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Please, don't destroy the dorms again...

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7:27 PM 

Iida Tenya has added Yaoyorozu Momo, Midoruya Izuku, Todoroki Shouto and 15 more to 1-A Hero Course.

Iida Tenya: Good afternoon everyone! Aisawa-sensei asked me to create this chat for the class to be in contact in the case of an emergency or if any of you need help in school matters. Please keep its use only for school matters.

Yaoyorozu Momo: That was very considerate of his, but I'm afraid that some of us will not use this space to school related matters only...


Kaminari Denki  has changed their username to Watts-Up-Sluts

Sero Hanta  has changed their username to Tape-on-Me!

Mina Ashido has changed their username to Alien Queen


Yaoyorozu Momo: See?

Iida Tenya: I have now realize that I made a mistake.

Watts-Up-Sluts: Don't worry, I was a mistake and turned out half decent.

Bakugou Katsuki: According to who?

Watts-Up-Sluts: I'm feeling attacked.

Iida Tenya: Bakugou! That's very un-hero like behaviour, apologise to Kaminari! Kaminari, Sero, Ashido, please change your usernames back, this will only create confusion among our other classmates.

Izuku Midoriya: Come on Iida! I know that this is not school related, but it will be a good way to get to know each other. Especially now that we are all living together!

Iida Tenya: Midoriya you are right! I apologise for my incapability to see such an obvious opportunity to grow closer as a class!

Kirishima Eijirou: Anyone else can see him moving his hands doing the chop movements?


Uraraka  Ochako  has changed their username to Gravibitch

Asui Tsuyu has changed their username to Kermit but Cute

Midoruya Izuku has changed their username to Small Might

Todoroki Shouto has changed their username to Zutara's Son

Tokoyami Fumikage has changed their username to That's so Raven

Shouji Mezo has changed their username to Octomask

Aoyama Yuuga has changed their username to Fashion beacon

Hagakure Tooru has changed their username to Boo

Ojiro Mashirao has changed their username to Ass Hand


Boo: Stop calling your tail an ass hand, it's not funny

Ass Hand: Make me


Iida Tenya  has changed their username to Running

Kirishima Eijirou has changed their username to Hard but soft

Kouda Koji has changed their username to Animals

Satou Rikido has changed their username to Sugar Boi

Jirou Kyoka has changed their username to Bassic

Bakogou Katsuki has changed their username to I'm done

Yaoyorozu Momo has changed their username to MOMo


Watts-Up-Sluts: Now the balance is restored.

Hard but soft: Bakubro why did you got that name?

I'm done: It reflects my opinion about all of this an life in general

Alien Queen: Calm down tokoyami

Tape-On-Me: At least you are not screaming

Hard but soft: Dude...


Kermit but cute: Please, don't fuck up the place, we just got it

Gravibitch: And Aisawa would expel you

Kermit but cute: Yeah, but i'm more worried about the place than about they

Bassic: Same

Hard but soft: Bakubro, please

I'm done: ...

Hard but soft: PLEASE

I'm done: You get to live for now


9:26 PM


Watts-Up-Sluts: Anyone has something left to eat? I'm starving

Bassic: Didn't you eat something for dinner?

Watts-Up-Sluts: No, i was feeling extra lazy so i didn't go down to eat

Running: Kaminari! Being lazy isn't an excuse to not take care of yourself and eat properly. As a hero in training and a teenager you need to get balanced meals to ensure your grow

Running: I'm going to cook something for you, seeing that you seem incapable of it in the moment. Come to the kitchen so you can eat

Watts-Up-Sluts: I'm feeling so blessed right now, thank you so much Iida! <3

Running: If anyone else if feeling hungry let me know so I can cook you something too. You can say it by private message if you don't want the rest to know, for whatever reason you require it.

Small Might: Iida you are an angel to this class <3

Gravibitch: I don't know we would do without you <3

Tape-On-Me: I probably would have died, failed a class or even expeled if Iida weren't here

Boo: That's a mood

Running: Everyone! I'm feeling very honored that you have such a high image of me! I will make sure that that image doesn't get tarnished!

Running: Kaminari, and those how messaged me privately, the food is ready. I'm afraid it would not be a class high meal, but it's nutritious and delicious!

Running: The rest should be ready to sleep, seeing that tomorrow we have a special training session with Aisawa-sensei

Watts-Up-Sluts: Coming!

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5:12 PM


Watts-Up-Sluts: i can believe we trained all day since 6 am

Tape-On-Me: my elbows are on fire, i didnt know they could hurt like this

Sugar boi: Im honestly surprised that Midoriya didn't break anything

Small Might: Satou! That's not that surprising... right?

Gravibitch: I mean...

Zutara's son: Well...

Running: ...

Kermit but cute: Yeah, it is. You broke both legs and one arm in the entrance exam, you literally exploded all finger in both hand and an arm for todoroki, and i dont think i have to remind you of the training camp, do I?

Small Might: I came here to have a good time and, honestly, i'm feeling so attacked right now

Tape-On-Me: Tsu has no chill dude, she just murdered someone

I'm done: What's more surprising is that pikachu didn't get all idiotic in all that time

Bassic: I had my phone ready to record it, but it didn't happened, i was kinda disappointed

I'm done: Oh, believe me, it's always a disappointment when you expect something from him

I'm done: I mean, he can't even feed himself

Hard: but soft: Guys...

