front of him with only one gap of four months.

But the principal was convinced that the conversation which he was about to have would be able to fill this gap. And if they knew who Surveye had been before he turned into a fanatic killer they would be able to complete his psychological profile.

With big steps, the detective strode up to the entrance of the villa.
He actually had hoped that he would never be forced to question a hero because of possible crimes but in the end, it really just had only been a matter of time before it happened.

He knocked at the door determined and the entryway was opened directly by the man he had wanted to talk to.

Friendly, blue eyes blinked at him and when the other person recognized who they were standing in front of, a confused but sympathetic smile graced their lips.

"Naomasa, buddy, how can I help you? Haven't seen you in ages!"

With a sigh, the policeman folded his hands in front of him and stood up a bit straighter.

"Hello. I need to talk with you about a bigger case that you might be involved in, Tensei."


There were two raids planned for this evening.

The first one was a cooperation of the police with the top ten pro heroes and Gran Torino to end the reign of One For All forever.

The second one was smaller.
The Pussycats would start a second raid while being supported by some squad cars.

The heroes of the bigger group did not even know what the smaller group planned.

Nedzu had the command of both groups.

All Might was sitting in a separate room, his only company being his friend so that nobody would be able to witness him in his weakened form

"I don't like this.", growled the lanky man with a dark look on his face as he kept his eyes trained on the ground. His hands were curled into fists on top of his lap with so much force that his knuckles and tendons where white.

"I met Surveye. I saw him, talked to him... he - he doesn't help someone just because of the goodness of his heart. He doesn't have a heart! This boy is a fanatic madman and one of the worst villains that ever walked upon the face of earth!"

It always got complicated when one knew the stories behind names and faces. Because sometimes one was able to understand why somebody lost all attachment to reality and morality after that.
Naomasa wasn't able to agree nor to disagree with his friend. Both would be wrong.

"Surveye is on the same intellectual level as All For One and Nedzu if the principal is speaking the truth.", said the policemen instead so that hid sid not have to give a comment but still stayed on the same topic.

"Surveye can be as intelligent as he wants to be! Because in the end, he's still going to stand behind bars, just like his beloved father.", hissed the hero angrily.

"Why do you hate him so much, Yagi? You almost seem to despise him more than All For One."

The blonde froze before he wilted and cradled a spindly hand through the wild mane he called his hair.

"I have a hunch who he is and that's the reason why I can't stand this brat. I... Inko showed me old pictures of her son a little while after we started dating. And... his face looked so familiar. It took days until I realized that he looked like Surveye, who I met at the USJ. And if he really is Izuku then I know that this kid is so unbelievably stupid and cruel. I never met a woman like Inko! She's so loving, nice, friendly, takes care of the ones she considers her own, she's understanding and yes, she's emotional but that's a beautiful trait in her case!"

The policeman was certain that his friend would be able to drone on about his girlfriend forever.

"You only know her part of the story and nobody knows if she told you everything."

At least he did not have to act like he knew nothing.

Toshinori blinked.
"What? Are you saying that she was lying?!"

"No! Nothing like that!", he rose his hands in a placating manner and started to explain:
"It's only that... that usually there are two truths. Both parties of a conflict have their perspective about what happened - they simply don't know how something was for the other. I am sure that Inko told you the truth, I know her, after all. But you don't know what the life of her son was like. Only how she saw his life."

Silence started to surround the two friends.

Although Toshinori was not wrong. It was not like Izuku to do something for the heroes just because of the goodness in the depths of his heart.


"Are you sure that you wanna come with us, Shou? Nobody would think any less of you if you returned to UA until everything calms down. You could go with Kota as well. I'm sure Spinner wouldn't fight if he got more company."

The youngest Todoroki shook his head no.
"I want to help. What you planned is good and you will need all the help you can get."

Izuku sighed.

"I don't want you to get hurt. And you'd like Spinner's and Kota's mission before they go to the Hotel, I'm sure."

Shouto shook his head again and pulled the other boy closer to himself.
"Please, Izuku, I don't want to lose you."

The greenette curlyhead examined his face like he was searching for the answers to the questions of the universe in his mismatching eyes. And it seemed like Stain's heir actually found something of the likes because he started to nod slowly before hugging him and hiding his face away in the crook of his neck.
"Very well, you can come with us... I... I love you, Shouto, you know that, don't you?"

The former Ua student smiled at that, the expression was slight but still, it made his different colored eyes shine.

"You might have mentioned it once or twice. And I'd know it anyway... I love you as well, Izu... I just don't know how exactly I do...", the words sounded soft and apologetic and reminded the killer once more that the other boy was - despite of his hard behavior and cruel history - gifted with a fragile heart and a soul of porcelain - pure and proper but so, so easy to break.

Hesitantly he stroked over the chook of the injured half of Shouto's face.

"That is fine, take all the time you need. And even if you choose somebody else or decide to settle for nobody at all, I still will remain at your side."

That was everything Shouto needed to hear to be happy. He had a home, a family, they loved him and would never hurt him or leave him behind.

He belonged right here.

To Izuku.

To Surveye.


Nedzu had given the Pussycats free decisional power. They could ask him at any given moment but in the end, it was their choice what they would do.

He was convinced that the hero groups' fury towards Surveye was more than big enough to raze the whole Villa to the ground effortlessly. Especially now when they knew that it had been an actual villain who kidnapped their nephew.

And because of this, he could concentrate wholly on All For One who still was posing a bigger threat than Surveye because of his age, resources and higher combat power. Yet, the difference was slight. What AFO was compensating with his Quirk was something Midoriya-Chisome had simply taught himself.

It was almost worth remarking.

But one had to set priorities and Izuku was in the end only a teenager with aggression and depressions. He was emotional and surely not the most dangerous being on this planet.

"We haven't seen anything of Kurogiri, All For One, or Shigaraki.", informed Best Jeanist.

"Shouldn't they make a move in the next minute you're free to attack."

"Hey, Nedzu. The Villa seems to be deserted and Ragdoll just collapsed. Should we still attack?"

"I would advise continuing."

The contact with the small group cut off. Still, the mice-like creature stared at the device that linked it to the group of heroes.

He just wanted to order the second group to attack when a pit opened in his stomach and he threw himself at the radio to stop the assault at the Villa.

Something was about to go terribly wrong, that was what his instinct told him. (Or rather, threw at his skull with all its might.)


