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The Gamble

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Lynne smiled as her eyes fluttered open, a hauntingly beautiful melody playing in the background as Lucifer waited for her. She quickly showered, wrapped herself in a fluffy robe and joined him on the piano bench as he played a different song. He stopped and wrapped his arms around her waist as he kissed her. “Glad to see you’re amongst the living again, darling.”

Lynne smiled as she nuzzled into his neck and kissed it. "What's that song were you playing a little while ago? I swear I've heard it before but can't quite put my finger on it."

"This one?" Lucifer asked as he turned back to the keys and played a handful of chords.

"Yes! I believe you’ve hummed it around me a few times and I love it so much! Play some more, please." He obliged and she closed her eyes, resting her head against his back as she sighed happily. "Mmm… It just pierces right into my soul and fills me with this warm and fuzzy feeling, like I’m being hugged from the inside. What is it?"

Lucifer smiled. "It's one of my favorites as well, a hymn from my childhood. My mother used to sing it to me when I was upset. My own personal lullaby, I suppose..."

"That's so sweet! I can only imagine how adorable little baby angel Lucifer was…” Lynne kissed his cheek and leaned back against him as he continued playing. “Does it have words?"

Lucifer nodded. "Another time, perhaps, don't want you falling asleep on me, again..." He played out the rest of the chord and turned towards her as he flashed her a bright smile. "We've got an entire day ahead of us here, love. What would you like to do?" Lynne raised an enticing eyebrow. "That we can't do at home?"

She chuckled as she turned and gazed out towards the strip. "There's so much to choose from, they have everything here! What's your favorite place?"

"I'm taking you there this evening. Besides, I think it's your turn to set our agenda. I rather enjoyed your ideas last night…" He smiled as he pulled her into his lap.

Lynne blushed as she recalled their adventures and felt his arousal twitch against her. "That was pretty fun…" She leaned into his embrace as she pondered the possibilities. "Hmm… That indoor sky was pretty magical, is there anything else like that you could show me? Maybe that sky-high roller coaster? Ooh! I heard there's Siberian tigers around somewhere, can we please go see them?"

Lucifer laughed as he squeezed her and began to sing. "Lynne, Lynne, in the city of sin, with the devil himself, and she wants to… see tigers." He kissed her cheek. "As you desire, love. I shall roll out the magic carpet for you."

Lynne burst into laughter as Lucifer tried to fit through the elevator door with about a dozen shopping bags. "Here, let me help you, you absurdly stubborn gentleman." She reached for a few bags and laughed again as he scoffed and turned sideways to step through the door.

"I can't fathom why you wouldn't just let the bellhop take them, we could have had a much more pleasurable ride up," he muttered as he stepped towards the table.

"Because they have better things to do, and I could have helped you carry them!" He rolled his eyes as he set the bags down on the table. "Listen, Lucifer 'shopaholic' Morningstar, I agreed to go in there and poke around because of my slight bath obsession. I had no intentions of leaving with anything, let alone half the store!"

"But your eyes lit up each time you smelled a different one of those bomb things, and the bubble bath ice cream scoops were 'oh my goodness, so adorable',” he said mockingly as he rolled his eyes again. “I figured I'd just save us some time to make up for our little dalliance in the dressing room. I thought you loved my efficiency?" he asked as he pulled her towards him.

Lynne leaned up and kissed him. "I do, and I greatly appreciate the lifetime supply of bath products, but we talked about you spoiling me." She pinched his side gently when he raised his eyebrows at her. "The only reason I even needed to get a new dress in the first place was because you purposefully ruined the one you gave me last night just so you'd have an excuse to drag me into a dressing room today." Lucifer shrugged innocently and she peered at him. "You can't fool me, Lucifer, I'm hip to your devilish games..." She chuckled as she kissed him again. "I must admit, the look on the attendant's face when you threw a stack of bills at her as you waltzed right in there with me was pretty hilarious."

