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In the Beginning, There Was Darkness. Now, There is Light.

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"Hey, Deku! Did you hear about the new transfer student joining our class?" Uraraka sped up to Midoriya, who was walking down the hall of the U.A. Midoriya's eyebrows rose, curious to know more as his full attention fell on the brunette.

A new student? Cool! He wondered what their abilities were. It was odd, this late in the year, to have students transfer. They must be special! He hoped they were friendly. He really didn't need anyone else like Kacchan, who was angry all the time and not the nicest person in the world, putting it lightly.

"Do you know anything about them? Like why they're transferring here? Or their quirk?" Midoriya asked, anxious to know. He couldn't believe it! He was curious to know everything about them. Uraraka giggled, knowing he would be interested. Most of the class knew about the transfer student, but she also knew that if Midoriya knew, then he wouldn't stop talking about it. His excitement is overpowering and he would ask so many questions despite no one knowing any more than he would.

"All I know is that it's a girl who's coming to our class. Nothing more has been shared about her," Uraraka explained to the green-haired boy, smiling at him. She had to admit, she was excited too. She couldn't wait to see what this new girl was capable of. It was nice meeting new people that had the same aspirations, to be a hero.

"Well, I guess we'll find out soon enough," the two of them continued to class 1-A, where the new student would be heading as well. Questions swirled in Midoriya's head; he wanted to know everything about her. He had so many questions. God, he hoped he wouldn't annoy her.

When they made it to their class, about ten minutes before the bell, they both started talking with the others, most of which were also hyped up about the new student. Chatter filled the air, excitement blossoming and bubbling within everyone. Not just for the new student, but also what they were to learn today. Something important, they all hoped.

"Do you think she'll be cute?" Kaminari questioned Bakugo and Kirishima, a broad grin playing on his face. Bakugo, who seemed like he couldn't give a damn about the new student, just rolled his eyes. Kirishima, on the other hand, just grinned right back.

"I just want to know how powerful she is!" Kirishima exclaimed, his blood boiling with excitement. Bakugo couldn't believe the two of them. Who cares about this stupid new girl? It's just another person he'll step on top of to be the best. These two were just idiots.

"Sit down, class," Aizawa grunted, walking.. er.. hopping into class in his yellow sleeping bag. Showing no expression besides exhaustion, he stared at the class from the front of the room.

"Good morning Mr. Aizawa!" The class greeted, now all sitting in their seats. Midoriya couldn't stop the tapping of his fingers as he waited for the arrival of the new student. He couldn't even focus on anything else. He wasn't sure why he was so excited or was it nervous? Either way, he didn't know why. Maybe it was the possibility of making a new friend? Or she could turn out to be another rival... That thought shivers down his spine. He really didn't need someone else like Kacchan.

"As you probably know, we have a new student coming to our class," as the dull words left his mouth, Midoriya could hear the faint clicking of boots against the tile of the classroom. He looked over to the doorway, like all the other student, to see a tall person, walk in, their body and face shielded by a black, hooded cloak. All he could see was the lips of the person.

"Hello, I'm Azuki Kudoka, please call be Azuki," the person spoke, their voice soft and obviously feminine but the tone itself was emotionless. She walked to an open seat, one right beside Bakugo and Kaminari. Everyone stared at her, more questions than answers popping into their minds. Why did she have her face hidden? Was there something wrong with how she looked? Why did she hide her body? Why was she here?

"Alright class, the lesson today will be about stealth and evading, so get on your costumes. You'll meet All Might outside for your assignment," Aizawa muttered in a bored tone, blinking tiredly. The was a whoosh and the cabinets holding their costumes came out of the wall. The class cheered and rushed up to get their costumes. Aizawa flopped onto the floor, hoping to get a bit of sleep.

Azuki stood and walked over to the door, not having a costume to change into. Midoriya, being the first one ready, ran over to her. He wanted to get to know her, or even make friends with her, considering she was new and probably didn't know anyone.

"Hey, Azuki! I'm Izuku Midoriya, it's nice to meet you!" Azuki shifted her attention to the smaller boy, her lips parting for a moment. He saw her smile under her cloak as she turned to him. Midoriya mentally sighed in relief, she wasn't mean! Maybe she was just a bit shy, or just reserved.

"Hi, Midoriya. It's a pleasure to meet you as well," her tone was softer this time, more pleasant. Midoriya beamed, glad to know she was friendly. He had so many questions for her, he wanted to know everything! He couldn't help but be curious.

"So, what's your quirk?" The question was sudden and blunt. He didn't mean to beat around the bush and get straight to it, it just came out! He slapped a hand over his mouth, his face flushing. "I'm so sorry! That was so blunt!"

Azuki chuckled, obviously not taking the question as some kind of intrusion into her privacy. The inside of her cloak shifted and an arm came out from under it. Her hand was covered with leather, fingerless gloves. Her hand rested on top of his hair, and she shook it, dishevelling his green locks before her arm returned under her cloak.

"It's fine, Midoriya, but if you don't mind, my quirk will be a secret for now," she responded, "but if you have other questions, feel free to ask. I just may or may not answer them." Midoriya smiled up at her, he liked how she was so easy going. He couldn't help but feel that it was smart for her to keep it a secret, after all, that gives her an advantage over the others. He was happy to know she didn't take any offence to very direct questions.

"So how were you able to transfer here after class had already started?" Midoriya asked, his face calmer than before. He had a lot of possible answers running through his head. Some were plausible, others not so much.

"Well, I lived out of town. When I started at the high school in my town, they quickly saw my potential and asked if I wanted to transfer here. I agreed, so I moved, and here I am," Azuki explained, gesturing with both her arms outstretched for the last part of her explanation.

"That makes sense," Midoriya muttered to himself more than he did to her, "why do you wear the cloak?" His green eyes gazed at her, wide and anxious. It was so odd for someone to cover their face. Most people in this day and age have no problem with the way people look. Azuki laughed a little. Midoriya flushed even harder, embarrassed to have asked the question. Although he had to admit, she had a nice laugh.

"Because it makes me look cool and mysterious," she wiggled her fingers out in front of him for comedic effect. Then, she just continued to laugh. Midoriya knew she wasn't serious, but he had to question himself on whether or not there was another reason. There probably was but he would respect her privacy.

"So, where are you from?" He wanted to change the subject. He was looking around, realizing that they were moving now with the rest of the class. Right, the lesson with All Might. He forgot about that.

"Tokyo, I lived there all my life before I moved here, although I'm glad to get out of that city," although she was making a joke out of that statement, he could tell there was something more to it. There was so much about her that she hid from the world and just passed over as a joke. It was a bit disheartening. She seemed nice enough but her secrets were mysterious. "Anyway, what's All Might like? And Aizawa?"

"They're amazing!" Midoriya exclaimed, "they're really great teachers. I'm sure you'll love it here." He saw her smile from under her cloak. He knew she would like it here. For some reason, he thought she was lonely. Maybe she would get friends.

"Deku!" Uraraka called out for Midoriya, who turned to look at her, "come over here!" Midoriya looked at Azuki who simply nodded, silently letting him know it was fine. The green-haired boy jogged over to his friends, leaving Azuki in the silence of her own thoughts.

"Azuki, I am Tenya Iida," Iida came up to the cloaked woman and greeted her formally. The girl looked up and smiled at the second oldest Iida son. What could he want with her?

"Pleasure," the girl nodded in recognition. Iida smiled at her, his back stiff as a board. Although he was much more... fastidious in his approaches, he was still very curious about her. There was so much to learn about her. At least in that first few days of class, the others got a better sense of one another. But she was new. They didn't know her abilities, they didn't know how strong she was, hell, they didn't even know what she looked like.

"Yes, it is my pleasure as well. On that note, I would like to mention that in our normal class, your cloak is not a school uniform. However, because Mr. Aiwaza didn't care, then I shall not pressure you to take it off for when we return," Iida explained thoroughly. He did not like when people disrespected the school but he did get the faint feeling that she wasn't trying to. She was secretive and already had an advantage on stealth. Was it possible she already knew what they would be doing?


"Thanks?" She wasn't sure what she was supposed to say. That was nice she figured? She scratched the back of her neck.


When they actually made it to the training area, which was a large city, much like the one that they went into during the entrance exams, All Might was waiting for them with a broad grin on his face. Azuki was immediately noticed by him out of the bunch. Being a teacher, she suspected that he already knew who she was.

"Hi everyone!" All Might greeted loudly, "as you know, today we are doing a lesson about stealth and evasion! I will split you up into two groups. Team one and team two. After we pick teams, I will explain the rules." There was a large box in front of him with all the names.

So, he picked names from the box. The first was Midoriya, placed in team one. The second name was Mineta, who was placed in team two. This went back and forth until all the names were drawn. Azuki was placed in team one.

The others on her team were Todoroki, Uraraka, Asui, Kaminari, Koda, Shoji, Jiro, Sero, and Yaoyorozu. On the other team, there were Mineta, Bakugo, Kirishima, Tokoyami, Sato, Hagakure, Ojiro, Aoyama, Ashido and Iida. She had a pretty good team from what she knew, but it was not really fair considering her team had eleven members and the other had only ten.

"Alright, now that the teams are chosen, I will explain the rules," All Might explained, "team one will be the heroes, and team two will be the villains. The villains have thirty minutes to attempt to capture all of the heroes with capture tape. The heroes, must hide and evade their attempts to do so."

"Oh please, I would just face them head on, I would never need to flee!" Bakugo yelled out, obviously furious about the insinuation that he would ever run from a fight. Some of the others had to roll their eyes. It wasn't new news. They were all pretty aware of how much he enjoys fighting.

"Well, sometimes there are foes you cannot defeat on your own, but you might be alone. So, to wait for backup, you might evade them or hide from your opponents. That is what you're doing here," All Might continued, annoyed with the interruption but didn't show it, "anyway, the heroes are not allowed to attack the villains, so you can't wait and ambush them. You may use your abilities for defence, for a distraction, even to disorient your opponent for escaping, but you cannot attack them head-on. You may work together or work alone, that is up to you. You can help your fellow teammates. However, once you are caught by the capture tape, you are out and no one can help you. Villains score points based on how many heroes they capture in the end. Heroes score points based on how many are left when the time is up. The heroes have two minutes to set up before the games begin, then the villains will enter. Good luck to all of you."

The hero team, team one, took off, running into the training area. All except Azuki, who was nowhere to be seen. All Might scratched his head, looking for the cloaked girl. As soon as he said good luck and turned away, she was just gone! How strange. Maybe it was her quirk?

Everyone got in position, and two minutes went by quickly. All Might had given the villains permission to leave, and they did so, running into the battlefield. Aizawa, over an intercom, from the room with all the camera's in it, had told the heroes that the game had started.

Todoroki decided to hide in an alley, just so he could see where the villains are while also being covered by the darkness. He hated that he could only use his powers for defensive means and not offensive. It was a huge disadvantage. He could freeze people, but he couldn't unfreeze them until the end, and by doing that he could harm them more than he wanted to. He could shield attacks and create barricades, but that was about all he could do. Not to mention, people had already seen what he could do from yesterday. They have a greater chance of avoiding freezing their feet to keep them stuck.

That's when he heard a noise from above. Looking up, he managed to roll out of the way of Ojiro's ambush. The tailed student landed on his feet, capture tape ready in his hands. Fuck. This time, he wasn't allowed to attack. He freezes the ground beneath his feet, watching as it rushed towards Ojiro, but the tailed blonde manages to jump out of the way, launching himself towards Todoroki. The multi-coloured haired ice-wielder looks back to see where to jump, only to see floating capture tape also coming at him. Realizing it was Hagakure, he jumps sideways and rolls before standing.

The two "villains" collided with one another, and Todoroki took the opportunity to escape. That was a close one, he would have to be more careful next time. Running, he searched for another hiding spot, hoping not to be seen by another person on team two. But, he could hear their footsteps right behind him. Shit, he had to find somewhere to hide.

There was another alley just ahead. He just hoped it would give him enough cover and maybe lead to the other side. Running into it, he realized he hit a dead end and mentally cursed himself. Pursing his lips, he looked around for other options.

He could use his ice as a way up to the tops of the buildings, but he would have more of a chance of being caught if he was out in the open. Damn. They were getting close. He was going to lose, wasn't he? He was going to be cornered.

"Shoto Todoroki, right?" A voice whispered from the side, making him jump. He placed the voice as Azuki's. She was on his team! Maybe with her help, they could both get out of this. She was hidden well in the shadows, her cloak making it almost impossible to make out her figure.

"That's correct," he answered blankly, his palms becoming sweaty with the anxiousness of getting caught. It didn't help that he wasn't sure if her quirk would be useful or not. He didn't know anything about her.

"I'll help you if you want," she offers, coming closer. Todoroki supposed he didn't have much of choice at this point, if she was offering to help, then what was the harm? He could see her smile as she held out her hand.

"Alright, what are you going to do?" He should know what she was offering to do before she actually did it. He wanted to be sure that they wouldn't be caught, or at least, he wouldn't.

"It's called shadow travelling. To do it, I need you to do a couple of things," she tells him, her voice cautious. Shadow travelling? He's never heard of it before. Was that her quirk?

"Like what?" He just wanted her to get straight to the point. They were running out of time! He wanted to win this, he had to win this. He wasn't going to get caught because of this girl.

"First, you have to hold on tight, to me. And second, no matter what the voices say, you cannot open your eyes. Do you understand?" She questioned, her voice a bit harsh. She had to make sure he understood one-hundred percent. He could not open his eyes and he could not let go of her. He had to do as she said or there would be dire consequences.

"What? Why?" He knew he was wasting time now, but those were odd requests. What exactly happened when she shadow travelled? It didn't make any sense. He heard her sigh.

"When I shadow travel, I go into a world that is horrifying. To keep you from viewing things the darkness wants you to see, I need you to keep your eyes closed. You can't travel through the world, if you were to let go of me, you would be stuck in that world for a very long time. The voices will speak to you, they will tell you that everything will be okay when you open your eyes, but don't listen. Now, come on, the two are coming," Azuki explained to him in a rushed voice, trying to cover everything in a hurry. Todoroki, a bit terrified, nodded. He took her outstretched hand. She pulled him in close, one arm wrapped around his waist securely and the other at the base of his neck, softly pushing his face into the crook of her neck. He closed his eyes, wrapping his own arms around her.

The position they were in was awkward, but he could live with it. For some reason, he found it comforting. Her cloak smelled like it was just washed, a mix of laundry detergent and a bit like perfume, vanilla, he thought. He gasped when he felt like he was sinking in freezing water. He refused to look, but it was quick. In a matter of seconds, he was fully submerged into what felt like ice-cold water.

"Huh? Where'd he go?" Hagakure asked as they stopped in the same alley as Todoroki. The two looked around, but there were no signs of him. Ojiro looked to where he thought she was and shrugged.

"He's smart, he probably found a way out," Ojiro came up with the best explanation he could think of. Hagakure huffed, turning away and leaving the alley. Able to hear her footsteps, Ojiro followed. He figured they had to try and find someone else.

It was mind numbingly cold. He could feel pricks all over his body. There was so much emptiness around him, he could feel it swallow him, enter every pore in his body and bury him in it. And the voices, oh they were soothing, so hauntingly soothing. They spoke in hushed tones, with gentle, wispy voices. They told him the cold, the emptiness, the pain would all go away if he just opened his eyes. He wanted to believe them but Azuki's warnings kept repeating in his mind. He knew he couldn't.

"Todoroki, I've got you," her voice cut through the voices like a knife, the softness was different from the voices. It filled him with warmth. "You are safe. Nothing will happen to you, I promise you that. I will protect you, don't worry. Just keep your eyes shut." There was so much protectiveness in her voice. He knew she cared, which was odd because they didn't even know each other.

Azuki knew he wouldn't last too much longer. The voices were strong, persuasive. But, she wouldn't let the darkness win. She wouldn't let them traumatize him. She would do whatever it took. So, she managed to travel into a building on one of the upper floors. Then she rose from the darkness, Todoroki still in her arms.

He let out a gasp as he was back in the real world. Not being able to stand, he collapsed onto Azuki, who held him up. Panting, he managed to look up at the cloaked face. Although he couldn't see what she looked like, he knew she was concerned.

"Are you alright?" Azuki asked, concern lacing her voice. She helped him stand upright, hands supporting him by holding the bottom of his arms. After a moment, he was able to stand on his own. Taking in deep breaths, he looked at her again.

"Yes," he breathed out heavily, "yes, I think so. How do you deal with that? Not being able to open your eyes? Feeling that cold, that pain, that emptiness?" He was able to see her purse her lips, her body unnaturally still. She had all her limbs hidden under that cloak again.

"I don't have to. I don't feel the cold, the emptiness, the pain. The voices are honest, but the things I saw, they make all of those little things feel like blessings," she said in all seriousness before smiling softly, "good luck, Todoroki." With those words, she melted into the ground, back into the world of darkness. Todoroki shivered, not being able to understand why she would want to go back into that godforsaken place, especially with the things she saw in there, whatever they might be.

The shadow world was not pleasant, but she had been accustomed to the things she had seen since she was young. She had no one to guide her on her first journey, and so, she listened to the voices. Images flashed before her eyes, terrible, horrifying images. The voices still echoed on, like she was in a cave with no end and no beginning, surrounded by eternal darkness that made you feel hollow inside. However, she was able to get one place to another rather quickly without being seen. She could see the outside world when she concentrated.

Why does Kacchan just go after him?! He knew that the blonde hated him and had always had it out for him, but this was ridiculous! Kacchan wasn't even trying to catch him, he was just trying to harm him. There wasn't much he could do, Kacchan was berating him with attacks. He couldn't hide, he could defend very much. All he could do was run and dodge.

"Stupid Deku," Kacchan growled at Midoriya, jumping up to attack him. Midoriya let out a soft squeak while avoiding the attack and running the opposite way. However, Kacchan managed to hit him in the back with an explosion, blowing Midoriya a few feet ahead. Izuku landed on the ground, a blinding pain filling his back. Damn, that hurt.

Wincing, he managed to see Kacchan coming closer to him. Taking a sharp breath, he tried to crawl away, making the blonde bomber smirk. He lifted his fist before striking down, intending to get his point across.

But, his own explosion blew up in his face and shot him a good ten feet away from Midoriya. Izuku looked up, mouth hanging open when he saw Azuki, kneeling in front of him, a purple dome made from energy held in front of her by her fingertips. The shield dissipated a moment later and her arms dropped to her sides.

"Azuki?" Midoriya muttered, vision a bit blurry. Azuki looked at him and he could see a small smile on her face. He couldn't help but smile back, relief coursing through his veins. It was a miracle! He couldn't believe she was there and that she saved him, just in the nick of time, too!

"I've got you," she scooped up Midoriya, holding him in her arms bridal style. Izuku couldn't help but smile. He knew he was going to like her, she did just save his ass after all. It was nice to know someone else had his back.

Bakugo woke up to a pounding in his head and a fire in his blood. What the fuck just happened? Oh, the fucking Deku was going to get it big time! He was going to make him wish he had never been born by the time he was through with him. How did he manage to make his explosion blow up in his face like that? That had never happened before. The blond got up and brushed himself off, teeth grinding together and eyes glaring. He swore he was going to get that fucking nerd and kill him.

Midoriya could feel the cool wind in his hair as he was placed gently on the top of one of the shorter buildings. He let out a deep breath, falling backwards. The sun felt nice on his face, tickling his skin with the soft rays. He saw, out of the corner of his eye, Azuki sitting down next to him.

"Thanks," Midoriya said, grateful for her actions. He really didn't want to use his quirk on Kacchan because he could end up being useless for the rest of the game. He also didn't want to hurt the blond. As much as Kacchan hated him, he didn't hate Kacchan.

"Don't mention it, we're friends; friends help each other," she replied happily, stretching her arms upwards. Izuku grinned, feeling stupid for ever worrying that the new student would be like Kacchan. Azuki was so friendly and the two hardly knew each other. Without even knowing her, he knew he could trust her.

"Yeah, I guess so," Midoriya murmured, feeling a warmth spread all over. He turned to look at her, now curiosity in his eyes. "So you have a quirk that allows you to create shields? That's so cool!" Azuki laughed softly, making Izuku confused. Was there something she knew that he didn't?

"Trust me, Midoriya, you've only seen a fraction of what I can do," Azuki told him, pride evident in her tone. Just feeding his curiosity, even more, Midoriya wants to know what she means. Only a fraction? Just how far can her quirk go? It looked already powerful, after all, it was completely able to stop Kacchan's attack. That is an incredible feat.

"What else can you do then?" Midoriya questions, wanting to know all he can. He had to admit, Kacchan was right in calling him a nerd. He was nerdy but he just wanted to collect data to be prepared. Collecting data was an important part of making him a better hero. Azuki opened her mouth to answer but was cut off by someone else.

"So it was you who saved him!" An angry voice yelled from above. Immediately, Azuki was standing, ready to fight. Bakugo jumped from the building right next door, which was a bit taller, and landed on the roof of the one Midoriya and Azuki were on. "I'll kill both of you, then!" Well, shit.

Bakugo ran at her, bringing his fist back to hit her, crimson eyes lit in fury. She made no move to escape and held her ground, ready to defend herself and Midoriya. As soon as he was in range, he launched his fist forwards, going to create an explosion right in her face. That's when a deafening alarm sounded throughout the training grounds.

