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Love Drunk

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Bakugou hadn't even wanted to go to the dumb party in the first place. If it had been anyone else hosting it, he'd have gotten away with being anti-social, but no it had to be Kaminari who had a house to himself for the weekend, had to be the one person who would never let him get away with skipping out. 

He grumbled to himself as he waited, leaning against the wall in a familiar apartment hallway, listening to the frantic rustling in the next room.

"For god's sake, Deku," he called, scowling. "Hurry the fuck up."

"I was ready, Kacchan! You're the one who made me come back!"

"Then don't be such an embarrassing nerd-ass!"

Midoriya huffed quietly, but Bakugou heard it all the same, shoving the door open roughly and making him jump.

"For crying out loud," he muttered, storming across to the wardrobe to flip through hangers. "Here, put this shit on."

He managed to unearth an acceptable shirt and a pair of jeans, reaching out to roll the sleeves back to his elbows before Midoriya had even finished buttoning it. Finally satisfied, he started toward the front door, letting Midoriya hurry to catch up as he called a flustered farewell to his mother. 

Truth be told, Midoriya hadn't been planning on attending. He wasn't much of a party person, as much as he loved his classmates, and he'd rather have just spent the night at home with a book or his laptop. His friends had been encouraging, but never forceful, and he thought he'd gotten away with it until Bakugou had stomped up to his desk.

"May as well take the train together," he'd muttered. "To dunce-face's party. Be ready by seven."

He hadn't been able to come up with a response for that, other than a slow nod, and with that one stupid gesture he'd been roped in for the night. Bakugou liked to head to bed early, though, so he hoped they would escape after a short appearance, just long enough to have a can of questionably obtained beer and apologise for their early departure.

Then again, this was Kaminari they were talking about, so Bakugou might never escape that house. Oh well, Midoriya would have a peaceful train-ride home while Bakugou was tortured by his squad. Seemed fair.

"I was surprised when you said you were coming," Midoriya mumbled, when the silence between them got too heavy. "You're not really a party guy."

"Neither are you," Bakugou snorted. "Pikachu is hosting, my shitty friends didn't give me a choice."

"Yeah, I figured."

"They promised me beer, though."

"That's good of them."

Bakugou scoffed, but didn't bother to voice his disdain, instead turning to look at rushing tunnels beyond the train windows. It wasn't a long trip to reach Kaminari's house – Midoriya had never been, but he'd looked up directions online just in case – so he was unsurprised when Bakugou stood, heading for the doors with his hands shoved deep in his pockets. He followed in a hurry, hanging a step behind, but Bakugou never deigned to spare him a glance.

Bakugou was cringing before they even reached the front door, listening to the pounding music that radiated out into the streets. It made his whole body shudder, curling in on itself, and Midoriya gave him a sympathetic look as his lips tightened.

"Bakubro, 'bout time!" Kirishima yelled, when he opened the door for them. "Midoriya! Hey!"

"Hi, Kirishima," Midoriya called over the music, trying to manage a smile. "Sounds like you guys are having fun."

Bakugou shoved past him to the kitchen, obtaining a can of beer and immediately beginning to pour it down his throat, and Midoriya smiled sheepishly when Kirishima looked startled.

"The bass," he gestured vaguely. "Explosions, ears, y'know?"


It was only then that Midoriya realised Bakugou's school-friends didn't know, didn't understand, and he found himself gaping.

"Um, his ears are sensitive from his quirk?" he explained awkwardly. "Sorry, I didn't realise, uh, you don't..."

"I'll turn it down," Kirishima grinned, clapping Midoriya on the back. "Thanks man! I appreciate it! He doesn't talk about himself!"

He ducked off to talk to Jirou near the speakers, and soon the levels became much more bearable, the house no longer shaking with the pulsating tones. Before he could look for Bakugou, though, he felt thin fingers curl around his bicep, dragging him off in a hurry.

"We wondered where you'd gotten to!" Uraraka exclaimed, her usual beaming smile plastered across her face. "Come have a drink with us! They got a whole bunch of stuff!"

"I realise I cannot prevent any of you from drinking," Iida answered, when Midoriya shot him a look of silent questioning. "But I do ask that you are responsible about it!"

"Uh, sure, okay, I'll just have a beer then."

Uraraka retrieved a glass bottle from an ice bucket, handing it over to him, and he pulled a face as he forced it open and took his first sip. It was always so bitter – no matter how many times his friends sourced the stuff, he never got used to that first sip. He was tempted to try some of the sweeter, fruitier things that a lot of the girls tended to nurse over the course of a night, but even in a class like theirs, he suspected there would be some shade thrown his way for it. 

It was just one drink, anyway. Then he could escape, could curl up in bed with a good book and recharge.

"Time for a game!" Kaminari sang, marching in with more bottles and cans held aloft. "Drinking games, wooo!"

Behind him Midoriya caught a glimpse of pink, smiling when they rounded the corner. Ashido was a brave woman to drag Bakugou around by the arm like that – personally he wouldn't have dared. But no, she twined her hands around his bicep like it was no big deal, towing him along despite his threats and squirming, his weak attempts to pull away, knowing it was a lost cause even if he freed himself.

"Never have I ever!" Kaminari continued, joining the makings of a circle. "Gather round, gather round! Do we all know the rules? If you've done the thing, drink! Simple!"

"Gotta be simple if your ass can comprehend it," Bakugou growled, finally tearing his arm free as they all sat. "Why am I even here, you dumb-shit?"

"Because I want to crack through into that pretty little Bakubrain and see what makes you tick!" Ashido grinned, handing him a fresh bottle, dripping with condensation. "It'll be fun, blasty!"

"Fuckin' will not."

Despite his protests, he still found himself sitting in the circle with his drink in hand, sneaking glances across to where Midoriya sat with his nerd-friends. He seemed a little nervous, as always, but when he caught Bakugou's eye he smiled – a genuine smile, not the awkward ones he'd been shooting at others – and something about it made Bakugou soften a little.

"Let's start off with a bang!" Kaminari grinned, holding up his drink. "Never have I ever sent someone nudes!"

Half the circle took a drink, and Bakugou pulled a face. He hadn't known what a bunch of perverts he went to school with.

"Never have I ever jerked it in the school bathrooms!"

"I piss there, you heathen!" Bakugou growled, kicking Kirishima in the side when he took a drink. "What the fuck?!"

"Never have I ever been in handcuffs!"

A little more sheepishly, Kirishima drank again, and Bakugou couldn't help but gawk at him. 

"Yaoyorozu!" Uraraka squawked, pointing at her accusingly. "Why were you in handcuffs?!"

Their classmate flooded red, but before she could stumble out a response, Todoroki was shaking his head faintly.

"No one said we had to give further information," he pointed out. "You don't have to say anything."

"I hope you were not under arrest!" Iida said far too loudly, making his classmates snigger. "That would not be good for your hero career!"

"N-No, Iida, I promise I wasn't being arrested, don't you worry."

