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My Perfect Step Brother

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Jungkook had everything he ever wanted. He was captain of the football team, he was main dancer and center in his dance team, he was beyond popular, everyone at school wanted to be friends with him, and he dated the prettiest girl in school, student body president Ahn Heeyeon or “Hani.”

He was rich, lived in a big house, what more could he ask for?
You’d probably say nothing? What more could a kid like Jungkook want from the world? The answer was to get rid of his step brother, Park Jimin.
Jungkook had everything but the approval of his father which Jimin had. Jimin wasn’t like Jungkook though, he was the exact opposite. Rather than being popular, Jimin was a nobody with only one friend, Kim Taehyung. He did not play sports, he didn’t have a pretty girlfriend or a full table of people to sit with at lunch. But what Jimin did have ws respect, and good grades. Jungkook tried everything to get his father’s approval. He joined the football team and became captain for fucksake, every father’s dream.

But it was not his father’s dream. His father wanted a smart and kind kid, one he never got. So when Jungkook’s father got married to Jimin’s mother last summer, it was almost a dream come true to figure out her son Jimin was destined to be his class valedictorian meanwhile Jungkook was beating the shit out of honors class freshman to do his Algebra homework for him.

Jungkook envied Jimin’s ability to so quickly win the favor of Jungkook’s father meanwhile Jungkook had been working his whole life to obtain it and still never did.

When he first met Jimin at the wedding, he had no idea who he even was. When he found out they went to the same school he didn’t believe it because he had never seen Jimin before in his life.

He already hated Jimin just looking at him. His smile, his hair, his attitude, him in general. It only became worse when Jimin invaded his home after the wedding. Jimin’s room used to be Jungkook’s weight room and out of every other room in the house, ( and they have a really big house) Jungwoo, Jungkook’s father, insisted Jimin get Jungkook’s weight room.


“It’s just not fair. My father’s only been married to Jimin’s mother for three months and already Jimin’s the favorite child over me.” he complained, tangling his fingers into Hani’s purple hair. She turned around and draped her naked leg over Jungkook’s under the sheets and looked up at him.

“I’m sorry Jimin is being such a pain in the ass to you baby. But have you ever tried to get to know Jimin? He’s still your step brother..”

“I don’t want to know him. I want him out of my life,” He groaned in response.

She let out a sigh, sitting up from the bed and reaching over to Jungkook’s night stand to get her bra. Jungkook wasn’t even paying attention to her actions though instead staring up at the ceiling while thinking about Jimin.
She put her bra on followed by her shirt and pants that were together on the floor.

“I have to go Kookie it’s getting late.”

Jungkook was pulled out of his thoughts, turning his head over to Hani who was tying her shoes. Hani was never allowed to stay past 10 at Jungkook’s house because her parents didn’t like that she was dating Jungkook to begin with. They thought of him as a trouble maker, as someone bad for their daughter. Which made their relationship all the more fun. Jungkook sat up off the bed to walk her out when he noticed her black panties still on the floor. He lifted them up with one finger and turned to her.

“You forgot these,” He held them out to her but she turned around and smirked at him without making a move to take them back. “Keep them..”
Jungkook chuckled in amusement, shrugging it off. A teenage boy who just had sex with the hottest girl in school and was given her panties to keep should be pretty confident and ecstatic right? Yet the only thing Jungkook could think of was Jimin. Could Jimin say he got to keep a girls panties? No.
And that thought made Jungkook feel as though he was winning at something.



“It’s saturday night don’t you have anything better to do?” Jungkook asked, walking past Jimin’s room and seeing the blonde on his bed surrounded by text books.
“I could ask you the same question but based on the lewd noises your girlfriend was making that I was forced to block out from my mind, I think I already got my answer,” Jimin replied without looking up.

Their parents were out on a date. Their “dates” were week long trips to exotic islands all over the world which is normally when Jungkook would bring Hani over for a quick fuck.

“Jealous much?” Jungkook smirked, leaning against the doorframe.
He liked the feeling of winning over his older step brother. In the past three months of Jimin and his mother now living in Jungkook’s house, it became an everyday mission for Jungkook.
Jimin recognized that but remained unbothered. He had better things to do than to play into Jungkook’s childish games.

Jimin looked up, turning instantly red when his eyes met with Jungkook’s semi naked body. The brunette was in nothing but his Calvin Klein underwear, chiseled abs and professionally sculpted biceps on show for Jimin to see. Jimin looked back at his History textbook to avoid Jungkook.

“Put some clothes on.”

“Why? Do I make you uncomfortable hyung?” Jungkook said with a hint of teasing in his voice.
“N-no. I’m trying to study go away.”


Jungkook scoffed, “Loser.”


“What is Newton’s first law of motion?”

“Um..” Taehyung squeezed his eyes shut and tried to search his mind for the answer. It was just on the tip of his tongue but he couldn’t figure out the right words.
Eventually Taehyung gave up and let out a heavy sigh of self disappointment. “I don’t know..”

Jimin placed their physics text book down on the table and looked at his best friend. “Taehyung did you even study? It’s our first physics test of the year it’s important for our grade..”

“I know I studied I just slept late and all the information is fuzzy..” the boy pouted.

Taehyung was Jimin’s best and only friend. They've known each other since 6th grade, Neither of them had a place to sit in math class so they were both seated together. They realized that they had every other class together and ended up sitting together in all those classes too. They were both incredibly smart, which helped their friendship because they could talk about things no one else really understood without the proper knowledge.

“Why study when you can wing it?” Jimin rolled his eyes at the sound of Jungkook behind them. The younger reached over their heads to the bowl of strawberries that sat in front of Jimin, taking one.

“Can you leave? We’re trying to study and we don’t need your Stupidity rubbing off on us,” Jimin muttered.

“Hey I'm not stupid!” Jungkook whined like a child causing Jimin to scoff.

“Your IQ begs to differ.”

Jungkook crossed his arms over his thankfully clothed chest and raised his eyebrows at Jimin who was apathetically flipping through his text book pages. Jimin was just trying to find something to do with his fingers to make himself look busy in hopes that Jungkook would leave.

“Yea well I’m stronger than you so.”

“Are your muscles going to help you get into college?” Jimin chuckled.

“No but they’ll help me kick your ass.” Jungkook began to get annoyed. His weakness was academics and he hated that Jimin took any chance he got to jab at that weakness. It wasn’t Jungkook’s fault he wasn’t born smart. Or at least that’s the excuse he gave his father whenever he’d say “Why can’t you be like Jimin?”


“What would dad say if he knew you were threatening his favorite child?’ Jimin challenged. That was another weakness of Jungkook’s. A lack of his father’s attention. The brunette wanted to reply but he couldn’t form the words. Jungkook felt like a child being picked on in middle school all over again and he hated that feeling. Feeling inadequate or not enough.

“Now why don’t you go do the only thing you know how to do and throw a ball around or something. The grown ups are trying to study.”

Without another word, Jungkook ran upstairs.

“Geez Chim that was kind of harsh,” Taehyung said quietly.
Jimin did feel a little guilty for what he said. He wasn’t normally mean but Jungkook just got on his nerves all the time he had to stand up for himself. The past three months Jimin has been nothing but nice to Jungkook while the younger disrespected him over and over again, forgetting who was the older one between the two of them. Jimin shouldn’t feel culpable but he did.

Instead of acknowledging it though, he pushed it off and continued flipping through his physics book to find the right chapter.




Jungkook locked the door behind him, bringing his fingers up to his cheeks to push away the tears that escaped his eyes. Feeble was not something Jungkook liked to feel. This reminded him of middle school when he was this puny kid who believed he was going nowhere. It’s why he tried football, it’s why he practiced dance, it’s why he buffed up. To be the best so he’d never feel weak again.

But still there was some things he just could not win at. And today Jimin reminded him of that.

“F-fuck you Jimin,” Jungkook whispered to himself, sliding down the door until he sat on the floor, allowing himself to cry silently like the weak boy he was in middle school.



Later on that day, Taehyung was gone and Jimin was alone in his room. He felt unresolved guilt in the pit of his stomach, burning like fire. Jungkook had not come out of his room ever since Jimin insulted him. Not even for dinner and today's dinner was tacos, Jungkook’s favorite. He was always the first seated on the table when there was tacos and his absence made Jimin realize that his words must have really hurt Jungkook.

He could not even study because he was distracted.
Jimin groaned knowing he had to apologize, getting off his bed and walking over to Jungkook’s room.

The door was shut but Jimin could still hear music loudly, the vibrations of the base he could feel through the barrier. The youngers door had always seemed a bit intimidating thanks to the sign that read “Jungkook’s room Keep Out!” that hung on it. Jimin had never really been inside Jungkook’s room, only catching a few glimpses of the inside from when the door was left ajar.
Jimin hesitantly lifted his fist, knocking the door with his knuckles.
Suddenly the music stopped but the door did not open and for a few seconds it stayed like that, almost as if Jungkook was unsure if he really heard a knock or if it was just his imagination.

“J-Jungkook..?” Jimin said, his voice cracking in between the vowels.
Upon Jimin saying the youngers name, he heard shuffling on the other side of the door. Jimin almost gasped when the door simultaneously opened, revealing a poker faced Jungkook.

Jimin hated that he had to look up at Jungkook. He was much taller than Jimin and Jimin being the older one of the two, it kind of bugged him.

“What?” The brunette asked casually.

“It’s Taco day.. You didn’t come out-”

“Wasn’t hungry,” he replied keeping the same nonchalant tone.
Jimin audibly shut his mouth, promptly feeling much smaller.

“Oh.. I’m sorry about what I said before.. I didn’t mean to make you upset-”

“Don’t flatter yourself Jimin. If you think a loser like yourself can offend me think again. Just because you have straight A’s and a dictionary installed in your brain does not mean you are better than me.” Jungkook jabbed his finger onto Jimin’s chest hard, causing Jimin to take a step back into the hall, scared.

“You’re a pathetic geek with no social life and you will never ever be better than me. I can kick your ass in a second, I could kill you and nobody would miss you so don’t think you’re all that. Just because my dad likes you doesn’t mean anyone else does. Now leave me the fuck alone.”

Jimin didn’t register the tears that were streaming down his hot cheeks like never ending rivers. His heart shattered, self esteem and self pride with it. He felt insufficient and inferior to Jungkook. Weak, and destroyed. All he wanted to do was apologize yet just like always Jungkook crushed his spirit with his words that burned through his veins like venom.

Jungkook stared at Jimin, suddenly stunned at the words that came out of his own mouth. Did he just say all of that? Was Jimin really crying? His eyes widened a little feeling a lump grow in his throat. “J-Jimin I-”

“You’re right.. I c-could die and no one would miss me. I’m a nobody.. I’ll leave you alone..” He slipped out of under Jungkook and ran to his room, slamming the door behind him. Jungkook’s said pretty mean things to Jimin but never that mean. Jimin thought, maybe he deserved it. After what he said to Jungkook earlier that day, he deserved all the insults coming to him, he just did not expect it to hurt so bad.

“Crap,” Jungkook whispered, Brushing his fingers through his hair. He let his anger get to him again. He never had a problem insulting Jimin. He was supposed to hate the other, he was used to insulting him by now. But something about what he said just now made him feel like he definitely crossed a line. But Jungkook being Jungkook decided to ignore it and pretend it never happened.


Jimin was packing his lunch for school which did not consist of much. Just a salad he made quickly the night before and an apple juice.
“Apple juice? What are you 12?” Jungkook chuckled from behind him, Mixing in protein powder to his shake. He was trying to act like they were good again. Well, not good because they were never necessarily good with each other but back to the way they were.

Jimin chose to ignore Jungkook, not replying. Jungkook knew it was because of last night when he brutally insulted Jimin. He must have really crossed a line..
To make himself feel better about what he did to Jimin, he tried to convince himself that Jimin deserved it for making him cry and embarrassing him in front of his stupid friend. But still, the guilt he felt wasn’t going anywhere.

“Your mom and my dad extended their trip for a few more days so when the team wins tonight’s game, it’s my turn to host the after party.”

Ah yes, the post-win after parties. Jimin’s heard of them, of course we the status he had at the school (Which was no status at all) Jimin has never attended one. After every win, a member from the team threw a party at their house. It was the first game of the season tonight. If the team won, they’d start the season out good which meant the party would be huge.

Jungkook being the captain, He had to host the first one. “What makes you so sure you’ll win?” Jimin asked, zipping up his backpack.

“I win at whatever I do. Now come on we’re gonna be late.” Jungkook said, lifting his car keys off the counter. Jungkook drove a slick black Tesla he got for his 16th birthday. Jimin on the other hand did not even know how to drive.

“No thanks. I’ll walk.” Without another word, Jimin walked out the front door and Jungkook quickly followed behind him.

“Jimin don’t be an idiot, get in the car,” The brunette said, unlocking the vehicle and opening the passenger seat for Jimin. But the blonde didn’t spare a glance.

“I said I’ll walk. I wouldn’t want to ruin your rep by being seen with you. Consider it me doing your ego a favor.” He continued walking out of the driveway, letting out a sigh when there were no further comments made from Jungkook.

He might just have to lock himself in his room tonight for the party.
He’s never been to a party but he was sure if he didn’t stay in his room, Jungkook would tie him up and shove him in a closet to hide him so he wouldn’t be embarrassed by the blonde.


Jimin was napping when he heard the door slam, scaring him out of his sleep. The boom was followed by screaming teens and loud music.

“They won..” Jimin groaned, dragging his feet to his door, which he shut to try and block out the noises that only grew louder.

He hated that his mother chose Jungkook’s father of all the people in the world to marry. This would be his new life until he graduated and moved out for college. Even then he’d still have to see Jungkook on birthdays and holidays. That was if this marriage even lasted, something told Jimin it would turn to dust after a couple years.

He tried everything he could to block the noise from down stairs. Pushed pillows over his head, blasted his own music through his earphones, Sang loudly but nothing worked. Suddenly there was a knock on his door.

It confused him and for a second he thought he might of imagined it until it appeared again. Who could possibly be knocking on his door?
Jimin twisted the knob and opened it, to his surprise Hani stood there in her Mini dress and heels. Jimin tilted his head in confusion. Why was his step brothers girlfriend of one year at his room door? They never spoke to each other besides a few hellos and goodbyes when she was coming into the house and leaving half naked.

Jimin knew she was smart though, He was in all honors classes with her so she had to be a little smarter than her looks give off to get into those classes.

“Hey.. You’re not going to come downstairs for the party?” She asked to which Jimin only replied with a shake of his head, using his finger to push up his glasses on his nose bridge.

“Oh.. Jungkook told me about what happened yesterday. I know he’s too full of pride to apologize so I guess I'm here on his behalf. He’s not that bad Jimin.. He’s a good guy he just doesn't like to feel weak and when he feels inferior, he insults people as a defense mechanism. I’m sorry for him. But he really is not a bad guy. He won’t admit it but he’s jealous that you have his father’s approval when he’s been working so hard to get it. That’s all.”

“That isn’t my fault..” He hugged himself.

“I know, trust me I do. But he doesn’t. He just needs to grow up a little that's all. If you get bored in your room eventually.. You should come down to the party. This is your house now too..”

Jimin never expected Hani to be so nice. He has always been afraid of the popular girls and boys, always afraid they were all bitches and assholes like the movies he watched. Maybe he shouldn't have judged Hani by her outfits and her choice of men.


“Thank you..” He mumbled, nodding his head a little, She gave him one last grin before returning to the party.

Jimin contemplated going downstairs but he had no friends. He’d be completely alone. Or so he thought.

10 minutes after Hani left, Taehyung opened his door and stormed in, shutting it behind himself loudly.

“Do you know how hard it was to get up here! There's so many people at your house why!?”

“Cause Jungkook has to throw the post-win party. Captain throws the first one of the year and now I can’t do anything cause of the music and screaming!” Jimin whined.

Jimin then took a second to examine what Taehyung was wearing. A black tshirt, white denim jacket, ripped black skinny jeans and sneakers, his brown hair was pushed over his forehead and he even got his ears pierced. He just saw Taehyung yesterday and he didn’t look like that.. Jimin was confused.

“You look different..”

“Oh yea, My sister dragged me shopping with her and when I said I was bored she took that as an invitation and this happened.. My ears still hurt!” He whined, covering his ears with his hands.

Taehyung looked hot.. Jimin couldn’t not deny it. His inner gay was screaming. Yea, Jimin was gay. He never mentioned it to Jungkook because he didn’t want to add another reason on Jungkook’s “reasons to insult Jimin” list. Taehyung knew though.

“You look.. wow.. um Taehyung how do I explain this…”

“What?” The brunette furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. He opened his water bottle, bringing it up to take a sip.

“You look like daddy material Tae..” Taehyung began to choke and gasp for air, Jimin giggling at his friends reaction to such a straightforward compliment.


“Seriously Taehyung you look.. you look really good,” he mumbled, looking down at his feet. Jimin suddenly felt really insecure about his looks. Even Taehyung looked good and now he felt like the ugly best friend. He was ugly next to everyone at school, he was ugly next to Jungkook and now he was ugly next to his best friend.

“Thanks I think so too,” he giggled.
“Um Jimin I know it’s too much to ask but.. will you come with me downstairs to get pretzels and another water bottle?”

“Why would that be too much to ask?” Jimin mumbled, looking back up at Taehyung.

“Cause I know you were planning on staying up here but I don’t wanna go down in that crowd alone.”


Jimin shoved through the crowd of dancing people, holding onto the back of Taehyung’s Jacket so he would not get lost in the crowd. Taehyung was much taller than him and Jimin always felt a little more protected with Taehyung in front.

They finally made it into the kitchen which thankfully was empty, Jimin sighing out in relief. “I can not believe we survived that monstrosity,” Jimin said, reaching up to the cabinet to get a snack. He couldn’t reach the pretzels that were on the top shelf, Jungkook probably put them there after the one argument they had about Jimin always eating all the pretzels. He tried to jump but only ended up pushing the box further back.

Suddenly a body was pressed against his side, reaching over for the pretzels and bringing them down.

“Thank yo- oh..” When Jimin turned around, Jungkook stood there with the pretzels in his hand.

“I’m disappointed in you, hyung.”


“You didn't come to watch me win the game. What kind of big brother are you?” He asked with really no bite. Before Jimin responded, he looked over at Taehyung who stood in the corner of the kitchen with his full water bottle, awkwardly staring at the both of them.

Jungkook realized they were not alone, grinning at Taehyung.

“Taehyung-ssi wah look at you! You look good! Less nerdy, I like that,” He smirked and Jimin could tell Jungkook was definitely not sober. He wasn’t acting like himself. He never once acknowledged Taehyung’s presence either.

“Okay go back to your party we were just getting snacks.”

“Aw come on you losers. I throw a party and you two wanna hide in the room?” Jungkook teased.

“Again.. I wouldn’t want to ruin your rep. Having a nobody brother must really be something you try hard to hide.”

Jungkook’s face fell, he wasn’t completely sober but he was sober enough to understand that comment was made because of what happened before that Jungkook has yet to apologize for.

Jungkook thought Jimin would just forget about it and he could too but it seemed that Jimin was gonna use that any chance he could to push Jungkook away.

“When are you gonna get over that?” The brunette scoffed.

“When you realize that you can’t take shots at people and then pretend like they aren’t bleeding out because you didn’t sew them up. Did you ever think about how I feel? Do you really think I asked for this? I didn’t Jungkook I never asked to be moved out of my house, I never asked for a step dad or for you of all people as a step brother! I never asked for any of this yet you consistently blame me for all of it as if it was my fault!” Jimin bitterly chuckled, snatching the pretzels from Jungkook’s hands.


“Just go back to your stupid party.”




“I hate him! I swear I hate him,” Jungkook said through his pants. He was currently at dance practice, his dance team just finished a major choreography and Jungkook was so beat. He was lying on the wooden floor, staring up at the ceiling.

“He can’t be that bad,” Hoseok replied, drying his sweat off with a towel.

Jung Hoseok was another really popular person in school and one of Jungkook’s best friends. He was the leader of the dance crew Jungkook was apart of. In their highschool being apart of things like the dance crew or sports teams were a really big deal.

“Popular people” at school were either on a sports team, the cheer squad, the dance crew, or student council.

And those were things you had to be good at stuff to get into.

For example, this dance team “Hope World” was very exclusive. There were 7 members, all who were extremely talented at dance, no joke.

Jung Hoseok, Jungkook, Jongin, Taemin, Momo, Chungha, and Yugyeom.

Last year though, Jongin graduated which meant their dance team had an open spot so they were planning on hosting auditions before Jungkook recalled Jimin saying he loved to dance and had a feeling he might audition.

Jungkook did not want him coming in and ruining everything by being his pathetic little self.

“He’s the worst hyung! He’s everywhere! I can’t get away from him and my dad and stepmom are coming back today. Which just means all I’ll be hearing is ‘good job Jimin’ ‘well done Jimin’ ‘Jungkook be more like Jimin’ ‘Why cant you be kind like Jimin?’ ‘Why cant you be smart like Jimin?’”

Jungkook whined, kicking his feet against the floor, Hoseok laughing in amusement as he put his snapback over his orange hair.

“Yah Stop complaining about your step brother,” Taemin added from across the room.

“I sit next to him in Biology and he’s a nice kid. Very smart. Very cute too.. hey do you think you could hook me up with him?”

Jungkook gave Taemin a disgusted look mixed with a hint of confusion. How could Taemin even ask that? Jungkook had no issue with Taemin being bisexual, you like dudes too? Awesome. But he was sure Jimin wasn’t gay. Well… actually he wasn’t sure but Jimin didn’t seem gay.

But then again he didn’t seem straight either.

“I don’t think he’s into dudes and ew thats my step brother!”

“Really? I see gay in him. He keeps himself very clean and well dressed, Ive never seen him look at a girl the way he looks at Yugyeom sometimes.”

“He looks at me?” Yugyeom chuckled, taking a sip of his water.

“Yea sometimes. You’re good looking take it as a compliment. But anyway I think he’s gay.”


Jungkook sat up from the floor, disturbed in his thoughts of Jimin possibly being attracted to guys. This was gold.

If Jimin was really gay, Jungkook could use that against him in so many ways because Jungkook knew for a fact his father wouldn’t be okay with it. That means Jimin would no longer have Jungkook’s fathers approval and that was just what Jungkook wanted.

He hated how his father cared more about Jimin than his own son, flesh and blood.


Jungkook had to find out if Jimin was really gay.


“Guess whose home!” Jimin’s mom said as she dragged her suitcase in through the front door, Jungkook’s father standing just behind her.

“Hi eomma, Hi Jungwoo, welcome back” Jimin giggled, hugging his mother who now had a tan and still wore her sunglasses and then Jungkook’s father who wore his Hawaii button down and shorts.

“Ah Jimin I always tell you to call me Appa, we’re family now!” Jungwoo chuckled, pulling Jimin into a hug.

“Alright Appa, How was your trip?”

“Amazing! We drank out of coconuts and danced in a conga line!”

“Your mother is an amazing dancer,” Jungwoo said with a grin, pulling Hayoon closer by her waist.
Jimin grinne, happy to see his mother so happy. His mom had not been this happy before marrying Jungkook’s father. Even though, Jimin would rather Jungkook being his step brother not being apart of the equation, he was happy his mother was happy.

“Oh please- Oh Jungkook honey how are you?”

Jimin turned around, eyes landing on Jungkook who awkwardly stood on the stairs.

“Hey.. welcome back.”

“Jungkook get the bags out of the car will you? I wanna show Jimin all the pictures we took,” Jungwoo said, wrapping his arm around Jimin.
“Come on son lets go sit on the couch, oh and I got you a gift too! Oh you’ll love it, wont he love it Hayoon?”

“You’ll love it Jimin!”
Together they walked to the couch, Jimin smirking at Jungkook knowing it would bother him and he was right.

Jungkook glared at Jimin but in his heart, he was sad. His father only cared about Jimin now. But he doesn't care when Jungkook finds out if Jimins gay or not.

“Yea I’ll get your fucking bags,” Jungkook mumbled.


“So… you know Lee Taemin?”
Jungkook asked Jimin, leaning against the doorframe of the blondes room.
Jimin jumped back, startled at Jungkook’s unannounced presence, covering his bare chest with the shirt he was about to put on.

Jungkook had never seen Jimin shirtless but damn, Jimin was hiding a lot. And by a lot it meant he had a 6 pack he was concealing.

“Holy shit Jimin!” Jungkook gasped, dashing over to where Jimin stood, yanking the shirt out of Jimin’s hands to fully catch a look at Jimin’s body.
He didn’t know why he was so intrigued. Probably because It was so unexpected. A short, sensitive, Ken Doll like Jimin with those abs?


“What the fuck since when were you this ripped!?”

“Jungkook give me my shirt back!” Jimin whined, trying to pull it out of his annoying step brothers hands but Jungkook didnt allow him to, raising the shirt up in the air knowing Jimin was too short to reach it.

“I never even see you work out!”

“Well I do! Can you get out?” Jimin shrieked, jumping up and yanking the shirt out Jungkooks hand, quickly throwing it on himself so the younger wouldn’t get the chance to take it back.


“Wait no I came here to ask you a question,” The brunette said to Jimin but it was more like a reminder to himself because he almost forgot why he was here in the first place, too busy staring at Jimin’s torso which for some reason made him feel weird inside.

“Okay ask,” impatiently, Jimin replied.

“Are you gay?”

The blondes eyes widened in horror as he replayed the question in his mind. How was Jungkook able to ask that so calmy? What gave him the impression? Who told him if the only people who knew was Taehyung and his mother?

He knew Taehyung did not talk to Jungkook. His mother told him specifically he would not tell Jungkook after Jimin asked her not to one night at dinner when it almost slipped her mouth.

“W-why why would y-you say that?” He stuttered, instinctively taking a step backwards like his bubble was being attacked by the haunting question.

“Lee Taemin, one of the guys from my dance group asked me to hook him up with you,” Jungkook made a disgusted face like he was going to gag. Jimin caught on to it and felr extremely offended but did not show it, still horrified.

“So. Are you?”

Jimin’s cheeks turned pink.
He knew Lee Taemin, they sit next to each other in bio. Now that Jungkook mentioned it, Taemin did act funny around Jimin. Always winking and smiling a certain way, grabbing any chance to talk to Jimin by little things like the date, cheesy as it is since the date was written on the board. It was like something off a Mean Girls movie.

He wanted to say yes just because there was a chance that he could be set of with Lee Taemin, Jimin’s been crushing on him since the first day of this semester. But he could not risk Jungkook knowing his sexuality. He could easily use the info against him.

“N-no.. don't ask idiotic questions, get o-out..”

Jungkook rolled his eyes and walked out of Jimin’s room, closing the door behind him. Before the door completely shut, Jungkook could hear Jimin letting out a small groan.


So Jimin was not gay. But why did he seem so nervous when Jungkook asked? The brunette could literally see Jimin quaking, hands trembling as he held his shirt up to cover his naked torso.


“Weird kid.”



By the locker area, Jimin stood alone, neatly placing his books from the enire day inside. School was over, finally, and Jimin could go home and not be stuck in this musty hallway that reaked of adolescence and desperation.

Taehyung was not in school today because he caught a fever over the weekend so Jimin took the liberty of gathering all his assignments from every class to give to his best friend after school when he stops by to see him.

“Hey..” Jimin almost jumped out of his pants, placing his heart over his chest and letting out a startled sigh. He thought he was having a heart attack for a second.

“God you scared me!” He nervously chuckled, looking up. When his eyes locked with Lee Taemin’s, he thought he’d really have a heart attack. He looked especially good today, black hair parted, Shirt sticking to him so well, skin practically glowing.

“Oh.. hi Taemin-ssi,” He mumbled, bowing forward a little while keeping his head facing down.

He’s never approached Jimin other than in class so Jimin was a little surprised and kind of nervous. Most people kind of just ignored Jimin unless they wanted him to help them with classes or do their homework for them, to which Jimin would always politely decline.

As if he didn’t have enough work to do on his own.

“Just call me hyung Jiminnie,” he chuckled, restraining the need to coo at Jimin’s cuteness.
“So I didn’t see you last week. At the post win party? I thought I’d see you since you and Jungkookie live together?”

“O-oh.. I stayed in my room cause I thought I might.. nevermind.” He wrapped his arms around himself instinctively.
Taemin was hoping to see him? Did Jimin hear that correctly?

“Because you thought what?”

Jimin didn't know if he should even tell Taemin this. Maybe Jungkook would get mad at him and that really was the last time he needed right now.
But Taemin seemed genuine. He didn’t strike Jimin as the kinda guy to purposefully start up beef.

“I thought he’d be embarrassed of having me around the house when all his friends are..”

“Aw Jiminnie I’m sure that's not it. Hani told me she wished you would have came out.. I do too,” suddenly, Taemin was gently grabbing a hold of Jimin’s hand in his own, rubbing his thumb over Jimin’s knuckles.

The blonde stared down at both of their hands, gulping. A thousand pins and needles were being pushed into Jimin, was this some kind of trick?
Things like this never happens to Jimin, so he was suspicious. Especially since Taemin is a really popular person.

He took a quick glance around for video cameras
or anything suspicious that stood out.

“So you need a ride home from school?”

“Oh.. uh no thank you Jungkook is supposed to take me home-“

“Ah well maybe some other time then?” Jimin’s eyes fell to Taemin’s lips that were trapped between his teeth.
His breath hitched for a second, but he could feel someone watching them. Like someone was drilling holes into his skin with their eyes. His eyes flickered to behind Taemin’s shoulder, his entire body stiffening when making eye contact with Jungkook whose jaw was clenched and hands in tight fists.


“Y-yes of course-“

“We have to go Jimin.” Jungkook said from behind Taemin, Taemin turning around to face the new presence that was Jungkook.
“Oh hey Kook didn’t see you there! Well I guess this is my cue to leave but I’ll see you around Jiminnie,” He offered Jimin a smile, letting go of the blondes hair and turning around to leave.
Pouting involuntarily, Jimin watched his crush stroll away so perfectly like a runway model, he could not help but stare.

His hypnosis didn’t last long, Jungkook clearing his throat brought him out of it.

“So.. not gay huh?” Jimin flinched. That sentence had a lot of bite in it and something about Jungkook’s facial expression told Jimin today would be a long day. Why did Jungkook care anyway? As if it was his business?

“We were just talking.”

“And holding hands?” The younger scoffed.

“He was being nice! You should try that for a change..”

Jungkook pursed his lips, his nostrils flaring in anger for a quick second. “I don’t want you talking to my friends.”

“And why not?”


“Because! Cause I said so! Now let’s go before anyone sees me talking to you.”

Chapter Text

“You always fucking leave your shit everywhere Jungkook!” Jimin yelled, tightening his grip on the clothes and other small things belonging to Jungkook which he picked up from around the house.

“Siwon will pick it all up who even asked you!?” Jungkook spat from the couch, throwing his hands in the air. They had been arguing for a solid 40-ish minutes about every little thing while Jungkook watched a football game on the living room TV and Jimin tried to tidy up. Despite how loud they were, no one could stop them because the employees in Jungkook’s house were ordered not to intervene with any of the boys business by their parents.

Their parents were not home, they decided to go to dinner together in Japan. Yes, they went to Japan to have dinner because they could.
So like always when the two were alone and parentless they played their favorite little game. Arguing.

“Siwon is sick and just cause she is your maid doesn’t mean you can’t help her out by keeping all your stuff in your own fucking room!” Jimin yelled back, red in the face as he picked up a football in the corner of the room, throwing it back to Jungkook from the side. Well it was not necessarily a throw, Jimin did not even know how to throw a football so it kind of just slipped through his butterfingers. When the younger caught the ball, he raised an eyebrow and let out a pathetic sneer.

“You call that a throw? Jeez are you sure you’re a boy? What kind of boy doesn’t know how to throw a football?”

“The kind of boy who thinks education more substantially benefits your life and future rather than learning how to get a leather ball into a hoop!”

“That’s basketball you idiot,” Jungkook rolled his eyes. “You sure you’re male? There’s no pussy between those thighs?”

Jungkook meant it as a joke. He really did. And he half expected Jimin to shoot another joke back. That was not how Jimin rolled though. He took a lot of shit from Jungkook for him being better looking, more athletic, and manlier.

But besides being an honors student, Jimin was good at one more thing. Putting people into awkward situations.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Jimin retorted with a suggestive smirk. It gave him a small wave of pleasure to see how quickly the color flushed from Jungkook’s face being replaced with a shade of crimson red.

Jungkook could never envisage such an indicative comment leaving Jimin’s mouth. He has never been with a guy in a romantic or intimate manner. Unless one sloppy and awkward 20 second makeout session with a senior Zico counted. It was when Jungkook was a freshman. He had just gotten accepted into the football team and the older team members were throwing a party to welcome the newbies.

Of course like any other cliche highschool party, spin the bottle was suggested. There were more girls than guys in the circle so Jungkook thought the possibilities of him landing on a guy were slim to none.

Unfortunately he was wrong and instead of the bottle landing on the pretty cheerleader next to Zico of who Jungkook eyeing, it landed on Zico instead.
Initially, Jungkook was trying to back out, not so comfortable with the idea of kissing a guy. He really didn’t want to but he was getting teased by the team and for Jungkook, how the team viewed him was important. He was not gay and he knew that so what difference would it make if he kissed a guy?

It shouldn’t change him.

So he leaned in slowly, gasping suddenly when the senior grabbed the back of his neck, pushing their lips together. Jungkook was in shock, the blonde practically ate his face off, shoving his tongue into Jungkook’s mouth and suck on the youngers lip.

Jungkook could faintly hear the circle cheering and whistling. Finally after what felt like forever Zico pulled away, bring his sleeve up to wipe his spit glistening lips.
He subtly winked at Jungkook before standing up and walking back to his seat.

The brunette was speechless, cheeks bright red and body frozen in place. Was it bad that he liked it? It was rough and sudden and… gay but Jungkook liked it. Instead of choosing to recognize that, he ignored it and pretended it never happened.

Zico graduated after that year so now in Jungkook’s sophomore year, he didn’t have that reminder walking around the halls and messing around with him at football practice.

“W-what?” Jungkook huffed.

“Oh nothing just that you always make the same joke about what’s between my legs like you wanna find out. Are you It's not you whose gay?”

Jungkook audibly closed his mouth, not being able to think of a clever comeback or insult to say to Jimin.
When the blonde figured Jungkook probably was not gonna say anything back to him, he gave the younger one last grin, passing him to get to the stairs.

Jungkook was flabbergasted and flustered. He had no idea why Jimin calling him gay or making those remarks about his legs gave him a funny feeling.



“Jungkook! What on Earth is this!?” Jungkook’s father yelled, slamming his hand down on the table. Jungkook walked out of the kitchen with a bag of chips in his hand, confusion scribbled over his face.


“Why did I just get an email saying you’re failing Chemistry!? Why are you failing a class huh!?”
Jungkook grew nervous upon seeing his father's face turn bright red. Jimin’s mother tried to calm him down by squeezing his hand and telling him that Jungkook would do better.

“Im not good at school..” Jungkook mumbled, putting his head down to avoid having to look his father in the eye. Sometimes his father's eyes were his biggest fears, there was a type of danger in them that was normally hidden by a misleading softness.

“Yea cause you spend your time more worried about not getting tackled by men while you run with an oval shaped ball instead of your homework!”

Jungkook scoffed. “You know most dads would be proud of their son for just getting onto the the football team! I'm a sophomore and I'm already captain why can’t you be proud of me!?”

Jungkook’s father stood up abruptly, the chair he sat on almost toppling behind him due to the force. “Because football won’t make you successful in life! Graduating high school at least will take you to college! Then be a successful young man!”


“I'm trying to be good at football for a scholarship into a good university!”

Something changed in his father's eye. Something far more dangerous and Jungkook knew why. He immediately began to regret having said that, knowing his father would turn it into an insult.


No one had even realized Jimin standing by the stairs, silently listening the whole time with his heart on the verge of breaking.

“Scholarship? SCHOLARSHIP!?” He let out a scary chuckle, turning his head to Hayoon while pointing at Jungkook. Jungwoo could hardly believe his son uttered that word in their household.

“Since the day you were born I've given you everything. You live in this beautiful big house with maids to clean up after your shit, you have a menu for dinner, a flat screen TV in your room! I let you throw parties in this house, You have a beautiful car that was very expensive! You never have to worry about not having enough money or spending too much money on your 3 laptops you have purposefully for gaming! So don't fucking tell your father that you need a scholarship. Insulting all my hard work like that.”


From where Jimin was standing he could see Jungkook trembling. He not his mother have ever heard Jungwoo yell so loud at Jungkook. They’ve heard him make snarky remarks about Jungkook’s academic failure and football, heard them argue but never get so mad.

He felt bad for Jungkook.


“I-Im sorry..” Jungkook whispered, unable to clearly pronounce his words using his full voice as he did not want to speak in the first place, only doing so because he felt like he had to say something.

Without uttering another word, Jungkook turned around with his head low, walking past Jimin to the stairs. Jimin knew Jungkook probably didn’t want to see or talk to him.

In a few seconds when Jungkook was no longer in sight they heard a door slam, Jimin flinching from the sound. Shit he should do something right? He just couldn’t think of what to do. How could he help someone who despised him?

Though his mind was telling him not to go upstairs, his body disobeyed, arguing with his subconscious as he took every step up until he reached the front of the younger boys bedroom door. Hesitation was the puppet master of his movements. Arm lifting to open the doorknob, then jerking back at just the touch of the metal. After a few long seconds of contemplation, his arm lifting up again with its hand curled in a fist, wondering if maybe knocking was better. Before his knuckles could even touch the door, he dropped his hand, taking a full step back and deciding he should probably just leave Jungkook alone.


Thoughts swirled around his mind until finally his determination to talk to his step brother outweighed the hesitation. After a long breath, he took a half-confident step towards the intimidating door, it only being so intimidating because of who it belonged to. And maybe because of the black sign on it that said “Jungkook’s room. DO NOT ENTER.”

Jimin gulped, using his knuckles to lightly knock on the door.

“Go away!” Jimin heard from the other side of the barrier between him and the brunette. Jungkook didn’t sound as though he was crying so Jimin took that as a good sign.

Disobeying Jungkook, Jimin turned the door and cautiously stepped into the room, determination bubbling in him. Jungkook was on his bed, game controller in his hand. Jimin knew that the brunette liked to play games when he was sad or angry. To him it was a good way to let out frustration. Shooting at pixelated zombies.


Jungkook didn’t look at him, focused on the TV.

“Are you okay..”

He rolled his eyes finally looking at Jimin who made sure to stay close to the wall.
“Jesus do you not understand the words ‘go away?’” Jungkook spat.

He knew he was harsh on Jimin just now and he kinda felt bad for it since Jimin was only trying to be there for him. But he forced himself not to care because he was so angry about Jimin being everything he wasn’t.
Jungkook was jealous of Jimin.


“I don’t want to. I want to make sure you’re oka-“

“Why!?” He yelled practically jumping off his bed and stormig over to where Jimin stood. Out of fear, the blonde hid closer to the wall.
“Why do you fucking care!? Why are you always coming up to me and asking me if I’m alright when you already know I’m not!? You’re perfect Jimin! You’re pretty and smart, you’re a fucking genius damn it! I wish I had your brain so I could make my dad happy! But I don’t so no! Im not okay!” Jungkook yelled, punching the wall beside Jimin’s head causing the blonde to jump and let out a sound kind of like a squeak.

Afyer a few seconds of Jimin and Jungkook staring into each others eyes with so many different emotions connecting them, Jimin decided to speak.
“How do you think I feel?” He mumbled.
“My step brother is this rich, good looking dancer whose captain of the football team. Everyone knows you and loves you, wants to be with you or wants to be you. You’re fit and strong and everything I wish I was. All I have to offer is my brain. And I'm not a genius I just work hard at school. Everyone could get my grades if they prioritized school like I did. Don’t complain Jungkook. You have everything you want, everything anyone could ever want.”


“Except a brain apparently!”

“Jungkook jesus you could ask me for help! You have a smart brother so take advantage of that and ask me to help you once in a while when you don't understand! I get that you hate me and we always fight but did it ever occur to you that asking your older step brother for help with your homework or studying might be a good idea?”

Jungkook opened his mouth to say something but shut it quickly, pursing his lips. It wasn’t like Jungkook never thought of that. He did but he knew it would only show his weakness to Jimin and the one thing Jungkook hated the most was revealing the weak parts of him to people who could take advantage of that like Jimin. Or so he believed.

“Just leave okay hyung? I want to cool down.”



“There’s no point Tae.. he’s always gonna hate me.” Jimin frowned, staring down at his burger and salad, picking at and moving around the lettuce with his fork.

He didn’t really want to eat it after learning never to trust the cafeteria food when Taehyung had food poisoning in 10th grade. The only reason he wasn’t able to pack his own lunch this morning like he always did was because Jungkook rushed downstairs and told Jimin if He didn’t leave now then he’d have to walk to school.

“But it’s just stupid how he blames you for his low IQ. If he really cared about how shitty his grades are then he’d focus on making them better instead of focusing on how hard he can tackle a guy.”
Taehyung snorted.

He wasn’t wrong though. If Jungkook really cared, he’d try hard to study and pay attention in class. He prioritized too many other things above school which of course wasn’t an issue. Balancing both self interests and school was the issue.

Especially with Midterm exams coming up, Jungkook was going to need all the help he could get.

“You’re right but.. I don’t know I don’t want him to hate me. He can get annoying sometimes and I wanna strangle him but he’s still gonna be my step brother until our parents split up, if they do at all. That’s hundreds of Christmases, Birthdays, new years and holidays together blah blah. I just hate always arguing. I want us to be friends..” the blonde shrugged, putting his fork down.

“People like him could never be friends with people like us..”

Taehyung was right. Jungkook was popular and Jimin wasn’t. The chances of the two of them ever being friends was zero because that wasn’t how high school worked. You’re either in or you’re out.


“So class as you know our midterms start next week. You all have your review sheets and your notes to study from. Im handing back last weeks test so you can study from that too,” students groaned upon hearing the word “midterm.”
The teacher didn’t look phased though, only ignoring the complains and side whispers of his students. With how many years Mr.Song taught at this school, Jungkook could guess he was probably just used to it already.

The brunette felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Knowing it was probably Yoongi, he pulled it out, quickly lifting his head to see if the teacher was looking at him.

“Hey am I still coming over tn?” -Yoongi hyung

“Yea, Namjoon and Jin are too.” -Jungkook

“They’re your hyungs damn it Jeon Jungkook” -Yoongi hyung

Jungkook tried not to sneer, immediately putting his phone down when he noticed the teacher walking up to his desk. The test he took last week was placed face down on his desk, Jungkook nervously chewing his lip as he turned it around, knowing what to expect.

A failing grade.

And he was right. On the top left corner was the number 46 written in red pen and circled. Below it read “see me after class.”

He had to suppress the groan growing in his throat because damn it he actually studied for this test and he did even worse than the last test.


The bell rang shortly and Jungkook pretended to take extra long to pack his things so that no one would see him staying behind class. Once everyone was out of the room, Jungkook threw his backpack over his shoulder and walked forward to his teachers desk.

“You wanted to see me Mr.Song?”

“Yes, Jungkook. You’re failing this class. And the other teachers who have you as a student have mentioned you are failing their class as well. This is a problem because if you keep it up at this rate, you’re gonna have to repeat a grade.”

Jungkook’s eyes grew wide.

“Not only that but you will be kicked off the football team. I suggest you get a tutor son or you’re gonna have some serious issues. Now you’re test says “46” but the gradebook says “65.” I did you a solid by curving your grade only so it was passing. But I will not do that for your midterm. So get a tutor.”

“Thank you sir.. but where can I get a tutor?”

“You’re step brother is Park Jimin right? Smartest Kid I ever taught, maybe you should ask him.”

That was the last thing he wanted to do. Ask Jimin for help.

Why did everything always lead back to the blonde?

Without another word, Jungkook walked out of the teachers classroom. Mr.Song didn’t say anything about how rude the student was to leave in the middle of their conversation because everyone kind of already knew Jungkook had a bit of an attitude.

While walking through the halls, Jungkook spotted a mop of blonde hair walking, hands wrapped tightly around the straps of his backpack. He was not alone though, Jungkook dance teammate and friend Taemin was accompanying Jimin.

It angered Jungkook because he repeatedly told Jimin to stay away from his friends! He didn’t understand why Taemin was so hellbent over Jimin. Was Jimin so blind as to see that Taemin was flirting with him? Shouldn’t Jimin tell Taemin he wasn’t gay? Unless the males theory of Jimin hiding his sexuality was true.