"Time's up! Everyone meet back at the entrance!" All Might's voice boomed through the speaker, stopping all movement. Bakugo came to a halt, arms dropping to his side. He squeezed his hands into fists even harder, grinding his teeth roughly. He glared at the cloaked girl and the stupid nerd.

"Midoriya, are you okay to stand?" Azuki turned her back to Bakugo to look at Izuku. Bakugo could only see red. He wanted to kill them both, but the game has ended. Now she was just ignoring him.

"Yeah, I'm fine, no need to worry about me," Deku laughed it off, wincing as he stood up. Bakugo huffed, cursing under his breath as he used his explosions to fly him off of the building. Azuki watched him leave, feeling a tightness in her chest as she did so.

"Don't worry, he's always like that," Midoriya chuckled, but found no real humour in how Kacchan acted. Azuki smiled, but he knew it was strained. She was trying hard to make new friends, he could see that, but it wasn't easy to be friends with someone like Kacchan.

Azuki picked up Midoriya again, making him yelp. What was she doing?! That's when she jumped off the building. Izuku let out a small shriek, time slowing down around him. He wrapped his arms around her neck, holding onto her with his dear life. He squeezed his eyes shut, not wanting to see their impending doom.

"You may open your eyes," Azuki whispered to Izuku, her voice gentle and reassuring. Midoriya peaked one of his eyes open, seeing that they were safely on the ground. He let out a small gasp as he saw that they had landed harmlessly. Azuki put Midoriya on his feet before walking off. Izuku easily managed to catch up and the two of them walked towards the entrance.

All Might and Aizawa were waiting for the group as they returned. Most of the students had already shown up when Midoriya and Azuki showed up, only two or three were left but they were right behind the two.

"Nice job everyone!" All Might gave everyone a thumbs up. Bakugo scoffed, not really caring about any of this and still annoyed with not beating Midoriya. All Might ignored Bakugo completely.

"Now, for your scores," Aizawa said boredly, "team two scored three points by managing to capture Uraraka, Sero, and Koda. That means team one scored eight points since everyone else wasn't captured." As Aizawa was talking, the three mentioned all sighed in disappointment. They couldn't believe they got caught! Team two also sighed since they only managed to get three points.

"Well, it's time to switch things up! Team one will now be the villains and team two will be the heroes! Remember, you are evading, not attacking," All Might gestured to Bakugo, who's fists trembled in anger. No one, except Bakugo, knew why All Might did that. Even only knowing him for a few says, Bakugo's classmates knew that he liked to fight, not run.

"Why are you pointing at me?!" The question really didn't need an answer. Everyone was well aware that he was the only one who had difficulty following that rule. All Might didn't respond, seeming to be ignoring him again.

"Anyway, team two now has two minutes to get ready, your time starts right now," Aizawa sighed, walking away. Team two ran past the gates to get ready. Azuki watched them leave, trying to deduce what some of them would do. The cloaked girl strutted over to Uraraka, who still seemed disappointed in herself.

"Hey, you're Ochaco Uraraka, right?" Azuki greeted her, wanting to know if she got the right girl. Uraraka looked up, a bit surprised that Azuki was speaking to her. The brunette smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, that's me," there was confusion in her voice as she replied to the cloaked girl. What could she want with her? Midoriya, as they were walking to this area, had told Uraraka what he learned about Azuki, but that's all she knew about her. And Azuki didn't know the brunette at all.

"I was wondering if you would like to work together, you and me, to capture some of our opponents, " Azuki offered, "I thought we could score more points if we work together." Uraraka lit up like a Christmas tree, not being able to believe what she was hearing. She was caught the last game, why would Azuki wish to work with her?

"Sure, but why would you want to work with me?" Wouldn't she want to work with someone who was more powerful? Or someone she knows better? Like Midoriya? She sees Azuki smile, it was kind and gentle and made Uraraka's lips flip into a grin. She couldn't help it.

"Well, I'd like to get to know you better; I'd really like to be your friend," Azuki replied in a cheery voice, but not like the sickly-sweet cheery, more of a normal happy voice. Uraraka could feel her cheeks heat up. That totally wasn't what she was expecting! That's so nice! Oh, now she couldn't refuse!

"Alright, let's do this!" Uraraka was pumped, fists brought to her chest as she nodded, determination set in her eyes. She would do this! Nothing was going to stop her! Together, she and Azuki would win.

"Villains, you may go," All Might gestured to the training area. All of team one sprinted into action, determined to win. Nothing would stop them! Nothing!

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Uraraka and Azuki were walking around, looking around for one of the "heroes" that were probably hiding. It had only been a few minutes since the game had started. As of that moment, they had no luck in finding anyone, yet, at least. There was a comfortable silence that followed at them through their travels. They were both focusing on finding someone they could capture instead of focusing on talking with one another.

Uraraka couldn't help but sneak glances at the cloaked female. What could she look like? What was she hiding? No, there was really no proof that she was hiding anything... but it was still suspicious for her to hide her face. Although, Uraraka knew it was her own choice and she shouldn't judge.

"Do you want to know something?" Azuki's voice wasn't harsh or rude, it was as if she was actually curious to know. Uraraka froze, her cheeks burning in embarrassment of getting caught staring. She could feel little drops of sweat forming on her face as she tried to think of a response. She could feel her mouth go dry and her tongue darted out to wet her lips.

"Not really," she muttered, knowing that she couldn't just accuse her of hiding something. Azuki hummed, not pressing the issue further. She continued to look around. Uraraka mentally sighed in relief. She was thankful that Azuki was an understanding person.

"So, you're close with Midoriya, aren't you?" Azuki gazed her, from what Uraraka could tell at least. She had no real emotion in her voice and with most of her face covered, it was impossible to tell what she was thinking or what she was getting to. Uraraka tilted her head, confused about why she wanted to know.

"Deku? Yeah, we're good friends," the brunette responded, still unsure what she was getting at, "why?" A smile formed on the cloaked girl's face. She casually shrugged. That was something about her smile, it was tender and caring. It warmed Uraraka's heart.

"He's special, I can tell. I just want to make sure that he's treated the way he deserves. He has such a good heart, even I can tell that and I hardly know him," Azuki laughed slightly, her hand coming from under her cloak to her neck, scratching it. Uraraka grinned. That was so sweet! This girl was totally not what she was expecting at all! She had such a big heart and she was a good read of character. Deku was one of the sweetest people Uraraka had ever met, he did save her from that large robot.

"You're right, Deku does have a good heart. He saved my life during the entrance exams and he did so instead of getting any points," Uraraka agreed with Azuki, explaining one of the most important moments that had ever happened to her. That moment was still fresh in her mind as if it had happened just the other day. The memory ran through her head like a movie, Deku jumping into the air and smashing the robot with a single punch. It still took her breath away, just thinking of it.

"Amazing. He'll be a great hero one day," Azuki mumbled to herself, looking up into the sky. "So, why did you want to become a hero?" Hidden eyes gazed at her, boring through her very soul, seeing every truth, every secret, every lie. Uraraka grew embarrassed again. Her reason was so selfish compared to others, she didn't want Azuki to dislike her just because of her reason.

"Mostly to make money," she rubbed her upper arm, eyes casting to the rubble beneath her. Her nails dug into her flesh, not hard, but enough of a reminder to be ashamed. "I want to give my parents a better life, I don't want them to worry about money ever again." She honestly expected Azuki to scoff at her or scold her for being so selfish. Deku's motives were much purer than hers.

"That's a wonderful thing to do, wanting to help your parents. You shouldn't feel bad, your motives are just as commendable as anyone else's," Azuki placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, giving it a soft squeeze to make her point. Uraraka looked at her, astonished. She hadn't expected that praise. A small smile formed on her lips, her cheeks burning. She hardly knew this girl, in fact, she knew nothing about her, but still, she was so kind and understanding. She hadn't judged her once, she listened and was nothing but caring.

"That means a lot, thanks," Uraraka scratched the back of her head, grinning widely. Azuki's hand fell back under her cloak. She never lost her gentle smile, though. Uraraka may not have been able to see her face, but even just seeing that smile made any worry about Azuki being ingenuine vanish without a trace.

They continued walking a bit longer, more silence falling upon them. They continued to look around until Azuki suddenly shot her arm out to stop Uraraka. Uraraka opened her mouth to speak but Azuki placed a finger over her own mouth, silently hushing anything the brunette had to say. Nodding, she understood that the cloaked girl wanted her silent. Azuki pointed to an alleyway. Uraraka craned her neck to get a better look at the alley, but it was completely dark, so she couldn't see much. Looking back at Azuki, she arched a brow in confusion.

"I heard something," Azuki explained briefly in a whispered voice. Uraraka nodded once more in acknowledgement. "You go into the alleyway, I'll go onto the building next to it, the short one. We can surprise the hero and capture them. Is there anything you want to input? Do you have other ideas to capture this person?" She wanted to include anything Uraraka had to say into the plan. She wasn't a dictator. They were a team, that means they come up with the plan together.

"Well, if you have a quirk that could restrain them, I can use my quirk to make them float. Then we can capture them," Uraraka added, trying to be helpful. Azuki smiled proudly, obviously liking that idea. Uraraka swelled with pride, glad to know she approved.

"I can do that," Azuki nodded, "and you have some kind of gravity manipulation quirk? That's so cool!" Uraraka had to blush even more fiercely, her hand coming to the back of her neck where she rubbed sheepishly. She wasn't used to being complimented for her quirk. She never thought it was very powerful, but it was good enough to make her this far.

"Thanks," Uraraka couldn't help but let the shyness in her voice creep out.

"Let's do this,"


Feeling pumped, Uraraka stalked closer to the alley, quieting her steps and her breath. She didn't see how Azuki got up onto the roof, she just saw her perched on top, looking like a shadow crouched down. As Uraraka got closer, she could hear some blubbering and sobbing. Only one person in their class would act like that.

"Gotcha, Mineta!" Uraraka immediately tapped the small boy, watching as he started floating in the air. A shriek tore through the perverts throat, making Uraraka giggle. Looking around frantically, he tried to look for a way down without noticing Azuki. Then, Azuki threw the capture tape towards Mineta, twirling it around him and pulling him towards her. Uraraka pressed the tips of her fingers together, muttering, "release."

Mineta fell face first onto the pavement of the roof right in front Azuki. He was sobbing, choking something out about being caught. Azuki left him on the roof, jumping down to where Uraraka. The two high-fived. Mineta started pleading with the two girls, but they ignored him and walked off. He was captured, there was nothing he could do now. He was stuck.

"Great job, let's go," Azuki muttered, nudging her elbows. Uraraka nodded, and the two started walking down the street, looking for someone else to capture. Uraraka hid her disappointment well. She was hoping to see what kind of quirk the cloaked girl had. She had skills, sure, but her quirk was still a mystery, but Uraraka guessed that's how she liked it.

"So, how did your parents feel about moving here? I know mine would probably hate it," Uraraka tried to seem casual, but her curiosity was overwhelming. She was scratching the back of her neck as she waited for a response from the cloaked girl. Azuki looked at her, her mouth forming a thin line.

"I don't think they cared," Azuki answered quietly, not caring to elaborate. Her tone was nonchalant but even Uraraka could tell she struck a nerve by asking. The brunette winced a little bit, not wanting to seem inconsiderate. She was just trying to strike up a friendly conversation, not create tension. "Can you tell me a bit more about your quirk? Only if you're comfortable, though." Azuki formed a smile, relaxing her tense shoulders.

"Sure! My quirk makes things weightless when I touch them with the pads of my fingertips. Then, when I press my fingertips together, I can cancel my quirk," Uraraka explained, excited to talk to someone about her quirk. Most people didn't ask for the specifics of her quirk, except maybe Deku. It was nice to discuss something like that. She was proud of her quirk! She wanted to show it off.

"That's incredible, no wonder you got into UA. You have such an awesome quirk, I'm sure you'll be a great hero one day," again, high praise. She was flattered, honestly, just from hearing what she had to say even though she didn't even know the brunette. Why did she keep saying things like that? Were they just empty words, or did she truly mean them? Azuki seemed so genuine, she truly wanted to believe her.

Uraraka's skin flushed again, the blush going to the tips of her ears. She was at a loss for words. She should be saying something back, returning the compliments, not just accepting them. But, she didn't know enough about Azuki to actually compliment her on anything. She couldn't tell her how cool her quirk was because she didn't know; she couldn't tell her that she was pretty because she couldn't tell what she looked like. There was nothing for her to return.

"You're too nice, you know that?" Uraraka grinned. It was the only compliment she could think of. Azuki laughed softly at her comment. She didn't believe that you could be too nice. Unless you were faking your kindness. But, she wasn't. Being kind was amazing. It was a skill that could brighten someone's day, make them smile when all hope seems lost. It's something that's more important and more powerful than any quirk.

They continued patrolling the streets. Azuki was perceptive and observant. She scanned the streets, rooftops and alleyways for any sign of a living being. That's when she noticed someone hopping rooftop to rooftop, using their tail as almost a spring to launch them across wide gaps. Azuki had noticed him, he was one of the heroes. From what Aizawa told her, that must have been Ojiro. The cloaked girl noticed he was looking around, not really for villains, more like he was searching for someone in particular.

"Uraraka, I think Ojiro's travelling on the roofs. If I can get him down from there into the alley across from us, can you use your ability to make him float so we can capture him?" Azuki mentioned, explaining the plan. Uraraka scanned the rooftops, noticing Ojiro within moments. She nodded, determination settling on her face.

"Yeah, let's go!" Uraraka exclaimed, her shoulders tense and her face expressionless. Azuki took off, as well as Uraraka. Uraraka went into the alley and waited, feeling an impatient itch throughout her body. She didn't see how Azuki got onto the roof, but only noticed her when she was up there. How the hell did she manage to get up there anyway? It wasn't like she could jump up there.

Ojiro was running until he was tackled to the ground by a heavy force. Letting out a grunt, he eyed to see what made him drop, only to see the new girl. With wide eyes, he tried to shove her off. He managed to kick her off and jump up, but immediately, she swung her fist at him. He barely had time to block with his tail.

She grabbed onto his tail with the same hand, pulling him forcefully towards her. Then she jabbed him in the chest with her elbow. Letting out a strangled breath, he stumbled back. Except, her hold on his tail never loosened. Instead, she grabbed onto it with her other hand and then threw him with all her might the other way, close to the edge of the roof. He was on his back, the wind knocked out of him. When he struggled to get up, he looked at her, only to get kicked in the chest. Letting out a small shriek, he fell into the alleyway below.

He was fast enough to get out of the way when he noticed Uraraka charging at him. He managed to trip her with his tail. She fell forward without touching him. He knew he couldn't strike, only defend, so he could only wait. The brunette looked up at him, a smirk on her lips. Confused, he wondered what she could be planning. Then, she pressed her fingers together.

"Release," she mumbled quietly, looking up above Ojiro. The tailed student followed her line of sight, seeing a bunch of garbage bags floating right above his head. The bags fell on top of him, knocking him to the ground with a thump. A groan slipped through his lips, feeling dizzy. Uraraka smirked, standing up and brushing herself off.

Azuki lept off the building, landing squarely on her feet in front of the brunette. Without wasting a single second, she threw the garbage bags off of him and then wrapped the capture tape around him. Ojiro came to a few moments later. When he realized he had been captured, he let out a disappointed whine, slumping where he sat.

"Great job! What you came up was better than my plan by a long shot!" Azuki all but shouted, her tone cheerful and bubbled with excitement. Uraraka laughed softly. No matter what, she managed to be complimented. Even when she changed the plan without telling Azuki, the cloaked girl still managed to praise her for something she should have been scolded for.

"Hey, would you be okay if I left? I just... I just want to go check on Deku. Don't get me wrong, I like working with you, you're great! It's... well... I'm worried about him, is all," she felt bad for wanting to leave, but she really was worried about Deku. He might need help, considering that he can't use his powers without seriously injuring himself. If he wanted to capture anyone, he would probably need help.

"It's fine," Azuki waved off her concerns, smiling. She placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Go. Go help him, I'll be fine on my own." Uraraka nodded and grinned back, making a split second decision and hugging her. Azuki stiffened for a moment before she relaxed and hugged back. The embrace lasted for only a few moments before the two broke away. Uraraka ran off, turning left after a bit and escaping Azuki's field of vision.

Azuki sunk into the ground, finding it more helpful to look that way. It gave her an element of surprise and allowed her to observe without giving away her position. She travelled through the shadows, the outside flashing before her eyes as if were a movie. She was looking for someone- anyone- on the opposite team she could capture to get her team points.

She was at a bit of a disadvantage, but no more than the others she would be up against. She didn't know what the "heroes" were capable of, but on the other end of that, they didn't know what she was capable of either. It all depended on whether or not they could adapt to the situation, learn during the battle. If they could, they had a good chance against her. If they couldn't, it would be their demise.

To think, she had been so nervous when she first arrived. A new city, a new school, people she didn't know. When she arrived at the school, Aizawa and Nezu were there to greet her. She was there early, so Aizawa (who she recognized as Eraserhead) showed her around the school, telling her about the different rooms as well as telling her about the students. He didn't go into detail, just names and brief descriptions of what their personalities were and what they looked like. They all seemed to get along, from what she could tell, and her anxiety ate her up inside. What if they thought she was annoying or weird? She wanted to have friends so badly, the thought of being alone for the next three years was agonizing.

It was a relief to learn how friendly everyone was. Midoriya, besides appearing to be kind of clumsy and awkward, was welcoming and sweet. With a beaming smile and curious eyes, her first thought of him as someone who was genuine, someone who was loyal and trustworthy. Iida, although a bit strange and formal, seemed nice enough. Uraraka was bubbly, warm and lively. Azuki liked everything about her. There was Todoroki, but she didn't get much of a read off of him. But, they didn't talk much. Maybe when they got to know one another, they would become good friends.

That's when she noticed a redhead had his back pressed against the wall, looking both ways, probably watching out for an enemy. Azuki recognized him as Eijiro Kirishima. She knew he was on the opposite team. Travelling behind him, she formed back on the surface, her breathing controlled so she didn't make a sound.

Grabbing the tape, she tried to hurry to wrap it around him, but Kirishima managed to jump out of the way. He got in a fighting stance, ready to defend himself. Azuki charged and swiftly did a roundhouse kick towards his face. Kirishima hardened his arm, blocking her kick. She jumped back as soon as she noticed this.

"Amazing, you can harden your body. That's so cool!" Azuki felt giddy all over. It was such an awesome quirk to have. She wondered how much stamina he used with the quirk. There had to be a limit. Kirishima faltered a bit when she let out her exclamation of admiration. Well, he was expecting taunts, maybe jeers, but definitely not praise.

"Thanks!" Kirishima grinned at her, his shoulders relaxing. She used this time to strike again, using her left hand to punch at his stomach. He quickly hardened his stomach, so the hit didn't harm him, but then there were sparks collecting in the palm of her right hand. Swinging it, she created an explosion that drove Kirishima into a nearby wall.

Grunting, he rubbed the back of his head in pain. Damn, that explosion seemed a lot like Bakugo's. Did she have a similar quirk to his? Gah! He rolled out of the way when she launched another punch at his head. Her fist hit the wall, and it cracked under her knuckles. He paled, realizing what she could have done to him if he wasn't careful.

Taking her hand away from the wall, she straightened her hand before curling it one finger at a time back into a fist. She jumped at him, sparks flying in both her hands. She rammed one of her hands against his chest, and he had barely enough time to harden his skin to block the attack. The only thing was, smoke covered his vision, and he couldn't see her. But, out of the corner of his eyes, he noticed her black cloak from behind him, and he hardened his back as soon as another explosion landed on his back. There was a tingling sensation, but otherwise no pain.

He could feel the sweat dripping from his skin. Damn, he was getting tired. He only had a little time to recuperate before she showed up. He had a fight with Kaminari just a couple of minutes prior to his encounter with Azuki. Thankfully, he managed to get away by blocking most of Kaminari's attacks. Kaminari kind of self-destructed when he used too much of his power, causing him to become stupid.

Picking up speed, Azuki landed several more explosions all over his body. Kirishima hardened his upper body and arms while covering his face. With each hit, he could feel his hardening weaken and more pain slipped through. Damn, how long was she going to keep this up?

"As incredible as your quirk is, it appears that the more I damage it, the more it weakens, and the more energy you use up," Azuki deduced, striking several more times, "you should work on this because it will be a fatal weakness on your part." Kirishima felt an immense pain on his side and he fell to the ground, completely worn out. Fuck, he can't withstand any more.

Azuki got closer to him, taking out the tape. Lifting his exhausted body, she wrapped the tape around him gently and cautiously, as to not injure him further. She leaned him against the wall. Silently, he cursed himself. He couldn't get out of that situation! Fuck!

"I'm sorry it had to end this way. But I know, in the future, you will get stronger. Until that time, train as hard as you can," she advised, straightening her back and walking off. Kirishima, a bit confused, watch her leave. He smiled, nodding at her advice. She's a strange one, but he had a feeling that she was going to be a great friend.


"Aizawa, do you have any idea what kind of quirk Ms. Kudoka has? At first, I thought it was that thing where she melted into the ground. What did she call it? Oh yes, shadow travelling! But, she was able to use explosions, so that makes me question her abilities," All Might asked, curious to know. These were two opposite quirks! Just was she able to wield both of them? It didn't make much sense.