Watts-Up-Sluts: Can you please stop guys?


Watts-up-Sluts: Yes i do

Watts-up-Sluts: I know some of you may not believe it but I don't like when you make fun of me

Watts-up-Sluts: it's kinda shitty

I'm done: Do i look like I care?

Bassic: Denki i didn't know that it made you feel that bad, seeing that you also laughed at it

Watts-up-Sluts: I thought it wasn't that bad, seeing all of you laughing at me

Watts-up-Sluts: I thought that maybe i was wrong in feeling bad, but it was the opposite

Watts-up-Sluts: I should have spoke sooner

Bassic: Denki im so sorry

I'm done: Grow up

Watts-up-Sluts: Excuse me?

I'm done: You think anyone here cares about how you feel? You think anyone out there would care when you feel bad or sad?

I'm done: You need to grow up if you wanna be a pro

I'm done: If you're ever one before frying your brain

Watts-up-Sluts: I...



Watts-up-Sluts  has left the chat


Hard but soft: Dude that was uncalled for

Hard but soft: Kaminari was opening to us and you just shot him down

I'm done: What? Don't come here acting so innocent

I'm done: Most, if not all of you also laughed at him and some even caused him to short circuit out of fun

Small Might: It doesn't matter Kacchan, that still was uncalled for and you know it

Alien Queen:  Guys who's gonna check on Denki?

Small Might: If you guys don't mind I'd like to go. I have some experience with bullies and people making fun of me

Small Might: From when i was younger

Tape-on-Me: Do you want us to go with you?

Small Might: Actually, it would be better if only person go. We could easily overwhelm him if he's feeling to bad

Hard but soft: ok ok

Hard: but soft: Thanks dude



5:15 PM


Denki was laying on his bed, his vision blurred because of the tears he failed to repress. They didn't understand. No one did. He was sure most of them felt bad when he told them how he felt, but he still felt hurt at what they did, even if they didn't do it with bad intentions.

A knock on the door stopped his self pity and tensed his body. He didn't want to talk to Ei, Mina or Hanta, he didn't want to even think in Bakugou. He hoped it would be Tokoyami or Shouji, they always helped him after a short circuit when he had a headache. Or maybe Kouda, he invited him to drink tea and play with his rabbit after one of his shittiest short circuits. It could also be Aoyama, that dude didn't want anyone to feel bad about themselves, so he often invited people to his room to put some makeup on them to make them feel pretty.

A second knock on the door, this time with a shy voice asking for him.

"Kaminari, are you okay? I just want to make sure you are safe", Midoriya's voice came as anxious, ir sounded like he was really worried.

Denki went to open the door, forgetting his red eyes and the line that the tears had made on his face. As soon as he opened the door a pair of arms wrapped around him and quiet sobbing come from his chest. Midoriya was crying on his chest, holding him as he were gonna break if he left him go. Midoriya forced him to walk a few steps back into the room and closet de door with a leg. He let him go but his crying didn't stopped.

"I'm sorry I was worried about you... and remembered other things. I was afraid that you may have done something... to yourself", Midoriya answered the question Denki didn't asked.

"What? Why would I...", he didn't finish the sentence, he used to do it, but not anymore.

"Because... that's what I did when Kacchan treated me bad", the confession caught him off guard.

He understood so many things about Midoriya right now. His constant state of fear and awkwardness around Bakugou, the way he would just throw himself at the danger without thinking about himself... He was a suicidal bullied kid, just like Denki was when he was younger. He hugged Midoriya and caressed his head and both cried a little more. They sat on Denki's bed and Midoriya told him everything, how Bakugou and him used to be best friends until Bakugou got his quirk, how Bakugou treated him like shit, how he isolated him, how he told him to kill himself, all of that just because he was quirkless at the time. He told him of that while both of them cried.

"Kacchan doesn't know when to stop at teasing people", Midoriya had a bitter smile on his face.

"That's not teasing, that straight up bullying", Denki had a bitter taste in his mouth, what Bakugou did made him sick.

"What about you? Did you get bullied when you were a kid too?"

Denki swallowed hard and hesitated. It was hard just to remember it, but telling it? It was going to be hell. He inhaled deep and prepared himself to tell.

"A few years ago, when I still didn't have full control of my quirk, I would short circuit randomly, especially if I was stressed or anxious. People would laugh at me a lot, called me a lot of things and took pictures and videos. Except one dude, my best friend. We were so close, he got a cool quirk that let  him create a force field around him so he was never hurt by my sudden outburst. He was the best...", Denki stopped for a moment, he didn't want to remember the next, but Midoriya kept staring at him, expecting.

"Was? What happened to him...?", Midoriya spoke on a whisper, almost sounded afraid.

"They started to bullying him and he decided that it was better to stop... dating and being friends...", Kaminari stopped and looked at Midoriya, he was expecting a comment, a joke, even a hurtful remark, but nothing came out of the lips of the boy in front of him.

"Something happened?", Midoriya looked worried, as if he had done something to upset him.

"Don't you have anything to say about it? That i'm gay?", Kaminari asked in a whisper still afraid of saying it out loud.

"There's nothing to say. You can't choose who you love. I'm bisexual. I hope that gives you some confidence, you are not the only one here that's not straight", Midoriya reach to his hand, caressing the finger slowly.

