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My Hero Academia One Shots

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 Hi you found me This Is my first work in ao3 or any fanfic ever. Request are currently open, but I have a few rules.

~no smut (for now)

~no mineta x reader

~I do character x character too all :)

 ~i will try to use gender-neutral pronouns unless requested diffrently







Chapter Text

You were next door neighbors with Mitsuki Bakugou and her family. Her son, Katsuki, had grown up with you and you two were best friends. You also knew Izuku, who earned the nickname Deku because he was Quirkless. You were nice to Izuku, even though Katsuki didn’t like him. You had a twin brother, Sumāto. Your parents had named him that in hopes he would be his name. Sumāto means smart in Japanese.


Tonight however, you were convinced he was the opposite of it.


You had come home from training, fingers tender and stinging, but glad to glad to have the house to yourself. Well, you were sharing it with Sumāto , but he’d probably stay up in his room, texting whoever the hell he always texted.

“I’m home!” you yelled, shrugging off your gym bag onto the floor. There was no response.

He probably has his headphones on again , you thought. It was routine that when you came home from practice you’d heat up the leftovers and call Su‘ down from his room.

“Su! Come down and eat!” you shouted, louder. No response. You got the spicy chicken out from the refrigerator and placed it on two plates to put in the microwave. As it heated up, you checked your phone and texted him.

Sumāto, im home and it's time 4 dinner. Come down here .’

He didn’t reply.

Three minutes later the food was ready from the microwave. You carefully pulled it out, (your fingers still stung from using your Quirk), and headed up the stairs to check on him. When you opened the door to his room, he wasn’t in there.

Where is he , you though . I swear to God, if he snuck out again


You spent 15 minutes looking all over the house, but he wasn't home. You were really starting to worry now. What if something happened to him? Is he hurt? Alive? You went back to his room, trying to control your breathing and calm down. His room was like a regular room for a boy his age, messy, a little larger than average, a desk for work, and a bed that was tucked away in the corner. There was, however, a noticeable lack of hero merchandise. Even you, with only a fair amount of control over your Quirk, wanted to become a hero. He didn’t really care, if you had to be honest. On his desk was a note.


Dear family,

I’m tired of this.

Tired of this fake world with “heroes”. It’s all a bunch of bullshit.

To prove my point, I am no longer staying with you. I have found a group that shares my ideals, the League of Villains.

Don’t look for me.

Don’t contact me.

I don’t want anything to do with you. (Y/N), this isn’t your fault, because I know you will blame yourself. It’s not.

Blame the heroes if you want somebody to point the finger at.



You stared at the note in horror. This had to be a joke. A prank. He’s just messing with you. Right?

You knew that he wasn’t. Tears welled up in your eyes. Sumāto, your smart, loving brother, had become a villain. Not knowing what else to do, you left the house, tears running down your face, and ran to Katsuki’s house. You knocked on the door, expecting Mitsuki or Masaru to answer. Instead, Katsuki did.

“Woah, (Y/N), what happened?” he said at the sight of you standing on the doorstep, trying not to cry and shaking slightly. “Do you”-he gestured inside his house-“wanna come in?”

You nodded.

He led you to the couch, which you both sat down on.

“Okay, what’s going on?” Katsuki asked.

“Sumāto...gone...he joined...Shigaraki and everyone…,” you said in between sniffs. You began to cry again.

“Hey! Don’t cry! I-if, uh...since he left for that bastard then he doesn’t really matter, right? He’s a bad egg, and you don’t need him...” Katsuki tried to comfort you.

You cried harder.

“Shit! Um, never mind! He, um..” he cringed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean that! I meant that, you’re gonna become number 2, right? ’Cause I’ll be number one, obviously. And then you’ll show him who’s boss. Why he’s a piece of shit for leaving you.”

“Katsuki, I’m gonna be number one,” you said, muffled from burying your face in his shoulder. “I just...don’t want Sumāto to go...he’s gonna get hurt, or die, or go to jail.”

“Isn’t that like an occupational hazard, being a villain?” Katsuki pointed out. He cringed when he realized how that sounded.

You said nothing, just sniffed occasionally and wallowed in the sadness that the twin brother you had grown up with was gone.

After a few minutes Katsuki said, “did you, like, die on me or something? You haven’t said a word.”

You didn’t respond.

“(Y/N)?” he poked you.

“Mnngh,” you replied. Your head hurt from crying and you were still sad about Sumāto.

Katsuki took your hand and began looking at it, trying to make sense of the scars on your hands from overheating. It wasn’t romantic, just a friend worried for a friend. When he reached a certain spot, a flash of pain shot through your hand and you yelped and pulled it away.

“Huh? Did that hurt?” he asked.

“No, Katsuki, I just make random noises and jerk around,” you said sarcastically.

“Now I know you’re feeling better,” he smiled at you. “What happened with your hand...this time?”

You began to explain.




‘C’mon, (L/N)! You said you want to be a hero! With no control over your Quirk, you’ll never do it!’ yelled Saito, your instructor. Your parents had hired him to help get your Quirk under control and stop hurting your fingers. Saito was merciless when instructing. He was trying to get you to melt a chunk of scrap metal in front of you.

‘Fine! Fine!’ you snapped. The air around your hands a the peice of metal began to heat up, the air getting a blue aura and the metal starting to turn orange from being effected by the plasma you were creating’s heat. Your hands throbbed and stung, you grit your teeth and kept going.

‘Hotter! Hotter!’ Saito shouted. When the task was finally complete, your hands were pink from overheating and you were in pain. Saito handed you two ice packs and two cloths.

‘Wrap your hands with those and don’t use them for 5 minutes,’ he said. ‘You’re getting better, I’ll give you that.’


“Damn, your instructor sounds like a dick,” Katsuki commented.

“He is, a little bit. But he’s nice when he’s not yelling at me,” you admited.

“Do you want something to eat? Or drink?” he asked. You nodded. You and Katsuki ended up spending the rest of the night together, and when you had to break the news to your parents Katsuki was there for you.

Chapter Text

You had been married to Tenya Iida for 5 years. You had had a crush on him since the third year of UA and finally was brave enough to ask him out. Although he seemed a bit... possessive of you, you were so happy when he proposed to you.

For a few months, though, you felt like something was missing. You had a desire, a one wish, to have children. You’d watched your former classmates have kids, Kamanari and Jirou’s child was adorable, you had a neice, Tensei and his wife’s child, and friends of yours not from UA. You weren’t jealous, but you did want to experience motherhood. You decided to tell Tenya you wanted children when he came home from his patrol. Most of yours were in the daytime or early in the morning, so you and Tenya spent the nights together.


“(Y/N)! I’m home!” called Tenya from the living room. You had been upstairs, mentally preparing to tell him.

“Hi, Tenya! How was your day?” you ask, coming down the stairs.

“Great! It was extremely productive and I saved plenty of people! What about you?” he questioned. “I’m sure you stopped lots a villains, seeing how powerful you are.”

“Yeah, I got a handful. Um, there’s something I want to talk about,” you said. Now or never .

“Yes, what is it?”


Iida’s POV


“So, I’ve noticed...lots of are friends are having kids now, right? And I wondered...if you...wanted to, too. I’ve thought about it for awhile, and I’d really like to,” you say.