"No clue," Aizawa muttered boredly, "she doesn't have a record of her quirk. As a child, I can't find anything about her going to counselling. And, she never sent in a report on her quirk or body specs for a costume. What she's wearing is her own. There is no record anywhere of her quirk. It appears she wanted to hide it, and she has succeeded." Aizawa had to admit, it was a bit suspicious that there were no records anywhere of her abilities. In fact, there were little records about her anywhere. It amazed him to see how much effort she put in to conceal anything she could about herself. In truth, all they knew about her was her name, her date of birth and age, that she is an extremely capable, intelligent girl with strong power. Otherwise, she was a mystery.

"How is that possible?" All Might muttered, narrowing his eyes at the cloaked girl. There had to be some kind of record. Sure, there wasn't for him, but his power was given to him. He wasn't born with it like she was.

"To be honest, I have no idea. All I know is that we should keep an eye on her. So far, she has done nothing to provoke our suspicions and generally speaking, she seems very friendly towards everyone. I don't believe there is any malicious intent coming from her, but just to be on the safe side, we should watch her," Aizawa replied his voice monotone. She was different than many other students in their class. She was very polite and kind, and never really spoke out about being a hero. While he was showing her around, she was very attentive and asked questions, not just about the school, but also about the staff and students in her class. He didn't want to suspect her, despite being secretive, he felt that she was open and honest.


"Dark Shadow, do you see anyone?" Tokoyami was hiding in the darkness. The dark bird that materialized from his body was looking out on his blind spot, making sure no one would be able to surprise them. He had to be careful. Although he had a good handle on the other quirks of the students in his class, and his own was very powerful, it was still dangerous. However, most of the students that were able to weaken Dark Shadow, besides Kaminari, were on his team. Not to mention Kaminari would be no trouble, considering he didn't have much of a strategic mind.

The only one he was really concerned about was Azuki, who was a wild card. A girl with a hidden face and a mysterious personality. What was she capable of? Could she form a plan and execute it with no troubles? There were so many unknown variables if he came face-to-face with her, and he was at a severe disadvantage considering all he could do was defend.

"All clear!" Dark Shadow's response was only so comforting. What if Azuki could turn invisible or camouflage? What if she could warp? There were millions of things she might be able to do. So the sentient shadow's words didn't make him any less worried.

He should make some kind of run for it. If he was caught here, he was at an even more disadvantage. Tokoyami was cornered against the wall, there was no other exit. But, he was also more powerful in the shadows. In broad daylight, Dark Shadow wasn't as powerful. Making a split second decision, he decided to run off, following the shadow of the buildings.

That's when an explosion knocked him off balance. He was thrown to the ground by the impact. There was a burning sensation all down his back, a stinging pain that blurred his vision for a few seconds. He blinked a few times before looking to the side, seeing a cloaked figure strutting towards him, their boots clicking against the pavement with every step.

It had to be Azuki... So, she had some kind of explosive quirk? Damn, that was horrible luck. She charged ready to attack again, but he called upon Dark Shadow to block the attack. The next explosion blew up against Dark Shadow. The sentient shadow shrieked from the light, shrinking away a bit.

Tokoyami managed to stand, ready to fight. Mentally, he commanded his friend to stand guard and defend. The first blow weakened him severely. He could hardly stand, just doing so made a blinding pain shooting up his spine. He wanted to crumble to the ground, but he knew he had to continue. To be a hero, you couldn't succumb to anything, you had to keep fighting. And that's exactly what he was going to do.

"Incredible, you have a sentient being as your quirk. It appears to be made of shadow, but I have to wonder, shadows are naturally weak against light. Is your bird the same way?" Azuki asked, more to herself than to him. Her tone was quizzical but also objective. She was thinking, and from what he could see, her face was expressionless. Her lips were formed in a straight line, but she was not pursing them.

Tokoyami sucked in a sharp breath, trying to remain calm. Damn, she had already figured it out. No matter, if he stayed calm and didn't show her anything, maybe she would think she was wrong. He kept telling himself that, relaying that message over and over in the back of his mind. He voice feel his nerves crawling through his body, gripping him tight, drowning him.

Sparks flew from her hands. He took a step back. She jumped, using one of her hands to boost herself towards him and the others, and the other directed at him. Dark Shadow blocked it. It let out a grunt but otherwise protected Tokoyami. The cloaked girl's hands were taken out from her cloak and formed fists. With unnatural speed, she powered each punch with an explosion, generating incredible light while smashing her knuckles against Dark Shadow.

With each punch, Dark Shadow shrunk. Tokoyami knew he wouldn't withstand much more. Jumping up, Azuki used the explosions to propel her further upwards. She kicked off of Dark Shadow and creating multiple blasts until she landed on her feet. Each explosion hit Tokoyami, her speed was great and he had no time to react. He was thrown again, dark shadow too small to even catch him.

With the wind knocked out of him, Tokoyami tried to think of something to do. He could hardly breathe, let alone stand. Azuki kneeled down beside him, lifting him to a sitting position, and wrapped the tape around him. She set him back down gently, not wishing to hurt him further. She had done enough damage.

"I'm sorry, I think I went overboard," she muttered, her voice soft and smooth. It was filled with concern and remorse. Tokoyami saw her smiling sadly. He didn't have any ill will towards her. This was just a game, a training session. He was frustrated with himself more than anything. "Your secret is safe with me. I won't tell anyone about your weakness. You deserve that much." He smiled at her, just a tiny smile. That meant a lot to him. She could have told anyone, but instead, she was kind and considerate.

Azuki nodded towards him. She stood and walked off, looking for her next opponent. In total, that was four people. She had six others in a large part of the city with only so much time left. If she wanted to win this, she would have to be quick. Hopefully, some other people were collecting points but she knew she couldn't rely on them to win this. If you want something done, you have to do it yourself. That's the motto she's always lived by. Don't rely on others, they'll let you down.

She sunk into the shadows. Unseen, unheard, alone in the darkness where the blackness corrupts her mind. The voices talk to her and she flows through the shadows, like swimming through the cold, dark water of the ocean. The voices, no longer gentle and soothing, felt like nails against a chalkboard, talking in static-y and squeaky voices. There were no coherent words she could make out, just a jumble of sounds.

Iida thought it was best to stay on the move. He didn't want to be cornered or caught while staying in one spot, so he decided to go from place to place. He figured since the training grounds were so large, it wasn't as probable that he would get caught if he kept moving. He was getting exhausted, however, after using his quirk so much. He knew he would have to rest soon. He didn't want to use too much of his quirk, just in case he did run into someone.

Zooming into an alley, he leaned his back against the stone wall, breathing in deeply. He had been running for so long. His legs were aching and his heart was racing. He hated being on the defence but knew it was the part he had to play. He had to win this!

"You've been running for a while now," a female voice made him jump and whip around, "I was afraid you'd never stop." Iida saw Azuki, panic spreading through him like a wildfire. How did she find him?! Wait- she had been following him?! How had he not seen her?! Shit! He had to make a run for it!

"I will not allow villain scum like you to capture me!" Iida stated proudly, playing the role he had to play. Azuki snickered softly, obviously thinking his very serious commitment to the role was funny. Iida tried to make a run for it, going to pass Azuki before she managed to do anything. She extended her arm, opening her palm towards him. Iida thought it was an odd thing to do until his whole body bounced off some kind of invisible, flexible wall.

His body was tossed to the ground. Well, that was going to bruise later. What the hell was that? Managing to look up at her, he saw Azuki lower her arm, hiding it under her cloak. He got up, looking around anxiously for some kind of escape. He had to come up with some kind of plan. Think! THINK! How could he possibly escape her? He couldn't fight, he couldn't get past her, and he was cornered. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

"So, your quirk is the engines in your legs that give you super speed. Your quirk is also similar to the one the pro hero, Ingenium, has. Are the two of you related?" Azuki asked curiously, a delightful smile on her lips. Her head was tilted. Despite her being the villain in this scenario, it was hard to make her appear that way. Pride swelled in his heart. When him to be recognized as related to Ingenium, it made him feel happy. He was comparable to his big brother, he was similar.

"Why yes! Ingenium is my older brother!" Iida exclaimed confidently, hands on his hips. His chest puffed out and he raised his chin to emphasize his statement. Azuki's lips parted before a wide grin broke out on her face. He was a bit surprised, she must do her homework on pro heroes. Ingenium wasn't one of the popular heroes like All Might or Endeavor, although he did have many sidekicks.

"Amazing. You must want to be like him, don't you?" Azuki questioned, her tone cheerful and silvery. Her natural friendliness made it hard to think of her as an opponent. She was very inquisitive, but not in the way that is annoying or rude. She just seemed interested in who he was.

"I do. He is a great hero and I aspire to be just like him!" Iida nodded to himself, grinning widely. Azuki nodded with him, understanding where he was coming from. She loved that he had inspiration like that in his life, ever since he was young. He knew what he wanted to be because his brother was a hero, he was his mentor, his hero, his motivation.

"I'm sure you will," Azuki replied earnestly, "however, right now, I'm afraid that you'll be captured by a villain." A shadowy mass with no real shape materialized from her back, shooting towards Iida into two strands. They wrapped around him with great speed, making it so he couldn't even react to them. His eyes widened as he realized he let his guard down. He struggled against the shadowy bonds, but it was to no avail. The shadowy ropes only tightened more as he struggled.

He fell limp moments later, knowing he had been defeated. Damn it! He had to admire Azuki for her strategy in this. She managed to get him to let down his guard and attack while he was unprepared. But, it left him wondering. What exactly was her quirk? First an invisible shield, now shadowy bonds. Was there something he was missing?

"I'm sorry for this, I really am," Azuki wrapped the tape around him, the shadow bonds disappearing into thin air, "I meant what I said, one day you will be a great hero just like your brother. I know you will." Iida stared up at her, although disappointed, he smiled. He was glad her words were genuine, not just some cheap act to make his guards drop.

"Thank you," Iida muttered, "and it's fine, we were doing what we were told to do. You just did it better than I did." Azuki gave him a sad smile, her hand resting on his shoulder for a second before it was hidden behind her dark cloak again. Without another word, she turned and left. Iida watched her disappear behind around the corner.

Within a minute or two, the same loud alarm blasted through the speakers, making Azuki feel deaf. There was a pounding in her mind. Fuck! Why was that so fucking loud?! Gah! She hated sounds like that, they were so irritating.

"That's the end of round two! Everyone meet back at the entrance for your teams' final scores!" All Might's energetic voice rang through the speakers. Azuki sighed, feeling a bit disappointed that she only managed to capture five people. No matter, maybe some of the others managed to get someone some of the others.

She wandered back to the entrance. There were several other students already there. Uraraka and Midoriya were some of these students. She strutted over to them, greeting them with a small wave and a smile. Uraraka brightened up even more when she saw the cloaked girl.

"Azuki! Hey! Did you manage to catch anyone else after we parted?" Uraraka asked, her voice loud as she was excited to know the answer. Azuki smiled and rubbed the back of her neck. She wasn't sure why she was nervous, but she just wasn't used to such positive attention.

"Uh, yeah, three more people. What about the two of you?" Azuki hoped they caught more, it would give them a better chance of winning, and more of a chance for them to prove they have what it takes to become a hero. Her attention shifted to Midoriya when he sighed, shoulders slumping. That wasn't a good sign. She felt her heart plummet. He obviously felt bad.

"No, we tried to find someone, but we couldn't," Midoriya's voice was quiet, his tone upset. He had something to prove, that Azuki could tell. She placed a hand on his cheek, getting him to look at her. He was scowling deeply. Azuki offered him a smile.

"I wouldn't worry too much about that. There were only ten people, not to mention eleven people were after them. There is only so much you can do, so don't be upset. It's not worth it," Azuki reassured him, trying to be supportive and cheer him up. Midoriya seemed surprised by her words for a second before he beamed, nodding once. She dropped his hand from his cheek.

"Yeah, you're right," Midoriya replied, his voice a little bit more chipper. Azuki messed with his hair again, making him laugh softly.

Azuki turned back to see who was there, only to find that everyone was present. Aizawa and All Might were standing in front of the group. She wondered what the score was this time. Her and Uraraka scored at least five points together. Well, no matter what, the experience she had today was amazing. She couldn't believe how much fun that was.

"It appears the first team won again. They managed to capture six heroes, leaving only four to get away. With a total of fourteen points and team two only having seven, they win," Mr. Aizawa told the students blankly. Azuki let a smile play on her lips. They won! That's amazing! She wondered who else managed to capture someone.

"You all did a great job!" All Might assured, giving them all his famous thumbs up. Azuki could feel her heart swell with happiness and a feeling of pride washed over her. She was proud of the people on her team. However, she could feel the anger radiating off of someone. She looked to the side, seeing Bakugo surrounded by a dark, angry aura. He was clenching his fists, gritting his teeth.

"Like hell they did!" Bakugo yelled, his voice loud and full of fire. He was now looking at his teammates, eyes casting over them like a shadow. "You all sucked and because of you, we lost! You are all fucking useless! I shouldn't have to deal with people that will just bring me down with them!" Azuki was shocked by how rude he was being. How could he say such awful things? They tried their best, and now they'll learn to be better. She could see the looks on their faces, the hurt and disappointment on all their faces.

"They're not useless," Azuki cut him off, her own anger sparking in her. He turned and glared at her, challenging her to say more with the hateful look in his eyes. "They did their best. Don't forget, we're all still students, even you. We're here to learn, to be the best heroes we can be. So what if they got caught? Sure they might have lost, but it wasn't for nothing. They can take their failure and learn from it. In life, you won't always succeed. But you learn from failures. They fought well. You don't have any right to say that they're useless or that they suck. We're all in the same boat here, even you."

People perked up by her words. Even Aizawa and All Might were surprised at what she had to say. Bakugo, on the other hand, had sparks flying out of his hands. He charged at her, ready to blow her head off when Aizawa's scarf wrapped around him and the teacher's hair shot to the sky, his eyes glowing red. Azuki looked over to him then back at Bakugo, realizing Aizawa had erased his quirk.

All Might was impressed by her words. She defended those she didn't even know. There was something great about her. But, when he caught her smiling after Aizawa had bound Bakugo with his scarf, he had to be a little suspicious about why. She didn't seem like the type to gloat. There was just something off-putting about it.


The students were returning to class. Azuki was at the very back, watching her classmates closely. She felt bad about making Bakugo mad. She really didn't want to get on his bad side. She just wanted to get along with everyone. Teamwork was important, especially with being a hero, and you have to have good connections with people to work well together.

"Azuki!" She was broken out of her thoughts by the redheaded boy that could harden his skin. When he came up to her, along with a couple of other students, he grinned widely. "Hey! I'm Eijiro Kirishima! I just wanted to say your quirk is awesome! I can't believe you can blow up things!" She smiled shyly.

"You can blow up things too?" Iida asked, genuinely surprised, "I thought creating those shadow bonds and force fields were your only abilities." Kirishima's jaw dropped when he heard this.

"You can do all those things? That's so cool!" Kirishima couldn't contain his excitement.

"I thought shadow travelling was your only quirk," Todoroki pointed out this time, his voice cool and collected, but there was a hint of suspicion mixed in there.


"I'm Denki Kaminari, from what these guys are telling me, you're pretty awesome," a blonde guy with a black streak in his hair came up beside Kirishima, grinning at her. His voice was also calm, but it was also like he was trying to play it cool for her. Was he trying to... flirt with her?

"Thanks?" She muttered softly. The attention was so foreign to her. She couldn't help the nerves that crawled up her spine. She wasn't used to this amount of attention. She was so used to being alone. It was odd, but she found it strangely nice.

"Are you planning to tell us your quirk?" The boy with the head of the bird asked in an emotionless tone. Oh, yes, that's what they were all curious to know. She laughed a little bit. It was fun to be a bit of a mystery. They all knew each other's quirks because many people boasted about what they could do. Not her, she had never told a single soul her quirk and she wasn't going to start now. Maybe sometime in the future.

"Tokoyami! Don't be so abrasive! It's rude to ask people what their quirk is right off the bat," Iida scolded the other student. Azuki recognized the name. He was Fumikage Tokoyami. She should have remembered that from her introductions with Aizawa. Well, now she knows, so that's all that really matters. Man, she hoped she remembered all these names.

"Oh, please, Iida, you're as curious as the rest of us," Kaminari rolled his eyes as he spoke. He couldn't believe this guy. Iida was probably going to ask sooner or later anyway. Iida's face flushed, but otherwise, he showed no expression. What Kaminari had to say was probably true.

"Uh... guys?"

That's when a pink blob came sliding towards them. "Hi! I'm Mina Ashido! It's nice to meet you!" Azuki took a step back, a bit surprised by the sudden intrusion, but when the surprise settled inside, she smiled. So many new people, god, this was all so new.

"Nice to meet you too," Azuki nodded, her hand rubbing her arm under her cloak. The class seemed so friendly, it was all so weird for her. Not to mention all the attention... she could feel her heart speeding up as more people talked to her. She wanted to be all their friends but at the same time, she wanted to run and hide.

"You have to tell us what your quirk is! We've all been dying to know!" Ashido exclaimed excitedly, looking intently at the cloaked girl, beaming brightly. She was waiting for an answer, the others became quiet as well. They were all so curious to know. Azuki felt a bit guilty about not wanting to tell them, but it was in her best interest.

"If you guys don't mind, I'm going to keep my quirk to myself, just to give me a bit of an edge in training and with competitions. If it makes you feel any better, the teachers don't know either," Azuki answered apologetically, scratching the back of her neck and looking away from the others. She hated being secretive, but if they didn't know what she was capable of doing, it gave her an edge.

"That's pretty smart. That way, none of your opponents know what you're truly capable of," a girl with long, green hair and large, unblinking eyes popped out from the others, "I'm Tsuyu Asui, by the way, but please call me Tsu, ribbit." Azuki smiled and nodded, thankful that she was a bit calmer and less demanding than the others.

"Oh come on! Not even a hint?!" Kaminari whined, exasperated by having to figure it out themselves. It looked like she had multiple quirks, but that wouldn't be the case. There were millions of kinds of quirks, and each one she used sounded like it was completely unrelated to the others.

"Come on, dude, it'll be a fun guessing game," Kirishima nudged Kirishima's side, grinning, showing off his sharp teeth. Kaminari beamed when he realized that. It looked like he had an idea. Azuki didn't know him enough to be nervous or excited about what he could be thinking.

"Yeah! What if we make it a game! Whoever manages to guess Azuki's quirk correctly first wins!" Kaminari suggested eagerly, eyes jumping from person to person. Everyone seemed to contemplate it, and Azuki wanted to laugh. They wanted to make a competition out of her quirk? That sounded fun.

"I'm down, as long as I get to pick what the prize is for the winner," Azuki shrugged, a smile shining through her voice. These guys were going to be awesome, she was glad she was in their class. She honestly wasn't sure what she would give the person, but it would have to be something awesome. Maybe a shopping trip or a vacation? Who knows? Well, she'll just figure that out when she gets to it.

"I'm in!" Kirishima and Ashido yelled together, nodding in determination, the bright smiles never leaving their faces. The two looked super eager about this game. Azuki realized, a bit too late, that she would be hounded with guesses for a while until the game simmered down.

"This will be interesting, I suppose I'll join," Tokoyami said in a very serious voice, crossing his arms over his chest. Azuki had to admit, he was probably going to take this more seriously than the others. It sounded like that, anyway.

"Competition leads to motivation and ambition to overcome and achieve goals, so I will happily be a part of it!" Iida declared, making these weird arm movements. Azuki had to cover her mouth to stop from giggling. He was so serious, even more than Tokoyami, and more formal. She just found it absolutely hilarious. He was too cute for his own good.

"Sure, it sounds fun," Tsu spoke up, her voice level and there was little emotion in her tone. Azuki was glad that everyone was getting interested in playing. This was an odd thing to do, but it could help everyone get closer to some degree.

"If it means we get to find out what your quirk is, I guess I'll play," Todoroki's voice was like ice. He had been so quiet Azuki almost forgot he was there. She wondered why he was so distant from everyone. What- or who- could have made him like that? His eyes, they were so cold, but she could also see burning anger and hatred in there, but it wasn't for someone here. It made her heart hurt, she would love to see him smile.

"Well, I'll get the rest of the class in on it! I bet they'll all be into it!" Kirishima announced passionately, running off to speak to some of the others who hadn't spoken to her. Kaminari, Tokoyami, Ashido, Tsu, Iida, and Todoroki all walked off.

They were getting close to the classroom. She hadn't even realized how much time had gone by while they were walking and talking. Azuki chewed on her bottom lip, her heart plummeting when she realized she didn't get to talk to the person she actually wanted to speak to. Maybe she would do it during lunch.


The rest of the morning went smoothly and lunch came rather quickly. Before everyone went down to the cafeteria, she wanted to get someone's attention. The person in question, the ash blond with an explosive quirk and temper, was walking a few feet ahead of her, looking angry (although, he always looked like that so that wasn't really a telling card).

She had moved through people ahead of her before reaching Katsuki Bakugo. Trying to get his attention, gently her hand touched his arm. He quickly jumped, jerking her off of him. Murder screamed in his crimson eyes as they landed on her. She took a step back, not trying to anger him further.

"Leave me the fuck alone!" He growled, going to turn back. With a frown settling on her lips, she grabbed him by the wrist this time and dragged him to another hallway, this one empty. "Do you want to die?!" His angry words had little effect on her, she didn't even falter. His back was against the wall and she was standing eye-level with him.

