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Drace Does What NintenDON'T

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Drace Does What NintenDON’T
Zelda + FemHawke
-by Drace Domino

With Calamity Ganon’s fall, peace was once more restored to Hyrule. Princess Zelda was finally released from her century-long battle, and the forces of darkness were pushed aside to make room for days of prosperity, peace, and joy for the innocent people of the world. Princess Zelda had only one person to thank: the stranger from another realm that she had called to when the darkness seemed to the heaviest. The stranger that even now, laid her delicately atop the bed and loomed over her like an intimate shadow.

The stranger that Princess Zelda had given her heart to, and was about to give her virginity to - Marian Hawke.

“...everyone in Hyrule’s sleeping sweet tonight, because of you.” Marian purred, just as her fingers began creeping across the princess’ bare belly. The chaste Zelda quivered underneath the touch, and a blush races from her cheeks to her chest as the stronger woman caressed and praised her. “You should be proud of yourself, Princ--Queen Zelda. I can’t think of anyone from where I came from that deserved the titles they had.”

“You talk as if you had nothing to do with it.” Zelda whispered, though only put up the argument because it was the only thing keeping her steady. If it wasn’t for that sweet debate, she’d have collapsed into a writhing pit of pleasure underneath the other woman’s touch. Marian was older, tougher, marked with the scars of a world even harsher than her own...and yet the way she gazed at her spoke of a tenderness that made her quiver to her royal core. She had to take a breath to collect herself as Marian caressed one of her breasts, annd allowed a thumb to move past one excited, stiffened nipple. “You’re the hero this day, Marian. Everything is because of you.”

“...we’re both incredible people.” Came the smirking reply, and Marian was swift to close the distance between them. Hawke’s mouth moved eagerly upon that of Princess Zelda’s, and her kiss came with the hungry movement of a wet and warm tongue. As the blonde ached with pleasure underneath her attention Marian moved purely for the pleasure of the princess - fingers pushing down to tease at the hood of the sensitive virgin and her own chest heaving forward to press full and flush to her lover. Though Marian’s scars and muscles made her body a tactile experience altogether different from Zelda’s own, the two fit together well and they each relished the contact. Marian even let her voice slink out amidst the kiss that grew with hunger and intensity with every passing second, spoken amongst a muffled, heated breath that escaped the corner of a playful grin. “So just think how great this is going to be.”

Zelda quaked underneath Marian’s power, butterflies rolling within her tummy and her arms only barely strong enough to loop around her shoulders. She spread her thighs to allow the older woman to access her virgin folds, and her nectar coated the two digits that began to work expertly across her. In truth, Princess Zelda had never found herself humoring the idea of love and desire - with a dark destiny such as hers, it always seemed folly to humor such a thing. But now that Calamity Canon laid dispatched, now that Marian had driven her blade through the very heart of evil in Hyrule, it was finally time for her to dream. To hope. To give her heart to the one that had earned it.

Soon Marian’s digits crept deeper within Zelda’s folds, and the princess gasped in quivering glee from the contact. Her nectar coalesced around that warm touch and she shifted her own thigh forward, aiming as best she could to press it between that of her lover. As inexperienced as she was, she knew Marian could certainly deride some pleasure from the contact. She would do all she could to please this woman in the hopes that Marian would continue being patient and doting, praying to the goddesses that this more experienced warrior wouldn’t find herself bored of this virginal blonde thing.

Nothing seemed less possible - at least in the estimation of the Hero of Kirkwall - than her passion for Princess Zelda fading. There was a time when she was infatuated by pirate women and oddly drawn to the seemingly cute advances of a blood mage, but she could tell glory when she was right before it and Princess Zelda was more radiant than every beautiful thing in Thedas combined. As she heaved her chest to the princesses and straddled against that smooth and tender thigh Hawke pushed her hips forward, coating Zelda’s flesh with a thin line of her glisten just as her fingers pushed a little deeper within. Soon she was pleasuring herself upon her lover’s leg just as she kept working her digits back and forth, at all times keeping her focus on the girl’s comfort and delight. Now that Calamity Ganon was dead Hawke existed in Hyrule for one reason and one reason only - to make sure that Princess Zelda never wanted for company, affection, desire, or love.