If we had children, then you would have to share your affection. I wouldn’t be your sole lover. It’d be the child, another person for her and I to take care of. It’d distract her from herself, who is the most important thing in my life. I need you. I don’t..—you don’t need a distraction..

But also…


Two years ago


‘Tensei, I can’t believe you’re a father,’ Iida said as Tensei watched his wife hold their daughter.

‘Neither can I! Oh, and now you’re an uncle! So we’re both doing the impossible,’ he smiled. ‘Tenya, have you considered having kids with (Y/N)?’

‘No. I don’t even know what it’s like,’ Iida replied coldly.

‘Well, being a father is amazing. It’s gonna be great when you do. Don’t wait too late but don’t rush it either, alright?’



If (Y/N) wants children, I’ll do it for her. And I’ll be the best father I can, for her and our child’s sake.

“Of course we can,” I gave you a smile. “We can do it.”

Chapter Text

“Based on your last test grades, I’m assigned study partners for all of you until the next test,” Aizawa said to the class, shuffling his papers around.

Everybody made noises of annoyance, surely your grades weren’t that bad…

“It’s more for me than you,” he told you. He pulled out a list of names from our class. “Listen for your name and who you’re partnered with.”

You weren’t really paying attention, just hoping you’d get with somebody you’re familiar with, preferably Mina. She had gotten you and Bakugo to be friends a few months into going at UA. You had sat next to her the first day and she and you hit it off. You were quiet and shy, and she made up for that with being popular and chill. You sat at the table that Sero had dubbed the “Bakusquad” table. Bakugo acted like he hated the name, but you could tell he secretly liked it.

“...(L/N) and Ashido…,” Aizawa listed.

Oh, good , you thought.

“Todoroki and Bakugou…,” Eraserhead said.

“Oh man,” Kamanari whispered. “This’ll be interesting.”

“Shut up, Pikachu!” Bakugou hissed back. Todoroki simply rolled his eyes.

You were trying not to laugh. You knew how much Bakgou hated “IcyHot” and thought it was ironic that Aizawa had put them together. Or he did it on purpose, so they’d work out their differences.


After class


“Why the fuck am I stuck with fucking IcyHot ?” Bakugou growled as he and Kirishima walked together to the dorms.

“I dunno, I’m with Kamanari, so I have a lot of work to do. At least Todoroki is smart,” Kirishima replied.

“True. But IcyHot is so damn annoying ! He acts like he so fucking perfect, and he’s, like, angsty or some shit!” Bakugou snapped.

“I just wanted to be with (L/N), huh?” Kirishima gave his shark-toothed grin.

“What—no—hey! Shut the fuck up!” Bakugou glared, turning red.

“It’s truuuue,” Kirishima sang as they reached the dorms. He tried not to laugh as Bakugou swatted his head and called him Shitty Hair. Bakugou recalled what he had told his best friend and the rest of them a month ago.


The whole “BakuSquad”, minus you,  was sitting around the common room of the dorm


‘Kirishima, I need your help. Go get Ashido,’ he instructed.

‘I’m not your butler,’ he replied.

‘I’ll do it!!’ Kaminari said, running off to knock on her door.

‘What is it?’ Sero looked up from his phone. If Bakugou was asking for help, it must be important.

‘Let me guess,’ Mina put her hands on her hips as she and Kaminari returned. ‘You’re having girl trouble.’

Sero and Kirishima and Kaminari burst out laughing. ‘No way!’ Kaminari gasped.

‘I am not having fucking girl trouble ! I--just--Ashido’s a girl, and she understands some shit damn better than you would!’ Bakugou sputtered.

‘Then why didn’t you ask (L/N)?’ Mina asked coyly.

‘Because she doesn’t need to fucking know that I think I like her,’ Bakugou blurted. ‘Okay?! So, just, keep all of your fucking mouths shut about this shit, got it?!’


Meanwhile, while Bakugou was complaining, Todoroki was annoyed, too.

“Stuck up jerk,” he mumbled under his breath. “Him of all people…” He was sitting in his room, on the floor next to his bed.

Why couldn’t Aizawa have put me with (L/N)?  He thought. She’s sweet and smart and a little shy, but that’s fine. Not to mention I like her…

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It was gonna be fine, right? Just ignore the loud screaming blonde and try to show him how to do pronouns and math  correctly. There was one other thing he noticed, though. Whenever Bakugou was around you, he’d be quieter, try to swear less, and his ears would turn a little pink.

Todoroki did not like that at all.


“...that’s an intensive pronoun, Bakugou, not an objective,” the red and white haired boy tried to be patient.

“I know that, IcyHot!” Bakugou snapped. They were almost done, and Todoroki was ready to ask Bakugou if he had a crush on you.

“Baka,” he said underneath his breath.

“What did you say?!” Bakugou roared.

“Dude, chill!” Jirou yelled from her room with Hagakure.

“I asked if you had a crush on (L/N),” Todoroki said quietly.

“What the fuck? Hell, no. Why, you like her or some shit?” Bakugou lied.

“Yeah, and it looks like you do too,” Todoroki replied.

Bakugou fidgeted uncomfortably. “So?”

“You do, don’t you?”

“Yeah, and it doesn't matter because she’ll never like an angsty dude like you!”

“Really? Because she’s quiet and enjoys peacefulness, which is the exact opposite of you. Also, (L/N) doesn’t swear.”

They two boys just glared at each other for a second.

“So what? I don’t move around because I have a goddamn scar or that I have daddy issues,” Bakugo replied.

“Well yeah, your dad left to go get milk someday and never came back, right?” Todoroki said viciously.

“What the fuck? No, my dad is still around, and actually loves me,” Bakugo snapped back. “(L/N) is mine, okay? She’ll never like you.”



You and Mina had been studying effectively together. You were smart, and sometimes put in the nerd category for wearing glasses as well, but you didn’t mind. Mina was a little slow, but good at grammar like this. You two had been studying in her room, which was closest to the common room. You overheard snatches of conversation occasionally, but ignored it. A few times, though, it sounded like your name was being mentioned and there was some arguing over it...

Chapter Text

“Hey Bakugou,” you waved at him. You and Midoriya were walking home together. Sometimes Bakugou would catch up with you guys and usually taunt Midoriya and be a little mean to you. You didn’t understand why Midoriya hung around him, and you just tried to be polite to Bakugou, or “Kacchan”, and stay quiet. Being shy kinda short didn’t help your case of not being fun of.

“Hey, Deku! Lemme talk to (L/N) by myself!” Bakugou demanded.

“O-okay, Kacchan!” Midoriya stammered. “I’ll catch up with you, (L/N)!”

Once he was out of site, Bakugou said, “I—uh—shit—I—why are you so short?”

“Um...?” You replied.

“Well, you’re short,” Bakugou pointed out, “you’re like, what, 3 feet tall?”

“That’s rude, Bakugou.” You didn’t want to start a conflict, but you were a little upset. 

“No—I—agh, I’m just wondering!” Bakugou turned red. “You’re taking it the wrong damn way!”

“I...gotta go,” you replied. You tried to walk away, but Bakugou grabbed your arm.

“’s fine being short, I just—,” he was cut off by you.

“Wasnt trying to be mean?” you asked.

You wriggled out of his grasp and went to catch up with Midoriya.