"I just wanted to talk. I wanted to apologize to you," Azuki breathed out, her shoulders relaxing a bit. Bakugo wasn't affected by her words, they meant little to him. He scoffed, getting off the wall and knocking shoulders with her.

"Yeah, well, you can take your apology and shove it up your ass," he snarled, his voice loud and furious. Azuki, however, wasn't going to give up so easily. She came here to do something and like hell, she was going to let this boy stop her. She grabbed his wrist again, just to stop him and she did, but his hands sparked with explosives.

"I also wanted to let you know how amazing I think your abilities are," she tells him softly. Her words make the sparks cease and he turns to her, glaring harshly still. He didn't say anything, so she continued, "I mean, you were awesome out there! And not to mention how quick you were able to find Midoriya and me. Listen, I never meant to insult you or anything, I didn't want you to be angry. I am sorry for that." She notices that his glare softens a bit, giving her a bit more confidence to continue while also smiling, "I've admired heroes since the time I was young and I've studied what it's like to be a hero. You are the first person I've met who has so much potential to be one of, if not the greatest pro hero of all time. I know one day you will be even greater than you are now."

She lets go of his wrist and beams at him. He smirks, his glare on her completely gone. She likes how he looks when he's not angry. She hoped she would get to see more of that. It looks so much better on him than when he looks like he's going to murder everyone he sees.

"Ha! You bet I'm gonna be the number one hero! You're not too bad yourself, not as good as me, but still pretty good," Bakugo states proudly. Azuki can feel herself wanting to roll her eyes at his ego but doesn't. It's actually kind of endearing. He has so much confidence in himself and in his power and she likes that.

"Thanks, Bakugo. And I don't doubt for a second that you can be the number one hero," she muttered, laughter mixing with her words. She isn't laughing at him, she does believe him, she just laughs at how self-assured he is. She likes it. "I hope we can be friends if that's not too sudden."

"Tch, I don't see why not. Oh, Shitty Hair said something about a competition on guessing your quirk. You better believe I'm gonna win!" Bakugo got riled up again, passionately determined by this game. Wait, Shitty Hair? Did he mean Kirishima?

"Kirishima? Oh, yeah, he said he was gonna get the class in on the game. Well, I wish you the best of luck, but just because we're friends doesn't mean I'll give you any hints on what my quirk is," she teased, chuckling a bit to herself. She couldn't help but feel this rush of giddiness. Who knew she was good at making friends?

"Like I would ask for a hint. If I'm going to win, I'm going to do it myself," Bakugo rolled his eyes, his arms folding over his chest. Azuki had to admire his fairness. Despite wanting to be number one, he wanted to do it on the same terms as everyone else. She had to admire him for that. She rested her hand on his arm for a moment.

"We should probably go eat, I'll see you later Bakugo," with those words, she walked off, her cloak swaying behind her as she did so. Bakugo smirked, knowing he would win. He was observant, he could get this. Wait, what was her name again? Shit, he should probably know it. Unlike the others, she was someone who could be the closest to his equal. He should try and learn her name.

Chapter Text

By her second day of school, Azuki felt more at home at UA. It was amazing, being around so many kind people who all wanted to do what she wanted to do: be a hero. She felt at peace there... except when the press is hounding you outside about All Might. God dammit, she was going to do something violent the next time someone asked her about All Might.

"Excuse me! Excuse me!" Fucking Christ, here we go. Immediately, Azuki was surrounded by a bunch of reporters for the third time in the last ten minutes. The woman speaking had brown hair and wore a blue suit, she was like a walking stereotype of a businesswoman. "Could you tell us what it's like with All Might as your teacher? Could you give us some insight?" There was a microphone being shoved in her face.

A scowl dug deep on her face as Azuki resisted the urge to spout some unkind words. Stay calm, don't hit them, don't hit them, DON'T HIT THEM! Taking in a deep breath, the cloaked girl opted to just ignore these pests. She turned to walk away, going to find one of her friends. Uraraka, Midoriya, Iida and Bakugo had already been pestered by the same reporter, so she went to find one of them, going through the entrance on the gate.

As she was walking away, she saw Mr. Aizawa, looking even more unimpressed than usual. It was no secret that Aizawa had a dislike for the media. She watched with mild amusement as Aizawa said something to the reporters before walking away. The brunette reporter tried to follow him, but the alarms went off and the gate shut with metal doors, almost killing the poor woman. Oh well. That's what she gets for trying to cross the barrier without some sort of pass. The defenses were public knowledge, so she must not do her research well.

"Hey, Azuki!" Midoriya called over to the cloaked girl, making her pivot to find the source of his voice. He was on the steps of the school, grinning and waving her over. Azuki jogged over to him, offering him a smile.

"Hey, Midoriya, excited for today?" Azuki greeted cheerfully, swinging an arm around the green-haired boy's shoulders. Midoriya didn't seem bothered by the physical touch, in fact, his smile seemed to only grow. She liked his smile, it was cute.

"You bet! Oh, by the way, Kirishima told us about that contest of who can figure out your quirk first. Are you on board with that because if you're not I'll tell everyone to respect your privacy, it's not for us to decide who you tell and don't tell, and frankly-" Azuki laughed, cutting off Midoriya, who turned beet red. He must have realized he was over thinking things again. Azuki messed with his already unruly hair. Sheepishly, he grinned.

"Yeah, I'm on board with it, don't worry. I'm the one who's supplying the prize to the winner!" Azuki replied, hoping to ease his concerns, "do you do that over thinking thing a lot? I don't mind it, it's cute." Midoriya turned all shades of red, stammering out something incoherent at first.

"Uh... yeah? I also tend to mutter things a lot when I'm thinking," Midoriya answered, still sheepish, but at least was able to form a complete sentence. Azuki hummed as an answer, pressing the boy closer to her as the wandered into the classroom before breaking apart and going to their seats.

Mr. Aizawa walked in a few moments later, looking exhausted, but that wasn't new. Did the poor man get any sleep at night? It seemed like he only got sleep when he was in class and supposed to be teaching. Azuki had to feel a bit sorry for him, she knew what it was like to lose a lot of sleep. She hoped he would be okay.

"Good morning class. Decent work on combat training from a couple of days ago. I saw the video feeds and went over each of your teams' results. Bakugo, you're talented, so don't sulk like a child about your loss, okay?" Aizawa said in a flat tone. Azuki had to admit, he sounded like a parent scolding a child. Casting a glance to beside her, she awaited Bakugo's response.

"Yeah, whatever," Bakugo sighed, looking away from the teacher. He wasn't angry, so that was a good sign. Azuki wasn't really sure what happened before she got there. She only knew they had some combat training and a couple of physical tests done. Otherwise, she had no clue.

"And Midoriya," Aizawa's attention was on the green-haired boy this time, as was Azuki's, " I see the only way you won was by messing up your arm again. Work harder and don't give me the excuse that you don't have control of your quirk, that line's getting old. You can't keep breaking your body while training here but your quirk will be really useful if you can get a handle on it. So, show a little urgency, huh?" Azuki wasn't really sure what he meant. Did his quirk hurt him when he used it? She would have to ask him later, as long as he was willing to share.

"Right!" Midoriya nodded in determination, his face going hard. Azuki was rooting for him. Maybe she could offer to help him, she wasn't sure how much she could, but she figured what would the harm be in asking? They both wanted him to get better.

"Let's get down to business, our first task will decide your future," Aizawa's serious voice broke through her thoughts. As she looked around, she got the feeling a lot of the students had the same thought as her from their expressions. Is it a quirk test like they did at the beginning of the year on one of the days she missed? Maybe more combat training? "You all need to pick a class representative." Faces of relief washed over the class. All it was was normal school stuff.

Class representative. The person needs to be a leader, someone who is a positive influence and represents the class in a respectable way. In any normal school, it would be a boring job. But, in this school, it's a good way to get noticed by agencies and show you can lead a team. However, just because all these things were true, doesn't mean that Azuki wanted it. She would hate the job. She'd rather have someone who knows exactly what to do, who can listen but also direct. Someone who knows what questions to ask.

"Pick me, guys!" Kirishima exclaimed, raising his hand in a way of trying to get noticed, "I want to be the class rep!" Kirishima was friendly and energetic, but Azuki didn't believe he was all that qualified for the role. He was someone who would rush into battle, a team leader is someone who needs to come up with a strategy on the fly, but one that would ensure the lives of those who are following you. He's not stupid, just impulsive.

"I'll take it," Kaminari offered calmly, smiling. Kaminari just felt like an awful choice. Azuki can read people well, and he seems like someone who is usually calm, but when a stressful situation hits, becomes distraught. A leader needs to almost always have a level head. Not to mention that she didn't think he was very bright...

"Yeah, you're going to need me," Jiro put her hand way up in the air, but her voice remained calm. Jiro, Azuki could see as class rep, except for the fact that she's always very quiet. She's hardly ever heard her speak. The cloaked girl didn't think she was shy, just reserved.

"Someone with style should be the rep," Aoyama smirked. No. Just no. Azuki probably wouldn't trust him to pay her back if she leant him her money, let alone trust him with her life. Yeah, that was so not gonna happen.

"I'm totally the right pick!" Ashido spoke excitedly over Aoyama, waving her hands in the air. She was grinning ear to ear. Mina's sweet, but again, not really the right type of person. She's energetic and talkative. She tends to goof off more than be serious.

The classroom turned chaotic, everyone wanted to be the class rep. Bakugo was yelling angrily that they should all pick him. Midoriya was shyly putting up his hand. Bakugo, as much as Azuki liked him, was not at all the right choice. He was angry, impulsive, rude, crude, and didn't really think of anyone but himself. So, no. Midoriya would be a better choice. He's sweet but also more strategic than most other people here, from what Mr. Aizawa told her. The only thing was, he was really awkward.

"Silence! Everyone, please!" Iida's voice broke through the loud chaos, gaining everyone's attention and making them silent. Now, Iida, she could see as class representative clearly. He took things seriously (almost too seriously), he was kind and supportive, he could come up with good plans, he stayed calm under pressure, and he followed the rules. In this class, she saw no one more suited for the job than him. "The class representative's duty is to lead others, it's not something just anyone can do. You must first have the trust of every student in the classroom. Therefore, the most logical way to fill this position is to do it democratically. We will hold an election to choose our leader!"

"It's pretty obvious you want us to vote for you," many of the students said in unison. They were right, he was standing straight up with his arm held high in the air. He was trembling. Well, it was the best idea someone's had. Iida already had Azuki's vote.

"Is this really the best idea?" Kaminari sounded unsure. Well, buddy, unless you got any other ideas, then yes, this is the best idea. Azuki didn't hear anyone else offering anything. There were some faults to this system, of course, but it was going to be impossible for everyone to unanimously choose one person to lead the class.

"We've only known each other a few days. How do we know who we can trust?" Tsu questioned skeptically. She was right. Everyone hardly knew anyone in the class. School had just started and no one knew each other. Tsu was her other choice, she remained calm always and never really let on what she was thinking. She was rational and observant, two good qualities in a leader.

"Besides, most people will vote for themselves," Kirishima pointed out. That was one of the flaws of the democratic system. Because everyone will vote for themselves, very few people will vote for others, so there isn't much of an election. Maybe if there were multiple stages, but even then there aren't a lot of options if only two or three people get more than one vote.

"Most people will, but that means whoever does receive multiple votes will truly be the most suitable person for the job. It's the best way, right sir?!" The question was directed at Mr. Aizawa, who was zipping up his yellow sleeping bag. Azuki wanted to laugh. Mr. Aizawa was cool and everything but he was probably one of the most unprofessional and odd teachers she had ever had.

"Do what you want, just decide before my nap's over," Mr. Aizawa then fell over, going to sleep. Azuki put her head in her hands, silently laughing at the teacher. He was so relatable. Why aren't more teachers this relaxed?

"Thank you for your trust!" Iida exclaimed. And on went the election. Everyone voted and the votes were totalled up and written on the board.

Azuki was a bit surprised when Izuku came in first place with a total of three votes. She suspected Uraraka was one of them. In second place was Momo Yaoyorozu with two points. Everyone but Todoroki, Uraraka, and herself had one point. That meant Iida must have voted for someone else, most likely Midoriya, they seemed like friends.

"How did I get three votes?!" There was panic in Midoriya's voice as he loudly questioned no one in particular. Bakugo looked ready to kill as he saw Midoriya won. She wondered why Bakugo didn't like Midoriya, he was so sweet and caring. Bakugo was probably just really hateful towards everyone. Was there another side to him?

"Okay, you idiots, who voted for him?!" Bakugo's rough voice felt like knives on Azuki's ears as he yelled out in anger. People tended to like Midoriya, so it shouldn't be that surprising. Azuki voted from an objective standpoint, not a personal one. She could care less about relationships at the moment. They needed a leader, a real one.

"What? Did you honestly think anyone was gonna vote for you?" Sero seemed like he couldn't believe Bakugo would think anyone would vote for him. He wasn't exactly Mr. Popular, especially with that attitude of his.

"What did you just say?!"

"One vote? I feared this might happen but I can't argue with the system I chose," Iida's voice caught Azuki's attention. She could hear the disappointment in his tone. Oh, she felt so bad. She wanted him to win just as much as he wanted to win. He was such a good match for the job, why didn't more people see that?

"So, you voted for someone else, huh?" Momo asked, a look of pity crossing her features. Not that Iida noticed. The others around her also had looks of pity. Why would he have voted for someone else? Ugh, for someone so smart, he sure was an idiot. At least with two votes, he could have competed with Deku and Momo for the top spot.

"Well, you knew it was best to vote for yourself, right? What were you trying to prove?" Sato asked, his face twisted with confusion. Azuki didn't think that he was trying to prove anything; Iida must have seen something in Midoriya. Midoriya would make a good class rep, not as good as Iida, but knowing what kind of person he was, she would follow him.

Midoriya and Yaoyorozu stood and walked to the front of the class. Midoriya was trembling, he reminded Azuki of a deer in the headlights. Poor boy must be terrified. He didn't have much self-confidence yet. Sometimes, it appeared, he could be really bold and daring, while at other times, he was timid and shy. She felt bad for him.

Aizawa woke up from his nap. "Alright, the class rep is Midoriya, the deputy is Yaoyorozu." He was still in that sleeping bag. What kept him up at night so much that he had to sleep when he was supposed to be teaching? Did he just have insomnia, or was there someone keeping him up? Did Aizawa have some kind of romantic partner that no one knew about? He didn't look like the type, but then again, looks can be deceiving.

"Really? It's not a mistake?" Izuku's voice was shaking as he questioned no one in particular. He had wide, fearful eyes, and such worry and concern in his tone. Azuki couldn't help but want someone to take his place. Poor boy, she was sure he was going to pass out from fright. She wanted to calm him, to soothe his nerves, but knew it was not her place to do so.

Yaoyorozu looked down at the green-haired boy, obviously displeased. "How'd this happen?" She sighed, closing her eyes and looking away from him. Azuki hadn't properly introduced herself to Momo yet, but what Aizawa told her, she was incredibly observant and intelligent. She was sure the dark-haired girl would do fine as the deputy.

"This might not be so bad," Tsu smiled, her tone bright. Well, at least some people were happy with Midoriya as class rep. Azuki was happy for him, absolutely, she just felt like someone could do a better job, but as long as Midoriya is up to the task, she believes he'll do just fine.

"Yeah, I can get behind Midoriya, I guess," Kirishima agreed, nodding towards Asui. He had a kind smile on his face. He was probably disappointed he didn't get chosen, but it was nice that he was still supportive.

"Yaoyorozu was totally on top of it when it came to our training results!" Kaminari pointed out, earning some head nods from other classmates. Azuki wouldn't know, she hadn't been there. Well, maybe in the future she would get to see how impressive Momo is.

The bell rang not long after. Everyone was out of the classroom as soon as they could get to the door. Lunch. She didn't particularly like lunch, just because she didn't like how many students crowded into one room. So, she opted to eat alone.

However, before she did that, she walked up to Momo, touching her shoulder to get her attention in the middle of the hall. The dark-haired girl 'hmm'-ed and turned, wondering who was trying to get her attention. She was surprised to see that it was Azuki, her eyes widening and her mouth opening a little.

"Hi!" Azuki greeted, taking her hand off of Momo, "I don't think I've gotten the chance to properly introduce myself, I'm Azuki. Congratulations by the way, from what I've heard, you deserve to be deputy, if not class rep." She was smiling, a nervous flutter in her stomach as she awaited Momo's response. Man, she was never good at these things. All she could try to do was be nice.

Momo smiled at her, a kind, genuine smile. Relief washed through Azuki's body as if she had been hit by a wave. "It's nice to meet you, I'm Momo Yaoyorozu." Well, at least she didn't mess up her proper first meeting with Momo. "Thanks, by the way."

"No problem, anyway, I won't keep you, you're probably hungry, I'll see you after lunch," Azuki waved good-bye to Momo as she briskly left the hallway, which was flowing with new people. She introduced herself to one new person! Wonderful, that left only nine more to go!

Now, to get onto the roof. She wasn't sure if she was allowed up there, but oh well, she was going to do it anyway.


The weather in the city in March was lovely. There was a lovely breeze the cooled her body from the bright sun rays raining from above. She loved to look down, seeing the fresh green grass and tall trees from around the school. The only thing that was an eyesore was the hoard of paparazzi in front of the gate, unallowed to come in.

All Might wasn't there today. Why couldn't they get that through their thick skulls? He had a busy morning and was probably resting. Even the great symbol of peace had to take breaks, he wasn't invincible. Whatever, she was going to concern herself any longer with those people.

She sat down on the edge of the school's roof, her feet and cloak dangling. She wasn't afraid of heights, there were many scarier things to be afraid of. She held a box in her lap, containing her lunch. She liked to pack her own lunches instead of buying them from the cafeteria. There wasn't much, just some white rice, some sushi, a little bit of chicken, and carrots.

She was so absorbed in her lunch, that when an alarm sounded, she almost fell off the building. Thankfully, she managed to catch herself. Damn, she had to be careful. What the hell was going on anyway? Well, shit.

"Warning: Level three security breach. All students please evacuate the building in an orderly fashion," the mechanical woman's voice repeated over and over again through the speakers. The monotone but loud voice along with the alarm was going to give her a headache. That probably shouldn't be her biggest concern right now.

The metal defence mechanism that kept intruders out, was completely gone. When she squinted, she noticed that there was a pile of what looked to be ash sitting in its place. The media had gotten inside the school grounds. Almost immediately, Mr. Aizawa and Present Mic were outside, keeping the wolves at bay.

Inside, there was probably a panic. Thank god that she was up here instead of downstairs. She really didn't want to be squished by a bunch of panicked teens. Huh, maybe her introverted tendencies saved her this time. Woo! There's a first time for everything.

She couldn't tell what Mr. Aizawa and Present Mic were saying to the press, but as far as she could tell, they appeared pretty annoyed, Aizawa more than usual. Oh boy, she would give anything to see them kick the press out of there. But, that would give the school a pretty bad appearance. So, they were probably waiting for the cops to show up.

What was odd was the security that turned to dust. It wouldn't have been the press or else they would have done it the moment they couldn't get in. Was it the work of just some news reporter? Or could it be something bigger...?

Nah! She was probably being overdramatic. Still, the question lurked in her mind like a shadow, creeping doubt into everything she thought. UA was safe, it was one of the safest places! Right...? Well, no place was 100% safe all the time.

She watched as the police showed to escort everyone out. Well, at least that was taken care of. Aizawa seemed a bit more content now that they weren't being bothered. Her gaze was on him and Present Mic. The blond man was shouting something, but even with his loud voice, she couldn't hear anything he had to say. She was just too high up.


Back in the homeroom, after lunch, everyone sat in their normal seats. All except Izuku and Yaoyorozu, who stood up at the front to deliver some kind of message. Momo held herself well, back straight, shoulders back, her face calm. Midoriya was a lot less... relaxed. He was as still as a board, the poor boy.

Azuki leaned her chin on her hand that was propped up on the desk, a small frown gracing her features. The green-haired boy looked so uncomfortable and panicked. She really didn't want him to feel like that, it made an ugly knot tighten in her stomach.

"It's time class rep, let's begin," Momo told Midoriya, trying to get him to take charge. Because of how tall she was, she stared down at boy beside her, waiting for him to say something. Midoriya didn't even acknowledge that she said anything, he just started shaking even more.

"Um... okay, so we need to figure out who the other class officers will be," Midoriya stated, his voice trembling like his body. His eyes then cast downward and he shrunk even more. "But first, there's something I wanna say." With wide eyes, Yaororozu took a step to face him, surprise on her face. This obviously wasn't planned. "I've thought a lot about this, and I think Tenya Iida should be our class rep!"

Azuki straightened herself, now interested. What the hell happened at lunch that made Izuku decide that? Probably something important. Now she kind of wished that she was down with the others when the alarm went off. Did Iida do something to provoke this decision? When she cast her eyes around the room, she noticed she wasn't the only one surprised. Iida was as well. And some others.

"He was able to capture everyone's attention and get us in line. So, I believe that he should be the one leading our class from now on," Midoriya spoke with much more calmness and confidence, finally relaxing. He was smiling warmly, and Azuki smiled with him. He was such a gentle soul. She kind of wanted to protect this boy.