The kiss between the two women went on for some time, and Hawke was ever-patient with her young lover. She encouraged Zelda to touch her figure and trace her scars and marks, coiled in pleasure when she felt those delicate fingers sink into her shaggy black hair, and even offered a playful giggle when Zelda - in the most scandalous move of her life - dared to squeeze the firm rump that was riding across her thigh. When the kiss finally broke Hawke offered to her queen the same sort of lazy and lopsided smile that she gave the girl when they first met, a smile that suggested that Hawke was unlike any hero Hyrule had ever known...but would be no less dedicated to preserving it, its people, and the precious heart of its beautiful ruler.

“My love always, Queen Zelda.” Hawke promised, and with a few small kisses began to drift down. She would worship the princess’ figure with her mouth until she found her lap, at which point she would ensure that the Triforce of Wisdom was properly pleasured. Knowing full well that was her immediate future, Zelda simply sighed, laid her head back, and let a smile spread across her face.

For the first time in Princess Zelda’s life, she was truly happy. For the first time in over a hundred years, Hyrule was safe and she was allowed to feel joy.


Back in Kirkwall, Isabela and Merrill made a Link sandwich. Just in case you were wondering.

The End.

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Drace Does What NintenDON’T
Samus Aran + Ahsoka Tano
-by Drace Domino

As yet another Imperial Star Destroyer exploded in the distance, Samus’ gunship roared into lightspeed and set course for their next destination. The galaxy’s best bounty hunter had been on a kipping spree the likes of which rivalled even her greatest campaigns against the space pirates, for the Imperials had given to her a rare enemy: one that was as powerful and numerous as it was corrupt and evil. The perfect target for a woman that wanted to do the right thing, but so often had difficulty fitting in because of her more...violent tendencies. A galaxy at peace was a fine goal for Samus Aran, but it would be a boring place to live. Thankfully, the Empire would keep her busy for a while...and the company she had during it couldn’t of been better.

“...the way you blasted that reactor...the look on those stupid Imp’s faces…” The orange-skinned Togruta writhed within Samus’ lap, her tiny, tight rump squirming within her girlfriend’s grip. While lightspeed whizzed by around them Ahsoka was greedily grinding against Samus, rubbing at the bulge building within the Zero Suit. “’re the hottest thing in the galaxy…”

“Don’t discount yourself, babe.” Samus’ grin was enormous, and she made it a point to sink the fingers of both hands deep into the sides of her lover’s ass. She helped Ahsoka to grind against her all the harder, ensuring that the Togruta Jedi could feel her cock pressing through the suit to rub at the exposed orange pussy above. “When you took the heads of seven soldiers with one flip? I would’ve pushed you down and fucked you right then and there, if the ship wasn’t ten seconds from detonation…”

“Nnnng! Fuck me right now, then!” Ahsoka grinned, shoved her hands to Samus’ shoulders, and forced a brief, wet, hot kiss against her lips. When it pulled back the Jedi bit at her girlfriend’s bottom lip, pulling it a bit before allowing it to suddenly snap back to place amidst a pair of heated groans. “Pretend I’m that Imperial officer we met at the elevator and destroy me.”

It had been going on like that for weeks - ever since the two had met. Samus’ ship had gotten caught in a wormhole only to emerge to find a tiny craft under siege by T.I.E. fighters. When she easily dispatched the craft with her vastly superior gunship, she found on the rescued vessel a girl that had been looking for her purpose. Recently of the Jedi Order, Ahsoka had been betrayed...both by her friends, and the people she once looked up to and admired. A Jedi without an Order, she was an enemy of the Empire and an outcast of the Republic. The attraction between the two had been instant and enormous, and ever since they had fallen into a routine of expertly taking down the enemies of freedom and peace...and having intense, rough, glorious sex in Samus’ gunship.

For Ahsoka, being in the Jedi Order had never been half as satisfying as this...and Jedi training was a walk in the park compared to getting wrapped around Samus’ enormous cock.

