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The Gamble

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Lynne awoke suddenly just before dawn in a pool of sweat. Lucifer's body was draped across hers and although his temperature naturally ran hot, his skin felt as though it was actually burning against hers. His muscles were subtly jerking and sweat ran down his brow, his face occasionally wincing as if he were in pain. Oh no! I’ve seen this before… she thought to herself as she reached up and placed the back of her palm against his forehead, flinching as the sweat felt like it was boiling against her skin.  Poor thing… But I thought angels were immune to this sort of thing? He leaned into her hand as she cupped his cheek, and her thumb softly stroked his stubble. Hmm, maybe it’s a divine strain, explains why I feel fine…

His body stiffened as he cried out in a language she had never heard before, the pain and desperation in his voice piercing into her soul. Lynne's motherly instincts kicked in and she tried to slide out from underneath him so she could assess the situation and help provide him some relief. He clung to her desperately, pinning her to the bed with an arm across her chest and his leg wrapped tightly around hers. She tried to lift his arm, but it felt as though it weighed three tons. She attempted to wriggle out from under it, but he tightened his grip and whimpered as he buried his head into her bosom.  She brought her hand to the back of his head and began slowly stroking his hair. "Shhh… It's okay, Lucifer." She leaned down and kissed his forehead, not caring about the taste of his sweat or the heat against her lips. "You're gonna be okay, I'm here." She rubbed his shoulders as she kissed his head again. "I'll take good care of you, but first you need to let me get up."

His eyes fluttered open for a moment. "Don't leave me… I'm so sca-" His eyes snapped back shut and moments later his body began to tremble as he cried out again in that unfamiliar language. She managed to sit up and pulled him into her lap, cradling him with soft caresses and comforting shushes as tears began to fall from his eyes and soft whimpers escaped from his lips. She held him close and gently rocked him for a while, trying to comfort and console him in every way she could. His body eventually relaxed, and his eyes shot open, locking onto hers. He looked lost and afraid, and she pulled him closer. "It's okay, I'm here, I've got you, everything will be okay, just breathe."

He hugged her and buried his face into her neck again. She stroked his back as his shoulders heaved, his lungs desperately gasping for air. His breathing slowly steadied and he sat up, hanging his head in his hands. "I'm so sorry, Lynne..."

Lynne pulled him back to her and hugged him tight. "Shh… I love you, Lucifer. You have nothing to be sorry about." She kissed his forehead, which was slightly cooler now, but still too warm, even for him. "I'm here for you, and this isn't my first rodeo. I'll take good care of you, Luc, I promise. You'll be okay."

He broke free from her embrace and stood up, shaking out all his limbs. "Thanks, love, but I'm fine now. Your hug made me all better, see?" He twirled around in a circle with a bright smile on his face.

"I call bullshit, Lucifer Morningstar. You may be divine in every sense of the word, but angel or not you don't automatically go from whatever that was to perfectly fine." She stood got up from the bed, standing on her tiptoes as she reached up and felt his forehead and cheeks. "You're covered in sweat and still burning up, even for you." She gently grabbed his hands and began to lead him to the bathroom. "Let's at least get you in the bathtub to cool down a little."

Lucifer pulled his hands away from hers. "I said I'm fine!" he said sternly. "I'm an eternal being for Dad's sake, I'm not some child with a fever who needs Mummy to give him a tubby!”

Ugh! Then don’t fucking act like one! Lynne took a deep breath to calm the frustration beginning to boil inside of her. "Lucifer, I'm sorry if I made you feel like a child. I just care about you and want to help you feel better."

Lucifer sighed in exasperation. "I don't need any help. If the sweat bothers you so much, I will take a shower. ALONE,” he said, his voice steely as he abruptly turned on his heel to walk away.

Lynne resisted the urge to roll her eyes at his obstinance and gently placed her hand on his shoulder. "I get that you don't want to talk about it, and I will respect that. But please, Lucif-"

"I SAID I'M FINE!!" he roared at her as he turned back to face her, bright flames bursting into his eyes as he grabbed her wrist and flung her hand off of him.