The high pitched shriek that cut him off was and remained his only answer.
There only had been a few times where he wished so desperately that he had been wrong.


"And you're sure that you don't want to go to the Hotel first, little one? Nobody would think any less of you if you did and I am sure they'd like to take care of you."

The boy pulled the visor of his hat a bit lower into his face as they walked by two young heroes, one of them was hiding his face behind a hood while the other was presenting the 1.000.000 that was covering his chest proudly.

"Izu-nii told me that you could bring me to the Hotel at first but I don't wanna go there. I know that Izu-nii's happy when Shouchan is feeling well and what we're about to do will surely make Shouchan happy, so I'll help to make both of them happy."

Spinner nodded and gave the hand of the kid that he was holding a short squeeze.

They would only fulfill a little part of this big plan that lead to the accomplishment of Chisome-Sama's dream and Kota certainly was not wrong.
It was likely that Todoroki-kun's peace of mind played a big part in their task.

The noise and the din were easy to hear even from far away and the sight of the destroyed city hurt deep down in the soul. That was a part of home that got leveled to the ground by two overly powerful giants.

The lizard-human looked at the device he had created with Chisome-Sama's help.
Combined with Kota's help it would be more than enough to win the fight that was about to come.

They just had to lure their target away from all the other heroes but that won't be hard. That, Surveye-sama had ensured.

"HEY! ASSHOLE!", yelled the little boy as soon as their eyes fell upon the man. The fake hero turned around with a look in his eyes that boiled over with anger.

"How did you call me, brat?! Did nobody teach you how to show respect?! Now scrum, this is battle zone!"

Spinner took this as his sign to lure the pro hero away.
"Katsuki Bakugo.", he said and that caught the man's attention who reacted like a bloodhound who smells blood.
"You fakes are looking for UA's-monster, ain't you? He won't be in this warehouse. But we know where he is."
- and as a proof, he held up a picture of the roughed up student -
"You want your copy? Come and get him!"

After these words, both villains turned around and ran for their dear lives while they were chased by a furious phony.


All Might was the only one besides Gran Torino, Sir Nighteye and Endeavor - who stupidly somehow had gone missing through it all - left standing and who was still fighting. Most were injured and/or unconscious.

All For One, for one, was in a terrible shape but he still was a great fighter and strong thanks to all his Quirks.

He just needed some kind of distraction, a trick, something to deliver this last, fight-ending punch.

"All Might. Bakugo's not here, only the missing bus and some half-decayed bodies and piles of ash that look like Shigaraki's Quirk. Shigaraki and Kurogiri have been captured. Of course, we can't be sure that Bakugo's not among the dead but this case seems unlikely."

Finally, the hero was able to smash the villain into the concrete ground beneath them.

"Where is my student?!", roared the voice of the blonde over the scene of destruction.

The faceless man on the ground sighed and lowered his hands.

"Katsuki Bakugo has never been with the League, All Might. It is true Shimura Tenko, or Shigaraki Tomura, how you know him, longed to bring this boy onto our side but he had been snatched away before we could take him."

The hero who was clinging to his other from painfully stilled when he heard the name the other man said.

This single moment was enough for the villain to jump into action and rush to deliver the lethal strike.

Yagi almost didn't notice it and only dodged by a chance. He felt how his Quirk flickered out of life and left him behind, feet how the last sparks evaporated and traveled toward Hitoshi. Yet he still needed this little fire a bit longer within his soul - just... a bit longer!

I can't leave Inko alone as well she wouldn't survive it!

With this thought in his mind, he collected all his power for one, final, hit.

It connected.

All For One's did not.


Kota kept the flames as small as possible while Spinner pointed his self-made super-fire-extinguisher at the pro hero Endeavor, by now there were only some weakened glimmers and embers flickering over the dry and uncovered parts of the hero.

The blonde copy of the criminal was close by chained to a lamppost and watched with his eyes ripped open in horror how one of the strongest pro heroes got defeated by the Quirk of a little kid and a modified everyday object.

"Kota, hide close by. I'll take care of the next part.", told the purplette without even throwing a glance over his shoulder as he shed the knife that had been gifted to him by Surveye himself.

The boy did as he had been told while the humanoid reptile closed in of the gigantic "hero".

"You are the worst kind of human that lives on the whole planet earth, Enji Todoroki!", hissed the villain as he dodged the hits of the other man with ease.
Surveye was so much faster.

"Sayonara, nobody's going to miss you.", with these words the blade of the knife was buried in the man's throat.


Nedzu stared at the pictures that were displayed on all electronic devices of the school.

One picture of All Might in his weakened form of Toshinori Yagi as he held his fist up to the sky and shone in the glory of his last victory.
And a picture of Endeavor. Katsuki Bakugo clung to the corpse with a completely blank face even though he was crying.

'Now I've won! (。-'ω'-) <X> '

Chapter Text

Izuku thought it was saddening that he had to give up his Villa, yet, still, it wasn't nearly as devastating for him as many would presume it would be. 
He did use the past months in the best way as well as his money which he had made by disclosing his information and emptying the agencies he defeated.

He, personally, despised rich people who were relaxing on their wealth and did not even try to bring a bit of the money back into the economic circle. Because it was this behavior that destroyed the middle class.  

For a while, Izuku had been like them and hoarded every piece of money he got his hands on like a furious dragon did with his treasure. But then he heard about all the building enterprises being inches away from bankruptcy, that poverty in Japan was growing, that a lot of heroes and Agencies were embezzling money or refusing to compensate for the damages they caused. 
He decided he had to change something. 

And so it came that he commissioned the first building enterprise, the one that belonged to Ochaco Uraraka's parents, to construct his Villa.

After losing his father he decided the use the Villa as a trial run for a new social project and after seeing that everything went well for two weeks he started to buy properties, abandoned hotels, and decaying warehouses and production buildings to rebuild them or build something new. 

After that, he had bought small firms, farms, and shops and made them supply his hotels or open inside his malls. 

The people knew who they were working with, he never hid his identity. 

But in the end, they all said the same: This little graffiti that had been sprayed above their door at the beginning of the contract brought in a lot of customers. Villains who knew Surveye, (or knew someone[, who knew someone, who knew someone…] who knew Surveye) also knew that they could enter this shops without the threat of being called out, but they knew just as well that they could not destroy the shops because that way they would make a very dangerous enemy. 

So it was an easy way of winning for everyone. 