“Yes, yes, yes! Harder! Fuck me harder! Ohh, you’’re going so deep!” The Togruta’s voice echoed within the tiny gunship as Samus slammed against her from behind, rutting the girl deep and desperate with fierce, powerful thrusts. She had Ahsoka braced on her hands and knees with that tiny orange ass up in the air, cock lodged in her pussy and hands gripping her leku to use them as handlebars. Ahsoka’s slender figure shuddered with pleasure as she gripped at the metal grating below her, her eyes going crossed and her tongue dangling from her lips as a shockwave of orgasm rushed over her. “Yeeeeesss…!”

Her entire tiny body tensed up, thighs shivering and a line of drool escaping her lips via rolling from the edge of her tongue. Ahsoka’s face took on a look of mindlost lust almost every time they fucked, overwhelmed by the throbbing of Samus’ cock in her pussy and the way the bounty hunter manhandled her sensitive leku and montrals. Most non-Togruta lovers had a tendency to thing they were made of glass and were afraid to touch them, but Samus? Samus clearly wasn’t afraid of breaking them. Gripping them, squeezing them, even using them to choke Ahsoka during sex...the bounty hunter knew justs how to treat a Togruta that was so eager to be her little slut.

With a wide smile on her face, Samus let a hand slap against Ahsoka’s ass, and even as the tiny thing was left spasming in climax began to move her around. She slinked her hands about Ahsoka’s waist and suddenly spun her around on her cock, letting her land against the metal floor with a loud thud and pistoning her into the missionary position. Her thick and throbbing cock didn’t leave that orange warmth for a single second, and Samus herself barely lost a stroke - pumping just as hard, just as heavy, and just as greedy now that she was facing her girlfriend. One hand locked around one of Ahsoka’s ankles and she lifted the girl’s leg nice and high while the other grasped the end of both leku in a single fist, pulling them like a leash to force Ahsoka’s face towards her own for a hungry kiss.

Samus remained quiet while she worked - a tendency towards silence had always been her preference. But there was no denying the glee in her eyes as she forced her mouth on Ahsoka’s own, dominated the girl’s tongue to the floor of her mouth, and began to thrust with even greater force. She was shoving herself forward so hard and so deep that Ahsoka’s lap bulged when she was down to the hilt, forming a tiny orange bump around the shape of her cock. The Togruta was still the howling and spasming mess all through the kiss, with lines of wet drool escaping from the corners of her mouth to splash against perky tits and nothing but gasping, desperate noises escaping her throat. When Samus’ moment drew near the bounty hunter was sure to keep herself deep for the explosion - her little Togruta pet always deserved a nice, heavy creampie for her efforts helping her kill the Imps.

It went par for course, with Samus’ cock unloading a torrent of cum and Ahsoka writhing and a follow-up climax as she was filled. She squirmed, she gasped, she shuddered around that throbbing cock, and when it was finally over she was filled with a warmth that gave her peace like no amount of Jedi meditation could ever hope. When Samus finally released her leku and pulled out her dick to flop it atop Ahsoka’s slender belly, the Togruta lay gasping and exhausted, a pool of cum forming against her thighs. Through twitching eyes she looked up at the blonde beast towering over her, and swallowed her overwhelmed senses just long enough to stretch her arms out, inviting Samus close.

“ you...Sam…”

Samus, kneeling there in full dominant glory with her cock leaking cream onto Ahsoka’s belly and every defined muscle lined with sweat, gazed down at her girlfriend with her stern, overbearing eyes. They softened almost immediately as her fierce look melted into a smile, and she stretched her arms out to scoop her beloved up into her arms. The feel of sweat, the mess of cum between their nethers, Samus basked in it all as she pulled her girlfriend close and laid a few eager kisses across the edge of one of Ahsoka’s montrals.

“ too, ‘soka.” She murmured, joyfully.

Together, Samus Aran and Ahsoka Tano would become the scourge of the Empire and the Sith. But alone in the gunship, their violent and rough sex was always followed by cuddling and affection almost as intense. Samus had decided long ago that the wormhole she was trapped by was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

This was where she was meant to be, cradling a shivering, naked Togruta and feeling her heart race more with every passing second.