"Yeah, you know what? If Midoriya vouches for him, I'm good. Plus he was a big help, he totally manned up and took charge, right?" Kirishima agreed, smiling at Kaminari. Well, at least now people could see Iida as he should be seen. But seriously, what the hell happened at lunch?

"Yup. Oh did you notice he looked like the dude on the emergency exit signs when he was on the wall earlier?" Kaminari laughed slightly. Okay, Azuki was really confused. Why the hell was he on the wall? There's something they all know but she doesn't and it's starting to bug her.

"This is a waste of time, I don't care who the rep is, just hurry up," Aizawa woke up from his nap long enough to say those words before falling back over and going back to sleep in his sleeping bag. Izuku got freaked out by the teacher, as he let out a small shriek and started shaking again. Azuki laughed quietly, glad that some things never change.

Iida then stood up, gaining the attention of the class. Man, he looked so prim and proper like that. "If Midoriya is nominating me for this job then I humbly accept! I pledge to carry out the duties of class rep to the best of my ability." Iida raised his arm for some reason as he was talking. Azuki didn't know why, but this was Iida so she didn't question it.

"Sounds good, emergency exit," Kirishima supported, making some kind of pun that Azuki still didn't understand. What happened?! She was dying to know! What did he do?!

"Emergency exit Iida, don't let us down, man!" Kaminari shouted, also supporting Iida. Azuki had to love Kaminari and Kirishima's enthusiasm. They were always so cheerful, she loved the positive energy they gave off. It was so good for the class.

Azuki saw Momo's shoulders droop as she slouched and muttered something that was incoherent. Azuki took a wild guess about what it was. It was probably her being disappointed that even though she got more votes than him, he still became the class rep. Azuki couldn't help but feel bad, technically, it should have been Momo's because she was second in line, but no one seemed to care about that.

Mr. Aizawa then got out of his sleeping bag and stood in front of the class. Midoriya and Momo went to their own seats. Azuki figured it was time for some kind of work, whether school work or training. What could they be doing today? Hopefully something interesting.

"Today's training will be a little different. You'll have three instructors. Me, All Might, and another faculty member will be keeping tabs on you," Aizawa explained, his voice still void of any emotion. What kind of training? It could be so many things, but was there anything different besides three instructors?

"Sir, what kind of training is this?" Sero called out his question. Well, at least someone asked the question. Azuki would have asked, but she was kind of awkward in situations like this. She preferred to not talk in class if she could help it.

Mr. Aizawa held up a card with the words 'RESCUE' written in big, bold, blue letters. "Rescue. You'll be dealing with natural disasters, shipwrecks, stuff like that."

"Disaster, huh?" Kaminari sounded a bit nervous, "sounds like we're in for a big workout." He turned to Mina, who was way more excited.

"Totally!" The pinkette exclaimed, grinning like a madwoman.

"Real hero stuff, this is what separates the men from the boys," Kirishima smiled, obviously jazzed for the training, "I'm shaking with excitement." Azuki smiled at the boy's passion. Everyone seemed so pumped for this, it was nice to see.

"Finally, I'll get to see how good I am in water, ribbit," Tsu looked to Kirishima, her voice toneless. Oh yes, she had a frog-like quirk, didn't she? She must do excellent in the water.

"Guys, I'm not finished yet," Aizawa said, displeased, although it was a bit hard to tell because he always sounded like that. Did he ever smile? Wait, Azuki didn't think she would want to see that. It would look so unnatural on him. Shivers shot through her spine just thinking about it. "What you wear in this exercise is up to you, I know you're excited about costumes." Aizawa clicked a button on a remote and the containers holding the costumes came out of the wall. "But keep in mind you haven't gotten used to them yet and they might limit your abilities. This special training is at an off-campus facility, so we'll be taking a bus to get there. That's all, start getting ready."

Aizawa walked away. Everyone but Midoriya and Izuku got up to put on their costumes. Azuki didn't need one, her cloak was her costume, she just wore it all the time.


Outside as they waited for the bus, Azuki stood awkwardly, watching the other students converse with one another. She wanted to join in, but her nerves flared up again. What if she annoyed them? What if they didn't want to talk to her? She knew it was stupid, but she couldn't help it. She wasn't the most social person. She just wasn't used to it.

"Hey, Azuki!" Uraraka called her over as she was with Midoriya. Azuki felt a rush of relief, sighing softly and walking over to them. She smiled, waving a bit. The two were both grinning. God, these two were such pure little angels. She had to protect both of them.

"Hey, guys, what's up?" She tried to be casual, and she seemed to be doing okay. She just told herself to keep smiling and not to say anything that would make her look like an idiot. Her eyes wandered to the purple grape dude watching Uraraka and felt the need to strike him. Instead, she opted to try and ignore him.

"Oh, nothing, we were just talking. We actually have some ideas of what your quirk could be. Would you mind letting us guess?" Midoriya questioned, rubbing the back of his head. He looked a bit nervous, probably because his question construed as rude. She didn't mind, that's why they had the game!

"Sure, shoot," Azuki was interested in the guesses. A small smirk settled on her lips. It was very unlikely they would get it right off the bat. This game was more for her amusement.

"I think your quirk has something that deals with shields. You were able to create a shield to block Kacchan's explosion," Midoriya guessed, wide hopeful eyes staring at her. She felt bad, she almost wanted to lie and say it was, just so she didn't have to see him disappointed.

"I think you have some kind quirk that lets you get to high places!" Uraraka shouted her guess, equally as hopeful as Midoriya. These two were so precious, oh my god. She wanted to shield them from the horrors of the world. She knew they were both capable of taking care of themselves but that didn't stop her from wanting to make sure they were protected.

"I'm afraid you're both wrong, sorry," Azuki's smile tightened as she stiffly scratched the back of her head over her cloak. Both students deflated and Azuki's heart fell. "But you both had terrific guesses! I can't wait to see what else the two of you come up with!" Please don't be sad, please don't be sad, please don't be sad. What was she supposed to do when someone was sad?! She was not prepared for this!

The two perked up a bit, offering her smiles. Thank god. She's so not good at comforting, well actually, she doesn't know that. She's never really tried to comfort someone. Who knows, she could be good at it... maybe?

Iida blew a whistle, earning her attention. She swiftly turned to look at him. "Gather around Class 1-A! Using your student numbers, form two straight lines so we can board the bus efficiently!" He continued to blow the whistle, making Azuki giggle. He took things so seriously.

"He's kicking it into high gear as our class rep, huh?" Azuki had to agree with Midoriya there.


Iida's plan didn't really work out the way he wanted. The bus had an open section that he obviously didn't account for. Poor Iida, that had to be frustrating. Azuki had taken a seat beside Todoroki, who fell asleep quickly on the bus. She didn't have the heart to wake him so she could get to know him. She had to admit, he looked kind of cute like that. Under all the resigned and stoic behaviour (that was probably for show), he was probably a huge softie.

"The bus's open layout ruined my boarding strategy," Iida was pouting, frustrated with his plans being thwarted by the bus. Azuki continued to smile, not being able to understand how someone could be so serious all the time.

"Iida, you really need to chill," Mina declared, almost worried for her classmate. Azuki laughed under her breath, agreeing with her, but finding her choice of words a bit funny. Sooner or later Iida will be able to relax, just not in this point of his life. Well, at least he was determined.

"If we're pointing out the obvious, then there's something I want to say, about you actually," Asui turned her head to look at Midoriya.

"About me? What is it Asui?" Why was that boy always so nervous?

"I told you to call me Tsu,"

"Oh... yeah, right,"

"That power of yours, isn't it a lot like All Might's?"

Huh, really? Azuki had never seen his abilities yet. She couldn't wait to see what he could do.

"What, really? You think so, huh? I never really thought about that, I guess it's kinda similar-" Midoriya was cut off by Kirishima, who was right next to Asui.

"Wait. hold on Tsu, you're forgetting All Might doesn't hurt himself, that makes a huge difference!" Kirishima was skeptical, with good reason. Azuki stared more intently, watching as Midoriya sighed in what appeared to be relief. Huh, maybe there was some merit to what Tsu had to say. "Still, I bet it's cool to have a simple augmenting type of quirk, you could do a lot of flashy stuff with it." Kirishima raised his hand, hardening his skin as he continued, "My hardening is super strong and can destroy bad guys in a fight, but it doesn't look all that impressive."

"Oh, no way, I think it's really awesome looking! You're definitely pro material with a quirk like that!" Midoriya praised, smiling. Oh, this boy was too pure for this world.

"You really think so? Seems like it'd be easier to be a popular hero if I had something flashier,"

"My naval laser's got the perfect combination of pinache and strength," Aoyama boasted, his face resting in both of his hands as they leaned on his knees. Wow, he was full of himself, wasn't he?

"But it's way lame if it gives you a stomach ache, sweetie," Mina told him bluntly, placing a hand on his shoulder. Azuki laughed again, having to agree with her. Mina was awesome. That probably knocked him down a few pegs.

"Well, if any of our classmates have pro quirks it's Todoroki, Bakugo and Azuki," Kirishima said, smiling. Todoroki didn't respond because he was asleep. Bakugo perked up at the sound of his name but settled down, almost looking embarrassed. Azuki grabbed ahold of Bakugo's and Jiro's chairs.

"Thanks, Kirishima! But c'mon, your quirk is amazing!" Azuki shouted towards the red-head, grinning as she lifted herself up a bit. Bakugo looked at her, Jiro ignored her since she was on her phone. Kirishima grinned in response, rubbing the back of his head, somewhat flustered by her sudden compliment.

"Sure, but Bakugo's always angry, so he'll never be that popular," Tsu pointed out calmly but bluntly. Midoriya seemed completely shocked and a bit scared by her words. Azuki had to cover her mouth in surprise. Well, shit.

"What did you say?! I'll kick your ass!" Bakugo jumped up, anger surging in his veins. All his muscles tensed. Jiro, who was right next to him, looked very uncomfortable as he did so.


"Y'know, we basically just met you, so it's kinda telling that we already know your personality is flaming crap mixed with garbage," Kaminari mentioned to Bakugo with calmness as if he wasn't scared to die. Wow, he was braver than Azuki originally guessed. Brave... or really stupid. Maybe a little of both.

"You're gonna regret the day you applied to this school, you loser! I'll kill you!" Bakugo yelled out, ready to jump over the only obstacle in his path and kill Kaminari. Azuki, out of instinct, grabbed him, both arms holding his arms to his sides and her hands resting on his shoulders, as she held his back to her chest.

"Bakugo, calm down, don't listen to them. You and I both know you'll be an awesome hero, and a popular one," she whispered gently to him, smiling in a comforting way. She could feel the anger slowly leave his body, his muscles relaxing from under her hold. His face went from murderous to neutral.

"Tch, yeah, you're right," Bakugo sat back down, and she let go of him. She sat down with him, her elbow resting on the back of his seat as she rested her chin on her knuckles, gazing at him from under her cloak.

"You really shouldn't let people get to you so easily," Azuki advised, trying to help him out. He looked at her for a moment, appearing like he wanted to yell at her, but then didn't. He shrugged. "Bakugo, you get riled up quickly, getting angry can become unproductive and have the opposite effect to what you're trying to do. I'm not trying to demean you in any way, I'm just trying to give you some help. I know it may not be my business, but you are my friend. I just don't want to see anything happen to you because you do something while you're angry and not thinking clearly."

She placed her free hand on his shoulder, squeezing it in a comforting way, letting him know she's there for him. She is well aware that he probably doesn't want her help, but she wouldn't be a good friend if she didn't at least mention it. She wanted, more than anything, to see him be the best person he could be, and if he keeps getting angry and threatening to kill people, he's not going to accomplish that.

"Hey, hey! We're here! Stop messing around," Aizawa silenced the class.

"Yes, sir," those words were chorused by the class.

Azuki looked out the window, seeing, from above the trees, a huge glass dome. What could that be? Excitement bubbled inside of her. She had never seen herself rescuing people from natural disasters, but that didn't matter. It would be an excellent learning opportunity.


"Hello, everyone! I've been waiting for you!" 13, a pro-hero Azuki had seen on TV before, was waiting outside of the building for them as they exited off the bus. 13 was amazing, she couldn't believe that this hero would be their third mentor! This became even more awesome!

"It's the space herp, 13, the chivalrous pro who's rescued a tone of people from disasters across the world!" Midoriya gasped, not that he was the only one. Everyone was amazed that this pro hero was there to help them learn. Uraraka even let out a 'woo-hoo'. Tones of people were all talking at once, most out of admiration for the hero.

"I can't wait to show you what's inside!"

"This is going to be awesome!" Azuki felt the same as her class, this was going to be awesome.

Chapter Text

The class walked inside the spacious building. Azuki couldn't help but giggle in excitement as she saw what was around her. There so many areas, so many different kinds of disasters. There was something for everyone! She would be happy in any situation, she could pretty much make anything work.

"Holy crap, it looks like some kind of amusement park!" Kirishima muttered in awe, Azuki threw an arm around his shoulders, making him jump a little bit. She didn't mean to invade his personal space, she was just so stoked!

"Yeah, one I never want to leave!" She laughed, looking around in wonder. There was a bright grin on her face. Butterflies flew around in her stomach as she thought about what was to come. Maybe doing rescuing wouldn't be so bad! She always thought she would just fight villains, but this could be great too!

"A shipwreck, a landslide, a fire, a wind storm, etcetera," 13 lifted both of her arms as she looked upon the disaster zones, "I created this training facility to prepare you to deal with different types of disasters. I call it the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, but you can call it USJ!"

Wait, isn't that the acronym for Universal Studios Japan? Oh well, who cares? It sounds cool. Plus, it's already named and they're not going to change it. Azuki saw her classmates' faces, knowing they were probably thinking the same thing. 13 was kind of goofy, but Azuki liked that. It made her more real.

"Hey, shouldn't All Might be here already? Let me guess, he booked an interview instead?" Aizawa muttered distastefully. Azuki flinched at his tone, it was no secret that Aizawa didn't really like All Might because of how public he was, but come on. Even she knew that All Might wasn't like that, he wouldn't miss this because of some interview. He does care about his students.

"Actually, it's something else," 13 told him, before whispering something to him that couldn't be heard by anyone else. Azuki could probably guess what they were talking about. It didn't take a genius to figure out. Aizawa, from the looks of it, was still unimpressed.

"That man is the height of irresponsibility," Aizawa turned back to the students, "the clock's ticking, we should get started."

"Excellent! Before we begin, let me just say one thing, well maybe two things, possibly three, four or five or-"

"We get it," the class interrupted, annoyed. She was rambling.

"Listen carefully, I'm sure you're aware I have a powerful quirk, it's called Black Hole. I can use it to suck up anything and turn it into dust," 13 explained. Oh, right, Azuki had heard about it. It was an incredible quirk, but even she knew that 13 had to be careful with it or she could end up hurting someone.

"Yeah, you've used Black Hole to save people from all kinds of disasters before, haven't you?" Midoriya questioned in his usual curious and cheerful tone. He was always so soft. Azuki noticed Uraraka beside Midoriya, nodding her head as 13 had spoken. Man, that girl must really admire 13. Did Uraraka want to do rescuing in the future?

"That's true, but quirk could also be used very easily to kill," that statement caused a lot of shocked faces to poke out through the crowd, "some of you also have powers that can be dangerous. In our superhuman society, all quirks are certified and stringently regulated, so we often overlook how unsafe they can actually be. Please don't forget that if you lose focus or make the wrong move, your powers can be deadly, even if you're trying to do something virtuous like rescue someone. Thanks to Aizawa's fitness tests, you have a solid idea of your quirk's potential and because of All Might's combat training, you likely experienced how dangerous your powers can be when used against other people. Carry those lessons over to this class. Today you're going to learn how to use your quirks to save people's lives, you won't be using your powers to attack enemies or each other, only to help. After all, that's what being a hero is all about, ensuring the safety of others. That's all I have to say. Thank you for listening." 13 bowed as she finished her speech. 13 received a round of applause and cheers from the students. Azuki was clapping enthusiastically.

"Right, now that that's over," Aizawa pointed to the facility. Energy in the form of electricity ran across the lights on the room, turning them off. The water fountain started turning on and off, before a mass of purple and black swirled out of nowhere, growing large in a matter of seconds. Azuki stepped back, knowing this couldn't be good. Aizawa's eyes widened and he turned as the mass grew larger. The mass took shape into a being with large yellow eyes. From the swirling, came a hand, a pale hand and then a head was viewable.

"Stay together and don't move!" Aizawa instructed the class, "13! Protect the students!"

"Wh-what is that thing?" Kirishima questioned nervously, obviously unsure much like the rest of the class. Azuki's teeth ground together, her suspicions were confirmed when bodies came from the black and purple mass. Villains. A lot of them. "Wait, has the training started already? I thought we were rescuing people."

"Stay back!" Aizawa snapped as Midoriya stepped forward. They flinched at the sharpness of his tone. Aizawa put his goggles that usually sat around his neck on. "This is real. Those are villains." Shocked, the student s reacted with surprise, nervousness, even a bit of terror.

Azuki could tell the three most dangerous ones were the one with the hands all over his body, the giant, bird-like guy, and the one that warped them. Was Aizawa really planning to fight them alone?! He couldn't! He was a stealth hero that works best in one-on-one combat. He shouldn't take all those villains on alone.

"The only real heroes I see are 13 and Eraserhead. Perplexing, according to the schedule we retrieved from UA, All Might should be here as well," a deep voice droned in a blank tone. Since Azuki couldn't see anyone speaking, she figured it was the purple and black mass with the warping quirk. Wait, did that mean they were responsible for the defences at UA being destroyed and the press being let in? That means one of them has a quirk that allows them to turn things to dust, or something similar.

"So, you scumbags used the press as a cover and sneaked onto campus," Aizawa stated, watching intently as the villains surrounded the lower area. There looked to dozens, maybe more than a hundred. No matter how powerful 13 and Aizawa were, they couldn't take that many villains with just the two of them. The would need the students to help!

The guy with the hands all over his body and one covering his face looked to be talking by the weird gestures he was making with his arms, but Azuki couldn't really hear anything. Aizawa's scarf had lifted all on its own and his hair shot into the air, a sign that he activated his quirk. He couldn't be seriously thinking about doing this, he could get badly injured!

"What? Real villains? No way. How could so many of them get into a UA facility this secure?" Kirishima made a good point, maybe someone in there had a quirk that allowed them to mess with the alarms or signals. If they managed to do that, that means no one knew they were in trouble. Meaning they're all on their own. Damn, this was well thought out. These villains meant serious business.

"Yeah, 13, why aren't the alarms going off?" Momo questioned, her tone curious. Azuki could tell, even though she kept her voice level and her face calm, she was as terrified as the rest of them. They were all teenagers, ones who had never actually been in a real fight with a villain. Most real heroes don't ever have to be in a situation with so many bad guys.

"Good question, I'm not sure," 13's answer was surprising. She seemed just as bewildered as the rest of them. That was really comforting to hear at that moment. Azuki mentally sighed, knowing, even in her mind, she shouldn't be so snippy. It was just so frustrating to not know and for the adults not to know either. But, adults didn't know everything, despite what they try to make their kids believe.

"Is the entire campus under attack? Or is this their only target?" Todoroki asked emotionlessly but under that cold exterior, Azuki knew he was concerned. Man, she didn't even think about the campus, the staff and students at UA would fair better than they are at the USJ, considering how many pro heroes are there. But still, the villains could be quite the nuisance. "Either way, if the alarm sensors aren't being triggered, then one of these villains must have a quirk that is masking their presence here. They carefully chose this isolated facility as an entry point at a time when a class was being taught. They're fools for trespassing here but they thought this out, whatever their plan, they must have a concrete objective in mind but what is it?"

Well, damn, he was really intense. Is it bad that she kind of liked it? He was awesome. The way he analyzed the situation while staying completely still, no nervous melting into anything he did. It made her smile, he would be such a great hero one day. She didn't even know his quirk, but it didn't matter.

"13, get them out of here and alert the main campus! Actually, if they've got the ability to block our sensors, then they might be jamming our regular communications too. Kaminari, try using your quirk to contact the school," Aizawa instructed, his voice a bit rushed. He kept himself cool in front of his students, but Azuki knew better. He was worried, like everyone else. But he was a pro hero, he knew how to keep himself calm under pressure.

"Yes sir," Kaminari nodded, trying to use his quirk with the square-shaped earpiece over his ear with an antenna sticking out of it. What kind of quirk did Kaminari have? It left Azuki wondering. Hopefully, he would be able to get through to UA.

"What are you going to do? You can't fight them on your own, there's too many of them. Even if you can nullify their quirks, your fighting style is not suited for this. Your power works best in stealth and one-on-one fights. That's not gonna help with a group," Midoriya seemed so worried for his teacher, his eyes cast down. He made an excellent observation, and he was right on the mark.

"Midoriya's right," Azuki spoke up, coming closer to the front row, "we can help. I mean no disrespect, but we don't want you getting hurt more than you want us getting hurt." She wanted to help, she wanted to do something. She couldn't let him go down there alone. Especially when his life is at risk. She wouldn't let him give up his life for theirs!

"You can't be a pro if you only have one trick," Aizawa muttered to them, "and I will not let you put yourself in danger." Azuki knew she shouldn't disobey him, but damn did she want to. He needed back up. He can't keep them busy for long, no matter how powerful he is. But, she would listen, even if she knew it was wrong. A pang of guilt hit her right in the stomach, making her wince slightly. "I'll leave it to you, 13."