Criminals got a way of feeling like they could live a normal life and the shop owners did not have to fear that someone would steal from them or that their property was destroyed – and even if something should happen, there would be a lot of villains that would gladly defend the friendly civilians. 

When the first Hotels had been finished Izuku had wandered through the streets of the city and picked up young villains, abandoned kids, and quirkless people, he got them out of orphanages, found them in social houses and freed them from their heartless families to bring them to his shelters instead.

There, they were provided with everything they needed, they had set rules, a safe roof over their heads, friends who understood them and besides all that they got an education appropriate for their age as well as combat training.

They could leave whenever they longed to. Nobody forced them to kill or fight.
To commit crimes for Surveye was simply an option that some people gladly took upon themselves.
And each and every one of them knew that this project that had given them this better life had started with a single Villa in Musatafu and the thirty teenagers who lived there.

And then the news spread about how more than half of the occupants of the Villa had died in a battle against the League.

This one message caused a great uproar in Surveye's Hotels.
For most of the people who lived there, the members of the first Villa were the "inner circle" of the organization and could be compared to what heroes are for normal humans.
And then somebody had actually dared to kill these legends!

Next, they were informed that everyone who was willing to fight should arm themself for an assault and that they were expected to arrive at a certain address within the next five hours. 

This caused thrilling anticipation to run through the masses. Because Surveye wanted to participate in the battle and they finally could pay off a part of their debts.

The Villa fell in war but before it did a few heroes were defeated.

How this loss felt for the residents of the hotels' was not hard to guess. Their roots had been ripped away from them forcefully, it was terrible and cruel. 

Luke had remained in the Villa after Spinner left with Kota and the rest of the Villa's occupants had gone with Izuku to attend to their missions, to wait for the Pussycats and their backup to get rid of them for once and for all. 

Armed with a sniper rifle and the knowledge that he had control over Pixie-Bob and Ragdoll he had stayed on the rooftop of Villa and waited for the attack.

At first, he took over Ragdoll and she had attacked Tiger for him. After that, he had made the other woman to his second marionette and forced her to slaughter the police and the other heroes. In the end, he had offed the remaining heroine and survivors with his rifle before he set out to regroup with Izuku who was set on elimination one of the most dangerous villains put there and who would for sure try to take over the underground when All For One was defeated and out of the way.

Spinner and Kota would be busy with extinguishing the burning trash because All For One would likely drag All Might right into hell with him and this monster could not be left to become the new number one hero for sure.

When Izuku received the news of Enji's death and All For One's, as well as All Might's fall at almost the same time he had to laugh. 

This was perfect!

A new era was about to begin! One where he and Shouto were controlling the fates of the world, side by side, as the strongest hero and the most powerful villain who had ever walked upon the face of earth. 

He examined the gigantic building in front of him with crossed arms. 
Behind him stood an army.

“The quirkless will take the front. This Yakuza group worked with Quirk-destroying drugs. I can't allow myself to lose these few strong Quirks we have on our side! 
And because of this: 
The ones with the strongest long-range Quirks will be with a big group of quirkless and will also get some partners with strong short-range Quirks. Everyone who has weak Quirks will take up the middle of the groups.
Shouchan, Toga, Luke, Yami you'll be with me!
Dabi. You get to pick the strongest quirkless you know and put your close-range-Team together.
I will create all the other teams myself!”

Shouto followed Izuku filled with an insatiable curiosity, butterflies fluttering away in his stomach and fascination glimmering in his eyes.

Toga, Luke, and Yamikumo were walking behind them, a bit further away but still close enough. The lasting members of the Villa stayed close to them, yet they were rather far away. 

But the incredible thing about the whole situation was how much Izuku still knew. 

Shouto knew that there were close to two thousand members in Surveye's organization and about 150 of them had followed the call of their savior to stay him by.

And Izuku seemed to know the name and strengths of every single one of them. The greenette walked from one person the next and knew how to talk about their hobbies, their family and their fighting techniques as if they had met each day for months.
Nobody had seen Izuku since the day when they had recruited them, Shouto had asked more than one time.

In the end, there were eight groups in a range from 23 to 26 people, depending on how strong, weak the members were and how easy they could work in a team.

“So. We have the following goals:
To kill the members of the Yakuza.
To catch Overhaul.
To find and free the girl they are imprisoning.
You all already received the pictures of them and the explanation of their Quirks.
Are you sure that we are going to win this fight?!

Everyone started to scream their approval. All of them wanted to give their all. Weapons were raised and thrust into the sky as the noise crashed over their heads like a chaotic wave in a storm. 


The hideout of the Yakuza was run over by a raging mob and that was the last great sign of the beginning of an unstoppable change. 


“Okay. Okayokayokay. This is good. I can work with this. This is fine.
Team C, you should be about to cross path with my team. We have Overhaul in our line of sight right now, everyone else is dead anyway.
Did somebody finally find Eri!?

“Here Team H. We just saw her but she ran away before we could reach her and we have no idea where she's hiding because of this damn labyrinth!”

“Here Team C. We can see Overhaul. Shall we attack him together?”

Izuku gritted his teeth with a loud and easily hearable crack and was simply happy after doing that, that it did not hurt. 

Overhaul was almost the bonus of this operation if one asked for his opinion. This was about Eri. He wanted the girl. And he wanted Shouto to be the one to carry her out of this hellhole. The teen should become Eri's hero. 

And if Izuku was hoping to "adopt" the saved girl and Kota and use the kids as a base for his relationship with Shouto… well, there was nobody who knew it and nobody who could disapprove of it.

He sighed resigned and nodded for himself, while he gave his team instructions over hand signs he growled: “We're going to attack together. You from the front, we from behind.”


Overhaul strode through the halls of his hideout as if he was the king of the world or a god on warpath. In the one-eyed's opinion, the man was way too confident but that would change soon. 

No hands, no Quirk – just the same as with Shigaraki. 

The second group pounced at the Villain. All of them had their guns and knifes ready but the man was fast enough to pull off his gloves and to touch the ground to create a wall around himself.

Izuku cursed as soon as he saw the wall. If Chisaki were to disappear through the ground and into this labyrinth it would take ages to find him again. 

Most of them froze as soon as the floor started to move but some had the right idea about what to do now. Luke, Shouto, and Yamikumo threw themselves forward at the same time as Surveye and two people of the other had the needed reflexes to keep up with the Quirk of the black-haired man.

