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A Dragon's Wants

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“You shouldn't play in the woods!” Terra, a small girl in a threadbare dress screams to the other kids playing on the edge of their camp. “My mom says there's--”

“A dragon?” one of the older boys sneer. He's Shi, two years older than Terra and a big jerk. “That's just a myth they tell us to stay close to camp, you idiot.”

“It's not a myth,” another boy, LoKai defends, swinging a wooden stick like a sword. “But it's not the dragon you should be afraid of. It's the war king. The dragon’s husband.”

Shi freezes, not appreciating being undermined. “Nobody has a dragon for a wife. Plus, the dragon is a boy!”

LoKai shakes his head, insistent. “King Katsuki does! And my grandmother says you should never ever insult his bride. Grandmother says that when a man insulted their babies Katsuki killed him in front of everyone.”

Terra’s eyes widen. Baby dragons! She would like to see those! “The dragon has babies with… a human?”

LoKai scratches his head. “Well, uh... no. I think they were eggs. Grandma says dragon eggs take a long time to hatch. And they have to be in constant fire or something. But these didn't hatch or something.” He shrugs. “Grandma swears you could hear the dragon roaring from here.”

Shi throws a rock at Lokai. “Your grandma’s crazy!”

LoKai pouts. “Is not!” 

“Is too!”

“Is not!”

“Prove it then!” Shi demands, pointing his own stick in LoKai's direction. “Walk into the forest and steal a piece of the dragon's treasure. Bring it back and show us. If you do, I might take back all the things I said about your batshit crazy grandmother.”

Terra squeezes her doll. She knows the boys aren't listening to her but still she says, “Don't do it, LoKai!”

But she knows he will.




Kirishima hums as he gathers another flower. This one is red like his mate's eyes, a beautiful crimson color, and will pair nicely with the yellow and white flowers he's already gathered into a bouquet in his hand. 

His mate has been so grumpy as of late, which isn't surprising considering what time of the year it is.

Council time.

The wonderful time of the year where the other six--scratch that, the other five now--war kings gather to discuss threats, quests, territories…

In other words, it's that time of year where Katsuki has to entertain the others without snapping their heads off.

An impossible feat. Especially with two of the war kings just recently joining territories. Shouto and Izuku, Katsuki's lifelong friend… or enemy, maybe… Kirishima doesn't really understand human relationships. He just knows he doesn't like it when Izuku touches his mate. Not even in greeting.

Kirishima's teeth sharpen in his mouth at the thought. Izuku smells like rosemary. Sickly sweet, stupidly thick. Within seconds of sharing company with the green haired man Katsuki stinks of him.

Kirishima hates it.

So much so that as soon as Kirishima hears the thunderous beat of their horses, he immediately draps himself between Katsuki's legs to stake his claim. 

Mine! He wants to shout into the freckled man's face. My mate! Not yours!

He knows he shouldn't be so possessive. But he can't help it. And Katsuki mostly doesn't seem to mind.

Kirishima turns back to his flowers. Sometimes his mate doesn't mind. Katsuki was a little more irritable this week, for sure though. Kirishima would never say it loud, but Katsuki is clearly sensitive to Kirishima's heat.

With it being the first week of spring, Kirishima’s cycle has just started. It’s due to soon be in full swing, practically crippling him. He'll be useless in a matter of hours, wet and begging for his mate to fuck him endlessly over the next two weeks in between bouts of sleep.

Usually Kirishima would be home, fixing his nest. But he’s actually nervous this time. So nervous that he is absentmindedly avoiding his usual nesting spot and has started pulling out his scales.

Kirishima stays in his hybrid form unless they are actively engaged in battle, a humanoid version of his dragonic self. He still has his dragon horns, much smaller on his temples. His sharp fangs, (again much smaller than the real things) are visible and his tiny claws are always out. His wings and tail are sized better for a human's body, and there are random patches of scales on his skin.

Less scales now thanks to his nervous plucking.

Stop thinking about it. Think about the flowers.

Ah, yes. The flowers. Kirishima doesn't really understand the act of picking flowers. Why do the humans in their camp like them? Sure, they smell nice, but Kirishima finds the things to be bitter when you chew them. Plus the roots get stuck in his teeth.

But Kaminari, the human bard traveling with them, insisted the flowers would help soothe Kirishima's anxiety and help his mate's irritability.

So here he is with a fistful of what is probably weeds.