Lynne took a deep breath and three steps back. "Okay, you're fine. Roger that. Now go take your shower and calm the fuck down, Lucifer." She turned and began walking away towards the bar. "And don't you DARE speak to me in that tone again!" she yelled over her shoulder. She heard the bathroom door slam and crack into pieces as she reached the bar and poured herself a splash of vodka. She drank it, refilled the glass, and shot it back as she watched the sun begin to rise in the distance.

Her nerves began to settle by the time she poured the third one and decided to make herself a screwdriver instead. She grabbed the last cupcake as she walked out to the patio and turned on the jacuzzi. She took a bite, set her drink down on the ledge, and lowered herself into the hot water. She leaned back, closed her eyes, and let the jets do the work for her as she slowly began to relax.

"Mind if I join you?" Lynne's eyes fluttered open and she saw Lucifer's shadow looming over the water in front of her. This asshole flips out at me and then interrupts my nap? Awesome... She shrugged her shoulders as she closed her eyes again and slipped down into the water. She bit her lip as she heard him lower herself into the water across from her and finally came up for air. "I refreshed your drink in case you're interested…" he said cautiously.

Lynne sighed and opened her eyes but avoided looking at him. She knew she needed to be patient and understanding with him right now, but his interruption had immediately re-ignited her anger. She took a deep breath as she reached beside her head and grabbed the drink, took a few sips as she calmed her nerves again, and finally turned to him. "So we're just gonna pretend everything's fine? That's the plan? Just wanted to double check so I can plan my day accordingly." She cursed herself for allowing the bitterness she felt come out through her tone and shot him an apologetic look.

He eyes glanced down at the water as he shrugged. "It seemed like a good idea at the time…"

Lynne sighed again. "It would be easier, probably, but what would Henry and Gertie say?" She allowed a small smile to dance across her lips.

Lucifer looked up and smiled back somewhat weakly. "Ahh, yes, our wise old sages would probably recommend against that." He moved closer to Lynne on the bench but kept his distance. "I'm sorry, Lynne. I know you were just trying to help, but I'm not used to anyone seeing me like that and lashed out."

Lynne got up from the bench and began to tread water. "I get it. I'm the same way, you know that better than anyone! I'm sorry for pushing you when you were clearly uncomfortable." She swam over and hugged him. "But for real, are you okay? I genuinely thought you got some angel flu or something and my mom-mode kicked in."

Lucifer chuckled softly. "Nope, no such thing. Don't worry, mama bear, I'm fine now."

Lynne moved beside him and sat down on the bench, leaning her head on his shoulder. "What was that then? I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty scary to see you like that..."

Lucifer wrapped an arm around her shoulders and sighed. "I'm sorry, love."

"Stop apologizing, Lucifer." She kissed his collarbone. "Clearly I survived. But maybe if you tell me what happened I can be better equipped to help you next time, even if that means just giving you space. You were obviously suffering, and I just wanted to take it all away."

"Hopefully there won't be a next time, it's been ages since I've had one that bad...” He kissed her head and squeezed her shoulders. “It was nothing more than a nightmare, love. I get them sometimes, but rarely with someone else there, and certainly never one that intense." He sighed. "It was only a matter of time, I suppose, especially given how close we are… When I'm around you, most of my defenses just dissipate..."

Lynne smiled as she kissed his shoulder. "Aww, that's actually one of the sweetest things you've ever said to me."