Before the securing wall could close itself completely the five teens broke through it. 
Izuku, who had formed his fist and reared it back mid-jump, swung it with all the power and speed he could bring up and hit the man close to his chin, where the mask rested against his face.

And even if it was a lot of strength behind the punch; nobody and least of Izuku expected what happened next.

The eyes of the adult rolled back into their sockets before they closed themselves and the man tumbled like a felled tree, the plague-mask landing on the ground a bit away from the unmoving body.

Unbelievingly they all stared at the obviously unconscious criminal.

Seriously? One of the biggest, rising villains close to myself and All For One? And a well-placed punch is everything that's needed to take him down?

With a throaty sigh, the greenette dragged his hands over his face.

This can't be true…! 

“He's knocked out. The hideout is save to move freely inside now.”, 
declared the one-eyed with a resigned voice, 
“Everyone will search for Eri now. Yami, Luke and I will take care of the bastard.”

Everyone nodded and scattered, expect for Shouto. 
Questioningly the broker rose an eyebrow, his eyes fixated at the taller teen.

Heterochrome eyes looked first to the right, then to the left side before Shouto pointed at himself. 

After a confirming nod of Izuku he blushed violently and hurried away, just like all the others did beforehand. 

Luke chuckled behind Izuku and the Surveye Double that was examining the clocked out man rolled his eyes. 

Kai Chisaki was, besides a few scratches in his face because of the ripped-off mask, his unconscious state, a light Vitamin D deficiency and raw scrubbed hands, in a perfect condition.

“You've got everything?”, asked Izuku his Doppelgänger while he held his Katana's blade over the flame of a lighter. 
“Damnit! I should have asked Shouto to burn out my sword.”, mumbled the boy with a frown. 

Yamikumo pulled off his backpack and opened it with a grin. 
“Everything's here. Needle, yarn, bandage, scalpel, antiseptic.”

The greenette curlyhead nodded and used one of the clothes to wipe the soot off the heated metal. 


His companions nodded and before anyone could say something more or second guess themselves the blade was already hurtling down through the air and severing one of the man's hands. 

The pain was enough to rip the young man out of his unconsciousness and make him trash around as he screamed only to fall back into the unmoving state because of the overwhelming information for his brain. 

Whilst Yamikumo treated the stump Izuku stepped onto the unharmed arm of the man and gave Luke a sign to do the same with the other arm so that the villain couldn't get free and destroy Yamikumo's hard work.

The second hand was cut off and treated with the same precision as the first one. 

Thoughtfully Izuku examined the unneeded remaining body parts and asked himself what he could use them for before he smiled. He knew what he could do with them. 

The former leader of the Yakuza had awoken by now and was lying on the ground with his eyes wide open as he gasped for air.

Stain's heir started to cleanse his sword as he followed the way down, deeper into the hideout.
“Carry him up, to the Van, and take his hands with you. I'll go looking Eri.”

A bit further into the building, the teen with the freckles stopped to make himself a picture about where he would hide if he was a scared little girl with a history of severe abuse. 

Before he even had the hint of an idea where he should start his search he heard fast steps closing in.
He hurriedly looked up and saw a white blur racing in his direction followed by Shouto's familiar figure.

Whatever this thing was that was running toward him, it tried to dodge him but he got in its way so that this nimble something ran against him at its highest speed.
It was almost concerning that he almost did not feel the impact but when the little something was about to fall because of the laws of physics he rushed to catch it.

It was, as he found out, a little, pale girl with frost-white hair and ruby-red eyes that were glistening with unshed tears.
On top of her forehead sat a small horn and the upper arm he was holding right now was so thing that his hand closed around it effortlessly.
It was not really a surprise that he did not feel the impact.

Shouto came to a halt next to him and braced his hands on his thighs while he tried to regain his breath. 

“H-hey…. Izu… thanks… for catching…”, panted the teenager beside him and made Izuku smile. 

The girl in his arms shook and fought to break free, she even stomped on his feet but he had no problem ignoring her. 

“No need to thank me, Shou, but you really need to catch your breath there.”, was everything he said before he swung the girl over his shoulder which caused her to scream bloody-murder and flail wildly. 

Shouto grimaced at the scene and rightened himself. 
“Izu. Let her down.”, demanded the hero sternly when he saw the fearful eyes and tears of panic on Eri's face. 

But Surveye was unreasonable when he threw a look at his friend over his shoulder. 
“Why should I do that, Darling?”

The boy with the Split-Dyed hair frowned.
“You should be one of the people who know best how to handle kids like her!”, he growled and stomped toward the smaller boy to hit him over the head with his flat hand and pick the girl off his shoulder to hold her bridal-style in his own arms.  

“Hey, Eri.”, 
said the taller boy quietly to gain the girl's attention without scaring her even more,
“Can I tell you a secret?” 
– she nodded with big eyes, completely enraptured- 
“I'm a hero, my name is Frayation. I've come here to save you.”

He continued to talk quietly. He told her about UA, from his siblings and whatever came to his mind to keep the child occupied and calm. After a while she actually started to relax and stopped hyperventilating. 

He rubbed the sleeve over face softly to soak up the tears and wipe away her snot before he changed the way he was holding her, now she was pressed against his side and could wrap her fragile-looking arms around his shoulder and do the same with her equally thin legs around his waist while he was supporting her with only one of his arms.

Izuku smiled dreamily at the sight. Shouto would be a perfect father.

“I'm sorry that I acted like that.”, said the villain quietly, his voice dripping with regret. 

The little girl lifted her head off the warm shoulder she was leaning against sleepily. She had forgotten that there had been the evil boy as well. 

He reached out with his hand and left her enough time to slap him away before he started patting her head with a weak smile and examined her with some skilled glanced and light touches.

“Come on, we should go. I don't want to breathe in this stench of the cleaning products one more minute.”

This comment made stars appear in Eri's eyes and Shouto nodded somberly.

“Here's Surveye. We found Eri.
Mission' over.”

Chapter Text

Should somebody be curious about what happened to Overhaul's hands…
Izuku moved with the remains of the Villa's members into the Hotel that was closest to their old home and everyone who survived the battle scattered all over Japan, back to their homes to hide again, after that he threw the caught criminal into the basement to take care of him alone at a later point. 

Later he dressed in his only fitting suit which he had commissioned shortly after the first Hotels had been finished and went on his way to Tsukauchi Naomasa's police station with a briefcase that contained two glassen coolers.