"Yeah, i know, but after Tokoyami came out to everyone and what Mineta did...", he still remembered how Tokoyami asked them to stay in the common room because he had an "announcement" to make, and how Mineta started to yell slurs at him and called a rapist and an abomination. Iida himself took the grape to Aisawa and finally he got expelled.

"What he did was inexcusable and he deserve everything that happened to him", the tone Midoriya used surprised Denki, it was serious and calmed like the tone he used when training.

"I was afraid of come out after that. That anyone thought the same as Mineta but won't say anything because Aisawa would expel their asses. But with all the bullying and teasing they did... I'm not sure if I feel safe enough around them to be myself. They already bully me because of my short circuits, and that's something I can't control...", tears began to pile up on his eyes, he didn't wanted to cry, not in front of Midoriya.

He felt Midoriya's arms around his body. He was hugging him. He didn't make fun of him for being sensible, he didn't ignore him. He hugged him. He cried in Midoriya's arms until he had no tears left. Midoriya only embraced him and cried a few tears, waiting for him to feel better. Denki didn't know how much time had passed until his phone started vibrating with messages from his classmates, same as Midoriya's.

"Looks like we spent a few hours crying and talking", Midoriya said with a laugh and put back his phone.

"We need to say something to Aisawa-sensei.", said Kaminari determined, " Bakugou is going to far and if Mineta can get a punishment so can him"

"I don't think that would be good, at least you can talk to him. My stuff was long time ago and your isn't...", Midoriya tried to excuse himself but was too nervous to form more coherent sentences.

"Midoriya, please", Kaminari took his hand making them both blush. 

"Okay, we can talk to him about... all", Midoriya said looking as both their hands.

"Yeah, lets go now", Kaminari rushed him.

Both of the teens left the room blushing and trying to hide their embarrassment. They needed a clear head to talk to Aisawa

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9:36 PM


Small Might  added Watts-Up-Sluts to the chat 1-A Hero Course


Hard but soft: BRO! ARE YOU OKAY?

I'm done: finished mopping?

Watts-up-Sluts: Listen Bakugou, I know that you probably don't care about any of us. And that to you, you are the only one that matters

Watts-up-Sluts: But we also feel and care about others. And we want to feel safe around people we care about

Watts-up-Sluts: And i'm sorry to say this, but after today I don't feel safe with you here. I talked to Aisawa-sensei and he's waiting at the common room for both you and Jirou.

I'm done: The fuck did you said to him?

Basic: Ok, im going. Again, im so sorry

Watts-up-Sluts: He also said that Bakugou should be removed temporarily from the group chat until his punishment is finished

Running: Aisawa-sensei informed me of the situation and i comply.


Running  has kicked I'm done from the chat 1-A Hero Course


Bassic: Why not me?

Small Might: Your punishment is less severe

MOMo: Punishment? Is it gonna be severe?

Watts-Up-Sluts: i have no idea, sorry momo

MOMo: It's ok. But I think most of us should be punished too. He all laughed at you sometimes

Watts-up-Sluts: dont worry. I know that you didn't do it with bad intentions

Small Might: We still have one thing left to say, right Kaminari?

Watts-Up-Sluts: I'm gay

Small Might: I'm bi

Fashion beacon: I'm fabulous

Kermit but cute: I'm a frog

Small Might: Guys, please. This is serious

That's so Raven: I see that i'm not the only one that is an "abomination", in the words of a bastard

Running: Tokoyami!

Octomask: He was just lighting the mood

Alien Queen: Anyone who likes the opposite sex say something or you would be assume gay

Ass Hand: im bi

Animals: Im asexual

Sugar Boi: I don't know what i am? like, i think im bi but never felt really into anyone

Fashion beacon: We will support you no matter what you are

Alien Queen: 1-A is acceptance culture

Boo: Mood

Kermit but cute: Anyone else or are we just gay?

Boo: Bi

Running: Same as Satou, I think

Gravibitch: Bi

Hard but soft: Dman, we are a lot of gays

Tape-On-Me: Dman

Kermit but cute: Dman

Gravibitch: Dman

Small Might: Dman

Hard but soft: ok i get it


Tape-On-Me to Hard but soft


know what happened to blasty?

he got suspended and cant communicate with midoriya nor kaminari. If he tries anything kaminari's dad and midoriya's mom are suing

damn, just for the bullying? i mean is something serious but Jirou didn't got suspended right? And what does midoriyas mom has to do with everything?

its serious, apparently, he bullied midoriya a lot when they were kids. he even told mido to kill himself

fuuuuukc dude



that means that mido rat him out?

dont say it like that


looks like it

are you gonna talk to mido? he got ur bf suspended? like aint that bad?

im angry at katsuki, mido didnt do nothing wrong so i cant get angry at him

katsuki did all that shit and he deserves the punishment

and what about denki?

are we gonna talk to him?

he seemed pretty hurt at blasty

I dont know. he is right tho. what Katsuki did was pretty shitty


so you think we should talk to him about still being friends

we kinda need to if we still want to be a group


2:56 AM

Watts-Up-Sluts to Small Might


u awake?