Lucifer laughed as he pulled her closer for a hug. "I have my moments, I suppose…"

"Oh, you're full of moments, that's for sure." She smiled as she kissed his chest. "Thank you again, for everything. Do you think I have time to put one of those adorable scoops to use before we go meet this ex-wife of yours, or should I just skip right to the shower?"

"Knowing your tendency to nap in tubs, I think it's safer if I join you for a shower. To keep you in line, of course, no funny business…" He flashed her a devilish grin as he took her hand and led her to the bathroom.

 Lucifer caught Candy's eye as they walked into Fletcher's, and she immediately ran over and embraced both of them in a hug. "You must be the famous Lynne I've heard almost nothing about!" She shot a rather cantankerous look at Lucifer before smiling brightly at Lynne. "Come, let's sit and have a drink, I'd love to learn more about you!"

"Same here!" Lynne smiled as Candy threw an arm around her shoulders and began to guide her towards a table. "If it helps, he's supposedly head-over-heels in love with me, yet I didn't learn there was a former Mrs. Morningstar until he casually mentioned it in passing as we crossed into Nevada."

They laughed as Lucifer caught up with them and wrapped his arms around both of their shoulders. "Am I invited to this little venting sesh of yours, or shall I just find a seat at the bar?"

Candy giggled as she turned to hug him. "Of course you're welcome. Seeing your face as we swap embarrassing stories about you will make it that much more fun!"

Lynne burst into laughter as she wrapped her arm around Candy's waist as they continued walking. "I love you already, Candy!"

They spent the next hour or so sharing drinks, appetizers, and enough secrets to make Lucifer squirm uncomfortably before finally joining in their laughter and sharing some of his own as payback. Candy sighed as the lights dimmed down and spotlights began to dance across the stage. "I'd love to stay here all night and catch up, but it's ten minutes to curtain call and I've gotta freshen up before I kick things off." She stood, kissed Lucifer on the cheek, and hugged Lynne. "I can see why he's so taken with you, Lynne, and I look forward to your call. I hope you enjoy the show! Be sure to stick around for the finale, it's gonna be great."

Lynne smiled as she stood up to hug her back properly. "Likewise, Candy! Can't wait until we get a chance to hang again, you're an absolute doll! Break a leg, or whatever the saying is for you and your fellow gorgeous showgirls." Candy winked as she walked away towards the dressing room. Lynne sat back down beside Lucifer and kissed him. "She's incredible, Lucifer, thank you so much for letting me meet her! I'm sorry if we embarrassed you, it was all in good fun."

"I had a feeling you two would hit it off and gang up on me. I rather enjoyed all the attention, though I’m disappointed you both shot down my offer for a threesome so quickly.” He sighed mournfully. “But it pleased me to see you two getting on so well, you make quite the dynamic duo! I can see it now, written in lights- The Marvelous Mrs. Morningstars, the latest sensation to hit the strip..." He saw her eyebrows raise and a look of shock flash across her eyes. "I don't mean to be presumptuous, but you must admit the alliteration adds to the pizzazz, doesn't it?"

"Can't fault you there, Lucifer." She kissed him quickly. "If you'll excuse me, my dear wordsmith, I'm going to visit the ladies' room before the show begins. I don't want to miss a second of my first real Vegas show!"

Lynne returned just as the lights went out. Candy stepped out on stage as the crowd applauded, her skin-tight gold-sequined dress hugging her curves as a spotlight shone down and glittered across it. Lynne smiled as Candy curled her lips. "Thank you, thank you very much." She giggled into the microphone. "You're all in for quite a treat this evening! We've got some extra special friends in the house tonight celebrating a birthday." The spotlight searched the crowd and Lynne dug her nails into Lucifer's arm as she tried to inconspicuously duck down. Candy chuckled as she looked in the other direction, locking eyes with a woman up front. "Don't worry, babe, I've been sworn to secrecy about revealing your identity. But that won't stop me from dedicating tonight's show to you! So without further ado, I present Fletcher's humble tribute to The King himself!"

The stage lit up and the band began playing 'Viva Las Vegas' as a dozen showgirls made their way onto it, surrounding Candy as she disappeared behind them. Lynne squeezed Lucifer's arm more gently this time and turned to him. "Just when I thought my gifts were over… How'd you know I love Elvis?!"