One of the hands was left behind on the Detective's work desk. 
Izuku's face stayed hidden, thanks to a mafioso-hat and the Surveye-mask but of course, everyone would know that it had been him. 

After that, he sought out his more complicated target. 

Let's see if he was able to finish this Mission Impossible all on his own.

After a short drive, he was standing in front of a building which was said to be safer than Fort-Knox.


The prison for supervillains.

With a grin, he strode up to the door. 

The guns and knives that were hidden beneath his coat seemed to burn through his clothes but he knew it was more than just a simple feeling.  
Because by now this feeling was one that all the weapons Surveye worked with had. A Quirk that made weapons close to none-existent as long as you did not know about them – and that worked for detectors as well. If that wasn't one “villainous Quirk”.

When the guards addressed him he just showed a fake pass and ID-card, which they actually bought.

Now he was Kuzo Somechi.
A freelance artist who had studied journalism, currently working on a crime thriller for which he had to talk to some real villains to better understand the characters and the plot.

He was given green light.

He could talk to two persons, one hour each.

As soon as he walked through the glassy hallways, between the most dangerous villains of this time, he smiled and noticed his chin and shoulders going up a bit.

Here he was the king.
One of them, but on the other side of the glass and because of that so much more powerful and strong.

Some catcalled after him, others growled from their places at the walls – it was pitiful and disgusting at the same time.

Deeper and deeper he sought his way into the hell until he stood in front of his father's cell.

He looked up to one of the cameras and pointed towards the cell.
“I want to talk to him.“

Red eyes became big and he watched his father trying to get what was going on.

As soon as the door was open, Izuku entered and took off his hat with a friendly smile. 

“Hello. My name is Kuzo Somechi.
I'm currently writing a book and would like to use your help for the design of a few characters if you don't mind?“

Baffled the black-haired shook his head.
“I wouldn't mind talking to you, Somechi-Kun.“

Izuku's smile grew wider.
“Thank you very much. How may I call you?“

“You can call me Stain.“

The young man, his son – how did his son manage to get in here without getting caught?!? – nodded and sat down elegantly on the floor close to the door.

“The subject of my work is the story of a young villain, who gets close to an older Villain because of diverse, messy circumstances and the older man takes him under his wing and teaches him. A bit later he meets a heroine in training but after a fight, she learns his true identity. A romantic drama, action, the line between good and bad, how far are love and forgiveness allowed to go? and so on; the usual, just different.”

Stain smiled in silent amusement at the explanation. Yes, it totally sounded like these books which Izuku absolutely despised from the depths of his heart but still bout and read to rant about the plot and the overdone writing style. 

“Of course the romance is going to be only a side dish to the actual story – I care about the crime. And that's your part, Stain-Kun. I need input about Surveye and information about you.”

Akaguro lifted a single brow.
“I'm willing to talk…?”

Izuku beamed at him.
“Is it true that you are related? I know it has nothing to do with the book but I have to admit that I' curious.”

“We're as related as it's possible in our situation.”

Izuku pulled out a notebook and started to write as they talked about no things that mattered.


“Surveye's getting stronger.”, mentioned the boy when it fit into their conversation and caught Stain's attention.


“He was the one to ensure that One For All and All Might fought against each other and fell – not that police would ever admit it.”

“I don't know why he would ever long to harm All Might but I'm still proud of him.”

They continued talking.


“A little birdie told me that Surveye spread a whole army all over Japan by now. I've seen a lot of shops in this newly opened malls with a Surveye over their door. Is he trying his hand in the economy as well? But why should he?”

Stain snorted amused.

“He surely has the funds for it. My boy is one of the richest people in Japan – if not in the whole world.”

“How rich would you guess?”

His father grew quiet and looked at him with silent adoration and love in his eyes. It took all of the one-eyed boys might to not break down in tears at this moment or throw himself at the man.

“Before I was captured he just told me excitedly that he owned more money than Endeavor.”

Finally, Izuku turned around the notebook he had been writing in.
He had written in the Code they had created together, the text said: 

Hey, Dad.


I'm happy to finally see you again.
Shouto is living with me now.


I got a bunch of new friends and build up my own little family but I miss you.


Today we got rid of a Yakuza-group and saved a little girl. 


I hope I will keep on making you proud. I will get you out of here soon.


I love you, your son, Izuku

The door at the end of the hallway was opened and tree new inmates were brought inside.

Shigaraki, Kurogiri, All For One.

Izuku smiled proudly at his father as he followed the figures with his eyes. 

“And with this, my second interview for today arrived. And the hour should be over soon.”, said Izuku before stood up and bowed at his father. 
“Thank you for everything.”

Then he gave a sign that he wanted to leave the room.


Curiously he turned around to face the bound man.


Stain smiled slightly.

“When you print your book; if you're going to mention that you talked to me please write that I'm proud of my son and that I think that it's amazing what he made out of Surveye.”

A businessman-like smile graced his lips but he closed his eyes and cocked his head slightly to show that this cold facade was only played.  

“I'll look what I can do.”, said the small teen and stepped out onto the hallway to wait patiently until the newcomers were settled, then he stepped closer to Shigaraki's cell and gave a sign that he wanted to enter this one next. 
The door opened without any complaint. Bribe money was a beautiful little thing. 

“Hello. My name is Kuzo Somechi.
I'm currently writing a book and would like to use your help for the design of a few characters if you don't mind?”

The silver-haired man growled at him and hissed a sharp “Scram!” which went ignored by a smiling Izuku.

“Shall I call Shigaraki-Kun, or do you prefer Shimura-Kun?”

That made the other male screech and the greenette flinched a bit. 

He put down his briefcase with a sigh. 

“Listen… I don't want to do you any harm, I simply want to write my book and you're famous, an Interview with you as my base will raise my profit noticeably.”

Fuck off!!!

Hurriedly Izuku fled the cell. With the briefcase clutched tightly he ran out of the prison but he had left some things behind with Shigaraki. A little glass-box with a cooled, freshly severed hand and a small note which said:

A little present so that you got at least one hand after all. <×>


When Tsukauchi returned from the arrest of the lasting members of the League of Villains to somehow work himself through through the mountains of documents that were waiting for him he did not expect a cleaned up office, nor a tidy desk and definitely not a file he never saw before in his life… and least of all with a severed body part.

He saw a lot in his line of work but he had not witnessed something like this before.