It's too late to stay awake, you should be sleeping

i could say the same 2 u


No comments

Why are you awake at this time?

i cant sleep rn


i think i did something stupid


Kaminari? Are you okay? What did you do

I took more pils than i should hav

Pills? What pills?

my antidrepesseanfa


my feel good pills

i took them to stopfeeling bad

and i was feeilng soooooo bad tonught

i dont knw why i did it

Kaminari that's extremely dangerous!

You could have died

I'm coming over to take you Aisawa and/or Recovery Girl


izuku dot be lke that

it was just 2 xtr pils

da pils r stronk af

I'm still worried Kaminari

i knw

an cal me denki pls

my frieds cal me denki

and u r my friend


Stop taking the pills and wait for me

I'm going to be there in a minute

I going to make sure you are okay

I need to change my pajamas

coem jst like dat dude

im feeling bad

i knda need some1 else here

Ok ok

I'm going


3:00 AM


Izuku went outside of his room. The hallway was empty, most of his classmates, if not all of them, should be sleeping right now. He made his way to Kamina... Denki's room without interruptions. He knocked on the door three times and Denki opened the door with sleepy eyes. Izuku was glad that it was Friday, because doing this when he had school at the other day would be unacceptable. Denki took his hand and pulled him inside his room to then hug him. Izuku blushed deeply at the situation. He got out of his to visit the room of his friend in the middle of the night and the were hugging.

"Denki you're hurting me a little", Izuku pushed him slightly away to break the hug, but stayed close to him (maybe too close)

"Sorry dude", Denki got the biggest smile as get move his hand to grab Izuku's, "thanks for coming"

"It's nothing". Denki lost balance and almost fell, but Izuku catched him, "You need to lay down"

"I will, but stay here, I need a distraction from my thoughts", Izuku help Denki lay on his bed.

"I will stay by your side until you don't need me to", Izuku gave the blond a reassuring smile and laying besides him.

"Thanks Izuku", he said, looking directly at Izuku's lips, "Can I kiss you?"

"What?!", Izuku almost fell out of bed.

"I always wanted to kiss you. You are pretty", Denki said with a tired smile and tired eyes.

"You... you really think i'm pretty?", Izuku avoided Denki's eyes.

"You are. Can I?", Denki got closer to Izuku, but didn't kissed him.

"Yes", Izuku united their lips in a tender kiss. His first kiss.


Chapter Text

9:56 AM


Running: Everyone! Please make your way to the common room!

MOMo: Aisawa said he has an announcement to do


10:21 AM


Running: Who's missing?

Octomask: Fumikage is sick, he spent the night in the infirmary, so he's not here right now

Tape-On-Me: Kirishima went to Bakugou's house in the morning, he would come back around 6

Gravibitch: Deku is not here, neither is Kaminari

Fashion beacon: I'll go get Izuku! Iida darling, can you go get Kaminari?

Running: Immediately!

Kermit but cute: Midoriya is always up in the morning, this isn't like him at all?

Alien Queen: Denki usually wakes up at 9 or 10 so this is also weird

Fashion beacon: Les amis, Izuku is not in his room, the door wasn't locked

Gravibitch: Maybe a villain took him?!

Fashion beacon: There are no signs of struggle and the windows are locked

Octomask: Someone tell sensei, i'll go outside to see if i can detect something out of the ordinary

Bassic: I'll help you 

10:23 AM

Tenya ignored the vibration of his phone while the elevator took him to third floor. Kaminari's room was next to his. He knocked on the door three times and called Kaminari's name. The blond didn't answer.

"Kaminari! I understand the need of sleep and privacy, but I'm afraid that I need to wake you up! And for that I need to enter your room now!", he knocked on the door three more times and tried to open it.

Surprisingly for Tenya the door opened. He needed to scold Kaminari for the risk that carried to sleep with your door unlocked, especially as a hero. He would have done that if it wasn't for the scene inside Kaminari's room. Midoriya, on top of Kaminari, hugging him like his life depended on it. Midoriya's head rested on Kaminari's chest, both of them look at peace. He debated with himself is he should interrupt that sweet moment, but his duties came first.

"Kaminari, Midoriya!", his scream wake both of them.

"What? Iida what are you...?", Midoriya stopped when he realized that he was on top of Kaminari, his face going red.

"Aisawa has an announcement. Dress up and come down stairs", he turned around and left the room with his face still red.


Running: I found Midoriya


Running: Sleeping on top of Kaminari, in Kaminari's room. I need a minute to process

Kermit but cute: Damn they are fast to get on it


Ass Hand: I dont know, sounds like you were detroit smashed last night

Boo: More like virginia smashed

Alien Queen: i cant believe denki and mido were the first ones to stop being virginias

Watts-Up-Sluts: volt of you to assume i was virgin before last night


Running: Please, tell me you used protection

Small Might: We didn't do anything like that!

Watts-Up-Sluts: dont worry, i used a helmet



10:35 AM

 Jiruo came back inside with Shouji after reading Iida's message. Inside, people whispered about Kaminari and Midoriya. There was a sudden increase in talking and both Midoriya and Kaminari appeared in the common room. Midoriya using some of Kaminari's clothes and bare foot, both of them extremely blushed. She wanted to crack a joke, but didn't felt it was right after she made Kaminari felt that bad, even though she didn't knew.

Iida and Aisawa looked at them with disappointment while they joined the group to hear the announcement.