Uraraka clapped a hand over Iida's mouth when he began to pry, nodding to Jirou to take her turn in a hurry.

"Never have I ever been skinny dipping."

Bakugou was unsurprised when half the class drank, he knew of their plans even as they'd made them, but he'd never expected the freckled face across the circle to drink too.

As the game continued Bakugou became more and more agitated, staring at the drink in his hand, yet untouched. Kirishima burst out laughing when he looked over, catching a glimpse, and despite Bakugou's warning snarl he leaned over to clap him on the shoulder playfully.

"Poor Bakugou!" he laughed, the whole circle turning to look at his flushed cheeks. "I didn't know you were still a sweet little virgin!"

"Have you not had a drink at all?!" Ashido gaped, leaning over to stare at his bottle. "Splodey, sweetie, you need to get some action!"

Bakugou tried and failed to come up with some form of retort, but under the laughing and teasing of his classmates, for once his brain failed to come up with anything witty – or anything at all, frankly.

From across the circle Midoriya sent him an apologetic look, an attempt at being comforting, and for a moment it almost - almost - worked. Until...

"Never have I ever been kissed."

Midoriya reached for his bottle, taking a swig, and sparks popped off in Bakugou's hands as he stormed out of the room.

"Poor guy," Ashido couldn't help but giggle. "Never even been kissed."

"Are you surprised, with the mouth on him?" Sero laughed. "Any girl who went near him would be scared he'd bite!"

Midoriya excused himself quietly, following Bakugou's path out to the kitchen, and found him leant over the sink, shuddering a little as he slammed back a shot of some golden liquid.


He poured another shot and downed it before he screwed the cap back on, setting the bottle aside.

"Kacchan, it's okay, you know. We're still young and you've always been so focussed on school and training..."

"Fuck off," Bakugou growled. "I don't need your shitty sympathy."

"But I mean it! It's nothing to be ashamed of! You should be proud that you've never succumb to the pressures of high school!"

"I said fuck off," Bakugou grumbled, shoving past him with his beer in hand. "I need to piss."


"Drop it, asshole. I don't give a shit and neither should you."

Anyone else might have believed him, with the way he spat the words so vehemently.

Midoriya saw the glistening in his eyes.




Midoriya looked up to see Bakugou pointing at him, eyes slightly glazed, one arm draped around Kirishima's shoulders. He narrowed his eyes, taking a step forward before he realised his grip was still inhabited, so instead he patted Kirishima on the shoulder clumsily and took a step away.

"You," he began, with a lop-sided smile. "You're alright, dude."

"Thanks, Bakugou," Kirishima laughed. "Much appreciated."

"Deku. Deku, Deku, Deku. Dekuuuu."

"Y-Yes, Kacchan?"

Bakugou stumbled closer, and Midoriya flinched when the hands reached for him, taking a strong grip on his cheeks.


"What is it, Kacchan?"

The warm hands tugged at his cheeks, stretching his skin to its limits, and Midoriya cringed a little.

"Freckles," he said again. "Look at 'em all."

"Ah, yeah, there are a lot," he agreed, gently removing Bakugou's grip. "How much have you been drinking?"

"It's so good, Deku! I like beer!"

"I'm s-sure you do, Kacchan."

"You want some beer? I like beer."

"Uh, yeah, I have one, see?"


His hands moved to Midoriya's hair this time, tangling in green curls, but despite his clumsiness he seemed oddly gentle about the motion.


"Y-Yeah, Kacchan, it's green," he laughed, his nerves subsiding a little with Bakugou's antics. "It's always been green."

"So green," he agreed. "I sit here now."

He slumped onto the floor between Midoriya and Uraraka, leaning against his side, but when Midoriya began to speak across him he pouted.

"Talk to me, Deku," he tugged pointedly, making Midoriya cringe a little. "Just me."

"I can talk to you both, Kacchan."

"I don't like sharing."

"Yeah, I know, I went to kindergarten with you."

Bakugou grinned surprisingly brightly, and Midoriya cringed when he saw Kaminari pointing a phone at them, shuffling a little to block the camera's view of Bakugou. Their entire squad was laughing their asses off at Bakugou's drunken sweetness, the weird clinginess and possessiveness that seemed to have washed over him. He wound his hands around Midoriya's forearm as he shifted, pouting again, and Midoriya sighed as he reached for his drink.

"I think I need more of this," he explained, when Uraraka looked at him with concern. "I've never seen him so drunk before."

"He seemed upset earlier, during the game. I guess he drank more to deal with it, or something?"

"It's not like him. I'd better keep an eye on him, since he seems to be sticking close anyway."


"I'm here, Kacchan."

Uraraka smiled as she climbed to her feet, conveniently blocking Ashido's camera as she moved.

"I'll go get us some more drinks."

"Thanks, Uraraka."

He soon accepted that for the foreseeable future he was simply destined to have a growth clinging to his side, callused hands roaming over his arms, his hands, his face. Tracing scars and freckles alike, pinching at soft cheeks and squeezing at tight muscles. 

Midoriya didn't have the heart to stop him, with that little smile on his face.

With a few more drinks in his system, Midoriya too began to feel a pleasant buzz, and he made no move to stop it when Bakugou crawled into his lap. He felt a little bolder, a little safer, despite the explosive hands that were all over him, despite a few weird looks and a few cameras pointed their way. No one really seemed that surprised by it all. 


"I'm still here, Kacchan."

"I sit here now."

"Okay, Kacchan."

He looped his arms around Bakugou's waist, hugging him gently, and Bakugou sighed happily as he leaned back, nestling himself into Midoriya's frame. 

"Game time!" Kirishima announced, and Midoriya felt Bakugou jump. "Time for some Truth or Dare!"

"Hell yeah," Bakugou agreed, crawling over as if nothing had even happened. "I wanna dare."

"I'm sure you'll get plenty of chances," Kirishima laughed, "how are you feeling, Bakugou?"

"The best. Thanks for asking!"

Kirishima was stunned into silence, but Midoriya couldn't resist a little smirk, letting Bakugou grab his hand when he got close and drag him to the floor.

"I'm gonna give you the dares too!" he declared. "Fun dares!"

"Sounds good, Kacchan. We'll just have to wait our turn."

"Fine," Bakugou agreed, leaning in to rest against Midoriya's shoulder again, "I'll wait here."

"Okay, Kacchan."

The game began quickly. Kaminari spun the first bottle, daring Jirou to kiss "the cutest guy in the room" and when she marched up to him the game was immediately afoot. Kirishima whooped and hollered as she planted one firmly on his lips, and Kaminari flooded bright red when the room erupted into cheers. He stumbled over his words for a moment, finally choking out a "thanks", and with a little smile Jirou returned to her spot with the bottle in hand. There was no time for build up, no time for boring questions and tame dares, the game was afoot.

"Truth," Yaoyorozu chose, when the mouth of the bottle pointed her way.

"Do you like someone in this class?"

With a hint of pink in her cheeks she nodded, and immediately Kirishima was cheering again, Kaminari joining in this time. Midoriya giggled to himself, apologising quietly when he jostled Bakugou with the motion, but the snuggly blond didn't seem to care.