Sighing he pulled out the rubber gloves he was constantly carrying around because his work liked to haunt him and picked up the line of post-its which had been attached to the glass box. 

Hey, Tsukauchi Naomasa!


It's nice to see that finally someone competent is taking care of my case!


And hereby I'm giving you a little hint of what we did while you were busy with capturing the League and destroying my precious Villa.


Please ask this overgrown rodent if he really thinks I'm as dumb as it gives the impression!!!


But don't let this distress, or discourage you, you're doing your job great, sweetheart.!
XOXO <×>


PS. I hope I didn't bring anything out of order by cleaning up.


Desk, floor, and the fridge has been wiped down, all your files are in folders and labeled and in the second drawer on the right side of your desk


(Which is empty now) I put two thermos bottles with coffee into it. And it is possible that I poured some energy drinks into the red one. ^^’

The man shook his head in slight amusement and looked around. 

At least everything was clean again – he did not really have the time to tidy up a bit over those past weeks.

He lifted the box off the file and paged through it.

Information, definitely in Surveye's style, about a Yakuza group spread over each page in this folder. 
Simple, methodical explanations about what these people had done and over each picture of the members was a red stamp with the word ‘Dead’. 

Only two were alife.
A little girl, Eri, who had been abused to produce the drugs and the leader – Kai Chisaki, alias Overhaul – of the organization.

After kidnapping Kota, the policeman was not really surprised that Izuku was "freeing" other children as well, although it did bring up the question of what Surveye wanted to do with these little kids.  

Teenagers – like the ones whose bodies had been found in the forest – could be trained to fight and be good acolytes but kids… 
Of course, they were loyal if one took good care of them or freed them from a miserable situation but for the next decade Kota and Eri would be nothing more than useless dead-weight.

He continued to page through the file until he reached the end of it where another post-it was attached that read:

Surveye doesn't know that I'm going to send you this message this way but I am going to tell him. Please talk to my mother and my brother and my sister about my father. I don't want him to become a martyr after everything.
~Shouto Todoroki

An uncertain coolness spread through his innards. Nedzu had said that he knew where Shouto Todoroki is and that the boy would return to UA today. But it seems like this shot went backward. 

Shouto was with Surveye. 

And why should Endeavor become a martyr?

Tsukauchi's heart stopped at the simple idea his brain created with the information. Hastily he threw on his Trench Coat and ran down to tell that Surveye had been in his office and left him a hand behind which needed to be sent to a laboratory. 

When he mentioned the hand he was told that they already knew where the counterpart was. Also on it's way to the lab after an author had left the glass-box with the organic content behind in Shigaraki's cell.  

When he asked about Endeavor they told him that the contact to the hero had been cut abruptly in the fight yesterday and that nobody had seen him since then and that he was declared as missing right now.

The man grew pale.

Please let me be wrong!


“So, Kota, this is Eri. She comes from a situation similar to Shouto's and now she is in dire need of a good friend. I can trust you that you will take care of her and that you'll show her around, right?”

The ravenette and held a hand out for the girl who hid behind Shouto to take.

She remained unmoving and simply stared at his hand.

Kota threw a nervous glance at Izuku who nodded encouragingly and nudged the girl in the direction of the boy. But she struggled against it.

“Uhhhhmm… are — are you hungry?”, asked the ravenette.

The girl hid away behind the curtain of her hair after another failed attempt to get to safety behind the legs of the teens, but still, she nodded. 

“Then just come along.”, grumbled the boy and grabbed the girl's hand. 

She watched him through a gap in her hair and little tears twinkled in the corners of her eyes. 

Kota clicked his tongue and pulled at her arm to get her moving but it was no frightening or harsh gesture.

Eri did a weary step, stumbled, but got caught by her new friend and continued to toddle beside him with big, red eyes that stared up to him in fascination.

The one-eyed male followed the two children with his eye with a look on his face which was normally reserved for proud mothers.

Shouto nudged him with his elbow.
“Your feminine side is showing, Izu.”

The curly head looked at him with his bottom lip pushed forward and presented the perfect sulky pout. 
“What about it?! I have a weakness for little kids! So? It's not like I could play mother all alone. I have to much to take care even if I'd like to do it.”
Toward the end the greenette sounded rueful and there was longing shimmering in his eye.

That threw the taller one off the rails. 

But of course. Izuku was constantly talking about his own family. Stain had been the most important thing in his world and after losing him Izuku started collecting and saving all these "strays" to form a new family. So, of course, he wanted kids. It was part of his nature.

Thoughtfully he cocked his head to the side and followed the duo with his eyes as Kota entertained the two of them all on his own as they walked around the corner.

By now he actually was pretty sure how he felt about Izuku but he still wanted to wait for a bit just to be sure. 

But could he imagine to take care of "their" children with Izuku?
Yes. He could. 
The scenario wasn't hard to imagine and made butterflies flutter in his stomach.

What would be the difference to what he had done with Izuku over the past weeks in the Villa?
They had taken care of the whole organization together, or, well: Izuku just had dragged him along as company as he did his chores and in the end, he actually had fun when he helped him. 

I definitely did not sound bad. 

He inched closer to the smaller teen stealthily until he could place one arm around his waist. Izuku snuggled up against him with a little smile. 

“I am sure that when everything has calmed down you will have enough time for your kids.”, murmured the hero quietly into the wild mop of curls and was sure that this remaining eye was glistening like a precious emerald.

Something gave him the feeling that they both actually knew already how he would reply if the one-eyed would confess his love right now but in this moment it was not needed to say it out loud.


Toshinori stood beside Nedzu, Sir Nighteye, Eraserhead and Detective Tsukauchi in front of Endeavor's rigid and wet corpse. 

In the background, Bakugo was freed from his chains and lead toward an ambulance. 
One eye and three teeth were missing; his right hand was nothing more than a bloody clump; nose, jaw, shoulder, ribs, knee, and hip were more shattered rather than broken; so it was understandable why the boy was limping in this state.

It would take forever until everything healed and if the teen would still be willing to fight then was a completely different question. 

If one weren't to count in his badly harmed psyche. 

“Surveye performed his great masterpiece. Some of the best hero students are either on his side or so badly injured that they'll never be able to continue their career.”, stated the principal with a bitter smile and an emotionless voice. His trademark, his smile, was missing.

The four humans around him nodded with dark looks on their faces and goggled ahead of them in silence.

They knew they still had two massacres to visit but none of them really had the energy in them to still look at the Villa or at the bunker. 