Shit, now she’ll never like me, Bakugou thought.

Chapter Text


You were reading on your bed, waiting for the storm outside to finish. The rest of 1A was out doing other things, Midoriya and Todoroki were visiting their mothers, Bakugou and his friends went out to see a movie, Asui, Uraraka, Hagakure, and Yayurozu were getting manicures, and Jirou was out at a concert. As for the others, you had no idea where they were. Just as you turned the page, there was a crack of lightning and everything went dark. For a second you were going to blame Kamanari since he had knocked the power out of the dorms before, but he wasn’t there.The only person you knew who was in the dorms was Shinso.

“Come on,” you grumbled. You felt your way through the dark, trying to get to the kitchen for a candle. Your hand dragged against the wall, and right when you came into the kitchen you stubbed your toe on the table.

“Ow! Fuck!” you hissed, hopping around on one foot. You lost balance and crashed into something, and you both fell over.

No. Wait.


“Woah! (L/N), is that you?” Shinso said, feeling around for something. 

“That’s my shoulder,” you told him when he grabbed it. “Yeah, it’s me.”

He found whatever he was looking for, because he said, “ah, found it!”

Then a sharp beam of light hit your eyes. It was a flashlight.

“Oh, hey, Shinso,” you half laughed half said. You both got up.

“I guess we’re stuck here, huh?” he said to you.

“Yeah…,” you replied.

You and Shinso had never really talked to each other before. He mainly kept to himself and you had your group of friends. 

“Do you need a flashlight?” Shinso asked. “There’s another one in the closet.” 

You nodded and he went back to get one. When Shinso came back and handed you it, you noticed he had a bracelet with a little cat on it. You had never seen it before and wondered how many cats he had. 

You were about to turn to go to your room when Shinso blurted out, “Can we...hang out? I-I know I said I wasn’t interested in making friends, but you seem nice…”

“Yeah, sure!” you smiled at him. “We can be friends.”

Shinso smiled back. You had never seen him smile, and you saw he had dimples. 


Shinsou POV

He was gladder then he would admit having a new friend. To be honest, he was lonely. He kind of regretted his declaration of “no friends” after seeing how nice you, Denki, and most-- most! -- of 1A was. Even Monoma was at least a little nice to him, even though he was with the class Monoma hated. You and Shinsou went to the common room and you sat down on the couch across from him.

Neither of you said much, just sat in the dark for a little bit. He noticed you were biting your lip like you were thinking. 

I didn’t know they did that, he thought. They’re like Kamanari. “Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked you.

Your POV


“Nothing, just thinking,” you replied.

“About what?” Shinsou asked. 

“ said you didn’t want any friends here, right?” you said, a little shy. “Then how come you’re talking to me?”
“Uh…,” Shinsou said. You saw he fiddled with the hem of his shirt like you did when you were nervous. “Well...I kinda... regret that. Saying I didn’t want friends. You guys are okay, I guess. And Kaminari is nice, and so are you.”

You smiled at him. “So you’ve quit being Early-Todoroki,” you said.

“Huh?” he asked. A clap of thunder sounded and you jumped a little.

“Todoroki didn’t want any friends either in the beginning of the year and was kinda mean..but now he’s okay! But you’re not’s just you were sorta cold-wait-shit that’s rude isnt it?” you rubbed the back of your head.

Shinsou just smiled. “It’s fine.”

The rain began pouring down even heavier, and it sounded like the thunder was getting closer. All of a sudden you had an idea. “Do you know how to play Uno?” you asked Shinsou.

“Yeah! It’s that American card game, right? Kaminari showed me how to play once,” he replied.

You got up with the flashlight and headed towards your room. “I have a deck, we could play,” you told him. “I’ll grab it from my room.” 


It turns out you underestimated Shinsou in this card game. Although he had only played once before, Shinsou caught on quickly and was soon beating you.

You placed your last card down dramatically. “I win!” you declared, happy to break his winning streak. He gave a dramatic, fake sigh.

“Oh well,” he said, placed his cards down. You noticed that he color-coded his cards just like you did. Just as you opened your mouth to say something, there was a flash and all the power turned on.

The door to the dorms opened up and you saw Sero half carrying the idiot version of Kaminari.

“We figured the power went out when we got back,” Sero shrugged. 

“Wee,” Kaminari said.

All 4 of you began to laugh.



Chapter Text

“Class dismissed,” Aizawa said in a tired voice as he rolled himself up in the sleeping bag.

All of Class 1-A made their way to the door and out into the hall. As you walked, you checked your phone and clicked through your notifications. 

You felt a tap on your shoulder just as you reached the stairs. You turned to see your friend Tsuyu and smiled at her.

“Hey, (Y/N), I’ve got a question for you,” she told you as you both walked. You always liked Tsu. She was nice to you and you two quickly became friends at the beginning of the year. Having a reptile Quirk and being non-binary, you were a little afraid people would bully you at UA. After all, it was high school. However, Tsuyu was one of the first people to reach out to you and be your friend. 

“What is it?” you asked, preparing for the worst.

“Well, I was kind of wondering what nonbinary really meant,” she said to you. 

“Oh! Oh, uh, it’s kind of hard to explain, but like, you know how-well-you’re a girl, right?” you started to explain, a little caught off guard. 

“Yes,” Tsu replied.

“And, like, Iida is a boy,” you continued, naming the first guy you could think of. “Nonbinary is like...neither if you get what I mean. Or something else. Outside of the “binary” genders, I guess. Well, I’m sure you knew that part. Cause its “non” binary. I’m rambling again, aren’t I? I’m embarrassing myself again. Great , you thought. 

“A little,” Tsu admitted. She was blunt like that. “But if you’re not a girl or boy, then would you use "they" pronouns?” 

“Yeah, they/them, that’s-that’s what I use,” you said, still a little flustered. 

“Hm,” was all Tsu said. She had her finger to her chin, a sign that she was thinking. You hoped she didn’t think any worse of you now. She was already using they/them pronouns for you, and hopefully wouldn’t think any worse of you.

“I think I get it,” she said, smiling again. 

“Oh good,” you sighed. “You don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, right?”

“Of course not,” Tsu replied. “Why would there be?”

“I, uh, I dunno. People are stupid,” was all you could say. As you arrived at the walls of UA, Tsu offered to go for ice cream.

“Sure,” you agreed. With that, you and your friend left UA in search of ice cream.

Chapter Text

“(Y/N)!!” called Kaminari from across the table. “Look what I got!” 

You were eating lunch at your usual table with Kirishima, Ashido, Bakugou, Sero, and Kaminari. Your blonde friend was holding a tray of food and pointing at it. In the tray were several wings and a bottle of buffalo sauce. 

“What’re those for?” you asked. You had a feeling you knew what he had them for.

I challenge you a spicy wings contest!!! Right now!!” he challenged over dramatically. You rolled your eyes playfully and then agreed. 

Ashido raised her eyebrows at you as Kaminari came over to your side of the table to have a spicy contest with you. 

“What?” you asked as Ashido. She just smirked and said “nothing”. Kaminari sat down in the open chair next to you and took a wing out of the tray. You took one too. You opened your mouth and took a giant bite. Kaminari did the same. Heat flooded your mouth and your tongue felt it was on fire. You tried not to show any sign of it being spicy, because you didn’t want to lose. Kaminari’s eyes were screwed up, and you could tell he was feeling the spicey-ness too.