He still wanted to find out. Maybe he could through Taemin. Yet still there was something about seeing the two together that just did not sit right with Jungkook.

He quickly followed the two, pushing himself in between them like a wedge. “Hey friend and step brother! I need to talk to Jimin for a second!” Jungkook didn’t even give Jimin or Taemin a chance to blink before he was dragging the blonde away.

“W-wha- Jungkook let go of me!” Jimin yelled, pushing Jungkook away from him but the brunette hardly moved.

“Hyung I thought I told you not to hang out with my friends!”

“And I thought I told you repeatedly that I don’t care what you say,” He grumbled,rolling his eyes.

“Anyway I need a favor from you and I know you don’t owe me anything but I’m desperate.”
Jimin furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. Jungkook never asked a favor from him and Jungkook was never desperate for anything. It was a brand new occurrence and Jimin was slightly intrigued, knowing he would regret caring enough but caring anyway.


“I’m failing all my classes and they said I could repeat a grade. Mr.Song suggested I get a tutor for Midterms and of course he suggested you.” Jungkook puffed his chest a little as he slipped his hands into the pockets of his jeans.


“And.? I just told you. I need you to tutor me.” Jungkook rolled his eyes causing Jimik to scoff. Was that his idea of asking for a favor?
He didnt even say please.


“No,” Jimin replied, walking past Jungkook to get back to Taemin. They were having a nice conversation before Jungkook so rudely interrupted by yanking Jimin away.
But Jungkook wouldn’t give up, turning around and following the shorter male.

“Wait Jimin! Why not I really need the help!”

“Because Jungkook! You have no manners! Ask nicely and maybe I’ll consider it.”


Jungkook clenched his jaw. Why was Jimin being so difficult? He wanted so badly to make a nadt comment to Jimin but he restrained himself knowing that he really needed Jimin and though he hated to admit it, the older was his only hope.

When he reminded himself of that, the curtain that acted as his facade fell and he became the weak, insecure mess he tried so hard to hide.

“Please tutor me Hyung. I need the help I won't pass my midterms without you..” he mumbled, lowering his head.

“That's more like it. We can start tonight.”




Jimin was on the phone with Taemin, cheeks bright like fresh cherry tomatoes. The two had their fair share of chit chats in the past but lately their conversations have become more frequent and enduring. The blonde found himself quite enjoying being friends with Taemin, enjoying more the little flirting slips the elder held out here and then.

He couldn’t tell if Taemin was genuinely into him or if he was just naturally a flirt. Either way Jimin had to be cautious because Taemin was still Jungkook's close friend. The last thing he wanted was for his step brother to figure out his sexuality and out him to Jungwoo. Jimin’s mother has been doing a fine job keeping Jimin’s sexuality a secret but Jimin was confident that Jungkook wouldn’t be that kind.

“No way! Was your ankle okay?” Jimin asked, frowning as he wrote down the answer to his math problem with his right hand. The phone was on speaker sitting beside Jimin’s notebook on the bed, the blonde sprawled over the mattress comfortably in his PJ’s and glasses over his nose bridge.

“Yea It was just sprained but god the embarrassment was too much!”

Jimin giggled. “Yea I be-“

Before Jimin could finish his reply, He noticed Jungkook standing at his door, leaning against the doorframe with nothing but a pair of gray boxer shorts on. The blonde could help but let his eyes trail down and Up Jungkook’s greek god of a body. The detail, the perfection it was almost like like admiring a sculpture in a museum when looking st Jungkook like that.

“Jimin?” Taemin said from the phone.

“Y-yea sorry Um.. I’ll call you back h-hyung.” Jimin hung up the phone and sat up on his bed, forcing his eyes to only stare up at Jungkook’s face. It wasn’t as easy as it should, Jungkook was sexy and Jimin couldn’t deny it.


Truthfully, before Jimin found out Jungkook would be his stepbrother, he caught himself staring at Jungkook often, chewing his bottom lip, dirty thoughts spiraling in his mind. Unfortunately Jungkook turned out to be the ass Jimin should have guessed he would be.

“You said we were gonna start tutoring tonight.”

“Yea well.. not when y-you’re naked..” Jimin cleared his throat.

“I’m not naked Im wearing boxers. I have a good body though right?” Jungkook smirked, looking down at his body.

“Yes Jungkook you have a good body.” Jimin said only to appease the youngers ego. He wasn’t joking though, Jungkook did have a good body, he could hardly breathe.

“Better than Taemin hyungs body?”

Jimin looked up with his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. What did Taemin have to do with any of this?


“Well thats who you were talking to right? Taemin? I have a better body than him though right? Better face too I think so.” The was a defensive tone in Jungkook’s voice that confused Jimin. Why did Jungkook care if he had a better body than Taemin? And why did he feel the need to justify it?

“I dont know Ive never seen his body?”

“Really? Surprising.”

“Why would that be surprising? I-I told you I’m not gay. Now shut up and go out your clothes on then come back so we can start studying.”


Jungkook came back fully dressed and finally Jimin breathe again. Deciding the bed was uncomfortable, they moved downstairs to the living room where they could both sit by the table. Thankfully Jungkook’s father was at work and Jimin’s mother was at a dinner party with her friends.

Lately Jimin’s been seeing his mother less and less, she really enjoying her new wealth did that. They used to spend time together, go to the movies or eat dinner together but now Jimin hardly saw her at all. He could imagine this was life for Jungkook all the time.

“So where do you want to start?” Jungkook asked, staring at his textbooks cluelessly.

“This isn’t about me Kook it’s about you. Where do you feel you struggle the most?”

“Math…” Jungkook replied without hesitation.

“Okay let's start with math.”


They spent about an hour on math alone, Jimin explaining Algebra formulas to Jungkook and how they’re meant to be applied in problems. Jungkook listened intently and for once actually understood what was going on.

“Do you understand the distance formula now Jungkook?”

“Yea actually I do! Well.. after you explained all that x and y stuff I got it. Can I try by myself?”

Jimin grinned, nodding his head as he picked a random problem from the textbook for Jungkook to do. It was Jimin’s favorite moment when someone he was helping understood what he didn’t before.
The light that flickers in a students eyes when Jimin’s tutoring and the student is understanding was the best feeling for the blonde.

He also felt like he and Jungkook were kinda getting along which rarely.. really rarely happens.
Watching as Jungkook followed each step, Jimin could not help but take a moment to appreciate Jungkook’s looks. He had a mole on his nose, under his lip and just under his eye. The one under his lip had to be the cutest. His lips were a hydrated shade of pink, shaped almost doll like. Jungkook’s nose was a little big but it fit his face especially with his big eyes.

Jungkook was gorgeous and Jimin couldn’t help but notice this every time he was close in distance to Jungkook.

Letting out a sigh, Jimin thought Jungkook and Hani were perfect for each other. He couldn’t think of two people who fit together better than he and she did. Both of them were popular, good looking, she was a cheerleader he was a football player. Except Hani was actually nice while Jungkook was a douche.

“Okay Im done.. is this the right answer?”

Jimin grabbed the piece of paper from Jungkook and began to scan over his steps using the formula. He did everything correctly, Jimin’s smile widened when he read the last step seeing the brunette got the right answer.

“You did it!” Jimin giggled, using his pen to draw a little heart on the piece of paper. Jungkook let out a sigh of relief. Something bubbled up in him, a mix of all different kinds of emotions like happiness, pride, hope.


“Thank you hyung. I cant believe I actually got something right! Im sorry for interrupting your conversation with Taemin hyung. You can go back if you want.”

“Nonsense! We still have to go over your F in history!”




“So Jimin’s tutoring you,” Hani hummed, rubbing her hand up and down Jungkook’s naked torso.

It had been 3 days since Jungkook had been getting help from Jimin and it had really been helping. He began to understand things he never got before. Not only did Jimin help him with the content but also taught him quick tricks and tips on how to understand and remember certain types of information.

That didn’t mean that they didn’t fight though. In the morning on the way to school two days ago Jimin was taking too long to pack his lunch and it irritated Jungkook. In response to Jimin’s sluggish movements, Jungkook ran out the house and drove to school without him.

It angered Jungkook more to find out that Taemin was the one who after came over to take Jimin to school upon the blondes request.

“Yea it is. He’s still annoying though. Hyung told me he wasn’t gay but have you noticed how much Taemin and Jimin have been spending time together? Flirting and touching.”

“Why do you care?”

Jungkook let out a sigh, sitting up on the bed his back pressed against the wooden headboard.
“Because I wanna find out if he’s gay so I can tell my dad. I thought I told you my plan for revenge against Jimin?”

Hani scoffed, brushing a strand of her purple hair behind her ear. “Jeon Jungkook I swear if you do something like that I’m breaking up with you. Jimin is a sweet guy and you have to stop blaming your daddy issues on him. It doesn’t matter if he’s gay and if he hasn’t come out then there's a reason. Don’t you dare make that decision for him do you understand me?”

“Oh come o-“

“No! I swear Jungkook don't you dare! Jimin has been kind enough to help you study and to help you get better so don’t you dare even think about what you are thinking about. I’ll make you regret it.”

Chapter Text

“Jeez Hani why are you defending Jimin? You like him better than me or something?” Jungkook joked but Hani didn’t take it that way. Lately she had been really bothered by Jungkook’s ridiculous antics. This was the guy she agreed to date in Freshman year.

“Are you serious Kook? Did you seriously just ask me if I like your brother better than you, my boyfriend? Just cause I’m asking you to do the right thing and abandon your plan to expose his sexuality? You know what? Get out.”

Jungkook scoffed, watching as Hani turned her head away from him stubbornly. After a few seconds of staring at her, he realized she was serious. “You’re kidding me right?”

“No Jungkook I’m not. You’re annoying me right now so get out.” She spat, crossing her arms over her semi nude chest.

“Fine.” Jungkook rolled his eyes, pulling Hani’s pink duvet off his body. Once he collected all his clothes, he quickly threw them on and without a word, and walked out of her room slamming the door on the way out.

How could she side with Jimin? Jungkook didn’t get it. Wasn’t your girlfriend always supposed to side with you?
It made him hate Jimin slightly more now that his own girlfriend was turned against him.

“So Jiminie, do you dance?” Taemin asked, pulling the blonde into the dance studio where the dance team “Hope World” practiced. Jimin knew Jungkook was apart of the team and would not be happy with Jimin being here especially with Taemin.

“Um.. I like to dance but I can’t.. dance,” he nervously chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly watching as the raven haired plugged his phone to the speaker. “Oh come on anyone can dance,” Taemin replied, playing Oh Na Na by Trey Songz.

Jimin’s heard the song before but only once or twice. He’s never really danced to music like this. He never really told anyone this but he used to love contemporary. He loved flying threw the air and spinning majestically, it made him feel alive. One day he stayed after class in elementary school to watch the girls dance ballet. A group of guys who used to tease him caught him trying to mimic the girls moves and ever since then he vowed never to dance to contemporary again.

Taemin grabbed both of Jimin’s hands, beginning to dance with him. It was awkward at first, Jimin’s movements were stiff and shy but Taemin wasn’t giving up. He began busting out moves causing Jimin to giggle and loosen up a little more.

“Come on you geek show me what you got!” Taemin laughed spinning around smoothly.

“Is that a challenge?” Jimin raised an eyebrow.

“Yes you could say that.”

Jimin slowly got into a zone, the two began dancing smoothly together, freestyling moves that matched the beat of the songs. Jimin’s moves were more fluid and soft, a few spins and contemporary mixed into his style. Meanwhile Taemin's were fierce and sexy, hip thrusts and at one point he even did a jump grind on the floor, flustering Jimin.

The blonde felt alive. Dancing with Taemin was exhilarating. For once Jimin was able to feel free and let loose without the burden of his responsibilities on his back. Normally Jimin was really stiff like a stick. But dancing with Taemin he felt like air. Smooth and thin. It was as if the world stopped and it was only them two, and Jimin realized Taemin made him feel something he had not felt in a long time. Freedom.

When the song was over, Jimin was panting. He hardly ever exercised or did anything physical so it took a lot out of him. Taemin on the other hand seemed absolutely fine, like he could do that ten more times. “Jimin… you’re wow. You’re an amazing dancer.”

“N-no I’m not I have no idea where that come,” Jimin chuckled, collapsing on ground facing the ceiling. “Are you kidding me? Jimin you’re talented that was amazing! You should audition for our dance crew!”

“N-no.. I can’t do that,” Jimin stuttered waving his hands. Jungkook would kill him if he did. The last thing he wanted was another reason for his step brother to hate him.

“Cause of Jungkook?” Taemin asked as if he read Jimin’s mind. The blonde nodded in response, standing back up and ruffling his blonde hair hoping it didn’t look too bad.

“Alright I understand… consider it though. You’ve got talent Jimin. You just gotta work a little more on your flow and stability but really you’re special..”
Taemin took a few steps closer until they were only a few inches apart, Jimin gulping when he realized how close they were to each other.

“Y-yea..” he mumbled, putting his head down so Taemin wouldn’t see how red his cheeks were turning. It didn’t help Jimin when the older male hooked his fingers under Jimin’s chin to lift his head up. What was happening? Jimin’s never been in a position like this in his life and it made him nervous. His palms were sweaty, heartbeat increasing in speed, he found it hard to breathe properly while feeling Taemin’s breath on his face.

Were they about to kiss?


“You’re really pretty Jiminnie..”
His voice was just above a whisper, seduction oozing out of every syllable as he leaned in closer to the point where his lips were brushing over Jimin who was frozen like a statue.

This could be Jimin’s first kiss with a guy he really liked, only a centimeter more. That one centimeter was haunting Jimin, the blonde wanting the gap to close. Soon enough, his prayers were answered. Taemin took Jimin not rejecting as a sign to keep going, pressing their lips together.

Taemin’s lips felt soft on his own, Jimin awkwardly just stood in place, unsure of how to move his lips since he’d never done this before.

He could sense Jimin’s inexperience from his lack of movement, so he made it his job to take control, grabbing the blonde by the waist and pulling their bodies closer together. A little gasp left Jimin’s lips when he Taemin’s grip on Jimin’s small waist tightened. It was rough but he liked it and didn’t know why. He just did.

The older male began to move his lips at a certain pace that Jimin tried to follow as best as he could, his movements still clumsy and unsure. Stiffness still taking over Jimin’s body told the older that Jimin was still confused. Trying to help the younger even more, Taemin grabbed Jimin’s hands, leading them to his own chest.
The blonde could literally feel Taemin’s heart beat. Other than silence, the sound of their lips smacking against each other filled the room along with their heavy breaths as the kissing grew hungrier and faser. Taemin’s larger hands roamed the soft curves of Jimin’s body while Jimin kept his own hands in place on Taemin’s chest, too busy enjoying how good it felt to be this intimate with someone.


After what felt like just a few seconds of kissing (but was actually prolonged by a few minutes or so) Taemin pulled away first.

“Your first kiss I presume?”

Jimin looked up, nodding in embarrassment. His cheeks were probably so red, he thought.
“You did good.. I hope I can teach you more next time..”

“N-next time?”

Taemin lifted his hand to cup Jimin’s cheek, caressing with his thumb. “Yea I hope.. if that’s okay with you?”

Okay? It was more than okay. Jimin had never felt so good in his life. Blood was rushing through his veins, carrying excitement and adrenaline with it. He was internally bouncing off the walls, the feeling of Taemin's plump lips still lingering on his own.

“Yea.. t-thats okay I’d like that but.. b-but please don’t tell-“

“Jungkook? Wouldn’t dream of it. That idiot would never leave us alone.”

Jimin giggled in response.




“WHAT!?” Tae yelled through the phone.

“I JUST MADE OUT WITH LEE TAEMIN!” The blonde squealed, flopping down on his bed.

Taehyung and Jimin were like brothers. They were the only close friends they both had so naturally Jimin’s first instinct was to call Taehyung and squeal about his first kiss.

Taehyung had his first kiss at med camp last summer with a cute girl named Sohye. Jimin saw a picture of her once. She was a cute girl with long chocolate brown hair, her smile was wide and infectious. Taehyung told him that they were just chatting about the effect of microbiomes on numerous diseases until Sohye couldn’t take the tension anymore and pecked Taehyung on the lips.

It shocked Taehyung at first but this weird animal instinct took over him and he practically “devoured her lips.”

It was funny to Jimin because Taehyung had always said he was gay. The kiss with Sohye made him realize he swerved both ways. Why have one when you can have both?

But Sohye was in Taehyung’s league. Meanwhile Taemin was not at all. Popular raven haired boy with dance skills to die for. Insanely sexy, everyone wanted him. And Jimin was the exact opposite. How Taemin was even attracted to Jimin was beyond him.



Maybe some would consider your first kiss being in junior year to be lame but Jimin didn’t care. He was just happy it happened.

“Oh and after we kissed he said there would be a next time!”

“Crap Jimin that’s exciting! I can’t believe you made out with one of the most popular kids in school. Wait does Jungkook know?”

“No.. I hope he never finds out. He has this weird thing about wanting to find out if i’m gay and I think I might have an inkling as to why.” Jimin frowned, hoping what he believed is the reason behind Jungkook’s discovering Jimin’s sexuality goal isn’t true. “So if I’m gonna do this with Taemin I have to proceed with caution.”



“Okay so your history midterm is first and you previously failed your history exam so let's focus on history yea? What are you on?”

Jungkook shrugged.

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t pay any attention in class at all? Did he give you a midterm review?” The blonde raised his eyebrows. Sometimes Jimin wondered what Jungkook did while in school considering his intense lack of knowledge in every single school subject.

“Yea I think,” Jungkook began to search through the mess that was his backpack, pulling out a crumpled piece of paper that sat on the bottom of the bag.

“Jesus Jungkook remind me to teach you what a folder is,” he took the piece of paper and tried to straighten it out the best of his abilities.

“So your Midterm is on World War 2. It’s closer to out current time period so it should not be that hard to understand.”


Jimin went over the main events of the war from the very beginning to the end just as an overview for Jungkook. When he was done he asked the brunette to spit the information back, correcting him every time something wasn’t quite correct.

When Jungkook had the main point of the war down, Jimin began to go over the details like leaders, parties, positions and such according to the textbook and what the review sheet said Jungkook had to know for the midterm.

“I just don’t get it I’m never gonna pass and my dad will forever be disappointed in me,” Jungkook groaned.

“Hey no don’t think like that. Jungkook you aren’t stupid okay? You just need assistance and there is nothing wrong with that. If you ask me personally I think your father is an idiot..” Jimin mumbled, looking down at his piece of paper, sketching a small spaceship on the corner.

Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, leaning back against the chair. He never thought he’d hear something like that coming out of Jimin’s mouth.

“You’re talented. You’re a good football player, I've never heard of a sophomore making it as team captain. You can dance amazingly, I see your notes from class which just consists of little drawings that are beautifully drawn by the way. You can seriously draw someone should give you more credit for that. And I’ve heard you sing. I didn’t even know you could sing until I heard you in the kitchen one morning while making cereal. You have an amazing voice. And you’re good looking. Even though you aren’t nice to most people you do have a heart. I saw you one day outside school petting the cat that always sits on the bench. You gave her food and even giggled. You’re sweet when you want to be. And even though you aren’t good at school you aren’t stupid. You have so much going for you Jungkook. So you aren’t good at school. Big deal academics isn’t everything. What would the world be without talented people like you...”

Jungkook looked at Jimin who kept his eyes locked on the piece of paper he was drawing on. No one had ever spoken about Jungkook that way. He’s been doubted by everyone, even his own girlfriend. It surprised him to hear Jimin speak like that but in a way it also touched him.

He gulped, not knowing how to respond but for once since he’s known Jimin, he didn’t hate him. Jungkook didn’t really know how to feel but Jimin’s words gave him a sort of emotion he could not distinguish.


It was a different feeling…
Maybe.. maybe he was wrong to hate Jimin.


“No one's ever said anything like that to me..” Jungkook mumbled, keeping his eyes on Jimin. The blonde looked up, their eyes connecting and for some reason, Jimin felt like Jungkook had gotten a little closer than before.

“I doubt it. No one tells you you’re good looking or good at football?”

The brunette slumped back on his chair, a sad smile appearing on his face.
“Not from the people I want to hear it from. After a game I always look for support from my coach. But he always tells me ‘you could have done better.’ Most of the upperclassmen on the team are bothered by me because Im a sophomore and captain. They only pretend to like me so I can throw parties in my big house. Girls don’t care about me. They care about my body and my position on the team but..” he paused for a breath.

“They don’t care about me. Even my own girlfriend. Hani she’s amazing. She’s beautiful and sweet. But most of the time all we do is have sex then one of us leaves. We don’t have cute texts or phone calls. We don’t go on dates. We’re just a couple for show… and my mom… she doesn't even call to say happy birthday. She has her prenup money and our beach house on Jeju that’s apparently all she needs. She doesn't care about me she never did. My dad.. the one person I crave validation from and all he ever gives me is reasons why I’m not good enough.”

Jungkook bitterly chuckled, an uneasy feeling settling in Jimin’s stomach when hearing the emotion and hurt in Jungkook’s voice.

“My dad used to invite his friends over for football night. They’d watch the game together and place bets on who would win. I thought he liked the sport and I wanted him to love me so I spent years practicing. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t the sport he loved but the act of gambling and winning money. Another time he had a girlfriend she was a dancer. He said he loved dancers. So I met Hoseok and asked him to teach me. Then joined the dance crew. When they broke up he decided he hated dancers… nothing I do wins him over. He’d only be happy if his son was smart and at the top of the class like he was..”

“You don’t need validation from anyone but yourself.. I learned that a long time ago.” Jimin replied.


For the first time since he met Jungkook four months ago, he’s seeing a whole new side to him he’s never seen before. The raw version of Jungkook behind the popular give no shits facade Jungkook puts up.

It was intriguing and it made Jimin see Jungkook differently. There was more to him than what Jimin knew.

“Um.. can I ask you something?” Jimin put down the pencil, turning in his chair to face Jungkook, proceeding with his question when Jungkook gave him a slight nod.

“What’s the real reason you want to know my sexuality so badly…”

The bitter taste in Jungkook’s mouth grew more apparent. He actually felt like he and Jimin were bonding for once and he didn’t hate it. The idea of telling Jimin about his twisted plan suddenly gave Jungkook a bad feeling.

“Uh… please don't hate me.. but I wanted to find out if you were g-gay because.. well because Dad is very conservative a-and I thought-“

“You thought if you exposed my sexuality it might make him hate me and love you more…”

Jungkook audibly closed his mouth. When he thought of it in his head he thought nothing was wrong with it but now saying it here to Jimin, he hated the person he became.

“That’s a dick move Jungkook,” the blonde shut the textbook, standing up. He was hurt. Jimin knew Jungkook hated him. He knew they never got off on the right foot but he didn’t want to believe Jungkook could be that cruel.

“Wait Jimin-“

“Jungkook I know you hate me. I’m not cool enough to be friends with you even though we’re step brothers. In school I live under your shadow and at home you live under mine. I get that you despise me trust me the last four months of teasing, bullying reminds me all the time. But to go as low as to expose my sexuality for your own selfish reasons thats… thats disgusting jungkook-ah.”

“I’m so-“

“Don’t apologize… If you must know, yes. I am gay. My mom knows, Taehyung knows… In my mind I knew what you would do with the information but I didn’t want to think that low of you because I thought, in spite of everything proving me wrong, that you were different somewhere in there… I think we should stop tutoring. I dont know how comfortable I am around you now that I know the truth…”



He spotted the distinct lilac purple down the hall by the lockers. Hani’s hair was in a ponytail, she wore a skimpy black top and short jean skirt that showed of her milky thighs.

Last night he felt terrible. He didn’t think the confrontation with Jimin would make him feel like such shit. Jungkook didn’t even know why it did. He never cared about the older blonde, so why should he start? Maybe it was the way Jimin spoke about him. After everything Jungkook put the blonde through, he could still say nice things about Jungkook.

He wanted to forget the unsettling feeling of guilt that was burning like acid in his stomach. He knew Hani would be the perfect distraction.

“Hey baby..” Jungkook leaned in to kiss Hani on the cheek when she turned her head, rejecting him.
“Nope. If you’re still gonna be an ass and go through with that plan to hurt Jimin then you aren’t getting anything from me..”


“I’m nooooot! I told him yesterday.”

“Oh really?” She raised her eyebrows, crossing her arms over her torso. “And how did that go.”

“He um.. he teared up and got really upset. He also doesn’t want to tutor me anymore.”
He said casually.


“Tsk… Did you apologize?”

“Well… he didn’t exactly give me a chance to,” instead of justifying his actions, Jungkook was defending himself and Hani didn’t like that. All the attention he’s received lately, the need to be best at everything really got to Jungkook’s head. Hani was aware their relationship wasn’t the best. She knew most of it just consisted of sex but she also knew that even before she began dating the brunette, she liked being friends with him.
But now she couldn’t stand to look at him.
“Anyway I was hoping you could take my mind off it.. say we skip class and go to the roof?”
Jungkook smirked, pulling Hank against his chest by the belt loops on her jean skirt.

A suggestive smirk toyed on Jungkook’s lips as he brushed them over the shell Hani’s ear.

“How about no? Jungkook you’ve changed. And not for the better. I want you to apologize to Jimin sincerely like you mean it. And I want you to stop messing with him. He’s your older brother have some respect.”



Jungkook attempted to study on his own that night sitting on the dining table all alone. Jimin was in the living room with a bowl of popcorn watching friends and the english that Jungkook did not understand really began to irritate him.

“Can you put that down I’m trying to study,” Jungkook huffed, turning in his seat to look at Jimin. The blonde decided it was alright for him to be petty just this once, purposely turning the volume up by 10.


“Seriously!?” Jungkook yelled over the loud song. Jimin was watching Moana. Sometimes Jungkook swore Jimin was not a normal teenager.

“What!? Sorry can’t hear you!” Jimin yelled, a mischievous grin growing across his face.
Jungkook was not having it though, Jimin was being obnoxious. He got up from his chair and made his way over to the gray sofa where Jimin so comfortably lounged, humming along to the music from the TV. He gasped in surprise when he felt Jungkook’s weight on him, the younger tackling him for the remote, pushing him down so Jimin was laying on his back with Jungkook’s body crushing him.

“G-get off you’re heavy!” Jimin yelled, weakly punching at Jungkook’s chest.

“No. You’re gonna listen to me. I’m sorry about my intentions for finding out your sexuality.I’m sorry for quickly judging you and blaming my daddy issues on you.”

“Then why’d you do all of it in the first place h-huh?” Jimin huffed out, hardly being able to take full breath with Jungkook crushing his lungs. He wasn’t so comfortable with how Jungkook’s thigh sat between his legs, close to his crotch. He was afraid he’d get hard and Jungkook would feel it, cheeks turning bright red at the thought.

“I don’t know okay? I was never that kind of guy before you showed up. I mean sure I beat up a few kids for answers to my homework but I’m not homophobic a-and I would never try to intentionally hurt someone I care about.”

Jimin’s eyes flickered back and forth between Jungkook’s, lifting his finger to brush a few strands of hair away from his eyes. His heart beat accelerated as he repeated the brunettes words in his head.


“You care about me…?” He whispered.


Jungkook felt something bubbling inside him that he didn’t understand. He scanned the features of Jimin’s face upon realizing their position. His perfectly plump, cherry tinted lips, oval eyes, clear skin. How his blonde hair fell so effortlessly but perfectly over his forehead. How his starry eyes stared back up at him, holding all sorts of emotions.

Jungkook gulped. Why was he thinking about this? Why did the thought of Jimin looking so good under him even cross his mind when it was so wrong, so not him?

“U-um.. don’t get ahead of yourself okay?” Jungkook awkwardly mumbled, crawling off Jimin’s body and sitting on the opposite end ot the couch. The blonde held his own body up by his elbows, looking forward at Jungkook. Jungkook just said he cared about him…

“The point is… what you told me last night it really gave me confidence. No one’s ever told spoken to me like that. And you’ve been kind enough to help me even when I’ve been nothing but a dick to you. You make me lunch in the morning when you don’t have to and you always come to make me feel better when I’m upset even though I always tell you to get out. I guess what I’m trying to say is… I was wrong. And I’m sorry.”

Jimin was shocked to hear stuff like that even come out of Jungkook’s mouth. The brunette was always an ass to him. He didn’t understand the sudden change in Jungkook’s personality.

“I don’t understand… why are you being nice to me? You’re never nice to me,” Jimin asked, sitting up and straightening his red shirt before turning off the TV so they could hear each other better.


“Because I just told you idiot,” Jungkook chuckled rolling his eyes. “You care about me. After everything I’ve done to you.. you still care about me. And you’re right. Academics isn’t everything and I should not pay such attention to what my dad wants from me. I should try my best and do what I love. I’m tired of letting him pull my strings like I’m some malfunctioned puppet. You helped me realize that.”

Jimin’s lips instinctively grew into a wide smile that reached his eyes, forming crescents. A little giggle escaped his throat, causing Jungkook to grin at the sound. “So can we be friends? Please?” Jimin asked, twisting the ring on his index finger.

“We can try. Yea?”




“Now can you help me with History?”


Jimin smacked Jungkook’s chest, rolling his eyes. “Ugh you brat.”

Chapter Text

Finally the day came for midterms to start. Jungkook’s first midterm was history and he felt so unconfident about it while stepping into the room, heart beating nervously.

The last couple of days, Jimin had been helping him with studying. Their days were a little more boring without their fighting and teasing. The house was much more quiet, the servants were so thankful. For a while they thought someone must have died for Jungkook and Jimin to be so quiet since they fought regularly for hours everyday.

The past few days though, they have just being lingering in a strange limbo of tension and awkwardness. They weren’t friends but they also weren’t at each others necks wanted to choke each other.


Lately Taemin had been taking Jimin home since Jungkook had football practice after school. When Jungkook got home, after dinner, he and Jimin sat on the table and studied for their midterms. Jungkook felt bad for eating up Jimin’s studying time but the blonde reassured him repeatedly that he studied while Jungkook was at practice for two hours.

“Please look for the test with your name on the top and take your seat,” the history teacher said, lifting up his clipboard and taking the attendance of every student who walked in. Once Jungkook found his exam, he took his seat and took out a pencil from his jeans pocket while repeating Jimin’s words in his head. He should know this. He prepared for this.

After a few minutes when everyone took their seat, the teacher began to speak. “You know the rules. You have one hour and thirty minutes to complete this exam, number 2 pencil only. Anyone suspected or caught in unruly conduct such as cheating will have their exams taken away and immediately receive a zero and a suspension. When you finish the exam, you put it on my desk and quietly leave the room. The use of cellphones, smartwatches or any of those funky gadgets you kids use nowadays is prohibited during this exam. Questions are not allowed. Food and drinks are not allowed blah blah. You may flip over your exams and begin.”

Jungkook never turned a packet so fast in his life, his left foot bouncing in anticipation. Jimin said to first read over all the questions and answer the ones he knew before answering the ones he didn’t know. That way he could get the easy ones out of the way and have more time on the hard ones rather than spending so much time on the hard ones and not completing the easy ones.

After reading all the questions, Jungkook busted out into a wide smile. He knew all of this.

From questions about Fascism, to world war 2 allies and enemies. Battles, dates.. he somehow remembered everything, writing so fast he could be making more muscle with this pencil than lifting weights.

For once he felt completely confident about passing an exam because this information felt like a second language to him thanks to Jimin. Normally Jungkook skipped at least 20 questions out of 30, 5 out of 10 he guessed on and the other five were stolen by the kid next to him.

But the brunette answered every single one fully and to the best ability. He finished under the span of 45 minutes, being the second one done after Jung Siwon, the smartest girl in the sophomore class.

“You’re done?” The teacher asked, raising a skeptical eyebrow, while taking the exam out of Jungkook’s hand before he could put it on his desk.

The brunette nodded in response watching as the teacher flipped through his exam with a skeptical look on his face.

“Did you cheat?” The teacher closed his mouth, putting the test back down on his desk on top of Siwons test. Jungkook was baffled at the question he was asked. If he's being asked if he cheated it must be because he did good and the teacher thinks its not possible for Jungkook.

It kind of hurt the brunette.

“N-no.. I promise. Park Jimin tutored me he can tell you… I studied really hard…” there was a pleading look in Jungkook’s eyes as he spoke to the teacher. While the teacher was looking into Jungkook’s eyes he saw that there was no malicious intent or that stupid smirk Jungkook wore. His look was much more innocent and the teacher actually believed him.

“Alright kid, from what I can see you did okay. You can leave.”


Jungkook had never felt such a sense of relief wash over him in his life. The teacher believed him and he might have actually done well. Involuntarily a wide smile grew across his face as he walked out of the classroom. The hallways were quiet, everyone taking exams with only a few people who finished quickly lurking in the halls.

There was a feeling bubbling inside him. A feeling of success and accomplishment. When he turned the corner he saw Taehyung and Jimin from a distance laughing about something on Taehyung's phone as they walked in Jungkook’s direction.

Jungkook threw his backpack down, grabbing the other boys attention.
“Um he looks like he’s coming this way so Im gonna go to the bathroom,” Taehyung whispered over to Jimin who only nodded, not taking his confused stare off Jungkook. While Taehyung walked off, Jimin stayed in place watching Jungkook who still wore his goofy smile, running over to him.

Jungkook lifted Jimin up and spun him around while giggling, Jimin who was surprised by the sudden action let out a squeal while holding onto Jungkook tightly so he would not fall.

“K-kook!” Jimin yelled.

“Guess who totally aced their history exam!” Jungkook yelled, putting Jimin down.
While Jimin was relieved to finally feel ground beneath his feet, he began straightening his clothes but could not because Jungkook crashed into him, enveloping him in a tight hug.

Jimin smiled, wrapping his arms around Jungkook, reciprocating.
It was weird to have such skinship with his step brother. The two have never really engaged in such intimacy before but Jimin liked it.
He liked how warm Jungkook was and how welcoming the youngers stronger arms were to him. He especially enjoyed how perfectly his smaller figure fit with Jungkook’s much larger one.

“Thank you so much I don't know what I would have done without you.” The younger let go of Jimin, too happy to realize he just hugged Jimin like he would not even hug his girlfriend.

“No Kook it was all you. I can’t wait to see what grade you get!” Jimin giggled, fiddling with the last button on his red and black flannel.

“Oh by the way I have practice.. Do you have a ride?”

“Yea I think Taemin hyung can take me. I’m gonna go home and study then sleep early.”

Something about hearing that gave Jungkook an annoying feeling that was once strange to him but grew quite used to. It had been that way for the past few days and every time Jimin says Taemin will take him home Jungkook gets this same exact feeling.

“Oh. I uh have a game tonight and its a really important one. I kinda thought you’d come, before I remembered you never come to my games. Like how mom or dad never come to my games.”

Jimin had a guilty frown forming on his face. He could tell that it bothered or hurt Jungkook that no one he cared about really came to his games. Even though Jimin had to study for a midterm tonight, he decided maybe he had an hour or so to spare if it meant he could make Jungkook happy.


“I’ll come to your game on one condition.. You have a midterm tomorrow so.. if you win no partying okay? You come straight home with me. Deal?”

Jungkook seemed hesitant for a second but for some reason he wanted Jimin to be at his game tonight. He wanted to have someone who would be proud of him watching him on the seasons most important game. If that meant he had to give up one party that he probably should not go to anyway since he had an exam tomorrow then fine.




“So what’s the big deal about this game anyway?” Jimin asked Taehyung as they took their seats in one of the first rows. Jimin insisted they come early, wanting to be able to see Jungkook clearly from a good seat. Taehyung surprisingly enough actually liked football. Sometimes Jimin didn’t understand why Taehyung was even friends with him. Sure he was nerdy and smart but he was good looking too.

So many girls and guys always hit on Taehyung, people like him, he could be popular if he wanted to but he stayed there with Jimin. Jimin alway wondered why.


“Its against Kyungnam high school. Our school and theirs have this rivalry with every sport but mainly football. They’ve beaten us 5 years in a row but this year our teams confident we will win.”


“And why is that?”

“Your step brother, Jungkook.”



Jimin could see the teams walking out, Jungkook was number 27 and Jimin could see him scanning around the bleachers like he was looking for something. When his eyes landed on A certain blonde sitting next to Taehyung, he smiled behind his mask. Jimin was looking back at him with a small grin on his face and something made Jungkook really happy about seeing Jimin here.

Every game he’s played, he never cared to do good. He did good cause he had to for the sake of the team. But though everyone was watching him, he never cared enough to do good for them. But Jimin was here and Jimin believed in him. So he had to do good for Jimin.

He lifted his hand and gave a small wave to the boy, Jimin responding with a wide smile and a two excited thumbs up. Jungkook could hear him giggling in his mind.


When the game began, Jimin was so confused. He had never watched a single sport or learned the rules to any of them in his life. All he saw was a bunch of guys in bulky uniform tackling each other for a ball. He never quite got the intelligence behind the game, mainly because there was none. The whole beating each other for a ball concept always seemed so barbaric, very caveman like to Jimin.

Taehyung had to explain some of it to him. What really worried Jimin was when halfway through the game, One of the larger guys from the other team tackled Jungkook hard, the crowd cheering meanwhile Jimin gasped in shock, jumping from his seat.

“I-is he okay?” He asked Taehyung who only nodded like he was not phased at all. “Yea its called tackle football Jimin he’s used to it.”

The other cheerleaders, Hani being the loudest, cheered Jungkook on, telling him its okay, that he could keep going. And for a second Jimin almost forgot Jungkook had a girlfriend. Seeing Hani in her high ponytale and mini skirt reminded Jimin that Jungkook belonged to someone. He didnt understand why he needed the reminder in the first place or why it bothered it but it just did.


Jungkook had actually felt the pain of the fall even with his protective gear on. But reminding himself that he had to show his best tonight, he got up despite the pain and kept playing.


By the end of the game, Jungkook’s team won, thanks to him like always. His team lifted him up in the air, people from the bleachers ran around the team to cheer along with them. Cheerleaders alongside the marching bad were hyping up the rest of the crowd meanwhile the guys on the other team were beating themselves up because they just lost this game.


Jungkook told Jimin this game was important to him.
No wonder the atmosphere seemed so much more competitive and the crowd was extra excited with the win. Even the coach was on his knees crying cause they have not won a game to this school in 5 years.

“Omg I can not believe we won! This is crazy we have not won against Kyungnam in forevee! Jimin I can’t believe this!” Taehyung squealed, shaking Jimin by the shoulders. “Lets go see Jungkook!”


The two ran down the bleachers, being shoved and pushed a few times by the passing people. Everyone was moving everywhere, Some people began to disperse while others still huddled around the feild to cheer for their victory. When they got close enough, Jimin stopped in his tracks seeing Jungkook’s lips pressed against Hani’s, no distance between their bodies whatsoever. Their tongues seemed to be enjoying each others company.

The blonde frowned, pulling at Taehyung’s sweater sleeve to stop him. Jimin did not want to intrude. “M-maybe later.. I have to study lets go home…”
He knew Jungkook had a car so it was not like he needed him to stay. Tae could take him home.





For about and hour after Jimin got home, Jungkook arrived, his hair was wet and his clothes were ruffled. What Jimin guessed happened is Jungkook went over to Hani’s for a quickie after the game, used her shower then came back here.

He decided not to say anything and just continue studying on the dining table.

“Hey..” Jungkook started, putting his gym bag down by the staircase.


“What did you think about the game?” Jungkook grinned, pulling out a chair next to Jimin, propping himself on it.

“I had not a single clue what happened but we won so I’m guessing you did great,” the blonde flashed him a quick grin before going back to study.

Jungkook didn’t know why he could feel a thick tension in the air. It began to bother him, something was off with Jimin. But he knew that they were not close enough for that stuff yet.


They were only friends for a few days now.


“So.. where’s your mom and my dad?”

“Upstairs in their room. Siwon left so I had to make dinner. It’s just pasta, no steak or rich people food or anything but there's still some in the kitchen if you want.”

“Oh.. no thanks.. so are you gonna help me study for me exam tomorrow?”


“Uh yea sure get your stuff”

Jimin’s replies were all jaded and emotionless and Jungkook seriously began to think he did something wrong. It bothered him so much because he had been trying really hard to be nice to Jimin and be his friend. He didn’t wanna screw that up.

“Did I do something? If you’re unhappy about losing study time to go to the game I’m sorry I’ll never ask you to come to a game-“

“It’s not that…” the blonde sighed, putting his pencil down on his book, turning in his seat to face Jungkook. He didn’t know why he was acting like this he just was. It was like he wasn’t even in control of himself, something else was the puppeteer, controlling Jimin.

“I don’t know.. just ignore it. You did great today, I knew you would. I’m proud of you. And I’m happy you came back instead of going to a party. But I’ll be even more proud if you pass your chem final tomorrow so lets start studying!”


The two studied until 1 am without realizing it. They lost track of time until Jimin wondered why he was so tired, yawning every five seconds. When he checked his phone his eyes widened at how late the two stayed up.

“Jungko- oh,” When Jimin turned to tell Jungkook, he saw the brunette practically drooling over his textbook, knocked out. How long was he asleep for and how did Jimin not notice it?
While watching Jungkook, the blonde couldn't help but smile at how cute he looked. He looked so harmless and peaceful in his sleep, his bottom lip hanging and his cheeks were slightly puffier than usual, hair messy over his forehead.

Jimin felt compelled to touch, bringing his fingers up to Jungkook’s forehead, brushing the strands of hair away from his eyes. He leaned into his ear whispering “Kookie wake up.”

Jungkook grunted,licking his lips but still staying asleep. Even in his sleep, he enjoyed the way Jimin played wih his hair so delicately.

“Come on kookie we have to go to bed.. get up.”

His eyes fluttered opened,immediately squinting at the brightness of the room.

“Hey.. it’s 1 am lets go to bed yea?”

Jungkook nodded, getting up from his seat sluggishly. Jimin could tell he was still sleepy and probably would not be able to make it up the stairs on his own so he wrapped his arm around Jungkook’s torso to keep him steady. When they made it to Jungkook’s room, Jimin layed him down gently, unbuckling his belt and taking his shirt off so he’d be more comfortable. Jimin remembered Jungkook once saying he hated sleeping with his shirt on.

“Do you want me to take your pants off too?” Jimin asked, lifting the corner of the blanket to pull it over the half asleep boy. Under normal circumstances with any other guy, Jimin would feel extremely embarrassed and shy to be taking his clothes off but it was Jungkook.

He reminded himself that Jungkook was his step brother and that’s all there was to it.

“N-no..”Jungkook replied, hugging himself to keep his body warm. It was a little cold in Jungkook’s room what with winter beginning and Jungkook’s window being open. Jimin pulled the blanket over Jungkook’s body and quietly walked out of the room, closing the door gently so it wouldn’t creak.



Midterms were finally over which meant winter break was here. Jungkook had been waiting for winter break to finally be rid of school for a bit. His father had been off his back for a while thankfully. Work preoccupied him well and Hayoon being his secretary was always with him at the office.

Most teens would be upset about their parents being too absent. Jungkook on the other hand enjoyed his freedom. His mom was a total absentee and his father was only out for him when it came to things like school.


“And how was your chemistry final?” Jimin asked, buckling his seatbelt while Jungkook pulled out of the school parking lot. “Easy thanks to you. God I cant wait to see my grades. This is the first time I’ve felt this confident about school related subjects.”


“Glad I could help.”


“By the way, Yoongi Hyung, Namjoon hyung and Jin hyung are coming over tonight. Hoseok might too he has to let us know. So-“

“So stay in my room and pretend I don’t exist yea I know the drill,” Jimin replied with a hint of bitterness in his voice.

“No… I was gonna say So if you want to hang out with us we’ll be downstairs..” Jungkook let out a sigh, gripping the wheel a little tighter. It disturbed him to see Jimin still thinks of Jungkook in such a negative light. Calling it a “drill” meant it was reoccurring and he wondered if Jimin could even tell that he was trying to change.

Wondered if Jimin could tell how grateful Jungkook was to him


Maybe the change in Jungkook’s attitude seemed too sudden and drastic but the truth is, no one has ever believed in Jungkook the way Jimin does. And he needed that. He needed, he craved care from others, he wanted someone to tell him he wasn’t stupid, he wasn’t lost.


“Oh.. thanks but Taemin hyung and I are hanging out tonight…” Jimin grinned, looking out the window at the the trees that began to whither due to the cold.


Something in Jungkook ignited when he heard Taemin’s name. Or rather the realization that the two grew so close bothered him for some reason that he could not quite figure out.