Too bad he wasn't any calmer than when he walked out here. His skin feels like fire ants are crawling under the surface. His tail keeps flicking on it's own like a cat's.

Kirishima glances down at the flowers in his tight fist. This is enough. It has to be. He doesn't like being away from his tent this close to his cycle. Or this close to Izuku's arrival.

What if he showed up while I was out here?? What if he's doing that weird hand touching thing with Katsuki right now?!

Kirishima's wings snap tight against his back and he takes off running to the camp. Mine!

Thankfully, when he jerks the flaps to their shared tent wide open Katsuki is alone, sitting at his desk. He's pouring over a map of their camp. He looks up at the intrusion, his scowl of rage slowly morphing into a subdued frown.

“Eijirou. Where have you been?”

Kirishima grins at the sound of his mate's voice. Pure honey over soft silk. He skips over to the desk, pulling his bouquet out from behind his back and showing his mate his find with an excited smile.

The clumps of dirt clinging to the roots shake out onto the map and fall to the inked surface.

Katsuki's eyebrow arches. His fingers come up and stroke over one of the crimson petals. “You got me flowers?” He says gruffly.


“...And did you… bite this one?” He asks, plucking the bitter yellow one from the bundle.


Katsuki's frown briefly flashes into a smile. It's way more pleasing than the flower bouquet and Kirishima is breathless when he sees it.

“Come ‘ere.” Katsuki pushes away from his desk and waves a hand to his lap.

Kirishima practically runs over to curl up on Katsuki's strong thighs. He nuzzles his face into the curve of his mate's neck, sighing contently at the warm vanilla smell.

So much better without being polluted by rosemary.

Katsuki sighs into Kirishima's long hair, his lips brushing at the scales on his temple in a kiss. “What's the matter with you, Ei? You've been fucking cuddly all godsdamn week. Plus, don't think I haven't noticed the pile of scales by our nest. Stop pulling on them.” Katsuki scolds.

Kirishima flushes. It's not like he thought he was being subtle, but Katsuki's observation still makes him feel like he's on display. Or that he messed up in some way. But he hadn't been able to stop his fingers from ripping them free.

“So? You gonna answer me or what?”

Kirishima presses his face deeper into Katsuki and mumbles, “‘m nervous.”

Katsuki doesn't need to ask questions. He knows. “Eijirou.” He lets out a sigh. “You need to come to me with this shit. Instead of internalizing it.”

Kirishima pulls back with a pout. “I haven't been internalizing it! I talked to Denki about it!”

“Shit,” Katsuki reprimands goodnaturedly, rubbing a hand through Kirishima's hair. “That idiot is bound to make it worse.”

Kirishima shrugs. Kaminari's advice hadn't really done anything for him. He was still just as fucked up in his head as he was from the start. Fuck.

Tears well in his eyes, and he scrubs his face against Katsuki's shoulder. “I just want to be a good mate for you.” He whispers brokenly, the root of the problem slamming into him without his permission.

Fuck. He just wants to be good for Katsuki.

“Ei. Baby, you are.” Katsuki whispers. His mate doesn't do soft well. Anything that's not anger makes him tear up, like the emotion has to rip down barriers just to reach the surface. Kirishima can hear the thickness of emotion in his throat pressed this close. “Of course you are.”

“I--” He breaks off with a sob. “I… don't want you to leave me.” It's not what he meant to say. He never meant to say that, dammit. But he can't help it, can't help feeling the words ingrained in his body. Not good enough for a king. Useless. Bad mate. Bad matebadmate…

Katsuki pulls back to frame Kirishima's tear stained face with his hot palms. “You got rocks for brains, idiot? Why would I ever leave you?” His thumb swipes over a fresh track of tears. “Is this because of your heat? You being emotional for no reason?”

“...No…” Kirishima wails, hiccuping. “I… the men… they were t-talking. About how if you had a f-female mate--”

Katsuki abruptly stands up, Kirishima’s ass practically slamming into the dirt floor. He growls, very similar to the way Kirishima growls when he's in full dragon mode. His fingers curl around the hilt of the dagger sticking up out of the desk and he pulls it from the wood with a deafening crack.  

Which men, Eijirou.”

Kirishima looks up at with wide eyes. “W-what?”

“Which fucking soon to be dead assholes are talking shit about you?! I will bring you their fucking tongues, Ei. I swear it.” Katsuki drops to his knees in the dirt and pulls Kirishima to him by the nape of his neck. His kiss is rough, more teeth than lips and he breaks away with another snarl. “Tell me who they were, Ei.”