"You know me, king of Hell and romance..." He sighed again as he began stroking her hair. "I just hate the feeling of vulnerability, it's so unnatural to me. And that nightmare was the worst I've had in ages. It felt SO real, like I was immediately transported back to when I…" He shuddered. "And for you to see me like that…"

Lynne leaned up and kissed him. "It was a dream, you can't control those. And even if it were a full-fledged breakdown, I'd still think you're the strongest and most amazing person in the world." He began to roll his eyes and she kissed him once more before moving in front of him and treading water again. "Seriously, Lucifer. I'm not trying to make this into a competition or anything, but do you remember when you had to literally fly in and rescue me from the side of the road when I hit one of my lowest points ever? I was blubbering away like the hottest of messes the entire trip home and you poor thing, you were just stuck in that car with me for hours with no means of escape. Talk about mortifying…”

Lucifer chuckled as she dunked her head underwater and popped back up. "That was rather unnerving, Lynne, I felt completely helpless and useless, there was nothing I could do to stop it or make you feel better."

She swam back to him and pressed her hands on his thighs. "And do you think any less of me because of it?" He shook his head. "Neither do I. Immortal or not, we all have moments of weakness, some of us more than others. But you and I, Lucifer? We're lucky- we have someone we can be our truest, ugliest, most vulnerable self around that will still love and care about us no matter how bad it gets."

He leaned forward and kissed her softly. "I'm quite inexperienced with that whole love and acceptance bit, I'm afraid. It will still take some getting used to."

"I've got some experience, thanks to my family and friends, but definitely never with a romantic partner." She sighed as she leaned back to float. "Vulnerability has never been my strong suit either, Luc. I guess we'll just have to learn together."

"I suppose we will," Lucifer said as he swam over and kissed her.

Lynne stopped floating and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I happen to know something you DO have a lot of experience with…" She raised a seductive eyebrow as she moved closer to him, feeling his cock twitch as she pressed herself against him. "I've actually never had sex in a hot tub before..." She nipped at his neck. "Perhaps you could show me how it's done," she murmured into his ear as she nibbled on his lobe.

"With pleasure," he said as he brought his lips to hers. He kissed her softly, tracing her lips with his tongue, and she eagerly parted them for him. He dipped his tongue into her mouth and swirled it with hers for a few moments before pulling his head back. "I must warn you, it's not always the most pleasant experience despite the popularity," he said as he brought his hands up to cup her breasts. He squeezed them gently, the small ripples in the water rolling across her nipples and sending a wave of desire to her core. He lifted one of her breasts to the surface and took her nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it as he sucked before lightly grazing his teeth across it, causing her to shudder. He slid his hand down between her legs as the other mimicked his mouth's ministrations on her other breast, and her nails dug into the back of his neck.

"Is that so…" she said as he cupped her mound with his hand, the bubbles from his movement tickling her and sending a delicious shiver down her spine. She reached down and circled her fingers around his shaft, tugging gently as her thumb rubbed across his tip, causing him to inhale sharply.

"I'm afraid it is," he said as his mouth moved to her neck, licking behind her ear as he flapped his hand in the water between her legs, sending a new set of ripples dancing across her. She moaned softly into his ear as her fist tightened around him, and his lips curled into a smile against her neck as he ran a trail of kisses down it. "The water certainly adds a lovely sensation," he murmured as he sucked on her pulse point and thrust into her fist.

She laid a trail of kisses across his shoulder as she stroked him, bringing him closer to her entrance. "It sure does…"

He gently removed her hand from around his cock, placing it back around his neck, and wrapped her legs around his waist as he brushed up against her. "But everyone makes one crucial mistake that ends up ruining it…" He rolled his hips as he ground himself against her, small waves lapping against her entrance as her arousal mixed with the water.

She bit her lip as the sensation sent another set of warm chills through her body. "And what might that be?" she asked as she bucked against him.

He smiled as he began to rise from the water. "Not knowing when to come up for air." Her feeling of weightlessness from floating in the water changed to a different feeling of lightness as he grabbed hold of her ass and effortlessly supported her as he stood up fully.

"I see…" she said as she readjusted her grip around his neck. "Thank goodness I came to an expe-" Her breath caught as he entered her fully in one thrust.