Kaminari gave you a grin as he swallowed the chicken. “Round two?”

“Bet,” you reply and grab the sauce this time. 


After a couple of rounds, Kaminari began to cough and your eyes were watering. 

“Damn,” Kaminari managed toc ough out. “This is...really spicy.” You nodded, trying to get over the intense heat in your mouth.

“You idiots, you’re gonna end up hurting yourself or something!!” Bakugou yelled at you both. “And stop fucking drinking the hot sauce, I want some!!”

Kirshima agreed in a politer tone. “You two are gonna get hurt, chill with the sauce.”
Kaminari glared at them. “Not until they admit they lost!” He pointed to you. You shook your head, refusing to lose. Bakugou rolled his eyes and took the sauce from you. 

“We’ll call it a draw,” you said, before coughing again.

“Fineee,” Kaminari grudgingly agreed. After lunch, you and the rest of your friends walked to your next class. The halways were packed, as usual, and you were all walking rather close together. On your left, Jirou, and on the right Kaminari, were both closley packed to you. 

“I gotta admit you did pretty well with the spicy challenge, but I’ll beat you next time!” Kaminari told you as you walked.

“I doubt that, but thank you,” you replied with a grin. The heat you felt on your face from his complement had nothing to do with the firey sauce you had just eaten, although you didn’t realize it at the time. 




A few days after the spice competition, you and Kaminari were sitting together in Present Mic’s English class. Bakugou had his back to you and Kaminari, while Kaminari sat next to you and Sero on the other. Present Mic was going over clauses at the front of the classroom and you and your friends were at the back. You were zoning out because the class was boring and you wanted to go to lunch.

“Psst!” someone whispered. 

You turned and Kaminari had a dumb smile on hisface. You raised and eyebrow at him and mouthed, “what ?”

Kaminari reached over and tapped Bakugou’s left shoulder. Kirishima was sitting next to him, deep in thought. Bakugou turned to Kirishima. 

“What do you want, Shitty Hair?” said Bakugou as quietly as he could imagine. Honestly, he wasn’t terrible at being quiet, which was surprising coming from a boy who screamed so much.

Kirishima turned and gave him a “ huh? ” look and went back to his work. Bakugou just rolled his eyes and went back to watching Mic. 

Your turn ,”  Kaminari mouthed. You looked at him blankly, and then realized what he meant. You tapped Bakugou on the other shoulder and then looked at the floor.

“Okay, what the hell!” Bakugou hissed. He turned to Ashido. “Who the fuck keeps tapping me?” You and Kamianri locked eyes and then looked back at the floor, trying not to laugh. Out of the corner out of your eye you saw Kaminari tap his shoulder again. You covered your mouth so you didn’t laugh.

Bakugou hissed a string of curses, turned around and shot Sero the middle finger. 

“That wasn’t me!” Sero tried to protest silently.  You were staring at the floor when Bakugou turned to you.

“It was fucking one of you,” he glared at you and Kaminari. 

You looked up, shrugged, and went back to paying attention to the lesson. 

“Hey, it wasn’t me,” Kaminari lied and gave a smile. Bakugou rolled his eyes and went back to watching Present Mic. You and KAminari dissolved into a fit of silent laughter. 


That night you replayed the day in your head. You enjoyed being dumb with Kaminari. The more you thought about oit, you realized that you like spending time with him more than you would admit. He wasan idiot sometimes, but a charming idiot. He was always kind to you and usually took your side when BAkugou was angry about something. That wasn’t a rare occurance, seeing as he was always mad. You smiled when you thought of Kaminari laughing at Bakugou’s confusion. He’s a good friend , you thought to yourself. 


Kaminari’s POV


“Well, goodnight guys,” he said to Sero and Kirishima. They had stayed up late playing Mariokart together when they probably should have been studying. He stepped over Sero, who had been laying on the floor, and went to his room. As Kaminari made his way into his bed, he found himself thinking about you. He was glad he had chosen to sit with the rest of the friends he had at lunch, since it gave him a chnace to meet you. He liked the fact you didn’t tease him for his Quirk and that you were the voice of reason in the group, along with Kirishima. You always managed to make him smile.

(L/N) is a good friend. I like them. As a friend , he thought, just friends.



Your POV


One more lap , you thought tp yourself, trying to ignore the pain in your side. Aizawa was making the class do one of his hellish running exercies. You hated running, and you weren’t even bad at it. You could see the rest of your class struggling because they weren’t allowed to use their Quirks. Iida was naturally in the front of the class. Then Midoriya, Bakugou, you, Todoroki, Yayorozu, and Kaminari about 30 feet behind her. The rest of the class was farther behind. You ran faster, and pushed yourself to the finish. You crossed the final lap line, crouched down and put your hands on your knees, trying to get your breathing in control.

“8 minute, 37 seconds,” Aizawa told you, looking up from the stopwatch on his phone. You looked up and gave him a nod.

Todoroki ran across the finish line a few seconds after you and then Yayorozu arrived a little while after. You scanned the lap line to see if you could spot Kaminari. He was farther behind, closer to the rest of the class. His yellow hair was bouncing as he ran and he had a lazy half-smile on his face. You knew he was probably exhausted, as he complained about Aizawa’s running exercises with the rest of the class. Kaminari finished his final lap and got his time from Aizawa. His face lit up when he saw you and he walked over to you.

“(L/N),” he said in between breaths, “how’d you beat me?” 

“Because I’m fast,” you replied, stating the obvious.

“I’m fast!” he protested. 

You shrugged and started toward the water fountain. He followed you and you both chatted, minding your own business. You two weren’t paying attention, and Class 1B had come out for their running. The one boy from that class you didn’t want to see was approaching you both from behind

“Oh, look who it is! Class 1A! More importantly, the idiot with electricity and his little--,” Monoma started to say.

“Oh, shut up, Monoma!” you interrupted, turning around. “What’s your problem?” You hadn’t paid attention to what he had said after “idiot”, you were more pissed at his antics. 

“What do you mean, idiot?!” Kaminari complained.

Monoma raised his eyebrows. “You’ve got to be one of the dumbest people in Class 1A! To think you people are allowed to hold yourselves in such high esteem! Neither of you can even tell that you’re-”

Kendo appeared behind him and karate-chopped him in the head. “Sorry about that,” she apologized and dragged him off. 

“Huh, that guy’s an ass,” Kaminari sighed. “But hey! We could get something to eat after class! What kind of food do you like?”

“Oh, uh, I like anything with noodles,” you replied. 

“Nice! We can go for ramen tonight then!” he smiled at you.

“Hey, Kaminari!” Kirishima called to Kaminari. They both went towards each other, leaving you by yourself.

Wait , you thought. Did Kaminari just ask me on a date?  We’re not dating, and I don’t even like him in that way. I think. He’s just really sweet. And nice.  The more you thought about it, the less sure you were about your feelings towards him.

We’re just friends. Or, he’s just friends with me, you thought. 



You and Kamniari ended up staying out later than you planned. You slept in late the next morning and had to be woken up by Ashido banging on the door. 