"Dare!" Sero chose with confidence. "Give me the best you've got!"

"Hmm... I dare you to let one of us put make up on you."

The girls dissolved into peals of laughter, and Sero nodded, a little less self-assured this time.

"Okay, I guess," he agreed. "Are you gonna do it?"

"Ashido should. She's much better than me."

"Hell yeah!" Ashido grinned, reaching for her bag. "You're gonna be the prettiest guy here!"

He spun the bottle as Ashido got set up, and soon she was working away happily, humming to herself as she contemplated. When the bottle landed on Midoriya he found himself tensing, bracing himself for the inevitable pain to come.

"Dare," he said reluctantly, grateful for the choice when a dozen faces fell, unable to weasel the truth out of him just yet.

"I dare you to... Uh... Eat something super spicy! Kaminari, do you have hot sauce or something?"

"Uh, maybe? I can take a look."

"Oh, here," Bakugou mumbled, reaching for his bag. "I have one somewhere, uhh... Aha!"

He produced a perfectly kept chilli pepper from his bag, and Midoriya found himself sighing, waiting patiently as the class gawked.

"Why do you carry raw chillis?" Kirishima asked finally. 


The class collectively gave up in that moment, shaking their heads, and Midoriya smiled awkwardly as he accepted the pepper. If it was coming from Bakugou, it had to be bad.

"Beer," Bakugou offered, nudging a bottle toward him.

"Thanks, Kacchan."

Squeezing his eyes shut, he took a bite, and for a moment he could have sworn his face was on fire. He could feel himself sweating, his eyes watering, and despite the laughter and cheers in the room, he didn't seem to hear anything. Glass poked at his lips, and Midoriya drank gratefully, cracking his eyes open to see familiar hands feeding him beer.

"Thanks, Kacchan," he said again, when his body stopped trying to shut itself down. "How do you eat that shit?"

"It's good!"

He shook his head faintly, reaching for the bottle rather than bother to argue. His spin landed straight on Todoroki, and when the stoic voice chose "dare", Midoriya found himself smiling again finally.

"I dare you to try beer!"

Todoroki sighed, but nodded, reaching for a fresh bottle as their classmates watched on eagerly. While he had nothing against alcohol, Todoroki seemed to think beer was beneath him. He'd only ever taken sips of expensive wines, professing his lack of interest in "yeast water." They all watched with bated breath as he took a swig, his eyes widening a little before he took another sip.

"It's good," he admitted. "This is normal beer?"

"This is cheap beer," Kaminari declared triumphantly. "You're one of us after all!"

A round of celebrations passed through the group, and Midoriya grinned when their eyes met, watching Todoroki shrug and take another long swig. When Todoroki's spin ended on Bakugou, Midoriya readied himself for fireworks. He expected cursing and yelling and argument, flinching away a little in preparation, but Bakugou...

Bakugou leaned forward, looking straight into Todoroki's eyes and waiting patiently.

"You gonna gimme a dare or what?"

The room fell silent, even Ashido and Sero pausing to watch, and Todoroki contemplated for a moment as he took another long sip from his newfound love.

"I dare you to compliment me."

"Ooooooh!" the class chorused, turning eagerly to watch Bakugou, waiting for yelling and insults that never came.

With wide, scarlet eyes, Bakugou nodded, barely even stopping to think.

"I have to work hard to keep up with you," he said sincerely. "In class as well as with our quirks. It makes me mad, but it's also good to have a rival, I learn more than when I'm just the best."

"Wow, Bakugou, that was... Surprisingly good of you."

"Can I have one too?" he asked eagerly, leaning forward and bracing his hands on his knees.

"That isn't how the game works."

"Oh," Bakugou's face fell, and Midoriya watched him in horror, wondering exactly where his angry little gremlin of a friend had suddenly gone. 

"Your quirk is cool," Todoroki conceded, shrugging. "Versatile, powerful, all that."

"Thanks! This compliments thing is kind of nice!"

"Who are you?" Uraraka demanded, wide-eyed. "Is this some kind of a prank?"

"I like beer."

"No kidding."

It didn't take long for the bottle to get back to Bakugou again, and Midoriya groaned, burying his face in his hands as he readied himself. Todoroki was a good friend, and had gone easy on them, but Midoriya knew the rest of the class would not share the sentiment.

"I dare you," Shinsou smirked, "to switch clothes with one of the girls."

The room feel strangely silent, considering how achingly loud the rest of the night had been, and Bakugou pulled a face as he slowly registered the words.

"Which one?"

"Huh? Which girl? You can choose, I guess. Whoever is willing."

"Alright, Earphones, gimme."

He began to reach for his fly, and Midoriya flooded red, shoving his hands away in a hurry.

"In the bathroom, Kacchan!"

"Oh," he said dumbly, blinking at the group staring at him. "Okay. Bathroom. Come on, Bandie."

"Your insults get less creative when you're drunk," Todoroki mused. "Does it take so much of your brain power to construct dumb nicknames?"

"Shut it, two-colours."

"Wow, you got me there," Todoroki snorted, reaching for his beer bottle. "I'm so offended."

As Bakugou waved pointedly at Jirou, the group still couldn't seem to find a collective brain cell to question it, to ask if he was sure. Yaoyorozu was the closest to his height, after all, so it would have made much more sense to switch with her dress. Mina was probably on par with Jirou in terms of their friendship with the intoxicated blond, but at least she was slightly closer to his size, and dressed in a cute pair of leggings. Either of them would have made sense. But no, Bakugou had gone straight to Jirou, straight to punk-rock stardom. 

Midoriya clapped a hand over Kirishima's mouth when he began to speak, blushing when he got a weird look for it. Bakugou had made his decision, and Midoriya... Well, he wasn't going to pretend he didn't kind of want to see it. The whispers only began when the pair safely left the room, half the faces of their classmates flushed with varying degrees of pink even to think about it.

There was around twenty centimetres between Bakugou and Jirou in height, he had seen them stand next to each other enough times to make that estimate. 

Jirou was wearing a skirt.

Kirishima wolf-whistled the moment Bakugou returned, and Midoriya found himself breathless, his heart pounding extra-hard in his chest. They were at the tail-end of winter, and Bakugou didn't wear shorts all that often even in summer, so when the pale legs stepped out clad in fishnet tights, Midoriya ceased to function. Jirou's skirt was dark, with shiny silver zips that he was pretty sure were just decorative, and considering their size difference Midoriya was a little surprised that it wasn't straining at the seams. But no, it seemed to sit pretty comfortably on his hips, even if the hem only reached halfway down his toned thighs.

Midoriya had to sit on his hands to keep himself from touching those thighs.

Jirou's shirt, on the other hand, Midoriya had given less thought to. On her, it was just a plain, dark fabric, fairly clingy but nothing horrendous. On Bakugou, it was a full-blown crop top, snug around the bottom of his pecs, leaving his slim waist and spectacular abs out for the world to see.