"One small correction, darling. You'll come on an expert," he said as he brought his lips to hers. His fingers dug into her flesh as he slowly slid her off from his cock before pushing her back down onto him. "But you must allow me to take full control for this to work…"

"Gladly," she said as she locked her ankles together at the small of his back, the slight shift in position sending another shiver down her spine. "You know I love it when you use me as you see fit."

"That I do," he smiled against her neck as he lifted her off him and slammed her back onto him, hitting deep within her core. She moaned softly into his ear and gently bit down on his lobe again. He brought his mouth back to hers as he began a steady pace of shallow thrusts, his head brushing against her inner bundle of nerves, and her muffled sounds of pleasure reverberating across his lips.  His hands shifted to her upper thighs, spreading them wider as he deepened his plunges into her. He increased his pace with each thrust, and soon her breasts were bouncing in time with his rhythm, her perked nipples brushing against his and sending a tingling sensation through to their cores.

She threw her head back in ecstasy as he pummeled himself against just the right spot and she began to clamp down around him. He slowed his speed and buried himself deep inside her, grinding against her core as she cried out his name. Her walls squeezed tightly around his cock, preventing him from any further movement, and he moaned as the intense pressure drove him closer to his peak. Her grip around him slowly released and changed to a steady rhythm of delicious contractions as she rode through the after-currents of her orgasm.

When her clenches finally subsided, his hands moved back to her ass, lifting her fully off of him, and she whimpered softly at the feeling of emptiness. His lips curled into a devilish grin as he entered her again, but stopped when only his tip was inside of her, and she clenched down around it. He pulled out again as he readjusted his stance, spreading his legs a little further apart, and tightening his grip around her ass. He gently stretched her cheeks apart as he lifted her again and continued his shallow thrusts, moaning as her walls squeezed his head and her thighs hit the water with each passing, causing it to splash up and lap against his balls. He increased his pace as he hoisted her up and down on him, the rub of her entrance on the sensitive patch of skin underneath the tip of his shaft it and waves against his sack spurring him closer to his edge.

He drove slightly further into her with each thrust, each new angle and sensation sending a fresh wave of desire into her center, which swirled around him as he had his way with her. His breath became ragged as she began to tighten around him once more and her nails scraped against his scalp. He felt his release building, pooling at his base as his thrusts became erratic. His fingers dug into her flesh and he plunged himself fully into her as his knees began to buckle, bringing them both back into the water as his release exploded and shot into her with a heavy grunt.

She clung to him as they began to float, moaning softly into his ear and rolling her hips, grinding down around him as she reached her peak once more. She released her grip around his neck and locked her legs around his as she leaned back into the water and rode her wave of pleasure, her hair floating around her head in a golden-brown halo, tickling her arms as her walls tightened around him. He reached behind her, wrapping an arm around her waist and as his other splayed across her back, and lifted her up towards him, bringing their lips together once more. She deepened their kiss, another soft moan reverberating into his mouth as the aftershocks of her explosion hit her and her body trembled around him.

She rested her forehead against his as they bobbed up and down in the water, their heart rates slowly steadying as they came down from their highs. "Wow…" she murmured as she ran her fingers through his hair. "That was… Mmm…"

"You're welcome." Lucifer chuckled softly before kissing her as he bucked into her a few more times. He slowly walked them towards the edge and pulled her off him slowly, resting her on the ledge before leaning back into the water and floating away from her, his still fairly-erect cock jutting out above the surface. His hand absentmindedly began stroking it as he gazed up at the clouds above them, the sun now fully risen and the shades of pink and orange slowly turning to blue. "Fancy a dip in the pool for another round, darling, or would you prefer somewhere less buoyant?"

Lynne held back a yawn as her thighs instinctively rubbed together at the sight of him pleasuring himself, the sunlight sparkling across the water as it rippled over his chest. "How about that couch in the bathroom? I might need another little nap afterwards before I'm ready to shower off and face the day. It'll save me some steps, and, well, why not take advantage of there being a fucking COUCH in there?!"