“We have to continue. The hideout of the Yakuza is close by, we'll visit the Villa in the end.”

When they stood in front of the building which was the entrance to the secret lair the eyes of All Might's former sidekick grew round.

“I was investigating against this group.”, whispered the lanky man breathy as he slowly climbed out of the car. 

On the street in front of the main entrance were all the corpses on display. 

“I don't understand...”

The hero turned to the policeman. 

Naomasa sighed and started to explain: “Surveye explained it in his message like this: 
When he heard that this group was creating drugs against Quirks he wanted to give them free rein but then some of the members of his group witnessed how a little girl tried to flee and was captured again.
Surveye has a bleeding heart when it comes to children and teens in need and decided that Overhaul and his group had to be disposed of. The leader of the Yakuza and the little girl still are missing – and I don't think we'll see Eri ever."

Nedzu's whiskers twitched at the explanation. 
“The most important part is missing. This group had a good chance to contest Surveye's position in the underground. Now, that the biggest villain of all times if off the window a gigantic power-vacuum has been created everyone rushes and longs to fill. 
Surveye, compared to everyone else, has right now just as much power as All For One had but none of the basic street thugs know that and so he has to defend his claim to the throne with all his might.”

Sir Nighteye nodded and tightened his glasses.
“We only can hope that he doesn't grow to hate the hero-industry as much as All For One. Because then we might actuaöly stand a chance. We won't be able to withstand a war today like the one back then when All For One arose."

Aizawa slumped together and rubbed his eyes in a tired gesture.
“We're going to pull the education and the training taunt again. We can't afford to let all the kids walk into the world unprepared. We are going to need to hammer Surveye's ideals into their thick skulls so that they don't die on the first day. Oh God, how I fucking hate this.”, grumbled the underground hero and continued complaining about how these kids did not deserve it to be treated like this, that their education finally had slacked a bit to cause lesser destruction. 

Nedzu shook his head and pressed a paw against his head.

A lot of parents would start to complain and take their kids off their school. 

This power exchange had tripped everything into the worst possible direction.


The visit to the Villa was… enlightening.

The men had walked through the abandoned building in deadly silence and formed their opinion about the group which lived here some hours ago unwillingly.

The boys had lived in the western wing and the girls in the eastern wing. In each of the wings which had been used for bedrooms with one group bathroom for each wing.

While there were a lot of cosmetics and make-up standing around in the female-bathroom, only halfway consumed and freshly used, and there was a box close to the door which was filled with toiletry kits, just as much of them as there had been dead girls. 
They found the same box with the same content in the male-bathroom as well, although all in all there were fewer products. 

They glimpsed into every room, each had always been shared by four people. 

Each duvet cover was individual, everyone had their own desk, a wardrobe with books and items combined with a little personal space that they could paint and cover in posters however they saw fit, but there also was this small corner where they could relax with a music box and beanbags. 

It varied from minimalistic to kitschy. Some girl-rooms were completely blue, some of the boys' rooms were all the shades of pink and purple. Some of the walls looked like Goth and Metal, other ones like K-Pop and Indie. Colorful flourish and wild splashes of color were alternating with blank walls, elaborated patterns, and sparkling galaxies.

These kids had filled their own little space with their whole personality and soul and it was almost hurtful to see all of this empty and deserted. 

In one corner a mechanism for a prank was hidden away and it was impossible to not ask oneself if it had been placed with someone certain in mind.

In the kitchen, some lasting dirty plates were swimming in the sink together with some cluttery. Gigantic pots stood on the stove, used and still uncleaned and showing signs that they had been filled with Spaghetti Carbonara before.

They got into the upper middle part and found a floor with diverse games and space for relaxation and one more room which looked like it had belonged only to Surveye. 

They found Surveye's office with completely emptied wardrobes but everything else just had been left behind. 

Then they reached the training halls and the bunker, both were almost too well equipped. 

The rulebooks which were in the utility-room spoke of paranoia and caution, of traumatized souls and sick thoughts. 
There were manuals how one had to behave when having a panic attack, how to wake someone from a nightmare correctly, how to help someone in a state of shock, how to act with a sleepwalker, how to make oneself fall into a light slumber should someone suffer insomnia and how to work around phantom-pains. 
Symptoms over symptoms that belonged to mental illnesses were listed off skillfully and explained so that they were easy to understand – sometimes there were hand-written comments and tips on the brim of a page. 
It showed how all these kids lived their everyday-lives with these problems and that each of them were a regular sight they fought against tirelessly and painstakingly. 

The principal remembered the patches of soot on some walls, the dents with bloody rims which had been caused by uncontrolled hits and kicks, the claw marks and scratches at some bedposts. 

They had fought the demons of their past and themselves – they still did it.

Surveye gave them an environment where they could concentrate in peace on fighting and winning their battle side by side with their brothers and sisters in arms.  

And he was standing in front of all of them as their shining idol and the perfect picture of how a successful victory could look like. 

It really was cruel to see this house abandoned because one was able to gain a scarily accurate insight into the life of the occupants – and suddenly they all actually seemed to be human.

Chapter Text

The Media was having a Hay-Day.


It didn’t matter that a week already passed.

They still talked about the butchered Yakuza-Group.

About Overhauls barely identifiable corpse, which hung at UAs doors two days ago with a message that explained that child abuse was the worst of all crimes.

There had been a comparable message with Endeavor.

Endeavor, who gets ridiculed and bad mouthed by his family in front of the media right now even after his death.
Or rather: because of his death.
Because now none of them has to be scared of him any longer.

Even Shouto Todoroki who hasn’t been sighted anywhere at all contacted Magazines, Newsletters, Radio- and TV-Shows over his phone or in written form to tell them what exactly had been done to him.

And then, suddenly, the twin brother of Natsuo Todoroki, Touya Todoroki, send out a message which contained his life story, even though it was rather vague together with a bit of his DNA as a proof that it really was him.

The horror the people felt came down upon the heroes in the form of public hate.
Citizens plainly refused to be saved or rathered to save themselves.

Surveye stood above all the chaos and watched grinning as the media picked up all the offered flesh and ripped apart like the vultures they were.

Katsuki's injuries, Tenya's paralysis, Shouto's vanishing act, the deaths of Mineta and Hagakure, All Might's loss und Endeavors behavior - everything pinned on UA-High.

Not enough safety.
Bad education.
Wrong priorities.
Pedagogical failure.