"Thank you Lord," Midoriya found himself whispering. "I will never doubt you again."

"Duuuuude!" Kaminari laughed. "Look at you, man."

"Don't be jealous," Bakugou answered, surprisingly straight-faced. "Not everyone can rock it, but I am special."

Kaminari sniggered, and Midoriya found himself broken out of his stupor to smile a little, looking up as Bakugou stepped proudly into the middle of the circle, hands on his hips and head held high.

"You like what you see, nerd?" he smirked, when he caught Midoriya staring. "I don't blame you."

He stuck a leg out pointedly, showing off his smooth skin and tight muscles – Midoriya had always figured Bakugou wasn't a hairy person, but he didn't expect the virtually hairless leg that was thrust into view. 

"Jirou is wearing eyeliner," Ashido pointed out with a little grin. "You're gonna have to put it on too, Blasty!"

"Huh? I dunno how."

"Sit sweetie, I'll do it for you."

Bakugou nodded, the whole room staring again as he sat down obediently, closing his eyes when Ashido produced a black pencil from her purse.

"No way," Kirishima whispered. "He's so lenient!"

"Drunk Kacchan is a disaster waiting to happen," Midoriya mumbled back, sparing a glance at the wide eyes beside him. "Imagine if the League had given him a beer before asking him to join their cause."

"I hate to think."

When Jirou rejoined the circle, it was in baggy pants barely held up by a dark belt, and a hoodie twice her size, that she snuggled into comfortably. 

"Bakugou's clothes are actually really comfortable," she informed them, shuffling a little closer to Kaminari's side. "Super soft."

"Damn right," Bakugou answered, without opening his eyes or moving his head. "Only the best."

Ashido's hand lay on a pale cheek as she worked, holding his face steady, and not for the first time Midoriya found himself a little jealous of the contact. The best he got out of Bakugou on a good day was a punch that lingered longer than usual, so to suddenly have all the touching and affection thrust upon him was like a godsend, and to see it taken away by someone else was... More crushing than it really should have been.

"How do I look?"

Midoriya snapped back to Earth to see Bakugou fluttering his eyelids, red irises burning a hole straight through him.

"Perfect," he answered, without thinking. 

"Good answer."

He shuffled back into his seat between Midoriya and Kirishima, crossing his legs in a way that probably gave anyone opposite him a clear view straight to his underwear. Part of him envied them, but they weren't the ones with those fishnetted thighs brushing against their jeans, with those mind-boggling abs close enough he could reach out and touch them – close enough that he could lean over and lick them if he had a little less self-control or a lot less dignity. 

Worst of all, Bakugou couldn't stop playing with the zips. Even when the conversations moved on, the sensitive questions and embarrassing dares continued, still his fingers toyed with silver metal.

Up, down. Up, down. Zip, zip.

It kept drawing his eyes, kept dragging his attention back to the damn skirt no matter how many times he tried to look away, but when Bakugou caught him looking he just smirked, slowly sliding the zip back up toward his hips without ever breaking eye contact.

Drunk-Bakugou was going to be the death of him.

"Dare!" Uraraka declared, snapping Midoriya back to attention. "Give me the best you've got!"

Asui hummed to herself, contemplating, before a little smile tugged at her lips.

"I dare you to arm-wrestle one of the boys!"

A few sniggers spread quickly through the room, hushed slights whispered under their breath, but Midoriya immediately zoned in on the little sigh beside him.

"Have they still not learned?"

With a determined look set across her face, Uraraka stood, pointing a finger that Midoriya briefly thought was aimed at Bakugou. He looked over, surprised to see Bakugou's head turn too, to see Kirishima's jaw slacken.

"Me?" he asked. "Uh, okay, yeah! Sure!"

"Don't hurt her," Todoroki said surprisingly loudly, making eyes dart his way as he took another swig from his beer. "She just wants to make a point."

Iida whispered something to him and Todoroki's eyes widened, clear confusion appearing in his normally stoic features.

"What did I say?"

"It's fine, Iida," Uraraka grinned, pumping her fists. "I'll show them!"

Quickly a little table was set up for them, Kaminari presiding over the match. He held their hands steady in the middle, and Midoriya was surprised to see Kirishima's furrowed brow.

"He's worried he'll hurt her," Bakugou informed him, leaning into his side. "He underestimates her too. Maybe less than the others."

Kaminari counted down from three, and Midoriya grinned when their hands moved immediately, Kirishima's hand very nearly hitting the table right away. A chorus of gasps passed through the room, but Kirishima balanced her out quickly, gritting his teeth as he pushed.

"Not so easy, huh?" Bakugou snorted. "Think you're so manly, shitty-hair, but you can't beat the girl you think is delicate?"

"I knew she was strong!" he insisted, jaw clenched tight. "Just not this strong!"

"Aww, thanks Kirishima!" Uraraka teased, eyebrows knitting together as she strained to push a little more, a little harder. "I'm flattered!"

"You caught me off-guard!" he chuckled, almost painfully. "I won't let it happen again!"

Back and forth, the hands wavered. The girls all yelled enthusastically, cheering Uraraka on, but the guys of the class seemed torn.

"Is it sexist to cheer for Kirishima?" Todoroki asked, getting another glare for his bluntness. "What? I can't ask that?"

"You have no filter, do you?" Iida sighed. "This is why I don't like it when you all drink!"

With a last grunt, Kirishima forced Uraraka's hand to the table, grinning triumphantly as he stood. He offered a hand to Uraraka immediately, and for a moment she just stared, her eyes wide.

"You're super tough!" Kirishima praised. "Let's do this again some time! Sober, even!"

A single bead of sweat trickled down his bicep, and Uraraka watched it go, nodding faintly as she accepted his handshake.

"Y-Yeah," she agreed. "This was fun."

Still oddly shaken, she returned to her spot, and Bakugou snickered to himself.

"Youuu liiiike shitty-haiiiiir," he sang quietly, grinning again when she blushed.

"You do?" Midoriya asked, whipping around to stare. "Since when?!"

"A-About thirty seconds ago?" she confessed, burying her face in her knees. "I don't understand, Deku! What happened to me?!"

"W-Well, Kirishima is super tough, we all know that, and-"

"I mean," she cut in, "why am I suddenly so fixated on his arms?"

"O-Oh. W-Well, um..."

"Uh, 'cause he's hot?" Bakugou offered, rolling his eyes. "You're human, aren't you?"


"What, you blind all of a sudden?" he scoffed. "I see him every day, of course I notice his muscles when he's walking around shirtless all the damn time."


"Relax, prude."

Midoriya looked over to Uraraka again, ready to apologise, but then Bakugou's voice was rising above them both, calling across the room.

"Oiiii, shitty-haiiiir!" he yelled, waving a hand as if Kirishima might not pick him from the crowd. "Come sit by meeeeee."


"I saved your spoooooot!"

He patted the floor next to him, and with a little shrug to excuse himself he obeyed. He'd seen Bakugou drink before, after all – though granted not as much – he knew it was easier to just give him what he wanted.