"As you know, there's a spot available in the class for someone of another class to come in. After a lot of deliberation and discussions with Vlad King I decided to bring someone from General Studies to the class. You probably remember him, Hitoshi Shinsou. He will bring his stuff later so I hope that some of you help him to move in. He will be in the fifth floor. That's all", he ended his announcement and left the dorms.


11:43 AM


Eijiro shook Midoriya's shoulder to grab his attention. He was talking with his group of friends and his... boyfriend? He didn't know what what his deal with Denki, but that's why he was going to talk to him.

"Can we talk in private? I need to talk to you about something", Denki threw him a weird look and just shrugged. 

"Oh, yeah, sure Kirishima", he followed him outside the dorms, just to the entrance but away from other people.

He gathered his thoughts. There was so much that he needed to talk about with Mido.

"There are some things I want to talk about with you, Midoriya. The first one is to apologise. I'm sorry for the way Bakugou treated you and your boyfriend, even if he wasn't your boyfriend a the time...", Mido stopped him.

"Denki's not my boyfriend. There's a lot that we have to talk about before we enter a relationship with each other", Kirishima nodded and tried to continue speaking, but we had nothing else to talk about, what Midoriya said had answered all he had to ask.

"Ok, then... that would be all...", he said a little embarrassed.

"Ok, see you later then"

"Wait! Can you ask Kaminari, Sero and Ashido to come here? I want to talk to them"

"Sure, no problem", Midoriya smiled at him and went inside.

Midoriya nodded and went inside the dorms again, without waiting for him.


12:46 PM


That's so Raven to Kermit but cute





You know that you don't have to write that, right?

I do


What's wrong, Tokoyami?

I don't want to sound aggressive or anything


But most of the time you talk by messages when you have something to ask

You usually prefer face to face to common talks

No problem Asui, your honesty is one of the things I talked to you in this situation

I need help with

Romantic matters

You could say

You like someone, don't you?


Is it Shouji?

Am I that obvious?

A little bit


He's the only one you talk to on a daily basis and share a lot of time together

Honestly, some of us thought you two were together

Especially after you came out to us

Do you think I have a chance? I'm not particularly handsome, am I?

I'm afraid to tell you this


You have a bird head

And not a lot traditionally handsome people have one, as far as I know

I know that Asui

But do you think Shouji would reject you based on appearance?

Again, I hope I don't sound aggressive, but no one has seen his full face and most of us have an idea of why

He's afraid that some of you would treat him differently -or even fear him-  when you see his full face

It's not a common face, i'm afraid, and he already had experience with people reacting bad at him

But I think his fears are no longer justified



Wait, have you seen his face?

Of course

We are friends

Then tell him you like him


If your friendship seems that big to let you watch him without his mask then it can be that he likes you back

I'm not entirely sure i follow your logic

You and Uraraka seem closer than Shouji and me

But you are not interested in each other romantically



Good luck with that



Btw where are you? Are you still in the infirmary?

No, I'm found myself stuck outside the dorms

Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero and Ashido are crying while hugging and I don't want to interrupt

Come to the side of the building, I can open a window for you

I really appreciate that, Asui

Chapter Text

3:41 PM


Alien Queen: gays im bored

MOMo: Don't you mean "guys"?

Alien Queen: Did I hesitated? 

Tape-On-Me: She won't hesitate... Momo!

Kermit but cute: That's not how the vine goes

Tape-On-Me: yea but i dont want to call momo a bitch, even as a meme

Small Might: GAYS!

Gravibitch: Welp, it already spread

Small Might: Let's add Shinso to the group chat!


Small Might  added Shinso Hitoshi to the group


Shinso Hitoshi: Hello, i'm kyle and if you dont pass the monster ill punch your wall

Running: Great, another one

Tape-On-Me: i love it

Sugar Boi: if anyone wants to eat their worries away im going to bake a cake to celebrate the new purple boy

Shinso Hitoshi: Wait, is this class 1-A?

Watts-Up-Sluts: you didnt know what was the chat about? and you sent that as your first words?

Shinso Hitoshi: I function on caffeine and bad decisions, i dont think, i just act

Zutara's Son: yeah, you look like you dont sleep a lot, like another person we know...

Small Might: oh no, here we go again


Shinso Hitoshi changed their username to Eraser Jr


Zutara's Son: I wasn't expecting that

Eraser Jr: What? We kinda look alike, and he helped me train

Eraser Jr: We are like mido and All Might

Gravibitch: You just fucked up


4:12 PM


Zutara's Son: And that's why i think Izuku's dad is All Might

Octomask: That was weird 

 Animals: You talked about that theory of yours for almost half an hour...

Fashion Beacon: Even Kouda is shocked

That's so Raven:  Even Speedwagon is afraid

Octomask: Toko, stop with the Jojo references

That's so Raven: But they have their one Dark Shadows like

Ass hand: Aren't they muscular and homoerotic?

That's so Raven: So?

Ass hand: No shade, but you have less muscle than Kaminari

Boo: Yo, we just witnessed a murder

That's so Raven: it's true but you shouldn't say it

Octomask: I can help you train to gain some muscle, if you want to

That's so Raven: i'll think about it, thanks shoji


Kermit but cute to That's so Raven


Do it you useless gay


But true


7:21 PM

Eraser Jr: Everyone, thanks again for helping me move in

That's so Raven: You know what we should do?

