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The Gamble

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Lucifer rolled off of Lynne, panting heavily as they came down from their high. She curled into him as she rolled over and kissed his neck. "You never cease to amaze me, Lucifer 'each orgasm is somehow better than the last, defying all laws of physics' Morningstar. I truly am the luckiest girl in the whole world to have you."

"That you are, darling." He smiled as he hugged her close and kissed the top of her head. "I quite enjoy finding different ways to pleasure you, it's a rather refreshing challenge. There's only so many ways to share my talents with someone in one night, it's nice to have a lover who can appreciate the full extent of my many, many gifts."

"My, my, my, who knew the devil could find joy in monogamy?" She giggled as she crawled on top of him. "Here, let me share some of my very-limited gifts with you as thanks." She leaned down and kissed him.

He deepened their kiss and bucked his hips against hers before lifting her off of him. "I would love nothing more than to expand your repertoire of talents all day, but I didn't bring you all this way just to spend it in bed with you, we could have easily done that at home. There's a wonderful world waiting for us outside this suite, my love. Let me show it to you."

"Okay, Aladdin." She giggled as she got up from the bed. "Why don't you join me for a shower before you roll out that magic carpet of yours?" She began singing "A Whole New World" as she walked into the bathroom. He waited until he heard the water running and crept to his suitcase, where he pulled out a few boxes and snuck them under the bar before joining her in the shower to teach her another new trick.

Lynne wrung her hair out with the towel as she walked towards the closet. "So, where are we off to? And if you're gonna keep it a mystery, at least help me figure out what to wear." She turned and looked him in the eyes. "And yes, I do need to wear something other than my birthday suit."

Lucifer laughed from behind the bar as he finished mixing their drinks. "You know me so well... Let's discuss it over this magnificent birthday drink I just created for you. You're going to love it almost as much as you love me."

She smiled as she walked over. "Well aren't we just full of presumptions, Mr. Morningstar..." She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his chest. "You're lucky you have me around to keep you grounded, otherwise that big handsome head of yours would just float away."

He scoffed. "It's certainly not egotistical to have confidence in one's self or abilities when justified. Save your attempts to keep mine in check until you've at least tasted it."

"This is true…" She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. "I love you and your perfectly justified amount of confidence. You're as close as you can get to perfection, Lucifer, and I say that with zero sarcasm. But… that's pretty much a given since you're literally Heaven-forged."

She tried to kiss him again and he tickled her away. "Hush now, just try it." He passed her the glass and watched eagerly as she took a sip.

"Now that," she said before taking one more sip and setting her glass down, "is utterly divine. Nectar of the gods…"

He laughed as he wrapped her in a hug again. "I'm afraid you're wrong, that can only be found between your legs. But I agree, it comes pretty close. It was inspired by you, after all." He reached down, took out a box, and placed it on the counter. "Time for another present, darling."

“Lucifer, please, you've spoiled me so much already! I don't want or need anything for my birthday other than you. Seriously."

Lucifer handed it to her with a stern look on his face. "Enough of that, I'll say when I'm done spoiling you. Which happens to be never, by the way. Now don't insult me, open it!"

She took a deep breath and resisted the urge to roll her eyes as she untied the black tulle bow and lifted the cover from the box. She carefully unfolded the black sparkling tissue paper and exhaled as she caught a glimpse of crimson silk. Phew, it's just lingerie. A gift for him as well… She exhaled slowly as she pulled back the rest of the tissue paper and carefully lifted the fabric. She gasped when she realized it was actually a beautifully simple yet stunningly elegant evening gown.

She turned to him in shock and his smile fell. "What's wrong? It may be my favorite color, but I assure you, you'll look absolutely stunning in that shade, and your mother helped ensure it would fit like a glove and wasn't too extravagant. My designer and I have a lot of work to do with you Gardner girls…"

Tears began to well in Lynne's eyes. "Oh my God…"

"Now don't go bringing him into this, love." He gently grabbed the dress from her hands and held it up to her as he turned them to face their reflection in the window. "See? Absolutely ravishing."

She turned back to face him as a few tears escaped. "It's not that, it's just… Nobody's ever… I feel like Julia… And you even asked my… Just …. wow. Thank you, Lucifer." She pulled him in for a deep kiss. "I don't know what I must have done in a past life to deserve all of this thoughtfulness. Or you."

Lucifer scoffed. "That's a load of bullocks, and it's not about deserving anything. I love you, and I may not be an expert, but I believe when you love someone you make them feel special anyway you can. If a measly dress is enough to make you cry, then maybe you should sit down for the next gift." He guided her into the barstool and leaned down to pull out another box.