O-oh. Maybe some of this raw emotion was Kirishima's heat because Katsuki looks so good when he's angry. So fierce. It makes Kirishima throb in a good way.

“It's not important,” Kirishima mutters, wiping at his nose, shifting to his knees. Mmm. He even smells better. “It's not worth killing them over that's for sure--”

“Stop. It is. You are their Queen, Eijirou. They will not disrespect you.” Katsuki stands, making like he's going to rush from the tent and start demanding who was responsible right out in the square.

But… “They're right though.” Kirishima admits, ashamed.

Katsuki turns around slowly. “What did you say?”

And… wow. That's really the problem isn't it.

Kirishima tilts his head up, meeting his mate's gaze boldly. “They're right.” He says again, his gut clenching. “You need another mate, Katsuki. A better one. A human female. Someone who… has their respect. Someone who… can give you babies.”

Because Kirishima can't. He's tried, holy Gods, he has tried so hard. But something was wrong with him. His babies hadn't...He… he was such a bad mate. Bad mate badmatebadmate…

His fingers ghost over a patch of scales on his arm. He's a shitty dragon. And shitty dragons don't need scales.

Katsuki bats his hands, stopping him from pulling. “What the fuck are you saying?”

Kirishima flinches. He's never seen his mate so angry. Katsuki is actually vibrating with rage. The dagger handle is smoking in his grip, his magic burning away at the wood. “What the fuck did you just say?”


“Shut the fuck up, Eijirou. Right now. Before you piss me off more. Fuck! You really are dense.” Katsuki opens his fingers, seeing the ruined dagger. He tosses it against the tent wall, and strides back over to Eijirou, his steps kicking up dirt. He picks up his mate effortlessly, slamming his back into one of the wooden supports.

“Oh!” Kirishima gasps out.

“Fucking listen.” Katsuki's hands sear Kirishima's top, burning away the material. Kirishima is a dragon, so the heat doesn't burn him. It's actually kind of pleasant. “I want your brats. No one else's. Ever. I don't give a fuck if my cum plants this time or not, do you hear me? I don't give a shit if it takes another year or ten. Fuck, Ei, it could never happen for us and I would still only choose you.”

Kirishima's bottom lip wobbles. “But the eggs…”

Katsuki softens immediately. He deflates, leaning in to press kisses all over Kirishima. “I know, Ei. I know.”


“Shh. It's okay. It's okay.”

Their eggs…. Their babies...

Kirishima sobs into Katsuki's shoulder as his mate slowly works at the ties on his skirt. Kirishima, not having any experience with babies, had done what his instincts had told him to do. As soon as he had given birth to not one, not two, but three beautiful crimson and gold eggs he had started a blazing fire and placed them inside.

He knew dragon births were rare. He knew that. And still he had let his hopes get the best of him. He’d started to imagine three dragonlings running around the camp with Katsuki's perfect features and Kirishima's sharp fangs and scales.

Why… why had he done that? Why had he named them?

Why?! When it only hurt that much harder when he woke one night to the empty eggs splintering apart in the fire.

He had screamed for what felt like hours. Until he tasted blood. Until his eyes couldn't produce more tears.

Katsuki had held him through it all. Even when he had reached inside the fire and tried to grab the splinters of eggshell. Even when it had burned his human skin.

It made no sense. There had been no reason to take it so hard. His children had never existed. Nothing had happened to them.

They weren't real.

Because Kirishima was a bad mate. Who couldn't even give his mate real eggs.

Kirishima gasps when cool air brushes against his bare skin, dragging him out of his thoughts. Katsuki had shoved his skirt down to the ground, removing the last bit of clothing Kirishima was wearing.

Need and sadness swirls inside Kirishima, a volatile tornado that makes him want to both press closer to his mate and run away to hide. His body fights for the decision to press closer and his legs tighten around Katsuki's waist against his will,  trapping his Alpha mate to him.

Katsuki smiles tightly, leveraging Kirishima against the wooden beam for support as he yanks at the ties on his pants. He's shoves them down his thighs, not even bothering to remove them or his boots, moving them just enough to expose his cock.

All of Katsuki is beautiful. But this part, this special part reserved only for Eijirou is his favorite. His cock is long, proud and thick. Tinged pink and red. It curves upward just slightly, like it knows exactly where Kirishima's slit is and can't wait to be plunged inside.  