Octomask: What?

Boo: What?

Ass Hand: What?

Alien Queen: we should get drunk!

That's so Raven: ...

That's so Raven: yes

Running: Everyone! This is unherolike behavior! And let me remind you that we are minors!

Zutara's Son: k, already ordered the alcohol

Gravibitch: how

Zutara's Son: girl im rich

Zutara's Son: and son of a pro

Zutara's Son: i could ask for a human and they would ask me

Zutara's Son: alive? age? sex?

MOMo: Shoto! Stop, you're scaring the kids!

Zutara's Son: Ok, that was a joke

Zutara's Son: I asked a dude from support that owns me a favor

Running: Is anyone actually reading what i type or should i just give up?

Small Might: Iida, we love you, but give up

Chapter Text

9:21 PM

 Izuku was nervous. No, he was nervous on a daily basis, now, he was on the verge on a crisis.

"Can I go to your room? We need to talk"

He answered with only a "yes". Denki said that he would be there in a minute, a minute that Izuku spent overthinking what could possibly be that Denki wanted to talk about. A knock on the saved his sanity. Denki was here.

"Hey", Denki gave him a smile as he entered the room, sitting on a chair near the desk.

"You want to talk about something?", Izuku sat on his bed.

"Yes... It's about the other night", Denki's words set a tense silence in the room.

Izuku stayed quiet, he'd decided to let Denki do most of the talking.

"I want to thank you for being there for me and not ratting me out to Aisawa for the pills", he stood up and hugged Izuku.

"Oh, no problem about that. I think that was the most beneficial way for both of us. But, if that happens again, i'm telling Aisawa", Izuku wasn't joking about that.

"Yeah, yeah. And... also I wanted to tell you that all I said was the truth. I like you, in a romantic way", Izuku sighed, relieved.

"I... I like you too, in the same way"

"Can... can i kiss you again?", Denk smiled and got closer to Izuku.

"Never ask me that again, just do it"

They joined their lips in a passionate and clunky kiss, unike their first one. This one filled with lust and need. Away were their worries of being gentle, they both needed to kiss and grind against each other. And they were planning to spent the next few hours doing it.


9:23 PM


Meanwhile, downstairs, where no sexual tension was being freed, Shoto sat on the couch, scrolling through his apps while waiting for the guy from support. He told everyone that he would arrive late, but he was expecting at least before nine o'clock. Eijiro opened the door and entered the building, holding a few black bags.

"Hey, Todoroki! A guy asked me to give you these bags, it looks like alcohol, but I don't think..."

"Thank All Might, I thought we would party without alcohol and that would've been a tragedy"

He took the bags from Eijiro and went to place them on the table. He checked that everything was there and gave a nod of approval.


Zutara's Son: Gays, lesbians and everyone queer

Zutara's Son: The alcohol is here


A few minutes later almost everyone was there. Tenya had sent a message saying that anyone not comfortable with the presence of alcohol could stay in their room and would not be bothered. Koji said he would rather stay in his room, as did both Hanta and Rikido. Kyoka and Fumikage were in charge of the music, with Eijiro stepping in once in a while to stop the music from going full emo. Tenya was near the beverages and stood there with a stern look, saying to anyone that were there that they should be careful with how much they drink. The rest were dancing of talking of eating some snacks. Ochako was a lightweight, so she was the first one to get drunk, charging herself on Tsu for balance (and maybe to hug the frog girl).

"Hey, where's Denki?", Eijiro asked Mina when they were dancing, the blond was nowhere to be found.

"Wait, you haven't seen him too?", Mina pulled Eijiro's hand and left the common room in direction to the elevator.

She pushed Eijiro inside and told him to find Denki and that he couldn't come back until he did. Eijiro rode the elevator until the third floor and went to Denki's door. He knocked on the door and called for Denki, but got nothing in response. He tried again, and a third time, but it looked like Denki wasn't there.


Hard but soft: Gays, Denki is not in his room. Is he down there?

MOMo: No, he's not here. Neither is Midoriya. Maybe they are in Midoriya's room?

Hard but soft: Right! thanks momo!


He went to the elevator and rode down, to the second floor. He went to Midoriya's door but something stopped him from knocking. A sound.


"Izuku, stop... please... i can't...", followed by a moan.


That was Denki's voice. Eijiro's face got as red as his hair, he covered his mouth to suppress a scream. Denki and Izuku were... doing it. He heard another moan and decided that it wasn't worth it, and came back to the elevator. He pulled out his phone and tried to think of an excuse for the guys.


Hard but soft: They were in Midoriya's room. They were talking about something private it seems, they stopped talking when I knocked on the door

MOMo: Are they going to come down later?

Hard but soft: I don't know, but I would not count with it


He went down to the common room and continued to dance and enjoy with the rest of the class. Maybe that would help erase the mental image of Denki and Izuku fucking, and maybe that would help to calm the boner in his pants.


Chapter Text

11:21 PM

The party was and wasn't getting out of control. Tenya couldn't describe it, but even though the music was low and nobody was screaming he felt chaos in the air. Like when Kaminari paced around with a grin on his face, waiting for the victim of a prank to fall for it.


"What's up, party boy?", a voice behind him caught his attention.