“(L/N)!! Wake up, we’re gonna be late!” her voice shouted through the door. You rubbed your eyes and yawned, not aware of what was going on.

“What?” you asked back.

“We’re going to be late!!” Ashido said again. 

“Oh. Oh! Crap!” you jumped out of bed and began fumbling your uniform on. “I’ll be out in a minute!” You rushed to get your school bag and books together. In a blur of a few minutes, you grabbed your bag, books, a couple of other important items, and opened the door. You and Ashido navigated through the dorms and took off to the school.

“What happened?” Ashido asked and you two lightly jogged. “You never oversleep.”

“Oh, yeah, I was...out,” you explained vaguely. You entered the building and slowed down to a walk through the hallways. There were still a few minutes before the bell rang, so you and Ashido were fine to slow down.

“Out? Like on a date ?” Ashido asked, her eyes widening. Then she grinned. “Let me guess, with Kaminari?”

“Not a date! We just went for food!” your face reddened. “We’re not dating!” You and Ashido were almost to the doorway of the class. 

Just at that moment, Kaminari poked his head out of the classroom door and waved at both of you. “Hi, guys! What took you so long?”

Your stomach fluttered annoyingly. Why do I keep feeling that?  you thought. That feeling had been present all during the time you had noodles with Kaminari last night. “Hey, Kaminari. I overslept, sorry,” you shrugged. 

“I told you to call me Denki!” he told you. “Where were you, Ashido?” Your mind flashed back to last night. 

“So, how’s your ramen?” Kaminari asked, slurping his noodles.

You swallowed yours. “They’re really good!” you replied.

You were both quiet as you ate your food for a minute.
“Hey, Kaminari, we should get ice cream after this,” you suggested. 

He grinned. “Yeah! But you need to call me Denki!”


“I was waiting for (L/N) because they overslept after your date,” she remarked casually. You and her walked inside the classroom with Denki. 

“What-date? We didn’t go on-did we?” Denki looked over at you.

You shook your head furiously. The bell rang before you could continue your conversation and everyone took their seats. Ashido turned around and mouthed, “ Denki ?” with raised eyebrows before Aizawa walked in the class. You just stuck your tongue out in response. The fluttery feeling started to wear off after Aizawa’s monotone teachings began.



You dodged Bakugou’s explosion and kicked him in the jaw. Since Bakugou was a little unbalanced from using the explosion, he fell back and hit the ground. 

“(L/N), you win, nice job,” Aizawa said with very little emotion in his voice. He walked to the next match, which was Kirishima and Kaminari.

“It’s over for you!” shouted Denki. He raised his hands and said, “1,000 volts!” Electricity shot out of his hands and hit Kirishima from all angles. 

Kirishima used his Quirk to turn solid and held his ground. After a couple of seconds, Kirishima collapsed along with Denki. 

“HEY!” a yell came from behind you. You turned to see and angry Bakugou holding the side of his face where you had kicked him. 

“Shit,” you mumbled. 

“I don’t know how the hell you beat me, BUT IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN AGAIN! GOT IT?!” he screamed at you, steam practically coming out of your ears.

“I mean, no, but okay,” you replied with a shrug. Bakugou opened his mouth to yell at you more but a dazed Kirishima stepped in front of him.

“Chill out, man,” he said, still dazed from the shock he had received. “They beat you, you’ll win again sometime.” Bakugou glared at Kirishima and crossed his arms but didn’t say anything else. Sero showed up half carrying Kaminari, who had his thumbs out and was quietly mumbling, “whee”. He had gone into his idiot mode and had gone half limp.

“(L/N), can you make sure he doesn’t run off, I have to use the bathroom?” asked Sero.

Sometimes Kaminari was the child of the group.

“Oh, yeah, sure,” you agreed.  Kaminari liked to wander sometimes when he was in his idiot mode, and since the class was having a Quirk training session you didn’t want him to get hurt.

“Tsh, you should let him run off, that’s what he gets for being stupid,” Bakugou commented.

“Dude!” Kirishima complained. 

“Wheee,” Kaminari replied, not comprehending what was really going on. He tripped and fell over on top of you. You caught him in a hug style and then realized what kind of situation you were in.

“Oh! Uh, Denki, can you s-stand?” you asked weakly, the butterflies coming back.

“Whee,” he responded. He stood up halfway, still leaning on you. Great,  you thought sarcastically. While you were waiting for Sero to come back, Class 1B came through the door. As they filed through the doors, Monoma scanned the members of 1A. There was a little spark of electricity and Denki mumbled, “what?”

“Honestly, why don’t you two just kiss already?” Monoma shouted to you two as Class 1B walked past. You dropped Denki out of surprise.

“I-what?” you stammered. Monoma’s comment had gotten to you off guard. Denki, out of your sight, turned red, stood up, and turned to leave. 

“I-I don’t-,” you started to say, and then realized Denki was gone. Fucking Monoma , you thought. What’s his problem? And where did Kaminari go?  

Monoma’s comment made you think for a second. Did you like Denki?

No, of course not. Then why did Monoma get to me? Shit.  



It had been almost a week since the incident with Monoma. You and Denki were avoiding each other and your friends had started to notice something was up after neither of you to would sit at the same table at lunch. Classes were awkward, but luckily for you, you didn’t sit super close to Denki in most of them. Tonight you were doing homework in your dorm. The worksheet and books you had out were couldn’t keep your focus and you were starting to zone out. A knock on your door pulled you out of your boredom.

“Oh-uh, who is it?” you asked, looking up from your work.

“Kirishima,” Kirishima’s voice said.

“And Ashido.”

“And Sero.”

There was some shuffling and then, “and Bakugou.”
Why are they all here?

You stood up from your bed and opened the door and looked at all of them. Bakugou looked pissed off (not unusual), Kirishima looked concerned, Ashido had her hand in her pockets and had a half-smile, and Sero was avoiding your gaze. You looked at the your friends, noticing the lack of your electric friend. 

“What’s going on?” you asked.

They all looked at each other, looked back, and then Ashido opened her mouth to speak.

“Just...come with us,” she instructed.

You raised your eyebrows and followed them anyway. You all went to the back of the dorm room, where the supply closet was. Normally it’s filled with extra things that a high schooler might need. Towels, tissues, extra textbooks, other hygiene supplies, and cleaning products. 

“Alright, what’re you guys doing?” you asked again.

“Close your eyes,” Kirishima said.

You gave him a look and closed them. You heard the squeak of the hinges of the door as it was open. “You better not push me-,” you started to say. 

Before you could finish your sentence something knocked you forward into the closet. You fell into the a stack of paper towels and knocked them over.

“What the hell?!” you shouted and turned around. You grabbed at the door and tried to open it to no avail. “Okay, what the fuck? Let me out!” you hit the door once.

No one answered.

Several minutes when by and you were mad. Yes, your friends liked to pull pranks on each other but this was strange and slightly unfair. The closet was small and full of random items and slightly dark. You picked up a roll of paper towels and tossed it up and down. 

After another few minutes, there was shuffling and several voices again. Your friends were back.

“Hey, let me out!! This isn’t--,” you started to shout at them again.

Once again, you were interrupted. The door opened again, and this time the last person you wanted to see. 

“Ah, what the-!” Denki Kaminari fell into you and you both landed on the floor.