“Oh.. well you two are growing close huh..”

“Yea um.. he wants to dance with me again so we’re gonna go to the studio-“

“You dance?” Jungkook raised his eyebrows at Jimin, stopping at the red light.

“Uh not really.. Taemin said I was good and he wanted me to audition for your dance team but I know you probably wouldn’t want me to so-“

“Wait why have I never seen you dance?” He put the emphasis on “I” as if Jimin had to show him first before anyone else. The blonde could hear the jealousy in Jungkook’s voice and it confused him.

Since when did Jungkook care about what Jimin did or what he liked?

“I..I didn’t know I was obligated to show you.. I’m sorry.”

The brunette turned his eyes back to the road, his knuckles turning white from how tight his grip on the wheel was. “Whatever.”



Later on, Jimin was getting ready to see Taemin. Wanting to impress the senior he had a crush on, he tried to dress a little prettier than he normally would. While facetiming Taehyung for advice, he picked an outfit, ruining his once clean room.

His clothes were scattered everywhere, floor tiles hardly visible. “What about this?” He lifted up a pair of tight white jeans with big holes cut out to show off his pretty thighs and on top of it, a light blue knit sweater that was a size too big and would probably hang off his shoulder exposing his collarbone.

“Yes yes yes wear that!” Taehyung said from the phone.

“Ugh thank you Tae what would I do with out you! Im gonna change i love ya bye!”

“Bye soulmate!”

Jimin giggled at the name, pressing the end call button. He took off his sweat pants and squeezed into the jeans, throwing the sweater over his body. He looked at himself in the mirror, fixing up the sweater to purposely show skin.

Something about the outfit made him feel too exposed. He never really dressed like this before so it was really new and something he had to get used to. Jimin already had the urge to change his sweater to something more covering but he knew Tae would kill him if he did.

“Wow you look different,” Jungkook said, leaning on the door frame.

“A good different?” Jimin asked shyly, turning around.

“Y-yea wow..” Jungkook’s eyes were locked on Jimin’s skin, involuntarily licking his lips. Jimin thought he imagined it because he knows that look. But there was no way Jungkook was think what Jimin thought he was thinking.
“You look like a ken doll.”

The blonde snorted causing Jungkook’s eyes to snap quickly to his.
“I guess that’s a compliment.”

“All this for Taemin hyung? Do you wanna have sex with him?”
His forwardness startled Jimin, eyes widening. How could he so shamelessly speak like that? And why did he care anyway? Lately Jungkook has become a whole new person that Jimin didn’t understand.

“Why is that your business Jungkookie? And so what if I do? I like him.” His voice grew quieter with every word. Talking about the subject kind of embarrassed him especially knowing that Jungkook has more experience than he does

“Cause you can do so much better but whatever, you go have sex with him. Do whatever you want,” without another word, Jungkook left Jimin’s room to his own.

His own friends were coming also so he had to go downstairs and get ready. Maybe pop open a few beers, put on a football game and talk about bro stuff. But after Taemin came to pick Jimin up, Jungkook couldn’t stop worrying about Taemin possibly taking Jimin’s first time.


Why were these thoughts even bothering him to begin with? Why did he care who Jimin has sex with? He decided to make his excuse that he cared about his older brother and was concerned with Taemin’s intentions even though he knew that wasn’t true. So what was the truth?



“So are you coming to the party at Namjoon’s house on Wednesday?” Yoongi asked at the door just before he was gonna leave Jungkook’s house. Hoseok couldn’t make it but Jin Yoongi and Namjoon did. Namjoon was already starting the car while Jin was screaming at him to unlock the door.

“Yea man I wanna get shitfaced!” Jungkook chuckled.

“That’s my boy. See ya kid,” Jungkook fist bumped the raven haired senior before closing the door behind him.

Namjoon, Jin, and Yoongi were all seniors while Hoseok was a Junior. Jungkook didn’t know what it was but it was always easier for him to make friends with people in grades above him. Even Hani was older than him, being a junior.

Namjoon and Yoongi were popular around school for their mixtapes. At parties, they’d take turns DJing or sometimes grab the mic to freestyle. Girls swooned over Namjoons masculinity and Yoongi’s swag. Jin was popular for being Jin. His good looks and contagious confidence made him a shining star among the girls and even the guys in all grades. Everyone wanted to date the prince which is what they called him. He won king for every homecoming dance, every prom. And he was student body president.

Hoseok was popular obviously for being the leader of the dance crew. His flow and swag made him stand out and well liked and because he had good rap skill aswell he easily befriended Yoongi and Namjoon.

Jungkook obviously was popular for being on the dance team, captain of the football team and just being himself. People liked his bad boy with a soft side charm. Dating Hani only gave him more clout.

They all quickly became friends. Partied together, got hammered together, cried together, laughed together. As far as Jungkook knew, they’d be inseparable even when the hyungs went to college.



Only a few minutes later, Jimin walked through the door with red cheeks and ruffled hair, lips slightly swollen and glistening. Jungkook was cleaning up the empty bear cans on the coffee table when he spotted Jimin walking in like a love struck idiot with hearts in his eyes.

“Hey,” Jimin grinned, walking over to help Jungkook throw away the beer cans and pizza boxes.

“You look fucked out. I’m guessing that mea-“

“No! Gosh we just made out. And what an interesting way to say hello. You know.. since when do you care? All of this kindess seems too good to be true considering a few weeks ago you said If I died no one would miss me…” the blonde scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest


“Is it so hard to believe that I pushed aside my hostility towards you and learned to care about you quickly?”

“Yea actually it is.. you’re friends with Taemin why do you seem so mad about me being with him?” There was no harshness or anger in his tone, he was genuinely curious as to why Jungkook was acting this way. His voice remained steady and calm as he spoke and Jungkook’s did too so it wasnt necessarily an arguement more like a sense of uncertainty between them.


“I’m not mad I just… I don’t know okay?”


“Well figure it out.”

Chapter Text

“So son how are you and Jungkook doing? Siwon tells me you’ve been arguing less. That’s good right?” This was Hayoon’s attempt at conversing with her son. When she got married to Jungwoo, money blinded her. She fell in love with the cash rather than with the man. Too preoccupied with her trips to Japan or dinners are 5 star restaurants, she lost time to really catch up with her son.

It was not like she didn’t care about Jimin. Of course she did but she figured Jimin was old enough to take care of himself.


It was the first full day of winter break, Jungwoo was at work but because Hayoon didn’t feel too hot she decided to just stay at home. Jungkook was at Yoongi’s house listening to his new mixtape which just left Jimin, his mom and the maids.

“Yea we’re fine I guess. We’re trying to be friends.”

“Did you tell him that you’re… yaknow-“

“That I’m gay?” Jimin raised his eyebrows at his mom who sat down on the kitchen table to drink her morning coffee. “It’s not a bad word mom you can say it. And yes I told him.”


She lifted her coffee cup, taking a short sip and making a face afterwards due to how hot the coffee was. While watching her from behind the kitchen counter, Jimin could understand what made his mom so desirable by men. She was in her early 40’s yet she looked 25. Skin free of wrinkles and blemishes, her lips were plump almost like Jimin's and were shaped kind of like a bow. Her eyes were oval like Jimin’s too yet they shined brighter, her brown irises knew how to capture men like casting a spell. Right now she looked extra professional in her grey pantsuit, pink silk button down underneath. Her long black hair was pulled up tight in a high ponytail.

What made her extra attractive to men was her slim figure but big ass, a figure Jimin has acquired as well. And thankfully so because in his mind, his slim figure and big ass would work in his favor when he wanted Taemin to take his first time.


“Oh, good good. Glad you two are getting along. Did the tutoring help him? Jungwoo is so harsh on him about education that poor kid. He wants Jungkook to take over the company but with grades like his…” she shook her head in disappointment and Jimin really grew angry at that.

How come no one understood how hard it was for Jungkook? No one could see how he was really trying and Jimin almost wanted to stand up for him.

“He’s trying hard. It’s not easy when the one person you seek validation from only gives you the opposite. I hope you have a good day at work mom, I’m off to the mall,” Jimin gave a fake grin, taking his phone off the counter and slipping it into the pocket of his jeans.

“The mall? Why?”

“I’m thinking about getting my ears pierced, maybe dye my hair. Tae is driving me and he’s outside so,” without another word, Jimin walked out the front door. He knew if he stayed his mom would make some comment about how he dyed his hair too much so he decided to bolt out as quick as he could. From where he stood outside his house, he was able to see Taehyung’s car pulling up into the driveway which would take at least two minutes considering how big the front of their house was. The land they owned could fit at least three nice houses on it but Jimin was not necessarily about the bling bling.

When Taehyung’s car finally made it to the front of the house, Jimin ran into the front seat buckling his seatbelt as soon as he got in, knowing Taehyung liked to speed with no care.

“I’ll still never get used to this house,” the brunette chuckled.

“Yea me neither.”



When they got to the mall, Taehyung got hit on like 5 times, making Jimin feel beyond insecure. He was not surprised though, Taehyung was attractive and there was no denying it He was just a little geeky and silly but that's what Jimin loved about him. The blonde should be used to it by now since it happened so often yet every time it did it still made Jimin feel a certain way about himself.
Sometimes it surprised him that Taehyung only had sex once with Sohye when he constantly had girls and boys throwing themselves at him.

“Ugh Tae it isn’t fair you always have people trying to get with you,” Jimin whined, crossing his arms over his chest, lips curled in a small pout.

“Well who could resist my cuteness and my charms,” Tae giggled, ruffling Jimin’s hair. “But you have Lee Taemin running after you so don’t complain okay? You don’t even see it. How people gawk at you wherever you go.”

Jimin had no idea what Taehyung was talking about. He never saw a single person looking at him the way people look at Taehyung. In school he knew people wouldn’t approach he or Taehyung because they intimidated everyone else unintentionally. It was their smarts and the fact that the two were inseparable that caused people to back off a little.

Still no one looked at him like that except Taemin. And he still didn’t understand what a guy like Taemin wanted from a guy like himself.

“No they don’t,” the blonde grumbled.

“Yes they do Jiminnie you are drop dead gorgeous okay? You just don’t see it so you’re oblivious to all the eyes on you.”


“Oh shut up…”


When they got to the hair salon Jimin was unsure of what to do with his hair. The color of his hair was platinum blonde almost white. It faded into this after he dyed his hair silver and though he liked the color he really wanted to change it. Especially with his brown roots starting to show.

He wanted to stay blonde though because he knew Taemin liked blondes so he just chose a darker shade. Kind of like dirty blonde. Meanwhile Taehyung decided to go all out and switch from chocolate brown to a velvety red.

They came out looking really good though, A darker blonde really brightened up Jimin’s face, especially with the way the woman blow dried Jimin’s hair over his eyes, giving him a more youthful look.


“Whoa Tae…” Jimin whispered when Taehyung got off the chair, hair done in a new shade that resembled Jimin’s cherry lip gloss. He looked ethereal, he wondered how Taehyung could be so god like.

“Do you like it?” The younger asked, striking a cute pose.

“I love it! you look so good!” Jimin nodded, his eyes appearing slightly wider than normal, gawking at his best friend. Sometimes he pondered why he never made a move on Taehyung and then he remembered it would probably be so weird considering they’ve known each other since birth.


“Thank you soulmate. Now come on! We have to get your ears pierced.”



Getting his ears pierced had to have been the scariest thing Jimin’s ever done in his life. Especially since he never gotten a needle stuck completely through his skin before and also because he decided that if he was gonna get them pierced, he was gonna go all out and get 5 at once. On his right earlobe he got two, on his left he got two also. But the most painful one had to be the third one on his right ear on his helix. Getting that piercing made him cry and afterwards he really regretted getting all five at once.

“See! Now you understand the pain I went through when my sister took me to get mine!” Tae said, turning the car on. When Taehyung pierced his ears a couple weeks ago, he continuously complained about it being the worst thing he’s ever done in his life since it was too painful for him and Jimin kept calling him a big baby.

“Okay but I got 5 all at once and you just did 3! And I got a helix! That shit hurt!” Jimin whined.


“But hey! You look really good. Taemin would tap that,” The now red haired male wiggled his eyebrows suggestively causing Jimin to blush furiously.

“Stop Tae have some shame!”

“So would you top? Cause I see you as a total bottom-“

“Shut up!” Jimin yelled, smacking his best friend on the chest resulting in a sneer from Taehyung.



Taehyung had dropped him off back home, but feeling bad for making him go all the way through the driveway, Jimin told him to just pull up so he could walk the rest of the way. He got to the front door which was large, made out of glass and screaming “I’m rich.” He began searching through his bag for the keys to his house, after a few minutes finally grabbing hold of the cold metal that hid somewhere deep. But before he could even pull them out, the door was pulled open, a half naked Hani standing there.

“Oh! Jimin hey!”

“Hey Noona..” He awkwardly grinned which she returned. It wasn’t like this was the first time they were under these circumstances. Jimin’s caught her sneaking out half naked tons of times.

“I’m guessing you and Jungkook made up then?”

“Yea um.. yes we did ehe..” she nodded her head, leaning on the door frame.
A heavy silence fell over them, thicker than the uneasy tension in the atmosphere. Both of them felt painfully out of place like a red sock in white laundry. Still standing outside the two waited for the other to make some move that never came. Jimin could tell she wasn’t gonna do anything so he took the first step, wanting to get rid of this gross awkwardness.

“Can I get into my house please?” He asked, pointing at the door with his left eyebrow raised a bit.

“Oh! Oh yea sorry! I’ll just go! You look great by the way totally love the new hair color!” Her words came out rushed as she shook her head, cheeks burning bright in embarrassment as she rushed passed Jimin, leaving the door open for him to get in.

When he stepped in, he let out a long sigh. So many awkward confrontations later and he still was not used to seeing Hani run out of the house like that. It pained him knowing that it was because of Jungkook. There was something growing in him, an uncomfortableness and every time he saw Hani and Jungkook together it grew bigger.

A small figure of an old lady with black shoulder length hair and a broom between her hands pushed Jimin out of his thoughts.
“Hi Siwon noona,” he grinned, offering her a relaxed wave.
Siwon was the Jeon’s maid for 17 years. She was a sweet old lady who lived with her four cats in an apartment nearby that Jungkook’s father paid for.
The past four months, Siwon acted like the grandmother Jimin never had. He loved her.

“Jiminnie! sweetie you look so cute with your hair that color,” she put the broom down against the wall and walked over to Jimin, pinching his cheeks causing the blonde to giggle in response.

“Thank you noona, is my mom home?”

“No she went to work with Mr.Jeon, Jungkook is upstairs though,” she smiled, walking back to the broom and continued to sweep the white marble floors.

“Yea well he doesn’t make much a difference does he?” He chuckled, patting her on the back before making his way to the staircase while texting taemin to ask if they were still going out later.
He was excited for his crush to see the new and improved him, hoping to receive some kind of praise and maybe finally go beyond just making out.
So distracted by his phone, he wasn’t paying attention to what was in front of him, bumping into something hard and wet.

Jimin let out a sound of surprise when he felt a pair of hands wrapping around both his own wrists, looking up to see Jungkook smirking down on him. He clearly just got out of the shower, hair still dripping wet, chest bare with water droplets cascading down his muscles and the only thing keeping Jungkook somewhat decent was the white towel around his waist.

“U-uh..” Jimin gulped, cheeks burning red. He couldn’t tear his eyes off Jungkook’s especially with the way the brunette looked at him. There was something predatory about his gaze and it made Jimin shrink.

A thick tension sat between them and Jimin had to force himself not to stare at Jungkook’s body. It was harder than it sounded especially when Jungkook made it so inviting, flexing his muscles almost purposely to intimidate Jimin.
It was when Jimin’s mind flashed back to Hani downstairs did he realize Jungkook just had sex 10 minutes ago and the mental image grossed him out, making him want to be as far from Jungkook as he could be.

“Can y-you let go?” The blonde stuttered, eyes flickering down to his wrists where Jungkook held him tightly for a second before looking back up.

Without a word, without taking his eyes off Jimin, he let go of the older males wrists, watching as Jimin took a few quick steps back upon being released so there was space between them.

“Did you dye your hair darker? And get earrings?” Jungkook said, squinting.

“Yes I did-“

“For Taemin hyung right? I remember him saying he had a thing for dirty blondes once. I’m guessing you really wanna get into his pants right?”
He placed both his hands on his waist as he examined Jimin closely with amusement.

“Jeez Jungkook are you still on this? Why are you so interested in my sex life?”

“What sex life?” Jungkook chuckled, offending Jimin more than probably intending to.

Not really being able to come up with a better come back,Jimin settled with “Yea well shut up okay?” Crossing his arms defensively over his chest and trying to look anywhere other than at Jungkook.

“I just think you’re going into this too fast. You two only started seeing each other a week or two ago, you aren’t even dating and you already want to have sex with him. Seems a little unrealistic to me,” Jungkook shrugged, picking his hands up defensively.

Jimin opened his mouth to answer but a notification sound from his phone caused him to divert his attention. He lifted up the device enough for him to see that he got a text from Taemin. Seeing his crushes contact name involuntarily brought a smile to his cheeks until he read the text making him frown instead.

“Hey cutie sorry can’t hang out today! But there's a party on Wednesday at Namjoon’s house! Wanna be my plus 1!?” - Taeminnie❤️

“Well my plans cancelled..” Jimin frowned, slipping his phone back into his pocket.

“Well.. wanna go out for food then?” Jungkook asked casually causing Jimin to look at him with a quizzical expression. In their four months of being bound together by their parents marriage the two have never gone out alone for anything. Not for food or for “quality bonding time.” In fact they normally tried to avoid each other as much as they could but now since they were attempting to be friendly with one another they’ve learned to tolerate one another more.

Jimin didn’t think Jungkook would go as far as to wanting to be seen with him though.

“You mean just you and me?”

“Yea I don’t see why not. We’re trying to be friendly right? Well come on then lets do some brotherly bonding.”

Still Jimin was unsure.

“Wow I’m shocked. You sure you aren’t embarrassed to be seen with me?”

Jungkook rolled his eyes, pulling up his towel a bit since it was slipping down his waist. It didn’t go unnoticed by Jimin but he had to try to keep his eyes on Jungkook’s face.

“Oh stop. Come on get ready we’re leaving in 10.”



It wasn’t really dinner but it wasn’t really lunch. About 6pm, the sun was going down and Jungkook and Jimin were at a restaurant only 20 minutes away from their house. Jimin’s been there once or twice with Taehyung but they hardly ordered anything considering how expensive the place was.

Jungkook born into wealth probably felt like those prices were nothing which would explain how easy it was for him to choose that place so instantly.

“They have the best lamb skewers, Yoongi hyung and I always come here,” Jungkook argued on the way to the restaurant.

When they got there, Jimin couldn’t figure out what to order so he just got what Jungkook got. They didn’t really have much to talk about considering the little they had in common, but Jimin appreciated Jungkook’s effort.

“So, just out of curiosity what do you do for fun?” Jungkook asked, putting the menu down and leaning back into the chair.

Fun? Jimin didn’t really have much of that in his life. “I don’t know, I talk to Tae. Or I watch anime,” Jimin shrugged.

“Anime? What’s your favorite?”

“Ouran highschool host club-“

“Oh you’re so gay!” Jungkook yelled, slamming his palms down on the table. Jimin’s eyes shooting open, flabbergasted. “Yell it any louder Jungkook!” Jimin whisper yelled in response, glancing around to see if anyone he knew was here that could have heart that sudden outburst. When he saw that nobody even reacted, he let out a relieved sigh then glaring at Jungkook.

“Sorry sorry. But seriously you’re a junior and that's all you do for fun? Have you ever been to a party?” Jungkook asked.

“Does hiding in my room during yours count?” Jimin asked, taking a sip of his iced tea.

“Jeez you’ve never been to a party!? Okay Namjoon hyung is throwing one at his place this Wednesday. Why don’t you come?”

“Taemin asked me to go with him,” Jungkook had to try harder than he should to suppress his frown. “But I don’t know. I’m not really a party person.”

“Oh come on! Everyone has a party person in then they just let their insecurity build a wall to trap the party in them. Come with me, you’ll experience your first party and you’ll love it. You can bring Taehyung. Actually Hani’s best friend Hyerin has a little bit of a crush on him.”

Then name Hyerin rang a bell in Jimin’s mind. He couldn’t quite figure out where he knew that name from until he remembered his Chemistry teacher last year constantly yelling that name and then it clicked. Hyerin was that girl in Jimin’s chemistry class last year who always mixed the wrong chemicals and laughed it off anyway. She was also in the cheerleading squad like Hani, standing on the top of the pyramid. She was a silly girl with medium length black hair and big eyes, the squad would call her the insane one. Somehow, Jimin saw her and Taehyung being a perfect match.

“Not surprised everyone has a crush on Taehyung,” Jimin mumbled, shuffling in his seat.

“I hear jealousy in your voice hyung. Do you wish more people had a crush on you?” The brunette leaned forward, more interested.
Jimin looked up at him unsure of how to answer. He didn’t want to reveal to Jungkook his insecurities. They weren’t close like that and even though they’re trying to be friends, Jimin felt like they’d never be close enough for it.

Jungkook could tell Jimin was having an internal battle with himself about whether or not to tell Jungkook. “Come on hyung. You know about my insecurities and struggles with school. It’s my turn to be doctor Phil even though I won’t do a good job.”

Right, Jungkook opened up to him about his hardest internal struggle. It was because of this realization that Jimin decided he could tell Jungkook at least a little bit of how he felt. “Fine just don’t make fun of me okay? When I was a freshman I was really chubby. Kind of like a blob and I was really insecure because people would tease me about my unproportional body. I began to starve myself and try really hard to lose weight. Then I lost too much weight it became really bad. I’ve always felt unattractive next to everyone, especially next to Taehyung and you believe it or not. Even now, Taemin is interested in me and I can’t help but wonder why. He could do so much better,” Jimin bitterly chuckled, rubbing his tired eyes with his fists.

“I think my body is fine now but still I don’t find myself to be attractive. Everywhere I go with Taehyung, like 10 people are hitting on him and I’m behind him, trying not to feel insecure. And I told you way more than I planned to.”


“Oh come on hyung! You know how attractive you are. It’s more of a cute attractive but I admit I have heard people in the halls talking about how cute you are. Even Yoongi hyung once said he’d tap you but he’s really anti love and anti everything. I think people are just intimidated because you're so smart.”

“That’s what Taehyung said,” Jimin mumbled, grinning with his head down. He still, no matter what Tae said and no matter what Jimin said, he still didn’t see it.

A few minutes later, their food came and Jimin and Jungkook began to dig in. The food was amazing, Jimin almost forgot what it felt like to eat good and fattening food since he had been trying to eat healthy. For the sake of bonding time with his step brother he decided that he could use a cheat day and eat some good meat.

Somewhere through their time, their conversation began to flow more fluidly rather than the beginning when they couldn’t really find something to talk about. They told stories about their days in middle school, it mostly consisted of Jungkook being a total troublemaker, making Jimin burst out in fits of laughter.

“And we superglued his ass to his chair! I got suspended for like three days!” Jungkook said, Jimin collapsing in a fit of intense laughter.

“I can’t believe you did that in 8th grade Jungkook!” Jimin leaned forward, smacking the brunette on the shoulder.

“My dad wanted to kill me but it was so worth it! I think the video is still on my laptop oh my god hyung I have to show you!”

“You better!”


They laughed a little longer, probably disturbing everyone in the restaurant but they didn’t really care. When it settled down, a comfortable silence fell between them until Jungkook decided to break it. “I had fun tonight hyung,” Jungkook admitted, his smile showing off his bunny like teeth that Jimin always admired.

“Me too…”

Jimin meant it. He actually enjoyed spending time with Jungkook and it kind of made him upset to think that the two hated each other for so long when they could have actually made pretty good friends.



Wednesday rolled around, Jungkook was getting ready for the party. He decided not to go all out since he looked good in anything he wore anyway. He rolled with a pair of black baggy pants, a loose black t shirt that word “stranger” written in small white letters on his left pec.
On his feet he wore a pair of black Jordans, switching it up taking a break from his usual timberlands look.

That was all there really was to his outfit and after spraying cologne all over his body he decided to call Jimin out so they could leave.
When he got to the front of Jimin’s door, it was left ajar, Jungkook could hear Khalid playing and Jimin faintly singing along.
He out his hand on the door, pushing it open and stepping inside, looking around for Jimin, spotting him in front of his mirror. The blonde decided to go with a oversized red shirt that he tucked into his black ripped jeans, blonde hair brushed over his forehead.

“You done?” Jungkook asked, slightly startling Jimin who turned around with his hand over his heart. “Jeez kook don’t sneak up on me. And yea I am. But Taemin wants to pick me up so.”

“Why?” Jungkook scoffed. Now Taemin was Jungkook’s close friend but this was just ridiculous. Jungkook was going to the party anyway he could have taken Jimin but he had to be extra and drive out of the way just to pick Jimin up.

He hated that they were friends. Or a little more than friends but because he was doing good with Jimin, he wasn’t about to tell Jimin that he didn’t like whatever he had going on with Taemin.

“Cause he wanted to. I felt unsure about going to this party since it isn’t really my scene so he decided he’d pick me up. Why? Is that a problem?”

Jungkook wanted to answer something but decided to brush it off since it would probably cause unnecessary drama Jungkook didn’t want to have with Jimin. So instead he gave a fake smile before answering “no, not at all.”


“No Jungkook if something is up you have to tell me,” Jimin said sternly, taking a few steps forward,crossing his arms over his chest.

“Nothing is up! You’re being paranoid I just like messing with you that’s all. Now come on, there’s a thin line between being fashionably late and just being late.”

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Jungkook left before Jimin while the older male waited outside for Taemin to come pick him up.
He kept trying to convince Jimin to just go with him instead but Jimin didn't want to because he knew the second he got in there, Jungkook would leave him alone and go be with his own crowd. At least if he went with Taemin, he’d have somebody to be around.


“I’m scared,” Jimin admitted when they were at the front door. He could hear the loud rap music mixed with the screaming and cheering inside the large house. Jimin didn’t even know Kim Namjoon had so much money, his house was only slightly smaller than Jimin’s.

Taemin’s grip on Jimin’s hand tightened hoping to make Jimin feel more secure.
“Hey,” he hooked his fingers under Jimin’s chin, lifting the blondes head up so they were looking at each other. “It’s okay you’re with me.”

Taemin leaned down, pressing a small peck onto Jimin’s lips. “You look beautiful tonight.”

Somehow Taemin knew the right words to say to make Jimin feel better. The way he caressed Jimin’s skin brought a smile to the youngers face and he knew he could potentially love Taemin. The past couple weeks with him have been the best. For the first time Jimin felt like someone liked him. Someone wanted him.

“Ready for your first highschool party?” Taemin asked, wrapping his hand around the door knob only turning it when Jimin gave a sure nod.
They stepped in, and the first thing Jimin noticed was the strong smell of weed. There was a keg in the middle of the room, the point guard of the Varsity basketball team was doing a handstand on it while the rest of the team was huddled around yelling “chug! Chug! Chug!”
There were mini crowds of people dancing with alcohol in their hands. Jimin got exactly what he expected. All the popular kids from the school teams and other clubs were here and then there was just Jimin who felt so painfully out of place.

Jimin didn’t know why but his first instinct was to look around for Jungkook, knowing he arrived 30 minutes before Jimin did. He could spot him on the couch, a joint between his two fingers and Hani on his lap next to Kim Seokjin and Jung Hoseok.
They were laughing about something Jimin couldn’t make out but his eyes couldn’t be torn away from Jungkook. He was studying the brunette, this was Jungkook in his natural habitat.

This was Jungkook when he wasn’t yelling at the TV during a football or complaining about school or whining about how the chef put too much salt in his bulgogi. Jungkook was carefree, relaxed, high as hell, Jimin didn’t even know Jungkook got high. But he guessed there was a lot about Jungkook he didn’t know.

He didn’t realize how long he had been staring until Jungkook’s eyes met his as he had the joint between his lips. Their eyes remained locked while Jungkook took it out of his mouth, blowing smoke into the atmosphere.

The blonde felt something crawling on his skin because even though he knew it he could never admit it until now. Jungkook was so fucking hot. Especially with smoke blowing out from between his pretty lips.

“Hey you okay?” Taemin put his hand on Jimin’s shoulder causing Jimin to turn his head and break his intense stare with Jungkook.

“Y-yea its just weird.. can we get something to drink?” Jimin mumbled, trying hard to keep his eyes only on Taemin.
“Yea come on,” the raven haired gently took a hold of Jimin’s hand, pulling him through the crowd and Jimin knew he had to look at Jungkook just one more time. When he turned his head to do so, he was surprised to see Jungkook still staring at him with a predatory gaze, only being able to look away when Jungkook and his friends were out of sight.


“So what do you want to drink?” Taemin asked, opening the blue cooler that sat on the table for anyone to take.
“Um.. I don’t know.”
He looked inside the cooler but he couldn’t recognize anything. The bottles all looked different, some of what was inside was just cans but he was sure all of the drinks had alcohol in them. It was for that Jimin didn’t know what anything was, he never touched an alcoholic beverage in his life.

“I’m gonna go on a limb here and guess that you’ve never had alcohol,” Taemin chuckled grabbing himself a can of what Jimin would guess is beer which he only guessed since beer is fizzy and fizzy stuff goes in cans right?

“Not at all.. I haven’t really done much of anything..” he mumbled nervously, avoiding eye contact with Taemin who cooed at how cute Jimin was when he got flustered.

“My innocent baby, you’re so pure it makes me want to taint you,” Taemin chuckled, ruffling Jimin's hair. “Here,” he opened the can of beer, handing it to Jimin who cluelessly took it from Taemin’s hands. He nodded at the blonde, encouraging him to take a sip.

Jimin knew he was probably going to regret doing this but he for some reason he wanted to do what Taemin told of him, he wanted to prove himself to the male so he lifted the can to his lips and took a gulp of the fizzy alcohol down his throat, wincing as he did so.

It burned inside his esophagus causing him to flinch and cough a little. He cringed at himself, feeling so embarrassed that he couldn’t choke it down. Taemin probably thought he was a loser or something.
“You okay?” Taemin asked, taking another beer out of the cooler for himself since he offered Jimin his own.

“Y-yea that um that's really gross,” Jimin laughed shortly, fidgeting with the can.

“Yea but the feeling you get after having a few of those is great.. come on let's get you a little loose so we can dance.”


Two hours into the party, Taemin got Jimin a little more than loose, after only 2 and a half cans of beer Jimin was a giggling mess, dancing with his ass pressed against Taemin in the middle of the room, the older males hands on his waist. In his mind Jimin knew this wasn’t a good idea but the alcohol made him feel loose almost like water. He danced to the music sensually, not really in control of what he was doing but he didn’t care.

Under normal circumstances, if he was sober, he would care except he was here at a party pressed against Lee Taemin, feeling like he could fly.
Jimin didn’t even care that there were so many people around him, normally he’d feel suffocated but today he loved it.

Jungkook on the other hand decided not to go too crazy on the weed and alcohol tonight since he was driving himself home. He spent the whole night with Jin, Yoongi, Namjoon, and Hoseok staring at Hani who kept teasing him with her dance moves and seductive facial expressions.

He almost forgot Jimin was at the party until Yoongi pointed him out.
“Is your step brother alright over there?” Yoongi asked, tapping Jungkook on the shoulder to grab his attention then pointing at the intoxicated Jimin with Taemin's hands all over him.
He could see the beer in Jimin’s hands and it bothered him out how Taemin could bring Jimin here and get him drunk. He knew his friend and he knew he was probably gonna take advantage of Jimin tonight and Jungkook wasn’t okay with that.

He didn’t like how Taemin was trying to change the Innocent and pure Jimin that Jungkook knew.

“Wait a second,” Jungkook replied, handing his cup to Yoongi and standing up off the couch, making his way over to Taemin. He grabbed Taemin's shoulder, turning him around and away from Jimin.

“What do you think you’re doing with him?” Jungkook asked, grabbing the half empty can of beer out of Jimin’s hand and throwing it across the room, surprising Jimin.


“Relax man!” Taemin, clearly drunk, laughed while patting Jungkook’s back.
“Me and Jimin are just having some fun that's all!”

“Fun!?” Jungkook yelled, turning red in the face. “He’s drunk! Jimin doesn’t get drunk! This isn’t him what the hell are you trying to do huh? Get him drunk so you can take advantage of him!?” Jungkook shoved Taemin, causing the older male to stumble backward, grabbing the attention of everyone at the party.

“Did you just push me Kook?” Taemin laughed but it was more of a “I’m gonna kick your ass” laugh.

Jimin was still pretty out of it, the scene in front of him wasn’t processing in his mind thanks to the intoxication. He tried to focus but everything happening all at once and so fast gave him a migraine. He rubbed his eyes with his fists hoping to straighten out his blurry vision but it was no use.

“Kook wait-“ Jimin mumbled, his head began to pound and his vision got even blurrier. He hated this feeling, he wanted it to stop but he didnt know how to. What he could make out was the angry expression scribbled across Jungkook’s face and how ready he looked to knock the shit out of Taemin. Jimin was too in shock to do anything.

Jungkook shoved Taemin again harder this time and an angry Taemin retaliated, sending his fist flying at Jungkook’s jaw, Jimin gasping in surprise, bringing his hand up to cover his mouth.

The two began to punch and shove, the crowd chanting “fight! fight!” While Jimin felt like he was gonna collapse any second. He knew he had to push away this feeling because even in his drunk state he could tell that the two boys fighting was not right and he wanted it to end. The blood dripping from Jungkook’s nose confirmed that and it made him even more worried. Why was Jungkook acting like this?

“Jungkook stop!” He yelled, grabbing Jungkook’s arm and using what little strength he had to pull him back, but the brunette so blinded by rage, pushed Jimin hard enough for him to fall on the floor, landing with a thud.

Namjoon and Yoongi came up behind Taemin, holding him back and telling him to relax while Jungkook stared at Jimin, eyes widening. He could not believe he just pushed Jimin like that, the tears in the blondes eyes tore Jungkook’s heart out of his chest.

“S-shit Jimin I'm sorry!” Jungkook yelled, running over to where Jimin sat frozen on the floor.
“Are you okay? I didn't mean to-“
Jungkook reached out for Jimin’s hand.

“Dont,” Jimin pulled away, not wanting Jungkook to touch him. He could feel everyones eyes on him, whispering to each other. Jimin hated that kind of attention, it made him beyond uncomfortable and all he wanted to do was leave and hide.
It made panic rise up in his chest, his heart beating faster and faster, tears slipping down his cheeks.

He was so embarrassed.


“C-can you just take me home?” Jimin whimpered, bottom lip quivering involuntarily.

“Yea anything you want, come on let's go,” Jungkook nodded, grabbing Jimin’s hand and gently pulling him up.
While the two walked out of the party, Jimin decided this had to have been the most embarrassing moment of his life. People were already questioning what Park Jimin was even doing at the party in the first place considering he never showed up to any and suddenly the first appearance he made and he already had two guys fighting for him.
Everyone’s judgement was so apparent and thick it suffocated the blonde.


Jungkook probably shouldn’t have been driving since he did drink alcohol and smoke. But there was no one completely sober to tell him that he should not be behind the wheel. The car ride was silent, Jimin had fallen asleep leaning on the car window.

Jungkook’s heart hurt. He stopped at the red light and took those couple minutes as a chance to look at Jimin and study him.

He was so beautiful, Jungkook wondered why it hurt him to look at the blonde. He was never one to care too much about a person especially after a short amount of time. But he knew he wanted to try for Jimin because he knew Jimin was the only person who didn’t want something from him. He didn’t expect anything from Jungkook and didn’t force Jungkook to be something he wasn’t. Even after everything Jungkook put his step brother through, Jimin still accepted him for who he was and believed he could be his best.

And it took Jungkook so long to realize that. All the envy and baseless hatred he felt was so stupid, he realized. Jimin made him see that so quickly.


Soon enough Jungkook was parking the car in the driveway of their house, Jimin still peacefully asleep.
He put his hand on Jimin’s shoulder, shaking him slightly. “Hey hyung we’re home, wake up,” he whispered but the boy wouldn’t budge.

“Hyung?” He tried again, receiving only a small groan in response.
Jungkook let out a sigh, unbuckling his seat belt and getting out of the car, walking over to the passenger side. He opened the door, unbuckled Jimin’s seatbelt, and gingerly lifted Jimin into his arms, baby style. The blonde snuggled closer into Jungkook’s chest, getting comfortable and Jungkook could not helo but smile.

With his foot, he kicked the door shut and began to walk to house with a sleeping Jimin in his arms.
It was a challenge getting the door open when Jimin was making it practically impossible but he somehow managed to make it work without dropping the boy.


“What happened!?” Siwon gasped running over to Jimin.

“Nothing nothing he’s just tired,” Jungkook whispered, closing the front door.

“You can take tomorrow off Noona, it’s late you should go home.”

Siwon looked up at Jungkook with starry eyes as if he just gave her $1million dollars.
“I can have tomorrow off? Thank you Jungkookie-ssi! Have a good night dear take care of Jimin he looks a bit pale!”

“You have a good night too noona..” he walked upstairs easily, Jimin was just a light as Jungkook expected him to be. Thankfully, Jimin’s door like always was left ajar so Jungkook could just push it open. He layed Jimin down on his bed, taking the older males shoes off and quietly placing the down on the floor, trying not to make any noise. When he stood back up, Jimin’s eyes were fluttering open, looking up at Jungkook.

“You still have blood on your face,” Jimin mumbled sleepily.

“Oh.. I’ll clean that up-“

Before Jungkook could walk out, Jimin’s hand wrapped around Jungkook’s wrist, pulling him back weakly.

“Why did you do that?” Jimin asked, moving over in his bed to give Jungkook space. He hesitantly sat beside Jimin, the older still looking up at him with wide eyes. Those eyes knew how to do something to Jungkook. Something, but what?

“Cause I don’t know. That’s not you Jimin. He was gonna take advantage of you I didn’t want that to happen,” he admitted.

For a few seconds the blonde didn’t say anything, just started at Jungkook, eyes flickering back and forth between the brunettes eyes.
“I’m drunk,” he murmured, rubbing his eyes with his fists, Jungkook quietly chuckling at the sight.

“Yea you are. You didn't even drink that much, lightweight.”

“Don’t make fun of me,” Jimin pouted, pulling Jungkook down so he fell on his back.

“I’m cold let's cuddle,” Jimin scooted closer to Jungkook’s side, the youngers breath hitching when he felt Jimin’s body radiating warmth onto his. It was unfamiliar, he had never had this kind of contact with a guy before let alone Jimin.
He turned his head to look at Jimin but because of the darkness that filled the room, all he could see was a silhouette, only a few features becoming visible because of the moonlight that shined through Jimin’s window.

“Unless it’s too gay for you,” Jimin giggled, toying with the hem of Jungkook’s shirt. Jungkook was sober enough to realize that Jimin was not. He had no idea what he was doing, normal Jimin would never be this confident and open with Jungkook. For that reason he knew not to take whatever was going on seriously. Jimin was drunk and thats all that was to it. Yet still the older’s touch had an effect on him that he could hardly describe.
His body was stiff, Jimin’s contact froze him, his mind fuzzy and heart beating erratically.

But he kind of liked it. He liked being this close to Jimin even though he knew he shouldn't. For some reason he began to compare Jimin and Hani, unintentionally but involuntarily.
Jimin was warmer than Hani, Jimin was cozier than Hani, Jimin fit more into his body than Hani did. He didn’t even understand why he was thinking about it in the first place but his mind just drifted there since the only other person Jungkook was this intimate with was Hani.

“I-its not but maybe you should sleep..”

No further answer came from Jimin, nothing but soft snores left his mouth. It was a peaceful silence yet still the uncertainty was apparent and it wasn’t going anywhere. Jungkook let out a sigh deciding that that would be tomorrow’s road block.

“Good night Jimin hyung.”




“Why would you do that!?” Jimin yelled, pushing Jungkook with all his strentgh even though it hardly moved the taller whatsoever.

“I was protecting you!” Jungkook shouted back, throwing his hands in the air.

When Jimin woke up in the morning he could almost perfectly recall the dramatic events of his first high school party. The memory that stuck out the most was Jungkook interrogating and intimidating Taemin. Taemin probably hated Jimin now and the thought of the only guy to ever like Jimin back hating him was traumatizing.

“Protecting me from what!? I can protect myself!”

“No you can’t! You should have seen yourself! You were drunk and completely irresponsible !”

“So what!” Jimin chuckled in disbelief.
“You never get drunk!? You were driving while drunk and high and you’re supposed to teach me about responsibility!? You just can’t handle that for once I was in the same crowd as you! You want me to stay your pathetic older step brother. You want me keep away from this ‘awesome popular life’ of yours. Now thanks to you Taemin probably hates me!”

“Taemin Taemin Taemin! He was gonna take advantage of you! I stood up for you! I took you home I took care of you and you’re treating me like the bad guy!”

For a few seconds Jimin and Jungkook sat quietly, both trying to figure out what to say, the rage radiating off each other was to much to be ignored.

“You know what. I’m not gonna do this. I tried to help you and you treat me like I’m a monster. You don’t even see how hard I’m trying to better myself for you. But you know what you’re just like everyone else. Just like my dad, just like Hani, just like my coach and my teammates. You’ll always see me as the bad guy.”

Jungkook turned around, heading for the stairs leaving Jimin with boiling guilt in his stomach.
“Wait Jungkook-“

“No hyung just drop it.”



It had been three days since the two last spoke. The last time they even looked at each other was that argument in the living room the day after the party at Namjoon’s place.

“You two have got to make up at some point,” Jungwoo said before sticking the fork in his mouth.

The dinner table was awfully quiet, Jimin and Jungkoom even though sitting right across from each other refused to look at one another or acknowledged each others existence.

“I will he when he apologizes,” Jimin angrily mumbled, head down.

“I’ll apologize when he gives me a real reason to do so,” Jungkook calmly shrugged, pushing more food into his mouth. Jimin glared at him, opening his mouth to speak but then remembering he couldn’t actually give Jungkook the reason without exposing himself to Jungkook’s dad, something he just was not quite ready for.


“Hey Taemin hyung.”

“Hey Jimin.”

“How are you?”

“Fine. You?”

“I’m good too. I wanted to apologize for wednesday at Namjoon’s party I don't know why Jungkook did that.”

“Jungkook should be apologizing. Not you. Anyway it doesn’t matter I know how he gets.”

“So are we good?”

“Jimin.. I don’t think we should see each other again.”

“W-what? Why not?”

“Please don’t take this the wrong way but I think you got it all wrong. I didn’t want to date you I was just kind of hoping to-“

“Get laid..”

“Yea… I’m sorry really you’re super sweet but I don’t want a relationship right now. I didn’t think you’d misunderstand but Jungkook made it clear that we probably shouldn’t go beyond this...Can we still be frie-“

Jimin hung up the phone, choking out a sob. He couldn’t believe that Jungkook was right about Taemin just wanting to take advantage of him. He thought the older actually cared about him or wanted something more with him, he didn’t think that the past two weeks were just Taemin buttering him up so he could give in and have sex with him.

After a few minutes when Jimin calmed himself down he walked out of his room and into Jungkook’s just next door. Jungkook was laying on his bed in nothing hut red basketball shorts, earbuds in, bobbing his head to the music while typing something on his phone.

It took the brunette a few seconds to realize Jimin’s presence, taking out an earbud when his eyes landed on Jimin.

“I just came to say you were right. Taemin was just looking for sex and you were just trying to protect me. So there go ahead and say ‘I told you so.’”
Jimin sniffled, crossing his arms defensively as if to protect himself considering how weak he felt.

Jungkook’s expression softened, the boy getting off his bed and walking towards Jimin who shrunk closer towards the wall.
Shockingly enough to Jimin, instead of bragging, Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin’s torso, pulling him in.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to be right about something like that,” Jungkook whispered, running his fingers through Jimin’s hair. He could feel the blonde trembling against his body and it almost broke Jungkook when he heard Jimin trying to suppress his sobs.

He swore he’d kill Taemin for doing this.

Insecurity was clear in Jimin, anyone could tell he felt uncomfortable in his own skin, the way he wrapped his arms around himself as protection, how he picked out every little blemish on his skin or any small piece of fat on his body. How he compared himself to Taehyung. Jungkook knew this situta would only make it harder for Jimin to truly believe he was worth it.