"Well, I mean, he's great!" Midoriya told her in a hushed whisper. "Go for it, if you want!"

"You think so?"

"Yeah! It might be fun!"

Bakugou leaned into Midoriya's side again, this time reaching for his hair to play with, and as hard as he tried, every time he spoke to Kirishima or Uraraka, Bakugou forced his attention back again. He demanded his gaze, faces only inches apart, and Midoriya found himself blushing when the other hand looped around his arm.

"K-Kacchan, what are you-?"

"Shhh, no talking. I'm sitting here now."

He leaned in to emphasise his point, and Midoriya stammered over half-baked words, struggling to come up with even a semi-coherent thought while Bakugou twined them together. 


"Tell us about your kinks!"

Midoriya looked up in alarm as he caught the words on the wind, but then Iida was stepping in, face burning red, arms flung to the sides.

"Okay! I think that's quite enough of that game!"

Midoriya smiled faintly as they all began to argue, glancing at Uraraka who chatted happily across him to Kirishima on his other side, then down again to Bakugou's demand for attention.

"Oh man, I hate these things," Uraraka sighed, fighting with her bottle cap. "I can never get them open!"

Midoriya began to reach for it, halted again by Bakugou's grip, only to see Kirishima hold his hand out with a grin.

"Here, let me!" he took the drink without question, popping it open. "Ta-da!"

"That would have been a much quicker test than arm wrestling!"

Kirishima laughed brightly, and Uraraka cracked a little smile.

"There's a trick to it, you know! It's not just pure strength, or you'd have it easy!"

People began to drift away from their circle, and with it Bakugou moved too, dragging Midoriya to Kirishima's other side to sit in the corner. He snuggled in happily, closing his eyes, and Midoriya gave Uraraka a sheepish smile when she looked over at them with confusion in her eyes.

"He gets clingy when he drinks," Kirishima explained with a grin. "I've never seen him this clingy though, Midoriya must be special."

"Back off," Bakugou growled. "You can't have him."

"See?" Kirishima offered, as Uraraka giggled. "He's a super sweet drunk."

Bakugou's only response was to reach for another bottle of beer, sucking at the mouth of the glass, and Midoriya sighed fondly as he watched it happen.

"Well, at least he's not yelling," he smiled. "I'll survive."

With the game disbanded, people returned to dancing in the middle of the room, squealing and laughing over what seemed like nothing at all, and Midoriya wondered if he needed a few more drinks. He could never act like them, like Bakugou – like Todoroki, even, stumbling into people with a fresh beer in hand, sharing his opinions a little too bluntly – he was stuck being his same old nervous self.

"Driiiiink," Bakugou mumbled, stuffing a bottle into his mouth. "Less mumble more beer."

"Sorry, was I mumbling?"

"Mumble bad. Beer good."


He took a swig, looking out again at the excited party guests, but soon Bakugou was tugging at his cheek, pouting.

"Look at me, not them."

"Sorry, Kacchan. I'm looking at you, I promise."

"Damn right."

His promise quickly failed when Kirishima moaned, falling back against Uraraka's shoulder dramatically. 

"God, I'm starving, are you hungry?"

"I am, actually. We could go for a walk and get some food for everyone?"

"Brilliant idea!" he beamed, suddenly full of energy again as he sat up. "Wait, what time is it? Is anything still open?"

"There's a McDonalds on the corner," Kaminari informed them. "Bring me back a Big Mac."

"Got it! Anyone else?"

Kirishima made the rounds quickly, writing down orders and collecting cash, but when he reached Bakugou and Midoriya in their little nesting corner he paused.

"Oh, right," he mumbled. "Bakugou is too classy for McDonalds, huh?"

"Fuck that," Bakugou slurred, not bothering to open his eyes. "Gimme all the nugs."

"All of them?" Kirishima grinned. "How many do you want?"

"All of them," he said again, frowning a little this time. "Don't you listen?"

"What's the biggest one they make?" Midoriya asked, digging out his wallet. "Fifteen? Get us two of those, we'll share."

"All of them," Bakugou grumbled again, turning his head a little to bury his face in Midoriya's neck. "And all the sauce."

"Make them the spicy nuggets if they have them," Midoriya continued, petting Bakugou's thigh lightly as he handed over some cash with the other hand. "Barbeque sauce. Thanks."

"You know him well, huh?" Kirishima smiled, watching as Midoriya lifted his hand and stroked fondly at blond hair. "It's sweet."

Midoriya nodded, and when Kirishima began to excuse himself, he smiled wryly.

"You should admire the stars," he suggested. "They're pretty, y'know?"

"Noted. Thanks man. You two have fun."

"You as well."

Uraraka and Kirishima practically skipped out the door, and with the quiet corner left all to themselves again, Midoriya snuggled into Bakugou's side a little tighter. With the young man half-asleep against him, he finally took the risk, letting his hand venture out. His arm wound around the tiny waist, and after a moment of nervous hesitation, he let his fingers come to rest on the very edge of Bakugou's abs. He'd been longing to touch them from the moment he put on the stupid too-small shirt. 

"You like what you see?" Bakugou asked, for the second time in the night. 

"I do," Midoriya acknowledged, smiling awkwardly. "You're very handsome, Kacchan."

"I know," Bakugou sighed, cracking his eyes open as he began to move. "Hold still, stop moving."

"I'm not moving, Kacchan."

"Quit doing that stupid swaying thing."

Midoriya could only smile at that, but his amusement was quickly forgotten when Bakugou slung a knee across him, straddling Midoriya's lap like it was no big deal.

"There. Now you gotta cut it out."

"S-Sorry, Kacchan," he stuttered. "I wasn't trying to move, I promise."

"You can touch now."

"W-What? What are you saying, K-Kacchan?"

Bakugou reached for a shaking hand, bringing it to his body without a second thought, and pressing the palm to his stomach. 

"This is what you liked, right? So touch."

"Kacchan, you're drunk, I couldn't possibly take advantage of-"

"Touch," Bakugou insisted, holding firm to the scarred hand. "I want you to, too."

"Are you sure?"

"If I say I wasn't wouldn't sure, dumbass."

"W-What? Can you say that again?"

Bakugou shook his head, reaching for his beer and taking another long swig, the other hand still holding Midoriya's sweaty palm against him firmly.

"Ain't gonna want to say I repeat myself, nerd."

"You should really stop drinking."

"Make me."

Midoriya plucked the bottle from his hand with no resistance, getting an impossibly adorable pout for it, but only smirked in return as he downed the last of the contents.

"There, all gone."


"You gonna hop off and go get more?"

"No, you touch."

With a little sigh to cover his pounding heart, Midoriya moved his second hand to join the clasped pair, tentatively running a fingertip through the grooves in Bakugou's muscles. Bakugou hummed contentedly, softening his grip to let Midoriya free himself, and with a little more boldness Midoriya slid his thumbs into the deep cuts, palms pressed to the solid ridges of muscle. Bakugou watched him without blinking, a flash of eagerness passing through his normally hardened features, and Midoriya shifted his legs to seat Bakugou more comfortably. The tight little ass fell into his lap perfectly, although Midoriya lamented briefly that there was no way Bakugou hadn't noticed his raging boner. 