The End.

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Drace Does What NintenDON’T
Little Mac + Chun-Li and Cammy
-by Drace Domino

“You did a hell of a job out there, but what I’m really wondering is how much of that energy you can put to good use.” Chun-Li’s voice was thoughtful and playfully dominant, just as she pressed against Little Mac to close her breasts against the side of his head. On the other cheek he was trapped against Cammy’s tits, which although they were a few cup sizes smaller than her partner’s were as firm yet inviting as the mat after a KO blow. Trapped between the breasts of both World Warriors, Little Mac could only twitch and gasp as the girls continued to grope him. Cammy’s delicate fingers were teasing across his chest while Chun-Li was far more forward, pressing her palm against Mac’s shorts and squeezing at the impressive member that was hiding within. “Heh. Is it cliche if I say something about it being not-so-little?”

“Geh...uhn…” Little Mac wasn’t much of a talker. Mostly grunts and screams as he threw his massively powerful punches, and there wasn’t anything he could say to possibly make sense of this situation anyway. One minute he was doing his best to compete in the World Warriors tournament and the next he had been floored by a spinning bird kick. How was that legal, or even possible?! He’d need to memorize the pattern if he ever hoped to counter it, but it didn’t seem like he’d have the chance. He woke up in a hotel room, and now he was clearly the groped plaything of a pair of very horny, craven fighters.

Not a bad purse for a second place finish.

“You’re always in such a rush, Chun-Li.” Cammy’s voice chirped up, thick with her British accent. Despite her words she too was pushing things forward, specifically by pushing Little Mac right back down on the bed to lay him flat. Her hand, so much more precise and agile than Chun-Li’s, moved down to share the squeeze of Mac’s cock through his boxing shorts. As soon as she felt that hefty weight in her hand she quirked a playful brow, and gave her friend an understanding look. “...oh. That’s quite a unit, all right. And here I thought you were simply being nice, like when we had fun with those Lee brothers.”

Little Mac went cross eyed as the girls moved to pull his member free, and that throbbing cock stood straight up from his lap only to be caught between the lips of the two fighters. He gazed down across his chest to see Cammy and Chun-Li kissing his cocktip from both sides, their tongues weaving forward to slide back and forth as they layered him with a spit and delight. With a whimper Little Mac found the strength in his sore arms to reach up, and though he realized in that moment he was still wearing his boxing gloves it didn’t stop him from pressing a hand to the back of each woman’s head. A gentle nudge forward, encouraging them to take things further.

Unfortunately for Little Mac, he wasn’t the one that got to make such decisions. As soon as he dared to push at their heads Cammy’s grip around his shaft tightened considerably, and both women shot him a glance that suggested this delightful little treatment could’ve ended as soon as they demanded. Chun-Li was the one to speak first, with a ribbon of spit connecting her lips not only to Little Mac’s cock, but to the smug smile spread on Cammy’s face.

“You clearly don’t understand how this works.” Chun-Li explained, just as her hand moved down to gently, pleasingly caress Little Mac’s sack. Her fingers worked in expert motions, making the fighter whimper and push into Cammy’s fist. “You lost the match. That means you lay there, you fuck whatever hole we give you, you lick whatever pussy we put on your face, and you let us call the shots. Understand?”

“...gyeh.” Little Mac, with eyes wide and his boxing gloves pulling back in a submissive gesture, simply nodded. He knew better than to question the ref, that was the best way to get disqualified.

Much to his joy, as soon as Mac dropped his mitts back to the mat the girls went right back to work. Their mouths completely covered the tip of his cock as they kissed with it in the mix, tongues battering and slurping as threads of spit rolled down his shaft onto Cammy’s gripping hand. The girls gave him a few pumps at their own leisure and whim while their mouths so eagerly and readily tended to him, and Little Mac was given the privilege of simply laying back and letting it happen. His eyes trailed from the traditional buns in Chun-Li’s hair to the stylish braid dangling from Cammy’s, and of course their own respective, enticing figures. They were still dressed in their fighting uniforms, but that hardly stopped long, hungry glances at the shape of their nethers pressed against the fabric of those scandalously tight outfits. The only problem was resisting the urge to strip off his gloves and help himself to a grope of Cammy’s flawless ass or letting his fingers cascade down Chun-Li’s perfect, nylon-clad thighs.