Jungkook wondered how he could have ever treated Jimin so badly. He wondered how many times he put Jimin in this position and the thought of it made Jungkook so disgusted with himself that he promised himself he would never let anyone do to Jimin what he did to Jimin.

“W-why is it that the p-people that I want never w-want me? Is something wrong w-with m-me?” Jimin pushed back a little, still in Jungkook’s arms just enough to be able to look up at Jungkook with his glossy eyes.

“Nothing is wrong with you Jimin, never think that okay? Taemin is an idiot,” he brought his thumb up to Jimin’s cheek, pushing away a tear that escaped.

“No I’m the idiot!”

“No you’re not. You’re not an idiot. You’re just tired, and stressed out. It’s midnight, you should go to bed.”

Jimin shook his head, pouting. “I don’t want to be alone..”
Jungkook got the hint, leading Jimin to his bed. He took his laptop, earbuds and phone off the mattress, placing it on his desk instead before returning to his bed. He pulled the red duvet off a little, inviting Jimin to go in first. Once the smaller was under the covers, Jungkook went in after, reaching over to his lamp to turn it off leaving the room in darkness, nothing but the moon giving off a little light.

“Jungkookie, you became so nice to me. Sometimes it doesn’t feel real. I thought you’d hate me forever.” Jimin mumbled.

“I thought so to. But you’re not that easy to hate believe it or not. I actually.. I actually really care about you.”

Though it was dark, Jungkook knew Jimin was smiling widely. He scooted closer to Jungkook, wrapping his arm around his younger brothers much larger frame.

“Can I do this?” Jimin asked.

“Yea, I like cuddling. Don’t tell anyone that though I might have to kill you.”

Jimin giggled at how serious Jungkook’s tone was while he said that.

“Good night Jungkook.”

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“Okay Jungkook whats up, this is the first time you messed up,” Hoseok said, pausing the music and turning around to look at Jungkook.

They had a show coming up and they had been practicing this choreo for 3 hours but Jungkook kept messing up everytime he was meant to grab hands with Taemin.
Mainly because around Taemin all he could think about was Jimin crying in his arms and it took every ounce of strength in him not to jump the older though he really wanted to.

Jimin told him he let his anger control his actions and Jungkook wanted to prove more to himself than to Jimin that it wasn't true. He could show constraint as hard as it was for him.

But everytime he touched Taemin, all he could picture was Jimin and those dirty hands touching the blonde. It kept throwing him off and he couldn’t focus on the dance.

“I’m sorry.. I’ll try harder,” Jungkook bowed to Hoseok who only gave him a look of disappointment.
“What’s going on Jungkook you seem tense,” Chungha asked, putting her hand on Jungkook’s shoulder.
His eyes flickered to Taemin who had a look of apology scribbled across his face. Taemin, though a total player, was not a bad guy. He could see how guilty Taemin felt and Jungkook was glad. He hoped Taemin was feeling like shit for what he did to Jimin, leading him in like that. He made Jimin believe they could actually date and that he was actually interested in him when the entire time he was only playing Jimin for sex.

A total piece of shit.

“I’ll be fine. Let’s just finish practicing.”



“And Hoseok created most of the choreography with help from Chungha. We’ve been practicing for a couple weeks but since winter break started all of us have been doing our own thing. Yesterday was our first practice since midterms,” Jungkook said, brushing his fingers through Hani’s lilac strands of hair.

She was half laying on Jungkook’s chest in only the brunettes red tshirt.
He was blabbing about anything on his mind other than Jimin, Hani listening but hardly caring.

“‘Mhm,” she responded in a jaded tone which didn’t go unnoticed by Jungkook. He turned his head to her, eyebrows knitted in confusion.

“What’s wrong?”

She looked up at Jungkook for a few seconds before letting out a sigh and looking back into nowhere in particular.
“Nothing just.. Jungkook why are we dating?” She asked, sitting up on the bed.

“What do you mean why?”

“I mean.. we don’t go out together ever. And we don’t call each other or text each other unless we want to have sex. And we don’t do anything but have sex. Don’t get me wrong your dick is great and all, really hits the spot but I want a relationship not to be your distraction.”

Jungkook’s look was blank as if he didn’t quite understand where his girlfriend was heading at. Romance and feelings were never Jungkook’s strong suit but he thought they were a good couple. Now his mind shifted to the question: what does a good relationship consist of? What is a good relationship?

“Distraction?” He asked, lifting his body up by his elbows enough to see her better.

“Yes Jungkook distraction. You come over, we have sex, then you talk about the issues you don’t want to face. Like Jimin, or Taemin, or your father, or the coach.”

“Why, we talk.. we talk about you too-“

“Yea? Did you know my parents are getting divorced and I’m moving to Incheon in June?”
She chuckled bitterly.

“What? You’re moving?”

“Yes Jungkook I am but that’s not the point! I just said my parents are getting divorced and you only care about me moving away because you’ll lose your sex therapy sessions!”
She threw her hands in the air, clearly distressed.

Jungkook began to feel bad because she was right. The first thought in his mind when Hani said she was moving was who would he have sex with then?

Then he realized how messed up their relationship actually was. He didn’t treat Hani right at all..

“And funny thing is, I told you this two weeks ago but you don’t even remember because you’re constantly too busy thinking about yourself Jungkook.” She ran her fingers through her hair, evidently stressed their sorry excuse of a relationship.

And the truth is, Jungkook knew he didn’t love Hani. He knew she wasn’t the one for him and even though he thought about breaking up with her multiple times, he could never bring himself to actually doing it.
Hani cared enough about him to try and better him. If it was not for her, He and Jimin would probably still be hating each other now.

“So.. what are you trying to say?”

“I’m trying to say that we should break up. Because I know I deserve a real relationship and you do too. But we just.. we aren’t for each other. But you’re my best friend.. and I don’t want to lose you. So can we just be friends? Please?”


“Yea.. yea let's be friends. But can I at least have one more kiss? I’m gonna miss kissing you..” he cupped her cheek, leaning his forehead against hers.
Hani leaned in, giving Jungkook one last kiss lasting just under 5 seconds. When she pulled back Jungkook whined, wrapping his arms around Hani’s waist, pulling her back down so she layed on top of Jungkook’s chest.


“Break up sex?”

She gave him a look of disapproval but it wasn’t a no. When she opened her mouth to say something, Jungkook decided to speak first, hoping to coerce her into agreeing.
“Come on please? One more time before we let each other go and dive into the friend zone again. I’m gonna miss you.. let me have this..”
he dragged his hands from the back of her thighs up to her ass, giving it a small squeeze, a gasp escaping her mouth at the unexpected action.

“Fine. This is our last time so I expect you to give me the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my life,” she latched her teeth onto Jungkook’s bottom lip, tugging softly before letting go.
She knew Jungkook loved when she bit his lip and she wanted to rile him up. If this was going to be their last time they might as well have the best sex they’ve ever had and she knew Jungkook fucked his best when Hani was being a tease.

“Baby I’ll make you cum so hard you’ll forget about all your past guys and you’ll think of me when you’re with the future ones.”


“You’re home late..” Jimin said when over his shoulder he saw Jungkook walk through the living room. He turned his head back to his text book, flipping the page.


“Yea I was with Hani. We broke up..” Jungkook casually said, shrugging then walking over to where Jimin sat on the couch, plopping himself next to the blonde. He took a second to examine what Jimin was doing then scoffed.
“It’s winter break and you’re studying? Seriously? What do you even have to study during break?”

Jimin glared at Jungkook for a second before returning back to the book on his lap. “I’m trying to get ahead. Anyway why’d you two break up?”

“I don’t know it wasn’t working out. I don’t think it was ever working out. So we had sex, then she broke up with me,” Jungkook bent over to the coffee table, taking the last strawberry out of the bowl of berries Jimin got for himself before he began studying. He took a bite of it, moaning at how sweet it was.

“You don’t sound too upset about it.”

“Cause the break up sex was awesome,” Jungkook smirked, the image of Hani’s facial expressions as she came replayed in his mind like a movie. He could almost hear her screaming again, like reliving it.

So focused on remembering the events that occurred shortly before this exact moment, Jungkook couldn't see the judgemental and confused stare Jimin was giving him.

“You two had sex again after you broke up?”

“Mhm. And you should have seen her hyung. She was so gone from just my fingers,” Jungkook smiled, staring into nowhere in particular. Jimin’s eyes flickers to Jungkook’s hands, he did have nice long fingers..
“She was in nothing by tshirt.. so easy to just reach under it and… She was a mess with nothing but my two fingers in her. Shaking and squirming everywhere so beautifully. She was screaming, begging for me. I made her cum twice. Once with my hand, another time with my cock..”

Jimin gulped.

“She gave me a hand job after.. her rings were cold it felt so good.. and her mouth.. I’ll miss her mouth the most. So good around my cock. And her ass is so perfect. But the best part..”

Jungkook’s eyes fluttered shut, lost in the description. He felt like he was back in her bed room, experiencing the greatness that was Hani’s body.

Jimin licked his lips, watching intently as Jungkook put his hand over his cock, eyes shut. It was like the brunette forgot where he was or who he was with, his mind only on Hani and her beautiful moans and pretty lips.

“The best part was when I was inside her,” He whispered almost breathless, pressing on his center with the palm of his hand, wishing it was someone elses.
“So tight, could fuck into her 10 times in one night and she’d still be so fucking tight.. and taste so damn good..”

Jimin’s eyes darkened, he couldn’t take his eyes off Jungkook. The brunettes face twisted into a sexual expression, a small moan released from inside him as he palmed himself through his jeans. Jimin nervously chewed on his lips, wanting so badly to reach into his sweatpants and please himself because Jungkook like this, beads of sweat forming on his forehead, moans leaving his mouth, lips hanging open and eyes glues tight in pleasure.. it was so alluring and Jimin was hypnotized by the sight.


The brunettes eyes opened and suddenly it dawned on him that he was still next to Jimin who was staring at him like he saw a ghost, cheeks red like the strawberry Jungkook ate.

Jimin cleared his throat, closing his textbook nervously and standing up. Thankfully the book was covering his half hard cock that would, if not for the book, be visible to Jungkook through his grey sweats.

“U-um.. I’m gonna go study upstairs..” He got up and quickly went for the the staircase, tripping forward a little on the way which only embarrassed him more.
When he got to his room, he shut the door and locked it, pressing his back against the surface.

That was hot, Jimin thought as he re-pictured Jungkook’s facial expressions and raspy moans over again. He couldn’t help but think, “what the hell is wrong with me.”

He always knew Jungkook was attractive and being around the younger when he was shirtless or anything like that always made him nervous but this was the first time he felt sexually attracted to Jungkook in ways he couldn’t explain.

He was sick, he had to be. There was no way he was thinking such dirty thoughts about his younger step brother. But he couldn’t help it. When Jungkook spoke about what he did with Hani, Jimin could picture Jungkook fucking into someone in his mind. When the younger put his hand over his center, Jimin wanted to badly to help Jungkook in ways he shouldn't be helping him. In ways that up until today were reserved for Hani.

“Shit shit shit..”



Jimin stood on his tippy toes, trying to reach the sugar that was on the top shelf but he couldn’t grab it. His fingers lightly brushed over the container that sugar was kept in but not enough for him to pull it down. Just as he was about to turn around and get a stool or something to stand on, Jungkook so easily reached for it and took it down for Jimin.

Jimin had to admit he had been avoiding the other since last night’s events when Jungkook almost got himself off right in front of him. He could not help the new way he saw Jungkook.

“T-thanks.” Jimin took the container and walked over to the other counter where his teacup sat, smoke releasing into the air from the hot water. With stiffness in his actions, he opened the container, took a couple sugar packets out and began to tear them open, spilling it into his tea.

“You don’t have to make this awkward hyung. I’m sorry about yesterday but I’m a 16 year old boy okay? I get horny no big deal.”

Except it was a big deal. It brought a whole new light onto Jungkook, one Jimin didn’t know how to turn off because now every time he looked at Jungkook, all he could think about was his face flushed and sweaty, the way his eyes fluttered shut, his lips and the pretty sounds that escaped it. But worst of all, he couldn’t stop thinking about how he wanted to see it again.

“Yea.. no big deal..” Jimin gave one of the fakest smiles Jungkook’s ever seen, confusing the younger. Jimin was not easily readable, Jungkook could not figure out what he was thinking in that pretty mind of his.

“Taehyung’s coming over. Bye.” Jimin’s words came out rushed like he was trying hard to escape The younger, but before he could even pick up his tea, Jungkook grabbed his wrist, a small gasp emitting from Jimin’s throat.

“What’s up with you?” Jungkook asked quietly, studying Jimin’s face.


“Right… well.. tell Taehyung about Hani’s friend Hyerin. The one that’s into him I think they’d hit it off.”

Without another word, Jungkook turned around and went up stairs. When Jimin heard Jungkook’s door close, he let out a sigh of relief he didn’t know he was holding.
He instinctively looked down at his wrist where Jungkook held him, the feeling of Jungkook gripping him tight still lingering there.



“Taehyung have sex with me.”

Taehyung with his eyes wide choked on his water, coughing up what didn’t go down his throat. Water droplets flew around as he coughed, Jimin flinching back in disgust.

After Taehyung calmed down and managed to regain his breath he looked at Jimin in surprise.
“No. Never ask me that again.. that’s like having sex with my brother!”

Jimins mind reverted to Jungkook, looking down at his shoes anxiously.
“Yea um.. about brothers.. I have an issue.”

“What could sex possibly do with bro- oh.. oh no Jimin please don’t tell me Jungkook and you fucked please don’t-“

“No jeez! We didn’t have sex.” Jimin smacked his best friend on the shoulder giving him a look.

“But.. But I wouldn’t mind if we did,” he quietly admitted, feeling so embarrassed for saying those words but he had to get them out of him. He had to tell someone because if he didn’t he’d explode.

“PARK JIMIN!” Taehyung gasped, staring at his best friend horrified.

“I can’t help it!”


Jimin told him everything that happened from the night before and how it affected the way Jimin viewed his step brother. He told him how he could not stop thinking about Jungkook and what happened.

“Do you have a thing for him? Like feelings?”
Taehyung asked.

“What? God no! No I don’t I never did it’s just sexual attraction that I don’t know how to fix other than doing something to get my mind off him.”

“Well I’m not taking my best friends virginity so forget it. But I think I know what you can do.”

“What?” Jimin asked, eyes widening in hope.

“Jimin.. have you ever masturbated before?”


No. The answer was no. Jimin had never in his life grabbed his cock and got himself off or fingers himself or anything like that. The thought of it, the thought of touching himself felt so dirty. Even though he’s wanted to so many times he could never actually get himself to doing it.

If he got aroused he’d always try to think of the nastiest things like how his Aunt accidentally spit on his pizza once or baby snot or dirty boots or dead rats. If that didn’t work then he’d try to take a cold shower as fast as possible.

He felt like doing it without someone else was just too much for him.
Granted he was still a virgin and had no idea how it felt to do with with someone else.


But Taehyung said that maybe if he pleased himself once in a while, he’d get over the idea of Jungkook being attractive or anything sexual regarding Jungkook.

So he decided he’d give it a try. Jimin was curious actually, he was curious about what an orgasm even felt like. What was so good about it? Tonight he was going to find out.



“Jimin did you take my white shir-.. Jimin?”
Jungkook looked around the room but Jimin wasn’t in it. He wondered where he could be because he knew for a fact Jimin was still in the house. He shrugged deciding to just look for his tshirt by himself.

First he went to his closet, opening the door and looking through the hangers. He couldn’t find the white shirt he needed through any of Jimin’s clothes so he went to the shelves that were in the closet next. Still, no white shirt.

Jungkook decided to check the nightstand next just for precaution. When he opened the first drawer of Jimin’s night stand, something caught his eye. He reached out for it but before he could grab it, he heard footsteps approaching and he knew Jimin hated when Jungkook went through his things. Jungkook gasped, closing the drawer and immediately running to Jimin’s closet, shutting the door to hide himself.


Jimin went downstairs just to get a water bottle. Really he was stalling because he was nervous about doing what he was gonna do. He didn’t know what to expect. But while he was drinking water, he began to imagine Jungkook drinking water, long neck exposed, adam’s apple bobbing with every sip, eyes shut and lips puckered.

It was that easy for Jimin to get aroused at just the thought of Jungkook drinking water and he knew he had to do something about this.

So he ran upstairs and walked into his room, shutting the door and locking it so no one could come in.

He dimmed the lights just a little, not wanting to see himself while he did this for no reason in particular. He knew he was alone but he still wanted it to be a little dark, but light enough to see.


He let out a nervous sigh, untying his sweatpants and dropping them on the floor.



Through the folds of Jimin’s closet door, Jungkook could see Jimin enough to know what he was doing. Jimin was undressing, taking his sweatpants off before turning around to fold them, giving Jungkook a view of Jimin’s back.

What Jungkook did not expect was for Jimin to take his boxers off next. He latched his small fingers onto the waistband of his calvin kleins, slowly sliding them down his milky thighs, revealing to Jungkook his pretty ass, perfectly round and fatter than Jungkook thought it would be.

He couldn’t help but bite his lip and stare at Jimin’s ass even though he wanted to tear his eyes away, he couldn't. There was nothing on Jimin except a white shirt.

The white shirt that Jungkook was looking for…

He watched as Jimin crawled onto his bed, lifting his legs up to expose his pink and untouched hole, captivating Jungkook. A possessiveness and eagerness grew inside the brunette that he never felt before. He knew it was wrong to watch Jimin like this. Jungkook knew he was totally invading Jimin’s privacy but what he also knew was that he wanted to see more. It was so wrong on so many levels not even just to watch Jimin like this but to watch any guy like this.

Well maybe that wasn’t wrong. But it was wrong for him to like it. He couldn’t help it but he really wanted to see more of Jimin, completely intrigued by how beautiful and perfect the older was.

Jungkook licked his lips focusing on Jimin who brought his fingers up to his lips, sucking and swirling his tongue around his small fingers.
God watching his older brother like this was doing things to Jungkook, his mind seeming to short circuit while watching those pretty plump lips in action. He couldn’t help but wonder how they would look wrapped around his cock, Jimin’s pretty brown eyes staring up at him, tears streaming down his cheeks.


He began to grow hard watching Jimin slowly push one finger into his hole. The gasp the blonde released was sinful making Jungkook’s cock twitch in his pants.

“O-oh my god..” Jimin whimpered, Jungkook almost groaning out loud but suppressing it by biting the inside of his cheek. He never imagined he’d be so turned on by a guy let alone his step brother but he was too distracted being aroused by it to be confused by it.

When Jimin got used to the first finger, he pushed in the second one, practically screaming at how much it hurt. The stretch was so much but at the same time it felt so good. Jimin could hardly breath properly, beginning to choke on the air he was inhaling.

It was hard since he had no lube, he relied solely on his spit and this was the first time he stretched himself so the pain was unbearable but pleasurable at the same time.

He pushed in deeper, as deep as he could, Jungkook not being able to take his eyes off the blonde who was fingering himself slowly all while wearing Jungkook’s shirt. It was so hot Jungkook didn’t know what to do. Jimin, he precious hyung was doing unspeakable things to himself, dirty things to himself making Jungkook question his sanity.

The thrusts of Jimin’s fingers grew faster and sloppier, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he let out moans one after another.
If Jungkook was not standing inside Jimin’s closet trying to hide, he probably would start jerking off, his cock begging for attention.

Jimin began to mumble words like someone else was next to him. If only Jungkook knew that Jimin was thinking about him the entire time, imagining that it was Jungkook doing such filthy things to him. Jimin’s tiny little fingers could never hit the spots Jungkook’s fingers could.

“Not enough.. f-fuck..” he pulled his fingers out, jerking forward as he did so. The way his pink hole clenched and unclenched, begging for something bigger was so fucking hot at this point Jungkook had to bit his tongue in order not to make a sound.

The blonde changed his position so he was sitting forward now. He licked the palm of his hand, lifting his cock and beginning to rub the tip, whining at the pleasure.

“C-cant…” Jimin mumbled to himself gasping, eyes clenched tight glued shut by pleasure, spit slick lip trapped between his teeth to silence himself but it was of no use. He needed to scream at how good it felt to be touched.


Jungkook could tell by how much louder the blondes moans became and how his body began to tremble, hand movements becoming more irregular and sloppy that Jimin was close to his orgasm.

When Jimin reached it, he cried out in pleasure, tears streaming down his cheeks, body jerking forward as the cum dripped down his hand.
The facial expressions, the way Jimin’s bottom lip quivered, Jungkook was already consumed by the need to relieve his sexual tension but now he wanted to relieve it with Jimin. He wanted to destroy the blonde, an aggressiveness he had not even possessed with his girlfriend.

When Jimin relaxed himself, his breaths became regular again but still deep heaves, his body was no longer trembling and his eyes were able to open again. He looked down at his hand covered in cum and smiled wickedly.

“First orgasm.... not what I expected..” Jimin chuckled to himself, spreading his fingers and closing them repeatedly to watch the way the cum stretched between each finger. He looked around for tissues or anything he could use but there was nothing he could use.

While Jimin was looking for something to clean his mess with, Jungkook’s eyes widened even more. First orgasm? Did He just witness his step brothers first time cumming?

Jimin got up and ran past the closet, Jungkook’s body froze as he did so. He could see Jimin running to the door, opening it but only peeking his head out to see if anyone was outside. When he saw that no one was roaming the halls, he bolted for the bathroom, giving Jungkook the chance to escape.

The brunette opened the door and ran out of the others room as quietly as he could, jumping straight into his own room, locking the door.

“Fuck that was hot. Why was that hot to me? I’m straight. Jimin is my step brother. Jimin is a guy. Why was that so fucking sexy why is he sexy? What’s going on with me?” Were all thoughts that ran laps around Jungkook’s mind a thousand times as he stressfully ran his fingers through his hair, pulling at the strands.

He was confused, so confused. What the hell was going on with him, why did he get so aroused by another male? By his brother? Why was this happening to him. He felt a queasy feeling in his stomach, a type of clenching. Guilt was consuming him and he could not make it stop.

Jungkook looked down at his cock that stood straight in his pants and he knew he had to take care of this. Seeing Jimin like that made him horny and hard.

Licking his lips, he pulled his pants down, grabbing his cock through his boxers, palming quickly at his hard on, chasing his own orgasm. Eyes fluttering shut, he began to think about Jimin again. Jimin and his sweet little ass, his fingers that weren’t long enough for him and how perfect they looked in his mouth. How gorgeous his mouth looked sucking on something.

The way Jimin moaned and begged for more, the way his breath hitched, the way his body trembled. He had never seen anything so eathreal and fucking hot in his life.
Those images and sounds were what helped Jungkook to cum quickly in his boxers.


“Fuck I am going to hell I am so going to hell!”



The next morning when Jungkook went down stairs, he froze at the sight of Jimin on the chair at the kitchen table, an oversized yellow sweater giving him paws, hot cup of coffee between his hands. He was watching something on his laptop, a cartoon of some sort.

Jungkook gulped feeling like shit for jacking off to Jimin. He knew he wasn’t gay. He knew it. It wasn’t like Jungkook wanted to marry Jimin or anything like that. It was just that now Jungkook was dreaming about pinning his older brother down and making that ass his own.

He felt guilty and dirty and all sorts of things words couldn't describe. Light headed he became as he continued to stare at his step brother. He could feel the shame clawing at his neck razor sharp, completely embarrassed with himself. What would Jimin say if he knew? If he knew how Jungkook watched him his first time orgasming, if he knew the dirty thoughts His younger step brother had about him now?


“Good morning,” Jimin grinned at Jungkook before returning his attention to the show, grabbing Jungkook out of his thoughts.
Jungkook’s cheeks began to turn red and hot as he rushed over to the cereal with his head low so to not make eye contact with Jimin.

“G-good morning..”

“Oh! I hope you don’t m-mind or anything but I accidentally took your shirt thinking it was mine..” Jimin took the white shirt from the chair next to him, standing up to hand it to Jungkook.


The white shirt that Jimin wore yesterday while fingering himself…
Jimin held it out to him but Jungkook could not bring himself to take it from the blonde. That shirt was giving him flashbacks to the Jimin from last night. To the Jimin that sat on all fours, crying about his fingers not being enough for him.
That Jimin.

“I washed it this morning..” Jimin assured Jungkook when he saw that the brunette was remaining still with no movements to take the shirt back.

“K-keep it… I bet it looks better on you.”


It really did.

“You sure?” Jimin asked, lifting an eyebrow. “I know how you are about your white shirts..”


“No seriously,” Jungkook gulped, a nervous smile forming on his face. He was so obvious..
“You can keep it.”


“Okay.. thanks,” Jimin shrugged walking back to his seat to finish his coffee and cartoon. When the blonde was back at a safe distance away from Jungkook, the brunette let out a breath he didn't even realize he was holding.

He was screwed. He was attractive to a guy, he was attracted to his step brother and he was so confused. Why did this have to happen to Jungkook? Why did Jimin have to do such dirty but sexy things to himself while Jungkook was in the room and seduce Jungkook like that?

Fucked, that’s what he was. Literally

Chapter Text

“So I took your advice and.. took care of myself” Jimin awkwardly mumbled after taking a short sip of his coffee.

Taehyung was sitting across from him, the two were at a coffee shop just around the block from Taehyung’s house. They normally came here for breakfast on sundays but because it was winter break, their sunday ritual was also done on this random Wednesday.

“Did it work? You got Jungkook off your mind?” Taehyung asked, bringing his straw to his lips, sucking in his iced tea.

“Not really.. actually the entire time I was doing it I was thinking about him..” he felt guilty for just saying those words. His younger step brother, how could he think about him like that? In such filthy ways while doing dirty things to himself all while wearing his shirt? Jimin felt disgusted with himself but at the same time He became easily addicted to Jungkook.

“And I may have been wearing his white shirt while I was.. ya know..”

The younger gasped, smacking his hands against the table and leaning forward in surprise.
“You wore his shirt! That’s kinky Chims damn.. while you were doing what?” Taehyung asked, raising his left eyebrow as if to challenge the blonde since ever since the topic was brought up, Jimin had been avoiding the use of sexual terms.

“Well.. I um.. fingered myself first-“

“Ouch that always hurts especially the first time. You did use lube though right?”

Jimin looked at him cluelessly like he had no idea what his best friend was talking about. Taehyung said it as if it was supposed to be the most obvious thing yet Jimin was confused.

Taehyung stared at him in disbelief.
“You didn’t use lube? Jeez how did you finger yourself without it?”

“A lot of saliva? Is.. is that wrong?” Jimin frowned, tilting his head to the side.

“Yes! It’s also dangerous and it isn't a good substitute for lube! You need it for it to be less painful. Or at least use a lotion or baby oil. Never do that again, got it?” Taehyung said pointing a dangerous finger at his best friend. Jimin’s cheeks were turning bright pink because Taehyung was talking way louder than he probably thought he was. He nervously turned his head around to see if anyone else in the cafe heard or was staring at them weirdly but thankfully they were safe. People were too preoccupied with their own lives to pay attention.

“O-okay.. I won't but that's not the point . It’s weird I tried to give his shirt back to him he next day after I washed it and he looked at it as if it was a ticking time bomb. He told me to keep it and acted weird all day..” The blonde frowned, toying with the button on his flannel.

“Oh no.. do you think he heard you?” Taehyung asked, hoping the answer was no because he just would not be able to handle the second hand embarrassment.

“No.. that wouldn’t explain why he was weird about his shirt…”

“Unless he saw you too.”

Jimin opened his mouth to say something, closing it quickly. Was it possible? He knew he locked his door so how would Jungkook be able to see him?
“I.. I don't think he did.. I know I locked my door.”

“Doesn’t your closet have gaps in the door?”

“Yea but why would Jungkook be in my closet??”


It just didn’t make sense for Jungkook tobe in his closet. There's no other way for Jungkook to have seen Jimin but the possibility of Jungkook just hiding in his closet while the blonde was touching himself was just… it didn’t seem like it could happen. It was just too far fetched.

“I don’t know. Just saying. But I’m probably just thinking too much and maybe you are too. It’s probably nothing right?”

Jimin nodded but his eyes were down the whole time still thinking about what Taehyung said.
“Yea.. it’s probably nothing.”

But even though he said it, the idea that Jungkook might have seen him still lingered in the back of his mind.


“Hyung.. you like guys right?” Jungkook blatantly asked Yoongi while they were playing video games in Yoongi’s apartment.

The raven haired male lived on his own, his parents thought it would give him more independence. They also were so sick of Yoongi’s loud rap music blasting throughout the house so the second Yoongi turned 18 they bought him an apartment and let him live freely. Still, They left him a maid that would come 2 times a week to clean after him because they knew he probably would not have done it himself.

Jungkook swears Yoongi is laziest person he’s ever met. He hates sports or anything requiring moving more than three steps, sleep was practically his life to the point where he misses more classes than anyone else in the school. If Yoongi was in class he was probably sleeping through it. The only things keeping him moving forward every year was that he aced all his tests and his parents paid a large sum donation to the school every single year.

Jungkook liked to come chill at Yoongi’s apartment every now and then. After all Yoongi was his favorite hyung. But if he told Seokjin that, the elder would probably suffocate Jungkook until he admits that Jin is his favorite.

“Um excuse me?” Yoongi scoffed while aggressively pressing the buttons on his controller, eyes glued to the game. He knew he was probably going to lose anyway since Jungkook had way more gaming skill than he did but today Jungkook seemed troubled so he used that to his advantage with the game. All while still being a concerned and worried hyung of course.

“I mean You don’t label your sexuality. You arent straight though, I've seen you make eyes at Seokjin hyung. So you like guys too.. right?”

“Yea I guess. What’s with the random question kid?”
Before Jungkook could answer, Yoongi jumped up and cheered in victory. He totally just creamed Jungkook at this game and now Jungkook owed him $50. Which he needed desperately since he was saving money for a brand new sound system. Even though he was rich and his parents gave him the chance to live freely in his own apartment, does not mean he was able to ask for a $4000 sound system..
At least according to his mother.

“Well… how did you know? That you were into guys..”

“I don’t know. At first I never considered the chance of me being into guys. Then when I came to highschool I laid eyes on my new lab partner for Biology, Kim Seokjin-“

“NO WAY JIN HYUNG WAS YOUR GAY AWAKENING!?” Jungkook bursted out in laughter, falling back on the couch.

“Oh shut up don’t you dare tell him that okay? As if he doesn’t have enough to feed his ego already he’s gonna grill me over this till the day I decide I've heard enough and force myself to go deaf if it’s even possible,” Yoongi grumbled, walking over to the tv and shutting it down, figuring they were probably done playing games.

He waited for Jungkook laughter to subside before he continued to speak.

“But yea I don't know. I can’t describe to you the exact feeling. It’s kind of like being attracted to a girl if you’ve always been attracted to girls. You have a crush on a girl and you can’t stop staring at her when she walks past you. You try to say something but the words won't form in your mouth. You feel a bubbliness in your stomach when she looks at you or smiles at you. You can’t get her off your mind. If you’re talking about sexually attracted then it’s like always wondering how her body would feel under you. How she’d scream your name, or how she’d whimper cause it’s too much. Wanting all of that. It’s all of that but with a guy instead,” Yoongi shrugged and Jungkook stared at him blankly.

“That has to have been the most emotion I’ve ever heard in your voice. That’s so strange.. Did you get abducted or something..” Jungkook narrowed his eyes.

“You fucking idiot,” Yoongi shoved Jungkook, causing the brunette to dive back into fits of laughter.
The raven haired elder could not help but join in, Jungkook’s giggles were infectious.
When the two calmed down, Jungkook decided to get serious again, needing to know more.

“So let’s say.. recently I accidentally came across a scenario that I was not supposed to witness where a guy.. touched himself a-and I got turned on by it?”

“You got turned on by a guy masturbating? Were you watching gay porn?” Yoongi chuckled, leaning back on the grey leather sofa, messing with the controller buttons even though the TV was off.

“Well.. it was more of a live show.. I kind of was trapped in Jimin’s room and he didn’t know I was in there. He couldn’t see me since I was in his closet a-and he started fingering himself and got himself off..”
The brunette awkwardly twisted his the ring on his index finger, a pink blush creeping onto his face from his neck to the tip of his ears. He could still hear Jimin whining and begging for more, he could still see the way his body trembled, the first time being touched like that even by himself was to overwhelming for him.

“So… you’re what? Attracted to your step brother?”

“Hyung That isn’t the point. I’ve never been attracted to guy before. Ever in my life and suddenly I accidentally was present during Jimin’s first time masturbating and suddenly it became the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life? How does that.. I dont..”

“Hey.. look sometimes we cannot control what we are attracted to. It’s perfectly normal for you not to understand why you were attracted to Jimin during that time don’t freak about it and just forget it.”

“That’s the problem hyung,” he turned in his seat so his whole body was facing Yoongi who was on the opposite end of the couch, back leaning against the armrest.
“I can’t. Every time I see him now I get a flashback to hat moment. He was wearing my shirt too. Hani used to wear my shirts, I fucking loved how she looked in my clothes but Jimin.. god Jimin he wore that shirt like it was versace, hyung. I can’t unsee it or unhear it!”

“I don’t know what to tell you kiddo. Winter break is almost over then you won’t see him as often. He’ll be holed up in his room studying.”

Jungkook groaned, dropping his head on his palms. If Yoongi did not know what to do then he was screwed.
“No hyung he tutors me and I take him too and home from school.”


“Sorry kook.. I’m dry out of advice..”



After Yoongi’s house, Jungkook went back home in his car, the entire way thinking about what he was going to do with this whole new side of him he was hoping to forget but could not shake off.
He could not help but see Jimin in everything he saw or did, it was like the other was a growing infection in Jungkook’s body.

When Jungkook got into his room and locked the door the first thing he did was take his phone out of his pocket eagerly. While walking to his bed, he began searching for gay porn online just to satisfy his undying curiosity. Yoongi mentioned gay porn in his apartment so he couldn’t help but be curious about it.
He found one he was interested in watching, mainly because the thumbnail was of a guy who similarly resembled Jimin. His blonde hair was pushed over his forehead like Jimin’s, lips plump like Jimin’s, eyes squeezed tight in pleasure like Jimin’s did when he pleasured himself.

Jungkook dragged his tongue across his lips , shifting on his bed to make himself comfortable. Making sure his volume was low, he pressed on the video, grip on his phone tightening.


The red head and the blonde started off with simple kissing on the bed. Jungkook had never really seem two guys kiss each other like that. One of the boys hand was tangled in the other others hair, pulling, causing the boy to whine.
That sound shot straight to Jungkook’s center, his cock twitching a little at the sound.

The blonde pulled the others shirt off before taking his own off as well. Soon enough all their clothes were disregarded in random sections of the room.
Lips traveled up and and down every inch of skin on the blonde boys body, and Jungkook could almost feel it on his own. For a second he imagined these actions being between he and Jimin. He imagined the taste of Jimin’s skin, he imagined how Jimin would tremble under him from the immense pleasure.

When the red haired male pushed his cock into the blonde, Jungkook gulped. He decided he’d seen enough, quickly deleting the tab, erasing his history and shutting his phone off.

Yep he was definitely turned on by that, he thought looking down at the tent in his sweatpants.
“Shit shit shit” he mumbled, tossing his phone to the other side of the bed.
Tears swelled in his eyes, everything he knew about himself just changed.
And on top of that he just fantasized about his step brother again, he felt so sick, so disgusted with himself.

Jungkook kept trying to find excuses or anything that would convince himself he was not gay.
The images of Hani when they were having sex popped up in his mind. He loved her round, perky breasts and her skinny waist. Naming 10 girls in his grade he’d sleep with and love it was easy for him and he knew he thought Ariana Grande was the prettiest woman he’s ever laid eyes on.

So what did that mean?
He clearly was still into girls but what about guys?
Maybe he wasn't gay. Just because Jungkook was turned on by two boys having sex does not necessarily mean he’s into guys right?
Just because he suddenly became attracted to his step brother doesn’t mean he was into him, right?


He could only think of one thing to do to make sure. One road to take to figure out if this was real and maybe he’ll regret it later but right now it was the only option he had.

Jungkook got off his bed, grabbing his car keys to hit the road again.


He lifted his hand that was balled into a fist, ready to knock on room 16A. The sound of rap music could be heard from the hall coming from inside the room even though the door was closed. Jungkook felt so painfully out of place, he knew he did not belong here, not yet anyways.

The reason he hadn’t knocked yet was because he was having second thoughts. What if Zico thought he was weird? Or a stalker? What if he does not want to aid Jungkook through his sexuality crisis?

Hoping for the best was the only option he had right now, so with that in mind, he took in a deep breath and knocked the door.

It only took a few seconds for the door to open, revealing a guy with blue dyed hair resembling a gatorade flavor. He wore a white tank top and baggy shorts, a cigarette in between his lips.
Jungkook could literally see the clouds of smoke inside the room from behind the guys shoulder.

“Can I help you?” He asked, taking the cigarette out of his mouth, eyeing Jungkook up and down.

“Does Woo Jiho live here?”

The guy raised an eyebrow, Jungkook gulping. He was never the weak or afraid type but with everything that was happening to him he was off guard and mentally weak.

“Woo Jiho?” He asked.

“Uh.. yea. He goes by Zico-“

“Yea I know who he is. Why do you want him?”


“Who is at the door?” Another voice from behind said. Suddenly, the Senior who stole Jungkook’s first gay kiss on freshman year appeared behind the blue haired male. Wow, college sure changed him. He grew his hair out and bleached it blonde, a blue hoodie pulled over the mop. He also got tattoos Jungkook knew he never had before because their school did not allow ink on skin.

“Wow… Jeon Jungkook,” Zico looked Jungkook up and down, taking in his appearance that slightly changes since the last time the two saw each other. For starters Jungkook grew taller and lost an insane amount of wait since freshman year, that included his baby face. His chubby cheeks being gone allowed his sharp jawline to show and eyes to brighten. His muscles were bigger too.

“You know this guy?” The blue haired asked, not taking his eyes off Jungkook who stood there awkwardly. He took a puff, blowing it back to Jungkook who scrunched his nose up in disgust. Jungkook could smoke weed and drink alcohol but he could never stand the smell of tobacco..

“Yea he was on the football team with me at my high school. He was a cute little freshman with a good throw, kicked Im Jaebum out of the quarterback position in his first year. Jungkook this is, Shin Hyeosob, You can call him Crush though.”


“Crush” lended his hand out to Jungkook who hesitantly shook it, not questioning why he chose the name “Crush” of all names as an alias.

“So what can I do for you Kookoo?” Zico grinned, leaning against the doorframe.

“Can I talk to you privately?”


Within a few minutes, Jungkook and Zico were in Zico’s room, the door was closed and Crush was left outside to burn up another cigarette. Thankfully enough, the smell of burning tobacco was not as strong in Zico’s room and he could actually see clearly. With the door closed, the loud rap music now muffled and faded.

“Talk to me kid,” The blonde plopped down on his bed, looking up at Jungkook who leaned back against the wall.
He took a few seconds to observe Zico’s room. The bed was undone, half the blanket on the floor, clothes were not in their closet like they were meant to be, joining the blanket on the floor too.
There were also a few stuffed animals around which Jungkook didn’t really expect since Zico didn’t seem like the type.


“Um.. you were my first gay kiss..”

“Yep I remember. You were such a cute little thing, so scared to kiss a boy. You tasted sweet though, like sugar.” He licked his lips, smirking at Jungkook who increasingly grew more uncomfortable. But though he wanted to leave and forget he even came here he knew he needed this guys help.

“Right. But I was never attracted to a guy, even after it. So I figured I’m not gay or.. bi or whatever. But lately something’s changed a-and..”

“And what do you want me to do about it Kookoo? It isn’t like I can just reverse your gay,” the blonde sneered, adjusting his beanie.

“No.. but I was wondering if you would help me figure out if I’m even gay or not or if my mind is fucked up. You’re the only person I could think of that might actually agree to doing this.”


“I still don’t understand what you want me to do?”

“Kiss me?” His voice wavered, shades of pink blossoming under Jungkook’s skin. Normally Jungkook was not like this. He was the kind of kid who saw what he wanted and grabbed it. Yet with everything changing, with his mind running circles, confused by such unfamiliarity Jungkook was not himself. Desperate for answers, desperate to figure himself out Jungkook was willing to do anything.


Zico stared at Jungkook for a few seconds blankly before beginning to laugh, causing Jungkook to only feel more insecure, shrinking more into the walk he had been leaning on. The blonde stood up from the bed and grossed his tattooed arms over his chest, smirking mischievously at the nervous 16 year old.

“So you’re telling me you’re having a bit of sexuality exigency so you drove your way up to my university dorms, an hour away from where you live, searched for my dorm all for one kiss? Isn’t your friend Yoongi into guys? Why not ask him?”

“H-he wouldnt do it.”

“And what makes you think I will?” Zico challenged.

“I don't think you will, I’m hoping you will. Please hyung? I need help..” Jungkook always remembered Zico being the dominant kind. Even in football, he wanted to be on top, he was aggressive. Even though he was never captain of the team the players looked up to him like he was the Alpha of their pack. And he knew that he especially liked to be dominant in a sexual manor. Talk travels when you’re in high school.

And Jungkook figured if he could put his own desire for dominance aside and submit.. he could get Zico to do it. Jungkook could get him to kiss him.

Jungkook took a few steps forward, making his eyes slightly wider and as innocent looking as he could. He didn’t walk with his chest puffed and full of confidence as he usually did so but instead, making himself small to look vulnerable.

“I need your help hyung. Only yours..”

He didn’t really know how to flirt with a guy. He could not even believe he was doing this but right now the word “desperate” was not enough to describe Jungkook. He thought of what Jimin would do. He’d bat his lashes, lick his lips before biting them slowly.

And he did just that. Noticing Zico’s eyes flicker to Jungkook’s lips, the brunette knew he was gonna succeed.

“Tsk tsk tsk. When I first saw you at football tryouts last year I almost laughed. I thought ‘what is a kid like that doing here?’ And then you kicked the ball, then you tackled the heaviest man on our team. Even with your small stature then you were something different when it came to playing the game.” Zico took a few steps forward until he was only inches away from Jungkook. Lifting his fingers, he caressed the youngers cheek gently, sending shivers down Jungkook’s spine.

“I hear about you now. Sophomore Quarterback and captain. Achieved so much. So talented and so pretty.. You dated Hani too, god she’s a stunner right? Does she know about this? Does she know you came here begging me to kiss you?” He whispered, Jungkook’s heart beating out of his chest.

“W-we broke up..”

“Ah did you. Hm. Wonder what the school would say if they saw you doing this right now. So pretty Koo,” the blonde leaned in, Jungkook could feel the others lips brushing against his own. In his mind all he could think was

This was happening. He was about to kiss Zico, a boy, for real voluntarily. Not for a stupid game of spin the bottle but by choice. Zico was calling him pretty, practically forcing Jungkook into submission, something so unusual for the brunette. And he didn’t hate it. He liked the way Zico’s minting breath fanned over his face, the way their noses and lips brushed.

Suddenly, the older closed the space between them, attaching their lips together in a slow and steady kiss. At first Jungkook could not respond, body frozen in shock. It was different than kissing a girl. He didn’t necessarily know what it was about the kiss that was different but he knew there was something.

And truth be told… he liked this.
Once Jungkook established that in his mind, he leaned forward more, moving his lips against his hyungs. A pair of hands made its way to the small of Jungkook’s back, pushing him closer until his chest was pressed against Zicos.
They kissed like that with no distance between them for an extent of seconds before Zico bit Jungkook’s bottom lip, pulling it so there was a gap and he could easily slip his tongue into Jungkook’s mouth.

The brunettes mind was blank, the only thing he could focus on was being kissed by Zico. Worries that were spinning in his mind disappeared like magic.

Quickly, the kiss grew heated and sloppier, losing its rhythm, the only sound in the room was their lips smacking against each other. Zico pushed Jungkook against the wall, the brunette’s back hitting it hard with a thud and a sound escaping Jungkook’s lips from the slight pain to his shoulder blades. That pain was quickly forgotten when the blonde began attacking his neck with wet kisses, nibbling and sucking every now and then. It felt so good Jungkook couldn’t help but let out small strings of moans as Zico started to unbutton Jungkook’s shirt.

“W-wait.. wait,” the younger grabbed the blondes hands to stop him from continuing to undress him.
Breathing heavily, Zico waited for Jungkook to say something. He had decency, he was not gonna do something Jungkook didn’t want to do no matter how much he wanted a piece of his ass.

“Lets stop..”

“Okay,” the blonde took a step back to add a comfortable distance between their bodies.