Lucifer chuckled as he stood up. "As you desire…" He lifted himself out of the jacuzzi and smiled at her. "Here, let me save you a few more," he said as he picked her up and slung her over his shoulder. She giggled as he turned his head and gently bit her cheek and nibbled his way up to her waist and back down to her thigh as he walked inside. Her giggles turned to a soft moan as he slipped two fingers inside her, pumping into her as he made his way to the bathroom.  His thumb brushed against her clit as he walked towards the couch, her breath catching as he pressed down, rubbing tight circles around as he sat down. "Alright, then, let's see how you propose to put this fucking couch to good use," he murmured as he pulled her down into his lap and into a kiss as he reclined, bringing a third finger inside of her.

She placed her knees on either side of him, spreading her legs wider and her breath caught in her throat as his fingers drove deeper into her as his thumb continued its ministrations. He curled his middle one, brushing it repeatedly against the patch of nerves on her wall as he widened the gap between the other two, wiggling them as his thumb pressed down on her nub. She instinctively bit down on his bottom lip, much harder than she had initially planned, as the overwhelming sensation caused her wave of pleasure to wash down over his fingers and drip into his palm.  

"I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed as she pulled her head back, expecting to see blood.

"Worry not, darling, you can bite me as hard as you want and never break the skin. I rather enjoyed it, to be honest…" A devilish grin ran across his lips along with his tongue. "Though I should punish you for wasting that sweet nectar of yours," he said as he slid his fingers out of her and brought his hand to his mouth, a soft moan falling from his lips as he tasted her juices. His free hand lightly spanked her and her body jumped, brushing against his stiffening cock. "Mmm, that felt rather good," he murmured as he slipped his fingers into her mouth for her to taste and spanked her again, her glistening folds sliding across his member once more as his fingers drove deeper into her mouth.

He removed his fingers and gently grabbed her wrists, placing her hands against his chest before tenderly pushing her shoulders until she was sitting up straight. He brought his hands back to her waist and positioned her so that her entrance was hovering over his throbbing member. "Stay just like that, and I'll reward you. Deal?"

Lynne nodded as she locked eyes with him. He took himself in hand again and circled his tip around her pool, dipping in an inch before pulling it back out and rubbing it against her slit, stopping at her clit and tapping his himself against it, causing her body to jerk at the sensation. He brought his head back to her entrance as his free hand spanked her again, a little harder than before. She gasped and bit her lip at the sting and her hips rolled, sliding her nub back onto his tip. He shot her a stern look of warning and she winked at him as she rolled her hips again, bringing him back towards her entrance and dipping him inside her.

He tried to hide the smile that crept across his lips as he brought himself out and back up to her nub before slapping her other cheek, even harder this time. Her eyes closed in pleasure, biting her lip again as his actions caused her to slide across him once more, and she cried out as she impaled herself onto him before he could stop her. His hands dug into her waist as he pulled her off of him, sat up, and bent her over his knees in one swift motion. "Punishment it is, then…" he said in a low and sensual voice as he laid an arm across her shoulders and held her in place. 

She giggled and bucked her hips, lifting her lower half into the air and wiggling it in defiance. He swiftly brought his free hand to spank her once more before resting on the imprint his hand left and rubbing it tenderly. "You seem to have forgotten who you're toying with, darling,” he said as his hand hit her other side. "I'm the devil, after all. I have eons of experience in punishment and torture, and the line between pleasure and pain is a rather fine one." He slapped the same side again much harder, and she cried out in pleasure before she stilled against him. "Good girl," he murmured as he stroked her hair, and she reached down and wrapped her fingers around his calves.