It was delicious.

“Do you want to return to school?”

Shouto lifted his head to look at him confused.

He shrugged and started to explain:
"I just mean… it wouldn't hurt if at least one person in the commanding level had an actual education. If you don't want to continue the hero-course you could go to management or gen.ed – but obviously, you can continue. Or you could leave UA and go somewhere else. I just thought that it wouldn't hurt."

The boy with the bi-colored hair leaned back and thought about it with pursed lips.  
“I would like it if I could continue going to the hero-course of UA. I'm just worried that they will keep me there against my will or that they will follow me.”

Izuku smiled softly and wrapped his arms around the torso of his partner from behind.
“I wouldn't be concerned about something like that in your stead. I'm sure they're going to leave you alone. Nedzu wouldn't dare to step out of line and if you interact with heroes each day your chance to be lead onto the "right path" is the highest.”

The teen with the heterochromous eyes snorted amused and nodded and hummed in agreement quietly before leaning his head back to rest it against the shoulder and neck of the other boy.  

“So I'll go back tomorrow?”

A kiss was planted against his temple as the only reply. It was a confirmation.

"Where are the two monsters?", asked the taller one when the one-eyed pushed his chair from the desk to sit down on his lap.

The quiet laugh that followed his question made this moment just more perfect.

“With their uncle Dabi and auntie Toga. I'm certain they will be busy for a while.”

“How can you be so calm when you know that the four of them are spending time together? It will end in a flooded Lobby again or another “hot spring” will appear in the basement.”

Izuku chuckled.
“As longs as Yami's not with them everything is fine.”

The thought to throw Yamikumo into this mixture made Shouto feel suddenly an interesting combination of relief and fear.

Happiness because the Surveye-Double refused to help with the kids. And horror because of what could happen if he decided one day that he wanted to do it.

“We can't ever let him get even close to Kota.”, decided the teen resolutely and made his partner giggle.

“I already arranged that but it's nice to know that we agree. Would it be okay for you if I went with you tomorrow?”

He looked at the smaller boy before he smiled and kissed him on the forehead. 
“Of course you can come with me.”


From: m


Subject : School-attendance and classes


Hello, Nedzu
I am happy to tell you that Shouto Todoroki decided to continue his education at UA-High. None the less he will continue to live with us and will not move into the dormitories on the school grounds.


Besides that, I promised him to accompany him during his school day tomorrow because he is still doubtful about the safety measures of your school. Because of that, I ask that four passes are delivered to this POB which I gave you the according Link for so that I and our companions don't have to leave his side at any given moment. 


Should someone try to arrest me or one of us or try to stop us in any kind of way I already prepared the according counter-measures. 


I look forward to seeing UA-High from the inside.
Sincerely <×>

The mice-like creature reread the E-Mail for the fourth time and sighed. 
Soon there would be a break where he could talk with the faculty about the procedure.

It was their best shot to at least win back Shouto Todoroki. A human with one of the strongest Quirks that were existing right now.

To let Surveye through their gates was a high risk but they had to take it. 

Resigned he sends out the message to the teachers that they all should meet up in his office – but there was actually nothing to discuss they could just prepare themselves.


“So.” –

He did not want this.
He was too tired for this. 
He did not get enough money to put up with this shit.

The man placed his hands on his desk to support him a bit as he examined his remaining students. 

There were too few of them for such a young age. At least Bakugo would return, but that would take its time.

He had never been so relieved to know that one of his students was in a hospital. 

If Surveye and Katsuki were to be put into the same room it would end up in a disaster of unforeseeable dimensions.

He took a deep breath. 

They still had to trek through hell and it did not matter if they wanted to. It was not even the fault of his students but they were the ones to carry the can in the end.

Shouta owed them to warn them at least.

– “Tomorrow Todoroki-Shounen will return to our class.”

The faces of the kids lit up a bit but they stayed cautious. They seemed to sense that that wasn't the whole news.

“But… he will be accompanied by people you most certainly know already.
As you all know by now wasn't the group which went with us to the summer camp not just any group but Surveye's-Villa, so, the minions and the followers of the herokiller and his heir. And you also know that they were the ones to cause Bakugo's and Iida's injuries. Yet… they also were the living group where Todoroki moved in.”

– Many eyes grew round and a lot of faces pales. The kids already understood what he was trying to tell them. Shouto was no longer a real part of their class. –

“It is likely that he and Surveye were in close contact since the USJ-incident. We have to assume that Zuko Idori is Surveye. And he will surely arrive here with Todoroki tomorrow to ensure his “safety”. Please just ignore them or avoid them but never ever attack them. Right now Surveye is too unpredictable qs that we could allow ourselves to fight him. 
And that's it, no school for the rest of the day except you want to help with preparing the school building.”

The whole class stayed behind to help with installing bugs and cameras. 


Izumi bounced around Shouto with her loyal, worn-down, yellow backpack slung over her shoulder and clothes that resembled the female UA-uniform if one did not look too closely. She was wearing a white blouse, a grey jacket, a red tie, a green skirt, and her patented red shoes.

Izuku had thought it would be funny to show up as Izumi and of course he had gone through with his plan, although there was no big difference between Izumi and Izuku. The only physical difference that this wild, green, fuzzy curls had a ponytail added to them which was tied together by a white bow.
Dabi walked behind the pair with his typical emo-gangster look.
Eri was dolled up in a pretty, colorful dress with flower-print, rainbow tights and her hair had been plaited into an elaborate braid; while Kota was simply wearing his cap, a hoodie with the Surveye on its back and a black ripped jeans.

Izumi had pulled a grimace when she had seen the boy and she actually had wanted to force him to change but Dabi had labeled the idea of the boy as genius and saved him from any change his "mother" wanted to order.

“I'm so excited! I always wanted to go to UA-High! All Might's Alma Mater! The place where legends are created! I can't believe that I'll actually see the school-grounds without rushing! I mean, I was close to this place once before I broke in. That was the day when Dad found me! So I actually owe it to UA that I met him! And without UA I wouldn't have met you as well, Shou! Oh! Do I have to thank the League because I wouldn't have met you without them as well? I don't want to thank the League!”

Touya rolled his eyes and shook his head. It has been going on like this the whole way and Izumi had at least covered a way three times the length they have walked because of her running around them. But his little brother just watched in amusement and with little hearts in his eyes without complaining. 
And the brats thought it was funny