“That was..” Jungkook awkwardly rubbed the back off his neck, looking at anything in Zico’s room other than Zico himself, cheeks flushed and hair messy.

“You seemed to like it.”

“I did..” finally Jungkook looked up at the blonde who was staring at him back with bedroom eyes.

“And now I’m confused b-because I know I like girls too. And now apparently I like guys also .. so what does that mean?”

“That means you’re bisexual. Or you’re just you. You don’t need a label.”

Tears swelled in Jungkook’s eyes, his entire life just changed because he realized, yea he liked kissing a boy, and he would go further if it wasnt getting late and he had to go. Yea he got turned on by two guys fucking and by Jimin.
But it was harder to come to terms with than it looked.

“And what are you?” Jungkook asked.


“Im just me.”

Chapter Text

His mind was spinning.
While driving home, he remained lost in his thoughts, trying to figure out his entire life now.
The songs from his playlist blasted as he drove through the dark, tears stinging in his eyes, head clouded with confusion and pain. Though Jungkook was driving it felt like he wasn’t even doing it because of how deep in thought he was. His actions felt almost puppetted like he wasn’t in control of himself, running on his mixed emotions rather than his sanity.

Everything hurt, every bone, every muscle aches.
2am. He lost track of time while he was with Zico. The older male was helping him come to terms with his new sexuality that still had no label on it. Except he only confused Jungkook more. He went there in hopes that Zico would prove him wrong and he’d still be straight. Except he was not.

Jungkook felt like something was wrong with him. Maybe he was infected with some kind of virus because the shift his sexual preferences almost seemed too quick. He expected it to have been a slower process of realization and a gradual shift in attraction. But it was so fast. At least to him.
He also felt like it was too late. Discovering you’re into guys at 16 seemed so impossible to Jungkook. He always thought people knew from when they were little.

Zico had to explain that it wasn't how it worked. People could discover their true sexuality even in their old ages. And some people just know from younger ages. Unfamiliarity was something Jungkook normally rejected. He hated that he didn’t know anything just yet except that there's a new sensation in him that was not there prior to watching Jimin.


Soon enough he pulled into the driveway, his father’s white Rolls Royce was pulled up in front of the large fountain. Shit, his father was home. He only prayed that he fell asleep so Jungkook could slip into his room without being questioned of his whereabouts at such a late time.

Jungkook dried the tears that escaped his eyes, walking up the marble steps to reach the front door. When he tried to open it, it was locked. He knew he didn’t have a key and if it was locked that meant everyone was asleep and he was not ready to wake his dad and Jimin’s mom up. As much as he wanted to avoid Jimin until he got the blonde out of his mind, He was Jungkook’s only choice.


Jungkook walked to the side of the house where the window to Jimin’s room was. Bending down, Jungkook picked up a few pebbles from the floor.

“God this is gonna be so cheesy,” he grumbled to himself, throwing the first pebble to Jimin’s window. He waited a few seconds before throwing another one. And another one. And another one.

“No use..”

He was about to turn around and maybe drive to Yoongi’s house to crash, knowing the other was probably still awake but suddenly, the light in Jimin’s room turned on.

A sigh of relief left Jungkook, he stood there waiting for Jimin to check the window.

He could see the blonde, sleepy and out of it in his
pj’s, blonde hair sticking out every which way. He looked down at Jungkook with a confused look, pulling up the window.

“What are you doing?” Jimin said loud enough for the blonde to hear. Jungkook could hear the exhaustion oozing out of his words that sounded much more raspy. He felt bad for pulling Jimin out of his slumber, he looked and sounded like he was sleeping well.

“I can’t get in.. open the front door for me please?”



Jungkook said walking into the house past Jimin who closed the door after.

“Take a key next time please..” Jimin mumbled just as he began to yawn. Jungkook swore it was the cutest thing he’s ever seen, He had to look away so he wouldn’t coo.

“I’m sorry I woke you,” Jungkook flicked his shoes off to the side, Jimin glaring at him as he did so because they always fought about leaving things around for Siwon to pick up.

Too tired to pick a fight, Jimin just sat quiet.

“Where were you anyway?”

“Um.. visiting an old friend..”

The two began walking up the stairs together. The house was big and their parents room was downstairs all the way in the back so they didn’t feel the need to whisper or talk quietly, speaking at a normal volume.

“I was worried about you..,” Jimin mumbled, looking up at Jungkook who had his hand on the door knob, just ready to open the door and enter his room. He stopped to look at Jimin, processing his words. “You didn’t answer my calls or texts..”

There was still feeling, something like flowers blossoming inside Jungkook as he stared at Jimin.
It was indescribable but he really wanted to Kiss Jimin the way Zico kissed him. He could not though. He knew he couldn’t so he restrained himself.

“My phone was dead.. I’m sorry I did not mean to worry you,” Jungkook took a few steps closer so there was only a foot of distance between himself and the blonde.

“It’s okay Kookie,” he rubbed his eyes of the left over slumber before closing the gap between their bodies, wrapping his arms around Jungkook’s neck.

They were hugging. Jungkook wish they wouldn’t because the feeling of the flowers inside of him. He knows what they are. The growth of feelings for Jimin. For the pretty blonde who, despite all the bad things Jungkook’s said and done to him, still worried about him and believed he could better himself. His arms involuntarily wrapped around Jimin’s torso Now hugging the other back, he was afraid he would not be able to let go.

They hugged like that for what felt like an hour but was actually only a few seconds. Suddenly Jungkook could hear small snores coming from Jimin’s mouth. He had fallen asleep.

He could tell Jimin must have been really tired so he didn’t wanna wake him up again. So he gently lifted Jimin up bridal style and carried him to his room like he did that night when they came back from Namjoon’s party after Jungkook’s fight with Taemin.

Like always, the door to Jimin’s room was left open so Jungkook entered easily, placing the smaller boy onto his bed, watching as Jimin easily curled into himself for warmth. Jungkook pulled the blanket over Jimin’s shivering body before he quietly tippy toed out of Jimin’s room, turning the light off then stepping out the door.



“Hey Kook, first semester report cards came out.”
Jimin said, flipping through the mail to pull out his and Jungkook’s ropart cards in their envelopes.

Jungkook walked out of the kitchen, eyes landing on the envelopes in Jungkook’s hand then letting out a sigh. “Who cares.”

“You do because we worked very hard so you could at least pass you classes with a decent grade on your exams. So come on, open it.”
Jimin handed out his envelope to Jungkook, who gave him a look before taking his envelope with a sigh.
He knew what to expect, he’d probably be disappointed.

“Last I checked I had an F in every class except physical education,” Jungkook muttered, tearing the envelope open.

“I’m surprised you’re checking at all,” Jimin giggled earning a playful glare from the brunette. He pulled the report card out, taking a deep breath.

Jimin watched Jungkook as he did so. The past couple days, he’s been looking at Jungkook differently. He’s been so gentle with Jimin, so patient and so different. It warmed the blondes heart and caused him to feel all sorts of things he understood but tried hard to set aside for the sake of their family.

Jungkook opened the paper, eyes scanning over his grades, gradually widening in surprise. A small grin formed across his cheeks, a giggle leaving his throat. “Oh my god!” He leaped towards Jimin, wrapping his arms around him tightly.

“I passed! I passed oh my god Jimin!” Jungkook squealed. Jimin felt proudness blossom inside him, hugging Jungkook back tightly and smiling into the tallers chest.

“I knew you could..”

“Its not amazing but..” he pulled back to show Jimin his grades. He went from all F’s and one A(in PE) to 2 C’s, 1 C-, 1 D+, and 1 A(from PE..)

He three the paper on the table, jumping onto Jimin again who stumbled back slightly due to Jungkook’s weight. Seeing Jungkook so happy like this made Jimin proud. He knew Jungkook had it in him if he just tried. Jimin giggled into Jungkook’s shoulder, hugging him again.

“But it’s still the best I've done since 6th grade.. God I’m so Happy I could kiss you!”


Suddenly Jimin’s giggles subsided and his body turned rigid. It took Jungkook a few second to realize the words that he thought were in his mind he had actually said to Jimin. He felt embarrassed, cheeks turning all different shades of pink and red.
They were still hugging except both their bodies were stiff, Jimin out of shock and Jungkook out of embarrassment.

“U-um…” Jimin said, taking a few steps back, letting his arms drop to his sides.
Avoiding Jungkook’s eyes, he stared at his pikachu slippers, heartbeat accelerating faster than he even thought possible.
Jungkook just said he was so happy he could kiss him. Or did he imagine that because he swore he heard it and he also swore there was nothing he’d want more right now than for Jungkook to kiss him like was starving and Jimin was the only person who could give him what he needed.

“S-sorry.. but thank you.. for helping me hyung you really have no idea how much it means to me..”

“This is just the first step Kookie. I’ll help you anytime you want whenever you want and we can get those C’s to B’s at least.”

Jungkook looked at Jimin with such appreciation. He was so grateful for Jimin, he could have had anyone in Busan as a step brother. But instead he was blessed with someone as sweet, giving, smart… beautiful… pretty… delicate.. as Jimin..

“You’re amazing…”


“It’s not me Kook It’s you.”



School came back in session sooner than Jungkook liked. He had not spent his winter break like he expected he would. Parties, weed, sex.. that's what Jungkook was expecting out of this winter break yet instead his girlfriend broke up with him, and apparently now he’s into dudes.

He knew he could tell the people on his dance team. He knew they would not care so much and treat him the same but the football team would be a problem. He couldn’t tell those guys, they’d treat him differently. They already had a grudge over Jungkook for his position as captain in sophomore year.

Thankfully for Jungkook, football season was over and Jungkook could easily avoid most of them. They really only hung out for the sake of their status in the school.

Even at lunch he didn't really sit with the football team. He normally sat with his dance team, Taemin, Hoseok, Yugyeom, Momo and Chungha.
Hani would sit with them sometimes too but he knew that probably would not happen anymore.


“So now that we’re all back in the maze that is high school, we got to practice every day alright? Our show is next week and we all got to get our heads in the game.” Hoseok said with a stern expression.

“What about auditions? We’re 6 now, we’re used to being 7?” Chungha asked, picking at the lettuce in her salad with a face twisted in disgust. The school lunch disgusting. Thankfully Jimin packed Jungkook lunch every morning so he would not have to force himself to choke down the globs of who knows what this stuff was made out of.

“With exams we never had time to set auditions,” Yugyeom told Chungha, taking an apple out of his lunch box and handing it to her when realizing she was not eating that salad. Gently taking it from him, she offered a small smile and said thank you.

“Park Jimin should join.” Taemin said casually while scrolling through his twitter. All eyes flickered to him with confusion in them. Jimin? It was such a random suggestion to all of them since they never even heard Jimin could dance.

It angered Jungkook though rather than confusing him. “Why? So you can pretend to care about him and then use him for sex again?” Jungkook spat, hate in his eyes.
The rest of the table said nothing, only watching the two finally air out the tension between them with their bickering.

“Since when do you care about Jimin huh?” Taemin spat back, turning his phone off and putting it down on the table beside his untouched lunch.

“Excuse me?”

“Yea. Since when do you give a shit about him, huh? You always whined and complained about him during practice, calling him a nuisance and an unnecessary addition to your life. When me and Jimin would hang out he would always talk about how you treated him like shit.”

Even though Jungkook’s face remained calm, his hands, on holding his fork and the other on the table, both began to turn white from how hard he squeezed them. His fingernails began to dig into his skin painfully but being so angry, Jungkook didn’t notice much.

“shut up,” he said through gritted teeth.

“He said he hated you and that you ruined so many happy days for him. He said you told him he was a waste of space. You made him hate you Kook, and that's all he ever talked about. How thick his distaste for you is. So since when do you give a flying fuck about Jimin. At least I was nice to him, i offered to be his friend, I let him cry on my shoulder while continuously kicked him in the face-“

“I SAID SHUT UP!” Jungkook slammed his palms on the table, standing up while pushing his chair back. The sudden outburst caused Chungha and Momo to flinch, everyone in the cafeteria was staring at him now, including Jimin who sat by Taehyung at his table.


Jimin was having a friendly conversation with his best friend Taehyung about his trip to Jeju for winter break. Taehyung was showing him some pictures he took and everything. In the distance he heard bickering but he was so busy staring at the cute dolphin tae captured to bother to distinguish words and voice. Suddenly, startling Jimin out of his focus, heard Jungkook yell and the entire cafeteria suddenly going silent.

When he turned his head, he looked at Jungkook with confusion. From where he and Taehyung were sitting he could see how red in the face Jungkook was but he was not close enough to understand what was going on.

Paying close enough attention he saw Momo and Chungha pulling Jungkook down to calm himself but the boy was stubborn and insisted on leaving. He picked his backpack up from the floor, throwing it over his shoulder. Not even caring about his lunch, he stormed out of the cafeteria, pushing the doors open roughly, leaving everyone speechless and bewildered. After a few seconds, Jimin grabbed his bag too, running after the brunette.

When he shoved the door open, he could see Jungkook going straight for the one of the school exists.

“Hey! Kook wait!” Jimin ran after Jungkook but the brunette didn’t even turn around just continuing to speed walk.

Since Jimin was running he managed to jump in front of Jungkook, blocking him from the door.
“Kook where are you going? What happened?”

Jungkook started at him blankly, not answering.
“Kookie talk to me,” He brushed his fingers down the youngers cheek but he rejected, turning his head away. Jimin retreated his hand like he just accidentally touched fire and got burned. He didn’t understand why Jungkook was acting out like this towards him like he did anything wrong. Did he do something wrong.

“Move, I wanna go home.” Jungkook said with an emotionless voice.

“No not until you tell me what happened!” He tried to sound confident but failed when his voice wavered.

Jungkook was not taking no for an answer though so he shoulder bumped Jimin to the side and walked out of the school.
As hurt as Jimin was, he followed after Jungkook regardless. Recovering from being shoved, he walked outside as well, skipping down the steps to reach his step brother.
“You’re being an ass again Jeon Jungkook!” He yelled as he stomped towards him.

“Yea that’s all I am to you isn't it?” Kook bitterly chuckled still staring ahead, walking into the parking lot.

“W-what's that supposed to mean?”
Jungkook halted, taking in a sigh. Yes, he was hurt that’s why he was lashing out. Jimin told Taemin all those things and even though Jungkook knew it was all true, he hated how much it hurt to know that at one point Jimin hated him and found comfort in Taemin.

He wanted to be the one providing comfort for Jimin.

Jungkook turned around and stormed over to where Jimin stood, only stopping when there was about one feet distance between them. Jimin’s breath hitched, they were too close and Jungkook looked furious; he was scared.

“Taemin told me that when you two were together you talked about me. How much you hated me. How I ruined your days. It’s good to know you feel that way about me,” he said sarcastically through gritted teeth. “I’m the worst thing that's ever happened to you.”

Jimin scoffed. Seriously? That’s what Jungkook was so mad about!? That’s why he was acting out? Jimin thought they were past all that hatred between them. Besides where did Jungkook go off from telling Jimin all that BS as if it wasn’t Jungkook’s fault in the first place. He had no right to be mad about it because he was the reason it began in the first place.

But even though Jimin wanted to say all that to Jungkook, he wanted to calm him down more. He wanted to hold Jungkook and be close to him. It felt so hard though. With all the obstacles they had. And with Jimin still believing Jungkook was straight since he had no reason to believe otherwise.

It was not fair.

“Jungkook that was like a bit over a month or so ago. That was before everything-“

“before what?”

Jimin lifted his hand slowly and gingerly caressed Jungkook’s cheek, afraid to be burned again. On instinct, Jungkook leaned into Jimin’s touch. It felt so good when Jimin touched him like that. Like he was the most precious piece of fine china.

“Before I realized that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me okay? Can you please stop being hostile with me? I don't want us to go back to how we used to be. I like being friends with you,”
Jimin smiled hopeful. His words were full with truth and honesty. He really did love that he and Jungkook so quickly pushed away their distaste for each other and grew kinda close.


While Jimin’s thoughts were kind hearted and purely innocent, Jungkook had other things in mind. Jimin’s lips for example which looked so inviting, he almost could not help himself. He wanted so bad to just lean in and kiss him. Devour Jimin and make the blonde belong to him
While he was thinking about it, he didn’t realize that he was actually doing it, leaning in closer, and closer.

Jimin looked up at him mortified because he knew Jungkook was staring at his lips and he knew that the brunette was increasingly closing the distance between them. Yet for some reason he could not move, stuck as if he was super glued to the ground.

They were just a centimeter away, and Jimin wanted it so fucking bad. But he knew they couldn’t this was wrong, and maybe it was just in the moment.
So before their lips could touch, Jimin turned his head to the left, rejected Jungkook who begin to feel hurt like never before.

“Oh..” Jungkook whispered, eyes flickered around Jimin’s face. “I see how it is..”
He cleared his throat, taking a few steps backward before turning around to walk to his car. Rejection never felt so painful in Jungkook’s life.
His heart felt like it was being shredded and he couldn’t even look at Jimin anymore.

He didn’t understand why in such a short time Jimin made him feel this way. Like before all of this, the wrong sides of the magnet were pushing each other back, but now Jungkook turned the right side and immediately stuck to Jimin .

Panicking, Jimin began to tear up. He didn’t understand anything right now. But Jungkook tried to kiss him and is getting hurt over Jimin not giving in to him.


“W-wait Kook!”

But before Jimin could reach Jungkook, the brunette was already in his car, pulling out of his parking spot and leaving the school quickly, car skrrting as he turned.

What the fuck just happened?


All day after lunch with Jungkook, Jimin had not been able to focus. Jungkook actually tried to kiss him and it just didn’t make sense. Jungkook was not into guys let alone guys like Jimin. Was it a dare? Some kind of joke? Because those were the only reasonable explanations Jimin could think of.

Since Jungkook left Jimin alone, he had to catch a ride with Taehyung and made sure to tell his best friend the events at lunch.


“Whoa he tried to kiss you!?” Taehyung asked throwing his hands into the air.

“TAEHYUNG PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE WHEEL!” Jimin yelled, causing the red head to squeak, hands grabbing the wheel tightly and steering it back into the right direction. This is why Jimin didn’t like to drive with Taehyung, not trusting his life in a vehicle with his crazy best friend.

“But yes he tried to kiss me. And I can’t think of a single reason as to why,” he slumped back down in the car seat.

At first it took Jimin so long to process the event that occured unexpectedly. He kept thinking he imagined it or that perceived it all wrong. But he could not have.

He remembers how close they were. Their noses brushing over each other, Jungkook’s cold breath hitting Jimin’s skin. In the cold breeze of winter, he could feel Jungkook’s body heat radiating off him. Just a centimeter more and their lips will have touched.

And what he couldn’t forget was the hurt in Jungkook’s voice when Jimin turned his head away. It was there, unmistakable. Jimin knows he did not just imagine it.

“Maybe he likes you.”

“But I’m his step brother. And he isn't gay.”

“That didn’t stop you from fantasizing about him when you were wearing his shirt two fingers in deep. And I bet you still do every night,” without even looking at Taehyung, Jimin could just tell he was smirking.

His cheeks turned red from embarrassment. Yes, Taehyung was right. Whenever he’d touch himself now (with lube this time of course), he’d cling onto that white shirt that still smelled just like Jungkook, wishing it was Jungkook touching him.

How funny the idea of Attraction was. You could easily decide your attraction for someone just by them doing something so simple and miniscule but it will change your whole perception on them.
Jungkook simply talked about his sex with Hani, and Jimin had not been able to sleep one night without being jealous of the purple haired cheerleader for having had pieces of Jungkook Jimin craved.



When Jimin got home, he stepped in nervously. He didn’t want to see Jungkook just yet, afraid what their confrontation would be like after their almost-kiss.

He was hoping that Jungkook would have dance practice or something, he was pretty sure there was a performance or something. But when he walked into the kitchen to get a water bottle, Jungkook was standing at the fridge. He looked up, eyes locking with Jimin’s causing the blondes body to become rigid and his breath to hitch.

Jungkook didn’t say anything, looking away as he shut the fridge, ready to leave the kitchen.

“W-wait! Please..” Jungkook halted his movements, slowly turning around to face Jimin whose eyes were shut tight at if the scariest movie was playing and he was too frightened to look.

“Please..” he whispered, opening his eyes.
“I need to know why you almost kissed me today..”

Jungkook’s facial expression remained the same. It didn’t shift or change in the slightest. He looked at Jimin with a blank face, not a hint of emotion whatsoever.

“Why do I need a reason?” He replied in a flat tone.

“Why do you need a-“ Jimin chuckled delusionally, running his hands through his hair like he could not believe the words leaving his mouth.
“Why do you need a reason? Im your step brother Kook! You’re.. you’re straight you say it all the time a-and I’m your step brother!”

Still Jungkook’s face remained emotionless. He got off the wall he was leaning on, taking slow strides towards Jimin who stood there confused and frustrated, huffing out of his chest.

He stopped where there was only a couple feet distance between them.

“I saw you hyung,” Jungkook mumbled.

“Saw what?”

“A week or so ago.. I couldn’t find my favorite white shirt. So I went into your room to look for it. I know you hate when I touch your things, so territorial you are. So when I heard you coming I hid in the closet. And I saw you. Touching yourself wearing my shirt.”

Jimin’s eyes widened in horror, gulping nervously.

“Did you think of me while wearing it? While touching yourself Hyung? I swear I have never been attracted to guys and then you. You moaning, the view of your ass, the way your lips become even more swollen from all the biting I.. I felt a hunger in me I’ve never felt before.”

Jungkook lifted his finger brushing a few strands of Jimin’s dirty blonde hair away from his eyes.
“I wanted you but I also began to feel something for you emotionally. You can see why I was confused, being a straight guy attracted to and crushing on his step brother but.. I can’t help it. I cant help it Jiminnie,” he whined.

“K-kook stop-“

“I haven’t had these feelings for long. I think I’ve always liked you. But attraction, that was recent. And I have nothing to take my mind off how badly I want you. And maybe its a phase but I can’t help how many times I wonder how your lips taste like..” his eyes flickered down the Jimins red lips, dragging his thumb across the bottom lip slowly.

“Jungkook stop it.. y-you’re scaring me,” Jimin’s bottom lip quivered, eyes watering.

The past couple weeks Jimin’s been imagining about Jungkook holding him down, kissing him, calling him pretty. But now that it was so close to happening. Now that Jimin knew Jungkook wanted him it felt wrong. And there's a reason for it. Jungkook didn’t know what he wanted.

He said it himself, it's only been a week and maybe it's a phase. That meant he wasn’t sure about himself and Jimin did not want to be an experiment. Especially since they were family.

“Am I? Me telling you I like you is scaring you?”

“Kook I’m your step brother-“

“Step!” Jungkook said in a louder volume, increasingly losing his patience.

“And it’s wrong! You don’t know what you’re feeling, this is and experiment its a-“


“Say whatever you want. But you’ll see it. I’ll make you see it Jimin mark my words.”

Chapter Text

Over the next few days, Jungkook had become more aware of the change in his sexuality. He began to find certain guys at school attractive beyond the term “no-homo.”
And he found something common about his preferences when it came to guys. They’re are similar to Jimin.
Small, chubby cheeks, full lips, smart, cute.
But there weren’t many guys like Jimin at school and either way, none of them would be able to compare to Jimin himself.

He knew his step brother was avoiding him. He maybe lovestruck but he was not stupid. Little things were easy to notice like how Jimin could not look Jungkook in the eye anymore, how he stuttered when he spoke and only spoke when spoken to. How if he ever made eye contact with Jungkook accidentally he’d look away immediately, cheeks bursting shades of pink like a bath bomb hitting water.

Maybe Jungkook should take the hint, but instead he could not help how even more cute he found Jimin when the blonde was avoiding him.
Maybe his tastes for guys and girls was different. When it came to the female sex Jungkook liked a girl with confidence. A girl that knew what she wanted and who always stood proud and tall, not afraid to be herself because of what others think. Yes confident but not cocky.

Like Hani. Hani was strong, always kept her chin up. Even when the girls on the cheerleading team scolded her for ruining their image with her bright purple hair, she didnt care and rocked the lilac proudly.
Jungkook loved that about her.


But with guys, or more specifically so Jimin, he liked vulnerability. He enjoyed seeing Jimin blush and shrink when Jungkook looked at him, he enjoyed the way Jimin could not look Jungkook in the eyes because he was nervous or the way his breath hitched whenever they accidentally touched.

It sparked dominance and possessiveness in Jungkook. Made him ravenous for Jimin and he didn’t know how to control it because every time he saw the blonde, he wanted to push him on a bed and hear those moans again.


“Hyunnggg,” Jungkook sang, leaning on the door from of Jimin’s room. The blonde was on his bed, thick rimmed glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose, The Vampire Diaries playing on his laptop that sat on his thighs.
Jimin looked up, body stiffening at the mere sight of Jungkook, a new habit that developed ever since he realized he was attracted to his younger brother. “Y-yes?”

Jungkook jumped on Jimin’s bed causing the older to gasp and flinch away, afraid to touch Jungkook who was now laying down beside him, arms under his head.

“Don’t tell me you’re watch a Chick show. What is this? Another twilight?” Jungkook teased. He could sense how uncomfortable Jimin was with how close in proximity His knee was to Jungkook’s leg.
He should feel bad except he liked that he was the one who could make Jimin’s heart beat at an abnormal speed. It was like he could almost hear it beating out of Jimin’s chest. Gave him some sort of satisfaction to please his sick crush for Jimin.

“W-what d-do you want?”
Jungkook looked up at Jimin, grinning at how the blonde kept his eyes glued to the screen, afraid to look at Jungkook.

“I want you to look at me,” he whispered.

Jimin turned his head hesitantly, eyes locking with Jungkook’s. God his eyes were so big and brown, Jimin could stare at them all day. That's what scared him. He wanted Jungkook too, just as much as the other wanted him but he couldn’t. They couldn’t. Jimin’s always wanted a real stable relationship that would result in his happily ever after. He could not have that with Jungkook, not when their parents were still married and he didn't want to be Jungkook’s plaything or experiment.
He deserved better and because he could recognize that Jimin knew it was only right to reject Jungkook.


“Now shut your laptop.”

He didn’t know why his body was complying, hands shutting his device while his eyes still stared deep into Jungkook’s. It was almost as if he was being controlled by the sound of Jungkook’s voice because he could not stop. Maybe he just didn't want to.

Jungkook took the computer in his hand and placed it on the nightstand, still keeping his eyes on Jimin’s the entire time.

“Now kiss me.”



Jungkook frowned, placing one hand on Jimin’s thigh. The blondes eyes flickered to where contact was made. He didn't know what to do or how to make this stop but it had to. Jungkook was making it impossible for Jimin to think of anything else ever since their almost kiss. It was a problem for Jimin, he could not focus on anything. Not school, not homework, not even the subtitles to the American TV show because all he could think about was Jungkook.

“Aw come on hyung, you were following instructions so nicely,” he hummed, rubbing his thumb over Jimin’s sweatpants.

“Jungkook get out…” Jimin whispered. He couldn’t even form words properly with how far things were going. Of course he found Jungkook attractive and of course he’s fantasized about moments like this ever since that one night when Jungkook changed the way Jimin saw him completely. But for it to become reality..?

“Fine,” he smiled, leaning closer so his lips were brushing over the shell of Jimin’s ear. “We have tutoring in an hour.”



while they were having dinner, Jungwoo and Hayoon were talking about things regarding Jungwoo’s new business deal. It sounded more like arguing. Hayoon, as Jungwoo’s COO, did not agree with Jungwoo’s decision to accept the business deal.

Jimin didn’t say anything, keeping his head down and picking at his food with his fork.
Across from him sat Jungkook whose eyes burned holes into Jimin’s skin like lasers. The blonde knew Jungkook was staring which is why he kept his head down. That stupid smirk Jungkook wore so proudly was the last thing Jimin wanted to see because he knew everything that was going on was exactly what Jungkook wanted

Suddenly he felt a nudge on his leg, eyes instinctively shooting up to Jungkook’s whose lips curled up in a smirk. He didn’t like that Jimin wasn’t paying attention to him so he decided to make Jimin pay attention.

The feeling of Jungkook’s foot pressed against Jimin’s leg rose higher, and higher until Jungkook’s foot was touching his inner thigh, forcing Jimin’s two legs apart. Jimin looked at him horrified, biting his tongue in his mouth so he wouldn’t squeal.
Shades of red burst on Jimin’s cheeks, did Jungkook have no shame? How could he do something like this at their dinner table?

“Stop,” he mouthed to Jungkook, begging him to stop touching him under the dinner table. Right in front of their married parents, he was being touched by Jungkook. And he hated to admit it but he didn’t hate the feeling and that made him feel so dirty. It had to stop But Jungkook didn’t show no signs of stopping any time soon.

“This conversation is so so interesting and all but Jimin and I have a tutoring session now, if you don't mind,” Jungkook stood up, pushing his chair back. His father gave Jungkook a look Jimin could not decipher.

Jungkook noticed it but didn't seem to care as he walked around the table to Jimin’s side, grabbing his wrist and yanking Jimin out of his chair. His grip around Jimin’s wrist was tight, it felt like fire burning through his skin but the older was too surprised to have time to argue against Jungkook’s actions.

“K-kook-“ Jimin stuttered out as Jungkook pulled him up the stairs, Jimin stumbling over a step but Jungkook did not stop. His grip only tightened and even though he was hurting him, Jimin could not help but be turned on by the manhandling. He couldn’t deny that he enjoyed the way Jungkook bossed him around and displayed his dominance. And he hated that he enjoyed it.

“Let’ go to my room, hm?”Jungkook knew that if they were in his room, Jimin couldn’t kick him out and Jungkook could stop him from leaving. It surprised Jimin that Jungkook was allowing him to go to his room since that place was like a forbidden garden.

He still remembers the first day Jimin moved in, Jungkook made it crystal clear that he was not allowed to step foot inside Jungkook’s room.
He has a couple times just to check in on Jungkook after getting yelled by Jungwoo but he was always kicked out before he even got a chance to observe the details on his room.
Jungkook pulled him in, shutting and locking the door behind them.

There was a sinister smile playing at the brunettes lips and Jimin knew now that there was no escaping his suddenly evil step brother.

“Jungkook let me go..”

“Why? We’re tutoring right? Come on, tutor me,” in the blink of an eye Jimin was being shoved down on Jungkook’s bed, the younger was on top of him, pinning Jimin’s wrists above his head.

His heart was beating out of his chest, he could feel the blood rushing through his veins. Jungkook was trapping him down on the bed with his body, straddling his waist. He could feel Jungkook’s hardening cock pressing over his and he could hardly move. The sexual frustration was too much, he wanted to scream because he did not know how much longer he could handle this before he’s go crazy and give in.

“Teach me Jimin..” he whispered, brushing his lips around the blondes neck causing goosebumps to for around Jimin’s body. His eyes fluttered shut because it felt so good to have Jungkook holding him down and teasing him. He was on the brink of insanity, in any second he would crack and give in.

“You did this to me.. I was never like this until you, with your pretty ass and your moans.. god you looked so beautiful especially in my shirt,”
Jungkook whined, nibbling at Jimin’s earlobe, tugging at the metal.

“You’re dirty blonde hair and your earring shit.. I wish they were for me.. I wish you did this for me and now Taemin. I’d treat you better. I’d love you better. You made me like this Jimin. All I can think of is you, this is your fault. Don’t you think it’s your job to fix it? To fix me?”

“H-how?” Jimin whimpered, keeping his eyes shut tight.

“Kiss me. Please Hyung I’m going crazy. It’s only fair that you fix me..”
He brushed his nose over Jimin’s whispering in a tone dripping in seduction. He could tell Jimin was giving in, and maybe he was being pushy but he refused to give up. He didn’t even know if he could physically give up because Jimin was driving him crazy. He wanted to drink every drop of the good whiskey that was Jimin, he wanted to get drunk off the blonde, to eat him up like he was his last meal.

“If I kiss you.. will you be fine? Will i-it fix you?” He opened his eyes, wiggling his wrists that were still trapped by Jungkook’s large palms pressing over them hard enough to leave a bruise.

“Yes, yes I promise it will. Just let me kiss you,” Jungkook begged. After a few seconds of contemplation, Jimin nodded. Maybe Jungkook just wanted to satisfy his curiosity. Maybe if they kiss, Jungkook will finally leave him alone because he got what he wanted. And he couldn’t act like he didn't want it just as much because he did, he just knew he’d end up regretting it when he’s facing the consequences.

But for now, he wanted to live in the present, so he agreed. Only a second after he stopped nodding, Jungkook let out a relieved sigh, surging forward and capturing Jimin’s lips in kiss. Jimin’s body unstiffened, relaxing under Jungkook’s touch. Jungkook’s lips felt soft and experienced, making Jimin melt. In his mind he thought this was enough and he should pull away, but he couldn’t bring himself to actually doing it.

Instead he leaned more forward, wanting more.
Jungkook’s grip on Jimin’s wrists loosened, his hands beginning to make their way down to Jimin’s chest. He moved his lips faster against Jimin’s hungry for more. He tasted so good, like strawberry chapstick, and his lips were so plump and addicting like a drug.

It made him feel all sorts of excitement and eagerness, Jimin just being under him for the taking.

After a few seconds, Jungkook pulled away for a breath, leaning his forehead over Jimin’s, letting their noses touch and their heavy breaths mingling.

“Why’d you stop?” Jimin breathed out, it kind of sounded like a complaint.

Jungkook smirked, raising an eyebrow.
“Did you want me to keep going?”
Truthfully, he didn’t want to stop. But he was afraid if he didn’t stop himself then he might never be able to. He’d go further and further and even though he kept trying to screw drive into Jimin’s brain and convince the blonde into kissing him, he wasn’t gonna go further than what Jimin would allow him.

“Um… n-no we.. we should stop..”

“Look at me hyung,” he hooked his fingers under Jimin’s chin, pulling his head up so their eyes made contact.
God those eyes were killing Jungkook. After that kiss he doesn’t know if he’s gonna be able to restrain himself, not when Jimin was looking At him like that; like he wanted Jungkook to bend him over, spank him and call him a good boy.

“I like you. And I want you. I want you so bad, you’re all that’s on my mind..”

“Jungkook stop.. I need to think. You understand right? If you like me, you’ll understand that after that kiss I just- I- I really need to think..”

Jungkook understood, he realized Jimin was an analytical person. He needed to take in every detail and fully process everything that went on then take the next step forward or back.

“Think about it then. But after that kiss,” he dragged his index finger over Jimin’s lip.

“I don’t think I can stay away from you…”


After their “tutoring session,” Jungkook seriously became the only thing Jimin could think of. If Jimin thought Jungkook was the only thing on his mind before the kiss, this was worst. There was not an awake moment where Jimin wasn't thinking about the brunette that was weaseling his way into Jimin’s heart.
It’s been one full day, and he could still feel his step brothers lips on his own. The kiss wasn't fast but wasn’t slow. It was different than his first kiss with Taemin, it felt more real. Like there was actual emotion and need in the way Jungkook kissed him.

He liked it and he hated himself for liking it.


It was Saturday, the first weekend since winter break ended. Siwon was humming an old lullaby from the war days as she dusted the shelves. The chef had just left after making the breakfast, he’d be back again during lunch time to cook lunch.

Jungwoo and Hayoon were at a business showcase in Tokyo and Jimin was eating his breakfast while watching TV in the living room.
It was 10am, Jungkook was still sound asleep in his room, thankfully. Jimin didn’t really want to see him because he didn’t know how it would go. After everything that’s happened between them in such a short time, Jimin never got the chance to fully take in and understand what was going on.

It all happened so fast, too fast. In fact it wasn't supposed to happen at all. He never meant to start crushing on his step brother.
He’s older and smarter so if anyone ever found out, they’d blame him for his poor judgement.
For not stopping it before it went to far.

“You started breakfast without me, how disappointing.” Jimin heard from behind him.

“Sorry,” Jimin replied, putting his plate down on the coffee table. He didn’t look but he could feel Jungkook’s presence next to him on the couch and kind of see him through the corner of his eye.

Jungkook put his hand on Jimin’s thigh, grabbing the blondes attention. He turned his head to Jungkook, the younger taking it as an opportunity to lean in for a kiss. Before their lips could touch, Jimin pushed him away with both his hands on Jungkook’s chest. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I was gonna kiss you?”

“W-why? Just cause we kissed once doesn’t mean that y-you can just kiss me whenever you want!”

Jungkook pouted like he was a child and someone took his lollipop away. “Why not?” he whined, giving Jimin puppy dog eyes.

This was not happening. No way Jungkook was begging Jimin for a kiss it didn’t make sense. When did they get like this?
“You said if I gave you one kiss.. it will fix you and you’d leave me alone..”


“I thought so but instead, I just want more. Please? Just one more. I won’t tell anyone..” he whispered the last part, eyes flickered to Jimin’s lips. There was only a few centimeters of distance between them, Jungkook could easily lean in plant a kiss on Jimin’s pretty lips. They were taunting him, so close yet so far away.

Jimin gulped, knowing Jungkook was staring at his lips like he was dying without them.
They already kissed once. Maybe one more won't hurt right? “Fine..”

Jungkook’s eyes lit up, giggling in excitement.
Jimin swore he was a kid under that mask of muscles. He just giggled like a kid just because Jimin said they could kiss! But it was the prettiest sound Jimin’s ever heard..

the brunette pressed their lips together slowly. This kiss was different. Unlike the one they shared last night, this one was much slower and sweeter. Jimin’s hands were holding fists of Jungkook’s black shirt, meanwhile Jungkook’s hands were cupping Jimin’s face, pulling him closer if it was even possible.

“Shit Jimin do you know what you’re doing to me?” Jungkook asked before latching his teeth onto Jimin’s bottom lip, tugging hard before letting go.

The real question was did Jungkook know what he was doing to Jimin. Because even though the rational part of Jimin was saying this was wrong and they should stop, Jungkook was creating another side in him that said it felt too right. He loved it. He loved how Jungkook looked at him love he was the only one in the world, like he was the world’s largest diamond. He loved how Jungkook touched him so gently but still so roughly. He couldn’t lie and say he didn’t want every inch of the brunette cause shit he did.

“I think I have an idea..” Jimin replied.


“I bet you do,” Jungkook lifted his fingers, brushing away Jimin’s blonde hair from his eyes.

“This doesn’t seem real.. just three weeks ago you were straight and with Hani.. and Today you’re kissing me..what’s going on?” He laughed bitterly, putting the palm of his hand onto his forehead.

“I don’t know Jimin. I just know that I like you.. and even though it’s only been a few days I feel like… we could give us a shot..”

“Jungkook we’re step brothers! Our parents our married!”

“So!? They’ll never have to know. We dont have to tell them,” Jungkook leaned scooted closer to Jimin on the couch.
Could he do it? Jimin wanted to. He wanted to be selfish and for once think about himself rather than everyone else. This entire time he was thinking about how this would affect their family, but maybe Jungkook was right.. nobody would have to know..

“We dont have to tell them..” Jimin confirmed in a small voice, nodding slowly like he just came to that realization.

“Exactly.. no one will know.”

Chapter Text

Over the next couple weeks, Jimin and Jungkook had been partaking in a dangerous game. A game of secrecy and indiscretions. There was no title to this game, it wasn’t the kind of game one could find on a shelf at the store. The only place someone could find this game was between the walls of Jimin and Jungkook’s bedrooms.

They took turns sometimes, which room should they play this game in. Most of the time it was Jungkook’s room, Jimin liked it there better. Everything in there reminded him of Jungkook and he thought it would be better that way. If he could let Jungkook and all that he was and had consume him, maybe he wouldn’t feel bad about playing this game.

In school, they didn’t say hi to each other, they didn't smile at each other or glance in each others direction like always, until their car ride back home. Even then the ride was pretty silent, small talk was about their entire conversation and it was short lived. But when they got home, they got to it.

It began the same each time. One of them makes a snarky comment, Jimin’s being backed up against the wall, Jungkook’s hand squeezes Jimin’s ass like it was his life line. Then Jimin’s being thrown on the bed, they kiss.. make out a bit. Sometimes they were sitting, sometimes Jimin was on top of Jungkook, sometimes Jungkook was on top of Jimin. It really just depended on who was more sexually frustrated that day.

They never went further than making out though. Maybe their lips traveled down the others neck or they’ve felt each other up but they always kept their clothes on and kept the contact strictly to lips besides maybe their innocent grinding.

When they were done, they went to enjoy dinner with their parents in the dining room, innocently pretending like nothing happened just ten minutes before.
It made Jimin feel dirty. Sitting in front of their parents pretending like they weren’t just making out upstairs. Jungkook was almost incapable of being subtle. It was like the word wasn’t even in his vocabulary, clearly with the way he so obviously gawked at Jimin like the blonde was his next meal.

They promised they would not tell anyone, so when Jimin’s best friend Taehyung asked if he had gotten over his crush on Jungkook, he answered “yes.” He promised Jungkook he wouldn’t even tell Taehyung. The less people know, the less chance someone else will find out.


“How did you get over it?” Taehyung asked, on the way to homeroom that morning. Jimin shrugged in response, searching his mind for a reasonable sounding answer. “I don’t know I just did.I talked to him, told him it wasn’t okay for him to try and kiss me. He said it was in the moment. We apologized to each other and that's it. We’ve been back to our normal selves after that.” Jimin shrugged trying to shut down the topic. Truthfully, he wasn’t a good liar. Especially when it came to Taehyung. The two have been best friends since before they could remember. It felt wrong to just lie to Taehyung like that after all they’ve been through.

The red head was still suspicious though, squinting at Jimin. He could tell something was off but he knew Jimin would never lie to him so he didn’t question it. “Alright..”

Their conversation drifted into nothingness, taking their sweet time getting to class. The hallways were more empty because they were a little early to school.

Hani saw the two boys from her locker, shutting it before making her way to them, being her best friend Hyerin along with her. Hyerin had been too shy to talk to Taehyung, the boy she had been crushing on since her freshman year in highschool.
Taehyung never really noticed her much. He himself was always hiding in corners so he didn’t really pay attention to anyone other than Jimin. He did remember her though. In freshman year she was a cute silly girl with a pixie cut. Pretty shy from what Taehyung remembered. Then she made it onto the cheerleading team and became the cheeriest person Taehyung knew. She always spoke her mind loudly in classes and knew how to make people laugh. The definition of quirky really.

She knew Hani knew Jimin and had been begging her to get Jimin to set her and Taehyung up.
Hani figured now is a good time.

“Hey Jimin! Can I talk to you for a second?” Hani said, pulling a protesting hyerin along with her.

Jimin almost didn’t recognize Hani with her freshly dyed brown hair now cut into a bob. She looked good that way, more natural Jimin thought.

“Um yea you look wow..,” Jimin chuckled. The two had not really spoken much after her and Jungkook broke up. They hadn’t really spoken much at all but he knew Hani was a sweet girl. He felt kind of weird talking to Jungkook’s ex girlfriend now that he and Jungkook were having hour long make out sessions in secret. But he could never envy or hate someone like her. She was too good to dislike. Sometimes Jimin wondered how Jungkook could let someone like Hani go to begin with.

She wasnt like the stereotypical head cheerleader snob type. She was intelligent and sweet and genuinely beautiful.

Behind her, Hyerin hid awkwardly from Taehyung who had to resist the urge to giggle at how cute she was, her lips curled into a pout and her cheeks bright red. He knew Hyerin was interested in him, Jimin told him a couple weeks ago but with winter break and readjusting, he kind of forgot. They also didn’t have many classes together and hung out with two different crowds so it’s not like they saw each other anyway.

Well, Taehyung didn’t really have a crowd. Jimin was his crowd. Meanwhile Hyerin’s crowd was the football team and cheerleading squad. He had to admit her social status in the school was quite intimidating to Taehyung.

“Thanks! Break ups make girls want to do crazy stuff to their hair so I went bold and chopped it all off. The purple was getting old too.”

Jimin smiled. Taehyung was waiting for Hyerin to say something but she hid further behind Hani.
So he initiated.

“Hi hyerin,” he smiled, offering a small wave.

“H-hi.. Taehyung-ssi,” she bowed shyly.

He reached over, gently grabbing her hand and pulling her from behind Hani so he could see her completely.
“As lovely as Hani-noona is, you don’t have to hide behind her, I can’t see you then,” He brushed his thumb over her knuckles and Jimin had to give it his best friend.
He could flirt.

Taehyung didn’t have many friends, he was never one for the popular crowd. His grades were important to him, but he could get anyone he wanted to if he put himself out there and that was a fact.