With those last words, he jumped off the top of the staircase where everyone stood, following the path of the stairs. He had his scarf in both of his hands. Azuki could see a few of the villains were waiting for him at the bottom. He nullified their quirks and had them wrapped up in his scarf before they even had a chance to blink. Then, he slammed all of them into one another, knocking them all out with a single attack.

Then there was a heteromorphic type of villain that went in to strike but Aizawa dodged his punches before landing a single one of his own, right to the face. Then, Aizawa had wrapped the villain in his scarf above the ground. Another villain tried to hit their teacher from behind, but their teacher dodged it and kicked him, knocking him into a group of more villains before pulling the villain wrapped in his scarf, so he landed on the ground behind him. Well, he was knocked out. He fought a couple more villains, he seemed to be doing well, but that didn't shake the horrible feeling in Azuki's gut.

The class made a run for the door, going to escape. Azuki didn't want to leave him, she wanted to help. Goddamn! She felt anger prickling all over her body, making her skin feel hot and itchy. She wanted to cry, she felt so frustrated. Aizawa may act like he couldn't give two fucks about his students but she knew how much they all meant to him. She hated leaving someone she cared about it!

That's when another warp gate opened up in front of them, the purple figure bursting out of it. 13 and the students stopped abruptly. Shit. This was not going to be good. Azuki moved towards the front, preparing to shield anyone from any attack he could make. She would not let anyone else get hurt, not while she was alive.

"There is no escape for you," the dark, shapeless figure told them. Azuki could tell he was pleased with stopping them. "It's a pleasure to meet you. We are the League of Villains. I know it's impolite, but we decided to invite ourselves into this haven of justice to say, 'hello', and besides, isn't this a fitting place for All Might, the symbol of peace, to take his last breath?" Oh no, this bastard didn't just threaten him. Azuki would be damned if that ever happened. So that's what these assholes were after.

Her eyes shifted to the other classmates. Izuku looked absolutely traumatized by this shapeless bastard's words. Oh, now that was just crossing the line. Threatening All Might was one thing, but making this pure little bean terrified was a WHOLE other thing. Now she kind of wanted to shred this villain apart.

"I believe he was supposed to be here today and yet, I see no sign of him. There must have been some sort of change in plans we could not have foreseen. Ah, well, in the end, I suppose it doesn't matter. I still have a role to play," as the asshole villain finished speaking, Bakugo and Kirishima launched themselves at him. Azuki's heart plummeted.

"Bakugo! Kirishima!" Her throat stung from yelling so loud, fear and worry overtaking her nerves. How could those two be so foolish! Fuck, now she had to stress about these two idiots getting hurt. No, no, no, no, NO! The two struck the villain with everything they had, Bakugo creating a loud explosion that covered the area in smoke. She looked around frantically, trying to see if everyone was alright.

"Did you think we were just going to stand around and let you tear this place to shreds?" She let out a shaky sigh, so glad to hear Kirishima's voice. She was ready to yell at those two fucking morons! That was so reckless! At the same time, she wanted to hug them. She thought her heart was going to stop.

The smoke cleared and the purple figure stood tall. "You live up to your school's reputation but you should be more careful, children. Otherwise, someone might get hurt." Well, fuck.

"You two! Get out of the way right now!" 13 yelled at Bakugo and Kirishima as she held out her finger, the top off of it. Was she going to use her quirk?

"I'll scatter you across this facility to meet my comrades and your death!" He shot black-purple rope-like strings out from his shapeless body, surrounding the class in his inky darkness. Azuki couldn't see anything. She ran out in front, creating a shield to try and block it, but it was no use. It was already around her, swallowing her. This blackness was so different from her shadows. It was silent, she couldn't even hear her friends.

She was sucked into the darkness. Everything was pitch black around her. A portal opened up from the other end and she fell out of it, she was in another zone. She looked to be in the middle of a street, but all around her, the buildings were in ruin. Some were standing, but just barely. Was she the only one in this zone? She couldn't be, there had to be others.

Wait- that giant purple asshole said they would meet his comrades. Did that mean there were villains in here? Oh, just fucking great. She had to find her friends while also fighting. Just fucking perfect. But, if she was warped here, does that mean others were warped in other parts? Oh my- would they be okay? Shit! God, now she was worried about her entire class. This was just fucking great. She hoped they would be okay.

She started walking, be cautious but also trying to find any remanence of her classmates that may have transported with her. It was eerily quiet, the only sound was the crunching of rubble beneath her feet. There was a horrible feeling in her gut. Something bad was going to happen, she couldn't explain why. She just had this feeling.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end, without thinking she jumped out of the way as a lightning bolt struck the spot where she had originally stood. Well, that was quick. She didn't expect them to show up so soon, but it didn't catch her off guard. When her foot hit the ground, a person, a villain, jumped out, his arm stretching out as if it was an elastic band, his fist going to hit her. She leaned back, avoiding the hit. Placing her palm on the ground, she twisted her body so she could stand behind the arm.

More villains came out of hiding. There were at least a dozen, maybe more. The unnaturally long arm rebounds back to the person responsible. The earth underneath her trembled, Azuki jumped again, watching as the earth tore into two. She landed beside the guy that could stretch his limbs and kicked him in the stomach. He doubled over and she kneed him in the face before elbowing his neck. He toppled over, unconscious.

"Tch, these are nothing but lower level thugs," she muttered to herself, wondering why they would be recruited. If their goal was to kill All Might, then why wouldn't they get more experienced villains? These guys could be stopped by students, they would get demolished by the symbol of peace himself.

Azuki decided to stop being on the defence. She shot forward, extending her arm. There was a group for four or five villains standing in a group. Sparks flew from her palm and when she got close enough, she blew them up. When the smoke dissolved, their bodies lay scattered across the ground.

Three shots of lightning were discharged horizontally towards her. Seeing the villain responsible, she knew who her next target was. Generating a shield, she was able to not get struck by the attack. When the lightning dissipated, she rushed forward, using one foot to launch her into the air as she swung the other, hitting the man in the face with as much force as she could manage.

He fell back from the intensity of her kick. She skidded on the ground, coming to a stop before racing towards another group. This time, she created a dark shadowy mass from her arm, stretching it out, and swiping it across the villains. They were violently shoved into the walls that surrounded them, slumping unconscious.

"What the hell is this girl?!" One of the villains shouted, panic in their voice. She ignored them, focusing on taking more down. How could they tell she was a girl? She had a cloak shielding her body and face, and she hadn't spoken loud enough for any of them to hear. Maybe they were guessing? Whatever, it wasn't really important.

"She's a monster!" Another yelled, the same panic in their voice.

"What even is her quirk?!"

These guys weren't all too bright, were they? Oh well, there wasn't that many left anyway. Gah! She jumped up just in time. Spikes shot up from the ground where she was standing. Phew! That was a close one. She landed on one of them without hurting herself. Well, it was official, they were trying to kill her. Huh, go figure.

She could feel her skin become more solid as she propelled herself towards two more villains. She punched one in the face, noticing he dropped to the ground after that one hit and drove her fist into the other guy's jaw with an uppercut. He, too, fell with nothing else. My, these guys weren't that sturdy.

As she turned, one villain was right there, ready to strike her. Their fist was glowing as if it was being powered up. When the fist came down upon her, Azuki moved her body to the side, landing a hard knee to the villain's stomach before punching them in the nose, hearing the sickening- but oddly satisfying- crack of their nose.

"They can't even land a single hit," Azuki was shaking her head, not being able to believe how much villains had deteriorated over the years. They should be able to hit her once. She was just a teenager, albeit a powerful one, but they were adult villains who had been in the game longer than she had! Come on! She should be glad, but she couldn't but feel a bit disappointed about this fact.

She scanned the area, seeing that more villains kept appearing. Ugh, this was getting irritating. She had to deal with them quickly. Pushing herself off of the ground, she rushed towards another one of the villains, palm opened to create an explosion. Except this villain grew wings, ones that looked much like the wings on a demon, red spikes with thin, black skin stretched between each of the bones.

Azuki, annoyed, hopped up into the air, using the explosions to propel her higher up. As she did, she swung her leg to hit him in the chest, knocking him back. Then, going even higher up, she raised her arms up, generating more explosions to shoot downwards. Her feet slammed into the villain's back, knocking them both to the ground, him hitting his face against the rough dirt, and her standing on top of him.

She kicked off of him, going for another villain. This villain, as Azuki was about to land a hit, created a shield made from ice. As her foot hit the shield, she did a flip and landed a few feet away, watching as the ice crumbled. The villain opened their palm, facing her, shooting icicles from their hand.

Azuki dodged them, moving closer with every dodge. To say this villain had horrible aim would be the understatement of the year. Feeling her hand harden, once she was close enough, she made a fist. The villain created another ice shield, but when Azuki hit it, it shattered like glass, and her fist continued until it made violent contact with the villain's face, knocking them out.

That's when she could feel something on her arm. Looking down, she noticed a beetle was her arm. Letting out a small gasp, she shook her arm, shaking it off. Gah! She hated bugs. Where the hell did that thing come from? That's when something caught her eye, something that wanted to make her shiver. There was a long trail of beetles coming from one of the other villains. Fuck! Why did his quirk have to be so GROOOOSSSSS?!

Aiming her hands lower, she created a large explosion to kill all the icky bugs. Once that was over and done with, Azuki ran at the villain with the bug quirk, kicking him, but her leg just went through him as his body collapsed into thousands of bugs. Shrieking, she jumped back in surprise. Fucking Christ. That is so fucking disgusting. Creating more explosions, she burned all of the bugs. Nope, no way. She wasn't fucking with any creepy crawlies today.

Shivers shot down her spine at the thought of all those bugs. She didn't spider or snakes, or any fucking reptile, but she absolutely hated beetles, flies and mosquitoes. Anything like that she hated. At least they were all dead now. Bleh.

Whatever. She can think about it later... well, more like it haunting her in her sleep. Right now she has more villains to deal with! While advancing on the enemy, she got blasted into the air by a gust of wind, crossing her arms into an X shape, she noticed two more villains ambushed her from behind. They both went to hit her, but she grabbed onto the arm on one and threw them into the other. They both went crashing to the ground, she followed in pursuit but landed squarely on the ground with no damage taken.

Shooting shadowy tentacles from her back, she captured three of the villains, wrapping them tightly with the solid shadows. Then she smacked them all into each other. Once, twice, three times before they all went limp and she dropped them. The tentacles retracted back into her. Finally, the number of villains were dwindled down. There were only about five villains left. It was hard to count when they kept moving and they all looked alike: big, mean, and wanting to kill her.

Three more villains charged. Azuki blocked the first punch, jumping up and sliding over that villain's back, the villain's arm in her grasp. She swung this guy over her shoulder, knocking him into the other two, all three of them getting back up within a few seconds. One of the villains' hands morphed into a blade, and he slashed his arm. Moving her upper body to dodge the blades, she moved back. He went to stab her in the face, but she moved her head just in time and grabbed his arm. She slammed her elbow into the spot right above his shoulder blade. She heard him gasp out in pain, and he doubled over, arm limp. She repeated the action with her elbow, this time on the back of his neck. Not having time to watch him collapse to the ground, she was immediately attacked by another villain.

He went to kick her in the face. She grabbed his foot and when he tried to take it back, her gripped tightened. Panic spread across his face. Tentacles came from her arm, wrapping around his leg. The tentacles gave her enough strength to start spinning him, lifting him from the ground, as he started shouting. Then, when she wound him up enough, she released him and he smacked into the third villain, they both fell, knocked out cold.

Feeling a bit proud of herself, she didn't even notice when a spike came right at her. Her heart stopped when it cut her arm, slicing open the long sleeved shirt she was wearing. Without thinking, she placed a hand on the open wound, feeling the blood soak through her fingers. Whipping around, she saw a female villain smirking as she started shooting more metallic spikes. Azuki, now fully paying attention, managed to dodge them. Irritated for letting her guard down, she jumped up, slamming an open palm against the villains face and bringing them both to the ground.

"You're going to regret that," the cloaked girl whispered lowly, anger bubbling under her skin. She created an explosion, not dangerous enough to kill the villain, but strong enough to crack the earth under her and knock the villain out. Taking her hand away from the villain's face, she saw the burns on the skin and immediately felt sick. How could she do that? How could she be like... them? How could she let her anger control her like that? Stumbling back, she covered her mouth, feeling her stomach knot itself uncomfortably.

No, not right now. One more villain. Just one more. "You're a nuisance," the villain, a male, grunted. Azuki took her hand away from her mouth, gritting her teeth. That's when a smile touched her face. She turned to look at the man, the villain, in front of her.

"Of course I am, I'm a hero," with those words, she darted over to him, winding up her leg and kicking with as much strength as she could. As soon as she did, the last villain flew and hit his back against a crumbling building. "I will always be a nuisance to people like you, as long as there are people like you."

Now, she should go find whoever else was in here with her. She wanted to get them before they got the hell out of there. Aizawa would probably need help, and now that they were stuck here, they could help him. Now, who could be here and where would they be-

An explosion went off that shattered whatever window was left on one of the top stories of an uncollapsed building. Well, that answered both her questions. Only Bakugo was capable of that. Thank god for him, he just made this a whole lot easier. Kirishima was near him when they were all sucked into those warp gates, does that mean he could be here too? Well, she figured she go and see.

"SAY GOODBYE!!" Bakugo screamed as he blew up a number of villains. They smacked into the wall of the old building, slumping to the ground. Near him, Kirishima was fighting with another villain that had a knife. Kirishima managed to knock the villain down. The two students were panting, having fought many villains and using their quirk quite a bit. "Think that's the last of these guys, bunch of weaklings."

"Alright, let's hurry and find the rest of our class. If we're both still in the USJ, then everyone else probably is too. And not all of them have the offensive skills we do, we gotta make sure they're safe. Especially since we screwed things up when we got in the way earlier. If 13 had been able to suck up that villain, then we'd never been separated like that. We have to make it up to the others!" Kirishima spoke passionately, guilt overwhelming his voice. He let his skin return to normal. He was worried about his friends, the last thing he wanted was them to get hurt and all because of them.

"You wanna track everyone down, have fun. But I'm gonna go destroy that warp-y bastard," Bakugo grit his teeth together, his eyes screaming murder. He so was going to kill that fucking villain. Nothing was going to stop him from that. Kirishima was obviously taken aback by his violent urges.

"Huh?! Our physical attacks didn't hurt that guy. C'mon, don't be an idiot, man," Kirishima tried to get Bakugo to see reason. Was this guy always thinking about destroying someone? Usually, it was just Deku that he wanted to kill, or anyone that annoyed him or insulted him. Well, he was always angry. The only time Kirishima had seen Bakugo relatively calm was when Azuki had calmed him down on the bus. Now that was a miracle.

"Shut up!" Bakugo shouted, "I'm gonna take him down because he's their way in and out. If I cut off their escape route, they'll be stuck here and have to pay for what they've done. We'll just have to figure it out!" Kirishima had to admit, that was actually kind of a good plan. Huh, maybe Bakugo wasn't all about murdering all the time after all. His solution was practical and made a lot of sense.

"Hope you've had fun chit-chatting, too bad you let your guard down-" the villain that was camouflaged and charged at them with a knife, but Bakugo grabbed his face, generating an explosion. The villain went limp, out cold by the brutal force of the blast.

"Anyway," Bakugo's voice was gruff, "if all these villains are small fries like these guys, then out classmates can handle them." The villain, even though he wasn't conscious, let out pained sounds as he head was lifted up. Bakugo was, at that moment, eerily calm. It was kind of freaking Kirishima out.

"That reaction time was insane!" Kirishima could feel himself grinning, "also, since when do you act so calm and rational? Usually, you're all like, "DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!"." It was so strange for him not to be yelling and threatening people. That's what he does most of the time, to everyone.

"I'm always calm and rational, you red-haired loser!" There was the normal Bakugo. All angry and looking like he was going to tear someone's head off. Kirishima figured it wouldn't take long. Huh, maybe he should ask Azuki how she managed to calm him down earlier, it might be helpful later one.

"Yeah, there you are!"

"Go find the others if you want to," he threw the villain he was holding to the ground.

"Wait, hold up, I think what you're really saying is that you believe in our classmates, and that's thinking like a man, Bakugo," Kirishima used his quirk to harden his arms, slamming them together as he made his point. He was showing off his sharp teeth as he grinned at the angry blond. Bakugo, however, did not look impressed whatsoever.

"That will have to wait," a female voice, filled with malice and pride spoke out. The stone under Bakugo's and Kirishima's feet broke away, crumbling and they were left falling. The floors underneath them were gone as well.

"Gah!" Kirishima let out a surprised noise, hardening his body to brace for the hard impact. Shit, how had they missed another villain?

"Bakugo! Kirishima!" A shadowy claw reached out and grabbed them, retracting back to the floor they were on before. The two boys recognized this voice as Azuki. Kirishima sighed in relief, thankful someone else had their back. As they made their way to their original spot, the floor underneath them looked like it was going back in time, forming a stable floor.

Azuki was standing near the doorway, a new female villain right behind her, lying unconscious. She was smiling, seeming to be relieved. "Well, I'm glad I got here in time. That would have been one nasty fall." She set the two softly on the ground in seated positions, the shadowy claw coming back to her and disappearing.

"Heh, yeah! Thanks a lot!" Kirishima jumped up, glad to see the cloaked girl. Wow, that was lucky! Bakugo got up too, his face neutral. Kirishima really couldn't tell what he was thinking. He didn't seem angry at her, he would have vocalized that. Maybe he was glad to see her but didn't want either of them to see it.

"No problem," Azuki's smile then vanished and the lower half of her face turned to stone, "now, exactly what were the two of you thinking, attacking that warping villain?! You two could have been badly hurt! It was reckless, irresponsible, and completely foolish!" She was moving closer to them, voice uneven and cracking. "Please, next time... think about what you do before you do it. The last thing I want is for the two of you to get hurt because of your impulses. Now, are the two of you okay?"

Kirishima had flinched at her harsh words but knew where she was coming from. He could hear the worry, the concern, how much she cared about them and their well being. He felt so bad, he knew they screwed up. Huh, they hardly knew each other but the way she acted around them, it was like they knew each other for years.

"We're fine," Bakugo grunted, "let's go." The blond brushed past the two, Kirishima running after him. Azuki stilled for a moment before joining them. Well, at least they're okay. Moving her hand to her cheek, she hastily wiped the tears away.


Dammit! All Might had shown up, but the bird guy, one with horrible strength, was a match for the symbol of peace. The villain with the warping gate had trapped All Might, claws dug deep in his flesh. Aizawa was no longer there, Azuki had feared the worse, but saw him, damaged and unconscious, but still alive, being carried by Mineta, Asui and Midoriya. Relief flooded her veins, her knees buckling but she held her ground.

But, as Midoriya ran towards forward to help All Might, the warp villain blocked his path, creating a gate. Bakugo charged, getting there just in time. He blasted the villain, knocking him away. Azuki sighed, comforted by the fact that Midoriya was okay.

"Get the hell outta my way, Deku!" The blond yelled at the poor green-haired boy. Bakugo grabbed onto the metallic collar around the warp villain, bringing himself and the villain to the ground.

Ice froze the ground, a trail leading to the big bird-like villain, freezing one half of his body. Azuki turned, seeing Todoroki. She grinned. "Todoroki!" She was glad to see him. So he had an ice quirk? That was so awesome! Wait- this was so not the time. Todoroki cast a glance at her for a moment, no emotion on his face, before returning his attention back to the real threat.

"One of your poorly trained thugs told me you're here because you think you can kill All Might," Todoroki stated blankly, his voice loud and clear. That much was obvious, but she appreciated him getting confirmation. He had a lot of confidence in All Might, as did the rest of the world, but she knew better. She had been studying him, just like the rest of the heroes.

Kirishima had launched himself at the villain with hands all over his bodies. Tch, she was getting tired of describing which villain was which. The guy with the hands was going to be 'Handjob', the bird one was 'Birdy Boy', and the warp gate was going to be 'Arrogant Prick'. Oh, this was not the time to be laughing, it would probably be worse than laughing during a funeral.

Anyway, Handjob dodged Kirishima's advance and the red-head backed off right after. "Damn, that was going to be cool!" Was that really what he was concerned about?

"Guess I found your body that time, ya smokey bastard," Bakugo was grinning like a madman.

"The symbol of peace will not be defeated by delinquents like you," Todoroki's voice was so chilly, it sent shivers down Azuki's spine. She wanted to warm that tone, to warm him. Everything about him was frigid, and she hated that.

Azuki went into battle as well, standing beside Bakugo and Todoroki, ready to defend her those on her side or attack anyone who dared to try and hurt her friends or mentor. Midoriya seemed worried, and for good reason, but if he still got injured by his quirk, whatever it might be, then she definitely needed to keep him safe.

"Kacchan... Everyone..." Midoriya's voice trailed off. He started to cry but wiped his eyes, putting on a brave face. He was ready to fight like the rest of them. They were all prepared to help All Might, to keep him safe, to keep him alive and well.

"Kurogiri, how could you let this brat get the best of you? You've gotten us into a real jam here," Handjob muttered lowly to Arrogant Prick, who she know knew as Kurogiri. Eh, she thought Arrogant Prick suited him better. Bakugo looked smug from that statement.