Lucifer smiled and wrapped his arm around her shoulder as he leaned in to her ear. "You may have let it slip that time I was telling stories about him…"

She kissed him. "You sly devil, you. Thank you so much!" She sat back and enjoyed the show as she finished her next drink, eventually dragging Lucifer into the crowd to dance with her when they played Bossanova Baby. He gave in to her ministrations, and their little bubble filled with glee as they danced and sang along to a few more of Lynne's favorite songs. The stage lights dimmed as Candy moved over to the piano and sat on the lid, the beginning notes of "If I Can Dream" playing softly as the spotlight shone on her.

Lynne gasped. "Oh wow, Lucifer, I have a feeling this is going to be EPIC." She led him back to their booth for a better view, and snuggled into him as Candy began to sing. He kissed her head before resting his chin on it as Lynne stared in awe at Candy. Lynne turned to him and mouthed "she's amazing!", to which he nodded knowingly. He motioned that he was going to grab them another round, and Lynne gave him a haphazard thumbs-up as her mind continued to be blown by Candy's incredible vocal talents.

She stood up and cheered and clapped along with the crowd as Candy took a bow and the applause slowly died down. "Thank you, you're all too kind." The crowd cheered again, and she took another bow before stepping back up to the microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen, it's my greatest pleasure to introduce our special guest." The band began to play 'Devil in Disguise' softly in the background and Lynne smiled as she rolled her eyes. Of course he's gonna perform… "One of my dearest friends, here on a visit from the City of Angels itself, Lucifer Morningstar!"

Lucifer walked onto the stage as the crowd applauded. He hugged Candy as she passed him the microphone and walked off stage. "Thank you, thank you very much." He winked at Lynne as he walked over towards the piano and sat down. "You may recognize my first song, but please don't be disappointed when you do…" He played a few chords that Lynne immediately recognized, as she'd heard them thousands of times at Fenway Park. "I watched Elvis cover it across the strip back in 1970," he said as he played a few more notes. "A little birdie told me the birthday girl is from Boston, and I thought it quite fitting. So here's to you and your bloody Red Sox, darling."

He began to play "Sweet Caroline". Lynne's Bostonian instincts immediately kicked in and she found herself singing along unabashedly, garnering a few raised eyebrows from the tables beside her. Her smile lit up her face as she continued singing, throwing in her extra rounds of "So good!" with pride to her hometown anthem.

Sweet Caroline, good times never seemed so good

I'd be inclined to believe they never would

But now I look at the night, and it don't seem so lonely

We fill it up with only two

And when I hurt, hurting runs off my shoulder

How can I hurt when holding you?

The words of the song suddenly took on a new meaning, and her heart began to swell with a different kind of pride as she sang along to the rest of the song. Lucifer winked at her again as he switched over to "Stuck on You", and she couldn’t help but dance along in her seat as Lucifer crooned about being stuck like glue. The next song he played was "Surrender", and she couldn't tear the smile from her face as his sultry voice washed over her. 

When we kiss my heart's on fire

Burning with a strange desire

And I know, each time I kiss you

That your heart's on fire too

He locked eyes with her, and she nodded and raised her hands in surrender, swaying along as to the music as the background singers joined him for the chorus.

So, my darling, please surrender (Surrender)

All your love so warm and tender (Surrender)

Let me hold you in my arms, dear

While the moon shines bright above

The spotlight fell back on him, and his gaze met hers again as he began the next verse, his voice sending shivers down her spine as he sang.

All the stars will tell the story

Of our love and all its glory

Let us take this night of magic

And make it a night of love

The lyrics immediately brought her back to that magical night on the balcony where she finally allowed herself to fall for him, into him, with him, allowed herself to completely surrender, at least for the night. Her heart almost burst with love as he knowingly smiled at her, and she felt herself surrender all over again.