It was a difficult thing to resist, but the idea of losing their mouths across his tip was simply too big a concern. Like Doc Louis always advised him, some fights aren’t worth taking.

...still wished he would’ve listened to the old man that time Donkey Kong punched him into the cheap seats.

With the two fighters stroking his cock while focusing their full oral attention at the tip, it didn’t take particularly long for Little Mac to begin quivering with an impending climax. It was clear that the two women soon realized as much, for Chun-Li’s hand began to massage his sack all the more readily and Cammy curved her back a little further, making sure that she could take the point directly above his tip when the moment came. The two women said nothing as they continued playing with their toy, tongues rushing faster and faster and faster until Little Mac trembled in a sudden shockwave that hit him harder than even the wildest of blows. He grunted and suddenly pushed his hips forward as he started to pulse, and Cammy was quick to close her mouth around his tip to ensure she collected as much as possible.

With wide eyes, Little Mac watched as the two girls showed remarkable teamwork. While his cock was spasming Chun-Li continued to gently stroke him, and Cammy allowed his first few squirts to pass into her mouth, her cheeks puffing up as she took in the load. She gave Chun-Li a tiny glance with her lips wrapped tight around Mac’s cock and it served as a signal that they needed to change positions, and it was without spilling a drop of Little Mac’s little swimmers that Chun-Li moved her own mouth forward, wrapping lips around his tip and claiming the rest. By the very end the prize fighter laid still rock hard but finished with his climax for now, and the two girls knelt forward each with heaping, cheek-pushing mouthfuls of cum.

Little Mac was left the spectator as they suddenly pushed forward, and Chun-Li’s copious chest crashed against Cammy’s own firm, small bust as they kissed. Open-lipped, with weaving tongues and hungry breaths, the two lovers made out with two heaping mouthfuls of Little Mac’s cream. It dribbled down their chins and across their chests, smeared about their cheeks, and served as plenty of flavor for them to messily lick from each other’s faces. The two women were practically in their own little world while Mac observed them, and when they finally turned to the silent brawler once more Chun-Li’s smile was enormous and glazed with his cream.

“You cum better than you fight.” She smirked, just as one leg moved forward, a boot pressing to the mattress as she prepared to spring ahead. “But let’s see how well you fuck.”

“I get him first, Chun-Li. You promised this time.” Cammy’s own legs took an acrobatic pose against the mattress, and she gestured towards Little Mac’s head. “You’ll have to make due with his face for now.”

Little Mac blinked, and gave a nervous swallow as the two women gazed at each other in clear contemplating over just which one would ride which part of him first. The only guarantee was that it was going to be a long night for the Bruiser from the Bronx, and he was going to spend plenty of time being the fucktoy of these two warriors. What else could he do? He had clearly lost his fight with Chun-Li, so it was only fair!

Sometimes those special attacks were best left uncountered.

The End.

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Drace Does What NintenDON’T
Princess Peach + Dovahkiin
-by Drace Domino

She had traded her castle for a cottage, and didn’t even care. The kingdom that Peach lived in these days didn’t recognize her as a princess, or even anyone special. As far as the people of Skyrim knew, she was just a regular woman among the masses - albeit quite a bit prettier than most of the others. Dressed in a simple brown dress and cleaning the two-room cottage she lived in with her lover, the former princess lived a life that was so much more peaceful and quiet than her old one. There were no Bowser kidnappings, no parties, no kart races, no tennis tournaments, and no soccer games. ...not that there had been many soccer games recently.

For a princess that had been feeling burned out by all the constant drama, this was the perfect change of pace. Sure, the lover she had taken might have been someone that single-handedly overthrew a rebellion, defeated an evil dragon god, and slayed vampires by the hundreds, but...she didn’t want things to be too boring, after all!