"I love you, too, Lucifer, but this is just too-" Lucifer presented her with an opened jewelry box, and her breath was taken away. Inside was a necklace made with a delicate chain of platinum, a string of small stars encrusted with flecks of diamonds and rubies across the center that perfectly matched both the shade and elegant simplicity of her dress. The matching earrings were equally subtle in their beauty. Each bore a matching star and trail of tiny diamonds that sparkled and made them seem as though they were shooting through the black velvet of the box. "Lucifer…" she said as more tears began to fall.

"Sorry, if I'd had more time I could have designed something-"

She shut him up with a kiss. "Don't you DARE apologize, Lucifer, this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my entire life! And the stars, your stars, I seriously can't handle how special and thoughtful…" Her voice caught in her throat as tears began to fall freely.

He hugged her and ran his fingers through her hair. "Come now, love, we have a strict no-crying policy this weekend, and I'd prefer if you didn't break the rules. It really didn't take much effort at all."

She turned her head up towards his. "Don't you DARE downplay the effort that went into this. All of this," she said sternly as she gestured around the room and towards the skyline. Her voice softened as she locked eyes with him. "I'm not some girl in one of those cheesy rom-com's you love so much. I don't need fancy trips and exorbitant gifts to show you care, in fact they make me feel kind of uncomfortable. And the thought and planning you put into it… It's just too much…" She sighed as she hugged him. "I just hope you understand that all I want from you is you. I would be just as happy if we were sitting on my couch in potato sacks right now."

Lucifer smiled as he kissed her head. "I know, love. And that's what makes me want to do these kinds of things for you. You genuinely love me for who I am and ask nothing in return. It's quite the opposite of almost everyone I've ever met, and that in itself is the greatest gift you could ever give me." He kissed her as he wiped away her tears while holding back his own. "But you know me, Lynne. Extravagance and exorbitance is in my very DNA! Allow me to share that with you, spoil you even, it brings me joy." He smiled at her as he took a step back. "And don't be angry or cry again when I give you the matching heels. Those were truly just a call to the bell-hop after I saw the poor excuse for shoes you had tucked away in the closet."

Lynne laughed as she pulled him back and squeezed him tight. "Well maybe if you had given me a hint, I would have packed appropriately…" She leaned up and kissed him again. "Thank you, Lucifer. For everything. I meant what I said, I truly am the luckiest girl in the world to have you in my life. Thank you."

"You're welcome." He kissed her back and smiled as he pulled away from her. "And I meant what I said about the heartfelt words, stop before I'm a blubbering mess alongside you. Besides, our reservation was for five minutes ago. Off you pop, don't want to be too late now do we?"

"Whatever you say, you big softie. You're not fooling anyone." Lynne smiled as she pulled him back in for one more kiss. "I suppose we might as well see just how phenomenal I look in all this. Would you mind helping me?"

He flashed her a devilish grin. "It would be my pleasure…" he said as he removed his robe and pressed her against the bar as he ran a trail of kisses down her neck.

An hour later, they were seated in a private section of the most extravagant restaurant Lynne had ever set foot in. She gazed around them in disbelief. "Are you sure we're not outside? It feels like we are. I mean, look at that perfectly-sunset-colored sky above us, how is that even possible?"

Lucifer smiled as he squeezed her hand. "Just wait until the sunset gives way to the night sky. I may have given them some suggestions on how to do it justice..."

Lynne looked back up in awe. "You're an artist, Lucifer Morningstar." Her gaze fell back to his face. "And thank you again for this outfit, I love it and for once feel like I'm dressed accordingly. You're so amazingly incredible."

He smiled as she leaned over to give him a hug, but was interrupted by the waiter, who stopped by with a plate covered by a gift box and set it on the table. "Ahh, here we go, right on time. Thank you ever so much, Don." The waiter nodded and walked away.

Lynne looked at him quizzically. "Another present?"

He winked. "Nothing extravagant, I promise. Go on now, open it!"

His eyes lit with excitement as she lifted the box to find a cupcake with an unlit candle sitting on top of a tablet and heard the familiar ringtone of Skype. "What the…"

"Go on, answer it," he said as he brandished a lighter and lit the candle. He began singing "Happy Birthday" as she answered, and Emily and Elaine soon joined in.

Emily giggled. "Stop crying, mom, and make your wish before Luci blows out your candle and steals it from you!" Lynne tilted her head back and tried to hold the rest of her tears back as she thanked God for creating the inventor of waterproof makeup. She regained her composure and blew out the candle as they all clapped. Emily squealed with delight as her eyeball filled the screen. "What did you wish for, huh?"