"Nice," Bakugou smirked, immediately confirming the suspicions as he leaned in to nip at Midoriya's neck. "You want me to do something about it?"

"No, Kacchan," Midoriya answered firmly, his face flushed. "You're drunk and we're in Kaminari's living room. His parents' living room. That is not how our first time is gonna go."

"Prude," Bakugou snorted, shifting a little to rest more weight on his knees rather than Midoriya's dick. "He would let us use his bedroom, if I asked."

"Not happening, not like this."

"Fine," Bakugou agreed, rolling his hips a little. "We'll stay right here."

"Fuck- Kacch- You-"

Bakugou hummed quietly, giving Midoriya an innocent look as he rolled them again, looking straight into those glazed green eyes. He was hard too – had been for like an hour, to be perfectly honest – but unlike Midoriya, he made no attempt to hide it. With his skirt fanned across Midoriya's legs, there was nothing but a thin layer of cotton and some mesh to cover his junk, and as he pressed forward, his bulge rubbed sweetly against Midoriya's jeans.

"You don't want this?" Bakugou asked, pouting. "Not at all?"

"Fuck you," Midoriya grunted, gripping a little tighter at Bakugou's bare waist. "You know I do, but you're drunk and I'm not an asshole."

"You're drunk too," he smirked, unfastening the topmost button of Midoriya's shirt and sinking his teeth into a shoulder. "You taste good."

"Cut it out," Midoriya whined, unable to resist bucking his hips a little into Bakugou's crotch. "Do this shit when we're sober."

"So you know that you want me, even though you're drunk?"

"You're a lot drunker than I am, Kacchan, don't start this."

"But want it."

"You can't always get what you want."

"I can. I do."

"Spoiled brat."

"You know it."

Midoriya's breaths came out in little huffs, his self-control wavering, mind going blank as Bakugou continued to assault his every sense. He gave up on thinking about the people watching and listening, gave up registering the words Bakugou spoke to him, too focussed on the slightly gravelly tone that had grown in his friend's voice as they got older, the roughness that now murmured in his ear and suddenly felt like the most seductive thing in the world. 

"Huh?" Bakugou asked, leaning back a little and giving Midoriya room to breathe finally. "Oh! Nugs! Gimme!"

He climbed off as if nothing had happened, a little unsteady on his feet as he stumbled after Kirishima to claim his spoils, but otherwise unaffected. Midoriya cursed himself, face burning crimson at the thought of anyone seeing or hearing what had been going on in their corner, but thankfully no one seemed to even glance his direction, no one looked horrified or disturbed.

"You're the best, shitty-hair, I love you so much," Bakugou fawned, patting him on the cheek. "He's a good one, pink-cheeks, you take good care of him."

She stumbled a response, blushing, but Bakugou didn't even seem to notice. He thumped a clumsy pat on her head as he passed, already looking into his paper bag with glee. Midoriya considered running to the bathroom to rub one out before Bakugou returned, to hopefully clear his mind again, but too soon the young man was returning with a surprisingly genuine smile spread across his lips, practically dancing as he held up the coveted paper bag.

"All the nuuugs," he sang, dropping heavily onto the carpet beside Midoriya. "Eat the nuuugs."

"Are you sure you're okay, Kacchan?"

"Huh? I have chicken nuggets, why wouldn't I be okay?"

"Wow," Midoriya sighed faintly, burying his face in his hands. "You're a piece of work."


He felt heat press at his fingers, moving his hands to find a nugget trying to force its way in between, quickly shoved in his mouth as soon as there was room. He froze, eyes wide as Bakugou poked it between his lips, the finger lingering for a moment on its way out.

"Gooood?" he asked, peeling open a sauce container. "Yuuuum?"

"Y-Yeah," Midoriya nodded, chewing at the mouthful. "Thanks, Kacchan."

"You still like yours naked, right?"


"No sauce."

"O-Oh. Yeah. Um, no sauce, thanks."

Bakugou set the two containers between them, leaning against Midoriya's side again as he began to eat, smothering each nugget in sauce and sucking at his fingers obscenely to clean them off. Midoriya could only watch with a mixture of enticement and horror, both admiring and cursing the way Bakugou moaned as he took another bite.

"Are you doing this on purpose?" he choked out finally.

"Huh? Doing what? Eating? How do you accidentally eat?"

His wide, ruby eyes betrayed no hint of a lie, only innocent wonder at what he considered a ridiculous question. Midoriya flushed as he looked away, stuffing another nugget into his mouth hurriedly, and for a long while the conversation dissipated, replaced only with lewd moans as Bakugou downed nugget after nugget. His face lit up when Midoriya slid his leftovers across, refilling Bakugou's dwindling box, and for a moment Midoriya felt like he had the power of a God.

"They're gone," Bakugou whined, when both boxes were empty, the sauce licked clean. "Nugs?"

"Sorry, Kacchan," Midoriya smiled awkwardly. "Maybe we can get some more later, or tomorrow. Hey, can you drink some water for me?"

He offered up a nearly-full bottle that had been delivered to them at some point in the night, only a few sips conceded in favour of the alcohol he thankfully seemed to have forgotten about now. 

"Kay," he agreed, taking a few long gulps. "Enough?"

"Yeah, enough for now, unless you're thirsty still."


Bakugou stared longingly at the trash as Midoriya gathered it back into the paper bag, setting it aside to deal with later. Gears seemed to be whirring in his brain, and finally his eyes darted up again, homing in on Midoriya's lips.

"I bet you taste like nugs too," he mused, shifting onto his knees again. "Let me kiss you."

"Just because I taste like chicken nuggets?" Midoriya asked, a little offended.

"I want to anyway. All the time. Every day. But nugs are good too."

"Every day?"

Bakugou nodded, eyes still wide and clear, like the words held no real implication.

"Are you being honest with me, Kacchan?"

"I'm always honest with you. You're maybe the only one."

"You can't be mad at me later if you regret it."

"I won't. I asked."


Bakugou grinned, immediately launching himself back into Midoriya's lap, grabbing eagerly at freckled cheeks as he leaned in. Against all odds, Midoriya found himself laughing, holding Bakugou back gently despite the confusion it caused.

"Slow, Kacchan, don't swallow my entire head."


"Spoiled brat," Midoriya said again, smirking. "Alright, gently."

Bakugou leaned in much more carefully than his first attempt, and Midoriya went cross-eyed as he watched, gasping when the lips met his. They were warm, plush, silky smooth. He'd never even dared to imagine it before, but he would never have imagined them so soft.

Bakugou seemed to take the gasp as an invitation, his tongue darting between the parted lips, immediately reaching for Midoriya's. He still tasted of barbeque sauce, though Midoriya supposed there were far worse things he could have tasted of – some of their friends had been vomitting up their drinks, after all. Thank God Bakugou could hold his liquor. 