Jimin could never do what Taehyung was doing right now. Never, even in 100 years, will Jimin be able to muster enough courage to be as bold and brave with people he liked the way Taehyung was.

“So how about we take a walk yea?” Hani said to Jimin, hinting that it wasnt so much of a question, more like a demand. He wasn’t an idiot, he knew Hani wanted to leave Taehyung and Hyerin alone so he agreed, walking off with Hani. Hyerin wanted to protest, eyes wide upon realizing now she didn’t have her best friend to hide behind but she couldn’t find her voice.

“Sorry, Hyerin has been bugging me for weeks to get Taehyung to talk to her. I’ve been telling her that Taehyung and I aren’t even really friends! But she insisted since I dated your brother and you’re best friends with Tae.”

“It’s okay! I’m sure Taehyung will get her to open up soon. They both have silly personalities I think they’d get along well,” Jimin chuckled. He opened his mouth to say something else before being interrupted by the Student Body president Kim Seokjin aka one of Jungkook’s best friends and the most popular and good looking kid in school.

“Hey Hani! Oooh and Mr. Park Jimin, The big step bro we never see! Sometimes I feel like you’re a fable! We never see you around when we’re over to see Kook! Anyway,” Jin handed them both two flyers he had been passing around.

“As both of you clearly know cause of our cute little Kookie-ah, my child! I practically raised him on my back! Cutie he is, anyway Hope World is performing this Friday night at the auditorium. Tickets are $10 for front 6 rows and $5 for the rest! All the money goes to charity!” He began walking away, handing flyers to other people who were around the hall. “It’s being hosted by me! Your very own Kim Seokjin, Schoolwide handsome student body president. I better both of you there!”

And then Jin turned the next corner, disappearing to hand out more flyers. Jimin stared down at the flyer confused. Jungkook didn’t tell him the show was this friday. He knew there was a show coming up but he didn’t know when. Jimin was kind of offended that Jungkook didn’t even bother to invite him..

“So are you gonna go to the show?” Hani asked, folding the paper into squares, stuffing it into the smaller pocket of her blue backpack.

“I don’t know. Jungkook didn’t tell me about it,” he frowned.

“Oh.. Jungkook told me you and him were getting close. I’m glad you’re putting your differences aside to try and get along!” She smiled.

Oh.. they were getting along way better than she thought.

“You still talk to Jungkook?”

“Well yea. He was my best friend before he was my boyfriend. I think dating actually ruined our friendship. We talk more fluidly now, after we broke up rather than when we were together. Anyway..” she stopped in front of a door, Jimin stopping in front of her.

“This is my homeroom. I’ll see you later. We should sit together at lunch today! You me Taehyung and Hyerin!”

“Sounds good,” Jimin grinned, reaching behind Hani to grab the door knob and open it for her. She smiled, shoving Jimin playfully. “What a gentleman. Thank you, I'll see you at lunch!”


Lunch with Hani, Hyerin and Taehyung was certainly strange and eventful. People were staring at their table, the head cheerleader Hani and top of the pyramid, Hyerin were sitting with the underratedly good looking homework nerds of the junior class. It was a strange occurrence that brought a lot of unwanted attention towards Jimin. He even heard someone whispering something about Jimin getting “Jungkook’s sloppy seconds” basically implying that Jimin was trying to get with his step brothers ex.

If only they knew it was actually his step brother he was getting with.
Hyerin and Taehyung got accustomed to each other quickly, already sharing food and giggling about dumb things like how putting two french fries under your lips makes you look like a walrus.

Meanwhile Hani and Jimin were having a conversation about their hopes for after high school and what they plan on doing with their lives.
Suddenly Jimin felt a large hand on his shoulder giving him a tight squeeze.

When he looked up, Jungkook was staring down at him with a fake smile, almost seemed sarcastic and Jimin couldn’t really decipher it.
“So what are we talking about hm?”


Whispers grew louder, Jungkook standing between his step brother and his ex girlfriend clearly could be taken a certain way.
Jimin gulped, looking around at all the eyes on his table. Taehyung didn’t seem to mind, too busy playing with Hyerins hair while making her laugh to notice people were even staring.
Jimin on the other hand could almost feel every pair of eyes burning into his skin like hot metal.

“What are you doing Kook,” Hani rolled her eyes, popping a blueberry into her mouth not even bothering to look up at Jimin.

“Nothing I just wanted to know what my ex and my step brother are doing together ya know? So come on whats the 411? What are we gossipping about hm?”

Jimin had to restrain the urge to smack Jungkook because he could tell the brunette was either jealous or being very obnoxious and petty. He didn’t want Jungkook to accidentally expose them so he knew what he had to do.
“Kook can I talk to you for a second?” Jimin said through gritted teeth. Jungkook meanwhile still had that unbothered look on his face that was totally manufactured.

“Sure! Lets go to the bathroom yea? Sorry guys, Stealing my big brother from you!” He said in a cheery voice, stepping back so Jimin had room to get out of his seat.

The two walked out of the cafeteria into the bathroom, making sure no one was in it before the continued to speak.
“What’s wrong with you!?” He whisper yelled, smacking Jungkook on the shoulder.
It wasn’t strong enough to actually hurt Jungkook though, the younger remained completely unphased.

“Nothing? Why what’s wrong with you?” Jungkook asked innocently, tilting his head to the side. He was literally pretending like 5 minutes ago never happened and Jimin just wasn’t in the mood for it.
He knew what game Jungkook was playing and frankly he didn’t care for it right now. He was already stressed enough and Jungkook was making things so much more frustrating.

“You know what I’m not dealing with this right now, I was having a nice conversation with Hani so if You’ll excuse me-“ Jimin pushed past Jungkook to leave the bathroom only to be forcefully turned around and slammed against the bathroom door.
Jungkook was not going to let Jimin out that easily, clearly enough.

“Jungkook let go..” Jimin squirmed in the brunettes arms trying to wiggle out of his grip but he just couldn’t not with how tight Kook was holding him in place.

“Is it bad that I don’t like seeing you around other people?” The other whispered, leaning in closer, eyes landing on Jimin’s lips. Jimin’s body grew rigid, he knew where Jungkook’s eyes were stuck to.

“Well I’m gonna be around people whether you like it or not. And Isn’t like you’re coming up to me and trying to talk to me or anything-“
He was silenced by Jungkook’s finger pressing over his lips to shush him. The blonde kind of liked how Jungkook’s cold ring felt against his lips..

“We’d be too suspicious… but we’re alone now..” Jungkook licked his lips leaning in closer so their noses were brushing over each other. He cupped Jimin’s cheeks into his two cold hands, brushing his thumbs over the reddening skin.
Jimin’s mind felt hazy, just how close they were to each other was enough to intoxicate Jimin yet still it wasn’t enough. He hated how easy it was for Jungkook to get him to submit.

“Yea.. we’re alone..” Jimin nodded,
Wrapping his fingers around Jungkook’s wrists, leaning closer into his touch, the one thing keeping him sane but driving him insane at the same time.

Slowly riding through the intense moment, their lips inched closer and closer until they were gently brushing over each other, sharing the same oxygen.

Jimin’s impatience was eating at his insides and he could no longer wait. He knew Jungkook was taunting him with the faint and incomplete touches, so he took what he wanted. He stood on his toes and pushed their lips together, feeling Jungkook’s smile of satisfaction while they kiss. Jungkook was the type to assert his dominance, roughly and unexpectedly grabbing Jimin’s ass to let the blonde know who was still in charge. Again as always, Jimin felt a rush of helplessness, body going limp in Jungkook’s strong arms.

At the taste of Jungkook’s tongue pushing against his own, he felt euphoric, almost forgetting where they were and who they were. The rest of the world grew silent, almost nonexistent as their tongues danced in each others mouths.

The smacking of their spit slick lips and Jimin’s needy whined were echoing off the walls, like music to Jungkook’s ears. It made him feel almost powerful to know how much control he had over Jimin. Feisty little Jimin who grew so desperate so fast with just simple skin contact. Jimin was his, no one elses.

Kissing Jimin was like both the effects of an aphrodisiac, making him feel all types of emotions he couldn’t categorize. There was something exhilarating about shoving his tongue into his step brothers mouth while squeezing his ass in the school bathroom.

And as much as he’d love to keep going, reality enjoyed playing games with Jungkook’s life, the bell ringing just as he was about to slip his hands under Jimin’s shirt.

The two pulled away from each other almost at the same time.
“We’re not done here,” Jungkook growled into Jimin’s ear causing the older to whimper at the thought of them continuing this later.
He was looking forward to it more than anything in his life.



Jimin had to walk home after school because Jungkook had not shown up to take him home. Normally Jimin would wait in front of the parking lot for Jungkook to pull up the car and they’d go home together. When he got here he waited and waited but Jungkook never came to take him.

Taehyung had already left and he didn’t live so close so Jimin didn’t want to make him drive back.
He didn’t mind walking but what did bother him was that Jungkook didn’t even tell him that he wasn't going to take him home. He didn’t even know where Jungkook was! The least Jungkook could have done was warn him so he could catch a ride with Tae before he left!

What made Jimin upset was how it began to rain over him while he was walking. Not to mention it was still winter so it was freezing enough already and the rain made it worse. So he began to run through the droplets landing on his body. He made it home within 20 minutes thanks to the running.

When he got inside, the Air from the AC hit him, making him shiver in his dripping wet clothes.
He felt like utter shit.

“Jimin!? Jimin honey why are you all wet?” Siwon gasped, putting her feather duster down and running over to Jimin, shutting the door behind the boy.

“Oh baby let me get you a towel, stay right here!” Jimin nodded, teeth chattering from how cold he was. It felt like he had been locked in a freezer for days, body trembling uncontrollably.

About a minute later, Siwon returned with a warm towel. Before she gave it to Jimin, she took Jimin’s back pack off his shoulder, along with his jacket and his shirt. Then she wrapped the towel around Jimin who almost moaned at the sensation of something warm and dry being wrapped around his shivering body.

“Go upstairs and take a hot shower I’m gonna make you some hot tea okay?” Siwon gave the boy a kiss on his forehead, the blonde nodding before turning to the stairs.

“T-t-t-hank-k y-y-you n-noon-n-na.”

When he was done with his hot shower, Siwon made him hot tea like she promised. He couldn’t stop sneezing and he still felt cold even though the Air was set to 75 degrees; to Jimin it felt like 40. He wore a oversized, thick, knitted sweater,thick sweatpants, and his fuzzy socks.
Jimin sat at the table,knees to his chest, sipping on his tea while Siwon wiped down the counters, humming a song from her childhood.

Jungkook walked into the kitchen when Jimin was more than halfway done with his tea and Jimin could not be angrier.

“Hey- whoa what happened to you? You look like a mess.”

“W-well someone ditched me at school today a-and left me to walk home in the freezing rain,” Jimin spat back without looking at Jungkook.

The brunette was confused for a second before his eyes widened in realization. He forgot to tell Jimin he had dance practice today…
“Oh my god hyung I’m so sorry! I forgot to tell you I had practice after school Im so so sorry I had no idea-“

“Save it..” Jimin put the now empty tea cup down on the table, pulling his knees closer to his chest, kind of like protection.

Jungkook rushed over to Jimin, bending down and putting his hand on the blondes knee.
“Ill make it up to you I promise.”

“How? Huh? Im sh-shivering and Im gonna g-get sick cause you forgot to tell me you had p-practice!” Tears swelled up in Jimin’s eyes. Lately the boy had become more sensitive to anything regarding Jungkook. It was like he began to rely of Jungkook to take care of him. It physically hurt Jimin that Jungkook was constantly the only thing on his mind so he felt almost betrayed today when Jungkook couldn’t even remember to tell Jimin to find a ride.

He wasn’t even thinking about Jimin at all..

Siwon watched in silence, her eyebrows knitting together in confusion. She had never seen the two boys act in such away. Ever since Jimin moved in all she had witnessed was endless bickering and snarky comments between the two. She knew boys were starting to get along more but this.. this was something different, she just couldn’t figure it out.


“I promise I will make it up to you. Lets go upstairs yea? We can watch a movie and I’ll bring you ramyeon and I know you like my fluffy blanket we can go under it too. Sound good?” Jimin’s lips curled in a pout. As much as he wanted to say “fuck you” to Jungkook, he liked the idea of spending time with the other without making out and then parting ways.
So he agreed.


It was like the two forgot Siwon was even there because if they remembered, they wouldn't have acted so familiar with each other in front of her.

It slipped their minds completely and they didn’t give it a single thought after leaving the kitchen and going to Jungkook’s room.

Chapter Text

“So I'm not the best cook but I know how to make really good ramyeon,” Jungkook said, slowly bringing the hot bowl of soup to the nightstand next to Jimin, setting it down gingerly so it wouldn’t spill. It was still very hot, steam was being released from it.
Jimin was completely under Jungkook’s blue fluffy blanket, only his eyes, forehead and mop of hair visible. The way Jimin was looking up at Jungkook with those big, chocolate brown eyes was drawing the brunette in. Jimin was like a siren. Like a drug, there was no explaining it.

There was no explanation for what the blonde was doing to Jungkook. All Jungkook knew was that he could do this everyday and not mind. He could walk into his room and see Jimin like this under his sheets every single day and never get tired of it.
Jimin stayed like that, looking up at Jungkook, and the brunette felt inclined, obligated even, to press a small kiss onto Jimin’s nose. At the contact, Jimin’s eyes fluttered shut. Jungkook couldn’t see it because of the blanket shielding half of the olders face.. but he was smiling wider than ever.

“Thank you..” Jimin mumbled.


Jimin quietly and carefully finished the soup, hoping he wouldn't spill anywhere. To ensure he wouldn't, he had to lean over to the nightstand to eat the noodles.
Jungkook was sitting beside him, playing with the shiny blonde strands of Jimin’s hair. He was singing a song, actually mumbling it kind of but it was relaxing.

When Jimin was done with the soup, he laid his head on Jungkook’s chest, the younger pulling him closer by the waist. The blanket was pulled over the both of them now, their legs tangled under the sheets, Jungkook couldn’t have it any other way.

“You have a beautiful voice Jungkook,” Jimin whispered, drawing shapes with the tip of his finger over Jungkook’s pec.
“Thank you baby…” Jungkook whispered, continuing his song.

They were supposed to watch a movie but with Jungkook singing to him and his large hand in Jimin’s hair, playing with the locks, Jimin accidentally fell asleep. Jungkook could tell by the steadiness of Jimin’s breath that he did. It made him smile. He really could do this every day.

“What have you done to me Park Jimin..” Jungkook whispered, still playing with Jimin’s hair. Besides him, on the nightstand was his lamp, turned on. It was still day outside and Jungkook couldn’t get up to close the curtains cause of Jimin so he decided to just turn the lamp off. Thankfully do to the dark clouds and lack of sun outside, the room was dark enough for them to fall asleep.
Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin, falling asleep with him.


When Jungkook woke up an hour later, he was confused why something on him felt so heavy. Groaning, his eyes fluttered open, looking down at his chest to see Jimin looking back up at him. It seemed Jimin had been awake for quite some time, the slumber was gone from his eyes.

“You look pretty when you sleep..” Jimin mumbled, nuzzling into Jungkook’s neck.

“You look pretty always..” Jungkook replied.

After a few seconds of comfortable silence, Jungkook spoke up again.
“Im sorry for leaving you today to walk.. I really forgot-“

“I got hurt..” Jimin cut Jungkook off to say. “I got hurt because lately you’re the only thing on my mind.. and you couldn’t even remember to tell me you were going to practice.. you didn’t even tell me when your performance was, Jin-ssi had to hand me a flyer.. do you not want me to come?” Jimin’s voice sounded small, hurt almost. He didn’t want to look up at Jungkook, he was quite comfortable in his position. But he was afraid of the answer.

“No that's not it. Jimin hyung you’re all I think about, I just had a busy day it slipped my mind. And of course I want you to come. You being there will me work harder… please come to my show hyung..” he intertwined their fingers.

“You want me there?”


“Yes.. I want you there. I want you everywhere..”



“Come on ask him..” Jimin whispered to Jungkook who was hiding in the corner behind the wall on the other side of the living room. His dance show was tomorrow and Jungkook had said he wanted his father to come see him but was too afraid to ask. Jimin wanted Jungkook to stand confidently in front of his father and face his fears and insecurities. It was time Jungwoo saw what a talented son he had. He encouraged Jungkook to go ask his father who was in the living room, typing something on his laptop while Jimin’s mother watched the news next to him, but the younger was terrified, hiding behind the wall.

“I don't know..” Jungkook said, frowning and hugging himself as a means of protection.

“You can do it.. it's just a question.”
He placed his hand on Jungkook’s cheek, standing on his toes and giving him a small kiss on his forehead. “I'm here okay?”

Jungkook let out a sigh, nodding. He didn’t feel ready for this but knowing Jimin was here helped him muster enough courage to get out there and stand in front of his father. He could be a man for Jimin.

When Jungkook stood in front of his father and stepmother, they remained distracted, almost as if they didn’t see Jungkook. So he cleared his throat to grab the attention of Hayoon and Jungwoo, who eventually looked at Jungkook to see what the disturbance was. Neither of them said anything, waiting for him to speak instead.

“Um.. So.. I have a dance show tomorrow.. at the money we make goes to a charity a-and I was wondering you would both like to come. I have a solo I worked really hard on a-and-“

“Now why would I waste my time to watch you jump around the stage like a monkey Jungkook?” Jungwoo interrupted in a casual voice, looking down at his laptop again and continued typing. Jungkook’s heart began beating faster, losing confidence and gaining anxiety. He had to keep his cool though and stand strong, as hard as he knew it would be.

“W-well I just thought maybe you’d want to see me and my dance crew for once.. I’d really like it if you t-two came..”

“See Jungkook this is exactly why you aren’t doing good in school. Because you’re spending time on this pathetic circus posse of yours. Charity pfft you live in a mansion, you don’t worry about charity okay? Let the world peace believers deal with charity. What a pathetic question to ask”

Tears formed in Jungkook’s eyes, shrinking into himself like a vulnerable child in the midst of his biggest fear. He did know what to say.

“Jungwoo, maybe we should go. It would be nice to see Jungkook dance-“

Jungwoo shut his laptop roughly, causing Jungkook to flinch and Hayoon to immediately shut her mouth out of fear. The man stood up and took steps closer to Jungkook until there was only a foot space between them.

“No. What would be nice would be to see Jungkook getting his head out of his ass and into his textbooks damn it!” He hit Jungkook upside the head, causing Jungkook to gasp. His lip quivered, body trembling. Never in his life had he felt so weak and small. His father always knew how to do that to him. How to make him feel insufficient and worthless. How to make Jungkook feel like an idiot.

“You think you’re going to get anywhere with your stupid dancing and football? Knocking down a bunch of guys is gonna get you a career!? You’re such a disgrace Jungkook seriously. Pathetic excuse for a Jeon, God I wonder why I had to be cursed with an imbecile for a child. Just like your mother.” Jungwoo jabbed a finger into Jungkook’s chest, the brunette keeping his head down in shame.

“I-I understand. S-sorry for asking father,” Jungkook could not stand another second in front of his dad, turning around a rushing away with his hand over his mouth the silence the sobs that were threatening to come out.
Jimin stood in the corner, eyes wide in shock. When Jungkook rushed past him, he grabbed the youngers arm. “W-wait-“

But Jungkook wanted to be alone, yanking his arm out of Jimin’s grip, running upstairs and slamming the door. Jimin was speechless.. how could someone be so cruel to their own child?

He couldn’t just sit quiet about it so he walked outside, grabbing Jungwoo’s attention.
The man was back on the couch, laptop open again while his mother gave him a massage. He scoffed at the image, his mother was such a lapdog it was so pathetic. Money really does change people.

“Ah Jimin, how are you today son?” Jungwoo smiled at him. It was like the whole scene never happened, he went back to his normal and calm side. It made Jimin sick. Poor Jungkook must have suffered for years with this mans verbal abuse, no wonder the brunette was so bad with his emotions and expressing them.

“How could you talk to Jungkook like that.. he just wants you to be proud of him and you always tear him down. Jungkook is a talented guy. He sings, he draws, he can dance. Most fathers would kill to get their son captain of the football team and he’s amazing at that too. You’re disgusting, no wonder Jungkook is messed up. He never had a father to teach him the right directions to take. And you.” He pointed to his mother. “You’ve changed. You used to be such a caring woman, you could have been anyone you wanted to be. And here you are, a CEO’s bitch. Im ashamed of you. Both of you.”

Speechless was what he left Hayoon and Jungwoo. Jimin never spoke to them like that, he always sat quiet and did as he was told. When he figured they wouldn’t respond, he turned around and walked up the stairs, reaching Jungkook’s room.

Gently opening the door, he saw Jungkook holding onto his pillow, sobbing into it. Jimin’s heart broke, he had never seen Jungkook cry like this. He’d seen him on the verge of tears, angry, full of rage but never sobbing.

“G-get out.” He muttered, voice muffled by the pillow he held onto even tighter.

“No..” Jimin shut the door behind him, slowly walking over to Jungkook’s bed, sitting on the corner of It.

“Why did you t-tell me to a-ask!” Jungkook sobbed, sitting up but still holding his pillow in his arms.
“I told you h-how he’d react I told you!”

Jimin knew Jungkook lashing out was just because he was hurt. He knew better than to take it personally. Remaining calm and collected was the only way he could help Jungkook.

“I’m sorry baby..” Jimin whispered.

“You know.. I should be used to i-it. His words.. he’s never said a single nice thing about me.. My father hates me and my mom she doesn't even call. She hasn’t called me since my last birthday 7 months ago! A-and you.. you m-made me cry once too.”

Jimin became more alert when he heard Jungkook’s last words. He made Jungkook cry? When was that?

It was as if Jungkook read Jimin’s mind because what he said next provided a clear answer.

“When you and Taehyung were studying for physics. I told you to wing the test and you insulted m-me. Then I went upstairs a-and cried. You tried to come and apologize and I told you no one would miss you if you died..”

Jungkooks sobs dialed down a bit, now only hiccups and heavy unsteady breathing.
Jimin never knew how to comfort people. He hardly knew how to comfort himself but Jungkook looked so destroyed, he wanted to help him. But he could not help but be curious.

“Do you still think that? That no one would miss me?” Jimin mumbled, crawling on the bed so he was closer to Jungkook, sitting right beside him and looking at him intently. Jungkook wouldn’t look at him so Jimin ended up just staring at his side profile.

“No.. I like you way too much. If you were gone, I’d leave too…”

“Look at me,” Jimin hooked his fingers under Jungkook’s chin turning the youngers head so he’d look back at him. “I’m sorry I made you cry. And I’m sorry for pushing you to asking for father but you know what? I’ll be there tomorrow. I’ll always be there for you..”

Jungkook let one last tear slip from his eye before nodding in understanding. He could not believe he ever hated Jimin or done and said terrible things to him. Jimin didn’t deserve someone like Jungkook. But he wanted to be selfish and never let Jimin go.



Jimin, Hani, Taehyung, and Hyerin all took their seats together in one of the front rows. Many people showed up, a very good turn out. It was pretty loud in the room with all the chatter and the music playing, controlled by Yoongi and Namjoon at the DJ booth. He figured it would be them DJing since it was kid of their thing.

Jimin was excited to see Jungkook dance. He hadn’t before so he didn't know what to expect. Especially since Jungkook had a solo. But he knew Jungkook would do great. He was a winner. That’s what Jimin could expect from Jungkook.
Hani knew Jimin had never seen Jungkook in action, he told her on the way over here.

“Jungkook’s a very good dancer, he taught me a few moves once, early in our relationship before it turned into only sex,” Hani chuckled, checking the time on her phone before slipping it into the pocket of her coat. “It should start soon.”

Jimin wasn’t jealous of Hani. He wasn’t jealous of her for having sex with Jungkook or being able to be in an open relationship with him without the fear of someone finding out. He wished he could have the same kind of opportunity but he just didn’t. Fate didn’t work out that way for he and Jungkook. Yet he still wondered if Hani would still be his friend if she knew that he was with Jungkook.
He wondered how many people would judge him for his feelings that he harbored in a folder named Jeon Jungkook.


Well, was he with Jungkook? They never established anything. They just agreed that no one would find out about their makeout sessions…. what did that mean?

Before Jimin could think more about it, he heard the crowd behind him cheering and clapping. His eyes flickered to the stage were Kim Seokjin, dressed in a red button down and black jeans waved to the audience with a mic in one hand.
Jimin could hear the girls behind him crying over how handsome he was..

“Hello everyone! I’m student body president Kim Seokjin, Mr.-“ he put the mic out to the crowd so they could yell his next words. “Schoolwide Handsome!” The crowd yelled, Jin shaking his head like he could never get tired of that title.

“That’s right! Welcome to your Hope World! We have really cool choreography for you tonight performed by Hope World dance crew Everybody make some noise!”

The crowd cheered louder.

“4 dances, 2 solos, and one special rap performance ll the money you paid for tickets will be going to a charity that uses their fund to help poor families with no food or shelter. It’s for a good cause so I hope you all invited your friends! Back here-“ he pointed to the DJ booth behind him- “Is mr. Kim Namjoon and Min Yoongi our DJ’s for tonight Give them a round of applause.”

Both Namjoon and Yoongi put their hands out, waving, the crowd cheering for them.

“These two will be your special rap performance at the end of the show so stick around for that! Our dance crew is just backstage, ready to see you guys so please give it up for Taemin! Hoseok! Jungkook! Momo! Chungha! And Yugyeom!”

Jimin watched as one by one the members of Hope World walked out. Jungkook wore a black bucket hat, black tshirt with the words “notorious” across it in white block letters and baggy black pants. Laid back was the way to describe his outfit and Jimin was living for it. He couldn’t help but get excited to see Jungkook all hot and sweaty.

Lately he had been craving more than what he was receiving. He wanted more of Jungkook that he wasn't getting. But it was not the right to think about all the things Jungkook could do to him.




The dancing was amazing, Jungkook was doing so good. His moves were sharp and on point, Jimin watched in awe. He wishes he could dance that powerfully. the choreography was done by Hoseok, such a talent. It made Jimin feel like the only thing he could do was be book smart…


Although the choreography and the flow was amazing, What made Jimin forget how to breathe was the powerful hip thrusts Jungkook repeatedly did. Since no one else was doing it, he was sure it wasn’t apart of the choreography. And it seemed like every time he did a hip thrust.. his eyes were directly on Jimin.

The soft Jungkook who was crying in his arms yesterday was gone, replaced with the sex god Jungkook who was practically stripping Jimin naked with his eyes and thrusting into the air while staring at the blonde; this is what he could to to Jimin. With hips like those, with Jungkook’s strength, he could have Jimin drooling in pleasure.


It was harder during Jungkook’s solo. When the other got on his hands and began grinding on the floor. Jimin literally choked on his water and thanks the heavens that Hani who was sitting next to him did not notice. During Jungkook’s dance, everytime Jimin and Jungkook made eye contact it felt like no one else was in the room. Like it was just the two of them and Jungkook was demonstrating how good he was with his body.

He felt so dirty thinking about all the positions Jungkook could fuck him in when he should be admiring his dance moves and talent. But he just couldn’t. His mind was tainted with Jungkook, his craving for the brunette was growing stronger and stronger.

Before Jimin could even realize it, the dance show along with Jungkook’s solo was over. When Jungkook got off the stage, Yoongi and Namjoon ran out to rap, and Jimin’s mind finally returned to planet earth from wherever the hell it was at.


Planet Jungkook.
Planet Jeon Fucking Jungkook was where his mind now resided. It bought a house there and everything.

“Wow that was amazing!” Taehyung said while clapping. “I wish I knew how to rap!” He said, voice dripping in awe.

“Keep dreaming Tae,” Jimin chuckled, rolling his eyes. Namjoon and Yoongi were hella talented when it came to their rap skills. Jimin almost couldn’t believe his ears and he was sure the crowd felt the same. It seemed like Yoongi and Namjoon actually wrote the rap because the words came to them so fluidly.

The entire show was just amazing and he hoped Seokjin got enough money for the charity.
With how many people showed up, he suspected it must be a lot and at the next show, there will probably be more. The show was over faster that Jimin expected it to be, Seokjin thanking everyone for coming and the crowd shuffling out of their seats, talking about the performance as they did.
The music was put at a low volume while people began to leave, rewatching the videos they took. Jimin didn’t take any though he wanted to. But he was just too hypnotized by Jungkook to do anything but stare, even to pull his phone out. He was sure Taehyung took videos though..


Hani and Hyerin said goodbye to Jimin and Tae, but both of them were waiting for Jungkook since they were all going home together, Taehyung’s car being parked in Jimin’s driveway.
Because they knew Jungkook would probably take a while, they decided to go backstage on their own and maybe congratulate the whole team on doing well.

When they got there, Jimin spotted Jungkook laughing with Hoseok about something. Taemin was beside them but he was on his phone basically ignoring everyone, Momo, Chungha and Yugyeom were making fun of each others dance style, Yugyeom imitating both the girls.

What made him nervous was the sight of Taemin. Jimin had not spoken to Taemin since what happened and truthfully, he didn’t want to see him at all but right now it wasn't like he had much of a choice.

“Wow Jungkook-ah you did so good!” Taehyung said walking up to Jungkook, Jimin slowly behind him. “Thanks Tae! Glad you came to show!” Jungkook grinned, eyes flickering from Taehyung to Jimin who offered a small wave.
They couldn’t be obvious..


When Taehyung saw Yoongi standing beside Hoseok on his phone, his eyes widened like he just met his idol. A gasp leaving Taehyungs throat was what caught Yoongi’s attention, forcing the senior to look up. Jimin was sure Yoongi didn’t know Taehyung, they’ve never spoken before, and with the way Yoongi was looking at Taehyung weirdly, he was almost positive that he was right.
“Y-yoongi hyung!” Taehyung bowed, “You’re rap skills are amazing!”

“Thanks… what's your name again?”

“Kim Taehyung, its so great to actually meet you wow..”

Jimin couldn’t help but be embarrassed of Taehyung. Yoongi was just another senior at the school it wasn’t like he was super famous or anything. And clearly, Yoongi was weirded out. “Tae he’s just a guy stop acting like he’s a superstar,” Jimin rolled his eyes while chuckling.

“Are you kidding me!? His tracks on soundcloud are fucking awesome Jiminnie hyung! He’s gonna be famous one day!” Taehyung exclaimed.
Even Jungkook looked at Yoongi—whose cheeks were turning bright red—weirdly.

“You post your music on soundcloud hyung?” Hoseok asked, furrowing his eyebrows. It seemed like neither Jungkook or Hoseok knew about this.
Yoongi was shooting daggers at Taehyung with his eyes, the red haired male gulping in fear. He didn’t know it was meant to be a secret…
The raven haired pointed a finger at him. “You. Come with me.”

Taehyung looked over at Jimin for help but the blonde only shrugged. Tae was in for some trouble, Yoongi had his murderous look on..
Scared, Taehyung followed Yoongi out of sight meanwhile Hoseok and Jungkook looked at each other confused yet amused at the same time.

“Hi Jimin..” Taemin said in a jaded voice with still a slight hint of annoyance, still keeping his eyes on his phone. It was like he was bothered that Jimin wasn’t even acknowledging his presence. “Hi.. Taemin hyung.. um Kook can I talk to you?” Jimin asked when he noticed the bunny glaring at Taemin for even speaking to Jimin. Jungkook was clearly the jealous type although he was never like this with Hani. Jimin knew that. Some part of him felt happy that Jungkook got jealous for him…


The two ended up in a corner of the room.
Jimin just wanted to get away from Taemin, he didn’t want to speak to him after hearing the details of the fight he picked with Jungkook. Saying those things was wrong of him. He was trying to pin Jungkook against Jimin by repeating the things Jimin said during a time of frustration.
Especially after everything that happened between them, Jimin could not understand what he did for Taemin to be that way towards him.

Jungkook knew why Jimin took him to the side, he wasn’t oblivious. Also Jimin was very easy to read.
“You did great tonight..” Jimin said, leaning his shoulder on the wall.
“Thank you.. seeing you in the crowd motivated me..”

“Were those hip thrusts apart of the choreography or are you trying to seduce me?” Jimin raised his eyebrow, a small smirk tugging on his lips.

“You caught me red handed…”

Before Jimin could reply, from the corner of his eye he saw Taehyung and Yoongi coming back, Yoongi with a poker face but Taehyung looking horrified as ever. “We should go..” Jimin mumbled, walking past Jungkook to his friend, pulling him to the side away from the other guys.

“What happened!?”

“He.. he kissed me..”

Chapter Text

After the dance show, a still baffled Taehyung left home, leaving just Jimin and Jungkook alone in their big house. It was about 1 am so they both figured their parents would be asleep and Siwon would have gone home. So they’d have to be extra quiet but they’d still get time to be with each other.
While walking into the house, Jimin began to speak in order to cut the thick tension between them. “You did amazing tonight..”

It was because Jimin was watching. He felt like he had to impress, just like at his football game, seeing Jimin there made him want to do better. At first he didn’t understand what that feeling was. He never felt the need to impress a person other than his dad but at the dance show, the only person he cared about was Jimin. Wanted to make the blonde proud.

“Because of you..,” Jungkook snaked his arms around Jimin’s waist, letting their chests touch; he could feel Jimin’s heart beating.


While looking at Jungkook, Jimin saw the perfect man. He saw everything he could ever want but could never fully have. It was unfair. He lied to his best friend about what was going on between he and his step brother. He lied to Taehyung about what they were when he didn’t even know himself what they were.
And as much as Jimin wanted to enjoy the moment they were having right now, He needed to ask.

“Jungkook what are we..?” He whispered, staring into Jungkook’s eyes. He was troubled, Jungkook could tell. And the truth is, he was too. Everything kind of happened so fast and truthfully, he didn’t know how far to go. He had many experiences with girls but his only girlfriend was Hani and other than two make out sessions with Zico, he had no experience with boys. Instinct was what he believed he should follow so he did.

“What do you want us to be?” He asked, rubbing circles at the small of Jimin’s back.

“I don’t know if we can even be anything at all. Jungkook look at us, we can never be like those other couples. We can never be like you and Hani, a-and I don’t know if I’m okay with just being your dirty little secret…”

“Hey hey You are not my dirty secret okay? I like you Jimin. Let's take things slow okay? How about I take you out on a date first. We can go have dinner and watch a movie? Baby steps.”

Jimin smiled in excitement. A date with Jungkook sounded amazing and he was happy Jungkook said that he wasn’t something he was trying to hide. They could go on a date together and no one would know they’re step brothers. What was the possibility they would run into someone they know? And if they did they could just call it “brotherly bonding” right?

“Yea.. baby steps.”




Jungkook loved when his father went on long business trips. It meant he did not have to deal with the snarky comments, arguments and disgusted stares across the dinner table. It meant he could pretend like the house was his and that he had no family because really, if his father was gone all the time that dream of Jungkook’s would be a reality.

Most people Jungkook knew thought a shitty family was better than no family at all. Jungkook was the opposite. He’d rather have no family and be able to do whatever the hell he wanted than have a mother who literally couldn’t care less about him and a father who looked at him like a piece of trash on the street.

At least he had Jimin. Jimin took care of him like he needed someone to. He smiled at the thought while watching Jimin asleep on his lap, his fingers tangled in the boys blonde hair. He had fallen asleep on Jungkook accidentally while they were watching a movie together on the couch and Jungkook let him because he knew the blonde was up the entire night before studying.

“Hey Jungkook have you seen the- oh..” Siwon walked in, taking in the sight of Jimin and Jungkook. The brunette froze, removing his hand from Jimin’s head almost immediately. He couldn’t exactly push Jimin off him so he tried to muster up some kind of excuse about the blonde being really tired and too heavy to move. Siwon bought it with skepticism, eyeing the two suspiciously.

“Okay.. have you seen my purse anywhere? I seemed to have misplaced it..”

“No I haven’t seen it,” Jungkook gave a fake smile and a shake of the head.

Siwon nodded, eyes flickering back and forth between Jungkook and Jimin one more time and the brunette slowly began to lose his patience, lip twitching.

“Right.. okay I’ll just go look around again…”

When she walked away, Jungkook let out a sigh of relief. Siwon was suspicious. Either that or she was just being a clueless old lady but either way, Jungkook believes she would forget about it soon. She had her own life and kids and she was pretty old so what were the chances she’d pay close attention to Jimin and him?



Finally their date night arrived and Jimin couldn't have been any more excited. He’d never been taken out on an actual date, not counting his first party with Taemin as a date since he got drunk and practically passed out. Even though it was just a movie, it was a big deal to Jimin enough for him to call Taehyung for outfit advice even though Jungkook was in the next room.


“So what movie are we seeing?” Jimin asked, taking Jungkook’s hand in his own and giving it a light squeeze.

“We are going to see pets 2,” Jungkook said wearing a proud grin.

Jimin snorted. Seriously? Of all the movies Jungkook chose the movie Pets? It seemed so unlike him, but Jimin actually loved cartoons so he guessed he should not complain.

“Pets huh.. cute.”

“Like you..”

The blonde gave him a look, jokingly rolling his eyes. When did Jungkook become so cheesy and ridiculous? Jimin bet it was because of all the time the younger had spent around Kim Seokjin, some of his charms must have rubbed off on the boy. Not that Jimin could necessarily complain. He liked the new compliments and small touches of affection. They added something more to their relationship.


They were finally standing in front of the movie
theater, Jungkook opening the door.
“After you,” The brunette said, gesturing for Jimin to go in the first. The blonde let out a little giggle, walking in and saying a sweet thank you.


This was their first actual date, Jimin made sure to remind himself over and over in his mind. Finally he felt like the two could take a step forward into their growing relationship other than just making out in their bedrooms.
Jungkook was sweet enough to pay for both their tickets, the two making jokes about Jungkook’s father that only the two of them could understand, bursting out in laughter while the lady behind the glass screen gave them a weird look while handing them their tickets.

It took them a few seconds to recollect themselves but when they did they made their way to the theater. They were early thankfully. Only a few people had arrived scattered around the seay so they picked seats in the middle, not too close but not too far.

“Hey stay here I’ll go buy us some popcorn okay?” Jungkook said quietly standing up from his seat but still his hand was being held by Jimin. Jimin gave him a nod and happy grin watching as Jungkook walked down the steps and out of the theater.

Well Jimin might as well make himself comfortable while he waits. The blonde leaned back in his chair, watching the commercials.

After 10 minutes, he furrowed his eyebrows, pulling his phone out to check the time. Jungkook had been gone for a while. He slipped his phone back into his pocket, uncomfortably shifting in his seat.


Maybe the line was just long..


But more and more people began to fill the seats, all holding their popcorn and drinks, soon the movie began and Jungkook still had not returned. It had already been half an hour and Jimin grew worried.

So he stood up from his seat, bending down so he would not block the screen until he got to the stairs. He walked out of the theater and made his way to where the food was sold. There was no line and Jungkook was no where.

Suddenly he heard group laughter, from behind the wall. Furrowing his eyebrows, Jimin came closer until he spotted a group of boys that were on the football team at his school at a table, laughing at something on someone’s phone.

And in the middle of them sat Jungkook.


Jimin’s heart shattered, he could hear it breaking inside him. Tears began to swell in his eyes as he stared at the scene before him. Jungkook totally ditched him…

Jungkook could feel someone looking at him, lifting his head to see if he was right. His face dropped and he gave Jimin a look kind of like worry but Jimin couldn’t decipher it.

The blonde thought maybe Jungkook would get up and at least come back to him, but he didnt. He sat there with the football jocks, turning his head back to the phone as if he did not even recognize the blonde. As if he was a stranger.


At that point Jimin couldn’t blink away his tears, allowing them to stream down his red cheeks. He couldn’t even bare the sight of Jungkook, turning around and running out of the theater. People looked at him like he was some kind of circus clown, like a fool.


He was. Believing that Jungkook was different, that he would take their relationship seriously was a mistake and he was stupid enough to buy into it. He bought into Jungkook’s good looks and the warmth of his body. He bought into Jungkook’s shows affection and the way the brunette held him.

It was all a joke to Jungkook wasn’t it?
Jimin was such a fool…

When he made it out of the theater he felt a brush of cool air hit his face, sending goosebumps around his body. He realized he left his sweater in Jungkook’s car which was just great. Not only did he have no way to get home but now he’d be outside freezing his ass off too.

With a shaky hand, he took his phone out of his pocket and called Taehyung. But Taehyung didn’t answer, so he called again. And again the red head didn’t answer. He felt weird calling Hani to take him home and he didn’t have Hyerin’s nhmber. The only other person he could call was Taemin.


Which is how Jimin ended up in Taemin’s car, head leaning against the window. The older male noticed how Jimin was shivering so he made sure to turn the air off so the blonde wouldn’t get hypothermia or something. Still Jimin’s small body was trembling uncontrollably, still crying rivers but not making a sound. As much as Taemin wanted to question why tears were streaming down the blondes pretty cheeks, he could tell Jimin just was not in the mood to talk, so he kept quiet and kept driving until he reached Jimin’s house.

Shifting the car to park, he turned his head over to Jimin who made no indicating movements to leave the car. He figured maybe now was an alright time to make sure Jimin was okay, not wanting the blonde to keep this all to himself. “So… what happened?”

Silence. Jimin couldn’t tell Taemin what had happened, even if Jungkook was an ass, their relationship or whatever they were was still a secret that had to be kept between the two of them. It was hard though, to bottle up all the pain he felt when he just wanted to scream at the top of his lungs.

He came up with some stupid cover up for the truth. “J-Jungkook and I just got into a fight thats all. I c-couldn’t walk home a-and Taehyung wasn’t picking up the phone… I’m sorry if I bothered you,” The blonde sniffled, rubbing his eyelids with his fingers while shifting in the seat.

“You never bother me Jimin…. Um can I come in? We can talk?” Taemin put his hand on Jimin’s rubbing his thumb over the younger’s knuckles. Jimin’s eyes flickered to where they were making skin contact, gulping. It felt wrong for Taemin to touch him intimately but at this point, he didn’t want to comment on it.

At first Jimin was going to say no but he didn’t want to be alone, not now. He needed someone to talk to but the truth was, there was no one he could actually talk to about the real situation. What was he going to tell Taemin? That for the past month he had been making out with his step brother?

Still, he needed comfort or someone to just be around him and distract him so he would not think about Jungkook and how stupid enough he was to trust the younger.

So he let Taemin in. Siwon had the day off and his parents were still in Tokyo so no one was home. They sat on the couch in the living room kind of in silence. What did they really have to say to each other? Not much.


“So… what did Jungkook do? If you dont mind me asking?” Taemin said trying to get rid of the tension. Jimin held his knees closer to his chest, trying to figure out how to lie but also tell the truth at the same time.

“I trusted him, he promised me I could trust him and he betrayed me. He embarrassed me and made me feel like nothing. And to think I thought he and I could be friends..”

“Jiminnie, Jungkook doesn’t know how to be a friend. He’s selfish.”

Something in Jimin made him want to yell at Taemin for speaking about Jungkook like that, wanting to defend the brunette. Why after tonight did he still feel the need to justify all of Jungkook’s mistakes for him?

“Yea.. I know I just.. I just thought that maybe we could try and be brothers.. but I was wrong.”

Just as Taemin opened his mouth to say something, the front door opened, both their heads turned to see Jungkook walking in, looking back and forth between Jimin and Taemin close on the couch. Jimin could see anger and jealousy slowly growing inside Jungkook as he glared at Taemin like he was ready to strangle his former friend.

“What is he doing here?” Jungkook asked through gritted teeth to Jimin but his eyes remained locked on Taemin.

Jimin almost laughed. How dare Jungkook. He had no right to be jealous or petty about Jimin hanging out with Taemin. If Jungkook had not been such a dick, Taemin would not be here. Besides Jungkook was the one who totally stabbed Jimin in the back so why should he have any right to be angry?

“I asked him to come in,” Jimin said crossing his hands over his chest to challenge the younger.

“Well tell him to get out!”

Taemin was not down for the brother bullshit so he voluntarily stood up, putting his hands up in defense. “I’ll text you later Jimin, I don’t want to make things worse.” Jimin wanted to protest, to say anything but his voice wouldn’t leave his throat only being able to watch as Taemin walked to the door, Jungkook’s eyes following him.

“B-bye..” Jimin managed to utter, the older male giving him a small wave before stepping out of the door.
When Jungkook saw the door shut, he turned back to Jimin, taking a few steps closer to the couch.
“Taemin? Seriously? Jimin you know I can’t stand that guy-“

“Leave me alone,” Jimin grumbled, getting off the couch and walking past Jungkook to get to the staircase. He couldn’t look at Jungkook without his heart breaking even more if it was possible.