Lynne smiled. "Nothing at all, boo bear. I have everything I could have ever wanted, and more! The only thing missing right now is a Gardner girl group hug."

Emily giggled and the video cut out as she tried to hug the laptop. "There you go! I'll give you more when you and Luci get back. But don't rush home, Nana is spoiling me rotten! Ouch, Nana, don't pinch me, she knows what happens when she leaves us alone…"

Lynne laughed as she shook her head. "I'm well aware, boo…" She smiled as she heard Elaine try to figure out how to get the video back on.

"Ahh, this son of a… Technology and Nanas don't mix. I love you, sweetie! Happy Birthday! Enjoy every last second of your special trip. And give old Luci there a big hug for me, will ya? Emily, come back, how do I get this flaming video back on?"

"I will. Thank you so much, Mom, you amazing little sneak. I love you so-" The call ended abruptly, and Lynne laid the tablet back down on the table and went over to hug Lucifer, giggling as he pulled her into his lap. "I can't even begin to thank you, Lucifer, that is straight up the most thoughtful thing anyone's done for me and it's taking all of my self-control to not burst into tears. I love you." She kissed him before she started crying again.

He deepened their kiss as he ran his hand across the silky fabric on her thighs, slowly creeping into the slit as he inched closer to her core. "I've an idea how you can thank me…" he said with a devilish grin.

Lynne giggled and pushed his hand away. "At least get me upstairs before you unwrap your present."

Lucifer scoffed as he placed his hand back on her thigh. "Why wait? It's Vegas, darling, let's give them a show!"

Lynne shook her head as she got up from his lap. "Maybe another time. For now, let's try and keep it PG while we dine, shall we?"

Lucifer rolled his eyes as he adjusted his suit jacket. "As you desire, my love." He motioned to the waiter, who quickly returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses. He nodded his thanks as he poured their wine and pushed her glass towards her as he lifted his glass in the air. "Cheers to you and your prudish ways, my love. Long shall you be filled with contentment and joy, and soon shall you finally give into my less Puritanical desires."

Lynne smiled as she raised her glass and clinked his. "Thankfully you're eternal, because you'll be waiting a loooooong time before I'll fuck you in the middle of a restaurant. Let's at least start with a dressing room or something, work our way up." She winked as she took a sip. "Mmm, this is incredible. You're incredible. Everything is incredible! This is first birthday in at least twenty years that I've truly enjoyed. Thank you for everything you've done to make that happen."

"The pleasure is all mine, Lynne." Lucifer smiled brightly at her before taking another sip of his wine. The waiter soon returned with two plates, adorned with silver covers instead of gift boxes this time. "Bon appetit," he said as he lifted the covers and scurried away.

Lynne's smile grew and encompassed her entire face as she looked down upon a perfectly cooked filet mignon, roasted red potatoes, and broccoli. "Oh, Lucifer! You remembered! What am I saying, of course you did, you're the most thoughtful person in the world!" She tilted her head back momentarily to send away the tears that were brimming, then leaned over and gave him a small peck on the cheek. "You're amazing. Thank you."

A slight blush appeared on Lucifer's cheeks. "You're welcome, darling."

Lynne smiled at Lucifer every time their eyes met as they are their meal with delight. She sighed heavily as she eyed the cupcake. "That looks so good, but sadly I'm so full that I genuinely think I might make myself sick if I even take one bite of it." She pushed it towards him. "Please, help yourself."

Lucifer smiled as he took her hand and helped her up from the table. "Don't worry, there's a dozen more waiting for us upstairs." He placed his hand on the small of her back as he led them out to the veranda. "Where to now, love? I was hoping you'd allow me to show you off a bit before ruining that lovely dress with frosting."

Lynne giggled as she looped her arm through his. "As you desire, Lucifer." She smiled as she leaned up to kiss him. "I'm up for anything! What are you in the mood for?" He raised an enticing eyebrow. "Other than that."

He smirked as he led her out towards the casino. "Fancy a little gambling?"

She nodded. "When in Rome…."

They began with slots, much to Lucifer's discontent, as they're "an elderly woman's haven," but when Lynne's eyes lit up with glee as she approach a Willy Wonka-themed machine, he gave in to her infectious joy and soon found himself enjoying the thrill of the game, joining as she sang along and cheered as they hit various jackpots and bonus rounds and her $100 investment gradually jumped into the thousands.  He managed to pull her away from the machine before she gambled all her winnings away and steered her towards the tables. He enjoyed trying to teach her the various games, but she preferred to sit back and watch him play, occasionally blowing on his dice or neck for good luck, depending on her mood, and cheering for him as his pile of chips grew.