Kirishima's shimmery eyes go lusty in the spanse of a second. A wave of pure magic explodes outward, his scent absorbing all the free air in the room until there's only the scent of need.

“Fuck, Eiji.” Katsuki curses, his cock throbbing, clear droplets of precious seed escaping from the tip to dribble down the side.

Kirishima whines, his hands frantically pulling at the fur on his mate's cloak. No! Kirishima rotates his hips with a whimper, trying to sink down on Katsuki's length and not waste a single drop of cum. Need all of it!

Katsuki gives a strained laugh, but he does position Eijirou's slit over the hot tip of his cock. During Kirishima's off cycle, his mate will go slow, spending hours on opening up his tight entrance, making his dragon cum over and over until he's squirting slick onto his mate's hand.

They don't quite manage slow during heat. The magic rolling off Kirishima in waves prevents any wait. Plus, he's already so fucking wet. Just at the mere thought of being fucked full of cum and bred until he's swollen with eggs.  

Katsuki's hands are warm on Kirishima's hips and without warning, he yanks his mate down to meet his thrust, sliding his cock deep inside Eijirou until he's taken every inch. Kirishima groans, his walls clenching down tight at the delicious feeling of being stuffed so full it's hard to breathe.

Ah- K-Katsuki-- shit, I--” He's gonna cum. Fuck, he can't help it. His mate feels so fucking good inside him, stretching him out.

“Do it,” Katsuki snarls, pulling his hips out to slam back inside. He groans at the tight pressure milking his cock, but he doesn't stop his thrusts, fucking into Eijirou deep and hard. “Squirt on my cock, like the good slut you are.”

Drool escapes the corner of Kirishima's mouth, his head lulling to the side. His head slams into the pole, his horns scraping into the wood. He cries out, pulling Katsuki in deeper with his claws.

“Come on,” Katsuki groans. He lifts kirishima easily, turns and walks toward his desk, his belt jingling loose above his boots. He slams Eijirou down on the top of the thing, his dick plunging in deeper by accident, burying all of him inside until his balls slap at the skin of Eiji's ass. “Come for me so I can fill you up.”

Eijirou's head thrashes on the desk, his fangs biting at his tongue as his prostate is slammed into. His cock is leaking precum all over his lower stomach, the rough texture of his scales pleasurable against the bobbing underside.

When Bakugou presses his mouth against Kirishima’s neck, the dragon keens. He's fucking weak for his mate's mouth on his skin. Especially when he bites and sucks, rough enough to leave marks. He drives his hips up, chasing his mate's thrusts. So close…. So close!

Katsuki’s thumb pinches at Eijirou’s nipple. It stings but in a good way, makes his hole clench down on the cock hammering inside him.

“Eijirou,” Katsuki bites out, his hand latching on to a horn and yanking his head to the side. “You want my cum?”

Kirishima's whines through actual tears, his hand frantically shooting down to his cock, grabbing the slippery flesh to stroke up and down. “P-please, my king…”

“FUCK,” Katsuki shouts. Kirishima looks so fucking good under him, chasing his own pleasure. He's quickly coming undone, drooling all over himself, making a fucking mess…. “AGAIN. Fuckin’ say it again.”

“My, ngh, m-my ah!.. king!” Katsuki growls, his fingers wrapping around Kirishima's own hand, pumping his erection in time with his thrusts. Eijirou’s eyes roll back in his head.

Katsuki feels Ei's ass clench down, hears his fucking beautiful scream as hot white cum explodes from his slithering cock. Katsuki squeezes Eiji’s erection tight in his fist, milking what has to be a fucking gallon of cum all over his chest and face. It mixes with the tears and spit already gathered there and Katsuki loses his fucking mind at the picture he paints.

He lets go of Eijirou's cock to grab his hips. He uses his mate like a cocksleeve as he cums deep inside of him, every pulse of his dick making a groan sound from his lips. He buries his mouth against Kirishima's cheeks, tasting the salty mixture on the tan skin, laving at the mess as he empties himself inside.

Panting, Katsuki allows himself a few seconds of afterglow before he pulls out. Eiji whines and immediately curls up, tucking his tail between his legs and using his hand to scoop off the remaining cum on his face and lap it up.

Katsuki pulls up his pants and fastens his belt. He leans down, kissing Eijirou hard on the mouth, before he shifts some papers off the desk for safe keeping. “You want me to clean you up?”