Shinso, his new classmate, was behind him, with a plastic cup in his hand and a grin on his face. He didn't look drunk, but Tenya had little to no experience knowing if people were drunk or not, maybe he should observe his classmates to learn about...


"Hey! I don't care how hot you look stop ignoring me!", Shinso moved his hand in front of Tenya's face.


Tenya snapped back to reality, ignoring Shinso's compliment.


"I'm sorry, I was lost in thought. I was just wondering..."


"Something about recognizing drunk people?", Shinso took a long sip of his cup and left it on the table.


"Yeah, how did you...?"


"You also mutter, like Midoriya, but not as much", Shinso reached and took his hand, pulling away from the table,". I can show you some examples of drunk people and you can spill some tea about them"



"Wow, you are the weirdest gay I met. Gossip, secrets, that's tea", Shinso pointed to Ashido and Kirishima, both of them dancing, Ashido clearly drunk and Kirishima clearly uncomfortable.


"Oh, Ashido and Kirishima. Both promising heros, but they should work harder in school matters", Tenya commented as "tea".


"Well, the girl is a stripper drunk, see how she keeps trying to take of her blouse?, stripper drunks always dance and get almost naked. Thank god that dude is decent and isn't taking advantage of that, and he's actually not letting her get naked. That's hot", Shinso pulled Tenya away to another small group nearby.


"Uraraka, Asui, Hagakure and Todoroki. Nothing much to say about them, all good students and future heroes"

"Well, the brunette is hot for the frog girl and she's a drunk touchy lesbian. They also come is gay flavor. They are usually not harmful, unless the target is also drunk or alone. They get all touchy and sweet, usually saying things like "you're my best friend" and will try to kiss you", he took him to the kitchen, when there were two people hugging.


"Tokoyami and Shouji?", Tenya whispered afraid that the intrusion would be poorly received.


"Birb guy is a crying drunk. They get emotional and spill everything they feel. They are usually really quiet about their personal life, so it kinda make sense for them to bottle up their feelings", they left while Shouji tried to make Tokoyami stop crying.


"So... that's all the examples that I can see here, the rest are either not drunk or can control themselves when they drink", Shinso went to the table and serve himself another cup.


"What about you?", asked Tenya once they came back to the table with the drinks.


"I'm a honest drunk. I get drunk and forget to filter my words", he served himself another cup.


"Oh, that's why you said I was... hot?"


"Hell yeah, dude. Your muscles are hot and I just wanna be crushed by those thighs, It would be an honorable death. You could take me out any day, any time"


"Like in a date or killing you?"


"Surprise me, hunk"


"I... thanks, but i'm not gay. At least that's what I think...", Tenya tried to explain himself but could not find the right words.


"Oh, sorry dude, I must had look pretty predatory", Shinso's face got completely red.


"Don't worry, I still figuring things on my own, so if turns out i'm gay or bi or any sexuality that involves dudes, I'll take you out"




"Who wants to play truth or dare?!", Ashido screamed when the music got lower, surprising a lot of people.


Must of them agreed, either out of boredom or for wanting to play the game. They sat on a circle rounding a table. The rules were simple, they pull a paper with a name out of a hat, courtesy of Yaoyorozu, and that person would be answering the dreaded question. Mina pulled a paper and slowly opened, putting must of the presents at edge.


"Tokoyami!", she announced.


"Very well, i choose... dare", a small smirk formed.


"Uhhh, okay, okay. Gays i need help!", Ashido, clearly drunk, couldn't think of a good dare.


"I know,", said Shinso, "hug the most attractive person to you"


A chorus of "uhs" filled the room, and Tokoyami threw Shinso an angry look.


"Does it really has to be that?"


"It's either that or going to the roof and pretend you are a roaster."

"I feel that that is racist in some way", said Yaoyorozu as a comment.


He stood up with a sigh and went to Shouji.


"I'm sorry that this is the way you must found out about this", he made a small bow and quickly hugged Shouji and went back to his place. Suddenly, Dark Shadow emerged from his back and surrounded him, leaving only his beak to be seen.

"He's feeling self conscious right now, give him a minute", Shouji explained with a small laugh.


The game continued, with a lot of the truths and dares being about attraction and love. Must people didn't have a crush on someone of the class, of in anyone at all. The ones that did got lucky that must people were too drunk to care or were considered enough to not make a fuss about it. The music got quieter, getting to be just a whisper or ambient noise, letting all the drunk and not so drunk people talk. At the end of the night, when the music was off they all sat in a circle, talking about anything that came to mind, a lot of people cuddling with each other in groups. Tokoyami got separated, saying he didn't appreciate a lot the physical contact with multiple people. Shouji, on the hand got closer to him, ending both of them cuddling alone.


And a certain purple new kid got cuddled by his dream guy, both of them falling asleep together, like the rest of the class.

Chapter Text

8:30 AM


A new day is here! A new day is here! A new day...


Izuku stopped his alarm, but he was feeling more tired than usual. He usually got up early for his morning run. He let out a groan and turned around, without opening his eyes. His body felt sticky in embarrassing places and his back hurted like hell. The room smelled weird, a mix of sweat, dirty laundry and...


The memory of last night came to him like a truck. He had sex. He had in that room. He had sex in that room with Denki. He tried to think how to get out of that situation.  Maybe he could jump out of the window...