"If you think that was fun, you should see the high-roller tables," Lucifer said as he led her to a private poker room. After watching and learning for a few rounds, Lynne finally found the courage to take a seat beside him to try her hand at Texas Hold 'Em. The other players began hemming and hawing in different languages at the pit boss, and Lynne raised a quizzical eyebrow to Lucifer. He chuckled as he got up from his chair and gently slid her into it to take his place. "They're a rather superstitious and overly paranoid bunch, and think we're trying to con them. It might be better if I let you play on your own for a while. Besides," he said as he peered down her dress. "The view from up here is much better."

She shook her head and laughed as she began to gather up his chips. He laid his hand on hers to stop her and she turned to face him, a look of shock on her face. "Lucifer, don't be crazy, there's enough here to pay my rent for a year! I have no idea what I'm doing, what if I lose it all?" The voices at the table suddenly hushed.

He smiled as he rubbed her shoulders. "It's only money, darling, I've got more than I'll ever need. Now get your eyes back on the table and try not to talk to me until the bets are settled, or you'll get them all in a tizzy again." He kissed her deeply. "Good luck," he said as he turned her back around.

Whether it was beginner's luck, birthday luck, or his kiss, Lynne won the first hand and had doubled his chips over the next two hours. She turned back and looked at him with excitement in her eyes as she pointed at the chips. "Look! I'm awesome at this! This is so exhilarating!" Lucifer chuckled as he kissed her. "I've had Kenny Rogers' 'The Gambler' stuck in my head for a while, though. I better stop before my luck turns..." The table heaved a collective groan.

Lucifer laughed as he turned her back around. "One more round, love, then I'll teach you another exhilarating game I like to call 'Merry Maids' upstairs." 

Lynne rolled her eyes as the cards were dealt. "Fine." She looked around at the other players. "Don't let your guards down now, boys. I've got all weekend with him and am in no rush to finish taking your money. Now who's got another cigarette for me?" 

That's my girl! Lucifer thought to himself and he watched with pride as Lynne bluffed her way into another jackpot. She finally had mercy on the table after two more hands and got up from the chair. She lifted her skirt into a pouch and giggled as some chips fell to the floor while she swept them into it. "Thanks, fellas. Don't fight over the ones that dropped, ya hear?" She couldn't contain her laughter as she sauntered away, skirt in hand, leaving a trail of errant chips in her wake.

Lucifer couldn't help but join in her laughter as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and kissed the side of her head. "You know the dealer would have swapped those out for higher denominations, love, right?"

Lynne giggled as she stumbled slightly under his weight while trying not to flash her lack of underwear to the casino. "I did notice that… But this way is so much more fun!"

"It absolutely is." Lucifer grabbed a handful and threw them over his shoulder and she nearly fell over in laughter. "Here, darling, let me lighten your burden some more." He grabbed another handful and tossed them towards the first row of slot machines he saw. They completely fell apart in giggles as they showered chips upon every patron in their path to roaring applause as they made their way to the teller.

Two burly-looking security guards walked up to them. "Ok, Robin Hood and her merry man, enough of your disturbance. We need to ask you to leave." Lucifer sighed and began to make some quip to get them out of it, but as he was talking Lynne quickly tied her skirt into a knot around the remaining chips, grabbed his hand, and began to run.

He threw his head back in laughter as he was pulled along through the casino and caught her as she almost tripped when the casino's carpet met the tile of the veranda, spilling a dozen more chips. They looked back at the security guards who were just standing there, shaking their heads and trying not to laugh. She waved at them and fell into another fit of laughter as she walked briskly and carefully towards a row of manicured shrubs, safely out of their eyesight. She pulled Lucifer behind them and into her embrace, kissing him passionately. She giggled as a few more chips fell when he brought her body closer to his.

"My, my, Miss Gardner…" he said as his hands gently squeezed her ass. "Deceit, fleeing from the scene of a crime, and now public indecency? Perhaps my influence on you is stronger than I realized…" He flashed her a devilish grin as his hand slid down to her thigh and hitched her leg up as he gently bucked against her, causing some more chips to trickle out.

"Certainly not, it must have been whatever they pump into the air in that dastardly casino…" She planted a kiss on his collarbone and slowly licked her way up to his ear before giving it a gentle nibble. "It has quite an exhilarating effect," she whispered into his ear as she reached down and gently squeezed his stiffening cock through his trousers. 