"Hands off the goods, love." Lynne smiled as she tightened her grip around him and wiggled her hips again. Lucifer held back his chuckle as he wound up and spanked her with a punishing strength. She cried out again as her body shifted across his lap from the force and clung to his calves to keep from falling. She spread her legs and his hand fell between them, brushing against the fresh wave of dampness that pooled there. "Oh, enjoying our punishment are we?" He asked as he bunched a fistful of hair and gently tugged it as he lightly slapped his hand against her slit. She moaned and wantonly bucked into his hand, desperate for more friction.  "I have no desire to physically harm you, love," he said as he removed his hand and tugged on her hair before spanking her again. "But if you keep this up, I may have to find a new way to punish you…" She lifted herself up once more and he slapped her cheeks again, alternating between them a few times and smiling as they turned from a blush to a bright pink.

He dipped two fingers inside her and began hurriedly pumping them deeper and deeper into her, his cock pressing into her stomach as she moaned. He felt her walls begin to tighten around him and he pulled his fingers out, much to her dismay. He spanked her once more before pulling her up from his lap and reclining again, bringing her up to straddle his head. He spread her legs as wide as they could go without her falling and brought his tongue to her entrance to taste her. She moaned again as he lapped at her entrance and gently sucked her juices. His thumb came up to brush against her clit, rubbing tight circles around it, and when her thigh muscles began to tremble, he immediately pulled his hand and mouth away from her, causing her to whimper.

"I warned you I'd have to get more creative with my punishment," he scolded as he blew on her folds before biting down gently on her inner thigh.  His tongue returned and licked across her slit before laving against her nub. She moaned as he closed his lips around it and began gently sucking, and instinctively leaned into him. His teeth lightly grazed against her clit before he pulled his head away and spanked her once more. "I'm growing rather impatient having to punish you, love. If you manage to stay still for this next part I shall finally reward you."

She nodded and he slipped a finger inside her, curling it to brush against her wall as his tongue returned to her nub and continued its ministrations. He pumped his finger a few times before pulling out and rubbing the patch of skin between her two entrances as he sucked on her clit again. She moaned at the new sensation, but stayed as still as she could as her wave of arousal began to crest. His thumb entered her, gently pressing against the back of her walls as his index finger brushed against her rear entrance, and she found herself surprised to enjoy the feeling, almost wanting more. Sensing she was close, he switched from sucking on her nub back to licking it in a steady rhythm. As her walls began to close in around his thumb, he quickly swapped its position with his tongue and applied more pressure on her rear entrance, the tip of his finger gently dipping inside and rubbing against his thumb through her wall as she peaked. She grasped on to the couch as she ground herself against his mouth, and his hands moved to her thighs, holding her in place as he hungrily drank the nectar that flowed into it as she cried out his name.

In an instant, he had slid out from underneath her and bent her over the arm of the couch as he rubbed his engorged head between her entrances, covering himself in her slickness. I hope he’s not about to do what I think he’s gonna do, she thought to herself as her insides began to ache, desperate to be fully filled by him. “Please don’t try to-“ Her words were cut off by a deep moan as he slid inside her just as another wave of pleasure washed over her.

“Never, darling,” he said as he adjusted his grip around her waist. “I’ll take my time working you up to it before I pop that cherry,” he assured her as he thrust inside her again. “I was just testing the waterrrrrrrrs,” his words turned into a low growl as he hit her center and she tightened around him again. “Though I’m quite pleased you seemed to enjoy it,” he said as he pulled out and slammed into her again. “My mind is reeling with all the possibilities this opens up for me to bring you to new heights…” He increased his pace as his mind whirled with ideas and was soon close to his peak. He leaned over and grabbed onto her breasts, rolling near nipples between his fingers as he drove into her, his breath hot on her neck as he grunted into her ear. His cock began to pulse and her cries of pleasure soon merged with his as she joined in his release.

She collapsed underneath him from the strength of her orgasm, and he kissed her cheek as he pulled out from her and walked over to grab a towel. “Enjoy your little nap, my love,” he said as he laid the towel over her. She nodded and blew him a kiss as her eyes closed and she nuzzled into the couch to fall asleep, smiling as he whistled softly and turned the shower on.