Jungkook wouldn’t leave him alone though, following Jimin to the first step.
“Wait, Jimin you don’t understand.”

“I don’t understand?” Jimin bitterly chuckled, turning around.

“Just a few days ago you were talking about taking things slow and being serious about our relationship. And on our first date you ditch me for your football friends! And when you saw me, you acted as if I wasn’t even there. You’re a dick I can’t believe I started to like you..” Jimin turned again, taking the first step but Jungkook wouldn’t allow him to continue, grabbing the blondes wrist and pulling him back.
Jimin looked down at where they were making contact with disgust in his eyes, yanking his arm back.

“They invited me to sit and they were asking who I was there with, I didn’t want to be suspicious or risk anyone finding out-“

“Yea well you don’t have to worry about that anymore. I’m done give you chances over and over again only to end up the one hurt. I was an idiot what kind of person falls for their step brother? This was a mistake, a big mistake.”

Jungkook shook his head, how could Jimin say that? How could he call them a mistake?
It wasn’t like Jungkook had any choice, the guys on the team would have grown skeptical and once they’re curious they never leave something alone. They would have found out about the two of them. Why couldn't Jimin see that Jungkook was just trying to protect him?

“This wasn't a mistake! Why are you making such a big deal about this? You’re being so over dramatic!” Jungkook yelled, throwing his hands in the air. He slowly began to lose his patience with Jimin and it showed with how much louder he spoke with every word.


“Seriously? You know what fuck you Jungkook. I should have known better than to think there was anything redeemable about yourself.” Without turning back this time, Jimin ran upstairs into his room, shutting and locking the door and Jungkook let him go.

Jungkook let his stubbornness take over him, telling himself Jimin was being a child.
Jimin will get over it, Jungkook thought. Tomorrow He’ll wake up and he’ll forget about it. They’ll go back to being the way they were before tonight. He hoped...

Chapter Text

Its been 3 days since Jimin ended things with Jungkook and the blonde would be lying if he said it didn’t kill him to see Jungkook everyday. In the morning, they wouldn’t even make eye contact, Jimin would wake up extra early to walk to school, leaving just as Jungkook came down for breakfast.
He tried his best to avoid Jungkook as much as he could, avoiding him in school and in the house.

Jimin just didn’t understand.
How could Jungkook be so stubborn and self centered that he couldn’t even simply apologize for what he did? Maybe it wasn’t a big deal, but Jimin thought he meant more to Jungkook and the way the brunette just looked at him and turned away killed Jimin literally. He felt all his walls tumble down, his heart shattering like glass falling to floor.
Embarrassing was what it was.


Instead of saying sorry, Jungkook repeatedly tried to justify his actions. Trying to explain himself.


Today their parents would be coming back from Tokyo which meant they’d all have to have a family dinner. When their parents were gone, they could stay in each others rooms to avoid each other but now he’d have to sit in front of Jungkook and look him in the eyes when all he wanted to do was erase the youngers face out of existence.


“I don’t know how he got my number but we spent the whole night texting! He’s so funny in a sarcastic mean kind of way but Jiminnie I think I’m in love!” Taehyung sang, followed by a lovesick giggle.

“Tae you two hardly know each other you aren’t in love but I'm happy if you’re happy.” Jimin smiled, opening his locker door and putting his books in, taking his textbook for the next class.

“Is Hyerin chill with it?” The blonde asked, turning around and leaning his back against his locked door.

“Yea we agreed to stay good friends.. oh speaking of Hyerin she invited the two of us to a party tomorrow night. Yoongi’s DJing and he asked me to come too so I was thinking I come over to your house around 7- ish to get ready and we can go toge-“

“I’ll pass,” Jimin said sternly and surely causing the red haired make to frown. “What do you mean you’ll pass? Jimin we never get invited to parties! This could be a break for us.”

“At my first party I almost lost my virginity to a guy who only wanted me for my ass and got so drunk I’m pretty sure I almost threw up inside Jungkook’s car so no thanks.” Jimin shrugged making it as simple as that. Still Taehyung would not take no for an answer, pestering his hyung all day until eventually Jimin couldn’t stand to hear him ask one more time. It was like a bug flying too close to his ear and at one point he snapped.

“Fine! Geez Taehyung since when did you become this annoying!” Jimin chuckled walking into the passenger seat of Taehyung’s car, shutting the door at the same time the younger turned on the engine.

“When did you become such a tightly pulled knot, oh wait, you always were so tomorrow night you’re gonna loosen up and we’re going to have some fun.”


Jimin couldn’t think of anything more awkward than this. Sitting in front of Jungkook, hating him in silence. The two of them exchanging death glares to one another while their parents believe it’s just two step brothers having a disagreement, they knew it was much more. So so much more.

He felt like he was trapped in a teen drama, his life was so complicated. In his heart he wanted to kiss Jungkook and forgive him and go back to how they were so he could feel his warmth again. But in his mind all he could hear were the words: “he’s never going to change.”

And it’s true. He wasn’t.. Jungkook tried to but the truth is, you can’t put broken glass together without still seeing the cracks.

While the two were ignoring each other, their parents were arguing the entire dinner. Jungkook’s dad signed a deal that Jimin’s mom didn’t agree with in Tokyo, the two have been bickering since they landed. Jimin nor Jungkook knew all the details, their parents never spoke to them about the business.

“I just don’t agree with you!” Jimin’s mom said, throwing her fork down on the plate.

“Well I don’t need you to agree, my company my decision!” Jungkook’s father said in return before plopping a piece of his steak into his mouth.

“Our decision! And the board agrees-“

“Who gives a damn about the board! I created this company with my two hands It is my decision!” Jiwoo yelled, slamming his fists down on the table causing Jimin to jump in surprise.
He looked at Jungkook with worry in his eyes but Jungkook’s eyes were already on him in the same way. They were both nervous, never seeing him get so angry and Hayoon. At Jungkook, yes but Hayoon? Never… not since they’ve been married at least.

“I AM YOUR WIFE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO MAKE THESE DECISIONS TOGETHER!” Hayoon screamed, standing up causing her chair to push back against the floor. Jimin could see the tears in her eyes and he wanted to badly to say something but no words would come out of his mouth.



“YEAH WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULD NOT ANYMORE!” The room went silent, even Siwon and the two chefs came out of the kitchen to see what was going on. No one liked to anger Jiwoo… people got scared when he screamed that loud or was that red in the face. Even Jimin was scared, hell Jungkook was too.

“H-how could you say that…” Hayoon asked in a broken voice, a single tear slipping down her cheek and landing on the table cloth.
After a few seconds of waiting for her husband to say anything, she realized he wouldn’t so she turned around and ran to the stairs wanting to get as far away as she could.

Jiwoo shut his eyes tightly letting out a huff through his nostrils. Should he stay? Should he follow her? After a few seconds of contemplation he let out an annoyed noise and decided to go after his wife. “Hayoon wait!” He turned around and followed her, leaving just Jimin and Jungkook at the table, the chefs and Siwon slowly backing out into the kitchen.

The two teenagers looked at each other in shock but neither of them said anything for a while until Jungkook cleared his throat, breaking the stare to look down at his plate.

“Wow.. intense.”

Jimin slowly nodded in agreement.



Jimin was eyeing Jungkook, thinking maybe he’d apologize anytime but the brunette kept the same act up, staring back waiting for Jimin to say something. When neither of them did, Jimin rolled his eyes, pushing his chair back and walking away, feeling Jungkook’s eyes following him but not making any action to actually do so.


Coward, that’s what Jimin thought of Jungkook.




Jimin wasn’t exactly confident about this party but Taehyung didn’t leave him a choice. Parties weren’t Jimin’s thing, everyone knew that. They weren’t Taehyung’s thing either but lately hanging out with Hyerin, the top of the pyramid gave the red haired boy a kind of reputation. And Yoongi making out with him gave him the confidence to own that reputation.


Staying in the corner and avoiding as many people as possible was Jimin’s game plan tonight, he decided from the passenger seat of Taehyung’s car. Dressed in a black shirt tucked into his blue jeans held together by a black belt, Jimin believed he looked ridiculous. He liked baggy clothes, cute sweaters and stuff but when he came out in a jacket and sweatpants, Taehyung made him turn around, get back inside and change.

“Do you think Yoongi would be the top? Or the bottom?” Taehyung asked while focusing on the street ahead of him.

“Uh.. switch?”


“Ugh perfect cause I bet he has a monster cock I’d love to split me open but I also bet he’d have the cutest whiny moans ever-“


“Okay Taehyung thank you very much but I think that’s enough,” Jimin chuckled and Taehyung joined in with an excited giggle. The car ride was short, apparently the person whose party this was was almost as rich as Jungkook. All the houses around this neighborhood were huge and expensive belonging to most of Busans Elite. When they arrived to the house, there was no where to park, the driveway was huge but even with such a big driveway that held maybe 50 cars, there was still no parking. They weren’t just any cars either. BMW’s, Teslas, Porsche, and Jimin was pretty sure he saw a Ferrari. Taehyung ended up parking on the street corner and praying nothing happens to his car. Walking out of the vehicle, they could hear the loud music from all the way back.


Jimin gulped.


Sometimes he wondered why he let Taehyung tell him what to do and where to go. Cause he really did want to be here. He could already see how the night was going to go. Taehyung was gonna ditch him to flirt with Yoongi or talk to Hyerin and the blonde would be left alone in the corner of the room trying not to be noticed by anyone.

Maybe if he’s lucky he’ll see Hani and she’ll keep him company.

“Tae I don’t know about this-“

“Oh come on Jiminnie! A few months ago the two of us would kill to get invited to a party. We were losers, nobodies. Now we’re friends with two cheerleaders, Yoongi, one of the most popular kids at school is interested in me, and even though Lee Taemin only wanted you for sex, he wanted you and was willing to fight your quarterback and captain of the football team brother. So stop your whining and lets go have fun,” Taehyung turned, huffing before knocking opening the door.

Jimin took a peek inside before stepping in next to a smiling Taehyung.
He could already smell the weed from outside the door. The room was cloudy with smoke, kids dancing in every corner of the room with beer bottles or cups in their hands. He saw a few girls without their tops on, dancing over each other… it was a little different than his first highschool party. This one was more intense…. in a bad way.

When the air hit him, he began coughing and choking on the smoke, lifting his hand to cover his mouth, squeezing between the people until Hyerin ran up to them, Hani’s wrist in her hand tugging her along.

“Hey guys! You came! Come on let’s get you a drink!” Hyerin giggled,motioning for the boys to follow her. Hani walked next to Jimin, giving him a smile. “I’m happy to see you leaving your cave!” She yelled over the music.

“I was forcibly removed from my hibernation but thank you!” Hani chuckled.

When they got to the kitchen, Hyerin opened the cooler, tossing Tae and Hani a beer can. “Jimin would you like one too?”

It was like he had war flashbacks to the first time he drank. He remembered the headache from the next morning, the vomiting, how he literally could not remember half the night. “Uh.. no thanks.”



Jimin’s prediction was exactly right. Hani and Hyerin were dancing together in between some of the football players who wore their letterman jackets (wow you’re so cool) and Taehyung was flirting with Yoongi by the DJ board. Meanwhile Jimin sat on a couch scrolling through his instagram. He didn’t really care about what he was looking at, just trying to pass time and seem occupied so he wasn’t a total loser. After a few more minutes of mindless scrolling, he felt the couch under him move and a new presence beside him.

Jimin turned his head to the right, eyes landing on Jungkook who looked back at him with a wide smile and tired eyes. Shit he should have known he’d see Jungkook here. He shut his eyes in annoyance with himself for not being strong enough to say no to Taehyung, for Taehyung being annoying as hell and for Jungkook for just being his annoying but addicting self.

“H-hyung!” He giggled jadedly , hooded eyes looking back at the blonde.

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. Why was Jungkook talking to him? They weren’t on a speaking basis, or on any basis whatsoever and Jimin was sure he made that clear.

Out of curiosity, Jimin leaned forward and took a whiff of Jungkook’s body before taking a close look at his eyes. Red, pupils unfocused. Then Jimin scoffed.

Jungkook was stoned.


“What Jungkook?” He asked in a careless voice.

“Hyung why- hah I have a joke haha- why did.. the chicken.. cross the road?” The younger raised his eyebrows and pointed a finger at Jimin who rolled his eyes. Why of all people did it have to be Jungkook who sat next to him.

“To get to the other side?” Jimin muttered without a care.

“No he didn’t cross! We hahaha we ate him for dinner!” Jungkook fell back on the couch laughing as if it was the funniest joke in the world. Jimin’s lip twitched up in a smile for a short second.

Jungkook was cute when he laughed, it almost hurt Jimin to watch him. It hurt Jimin to look at Jungkook at all. He was perfect, and Jimin wanted him so much but he was so afraid of getting hurt again. He was afraid of the way he knew it was going to turn out. If they were in a relationship again, how long could they hide it? How long until someone finds out and breaks them up because they’re step brothers and it’s inappropriate?

They could never really have a relationship..


Jimin felt the tears stinging in his eyes, one slipping down before Jimin could stop it. It didn't go unnoticed by Jungkook when the blonde quickly pushed the tear away. “No Hyung it’s okay the chicken is in a better place no need to cry!”

Jimin chuckled, shaking his head. He couldn’t be mad at Jungkook, even if he tried he just couldn’t.

Jungkook laid his head on the blondes shoulder causing Jimin’s body to jolt in surprise but Jungkook was too fucked up to notice. “Hyung I miss you.. I miss you so much babyyy. Why don’t you miss me?” Jungkook pouted, hiccuping after almost every word. Not only was the boy high but drunk at the same time. He was a wreck.

“I do.”

“Really? That makes me happy hyung. I want you so much,” he whispered, brushing his nose over Jimin’s neck sending goosebumps down Jimin’s spine. His eyes began to scan the room to see if anyone was watching them and thank god no one was.

“Jungkook w-we’re in public you need to get off me.”

“Nooo!” He whined, pulling on Jimin’s shirt like a child. “Can we go somewhere else then Hyung? To talk?”

Did he have a choice? He knew people would start paying attention to them soon, anywhere Jeon Jungkook went, all eyes followed. The only option was to give Jungkook what he wanted.

“Fine, where?”




The two ended up in an empty room, Jimin flicking on the light switch which took him a second to find it being right next to the door. Jungkook stumbled inside, flopping down on the bed with a giggle.

“Whose room is this hyung?” the boy asked.
Jimin shrugged, sitting on the bed beside Jungkook. “I don’t know you were the one who brought us here.”

Jungkook turned his head, looking up at Jimin with a confused look, eyebrows furrowed and lip quirked up a bit.


“....Did I?” He turned his head back. “Oh.”

Jimin let out a distressed sigh, flopping back just like Jungkook did so both of them were laying their backs down but their legs hanging off the side of the bed, feet touching the floor.

“You’re not going to remember anything tomorrow are you?” Jimin asked, staring at the popcorn ceiling.

“Bet I will! How much y-you wanna put down on it?”

“Im not making a bet with you will you’re fucked up Jungkook.”

Things got quiet for a few seconds until Jungkook spoke up his normal voice.

“I’m not fucked up Jimin,” Jungkook said, voice losing that playfulness and now becoming much stronger and serious. Jimin noticed that change of tone, turning his head to look at Jungkook who also dropped the lost and tired look in his eyes, staring back at Jimin focused and aware.

“You…” Jimin whispered, blinking a couple times and waiting for Jungkook’s facade to drop but it wouldn’t. “You faked it?”

The two stared at each other silently before Jimin scoffed, sitting up on the bed ready to leave before he felt a large hand being wrapped around his wrist not allowing him to move any further.

Jimin attempted at tugging his arm away, but Jungkook was holding on tight.
“Let go of me-“

“I needed to get us alone so we could talk.. it seemed like the only thing that would work… can we talk?” Jungkook asked in a small voice, lifting his body up on his elbows against the mattress.

“I have nothing to say to you Jungkook,” Jimin said confidently, looking away from the brunette. He knew he shouldn't have let Jungkook take him into a room. Now he couldn’t leave especially not with his wrist in the youngers hand.


“Please.. just five minutes. Hear me out?”



“Please, hyung…”


Jimin turned his head back to Jungkook who has sincerity in his eyes, unmistakable. His body unstiffened but he kept his arms crossed over his chest as a means of self protection.
“Fine you have five minutes and then I’m leaving.”


Jungkook nodded, sitting up and adjusting a bit on the bed. He kept his eyes down on his lap where he fiddled with his fingers, figuring out everything he had practiced in the mirror earlier that day.

“I’m a dick-“

“Yea no kidding,” Jimin muttered. That comment made Jungkook’s confidence deteriorate just a bit but he wasn’t going to give up. Even though Jungkook had been doing his best to hide it, he hated himself for hurting Jimin. It was the last thing he ever wanted to do and he fucking did it. Though he can’t change it, he can try to fix it.

“Please… I am a dick. I know I haven’t been the best person. I never was. But I met you. And at first I couldn’t stand you because you were everything I wanted to be.. and though it took me a while to realize it… I didn’t want to be like you, I wanted to be with you. And I still want to be… with you. I can’t fix the way I treated you. But it was a mistake. I was afraid for myself that I neglected you feelings. And instead of apologizing, I ignored it. But I can’t anymore..”

The tears began to burn and overflow in Jimin’s eyes, blinking once to let a couple of them free.

“I can’t ignore it anymore. I’m lost without you Jimin hyung. I hate not talking to you, I hate not being able to kiss you or hold your hand. I’ve never felt this way before. And you have every right not to forgive me.. but I’m asking you to.. please,” Jungkook whispered the last part, gently taking a hold of Jimin’s hand, brushing his thumb over the blondes knuckles.

Jimin sniffled, eyes locked on their intertwined fingers, feeling a little light headed with everything happening. “I…” he started, voice cracking. Jimin took a deep breath, trying to speak again.

“I hate that I can't stay mad at you…”
It was meant to come out confident but his voice wavered, heart hurting. If a couple of months ago someone would have told Jimin this would have happened, he wouldn't have believed in it.

“I forgive you… but I dont know if I can do this again,” he pulled his hand away gently.


“Jungkook we can never really be a thing. Our parents are married and I hate just being a secret. I hate keeping you a secret… I don’t want temporary I want real. And we can’t have that…”

Jungkook shook his head. “We can. Jimin I promise you we can. I’ve never felt this way about anyone.”

Still that didn’t seem to be enough for Jimin who looked away again, shutting his eyes to trap the tears inside. Jungkook searched for some glint of hope inside Jimin, anything but there was nothing. It seemed like Jimkn had given up and Jungkook wasn’t willing to accept that.

“Do you trust me?”

Did he? Did Jimin trust Jungkook anymore? He couldn’t figure out an answer, it took him a few seconds to really think about it. But his heart spoke before his brain, nodding in response.
“I do.”


“Then Isn’t that all that matters?” Jungkook asked in a quiet voice, hooking his fingers under Jimin’s chin, pushing his head gently so their eyes locked again.

Jimin was interrupted by a gentle kiss being pressed over his lips. His heart melted into Jungkook’s touch, previously tense body loosening up. It felt so good to kiss Jungkook again, their lips fitting like puzzle pieces being put together to complete the bigger picture.

The kiss was slow, Jimin instinctively leaning closer, bringing his hand up to Jungkook’s cheek as Jungkook pulled Jimin by the waist so the blonde was straddling his lap. It began to grow faster and more passionate, their breaths getting heavier as their hands roamed each others bodies.

Jimin got lost in it, he wasn’t even sure he could estimate how long they had been kissing for but he knew it must have been a while since his lips began to grow numb.

Jungkook switched things up, relocating his lips to Jimin’s neck were he left excited, needy kisses for a few seconds. Jimin tilted his head more to the side allowing Jungkook to do whatever he wanted until the young reconnected their lips, pulling at Jimin’s blonde strands of hair.

Both of them so infatuated and distracted with each other were oblivious to the rest of the party, to the music and cheering in the background.

Until suddenly the door opened.



The two seperated, turning their heads to the door where Taehyung and Yoongi stood, mouths opened eyes wide in shock and confusion.

Neither of them knew what to say, both horrified about being caught. Jimin tried to think up and excuse for being on Jungkook’s lap sucking his face off but nothing was coming to him.


“You… you said you two werent…” Taehyung shook his head, eyes shut in disbelief. He wanted so badly to believe this wasn’t happening. That it was just the alcohol but he knew it wasn’t.

His eyelashes began to stick together due to the tears slipping down his face. Jimin wanted to cry seeing Taehyung cry. He had to say something, do something. He quickly got off Jungkook’s lap, stepping towards the red haired boy. “T-tae-“

“Don’t.” Taehyung said, taking a step back and lifting his hand to stop Jimin from moving further.

“You lied to me. You fucking lied to me!” Taehyung yelled, turning around and running out of the door.

“Tae wait! Please!” Jimin yelled, pushing past Yoongi to run after his best friend.


Yoongi looked back at Jungkook with a strong expression causing the younger to gulp nervously.
“You have a lot of explaining to do.”

Chapter Text



Everything happened so fast. Jungkook still wasn’t able to process the events that just occured in the originally unoccupied bedroom of Kim Sekjun’s house. All he knew was that he and Jimin were making out and suddenly Taehyung and Yoongi barged in, then Taehyung and Jimin left leaving just Yoongi and Jungkook in the room.


Yoongi told Jungkook he had some explaining to do. It didn’t make it any better that Jim, Namjoon and Hoseok walked into the room shortly after looking for the two.


“Wait.. so you mean to tell me you’ve been sucking face with your step brother for a month now? Jungkook do you realize how wrong that is?” Namjoon scolded, putting his hands on his hips.

Jungkook shamefully looked down at his lap. The scene was his four hyungs standing and crowding him, looking down at Jungkook who sat in silence on the corner on the bed.


People were still partying outside and how Jungkook wished he was out there instead of in here with his hyungs who were all probably silently judging him.


“I know-“


“No clearly you don’t know! Jungkook if this got out the whole school will be talking about, you’ll lose your rep,” Hoseok pointed out causing Jungkook to bitterly chuckle.


“I don't care about my rep! I don't care if I get voted off the football team or the dance team! I don’t care if people will make fun of me or something I care about Jimin..” the brunette yelled, tears forming in his eyes as he looked up at all his hyungs hoping to see just a glint of sympathy and understanding. But he found nothing in them, just disappointment.


“I’m sorry if that makes you see me different but I like Jimin! I like him a lot and I fucking wish he wasn’t my step brother but he is and I can’t change that! But I care about him!” He screamed, tears slipping down his cheeks, voice becoming harder and harder to push out of his throat.


“I care about him..” he whispered again, looking down at the ring on his fingers. The four older males looked at each other anxiously, all of them thinking the same thing but not knowing how to say it.



“Taehyung wait!” Jimin yelled finally making it out the door. He ignored the annoyed stare he received by the making out couple on their guys front porch. Running after Taehyung wasn’t easy, especially pushing through the crowd inside the house. He was sure he lost Taehyung a few times but his cherry colored hair was easy to spot thankfully.


Outside was easier, he could hear better, see his friend better and run faster. “Tae!”


“WHAT!?” The boy yelled, turning around. Even though there was a couple yards of distance between them, Jimin could easily see the tears in his eyes. Why was he making such a big deal out of this?


“Why are you overreacting-“


“Im-“ Taehyung stopped to butterfly chuckle, pointing a finger at himself. “Im over reacting? You lied to me! I asked you if you and Jungkook had anything going on and you promised! We never lie to each other!”


“I’m sorry! But you have to understand we had no choice! We couldn’t tell anyone I promised him I wouldn’t!”


“So not even me!?” Taehyung said in a lower volume, taking a few steps closer to Jimin. “Not even your best friend since forever? What did you think? That I would judge you or something?”


Jimin gulped, not being able to answer.

Because yes that’s exactly what he thought. Lately he wasn’t sure what he was allowed to tell Taehyung….

“My god. You’ve changed!” Taehyung laughed through his tears.


Jimin snapped. In what way has he changed? He’s always been himself, the same person he’s been since forever. How could Taehyung even say that when it reality..


“I’ve changed? No Tae, You’ve changed. Look at you, since when do you dress like that,” Jimin said, motioning to Taehyung’s expensive and cool looking clothing which Jimin knew he couldn’t afford unless he was saving up specifically for it.


Tae used to wear thrift store clothing, things that were cheap as hell but he managed to make it work on him.


“And all of this? This party? Yoongi and Hyerin? We never went to parties because we always thought they were lame and over played.”


“No. We would have killed to be invited-“


“NO! YOU WOULD HAVE!” Jimin yelled over Taehyung's voice, pointing a finger at him. Frustration was clawing at his neck, face red in anger because he seriously did not want to believe this shit was actually happening right now.


“I wouldn’t. I never wanted to come here in the first place but you’re so obsessed with building your reputation. You love the way people look at you when you walk down the halls with Hani or Hyerin. You love the random girls and boys you’ve never spoken to before saying hi and asking for your number. You love that Yoongi, one of the most popular guys at school is interested in you! You’re addicted to popularity! I never ever wanted to be apart of any of this! Look at you! You even used my situation with Taemin to get yourself clout Tae! He broke my heart and you took that as an opportunity to bring more attention to us, to yourself! And I’m the one whose changed!?”


When Taehyung didn’t say anything, Jimin took a breath and continued.


“The best friend I knew would have never pushed me into doing something I didn’t want to do like coming here. He would have never brought up Taemin's name again knowing that he hurt me. And he sure as hell wouldn't be toying with two people's hearts! So it was you that changed! Not me.”


Taehyung scoffed, staring wide-eyed at Jimin who was supposed to be his best friend. The two of them couldn’t even recognize each other, never have argued or fought like this before. But Jimin was done letting Taehyung decide for him what outfit to wear or what party to go to, or even what color to dye his hair. Taehyung told him to dye his hair blonde, Jimin liked his natural dark brown.


He even remembers Taehyung's exact words.

“You’ll look more appealing.”


And when Taemin was interested in him how Taehyung convinced him into getting his ears pierced 5 times and dying his hair Again even darker. Jimin couldn’t see it before but now it was clear. He was done letting Taehyung make decisions for him for the sake of being “more appealing” or “more popular.”


Jimin never wanted popularity. He was always fine with being the geek in the corner of the room who always got a 100% on every test or quiz. He was content and now? Now he was pretending to be someone he’s not because his “best friend” thought it was what’s best for the two of them.

“Fuck you.” Taehyung spat, turning around and leaving Jimin alone outside in the driveway.



“Kookie we just want what’s best for you,” Seokjin said quietly, taking a seat on the bed right beside the younger, wrapping his arm around Jungkook’s shoulder.


“Really? It doesnt seem like it… Jimin is what’s best for me..”


“God fucking damn it do you hear yourself!?” Yoongi yelled, his outburst causing Hoseok beside him to jump in surprise.


“He’s your step brother! As long as your parents are married you two can’t be together!” He threw his hands in the air, trying to get Jungkook to understand. But he wouldn’t listen. No matter what Yoongi had to say, Jungkook wouldn't change his mind. He just got Jimin back and he wasn’t ready to let him go again.


“Hyung calm down, take a breath. Jungkook really likes Jimin, we can’t just pull the two apart from each other what kind of friends would we be?” Namjoon mumbled, putting his hand on Yoongi’s shoulder hoping to calm the older man down.


“We’d be the kind of friends who helps our friend realize they’re making a mistake-“


“STOP!” Jungkook screamed, pushing himself off the bed.



“Everything's going wrong..” Jimin whispered with his eyes shut, pulling his knees closer to his chest.

Jimin sighed under the feeling of Jungkook rubbing his palm up and down Jimin’s back, trying to provide the older with comfort after hearing everything that happened with Taehyung.


“I’m sorry baby..” He whispered, nuzzling into Jimin’s blonde hair with his nose.


“Our parents are fighting, Tae and I are fighting, you and your friends are fighting and I have a B in Physics, nothings going right kook..” Jimin lifted his fingers to push away the tears.


Nothing felt right now….

That’s what Jimin said. And Jungkook could not help but wonder if he was one of those things that was going wrong in Jimin’s life. He should not ask, he felt like now was not the right time to make this about himself. But his mouth spoke before his brain could stop it.


“Are we going wrong too?”


Jimin took a glance at Jungkook just a short one before shutting his eyes again. He knew what Jungkook wanted to hear. But the truth was, before tonight they were going wrong too. Everything was different now. Ever since Jungkook entered his life.. his life turned upside down.


Jimin let out a distressed sigh, searching for the proper words to say.




“I understand…” he mumbled, awkwardly clearing his throat and dropping his hand to the matress from the small of Jimin’s back.


“Maybe I should go.. I have a headache..”

Jimin wasntis stupid, he knew Jungkook was lying just trying to get out of the awkward conversation that hurt him. But he couldn’t believe how childish Jungkook was being because of something minor.


“Jungkook wait-“


“No it’s okay I get it. We don’t work. We’re wrong just like Yoongi hyung said,” there was a hint of bitterness in his voice, stubborness like a child whose only saying what the person wants to hear in order to shut them up. Jimin didn’t want to be silenced especially not by someone younger than him. Had Jungkook completely forgot that Jimin was his hyung?


“Are you kidding me Jungkook? Are you seriously doing this right now?” Jimin asked annoyed watching in place as Jungkook got off Jimin’s bed.

“What. Am I mistaken?”

“First of all don’t yell at me I’m two years older than you! And second, yes Kook we are wrong for each other! But I don’t care! But you did hurt me and now you’re just being plain childish! I care about you and I like you so much I’m willing to fight my best friend since I was 2 years old for you! But don’t you dare walk out on me okay? Do not act like this!” His speech started off confident, but it began deteriorating somewhere between the syllables,voice cracking and wavering  through his tears that flowed like a river down his pink cheeks.


Jimin was right, Jungkook thought. He let out a sigh, disappointed in himself for upsetting Jimin further with his childish attitude. He wasn’t  proving himself to be any better than what people thought of him, than what Jimin thought of him.


“I’m sorry… I’m sorry Jimin,” he sat back down beside Jimin, placing his hand on the blondes knee.


“We’ll get through this hyung… we can get through this together.”


“But what if we can’t?” He whispered followed by sniffle. He looked up at Jungkook through his wet lashes.


“We can. We will.”


The next day at school was awkward and uncomfortable for Jimin. He was back to driving with Jungkook which he had to admit was like a blessing. Waking up every morning an hour earlier was not something he exactly enjoyed.  But this morning, he and Jungkook got to leave quickly and together. The two of them rushed out after hearing Jungwoo and Hayoon yelling at each other from their room. Siwon was home cleaning up the kitchen and even she looked tired and done with it, giving the boys a sad smile and waving them off to school.


School wasn’t easy. It was Thursday, most students were absent because they were all hungover from the party and the other students who did show up either had to push through the pain or just weren't invited. He had almost all of his classes with Taehyung, but the younger had not shown up to any of them. He saw his car in the parking lot so he knew he was at the school. The only other option would be he was skipping class.

Taehyung never skipped a class. He took school just as seriously as Jimin did. Taehyung really had changed.


All his classes felt lonelier without the cherry haired boy who used to be the light of his life but was now becoming a nightmare. He was dating Jungkook for fucks sake he was in no position to judge anyone based on who they are or who they’re becoming. Which is why he never judged Taehyung even though he knew Tae was becoming a different person. But when the younger accused Jimin of being the one who changed...Jimin couldn’t take it anymore.


So distracted by everything with Taehyung, he’d even forgotten to take notes on all of his classes, which he never did. He was always on top of things like notes and studies, but the past month had been so dangerously hectic, he couldn’t concentrate on things like school.


It was at lunch when Jimin truly felt like he had nowhere to go. Walking into the lunch room he saw the table he sat at with Taehyung, Hani and Hyerin empty. Scanning through the room confused, he finally spotted Taehyung. His hair was now back to hazelnut brown so it was harder for Jimin to spot him when he was looking for bright red hair.


He sat next to Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jin, Hyerin,  Hani and another cheerleader named Solji who Jimin knew was good friends with Hyerin and Hani. Taehyung was laughing, he was happy. While Jimin was breaking down. Guess that's how little their friendship meant to Taehyung over popularity…

Jimin didn’t realize how long he’d been staring until Taehyung’s eyes locked with his causing Jimin’s heart to literally skip a beat. The now brunettes smile dropped, facial expression hardening at the sight of the blonde.


Taehyung raised his eyebrows kind of to say “what the hell do you want?”  Without actually saying it. Jimin gulped, lowering his head in shame, staring at the floor for a few seconds before turning around to walk away, but instead bumping into a hard chest. Jimin looked up, Jungkook stood in front of him, holding Jimin’s arms to keep the boy in place and not topple over.


“Hey.. you okay? I saw you from my table.”


Right, Jimin forgot Jungkook liked to sit with the dance kids or the football team most of the time. Jimin was actually pleasantly surprised to know that Jungkook got up, ditched his friends to come talk to him in the middle of the cafeteria where everyone was watching. It showed Jimin that Jungkook was trying to make an effort, even though everyone else thought it was just two step brothers talking… Jimin knew what it really was. Progress.


“I c-can't be here..” he felt panic rise up in his chest, replaying the nasty look Taehyung gave him over and over in his mind. His body began to ache physically and his breathing became heavy, tears swelling in his eyes as his palms grew sticky and sweaty.


“Hey.. hey don’t freak out okay baby? I’m here for you.. lets get outta here yea? Take a walk?”


Jimin at first thought maybe Jungkook was suggesting they leave because he was Afraid of what people would say seeing this happening. Just like the night at the movies. But when he noticed that Jungkook didn’t look around anxiously to see if anyone was watching, or shift uncomfortably. The younger kept his eyes on Jimin’s the entire time, hands still on him to keep him from falling.

His eyes were on Jimin…

And that’s how Jimin knew.


“Yes.. please.”

Jungkook didn’t hesitate, only half a second after hearing Jimin’s answer, he already had his arm wrapped around the older, walking him out of the cafeteria.


Just before they were about to walk out of the door, Seokjin jumped in front of them, concern and worry scribbled across his face.

“Are you guys okay?”


Jungkook contemplated how to answer this question. Jungkook and his four best friends did not leave off on good terms the night before. All of them spat on Jungkook for his “poor decision making” in regards to Jimin and Jungkook had just about enough of it. He wasn’t in the mood to see any of then which is why he sat with the football team. Sure the guys on the football team were a bit envious of their sophomore captain. But they still treated him as a teammate.


“Don’t act like you give a shit about us, Jin hyung,” Jungkook said in a calm voice but even through the blank expression and peaceful tone, Jin could feel the unwanted vibe from Jungkook. The brunette felt betrayed.

No one would ever understand Jimin and Jungkook like they understood each other. Which is why they needed each other the most during a time like this.

“Jungkook I want to apologize-“


“Save it. Even if you apologize I know what you’re thinking. I know you think I’m stupid and childish. But that’s okay. I have Jimin, and he’ll love me and he’ll protect me the same way I will do for him. So if you’ll excuse me.” The two walked past Jin and out of the cafeteria, Jimin keeping his head down the whole time. He felt like he’d collapse any second. He was almost there but Jungkook was there too, holding him up and keeping him strong. And he was beyond grateful for that. Because he didn’t know what he’d do if he would have gone through all of this alone.

“Let's go find a bathroom okay?” Jungkook whispered, rubbing up and down the blonde boys back for comfort.


“Y-yea.. yea lets do that.”



Chapter Text

“What happened?” Jungkook asked as he bent down to check every stall, thankfully empty since everyone was at lunch. When he made sure they were alone, he came back up and leaned against the wall. Jimin hopped onto the counter and let out a sigh. He hated everything that was happening. It just didn’t make sense how Taehyung could care so little about him after all the years that they out each other first?

“I walked in and had nowhere to sit because Taehyung went to sit with Hani and Hyerin and Yoongi. Jungkookie, he looked me right in the eye as I began to panic and tremble. He knew what was happening, that I was about the crying in the middle of the cafeteria and he just looked away…” he whispered.

Jungkook never realized how painful it was to watch Jimin so hurt until now. He always felt pain watching Jimin in pain but it only registered at that moment that the older male was able to make him hurt just by being hurt. He was going to kill Taehyung for doing this to Jungkook. He was going to rip the boy to shreds.

He could feel his nails digging imprints into his own palms, knuckles turning white as he pictured Taehyung’s face in his mind.

“I’m gonna murder that son of a bitch,” Jungkook mumbled, walking towards the door. Jimin’s eyes widened, jumping in front of his boyfriend before he could leave the bathroom.

“No! Jungkook don’t he isn’t worth it.” He said, trying to catch the brunettes eyes.
He could see Jungkook was still fueled on rage, ready to take it out on the hazelnut haired junior.
Jimin, hoping to ease the rage, began to rub up and down the sides of Jungkook’s arms.


“Don’t okay?” He whispered.

It took Jungkook a few seconds of staring at Jimin to decide he would listen to the older males request of staying away from Taehyung. He reluctantly agreed, nodding his head.




“I look horrible,” Jimin mumbled, putting his hand over his move to hide his teeth. His sweaters sleeves were long enough to cover his chubby fingers that was insecure about as well.

He wished he could have nice long and thin fingers like Taehyung and perfectly straight teeth…. he wished he could be good looking like his best friend. Tall, skinny and tan, it’s surprising to Jimin how Taehyung had not said yes to anyone for the 8th grade formal yet. Taehyung and Jimin weren’t exactly popular in their middle school but Taehyung did attract a lot of attention. Confident in even purple hair, he never cared what people thought about him. Taehyung did his best in school and stuck by his friends side.

“Aw Jiminnie it's not that bad!” The purple haired boy said, giving Jimin a pat on the back. Suspiciously eyeing his best friend, Jimin gradually uncovered his mouth, staring up at Taehyung hopeful.

“Really?” Jimin asked, revealing his new metal retainer as he spoke.

“Yea! We just have to work on your lisp a little but no one will notice you have a piece of metal in your mouth. Besides, half our grade has braces!”

Jimin guessed Taehyung was probably just lying to make him feel better. But even though he was, Tae was right, their grade all had braces or expanders. It was 8th grade for godsake, they all had a piece of metal in their mouth. But none of them had a horrible lisp that came with a retainer. And they all looked good in braces meanwhile Jimin looked.. or well he thought he looked awful in his retainer.

“I wish I had perfect teeth like you,” Jimin mumbled shakily, fiddling with the sleeve of his shirt.

“Oh nonsense. Come on, get dressed, the formal is in one hour and you’re still in your pj’s!”

“I happen to like my PJ’s!” He retorted, hugging himself.

Taehyung gave him a look of disapproval. “If you don’t wanna go just tell me, I don’t want to force you..”

Jimin let out a sigh. He promised Tae they’d go together. “No, no that’s not it.. give me ten minutes and I’ll be ready.”




It was exam week of freshman year, Jimin had been cramming hard. It was not easy when the people above his apartment were throwing a party and no one in the building thought to file a complaint about the noise.

A knock from the door was heard, Jimin turned his head to the direction. “Come in!” He yelled, watching as the door opened, Taehyung stepping in with a family size bag of doritos and two cups of hot coffee. Jimin could see the steam leaving the little sipping holes at the tops of the cup, the smell of sweetness enveloping the room.

That was Jimin’s favorite smell.

“I came bringing exam necessities!” The younger giggled, setting the doritos and coffee down on Jimin’s desk. He slid his backpack off his shoulders, onto the floor besides the wall.

“I hear there's a party upstairs,” he plopped down besides Jimin on the bed, putting his hands under his head.

“Yea. Makes it hard to study,” Jimin sighed, looking back down at his biology textbook hopelessly. He had been trying for the past half hour to memorize the information printed on this textbook but it was no use. The music and cheering was too loud.

“How come no one complained yet? Are you even aloud to have parties in an apartment building?”

“I don’t know, apparently,” the brunette shrugged.


“I wish we could go to a party. Just to see what it's like you know? I bet it would be fun,” Taehyung frowned in disappointment.

But that was the thing. Jimin knew Taehyung had the potential to raise his reputation and get invited to a party. It was because he was friends with a nerd like Jimin that not many people want to take a step to talk to him. People literally kicked Jimin’s ass to do their homework for them and Taehyung just ruined his chances by being friends with Jimin. Taehyung was good looking and smart and funny, sure he dressed a little different. Taehyung was away


“Maybe if you weren’t friends with me you’d get invited,” he mumbled with a frown, looking away from Taehyung.

“What!? Jimin don’t ever say that okay? Your friendship means more to me then a party. I love and care about you, okay?”


There was a moment of silence before Jimin let out a sigh. “Yea, okay.”





“Mom? What are you doing here?” Jimin asked, closing the fridge slowly.
It was sunday morning, 9am. Jimin just woke up from a horrible nights sleep. All he could think about was the events of this week. Losing Taehyung, his best friend. He wanted to go sleep next to Jungkook, knowing the boy would be able to make him feel better but Jungkook was at his friend Yugyeom’s house. Yugyeom was one of the guys on Jungkook’s dance team.

That was the funny thing about Jungkook. He wasn’t talking to his best friends Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok, or Jin. But that was okay because he still had buddies to chill with like Yugyeom, or Jaebum and Jackson from the football team. He could always hang out with Hani too, she didn’t know what was going on and even though the two broke up, they were still good friends.

Meanwhile, Taehyung was Jimin’s only friend. There was no one else he could talk to or hang out with which meant he was alone. As always, he was the one who was left alone. Taehyung had new friends, Jungkook had his own friends and Jimin had no one.

He spent most of the past couple of nights crying over that thought.


“Well, Jungwoo fired me so I can’t really go to work. I think I might go to the mall though. It has been a while since I got my hair dyed or did my nails,” she grinned at her son as she zipped up her michael kors purse.

It was a sad grin, Jimin could tell she was unhappy. Her relationship with Jungkook’s father had been going down the drain. They were fighting every night, Jimin was also sure they weren’t sleeping in the same bed anymore.

“Oh.. do you want me to come along? It’s also been a while since we’ve hung out..”

Jimin and his mother used to be very close. But since they were vacuumed into this new life, there hasn’t been a chance for them to catch up or hang out like they used to. Hayoon was too busy with the company, flying in and out of Japan or America with Jungwoo, or cooped up at the office. And Jimin was too busy with school and Jungkook.

“It has.. I’m sorry I haven’t been the best mother lately. Everything has just been so crazy. But I’d really like to be alone today if that’s okay. Maybe call Taehyung? I have not seen him around here in awhile, you two can hang out.”

The sound of his best friends name felt like a fiery dagger in the heart. Looking down at his socks, Jimin gulped before speaking. “Tae and I aren’t really friends anymore…”

There was a moment of silence as Hayoon processed the information. How could that be? She’s knows Taehyung since he was a baby, he was like a second son how was it possible that they weren’t friends anymore? As a mother, it hurt Hayoon because she knew Taehyung was Jimin’s best friend since forever. She could only imagine how much it hurt to lose someone who was like a brother.

“Why? You two are soulmates how can that be?”

“He chose popularity over me,” He shrugged.

His mother let out a shaky sigh, coming around the counter and enveloping her son in a tight hug, stroking his hair. “Aw kiddo I am so sorry. I know how hard it is to lose someone you care about. I hope you two will work it out.”


Jimin leaned into his mother's touch, it had been so long since they’ve hugged. It brought him a kind of comfort he didn’t know he needed until this very moment. “Yea.. yea me too.”


When his mother left, Siwon entered the house and began to clean while Jimin sat at the kitchen table. She always liked to start with the kitchen, saying “a clean kitchen is clean heart.” Also the kitchen was messiest after breakfast so she naturally was pulled in by her need to clean dirtier places first.

The blonde was working on his physics report. The B he had in that class was absolutely unacceptable, he had to do amazing on this assignment to work his way back to an A. But while the blond was working, Jimin could feel the old lady’s eyes on him as he typed his assignment up on his computer. He lifted his and looked back at her, their eyes connecting. It wasn’t a normal stare it was like the old lady was studying Jimin while wiping down the counter besides the sink. She was suspicious… “Yes, Siwon noona?”

The old woman opened her mouth, closing it after unsure if she should say what she wanted to, her actions gradually slowing down, keeping her eyes on the younger male. “Are you- d-....” she took a deep breath, “is there something going on between you and Jungkook?”

Jimin’s face fell immediately. Why would she ask that, how could she have known? No one just asks a question like that out of the blue. They were sure they were being as careful as they could, what did they miss? Did they do anything without maybe realizing she was there? If Jungkook were here, he could lie about this well and make Siwon believe that they weren’t together. But Jimin was a terrible liar. He had no idea what to even say..