Lucifer moaned softly as she began stroking him through the fabric. "Ahh, yes that must be it," he purred as he kissed her neck. "It appears to have had quite the effect on me as well…" Her breath caught in her throat as he gently bit down on her pulse point.

"Whatever shall we do now?" she said softly as she moved in to kiss him again. He deepened their kiss as she loosened his belt and stepped them closer towards the wall. She undid his button and began to slowly unzip him as he reached down and untied the knot in her skirt.

"Well, I believe we should first dispose of the evidence," he said as he bent over and slowly unfurled her skirt, helping the remaining chips roll gently down to the floor. "And then we carefully check for any signs of lasting effects…" He lifted her skirt over his head as he ran a trail of kisses up her legs. She parted them for him, and his kisses continued until his lips met her apex. He dipped his tongue into her entrance, lapping up the arousal that had pooled there, and then slowly brought up it upwards and pressed it down on her clit. A moan escaped her lips as he gently sucked on her nub and slipped a finger inside of her. He began to pump his hand, slowly curling to rub against her g-spot and, his lips breaking into a smile as her legs began to tremble.

She whimpered as he pulled his fingers out and brought himself back up to face her. "I'm sorry, love," he said as he brought his fingers to her lips and gently pressed them inside for her to taste. "Sadly, the evidence I found confirms that you are, indeed, infected." He kissed her and moaned softly as he tasted her juices again. "Your chances for survival are slim at best."

"Say it ain't so…"  She frowned solemnly as she reached down and freed his throbbing cock from his pants and began stroking it, eliciting a sharp moan from his lips. "Is there no antidote?"

He licked his lips as he took a small step away from the wall. "You're in luck, darling, I just so happen to have the last dose available." He kissed her as he hitched up her dress. "I must warn you, though, the delivery method is rather unconventional…" He lifted her leg and brought it around his waist as he positioned himself against her entrance.

"I'll do whatever it takes," she whispered in his ear as she ground against him. "I just want to be well again." She kissed him as she brought him into her.

"As you desire," he murmured into her ear as he brought her other leg around his waist and lifted her up. He spun them around and pressed her against the wall as he began to thrust into her. A load moan fell from her lips and he brought a hand up to cover it. "Shh, we can't have anyone interrupting us until you've been fully vaccinated." She nodded as he removed his hand and buried her face in his neck.

He increased his pace as she kissed and sucked on his neck, and bit his lip to contain his own sounds of pleasure that were threatening to pour out as he brought them closer to their peaks. He shifted their positions slightly and she bit down on his shoulder to stifle another cry of ecstasy as he pummeled into her, hitting just the right spot. She ran her fingers through his hair and gently scratched his scalp as her mouth switched to the other side, her breath hot on his neck as her walls began to tighten deliciously around him.

Sensing she was close, he covered her mouth with his as he ground himself deep inside her, and her moan reverberated aeounded his tongue as she fell apart around him. He began to plunge in and out of her again as he chased his peak, and moved his mouth to her neck, kissing his way down to where it met her shoulder. His thrusts became erratic and he bit down, burying himself as deep as he could go inside of her as his cock stiffened and pulsed, emptying his seed into her as she began to clench down around him again. His mouth moved back to hers and kissed her as he pumped into her a few more times, their soft moans mixing together as her walls contracted deliciously around him.

Another small moan escaped her lips as he pulled himself out of her and set her back down. "That should do it," he said as he zipped up his pants. "We'll need to monitor you closely for symptoms over the next few days, but I do believe you're in the clear now." 

"Why thank you ever so much," she murmured as she kissed his cheek and pulled her dress back down. They adjusted their clothing and fixed each other's hair as best they could as they caught their breath.

Lynne bent down to pick up the chips and Lucifer chuckled. "Leave them there, love, they'll make quite a nice surprise for the groundskeepers. Besides, we can't risk being caught with any damning evidence of our crime, can we?"

"I suppose not. Thank heavens I have my own personal angel to guide me on my path to redemption." She giggled as he took her hand and led her out from behind the shrubs, where a few onlookers raised their eyebrows at them. She laughed as she squeezed his arm and steered him away from the casino. "Where to now, oh righteous one?"

Lucifer raised an enticing eyebrow. "Well, we can take that luck of yours and go earn some more alms for the poor, or perhaps we could go back upstairs and get you even dirtier before I clean you up."

Lynne smiled innocently at him. "I think we better go with plan B. Taking other people's money, no matter the worthy cause, probably still counts as a sin. Besides, we can't risk re-infection, I just took the only antidote."

"Merry Maids it is, then." He flashed her a devilish grin as he led her back towards the elevator.