Bakugou’s head peaked into the closet around the door. “Until both of you figure your shit out you don’t get to leave!” he told you two and then slammed the door. 

“Shit,” Denki mumbled and rubbed his head from where he hit it when he fell. You sat up and leaned against the wall. “So, uh, we’re stuck,” Denki said. He laughed nervously.

“Yep,” you replied. The tension between you two was thick.

Neither of you said anything for a minute, you just stared at your feet. 

“...(Y/N)?” he asked.

“Yeah?” you replied, not exactly prepared for this conversation.
“Well, um, why have you been avoiding me? I just wanna know…,” he muttered the last part.

“Wait, me ? You’re the one who’s been avoiding me !” you protested. 



“Maybe we’ve just been avoiding each other?” 

You both stared at each other for a second without knowing what to say. After a beat Denki said, “I guess…”

“Are you avoiding me because of what Monoma said?” Denki asked point blank. You figured that he wanted to l get it over with. 

“Um... yeah ,” you said, rubbing the back of his head. “I just thought we would need space, but then I wanted to talk to you but you kept leaving before I got a chance.”  

“Monoma is a jerk, you shouldn't let him get to you,” Denki sugggested.

“I know, but you shouldn’t either,” you replied. “He’s just jealous of 1A.”

“Psh, why would he be jealous of me? Unless it’s my amazingly  attractive looks?” he grinned.

You rolled your eyes playfully and shrugged. “Sure.”

“Hey, idiots! Are you two done yet or am I going to have to knock sense into both of you? This shit is boring and Kirishima says I can’t leave!” Bakugou’s voice shouted at the door.

“Uhh, yes,” you said.

Denki nodded, then realized Bakugou couldn’t see him and also said yes.

“Finally,” Bakugou grunted as he opened the door. You smiled at Denki, the butterflies in your stomach returning.

“Okay, since we’ve got nothing better to do, let’s have a Mariokart tournament!” Sero declared.


You and your five friends headed off to Sero’s room, happy that everyone had made up again. As the night ended, Denki asked to talk to you in ptivate.

“Sure, what it is?” you asked after leaving the room with him.

“I-I probably should have told you this earlier, but, I, um, I think-know I like you…?” he confessed nervously.

This was a new feeling, you couldn’t exactly place it. It was like happiness and excitement and fear and wonder all rolled into one.

“Wait, seriously?” you asked. You didn’t want to tell him how you felt if it was a joke.

“Yes…?” he looked down, realizing his mistake of telling you.

“No, wait, don’t be sad! I like you! I was just suprised, I’m sorry!” you blurted out, afraid you were going to ruin this moment.

“Oh, good-I mean, I knew it! There’s no way you couldn’t have!” Denki’s spirits lifted again.

The door to Sero’s room  opened and the owner of it looked at you, then Denki, then you again.

“Uh, I’m not sure what’s happening with you two, but it’s (L/N)’s turn to race against Kirishima,” Sero told you with his eyebrows raised.

You went back into the room to enjoy the rest of the night, win MarioKart, and spend time with your friends and crush.

Chapter Text

The rain fell heavily and made puddles in the sidewalks. Today had been a cold, wet day, and you were really just looking forward to going home and drying off from the rain. You walked on the sidewalk, disappointed at the fact there was no awning or anything to wallk under and stay dry. You were one of the few people in the street, which wasn’t surprising considering how hard it was raining. As you hurried along to get to the train station, your phone started buzzing in your pocket. You assumed it was your friend, Keigo Takami, better known as the pro hero Hawks. You two had been good friends since you were teenagers, and he had gone onto being a hero because of his Quirk. You were a little jealous of his Quirk, but he had always reassured you that you were as useful as he was with your job. You worked as basically a human lie detector for criminals. There was no way around the fact that nobody could lie to you in your presence. Hawks was one of your closest friends, but you hadn’t seen him much lately. You had assumed he was busy with pro hero work. 

Before you could check your phone, someone ran into you from behind.

“Oh, crap, sorry! I didn’t see you there!” a girl told you. She had blonde hair wrapped in two buns on the side of her head, yellow eyes, and...fangs? The oddest part was you could tell she was lying. Your Quirk allowed you to be able to tell if someone was lying based on the vibrations in their voice. 

Why would someone lie about that? Unless she ran into me on purpose for no reason? You thought, eyeing the girl.

“Hey, I was wondering, I kind of need someone’s help on something, could you help me?” she asked.

Okay, this was getting creepy. You couldn’t tell if this was a lie or not. “I mean, I dunno, depends on what you need help with,” you replied. Your phone vibrated twice more. 

“Well, we should get out of the rain first,” the girl suggested, pointing at an awning down the in-between of two buildings.

You could tell this was a bad idea. There was nobody around and some random stranger was asking you to follow her into an alley. All you wanted to do was go home, you weren’t feeling much inclined to help people.

Well, she is smaller than me, I could overpower her if I needed to, you thought. I’ll just go with her and worse comes to worst I’ll punch her and run

“Yay, thank you so much!” she clapped happily. Your phone had vibrated nonstop for several minutes as you walked, but you didn’t take it out, not wanting it to get ruined by the rained.  You and the blonde went walking towards the awning to get out of the rain when suddenly a ball of sludge appeared in front of you. 

“What the?” you took a step back. To your horror, a man started materializing out of the sludge, coughing and muttering a curse.  The girl clapped her hands together in excitement.

You stepped back and looked at the man coming out of the sludge. His face, arms, legs, and neck were burned to a crisp and held together by staples. Spiky black hair covered his eyes and he looked at you and grinned.

“What the hell?!” you started walking backward away from the burned man. “Who the hell are you people?!”  

The blonde giggled. “Dabi, can I stab her now? Please?” 

What did I just get myself into ? You thought, panicking. You remembered a name Hawks had mentioned before.


“Where have you been?” you asked Hawks. He had been gone for several weeks doing whatever heroes do for weeks at a time. 

You two had met at a cafe to catch up after he had been away. Hawks had a toothpick in his mouth and was playing with it.

“Mm, I was off watching... certain people ,” Hawks replied vaguely. He used the term “certain people” when he meant villains. “One of them’s named Dabi. You should watch out for him.” 

“Okay…? I doubt I’ll ever see him,” you said with a laugh. “What would a villain want from me of all people?”


The man, Dabi, reached his hand out and grabbed you by the wrist.

You tried to pull away, but he was stronger than you. Changing your tactics, you grabbed at his wrist and twisted until you heard a pop. 

He grunted, let go, and then his hand caught fire. You turned to run, but then the girl appeared behind you with a knife and swung at you with it. You backed up again, dodging the knife and then tripping over something that felt like a foot. Dabi grabbed you from behind and you felt a hand curl around your throat. You grabbed at his hand and tried to struggle, but you suddenly felt the overwhelming urge to throw up. When you did, black sludge came out of your mouth instead of vomit and it began to engulf around your body. What the fuck?  you thought. Your body started to go limp and you weakly tried the pull at Dabi’s hand to get him off you.  

The street faded from view as the sludge went around your face.




You opened your eyes sleepily. There was a sharp pain in your left arm when you woke up. You had been having a nightmare that some villain attacked you and tried to kidnap you. You were thankful that it had just been a nightmare.

“Look who finally decided to get up,” a scratchy voice commented.