His eyes finally sank closed as Bakugou explored his mouth, lips caressing him as they moved a little at a time, teeth occasionally grazing at him like he might leave another bite mark rather than be satisfied with the ones already lining his neck and shoulder. He found his hands roaming to Bakugou's abs again, and felt a little smirk against his lips as they landed, the muscles tensing under his touch.

"You're flexing for me," Midoriya teased, their lips barely parting for him to speak. "Show off."

"I've been flexing all night," Bakugou snorted. "Ever since I put this stupid shirt on."

"Are you sobering up?"

"Probably," he shrugged, his hands trailing from soft cheeks down to broad shoulders. "Does it matter?"

"You're not gonna suddenly blow me up when you realise what we're doing, are you?"

"We're finally fuckin' making out and you think I'd ruin it?"



Bakugou captured his lips again before he could retort, but Midoriya found he didn't mind it all that much, smiling a little as Bakugou nipped at his lower lip, demanding entry. He parted willingly this time, his hands trailing from the perfect abs down to a shiny black skirt, fingers worming their way under the hem to rest on Bakugou's thighs. Through the thin mesh he could feel powerful muscles, strength that could crush his hands if he suddenly made the decision to, and he moaned into Bakugou's mouth as he squeezed. He held on like he was trying to snatch a handful, foiled by the lack of soft flesh on them, and quickly changed his tactics. He reached up to two plush globes, finding a much better handhold when he squeezed, and Bakugou snickered as he shifted a little.

"Mister Reluctant over here," he teased. "Gone from a couple of kisses to spreading my ass, huh?"

"I didn't mean to spread it!" he blushed, letting go in a hurry. "I just-"

"I didn't say stop, nerd."

He arched his back a little, pressing his ass into Midoriya's hands, and for a moment Midoriya ceased to function. They were in a living room full of their classmates, and sure, no one was really paying them any attention, and sure, half of them were passed out or otherwise asleep, but still Midoriya was baffled by Bakugou's boldness. 

"Squeeze me," Bakugou requested, trailing kisses down Midoriya's neck to bring his attention back. "Hard, Deku. You haven't been training those hands for nothing, have you?"

"Jesus Christ, Kacchan."

"Mm, no, don't think he'd approve."

He smirked at his own dumb joke, and Midoriya sighed, but squeezed again obediently.

"Yeah, that feels good," Bakugou murmured, humming contentedly. "Now bite me."

"Y-You want-?"

"Right here," he requested, tipping his head to one side and pointing at the juncture where his shoulder met his neck. "Bite me and suck real hard, leave a big red mark for me."

"You- You want that? Really? You're sure?"

"Do it, nerd."

Powerless to argue, Midoriya leaned in, sinking his teeth into the flesh. It felt satisfying, he had to admit, and when Bakugou gasped right beside his ear it made his cock twitch.


Midoriya began to suck, lapping at the skin with his tongue as it rose into his mouth, biting down a little harder when Bakugou moaned. He let go when Bakugou began to tremble, and with a last shuddering moan Bakugou relaxed, reaching a hand up to prod at the darkening bruise. 

It looked good, on his pale skin. Midoriya hated himself for noticing.

"Fuck," Bakugou hissed. "Yes. Again."

Midoriya didn't bother to question him, leaning in again to plant another wound a little higher up his neck, squeezing at his ass cheeks tightly as he bit down. He sucked hard, producing another blooming red mark, but before Bakugou could admire it he was already moving his lips again, working on the next one. He left a trail of bruises right up one side of his neck, ending just below his jaw, and Bakugou huffed short breaths as he tried to regain his composure.

"Fuckin' kiss me," he demanded, reaching for Midoriya's face. "Fuck yes. Kiss me hard."

Who was Midoriya to disobey?




"Todoroki is kind of cute like this, don't you think?" Ashido asked, nudging Yaoyorozu playfully. "I saw him smile earlier!"

"He also told me that my quirk makes me look like soba," Jirou pointed out, shoving a baggy sleeve up her arm. "I'm not sure he understands the concept of thinking anymore."

"He's sweet," Yaoyorozu mumbled, peeking at him across the room. "He likes soba, he probably thought it was a compliment."

"He's still drinking."

"Maybe I should have a word with him."

"Here comes your chance."

Yaoyorozu looked up to see the tipsy young man heading their way, mismatched eyes looking straight at her. With a little smirk Ashido and Jirou slipped away, and she smiled softly. Todoroki froze, his own lips curling up into a strangely sweet, but still wobbly, smile of his own.

"Oiiiiii halfie!" Bakugou yelled from the corner, immediately interrupting the moment. "Fight me!"

"Huh? Now?"

"Yeah, jerkass!" he growled, but didn't bother to leave Midoriya's lap. "Get your ass over here and lemme punch you!"

"Kacchan, calm down," Midoriya insisted, as Yaoyorozu and Jirou shared a look. "He's just a friend, don't be like that."

"Yoooouuuu kissed my Deku!"


Bakugou finally stumbled to his feet, but Todoroki only cocked his head to the side.

"But you weren't dating," he pointed out. "I did nothing wrong."

"Keep your stupid hotcold hands off!"

"I'm not touching him."

"Whyyyyyyy did you. Do. The kiss thing."

"We were curious, he's cute, I'm cute, it made sense."

Yaoyorozu stifled a giggle at that, watching her classmates' eyes roll from various parts of the room, tired of the drunken antics. 

"It turns out I like girls better," he continued. "So it doesn't really matter now. Not that you've even asked him out, right? Does Midoriya even like you? You're kind of a jerk, after all."

"Howww daaare. Of course, dumbshit! Deku loves me!"

"Has he ever said that?"

"Fuck youuuuu!"

Midoriya dragged him away before he could throw a sloppy punch, whispering reassurances into his ear, and immediately Bakugou softened, nuzzling into his friend happily.

"Say sorry, Kacchan," Midoriya insisted.

"Nooooo," he whined, hiding his face in Midoriya's chest. "He sucks."

"He's my friend, Kacchan."

"You don't need him! You've got me!"

"Remember when he said your quirk was cool?"

Bakugou pouted, but turned his gaze up anyway, folding his arms like a sulky child.

"Sorry, half-and-half," he grumbled. "Just keep your hands off from now on."

"No guarantees," Todoroki shrugged, turning away. "You'd better be nice to him if you want to keep him."

Bakugou fumed, but remained in Midoriya's grasp, settling for glaring at Todoroki's back as he walked away. Yaoyorozu opened her mouth, ready to call out to him, but a childish whoop and a loud wolf-whistle cut her off before she could start.

"Hell yeah!" Ashido yelled, throwing her arms in the air. "Get it girl!"

Kirishima laughed brightly, throwing an arm around Uraraka's shoulders as she giggled, and finally Yaoyorozu spotted the source of the commotion. At some point in their retreat, Kaminari had intercepted the girls, and immediately Jirou's arms had woven around his neck, pulling herself in to kiss him again. 