“Honey!” Peach’s cheerful voice erupted in the cottage as she heard the door open, and she rushed into the arms of the woman that stepped through. The Dovahkiin was a towering woman of the Nord people, with dusty blonde hair pulled to a thick braid at the back of her head and well-sculpted muscles lining her figure. She stepped into her home with a sword at her hip and a shield on her back, but she could never be encumbered by hoisting her lover into her arms. With a wide smile spread across slightly-scarred features the Dragonborn spun her perky blonde girlfriend in the air, and only set her back down on her feet so she could press a warm, loving kiss to her lips. It lasted only a few brief seconds before Peach pressed her palms to the Dragonborn’s shoulders, pushing away just enough to offer a whispering giggle. “I was worried I wouldn’t see you until next week!”

“The last of the Stormcloaks didn’t put up much of a fight.” Came the response, just before the taller woman slid her hands down to Peach’s rear to give her a firm, hungry squeeze on both sides of her rump. “But it’s been a few days, and all I could think of is getting you back into our room…”

“Well then, let’s not waste any time!” Peach giggled, broke from her lover’s arms, and grabbed her wrist. She was about to trot right back to the bedroom before the Dragonborn held her in place, just long enough to offer a tiny whisper that carried a tremendous weight.

“...fus.” Just one whisper of dragonspeak was enough to send a sudden gust of force through the room, rattling the jars and tables and sending Peach suddenly up into the air. The perky blonde gave a sudden gasp as she was sent forward but the Dragonborn moved quickly to catch her, pulling her beloved into her grasp and quirking a playful brow. Skyrim was a grim and serious place, but...this fresh-faced, beautiful ray of sunshine had made even the Dovahkiin embrace the fun in life. “Allow me.”


Peach giggled as she crashed against the massive, comfortable bed of Imperial make - and one of the softest, finest mattresses in all of Skyrim. She was already moaning in pleasure as the Dragonborn pressed atop her, mouth moving against the slender thing’s throat to give her a few hungry, greedy kisses. While she tended to the affections of her princess the Dovahkiin slid a hand between Peach’s thighs and just underneath the edge of her dress, moving fingers to tease that sweet and sensitive pussy as it was bare and uncovered by undergarments. Already her peach was juicy and wet, and the blonde’s legs parted a little wider in a desperate bid to receive more contact. In the bedroom, the Dragonborn was the one that always called the shots...but mostly, the only demand she made was that she was permitted to make her beloved squirm.

“Every morning I don’t wake with you, I suffer.” The Dragonborn purred against her love’s throat, squeezing two fingers within that warm entrance and gently hooking them. With an experienced and practiced touch she made the former ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom melt, forcing Peach to dig her fingers against her shoulders and gasp in a growing heat. The sweetly murmured words only made the touches she delivered all the more intimate, and added to the nectar rapidly collecting on the Dragonborn’s touch. “This entire land would be nothing without your presence. The voice of dragons is your willing slave, my dearest…”

Peach shuddered with delight, and she pulled a hand away from the Dovahkiin’s shoulder just long enough to wrap her palm around the amulet of Mara dangling around her neck. Skyrim marriage was a unique prospect, simple compared to her past life, but the weight of the symbol against her chest was always a thrilling reminder of the promise she had made. A promise to be the Dragonborn’s love - to be her heart, her home, her passion. A promise that Peach relished every time she felt Mara’s amulet bounce against her bust.

“All I want is for you to enjoy your Peach!” The princess giggled, and dipped her head forward to bump it against the other woman’s own. With her slit warm and tight against the very tips of the Dovahkiin’s powerful fingers, she coaxed her love’s head near and brushed her lips idly back and forth, teasing the sweetest whisper of a kiss. “...and if you truly are my slave, consider that an order.”

From there, the lovemaking that filled the cottage of the Dovahkiin was much to the standards the two women had set. Passion that was unbound by their so very different backgrounds, finally permitted to unleash upon each other in heated, delighted glory. The kiss that came as the Dragonborn’s fingers squeezed a little deeper was every bit as wild and intense as their very first so many months ago, and it wouldn’t break until she teased every drip of juice from her flawless, delicious Peach.

And once they were done, Peach would make her a cake.

The End.