Shit. It wasn’t a dream. You opened your eyes and scanned the room. You couldn’t tell where you were, but you were sitting in a chair, or rather, tied to a chair. The room was barren with very little furniture or people. Judging on the state of the walls and roof, you assumed it was abandoned. The blonde girl was sitting with her knees close to you and was playing with a bloody knife, occasionally licking it. You had no clue where you were, all you knew that this was bad.  Your eyes darted to the source of pain and realized the blood on the knife was yours.

Gross .

A man was also laying on a couch with a mask over his face and head. From the way he was breathing, you assumed he was asleep. The source of the voice, Dabi, was in front of you. 

“You’re (Y/N) (L/N), right?” he asked you, making eye contact with you. Your defiance kicked in and you stared right back.

“No, why?” you lied. 

The girl looked up from her knife, surprised. “Yes, you are! I’ve been following you for, like, a week! That girl you were with called you (Y/N) the other day!”

“What girl?” Dabi asked. “Toga, what’re you talking about?” 

She was following me too? What the hell? You thought.

“I dunno what she’s talking about,” you lied hastily. You didn’t want to drag your friend i

“Alright, whatever. We know what your Quirk is and we want you to work with us,” Dabi explained. “You’d be a useful asset to the League of Villains.”

“You know, I’d think about it, but I’m not sure I want to work with someone who thought it’d be a good idea to kidnap me. You guys must be really dumb if you thought I’d say yes,” you said plainly. You had a habit of speaking your mind if you didn’t like someone. 

Dabi’s eyes narrowed. “It’s not an offer, you don’t get a choice.” 

You stuck your tongue out at him. Immature, yes, but you didn’t care. Toga licked the knife again and then exclaimed, “You should totally join! I want another girl around here! We could do makeovers and play Truth or Dare and stuff!” 

You ignored her, not exactly interested in hanging out with the girl who stabbed you and is now feasting on your blood. 

“Toga, are you sure this is even the right person?” Dabi glared at you while asking the blonde girl.

“Yeah!” Toga replied defensively. “Her Quirk is the same one that Tomura said!” You recognized that name too, not from Hawks but from the news. 

“This is so damn stupid,” mumbled Dabi. 

You just smiled at him. Although you were in a dangerous situation, it was satisfying to see they weren’t getting through to you. 

“Listen, (L/N), or whatever the hell your name is,” Dabi snapped at you. “You’ll join us by choice, or we’ll force you to. I’d rather not get my hands this dirty, but it’s your fault if I do.”

Hmmm,”  you pretended to think. “No.” 

Dabi rolled his eyes and muttered a stream of expletives. He turned around opened the door and left the room.

You tried to mess at the ropes tying you to the chair. The ropes dug into your wrists and you were starting to lose feeling in your fingers. You were determined to get out of there as soon as possible. You figured Dabi was the biggest threat at the moment and since he was gone it was time to make a move. You pulled your arms as hard as you could but nothing came from the effort.

Damn it , you thought. Who tied this shit

“Hey, (Y/N)! If I let you out, I won’t hurt you!” Toga promised. “Just work with us, please?”

The vibrations told you she was lying. Again. 

“Yeah, right,” you replied sarcastically.

“So you do have the Quirk we’re looking for!” she said happily. “I knew I was right.”  You had walked right into that one and you weren’t pleased. 

“Okay, fine, you got me,” you admitted, annoyed. It was too late to go back, anyway.  You tugged at your restraints again even though you knew that the effort was probably futile. Nothing came of it, so you closed your eyes and tried to think of a way out of here. If you could just untie yourself and get out of the chair, you could make a break for it to the door. After that, you didn’t know what you’d do. Run for it until you found someone and tell them what happened? It was a reckless plan, but you figured it would most likely work. Before you could put the plan into motion, the door opened back up and Dabi stepped back in with an annoyed expression on his face. He sighed and then went to Toga, whispered something in her ear. After that, Dabi came back to you and his hand burst into blue flames. You watched his hand closely, hoping this wouldn’t go in the direction you thought.

“I’ll give you one last chance,” Dabi threatened. “You can join the League of Villains out of your own free will, or I’ll make you.”

You didn’t reply, not trusting yourself to not say something snide. 

“Fine by me,” Dabi shrugged. His lit hand reached for your arm. You cringed at the heat and closed your eyes, waiting for the burning pain to come. Instead, the door opened again and you heard a familiar voice come from outside. 

“Yo, Dabi. You said you wanted me to come…,” the voice trailed off. Your eyes shot opened and you stared at him.

Hawks? What’s he doing here? 

You both made eye contact and Dabi turned around. “Took you long enough,” he said.  The moment Dabi turned around you mouthed “Help me ” to Hawks. You couldn’t tell is he understood or not but you hoped he had.

“Hey, who’s that?” Hawks pointed at you, acting puzzled. “Did you just pick some random girl off the street or something?”

Dabi shook his head and said, “No, she’s not random. We want her for the League of Villains.”

Hawks looked at you,  then Dabi, then back at you. “You sure?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

 YOu figured that Hawks was trying to convince Dabi to let you go and hoped that it would work. 

“It’s not my idea,” Dabi shrugged. “She won’t listen to me even when I tried to burn her.”

Concern flashed over Hawks’ face at hearing the last part, but Dabi didn’t notice.  

“I dunno, Dabi, she seems kinda...useless,” Hawks said bluntly. The comment stung even though you knew he was trying to help you. Toga twirled the knife in her hands and watched all of you carefully. 

“Are you deaf? I just said she’d be able to tell who’s lying or not. Besides, it’s not like we’re gonna use her for anything else,” Dabi said, raising his eyebrows at Hawks.

Your Quirk told you he was lying. 

“Listen, leave me alone with her for a couple of minutes, and maybe I can convince her. That’s all I’ll do,” Using your Quirk, you could tell that he was lying. You tried not to look relieved knowing maybe Hawks has a way out for you. 

“Tch, fine,” Dabi grumbled and then turned to Toga. “Wake Twice up and we can go.”

The sleeping man on the couch stirred at the name “Twice” and yawned. Toga stood up and leaned over him and hit him gently. 

“I’m up! Five more minutes !” the man Twice said. You looked at him curiously, puzzled at his speech pattern. Toga got Twice up and then all three villains left the building.

You and Hawks both looked at each other for a moment and then you blurted out, “K-Keigo, you have to help me!”

“What do you think I’m here for?” he smiled at you. He strolled towards you and began to mess with the ropes tying you down. 

“Ah, damn,” he cursed. Hawks was behind you and you couldn’t see what he was doing. You the noise of cutting rope and then felt your hands loosening. You rubbed your wrists gratefully and relaxed your posture.

“Okay, one more,” your friend said, cutting at the ropes around your legs. They fell to the ground and you stretched and stood up.

“Alright, I’m assuming Dabi and everyone is still out there, so we gotta figure out a way to get out of here without them realizing it,” Hawks said thoughtfully. “I can’t blow my cover, though…”

“Cover…? Wait, what’re you doing here anyway? I-I mean I’m glad you’re here, I’m not complaining,” you asked, trying not to offend him.

Hawks shrugged. “I’m supposed to be watching the League. They think I’m a villain, and I’m not ready to give that away.” His eyes darted to the knife wound on your arm. “Are you okay?”