He switched over to 'Wonder of You' and Lynne raised her eyes up to Heaven. What were you thinking putting such a sappy romantic in charge of Hell? Did you expect him to just croon at people for eternity? She chuckled to herself and her gaze met Lucifer's again as he began to sing.

When no one else can understand me

When everything I do is wrong

You give me hope and consolation

You give me strength to carry on

And you're always there

To lend a hand in everything I do

That's the wonder, the wonder of you

He sang with such heartfelt gratitude, tears began to brim in Lynne's eyes.

And when you smile, the world is brighter

You touch my hand and I'm a king

Your kiss to me is worth a fortune

Your love for me is everything

I guess I'll never know

The reason why you love me like you do

That's the wonder, the wonder of you

He caught her wiping tears from her eyes and he gently shook his head, mouthing  'no crying' as the played the final notes. "I suppose that's enough sap for now, based on some audience reactions…" He chuckled as he adjusted the mic before playing the opening notes of the next song, "Way on Down". A devilish grin ran across his face as the crowd cheered. "I may have given the King some inspiration for this next tune…" Lynne's tears turned to laughter as she pictured Lucifer and Elvis wearing matching white bell bottom suits in a recording studio full of drugs and women.

Babe you're getting closer, the lights are going dim

The sound of your breathing has made the mood I'm in

All of my resistance is lying on the floor

Taking me to places I’ve never been before

The crowd roared  as Candy strode back on stage in a shimmering white evening gown, complete with bejeweled sleeves that attached to dress like wings, flapping and sparkling in the air as she joined him for the chorus.

Ooh and I can feel it

Feel it, feel it, feel it

Way down where the music plays

Way down like a tidal wave

Way down where the fires blaze

Way down, down, way on down

Lynne sat back and enjoyed their duet, smiling at the friendship that shone through as Candy and Lucifer performed. Candy kicked off the next song, "Burning Love", and Lynne couldn't help but laugh as Lucifer channeled his inner Jerry Lee Lewis and kicked back the piano bench as he played. Another pianist soon took over, and Lucifer grabbed the microphone as he joined Candy in the center of the stage and finished the next verse.

Girl, girl, girl, you're gonna set me on fire

My brain is flaming, I don't know which way to go

Your kisses lift me higher, like the sweet song of a choir

You light my morning sky with burning love

He smiled and winked at Lynne as showgirls came flooding back and swirled around him and Candy with fanfare for one Hell of a finale.

Lynne sighed contentedly as she leaned against Lucifer's chest, coming down from her high. They reclined into the sofa as they enjoyed a different type of stargazing by the fire pit on their balcony, the lights of the city below and beyond twinkling and flashing. She entwined her fingers with his as she sighed again. "Thank you again, Lucifer, from the bottom of my heart. This has been hands-down the greatest birthday of my life, and it's all because of you."

Lucifer smiled as he wrapped his arms around her. "You're welcome, darling." He kissed the top of her head as he hugged her. "I hope each and every birthday is better than the last."

Lynne squeezed his arms. "I have a feeling they will be, as long as you're around."

"That's what I hoped you would say, love." He kisses her forehead again as he squeezed her shoulders. "I intend to spend as many with you as possible."

Lynne sighed as she turned onto her side and snuggled into him. "I hate to burst our bubble, but you bring up a point we've never really talked about…"

"We will. Someday. But let's enjoy the here and now a bit more before tomorrow morning approaches and we have to head back to that pesky reality of yours." Lucifer leaned down and brought his lips to her. "I assure you there is nothing to worry about, love. If it's meant to be, it shall be. You know how dear old Dad doesn't like to let anything stop his grand plans…"

Lynne smiled and nuzzled into his chest as he pulled her closer. Wow, he's putting his faith in you now? Talk about the world getting turned upside down… She closed her eyes as Lucifer began stroking her hair, absentmindedly humming his mother's lullaby. He began to sing in a hauntingly beautiful language she had never heard before, and it took her breath away. She pressed her head against him, the words reverberating through his chest and piercing into her soul, filling her with a sense of peace and contentment stronger than she'd ever felt before. She began to hum along as she slowly drifted off to sleep.