It only made sense, after the hours she'd spent lamenting that the first didn't last long enough.

"They seem happy."

Yaoyorozu jumped, looking up to see Todoroki tilting his head a little as he eyed her curiously.

"Did I scare you?"

"A little."


He leaned against the kitchen counter at her side, and Yaoyorozu snatched a glance at his soft face, so much less stern than his usual expression. As much as she hated the words about to leave her mouth, she couldn't in good conscience prevent them.

"You should probably slow down on the beer."

"I should? Why?"

"Um, well, it's nice to see you smile and things, but you're also being a little... Direct."


He set his bottle aside, and Yaoyorozu smiled up at him.

"Have you had fun tonight?" she asked.

"Yeah. Have you?"

"It's been nice," she nodded. "A little... nerve-wracking, at times, but nice."

They fell silent for a moment, before Todoroki reached out, brushing a strand of hair back from her face.

"Hey, truth or dare."

"Now?" she asked, eyes wide. "Uh, truth."

"Who did you mean when you said you liked someone here?"

Yaoyorozu blushed, looking away again, and Todoroki cracked a surprisingly cheeky little smirk.

"Want to switch to a dare?"


"Kiss me."

He jumped when he heard the cheers, looking up to see every eye in the room pointed their way, and Yaoyorozu giggled nervously when Kaminari and Kirishima began the wolf-whistles again. 

"I guess I shouldn't disappoint my classmates," she smiled shyly, reaching up to plant a tiny peck on his lips. "Truth or dare, Todoroki?"


"Do you like someone too?"


He leaned in, one hand landing on the small of her back, ignoring the voices in the background and the eyes watching eagerly as he kissed her properly, a little sloppy in his lingering intoxication.

"I'll ask you tomorrow," he promised. "When we're sober."

"I'll be looking forward to it!"



Bakugou woke with a jolt, a loud voice yelling through the door, making his head pound. Something was thumping, too, and his cheek felt icy cold. 

It took him a minute to piece things together, to register the toilet seat beneath his arms, the pain destroying his head, the cold tiles under his ass.

"I need to piss!" the voice yelled. "Hurry up!"

With a groan Bakugou levered himself up, flushing the toilet and washing his hands, rinsing the awful taste from his mouth before he finally opened the door.

"Oh," Kaminari blinked at him. "Bakugou. You okay?"

"Fuckin' fine," he growled, shoving past him.

He found a quiet scene in the living room below, people slumbering in corners and across sofas, a few earlybirds hanging around chatting, one in particular making strong coffee in the kitchen.

"Give it," he demanded, when Jirou poured hot water into the mugs.

"The drink or your clothes?"


He looked down, freezing, and Jirou smirked as she slid him a mug. With a stream of curses he dragged her down the hall, hunting down an empty room and shoving her inside.

With their backs to each other he began to strip off the tiny clothes, throwing them at her over his shoulder, and she chuckled to herself as she returned his baggy warmth. 

"You had fun last night," she informed him. "But you don't remember it, do you?"

"Fuck off."


She hitched her tights up and zipped her skirt, thumping him in the shoulder as she began to leave, ignoring the pink flush remaining in his cheeks. 

"You might want to talk to Midoriya," she suggested. "You were all over him."


"It's okay, half our class ended up making out so it's nothing new, but you should probably say something to him."

"Yeah," he nodded, zipping his hoodie up to his chin.

"And come up with an excuse for those bruises, if you're going home."


Jirou left to a chorus of curses, grinning to herself, as Bakugou found his reflection in the mirror. Back in the living room she found Kirishima still asleep in his corner, drooling a little, with Uraraka's head resting comfortably in his lap. They hadn't moved all night, content to remain snuggled together, but he stirred when Jirou held out one of the coffee mugs.

"Thanks," he yawned, taking a long sip of the hot liquid. "Where did Kaminari go?"


"Don't give him a chance to back out, alright? He'll get nervous, but he likes you a lot."

"I'll do my best."

She held out another mug as Bakugou stormed past, letting him snatch it and down the contents like he was back to doing whiskey shots over the kitchen sink. He flopped onto the end of a sofa, scowling when Midoriya stirred, blinking up at him in a daze.

"Oh, Kacchan, you moved," he mumbled, rubbing his eyes. "Is it morning?"

"No," he grunted, ignoring the sunlight streaming in through the windows in favour of shoving Midoriya's head into his lap. "Go back to sleep."

Midoriya closed his eyes, but immediately the teasing began around them, and he couldn't help but crack a smile.

"Be manly, Bakubro!" Kirishima whispered. "Just tell him!"

"Come on Bakugou, it's not like he can't guess anyway."

"Like you can talk, shitty pikachu. I will when you do, fuckin' hypocrite."

"Oh. Really?" He paused, shuffling across the room. "Jirou, you wanna be my girlfriend?"


Kirishima cheered quietly, determined not to wake the sleeping figure resting in his lap, and Bakugou growled under his breath. His hand reached for Midoriya's hair, stroking it gently, and Midoriya purred under his touch.

"Feels nice, Kacchan," he hummed, "keep going?"


He continued to run his hand over the soft curls, careful not to let his fingers tangle in the mess, and Midoriya snuggled in a little closer. He was torn – he was so sleepy, and so comfortable, so ready to fall back to sleep again, but he also wasn't sure he'd ever get another moment like this, another tender touch from Bakugou, unbound by his fear of looking weak or soft.

"Hey, nerd?" Bakugou said softly, leaning in so close that his breath tickled Midoriya's ear. 


"It's morning."

"Oh," Midoriya sighed, rubbing at his eyes again. "Should I get up?"

"No, stay. You don't have to wake up yet, but it's morning."

"Oh," he said again, eyebrows knitting together. "Is everything okay?"

"I just... I'm sober now. Hungover, but not drunk."

"You are?"


"That's good. Make sure you drink water. For the headache and stuff."

"I like you, nerd."


Midoriya cracked his eyes open, peering up at the flushed face right above his, the perfect red eyes darting away quickly to hide his embarrassment.

"You know," he grumbled. "Like, I like you."

"I know, Kacchan," Midoriya giggled, reaching up to cup the warm face in his hands. "You told me."

"Haah?! When?!"

"Last night! You wouldn't stop telling me, in fact. I didn't really think you would say it just because you were drunk, not if you didn't mean it."

"Fuck you, you have any idea how damn hard it was to confess?!"

"Sorry! It was still super sweet! I like you too, Kacchan!"

"Fuckin' duh. You wanna kiss me now or some shit?"

Midoriya laughed again, fingers trailing down to the bruises on Bakugou's neck gently.

"I probably taste really bad."

"It's fine, I was puking earlier."

"Ew, Kacchan!"

"I cleaned my fuckin' mouth out, don't look at me like that!"

With a laugh Midoriya pulled the face down to meet him, their lips meeting sweetly, broken apart by giggles when the room erupted into quiet cheers.

"I like you, Kacchan."

"Yeah, I know."