You had gotten used to the stinging and almost forgot about it. “Oh! Don’t worry about that, it hardly hurts anymore.”

He still looked concerned, but he turned and scanned the room, looking for other exits. Hawks used his wing to come up to the ceiling and examined it. You watched your friend check the top of the room and realizing your phone was still in your pocket. You quickly took it out and went to see if you could call someone, but the first thing that caught your eye was all the missing messages and calls.


Keigo missed call (7)

Missed message, “(Y/N), I wanted to give you a heads up you need to get home rn

Missed message, (Y/N) I’m serious please answer me this is an emergency

Missed message,  some really bad people are heading your way get out of wherever you are

You wished you had checked your phone and risked getting it wet instead of ignoring his calls. You were still glad that Hawks had tried to warn you, even if you hadn’t seen it. Out of the corner of his eye, Hawks saw that you had your phone out. 

“They let you keep that?” Hawks asked as he came down from the ceiling.

“Yup,” you replied. “It’s almost dead though, and we can’t really call anyone because that would blow your cover. Right?”

Hawks looked down and thought for a minute. You were sure he would think of something to get you both out of here. You hoped they teach this kind of stuff in hero school because you were screwed if even Hawks couldn’t get you out.

“Alright, I thought of something,” Hawks told you. He started to explain to you what he needed you to do.



“So, you’re in?” Dabi asked skeptically. He had his arms crossed and his eyebrows raised, not trusting you were swayed so easily. He stood in the corner of the room.

Toga clapped her hands together excitedly and jumped up and down. “Yay!! Now I finally have another girl to hang out with!!” she cheered. Twice, the man you had saw earlier, looked you up and down.

“I like her! Get her out of here! ” he exclaimed. You still had no clue what the deal was with him, but you decided to ignore it for now.

Hawks leaned against the wall nonchalantly and watched over all of you. You both were waiting for the right moment, but it clearly wasn’t now.

“I-is this your headquarters?” you asked, trying to sound confident. You knew you sounded far from it but it was worth a shot. 

“Nope! Tomura and everyone else is farther away, but we’re gonna go there soon! We just need to test your Quirk first,” Toga said cheerfully.

Okay, good. Soon we’ll start moving and I can get the hell out of here , you thought to yourself.

At least you’ll have an interesting story to tell your friends after this. If you make it out alive. Which you will, because Hawks is here to save you. Hopefully.

“(L/N), are you even paying attention?” Hawks asked. You had zoned out and hadn’t heard a word that any of the villains said.

“Ah, no,” you answered, “what’d you say?”

Dabi rolled his eyes and repeated what he had said before, “I said we’re going to test your Quirk. Toga’ll tell a lie and something true and you need to figure out which is which.”

That’s easy , you thought. “Sure.”

“Okay, we’re starting!! I’m totally in love with Izuku, and I don’t want any of your blood,” she said energetically.

What the-? She wants my blood ? What? And whoever Izuku is, I feel sorry for him you thought. “Uh, the second one was a lie,” you remarked, creeped out.

“Yup! Dabi, can she be a member now? Please?” Toga practically begged Dabi.

You glanced over at Hawks, who had a disgusted look on his face, probably from the blood thing. Despite the situation you were in, you fought the urge to laugh at his expression. He saw you looking at him and winked at you before shifting his gaze.

You tried not to smile.

“Well, if that’s all, let’s go,” Dabi suggested, still watching you carefully. You hoped that he didn’t see through your and Hawks’ plan. 

“Alright! I don’t wanna, ” Twice snapped.

“C’mon, Jin,” Toga convinced him in a soothing tone, “we’re going. It’ll be fun!” 

Hawks made his way to the door and the rest of you followed. Everyone filed out the door and you inhaled the fresh air. The sunlight made your eyes water as you inhaled the fresh air. The pavement had started to dry from the rain and the clouds had begun to clear out. The building you had been trapped in was in a row of warehouses and pretty far from the regular public. The warehouses were like a maze and you could get lost easily as they all looked the same. 

Even better

“Alright, follow me,” Dabi instructed. He took off at a leisurely pace and everyone followed. You walked near the back of everyone, behind Hawks. The wind picked up as you walked, blowing your (H/C) hair back along with everyone else’s. You slowed your pace down until the villains were about 20 feet ahead of you. There was a gap between one of the warehouses not unlike the one you were walking through. It was thinner and smaller than the one you were on with the villains. You took off running through the smaller gap like your life depended on it, which it kind of did. Your feet pounded at the cement as you raced down the gap, determined to put as much distance as you could between you and the villains. After about 30 seconds of running, you heard shouts from farther back in the maze of warehouses. They must’ve realized you were gone. Knowing that that was part of the plan, you kept running without looking back. You took a few twists and turns in case anyone else came after you to through them off. After several solid minutes of sprinting, you leaned against the dirty wall of one of the warehouses and sank down to the ground. Your heart was racing and you were shaking slightly. You knew there would be hell to pay if the wrong person found you and you prayed nothing bad would happen. You sat there and tried to calm down. So far everything had gone smoothly, so there wasn’t much reason to worry. Right? You rubbed your face and tried to relax. After a couple of more minutes passed, you heard the sound of wings beating and a rush of wind. You looked up and saw Hawks coming down from the air. He grinned and gave you a peace sign with his fingers.

“Hey!” he called down to you. He landed on the ground next to you.

“Keigo! Thank God you finally got here,” you told your friend. Then you playfully whacked him on the shoulder. “What took you so long?”

“You ran so fast, I couldn’t find you,” he admitted, rubbing the back of his head. “We should probably get out of here before they find us, though.” Without warning, he scooped you up bridal-style and took off into the sky. Caught off guard, you clung to him and shouted, “W-what the hell?! You could’ve given me a warning!!” 

He laughed and shouted over the wind back at you. “I like surprises!”

You had to admit, once you got over the initial shock of being way up high in the sky, it was rather beautiful. The sun shone down on the buildings and people below and the lakes and ocean sparkled in the distance. The world looked like a tiny dollhouse from above. It was warm and windy at the height you and your friend were out. Flying with him, although you had only done it a few times before, was exhilarating. Part of you wished you had a Quirk like his so you could do this whenever you wanted to. 

“Pretty cool, huh?” Hawks asked you as he flew. 

You nodded and smiled, grateful for a friend like him.



When you two landed, you were greeted with a small cluster of people, all whispering.

“Is that Hawks?”

“No way!”

“I wanna get a picture!”

“He’s so cool!”
“Is that his girlfriend?”

Your face turned red at the last comment.

“Huh? Oh, hi everyone,” Hawks seemed confused at the onslaught of fans.

“Hawks, Hawks! Can I get a selfie?!” one boy shouted. Hawks leaned in with the kid and struck a pose. After Hawks had met the demands of his fans, you and he kept walking through the city.

As the day went on, you and Hawks spent time together and he eventually made sure you got home safe. It had been an altogether terrifying experience, getting kidnapped by villains, but now that you were home safe you could look back on it and feel grateful nothing more happened. If Hawks hadn’t been with the League, you weren’t sure what could’ve happened. At least now, you had a cool story to tell, an even cooler friend, and a warning to not take random offers from strangers. In the end, everything was all right and you were safe.

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