"You got careless, you dumb villain, it wasn't hard to figure you out. Only certain parts of you turn into that smoking warp gate. You used that mist to hide your actual body as a kind of distraction, thinking that made you safe. That's why we missed. But if you didn't have a body, you wouldn't be wearing this neck armour, right? You're not immune to physical attacks if they're well aimed," Bakugo deduced, still as smug as fuck. Azuki was amazed by how observant he was, but not surprised. There was a reason why he was in UA, besides his power.

Kurogiri tried to move, but when he did, Bakugo set off an explosion on his neck armour. "Don't move," he warned, leaning down closer, "You try anything funny and I'll blow your ass up so bad they'll be piecing you back together for weeks." Azuki wanted him to be bluffing but knew it was just wishful thinking. Bakugo would make good on any promise or threat he made. It was a little intimidating, but at least it made the villains not try anything.

"Oh, that doesn't sound very heroic," Kirishima was grinning as he spoke. He was right, it didn't, but at times like these, you had to play dirty. Azuki, probably in any other instance, would have hated how much he sounded like a villain but now, she actually didn't care too much. As long as he never tried that on their classmates.

"They escaped uninjured and captured my two strongest men. Kids these days really are amazing, they make the League of Villains look like amateurs. Can't have that. Nomu," shit, Handjob just called on Birdy Boy. The muscled villain moved through the warp gate so he was whole again, losing his frozen arm in the process. Nomu, Birdy Boy's real name, stood, also losing his frozen leg in the process. What the fuck was this thing?

"How is that thing still moving? He's all messed up!" Midoriya questioned, looking straight at the monster. Todoroki was shocked, frozen in place, mouth agape. Even frozen, with two of his limbs breaking off, he continued to move. That was a bit freaky.

"Stay back everybody," All Might raised his arm to the side, his voice rising in panic. The creature shattered the ice that was left on his body, muscle growing from the spots where his limbs were missing. No. He couldn't. Regeneration? His entire arm and leg grew back within seconds. "What is this? I thought you said his power was shock absorption?" Azuki looked at All Might, her stomach flipping. Two quirks?

"I didn't say that was his only quirk. He also has super regeneration. Nomu has been modified to take you on even at one hundred percent of your power. He's basically a highly efficient punching bag that hits back," Handjob explained, seeming to be a bit proud of himself. Modified? Does that mean that monster was once human? What exactly did they do to him? Wow, these villains were more messed up than she originally thought. "First we need to free our method of escape. Get him, Nomu." Bakugo!

As soon as Handjob stopped speaking, with speed like All Might's, the creature charged at Bakugo. Azuki's fingers sparked with energy as she created a large shield, stretching to protect Kirishima, Bakugo and herself. That's when she felt a gust of air, and suddenly, she wasn't standing where she had been moments ago. Her shield was gone and she was on her ass from the force of the blast. What the hell just happened? Fuck! Bakugo! Midoroya said something, but she could hear him. The only sound was a faint buzzing that gave her a headache.

"Kacchan!" Midoriya yelled frantically before realizing the blond was right behind him. "Kacchan? Wow, that's awesome! You dodged him!" No, he didn't. Azuki stood, realizing what happened. All Might saved the lot of them from being hurt by the creature and took the full blast of it. Stupid symbol of peace! He was going to get killed doing reckless shit like that!

"Shut up. No, I didn't, you damn nerd," Bakugo growled at Midoriya. Todoroki and Kirishima stood as well. It would have been nearly impossible for Bakugo to react that fast, no matter how good his reflexes are. The speed was incredible and could only be matched by All Might.

"Then how'd you get over here?" Kirishima asked, curious. It wasn't all that hard to put together but still, she shouldn't be rude.

"That would be All Might's doing," Azuki responded, her voice calm even though she spoke through gritted teeth. Goddammit! Her shield would have protected them! It could withstand the force of anything.

The smoke cleared near a stone wall, All Might standing there. "I thought that was obvious," Todoroki muttered, his voice holding some annoyance. Okay, so even though he said it in almost a condescending way, he was right. It was sort of obvious. All Might was coughing, his arms blocking his body.

"All Might!" Midoriya yelled out his name, distressed by his worrying and because of the predicament that All Might was in. This was not going as well as Azuki originally thought. Man, she hated villains, especially smart villains. They were the most dangerous ones.

"These are kids, and you didn't hold back?" All Might sounded angry, and he was no longer smiling. Azuki knew shit was about to go down. All Might always smiled, it was something that everyone loved about him. It melted people's fears and gave them hope. But now, he was furious.

"I didn't have much choice. He was threatening my companion. Besides, these kids are no angels. The plain looking one, he tried to kill me with a maxed out punch. What kind of hero does something like that?" Handjob was talking about Midoriya, given the look on the green-haired boy's face. That and Bakugo was looking at him blankly. Why was Midoriya considered plain-looking? He had green fucking hair. Sure he wasn't as noticeable as Mina or Shoji, but come on.

"Obviously one who wants to get the job done," Azuki whispered to herself, annoyed by this villain's blabbering. Why do villains have the need to monologue? No one really cares but them. Were villains just attention-seeking assholes? Actually, that sounded like a reasonable assumption.

"You think you can get away with being as violent as you want if say it's for the sake of others. Well, you know what All Might? That pisses me off. Why do people get to decide that some violent acts are heroic and others are villainous? Casting judgement to what's good and what's evil. You think you're the symbol of peace? Heh, you're just another government-sponsored instrument of violence, and violence always breeds more violence. I'll make sure the world understands that once you're dead," more rambling and monologuing from Handjob. Well, at least she knows this guy is batshit crazy. Villains are the ones starting fights, heroes make sure to stop them. Heroes are never really looking for a fight, they're looking to keep people safe. Was this guy fucking blind to see that?

"You're nothing but a lunatic. Criminals like you, you always make your actions sound noble but admit it, you're only doing this because you like it! Isn't that right?!" Azuki wasn't surprised by All Might's words, he wouldn't be deterred by the rantings of a crazy villain, she was sure he had seen enough of those with other villains he's faced. Nothing about these people were noble, they were scum, the worst of the worst, those who breed hatred and fear that corrupt every innocent life. And that's why the people had All Might and the other heroes, to make sure happiness and hope remained.

"We've got them outnumbered," Todoroki muttered to Azuki, Midoriya, Kirishima and Bakugo. Outnumbered, yes. Outmatched? It was hard to tell. Nomu seemed to have been designed just to kill All Might, so that makes him more dangerous than most of the others. She wasn't sure what kind of abilities Handjob had. Kurogiri had a warping quirk, so he was more or less useful in combat situations. And all the other villains weren't really fighting, considering that All Might and Aizawa took care of them.

"And Kacchan found the mist guy's weakness," Midoriya was right on that account. Were these four seriously thinking about engaging them in battle? Oh, stupid, stupid boys. Well, if she didn't want them to get killed, she figured she'd stick around to help them.

"These dudes may act really tough, but we can take them down now with All Might's help," Kirishima smirked, arms hardening, "hm, let's do this."

"Don't attack. Get out of here," All Might raised his arm, trying to signal them away. Azuki knew that All Might, even though he has weakened, could still take these guys. She believed in him. Plus, they would probably get in the way. He can't go all out if he knows they're there in the crosshairs.

"You would have been in trouble earlier if it weren't for me, remember? You need our help," if it were anyone else besides Todoroki saying those words, she would have thought they were bragging. Todoroki was just stating what he knew. Still, she had to nudge him in the arm. If All Might said to get out, then they should get out. He was the number one hero for a reason.

"I thank you for your assistance but this is different. It's going to be alright. Just sit back and watch a pro at work,"

"But you're too hurt. You're bleeding. And you're almost out of ti-" Midoriya cut himself off, not wanting to say something that would give away some important but secretive information. Azuki had an idea of what he was on about but opted to not say anything. She wouldn't spill anything since that would be an exposing something that is private. No one else seemed to notice that he was talking.

In response, All Might gave them a thumbs up. He faced the villains, ready to fight. Azuki knew he could do this, he could stop them. She would root for him every step of the way. He was the symbol of peace, the number one hero, the face of hope and justice. She had to believe, for what is there if she had no hope?

"Nomu. Kurogiri. Kill him. I'll deal with the children," Handjob instructed, his body relaxed. Nomu stood up, following his command. Oh great, they get to deal with the handy lunatic. Why does he have so many hands? Were they just for show? Did they have some kind of purpose? Whatever it was, it was an odd costume choice. "Let's clear this level and go home." Did he think this was a game?

Handjob ran toward the students, as they each got ready to fight. "Heads up, we're fighting after all." That's when a power filled the room, emanating from All Might that stopped everyone in their tracks. Midoriya even had to take a step back.

As soon as All Might charged, Nomu did as well, coming to stop the symbol of peace. Their fists collided with one another, stopping both of them. Gusts of air pushed everyone back, Handjob, the students, everyone. Azuki crossed her arms to form an X, shielding herself from the wind.

"Weren't you listening? One of his powers is shock-absorption," Handjob sounded annoyed as he chided All Might. Azuki smirked, already kind of knowing what All Might was planning. Nomu can't nullify All Might's strength, only absorb it. So, there's only so much absorption he can take. If the symbol of peace can keep pounding on him with everything he's got, he can beat the bird.

"Yeah? What about it?" All Might punched again, disinterested with what Handjob had to say. He and Nomu continued to match punches. Azuki could only watch, amazed, the speed being something a normal person would not be able to comprehend. The others were still being blown away by the force from the attacks. Azuki, the only one being able to stand upright, created a shield around them, so they wouldn't be blown away.

"Is he going to fight that brain guy head on?!" Midoriya yelled, trying to be heard over the deafening wind. His back was leaning against the shield. Bakugo was also leaning against the shield, unable to stand. Kirishima was having no more luck than them. Todoroki was a bit more balanced, but not much.

"Woah! They're so... fast!" Kirishima fell over as he spoke, falling against the shield.

"He said your quirk was only shock-absorption, not nullification. That means there's a limit to what you can take, right?!" All Might was speaking to Nomu, but the bird wasn't responding. He just kept matching each blow with the symbol of peace. All Might then began pushing Nomu away. "So, you were made to fight me, big guy. If you can really withstand me firing at one hundred percent of my power, then I'll have to go beyond that and force you to surrender!"

Shit. That was fucking awesome. Azuki could tell, even with the incredible speed they were moving at, that Nomu was slowing. All Might even managed to land some hits to his face. Every hit was targeted, it wasn't random.

One more punch sent Nomu flying backwards, ruining the ground underneath him. All Might jumped after him, They were fighting in the air, then on the ruined earth, and back to the air. Attacks came from both sides. That is until All Might had grabbed onto Nomu's arm while in the air, slamming him into the ground beneath them.

With such intense force, as Nomu bounced up from the ground, All Might landed a punch so powerful that it made chills run through Azuki's entire body, her hair standing on end. This punch shot Nomu through the air, up to the sky, breaking the roof of the USJ. An earthquake shook the ground violently.

"That was like the finishing move in a video game. He beat the shock-absorption right out of him! I've never seen that kind of brute strength," Kirishima analyzed in awe, looking right at the giant hole in the roof where the villain went flying out of. Azuki's cloak blew in the wind as she stared, mouth agape. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Wow...

"Imagine having power like that. He must have been punching that monster so fast he couldn't regenerate," Bakugo looked as astonished as the rest of them. Azuki could only imagine. Having that much power... It was pure luck that no villain had ever gotten a power like that naturally. If they did, they would all be in a hell of a lot of trouble.

"That was awesome!" Azuki exclaimed, laughing, her arm being thrown around Todoroki without even thinking. Todoroki stiffened underneath her touch, looking at her. She turned, smiling widely, teeth shining. For some odd reason, Todoroki felt more at ease with her than others and he let his shoulders relax.

"I really have gotten weaker. Back in my heyday, five hits would have been enough to knock that guy out. But today it took more than three hundred mighty blows," and yet, All Might continued to smile. His tone even sounded humorous. What it would have been like to see All Might in his youth. "You've been bested, villains. Surrender, we all want to get this over with quickly." He was now facing the two remaining villains.

Handjob started scratching at his neck. "What's wrong? Not attacking me? Didn't you say you were going to clear this level, earlier? Well come and get me, if you dare," All Might challenged the villains. Was the villain worried? He appeared to be.

"Man, this is... intense," Bakugo muttered, more to himself than anyone. He was intimidated. All Might could be like that, as kind as he was, he made villains fear for their safety. He was the embodiment of justice.

"As I expected. There's no reason for us to fight now, he'll handle this," Todoroki had complete faith in All Might, just like the others. He was sure of him, he knew that All Might could handle any enemy. He trusted the symbol of peace with everything he had.

"C'mon Midoriya, we should regroup with the other guys. The last thing we want to do is get taken hostage or get in his way," Kirishima told Midoriya, who appeared not to be paying attention. The green-haired boy looked worried for All Might, and Azuki knew why. He didn't want to leave his mentor, not now.

"What? Are you scared?" All Might was distracting them, buying time. Although, Handjob did look a little freaked out, so what he was saying was probably true. Well, Handjob just started scratching his neck again, this time with both of his hands.

"If only Nomu was here. He'd rush you right now. Pound you into the ground without giving it a second thought," Handjob was blubbering now, spouting nonsense out of anger. For some reason, he was acting a lot like a child throwing tantrum. He was like a spoiled brat who always got what he wanted.

"Tomura Shigaraki," Kurogiri tried to calm Handjob- Shigaraki, whatever- down, "please, do not fret. Look at him, he has definitely weakened. Nomu's attacks were successful. He's on his own. The children appear to be frozen in fear. And look! Our underlings are recovering. We likely still have a few minutes before their reinforcements arrive. If you and I work together, we can do this, we haven't missed our chance to kill All Might." When Kurogiri finished, Shigaraki stopped scratching his neck, his shoulders visibly relaxing. Fuck, what that warping bastard was saying was giving him hope. Goddamit, this was almost over.

"Yeah, you're right. This is it. We have no choice, we have to do it now. I mean, the big end boss is right here," Shigaraki's voice was raspy, breathy, strangled. Like he hadn't had a drop of water in years. It annoyed Azuki to no end. His voice irritated her, the way he held himself irritated her, every damn thing about him made her want to crush him. He had no reason to kill All Might, he wanted to do it just because he didn't like what he stood for.

Something caught the corner of her eye. Turning, she noticed that some of the smaller villains were starting to get up. Goddamit! "I think All Might can hold his own against those two main guys. Let's make sure these dudes don't hurt anybody else," Kirishima was looking towards Bakugo as he spoke, hardening his arms. He was ready to attack the lower-level guys and wanted the others to join him. Azuki was on board, but she should help All Might. Unlike the others, she had an idea of what was going on.

"Will you be joining us?" Todoroki asked Midoriya, who was concentrating solely on All Might. Azuki didn't know how much use the green-haired boy would be considering he injures himself when he uses his quirk. His mind wasn't even on the smaller enemies. All he could think of was his mentor.

Shigaraki charged at All Might. "Consider this revenge for what you did to Nomu!" He raised his hand, preparing to land some kind of attack on All Might. Azuki would have created a shield, but she was surrounded by thugs. If she took her attacks off of them, they would strike her down. Then, Kurogiri created a warp gate, also planning to attack along Shigaraki.

Before she could blink, Midoriya had launched himself at the two, making Azuki's heart stop. That speed- that power. Did he...? Could it really be...? Oh my god. That fucking reckless idiot! He was supposed to be smart! He could get killed!


"Woah, Midoriya!" Kirishima exclaimed as a ring of smoke was left from the spot he had been standing. The four remaining students looked in awe as Midoriya went to attack. Azuki could see his legs flapping in the wind, he had no control over them. Were they...? She wanted to vomit. Did they break when he used his ability?

"Don't you touch All Might! You stupid villains!" Midoriya shouted, passion overrun in his voice. Azuki could feel her entire body freeze as she saw Shigaraki put his hand through the warp gate and it came out right in front of Midoriya's face. All the blood drained from her body.

Shigaraki was laughing manically, that is until a gunshot rang throughout the building and a bullet lodged itself in his hand. Reinforcements! Midoriya fell to the ground and Azuki's feet moved on their own, coming towards his body. The others looked towards where the shot came from.

"They're here," All Might muttered, relief evident in his voice. More shots went off. That had to be Snipe, a teacher at UA! He was the only one Azuki could think of that used guns. Oh man, was she glad to see them.

"Sorry everyone, I know we're a bit late but I got the teachers over here as fast as I could," that was Principal Nezu! He was with many of the teachers from UA. Oh, these villains were totally done for now. No way they would win and kill All Might! Their plans were foiled!

"Your class rep has returned! I fulfilled my duty! And I bring reinforcements!" Iida yelled, standing beside some of the teachers. Wait, he had left? He must have escaped Kurogiri's original attack to separate the class and kill them individually. Well, Azuki certainly glad he was here and with the others.

The villains, the thugs, started attacking the group of pro-heroes. Present Mic stepped forward, taking in a deep breath before screaming. Azuki covered her ears, remembering he had a quirk that allowed him to raise his voice to extremely high levels. It was cool but she really didn't want to become deaf so early in life.

Most of the villains were almost immediately knocked out from the large blast. Even though it wasn't targeting Azuki and the others, it was still loud to them. For those who managed to continue standing, Ectoplasm opened his mouth and released this gas-like substance that created multiple clones of himself. These clones took down many of the villains.

Nezu said something to the pro-heroes, but Azuki wasn't able to hear. But, the heroes started descending down the stairs and shit happened. Explosions that weren't caused by Bakugo went off.

"Ah man, the pros are here. It's game over for real. Let's go home and try this when get-" Shigaraki started talking to Kurogiri before he was shot once in the shoulder and once in the leg. Damn, Snipe was not finished with this asshole. He was shot more but Kurogiri shielded him. That's when Kurogiri started getting sucked up by 13 when he tried warping both of them away.

"This is... Black Hole!" There was panic in Kurogiri's voice as he was being sucked up. Served him right, the arrogant prick. Shigaraki was halfway inside the warp gate at this point.

"I may have failed to kill you this time, but your days are numbered. All Might, symbol of peace, I am going to kill you!" Shigaraki declared before being sucked into the warp gate. Both Kurogiri and him disappeared in a swirl of black and purple smoke. 13 stopped her quirk.

Midoriya was struggling to get up. "You idiot," Azuki sighed, kneeling beside him, "you could have been killed." She petted his hair, sitting down. Midoriya hadn't even noticed her yet, he was in his own thoughts.

"I couldn't do it, I wasn't able to help you," Midoriya's voice was devastating, he was so disappointed in himself. Azuki had to frown, he shouldn't be so hard on himself. He tried to save All Might. He was only a student, that's the best he could have done.

"That's absolutely not true," All Might spoke with such affection and calmness that even Azuki was surprised. When she looked up at him, he hadn't noticed her either. The two were so focused on each other that she became invisible. Not that she cared all that much, they were having a moment. However, it freaked her out when she saw that half of him had- like- melted off?? Half was All Might and the other half wasn't All Might??

"You bought me a few vital seconds. If not for that, I'd be dead right now. Young Midoriya, you've saved me once again," All Might proudly told Izuku. Once again?? They knew each other prior to the school year? Actually, that makes sense.

"Thank you, All Might," now Midoriya was crying. Wow, they really hadn't noticed her yet. This was going to be so awkward when they do. This seemed like a really private conversation and she felt bad for intruding. "I'm just... so glad that you're okay."

"Midoriya, hey!" Kirishima was running over to Midoriya. Azuki's heart dropped, he really couldn't see the state All Might was in. What could she do?! She couldn't just create a shield, that would make him suspicious.

"Sorry, I can't get up," Midoriya was calmer now as if his legs weren't broken. Goddamn, did this boy feel pain? That should be excruciating. Azuki was impressed, he could withstand a lot.

"What?! Are you okay?!"

Both Midoriya and All Might had the realization that Kirishima would learn All Might's secret if he came any closer. Azuki pinched the bridge of her nose, not being able to believe it took that long. She realized sooner and she was hardly even aware of their secret. She sighed mentally.

"Kirishima, wait!" Midoriya tried to stop him. The red-head looked surprised but kept going. That's when a wall of earth shot up from the ground, stopping Kirishima in his tracks. Azuki sighed in relief.

"For your safety, please stay back young man," Cementoss told Kirishima, wanting to keep him at bay. So, the teachers at UA were also aware of All Might's secret. Who else knew? Did anyone else know? "Join your classmates at the front gate. Leave the injured to us, we can take care of them."

"Oh, gotcha! I'm on it!" Ah, Kirishima, so energetic and lively. Nothing can deter him. Azuki liked that about him. He was a little ball of sunshine, that boy. All Might and Midoriya both let out sighs when they heard him running off. Well, shit, All Might was now a totally different person. He looked like a walking skeleton with blond hair. That must have been his true form, no wonder nobody really knows much about him.

"Thanks for that," All Might said to Cementoss as he sat down, exhausted. That fight must have taken a lot out of him. He really had gotten weaker, if this was his natural state then this what he reverted back to when he used too much of his power. What- or who- caused this? "You saved my butt, Cementoss."

"My pleasure, I'm actually a big fan of yours," Cementoss smiled, "we should sneak you out of here and get you both to the nurse's office. Seriously, All Might, that could have been really bad." Yeah, All Might could've died. He put on such a strong show for the world, but he was growing weak, hardly being able to keep up with villains. Did he have a limit on how long he could stay in that form? He had fought that morning, did that make him weaker?