Eijirou shakes his head, not stopping his licking. Like a cat to cream. Of course he doesn't. Of course he wants to leak cum all over Katsuki's desk right before the other Kings arrive.

Katsuki smiles at his mate fondly, stroking his soft hair as Eiji looks up at him with big wide eyes.

Couldn't ask for a better Queen.




“I thought King Mitsuki took the news very well.” Eijirou comments lazily, pulling at the fur on Katsuki's red cloak. He's fucked out (again), exhausted and finally sated for now.

“Yeah, she fucking did. But it's not a fucking surprise. She knew I had a Queen.” Katsuki throws another bundle of sticks in the fire. “Fucking Deku does nothing but gossip to her.”

Eijirou grins. “Yes, but, well. It had to be a surprise to see that your Queen was not only male, but a dragon as well.”

Katsuki shrugs. He didn't really give a fuck. He turns away from the map he's looking over, turning to his mate-- “What the fuck are you doing?”

Kirishima grins from his position on the ground. He's upside down, his feet and ass in the air, held up by his hands on his hips. “Uh, waiting for you to come to bed?”

Katsuki scrubs a hand down his face. “I mean, Why are you like that, Eijirou?”

“Oh!” Eijirou shrugs as much as he's able with his back on the ground. “Mina says this position is guaranteed to “knock me up”. I think it's working too! None of your cum has escaped!”

Katsuki barely stops himself from busting out laughing. “You could just ask for more, Eij--”

Shouts from outside their tent stop Katsuki's words. His men are shouting commands, screaming at each other to catch something. Katsuki jumps over his desk, pulling his knife free as he lunges to his mate.

Just as the tent flap pulls back and something scurries inside.

Katsuki raises his knife, prepared to kill whatever may threaten his mate--




“What the fuck?” Katsuki blurts out.  

Kirishima gives a tiny laugh, rolling forward until he's dropped his hips on the dirt and he's sitting up. His head turns to the side quizzically. “Katsuki,” he says softly. “Is that a human child?”

Katsuki sighs, and sheaths his knife. He bends down and tosses the edge of his cloak over his mate's exposed body. There's nothing he can do for his own exposed chest, but at the very least he can lace up his pants. “Yeah.”

The kid looks terrified, backing away from them like he wants to bolt back out the tent flap. The shouting from outside stops his retreat. He's breathing hard, there's a multitude of scrapes on his thin malnourished body, and he's filthy. A heavy bag weighs him down, but despite that, he raises his chin at Katsuki.

“Hello, human child!” Eijirou says, which can’t be helpful. Seeing a dragon for the first time is probably a lot to begin with, but the eerie way Kirishima's skin is glowing red from the close fire is probably too much for the poor kid.

The boy lets out a gasp. “The dragon queen!”

His mate only grins wider. “Katsuki,” he asks, never taking his eyes off the child. His face is lit up, and his tail thumps against the ground. “I want one!”

The boy pouts, putting his hands on his hips. Still, he meets Katsuki's eyes like he's just another King with an appointment. “My grandmother is not crazy.” He starts.  

Kirishima scratches his temple. Uhhh. “Katsuki?”

Katsuki shrugs. It's not like he has a rulebook for what's going on right now. He also has zero experience with children. He wasn't even good with kids when he was a kid.

Katsuki doesn't remember insulting this punk's grandma, but he guesses it's possible. He insults a lot of people. He bends down, so he's on eye level with the kid. “Did I say your grandmother was crazy?” He tone sounds harsh, but it's an honest question.

The kid kicks his foot in the dirt and he almost drops his hold on the bag. “No. Shi did.”

There's a ripple against the tent wall, a warrior of Katsuki’s, no doubt looking for the kid. But strict orders keep everyone out, no matter what they hear.

(Katsuki would have to blind anyone who saw Eijirou. And blind men are useless fighters.)

“Uh huh. And why did this Shi say that shit?”

Kirishima grins, watching the exchange with a wide smile. He crawls closer to his mate, curling his body around Katsuki's legs. Like the good boy he is, he keeps the cloak in place.

“He doesn't think you have a dragon queen. He said you can't have one of those because you're a boy.”

Katsuki grins. “Did he?”

“He said you couldn't have babies too!” The little boy reaches out and grips Katsuki's hand. “So where are they? And where's his famous treasure?”