"Zuku? You awake?", Denki's voice came from his right and soon, his arm was on top on his chest.

"Goo... good morning, Denki", he tried to play it cool, to not sound nervous.


Denki opened his eyes and smiled to Izuku. He moved closer to him and gave him a small kiss on the check. "How are you feeling?"


"I... I... Why aren't you freaking out?", Izuku thought about last night, that was his first time.


"Why would I?"


"We... we... we had sex. It was my first time and..."


"It was mine too. Was it... was it bad?", Denki got pale.


"No! No, is not that. You were... pretty good...", Izuku's face got red, ". Is that, it was such an important moment and... I'm kinda freaking out because we took such a big step so early in the relationship and..."


"I'm not freaking out because it was with you", Izuku felt his heart skip a beat.


They both hugged and kissed. Izuku calmed himself and relaxed. They talked a little about what they did and how they felt. Izuku got out of bed, saying that he needed a shower. Both of them needed it, but Denki wanted to keep sleeping. Izuku finally got him out of bed and both of them went to shower.


9:12 AM


Fumikage was sleeping when he heard the noise of boiling water. He moved a bit, feeling warm and still tired. He felt someone caressing his feathers, but for some reason it didn't bother him. He let out a sigh and buried his face in the weirdly shaped pillow he was using.


"Oh my god, that's so cute", he heard Hagakure and other people murmuring.


He slowly opened his eyes and the first thing he say was Mezo. His body got stiff, he slept on top of Mezo...


Mezo looked at him and... smiled? Fumikage didn't knew certainly, but his mask moved a little and his eyes looked like he was smiling.


"Good morning", the multi-arms teen said, letting him go.


"Good morning", Fumikage stood up quickly and looked around.


A few of his classmates were already awake. Hagakure, Ojiro, Shinso and Iida were sitting around the common room, Midoriya, Kaminari, Sato and Yaoyorozu were on the kitchen, the rest were either asleep or in another place.

"I'm sorry if I bothered you", Fumikage bowed, his beak getting crimson out of shame.


"Don't worry, it was nice. I slept really well", Mezo stood up, his huge muscled body towering over Fumikage's.


"Everyone! Breakfast is ready!", Sato announced to the rest of the class.


"Come, let's eat something", Mezo took Fumikage's hand with his and walked to get some breakfast.


They all ate breakfast in peace, some of them commenting on the activities of the precious night to those who were absent. A few jokes were threw around but no one really delved on the romantic sides of the activities. Kyoka asked to talk to Denki in private, both of them left the common room.


"I just want to apologize formally. I regret all the things i said to you, it wasn't my intention to make you feel bad", Kyoka got tears in her eyes.


"Hey, hey. It's okay. I think it's better to just leave it in the past and learn from it. I will speak up when I feel bad and you will avoid making those comments", Denki blinked fast, trying to avoid the tears that were forming.


They hugged and wiped their tears. Both of them got inside, they were getting hungry.


11:47 AM


"Fumikage, can we speak before you go back to your room?", Mezo asked with a small bow.

"Of... Of course, Mezo", Fumikage started panicking, his heart beating like crazy.


They sat in the common room, it was empty. Most of his classmate went back to their rooms, to sleep a little more, taking advantage of the weekend. Midoriya convinced Kaminari to join him and Kirishima in the gym for some training, Iida decided to join too, so did Uraraka and Hagakure.


"What did you want to talk about?"


"Do you want to go out with me?", Mezo said in almost a whisper.


Fumikage was out of words. He thought it was a prank or just a misunderstanding. But Mezo would never prank with something like this, he would only say it if he was sure about it...


"I would gladly accept your invitation, Mezo", he pulled himself together just enough to not scream his answer.


"Tokoyami, Shouji. Do me a favor and bring everyone here", Aisawa interrupted them, neither of them heard him enter the common room.


They went to gather everyone, Shouji getting the girls and Tokoyami the boys. Aisawa made himself  a cup of coffee while he waited. A few minutes later the entrance of the building opened and the problem child with his group of friends entered. He asked them to stay there for a quick announcement and they complied. After a few minutes the last members of the class appeared and joined the group.


"If anyone is wondering, yes, I already know about your party yesterday. Iida asked for permission to play loud music until past midnight. I came here to advise you to avoid drinking alcohol while you are minors and in the hero course", everyone tensed around the place, except those who weren't in the party ". Or... at least avoid uploading pictures to social media where you have teachers added. Understood, Ashido?"


Without another word he left.


3:23 PM


Small Might: It looks like everyone really had a good time last night

Watts-Up-Sluts: Mina where do you uploaded the pictures?

Alien Queen: I think i uploaded to instagram

Alien Queen: Fuck midnight follows me there

MOMo: But we can't deny that it was a good party

Eraser Jr: yeah, got myself cuddled by a hunk til dawn

That's so Raven: same

Watts-Up-Sluts: same

Fashion Beacon: Oh? Did something happened last night, Izuku? Something you aren't telling us?

Ass Hand: yeah, you guys never got down to the party *eyes*

Boo: And they were up really early *eyes but faster*

Kermit but Cute: And at the same time *Even faster eyes*


Watts-Up-Sluts: yeah we fucked

Small Might: Denki what the actual fuck?