"I had to act recklessly or else I'd be dead now. Just goes to show how strong those villains were,"

"Is that student okay with carrying the injured one?" Cementoss was the one to finally notice Azuki. All Might and Midoriya's gazes immediately snapped towards her. Huh, they really had no idea she was there... A look of panic spread on their faces.

"Gah! You're not supposed to see this!" Midoriya cried out. All Might, horrified, hid his face in his hands. Azuki scratched the back of her neck, feeling bad for intruding.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to! But... it's not like I was totally oblivious. This makes a lot of sense actually," Azuki gestured to All Might and his body. After studying heroes for so long, she got good at finding strange things in their behaviour. Even from a young age.

"How so?" All Might was more curious now than panicked. Azuki's shoulders relaxed at the sudden change in demeanour. Well, at least she wasn't being yelled at for being there. She didn't really like being yelled at.

"Uh, well, no one ever really sees you outside of when you're doing heroic deeds or when you're in interviews. It's odd, considering how popular you are. This change in appearance keeps you in the dark from the media. I've also noticed that you've gotten progressively weaker over the years. There was a dramatic decrease in your speed and strength almost six years ago, which is roughly when you had that fight with Toxic Chainsaw. But, I seriously doubt he was the one who did that to you," Azuki explained, "there are some other things I know about you and your quirk, but because I don't know who knows it and who doesn't, I'll speak to you in private about it if you want."

She could feel the heat on her face. She almost sounded like a stalker. She looked away from the stares coming from the three, placing a cool hand on her cheek to try and stop it from burning. That didn't work.

"Of course," All Might nodded, shock in his voice. He was trying to remain neutral but after that load of information dumped on him, it was hard. Azuki hugged herself as she stood briskly, the bottom of her face completely blank.

"We should go, we don't want to keep the others waiting," Azuki swallowed the lump in her throat as she scooped up Midoriya in her arms, carrying him bridal style. He honestly didn't weigh all that much, so it wasn't a strain on her. "I hope you don't mind this."

Azuki was smiling down at Midoriya. He was still watching her with wide eyes as he spoke, "uh... no, I, uh, don't."

The four of them snuck out from the building, being careful not to be seen.

Chapter Text

Azuki had taken Midoriya outside where he should have gotten treated. She wandered over to the front of the USJ, her ears picking up the sounds of sirens. As she got closer, she saw many cop cars outside of the building. The thugs that the students had beaten up were being taken into custody. Thank god. The two powerful ones might have gotten away, but not the others.

The rest of the class was standing in front of what appeared to be a detective, sheets of paper in his hands. Azuki couldn't hear him from where she was, but she could guess that he was making sure all the students were there. By the time she got to her classmates, the man had finished talking.

"Hey," she said to Ojiro and Hagakure, "is everyone out of the USJ?" She didn't do a headcount, it looked like everyone, but she figured she ask to make sure. She tilted her head as she awaited an answer.

"Yeah," Ojiro smiled at her, "everyone managed to get out. Thankfully, no one was injured except Midoriya and Aizawa." Well, that was a relief. She let out the breath she didn't know she was holding, all the worry and guilt pressing down on her chest, suffocating her, being released. It was like the weight of the world being lifted off her shoulders.

"So, where did you end up, Azuki?" Hagakure asked, in a bubbly and curious tone. Azuki looked to where the voice came from but found it a bit disconcerting considering she couldn't see the invisible girl. Azuki was trying to settle her eyes on the girl's face but wasn't sure where it was. So, she just smiled, hoping that the fact that she wore a cloak would cover up her confusion.

"I ended up in the Ruin's zone with Kirishima and Bakugo. Man, those guys they sent after us really wanted us dead," Azuki laughed slightly, scratching the back of her head. It was stupid to make a joke out of it but it was actually kind of funny. They sent a bunch of thugs after a group of high school students, separated, and managed to not injure a single one. How much did they fuck up?

"Neat! I was in the Landslide zone! Todoroki was there! He was so strong! He's amazing!" Hagakure was just full of enthusiasm. Azuki thought that her bubbliness was a breath of fresh air. She always sounded so excited, like everything was new and amazing and she couldn't wait to face the world. "He froze all the bad guys, but he melted his ice so he wouldn't kill them."

"Melted?" Azuki wasn't sure what she meant. Todoroki had an ice quirk, did he not? Maybe he could shatter his ice but not melt it. What was Hagakure talking about?

"Oh, yeah! You probably don't know! Todoroki has a quirk that allows him to use half of his body to create ice and the other half to use fire. It's awesome!" Hagakure explained, still lively. Azuki was a bit surprised, half fire and half ice? That's super cool! Now she was curious, could he use both sides at the same time? Was one more powerful than the other?

"That's incredible..." Her voice trailed off, awe in her tone. She wasn't sure what else she could say, her mind just went blank. That's when she noticed Todoroki from the corner of her eye. "Excuse me." Azuki walked away from the two, and immediately, Hagakure started loudly talking to Ojiro.

"Hey," Azuki placed a hand on Todoroki's arm, grabbing his attention. He flinched away at her touch, and she instantly retracted her hand away. "I heard what you did. Your quirk is really cool." She was trying to be friendly, he was wound up tighter than a clock, she just wanted him to relax.

"Thanks," his voice was quiet, and he couldn't meet her eye, "to be honest, I didn't even know she was there. I could have hurt her." He was referring to Hagakure, she knew that. Azuki couldn't blame him, she was invisible. It would be hard to spot her, especially if she wasn't wearing her gloves.

"Well, you didn't. That's what counts, isn't it?" Azuki offered, trying to lighten the mood and be supportive. She had a lopsided grin stretched across her face. Todoroki looked away from her, face as blank as a sheet. Well, that wasn't the reaction she was hoping for. He was a tough nut to crack, that was for sure.

"I guess," he shrugged, no real sincerity in his voice as if he didn't believe what he was saying. Azuki frowned for a moment before hiding it with a smile she didn't believe was very convincing but he didn't notice. No matter, eventually she'd find a way to get him to crack.

"Did you miss my bright sparkle?" Aoyama came up to Azuki as Todoroki turned away from her and walked off. Azuki jumped a bit at his voice, not even hearing him come up to her. She was glad her cloak was covering her face, his armour was really bright to look at. Was he sparkling? That was... weird.

It was safe to say she really didn't even notice him, but that wasn't really nice, so she figured she'd just lie and buy into his ego, "of course. How did you manage against the thugs? You don't seem to be injured."

Azuki looked him over, but there wasn't a scratch on that annoyingly shiny armour. How did he keep it so polished? Aoyama beamed proudly, hands on his hips. It looked as if he was striking a pose.

"Oui! I was unstoppable! Those foolish villains cowered under the power of my quirk!" Aoyama struck another pose, his hand coming close to his face. Azuki giggled a bit, his gloved hand muffling the small laughs escaping from her lips. Aoyama... well, he sure was different. Still, there was something about him. She didn't really believe anything he had to say.

"Let's go ahead and get these students to the main campus. They've been through a lot, we don't need to question them right away," one man, a detective, was talking to one of the police officers near where Asui was. Azuki, wanting to talk to him, was in front of him in a flash, along with Asui.

"Detective," Asui spoke first, "what about Mr. Aizawa?" Well, that was one less question Azuki had to ask. The detective took out a cellphone and called someone, putting the call on speaker.

"The bones in his arms are splintered and he's got facial fracturing. Fortunately, there doesn't seem to be any serious brain damage. But, his orbital floor has been almost completely destroyed. We have no way of knowing if his eyesight will be impaired once he's healed up," The voice on the other side of the phone explained to the students and Azuki feared for the worst. She was thankful that there was no serious brain injury, but his eyes were apart of his quirk. Would he still be able to use his quirk? Would he still be able to be a hero?

"Well, you heard the man," despite him remaining calm, even the detective looked upset. As Azuki looked around at her classmates, their reactions to the news were ones that she wasn't surprised about. Sadness, fear, worry, even anger. Mineta was even crying.


"Not his eyes," Mineta murmured, close to sobbing.

"Uh, Sir, what about 13?" Mina, who was behind the detective with Momo and Jiro. Had something happened to her? Was 13 injured? Oh god, she thought that Midoriya, Aizawa and All Might were injured. But, no other students were injured so that must mean that the four of them were the only ones.

"There's no need to worry there, despite some pretty bad lacerations to the back, 13 is going to pull through, good as new," the detective eased their concerns. Azuki and the others sighed in relief, glad to know that everyone was going to be okay. "And All Might is also without any serious injuries. He's in the nurse's office right now. Recovery Girl's powers should be all the treatment he needs."

Azuki knew that was more or less a lie. Sure, the injuries he received in the fight against Nomu weren't serious, but his other injuries, the one that is limiting his abilities, are very severe. But, very few people knew about that. If the detective knew was a mystery that Azuki honestly didn't care to find out. It wasn't her place.

"What about Deku?!" Uraraka shouted, worry lacing her voice. Her big brown eyes were wide as she awaited whatever news the detective could give her.

"How's Midoriya?" Iida, too, was worried. Azuki was too, don't misjudge her, but she had already seen Izuku. Although he was hurt, he wasn't in horrible shape.

"Midory-?" It took a second for the name to process through the detective's mind. "Ah, Recovery Girl's taking care of him too. He's fine."

"Oh, thank goodness," Uraraka let out a breath of relief.

"Now, let's get you back to class,"

"Okay!" The class all stated together before walking towards the bus to go back to school. Azuki waited where she was, wishing to speak with the detective alone.

"Sansa, I still have some business in the nurse's office. I'll leave this to you, 'kay?" The detective turned to a cop who had the form of a cat but was as tall as a man. Azuki smiled at the cop without realizing it. She loved cats.

"Yessir!" The cat-cop saluted.

Kirishima yelled to Bakugo but Azuki wasn't listening. Instead, she walked up to the detective before he left. Kirishima and Bakugo must have noticed she wasn't joining the class because Bakugo called out to her. "Hey, Mystery Cloak! You comin' or what?"

"I'll join you guys in a second," Azuki smiled at the blond before turning back to the detective. The two shrugged and left, joining the other students. "Detective?"

She finally grabbed the man's attention as she greeted him. "You're Kudoka, right? What can I do for you?"

Azuki smiled warmly at the man before replying, "call me Azuki, please. I was just wondering if Mr. Aizawa will be transferred to a hospital by the end of the day, and if so, which one. I would like to... show him my gratitude. He put his life on the line for us and I would very much like to show him how much that means to me."

The detective blinked, obviously taken aback by her words. "I believe he will. He's going to be transferred to the Musutafu General Hospital in a little while. Although, he will be pretty heavily sedated, so there won't be much time to show him your gratitude."

"That may be so, Detective, but I would still like to see him. Thank you for the information. Have a good day," Azuki swiftly left after finishing speaking, leaving the detective to just follow her form. He blinked a few more times before shaking his head and leaving.


Azuki's heels clicked against the spotless white tiles of the hospital as she neared the reception desk. She knew she probably looked a little menacing in the dark cloak, her face shadowed over. It wasn't surprising to see people looking away as she walked by them. They probably hoped she wouldn't cause trouble, that she wasn't some villain. Some days, she hated the cloak she wore but still, she never wanted to take it off.

"Can I help you?" The receptionist at the front asked as Azuki's hands settled on the smooth wooden surface. Despite the way Azuki appeared, the woman at the desk stayed calm and unnerved, professional to a T. But, the cloaked girl noticed how the woman was inching her hand toward the phone at any sudden movements.

Azuki smiled as reassuringly as she could, managing to stay chipper. "Yes! I'm looking for Shota Aizawa's room. I'm a student of his from UA and I was told he was here. I brought him some flowers." Azuki reached into her cloak, seeing out of the corner of her eyes, the receptionist grabbing the phone so tightly her knuckles were white.

Azuki then took out a bouquet of peonies, different shades of blues and pink, the petals still full and vibrant. A gentle waft of their smell came towards the cloaked girl, making her smile serenely. The receptionist relaxed a bit, loosening her hold on the phone but didn't take her hand away.

"I'm sorry," the receptionist went back to being professional, "but only his family is allowed in there." Azuki's shoulders slumped.

"Please?" She urged, her voice sweetening as much as she could, "I promise I won't stay long. I just want to drop off the flowers and say my thank you. He's in this hospital in the first place because he saved my life and the lives of my friends."

The woman squirmed. Azuki put her in an awkward situation and she didn't like it, but she knew it would probably work.

"Fine," the woman sighed with a nod, "he's in room 117. Ten minutes. No more."

Azuki's smile was like the sun. "Thank you so much!"

She dashed off down the hall, looking around for the right room number. She was careful not to run into patients or staff. The halls were pristine but a bit cluttered so it was hard to keep the pace and avoid everything, but she managed to do it. It was a shame she was carrying flowers or she could have shadow-travelled, but since that mode of transportation tended to destroy things, it was best not to do it.

114, 115, 116... Aha! 117! Azuki stared at the closed door for a second, sucking in a breath before letting her knuckles softly hit the door. She waited for a moment, her heart racing. It felt like hours had gone by as she listened for some kind response.

Then she remembered what the detective had told her. He was probably sedated so he wouldn't be conscious. Damn, sometimes she was so stupid. Tentatively, she opened the door and peeked her head in. Aizawa, his head wrapped in bandages, slept quietly under the white blanket. What was odd was Present Mic, in civilian clothing with his long hair tied in a bun, was asleep beside him, sitting in a chair with his head on the bed.

Azuki smiled at the sight. Wandering inside the room, she placed the flowers on the bedside table, noticing how the colours contrasted greatly against the plain white of the hospital room. There was a little card inside the flowers, she didn't sign her name. All she put was 'Thank you' and 'Get well soon'.

"Who are you?" Her whole body froze as the voice asked from behind her. It was Present Mic, that much she could tell. "Wait- I know you. You're the new student in Shota- Mr. Aizawa's class."

Azuki came face to face with him. He was rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Stepping closer, Azuki started fidgeting with her fingers from under her cloak, hiding her nervousness from the man. That's when she noticed a golden glimmer come from the neck of the loud hero. Ah, now it made sense.

"Yes, sorry to barge in. I didn't think anyone would be here. I'm Azuki Kudoka. I just stopped by to drop off some flowers for Mr. Aizawa," Azuki apologized meekly, not making eye contact with Present Mic. Shifting her weight, she let her gaze wander around the room. She couldn't look him in the eye.

"It's not a problem," the blond hero chuckled, "I'm glad you care for him." With those words, Azuki finally looked at him. Present Mic was smiling softly, his eyes matched the way he smiled. The man was tracing his fingers on Aizawa's hand, probably without even realizing it.

"How long have the two of you been married?" She blurted out before she could stop herself. She slapped a hand over her mouth. "Damn... I'm... I'm sorry, that's none of my business."

Well, that did not go as planned. Her and her big mouth, god she was so stupid. She didn't even think before speaking! Her face was hot, and she wanted to just leave. Why was she still here? She should have left already.

"It's not a big deal," Present Mic laughed slightly, one of his hands twisting the golden ring around his neck on a thin silver chain. The smile he had as he stared at the gold band was one of awe and amazement. The ring was a symbol of love. Azuki smiled, loving the way that Present Mic felt about Aizawa and just how important that ring was to him. "We've been married for about four years now."

"And you didn't want anyone to know?" It still wasn't any of her business, but the curiosity ate away at her. Tilting her head, she sat in one of the uncomfortable chairs in the room, right across from the blond hero. Why wouldn't they want anyone to know?

"We thought it was for the best. Villains could use it to their advantage..." Present Mic trailed off and Azuki knew there was something else. Surely they weren't worried people would be unsupportive? Sure not everyone accepted gay people yet, despite this being the 21st century. Although, it could influence their jobs quite a bit.

"I understand," Azuki nodded, "I won't mention this to anyone." Relief washed over his face. She hated that he and Aizawa had to hide their relationship, how they feel about each other... to everyone. Present Mic must have been so worried to see his husband unconscious, bleeding, not moving and not being able to be over emotional or overly concerned. He couldn't run to his side to make sure he was alright.

There was a moment of silence. Neither of them spoke, nothing had to be said. Azuki realized it must have been nice to finally tell someone. After keeping this huge secret from everyone, it was probably a heavy burden to bear. She could see it on his face, he wanted to shout it to the world, to let everyone know that they were in love. One day... one day they would be able to tell the world.

"How long do you think he'll have to stay here?" Azuki finally asked, studying the face of the sleeping man. She couldn't see it, bandages covered everything. How bad was the damage that they had to wrap his whole face? She hoped he would still be able to see.

"I'm not sure," the words came out in a disappointing sigh. He brought the bandaged hand to his lips and kissed his hand. Azuki's nails dug into the fabric of her pants. This shouldn't have happened to them. It wasn't fair. Why couldn't it have just been her? He had someone, he had a husband who loved him, he had a job where he was praised. She... she should be on this bed.

"Are you alright?" Finally looking up at Present Mic, she was confused by his question. "You're crying."

She touched her cheek. He was right. She didn't even realize notice she started crying. Wow, she was a walking disaster. She let out a strangled, bitter laugh.

"I'm fine," she tried to tell herself, tried to convince herself it was the truth. She wiped her tears, feeling foolish. She hardly knew her teacher and yet she was more guilty about it than his husband was. What the hell was wrong with her? He was alive.

"Are you sure? You don't-"

"Hizashi?" A voice came from the mess of bandages, the voice dry but pleading. Aizawa's hand shot out, only to be grabbed by Present Mic. The man tried to sit up but both Present Mic and Azuki pushed him back down.

"Shota," Hizashi's laugh bubbled from his chest as he grinned wider than Azuki had ever seen. "Rest, love. Rest."

"Where am I?" Aizawa questioned, looking around but stayed relatively calm. His voice still sounded dry and cracked, as if he hadn't had anything to drink in days. It was a good sign he was up and talking.

"Musutafu General Hospital," Azuki answered softly, wanting to reach out and hug her teacher out of relief but decided against it. He hardly knew her, he was injured, it would be awkward. It was best not to do it.

Aizawa let out a groan, tilting his head so he could look at her as if his face wasn't covered. "Azuki? What are you doing here?"

"I came to visit," her voice was just above a whisper, a sad smile crossing her face, "I figured it was the least I could do." Her heart hurt so much from seeing him like this, battered and in pain. Heroes shouldn't look broken.

"Is everyone all right?" Aizawa mumbled, "no one else is hurt?" He sounded worried about the other students. Even after having his head bashed in by Nomu, he still was more concerned about his students.

"Everyone's fine," Azuki reassured, trying to make her voice sound soothing and calming, "mostly just bruises and scratches. Midoriya did hurt himself, using his quirk again, but he was the only one. All Might and 13 are alright too." A bitter chuckle left her lips. He and Midoriya probably had some of the more serious injuries.

"Good," Aizawa sounded almost... pleased. Happy, even. It was odd like she could hear the smile in his voice. Aizawa didn't smile... did he? That was such a weird thing to picture, Aizawa smiling.

"Are you in pain?" Present Mic asked, his voice laced with concern.

"I'll admit, I've seen better days," Aizawa grumbled, "but really, 'Ashi, I'm fine." His words were starting to slur a little bit.

"You should get some rest," Present Mic urged, gentleness coating his tongue as he spoke. It was just above a whisper as if he was trying to soothe him back to sleep.

Despite his face being wrapped in bandages, Azuki could practically see the dark-haired teacher smiling contently. He must have been exhausted, having to use his quirk so much and having his head bashed in. Not to mention the surgery they probably had to do and the medication that was just wearing off. He pushed his body past the limits today.

"He's right, Mr. Aizawa," Azuki cooed, her hand resting on his bandaged arm. Her thumb brushed the skin, trying to be comforting. "You need to rest if you're going to get better soon."

Aizawa hummed softly, wordlessly agreeing. His body was starting to go limp. Azuki removed her hand, hiding her limbs under the cloth of her cloak. She probably looked a bit like death. Covered head to toe in a black cloak, her head shrouded, sitting near a patient in a hospital.

"I should go," Azuki muttered, standing up. She moved the chair she was sitting on to the wall. There was no reason to stay further. She did what she came to do. It would be weird if she stayed, despite the desire to stay. She said she would only be ten minutes.

"You don't have to," Present Mic offered, smiling in a polite way. Azuki returned the smile. It was nice of him to offer but he was Aizawa's family. Not her. She had no right to be here. She didn't deserve it. She didn't even help him. If she did, if she disobeyed him and helped, he wouldn't be lying there.

"It's getting late," her lips pursed. That was such a lame excuse.

Present Mic nodded, sadness spread across his face. "Of course."

"Before I go," oh god, she was going to regret the next words that left her lips. She loomed over Aizawa's body. "Aizawa, please remember that we care about you. I- we- appreciate you putting your life on the line to protect us but remember one thing, we don't want to see you get hurt any more than you want to see us get hurt. Despite being students, many of us can handle ourselves, more or less. Let us help you. I beg of you, let us help you if this ever happens again. You don't deserve to be on this bed, and I never want to see it again. I hope you get better soon."

Without another word, her daunting frame was out of the room, the only thing heard before she shut the door was the clicking of her heels against the tile floor. When out in the hallway, water dripped to the floor. She touched her cheek again, wiping the tears. Then, her body melted into the shadows.

It was time to go home.