Beside him Eijirou whinces, his hand shooting to his stomach to rub circles into his skin. His wings droop, and Katsuki notices. He brushes up against his mate, meeting his tearfilled eyes. “What's your name kid?” He says to the boy, but he's looking down at Ei.


“Alright, LoKai. You go tell Shi that I do.” Katsuki's thumb trails over Ei's lips. “This is my mighty queen, the dragon Eijirou.” he pets Kirishima's hair.

“And the babies and the treasure?”

This time Katsuki whinces. Damn kid.

Eijirou is the one who speaks up this time. “I don't have any babies.” He says sadly. “Not… not yet.” His hand clutches at Katsuki's, his claws curling into his pale skin. “But… maybe soon.”

LoKai frowns. “No babies?”

Eijirou shakes his head.

“Huh.” He purses his lips. “That makes sense.”

Katsuki growls. “HAH?”

LoKai steps back at the frightening look on Katsuki's face. He holds up his hands. “Wait! I just meant, here, my grandma wanted to give you this!” LoKai scrambles to take off the bag on his back.

Katsuki eyes it warily. If this is an elaborate assassination attempt he's gonna be pissed. “What's in the bag, kid?”

“Dragon's breath.” LoKai tosses the bag at their feet. Stems with green berries roll out of the cloth. “It's a flower.”

Kirishima sniffs, a soft sound purring in his throat. He reaches for the berries and before Katsuki can stop him, he shoves the twig in his mouth, stick and all. He moans happily around the plant, reaching for another.

Katsuki slaps at his mate's hand. “Eiji--”

“Let him eat them. My grandma says it'll help. She says she's sorry and next time you're welcome to come see her. She knows lots about dragons. She knows alot about eggs too. About the fire and stuff.”

Eijirou swallows. When he looks up at Katsuki there’s a smudge of green on his lips. “It's dragon food, Katsuki!” He licks it away. “I haven't had something this tasty since I was a whelp.” He eyes the bag. “Is there more?”

LoKai nods. “Yeah, I brought a lot.” He grins, like he was waiting for this opportunity. “I'll sell it to you. Real cheap too. It's all yours for one piece of your dragon's treasure.”




It's been sixteen months since LoKai had stumbled into their camp.

Katsuki traded a hot bath, a large meal, a good night sleep, safe travels home, and yes, some dragon treasure for a bag full of… weeds.

The most valuable weeds in the entire land.

What a fucking deal.

Because of a bag full of weeds Katsuki has running full force through his camp. He jumps over anyone in his way, not even stopping long enough to make sure they're okay. He's sweating, his magics exploding in his hands.

Come on… come on.

Katsuki runs into his tent, panic in his chest as he searches for his mate. Where's Eiji--


Eijirou has his hands in the fire, cradling a stone looking egg in his hands. It's bright red, probably a thousand degrees. There's a thick crack, right down the center of it, and Katsuki's heart lunches in his chest as he looks at his crying mate.

Fuck. Katsuki’s stomach plummets.

They've been here before. They've been here before and survived. They can do it again. They can try again. They can and they will.

But. Katsuki still doesn't know what to say. His throat is raw. “Eiji, baby, it's okay. It's okay.” He approaches slow, his hand outstretched. Fuck, Eiji has to be heart broken right now. The silence is scary. Last time… last time he'd screamed for hours. “I'm her--…..” Katsuki's mouth snaps closed.

Inside the egg, clawing his way out, is a tiny dragon. It's body is soft, not hard scales like Ei has. It's pale, almost blonde, with red tiny spikes down its spine. Katsuki can't hold back his shout of joy. AN ACTUAL BABE.

Eijirou cries openly, fat tears rolling down his face as he helps their baby by breaking the shell surrounding it. Once it's free he draws it out, cradling it to his chest.

While Katsuki watches, it transforms into something mostly human. Sporting ten fingers and ten toes. A chubby face and a head of blonde hair just like his own.

Besides that little feature and it's bright red eyes, the baby is all Eijirou. With two twin nubs on its forehead, a tiny tail wrapped around it's leg, and two soft wings that are way too weak to support anything.

It's gorgeous.

Katsuki goes to his mate's side, offering his finger to the babe, and wrapping his other arm around Ei's waist. “A girl or a boy?” Not that it matters. It's perfect, whatever it is.

Eijirou grins. “A boy. Strong. Like you.”

Katsuki presses a kiss into his Eijirou's hair. A boy. Another fucking king. He laughs, the sound loud. “Like you, you mean, my beautiful queen.”