“W-what? What do you mean?” He could feel his palms growing sweaty, body stiffening.

“I mean are the two of you together romantically? Or intimately?” Jimin could tell she was being very careful with her words as if she was carrying fine china, afraid it would drop. This was her job after all and one wrong word or movement could get her fired, even though Jimin would never do that to such a sweet woman.

“Why- why would y-you say that?”

“Because I don’t know. You two seem different, very different….”


“No.. no we’re step brothers.. we’ve just learned to be friends.. that's all.”

Siwon nodded but it still didn’t seem like she believed him. Not wanting to push it, she left it alone and went back to wiping down the counter. “Okay.. I’m sorry for asking.”



Siwon left quickly since she already cleaned most of the house on saturday. The entire time Jimin had to avoid the older woman, now feeling awkward around her after she asked that question. About half an hour after she left, Jungkook came home holding his gym back.

“Hey hyung,” he smiled, putting the bag down by the door, walking over to Jimin who sat on the couch with a bag of chips between his legs, watching fairy tale on the TV. He brunette sat next to him, shoving his hand in the bag of chips, pulling out a handful and throwing it into his mouth.

“Hi kookie… how was your sleep over?” Jimin asked, exhaustion evident in his tone of voice. He worked really hard on his paper, his mind and body was exhausted from that work. It was like a taste of heaven to finally be able to sit on the couch and not think.

“Good it was fine. We just watched a football game and drank some beers. Did you miss me?” He smiled with his bottom lip in between his bunny shaped teeth. Yes, Jimin did miss Jungkook. He always did.
The blonde snuggled closer to Jungkook, laying his head over the younger’s chest while wrapping an arm around his much stronger torso.

“Yeah I did.. a lot. I’m so lonely Kookie,” he let put a sad sigh.

“I’m sorry hyung, I’m here now okay?” The younger combed through the tangled strands of Jimin’s blonde hair. Yeah.. Jungkook was here. That should be all that matters shouldn’t it? Yet still he couldn’t shake Taehyung. A 17 year friendship is not one you can just forget.


“Yea… you’re here… you know Siwon asked me if we were together,” Jimin mumbled, toying with the hem of Jungkook’s shirt.


“Yea she got suspicious and asked.”


Jungkook nervously chewed on his bottom lip wondering if Siwon would tell his father about her recent concern regarding the two boys. Lately he has not cared about trying to fix his grades or anything to impress him or try to gain any kind of favor from him. But there was something inside Jungkook that made him nervous about what would happen if his father found out of their dirty little secret.

He hoped Siwon would not tell him. In fact, Jungkook was sure most of the employees were avoiding his father because of the arguments he’s been having with Jimin’s mom. And if Jungwoo is mad.. he starts firing people. So they were all trying to stay clear.


“Well maybe we just need to be a little more careful…”





The next day at school, Jimin felt that loneliness again. It was like a ghost, following him around, haunting him. He began to lose motivation with everything he did. He lost motivation to take notes, to do homework. It hit him like a lightning bolt that he really had no friends and would probably spend the rest of this year and next year alone, watching Taehyung integrating into the popular crowd, moving on from their friendship.

It felt like a punch to the gut. What was even worse was that the two sat near each other for the 3 classes they had together. For some reason, Taehyung hadn’t been showing up to those classes the last 3 or 4 days. He was changing so much because the old Taehyung he knew took school seriously.


Jimin missed his old friend.


While walking down the hallway he noticed all the pairs or groups of friends or couples laughing and talking. He realized he had neither. He could never comfortably walk around the school holdings Jungkook’s hand and he had no friends to laugh with. Being alone made school unbearable and he wanted nothing more than to just leave and never come back.


“Hey!” Taemin said running up to Jimin, startling the blonde who was so deep in thought as he walked to his next class. Jimin looked up, pulling an earbud out of his ear.


“So you never texted or called me after that night at your house.. is everything alright?”


Right, Jimin almost forgot that last week Taemin comforted him after his fight with Jungkook about the events that had occured in the movie theater. He had just been so focused with Jungkook and his parents fighting and Taehyung, he almost forgot to thank Taemin for comforting him.

“Yea yea sorry I’ve had a lot on my plate, I forgot. Thank you for that, it was nice of you to talk to me after my fight with Jungkook.”

“Yea no problem.. so are you busy tonight? I was thinking we could go get something to eat or something,” Taemin asked, rubbing the back of his neck.

It kind of sounded like a date, and Jimin wasn’t so good at reading signs.

“Like a date?” He asked raising his eyebrow to make sure he had the right idea.

“Well.. yea if you want.”


This was too much for him. He just wanted to bang his head against the wall and make all of this stop. He already had a full plate and now Taemin was trying to push himself onto it aswell.

As much as he wanted to scream, he composed himself and responded as he thought he should.

“I’m seeing somebody.”

Taemin opened his mouth to say something then closing it, waiting a few seconds before speaking again.

“I wasn’t aware.. who is he?”


“Ju- uh… Just someone you don’t know. Im sorry but I have to get to class,” before Taemin could speak, Jimin slipped passed him, feeling bad for the unkind way he rejected his hyung.

Then again, it had been Taemin who rejected him first and decided the two shouldn’t see each other. It was Taemin who broke Jimin’s heart first. Jimin wonders what would happen if Taemin and him would have worked out. Would they still be together now? Would he and Jungkook still hate each other?

Chapter Text

“So now you want to talk?” Jungkook said with a hint of attitude in his tone, crossing his arms over his chest as he stared at Yoongi.

He should have invited the older male into his home instead of just leaving him out the doorway but frankly, Jungkook lost respect for all his friends when they lost trust in him.

“Yes, I think we should discuss the turn of events from last weeks party,” Yoongi spoke calmly in his chill and deep voice.

While Jungkook seemed tense and fired up, yoongi was the opposite, chill like a soft flowing river. Jungkook knew that act too well though. Yoongi was that detached type. He wanted people to believe isolation pumped through his veins, he wanted people to believe he did not care so he would not get hurt.

“I think you’ve said enough about everything. If you’re here to continue scolding me you can leave.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes, slowly losing patience.

“No I’m here to apologize you idiot.”
Jungkook straightened up his body, lip twitching instinctively. Yoongi was never really the apologies type so hearing him say he was coming to apologize was strange to Jungkook.

He also just was not in the mood. With everything going on, his parents fighting, Jimin losing Taehyung, Jungkook still learning to be a good boyfriend, he had too much on his plate.

Jungkook let out a sigh, opening the door a little more so Yoongi could enter. After Jungkook locked the door, The two boys made their way to the couch in front of the TV, plopping down on opposite sides leaving distance between them.

“So.” Jungkook said bluntly.

“I was wrong. I can’t tell you who to like or love or be with. And I was insensitive. I forgot for a moment that you had just found out you’re attracted to guys and I pushed that away and was insensitive to you basically coming out to us when you weren’t fully ready,”

Yoongi looked at Jungkook, expecting some kind of interruption or something of the sort but there was none. Jungkook just continued to stare so Yoongi continued.

“I just don’t think it’s right because of the position you two are in with being step siblings but if you two are looking past that now, trying to make it work, then I have to be okay with that. And support you through it because you’re my little brother.” Yoongi grumbled the end, shrugging while his eyes were focused on anything else besides Jungkook’s face.

“Are you the only one who thinks like that?” Jungkook asked quietly upon remembering that Yoongi was the only one out of his four friends who bothered to come talk to Jungkook.

“They do they’re just scared that’s all. They don’t know how to apologize but they also know they were wrong. I’m not here to apologize for them though, I can only apologize for myself.”


Without hesitation, Jungkook replied with “I forgive you.” He could never stay mad at his four best friends. They practically raised him, they taught him wrong from right, gave him everything he needed when his father would not.

Yoongi especially. So they were brothers and he was not going to let this come between that like most other people would.

“Come here kid,” Yoongi said as he scooted closer to Jungkook to pull him into a hug. They stayed that way for a few seconds before they both kind of mentally agreed to pull apart.

“How's Jimin? I heard about the fight with Taehyung.”

Jungkook scoffed, he almost forgot that Taehyung and Yoongi had a thing going on since his dance show there Yoongi pulled Taehyung to the side and made out with him.

“Yeah I’m sure you did. Are you two like dating now or something?”

“What no. I mean we have something but we aren’t dating. The kid is cute but annoying as hell,” Yoongi chuckled.

“Yea well Jimin isn’t okay. He cries to sleep, he hasn’t even been doing homework and you know Jimin. Not doing homework thats.. thats a big deal.”

For a second Jungkook could hear Jimin crying silently at night as he clutched onto Jungkook for dear life. Like if he let go of the younger he’d fall with no way of coming back.

“Tae isn’t doing good either. He hates himself for what he did to Jimin but he’s too embarrassed to see or talk to the kid. He’s cryin all the time. He won’t even go to class because he doesn’t want to face Jimin.”

Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. He had no idea about all this stuff. Taehyung seemed fine, unbothered. Well, maybe Taehyubg was better at hiding it than Jimin..?

“Oh…well I’ll still kick his ass.”

“No you’re not. I’m gonna convince Taehyung to man up and speak to Jimin if you’ll convince Jimin to listen. Deal?”

Why should he? Jungkook didn’t believe Taehyung ever deserved another chance not after letting go of someone as amazing as Jimin. If Jungkook were Jimin, he’d never forgive Taehyung throwing away a 17 year friendship for what? Popularity? How pathetic.

But he was not Jimin and could not make those decisions for him. He knew the older male would want to work this out, so he had to agree.

“Ugh fine.”




“Hey baby,” Jungkook grinned, pressing the blond to the bathroom door, holding his waist down and leaning in close to steal a quick kiss from Jimin who just finished brushing his teeth.

“Jeez Jungkook Don’t just walk in the bathroom while I'm inside,” Jimin chuckled, wrapping his arms around the brunettes neck.

“Sorry, you were taking too long and I was getting impatient and lonely. Come on I wanna cuddle,” Jungkook whined into Jimin’s hair like a needy child causing the blonde to giggle. He loved when Jungkook got clingy and affectionate.

“Alright alright you big baby let's go cuddle.”

In short time, the two were under Jungkook’s covers, Jimin’s mop of blonde hair sprawled on Jungkook’s bare chest, arm around the youngers waist and their legs tangled under the sheets.

They took turns on whose bedroom to sleep in. Their parents never bothered to come in and check since they were always fighting.


A couple days ago Jungkook’s father allowed Hayoon to return to work, but they still bickered and yelled at each other. Jimin’s mother even began sleeping in one of the other rooms.

Of course this had a negative effect on the boys but they were so busy with each other and their own issues to the one with their parents.

“You know Yoongi came to apologize earlier..” Jungkook spoke.

Yoongi’s name piqued Jimin’s interest. Mainly because Yoongi and Taehyung had a little bit of a thing going on and Jimin was sure Taehyung had ditched him for the senior anyway.

“Oh really?” He asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Yeah.. he uh.. told me that Taehyung had been crying all the time and is too embarrassed with himself to talk to you. Something about skipping classes to avoid showing his face to you..”

Jimin scoffed. “I doubt it. I bet he’s enjoying all the attention he’s getting, the popularity. Bet he’s enjoying it so much he hasn’t even thought of me.”

Jungkook let out a sigh, shifting a little so he could look down at Jimin’s face seeing the frown the blonde wore.
“Hyung, I doubt that. I think he’s just lost. It’s easy to get swept up in the popularity, trust me ive been there. Once you get a small taste of it, you want more.”

Jungkook sat up, causing Jimin’s head to gently fall back onto his own pillow. The brunette crossed his legs and picked at the skin on the side of his thumbnail just before he began to speak up again.

“At first you say you won’t let it change you. But then everything you do becomes about rep. Hani and I only began dating cause I’m the quarterback and she's a cheerleader. Look at us, we’re in highschool and we give too much of a shit about reputation that will do nothing beneficial for us except feed out ego. It won’t help us get a job or build a life. And I never realized how little it all meant until I began to fall for you..” Jungkook reached over, taking Jimin’s hand into his own, intertwining their fingers.

“You’re the only thing that matters to me Jimin hyung. And I’ve only known you for less than a year but you’ve known Taehyung your whole life so I know you mean more to him than he’s willing to show. I know you’re the bigger person. And I think you should talk to him..”

Jimin looked up at Jungkook, eyes flickering back and forth between Jungkook’s. “Im scared,” he whispered.

“I’m scared of talking to him after everything.”


“But if you don’t you’ll never resolve this…”


Jungkook was right. He knew Taehyung better than anyone. They were practically brothers and he should not be afraid to go and talk to him. It was just that the two have never had a fight before so this was such foreign grounds. Jimin didn’t know how to react, what to do.

But he was not going to let this come between his only and longest friendship. So tomorrow at school, he was going to walk up to Taehyung and they were going to fix this issue.

“You’re right… did I tell you that Taemin asked me out yesterday,” Jimin chuckled, trying to lighten up the mood.

“Oh Im gonna kick his ass!” Jungkook hissed, cracking his knuckles causing Jimin’s laugh to grow louder.

He was so happy he had Jungkook on his side and Jungkook was just as happy to have Jimin. Jungkook laid back down, Jimin instinctively scooting to his side.
They stayed like that for a few more minutes just silently enjoying each others company.

Something inside Jimin urged him to express how grateful he was for Jungkook. There was something so unbelievably magical about their chemistry and Jimin almost could not see a life without Jungkook. They had not been together for long, but Jimin wanted to say it. He wanted to show Jungkook how much he meant to Jimin. How safe the blonde felt in his arms.

“I know this probably isn’t the best time to say this. It’s supposed to be all romantic and whatnot, but I love you.. Kookie. And I don’t wanna live without you..” Jimin felt Jungkook’s body grow stiff under him and he began to cringe at himself.

“You don’t have to say it back I j-just thought you should know. After that fight we had, after everyone finding out about us I realized I wanted to be near you more and more. You’re the only thing on my mind, the only one I want and.. I dont know how to describe this feeling I just know that I love you… and you don’t have to say it back or w-we can pretend I n-never said it if it makes you uncomforta-“


“I love you too..” Jimin gulped, eyes slightly widening at Jungkook who looked back down at him with a serious expression.

“You do?” The blonde whispered.

Jungkook’s only ever been in 2 real relationships. With Hani, he never cared about where she went, what she was doing. He never really loved her, sure he said it here and there but after saying it to Jimin, he realized how much value those three words held. When saying it to Hani, it felt empty, weak, unimportant.

But now saying those words to Jimin, they actually carried weight in a good way. Jungkook loved Jimin, and he also could not describe the feeling, he just knew it.

“Yes, I do. I really do,” Jungkook grinned, lifting his fingers to Jimin’s forehead brushing the blonde strands away from Jimin’s almond shaped eyes.

The happiness overwhelmed Jimin, lips tugging upwards into a wide, excited smile as he nuzzled closer into Jungkook’s neck, squeezing him tighter.

Like that, the two boys fell asleep.




The next day at school, Jimin was on the lookout for Taehyung. The now brunette should be here somewhere but for some reason Jimin couldn’t find him anywhere, he even waited by Taehyung’s locker but the boy never came.

Even at lunch, Jimin every so often peered over to Yoongi’s table, Taehyung’s seat was empty. That was when Yoongi caught him watching. When their eyes locked, Jimin froze, turning around to walk away. As if the embarrassment of sitting alone was not enough.


But Yoongi beat him to it. So fast almost like the speed of light, Yoongi was standing in front of Jimin, blocking him for exiting the loud, adolescent filled cafeteria.

“Looking for Taehyung?” He asked calmly.

Jimin was embarrassed to be standing in front of Yoongi after he caught him on Jungkook’s lap sucking face. “Um..”

“He’s in the horticultural club garden. It’s where he skips class now.”

Jimin scoffed. “You know instead of being all chill about it, you should try and be a good boyfriend and convince him to go class-“

“Whoa we are not dating,” Yoongi rolled his eyes, cutting Jimin off. “Secondly, he won’t listen to me. He’s too afraid to see you. He won’t take the first step,you sho-“

“Yea I know be the bigger man blah blah Jungkook gave me that speech already. Now if You’ll excuse me, I’d like to go hopefully the eyes staring this way might leave me alone like they normally do if you’re not standing in front of me-“
Jimin tried to push passed Yoongi but the older male grabbed him and held him in place causing Jimin to lose his patience little by little.

“I know we never really started off on good terms. But I want you to know that if you make Jungkook happy then I am happy. I care about him, and I care about Taehyung and they both can’t seem to love with out you. Taehyung is crumbling down just trying. So hopefully one day we can be friends.” Yoongi let go of Jimin, shoving his hands into the pockets of his baggy jeans.


Jimin let out a sigh through his nose, looking down at his own worn out converse, standing on his toes for a moment before landing back down on his heels.



With that, Yoongi stepped aside and allowed Jimin to proceed out of the cafeteria to the horticulture garden which was in the corner of the school just outside the science lab. Their school had many outdoors areas like the courtyard and even some of their hallways were outdoors. Jimin knew where the garden was because it was actually his responsibility to water the plants every Tuesday last year when he was apart of the club.


When he got there, he spotted the brunette on the bench with his earbuds in, frowning down at his notebook where he sketched little doodles. Jimincould hear the music from where he was standing, Taehyung was blasting it in his earbuds, something he did when he was upset. He liked to drown himself in music.

Jimin chewed his lip nervously, watching from the corner as he debated whether or not to back out. He turned his head to the other direction, hesitating. But finally he pulled himself together and gathered up enough courage to walk up to Taehyung.

He sat on the other side of the bench, keeping a safe distance between them as he stared forward to avoid looking at Taehyung. The younger felt the presence of another beside him, instinctively looking up at the same time as he pulled out his left ear bud.

When his eyes landed Jimin’s side profile, his breath hitched, mouth becoming dry instantly. He quickly paused his music, pulling the second earbud out and kept his eyes stuck on his notebook. Jimin could practically feel how tense Taehyung’s body became.

Neither of them spoke at first, both of them awkwardly sitting there in silence waiting for the other to speak.

But Jimin knew he was not ready for this. He could feel the tears building up and he was trying so hard to suppress them so he would not embarrass himself. When the silence and Taehyung’s presence became too suffocatingly overwhelming, Jimin got up and took the first step to walking away.

Before he could take the second step, he was being turned around and pulled into a tight hug. Taehyung began crying loudly on Jimin’s shoulder, his body trembling against Jimin’s.

Hearing the first string of sobs is what tore Jimin’s wall down, his own sobs joined in with Taehyung’s, arms wrapping around the male. Jimin’s heartbeat began to accelerate and for a moment he forgot that Taehyung did all that stuff to him. In that moment, Taehyung was his best friend from childhood who used to make capes out of bed sheets and who he used to build pillow forts with. Who he came to for support and protection.

His best friend, not that guy who hurt him. Seeing Taehyung weak like this did not give him satisfaction to know he was suffering without Jimin. Instead it tore the blonde apart and he began to feel guilty with himself for allowing Taehyung to get this way, even though he’s really the victim in the story.

But that's just who Jimin was.
He’d rather hurt himself than watch Taehyubg suffer this way.

In his entire life of knowing Taehyung, he only ever saw the brunette cry this hard once before, when his grandmother passed away. That was the only other time.


They stayed that way, crying hard against each other until their tears slowed down and their cries turned into whimpers and sniffles. It was like they both silently agreed to step back, pulling away from the hug at the same time and drying their cheeks with their hands.

“L-lets sit down yea?” Jimin sniffled, pushing away the stray tear with his fingertip. Taehyung nodded, the two sitting back down on the bench, recovering from their cry session.

“I’m sorry-“ Jimin began.

“N-no, hyung I’m sorry. I’m such a dick. I c-can’t believe I spoke to you like that a-and treated you like that,” he began to hyperventilate, head shaking in disapproval with himself.

To try and calm the brunette down, Jimin put a hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay..”

“No Jiminnie it’s not. You’re my best friend, my soulmate! I can’t believe I almost gave you up over something so stupid. I don’t c-care about popularity or p-parties I just want my best friend b-back,” he whimpered, tears swelling in his eyes again, slipping down his cheeks like waterfalls.

Jimin’s heart shattered, his eyes were watering again as well. “I forgive you, I do. You’re my soulmate, my best friend, okay?” Jimin whispered scooting closer and wrapping one arm around Taehyung’s back, laying his head on the youngers shoulder. He wasn't just saying it. He genuinely meant it, he forgave Taehyung. Just like Jungkook said it was easy to get carried away in the attention. He doesn’t blame Taehyung for being subject to it like almost everyone else.

He was human too after all.


“I never want to fight again. T-the past few days have been the hardest of my life without you h-hyung. I’m sorry I was such a dick to you. I g-guess I just got so caught up in all the attention but nothing is the same without you.”

“Nothing is the same without you either. That's why w-we’re never fighting again. Deal?”

Taehyung chuckled, nodding his head before leaning closer into Jimin’s hug. “Deal. I love Jimin hyung.”

“I love you too TaeTae.”

Chapter Text

Jimin certainly did feel better after his crying session with Taehyung. Yet still there was a bit of awkward tension they had yet to relieve. It was not like they could just go back to how they were. It would definitely take healing, some damage control.

And It was not going to be easy but they were working on it. Taehyung began sitting with Jimin at lunch again, he started showing up to class. He even began telling Jimin all the details about him and Yoongi.

Which left just the elephant in the room that they have yet to discuss. How Taehyung really felt about Jimin and Jungkook’s relationship. They both could tell they were avoiding the topic mainly because Taehyung did not know if Jimin would want to talk about it and Jimin did not know if Taehyung would want to talk about it.

Because of that, Jimin felt like he had to watch what he said because he didn’t want to bring Jungkook up and cause a stir. Even though he did feel like it was unfair for him to have to hold back in the first place. Little did he know, Taehyung was holding back on asking for his sake.


It had been a week since Jimin told Jungkook he loved him. The brunette was out with the Football team, probably going to throw a ball around or something. Since football season was over Jungkook was more available thank goodness. And the dance practices have also slowed down because the showcase they’d been practicing so hard far was over and the next one was in quite a while.

They were already in second semester after all, school would be over soon and then they’d be off to summer vacation. Jimin would be a senior.

He couldn’t believe it was almost a year since his mother told him she was going to get married to Jungwoo. What an unpleasant surprise it was at the time. Jimin had a feeling it wouldn’t last long

Even now, Jimin’s feeling was starting to grow stronger. Their parents had been arguing everyday for the past three weeks and it was driving the two boys real crazy.


“Hi jaehyuk hyung,” Jimin said as he walked into the kitchen, eyes landing on their chef who was chopping up vegetables on a cutting board, ingredients placed in front of him.

“Hello Jimin, good day to you.”


The blonde scanned the table with confusion. It seemed like way too much to just be their dinner. There were like 4 pots on the stove and he seemed to be cutting things up for a salad which would make another dish. Jimin turned around to take a glance at the dining room which had an extra 4 plates on it.

“Um… hyung are there people coming for dinner?” Jimin asked.

“Yes, your father has a business partner, his wife and two sons coming for dinner in 2 hours. Oh! Your mother asked me to tell you to call Jungkook and ask him to come home tonight before dinner. I almost forgot,” he flashed Jimin a polite smile as he lifted the carrot beside him, pressing it down to the cutting board and began to chop.


“Oh.. yea sure.”


He grabbed the water bottle in the fridge he was looking for and then walked out of the kitchen, pulling his phone out of his pocket and dialing Jungkook’s number.

After a few ringers he heard a little background laughter and a “hello?” From the younger boy.

“Hey baby,” Jimin grinned looking down at the strings of his hoodie, toying with one of them in between his fingers.

“Hey hyung, what’s up?”

“Um our parents have people coming over for dinner in a couple hours, when do you think you’ll be home?”

“20 minutes, I cant wait to see you..”

Jimin tried to stop his smile by biting his bottom lip but it didnt help. God he loved Jungkook so much…

“I can’t wait to see you too…”


Jungkook was home in 20 minutes just like he said he’d be. Jimin was in his room, for once the door was open, usually he left it closed. Across from his room was a bathroom and what caught his attention was when the light flickered on. The blonde looked up from his book, eyes landing on Jungkook who was staring ahead at the mirror on the wall, palms pressing against the bathroom counter.

He was all sweaty, strands of hair sticking to his forehead like glue. Letting out a sigh, he lifted his hoodie over his head by the corners, revealing his white shirt, damp with sweat, pressing to his perfectly sculpted abs.

The blondes eyes traveled up and down Jungkook’s body, and fuck did he like what he saw.
He was attracted to Jungkook, obviously enough otherwise he would not be making out with him all the time.

But he could not ignore the sexual tension between them. He knew Jungkook was not a virgin which made Jimin feel a little embarrassed with how inexperienced he was. After all, Jungkook was the second and hopefully last person he has and will ever kiss.

“Like what you see?” Jimin heard causing him to snap out of his transe, eyes flickering back up to Jungkook’s eyes.

The brunette was smirking, like he was winning some kind of game and boy was Jimin losing and he didn’t even care. His cheeks were bright red with embarrassment, mouth opening to say something but closing immediately when realizing he had nothing to say.

“Should I shut the door or would you like to continue watching the show. The next episode is the one where I take all my clothes off and step into the shower,” he winked.

“S-shut the door…” Jimin said loud enough for Jungkook to hear him across the hall.

“You sure? If you just watch the preview you won’t know all the details…”


Why did Jungkook have to be a little shit and embarrass Jimin that way? Yes yes yes! Jimin wanted to see Jungkook fully naked. He wanted to take in every outline, every muscle, everything about his boyfriends perfect body. He wanted to watch water spill over him and cascade down his biceps, lips wet, skin glowing.

He was imagining it in his head in front of him like some kind of a mental movie.

“Well? Should I close the curtains or would my audience like the encore?”

“God d-damn it Jungkook!” Jimin got flustered, tossing his book to the side of his bed and quickly rushing to shut the door. He could hear Jungkook’s amused laughter that was sort of muffled because of the barrier between them.

Embarrassed, his eyes shut tight, head banging once against the door. Why hadn’t they ever talked about sex? Jimin wondered. Jungkook used to have sex every day with Hani yet he has not once brought it up during their relationship.

They’ve never even gotten past, hickeys and innocent grinding. Did Jungkook even want to have sex with him?


The first thing he could think of was to ask Taehyung for advice. He even reached over for his phone ready to text his friend until he realized they still have yet to discuss Jungkook in any of their conversations since the fight.

He was hesitant, but right now he felt too insecure not to talk to Taehyung so he quickly tapped the call button, pressing his phone to his ear.

“Hey hyung,” Taehyung’s voice came through the line.

“Hey… um.. I’m happy we made up and everything but I have a problem and… and it has to do with Jungkook. If you’re uncomfortable thats okay, I’ll hang up I just need friends advi-“

“Hey, slow down,” he could hear Taehyung taking a slow, nervous breath before continuing️. “Um.. yea. Yea it’s time we talk about it I mean, we’re best friends we should tell each other everything. Come on spill.”

Jimin got up and began mindlessly walking around his room, feeling uncomfortable with sitting in one place while on the phone.

“Well, when He was with Hani they were always having sex.. but he’s never even spoken about it with me. I feel embarrassed since I’m still a virgin. But should I be scared? What if he doesn’t want to have sex? What if he’s freaked out about the thought of having gay sex, I mean we have to remember that up until a few months ago, he identified as straight.”


“Jimin! Are you kidding me first of all, you turned him gay so that is HUGE brownie points for you. And I’m sure he just likes you a lot and doesn’t want to blow it. Blow your relationship I mean… not like.. your dick which I’m sure he’d love to blow!” Jimin busted out in a fit of giggles at his best friend.


God he missed him. He was so happy they were friends again and he could speak to him freely.
“I think you’re overthinking. He’s probably nervous and maybe does not know when the right time is..”

“Yea… you’re probably right what was I even thinking. Thank you Taehyung..”

“Anytime bestie. Look I uh.. I know we had been avoiding the Jungkook talk till now but I want you to know that I’m happy for you. And I want to be able to talk about him with you. I was never mad about it to begin with so… so yea. Thank you for talking about him with me..”


“Thank you for being the best..”



Two hours was a long time to wait for dinner so Jimin found himself taking a short nap. When he woke up he almost panicked, only having 30 minutes to get ready for whatever the hell dinner this was tonight.

He busted into Jungkook’s room, the brunette was buttoning up his black button down which sleeves only reached his elbows, raising a confused eyebrow at Jimin.

“You okay?”

“Uh.. yea have you seen my blue turtleneck?”

“No...but I am seeing you and seeing you reminds me that we haven’t kissed in almost a full day and that is not acceptable,” Jungkook said as he took steps closer to a shirtless Jimin who was just in his gray sweatpants and a white tank top. Jungkook grabbed onto Jimin’s shirt, pushing him to bed until Jimin stumbled back and landed on the mattress with Jungkook on top of him.

There was something relatively different about the way Jungkook was staring at him as their noses brushes over against each other.

He licked his lips, leaning forward for more and Jungkook provided happily. He pressed their lips together and Jimin could swear every time they kiss it feels like the first time. Sparks, explosion of emotions..

Their kiss got heated quickly, both of them missing having each other this close even though it’s only been a day. That’s one day too long. The way their lips fit perfectly against one another like two puzzle pieces being put together to create a bigger picture was what made it all the better. Because it made both of them feel like…. yea.. I belong with him.

Their tongues danced back and forth between each others mouths, Jungkook’s hands running up and down Jimin’s sides. God how he wished Jimin would let him worship that beautiful body..

Everything was going well, Jimin didn’t think they’d stop kissing anytime soon. Yea that was what he thought before Jungkook began to rub Jimin’s nipple with the made of his thumb through his tanktop. He gasped, the sensation went straight down to his cock and fearing that Jungkook would feel him going hard would be more embarrassing than the bathroom stunt he pulled a bit ago.

With both his hands on the youngers chest he pushed Jungkook of to the other side of the bed and quickly shot up. Jungkook gave him a sort of confused and disappointed look which made him feel guilty. No wonder they’ve never spoken about sex… he always pushes Jungkook away. And he could tell just by looking at Jungkook’s eyes that the brunette was upset and hurt.

“S-sorry.. t-turtleneck gotta find.. uh… see you!” He ran outside Jungkook’s room back into his own. When he shut the door of his room he immediately facepalmed.

“Idiot!” He whisper yelled to himself.




The time came for Jungwoo and Hayoon to pretend they’re still happy together when they’re not. Jungkook and Jimin gave each other a look that read “are you kidding me,” when Jungwoo greeted the guests, keeping one arm around Hayoon’s waist.

Of course they’d pretend like the last month was not them reenacting the world war. Jimin admired his mother for being so strong and still able to keep calm through all of this. She wore a beautiful nude dress that went just an inch passed her knee. Her black hair was pulled up in a tight ponytail stopping at her lower back. Her hair was so long and beautiful. Naturally straight and dark.

What made Hayoon reach Jungwoo’s height were the nude louboutins red bottom heels she wore.

Jungwoo was a tall man, Jungkook acquired some of that height but not all, still a little shorter than his father. They had to show off their wealth of course. His mother with her Red Bottoms and Jungwoo with his Versace belt and rolex on his wrist.

Meanwhile Jimin wore a turtleneck he bought at H&M.

“Mr. and Mrs. Choi welcome to our home. Come in please,” Jungwoo spoke, opening the door further for the guests to enter.

“Those kids go to Yongsan,” Jungkook whispered in Jimin’s ears. The blondes eyes went a little wide, looking up at Jungkook.

Yongsan was an amazing elite grades K-12 private school, the kids were preppy and snobby. Jungkook went to that school for a couple years but he absolutely hated it there so he told his father he wanted to go to the public school he went to now.

“How do you know?” Jimin whispered back.

“That boy,” he pointed to the blonde one who seemed a little younger than the two of them. “He’s on the varsity football team. A freshman. We never played against them but I heard they were amazing..”

There were two brothers. One of them had to have been at least 6 feet tall, brown hair and dimples. The one Jungkook pointed at was a little shorter, maybe Jungkook’s height. He was strikingly handsome and Jimin felt sort of intimidated by that.

“These are our sons, Jungkook and Jimin. Jungkook here is 16 and Jimin will be turning 18 in october.” Hayoon said.

Jungkook and Jimin shook hands with Mr. and Mrs. Choi. Mrs. Choi had to have been a little younger than his own mother. She had blonde hair wrapped in a tight bun with not a single fly away. She also wore an expensive dress like his own mother did.

Jimin guessed all business wives had to have been the same then. He wondered if Mr. Choi and Mrs. Choi argue like Hayoon and Jungwoo did.

“Nice to meet you boys. These are our sons, Beomgyu,” The blonde nodded. “And Soobin,” the boy with the dimples looked up with a shy grin before putting his head back down.

“Soobin Is Jungkook’s age then? Beomgyu here is a little younger than you boys. He’s 15,” Mr. Choi said.


“Well now that we got introductions out of the way! Our chef is almost done preparing the dinner so we can let the boys talk a bit and if you would like to see our wine collection?” Hayoon chuckled.

At the word “wine” Mr. Choi’s eyes lit up suddenly interested. “Why yes I would!” The adults quickly dispersed leaving the 4 boys.

“So..” Beomgyu started, putting his hands into the pockets of his pants while looked at Jungkook. “You’re the famous Jeon Jungkook. First freshman varsity quarterback and sophomore football team captain. Heard all about you man.”

Jungkook raised his eyebrows in surprise. He didn’t expect people from other schools to know who he was. Well maybe through a few parties he had been too since kids from other schools would sometimes attend.

“Heard about you too. The Ravens freshman receiver,” he held his hand out to bro-shake.

Jimin and Soobin looked at each other like they had no idea what was going on. The blonde could tell Soobin was shy and didn’t talk much. He seemed very unsure, not really looking any of them in the eye.

Beomgyu was probably the more outgoing one. God did Jimin know how it felt to be overshadowed by a brother. Well… boyfriend.. brother.

“Well, you’re really cute,” Beomgyu said to Jimin. The blonde kinda snapped out of observing Soobin when he realized the younger was talking to him.

Jimin’s cheeks reddened a little. “M-me?”

Beomgyu nodded. “Yea.. really cute. You like guys? You look like the type to be into younger guys..”

Jimin looked at Jungkook, the brunette had his jaw clenched like he was ready to kick the shit out of Beomgyu for hitting on Jimin. If that was what he was doing.

Younger guys… did he give off that impression? Well Jungkook was younger than him.. but Taemin was older than him so.

“U-um..” Jimin didn’t really know how to respond, Awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck.
For the first time, Soobin spoke allowing the others to hear his deep and quiet voice. “Sorry, he’s a little straightforward and doesn’t think before he speaks..”

Doesn’t think before he speaks? Sounds a little like Jungkook. He plays football like Jungkook, has a little bit of arrogance in him like Jungkook. God was it a football player kinda thing?

Jimin looked back at the other blonde who was looking him up and down with bedroom eyes, bottom lip trapped between his teeth. “You single?” Beomgyu asked in a confident tone.

“Yea Jimin, are you single?” Jungkook from beside him asked in a mocking, sort of annoyed tone with his arms crossed over his chest.

“N-no, I have a boyfriend..”


Beomgyu didn’t look phased though. He seemed unbothered and remained confident even with the news that Jimin was in fact taken.

Before another word could be spoken between the boys, Jimin’s mother called the boys into the dining room for dinner.

The table was set up beautifully. Siwon and Jaehyuk did a beautiful job. There was steam coming from the food, and Jimin could not wait to eat undistracted. Unfortunately when they took their seats, Beomgyu ended up being seated beside Jimin. He gave Jungkook across the table a worried look which Jungkook only replied to with another look; a warning.


They began to eat, the adults were speaking amongst themselves while Jungkook and Soobin began discussing their common interest for video games and dancing.

Jimin and Beomgyu on the other hand, sat awkwardly next to each other, unsure of what to say.

“So Jungkook,” Mrs. Choi started. “Beomgyu told me you were the first sophomore at your school to become captain for the team. Big achievement huh?”

Jungkook looked at his dad whose expression hardened. Some people would say it was. His father would not. The one thing about this marriage that he was grateful for besides Jimin was that Hayoon distracted his father from his focus on Jungkook.

“Yea, big achievement for me..” He nodded with a grin.

“Ah I can only hope my Beomgyu will be the same,” Mr. Choi said, followed by a chuckle. He patted Jungwoo on the back, “you be proud of this kid.”

Jungkook’s body stiffened as the tension in the air thickened uncomfortably.

“Um.. so Soobin how about you what are your interests?” Hayoon asked upon realizing that Soobin had been awfully quiet. The brunette besides Jungkook was a bit surprised that someone was asking him to speak about himself. Jimin could relate. People were always asking about Jungkook and they were only step brothers. He could only imagine how painfully long it has been since Soobin was thrown behind Beomgyu’s light.


“U-um.. I’m not really into sports, I’m more of an artistic person. But I like to dance, I’m apart of a dance team..” Jimin was listening as Soobin talked about his interests but everything, every sound faded when he felt a hand on his thigh, dangerously close to his center.
His body stiffened up, heart racing.

Beomgyu… Jimin turned his head to the younger a little, the blonde beside him was smirking while staring at his brother talking about his dance crew.
He figured if he ignored it, Beomgyu would take his hand off.

“Jungkook is also apart of a dance crew right Kook?” Hayoon said.

When Beomgyu realized Jimin was not gonna do anything, he brought his hand an inch closer, giving Jimin’s thigh a squeeze.

Jungkook nodded in response to his step mother's question, looking at Soobin beside him.
“Yea, we should totally dance together somet-“

Beomgyu squeezed harder.
“Stop it.” Jimin said, grabbing the attention of everyone in the room, Jungkook stopping in the middle of his sentence.

Beomgyu took his hand off Jimin’s thigh and finally Jimin could focus. He felt heat rise up to his cheeks as he stared at Jungkook who looked back at him confused. “Did I do something wrong?” Jungkook asked followed by a scoff.

Jimin swallowed. God damn it why was it that younger people were always so obnoxious. This 15 year old was grabbing his thigh even though he told Beomgyu he had a boyfriend. How fucked up? And the worst part was that he couldn’t tell the obnoxious kid that Jungkook who was sitting in front of them was his boyfriend.

“N-no! U-um.. I’m sorry Jungkook can I talk to you about something for a second? In private?” Jimin stressed the word private, giving Jungkook a serious look.

“Can’t whatever you two have to talk about wait until after dinner?” Jungwoo asked, slowly losing his patience.

“U-um.. no actually I have to talk about it now lets go Jungkook,” Jimin got up from the table suddenly, starling the adults as he walked into the other room, Jungkook curiously following until they were away from everyone else.

“You know my father is going to kill you for that right?” Jungkook said, closing the door. “ Why are we here?”

“I don’t care! Jungkook Beomgyu he’s.. he’s touching me..” Jimin worriedly whispered the last part. He could still feel the younger blondes hand on his thigh, the spot still tingling grossly and uncomfortably.


“H-he put his hand on my thigh and kept going higher and squeezing a-and-“

“Whoa baby slow down,” Jungkook placed both hands on Jimin’s shoulders, shaking him a little so he’d stop freaking out. Once Jimin took in a large breath and gave Jungkook a reassuring nod, Jungkook let go.

“Now that we’re relaxed.. I’m gonna kick that punks ass-“

“Wait wait! Kook you can’t you know it’s just going to cause more problems!” Jimin whisper yelled, holding back Jungkook’s arm.

“So I’m supposed to let that kid get away with touching my boyfriend?”

“Nobody can know remember? Nobody! I’ll just ignore it.. a-and then after we’ll never see him again..”

Jimin waited for Jungkook to say something. His lips were pursed together, anger scribbled across his face in red. He hated the idea of anyone else's hands on Jimin and he hated that there wasn’t anything he could do about it. It drove him painfully insane.

Without a word, Jungkook turned around and walked back out, Jimin quickly an upsettingly followed.
When he got back out there, Hayoon asked Jimin if everything was okay and suddenly Jimin remembered how he just stormed away from the table with no real explanation.

“R-right um. I’m fine I apologize for bursting out like that. I hope you can all forgive me and we can continue eating together,” Jimin sat next to Beomgyu who seemed amused be the entirety of the situation. He was making Jimin flustered and shocked and he couldn’t help but admit how he fed from that satisfaction like it was last supper.


It was a long and painful night. Beomgyu kept trying all his tricks under the table and Jimin had never felt so violated and disturbed in his life, especially not by someone younger than him. Finally, it was like taking a glimpse into heaven when the night was over and they all stood by the door to wish the Chois goodnight.

Before Beomgyu left he made sure to slip his number on a napkin into Jimin’s back pocket. “Call me,” he winked, walking out the door right after Soobin who was exchanging game pins with Jungkook.

When the door closed, war resumed it’s course.

“Did you have to bring up the golf ball story!?” Jungwoo yelled at Hayoon throwing his hands up in the air.

“Well you brought up the cheesecake joke!!” Hayoon responded as she began walking up the stairs, Jungwoo following behind her.




The door slammed shut leaving just the two boys downstairs. “So, he gave you his number?” Jungkook asked, leaning back against the wall.

“Yes but I don’t care. I have a sexy boyfriend right in front of me,” Jimin, despite feeling so dirty because of the blonde little demon, decided to get his mind off of it with his favorite distraction. Jungkook. He confidently invaded Jungkook’s space, their chests touching fingers, latching onto the belt hoops of Jungkook’s pants.

“Mmm sexy huh? You should call me that more often,” the brunette bit his bottom lip, both hands on Jimin’s ass, giving harsh squeezes through Jimin’s jeans. Finally! They were getting somewhere!!

“You’re,” he press a kiss on Jungkook’s neck.

“So,” next kiss landed on Jungkook’s jawline.

“Sexy,” he whispered, closing the distance between their lips. Jimin could taste the lingering flavor of the cherry coke Jungkook had been drinking a few minutes ago on his lips, and then the brunettes tongue was inviting itself into Jimin’s mouth. The blonde didn’t protest, no. Instead he opened the doors wide open and welcomes the gesture. Kissing like this, so freely felt so good. They did it all the time of course but it was always in the confines of one of their bedrooms, finally they could kiss in a place like the living room.


Empty, the only sound to be heard beside the sounds of their lips smacking against each other was the faded bickering of the two parents upstairs.

That is why both Jimin and Jungkook were startled when they heard a glass clatter, both of their heads short to the direction of the noise, alert and nervous.

“Did you hear that?” Jimin whispered.

“Yea… someones here,” Jungkook gently pushed Jimin off him and walked slowly towards the dining room where the noise came from.

“Is anyone here?” Jungkook said loud enough for anyone to hear as he scanned the living room with Jimin behind him. The room was vacant, dishes still on the table.

“Just cleaning up!” Jaehyuk the chef said from the kitchen and the boys both let out a sigh of relief.
They couldn’t see him but how could they have forgotten that Jaehyuk and probably Siwon would stay to clean up.

“Got nervous there for a second,” Jimin chuckled turning to the staircase and heading up. Jungkook followed the blonde. Phew that was a relief.


Neither of them were used to doing something like that out in the open even though they were in their home. Anyone could walk on and see so they were always careful!!! Thankfully it was just Siwon and Jaehyuk so they were safe.



“I can’t believe this,” Jaehyuk scoffed in surprise, shaking his head in disbelief. He leaned back against the counter not feeling like he could fully support his own weight right now.

“I knew something was going on! I sensed it and when I asked they totally blew it off!!” Siwon said in a quiet and disappointed tone.

Neither of them could believe what just happened. They both expected better from the two boys, and while Siwon might have seen it coming, Jaehyuk had no idea. They didn’t know what to feel about it.
“What do we do? Tell their parents?”


Siwon shook her head. “We cant… we have to think of a better plan……’

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It's been months since this story has been updated. I feel terrible for leaving y'all without an explanation but the truth is, I've lost motivation with the book and I've been distancing from BTS for some while now.
I've been an army for 4 years so it was hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I just don't connect to them the same as I did. A lot about me has changed. I don't expect you all to know that or anything about it since none of you really know me, you just know the story I wrote. I'm trying to connect again because these 7 boys have helped me through the hardest parts of my life. I love them all like I've never loved anyone before. They'll always be the most special people to me. That's why I'm trying to reconnect.

But for now, this story, along with "Love me Love me" are on hold. I'm thinking about writing a long long long longgggg epilogue. I hope you all can understand and I hope I can return when I'm well to finish off this story. Thank you all.